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Monthly Archives: January 2014

   Please take a look at your world, not your neighbor’s world, not my world, but your individual world; the world you live in.                Are you showing forth abundant supply? Do you have good supply? Is your income 40, 50, 60, even 100 thousand dollars a year or more? Or in your life, right now, are you showing forth limitation, lack, an insufficiency of supply; where you can’t even afford to… Read More

The Wisdoms today give us an opportunity to have a fairly comprehensive review of everything that has gone before in this book, “The Infinite Way.” We have studied Immortality, The Christ, The Soul, Our Real Existence, Prayer, Meditation, Metaphysical Healing. And now in the Wisdoms Joel has strung together a necklace of pearls. In the original “Infinite Way,” these pearls of wisdom did not appear. That is back in 1949 when it… Read More

Do you live in the kingdom of heaven here and now or are you still on earth? A year or two ago, maybe even longer, there was a series of books that came out called, “Left Behind.” Perhaps you have read them or watched the movies. They were based on the idea that there is to be a rapture. My wife enjoyed the books, I didn’t read the books but I watched… Read More