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Monthly Archives: March 2014

        Having completed this study of ‘A Parenthesis in Eternity’ and before that, ‘The Thunder of Silence’, it seemed as if there was really nothing left to say. It seemed as if I was completely talked out having made over 160 talks. I was planning on taking today and doing nothing and as I lay down last night to enter that state known as sleep, something came through with such force that… Read More

Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, Greetings of the Christmas Season from the Island of Kauai. It was over 20 years ago that Infinite Way students around the world were told by Joel Goldsmith that a day would come when all of us would be forced to make a decision quite different then any decision faced by all of the inhabitants of this planet; a decision that would require our total integrity… Read More

A few days ago we rented a movie and perhaps some of you have seen it. It is called, “United Flight 93” and it is the story of what happened aboard the airliner, that on September 11, 2001, went crashing into a field, somewhere in Pennsylvania, rather than going all the way to Washington, D.C. and crashing into the White House or the Capitol.                What struck me very hard while watching… Read More

Joel has told us that the kingdom of God is within the “still small voice,” that if you want God, you have to go there. And that would mean that many millions who want God and pray to God are not in direct communion with God because they are not hearing the still small voice. I think you could clarify that statement by knowing where the still small voice is. So that… Read More