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Monthly Archives: May 2014

On the small screen of the human mind we see a world of forms, all separated, some moving, some still. And we see creatures of various species who have lifespans, each with a beginning and with an end. At times we’re given inner glimpses, momentary flashes of other levels, other realms, until one day the screen expands, and before our startled eyes appears a great discovery that our busy little world is… Read More

I have been asked to speak a little bit about the Silence and this talk is going to be called The Non Power of Silence. We are told again and again that no matter what problem we are facing, no matter what situation we are confronted with, the answer is to rest back in the Silence; the answer is to obtain the Silence. But this does us no good if we do not know what… Read More

“Dear heavenly Father, closer to us than our very breathing, nearer than hands and feet, pour out a blessing to whosoever you will. I cannot use you, but you can use me, therefore I open my Consciousness to your blessing. Let it be thy Peace, thy Love, and thy Light flowing forth as this message.” I am sure that all of us know that of ourselves we are nothing; that any human life that… Read More