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The theme of our class so far has been how to live inside Divine Will and how to live outside ‘the parenthesis.’ And the purpose of living in Divine Will and outside ‘the parenthesis’ is to attain your second birth. Your second birth is another phrase for resurrection. Resurrection had to be clarified as the Spiritual birth that follows the material birth, and it had to be clarified as an event that… Read More

          It’s very difficult to find an individual on this earth who has continuous contact with God because once they have it they don’t stay here very long. It’s very difficult to find an individual on this earth who is trying to maintain continuous contact with God because most of us are not aware that that is what we must do. In your own particular way of life, if you have not… Read More

About forty-one years ago, I was sitting and reading one of the mystical books and it came time to go in and go to sleep. So I put the book on the shelf and brushed my teeth and got ready for bed, climbed under the covers, put my head on the pillow and started to fall asleep. But before I was asleep I was in that in-between place, not asleep yet not… Read More

We know that today’s chapter, which concludes the ‘Thunder Of Silence’ is really a beginning. We’ve learned several things these past twenty weeks. You might go back a bit further, you might go back in your life about ten years. There is a time when most of us were afraid of death and even then, perhaps before you began the study of metaphysics, you may have lost the fear. For in the… Read More

Good morning everyone. Last night I had a meditation in which I got quiet and experienced the Presence of the living God. I felt it move over me and through me even as it is now. I realized that I was dwelling in the Secret Place of the Most High. And why is that important? It is important because “ten thousand shall fall at thy left hand and a thousand at thy right, but it shall… Read More