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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Herb: To have a fairly comprehensive review of everything that has gone before in this book, The Infinite Way. We have studied Immortality, The Christ, The Soul, Our Real Existence, Prayer, Meditation, Metaphysical Healing and now in the Wisdoms, Joel has strung together a necklace of pearls. In the original Infinite Way, these pearls of wisdom did not appear. That is back in 1949, when it was first published. But, through the… Read More

Herb: Good morning: Let us look at Supply today but not in the way that the world sees it at all. Not as dollars, not as investments, not as a home or an automobile or an income but as something totally different. Let us feel the nature of Supply. Let us discover within our own Consciousness that there is a secret law at work. A law that is ever functioning, ever productive,… Read More

Herb: Good afternoon everybody, we have a very beautiful chapter to discuss today – Metaphysical Healing. There are many methods to heal and I suppose if you were drowning you wouldn’t be concerned about the method that was used to get you well. If, somebody sent out a crab net you would accept it. So we know that when a person is in a state of need, the only thing that they… Read More