Herb Fitch 1969 The Infinite Way Book Study 6. Meditation

Herb: Good evening everybody. We have a very interesting subject today. The way to the realm of heaven on earth, to opening the consciousness, to witnessing the Creation of God as It is, in all its harmony, only comes through meditation. There is no other door. Unfortunately, the world has not realized this. It is only now about ten years since the idea of meditation became known throughout the world. Until then, most of us walked in one of two ways: in Orthodoxy or Metaphysics, completely unaware that the teaching of the Master was to go within to a new dimension of ourselves. And although many of us now have established the regular habit of meditation, it is a very common occurrence to notice that in spite of our good intentions, our dedication, our understanding of principles, we are still pursued by problems.

So, we have a right to say to ourselves why, if I am doing all that I know how to do and applying myself with sincerity and loyalty, why do I not show forth the fruits of meditation? Why do I solve one problem to turn around and face another? Why does my situation in life remain so unstable? Why do we fluctuate in health? And why are we always drawn into the world’s problems so that somehow instead of having the dominion we are given in the Bible, we find ourselves subject to inflation and deflation and war, racism, inhumanity, and a long inventory of the ills that beset us? When will my meditations bear the fruit that I had every reason to expect they would?

Now, if this were a beginner’s class, we would go over the basics very carefully. We would outline the purpose of meditation, the techniques, the barriers and we might have some special tips that would help you meet them. And we shall try to do all of these things today, but it would be a disservice to you if that were all we did. If that is all we did today, five years from now many of us would still be saying, why don’t my meditations bear fruit? And so we have to do something more today. We have to roll away a stone that we do not know exists. We have to find and understand one missing link, which is possibly the greatest barrier between a successful meditation, and a mediation that never kindles the fire. And so we must come to, not a quasi or pseudo truth. We must come to an ultimate truth. A truth that never deviates. A truth that is Absolute. And when we understand that truth, we will know what stone must be rolled away in order for a meditation to take root.

Some years ago, there was a book and it was either called Bridie Murphy or the story of Bridie Murphy. And as you remember, this woman knew all about her past lives and wrote about them. Not only did she know about them, but she was able to speak about all that she did with such intimate detail, down to the actual dialects and languages, the costumes, the idioms of the day, so that everything was recreated with no effort simply by memory recall. Many people were astounded because here at last seemed to be proof that we all had these many previous lives, because this woman with unerring detail was able to present many years which she would have no way of knowing about except through a total recall. And so, men came from many parts of the world to interview her and when they did they discovered to their complete astonishment that everything rang with authority. She gaily told them this and that and there was no place they could find a flaw. Authorities walked away baffled, they had to admit this looked like the real thing.

It was one of the biggest frauds in all of literary, of the literary world. Such a perfect fraud that even the author was unaware of it. Under hypnosis, this woman had been fed information completely taking into her mind all the facts that later, when out of hypnosis seemingly normal, seemingly like everyone else, she recalled with no problem whatsoever. So that she herself believed the things she was writing. She had no way of knowing that the things she was writing were given to her in a period of trance and that she was now merely parroting that which had come, not through psychic recall of many yesterdays and many past lifetimes, but she was merely responding now in this post hypnotic state to the stimuli given to her during the trance. This still is not common knowledge, at least not publicly.

Now recently, there was an article parallel to this, which bears a great importance in today’s discussion. It is about a representative in New York who did the following, this is a United Press release. Representative Allard Lowenstein of New York plans to introduce a bill tomorrow, to curb the use of hypnotism in police investigations, which one psychiatrist says can make people honest liars. To support his opinion Lowenstein conducted a demonstration of the power of the hypnotic trance at a news conference yesterday. Charles Schneider, a forty year old, New York City businessman was hypnotized and fed information about some mythical Blue Berets. Later newsmen could not shake Schneider of his conviction that the recent Green Berets case was really a cover-up for the top secret Blue Berets who kept the Vietnam war going and were responsible for campus disorder and racial unrest. Schneider even feared for his life.

Now, Dr. Herbert Spiegel, of Columbia University, had this to say, What we are doing here today in court is often done unwittingly by police and prosecutors. The power of suggestion made under pressure can induce a hypnotic trance in some people and make them honest liars. Medical data suggest that one in five Americans is capable of going into a self-induced hypnotic trance. Lowenstein’s bill then would prohibit anyone from being hypnotized in a clinical proceeding unless he had given permission after being informed of the nature and the risk of hypnosis, and the qualifications of the hypnotist. The Congressman said, That the most flagrant abuse of hypnotism occurred in 1966 when a Connecticut hairdresser was convicted on a narcotics charge. And the prosecution failed to disclose that one of its witnesses had been hypnotized and the federal court has ordered a new trial.

Now take you and make believe that you were this man Charles Schneider. You consider yourself level headed, and you are hypnotized into the beliefs that he was hypnotized into. So now you are convinced that the Blue Berets are really the power behind the Green Berets. The Green Berets are a front, they are prolonging the war, they are provoking campus disorder, and not only do you know this, but because you know this you know that your life is in danger and you fear for your life. Now this happened in open court to demonstrate that the human mind, when under hypnosis and fed certain information, will cling to that information, fight for it, and defend it, with unshakable conviction. We were really seeing, unknown to those who made the demonstration in court, the nature of the hypnotism that affects everyone, not one in five.

For example, we are told in scripture that God is present everywhere, omnipresent and what is more, the only One. Now, if you look around this room for God, everywhere you look you will be thwarted. Instead of seeing God, who is ever-present and the only One, you are going to see your neighbor. You are going to see people in a classroom. Oh, where is God? Scripture also tells us that the spiritual universe is here at hand now. The harmonies of this Spiritual universe are here. Scripture also tells us that we were created in the Divine image and likeness. And you realize that it is not very likely that the Divine image and likeness ever goes to a hospital or has an accident on the freeway, or in some way has troubles of any kind. So wherever you look you are not seeing that Divine image. You are not seeing the Spiritual universe. You are not seeing God. But that is all there is. I am the Lord thy God and besides me there is none other. If you can look at what is, but not see it, and see what is not, you are hypnotized. And what is the difference if you say that the Green Berets are the front for the Blue Berets, or if you say I am sick, I am unhealthy, I am unwell. The Divine image is your name and your hypnosis is that you are not the Divine image. You are unwell, you have a problem, you are not Spiritual Being you are flesh and blood. This is your hypnosis.

Do you know anyone who is not under the hypnosis of the belief that he could be sick, that he could lack funds that he could be limited, that he must die? Is there anyone who is immune to this hypnosis? And therefore, when you try to meditate while under this hypnosis, you cannot receive the fruit of the meditation. Just as this man feared for his life and was unshakably convinced and probably would still remain convinced if he were not taken back into trance and given the truth, to be freed from his false conviction. We too must be taken into Truth to be shaken from the false conviction that there is an imperfect world in which we walk. Because, we do have that conviction that this is an imperfect world, we know it because we have seen it and we have experienced it. But so did this man experience Blue Berets.

Now, one of the Absolute Truths we must learn to face as students of Truth is that what we call human vision is but a concept. What we call a human hearing is but a concept. What we call human experience is but a concept. All that we know humanly represents our sensory evidence, but the senses themselves are physical: we have a physical eye, a physical ear, the organs of the body are physical, and we have a physical heart, a physical brain, and physical lungs. And if they are not perfect, could they have been made by God? Did God make anything physical?

We find that we must worship God in Truth and in Spirit. We find that God’s Creation is Spirit not matter. And therefore the hypnosis consists of the belief that matter is here, physicality is here, and we believe it because we trust what our senses report. But the very senses themselves are physical matter and they were not created by God. And so the faculty, which we trust to deliver us truth, is a faculty that was not God created and has no capacity for Truth. It makes us believe that which is not real, that which is not true. And we, like this man walk out with the unshakable conviction that this that I know is truth, when it is not truth but rather the lie based upon the non-existent false physical senses which were not created by the Father.

The entire teaching of Jesus is based upon the fact that the human race is under the hypnosis of the senses and the mind. That every man, every woman, and every child on the earth for all times, up to this moment, completely walks in the hypnosis of the senses, and that we are sleep- walkers actually walking in the kingdom of heaven on earth without realizing it.

Now then, when you sit down to meditate, who is sitting down to meditate? The individual, who is a physical being with five senses and a human mind, and he says to himself I have been doing this for five years but nothing happens. He can do it for another five hundred and nothing will happen. Because before you have the right to expect an audience with God, you must come to God’s terms. I am the Lord thy God and besides me there is no other. Now, what is the physical image sitting down to mediate going to achieve if he has himself here and God there, in duality, in twoness, when the very purpose of all mediation is the realization of Oneness?

Do you see the stone that must be rolled away before you are even ready to seek the Word of God within you? The stone is this, and perhaps the best way to find it is to meditate along with me right now. We are going to do what you should be doing every morning of your life until this is so completely your way, your understanding, your consciousness that you are doing it everywhere at every moment without even trying. Rolling away the stone of a human personality.

Now I would be one with God.

I would love to listen to the still small Voice.

To dwell, in the secret place of the most high.

To know God aright.

To live in the realm of truth, of reality.

And my journey within cannot really begin for three reasons:

– I cannot insult God by having a problem for the Father has stated that his universe is perfect.

– I cannot insult God by bringing in a human physical being for God created none. All was created in the Divine image and likeness of Spirit.

– I cannot insult God with a false identity or with a false error.

I must go into meditation on the terms set down by God that I be pure at heart, Blessed only are the pure at heart, theirs is the kingdom of heaven, they shall see God face to face. I must do something that my human mind has refused to do. And I begin with accepting the Master Jesus as my guide. You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. And I am ready now, I want to know the truth that will make me free.

All right the truth we will begin with is God is All and God is Spirit. Is that the whole Truth? No it is not. I might just as well say that birds fly. That will not help me to fly. It is only an approach to the truth. God is all. What is the other side of the coin? The hypnosis that I must overcome is that God is not all, and that there is a me here, as well. That is the beginning of the entrance to the doorway of meditation. God is All. God is Spirit and therefore, there is no me here, there is only God here. Ye shall know the truth and only the truth shall make you free. Are you ready for the truth that you are not here and God is? If you are, you are ready to meditate. If you are not ready, you may continue in your method and wonder why the fruits do not come from your meditation.

You will find that as you roll away the stone, of I, me, the self, the person, the personality, the physical being, being a reality, you will be admitted to the secret place of the most high, to the living Word of a living God. And you will receive in your meekness that of the Father, which is necessary for your present experience.

It isn’t the question or realizing oneness, through the meditation, but accepting it before the meditation. God is the only. The only presence in this room, in this world, in this universe. The only presence where each of us stands is the invisible God. And when you do this in preparation for your meditation, you will find that you are the prodigal returned and the Father’s arms are stretched out, opened wide saying, Son I am so glad you returned. That is only the beginning. But it is the great stone that all of us have failed to roll away. And in our duality, in our house divided, we were unable to receive the grace, the harmony, the fruits, the joys, the one perfect Self expressing where we stand.

Now, once you accept this when you awaken in the morning and you try to enter the spiritual realm, always you will see the barrier, which somehow prevents you from making the contact that is so vital to making your day a day in the kingdom instead of in the world. So each day you roll that stone away you are dying daily to the self. The self that God did not created in order that the Divine image and likeness of your true Being may reveal Itself. And as we do that now, there will be an activity in your mind, which refuses to let go. In your first attempts to do this, the activity of that mind will be the strongest. But it cannot win. The Self of you, the Real Self, has been given dominion. And the struggle now is, will the mind dominate or will you dominate that mind. It insists on a life of its own apart from God.

Your Spiritual consciousness tells you that just at the wave and the ocean are one, I and the Father are one, not two. There is not an ocean and waves, but they are the waves of the ocean. And I and the Father are One. The Father is individualized as the I that I Am. There is no separation between God and I. There is no place where God ends and I begin. There is no place where you can say, Here is me, and over there is God. There is no place where the wave is separated from the ocean. There is no place where the Son of God is separated from the Father. Nor is there a place where a wave is separated from another wave. All are in Oneness. And we learn to accept this that there is no real separation between me and any individual in all of time and space. We are all One in infinite Spirit. And that infinite Spirit is the only reality—the only presence, the only law, the only substance, the only activity and that is the activity of my Being.

Now, I am ready to dine at the table of God. Now I can be still. I have erased the me that is not. There is no one here but the Spirit of God, the Presence of the Christ. In this you find stillness is automatic. You are in the silence because the stone of mentality and all that it brings to you, has been rolled away.

I know from experience that each day as this is practised, it deepens until there really is a realization that there is no me present. Me has never been on this earth. There never was a me. There has only been God appearing through human sense as this me and that me and the other me. Only the One Being ever harmonious, ever perfect and ever present everywhere. And now the peace begins to steal in as I learn there is no me to fear about. There is no me that is subject to external powers. There is only God being throughout the universe – everywhere. Wearing the image mask that the human mind gives to personality. Only the One Infinite Self exists.

I begin to feel this, to know this and as I feel it and know it, I begin to feel the substance of God where I stand. I begin to know the contact which is confirming the truth that there is no separation and never has been between the Son and the Father. It has all been a hypnotic separation. Not a real one. I can never be separated from my Father and my Father does not end at a certain place and then I begin, we are One. I and the Father are truly One, without separation.

In this acceptance, in this self-crucifixion, resurrection is almost instantaneous. And as the self-crucifixion continues, the resurrection is quickened. The health is restored. The supply appears. The harmony becomes manifest on all levels of our experience. The presence that we are acknowledging to be the only one, reveals Itself as the only One. And only the laws of the Divine become visible in our experience. The fruit falls off the vine as supply, health, harmony, peace, beauty, love, truth, assurance and confidence that where I stand is the Father. That is why this is holy ground. We have never been separated nor can we ever be.

Now my meditation, the meditation in my heart, is actually God expressing, revealing, inspiring, directing, feeding, sustaining, maintaining, glorifying Itself. The stone is completely gone. It doesn’t have to be rolled away. It was only there as a hypnotic suggestion. The false belief, that the Father could be separated from the Son. We have left the land of the senses and enter the eternal now, right in the present. And there is no one who cannot benefit this way. We are restored to the reality of being. We are made whole and complete. We lose the fear that there is such a thing as old age, or powers that can torment me. We learn that this very presence that we feel within us also goes before us. It remains behind us. It blesses and prospers every act. It is reality. And it is our own Being we are speaking about.

Now that is the first and major error to overcome. In all of the meditations, of the people of this world, wherever you have an individual going into mediate in order to find human betterment, or better health, or better conditions—you have duality. And you have a guaranteed failure in that meditation. There is nothing we can seek in a meditation successfully, because you must go into the meditation with the realization that there is no error in the universe of God. There is no error on this earth for this is the universe of God.

When you go into your meditation, pure at heart, leaving your problems outside in the realization that those are problems of a false me, a false personality, of a hypnotized individual. When I go into this meditation I must know, that I cannot expect God to come into my living room if it is untidy. I cannot expect God to enter a habitation that has not been prepared for the Holy Presence. And so I must offer the purity, the oneness, the awareness that where I stand there is no error, there is no problem. I must accept that I am under hypnosis if I believe there is a problem, and that this is not the kingdom of God and I must reverse that. So I accept here and now, that because the presence of God is everywhere, and there is no other. This is the kingdom of God and all error must be a hypnotic influence without substance or reality.

Now, I am acknowledging Him in all my ways with heart, mind, body and soul. And I will not pin error on my neighbor. I will love him supremely as myself. What have we done? We have recognized that all of the individual waves are really the ocean and we have misperceived the ocean, we have misperceived God. But that doesn’t change God. God Is. There is nothing you can think or say or do that will change God, Is-ing. And where is God now? What is God doing this very minute? Being God. Being the law of His universe. But where is it, tucked away in a corner somewhere? This is it. But the senses cannot report it and that is the nature of hypnotism. That is making a Blue Beret and creating errors that do not exist.

So, don’t go into meditation to improve yourself, to heal yourself, to remove errors. You are making a mistake. Go into meditation with the acceptance of the presence of God where you stand, which presence automatically makes impossible the presence of any error where you are. And as you do this, you will feel the fruit of it. You will feel the contact. You will feel the presence and you will dissolve the false sense of self, which is reporting a claim that can never be true.

We are watching many students come into this confidence and their health is showing it, and their claims are diminishing. And their lives are beginning to show a glory they had never suspected existed in their own being. They are glorifying the Father instead of the human personality. Their meditations are deepening and bearing fruit because they are knowing the truth that sets them free before they go into the meditation. They are doing the preparatory work. They are rolling away the false sense of self. They are removing the barrier, which causes the belief in duality. They are realizing the oneness that exists, not to be sought, to be found, but to be accepted now. There is none of us then who does not have the power of Spirit within him to be released, if we will but release our self from the belief that there is a human selfhood standing in our clothes. You may find it difficult but it is the only way.

If it were known, many of those around the world who are meditating would find that contact which they have been seeking but not finding. If it were known, we might find a greater measure of peace and freedom in the world today. But be sure that when it is known in you and practiced in you, the peace and the freedom must follow for that is Divine law. Ye shall know the truth and the truth must make you free. It is a hard truth but it is truth. It is accepting the highest dimension of your Being as the only dimension of your Being. Infinite Self, everywhere expressing and that Infinite Self must be the substance of your Being.

And then the greatest line perhaps in all of the Infinite Way, When you find the presence of God within yourself, you are one with all spiritual idea throughout infinity. You are one with the ideas of Divine consciousness everywhere. And then you see why there are absent healings. Why you can heal somebody in China. You see why the invisible mind, which knoweth your needs, can pour forth beyond your ability to receive it, that which you need, from the remote corners of the universe. Because when you have found the presence of God within yourself, you have found the kingdom of God within and it is never separated from Itself. It is always One with Itself everywhere. And so you, in the realization of the fact that the presence of God is where you stand, and only that presence, you have released yourself from false selfhood. And have learned that you are already one with the entire Spiritual universe. There is the infinite Power that can now show forth and multiply in your meditation.

Now let’s do it just once more to get the idea, and it sounds rather difficult at first, almost impossible, but after awhile it begins to be the only way. If God is all, then the major hypnosis that confronts me is the belief that I am here. I cannot be. God is not flesh and blood. God is All. Therefore that which appears as flesh and blood must be something else. And we know through our studies, through our meditation, that this something else is a mental image. A concept we entertain about our own spiritual being. The very spirit of God is your substance. And therefore, the law of your substance is spirit, divine. And that law being perfect, your substance must ever, eternally be perfect. It does not age. It does not deteriorate. It does not even change. It is eternally perfect because it is the substance of God.

This is the teaching of the Master, I and the Father are one. And as we accept this for ourselves, the great miracle of life is that there is only Divine life. All that is not Divine is not, has no existence. There is no need to fear for it. It isn’t there. There is no need to worry about it, it isn’t there. That which I Am is the Divine Self, fed by itself, sustained by itself, protected by itself, activated by itself. And so I wait upon the Lord and as Isaiah said, Those who wait upon the Lord shall fly like eagles. We shall soar out of the false into the real. Right here! Right now! In our realization that loving God supremely means there is only one Divine Self on this earth and that Divine Self is my Self, your Self, his Self and her Self. I am eliminating all false concepts. I rest in my Father. Knowing the Father alone stands where I am.

Now take another step. Something in the mind says well what about such and such. What about this and what about that. This is the recurring hypnosis that is trying to reclaim a foothold. And so right now to that recurring idea, what about this and that, you say, If I have just confessed that only God is here, then this and that other thing cannot be here. I must overcome that belief—that hypnosis, if I would be faithful to my acceptance of only God being here, I must equally know that nothing else can be here. And that is how I will overcome this world.

No, I don’t have a problem in my mouth, or toe, or foot, or heart, or brain because only God is here. Only God is here. But what about the hungry? What about those killed in war? What about those in the hospitals? Only God is here. Ever the mind will try to intrude on your new found conviction and ever must you take a whip and clean the temple of the money changer. The idea that insists, But look you can see with your own eyes there are people in hospitals. Yes, I know and I can see with my own belief that there are Blue Berets, like this man in a trance, this man hypnotized and now with his eyes wide opened fearful for his life because the front behind, the front of the Blue Berets is the Green Beret. A businessman like some of us. A normal intelligent person and that is what is represented by the idea that there are sick people in hospitals. There are people dying. There are people getting old. These are the Blue Berets, the hypnosis of the human mind, which does not accept that God, is All.

Now, that is where you will turn and live, will awaken from hypnosis, meeting this at the level of the One. Only the one! You are laying down your life by accepting your divinity and in that you have rolled away the major obstacle to a successful meditation. Again and again and again, your mind will rise up and confront you with new evidence and every time you must confront the mind with a statement – that if God is All, you have not existence. I have no human sense. I have no human mind. God is All and God does not have human senses. God does not have a human mind. God does not have a human body. I Am pure spiritual being and the hypnosis is that I am a physical human being. This we must meet again and again and again until the reality of it is clear to you. And then you will find meditation is not an effort, not a task, but an opportunity to witness miracles.

We are going to pause after a moment now and then we will return in a few minutes. Let’s make it a long intermission this time about seven or eight minutes so that we can prepare for the next level of our discussion.

If you can during the intermission, try to hold on to the idea that even though you are seeing people God is all there Is. Certainly, you can do that for five or seven or eight minutes. And no matter what you do, retain that idea in the back of your consciousness while your eyes are seeing people. While your hands are shaking with people. While your mouth is talking with people. Remember that the Allness of God never changes in spite of what images may come through the senses to the brain. And then we will be ready for the many barriers that face us. The many ways to overcome the barriers and methods of deepening and expanding consciousness through meditation. We will see you then very shortly.

———— End of Side One ————–

We used to believe that prophets were specially endowed. And on a bit of reflection, it becomes clearer that the difference between a prophet and one who wasn’t, is that the prophet knew about meditation. He went within, he lived inside, he listened, and he was meek unto the Father and the kingdom of God within himself. Strangely enough, this power of prophecy may well be prevalent in many more people than we know about at the moment, who simply have not tapped the inner resources of their own being. All through the Old and the New Testaments, the word about meditation was sprinkled very lightly. And, of course, we wondered why, why couldn’t they just come right out and say why don’t you meditate. Why don’t you get inside and listen and hear the voice. And the reason is that even if they were told to do that nothing would have come of it.

If you were to tell somebody to do it, you would watch them like a child swimming in deep water. It wouldn’t help them to know there is such a thing, because meditation is unfruitful until it is preceded by other things. The Truth is the key in the lock. And only when the key is in the lock can meditation release the spirit that turns the key. If you try without truth as the first requisite, you have nothing to build your meditation upon. And therefore, contemplation becomes the preparatory ground for meditation.

And now it may seem to you that we are going to fundamentals, even elementary fundamentals, but still that must be done. In our contemplation, unless we have established regular habits so that we are plumbing the depths of our own Being at regular intervals, when the time comes for silence, we find we have no capacity for it. And, therefore, it becomes a very important thing to know that unless you are on a regular basis with contemplation of truth, you will not obtain that degree of inner peace, which makes it possible for the stillness that makes meditation fruitful.

Now there are certain subjects then for the contemplation that you must develop. And you will find the higher the subject, the loftier the idea behind it, the more it will release you from human thought.

For example, if you are going to contemplate, I am going to suggest several ways to contemplate several ideas that you might consider. For example, you might begin with ten qualities of God and in this contemplation, you would with your eyes closed consider that: God is immortal. God is Eternal. God is changeless, same yesterday, the same today, and the same tomorrow. And God is ever being perfect, maintaining a perfect Divine Selfhood. A perfect Divine Universe, everywhere. And from this you can see that whatever the Father is, the Son must be. The ocean cannot impart anything less than its own qualities to the waves. God cannot give you less than God and therefore in your contemplation you are realizing that whatever the Father is, I Am.

But we just said God is immortal. Therefore I Am immortal. God is Eternal therefore I Am Eternal. God is Harmony therefore I Am Harmony. God is Love therefore I Am love. Does God see or is God Vision itself? God is all Vision, all Hearing, therefore, the quality of all Vision and all Hearing is my quality. I Am all Vision. In other words, I do not see, I Am Sight itself. I do not hear, I Am Hearing itself. All that the Father is I Am. And in this contemplation, you are accepting that because I and the Father are one, whatever the Father is I Am. What about this mortal self and the mortal experiences? I cannot be both. I am either what the Father is or I am this outer mortal self that ages and dies. And so my contemplation is revealing because I Am what the Father is, I cannot be something else as well.

I am making my transition in consciousness, in contemplation and I haven’t even begun yet to meditate. If you are not doing this, you are like a baker who wants to bake bread without dough. You must prepare the dough through contemplation and then you will bake that dough in your meditation. Unless you are contemplating high truth, when it comes time to be still, you will find your mind is a melting pot of world ideas where warfare and friction occurs and re-occurs.

So therefore, One on your list is contemplation and to put it into simple terminology, five, seven, eight, ten minutes of contemplation even if you don’t plan to meditate after it is urgent, a must. Try to contemplate, no trivia and certainly nothing of this world. Get into the eternal. What is the purpose of life? What is my eternal self? What is the meaning of eternal life? What is the meaning of I am that I am? Lift your contemplation to the vision of the higher truths. And you will find it lifts you up to a level so that in the realization through contemplation, you will be preparing the groundwork. So that when you let go of human thought, of human contemplation, you are on a level that can easily make a transition into no thought, into the silence of meditation.

Now, so much for the basic fundamental of contemplation. You should in one year have covered at least three hundred and sixty five different subjects or repeated many of them until you have distilled from them, a newer, higher meaning that you had before your contemplation. And the correct technique there is upon completing your contemplation to move directly into and, Now Father that is far as I can see and understand, now reveal to me that which is and you release your contemplation and listen to the Father. But if you walk in cold it is like taking a cold shower just out of the blue, on a cold day. You can’t do it until you are very highly trained.

Contemplation then becomes a regular habit and usually at more than one interval during the day. The ideal is three minimum. I suppose you could get by on two. But why get by? The idea here is to attain the realization of the kingdom of heaven where you stand. Why avoid an opportunity to converse with God? And so your early meditation is preceded by a contemplation. In the middle of the day somewhere, somehow you can find the time and at night, of course, preferably before retiring.

Now, these become standard habits of procedure. So that if you left the house in the morning there are certain things that you know you must do. You must get dressed. You must find your driver’s license or your car-fare. You must check yourself in the mirror to see if your collar is straight, if your face is smudged, how you look, whether or not everything is shipshape, and now you are off. But, what have we forgotten? The most important part. What good is sending that image out into the world until Oneness with God is established? What can an image do in this world but live in an imaginary universe? More important than even your driver’s license is to establish first Oneness with God. And then the spirit goes before you on the highway, and it is behind protecting your residence that you just left. And it is prospering the details of the day with many good surprises.

And so three hundred and sixty-five days out of the year, we roll away that stone early, establishing the realization that only the Father runs this perfect universe. And therefore, there is only the law of the Father. And I contemplate the nature of Divine law, the nature of Divine power until it is clear, until I have a feeling of it, until the Presence says, and now, Be still and know that I in the midst of you am God. Rest in me, abide. And oh, when you have that, you are going to live a Divine day. Now you are on your way.

And we are told in this chapter by Joel, that quite often during the day. He didn’t say sit down and cross your legs on the highway and meditate to the stars, he said, pause a second. Now, there is no place and no time when we can’t pause a second. And so he tells us, to jog our memory to do that. And in that momentary pause just know that the presence of God which I felt this morning at home, is here now, and still goes before me and still remains behind me and will be the law of all my activity this day. That is all there is to it that momentary reminder that you are on your way. And because you said it, you will be aware of the fact that God, the invisible presence of the universe is there, cannot go away, cannot stop functioning as God, cannot stop being the only power, cannot stop being omnipotent, cannot stop being all-knowing, and therefore you are walking through the Grace of God wherever you go, realizing it, accepting it.

And now maybe it is lunchtime. And you can find ten minutes during lunchtime somewhere, somehow to sit down without haste, to dwell on another aspect of God. To contemplate God’s universe, God’s presence, God’s activity, God’s spirit, to contemplate your relationship to that spirit. And then Father: I rest now in thee to hear what you have to say about this spiritual universe of yours, about our relationship and oneness. I am still, totally still and not in haste. There is nothing that I am going to do that is more important than this moment now. Nothing is more important than my silence with God. And all you are doing is insuring that the rest of the day is going to maintain a Divine harmony and it does.

So that if any untoward news should come in the afternoon, you could face it and say to yourself, Well that can’t be there is only spiritual law, there is only Divine law, this is just another form of hypnosis and I have the strength to know it, to see it, to face it and not be concerned. Because if I were concerned I would be insulting God’s presence once more. I would be disbelieving in the presence of God. I would be worshiping the devil, instead of God. And now that the stone has been rolled away it is easier to maintain this equanimity in the face of the disturbances that pop up in everybody’s day.

And lo and behold, you know they are not there. They are pebbles in the water of the mind. But, He leadeth me beside the still waters. He maketh me lie down in green pastures. The growing unfoldment of truth is the green pasture under Divine harmony and this begins to be a very visible tangible Divine universe, for your I has been singled. The duality is gone. You are beginning to feel your way in a different universe than the world suspects is here. At night you can hardly wait to be still. That is like signing a used insurance policy. The minute you go into stillness you are divinely insured. And then while you are sleeping, it isn’t really you that is sleeping at all, you put a body to sleep—a mental image. You are still the invisible child of God, you are still Divine consciousness. And the you that is one with the Father because it is the substance of the Father, is not sleeping, that is living consciousness. It may jog you at three a.m. or four or five. It may answer a call for help while the body is sleeping. It is certainly one with the infinite spiritual universe and it is preparing your next perfect day, which it gives you upon awakening. And this second day in your contemplation there is a new kind of competence in your work. You are beginning to know, why this is my way. Try that for one year.

That reminds me of this passage in 1 Kings about earthquakes, I think I outlined it. Those earthquakes the other night, someone told me about three of the students were sitting in the Cohn Theater during the earthquake. And while others were running for the exists, screaming out shrill noises of fear, three Infinite Way students just sat there calmly, quietly, eyes closed realizing the truth and it was but a few minutes before the show resumed. I believe they felt no fear, no panic, and were obviously an instrument in helping others feel a presence that they didn’t know they were feeling. In 1 Kings this is the 19th chapter, 11th and 12th verse.

But the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake:

Now in those days who knew what he was saying? And in these days who knows what he is saying, but a student of spiritual truth? If the Lord is not in the earthquake what is it? It is a mental image isn’t it? Is there anything that can be real if the Lord is not in it, when the Lord is everywhere? If God is omnipresent but not in an earthquake there can be none. Oh, you can feel the tremors and the building could fall down and the papers can report it, but so can a man feel that there are Blue Berets. The hypnosis of an earthquake was known to the writer of 1 Kings. The hypnosis of a whirlwind was known to the writer of 1 Kings. But God is not in the whirlwind and God is not in the earthquake, and therefore the earthquake is our sense-concept about something, which has no reality in God. And in your knowledge of this, in your stillness, because you have gone through the preparations that enable you to be still without fear, for you there is no earthquake. And that means if your home happened to be in the line of the fault of the earthquake, that fault of the earthquake would have to walk around your home. Because Divine law says that God is not in the earthquake and if you are resting in the contact of the presence of God for your home there is no earthquake. That is the meaning of God being the only power, omnipotent, the all-presence, the only. And if you include yourself in that through your spiritual work, the omnipotence of the Father must be the omnipotence of you and you do not have to lift a finger to make it so.

Son all that I have is thine. I Am Omnipotent and my Omnipotence is your Omnipotence, but don’t think that you are physical flesh and blood. You must be Spiritual being for Omnipotence to function, for it will only function in the spirit and make itself manifest in the world of flesh and blood. How? The author of 1 Kings gives us that.

And after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire, and after the fire, and now he tells us why, the Lord was not in the wind, the earthquake or the fire, after the fire a still small voice. That is the Presence of God announced in you. And with it comes Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence, effortlessly doing its job of maintaining its perfect spiritual universe in which you and all that is yours is included because you are the spirit of God.

Paul had the idea, he gives it to us in Romans and that is the 7th chapter of Romans and it is the 22nd verse. Something about the inner man and also about meditation. Paul lived within this was his big secret and he says it very briefly here in Romans, 7:22. For I delight in the law of God after the inward man. Now, that is what we are doing isn’t it? Delighting in the law of God after the inward man. Everywhere you turn in scripture you are given another nudge about the importance of the kingdom within. Surely there can be no doubt that this must be the way.

Now, look at many of the errors that we make and to be sure that you do not miss them I have jotted them down. I am going to say this, that although there are possibly five thousand errors, it comes to me that one of the greatest errors is this: It is not the word disrespect that isn’t strong enough. It is a lack of reverence for the Word of God. If that reverence for God’s Word is missing, then you will find that you move very flat-footedly in a very prosaic way as if to demand of God that he gives you this and that. When that reverence is missing humility is missing, meekness is missing. But when that reverence for the Word is present, there is an automatic quickening in you, even before you enter the contemplation and meditative stages of a contemplation meditation. If you do not have that reverence for spirit, for God, for the spoken Word of God, for the inner Voice, for the spoken Word of God as revealed in all scriptures of the world, you may find this too is a very basic reason for your inability to progress faster than you have.

There must be that looking up with exalted expectancy and when you have that quality it seems to have a built-in insight to lead you where you must go. It finds the right place to be. The right time to be there. It evokes from you the proper instinct at the right time. But if you are flat, if you do not excite when the Word of God is nearby, if you do not exalt at the presence of God that is present wherever you stand, then that phase of your inability must be worked on until you are restored to this great anticipation which comes when you know that at any moment the presence may reveal itself. The Voice may speak. The vision maybe clarified. Heaven may open up. Don’t let yourself become so blasé that you can’t feel that way always.

We might say fear is another error and because it is an emotion, you may feel well I can’t control it—if I could I would. But you can. Fear is based on ignorance and you can certainly control ignorance. When you have knowledge, when you have enlightenment, when you know there is no cliff that you can fall off from, would you fear falling off a cliff? When you know the street isn’t slippery would you fear sliding? The knowledge that it isn’t slippery removes the fear. The knowledge that on the other side is a road, not an abyss removes the fear. The knowledge that God is present removes the fear. And where do you get that knowledge? Contemplation of the words, of the Masters who speak to you through the Bible, the Bhagavad-Gita, the word of Tao, anywhere you want to go where truth is, and revere those words for they are the living God speaking even now. Accept them for what they are. For their truth is timeless and they are ever yielding that truth, if the word was written five thousand years ago or you read it this moment the power of it is the same.

Now, when you have built this reverence for truth, for the Living Word, you will find that fear can no longer be bred through ignorance, for the ignorance is gone. And once you have overcome a degree of fear, through knowledge, through truth, through reverence for the truth, you will find again the human mind is not as persistent in its attempts to hypnotize you into the belief that around you is error. Work on your reverence for truth, your knowledge that eliminates fear and you might find collateral with the reverence for truth, that you will never go to God in an unseemly way. You wouldn’t say, God I have only five minutes to spend now and let’s get on with it. You wouldn’t go to God with the knowledge that you’ve got something more important pressing that you are going to have to do in five minutes from now. You wouldn’t go to God in haste as if you were running down to the corner grocery store to buy something. Do you see the need then for this reverence that prevents all the little foolish things we might do?

Now, there are other barriers – the greatest one after we have eliminated fear and lack of reverence is desire. By desire we mean wanting God to give you something. Because you are sufficiently advanced in truth that God cannot give you something, if you are making the error of asking God to improve your health, you are just talking to the wind. Your health is perfect, you are pure spirit, and to say Father improve my health is again to insult the truth. But rather to accept the truth of spirit as your being would remove the desire to improve your health. But the desire to improve your health will be fulfilled by removing that desire and only that way. To go to God to get is desire, to go to God to acquire, to accomplish, to fulfill a human need is doomed to failure because God didn’t make the human being, and you are only establishing the duality when you do it, that is why it fails. If you are in oneness, you are accepting your invisible spiritual selfhood and not the flesh and blood being who stands here, who will age and die. You are not making the mistake of dividing your house. And so all desire is the evidence that you are still living in a human personality and that is the nature of the hypnotism revealed in the first part of this talk. Every time you ask for something you are saying, I am a human being because the Son of God is your name and the Son of God has All that God has already. If you cannot accept that, that is the degree of your hypnotism.

By the same token we have another barrier. And it is unfortunate because we really don’t mean it to be that way we simply hadn’t thought about it. But how many times do we find the urge to go into meditation with the idea that this meditation should bless the world? Have you consciously done that lately? Do you make it a practice? Do you go into meditation to get something or to bestow the Spirit of God on the world around you? Do you see there is an invisible law that spirit can only function through a servant of spirit? And while you are busy building your little net to drawn things to you, you are pushing spirit away without knowing it. It cannot flow into the individual who wants it for himself, that is not the nature of spirit. And if you still persist in living it a human identity, you will say why would I bother with spirit if it won’t give me what I want? And many people do that. But we who are spirit and know that our neighbors are spirit and there is no separation between any, we know that is what is good for one is good for all. If I pray for sunshine for my neighbor, using that hypothetically, when the sun shines will I not receive sunshine? If I pray for good for the world, when it comes to the world, when it is revealed as being present, will I not bask in that goodness? If I recognize the spiritual peace that is ever present, when it reveals itself as peace, do I not share?

We never receive illumination for ourselves. We never receive goodness for ourselves and when we bestow it upon another we are giving nothing of ourselves. But the spirit is making that guidance, that direction. And so one of the more advance kinds of contemplation, meditation, is what Joel called world work. It has nothing to do with the personal selfish I. It has to do with being a light so that, the light of the Father may shine on this earth, through your enlightened consciousness for the betterment of anyone who is ready to share in that light.

Now, you may say, well, I don’t feel that I am important enough for that. Well is there anyone in the universe more important than the Son of God? Can there really be anyone more important than you? If you are not important enough for that you are saying you are not the Son of God. You are not spiritual being and you know that is not true. You are that light which must shine. And if you can get away from this physical fellow and rest in the light of your own being for the world, as a service to all those who still walk in the darkness, you may find that through this, those things you might have desired humanly to seek will be hanging from the tree of your life anyway. Because if you seek first the kingdom of God, the added things inevitably are there! And so now we are removing fear, learning the needs for reverence and desirelessness and selflessness.

Now, let’s look at some other aspects of meditation. The question came last week, how can I be still? I think to some degree you can see how you can be still, but this must be noted. Even if you were able to be mentally still on a conscious level, you would not really be still. The vast unconscious belief of this world would be pulsing through you even though you thought you were still. So really just how to be still isn’t enough.

The question should be asked: How do you live? When you are not meditating what are you doing? Is your life the very opposite of what you are trying to do in meditation? Is your life consistent with your goals in meditation? Are you always moving in the rhythm and in the knowledge of the presence? And if you are then you see stillness is a by-product of that. It isn’t something you have to strive to be. It is something you simply are. The presence is always at rest. And we learn we can rest in the presence and its stillness in us.

Now, before you meditate, if you have not done your preparatory work of living spiritually in the conscious awareness of the presence, a meditation would be a very direct departure from your way, it would be inconsistent. And because the departure would be too severe, you would not have the capacity to maintain it or to enter into it in such a way that you could find peace. And therefore now you must see that meditation depends on the fabric of your life. If it is a fabric built around the knowledge of the presence, the reverence of the presence, the love of the presence, the daily acknowledgment of the presence, meditation is just a fruit growing ripe on the vine. Not something you paste on in a moment when you decide you need something. And so you learn too, to meditate with your eyes open.

Those of us who have spent some time meditating with our eyes open, know that it is a very interesting form of discipline. It is part of learning how to still the visual sense, not by closing it, but by not responding to it.

Now there is a way to take your five senses and to train your discipline a sense at a time. For example, we have these boys out here speaking. We have a car going by. Now suppose you train yourself as if there were a rivetor out there making a loud blasting noise—and you knowing that God is not in the sounds of the earth, just as God is not in the earthquake, or the wind, or the fire, you train yourself to concentrate only on sound, that is the nature of this particular meditation- sound. And you learn to listen to sound. So that no matter how the intensity of the volume may increase, to you it is a nothingness. You are unconditioning yourself from sound. So that no matter what sounds may occur, there is a little oasis in the middle of these sounds in which you are dwelling, independent of the sounds. Drawing your substance and your inspiration and your life from this oasis so that all sound represents the fabric of nothingness, for you are only in the stillness of your own being. That stillness is never touched by sound. That stillness is ever where you are. You have isolated one sense and you are becoming independent of it. It will not report a fire to you and make you run. It will not shout earthquake and make you fear. No sound will impress you to the extent that you will react. You train yourself this way until you are living in a soundless universe. And one of the senses now has lost its power to imprison you in its lies about the perfect spiritual universe.

And then you take another sense. You take the sense of visibility and you learn to look. And just as you treated sound, you treat the images that you see. You learn the meaning of agreeing with thine adversary. Whatever I see with human eyes, I see not. Why? Physical eyes are not vision. They do not see the spirit that is there. And therefore I look at the physical world, but I am in my little oasis of stillness. And all of these rippling wave-links that enter to impress the brain with their evidence of a visible world are accepted with a state of stillness. So that five thousand who need to be fed, all the blind, all the deaf, or all those who walk on this earth even in goodness or badness are accepted in the stillness of this oasis as only the invisible Spirit of God, ever perfect. And once more you slowly develop the ability to face that which the eye pretends to see and to know that no imperfection can possibly exist where God Is and God is there, everywhere. There is no place where God is not. And all the evidence of the eye that says there is imperfection here and there, is the hypnotic lie about that presence of God, which is not visible to that eye but which must be there. You are being faithful to the shepherd within. You are acknowledging the Father and not the error, the imperfection. You are acknowledging the spirit within instead of the visible lie about the presence of that Spirit.

Each sense in turn is worked with this way. The sense of touch and smell and taste until having isolated those senses one by one, over maybe a period of five days or five weeks if you wish. They can now gang up on you. But because you have met them in their lair individually, you can handle them collectively. So that sound and sight may combine now to show you the roaring flame and the hiss of the smoke and of the fire, but you have conquered them individually and you can be equally non-reactive collectively. You remain in your oasis of silence. Until you realize that God didn’t make sound or sight. God didn’t make these images. God didn’t make that cruelty that appears there or that disability that appears here or that destruction that appears there. And what the Father didn’t make is an image in mind without substance. Oh, so real to that mind, but you have divided and conquered by wrestling with one sense at a time. And if you have never done that you have a pleasant surprise ahead.

That is one way to eventually put together a perfect meditation in which nothing of the five senses can ever defile. Nothing can enter the stillness of your Being until you are independent of those five senses in a large measure. Until whatever appears to you that is unlike God is instantly reversed with the knowledge that there can be nothing unlike God. And it doesn’t take a thought process to make it so. There is nothing unlike God anywhere. And what appears to be unlike God must be mis-perception of the senses, and therefore, I can agree with those senses, and that means to come to an understanding about the nature of those senses. They are conditioned to hypnotize. You are being unconditioned and that way you will live in the unconditioned perfect universe on this earth.

We have the example of many who have been able to do this. Some in greater measures than others. For instance: if you had a problem today, it was your responsibility with spiritual integrity to instantly reverse that problem by the awareness that a problem is a denial of the Presence of God.

I was called on to do that several times today. And the knowledge that a problem is stating that God is absent, whereas the truth is that God is present and in God’s presence there is no problem. Therefore it was necessary to realize that God is present. But you think you are going to do that instantly if you hadn’t lived in that consciousness that God is present? Do you think if somebody takes a tot and throws it in the water it is going to suddenly start to swim without preliminary training? We must be living in the consciousness of the presence, and then the untoward incident which is obviously a statement that the presence isn’t there must be false, because the presence is there. And because the presence is there the condition, which is not harmonious, cannot be there but it would appear there to the senses.

If we had worked with each sense one at a time to know that the images of the eye, the sounds of the ear, the taste of the tongue, and all of these are but approximate guesses about the invisible reality of spirit, we will have known this is a composite of the senses. It is two, three, four or five senses ganging up collectively, overpowering me with their false evidence, and I am a victim because I have not dominated the senses sufficiently and so they dominated me. Now these are some of the errors. We are going to go on though. Do you associate with people on the path? Do you immerse yourself in truth daily?

Now, this is not a request that we give up our friends because they are not on the spiritual path. But if you have found that as you entered the work deeper and deeper, somehow your friends kept changing, then you have evidence that the spirit is definitely working within you. Because our friends do change: Those who are in the spirit, those who are on the level of our household, wherever they may be, they do appear. And when we drop this one or that one it isn’t in a discordant way. Always the dropping away is harmonious. You will know that it is a spiritual activity that way. Even those friends, who drop away, do not do so with anger or resentment. It just becomes a natural thing. Now we expect this turnover because ultimately you see you must rub elbows with those who are walking the same path. This too is a spiritual law. It isn’t something you try to do, it is something that happens.

Even in your home, if there is a duality, a division, there begins to be through your fidelity, a twin spark that enables you to find harmony even in the midst of two different personalities. Why? Because in you the spirit recognizes the spirit of the other! You see this condition must remain until you recognize the spirit of the other. Until the sounds and the sights and the activities of the other fall upon that little oasis within which refuses to recognize the reality of anything that is unlike God. And so this test which often is one of the higher tests continues a long time. There must be a denial of the personal self which rejects another self, which says this one isn’t spiritual but I am—that isn’t true. The reality is one invisible spirit in that home. This is difficult. But the condition remains until it is met. And it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, how low or high, that which you are not willing to do will remain. That which you are willing to be, you will be compelled to do. Always there must be an acknowledgement of the presence only of spirit and none other.

In the job, where there is a difficulty, there must be a recognition that only spirit is present. Everywhere that we are able to come to this realization, we will find a release. Not in the way we anticipated. The release will always surprise us. Those things that happen from Spirit are always beyond the capacity of the finite mind to predetermine.


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