Herb Fitch – Eternal Life Seminar – Class 5 – I Am Transformed

Herb: I’d like to begin with an experiment. If you will find your quiet spot and take into mind someone who is not here, someone close to you, no matter where he or she is, no matter what his or her age is, a child an adult, just one person if you will. Perhaps they’re in Florida, perhaps they’re in Connecticut, wherever they happen to be. That person in consciousness is where you are to go now in your consciousness. And when you arrive let us rest in the knowledge that I am the infinite Spirit of Christ and I will rest in this place knowing my identity. I am also knowing at the same time the identity of this individual who’s home I happen to be in, in consciousness. I am not trying to influence him or her, I’m just trying to be there silently. I am the living Christ. He or she is the living Christ and I will sit in this room in consciousness while we go on with our class together. Establish your presence there and when you return home you may discover that something has happened there that made this individual aware of you. At least we’ll find out.

Now as we stand in the quiet center of our being, resting in the knowledge that the universe is where I am, for I am in oneness with God, and God is the universe and that oneness covers all that I think and do and feel, for I am not in a physical body. I want to develop the consciousness that enables me to feel the slow steady progress of transformation. I wish to place my Soul in position so that each individual experience brings me closer to Soul awareness. Never losing sight of the fact that the I that I am, is fully attained. I am drawing my human consciousness closer to the Spiritual so that the human will be absorbed into oneness with the Spirit, and eventually the human will be deleted. It will be a natural process.


As we gather our new strength as the Spirit of the Lord comes upon us, we hear the Father speak. And we go to the Bible for the words he speaks.

These things that I have spoken unto you in Proverbs, but the time cometh when I shall no more speak unto you in Proverbs, but I shall show you plainly of the Father.”

That must have been a very welcomed moment when the Spirit advised the disciples that they would soon hear the unvarnished truth. And try to see if you can detect what is happening and who it’s happening to, because the identity of those concerned will give a major importance to us.

At that day ye shall ask in my name and I say not unto you that I will pray the Father for you. For the Father himself loveth you because ye have loved me and have believed that I came out from God.”

This is a closely knit group, allegedly speaking is the Christ Jesus, advising the group that he came from God. But I want you to see that something else is happening. I want you to see that this is the inner Christ not Jesus talking, “I came out from God.” They are listening to the Christ of Jesus and they are listening with the Christ of their own being. This is an inner communion between Christ Jesus and the Christ of the disciples. And the idea of it is to awaken in you a similar response so that you listen with the ears not of a human being but it is the Christ of you that hears the Christ of the Master. What the Christ of you hears from the Master will not be forgotten. What the mind of you hears can be forgotten. You are learning that the operation of the Divine plan is before you when Christ speaks to Christ. And you must be that Christ. Only the truth will come and every word will bare fruit richly. So listen closely.

I came forth from the Father.”

Now you may think again that is Jesus, but it is Christ who came from the Father. The difference will be very marked in the result.

And I came into the world again, I leave the world and go to the Father.”

This is setting up the manner in which the Father speaks, the Christ is the mouthpiece and you are the listener to develop the awareness that this is the method of Divine edification. Always I come from the Father, the Father speaks to me, I listen to what the Father has to say, there’s nothing between me and the Father, I am the Christ and I am the true representative of the Kingdom of heaven. And when I speak to you, you being the Christ is why I speak to you. You receive direct wisdom from the Father. You receive manna from the Father. You receive all that the Father hath through the Christ which comes from the Father and which is received by the Christ of you. That is how you’re going to develop the fullness of being. That is how everything in the world that could intervene, everything in the world that could deceive does not reach you when you are tune to the Christ of the Father by the Christ of your being. This is a network that has no possible intervention from any source, it’s airtight.

And so every word you receive from the Father is a Divine command. Every word you receive from the Father is a Divine blessing and you let these blessings communicate with you so that daily you are lifted up higher and higher, you’re given further insight into the Kingdom. Things keep happening to you. It’s a Divine diet there’s nothing to compare with it in the world. Once you get it started and adhere to it you realize I am living on Divine manna. And this manna is more than information. This manna is actually your life. You are slowly being born into Christhood, as you receive the Christ of the Father. This is one of the major events in our lives. It’s the way we begin to break out of the world into the Kingdom of heaven. Nothing else can take us there except this Divine manna coming direct from the Father. You can’t receive it with the mind and you don’t even receive it from the Father you receive it from the Christ who is a representative of the Father.

Many times Jesus Christ pointed out this process. When he sat on the well and the woman at the well said, “Do I know you I don’t think I do?” And he said, “Well what are you doing here?” and she said, “Well I’m fetching some water and…” he could read her mind he had told her she had had five husbands and that meant she was a normal mortal. He was referring to the five senses when he said it. The five husbands were the five senses which were glued in to the usual run of a menial things of the world but you have a sixth husband he said, a sixth man in your life, her ears went up. I wonder how he knew and he was telling us that she was not ordinary. She might have been a person studying science of mind or some other message that is on the way up, away from the mass of messages. And then he sat on the well. That meant everything had to come through the Christ. She was getting it from the source but there was nothing in the source that brought her Divine message, the minute he sat on the well it came through him and he was imitating what is going on in the passage we’re reading.

Whenever you receive from the Divine source, so whatever you read from a book, whatever you get from a big brain, whatever you get from a human authority is not the Divine source. You never get anything second hand no matter how brilliant it is. The source is in you. The source is yourself, your center and that’s where Christ lives. And as he rams home this point again and again and again hopefully we understand that I am a Divine being and the Christ of my being is the Son of God and that’s where I get my information. Nothing else will take me up past humanhood except Christ. And he says,

And at that day ye shall ask in my name and I say not unto you that I will pray the Father for you, for the Father himself loveth you because ye have loved me.”

You have to see how closed this is, this area that you receive the Word. You receive it from the Christ that’s loving the Christ. And unless you receive it with the Christ of your being there’s no capacity to receive it, you’ll err, you’ll think I know what he said, but you won’t. The Christ is the only way you can translate the words of Christ. It’s such a beautiful method of educating those who would be the living children of God. No man can do it.

I came forth from the Father and I come into the world again I leave the world and I go to the Father.”

His disciples were annoyed by this. They couldn’t quite make it out. “I leave I …” too many words for them. His disciples said unto him,

Lo now speakest thou plainly and speakest no proverbs,”

We want to know we don’t want to guess. Tell us what you want us to know, say it simply.

Now we are sure thou knowest things needest know that any man should ask thee. By this we believe that thou camest forth from God,” we know that, “but what have you got to say to us.”

Jesus answered them,

Do you now believe?” they hadn’t been certain at one time. “Do you now believe? Behold the hour cometh. Ye is now come that you shall be scattered. Everyman to his own and shall leave me alone and yet I am not alone because the Father is with me.”

Now you see the identity is plainly marked. You’re not hearing the Father. You’re not hearing Jesus, you’re hearing the Christ of Jesus.

These things have I spoken unto you that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.”

No matter where your disciples go now because you’re tune to me who has overcome the world you will find that you have overcome the world you will find that you have overcome the world, or at least you will learn how. The important phrase here is I have overcome the world but I am not just separate from you, you are listening, you are close, you are in me, I am in you. This is the point that the disciples in him and he in the disciples all benefit from his having overcome the world. I presume you remember what that means?

Number 1 he said to Pilate, “you have no power over me,” this man could crucify him so why couldn’t Pilate have power over him because “I have overcome the world.” Now that means two things. I know there is no world. I know that the world is a belief and that belief I have overcome. I have overcome the belief that there is a world. There can’t be a world if there is a Kingdom. There can’t be a world if God didn’t create it. There can’t be a world if the only creator didn’t create the world. The world is a duplicate, a counterfeit, an imitation. The world is not created by the Father but by the world mind and I have overcome the world and everyone in the world has not overcome it. Very few in the world have overcome it and are living under the guidance of the world. Not under the guidance of God. They’re living in a good and an evil world, living in the belief in duality, living in the belief in sickness, living in the belief in all kinds of negativity, that’s the world I have overcome. And when you go out from me you will find I will not deceive you with things that are in the world because I have overcome the world. No one who knew Jesus and learned to love the Christ of his being and the Christ of Jesus was ever given wrong information. Each was on a secret mission, a secret lifting process that his Soul would open up, and his Soul opened up to understand the nature of the Kingdom of God, the nature of individual identity as Christ.

I have overcome the world. These words spake Jesus”. “Father the hour is come, glorify thy Son that thy Son may also glorify thee.”

This is before crucifixion, quite a bit before. This is the sign that the glorification of the Christ as the sole teacher of mankind. As a source of all Divine information. There’s no second source. We acknowledging the inner Christ of our being, acknowledging the infinite Christ which brings us guidance, leads us slowly patiently, just like a mother to the invisible Kingdom. This is our breakdown of authority into the Kingdom. This is our narrow path. Nothing can intervene.

So now we take an assessment of who we are, where we are. I am the Christ of the Father. You look at me and you think, “Oh that’s a man.” You look at her and and you say, “Oh that’s a woman.” But that’s not a woman and this is not a man the name is Christ. And it must be Christ if you want to receive from the Christ, from the infinite Christ of the Father you must be thee Christ because the only balancing factor is Christ to Christ it cannot come any other way. If you’re a human being you’ve just thrown away a couple of thousand years.

Let’s go with the plan and say “That woman is Christ. That man is Christ.” Forget he outer garment. Everyone who is Christ is geared to the Son of the Father who treats us royally, brings us the information, the transformation, the total inventory of everything we need to make the translation out of the body into the body of the Soul. And you can say to any human being on earth, “help me”, there’s nothing he can do for you. You must go to the Christ of your own being and let’s go there now because we’re going to strengthen that which is the faculty which opens us up and raises us to a new realm. At this moment there should be an awareness of immortality in every one. The belief that we were mortal is gone. The knowledge that we are not mortal is here. If we linger with the belief in mortality you will find that you cannot start even because there’s no Christ in a mortal being. The habitation of Christ must be in immortality, you’re compelled to start there, you’re compelled to accept immortality, it’s the prerequisite that begins your journey.

All the disciples are learning this and you are a disciple. There’s nothing John or Peter or James was, that you are not. We are the disciples of the Christ and our tuned consciousness lifts us up to the level where the Christ can speak to us, and we can hear, but we are first filling all essentials that we must be the servant of God, we must have stricken all material thought from our consciousness and even if we haven’t succeeded we have at least made the effort, and everything you do is known to the Father. Everything you do spiritually is known. You’re always under the microscope you think perhaps, nobody sees me. If they don’t see you it’s because you are a mortal the minute you get a tincture of immortality you get under the microscope, and that visibility under the microscope grows as your immortality increases, your spirituality increases. The more you are moving toward the Father the more the Father is aware of the presence.


As thou has given him,” thy Son that is “Power over flesh that he should give eternal life to many as thou has given him.”

This is pointing up the authority of the infinite Christ to give eternal life to whoever can accept Christhood. When we seek eternal life we don’t know any other place to go but this Christ, this perfect Son of God. Which is called the way shower or the prototype, the achieved one, the one who made from the earth to the Kingdom of heaven in spite of every obstacle, in spite of crucifixion and proved that “I have overcome the world.” He said I have overcome the world before he overcame it, before we saw that he had, but he had overcome it already, he had overcome it long before his crucifixion. And now he’s teaching us how he did it, how we can do it.

We won’t do it in the visible way we think we will do it, but we will do it by a slow transformation of consciousness, from material belief, from the belief that I am a man or a woman, that I am the flesh, with a slow growing sureness that I’m not the flesh at all. That I don’t have a body that I thought I had that can die. That my Soul faculties will take the place of my sense faculties. The senses which deceive me into thinking that what I see is real. And my mind shall be the Christ mind. And all these things that I am developing the realization of, I was born with them. They were my heritage before the world. They are now coming to the fore. I am learning that I have the Christ mind. I have a Soul. I have a Divine body. I have a Divine life. I learn that all my fellow men have the same qualities. And that as we awaken into the truth and learn about ourselves one by one as I develop my Christhood, my Spiritual body and walk invisibly through this world in that body, someone will come up to me and will indicate he or she is ready. I will become their teacher and each one will start to expand the Christ truth. We start out with this little band of men, just twelve then eleven. And from that we will see that the world is slowly being Christed. They’re not being put into this religion or that religion, they’re being Christed. They’re not believing in a separate God who’s in a heaven, who’s upstairs, they’re believing in the power of the infinite force. This is not a personal thing, a personal God this is the only God.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End of Side One ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

And this is Life eternal. That they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent”

Now then to know the only true God in Jesus Christ whom thou has sent. Does that mean that no other religion can know God? After all no other religion has Jesus Christ. We have to see that what is said here does not mean that Jesus Christ is the only representative of God. Jesus was the man who surrendered his human life to the Christ. And therefore we’re speaking of Jesus Christ, but Christ and God are the so-called team, and Christ and God are the team in any religion. Christ isn’t confined to one religion. Christ is the identity to every single person on the earth. And so Jesus Christ was the force that developed out of a man, just a man on this earth. He discovered his Christhood, but Lord you’d have to go way back to find out when. Before the floods. Certainly before anything in the Bible, before the world. So the name Jesus is important only because the name Christ is not a name. Christ is reality. Christ is reality in every country of the universe. If an individual had brought himself into Christhood in any country of the world he’d been glorified of the Father. So let us not think that we’re talking about a Christian religion as the only, we’re talking about those who live in Christ whatever their name, whatever their religion.

I have glorified thee on the earth. I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. Now oh Father glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.”

Now that glorification is going to come a certain way. Jesus Christ will be revealed as the immortal self and the glorification will be his putting himself into a position where death is imminent, death is the only possible end for the man and the glorification is that he proves that he has overcome the world and cannot die. The crucifixion fools even those who would crucify him. They do not see the body of Spirit in which he lives. He has the Christ body. Each of us is looking at a picture of our self. When he says that he has the Christ body he is saying to us, “You have the same body.” You are the same Christ, as the Father has glorified Jesus the Christ, he will glorify anyone who has attained the Christ. And when you have the Spiritual body you will never walk off the earth.

This heritage is the aim for all men and all women. There is not one who will attain or ten who will attain, every single Soul on earth will attain. The Father made total perfection. As time goes some will attain earlier, others will attain later. Each one who does attain will be a source of teaching and inspiration for those who are still to go. This is mankind’s future but it is also mankind’s present. You cannot attain Godship you have to born that way. You have to have been in the world before birth was invented. It’s a natural reality of the so-called human mortal who has lived under hypnosis for thousands of years and the belief that he is a human being, a mortal being, an undeveloped individual, whereas all of the Divine capacities are in each us awaiting the recognition of the individual. No matter what you may have, you don’t have it. Perfection never changes. You must realize that the human appearance of you is not you. The human appearance is your concept self, your imitation self, and you must slowly learn to overcome the world mind which deceives you daily and thinks you are a mortal struggling for existence and you actually are a Divine being perfect as your Father. Never let it be thought for a second that the Father can create a Divine being and then uncreate him. We’re all God’s you know. One infinite being.

Now let’s take that name “I” because that is the name of God. And I, no matter what I look like or what I seem to be, no matter what I think, even if I disown divinity I still am. I can’t stand any other possibility what I am, I am. And the Father says, “I am Divine”. So you may consider yourself a low caste or high caste. You may consider yourself fortunate. You may consider yourself born on the wrong side of the tracks or the right side of the tracks, it makes no difference. God knows you as a Divine self. Some day you will attain it and join others who are Divine selves and all of you will realize that we are only one self. We appear in separate forms but we’re not. I think you may remember the scene after the crucifixion, when the various people involved down there were trying to tear apart his garments, and they couldn’t tear one garment, they wouldn’t separate. That’s the clue to you and the clue to me. The inseparable divinity. All appearing separate but not separable because we are one being. And all there is on this earth is one being. That’s something we’re going to have to learn. No matter how high or low you may think another one is, he’s the same being as you. He’s wearing a different coat of skin but the skin is not the man nor what is inside the man. The man is the one being. The one infinite life. The one infinite Christ.

Now let’s take that into consideration please, because if you don’t have your identity you’re going to be in a world just like a leaf floating in a raging river. You’ve got to have your identity, and if you keep it to yourself fine, but you’ve got to know that I infinite is my name. You’ve got to know that. I may be any profession, I may be a housewife, I may be anything in the world but it’s not what I am. But there’s one garment that doesn’t separate and that’s the garment of the infinite Christ. Your it, whether you like it or not and I’m sure you’ll like it.

Now let’s identify then inwardly, always inwardly because the world is not ready to take I am the infinite being, but you must know it! And it takes this knowledge to turn away that which you might call is an alien creature. Whatever is not you is turned away by the knowledge that you are you. If there is not this wall up of who I am, you’re an easy prey for anything on the earth, but when you have the knowledge of who I am, you will find that the Light of your being expressed by your knowledge of it is the power, it’s the invisible power of the man, of the woman. The Light of your being expressed and believed. And then as you find out that it’s true, and you’ll live more of yourself, you find you have the capacity to do wonderful things. To share the knowledge. To bring the Light into relationships. Wherever you are there will be something there that cannot be moved into the world of the days events. Something that is of the Father, something that has a different appearance, a different weight to it, a different structure to it, something that invisibly is Divine. And that is what you will be bringing to everything that you do to everyone you know and to your family, to your business, to everything that you’re connected with. Divinity is part of everything you’re connected with and if you are it, then you’re letting your Light shine. And with it you can walk through any situation and it will change. You’ll find in lawsuits, in miraculous effect that the truth has on the people involved in living, in every endeavor. If you’re a lumber a laborer who earns his food by the sweat of his brow, there is that Divine quality that you bring out, you’ll find that there is something different in your life. Something that makes you special. Whatever you are, it is lifted up by what you know you are and that’s the most important part of it. The knowledge in you that I am Divine. And as I listen to the Christ of my being and it directs me I become more and more aware that I truly am the Christ, because the Christ doesn’t speak to people, the Christ only speaks to Christ. Start listening again. Make it a point. In a few days give it priority. It will help you identify yourself in such a way that you will be assured of one thing in this world that I am no longer a human being. That is an outmoded idea. The truth is – and I didn’t know it – but the truth is that I am the immortal self, known as Christ, right now!

On that I want to meditate. It’s important that we hammer that home so that when everyone leaves this seminar they have come with a different identity than the one they leave with.

This is a Christ realization meditation.


I accept and I am true to that acceptance by living in the belief that I am the Christ and my actions will show forth my belief. What can I shrink from? Nothing. Even David, there he was, took off his armor why? Because the Christ does not shrink from Goliath and the Christ always vanquishes. This was the lesson of David and Goliath. The appearance is the small one and the big one. Christ is not a size. Christ is the flame of God. Someday you will realize that the flame of God is infinite. A flame that was on the earth before the sun. And it is now on the earth invisibly. It is the flame that is composed of Christ infinite. When I start to think of myself as part of that flame I correct it, that’s not true. By the strangest reasoning you can ever find each of us is the total flame. We’re not divided into little individual Christ’s we’re all one Christ.


When you bring this knowledge into everything you do, into everything that you plan, you will find a new power in your life. If you’re in a state of change, where’re in one situation and must go into another one and you don’t what situation would be or should be, don’t go into it as a human being, first assert your Christhood to yourself. The situation will then change and you’ll be where you should be. Believe it, this is magic. That is the truth.

You have the healer within yourself for every situation. The Christ of you has overcome the world. Prove it.


The Christ of you isn’t living just today, the Christ of you is living and there’s a complete future that you will experience in the future, Christ is already there. That’s why you may hear things from the Christ within which may not happen for quite a while. The Christ of you is not dead, the Christ is living in what you consider the past. The past, the present and the future the Christ lives in all three now. But you are the Christ. You haven’t yet learned to live in the present, the future and the past at one time. But Christ does and you are the Christ, you’ve got a little catching up to do to learn where you are. By the same token the Christ can do things you wouldn’t dream of, but the Christ has done them and is doing them now. In time you will learn what the Christ of your being is doing. There maybe difficulties ahead only because you have blocked out the Christ in your life. The Christ is a perfect being and if you are still on the up, still learning about the Christ you may encounter these difficulties. But nothing in the Christ is not complete, the Christ is compete and full. We each have to learn the fullness of the perfect Christ. That’s what we should be about our business now. When we’re about he Fathers business we’re learning that we are the Christ of the Father, that the Christ is perfect and we must learn what that means in our lives. Start with the truth the lie is over. Start with the Christ.


The glory which you gave me I have given them, that they maybe one even as we are one.”

The infinite Christ is calling to itself everywhere in you, in him, in her that we may be one., but you may recognize that you are not talking to your brother or your friend, you are talking to yourself.

Take a peek on the ‘Sermon on the Mount’, chapters five six and seven Matthew. You may not particularly be able to find the meaning of every word and the meaning of every phrase but realize that it’s spoken to, spoken of, spoken by, ONE, who is trying to teach you that you are the Christ, and if you read it from that standpoint it’ll probably be the first time that you’ve read it from that standpoint. I the Christ, I’m going to read what this says about me. And everything it says about you will be seen from a different point of view and appreciated. You’ll understand what it means partially to be the living Christ when you read it from that standpoint. I the Christ am reading it. Teaching me how to be an infant before I become an adult. It’s teaching me things about myself that I don’t even know. Chapter five six and seven of Matthew, The Sermon.

I alone and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that thou has sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.”

You see Jesus speaking out loud, the Christ is saying “The love of the Father is yours as it has been his.” This is directly to you to let you know that you have not been left out. That you’re an integral part, that you are the self, but there’s no way for the self to leave out the self. It’s always telling you what you are, not what you’re going to be, what you can depend on being.

Father I will that they also what thou hast given me be with me where I am that they may behold my glory which thou hast given me for thou lovest me before the foundations of the world.”

That’s telling you about your ancestry. He’s speaking about you. “That thou lovest me before the foundations of the world” – He’s telling you that you existed before the foundations of the world. So dig in and find out the fullness of your stature. You’re not a person to pass in time. That’s not who you are. You’re not here one day and gone the next. You’re not here for a few years and off you go. You existed before the foundations of the world. He’s showing your permanent stability, not the physical self, not the fleshly self, the Divine self, the Christ self. We’re being asked to accept our self without any finite self boundaries. Always he’s building up our knowledge that we never were once out of existence that we are the being that is the being, that has no Father to give it birth, because it is before birth. Try to capture that truth. The whole human concept is obliterated.

Now if we can grasp all of this, just dwell in it. We begin to lose the personal idea of self. I know I’m trying hard to cling to this shape that I’m in, this body I’m in, this brain I have but all of this is taking me out of it. I’ve got this little facsimile of a person and I’m trying to be that person. Jesus Christ is telling me, “You’re not that person, you were here before the foundations of the world. You’re infinite, you’re Divine”, all of these incredible things that I can’t begin to imagine, and yet that’s what I’m to be true to. That’s what he’s telling the Father openly that he wants for us to realize who we are. There will come a time when somehow you will have to realize it. Something will try to bring you down to a level of a person and it will suddenly be a source of rebellion on your part. “What you want to make me one of these little midget creatures.” That’s not me at all. I can’t accept that. The Bible tells me who I am. And now I’m going to be who I am.” I’m going to grow in my concepts of who I am until I can truthfully say, “I am ready to live as the Father wants me to live as the Divine image and likeness. That’s who I was made as, that’s who I will be.”

I know you can’t get it because it’s too big for any of us to get the fullness of what is said, but we have to live with it, and we have to prevent the forces of the world from taking it from us. It’s been too long that we’ve been without it. So the strides become longer, the thoughts become deeper, the consciousness grows, something happens to us, and we begin to show that we have changed. We are closer to what we are than what we have seemed to be.


Tomorrow we’re going to discuss time. It’s an interesting subject. It has the capacity from releasing us from the false boundaries we have set. So that our day is just passed it’s all gone, never to return. We’ll find time isn’t that way at all, timelessness is something different. When we look into it we’ll fit it into our concept that has changed a bit and we’ll begin to see how time rounds out when it’s attacked from a standpoint of not dying time, but living time. Time that never goes off the earth. Not time that passes. A time that always lives becomes not time, but eternally what it is. That eternal reality has been shortened and dwarfed into time on this earth.


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“Awareness Breaks Attachment”




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