Herb Fitch – Soul Seminar – 3 Soul Power

There is a new consciousness developing among us now, and you can measure it very easily by asking yourself one question. Before you attended this seminar, brief as it has been, (I think somebody is going to lower that mike out there. It’s got feedback, and it’s a new mike. It’s not right. Can the back row hear me? Did you say, Yes? (Yes!) Thank you!)

Before this seminar began, to a large extent, many of us were thinking about our own personal lives, perhaps in relationship to God and God’s Will. But now, you should be able to accept a new responsibility and see that it is forming on the horizon of your consciousness right this moment. Spirit is training you to release Soul Power into this world. That’s quite different than you had in mind. As you become Soul Conscious, you become an instrument for Soul Power, and suddenly another purpose for your presence here looms, and that is, wherever you are and wherever you go you will be releasing the power of the Infinite Soul of God to demonstrate that this truly is the Holy Ground of the Kingdom of the Father on Earth.

To do that, to recognize this opportunity is to change your focus again and see that everywhere you establish a goal, the goal keeps changing, whereas at one time, it may have been important for Soul Power to make your life better, you learn your life already is better, because it is the Life of God. And Soul Power now, is not to shine a little light on the ground where you stand, but to let an Infinite Light glow in the presence of all who walk the earth. Your Soul is here at this moment. Your Soul is everywhere at this moment. But even if it were not everywhere, but only here, there would be a hundred and fifty Souls here if there were more than one Soul. And imagine, one hundred and fifty Souls all in one room. How ridiculous that would be. And so, we begin to accept further that our Soul is not in this room alone, but everywhere. And then the words of the Father become more meaningful to us. Son, Thou art ever with Me. In order to release Soul Power, you will find you can use this Truth of the Father and convert it into a great reservoir of Truth.

God has said to you and to me, Wherever I am, Thou art. Where is God? God is here. God is there. God is everywhere. And wherever God is, YOU are with God. Wherever God is, you are. That’s a different you than the infant born many years ago. The you that is everywhere that God is cannot be your body of flesh can it? So now, this becomes more or less an obsolete area of our old consciousness. We’re not concerned too much in that area at this moment. We are accepting that wherever God is, I am; and therefore, we are now in a position to release Soul Power wherever I AM,… not only in this square foot. Wherever you are Soul Power can be released, and you are wherever God is. There’s a new you emerging, and you’ve got to prove to yourself that you have the power to release Soul Power wherever God is, wherever you are.

Let us accept now, that as your Soul is here and my Soul is here I and hers and his is here,… every Soul in the universe is here. There isn’t one Soul that has ever existed that isn’t here. If it isn’t, then the Soul is not Omnipresent. If it isn’t, then the Soul is not Indestructible,… is not Eternal. But because the Soul is the Soul of God, and therefore Indestructible, Eternal, Omnipresent, every Soul in the Universe is right where we are at this moment.

And that’s going to be the secret of your Soul Power. You are in contact with every Soul in the Universe, when you are in your Soul. And as Joel taught us, when we are in Spiritual Consciousness, all who enter the Spirit of their own Being are in immediate contact with our Spirit. That Spiritual Illumination puts us in contact with the entire Spiritual Universe, so it is with your Soul. The moment you become Soul Conscious, every Soul in the Universe is in contact with you and vice versa, right here where you appear. And therefore, you can commune with the Soul of any individual in the past, present, or future at this moment, provided you have done your Spiritual homework and have found a way to release yourself out of corporeality, out of materiality, out of mortality, into the Purity of Soul Awareness. When you have done that, you are in a completely different system, a completely different Universe, and you are in communion automatically with the Soul of every individual who walks this earth and ever did walk this earth. And then, the Purity of your Consciousness becomes a release of Soul Power into human experience.

Let us establish our own Soul Awareness then, and develop our techniques for releasing Soul Power, not only into our individual lives, but into the life of this world so that that which appears hypnotically as destructive forces, evil forces, karmic forces, ungodly forces, material forces, powers that are not powers, can meet this Consciousness of Soul and be dissolved in the Light of Truth. It will be slow, but one moment in your Soul will do more good than all of the do-gooders who walk the earth in their minds.

First, wherever God is, you are,…but not in the flesh,…in your Soul,… in your Spirit,… in your Christhood. Now, establish your Omnipresent Soul as your Identity, and be it. Let us release the idea of becoming it. There’s nothing you can ever become, because YOU ARE. Be your Living Soul, everywhere. This is the first step to release Soul Power. Be your Living Soul, everywhere. You are in communion with the terrorist in the Middle East. You don’t have to try to be. You are in communion with the oppressed and the oppressor in South Africa. You don’t have to try to be. YOU ARE OMNIPRESENT SOUL!

You are in communion with those who have hand guns and use them well, and those who use them for malicious purposes. You are in communion with their Soul. You do not have to establish that. It is a fact, the moment you are in your Soul, aware. You are in communion with the Souls of those who would wage war. There is no limitation to the power that can be released through your Soul to express the Perfection of Divinity. and to the degree that you become a Pure Soul in your consciousness, … not a divided consciousness,…you will be an instrument for Soul Power as long as you walk this earth and beyond.

We have established ourselves as a living Omnipresent Soul, … I in the Father, … the Father in me. For a moment I am a Soul,…you are a Soul. As we develop the conscious awareness of it, we will find we are the ONE Soul, … I mean as a living experience. Now, we are a network through which flows Divine Substance. Let us purify.

Forget your human self. Forget the material world. Forget a human motive, whether it’s good or bad. Something in you may say, well, if I’m forgetting a human motive, what’s the point of doing all this? I think you should be able to answer that objection. It seems to be a paradox if I am to do this without human motives, why am I doing it? You’re doing it without human motives so that you can fulfill Divine Will, not human will,… so that you can become aware that Divine will is present and functioning, and that Divine Will is not the existence of the conditions that our human mind would want to remove.

We are not trying to remove terrorism from the earth. We are not trying to remove prejudice from the earth. We are not trying to remove hunger from the earth. That is the trap! Now, with your Soul know, There is no hunger in the Kingdom of God on Earth, there is no terrorism in the Kingdom of God on Earth, there is no crime in the Kingdom of God on Earth. KEEP YOUR SOUL PURE OF THE BELIEF THAT THERE ARE CONDITIONS IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Your Soul can only live In the Unconditioned Universe in order to release Soul Power. It must be True to the Omnipresent Perfection of the Father. You are not trying to increase the supply of food in one country. You are not trying to deter people from using hand guns to shoot people. You are above those conditions, or you are not in your Soul. You must transcend the human condition, which is presented by the human mind. So, we release personal self and personal motives, no matter how we may feel we are involved in the situation. RELEASE PERSONAL MOTIVES! Now, if you want to go to the Middle East, remember you are in communion with the One Infinite Soul everywhere, in your Soul. Rest there!

Where is the Middle East? Where is terrorism? Where is antagonism? Where is racial hatred? NOT IN YOUR SOUL! NOT IN THE SOUL OF GOD! NOT IN THE SOUL OF ANY INDIVIDUAL ON THIS EARTH! FOR THE SOUL OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS THE SOUL OF GOD. We are above the mind’s of men, living in the Soul, which is Omnipresent where there is no terrorism, no racial hatred, no antagonism, no strife, … where all that exists is the Pure Expression of the Soul of God. And you rest here,…those who wait upon the Lord will inherit the earth. We are not leaning on human understanding. We are resting in the present awareness that the Soul of the Universe is right here, and Soul Power dominates all physical and mental power in the world. But, you must be patient and wait! You must wait until the Holy Ghost enters your consciousness.

Now; we’re going to try an experiment. I think there, at the center aisle. I’d like everyone on my left, … that means your right, to dwell in the Soul, which includes the terrorists, and to recognize the non-reality. I’d like everyone on my right to dwell in the Soul of the Israelis’ and to recognize there the Presence of the Infinite Father. We have Palestine and Israel. We’re both resting in the same Soul,… one group in one, one in another, resting in the Truth that where one seems to be, ONLY the Spirit of God is. Just rest there, in that knowledge. Then move out to Africa. Move out to Apartheid in South Africa. On the, left,… your right, rest in the knowledge that the Soul of the oppressor is perfect and not oppressing. It is perfect. It lives in God. It has an obstruction from the human consciousness there, but rest in the Soul, right here where you are. Now, the other side, rest in the conscious awareness of the Soul of the oppressed as being perfect, unharmed and beyond any form of oppression, because it is the Invisible Spirit of God. Rest there! There should come a sense of the Rightness of the Truth and the Power of the Truth, and ultimately the Dominion of the Truth that world power is no power in the Presence of Soul Power.

Now, imagine that right in front of you there are two doors,…two doors right where you are,… one just an inch in front of the other, and one closer to you. And now, come closer to the door nearest you, until you’re almost inside your own chest, and come still closer and closer and closer, closer than breathing and enter that door and know that you have entered the Soul of every individual on the face of this earth. Right there, as close as breathing and closer is the door to every Soul on this earth. Enter that door and restthere in Oneness, for that is where Soul Power reaches its ultimate peak. When you rest in Oneness inside your own Being; not straying outside. Nothing is out there. It is all right here in your soul Consciousness,… the Power behind the false powers of the world. Rest there! Wait upon the Lord!

Now, switch. The ones who were doing the apartheid, who were the oppressed,… now you become aware of the oppressor, and do exactly what you did. Those who were dwelling in the conscious awareness of the Presence of the Souls of the oppressed,…. of the oppressors, dwell now in those who are oppressed§ and you’ll see you’re dwelling in the same Soul. There is no distinction. The Soul is always Pure. The outer mental manifestation is where the trouble is. If you were dwelling before in the Soul of the terrorists, now move back and dwell in the Soul of the Israelis, and those who dwelt in the Soul of the Israelis, dwell in the Soul of the terrorists,…without animosity, in the knowledge of the Presence of Divine Peace and Love.

Whether you do world work for nations or for communities, the Soul of that community is right within your Being, all of it. And the moment you enter your Soul, you will feel the presence of the Soul of that community on any cause, and if you don’t enter with a personal motive to change anything, but rest in the purity of the Presence of the Invisible Father, you will find that Spiritual Law will flow forth. And as you can train others to do this with you, you will find you are a Soul Power wherever you are. The things in your personal life will become automatically adjusted, because wherever you release Soul Power, it overflows. I like to do this with things we can measure.

We could do it with hand guns, but how are we going to measure it, you see. I’d like you to see the result of it, is the point. We can be effective. The question is, Can you see the effect. We can see it on certain things, and that’s why in the most part I’ve been guided to select those things we could measure results in. Hopefully though, from that you could see that even when there are no results to be measured, you must know you are a power. Maybe you could measure it if we worked on earthquakes or catastrophes or that sort of thing. Maybe you could on hand guns. But there are things in your community and beyond on which you can train until you are lifted into the higher work of lifting mankind out of the many infidelities to Truth.

The Spirit of God moves through your Soul. And the more you abide in your Soul, the more the Spirit of God will flow into expression wherever you are. And then your light will be shining. You will almost feel shabby working on personal motives, because they are a complete denial of the Presence of God.

Now then, how are we going to continue to purify our capacity to live in the Soul, so that we can become transparencies for Soul Power. You must see that Identity is the crux. Identity! Without correct Identity, you have no place to begin. Without correct Identity, you walk in duality, and then the Power of the Soul has no outlet through your divided consciousness. Therefore, it is important to see that God IS. A simple fact,… GOD IS. And because God is, I am. And wherever God is, I am. And whatever God is, I am. Because the Father says so! Because I am is God individualizing as I AM. If, in a single second you are unaware that God iS and I am, and that God and I are ONE expression, then there’s no place for Soul Power to flow, because the Source is missing. So your Source is always GOD IS, I AM ONE,…ONE SOURCE, ONE CREATOR. And your fidelity to One Creator is starting at the top. One Creator. One Cause. One Manifestation of that One Cause. But, because God is, I am, and therefore, I am the Cause. I am the Manifestation. The world that I manifest is my consciousness. If I’m not manifesting happiness; joy; fulfillment, then I’m not living in that Identity which is that manifestation. I’m not living in GOD IS. I have fallen. I am not the seed that will harvest Divine Fruit one hundredfold. But, I can readily adjust that by entering the knowledge that because God is, I am, without separation. And now, I am stable again. I’m not floating out, moving and being moved by other forces.

Whenever you find that you have not been able to achieve the singleness of Identity,…as the I AM of God, you will find that you have in some way been trapped in believing that you exist inside the form. They usually go hand in hand. The moment you think you’re inside the form being the I AM of God, it seems either absurd or impossible or unattainable. And yet, it is the fact of Being, without having to become it. If there is anyone here who isn’t consciously the I AM of God, then that individual has to work upon it until the mind which consciously or otherwise neither accepts it nor is capable of perceiving it, must be released from power, because this I AM that you are is the Source of all dominion that will express in your life.

If you, for example, were walking the streets of South Africa, and not behaving in the way that the powers of the nation wanted you to behave, you would find that you would become one of the oppressed. But if you were walking the streets of South Africa in Soul Consciousness, you would find your Dominion expressing without effort. And so, if you were without funds, all needs would appear in one way or another. If you needed a visa to return, in some way the visa would appear. If you found yourself in prison, in some way you would be released. Wherever you are, even in the line of artillery fire,…if you are living in Soul, you will find that the human world is not where you are, and makes no contact with you.

You may not know it, but we are living in this hotel, for example, in a different way than other people in the hotel. We all seem to be in one hotel, but be assured we’re not. Some of us are in the hotel physically. Others are not in the hotel at all. And while their forms appear walking back and forth, their life is an entirely different series of events than others in this hotel.

And so it is in the world. Wherever you are, you can be walking in the places where the world sees horror and terror and victims of this and that, and you’ll find that you are walking only apparently in that world, but you’re walking in the Invisible Kingdom, even while your form, which the world calls your form appears to be walking in the material appearances. This should become more of a daily experience to you. You should feel the unusual nature of the way you really are, because we cannot be GOD, I AM and truly be walking in a material World. Do you see that? The moment you think you’re walking in a material world, you’ve lost Identity. You see why Joel has to stress and restress Incorporeality.

You cannot walk in a material world and be the Son of God. The Son of God lives here in what is an Invisible Kingdom to man. And you may be that Son of God living here NOW in this Invisible Kingdom, and yet appearing to human sense in the world, but you, … the I that you are is not what appears in this world. That which appears in this world is the world concept about who you are, but it is not you. And if you grab that distinction and live with it, and develop it, you will find that you can now walk consciously here in the Kingdom of God, while appearing in the world. Indeed, it would seem to me that unless this is established, duality has to continue. I, the Spirit of God, am the Kingdom of God. I do not walk in a world of matter. And so, the material world cannot be in your consciousness if you wish to live in Oneness rather than duality, because Soul Power will not express in matter.

You will see the effects of it appear in matter, but only because it is expressing in your Invisible Consciousness, and that will make it appear in matter, but it will not be acting in matter. Its presence in your consciousness will change the nature of the material illusion to human eyes, but the Soul Power never actively enters material things. It changes within the consciousness of the individual and appears outwardly as a change in the environment. Just as God never appears in this world and yet, seems to appear as mortal beings. We look at God and we see our concept called mortal beings. We will look at your Soul Power and we will see improved situations because the radar of Spirit will move directly to repairing that which the human consciousness is capable of perceiving, but it will not repair its own Invisible Kingdom because it already is Perfect. And that Perfection will simply be revealed as an improvement to our eyes.

Now, you can apply this to your individual life, of course, but if you confine it only to you, the power will not develop. You will dwarf the power. God functions Infinitely, and you cannot take this Infinite Power and sway it in your direction to improve your income or whatever, but you can dwell in, … do you recall the statement that the great demonstration is not to demonstrate things, but simply to rest in the Presence, and let the Presence do all the demonstrating. The great demonstration is to demonstrate your Oneness with the Spirit of God, and then, he who seeth in secret, in some way, through the Ghost, reveals to you the Perfection that is present where you had wrongly accepted the presence of the condition.

Now , I don’t want these words to fall upon barren ground, or stony ground. Individual Souls, though they are One Soul, are the Seed of God, and the Soul who went forth to sow them scattered Souls everywhere. And our Souls, One in the Infinite Soul of God, are here to bear Divine Fruit. They cannot return void. They must bear Divine Fruit. And each Soul being the seed, now must sprout its Power, its Benediction, its Divine Heritage into that world around it where the deeds of the Father can be expressed in visible, tangible form to the human race. You are entrusted with that Power as the Son of God. You have the transforming Power of the Soul, and it must be used. This is a Divine Heritage, which has been bestowed upon all of us and used by few. And because few of us use it, in areas where we should yield a bountiful harvest, we are often barren. And when we try to use it for our personal purposes we fail. When we let it use us,…when there are no personal motives for good or bad, but simply to let the Spirit of God do its own thing, … then you behold the marvel of the Presence of God in our midst. That is why the Kingdom of God is within you, … for you to release it through your Soul into visible expression.

You may not approve the plan that if you become a dead branch, for you are cut off but I’m sure you will like the plan that if you yield bountiful fruit… Divine Fruit, you’re promoted, … you’re lifted beyond the false sense of humanhood. You move into your Soul Universe in many ways in preparation for that moment when you are released from that sense of mortality which was necessary in order to give your Soul an opportunity to develop itself through this initiation, that it may proceed higher. Then you are Soul, Itself, and no longer mortal. And even though it may seem premature to live that way for the moment, I’d like you to think about yourself as having passed the mortal stage. Now there’s no mortal to take care of anymore. There’s no mortal needs. There’s no mortal oppressor and oppressed. You’re in another Universe, the Soul Universe, and you’re going to be there, so you may as well get used to the idea that in it, just as if you were in the Soul Universe right here, there are no oppressed and there are no oppressors. There are no terrorists and there are not those recipients of terror. It’s all in the mortal dream.

We’ll stand in our Soul Universe for the moment, as if we had lifted ourselves through fidelity to the Soul, beyond the realm of mortality. We have made our Transition. We are no longer members of the human race. We have risen. When that day comes, we will experience what we will imagine at this moment. What do you think you’ll be doing when you are a Soul in the Soul universe, without a human body, without a human life, without human people to hate or to love or to compete with? What will you be doing? You will find that your Soul wants to teach you that right now, to prepare you just for that experience.

You will find that your total function as a Soul, without a corporeal body, without a corporeal universe,…your total function is to serve Infinite Spirit in its own way, and that will be a long apprenticeship. You will have nothing to say. You will be without desire, totally. You will be completely desireless and you will have no corporeal sense to favor or to fear. You’ll have no enemies, you’ll have no friends. You will be living the life of selfless service and it may be for more than the equivalent of a thousand years. And that is a privilege! That is a privilege you earn now, so that by living the life of selfless service you become the bride adorned for the bridegroom. That is the purity born of the fire of Truth, which opens you to the capacity to receive your own Spirit. It is that selfless service, which prepares you for the union with your own Spirit.

It has nothing to do with human will. That is the Divine Will expressed through the Prophets. And in that union with your own Spirit, earned by your fidelity to being a pure dedicated selfless Soul, Christ is born. You see it all in the life of Mary. Wanting nothing. Seeking. nothing. Just purity, … a visible symbol of what the interior consciousness of each of us is invited to share in. And the reason we explain it this way at this moment is because you earn the privilege of being a dedicated Soul in the Fifth Universe of Soul, by being a dedicated Soul right here in the mortal appearance world. And so, this Soul dedication here then becomes a continued Soul dedication in your Soul Universe, but on a higher quickened level. Right now, we’re working on a very slow level. This world, to your Soul, is slow motion. All of it! It’s really, … a sort of a God Blackboard. It is as if God were taking us all to the blackboard and pointing and saying, See this! See that! This world of time and space and images is the blackboard that your Soul uses to study. And it all moves in slow motion so that your Soul can see very clearly what’s happening.

But, there is a quickening. And in that quickening a strange transformation takes place. The quickening changes your world right where others are standing in a different world that does not change. You are lifted out of the same concepts as the rest of the world. You are lifted out of the area of terror,…above the terror,…out of the area of disease, above the disease,…and out of the area of corporeality, into Incorporeal Awareness. This strange in visible transmutation takes place right where the world is and seems to be. It’s as if an invisible hand just tapped you on the shoulder and said, You are chosen! But, because you have earned the right by living in service to the Soul.

Now service may start out as just being a good person, but you know that there is the Inner Direction that comes, and then there is the obedience to the Inner Direction. There is the Inner Ear and the Inner Eye, and there is the heart that feels what eyes cannot see, and there is the response to this Divine Impulse and obedience to it is service. In your Divine Service you do not decide what you are going to do, but Christ, through your Soul gives you the guidance, the direction. And when you serve this guidance, unquestioningly, without fear, without personal motives, you are finding yourself in the Realm of the Soul Universe, even before you enter it fully, and you walk in this world visibly, but you walk in the Soul Universe, under the guidance and protection of Divine Law.

It would be nice if we could all say, I know I’m in that state now, and maybe some of us feel more than a tinge of it, but to be aware that it exists is probably more important at this point than whether or not we’re in it. We must acknowledge the presence of the Soul Universe here and we must learn how to walk in it, while the world sees these forms. One word from an individual can tell you that that individual is moving in and through the Soul Universe or the world mental universe. And you know how your human households are changed by the Spirit even more so when you enter your Soul Awareness. You find your Soul Household changes invisibly. The degree of fidelity you are exhibiting to the Soul in your selfless service to the Divine Impulse determines your Soul Household, determines those who commune with you, and the degree of Soul Wisdom that flows through you. Each step along the way is bolstered, strengthened by the constant reminder that God is, I am. GOD IS, I AM! GOD IN ME, I IN THE FATHER,… ONE. And the Kingdom of God within me is becoming evident through my capacity to live in the Soul, lifting me above human vibrations, above limited human dimensions into the miracle of Divine Soul Power expressing the Perfect Will and Wisdom of the Father.


And so, Jesus again says to us all, Don’t think of me as a man. Remember I am just a visible symbol. Thou seest me, thou seest the Father, and the Father and me and the Father and you are ONE. What I am doing is what the Spirit of God is doing within your Soul every moment.

Let us see now, if we can glimpse our Soul Realm a little more clearly. Let us remove this hotel from our consciousness. Let us accept our Soul as the area where we live … not a body, … not a mind,… but the larger invisible area of the Soul is where we live, so large that even if there were a hotel in it, it would be smaller than a pea, so large that six continents would not even be the size of a condominium. I am the Infinite Soul of the Father. Expand to that just as science talks of the expanding universe. Let yourself flow outward until you do not feel the confinement of even mental form. Just flow out with the freedom of an astronaut in space. Infinite Soul, I am. All of it, I am. All invisible. All present. All Divine Substance. All One, without division. All alive. The Life of God that inhabits my Invisible Soul is the only Life I am, ever indivisible, ever without opposite, ever Supreme; because it is the only Life. That Life; I am. God is Life. I am Life. God is Spiritual Law. I am Spiritual Law. God is Dominion. I am Dominion. In myself, there is nothing to have dominion over. ALL IS I.

Now, if God did not create mortality, is there a mortality that you can go back to, or is that journey completely imaginary. And so, when you go back to what appears to be mortality, the fact that it appears that way does not mean that you must accept it. In short, it is possible not to go back to mortality; but simply to appear to go back. You cannot go back to what God didn’t exist, because it isn’t there. What God didn’t create does not exist. You cannot go back to mortality. There’s no way! Nor can you leave mortality. It isn’t there! The Son of God is aware of this. The shock of knowing it completely would be too much. And so, ever so gently, you will learn that there is no mortality to go back to, or depart from. It never was. You can awaken from that dream of mortality. You can awaken from all of the forms of unreality that existed in that dream, gradually. But you will do it not by working from within the dream and trying to imagine you’re out of it, but rather by letting your Soul do the work in the absence of your mental faculties. This is difficult,…to release your so-called self. But we’re no longer babes In Spirit exactly.

When you have heard the phrase, Let the little children come unto me, the Father was talking to your Soul which is the Child of God. Let your Soul come unto the Father, for your Soul is the little child. But it will grow and grow and grow in your consciousness, until it too is saying, God is, I am.

I am suggesting to you that you find a way to give yourself to some form of selfless work, whether it’s an hour a week, or a month, or maybe something of great importance in the world , but give yourself to it, and then listen until your Soul is attuned to in some way directing that effort to get yourself started on the idea of serving the Will of the Father in your Soul. If it’s personal, you see, you’re not serving the Will of the Father. You’re not about your Father’s Business. But we want to see that the Soul universe is what we’re being lifted into, where selfless dedication to the Will of God will be our total apprenticeship for One Complete Universe, until in our soul there isn’t one ounce of self that is not Divine Self,…not one ounce of self-will, … a complete training period. And in that training period, as a Soul, you will be sent on many missions. Pray within yourself that you reach that day of consciousness when your Soul is sent on many missions, for this is the path of Resurrection. The rising soul of your Being has a rendezvous with your Spirit. It is ascending toward your Spirit. And waiting on the other side of that marriage is your realization of your Immaculate Self, the Self that ever was you, before the world was, and is now, but beyond reach of our momentary sense of consciousness. We are being reborn of the Spirit, regenerated by our own Soul, that we may be born of God and walk this earth as the Living Son of God.

If for a moment, you have fallen back into mortal sense of Self, let’s do something about it right now. I think you should know by now that you have a tremendous capacity for overcoming human obstacles. It’s a capacity beyond belief. It’s just a matter of knowing that you are the Cause and not the effect. For example, you,…you could be very weary right now. You have the capacity to un-weary yourself, simply by knowing that the Nature of your Being is not weariness. You have fallen into a state of a self that isn’t. You could be deathly sick, and you have a tremendous capacity to see that the Soul of you couldn’t cause that, and as you literally hoist yourself back into Soul position, you can be amazed by your own Soul Power. These are very important moments when you are called upon to reject the claims of the world upon you, and to meet them with the Dominion of your own Soul in such a way that you do not accept the condition as part of your Being. Do you see that; stressing the fact that you do not accept the condition as part of your Being, and do not fall into the trap of trying to change or remove the condition, but to know that I AM THE SOUL, ITSELF, UNDER DIVINE LAW, INCAPABLE OF PRODUCING THIS CORPOREAL PROBLEM. And as you feel the Substance of your Soul, you will find the outer substance of your so-called form responding to the Truth of your Being, as you firm that inner knowing. And this is the Law of Spirit having total Dominion over this world.

The only pain that exists is in those moments when you are forming that solid consciousness of Truth, which releases the Soul Power that is you. If, during this seminar, there are some of you who have ideas on things you would like to see us dwell on in world work, write them down on a sheet of paper and put them on the desk here. I know there’ll be 10 on world peace and there’ll be others, but we’re looking for something that we can do together and SEE with our own eyes , what it is doing. Put your suggestions down and let us have them tomorrow or the next day. And maybe we’ll take some of these things home with us to do. We don’t know.

I hope we have some awareness then of the direction here of a totally different kind of direction than personal achievement. And let’s have a meditation or two now on a different subject. The Power of HERE and the Power of NOW borders on science fiction, but everything must be known consciously to be here, for this Soul Power to express. I mean, there isn’t any place in the Kingdom of God that isn’t here, right now. And there is nothing else. That is the Soul Consciousness that we can and will attain, … that all that is in the Kingdom of God is here right now, always. You don’t have to reach out for it. But you do have to know it is here and it is now, and you will find you are able to quickly touch that central core of your Being with that knowledge, and you will be catapulted into the Consciousness of the Hereness and the Nowness of all Reality, so that there isn’t anything in Reality external to Here and Now In your Soul. And from this proceeds the miracle of One Power without opposite.

We’re resting in the Hereness of the Infinity of the Kingdom of God, right inside that little doorway within your chest, closer than breathing, is the Infinity of the Kingdom of God, and this is not a symbol. This is the Truth. Wherever you are on this globe, this will always be True. The Infinite Kingdom is right here where you are, no matter where you appear to be. And all of IT, because it is indivisible,…quicker than the speed of electricity, the Truth in Consciousness moves through the Infinite Invisible Kingdom wielding Its Perfect Power. And if it has an outlet in your Soul, it will visibly, tangibly express. You must be in your Soul. You must have the awareness of the Infinite Kingdom being here and now where you are. And a few other things you either know or will know as you develop this miraculous capacity to be the Living Son of the Living God.

I did forget to mention that these class tapes are available through Eunice Bicks. Just see Eunice if you’re interested and those of you who want other class tapes just give her your address and you will receive a copy of the tapes that are available.

We’ve only started on our little journey, so tomorrow morning, 9:30 is the meditation and 10:00 the class. We’re becoming One Unified Soul Consciousness. And the Power of it should appear.

See you in the morning. Thanks very much!


Today’s Audio by Bill “Soul Substance”:





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