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Monthly Archives: October 2017

We have a wonderful subject today provided by Joel, Ye Are The Light. The light means many things to many people depending on many factors too. I suppose at one time we all thought the light was some form of higher inspiration. To physicists the light would be dancing to electrons. Always lurking in the corner of the human mind is an opinion about the light. And because it is a human… Read More

Herb: When Moses says, I Am that I Am. When Jesus says, The Father within he doeth the works and when Paul says, I live yet not I, Christ liveth my life. They are all talking about the One Christ. Not the individual Christ of Moses, the individual Christ of Jesus, or the individual Christ of Paul. They are talking about the same Christ. For The Christ of each is the same… Read More

Herb: If this morning when you awakened you looked around to find something that God had forgotten to do so that you could do it, you would have been very disappointed, because everywhere that you might go, you would have discovered there was nothing that God had forgotten, at least not in His Universe. Now you might have seen many things in your universe that you felt needed repairs. And if you… Read More