Herb Fitch 1969 The Infinite Way Book Study 3. The Christ

Herb: When Moses says, I Am that I Am. When Jesus says, The Father within he doeth the works and when Paul says, I live yet not I, Christ liveth my life. They are all talking about the One Christ. Not the individual Christ of Moses, the individual Christ of Jesus, or the individual Christ of Paul. They are talking about the same Christ. For The Christ of each is the same universal Christ. They are talking about the universal Christ of mankind. The identity of Christ, the nature of Christ, has eluded mankind for centuries. No subject is more fascinating or more beautiful. It is probably the most inspiring subject in the world. Even to approach it would seem to be an act of immodesty.

Now at times you may find that you have been reaching out to solve a problem. It is good to know that whatever the nature of that problem, you were not reaching out really to solve it, you are reaching for The Christ of your own Being. That same Christ of which Moses, Jesus, and Paul spoke. Always and remember whatever the problem, always the solution of that problem lies in the realization of the Presence of Christ. When you know this, when you have the experience of Christ, you will further realize that you are never going to pin a name on an individual problem. Instead you recognize that every problem on this earth is one and the same problem appearing in different ways. All problems stemming from the same source mainly, our inability to feel, to accept, to know, to realize Christ, the universal Christ where we stand.

We have a world which is seemingly in a state of discord with many personal, national, domestic problems, international problems, you can go on and on, but the glorious message given to us is that where you are now in this very world that you see with your eyes, divine law is functioning perfectly. You look out with your senses and you say where? And then we have many high-powered intellects who reason and through various technologies reach the conclusion that there is no divine law functioning. It is the very absence of it that is causing the havoc that we anticipate will continue on this world for a long time to come. Except here and there where the window of the Soul opens up and perceives something that the five senses cannot bear witness too.

Now, as you struggle with the attempt to find this Christ, you yourself have found that your progress is very thorny. It is there you know for you have had your glimpses. It is there you know because you have had your experiences. And yet, it isn’t there, it is quicksilver. Gone and then to return again at some future time and never when you want it too. It seems completely indifferent to your will and your wishes. Sometimes completely indifferent to your needs. You find that you cannot influence the return of these experiences that you long for within. When we reach this inability to bring The Christ to us, we are ready for another plateau. And that is the realization that the fish does not seek the water. The wave does not seek the ocean. The sun-beam does not seek the sun. For behold the Kingdom of God is within you.

When Jesus revealed that, he was talking to a group of men on this earth who believed in the Judaic theology, that the Kingdom of God is up there, out there, hidden behind something, awaiting our virtue on earth to make us suitable material for God to say, Come in. That old fashioned theology was exploded, although you would never know it looking around today. People still walk in the belief that their morality is the way to heaven. And that immorality or sinning of any nature is a sure way to bring down the punishment of God.

But, if the Kingdom of God is within you, to seek it outside of you is to fore ordain defeat. How can you find outside of you that which is within you? How can the fish leave the ocean and find the ocean? This Christ revealed on earth by Jesus, as the Kingdom of God within you, is only the first step toward realization that the Kingdom of God within me is the Substance of my Being. That God Infinite, individualizes as God, Christ. And the individualization of the Infinite God is The Christ, which is the substance of me. My five senses will not bear witness to The Christ of me nor to The Christ of you. And no matter how high we step in the ladder of intellect, we become no higher than let us say Buddha’s father, who called his son and said to him and this is another replay of the temptation of Jesus. I will give you my Kingdom if you will come home. And the son said, You haven’t really lost a son, there is One greater than I. And Buddha revealed to his own father, overcoming temptation just as Jesus did, that there was one higher than Buddha. There was one higher than Jesus. And he said to his father, There is a teacher of righteousness, a teacher of truth, greater than your son. And when you find him you will realize you have something greater than even a son returning home. And he was speaking of your Being. He was speaking of Christ.

Now, the world seeks freedom, happiness, peace, and abundance. It seeks an escape from the imprisonment in the negatives of life. But if I Am the way, then what other way can we come unto the Father except through I? And if I Am The Christ in what other way can we have Heaven on earth except through that way which is The Christ?

The Pharisees looked and said, Who are you, are you not the son of Joseph? You tell us about a bread from Heaven and that you descended from heaven—we know you. That was how it was in those days. And then theology said, Oh, no he is not the son of Joseph. Now, they compounded the error instead of saying, You are just the son of Joseph. No, no you are of the Son of God. And all the time the son of Joseph and the Son of God is saying, I Am The Christ. I Am the Light. Thou seeth me, thou seeth the Father. I and the Father are one. Whoever would enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth must come through me. Through Christ. And where is Christ? The Kingdom of Christ is within you.

And so, we come to the fact that Jesus was revealing that Christ is the Self of every individual on this earth. That the Light of your consciousness is Christ. That the Infinite Light individualizes where you are, as the living Christ. And if you are disconnected from The Christ of your own Being, you will walk the earth as a mortal, a human disconnected from the Life of your own Being, seeking surcease from problems that exist only because of this disconnection. It matters not what name you give the problems, how difficult they appear. Christ moves the mountain of error into the sea. But you must be connected. There must be a witness of The Christ and your senses cannot bear witness to The Christ. The futility of trying through a human mind, a human body, a human intellect, or human logic to find The Christ will eventually come to every individual on this earth. And when we cease trying to witness The Christ with a human mind, we will then seek a way out of the dilemma and the way out will always be the same.

To find The Christ of your own Being you must go to the second Beatitude, Blessed are they that mourn for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven. The personal sense is the glass darkly which stands as a permanent barrier between the mortal being and his own Christhood. The personal sense must die and when you recognize it, you are blessed. As you are willing to lay aside the mortal sense, the personal sense of me, the personal sense of mind, the personal sense of body, the personal sense of life, the personal sense of relationships, the personal sense of my day and my activities, and my wishes and my will. When you are willing to lay down the total personal sense, that is the mourning, the willingness to be dead unto self—and the word blessed becomes the illumination. The Christing of him who lays down the personal sense and now beholds hold his own Christ Light. And in that Christ Light is found all that the Father hath.

The nature of God cannot come into man’s experience except through the Light of his own consciousness called The Christ. When we do as the Pharisees did or as theology does, behold either the son of Joseph or the Son of God instead of the invisible Christ, then we are personalizing or deifying and in either case we lose the great vision that All being God, all that can exist around us is the Light of God. We have been mocking The Christ, we have been entertaining The Christ unawares. We have been dividing the garment of Christ. We have been living in a sense of self, which is not our Self. Seeking that Reality of our Self, through the false sense of self, and you can see the impossibility of success.

Now if you will, once you have accepted that the human mind is, a Tower of Babel, that the human body is not the Divine image and likeness of God, and that in the Consciousness of God there are no human life spans. Then you will accept further that we unknowing have erected a false sense of life, a false life span, a false time on earth in an image body. We call this the dream and we call the reincarnation of the dream nothing more than the recurring sense of the dream. And this recurring sense of the dream life called – reincarnation, all of our past lives and all of our future lives are all grouped in one word—hypnotism. For only The Christ walks this earth.

The way to God through Christ becomes possible when we are ready to make a surrender. This is a new dimension of faith, this surrender. It gives faith a new meaning. It is not a surrender, to something outside our self, it is a surrender to our own Christhood. It is a surrender to the Light of our own Being, for truly you are the Light of the world. And in the surrender to the Light of your own Being, you are making an acceptance of the great mystery revealed that only when you are in the Light of your own Being, can the fullness of the Father become your living experience.

Now, if you be the Light, if you be The Christ, you cannot also be the mortal being. And so to try to improve your sense of mortality is to deny that you are The Christ. To in any way try to improve your human sense of life is to deny that you are the Light. To in any way try to improve anything on this earth is to stand in front of the accumulated scriptures of the world and say to all of it, you are telling a lie, because it tells us emphatically that everywhere the eye can see, God Is. There is no place where the Spirit of the Father does not exist. If you look out at the sun, you do not see the sunbeams that you will see on this earth. There must be a place somewhere where you become aware of a sunbeam coming from far away and at that place that you see it to you it becomes a sunbeam.

If you look out at Heaven or Reality, whatever you wish to call it, you will find that you cannot see all of it. But there is a place where you become aware of something. That place where you become aware of Heaven, to your senses, it becomes earth. At the moment that you are able to make a contact through your senses that which is Heaven to you becomes the earth. It is translated by your senses. It doesn’t change from Heaven to earth, but now you look at that which is Heaven and misperceive it to be the earth. There is a line of demarcation where the veil apparently begins, where Spirit becomes matter. It is not a line of ether, it is a line where the mind misperceives the Truth. The outer limit of your mind mis-perceiving the Truth at that point and all the way in now recreates its concept of heaven. And in that concept you live as a mortal being, although nothing about you has ever changed. The Christ is still The Christ. The Christ is still present. the Light is unchanging, it can never be influenced in any way and in it is the Grace, the guidance, the love, and the fullness of all of your true Self. And all this brought into a sharp material focus by the five senses becomes a disconnection, the ignorant separation from the very Self of All Being.

When Jesus recognized behind the five sense perceived world The Christ, he spoke in terms that no man could understand. And today we still find that difficulty because we are trying to understand with the same faculty that the Pharisees used. I would like for you to see today, that when you step out of that faculty, when you reach the cloud of unknowing, when you rise above the line of demarcation between Spirit and matter, into another realm, into the realm of quickened intuition, that the living waters of Truth and Spirit in your consciousness do transform that which the five senses had misperceived.

Often you will not do this unless you are pushed into it by an insurmountable problem. I know this, because always I receive these insurmountable problems, I find myself pushed. For instance you might be pushed this way. Someone you love has reached the point let’s say, where their hip-bone has disintegrated, it isn’t there anymore. That which was bone, suddenly falls apart, it is only dust. And you are striving to find a way to do what the medical profession cannot do. What you are really trying to do you see is find the savior within, because no human mind is going to make bone out of that dust. Your human mind, in fact, looks at the problem and is in dismay, what can I do? That is the pronouncement, that is the diagnosis, there it is facing me. And then you have the Light which tells you, well of course, if you stay in the human mind that is what you too must witness. If you stay in the human mind you must witness everything that the human mind witnesses on this earth. Well, what does The Christ mind see? And your whole picture now has hope. Yes, if you can get out of the human mind, out of the human senses, then every problem that you face which to your human mind and its past experiences is insurmountable, now, you have the magic wand of some other realm, of the quickened Spirit in which no problem exists.

In the realm of Christ there are no bones to disintegrate. There are no eyes that do not see. There are no limbs that do not walk. In the realm of The Christ there is no absence of Supply. In the realm of Christ there is no death. In the realm of Christ there is no life span. There is life without beginning or end. In the realm of Christ there is no advancing age. There is no decomposition. There is no deterioration. Why do we see these things? Because, we do not live in the realm of Christ Mind and then we find that my solution does not rest in anything that my human mind can do. My solution lies in rising out of my human mind into the realm of the quickened Spirit where The Christ Mind perceives Its Self in all things. And because I wish to do that, only if my desire to do that is greater than anything else, will I make and pay the price and make the sacrifice that is necessary. I must have not just this moment in which I Am willing to do anything to safeguard something, I must make a full-time commitment to living, in Christ. I can’t turn it off and on like a switch because I have a momentary problem. I must live in The Christ of Being. And that full-time commitment removes the glass darkly of the senses, which misperceives heaven, which misperceives perfection and brings it all into the focus of good and evil.

That full-time commitment then is a surrender of the belief in my own mortality. And from it comes a great, almost incredible realization, I have no human body, I have no human mind, I have no five senses. The five senses that I thought were seeing and hearing and touching they are not real. How could they be real and misperceive? Who said there is a bone that has dissolved into dust? The five senses and all this time I had believed it.

Now, when the authority of the five senses are removed you begin to see why Jesus can say, Thy Son liveth, stretch forth thine arm. I Am not judging with five senses, if I did I would have to say, that withered arm would be withered. That man buried in the tomb would have to stay there. But in the realm of quickened intuition where we behold, not with human senses but let the Light perceive itself there is only life, there is only harmony, there is only Grace, there is only truth, there is only vision, there is only hearing, there is only health, there is only perfection in all things. The senses had perceived the lie about the Truth, and I, living in the senses, had to perceive what they perceive.

But now, we are above the realm of logic and reason and human experience. We are not talking about Christ. We are ready for the experience of Christ. No talk about Christ is worth a tinker’s damn unless it leads to the experience of Christ. And that experience comes when you are willing, able, needful above all else, to die to the false sense of your own life. When the need is so great that you must die to that false sense you will. That is how it comes, out of nowhere. And the need so great that you are willing to forget yourself and can’t even help it, you reach beyond the mind, and something tells you that you are not living at that moment in a human body. You know it is true. You feel something different. You can’t define it. It has no shape. It doesn’t begin here and end there. But you are something else—you are not a body, and you are not a mind. You don’t know what you are but it is different than you have ever been. And even to say, I Am a consciousness, seems to be pinning a label on something and limiting you at that moment. But you know you are something different and you know that is the feeling of the Presence of your own Christhood.

The Light of consciousness, not something that can be pinned down or boxed or poured into a jar or put into a coffin, the Light of Consciousness and yet it is not something that is separate from anything in the universe. You feel a One Self, as if you were, and only you alone are, everywhere. The Light of The Christ is expressing and you are aware of it as your own being. You are released from the mind, from the senses, from the body, from the belief that I Am existing momentarily in this life span. You are released from thought, you find thought is unnecessary, undesirable. And at that moment it would be sacrilegious to even try to think. You know that you are in the midst of an Infinite wave of something and in that wave of something, you sense a new found freedom.

That Christ Consciousness, which becomes just a momentary glimpse, may last for hours. You may find you dwell in it without the slightest effort. You may find that in that experience, you have an awareness that you have no mortal self or mortal problems. That any problem you have ever faced has been a total lie. You are aware that you are living in an invisible Kingdom right where the world knows a visible earth and you know why Jesus could say, I Am the bread of heaven. I Am the way. For the very I that is the way is the I that you are experiencing at that moment. You are experiencing the risen Christ. If I be lifted up, out of the mortal selfhood, out of the mortal mind, out of a limited concept of a man of flesh, I will lift all men unto me.

This is the experience of that lifting, of that ascension. When you have it, you recognize that every problem on the face of this earth exists only because those who experience the problems have not experienced the ascension in Consciousness into the realm of Reality on earth now—present, at hand, as the pure Light of Christ. With this experience behind you, living as a mortal being becomes impossible. It would be like Lot’s wife turning around to yesterday’s consciousness. You know you have found the pure gold of Reality. That in the absence from the body, from the mortal sense of body, you glimpse the universe in which the man called Jesus lived. You glimpsed Christ within yourself. You glimpsed the Kingdom of God within you and you witnessed its healing power. For you, yourself, were healed by it, of the belief in mortality.

Now, begins your commitment to yourself, to your Christ. And in that commitment, you reached the realization that you have always been surrounded by Christ. And right this instant where you are Christ surrounds you because all is Christ. You have been looking at The Christ through the glass darkly of the senses and have been perceiving multiple bodies of flesh. But something in you knows that they are not there, Christ is. That no one is in danger. There are no adversaries. There are no problems. There is mis-perception of the invisible Christ. We shall live in the Reality of Christ and as we turn from our mortal senses we are the prodigal coming home. We are turning to The Christ. That is the returning home of the prodigal and what happens? The moment you turn to Christ, the Father rushes out to greet you. The moment that the prodigal turned the Father was there rushing out to meet him and the symbolism there is very important to us all. God functions only through Christ and unless you turn to The Christ of your Being within, you find that the qualities of God cannot express in you, through you as you. And so the moment you turn to Christ, you find the Father rushing through Christ into expression where you stand.

Joel compares it to the trunk of a tree in the ground. Following the 15th chapter of John, I am the vine. At first we are just human branches, not knowing our Christhood, not knowing that unless we are connected to the vine we cannot be fed. Just as the leaves on a tree are fed by the trunk which in turn is fed by the ground. We are to see that the ground or the husbandman is the Father. And the trunk of the tree or the vine is The Christ and outside are the branches being fed through the ground, through the trunk into each branch. No branch is favored, no branch is lacking, because all are centered in the trunk, in the vine. And as we are centered in The Christ of our own Being, The Christ being One with the Father, the Infinite Father feeds the individualization of the Father called Christ which feeds the outer human branch. And as we learn this Oneness, we are lifted higher to the point where we see that the human branch is but our mental image about The Christ, Itself. You are not The Christ and the human branch. Once you have found The Christ you know you never were a human branch. You are that which is One with the Father. You are that which is eternal. The mortal never became an Immortal and the Immortal could never become a mortal.

But none of this is meaningful to the human mind. None of the miracles of Christ are meaningful to the human mind. The Reality of the Kingdom of God on earth is meaningless to the human mind. It seeks its pleasures, its comforts, its life in the objective universe in the things that it can see and touch. It is completely oblivious to the invisible Kingdom of God on earth. It is only when we are pressed beyond our human capacities, when our despair is so great that we are willing to make this great sacrifice, we think, that we are lifted into that invisible Kingdom. Now as you rest back in the realization that Christ is your name, that Christ is your Substance, that Christ is your Being – this makes you the Son of God on earth. But woe to the man who wants to be the Son of God and also the son of man at the same time. You can’t be a Republican and a Democrat at the same time. You can’t be man and woman at the same time. You cannot be here and there at the same time. Because Christ is your Reality every moment spent in another identity is a life in unreality. Every moment not in Christ, not as The Conscious Christ realized is a moment that has no real existence. And if there happens to be fifty years of such moments then it is fifty years of unreal existence. Again, where do you go to live in your Christhood? You don’t. You shed the belief that you are something else. You start with you. You cannot behold Christ in anyone until you have started with you. You have Infinity to give and if you are withholding that Infinity from your experience, you cannot find it even for yourself.

Now, if we were to make a full-time commitment to our own Christhood, it would run something like this: Your telephone rings, and you say, Hello this is Will or this is Frank, or this is Dorothy, and then the other person identifies himself and you have a little conversation. Now, at that moment you have been caught unprepared, and you have not witnessed The Christ of the one on the other side of the phone. They have caught you unprepared and they have caught you in a human consciousness. You are not living in Reality at that moment. Whatever you say to the one on the other side of that line, whatever they say to you, is valueless in the true creation. It is something that will pass, it is not Christ centered. And so one of the major lessons and the most difficult to learn is to be alert to Christ. So that, you are always in the Consciousness that where you are the Light of Christ Is, and that is all that is there. And further, that the Light of Christ is everywhere, Now. So that the first phone that rings in your house, when you pick up that phone to respond you must consciously know The Christ is always here and The Christ is all that is there.

When you are willing to make this preparation, this alertness, then you are beginning your full-time commitment to Christ and you are really taking the Two Commandments seriously. You will find that the moment someone on the other end of the line says something you don’t like, if you are in this conscious awareness, that only the Light of Christ can be present, something in you will recognize the Life on the other side of that line and literally give Life to that individual. You only give what is there. And then your full-time commitment in Christ as the recognition of The Christ of all those you encounter, whether visibly or on the phone or wherever or however, even writing a letter, becomes an experience in Christhood. And what comes back to you is your own commitment to Christ. As you give the life of Christ to all those in your relationships they give it right back to you.

Now, this becomes a great, difficult discipline. But as you are living in this discipline and correcting yourself every time you forget to acknowledge your Christhood and The Christhood of another individual, more and more you will find that you have been blessing, bestowing, sharing, loving, thy neighbor as thy Self. Loving God supremely. And the fruitage that pours in upon you cannot be measured in normal human terms. It goes beyond the expectations of the human mind. It brings into focus that which the glass darkly of human vision could not do. It makes Heaven visible on earth and you will call it new a harmony, a new beauty, a new healing, a new vision, a new sense of abundance. But it is actually Reality becoming manifest through your Christ commitment. So that through the quickened intuition, your antennae are reaching out further into Reality and deeper into the recesses of your Soul. And coming forth is Christ incarnate as the new found beauty, harmony, abundance, health, vision—the correction of the mis-perceptions.

Fundamental is, that you must not limit your Self to your human mind. For your human mind sees people you don’t like. It hears things you don’t agree with. It sees people you are afraid of. It sees conditions that you wish to avoid. Your human mind bears witness to the Antichrist because that is the nature of the Antichrist human mind. Your human mind tells you the things that are wrong with God’s Perfect universe, because it is not committed to Christ, it is committed to the glory of a personal self, it is committed to ‘me’. Your surrender of that is your commitment to Christ. And then lo, I Am come, and I lift you, for I Am mighty, and I go before you, and I guide you, and I direct you, and I love you, and I teach you, and I fill your cup to overflowing because the Kingdom of God within you is the only reality. The Kingdom of God within you is God’s Perfect universe. And that Kingdom has one name, Christ. I Am the vine and unless you are accepting your Self to be One with the vine, you cannot be One with the Father and that branch will be cut off and purged for it beareth no fruit. But if you abide in me and I in thee, you will bear fruit richly. This is the urge to Christhood. This is the command that thou art The Christ, thou art the Light, Do not hide your Christ Light under a bushel. Do not hide it under the sense of personality. You see we have all become five sense invalids. That is the only kind there are.

There is a little story that was given to me within. A story I never heard before about a man who raised apples and it was near harvest time and he was very fidgety because he had a big, bumper crop. Acres and acres and acres, and oh, he was so worried. Then one morning he awakened, looked out and saw something he had never seen. He couldn’t believe what he saw. He saw a tree and on it were square apples. He went up to it, he touched them and they were square, not round. His heart sank. He went up and down his acres and acres and everywhere, every tree had square apples. He was heartsick. He was going to lose everything he had and so he called friends and they too saw square apples. It was an amazing thing but certainly nobody was going to buy those apples. It is the old Hindu rope trick again, isn’t it? As a man thinketh so is he.

We can look out and we can see square apples. We can look out and we can see a flat earth. Now, what would be the healing for a man who saw those square apples and for those who saw them with him? What would be the healing if you wanted to make the earth round instead of flat? Could you do it? Could you heal a flat earth and make it round? You know you couldn’t, because it isn’t flat it is round and the recognition that it isn’t flat is the healing. Just to look out at the flat earth and know it isn’t flat but round is the healing that is needed. Not to make it round, but to recognize the truth, to look out at square apples and to recognize that they are not square and that even if they appear to be they cannot be, they must be round. This breaks the hypnosis of a mind which is seeing square where roundness is. The recognition of the truth, Ye shall know the truth and only the knowing of the truth will release you from the illusion.

Do you realize that when Jesus came onto this earth and became the first-born of the Father, the first to attain the fullness of Christhood that he was revealing to us that every ill on this earth, every defect, every imperfection, everything that is wrong with this earth, is our seeing a square apple where a round one really is? And that the cure is not to change the imperfection to perfection, not to change bad vision to good vision, not to change the ailing leg to a good leg, not to change the malignancy to one that isn’t malignant but to look at what you are calling a square apple and to recognize that you are looking through the five sense mind of the world. Don’t change anything. For in your attempt to change it, you are doing the greatest injustice to Truth that you can do. That which you are trying to change can have no existence, if God is All. It cannot exist and you will never know of its non-existence with your human mind. Your human mind is committed to that which is the opposite of the truth. It will continue to call God’s Perfect universe a square apple. But there are no square apples, there are no imperfections in the only universe there is.

———— End of Side One ————–

It is you who are wrong, not the something you think is wrong. Where you are seeing a dying man, it is you who are wrong. Where you are seeing every disease that the world can offer, it is you who are wrong. And unless you work at this to bring yourself to a place where you refuse to bear false witness, you will always be in a divided sense of life.

Now, Christ in you is all there is of you and your human mind is not going to let you get away with that truth. Your human mind is going to insist that there is a you besides Christ. And it will have very convincing arguments about it. What are you going to do with this you, if you decide it isn’t there? Now, unless you have been touched in such a way that you can lay down this sense of you, not the imperfections about this sense of you, not the problems, not the defects, but you, this complete mortal you. Unless you can reach that level of even seeking in that direction, the word Christ to you will always be just a word. But on the other hand if you have that capacity that you can say to yourself, I cannot be both Christ and something else, therefore, right here, right now, Christ is my name, and whatever else I appear to be, I cannot be. That’s a big jump. But it’s the jump that you must eventually make. And now you have no mortal you sitting in a chair. No mortal you going to return to a home from this talk. No mortal you going to live fifty more years on this earth doing this or that or another thing, but rather The Christ is going to live its life appearing to the world as you.

If you had made such a decision, you would be surprised how quickly something happens within you to lead you to the way to carry out that decision. Remember, the moment the prodigal turned from personal sense to Christ the Father came forth to meet him and greet him and lead out the fatted calf. The moment something in you has turned to that acceptance of your Self as the Light and nothing else, then you have shut out the tempter and The Christ will begin to reveal Its Self to you unmistakably.

Now, there is the other consciousness, which says, what is he talking about? That was the consciousness Jesus met in this passage I would like to discuss with you. He says to them, Why are you murmuring over there and reasoning among yourselves, because I said, I was the bread of heaven. That is the passage in which he tells them to eat of his flesh and drink of his blood. They think he is a mad man because they see the son of Joseph. But the flesh that they must eat of, the blood they must drink of, is Truth and Spirit, Truth and Spirit. If they could stop where they are and know themselves to be the Truth, to be the Spirit, to be The Christ, they would be eating of his flesh, drinking of his blood. The flesh of Truth, the blood of Spirit. All this being the invisible Christ of their Being. He is teaching them his great discovery, greater than any other made on this earth. Greater than seeking a new star through a telescope! Greater than finding gold at Sutter’s Mill. Greater than any human discovery that can be made, that you are the living Christ of God now. And they are saying, this man is mad. And so they go on their way in their human Pharisee consciousness with their imperfections still looking for solutions to that which he has just solved for them. Because there is nothing, in them that is willing to die to the false sense of life that they may live in Reality.

Suppose, you could see that a me can not be where you are, ever and never has been. Suppose you could accept him at the face value of what he was teaching. That Christ is Incorporeal, that Christ is Immortal, that Christ is Eternal, that Christ is the full expression of God on earth, that Christ is imminent, that Christ is always you. Suppose you could accept this, not with lip service. Do you see that if you can look out at anyone and not behold The Christ, that you are not accepting? Do you see that if you could look out at anyone and behold, a person to be judged that you are not accepting? Or a person with a problem, or a person who in someway disturbs you, or a person who antagonizes you or a person who causes fear to enter your heart? You are not beholding The Christ. You are not accepting that Christ is the identity behind all mortal flesh. You are identifying Christ as an individual who can harm you or Christ as an individual with a defect, or Christ as an individual who is poor and going hungry. And as your judgment goes out to that so it returns to you. You are a victim of your own mis-belief in the invisible Christ.

On the other hand, you walk out and you behold not with human vision but with the higher dimension of faith which accepts, because it has a capacity to understand, that I can judge no one on this earth because each is Christ. I can judge no one to be sick on this earth for each is Christ. I can judge no one to be an enemy or a murderer or a thief. I can judge no one to be immoral. I can judge no one in any way for I cannot judge The Christ. You may not see it now but that has a relationship to your human problems. For, as you reach the capacity to withhold judgment, it is The Christ in you which has given you that capacity. And then walking through a world in which you no longer have the need for judgment, for you are accepting the invisible Christ everywhere—now the activity of the Holy Ghost begins to creep into your experience. There is one less ache in your body. There is one extra dollar in your purse. The invisible begins to multiply because The Christ of you is loving, giving, bestowing, sharing—not judging, but bearing witness to Itself everywhere.

Not by might, not by power, that isn’t how you are going to remove the problems of this world. But by the recognition that my Spirit is your Spirit. That my Spirit is the Spirit of all those who surround you. That you are literally walking in a Spiritual universe now as pure Spirit. And that all that is not perfection is not real but a mis-perception. Do you see the consciousness that will do this is the pure at heart? No matter how difficult it is for the human mind to accept it, the Truth of Christ is that there is no problem on this earth, not a one. And while you still have that belief in your consciousness, you will externalize problems. Your commitment to Christ is, that there is no problem on this earth. And you are saying to the human mind I know you don’t believe it, but I have no faith in a human mind that cannot bear witness to Christ.

Now you have a task, you must withstand every temptation that is going to persuade you that there is naught but Christ on this earth. When the knee begins to hurt, when the car squeaks in the wrong time and the wrong place. Whenever the problem pops up here and there and even if it’s a constant problem, it must come to that Consciousness of Christ which says, I cannot accept you as Reality. I cannot let you enter my consciousness as real for I Am come to bear witness to Christ on earth in all things. Mine is a full time commitment to bear witness. Then you are eating the flesh of your own Christ, the blood of your own Christ.

On the other hand the way we spend our days is quite different from that. We walk in the world not of God’s creation and even though the invisible Father is everywhere, how can Omnipresence express through unreality? How can the miracle of the multiplication of Spirit, of the resurrection of the dead, of the healing of the sick, of the feeding of the multitudes occur in your consciousness if it is a mortal consciousness? If it is an un-quickened consciousness, if it is one committed to the lie about God? What’s the point of walking in the shade and complaining that you are not getting the sun? What’s the good of walking in mortality and saying, I Am seeking The Christ? The Christ is your name. Don’t seek it, Be It. And that means you must bear false witness to nothing on this earth. To be The Christ. you must bear true witness and that means, you turn down every thing that appears to you that is not of your Father. You refuse to accept it as reality. You weed it out of your consciousness. And the living Christ consciousness will bear witness to the perfection of your Being. We are not in the realm of the human mind. We are not in the realm of the five senses. We are not in the Thomas consciousness that seeing is believing. We are not fooled. Seeing is not believing. You can see it and you are seeing that which is not.

Now is there something turning in you, that’s the big question? Christ Consciousness is the consciousness that I Am The Christ. Which is the individualization of the Infinite Father. And that wherever I move, the Power and Presence and Love and Harmony and Will and Wisdom of God is directing and prospering, every movement that I make. Through The Christ of my Being of which I Am one hundred percent conscious at all times. This would be Christ Consciousness. You see God can’t make mistakes, Christ can’t make mistakes and the only mistakes that we can witness are those in which we are not Christ centered. We’ll look at this passage for a moment it might clarify or it might tighten your resolve.

“Jesus therefore answered and said unto them, Murmur not among yourselves, no man can come to me except the Father which has sent me, draw him. And I will raise him up on the last day.” In Christ you are resurrected from the dead. “It is written in the prophets, and they shall all be taught by God, every man therefore that hath heard and hath learned of the Father cometh unto me.”

Taught by God is your meekness unto The Christ of your own Being, for God through The Christ is teaching. And that Word taught is an Infinite Word, because the teaching is a feeding, a nourishing, a maintaining, a supporting, a directing, and a fulfilling. All this is implied in the Word taught by God. Nourished by the Infinite as I dwell in the center of my own Christ Being. Christ in my Soul is my permanent dispensation. Only in this Kingdom of God within my Soul, The Christ entering, fulfilling the will of the Father, am I redeemed from the false human consciousness which out-pictures the defects of itself.

We are looking only within ourselves now for the fulfillment or whatever word you use such as salvation, redemption, regeneration, reformation, resurrection. All this is the return to Christ consciousness. For in Christ Consciousness we are taught by God, He that believeth on me has ever lasting life. Mind you, these words are being spoken by The Christ. He that believeth on me The Christ, it is the same Christ which has said, I The Christ, if I be lifted up in you, I, The Christ in the midst of thee am mighty. I, The Christ am the way. Always you’ve been looking outside when I, The Christ of your own Being is that which you have wrongfully sought outside. You already are that Christ and that’s why I say, we work too hard. Stop trying to become. Stop trying to attain and give some thought to the fact that you are. Follow it to its logical conclusion; I Am. Then can I really have anything that I need, or is the need a false image? I Am, therefore can I really depart from life at any time or is that departure a false image? I have a problem, but that’s the very opposite of being The Christ, but I Am The Christ. Therefore the problem can only be a false appearance. I have a broken bone and I want to heal that bone but wait a minute, I Am The Christ—The Christ doesn’t have a broken bone. Am I The Christ or do I have a broken bone? If I have a broken bone, I Am not The Christ. And if I keep denying that I am The Christ how can I have a consciousness that is open to The Christ that I am denying?

Deny thy self, deny thy human self, deny thy concepts, deny thy thoughts, and deny thy human beliefs—total denial. And in the total denial of myself I come over that fine line of demarcation between matter and Spirit. Bursting the false veil of the senses and in me is born the realization of Christ. That which I was seeking, I Am. The vision I sought, the healing I sought, I didn’t need it. I needed the realization of Christ that I Am and in that realization all healings for all times are completed, for Christ is ever Immaculate.

And therefore we are pinpointed to one goal alone. Not to improve. Christ cannot be improved. Not to seek. Not to fulfill needs. Let us bypass all these small human desires. Let us go directly to the center of Being, acknowledging the Omnipresence of Christ as the Being of All. As my Being. And then live from the center of Christhood – accepted. Being able thereby to look at every blemish of every nature as the lie that has no substance, no power to remain a lie. No power, to set aside the Truth of Christ. And rest with confidence, bolstered by the knowing of your own Being, and the frequent experience of The Christ, through the frequent surrender of a material selfhood in consciousness. And when it happens, you will know why it has always been said that words are inadequate. Because, in finding your own Christ, right where you are, you are made new. All that you have thought was wrong can no longer remain. There is no place for it to be. It is revealed as nonexistence and the message of old, Ye are the Light of the world. Ye are the living Christ. Ye are the Son of God, Now. This becomes your living Consciousness. The veil is pierced. Let this be your only goal. Your single centered goal is Christ realized. Which becomes Christ accepted here and now.

Remember now, there won’t be more Christ of you tomorrow than there is this moment. And there never was more Christ of you or less five minutes ago or five hundred years ago. Always, The Christ of you will be what it is this moment. And there is no other you. The more you can peel off what you are not, in the confidence, that what you are is your only need, your only need for protection in all things.

This is how ascension comes about. That fidelity to your own Being. Whereas before you were told to surrender, you are learning that your surrender is to your higher and only Self. But not a blind surrender, not the kind of surrender that is working toward it for tomorrow or the next day. It is the acceptance and the faith in that acceptance and the faith in the consequences of that acceptance in spite of every appearance to the contrary. It is the realization that all error on this earth is impossible. For this earth is the Kingdom of God, and I Am The Christ in that Kingdom. And I will let the Power, the Omnipotence of The Christ be my only protection, my only acceptance of power. You see how your single mindedness there, is the removal of the duality that brings the errors?

One of the great exercises in Christ realization is to dwell quietly in the realization that you are that Light which is Christ, which is everywhere and then wait, wait for the sense of me to dissolve and the sense of I to establish Itself. Wait until you feel a lightness, a peace and then it is as if a certain trap door opens and something shifts into a new gear without any effort on your part. That shifting kind of catches you by surprise, until you realize something has happened. It seems to go higher on the top of your head now. It takes you out of the mechanism of the human mind. It is as if there were an Infinite Light popping right through the top of your head. And you know that this is a form of guidance, a form of realization. You may feel the descent of a Substance, kind of like the fog rolling in and that too is an activity of Consciousness.

When you feel this, that is you and everything else that you had thought was you is not you. And that you, that new you forming in your Consciousness is your Eternal Self. Infinity expressing as your New-Consciousness. You find yourself quite independent of a mortal existence and aware of it at the same time. Aware that there is a you which is complete, which is the fulfillment of Infinity wherever you happen to be and that this you governs everything that the physical body will begin to do.

This new sense of being is your Christ Consciousness. It is not in the body. It starts out as the understanding that the Kingdom of God is within you. But that is to teach you that you are the Kingdom of God. Within you means outside of your senses, not in your senses but within your true Being. And now you come out of the senses and with it you come out of the false sense of body. Into this release, there’s no beginning or ending here. There is just the awareness that I Am. And even the awareness that the Light that you are is the Light of the neighbor, is the Light of your child, is the Light of your parent. You are feeling a Light, which is a one Infinite Light, which no human hand can touch or human bomb can devastate. It is a freedom in the non-material universe catching that Reality of your Self, which the human senses could not catch. This is Christ Realized. And from that moment, you will be fed from this higher level of Consciousness. Without taking human thought Divine wisdom becomes the thinker of your being. Divine wisdom fulfills its will in your Christhood. And the Will of the Father and your will are one and the same, invincible without any opposition of any kind. The Will of the Father, in The Christ of you, functions itself omnipotently, omnisciently and everywhere so that the wave of Truth that’s running through you is a wave that is running on an Infinite scale. And in that wave is your household, your new relationships, the new law of truth that governs all that you do. That wave lifts you out of the good and evil of this world into the Grace of Infinity.

Now, this is experience not conversation, not discussion, not something you go out and talk about. It is something you feel and know. You get the feel of your New Consciousness. And then when you say my body is a servant of the Most High, you have a special meaning.

My body is no longer my life. I have mourned for that body. I have seen the truth of it. Blessed, Christed, is he who now can lay aside the belief that that body is me, his, is the Kingdom of God on earth. Catch the great vision that Jesus brought us, make it yours. Practice it in a full-scale commitment. Behold nobody in the flesh, nobody. For you would be beholding a lie. That, which the Father did not create, is not here. Behold only through your Christed vision letting it be the Supreme Court of your Being. Letting it say to the eyes and the ears, What you see is not for me. Veto everything that comes to this Supreme Court from this world—constantly, until automatically the Consciousness of Truth is the only one that remains. And then you will behold walking images instead of people. Your Consciousness will quickly see, there invisibly is my Self. The Christ of my own Being is everywhere. This is not a human mind experience. But it is a true experience. It is your New Consciousness. It beholds the Immaculate universe of the Father as Its Self everywhere. But only through the discipline of a full-scale commitment to do this, until it becomes normal and leads to the experience of our real existence. That’s what we are going to discuss next week – Our Real Existence.

So, Joel again has given us the benefit of his deep insight, his experience, his fidelity and we can all share in that Consciousness as it lifts us continuously through this series, into the Consciousness of the ever present Christ which is our name.

One of the greatest joys you can have is when someone comes to you for help, and in a lightning flash, something says to you but he isn’t here, Christ Is, and then to witness Christ revealing Christ as the healing. This is to be our normal Consciousness on this earth.

So next week is Our Real Existence and I have felt strongly today as we progressed that the only Reality here is the Invisible Christ, which is our One name. I hope this is coming clear to all of us. And thanks very much.

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