We have a wonderful subject today provided by Joel, Ye Are The Light. The light means many things to many people depending on many factors too. I suppose at one time we all thought the light was some form of higher inspiration. To physicists the light would be dancing to electrons. Always lurking in the corner of the human mind is an opinion about the light. And because it is a human mind, it has a finite opinion about light that is infinite.

Now I would like you to look at this. This is a magnifying glass and if we held it in the sunlight over a piece of paper say about six inches from the paper, the light would be received by the magnifying glass and then it would be condensed and concentrated in a point. And within a few moments the paper would be on fire. Now just in the same way we receive the light of the world through our senses and you might say that this magnifying glass then represents our senses. And the light of the world enters our senses and is compressed and here is this brain receiving all the light at one point. And that the point where the brain receives all the light that comes through the senses this becomes our concept chamber. It actually becomes our form. It becomes our body and our mind.

And now you can see that we are limited only to what pours through that magnifying glass. If it does not have the capacity to receive something that is outside of it, it never gets through to that brain. Now this is the tomb that man has lived in many thousand and thousands of years. With his five senses used as an antenna, he receives it seems the outer light of the world and then this light pressing into his brain gives him his opinions, his thoughts, and his beliefs. The sensory images that he judges to be external to himself. And if we were to continue to live in that frame of mind, we would continue to suffer the various problems that the world encounters. We find that in this frame of mind man is controlled by his environment. He has absolutely no power to control the environment around himself. He has the illusion that he controls it until perhaps one night he comes home and there is a fire and his two children are burned. Then he realizes he does not control his environment at all. Or his son is drafted or whatever, we find that this world around us controls us. Try as we will when we penetrate in some way to control the forces that oppose us, we find that as we are facing front with the forces creeping up behind us. And ultimately, even though our vanity is high we must admit to ourselves that as a human being we are subject to every possible disaster and catastrophe on the face of the earth.

Now along comes the Master. He says there is another way of life. Instead of being a five-sense antenna, which extracts images from the air and entombs you within those images. Come into the broader view. That view of life, which is given to us by those who have transcended the human mind. Not those who are living within the limitations of that mind but those who have actually stepped beyond this parameter who have discovered another universe. A universe where the environment around man is not unfriendly. Contains no disasters, contains no catastrophes, and where death itself is unknown. And so the Master gives us words ye Are the Light. Ye are the light of the world. And because the Master has said, “ I am the light.”

When we are told ye are the light those of us who have wondered how we ought to live in a world where madness prevails, where inhumanity prevails, where corruption prevails, where disease prevails, and where there seems to be no antidotes for these things. We listen carefully then to the master’s words. I am the light of the world. I am not a human being. What is the meaning of this light of the world? Explain it. Because if I am something else than I think I am it is high time I knew about it. Now, I am not going to give you any personal opinion about the meaning of the light. I think we have had enough of personal opinions about things. But rather we are going into scripture to trace the word light. Not as you think about it, not as I think about it but as those prophets who wrote about it knew it to be. For it was they who spent their life span demonstrating the power of that light. Proving to us that they had something we could depend upon. And if we ever call ourselves Christians or whatever we do call ourselves, if we are to belief in the gospel then the authority of those who say, Ye are the light must be witnessed in our own consciousness if we are to be illuminated.

Now Paul said, put on the full armor of light. In a way he may have made a mistake. Because the moment you hear that you respond with the idea that I will use the armor of light to protect myself. The Master went further. He did not say put on the full armor of light, he said, ye are the light. And that distinction is the distinction between the Master and Paul. Ye are the light. Then we search the scripture to know what does it mean.

Now perhaps some of you will want to take down the list that I have prepared. Maybe it would be better if we do that later after the class. Now we proceed in our pilgrimage through the Bible to find in the Bible itself the very meaning we seek here.

We are going to start with the Master’s words in Matthew 5:14-16 (Sermon on the Mount). Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Now the salient facts seem to be that every one of us is the light of the world. These words are not spoken to any particular individual. They are impartial words. They are not singling out this one or that one. The are not singling out any nation, any race, any creed, or any color. They are speaking to the human race. And they say ye are the light of the world.

And so we have here a light that is not individual but universal. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do men light a candle or put it on a bushel or put it on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. And then the command let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Now then I am that light. Each of us sitting here is that light and the one whose word we respect, the Master says, let your light shine. And my question is? What is my light? Where is it? How do I let it shine? What is the way? I really do not know what that light is. But scripture does. Now let us see, in John we find a very illuminating statement right at the beginning in the first Chapter of John 1:4.

In him was life; and the life was the light of men. Now the light that I am is told here as the life of God. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. Because we are the light and the light is the life of God, we are the life of God. Now that should be established clearly and definitively as the fact given to us by the Master. You are the life of God. Because the light that you are is the life of God. Now dwell on that a moment (pause) and try to recall in the entire pass human span of your life how often you have been aware or unaware that the life of God is you. But that is what the Bible says. Think of the moment, the years in which you have acted without the knowledge that the life of God is you. Pause

Is it a wonder then that we have experienced problems? That we have not been immune to the world’s disasters? That we have not been under the government of the life of God and in as much as we have been unaware that the life of God is our life. And then the mind says how can I be the life of God. Look at my mother and father. Where they not the life of God? Look at the hard life they had? Look at all the tortures that have gone on this world. Were they not the life of God? What about the children who suffer from malnutrition are they not the life of God? The answer is no they are not? The moment we hear that we are the life of God, the light of God, we are learning that we are not what we had thought we were. We come into this world and grow into the belief that we are mortal beings. Is not God immortal? Is the life of God mortal? Can the life of immortality be anything but immortality? Is not God all? And is not the life of God immortal as God itself? And so we find that we accepting mortality have actually denied that we are the life, the light of God. We accepting mortality have lived under the assumption that we are another life, not the life of God. For we know now that the life of God being immortal, when we accepted mortal life as our life, we accepted another life other than the life of God. And that other life which we accepted is the life, which has been subjected to the problems of this world.

The Master was not here to merely give us words to rhyme, or words to read, but rather words to lift us beyond the temporary, limited concepts of the human mind. To lift us into the kingdom of God on earth and that meant a change. A change from the human beliefs and one of those beliefs was that “I am a mortal being” with a life that must end. With a life that is subject to all the good and evil of this world. But if ye are the light of the world and the light the life of God, how can the life of God be subject to the good and evil of this world? And so the Master is revealing the nature of the hypnosis of the human mind. That which later would say, awake thou that sleepest is telling us that mortality is a concept of the human mind. Not created by God. Not sustained by God. Not maintained by God. Not under the law of God. And as long as we continue in the belief that we are mortals we are outside the law of God. And we are living in a second life. A second form that is separated from the very life of God which is all life.

Now as we learn that God is all and that all life must be God life. We see that human life or mortal life is not God life and therefore we find it to be nothing but a concept. A concept which we live in until we cannot maintain the concept and then because we are not aware that God life is the only life and that we are that life. This concept brings about that appearance which we call death. But there is a broader picture here a far broader picture. And in your present level of consciousness you may have more than a glimmer of that.

You may see, for example, that what we have called human birth is not the beginning of God life. But what we have called human death is not the ending of God life. And now you begin to see that there is something happening in this world which claims to be life which the Master is alerting us to recognize as non-life. And soon you may even see that all life on this earth or what we have called life is really the preparation for life. It is not life itself. Just as we have called birth the production of a baby into form, we discover all that we have called life is really nothing more than the labor pains preceding the real life. For what we are going through now are these labor pains. The real birth was not in the physical form that took place years ago. The real birth does not take place with death either. The real birth is when you make your transition from being man of earth to being the light of the Father—that is the birth. The Master calls it the rebirth.

But when you come out of the belief that I am physical form subject to physical law, subject to physical death, subject to physical disease into the realization that you are not physical at all, ye are the light of the world. When this hits a responsive cord in your consciousness and when you accept the authority of the risen Christ whose says ye are the light of the world, then a change begins and continues as a living transformation in which the light that you are, the life that you are, are revealed to you as divine. You finally come to the conclusion that God is your Father. The only life you have is a divine life. You have no life that can die. You have a conceptual life that can die but the only life there is being God, your life is divine. And you must come into possession of the awareness of that divine life. Then these words have begun to open you up. Then these words have a meaning. They are not taken out just as a source of inspiration for an evangelical meeting. They come to have a purpose and that purpose is to turn you from the belief that you are an individual living in a mortal physical form subject to the laws of this world.

And the Master who himself was born into such a form was able to rise out of that belief into the knowledge which could declare openly to the world, I am the light of the world. Once I was a physical form. Once I was a human being born of woman. Once I walked in the world subject to the laws of the world. But then came illumination. Then came the realization that I am the light. And the light is the light of God. And in that realization he stepped out of mortal belief into the mind of Christ. Out of the mind under the magnifying glass which condenses all life down to a body. Down to a physical self. That was crossed out. And he rose in consciousness to the other side of the magnifying glass to the other side of the five-senses. No longer in tune within those five senses. And all that he saw was light and that light he said I am. For that light is the light of God. It is never separated from itself it is infinite. It has no place where it begins and there is no place where it ends. And in that light there is no darkness at all. That light he said I am. God is my Father. I and the Father are one light. I am the Son of that light. All that light has is mine. Every quality of the Father in that light he said is my quality. And so I can still the storm, cleans the leper. I can walk the ocean waves. I can say to the cripple what got into thee. Why? Because the light of the Father is my light and that light is the light of all men. For ye are the light of the world, I am. Call no man your Father for one is your Father and because your Father is God and God is light, the light of God is the light of you.

With his demonstration of that truth he rent the veil. And he was called the first born of the Father. We have walked right by untaught, unknowing, unsuspecting that the light which appeared on earth under the name Jesus Christ is the self, same light of our own being. And the authority for it is that very self same Jesus Christ. Ye are the light of the world. Now this will fall on millions of deaf ears. It has already. But here and there, there is a child of God hidden behind a form. And the ears of that child of God hears the Master’s voice within saying, I am the light of your being. I can never leave thee nor forsake thee. I in the midst of thee am greater than he that walks the earth”

And when this responsive cord is struck there is standing still, I am the light. That is my name. That is my birthright. That is my identity. And as you stand still accepting your identity as the light your next problem is what shall I do about it. Where do I go from here? You are in the proper identity. But you don’t know where to go. I am the light of the world, I sense the meaning of it but what is my next step? Usually the very next step is to go right back into that human mind under the microscope. Under the magnifying glass. The mind that never knew it was but a fragment without reality. The sense mind which was subject to every form of evil on the face of the earth. And then with that same mind we try to figure out what we should do as the light.

But scripture says, oh, no, no, trust in the Lord with all thy heart. Lean not on thy own understanding. Don’t go back to that human mind to discover what you are to do about the light. It doesn’t know. If it knew it would have done it. You are to transcend that mind instantly. Rather accept the words of the Master as your authority. And the Master who tells you, ye are the light has a far better plan than the human understanding will outline before you. The Master says, “all power is in God.” If you rely on the evidence of your human mind you will continue to disbelieve that and violate it, in fact. You will no doubt know the son or daughter and a car getting in her way. You will shout look out, look out. That is the human mind. But the divine mind has not placed a form in front of an automobile to be rundown. The light of the Father is not going to be run down. Always in the human mind we will be tricked into appearances, very logical, reasonable appearances. And we will feel that we must humanly save someone from a disaster. But one second now, I am the light of the world and ye are the light. And that light that ye are is the light of that girl standing right where that automobile is coming from. And it is the light of the driver. The light of the Father is immortal. Are you seeing another mortal being then you are back in your sense mind. And so all logic, not withstanding, we listen again as the Master says, lean not on your own understanding.

Let us established clearly and forever that all power is in God. That means there is one power. And that power is the power of God which is the power of love, the power of life, the power of fulfillment, the power of peace, the power of harmony, the power of security, the power of protection. Ah, you say, “where is that power?” I don’t see it, of course not; God did not create human senses. How can human senses see God? But let your self transcend those senses. And when you are told to lean not on my own understanding that means you must come to a level where you do not stand there in your mind and say only what I can understand is what will I follow. You cannot follow the Master with your understanding. If you were to limit yourself to your understanding, you would be limiting God to your level of understanding. And that would be like saying to a higher mathematics instructor teach these three-year olds mathematics but teach them calculus on their level of three years old and it cannot be done. The calculus would not get down to that three-year old mind. God cannot teach you down to your level. You must accept God’s level on faith. And God’s level is one power functioning right where you stand now.

And as you dwell in this a moment, you will see that it is very reasonable because who is there and what is there that can remove the presence of God? Have we not established clearly that God is everywhere, omnipresent, “right where you stand is holy ground, neither lo here nor lo there but the kingdom of God is within you? If God is everywhere isn’t the power of God everywhere? Isn’t the sense mind unaware that the power of God is everywhere? Isn’t the sense mind experiencing only that which it can touch and see and feel? It doesn’t see and touch and feel the power of God, who is hypnotized God or the sense mind?

God is everywhere and the power of God must be where God is and therefore the sense mind, which does not experience that power, must be hypnotized. It simply has not the capacity to experience the power of God. But the power of God is present right now.

There is a simply analogy about the sun. If you were an infant or a young child and your parents said to you that the sun had been stolen from the sky. That is why the sun was not shinning today, you might believe your parent that the sun had actually been stolen from the sky and as you grew up you would learn that the sun couldn’t be stolen from the sky. It has to be there, it might be covered momentarily by a cloud. But you could say with assurance that the cloud will pass and the sun will shine again. So will the power of God, but we in our infancy, spiritually, we have been convinced that someone could come and steal away the power of God. Tucked it away on a self somewhere or a closet.

What we haven’t understood is that the power of God is always present and functioning at its fullness. And as the sun is never taken out of the sky but is only covered by a cloud so is the power of God ever present although our sense minds function as a cloud. Our clouded thoughts block our experience of the present power of the Father and that power never extends into our clouds of thought for a very simple reason—our human experience never extends beyond our thought.

The sensory images of our mind are not the light or mind of God. The power of God will not extend to the illusory nature of our thinking. The power of God functions in reality, in the kingdom of heaven on earth. And we skirting around in human thought are pulling clouds down over that ever present power and then seemingly knowing so much we have assumed that the power of God was absent. We have been so clever that we have been able to take God’s power and remove it. We who could not remove the sun from the sky, we have been hypnotized into believing that God power could be absent from where God is.

As you rectify your error and accept that there is no power present but the one power of God, because it cannot go anywhere. I can never leave thee or forsake thee. Then we know that whatever demonstrates the power of evil is as much a lie as the belief that the sun was taken out of the sky. If God power is present and functioning then that which we see as evil cannot be there even though we see it with our sense mind. How can the power of God be here and functioning and evil be here too? The acceptance of evil is the denial of the presence of God, and we inadvertently in accepting the presence of evil in any form have been duped by our sense mind into believing that God’s power is not present.

But which is present God or evil? They cannot both be present. The mind we have relied upon to lead us through life is revealed as undependable. It sees the evil but it does not see God. God is here and the evil is not. Once we have accepted one power every so-called power which contradicts the presence of God’s perfect power is then revealed as non-power. We are have come into the understanding of the omnipotence of the Father. Only the Father’s power is present and all that denies it is a liar. It has fooled our sense mind but now that I have risen to the point where I am beginning to be the light of the world, I cannot be fooled. God is present. God’s love is present. Every quality of the Father is equally present. How could there be less of God over there than over here? How could God tomorrow be more than God today? How could there be love of God in one direction and not in another?

And as I find the qualities of God are present where God is then those qualities being harmony, peace, truth, love, intelligence, wisdom, justice, equality go on and on. All that denies the presence of those qualities is again a hypnotism of the mind. The crowds of mesmerism are being dissolved as we accept that I, being the light and the life of God am no longer subject to the material laws of this world. I can stand me still and behold the salvation of truth. I can stand in the midst of mine enemies knowing that there are none. I am the light of the world and they are the light of the world. The sense mind, which sees it as different, has been misled. I no longer have a sense mind as my God.

Now just as the acceptance of one power is possible when you have accepted the allness of God knowing there is nothing else present but God, we who wish to come into the realization of the light must go many steps higher. When you understand that the allness of God precludes the possibility of a second power, a power of evil, a power of destruction, a power of pain, because only the one power can be. You can then see something that has never been explained in this particular fashion before. Now this is a step for those of you who are ready.

Eternity is never less than its self. There is no such thing as time in eternity. Eternity is all this take a magnifying glass here and let eternity come through and on the other side of it you will see time. The sense mind sees time where only eternity is. In time things become things age but just as false powers are accepted when you are not in the knowledge of one power. When you are in the knowledge of eternity, as all there is never becoming a fraction of itself being eternally eternal then you know that time is a concept of the sense mind.

And just as it fractionalizes eternity, it then provides a concept as a basis for the processes we call aging, becoming, growing into. But if there is no time in which to age there can be no aging? If there is no time to become something there can be no becoming. God is not aging. God is not becoming. The light of your being is not aging. It is not becoming. It is not growing. It is being. And just as infinity can neither be fractionalized down into something finite, we discover than that space too is a concept of the sense mind.

For you to go somewhere requires space. For you to return requires space. But there is no space. And that reveals the going and the coming cannot take place because there is no space in which it can take place. But it is real to the sense mind. God is not going and God is not coming. God is omnipresence and the light of God is omnipresence. I am the light (life) of God. Ye are the light (life) of God. The light is being. It is never becoming. You can never really become anything because you are being its self.

Now remember this is for those who are ready for it. And you will find that there is a reason that we have to come to this. Law, there is only one law and that law being divine there are no variations of that law. And there are no inequalities in that law. And as you take the one, the one life, the one being, the one law, the one power, the one mind, these are all qualities of the one life (light) that you are. If you strive with a human mind to understand them and level them to your degree of understanding then you have lost the message of transcending the human mind.

And so there is a great surrender in which you accept yourself to be the light and then you accept yourself to be the qualities of the light. Then all that denies the qualities that you are is not you. It is not part of you. And has as much power as the power of people to take the sun out of the sky. It can only have the power that you permit it to have by your belief. And so you come to a place where words can no longer suffice where human thoughts are inadequate, completely in the way you come to that level of no thought. Above words, above thoughts, where you are in a state of awareness. A state of divine consciousness. You are the light being itself and you find at that level the light dissolves the darkness of human problems, human fears, human frustrations, and human limitations.

I the light am unlimited and if there is a limitation anywhere you have not accepted identity. I the light am immortal. If you see a mortal on the face of the earth even one you have not accepted that God is the Father of all and therefore all is immortal. If you see one mortal you are depriving that individual of the Fathership of God. And as you dwell at this level, you really do experience a change in mind. A change that takes you out of the human mind, transcending the sense mind opening your Soul facilities and gone is this magnifying glass. Gone is the tomb of the senses. You are liberated into the wholeness of being. Into your complete self. Into the infinite. And it is there that you will hear the voice.

Now we may feel I can’t do this all by myself. Or I can’t do this in a day or a month or a year. But be assured that is just what you have been doing up to now. You have been developing within yourself the capacity to leave behind you the old man and to put on the new man. You have been developing that capacity to suddenly burst forth into budding and then into flower. And it doesn’t matter how barren it may seem to you or seems now illumination comes quickly. Even though it may take years to come when it comes it comes quickly. You never know when. Your sole function is to continue in the word of the Father in integrity to that word infidelity to the truth of your own being. Ever being lifted by the knowledge that because you are the light of the world. Because that light is the life of God there must come a moment when the light breaks through for it is the will of the Father that ye be perfect as your Father.

In your meditations this coming week it would be expedient to think of yourself as the light and to go through your list of the qualities of God that are in the light and to realize that right where you are being the light those qualities are. What appears in the visible at the moment is the expression of the manifestation of your sense mind plus whatever spiritual development you may have had up to now. But what will appear will be the fruitage of your spiritual progress when you develop that fidelity and the loyalty, not to personal self but to the word of the Father and to glorifying the Spirit of God which is the light of your being rather than the personal sense of self.

How can you be the light and be something else? And as long as you remain in the attitude of being something else you are violating your own being. A house divided. But because you are the light your Father says, all that I have is thine. My light (life) is your (light) (life), My light (life) is your light (life). Who is this light (life) that you are? Do we not see that the Father created man in his image and likeness, male and female created he then? We have been living as a mortal image unaware that we are the divine image. And that divine image is the light and its name is the Son of God. Is there another Son of God that you know of? If you are not the light can you be the child of God? If you are not the child of God can you be under the government of his love? Is there a second life? Is there a second son? We know not any. We have made ourselves orphans by not accepting that we are the divine image seeing through the glass darkly of a sense mind.

And that divine image that we are is the light of the world. Not will be; not will become but are. That has been the reality of our being eternally. Do you see the word identity then as a key to your work in spiritual unfoldment? If you are not in identity you are out of focus. If you are not meditating as the child of God, the light, you are not making your contact. If you are knowing yourself to be the living light of the Father how can the powers of that light express when you are denying it to be your identity? You are keeping yourself outside the light.

                                         —– End of first side —–

Now banish the magnifying glass, banish the senses, and banish every limited perspective you may ever have and accept that He who walked the earth demonstrating the power of that light new what He was talking about. And that His whole purpose of this earth was to show you what the light of your being can do. So that if you believe on the light the works that the light does you shall do and greater works shall you do. For the light doeth its own works. When there is a house, a consciousness that is not divided from that light. This is the grace of the light accepted and whatever you shall ask in my name as the light shall be given unto you.

There are many ways you can accept the light and there are many ways you can deny the light. Every time you deny it as your being you lose it. Every time you say how unworthy you are you are denying yourself to be the light. Every time you speak about times when you fear, when you doubt, when you lack, when you are limited, you are saying I am not the light of God. You are pronouncing your own sentence. Then you are living in a life or a mind, which can look out upon the world and condemn and see evil and accept evil, you are saying the light of God is not the only light (life). Whenever you deprive another individual of the Fathership of God you are denying that the light of God is the only light (life). Whenever you can look on this world and see any form of evil you are caught in the mesmerism of that sense mind which knows not the things of God. And you are losing the grace of your being. Now then you say, “I seek freedom, I seek peace, I seek security.” This sounds fine to the human mind but again, again you are cutting yourself off from the light.

In the first letter of John 1:5 we are told that the light is again, This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all.

God is light, ye are the light. Now watch how it goes together as in John the very first chapter 1:9, speaking of the Christ which appeared as Jesus, That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. The light of Jesus, which is called Christ, was the light that lighteth every man that comes into the world. And the light then is identified as Christ, the light of the world. Ye are the light of the world. Ye are Christ, the light of the world.

And then in John 8:12, we find the Master saying I am the Light. Establishing his name to be Christ, the light. I am the light of the world, he that followeth me (meaning he who accepts himself to be the light of the world) shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.

Continuing in John, I am come a light unto the world that whosoever believeth on me. And this light that you are to believe on is established, as the light of your being should not abide in darkness.

Now the light of the world that you are to believe on is your identity. And in John again we find a further explanation of the identity of that light. He that believeth on him (meaning on the light) is not condemned but that he that believeth not is condemned already because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. (John 3:18.)

Now here the light is identified as the only begotten Son of God. And it becomes clear then to understand this, that he that believeth on the only begotten Son of God as his identity is not condemned. If you do not accept yourself to be the only begotten Son of God, the light, obviously you are condemned because you are in a different life than that life which is the only life. And the condemnation is that you are in a state of nonexistence or asleep, or dead, whichever the word fits at the moment. Only the life of God is the Son of God.

And if you are not accepting it to be your name you are in the state of non-life and that is the condemnation. But he that believeth not is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. You see the qualities of God can only function in the Son of God. And man on earth thinking God is dead is really dead himself. Because in him the qualities of God are not functioning, he is in a state of consciousness that is not accepting himself to be the Son of God, the light of God.

And this is the condemnation that light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. John 3:19.

For every one that doeth evil hateth the light. We turn from the Christ, the light of our own being because it would transform us from the qualities of doing evil, which is part of the human mind. Neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. (John 3:20).

And so the antichrist in us says, “I am not the light continue as before.” And if you must suffer, suffer. But in the Christ in us says I am the light, I am the way. Now if you have got it clear then, that the light of your being is the only begotten Son of God then you see why Jesus having accepted this to be the case could say, thou seeth me thou seeth of the Father who sent me. He had accepted himself to be that Son of God. And whereas orthodoxy has concealed this by ignorance, you see that the Son of God He accepted himself to be was the light of God which all of us are.

In that light is every quality of God expressing now. Now God is! Here God is! Here and now is the light of God. And as you accept this you are then following me. You are following the Master, who says, I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will not dwell in darkness. When you accept yourself to be the light of the world you will not dwell in darkness. For in that light is the qualities of the only begotten Son. Which is your name throughout eternity.

Now you see how we are coming to that oneness, I and the Father are one life (light) thous seest me thou seest the Father. When are you able to say this? That moment when you can say this with confidence is the moment when something touches you and says but you are the light of God, the Son. And then you say within yourself but them that seest me thous seest the Father for I am the light of the Father. I and the Father are one light. And in the knowledge of that you are in conscious union with God. Actually where you are God expresses in fullness. And you see because this is the state of your being whether you are aware of it or not. Whenever you believe you are incomplete in any way—in that belief that you are incomplete, you are saying I am not the light of God. I am not the child of God. And by reverse when you accept that I am now complete. You are saying I am the child of God because the Son of God hath all that the Father hath.

In your acceptance of completeness you are accepting identity. And that acceptance of completeness is reflected in the way you move and have your being in this world. Because you are complete as the child of God, as the light of God, you let the light do its own work manifesting through your enlightened consciousness of self. Always, identity properly realized makes you the transparency for the light.

You cannot be a transparency for the light unless you are in the identity realized as the light. And then through you the qualities must express. The density of our human consciousness prevents us from being a transparency for the light. Because really when you are speaking of being a transparency you are also saying at the same time that humanly I am nothing. If you are something as a human then you are not the light. You cannot be the light and a human something. And so you find that the highest goal in your spiritual unfoldment is to be a nothing humanly. That is the goal, to be nothing. For only when I am nothing am I the pure light and then the pure light expresses as the allness of God where I stand. To die to mortality is to be nothing. To die to mortality in consciousness is to accept that God is all. Because God being all, there can be no mortality and in the belief that there is a mortal me I am denying the allness of God. And that allness cannot function in a mortal being. The light can only function as itself and will only appear in the absence of the density of a mortal consciousness. Behind that veil is a mortal consciousness is the fullness of the light of your own being.

Pause – And then in John we are told that we are the children of the light. That is for those of us who may still doubt that we are while you have light believe in the light that ye may be the children of the light. These things spake Jesus and departed and hideth and departed himself from them. It is his authority that we are children of the light.

Now Paul picked this up in Thessalonians and in Hebrews. I am going to skip that but I would like you to look at 1 John again. For 1 John is either the one John who wrote the original Gospel or another. We will presume for the moment that it may be he, seasoned, illumined free. It was he who wrote the Revelation of St. John. And here he takes us into the realm to the light in a different way.

Whosoeverth denieth the Son the same hath not the Father. We have learned that the light is the Son of God. Whosoeverth denieth that he is the light hath not the Father. For he that acknowledges the Son hath the Father also. As you acknowledge the light you are acknowledging that you are that light and that you are the Son and then you have the Father. Now this is from the highest consciousness on the face of that of this physical earth at the time that it was written. Only John had the whole truth at least he was the only one we knew, know about. And in this state (or he had studied) he had reached the level where he could receive and commune directly with Jesus Christ in another realm, which is the way the Revelation of St. John was written. And he says, unless you accept the Son, you do not have the Father. And the Son he is talking about has been revealed as the light of your being. Now unless you accept yourself to be that light then you are separated from the Father and right there you have the cause of every problem on the face of this earth. Man not knowing he is the light of God does not accept himself or know that he is the light and that light is the Son and therefore man does not have the Father. And the grace, the glory, the power, the dominion of the Father which is in the light of every man is lying there latent waiting for man to acknowledge me in the midst of thee.

And again, a new commandment I write unto you, which is true in him and in you. (Meaning in Christ Jesus and in you), because the darkness is past, and the true light now shineth. (I John 2:8). In other words through Christ Jesus the veil of darkness was rent and the light of each man was revealed. The light now shineth.

He that saith he is in the light (if you accept yourself to be the light) and say you are in the light) and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now. (1 John 2:9). This is telling us we cannot accept a personal light. The light is universal. The light is in every man. You cannot say it is mine and not his. Again this is being made clear by John. The only one you hurt when you say that fellow does not have the light of God in him but I do, the one you hurt is yourself as well as the other fellow. This is very important. We must accept the universal light of all men. That is the only way in which the light can function in you.

He that loveth his brother abideth in the light and there is no occasion of stumbling in him. I John 2:10. To stumble means to walk out of Eden, out of Grace.

But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes. I John 2:11.

Now then we are being lifted to that level of consciousness which says, “I cannot say less than the Master said.” He said, ye are the light of the world and I cannot say I am but you are not. He said follow in my words. I must say ye are the light of the world. I must see this as the reality of every person on earth no matter what appearance he has shown forth to me. This is the emphasis that John is bringing to us that we do not break the continuity of the light by excluding someone for the one who we exclude would be our selves.

I am going to recommend that you read I John 3, 4, and 5. And I would like to highlight just a few of them. Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. You see the love then of God is that you are the living light of God and that love is omnipresent. Do you see then that there is nothing that you must do to make it so. It is an acceptance rather than a doing of it rather than an obtaining of it. It is a fact. The light of God is your being and to John this represents the divine love expressing by making you his light. And all we have had to do is to learn how to accept. All through 3, 4 and 5 chapters you will find the emphasis again and again on love. And the emphasis is on love because as he puts it, if you are not loving then you are not the light. Because the light is loving. You will recognize that when you are not loving, you are not accepting yourself and your neighbor as that light. And when you are not accepting yourself as that light its qualities cannot function in you. You can have all the visible abundance in the world and appear as a pauper because you have not accepted that you are the light. And because you have insisted that the other fellow across the street is not the light you are being kept from its appearance in you.

You can see now that God can only function in the light. Because God is the light. And unless you are transformed in consciousness to be that light the function of God in you never takes place in your outer visible experience.

Now us look back and to what Matthew 5:14-16 said to see if we can get a clearer feeling about it. Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.

Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

In the acceptance of light as your name the good works will show forth and your light will be a blessing upon the world. Now you have undoubtedly heard of world work. And there are many people around the world who have been taught to do world work. They will sit down and pray. They will pray for peace, they will pray for all kinds of things under the assumption that they are doing a great deal of good. The only way you are going to do any good for this world is to accept that you are the light and that the light is every where. You will then not pray for peace. You will not pray for harmony. You will not pray for God to appear in various forms and conditions throughout the world. You will accept that God already is the light of the world in your consciousness. And that no one is excluded or can be and you will accept that besides the light of God nothing exists. There is no place where peace can come. No place where harmony can come. You will recognize that peace is there in the light of God. Harmony is there in the light of God. There is no place where poverty can be stopped. Abundance is there in the light of God. It is important to see that God will never become abundance, become harmony, become anything. God Is! The light is! We are the light of the world. No one can become what they are. It is the recognition of this infinite is-ness and the reputation and rejection of every appearance to the contrary. So that I am not trying to end war or end starvation or end over-population or end the problems of the world, but rather to know that God is all and the light of God is all and every appearance of a problem is non-existent in reality.

This must be your enlightened consciousness if you will do world work. You have nothing to give the world if you come to it with a darkened human consciousness. Only the light of your consciousness can light the world. And ye are the light, and the world is the light. And every man who walks the earth is the light. And we are told deny this to no man. Do not deny the presence of God anywhere. Do not accept the appearance of poverty as fact or you deny the presence of God where the poverty is. Wherever you accept any form of evil or error, you are denying the presence of God there. You are denying the universality of the light. And you are rising no higher than the human light.

We must be overshadowed by the presence, always to be lifted above human concept. And as we are overshadowed by this presence, we still have a distance to go. Because there is still a me being overshadowed. And if we don’t know there is a distance to go because we have felt the presence we are liable to be shocked in discovering that we are not as high as we thought. Always there are levels in which you feel the presence but you will never be permitted to be less than perfect. Do not be surprised at the catastrophes that seem to be before you from time to time. The only reason they happen is because you need them. You need them because you cannot leave the human experience with a flaw. If you do you must come back. You are being perfected to the degree that you are flawless, pure, and immaculate in every possible way. Because only the flawless can live in eternity.

And so even though you may think you have risen very high and then be startled when an accident occurs don’t be surprised, it was necessary. Even though you had felt the presence many times there was still a you feeling the presence. There must come a time and a place, and a moment when the you that feels the presence is no longer there. When you are not even a spiritual being, when you are not a good being. When you do not have spiritual qualities. When only the presence is there. We see thee we see the Father who sent thee. And the total mortal consciousness, which says I felt the presence last week, is no longer there. All that is there is what has ever been there, the pure undiluted life of God. We are all being perfected to that level. And while we are being perfected to that level accidents must occur, you must be lifted to a state of flawlessness so that you make your transition into eternity where you cannot survive with a flaw.

The message is always let yourself be lived by the Christ. You will discover this light that you acknowledge to be your name is the power, is the light, is the truth, is the way, is the resurrection, is the will, is the allness of God expressing and it needs no human help whatsoever. It lives itself perfectly in order for you to be perfect. And when you do not permit it to do that, karmic law will back you down again and again, because it is going to live itself. It is going to make you a perfect transparency until you realize that you are not even that. You are it itself. When there is one where you are and not the presence and you that is when the catastrophes, the accidents, the problems and the lack and limitation will cease. When you have died to mortality. When you are the living light and only that light pause and then the voice. God only speaks in the light. God never spoke to a mortal being. God never heard of a mortal being. There is not a single mortal being on the face of the earth. God never made one. All is the light of God and only in that light do we hear the Thunder of Silence that melts the illusions of the sense mind.

Then we are no longer limited to the visible, tangible manifestations of the world but the visible universe now is the spiritual universe. We walk in the Garden as the light experiencing its own fullness, its own wholeness, and its own completeness. All that that light is the completed demonstrated truth already waiting only for your acceptance. Pause

There will be twenty or so of us here next week and they will all be the one light. And that one light in the silence will hear the voice of the Father. And then we will understand why John who accepted himself to be the light of the Father can say; the following revelation was given to me by Jesus Christ in communion. We will understand that we as the (life) light are moving into the realm where all souls gravitate now live. And we too may commune for those who have accepted the light accepting no other God before their light.

You can prepare for next week by reading John 1st epistle chapters 3,4 and 5 in addition to the page and one half in the Thunder of Silence, which is the last chapter in Joel’s which is the Voice. That will be next week and the following week we go directly into the Revelation of St. John.

Long pause. If you are reaching a place where you find your human mind does not function to all of this level that is exactly where we hoped to arrive. A place where the human mind cannot function. Where there is no human mind in eternity. We are letting the light live itself as us. Pause

Well I will look for you next week. Thanks for being here today.


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