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THE HEART CENTER ROBBINSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Invites you to our Spring Seminar with BILL SKILES April 20-22, 2018 Class Theme: Mystical Prayer – Living The Impersonal Life We will meet at: The classroom on the beautiful grounds of The Heart Center, 504 Mt. View School Road, Robbinsville, NC 28771/ 828-498-2999 Accommodations: Please call Liz Velázquez at The Heart Center for reservations and other accommodations. Mention the Bill Skiles April Spiritual Seminar. Or… Read More

Herb: Good afternoon again. If we may assume that to pray aright is to know God aright, then we may further conclude that to pray aright is to know Life eternal. For, to know God aright is Life eternal. And so the ability to pray aright becomes the very core of your work as a student of God, a student of Spirit, a student of the Infinite Way. To know God aright… Read More