“Beyond Words and Thoughts” Interpreted by Herb Fitch Class Eighteen: Equal with God

Good afternoon! I’d like to call your attention to a passage in Genesis, the 3rd chapter, 16th verse:

“Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”

Now you know that’s been accepted by the churches, and been taught to all of the peoples of the world who come to the churches. And to our sadness, it has never been understood by the churches that this is not God speaking. And so, we have accepted a God who could say to all motherhood, “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; ” and then of course, the woman’s “desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”

Now when you dwell with that awhile, and realize that fifty percent of the Christian speaking world lives with that belief, there’s really no opportunity for the Circle of Christ to spread through them. So every mother, being a good Christian says, “Well, my children must suffer because the Bible says so. We must expect suffering. And my husband must rule me, because the Bible says so.” But let’s see who said that. And we find it isn’t God at all. We find it’s this fellow, the Lord God. The Lord God, the fellow who creates the serpent in the Garden.

Now, we are being told there something very fundamental. We are being told that there is a world mind, which is the god of this world, a carnal mind; and that it creates a birth of the flesh, and that birth of the flesh is condemned to suffering. True. Whoever accepts birth of the flesh is under the law of the carnal mind. This was Moses’ way of awakening us to the fact that we are not ‘born of the flesh,’ to prepare us for the understanding to follow – that we are the Spirit, the very substance of God.

And so, accepting an imperfect God, a cruel God, a monster, and then worshiping such a monster who would condemn his own progeny, has been the basic miscarriage of Truth that has been presented as religion. That has become a conditioned thought woven into the very fabric of human thought. Even now, if people were to hear this, they would find it very difficult to dissolve the beliefs that God said this. It would seem sacrilegious to them to say that God could not condemn the human race to suffer. That would seem sacrilegious to them. Just as it seemed sacrilegious to the Pharisees for one named Jesus Christ to heal on the Sabbath Day. It was sacrilegious. How dare you do that?

And the intellect would rather have paralysis than healing. The intellect would rather maintain its own man made laws, its own man made conditioned concepts, than yield to Truth. And all through the Bible you see this friction between the established conceptual mind of the world, and the Truth being revealed through glimpses of Light of those who have received it. And all of this is a drama of that which takes place within a man, within you. All of these forces are continuously operating. The Truth is presented, and the lie is presented. And you either see it through the carnal mind of the world in you, or through the Christ Mind of the Father in you. Whichever mind in you is your vision, your touch, your smell, your taste, your understanding – that mind decides your tomorrow.

Now, Moses did not think that he was the end of the line of prophets. He realized that the Spirit of God was his name, that which is I Am, I am. But he didn’t ask anyone to worship Moses. In fact, he pointed out that although the Lord God which is the universal carnal mind, which the psychologists to some extent has isolated as the world subconscious, or the world unconscious, that that carnal mind is the father of all evil on the earth; that it actually creates an imaginary existence in which evil, which does not exist, appears to be; in which matter, which does not exist, appears to be; in which mortality, which does not exist, appears to be.

And those who live in these mental, mortal senses of life go through what they think is life, under the law of this condemnation which they are told is called karma; under the belief that from their last life span they brought certain debts that have to be paid off. And they live in this belief that by being good, I will reverse the bad and ultimately, I will come to a place where, perhaps after death, I can be released into another life, the Divine Life, the Life in which the Bible promises me I will enjoy the fruits of the Spirit.

Now if you were to be following any of the major religions of the world, you would be either under the belief in karma, or under the belief in an afterlife provided you do certain things in this life. And you would also be under the belief that external to you is God.

The other day I happened to be in a hospital in the emergency ward, watching these wreckages of civilization being wheeled in every ten minutes; people who aren’t going anywhere, all kinds of problems mentally, and physically, and emotionally, wheeled into a ward. Someone looks at them, someone sends them into a radiology room, someone sews them up, and finally they’re sent home to return again with more shivers, more shakes, more DDT’s. The same problems each month that they bring to this ward, they bring back to this ward four or five months later; and then again, and again with no one to tell them what their real problem is.

And in this little segment of total frustration you begin to say, “Well, what am I really looking at here?” And it’s very clear that you’re looking at an area of civilization in which the Spirit of God is unknown. You could go through the wards of the hospital itself, and you would find largely that the Spirit of God is unknown. And then you could step right out of that hospital and go to some of the places of religious worship, and you would see that the Spirit of God is unknown, just as in the emergency wards. All are living under the Lord God, the world mind, which builds physical bodies, physical events, physical experiences, and imprisons us completely within the physical senses, cut off from the kingdom of God, completely veiled, even unaware of Its presence.

But we skip over in Genesis to a later event. We see one who had an idea of the Spiritual nature of Life: Abraham. And whereas the seed of Eve is condemned, meaning the seed of the flesh, we find something interesting pointed up by Moses, and this is in Genesis 22, verse 18. And now the Father says to Abraham:

And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.”

You remember what Abraham did? He was willing to sacrifice his son. Now the symbolism there is really no different than the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On the one hand, the son would be sacrificed; on the other hand, Jesus Christ would be sacrificed. Why were they both perfectly willing to be sacrificed? Because there was nothing to sacrifice. There was a Spiritual Consciousness which did not recognize the reality of the physical form. Yes, you can take this son because there’s no one there; the Spirit of God is there. Yes, you can take this body called Jesus Christ because there’s no one there; the Spirit of God is there. And how did he know that there was no one there? The answer is given: because you had heard My voice. The voice of the Christ within knows the Spirit of God.

And therefore, the seed of Abraham means all those who walk in the knowledge of Spiritual Identity. The seed of Eve represents all those who walk in the belief of physical identity. The Lord God, the carnal mind, entombs man in physical identity. The Divine Father, the Infinite Mind, has given us the priceless gift of Spiritual Identity, Spiritual body, Spiritual mind, Spiritual life without end. And depending on whether you’re in the carnal mind or the Christ Mind, you are condemned or raised into that level of Consciousness called Christ Consciousness.

And so Moses has said very carefully that there are two ways: the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Non-Life, or good and evil. And there’s a choice. And now we come to a very important statement. It takes us all the way to Deuteronomy, and there in the 13th verse – make it the 18th chapter – the 15th verse of the 18th chapter:

The Lord thy God [not the Lord God – the Lord thy God – there’s a difference] will raise up one unto thee a Prophet from the midst of them, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken;”

Now Moses is telling us that there will be a prophet to follow him, like unto him.

I will raise up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.”

Now, the purpose of this prophet like unto Moses is to show us the way, not to live in the conditioned mind through which all physical form is subject unto death, but to live in the liberated mind unto which all Spiritual form is blessed unto life. That’s the reason for the prophet. And although the prophet is personalized as Jesus, the real prophet meant here is the Infinite Christ.

The Christ in you leads you from glory to glory. Christ in you is the prophet Moses was bringing to the attention of the world, as he dwelt with the Inner Voice and received guidance. He was revealing there would be a Christ Consciousness sweeping the world, liberating us from the conditioned beliefs of the world, the carnal mind, which he had previously announced in the early book of Genesis.

Now Paul caught this, and you can see that in the Acts. In the 26th chapter of Acts, we find Paul announcing his creed. Here’s the 22nd verse of that chapter:

“Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come.”

Meaning he was cleaving to Christ in him. The understanding of Spiritual Identity was the path which was enabling him to break the conditioned mind of the world in his life. He had accepted what Moses was teaching, that Christ in him would be the prophet. Now, you remember Nathaniel, later in John, under the fig tree. When he was called to the work, he called his brother and he said, in the 45th chapter of John:

I have found the one that Moses spoke of in the law.”

And so now, we’re centering on the Christ appearing in form as Jesus Christ to men’s eyes. And it’s very essential to establish the identity of that Christ; and it’s done by the Christ, Himself, in such a way that a demand is being made upon you and me to do the same.

Now let’s go directly to our Book of John. The one spoken of by Moses appears as Christ Jesus to emancipate mankind. Not Jew or Gentile, not Jew or Greek, not one nation, not one race; to emancipate mankind, to reveal the inner Christ everywhere – Emmanuel.

And you will remember, well let’s say in Matthew, you’ll notice that in the 14th chapter they speak of loaves and fishes, way back in the 14th chapter. Now, why does John bring that up in the 5th chapter? Obviously, one writer is just recording events as they happen. The other is being an editor. He’s putting together a story. He’s taking the very same events, but he’s arranging them not so much chronologically, but from an essential point of view to point up differences, to highlight the meanings behind the events.

And so you’ll notice in the 2nd chapter of John, it’s Passover time and the Jews are giving their sacrificial animals to God. But in the 5th chapter of John, it’s Passover time again, and they’re not giving sacrificial animals to God. Instead, they’re realizing a ‘withinness’ and bringing forth invisible food. There’s a change that had occurred, and the clue to it is given between chapter 2 and 5.

Nicodemus is told, “You must be reborn – change consciousness – from the consciousness which believed in the ‘born of the flesh’ condemnation, to the one which is reborn of the Spirit.” The water is changed to wine – transformation of Consciousness. The paralytic, the woman at the well, is told that this new Consciousness comes by being released from the five senses. And then the paralytic in the five senses is released from them, and is no longer a paralytic. The withered arm is released, and is no longer withered. And then, to give us the great clue of how it’s done and why, we see the great demonstration of mass feeding. All of this has been the turning from the material consciousness in the without, to the Inner Spirit.

Now when the paralytic and the withered arm are healed, there is a great turmoil created among the Pharisees. And you’ll find that the discourse here between the miracles is the explanation of all the miracles. It’s a great deal of inspiration to look at a miracle and see some wonderful thing happening. It sort of gives you a feeling that there’s hope.

And so, mankind has jumped from miracle to miracle to miracle and repeated the fact that there were miracles, without getting to the basis behind the miracles. And that’s these discourses, that from time to time, pop up. In the early discourses, you will find the secret method. When you finally come to Resurrection at the end, and the man walks on the earth, although crucified and buried, that’s where the world likes to talk about. But it’s in the discourses where you find the method that you can take into your life and work with.

And this discourse in particular that I have reference to now, is in the 5th John, the 5th chapter of John, after the paralytic and the withered arm are released from their conditioned concept, which is still part of the child of Eve concept, born of the flesh. Between that and the loaves and fishes, we have this:

The man departed, and told the Jews that it was Jesus, which had made him whole…And therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus, and sought to slay him, because he had done these things on the Sabbath day.”

Now, we’re going to translate that word ‘Jews’ to mean the intellect in us. The intellect is unaware of the Spiritual body of man. The Jew was unaware of the Spiritual body of man. The highest intellect of that day and today is unaware that everyone who walks in a physical form is really living under the false condemnation of the flesh. Even though they try to improve that physical form, the condemnation isn’t removed.

In other words, they’re in an imaginary sense of life. That’s the condemnation. They are not walking in God-creation. The paralytic had been told, “Sin no more lest a greater evil come upon thee.” And now, we’re learning that our sins are quite different than we presumed. We have several major sins. The first one is not knowing that we are Spiritual Being. And then, the corollary sins which would be walking in a body not created by God, and thinking it’s real; walking in a material world that God didn’t create and thinking it’s real; walking in a mortal sense of life and thinking it’s real; walking and seeing evil and thinking it’s real. And these are the sins: Thinking evil is real, matter is real, mortality is real, the imaginary life-span is real.

In other words, living in the wrong self, in the wrong universe is the basic sin. Well, the paralytic, of course, couldn’t understand that. We’re only now beginning to understand that our sin is not being the living Child of God in our Consciousness; doing everything else to improve the mortal sense of self, instead of accepting ‘where I stand is the Child of God, under Divine protection, no matter what may appear.’

And so the Jew, the intellect in you, is ever at work striving to demolish the Christ, to slay the Christ. And even when you find yourself coming into a higher state of Consciousness, you’ll notice how there’s a great intensification of problems. Here you thought you had smooth sailing, and all of a sudden, out of the blue comes this real whopper of a problem, which you are unprepared for, because you thought, “Well, I’ve really made it now.”

Now, all of that is symbolized here by the Jews turning on him because he was healing. You see, the intellect of you doesn’t believe in your Spiritual Self. And that’s the conflict that you face within yourself; and the Jew in you is always warring against the Christ in you. The intellect is always saying to the Soul, “You’re not even here! You have no right to say anything! You have no right to expose me! Who do you think you are?”

And then the Soul, of course, brings in its Truth, and this creates a great problem in your life. The closer you get to Truth, sometimes the greater the problem. And if you’re aware of that, you will take the great problems as a sign that you are closer to the Truth. The great problems only come to you as you get close to the Truth, because that’s the nature of the intellect, of the carnal mind to fight for its man-made creation.

And so now, they’re going to slay him.

“But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.”

And of course, there was no understanding there at what he was saying. He was exposing to those who would follow that there is One Self, there is One Life. He was exposing to those who would some day be ready, that they must wear the seamless Robe, you and I; to walk in that Oneness which can say, “Right here is the Father working, and that which you see me do is nothing but the expression of God coming through a Consciousness that is pure at heart, capable of being transparent to the expression of God.” And that of course, could not be understood at that day.

And therefore the Jews thought the more to kill him, because he not only had broken the Sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, making himself equal with God.”

Now, you and I are called upon to make ourselves equal with God. There is no other pathway to Truth than the acceptance that I am equal with God. The intellect says, “No! It’s impossible! It’s heresy!” But God says, “If you’re not equal with God, you’re not even alive.” You cannot be unequal with God, because God is All. Where are you if you’re not equal with God? He was revealing that everyone who walks the earth is the invisible Substance of God, equal with God, meaning one with God. How else could the Father function and express except through His own Spirit in you?

In Philippians, our friend Paul reveals that that is precisely what we must do. The 2nd chapter, the 6th verse, speaking about Christ Jesus:

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:…Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:..”

Paul knew, but I emphasized here at this point, ‘who being in the form of God.’ Jesus Christ in the form of God. You know what that means? Right there, he who could say, “The Father worketh hitherto, and I work,” is saying that you can’t crucify me. The Father is working here. You’re looking at one who is in the form of God.

Now, they wanted to slay him because he had broken the Sabbath and said he was equal with God, but who are they saying it to? They were saying it to one who was in the form of God. In other words, they were saying it to God, Itself. Is there another?

The intellect says to God, “We’re going to slay you.” The intellect says, “It is unlawful for God to reveal that evil is not real.” That’s what Christ had revealed: evil is not real. There is no paralysis. There is no withered arm. There is no matter. There is no mortality. There is My Kingdom of Spirit, right here, unobserved by the false consciousness of man born of the flesh, but not unobserved by the Christ-Mind.

Evil is not here. And the intellect says to the Christ, “How dare you reveal that evil is not here? We’ll have none of that.” And so they want to slay the Christ. But what does that mean? It means, that in us, we have not yet been able to accept that evil is not here. The intellect in us still believes there is evil. It still believes there is a problem around every corner; that there is a potential of problems everywhere; that life is a succession of problems that you solve. Why? Because we are the progeny of Eve, born of the flesh, not having shaken off that belief that we are of the flesh. We still have two fathers. We have a Divine Parent and mortal parents. We do not know that we are only the invisible Spirit of God.

And so we try to get into heaven through the back door. We try to cleanse up our mortality. We try to improve it. But the Master is showing us that there’s nothing to be improved. You must start where you are, not where you want to become something, but where you are. You must drop that which you are not, and begin where you are. And where you are is perfect Spirit, now. Not born of Eve, not the progeny of woman.

And in this discourse, this will be clarified to the point where you will either accept it, or not accept it, but it will be clear that its intention is for you to know that whoever is born of the flesh in their belief has already committed themselves to the problems of the flesh. And whoever can discard that notion, which is a carnal mind planted within us, will find that they are perfectly free, right now; and that it is unnecessary for them to continue in the belief that they have brought from this previous incarnation, and previous ones, debts that must be repaid in this incarnation.

You will find that karma is as much a dream as materiality and mortality. You don’t break karma; you break the false sense of karma. You don’t break disease; you break the false sense of disease. You never break a problem. You break the false sense of a problem. And that is when you are pure at heart, willing to accept pure Spirit as the only substance, regardless of what the problem may seem to be.

Now, the human mind, characterized here by the Jew, is ready to slay the Christ for revealing that matter, mortality, problems exist only in the carnal mind. And that of course, is the tottering of the carnal mind if it ever is ever exposed and accepted. And so, Christ Jesus represents a threat, a danger to the intellect. Outwardly, in the visible world at that time, it represented a danger to Judaism. Judaism was built upon the belief of man worshiping God externally.

The Prophet who was to come, announced by Moses, the greatest prophet of Judaism up to that time, was the Inner Self realized, the Christ, which would actually liberate all on earth from every false power: the tyranny of a neighbor, the tyranny of lack, the tyranny of limitation, the tyranny of death, the tyranny of germs. The inner realization of Christ is the emancipator, where the Spirit of the Lord is. And there, where the Spirit of the Lord was, the paralytic was not paralyzed; the withered arm was not withered. Where the Spirit of the Lord was – Christ Jesus.

Now, we’re overcoming the intellect which turns away from this demonstration and says, “I’ve got a material world out here, and you have to live it my way.” That mind in you condemns you to tomorrows of materialism, when the Truth of your Being is the now of Spirit.

Let’s watch how Christ-Mind reveals to us the path we are to take. After they have wanted to slay him, because he’s said he was equal with God, not knowing that this was the very Spirit of God that stood before them, revealing to them that they themselves are the Children of God, he then further clarifies:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever He doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.”

Now, the Son is you. The Son is your Spiritual Identity. And the Father in you, ever perfect, ever present, expresses as you, the Son. And so, here the Life, the Spirit, the Christ is revealing that God, infinite, the Infinite Father, expresses that infinity as the Infinite Son. Just like the hand has five fingers, so the Infinite Father becomes the infinite expression of the Father, which is your Sonship.

And this is a fact of life. You never attain it. It is your Being now. You don’t go out to become It. This is where you should begin, if you understand what Christ is revealing; that you are NOW the infinite individualization of Infinity. You are that perfect expression of Spirit. Your neighbor is. I am. Your father is. Your mother is. Whoever exists is the infinite individualization of the infinite Father. This is the reality, not the child born of flesh.

The imaginary world and the true reality of Being are clarified only when you are living in the acceptance of your infinite, Spiritual Self does the Father express in you, through your experience. Otherwise, you live outside of your own Being, unaware of the Divine Law that is functioning right where you stand. You live as a Pharisee, condemned to your own man-made beliefs; passing sentence on yourself, that you must die; you must have your share of the problems of the world. And Christ in you, standing before the Pharisees, declares this is not so.

The Father expresses the fullness of the Father, through the Son. And whoever knows himself to be a joint heir in Christ, knows himself to be the Son, ‘equal with God’. The Son is equal with God, just as your human child. Would you say your human child is not equal with you? You wouldn’t hear of such a thing. Of course your child is equal with you, of your very flesh. And so, we who have accepted that we are of the Spirit of God, are equal with God. Although the senses could not testify to this, Christ can and does.

And so the Bible is telling us that we are equal with God. And that means you are the Spirit of God. And you cannot be the Spirit of God and the flesh, too. This is the jump. You cannot continue to be the flesh in your consciousness if you wish to experience the reality of your Being; if you wish to partake of the Divine qualities, you must be that Divine Spirit which is equal with God, born of the Father.

Now, the question of how comes up so often. How shall I do this? I’ll try to make it perfectly clear: you don’t do this; it has been done. You don’t do it. It has been done. This is the revelation of who you are, not who you will be. And the authority for it is the Christ of God speaking to you from the Bible.

Now tomorrow, when you run out into your human world, you’re not running in the Kingdom of God; you’re not walking in reality when you do that; you’re going through your imaginary life. There comes a place where you stop. You really stop your imaginary life. You don’t walk in an imaginary life continuously. You come to a direct stop and you accept, if you understand, that the Spirit of God which you are, is not the flesh that is running out into an imaginary life. And that’s where you rest. You refuse to be an imaginary person. And you wait upon the Lord. I think we’re going to do that a little later.

I can tell you this: when you make that stand, something begins in you that doesn’t seem to happen until you make that stand. A certain kind of New Life begins to make Itself known to you. And to your surprise, when you refuse to be the imaginary person of flesh, going about the imaginary chores of the material world, in that Silence, in that inspired moment, when you can shake away in your Consciousness all that you are not, and resolutely refuse to be it, into that vacuum falls the birth of the New Self.

You find yourself walking invisibly, not in the world, in another place. It might be called heaven. It might be called an intermediary place, which hasn’t yet become the expression of heaven. But it isn’t this world. And it isn’t the you that you had been. It’s another Self. It’s really the Divine Self, and the glimmer of that, as the I Am. It’s not up here in the lips anymore. It’s the experience of It. Then you know why you are equal with God, because that experience tells you that ‘I and the Father are One.’

That experience lifts you out of the world of concept, the world of duality, the world which is not under the Divine law, or Divine protection of Spiritual perfection. It lifts you out of chance into Grace. Now you see, if the infinity of Spirit is not functioning in you as your daily experience, that is a sign that you are still under the belief that you are mortal flesh, because we are told right here that the infinity of Spirit does function in the Son. Now the Son is Divine Spirit. And the human sense of life is mortal flesh. If you’re in the awareness of Sonship, you feel the Grace, the effortless expression of the Divine from the Land of Cause, from the Invisible. You feel how it graces all of the actions that you seem to be going through, and you see the fruitage in the physical world. You know the meaning of Sonship. But if you’re cut off from it because you haven’t walked that extra mile, which takes you to the place where you refuse to be an imaginary creature anymore, then the actual experience of the Divine flowing through you is just a promise in a book.

Now, this is Law, Truth, permanent fact, that never changes, which is being revealed to us. It is going on all around you, right now. It’s like electricity is here. To know that this is happening, and to “stand ye still,” out of mortal sense, releases this into experience because it’s here. It’s now. It’s always here now.

“For the Father loveth the Son, and sheweth him all things that himself doeth:and he will shew him greater works than these,that ye may marvel.”

It’s clear then, the only thing that prevents us from experiencing God in action in our lives is that we have not come to a place where we know how to be the Son. “For the Father loveth the Son, and sheweth him all things.” Now let’s suppose that you were consciously the Son of God. This would be happening; the Father would be showing you all things; meaning, your experience would be the expression of the Divine. And so, what we have considered problems would not be here. Only the Divine would be expressing.

Now, why do we have the problems? Because the Divine, which is invisibly present and expressing, cannot come through a human consciousness. It can only come through the Consciousness that ‘I Am the Spirit of God.’ As long as I consider myself the mortal child of a mortal parent, I am saying, “I’m not the Spirit of God. God isn’t my parent. My mother and father are my parents.” Now, that’s the intellect in us which tells us that that’s what we are. That keeps us imprisoned in the false mortal sense of self. Right there – under the condemnation of the Lord God pronouncing that whoever is born of woman is committed unto eternal sorrow – that’s the Truth, because flesh is not God’s creation. It’s the carnal mind’s creation.

Now, this is such a major step, and so contrary to all that we had learned in normal living that we’ve been slaying this Truth in us for centuries. The intellect in us has been slaying the Christ. Christ has been crucified in us every day of our lives. But in this discourse, the Christ in us opens our eyes to the fact that when we can accept that this is Holy Ground, here now; that I can never be less than what God says I am; we find this super-human strength perhaps, or perhaps the Spirit, Itself, lifts us; one way or another, at a certain place, you will have no other than your own true Sonship.

You’re ready to go through the needle’s eye. You don’t want anything else – the comforts of the world, the pleasures of the flesh, the happy times. And as you are willing to lay those aside, and the tragedies as well, you’re turning to no requirement in the external world. You’re not reaching out for the externals, either the good ones or the bad ones. That’s not your purpose anymore.

That would be like trying to live in the shadow of your Self, because the external, you find, is the shadow of your inner Consciousness. The external is nothing but a mirror of where you are in Consciousness. You stop reaching into the illusion of the material world for things – good things, bad things, happy things. None of them are where your attention is directed. Now you go into your Self for substance. You take this human sense of self, like Abraham took his son, and you’re willing to put it on the block; which means, you drop it.

You come to your Spiritual Self and you sit with It. It is the Son of God. “The Father loveth the Son.” You abide in your Self, and the Father showeth you all things. We don’t wait for problems to do that. We just do it. It becomes the way you live. You begin your day in God, not in you, in God. Today you begin in God; tomorrow you begin in God. You don’t begin a day in you, but in God, in your Spiritual Sonship as the invisible Spirit of God.

You can’t rush out with that by declaring it. You have to live in it; feel it, until in a moment, the bridegroom cometh. And you find all the things you had been using with the lips to declare are now declared within you, by the Spirit Itself. And the Father does love the Son. And the Spirit of you begins to express in the visible world.

And lo and behold, all the things you had thought you were sacrificing were not sacrificed at all; but rather, greater measure, greater depth, greater protection, greater safety, greater longevity, a greater capacity to receive the Divine, becomes your continuing endowment. You’re living in Sonship, which is the way you live in the Father. For the Son lives in the Father, and the Father lives in the Son. Spirit lives within Itself.

All of the beliefs in matter, evil, mortality are released. They’re not in your Consciousness, because they cannot be in your Consciousness if you have accepted Spiritual Selfhood. And that Spiritual Selfhood is where the Father expresses perfection. It’s just like being given all of this pure, crystal water to drink, and saying, “Here, just reach in and help yourself. It’s here. The fact that it’s invisible shouldn’t deter you. It’s here. It’s the Living fountain of God.”

“The Father loveth the Son.” And so we’re told whoever does not accept himself to be Spirit, the Son of God, is committing suicide, walking out of life, and saying, “I’d rather live in the dying sense of self and have a few good moments in it.” Christ reveals the way to glory. The way to Reality is to come to grips with who you are to such an extent that you stop being that imaginary self that you are not. Even your sense of touch, your sense of vision – now you can rap on this rostrum here – you haven’t rapped on anything. If there’s no matter, what have you rapped on? You’re perpetuating a dream. Whatever you touch, you’re not touching anything. You may be the world’s finest sculptor; you’re not sculpting anything. It isn’t there. It’s all part of the dream. And if these few words here can awaken you to that, you can bypass all of the so-called creative energy we think we have, and instead let the Invisible be your creative energy. And watch the difference.

Everything must be changed by this new, inner, inspiration of the Spirit, not of the carnal mind. It has meaning; it gives Substance to the forms. Instead of the mental forms that look like matter, and feel like matter, something happens just as Paul said: he was the Divine Form. “He was in the form of God.” Then the creations that come through you are in the form of God, in the Invisible before they come into the visible. And that’s when they are touched with genius.

When you tap the Infinite Father in your life, and then the forms that come through and manifest as your experience – as what the world might call your creations – then they are touched with the genius of your Divine Self. They’re not carnal mind thought-forms anymore. They are Divine forms, Divine ideas made visible, because “the Father loveth the Son and showeth him all things.”

Without this dimension in our lives, we are grass, nothing; not even alive. And that’s not my belief; it’s the Word of the Father, here in this book, right now – that without His Spirit as your only identity, you are not alive. Any belief that you have another identity but pure Spirit is to live in a grave. And the very word itself is used: graves.

The grave is that place where mortals live in a body that does not exist. That’s the grave. But there is a Prophet among us, a Christ Spirit in each one; an invisible Prophet coming forth to quicken those in their mortal bodies so that they step out of the graves, out of the dead, and become the quick, the living, the Immortal through the love of the Father, received and accepted.

—————End of First Section ————–

“For as the Father raiseth up the dead, and quickeneth them; even so the Son quickeneth whom he will.”

Now, there’s no quickening except in Sonship. In mortality, we’re the dead; we’re the mortals; the fools who think they can of themselves live a life, when all they’re doing is sleepwalking.

But the Father quickeneth, and whoever the Son touches, he quickeneth. In order to come into Life, out of death, you must be that Son. Now, if there are some of us who have said, “Well, how? How? How?” That’s how! Not by asking, “how,” but by hearing the words that are spoken and being still enough to learn how to accept the fact of your Being: that there’s no way to go there. It’s a matter of your willingness to lay aside what you are not, and to accept that which the Spirit of God tells you you are. There’s no ‘how’ to it. It’s just a matter of getting out of that inertia and doing it.

Now then, we have a real Life in Spirit, and an imaginary life in flesh. The intellect says, “how” because it wants to continue the imaginary life in the flesh. The Soul doesn’t say, “How?” It’s a matter of where we have been lifted in Consciousness to either wish the Will of the Father, or the will of the mortal self; to what degree we have shaken off the conditioned hypnosis of the carnal mind. I think, possibly, it would be wise to have a pause in a moment.

Take your mortal self and see if you can, for the moment, accept it as the Father sees it, that it isn’t there, not created by God; that there is no mortality. See if you can see it as the Father sees it, as expressed through Moses, that whoever is born of the flesh being condemned, is not of God; and therefore, in your Consciousness, set aside the belief that you were born of the flesh. That means that which was born of the flesh wasn’t, and therefore, isn’t. And we come to a place where we’re in a state of ‘nothingness.’

Now that which wasn’t and isn’t has nothing to do. There’s nothing it can do, because it isn’t. And therefore, we discard the belief that I, of mine own self, can do anything. I’m in a state of ‘nothingness.’ I have no mortal self. Now, the intellect will want to enter this Silence, and your function if you wish to come to the final annihilation of that which is not you, is to remain in the Silence in spite of the intellect that wishes to intrude with its conditioned thoughts.

I have no mortal, material selfhood. I am the Spirit of God. I am Divine, now. I was Divine five thousand years ago. I will be Divine tomorrow and every day thereafter. I am the timeless, Divine Spirit of God. I can stand in this timeless, Divine Self and let God do God’s work. Let the Father show the Son. I’m not impatient. I have all eternity to let the Father show the Son. It’s a beautiful way to spend a half hour. Your only interest is to be that invisible Spirit, which is one with God. There’s no me to think; no me to plan; no me to do. There’s just the pure, perfect Spirit of God.

As you are able to remain in that vacuum of thought, maybe not in this meditation, or the next, or the next – it doesn’t matter when – you’ll find some day that glorious exaltation of the Living Presence, which comes, not as God external to you, but as God in you; as Emmanuel; as the Living Truth of your own Being announcing Itself, “I Am the Spirit of your Being and My name is God.”

God and your Spirit are one and the same. This is no longer union of two, but rather One reality revealed. The bridegroom cometh, and the marriage becomes an eternal Oneness in which there are no longer two. There is only Christ, where the world sees man of flesh. There’s only Divine form, where the world sees physical form, because the world saw physical form where Jesus stood. There was only Divine form there, equal with God, because It was the expression of God.

Now, that wasn’t the Truth of Jesus there, any more than it is the Truth of you and I here, at this very moment. You are the Divine form, which is the Living Spirit of God, right here and now. And if there were no five sense intellect that you had to wade through to know it, this would be your understanding, your realization, and the seed of every tomorrow. And you would know that the Kingdom of God is your very Being. You are His living Spirit.

To the degree that problems become less of a problem; to the degree that you stand in the emergency ward of this life and look around, and are unmoved by the sights, and the sounds, and the apparent tragedies, you will discover that you are further ahead than you imagined; that you have the capacity to look at the lie, without being touched by it. And you will discover that the senses sort of retract; you’re lifted to a place above them where you are simply there as a Living Spirit beholding what is around you, without being involved.

The Spirit of Christ stands in the ward. The Spirit of Christ stands where you appear to be, but only the Spirit of Christ is there. And you are aware of It. And you are aware of those who around you are unaware of It; but the invisible Self of them, and the invisible Self of you is accepted by you as One Self; and that is the blessing you leave – One, Invisible Self.

He may be a Pharisee and I may be Paul or John, but we are One, Invisible Self. You’re not in a limited me or a limited him. You’re out of it. You’re in the One, Invisible Spirit of Being, the Son, and you have blessed those around you; taking them into your awareness of their Sonship, no matter what they appear to be doing, or saying, or feeling. You’re not limiting your Sonship to just that little acreage under your toes.

As your senses retract and you’re transcending them, there is an influx of a Substance you had not suspected. And that Substance is going to be the expression of the Ghost; that Substance is going to be your intelligence; that Substance is the Love of the Father becoming manifest in you; that Substance is carrying with it all Divine Intelligence to show you who you are, to give you the signs that you have come to your secret place; that Substance is going to translate into tomorrow.

It will be the fruitage of this moment of Truth, out of form, out of matter, out of mortality, out of the belief that there can be something other than Divine Being, out of the images, out of the carnal mind condemnation that goes way back, before even Moses wrote about it to enlighten us about the hypnosis of the human mind. You will know you have been quickened out of the dead and you will never go back.

Let’s take a minute or two, and we’ll be back.

“For the Father within judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son:..”

Now, that word ‘judgment’ is telling us how we’re going to spend our time. The judgment is whether or not you will live in the Kingdom of God, or in a reincarnating cycle. And because all judgment is in the Son, it means that, unless you are the Son, accepted, lived in, understood, recognized, expressing; unless you come to that Son-Consciousness, then you’re not the Son accepted, and you have rendered judgment unto yourself. Because when you are not the Son, the judgment is reincarnation into flesh. When you are the Son, the judgment is translation out of the sense of flesh.

Now, this very simple line here then, is telling us what happens at the moment of so-called human death. ‘All judgment is in the Son.’ Are you or are you not the Spirit of God? That’s the judgment. You make the judgment. And it isn’t a statement that I am or I’m not; it’s the way you have found to live that understanding. If you are submitting to the Father, you are the Son. If you’re living your own sense of life, you are not the Son, because the Son goes unto the Father.

And so, there’s nobody to fool except you. You either are living in the Will of the Father consciously, accepting Spirituality as your Being – flesh as not your being – learning that the qualities of the Spirit are wherever the Spirit is accepted; and therefore rejecting those qualities that are not Spiritual qualities, because they’re not real. In other words, proving your belief; living and demonstrating your belief. When you have to some measure shown who you are to yourself, and can trust yourself to be the Son, then you have accepted the judgment of the Son, which is that ‘If you believe on Me, you are lifted into Life Everlasting.’

Now here, the Spirit within us all is teaching us that we need not go through the disasters, and diseases, and destructive elements of this world. We have to give up their opposites as well, in order to go through that needle’s eye of Sonship; walking literally in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, now and here, consciously, in spite of the outer form, in spite of the outer forms all around us. All judgment is given unto the Son. Christ or not Christ, it’s that simple. Christ or anti-Christ; immortal Self or mortal self? It’s automatic.

It has nothing to do with God saying, “You’ve been a bad boy, or a good girl, or not.” You’re Christ, or you’re not; you’re Spirit, or you’re not! And this being the Word of God, it means what it says. “The Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son.” And that’s the judgment – that all men should honor the Son even as they honor the Father. You must honor the Son as your Identity in order to honor God. You cannot worship God unless you accept yourself to be the Spirit, the Child of God, the Son of God. To sit in a church all day and worship God, while you still think you’re a mortal being, is to deny the very scripture which here says it cannot be done. To worship your Father, you must be His Son, His Substance, His Spirit.

“He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which hath sent him.”

If to you, Christ does not mean your name, your Self, your substance, your very Being now, you cannot and are not honoring the Father. Again, there’s no ‘how’ to this. It’s a matter of understanding, and then being only what you are to the best of your ability. No one can ever fault you for trying to be what you are. The only fault is not trying, but hoping that in some way, It’s going to come to you, without your effort to be It.

“I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come unto condemnation; [the condemnation is the reincarnating cycle] but is passed from death unto life.”

And so, you move through death into life in your Identity, but not when you are not living in your Identity.

“I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God; and they that hear shall live.”

Now, in our mortal sense of self, we are the dead he’s speaking of, but “the hour is coming and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God.” As we’re awakening now to the fact that unless we’re in Identity, we’re unconscious – dead, nothing – that in us which has lived the false sense of life is discarded. We can summon new courage to face this great step, because we have the Word of the Father that this is the way.

I, in the midst of you, I am the way; I, in the midst of you am the Son of God; I, in the midst of you will be every tomorrow. I will be the bread of your life, but you have to trust I, in the midst of you. You can’t do it if you’re still thinking that your intellect is going to take you through. It doesn’t part the sea. It doesn’t release the paralytic or the withered arm. It doesn’t open the heavens to hidden manna. I, in the midst of you do the work.

If you want the greater glories which you’ve read about; if you want to abandon the miseries that you’ve experienced, there are no shortcuts; there are no substitutes; there is only Spiritual Identity – the release of the personal me to I, the Spirit of God stand here, and nothing else. Then you begin to live your new life, your real life, right here, right now.

“For the hour is coming and now is.” It’s always in the now of Spirit, rather than in changing time. “The Father loveth the Son,” it said. But it didn’t say, ‘The Father loveth other than the Son.’ If you want Divine Love, you’ve got to be in Sonship. That’s the only place you’ll find it.

“For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself;”

The One Life which is Divine is revealed as Life of the Son of God, where you stand. You know what that means to me; that every thought in me, every Pharisee that comes knocking at my door and says, “I don’t believe it;” well, he gets his walking papers as quick as he shows up. I’m not interested in the Pharisee in me anymore; he who has not known God; he who has denied my Sonship; he who has tried to perpetuate a mortal sense of life. The Father’s Word is all we need; and how much better to trust the Father’s Word, than to trust the carnal mind, the thinking human sense of things.

Who has trusted the Father’s Word who has not found it to be so? I’ve never met anyone. The only time it’s found not to be so is when you haven’t really trusted it. When you haven’t walked on the waters of Spirit, accepting the Word of God in you as the only Law, the only Truth; when you haven’t found that capacity to step out of that which you are not, you haven’t given it a chance. But when you have, no one who has really given it a chance has found it wanting. It always makes itself known to you, for “The Father loveth the Son.”

“And hath given him [the Son] authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man.”

Now there’s the emphasis, “because he is the Son of man.” We heard the condemnation of the progeny of woman at the beginning. Now woman, you see, is flesh. The meaning of man is Spirit. These are symbols. Whoever is born of woman must be reborn until he is Son of man, reborn of the flesh, from the flesh, into the knowledge and acceptance of Spiritual Identity. And that is the Son of man: he who has gone through the human birth, and now the Spiritual birth. And when you go through this Spiritual rebirth, you’re the Son of man, even though you came into this appearance as the son or child of woman.

“Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming in the world, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice.”

Now, this grave should be emphasized. It means that the human body is a concept. That’s why it’s a grave. All that are in the concept called ‘human body’ are invited to hear the voice, the voice of Christ in themselves. Now remember, the Spirit which is saying this, is the Spirit which was present, making it possible for the multiplication of invisible loaves and fishes into visibility; of an invisible Kingdom of reality into visibility; revealing there never was a withered arm, or a paralyzed body. The Invisible Spirit had to be present to make that demonstration.

And that Invisible Spirit which performs these mighty acts says, “I am in the midst of you, and I am the Son of God, and the Father. I and the Father are One. And when you accept Me as your Identity, I will multiply loaves and fishes; I will reveal there is no withered arm, and no paralyzed body; I will take you into My Eternal Life, out of carnal mind, the Lord God, who has held us a prisoner in world thought, world beliefs, material beliefs, mortal beliefs, beliefs in the reality of evil that has to be overcome.”

“Not true,” says the Spirit, “I am the only Presence. You’re suffering from distortion through the senses. You’re suffering from a belief in the capacity of the intellect to know God, and it cannot. You’re suffering from that which is not there. And you’ll always suffer from that which is not there until you are willing to give up the sense of self, which is not the Spirit – Child of God.”

I think the Father’s words are clear, and it remains for those who hear or do not hear to act accordingly. There’s a little more here to do, but I have something else in mind at the moment. I’d like to close this meeting today with an understanding of ‘no judgment.’ Now, the minute you move into judgment, you are not accepting Sonship. It’s an escape valve from your Reality, and you don’t know you’re doing it half the time, and that’s why I’d like to conclude this lesson today, with it.

Now, you’re faced with the mortal sense of life and it weighs upon you; and you judge it to be evil or bad; or you even judge it to be unreal, but you still want to get rid of it. In other words, you’re still in a level of consciousness that is touched by an event or a condition, and there is in you something that is responding to that event or condition. It may be the very mildest reaction; it may be a happy, good reaction, or a bad reaction. But it’s there, and there’s something in you moving in response to something out there.

Now, that which in you is moving in response – even if it’s just a reflex action – we’re going to call it judgment. And when you are in a state of response to the external, in a state of judgment, you are not in that frame of Consciousness which can receive of the Father, because that judgment in you, however slight, is carnal mind, and it becomes your veil.

Now, when you reverse this, you will find that your reaction to the condition is not a good one, or a bad one. And that’s the meaning of ‘no judgment.’ The condition doesn’t move you. It doesn’t move you to do anything, nor to think anything about it. And take a condition now you face, and let’s see if we can thread the needle with no judgment; and you’ll see that’s the true meaning of the Middle Path.

You take a condition which to you has been a problem of some kind, and now face it without any qualms in you – no fear, no doubt; just it’s an abstract condition, and you’re merely looking at it. It isn’t moving you in any way. You can, for the moment, detach yourself from that condition and just observe it. Now, maybe yesterday or this morning, that condition to you was perilous; maybe it was something that was driving you frantic; but now, it, it’s just a thought.

We can look at that thought within ourselves. Let’s observe that and make it inanimate. After all, it’s nothing but your thought at the moment. It may be a condition somewhere else, but right here, right now in your thought, make it inanimate. Just see it as a thought, and look at it. And now, understand that that thought is all that you’re looking at.

Now, it may have had many overtones, many suggestions for you; it may have awakened in you a whole chain of beliefs, but still those now and just look at this thought very impersonally, inanimately, and just see it as an idea in your carnal mind. Remove your carnal mind, which has no real existence. What happens? The thought goes with it. Alright! The thought is gone with the carnal mind because there isn’t any.

Now, you’re going to say, “But the condition still exists.” It only exists in the carnal mind and you haven’t discarded it. That’s why it still exists. Now, you haven’t discarded the carnal mind, and in it is this condition. And the reason you haven’t discarded the carnal mind is because you haven’t accepted that you are the Spirit of God. If you will accept that you are the Spirit of God, you do not have a carnal mind. You cannot even live in one, or think with one, or believe that it exists for you.

And so, as long as the condition persists in your belief, you’re still in a carnal mind, and that carnal mind is your denial of your Spiritual Identity. Now, accept Spiritual Identity and see what happens. Accept that you are the Spirit of God. Now you don’t have a carnal mind. The Spirit of God is the Christ-Mind. This is the Truth. You don’t have to do it to become it. It’s the Truth. It’s your Truth. It’s your Being, now. That’s what this chapter has been all about: you are the Spirit of God.

Now, when the carnal mind brings something to you, you have to look at the carnal mind and say, “Who are you? You’re not my mind. You have no existence. There is no carnal mind in the Son of God.” In other words, there is no mind in the Son of God that is influenced by the material things of the world, or the material conditions of the world. You’re living in the Spirit of God, not in the material world. You’re not living in the external beliefs. You’re living in the Spirit. You dwell there. And whatever comes to you from the carnal mind, you say, “Sorry. The Son of God does not dwell in the carnal mind.” And you say, “Well, how will that get rid of the condition?” It won’t get rid of the condition, but the Spiritual Mind will reveal to you that the condition isn’t there. And then one day, you’ll say, “Well, it got rid of it.” But it didn’t! It didn’t get rid of the paralysis, or the withered arm. It revealed that when you’re in the Spiritual Self, those conditions which seem to be present because of the carnal mind, are revealed to be nonexistent.

You are the Spiritual Child. And every time you let the carnal mind foist a material idea or condition on you, you are prescribing your own judgment. You’re literally saying, “Father, don’t bother me. I’ve got this thing here.”

Now, there is a capacity in you to face that carnal mind knowing it isn’t there. And therefore, the thoughts in the carnal mind, the conditions coming to your attention through the carnal mind cannot be in a mind that isn’t there. The double illusion is seen clearly. And defenseless in Spirit, without might or power, without a need, you stand looking at what the carnal mind brings you, and you find the power of ‘no judgment.’

No judgment. It isn’t bad out there, and it isn’t good. You don’t have to do anything about it, or say anything about it. It isn’t bad, and it isn’t good. Don’t go any further, just stand there and watch. It isn’t bad. It isn’t good. No judgment. Just be still with no judgment, and watch how beautifully Divine Judgment reveals the harmony that is present, because you are in ‘no judgment.’

In ‘no judgment,’ whether you knew it or not, you are the realized Son of God. No judgment. It’s delicate. It’s beautiful. It enables you to find that there is a Middle Path between good judgment and bad judgment, where there is no judgment. And then, in that threading of the needle, in that Middle Path of no judgment, the Divine Self expresses because you have become the still water. You are standing still.

And I, in the midst of you, all judgment is committed to I, in the midst of you, the Son. You have not been influenced by the tempter, the carnal mind to make judgment about what is nonexistent in God. You rest in ‘no judgment’, neither good nor bad, and I, in the midst of you perfect all that concerneth thee.

Practice ‘no judgment’ this week. Practice it several times, and you’ll see a great, gentle Power. Because into this ‘no judgment’ slides the bridegroom; the Christ Experience comes into it very quickly, unexpectedly.

And one more thing: as you are able to dwell for a time in ‘no judgment,’ as you are able to dwell for a time in the knowledge that I am the Invisible Spirit of God, you’re accumulating a new kind of karma that’s good. And you may find you reach a place where you come into what has been revealed within me as what I call a ‘wheel of Consciousness.’ It isn’t the Buddha wheel. It’s the something in you that seems to be a wheel, and you are lifted out of one sense of vision. There’s a little more light in this next wheel, and then there’s something that seemingly wants to come into your next turn of the wheel as a promise that hasn’t yet quite come; and you’re beginning to see forms that are invisible to human eyes, doing things.

You’re beginning to see activity in another level of Consciousness, as this wheel slowly turns. It doesn’t keep turning. It comes to a new place, and it stops. That’s your New Consciousness at the moment. But you find more Light, more forms, more activity. It’s a sign to you that you have begun to really accept Spiritual Sonship. The Light is flowing in response to your acceptance.

It was always there. The veil of carnal mind, your acceptance of its conditions and untruths had simply veiled away this ever present Christ Light. And when that wheel turns, and you’re looking at something inside you that you never saw before, It’s saying to you, “You are moving into the inner plane now. You are finding the Inner Universe. You are finding the reality of Self, where death and destruction never were, and never can be.”

I assure you, the experiences you have had up to now, in which you have found some sign from the Father, some invisible action of Grace, some beautiful Presence leading, guiding, instructing, these are magnified and magnified; “for the hour has come, and now is” when the Son of God within you is revealed as your Identity. But, it takes this practice, even though the tree doesn’t rain down fruits tomorrow. It takes the continuous faith to practice, practice, practice the Within, the Inner Plane, the Divine Selfhood; the ‘no’ to the carnal mind and its conditions; the ‘no judgment’ of anything or anyone. Because the minute you’re in a state of judgment, one way or another, you’re kissing goodbye to the Spiritual Self that you are, and you are brought into the reaction of the mental plane, turning away from the Wheel of Light within.

Now, some of the things then that you practice are these we’ve spoken of. Remember that God being the only Presence, the only Life, always the knowledge of God’s presence where you are is the very fulcrum of all you do. And if you haven’t done that, you see, you’re in the reactive sense of mind. But if you have accepted the presence of God where you are now, knowing it will never leave you, and therefore will be there tomorrow; and if you accept it for your competitors, and friends, and your enemies, and your neighbors, because It’s the Truth of their Being, too; then you’re getting out of the separated forms of the world which the carnal mind is presenting.

You’re behind it all. You’re in the One Divine Life, which is the Son. You’ll find the capacity to accept Spiritual Sonship is increased as you keep practicing the Allness of the Father’s presence, everywhere.

Next week is the 11th chapter of Joel – His Rain Falls, I believe. The following week is Christ Walks the Earth, which is the final chapter and the intermission point of this series for a month. Now, in these two chapters, we are hoping to bring to a head the acceptance of Divine Sonship as living, Spiritual Identity. We want that to be the way you walk into this intermission.

If that is the Father’s will, it will be so. ‘No judgment’ is very difficult for people. We leap into action the moment there’s something happening in our lives. But if you’ve been practicing ‘no judgment’ silently with yourself, you’ll find that when things do happen, you’ll survey them with no judgment, and Christ will thread the needle for you.

I think that’s it for today, and thank you very much.

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