Mystical Principles

Monthly Archives: November 2018

Welcome everybody. If you have ever watched a ball in flight, you’ll notice that it rises to a certain level, then it comes down and if you measured the going and the coming up to that level, you’d see that it’s pretty equidistant at all points. We find that our human lives move pretty much like a ball in flight. We go up to a certain point but that’s as far as… Read More

The Realization of Oneness, we probably will go no further than up to page 15. The title is Pure Being. We will also do the 7th chapter of John up to at least verse 30. Now while we are seeking fulfillment, in a sense really seeking identity, the Christ within is always saying, “I am come.” Do you not recognize Me, can you not feel My presence within you now? And until… Read More

Our function in this class is to delve into the higher mysteries. You may find that less and less we’re not going to discuss any personal problems. We’re not going to be concerned about the world not created by God. And that may be very difficult for some but it has to come. There has to be a time when we’re no longer saying “God, heal me of this and heal me… Read More