REALIZATION OF ONENESS by Herb Fitch Chapter 6: Let There Be Light

We’re going to look at some passages in John about the light.

In John 1:4, “In him was life; and the life was the light of all men.” “In him was life.” It would appear that there’s a designation there that only in him was life. What about the rest? Why say, “In him was life.” What about you? Is life in you?

And the point is that the life in him was the life in you. “The life in him was the light of all men.” And so, we’re being told that there was a him who had found a different life than human beings know. And the life that he had found is the same life that is the light of all others who have not found that life but he had found it for them.

In him was life.” We know what he did when he walked the earth. We know what that life could perform and John tells us that same life is the light of you and the light of me, the light of your children and the light of your parents, the light of your ancestors. All are that life which he discovered which was perfect as the Father.

Right up there at the beginning of the Book of John, the very fourth verse of the first chapter, “In him was life; and that life was the light of all men.”

Quickly then we say, “To what degree have I become aware of that life as my life?” And right there you see the whole explanation of your human experience. It is either showing forth that life or it is showing forth the darkness or the absence of that life. It is showing forth the light of your being or the absence of that light in your ignorance of it.

The light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

And so, the mortal sense of self does not comprehend the light of its own being. Mortality does not accept Immortality. Material selfhood does not accept spiritual reality. Humanhood does not accept Christhood.

This is all by way of a prologue to introduce us to the events to follow.

And then in the ninth verse, “That was the true Light which lighteth every man which cometh into the world.”

Now if that’s the true, then what isn’t that is the false. Whoever is not living that life which was revealed as the life of all men, perfect as the Father, is not living life itself but a counterfeit of it. And it is this counterfeit that we call humanhood.

Now in the third chapter, eighteen to twenty-one, “He that believeth on him is not condemned; but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”

Now the light we know by now is Christ. And Christ then is the light of your life. And if you have not found the identity called Christ as your own identity, you are not living that life which is revealed as the perfect life of the Father and the only life of the Father. We come right square down to “Do we or do we not accept that Christ light I am?”

Now in the acceptance then, we find we have to live out of it. We cannot declare it. We must be it. And so, at this point, the class is dedicated to I Christ, the living Son of the living Father and all of the qualities of God being in Christ, all of the qualities of God are in my being.

That was, I think, the major theme of last week’s meeting here and so far, within a very few days, six different people, in one way or another communicated with me about some very important changes in their consciousness which manifested either as healings or improvements of some kind, but all very important. Why? Because I Christ had in some way taken root in their consciousness as their being. It was being taken out of the declaration stage. It was becoming flesh of their flesh. Slowly they were reaching a Christ Consciousness which is the identity of every individual, whether they know it or not. And as the realization comes, even in a measure, the outer events reflect that consciousness.

And this is the condemnation that light has come into the world and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.” And so, as we live in a material sense of self, we specifically reject Christ identity because there is no material selfhood in Christ identity. Human power rejects Christ power unless the vision and understanding are there to demonstrate that human power can never attain reality.

For everyone that doeth evil, hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.”

The deeds of Christ in you come from the Father. The Infinite directs Christ, expresses Christ and unless you’re living in your Christhood realized, your deeds are not wrought of the Infinite but are finite and transitory and even though appearing to be powerful, in time they are revealed to be powerless.

Now this is John at this point revealing the mesmerism of the world which, not living in and out of Christhood, has never found an answer for the many problems it’s trying to solve and we continue looking for solutions. In every facet of human endeavor, we’re looking for solutions. And John is telling us, “Why do you look for solutions when there’s only one solution?”

Don’t try to find the cause of this error or that error and then repair the damage but find the only cause there is – which is God. And when you’re living in the cause that is God, you will discover that all of the effects of this world will reflect that perfect cause and be manifest in perfection whether it’s the liver or the heart or any kind of human relationship. If you are in perfect cause, you will be in perfect effect and the mesmerism is that there is no perfect cause in humanhood. The only perfect cause is made manifest when you’re living in Christ then instead of seeking solutions, you have the one solution which is the solution of all, Christ, which receiveth the perfect cause of the Father and expresses it in every degree of your life.

And so, if you were to translate this into practical daily living, whatever it is, or whatever sequence of things may trouble you at any time, your cause is a false one. The cause of a bad heart, the cause of a bad health, the cause of anything that is wrong is a false cause. It is there because, not living in Reality, in identity, living instead in a false identity, you are subject to false causes. But living in Christ, aware of the identity of Self as Christ, the only cause that can act upon Christ is God and then one with Christ is one with perfect cause and that is the repair of the heart or whatever else seems to be in need of repair.

Whatever it is then, we do not seek solutions in the plural. We merely stand in the knowledge that I Christ being my name, that which is imperfect in appearance has no cause and so I’m looking at a causeless effect. One that has no existence because it wasn’t caused by the only cause there is, God. And in Christ you can do this. You can stand in Self and know that that which is not caused by God has no cause to sustain it other than the false belief which enables us to step right out of false cause and to watch the dissolution of that which has no cause in God. We do not stand in the darkness. We accept the Light of Being.

Let’s go over to 9:5 in John which is a little past where we are in the book, in the Gospel at the moment. “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

Now whenever you see the word “light,” spiritual light means Christ identity. The light of the world is the invisible Christ of each individual on the earth. Unless you are living in Christ, you are not in that light, you are not in identity. “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Christ in you, as you, is your eternal light.

Now let us move from this point on then with the knowledge that I Christ is your name. And instead of looking for solutions to any problem, simply return to that knowledge that I Christ is my name. And don’t bother to go any further. You will be imbued from perfect Infinite cause which is ever functioning in I Christ. And you will watch the miracle of Infinite Grace through true identity dissolve, diminish, remove, correct and ultimately lead you into the Divine image and likeness of your true being. Now I’m emphasizing that purposely so you won’t waste time, effort and thought to seek solutions to anything. It’s the wrong level. Anything you might want to solve is already perfect in Christ.

I, the light of the world, Christ in you, have overcome the world. Come unto me.” Don’t go out there solving all these things. You just run in circles.

But when you stand in I Christ, you will discover solutions to these things that are the right solutions because where that which needs solution appears, the invisible Christ will manifest Divine qualities instead. Those Divine qualities will show forth as a solution.

I am the light of the world.”

The moment you touch the light of your being, you’re touching the light of the world. Do you see the secret of Grace there? When you touch the light of your Being, you’re touching the light of the world. Where are the things you sought solutions for? They’re in the world. But when you touch the light of your being, you’re touching the light behind the entire world. You’re touching the Infinite Invisible and it must come forth through the light of your being manifesting as solutions, added things.

You’re later going to see that Jesus spoke in the treasury. That treasury that he spoke in, is Infinite Consciousness. Why was he in Infinite Consciousness? Because he was Christ. When you are in the light of your being, you are Christ and you are speaking from the treasury so that whatever seems to be missing out there is supplied by the treasury, the Infinite Consciousness which functions in the light of your being.

You see now we’re not going outside for solutions. We’re going inside. And inside always means I Christ.

Let’s go over to 12:35. We’re still in John.

Then Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you; for he that walketh in darkness, knoweth not whither he goeth.”

Now walking in darkness means being a human being, a mortal being.

But “Yet a little while is the light with you.”

The light remains with you during your mortal period and in this mortal period you’re unaware or aware of the light. Translated, unless you become aware of the light of your being before matter dies, you’ve missed the point of the Christ message.

The Christ message is “Know me while I am still in the world.”

Know Christ in you as identity before the death or corruption of the human form. When you know the light of God in you before the corruption of the human form, you’ve discovered the meaning of rebirth, of regeneration, of transition, of peace without end, of life without death.

While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of the light.”

Now you could go on ten or twenty years, not accepting yourself to be the light of God and you would find then that this verse at that time would suddenly be for you a tragedy because here it is right now. It says, “You are the light. Believe in it.” Why wait ten or twenty years? While you still have the light, be it.

Now, here’s something which fits this at this point. You remember in the chapter Pure Being, we touched on this. I’d like you to see it again.

The secret of the Infinite Way is revealed in the truth that the only God there is, is Consciousness – the only God there is, is Consciousness – and since God is the one Consciousness, this is the Consciousness of individual man, therefore, the Consciousness of individual man is his creator, maintainer and sustainer. Out of the Consciousness of individual man must come all that is necessary for his fulfillment.”

Now there’s a little trick to that phrase there. God is Consciousness and then later learning that God is your individual Consciousness and the trick is that Joel is telling you that God is your Consciousness. But it’s a double statement. Turn it around and you’ll see your Consciousness is God.

Every individual’s consciousness is the God he worships because that’s what determines his experience. Your consciousness determines your experience. But suppose your consciousness is not conscious of the light then your individual experience does not show forth the light of which you are unconscious and then your God is the god of this world, your limited consciousness.

Now “God is your individual Consciousness” means that the Infinite Father is your individual Consciousness when you have come into the light of your being. Only when you’ve accepted Christ as your name. God is your Consciousness but it doesn’t do you a bit of good until I Christ is your identity accepted.

And so, we have here a world of men and women living in a human finite consciousness unaware of the Infinite Consciousness of Spirit. And that’s a division. That division is responsible for the errors of the world. In the absence of oneness, in the presence of division, we have no light. And the absence of that light shows forth as the evils that we experience.

For instance, you can skyjack a plane in the sky but you thought it was God’s sky at one time. How can a skyjacker work in God’s sky? You can rob a bank on the ground but it says the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. How can you rob a bank? How can the million and one things that do happen, happen, except that each individual involved is living in a human consciousness devoid of the knowledge that I am the Christ, the light of God.

You sit in that plane up there and see if it’s skyjacked. See if in the Presence of the knowledge of I Christ there can be evil in your life. It’s impossible. Whether you’re on the ground or in the sea or in the air, in the Presence of I Christ in your consciousness, as the identity of you and each one around you, you find you’re under God government.

When your human consciousness is dissolved and you are conscious that I Christ is your name, isn’t that Christ Consciousness? And doesn’t Christ go to the Father? Doesn’t that mean that Christ is one with God and therefore the Infinite functioning through the Christ of you, of which you are conscious. Then means what Joel says that “God is your individual Consciousness” and because God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, all these qualities are functioning as your individual consciousness when you are able to stand in the knowledge that I Christ is my name, identity, my being.

The whole Infinite line of truth is functioning actively as the law of Divine power, Divine sustenance and there’s nothing for you to do. You need no solutions to anything because you’re in perfect cause; cause that must manifest as perfect effect.

Now then if this is the secret of the Infinite Way and you know the secret of the Infinite Way, you’re seeing that in the first parts of John here, the emphasis on the light and the Infinite Way emphasis upon correct identity in order to be the living Consciousness of God are really one and the same.

So, that takes us into John 8, which is where we’re going to begin today in the twelfth verse. The adulteress had not been condemned because I Christ standing as Jesus Christ can only see I Christ where the world sees material flesh.

Now then you identifying as I Christ must accept I Christ as the identity of all those around you. You cannot say “I Christ here but you devil there.” There is no such thing. And so the minute you are not accepting I Christ in everyone, regardless of the appearance that stands before you, as their only name, their only identity, their only being, you are rejecting I Christ as your being. When you are in I Christ, you will accept I Christ everywhere.

Now this is all unknown to the human mind, to the human intelligence symbolized by the Pharisee.

Then spake Jesus unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life.”

I Christ is the voice that speaks there saying, “I am the light of the world.” But I Christ is the name of you. I Christ speaking there is the I Christ in you which is saying, “I am the light of the world,” not of you alone, but of the world.

He that followeth me will not walk in darkness.”

And therefore, to accept true identity you must say, “I Christ is my name and I Christ is the light of the world. I Christ is the light of everyone I know. I Christ is the light of all my ancestors, all those who will follow me. I Christ is the only identity that I Christ can acknowledge.”

There is the secret of Jesus Christ that I Christ standing there as him only acknowledges I Christ everywhere. Seeking no solutions because I Christ everywhere is perfect and there is no other there. I Christ in you seeks no solutions because I Christ in you is the I Christ everywhere and there is no other. You stand in Infinite I Christ. I Christ of you is one with the Father who is all and there is no other. The moment you start seeking a solution you are declaring the impotence of God, the imperfection of God, the absence of God. You are declaring mortality as your name. You are declaring darkness as the only experience you are going through instead of light.

Now this is really simple isn’t it? The only problem with it is that you have to do it. The understanding is simple. “I am the light of the world,” and that is your name and here it is being pronounced for you as your name.

Now if we were to do nothing else but know that “I am the light of the world,” we would discover that all forms of evil that come into our understanding on a human level would be dissolved by the light of our own being. You could never say “I lack.” The moment a lack would appear, you would know that somehow or other, you had left the knowledge that I Christ am the light of the world. You might have an ache or a pain somewhere but the moment that happened you would know that I Christ am the light of the world and the light of the world expresses only the qualities of God. You would catch the auto-suggestion of evil instantly. World mesmerism wouldn’t have a place to go in you. It cannot function in the light. It can only function in the darkness.

As you dwell with this you find there’s a conflict takes place in you because you wonder what to do with that other fellow, who says, “Well, if I accept this light what happens to me? Where do I go? What do I do? I had all these plans but this light, if I have to stay in it, what about the me that was going to Florida next year or the me that was going to build this house or the me that was going to build this business or the me that was going to do this and that and the other thing. Can I be the light and do these things, too?” And the conflict is set up. We want to give up the things we don’t want but we don’t want to give up the things we do want. And so, we’re willing to take sort of a half a light, a light for the things we want to get rid of but I don’t want to take the light as a substitute for the things that I have wanted. That’s like saying I believe in half a God.

Now this surrender then has to be to the total light of your being. Nothing held out, no personal plans still remaining. The unborn baby, when it’s born, doesn’t stay in the womb, it comes out. As you come into the light, spiritual being, you don’t try to cling to your mortal plans. You let the light activate itself as whatever is to be done. It may have a much bigger house than you planned or a more beautiful house than you planned or a different kind of business than you planned or a different trip than you planned. Whatever the light has in itself will manifest as the perfect action. That trip will be ordained, that house, that business, that activity will be ordained by the light of your being. The Father will build that house.

And that’s why it’s so important not to make the mistake of going out on our own mortal plans because the light of your being is the only cause. Any other cause is a false cause. You’re inventing a second creator where none is possible. The rain can wash that away.

Now this is important then. “I am the light of the world.” The government of the United States could be planning something right now. We don’t know if it’s good or bad but we know it’s human. We know it’s a mortal plan. What about Christ? What does Christ identity say? I am the cause. I am the light. Suppose we turn the problem over to Christ within. What would be the solution? Would it not be automatically a perfect solution?

Do you see that every plan, every problem, every solution from a mortal sense of life has always run afoul of the fact that it’s only based on the mortal knowledge we possess? It’s based on finite knowledge. It isn’t based on Divine purpose, on Infinite knowledge. It cannot be right, even when it appears right, it’s wrong. The only right is spiritual righteousness.

Every decision must come from the inner Christ of your being. Every activity must flow from the inner Christ of your being and then you never have to look back and wonder, “Will it work? Is it right? Am I protected?” If it’s a Christ action, it’s under God ordination. Now life built that way is a Divine life expressing.

Now then here, “I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will not walk in darkness,” is the key that as you live in Christ knowing that Christ is Infinite expression, individualized, perfect, in every way, containing every Divine quality, you truly are in the treasury of the Father. You’re out of livers and lungs and hearts and you’re out of bank accounts. You’re out of securities, you’re out of investments, you’re out of speculation. You have it all; the Infinite treasury of the light of God. And all of these things become so much of the background that they’re never in the foreground at all. New things take their place. Things like learning to live in the invisible kingdom of God where there are no physical houses, no physical people, no physical actions. Learning to live in your new home before the dissolution of the material body. This becomes much more important than the limited mortal plans of the human mind. And while you’re doing that, strangely enough, all of your human things are under Divine law anyway. The inner Christ has a thousand eyes, a thousand hands, a thousand ways of moving in the Divine rhythm of the Father.

Now it should be clear that revealed here is the Divinity of your being. I, in the midst of you am the light called Christ and I speak it not to you or you or you. I speak it to mankind. And therefore, wherever you or you or you hear it, know it is the truth of mankind. I in the midst of mankind am the light of the world.

That I in the midst of mankind is you. It isn’t saying that that I in the midst of mankind is also in you, it’s saying that the I in the midst of mankind is you. You cannot accept Christ identity where you stand alone. It isn’t true.

The I in the midst of all, is your name. And that’s true of each individual. I Christ everywhere must be your living name in your consciousness so that you’re not favoring the form that bears your human name or the possessions that bear your human name. That is a great error. The minute you favor the you or the friend or the loved one or the child or the mother, you’re stepping out of I Christ everywhere is my name.

You can never make God partial. The impartiality of Spirit must be defended with integrity. Only the Father knows what is right. No human mind can make that decision for God. We live in the impersonal everywhere I Christ, and then we’re not trying to send a little of I Christ to that one who happens to be my daughter or granddaughter or my lodge brother. You see the impartiality that must be maintained or else you’re out of it.

Now we have to come to another place where we’re not irritated by the endless irritations of the world because they’re all signs of living outside of our name. There are so many little irritations that pop up and they’re all signs to you that wherever the source of irritation is coming from has not been accepted by you as I Christ right there. That I Christ where the irritation is coming from is yourself and if you don’t hear it today, you’ll hear it next week. And if you don’t hear it next week, you’ll hear it next year because someday you’re going to see that yourself is the only Self there is. “I am the light of the world.” This is the revelation of the Oneself. There is no other. You must be the Self of the world for there is no other.

And so there is no one that you can say irritates you because there is no such being. The only being there is, is your own Self and if you want to irritate yourself that’s your privilege. But it isn’t true. You can’t rob from yourself. You can’t hate yourself. You can’t condemn yourself. You see that? You’ve got to come above the separated individuals that appear to the human eyes and see that only myself is everywhere and it is the light, the Christ of the world.

Why do we work at this so strenuously? Because we must live in the light while we are still in this world. Later there’s no time to work in the light. And so right here breaking into human consciousness is the Christ saying “I am the light of the world,” which is the revelation to you of your identity, the light of the world. The One Invisible Self is your identity.

Now watch how every word spoken here then is your identity speaking. Wherever you see I saying something, you should quickly know this means I Christ, my Self says the following. For this is revealing a quality of your being and each of these qualities of your being, when not accepted, represent your rejection of your own being. This is how we learn what we are. By I Christ speaking through Jesus to reveal us the qualities of the light of the world that we are.

Can you feel that inversion from humanhood as something new is growing out of us? Just as the tree grows out of the seed, I Christ is growing out into our consciousness from this human shell.

Now I Christ walks the earth in your Consciousness as your Consciousness, one with the Father and God becomes revealed to you as your individual Consciousness functioning through I Christ, the light of the world.

To the Pharisees, this is a man talking. To you and I, it must be I the Christ of our own being, our Infinite Christhood, our one indivisible Self revealing itself to human consciousness to take us out of the mesmerism of the world which in this particular case has a Roman empire holding men in bondage. Bring it up to date, we’re still in the same bondage. In bondage to passions, in bondage to ambitions, in bondage to the senses, in bondage to matter, in bondage to the dying sense of self.

It makes no difference if it’s a Roman empire or an aching heart. They’re both forms of bondage but I, the Light, takes us out of bondage to matter, bondage to the human limited mind, bondage to a changing life that must end. I Christ lifts us into Reality without end, into the Consciousness of the isness of God where we stand.

We look at the Pharisees. They say, “Thou bearest record of thyself; thy record is not true.” Now this is religion talking. Religion says to Jesus at this point, “Thou bearest record of thyself.” In other words, this is the place where religion personalizes Jesus. “You’re only a man. Who are you to talk like that.”

But I’m not a man. I’m the light of the world. I just told you I’m not a man. All those miracles you saw and others you will see are performed by the light of the world not by a man. And I’m not bearing record of a person called Jesus. “

Jesus answered and said, “Though I bear record of myself, yet my record is true: for I know whence I came, and whither I go; but ye cannot tell whence I come, and whither I go.”

Whence I came.” The life of God expresses as the light of the world. That’s not the physical light you see shining out of the sun. It’s the light that was there before the sun was.

Now then, he is revealing here the very substance of the book we’re studying.

I know whence I came and whither I go.”

He’s revealing that I the light of the world am one with the Infinite Father. That’s where I came from. God expresses as the light of the world and whence I go, the light of the world returns to the Father. The realization of One Infinite Being. And so really, the light of the world, although it appears to be speaking to Pharisees, isn’t there. The Pharisees aren’t there to the Light; the Light is there right where the Pharisees are. The Pharisees are but a concept. Every human you look at should become to you nothing but an externalized state of consciousness.

That’s all the Pharisee was, that’s all a person is, an externalized state of consciousness. What is there is, I, the light of the world and through the glass darkly of human consciousness, a person appears where I the light of the world am.

So, we look from our own inner Self and we know that even though persons appear, right there is, I, the light of the world. And that I the light of the world is your name. Are you going to accept your Invisible Self there or an externalized state of consciousness called a person? Your experience will be determined by whether you are accepting I the Infinite light or the visible material self. It won’t be what you say, what you affirm, it’ll be what your consciousness is. And so, this has to be worked with.

Ye judge after the flesh; I judge no man.”

The mortal mind of a mortal being sees flesh. That’s an adulteress. That’s a thief. That’s an important person, a VIP and that one over there is a skyjacker. But I, the invisible Christ judge no man because I Christ know only my Infinite Self.

Silence, (short pause) …

Now I ask you, when you hear a bird chirp, is that what you’re saying, “How pretty that sounds,” or are you knowing I Christ is the identity there and that identity which you’re calling bird is your invisible Self. I know this sounds very strange until you’ve had the experience of it. But there is no place where your invisible Self is not. It doesn’t matter if a tree grows there or a weed, a likable person or an unlikable one, a tiger or a giraffe. Only I Christ is there. Daniel in the lion’s den was a demonstration of that.

Every healing in all of the spiritual work you do is a demonstration of I Christ is all that is there. Turning the tidal wave, turning the windstorm, changing the weather, releasing the power of I Christ anywhere is the recognition of the One Cause as the One Self and the One Being.

For those of you who are having difficulty understanding that you are an Infinite Being named Christ, I refer you back to 8:12 of John and I ask you to look at it, and meditate upon it and know that it’s speaking of your Infinite self. 8:12

I am the light of the world.”

That’s why we must let light be. Let there be light as your Consciousness.

Yet if I judge, my judgement is true; for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me.”

Just in one place “I judge no man” and then “Yet if I judge,” and “If I judge my judgement is true: for I am not alone.”

Now there are different types of judgement. In one case judgement means condemnation. In another it means to judge from the standpoint of love, to judge spiritual consciousness, to judge the degree of spiritual consciousness attained. The I of your being knows the degree of spiritual consciousness in which you are. The judgement is an automatic one. It isn’t done by human thought. Either you are, I, or you are, I am not. And if you are, I am not, you’ve made the judgement. The I just stands there waiting for you to return.

Now doesn’t all this add up to Release Man? If you accept Christ, are you not releasing man? And what man are you releasing? Mankind. You’re releasing your individual concept of self as mortal being. That’s the man you’re releasing but because I am the Christ of the world, you’re releasing mankind everywhere in your consciousness. It doesn’t exist for you. It’s an externalized effect of the false consciousness separated from the Father.

However strange it seems at first, the fruitage is so over powering in so many ways that we welcome the strangeness. And we realize that it should sound strange. If it didn’t, we would just be doing what we did yesterday. The strangeness is a sign of the newness, of the progression and always there is new strangeness as you progress spiritually because you’re using unused muscles. You’re moving into unknown areas. You’re extending your consciousness into the unknown which has ever been present waiting to be known. The strangeness is of short duration.

Soon the world around you is more strange than the new Consciousness you’re developing. Soon to you, the world of evil is a stranger, the world of error, the world of bondage, the world of lack, the world of limitation, fear and doubt; to these you become a stranger. Why? They’re not in the light of the world. That’s where your consciousness remains. You learn to release mankind and the world and to you the Kingdom of God on earth becomes more and more a living reality in which you actually walk consciously. You experience the activity of God on earth. Always knowing that even now, this is a new beginning and you’re always in a new beginning. The light of your own being is the new beginning ever manifesting. You’re letting the light enter your consciousness as identity. And the world is shown to be a state of darkness.

We’ll rest in a meditation for a moment..

– End of Side One —-

The light of the world that you are, is not your form. It isn’t your human personality. It isn’t your human selfhood. The light of the world that you are is your identity in Christ. It is your spiritual Self and it has a spiritual body and it has a life which knows no birth and no death. It has a life which has never known sickness or disease. It has a life which has never known age. In fact, your Light Life has never known any problem of any kind. It is the light of God. It is your present identity and has ever been your identity and it will be your identity till the end of the world at which time you will discover that the Christ you have discovered to be yourself is the only Self you ever were.

Every error you have ever met in your entire lifespan has been a form of auto-suggestion, world mesmerism which has no place in your life. It has been a mental shadow appearing in form. It never had a cause. It never happened. It happened within a world consciousness. It never happened in the reality of Divine Consciousness. It happened in the illusion of mortal consciousness. That means it never happened. There has been no evil in your Divine life and there never can be.

Wipe the slate clean. Rest in your Divinity. I Christ of God, Light of the world, everywhere, perfect as my Father, now and forever and let Christ do the work. Let, don’t seek solutions. Let Christ reveal truth, reality, perfection, harmony. Let Christ do the work but first accept Christ to be your invisible light, everywhere.

My Grace will be thy sufficiency in all things.” Don’t be afraid to let Christ be your Grace. Fear not. It is I, Christ, the Light of the world, ever present as identity.

Silence, (pause) …

It takes a real big person to realize that humanhood is very small. A big person knows the smallness of humanhood, silently changes over to the Infinity of Christ as identity where “I and the Father are one.”

Thou seest me, thou seest him that sent me. I am the light of the world,” and you will never see me because that light is invisible.

That is what your heart and soul are saying, you are the invisible light of the world, the everywhere light. That is the child of God accepting Sonship, accepting God as the only Father, stepping out of the world into My Kingdom.

When we become aware, deeply aware of the nature of our own being, we become sometimes a bit frantic about it. We want to run everywhere and do so many things. Now that we have this priceless pearl in our consciousness, we say to ourselves, “Well, what do I have to do? What do I have to do?” And rather than do something about what you are, you find what you really have to do is not to accept yourself to be something that you are not.

For instance, suppose you were to say something is missing in your life, and of course we all feel something is missing or at least ten things. Now the moment you have something missing in your life, you’ve just denied yourself to be I Christ, haven’t you? You see how subtle it is. The moment I am missing this or that or the other thing, I’m not I Christ because nothing is missing in I Christ. “All that I have is thine,” says the Father to the Christ. And therefore the correct attitude is, no, nothing is missing, nothing is missing at all. I realize there’s an illusion of something missing but I Christ being the Divine image and likeness of the Father and that being my name, my identity, I’ll simply rest in what I am. And if something appears to be missing that is needed, why, it will appear. If it’s baggage lost in South Africa or if it’s funds needed for this or if it’s a ticket needed for that, whatever it might be that is necessary, will be manifest from my own being.

I Christ is the Creator from its own substance of all that is necessary.

And so, you’re never looking out for the new client, the new job, the new wife, the new husband, the child you want to adopt or the various things you think you’re missing. Why? They’re appearances in the world only because you’re not living in I Christ but when you do, you discover the truth; nothing has ever been missing. Nothing. It’s the Father’s word. Nothing is missing is the same statement as “All that I have is thine.” Nothing is missing. Even this instant, everything you have thought was missing is not missing in I Christ.

Every lack, every limitation, every finite thing that is short of something that you have wanted, all of this is the denial of identity. And so rather than go out to prove that I am I Christ or to attain that level of I Christ, that’s where you are. You don’t have to attain it. That’s the way you are. If somebody hands you a million dollars, you don’t have to go out and get a million dollars, you have it. Now just don’t waste it.

Now in the realization of I Christ, face all that denies you to be I Christ and refuse to be tempted out of it. You’ll find you’re very busy rejecting all of the things in the world that try to convince you that you’re everything but the light of the world. And you stay in that consciousness for a while, meeting the temptations with the knowledge that I Christ cannot be tempted out of Reality. I Christ am never hypnotized. I Christ am Reality containing all that the Father hath. Oh no, I can’t have a heart attack anymore. That’s sad, because I Christ can never have one. I can’t have liver trouble and I’ve even got to look at this bad back and realize it’s a denial of my identity. What condition do I have that is not in I Christ? That condition is a false consciousness. Every condition that is not in I Christ is a false consciousness. Therefore, what do I do about the condition? Rest in the knowledge that I am the light of the world. And there are no false conditions in the light of God. Oh, you’re now your own physician. Do you see the change in you that comes about when you can rest in your identity rather than let the things of the world and of the body pull you out of your identity?

One Christ Self, and the deeper this becomes – your awareness of your own self – the more you will recognize it as the truth of everyone you know. Then some of the things that are in this letter become so clear. This is still Release Man.

There is no such thing as personal evil.” That could be personal error, too, you see. “There is no such thing as personal evil.” Now, we’ve all got so many personal problems, and yet, there is no such thing. Why? Because we’re not talking about our identity. We’re talking about our limited consciousness. Our identity has no personal evil. Our identity is I Christ, light of the world. There’s no evil in I Christ. What about the evil we think we have? It’s false identity.

If you have a sore toe, it’s because that toe is on your foot. If that’s not your foot and the toe is sore, you don’t have a sore toe. It’s only because you’ve acknowledged that to be your foot. And if you don’t acknowledge anything but I Christ, where’s the sore toe? Where’s the evil? It’s in that which you have acknowledged to be yourself. But you’re not that self. And as you develop the capacity to be reborn from above, from the light, in the light, as the light, you’ll find you throw off these so-called evils because you realize they’re not in yourself at all. They’re in the limited appearance called yourself based upon your previously limited consciousness. More conscious of being the light, you become less conscious of the false self. You are reborn from above. This is the whole regeneration of which the Christ speaks to us. Be ye reborn of the Spirit, accepting I Christ.

Then we come to this.

There is no such thing as personal evil nor is there such a thing as evil for which you and I individually are responsible. We’re not responsible for any of the sins, the diseases, the lacks or limitations that come into our experience.”

Somebody has to be responsible. Where does the responsibility rest then?

It’s not our wrong thinking that produced them. It’s not our envy, it’s not our jealousy or malice that produced them. It’s not our greed, it’s not our lust, it’s not our mad ambition. These errors are due not to any fault to be found in us.”

Now you see, when you realize that this is Joel’s way of telling you that you are I Christ and that’s why these errors aren’t in you, you have the whole picture. These faults are not in us. Why? Because us is I Christ. The false sense of self has the faults. Don’t change the faults. Get out of the false sense of self. You’ll find that every error in your human sense of life is left behind when you step out of the false sense of self, instead of changing the errors.

These errors are not due to any fault to be found in us because in reality we’re not responsible for the evils which express themselves in us or through us.”

And he knows that’s going to make us feel wonderful so it comes right back with this. “This sounds very comforting for the moment but it becomes disturbing when I carry this to its logical conclusion and tell you that neither is your wife nor your husband responsible for any of these evils.”

Now we can’t say, “My husband who did this, caused this,” because your husband isn’t there. The Light of your Being is there and if you’re not willing to travel that route, you’re going to be stuck with the evils of this world. The Light of your Being is where you see a husband. The Light of your Being is where you see a wife or a child. Where are the evils? They’re not in the Light of your Being. They’re just hanging in the air as world mesmerism.

The truth about you, is that you in your true identity, are the child of God.” God has manifested its own life as your individual being.

Now that’s the very chapter we’ve been working on in John. God is your individual life. God is the light of your being. The life which is God is your individual life and it is eternal, it is immortal.

Where are all these evils? In our false sense of self. Do you see how they’re nothing like more than just a garment we wear? The only place you exist is in your consciousness. The only place the world exists is in your consciousness. Everything in the world, including your human self, exists in your consciousness and that consciousness, not living in I Christ, is a separated consciousness and nothing in it is real. Nothing. Only when it is oned with the Father, through I Christ in you, does your Consciousness reveal Reality.

And then you step out of the garment in which all of the evils are because they’re only part of the fabric of our mortal sense. You don’t have to get rid of them. You have to be what you are.

Your mind is actually that same mind which was in Christ Jesus. Many of us have been trying to attain the mind that was in Christ Jesus, but that is our mind. The moment you’ve found yourself to be I Christ, what is your mind? The mind that was in Christ Jesus. But that is our mind now.

Then what is this mind that tells us we’re evil, or we’re sinful or we’re guilty or we’re lacking? It’s the false sense of mind. What is the mind that tells us we’re defective in some way? It’s the false sense of mind. Should you get rid of the defect or the mind that is projecting a defect? Do you see that? You don’t get rid of the defect, you get rid of the mind that is projecting the defect.

How do you get rid of it? It isn’t your mind. You get rid of the mind that is projecting the defect by standing in your true Being and rejecting all that is not your true Self. There is no defect in I Christ the light of the world and that is your Being and therefore the false belief must be in a false sense of mind. Stand ye still. Face that false sense of mind with the knowledge that I am the I Christ of God, the mind of Christ is mine; in it there is no iniquity, no evil, no defect to be overcome. And let Christ do the rest.

We’re being given an Infinite physician, an Infinite treasury, an Infinite love, an Infinite beauty, an Infinite harmony, all as the very core of our own being. We change nothing in the world. We simply stand in Christ which is the Kingdom where the defects of the world have no existence.

Your mind is actually that same mind which was in Christ Jesus. Infinitely wise, Infinitely pure. Your soul is spotless. There is not anything that you could do that would change that because God is your soul.

Someone pops out of the sky, takes an airplane, tells eighty-eight people “You’re my hostage,” demands a half-a-million dollars. We think that’s terrible. Someone has taken control of our individual consciousness the very same way every day of our human lives. We’ve been skyjacked. Each one of us has permitted an intruder to take over our lives. It says to us, “You, you can’t see. You, you’re deaf. You, you’re getting old. You, you’ve got a bad heart.” That’s skyjacking. That’s human jacking. It’s taking a human being that doesn’t exist and telling them how sick they are when all that’s there is I Christ and that false sense of self has been hypnotized into thinking it’s there, where only the perfection of I Christ is. It’s been happening every day in our lives. Now it’s happening in our sky. The contamination of world consciousness appears in the sky, on the land and on the earth and in the sea. Everywhere, the hypnotist appears as the out picturing of a false state of consciousness. And while it’s happening, I Christ in you is being reborn into Consciousness.

There’s a passage in here, in this same chapter. They could not lay hands on him. They tried to. “No man laid hands on him; for his hour was not yet come.”

Why? How do you lay hands on I Christ? How do you lay hands on the light of the world? But you are the light of the world. How does anyone lay hands on the I Christ that you are? How does a germ enter the I Christ that you are? How does anything deprive you of what you are? Nothing can. Nothing can lay hands on the reality of you and only when you’re in the reality of you, are you un-enslaved and out of bondage to that which is not part of your true Being.

The reason he steps out and they cannot touch him is because Spirit cannot be touched by matter. Light cannot be touched by darkness. Immortality cannot be touched by mortality and the Self of you cannot be touched by any physical quality in this world. We’re learning to be that Self which is untouchable to the evils of the world. God is your individual being and all that attests to the opposite of that is world mesmerism using a mind that does not exist to broadcast a picture that is not true.

God is your very being and even your body is a temple of the living God.”

Don’t ever call your real body defective in any way because it isn’t. There’s no defect in your real body and as long as you live in a false sense of body, you will have a false sense of defects. But you needn’t. I Christ am the light of the world and I am your true Self and your true body and I am at hand, in the midst of you awaiting recognition. This is the truth about you, your life, your mind, your soul, your body, your being.

And then Joel concludes with this, “God constitutes the identity of your individual being.” There is no other. Now we’re not going to accept any other into our consciousness. God is the only life of all being.

And while you’re exonerating yourself from defect, while you’re saying I have no bad heart, please go all the way and see there is no bad heart now in the kingdom of God, anywhere. Don’t narrow it down to you, any more than you want narrow I Christ down to you. Mortal mind paints the picture of a bad heart all over the world. It’s as untrue in Alaska as it is untrue here. It isn’t true anywhere. It’s one universal lie. And every defect that you have multiplied ten million times is just one universal lie, all denying identity as the Christ of God.

God is the only mind. God is the only law operating and functioning. God is the only being, beside God there is no other.”

When we have established this firmly in our consciousness, we’re no longer thinking of a person as being sick or evil. I know it’s easy to say. Real easy. But it is the truth and we’re here to live the truth, to be the truth, to express the truth, to demonstrate the truth, to glorify the Father. It’s probably a lot more difficult to live the lie. It’s just that we haven’t known it. It’s much easier to live the truth than the lie, once you get started.

Now then, there’s no man, there’s no woman, there’s no child in Christ. There’s only Christ. Christ isn’t male. Christ isn’t female. Christ isn’t ten years old or fifty years old. Christ is Spirit. Christ is the pure light of God without defect. Every defect then in your life must now be regarded as false evidence of the sense mind. Really, the world mind appearing in disguise to tempt you out of I Christ. Yes, you may have had the condition for fifty years. It’s as much a lie now as it was fifty years ago. The whole fifty years of the condition is one continuous lie because I Christ was always your identity.

And so, we come to I, “The glory I had with thee before the world was,” Before this physical body was, before the many lifetimes were. That glory was your Christhood. And that glory that I had with thee before the world was is still mine. Your Christhood has never been anything less than itself. Your pure Selfhood has been intact awaiting the lifting up the Son of man, the regeneration from above, the awareness that all that is defective is a lie about God.

God is all and in God there is no defect therefore defect does not exist.

Mankind has said this quite a bit. Man has made a lot of statements about there are no evils but only when you stand in I Christ would you discover the power of the light. It is never in the tongue. It is in I Christ identity. That’s part of the healing Consciousness, part of the living Consciousness, part of the protective Consciousness. Always, I Christ is the fulcrum from which you come into the fullness of your being.

Now whatever is wrong with you, please, it’s as outdated as yesterday’s fashions. You can take it right off of your consciousness like a garment the moment you see that I Christ is your only identity. Let’s not live in an obsolete world when the Kingdom is here. Whatever overflows into the world from the Kingdom of Reality will be an appearance but at least it will be an appearance made manifest by Reality, by Truth and it won’t come forth defective.

There are just a few more statements here I’d like you to hear. These are all from the chapter Release Man. “It’s useless to look to anyone to find the cause of error either in a person or to attempt to uncover the wrong thinking that produced the error.” Because evil is never personal. It is always impersonal. It’s not happening in Christ. “We may hate, fear, commit adultery, even murder but it is not you or I doing this because the truth is that Christ is our true identity.”

All right. Fine. We accept that, now the next step comes. What about the flu? What about the infection? What about the contagion? What about the epidemic?

Joel’s answer is, “The appearance is not a person, not a condition, not a thing. It belongs to nobody. It is a universal mesmerism, it is a universal suggestion and it operates without being seen or heard yet it enters our consciousness.” That means the false consciousness, the human consciousness. “It enters without our being consciously aware of it. Fear, illness, sin, false appetites are projected in much the same way.”

Now then you see this subliminal way that error enters into the false consciousness. The false consciousness then perceives it and accepts it. The Consciousness living in I Christ would not be a false consciousness into which error could creep. There’s no subliminal activity in a true Consciousness, only in the false.

And so, “All evil has its source in the belief in two powers.” And that means two creators, that God is one power, one Creator and there’s another creator. Every evil has its belief, its rise in the belief that besides God, there’s another creator. But you know there’s only the Creator called the Father, the Infinite, the perfect Self and therefore, all evil, not coming from the one perfect Creator, when accepted, is only because we have somehow let our-self believe that there’s a second creator or a second power. Whereas, God is the only power.

Now if you know there’s only one Creator, you know there’s no evil. If you know there’s one Creator called God, perfect, you know there’s no real defect and the secret is the false consciousness that entertains the idea of the defect and the remedy for that is the true Consciousness, I Christ the light, immaculate as my Father. Now we’re back to one Creator, one Power, one Cause therefore one action, perfect as my Father.

You see why Jesus had to stand up there and say, “I am the light of the world.”

That’s the secret of the Christ message. “I am the light of the world.” I am the Christ of each individual on the face of the earth. Unless you’re in it, unless you understand it, unless you have fidelity to it, you’re in what is called sin and a greater evil comes upon you. You are not defective. There is no such you. That’s the meaning of Releasing Man.

Now perhaps we’re real strong in this direction and we can stand up to the tempters of the world when they invade our bodies and our minds and our homes and our nations. We can face them with the Truth of Being. I Christ is in the sky. I Christ is on the earth. I Christ is in the ocean. All these things are in I Christ. In the true Consciousness, the earth, the sky and the sea are the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and in them there is no defect. That is where we learn to walk.

Can we take a moment for meditation?

Silence, (short pause) …

Nothing is missing. Nothing right and perfect is missing. No matter what it is, it isn’t missing. It is in your Being, which is Christ. Rest there. Don’t be a two hour Christ or a ten hour Christ. Be Christ every moment of your day. How? Just reject all that denies you to be the light of God. Suffer any condition but know it is not there. Christ has no conditions. Your Father is unconditioned. The child of your Father is unconditioned. Perfection is the nature of the child of God. That is your name. And be patient. The new Consciousness, the rebirth is not accomplished by a word or a thought. It is a way of life and as you live this way of life, when you think not, quickly I come and I reveal to you the power of the Christ, the glory of the Father, glimpses of your own eternal life are made manifest to you in many ways.

It is more important to know yourself than it is to overcome a defect. The defect will go. It goes with the body but your Self is forever. Every ounce of spiritual consciousness you come into now is yours forever. The sowing to Spirit this moment and every now moment always leads to a reaping in the Spirit. You may sow in this lifetime and reap in another or you may reap in this one but be sure of this, there will be no reaping without sowing to the Spirit which is true identity.

Next week we’re going to do chapter three. I imagine we’ll still be in John 8.

Those of you who’ve told me about your experiences, naturally it’s most encouraging to know that we’re all moving into true identity realized and I repeat them to the class simply that we know the work is taking root.

Thanks again.

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