REALIZATION OF ONENESS by Herb Fitch Class 8: Crucify the Mind that Crucifies Christ

It’s good to see that some of you have returned and we can now proceed to outgrow last week’s consciousness.

You remember as a child how your parents were always concerned about the fact that every third week you needed a new dress or a new pair of pants. It seems that spiritually, if you don’t outgrow yesterday, you haven’t made any progress. And in order to do this, we have to face certain things that we find our mind is rather reluctant to face. The tempter in our midst prefers a state of stagnancy. It doesn’t want to stretch.

For instance, we all know the principle of omnipresence. Only Spirit is present everywhere. And while we’re saying this, accepting it, believing it, lo and behold there’s a human self walking this earth with your name. And it’s often difficult to step out of that fellow and to practice the principle of omnipresence because you must reconcile the two. There cannot be God everywhere and a human you there, too.

And as we forget this, what do we do? We fall into the normal rut of a human self, even the fellow we seem to like occasionally. But we are denying the all presence of God when we do it. Lo and behold, when we do it, we find that the government of God is not functioning in our human self, in our human experience. Something involuntarily has tempted us back into a sense of a mortal being. It isn’t something we sat down and decided to do. We had practically decided to do the very opposite.

But mortality is an involuntary state of being. It’s something thrust upon us and unless we constantly do something about it, we find that one way or another, our environment puts out all these lures to tempt us back into the belief that I am a human self. There’s nothing Divine about me, except occasionally like when the Father very kindly shows me a new level of myself or fulfills a personal wish of mine or in some way shows me some kind of graciousness for which I am grateful. Then, I’m Divine but outside of that, back to the human breathing, walking, talking individual.

Now, facing this is very difficult because you can’t give away mortality without something else to stand upon. You can’t give away the human mind without something else to think with. And so we defer this. But Christ within says, “Now is the time. Not tomorrow. Now. Today. Now is the only time.”

And then we finally are convinced that my function on this earth at the present moment is to accept Christ identity, walk in Christ identity, confer Christ identity upon everyone I know through inner recognition and finally, to not permit that which tempts me out of Christ identity to succeed. And so I look to this adversary and I find my own human mind is the tempter. My mind, unwittingly, tempts me out of Christhood into mortality, out of eternal life into a delayed suicide. And so the tempter finally is identified as my human mind.

All that talk about why the mind cannot know truth comes down to the fact that the mind is opposed to my own Christ identity. And twenty four hours a day, unless I am conscious of the fact that the mind is anti-Christ, that mind is going to crucify my identity. I’m going to walk this earth in humanhood letting the mind of me crucify the Self of me as it glorifies the form.

Facing this becomes more than a challenge because the Christ says to us, “It is either Christ or perish.” It is either regeneration as the Christ of God or perish. You cannot serve God except as Christ, or else you will serve mammon.

Now then, Christ identity is opposed by my mind. And now I have the opponents, my mind and myself. And somewhere in there, there’s got to be a conscious Self which has transcended the mind which is living in and as and through its own Christhood willing to defend its Christhood faithfully; unwilling to accept the possibility that anywhere on the entire earth, anywhere in the entire universe there can be any person or any condition or any situation unlike Christ. It’s either accept one infinite Christ or perish.

And the day when you realize this is the day when you know you have matured. There’s no fractional Christ. There’s no limited Christ. There’s no space-time Christ. There’s no human Christ. There is only I Christ, the Son of God, the infinite Christ and that must be our name accepted and the human mind which cannot embrace this Infinity becomes very clearly a faculty which is not capable of accepting the Christ of God.

And you will try to pour all truth into that human mind and it will say, “I understand.” And then you will discover it understood nothing. The human mind is incapable of understanding Infinity. It being finite, it cannot understand that which is Infinite.

And finally you lose all dependence on the human mind as an instrument for Christ. It is not the Christ mind. You cannot rely on it to walk in the Kingdom of God. It will continue to imprison you in the dream. This is a hard truth to face.

We’ve been very willing to go higher and higher in our work knowing more Truth but we’ve been stuffing it into that mind and you cannot go all the way with that mind.

Today I think, John has given us a fairly convincing statement by the Christ that the human mind is probably your last barrier. It maintains the myth of mortal flesh, the myth of a material world, the myth that evil can exist where God is. All of the myths of the mind are destroyed not by destroying each individual myth but by instead of crucifying Christ Self, crucifying that mind.

And so we have a paradox because the very mind we intend to crucify says, “I’m even going to fool you. You’re going to think you’re crucifying me but I won’t let you. I may even play possum and you might think you are, but I won’t let you.”

The mind you’re going to try to crucify is going to oppose you and it’s going to wear disguises. The disguises will be numerous and you must alert yourself to the fact that the last barrier being the mind, that you must leave no stone unturned to unseat it.

You take this chap who rowed across the ocean. He wasn’t concerned about anything but getting there. He knew there’d be wind. He knew there’d be waves. He knew there’d be sharks. He knew there’d be distance. He knew there’d be dark, lonely nights. He knew all of the problems.

We know the problems but we have a destination and even though there are thousands of miles, even though they’re going to be lonely, our destination is to be what we are and the human mind will not permit us to be what we are. It wants us to be human mortal beings and our destination being Christ, we set out in Christhood resolved not to let the human mind distract us from our journey in the Kingdom of God. Not to protract the dream, not to envelop us in mortal, material myth and it matters not what the obstacles because you either walk in Reality or in a dream. And every obstacle is in the dream. There are no obstacles in Reality. You can recognize the dream by the fact that it presents obstacles.

The mind will say to you, “There is not one indivisible infinite Self.” And before you know it, you’re tricked into that belief. And every time you are tricked into the belief that there’s more than one infinite indivisible Self, you have succumbed to another disguise of the human mind. You have crucified Christ.

Now as we go through John 8, from 31 or 32 on, again let us clarify who is speaking these words so that we can bring them into our now experience. You know that Truth does not change. Truth yesterday is Truth today, will be Truth tomorrow. Truth is always Truth. And if this was Truth at the moment that it was uttered in the time period, it is Truth at this moment.

Now we have the Pharisees and we have Christ Jesus. And let us now see very clearly that Christ Jesus represents the Christ of your being; that the Pharisees represent the mind or human form, representing the mortal sense of life. The Christ is the Divine life, the Pharisees are the mortal sense of life.

And that is the truth now. The mortal sense of life in us receives the word of the Divine life. And we want to measure our mortal sense against this Divine life to see if we actually are any further than the Pharisees.

Now He speaks to those who believe on Him. I think it’s 31.

In 30: “As He spake these words, many believed on him. And then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If you continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.”

Now if ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.”

If we are not in the Word, we are not the disciples of Christ. And so we must be sure we know what the Word is. Now you know we have been stressing Christ identity and you can clearly see that Christ identity is the Word.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and with God.”

The Word was Christ, you see. In the beginning was Christ and Christ was God and was with God. And Christ was the light of God and that light, that life of God was the light of all men. The Word, you see, is always Christ identity. And if you continue in my Word, if you continue in Christ identity, how narrow the way and yet how infinite.

To those who believe, He said, “If you continue in my word.” That means you must continue in Christ identity and if you are not concentrating on being Christ, living Christ, rejecting all that tempts you out of Christ, you cannot continue in My Word. Even a moment of turning away from identity brings you into automatic mortality.

Lifting up the Son of man, which is Christ, in yourself, continuing in Christ identity, brings you then to a true disciple. There is no such thing as a disciple of Jesus Christ who does not know himself to be I Christ.

You can even have a little White House Bible lesson every day and you may send for the greatest protestant evangelist in the world and he may take you aside and read a little passage to you each day and if you don’t know your name is I Christ, you’re not a disciple of Jesus Christ.

It makes no difference what words you read or how hard you study, if you’re not in identity, you’re out of focus, you’re not a disciple of the Christ; a disciple of the Christ means I am the Christ.

Now to those who believe, He said. “Believe what?” They believed that there were miracles. Oh, they loved those miracles. They believed that even he could perform miracles. They believed there was some truth he knew but when it came right down to changing themselves, that belief didn’t go far enough.

Why don’t you just do the miracles for us? We’re busy with our mortal lives.”

That’s the human mind in us then, that believes. It thinks it believes but it will not be Christ. It will not die to mortality to let Christ live itself as the only identity.

And mortal mind then continues in a state of ignorance of Christ because only when you continue in My Christhood will you know the Truth. You cannot know the Truth in your human mind, only by continuing in My Word. And then the Truth that you know will make you free. It doesn’t say it will make others free, it says, “You.” The Truth that you know will make you free.

It is your consciousness of Christ as your identity that makes you free but you cannot wave this as a dispensation to twenty others and say, “Here, I free you.” You cannot make Peter walk upon the water. You can, as the Christ, but only the Christ will walk upon the water, no mortal being. And you cannot grant Christhood to someone who will not develop the consciousness that they are the Christ.

Some have asked me, “Well, if I become illuminated, isn’t this going to help my family?”

Well, Jesus was illuminated. It didn’t help the Pharisees around him. It can only help those who want to move in your path with you. Those who want to open their hearts and their minds. Those who want to give away the myth of mortality and say, “Yes, yes I want the Christ. I want to understand the inner teachings.” But you can’t force it on anyone. You can’t give them Christ. They have it.

If you continue in my word, ye are disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

And now we say, “Free of what?”

The human mind thinks it is free. It has freedom. It can wake up in the morning or go back to sleep. It can decide where it wants to work and where it doesn’t want to work. It can decide what to eat and what not to eat. It has all the freedom that it wants. It has the freedom to commit error. It has the freedom to commit murder. It has the freedom to be poor. It has the freedom to be sick. It calls that freedom. It has the freedom to go to war. It even has the freedom to go to war and pretend that God is in favor of going to war. That’s the human mind. It has all these present little tricks of its own.

Before Christianity was formulerized, the little fishes or the early Christians were doing quite well, teaching Truth to isolated groups until the state decided that they needed a little help to get the people on their side. They weren’t able to do it with law. They weren’t able to do it with force. And so they talked the nice innocent early Christians into becoming a state religion. Then they proceeded to emasculate that state religion down to a thing called “We worship God, we worship Jesus Christ.”

And if you feel overtones of that in Washington today, you are quite right. You can’t give God-sanction to war by posing with an evangelist. “Thou shall not kill.” It doesn’t say thou shall not kill unless someone is trying to kill you. You can’t sanctify war. You can’t sanctify killings. We must get back to the principle of omnipresence.

I Christ here. I Christ there. I Christ in Washington. I Christ in the street. I Christ in every country and it makes no difference who lives in that country as a human being, friend or enemy. I Christ is the only inhabitant and unless this is your consciousness, you are crucifying Christ. You cannot have one place in your universe which is not the invisible I Christ. And you cannot have another place where the invisible I Christ is sharing that place with something visible. Omnipresence is a fact. The denial of the fact does not change the fact. The human mind denies the fact hoping in some way the fact will disappear but it will always be the fact that only the Christ of God is omnipresent. There’s nothing else present but the invisible Spirit of the Father and that is our name. It is the name of neighbor, of friend and foe.

Without the recognition of I Christ you merely perpetuate the illusion of separation, false powers, illusion of mortality, and the illusion of form, and finally the illusion of war, plus the things that are derived from war; hate, suspicion, poverty, famine, lack, limitation. The perpetuation of all that is not I Christ becomes anti-Christ.

And so we’re not fooled by photos. We’re not fooled by false piety. We’re not fooled by human worshipping of God. The only way to worship God is to accept God on God’s terms that I am the Only. Beside Me there is no other. And therefore, your only identity can be the Only. You cannot have omnipresence and a human self.

If you continue in My Word, omnipresent Christ, omnipresent Spirit, omnipresent God and only then are you my disciples indeed and then “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

Now this principle then, is riveted home to us so that in the knowledge of omnipresence, we can never mix evil. Where is evil in omnipresence? Evil is only there when we have no conscious knowledge of omnipresence. The moment you have accepted evil, you have denied the omnipresence of Spirit, of God, of Christ. Who have you crucified? Your Self. Every mention or thought or belief in the presence of evil is self-crucifixion. You crucify the invisible everywhere Christ of your own being.

Now then, we have omnipresence as a fact and all that denies this cannot be a fact, must be an unreality. The Reality is the everywhere Christ; the unreality is the belief that something else is there. Evil therefore, hits the consciousness of omnipresent Christ I am and it is dissolved because the darkness cannot exist in the light of Truth.

There is no evil in God. Therefore, you cannot continue in My Word and still believe in evil. To continue in My Word means to do what My Word teaches and My Word teaches there is no evil in God. Resist not evil. There is no evil. And under the heading of evil, you can take everything that’s wrong in our world. Everything that’s wrong is evil. But there is no evil in God and God is everywhere. Evil then is revealed as the myth that exists in the dream of mortal mind. Else why a Christ message at all?

Now we’re resting in omnipresence as a fact to become permanent Consciousness. And if we’re in it, living it, having established it, evil becomes to us non-existent. The merest acceptance of evil would be the denial of the Word which we’re to continue in, in order to know truth that sets us free.

And so resolutely, we stand in I Christ omnipresent Self, Divine Self everywhere, one, indivisible, omnipresent Self. Where is the evil? It has no place in the Kingdom of God. It has no place in the Divine Consciousness. It has no place in your Christ Consciousness. Where is the evil? It lingers only in the perceiving human mind.

Now you can go nitpicking and try to get it out. You can continue for a lifetime but it won’t work. The human mind itself has no existence. It doesn’t exist because the omnipresence of Christ means that all that is present everywhere is the Christ mind. There is and never has been a human mind.

But if you go right on believing what the human mind says, thinks and decides, again you’re crucifying Christ. You’re crucifying your own identity. So you must finally accept either your human mind or the omnipresence of God as the Christ invisible of everyone who walks the earth. There is either the Christ mind indivisible or four billion human minds. You know they are not Divine mind for they see evil and there is no evil in God.

Now shall you fear another human mind if it doesn’t exist? Shall you fear what another human mind can dream up to do to you? Shall you even fear that a human mind may embroil you in a war? Is there anything that can be power in a human mind if it has no existence?

You say it can make atom bombs. It can make bullets. It can manufacture all types of things to destroy the human body. It can pollute the entire environment. Yes, it certainly can if you let it. If unreality can pollute your environment, you’re really hypnotized.

Nothing changes the omnipresence of God and therefore, what is pollution? Is it real? What is an atom bomb? Is it real? What is a material power? Is it real? Is the Christ message teaching us that material powers are power? Or is it telling us that if you know the Truth, the Truth will make you free. It must mean free of material powers, free of atom bombs, free of insecticides, free of pesticides, free of death itself. Surely there’s more to the message when it tells us that it makes us free. It doesn’t mean just free of temporary discomforts. It means free forever. It is the path to eternal freedom. You must respect omnipresence in the light of every material power.

Now if you cannot, you must face the opposite consequence. You cannot know the Truth and therefore you cannot be made free. You must suffer the consequences of believing in the unreality as a reality to you. If you believe the atom bombs are real, the bullets are real, death is real, poverty and famine are real, they are to you, real to the human mind which believes them.

But the miracle of Christ says, “Believe on Me and the works I do, you shall do.”

So, we’re at a momentous place where everything the human mind believes is a power is being dethroned by the Christ conscious individual who can walk here and now in the omnipresent Spirit. Independent of material and mental form. Independent of all of the conditionings of the human mind. All of the concepts that we have thought were riveted down as permanent fixtures.

The Christ mind is saying, “When you’re in my mind, you will discover there is no power in this world.” The only power present is the power of Christ which is the power of God expressing its own continuous perfection.

That’s the eternal promise of the Christ mind. If you continue in Christ identity, omnipresent, infinite Self without division, you’ll be taken right out of the belief in divided forms which have power.

And of course, the Pharisaical mind says, “Well, this is just too much to swallow.” What is he talking about?

The finite mind looks at the Infinite and says, “I can’t hear a word you’re saying. It doesn’t make sense.” And it never does. And so as you continue in that finite mind, it will not make sense. Not until something touches you sufficiently to build the vacuum of the mind, the vacuum in which you’re not listening with the mind. But you’re listening in the infinity of the Christ as the Christ. You have to establish yourself to be the Christ before you can hear the inner Word, the miracle Word, the spellbinding freedom Word. You cannot hear it as long as you sit there in that human mind.

And so, the Pharisee continues right on its way doing what its always done. “They answered him, We be Abraham’s seed. We were never in bondage to any man: how sayeth thou, Ye shall be made free?”

Well, Abraham was a pretty important fellow. They’re all descendants from Abraham. And you may think, “Well, my great grandfather was Secretary of the Navy under such and such a President and my other ancestors came over here and in fifty two right after Sutter’s Mill” We go back and say, “I was a descendant of this and I was a descendant of that.” We find all the great descendants, the great ancestors we have had. And we’re mighty proud of them. We come of this stock and that stock. “We’re Abraham’s seed.” Same thing.

But they were Abraham’s seed of the flesh, not of the Spirit. They were physically descendants of Abraham and we are physically descendants of this ancestor and that ancestor but sad to relate, our ancestors were just as ignorant of Truth as we. They were still physical beings, too. They weren’t living in the omnipresence of Christ. If they had, we would be living in the omnipresence of Christ now. We all can be proud of our physical ancestors but the great shock is that we have no mortal ancestors at all.

Yes, they be Abraham’s seed and they’re free. They’re free to pay taxes to Rome. They’re free to live in fear. They’re free to be haunted by the fact that any time now, Rome is going to come in and demand more taxes. They’re free to indulge their animal passions and personal desires. That’s the kind of freedom the human mind knows.

The human mind even convinces us that we are free and you know we’re not free. We’re very limited. Our freedom goes right up to our fence and no further. Our freedom extends for a short period, about seventy or eighty years. And then we’re no longer free. Our freedom lasts twenty minutes if a germ decides to pull up stakes inside of our digestive system.

All of our freedoms are very false. They’re really freedoms of the human ego, pretenses, facades that we wear called freedom. And they’re just straw men. He’s talking here about freedom that is real. And the Pharisees – the human mind, remember – the human mind thinks it’s free, the proud human ego.

How sayeth thee we should be made free? And Jesus answered them, I say unto you, whosoever commiteth sin is a servant of sin.”

Now this is the beginning of the revelation here of involuntary bondage. These men think they’re free but they’re under slavery. They’re slaves to the world mind and know it not. Their sin is that they do not know who they are. They do not know God aright. They do not know Reality. And therefore they do not know how to live in Reality and they are therefore not only physically in bondage to Rome, but they’re in bondage to something greater than Rome. They’re in bondage to a mind they cannot see. A mind which in the world becomes their individual mind and controls them from within.

Each human being is revealed here as a servant of sin. Why? Because the mind of a human being is controlled. It does not know Christ. And what does it know? It can only know the opposite, anti-Christ. It does not know omnipresence of God. Therefore, what does it know? It believes there’s a place where God isn’t or there are places where God isn’t functioning. It finally divides God up into a half a God and puts Him upstairs and the downstairs goes to the devil. The human mind thinks down here we’re held in bondage but up there, God is watching over us in some way and someday we’ll be delivered. The human mind does not recognize God present where we are. It has no capacity to do this.

And so man continues as a servant of sin. The condition of humanhood, of the human race is to be a servant of sin while professing to worship God. And only Christ identity accepted in you for everyone including yourself takes you out of being a servant to sin. For sin will soon be shown to be nothing but false identity. False identity must serve its own father. As a false identity, you cannot serve the Father which is in heaven, you serve the father of that false identity. And so the human race is revealed as serving its false father. And therefore servant to sin.

The servant abideth not in the house forever but the Son abideth ever.”

This was an allusion to a practice in those days whereby the servants were hired for a period of time, let’s say five or ten years and after they served, they went on. They didn’t abide in the house forever. But the heir, the son of the master of the house, he eventually got the house. He abided forever. And they were using the imagery of that day to show that only the Son of God lives forever whereas the servant of sin, the mortal, is a transient. He can’t stay in the house, he’s just there for a short time. He’s an employee. He’s not heir to the kingdom. He doesn’t abide forever.

And so now we’re shown that if you rest in mortal mind, death is inevitable. You cannot abide forever. And when you accept Christ omnipresence, life is inevitable. You’re really choosing between life and death when you choose between being mortal or being the omnipresent Christ.

If the Son therefore shall make thee free, ye shall be free indeed.”

The Son is Christ. Christ is infinite and only in infinite Christ can you be free. Any other way is a mortal mind deception.

Now these are the words of Christ spoken seemingly two thousand years ago but because Truth doesn’t change, the Truth this minute is that unless Christ identity is accepted, making you realize you are the Son of God or the individualization of Infinity. Infinity individualizes as Christ. Infinity individualizes as you. Infinity individualizes everywhere as the ocean breaks into waves. Every wave is in the ocean and the ocean is in every wave. Where you recognize that you are the ocean breaking into a wave called Christ and that everywhere is Christ, everywhere is ocean, everywhere is the one same substance without division, you have accepted the Son as your identity. And then you will be made free because freedom is in Christ.

Freedom from the bondage to time and space, to lungs and hearts, to bank accounts, to physicality, to life spans. You see the stakes are quite different from the world that’s been led to believe. We can walk in freedom from a physical world. We can walk in freedom from the concepts of birth and death. We can walk in freedom from the concept of a growing human being. But we can walk in no other kind of freedom because it’s the only kind there is. Only in Sonship, omnipresent Christ-ship is there that freedom. And it would be ridiculous to be teaching it here in the Bible if it were unattainable.

Again, the drama of the mind of man called the Pharisee and the soul of man speaking here as the Christ is very clearly what is happening every second in our lives. The soul is saying these things to the mind, and the mind is rejecting them but as we are confronting ourselves with the Truth that we are either faithful to the Word or not, those who select fidelity to the Word discover that even though Christhood is a strange state of being for themselves to accept, it’s the only thing they can accept to be faithful to the Word. For the Word is Christ. And therefore, when you say I am that Christ, you cannot be speaking out of the other side of your mouth about a human being who has a cold or a headache or bad prospects or some kind of deficiency in the human world. You’re not both, the Christ and the creature.

The mind which is rejecting the words of Christ is also rejecting Divine identity and then it continues in its false world of good and evil because it is divided. It is separated from its own reality. And this mind which all through the book is represented as the Pharisee is our own human mind. Who cares about the Pharisee? They’re talking to our human mind. And our human mind is always giving back talk to the Christ. And finally we stand and pause a moment and realize my human mind is really rejecting Christ when it isn’t accepting Christ. I’m either assuring my funeral or I’m preventing it. I either understand or I go right on in my own obdurate way thinking that my own mind can wish it through in its own way and push aside facts that cannot change.

So the Pharisees are being the mule here. The mind says, “We don’t quite get your point mister. We are free. We’re pretty important people.” The human mind of us is always saying this to Christ.

So, he says, “I know you are Abraham’s seed but ye seek to kill me because my word hath no place in you.”

The killing has been represented as the Pharisees killing Jesus. Don’t believe it. This is the mind of you crucifying Christ in you. The human mind seeks to kill the Christ. How? It won’t let Christ live. It’s going to perpetuate its own sense of life.

And the miracle is that here, in time, two thousand years ago stands your own Christ saying to your own mind that which you are to realize right here and now, that your mind is crucifying Christ until you accept Christ. And you know precisely why the mind is doing this.

In order to stop crucifying Christ, the mind must crucify itself. That’s the only way it can stop crucifying Christ and it won’t do it. It won’t do it until something else in you takes hold. You’re going to crucify your mind or the Christ. And you’re going to live in that which remains; your mind or the Christ. And you’re going to experience the result of that to which you have sown. If you crucify the Christ, you will reap corruption. If you crucify the mind, you will reap life everlasting.

The death of the human mind is the birth of Christ realization. And then the realization of the Christ mind which transforms you, letting in the flood of light from the Infinite expressing as the Divine Self. Certainly a big order and when nothing else has worked, you’re finally ready.

If ye be Abraham’s seed, why do you try to kill me?” If you’re so proud of your ancestors, the stock you came from, why do you kill Christ? And the Christ you’re killing is you. For you are the very Christ you kill by remaining in a mortal mind.

I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father. “

Now this is the revelation of something quite sensational. Of course you know it all from Joel’s books. But here we’re seeing the Biblical authority for it.

I do what I have seen from my Father and ye do what you have seen from your father.”

Now, he’s speaking to the mortal mind from the Christ mind and the Christ mind says, “I do what I have seen from My Father.” In other words, I the Christ mind am the expression of the Divine Father and you the mortal mind, you are the expression of the mortal father.

Now you know most of the God believing section of the world still believes that God created mortal man. And here you know, there is shown to be two fathers and they’re not both God. The father of mortal man is shown not to be God. God is the Father of Christ. Who’s the father of mortal man? So Christ says, “I do what my Father tells me. You’re doing what your father tells you.” Christ is revealing that the father of the mortal race, the father of the human race is not God.

It’s quite stupendous when it clarifies itself within us to learn that not only have we been learning that God is not the father of the human race but here it is in black and white from the words of God speaking through Christ. God is saying, “I am not the father of the human race.” And if you can find any other meaning out of that, I’d like to hear about it sometime.

God is saying point blank. God is only the Father of Christ that is why Christ can say, “I do what I see of my Father but you do what you see of your father.” And when he speaks, he’s not speaking just that the Pharisees are not the children of God, he’s speaking that everyone in their human mind is not the child of God. Because the human mind makes a human being and a human being is not the child of God. Obviously, we have to stop being human beings or we continue not being the child of God.

Well “They answered and said unto him, but Abraham is our father.” He was a great patriot. He’s their father. They have descended physically from Abraham. So they think that makes them the child of God.

But Jesus says to them, “if ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham. But now you seek to kill me, a man that has told you the truth which I have heard from God: that did not Abraham.”

Abraham is really a symbol of the consciousness that turns to its Divine Self. Abraham is a symbol of surrender, capitulation to Christ. That’s why Abraham tithed to Melchizedek which is the Christ figure in the early part of the Bible. Abraham tithed to Melchizedek. Abraham sacrificed his son or was willing to. In other words, Abraham was accepting the omnipresence of Christ. Abraham had achieved the consciousness of Christ.

They were physical children but not spiritual children. They hadn’t understood the spiritual Abraham. They had not followed in his footsteps to sacrifice themselves to the same Christ to which he had. They were Abraham’s physical descendants but not his spiritual descendants. And there are spiritual descendants in Judaism who are spiritual descendants of Abraham but they are called the Israelites. Those who had followed in the footsteps of Abraham, surrendering to Christ, they are the Israelites. Quite a difference from the Pharisees. And so the Pharisees were not doing the works of Abraham.

Ye do the deeds of your father.” They were doing the works of mortal mind.

Now, this is revealing further that when you’re not in the Christ mind or the Christ identity which is one and the same, you are doing the works of your father. And your father is the world mind. Now the world mind is also called the devil. And so the devil is the father of the human race. That which is called the devil in the Bible is revealed here as the father of the human race. The world mind gives birth to that which we call human form, not God.

Ye do the deeds of your father.”

You see, if they were born of the Father, would they be trying to kill Christ Jesus? They’re born of the world mind, the mortal mind. And that’s why they’re trying to kill Christ which is all the great symbol of that which is born of the world mind rejects Christhood in itself. It has no capacity to understand Christhood. To understand Christhood would be self-extinction to the mortal mind.

Ye do the deeds of your father.”

Now look around the world and you’re looking at the deeds of world mind. The world mind performs the deeds in the world through those who are not in Christ consciousness. All the things you see in the world are performed by the world mind through the individual human being.

Ye do the deeds of your father.”

This is controlled. The human being has nothing to say. He thinks he’s free but he is doing the deeds of his father.

– End of Side One —-

[He is not doing] the deeds of God. When it says “Let’s go to war with this country,” is it doing the deeds of God or of his father? His father is revealed as not God but the belief in the absence of God. Mortal mind has no concept or awareness of the Presence of God. That’s why it puts God up in the sky.

Do you see that sin is automatic, that sin is automatic for every human being? A human being is controlled but doesn’t know it. World mind controls every human being on the face of the earth. World mind does the breathing and world mind decides when to stop breathing. World mind beats the heart and decides when to stop the heart.

World mind individualizes just as the ocean individualizes into waves, the world mind individualizes as the individual human mind. It has its own captive audience now and in you and me the human mind is going twenty four hours a day turning away from Christ, broadcasting a world situation, doing the deeds of our father and our father is right here indicated to be the world mind – until we awaken from that dream. The world mind functioning each individual builds the dream, the atom dream, the dream of a human self-hood, a mortal being, not under the law of God, not governed by God, not living in the Kingdom of God, struggling and striving to survive in a world of opposites, in a world of animosity, in a world where what is called life can become death in five seconds.

This is the controlled dream of the world mind operating through its outlets in each human being called the human mind. This is the Christ message to us, “Ye do the deeds of your father.” And if you’re not aware of this, you continue right on doing the deeds of your father because not knowing that world mind is living through and as you, you continue to turn away from the Christ which liberates you from the dream, satisfied with moments of good, hoping to perpetuate them, hoping to convert moments of bad into moments of good, continuing on this way until the bubble of the dream is burst, until the image is no longer even an image.

Ye do the deeds of your father,” says Christ to the human mind.

Fortunately, we’ve all been lifted up sufficiently so that we can understand these things now. We can see the futility of continuing in humanhood. It has no place to go. We can see why the message was pushed aside. We can see why we, in previous incarnations could not understand the message. But each incarnation possibly lifted us higher and higher to the moment where we can look at it without blanching. Where we could realize this isn’t something to look at with suspicion anymore but it is really offering to us a sort of a communion with our own soul. Finally, glimmering through the clouds of mistrust and doubt comes the realization that these are the words placed here by our own soul to edify us, to lift us out of the false sense of life, the sense of life that ends.

When we can see that we are the Pharisees who are doing the deeds of our father who is not God, we know we’re in the wrong place and the wrong time and the wrong body, in the wrong sense of self. We’re still in the dream. And we might even be grateful for the knowledge that we have recognized the nature of the dream. For only armed with that understanding can we concentrate upon standing in true identity so that the dream could not perpetuate itself through our enlightened consciousness.

We have been doing the deeds of our father up to the point where we began to know that God was present right on the earth, that God was the very living Spirit of our own being and that superimposed upon the truth of our being was a sense mind world, appearing only within that sense mind.

And now detaching from it, finding in the midst of it, the very manufacturer of that sense mind world to be my mind in collusion with the world mind, we are attaining a level of freedom which is known to few people on the earth. But it is definitely part of the way-showing for the Kingdom of God for all those who have reached that level of understanding which says, “To mine own Self, I will now be true, not to this self imposed upon me from birth, not to the human sense of things which was clamoring for some kind of security, not to the limited sense of success that the mind had tried to saddle me with. I’m bursting all the bonds, going all the way. I’m getting in that row boat and I don’t care where that ocean comes or doesn’t come, how the winds howl, or how the sharks prowl. The other side is where I’m going. And when that conviction in you is established, your row boat is Christ. And you’ll find there’s no ocean and there are no sharks and there’s no wind. All there is, is Christ and that’s your kingdom.

I think here, we’ll pause a little. Let’s just meditate for a moment and get a feeling now of the infinity of Christ.

I in the midst of every individual on the earth am Christ. I in the midst of John, Mary, James, I in the midst of everyone am greater than the human being who walks the earth. I the invisible Christ am real, living presence, everywhere. I am your name and your identity everywhere. And if you will continue in my Word, in my identity so that your identity and Christ are one identity, if you will accept that you are in the midst of everyone on the face of the earth, that you have neither friend nor foe. It is all your Self. If you will accept that you are the one infinite Christ Self, you are continuing in the Word. And that is your contact with the Infinite. That is how you open yourself to the Divine. That is how you break the bondage of the dream of mortality. That is how you rise above the limitation of a human mind.

And then I will perfect and perform all that concerneth you. For I in the midst of thee am greater than all who walk the earth, than all material powers. There are no conditions that can attack Christ. There are no conditions that can overcome Christ. When you are standing in I Christ, the infinite, indivisible Self of the universe, you are unconditioned and that Consciousness externalizes as an unconditioned universe for you. Animosities are withdrawn, discords are dissolved, darknesses are enlightened. The lacks and limitations of the conditioned world around you are dissolved for you through the measure of your conscious awareness that your name is I, the infinite indivisible Christ of the universe. Then you do not the deeds of the world mind. Then you do the deeds of the Divine Father which expresses through and as your being.

(Silence, long pause….)

Again step out of human sense of self at this moment by stepping out of your environment as we did before to feel the Infinity of your Self. Unconfined to a temporary form, life itself, without boundaries, not living in a temporary environment but living in the eternal Reality of life now, one Self, everywhere, perfect free Spirit. Omnipresence is your name. Omnipresent Christ.

There is no one in this world who is not the omnipresent Christ invisible. Make no exception. All are externalizations of the world mind but that does not change the Reality behind everything. The omnipresent Christ is your name right where these forms appear. Crucify the forms or you crucify the Christ.

All power flows from this conscious continuous realization. That’s where your Spiritual power comes from. You won’t have to waste your time thinking out answers to things. You rest in this infinity of Truth and behold, the omnipresent Christ of your own being removes all that is unlike itself from your experience.

Not once a day, but try to establish this as frequently as you can until you know that you can rest back in it at will.

We’ll have a short intermission now. Back in about five, ten minutes.

I think we’ll stay with John 8 because the condition of the human mind is now taken somewhat aback by this attack of the Christ.

Ye do the deeds of your father” and the human mind responds, “We be not born of fornication. We have one Father, even God.”

Now when they say “even God”, that means Jehovah in Hebrew. We have our God but what is this god of the mind? The god of the mind has established good and evil. God hasn’t established good and evil. Who has established good and evil? And that’s why the Bible is written, to show us that the mind worships the devil. The mind worships the belief in good and evil thinking that it’s believing in God. The mind is automatically divided into good and evil.

And so when you come to the place where you’re going to no longer accept the decisions of your mind, you’re going to see that the only difference between the Christ mind and the human mind is that the human mind believes in good and evil. The Christ mind doesn’t believe in good and evil. It believes in the omnipresence of God. And the mind of the human which believes in God but not in the omnipresence of God isn’t believing in God at all. It’s believing in its own false concept about God and it’s worshipping its own false concept.

It’s even believing that God created an imperfect human being. And by worshipping a false god, it believes that the human sense of self is the true being. Everything is watered down by the false belief of the hypnotized mind. “We believe in God,” it says, “arightly.” And so if you say to every religion on the face of the earth today, “You’re not worshipping God. You’re worshipping your concept here and they’re worshipping their concept there and you’re saying your concept here is in favor of your nation winning this war and they’re saying their concept there is in favor of their winning this war.” But God is saying, “What war? How can I be here and a war, too?” You think God is standing by watching wars go on and awarding first prize to the one who kills the most? The human concept of God is completely erroneous. It isn’t worshipping God at all. It’s strictly a controlled human mind using words like “God” with no knowledge of what that means.

And so the Christ responds, “If God were your Father, ye would love me.”

If God were the Father of human beings, then every human being would love every human being. If God were the Father of human beings, we would not declare war on another nation. If God were the Father of human beings, we could not hate or doubt or be in need or be sick. The whole preposterous idea that God is the Father of the human beings is here revealed to be false.

If God were your Father, ye would love me.”

When you find that you love Christ, meaning you recognize Christ as the reality of each individual, then you’ll know that God is your Father. And until you recognize Christ as the Reality of each individual, you’re still in that mortal mind which thinks it loves God but doesn’t because it isn’t accepting the omnipresence of God. For I Christ proceedeth forth and came from God. “Neither came I of myself but he sent me.”

Only Christ is born of God. I came from God, meaning you, mortal being, you didn’t come from God. Mortal beings are not born of God. Of course not. That’s why we’re told to be reborn. Come out of the false concept of mortal birth.

He sent me.”

God is the Father of Christ.

Why do you not understand my speech? even because you cannot hear my word.”

And so those not in Christ identity cannot hear the Truth that proceeds from the mouth of God.

And so, they say, “Oh there’s no such thing as Divine revelation. What do you mean you heard a voice and God spoke to you? How ridiculous.”

Of course not. They never heard a voice speak because in mortal selfhood, how can you hear the immortal voice of God? In mortal selfhood, how can you be Divinely guided? And so Christ speaks in every mortal self and the mortal self is completely blind and deaf. Blinded by self-interest, unable to hear the words of Christ saying, “I am the way. I am the Self. I am the life. I am the resurrection. You’re not poor. I am abundance. You’re not sick. I am well. You’re not lacking. I am the wine and the water. You’re not going to die. I am the life.”

Mortal mind cannot hear that because it’s not in Christ identity and therefore does not hear the voice of the Father. You have heard the voice. You have felt the Presence. Could you possibly, for the rest of your lifespans, not wish to hear more, to know more, to be more in the presence of the Father after having once even felt the miracle of that Presence? How could we turn back?

But not turning back means turning away from the mind which does turn back. Away from the mind that is controlled by world thought. And make no mistake about it. Unless you do something about turning away from that mind, you will be controlled by world thought and your life on this plane will be world thought expressing as a mortal dying self. You must crucify the mind or crucify the Christ.

Oh, he lets them have it now. “Ye are of your father, the devil.”

And when we thought he was speaking to the Pharisees, it was very convenient. But when we learn he’s speaking to every human being on this earth, it’s a little embarrassing to realize that for two thousand years, we’ve been told that the human race is the child of the devil. Even those who speak from the cloth to tell us what great sinners we are, are children of the devil. Even the moralists among us. Even the pipers of piety. Whoever is not living in Christ Self is born of the world mind, is in a false sense of identity regardless of the sweet words they may utter. And eventually it shows up. You can’t hide behind the words of the Bible. You must live as the invisible Christ.

Ye are of your father, the devil and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning.”

Meaning the moment of human birth is the first death. Remember later, how in John’s revelation, if you partake of the first resurrection, you will not be touched or hurt by the second death. The first death that’s just been given to you here. World mind, the devil is a murderer from the beginning. What is the beginning? The beginning is when we step into form. That’s the first murder. That’s the first death. What does it mean? It means at that moment of stepping into form, we become dead to our Spiritual identity. We now become controlled robots, thinking we’re free.

He was a murderer from the beginning”- your father, that is –” and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him.”

Now this is the world mind and there is no truth in it.

When he speaketh a lie, he speak of his own for he is a liar and the father of it.”

The father of this world is the world mind. You can’t go on pretending that God is the father of this world. The world mind is the father of this world and the Kingdom of God is not of this world.

And you can’t live in this world and expect to be under the law of the Father. You see, there are two fathers here. One is the Father of the Kingdom of Reality, one is the father of the world of the myth, the dream. The human being, being a creation of the father of this world is part of the dream. And the beginning of that dream is human birth.

But it need not be, for as we once more return to the Father’s House, the Consciousness of I Christ, we discover that at the moment of human birth into the dream called image, I Christ did exist and do exist and am that very one now. But you must forsake the belief of mortal birth. There go all your happy ancestors. I the Christ existed before mortal birth and during mortal birth and even now am that Christ and that Self was not born of the father of lies who was a murderer from the beginning.

The human mind which came into awareness of itself was an accomplice of the world mind. Both creating a false sense of self where only I Christ of you existed. How important it is to renounce mortal birth, I think follows.

Because I tell you the truth, you believe me not. Which of you convinceth me of sin?”

The Christ does not accept anything but the Christ. There is no sin in Christ and there is only Christ, omnipresent Christ and therefore, which of you, which mortal mind expression, thought, idea, can convince Christ Consciousness that there is sin when only Christ is present. If sin is not present and only Christ is present, there is not even a mortal mind. It is the dreamer and within it is the dream. Our dream of mortality rests in the world mind which is the dreamer and there is no such mind. There is no sin. There is no evil. You cannot be in Christ Consciousness and believe in evil. You cannot make judgments about good and bad and still be in Christ Consciousness. And so, when you’re making the judgment, you’re rejecting Christ.

There is no judgment in Christ and you recognize that when you’re in Christ mind, it’s simply a matter of looking out at the world with no judgment. You can’t say “This is good,” or “That is bad,” because the Christ doesn’t judge a material world. What’s the point of the Christ judging a dream? This is a good dream and that’s a bad dream? The only thing there is to mortal mind is the judgment that this is good and that is bad. And when you have transcended judgment, that curious human trait which is so easy to fall into, and you won’t condemn, this is being bad or praise that is being good, you’ll discover you’re very close to the Christ mind. And you’re not a victim controlled by the world mind which is making you judge this good and that bad where there’s nothing but perfection in Spirit.

Judgment then is a sign that you’re still controlled. You may think you’re judging but you’re not. The human mind, very blissfully, wallows in its own ignorance thinking it’s making judgments but every judgment is a controlled world judgment seeping through into your false consciousness.

There are no judgments in Christ mind and there is no mind but Christ mind. And so when you accept that urge to judge, you are stepping out of the omnipresence of Christ. You are separating from your own identity. You are committing spiritual suicide.

It’s much easier to withhold judgment and to live in Christ than to commit spiritual suicide and have the temporary pleasure of a judgment. We will overcome this personal sense of self and you’ll discover that the moment you’ve withheld judgment and you have a mind which can look out and not say “This is good and that is bad,” you have transcended the mind, the controlled mind and you have literally escaped from the dominion of world thought. For you the devil is dead. For you, you have overcome the world. Why? Because nothing can make your mind judge good or evil. You’re not tempted. How shall I judge if all is Christ?

The liar from the beginning which has controlled me and forced me into judgment has been overcome to the degree that you can look out, “Who convinceth me of sin?” Christ mind is not convinced by any appearance that there is anything there except perfect Christ. And who is that perfect Christ there? It is your Self. The minute you judge out there, you’ve said that out there isn’t the Christ Self of you and you’ve broken the Infinity of the omnipresent Self in your consciousness, meaning you’ve separated from it. You’ve lost it. You’re back to being a controlled creature.

If I say the truth, why do you not believe me? Who convinceth me of sin?” is the truth. When I’m in I Christ, “Who convinceth me of sin?” And you’ll realize then that you’re in the Christ mind when nothing in this world can convince you that sin is there, that evil is there, that error is there. It will look that way to the human mind but your Christ mind will say, “I know it looks that way to the world because the world mind has put it there that way and the human mind is a captive audience but wait a minute. Open the door to the Christ mind. I in the midst of you am greater than the world mind which placed the appearance of error there. I will de-hypnotize you. I will do the impossible. I will move the mountain. I will lift the veil. I will raise you to the point where you can see the kingdom of perfection that is ever present where you are. I will take you back before the beginning of form, before the beginning of concept, before the beginning of a fictitious mortal mind and I will reveal to you My Father’s kingdom right here on earth, here in the now, in your Christ identity, in your willingness to judge not.”

He that is of God heareth God’s words; and ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.”

Now that’s the soul, the Christ mind saying to mortal mind, “You cannot hear the words of God.” It doesn’t matter how long you try, you never will. And that’s why you have to get out of mind. This is a permanent fact. The mind cannot hear the words of God. No sense trying to stuff the words in. You’re stuffing them into that which isn’t there. Just going along with the illusion.

Then answered the Jews and said, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan and has the devil?”

Now watch the perversion of the human mind. The human mind is the devil but accuses God of being the devil. The human mind turns and says to the Christ, “You’re a devil. You have a devil.”

God is dead to the human mind. To that which is dead, God is dead. They’re right. Every human mind that believes God is dead is right. God is definitely dead to a dead human mind. And even when that dead human mind says God is present or God is alive, it means nothing because the highest places believe in God while killing. Believing in what God? “Oh we have our God.” But it isn’t God. It’s an idea in that mortal mind, the controlled mind. And it believes in good and evil and that’s why it goes out to kill off evil by committing more evil.

Our freedom now is clearly out of mortal mind, accepting Christ identity.

Jesus answered, I have not a devil.” Christ has no devil. “I am of My Father and ye do dishonor me.”

The human mind dishonors the Christ mind because it won’t accept it. The human mind has no capacity to honor the Christ mind. It is the very counterfeit of the Christ mind and it has fooled the human race into thinking that it is a real mind.

Christ says, “I seek not mine own glory: there is one that seeketh and maketh.”

You can recognize whether you’re in the Christ mind or the world mind because the human mind seeks its own glory. It has a personal sense of self. It has a human identity. The Christ mind has no human identity. It doesn’t seek to glorify the physical self. It doesn’t glorify the human being. It glorifies the Father.

And when you find there’s still a you there that wants to glorify yourself in some way, don’t think you’re in your Christ identity or your Christ mind, please. Let that be a sign to you that when you’re still thinking in terms of your glory, your success, you haven’t lost the personal sense of self. You’re still under the controlled mind.

When you have no personal glory, in fact nothing to defend yourself against, nothing to acquire, just to be, the invisible Christ, you’ll find you’re not striving and struggling because you are that invisible Christ already. And you’re perfectly confident that just being what you are is all you ever have to be.

Now of course the Jews say, “Abraham is dead. What are you talking about?” And he has to come forth with this great saying. They say, “Are you greater than our father Abraham which is dead? The prophets too are dead. What makest thou thyself? And Jesus answered, If I honor myself, my honor is nothing. My Father honoreth me.”

In other words, God expresses the Christ. The Infinite expresses the infinite individual. Always, when you hear the word “God,” you’re talking about Infinity. Now when you hear the word “Christ,” you’re talking about Infinity individualized as the child of Infinity.

The Father honoreth me.”

Christ is formed of Infinity. Infinity expressing as the ocean expresses the wave is Christ where you are. Your name is always Infinity individualized. The fullness of Infinity individualized is Christ.

Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day and he saw it and was glad.”

Now he’s telling them the truth about Abraham. He did accept himself to be the Christ of God. He did reach Christ realization. He did step out of a mortal self. Abraham may have died as a form but Christ is living. Abraham, the form dies but Christ remains continuously alive and there’s our escape valve out of the world. The form of us, we learn to step out of in our consciousness, into the Christ of us which is forever life. We make our transformation out of form identity into Christ or life identity and we are forever living.

And so, it says above, “If a man keep my saying, he shall never taste of death.”

Now who is this Christ of you to differentiate from the form that began at a birth?

I say unto you, before Abraham was, I am”

The Christ of you has ever been. You’re accepting your eternal being not your form self. The mortal mind has perpetuated the idea that we were born into a form and we began at that point.

But before Abraham was, Christ is. And only when you are accepting Christ as your identity before Abraham are you accepting Christ as your Self. In your omnipresent Christ Consciousness, of the one infinite indivisible Self, you go back before the Bible was written. You go back before man appeared on the earth. You go back before all the animals of Darwin’s theory of evolution ever appeared in form. You go back before the first amoeba. You go back before every material form that ever walked this earth. You go back before the world was created. And truly you accept that that continuous life of Christ which is your life now always has been your life and your complete physical history is a myth. You never had a physical history. You never had a physical birth.

You see, the moment you have a physical birth, a mortal birth, you are denying Christ identity because Christ never had a mortal birth and therefore if you persist in having the belief that you have had a physical life, you are denying Christ identity.

And so, you’re going to find pushing at us continuously is the understanding that the Christ Spirit that I am is a continuous Self, not moving and changing in time as it would appear to human beings but pre-existent to all material form. Abraham is a symbol of all material form.

Always before the world began, I am.

What did the Jews do to a statement like that? What does your mind do to a statement like that is the same meaning? You either accept it and make up a way of life which enables you to live from that focus or you do what the mind does here, “Then took they up stones to cast at him.”

Ah, remember they took up stones to cast at the adulteress. Now they’re doing it, casting it at Christ. Why? Because when they picked up stones to cast at the adulteress they were picking them up to cast them at Christ. Why? They were not recognizing the Christ of the adulteress and that’s picking up stones.

The moment you’re not recognizing the Christ of your Self, you’re throwing stones at your Self. You’re crucifying Christ. The moment you’re not recognizing the Christ of another, you’re throwing stones at that Christ.

And so they cannot accept that “Before Abraham was, I am,” has any meaning whatsoever to them. It just doesn’t make any sense to them because they do not know that this is Christ, the infinite ever present life of God. They do not know when they pick up the stones to throw at Jesus, that they are throwing stones at their own inner identity and saying, “I am not the Christ. There is no such thing.”

And every time we do that, when we do not act out of Christ, we are throwing stones at our own identity. That’s the peculiar distortion of the human mind and it’s distorted because it’s not a Divine creation. It knows not the Father. It knows not the Reality. It knows not that the only Self there is has ever been the only Self and ever will be. There is no changing Self. No self that comes in and goes out. There’s no soul separating from a human body. There’s only the permanent, eternal Self.

And as you learn to live with that knowledge, you are ready to face the tempter who says, “Come on out of that permanent, eternal Self and I’ll give you worlds, and I’ll give you glories and I’ll give you all kinds of protection and safety.”

And there isn’t any such devil. There isn’t any such tempter, even to try to run away from a tempter is to give life to that which has no life. Perfection is the nature of your being. When you are not tempted to believe in imperfection, you are accepting Christ identity.

Now we’re still in “Get Thee behind me Satan.” We have finished John 8 where the mind of man picks up stones and throws them at that which is the Christ identity because it cannot accept it. We are either picking up stones or we are laying down that mind and accept it. The tempter is going to say, “Pick up stones. Throw them.” Christ is going to say, “Who convinceth me that there is a tempter? Who convinceth me that I lack or am limited?” That’s that phony mind which exists only when you’re not in the Christ mind. That’s the fence we’re standing on.

We’re going to conclude the “Get Thee behind me Satan,” very quickly next week and move into the next chapter as well which is “No And!.” “No And!” We’ll see what that means or you already have. We’re going into the ninth chapter of John about the blind man. We’re going to see now how to live in Christ identity without turning away from it and accepting the subtle suggestions of the world mind which has controlled us for thousands and thousands of illusory years.

No, it’s not Mother’s Day yet. I guess we’ve got another Sunday before that. At any rate, thanks for being here today and see you soon.

3 Comments on “REALIZATION OF ONENESS by Herb Fitch Class 8: Crucify the Mind that Crucifies Christ

  1. This is a Onederfully liberating reminder of what ‘I’ was shown over 40 years ago, but didn’t understand that ‘mind’ was dragging me away from keeping the Vision.

  2. It becomes clearer and clearer that I do no longer want a life that is a temple made by mind.
    Now, I walk towards the realization of Oneness of that Temple not made by mind, but by Consciousness, eternal in the heavens.

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