REALIZATION OF ONENESS by Herb Fitch Class 9: Soul Blindness

A very happy coincidence. We are at chapter 9 in John and chapter 4 in Realization of Oneness and the subjects are somewhat identical.

We find in chapter 9 it’s a story of blindness. And we find in chapter 4 of Joel it’s a story of hypnosis or a story of blindness explained another way. And we find that the one who is explaining blindness in chapter 9 of John and chapter 4 of Joel is the Christ so that you’re really seeing the same message from two different points of view, only because the Christ is reaching the mind of man at one time and at another time. The difficulty of explaining Spirit to the sense mind is very clearly pointed out in the removal of the appearance of blindness here.

This man in the 9th chapter of John is blind from birth. Of course, that must be significant because otherwise he would really have been blind as the other blind healings were. But in this particular one he is specified as blind from birth.

Now perhaps there’s a clue to the meaning there. If we just go a sentence or two back to the 8th chapter, and we see then that the Pharisees took up stones to cast at Jesus, “But Jesus hid himself, went out of the temple going through the midst of them, and so passed by.” Now the meaning of “passing by,” and “going through the midst of them” is that they were unable to find their own Christhood. They were actually unable to see who they were. They had lost sight of their identity, meaning Jesus passed by.

Now you remember that the symbolism of Pharisees who wanted to stone an adulteress and ended up wanting to stone the Christ is the symbolism of the universal mind of man which does not see the Christ in anyone and so it judges. And in order to justify itself, it actually turns upon the Christ which it does not recognize as Christ and calls it the devil so that the human mind which is the accomplice of the devil, calls the Christ the devil. And this is revealed to us as the nature of our own hypnotism. Our own human mind, unable to recognize our own identity as Christ actually is anti-Christ. And this is a condition of humanhood which remains unchanging until you are alerted to the fact that as long as you rest in the human mind, you are in the anti-Christ mind.

And now there is a man here who is blind from birth. And this man blind from birth is that human mind. This is a symbol of the mind of humanhood which from the moment of birth is blind. To be forewarned is to be aided in discovering the stagnant nature of the human condition. Unless we know that the human mind from birth is blind, we’re going to try to use that mind to solve our problems.

Last week’s talk was called “Crucify the Mind that Crucifies Christ.” And now here we come with the Master revealing that you and I as human beings are born into a state of blindness and the degree of that blindness is quite startling because it means that we are blind to ourselves. We are blind to God, we are blind to Spirit, we are blind to Christ, we are blind to identity and the reason we are blind to Christ identity is because the human mind into which we are born is anti-Christ. It can’t help itself. That’s it’s nature.

And so, we come to chapter 9. “As Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.”

Truth being a permanent state of being, this is the permanent Truth that mankind is “blind from his birth.” The understanding of that makes you say to yourself, “How shall I open my eyes?” What is blind from birth when you say man? And who is man that is blind from birth? He’s obviously is not the Divine image and likeness of God.

And so, man and woman here are revealed as not the Divine image and likeness of God because the Divine image isn’t blind from birth. The Divine image and likeness of God has all that the Father hath; Divine vision. And therefore, if we are blind from birth, we obviously, as human beings, are not the Divine image and likeness which God created. And so, we’re revealed again as human beings not to be His creation.

The disciples cannot understand this and so they request an answer to a question that has been asked by many people throughout the world, in another form than the one asked by the disciples. They say “Who sinned, this man, or his parents?” Many have thought “Well, my child was born as a blind person, what have I done? What caused this? Or my child was born with this disease or that disease or this malfunction, what caused this?” And often we find these causes in our diet, in our ancestors, in the long line of heredity, in some commission or omission attributed to us or someone in our lineage. But always the same mistake is made. And here the disciples are making it.

His disciples said to him, “Master who did sin, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

Religions have sinned in the sense that they have taught that our malfunctions at birth are due to some kind of Divine punishment, either to the parent or the child. But the Master says, “That is not the truth.” The Master is going to explain the reason for this blindness and is then going to reveal that what we have called blindness is not at all what we thought it was. That vision is right there. The man is not blind. Going back to Joel’s words, “The man is hypnotized and the world around him is hypnotized.” Part of the hypnosis is the belief that someone can be blind, that sight can be lost and in the acceptance of that, we have thought that sight was not Divine but mortal; just as we have accepted other qualities as not Divine but mortal. Who sinned then? The man or his parents? Always, heredity is considered a contributing fact. Or else if the question were, “Did the man sin, how could he be blind from birth? When did he sin if he was blind from birth?” So, that’s a rather peculiar question.

And we can begin to see now that this chapter is going to be about reincarnation and karma. And as part of the purification, not of this blind man in this chapter but it’s part of the purification of your mind and my mind from the world thought which would pin our problems on heredity or on the karma of a reincarnation. He’s going to break world karma. He’s going to break the false law of heredity. He’s going to cleanse the mental temple. He’s going to show us that through purification from false ideas, we release a light which is ever present and which is the vision of God.

Now we know from our studies that every reincarnating ego loses its attunement with the Spiritual world. That is precisely what we have done. And then it continues in bondage because it is now separated from the Spiritual universe and its own Spiritual Selfhood as it makes a pilgrimage through earth. It even converts the heaven of God into the appearance of earth and now it is in bondage to the belief that it was born, that it is maturing, growing, that it will age and eventually it will die and go somewhere or simply not be alive anymore – because it started out blind, separated from the Spiritual universe, separated from Christ identity.

Now we all did that many times and we all blamed our problems on various types of powers in the world that prevented us from making progress. Occasionally, we even had the graciousness to say we had made some mistakes. But actually, God, being the only cause, you have never made a mistake. It’s impossible. God being the only cause, blindness in this case cannot be Reality because if it were Reality it would have to be caused by God.

And so, world thought says, “God does punish with blindness. God either punishes the parents with the blindness of their child or punishes that soul which comes into expression for its past errors.”

And as long as the belief that Divine punishment can cause blindness persists in the human mind, it continues blind. It hasn’t released God. It hasn’t accepted that the child of God can never be blind. And so even if we were physically unable to see, if we accepted that as a condition, we have also accepted that we are not the child of God, we are not the creation of God and in some way, we have accepted that there is a cause which could cause blindness, which may either be God to our false sense of mind or some other cause. In either case, we’d be wrong.

And so, blindness is a world belief that we learn to remove from our belief. There is no such thing in the Kingdom of God. There is no such thing in the qualities of God and even though physically blind, it is now revealed by the Christ that the only blindness there is, is the absence of Spiritual understanding.

You may say, “Well, some people who are blind seem to have more Spiritual understanding than those who aren’t.” And you’d be right because blindness is anything but punishment and it’s anything but what we had suspected it is. Some blind are far ahead of us.

And you‘re going to see here that Jesus Christ was well aware that this particular blind man was at the end of a particular cycle. This was his final preparation for breaking the karma of past lives. You can never look and judge what the cause of an appearance is because we do not know. There are many, many causes to blindness. You can be blind for good reasons as well as what we call bad reasons. Blindness can be the final outpost, the great preparation for the Christ consciousness. It can be negative. It can be positive. It can be the result of drifting with the tide. It can be the result of inactivity in the Spirit. It can be the result of turning away from the Spirit. It can be not only for things we have done but things we neglected to do. It can be for acts of omission or commission. But always, the blindness is the evidence of an identity unrealized. Not having realized Self to be Christ, there is blindness and yet the one who is blind may be the very next one to realize Christ and those with sight may be far away.

And here you find suddenly, the blind man can see. He’s been prepared. But when it says Jesus passing by saw a blind man, that isn’t what it means at all. It means the blind man saw Christ. When Jesus sees someone, it means that someone is seeing Christ.

Now Christ is always present and few of us are seeing Christ. This blind man, not deflected by appearances, but searching deep within himself, was really soul blind. That is what blindness is all about, blindness to one’s own soul. And now Jesus passes by and he sees within himself the Christ. He saw a man which was blind from his birth and this man blind from his birth is seeing Christ which is phrased as “He saw a man.” The man is glimpsing the Christ of his own being.

To the disciples he says, “No, neither hath this man sinned nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.”

And here you find that blindness has a purpose; a very strange purpose because it is a form of preparation for the high understanding that I never had human vision. There is no such thing. Those with eyes to see humanly and those who have no eyes to see are both blind.

Blind at birth is the nature of the human self. It is blind in that it thinks it sees whereas it cannot. What do we see? Everything but what is. What is here? God. Do we see God? The Kingdom of God is here. Do we see it? We are blind to it. We can see things, objects, persons, movements, conditions but we learn that they are unreal. What are we seeing? We are seeing our own thoughts and calling it sight. We are seeing everything but what is here. Joel calls it hypnosis. Christ Jesus calls it blind at birth.

And he ends up by saying, “Because you think you see, you’re still blind. And when you realize that you cannot see you’re beginning to come out of the blindness.”

This man, unable to see, knew he couldn’t see. We, still thinking we can see, have not made the step to realizing, I cannot see. I can only believe that I see but I’m not seeing. I’m not seeing Christ. I’m not seeing Spirit. I’m not seeing perfection. I’m not seeing the Kingdom of God.

And yet amazingly enough, we are told throughout this chapter and in the chapter “No And!” by Joel, that we can develop the sight to see the things of God. Perhaps it never occurred to some of us that this was possible that we could develop the sight to see the Spiritual universe but before we do we must be blind. We must know we are blind so that even though we look out and see the tree, the river, the mountain, we say; “I am still blind.” Why? Because I am blind to the Spirit. I cannot discern Spiritual Reality with my eyes. My eyes are blind. They can see images. My mind looking through my eyes can project images in my own thought. The world mind coming through my mind can make me believe I am seeing, when I am only imagining.

So, our little chapter here is telling us that until we can accept that human eyes have no sight, we will not have the incentive to seek the real spiritual vision.

And now there are conditions to seeing Spiritually. This man did not sin. His parents did not sin. This condition is that the works of the Father may be revealed.

When the man does see, when the man does realize the glory of the Father, the conclusion of the human mind is that his sight has been restored. But there’s a deeper meaning here. His real vision was always present. No one pushed God away. No one can ever say that God made the mistake. Then who made this mistake of bad vision? The world mind. There was no healing of blindness in this chapter. There was the revealing that blindness is a state of hypnotism. There’s only God and God is not blind. There’s God and nothing else. There’s not God and blindness. There’s not God and sickness. And you can take blindness then as a symbol of every false human condition. There’s no God and death. No God and war. No God and famine. No God and overpopulation.

You can take all of the so-called human conditions which we see and when you know that you are blind by naming these conditions as existent, you have made the step of accepting that the human eye, made of physical substance, is not Spirit and because there is no Spirit and, there is no eye to see with. Humanly you will not do it because the Pharisee will reject. The human mind will reject the Christ. The human mind will say, “I can see. And I can see all the bloodshed. And I can see all the hate and all the violence.” It can. But the joker in the wood pile is that the only place these things exist is within the human mind.

The human mind itself is the myth. And the human mind which was not created by God sees the evils that do not exist and sees the good that does not exist. When we say crucify the mind that crucifies Christ, we were on target with Joel, with the Master and even with Joel’s new letter which precisely points out that only the end of the human mind opens the doorway to Reality here and now.

And so, we’re on the track of overcoming the belief that what the human mind sees, whether it’s through the eye or what the human mind hears through the ear or any of the physical senses has the slightest bit of reality. And the reason for overcoming that belief is this. Normally, we would try to overcome the blindness, overcome the deafness, overcome the condition but the whole theme of “No And!” is, don’t overcome the condition. Don’t waste a minute overcoming blindness or deafness. Don’t overcome any physical ailment. The enlightened teaching is overcome the hypnosis that these things exist.

They exist only in the human mind which has no existence. There never was a human mind. The only mind you can have is the only mind there is, the mind of God. God is not a creator of anything unlike God. No and.

And so Joel has lumped all of the human predicaments, all of the human problems, all of the human deficiencies, all of humanhood, all of this world into one word – hypnosis. Joel is joining with Jesus in saying, “Blind at birth.” And not knowing it. And living out in a non-existent sense of life while life is all there is.

Now the moment you pierce the veil of the human mind, we are promised that you begin to discern that around you which you never knew was there. The Invisible comes alive. Glimpses of that which is living, glimpses of beings who are invisible to human sense, glimpses of new qualities and harmonies and beauties that we could never pre-anticipate from the human focus. In other words, you learn to walk in the Invisible, to live in the Invisible, to know the Kingdom of God aright.

To know this Kingdom of God aright, we are told is eternal life. Strangely enough, as ridiculous as it once sounded, eternal life really means the same as eternal youth. A life that never ends and never ages. How foolish we are if we can consider this as the truth, to remain in the human mind which is the veil, the anti-Christ, the separation from our own kingdom and our own being.

And here’s one of the conditions for breaking that veil: the glory of God must shine in you. You have no choice. You must let it shine. The Christ is presented to me not only as the Self of us but as the enforcer of the Divine will. The enforcer. Your own being is the enforcer of the Divine will and it says to you, “I must do the work of him that sent me. While I am in this world, I am the light of the world. I must work by day because night will come when no man can work.” The Christ enforcer of the Divine will in you says “I in the midst of you am greater.” There is this power and it must find outlet through where you stand.

When it does not, conditions arise which are called blindness, deafness, sickness. These conditions are the human mind standing in the way of the enforcer of the Divine will. Unless the soul finds outlet in your physical world, you are barricading yourself from the qualities of God and the price we pay is the false belief in these conditions that have no existence in the Reality of our own being.

Now there was nothing that had happened in the parents or in this child that caused the blindness. It is simply a world condition that envelops everyone who comes into human birth. It is not a personal karma. It is a universal karma.

Whoever comes into human birth is blind at birth. And in that blindness, will go through the spectrum of human problems thinking they are all as real as human life. The blindness continues throughout adolescence, throughout middle age and right up until death unless the light of the Christ comes through forcing the dissolution of the false sense of self and the rebirth or transformation into the reality of Spiritual identity. Karma is nothing more than the refusal of the human mind to let go of its false sense of life.

Now every ill, every disease, every sickness, every lack or limitation will be in that mind which is blind from birth and being a non-existent, it will see non-existence and will call it real. Your adversary is always not the condition but the mind of you beholding a condition. And in the stillness of that mind, you attain the dissolution of the false sense of a condition that isn’t there.

In other words, you break the hypnotism because the human mind, Joel calls not a human mind at all. Joel calls a human mind a state of hypnotism. We are born into a state of hypnotism called the human mind.

Isn’t that marvelous we can be given such information to free us from conditions we thought were real and have the authority not only of Joel and the Bible but even our own individual experience as we apply the principle of breaking not the condition but the mind hypnosis which conceives the condition? We’re given the weapon of freedom.

Now as long as you believe that God is not your Father, you’re in bondage to the world mind which has presented a different father and a different mother than God. The desire is to hold on to two. We want the fatherhood of God but we also have a very nice human father and a very nice human mother. And so, we want to cling to both. We want the Immortal fatherhood of God and the mortal fatherhood and motherhood of human parents. But you cannot.

As long as you insist on human parents because your human mind tells you that is what happened, you’re still blind from birth. You cannot have human parents and Divine fatherhood. Or else you remain in bondage to all of the defects of human parents. That is what heredity is all about; bondage to the belief that I was born of human parents. The human mind thinks that and there is no human mind.

And so, Christ the enforcer, ever present as true identity continues to shine the perfect light through generation after generation until you reach the point of willingness to be regenerated, to be re-attuned with your Spiritual selfhood, to be lifted out of the false sense of human mind in which you do not have God and a human parent, God and a human birth, God and a human growing up process, God and human conditions. You simply have God and no and.

The human mind being removed as a true mind, the mind of God reveals, “Thou art my Son, my only begotten and your parents of whom you are so proud, they are my own Self, my own begotten.” The reality of them and the reality of you are the same Christ.

And where is the human mind that perceives iniquity if God is too pure to perceive iniquity? We’re crucifying that mind that crucifies the Christ and realizing that nothing that it knows or beholds can be the truth. It’s not 50% true or 75, it is a liar from the start, from the moment of birth.

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”

Night or death is the termination of your capacity to respond to Christ. And then the entry into a different world than this world, called the night is our removal from the day. And in that night, there is no Christ perception possible. That night is the preparation for the return to incarnation, the repeat of the quest for Self.

And so, we are being reminded that we have an opportunity and a responsibility to find Christ Self in the day, not after death but before death. That before death, I, the Self of you am ready to do the great works; to reveal the life that has no end, the life that has no problems, the life that can never be blind or deaf as the only life, life without any conditions. I, in the midst of you am prepared to reveal your unconditioned perfect life.

Now the human mind cannot understand how this is done. And it feels that in some way, it has to be consulted. It has to participate. It in fact has to authorize Divine mind to do this. One way or another, human mind says, “Well what do you want me to do about this?” And there’s no human mind to say this. Whatever it says, however it objects is totally imaginary.

But if that human mind continues to be the level from which you focus your actions then you cut off the complete action of Infinity because the human mind is a little needle and you can’t put Infinity through the hole of that needle. It’s as impossible as trying to squeeze a Beacon’s truck through the eye of the needle or a camel if you want to go biblical.

Now Lazarus was a rich man. It says the rich man has as much possibility of getting into heaven as a camel through the eye of a needle but Lazarus was a rich man and Lazarus came forth out of the tomb. And the difference is that Lazarus had given up the human mind. Born blind, meaning in a human mind, he had come under the Christ influence and became rich in Spirit, not in material goods. Never gave up his wealth that we know of, never gave up anything except the belief in a human selfhood. And there was no needle to walk through in Spirit.

The Kingdom of God is right where you are right now. The human mind is blind to it. When you can withdraw from that human mind, you discover you’re in the Kingdom of God. And the blindness continues until you withdraw from the human mind. Mankind standing in the Kingdom of God does not know he’s in it. He thinks he’s in this world, these physical forms, these material conditions. And all of the conditions that he beholds are within his human mind.

Christ in you can see through the human conditions because it’s not looking through the human mind which beholds them. Christ in you has no “and.” No Spiritual universe and. No physical eyes that can go blind. No physical ears that can go deaf. No physical bodies that could become defective. Christ in you says, “I am Spirit, the child of God and beside me there is no other.”

And so, you’re coming to the place of controlling your thought which wants to run wild with the belief that there is another, many others. You begin to look at your neighbor very differently.

In the human mind, you see a neighbor. You see a form beside you. But if only God is present, how do you see a form beside you? And if you continue to see that form beside you, how do you come into harmony with the Divine law that says, “Beside God there is no other.” Not doing this, not making the effort to see that the form beside you cannot be there, you continue in the blindness, in the state of mortal belief which is really a violation of the Truth.

And then the conditions that befall us are all evidence of our continued violation of the truth that beside us, behind us, above us, below us and right where we appear to be, only God is. The blindness is not broken by the human mind. The blindness is broken by the union of faith and of the will to live in the Kingdom of God as the Christ of God. The union of faith and will, combined, open the door to Spiritual understanding, to the Christ mind.

And as you serve the Christ in the form beside you, in the form in front of you, in the form that you seem to inhabit, in the form of everyone you know, you are showing your faith in the allness of God and you are demonstrating your will to live in the allness of God and the continued union of faith and will, as a servant, serving the Christ everywhere, consciously, is the way you break the mesmerism of the human mind.

You break the laws of heredity. You show as Jesus did here that blindness is only a condition that continues when there is an absence of Christ realization; that every human condition yields to Christ realization; that death yields to Christ realization; that the mesmerism of the world is broken when the individual accepting Christ in the midst of everyone as greater than the world itself, stands in that Christ acceptance with faith, with conviction, with the incentive that if I am the child of God, I must live as that child, that the works of the Father in me be done by day in the span of human life while Christ in the midst of me speaks, guides, perfects, performs the works of the Father where the world sees a human form.

No and,” says Joel. All that believes and exists in any form is a state of hypnosis, world hypnosis, individually believed and accepted.

As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” says the Christ.

Science doesn’t agree with that. Science says there are light waves. Christ says, “No, no, there aren’t any light waves. I am the light and I’m not a light wave.”

Science says “You see because light enters your eye.” Christ says, “No, that’s the illusion of sight. You see, but you don’t see what is there and therefore, are you seeing?”

To see in Spirit means to see what is there. God is all seeing. God doesn’t see what we see. God doesn’t see any of the tragedies that we see and isn’t doing anything about them for that reason. But we see them. Who’s blind? God or us?

The shock of being blind is cushioned by the great marvelous release that I can now escape from all that my unseeing eyes thought I was seeing that wasn’t real. All of the gruesomeness, all of the terror, all of the fear, all of the ugliness, never was there. Neither was its counterpart. There was never a material world. Matter is grass. Flesh is grass.

And yet, whoever was born of a mother, continues to see the world that wasn’t there. The Son of God does not see the world that isn’t there. And so as long as we’re born of woman, we continue to see the world that isn’t there. When we can see through being born of woman to being Son of God, we have made a vast step into the acceptance of Divine Sonship. Never confuse a Divine Son with a person born of woman. And never think that a person born of woman can be a Divine Son. You cannot mix Reality and unreality. You cannot mix Immortality and mortality. You cannot mix Spirit and matter. You cannot mix Divinity and humanhood.

In fact, to the Christ all that is not the Kingdom of God, the life of God is non-existent and therefore called dead. And what we call death, isn’t death. It’s the end of an illusion. What we call birth isn’t birth. It’s the beginning of an illusion. And the beginning and the end of the illusion never exist because they’re both illusion. What is there is, the perfect Divine life of God which is your life. Coming into birth is called born blind for that reason. Born into a sense or illusory feeling about what is there invisible to the mind that perceives the opposite of Reality.

At one time, this would have been very strange. It may still be. But there are glimpses of the Invisible that begin to take you out of the strangeness of it. You may be talking tonight with someone you never saw before who isn’t walking visibly in the world. You may be experiencing tonight some intelligence you never had until that moment and you may know that it has not come to you from the mind of men. You may discover some power functioning in your life that is not human power and you may recognize it as Divine power. And these things will be happening to you when you confess your blindness as a human self. That’s part of the condition of release from the blindness, the awareness of it.

When he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, made clay of the spittle, and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay.”

Now you can see that none of this was healing the blind man because we could all do the very same thing and no blind people would see. You can also see that he’s not trying to heal a blind man just for the sake of making physical eyes see because he’s explained symbolically that physical eyes do not see. And so, he’s not trying to make the man see physically. He’s showing us the meaning of spiritual vision; vision that can see an invisible universe where the false sense of vision, thinking it sees a visible universe, is really seeing nothing but its own thought externalized into form. He’s trying to show us that man’s thought externalized into form which he calls his own vision is presenting unreality that perishes, that has no law to sustain it, that is not under Divine government, a false sense called the world. And he’s trying to show us that there is another, a true world, an earth that is the fullness of God, invisible to this human mind which is blind. And he has to explain this to us in our own human mind which is blind using terms that our own human mind can accept.

And so, clay, the symbol of the physical self. Spit, “And he spits upon the ground.” Why? Because the clay keeps us earthbound. Living in the clay, the sense of matter or physicality, we are earth bound.

But now something else is introduced. Mix the clay with spittle and this is a different kind than the spit on the ground. Now, just as you could say before. “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father,” you think you’re seeing Jesus but you’re seeing Christ. The one who spits on the floor is the man. The one who mixes clay with spittle is saying, “All that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

The Divine mouth, the Divine bread, combine this with the clay. Let the clay be dissolved by the Divine Word; the union. And this clay, united with the Divine Word is placed upon the eyeball, meaning, the vision is now being touched within. The Word of the Father within is happening. He’s going to the inner vision.

The anointing of the eye with the spittle and the clay is the sign of an inner comprehension of Selfhood. You thought you were a blind man before but realize who you are. Is Christ blind? The moment identity is accepted, blindness is revealed as an untrue condition. It’s the condition not of Christ. If it’s your condition, who are you? You’re saying you’re not the Christ. But you are the Christ and therefore the condition is not a true one of your true being. In Christ, living on Divine bread instead of just clay alone, not on the bread of this world but on the bread that is Divine which proceedeth from the mouth of the Father.

You have Spiritual identity which has Spiritual vision, Spiritual understanding and this is the way you break the claim not of just human blindness but of every human problem. Spiritual identity accepted dissolves the body of clay. The inner eye is anointed by the recognition of true Selfhood. Oil is applied to the eye. The oil being the recognition of the omnipresence of God as your own Selfhood, the infinite nature of God, the presence of the love and the power of God, the availability of God as Selfhood, the change of identity, the lifting of the false consciousness of mortality.

Who is blind? The Divine image and likeness of God? When do you think you’re going to be the Divine image and likeness of God? Tomorrow? Well, we’re told that you are made in His image five thousand years ago in the Bible. You certainly weren’t made five thousand years ago but five thousand years ago we were told we are the Divine image.

The glory I had with thee before the world is mine.”

And this is a statement that Christ in you is unchanging. Christ in you is before and after the world and during. The blindness then is the blindness to Christ identity, isn’t it? That’s all blindness is, blindness to Christ identity. That’s all deafness is. That’s all any malfunction is.

Haven’t we learned that the solution to every problem is Christ identity? And here’s a confirmation. Blind to identity, we show forth that blindness. Deaf to identity, we show forth that deafness. Unaware of Christ identity, we show forth the lacks and limitations of that which is unaware that Christ is present.

And what is this stopping point of the realization that Christ is present? The human mind.

– End of Side One —-

The human mind listening here to Jesus Christ isn’t going to let him get away with it. What does He mean by healing this blind man? We don’t want anything like that especially on Sabbath days.

Now, if you’ve been wondering why the Pharisees found it impossible to accept Jesus Christ, this will make it very clear: In the first place, they had no capacity to do what he was doing. They were actually fighting for their very existence. If they accepted that what he was doing was actually happening, then people would say to them, “Why aren’t you doing this?” And they’d have to say, “Well frankly we don’t know how.” But if they didn’t know how, how could they be teaching people how to worship God?

In one of the Psalms it says, probably in many ways in all of the Psalms, that God responds only to him who truly worships God. Here’s one who God was responding to as far as the human mind could see. But God wasn’t responding that way to the Pharisees, to their priests. The moment they accepted that God was responding to Jesus, they’d have to explain why God wasn’t responding to their priests. You could not accept Jesus Christ and keep Judaism running. It would crumble. You had to eliminate that which show a higher capability than the priests of Judaism. Further, is that the human mind is conditioned this way. It will not accept the authority of the Christ. It will not.

And for the very same reasons, the human mind is afraid. It fears for its own creation. And that human mind in you is afraid to surrender to Christ as your identity. It cannot. Once it surrenders to Christ just as that would have been the end of Judaism, that’s the end of that human mind. And so great is the conditioning, the hypnosis of the world, that we fear to let go of that human mind because it looks like once we do, our whole world will crumble. We’ll lose our home, we’ll lose our marriage, we’ll lose our income, we’ll lose our status. That’s the nature of the hypnosis.

Once we surrender to this unknown, how can we keep control over the known? And the truth is you can’t keep control over the known once you surrender to Christ. You cannot. You lose control but you’ve given control to Christ and if you don’t have faith that Christ control is better than your human mind control, the deadlock continues. The resistance to Christ continues. And the rejection of Christ continues and the problems of that rejection continue. Until we’re bounced on our head a hundred times, we don’t realize that by not surrendering to Christ identity, we are merely perpetuating the good and the bad; that the bad must go right along with the good.

This blind man had had enough of that. This blind man had been through many things to get blind, many tortures. And that’s why Jesus could see he was prepared. Often the ones who have gone through the worst escapades are the ones who are prepared. They’ve had enough. They don’t consider their problems blessings but they finally bring them to the level of saying, “Open mine eyes. Let me see Reality. I’ve had enough of the pretense and I’ll surrender to the identity called Christ. And I’ll take my chances with faith that the control by Christ will be far superior to the control I have tried to entertain through my human mind.”

The Pharisee in you will say, “Wait a minute now. For a while you had me going here. But how do I know he really healed the blind man? Let’s get the blind man in here. Let’s talk to him. Something wrong about this. Whoever heard of anybody healing a blind man from birth. There’s some sorcery connected to this. There’s some sorcery connected to the idea that Christ in me is the child of God. I mean I’ve got to investigate this very thoroughly before I make that great big surrender.”

And of course, that’s what this is all depicting here. The twisting, turning human mind which is finding excuses; reasons why it does not want to accept that God is present, living, being; the Christ of you. That’s too big a jump. Too many lifetimes have gone by to suddenly say “Yes, that must be it.”

Now how did this beggar suddenly see with eyes? Did Jesus just say, “Hocus pocus?” Did Jesus really just spit, combined it with clay and heal him that way? Or is something bigger being told to us? That we have eyes that we’re not using, eyes with infinite vision. That we have a mind with infinite understanding that we’re not using.

And if this man really had been blind, what did make him see? There was no operation. There was no surgery. In fact, there was not even a teaching. He didn’t give him any metaphysical truth. But you see, Christ in him was merely expressing. He had found Christ identity. That’s what the healing of Christ, healing a blind man is all about. The blind man had found the inner Christ of his own being and it opened his eyes. The blind man in us finds Christ as our own being and it opens our eyes. To what? To the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

The moment you find Christ as your Self, your eyes are opened and your eyes then see Reality where human eyes had seen conditions of the world. The famine goes, the over-population goes, the war goes, the physical conditions go, for that I which is the single eye of the Christ. It sees through the physical conditions of the world and of the body directly to the reality of Spirit and it walks here now in that Spirit once more attuned to its Spiritual Self which it ever was before the foundations of the world and it walks right through every human condition, touched by them mildly, overcoming them quickly because it is now living in its Spiritual Selfhood independent of the powers of the human mind and the powers that it conceives erroneously in the world.

Now to some extent we’ve felt these things. But that’s not enough. That’s only to strengthen our faith, to increase our will so that the union of the two can take us now into the invisible where we literally walk and see and talk and communicate and experience the wholeness of our own being. That’s what the ninth chapter is about. Not a blind man but a blind human race of which we have falsely been a part.

We’re going to have a little quiet now and then I’d like to look at some of the things in Joel’s chapter about hypnosis to correlate them with blindness.

Silence, (long pause) …

Let’s have a brief intermission.

Quoting from the chapter 4, “No And!” in the Realization book, Joel says, “Now just as it is possible to hypnotize you into believing that there are snakes in the room, so is it possible to hypnotize you into believing that there is a selfhood other than God in any place where you happen to be. And as soon as you have been hypnotized into believing in a selfhood apart from God, you then logically accept all the beliefs regarding that selfhood: birth, growth, maturity and ultimately death. There is only one way to be rid of the human picture, and that is to understand that there is no person, no selfhood, other than God in the room or in any other place.”

Do you see why nobody could understand the chapter on blindness as relating to the fact that there is no other presence anywhere than God? That’s what the chapter on blindness is all about. The moment you see anything other than God, you’re blind. But there’s no human being on earth who sees nothing else than God and that’s precisely the point. Every human being on earth is blind.

Only when you have withdrawn your belief in what you see are you beginning to see, to know. You’re going to continue to see form but you don’t have to believe that something other than God is there. And if you do believe something other than God is there, then you’re going to externalize the complete gamut of your belief but you will externalize your belief and if your belief is the truth that only God is there, the harmonies of God will externalize.

Now then, where is the form you see? You say it’s out there. Joel says it isn’t. It’s in your human mind. Then how will you stop seeing that form out there? You’ll have to find your Christ mind which will see the Divine image and likeness of God. It’s always a choice between God or mammon, life or form, human mind or Divine mind and you cannot be in the human mind and experience the qualities of God which are experienced only through your Divine mind.

Now there’s no question about what he’s saying. There are no human beings present in this room, whether we’re breathing to all of our human sense or not, whether our hearts are going tick tock or not, whether we think we’re thirty, twenty, forty or sixty-years old or not. All of it is false. Whether we think we’re bodies of flesh or not. Not true.

The human form is an image in thought and the one world mind is putting forth the images. First as your individual human mind and mine and then through and into that individualized human mind, presenting the same images to all of us. And in the stillness of that mind we’re told we will break the hypnotism if we combine the stillness with the perseverance of the faith and the will to live in Reality.

The 9th chapter of John is telling us a complete summary of the first 8 chapters. Everything wrong in all of humanhood is the human mind which perceives humanhood. And you must step behind that human mind or, better still, realize that it has only been pretending to be a mind. And the glimpse of the Christ mind in you lifts you above the sense images of that mind.

Every time something that seems like a pressing problem is dissolved by some inner illumination, you have done that. You have stepped beyond the human mind and the relief was that the Christ mind revealed the presence of a harmony your human mind did not suspect.

Now he set the tempo that as long as we see persons, we are in a state of hypnosis. He says, “What can there be present beside God? Nothing! The moment you see ‘God and,’ you are hypnotized.”

Now the important thing about this is to learn to accept that we are hypnotized. You can’t break the hypnosis until you understand that it exists. And the moment you can look anywhere and see something besides God that means you’re in a state of hypnosis. And that hypnosis is the condition of the human mind which is a babe in the woods in the world mind and stuck there.

Now then, it’s this thought that is moving through you in the human mind which is the evidence that is false. And so, what you are seeing is the thought in your human mind. The human mind being false, not Divine, the thought is human, not Divine and that thought which you are seeing which you are accepting to be an external someone or something, that thought is as false as the mind which conceived it.

Jesus was not looking at a blind man. In fact, Jesus was not looking. Christ where Jesus appeared and Christ where the blind man appeared was the One Self. The Self of you is looking at the Self of you and giving no names. But the human mind of you to which the Self of you passes by unnoticed is like those in the throng who could not see Christ going by them and so they couldn’t lay hands on Him. The mind of you cannot lay hands on the Christ of you. And so, it is unaware of the Christ of you and your faith fills the gap.

The Christ of you is present and is the Christ of the one you are looking at in what your human mind calls form. And then you’re resting in that realization. You are saying, “Speak Father thy son heareth.”

I’m not being mesmerized or at least I’m trying not to be. I’m breaking the fetters of this human mind by resting in it. I’m watching my thought and not accepting it. It says, “This is Jenny Smith in front of me and Father she’s going to die someday like I am. And I won’t accept that you created anything that’s going to die. Jenny Smith isn’t there. Father, that’s your invisible Self and the human mind is calling it Jenny Smith.”

How many times I have been stopped in the middle of what I thought I was calling a treatment and the voice has said, “Don’t you recognize me?” And I just was all shook up. I was healing Jenny Smith. She wasn’t even there.

Don’t you recognize me?” It’s quite a shock when that happens. But a joyous one because the next moment you know Jenny Smith feels better. The Christ of her has been discovered by the Christ of you because for one moment something in you stepped away and let Christ who was greater in the midst of you and in the midst of what is called Jenny expressed without a human mind there to make decisions and judgments.

It’s the same in a business condition. It’s the same in any relationship. Only Christ is present and the human mind doesn’t know that. It’s born blind. It cannot see the Christ which is ever present and it’s making judgments. And as soon as our judging mind is silenced, I in the midst of thee reveal the glory had before the world is still present, ever active, ever functioning, ever performing, ever perfecting, ever maintaining by grace.

Remember the seven steps and the real teacher?

Call no man your father upon the earth for one is your Father.” That’s the statement that you are Christ, the child of God. Who made that statement? Christ did. Christ ought to know.

Call no man your father.” That’s the statement that you are the Christ of God, the child of God.

Now where does the human mind enter into the picture of a child of God? The moment it does, you lose it. Is your Christhood permanent? Yes. “The glory I had with thee before the world was,” is still now.

What do you lack? “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” The whole earth is there revealed to be an invisible Spiritual universe that the human mind calls this earth. But the Christ mind knows that all that we call the earth is the Lord’s, is Spirit and the fullness of it is Spirit. The human mind is blind and calls the kingdom of God, earth.

And all that the Christ mind has is thine.

Sin no more lest a greater evil come upon thee. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

In other words, see no evil. Why? The human mind is hypnotized. It sees evil. There is none. It sees conditions. There are none. The quietness of the human mind is a release into the Christ mind which can never see evil, is ever within the realm of Infinity because it is Infinity itself.

And the grace of the Father is in that Christ mind, the moment the stone of the human mind is seen to be the hypnotist and the hypnotized. No longer can I look out upon the world and say, “This is good or this is bad.” That’s hypnosis. All I can say truthfully is, “Here is the invisible presence of God and all that is visible and is not God is not here.” It exists not out there but in the human mind which perceives it. It is my own thought which my non-existent human sense of mind accepts as a positive present physical reality.

The Spiritual kingdom becomes a living present fact when you’re not in the human mind. And its powers, its grace, its glory, its fullness, its harmony seep through into your experience as the Holy Ghost. The human mind must be still and your belief in what the human mind presents to you must be dissolved. Not only the bad but the good. The human mind does not know Reality – any part of it – because it is unreality.

Every time you step out of identity as child of God by using a human mind, you’re cutting off your own Source. The meaning of Father is Source, infinite Source, infinite Being, Father. It’s called Father because it’s the parent of everything that is and unless everything you do, think, feel and know proceeds from that Infinite parent, you’re not in One. You’re separated into two or ten or five billion.

And so, you’re told to go and bathe in the pool of Siloam.

Wash this off your eye in the pool of Siloam,” he says. What is that but your own Christ identity, the realization of who you are? In your Christ identity, you’re bathing in the pool of Siloam. And that washes away the hypnotism of the human mind for God never conceived the problems that we have thought we faced.

Where you are as you crucify the false sense of human mind by stillness, by truth, by faith, by trust, by perseverance, by conviction that this is truly a Spiritual universe, the subtle alchemy of the Spirit reverses all of the false physical evidence of the senses. That which was blindness to the human sense becomes vision to the Spiritual sense and you find you have new senses. You have Spiritual senses which see, which hear, which know.

You can touch spiritually. Jesus touched the blind man spiritually. It says he touched him with His hand. He didn’t. He touched him spiritually and that touch spiritually translates outwardly as the appearance called a physical action.

When you touch spiritually, the touch in the visible will be harmonious and gentle, friendly, correct. You will see spiritually and outwardly you will see beauty. You will hear spiritually and outwardly you will hear truth.

This is only the beginning of Joel’s chapter. “The moment you see a mortal, material world you are hypnotized. From there on there’s no possible way to get rid of the appearance. That’s the reason. Even if you kill a snake over there in the flower pot, two more will take its place.”

In other words, if you get rid of the problem, if you get rid of the disease, if you get rid of this or that or the other thing, two more will take its place because the belief that they existed is still in you as you dwell in that human mind.

That’s why with all the advances made in materia medica, everybody still dies because everybody who was born must die. They do and they will.”

He’s impressing upon us the knowledge that until you believe in your spiritual awareness that Spirit is never born, never dies and you are that Spirit, you’re stuck with something that must die. And you know this is real advanced mysticism.

The belief in birth brings with it the companion of birth. The belief must be removed because it is a state of false identity. Christ is never born. Spiritual identity is never born. Form is born and form is a mental image, a world mental image localized through a human sense of mind.

You see how you stand with your thoughts in the stillness of thought until the thought has no one to receive it, no one to believe it, no one to act from it? It is dissolved, it is fasted upon. You’re fasting from your own thought. You watch them become still, inert, without power. Every condition in human thought exists there and there alone but it is external only to the false sense of human mind and only the Christ mind will reveal the truth of this. You’ll have to ride the horse of faith until your Christ mind reveals the truth of this. It “Passeth all understanding.”

People still die of pneumonia, tuberculosis, cancer, heart failure. Were a cure found for these, something else would immediately replace them.” You’re dying of conditions in the world mind which your human mind is saying “Yes, yes, yes,” to.

Now, says Joel, “if you can agree there is a God, which means that you accept an Infinite power of good because God is infinite and God is good.” When you say, “There’s God,” you’re also saying “There is Infinite good.” “That’s the nature of God. Then you must be able to understand that in Infinite good there cannot be error, disease or death. In fact, not since time began has there ever been a single death in Infinite good which is the Kingdom of God.”

The human mind has never seen a single person who didn’t die and here the Spirit is telling us there’s no such thing. The human mind is completely hypnotized. It’s just as hypnotized about death as it is about birth and it’s hypnotized about the conditions between them. And all the while the Divine mind is right here and Christ is living its perfect Self while we move in a fragment of our own being.

Christ said to his disciples, “Preach and heal.” Preach the gospel. The gospel was the gospel of inner understanding. The healing was the evidence of the efficacy of that inner understanding, so that the healing would demonstrate that the inner understanding releases man from the false pictures of the mind. But everyone has to come to their own time when they are willing to reach out for that Christ. You’ll notice that there are four blind healings in the Bible and not once did Jesus walk up to someone and say, “Do you mind if I heal your eyes?” Someone brings them to Christ or someone says, “Will you heal me?” Always, there is no going out. Jesus didn’t walk out to the blind of the world and say, “I’ll heal you.”

He preached the gospel and he healed those who came to him. That coming is the readiness of the individual. Until they come to be healed, there is no readiness. And even when they come, the Christ doesn’t instantly respond but then turns and says, “Do you believe that I can do this?” Meaning, do you really believe that there is an infinite God, that there is an infinite Spirit which is the life of all men? Is that what you believe when you ask me to heal you because that’s the implicit idea behind the blind man saying, “Can you help me?” or the diseased one saying, “Can you heal me?” That is the readiness of one to turn to Christ and they reached for the nearest thing which is some person dedicated to Christ who in turn recognizes their inner Christhood as his own.

Don’t ever think Christ is going to walk up to you and say, “I’d like to heal you.” But the Christ within you will prompt you when it is your time because you will have moved aside the human mind.

Now we too are washing in the pool of Siloam. Accepting the ever present everywhere Christ as my Self everywhere is your pool of Siloam. It opens the eyes. It removes the sense of blindness to Christ, lifts the veil that leads to the realization that here now is the kingdom of God and I’m going to walk in it unhypnotized into the belief that it is somewhere else in tomorrow or in some remote mythical heaven. Now here is the Kingdom of God where I stand. No human mind said that. The Christ mind in you proclaims it as you accept Christ as your identity.

You’ll notice the recurring theme throughout the Bible concealed to human minds is that God is All. The Allness of God is the clear, crystal Christ message. God is all and beside God there is no other. There is no second and that which is not God even if it’s as big as a world, that which is not God, which is not functioning perfectly as God, which is not perpetually perfect, which in any way can be influenced to be less than perfect, that is nothing more than world idea in world mind, having no reality whatsoever. And that’s the truth you stand on, in all details of your life.

Now suppose we looked at each other not as individual persons but as an invisible consciousness sending forth a picture called person. Suppose we got into that habit. Suppose we could see that each picture is a different consciousness sending forth a different picture and behind each individual consciousness is I Christ. Suppose we look at all conditions and see that they are pictures in the mind. Pictures in other minds presented to us as pictures in our minds and yet behind each one is the pure perfect Christ. Suppose we treat our own blindness. Suppose we keep bathing in the pool of Siloam. Suppose we take this chapter to heart and work with just one sentence of it, forgetting the whole chapter. Work with a sentence of it until you’re the master of it, because when you’re the master of even one sentence of truth, it opens all of the rest of it for you.

When you begin to see the form next to you as an invisible consciousness striving to know the invisible Christ of itself and when you can join forces and know the invisible Christ of itself too you begin to see the illimitable infinity of that Self next to you and of the glory that is waiting there potentially to shine forth and why the Christ could say, “I am the light of the world. Whoever comes unto me will not know death” or blindness or sickness or limitation because these are conditions that lead to death.

All conditions that lead to death are eradicated when you cannot know death. And you cannot know death when you come unto I Christ, the pool of Siloam, your own true Self sitting next to you as well as in the midst of your own physical selfhood. All around you, I am and all around you are different levels of consciousness trying without knowing it to bring forth the I am that I am there. Look at the I am behind it all, not through human mind but through Christ acceptance. Take one sentence and work with it until it breaks for you and you see the magic of Truth.

No and. You can look at a bedbug and know no “and.” You can look at anything and know no “and,” whether it’s pretty or ugly, whether it’s fat or skinny, whether it’s white or it’s black and you’ll discover there are no races, there are no nations, there are no religions, there is no “and.” There are no sciences. There is God and everything you’re looking at is a very pale attempt to bring forth the God that is there. But the God that is there is there and these various levels of consciousness which push forth their limited concept about the God that is there do not change the Reality that is ever present and ever perfect and ever your own being. No and. There’s no God and a you. No God and a me. No God and a him and a her. There’s no God and a sickness. There’s no God and good health. There’s only God. That means Spirit infinite is One and that Spirit infinite one is your Self.

Now let’s find a phrase out of Joel that we can make our work table for the week.

What you behold in the nature of sin, disease or death is part of the hypnosis, furthermore, whatever you behold as good humanhood is also part of the same hypnosis. Even the healthy human being of thirty or forty will someday be an old human being of seventy or eighty. And so, when you see a young healthy person, you’re just being fooled by an appearance of good. Until you can become de-hypnotized to the degree that you know there are not good human beings or bad human beings. There are not diseased human beings or healthy human beings but there’s only God, one Life, one Soul, one Spirit, one Substance, one Law, one Activity – until that time, you will have to experience death.”

Now that’s on page 2 and I suggest you take that whole phrase from “so whatever you behold” to down to “you will have to experience death” and kind of dwell with that this week. See if you can agree with him. See if you can feel the authority of what he’s saying. See if you can put it to practice. See if you can finally see that age is a concept of the human mind, that form, size, shape, structure, now what you’re looking at is the pure Light which is the Light of the world.

The reason it seems so different in various places is because there are different levels of consciousness in various places bringing forth different appearances but that isn’t changing anything. Images and thought do not change the Light of the world. And try to see that the Light of the world is your being and their being and all the forms in the light are concepts which change as more Light is accepted in consciousness. You’ve seen people of eighty suddenly look sixty. You’ve seeing people of sixty look like they’re five hundred. Why? The degree of Light they’re receiving. I’ve seen them go down from over eighty and look as if they’re ready to run a marathon, able to do much more than people much younger than themselves as the Light increases so the stillness of the human mind and the knowledge that here, there, everywhere is the invisible Light of God called Christ, which I am, so that I am that infinite Light.

Now let’s take that paragraph this week and work with it. It will deepen as you do and the rest of the chapter will be meaningful. The blind man chapter, the 9th in John will begin to be a force in our life instead of a chapter in a book.

Tell no man. Always that phrase, “Tell no man.” Why? Again, and again, tell no man. What could you tell them that would be true? What could you tell them that they would understand? Could you say there are no blind people in the world? Christ did. Who would you tell that to? Who would believe you? There are no blind people in the world.

Here we’re learning there are no people. Now where are the blind ones if there are no people? There is only I the Light of the world called Christ. You’re being ushered into a new universe and it’s different. It’s different than the one we’ve known. In it there are no people. There is only I Christ and your entrance into that universe can only be as I Christ. You must remove the blindness from your own eyes in order to enter the universe of God. You must accept that blindness and all other conditions have no existence in your kingdom, in your consciousness.

This is a change of belief and then a change of understanding. Your transformation is a change in consciousness in which you become conscious of those things which hitherto you had been unconscious to, unconscious of. You’ve been conscious of blindness, now we’re to become unconscious of blindness and conscious of infinite vision as a fact, a permanent ever present fact so that we will not accept that which is not of God as a fact. Your beliefs change. Your convictions change and with them you change and you externalize that change which is closer to the Divine image and likeness.

We’re going to stay with number 9 in John. We’re going to stay with number 4 in Joel. No and, until we can almost feel that blindness is a word that doesn’t fit our vocabulary. Not the vocabulary of pure Spirit.

Now next week being Mother’s Day, I think it is anyway. It isn’t? Two weeks. Well good. We’re preparing then and by the time Mother’s Day rolls around we’ll cease to be parents or children humanly in our consciousness because it’s definitely a concept of the human mind. And tell no man please because your own children won’t like it very well.

Thanks very much.

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