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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Good afternoon everybody. The importance of today’s class is manifold. One of the major points of today’s class is that we are preparing for the higher message that is to be given the disciples before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. That would be the 16th and the 17th chapters and we are taking this pause to consolidate our gains and to take our checkpoints and find out, if up to this point… Read More

Now, let’s take an Arab, something plants within him the idea that he has to go out and kill a Jew and we say, “What plants this idea?” God said, “Thou shalt not kill.” Therefore, it wouldn’t be God planting an idea to kill. And then, we go to the other side and we see the same idea is planted in the mind of the Israeli. It says, “Now, you go out… Read More

It’s good again to see some new friends in the house and to all of you, a very cordial welcome. You know, of course, that there have been many attacks upon the Bible, many statements and many of them proven to be true, that the Bible in its present form is mutilated. It is been altered by many hands, often by political regimes. It has been translated from one language to another… Read More

Good afternoon everybody. In your preliminary meditation, if you find you are unable to make God contact, there are things that you must do about it. Now, usually, we do not make God contact unless we have fulfilled certain requirements. The lack of God contact is a separation or division from Divine power and we are not an instrument for that Divine power if we meditate as a mortal human being. There’s… Read More