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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Good afternoon again. I was just given the title of today’s meeting. It’s called “Preparation for Gethsemane.” It’s not a lesson that we anticipated when we began living the Spiritual life. One way or another, we anticipated many wonderful things. We saw an accumulation of Goodness, of blotting out of evil. We saw Harmony and Happiness ahead for us. But this lesson today is the preparation for Gethsemane. If we were to… Read More

Let us try in this lesson today that we’re receiving from the 17th chapter of John, not to try to cram our minds with too many facts but rather to feel the essence of what John is communicating to us about this Soul communion of Jesus. He is turned from the disciples. He is communing within with the Father and we are privileged to watch through the eyes of John, through his… Read More

Good afternoon everybody. We have a very rare privilege today, thanks to John. A message has been preserved that is not available in any other part of the Old or New Testament. This is the message of the Soul receiving the Christ and the Christ speaking through the Soul of Jesus to God so that we are given an opportunity to know what our own Christhood is doing in relationship to the… Read More

Let us assume now that we can safely say that, “I may not show it to the world and may sometimes not be capable of sustaining it but I definitely am a disciple of Christ.” And in recognition that we are disciples of Christ, we know what we’re really saying deep down inside that “This is my identity.” When we say we are disciples of Christ, we are acknowledging that at this… Read More

We’re beginning today a very different level of this work. It’s going to be very difficult. It’s going to require within you a very different kind of activity than you may have been used to. Up to now, you have been assimilating knowledge and to some degree, opening yourself to the Spirit but basically, the work for a long time remains learning more and more and more of the meanings that were… Read More