REALIZATION OF ONENESS by Herb Fitch Chapter 45: Inner Flame

We’re going to take a look today at a passage which began the Bible of Mark and which culminates the Bible of John. So that we see one being descriptive of the faith of man at the beginning of starting on the path and the other being descriptive of the faith of man after he has awakened to the inner Light. Now the first passage is in Mark in the first chapter, the 10th and the 16th verse.

Now as he walked by the sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, I will make you to become fishers of men.”

At the first awareness of something higher than your own human selfhood, Christ says to you, “Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” You may not be conscious of Christ saying this within your Self but there is some subtle inner Guidance and now you find yourself on a path in which you are leaving your old nets behind you. You are grafted away from your old ways, your old beliefs, finally to a higher level where you’re even grafted away from the very mind itself upon which you depended. And you are made into a fisher of men.

Now that was a prophecy and as that prophecy was made to the disciples, it was also made to each of us. The Christ has spoken this to mankind, “Follow me…. and I will make you fishers of men.”

Now we look at it in Luke because in Luke we have it a little more detailed and then we can have a good comparison to the way it comes in the last chapter of John. In the 5th chapter of Luke it begins as follows:

It came to pass, that, as the people passed [pressed] upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret, And saw two ships standing by the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, and [they] were washing their nets. And he entered into one of the ships, which was Simon’s, and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land. And he sat down, and taught the people out of the ship. Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net. And when they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake.”

Launching out into the deep, we have learned through our progress in the Scripture, was departing beyond the five senses and all the sense mind was the shallows. And there they caught no fish. We in the shallows of the sense mind catch no fish; and at this point fish is a symbol of Divine Truth. Through the sense mind we are not receptive to Divine Truth. And now we go out beyond the sense mind, into the deep. But being novices even though our catch is great our net breaks; we find that the mind of man is unable to receive Spiritual Truth. And this is our introduction to the transformation that must take place in a man. And as this procedure continues we find that;

When they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake. And they beckoned unto their partners, which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink. And when Simon [Peter] saw it, he fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord. For he was astonished, and all that were with him, at the draught of the fishes [with] which they had taken: And so was also James, and John, the sons of Zebedee, which were partners with Simon. And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men. And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all, and followed him.”

Now these men then were motivated by some inner Impulse now to follow Christ although to their minds they were following a man named Jesus. And this is our faith at the beginning of the path. If you just cast your mind back a little, you find that there was a time when suddenly you knew there was another way and then you went out and for some reason or other, even though the quick results of the new way were magnificent, somehow you couldn’t hold all that you received; your net broke, you needed help, you had to call another ship to you and even then the great weight of a new Truth coming upon was so heavy it seemed that the mind was sinking like a ship.

At the beginning of the path we have what is called the faith that is not anchored in that which it needs. We have a new kind of faith. A faith in a God, a faith in a way, a faith in something but we don’t know how to define it and we don’t have the net to catch the fullness of the Truth.

But now after three years with Jesus Christ something has happened. They have learned much Truth. They seemingly have caught much fish. Even to the point that twice after the crucifixion they have been visited by the Master. Once the Master has appeared to them in a closed room and again later when Thomas was present the Master appeared. You would think now their nets would hold and yet a funny thing happens and only John puts it here of all the Gospels. And so he begins his 21st verse with what appears to be a repetition of these incidents that began in the beginning of his ministry with the disciples. So that you might say they have fallen back. And you might compare this to your own experience as you go forward, as you’re lifted, sometimes even into Spiritual ecstasy. And then there are moments of shattered faith, there are the ups and downs, the upheavals and the uplifting. The earthquakes within, the volcanoes and then the great doubts. And here is a very strange thing full of surprises. Twice visited by the Master, the disciples who had left their nets, who no longer relied on even a profession for their livelihood were going back to fishing. They had returned to their old consciousness. They had gone home as you remember, the old consciousness, they were starting again. And the strange thing is they’d already twice seen the Master.

And so Peter says, “I go a fishing.” So with us you can see that we may rise to sublime heights but somewhere, somehow that faith with which we start is insufficient. Peter had it, if you remember when he tried to walk upon the water and he fell through. And the teaching there was, as the Master said, “O ye of little faith,” that Peter had little faith. And yet the heart was willing and eager. There was zeal, there was desire to follow but the faith could not support him. So with us, we may have a great human faith but it cannot support us and we fall through and we wonder why is my faith insufficient? And this 21st chapter is going to tell us why. And so it is that now for the 3rd time the Master comes upon the disciples.

After these things Jesus shewed himself again to the disciples at the sea of Tiberius; and on this wise shewed he himself. There were together Simon Peter, and Thomas called Didymus, and Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee, and two other of his disciples.”

In other words seven disciples were present. These seven were the advanced disciples. They were ready for this third visit. They were ready now to become fishers of men. And they were together, it says. They were joined in one purpose.

And now the symbolism begins. It’s not just an ordinary fishing trip. “I go a fishing,” said Peter. Let us remember that even though it would appear on the outer, that they’re simply going fishing as they did when they were fishermen, there had been two appearances of the Christ after crucifixion. And now you may know that this fishing trip was on the inner plane. A new kind of faith has come upon them. And to teach us about it we have to see it on the outer and the inner. We’ll see it on the outer as a fishing trip. We’ll see it on the inner as a Spiritual experience in which the disciples have come aware of the Invisible. Their new senses have developed. They can now see the invisible Christ and even make out Invisible objects. And they themselves may not even be aware that they are doing this. As you pass from sense vision to Soul vision you are not always aware that you have stepped over the veil. It all looks the same to you except a little brighter, a little clearer, a little more beautiful, maybe a little breathtakingly beautiful at times but you can’t be sure what you’re seeing. Is it with your inner senses or your outer? And that is a state of awe which is described in here.

I go a fishing,” said Peter. And that Peter saith. Peter says, “I go a fishing” is a very important phrase. Now when the seven are listed Peter and Thomas are listed first. Peter the will, the human sense will, Thomas the understanding. And when Peter says, “I go a fishing” that means the will of you is going fishing. Now everything of you then must follow that will. When that will of Peter says, “I go a fishing” the other six must go along and in turn you see that they do. They say, “We’ll go with you.” Everything follows the will of yourself. And if your will is human then everything follows your human will. If your will is Divine everything follows Divine Will. And the distinction is now being brought here that Peter is the spokesman of yourself. The will of you is the spokesman of the rest of you. Peter says, “I go a fishing.” You say, “I take a drive,” you say, “I go to the mountains,” the rest of you must follow. The will of you is decided. And let’s see what happens to this will of Peter.

And “They say unto him, We also go with you. And so they went forth, they entered a ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing.”

Wherever your will goes the rest of you immediately goes and in this case they catch nothing, they’re right back to the 1st chapter of Mark, the 5th chapter of Luke – what have they learned? It would seem they have learned nothing. And there will be times like that in your life and have been, when you think, “Oh my gosh, I’ve studied this for so many years and right now I feel bankrupt. It’s as if I’ve never studied the Word or never had an experience or never knew a Truth, I just feel barren.” So it was with them; they caught nothing.

But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore: but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.”

Now the symbolism begins in earnest. This morning that was come could not have come without those three years. Even though at the moment they had caught nothing and seemed barren that was only the outer picture. That maybe your outer picture. But there will come a morning, and this is a strange and beautiful morning because it is really a mystic dawn. A mystic sunrise. This is the morning within. The morning when without their being aware of what is moving them, they are in some way conscious of the Radiance of Christ. They don’t recognize Jesus, you see. He’s standing on the shore and that shore if you can draw back and see this vastness of the shore and the sea and the land, you see the symbolism then that they are on the sea. The sea of world thought. But out here where the sea meets the land which is the shore, on the brink of their consciousness rising just like the early sun may just hit the mountain tops and yet itself may not be visible; so rising within them was an awareness of an Impulse. Really outskirts of their consciousness, on the shore was this Impulse called Jesus or the invisible Christ. They could see maybe a form but not recognize the Essence at the moment. And so we are moved by this invisible Power. All our years are coming into fruition in the mystic dawn within ourselves. The beginning of a real golden harvest, when without being able to define that which is happening, we know it is happening. We can feel the rising Christ, and it matters not what we have caught, what we have understood, what we have comprehended, what we have been able to grasp, we are now being lifted in a strange way. We are the fish and the fish must be caught in the ocean and lifted out of the ocean. And just as the fish are caught and lifted out of the ocean by the fishermen, we are caught by the Christ and lifted out of the sea of world thought.

To be caught up by the Christ is to be saved from mortality.

And this is the experience now which the disciples are going through. They are the fish. They were the fishermen, but now they are the fish and they are being raised up by the Christ. They are being caught. They are being saved. They are being redeemed. Each is becoming aware of the inner Light and though they’re still in the sea, that Light which is within them is seen to them to be on the shore and they are approaching it. So it may seem to you that the Goodness that you have been seeking is out there to be touched and felt, but if it is a Spiritual experience it is happening within you and projecting what you call Goodness into the external but it’s really an inner event made visible. We are approaching the shore but we still cannot discern the nature of the Christ.

Then Jesus saith unto them, Children, have ye any meat? And they answered him, No.”

That which is on the shore which is deep within their consciousness not quite clearly defined yet is saying within, “Have you any meat?” And first addressing them as “Children,” meaning Spiritually immature, meat meaning substance and of course the substance is Spirit. The question then comes to you, “Have you accepted Spiritual identity? Have you any meat? Or are you still a child?” And it’s a great moment when you can say, “No, I have no meat.” When you can confess that you have been Spiritually poor, you open the gateway to the Christ. Only when we are aware of our Spiritual poverty are we replenished. If we think we are rich, if we think we are worldly wealthy, if we are not aware that without Spirit we are nothing then we are that which the Old Testament calls vanity, “All is vanity.” We are intellectually alive and yet dead.

The disciples know, and that’s a great stride, that they are Spiritually barren, “No, we have no meat. We have no food of the Soul. We have no Divine substance. That’s why we’re out here with no catch. That’s why our lives have been fruitless. That’s why there have been discords and upheavals. That’s why we lack. That’s why we’re limited. We have no Spiritual substance. No Spiritual vision. No Spiritual awareness.”

They were men in physical bodies of flesh. They were living in this world. On the sea of human thought but they were headed to the land. We are headed to a land, another realm which coexists right where the sea is, adjacent to it. And we have to cross out of the sea into the land.

Out of world thought, out of the sense mind, which says, “You caught nothing. Your life has been meaningless.” or “Your life has been a fragment.” or “Your life has not been fulfilled. You have not fulfilled your purpose on this earth.” This is the sense mind talking, and the answer comes, “Because I have no meat, because I am Spiritually barren, because I am poor in Spirit.” And always the Christ within is forcing you to reach these inner conclusions if you are being moved by the Christ.

Now this should be the path then, the confession of duality. “Oh yes I’ve had some Spiritual moments but I’ve also been of this world. I’ve also been motivated by improving my human welfare. I’ve thought about how I could get along better as a human being.” That’s not meat, that’s division. That’s why the disciples were out there with no fish. They had not gone all the way.

He said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find.”

In the original, at the beginning of their journey into Spirit, he had told them to “Launch out into the deep.” Now he tells them to “Cast the net at the right side of the ship.”

Now the ship is the mind. We sail along in our mind and we sail in the sea of this world. There’s another sea there that we don’t see. There are two seas – the sea of the world and the sea of Spirit. And in our mind we travel in the sea of the world. When he’s told to cast his net on the “Right side of the ship,” Peter is being told that the “Right side of the ship,” is not his mind but his Soul. When you dwell in your Soul instead of your mind you are casting the net on the “Right side.” And that “Right side” enables you to move in the sea of Spirit instead of the sea of world mind. That’s the only way you make it to the shore. In other words, unless we step out of the five sense mind consciously, transcending it, disbelieving all evidence of the senses – you’re not going to take a pair of scissors and cut off your sense of touch, or put something over your eyes so that you don’t see – you’re going to look through those eyes and hear through those ears but you’re not going to accept what those senses bring to you, for one good reason: God is All and the senses have no capacity to see God. The senses have never heard God or seen God or touched God.

And if the senses cannot find God for us what do they find but the lie? To find God then we cannot rely on senses, we must step out and above the senses. And that means we stand in the senses rejecting the evidence of the senses until that inner stirring opens us to the Christ Radiance which leads us to the shore of the new senses. The senses that can, not only see the form, but see the Essence. The senses that begin to look and find objects that exist.

Now when the Soul senses take over two things will happen; mostly they will replace the senses of the mind. so that you’ll be seeing what eyes do not see. There is also a time and only for instruction when you have what is called double vision – you can see both the one that appears to the naked human eye and you can see the inner that appears only to the Soul eye. It doesn’t happen very often. Now when it happens, having heard about it or having had this double vision perhaps, you may find that you now understand it and I’d like to explain to you what it means.

To a geologist we’re in a world now where the rocks have formed through the ages. And if you’ve gone into the caves, some places out in the West here where you can see various strata of rock that have over the years become hardened and atrophied. You would agree with the geologist that this has taken place over thousands and thousands of years. That’s untrue; that’s true only to the human sense mind. Actually this instant everything that is in this world is being manufactured. Every rock that allegedly was there even millions of years ago is being manufactured this instant by the world mind. And if you ever have a glimpse of that you will understand that this is a Now world in a counterfeit sense. There isn’t a single thing in it that happened yesterday. The complete counterfeit is happening at this present moment. And also at this present moment that which it is counterfeiting is present. Both the original genuine in Spirit and the counterfeit of the world mind are both this instant. And you live in one or the other,. And there is a moment in your double vision when you see both, and you can see how it’s possible to stand in the midst of all of the ravages of the world untouched, because they’re only happening in the one sense mind and they’re not happening in the Soul sense. Whatever you happen to be experiencing is the one you’re in and for you the highest is the majority with God.

Now I’d like to explain that more fully but the best thing for it is to wait until the experience touches you and you’ll see that there are times when you’re actually looking out through a Soul sense and don’t know you are. That’s how subtly and effortlessly you move from one to the other even though you may not be aware of it. And then ultimately of course you become more aware of it.

Now the disciples are not aware of it. They are looking out through Soul senses. That’s why they’re beginning to discern the presence of a man called Jesus. He’s not in a physical body you know. He’s already demonstrated there is no physical body and yet they’re seeing Him for the third time. They’re looking through their Soul senses and now they’re seeing things they never saw before. In one moment no fish. Why do fish suddenly appear? Because they’re stepping out of the physical universe into the Spiritual universe through their Soul senses. They’re being lifted by the inner Christ.

It’s like the loaves and fishes for the multitude. One moment just a few fish, a few loaves; in another moment five thousand people are lifted into a vision of something they couldn’t see a moment ago which was always there even though they couldn’t see it. In a moment they all were in their Soul senses but didn’t have the vaguest idea that they were, and they saw supply interpreted to them as loaves and fishes. So it is, you’ll find the miracles that occur in your life are not because God suddenly decided you were a good person, but because through some instinctive awareness of the inner Christ you were open to your Soul senses and that which was ever present is now presented to you, through your Soul senses in a way you can comprehend and utilize.

Now there is a transition or a transformation in the nature of faith that is taking place in Peter and the disciples. Your repeated experiences change the nature of your faith. At the beginning it was blind faith and that’s why the net broke. It was faith that could only see and be amazed and say, “Isn’t that marvellous,” and yet go out and do likewise? No, it couldn’t do that because the mind couldn’t hold the meaning behind what had happened.

Now we’re going to learn how to hold the meaning of what is happening. Your faith is going to be joined together with some other quality, to make it a Faith that will no longer be called by the Master, “A little faith.” And this Faith will be such that the nets will not break regardless of the load. This is the Faith that is being built in us now.

Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. And they cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.”

They were not looking through the mind anymore they were looking through the Soul and the Soul experiences that which is necessary at every moment. The Soul is ever in complete rapport with the infinite Spiritual universe. If you need fish there are fish. If you need clothing there is clothing. Grace flows through the Soul. Suddenly there are fish. Now these fish are not to be interpreted only as physical, tangible fish. Fish also means new Truth. The inner Truth, the Fish, represent the new levels of wisdom that are welling up within. Great Fish, great Truths. Truths that the human mind would never even know about. You know how people ask questions in this work, question after question and yet not one of the questions of the human mind even begins to anticipate the new Truths that come up when the Soul is open. There are no questions from the human mind about these Truths because the human mind knows nothing about them. Now the Truth that passes all mental understanding is brought into play.

Now what’s happening here? There’s more than just Peter there, there’s more than disciples there: there is Christ. Christ on the shore is the Invisible activity in the consciousness of the disciples. Christ on the shore of your consciousness changes you. Your vision changes, your hearing changes, your understanding changes. You are lifted into the awareness of a realm not known to mankind. You are lifted behind the veil, behind the veil of all religions on the earth, behind the veil of science, behind the veil of the human mind, behind the veil of the atom, behind the veil of Darwin’s theory, behind the veil of human evolution, behind the veil of human death, behind the veil of everything that the human mind knows, as Christ rising in you, awakens you to a new Self of your own Being.

We begin to vaguely know that we are finding another level of our Self, a higher level where Heaven is a realm within our own Consciousness and that transformation from the self who lives in the human senses and in the human body is taking place. Even though in a small measure sometimes, this awareness is destined to grow. It depends on your capacity to listen to the inner Christ and then to obey the Divine Impulse that comes to you.

I’d like to underline two words: Divine Impulse.

Sometimes you find it difficult to realize that God is everywhere or that the Allness of God is everywhere. Perhaps it’s too big, too much of a project to know that I here am the Spirit of God and my Spirit is everywhere and nothing else is there. This should become normal consciousness, but you certainly can remember and even test out that the Divine Impulse is everywhere. So that if you’re confronted with a situation that would seem to be frightening or despairing or in some way causing you grave concern, this would call for an immediate readjustment to the fact that wherever this situation is emanating from, there is the Divine Impulse invisible. Right there my net is catching no fish. I’m just catching world mind as a problem and yet right there is the Divine Impulse and if I can rest in the conscious awareness that the Divine Impulse is there, and accept that it is there without any great affirmations about “God is everywhere” and “God is wonderful” and “God is perfect” and “God is all power,” without any words in me the acceptance that the Divine Impulse is there lights the spark of that Divine Impulse in me here.

And there’s an inner Radiance begins. You can almost feel the beginning of the rainbow. The omnipresent Divine Impulse never fails. You’re casting your net on the “Right side of the ship.” That’s how you begin to enter the Soul realm: to accept the omnipresent Divine Impulse. Knowing it’s invisible to human senses but it is present awaiting acceptance; recognition, and the recognition cannot be with your eyes or your ears; it must be with a quality in you. And you find that quality in you which recognizes the Divine Impulse becomes your Soul. As you accept it this is your recognition and then your Soul is kindled. Christ rises and sometimes quickly, startlingly quick, you find a healing takes place because the Divine Impulse you’ve accepted was right where someone else was accepting a problem. That Divine Impulse out there is really a Divine Impulse within you.

It’s always present. You simply do not see it or notice it or acknowledge it and so you cast your net, your mind on the wrong side of the ship. But the moment you are aware that even though you’re not in conjunction with the Divine Impulse, it is there; then you re-adjust and you accept that which you cannot see. The fish you cannot see you accept and you cast your mind into the acknowledgement that the Divine Impulse must be here because God is. Everywhere is God, everywhere is the Divine Impulse and that Impulse listened to, accepted, acknowledged, begins to beat its own drum and you are listening to the unlistenable and you find that it’s there all the time. You have now another level of faith, Faith in the unseen, not just faith in what you could see with your eyes like Peter but Faith in what you cannot see with your eyes.

Everywhere the Divine Impulse: you’re walking through it, and then as you listen – which means you step out of the mind that does not see the Divine Impulse – you give your Being over to this Divine Impulse you cannot see. You’re coming into the early dawn of Love. Love is when you give your Being to God, sight unseen. And this Love united with Faith becomes the new dispensation. This is the missing ingredient, faith without Love is empty. Faith with Love walks on the water. When Faith and Love are united in you, you have the key to all scripture, the key to the meaning of Christ. When we love God enough to accept Gods presence, where our senses do not know Gods presence, we’re going beyond human faith. We are opening Love.

The disciples are learning that now. Their human senses tell them that they have caught no fish. The inner Christ is saying, “Get out of that mind…. Cast your net on the right side of the ship.” Don’t believe what your sense mind is reporting – ever. No matter what your sense mind says it’s the wrong side of the ship. You must go beyond it to the “Right side,” you must launch into the deep beyond the sense mind. You do this on the knowledge that God is present as the living Divine Impulse and the moment that Impulse touches you and you touch it, it fans out and becomes the complete spectrum of everything God is; the Power, the Presence, the Love, the Truth, the Beauty. That Impulse is an Infinite One. And all you do is rest in it. You don’t have to catch the fish. It catches all the fish for you because the fish were already there and caught. The fullness of your Being is already present but you must get beyond the sense mind. Then your net is filled with all that God is. Something in you tells you when it’s time to go beyond the senses and that something is now happening in Peter.

Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It is the Lord.”

The human understanding didn’t know this was the Christ telling them to cast their net on the “Right side.” Peter didn’t know this was the Christ; John did. The awareness of the Christ comes not from the human mind it comes from Love. Love spontaneously responds to the Christ and alerts the human mind. And if you try to skip that step and try with the human mind to climb the gates of Heaven it doesn’t work. Peter knows nothing about what is happening but John does. In other words, Love in you is aware of the Christ and your mind must be aware of this Love. That’s the connecting link, the bridge between the understanding, the human will and the Christ.

If you got a Love centre that is low then the mind continues in its material intellectual ways. But you cannot manufacture this Love. You find then that the reason Love is mentioned here, as John alerting Peter, is that when you find that the Love is in you, this is a sign that you are in that progression of consciousness which is Illumination. When the Love in you awakens the mind, you are in the illuminated state. Illumination and Love are one and the same. You will recognize that state then of Illumination by the Love you feel. The Love not only of yourself but of all that exists throughout the universe.

You will look at all created things and say, “Well this is much different than it appears to be.” It would appear to be that there are no fish here, no fish there but just as there are fish everywhere so there is perfect Essence everywhere. And when this overwhelming awareness of the invisible Essence everywhere is yours then the human understanding which was faith without knowledge is now reinforced by Faith confirmed by Love. This is the Faith that never wavers. This is the Faith that takes you into Heaven on earth.

This Love now alerts Peter, “This is the Lord.” Up to this point Peter could only believe what he saw with his own senses. He saw more fish and he was excited. Now he sees Jesus. He sees Jesus because something in him has awakened him to the fact that there is someone there called the Christ. He’s very excited. It is said though that “He was naked” and now he girds himself with the garment he had discarded. We have to see that very carefully.

When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher’s coat unto him, (for he was naked,) and did cast himself into the sea.”

Now we are naked just as Peter was, and that nakedness is human faith. When you’re naked you’re without Spiritual Faith, you have all the human faith and then the water does not support you. Now Peter is adding Love to the faith that couldn’t support him and something beautiful happens. And that Love means that Peter is getting out of Peter. You see he’s not loving Peter anymore. The arrogant, over zealous, over bearing qualities within him have been refined. John is alerting us to the fact that Peter becoming aware of his Christ Self is now able to generate that Faith which he didn’t have at the early part of his ministry.

There’s a deeper meaning though. Simon Peter was naked and now “He girt his fisher’s coat unto him.” The true meaning of naked is more than just lacking in Faith, it’s part of the meaning but when you’re in a mortal body you are naked. All who walk in material bodies are naked biblically. His fisher’s coat means that he suddenly became aware through Christ of his other body, his Soul body. And you see now he can cast himself into the sea.

You remember last week that Mary Magdalene paused before she entered the tomb and that pause was to teach us this great pause never to enter a room until we are consciously aware that not a physical body is going to enter; we’re not in such a physical body.

And here it comes in another way; Peter girding himself with his fisher’s coat. Your fisher’s coat is your body of the Soul. Now if you’re conscious of yourself as a physical body you’re in the state called naked. If you’re conscious of yourself in a Spiritual body you are wearing your fisher’s coat. One drowns in the sea, one can walk in the sea.

Now this has to be a conscious activity; you cannot decide that it will take care of itself, because it doesn’t. Through Love your faith must rise beyond what your senses know to the acceptance consciously that you are in a Soul body that is Invisible and can never be destroyed. And you must consciously live in the awareness of it, so that you’re never caught in the belief that you inhabit a physical form. Now that can only be taken on a different level of Faith than the blind faith of a human mind. It must be taken through the experience which confirms that Faith. You can’t have the experience unless you are making the effort to understand it, to witness it, first in the words of the Bible and then as a living experience in your Self. It isn’t enough to read that Peter is doing that. It wasn’t enough for Peter to read it somewhere; it had to become experience, living experience over a period of time.

And so we should be bending ourselves toward the experience of the Invisible body by casting our net on the “Right side of the ship,” taking our mind out of its creation called this physical form, rising above that mind into Soul which is conscious of the Soul body. And in the interim while there is a gap in the passage from mind to Soul, being willing to accept that the dispensation of the Christ was to lift you into the Christ body which was ever present where the world saw Jesus just as it is ever present where the world sees you. This changeover in consciousness from the belief that I am mortal man to the knowledge that I am Immortal Self is casting your net on the other side.

If you are not ready to make that decision then you must go back and study a little harder. Read the Sermon on the Mount several more times. Practice what it says. Read more of the books. Hear more of the tapes. There are many things you must do until you can consciously say, “I’ve reached the place where I’m willing to consider that I am not in a physical form, that I am not in a physical world but I am Spiritual Being in a Spiritual Body right here and right now. And then hold the Consciousness frequently on that level until that inner Christ which is on the shore of your consciousness develops into a more living experience and the Essence becomes part of what you know to be present. Then you’ll find your ship comes out of the sea onto the shore. You’ll find the Inner quality of John in you alerts you that Christ is leading you into the invisible Kingdom on earth.

This new Faith is to replace the faith of the seven disciples in you. You have the faith of the will in Peter, the faith of reason in Thomas but you have the twins in there, the Zebedee twins and they are the symbol of Faith and Love united as One. This is to take place in us. There was a faith of Nathaniel in Wisdom. There was the faith of the other two disciples in external life. And now your faith is changing. All types of faith in you are becoming the Faith that God is present as individual Christ Selfhood. There are no seven disciples. The knowledge of Oneness is coming into focus. Christ on the shore of your Consciousness is leading you into the realization of the One Divine Self everywhere.

Silence, (pause) …

The other disciples came in a little ship; (for they were not far from the land, but as it were two hundred cubits,) dragging the net with fishes.”

It was Peter, the will, jumps into the sea and then the other disciples follow in a little ship. The will is always the leader. You can see that if your will is God centered everything will follow in a little ship, if your will is not God centered that little ship will follow humanly. Always Peter represents the fullness of your Being, the little ship with other disciples represents all other qualities in you following the will of your Being.

When Peter is not just human will, but is human will lifted by Love, then the ship comes to the shore because the shore is always close by; only two hundred cubits away. In other words the veil of the senses is all that separates us from the shore, from Reality. And now this new quality in Peter the illumination of Love should be functioning within us. A Love that is selfless. A Love that is not seeking personal welfare. A Love that has learned that all seeking on the material level that is not preceded by an awareness of the inner Christ, is a detour. An act that will never yield fish. What at first seemed to be turning away from the things we wanted is revealed to us as the only way to live. To turn away from the world, to harken to the Inner Christ, to let the Inner Christ guide our consciousness. Listening not with the sense mind but another quality called Soul, deeper within, higher within. And then we come to the land.

Now the land here means out of the sense mind, out of world thought, out of all material beliefs which was shown to be transitory. The land is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The land is Reality. When Love and Faith are combined we are lifted by the Christ from the sea to the land. And there stands a fire with coals.

– End of Side One —-

Now then the surprise comes at this point when you would expect that he would say, “Now come and have these, have this Heavenly feast.”

But when they land on the shore, “Jesus saith unto them, Bring of the fish which ye have now caught.”

And this is the crux of the message at this point. Before you can sup of the Heavenly bread and fish on the fires of Divine Love you must bring something of your Self. Now this is the wedding of instruction in the letter with inspiration in the living Divine Word. So Peter and the disciples are asked to bring the fish that they have caught. “What Truth do you know? What are your beliefs? What is your understanding? Bring that; yes. But don’t stop there. We’ve all had instruction in Truth and now with that instruction must be wedded inspiration; without it you’ll always be off shore.

Inspiration now is when having through Love of God supremely, being willing to yield your complete effort, not to better your humanhood but to seek only the Kingdom of God within yourself. In trust that the Kingdom of God within you will yield its fruit and that it being All-Power will completely cover every so-called human need.

As you’re willing to do that – launching out into the deep beyond the senses of human faith – then Love and Faith lead you to the shore and there you find the Christ has drawn you to the Heavenly feast which is the new Self. The fish on the coals of the fire is Divine Love revealing your new Self and the bread is the substance of that Self and there are many meanings in the fish and the bread because you see he doesn’t have fishes and loaves he has one fish, one cake. One is sufficient to mankind. One Self. And like a fish that One Self increases into many appearing. That bread is the new bread, the new substance you live by. You live by Grace. In the new Self you are the fish who has been plucked out of the sea of world thought and you are now the incorporeal Self. And you live by the bread which is cooked on the fire of Divine Love by the Master within you. And that substance increases and increases and increases your living experience, and now as you draw the Truth you know to this fire, living inner inspiration opens you to Truth you couldn’t know any other way. It isn’t enough to continue as a memory student or as an intellect. You must have living revelation and you can only get it from Divine Love – Christ, in you. This is a total inner turning to Christ in you. With total confidence, total trust that there is a Self of you. This is the land where the Self of you is where you live. This is the transformed Self. The transformed Consciousness.

They’re not seeing physical bread anymore or physical fish; they’re seeing the One Divine Self within themselves as themselves. They are the fish and they are the bread. “I in the midst of you am the Fish. I in the midst of you am the Bread, and I am the sacred Fire of your own Divinity.” This invisible journey through the sea to the shore to the land is the transformed Consciousness accepting Divinity as Self. Divinity which multiplies as fishes do. One Self fulfils all needs.

The acceptance of that One Self now is the level of Consciousness which Peter is being led to and the other six disciples with him. They are being awakened to who they are. They are going through a temporary experience of the real Self. But it is being presented to you and to me because it is our Way-shower. All that is happening out there visibly in the written word is a living experience within you when you are willing to cast out beyond the five sense world.

That means if you continue believing certain things about yourself that are not so, you’re not launching out into the deep, you’re not ready for the Peter experience, for that renewal of Faith with Love, so that Faith and Love are united in one. And this is a necessary experience. “Sell all thou hast… Cast thy net on the right side of the ship,” and now bring the fish you have caught to the Christ. Lay everything you think you know at the feet of the Christ and say, “Now you show me. I know nothing. All the fish I have caught are of no account. I come to you completely open.”

This is the Divinity acceptance within yourself. You cannot accept Divinity and still have human concepts. You cannot trust Divinity and still have human concepts. And even at this late date, at this point in the transitional consciousness of Peter he has not reached the pinnacle. It’s only a glimpse that mankind will have of itself before it further solidifies by learning the true nature of Love, and so the Master must now say to Peter, “Do you love me?” And again “Peter, do you love me?” And again, “Peter, do you Love me?” And there’s a meaning there – just as Peter three times had denied the Christ so now three times does the Christ lift Peter above those previous denials.

Now one thing you won’t notice in our text is that the three questions of “Do you love me?” are not identical. They seem to be but they are not in the original. And only by knowing this can you find a fuller meaning in these questions. Now in the Greek, “Do you love me?” the first time is said by a word that means, do you love me not as a mechanical robot, or as a human emotion but “Do you love me, the Christ?” Not Jesus. In other words the question is, do you love Jesus the man or do you love Christ the Spirit of God? And Peter always says, “Oh yes, I love you,” but Peter isn’t aware of the meaning and so again the Christ says, “Do you love me,” meaning do you love Jesus the man or do you love Christ the Spirit of God? And again Peter asserts his love, and the third time the Christ now says the word which is not “Do you love the Christ,” but do you love as a mechanical man another human being. And Peter doesn’t even know the difference and the change that is taking place. He still says, “Of course I love you.”

And the Christ is revealing that all Peter really loves at this moment is not the Christ; he was lifted to it but he can’t grasp it still. He still has a sense of loving Peter. But we are being taught beyond that. “Do you love me?” means do you love Christ within yourself more than you love your human self. “Peter, do you love Christ within you more than you love Peter the man?” And Peter not understanding says, “But I do love you.” The question is phrased to you then and to me and to every individual in this world, “Do you love Christ in you more than you love your human selfhood?” On that you make or break your demonstration and the fulfilment of your very purpose in this world. If we still love our human selfhood more than we love Christ within ourselves, it’s quite clear that we’re in a state of duality.

And still the message is incomplete for now Peter must turn and say, “What about him over there?” pointing to John. Even having been blessed by the new experience of finding Self, which he couldn’t hold onto, having found some degree of Christhood, Peter turns and says to the man called Jesus, “What about him over there? What about John? What’s he going to do? If I am to follow you what about him, what’s he going to do?” And this is a teaching to us.

The Master says, “What is it to thee if I wish him to tarry until I come?” Just as the Master on the cross could point to John and say to his mother, “There is your son,” and point to John and say, “There is your mother.” He reminds us now that Love must remain a living factor in your heart. Peter, the will, must now follow the Master but Love must tarry on the earth. And then translated again you see that Peter the mind must go, Love must remain: the Soul is all that can redeem you. Peter is ready to now go deeper and deeper but the Soul remains on earth as the way through which the Word will enter every human heart. John must tarry on earth meaning Love within you will open your Soul. Mind won’t do it.

You can’t get to Heaven through Peter you must get to Heaven through John.

The mind stays in the sea the Soul comes up and lands on the shore. The great teaching of the Bible finally culminates with the knowledge that only through your willingness to resist the world mind expressing as a sense mind in you, living beyond it in your Soul, accepting yourself as Invisible Being, the invisible living Christ – the Spirit not in a body – will your Soul be open to receive the inner confirmation of that which you accept through Faith and through Love. This union of Love and Faith will not waver and will enable you to walk upon the water of Truth. The fire of Love which contains the bread and the fish has been prepared for all of us. It is in the land of Reality behind the veil of the senses now. We are being asked to partake of that Heavenly feast.

If you hear my voice and you open the door when I knock, I will come and sup with thee.” And this is what I bring; the bread and the fish.

The new Self, the new Body, the new Life which is Christ eternal and your receptivity to all this is made possible only through the awareness that within you is John; the Soul. The Soul receives the Christ. You cannot do it through instruction. You do it through inspiration. Instruction leads you to inspiration. Inspiration takes you across the sea of world thought. Inspiration brings you Truth that can be received in no other way. The whole Gospel now takes you to the point where you must know who you are and live in that knowledge.

If we had tried to do world work before we came to a knowledge of identity, before we came to a place where we were able to receive living inspirational revelation from the very Christ of our own Being, we would be going through some kind of form without substance. You may have noticed in the last three or four weeks that we have been doing a little world work. Enough to maybe give you some evidence of the fact that when you know yourself to be who you truly are then you are given only Truth that works. Not Truth that is opinion. And then you are in world work. What is the answer that the Master says every time Peter professes his deep love?

If you love me feed my lambs. If you love me feed my sheep. Do you love Christ? But Christ is You. Do you accept Christ as loving Christ? But if you accept Christ feed my sheep, feed my lambs.”

And so we must know what we’re to do. We must give the evidence that we accept Christ identity by feeding the lambs. Who are they? There are two meanings. The lambs are just….well first of all lambs are innocent, they’re distinguished from the sheep who are a little more mature and they’re more advanced you might say. Innocent, in a sense that they do not yet know but they are on the way with blind faith. And so those who are coming through blind faith are the innocent lambs and in our world work we must feed them, we must help them. And then there are those who are more advanced; their faith is not blind they are now sheep. They’re not innocent lambs their faith has been confirmed and they’re more advanced along the path and we must help them. But that isn’t all that was told in “Feed my lambs, and feed my sheep.”

The real lambs and the real sheep are the Divine thoughts in your Self. Those thoughts within you which are just budding – still undiscerned but there are the lambs – those which have taken firmer root in you are the sheep and by feeding them means you must let them grow. You must accept them, you must listen to them and be obedient for they are the methods through which the Divine feeds us. The Divine does the feeding. Our accepting of the Divine thought within us is feeding the lambs and the sheep. And if you’re not listening to living revelation within your Self you’re not feeding the lambs and the sheep. You’re doing it by rote. You’re only bringing your fish but you’re not finding the coals with the living Fire of the living bread and the living fish of Spirit.

Eat of my flesh and drink of my blood” again is the same as the fish and the bread. Another symbolism for the same thing.

Now then, if you have caught more than words in a book, if the spark is ignited in you, if that fire is a Fire within you, a Fire of living coal; the bread and fish are now within you on that Fire and you are receiving Invisible lambs, Invisible sheep, Invisible guidance, Invisible impulses. You are receiving the constant Divine Impulse and you are turned within to It, listening to It and obeying It. Then you’re tending those sheep. Then you’re about your Father’s business. And then you can find the capacity to do effective world work, not just an outer charade.

Now your next chapter is world work. We have to, in that chapter which is the last of “Realization of Oneness,” tie it all up together. Today is a New Year, the first meeting of a New Year. It’s a new Consciousness. It’s the new Consciousness that has come onto the shore. And in this new Consciousness we find that within us is the Divine fire which we must listen to and it will show us its way. But we must be there listening out of self in the human sense. If you’re listening it’s because your Faith is deeper than human faith. And if you’re not listening it’s because you’re still in that blind human faith which cannot hold still; it has no Love. Now if you’re listening you’ll find that there’s nothing goes on in this world that can persuade you that you are not now in the living Kingdom of God. And that you yourself are the living Kingdom of God. And that the perfection of this Kingdom is all around you, invisible as the Invisible fishes but ever present. That which we cannot see is here. That which we cannot touch is here. That which is called God is here. That which is the Power of God is here. That which is the Wisdom of God is here. All of it is here and all of it is available in Christ Self.

Now then, whatever is happening in the world is a sense activity whether it’s good or bad. Whatever’s happening in you is Divine activity and it is always Good. It can only be released to replace the outer world experience if you are living in that center of Soul called John – listening. Peter had to follow commands. Not John. John lay on the bosom, on the breast of the Master meaning they were connected; they were One. And so he instinctively and automatically followed the Christ; there was no thought taking. And then Peter would follow after John would automatically follow the Christ. We must be in the John Consciousness that automatically follows the Master instead of the Peter which has to wait for a visible command. We must live in that Self which automatically is lying on the breast of the Master.

Now when you do world work whether you’re living in Self or not, we show up in what the results are. That’s why this message is so important. It doesn’t leave you hanging. If there are no results you are not in the Consciousness. It has a way of showing you where you are. And so that’s why we want results because they show us that we’re in Christ or not. This is a message with Power.

Now let’s meditate then on the Bible meaning because we should all be now at a point where we’re even higher than the Bible. It is the in-struction but its instruction should lift you to a place beyond itself, to the point of inspiration. Within you is the sacred Fire of Christ. You have passed the dawn, you’re into the sunrise which actually becomes a visible event within you rising out of material sunset, out of materialism, out of the belief in all that is unlike God. In our Consciousness only God exists. This is the rising Christ. This is the mystical Easter. This is the Resurrection of Christ in you. All that is not God does not exist. We’re true to that sacred Fire of identity and unless you can stand there when all around you attests to something other than God, you’re still in naked human faith. Get out of the form, get out of the belief in form, get out of the worldliness, out of the material sense of life. Seek ye first, last and always, nothing at all in the world, for your Father is not in the world. And have the confidence to rest in your Father, the invisible Christ, as your own identity. Trusting It. Being willing to let anything happen that might while you maintain your trust. This is loving God supremely. Lo and behold, all these great catastrophes that seem to be striking lose their sting. “Death is swallowed up in victory.” Either the message is true or it’s untrue and we owe it to ourselves to come to the place where we can say, “I follow it,” or “I do not.”

I’ve seen so many catastrophes that turned out to be false alarms when someone catches the rising Christ within themselves.

Finally when the word “Amen” is spoken it means “I accept that Eternal Life is my name.” In my Eternal Life is Christ here and Christ there. The moment you touch the sacred Fire of Christ within your Self, you have found the multiplication of every loaf and every fish in this world. The fish increase; they multiply. Grace becomes the law instead of material law.

Do you love me?” or “Do you love you?” That is the question Christ is always asking within you. Three times the question is asked and this is the indication that the message is finished. The book is closed. Those who can see beneath the surface of the words are ready to walk out in the deep. Ready to bless their fellow man.

So we’re going to do our world work next week together and that will be the last class of this series. That’ll give you a whole month to move back and forth over what you have come into in Consciousness, refining that Consciousness unto a workable state so that when we hit the Special Seven in the second Sunday of February we should be able to work on the level of the Inner senses instead of the outer. We should be able to experience the walking on water. We should be able to understand how the Invisible universe works around us.

Next time we’ll prescribe some things that should be done during the intervening month. Your work now is to “Cast your net on the right side of the ship.” Stop trying to figure it out with that mind. Rest in Faith. Reject the sense testimony until the sacred Fire bursts and the living Radiance of Christ is your living experience with its living wisdom. Believe it, it happened; only two hundred cubic feet away.

They caught a hundred and fifty three fishes when they did this – add them up – one, five, three – nine. In other words they had progressed beyond mortality which is six six six. We had to come beyond six six six, the symbol of mortality to nine which is the symbol of the transformed man. And because John is remaining on the earth as the Soul, as the symbol of Love, there must be a reason for John remaining to tarry until the Master comes. What is the reason? There must be a remnant on the earth who can receive through that Self.

John’s tarrying on the earth is a statement that there are still seven thousand who have not bowed to Baal. Those who consider themselves to be among the disciples of Christ are the remnant who will find through the experience of Soul that Christ comes to earth in them if we will tarry in John until Christ realization comes.

Let us be grateful that such a teaching exists. Let us not make the mistake of the world in seeing it only from the human eyes.

And so with that, you can join me, we can say, “Amen.”

(Audience says, “Amen”)

This is our teaching.

And to all of you, the best of our Spiritual mansions in this coming New Year.

Thanks again.

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