Chapter 7 – Grace

Bill: Good morning!

This is December 8, 2019 Sunday, about 11:23 AM. Now we of the “Mystical
Principles” email list had our 11:00 to 11:15 meditation. And I was having a difficult
time remaining with eyes closed because I received the Presence. I felt the presence and
I received a message that I wasn’t aware of before I heard it. So we’ll see if it comes out
or comes through this message today.

We have been studying Leave Your Nets. And “Leave Your Nets” means, leave
your humanhood. It means really living an Impersonal life. Now all of us know how to
live a personal life. We have “my” money, “my” house, “my” spouse, we have “my”
education, “my” job, “my” supply, “my” companionship, “my” health, all of those. All
of that is a personal sense of life.

Well, you might say, “What’s wrong with that?” And I would answer, “Nothing. Nothing, we’ve been doing that for Age after age after age.” I suspect, I can’t prove it yet, I suspect that many of us were standing there yelling, “Crucify him!” Living a perfectly decent law-abiding religious, personal sense of life. Now here we are 2,000 years later. Are we now ready to lay down that life?

We’re told, we’re promised, “he who loses his life shall find it.” And so that’s
what we’re in the practice of doing, surrendering a personal sense of self. And this book
Leave Your Nets is all about that. And the principles will force you, if you follow it, to
surrender that personal, well, that person, that you’ve thought all this time was you.
Now these talks are for advanced students. They’re not for students who have
recently found The Infinite Way and are trying to find out how to practice principles that
will increase their income, or find the right significant other, or heal their body. There’s
nothing wrong with that, that’s how we all came in in the beginning and if that’s where
you are, then you should be studying Practicing the Presence, Living The Infinite Way,
and perhaps The Art of Meditation. And then later, as you progress, you will be ready
for Leave Your Nets .

So it starts, chapter 7, “Grace” with the quote, the scripture, “My grace is
sufficient for thee.” I know I thought I knew everything about grace, but after reading
about grace in three different books, three different Infinite Way books, I discovered like
every other time, I’m just beginning to learn.

So he starts, Joel starts by saying, “Included in the word ‘grace’ is all that is
meant by the word ‘gift’. The gift of God is a sufficiency.” And in case you haven’t
done it, in case you weren’t with our 15 minute meditation, go ahead and pause this
talk, turn it off, whatever you need to do. And be still and have an inner meditation. So
that you can be receptive.

First in your meditation you need to attain or feel the peace. If that means
remembering a scripture such as “It is I, be not afraid,” there’s nothing wrong with that.
That’s perfectly fine. Contemplation, if done correctly, will lead to meditation.
Contemplation of course, would be contemplating a truth, a scripture, and then when
you find your peace, you stop. You listen. You open your consciousness and are

And if done correctly, you will feel something. You will feel a presence,
calming, peaceful, loving, complete. And there you rest. If you want to, you can say,
“Speak, thy servant heareth.” But then you listen. Listen within. Not for thinking, not
for thoughts because “My thoughts are not your thoughts,” that’s what God says. And
so you just listen. You wait. “Those that wait upon the Lord will mount up with wings as

Now, when you feel that inner movement or you receive an impression or you
feel a presence, then you can come back and listen. And it should build on whatever you
received. So, “Included in the word ‘grace’ is all that is meant by the word ‘gift.’’ So the
grace of God is a gift. And I had a little battle with this because years ago, well, here’s
what happened.

I had been running my own life to the best of my ability. I was 19 years old and
I thought I could do it my way like that Frank Sinatra song. And so I did it my way and
I was fired from my job. I was fired because as the owner and employer said, I had an
attitude that the world owed me a living. We see a lot of that now with the teenagers we
work with. And that’s what I was, a 19-year-old teenager, so I was fired. And I couldn’t
find another job because there was no good reference.

And I was starting out in life. I had to go to my neighbor and beg for a couple
of slices of bread. That is humiliating. And that’s what I needed, was a little humility. So
eventually, I found myself on my front porch steps at three in the morning, in Pasadena
California. Everything was quiet. And I realized I had read all these good books,
Practicing the Presence, Living the Infinite Way, Art of Meditation, Realization of
Oneness, A Parentheses in Eternity, Beyond Words and Thoughts, and yet with all the
knowing, I did not have grace. I knew with my mind, but I didn’t know with my heart or
with my Soul. It didn’t sink down.

And when I tried to meditate, I would close my eyes and a million thoughts
would come. Some of them scripture, some of them from the books, some of them just
human desires. But I couldn’t get quiet. And I wasn’t really sure there was a God.
Sometimes I thought, “Oh, these people are just fooling themselves and calling it God.”
Yes, I had a problem with pride, no humility.

But life will beat you down and it beat me down to where I had to beg. So on
my front porch steps at three in the morning I realize that. And I reached out and I said,
“God, Jesus, Buddha, Christ, Mohammad, Great Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness, anyone,
anywhere! I will do anything if you just show me how to live.” That was a wonderful
thing because pride and intellect stepped aside. And guess what happened? I became
receptive. After that surrender there was peace. And I became receptive. I didn’t know it
at first.

The next day it became very apparent to me that I needed a job. But I was afraid of doing my will. Remember this was 19 years old. That’s rather young to be thinking these deep things but there I was. I was afraid to do anything as it might be my will again and I, things would get even worse. So what I did was I got up and I walked down a couple blocks to Colorado Boulevard. Colorado Boulevard is what you see if you watch the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. It goes down Colorado Boulevard.

There’s a lot of businesses there, so I decided, it seemed to me if I just go to place to
place and I don’t pick one, if somebody hires me maybe that would be God’s will.
And so I, in order to drown out my head, I walked around and went to fill out
applications. And I said to my mind, well I said to God in order to drown my mind out, I
said, “God, thy will be done. It’s your ball game, it’s your show. Show me what you
want me to do.” And I walk down there to Colorado Boulevard saying this over and
over quietly in my mind.

And the first place I came to was a bank and there was some sort of grand
opening. All kinds of balloons outside by the doorway and I started to pass it by because
my mind said, “You don’t have any experience in banking. Go to the next place.“ But
remember I was vigilant, I was watching inside myself. “No,” I said, “not my will be
done Father, thy will be done.” And I walked into the bank. The lady there was very nice. She gave me an application. I filled it out. The only experience I had was working as a veterinarian’s assistant, [and] washing dishes.

So I put it all down and she said to me, “Would you like a cup of coffee?“ “Oh yes,
thank you.” Those of you that listen much to me, you know that I like coffee. “Yes,
thank you.” She gave me a cup of coffee and a drink it as I was filling out the
application. When I finished, I thanked her and I walked out the front door. And I
headed down to the next place.

But before I could get to the next place, I had a tremendous inner awakening.
Because I realized that that cup of coffee was the first gift from God. This was Grace in
action. I didn’t ask, it was just given through that lady, yes, but from God. Because I
said, “No, I’m not listening to my mind. I’m going to go into the bank. Father thy will
be done. ” I was given a free cup of coffee.

That probably means nothing to you, but it changed my whole life. My entire
life because I knew; I didn’t have two cents in my pocket. I couldn’t buy a cup of coffee
and I knew I had not thought of that. It just came out of the Universe, came from God
through the Universe. And just so I wouldn’t miss it, when I could stop crying, I dried
my eyes and went on filling out applications and I got to a Denny’s restaurant. And I
walked inside and I filled out an application and the manager said, “Would you like a
cup of coffee?” I said, “Well I can’t afford one.” He said, “It’s on the house.” Yes God, I see. And that was the beginning for me of experiencing Grace.

Grace that wasn’t sought. Grace that was a free gift. It’s still chokes me up remembering
because I was not a very nice person before that. And yes, I did have that attitude that
the world owed me a living. And yes, I would steal from you, and yes, I thought nothing
of you. I had one attitude: what can I get from this world?

And so amazing Grace, indeed. So when it says here, “The gift of God is a sufficiency,” I’m here to tell you, that from that first cup of coffee which would’ve been 1973, some 47 years ago, the gift of God, also known as Grace, has never run dry. Not only that, but from the gift of one cup of coffee, out of that flowed and is flowing every good and perfect gift.

I’ve told you before, my wife is not perfect, but she’s perfect for me. That flowed out from within. This home in the beautiful Appalachian mountains, that flowed out from within. The trips we’ve taken to Hawaii and the Bahamas, up near Canada, down into Mexico, everywhere in the United States, all of those have come flowing out from the center. All of these classes, these messages have flowed out from the center.

My life until I was 10 years old was very sickly. Very sickly all the time. I never knew a healthy week. But at the age of 10, I said, “God, I’m so tired of this” and I don’t know what happened except that I was never sick again except for once in a every few years, a cold. So that flowed out from within. Everything that I have, everything that I am, has flowed out from within.

So I’m here to tell you, the gift of God never runs out. It’s not a one time thing if you will continue to practice the principle. And I have never forgot the principle that “of myself I am nothing.” But the gift of God is my sufficiency, “the grace of God is my sufficiency.” Alright? So that’s my first, my very first inkling that there was a principle here I could live by. And I did not know it at the time, but that was the first experience of laying down a personal sense of self. You see? I was no longer trying to provide for me. I was just trying to follow God’s will. And then it was automatic, the gift of God was my sufficiency. I was beginning to live this Impersonal life and experience this impersonal gift.

Alright, so “The nations of the world seek after what they shall eat, what they
shall drink, wherewithal they shall be clothed. They are continuously taking thought or
being concerned about their affairs of tomorrow. This is not true in my kingdom which
is not of this world. In the kingdom of grace, God is the creative principle. The creative
principle, the infinite power. This word ‘grace’ implies that which maintains and
sustains infinite good and above all, love. Therefore love must be the measure of the
capacity of our good.”

And I can tell you something about that. By receiving that first cup of coffee, I
knew, ‘God loves me.’ God loves me when I get out of the way and stop trying to do it,
His love for his forth. And as I continued in this walk, I began to see later, God is love.
It’s not that God loves me, that’s another personal sense of self that has to be come up
over. And so I learned, no. God does not love that material me. Well what then? God is
love and when you draw near to God, that love envelops you, flows through you, even
flows as you. God is love and all that infinite love is yours when you get at peace inside
yourself and become receptive.

And that’s what I did on my front porch steps. I got at peace, I quit fighting.
And I was receptive. And I remained receptive by reminding myself 300 times a day,
thy grace is my sufficiency, thy will be done. And as I progressed, I found something
else. “I and my father are one.” And you know that infinite Love that I first experienced
as a cup of coffee? I am that Love.

So you see, a personal sense of God loving a material me, that evolved into
God is Love. And when I, a person, get near that presence, I experience that Love. And
finally, that Impersonal sense of self in that, “I and my Father are one.” I and that
infinite Love are one. I am that Love. You see? This is a wonderful thing!

Christmas is a perfect time to be reviewing Grace. Now, “Grace is fulfillment and grace does not bring partial success.” You know, I wondered for a long time, how do you know the difference? How do you know if you’re really receiving grace within or if it’s just more human thoughts? And the answer seems so simple – now. But it didn’t seem simple when I was struggling with it. I so wanted to be in the flow, in the rhythm of His will. Not doing my will, a human will, a personal sense of self will, so this became very, very, very important to me. And I found the answer. You seek, and you find.

It was revealed that when you have touched that inner Presence, you have
found your peace, you have received that Presence, that movement, that voice, It forms
Itself. And without any effort almost, doors just open. Doors open and you walk in and
experience Grace. Like I did with that cup of coffee, and later with a job.

I had been to a meeting at a church and my mind said, “Go ask Ray for a ride
home.” But remember I was trying not to do my will. So I said, “Nope, I’m not
following you.” And I left and I went over to the bus bench on Colorado Boulevard.
Sitting there, I saw a man I had seen up at the meeting. I didn’t know his name, he
introduced himself, “I’m John.” And I said “Oh yeah, I’m Bill” and we shook hands.
And one of us said, “Didn’t I see you up there at the meeting upstairs?” The other one
said, “Yes” and we got to talking and he asked me, “Are you working anywhere?” I
don’t know why he asked me. I have no idea. No, that’s not true. I do. Because I refused
to follow my will. And I went over there and followed God‘s will and I created that
opening and God happened. And I said, “No, I’m not working anywhere. I’ve messed
up everything and I’m trying to do better.” He said, “why don’t you come up and fill out
an application where I work?” I said, “Where’s that?” And he said, “Kennedy
Company.“ He said, “We build digital magnetic tape drives.” Well I thought to myself,
“I don’t have any experience” but remembering the bank I said, “Ok.”

The next morning I was there. I went in and I talked to the plant manager and
he said, “Tell me about yourself.” And I just, I almost started to tell him some good
things, but honesty prevailed. I said, “You know, I’ve messed up everything, I’ve tried. I
got fired because I had a bad attitude” I said, “but I’m trying to do better.” This man
looked at me, he said, “You know, I think you are. Can you start on Monday?” And I
did. I started on Monday and I did a good job, a great job. I beat all the records in time
in assembling these tape drives.

They usually put out about 10 to 15 for you to make in a week. Just for fun one
time I decided to see how fast I could do it. I made all 15 in two days, maybe 2 1/2
days. The plant manager came out and said, “Wow.” Because see, the inspector passed
all of them., they were right, they were done right. The plant manager came out and
said, “Wow, great job.” But then I saw that they became a little uncomfortable. They
weren’t sure what to do with me. And so I didn’t do that again it kind of, it upset people.
What was he going to do for the next three days, you know?

So, I did a good job for them, I worked there for three years until a friend of
mine offered me a job in supervision in another factory. And I moved over there. The
point of the story is, by saying to myself a hundred times a day, “thy grace is my
sufficiency” and taking a breath and letting it out, I was remaining receptive. And, by
following the inner nudges, I found myself meeting John who became my foreman on a
great job. And by the way, the job had free coffee, something I liked.

So, I have not changed that attitude in 47 years because I know when I am
silent, when I am not pushing, fighting, struggling, when I am at peace, then comes
receptivity. And in my mind I say, “thy grace is my sufficiency” and I rest and thy Grace
appears. So, how do I know if I’m really touching that Presence? It’s because it forms
Itself or, “by their fruits ye shall know them.” And the fruits of course are every good
and perfect gift. You see? You stay surrendered.

Sometimes you forget, oh yes. But you don’t have to go very far with it before
you notice, “Uh oh, I’m feeling uncomfortable. What am I doing?” And you realize,
“Uh oh, I’m chasing the dollar bill, or I’m trying to impress somebody, or I told a little
white lie. And then you have to back up, make amends if it’s due and set your world
right again by practicing the principle.

Ok so, we haven’t gotten very far have we? Now, “Grace brings a task to us
but with it, grace brings the understanding, strength and wisdom to perform it.” That’s
right. He says, “Under grace tomorrow is not our concern.“ And that’s right. “Everything that comes by grace comes as fulfillment. So there is never an occasion to say, ‘Oh Father, you have provided a good job for me in New York, but what about the fare to reach there?’ Or, “Father, you have provided an inspirational and uplifting class for me to attend, but nobody to leave at home with the family. No, that never happens. Whatever comes by grace, comes as fulfillment.”

Now, here’s the most recent. Well that’s not true, the most recent is the message
I was given for today but, one of the most recent examples of this grace. I have
discovered that He knows your needs before you do. And he goes before you to prepare
the way and that’s the part of Grace. So recently, I was given a large donation and I
bought Christmas presents for everyone I needed to. And that’s an extensive list now
because we have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and maybe in
another six or seven years, we’ll have great great grandchildren.

But anyway, I got done, I looked at what was left and there was some left. And
so I started to do something with it, and then I felt the inner nurge, inner urge, inner
nudge. Nudge and urge becomes “nurge,” I like that. I felt the inner urge, “Don’t do
anything.” So I put it in the bank. I left it there and guess what happened the day before
yesterday? Our heat pump that we bought a year ago for $8,000 stopped working.
Now I have not become a saint, that is I’m not perfect. I still experience
moments of humanhood and I experience moments of Grace. And the first reaction was
human. And I thought, “What the heck? $8,000 and it doesn’t work?” Anyway, I called
the man who owns the company that put it in and he said, “It’s really busy this time of
year. I’ll try to get to you before Monday.” Well we, we said, “OK.”

I went into my meditation chair, got quiet, found my peace and remained
receptive. That’s all. And I didn’t feel much I don’t think, I might have felt the Presence.
It’s so common these days that sometimes I forget. But what happened, “by their fruits
ye shall know them.”

The man came yesterday. He looked at it, he said, “Oh. When we installed this,
there’s two wires that we didn’t wrap tight enough and they came loose.” So he
tightened those up and he found another problem. “Oh,” he said, “you don’t have any
coolant in your system for this summer coming up.” So he checked around and he found
a washer that had cracked and wasn’t very good. So he thought that was probably done
by the company that built it. So he replaced the washer and he filled the coolant, and he
put the two wires together and we turned it on and it’s nice and toasty now. It is 45, 49,
50 outside and it’s 70, 71 inside. And He went before me to make the crooked places
straight because this summer I’ll have a cooler too. I’ll have coolant in the air
conditioner, you see?

So I’m telling you this works. It doesn’t make any sense. The human mind, the
natural mind, the natural man will laugh or get mad and pound his fist. When I told
somebody about that experience of getting a job one time, a man pounded his fist on the
table and said, “God’s never gotten me a job!” I wanted to say, “That’s ‘cause you never
let him.” But I didn’t. Anyway, Grace will never stop working. The principal is forever.
It’s forever, the cruse of oil that never runs dry.

And it always comes as fulfillment even before you know you need it. I didn’t know I was going to need some money to fix the air conditioner. I didn’t know that, but it was provided. Now, the human mind will have a problem with this. How, what are you talking about? You go within, you get a little peaceful and then you listen and you’re receptive and something moves and then it appears out here as perfect form.

What is that? What are you talking about, fulfillment? The human mind, it doesn’t like
this principle. “Neither will they be convinced though one rose from the dead,” that’s
the human mind. Ah, that’s a coincidence. Yeah? Well I’ve experienced this coincidence
about 75,000 times since 1973.

So, here’s a good example of the human mind right here. He meets this man
who says, “How is it that I haven’t heard of you being in town?” “Probably because we do not advertise,” says Joel. “But I’ve been seeking a way of life. I’m not satisfied with the way things are. I’m seeking something else but I don’t know where to look, or how. Here you are in town with what may be the answer. How do I know you are here?“ “Well,” I replied, Joel says, “when the need is there, they find us.” “But how could I have found you?” And Joel said, “You have.”

You see? You see that? That’s “in a way ye knew not of.” When the man
opened his consciousness to truth, he found the truth. It showed up out here.
Alright, let’s see. Joel says, “To me, Divine grace is the realization that God
meets the needs of his children. And therefore, it’s not necessary to go out and proselyte
in an attempt to force them to a realization of grace.” Yeah you don’t want to do that,
you’ll get people pounding on the table.

I had to learn that, by the way. I wanted to go tell everybody about this after it
started working in my life and I saw, “Wow! There is a God and It’s working, It’s
moving things around, It’s bringing fulfillment.” Well then, I wanted to tell everybody.
Guess what? Everybody don’t want to hear. Everybody does not want to hear. So I had
to learn to keep my finger on my lips. That’s another principle, silence, secrecy.
“It is divine grace if you can feel that whatever the task is given to you, the
presence of God is there to fulfill it with you or for you or through you.” That’s what I
experience every Sunday when often the night before, Saturday, I’m turning within and
saying, “I hope you have something to say.” And then all of a sudden, a truth comes like
first peace and then receptivity.

Alright now, I want to get to this other part here. “Grace includes forgiveness.
Sometimes we hold ourselves in bondage to the belief of deserved punishment for sins of
omission or commission and often we hold others in bondage to these same beliefs.”
And I did that. I did that. That’s why I couldn’t find God, it was because I thought I
didn’t deserve God. I thought I didn’t deserve anything, I was a measly worm. Not true.
I found out that all you have to do, here’s the beauty of this thing. It’s not
dependent on you. Nothing you ever did comes into play. Nothing. Good or bad.

There’s not enough good you can do to deserve this, there’s not enough bad you can do
to not deserve this. It’s a very strange thing. None of your humanhood comes into play.
You silence your humanhood. You go within. Use whatever statement of truth or
scripture you need and find your peace. Then, keep the inner ear open. Not the two on
the outside of your head. The inner ear, the intuition, the Soul faculty. And listen and
you will experience Grace felt as the Presence or heard as a voice or felt as a movement
and then you go about your business. You don’t look for anything and it just appears.
And it appears as things you didn’t even know you needed, but always as fulfillment.
And so it’s great it has nothing to do with your humanhood. I don’t care what you did. It
doesn’t matter.

“Grace is love and love worketh no injury to any man.” Yes. When you’ve
experienced Grace and you begin to see, “Hey, hey all those errors I made, all those
stupid things I did, all those people I hurt, has nothing to do with it. If this moment I’m
willing to set all that humanhood aside, if I’m willing to turn within, become peace,
peaceful, listen and feel that movement, Grace will work through me, through my
consciousness.” And it’s wonderful, it’s wonderful.

But then there’s another part, and that is you can’t hold anybody else in
condemnation either. I don’t care what they did. You have to apply the same principle to
them. Otherwise you have a sense of separation and it won’t work for you. Isn’t that
something? You have to include your brothers and your sisters even if you don’t like
them. You have to realize, none of that has anything to do with Grace. And if they too
will become silent and listen, Grace will begin to work and change their natures. OK?
You can’t apply it just to yourself.

Now, in looking at Grace and looking at this chapter, it led me to looking in a
couple of other books. First I saw this in Beyond Words and Thoughts: “God’s grace is
omnipresent. And not only is it omnipresent, it is infinite. But it is not available except
as we specifically open our consciousness to receive it.” Very important. It’s the two
men on the bus bench. And one of them is living in hell and the other is living in
heaven. And it’s not the bus bench and it’s not the world. It’s the consciousness. One
has opened up to Grace, one is living in a human mind. And that’s the difference.
So, when he says, “It’s not available except as you specifically open your
consciousness,” there’s that word again “to receive it.” That’s what that means. It may
be omnipresent Grace is all around you, even flowing through you, none of it enters
your life until you find your peace and receive it within. Why? Here’s the answer: “All
that is necessary therefore to enjoy the infinity of God’s supply without limitation, is to
recognize that supply is not material. And then to open consciousness to receive it.
Grace always interprets itself at the level of the experience of the moment in which we
are living.“ You see that?

Now, when I was in Dallas and my car died and it was the Fourth of July and
nothing was open, I had no recourse. Humanly, I don’t know what I would’ve done
humanly. I guess I could’ve gone out and panhandled and got some money together and,
or I could’ve went to sleep in the Salvation Army and then maybe got a job washing
dishes until I saved enough to get the car repaired. But I was halfway to California and I
didn’t have any money. Well, I had $80 and that may pay for the tow to the station but
that’s about it.

So what did I do? Well, at first I panicked, I told you I’m not there yet. I have
humanhood. And it loves to exert itself. But I recognize now that that is not me. Or,
pardon me. Let me put it this way. I recognize that’s not “I”. That’s the little me. So,
after that “me” calmed down, or I calmed it down, I went within and took a few deep
breaths and I found my inner peace. And I just stayed there in that peace. I knew I had
no other recourse. It was Grace or some really bad experiences. So I got still, I listened
and I felt the movement of that Presence right through me and I knew, “I don’t know
how you’re going to appear as form but I know you’re here and I know it’s OK.”

You have no idea how wonderful it is to be in a state of panic one moment, and
then in the next to be living the principle; “It is I, be not afraid.” So as you know, I
started that car up, and started up, started it up at third time and it worked! Just like
nothing was wrong. I drove the rest of the way to California. Took it to a mechanic who
said, “You couldn’t have driven it that far. The brain the central thing in this engine is
dead.” Yes, but God raises cars from the dead. I mean it’s true I lived it. Even if you
slam your fist on the table, it’s true.

Alright, so looking again at this book that has, well it’s called The Joel S.
Goldsmith Reader: A Selection of Writings from Joel S. Goldsmith. Kind of like around
the world, you can look at different chapters. So this one is from Beyond Words and
Thoughts and it says, “We are given grace to cease mental activity.“

Now see, we have to find our peace and it’s grace that gives us the ability to
“Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils.” It’s grace that gives you the ability
to, “take no thought.” “And we are thereby enabled to relax in power, or in presence.
These principles of truth that we learn through study and practice, they develop our
consciousness to the place where we resist not evil.”

See, we find our peace. “Where we can put up our sword where we can retire
within ourselves in an inner peace and in that descent of peace, we become aware of grace. That grace is not a power, it’s a Presence and in the presence of grace, there’s no
need for power.” And finally, he says, “Our consciousness becomes a place where we
can relax.“ That’s the peace. “Rest in a state of receptivity.” That’s where we receive.
“And then eventually we hear or feel something that indicates fear not, it is I. It is I be
not afraid. This must inevitably bring us to a place of resting from taking thought.” OK?
That is so wonderful to me.

Now. I was glad to see that because he’s agreeing with what was revealed to
me. He says, “We can retire within in an inner peace and in that descent of peace
become aware of grace. The grace is not material.“ That’s wonderful. That’s so
wonderful. That’s it right there. And what I came to, which is almost the exact same
words, is that, “As many as receive him,” which is grace, to him gives he the conscious
awareness of expressing God, or the son of God.

Alright so, it’s amazing to me as I study the different chapters in the different
books, how many ways Joel said the same thing, or Christ through Joel uttered the same
words before I eventually got it. And now of course once you’ve got it, you have to
practice. You have to stay with it and develop it. If you don’t develop your
consciousness by more meditation, you can lose the ability. And so we don’t want that
to happen. Therefore, we practice several little meditations a day for 2 to 3 minutes in
which we find our peace, open our inner ear and are receptive to feel something. Not to
think, no God’s thought is different than our human thought.

And the only way I can explain it for me, my thought has no fruits behind it. It
may be lovely, it may be pretty to say or write or think about, but it doesn’t change
anything. Human thought continues to manifest and it’s sometimes good and sometimes
evil and I don’t like either one of those. But when it’s divine thought, when you hear the
inner voice and it comes from a deeper place, from consciousness, then you know. Ah,
there’s a feeling of release. You release that struggle, you found that peace and you
receive grace. And it’s not material yet it appears as form. You must know now this
principle. Grace is not money. Grace is not automobiles. Grace is not a lover. Grace is
not a companion. Grace is not a loan. Grace is not a healed automobile.

What is Grace? I thought grace expresses form. Oh yes, it does. But the only
grace from now on that you are allowed to think about or to seek or to experience, is
that inner movement. That inner Presence, that inner voice that comes with that release.
Resting in that, you have found grace. And I, grace, shall be with you forever. And you
will be able to say like I can, “I live yet not I. Grace liveth my life. ”

OK. Grace is a wonderful thing. It’s Christmas every day. It’s more than you
ever could’ve dreamed of. And it’s yours. It’s yours because God is Love. Thank you so
very much and I guess it’s not too early to say, “Merry Christmas! And let the Christ
move through you.”



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