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Monthly Archives: January 2020

Bill: Good morning, and perhaps I should say, Happy New Year! Because the new year is just three days away. Now, in this book we are studying called, Leave Your Nets, we are learning how to leave behind our nets. And our nets are those things which trap us into living in a personal sense of self. Or in looking out and seeing a personal sense of self. Whether friend or enemy,… Read More

Bill: Merry Christmas! This is Sunday, December 22. In two days, it will be Christmas Eve and we get to put all our presents under the tree for the children to find the next morning. Some are from us; some are from Santa and I thank you who gave us a really nice donation, so we were able to provide this Christmas. Which really means, Thank you Father for your supply, for… Read More

Bill: Good morning. This is Sunday December 15th 2019, 11:17 AM here in North Carolina, and we just had our fifteen minute meditation. If you haven’t had yours, you should probably have one now. Close your eyes, get at peace. If you can’t, you can do what this chapter is going to tell us today, you can practice contemplative meditation, which is where you contemplate, you look lightly at a scripture, a… Read More