Class 10 – Inasmuch As Ye Have Done It Unto One Of The Least

Bill: Good morning, and perhaps I should say, Happy New Year! Because the new year is just three days away.

Now, in this book we are studying called, Leave Your Nets, we are learning how to leave behind our nets. And our nets are those things which trap us into living in a personal sense of self. Or in looking out and seeing a personal sense of self. Whether friend or enemy, whether lover or antagonist, it’s the same. It’s a personal sense of self which God did not make.

John tells us that plainly. All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made. So some of these things that were made were made by a temple made by hands. A temple made by mind, a temple made by world mind. You see that?

So this book is steering us away from that, helping us to die to a personal sense of self whether here, there or anywhere. Now, today’s “Wisdom,” posted to our Mystical Principles email list, email group is, “Withdraw from personal consciousness as rapidly as possible. Let I die.”

So we can see that Joel was receiving this message. In this chapter, Chapter 10, it’s called “Inasmuch as Ye Have Done it Unto One of the Least.” What does that have to do with dying daily? I think you’ll see by the end of this talk and hopefully you will practice by the end of this hour.

And so it begins and we’re going to enter into the consciousness that uttered these words. The consciousness of one who was dying daily, who was leaving their nets. This is what we must do. It’s all fine and dandy to enjoy listening to a talk, I do too. But if we go away from that talk and we feel good for an hour or so and then we drop right back into humanhood and acting based on knowledge that we received from world mind, from a mind that sees a world, a material world, then we’re not really dying daily. We’re just having a little wonderful experience with the talk. We don’t want a conscious awareness, a conscious contact with a talk or a book or a tape.

We want conscious contact with the I of our being, with God Itself at the center of our Being. So we must practice the principles that we hear and if necessary, write them down if something jolts you, something says, “Yes! This is it do this, I need to do this.” Then write it down. Sometimes we remember a little better writing it down.

Ok, so. Chapter 10. To those engaged in spiritual workthis is, by the way, I’m going to tell you right up front, this chapter and what I’m going to share with you today you may have heard it, you may have read it, but I need to hear it. In some areas I have slipped back a little and so I need to be reminded of these principles. So don’t think this is just for you, it’s not.

Alright. So, To those engaged in spiritual work, there’s a certain reward that comes in the feeling of having served their fellow man and of having served God in such service. That is as it should be. When we come to giving service within our family, business or community life, however, we are likely to forget that the service we perform for another is not really for another at all. It is not done because we happen to have a husband or a wife, or because we are parents or neighbors or because we are citizens of one nation under one flag. Outwardly, it would seem that we are performing our duties and obligations merely because of those human obligations and relationships but this is not true.

Now listen, my dear friends because he is saying how you should be living.

It would seem as if we are doing that for human obligations and relationships but this is not true. In serving another, we are in reality serving the Christ. We are serving God.Now, when you vacuum the floor in the living room, are you doing that so the house will look better? Are you doing that so your neighbors will see you have a clean house? Are you doing that for your children so they don’t have dust on the floor? You should not be doing any of that. You should be doing it to serve God. And I have lived that way and I know it’s the most beautiful way to live that I’ve ever lived.

Now, We are serving God. It makes no difference whether it’s supporting our family or contributing to some philanthropic enterprise, we are not now doing it as a human being. We’re not doing it as human beings doing it unto human beings. We are doing it onto the Christ of their being. It is the Christ of them calling out to the Christ of us and we answer that call.” This means, I found out, you have to take a principle with you and you have to work it. You have to practice it.

When I learned to drive a car, it probably only took a couple of hours but I was pretty shaky about it and I didn’t feel comfortable in the midst of a lot of traffic. The only thing that could make me comfortable in a lot of traffic, was to drive in a lot of traffic. Then I developed the skills that became almost second nature.

Do you ever think about driving? Sometimes I drive from let’s say, a big town like Atlanta, home here to a really tiny town called Robbinsville. And I leave the city I drive into the foothills I drive into the mountains and then sometimes I become aware, “Hey! I missed the last hour of driving. Who was driving? I was thinking about these principles or thinking about a talk or something. I wonder, who drove my car?”

Well, it became second nature. The principles were living me. That’s what Joel says happens in the spiritual walk, we practice and he said, It’s hard for a year or two.” And I suspect he eased that a little bit. I think it’s longer than a year or two. But anyway, he says it’s hard work. We don’t want to do it. It’s much easier to listen to a talk and say, “Oh, isn’t that beautiful?”

So we must take a principle just like the principle of driving. We must take it and we must practice it. And what is the principle? He gave it to you here. There’s two of them which resolves into one. We are serving God. It makes no difference what we are doing. Whether for the family, the neighbor, we’re serving God. It’s the Christ of them calling out to the Christ of us and we answer that call.

So we’re not serving mental images, we’re not serving material sense’s of self. We’re not serving personal sense’s of self. We’re serving Christ, we’re serving God but there’s a second part to that. As long as we think we’re merely serving man, feeding, educating and sustaining our families or cooperating with our business associates, we are so far missing the mark that we lay ourselves open to betrayal, ingratitude in all the evils of human nature.”

Why? Is that a punishment because you’re not practicing the principal? No, that’s not a punishment. God doesn’t punish, come on. That’s yesterday’s superstitious, religious viewpoint. You’re not punished because you’re not practicing the principle of serving God.

When you don’t practice the principle of oneness, you practice the principle of twoness and that opens the door to both good and evil. Now you’re back to the temple made by mind. Mind is good or evil, that’s all that’s there. Until you learn to practice these principles and sit in meditation without a material sense of self, then, then you experience a temple not made with hands. A temple made by God which is eternal in the heavens.

All right now, listen up. Only when we give to our fellow man, realizing our devotion is to God made manifest, only then are we serving in the manner of the Christ. And only then will we reap the spiritual reward or fruitage of our service and our devotion.All right, we’re going to skip a little of this because I think you know. This is an important paragraph to hear, The mistake that we have made is that we have served man separate and apart from our service to God.” Sometimes man doesn’t appreciate it.

I was talking with my daughter-in-law and she was telling me that her employees, she gave them a bonus, a very nice bonus for Christmas and they didn’t appreciate it. They wanted more, they felt it wasn’t enough. And I heard what the bonus was, and it was more than enough to me. So why don’t we try something different?

If we’re serving man, doing the best we can yet we’re getting back these lousy attitudes, we’ve opened the door by serving man. We must come up higher. That’s what this book is about. Come up higher. Come up over that world mind that sees two.

Man and God, man and woman, healthy and sick, rich and poor, lonely and companioned. We’ve got to come up over that, we’ve got to overcome the world mind.

So, The mistake we have made is that we have served man separate and apart from our service to God, instead of realizing that our service to man represents our devotion to God. Since ‘if a man say I love God and hateth his brother he’s a liar.’ Why? Because there is no God separate and apart from man. And the only devotion we can ever pay to God is in our devotion to man.” O K, now I learned this from a very, very painful experience. Which I’ll share with you in a minute.

He says, It’s not necessary to voice this to anyone. On the contrary, it’s another one of those secret wisdoms to be held close within ourselves. Whatever service we perform regardless of for whom we perform it, we realize, ‘I’m not doing this for you. I’m not too much interested in you.’ This act represents my devotion to God appearing as you. This represents my devotion to the Divine Self. There is no kingdom of heaven on earth.”

This is an important paragraph put brackets around it or highlight it or whatever you do. There is no kingdom of heaven except on earth. So there is no way to achieve heaven except through achieving it on earth. And the only way to achieve heaven on earth is to serve God on earth. And the only way to serve God on earth is to serve man in the realization of God as a man’s real being.”

All right now, let me tell you my story and you’ve heard it before. I wanna hear it again. I think it was 1975. I was married, we had a child that was one year old. Everything was rolling along pretty good, I felt. I told you the story last week or the week before of having a bad attitude at that age, the attitude that the world owes me a living. And I told you I was fired and I had to beg a loaf of bread from my neighbor. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if it was just for myself but I had a wife and a child too. And that was bad. That was not good at all.

But out of the surrender, I became teachable and suddenly God became a real experience, moving things around in my life. Giving me, appearing as fulfillment, peace and joy. And so I figured, “At last, I have it!” And I asked God, “God, please show me how to love. I want to know how to love. Show me how, show me the real love.” And God answered that prayer. And here’s how it was answered.

I came home from work and my wife said, “I’m leaving you. I’m leaving you. I met somebody at the church and I’m moving in with him.” Well, I tried to talk her out of it. “What do you mean you’re leaving? I’ve finally got a spiritual way of life. I’m doing better, you can see it.” “Yes, I can see it but I’m tired. I’m leaving.” I didn’t just have a bad attitude at work, I had a bad attitude at home too. I had a bad attitude everywhere. So I understand her being tired.

However, at the time, I just couldn’t understand why this was happening. Here I finally surrendered to God. I gave him everything from the longest hair on my head to my longest toenail. I gave Him my all. And now he’s taking the only thing I love. I went to work the next day, I came home and the house was empty. She was gone. I went to the baby’s room. Nothing in there but blue walls and dust bunnies on the floor. The crib was gone, everything was gone. Went to our bedroom. Gone. No clothes, none of her things were there. Just a big king size bed.

So I called my spiritual advisor of that time, Don. And I kind of expected him to say, “Well, no wonder she left you. You’ve been a miserable human being” or something like that, you know. He said “Come over, we’ll talk.” I went over, I didn’t talk. There was nothing I could say, I had a big lump in my throat. I couldn’t even begin. It never occurred to me, never ever ever even occurred to me that she would leave. We had been married for four years, I guess. And our child was one year old. She was gone.

Well” he said, my spiritual advisor, he said, “most people would get out of this problem by transferring their feelings to another woman. However,” he said, “if you did that you would be just as dependent on the next one because this pain is not love. It’s not from love. This pain is from dependency.” “Wow, what do I do?” I said, “What do I do? I see her walking down the street with different guys and they’re smiling and I know that she’s going home with them.”

There were probably eleven guys from my church group that took her home. Eleven. So I couldn’t go there anymore, you know? I tried to listen to the talks there and in she would come with a different guy. And they’d be sitting in the back and I could hear her giggling. Now you know I was not getting any spiritual answers there.

So I asked Don, “What do I do? I get pictures in my mind of her and him. I can’t get rid of them.” Because here’s how my day would go. I would go to work and I would push my body around. Have you ever been that depressed? You push your body around, get through the day, clock out. Took the bus home, walked down my driveway, and looked around the house. Was there any evidence that she’s been there again? No, none. Lock the door, pull the shades on the windows, lay down and couch and cry. That was how my day went.

And because I was mad at God, I figured it was God’s fault, I would yell at God. Nobody was there watching, who cares? Then I would realize how bad I felt and I would beg God, “Please. Show me the way out.” Oh, I was bouncing off the walls. I called Don one night and I said, “I don’t have any questions, I just need to hear your voice.” I don’t know if you’ve ever been that desperate.

Finally he said, “Look, I think you’re ready to let go of this.” I said, “But what do I do when these pictures come?“ He said, “You’re living by yourself, just talk out loud and say, ‘Look, I’ve given that to God. Take that out of here, go away.’” And he said, “I want you to practice the principle of transferring your feelings to God. That’s the only way. Don’t transfer them to another woman. Transfer them to God.” I said “How do I do that? I can’t see God. I can’t hold God at night.” He said, “There’s a chapter for you in The Art of Meditation. But I’m not gonna tell you which chapter.” He said, “I want to see you find it for yourself.”

OK. So I made the decision after I hung up the phone that I would transfer my feelings to an invisible God that I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t see, taste, touch, or smell. I made the decision that I would transfer my feelings to the Invisible God. And if my mind started showing me these pictures, I would say, “Take that out of here I’ve given that to God.“

And then, I looked for the chapter in The Art of Meditation. There was a chapter called “For Love is of God.” I’m looking at it now. It’s in Chapter 11, “For Love is of God.” I thought maybe my answer’s in there. And this is what hit me right between the eyes. I had so deep a revelation, so deep a realization that I could never forget it again.

I read these words, To those who live in communion with God, serving God through their fellow man, the promise is literally kept. All that I have is thine. No longer is there a need or a desire for any person or any thing. Every thing and every person become part of our being. What we surrender, we have. What we hold in grasp of possession we lose. Everything we release, we draw to us. Everything we loose, we have. Everything we set free, we bind to us forever. Loose him and let him go. Let everyone be loosed in Christ. We trust everyone to the God of his own being. We do not hold anyone in bondage to a debt of love, hate, fear or doubt. We do not demand even love from anyone. We agree that no man owes us anything. Only when we do not feel a debt of obligation and only when we hold no one in debt of obligation to us, are we free and do we set our world free.”

So you see, the principle that we just read in Leave Your Nets which says, A miracle takes place when we stop being human do-gooders and stop merely serving man on the level of man and begin to realize, ‘Why, I would serve you if you were not you, since you are God manifest. I would serve you if I had never met you.’ Why? Because this sharing represents my devotion to God manifest as the Son.”

See, that’s the principle I was working with. I can put it in my own words but again, remember the words are never important. It’s the conscious awareness. If you have the awareness, you don’t even need any words. So the words I had were not the ones I read in Leave Your Nets. They were the words I had in what I read in The Art of Meditation. We serve God by serving man. Only by serving God can we serve man. And so I decided if I’m going to transfer my love to God, I’m going to have to transfer it to the entire creation. Because God is inside everyone and everything. I knew that from my meditations. So I began to practice.

I remember a Saturday morning, I woke up and bam! As soon as I opened my eyes, big king size bed. Only my pillows are here. And the loneliness descended and the pictures started. And I got up. “Go away! I’ve given that to God.” I got myself dressed, I went in and had some coffee and I saw that there were some dishes to do. So I got up to do the dishes and then it hit me. “Wait, I can do this.”

So I said, “God, I’m doing these dishes for you.” And I did every single dish with the most care and love I could express. I said, “Look, God, I can see myself in this dish.” I made a game out of it. I began to practice serving God in everyone and everything. My cat came to the back door, a cat named Sufi. In came the cat. I started with “Good morning, Sufi.” Wait a minute. I walked over, “Good morning, Father, how are you? Would you like some food?” and I pet the cat. There was a plant. We had a Wandering Jew in the living room. It didn’t get much sun. I went in to water the plant and then I remembered, “Here Father, have a drink.”

I started practicing serving God, serving the Father, serving Christ in everyone and everything. There was a few people that were interested in how I was doing. One of them was Ray. Ray came by the house, knocked on the door. And I realized I couldn’t say, “Hi Father, how are you doing?” You know, we have to keep this principle secret and sacred. And so I said, “Hi Ray, how are you doing? Would you like a cup of coffee?” and in my silence as he responded, I said, “Father, how may I best be of service?”

And we went in and I poured Ray a cup of coffee, gave it to him and we sat down and he started talking. Well he thought he was going to be talking about my problems, instead, maybe because I said “Father, how can I best be of service,” his problem, his recent problem came out and he laid it on the floor. And I talked for a while and we talked about practicing spiritual principles. And when he got up to leave, he looked at me very strange. And I said within myself, I said “Father, thank you.” Out here I said, “See you next time, Ray. Thanks for stopping by.”

Well, I got hungry. I went down to the local Bob’s Big Boy in Pasadena. I had at the time, let’s see I was probably 21 and at the time, I walked in and I had a Bob’s Big Boy double decker cheeseburger and some fries and a chocolate Coke. And before the waitress could serve me the food, she brought over a cup of coffee. I had coffee too, and a glass of water. And there was some ice in the water and I took the ice in the spoon put a little in my coffee so it wouldn’t take so long before I could drink it. And she was watching from across the dining room. I didn’t know she was watching. I had just said, “Father how many best be of service?” I was doing that with everyone I came in contact with. Suddenly she showed up with a glass of ice. “Here.” “Thank you.”

Weird things, strange things were happening like that. The cat that I had, I could put up my hand and say, “Wait a minute Father.” I could see it getting ready to jump on my lap. I get to the end of the chapter I’m reading and I set the book down, “OK,” up the cat would jump. The plant in the living room, it grew like crazy and never got any sun.

The most bizarre one was, and you know this already. I was reading something, I think it was Practicing the Presence, sitting on my couch and this fly had gotten in. And it was buzzing around, landing on my forehead and then my arm, and then my hand and then my nose. You know, I kept waving it away. I couldn’t concentrate with what I was reading. So I thought, I’m going in the kitchen there and get the flyswatter that’s hanging on the wall. I’ll take care of that.

Something happened to me. I said, “Wait, now wait. If God’s inside of everyone and everything, then I might be able to be of service to this fly.” Isn’t that crazy? It sounds crazy, but that’s the way I was thinking. So I stuck out my hand, palm up. This thing was circling around the room, landing on the lampshade, landing on the wall. I said, “Look, Father, land on my hand here and I’ll put you outside.”

Now listen, this thing, every time it landed on me and I went to swat it away, it didn’t even stay on the arm or the hand. It was gone before I could get my hand anywhere near it. So I was pretty sure this would not work. But I tried because it’s a principle and either it works or it doesn’t.

And I was in the middle of this consciousness of serving God through God’s creation. So I stuck my hand out. “Father, land on my hand and I’ll put you outside.” The fly made two more circles around the living room, and then landed in pretty much the center of my palm. So I got up, put my book aside, got up, stood up. The fly was still there. I walked across the living room to the door. The fly was still there. I opened the inner door, the wooden door and then I opened the screen door. The fly was still there. I stuck my hand outside, and it flew away.

Now I’m telling you, I lived this. This is not something I read or made up. This is not some cute story. This is the truth. God is inside of everyone and everything. Do you remember Joel saying in one of his books that even the bugs in your garden could become friendly bugs? He’s not kidding.

So I had entered this consciousness that he’s describing. But for me, I couldn’t just decide, “Well this is a nice Saturday, I think I’ll practice this.” No, that didn’t work that way. For me, I had to be in enough pain that I could begin to practice love. Real love.

And one night I was sitting there reading Practicing the Presence, I think. And I set the book down and closed my eyes for a meditation. And in the meditation I became still. For a moment I lost any sense, any personal sense of self. It was only a moment. But in that moment I felt this Presence. An invisible Presence touched me on the side of the face. Very gentle, very lovingly. And I felt this sense of peace and I realized, “Oh my God. It’s really real. I really can love – transfer my feelings to God. God really is ever with me, closer than hands and feet. ‘Closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.’”

So I went to Don and I said, “Don, this is fabulous!” And he said, “Will you split a talk with me at the church?” And as you all know I said yes. I went to the church, I talked for a few minutes, we had a coffee break. He got up to talk and he dropped over dead. He left this plane. He stayed alive long enough to introduce me to God and then he left. His work was done.

Oh I know he had much more work than that, I’m just saying from my point of view, he stayed alive just enough to introduce me to God. See, if he had died six months earlier, I may have never found this answer. I may have transferred my feelings to another woman. As so many of us do.

All right so, there’s a second part to this principle. Not only do we serve God by serving his creation, by serving our fellow man, but we come to the place where we recognize, ‘I am not serving anybody. This is the Christ serving God through me, as me.’” So he says, “Only if we thought or think that we are giving out of our personal selfhood and giving it to some other personal selfhood who might or might not be worthy, only then would we find that in giving, we are depleting ourselves.”

That’s how you can know if you are living in a personal sense of self. If you give a few dollars or you give of your time or you give in some other way and you feel depleted, your portion is getting smaller, whether a portion of your strength, your time, your money, then you’re giving out of a personal sense of self and the principle doesn’t work. “Well,” you say, “this doesn’t work. I’ve tried it.”

No, you haven’t. You can’t be a personal sense of self giving to another personal sense of self and then telling yourself, “I’m serving God.” Maybe in the very very first day or two, that’s how you get this thing started but you can’t stay there.

All that the Father has is mine. But it always remains the Father’s. And so whatever I share is of the Father. We can give away the whole kingdom of the Father and we will still have more than enough to care for our needs.” Isn’t that fabulous? So he gives you the example of a mother who loves her children. More and more she loves them. When does she run out of love? Never.

So, In the fourth dimension,” see the fourth dimension is this new consciousness. The fourth dimension is your consciousness when you see the kingdom of heaven on earth. When you see the Father manifest as your friends and enemies and relatives. When you see the Father flowing through you to the Son. Then you’re living in another dimension than other people, aren’t you? Another awareness.

In the fourth dimension we are drawing our good not from out of this world, but from out of the depths of our being. Above all, let me remind you again that this is our basic premise insofar as it concerns our individual demonstration of our Christhood. To his sense of things, a human being derives his good from the world. And so, when seeking any good, thought naturally turns to some person, place or thing. A business activity. An outer form of expression. That seems to be natural and the only right thing for a human being to do.

However, entering this new dimension of life, that is the Christ life, we never think of drawing our good from the outer realm or from another person or thing. We never think of deriving our good from some outer experience or expression. Through it, yes. But not from it. So first, the first and vital work of those living in this new fourth dimension is meditation. Whether we undertake to heal someone, teach a class, engage in selling, housework, farm work, a business activity, whatever the nature of our work, if we expect success in it on the outer plane, well we are the man of earth. But if we know that the outer expression is merely going to be the reflection of the inner, then before undertaking any work, we will turn within.”

That’s why he has this in front of every single book: Except the Lord built the house, they labor in vain that build it.” Unless your temple is a house made without hands, you labor in vain building it with hands. You see that?

Now, recently, an actor, maybe some of you know him. Robin Williams committed suicide. This is a man with over a third of a billion dollars. A billion with a “B” in the bank. Yet he took his life. Why? Because that’s a temple made by hands. And perhaps he’d never been shown that there could be a temple not made by hands.

See, the temple made by hands is, well, they labor in vain that build it. You’re free to build a temple made by hands and you’re free to sing Frank Sinatra’s song, “I Did It My Way.” But you might find that you are very lonely sitting in that castle. You might find that you haven’t found the answer. There’s no feeling of oneness. You’re just living in a material sense of self that’s miserable.

But what happens when you build a house, you stand still, stand aside and bear witness to that which builds the house not made by hands? Well, we read that. To one who serves God through his fellow man, the promise is literally kept. All that I have is thine.” And I lived that and I found out it’s true.

The real values in life are spiritual, not material. And the deep things of God make for a greater peace than any peace that the world can give. There is no good thing that can come into your experience as a permanent dispensation except that it is given to you of the Father. There is no good thing to be achieved permanently on the outer realm and only as you learn to make that contact with God and maintain it,” maintain it daily “does your life become the spontaneous outflowing and outpouring of the Spirit.

This even eliminates from your experience any sense of giving service and devotion to your fellow man. It even takes from you your sense of service and devotion to your family as a family. It gives you the complete realization that whether you are doing it for friend, family or neighbor, you are doing it for the Christ. You are serving only Spiritual Being.

In turn, when you are served, there must come the realization that it is not your vanity that’s being glorified but the Christ of your being that is recognized, served, rewarded, cooperated and shared with. In this realization then, ‘I’ gradually removes

itself.” And what was the Wisdom today? “I die daily. Let I die.” In this realization then, the word ‘I’ gradually removes itself. The word ‘I’ becomes of less and less importance until it becomes impossible for that ‘I’ to be hurt or injured or wronged or defrauded since all such beliefs would be no part of your being.”

Now, what happened to me was, I was able to walk into those rooms where the fellow had his arm around her and she was giggling in the back. And I was able to sit there and recognize the Father. “Father, how may I best be of service?” And I was able to be of service and look through that, look past that.

At one point I discovered another principle. Joel said in one of his books that you, either you or he, begin to see that “I” above people’s heads. And the way I practiced that was when I saw someone, I said to myself, within myself, “Where you appear to be, ‘I’ am.” And I practiced that resolutely, “Where you appear to be, I am” until I began to see that God, He really is inside of everyone and everything. I had been looking at the images but now I began to see the invisible “I”. OK?

So he says, Reach into this deep pool within you and feel the abundance, the gentleness and the power of that Spirit and let it flow. And when it flows, it will come out as in a mold. That mold may be money, home, companions, forgiveness, justice, mercy, kindness or benevolence. But do not attempt to pour Spirit into a mold. Do not attempt to provide a mold in which to hold it.”

And that’s difficult to do in practice when you are laid off from work because of a downturn in the economy, and that’s happened to me. We have a tendency to forget. “Oh no, I have to get a job, I have to pay the rent at the end of the month, I have to provide for my family.” See, that’s all personal sense. It sounds very nice, doesn’t it? But it is not a spiritual principle. The spiritual principle is higher than that. You come up higher.

And so when I called my second spiritual teacher and I said, “I’m having this problem. I’ve applied for different jobs and they all say the same thing. They say, ‘Well you seem very qualified but the last job, you were making such and so and we certainly can’t afford to pay you that much.’ And I sat there and said a couple of times, ‘That’s OK, I’ll work for less.’ ‘OK, thank you, we’ll definitely consider you’ and then they never called.”

You see? They had their mind made up, I couldn’t work for less. They couldn’t afford to pay me what I had been making. What happened? I called my spiritual advisor and I told him what was going on. And he said, “Look. You have this wrong.” And I said, “What do you mean?” His name was Chuck. “What do you mean, Chuck?” He said, “Look, you don’t go out there to get a job. You don’t go out to get anything. You don’t even go out there to get the money to pay your rent and provide for your family.” “Well what then?” “Your job is to be of service. How can I best be of service, Father?” I’d heard that before. “Your job is to be of service and let God take care of the rest.” “OK, I’ll try.” I hung up the phone, right?

I saw something in the paper the next day or two. I thought I’d go apply. And I started to get up and shave my face and put on some Dockers and a nice shirt in order to go to this interview. And you know what I did? I said, “Wait a minute. Now if this principle works, it works. I don’t have to change anything.” So I had a five o’clock shadow, I had on pants with paint stains from painting a wall, I had an old shirt on, and I showed up for the interview just like that.

And when the man interviewed me, I said, “I’m here to help you do whatever you need to have done, that’s all.” Which means, I’m here to be of service. And that fellow looked at me, looked up and down and he said, “Can you start on Monday?” “Of course, yes. Thank you.” And I made a little less than I did on the other job but it wasn’t too long that I got promotions and raises and I was making the same thing I did before, even a little more.

So, the point of that story is that I had to learn, I’m not working to pay my bills. I’m not working to help my family. I’m working to help that business. To be of service to God through that business. And it works, it really does. People are amazed.

I used to stay and work overtime. Some of the time on my own dime. I wasn’t getting paid for it but I was helping the company. Now you do that a few times and the plant manager says, “Hey, we have a winner here. Let’s promote him.” But you don’t do it for that reason. You do it to be of service and then these good things happen. OK?

So, Reach into this deep pool and feel the abundance, the gentleness, the power of the Spirit and let it flow. And when it flows, it will come out as in a mold.” Yes, but you can’t hold up the mold. That’s the tricky part. That’s the hard part. When you sit down to meditation and somebody’s called you for a healing or something in your own life has come up that you have to get the money for and you don’t have it, it’s hard to sit down and not think, “OK Father, Thy will be done” but hold up a mold in your mind for money or for healing. But it doesn’t work. Do not attempt to provide a mold in which to hold it.

Go to this pool, this infinite pool of joyous substance and commune, that’s all. Feel it as it fills your consciousness, as it circulates within your being.”

Now, I had this experience this morning as I sat down for our 11:00 meditation. I barely got my eyes closed and I felt this Presence, I felt the Father. And so there was only one thing to pray. “Father, flow to whoever you will, to all. Just flow.”

He says, By this I do not mean a physical or an emotional feeling.” This communing he’s talking about “but an inner awareness of the Divine. That’s all. This is seeking the kingdom of God and then the things are added because it pours itself forth. Not as ephemeral nothingness or substance, but in molded form and the mold is always fulfillment.” That’s the thing about it. It’s always fulfillment.

How can you know if you’re living in this fourth dimension? When your entire vision is on your devotion and service to God. When your expectancy is of God. Not of man, but of God. And when you understand only in His Presence is fulfillment.” OK? “Always remember you block it’s flow with every thought of I, me or mine. You block it with every thought of getting, receiving or accomplishing. You fulfill it only in the realization that it is flowing forth out of God.” OK?

Do you knowhe says, that each one of us could have all there is on earth and still everyone else could also have all there is on earth? Do you know why? Because this is a spiritual universe.” Ah, and you thought it was material. Every potato in the soil is spiritual and it multiplies itself and without end unless you stop it by trying to divide it or get it or bring it to yourself.” Instead of opening a way and letting it flow into expression as I did in this morning’s meditation.

How do you do that? Close your eyes. Turn within and realize, ‘Father, within me is the infinite, the limitless spiritual universe. Let it flow. Let me be the avenue of healing the multitudes or feeding the multitudes. Of understanding, helping, companioning, and aiding them. But let all this flow as a service unto Thee.’” So you see? You’re going within like I did in the early days and you’re saying, “Father, how may I best be of service?” and you’re letting it flow out to God as man. To God as manifestation.

You cannot live in the fourth dimension and draw forth from the outer realm because the fourth dimension is the source of that which is in the outer realm. And you bring it forth for the use of those who do not yet know how to draw on the infinity of their own being. Turn within.

Be assured of this. The Master made no mistake when he revealed that the kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of allness is within you and if you wish allness and an abundance of allness, then turn to the kingdom of God within and stop this looking to man whose breath is in his nostrils.”

OK? So hopefully you come away from this chapter with principles that you can practice. How may I best be of service to God? Not these people I see, but to God through these people. I’m serving God, I’m loving God through these people. And how can you realize and come to the recognition, it’s not “I” the person, it’s the Christ serving God through me so it’s the Christ serving Christ. It’s God serving God. It’s the Father serving the Father, and I bear witness.

Now, when I woke up this morning, I knew I was going to make a talk. But I knew that I didn’t want to make the talk. So I went within, I had the meditation at 11:00. I felt the Father flow through and it went out to serve, to flow into the Father everywhere. And so it has happened.

Now in, well let’s see, fifteen years ago, fifteen years ago, I had been wondering in my meditation, what can I give God? God being this invisible spiritual Presence, what do you give the Presence that has everything? What do you give the guy that has everything? I couldn’t think of anything. Yes, I could serve God through my fellow beings, but what could I give God out of love? I just felt I wanted to give something to God.

And then it happened. Ah! I can give God something He doesn’t have right at this moment. What is that? I can give God myself. I can give God myself to use me as he will. I can give God myself to flow through.

And so, out of that came the Mystical Principles website. And then out of that came the Mystical Principles email list. And out of that came some Mystical Principles classes in person. And out of that came tapes and reel to reel tapes and cassette tapes coming to me out of the universe of Herb Fitch talks and so when his wife finally said to me, “I don’t care what you do with them. I’m done for now,” his widow. I said, “OK.” I put those also on the website and we began to turn some of them into pdf files or ebooks and even get some of them published. So this then, is my gift to God. All of this for the last 15 years.

But now, reading this chapter, we realize the truth, don’t we? This is God’s love flowing forth to God. And so even in this I can take no credit. The Father loveth the Son and showeth him all things and giveth him all things and we behold the glory of the only begotten of the Father full of Grace and Truth.

Thank you.

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  1. I had been praying for several days
    Farther to know you aright is all I want.
    Bill “Class 10 answered pray.

  2. Hello Bill
    Sending you blessings from Aussie land ..and hope all is well.
    No more your wonderful posts?

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