Leave Your Nets Class 13 – The Inner Vision

Bill: Good morning.

This is January 19th 2020. We are continuing our study of the book Leave Your Nets, by Joel Goldsmith. We are on chapter 13, “The Inner Vision,” and there is only three more chapters, and one of those is two pages, so we’re about to wrap it up in the next few weeks.

Chapter 13, “The Inner Vision,” it begins like this: “You have come to that point in consciousness where you are seeking for what the world calls the intangible. When you came to a spiritual teaching, you knew in advance, or soon learned, that you were going to obtain nothing in the external realm.” I know that somewhat disappointing, we’ve been talking about that recently. This book is for advanced students, students who have gone beyond the place of wanting better fish and are ready to leave their nets entirely and follow Christ; the Christ within you.

So, he continues: “What you were seeking was the invisible, that which cannot be seen, heard, or known. And yet, you were seeking to be able to see, hear, and know just that. Through that seeking, you are coming to know that which is unknowable, see that which is invisible, hear that which is inaudible. And on this Nothing you now live. He “hangeth the earth upon nothing” – nothing that you will ever see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. But of this, I am sure, if you are persistent and faithful, the day will come when you will feel It, see It, hear It, and know It, even though there is no It to see, hear, feel, and know.”

Now, that’s quite a statement there, isn’t it? You will feel, see and hear It and know It, even though there is no It to see, hear, feel, and know. So, what is It? You can’t see It, hear It, feel It or know It, but you can see It, hear It, feel It and know It. What does he mean? I have to stop and ask myself that sometimes, when I’m reading along, and not just take everything for granted, that I understand it. I have to take it into my inner closet and contemplate it, until realization comes.

If you were to say to your neighbor: “God is very real, and right here, and I feel It!” and he were to say to you: “Show It to me! Where is It?” You can’t do it, because there is no It to show him. And yet, you commune with It, you feel It, you know It, sometimes you hear It and see It. This is an inner awareness that your neighbor doesn’t have. So, even though you feel It, there is no It that you can show your neighbor. Very strange, isn’t it? We live this life on, in the fourth dimension.

And so, he says: “What was it that separated the followers of the Master from all other Hebrews? These people saw something in the Master, they felt something in their association with him. They knew what the Master meant when he told them: “Take, eat; this is my body.” They knew what the others could never understand.” Why? Because they had spiritual discernment. They were able to discern the Spirit. And if you follow the directions – and most of you have, and some of you have for many, many years – if you follow the directions that were laid out, which is that you begin with the principles in the book Living the Infinite Way, and then graduate to Practicing the Presence, and start really practicing that presence, the best you can throughout the day and at night if you awaken. And then you add to that The Art of Meditation, and you learn to contemplate these principles, these scriptures, and that leads you to a place of stillness. Suddenly, you experience something that’s not of this world. You ask yourself: “Did, was that it?” And as you become more proficient at meditation: “Yes, that is It,” the It that you can’t show anybody. And so the promises: if you practice the presence, and you add meditation and you get to that place of stillness, eventually you will have the experience of It. And that’s really what the Infinite Way promises: once you have the experience of It, you shall be taught of It, of God. And so, that’s nothing external. It doesn’t promise anything external. It promises It.

“When the Master walked the earth after the Crucifixion, it is said that only a few more than five hundred people out of all the thousands who had walked those roads saw him.” And so you, who have been doing this for quite some time, have developed spiritual discernment. Yes I know, some of you came here and had it already, but for most of us we had to develop it through these steps, through steps to mystical experience.

But now, here we are, lo, these many years later, and we have the discernment, so that we are able to discern Spirit: It! And here, after the Crucifixion, he says: “Think of that! Out of the thousands in Jerusalem, only five hundred saw him! Those five hundred saw what is invisible and intangible to human sense. They saw what human beings can never see.” That’s why you can’t show It to your neighbor; It is omnipresent, but your neighbor has no spiritual discernment, has not learned to discern It, has not come up through the principles – and maybe some of your friends and students are in the same place.

And, that’s something else that comes to you, once you are able to discern It, you know who has it and who doesn’t. You are able to discern, in a, let’s say a small group of people, as you listen and watch, you are able to discern who has It, has the conscious awareness of It, and who doesn’t. And you’re able to know: well, this one here has only the words, but that’s okay, that’s where I started. And through practice, this one will also come into the conscious awareness of It. But this one here already has the conscious awareness of It, and is learning that they have to leave all, and follow Me. Ah, but this one here I can tell, this one has left all, inasmuch as is possible here on this plane.

Alright, so, discernment, you are able to discern the Spirit and the spiritual. “We, today, who have touched even the hem of the Master’s robe [which means, even the outer edge of Christ consciousness, because the robe is consciousness] require nothing that the world can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. [Okay, so if you’ve touched even the outer edge of the Christ consciousness, you no longer require that which the world can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell] In a world threatened with atomic bombs, those of us who have tasted one drop of spiritual life, love, and truth are not out looking for bomb shelters or for cabins in some remote place. And why? Because we feel an invisible security, an invisible safety, which is that impregnable safety and security that can be found only in God.” That’s pretty… pretty amazing, if you have It… I’m thinking of that couple in England, when [during] the second World War, had the conscious awareness that they were standing in the secret place of the Most High, that is in Christ consciousness. And so, while others were hiding in bomb shelters, they were out walking around with the bombs falling. And they never got hit. Never! Because they walked in a different universe, didn’t they? They walked with the spiritual awareness, and they were able to see through the bombs falling.

All around them, explosions going on! They were able to see through that, and discern It in their very presence as Omnipresence.

Aright, so: “Self-complete in God [that’s what this entire book is about, we are], self-complete in God, we walk the earth enveloped in an eternal bomb-proof shelter. We dwell “in the secret place of the most High.” Is there such a place? Is it a place at all? Or is it the consciousness of God’s presence [or the conscious awareness of God’s presence]?” So, there’s nothing magical about this. It won’t work for you to walk around repeating formulas. It won’t work for you to walk around repeating prayers. Even the prayer that begins with: ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.’ Such as spiritual prayer as that, will not help you, if you only have the words, or the thoughts about that prayer. But, if you have learned to take that prayer within, even while you are walking around, and contemplate it, to the point of resting back in it, then you will have the discernment of It, and you will step right into a different universe.

So, the secret is not words and thoughts about truth. ‘The secret place of the most High’, the secret is: conscious awareness of the truth. It’s not thinking about truth, it’s feeling and knowing truth, it’s discerning the Spirit everywhere. When you have that consciousness, than yes you have safety and security forever. And this is beautiful.

“Is it not true that none of the evils of this world shall come nigh the dwelling place of those who live in the awareness of God’s presence? [Yes, if you live in the awareness, not the thought.] That awareness is more powerful than lions and adders, [more powerful] than all the ills of human experience.” Now, listen to this, please! This line here is worth your weight in gold, when you demonstrate this line: The conscious awareness of God, or Spirit “is greater than all the evils of the world.”And I change that, just now, earlier I my meditation this morning with the rest of you, I change that to: My conscious awareness of Spirit is greater than any evil concepts in the mind. In fact, I dropped the word evil, because it’s also greater than any good. So: My conscious awareness of Spirit is greater than any concepts in the mind. Because we know now that the ‘this world’, which contains good and evil, are universal concepts in the world mind. And what breaks the hypnotism, Joel says? The conscious awareness of God. Remember, we stand a little to one side, and watch, as the stone is cut out out of the mountain without hands, without mind.

This is so marvelous! If you see this work, you’ll never doubt it again. You may not be able to obtain it every time you sit down in meditation, but more and more you will. And the day comes, when it becomes your permanent dwelling place. You are always discerning Spirit, where the world sees good and evil. And so this line: The conscious awareness of God is greater than any concept in the mind is the whole secret. That is the secret of the secret place! And if you follow, you have It.

“Any spiritual teaching is a revelation that a state of spiritual awareness, [or] God- consciousness, is greater protection than a bomb shelter. [Yep!] An awareness of God’s presence is a greater remedial agency than medicine, manipulations, or surgery. It is strange, but it is true.” Again, I caution you, please don’t do as some people have done and watch your son or your daughter or even yourself become sick, become ill, and gradually deteriorate until you give up the body, while all the time thinking you know the truth, and repeating statements of truth, over and over. No, no. It’s much better if at some point you say: ‘Okay, alright, I was not able to demonstrate that, so I’m going to go to the doctor and get better, so I can come back to my studies, until next time, if there is a next time, I can demonstrate that.’ You see? That’s far more wise than just sitting there and pretending, while your child has to suffer. No, I think it’s much better to take the child to the doctor and say: ‘Well, do what the doctor says’, and see the child bet better, and than say to yourself: ‘Well, I missed my opportunity there, but I’m going to study harder, I’m going to, maybe get with a practitioner and find out what I missed, so I can demonstrate that, so I can have the conscious awareness of God, which is greater than any manipulations, medicine or surgery.’ You see?

This require self honesty, and I know it’s difficult for some, because we know all the words, we have it memorized, we can pass a test, but we don’t have the conscious awareness. We have the thought, and it’s a beautiful thought, but it does not heal. So, we say to ourselves: ‘Well, I’m safe, I’m in the secret place of the most High.’ And we repeat the words, over and over: ‘I’m in the secret place. I’m in the secret place. I’m in the…’ and the bomb falls right on your roof ! [Laugh] Oops! No, that’s not the way to do it. I know we start that way, because that’s the only way you can start is with words and thoughts. But if you’re still doing that, and only that, after ten years, twenty years, you’ve missed something. And, for goodness sake, don’t be so prideful that you can’t ask somebody: ‘What did I miss? I missed something. Help me!’ And then the two of you can get together and the one that has progressed further down the road can say: ‘Well, this is what I discern.’ And help you to go back, practice what you didn’t practice, until you do have this discernment. It’s all within you, this entire thing, and it’s all about the conscious awareness of It. Okay?

“At this period of our experience, [and he is speaking to all of you that do discern It] we are being told to leave our “nets.” Think of it! We are told to leave our material means of making a living, and follow what? Follow Me! In other words, we must let I be our food, our protection, and our healing agency.” And now you know what I is – I is It – and when you are able to discern It, you can follow It! Your conscious awareness of It, of this wonderful spiritual Presence, is greater than any mental concept which comes your way. And if you will not be afraid of the concept, and not battle it, if you will rest back in your conscious awareness of It, of the spiritual Presence, It will break the illusion, It will dissolve the concept. And you will say: ‘Oh, wow! I’ve had a healing!,’ but hat’s not true! All that’s happened is that It dissolved the phony concept. I guess we could say in this modern age: The concept is fake news! [Laugh] Right! And so the Spirit, the conscious awareness of the Spirit dissolves the fake news! You see? That’s wonderful.

So. You know there’s a paragraph in what they call the ‘Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous,’ that says exactly this principle. Many people believe that AA and AA meetings are nothing but a group therapy and a group support, and that’s not it at all. That’s only because they have seen the way that Hollywood displays it. But Hollywood is wrong. It’s really a spiritual path and it has the same principles that we do. The Infinite Way and AA has the same principles. You have to dig for them, but they’re all there, because they’re both based on the scripture from the Bible. And so, in AA it says it like this, it says that: “We turn our will and our lives over to the care of God.” And it says: “When we sincerely took that position, that surrender, all sorts of remarkable things followed: we have a new Employer[that’s a capital E], a new Employer, which is God. He provides all that we need if we keep close to Him and perform His work well. So, being all powerful, he provides what we need.” That’s exactly what this says.

We must follow Me! And in that surrender, in AA, they follow Me. Whatever word you put on it: It, God, capital S- Self, Christ, Buddha Mind, Enlightenment, Spirit, Omnipresence, I, It. If you are surrendered and following It, well, it says in AA: “When we are established on such a footing, more and more we become interested in seeing what we can add to life.” Yes! Less and less we become interested in ourselves, more and more but we become interested in what we can pour out. You see that? These are the same principles. The secret, right there is the secret of abundant living; it is the secret of supply. We surrender, we follow It, and we pour out from within. And so, it’s right there, in the middle of that ‘Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.’ And it’s right here, in the middle of the Leave Your Nets book of The Infinite Way. We must let I be our food, protection and our healing agency. Yes, we must follow Me. These are the same principles.

Alright, so, on the next page it says: “Throughout his entire ministry… [Oh, I wanted to read something before that, let me get back here]. Every move that the Master made throughout his three-year ministry is a lesson in complete reliance on That of which the world knows nothing. [Yes, it’s a complete reliance on It] Throughout his entire ministry, [Christ] lived in his Self-completeness in God. When the Disciples wanted to get him something to eat, his answer was, “I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” And to the woman at the well, he promised living water. From where? He had no bucket, but he didn’t need a bucket, because the water he was talking about was invisible: no one could see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it.” You see? He was talking about drawing on It, that no one could see, hear, taste, touch or smell. That It, which is invisible, is Reality.

“How does anyone know that these things exist? How can anyone have confidence in such intangibles? Ah, there comes the secret! [And] There comes the division! If you cannot feel an inner rightness about this message, if you cannot feel an inner confidence in a “medicine” that you will never see, hear, taste, touch, or smellif you cannot come to a place where you believe that “I am come” that you might be fulfilled physically, mentally, morally, and financially, then the thing to do is to leave this work for a season. Go back to the world of material sense until a greater degree of awareness comes, because if you seesaw between the two you will only tear yourself to pieces.”

Yes, so… that’s quite a… quite a suggestion by mister Joel, isn’t it? If you cannot feel rightness about these things. Right? If you cannot come to the place where you believe “I am come,” he says then, you need to turn back to material sense, and live in material sense a little while longer, because maybe you’re just not ready. Now, if something in you is aghast at that, and you do not yet feel, you’re not able to discern Spirit in your midst, but you want to. Well, that’s not the same thing! That’s just saying you need some more practice, you need to practice the principles as they are laid out; not as you think they are, but as they are laid out. This is different, this is someone that cannot even feel the rightness of it, just feels: ‘Oh, whatever!.. Sure!.. Yeah!.. Whatever!..’ That person is not ready. They need to turn back to material sense and go ahead, enjoy it. But for you and I that are fed up with material sense, and we’re ready for a spiritual way of life, we’re ready to leave our dependency on persons, places and things. We are ready to leave our nets and follow this inner Something that we can’t show to anybody, but we know we feel It. Well then, you and I in that boat, we’re ready to row to the shore of spiritual fulfillment. We’re ready to follow Me.

On the next page, he says, “It is really up to you.” [It’s really up to you] This work has an appeal only for those who are able to respond with some measure of love, trust, and confidence.” Now, in the very beginning, I did not have love, trust and confidence. [Laugh] I had a feeling, a feeling: ’This is true, I can’t, I don’t know why I know, but I can feel it. Now, I don’t have the conscious awareness, I just have the words and the books. I have a very keen intellectual understanding of it, but I’m not feeling it.” And so, the big realization was that I did not have the conscious awareness, and so I had to surrender at a deeper level. And when I did that, I began to experience Spirit, within and without, and all around! And I came to see: ‘Ahhhh’… (sigh of relief) And now at that point, I was three years into my study, at that point, I had love, trust and confidence. Before that, I had a struggle between the flesh and the Spirit.

So, he says: “The question now arises as to whether this message registers sufficiently within your own being for you to say, “The Christ must be my sole reliance.” At one point or another, you must leave your “nets”; you must give up every material approach to life and see life from a spiritual standpoint, and then as your faith in the infinite invisible grows, you come to understand that He that is within you is greater than he that is in the world, and that He performs that which is given you to do.” Yes, you come to see that your conscious awareness of It is greater than any concept in the mind: good or evil.

“So you turn, not because somebody tells you, you have to have faith but because of an inner conviction. Nobody can give you faith. That is something that springs up within you, and when it does, you know that your faith is not in the visible realm, not in the I of your teacher or the I of your leader, [your faith] is in the I of your own being.” Yes, you come to a place where you’re no longer relying on the consciousness of your teacher. Oh yes, you may enjoy his or her talks, you may enjoy reading some of his books, but you’re making the transition from being dependent or relying on the books and the talks, to relying on It, your own conscious awareness of Spirit. You’re still able to enjoy talks, and books and tapes and seminars, classes; you’re able to enjoy all that. However, now your reliance, you’re leaning on your own conscious awareness. You see? ‘If I go not away, the Comforter cannot come unto you.’

Those that clung to Joel after he left, well, their… their spiritual giant left and they had nothing else to cling to. But if they had been practicing the principles, at some point, they latched on to their own conscious awareness, and then the Comforter came, and they were able to say : ‘Ah, now I understand that scripture. I would have forever been leaning on him, if I hadn’t, if he hadn’t left and then I had to lean on the Holy Spirit.’

“You begin to understand the meaning of a reliance on a completely invisible Thing, so invisible that if the rest of the world knew what you were relying on, it would think you had lost your mind.” My own mother one time said to me: “Why…You’re not even human.” Smart-alack that I was, I said, ‘Thank you!’ But that was not probably very nice. [Laugh] I probably should have been a little but more gentle.

“It is a divine Wisdom that lifts a person to such heights that he can say, “Yes, I have left all to follow the Invisible, the Christ, the Master within me. I have left all to follow the vision, the vision that the man in the street has never seen and never will see.” Again, please do not make the mistake, before you have the inner awareness, before you have spiritual discernment for real, and quite your job and run off and think you’re going to be a teacher, or a guru, or sit in a cave somewhere and meditate. Do not shirk your human responsibilities. When you’re called, if you are called, you’ll know the difference, and you’ll have to obey. But again, all your needs will be provided for. If you do this just as a human being, because you have, you’re able to pass a test on these truths, a written test, but you haven’t yet discerned, you’ve only thought, then…well Joel said he had to be rather stern with some people and shake them up and go knock on their door and say: ‘What the heck are you doing?’ [Laugh) So, yes, follow Christ, don’t make a move until you know it really is Christ, and not your fanciful thinking. Okay? I never opened my mouth for thirty years after my first spiritual experience. Thirty! And Joel says elsewhere: ‘If you can avoid teaching, do it!’ [Laugh] He says: ‘If you can avoid it, avoid it!’ But, of course, we can’t when we’re called, we just can’t, it has to come out.

Alright, so, “the Master clearly stated, “He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for My sake shall find it.” [Alright, so] It may be true that to your sense of things your life and well-being are dependent on external aids or resources, but you will never find your spiritual sense of life while you are leaning on these material props. There are some, it is true, who have given the Infinite Invisible their entire faith, reliance, and confidence, and have not yet had their problems solved. There are some who have thrown their entire weight on the spiritual side of the scale, and who, for some reason, have not yet had the full measure of their release [And I know many of you are in this place that he is describing]. To them, I can only say: Be patient! Be patient! Let the Christ work in you and through you to your final and complete redemption, and it will come about.” Now, Christ never asks you to step on the water, until you’re ready. If you try before you are ready, you’re going to get very wet. [Laugh] But if you wait, if you’re patient until it really is the Christ, you can walk on the water.

“Leave your “nets!” [He says) Stop fishing for material fish and material remedies, and material ways of earning a livelihood, and follow Me. [And that’s what I’m talking about: stepping out on the water]. In the Master’s teaching, one statement stands out above all others. If you wish, you can leave [all] the others alone, but remember this: “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Trust that I at the center of your being. Cling to that one thing or the equivalent of it: God’s grace. The grace of God in you is sufficient for you.”

What is the Grace of God? Now, what is it? Now, think! Think! If it’s true – and it is – that your conscious awareness of Spirit dissolves any and every material mental concept, then it follows that when you have the conscious awareness of Spirit, and you rest in It, It functions you! And you say: ‘Wow! This thing came to me, it just came from out of the universe, this opportunity’; ‘Wow! I just, I ran into somebody, and I never knew that they were studying the same thing I was, I am.’; ‘Wow, I went to the library, and this book almost jumped off the shelve, and it’s exactly what I needed!’; ‘This talk is exactly what I needed to hear right now!’ This is Grace functioning you, and it happens through your spiritual discernment.

So, “Trust that I Cling to that one thing, God’s Grace. The grace of God in you is sufficient for you. Cling steadfastly and whole-heartedly to the truth that His grace is sufficient for you: His grace, nothing out here, just His grace. It will come. It cannot fail. It will come, and it will be [right on] time.”

Alright, so, Grace has always been available, but we didn’t know it. We thought we had to struggle for our living out here. We became Adam, we became the prodigal. Now, we’re on our way back home, and home is ‘the secret place of the most High’, and the secret is: the conscious awareness of Spirit, and standing or resting in It. Then, Grace begins to function you. It flows, It flows, there’s no asking, it just flows through you and It forms Itself as your experience. And, here we thought we had to build a life, but that was a temple made by hands, by mind, by concepts of good and evil. Now, we’re living in the fourth dimension. We’re living in an entirely different universe. We’re still here, right here, but it’s a different universe. It’s a universe of Spirit, governed by love, peopled with children of God; that’s what Joel calls it in The New Horizon.

We stand still, we rest, we don’t have to work that hard. We rest back in the Presence, and we’re consciously aware of Spirit, of It. We feel It, we hear It, we see It, we know It. Now, we know It ‘alrightly,’ and It flows forth, and gives us that wellspring of waters springing up into eternal life, life everlasting. This is the It that we follow. This is the It that we can’t show to anybody. We must remain silent and secret. This is ‘the secret place of the most High,’ this is the secret consciousness of the most High, this is the secret of the most High, and you’re giving It for free.

He says: “You will never lose out because Spirit is the true reality of being. This material sense of existence is only a false sense of the great glory that is in store for you when you have caught the inner vision that can perceive the Christ where others see only Jesus, when you can perceive the Spirit where others see only matter.” And there you have it! That couple walking around while bombs were raining down, they saw Spirit, where someone else saw only matter. This is the secret folks! This is it!

“As you catch one little grain [conscious awareness] of that great truth and rely on it, the second will come, the third, the fourth, and the fifth. It may be a slow process, a very slow process. [He says) It was very slow with me, and it may be slow with you; but it is a very sure one, and a wonderful one when once it is achieved. When the Master said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men,” he was appealing, not to common sense [not to the mind], but to the inner vision of the Disciples. [Yes, he was appealing to your spiritual discernment, your conscious awareness of Spirit] Only those who have that inner vision can obey.” And, I wrote down here: Can you? Do you have that inner vision? Do you have the conscious awareness? Have you found the secret, the great secret? If you have, well then you’re my brother and my sister and we are all one in Christ. I you have, then you are blessed beyond all humanity.

God has decided that it’s time for the second coming of Christ. And the second coming of Christ is not a man floating down in the clouds, the second coming of Christ is this inner conscious awareness of Christ. Here, in the United States, oh, down in South Africa, over in Australia, up in New Zealand, over in China, Paris, England, France… well, that is Paris [Laugh], Paris, France, Japan, Canada, everywhere… Egypt… everywhere, even Israel, Mecca… everywhere.

We, one here, one there, one there, one there, we are awakening to the Christ, the Christ Omnipresence. We are coming into the conscious awareness of Omnipresence, of It. This is the Christ – in earth as it is in heaven – appearing. Not localized in one man teaching in the Holy Lands, but appearing here, there, everywhere. Joel called it a circle of Christhood around the planet. And, it is. It is, because it is the same Christ, whether recognized here in North Carolina, in the mountains, or whether recognized in Australia on the beach. It is the same Christ, and all of us who are attuned to It and are allowing to flow out and form Itself, it is transforming the world into My Kingdom.

It may seem very slow and if it’s not… It may seem as if it’s not getting very far advanced, when we look at the troubles in the world, but remember, we’re not talking about that material sense of universe, we’re talking about a new universe, right here, that many of us are walking in. If only for moments at a time, we’re walking in this new Jerusalem, new heaven, new earth, we’re walking in a new universe. And this new universe – remember – dissolves a material sense of the universe, individually and universally. Those of us who are doing this now, we are the advanced guard, so to speak. We are bringing this through, this new universe. It’s quite a… quite a task! Yet, we volunteered for it before we came. We are bringing through this new universe. We are transforming, through the renewing of our minds, and our minds are renewed through the conscious awareness of It, of Spirit, of the spiritual universe, the new spiritual universe.

And many of us are senior citizens, and as we pass out of this experience, I can tell you this: the next generation born, will be born into this awareness. We are doing the work that is transforming this world into My Kingdom. They will be born, thousands upon thousands will be born into this conscious awareness of It. In other words, they will be born into a new universe. And the day will arrive – and we will see it, because we have found eternal life – the day will arrive, when the old world has passed away, and there is no memory of it. That’s what it says in Revelation. John saw this a long time ago – and yet, only a moment – because he is walking in It, the new universe. And, so, eventually, everyone will be born into this conscious awareness, everyone will be born into this new universe, a new heaven, a new earth, a new Jerusalem, a new Self, a new universe. And, there will be nothing left here of the old, only the new Christ Consciousness. And you are helping bring that through, and I am helping bring that through, and this is the mission that Christ has for us, who have decided to ‘leave our nets’. Think of it. It’s wonderful! It’s glorious!

And yet, if your neighbor asks to see It, you can’t show It to him, or her. [Laugh] You can’t show It! But inside yourself now, in these moments of silence, there is nothing to say, but : ‘Thank you Father, Thank you!’ Yes, and the Father says: ‘You have not chosen Me, I have chosen you. You are to help bring through Christ Consciousness in earth as it is in heaven, so that heaven and earth are one Spiritual universe.’

Now, let’s have a moment of silence. ‘Thank you Father. Thank you. Bring through the Christ. I listen, I discern, I watch… Christ.’


Just think, when we first approached The Infinite Way, probably we wanted a healing of a cold, or maybe an increase in our income ‘cause we couldn’t make our bills, or maybe we wanted a healing in our relationship, because we weren’t get along with the other person. We wanted to settle for so little! [Laugh] Having no idea that the I that was calling us, was calling us so that we could transform the world.

I had an old fellow tell me one time: ‘This world is the kingdom, when you see it right.’ And I have read Joel say: ‘This world is the kingdom.’ Yes, it is! When we have the spiritual discernment to see It. And when enough of us has the spiritual discernment to see It, It will dissolve everything else, and only It will remain. And we will walk in the kingdom of heaven, for ever.

We will not lose our individuality. We’re never swallowed up. We will find ways to express individually this Christ Consciousness, whether is it as artist, poet, farmer – a farmer that learns to grow in a spiritual way, imagine, eating only food that was blessed, only food that the farmer recognized Christ within. Wow! What a world! What a universe! What a Father that has given us that mission, to bring through the Son, or the pure expression of the Father, or Grace. There’s almost nothing you can say, it’s so overwhelming. Except, Thank you.

Rest back, bear witness to It, the living Christ.

Thank you.

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