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Good morning. This is March 17, 2013. I know my voice sounds a little strange, and that’s because in the last week or so I’ve been bombarded with reminders of allergy season, and I was so busy I didn’t sit down and do anything about it, so here I am with a perfect demonstration of allergies. But I’m not taking it too serious and hopefully you won’t either. Well, it’s been a… Read More

Good morning. This is March 3rd of 2013. I have much to say to you today, and so if you will, please take a moment and practice the silence and invite the Christ to speak, and you will have a definite effect on this talk. And you say, “Well how can that be? You’ve already given it.” But that’s not true, because as you attain that silence and invite the Christ to… Read More

Well, good morning. This is February 24th of 2013, and the only reason I give the date is so we can listen to these talks in order. All right. The name of this talk I believe is The Inner Christ or That Inner Christ. And I’m going to share some things this morning that are my own individual spiritual experiences and not because – well, it’s not something I discuss very often… Read More

Good morning. This is February 10th, Sunday, 2013, and we are continuing our series of Uncomfortable Talks, uncomfortable to the human being, that is, because the human being must die. Yesterday we discussed the first chapter of Genesis and the beautiful experience that comes to us when we are able to stand still and behold that creation flowing out from the invisible pool of silence and forming itself, appearing as forms. We… Read More

Good afternoon. This is Saturday, February 9th, and this talk is directed to the more serious students. We have a handful in our group now. We have 15, and it is assumed that each of us is serious about attaining Christhood in some measure in this incarnation, in this lifespan. In this experience on earth we are serious about demonstrating the fact that we’re not on earth, that we’re living in spiritual… Read More