The Uncomfortable Talks by Bill Skiles Talk Number 12 The Inner Christ – He is risen!

Well, good morning.

This is February 24th of 2013, and the only reason I give the date is so we can listen to these talks in order. All right. The name of this talk I believe is The Inner Christ or That Inner Christ. And I’m going to share some things this morning that are my own individual spiritual experiences and not because – well, it’s not something I discuss very often because somehow it cheapens it if you discuss it. But in order to bring out the principle of the Christ within I want to start by sharing an experience or two of that Christ.

So I assume as in any other talk you have had a period of silence, a period of meditation, a period of listening first before you turned on the talk. If not, you need to pause it, find your comfortable chair or sofa, sit down and have a meditation. Try to be receptive to that inner Christ. You can even invite it. “Father, Christ, you reveal yourself. I am listening. I am attentive. I am still. Let your voice instruct me. Let me feel your Presence within.” Then be still until you feel that inner movement of Spirit that we’ve discussed in the past. And then yes, turn on the talk and listen.

And so in the year 19 – let’s see if I can get this right – 1975 I had been practicing meditation for roughly two years and one evening as I sat down to meditate suddenly there was a feeling of a Presence within me and without. Within and without – those terms become kind of meaningless, but as I sat there with eyes closed after reading The Art of Meditation for a little bit I felt a Presence and a tingling on the side of the face. It’s very distinct. If you’ve ever felt it you know what it is, and you know it’s not of this world. And that touch was within and without. And with it came a sense of peace, and I knew: This is Christ. And I knew it was from another dimension.

And in the weeks and months that followed for the next couple of years I meditated quite frequently, although I wasn’t sure why I was meditating at that time. I just knew that I needed – I wanted to be close to this Christ. And as time went by I had more and deeper experiences of the Christ. At one point I had the experience as I’ve shared in the past of closing my eyes and meditating on – well, I just said what came spontaneously, which on that morning was, “Father, lift me up into Thy Presence and let Thy Presence descend in me. Let there be no me, but only Thy Presence, and as I sat there in total receptivity, standing still, not moving – not moving my mind or my body. Just waiting. Not even waiting even – not really even waiting. Just, just resting on the sea of Spirit. Suddenly I felt that same Presence down my right arm, and I had felt it there many times, but it went then down my left leg, and pretty soon that whole half of my body was that tingling Presence, and then down my right arm and down my right leg. And instead of half of my body, my entire body was that Presence, and I knew it, and I knew I was It and It was I.

There was no me there. There was only that living, vibrating Christ, I. And then it filled the room I was in, the living room. I can still remember. All four corners from floor to ceiling, all four corners was that Presence filling the room, vibrating, vibrant, alive, and I was that Presence. But it wasn’t an overpowering, dominating feeling. It was a light full of pure white energy, Presence, Being. And then I knew it was going to go infinite. The next step was infinite from filling the body, filling the room, to filling the universe. And I knew I was going with it because oneness. And then the me came back and experienced a little fear: “What will happen to me if it goes infinite? Will I be totally extinguished?” That was the fear in a split second, and it subsided and I came back to normal. Except you can never come back to normal after an experience of that nature because now you know that the reality of you is Infinite Christ being.

And in 1978 I heard a tape called Follow Me by some man named Herb Fitch. I had never heard of him. I had heard tapes at tape sessions of Joel Goldsmith for quite a while. I used to go to South Pasadena and listen to those tapes. But never had I heard somebody named Herb Fitch. Who was this guy? I didn’t know, but I was invited, so I sat down at this lady’s home and I listened to Herb Fitch, and the tape was called Follow Me, and although I did not know it at the time, I know now Follow Me was a talk given at the 1977 Maui Sense to Soul series or seminar by Herb Fitch.

So I sat down, I closed my eyes and I listened to Follow Me, and I really could not believe what I was hearing. Here was another man who knew of the inner Christ, and the reason why I was so surprised is because – well, although I had read Joel’s books I had never met him, and there was no man on earth that I had met up unto this point – this was six years after the spiritual experiences I had that taught me that the inner Christ is the only Christ there is. The inner Father is the only God there is. And I found no one else that knew this. Yes, I found their writings, but no human being or no man that I had ever laid eyes on knew this.

So when I heard this talk, I knew that he knew, and I determined I would go to meet him. And so I tracked down where his next seminar was. This was in ’78, and the next seminar he was giving was the 1979, Avila Beach seminar, and I made it my business to find the money to get there and to go. And I even found out who was making appointments for individual appointments with Herb afterwards, and so I made an appointment for that Monday after the seminar to have an individual hour of his time. But you know now I really wanted to just look into his eyes and see if he really knew of this inner Christ.

So I hopped in my 1978 Toyota Corolla and I drove up Pacific Coast Highway 101 and I went to Avila Beach and I got my hotel room at the Motel 6. Is that what it is – the inexpensive one? – because I didn’t have a lot of money, and I attended the seminar.

Well, on Saturday night I had never met him before. Friday night was introductions and a good talk. It may have even started Thursday. I don’t recall. I’d have to go look at the talks, but Saturday night was the talk called Healing Outside of Time. And it was all about stepping outside of time, and as he talked, and you can hear that talk. Just a minute – I’ll see which one it is exactly. That was class 7 of the Avila Beach Beyond Time seminar, class 7, Healing Outside of Time. And so that’s available on the website as well as Follow Me.

Now, I attended his seminar. I never saw him before this moment or these couple of days, and I walked in there Saturday. There was probably 200 people, maybe 150, and I found a seat and I sat down and I closed my eyes and I listened. We had the meditation before the talk, I remember, and as we were meditating, from the back of the room Herb entered through the door and walked up front and sat down, and his books were there and the microphone was there and there was a Bible there and some flowers and a glass and a pitcher of water. And he sat down and closed his eyes and I continued to meditate. Well, he started to talk, and as he talked I forgot about myself and I forgot about the room and I forgot about him, and I listened to what Christ was saying through him. Not the Christ of him. I wasn’t listening to that. I was listening to the Christ within me revealing through him. I was listening to that one Christ which I had come to see is my center. And I had come to see this not by reading it in a book or somebody telling me, but by the experience that I already shared with you.

So I sat there listening and suddenly I was not there. There was none of me there. There was no room, no people. Somehow my consciousness was lifted up, way up high above this world. Joel says in The New Horizon that above this world is a universe of Spirit, and that’s where I was lifted, and I know it. And in that universe of Spirit I felt myself one with Christ, and Christ gave me something, and I didn’t know what it was. I just felt something passing from Christ to me. And yet there was no real me defined, but something was happening, and so I just sat there and watched, waited, observed.

And somewhere I heard a voice, and it was Herb’s, and he said, “Now we’ll take a 15-minute break –‘ or a 10-minute break – and then we’ll meet back here.” And so at the time I was smoking still and I got up and I went outside to have a cigarette. But when I opened my eyes before I got out of my chair I looked around and I was so light, I was floating so much that I started to giggle, and then I repressed the giggle because I didn’t want people to be looking at me like I was drunk or something, but I was. I was drunk on the Spirit.

And I walked outside and I looked at the ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and oh my God! I could feel myself as that entire ocean. I could feel the entire ocean in my being. I looked around the sky. I was the sky. The sky was inside of me. I turned around and looked at the buildings and the telephone wires and the asphalt, sidewalk, and the cars parked. And how strange! I felt every one of them inside of my being and my being inside of them. Nothing was dead matter. Nothing. All was alive, and I was all.

Then I turned and I looked at the other people standing. I looked at their faces. I could feel my face on theirs and their face on mine. The hard and fast lines weren’t there. It was hard to tell where I left off and they began. Or where they left off and I began. There was just a feeling of oneness with every direction that I looked. I was one with all and all was within my being, and my being constituted all. And I knew again – again, there is one Christ, and that Christ is I. And so Sunday passed, Monday came, and it became time to have my individual meeting with Herb session. So I went to his hotel room and I knocked. He opened the door. I was a little bit intimidated. I didn’t know what to expect.

I walked in and we sat down, and I felt an overpowering urge to say something, and so I said, “I need to tell you something, Herb.” He said, “Yes?” I said, “I need to tell you, you are not my teacher. I have a teacher, and the teacher is within, and the teacher is Christ.” And I remember very distinctly I didn’t really know what he would say. I thought maybe he would say, “Well, if I’m not your teacher, what are you doing here?” or – I didn’t know what to expect. But I had to tell him that; I couldn’t keep from telling him that. “I have a teacher, and it’s Christ within.”

And he surprised me. He said, “Can I have your phone number?” I said yes. I didn’t know what to say. I said yes, because remember, I was still feeling this oneness, not quite as intense as Saturday by Monday, but I was still feeling it. He said, “Can I have your phone number?” and I said yes. He said, “Because I’d like to give it to some students, and perhaps if they need help you’d be willing to help them.” I said, “Of course.” And so we shared a little more, meditated together, and that was the session.

And I drove back down south to southern California to Pasadena, my home, and after three or four more days the consciousness, that higher consciousness left and I was back to being a person, and I ran into some difficulties and some of my own character shortcomings popped up, and I felt very disappointed in myself, and I felt the urge to call Herb. So I called him up and I said, “Herb, I – I’m just not ready to help anybody. I haven’t even removed the beam from my own eye.” He didn’t make any comment on that, but he accepted that I wasn’t ready, that I felt I wasn’t ready, and that was pretty much it. And I didn’t think anything more about sharing or helping anybody or any of that for 30 years. And the reason is it took 30 years to discover why I never could help anybody. Only that inner Christ can.

Now I want to read you a scripture. It’s from John. I love John. John 20, and it has to do with Mary standing outside the tomb after the three days. And it says:

Mary stood without at the [tomb] … weeping: and as she wept, she stooped down, and looked into the [tomb] … ,

And seeth two angels in white sitting, the one at the head, and the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain.

And they [said] unto her, Woman, why weepest thou? She saith unto them, Because they have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid him.

And when she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus.

Jesus saith unto her, “Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou?” [And] She, supposing him to be the gardener, saith unto him, Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away.

Now you see, she’s going to the tomb expecting to see Christ, isn’t she? But Christ isn’t there. Christ is not in that tomb. And even when she looks on Christ she doesn’t see him. She thinks he’s a gardener! What happens next?

[Christ says to her] … “Mary.” [And] She turns herself, and saith unto him, … Master.

Now you see? She’s looking at the tomb and expecting to find Christ buried in the tomb. Now that’s what I did my entire life, particularly from the time I first picked up The Art of Meditation, which was in ’72, until I had a spiritual experience in ’75. I expected to find the Christ in Joel, but Christ isn’t in Joel. Joel’s not here. I expected the Christ to be in Jesus some 2000 years ago, but Christ isn’t in Jesus. Jesus isn’t here. I expected to find Christ as a presence. Well, when I was a child I expected to find God as a presence in the sky by and by.

I remember when I was six years old and I asked during Vacation Bible School – we were all working with our arts and crafts things – and I raised my hand and I said to the man, “Who is God? Where is God?” And he looked very uncomfortable. He didn’t know how to answer the question, so he pointed to a picture of Jesus, and he said, “That’s God.” And he dropped it. Now let’s go have recess. Everybody got up from the tables and ran outside hooping and hollering and taking their balls and hula hoops and whatever else they had, and the teacher went out with them. I looked at that picture of Jesus on the wall. I’m only six or seven. I walked over to that picture, and I stared and I studied and I looked, and finally I heard a voice inside said, “That’s not God. That’s a man.” I felt a little guilty with that voice because I didn’t have anybody else telling me that, but I walked outside and went and played with my friends and forgot about it.

Don’t you see? Even at seven something was trying to tell me He’s not in this tomb. Why are you looking in a tomb? He is not here. He has risen.” And then as I got older and I read the books by Joel Goldsmith, I thought – well, Joel definitely had the Christ, but Joel’s gone. I can’t get – who can I find that has the Christ? And then as I began to have some experiences in 1975 I wondered – I wonder if these are real? I’m the only one that seems to be having them. Nobody else is talking about anything like this, and so when I heard that talk Follow Me by Herb Fitch in which he recommended finding the inner Christ, and in fact, suggested that that was the only way to freedom, salvation – ah, then I knew here is another who has the Christ. And so I went up to meet him, and yet the only thing that I could say was, “No, you’re not my teacher. (chuckles) The Christ is, within.”

And so all of my life Christ has been trying to tell me, “I’m not in a tomb. Stop looking there.” All my life Christ has been telling me, “I am within you, and when you are still enough, when you are quiet enough, I take over.”

You know, several years after that experience I had a dream. Let me see if I can find it because I think I wrote this one down. Hold on. Okay, now remember I’m sharing a dream. It’s pointing out a principle. That’s all. All right, this was in 2004, so this was after Herb had left and there [were] no other people around that I was listening to.

So in the dream there was a large audience and a spiritual teacher was up in front and I went up and gave him a ferocious hug, and while hugging him I leaned back and looked up into his eyes and I thought, “I love you so much.” And he looked down at me and then looked again, a double-take, and he said, “You really have healed completely, haven’t you?” Then he withdrew from my embrace, and he and several other people around the hall fell on their knees and bowed down to me, bowed down before me. But I started to object and raise up my hand, and they stopped. Then I realized – it’s not me they’re bowing down to. They’re bowing down to the God within me, and so I relaxed and I allowed them to recognize and pay tribute and even bow down to the God Self within me. There was no feeling of ego, just observing and allowing it to happen.

You see? This dream showed me I have to reach the place where the only Christ there is anywhere is within me, and I have to allow it to live Itself and even be recognized by others. I can’t allow – well, ego can work two ways. This false sense of self can puff itself up and say I’m so great, and of course we know if that’s going on, Christ isn’t. I haven’t had a big problem with that. Sometimes yes, sometimes. My bigger problem has been with the belief that I’m no good, but that’s just as much of a hindrance. Because while I’m walking around thinking I’m no good or I’m not good enough or how dare you bow down to me; don’t you know I’m just a human being – there’s still a self there! And that self is not Christ. And so both of those extremes have to go.

He is not here. Why are you looking at and in a tomb? And so when Mary turns around and sees the Christ she still doesn’t recognize him and thinks he’s a gardener until the Christ awakens her. “Mary.” And we go through our lives thinking that Christ is up in the sky or in that temple. If I could just get to that temple in India where the meditations are so powerful. Or in that teacher. If I could just – oh, if only I had been able to have some private meditation time with Joel. Or if only I could get some meditation time with Herb or with Bill or with Virginia.

Why are you looking in these tombs? You will never find Christ there. Yet, the Christ in your own being is calling your name. Awaken! Awaken! Turn within. There you will find the living Christ, not a dead Christ from 2000 years ago or even a dead Christ from 50 years ago in Joel’s Kailua classes. Stop looking in the tomb! He is not there! The living Christ is within. It’s within. And the only way to experience that inner Christ is by taking the path laid down for us in those Kailua talks in those chapters called Experience of the Christ and Experiencing the Christ and How to Pray. Those tell us how to open the door to the inner experience.

The whole purpose for The Infinite Way and every book ever written was to lead you to your own inner Christ, but I can tell you that for a while it’s kind of scary. It feels like – like Mary’s experience. “Where have you taken him? You’ve taken away my Lord.” That has to happen to you first.

First every vestige of a belief that Christ is somewhere out here has to be completely eradicated from your consciousness. And when that happens and you haven’t yet experienced the inner Christ, it’s – it’s just like Mary. There’s weeping that goes on. Oh, you’ve taken away the Christ, this Christ that I worshipped all these years. The Christ that walked the holy lands 2000 years ago. The Christ that came through Joel. You’ve taken away that Christ.

Let me tell you something. There is no external Christ. None. Zero. Nada. The living Christ sits on the well of your consciousness saying to you, “I am knocking. I am knocking. If you open, if you listen I will give you the Christ that springs up into everlasting life, that springs up into a wellspring of water. If you know who I am and you ask, if you know where I am and you ask, I will give it unto you.”

And now I tell you of another dream. The only reason I’m sharing these personal experiences is that you can see in my path how I was guided to this discovery in consciousness. In this dream I was in a misty, cloudy place. A realm where there was mist rising. And in the background, in the back behind me was a big gate and someone was standing here to my left, and they said, “I’m going back,” – meaning I’m going back to earth. They said, “I’m going back. I still haven’t learned how to love unconditionally.” And poof! – they disappeared. And I thought to myself, “I’m not going back. I don’t want to go back.” And then came the realization, “Well no, I haven’t learned how to – no, I guess I haven’t learned how to love unconditionally either.” And I knew that I would be sent back. And that was the extent of the dream.

And so the dream was telling me that we need to learn how to love unconditionally, wasn’t it? And that bothered me for many, many years. How do you love unconditionally? Every time I try the ego pops up with a different disguise, and there it is dirtying up the water, muddying up the waters. Just can’t love unconditionally.

Ah, but you see the experiences over the years have taught me no one, no human being can love unconditionally. No one! Only the Christ can love unconditionally. And so the answer to that question is: I know now. I know how to love unconditionally, and the answer is I can’t. Christ and only Christ within can love unconditionally, and so as I move aside and become a beholder of Christ living Itself, then love can flow unconditionally.

And so now I know the answer. The answer is to die so that you don’t have to come back and live! You can live on that eternal plane and not have to come back and prove this. And so again another experience points out that he is not in the tomb of humanhood. He is within. He is, It is, I am within. Now Joel says in The Infinite Way book in the chapter The Christ:

Spiritual consciousness is the release from personal effort in the realization that harmony is.

See that? It’s a release from trying to be anything in the realization, the inner realization that Christ is, harmony is.

This consciousness, with its release from personal effort, is attained as we find the Christ within us [as] a present reality.

You see that? You don’t experience a release from personal effort or personal sense and then have the realization. No. You can’t love unconditionally. You have the inner realization of Christ as a present reality and then you’re released from personal sense. See that? She could not see the Christ until the Christ Itself said, “Mary,” and she awakened and no longer found it necessary to look in the tomb because the Christ was right there in her consciousness. So he says:

The Christ is the activity of Truth in individual consciousness. It’s not … [a] declaration … of truth … [it’s] the [reception of] … Truth.

And so again and again and again we keep repeating: You have to receive truth in consciousness. You have to receive Christ. Christ has to be a living within experience, and there’s no Christ out there. Out there is this world and everything in it and everyone in it and everyone that’s ever been in it is this world, and this world is not externalized because no illusion is ever external. And so these are mental concepts. You’re looking at the Christ and assuming it’s the gardener! You’re looking at the Christ and assuming it’s your father, your friend, your spouse. You’re looking at the Christ and assuming it’s you, the person. And these are the tombs, and he is not here. He is risen.

However, in the real experience of the Christ in your inner meditation, when the Christ announces Itself, as Joel puts it, then – then you’re released from the illusion of the tombs. So he says:

… we attain an inner stillness, we become more and more receptive to Truth [or Christ] declaring Itself … within us. [And] the activity of this Truth in our consciousness is the Christ, the very presence of [Christ] … . Truth [or Christ] received and continuously entertained in our consciousness is the law … [unto] all of our affairs. It governs, guides, leads, directs, and supports our every activity of daily existence.

See – “I live; yet not I, … Christ liveth …” But it must be an inner Christ. No other Christ. Not the Christ of Jesus. Not the Christ of Joel. Not the Christ of Bill. Not the Christ of Herb. Not the Christ of Virginia. Not the Christ of Tony. Not the Christ of Bob. It has to be I Christ within. This one that grabbed a hold of me so strong that I was able to go up to the only person I knew with Christ and say, “You’re not my teacher. Christ is my teacher within.”

To many, [he says] the word Christ persists as a more or less mysterious term, an unknown entity, something rarely if ever experienced… . This, we must change if we are to benefit by the revelation of … Christ Jesus … [and] many others. We must experience the Christ as a permanent … continuous dispensation. We must live in the constant conscious awareness of [Christ] … active within … [You must] maintain … always a receptive attitude [within] – a listening ear – and soon [you will] … experience an inner awareness. [And] This is the activity of Truth in consciousness, or … Christ attained.

And so this inner awareness of this Presence within – this is Christ attained. And the inner awareness comes from a receptive attitude, and the receptive attitude comes from being still, and you become still – that comes from knowing that you are ready to go beyond the letter and have the experience.

Now, in this book Leave Your Nets it’s all about leaving these mental images so that you may have the inner Christ experience or the experience of the inner Christ. So he says:

The greatest force, the greatest power on earth, is grace.

This is Joel’s book, Leave Your Nets, the chapter The New Discipleship. See, if you have this inner experience you are part of the fellowship of the Spirit. You’re not now dancing around out here quoting Scripture and talking about Christ that Joel said and Herb said and Jesus said. No. You’re quietly, silently having the inner experience of the living Christ, the powerful Christ. And so Joel says:

Grace, which is the love of God for God’s children, is the only real power there is, and our demonstration of it will be in proportion to the withdrawal of our dependence on and faith in man, and the establishment within ourselves of [Christ] … .

You see, this book is all about leaving dependence on people, places, and things and beliefs and ideas and thoughts so that you may have this inner experience of the Christ. And when you first are confronted with the – let’s have it again in his words. Hang on. Okay, this is the chapter 12, Experiencing the Christ from the 1955 Kailua study series. In Joel’s words he says:

Now, the point … I’m making is this:

Now remember, the name of this chapter is Experiencing the Christ, and that’s what we’re talking about – how to experience the only living Christ. There’s only one living Christ, and it is within you. No other place can you find it. Not in holy mountains, not in holy temples, but you’ll have to find it within you. And he says:

… the point … I’m making is this: In being aware of the discords of human existence, instead of drawing on … your head [for denials and affirmations, instead of drawing] on your thinking, on your [memorized] … truth, now [from now on] stand stock still, … let the Father [the Christ] give you the necessary truth for the situation. Because [that’s what] … I have to do when I’m called … on for help. I can’t turn to a single soul or any memorized statements from my writings. … if I thought they had power I’d just let them do the work. No. I never go back to draw [on] … anything … [from Infinite Way] writings or anybody else’s writings … [not] even from Scripture.

There’s no Christ there. Why do you keep looking there? That’s a tomb. He’s not here. Mary, wake up!

No. From now on when you are called upon for help, sit down in an atmosphere of expectancy. He says:

… when I am asked personally for help, you all notice my attitude. It’s always one of listening, [listening] and then if I have anything to say, [I say] … it. Now that is to bring you to the point of experiencing the Christ. You experience the Christ every time a discord or inharmony appears to you, and instead of you making a statement of truth or thinking a thought … , you … turn within and wait until [something] … comes to you. … doesn’t have to come in words. It doesn’t have to come in thoughts. Eventually you’ll find that it comes in … a feeling of release, [ah, release] and you know all is well.

Now that’s what we said before. You don’t experience the release from a personal sense and then Christ experience. No! You go within, sit down, stand still from personal sense, and then the Christ releases you from personal sense. You’re free from it. And that’s what happened to me. I went into meditation in Herb’s class there. I went into meditation. I stood still. There was still a sense of me being lifted up, but in the experience of Christ, the living Christ, I was released from personal sense, and when I walked outside there was only Christ in every direction.

Now what had changed? What we just said. Only the inner awareness, the inner awareness that saw people and places and things in all these tombs and drove all the way up to northern California to find the Christ in another man. Why, it said, “I’m right here within you, you silly, silly being. Why did you drive all the way up here? I already showed you, there’s only one Christ, and it’s the Christ of my consciousness.

Every Christ has to die. You remember Joel said to us over and over again: All of these synonyms for God have to die. God is love. Well, where am I in that? God is Spirit. Well, so what! All of these synonyms have to die. Every one of them. Where have you taken my Lord? There is the feeling for a while: I’ve got nothing now! I was relying on this belief of God. I was relying on a concept of Christ. Now you’ve taken that! You’ve taken all the people with Christ. What’s left? I have nothing!

Now, yes – empty-handed you can come within. Empty-handed you can stand stock still. Empty-handed you can experience the Christ and be released from personal sense. And you can do this in every meditation. So he says:

That is the experience of the Christ. That’s the point … I’m trying now to see if all of us [can do]… . The method? [Don’t be engaged] in [any] controversy with any form of error. [Just] Stand still. If you must think … think something that has no bearing on it.

Let’s say that someone comes to you and says, “I have this cold. Will you help me?” And you close your eyes. If you’ve got to think – we really want to reach for the high place where we don’t have to think – but if we have to think in the beginning, then we must think something like: Well, he is not here. He has risen. See? That has no connection at all. Or – I am the Truth. But only one thought please, not a book or a paragraph. So I reach for no thought, but if you have to have a thought in the beginning to get to that place of no thought, that’s fine. But get there as quick as you can. And he says:

That gives the Christ an opportunity to come to you [as an] … experience. Later on you will follow [the] … same method with all of the harmonies.

Why? Why would you do that do you suppose? Because the experiences of, or the pictures of inharmony, disease, death, lack, limitation – those are tombs. He is not here! Awaken! Mary awaken! I am here within. But the pictures of harmonies and beauty and color and form – all of those are also this same image, the same tombs. These are tombs also! Only the concepts of them are good tombs. Oh, now there’s a good tomb! Look at that child, so full of life. Why isn’t he cute! For four years old he sure is intelligent, isn’t he? Why he’s more intelligent than the other – wait a minute. That’s a tomb!

You’re looking at Christ, but saying those words and thinking those thoughts about that are – well, next to – next to useless. You won’t be released from that by saying that to yourself. You cannot be released by repeating that to yourself. Well, I’m looking at an image. So? Who’s saying it? Another image! Oh my God! How am I going to be released?

You know the way. Stand stock still. Take no thought, and I will reveal myself as a living Christ, a now Christ, an ever present right here Christ. So he says:

[And] That gives the Christ an opportunity to come to you in experience. Later on you will follow the same method with all of the harmonies. Because once you have achieved the slightest degree of success in … meeting discords, the next thing that will present itself to you is … [the harmonies].

And so you will learn to follow this same practice when you see youth, [or] health, [or] vitality, [or] wealth. You learn to look right through it, and not rejoice in it …

Now why would you rejoice in a tomb? He is not here. He is risen.

… clear your thought in this same spiritual way, so … the Christ can show you the truth …

What’s it gonna show you? Well, he says:

… the Christ can show you the truth about what even appears as human good.

In other words, the Christ can show you Itself, Itself as an experience. A living experience. And he gives you a statement here:

Just as you want Christ to reveal the truth about … discord and … inharmony, you had better want Christ to reveal the truth about a good human appearance, or it’s only a question of time … it’s going to change to a bad human [experience] … .

And finally at the end here he says on the last page if I can get there, he says:

… the achieving of [the] … state of consciousness [which is the inner awareness of the living Christ] begins in this particular way, first, because the discords and inharmonies of existence are … irritating … and therefore [they] announce themselves more forcefully … [and you’re forced to find an answer.] And … in those moments we will now train ourselves to resist … temptation to deny or affirm or [even] to think thoughts, even good [thoughts] … [We will stand stock still and] give an opportunity for the Christ to announce Itself …

And then you’re released! The Christ announces Itself in you, in your being. Okay? Is it clear?

Our stating truth and thinking truth does not bring it. [It doesn’t bring the Christ.] Our refraining from [stating]… truth and thinking truth brings [Christ] … . As long as behind it we have [the] … inner consciousness of the correct letter of truth.

In other words, you couldn’t give this to a new student. That’s why I have – well, that’s why it’s being given to those of us who are a little more serious. We’re not looking for healing after healing after healing. We’re looking for the inner experience of Christ.

Now, let’s be still for a moment and see if that’s it for today or if there’s more.

[Pause] ..

Woman … whom seekest thou? Oh Lord – where have you taken my Lord? Where have you laid him? Please tell me. He is not here: … he is risen.

I share with you those experiences that came to me over the years – several, not all by any means, but several that pointed out to me that in every way and in every area I have to experience the living Christ, and that it’s no longer correct for me to look at myself and say, “Well, of myself I’m nothing. I can’t do anything. I’ve never been any good at anything and I’m no teacher and this, that, and the other. No. That’s a lie of personal sense.

When there’s no personal sense, when that is standing still then the Christ announces Itself in my experience, and it says, “I am the Teacher, the only Teacher, and I am the Way. Be still. I will teach.” Then if others come and say, “Oh, I got so much out of what you have to say,” I can only say “thank you” because I did too. (chuckles) I was listening to Christ as you were. And with the discords that are presented to me I’m allowed now to take no thoughts. I’m allowed now to not deny or affirm anything. I’m not allowed to do that. Those were the nets. I’m leaving those nets. I’m not allowed to go running to a teacher of 2000 years ago or a man that taught in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. I’m not allowed now to go running to a holy temple, a holy place, a holy book. Even Scriptures! I’m leaving all those nets.

All must be abandoned for My sake, says Christ. I’m not allowed to cling to anything. I’m floating here with no raft! It’s very uncomfortable. You have taken my Lord! What do I do? Even the Christ that I believed in is now nothing. I realize it was only a concept. My God! I’m weeping. Where, where, oh where is my Lord?

And yet, if I will turn within, if I will be still, if I will come here often, if I will practice what I have learned and stand stock still, in the stillness Christ will announce Itself. It will set me free from personal sense, from the negative personal sense and the good personal sense. It will allow me to see through the discords to Christ as an inner experience right here, right now. It will allow me to look through the good appearances to see Christ, to experience Christ right here within, right here and now.

Christ will announce Itself and set me free, and It will do so with maybe only a word. Maybe just “Bill.” Or maybe just “Mary.” Or maybe just “Brian.” Or maybe just “Nancy.” Maybe no words at all. Maybe that inner feeling of being lifted up and the tingling sensation of being flooded with Spirit. Maybe just the inner awareness of the movement of Spirit over the face of the deep. Who knows?

Christ is infinite. Let Christ reveal Itself to you in an individual way.

You must know now that the only Christ there is is the living Christ within you, and that there’s no other Christ to find. You must know now that the God of the ancients – well, it’s dead. There’s no life in it. It’s only a story book. You must know that the God of – well, even the Father of Jesus is only a name. You must know now that the only God there is is the God within you, and that It must reveal Itself to you or you will be Godless. You must know now it is time to launch out into the deep, and now you really know what that feels like, don’t you?

Launch out into the deep and cast your nets on the other side of the veil. Cast your nets within and wait and see what reveals itself. Wait! Wait! The Christ will announce Itself. “I am here.” In some way you will know. Not because you read it or you heard it or so-and-so said it from the podium. No. You will know by a living experience the living Christ, the Infinite Christ, the Christ Omnipresence. And then let It live Itself where you are. And if people bow down to you because you’ve healed them, so what. Stand aside. It is Christ. It is Christ revealing Itself. You had no part in it and you know it other than a beholding consciousness, a listening consciousness, a receptive consciousness to the movement of Christ.

It’s time to grow up spiritually. Stop sitting at the feet of – well, a statue, a person, or a concept. It’s time to experience the living Christ and to follow It as It lives day by day your experience.

I hope it’s clear. I know I talked a little long today and probably shared more stories than I should have, but I hope that it’s clear to all of you that the only Christ there is is Christ within. I must be realized.

Thank you. Thank you.

[Silence] ..

6 Comments on “The Uncomfortable Talks by Bill Skiles Talk Number 12 The Inner Christ – He is risen!

  1. Thanks Bill, it left me with a big smile inside, a joy, a gratitude. Easter is here, now!

  2. Thank you very much Bill and Happy Easter. Excellent talk and very timely.

  3. Gracias le doy a Dios por uds que comparten ese libro de la Revelación, tan glorioso que me hace salir de la irrealidad que me rodea y me lleva a la realidad gloriosa de mi nueva identidad en Cristo

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