The Uncomfortable Talks by Bill Skiles Talk Number 17 Behold, I Make All Things New

Good afternoon.

This is Sunday May 19, 2013. In this morning’s meditation there was one thing that came to me: Thy kingdom come. Just three words, but the more I turned it around and rested and looked, the more I wondered how many people know what that means. Oh, we hear the Lord’s Prayer said all the time; maybe we say it all the time. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as is it is in heaven. Right? Or in earth as it is in heaven. We say the words all the time, but what does – what are we asking for? What are we saying when we say “thy kingdom come”?

In the first place, does God have a kingdom some place where he’s a king and there’s all these servants wandering about? Or does kingdom mean consciousness? Does kingdom mean spirit? Spirit and consciousness are the same thing, you know. When John says “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day” in Revelation he means he was in that high consciousness. So – God is a spirit says our dear friend, Yeshua. God is a spirit. Don’t you know – God is a spirit and you must worship him in spirit. God and consciousness are one, and you must be one with that consciousness.

And so thy kingdom come means that higher consciousness, spiritual consciousness, Christ consciousness come. Manifest. Be. Is. And so we’re asking for that higher consciousness, but we’re living in a physical realm. Oh, Joel tells us over and over you can’t add God to your humanhood. And here I am, a little human being, praying up there to God somewhere, “Please give me your kingdom. Let it come.”

Oh, in metaphysics we thought that meant let us have harmony of purse, pocketbook, wallet. Let us have harmony of health, body, mind. Let us have harmony of relationships, of friendships, of companionship. Right? Thy kingdom come. Now, however, we are more advanced on this path and we have a little bit different meaning to that. If you haven’t done that, if you haven’t done so, take that into meditation.

Thy kingdom come. What does that mean?

I noticed, or I was led to this chapter, these one, two, three, four, five pages called The New Horizon, because the new horizon is – well – thy kingdom. Joel has experienced that kingdom. And he says:

Above this sense-life, there is a universe of Spirit governed by Love, peopled with children of God living in the household or temple of Truth. [And] This world is real and permanent: Its substance is eternal Consciousness. In it there is no awareness of discords or even … temporary … material good.

So we know from that, from his little hint there, that when we say ‘thy kingdom come’ we are talking about an invisible spiritual universe. We’re asking for an invisible spiritual consciousness to come. And what happens when we experience that? Well, he tells us that too.

[When thy kingdom comes] The experience at first is like watching the world [this whole world] disappear over a horizon and drop down from before us. There is no attachment to [the] … world [anymore], no desire to hold onto it …

Are you experiencing that? Have you experienced that? Have you experienced thy kingdom come, thy kingdom coming? Have you experienced thy kingdom, this invisible spiritual realm, invisible spiritual consciousness? Do you think you can pull that invisible spiritual consciousness into this world? He tells you right here:

the experience does not come until a great measure of our desire for the things of “this world” has been overcome.

So you cannot experience this spiritual realm, which is permanent. Cannot experience ‘the water that I shall give him’, which is life everlasting. You cannot experience spiritual being, invisible spiritual being – your invisible spiritual being – until you have no more desire for this world. And so you can’t enter this higher realm, this realm of Spirit governed by Love, peopled with children of God. You cannot meet these people and experience the spiritual realm until the desire for this world has been overcome.

So those who are living the metaphysics of the message and trying to demonstrate a heart, a liver, lungs, a companion, or financial harmony – they’re not ready for this higher consciousness, are they? And Joel tells us that. They’re not ready for The New Jerusalem, which is the following chapter in this book. That state of consciousness we talked about where you enter the Sabbath. They’re not ready for that, are they? No, they’re still demonstrating things. They’re still having rounds of demonstrating things in this world. Yet, he says you can’t have it until you overcome that.

And is that not what Christ means when Christ says specifically to us, “He that overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna”? The hidden manna is again in an invisible realm. There’s an invisible realm closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. It’s in your very midst, right here, just less than a breath away. Yet you have no contact with it if you’re trying to pull it into this realm.

And when you do have contact with it, Joel says:

At first [you] … cannot speak of it. There is a [feeling] … of “‘Touch me not; … I [have] … not yet ascended’ – I am still between the two worlds; …

And the two worlds are this world, this heaven, this earth, these concepts of heaven and earth – and the invisible spiritual realm, which is right here and now in your midst. Again, he says:

The more fascinated we are with conditions of human good and the greater our desire for even the good things … the more intense is the illusion. … Think neither on the discords nor … the harmonies of this world.

Because both of them keep you chained to the old earth and the old heaven. They keep you chained to the mind, which is trying to demonstrate things. The ascension, we understand, is always, always rising above mind. Remember that from Beyond Words and Thoughts? Here he says:

[The] … ascension is understood now as … rising above the conditions and experiences of “this world,” [and we look into the invisible] and we behold … “many mansions” prepared for us in spiritual Consciousness – in the awareness of [the invisible] … .

And finally he says:

Let us not judge … our good by [the senses] … . No good thing is withheld from us as we look [above the senses], above the physical evidence to the great Invisible [realm]. Look up, look up! The kingdom … is at hand!

And the kingdom at hand is this Great Invisible realm. So he recommends that you look up into that Great Invisible realm.

So when you pray “thy kingdom come” it’s enough to stop there and rest and let thy kingdom, that new consciousness, that new heaven, new earth come.

Let that new consciousness manifest and form itself. You have no idea what that new earth is going to look like.

It’s your necessity to continually form pictures and concepts in the mind into which you want to pour that invisible, that Great Invisible realm, that’s keeping you from attaining it.

Thy kingdom come – and stop! Thy kingdom come – and behold.

Since Joel was at that place where he had attained that consciousness and could go in and out at will, he was at the same state of consciousness as our friend, John. Now listen to John as he explains thy kingdom. This is Revelation 21, and he says:

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”

Now the sea is that level of consciousness known as material consciousness. And here he says he stood in silence and saw a new heaven and a new earth. He saw that invisible spiritual realm form itself as something new, something new, even a new self. And the old had passed away, and there was no more material consciousness. You see? This is exactly the same as Joel saying this world drops down from before us and we rest in that spiritual consciousness. This is the same.

And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

New Jerusalem, we learned, is that state of consciousness in which you rest back and are carried, carried by Christ consciousness. I’ve experienced it in thousands of meditations and sometimes with eyes wide open driving or talking or walking or shopping.

And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, …”

Now he looked into the invisible and he beheld spiritual consciousness forming itself, and he heard a voice saying:

Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men …”

Yes, in your very midst, I am.

And he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.”

Now that’s the experience: Touch me not, for I have not yet ascended. I am still between the old heaven and the old earth and the new heaven and the new earth. I’m still between them. I cannot yet discuss it, but I am watching. I am waiting upon the Lord.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, …”

No, because when the Infinite Invisible forms itself as your being, who is there to die? When the Great Invisible, when you look up and rest back and behold the Spirit move over the face of the deep and form itself as a new heaven, a new earth, a new self as you, your being – there is then no one to die.

and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things [humanhood has] … passed away.”

“And he that sat upon the throne said,” …

This is Christ consciousness – he’s still listening. First he watched, now he’s listening.

“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.”

And that includes you. You want to be born again, then let the human die. Yes, pray. Thy kingdom come. Realize you’re asking for the Great Invisible to form itself where you stand and to stand there as your being.

Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write; for these words are true and faithful.”

“And he said unto me, It is done.”

What is done? The Great Invisible has formed itself. God is on earth. Immanuel is appearing. Christ is born.

“It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto [you] … that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.”

“He that [overcomes] … shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.”

And what did we hear? To them gives he power to become the sons of God. You, my friends, my brothers, my sisters – we are one in Christ, and we have received the Word from the Great Invisible, and we have the power to lay down our human sense of life, and we have no more desire for the things of this world. If they come, they come. If they don’t, they don’t. What is that to thee?

Now we have one desire – to watch this world, this physical sense of self, fall down over the horizon and rest back on an infinite sea of Spirit and stand so still without thought here in the silence: “Behold, I make all things new.” Including you, for I become you. For I now am the only presence. Here above the mind, here in the silence, in the resting Sabbath, I overcome the world and I reveal the kingdom formed from a new heaven as a new earth, as a new self, as a new life, as a new beginning, as a new kingdom, as a spiritual realm formed.

You heard long ago that you must live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, and now you know what that means. Yes, thy kingdom come. Look up! Look up! Let the Great Invisible form itself. And here’s how Joel said it:

[Look up!]… look above the physical evidence to the Great Invisible. … The kingdom of heaven is at hand!

[I, the Great Invisible spiritual consciousness, Christ in your midst] I am breaking the sense of limitation for you as an evidence of My presence and … My influence [right here in your midst] … . I – the I of you — am in the midst of you revealing the harmony and infinity of [the] spiritual [realm] … . I – the I of you – never a personal sense of “ I” – never a person – but the I of you – am ever with you. Look up [to the Great Invisible].

Those were the words that came to Joel on a red scroll with gold lettering in Old English lettering. You remember? And though it appeared in a dream, when he opened his eyes it was still hanging above his bed. And so this comes from the Great Invisible right out there hanging above his bed. The Great Invisible formed itself as the chapter The New Horizon, which means the new consciousness, the new heaven, the new earth, the new kingdom.

Dying to all of this is overcoming. Being born again is coming into the conscious awareness, seeing the new heaven and the new earth and hearing the voice that says, “Behold, I make all things new.” And I am your God and you are my son because you have died out of the world. You have ascended. You are no longer standing between the two worlds. You are resting, a witness to the kingdom really coming, really manifesting, really appearing.

So let us be this stillness. Joel says, “let my silence be Thy abiding place,” in the chapter The New Jerusalem. This is inviting the Great Invisible. This is saying thy kingdom come. Have no idea whatsoever, no outline, no plan. “I stand at the door, and knock.” Look up! Look up above the sense mind. Have no images. Just look. Just listen.

Behold, [I make all things, including you] I make all things new.” In this silence, in this stillness, be a beholder. How many times has Joel told us that? Be a beholder. It was the whole purpose of The Contemplative Life book. Be a beholder. Watch as the Great Invisible forms itself, lives itself right here, right now, and Christ appears on earth.

When Christ Jesus made his ascension he was still on earth, for he said, “I have overcome the world.” And there was no crucifixion. He had already made his ascension. He walked out and he walked back in. He walked into the invisible and he walked back out. This is how he was able to disappear in the midst of a crowd and reappear outside the temple.

You can do the same thing. If it is I, then be not afraid. I will never leave you because I am you, and this must be a conscious awareness. This must be your consciousness, Christ appearing, and you must have the power to lay down this sense of life and pick it up again. You must have the ability to walk in the invisible realm and back out, for all that I have is thine, and I demonstrated this as Christ Jesus, and I will demonstrate this as Christ You, as Christ I.

You are on earth to overcome that old earth. You are here to no longer be here. You are in passing time to stand still in the now. Behold, I, the Great Invisible, manifest my kingdom. Now when you hear that prayer, now when you say that prayer, you know what you’re asking for. You have the spiritual maturity to know: Thy kingdom come. Let the Word manifest. Let the Christ liveth itself. Let God be in his son and his son in God, and let there be one, and let there be light, and let there be a new heaven and a new earth.

It is said that there shall be no night there and the light will shine forever, meaning there shall be no personal sense of self, no personal sense of life. No concepts. No mental images, but only the light of I. Every day you must have, we must have a period, and I must have a period of meditation, a period of silence, a period of stillness, a moment of nothingness in which I rest, I behold thy kingdom come, and I witness God Itself made manifest. And I behold the Spirit moving over the face of the deep.

Yes, the experience that Moses had he expressed in these words. This is him beholding, as you will, the Great Invisible manifesting itself, and this is how he saw it:

“The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.”

He’s just resting in the silence, and there’s nothingness.

“And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

He felt it. And then he heard the voice, just like John.

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.”

These are two states of consciousness. This is the old heaven, the old earth – an earth formed out of images in the mind – and the new heaven and the new earth – the Spirit of God forming itself.

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, [and] after our likeness: and let them have dominion … .

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

I think that was changed. I think it said originally “male and female created he him.”

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, …

And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.”

And then on the seventh day he rested from all his work. Remember? So Moses sees the Great Invisible Spirit, spiritual consciousness forming itself, and he explains it as God creating, manifesting its own image. And so this is the new heaven. This is God creating its own image, that image you.

This is the experience, this first chapter of Genesis. This is the realm where spiritual consciousness forms itself. This is why you are here, that you might behold, that you might bear witness to the Great Invisible spiritual Christ Consciousness forming itself. That you might bear witness to God’s Word going forth and taking form. That you might be one of those that stand so still that you behold a new heaven and a new earth coming down from God. That you might drink of these everlasting waters, that you might experience your Eternal Self.

God expressing itself is your Eternal Self.

That you might experience the infinite, eternal, invisible I and watch as it lives itself. For this cause came ye into the world that you might have life and life everlasting.

And again, as Joel stood there in silence, these words came forth from within, and we hear him say:

How shall I stand before Thee but in silence? How shall I honor Thee but in the meditation of mine heart?

Praise and thanksgiving Thou seekest not, [ah] but the understanding heart, [the beholder] Thou receivest.

I will keep silent before Thee. My Soul and my Spirit and my silence shall be Thy dwelling place. [Which is exactly the same as, “Oh Father, thy kingdom come.”]

Thy Spirit shall fill my meditation, and it shall make me and preserve me whole. O Thou Tender One and True – I am home in Thee.

And so Joel has discovered a home above this sense-life, a realm of Spirit, the kingdom of heaven. A new heaven and a new earth, Christ consciousness, the fountain of everlasting waters, the image and likeness of God. I in your midst am come. Be still and know, and let us rest in that I…

This I comes as a thief in the night. Into your silence the Spirit flows. It comes as a thief in the night. You – you are just still. You are staring into the Great Invisible, and I come as a thief in the night. And I come that you might have this new life everlasting. I am the life. I stand in the midst of you now, closer than your very breathing. Look up to the Great Invisible. Look up! The kingdom you have asked for is at hand right here in your midst.

And have I been so long a time with you, and you have not known me? You may know me now as you utter the words: Thy kingdom come. Rest back and receive that eternal kingdom. Be a beholder as Christ manifests, as the new kingdom comes, as the New Jerusalem, the new city, the new consciousness forms itself. And behold, all things are new.

Have one meditation, at least one, more if you feel led, in which you have nothing to heal, nothing to prove, nothing to demonstrate. Only standing still looking into the Great Invisible that you might catch a glimpse of the Spirit moving over the face of the deep, that you may hear the voice say unto you: Stand ye still. I have come whose right it is, and I am the life. I am that truth. I am the Way. Look unto me. Look! Look up! The kingdom comes in silence.

As this Invisible, this Great Invisible, forms itself and makes all things new, just be a beholder. Just stand still in receptivity. Just know I can do all things and behold, I am your inheritance. Your everlasting life is I.

And after these periods of silence just open your eyes, do whatever is at hand to do, and in a way ye know not of this Great Invisible will appear as harmony of being, harmony of life, harmony of purpose.

I tell you, you are so blessed to be at this banquet, at this supper of Spirit. Many, many kings would give up their entire kingdom for this real spiritual kingdom, and it is yours because you laid down your personal sense.

Now, listen to this one last time, because this is Joel explaining the experience of receiving divine Sonship, this new spiritual kingdom. He’s explaining it in Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture in the chapter True Sense of the Universe, and he says it’s a secret. He says it’s a secret.

[And] The secret — … which has been so rarely understood — [That secret is how you make your ascension] is … spiritual meat and drink; and the secret is this:

Remember over here – we just read it in The Infinite Way – you must overcome the desire for things of this world and then you may have the spiritual realm. You must overcome this world, and so he says it here again. This was his experience.

The life which you behold in man, tree … animal is not the Life [of] … God; …

And so stop trying to pull God into this realm, this material realm.

The life of material man or flower is mortal sense … . It is a false sense of the Life which is real.

Yes, this world is false images about the Invisible, the Great Invisible. This is mind manifested, but now we are ready for the Great Invisible to manifest, the new kingdom, the new earth. So he says:

The understanding of this truth will enable you to look away from [sense objects] …; it will enable you to refrain from attempting to heal, correct or reform the mortal sense of existence; and as soon as you have conquered the desire to heal or improve the material sense of existence, … [as soon as you have conquered that, you have let it go, you are standing now in silence, then] the spiritual or real begins to unfold and reveal itself to you.

You see that? Do you see that? Ascension’s always the same. Coming up over the mind and its images and its desires to change, improve, or heal, and resting in the spiritual Invisible, the great spiritual realm and beholding the Word made flesh.

He says:

You cannot behold or experience eternal Life and its harmonies … while accepting the evidence of the senses … .

Do not take lightly what I am saying [he says]. This is the Great Revelation; this knowledge will clarify for you the Master’s statement, “My kingdom is not of this world”; [Yes, it will clarify that. Now you know my kingdom, and when you pray ‘thy kingdom come’ you’re asking for the Great Invisible to manifest itself as life, and you are willing to drop all personal sense of life and all of its attachments. He says] it will reveal to you the secret of John the Revelator, who beheld the universe which is not made with hands, but which is eternal, as Consciousness appearing; Spirit unfolding; Soul revealing itself.

You see that? Do you see that?

Believe me [he says] — this is the secret of secrets.

This is Life eternal to know this truth. [And] Truly Kings and Emperors would give their thrones could they but learn this one truth …

The life of material man, [this is the one truth: The life of material man] the life of … tree, … flower, … animal — this is not … Life eternal; … Do not attempt to patch [it up] … . rather turn [away] from it and with … enlightened consciousness [in the silence] discern the Life which is God; “feel” through your cultivated spiritual sense [the] … divine energy of Spirit;

Which is the same as watching the Spirit move over the face of the deep. It’s the same as watching the new heaven and the new earth come down, the New Jerusalem come down out of heaven. It’s the same as watching the fountain spring up into life everlasting. It is the same!

feel through your cultivated spiritual sense [the] … divine energy of Spirit; become [consciously aware] … in the Silence of your Soul … . Let the divine harmonies appear [let the divine harmonies appear] as you disregard the evidence of sight and hearing, [and] tasting, [and] touching and smelling.

That which is real and eternal is not seen or touched, … [it is] spiritually discerned. It is [realized] … only by the intuitive or inner consciousness. Reality [this Great Invisible] is perceived by the Soul [sense] …, [by your] inner vision.

Only to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear [which is you, my dear friends] can this vision become a living, vital Presence. Only those who have heard what is said by “the still, small voice” and seen what is visible to the “windows of the Soul” can discern [that] … “temple not made with hands” — [or] the universe of God’s creating [or the Great Invisible manifesting itself].

[The] … false sense of life must be put off, disregarded, un-valued, in order that the real Life [the Great Invisible] and its formations may become evident and experienced.

So there it is yet again another way, and now you know, don’t you? Yes, you do! You know as well as you know your own sense of existence: When you pray, thy kingdom come, what you are asking for is that I manifest My Kingdom, My Presence, My Self. That the I of you outpicture itself.

Again, there are five or six billion people on earth and only a handful ever learns in any given age that there is an ascension out of the sense realm into the Great Invisible realm of Spirit, and that here Christ Jesus flows and here stands Joel, for he said to those that know the secret, I will never leave the earth, but I will be available in the Great Invisible. And here stands Moses and Elijah and here, if you step into this Great Invisible and rest back and behold, you may meet up with Elijah, Jesus, Paul, Joel, John, with Krishna, with Moses, with Abraham, with Shankara, with Buddha. But more importantly than all of that, you may just witness I in the midst of you manifesting.

Look up! Look up! For the kingdom is at hand, and I in the midst of thee am the Way. And I shall surely meet you there in the invisible.

Thank you. Many blessings and Thy kingdom come.


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  1. Beautiful…The Pearl..thank you …love & blessings to you

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