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Good morning. This is Sunday August 25th of 2013, about eleven o’clock, and I have here in my hands Joel’s book The Thunder of Silence. In the beginning of this book he states clearly that – I think it’s in the Introduction – that he doesn’t expect anyone to understand this book for years to come, and I suspect he was right yet once again. This book deals specifically with making the… Read More

Good morning or maybe good afternoon. This is Sunday August 18th, about 12:30. I was delayed in getting started today because I was drawn to a chapter in this book called Consciousness Transformed, and it is from the 1963-1964 Hawaii Hotel talks by Joel S. Goldsmith. These were the last talks that he ever gave – some of the last talks that he ever gave. There [were] a few more, but not… Read More

Good morning. This is Sunday August 4, 2013. You know, it never ceases to amaze me, but every time I pick up this little black book called The Infinite Way, I find something new, and this morning was no different. In the very first chapter called Putting on Immortality is probably the answer to every problem we’ve ever had. And so I thought maybe a review is in order. And so let’s… Read More

Well, welcome back. This would be Part II of the Introduction from Man Was Not Born to Cry by Joel Goldsmith, which he entitled or titled Awake, as in “Awake thou that sleepest.” We were talking about the ascension, always the ascension, ascending up over the mind into the Soul realm, which the Soul realm has many mansions in awareness of reality, and so the many mansions are not a kingdom up… Read More

Good morning. This is June 30th about 11:30, 2013, and I had an idea for a talk today and was going to cover some of the principles of spiritual healing, because it seems that nobody likes to practice or study the nature of error and practice impersonalization and nothingization. It seems they’d rather just concentrate on the beauty of God. The problem is that according to Joel if you don’t have the… Read More