The Uncomfortable Talks by Bill Skiles Talk Number 22 Ascension Into The Soul Realm, Part II

Well, welcome back.

This would be Part II of the Introduction from Man Was Not Born to Cry by Joel Goldsmith, which he entitled or titled Awake, as in “Awake thou that sleepest.”

We were talking about the ascension, always the ascension, ascending up over the mind into the Soul realm, which the Soul realm has many mansions in awareness of reality, and so the many mansions are not a kingdom up in the sky by and by. They’re not even another dimension here. The kingdom is the realm of Soul, and the many mansions take place, or the many levels, are the levels of awareness. And so your transformation from mind to awareness is the difference between this world and the kingdom of heaven here and now.

In the old days, in the days of King James when the King James Bible was written they used terms such as kingdom. But I looked in some – I think it was Strong’s concordance, and the word originally meant “realm,” and realm, of course is, now we know, awareness. So it all takes place in your inner awareness. There you come up over the mind and seeing things through the mind darkly into awareness – pure awareness – which of course is the first chapter of Genesis. Pure awareness of Soul or God.

Now what can you expect to see? Well, it’s different for everyone. No two people see the same thing, but we are given some hints in the chapter The New Horizon because The New Horizon now you know is the Soul realm. And so he says:

The sense which presents pictures of discord and inharmony, disease and death, [and also all the good that you behold] is the universal mesmerism which produces the entire dream of human existence.

See, there it is again, mental malpractice or universal mesmerism. The word’s are not important. He says, you can use whatever words you like. Hold on a minute. I wrote some down here the other day or actually quite a while ago. Let’s see where I keep notes in my little journal here. I was looking at this one day and in April of 1998 I wrote:

A belief in two powers, universal belief, world mind, carnal mind, a glass darkly, appearance, illusion, a false image, Maya, hypnotism, mesmerism, personal sense, material sense, this world, or concepts or universal dream world.

So there are many terms. There are many words used to describe it. Maya is of course from Buddha and his describing illusion. And remember, it’s not out here! Illusion – no illusion is ever externalized. And so the illusion you are looking at if you’re calling it illusion is mortal mind. It’s a series of beliefs or thoughts in the mind. Therefore says Christ: “Take no thought.” Stop that! STOP! And in the silence behold, I am God. I, your Soul, and you have a glimpse of the kingdom here and now, or the Soul realm or awareness of Soul.

So the sense which presents all these pictures is a universal mesmerism which produces the entire dream of human existence, and so look at that backwards, and human existence is a dream. All of it. And therefore he says:

It must be understood … there is no more reality to harmonious human existence than to discordant world conditions. It must be realized that the entire human scene is mesmeric suggestion, and we must rise above the desire for even good human conditions.

This is why he says over and over we must come to the place where we’re no longer trying to establish harmony in the human scene, because if we succeeded we would have a happy dream, a happy dream world, and we don’t want a happy dream because then we still die in humanhood and have to come back and try to find the Soul realm again. No. Therefore he says:

Understand fully that suggestion, [or] … [beliefs] or hypnotism is the substance, or fabric, [there’s that word, fabric] of the whole mortal universe and … human conditions … good and evil are dream pictures having no reality or permanence.

And when you get to that place it’s really uncomfortable, especially if you haven’t found the Soul realm, because on the one hand you’re standing there – it’s very uncomfortable. You’re looking, you’re saying: “Okay, okay. The good and evil of this experience here of this human, of me – this is a dream world. It has no reality. It’s hypnotism, the entire mortal universe, and it has no contact with God.”

Well, that’s pretty scary! God’s not in the human scene, Joel says, and we ignore it and go on thinking with our prayer and meditation we can bring him there. But no, he says here at the Hotel Wellington:

Has no contact with God. The human scene, good or evil, is a product of universe malpractice, carnal mind, mortal mind, and has no contact with God and is not under the law of God, and that is something you must know and know at depth. That’s half of the equation, the other half being the awareness of Soul.

So he says understand fully that the fabric of the whole mortal universe is suggestion, belief, or hypnotism.

And more than that, more than just understanding:

Be willing, [willing] for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear from your experience in order that reality may be known and enjoyed and lived.

Or in order that the Soul realm or the kingdom, the awareness in Reality may be known and enjoyed and lived. So to ascend you might as well take The New Horizon in The Infinite Way and take this entire first paragraph and understand that this is the first half, or rather, this is half of the equation. Doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the second half. It’s half of the equation, and all of this must be true in your experience. You must be living this and understanding this fully in order for you to launch out into the deep. Be willing for the good as well as the evil to disappear from your experience in order to launch out into the Soul realm.

So on the one hand you’re standing there and you recognize all of this is a dream taking place within, not without, and has no reality, no permanence, and no contact with God and no law to support it. It’s impersonal, being pumped into the mind by this universal mental malpractice and it has no power. It’s nothing, nothing behind it.

So on the one hand you’re knowing that, but you haven’t yet experienced the Soul realm.

You haven’t ascended out of it. You’re still standing in it. And then someone says launch out into the Soul realm, but don’t bring any of those concepts with you. Don’t bring any concepts – not of God, not of Spirit, not of Soul, not of Christ, not of love, not of the kingdom of heaven, not of the Soul realm. Bring no concepts with you. And oh, by the way, don’t bring that self either. Step out of that. Stand there. Stand there knowing that it is a nothingness, and be empty – listen. Listen for the still small voice. Wait upon the movement. Wait for Soul to reveal Itself, and know not what that experience is going to be. Have no idea whatsoever. Totally empty, a nothingness, waiting for the movement of the hand of God. And there you stand. It’s very uncomfortable at first, but it becomes – well, it becomes quite wonderful.

And now he’s going to give you some clues here. He’s going to describe his experience of the Soul realm, of the Soul, of God.

Above [the] … sense-life, there is a universe of Spirit [or realm of Soul] governed by Love, peopled [or populated] with children of God living in the household or temple of Truth. This world [this universe, this realm] is real and permanent: Its substance is eternal Consciousness. In it there is no awareness of discords or even of temporary … material good.

So in the Soul realm you will find a universe of Spirit governed by Love, and the fabric of it is eternal Consciousness. You will have no awareness of good or evil, just eternal Consciousness is’ing.

The first glimpse …

And there we go with glimpse again. Ah, now here he spells it out.

The first glimpse of Reality – of the Soul-realm – comes with the recognition and realization of the fact … all temporal conditions and experiences are products of self-hypnotism. With [that] … realization that the entire human scene – … good as well as … evil – is illusion, [comes] … the first glimpse and taste of the world of God’s creation and of the sons of God who inhabit [the Soul realm or] the spiritual kingdom.

Okay. So he says here the first glimpse of the Soul realm comes with the recognition and realization all temporal conditions are products of hypnotism. What did he say here at the Hotel Wellington? Now remember, this Infinite Way New Horizon was written in the 40’s or 50’s. Right? And now here we are 1960 at the Hotel Wellington and he’s saying the same thing. Here are the four or five secrets you must know to find the Soul realm. Here in The New Horizon he says:

The first glimpse of … the Soul-realm – comes with the recognition and realization … all temporal conditions and experiences are … self-hypnotism. [It comes] With the realization that the entire human scene – … good [and] … evil – is illusion …

And here at the Hotel Wellington he writes down: Harmony of a permanent nature can only be attained – in other words, the Soul realm can only be attained as you come into the awareness of it through impersonalization and nothingizing of this mental malpractice, or carnal mind, or this world, or the dream universe, or mortal existence, or humanhood.

See, he’s saying the same thing, and people do not want to hear about the nature of error, and yet it is through this realization that all temporal conditions are hypnotism and that the entire human scene, good and evil, is illusion – it’s through that realization that you get your first glimpse of the Soul realm, and so you must have both parts! You must have the inner deep realization that – well, there’s no more reality to harmonious human existence than to the discord or discordant human conditions. You must have that at depth. Then you can let it go. Stop trying to improve it, patch it up. Then you can recognize it for its nothingness, universal mental malpractice being pumped into the human mind, but nothing is standing behind it. No God is behind it, so it’s nothingness. But it acts as if it’s a power, he says, until it’s realized and understood and seen through, and the way you see through it is in ceasing from taking thought, as he said in The Art of Spiritual Healing. Take no thought. Rest in the Word, and it doesn’t matter what that word is – whatever word you came to in your contemplation.

God is. I am. It is. I rest here. I take no thought, not might nor by power, but by the Soul. And then rest in that capital W-o-r-d, Word. Not the words you just said to yourself, but the Word, the original Logos. “The Word was God,” and “the Word was made flesh.” So you rest in the Word, that Word, the original I within.

And then you catch a glimpse of the Soul realm and you find out that there’s a universe of Spirit, a realm of Soul governed by Love, and there’s beings in it. These beings are children of God, and this realm is real and permanent. Its substance is Consciousness, eternal Consciousness, and in that realm there’s no awareness of duality. There’s only awareness of the Soul.

[So] With the realization that the entire human scene – … good as well as… evil –is illusion, [comes]… the first glimpse and taste of the Soul realm [or of] … God’s creation and of the sons of God who inhabit [this] … spiritual [creation] … .

So in this first glimpse attained by impersonalizing and nothingizing the dream world and dream mind out of which it came or comes, in the standing still from that, recognizing both sides to it, good and evil, are illusion in the mind, hence ascending up over the mind in the realm of the Soul where you feel its movement even as I do right now, here you become aware of the Soul realm, the Soul of you, God of you, God as you, and you rest. And you rest. And the light is shining and it dissolves these mental projections.

Now, [he says] in this moment of uplifted consciousness, we are able, even though faintly, [at first] to see ourselves free of material, mortal, human, and legal laws. We behold ourselves separate and apart from the bondage of sense, and in a measure we glimpse [there’s that word again] [glimpse] the unlimited boundaries of eternal Life and of infinite Consciousness. The fetters of finite existence begin to fall away …

See, we’re having an awakening, aren’t we?

The experience at first is like watching the world disappear over a horizon and drop down from before us. There is no attachment to [it] …, no desire to hold onto it – probably because to a great extent [this] … experience does not come until a great measure of our desire for the things of “this world” has been overcome.

You see how you have to come to the place where he’s starting this chapter Awake in knowing that this is not about patching up the human scene. He says elsewhere that he had a hard time explaining to the students that it’s not a matter of bringing God down to the human scene, but in rising above the human scene to the realm of Soul.

At first we cannot speak of it. There is a sense of “‘Touch me not; for I [have] … not yet ascended’ … .”

I want you to understand when you first have this glimpse, if you haven’t had it, it is so –well, earth shattering, so startling, so wonderful that you will know intuitively you cannot speak of it. You just cannot. So there is a sense of “Touch me not, for I have not yet ascended.” No, I’m not up here permanently. I’m still traveling back and forth. I ascend up into the Soul realm and I come back down to human thinking, and I ascend back up and I come back down. But eventually, eventually the ascension will be a permanent transformation.

So he says one more time – he wants you to know this. Remember now:

This is the secret that the world does not know, which is that harmony of a permanent nature can only be attained as the spiritual Self or the Soul realm is realized through impersonalization and nothingizing of the carnal mind or mental malpractice and then a launching out into the deep in silence.

So he says:

A universal illusion binds [you] … to earth … . Realize this, understand this, because only through this understanding [that’s half of the equation] can we begin to lessen its hold upon us. The more fascinated we are with conditions of human good … the greater our desire for even the good things …, the more intense is the illusion.

And so if you’re still practicing principles to heal that cold of yours or to increase your harmony at work or to increase your supply, if you’re still trying to demonstrate anything other than death of the human and ascending into the Soul realm, then you are – well, more intense is the illusion.

[However] In proportion as our thought dwells on God, on the things of the Spirit, the greater … freedom from limitation we are gaining.

This should not be “thought” here; this should be “awareness” – in proportion as our awareness is on God. So he says:

[Don’t think.] Think neither on the discords nor on the harmonies …

That’s it. Don’t think on either one, because then you’re thinking – well, then you’re in the human mind!

Let us not fear the evil nor love the good of human existence. In proportion as we accomplish this, … the mesmeric influence [lessens] …

And we are lifted. We catch a glimpse – well, here it is:

The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension … . This ascension is understood … as … rising above the conditions and experiences of “this world,” [or the dream mind] and we behold … “many mansions” prepared for us in spiritual Consciousness – in the awareness of [the Soul realm] … .

So, the many mansions are in your awareness of the Soul realm. And finally:

No good thing is withheld from us as we look above the physical evidence [or the mind] to the great Invisible [to the Soul realm]. Look up, look up! The kingdom of heaven [the Soul realm] is at hand!

And finally:

… the I of you – am ever with you. [So] Look up.

All right. So that is The New Horizon where he explains the Soul realm and gives you some hints about what you might experience.

Now getting back to our original halfway point in this Introduction from the book Man Was Not Born to Cry called Awake, remember he says:

I wish I could use as a title for a book Santa Claus God because that is what the majority of the concepts of God are. Be assured that no one can enter the realm of the Soul with any such God in mind. You … have to leave behind all that you have heretofore expected …

All right? So, he says:

You long to tell your companions what you are thinking and what you are doing [on the spiritual path] and you want to share your joys and your successes. [But] That cannot be done on [this] … path because those who have not been there can have no way of being able to share them. Only rarely do you find a companion with whom you can share, and even then you discover that there are some things that must remain forever hidden.

Do you not understand that if you tried to explain to someone – well he – he was sneaky. He wrote it in the chapter The New Horizon very briefly, just in one or two or three paragraphs that above this sense-life is the Soul realm and here’s what you’ll find. But he couldn’t go out and explain that to people, talk to every day people as he’s riding in an airplane to South Africa and finds himself next to a person on the airplane. Could he start talking about that? No. He said he never talked about spiritual matters. Like everybody else he talked about the weather and whatever the current politics were probably. Whatever topic the person brought up. Always with his finger on his lips because no one would understand that.

I can’t go tell somebody what it felt like when I was dissolving right there – sitting in my meditation I was dissolving and becoming infinite. I felt my presence everywhere throughout the house in every room and every room inside of me, and we were one and I was about to go infinite. I can’t explain that. Who can explain that? How does that feel? They think maybe you are fooling yourself.

So he says:

Does this not account for the Master’s loneliness during his three-year ministry? When he wanted to reveal some of the secrets of the [Soul realm or the] fourth-dimensional life, he could take only three of his disciples with him. All twelve could never have been prepared to see that the men who lived five hundred years before the time of the Master were not only living then, but were standing right there with them … sharing with them their wisdom. He never told that to the twelve disciples – only to three – and I am sure there were some secrets he did not tell even the three. This is that “aloneness” that comes in this life when we find that we can share our accomplishments and attainments with only a very few.

And that again is something that makes people very uncomfortable. It makes some very uncomfortable because who wants to live in this inner ecstasy and not be able to tell a single person? It really is sometimes quite lonely, and yet it’s not alone because the presence of God is right there with you. Your own Soul, the Soul realm is right there at hand. You may go in and come out and find pasture. Yet we long to have another person to look at eye to eye and say this is the experience and it’s so wonderful and hear them say, “Yes, I know!” I was told by my very first teacher that, years ago, centuries ago, you might go your whole entire life and only see one other person at some point that had this awareness. And he said now we’re spoiled if we go a year or two and we meet somebody. We think that’s not enough, and perhaps he was right.

So I’m talking to about twenty of you [200 now in 2020] and I hope you are not afraid of aloneness.

The moment you enter the higher consciousness, [or the Soul realm] your vision expands and you can see events of the present, the past, and the future. It is like standing on an eleventh floor balcony where you can see for miles in all directions, whereas the man on the street is aware only of that which is taking place right before his eyes.

And again, that adds to the aloneness because if you can see – or let us put it this way. When you are in the Soul realm and you see all of this, all the good and the bad, are a part of this mental malpractice being projected into the mind, how can you then stand up and fight for a cause, any cause? I don’t care how beautiful it is. Are you not patching a human dream world? Now I’m not saying that you should go live on the side of a mountain in a cave somewhere and become an ascetic, but on the other hand – well, like Joel he says he believes that these principles need to be practiced right in the midst of wherever you find yourself and that he finds joy in meeting others on this path, and you can’t do that when you’re sitting in a cave.

But do you not see that it sort of drains from you all of these causes you were ready to pick up and battle for? You see the futility of it? You’re standing on the eleventh floor looking out. You can see all the way to the coast and maybe beyond partway to the ocean. But the man on the street, he just sees the stores across the street and the cars coming down the street and the people. Perhaps the clouds overhead and the trees. And you can’t talk about it. It becomes lonely at times, and so many people cannot endure that aloneness. It’s too uncomfortable and they go back. They choose perhaps unconsciously to remain a human being – not quite ready to launch out into the deep, the unknown, Infinite Eternal.

Man was not meant to cry, and all his tears are shed only because of a sense of limitation. Every tear you shed is proof of some form of limitation being experienced in your life. Man was not born to cry!

The more you search around in your body and in your mind, the more imprisoned you will become. Do not think for a moment that you are free of the body or the mind. Rather you must understand … through your study, you are breaking out of the body and the mind into the realm of the Soul. When you reach that [Soul] Realm, and even as you approach it, the mind and the body will be discovered to be more receptive to God-government and require less and less of human attention.

Eventually you will be released from this imprisonment by an act of grace. Something will happen to you …

Again, what is he saying? He’s saying that this will be a permanent transformation. Remember he told us one of his secrets at the Hotel Wellington that he realized that the human scene has no contact with God. Yet in the final secret he says harmony in the human scene does come when we reach the realm of the Soul through impersonalizing and nothingizing. It all fits together perfectly. So this is the same as seek the Soul realm and harmony will be revealed. Why? Because as the light touches the darkness, the darkness disappears and more of the Soul realm is revealed – only the mind interprets that as harmony.

So eventually something will happen in you, an act of grace in which the Soul realm becomes the governing factor to you. The Soul realm manifests itself. Now you’re no longer living, watching the human mind manifest its good and its evil – sometimes good, but mostly evil – as a human existence, a dream world. Now you’re not living in that sense of me. Now you’re standing aside and watching the Soul realm manifest itself as the son of God. Divine Love forming Itself. And eventually this becomes a permanent transformation. You become not a human, but you become Christ, which is the activity of God on earth, or the activity of God appearing. And it becomes a permanent dispensation.

All right. So he says:

Eventually [you’re] … released from this imprisonment by an act of grace. Something will happen to you …

In the Beyond Words and Thoughts chapter, The Unveiling, [Truth Unveiled] he says, eventually, the Soul takes over. It lives you. That’s what we’re doing. We’re making a transformation within and we’re standing – well, we’re making the ascension over the mind and the human dream experience into the Soul realm and the living Christ experience. We’ve had this opportunity presented to us many, many, many times. Now I believe that we’re ready. I believe we’re really ready to do this, to have this experience.

With [all] these efforts you prepare yourself for [that] … act of grace [which] … will eventually set you free. You can see … why angels are pictured with wings, and the reason [that] I speak of “soaring thoughts,” “mountaintop experiences,” or “… lofty heights of consciousness.” [Because] When the Soul is released, it flies upward, not in time [and] … space, but in consciousness.

Again, the realms of Soul, the many mansions are in awareness of Reality, and the Soul flies upward in consciousness. It’s all taking place in your consciousness – moving out of the mind into the Soul.

It is no longer anchored to the ground [or] … entombed in [a] body and [a] mind: it is a soaring awareness, a soaring faculty.

When a person experiences physical death, it is mistakenly thought that his Soul leaves [his] … body … [but that’s a] mistaken sense … [of an] actual truth. [And the truth is] As you “die daily” [which is what we’re talking about] to the mental and physical sense of life, [then] the Soul is released and flies upward. [All right?] … [It becomes]… alive because of [your]…“death” of [the] … false sense of self. [In that day]you are released from the tomb of body and mind, and then the Soul is free.

Thus the Soul realm becomes your permanent dwelling place whether walking, talking, eating, sleeping.

You are the Soul that lives. But first you must know the you that is that Soul, and then you must begin to explore, search, and seek until you find Me, until you find your Self [your Soul], the real you. [That] … is the you that God sent forth to live God’s life on earth, the you that was never born, the you that will never die, the you that for a moment is entombed in a “parenthesis,” [and] struggling to break out …

And here he repeats his exercise.

If you search your body from your toes to the top of your head trying to locate where you are, you will discover … you do not exist anywhere between the head and the toes. You cannot find your Self in any part of the body, and this should give you [your] … first [clue] … “If I am not in this body, where am I? …” [And so] … the search for the man of God’s creation begins. [And] The great adventure has begun!

So the search for the man of God’s creation begins. That which is made is not made of that which doth appear, and that includes you. You are not made of that which doth appear. That which doth appear is a mental malpractice, universal, pumping into everyone’s mind. But that is not you, and as you let it go and become willing to let it go – bad and good – be willing, he says – you must be willing to let ‘em both go and stop trying to patch it up. Then you can drop it and stand still, and in the stillness ascend into the Soul realm. All right.

you will be able to see … God has planted the fullness of himself in you … [and] nothing can be added to you and nothing can be taken from you, … you really [do] live in your Self-completeness in God [in your Soul, in the Soul realm]. You will then [never] … seek … outside [yourself], but you will be free to share twelve baskets full every hour of the day without any thought … . Then you will be living a life of joy, heaven on earth, but not until you see Me as I AM – see your Self as it is, not locked up in a body … [no] … incorporeal, spiritual, omnipresent, free.

[And] Then you will know why is it written [in the Song Celestial by Krishna]: “Weapons reach not the Life; Flame burns it not, [water] … cannot [overwhelm],’ … for you are I, made of the very nature of God – indestructible, indivisible, inseparable from God. Neither life nor death can separate you from life, God, love, fulfillment!

And that’s the Introduction by Joel written in June – well, written on June 30th, which is today, only 1963, and so he wrote that exactly 50 years ago today. Isn’t that interesting? I had no idea. He invites you in that Introduction to leave behind the limited human sense of self, that universal mental malpractice pumped into the human mind. He invites you to drop it, to see its nothingness. Make no attempt to patch it up, change it, or improve it. Just drop it. Do not bring it with you. He invites you to leave behind all your concepts. Leave them on the shore. Leave them. Loose them and let them go. He invites you to step into the boat, the boat of Is. Launch out into the deep, into the center of the Soul realm within you. Let your Soul reveal itself. Be still and know. Launch out into the deep and stand still. Invite the Soul to reveal itself to take over.

No concepts. No self. No ideas. Just an empty vessel floating, listening, waiting upon the Lord.

[Silent pause..]

And says Joel:

The day will come when this will be your permanent dwelling place and the Soul will take over. And then Grace lives your life. You are no longer under the law of mental malpractice. You are free. No more evil. No more good. Just God, Soul manifest, Is’ing the harmony of being. Your incorporeal, spiritual Self, your eternal infinite Life living itself as itself as Soul.

Thank you, Joel. We accept the invitation. We take your invitation and we launch out into the deep. We recognize our place in infinity. We recognize we are in the middle an ascension, a transformation from humanhood to Christhood. We do not know what that is as an experience, but we are ready. We launch out. We act on the invitation. Act as though I am, and I will be, saith the Lord. And this act is an inner act, letting go, launching out, and resting on an infinite sea of Spirit.

Thank you, Father. God Is. I am Soul.

Please, my friends, take a moment. Drop me a private E-mail or public – it doesn’t matter. Tell me if you are enjoying these uncomfortable talks. If it’s helping, I would like to know.

In 1959 Joel became aware that he wasn’t aware that the students weren’t getting the principles of impersonalization and nothingization. They were not understanding the nature of error and so he devoted the entire – or he was instructed to devote the entire year of 1959 to teaching those principles so the students would have a firm grasp on that half of the equation, because until then all they knew was contemplating God and how beautiful God was and they were missing the other part.

Now here we are fifty years after his writing that Introduction called Awake, fifty years to the day, and I’m wondering if you’re getting these principles I’m spending time pouring out. Now if you are or you aren’t, I would still spend time pouring out because that’s what’s happening to me. I can’t stop it. But I would still like to know if you’re getting, if you’re benefiting. If you’re finding these talks helpful, I’d like to know because sometimes I make a talk or two or three and time goes on and I hear from one or two people, and I know hundreds are hearing them when I put them on the website, and yet no one is saying anything. And so it would be helpful to me if I could get a feeling of whether or not you’re getting something from these talks. Okay?

So I look to hear from you and if you have questions – oh, by all means write! Please write! I have to give it away. I have to share, and so if you have questions, I can share and maybe lift your burden, make it easier. Or if you have things to share that are beautiful, I’d like to hear that too. Okay?

This then brings to a close Part II of the Introduction Awake from the book Man Was Not Born to Cry, and as always I wish to say thank you very, very much, and I love you.


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  1. Amazing gifts Bill…thank you so much and do not stop “pouring”…love to you my friend

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