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I myself haven’t yet accepted that Damascus may mean the Essene community fully, but the probability of it comes to me because, after all,—there’s Paul and he certainly knows that they’re there, living there,—he must have been very curious about what they’re doing. And if the letter to the Hebrews is written by Paul listen to this. Here’s the Chapter 7 from this Melchizedek, son of Salem, Prince of the Most High,… Read More

We find something very strange in that the Old Testament ends with the prophecies of Malachi who wrote in 450 BC, and the New Testament begins with the Book of Matthew, which was written in the middle of the first century. We have approximately five hundred years unaccounted for, and in these five hundred years, certain things transpired which can well change the course of Christianity. If you remember the old family… Read More

Paul had attained the awareness that there was a new way to live. The way we live today, normally, is the light of the sun sustains this earth, it would appear. Our heat, our light, the way nature grows through that heat and light, everything depends on the activity of the sun. We all draw sustenance from it. Now, the new way to step out of the world into the invisible Reality,… Read More

Today we want to begin our study of the Holy Ghost to understand that there is no possible demonstration on this earth for anyone unless that individual has learned to receive the Ghost. Now, you’ll find very strangely that, if you go through the Old Testament, you won’t find the word at all. The Holy Ghost was not given to the world in the Old Testament. It was veiled. Such words like… Read More

“I and the Father are one” is a very uplifting and inspirational phrase that many of us have used. The Master said it, but the Master didn’t just say it. The Master lived it. The Master practiced it, and the Master demonstrated the meaning of it by showing that oneness always externalizes as harmony, perfection. Now when you say I and the Father are one, you might as well go the rest… Read More

Today we’re going to try to do something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and that is to touch a place in each of us where the healing Consciousness becomes a very potent, practical daily way of Life, not just something we hope to discover in the future. The healing Consciousness is not just to heal a backache. It’s to glorify the Father in you in every possible way. And… Read More

Actually, we’re, none of us are trying to be smarter than the other in this. We rest in One, and we let the one Mind feed us. The one Mind knoweth Its own needs, and having accepted Identity, we are the One of which It knows Its own needs. It’s only when we have taken ourselves out of that Identity that we think of ourselves as having to fend for ourselves. But… Read More

There is a passage in the Psalms which says, This is “my Son; this day have I begotten thee.” And we find in the Acts that Paul repeats this, not only repeats it, but says that there is a time in all those who seek the Christ when they shall hear within themselves, This is “my Son. This day have I begotten thee.” You might say, that in those words, Paul has… Read More

I’d like you to see the birth of Jesus in another way, perhaps, than you have seen it. We have this invisible universe which is perfect. We have the fullness of our own being which is perfect. We have perfect law governed by the perfect will of the Father. We have perfect Life which has no beginning or end, and yet all of the perfection of Being is not experienced or seen… Read More

Now the assignment last week was to crucify the human will. We were given an assignment to surrender the human will so that the I of Being could come forth into living experience, and this surrender of the human will was to be done in the following manner: Each of us was to stand watching the will, just as Jesus said to his disciples in those last moments, “Could you not watch… Read More