LIVING IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION Your Healing Consciousness 9A – Herb Fitch

Today we’re going to try to do something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and that is to touch a place in each of us where the healing Consciousness becomes a very potent, practical daily way of Life, not just something we hope to discover in the future. The healing Consciousness is not just to heal a backache. It’s to glorify the Father in you in every possible way. And really, if you cannot develop a healing Consciousness, then Jesus was not teaching the Truth because he said that if you learned his Identity, which is the meaning of “If you believe on me,” if you learn his Identity, the very miracles that were attributed to him on earth, you would do.

Each of us should have this, not as our only goal, but we should never be satisfied until the healing grace is part of our being. And the reason for that is because, although we suspect that we know Truth, until you find yourself able to demonstrate the Truth you know, you might as well face it: You don’t really know it. And healing, therefore, becomes the way in which you prove to yourself that you know what you think you know. That’s the only reason for healing on the spiritual path. And you’ll find that within you is this capacity. It isn’t reserved for what is called a practitioner. It is your natural dispensation by virtue of being a joint heir in Christ.

Now, we’ve spent seven years discussing the Infinite Way, and that’s been seven years discussing the various precepts in the Bible; and always, we have discussed this in one place so that we could develop, grow the Consciousness. Today, perhaps these seven years will in some way yield to you that quality which Jesus called “Christ in you” realized.

Now, it has been thought that the healing Consciousness is something special, something you receive by bent of some special privileges or because you learned the magic formula. And it isn’t that way at all. The healing Consciousness is your Truth realized, your Identity realized, the Identity of your neighbor realized. The healing Consciousness is the enactment in you of the two commandments, acknowledging His Presence always in yourself and in your neighbor.

And when you do this in the way prescribed, you discover, to your pleasure and amazement, that right where you stand is holy ground, right where your friend stands is holy ground, right where the world appears is the invisible Kingdom of your Father. It has ever been there awaiting your spiritual recognition; and in your capacity to see it, not through human eyes but through the Christ vision, lo and behold, there stands the perfection which the world has been seeking all these immeasurable centuries.

For that reason, today we’re studying the leper. It’s only two or three verses, but you’ll find it is a perfect summary of what constitutes the healing Consciousness. We’re going to go over it two or three, or maybe four times, and each time a shade deeper until we can stand back and say, “That I understand, and that I can make my Consciousness.”

Now, what we have here in Mathew 2, Mathew 8 is a little scene. Now, if you have read that, you may have been creative enough in your initiative to say, “Now let’s see. Where does that fit into the Bible? When did it happen?” And you would have discovered that it happened immediately following the Sermon on the Mount, immediately following the Sermon on the Mount in which the Spirit of God, speaking through Jesus Christ says, “You must purify your consciousness.” All of these things you learned of old, but today this moment, I, the Spirit say unto you, “Do this. Do that. Do the other,” meaning cleanse your house until all that is there is the divine Self.

And after he is finished giving the world these three chapters, five, six, and seven of Mathew, which we should all know like the palm of our own hand. It is said that the multitudes followed him, and the very first instance of healing that followed the delivery of the Sermon on the Mount was this leper case. Suddenly, out of nowhere, as if to test the very teaching itself, there was this creature. If we had lived in those times, we would have said, as they did then, “This is the curse of God upon this man,” for leprosy was considered, not only incurable, but it was considered to be the punishment of God. A little more research shows us that leprosy has nothing to do with the punishment of God at all. It is not the curse of God, but it is the accumulated karma of an individual.

And now, standing before the Master, with his disciples around him, is this loathsome creature all bandaged up, disfigured, corroded, the first test of the Sermon on the Mount. It takes three verses, and this loathsome creature is no longer a leper; and then, one after another, the multitudes appeared for healing of all kinds. Unfortunately, this has been used as a prototype of the way to heal, for in there it is said, he laid his hands upon the leper.

So all over this globe we find those who lay their hands upon the victim of disease, the victim of pain, the victim of suffering. Why not? Jesus did it. Why not? Paul baptized with laying on of the hands. Deuteronomy tells us that Moses laid his hands upon Joshua. The Acts tell us that the apostles went through the land laying hands, and all manners of diverse ailments were healed. And when we try it, nothing happens.

Well, we thought it was that easy. You lay your hands on somebody, and you say, “Be thou well. Be thou clean.” But it doesn’t work. Then we start to try to dissect the meaning of laying on the hands, and we find, as usual, that we have taken a literal viewpoint; and the laying on of the hands was something completely different than the religions of the world had suspected. But in, in dissecting what really did happen, we discover principles, principles that we can utilize, principles that we can put into practice in our daily life and actually do that degree of healing, which even one who is not completely versed in the healing art can do.

Now let’s look at our leper and see just what happened that day and what can happen in every day of our lives. “Behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed. And Jesus saith unto him, See thou tell no man; but go thy way, shew thyself to the priest, and offer the gift that Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them.” There it is, three verses.

Now let’s look at it closely: “Behold, there came a leper and worshipped him.” Now, in Luke and in Mark that word, “worshipped” is amplified, and not only is he worshipping him, but it says in one place, “he kneeled down before him, beseeching;” and another, it says, “he fell on his face.” And so, we can equate worshipping, kneeling down before him, and beseeching, and falling on his face as pretty much meaning the same thing. But notice here the first requisite of healing: worshipping him.

Now, what is a leper? To a doctor, it’s one thing. But what is the leper to the Christ? We have learned through our studies that every physical image is nothing more than mental energy, world thought appearing as; and so we say here now that the leper represents world thought, the time-space-illusion of matter. Rather than the belief that God is punishing this individual, we learn spiritually that God did not create the leper or leprosy. We learn further that God did not create matter, and therefore, what have we? Punishment? Or do we have an image not created by God? We have the darkness of a mortal consciousness out-picturing itself.

And so Christ is not looking at that which is Divine, but at that which is the externalization of human thought, and man has labeled it “leprosy.” Man could have labeled it cancer. Man could have labeled it a heart attack. Whatever the label, it would have nothing to do with the creation of God which is ever perfect, and so we’re looking at that which, being imperfect, is not of the Father, therefore unreal. And what are we looking at it with if we see it? Do we see it with the divine Mind which is too pure to behold iniquity? Is there another mind than the One? And so, only darkness perceives the darkness, and Light perceives the Light. Christ sees no leper. Then how could he touch him, and why would he touch him? And that is the paradox, and also the secret of healing the leper.

Now this leper represents, then, not just this particular leper, but all world error. It is a symbol of human thought as opposed to divine Thought. So you can make any substitution, at this point, of any ailment or any problem or any evil or any error and know that, whatever it is that you are placing in place of the leper, it is made of the same non-substance which was not created by God. We’re looking at the symbol of human error.

Now you can say a leper is one who is the result of carnal thought, some deeper sense of sense perversion or carnal desire. You can use all of these labels, but the simple fact is that we’re looking at material substance which is mental energy, and the right things are in the wrong places. Mental energy cannot bring forth the divine Image, and yet right where the leper appears is the perfect spiritual Reality of Being. And this, of course, is what the Christ sees.

Now the leper worships Him, falls on his feet before Him, kneels before Him, and this is the turning from world thought, from human thought to divine Thought. This is the beginning, the prerequisite to the change of consciousness, so that if we were in the leper’s place, we, in our worshipping Him, would actually be turning to Christ within ourselves, accepting that there is such a Presence within ourselves called the Christ. Here it’s outwardly turning to Jesus Christ. But this is the recognition of the lower consciousness that there is a higher Consciousness, and unless there is that recognition, we are not worshipping, falling on our face or kneeling or turning to the higher. So, step number one is to turn to the higher away from the low. This is the opening of consciousness to the possibility of perfection.

So it is said, the leper worshipped him saying, “Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.” “If thou wilt”: Now, this is the recognition that there is a power which can remove error; and when you study it deeply, you’ll recognize it is the statement that this is the recognition of one power without opposite. This is a deep faith now, turning to that one power and saying you can make me clean. And you remember the prodigal son, the moment he returned home? Before he arrived, the father rushed out to meet him. This will be the same expression now, the turning of the lower consciousness to the higher. Recognizing one power as the only power brings the Father rushing out to greet you. So Jesus replies, and Jesus put forth his hand and touched him saying, “I will; be thou clean.” The moment you recognize the one power, it recognizes you.

Now, we have Jesus putting forth his hand and touching the leper. In that touch, we have set a chain reaction throughout the world of healings that never come off, all trying to emulate that laying on of the hands. Now, let’s see what it really means, and let’s bring it together with “ . . . love is the fulfilling of the law.” Let’s see that behind the visible, there is the Christ Jesus recognizing the Christ of the leper, and this Self-recognition brings forth divine Love.

The Oneness, the divine Love expressing is an un-separated Self, an indivisible Self, a One Self, and in this inner recognition of One, in the outer must appear a One so that the hand of One reaches to the other, and there is no longer a separation. The outer laying on of the hands is nothing more than the reflex action of the inner realization of One. And without it, of course, the laying on of the hands is futile, meaningless, nothing more than material flesh touching material flesh with no power.

But behind this laying on of the hands is divine Love, and you see here the practice of the two commandments. First, Jesus the Christ knowing Self, being Self, knowing spiritual Identity and that spiritual Identity within recognizing Itself in the leper, so that we are loving our neighbor while we are acknowledging the One spiritual Identity of both; and that One manifests as the laying on of the hands. It was ever so when Moses laid hands upon Joshua, when Paul baptized by the laying on of the hands, when the apostles went forth and healed.

There was always the recognition of the one Self in the within appearing as the One unseparated in the without. In other words, you must touch God in the Inner, and when you touch God in the Inner, the hand reaches out to touch the other individual in the outer. The inner Consciousness externalizes as the laying on of hands. There is no power in the hands. The power is in the inner realization of One.

I’ve checked off a few passages you may never have heard before, which show you how easily man has been fooled by this and has lost the healing art because of it. We’ll go to Exodus 9:3. It’s so simple you’ll wonder why we walk by it. In Exodus 9:3: “Behold, the hand of the Lord is upon thy cattle which is in the field, upon the horses.” Now, you know the hand of God isn’t reaching down and patting those cattle, but it’s the laying on of hands divinely, you see. “ . . . the hand of the Lord is upon on thy cattle . . .” And this is the same kind of laying on of hands. It’s a symbolism. The laying on of hands of the Lord upon the cattle means they’re under divine protection, and the laying on of hands by Jesus the Christ or anyone who is in the Spirit means spiritual recognition of the spiritual Identity of the individual upon whom you are laying hands.

You remember that phrase we can say: “Abba, Father”? That’s pronounced Ah-vah, but it’s spelled Abba. Again, that was to mean that we are beholding Christ in you. When you say, “Abba Father” about an individual, you are recognizing the spiritual Identity of that individual, and you are also recognizing something else, the “Abba” means God is here. You are recognizing the nearness, the closeness of God. And again, the laying on of hands is recognizing the divine Identity, the closeness of God. You’re not healing with those hands. They are expressing your inner recognition.

Now again, in Exodus 15:6: I’ll show you how easily these phrases are used. “Thy right hand, O Lord, is become glorious in power: thy right hand, O Lord, hath dashed in pieces the enemy.” You see how “hand” is used symbolically, not meaning the Lord’s hand came down to dash the enemy.

Again, in Exodus 31:18: “And he gave unto Moses, when he had made an end of communing with him upon mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of God.” Again, God didn’t take God’s finger and put them on those tablets. It was rather the mind of God through Moses expressing what was on the tablets. That means the finger of God.

Now in the Psalms, we find it, perhaps, a little more dramatic. The hundred and thirty-ninth Psalm, first starting at verse five: “Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.” When God lays God’s hand upon you, that’s the same as Christ Jesus laying his hands upon the leper, divine recognition of your Identity. “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.” And then follows, “Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.” God lays God’s hands upon the leper through Christ Jesus. Do you see that?

Finally in Isaiah 53:1: “Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?” Now then, it should be clear that hand, arm, finger, even mouth are all symbolisms. First of all, God doesn’t have a hand or a mouth or an arm. They are symbols of being touched by the Holy Spirit. And so, whenever you find that you have tried to heal by laying on the hands and it has not worked, it is because you have put your faith in the material method instead of in the divine recognition which needs no hands. Just how many healings were done in the Bible by Jesus by laying on of hands? Five at the outermost. And how in the world would you heal absently by laying on hands? How would he heal the Centurion’s son? How would he bring Lazarus out of the tomb? And did the woman rush up to him and lay her hands upon his robe?

You know there was someone in the Bible who thought he would do this laying on of hands. His name was Simon. He was a sorcerer at one time in a previous life, and Simon saw the disciples doing this; and he rushed up and he said, “Teach me how to do that.” And Peter said to him, “The laying on of the hands is not for you, Simon. You’ll first have to purify your heart.” No one has ever healed another person by laying on of hands. It is a fraud. It has some use, but not to heal. It is a normal action. When you love someone, you touch them. You can’t restrain yourself. You reach out to touch them. Jesus reached out to the daughter of Jairus when she lay in a coma. He reached out to those he loved.

And if you were to place your faith in this physical method, all would be lost. There would have been no healings whatsoever. All absent healing would be out the window. But just as God has his hand on the cattle, so does the Spirit of you have Its hand on the Spirit of every individual on this earth, no matter where they may be. When you are conscious of spiritual Identity, then you are laying hands on the world around you in your conscious Awareness of spiritual Selfhood. Now that is the meaning, then, of laying on of hands. But there’s even more, and we’ll come to it.

“Jesus put forth his hand and touched him.” And so, now we know he was recognizing spiritual Identity, not a leper, for God made no leper. He was recognizing the spiritual Selfhood that stood before him. Separated from God was this human consciousness out-picturing itself as a leper, and there was no sin there. There was no crime. There was no punishment. This was impersonal error manifest through the world mind functioning through what appeared to be a leper. There was no one to blame, to censure, or condemn. Had there been such censure, you may be sure there would not have been a pure Consciousness in Jesus to heal this man.

There was nothing but the pure acceptance that only God is present, not a leper and not even Jesus. Only God is present. And so the touching represents the recognition of the all-ness of Spirit. No words were really necessary, but Spirit says, “I wilt; be thou clean.” The recognition of the all-ness of Spirit is the healing agent. What does it heal? Nothing whatsoever. It merely reveals Itself as the only Presence, and this is called a healing.

The illusion of leprosy dissolves in the recognition of spiritual Selfhood by a pure Consciousness. Even those little atoms that God didn’t create begin to act differently, for in the touching of an individual’s spiritual Selfhood, you are rearranging the atoms of that individual. You are quickening them. You are causing them to rotate differently. You are giving them different qualities in a different direction. You are improving the material image by touching the divine Image in your Consciousness.

The leper, turning, by saying, “Thou cans’t make me clean, if thou wilt,” is answered by the Spirit which says, “I will.” Hasn’t Jesus said many times thy faith has made thee whole? What is this faith but the acceptance of the Spirit of God ever present? Now, so far, we’re merely seeing it more or less externally. We’re going to get it within ourselves shortly.

“And Jesus saith unto him,” immediately after his leprosy was cleansed, “See thou tell no man.” Immediately his leprosy was cleansed. Now if you look at Mark or Luke, one of the two, you’ll find another word put in there: “Immediately” after he had spoken, his leprosy was cleansed,” in other words, not immediately after he touched him, but immediately after Spirit spoke, because when Spirit speaks the material world melts. After the Word is spoken, after spiritual recognition, the leper is cleansed.

And now, “ . . . tell no man.” You’d think he’d say, “Go out and tell the world. Show them what has happened to you. Let them all know.” And this is for those of us who want to do just that. What was his reason? We can find many reasons in “tell no man.” We know he had said that we should not speak of the innermost, sacred secrets to those of unprepared thought.

Well, in those days, leprosy was incurable. Suppose you ran out and told somebody or told multitudes, “Look what’s happened to me. I’m cured of leprosy.” Could you tell them the method whereby you were healed? And so, you’d create all this excitement and then they’d all run to be healed, and nothing would happen because what made this leper healed was very special, something that all of us must know. He had tuned to the Christ, not to a man out there. This was an inner something.

That’s the meaning of this esoteric series of verses. He was worshipping the Christ. He had reached the place in karma where it was ready to be obliterated. When you come to Jesus with ages of karma and think that this miracle man can touch you, and it will disappear—and it won’t work—you remember later there were ten, and nine couldn’t be healed for that very reason.

And so, why create all this confusion in the city when they weren’t prepared to be healed. They hadn’t fulfilled the inner requirements. They hadn’t brought themselves to Christ. They couldn’t say, “I wilt.” They couldn’t say, “If thou wilt, thou coulds’t make me clean.” They hadn’t reached the level of Consciousness that could have faith in the invisible Self. And so you’d create a riot for no good reason, and everybody would run home disappointed and muttering under their breath, “This is a faker.” Their time would come, but they weren’t ready.

And so, “tell no man” these things that ye have seen today, but instead, go to the Priest, he said, and make the sacrifice to him “that Moses commanded.” There were many motives in that statement. Who is this priest? It’s the Priest in you. The Priest in you is the one who receives the Word of God. That’s what a Priest should be, One who receives direct Word from God. Go to the Priest within yourself, and there make the sacrifice “that Moses commanded.”

Well, you can read all about that in Leviticus. There are fifty-nine verses, and after you finish reading it, you’ll say, “What in the world does he want me to do? I can’t understand it because the priest is supposed to take the garments of the leper and do this with him. Oh, it’s just one little piece of ceremonial after another. And that’s the second meaning here: In the Old Testament, that’s how you treated the incurable disease called leprosy. And here’s Jesus, the Master, and in his time, fifteen hundred years after Moses, they’re still doing it the same way. They’re still in the law of karma. They’re still burning the garments of the leper. They’re still making all kinds of physical, material sacrifices.

Go to the priest and show him that I didn’t do a single thing in all of those fifty-nine verses of Leviticus, but you’re cured. Show him it has nothing to do with ceremonial and ritual. Show him that healing is completely different than the world suspects. Show that to the priest. And for us, he was saying the Old Testament had its place, but I am taking you from the law of karma. I am breaking the law of karma for you and taking you into the meaning of inner Grace, into the recognition that whatever God did not make can never be real and present, except in a false consciousness out-picturing itself.

There’s something that we have never quite seen before which may help you at this point. It’s more fact than fiction, if you can see it. If you look at a television image and remove the cabinet, so that it’s invisible, and then remove the screen, so that it’s invisible, and just see the figures dancing, walking, talking, they would look as if they’re just placed out in space, wouldn’t they? Now, these forms that we call our human forms are like those television images, except for one thing. We don’t have a visible cabinet or a visible screen. But if you could see the invisible cabinet, it might appear to you pretty much like a human eye enlarged, bigger than the human form. You may discover someday that you see it that way. You may see this human form in an invisible cabinet, larger than the human form, and you may think you’re actually looking at this form on television.

Now, you might compare it to your eye. There’s a transparency over the eye, and under it is a uvea, and it has a hole in it. The light goes in and out of the hole of the uvea. The transparency protects it; and that’s where the image is, and so you see an image in that eye. You call that image something out there. But you’re looking at it in your own eye, and everything you’re seeing in this world is your thought. You’re seeing your thought and calling it the forms of this world, and everyone else is doing the same. But those forms that appear there are nothing more than what this leper was, an externalized image of an invisible consciousness, and that invisible consciousness is kind of like the eye of a human form.

Take an eye bigger than your form, and you’ll see that this image is in that eye; and that invisible larger eye is looking out at an image in itself, and that image is its own manufacture. Your consciousness, like an invisible eye, is making a visible form; and that visible form has no knowledge that it is within this invisible consciousness. So everywhere you look, that’s what you’re looking at.

You’re looking at invisible consciousness putting forth visible form, and these forms are the images that we all see and accept. Some of them are good, and some are bad; and all of their variations have nothing to do with God’s creation, for behind this image of form, this body image, is the invisible consciousness that puts it forth. And that consciousness has nothing to do with God. That is our human sense of consciousness, and behind that is the world or cosmic consciousness pouring its imitation into your consciousness, coming through as the image that you show forth.

All of these are denial of the perfect Self that you are in the divine Image, which is totally invisible to the naked senses. So the five-sense image, the form, may show a defect, but where is the defect? In the consciousness that externalizes as that image. And because that consciousness is a captive audience to the world consciousness, it has no personal error. It’s not at fault for anything it does. It’s a captive, a prisoner in a tomb. To come out of the tomb, to come out of the prison, was part of the meaning of touching the leper. As he touched the leper, he was saying, “This image is the tomb. Rise from the tomb of form.”

Do you think Jesus could change that leper if that were Divine? In that touch, Jesus repudiated completely every religion on the face of the earth, every prayer that has ever been uttered, every drug that has ever been manufactured, every medical device that has ever been invented to improve a human form. He was saying, “This form that I am touching can be changed because it is not God’s creation.”

So you’re going to find as you sit back and look at spiritual living and religious living that there’s a vast gap between the two. You see, in religious living we’re identified as mortal beings, of the flesh, and we try to improve the flesh. We prayed even while we were withering away. In spiritual living you do not identify as mortal being of the flesh. You put on the garment of immortality. You accept yourself to be the essence of God. So religious living and spiritual living are completely different. You’re no longer praying to improve. You’re accepting the perfection of the Essence of God where you stand as your Being. Spiritual living is a repudiation of religious living, just as touching the leper was a repudiation of the validity or reality of every mortal error and every mortal condition.

He could touch that which he was demonstrating was not of God and, therefore, in reality there was no touching of the leper at all. This is how it appears to human eyes. There was only Love expressing, Truth revealing Itself, and all of the material forms that appeared in this act are part of the human illusion. The invisible Self, being the only Presence, there was no leper to touch and no person to touch it. But that is what we see.

Now as we climb in consciousness, we take this whole incident and we now convert it into practical use for ourselves. We can look at it two ways. There was a man named Jesus healing a leper; or all of this took place within the Consciousness of the individual so that the leper is the false consciousness, and Jesus visible, represents the inner true Consciousness. And this is the true Consciousness dissolving the false, bringing forth that which is called the healing.

For ourselves, it would go this way. If you were trying to heal someone else, you would have to see, number one, there’s no leper, there’s no material you, there’s no material condition. That’s your three way impersonalization right here. There can be no leper because God created none. There can be no material condition called leprosy, and there can be no material you. That puts you into the pure or virgin Consciousness; and this is the removal of dualism, of two minds, of two wills, of two levels of thought. All that remains is now to rest in the knowledge that One is here, One, one Self, one pure, perfect divine Being, only One; and in that resting in the One, you find the inner peace which releases the illusion of the error.

Now, if you were to heal yourself, it would be somewhat similar. You simply wouldn’t have to impersonalize yourself twice. You would know there is no human condition. There is no human. There is no physical self. There is only divine Essence, divine Being; and therefore, there can be no condition in divine Being, no separate will. And the will of the Father being perfection, all that is present is perfection, in spite of the appearance. You’re almost, you might say, laying hands upon yourself through inner recognition.

Now, all of this is still a procedure, and it must go beyond procedure. But let’s dwell on the procedure a moment. We are accepting the primary method of reaching what may be called the end of discord or the appearance of perfection with the knowledge that only Spirit is here. You cannot heal a flea without that knowledge. Only Spirit is here, and therefore, the victim isn’t here and the healer isn’t here. Only Spirit is here, and you must dwell with that quite a while until it means something to you. I don’t mean just a minute or two during your work, I mean day in and day out until this is a normal knowledge to you. Only Spirit is here.

Certainly the leper was healed instantaneously, but think of the years of dedication to the Truth that Jesus had to put in before that instantaneous healing could occur. And so, we’re not just going to pronounce the words. If you’re not living in the knowledge that only Spirit is here, all of your saying so won’t mean anything. So this is what you’re doing within yourself. You’re developing the Consciousness that only Spirit is here. Then it won’t make any difference if it’s an earthquake or an avalanche or a leper. Only Spirit is here. And you may have to do that a hundred or two times before you can quiet this mind which insists: but there’s a problem out here, too.

If only Spirit is here, there’s not a problem out here, too. There’s an appearance which is denying that only Spirit is here. And try as you will, your mind will go out to that problem. You’ll find it hard to cast it off. Practice and practice and practice. And still if it’s a dear one, oh how you’ll rush out to help because maybe only Spirit is here, but this dear one is sick or dying, and you’ve got to do something, you think—until one day only Spirit is here is your undivided Consciousness. It must come to that place where who “convinceth me of sin?” Is something that is meaningful to you when whatever error is presented, you recognize it instantly as a denial of the all-ness of perfect Spirit. You will have none of it. You will stand firm. Only Spirit is here.

I am looking at an image projected by a false state of Consciousness. Only Spirit is here. You’ll find a peace, and until that peace comes, until something inside says, “That’s right.” Until something inside you confirms your belief, you don’t break the barrier of karma. You don’t break the continuity of world mind. It goes right on independent of all your affirmations. But when something in you says, “That’s right. That’s right,” something quickens. Something gives you that awareness that only Spirit is here. Now you can call that the click, if you want to, or the inner turning or the quickening or whatever you wish to give it as a name. You will come into the assurance at that moment that you have touched the Father. You have touched the Father within; and now the Father within will show you the Truth of His all Presence where you are and where your dear one is.

We have all searched for labels and formulas. If we could only find a simple way to remember this. Well, no matter what I tell you, no matter what you read, no matter what anyone tells you, it must ultimately come to you in your own special way. It must feel right for you. Your shoe won’t fit another foot the way it fits you. For instance, we’ve all used the words omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience; and yet to most of us it’s really a mouthful without any real meaning, without teeth in it. And then, of course, the world uses the word “God” or “Light” or “Spirit.” Still, no power.

Somewhere, something falls into the right groove for you and says it all. I’ll tell you what fell into the groove for me, and it may be valuable to you. “God” somehow leaves something missing, even though you say, “God is all,” even though you say, “God is the only power.” You can’t figure it out, but something seems to be missing. Perhaps it’s the experience behind those words that’s missing, and then you try to say, “There’s no ‘me’ here. There’s only God here.” And yet again, it just doesn’t quite add up to that perfect inner peace. We use the word “infinite” or “infinity,” and even though we seem on the threshold of something, always there seems to be that little something that just doesn’t fall into place.

Now here’s what falls into place, and it may be your place, it may not be; but take these words, “Infinite Force.” The Spirit is Infinite, yes, and the Spirit is Power, yes, and, therefore, Infinite Power or Infinite Force. And see that what you’re really looking for when you look for God is Infinite Force. That’s what you’re looking for. You see, that’s what Jesus revealed is present everywhere, Infinite Force. Not just the name, “God” or the word “God,” but the Infinite Force of God is all around you Being Itself. There’s no place where the Infinite Force of God is not.

Whither can I flee from your Infinite Force? But we, in our mortal sense are separated from that Infinite Force because we have not come into the realization that that Infinite Force is our name. That Infinite Force is You, and as long as there is a mortal being where you are, you are not realizing that the Infinite Force is You; and so you are told, “Awake thou that sleepest.” “Choose ye this day.” Are you the Infinite Force or are you the mortal creature? Are you God or mammon? Are you Christ or creature?”

And when this infinite Force becomes real to you, when you can in a sense feel it and know it, be sure of it, you will be willing to let go of this body image, this personality, this human self, this mythical mortal. And you will say, “But the Infinite Force, being all, it is I. The I Am that I am is the infinite Force right here, right now; and whatever denies it is a lie.” The I Am that you are there is the Infinite Force because that’s all there is, and right where the leper stands is the invisible but Infinite Force being Itself. Infinite Force is the living God, but better still this Infinite Force that is You contains every quality of God right where It is, right where You are. And so You’re never looking for health anymore. You’re never looking for supply. You’re never looking for anything because the Infinite Force is all things.

The moment you have accepted your Self to be the Infinite Force, You have accepted your Identity, and then I don’t have to look for health. The Infinite Force that I am is health. It has ever been present, invisible, right where the leper appeared. The Infinite Force that I am is Truth. Why defend against a lie? The Infinite Force that I am is Beauty, Harmony, Truth. All that God is, is the Infinite Force where I am.

Now your healing takes another turn. Is the leper there or the Infinite Force? The Infinite Force, because only God can be present, but the Infinite Force where the leper is and the Infinite Force where I am are One and the same. Only the Infinite Force is present, and if you are present, too, you are creating a second life, a second person, a second substance, a second will, a second something where only One is; and that second something has got to be separated from the One. Crucifixion is the acceptance that I am the Infinite Force and nothing else.

All that the Father hath is the Infinite Force that I am, and therefore, where You appear the Infinite Force that I am must be functioning perfectly now. Whoever walks this earth is invisibly that Infinite Force. The moment you’ve touched it in your Self, you’ve touched it in the Universe. You can never be separated because it is One Infinite Force, and it is the Power all around us every minute. Jesus was the living embodiment of that Power, recognizing it everywhere; and it is that Power recognized, that Power which someone else reaches out to You for, even though they know it not. And all you’re doing is recognizing that Power as present where they are. It is their natural true Being as the Spirit of God. Then you have a healing Consciousness.

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