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The symbolism of the ship being on the shore instantly, of course, is that when you have the Christ realization, that’s the end of all inner turbulence. However, this does appear in the outer. This isn’t allegory. This is the visible expression of infinite Consciousness through the Christ Mind, appearing visibly as event. Now the very next day, he’s disappeared again. It doesn’t say that he had a ship or anything. He… Read More

Good afternoon. Before I forget it today, before you leave, pick up your gift copy of Mystical I at the desk here. We have an interesting subject today. Although it’s about a man walking on water, it has a great deal of meaning to us, now that we have come to the place of Identity where we are ready to stand on Identity looking out at the world, regardless of what it… Read More

Let’s look at some of the statements of Jesus from the standpoint of correct identification. Jesus, of course, represents to us an individual who has accepted Divine Life, and therefore is Christ-ed and becomes the Christ, having died to a personal sense of self, having died to a sense of a personal form, so that a Christ-ed Self no longer can be crucified. It isn’t in a physical form. It cannot be… Read More

Today’s chapter in Contemplative Life is “The Dice of God Are Loaded” meaning that the perfect creation is ever going to be a perfect creation and that, regardless of what we do, whether we stumble or not, Identity will never change; Life will never die. Now, in spite of the fact that God is all and God is perfect, in spite of the fact that we are all in an agreement that… Read More

Suppose you imagine that you are tuned in to a cosmic mind and that you are sort of a television set, and now it broadcasts to you, broadcasts to someone else, and everyone tuned into it receives the same information. If it were a radio or TV transmitter and you tuned into it, you would have an image on your screen; and any other individual would have another image, so that there… Read More

In the “Contemplative Meditation” chapter six of Contemplative Life, we have a statement that is very important to all of us. It usually doesn’t come out just this way except when there’s a meditation; and in this particular meditation, not having any restrictions—the Father speaking within—this is what the Father within said through Joel: “God is really my Identity.” And as you read this, “God is really my Identity,” you’re reading about… Read More

I think we ought to go over this once lightly in the Scripture itself and look at the important spiritual points as they come up. This is 1 Samuel chapter 17. “Now the Philistines gathered together their armies to battle, . . . and there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span.” And as we read… Read More

The story today is the fifth chapter of The Contemplative Life and whatever it brings out in us, and I think next week we’ll go right ahead into the sixth chapter of Contemplative Life. I’m really anxious to get through it so we can move into Joel’s next book, The Mystical I, all prepared for it. When we have finished this book, we will have what may be called the foundation of… Read More

There is an important sequence here. We find Jesus stepping out of the Jordan, baptized by a man, suffering it to be so now, then the dove, the baptism of the Spirit. We know now that the descent of the Ghost signaled that the human sense of body had completely been overcome. Now there stood a man who was no longer a man of earth. In his Consciousness there existed only the… Read More

Good afternoon, everybody. We’re striving, now, in this work for something slightly different than a knowledge of Truth. Everything we’re doing now is geared to the experience of the presence of God, which is the source of all Truth that we can ever know. Now, if you have been slow in your progress, if you find that you’re still in a state of worry at times or fear or bad health, if… Read More