LIVING IN THE FOURTH DIMENSION Your identity already walks on water 20b – herb fitch

The symbolism of the ship being on the shore instantly, of course, is that when you have the Christ realization, that’s the end of all inner turbulence. However, this does appear in the outer. This isn’t allegory. This is the visible expression of infinite Consciousness through the Christ Mind, appearing visibly as event. Now the very next day, he’s disappeared again. It doesn’t say that he had a ship or anything. He just isn’t there. The disciples have gone in their ship, but Jesus didn’t go with them, and he isn’t there either.

When they finally catch up with him on the other side, there’s no explanation. We must presume that he returned as he came; and now he chastises them for following him just to receive more loaves and fishes. And he tells us to labor not for the meat that perisheth. He’s giving us the clue to what he just did. Labor not for material things. That’s the meat that perisheth.

Now, I find it easier to accept the non-reality of matter when I combine the spiritual teaching that there is no matter with the scientific explanation of what matter is. Then it seems to reinforce, and they agree. We know that matter is mental, and that this mentality is not the Mind of God, but the cosmic, and we know that all matter consists of cosmic thought; and therefore, these are images in mind, and that’s the only place where they exist, and that’s the only place where they have power.

But when we insert the idea that these images in mind are atoms, then we have a clearer cut picture of why they seem to have power, because now you take that which is called the visible sea: How do you see it except through your visible eyes? And so, the visible sea and the visible eyes, both being atoms, when you see something turbulent, you’re seeing the reaction of the atoms of your eyes in their reaction to the atoms of the water. It’s atom to atom which causes the appearance of disturbance.

Every problem that you see is the activity of that which is the problem or the cause and your reaction to it, through your eyes, to that physical thing which is causing the problem. But because matter is atoms, the atoms of the thing and the atoms of your eyes are in a reaction, and the atoms of your eyes are as much in the cosmic mind as the atoms of the thing. And so, the atoms of your eyes are cosmic thought. The atoms of the thing are cosmic thought, and it’s all a self-contained lie. All of our world, from the atomic standpoint, is the reaction of the atoms of your physical self to the atoms of the world around you, and that creates the appearance of your world.

And so we have a cosmic radioactivity, and this is probably a scientific explanation of the word “mist” in Genesis. The mist that covers this earth is cosmic radioactivity, and it doesn’t bother us normally to live in radioactivity because that’s all we are. We are radioactive atoms, and the things we see are radioactive atoms; and the difference in the vibration of one against the other makes all of the things we call time and space, and motion and shape, and size and texture and density. Everything is the relationship of one set of atoms to another set. In every object that you call tin, wood, or gold is nothing more than the relation of its atoms to your atoms, your sense atoms.

Remove the atom and there’s nothing there, and the Christ Consciousness does just that. It removes the belief in the atom, and there’s nothing there. The material world is gone, because all it consists of is atoms responding to atoms. It’s a sort of relative radioactivity, cosmic relativity. But God made nothing to decay, to degenerate, to die. Spirit is Itself, and Spirit is One continuous Substance. The atoms are not only separated from each other, but separated within themselves. They’re mostly empty space.

In other words, we have electrical energy, and our reaction to electrical energy creates the appearance called matter. And when we overcome the belief in this invisible electrical energy, which appears visibly as matter, we discover that neither the matter is there,—which is our concept—nor the electrical energy is there either. It, too, is a concept of the cosmic mind; and the entire foundation of the world is that mist or thought, invisibly an atom which is empty space, nothing but a cosmic mental image, and the multiplicity of these nothings and their reaction within each other creates our radioactive universe.

When something gets out of whack, then, we really start to worry about real problems in radioactivity. Otherwise normal radioactivity passes for this world; and the myth of it, the veil of it was pierced when the Master said, “My kingdom is not of this world.” Well, they didn’t want to learn anything about atoms. They didn’t want to learn anything about the myth of matter or mortality. They wanted more bread, and so they followed him, and he said, “No, you didn’t want to learn anything. You just want more bread. That’s not my function. My function is to reveal the Kingdom of Truth, of Heaven on earth, of Reality, of the one continuous Substance in perfect law, ever maintaining Its own perfection as the only existence here.”

The conflict between the atoms of your vision, the atoms of your hearing, the atoms of your sense organs, and the atoms around you becomes an inner conflict that becomes an outer conflict; and every conflict in our outer world is a result of with this inner conflict. And we are not made of atoms. We are not cosmic thought. That’s the appearance world of us. That’s the form world of us. That’s the material appearance of us, but it isn’t our Self.

And until you step out of the concept of the world, which is that we are made of atoms, until you consciously step out of the scientific belief that this is an atomic universe, you are standing in the midst of cosmic radioactivity, and it is moving you. It takes you from birth through death, and then it brings you back again and repeats the process. It moves you through land and space and air in a false identity, in an up and down, good and evil world, which is not the invisible present Kingdom of perfection.

And only in your Identity, as you stand and face the invisible atomic world, knowing it to be a nothingness, a very clever counterfeit of your Reality and the Reality of the Kingdom, only then are you aware of the hypnosis, and that awareness of the hypnosis breaks the hypnosis. Then you’re not trying to get more loaves and fishes. You don’t follow the man for the loaves and fishes. You follow the indwelling Spirit, which is the cause and Source of all; and It is not under the law of radioactivity, of atomic relativity, of material forms, of material laws of gravity, of storm, of flood, of fire.

All this is exposed as the veil of atomic illusion by that I which can never leave us; and that I, appearing as Jesus Christ, is revealing its power in a preview of your Consciousness, which must be your Consciousness at the moment that all of the material universe is dissolved. There will be such a moment. In a dissolution of the material universe, where you will be standing in the midst of a turbulent sea, there will be gnashing of teeth, there will be frantic effort, there will be material effort with material powers to overcome apparent material powers.

And in the midst of that, we shall stand upon the still water of Identity without oars, without physical effort, without material belief in the knowledge that God is not in the atom, God is not in the windstorm, God is not in the flood, God is not in the fire. God is in no material thing, and yet only God is present, and that is my Being, and It is the invisible Being where all of the frantic effort of the world is taking place. This is a preview of the end of the world and the Consciousness that will stand in the midst of it.

That is why he couldn’t permit them to settle for just another repeat of the miracle. He was building the Consciousness of Christ on earth, the Consciousness of the invisible, perfect Universe; and these were but signs that such an invisible Universe could be brought forth in the midst of turbulence, when no human hand could do it. And instead of recognizing that he was revealing what is ever-present, they said, “You’re doing wonderful miracles,” and he kept saying, “No, no. no. I’m not doing miracles. I’m showing you Reality is here for anyone who can accept it.”

Seek ye not those things that perish. The material world and its possessions perish. Know who You are. Extend your knowledge of who You are to your Neighbor. Hold that Identity as the infinite Reality of all that is, and you are sowing to that which does not perish. You are in that non-conflict, which is the acceptance of the One; and though the world won’t see it, this externalizes in spiritual manifestation as your Being walking on the water. It experiences Itself as Oneness within and Oneness without, so that form and water are One, One harmonious activity, the same way you will walk in the sky as One harmonious activity, the same way you will walk under the ocean in One harmonious activity. It will be an interactive Consciousness expressing without obstruction. The dominion is in Identity.

Never do we try for the external event. That’s what perishes. We don’t go out on the water to walk on physical water. We don’t go out to improve or correct or heal. We walk on the inner surface of the water, in the invisible Spirit, in Identity accepted with no opposite, so that in your Consciousness, you are in the Kingdom of perfection now, regardless of what you see. Your Kingdom is perfection, infinite. Your attention is turned away from the five-sense world to the invisible Kingdom of perfection.

You’re laboring for that which does not perish; and therefore you are in Oneness with It, and that Oneness with It is the power, because now there’s no division within; and therefore, when you are seen visibly walking on the water without, there’s no division there. Yes, only One was able to show that: no division within, no separation within, always One, invisible, perfect Self everywhere. And so it’s really the same miracle repeated all over, whether it’s loaves and fishes or walking on the water or healing the cripple: One, invisible, perfect Self made visible through that knowledge.

There are four elements: water, earth, air, and fire. There used to be a belief that we have four bodies, one for each element. We have a body of water, and that symbolized the emotional state, the body of emotions. Always water symbolized the earthly body, and then the earth symbolized the physical body. There was the body of emotions, the body of physicality; and the air symbolized the body of mentality, and finally, the fire symbolized the body of Spirit.

So, you had these four bodies, and your center of focus would come from one to the other, and it would all be spasmodic. You wouldn’t linger in one, and some would overlap, and so you’d find that you were through your water body living in the element of water, through your physical body living in the element of earth, through your air body living in the element of mind, and through your spiritual body living in the element of spirit or fire, and you would be moving from each body. Each body could only interpret its world. Each one was limited to its own world.

And then two were unified in Genesis, so that the water and the earth were unified as the lower firmament, and the air and the fire unified as the upper firmament; and then it became water and fire, water standing for water and earth, and fire for air and fire. And so always, we had two births, the birth in the water, which meant through those two bodies, and then in the fire, which meant the air and the spirit. And so often you read in the Bible about the fire on the water: “There shall be no more sea. There shall be fire on the water.”

And because two births were necessary, there had to be two baptisms. That was the reason for them, the baptism first in the water, and then through the dove’s spirit, which was the birth through fire. And we should be past the point now of the first birth, coming out of it into the birth of the fire, where we are self-sustaining spiritual Entity and where all of the so-called four bodies are One, where you overcome the limitations of having a body which only knows the world of water, another which only knows the world of earth, another which knows the world of air, and one which knows the world of fire.

The integration into One appears as the man walking on the water. It is the symbol of the new age in which all separation within is resolved into the Oneness of Spirit. Everything is absorbed into the One, and that One is the spiritual reborn Christ Self in which all else is gone. Nothing else remains, and that is how the dominion comes over land, sea, and air. The fourth, the Spirit, the fire, takes dominion over the other three, and we’re in the upper firmament, the Living Waters.

Now, toward the end of this eighth chapter, I think it’s the eighth or the sixth of John, we find that he reveals what he has been doing. He’s been showing them where the fields are white for harvest. Right here, where you had seen no food, there was food all the time. Right here, where you had seen a turbulent sea, there was calm and peace. What had externalized was the human conflict. The conflict within each man’s mind externalizes as the outer conflict, sometimes on a limited, human, personal scale, sometimes on a complete community scale. But right there, the fields are white to harvest. The Kingdom was present.

Always where you are, regardless of what you’re experiencing, the fields are white to harvest. The Kingdom is right where you are in your Identity as Spirit. And he says it another way over here. I shouldn’t try to do this without having a note on it. When he says to them My Kingdom is not from hence, he is telling us that his Kingdom is present and that his Kingdom is spiritual Identity. Now, this is the place where everybody left him, except his disciples, because they just couldn’t swallow the idea that there’s only a spiritual Universe; and if they hadn’t left him, we might not be sitting here today. But they left him, and then the church formed and left him. It has not accepted a spiritual Universe. The church is part of those who said, “It’s too hard a teaching for us, too.”

And that’s why today we have veterans returning, wondering whatever they accomplished when they went out to shoot or be shot. They were going through the futility of living for the meat that perisheth. If they won, they’d gain nothing, and if they lost, they’d gain nothing, but you don’t have to go to war to discover that by winning you gain nothing. Living mortally is the same. What do you gain, living as flesh and blood, if the flesh profiteth nothing?

All you gain is a sort of a temporary parole in which you can persuade yourself that you’re doing good things for people, that you’re serving, that you’re living a normal, sensible life; and you’re playing right into the world mind, which one day puts us all on that sea, because we were fooled into laboring for that which is not forever. And we did it because we identified as a person and identified the world around us as made of people. We identified matter; and we read books in science that told us about electrons and protons, and we said, “Isn’t it marvelous that they’re getting inside the atom?”

And here before it all happened, Spirit proved to us that there’s no inside to get into. There’s no atom. Anything that perishes, anything that changes, anything that deteriorates, anything that decays and degenerates, anything that can exhibit any form of imperfection exists only as the reaction of one group of atoms to another, having no relationship to Reality. It is not of our Kingdom.

Now, if tomorrow were that moment when all matter dissolves, it would be very important today to be in the Consciousness of Truth. And because this is the kind of Consciousness you don’t build in a day, we are given sufficient time to establish it, sufficient information to make us contemplative beholders of this massive hypnosis called matter, to take the hard teaching, and not to say, “I understand it,” not to say, “I agree,” but to consciously pierce the veil every day until your agreement deepens into that conviction which says, “I have the key to the non-reality of matter, and I can prove it at will. I can step out of material belief and watch harmony take place before my eyes. I can step out of material belief and watch invisible harmony, from far off, move into the visible area with the speed of light.”

But I am not standing in two places. I’m not saying I believe it, but I’m waiting to find out if it’s really true, because that mind that’s waiting to find out if it’s really true is not living in the spiritual Universe. It is the barrier. It’s still living on the other side of the fence in the veil, and it is standing between the very activity of Spirit that we wish to behold, and therefore, must be eliminated. We must catch the mind in all of its little traps.

Every remnant of anxiety, concern, worry, doubt, fear is the trap. Every moment of unbelief is a trap; and every time you’re caught in this world of reaching out to protect physical things, without recognizing first the spiritual nature of all that is around you in this Universe, you will find you’re struggling on the sea with an oar, and the wind is really blowing, when the easy way, the only way is Grace manifest through the Consciousness, which is not a material you, not a material brain, not a material body, not a material, mortal person going about your daily life, but that invisible, living Spirit.

Now, if some of you have brought in your little charts or notes on Identity, I figure you can put your name on them and put them up here and let me look at them and return them to you next week. That’ll be wonderful, if you’d care to do that. I’ll put some comments on them. And what we’re going to do, you see, is take all of these and sort of make a collage of them and come up with the best ones; and you’ll find that you’ll end up with not one little formula called Identity that way, but you’ll have one to overcome one barrier, and you’ll have another one to overcome another barrier. You’ll find, at various levels and various barriers, a certain one about Identity will do better than another one; and you’ll find that Identity, being infinite, there are many, many wonderful things you must know about it.

“I can never leave you.” Divinity is your Substance. Every moment I am with You. Never, never are we separated. Time cannot separate us. Invisibly, I accompany you wherever you are. This day I am with You. You are my Son.” Now, that’s just one. Just think of the millions that are possible, and as you keep working with this, you’ll find you have a complete Bible. Identity is your Bible. Identity is every textbook that will ever be written, and Identity is the key that turns the lock and lets out the illusion of matter and lets the Truth seep into consciousness.

Every moment you spend working with that Identity, either in the manner I suggested or in any manner you deem suitable, you will find it sticks. It sticks, and there will be a time where you won’t be saying, “Well matter isn’t there.” Identity within you will proclaim it. Identity within you will go before you. Identity will prevent material disturbances from entering your household. You’ll discover the magic of it as it becomes living Consciousness. It has never seen a storm at sea. The Identity, called Jesus Christ, saw no storm at sea. “It is I. Be not afraid.” There was no storm to remove, you see. There was only false identity, and out of false identity can only come a false appearance, but true Identity re-establishes the Reality of harmony.

I’d like to keep those for a week, if I may, whatever you put up here; and then I’d like you all to accept this book as a token of our appreciation to you. Everyone who’s here has a book here, and thanks very much.

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