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We find that when Jesus had appeared on the desert to feed the multitude, he was acclaimed far and wide, but a strange thing happened. When the Pharisees came to him, and looking at the man who had overcome the law of lack, overcome the law of material insufficiency, the man who had in some way brought abundance out of nothing, instead of saying to him, “Apparently you have access to some… Read More

This is the last class of The Contemplative Life. But actually, it’s nothing more than a continuation into The Mystical I. Usually we do Christmas at Christmas time, and we mentioned how every day is Christmas. This time we’re doing June, Christmas in June. And one of the nice things about Christmas in June is that it reminds us that unless the Christ peace is upon us, the complete New Testament is… Read More

“The life is more than meat, [and] the body [is] more than raiment.” Well alright, the Life is God, and the Body is God; and it won’t matter how long you study, how many years, there will come a time when this will be accepted, and then Truth will activate itself where you are. Let’s accept it for the moment. My Body and My Life must be of the Substance of God,… Read More

We’re in the eleventh chapter of Contemplative Life, and although the subject is supply, it would be like discussing one little finger on your hand to leave it at that level. We have to see the All-ness of Being in order to realize the nature of supply, and so we’ll be reaching out to other elements of this work. Next week we will complete this book, even though it’s a chapter about… Read More

Today we’re more concerned with the mysticism of this message than the metaphysical side, and I believe this will be the way we will have to go in order to attain a Consciousness of Truth, which is not a mental consciousness. As long as you have the capacity to sit back and think about whether it’s this way or that way, we’re not in Christ, for in Christ, there are no thinking… Read More

We’ll take a look at Burroughs’ poem in this chapter. “Serene I fold my hands and wait, Nor care for wind, nor tide, nor sea; I rave no more ‘gainst time or fate, For lo! my own shall come to me.” Now those are very reassuring and comforting words to hear, and many have heard them. They put us in a momentary sense of peace until the little mind begins to say,… Read More

We’re told in this ninth chapter that we are to do certain things every day. He calls it a daily habit, and the first was to become consciously aware of the presence of God. Now without the presence of God, we have nothing, except our human selves. With the presence of God, we are prepared to open ourselves to Divine infinite Law; and to become conscious of the presence of God means… Read More

We know that when Jesus walked on the water, a phenomenon occurred in this world that is not understood; and last week together, we saw that this unusual experience was a preview of an experience that all of us are inevitably going to discover for ourselves. We found that there was an event on the sea, and although not present there at that time, being somewhere else, that which was called Jesus… Read More