Up Next

 I am feeling pretty strongly that we are going to have
 an in depth 26 week intense study of the classes from
 the Consciousness Transformed which Joel stated needed
 to be studied.
 This is for serious students only and will be by invitation
 not for the general public. So it may be a closed class.
 There is no charge for these classes. The only requirement
 is that you write an email to me and express your interest.
 I am looking into making them with the Zoom application
 and the audios will be free on my website mysticalprinciples.com

 I am taking a respite this week and hopefully will get
 started next Sunday, so let me know soon if you want to be included.
 Lots of things to contemplate moving forward.
 Thank you for your interest this past year and going
 all the way back to 2007. You make it worth the effort.
 Bill (Iamwithin@gmail.com)

4 Comments on “Up Next

  1. Great Bill; you would not say “feeling strongly” unless there is an “inner click, presence..release” that made you say this. Just want to say love your posts … and thank you for all your past contributions…love & blessings

  2. Dear Bill, I’ve been studying and practicing the Infinite Way for a few years and am feeling the impulse to connect with others in the Infinite Way.
    Is there a group or some interactive program you could recommend? Please email or call: 720-890-7208 Thanks for your time. Joe Diamo

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