Suppose you imagine that you are tuned in to a cosmic mind and that you are sort of a television set, and now it broadcasts to you, broadcasts to someone else, and everyone tuned into it receives the same information. If it were a radio or TV transmitter and you tuned into it, you would have an image on your screen; and any other individual would have another image, so that there might be fifty, sixty, seventy million images on screens, but all about one program. All the images would be pretty much the same, but all about the same one.

Now, as the cosmic mind broadcasts, using your mind as its TV set, the thing that it broadcasts is you. You become the image of the cosmic mind. We know it isn’t a Divine Image. Now we walk around in this cosmic mind image, each of us tuned to it, supported by it, fed by it, sustained by it, each assuming this personal sense of me. This image, not realizing that it has merely been televised to us by the cosmic mind, and then it continues that program. While each of us is tuned to it, because we know no other way, it now televises a flood; and all those in a certain area, looking at the same cosmic mind, experience the flood. In another area it televises a hurricane, and all those in that area tuned to the cosmic mind, they experienced the hurricane. Always, to them, it seems external to themselves, and they seem external to each other, but they are all images in the one cosmic mind.

You will discover that when you look at another individual, you’re looking at a cosmic mind image. When they look at you, they are looking at a cosmic mind image. But then something even stranger takes place. The image that you are is the cosmic mind image passing through your consciousness, changed by your consciousness to the level of your receptivity; and so your consciousness of the cosmic mind brings forth an image called you. And so when I look at you, I am looking at your consciousness of the cosmic mind made visible as your image. And then I do a strange thing, I make another image about your image in my mind. And so I see my mental concept of your image; and someone else comes and looks at you, and they look at the same image that I looked at, and they make a mental image about you.

I think I’m looking at you, and they think they’re looking at you, but neither of us are. We are both looking at our own mental images about you. In my mind is an image about you, and that’s all I can see of you; and whoever looks at you can see nothing more than the mental image that they make of you. And if fifty million people look at you, they are seeing fifty million different mental images about you, and it’s important to know this for several reasons. You may think you’re sick, and fifty million people looking at you will say, “She’s sick.” or “He’s sick.” But one of those fifty million might be Jesus Christ, and he would not look at his mental image of you, as the rest would.

He would look through your mental image of your self, instead of accepting it and making a mental image of it him Self, and he would see through the cosmic mind image, which you are showing forth, to the Divine. And because he would see the Divine, because the I of him had been lifted up to see the Divine, he would change the image of you in him Self, and that image of You in him Self, which was changed, would be the I of him lifting you up. And that being the higher Consciousness, it would change your image. And then everyone looking at you would see another image, and then they would make a mental image of that image because if Ibe lifted up, I will lift all men unto Me.

And the way it is done is that the image which each of us sees another in is always the same until there is one who sees from a spiritual point of view, and then sees not the cripple, but the perfect whole Being and makes an image of that which is not a cripple. And that Being the higher Image, the higher Consciousness, the I lifted up, It transforms the image of the cripple within Itself, lifting up the image of the cripple to Its own wholeness.

Now everywhere you are looking, no matter whom you are looking at, that individual you’re seeing is your own mental image, not theirs. They are not external to you at all. They appear to be because we’re all tuned to the one cosmic mind. We’re all watching the same TV program and all receiving the same program from it; and seeing it on the cosmic mind, we all think we’re seeing it outside of ourselves. Now these mental images that we have in ourselves about other people never get outside of our own minds.

I have never seen you. I have only seen my mental image about you. But the Christ mind does not accept that mental image about you, but knows you as you are; and that is what is meant by the transformation. And that is why we are told to die to self. We’re not dying to Self at all. We’re dying to the cosmic mind image we have accepted as self, which is not Self.

The cosmic mind image is the one that grows, that changes, that becomes sick and well, stout and thin, young and then old. That cosmic mind image is not the Divine Image of us. It is not our Being. God is My Being. And you see, when you’re not practicing the One Self, You are tuned to the cosmic mind, which broadcasts individual images to each of us, which we all form concepts about and make visible as ourselves; and then we walk around as image seeing image that isn’t there, except in mind. And before you know it, we have that world which is not our Father’s Kingdom, in which the Law is not the Law of God, but is the law of the cosmic mind or the carnal mind and is karmic law.

Now that is the way one billion God worshipping Christians are living today, and that is the way the world is living today, regardless of the religion in which they are exposing themselves. All are tuned to the one world mind. It is broadcasting, and this world that you see is nothing more than that cosmic television program, made visible through the images that we entertain about it. All of it is one illusion, not many, many within the one; and we are breaking out of it by standing still, learning that when I see an external someone, I’m seeing a lie, because the only One there is My One Being.

When I see an external condition, I’m seeing a lie; I’m looking at a television program, and if the weather changes that is just a change in programs. No matter what happens in the outer, it is not happening in the outer. It is only seemingly happening outer. It is happening in the cosmic mind and nowhere else, and the cosmic mind is broadcasting it through images who call themselves people, but behind those images, I am.

Behind the cosmic mind, I am. Where the cosmic mind and its images appear God Is, and God is My Identity. And therefore, we learn that everything we’re seeing is a picture put forth by a mind which is not the mind of God, but which is there for a purpose, that purpose being to make us make the choice between God Being or human being, to make us reach inside and accept on faith the invisible activity of God, to enable us to walk through the cosmic mind pictures—free of them—and thus develop the Christ Consciousness by this process.

As a child would depend on the parent, we learn to depend upon the Invisible, even in spite of the tidal wave and the hurricane, in spite of the pestilence and the flood, in spite of every image that comes at us, we learn to depend on the invisible Self of Being; and this is how you develop the faculty of the fourth dimension. All of this is necessary that I may be lifted up in you, so that after a while you become aware of the trials and tribulations in the outer are merely those which are pressing us forward to the test of I in the midst of me. Until that moment when I can release myself to I and know that I in the midst of me is greater than every condition in the cosmic world of television, and then to stand in the midst of the images of the world, defenseless, knowing the nothingness of all world images, the non-Reality, the non-Power, the non-Substance. This is how you find your Self.

Now we have two passages that stress it from two different directions. In “I am the vine . . .” in John, we see it from the standpoint of how it must be for us to stand still. Let’s look at that first. “Abide in me,”—And this is a stress in John, the abiding.—“and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.” Now this abiding in Me, then, is abiding in One Being, in a knowledge of One infinite Self. There is no other way to stand and face the cosmic mind except in the knowledge of One Being, which I am.

You cannot meet it as an individual person. It’s important to see that you’re facing a cosmic mind, and you must meet it as an infinite Being, for that is the only place where I am greater than the cosmic mind. So you’re abiding in the infinite nature of Self, and this is the meaning of “Abide in Me,” I in You. “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.” When you’re not in the One Self, this cosmic television is automatically taking place twenty-four hours a day. It doesn’t matter what you are doing. If you’re not in the One Self, it is functioning your life.

You can be the President of the United States or the head of a bank. You can be doing all fine things in your estimation, but cosmic mind is running you; and ultimately that will be revealed. You’ll be discovered to be stripped of your power. Senility comes in. The great man becomes a doddering nobody, needing people to just sign his name for him. Why? It was cosmic mind all the time. It wasn’t a president. It wasn’t a chairman of the board. It wasn’t an executive. It was cosmic mind appearing as.

It was an image in the mind of the world, and each one thought he was looking at this one, but each was looking at his own mental image about this one, and this one was a mental image of the cosmic mind. That is the reason for the abiding in the knowledge of the One Self as your Self. You cannot meet cosmic mind from an individual, personal level. You might as well be a pebble on the beach trying to hold back the Atlantic Ocean.

Now on the other side, we see Paul taking it from the carnal mind in Romans. In Romans 8: “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” Now the flesh, then, is the mental image we entertain about Self in the carnal mind, thinking that this me walking here is something, when this me walking here is nothing more than a cosmic image made visible; and in between this visible me and the cosmic mind is a consciousness called me, which is interpreting the cosmic into the local appearance. That consciousness is the key.

When that consciousness is pure spiritual Consciousness, the cosmic mind comes to It and makes no impression. It comes, then, to a spiritual Consciousness, which is the Christ Mind. And the Christ Mind does not accept the anti-Christ, which is the cosmic mind; and karmic law is broken. The continuity of the cosmic telecast no longer puts forth the false image. There is a change of current, a switch over to the infinite Mind, and you are fed by the Infinite instead of the cosmic.

You are One with the Infinite. You come under a completely new set of laws, all of which are perfect. And transformation is underway. The physical form, which was a cosmic image, is now changed over. We are released from dependence upon it. We are released from its infirmities, from its limitations; and the body of the Soul of the infinite Mind is now taking place. We are changing form, changing bodies, and in the process, changing universes, changing identity from an image to Being, Itself. This cosmic television is the nature of the carnal mind, which Paul had discovered too.

“They that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death.” You see, it’s really death all the way, not just at the moment of death. It seems to be life it’s the imitation of Life. It’s the image, thinking it is alive, and when we learn there is no Life in that image and can stand still, we are absent from the image and present with the infinite Mind. Paul’s chapter 8 [Romans] is about cosmic television. John’s chapter 15 is about infinite television. And we, living in the knowledge of One Self, break the law of karma for those, including ourselves, who have reached that place in Consciousness which demands transformation.

It’s almost unbelievable to a human mind, but everything you see in this world is a mental image, whether it’s a mountain or a river, a planet or a hemisphere, even the sun in the sky. All of it is a cosmic telecast, and the switch of Consciousness is the way you switch it off; and lo and behold, here’s my Father’s Kingdom present all the time. I was simply in the wrong channel of thought.

Behold One Being makes all things new. The I of your Being lifted up in Consciousness daily, consciously through meditation, through communion, leading to the I within you expressing Itself, making its own inner statements of Truth to you, voicing its own Truth, coming forth through you as a living Soul of your own Being, It is not under cosmic law. It is not subject to hallucination. It is not powerless before that which has no Reality. It has no disease. It has no age. It has no processes. It is the infinite Self Being Itself always, and It is I.

Now we must know, then, that when we are not consciously living as One Being, we are nothing but an image in cosmic television, and all we can witness is other images. We are of the world that is not the Kingdom of our Father. And who is that “we” who is of the world? It is just an image that we are throwing forth from our invisible consciousness, and that consciousness is a false consciousness. We are living in a polarized sense of self which has no Reality.

Death is not death. Death is the end of the illusion, but he who takes part in the first Resurrection is not even touched by the end of that illusion. For now we swallow up that death in breaking the continuity of this cosmic telecast, in seeing that because I am Being, and Being is the One Mind, there is no mind here to behold that which is unreal, no mind here to behold that which is subject to pain, to suffering, to evil; and therefore, every time I behold evil or pain or suffering, what am I looking with? I’m looking with a mind that has no existence. I’m looking with the cosmic mind in me. It is looking through me and beholding the pain it put there. I’m a victim of a mind that I do not have.

You never have seen evil. Never have you seen evil. The cosmic mind coming through you as the anti-Christ mind looks out and sees the evil. But when you are in Mind, Divine Mind, Divine Consciousness, that anti-Christ mind cannot come through to see evil, because all the evil it sees is within its own mind, a mind that has been posing as yours and mine. Everything on our television set that we see in these images is in the one transmitter. We see it in our living room but it comes from another source. We see our world around us in our mind, but it comes from another source, and that source is not God. That source is the cosmic mind. And therefore, there’s one thing I’ve got to clear up in Joel’s book. It disturbs me. It’s this, on page 103 [105] in the sixth chapter. Joel is making a point, and unless you understand it, you can be caught in a trap.

Now Joel says, “God is doing all these things without our advice or petitions . . .”, tells us to trust Him. Now “If God knows enough to continue to put the fish in the sea and the birds in the air” and so forth, “if God knows enough to keep the tides in their places, ebbing and flowing . . .” Now I want you to see that what is happening here is not God doing these things, and the reason that I’m pointing it out is that it’s like God being the Substance of all form. If you mistake God as the Substance of this form, and you mistake God as a Substance of the tides and of the moon and of the river, you have not caught his meaning. God is the spiritual Substance. What God is doing is invisible. God isn’t turning these tides visibly. God isn’t putting fish in the sea, visibly. That’s our concept of what Spirit is doing.

And from what we have just talked about, the cosmic telecast, it works this way: God is being God, and That is You. And the cosmic mind is forming an impression of God being God, which translates into the visible as fishes in the sea, tides turning. But that isn’t God doing it. That’s cosmic mind doing it in its interpretation of God, and it’s you receiving this picture from cosmic mind in your mind. And you know it’s not God doing it because a storm comes up at sea, and you know God isn’t bringing up a storm at sea. What is it? It’s cosmic mind.

And when the Master says to the storm, “Be still. It is I,” what is it? That’s you standing still in the face of a cosmic image, knowing that’s all it is, is a cosmic image, and you’re as frightened of it as you would be of a storm on your television set. This world, for you, becomes a cosmic image broken up into lots of pieces; and no piece of it is more real than any other, neither the good nor the bad. We’re learning to walk through these images, knowing where they come from is nowhere. They’re all the mirage over the desert.

God is being God, and that is our Name. And we stand in our Name to face the cosmic images, knowing the power of God has never gone away. The power of God is present, and that power is functioning now without opposite, until the cosmic images to you are nothing but smoke. You can stop a storm at sea because there never will be one. There will only be an image there in the cosmic mind, and you’ll find that’s the same thing with tidal waves and hurricanes. You’ll find it’s the same thing with every disease on the earth. All is an image in mind put there by the cosmic mind, and it isn’t God doing any of it.

But God is present and only God; and the cosmic mind, itself, is naught but the illusion we entertain in the absence of our realization that God alone is present. The minute you step out of the fullness of God, you create a cosmic mind. It has no existence when you are in the fullness of God. In Christ Jesus, the cosmic mind ceases to exist. There’s no shadow unless you’re not in Reality. And so we have God being Self, You, cosmic mind and its images; and one of those images is you, another is your friend, another is your mother, father, sister, brother. We leave the images, we recognize mother, father, brother, sister as an image, which is My invisible Self all the time.

Everything is accepted as my invisible Self, and I call no man my father because God is my Being and God has no father. Everyone you see is God invisible. There is no other. There is no other Self, and every time you accept another self than God anywhere, you have denied your Identity. That’s a rather fine place to come to, where all you can accept on this earth is the invisible presence of God, and yet that is what is requested of us if we would follow the path of Truth: I and My Father are One Identity, and there can be no other Identity accepted on the earth. All is One Identity, and that’s the only way you’ll ever be about your Father’s business.

Now I know this is difficult, the living of it,—The saying of it is easy.—the living of it, the conscious awareness of it, the practice of it. But the presence that you’re to practice is your Self. You’re practicing the Presence of your Self as the Presence, of your neighbor as the Presence; and you’re losing the identity of the image as your neighbor, of the image as you until there is no two of anything in the world. There is only the one infinite Presence, and that is where you’re living, moving, and having your Being in order to experience My Kingdom, which is not of this world. “The Dice of God Are Loaded” is the chapter next week, the seventh.

By the time The Mystical I is released, I’m quite sure we’ll find that it is our own Consciousness that we’re looking at in that book. By the way don’t any of you buy the book. Immortality House is giving each of you a gift of The Mystical I, and they ought to be here within a week or two, maybe even next week. I don’t know, but if you’re not here, it’ll be mailed to you. Don’t worry. We’re very happy this thought came, and the opportunity to do this because it’s Joel’s final work, I believe. And it means a great deal to us to see his work in the hands of those who are following the greatest teaching that the world has seen in the last two thousand years.

Well, Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you.

In the “Contemplative Meditation” chapter six of Contemplative Life, we have a statement that is very important to all of us. It usually doesn’t come out just this way except when there’s a meditation; and in this particular meditation, not having any restrictions—the Father speaking within—this is what the Father within said through Joel: “God is really my Identity.” And as you read this, “God is really my Identity,” you’re reading about your Identity. Now that is our starting point: “God is really my Identity.” And then as you begin a day in any other identity, you can expect to find a conflict, because you cannot move in another identity to your true Self and expect the rhythm of God to be functioning in you, as you, through, you, doing the Father’s work on earth.

And so the first step is to release yourself to Identity, and in this you are releasing yourself to the Will of God, which is your Identity. I release my Self, then, to the Will of the Father, knowing the Identity of the Father is my own Identity and there can only be, then, One Will expressing. There cannot be a second will, a human will. There can only be One Power expressing. There cannot be a second power, a mortal or material power. There can only be One

Mind expressing. There cannot be a second human mind.

We release ourselves to the infinite Will of the Father, but never overlooking the Truth that I and the Father are One Identity. And we reach the point where there is no twoness. We reach the point of Oneness within ourselves, the point of Oneness which is the moment of infinite Grace. Now that is where we’re resting: Thy will be done. There is no other will here, no other self here, no other identity here than that Identity which is God.

And in this you discover the awareness of the power of God flowing. This established, you will also discover that the world will almost instantly challenge you upon this. And so you’re prepared now, having established Identity, to look around at the world and say, “The identity I have discovered, that is My Identity here, is the infinite Father, who is there. And therefore, everywhere I look I’m looking at My invisible Identity. There is no place where My Identity is not.” We are not looking out at a world of divisions and separations and individuals. We are looking out only at Our own Identity everywhere. We are accepting God is My Identity and God is infinite, therefore I am infinite Being, and the Will of the Infinite is functioning within Itself.

Now there was a time when the disciple said to there Master, “What is the kingdom of heaven like?” And he gave them this interesting phrase, “The kingdom of heaven is like [unto] leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened,” “three measures of meal.” Now let us take those three measures and do something with our meditation. We know he referred to mind, Soul, and body, which all must become One. But now let us take the three measures and apply them to other things. Let us take the Will of the Father, and the first measure would be, “Thy will be done . . .”, but let us not stop there. Let us have two more measures, and the second measure is Thy Will is being done, and the third measure is whatever is not Thy Will cannot be done.

And so now we’re applying the leaven to the Will of the Father in our consciousness, “Thy will be done . . .” Thy will is now being done everywhere, and whatever is not Thy will cannot be done and cannot be there. We are coming into a Oneness of Will on an infinite level and the rejection of all that is happening as an appearance, which is not the will of the Father, in the knowledge that it cannot be happening if it is not the Father’s will, three measures of leaven. Let us take power: God is power. The second measure is God is power now, and that power is functioning; and the third measure, whatever is not that power can’t function because the power of God is all there is.

Always your three measures: the Truth, the fullness of the Truth, and the rejection of the opposite of the Truth as an impossibility, until you can reach the inner conviction that the power of God is now flowing where you are. The power of God is never turned off. It is always flowing where you are. It, being the only power, any other suggestion of power that appears in your experience, which is not the power of God, is not there, but can only seem to be. And if you are accepting Identity, then that which is not the power of God cannot be accepted at the same time.

Now apply it to your back. You broke your back last winter. You have a broken back, and you’re recovering, and the recovery is slow. Today we’re accepting Identity. Yesterday we had a broken back. Today God is My Identity realized. What was My identity yesterday? The same. God yesterday is the same as God today. That which is true of me today is true of me yesterday. If today in God Identity there can be no broken back, could there be one in God Identity yesterday?

And so you must come to that conclusion that in God Identity, there is no broken back yesterday, today, or tomorrow. It never had happened, except in false identity. The false identity never was the true Identity. Where did it happen? And now we’re seeing the three measures of leaven apply to the past as well as the present, and as well as the future. Can it happen in Identity? Is there anything but Identity? Is God all? Yes, God is all. Then where can a broken back occur? Only in one who is not in Identity. And therefore, where shall you remain in order to benefit by the laws of Spirit? In your Identity. Where you are now is the full power of God and always will be there.

Never will there be less than there full capacity of God. You cannot accept Identity without accepting that the full wisdom of the Father is flowing through you. All safety, all protection, all harmony is flowing through the Father, and I and the Father being One Identity, all is flowing through me; and nothing but that which is of the Father can be flowing through me. That which comes which is not of the Father is not here, its an appearance, a cosmic hypnotism. It does not belong to me. It has no Substance. It has no power.

Now your three measures of leaven, then, will apply to omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience. Always the knowledge of the Truth is followed by the fullness of that knowledge, and finally, by the rejection of all that is proposing to it as non-real. The power of the Father, then, should be flowing, so much so that you can now sit back in the knowledge that only One Mind being present, there is no second mind to know of anything except the spiritual Universe. You rest in the Father. All that the Father hath is mine. Nothing is excluded.

And now your meditation takes a very deep turn. As I accept God Identity, there is no personal me, there is no personal him, there is no personal her, there is no personal it. There is only God Identity. There is no one else but God Identity. That means your Universe has One Identity. There are no pieces. There are no divisions. There is only One Identity, and It is God; and now you’re establishing a God to God relationship with everyone you will meet. The Identity I claim for Myself is the Identity of You, Him, Her, and it; and therefore, there is no person to person. There is only God to God. There is only One Mind, One Substance, One law, One infinite perfection.

And instead, now, of looking out from a human sense of things at a world of many parts, you’re accepting the One Universe as the One Being. You’re not living in a personal sense of me. You’re living as the One Universe, as the One Being, as the One Spirit. Spirit is all that is here. Spirit is all that is there. Then matter cannot be here, and matter cannot be there. All is Spirit. Material person cannot be there, for all is Spirit. Then what is material person? Material person is a mental image, and that mental image had a broken back. That mental image was sick. Are you going to improve that which is not there, or will you just change the mental image?

Now we have One, and only in this One will this power of Spirit become manifest. The power can never function except within its own spiritual Self. And when you have permitted yourself to yield to the infinite Will, to accept the Identity of the Infinite as your own, then the power, which is ever-present, ever-maintaining its perfect Self, becomes manifest as the power of your Being, as the law unto you, as the Mind which gives you the Kingdom, as the Mind which withholds no thing, as the Mind which appears manifest as everything that is right at the moment that it is necessary.

All needed forms must appear in the outer as this power of the One is accepted. And now the full leaven is transforming. As transformation continues, body, mind, and Soul all acknowledge the One, and so we move, we live and move, have our Being, another three steps in the leaven, in and as the One. When this is established, your day is a different day. It is a day in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. And all that flows in and through you and as you is expressing the Divine Will, without any opposition and without the need for you to take thought, for before you ask I in you shall answer, “It is My pleasure in You to give You the Kingdom.” “In My Presence is fullness of joy.”

All those things that you had done in the outer world under your own will, all the hopes and plans and dreams and expectations were your own preconceived notion of what you thought God’s will ought to be; but we do not bend God’s will, nor do we try to interpret what God’s Will is. We do not say, “Well, certainly God wants me to be healthy.” No, it is a complete, total surrender to the Will, in which I have no will of my own whatsoever. For the moment I have a will of my own, I am taking my Self out of the One infinite Identity, and I am separating my Self from the ever-present power of Grace.

Now, there is nothing you can do to earn this Power, nothing you can do to stop It. No sin on earth can move It away. It is always present, and as we dwell, as we abide, as we rest in Identity, we’re in the vine. We can accept that present Power, though it be unseen. We can live by that invisible power.

There are three quarters of a, well, there’s about a billion people who have accepted Christianity on this earth, and about three quarters of the population of the whole world has accepted a Supreme Being of some sort. In spite of that the world does not enjoy the power of God. There is still, in spite of a billion Christians, in spite of three billion who in some way worship God, we have a progressive corrosion throughout civilization on every fiber, on every level; and it is all because the belief in God is not the acceptance of the Substance of God as Identity.

Religion believes in every Bible miracle, but it cannot go forth and do likewise. It believes in Jesus Christ but forgets that he said, “If you believe on me, the works I do, ye shall do;” and religion is not doing the works. The belief is surface. The belief is an intellectual belief. It is not an acceptance of, “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” It is not the acceptance of the Spirit of God as the Spirit of My Being; and without that acceptance, a billion Christians lose the power of Christ, and three quarters of the world loses the power of the God they worship, because the universal Christ is the Substance of Being, and you cannot accept unless you accept It as your Substance.

The Light, the Christ, the Substance of God is where the Power is. “I am the vine.” “ . . . I stand at the door and knock.” When you open your consciousness to the acceptance of the present power of God as the only power that is functioning, as the only Mind that is here, as the only law, as the only activity. You will find it possible to rest in trust, in freedom, in the liberty, in the fullness of joy, in the peace, for “I and my Father are one,” in spite of what the naked eye may see, in spite of what the touch may feel; and this becomes the fact of life. Every good thing must flow and will, if you will remain in the state of acceptance, not emerging once more into a will of your own.

We’re told to rest in this form of contemplative meditation until a communion begins, until, instead of a you out there declaring, something inside is doing the declaring, until that something inside lifts you into a place where the I of your Being, which is declaring, and you are One and the same, and there is no additional sense of self. There is that point of meeting, that point of contact; and this is the Divine contact which changes our lives. That point where the outer me ceases to really exist, where the Infinite meets the Inner, and the One stands revealed as the very Source of Being, the Fountainhead, with no need for any external power or thing.

All is flowing abundantly. Even if there weren’t loaves, you know they would blossom forth. Unanticipated sources appear. Everything is touched with the magic of the Inner Self released, lived in. We’re not in a mind here. We’re not in the mind that has a plan. Somehow that’s far away. We’re not in a selfhood that is apart from another self. All disappears, even the personal sense of Identity. There is no you there to identify another you somewhere else.

There is only a One. And in your realized One, you’re standing in the invisible at the Source of all things. Joel calls it the manufacturing plant, the infinite storehouse, and even that isn’t enough. It is your Life without beginning or end. When you are in the One, you are in eternality, and there is no place where you are not. Whether it be space or time, you are there. Wherever God is, thou art because God is never separated from God. The only presence that exists is The Presence.

Now this should be the way we move out into this world every day, and only in this method of release to the Will, will you find that in some way you are synchronized into an invisible rhythm. Things might even happen in this state of Being that to a normal person might seem undesirable. They won’t to you because only God can happen. Only the Power can express, and rather than rushing in quickly to challenge something that happens, you patiently watch as the Infinite unfolds, knowing that all is always well, all is always functioning under the One Infinite Mind. Nothing can ever be wrong. Wrong is an impossibility. Right is the law, and there is no opposite.

And as the full leaven of Consciousness is completed, our transition of Consciousness takes place, and we are no longer in a three dimensional world. For us, it is obsolescent. We do not live in it. We do not move in it. We do not have our Being in it. It only appears that way to others. We live in Reality, and we are not living our lives. We are in that Identity which lives Itself. We are in that Identity which knows no beginning and no ending.

We are in that Mind which looks at a world of images without any reaction. We are in the Christ Mind. There is no darkness. There are no tears. There are no material forms. There are no material laws. There are no material identities. All is the invisible expression of God. Neither the good nor the bad in the visible make an impression. You have found another Universe behind the visible one, and you are content to let It unfold and to witness It as the Father’s Will.

Now go back several thousand years and find your Spirit there, for that Spirit, which is You this moment, is the Spirit of Being two thousand years ago. There is no separation and no change. Move out into this entire physical world, and wherever it appears to be, you are there throughout all time. Let all of this be your realization, and it will feed you. It will sustain you. It will move this image in accordance with invisible law. Your dominion is in the realization of Oneness, for that One never knows a second one, that One never meets a second being, that One is always going within Itself everywhere; and that One is free.

Now in the Christ Mind, there is no other One. There is no place where you have to multiply loaves and fishes. They’re already there as the invisible Substance. There is no place where you have to heal. There is nothing to heal. There is no place where there is a problem. There is no place to be improved, reformed, or corrected. You are in the Christ Mind of Reality above the opposites, above the need to take out a first aid kit and make a repair job somewhere. Now this is the Consciousness we want to move with in preparation for transition.

We have left behind us the need or desire or the innocence that would permit us to fall into the trap of wanting to improve our world or our world relationships in the outer. We do not paste peaches on trees. We do not clip apples to apple trees. Everything we do in the Christ Mind is to grow from within, and let the added things take care of themselves. We are in the transforming Light. There will come your moment of Transfiguration when, without taking thought, without effort, you will find your Self no longer a human consciousness, no longer living from this physical focus, the sense focus; but rather, you will feel the absence of physical form, even while you appear in one.

You will feel the Transfiguration of Light in which you are dissolved into all that is around you. You will know your Self to be pure Consciousness. You will know that everywhere you are, but you cannot be touched by a human hand. You cannot be seen by a human eye. You cannot be measured by human standards, for you have found Identity, and you live as that Identity. In our next expression of Life, beyond this present incarnation, when we have passed the point of return, we will be living in the Will of the Father completely; and there, there is no choice of a second will. Here the choice remains, but here the dissolution of that second will is the preparation for living in that Kingdom, where only the Will of the Father is possible.

And there is no entrance into that Kingdom until we have mastered the art of living consciously in the One Will, sacrificing all human will in ways that are very strange, but in ways that—by eliminating our normal human sense of things, our normal sense of various disturbances, our normal resentments and animosities, our normal pride and vanity,—these gradually disappear to the point where we are willing to sacrifice them in order to reach the higher ground, where we can say, “Father, normally I might react this way, but I would rather forgo the pleasure of telling this one off or that one off and take on the garment of humility,” that wonderful quality which really means the absence of me, that selflessness which is All Self. And truly no one who has made the effort to banish self within Self and to look out upon others who are not separate Selves, no one, who has not done this, can know the power that flows.

Suppose you accept this Universe, then as One Being. Step out of the coat of skin, accepting your Self as that One Being, and rest in the confidence that the One Being, Being All, there’s nothing to ask for, nothing to need, nothing to want, only to let Infinity unfold Itself. It takes a few measures of leaven, a few days and weeks of being willing to live this selflessly in order to invite I, through your sincerity and dedication, to lift you still higher where all things become possible in the name of I. You are erasing the parenthesis of mortality. You are erasing the memories that have accrued through the years. You are erasing the emotional scars, the crystallized intellectual beliefs, all of the accrued ideas that had nothing to do with the One Being, coming into the purity of Consciousness in which your Light shines.

We should be able soon to walk in the Invisible, consciously knowing where we are, what we’re doing, and how to do it. We should be able to walk through the material world consciously, invisible, consciously letting the Father live as our Being, so that we are expressing the Father’s business on earth. We should be able to walk consciously invisible through every material circumstance, never separated from Source, always recognizing ourselves to be that Source, recognizing that God has never separated from God, that Identity can never be less than the Infinite One, that all that I see I am.

When you were told that “The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof;” you were also told that “I and the Father are one,” and therefore, the earth being the Lord’s, the earth is mine. And really, we’re being told that the earth is invisible Spirit. That invisible Spirit, which is the Earth seen through the eyes of man, becomes the material earth, but It is the spiritual Earth that is the Lord’s. It is the only Earth; It is the Father, and because I and the Father are One, I am the spiritual Earth, the spiritual Earth I am. That is all that is here.

The spiritual sky, I am. The spiritual stars, I am. All that is here is Spirit, and It is I am. Where sky is, is your Identity. Where ocean is, is your Identity. Where anything is, only your Identity is. All is your Being, and there is nothing else there. And when you walk as your Being, with nothing else there, then you are in the Kingdom of miracles, for then Omnipresence and Omniscience and Omnipotence are the Law of Being in action.

They’re not something you think about, not something you even have to know about. They are. Grace is. Power is. Love is. Harmony is. And all these things: grace, love, peace, harmony, I am. There is only One activity, and all of the things, which in the outer we see in a small measure, are all limited manifestations of the One perfect infinite Activity, which is your Being. That is why we are told to stand fast, to take no thought for our lives, because the only Life there is, is our One Divine Life; and thought for any other life is separation from your own Identity.

Now you’ll find the day when all of this, for you, is simply the way you are without any effort. It all falls into place. You wake up to it, and you know you are a different being than the one who went to sleep. It isn’t you going to God anymore. It isn’t you trying to find the Truth. It isn’t you reaching out to discover things. It’s just You being You, without corporeality, without boundaries, without a parenthesis around You, just Being You, knowing all there is, is You everywhere, no matter what might appear. And then the outer forms that you see become merely evidence to you of your unseen Self; and as the evidence changes to show forth more harmony, you can quietly know that is because I have been steadfast to the One. As you can sit in the quiet complete, total trust of your One Being as the perfect, present power everywhere, for you It will become manifest.

It will actually show forth as the Life of a friend, as the improved health of another friend. It will show forth as that which you know It to be, perfect, if you can dwell in the realization of It as a permanent dispensation. It will become the bloodstream of a child. It will become the breathing of a loved one. It will take every required form,—as you dwell in the One Being, knowing that the child isn’t there; the One Being is. The loved one isn’t there; the One Being is—always translating everything into the invisible One perfect Being.

Now you can’t do this twenty-four hours a day with your eyes open, but neither do you go to the gasoline station and ask for gas twenty-four hours a day. You get your fill of it and then you’re on your way. This method of regeneration can be the first fruits, and it will take care of the rest. Every three minutes of this takes care of the other fifty-seven; and days repeated and repeated and repeated in the One Being are equivalent to thousands of years of human evolution.

Then you will discover that whereas Christian babies can be deformed or retarded or Mongoloid or blue, Christian boys can go out on the battlefield and pour away their blood, Christian adults can go through divorces and abortions, Hindus can have heart attacks, Buddhists can have brain tumors, Moslems [now called Muslims] can gave migraine or multiple sclerosis. It makes no difference what the religion. Until there is the conscious awareness of One Being, you are not immune to the famines, the pestilences, the poverty, the diseases and disasters of the world. But the instant One Being is your Consciousness, for you all disaster is over. There can be no lack or limitation. There can be no karmic law.

Your pleasures are different. It’s true. They are he pleasures of the Spirit, but there you are in an ever widening, ever expanding, ever new experience. The miracle of tomorrow, for you, is different than the routine, repetitious days of the world; and the knowledge that there is no end in this infinite, limitless expansion is not something that you have to study or rehearse. It simply becomes your Consciousness. You know your eternal Self, and you know you’re ready, ready to move into the sixth world, to the expression of Christ living as the perfect Son of God in the world of no opposites, learning completely how to move into the seventh Heaven.

Now the Reality of You lives in all of the seven heavens right now. All levels you are living in, and all levels cone to function right where you stand in the One Being. All progression is the progression of the consciousness learning of its own Identity. Your infinite Self is always infinite. Now the reason for this, today, is that we have had so much Truth to remember and Truth to study, but we have to come to the place where I, the Truth of My Being, is expressing Itself. It doesn’t have to study. It doesn’t have to remember. It doesn’t go outside of Itself to find something. It pushes Itself forth as expression. We are coming to the place of Being the perfect Truth Itself, letting It Be Itself, not trying to pin words upon It or limitations upon It.

We’re trying to really live the Infinite Way. All of the questions that come up in a human mind disappear in the acceptance of One Being. God has no questions to ask of God. Spirit has no unfinished business. Spirit has no place where It is needful, and in the expression of need, limitation, question, plan, hope, we are denying ourselves to be the One Being. Every lack, limitation, need, and problem is a denial of Identity; and in the denial of Identity, even if your questions are answered, they’re of no value. In Identity just that Self, Itself, is the answer to all questions.

And so we might be coming close to the point where each of us is living at the core of his Being and the circumference and all between. When we can meet in the knowledge that we are the One Self, perfect as our Father, fed by the Father, living not in the mask of humanhood and requiring nothing of anyone. As we do this we have set up that Consciousness which need not fear what tomorrow may bring. And that Consciousness,—which need not anticipate by an hour or a day or a year, the future, because that Consciousness is the future,—It is everything that the future will be; and It, being perfect, the future being the outer, will completely show forth that Consciousness we have attained in the Inner. We have built our future in this Consciousness.

The joy of this Way of Life is to know that whatever comes to take me out of this Consciousness is the anti-Christ; and as I am alert, I can behold the pure, perfect, spiritual activity of the Father as I stand against the anti-Christ. This is the joy, watching the anti-Christ dissolve, watching the appearances reveal the absence of power that they seem to have had, watching the miracles of each day unfold in ways that could never be anticipated by a human mind. This is the joy, being able to say, “Thank you, Father, for that incredible action, the incredible experience. Thank you for opening new doors, new ways, new experiences, all on a level unseen by the human mind. Thank You for the peace. Thank You for the confidence, and most of all, thank You for being You.”

I think we ought to go over this once lightly in the Scripture itself and look at the important spiritual points as they come up. This is 1 Samuel chapter 17.

“Now the Philistines gathered together their armies to battle,

. . . and there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines,

named Goliath, of Gath, whose height was six cubits and a span.”

And as we read this, let’s see that we’re talking, now, about something within ourselves which is bothering us, this problem which is so big that it’s six cubits and a span, and as we think about our problem, it gets bigger.

“And he had an helmet of brass upon his head,

and he was armed with a coat of mail;

and the weight of the coat was five thousand shekels of brass.”

There’s just no way to get through this problem. It’s really an impregnable problem.

“ And he had greaves of brass upon its legs,

and a target of brass between his shoulders.”

No matter where you go to wiggle out of the problem, it stands and faces you. It’s a complete problem. Your human mind has no capacity to figure out how to meet this total problem.

“And the staff of his spear was like a weaver’s beam;

and his spear’s head weighed six hundred shekels of iron:

and one bearing a shield went before him.

And he stood and cried . . .”

And now your problem is beginning to talk to you. You’ve just been fearing it up to now. Now it’s really going to get you. It’s in the second stage. It’s working on your emotions.

“And he stood and cried unto the armies of Israel, and said unto them,

“Why are ye come out to set your battle in array?

am not I a Philistine, and ye servants to Saul?

choose you a man for you, and let him come down to me.”

And so the problem is forcing you to meet it. The problem says, “Come on, do some-thing.” And you are trying to find out, What am I going to use to meet this problem with?

“If he be able to fight with me, and to kill me,

then will we be your servants:

but if I prevail against him, and kill him,

then shall ye be our servants, and serve us.”

In other words, you know that if you lose, your life is going to change in the wrong directions. This problem is saying that it has the power to change your life for the worst. You’re becoming totally involved now in the belief that this thing that’s happening is happening; and unless you have got the knowledge of the presence of God, the Reality of God, the only-ness of God without opposite, this thing begins gnawing, gnawing, gnawing deeper, deeper, deeper; and there’s nothing in you that can stop it. It runs a hole right through you until you’re a wreck; and finally, it just tramples all over you.

You’re not meeting it with Truth. You’re meeting it with argument, with fear, with worry, with the mind darting hither and there, trying to figure out how you’re going to escape or overcome. And all this time, all that is needed is the little stone of Truth. God is here, friend. Now you go ahead and let God, if you want to fight, and that God, which is here, is my Spirit.

Now in all of Israel, there’s nobody to declare this. There’s only Saul, the king; and Saul represents, not the power of physical force, but the power of physical mind. And he’s trying to figure out, What are we going to do about this Goliath? He’s using his mental ingenuity to try to cope with a situation, and that’s what you’re doing within yourself. You’re calling on Saul to meet Goliath, and Saul doesn’t having any answers. And you have had many such encounters in which you called upon Saul, and he didn’t have any answers then either. And here is the same problem again, but there is one who is now coming through, a little shepherd boy.

When Saul had and all Israel had heard these words of the Philistine, they were dismayed. They were greatly afraid. And Saul, then, is the inner mind, which is really a two-headed mind because it is presenting the problem, and it’s afraid of the problem that it’s presenting. It’s that old double-headed snake in the garden of Eden. It fears its own problem. It’s like the head turns around, looks at the tail, and they both get frightened; and they’re one and the same. There has to be some order in this chaos: little David.

“Now David was the son of that Ephrathite of Bethlehem-judah,

[whose name was Jesse; and he had eight sons:

and the man went among men for an old man in the days of Saul.”]

And we have a clue here right away. He came out of Bethlehem. Bethlehem means the house of bread, the house of Substance. And so we are introduced, now, to the thing called bread or Substance. There’s another to come out of Bethlehem later, too. And this house of Substance is the only way you’re going to meet Goliath. You must have Substance. You can’t do it with the intellect, the reason, the logic. You can’t do it with human planning, because the very mind which is presenting the problem is going to try to do the human planning. You’re falling into the trap of using he who is presenting the problem to meet the problem; and that’s why we fail in our problems.

We need Substance. We have to go to Bethlehem. And so David comes out of Bethlehem, the house of bread, divine bread. His “name was Jesse. And he had eight sons: and the man went among men for an old man in the days of Saul.” So Jesse, the father of the eight sons out of Bethlehem: You’ll find later that Luke goes out of his way to prove that Jesus came out of the stock of Jesse, while at the same time he’s trying to prove that Jesus was the Son of God, not born of Joseph. He’s proving that he came out of Jesse. And that was Luke’s problem. He was trying to do it both ways, materially and spiritually, trying to please everyone.

[“And the three eldest sons of Jesse went and followed Saul to the battle:

and the names of his three sons that went to battle were

Eliab, the firstborn and, and next unto him Abinadab, and the third Shammah.”]

The three other sons of Jesse went and followed Saul to the battle, and David was the youngest. And the three eldest followed Saul, “but David went and returned from Saul to feed his father’s sheep at Bethlehem.” Now, instead of sending out your three eldest sons to fight, you’re being told to tend your father’s sheep. All of this is before the fight, isn’t it? This is your preparation. And so the feeding of the sheep is the clue that this little David is being filled with Substance within a Vision, with a knowledge of the Light of Being, that Spirit is all that is here. He’s being strengthened with spiritual Vision, while all of the rest of the camp are figuring out ways and means to overcome Goliath.

And the Philistine drew near morning and evening and presented himself forty days. Now, the forty days of the Philistine are also the forty days in which you, the David in you, is feeding the sheep. And the forty days means, then, staying in the Consciousness of Truth until it is crystallized, until the bread is leavened, until that Substance is your Consciousness, until you are spiritual Consciousness. Then you can go out to meet this fellow, and not the way other people do. Then, this adversary, this Goliath, is going to meet somebody who knows what to do about him. Then you’re not defenseless and helpless in the face of a problem, which seems so unlikely to yield to any form of persuasion.

And while you’re doing this, you’re learning as you are living in the Spirit, you’re learning that the problem is not what you had originally thought it to be. The problem was the absence of this very Substance. The Substance you didn’t have in consciousness was the reason you had the problem. It’s a seesaw. The Substance is your inner Substance, your Light, and the absence of your awareness of your Light teeters your seesaw, so that you see the darkness. And now Christ is rising in you, and this is the significance of David in the forty days. While a Philistine is roaring, threatening, and intimidating with his problem, in you is coming that inner Light, which will so shine that darkness will be impossible.

“And Jesse said unto David his son,

Take now for thy brethren an ephah of this parched corn,

and these ten loves, and run to the camp to thy brethren;”

And now there’s more spiritual food, you see, the corn, the loaves. All this is an indication that he’s being fed from within with more Light, more Light. He’s being built up. And this is you, as you dwell within, you do receive more Light. If you’re putting yourself out in the five senses out there, facing the problem, you’re not in the Light, and you can’t be fed this corn, these new loaves.

You must abide in me, and so you’re not facing the problem. You’re facing the within, being fed from the Kingdom within, quietly, silently, to an inner enlightenment which is going to arm you from within, so that you won’t need outer armor, an outer spear. You’re really a spiritual underground because when you come into this inner Light, the inner Light of your Being is going to be revealed as the inner Light of the Being called Goliath. You’ll have him trapped from within himself, just by being in Truth.

So we feel, now, that the Light of our own Being is revealing the non-reality of that which is called a problem. Goliath is shrinking before our very eyes because Light on the problem shows us God is present. Where God is, the power of God is functioning, and though Goliath still appears, the power of God wasn’t shoved aside. It’s there. It’s functioning. In your new Vision you accept that power, and Goliath becomes a dwarf. David in you is going through this. David symbolizes your new awareness that Light is the name of all Being, and you are accepting that Light as you Being.

“And David rose up early in the morning,

and left the sheep with a keeper,

and took, and went, as Jesse had commanded him;

and came to the trench,

as the host was going forth to the fight,

and shouted for the battle . . .

And all the men of Israel,

when they saw the man, [Goliath],

fled from him, and were sore afraid.”

Now then, there’s just this one point in your consciousness, which is your hope. Everything else in you is fleeing, succumbing, letting the problem have sway as a reality. It isn’t there, and only this little Light of Truth, called David in you, is aware that it isn’t there.

“And the men of Israel said,

Have ye seen this man that is come up?

surely to defy Israel is he come up:

and it shall be, that the man who killeth him,

the king will enrich him with great riches,

and will give him his daughter,

and make his father’s house free in Israel.”

What is the reward for killing Goliath? Kingship. But even that finds none who are ready or able or willing in your consciousness, except little David.

“And David spake to the men that stood by him, saying,

What shall be done to the man that killeth this Philistine,

and taketh away the reproach from Israel?

for who is this uncircumcised Philistine,

that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

He calls him an “uncircumcised Philistine,” and that tells us that circumcision was a symbol of Oneness, and the uncircumcised was a symbol of those who were separated from God, unenlightened, divided. The unenlightened, by David, are called “the uncircumcised”. And this unenlightened, separated from God man is defying the armies of the living God? The little shepherd boy is saying that. All his brothers have run away. All of the armies of Israel are turning tail, and this little something in you is saying, “Wait a minute. Did God make that fellow? Did God make this problem? What am I running for? I’m hypnotized by a mind that says, ‘There’s a problem here.’ And I know God didn’t make it.”

Is there a problem in Spirit, this glimpse of Truth? Can Spirit have a problem? What’s the difference how big it appears? Is there a problem in Spirit? Can a problem outnumber or outfight the Lord of God? And now you’re beginning to balance the seesaw. Spiritual vision—not logic, not reason—spiritual reason, spiritual logic is beginning to establish a place where you can come to a point of equilibrium.

“And the people answered him

after this manner, saying,

So shall it be done to the man that killeth him.”

They had no answer. They didn’t know what to say. And then something else happens.

“And Eliab his eldest brother heard

when he spake unto the men;

and Eliab’s anger was kindled against David,

and he said, Why camest thou down hither?

and with whom hast thou left

those few sheep in the wilderness?

I know thy pride,

and the naughtiness of thine heart;

for thou art come down

that thou mightest see the battle.”

And so the elder brother chides the younger brother, and something in you will do just that. As this glimpse of Light comes, the very opposite will come quickly and say, “Don’t be fooled. Don’t be fooled now. Don’t soft pedal this thing. It’s a giant problem.” And so reason and logic, the elder brother’s, those qualities in the mind that have been there longer than the younger brother, the memories of your inadequacies of the past begin to say to you, “Well, wait a minute now. Don’t get overconfident,” or “Don’t even get your hopes up.” The elder brother: “Your past experience chides you, this little fledgling who thinks that there’s no problem.”

“And David said, What have I now done?

Is there not a cause?”

“I didn’t come down to here” in other words, “because I just want to out of curiosity. There’s a cause. There’s a physical lie out here, and I am spiritual vision, and I’m simply appearing to show that it isn’t there.”

“And he turned from him toward another,

and spake after the same manner:

and the people answered him again after the former manner:

. . . And when the words were heard which David spake,

they rehearsed them before Saul [the king of Israel]:

And he sent for him. [David].”

Now your mind and your will, well knowing that they have failed in similar situations, begins to turn to this fledgling in you. This little ray of Truth calls for it.

“And David said to Saul,

Let no man’s heart fail because of him [Goliath];

thy servant will go and fight with this Philistine.”

Here’s your old veteran mind, all your experience in this little upstart inside you says, “I’ll take care of the situation.” Saul, the king of your will, the king of your mind is listening to the ray of spiritual vision, called David:

“And Saul said to David,

Thou art not able to go against this Philistine

to fight with him: for thou art but a youth,

and he a man of war from his youth.

And David said unto Saul, Thy servant kept his father’s sheep,

and there came a lion, and a bear, and it took a lamb out of the flock:

And I went out after him,

and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth:

and when he arose against me,

I caught him by his beard, and smote him, and slew him.

Thy servant slew both the lion and the bear:

And this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them,

seeing he hath defied the armies of the living God.”

Now, David says he’s slew a lion, and a bear. Nobody knew that. Do you see, he did that while he was feeding the sheep? The lion and the bear represent qualities within himself that he had overcome. He’d overcome the power of the lion and the power of the bear. He’d overcome the belief in physical might and mental might. He’d overcome materiality. The David in you, aware of the non-reality, the non-power of mental might and physical might, has overcome the lion and the bear, the normal human impulses to go out and defend. “Oh,” said Saul, “You did that. Well, that’s a different story.”

“David said moreover,

The Lord that delivered me out of the paw of the lion,

and out of the paw of the bear,

he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine.

And Saul said unto David, Go, and the Lord be with thee.”

Something reaches your mind and it says, “Okay, maybe you’ve got new weapons I never heard of, but go ahead.” That vision becomes strong enough to convince your mind to let loose, let little David go forth.

Now, not by might, not by power, but by the Spirit of the Lord, you’re willing to face this problem. And the old impulses are right there, of course, so David starts to put on the armor. The mind says, “Now, it’s raining outside; wear your rubbers and take your umbrella.” The mind says, “There’s a giant out there. Put on this armor.” That’s the habit of the mind, and before you know it, little David’s starting to do that.

“And Saul armed David with his armor,

and he put an helmet of brass upon his head;

also he armed him with a coat of mail.

And David girded this sword upon his armor,

and he assayed to go;”

That was just old habit. But then spiritual vision gets the upper hand, and says:

“And David said unto Saul,

I cannot go with these;

for I have not proved them.

And David put them off him.”

He’s going to prove spiritual vision is power and needs no armor. David is not going to depend on material aid. Spiritual vision does not go outside and depend on the externals. Spiritual vision says, “I am self-sufficient. I have an invisible friend called the Holy Ghost. He does all my work. I need no physical power. I need no mental might. I need nothing. Oh yes, there is something I need, a little sting shot.”

“And he took his staff in his hand,

and chose him five smooth stones out of the brook,

and put them in the shepherd’s bag

which he had, even in the scrip;

and his sling was in his hand:

and he drew near to the Philistine.”

Five smooth stones, not rough ones, not coarse ones, not the five physical senses, but smooth stones, the five inner senses of the Soul, the knowledge of Truth; not eyes to look with and see Goliath, ears to hear him, not those senses, but five smooth senses. Inner vision was all he could use that would be of any value, and he didn’t even use those five smooth stones, when it came down to the crucial moment. Why? The Philistine came out and drew near David. Oh, he went into hails of laughter. “Look at this little fellow out there with a sling shot.” He just couldn’t believe it. This represented all of Israel.

And the Philistine said unto David

Am I a dog that thou cometh to me with staves?

And the Philistine cursed David by his gods,

And the Philistine said to David, Come to me,

and I will give thy flesh unto the fowls of the air,

and to the beasts of the field.”

This poor little boy, David, this spiritual vision that you go out with, it seems, “Oh, am I making a mistake?” And what had seemed like an enormous thing before looks like it can crush this little bud within your heart. It gives you every kind of threat, every form of intimidation. It tells you how useless and small you are, how impotent you are. It tells you it’s going to dismember you. And yet that little bud of Truth within you learns to stand there and look at it and smile, and not even hate it, and not fear it, and not want to tear it to pieces, not even want to go out and fight it. You don’t do battle with the giant. That’s your secret. You don’t do battle. You know the Truth. You do what David did. You reach for one stone.

The Philistine is still ranting and raving:

“This day will the Lord deliver thee into mine hand;

and I will smite thee,

and take thine head from thee;

and I will give the carcasses

of the host of the Philistines this day

unto the fowls of the air,

and to the wild beasts of the earth;

that all the earth may know

that there is a God in Israel.”

You’ve heard it all before inside yourself. You’ve heard Goliath’s threats. It comes in the form of other people, other agencies, other institutions, all talking through your mind to you, telling you what’s going to happen.

“And all this assembly shall know

that the Lord saveth

not with sword and spear:”

David looks up. He hasn’t the slightest bit of fear. He looks at this giant who is threatening him, and he knows the giant hasn’t got a chance. He has now reached the point of absolute Truth within himself. At this point David is aware that there is no giant, that the problem was a myth, a total fantasy of the mind. It has completely disappeared as a force, whereas before it was all of this power. The knowledge of the omnipotence of God is the growing strength of this inner Vision. It takes complete control of your Consciousness, and you know who you are; and then David in you can say,

“ . . . for the battle is the Lord’s,

and he will give you unto our hands.”

There was a time after the forty days of David, when he was ready to go out, that he went out and said, “I am now ready to meet Him for the Lord of Hosts.” And we see that the personal individual sense of self, called Goliath, is always thinking of what it will do, but David represents not your faith in yourself, in your own individual power, but your faith in the omnipotence of the Spirit, your knowledge that the power of God is what will express where you are, and not the power of the mind of man. David takes it out of a fight between two powers into the knowledge that only the power of God is present.

“And it came to pass, when the Philistine arose,

and came and drew nigh to meet David,

that David hasted,

and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine.”

Now, from this point on, everything in the outer is merely the externalized appearance that comes from the newborn Consciousness you have attained. It’s all automatic. From now on, it’s Grace. You don’t make a conscious decision—just the knowledge of who you are, the living Spirit of God—and from that moment, the Spirit of God does the work. You don’t. It will appear as you. It will appear as David. He will do things, but he’s not doing them. He’s merely the outer visible activity of the inner Consciousness of God.

So David puts his hand in his bag, and he takes a stone, a stone. He had five. Which one did he pick? The five had become one. The five inner senses have become the one stone of Truth. Spiritual Consciousness is the stone, the knowledge that there is one Self, only one Being, perfect, pure, here, now, God, and no other; no problem, no one to have a problem.

David is aware of himself as the Light of God. You become aware of your Self through this David Consciousness that you are the Light of God. And that knowledge becomes the stone which makes contact with the forehead of the giant, and he

“slang it, and smote the Philistine in his forehead,

that the stone sunk into his forehead;

and he fell upon his face to the earth.”

The moment you know One Self, everything else evaporates which had been such a braggart, such a threat, such an intimidation, such a peril; and all of the consequences of it fade with it—the knowledge of One Self, one stone. The five inner senses become the One vision, the One Omniscient Self; and beside Me, there is no other. And so we have most of this story. There’s a little more though.

“So David prevailed over the Philistine

with a sling and with a stone,

and smote the Philistine, and slew him;

but there was no sword in the hand of David.”

And so we’re being told we don’t fight a sword with a sword. We don’t fight on the level of the problem that’s coming into us. We find our five inner stones. We consciously turn away from what the five outer senses are telling us. That’s the meaning of the five stones. We turn away from what the five senses are telling us, and we rest within, in our Kingdom of God within, which is the five inner smooth stones, until we feel the knowledge of One Self, One pure, perfect immaculate Being. We have, now, no other gods, but the One, no other powers but the One: no powers to resist, to defend against. And so David had no sword. All he had was the inner knowledge, represented in the outer by five smooth stones. And that’s all we need, and that is the meaning of no power. That is all we need.

Furthermore, if we need anything else, we are not in the knowledge of no power, and we will not be released from that Goliath, which is our tormentor. It is only when we can accept the All-ness of God, in spite of the apparent tormentor, that we’re in the knowledge of no power needed.

“Therefore David ran,

and stood upon the Philistine,

and took his sword,

and drew it out of the sheath thereof,

Because David had none, he took the Philistine’s sword. So he “drew it out of the sheath thereof:

and slew him,

And that’s the end of your problem;

and cut off his head therewith.

And now your problem can’t talk back anymore.

And when the Philistines saw their champion was dead,

they fled.”

Now what’s the significance of David slaying him with his own sword? The subtle significance is this, that the power of evil which was so great has now been transmuted, and you find it’s a power of good.

That evil forced you to come to the state of knowledge that you need no power to overcome evil. That evil was good. To you, it wasn’t. It will only be good to you when you realize what it’s done for you. Otherwise you would never reach this high level where you can stand in no power, immune to all karmic law. And there’ll be more and more and more so-called evil until you reach that place. Then you can do what he did. “David took the head of the Philistine, and brought it to Jerusalem; and he put his armor in his tent.” Finally, that has become your Consciousness, a level, a new firmament.

Now I think we can clearly see that Samuel was telling us that there’s a place called the secret place of the Most High, where you can be still as the Father within speaks; and that Father within will come to you as either David or Jesus or one of the prophets, but always as an inner impulse to lift you to the place where you can stand confidently. And as we look around the world, it’s very true, we cannot just toss away our national weapons, because this is not yet the national consciousness; and so we’re not going around to recommend to Washington that they reread David and Goliath. They’re not going to get this in ten minutes or ten days or ten months.

We’ve got all we can do to build that Consciousness ourselves, and we cannot teach it until we have it. The other day a mother said, “How can I teach this to my child?” about something; and I knew very well that she didn’t understand it, so I said, “Well, I would suggest that you learn it, and then you will find you automatically can teach it. But before you have learned it, what’s the point of asking how to teach it?” You have nothing to teach until you learn it.” Until we are in the Consciousness of no power, there’s nobody to teach it. You can’t teach it to your child. You can’t teach it to your brother or sister or mother or father until you are It. When you are in the Consciousness of no power, you’ll find you’re automatically teaching it because that’s what you will demonstrate. Everything you do will be a teaching.

There will be less Goliaths in your life, and people will say, “Well, how come you’re not worried about such and such a condition?” “Well, I didn’t feel that God made such a condition, and so I’m not worried about it.” “Well, there’s an epidemic coming. Aren’t you aware of that?” “Well no, I’m aware of something quite different. I’m aware that no epidemic is coming. I’m aware that there’s a mental hysteria about an epidemic, but God isn’t sending an epidemic. How can it come here if God isn’t sending it here? Is there another power?” You’re still wrestling with Goliath, aren’t you?

And so, soon, you’re demonstrating the Consciousness of no power needed, but you’re not really an ostrich with your head in the sand, pretending it’s not there.—That’s for the one who is affirming and denying. And says it says so in the book, so it must be true.—You have made it your living Consciousness, and so for you it’s the practical way. For you, David and Goliath is not preposterous. For you, any condition on this earth is just another David and Goliath condition. And then, of course, you know that Goliath wasn’t just a physical thing. It’s a symbol of all the other contingencies in the material world, the sum total of material consciousness, summed up by the name Goliath.

Always the healings in the Bible demonstrate the power of Spirit as infallible, as indestructible in the face of every material power, but always there was the Consciousness of the Truth that matter is non-power over Spirit, and that where Spirit is recognized, realized, understood, and lived in daily, where personal self in a physical form is died to daily, where the knowledge of spiritual Identity is accepted daily, where Goliath is crucified daily, and David is resurrected daily in Consciousness, that is the pathway to Kingship.

The question comes up some time: Wouldn’t it help me if I knew how Goliath gets there? What puts him there? Why does Goliath even appear? And you know, originally, I thought we were going to do some of that today, but I can see that it’s going to be a very special lesson. It’s really something that I have hesitated to do for a long time because it takes us into a completely different place than the kind of lesson we’ve had today. We are going to call it “Cosmic Television,” the method in which Goliath appears, problems appear, other forms of error appear. Now, although it’s rather strange, I want to discuss it with you because I think we will be able to shed many of the attempts of the mind to try to understand this fellow Goliath.

I believe you can never really reach that state of non-power until you have really convinced your mind of the illusory nature of all material form. That will be the purpose, then, of our little talk on “Cosmic Television.” I don’t know if it ties up with Chapter 6, but I assure you by the time our talk is finished next week, it will. And so chapter six in Contemplative Life; and as you read it, bear in mind that we’re trying to learn, through this inner contemplative meditation, how to be able to know that Goliath is an illusion, that every form of problem is a form of a cosmic illusion, locally accepted. And we want to know how these illusions get here. Who puts them here? What’s the substance of them? What’s the background behind them?

And, maybe, when we know this, this mind of ours will be still and be willing to rely on little David, who by now is grown up to be the King within us, who will come forth as I, Christ. So finally, we find here that Saul, the king, says to little David, when they bring him to him, after he has slain the Philistine:

“Whose son art thou,

thou young man?

And David answered,

I am the son of thy servant Jesse the Bethlehemite.”

I come from Substance, the house of bread. And the whole slaying of this non-existent Philistine was by that knowledge of Truth, which reveals the absence of the lie, that knowledge, which is spiritual awareness is the Kingdom of God within you realized and lived in; and every illusion in the world, every imperfection, which is an illusion, through the the Substance of your Being—when you know that you have come from Bethlehem—is revealed as non-existence.

Then we, too, can say to Saul, to the mind, “I’ve been born of Bethlehem.” I come from Jesse in Bethlehem, and Jesse is I am. Everything that I am is from the root of I Am. For that I Am I am. And finally, the Christ comes forth: I and the Father are One. The Substance is established as your Being. There is no other. And instead of being in Cosmic Television, watching images of light and shadows, you’re an infinite Being without opposite. Your Substance, there’s Its Life.

Now, you know the four procedures, then, the four steps: Impersonalizing means there’s nothing, no one there. There’s no dog there. There’s no person there. The nothingizing is: there can be no condition there if there’s no person or a dog or whatever there; and both of these are done by knowing that only Spirit is. Number three: Spirit is My Name, My Identity. Spirit is everywhere Omnipresent. The Omnipresence of Spirit is My Name. Therefore, My Spirit is everywhere. Everywhere I am. No conditions, no persons, no people, no dogs, no cats, no anything, except pure Spirit everywhere, the Kingdom of God; and It is where I am, and It is everywhere. I am in this Omnipresence with all the powers of that Omnipresence.

And now rest in the peace of that, and you are at the point of equilibrium. The world can turn upside down, and to you it will hardly be noticeable. My peace I give unto you at this point, not as the world gives. This peace is beyond the understanding of this world, but it is not beyond the understanding of your Self, for it is your Self that gives this peace; and this is the peace that no power is needed. The realization becomes your Self.

Every time you find you want to fight something or meet it in some way, it is because you haven’t practiced the realization of no power. You can lose it in a flash, and I know that. You’re going to lose it in an hour or two. You’re going to wake up without it tomorrow morning, but that’s where you must be; and so, therefore, you must establish ways and means for you to recoup this Consciousness, until you lose it less and come into it higher, until the opposites fade away.

Get that little card. Write on it, “Only God is present,” or anything that came out of this talk for you. Brief it; make it yours. Over a period of time, you’ll have ten cards, twenty cards. You’ll find just a quick flash through one by one, they quickly establish levels within yourself. They begin to work their silent leavening. They prepare you, and you’ll find Goliath never comes to you when you are prepared, only when you are not.

Thanks again. See you next week perhaps: The sixth chapter of Contemplative Life.

Thank you very much.

The story today is the fifth chapter of The Contemplative Life and whatever it brings out in us, and I think next week we’ll go right ahead into the sixth chapter of Contemplative Life. I’m really anxious to get through it so we can move into Joel’s next book, The Mystical I, all prepared for it.

When we have finished this book, we will have what may be called the foundation of the transcendental Consciousness. We should be at a place where we can, without flinching an eyelid, be aware of the nothingness of all error without taking thought about it. This book should be for us a preparation for that Consciousness which needs take no thought about the problems of the world and of the body, without having to sit down and intellectualize about it. There is such a Consciousness. At times you find you’re in it. At other times you have to rise up from the valley.

A friend of mine said the other day sometimes he feels that he’s walking up the down escalator. And we all know, that unless we are continuously moving up, up, up, the moment we stop the consciousness of the world takes us right down, back where we started, and sometimes even further back. But there is a top. It’s the landing, the momentary mountain top; and on that top, there’s Goliath out there, but he doesn’t stand a chance. It’s an unfair fight; poor Goliath could never win because you stand in a different Consciousness in which Goliath, to you, is actually nothing: not a giant, not a bully, not an insurmountable thing in front of you, taunting you, telling you you can’t get by. But your Goliath has been conquered, and you’re ready for new things.

Now, according to the morning paper, Mr. William Randolph Hearst Junior has provided us with a little sidelight to today’s lesson. He is expressing the fear that Russia is getting there quicker in the arms race than we are. He is seeing his Goliath, and he is pointing out to us that we must fear and outrace that Goliath; and if anyone were to say to Mr. Hearst or those who share his opinion that they have no faith in the Bible, they would throw up their arms and say, “What are you talking about? We’re God-fearing men.” “But what about what God says in the Bible? Do you accept it?” “Oh, yes.” “Well, what about David and Goliath, and what about your story this morning?”

Let’s look at the story, and then let’s look at David and Goliath and see the difference in the mind of man, typified by the Hearst Story, and the Mind of Spirit, typified by the words speaking through Samuel to us about a man who’s in a vision [that] enables him to walk through an insurmountable object without taking arms. Mr. Hearst says, “Today, the US bomber force is less than 600. Our sub launched missiles have numbered 650 for four years, and our land based missiles have totaled 1,054 for four years. And during the same time, the Soviet bomber force has remained about constant, but their sub missile force has grown to almost 400 launchers and is expected to overtake ours in two or three years. And meanwhile, a Soviet land-based Inter-Continental force has risen to over 1440 operational launches.” More on the way. And so while the Soviets are gaining and will soon exceed us in missile weaponry at sea, we have already fallen distinctly behind on land.

Now, that’s a very imposing series of statistics, and I’m sure it’ll make the Pentagon do something very quickly. But of course, you realize that the Pentagon reads the Bible, too, and believes in it. And therefore, we must see that people can read this Bible and believe in it, while their actions are completely opposed to what they believe.

According to this, the David and Goliath story should have been written another way, perhaps. David should have looked out and said, “Oh, look at that giant, and look at that armor, and look at the weapons. Now let’s see, how can I go out and fight him? What we need to do is get together and build better weapons. We have to out-power him, or perhaps, out- smart him, or we need a great general to out-flank him. We must do something physically or mentally.” That would be the Bible version if it meant us to out-power Russia or out-power other nations.

But the Bible version says, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit . . .” And really the greatest observation you will ever find on the David and Goliath story is in the fifth chapter of Contemplative Life, because without a lot of fanfare, without a lot of psychology, Joel has given us not only the secret of David and Goliath, but the secret of the transcendental Consciousness that we can live in. We’re going to trace that, because in order to understand his secret and the secret of Samuel and the secret of David and the secret of Christ Jesus, it isn’t enough to see that a little fellow went out with a sling shot, and that we can do the same. We must see what went [on] inside the Consciousness of David. What is the inner David doing while the outer David is overcoming this insurmountable object?

And very nicely, once we start to look at what the inner David is doing, the scripture tells us precisely that. Practically every line tells you what’s going on in David’s Consciousness, and it’s a perfect blueprint for us of the path to what David eventually becomes. He becomes a king. Goliath is just one stepping stone on the way. As you move past Goliath, there are going to be other Goliaths. Let’s not pretend that the moment he got past Goliath, everything was roses. He got through four or five wives, too. He got through many things on the way, all part of his spiritual path. He lost one whom he loved very dearly. He lost Jonathan, and you will notice that he even lost his own followers. But always, this invisible path of Spirit gives us the outer signs; and if we’re looking, we recognize them and we make them part of our continuing developing awareness of Truth.

We find right out that David was tending the sheep. We know that Christ Jesus later said, “I am the good shepherd. My sheep hear my voice.” We know that he said to Peter, “If you love me, feed my sheep.” David was feeding the sheep, tending the sheep. Now, this is a sign, then, a symbol to us that he is in the preparatory stage of initiation. He is one of eight sons. He’s the eighth, and he is the youngest. He is in a far country. He’s not in his own kingdom at the moment.

The king of this country is Saul, the king of Israel, and now we have Israel pitted against the Philistines, and shall we say, then, that mind and body are having a little war? But Saul looks with some degree of favor upon David, and so something is happening that will make David the champion on the side of Israel, on the side of mind coming into a higher sense called Soul; and on the other side, their champion, the champion of physical force of the body of man, of the base nature of man is the incarnate evil, called Goliath—two champions, one representing body, one representing that emergent awareness of Soul, coming above the level of mind.

Now, before we go any further, you’re able to see that Goliath represents the old man of yesterday. David represents the new. Actually, there are many facets to Goliath, and they change as you change. At one point Goliath will represent to you the accumulated karma of your entire life, all standing out in front of you, saying, “ You can’t go any further.” At another stage, Goliath will only represent a momentary problem, but one thing that Goliath does represent, always, is this: Goliath is not an external obstacle. Goliath is not an external condition blocking your path. Goliath represents the complete fullness of your own false sense of self.

This Goliath, that we encounter in Scripture, is your second self. David is your emergent real Self becoming Self-aware, lifting you out of the false belief in a second self; and every problem, every pain, every ache, every evil, every form of darkness, lack and limitation, every belief in anything finite is included in this Goliath, this present sense of self. And when you look out at a problem, we learn you’re not looking out at a problem, you’re looking at the Goliath of the false sense of self which says, “Here’s the problem, and here’s what it’s going to do to you if you don’t watch out.”

The problem is never external to your being. It is always the Goliath of your false sense of self standing in front of you, looking down at you, saying, “Here is what we have to face today.” Goliath is not your enemy out there. Goliath is mortal mind in you, making this vast image of an impregnable armor which says, “You cannot defeat me.” You may be recovering from an accident, and your mind can’t figure out how in the world this condition, which has settled into a seemingly permanent condition, can ever be overcome; and so you study spiritually and you study and you study. You’re walking up that down escalator and getting nowhere.

Sometimes it seems, “I’ve got it.” Other times, you’re back at the bottom looking up. Goliath still says, “But it did happen. The bone’s set this way. You can’t do anything about that now. It’s done. It’s finished.” And your Goliath, there, is the belief that it happened, because if it happened, when it happened God wasn’t there; and that situation has never happened. In other words, Goliath is your hypnosis in the material events of the past as an accepted reality. Yes, there is a way to overcome the hypnosis of the past, as well as the present and the future; and all of that is Goliath, the braggart standing over us putting fear into our hearts and telling our minds, “You can’t figure out this one.”

All of this is said when we are told about the size, the stature, the scowl, the armor, the loud, ominous voice; and all of this is contrasted by a quiet little fellow who was feeding the sheep, just a young fellow with a ruddy countenance, a child, you might say, but somehow he doesn’t hear the braggart as others do, because living in the inner self, feeding the sheep, resting in the Consciousness of God’s presence, he develops the capacity to see with the eyes of God: to see no evil, to hear no evil, to speak no evil. Goliath, it’s almost hard to focus upon this fellow, Goliath. Did God make such a creature? Did God make anything destructive? Did God create a problem? Goliath, who can this be? A nothingness, not created by the Father.

But who is David? Is David a nothingness, too? Yes, he is a nothingness. He’s as much a nothingness as Goliath. There’s no David there. There’s no Goliath there. And only David is aware of that. “I am the Light,” said the Master Jesus. And now David is realizing him Self to be the Light of God, because having fed the sheep, the Consciousness has developed to the point where Light, Spirit, Substance, Essence is the Identity of David and the Identity of Goliath. All that is present in the pure Consciousness is the true Identity of Spirit.

There are not two forms, and nothing more. There are two body images standing in the One Invisible Light, and who is the majority but the One who knows this? Now David, being an initiate of Truth, and Goliath, representing that force in him which stands in his way to the kingship or Christ-hood, is really waging an inner conflict, which has nothing to do with other people or other events. This is the change of consciousness within David, made visible. This is spiritual Consciousness manifesting outwardly as outer events, but you’re going to discover, as we go along a little further, that the language of the Soul is what we’re looking at.

We’re looking at these symbols, appearing as body images and body conditions and world conditions, that are put forth by consciousness as it is accepted or rejected; and all that we are witnessing now is the acceptance within David that the Kingdom of God is within him Self, that his Spirit is Omnipresent Spirit, that his Omnipresent Spirit stands where Goliath appears to be. He cannot deny Omnipresence and accept the intimidation of Goliath at the same time. Once he has accepted Goliath as a reality, a force of destruction, he is saying, “Omnipresence is a lie. Spirit is a lie. Spirit is not here. The power of Spirit is not here.”

And as a human being, this is precisely what he would do, but having been tending the sheep, having had that spiritual beginning within him Self and that rising knowledge of the inner Christ, all the strength, all the power of the Kingdom in his Consciousness must manifest in some way as the non-power of Goliath; and the great vision, that came through Joel about this, is the secret of your work. It is something that is not explained by any of the religions of the world because, until no power is accepted, you cannot explain David and Goliath, except in the usual clichés.

No power here means just this: God, being the only Presence anywhere, only the perfect power of God is functioning. And when you are trying with the mind to cope with that thought, you find you’re unable to support it for a long time. You can memorize it, and you can try to jot it on a card so that tomorrow you remember it. You can try to hammer it into yourself with a recitation, but it isn’t enough. Non-power has to be a state of Consciousness, attainable, in which you are able to know that because God is everywhere, there is no power needed in any circumstance on this earth.

Now that may manifest as a boy with a sling shot, casting a stone on the forehead of a giant, and you’ll say, “Well, he did something. He didn’t exert no power. He did something.” Yes, only because if he did absolutely nothing, it would not be as it is in actual human living. You would have no way of understanding what was happening. In human living, you would be putting on the armor and going out to face this giant. In human living, you would face your adversary, and you would usually use the identical tactics of your adversary. You’d want to match him, brain for brain, brawn for brawn, strategy for strategy. That’s not the spiritual Way. The spiritual Way is, first, within yourself; and within himself, David knew no power was needed to overcome this adversary—no power needed, no armor, no sword.

The sling shot and the five stones become symbols to teach us. In fact, if he had gone out with his sword and armor, you wouldn’t have heard this story again. He’d have been annihilated if he met his adversary with the tactics of the adversary. If you meet the liar with a lie, a cheat with a cheat, the force with a force, you’re just locking horns. You’re recognizing it as a reality; and here this vast, monumental figure, compared to the little boy, is shown to be nothing but a mirage, an externalized belief, the sum total of all human fear externalized into one mammoth figure with no substance, no content, no power—unless he has an adversary who believes he has power.

And when you translate this to every problem in your life, you find you are really saying that every problem in your life is without substance, without power, is nothing but your externalized belief made visible as condition, thing, person, adversary, who needs to be faced only by the little David in you with his slingshot, meaning, inner vision, for that which finally makes the giant succumb is the stone of Truth, one little stone of Truth; and the giant is slain. This is the eternal warfare between all of the material grotesque problems of the world and your one little stone of spiritual Truth. And what is that spiritual Truth which makes it possible for you to stand in the Consciousness of no power? Only Spirit exists. There is only Spirit.

I am the Light. You are the Light. These forms of a world mind are not Substance. These are shadows in the Light. And the Consciousness of Light as your Name, your Substance, your Being, the Awareness of the Omnipresence of the Light, worked with, and that’s feeding your sheep, living with It. And every time a thought runs out of line, you bring that thought back into the fold with your rod of Truth, so that every little sheep,—Every little thought that moves outside into fear, hate, rejection, resentment, material thinking is a lost sheep.—and you gently bring it back into the fold. You are feeding the sheep of your mind until all that is in there is the Truth that Spirit is, Spirit is, Spirit IS.

Does Spirit have pain? No. Does Spirit have any problem? No. Does Spirit suffer? Does Spirit have a heart attack? Is Spirit blind? Is Spirit deaf? Does Spirit die? Does Spirit have anything that we encounter in the world as a problem? Is Spirit all? And every little sheep, that says, “There’s something besides Spirit.” has to be brought back into the fold, in your Consciousness until all your sheep are in the fold, until Spirit is your Consciousness.

Now, where is Goliath? Just one of the little sheep. Just one of the little sheep who got too big because he wasn’t watched. And now we look at Goliath. He’s not quite as big anymore. He has shrunken some. Spirit is, and he’s been telling you how powerful he is. He’s been denying that Spirit is the only power. He’s been telling you what he’s going to do to you, if you ever dare to come out on the battlefield with him. But Spirit is all that is here.

Spiritual Identity is yours, and that spiritual Identity is Omnipresent. There are no opposites in Spirit. There are no Goliaths’ in Spirit. There are no Russia’s in Spirit, but you’ll never know this until you know there’s no David in Spirit either. As long as there’s a David, there’s a Goliath. As long as there’s a personal me, there’s a Goliath, but when I am Spirit, Goliath was just shot, murdered, killed, annihilated. He never existed. The absence of personal sense in me is the end of Goliath, because that’s who Goliath was. My personal sense is Goliath, but I know I am Spirit. The slingshot has found its mark. Truth has conquered Goliath. All the problems were in Goliath.

When I know I am Spirit, the problems contingent upon the existence of a personal self are no longer there. You cannot find a problem in Spirit, and when you have accepted Spirit as the All, as the Self, as the Self without beginning or end in time or space, as the Self everywhere now, you’re in the Consciousness that needs no power. We have to illustrate that for you. The dog bites the boy. The mother is worried. The shot is given to the boy for rabies. There’s a day, a fourteen day period before you really know. So you wait.

Goliath says, “The boy can have rabies.” Mother says, “We have to watch out, the boy can have rabies.” Medicine says, “The boy can have rabies.” There’s a power called “rabies” where there is no awareness that Spirit is All. Now then, this comes to your attention, and you are aware that Spirit is All. Goliath is standing before you. Maybe to you it’s not much of a Goliath anymore, but it is to that mother; and behind it all is rabies, the threat, the possibility. Why, even the other day, a boy in the paper passed on from rabies, and so she’s worried.

Now, none of us should have that worry, because if you are feeding your sheep, if you are living in the Consciousness of Truth that Spirit is All, you will be in the Consciousness which can say, really can say and know without any great effort, but instinctively and automatically, “There is no dog. There is no boy. There is only Spirit. There can be no rabies.” And in that Consciousness, you have fulfilled the first two points of your healing Consciousness, the knowledge of, the non-reality of the Goliath called matter, the non-reality of the Goliath called condition in matter. That is impersonalizing and nothingizing, just by being in the Consciousness that Spirit is All. You automatically do not go into a long wind up, a long harangue, and a long series of quotations.

It comes to you and you simply know Spirit being All, there is no material selfhood and no material condition, and there’s nothing to figure out. There’s nothing to argue about. There’s nothing to affirm or deny beyond that. It’s simply a knowing because you have been living in the Consciousness that Spirit is All, and sometimes you don’t have to go any further. It’s better to [take] the third step, and that third step now is something I want you to take because you’ve done it enough so that it can become routine, a great joy, but something that you don’t have to fumble to find: There is no dog; There is no boy.

If you can’t face that quickly, easily, effortlessly, you’ve got work to do; but it can be faced that way, and then, you see, you have nothing to fight against anymore. You don’t have to fight Goliath anymore. As far as you’re concerned, Goliath doesn’t have to die. He never existed. You don’t have to cure the rabies. I mean, now, this must be that Consciousness right then and there; and it takes daily living with it to be right then and there in that Consciousness. If there’s the slightest fumbling and trying to un-talk yourself from the problem, you’ve lost it right there.

Now then, if you can look at your financial problem the same way, a physical problem, your human relationships, anything in your life as an impossibility because Spirit is All there is, and stay with that for days until something in you accepts it, something in you refuses to accept another substance in this world than Spirit, when you reach that conclusion that Spirit is,—and that’s what Jesus was teaching,—that Spirit is All there is. And that’s why Spirit is invincible. That’s why Spirit needs no power to overcome matter. That’s why Spirit is never needing another power to overcome any material condition.

Spirit is, and the accident out there, the problem out there hitting your Consciousness doesn’t make a dent. It doesn’t cause a reaction. It isn’t that you steel yourself and your great will power, but rather you simply know. It just hits you, and that’s the end of it. It doesn’t make a dent. Now you’re in a non-reactive stage, which automatically is called impersonalizing and nothingizing. You haven’t done anything except you know. And we know that Spirit being All, I need no power.

Now, if we can get that far, your down escalator is going to cease to have power to bring you down. Let’s stand there for a minute in the knowledge that Spirit is the Substance of God, that God is Spirit, and God is All, and Spirit is the only Substance. And we’re working behind the visible scenes in the One Substance, which is Spirit, which is the power of perfection and love; and It is always present. It is always Self-maintaining, Self-supporting. And then the Bible says whatever you ask in my name shall be given.

Accept your Self to be that Spirit, and we’re in the third step. That Spirit, which is all, is My Name, My Substance; and because that Spirit is Omnipresent, and I am that Spirit, My Substance is Omnipresent: I am Omnipresent. My Substance is everywhere. The power of My Substance must be where My Substance is. We’re accepting Omnipresence of God everywhere; and therefore, the Omnipotence of God must be where His Substance is. Everywhere is God’s Spirit. Everywhere is God’s power.

Now, these are the facts. We’re not concerned about appearances. We’re in the third step of the healing Consciousness. The power and the presence of God is everywhere, and that Substance, which is the presence and power of God, is my Substance everywhere.

The fourth step puts the whole thing together. It’s total freedom. The fourth step is that Substance is here now. You take it here now in your Consciousness, and that’s all you do. Here now is that Substance, that Power, that Presence, that Spirit, which is God; and because it’s there, I don’t have to do anything about it. It’s here, and if I touch it here, I’m touching it everywhere in this Universe right now. All the Goliaths in the world can just waste their time. They aren’t there.

The Substance that I’m touching here is the only Substance that is there. The Spirit that is here is the only Spirit that is there, and because Spirit is All and has no material opposite, only Spirit is there. Only Spirit is everywhere, but I must touch It here in the Kingdom of God within me. Here I know, accept Spirit as Identity; and the Power, the Presence of that Spirit, which is here, being everywhere, becomes the law unto me. That’s the secret of no power, isn’t it? What power need I have over an adversary if Spirit is All there is? And I have seen no one in this world give us that understanding of David and Goliath, except Joel—no power.

Just standing in the knowledge Spirit is everywhere as Itself, and that Self is My Self here, that heals rabies, I can tell you right now. It removes the belief in rabies right here, and that absence of belief right here becomes the absence of belief wherever necessary, wherever there has been a contact to this awareness that rabies is non-existent, that only Spirit is. No power is needed to overcome it, none. No power is needed to overcome a problem on this earth. Though real, it is only real to the one who still has not accepted the All-ness of Spirit, the Identity of Spirit, the Omnipresence of Spirit.

And so in review, the one, two, three, four of it is this: You’re doing two jobs in one. You’re impersonalizing and nothingizing when you come to the place where you can know that only Spirit is. It takes some people five years to come to that: Only Spirit is. There is no material form and no material condition because of the fact that only Spirit is. You can take Jesus and see how simple it was for him, having reached the conclusion that only Spirit is, to stand looking out at every material claim and yawning, so that he only needs spittle to restore the awareness of vision. Only Spirit is. Where did vision go? Where did hearing go?

Where did all of the good things go if only Spirit is? They were lost in false belief, Goliath accepted, because the human mind is the very Goliath presenting all of the false beliefs. And so everywhere, is this condition in Spirit? Is there a cripple in Spirit? Is there lack and limitation in Spirit? Is Spirit hungry? Is Spirit poor? Is Spirit needful of something? Is Spirit suffering or dying? Is Spirit going to live just a certain number of years? Is Spirit getting older? Does Spirit need protection? And you find none of these things are true. Spirit needs none of this, and Spirit lacks nothing. And you’re strong. You’re at the Consciousness which knows this, so you’re up to the third step. You’re in that non-reactive Consciousness, which can smile and say, “But only Spirit is.” And you’re in the third step of “And it is I. I am Spirit.”

Where is Spirit? Everywhere, everywhere. Spirit is Omnipresent, therefore that Omnipresent Spirit is My Self. I’m no longer this finite material self. I am that Omnipresent Spirit, which is I and which is the fourth step: here, now. And that here now is the trigger, which unites you to Omnipresent Spirit everywhere, standing in the need for no power, letting the Spirit do Its own revelation of harmony and Truth and perfection. You’re in the Sabbath. Rest. Stand ye still. Wait upon the Lord. Let the Lord of Hosts show forth that the braggart, named Goliath, is just a huge bag of wind; and that personal sense of self, which is a source of every other Goliath you’re going to face, being dead, why, the source is gone. The personal sense is crucified.

You have really gone through the Crucifixion and the Resurrection with the slaying of Goliath. Personal sense slain, you’re resurrected unto Reality. You hold it a while, and in your Sabbath, you ascend over the material appearance. Every time you face another so-called problem with the Truth, you go through Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension, so that your Crucifixion is to crucify the false beliefs by knowledge of Spirit as the All. Your Resurrection is when you stand in the Truth of Being that I am that Spirit, and your Ascension is when you’re standing in the Lord in the Self. In the no power of pure Spirit, you ascend above the appearance. When you keep doing this again and again and again, you find you have the weapon to meet anything with no power; and then David and Goliath becomes a very valuable teaching for those on the path to Kingship or Christ-ing.

Now, I think the healing Consciousness should be quite clear by now. We should have solid ground to stand on. The importance of It is that when we have attained this measure of freedom, we don’t waste valuable energy and thought and time pushing things away and fighting adversaries. We can devote that time and that energy to dwelling in the Spirit, to living in the Truth, to walk with God; and thereby, you find you’re automatically living in cause, instead of fighting off the effects of a mortal mind. When you’re living in cause, you’re sowing to the Spirit, you’re building with Substance, you’re making a real transition in Consciousness; and the physical form is going to lose its effect. It’s going to become just another Goliath, as you become aware of that other Body of Light, which has no outer obstructions to face, which isn’t looking at the calendar, which knows nothing of the evils of the world.

Now this is the place we’re all at in varying degrees, but nonetheless, this is the focus from which we’re all working. Now, let’s assume we had all reached the point where every Goliath in the world would meet the Consciousness of no resistance in the knowledge that only Spirit is. At that moment, you are in, what may be called, a point of equilibrium between the finite and the infinite, between the unreal and the real, between the Spirit and the material. That point of equilibrium is the secret place of the Most High where you walk undisturbed, and having attained it in a measure, holding it in a measure, we learn we’re to live there at the point of equilibrium, which is a secret place of the Most High; and you’ll find that is where My Peace is.

I give you My Peace at that point of equilibrium, where there is nothing which is responding to the material world’s complaints, which is sowing to the Spirit, which has built a confident assurance of spiritual Identity under spiritual law everywhere, which has accepted that God is conscious, always present, always power, always love, always harmony, always perfection, always and everywhere. The miracle of Life begins at that point. That is where we walk on a new firmament, and we discover the old earth was really a symbol of our old body. The new earth is our new Body of Spirit, which is infinite, and we are that infinite spiritual Body called the New Earth.

We’re on a different scale of things. There’s no personal self now to be concerned about, as we were before. There’s no personal self to be made into a success or to protect. That’s yesterday’s Goliath. You’ll find that David put his armor in the tent, after he knew he would never need that armor to wear. The new Consciousness was formed. The armor was within, in the tent. The knowledge of Self places you on the new Firmament. To walk in the Spirit is to walk in the acceptance that I live in the cause of Reality; and cause and effect are one.

Cause, being Spirit and being perfect, effect must be one with that cause and always perfect; and therefore, I am not concerned. I live in obedience to the impulse of Spirit. Goliath may eventually show forth again in another form and then another, but the ultimate death of Goliath is assured the moment you have reached this level, which says, Spirit can never be less than its own present, perfect Self in All things.

Then I would suggest that you make a little card. Get yourself a handful of index cards, and every time you come to a major Truth, something you know is a landmark for you, something you’ve got to be able to wake up to tomorrow and be part of your Self without any effort, such as “Only Spirit is present,” when you have the realization of that, a knowledge of it, the working understanding of it, put it on your index card, “Only Spirit is present,” in nice big, bold letters.

Put that card in your pocket. Put it in your purse. Keep it on your person, wherever you are. Occasionally, just pull it out and look at it, “Only Spirit is present,”until this is your knowledge within, until it’s carded inside yourself, until you know “Only Spirit is present,” so that you can quickly look at any situation, without having to intellectualize about it, and stand ye still in the knowledge that “Only Spirit is present.” And then wait inside, and this is where that glorious feeling becomes the revelation of Divine Power.

Because “Only Spirit is present,” you find something within you seems to move to wherever the predicament is; and right there, where the predicament seems to be, even though it may be miles away from where you are, within your Self it seems such a short distance, just a foot away. And from where the predicament seems to be in the outer, within yourself that predicament seems to disappear; and something right there says, “Only Spirit ishere.” You have that feeling: “It is done.” The inner realization here, and just a little further here, “Only Spirit is here,” and that, miles in the outer, is just in that little space within your Self; and when you feel it is done, it is done.

All of this took place in David before Goliath fell, before he picked up the sling shot, before he let go, before it made contact. It all took place in that one little brief span of Consciousness within him Self; and then, like a little microfilm, shone forth on a huge screen as a moving picture, it became an outer visible thing, but the complete enactment of it was all within his inner Consciousness knowing Spirit is here, Spirit is there, the law of Spirit is perfection, and that is all that can be here. I need not make it so.

There is an important sequence here. We find Jesus stepping out of the Jordan, baptized by a man, suffering it to be so now, then the dove, the baptism of the Spirit. We know now that the descent of the Ghost signaled that the human sense of body had completely been overcome. Now there stood a man who was no longer a man of earth. In his Consciousness there existed only the Omnipresent Self, the One. To human eyes it was the same body they had seen, but it was not. It was the body of the Soul, indestructible. I’m quite sure he needed no food. He lived on Light. He was Light. He moved as Light, and he’d announced that I am the Light.

The mission of Jesus Christ could not begin until the Soul body had been formed, completed, realized, and lived in; and this is the birth of the Christ. This is the moment of being begotten of the Father, and only then did Christ walk the earth without human interference from a man named Jesus. Only then could Christ move through the earth giving the teaching, for now there was One, not two. The Christ Body and the Christ Mind lived and walked, and this was identified by human sense as Jesus; and there was still remnants of humanhood, and therefore, the wilderness experience had to follow. And after the wilderness experience, which was the Ascension, the complete overcoming of material law, there had to be the three temptations to show what Ascension means. Ascension meant that all personal self had been destroyed.

There was no desire to wear a halo, no desire to be identified as the One who came from God, no desire to own anything, not even the kingdoms of this world in all their power and glory, no desire to possess, and no lack, no limitation, no need unfulfilled. I, Spirit, am Self-supporting, complete. Nothing external to Self was needed, Self being the infinite Self. This acceptance became the realized Christ, now walking forth to demonstrate to mankind the Identity that stands behind every form that walks the earth, saying, “When you reach back into your Self, you’ll find I, and I am the Way. When you reach back into your Self, I will pour the Oil, I will release you from all measures of iniquity that appear to your limited human consciousness. I stand where You are. All that I have is Thine, and I will never leave You.”

This is who was now walking the earth called “Jesus,” but it is I, the infinite Invisible because the man, Jesus, has died to the Lazarus within him, to the Mary within him, to the Herod within him, to the Pilate within him, even to the Judas within him. The man, Jesus, is no more; and it was only before, because rather, all this had happened to purify that consciousness completely of humanhood, of finitude, of a denial of omnipresent Self as the One and Only. Now he could step forward, and now the Spirit could speak words of Truth that can be depended upon, words that you never have to examine suspiciously and say, “I wonder if this is true.” You can do that with people, but with the words of Spirit, you say, “Thank you.”

This is more true than anything ever divined by a human mind. This I can depend on. This is Life Itself talking, and this Spirit steps forth and gives us the reason why it can now walk the earth doing the miracles. And the world sees Jesus saying this, But it is the Omnipresent One behind all of us saying, “I, the Spirit of the Lord is upon Me because He hath anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor.” And those poor are us, those who are poor because they have not let the Oil flow, those who are poor because they have not accepted Identity, those who are poor because they are still clinging to a human concept of possession, who do not know that Spirit possesses nothing, for Spirit is all.

“The Spirit of the Lord hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted,” In other words, as I within you is received, that which was the broken heart is shown not even to be the heart, itself. There is no separation in Spirit to be broken up about. The broken heart is the denial of Omnipresence. When we say, “I have lost my husband. I have lost my wife. I have lost my child,” we are denying Omnipresence. We do not realize that the Self, which is my child, the Self which is my Self, are One and the same, never separated, no matter what the human picture may show, never separated; and that is how you heal the broken hearted.

The realization of the true Self reveals the absence of the possibility of separation in Omnipresence, “to preach deliverance to the captives,” those who live in the caves of their own mind, in prison, entombed, and “recovering of sight to the blind,” those who are blind to Christ, “to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord.” Someone said this before the man Jesus said it, for the Christ in Jesus was the same Christ in Isaiah, who had said it before. That same Christ in Isaiah, in Jesus, in you, in me, in Joel, in whoever has accepted Omnipresent Spirit to be the only Self finds the Christ giving you that precious Oil to share.

Oh, how we want to accept that I am Omnipresent Spirit, but it’s harder for a rich man to get through the eye of a camel, the eye of a needle than a camel because, even though we’re willing to accept I am Omnipresent Spirit, the habits of years are not discarded by a phrase. Is there pain in Spirit? Is their property in Spirit? Are there problems in Spirit? Is there a physical form in Spirit? Are there human conditions in Spirit? How can you have these things and accept Omnipresent Spirit as your Name? Can you possess ten cents and be Omnipresent Spirit? The very fact of Omnipresent Spirit is the denial of the existence of matter. There cannot be Omnipresent Spirit “and.” Omnipresent means there is no other. Only Spirit is.

And therefore, what about our possessions that we worked so hard for? We learned that we are merely given the use of them, and we say, “Thank you.” I am their custodian momentarily. They are not my permanent property. How can that be if my name is Spirit? That which passes in front of me for my use is recognized as the activity of the world consciousness, and only to the extent that I transmute world consciousness by the acceptance of spiritual Consciousness do I find that those things that appear as mine are working in coordinated harmony with the fullness of my Being. Then they begin to have a relevancy to what I am doing.

Then the activity of the Spirit, translating into these appearances called possessions, all works in one direction. No one can take your spiritual possessions. They can only take your mental, physical possessions. Your spiritual possessions are nailed down inside your Consciousness. You don’t have to protect them. Spirit is constantly pressing them forth in such abundance that it’s hard to keep up with it. And so you must learn how to practice in your meditation periods the knowledge that I have nothing, I own nothing, and I am nothing. As long as you think you have, you own, and you are something, you are saying you are not pure, perfect, omnipresent Spirit.

Oh, the human mind begins to fear that if I think I have nothing, it’ll disappear. Somebody will take it away. What if somebody comes to rob it? I won’t try to protect it. All of these fears pass through the one who is not in the third degree, not even glimpsing the third degree. You might get to the place where you want to make all kinds of foolish tests, and say, “Well, I’ll just pile all my things in the car, and I won’t lock it.” You’re just falling into the tempter, who’s trying to make you jump off the roof to show that somebody will catch you. You are Spirit, and there is no other. And there’s no need to prove anything. There’s no one to prove it to, and if you want to prove it to your human selfhood, you’re making a mistake.

And so we do not lose our sense of responsibility. If anything, we have a higher sense of responsibility because we can see through the material appearance to the spiritual Reality. And whatever Spirit places in your hands to be used is a treasure, but it’s used in the manner in which Spirit placed it in your hands to be used, so that the activity of whatever that appears to be is released to the Spirit, which placed it before you. We are not setting up the mental road blocks as to how things should be.

I have found, that when there is a continuous effort to meditate on “I own nothing,” that there comes to you a great release; and the release takes an unusual form in that you become more aware of your spiritual Identity. It was only the physical sense of Self which clung to the idea of owning, and in giving up the sense of possession, you find that what you are giving up mentally is almost zero compared to what you discover you do have. You give up the transient sense of things, and you become the proud possessor of the Infinite.

All of the infinite can function through the One who has given up the sense of owning. The minute you try to put a label on the Infinite or carve a piece of It for yourself, you lose it. It has an innate awareness of whether or not you are letting it flow unmolested, un-interfered with. And then it comes to you as a great dispensation that all that the Father hath is yours. And when you are clinging to material possessions as your possessions, that is the denial that all that the Father hath is yours. In our human sense of clinging, we are rejecting the fullness that is available. You find everything is upside down.

Another thing we have to learn to meditate upon is that “I am nothing,” and this I we are speaking of is the human self who goes to work, the human self who has friends, the human self who mingles with people. “I am nothing.” Why? Because right here, where this me appears, only the Spirit is, and when that sense of a me is gone, the Spirit that is realized here appears as a Me in harmony with my environment. But it is only the Jesus appearing where the Christ is. It is the Mary appearing where the Christ is, the Lazarus appearing where the Christ is.

One day the you is Mary resenting the fact that Jesus wasn’t present when needed, and the next day the you is Mary boasting, happily showing forth the Soul Body. Look how quickly that transition took place within three years. When he sent forth the disciples two by two, it is said that they not only healed, they anointed the victims with Oil. What does that mean? They opened the spiritual Consciousness of those people to their Identity. James says in one of his epistles, “Is something wrong? Do you have a problem? Well, find the Oil, find the Oil.” Opening up your spiritual Consciousness to the acceptance of Identity, you’ve found the Oil.

Now, all of the tricks of the human mind will keep preventing you from accepting Omnipresence. You’ll have a birthday in the Omnipresence of Spirit, and then you’ll have a death day in the Omnipresence of Spirit. You’ll have human holidays. You’ll have all kinds of human events while talking about the Omnipresence of Spirit, and you’ll have all kinds of adverse conditions in these human events, but they aren’t there. The Omnipresence of Spirit is there and ever has been there. And that Spirit is not in your physical form, and so you cannot be living in that Spirit and in your physical form. You do not even possess a physical body once you have accepted Omnipresent Spirit. You have a Soul Body, which appears to human sense as a physical body.

And that Soul Body is the only One you acknowledge in all your ways as perfection Itself, for it is your eternal Body, and it must be lived in, experienced, to become your permanent realized Body. When you were given the assignment last week to write down to yourself, “I am Spirit.” And then let Spirit tell you what you are, I’m sure some of you received some inner knowledge; and maybe some of you received a sort of an inner demand, a spiritual impulse which said to you something that is yours alone to tell no man. Now, this must be realized that whenever you receive this inner demand from Spirit, every inner revelation you receive is a demand.

Every true spiritual Vision is a demand. Remember, spiritual Vision, not psychic, not emotional, not mental; and those spiritual Visions always bring with them an understanding of what they are, even if that understanding is merely that this Vision was to tell you that I am present, with no other meaning intended. But every inner revelation is a demand, and that means that unless you live up to the level of that demand, you are saying to the Spirit, “Don’t come back.” Because you’re Teacher is saying, “This is where I want you to be now. I am teaching you, for example, that you are the Omnipresent Spirit. Before Abraham was, you are the Omnipresent Spirit.”

In the year three billion, you will be the Omnipresent Spirit, and You are that now, and if this becomes your inner revelation, that is a demand for you to rest in the Word until you can say, “I know it, I have it, I feel it, I accept it. I will live it.” And until you do this, you’ll be waiting a long time in between inner revelations. Your inner Teacher says, “This is the level I’ve established for you, and you cannot change the sequence. You can’t mentally run ahead and try to direct traffic. This is what I have ordained for you.” And it is as you follow these inner ordainments to the level that they are requesting, demanding, that you one day will find the Voice speaking, that the Spirit of the Lord has ordained me, anointed me, for the anointing is the ordainment.

Now way back years ago, we used to come out of a lecture and say, “That was great,” and then come back next week and hear some more. Now, we don’t do it anymore. All talk is a means of, together, sharing the spiritual impulse and letting that spiritual impulse establish its invisible activity as our own Being all through the week, living in the God experience, in the spiritual experience above the calculating mind, above the self-preserving mind, above every human consideration.

You’ll know when you have no human considerations and you’re just up there experiencing that the Oil is flowing. You’re being anointed, and that anointing is the preparation for the entire fulfillment of the purpose of this life span, the realization of self as God Self. With our human minds, we are not capable of this realization. Only through the Soul Center, and only through living throughout the day, alone, in that Soul Center, while in the midst of the world is that precious ointment flowing.

Next week, our chapter will be the fifth in Contemplative Life. Always, I’m depending on you to supply that inner Vision, to see that behind the words is always the intent to lift you into Omnipresent spiritual Identity; and between then and now you should be working on the inner acceptance that Spirit, which you are, never has a problem. And the acceptance of the problem, then, is the denial of your spiritual Self. That Spirit never has a division, and the acceptance of a competitor, or a husband, or a wife, or an enemy, or a friend, without the realization that “This is my invisible Spirit,” is making a false division in your Consciousness.

And that Spirit does not end at the horizon or at the end of a year. It has no ending anywhere, and therefore, you have no ending anywhere. And no matter what may appear in the world, it is but the outer garment of the mind camouflaging that where it appears to be, only You, your Spirit is. To accept your infinite spiritual Self is the only way you will ever live in your infinite spiritual Body. This is what we must be working on. It does not come through Grace. It comes through effort, and then through Grace. It comes through application. It comes through conscious knowing repeatedly. It comes through conscious experience.

And then when you have opened out a way, when you are receptive through the continuous application of Truth in consciousness, then through Grace, you will feel your infinite spiritual Body as a living experience. And no one will be able to deny it to you by word or deed. They won’t have wars in your infinite spiritual Body. They won’t have pestilences or poverty of famine. Your invisible Consciousness will be maintaining a perfect incorporeal Body everywhere, and you will know it. This is part of our third degree. Let’s all do our homework, telling no man. But now the things we would tell any man would be foolishness, indeed.

Chapter five, The Contemplative Life, and whatever else the Spirit has in Mind.

Thanks very much.

Good afternoon, everybody.

We’re striving, now, in this work for something slightly different than a knowledge of Truth. Everything we’re doing now is geared to the experience of the presence of God, which is the source of all Truth that we can ever know. Now, if you have been slow in your progress, if you find that you’re still in a state of worry at times or fear or bad health, if there are problems, be sure this is normal. There’s no one so unusual that he or she is without them, and all of us become impatient. This is all very normal.

But now, Spirit plays a trick on us. It says, “Yes, you’ve gone through many things in your pathway to Truth, and they were necessary.” And you even come to a place where you think you know Truth, and then Spirit says to us, “The only reason you had to get to the place where you think you know Truth is so you could just begin to glimpse what God already knows. There is nothing you have learned on the way, not one single stitch that God does not already know.” And therefore, as you begin to feel that entrance into the third degree, you discover that you’re now told to know no Truth whatsoever. God already knows It. What’s the point of you duplicating, God?

Are you a different self than God? Are you unwilling to rest back and say, “Father, do you know?” And so the real dying to self begins at a point where you can say to yourself, “I have nothing. I am nothing.” And this will not come to an individual who has not been touched by the Presence in some way, so that the individual feels the vision, the courage, the ultimate possibility is only there when the Spirit of God Itself is accepted as the Presence, the Life, and the Identity of your own Being. You cannot want to know Truth with your mind and still accept spiritual Identity, for one belies the other.

Now, in our way to discovering our own inadequacies, one of our major problems has been that we have relied upon human wisdom. There was always my finger in the pie, and in so doing we had used the mind, not as an instrument to receive the Father, but as a thinking, creative, even worrying mind, a mind that was going to find solutions; and we discover that trap, that mind which wants to find solutions is not your mind.

Now every one of us, who comes to the point where we’re willing to give up our mental knowledge of Truth, receives what may be called an anointing. That anointing is shown to us in the Bible in many unusual ways; and it contains, in itself, probably one of the greatest secrets of illumination. You see it in a scene where a woman, not identified in Matthew, a sinner, comes and pours this oil over the Master from an alabaster vase, and you see it again in John where this next pouring of oil from an alabaster vase is from a different woman, perhaps, one who now is identified as Mary.

We find Judas objecting because this is expensive oil, but the Master says, “No, the poor you always have with you, but I will not always be with you.” We find in this a secret teaching, a teaching that, perhaps, goes way back to Zechariah in the Old Testament. In fact, it’s interwoven throughout the Old Testament wherever you find the name of oil spoken in some subtle way, like an olive tree, the olive tree symbolizing olive oil, and oil symbolizing this secret.

We’re going to look at Zechariah. We see that he, ordained by the Spirit, is aware that within the invisible lies the Self, which is the Self of all men; and to convey this to us, he uses the symbols which later appear in Revelation:

“The angel who talked with me came again,

and waked me, as a man that is wakened out of his sleep . . .”

This is Zechariah, fourth chapter. The complete fourth chapter is the secret of the Oil.

“He said unto me, What seest thou?

And I said, I have looked, and behold a candlestick all of gold,

with a bowl upon the top of it, and his seven lamps thereon,

and seven pipes to the seven lamps,

which are upon the top thereof:

And two olive trees by it,

one upon the right side of the bowl,

and the other upon the left side thereof.

So I answered and spake to the angel

that talked with me, saying,

What are these, my lord?

Then the angel that talked with me answered

and said unto me: Knowest thou not what these be?

And I said, No, my lord.

Then he answered and spake unto me, saying,

This is the word of the Lord unto Zerubbabel, saying,

Not by might, nor by power,

but by my spirit,

saith the Lord of hosts.”

Not might, not power, but by My Spirit. But what? What not by might? What not by power? What by my Spirit? And a further clue:

“And I answered again, and said unto him,

What be these two olive branches

which through the two golden pipes

empty the golden oil out of themselves?

And he answered me and said,

Knowest thou not what these be?

And I said, No, my Lord.

Then said he, These are the two anointed ones,

that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.”

“The two anointed ones that stand by the Lord of the whole earth.”And therein is our clue to what we are striving to do. Our subject is oil, the symbol of something else: wherever you have found a problem, you have lacked that oil. Wherever some inner substance has come to dissolve the problem, it has been that oil; but hit or miss, getting it by random, by accident, has to be substituted now by knowing where the oil is, what it is, and how you open the Soul center to let it flow.

We see a flower. We know the oil of the flower becomes our perfumes, and we know one little tincture of it is powerful. Just think of a tincture of divine oil and what a tincture of divine Oil received in consciousness does to release an individual from every pressing problem. Then go a step further and see that the Oil, being spiritual Substance, is here presented as one of the deepest mystical secrets. The Oil is the spiritual Substance which forms the body of the Soul. All progress in the path to absolute illumination is for the purpose of attaining that spiritual Body, which is independent of the material world. And because this attainment is the destiny of every individual, regardless of the level of consciousness they entertain at the moment, only the highest initiates are even aware that divine Oil becomes their spiritual Body, their incorporeal Self attained and realized and lived in.

And so, in our first and second degrees, we were more concerned with other things. In our first degree all we wanted to do is be a good human being; and after we got that far, we began to take the mind and open it up, letting it become an instrument for the Father, an instrument for the divine Mind. And always in these progressions, we discovered that we were being made more comfortable, happier, more harmonious with all those around us; and we were learning pet phrases, which we thought we could hide behind at times as a sort of an armor against the world. We could smile while other people suffered and say, “If they only knew the Truth that I know, if I could only tell them.” But now, now in your third degree, you come to a place where the Spirit demands more of you.

Whereas before you wanted to build your humanhood, and you enjoyed the experience of opening the mind to the invisible. Now you are told all that must go, that the Oil of the incorporeal body, that Oil which forms the Substance of your eternal body, can never flow into a human being. To be awake to Christ and dead to self becomes the way in which the Soul center opens to express the divine Oil, which takes us into the transitional experience. And so our two olive branches, our two olive trees, which are the two witnesses of the Father on earth, become the sentinels which we must pass through in order to receive the Oil. And dying to self in order to become alive to Omni- presence becomes the single-minded dedication of all of our time and thought. Our whole heart and our whole Soul is bent in the direction of releasing that divine Oil, which makes the divine Body our living experience.

Now let’s look at this woman who comes to anoint the Master. We find her in several places. We find her in Matthew in the twenty-sixth chapter.

“And it came to pass, when Jesus had finished all these sayings,

he said unto his disciples,

Ye know that after two days is the feast of the Passover,

and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified.

Then assembled together the chief priests, and scribes,

and the elders of the people,

unto the palace of the high priest who was called Caiphus,

And consulted that they might take Jesus by subtlety and kill him.

But they said, No, not on the feast day,

lest there be an uproar among the people.”

Now, he knew in two days there would be a passover and he would be betrayed to be crucified. We know now what they didn’t know then, that he already had attained the Soul Body, and that’s why he could speak so evenly about crucifixion.

“Now when Jesus was in Bethany,

in the house of Simon the leper,

There came upon him a woman having an alabaster box

of very precious ointment,

and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat.”

Now, alabaster, the whiteness, the box is actually the vase, and it’s a symbol of the Soul. And so pouring this ointment over the Master, she was saying to him and to us, she was expressing outwardly her inner Consciousness. She was telling him she had come into the experience of the incorporeal Body of the Soul, in as much as the woman in other parts is described as a sinner, we may assume this was the adulterous Mary, Mary of Magdala, for the moment.

“But when his disciples saw it,

they had indignation, saying, To what purpose is this waste?”

His disciples said, “To what purpose is this waste?” They had no knowledge of the meaning of the alabaster vase and the oil she was pouring. But you see, she couldn’t help herself. That which is your Consciousness must externalize, and having attained the inner Body, she showed it forth as the pouring of Oil upon him. He, though, was the Christ. She was revealing that the Christ of her Being was pouring Oil within her, that she had gone through the first, second, and third degrees that we are going through. She had died to personal self. She was no longer a human being. She was not mortal. She walked in what appeared to be a form, but she was not, in time and space.

Her life was lived external to her body. She knew the meaning of omnipresent Spirit. The disciples did not. They said, “Why all the waste? That cost three hundred pence. We could be giving that money to the poor.” You see, the disciples were not the highest in ordainment at that time. Lazarus was higher.

“For this ointment might have been sold for much,

and given to the poor.”

When Jesus understood it, he said unto them,

Why trouble ye the woman? for she hath wrought a good work upon me.

For ye have the poor always with you;

but me, ye have not always.

For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body,

she did it for my burial.”

Having attained the Soul Body, she understood that he was in the Soul Body. She was aware he would walk through death. All of this secret conversation, unknown to the readers of the Bible, who merely see a woman pouring oil.

“Verily, I say unto you,

Wheresoever this Gospel shall be preached in the whole world,

there shall also this, that this woman hath done,

be told for a memorial of her.”

Mary of Magdala was the second highest initiate, right under Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Now, the understanding of this changes when we go to the Gospel of John. This is the outer event. John, ever the symbolist, the esotericist, takes us even deeper. And you wonder if they are speaking about the identical incidents, because here it said, you know that Passover will be in two days, and then we come to John in the twelfth chapter, and when we find it said this way:

“Then Jesus six days before the passover

came to Bethany, where Lazarus was which had been dead,

whom he raised from the dead.”

If you’ve wondered about Lazarus, what happened to him, well, here he is again.

“There they made him a supper; and Martha served:

but Lazarus was one of them that sat at the table with him.”

We have Jesus, the invisible Christ appearing as Jesus; and now we have the invisible Christ appearing as Lazarus, both having supper with Martha and Mary.

“Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly,

and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair:

and the house was filled with the odor of the ointment.

Then saith one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son,

which should betray him,

Why was not this ointment sold for three hundred pence,

and given to the poor?”

Now we have the odor, the fragrance of the ointment introduced: and this is because in the Soul Body, we are told there is a different fragrance. Some of you have noticed in deep meditation that you’re aware of fragrance. You may be aware of your own body of the Soul.

Now, Mary, the sister of Lazarus, is identified as having the body of the Soul. We find here, through John’s very significant purpose, an interesting revelation, not only about this body, but about the resurrection of Lazarus. You recall that he had been buried four days. And the purpose, or at least one of the purposes, was to show that after three days, the Soul does not leave the body. In other words, the body and the Soul are not conjoined. The Soul is completely independent of the body at all times.

But now we see that Lazarus represents something. This was not only the resurrection of the man called Lazarus. Lazarus was dead for four days, meaning he was, d-e-a-d, dead, totally dead. And the point here that John wishes us to know is that you cannot awaken to Christ until you are totally dead to self. The four days represent the total human deadness of Lazarus, and unless we are prepared not to hold out a remnant of humanhood, that Soul Body which walks out of the tomb of mortality is not formed. And, strangely, that’s only part of it, and that’s why Mary had to pour the Oil.

You see, Mary and Lazarus constitute the Inner and the outer, the male and the female, the higher and the lower. And in each of us, Mary and Lazarus must be redeemed. The positive and the negative, the higher and the lower, the inner and the outer must be redeemed. Lazarus represents the elder son who stayed home. Mary represents the younger son who wasted his Substance going out into the far country; and they both represent the Inner Self of Jesus, showing that the male and the female elements had been redeemed into Oneness. The Soul Body was completed, and at this point, where Mary, the sister of Lazarus, reveals that she, too, has become aware of and is living in her Soul Body, indicated by the fragrance of it and the Oil. This is the preparation, of course, for the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, for it is the marriage of these two, which is the mystical marriage.

Now we’re in a place where the human mind is of no value. There’s nothing it can do for you. It has to surrender. You reach that place where this human mind, which would observe, which would sort out the facts and catalog them, which would make inferences, has no capacity to entertain the living Christ. It’s as if in your mind, at the moment, you have certain knowledge. Now, if your mind were also able to have the knowledge that is, let’s say, in the mind of a scientist, you would have your mind’s knowledge and his mind’s knowledge, and you would have the knowledge of both minds, but his mind doesn’t contain all knowledge.

And so if you took another individual’s mind and had the three minds, you would have a wider basis of knowledge. And you could go on and on like that, but you reach the place where all of the addition of human minds still cannot give you spiritual awareness; and you have to come to the place, above the mind, where this mind is looking up at the Divine Mind and saying, “This is as far as I can go. I have to turn to you. I have to relax my mental attitudes, my mental probing.” I have to come to that place now where I do absolutely nothing, simply look up to the face of the Father and wait, because my mind does not have the capacity to experience Omnipresence. You simply can’t encompass Omnipresence with a human mind, and even though you know the meaning of the word, can define it, can talk about it, and probably make a good case about understanding it, you’ll find that you have not accepted Omnipresence.

The human mind cannot accept Omnipresence; and to give you an idea of why not, let’s say you go into a cave, and it’s dark. And now what you’re doing in the cave constitutes the all-ness of your human selfhood. You’re only concerned about what you’re doing there. You’re not concerned about anything else. Now when you go into your physical senses, it’s the same way. You’re only concerned about what’s happening within your physical senses. That’s your cave. Your mind is your cave. You’re only concerned about what’s happening in your mind.

And when you, with that mind, try to reach beyond your mind there’s no place to reach; and you’ll find that you have been relying on your own human wisdom to find out things. And as a consequence, to you Omnipresence means one thing; to someone else’s mind, it means another. And every human mind will tell you a different meaning of Omnipresence, but no human mind will tell you that You are Omnipresence, that your Identity is Omnipresence, and that the acceptance of Omnipresence can never be made with a human mind.

In fact, the acceptance can only be made when the human mind, which knows not the meaning of Omnipresence, has been rolled away; for when you have accepted Omnipresence, you’re in a very startling Universe. The things you understand would be quite shocking to the individual you were before Omnipresence was your understanding. You would discover, perhaps, that Omnipresence takes you right from this instant here,—straight through your complete human past, mineral past, vegetable past, animal past, through every material past, through every incarnation,—straight to the doorway of God without interruption. Right from God to this instant is Omnipresence, and that is You, the One continuous, uninterrupted Life of Spirit.

And if you look back on that One uninterrupted line of spiritual Life, it has no form in a corporeal world, and so the acceptance of Omnipresence eliminates all that you have called your human past in all incarnations. It eliminates mother, father, brother, sister. It eliminates all your human attainments. It eliminates all your human possessions. It also eliminates all your human fears, doubts, and worries. Omnipresence says, “Spirit is Spirit I Am.” And Spirit being All, there is no other Self. The mother who birthed me was my Self. How could there be a second Self there to birth me? If I am Spirit and mother was Spirit and one Self is Spirit, was there a mother? Was there a son, or was there not just one Self being Self, appearing outwardly as two?

And then you’re coming into your third degree of accepting Omnipresence as your Self, realizing that Omnipresence will do nothing of Itself unless It’s recognized, just as if a pencil were not going to get up and write, you’d have to pick it up and know it’s a pencil, and that it can write. You then begin to recognize Omnipresence accepted. Live in it, rejecting all else that is not Omnipresence, and you find the Oil is pouring. The Oil is forming that invisible Body. The transmutation from physical sense to spiritual awareness is coming through as a new Body, a Body that Mary, here, was showing the Master she had, for you have found the two olive trees, Spirit, and its companion,Truth.

The two, Divine Truth and Divine Spirit, made One in you produce the Oil. The Oil produces the Body of the Soul. The Body of the Soul is recognized as the one infinite body. And in your third degree, you rest in the quiet, conscious realization that the Body of the Soul is the only Body I am. It knows no pain. It knows no lack. It knows no limitation. It knows no need. And therefore, when I express a lack, a need, a limitation, I am rejecting my Body. I am rejecting Omnipresence, even though my mind had known the Word and had been able to pronounce It and speak about It. Omnipresence eliminates all that is not the Spirit of God as Reality.

In your third degree, Omnipresence is the law of your Being, the nature of your Being, and the activity of your Being; and, therefore, you are not living, then, in a physical form. Your Life doesn’t consist of the activity of that physical form. You have an external Existence to the Body, made possible only because the Soul Center opening up yields the Oil, which becomes your spiritual discernment, your spiritual Consciousness, your capacity to trust the Invisible.

Now the reason the Bible tells us about Mary doing this and Lazarus is for the faint-hearted who say, “Oh, Jesus did it, but of course he did it. Who else is Jesus?” The more you study the Bible, the more you discover that many people did it, and that we are doing it, but not with, as Joel puts it, “our spare time and our spare change.” No, he says, only when all of you is dedicated to that which is greater than your human self. The anointing, the Oil carries with it the ordainment, carries with it the Will, the power, the self-fulfillment.

Now we find out we’re becoming aware of our invisible bodies. We’re learning to rest back, accepting not only is the outer body the temporary fleeting image, but there is, is an inner Body of Light that is real. We know it will not come forth without our recognition of It. We begin to rest in It consciously, letting the government of the Father do Its own work. In the third degree, your patience is deepened. You’re willing to go through long periods of seemingly outer inactivity. You’re letting that divine Seed take root. You know that all of the frantic outer activity has nothing to do with a root of the Seed; and just like a seed in the ground, you’re letting It take root in the invisible Infinite. You do it consciously, quietly.

You meditate, not with a purpose of attaining something or receiving something, but just to know quietly, as I do this, the root of my Christ-hood is becoming deeper and more firmly entrenched into my consciousness. I simply rest in that knowledge, knowing this is how my confidence in Omnipresence is strengthened. You merely rest, knowing that this is the Way for the Soul center to open to lead you to a mystical realm above human consciousness, not to receive something, but to be opened to that inner Vision, to be taken out of all the psychic realms, the emotional realms, the mental realms. We are fasting from personality, fasting from the mind that wants to know, fasting from everything that will not give us that precious Oil, the Oil that ordains us, the Oil of the divine Son.

In this Way we are preparing the way for the ultimate initiation, quietly resting, seeking nothing, but feeling the knitting within of Being Itself, accepting the Spirit of God as your invisible Body and letting the divine Mind act upon that Spirit to animate It, motivate It, guide It, direct It, feed It, sustain It, clothe It, completely trusting that invisible Body to be maintained by the invisible Father. I’m not seeking even outer signs, resting in the work. That is the I of your Being, and the me out here with its worries, its problems, its doubts, its needs, its limitations, this me is revealed to you as a false side of your Self, without meaning, without existence. And the more you are aware of this invisible Soul Self, the more you know that any clinging to the outer man is a denial of the inner Self.

Once you reject the inner Self by being concerned about the outer self, you are denying the All-ness of God. You’re a prodigal from Omnipresence. You’re outside of your own Identity. And now all we’re concerned about is being true to our Self. Every worry is faced with the knowledge that I can only be worrying about a me that doesn’t exist because my name is Omnipresence.

My name is Spirit. I go back to the Father, All the Way. I go All the Way ahead to the Father, All the Way up and down and around to the Father. Wherever the Father is, I am with Him.

Spirit is my name. The only Body I have is made of pure Spirit. There is no other substance, and as your inner integrity deepens, increases, it multiplies the Oil. It multiplies the final moment when the Robe, that inner Garment of the Soul, is bestowed upon you, signifying your Soul Body is now ready for you to live in, independent of all karmic law. You’ve earned your spurs. You can walk with Mary, with Lazarus, with all those who have gone through the crucifixion of self to the inner Resurrection to the Ascension over material law. You’re ready to make your triumphal entry into Selfhood.

The reason patience is stressed is because in the earlier degrees there were signs following, signs following, always there were signs. In the inner realm, there are no more signs following. There is only the acceptance and the realization that that very Presence that you were seeking is your name. You no longer are seeking the presence of God. That Presence You are. It is the fact of your Being, and that is what is meant by moving, living, having your Being in God. You move as the Presence, you live as the Presence, you have your Being as the Presence, and you deny not the Presence, because it is Omnipresent.

What if you do not hold this twenty-four hours a day? If you hold it for three minutes a day, the Oil pours, and that Oil increases your capacity to hold this Consciousness again and again and again. So the key word today is: Omnipresence is meaningless unless I consciously recognize Omnipresence, not as a word, but as God active, not passive. And now watch this: God is active. If you’re not doing what God is doing, what are you doing—if God is All? What can you possibly do that has any meaning, if it’s not what God is doing? And so the activity of God functioning as your Soul Body is the only way in which you can be doing what God is doing. And that is why you must find that great capacity to release all that is not your invisible Soul Body to live in It, because It alone is acting in the Will of God. It is the living expression of God where you stand. The activity of God in your Soul Body is what Jesus was talking about when he said: “The Father worketh, and I work hitherto.” “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father.”

He had come out of the dual sense of life, out of the fleshly sense of life into the Soul Body, which is the activity of God, as we will do. Then I and the Father are one activity. The Mind of the Father becomes the activity of my Soul Body, and what I do is because the Father is doing it. And so you find God is living God’s Life as your Soul Body. “I live yet not I, Christ liveth my life.” This is the Soul Body activity, and until you are in the conscious awareness of that Body through the realization and the conscious practice that Spirit is all, Spirit is your name, Spirit is Omnipresent, and therefore, Omnipresence is your Name, you will still be finding fractions and patches and flaws in your life, whereas these fractions, patches, and flaws are not your life at all.

Your Life is Omnipresence. Spirit, everywhere Being Itself, is your Life; and the experience of going all the way back in time, through time, through space, and then out of time and out of space to the throne of God, to establish in Consciousness the continuity of your Life, and then to not leave that conscious Continuity, gives you a foundation which enables you not to deny who you are and not to be concerned about where you are in the physical form or what you are doing in the physical form, because all that can be happening is the activity invisible of Omnipresence. Your conscious knowledge of that brings that invisible activity into visible manifestation as the fruits of Spirit.

If you are not wherever God is, you are not Omnipresent Spirit. If you are not Omnipresent Spirit, what are you? Grass, nothing. And so we don’t wait to discover that we’re grass, that we’re nothing. We accept that now this human selfhood is laid aside in the third degree; and in order to find that Resurrection experience of Lazarus, which is re-birth, I go through what may be called the Ascension without Crucifixion. While in the form, while appearing mortal, while living in a mortal existence, the transmutation of Consciousness, the conscious Awareness that the Oil flows when I accept Spirit as my Identity, when I pursue that Identity to see that It is everywhere, It is Omnipresent, It is I. Then I learn to rest in that and behold a power of my Omnipresent Self, behold how self-supporting Omnipresence is.

Only in our fidelity to omnipresent Self as your Self, my Self, his Self, and there being no other Self, only then are we totally dying, as was demonstrated through the so-called death and Resurrection of Lazarus. This is an inner activity of your Self. It was this dying and rebirth, which all had been completed before Jesus began his ministry.

What we saw were only the outer physical Crucifixion, the outer physical Resurrection. You can tell when you’re in that third degree, when you have confidence in your own Being. You’re not too easily shaken now by the world around you, whether your apparent disasters or things that threaten from time to time. You don’t wake up with a dread of today or even the anxiety of what will today bring. You’re waking up in Omnipresence. You’re going to sleep in Omnipresence, and it is the omnipresent Self that puts that physical form to sleep and wakes it up again.

It is the omnipresent Self that maintains its perfect spiritual integrity twenty-four hours a day without any human help, and it is that omnipresent Self, which you begin to know is your eternal Life without beginning or end, never born, never dying. And now you have left mother, father, brother, and sister, for they are your Self. If there is another on this earth who is not your invisible Self, you have lost Omnipresence. Wherever you go, your invisible Self is all that is there. You are the One Self of a One Universe; and there was a time on this earth where the only Self here that was realized was in Christ Jesus. There was no one else on the earth, but his Self.

And every character in the Bible represents another facet of your human sense of self, facets that have to slowly be dissolved, the Herod’s and the Caiaphas’s, even the James’s and the John’s. All must be slowly dissolved until all that stands in your Universe is Christ, the living expression of God the Father; and it doesn’t matter what form you see. That’s what you’re accepting because it is your invisible Self: One, undivided, invisible, spiritual Self everywhere. This is Omnipresence, and as you live in it, you’ll find that your Self, in any part of what we call this world, will never be harmful to your Self where your Body stands. Your Self in any part of this world will gladly give its last dollar or its last ounce of breath to your Self here. Your Self everywhere will be in harmony with your Self where you stand. Nobody is external to your Self.

When you have One Self, you have eliminated all human differences and all human divisions and all human discords because, in your acceptance of them, you are denying the One Invisible Self that You are, that They are, making your inner division which translates into an outer division or discord. Omnipresence I am because I and the Father are One. Now, this is given to us by the Bible as the way to the release of divine Oil, to build that transitional body, which walks through the fire untouched, comes out of the tomb of mortality, and ascends above every material limitation in the present, in the now, in the here. And then all of the ecclesiastical promises about a heavenly hereafter no longer are the trap laid for the gullible. We learn God is active here and now, and that activity is the activity of my Life now.

The last veils of fear and doubt should fall away. You should be able to look at all of the activities around you with a detachment. They may seem to endanger your possessions, your physical self, your future, but that is the belief of one who is separated from the real Self of Being, who has not yet found that Soul center, but is living apart from it, and so accepts other powers, than the Omnipotence of the Spirit.

I, in the midst of you, am He who spoke through what the world called Jesus. It is always I, and when I speak through you, then I speak words of authority that you can trust. If the words that you hear are not the words of I in the midst of you, there is no authority; and you will be following false prophets. And so it’s important now in this parable, as we review it, to see that it is the Word of I in the midst of you to both the elder brother within you and the younger brother who has gone out into a world of flesh.

A certain man had two sons. These two components are introduced to you at the beginning of the Bible, at the beginning of the parable, your inner and your outer; and the outer must become aware that there is an inner. The younger of them, meaning the outer, said to the Father, “Father give me the portion of goods that falleth to me.” And he divided them unto his living. The division, the belief that you have a portion of anything is shown here to be untrue. You cannot have a portion. The moment you want a portion, you are the younger brother. The moment you are willing to settle for less than the infinite Substance of God, you are the younger brother. This is the human mind forming its finite judgments that certain things belong to me. This is the beginning of the prodigal experience.

Now let us, therefore, know, that if we are to erase the errors that are made evident to us here by I within ourselves, I in you is saying, “Do not divide my garment. All that I have is thine. You cannot have less than all. I cannot divide my Self. You cannot have a portion of My Love, a portion of My Truth. You cannot have a portion of Identity. You cannot walk the earth as a fragment. Your name is Identity, Spirit.” The all-ness of God can never be less than Infinite where you appear. Never can you make Infinite God finite by saying, “I have a portion that belongs to me.” You are going into second selfhood.

I am that Infinite Spirit, and the moment I am willing to be less, I have fallen into the trap of humanhood. I’m no longer a disciple of the Christ. This is the first mistake, then, the division of the mind, which says, “I’m going out into something finite.” It is the rejection of Infinite Reality. “And not many days after the younger son gathered all together, and took his journey into a far country, . . .” And that is where we are, the sense of humanhood. The complete human race, then, is this prodigal living in a sense of humanhood. God being Spirit, being all, all that is not that Spirit is the prodigal.

All that believes itself to be something other than the Spirit of God is the prodigal, living in a far country. There are about eighty-six of these far countries scattered around the hemispheres. “ . . . and there wasted his substance with riotous living.” We’ve all done that. We know all about it, and in our ignorance of the Infinite Self that we all are, we continue to do that. Wherever we have a finite belief, we are wasting our Substance.

“And when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that land; and he began to be in want.” Now this famine, then, is our spiritual barrenness. Suddenly it’s revealed. We’re barren spiritually. That’s why there’s a famine. And so we can look all over the world where there is a physical famine, and what is our answer? Prodigal existence, unawareness of Self, barren within, and therefore, barren without. And so the Bible tells us, “I’ve never seen a righteous man begging bread.” When you’re spiritually righteous, that is your bread; and the absence of food or the appearance of famine is the absence of spiritual content.

It cannot make itself visible because it isn’t accepted as being present. There’s no Consciousness to manifest it. There is no famine in Heaven. There is no famine in Spirit, and therefore, a famine is unreal, though it is real to a prodigal, a prodigal from Spirit. You cannot be a prodigal from Spirit if you are Spirit; and therefore, the acceptance of spiritual Identity is the end of the prodigal, and the shadow of turning is over.

“And he went and joined himself to a citizen of that country.” This is the need now for external help. No longer fed from within, we have to be fed from without: “and he sent him into his fields to feed swine.” So often you read in Joel’s books that in the material world we have to toil for a living, and we often scratch our heads and say, “Toil for a living, well what else would you do?”And he’s giving us the great secret of Grace. Spirit doesn’t toil for a living. The flowers do not spin, but they are fed. The birds do not store in barns, but they have.

All of this is part of the inner teaching, that when you have accepted Substance to be You, there’s nothing to store. It’s forever flowing. That word, Substance, becomes more important than the added forms. With the Substance, you’ll have the forms. Having only the forms, you will not have the Substance. You’ll have the oranges without the tree. Substance is the tree. In the material sense of life, we waste our Substance, so we re-Identify here all the way through, eliminating all the prodigal ideas of living in form, living in matter, living on my wits. I must not remain unplugged from spiritual Identity. That’s where you plug in.

I, Spirit is where you keep standing in the face of every appearance, and let Substance reveal Itself. Let Substance not improve the cripple, but reveal the perfection of Being where cripple appears. Let Substance not sell the house, but reveal that there is no buyer or seller other than I, Substance. Let Substance show that there is no son who has taken up narcotics. There is only I, Substance. Let Substance show there’s no divorce in this family. There is only I, Substance always. In the acceptance of Substance, Substance will reveal Itself in its infinite perfection wherever a material need appears.

I, Substance, Spirit, not just here, not just there, I, Infinite Substance is not a prodigal. We hammer that into ourselves until every prodigal, every errant thought, every concept, every human sense of belief is revealed as a shadow, and the sunshine of I, Substance reveals there are no shadows present. Always I, Substance is the way you put up your sword.

“And he would fain have filled his belly with the husks that the swine did eat:” so great was his famine, so empty was the world. But who are we speaking about, a prodigal in the Bible? We’re speaking about my mortal life. What is it going to get for us? You know what it gets, a mirage of success, a mirage of this and a mirage of that without substance. Why? Because it’s perishable. Mortally, you can succeed at nothing that is imperishable. Mortally, your complete attainments are perishable, and that is the husk. It looks so great until you grab it and hold it, and find it’s gone. The illusion of mortality without Substance becomes a husk, and we are completely famished within because we’re without our Substance.

And so this is about me, my mortal self and how foolish it’s been, how blind, how willing to accept the unreal while the invisible Reality of Being is saying, “Come, be my Infinite Son and live in that which is imperishable, live in that which is eternal now, here.” “And when he came to himself”: That’s when the mortal in you is recognized as the mortal in you, and you see through the myth of mortality, the illusion of a mind that is not your own, doing its thinking through you as you, making you believe that you’re doing the thinking. You find how cosmic mortal mind through you is thinking, and all these thoughts that have been coming through were not your own, were not even your thought. You were not thinking at all.

You are merely receiving the thoughts of the world mind and saying, “I think. I think I hurt. I think I lack. I think I want. I think I need.” And these things weren’t true at all. There was a ventriloquist within you saying, “I think, I need, I want.” And that ventriloquist was the world mind, posing as the individual mind and fooling every one of us. The Mind of God is too pure to behold the iniquities that the ventriloquist beholds. And so the double-minded man is uncovered here. He comes to him Self. Him Self is the one Mind, the Divine Mind, the knowledge of Reality. Suddenly it’s clear, “I’ve been off in a far country called mortality.” But there is no such place.

God is immortal, and God is all. I’ve been wandering in a dream of nothingness, calling it real. Oh, it had so many pleasurable things in it, and so many sad things; and neither the good, nor the bad were real. All that was present all the time was the perfect Reality of God, and just think if I had stood still to enjoy that perfect Reality how I would have really enjoyed the Truth of Being, the fullness of Being. I would have known the imperishable, but it’s not too late. I still can know the imperishable because that is why I’m on the earth, to discover the difference between Heaven and earth, between Reality and concept, to see that earth has no Reality.

It is nothing but a mortal concept about the presence of Heaven. Heaven Is. Earth is the concept we entertain about the IS-ness of Heaven, and they’re both in the same place. He is coming to him Self. Something within him Self is turning around. He is beginning to know and glimpse there is a Reality that is unseen by the senses of the prodigal. All of this is taking place in each of us to the degree that we have felt the Light. At this point, he is feeling the Light. He is beginning to know that Spirit is his name.

I’d like to suggest an assignment, which I think can be very useful. It begins with I, Spirit, and then you write down, not what you’re thinking, but what Spirit tells you to write down. You just take a sheet of paper and a pen, and you sit there and you say, “I, Spirit,” and then you turn within to that Spirit and say, “Spirit, now tell me about your Self. Tell me what I am.” And then Spirit says, “I am not mortal,” or Spirit says,” I am the Holy Son of Israel.” The Spirit says, “I never know pain. I never know sickness. I know nothing about mortality.” And you write these down as Spirit talks to you, and you’re not in a hurry.

It might take you twenty, thirty minutes, and then it might take you twenty, thirty minutes again at another time. And you might do it for an hour or two or three until Spirit tells you what I am, and you find that Spirit, which is telling you what I am, is telling you what You are, for “Spirit” is your name, and “I am” is your name, and that is who You are. The very things you are writing, as told you by Spirit, is what You are, and to that You must learn to be true. “I can never know sickness.” Well then, that’s the Truth of your Being. Now who is going to know the sickness? Only a false sense of You. I can never know sickness.

And you’ll find you have found your Teacher. Your Self is your Teacher, and your Self teaches the outer prodigal how to come home. And then you see sickness, but now there’s a new You there which says, “Uh-uh, I can never know sickness.” Where did it go? And why did it go? You’re amazed to find that the Mind which refuses sickness dissolves it. And until you’ve had that experience, you can’t believe it. Why, it was just there a minute ago, but it isn’t now. And we see the double mind, the prodigal mind which sees it and experiences it, and the real Mind which doesn’t see it and doesn’t experience it. And you’ll find they’re right both in the same place, one a shadow of the other.

You live in one or the other, and as you keep entrenching yourself in letting Spirit teach you from within, and then accepting those words as the very Substance of Being, this is the oil you work with. You’re living by a Revelation. You’re living by the elder brother within, and he’s being wedded to the outer brother. It’s happening. You’re coming to your Self. You’re turning. “And when he came to himself, he said, How many hired servants of my father’s have bread enough and to spare, and I perish with hunger!” The word “servant” is coming in here. The brother has hired servants, and he’s beginning to want to be a servant. I am beginning as a prodigal to want to serve. I want to serve someone. I want to serve the Spirit.

It’s no longer a me running out to serve me, but to serve the Spirit, and so you find service, the willingness to serve whatever Identity tells you to do is the sign of a turning. You are yielding the human ego, the human desire for possession, for attention, for achievement. You’re learning that if I want as a human to do this, and he wants as a human to do that, and the other wants to do, there’s going to be conflicts. But now the elder brother and the younger brother are going to become in one purpose. There will not be the conflict within ourselves, the two orders of life, the inner knowing the Father and the outer not knowing the Father. The separation is being annealed, and

so I’m willing to serve the Inner. And this willingness to serve the Inner brings you all the way home.

All through the teaching, you’ll find the Master telling if you love me, serve my sheep, feed my sheep, love my sheep: “If you love me, feed my sheep.” Serve your fellow man. How? By walking among your fellow man as a spiritual Being and recognizing your fellow man as a spiritual Being and recognizing that that spiritual Being that he is and this that I am is my One spiritual Self. The service is spreading the Light of Being in Consciousness. The prodigal doesn’t do that. He’s out for himself, his little finite ego.

The turning is the knowledge that I am going to shed my Light, let it shine, walk among the sinners, walk among the publicans, walk among the winebibbers, walk among the outcasts. Let the Pharisees rile at you. Your function is to be the Light, see the Light, speak the Light, not to see evil, not to speak evil, not to hear evil. But let your Light so shine that those who are prodigal in their consciousness receive of the Light within their own Being through your recognition of It. So we’re turning. We’re learning the meaning of spiritual service, which means that I, the outer self, serve my inner Self. That’s the beginning of service. Before I can serve my neighbor, I have to learn to let my outer serve my Inner, for my Inner goes to the Father, and the Will comes through the Inner to the outer. The obedience to let the outer serve the Inner is your turning.

Now “I will arise and go to my father.” Now you’re ready. The Inner is ready to serve as the focus of your Being because the outer is yielding to It. So you go to your Father now. You see, the Inner goes to the Father. Until the outer will serve the Inner, it cannot arise and go to the Father. You’re finding the divine sequence of Being. “And I will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee, and am no more worthy to be called thy son; make me as one of thy hired servants.” This is the surrender of self, isn’t it, willingness to be obedient unto the Father alone? There’s a spiritual Son-ship accepted as I am the Spirit of God, having no will of my own, but letting the Spirit Itself live me. This is the acceptance of Identity with trust and with confidence that all that the Father doeth is perfect, regardless of every visible circumstance. All mental concept is being laid aside: no second guessing, no doubts, no uncertainty. It’s a total trust in the perfection of the Omnipresence of God.

“And he arose, and came to his Father. But when he was yet a great way off, his Father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him. “When he was yet a great way off”: And so you see right where you are as you turn, as you accept, behold, there is the Father. I can never leave you. Thou art ever with me. The moment the outer turns, the Inner is there. The Inner never went anywhere. The Self has never gone away. You’re always the Self. Only the stray personality thinks that the Self is somewhere else, but it’s always there. You are always the Self. In the moment the stray personality finds that and arises, it finds Self right there, and forgiveness is instantaneous.

The Self does not condemn your outer personality. The Self is God, too pure to behold inequity. The Self is the Father within. And so there is always an instantaneous forgiveness when you are ready to let the stray personality surrender, wherever you are. You don’t have to find a nearby church. You don’t have to find your Bible. You don’t have to wait till the right time or place. Wherever you are, whenever the stray personality says, “I surrender, and I‘m willing to serve the Spirit.”, that is when the Father embraces you, kisses you, falls on your neck and says, “Welcome home.” That is when the prodigal is no more.

And this goes on until the elder brother complains, and we must learn from that, that when the Father says, “Son, Thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine,” that even the complaining elder brother, that Inner Self of you is not sufficient. It must now go through into the manifest world and make Itself visible by deeds. It must marry the outer brother. They must be One, so that Inner and outer are the One expression of the Divine Father, like the inner and the outer of the tumbler, in Joel’s story of the tumbler. Is it glass on the outer any different than on the inner? He was teaching us that the brothers must be married, the two, the outer and Inner self must be One Self. This is the preparation, this One Self is the mystical marriage, that wedding! And this prepares you to sit on the right hand of the throne of the Father.

Now all spiritual law functions in that One. There is no Grace until that One has been attained. There’s a place here in Ephesians where Paul has some of this. Ephesians two, twelfth verse goes on like this: “Then at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world:” You see, the prodigal doesn’t have God in the world. He says, “I love God, I worship God,” but he’s turning away from God within himself, which is his Identity.

And so his deeds are without the divine experience, divine safety, divine protection, divine manifestation, and while he’s professing God with his mouth, his very life is saying that he is separate from God. You can go through all kinds of religious experience worshipping God, and if you have not accepted I, the Spirit of my Being is God, there’s no God in the world. It seems rather sad, doesn’t it, that we can have such real dedication on the part of so many millions? And yet God is not in the world because God is not in the prodigal, who is not in spiritual Identity.

And God is not in the prodigal for one simple reason. The prodigal is an image in the mind. There is no such being, never having been created by the Father. But now in Christ Jesus, ye who sometimes were far off, like the prodigal, far off, are made nigh by the blood of Christ. The acceptance of spiritual Identity is the blood of Christ, for He is our peace who hath made both One, the Inner and the outer, One. This is the Christ-ing. And when the both are made One, we are told that you feel closer to God than you do to your own mother. You feel an ineffable peace, a rest, a warmth. You know that the Infinite is your home. You know your name. You know your Infinite Self. You know your eternal Life. You realize there is only the Father, and the Father and I are One.

Now the very experience that is recounted in the Prodigal Son becomes your living experience. It ceases to be a parable. You can feel that wayward self within being wedded to the true Self, dissolved out of its own false sense of existence; and you find that the parable was not a parable at all. It was nothing more than the narrative of an Inner experience that each of us is going through, as Paul shows us here, when the two become one. And having abolished in His Flesh the enmity, which is the conflict between Inner and outer. Even the law of commandments contained in ordinances for to make in himself of twain One, to make of two One, One new Man, so making peace. And this is what we’re going through, making of twain One new Man to find that peace which passeth human understanding. Paul had well experienced the prodigal experience.

In many ways the deeper you are able to read these parables into your consciousness, the more you’ll discover that they are really outer verbal expressions of deep inner experience. You can talk about leaven and three degrees of it, but you have to go through mind, body and Soul before that becomes experience. You can talk about wheat and tares as a parable, but you can go through the experience of the tares of human experience being replaced by the pure wheat of divine illumination. You’ll find every parable is cut right out of your Being to lead you right back into Self, until you have had the full experience of that parable; and then, having lived through it, for you it is no longer parable. It is the pathway of a disciple.

Now when you take your lesson to heart, I, Spirit, you are removing the twain, the two, and you are making the outer listen to the Inner and then say, “Let me be your hired servant. You are taking the outer out of the husks of the material way of life and trusting the Inner to yield to it the full, glorious purpose of God in every movement. You’ll be surprised with the things that you’ll write down, and when you write them down, remember these are the commandments given to you by your own Soul. They’re not little pieces of paper with words. They are the living oil of the Soul. If you “accept it” in that Spirit, they will lead you; and if you’re not ready for that, you’ll find the words will not come. The words will only come from the within to one who invites them, by reverent Silence. I come where I am invited by your love, by your peace, by your Inner trust. I come where there is One who says, “I am poor in Spirit. Make me pure at heart.” I come to the child of God who is faithful, obedient, true. There I dwell.

And when that is your Way, there I am. And so we prepare the Way for I to direct us. And in this communion between the Inner and outer, union is attained, union through communion. The Infinite becomes your living home, and you draw from It the complete fullness of Its store house with no need of an outer citizen, but rather you are like Paul, supporting all of the seven churches. You are giving of your Light to those around you in spiritual recognition, and that Light is coming from the Inner of you to the outer. You have turned. You have repented. This is re-generation. This is transformation. This is the building of the Invisible Body of the Soul. Truly, that is the Body which you must come to realize; and there is no other way than the way of discipleship to the Inner-ness of your own Being.

Now the Father thought that the study of The Prodigal Son, at our level, would be important to us. You’ll find that it’s importance goes beyond your capacity to make it a Way. You’ll find that it is something that you can use when others come to you. It seems to be a universal language that everybody knows. It is a point of meeting, a common knowledge that we can share, but you can take those who come to you with their knowledge of it and lift them gently to understand more of the prodigal, more of the purpose behind it, to show them that the parable is a parable in many, many ways, and that many levels of the parable are teaching many levels of themselves.

This way you are given the weapons to educate spiritually those who are trying to move out of materialism, out of mentalism into the discipleship; and the Father gives us this unprovocative way of entering into their household. It doesn’t frighten anyone. It’s something they’re familiar with. And as you point it out to them, you‘ll discover the subtle way in which the Spirit extends its influence over the mind of man. To all persons the parables will have different meanings, and two years from now you will go back to this very same parable and discover things you never even knew, just because new eyes will look out at them.

The younger son is being eliminated from this earth. The second book of Genesis is being swallowed up by the first, and in your Consciousness and mine, as this happens, we are eating of the Flesh of the Christ. I, Spirit am Infinite. I, Spirit, am not finite. I, Spirit, am perfect. I, Spirit, am not imperfect. Do you love Me? Feed my sheep. Feed them My Truth with your heart, not your mind. The more you have of the Inner Spirit, the more compassionate you will find your Self. There will be the remembrance of the days when you needed compassion. These are the measuring sticks to tell you whether or not you are moving closer to the experience of your Divine Selfhood or still lingering in the remnants of humanhood.

Another way to find where you really are is to take all of the parables in the Bible about Heaven: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto . . .” Well, if it’s like unto this, are you going through that experience or not? Because if you’re not, you’re not in the Kingdom of Heaven. And so we find that I really have gone before this mortal self, for I did say, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto . . .” I have placed before you a feast of Truth. All you need do is come, sit at the table to sup. I have told you what the Kingdom of Heaven is like unto. It is in your Bible. It is placed there by I, and if you want to know what it’s like to be sure that your Inner experience is true, you’ll find it out here in every parable that I in the midst of you have placed before you.

So we might look at more of those, “The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto.” The whole chapter of Matthew thirteen is full of them. We can use them as measuring sticks to see if I am in that level where the Kingdom of Heaven is My experience, and our Bible is beginning to be food and Substance, living experience instead of words in a book. We are in the living experience of the Truth of Being, and everything that we read must be digested into experience.

Your God is your Being, and your God is a living God. To experience God is to live in the Kingdom of Heaven here and now, consciously. I, Spirit, can only live in the Kingdom of Heaven. Where else can I, Spirit, live? And when the Inner tells you that, you know where you are, and you know that you must be true to that in every possible way. I, Spirit, move in the Kingdom of Heaven. Yes, those appear to be winebibbers to other people and outcasts to others, but I, Spirit, recognize I, Spirit. There are no winebibbers in Heaven. There are no outcasts in Heaven. This is Heaven. Everywhere is Heaven. And what is not in Heaven is not here. It is an appearance. Whatever is not in the Kingdom of Heaven is not here.

If your name is I, Spirit, to this you must be true. This is part of our assignment—to be true to I, Spirit, omnipresent—is to accept Heaven here, now, and judge not by any appearance. We must make this an experience and not a word teaching. The little child is turning, and the little child will grow, and the little child will return from Egypt; but while we are little children, let us be willing to be children in Heaven, not on earth, for we have been through the earth experience.

It is now time for the involution, the experience as children in Heaven on earth, always knowing the Father is not afar off, but here—where I stand—is my Father. The still small Voice that Elisha heard, that you hear, that I hear is ever-present as the guide, the armor, the living Word, the food, the Substance of Being. I, the still small Voice, I am your Substance, and I go before you. Follow Me.

When you have finished your assignment, you’ll discover you’re writing with invisible ink, with spiritual ink. You’re receiving the blood of Christ, and you’re putting it on paper. And this is a living ordinance of God. Treasure it. It is the Infinite teaching, that which is learning, It is Infinite, the Way to Christ.

Thanks very much. I want to tell you what a privilege it really is to share these discoveries of Truth together. There’s no words to describe it. Thanks very much.

You’ll notice that, throughout the Bible, there is either man under the dominion of the forces of the world or one who comes out of the forces of the world and takes dominion over them. To bring it into our contemporary life, we might say that we either will be controlled by our environment, or it will control us. We know, of course, that in the main we are controlled by our environment. And so I was led to a very strange parable in the Bible. The strangeness of it was that it was so familiar to all of us, a parable that we all feel we understand, so much so that we take it for granted and go right by. And so I more or less said, “Father, but I understand that parable, the Prodigal Son. Why, everybody knows about that. We can’t go back to McGuffey’s Reader.” And yet for some reason the Prodigal Son kept popping up, holding me there. And so we took a look at it.

There it was, the same old parable, but there were new eyes looking at it, and I think you’ll agree that we have here, in the Prodigal Son, a story about ourselves, which up to this moment we have not fully seen through the eyes of Christ. Really, it shouldn’t be called the parable of the Prodigal Son, for we learn that it is impossible for the Father to have a prodigal son. And then the word “parable” becomes quite meaningful. To the unlettered in the deeper teaching, this is about a spendthrift. He simply squanders his father’s money, comes home, and asks for forgiveness, gets it, and once more he’s in the household. And then metaphysically we say, “Oh well, that’s for those who don’t see the deeper meaning. I do.” And we say, “Why, the prodigal son is the one who wanders away from the will of the Father, the one who lives in mortality, the human.” And that’s true enough.

And then, going deeper into esotericism, we find that the esoteric Truth of the parable takes us away from the standard clichés. We have two brothers, not one; and even the second brother has a complaint to register. What about him? Who is he? What’s he doing there? What’s his purpose in the parable? And now we look at it very carefully. We see a father has two sons, and something stops you and says, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You’re reading it as a human being: ‘A father has two sons.’” Who is writing this parable? Who is speaking it? And comes the great awakening: Why, these are the words of I. I within me is my Teacher. I is speaking. I is telling me a story. Why? Because I is trying to awaken me. I is trying to tell me that this so-called me has gone through many incarnations as a prodigal, many human embodiments as a prodigal, away from I.

I is telling me that the human race is a prodigal, and then I begin to see the meaning of the two brothers in a very different light. The father has two brothers. The first book of Genesis is the first brother, the perfect spiritual Self; and the younger brother who follows, but not quite, and comes into incarnation, the second book of Genesis. And so we are really being told about the Reality and the unreality. We are being told about the way in which man comes into a second sense of Self. Some call it the lower nature and the higher nature; but as you dwell with it, you’ll find that it’s a story about cause and effect and that none of the Prodigal Son, not one whit of the story, takes place outside of your own self. All of it is your inner experience as a person finds him Self, turns within him Self, and returns to his own Self.

So we find this younger brother turning to the father, and that is the journey of the ego into the flesh. To the father, we say, “Give me my inheritance. I’m leaving home.” And so way back at the beginning of the world, your incarnation, your birth is the beginning of the prodigal experience. The moment of appearing in flesh is the moment when the prodigal begins. Mortality is the inception of the prodigal son. And now mortality wanders away from immortality, and we have the divided consciousness, the sense of self which must struggle to earn its own living, the sense of self which must feed itself, the sense of self which is unaware of the ever available present inner Self.

And so now we find a clearer definition. The older son, who remains at home, is the inner Self; and the outer self is the human sense of self which wanders off into the far country, taking its life substance with it. Now we are told that he squanders his substance, and this, then, takes us into the understanding of separation from Self. Now we are wandering off in the flesh, in the human sense of things, in the human sense of what to do and when to do it. We are the mortal, separated from the immortal Being, which we are, only by the hypnosis of the senses; and now we are divided, separated, unaware of Identity. And we find that, somehow, the world doesn’t satisfy us. More and more we lose our Substance. We get further and further away from the Reality of our Being, and finally the husks of matter, of material living, show us that we have followed a mirage.

There is a place where we lose all satisfaction in what the world can give us. We see through the tinsel. We understand, that even though we may crave a deeper sense of life, that the complete, total human race can evolve no higher than it is. There is a place where human evolution can go no further, and this is it. That is when the prodigal realizes that back home the hired servants are eating better than he. He is so completely at a loss to sustain himself that he now needs external help. He finds a citizen there and asks for help. In the midst of the Garden of Eden, we walk needing help, unaware where we are, who we are, for we are prodigals from our own Self; and then we’re put to feeding the swine. We must live in the outer self with outer selves because we have not yet come to the realization of an inner Self with which we must be One’d. We’re not even half a self, and so we want to come home.

The realization of wanting to come home is the turning. It is the beginning of another process called involution. We evolve out, incarnate. We involve in, back to the home of virgin Spirit, back to that place we had inadvertently left at the moment of incarnation in our very first human birth. The complete and total journey of the flesh has now reached the point where we are ready to find Self; and as we come home, although we are far away, the Father greets us. And this is the story about the Omnipresence of the Father, wherever you are. The inner Self is always present, never absent from the outer self. And the instant there is a realization of turning to the inner Self, there’s no place to go: Here I am. And the son returns, and he is greeted with open arms. He’s given the robe. He’s given the ring. He’s even given a new pair of shoes, and we find these shoes are no longer the shoes of the senses, which he was told to go out without before. The shoes of the senses have been discarded, and now the shoes of the Soul, the senses of the Soul, have replaced the senses of the brain.

Material man, mortal man is home again, but here’s this elder brother, and he’s quite resentful. “But what about me? I didn’t squander my money. I didn’t go out in riotous living.” The father says, “Son, all that I have is thine. Thou art ever with me.” And we find something very interesting in this statement, the blending of the inner and the outer. As the prodigal in the outer, unwedded to the inner, whatever we do is unordained. It is form without content, without Substance. The elder brother is the Substance.

If you look all through the East, you’ll see many who sit cross legged living in the self indulgence of an inner Self. How glorious to be lost in the caves. Then they can get up and walk away with rheumatism, arthritis, all kinds of physical ailments because they are the elder brother, resentful of the younger brother. They don’t want any part of the outer world, any more than the outer brother, the younger brother, wanted any part of the inner world.

And so the father says, “You must be content, not only with your level of Self as Spirit, you must manifest.” Just as the outer brother was a prodigal, so is the inner, for you must spiritually manifest the Divine Image. The Content, the Substance of the inner brother, must be wedded to the form of the outer brother: The outer and the inner must become One, so that the form on the outer receives Substance from the inner, so that the Substance on the inner takes form in the outer. And then we have the wedding of Substance and form. We have the anointing. We have the mystical marriage, which in the book of Revelation is the marriage of the bride and the lamb.

And we look at ourselves again, and we find that we have not wedded the inner; and therefore, the outer forms of our lives are without Substance. And at times we have wanted to retire within the inner, never letting our deeds shine forth, but hiding our Light, self-indulgent to the point of saying, “Look how spiritual I am,” but not going forth to show the fruitage of it.

So now, the inner is the cause, the outer is the effect. But as a prodigal, as one living only in the consciousness of matter, the outer effects, has no Substance. They are not sustained; and we find we must go to other citizens for help, and we find ourselves feeding the swine. When, through the acceptance of the inner, we let the inner Self give Substance to the forms, then Divinity within us is manifested in our lives. There can be no Substance without manifestation. There can be no cause without effect. Our function is to combine Divine cause with Divine effect so that cause and effect are truly the marriage of the two brothers as One and so that the Father no longer has two sons in us, but One. Cause and effect are One’d, and that One you accept as your name. I am that One.

We can measure our progress along the straight path of initiation by whether or not we are still a prodigal, whether or not we have surrendered this outer material consciousness to the elder brother within, for the marriage of these two is the preparation for Christ-ing. Until the outer turns and says, “Let me serve the inner,” as the prodigal does in this parable, the inner cannot function as the living will of God expressing in us. And so we say, “How do I know if I am still a prodigal? By their fruits you shall know if you’re still a prodigal or not.

Once the prodigal is returned, something in you is manifesting His Will. Something in you is manifesting the Divine Image. Returned out of the mortal consciousness, we no longer accept ourselves to be mortal being. Returned, we no longer accept ourselves to be living in a human sense of self or in a human sense of body. Returned, we no longer have a human sense of love or a human sense of life. Returned, we have no beginning. We have no ending. We have no opposites. We have no pros and cons. We have no shadows of thought. We are willing to abide in total trust without a concept to guide us. Returned, we find that we are the center of a spiritual Universe.

It’s as if you were in a plane as a pilot, and all around you is this big body of metal, and it’s either going to go up or not, depending on you. The equipment is there. The instrument panel is there. There are switches and knobs and buttons and lights, but they’re not going move themselves. There’s a relationship between them and you, and it’s up to you to move that plane up. Everyone on board depends on you.

Now, we’re in the same position as that pilot. Our plane is a little different. It’s invisible, and it’s not finite. The plane around you is your Universe, and you’re in the center of it, and you’ve got to pilot that Universe. And you say, “I can’t do it.” And the Father says, “I will do it.” If you’re going to try to do it, you’re the prodigal. You’re not wedded to your inner Self. I in the midst of you, I’m the pilot. And so you learn to reach back deep inside. You reach beyond your mind. You reach back into your Universe, way, way back until you have no concept about your Self.

You reach back into infinity, and until you have found that you are not aware of your self, you are not back where you belong. Your invisible plane is not going to take off because there is no human mind that can work the panel of instruments for this plane, only I, the Father within. If you want your universe to be a spiritual Experience in God, you must be wedded to the elder brother within. And so we’re not in this form at the moment. We’re reaching back until we are out of it, we’re not in this human sense of mind. We’re reaching back until we’re out of it. Until there’s a feeling that there’s no person present, there’s no human thinker present, I reach back.

All that is present is a spiritual Universe. That spiritual Universe is your Identity. That is your infinite Self. That’s when you’ll know you’re not a prodigal. And now in your infinite Self, you are living only by Divine Revelation. You are fed completely by the Infinite, sustained, maintained; and every quality of the Infinite is right where you are. This is how you know whether or not you’re still in a parable or you are come out into Self. And then, by your fruits, by the inner expression becoming manifest in the outer, you can see how far the ego has progressed out of the sense of flesh into the realization that I, Spirit stand before the world.

I, Spirit, have never indwelled a mortal being. I, Spirit, do not need a human being as an instrument for my work. I, Spirit, do not function through human beings. I, Spirit, do not function in a prodigal. The prodigal is that sense of self which has never existed. Only I am present, only the Father. If you stay out there as a human trying to come back home, you’re still under a state of hypnosis. The Spirit of God has never left God. The Son of God has never left home. There never was a prodigal. There was a self that we accepted, which never was there, and as long as that Self has a trace, or even a lingering memory, you’re still under the hypnosis of a second sense of self and living in separation. I never was a prodigal. I and the Father have always been One, and we stand there, letting the living Spirit of our own Being clear our vision, clear away all the cobwebs until there’s no prodigal or human or mortal trying to be. There is simply Being Itself.

You become aware of the radiant Invisible all around as your Being. I am the radiant Invisible. I am Self. I am One. There never were two in my Father’s household. The illusion of division is removed. You have really subtracted that which is not; and in doing so, you have multiplied the Lord. You multiply by subtraction. As you remove the veil of illusion, you multiply. And now the moment you lose this Identity, you go back into prodigality. You return to the illusion of mortality and separation and open yourself to the good and the evil.

The outer sense of self, which lives in the world, is divorced from the inner sense of Self, which lives in the Father. And in this inner divorce, we find the cause of much of the outer divorce which takes place in this world. An individual, separated within, will discover that outside separation occurs. One day he gets up and leaves or she gets up and leaves, and they wonder why. And if you look inside, you’ll find that inside themselves they are separated; and the inner separation externalizes as the outer separation. Always, when there is a One inside, you find that Oneness is forever.

You can tell when you have been One’d within. Then you are complete, and you understand the meaning of the Master’s words to the disciples, “We shall make my mother male.” We find that the elder son is the male. The younger son is the female. These are the two aspects of an individual, the masculine and the feminine. As you come into matter, you’re in the feminine, the negative; and always, there is this urge of the negative to find the positive, of the feminine to find the masculine. There is this great driving urge, like gravity, of the two to become One. But the unawareness of what that is makes us two become one in many different ways than the purpose behind the outer activity of physical oneness.

It is the urge to unite within your Self the male and the female, the positive and the negative, the cause and the effect. The two that must become one are within our own Being, and when this is done we are fulfilled. You can never do it in two human beings. Each must unite the masculine and the feminine within that one individual. The positive and the negative must become One. The elder brother and the younger brother must become One within you, within me, within her, within him. Then we are whole Being. Then we can see that One, like Jesus who has become One, no longer seeks outside of his person for another One.

We find Eve coming out of Adam’s rib. This is the symbolic way of telling us that the One has now, in the human sense of things, become two. This is the division of the elder brother and the younger brother. And Eve must go back into Adam’s rib and become One within each of us. You find that in a passage which I didn’t explain in the Revelations. When Jesus returns as the Christ, meeting his disciples in the heavens, it is said that he is girded about the loins and the paps with a golden girdle. And this is the statement that he has become both male and female, One’d.

It is this necessity for wholeness of the male and female element of each individual, which causes many of the unusual circumstances we see in our outer world. The unawareness of it makes us condemn. The unawareness of it makes us not even know that it must happen within our Self, that the two, the inner and the outer, the positive and the negative, the cause and the effect, the higher and the lower, the invisible and the visible, the infinite and the finite ultimately in us become One, and we are married to the lamb. Then I am, and yet before all this occurred I am. Before Abraham was I am, but finally the acceptance, the realization, the dissolution of the false personality, which does not know that I am; and Mary is made male, meaning whole, complete, One within Oneself, not depending on an outer, second self.

When two outer selves become complete within themselves, you do not find divorce for the simple reason that they are already united in the Spirit. Always in our outer self, which is never complete, mingling with other outer selves which are not complete, we find everything out of focus. Our environment then controls us. We have no weapons against it except human ones. We’re meeting everything on the level of effect. We’re not living in the cause. And so we’re in the forms that have no content, shell among shell. This is the level of exoteric religion. The complete human experience is the unawareness of this mystical marriage. These are fragments of ourselves trying to find fulfillment where it cannot be discovered.

Now then, your dependence ceases to be on someone else, because no other person can unite the fullness of your Being for you. It may seem so, but that is when we discover what the prodigal discovered, that he had followed a mirage. He had wasted his substance by turning away from it unknowingly. Living, then, in cause is the mystical Way. Now, united to the inner, wedded to the inner Self, we find that is the method whereby the will of the Father functions in us, and then the Father, through our inner Self, manifests in what we call the outer self, showing forth not the human image, as others see it, but showing forth that Divine Image as exemplified by he who was called Christ Jesus.

The Divine Image shows forth, and though it may be wheat, and though others may appear the same, they are the tares. You cannot tell the difference between the wheat and the tares. One is shining forth the Divine Image, the other the human image, and they look alike until the judgment, until harvest time, until you discover the Divine Image never stops at the grave.

We are learning how to be that Divine Image by the inner wedding, the Oneness which identifies as Spirit; and instead of a prodigal trying to find the inner Self, we have probably come now to the place where we are the inner Self calling in the prodigal. And I would like you to make that turning today, so that we are not the human trying to become immortal. We are the Immortal convincing the mortal he has no real existence. You’ll discover this method is the way you are true to Self. The other method is the mirage. The mortal can never become immortal. The mortal can never find Reality.

Reality is a now. Immortality is a now. We do not stand in the unreal trying to find the Real. We stand in the Real rejecting the unreality. And so your work is I, Spirit; and now how do I live that way? How do I function, think, work, show forth my complete experience as the Divine Spirit? How do I walk in Him? To say that I’m going to walk in this world and find heaven is ridiculous. It cannot be done. You cannot identify as Spirit and walk in the world. Spirit lives in heaven, and until you’re willing to live in heaven, you cannot identify as Spirit. If you are Spirit, heaven is your home, and heaven is where you are; and, therefore, you must accept that all that is in heaven is perfect. All that is in heaven is under spiritual law. All that is in heaven is the actual God Life living Itself.

If you are not in that God Life experiencing Self, then you are the prodigal. If you are in that God Life experiencing Self, then everything pertaining to the prodigal cannot be true and cannot be accepted. I, Spirit, must now move and have my Being in the Spirit of Being everywhere. You cannot have a mortal neighbor and call your Self Spirit. You cannot have any problems in your Life and call your Self Spirit. You cannot have a physical form and call your Self Spirit, nor can you have a physical form and be free of the karma of physical form. Either the ego has finally left the concept of flesh and has journeyed through incarnations to the point where you see the illusion of that ego, or you still live in it. And for you, the parable of the prodigal is not McGuffey’s Reader. It’s still a fact of mortal existence. You’re either out of it or in it.

This world opens up at a place and makes you visible as a physical self. The world calls it your birth. It isn’t. It’s the invisible world made visible where you stand. Around you is the garment of a universe, and that is your self, but that is your mortal self. The mortal universe around your mortal flesh is your mortal self; and as you come out of that belief, accepting your spiritual Self, then around you is the spiritual Universe, and that is your Self, all of it. No part of It is not You. In your fidelity to that spiritual Universe is the opposite of being a prodigal. And that’s how you finally take your plane up into the air. All those instrument panels of thought are no more. Spirit lives Itself where there is no prodigal. Spirit lives Itself where there is no second self. You are reaching so far back into Self that all there is is Self to live Itself, and you are learning to trust the Infinite Invisible to be Its own perfect Self everywhere that you are concerned.

The plane goes up in the air without you touching any of the material instruments around you. Spirit has dominion over air, over land, over sea. Why? Spirit is the cause, and the cause is the only power. And you learn to live in spiritual Identity, which is cause, and you never have to be concerned about effect. You never have to feed the swine. You never have to go to an external being to give you sustenance. Spirit lives Itself in your spiritual Identification. Your plane is your Universe. It is always flying well. It is always moving through Itself. You’re always letting It control Itself. You are no longer in and under the dominion of your environment, for your environment is God’s Self.

The parable of The Prodigal has another meaning. It is not only a parable to teach the literal mind of man, as well as those who are ready to go higher. There are sides of the parable that teach the outer of you and the inner of you; and the side that teaches the inner of you is teaching the elder son within you, teaching the elder son within you that it must show forth the deeds of Spirit in order to be a worthy Son. It is teaching the elder son within you fidelity, sincerity, trusting the omnipresent perfection of the Father, in spite of what may appear out there.

There are not two prodigals, one within and one without. There is only One realized Son, and the male and the female of you are now combined in this, into one Being. The form no longer fools you by its appearance. We now have God the Father, and God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Joel gives us a perfect way to understand that. He says take the figure one, the number one, and see that, first, behind the visible number one there is the Invisible, and that is God the Father. And now see the visible number one, and that’s God the Son; and now see that that visible number One, God the Son, is maintained by the Father’s invisible activity, which is the Holy Ghost.

Between the Son and the Father is the Holy Ghost maintaining the Son, and we who accept I am Spirit, we learn that the Holy Ghost is maintaining my appearance as Spirit. I seek no outer. I and the Father are One through the Holy Ghost. And, therefore, I am the Holy Ghost; I am the Father. Thou seest Me, thou seest the Father. I am no longer a prodigal wandering in the far country of mortality wasting my Divine Substance by ignorance of It, by infidelity to It, by depending on outer circumstances, by letting the environment control me. I am my environment. And the dominion given in Genesis is realized, accepted, and lived in, only because I, Spirit, is accepted with total fidelity. This is the preparation for transition.

Our complete experience on the earth in this earth period is to attain this Oneness of Consciousness. We are really here to establish what may be called the fifth Kingdom, to move into the sixth, where only the will of the Father is done, as a preliminary to the total Christ-ing and the living in eternal Life. When the Master said this is a straight path, he meant that straight: God the Father, the Holy Ghost, and the Son, One. And wherever you are seen visibly, you must be all three in One appearing.

As you reach back further in the loss of human selfhood, you find the everlasting arms. You find a new level of Truth, a new order of Life. You find a Life that is little suspected by the human mind. You find how small human life really is. You find how magnificent is the Infinite Invisible awaiting our experience. God ceases to be a noun. The words “love” and “life” cease to be nouns. We move into the new order of experience. We are no longer metaphysicians.

We live the God experience. We live Life. We find the meaning of a living God, and the word “God” exchanges Itself into something else. It is no longer a word. It is no longer a mental concept, a mortal idea. God begins to be Life living Itself fully, joyously, rejoicingly, exultantly, because It is without opposite. It is the realm of pure perfection in all things. Eternity becomes Reality. Infinity becomes the playground. We move into a different place, a different time, a different space. We’re out of the illusion life. We’re into Reality.

Now that experience tasted, lived in, opens us up to the meaning of the real bread of Life. We see why we have come so far. The new Heaven and the new Earth is an experience that you enter long before you make your transition. It becomes a now Reality. The Soul of you yearns to move only in It, and the more you are able to live out of this inner elder brother, instead of the outer self, the more you know your eternal Life has passed the stage of words and hopes, and plans, that you’re really living It. It is your Being now. It is your living experience day by day. You find that Reality has a new ring to it. You find the meaning of “Put up thy sword.” You find there’s nothing to defend against, except an illusion. These are some of the things that tell you the prodigal is dead and crucified.


We set, then, a goal to live in the cause of things, rather than in the effects; and this becomes quite a discipline, quite a challenge to live in because it’s the only way to control environment. Cause is invisible, spiritual Substance, so whatever comes to you must be seen through to its original Substance. There must be a conscious awareness that the Substance is always present, functioning, being Itself, maintaining its perfect Substance right there as invisible, perfect manifestation. And though the appearance may be different and is, the Cause is there, and the Cause, being perfect, its form must be perfect; and by living in this knowledge of the presence of Cause, you’re living in the knowledge of the presence of perfect manifestation. You’re weaving your garment of one piece, your wedding garment.

The moment you move out of Cause, you’re in karmic law—spiritual Cause; and this keeps you right on your toes, spiritually alert, watching. Your lamps are always trimmed this way. You’ll find that you’re taking control of your environment. It externalizes to the level of your awareness of spiritual Cause. Scripture has reached us to the point that we are put in the understanding that when we are defending ourselves against anything, we are living in the effect, whereas when we are living int the cause, that effect needs no defense any more. You can do it with your eyes shut or open.

Living in Spirit means living in Cause and beholding the added things which follow. You move into a room, aware of spiritual Cause being present. Everything you see outside, you approach from the level of spiritual Cause. Everything that you take into yourself, you take in from the level of spiritual Cause, so that the traffic going out of you is Spirit, the traffic coming into you is Spirit. You’re living in the conscious awareness of Spirit as the only Presence. Only God is there, and only God is here; and so there’s nothing to be improved or corrected, except to be revealed. You do not tame the tempest. You reveal I present.

Now the reason we’re getting to the point of living in I am, that Spirit, is It’s the only way that you’re not in duality. It’s the only way you’re not in effect. It’s the only way you’re not in karma, the only way you’re not a second self. You’re going to have to practice that in this coming half, until, instead of healing anybody, instead of improving anybody, instead of improving any situation that you have, you are standing in the high ground of spiritual Identity knowing that is Cause, infinite Cause, which can only cause infinite, perfect effect.

And there’s nothing more for you to do, but trustingly, patiently abide in that knowledge; and then you’re in the one without opposite, and you will not experience the opposite. What is not in your consciousness will not externalize, and if opposites are in your outer world, they will be dissolved when your consciousness has risen above the consciousness of the opposites to I, Spirit. It gets narrower and narrower and narrower to the point of nothing before it widens out and becomes the mustard tree with branches in which the birds, the divine thoughts, the divine impulses come to bring you Divine Bread. The little seed grows.

Let’s pause a moment before we proceed.

“He riseth from supper, and laid aside his garments; and took a towel, and girded himself. After that he poureth water into a basin, and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded. Then cometh he to Simon Peter: and Peter saith unto him, Lord, dost thou wash my feet? Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter. Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. Jesus answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me.”

Now re-translate that, seeing that I, the Christ, which appeared as Jesus, am saying to Peter, “If I wash thee not, thou hast no part of me.” There must be a realization of the presence of Christ, somewhere, beginning in a person. The little cruse of oil has to start to pour. And though we are starting with the foot, this must take place. Maybe starting with the foot is a little inn, where the Christ is born in Peter, but something must be done to bring him an awareness that I, Christ, stand here; and Peter, someday you won’t be here. Only I will be here, and you will know that you and I are One and the same. “Simon Peter saith unto him, Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head. Jesus saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all.”

As this recognition of Christ Self grows, so does the acceptance of the Christ Mind, and as you come into the awareness of the Christ Mind, superseding your former sense of a finite, limited mind, you must accept a Christ Body. You cannot have a Christ Mind and a human body. You cannot have an infinite Mind and a finite body. It’s impossible. And so you come to that place where you can look out at the Universe and say, “This is my Body. The Universe is my Body,” and not even the visible Universe. Everything in this Universe is imitating my Body.

I have an Infinite Body because I cannot have another. There is only the One infinite Mind, the One infinite Being, the One infinite Body, and there is no other. I do not have a piece of it, a fragment of it. I must begin to respect the integrity of my infinite Body. You will stop being concerned about five foot two when you become aware of your infinite Body; and you won’t run into the problem of How can I improve my physical body? Because the minute that is the level of where you are aiming, you’re denying Self again.

You cannot accept your immortal Self and not accept your immortal, infinite, universal Body. You don’t have a personal body to take care of, and the miracle of having nothing and yet being able to give everything, as Jesus demonstrated, is the same with your Body. The miracle of accepting and living in the knowledge of your infinite Body is what takes care of what you have called your personal body.

Now you can read the Bible from cover to cover, and you can read every book of Joel’s from cover to cover, and you’re still going to have to do it yourself. You’ll have to come into that secret place where you, and you alone, without mother, brother, father, or sister, sit down and dwell in the knowledge that my Body has no beginning and no ending. My Body is everywhere. It is the Spirit of God without beginning and end, the Alpha and Omega, and because It is the Spirit of God, my Body is a perfect Body; and the instant you decide that you do not have a perfect Body in some way, you are denying the Truth of your infinite Body, which is the perfect Body of God.

Again, that’s the trap which enables you to deny Identity: “Oh, I’ve got an aching back.” How strange, when you are the immortal Being. And all you’re saying is, “I’m a mortal with an aching back.” How can you expect the power of the immortal Spirit to help an aching back, when the immortal Spirit has no aching back?

When you have accepted God, then you accept God’s intelligence, you accept God’s perfection; and therefore, you accept that before any error could occur in this world, God had already eliminated the possibility of such an error to occur. Before any problem could be, God had eliminated the possibility of a problem. Before any imperfection could happen, God had eliminated that possibility. That is your faith in the perfection of God, not “I believe in God,” “I believe in the all-ness of God: the perfection of God, the totality of God without exception.” And your faith, then, is a faith that every quality of God in its fullness is ever present and functioning to maintain a perfect, universal Self, which you are. As you put on the garment of Immortality, you put on the garment of an immortal, infinite Body.

When Jesus spoke of adultery, he spoke of that spiritual adultery, which steps out of the immortal, infinite Body into a finite sense of body, and when you are not married to the Infinite, you are in spiritual adultery. Now, I have seen that when an individual dwells in contemplation on the infinite Body that I am, you’ll find that, regardless of what happens in the world, anywhere, there will be in you an awareness that that cannot be true. The Body of the Father is immaculate. The body of the Child and the Father are One. There is nothing but my immaculate Body everywhere. It is your function to maintain the integrity of that Body. If you do, you’ll find the integrity of your human sense of body will be a perfect shadow of your infinite integrity.

Now, we who have not accepted an immortal, infinite Body will always be accepting our neighbors’ afflictions with a twinge of sympathy. But you see, when you do that you’re denying your infinite Body. You’re saying, “Over there where my neighbor is there’s an imperfection in body,” but over there where your neighbor is is your infinite Body. So you’ve got to overcome the personal sense which accepts the affliction, not only in your own sense of body, but in your sense of your neighbor’s body. We haven’t been called upon to do this in just these terms, but you’ll find that unless you are doing this, you’re at odds with your Self, affirming an infinite Mind and yet a finite body. The moment you left that finite mind, you left the finite body, and if there’s any trace of belief in it as being your body, you’re still in the finite mind.

Now I think one of the great principles that Jesus taught here about supply, about having meat, about having bread, about having the wine, even though it was not visible, was that in the nothingness of a human sense of things, infinity pours. And it isn’t so much going to get Infinity. It’s, rather, you tune into infinity by tuning out finity. You tune out this world to tune in the other. Tuning out this world is tuning in Infinity, but you can’t go to Infinity and tune it in unless you’re willing to tune this out. And as you dwell upon these things, you find that, at the time of the birth of Jesus, it was Mary who had lost her sense of a finite body. She had been lifted out of the sense of a personal self, and this was the virgin birth. To live in, to move in, and have your being in God means the complete relinquishing of everything that is finite and everything that you think with a human mind.

Now, you must see that we are not ready for Resurrection until we have accepted the need for Crucifixion of all that is finite. You must see that there’s a lot of spade work left to do. We can’t say, “He is risen, or I am risen.” We have to do the work that must be done. The eternal love of the Father is always where you are, and you cannot be separated from it. If we have faith in that love, then we are willing to get on our material hands and knees and on our spiritual hands and knees and spade away every mortal thought barrier, so that the love can shine through a transparent Self; and we will find that Grace really means that I, being nothing, have become transparent to the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost, shining through my transparent Self, is Grace, love, beauty, peace, harmony; and it matters not about the external war torn world or inflationary or deflationary world.

I am nothing in this world, not because I declare it, but because I live, I move, I have my Being, not in another god, but in Identity as the Spirit of God, which is infinite, un-localized; and you begin to test yourself. You see how the declaration means nothing until you can answer the questions in the test. Are you in the twentieth century? Forget it then, because the Christ isn’t limited to that twentieth century this minute. Your infinite body isn’t all that will be called “time” now. Are you in an airplane? Forget it, you’re not. Your infinite body can never be squeezed into a 747.

Your infinite body can never be squeezed into a shape or a size, or a time or a place. You must be conscious of your infinite Body. You must devote contemplation to the awareness of it, and to the perfection of It, and to the spiritual law that maintains Its perfection; and you will find all of this is the spade work that infiltrates your consciousness, as you do it, and lifts you thirty fold, sixty fold. And you must come, then, eventually to the one hundred fold realization of Self. But never will you do it in the belief that you are in time, in a century, in a place, in a country, even in a hemisphere. You are the Son of Man, nowhere to put your head.

When Jesus saw The Book of Enoch, he was still a young man. He was in his teens, and there he saw it, the Son of Man, and he thought, I’ve been wondering, what shall people know me as? And that was his title that he adopted. The importance of it was to show that we must come out of mortality, out of manhood; and the Son of Man becomes the Son of God by the realization of Self, not by an immaculate birth, but by a realization that I, who had a mortal parent as a mother and a mortal parent as a father, I never was born that way at all. The form that came forth is the form that I do not accept. The life, which is there expressing as this image called form, is the invisible Life that I do accept, and for that which was called my mother and that which was called my father, I do not accept their visible forms. That mental image called form, not being there, it could not give birth.

There is no more form for a Mary than there is for a Jesus, or for a Tom, Dick, or Harry. There is only the one Divine Image. The illusion of birth is as much an illusion for Mary and Jesus, as it is for you and your parents or you and your children. What is there is the invisible Consciousness of three people, three Souls, the invisible Consciousness of the mother, the invisible Consciousness of the father, and It is joined by the invisible Consciousness of the child to be; and the three produce a new Form, an Image, but you’re looking at three Souls combining. And maybe you have discovered the Holy Trinity, three Souls combining to produce this new Form, the Soul of the unborn child, Soul of the mother, Soul of the father, and they are one Soul in Spirit: two Souls welcoming you, and a child is born, and that’s the immaculate conception.

Now, when we realize it, even though years have passed as far as human time goes, we are approaching the crucifixion of all that has intervened between that moment to this moment and erasing the concepts that we have mistakenly accepted; and as they are erased one by one, the Light of the Soul is coming through resurrecting us to the Reality of Being. I and my Mother are One. I and my Father are One. In the Invisible we find our Oneness. And this Being in the visible with a new law of the invisible functioning in our Consciousness is the exaltation of walking through the world, but not of it. Accepting that I am walking in God, moving in God, living in God, the invisible, infinite Self which I am, this physical form moves within my invisible, infinite form. Everywhere this visible, physical form goes, my infinite, invisible Form is. This is the story of Jesus.

To give up the visible form, finally, there’s nothing more than the reflex action of having given it up in the invisible first. The Crucifixion that we see is but the outer appearance of that which has transpired over the centuries, finally coming to take place in the visible, and so the principle of a Maunday Thursday of humility, of a good Friday of Crucifixion, of a rising called Easter.

So in the events of our lives, there are also these spiritual principles, and the spiritual principle of Crucifixion, or losing a personal sense, is that which finally eventuates in the dropping away of the physical form. It’s all voluntary. And then the celestial Form, which we inhabit, which is the Infinite Self that we are accepting, is that which ascends. We come into the Ascension over material ties. Now all of this illumination takes place before the grave. The life of Jesus is only a crash course in what we must do before the grave.

And so when we look at his outer Crucifixion, when we read about his Resurrection and his Ascension, we are reading about me today, here, now, what I must be doing to put on the garment of Immortality here and now on the earth. Compressed into three years, visibly, was a teaching of what my life must consist of in order for me to experience that Grace which has meat the world knows not of, which has bread and wine, which has Life without end; and all of this must be accepted without adulteration, without second self-ing; without a self that wants to leave the priesthood to get married, which is unaware of its Christ Self as the only Self; without a second self, a second mind, a second life. The key word will always be, “Have I denied My Identity?”

When you find you’re not denying Identity, you might as well start saying, “Goodbye” to your friends. You won’t be here very long. Whoever reaches the point where he is not identifying as anything but the infinite Self —in every way—is the Christ realized. The purple robe is waiting, the philosophers stone, the celestial body, the infinite eternal Life here and now. We still haven’t reached the end of a between Resurrection and Ascension, but we will.

I want to leave you today with that word “Identity” which shatters the belief that the Spirit of God indwells me, which shatters the belief that I am Spirit and physicality, which shatters belief that I am seeking the presence of God. Identity means the presence of God is the only Being standing here, and all that is not that Presence is not here, but appears to be. The only Presence here is My Being. The only Presence where you are is My Being. The only Presence where anyone is is My Being, and the name of My Being is the only name that I can answer to, truthfully, without committing spiritual adultery.

When you do that, when you deny My Being as the only Being, you have divided his garment. To you God is not all, God is not One, God is not the only, and you are still in the shadow of turning. Contemplation, meditation, not communion here on an altar out there, but communion in the heart, within the Being, until Being is your name, not becoming, Identity, Spirit complete the total Self with nothing missing, ever. This is the path to Resurrection.

Therefore, the answer to How do we live, move, and have our being in God? The answer is we accept that Identity, which is the presence of God, to be the only the Identity of all who walked the earth. We are sowing to Identity, not to the flesh. You will not do it with a busy intellect. When you stop to think about these things with that intellect, even if you reach the pinnacle of acceptance, you still have to commit it to your Consciousness.

The mind will not be able to hold Truth. It will never hold Truth. The best the mind can do is to be a clear crystal of still water without thought, without concept, without movement, waiting on the Lord; and then you’ll find that great moment of equilibrium between everything that moves in this Universe. You will be resting as a clear transparency for the Word of Being. Then you will have meat the world knows not of. You will have wine and water. You will be that which is expressing eternal Love.

I think we have all been blessed with the priceless opportunity to accept the life of God as our own and to share this understanding with those in the world, who are drawn to us by that measure through which we can demonstrate the Presence as the living Self of all, is one of the most unexplainable joys there is. You have experienced it whenever you have been able to be useful to someone who was floundering, who was reaching out and could touch the Light of your Being, and you know what It is.

This minimal Light that we all have felt up to now is as nothing compared to the fullness that surrounds us, unknown to the limited sense of Self. The moment that limited sense of Self is crucified, even for an instant, the floodlights are like a blinding experience of Damascus. You realize what Infinity is, not as a word, but as an experience; and you know the miracle of Infinity stands right outside the limited human consciousness, ever knocking.

If we could accept Identity now, we would all be accepting the same Identity, the infinite Self. We would all be accepting the same Body, the infinite Body, and then we would all be joint heirs in Christ, not because the Bible said so, but because we know that what it said is so.


So I thank all my immortal Friends for being here today. Blessings and love. Thank you.

I want to address this first question to every woman who is present. I want you to imagine, for the moment, that you are a thirteen year old girl called Mary and that the angel Gabriel has come to you in the Silence, advising you of this blessed event. Even your husband knows nothing about it; and now, through some miraculous circumstance without knowing your husband, as the Bible calls it, you’ll give birth to this boy. You become a woman who, in all of the centuries, is uniquely different than every other woman on earth because you, without a man, have given birth to a boy. Now just what would that do to you as a person? How would you feel? What kind of a life would you live after that event?

And then ask yourself this: If such an event had occurred in your life, do you really believe you could ever be a physical woman again? Do you believe that you could have normal physical relations with a man again, considering you had just given birth to a child without a man? Could you possibly enter into normal marital relations and have children a normal way after that? Would you even consent to it? Would you not be away on a cloud somewhere living the glorious Life of knowing the Father in Oneness? Is it not ridiculous to assume that a woman went through such an experience and then gave birth to children the normal way, many children to be exact?

You know, sometimes the children of Mary are sort of swept under the rug. And we’re told that Jesus had only cousins, not brothers and sisters. There will be a day when all of us, in the knowledge of the Truth of Being, will have access to a different kind of record. Some call it the Akashic Record. It’s a sort of a cosmic tape recorder, and those who can read the cosmic tape recorder have much to say about the events in the life of the young Jesus, events that are completely eliminated from the mass consciousness because they’re not recorded in the Bible.

And in these records, which are an expansion of the known facts to man, it is indicated that the first child that arrived to Mary, after Jesus, was the daughter, Miriam. And at that time, Jesus was five, and do you know from the age of five for Jesus to his fifteenth birthday, Mary was having children, one after another, until he had five brothers and three sisters? And for your records, these are the names, and this is the sequence: There was Mary, Miriam rather, and then there was Joseph. Then there was James. Then there was Simon, and then came the second girl, Martha. Then after Martha came, oh, I think it was Jude and Amos, and finally the youngest daughter, that little child of the family, Ruth. Now these were the eight brothers and sisters of Jesus, and although most people would at least give Mary four or five children, the Akashic Records reveal eight.

Now then, the importance of these children is this. They indicate that, first of all, what we call the virgin birth was a spiritual way of designating a special kind of birth, and these children, then, became an integral part of the living experience of the young Jesus because, you see, at the age of fourteen, he had no father again. His father passed on, and the father of the family became Jesus at the age of fourteen. And all of this early history in which he had to learn, as you and I have had to learn, the patience, the forbearance, the tolerance, overcoming the afflictions of the world one by one, day by day,—building within the strength, the understanding, and finally the awareness of Divinity,—all of this was necessary to him, as it has been to you and to me. And you cannot take the children and put them away and pretend there was one child, or even say, “This one came a special way, and the others came a different way.”

We today are sophisticated enough not to need, not to need this strange kind of exaggeration that tries to give authenticity to Truth by inventing supernatural events. The events, themselves, as they were are quite supernatural enough, without the imagination of man or the superstition of religion. Significantly, you must remember that John completely eliminates all reference, not only to the virgin birth, but to the birth of Jesus at all.

Now, Jesus was an ordinary boy. He learned, of course, that the real Truth of his Being was not that Mary was his mother or Joseph his father, but rather that he was the expression of God. But let’s look at his early life. We watch him grow up, and we find that in every respect he is a normal boy with one difference. He is rather sensitive to things that, in some way, deny the holiness of God.

At an early age, he’s taken to Jerusalem by his father, and he’s amazed. He can’t believe it. They won’t let his mother in the temple. They segregate men and women, and he just cannot believe it. He’s infuriated. Why in the world do they do that? And that was one of the questions he was always asking his elders. Why do they separate mothers from the worshipers in the temple, so that women and men are not One?

And he asked many other embarrassing questions. He’d say, “What’s behind the veil of the Holy of Holies?” To everyone else that was sacred. You couldn’t talk about it, but he wanted to know what’s there. And then he’d have another embarrassing question for his elders, “If God loves his children, why do we make all these sacrifices of blood and animals to win God’s favor? Isn’t that denying that he loves us?” And if the temple is so sacred, why do we have all this trade and barter in the temple? Question after question from a young boy, and the elders try to brush it off.

Now, there were many times in his childhood when he became aware that he was different. In fact, he became aware in his teens that he had a mission, and when, at the age of fourteen, his father died, he was saved from something he didn’t want to do. The plans had been for him to go to the rabbinical schools in Jerusalem, and he had been there. He had seen the hypocrisy. He had seen priests who are political appointees. He had seen all kinds of life that was a total denial of the presence of God, all under the name of religion.

And at the age of fourteen, the last thing he wanted to do was to be guided into the channels of orthodoxy, learning all of the pious phrases without the Spirit behind them, and even though his father’s death was a blow to the family, it prevented him from going to Jerusalem to study because he had now stay and be father to eight. The last child came just shortly after the death of Joseph.

In his fifteenth year, as he was teaching his brothers and sisters, they kept asking him how to pray. They wanted to learn certain prayers, formulas, you know, so that they could just memorize something and pray by memorization. And he was trying to teach them another way, a living Way, and do you know he was only fifteen when he gave them The Lord’s Prayer? And its purpose was to teach them to pray spontaneously. God is here, and God is living, and to the living God, who is here, your prayer is; “Thy will be done, not mine.”

And all of us adults, through the centuries, who’ve tried to understand that prayer, were trying to understand the prayer of a fifteen year old, who was teaching it to eight little brothers and sisters, and not a memorized prayer, but a flexible prayer, a prayer that said, “Father, Your will for me yesterday, and your will for me today, and your will for me tomorrow is ever to bring me into further understanding of You, to bring me closer to You, to let me know who I am in relation to You. And I, having a finite human sense of mind, I release that finite sense of mind and let your infinite Mind guide me: Thy Will, Thy Kingdom, Thy Power.”

And always the boy was now becoming aware of pre-existence, not only of his ingrained Divinity, but of his Divinity before the form appeared. He was learning the secret that you and I probably have not really learned to the full. He was learning that he had always been alive. To the world, he was fifteen. To himself, he was an immortal Being. The mortal human selfhood had become conscious of its immortality, and by the time he was twenty, he knew more about God than most of those who walked the earth, speaking the name of God in vain.

At the age of twenty to thirty, he had an unusual problem. It was to stop the possibility that he would be famous. He didn’t want his personal self famous, for it would be a competition to the message he was teaching. There were many in those ten years who knew him to some degree, but did not know that he was the same one who would’ve appeared somewhere else. For instance, there were those Hebrews in Alexandria who thought—Even though he was quiet staying at home, his fame spread to them;—this man knew the Bible. This man knew something behind the Bible, and those who were closer to him had spread his fame in some way, even though he performed not a single miracle.

And so he was offered many positions. As a matter of fact, the Alexandrians said to him, “You know Jerusalem is going to fall some day. We heard it prophesied. Why don’t we set you up here in Alexandria? You can be their competitor for a while, but you will outdistance them, and you will take over when they are defunct.” He thanked them very courteously, and that’s how he did not become the head of religion out of Alexandria in Judaism.

And again, there was another offer from the Sadducees. He was given quite a number of offers, usually from wealthy bankers, people with good intentions, but people who thought they wanted to be near when the new regime came about, just like his own disciples later felt, that in the new regime, they would sit on his left and on his right while he sat on the throne of David. That throne of David, to him, was not where he planned to sit. He had already become conscious that he was not the Messiah to a little group.

He knew about the Light of the world, and now his whole function was what you and I are learning to do, to be patient. He knew the meaning of long suffering. He knew the meaning of really surrendering to the Will. There was no temptation on the earth that could pull him out of simply day-by-day releasing himself to the inner Presence until there was a conscious Union, until there was a complete and total inner Crucifixion of all personal sense.

It’s only when you become aware of his youthful trials that you can see him as Joel saw him, that his entire life was devoted to overcoming personal sense, personal limitation, personal needs, personal afflictions, even personal betrayal. Always, the overcoming was accomplished in the knowledge that the Spirit of God stands right here performing its perfect work, regardless of what the human mind sees or understands. He had learned not to deny the ever-present perfection of Divinity within his own Being, within those around him. He never denied the Omnipresence of God. He made no big public uproar about it, and so very few people knew him, other than the son of the carpenter who died, the boy who took care of his mother’s children so well, and he was quite good at it.

He was an excellent father. It was a fatherhood by proxy, and he was also good with money. He knew how to make ends meet. And he worked well. His work was highly regarded, but he knew his time was coming. Even though he kept saying to his mother, “My hour has not yet come,” he knew it was coming, and so he prepared for that day. He said to Joseph, “It’s going to be your turn now to take over. You’re the eldest after me, and so now I’m putting the funds in your hands. They’re not much. They’re meager, but when I go away, I want you to know that I’ll be sending some.” And so for two or three years, he prepared Joseph to run that house, and later Joseph prepared James.

And when he did leave in his twenties, he didn’t go very far. He went to the City of Capernum, met a boat builder, a man named Zebedee who had two sons, John and James. You know the cabinet maker that Jesus had become now became a boat builder. He had a way of building boats that were more safe than any boat in that area. And so the father of John and James became quite wealthy through Jesus. They were partners, boat builders, and in that area most of the boats on the lakes were built by Zebedee, designed by Jesus; and this is how he earned his money, and this is the money he sent back to Joseph to take care of the family.

And often, he would take a trip, and always on his trips, he’d be waiting for “his hour to come,” the time when he could be visibly about his Father’s business. And the time came. When the time came, there was a new Jesus walking the earth. He had been in the wilderness. He had been baptized by the Spirit. He walked in a celestial body, visible to men as a body called Jesus Christ. No one knew he walked in that celestial body. No one knew they, too, someday would walk in that celestial body. And now he had to show what would be considered un-showable, teach what was un-teachable. He had more to face than any of us in this room.

He had the full ceremonial religion of Judaism with all its rituals, and he had the might and power of Rome, and in between the two,—completely surrounded by ignorance of what he was doing and who he was, and what he had learned and what he knew,—he had to make manifest the power of God. He had to glorify the Father. He had to open the heart of the world to the fact that the Spirit of God not only indwells every mortal being on earth but is the living Essence and Reality of that which we call the mortal being.

It wasn’t enough for Jesus to say, “The Spirit of God indwells you.” He had to show that the Spirit of God is You. And so we come to a moment when he’s on his hands and knees washing the feet of the disciples. He says, “You don’t understand what I’m doing, but some day you will.” Peter instantly shows he doesn’t understand: “Oh, you can’t wash my feet. I won’t let an important one like you wash my feet.” Now, what brings that to attention, of course, is that the ritual of the washing of the feet happens on Maundy Thursday, and we have discovered that throughout the ages this ritual has been repeated in all of the religions in some way.

The Pope saw fit to repeat it, as usual, and a very interesting parallel must be drawn, because after the Pope had washed the feet of ten old men in a nursery home, he found a reason to comment on those priests who had defected the church, and without calling them “Judas,” he referred to Judas. The implication was quite clear, that just as Jesus had his “Judas,” Catholicism today has its defecting priests. That incident would have been, maybe, a bit insignificant, except for the fact that he had just washed the feet of these ten old men. And the question is: When he washed the feet of the ten old men, was he doing what Jesus did when he washed the feet of his disciples? Had the Pope understood?

And so we look at it, and we find that referring to the defectors as a Judas, as vial creachers who’d gone back on their oath is a little different than Jesus turning to Judas and saying, “Here, take the sop and go about doing what you must do.” One is non-resistance, the other is resistance. And wherever you see the difference between non-resistance and resistance, you’re catching the spiritual message. Now much of the ritual of churchdom today is along those lines. It does the outer things without the inner significance, without the inner realization.

And so just the same as people will lay hands on and think they’re baptizing somebody with the Holy Spirit, they will wash the feet; and it really never penetrates to the core of what Jesus was doing. Having obtained the awareness of Divinity as the Identity of every man, he was washing the feet of his disciples in recognition of their spiritual Identity: I see you not as mortal man, but as the immortal Self. I see you as the invisible Christ.

And he was going deeper. He was saying to them, symbolically, your feet I am washing,—not your head, not your ears, not your face, not your hands,— but your feet, because this is what you stand upon. This is the foundation of your physical self, and now I’m trying to change your foundation. I’m trying to make you aware,—not of your physical being, because certainly your feet don’t need cleaning,—I am making you aware of your invisible spiritual Selfhood, and I want you to learn to stand on It. I want you to stand on your inner Divinity.

And so in recognizing the inner Divinity of his disciples by the washing of the feet, he was telling the disciples, “Now go and do likewise. Wash the feet of your neighbor. Love thy neighbor. Recognize the Christ of your neighbor. Recognize that each one who stands before you is the invisible Christ.” And that is washing their feet. You don’t have to get a basin of water to do it. This is the outer symbolism. You wash the feet of the world every day with your knowledge of the universal Christ. Therefore, when you do that, when you recognize the universal Christ, you have caught the meaning of washing the feet.

Now, you cannot turn over here and wash the feet of these ten and turn over there and condemn. The washing of the feet must be a universal, or you haven’t caught it. And so we must compare the Pope’s way of washing the feet with the Jesus way and see that they’re not identical, and we must further see that this is a clue to the reason for the defection. The understanding of the indwelling Christ as the Identity of mankind has not permeated through the religious world into the consciousness of its practitioners. If a man knew himself to be the Christ, would the issue be whether I get married or not?

Do you see, then, that if Catholicism cannot convince its own priests of the validity of its teaching, that it cannot convince its own congregations? And this same washing of the feet is going to occur in other religions than Catholicism, and I doubt if it will occur with the same inner meaning of Jesus. I doubt that the President of the United States could understand washing the feet and send boys out to kill. I doubt that nations of the world could learn to wash the feet correctly and do what they do. I doubt that governments and religions and politicians and educators and the peoples of the world are completely unaware that Jesus was saying, “Thou art the Christ.”

As I am, thou art. As I have learned my Divinity, I advise you of your Divinity; and I have to question this, too. If the priests, who left the church because they’re unaware of the message of Christ, did not have it, what about those who remained? Did they not receive the same teaching as the ones who defected? What about the children who are learning from them? What are they learning—about the indwelling Christ or about man-made ideas? You see, when Jesus kneeled and washed the feet of the disciples, he was also washing the feet of every man on the earth. He was making it impossible for any religion on this earth to be an interpreter of the Word of God. He was personally dying to all personal human sense.

This was absolute humility saying, “Follow me.” Your humility must be so great that you reach that high level of Consciousness, which says, “I cannot interpret the Word of God. I cannot be a mediator between God and man.” That humility was Maundy Thursday. You’re watching the beginning, the preparation for Crucifixion, a Crucifixion that should have been acknowledged on Good Friday, at every other day, because the Crucifixion is the capacity to step out of the finite ties of a mind that is not the mind of God.

Who was that who kneeled before the disciples? Who said, “I am washing your feet?” Who is this I? Was this not the inner Christ saying, “I, the inner Christ am washing your feet. I, the inner Christ, am purifying you of the belief in a personal you. I, the inner Christ, am cleansing you of all personal sense. I, the inner Christ, am building my own temple within you, the temple of the Soul, the temple of the Father, where the will of the Father in you can be done.

The Crucifixion of personal sense on Good Friday was not just a day. It was, as Joel reveals to us, another spiritual principle; and again, that spiritual principle, that inner Crucifixion was the end product of a long line of inner Crucifixions within the man, Jesus, so that there was no longer a human being there. There was the pure Christ, unadulterated by human sense, giving the pure Christ teaching that as long as there are two on the field there is one too many. The real washing of the feet is when you take this to your Self in your inner most Silence and throw open the windows of the Soul and let the pure Light of the Father dissolve all mortal sense. This is the acceptance of Divinity, not Divinity and a human me, but Divinity, period, all of this, a prelude to Resurrection.

How could there be a Resurrection unless the personal sense had been overcome, because resurrection is arising from the crucified tomb of personal sense into Self-realization? We were looking not at a man teaching his disciples. We were looking at our own inner experience before it happened. We were looking at the experience through which we are now going, the preparation for the illumination through Christ realized. As we are crucifying personal sense, accepting Divinity here and now, we are taking the words literally: “To live, to move, to have your being in God.”

And how can you do that? How can you live in God, move in God, have your Being in God, and still say, “I have a problem.”? Isn’t that sort of a paradox. Can a problem be in God? How can you say I have a mortal body? Can a mortal body be in God? How can you have a mortal life? And therefore, when we’re told, “Live, move, have your being in God,” we’re not being told that the Spirit of God indwells your mortal body. We’re being told that we are the Spirit of God. Live in that knowledge. Many people will say, “Oh, I know I’m the Spirit, I’m the Spirit. Of course, I’ve known that.”

Yes, they know it, but they do not accept that they are the Love of God, they are the infinite Life of God, they are the Self of God which has no problem, they are the Self of God which never lacks supply, they are Self of God without beginning or end. They say, “Oh yes, I’m the Spirit, and I have a problem. I’m the Spirit, and this is wrong over here. I’m the Spirit, and I’m trying to become One with God.” But the Spirit is God, and so you cannot say, “I am the Spirit.” You might just as well say, “I’m an automobile,” and think you are one because you said so. The Spirit isn’t becoming anything.

When you are able to say, “I am the Spirit,” because you are Being the Spirit, not becoming, then you’re closer to Easter Day, Resurrection Day, because you have come out of the belief that you are that mortal self who has a lack or limitation. Mary always thought of her child as a child of promise, but the world has never quite put the finger on something very important about that child. It was a child of Divine Love, and that Love is Eternal Love, a child of Eternal Love; and that awareness grew in the boy Jesus, that he was a child of Eternal Love, so much so that he and his Father had a discussion about it.

He was explaining his feeling about the Love of God, and he compared it to the love of his father, so he said to his father, “I know you love me, and I find that you are never really wrathful with me. Some things I do might disturb you, but I never raised you to the point of wrath, why then should my Father in heaven, who loves me, be raised to the point of wrath? Does he love me less than you? I cannot believe that my Divine Father loves me less than my father on this earth.” And Joseph had to say, “I see your point.”

Jesus had done something. He had reached that place where he not only had faith in God, but he had faith in everything about God. He had faith in the eternal Love of God as being his dispensation. When you and I say, “We have faith in God,” it would be wise for us to check out whether or not our faith includes every quality of God, and you’ll find that our faith is not a one hundred percent faith. We think we can be separated from God, and that’s not faith because God has said he couldn’t be separated from us. Any time we feel any imperfection is possible, that’s not faith in God, because we are saying that we don’t have faith in a perfect God. A perfect God does not permit imperfection.

Now, one of the fundamental blunders of all religious dogma is this: It teaches that the Spirit of God indwells a mortal man, and so you have mortal men going around saying, “The Spirit of God is in me.” And if you ever confront one of these fellows with a problem like this, he really doesn’t know what to say to you. “The Spirit of God is in you.” How interesting. “Where do you keep it?” “Well, it’s in me. It’s part of my being.” “Alright, I understand your brother has trouble with cancer right now.” “Yes, he’s in the hospital. He has cancer.” “Well, isn’t the Spirit of God in him, too?” “Oh yes, It’s there. It’s in him.” “Well, what is it doing while he has cancer?” “Oh, Oh, well, I couldn’t say.” “How can the Spirit of God be in this mortal body that has cancer? Impossible. You mean the Spirit of God is standing there twiddling its thumbs while your brother suffers? Is that what you think of God?” And, of course, there’s no answer to it.

The Spirit of God does not indwell a single mortal body on this earth. The realization of immortality is not that the Spirit of God indwells me. It doesn’t indwell me at all. Paul may have said that two thousand years ago to those who are on their way up learning. He was teaching them their grammar. He was teaching them basic arithmetic. He couldn’t give them calculus in one day. So we don’t have to be stuck with his relative teaching at that point.

You cannot be a mortal being, a body of clay that encases the immortal Spirit. How can an immortal Spirit be in a mortal body? Well then, what about this thing? That’s what this friend of mine said to me the other day, “I am the Spirit, but this carrier, he called it a “carrier.” He has every book of Joel’s on his shelf, every book. Of course, he’s never studied too hard. He can thumb through this Bible. He knows it well. He can recite passages you didn’t know were in there, and he knows he’s the Spirit, but he also believes that he’s a “carrier” for the Spirit, and that “carrier” is having all kinds of trouble because there’s duality.

Phrases like, “Choose ye this day, which ye shall serve, God or mammon,” it means nothing to this man at that point. He can’t see it. Now when you put the boy, Jesus, in the womb of Mary and take away his human father and try to make him a virgin birth, then all of the work he has done—from the age of one up to twenty and then up to thirty in losing personal sense, showing the way to Divinity realized—is erased from the Consciousness, from the teaching, and the whole point of his teaching is missed.

When you show him as he was, growing up, as you and I grow up, learning to divest himself of every false concept, crucifying the human mind which perceives iniquity that the divine Mind can never see, crucifying the belief in a mortal body that contains a spirit, but accepting that I and the Father are One, then do not attribute that to One who is divinely conceived, alone, separate and apart from other people, but say instead, “This is the One who learned to do for all humanity what they must do, and lived it.”

And finally, the greatest discovery that was ever made by Jesus has not been made by the religions of the world. He discovered God, and how strange that they have never discovered that That’s what he did discover. If he was the Son of God, that discovery would have been impossible; It would have been just there It is: “Naturally I’m God; God is my Father.” But he discovered It, rising up out of human sense. Now, when you have accepted your Immortality, you cannot also accept your mortality. That’s like saying the Spirit of God is in a mortal body. And as long as you try to live on both sides, the immortal and the mortal, you’ll find you get hurt in both places. You can’t split infinitives that well.

A woman had just learned that the Spirit of God was her Being. She had learned to some extent what she should do to overcome the belief in a personal self. All of this was making a great impression on her; and after she had it, she thought, she then said, “Now, about my husband, you know he’s getting older, and we have this great acreage and these responsibilities, and he’s not really quite able to do the things he used to, and he’s kind of worried about it and I am, and I’m wondering what I can do to, you know, cope with the situation.”

And I said, “Well, you can do one of two things. You can meet the situation humanly, or you can accept spiritual Identity for both of you. Now, I said, “Don’t try to do both. Either you are the child of God and he is, or you accept that you’re not the child of God, but if you try to be the child and act like a human, you’re starting out in an impossible situation.” Now, I said, “Suppose you decide that because he’s getting older and all of that, as you see it, that you really do want to do something for him. You say he doesn’t have the energy. Now, what can you do?”

And she thought about it, and she says, “There’s is really nothing I can do, is there?” There wasn’t anything she could humanly do to give him energy. The only way she could really help that family was to be a witness for Christ within. She had to learn how to wash her feet and his, and while going about it, to wash the feet of the sheep on the ranch. The Spiritual Way is not an extra something that you do. It’s not something you add to your human way. It’s a departure, and you don’t hold on to what you’re departing from, and you don’t turn back. The embryo that is born isn’t still an embryo, and though we come now to a place where we’re just infants, what about it? What’s wrong with stumbling as an infant?

Haven’t we learned that long suffering is part of the way? Of course, it’s a suffering. How could we possibly walk on spiritual feet in one minute? And so we are prepared for what appears to be a struggle. What of it? At least in that struggle, nothing gets hurt. The only thing that gets hurt is your sense of impatience and frustration, but there’s no hurt in this new struggle as an infant in Spirit. You are learning to do something that is breath-taking. You are learning how to let God be your Life. You are learning it’s possible to let God be your Life.

You’re not reading about a Resurrection in the Bible. You’re not going to a ceremonial and watching somebody wash somebody’s feet and going home and saying, “Gee, that was inspiring.” You are the Resurrection. You are going through the experience of Resurrection, from infancy and ultimately to full maturity in the Spirit. And the Jesus Christ Way is totally different. Then, even we know, as we proceed along our spiritual sense of the Way, because suddenly we come face-to-face with a new level: “I have meat. I can give you living waters.”

And you look, and you see you’re a disciple, and there he has no meat whatsoever, what’s he talking about? Or you’re at the well and you look, and here’s this man. He’s dusty with the road. What kind of living waters can he give me? I’ve got the well, not him. And there he is without meat, to see, for anyone, without wine, to see, for anyone, without bread, to see, for anyone; and he says, “I can give you anything you want,” but he has nothing, and that’s the beautiful thing that Joel has pointed out. He has nothing, but he can give everything.

Why? Where is it? In his nothingness, in his elimination of personal sense, in the crucifixion of the man, in the removal of all humanhood, of all mortality, there stands the infinite, immortal Self, which has all. And the man, with nothing, who knows I am of mine own self nothing, who has crucified mortality, finds him Self to be the Infinite Invisible expressing Its fullness. And this, that little boy knew in his twenties. He knew this was his Way, Resurrection out of mortality, out of limitation, out of a brief lifespan, out of all the lacks, the needs, the wishes, the hopes, the ambitions into the acceptance of Being—not God to be discovered somewhere.

This is the story of Identity, not God indwelling me, not the Spirit of God inside me, not seeking the presence of God, but recognizing your Being is the Presence of God. Your Being is that Presence, and then you’re in One. Then you’re in Union. Then you are casting no shadow, and then you are ready to see that every word, thought, and deed in the life of Jesus Christ was to bring you to the place where you and the Father are One and the same, that the Presence of God is your Being.

I am is just a word until you know I am is the Presence. I am the Spirit is just a word until you know that Spirit, that you’re saying you are, is God Itself; and when you accept any imperfection in your life, any lie, any untruth, any error, any evil, you are denying your Identity. You are punishing yourself. You are being what you are not. You cannot have a problem and be the Identity that Jesus taught you are. Do you see, then, that you are rejecting Identity when you say: “I need. I lack. I want. This is wrong. That is wrong. I’m sick.” or “I will die,” or even that “I was born?”

Identity is your only name. Whatever you shall ask in my name, you shall receive. My name is Spirit. And when you are asking in the name of Spirit, you don’t even ask. The acceptance of Identity is the asking. Resurrection is the realization of Identity. That one word is the key to the immortal Self. You cannot be that immortal Self unless you have put off the garment of belief in a mortal self. You cannot share the fruits of the Spirit with a neighbor unless you are that immoral Self; and you cannot be that immortal Self and accept problems in your life as a reality, nor can you accept problems in your life as a reality and say that you are the immortal Self at the same breath. Isn’t there a lot, then, behind washing the feet?

Isn’t this what our religion should be teaching about Identity, instead of poor crawling mortal sinners? We say today, “He is risen.” Where? Where has he risen? Look around you and see if he’s risen. He hasn’t risen in the consciousness of mankind where he should be rising. Mankind is still a density, but he is rising in our consciousness. That’s where he’s rising. That’s where the Spirit of God ultimately reveals Itself as the Identity of every man, where the Consciousness rejects all temptation to believe that I am not that One Identity to which the Father said, “All that I have is thine.”

You know he didn’t give that all-ness to the mortal who dies. He gave it to that which is his own Self, the Christ of Himself, which is called His Spirit in you, and then you get rid of that “in you”: His Spirit, I am. And in his Spirit is the all-ness of God, and wherever I accept less than the all-ness of God as being present, I am denying Identity, I am denying His Presence. And now, if I wash my feet correctly and know who I am, and wash your feet correctly and know who you are, and wash the feet of the world and know who everyone is, isn’t washing the feet the acceptance of the omnipresence of God?

Everywhere I am. Everywhere the Spirit of God is. Everywhere is the One Identity. You dwell with this, and you find that something lifts you above the limitations of a human intellect, and you come face-to-face with a wonderful paradox, which is very up-lifting. If I have a mortal mind, how can it know anything except a mortal body, a mortal life, a mortal experience? Is God mortal? How can the mortal mind know the immortal Father? It cannot. It receiveth not the things of God.

And so I am lifted above this moral mind, and now finally I reach a place where I, for an instant, glimpse the fact that the divine infinite Mind is the only Mind, and You live there a while. You experience Its, what might be called, rapture, the knowledge that I’ve been lifted above every human concept. I’m in the divine Mind, and it is my Mind.