The big question in your mind will be: Well, if there’s an invisible body here, which is my body, how do I become conscious of it? I believe that was the very core of the Christ teaching. How do you become conscious of your invisible body? There’s really no point in teaching about one if you can’t become conscious of it. When this difficulty made itself known to me, I found I had to be very quiet and obedient to the Spirit. I had to show the Spirit that I meant business and would accept guidance. Spirit will only come where there is a willing yielding consciousness, and it will not come because you have decided that there’s something in this world that you want.

Spirit isn’t coming to you to make your human life happier. Do not be deluded into thinking that when you attain the Spirit, you will then have a happy, healthy, wholesome wealthy safe, secure life. That would be another half Truth. The disciples were crucified, as Jesus was, to all human eyes, but they had done their homework very well. They had gone through their own inner crucifixion before the outer crucifixion occurred. They had died before they died. They had died to the false sense of Self. They had been through the first resurrection. They needed no second in the visible.

Now, in order to feel the invisible Soul body which they felt, which they experienced, and which went through crucifixion untouched, it is necessary for us to finally come to that place where we’re willing to obey one specific command: Thy will be done and only thy will, for until you have learned the secret of that statement, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, you will be in a human sense of body wondering how to find that invisible body. And the best you will get is a glimpse here and a glimpse there. You will find that the sense of will which moves you through the day is deeper-seated and more subtle than you have dared to imagine. Your very human life itself is your sense of will.

Everything you do that is not in the Spirit is your human sense of will, the very serpent in the Garden of Eden is the human sense of will. The devil in the Bible is the human sense of will. Judas is the human sense of will. When you surrender, your will, you surrender your mortality, for mortality and the human will are one and the same. Where is this human you? How far back does it go? Can you really locate the human you? Is it deeper than just a mind and a form? You’ll find that finding the human you is a task all by itself, because you don’t know what motivates yourself. You don’t know how far back these motives go, and no matter how you strive to unearth you and to find where you are, you will always find that something else happens and you move in directions you haven’t planned to.

You’re like Paul. What I would do, I do not, and that which I would not do, I find myself doing in some strange way. You are moved by forces beyond your control, and they move right through you making you do things that you hadn’t intended to do at all, giving you goals that you hadn’t intended, and you will discover that the human will that moves you is not your human will at all Your human will is a servant of the world will. The mass consciousness is your will. It wakes you up in the morning. You have nothing to do with it. It is your will to do this and your will to do that you think, but it is not your will at all. The only will of you is the will of the Father, and all that usurps the throne of that will is your false sense of self.

You’ll find yourself doing all kinds of things that appear good, desirable. They won’t be the will of the Father at all. They’ll be your mortal sense of good, and that mortal sense of good will be planted in you by that talking serpent. You may think certain things are good for you, but you’ve got to learn that that will which thinks so is your enemy. Your Father knoweth your needs, and if you want to experience that invisible body, which is the body of the Christ, you must yield that human sense of will because it has created a second self. The mortal self that you walk in is the visible expression of the will of the world expressing in you, a false personality, a false sense of self, even a false mortal structure. All of this is held together by the world will in you, and that’s why the name Satan, Devil, in the Bible could never be understood.

Devil is the will of the individual, the human sense of self. The only problem on our earth is the conflict between the will of the Father in you and the will of the world in you. The will of each functioning through you creates the division which appears outwardly as your problem. If you were single willed, obedient only to the will of the Father, the one will, having no will of your own other than that will of the Father in you, you could not have a conflict of any kind, for the will of the Father fulfills Itself perfectly at all times. And therefore the secret of harmony is to live in Thy will on earth as it is in Heaven, the absence of conflict between my human will and the will of the Father, is the absence of the outer discord, which expresses visibly that conflict. And so it may come to you that the first order in which you attain awareness, living consciousness of your soul body, is to surrender that will which is the very core of your human sense of self.

We are all reluctant to do this, but when you make the effort, you discover that it not only is possible to, but new vistas open. Now I want my will to be functioning in you, says the Father, without opposition, because any opposition you have to my will would be fruitless. It will only set up a karmic system and a violation of my will, which will penalize you generation after generation. And so the will of the Father, says come unto me. Rest in me. Abide in me. Let my will be the only will in you, consciously. Instead of attaining my will, crucify your will. Your experience, your function on this earth is to erase your human sense of self, so that your Divine Self can walk through the false experience of death that the human mind encounters, and you will do that first by surrendering your will.

And I said to the Father, “How can I do that? I can’t even recognize my will. It’s done things before I know what to do. Sometimes it’s gone so far that it takes a long time to repair the damage. And the Father said, “Well, why don’t you be still and take no thought? Remember the little head of the turtle that comes out from under the shell? Your will will stick its head out. Watch when it does. And so you watch. You’re looking for your human will. Nothing happens, and then begins the little bud of desire, an innocent one, perhaps: I think I will do so and so, and that’s that little head of the turtle coming out from under the shell, and you pounce on it, and you say “No you won’t. You have nothing to say about this body, nothing whatsoever. Only the Father’s will in me, not you. There is no second will in me, only the Father’s will. Poke your head back under that shell because you have nothing to say.”

Well, that might be the first time you ever actually have said to your will, “Well, I’m sorry. What you had in mind might be good for you, but it isn’t what the Father wanted. I’m only interested in what the Father wants.” And so the will gets pretty smart, and it disguises itself. Now it sticks its head out says, “I’m going to do something that I’m quite sure would be approved by God.” Let’s go over there and help Mrs. Jones.” That sounds fine. Certainly God wants you to help Mrs. Jones. So you’re all ready to do that until something happens inside that says, “Wait a minute, wait a minute. If it’s the Father’s will that Mrs. Jones be well, why isn’t the Father doing something about it? Why is He waiting for me?” And then you will hear the Voice say, “I already have, I am the perfect Christ in Mrs. Jones. You can’t help her. I am already there doing it. She is perfect as her Father.”

What about this little will that said run over there and help her? This little pretender was denying God’s omnipresence, and you fall into the trap very quickly. And so, before you go over to Mrs. Jones, you first in consciousness say to the Father, “What is thy will?” And the Father tells you to recognize the Truth of Mrs. Jones, and then whatever you do will be ordained. Oh, you might go over to help her, but the Spirit will go before you because you know that I am there, and then you are alerted to all the little disguises of the will. It wants to get its own way. It’s going to do some nice things, and it’s also going to try to glorify itself when you’re not aware of it. And so now you’re not concerned with the outer world. You’re concerned with overcoming this will.

At first it seems like a hopeless task, but when you begin to master the art of overcoming your will, you see that your false sense of self is going with it. There’s less and less of a you there to oppose the reality of your being. You are emptying out a way for the imprisoned splendor. I said, “Father, I’ve got the idea. You don’t have to tell me anymore. I’ll do it.” And the Father says, “Wait a minute. I haven’t dismissed you.” “Alright, I’ll listen some more.” The Father says, “I want you to do that all day, all day! I don’t want you to do anything else today.” “But, Father, I’ve got to do this and that and the other.” “No, that’s your will.” “My will is do nothing today, except what I am telling you.” “Alright, Father, I’ll do it today, and then said the Father, “I want you to do it for twenty-nine more days, thirty days.” “Thirty days of just following your will, Father?” “Yes, thirty days so that you get the habit so deeply ingrained that automatically you will do nothing but my will.

And when you will only do my will, you’ll find that you won’t even do that, because my will will do itself through you. You will be an instrument for my will. You won’t have to say, “Yes, I’ll do that, Father.”or “No, I won’t do that, Father.” You will remove all will, and my will function as your Being as it did in my son, Jesus Christ, and in those who learned his way. My will in you on earth as it is in Heaven is the only way in which you can function in the Kingdom of God on earth. There is no other way that you can function and feel and experience and know my grace, for my grace functions only in my will in you.

That is crucifixion, and that is resurrection, and that leads to ascension into the Life which knows no end. My will in you is the only way in which you can know God aright. Now is it worth of time, the effort, the love to watch your will and crucify it daily? If not, you will continue in all forms of half-truth. You must learn to crucify the will. You might say, “Well, that will just make me a a little mat for people to walk over.” Your Father knoweth your needs. Your Father, who seeth in secret will reward thee openly. I in the midst of you am your will, and I am greater than he who walks this earth.

Do you see how the crucifixion of your will is the acceptance of the I in the midst of you, and when you’re unwilling to crucify the will, it is because you’re not willing to accept the all power of the invisible I? That’s the conflict, the fear, the caution, the uncertainty, the unwillingness to yield me that I may walk in I, and it isn’t done with broad strokes of words. It isn’t done with elocution, with affirming and denying.

It’s done by the daily minute-by-minute discipline of standing porter over that will and saying, “You go back into your shell. You are not running this form or this life anymore. You might as well face it. You’re an impostor. You’re a second self, and there is none, and no longer will I follow the talking serpent.” When that talking serpent is done, you’re without a human will, but the divine will in you is moving the Christ of your being in the divine pattern of life, and there are no conflicts in that activity.

Now you say, “I have a job, and I am a housewife, and I have a husband or I have a wife, and I have these four children, and next week the grandchildren are coming. How in the world can I do that?” What’s the difference what is going to happen next week or the week after, if to live in the will of God is our function? It’s to live in the will of God under every and all circumstances, regardless. There are no exceptions.

The Christ doesn’t even stop for an intended crucifixion to change its course. It puts up its sword. I live in the will of the Father. That’s the name of Christianity. Whatever ye shall ask in my name, in my will. And if you do not live in that will because you have this excuse or that excuse, you’re not only rejecting the will of the Father in you, but you’re making it difficult for that will to function in the other individuals that you are accepting on a human level. You’re malpracticing them as well as yourself.

Now I know this is difficult because I have to pull myself back all the time, and I have more time to do this than most of you. But you’re always running off because something else is calling your attention, and before you know it, God is forgotten. The pressures of the moment are the only thing on your mind, and the reason God is forgotten and these pressures are accepted is because we have not spent the time to ingrain the habit, so that without taking thought the will of the Father in me comes forward doing what must be done, in spite of all appearances around me.

Now, there is a way, then, of establishing the habit so that you’re automatically listening only to the will of God, the inner shepherd, thy rod and thy staff, no other. Many fall by the wayside at this point. They have a will, and they want to express it. Those disciples of Jesus were chosen to show that you can be trained by your love of the Father, by your love of Truth, by your understanding to yield your will in the knowledge that this will, which you are yielding, is an impostor, a transient will which dies when the form dies, and there is a permanent, perfect, eternal will waiting in the wings on the place whereon thou standest for you to say, “Yes. Yes, of course, you are here.”

Why didn’t I know it before? The will with a thousand eyes and a thousand ears and a thousand hands is waiting to perform its function where you stand. This is a yielding, and from it comes a great peace. You mean I can just relax and the will will take over? That’s what I’ve been saying to you for two thousand years: Abide in Me, acknowledge Me, accept Me in quietness and confidence, that I am here, and you will find strength beyond your imagination. What must you do for Me to be here? It doesn’t take any great brain. It takes no massive concentration. It just says, “Father, I accept. You are here. I’m relaxed, I have trust, confidence, completely. You are here, I accept you finally.”

You are here now, and that’s where you rest. I need no will because You are here. How do things get done? Well, Father, you’re going to show me how they get done. I don’t know. I’ll rest in you. You’ve told me to, and I will be obediently alert, waiting, only the will of the Father in you. There will be a day when you will look at a person’s face, and you will be able to say to yourself, “Only the will of the Father is being done in that individual., and therefore I never need fear this person.” The will of the Father in that person must be friendly to me. And then you will look at those who are not doing the will of the Father, and you will say, “The will of the Father is all that is there, too.” It simply isn’t visible. And so I need never fear this person.

Do you know of a place on this earth that is powerful enough to push away the will of the Father? I know none. I can tell you that the will of the Father is being done on earth now, as it is in Heaven, and when you have accepted that God is all, then only the will of God will be accepted as being present. And again, you’ll be supplying the missing ingredient that it makes no difference what appearances come to you, you know God being all, Spirit being the only presence, the only life, the will of Spirit is being done right here and right now. It’s will is simple “Be ye perfect.” Therefore perfection is the acceptance all of the perfect living will of God.

This is the confidence you develop to rest in the knowledge that only perfection is being done, for that is the will of God, and only the unillumined will witness the appearances and be pressured by them. God’s will is being done. Who can stop it? Nobody, therefore it’s being done right there where I see other things. It was only my false sense of me which hadn’t accepted God’s will is being done, and now I have yielded my false will. There’s no other will here, only His well functioning. You see, you’re walking in the Kingdom. Nobody sees it, but you’re walking in It.

You’re among the five hundred who saw the invisible form, which all had thought was buried and entombed, dug up again, resurrected in some way. And you are seeing it has never left this earth. It is the invisible Christ, and it is my substance, it is his substance, it is the enemy’s substance, it is the warrior’s substance, it is the unemployed man’s substance, it is everyone’s substance. Here and now I accept. I remove the will that will not accept and wait upon the Lord to manifest that which I have accepted as present. To Him that hath shall be given. Do you see the invisible substance, that is always present, has not been accepted by the false sense of will? It being removed, we come unto the Father. Every word I have said to you, if you understand it, would make you take the next step yourself.

I will sit down, and I will discover the identity and presence of that false will. I’ll know who wakes me up in the morning, and I won’t wake up in that will. I will catch it before it begins its day, and I tell you, you cannot do this with a human mind alone because the human mind will express that false will. You must get deep into the Silence until you feel the growing power which says, “I can stop this will from living. I can stand right here. Every time it rears its head to utter a syllable, I can stop it.” And then there’s this great power felt.

You can turn to the Father and say, “Father there is no will here now, only your own. Speak Father. There is no will here. I have overcome, maybe for ten minutes, but I have overcome that will at this moment. I am ready to listen to your will,” and the moment you have overcome your will and will listen to the will of the Father, not with an “and” or a “but,” not nine tenths of His will and your little will peaking out from the corner, but totally. I’m really ready to yield completely to your will with no will of my own. Then in rushes the Spirit, for the Father says, “I am a jealous God, but when you open your heart and soul and mind and body to Me, acknowledging Me, My will, I come quickly.” I have never seen a person try this without coming to a place where something changes in their consciousness. They find themselves about to do something and they say, “Wait a minute, wait a minute, is this my will or God’s? And oh, how many times a day you find you have to reply it isn’t God’s will at all. It has nothing to do with God’s will, and then you stop. If Truth is your only purpose for Being on this earth, you can’t fool the I in the midst of you. It knows when you are in your will or Its will, and your reward is just as automatic.

Now it takes a lot of courage and understanding and vision to give up the very substance of all human life, and it won’t be done unless something in you has ordained you to do it. I have the feeling that those who are ordained to do it are being drawn to our little group. That seems to be the purpose of this group, a little band who want to go through the ultimate Truth, not talking about it but completely willing to surrender their lives to his will in all ways, no holds barred.

It seems likely that this state of Consciousness had to be reached for those who then went ahead into Jerusalem awaiting the Holy Ghost, for when It came, It came because they were empty vessels. Their complete life had been shown to be a dedication to the Spirit. They had visibly, physically left their families so that we would know that you must visibly leave every concept that you have, just as we had to see Thomas kneeling and saying, “My Lord and My Master, we must kneel to the Christ within ourselves and say, “My Lord and My Master.” That takes a great deal of humility. It also takes spiritual understanding, for it is the way of transformation. That is the key note then of all that will follow in our work in this class. We wish to be worthy to receive the Holy Ghost.

A few words were said to the Pharisees that must be repeated for us. “When,” they said very skeptically, “will the Kingdom of God come to earth?” When he told them it wouldn’t come through observation, that was for those of us who still think if I sit down and think hard enough, I’m going to penetrate into something. And when he told them, “It is neither lo here nor lo there, but the Kingdom of God is within you,” you can show your understanding of those words by not seeking your betterment in the outer world, but instead knowing that oranges on a tree are not supply, but the inner Spirit is; knowing that money is not supply, but the Spirit is; knowing that health is not supply, but the Spirit is. Sow to that Spirit in your Consciousness. Be conscious of your spiritual identity, and you will discover that that spiritual identity will become your money, will become your betterment, and don’t try with observation to figure out, now, just what is the way that it does this, because while you’re in that human mind, you are pushing it away.

You must be an instrument, not a second self, a transparency, not a second will, a one Self, not a second mind. The mind that wants to figure it all out: Fine, go and figure it out, but have your deep moments of acceptance when the mind is totally still in a state of total no thought, resting in confidence of the presence of your own Identity, not of a second identity; and you will find that the Kingdom of God within you, your Identity, is your outer betterment, is your outer health, is your outer supply. Your Identity is those things now, and when you have accepted your Identity and no other, that Identity becomes the word made flesh. That is the secret of I in the midst of you. All that I in the midst of you have is thine. I go to the Father.

That’s where your betterment is. That’s where your supply is. That’s where your health is. The Kingdom of God within you is your self-completeness in Christ, and when you are not self-complete, when you think you lack something in the outer, what you’re really lacking is the acceptance of Christ identity. The veil to that acceptance is the false sense of self which is the will saying, “I lack, I need, I want, I’ve got to get this.” That’s only human ego, the false sense of self, the false will.

Now, I hope we’ve made some penetration today. I would recommend, that if you try the thirty day exercise, that you first give it one solid day in which whatever you do is the Father’s will. If you don’t succeed in that day, you know the other twenty-nine are going to be nothing. You must make that effort that first day to get the habit started, and if you find you haven’t done it, don’t go on a second day and figure that’s your second day. That’s still your first. Until you’ve spent the day doing it, it is not your first day, and then twenty-nine more.

While you’re doing it,—not this book, Contemplative Life, but Parenthesis,—that’s where you should be reading, the chapter that is devoted to just that. It’s in the third section. It’s “Losing “Iness in I.” And I was told to do that chapter a paragraph a day, not the whole chapter, but a paragraph a day. That’ll take roughly thirty days. While you’re doing the other thirty days, this is to help you do it. Now, maybe five of you will do that. I can assure you that five who do, will come back here again, and they will have swallowed the canary. They will know they have done something, because it will change you. It will remove the finite self. It will show you the meaning of being absent from the body and present with the Lord when done correctly. This is a far cry then, from the world’s way.

We have here a little article. It says, “Not only do the churches feel the quakes’ wrath down in Los Angeles,” but listen to this. One of the pastors at one of the churches said they had planned to do a little work anyway on fixing up one of the buildings. “I don’t suppose we could replace it now for less than one million though. We had passed a motion Monday night to do some work on it, but the Lord made a motion Tuesday morning, and that took precedence over ours.” Isn’t that fantastic? He really said it in jest, but behind it is the belief that in some way this was a punishment to Los Angeles from God.

Now, I don’t know what he can teach his congregation, other than his belief. And this is a human, complete unawareness of the meaning of crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. Nowhere is this a teaching that Christ in you is living this very moment. I would not like to see our children brought up in a repetition of those errors when the Truth is now very strong on the earth. And so we come to the end of our first class. We’re preparing for Easter, I suspect, in which we do not say He has risen, but rather Christ in me is the accepted fact of my Being.

Part of our normal procedure is, for the student who wishes questions to be answered, to have them in writing. And if you will put them on the desk here before a class or during the intermission, preferably before, they will be answered in the class. We prefer it that way rather than to be spoken as questions from the audience.

Well, happy Valentine’s Day with love.

Now, in the course of your study, you have undoubtedly had many puzzlements, sincere doubting, wondering, not only is this the way, but do I have what it takes to obtain the ultimate? Be assured that doubting was anticipated by the Spirit, for we have the classic example of the doubter who doubted everything right up to resurrection. And if you can put yourself in Thomas’s place for a moment, you will see that he and you at one time or another have had similar experiences.

It may not be known to most people, but Thomas had four children, a wife, a prosperous business, lived in a little city just on the south bank of the Jordan. He was a stone mason, and in the city where he lived there was nobody more influential or more respected. Thomas was not exactly a doubter, as we have used the term. He was a skeptic. He was a man who thought straight, and from his personal experience whatever you see you believe and whatever you cannot see you do not believe. Thomas said, in his own mind, that there is never going to be thirteen inches to a foot, night will follow day and day will follow night. That which I see before me, this world that I touch, I understand it through my mind. He represented in that day what we might call today’s scientific viewpoint. Prove it. If you can’t prove it, forget it.

And yet, in spite of his doubting, in spite of his very serious skepticism, there was something that drew him to another man, drew him to such an extent that he actually left his family and four children, left his thriving business, incurred the criticism of all his close friends. “Thomas has gone daft. He’s gone off with that renegade, a little ragged bunch of men,” maybe called the hippies in those days, “and what had they offer him?” Nothing you could put your fingers upon.

He had his doubts but he went, for something in him said “I must go this way,” something that he probably could not control called the Spirit in a man. And so he became a member of this little band, but he didn’t stop doubting. It made no difference what came up. If a cripple was healed, Thomas said, “If I hadn’t have seen it, I would never have believed it.” And so, miracle after miracle after miracle still found him doubting the next miracle, never taking anything for granted.

And then one day the leader was crucified. He had said, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up again.” But you know what Thomas thought about that. If he had any doubts, now he saw that the accumulated doubting had taken form. The most serious doubt of all had been consummated. He had followed the wrong man. He was not only heart broken. He was completely broken. He wouldn’t stay with the other disciples. He took off. He went to a friend called Simon in Bethany. Thomas had thought, as most of the other disciples had thought, that Jesus Christ was going to free the Hebrews. He was going to take the yoke of Rome and unchain the slaves of Israel. He was going to bring the Kingdom of Heaven down to the Israelites, and now he was gone.

Their long hope for a Messiah was dashed. Nobody took it worse than Thomas. He couldn’t go home. He couldn’t face the humiliation, and now a strange thing happened. Mary Magdalene said, “His body is gone. It isn’t there,” and not only that, “I talked to him. He talked to me.” When that got back to Thomas, you can imagine how he doubted, doubted to the point that he thought it was ridiculous. The poor woman was obviously hysterical.

Peter and John dash to the scene. True enough, no body. And a strange thing was that the grave clothes were laid a certain way. They had carefully wrapped him in bandages. They had put something over and under his head. They had put a sheet over him. There it was, all lying there. The only thing that was missing was the body. They couldn’t figure it out. There was no struggle. There was no sign of him having put up a fight. There was no sign of somebody having carted the body away. Everything was perfectly placed in perfect order, intact, but no body.

And to add to the confusion, Mary Magdalene said, “And now when I came back, I spoke to him again, and he said, ‘Go to my apostles and tell them you spoke to me again.’” And she did. And lo and behold, there the Master appeared to the disciples in the absence of Thomas. Finally word got back to Thomas: “He has returned. He has risen.” “Oh no,” he said, “You’re all insane. Your grief and your love has overcome you. Your wishful thinking has persuaded you that a man can return from the dead. I won’t believe it, not until I feel the wounds, not until I touch every scar where the nails were.”

And then come the words, “Peace be with you.”, for there stands the Master: “Thomas, here, touch, feel, look. Is it me?” And Thomas is overcome. Now he’s on his hands and his knees and he says, “My Lord and my Master!” He has accepted the resurrection. That’s where it stops in the Bible, and there are a few more isolated instances where Jesus appears to others. All are convinced he has been resurrected; and on the basis of that, the mass insanity begins. Now we have a man who was resurrected, and we must worship the man because he was resurrected and call him the Son of God. And the foremost dissenter of that theory is the man himself.

Now it is at this specific place where Thomas says “My Lord and my Master!” that you and I must stop and say, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Isn’t this where Christianity begins to go in the wrong direction?” You will discover that none of the gospels have this account. There is the statement of Thomas feeling the wounds, but only John has Thomas going to his hands and knees, and saying, “My Lord and my Master!” And so now we turn to this passage, and we look at it, because we must discover what our authorities have missed.

We must discover how the hard core of religion has walked right by the great secret contained in the fact that only John saw fit to put these words in the Bible. To Matthew, to Lucas, to Mark, it wasn’t important at all. They probably were sparing the feelings of Thomas. So he got on his hands and knees and he said, “My Lord and my Master!” “What of it? We all felt that way.” But John didn’t want that moment to be passed. He wanted us to know what was going on inside the man called Thomas. And although, literally, Thomas got on his hands and knees, there was another meaning there, and that meaning should be the basis of Christianity.

The first secret of the resurrection is contained in the words: The door was shut. Now watch it very carefully. “[And after] eight days again his disciples were within.” Within where? We’ve all come to know this within. It isn’t within a room or within a house: “ . . . his disciples were within, and Thomas with them: then came Jesus [the doors being shut]” Then came Jesus. And strangely enough, I hadn’t noticed it before. The word “then” is italicized. After they “were within, and Thomas with them,” within, “then came Jesus, the doors being shut.” Hadn’t he said, “Shut your door.” “Go into your closet.” when they asked him how to pray?

Can you see now that “the doors being shut” means they had shut their mind to the outer world? They were within Consciousness, and because they were within high Consciousness, they could perceive a form that other human eyes could not perceive. Here we have spiritual discernment perceiving the invisible form of Jesus. It is said five hundred people could see him. Why couldn’t the rest? They were not within, and their door was not shut. And so that’s the first clue to the resurrection. At a certain level of Consciousness, you can perceive the invisible body.

Now we have another when we go back to the first return of Jesus: “Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were . . ., then came Jesus and stood in the midst . . .” Again, when “the doors were shut.” And so the emphasis now is on that Mind which is not open to the five sense world.

Now then, after Thomas feels the wounds, he gets down on his hands and knees. He gets down on his knees, at any rate, and he says, “My Lord and my Master.” Now, this is a symbolism, and that’s why John put it in because he, alone, knew the meaning of getting down on your knees and saying, “My Lord and my Master.” This was the acceptance by Thomas of the Christ within himself. Thomas was capitulating finally to Christ, instead of to sense perception. He was accepting Christ within. Anyone else in that room who had not gone through the steps these men had gone through would not have seen that which is called the resurrected body. Only one who had accepted Christ within could see it, and that is why Thomas was now on his knees saying, “My Lord and my Master.” He was surrendering to Christ within.

Now, although at this point nothing further happens, it should be clear to anyone that the Master would not appear for a moment, doff his hat, turn around and walk out. And so you may

be sure that there were endless hours of conversation, and what you have here is the essence of

what occurred. And I can tell you that in those hours of conversation, that which Thomas had done was cleared up. You can almost hear the Master say, “Now Thomas, get up. That’s fine, but let’s not make this mistake of worshiping me. In the first place you’re not witnessing my resurrection. Resurrection is not a physical form reappearing. That isn’t resurrection at all.

Resurrection is an invisible process whereby a man leaves a sense of mortality and accepts the Christ. This is resurrection. The outer manifestation is the second resurrection. The first is the spiritual resurrection within. Later, you remember in the revelation of Saint John, the Word was received. He who enters into the first resurrection will not be touched by the second death. This visible resurrection is the second resurrection. The first is when a man within himself yields to Christ and, through the process of the mind being renewed, is transformed from the human sense of body to the soul sense of body. And this is all an invisible transmutation. It has nothing to do with a visible form until the invisible transmutation is completed. Resurrection takes place within you, and now, long before the outer effect of it appears.

Now because the world has accepted the return of Jesus in the body as a sign that he was resurrected, it was necessary for Jesus to make clear to his disciples that this was not the Truth. He might have turned to John and said, “John, what did I say at the tomb of Lazarus when Martha said, ‘If you had come sooner, my brother would not be dead?’” And John might have replied, “Well, you told her that her brother would rise again.” “Fine,” said Jesus, “and then what did she say?” “Well, she said that her brother would undoubtedly rise on the last day, and you corrected her.” You said, “No, no, no, not on the last day. I am the resurrection. I am the Life.”

Then he could say to Thomas, “Thomas, did you believe that?” “Yes, I believed it.” “Then answer me this, Thomas, “How can I, the resurrection, be resurrected? How can I, the Life, die?” You see, in accepting the resurrection of Jesus, we are rejecting his teaching that “I am the resurrection.” There was no resurrection. Then what was it? Well, Jesus was demonstrating just what he said he would be, Life everlasting. He was demonstrating where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. He was demonstrating the myth of mortality. He was demonstrating that Life is always Life. You don’t resurrect Life.

He was demonstrating the great illusion of the senses, and Thomas, believing that the Master had been resurrected, and the other disciples, believing that the Master had been resurrected, had not accepted who he really was. To them, it was obvious. A man was crucified. He obviously had to be dead. A man was raised, therefore God had raised him; and if God had raised him and raised no one else, this must be the Son of God. Later, there are three passages in the Bible where the same thing happens to Peter and twice to Paul.

Cornelius, a Gentile, wanted help, and Peter said, “Oh no, I only serve the Jews. He thought about it for a long while before he realized from within how wrong he was. Then he went to Cornelius. Cornelius got on his hands and knees, treated him like a god. Peter said, “Stand up. I’m a fellow servant like yourself.” Paul and Barnabas did some miracle work, healing work. Paul was called Jupiter, and Barnabas was called Mercurius. They said, “The gods have surely come for these two to do such great miracle work.” And Paul said, “Oh my god, don’t worship me. I’m a man of passion like yourself.” And again, when Paul was stricken at Damascus, he, too, was on his hands and knees like Thomas, and the Master within said, “Arise.”

If Jesus were here this minute to explain to us what had happened, you might discover that a very simple thing happened. He not only wasn’t resurrected, but he wasn’t crucified. And you can hear Andrew, the solid one, the senior citizen, “But Master we saw you crucified. We saw you walk through the streets carrying the cross. We saw you spat upon. We saw the nails dug in. We saw them pierce your body. We saw blood spurt forth. We saw you buried. We saw you mocked, and you say you weren’t crucified?” “Well, I’m here,” Andrew. “There’s no corpse to prove that I was crucified. You simply still do not know who I am. You’re still seeing a man that you have elevated to a God. As long as you have a crucifixion and a resurrection, you’re going to miss my complete teaching, as the world will.”

And then the Bible tells us a very important passage. “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son . . .” It is exactly what he says, “that he gave his only begotten Son.” And so what do we think it means? We think God so loved the world that He crucified His only begotten Son. “Gave” to us means crucified; but it doesn’t, does it? It doesn’t say God so loved the world that he crucified his only begotten Son. It says, “he gave”. And so, this is Christ in you. Christ in you is what He gave. That is not crucifixion. That is Life. Do you see the mass insanity of believing that God permitted the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?

“But then how did it happen that you weren’t crucified and weren’t resurrected?” “It’s very simple, Andrew. Let me tell you how it happened. I wasn’t in that body that they crucified, Andrew. That’s how. I was absent from the body, Andrew, and I was present with the Lord. Not only that, Andrew, I expect you to do the same, and I expect all of my disciples to do the same, to be absent from the body and present with the Lord, literally.” There is no Christ in a body of clay to be crucified. There was a man named Jesus who learned the way to overcome the mortal sense of life and to step out of the mortal body of clay. He was never resurrected. He was never crucified. He had overcome the world. He had become the Spirit without an opposite.

“I am the Way-shower. I am the Way. I am the resurrection. I am the Life. Pilate, thou hast no power over me. You can’t crucify me.” The Son of God isn’t crucified to save the world. The Son of God demonstrates there can be no crucifixion, and that’s how the Son of God saves the world. The Son of God says, “Follow me. I am the Way.” And when they had said to him, “When will the Kingdom of God come to earth?” “Come to earth? Are you fooling? Do you think that God has ever left this earth? The Kingdom of God is within you now. Who can crucify the Kingdom of God within you? Is there a power on this earth to crucify the Kingdom of God within a man?”

One day these very same disciples learned their lesson. And Thomas, who had misunderstood resurrection and crucifixion, was eager to go out and get crucified and did. Seven of them went out and got crucified. They couldn’t wait. Why? Because they had overcome the mortal sense of body. They had learned to step out of the sense of body so that when crucifixion for them occurred, they were not in the bodies that were crucified.

That is the meaning of Christianity, to come into that sense of Self which can say, “I have overcome the world. I am not subject to the powers of the mortal universe. I walk in the rhythm of the Father. Thou seeth me, thou seeth the Father. All that the Father hath is mine. I will not be crucified. I will not be resurrected, for the Life of God is my Life, and that Life is eternal.” The demonstration that the Life of God is eternal is totally different than crucifixion and resurrection. Turn ye from the belief that there is a mortal body to be crucified, to be resurrected, to ascend. All resurrection, all crucifixion, all ascension is done in the Consciousness of the individual. It is an invisible activity of Consciousness.

And so, he was demonstrating that Life was his name, that Life which is the Life of God. It doesn’t have to be resurrected. He was demonstrating the all-ness of divine Life, and God, being all, is never crucified, never resurrected, never ascended. This is the mortal sense of the Bible, and because of that mortal sense of the Bible unable to discern the meaning behind what is called the resurrection, mankind has not sought the Christ within, the Kingdom within, but has done exactly what it appeared to those present that Thomas was doing, worshipping Jesus Christ as “the” son of God who is “the” Way. And unfortunately, that is precisely the opposite of that which Jesus Christ taught: “Worship me? What good will that do you? Will that get you out of a hospital? Will that pay the mortgage? What good has it done the world to worship Jesus Christ?”

Even the churches down in Los Angeles found the earthquake hit them, as well as the other houses. They were worshipping Jesus Christ. Half the world is worshipping Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ says, “Don’t call me good. Why callest thou me good? My teaching is to worship God. I’m just a fellow servant who found the Way. Follow me. Do what I did. Learn what I learned. Let my deeds and my demonstration be a guide and an inspiration to you, but don’t hang onto my coattail. Don’t use me for a crutch.”

“Peter, you can’t walk on the water because I did. You’ve got to learn in your own Kingdom of God within how to do it. Believing on me won’t help you. Three times then: “Peter, do you love me?” “ Yes, I do.” “Then feed my sheep.” “Peter, do you love me?” “But Master of course, I love you.” “Feed my sheep.” And a third time, “Peter, do you love me?” By this time Peter is grieved. “You know I love you.” “Then Peter, feed my sheep.” What was he saying to him? Precisely what the world had thought Thomas was saying, “Peter, do you love “Me”, or do you love Jesus Christ? Do you know who “Me” is? If you don’t, how can you do the greater works? because you must believe on “Me” to do them.

“Me” isn’t Jesus Christ. “Me” is that eternal Life, that I, which cannot be crucified and can never be resurrected because It is always living, and It is the Kingdom of God within you, Peter. If you love Me, that means you love the Kingdom of God within you; You discern the Christ of your own Being. That’s the only way you can feed my sheep, Peter, because Christ does the feeding. You can’t find Jesus Christ to feed the sheep now. The Christ in the midst of your Being must feed the sheep. The Christ in the midst of your Being hath all at the Father hath.

So there must be a correction. There must be an understanding that You could never be crucified, because as long as you feel that there was a crucifixion and a resurrection, you have not caught the meaning that I in the midst of Thee am mighty, greater than he that walks this earth. There must be an acceptance of the eminence of Christ, that ever-present Self which is the all power, against which the power of Rome or any world power is powerless. Crucifixion, you see, is the ultimate death. Every other form of death is included in crucifixion.

Just as Jesus could not be crucified because he had attained Christ awareness, he could not have died of cancer. He could not have died of any disease or disaster. Life realized is always Itself. And he was teaching these who followed him to do likewise. He was teaching his disciples to set an example for us to know that as they could walk through crucifixion because they had attained the soul body, we can. Those men he picked were a cross-section of the different kinds of human beings who walk this earth. Some were simple men. Some were businessmen. Some had the feeling, the intelligence of the highest, and some of the middle, and some of the low.

You never hear anything much about the Alphaeus twins, and yet there they were. They were ushers. When they had to preach a meeting, the Alphaeus twins were the ushers, but they were among the twelve. They were errand boys. When Nathanial had to send something to the families of the disciples while the disciples were on the road, he called Jude or James, the Alphaeus twins, and they would carry the clothing or the food or the money or whatever was needed by the families of the disciples. You never heard much about their great contribution to the work, but they were there to prove, that at any level and at every level, everyone is qualified to walk into that awareness of Christ, which is life eternal.

Now this should have been the turning point for the peoples of the world to understand that all life is immortal, that all life is eternal, that all power is in God, that there is no power of death, no law of death, no possibility of death, that there is no law or power or possibility of those conditions that lead to death. The identity of each individual was established that day as the invisible Light of God, and they learned that lesson. They learned it well enough to be lifted into the Spirit, to receive the Holy Ghost.

Now if you’ve had your doubts about your progress, your capacity to move ahead, please remember those eleven had their doubts, too. It is necessary at this point to erase in our consciousness the belief that there are several kinds of Life. Our function is to supply a missing ingredient to the world we see. Each of us must do it. That missing ingredient is Spirit. It cometh not by observation. You will never see the Spirit, and if you are not watchful, you will not be furnishing that missing ingredient to your experience, which transforms your experience.

All that happens in your life is shadow without substance until you furnish that missing ingredient, until you will take the time and make the effort to redeem this world in your Consciousness by knowing that never will you see the Truth in the outer, never will you see it in the inner. You must accept Its Presence where you are. Jesus Christ never left this earth. There simply are not eyes that can witness His Presence, and yet it is because he was present that the appearance of resurrection came about.

It is much the same as the Transfiguration. When the disciples were lifted up to witness the Body of Light, they witnessed the Presence of Moses and Elias. They hadn’t gone anywhere. They were there. There simply wasn’t the consciousness on earth to see them. So with Jesus. Be assured Jesus Christ is as present as ever. Life doesn’t go anywhere, but you will never see that which is present with human eyes. You must be lifted in consciousness. Similarly, you will never see the Body that is yours. You must be lifted in Consciousness.

His Body was present but seen only when they were lifted in Consciousness. Your Body is present but will not be experienced until you are lifted in Consciousness. And when you are lifted in Consciousness, you will become aware of another Body than the one you are walking in, and you will realize that invisible Body will never be resurrected. It isn’t going to go anywhere. It is always going to be your invisible Body. It will never be crucified. It will never suffer. It will never feel pain.

How do we know It is there? Because that was the purpose of his demonstration. “Thomas, just as you have thought I have been resurrected, when you come into the knowledge of your Soul Body, the world will think You are resurrected.” Whoever comes into the knowledge of their Soul Body realizes It has always been present. It never goes anywhere. It is ever awaiting your acceptance, and this is the missing ingredient that you must supply to your daily activity. You must supply the missing Soul Body to everything you do, for that is the purpose of the appearance in the Bible of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, to advise every person on this earth that where you stand is holy ground because you have an invisible spiritual Body, which is ever immaculate, ever perfect, eternal, immortal. It is yours. Claim It. Accept It. Live in It consciously, for that is the path to Transition.

That is the meaning, as you know, of he who enters the first resurrection will not be touched by the second death. That first resurrection is the acceptance in Consciousness, without ceasing, that right where I stand is an invisible spiritual Body, not made of clay, not subject to the whims of this world, not subject to mortal mind, not subject to the mass beliefs of the world, but free, independent, unconfined, perpetually young, never aging, never sick, never suffering, never sorrowing. When you have started to live in that body consciously, you will discover the inner does govern the outer. You will learn to look at your neighbor, your associates, your friends, your close relatives, your loved ones, and you will accept for them their invisible Soul Body, which is undying. You will put on the garment of immortality for everyone you know.

Now this is, then, the new Consciousness, or at least the first sprig of it, the beginning of an acceptance that resurrection means to me the resurrection in consciousness of the Truth from which I had unconsciously fallen, the Truth that the Spirit of God is the substance, the one indivisible substance behind the multitude of forms that I see, not just mine, not just belonging to my loved ones, but even to mine enemies. There is no place where the invisible spiritual Body of God is not present. This is accepting the immanence of God, learning to live with the Presence as a reality, as a finished fact, not something to be attained in the tomorrows that lie ahead, in the hereafter, in a heaven remote from this place whereon I stand, not to be attained by worshipping Jesus Christ, but by accepting his teaching: Within you is the Kingdom of God, and that Kingdom is your eternal Life, your eternal Body, your eternal Mind, your eternal perfection.

Where do you think it is? Whereon thou standeth now, to be accepted; and it is up to you to supply that missing ingredient to your daily life, that acceptance of the fact that will never change. Here stands my perfect Soul Body, and I don’t have two bodies. And therefore, the outer evidence of pain, suffering, disease, illness is a denial that I stand in the perfect Soul Body, is a denial of spiritual identity, is a denial that the Kingdom of God is within me. I am saying I have not that spiritual Selfhood, and to him who hath not, from him will be taken that little which he hath; but to him who hath, to him who has the knowledge, the acceptance that I am the Spirit of God now, not tomorrow, not to be attained. But whereon I stand now, I am the Light of God, though I may appear to the world to be a criminal, though I may appear to the world to be a Medicare case, though I may appear to the world to be anything but what I am. I must supply the missing ingredient of spiritual Selfhood accepted.

Now we could go on and fool ourselves with half-truths. The world seems to want to do that, but it doesn’t say you should know the half-truth and the half-truth will make you free. Only the Truth. Truth isn’t going to become Truth. It is Truth. The acceptance of It brings to you He who seeth in secret and rewards Thee openly. The acceptance that I can never be resurrected because the Spirit of my Being is the Resurrection ultimately defeats the world mind, which believes in recurring cycles of reincarnation. We graduate from those recurring cycles.

Perhaps it’s wrong to call this the PhD course in Spirit, but at least it’s a place where we’re going to face all of the conditioned beliefs that we have and meet them and route them out until we can relax with confidence that the presence of God, which is the very substance of my inner Being, is always here, always knowing my needs, always performing. And it makes no difference what appears to me in the outer, I will reject it, for I am accepting only the inner Spirit as my identity. This is following Me. This is denying thyself. This is picking up your cross. Don’t talk about Jesus Christ. Follow what He did. Don’t praise Jesus Christ. Praise the God He taught is present within you. Love that God, and that God will love you. Bring peace to that God, and that God will magnify your peace.

Remember the little cruse of oil. What have you in the house? Oh, just a little cruse of oil. Well, that’s marvelous. That’s as big as a mountain. All you have to do is pour it. A little bit will do. If you bring a little peace to God, just a little peace to God, the Father will magnify that peace. Whatever you acknowledge to be present in yourself, that acknowledgement is the little cruse of oil. Yes, love is present. I’m not getting much of it, but I know it’s present. I accept its presence. Good! Come unto me with that little bit of love, and I will magnify it for you.

All that I have is Thine, but if you won’t make the first step and acknowledge even the little bit you have, how can I magnify nothing? But come unto me with something. A shred of faith is enough, and that little cruse of faith will pour mountains because whatever you acknowledge to be present in your Being is saying, “I have.” I have, not I have not. I have. All that the Father has, I have. Where? In my Soul Self right here. I can’t see it, but it’s here. I accept it. It’s the only Me there is. It can walk through a fiery furnace. It is my name. It is my Being. It is what the Master taught I am, and you, and you and you.

Now then, this being only the first course, the first class in 1971, we want to get off on the right foot of acceptance that the Spirit of God which indwells my Being is my Self. And I must live there in my Self, not in another self, a borrowed self, a transient self, a mental self. I must live in my Self, and who is going to do it for me? Jesus Christ will not do it for me. He has said so. “Peter, you want to walk on the water? You’ve got to do it by your Self. If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto You.” The Comforter is your Self. And everyone who has said, “Oh, if I could just straighten out my life first, then I could do this sort of thing.” It’s the other way around. You first do this sort of thing, and it straightens out your life.

We don’t make our own rules. We don’t decide the way we think it ought to be. We have one authority here, no human being. The authority is Christ. There is no other. Christ says, “ . . .seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things will be added unto you.” Now, that isn’t saying first straighten out your affairs, and then come to Christ. I’ve heard that two or three times in the last few hours from people: “If I could just get these things straightened out, I could then go to Christ.” Well, Christ says the opposite.

In fact, we don’t go to Christ; we don’t leave Christ. We stay there. How can you come to your Self? Who’s coming to your Self? Is there another you than Christ? Hadn’t Jesus accepted his name to be the Christ? Isn’t that why He had overcome the world? Now then, we go into the awareness, then, that every time I think of the risen Christ, the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I must realize that the reason He couldn’t rise or be resurrected was because He was not dead. He was always living as the invisible Self, ever Present, ever Alive, ever Being, in fact the only Being on earth, and that Being, being the only, I am now. The Kingdom of God within me is the I, and that I is the living Christ.

I must feel my living invisible Self. That must become my daily Awareness. Never can I go seeking God anymore. Never do I have to go outside of my Being and say, “God, help me. God, bring me this. God, help me to do that.” The invisible Christ of my Being is here and now, and all that the Father hath is functioning invisibly where I stand. This must become our daily acceptance until there’s no question about it, until nothing can tempt you away from that belief. Then you won’t have to improve any situations because the situation is a denial of the Truth. You will be guided from within. Omnipotence is right here without lifting a finger. How? Christ is here. Christ has overcome the world. Believe it. Accept it. Trust it consciously, and it will be a resurrection to every form of discord that you may experience.

I am the resurrection. There are no question marks about that. It’s a statement of Truth: I, the Kingdom of God within you, accepted, lived in daily, I am the resurrection. And so it says he who hath shall be given. Whoever has accepted identity as the Spirit of God has all the power of God present where he is. You say, “Why doesn’t it show? Why am I missing this and that?” That should be clear to you: because you haven’t accepted with confidence and trust who You are.

We should have now the capacity to relax in the knowledge that where I stand Christ alone is. The invisible Redeemer is the only present living reality of my Being. Only Christ walks this earth. I am supplying the missing ingredient. Now where the world sees form, I accept Christ. Where the world sees pain, I accept the perfection of Christ. Where the world sees lack, I accept the supply of Christ. Always you are living in the reality of the present Kingdom of God, needing no power to overcome any other power on the earth because in your knowledge of Truth, you know there is no other power to overcome. In confidence that Christ has overcome the world, You rest, You abide, You accept.

Suppose we take a little breather now and start again in about ten minutes.

istent. Now, we find the false consciousness begins to interpret I, Spirit. The false consciousness is non-existent, but it thinks of itself as being real, and as it interprets I, Spirit, it only interprets that which it is able to receive; and being a false consciousness, it can only receive a false impression. And its false impression of I, Spirit, is going to become what you call your form. That form ages and dies. That is your false image. And as that form ages and dies, another false consciousness will now take another look at I, Spirit, and form another form which will age and die.

And this continuous reincarnation now reaches the place of a Jesus who says, “Let’s put a stop to this false consciousness and the changing image it creates, which is destined to always die. Whoever believes on me, whoever believes my teaching, will not die. And now, this I finds there is no false consciousness to receive it, but instead there is a Consciousness of Spirit, called a Christ Consciousness, and the form that now appears is not destined to die, and it has the name called Jesus. And this Christ Consciousness, which is out pictured to us as a form called Jesus, is demonstrating that the form that I am producing does not die, because I am not a false consciousness receiving a false impression about Spirit and then out picturing that as a false form.

I am Christ Itself. I am the Spirit out picturing Itself. I and the Spirit are one and the same. We are not giving you an impression. This is a spiritual form which you are perceiving as a physical form. And this spiritual form was demonstrated to you on the Mount of Transfiguration as pure Light. It is not a physical form. And even now, as you look at this pure Light, you perceive a physical form. The error is in you, not in the Consciousness that is out picturing the pure spiritual form, and this form will never die. Men will only pick up the images in their own mind and put it in a coffin. This invisible spiritual form can never die.

There is no physical form. The physical form is your own consciousness out pictured, your own false sense of the Spirit. And then, as it is demonstrated that this physical form, which allegedly was buried, appears again, that which was already stated, that I will return, is completed, and the revelation that there is a kind of form different than the physical form of men. The physical form of men does die and does not return in that same form. This form did, and therefore, it is a different form than the physical form of men that we know.

That form was the out picturing of the Christ Consciousness, and only that form which is the out picturing of the Christ Consciousness demonstrates the continuity of life eternal so that it reappears as the very same form which allegedly had died. Your form and my form in our present appearance cannot do this, but your form and my form when we have reached the Christ Consciousness will do this, but it will do better. It will simply be a continuity of that Consciousness, and without the need to instruct the world about it, we will simply continue to live in that Consciousness, which out pictures perfect form without interruption.

Now the inner teaching here was given by Jesus before he went through the crucifixion, and the reason we have not been able to understand it was also given by him in advance. There are just a few passages needed to open us to this understanding. Let’s look at several of them, and you can then differentiate the Truth from the lie and see why it was so difficult for even the disciples to understand it and why those who followed him have been unable to, for the main, give us the Truth which some on this earth have at present.

We’ll just look at John. John was the youngest disciple, and it was not given to him at the time to take over the disciples after Jesus left. It was given to Peter, but John was always the one who seemed closest to the understanding of what was really happening in the invisible, and so we find in John this statement. We’re in the sixteenth chapter, and in this twenty-second verse Jesus says, “And now ye have sorrow. He’s talking to his disciples. “. . . but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.”

This was the promise: that I shall see you again. How did he know he could keep that promise? Because the one who made the promise was not Jesus. The one who made the promise was the Spirit saying to the disciples, “I shall see you again.” And of course the Spirit would see them again because the Spirit wasn’t going anywhere. That which they called Jesus would go, but the Spirit would ever be there; and they would become aware of It again within themselves, and this would be how I, Spirit, will see you again. And as they became aware of it within themselves, they were receiving that Spirit of Truth.

Now, when you try to understand the New Testament without having received that Spirit of Truth, you’re in the position of the various religions of this world which went to war many times because another religion disapproved of their way. And so, they defended their way by war and destruction and blood, proving that it wasn’t the right way to begin with. Until the Spirit of Truth is received in your consciousness, you’re going to say again and again, “What is the Truth, and what is the lie? How do I know this, and how do I know that?”

And so, the only interpreter of the Truth has to be the Spirit Itself in you. And so, we have all kinds of religions without the Spirit of Truth, all kinds of ways to Truth. But there are no ways to Truth. There’s only Truth. Truth is all that exists, and it all comes down to the fact that as long as there’s a person looking for the Truth, you have the lie looking for the Truth, and the lie will not find the Truth. And always, the lie is the person who is looking for the Truth. In the Christ teaching there is no such person, and until you receive this realization that the person seeking the Truth is the lie itself, the lie will continue to not find the Truth. You must crucify the lie. You must crucify the person, and the human mind just shuns this as if it were a snake.

The Spirit says, “I will see you again.” And it says it to you seventy time seven, if necessary, until something in you says, “That Spirit which says ‘I will see you again.’ is telling me to release my concept of being a human self so that I may know I am the Spirit, that I may receive that Spirit of Truth which I am.” And then there’s nothing to be explained in the whole Bible to you, because the Spirit of Truth is the invisible Bible.

Now watch how this theme, which is so difficult, is constantly put up before the disciples; and each time they look at it, there is a me called Peter, a me called Nathaniel, a me called Andrew, a me called Mathew. And they’re all trying to understand the I of Being within themselves which appears before them as a physical Jesus. And always the me can never understand the I. But when me is no longer there, then only I am there, and that is the Self realized.

The Spirit says, “I must go away now. I’ve come to you as a physical form called Jesus, but there’s a limit to what you can learn from that. And so I will leave, but I will send one who will help you, who will tell you things that I have not told you; and this one will be the Spirit of Truth of the Father.” And the disciples do not understand that. They want Jesus. They know what he can do.

The Spirit of Truth, that’s an abstraction to them. But yet the Spirit of Truth is the reality of Peter, the reality of Nathaniel, the reality of Andrew, the reality of John, the reality of you. And always, the unreality of you is piercing that reality by looking elsewhere, looking to a man called Jesus who says, “No, no. Let go. Don’t cling to me.” And he’s saying get out of the false sense of you which needs a me. Get out of the false sense of you which has to look outside of yourself, and the Spirit of Truth, which will come to you, will be your very own true Being. Always, he is closing the gap between the dual nature of the human creature.

And then later on: Your Father loveth you. Now take those words apart and see them for what they mean. The Spirit of Truth is the Father. And what does it mean that the Father loveth you? He’s revealing their nature as that very Spirit of Truth which is the Father. They don’t need love external to themselves, but not knowing themselves they think they do. If they knew themselves to be the Spirit, then all that the Spirit is, Its love would be their very own Being. He is turning them to them Selves.

Do you see how the world has rejected that, how the world being turned to itself preferred, instead, to crucify that understanding? Do you see how we have squirmed and wriggled away from that and have tended, without realizing, to crucify? The way we have crucified the One that we are is by insisting that we are a different one. As long as we continue to walk in the belief that we are of this one that you see, we are crucifying the Christ, and as long as this one keeps looking for the Truth, he is denying that the Christ is the Truth.

Now where do you stand still to behold the salvation of the Lord? Where does that take place? That takes place in Heaven, for that’s where we find the Spirit: “Our Father which art in Heaven . . .” And so Heaven is the place where you’re willing to die to what you are not but seem to be, and accept what you are but do not appear to be. That is the beginning of Heaven. That is the beginning of Truth. That is the beginning of the mansions, and that is the beginning of that Life which is protected in the reality of its own Being.

Now look at this again and see that when there is a demonstration called resurrection, you are watching a demonstration of the illusion of death, not an overcoming of actual death, but an overcoming of the illusion of death. And the overcoming of the illusion of death is the revelation of the eternal nature of your Life. But this wasn’t the overcoming of a head cold, of a backache. It was the overcoming of anything unlike Life, and therefore in one fell swoop, it is the overcoming of the illusion of sickness, it is the overcoming of the illusion of disease, it is the overcoming of the illusion of all things which contribute to the ultimate belief in death.

It is an all-embracing revelation of the illusion of the material experience. But if we do not accept the revelation of the illusion of the material experience, then we continue to walk in the false self which knows death. You can’t just walk around this feast and say, “I’ll take a little of this and a little of that.” You can’t make a smörgåsbord out of Christ. The fact is that Christ is all there is, and you can’t pick. You either accept this invisible spiritual reality as the only, or you don’t. There’s no halfway, and only when you do, only when you do, do you receive the Spirit of Truth which gives you the intelligence and the wisdom to understand what you have accepted on faith.

You don’t have the intelligence when you start. The Spirit of Truth cannot enter the human brain, and all of our desires to have God come down and point out some things that we’d like to know before we make our step, it doesn’t work. There has to be this great dedicated faith which says, “Well, there it is. I see it, and if I don’t even understand it, I see what’s happening. There’s a message there for me, and I can’t prove it.” Peter couldn’t prove it, but he learned to accept it. And after he accepted it, then the Spirit of Truth descended. He had opened the door first. And if you find that the Spirit of Truth hasn’t descended, you haven’t accepted it, and you’re waiting for the Spirit to descend before you accept it. And it’s going to be a very long wait. It doesn’t work that way.

Once we have accepted it even intellectually that I am living Spirit, and therefore I do not live in time or space or body, and my life is independent of form, well, I don’t feel my Self out there, but I accept it. I must accept it before I can begin to feel it. You’ve accepted other things before you knew about them. When you were a child growing up and learning mathematics, you accepted there was such a thing, and you went in with perfect faith to learn about it. Suppose you didn’t accept it and said, “Oh, there’s no such thing.” You’d never have learned it. In fact, everything you’ve learned has been because you accepted that it existed, and then you went out and learned about it. But first, you accepted that it existed. And now to accept that there is an invisible spiritual Self, called the Christ, is prerequisite to experiencing it.

You can stand on the brink and discuss it all day. The Spirit of Truth will not enter. But it is the Spirit of Truth that can tell you those things which Jesus said to his disciples: “There is more to tell you, but you cannot bear it yet. Only the Spirit of Truth can tell you those more things.” There’s a place where I know I feel a wall. There’s just no place further to go with a certain kind of person than that place up to which, now, it’s up to you to say, “Yes, there is an invisible Self that I am.” And until you come to that, there’s not a word that will be as important as that inner revelation, and only that inner revelation can give you what the Master called Truth. He didn’t say read the Bible even.

“There is a place beyond which I cannot go,” he said, “and so, I’m leaving you.” And that was the cue for every reader to say, “There is a place beyond which I cannot advance until I turn to that inner Self that He is going to reveal as the Self of all men, and when I turn to that inner Self, I must let go of this one. I cannot be that and this. I must begin to work with my invisible Self in such a way that I am leaving the concept of a temporary being and accepting my eternal Self right here. I must live in that eternal Self, for there the Spirit of Truth makes its home. There is the Voice. There is the wisdom. There is the real Truth that makes you free.”

Do you see why it’s said that Moses only took his people up to the Promised Land but not in? Same as Jesus here. There is no truth that mind communicates to mind that will free you. The Truth that frees is communicated from the Christ of your own being to and through what you have called your human consciousness, and this is how you get out of the tomb of a mortal who dies.

Now I can assure you that if you haven’t, up to this point, felt the presence of the Spirit, that where we have gone is too far for your present level of development. I can assure you if you have felt the presence of Spirit then there’s nothing we could possibly do that would be too far for your level of development. The presence of Spirit realized in you is the magic key to all of your future progression; and if that has not happened, then every moment that you spend to unveil that spirit of Truth in you should be your one and only spiritual goal.

From that point on, you don’t have a goal. That spirit of Truth in you says, “I am the Way, I am the Truth.” and if you’re looking for other truth, you’re missing the Truth. I am the Truth. Only I in you is the Truth. Jesus was pushing his disciples almost bodily into that realization. He wanted them to carry his message throughout the world. Significantly, he didn’t write a single word down. What did he leave? Not one word. Why? Because he knew that the words of a man are not the Truth. The words of a Jesus are not the Truth. The only Truth is the Word of the Spirit of Truth in you. That’s the power of the word. It carries more than the word that says truth. It carries the power of the Truth, the substance of the Truth, the activity and law of the Truth, and all of these must accompany the Truth to be the Truth.

The Truth must embrace its own power, its own effect, its own law, its own universe. Truth isn’t a word that you speak with your mouth. Truth is infinite Omnipotence expressing Itself, enforcing Itself, maintaining Itself. Let us come out of human concepts of Truth, for they are superficial and shallow. There is only divine Truth, and divine Truth is not waiting for human minds to understand it. It’s waiting for human minds to move away and say, “Work your magic within me.” And so, he pushed them and pushed them and pushed them, even to the point of self-annihilation.

When he said, “Love one another as I have loved you,” the love he showed us is that he laid down all physical concepts of self. That was the kind of love we were looking at, for if he didn’t lay down all physical concept of self, they would still be worshipping a physical concept. And that was the love that we were told to love one another with. And so, I must lay down my physical concept of you and of me, for that’s the only way I can love as he loved us. He laid down a physical concept of self to show there’s only a spiritual reality present, and we must do the same.

And as we do the same, we are born into the Spirit, and then you won’t say, “What is the Truth and what is the lie?” You’ll say, “I am the Truth, and what I am not must be the lie.” All that I am is Truth, and therefore, whatever I am, being Truth, must be perfect and harmonious. If it’s not perfect and harmonious, it can’t be the Truth. It’s the lie. Whatever in your Life is not perfect and harmonious is not the Truth. It is the lie, and it exists only because there is still a divided sense of Self. The lie is always the out picturing of that consciousness which is not the true spiritual You. And that is why we have an out picturing, so we can see with our eyes that which is to be corrected, adjusted.

That is why there was a Jesus, so the world could see with their eyes that which they could not detect in their consciousness. And that which they saw was Jesus which was really living with them outwardly as the Spirit of themselves inwardly to show them there was such a thing as an inward Spirit. And then, with that mission completed, “Goodbye.” You have no need of this outer Jesus anymore because outer Jesus is only the revelation of your inner Spirit. And now live in that Spirit; Get out of the tomb of a “me” who is looking for Truth. There isn’t any to find from “me.” Get out of the lie, and the lie is “me.” That’s the lie. Get out of “me,” for there never was a “me.” There is only I, the invisible Christ.

Now there are passages we could look at, but I feel at this moment that if you will renew your contact with what you have called empty space and feel that you are a false consciousness moving in the fullness of Spirit and rest until the fullness of Spirit dispels that false consciousness, you will be duplicating in that experience, in a small way, the complete pageant of crucifixion and resurrection. You will find you have entered into one of the most joyous stages of your work. You are truly passing from human consciousness to spiritual reality.

As this deepens, the thunder of Silence becomes the living Spirit of Truth that awakens you to the Kingdom present on earth. You find that the pure, perfect Heaven on earth has been obscured by the false sense of a me. Mortality was the tomb. The rising is simply coming out of mortality into the experience of the Kingdom of God within you. There is less of a “me.” There is less of a will, less of a desire, less of any human needs. There is more of a knowing that the Father within is just another way of saying that I am the Spirit of God. There is a willingness to live in this somewhat difficult stage for a while because the transition was never from crucifixion to ascension. There had to be the intermediary stage. It’s the waiting period. It’s the testing period.

And that’s one of the reasons why, in resurrection, Jesus did not appear immediately to his own disciples. The world had to see how lost they were. The world had to see that without the Spirit of Truth in them, even though they had three years of teaching from the Master, they were in a state of fear and confusion. And the world had to see that without the Spirit of Truth in us, we too, no matter how much Truth we have from anyone, we’re always in a state of unknowing the Truth even with the greatest Masters in our midst. Until we, too, have found the Master within, then the fear is gone, the confusion is gone. Then we can come out and proclaim openly, “Yes, I follow the Christ.” Then we’re not concerned about world opinions.

Once we have found what we have sought as the substance of all being, then we’re no longer concerned what mortal man can do to me, what mortal condition can do. And if you have that feeling now, that you’re not concerned about the world, you’re not concerned about its threats, you’re not concerned about lacks and limitations, then be sure it is because you have felt this invisible reality, which was revealed as that which can never be crucified or entombed.

The remainder of your teaching must come as this, this Spirit of Truth unfolds Itself to you through the thunder of Silence. That Silence is really your withdrawal from the world of the mind, from the world of matter, from the two thieves on the cross, and the tomb in which they have buried each individual on this earth. Even to the last second, all materialism was removed, even the clothes, the garments. They fought about his garments until there were none left. Why? There was nothing left of a material nature, not a word nor a garment. All that existed was the pure Spirit. No matter to idolize. He was revealing that he was Spirit alone, totally pure Spirit. The last remnant of human consciousness was gone.

If you believe on this, you have learned the Truth of your Self, pure Spirit. And so, we have a measure of our eternal Self revealed to us. That is what we should be taking into, what is called, the year 1970. You have, by now, probably ripped up your calendars in consciousness and know that the only year ahead is the year of Spirit. And if you walk into this year of Spirit with the knowledge that I am Spirit and learn to be faithful to this knowledge, it will be a totally different decade for you than for those who walk into it as a man of flesh. You will discover that there is no year 1970, 1,2 or 3. You’ll find yourself walking in the timelessness of the Spirit. And even the years that have come up to this point will drop away, and you’ll see that they never happened except in the false consciousness of the two thieves that have run your sense of Life. Really time ceases to have the significance or the power to fool us.

And so, 1970 for us as we walk in the Spirit becomes a grand opportunity to show the degree to which we have stepped out of the tomb of mind and matter, using the outer events of the day as a mirror in which we determine our spiritual progress, making the adjustments within when we see the lie without until you find the law of multiplication of Spirit functioning in you as it did for the multitudes when Christ was revealed as present invisibly on the earth. That same Christ accepted as your Being becomes your total law of harmony, and you’ll find the faith that enabled you to accept this Christ deepens beyond faith itself.

The next ten years for man are going to be quite a shock for some, and for some they’re going to be a most unusual experience. Be sure that we are not being prepared idly. We’re going to need all of this preparation. Spirit is ever aware of what it is doing and ever fulfilling its purpose in its perfect way. If you have reached that place now where to you, the spiritual universe is a reality, it was necessary that you come into this realization before certain other things in the material world take place.

The two covenants which form, I think, the first chapter of Thunder of Silence and all that follows in the next nineteen weeks, if that’s what it is,—I think it’s nineteen.—will be aimed at one goal, to release you finally into the knowledge that all dominion of your life rests within your Self. There is no outer force that has power over the reality of You. And if in the nineteen weeks that follow you can come into this ability to rest in the dominion of your own true Self, you will have demonstrated that you have come far out of the tomb in which mankind still appears to be resting.

I wish you all the very best for this coming year. To those of you who have felt the progress within yourself over the past years, I can only say that nothing, nothing in this whole world could be more important to the Spirit than the realization in you that you are the living Child of God. Be sure that whatever you feel in that progress is appreciated in many places that you know not of. Your Life is independent of what you had called your form. Live in that Life, and not in that form, consciously.

Thanks very much, and I hope to see you next year.

However, you realize that there’s really nothing we can ever do that does not include living the fourth dimensional Life, and so when we begin the new series next week called The Thunder of Silence. Behind it, behind every chapter, behind every word will be this Consciousness that we have been trying to develop with each other of living in this three-dimensional physical existence with the knowledge that there is a true Self, an eternal Self which does not walk in a form on this physical earth. And we will ever be cognizant of that true Self as we walk in the appearance of form. All of this was a necessary preparation for the ultimate realization of the Christ revealed on earth by Jesus.

There was a time when He laid down His form, and now he was in a tomb. There was a napkin around his face. His body was covered with white linen. It was scented with myrrh and aloes. To the world he was dead, and the message of that death has not come down through the ages in the religions of the world.

He rested now asleep. To the world, the political and religious agitator had died. And now there was a captain of the Hebrews with a little squad of men, and that wasn’t enough. They had to have a Roman guard as well, and these twenty of them sat outside the tomb, guarding it. It wasn’t enough to just roll a stone over the tomb. They had to roll another stone over the tomb to make it two. Then they had to put the seal of Pilate on that stone to be sure that it wasn’t moved so that they could detect any change.

They were protecting the possibility that the body of Jesus would be stolen by his followers in order to make good his statement that if you destroy this temple, in three days I will raise it up again. And the Hebrews, who had trumped up the charges in the first place, had prevailed upon Pilate that it would do a great deal of harm if the disciples of Jesus did steal the body and let the world believe that He had really risen from the tomb.

They needn’t have feared at all. The disciples were in no condition to steal a body. They were completely confused, bedraggled, fearful. They went into hiding. As far as they knew, the man they had worshipped was not the man they thought he was. They had seen him, a common criminal in their eyes, in the eyes of the mob, spat upon, ridiculed, mocked, taunted. They had seen him, in their eyes, powerless to do anything about his predicament, him whom they had called Messiah. Where were these angelic hosts who would come down and deliver him? Where was the God with whom he said he was one? Where was the power that fed the multitudes? Why had it deserted him? Why was he now crucified between two thieves?

They even had to make sure he was dead, so they put a spear in his side; and then Joseph of Arithmathea received permission to get the body. Somehow, he felt that the promise that I would rise again would be fulfilled. Even Nicodemus entertained that idea, the elderly gentlemen who had discussed rebirth in earlier days with Jesus, but you couldn’t find a single disciple to say, “Yes, he will rise again.” They had never really understood the meaning of that.

As a matter of fact, they had quite a mental block about it. Every time he said, “But I will return again,” they failed to hear the inner meaning. They could never conceive of a life on earth without their Master, without his physical presence, without his human authority and leadership to tell them where to go and what to do, how to think. And so, they never really listened carefully when he told them he would return. To them this was just a vague promise that they could not comprehend.

And now, having seen how powerless he was against the Romans, against the Sanhedrin, they were literally certain that they had made a mistake. Peter, particularly, was in deep fear, a fear born of a sense of guilt. He had denied the Master three times, and the Master knew it, and the Master had predicted it. And he had seen the look on the Master’s face after his denials when he had passed by, a look of love and compassion. And Peter wondered if the Master actually did rise again, what would become of him, he who had three times said, “No, I’m not one of his followers. Why, I don’t even know the man, never saw him in my life, never heard of him. Who is he?” Yes, this was Peter now, wondering what had come over him to declare that he did not know the Master and yet, vaguely, he sensed the possibility that there would be a rising. And the question was, What would happen to me, Peter, if the Master did rise?

And each disciple within himself had a battle to fight. Some feared for their very lives. They were known to be followers of one who was declared an enemy of the Roman empire. No, they weren’t going to go and steal the body to prove it could rise on the third day. If you wanted to find them, you’d have to go to the house of Mark in the upper chamber where ten of them were hiding. You wouldn’t find Thomas there. He had gone off by himself. And that was the state of the disciples at the time that the body of Jesus lay in the tomb of Joseph of Arithmathea.

The Sanhedrin had won a great victory, they thought. Here was this religious agitator who had denied their God. There was no way to kill him legally. The only charge they could get up was one that he was disloyal to the religion of the Hebrews. They could not kill him on that basis without the permission of Rome, and Rome would not hear of it. So, they had to trump up the next charge, which they did, and that charge was, “He has told us not to pay tribute, not to pay our taxes to Caesar.” And then a third charge to make it more persuasive: “He has declared he is a king and he has a kingdom.” And any other kingdom than the Roman Empire would be a threat to the kingdom of the Roman Empire. “He’s even violent. He said he would build a temple after this was destroyed, and he’s sort of a maniac because he said he would build a temple without hands. We must get rid of this man.”

A very interesting observation is important here. You will notice that in the multiplication of loaves and fishes, there was first a demonstration among the Hebrews, and when they returned the next day for more bread, more fishes, he said, “Oh no, no. I taught you something yesterday. That wasn’t just to feed your stomach. I taught you a principle, but you’re not interested in my teaching. You’re interested in the food.”

And so he went across the bay and performed the same experiment there. And again with loaves and fishes he demonstrated, not to the Hebrews but to the Gentiles, the multiplication of loaves and fishes. And because we know today that this was possible only because of the invisible Christ, we realize that he was demonstrating the Christ omnipresent where the Hebrews were and then the Christ omnipresent where the Gentiles were, showing the omnipresence of Christ, regardless of religion.

And now in reverse, another principle was being demonstrated, almost the same. First, the trumped-up charges of the Sanhedrin. Here’s mortal mind, omnipresent among the Hebrews, but not only there. Now we go to Pilate, and we find mortal mind omnipresent among the Gentiles. He was demonstrating the two forces in this world: the Christ omnipresent among all nations, and now mortal mind present among all nations, the two great forces, the one real, the one unreal.

And Pilate, himself a coward, had proved many times that he could be swayed by the Hebrews. All they had to do was wiggle a finger under his nose and say, ”If you don’t do this, we’ll let the emperor know about your treason.” And Pilate would swallow his pride and kowtow because he feared more for himself and his job than anything else. And now he was met with the angry Semites, a mere handful of thirty, who had met at a very unorthodox hour, men who, in one part of their consciousness, were able to say, “We uphold the law of God” and able to say that, “We cannot meet on Saturdays, and we cannot do things on the Passover that we do on other days.” But here it was the morning of the Passover, and they were very able to meet to condemn a man to death. There has been no greater hypocrisy anywhere. This is an impersonal statement as you’ll see.

From this, we find Pilate now faced with their demands that this man be removed. But Pilate can find no fault with this man: “What has he done? What are the charges? If he’s a religious fanatic, that’s no business of Rome; and about these taxes you say he shouldn’t pay, he tells you not to pay, I can’t believe that. This is the man who said, ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.’ And his kingdom, I have spoken to him about that. Do you know what he said to me? He said that he has no kingdom on earth. He said his kingdom was not of this world. Now, this is no political agitator. I cannot take this man’s life on my hands.”

“Oh, but you must, you must” said the Sanhedrin. And now they plotted beautifully. There was an angry mob outside. It was that time of the year, the Passover, when one thief, one prisoner was released by Rome to show their goodwill to the Hebrews. And Pilate saw his opportunity, and so he said to the angry mob, “Take your choice of the prisoner you want released,” thinking of course it would be Jesus, the Rabbi, and then he would be relieved, but he reckoned without the power of propaganda.

By now, the mob was incited, and the Sanhedrin itself spoke out, “Give us Jesus, the Christ crucified. Give us Barnabas free.” Not Jesus, Barnabas. And naturally, the mob followed its leaders. The same one, the same very one whose healings they had walked the countryside to secure, the same one they had gone to for their loaves and fishes, now it was crucifixion.

The human mind revealed there as that fluctuating commodity which is not of God, the hate, the desire to kill, the fear, the desire to preserve one’s own ideals, one’s own personality regardless of what you’re annihilating in the process, all of this, mortal mind, crucifying, not Jesus, crucifying the invisible Spirit within each individual there. The outer appearance of a Jesus was but the symbol of the inner crucifixion that each man was doing at that moment to the Christ of his own Being, the crucifixion that is continued to this moment.

And then between the two thieves, taking the place of the one, Barnabas who was released, he was crucified. Why two thieves? It had just been revealed that mortal mind dwells in the Roman empire. Mortal mind dwells in the Sanhedrin. Each was willing to sacrifice the invisible Christ, personified by the physical Jesus. Why? Because each was protecting their own physical lives.

Pilate was protecting his position. How could he thwart the desires of an angry mob? How could he thwart this Caiaphas who came up to him and looked at him and said, “Rome will hear of your treason if this man is not crucified.” And so, he washed his hands. He turned his back on Truth, ever willing to compromise. And this little band of the Sanhedrin who had met secretly, without all of their members, just a quorum of those, mostly Sadducees, for even the Pharisees would not condone such an act. They won their point.

But upon the cross, Jesus turned to one of the thieves, “This very night I will take you into paradise.” Why not the other? If you see the thieves, one on each side as representing one, the material world and the one on the other side, the mortal mind, which makes the appearance of a material world, you see that Truth is buried between mind and matter. Mind and matter combine to keep the invisible Spirit out of their lives. But he didn’t say to both, “I will take you into paradise,” only to one. Once you have overcome the mind, you’ve overcome the body. Once you’ve overcome the mind, you’ve overcome the material world.

And so, he lay now in the tomb, and you must ask yourself, What has this to teach you? Because we know that between that moment that he was placed in the tomb on a Friday afternoon and on Sunday morning when the women came, he was no longer there. What happened in between? A whole religion has been built upon what happened in between. He rose from the dead, but did he? He came out of the tomb in spite of all those great stones placed there and in spite of the Roman guard and in spite of the Hebrew guard. But did he, or have we been misinformed?

It is important today to learn that he who taught the incorporeality of the divine image and likeness of God was not buried in a tomb, that he did not de-materialize, that he did not rise as a physical form out of the tomb. He did not walk out of the tomb. He did not resurrect. As a matter of fact, he was clearly showing us all of that. Instead of the belief that because there were extra stones at the tomb and an extra guard, and that in spite of it he could walk out, he wasn’t trying to show any great ability to walk through stone but rather was being demonstrated there that Life is independent of form, that Life is all that exists and that form can never contain or confine Life.

He was revealing the nature of your being as Life, not form. And as you learn to see that he never walked into the tomb as a corpse, he was never placed there, and he never walked out of the tomb as Spirit, you will discover the revelation that no Jesus was ever buried. No Jesus ever lived in a human form. You will discover that no person was there to bury him, no person to carry him into the tomb. He was revealing the non-reality of all form on this earth.

Now if you will look at it from that point of view for a moment, you will discover that when the first women came and found that he was not there, there was one who stayed behind while the others ran away. And this was Mary of Magdalene, and was in the garden where she saw him, but as a gardener. She was not sure who this was. It was some man who might have taken the body, and so now she was looking at a form in the dim light of morning, a form that she could not recognize as Jesus, a different form, you might say, than the one she had known. And it said to her, “Mary,” and then all of the recognition poured through her, and she wished to touch him. “Touch me not. I have not yet ascended.”

In these words was the revelation that he had been trying to give to his disciples for those three years. Don’t lean on the physical self. Don’t touch this so-called physical me. Don’t depend upon anything physical in this world. Wait till I have ascended means find, instead, the spiritual reality, for as you place your faith on anything physical in this world, you are placing it upon an illusion that cannot sustain your faith.

Never had his disciples understood the non-reality of form, and even in this last moment that so-called resurrected form was telling Mary, “Do not touch me. I have not yet ascended.” This was the intermediate stage between man’s recognition of the spiritual reality and man’s departure from the material form. This represented not Jesus’ transition in form, but rather the transition in the consciousness of mankind coming to the belief first of material form, then of an intermediate form, a transitional form, not quite like the physical form, a form that probably required no circulation of blood, no senses, no air to breathe, and then finally rising to the highest Truth of all, that of spiritual form completely invisible to all human sense. He was telling us not to be satisfied with even an intermediate form, but only to accept the pure Truth of Being, to ascend unto the reality of the spiritual nature of our own Being.

The form of Jesus represents your form, and as he died physically to that form, he was setting an example for each of us to learn to die physically in our consciousness to the belief in form. And dying to that belief in form, we too rise out of the tomb, not by going into a physical tomb and rising out of a physical tomb, but by rising out of the tomb of physicality created by the two thieves on the cross, the thief of mortal mind on one side and the thief of matter on the other. We, too, learn that we have been crucified between these two thieves in the same way, but he voluntarily permitted himself to be crucified and to walk into a tomb.

We must voluntarily permit ourselves to enter into the new understanding that Life is your only name. You are neither human mind nor matter, and as you rest in the tomb, dwelling there in the realization of identity, you will find that all of the Roman guards outside, the Hebrew guards, the double stones, the seal of the Pilate, all of this will be unable to maintain you in that tomb of matter. All of the world’s power will be unable to hold you bound, confined, for the real release is in the knowledge that I do not dwell in physical form.

When we see Jesus in that light, we will see the demonstration that the disciples could not understand, and we will be lifted higher to see that the rising of the Christ is the understanding within ourselves of the great revelation that throughout all the nations of the world, all the religions of the world, all the peoples of the world, this invisible Christ dwells as the only Life of everyone appearing in form. We are to love that Christ as our Self, within our self, within our neighbor, and to rise still higher and love that Christ as the Christ has loved us. Love each other as I have loved you. We are to become aware of the vast illusion of the two thieves that have robbed us for these many centuries of the reality of the divine image and likeness of God which we are. Love one another, as I,” the Christ of God, “have loved you” is the revelation of the one, invisible Christ omnipresent in this universe. There is nowhere and no one who is not this invisible Christ.

And when you put it all together, you have the revelation of one perfect Life which is never in a tomb, but may appear to be if you devaluate reality into a mortal being, which is never entombed even though ignorance and superstition may seem to entomb it. And there were several who knew this. One was one you’ve never heard about, a young boy. His name was David, and he was the brother of John and James, David Zebedee. You’ve never heard about David. He didn’t get a chapter in the Bible, but he was there. He ran a little messenger service, and after Jesus was taken in the Garden of Gethsemane, it was David who sent out his little messengers to all those who were interested, to all those who believed.

He had twenty-six of them, and these little messengers were sent to the disciples, to the women, to Lazarus, to Mary, to Martha telling every hour what was happening: “Now they’ve taken him to the temple of Annas. Now they’ve taken him to the temple of Caiaphas. Now they’ve taken him to Pilate. Now he’s gone to Herod.” Back and forth ran the messengers. And this little boy David, the younger brother of John and James, had heard the Master say, “I will rise up on the third day.” He said, “I may not be an apostle, but I believe it.” And after crucifixion, he simply gave the order to his twenty-six messengers, “Be back in three days. We’ll have a job.”

And they were back, and before there was any knowledge that the body was not in the tomb, he sent them out. He said, “Now, here’s the work for today. I want you to go out to Lazarus here, to the apostles there, to the Greeks who have followed him. These are your assignments, to go everywhere and announce, ‘He has risen.’” And they believed him. They didn’t know what he meant, but they believed him, and this is what they announced. This is what they were announcing when Peter was in doubt, while the ten were hiding, while Thomas was hiding somewhere else.

And so it was that, after he appeared in the Garden, he then appeared in other places. In our Bible it says five hundred and fifty or five hundred and twenty-five in there saw him. Obviously, he didn’t quite look the same. On the road to Emmaus, just out of Jerusalem, the two shepherds met this stranger. They talked with him. One had actually seen Jesus before, but he didn’t recognize him. And then he sat down and broke bread with them, and suddenly they knew. Why yes, this stranger was telling them all about scripture and its meaning. This was the risen Master.

How many times he appeared, you will never know perhaps, not while in this form. It is recorded somewhere, again not in the Bible, that he reappeared nineteen times, three times to his apostles and at other times to everyone concerned with the Truth, who had studied it through him or through his apostles, appearing separately in Philadelphia to Abner and Lazarus, to the seventy that he had sent out, to certain Greeks who had been present in the Garden of Gethsemane when he was taken. And always his message was the same: Go forth and preach the one gospel, not thirty religions, not eighty-five religions, not many paths to the Truth. Go forth and preach the one gospel, and that gospel was oneness with God, Sonship with God, which means the Spirit of the Father and my Spirit are the one Spirit.

Now, did they bury the Spirit of God? Did they put the Spirit of God in a tomb? Did it resurrect from a tomb? The illusion of the form is so bewildering to the human mind, one of the thieves on the cross, that matter—even in the great teaching of the non-reality of matter—is still believed to have risen from a tomb and walked out. And yet, this is the basis of all Christianity, the false basis. It is as false as the teaching that Peter, himself, began when he was welcomed back by the Master.

It is recorded elsewhere that before he reappeared to the apostles, he first reappeared to the five women who came to the tomb, then to Mary, and then privately, in his third appearance, to his brother James. His brother, James, was with Martha and Mary alone by the tomb of Lazarus; and there, just as one of the messengers, as David had come to announce that he had been risen, they were looking for James to tell him this when the risen Christ appeared there to his own brother and said, “James, I have come to ask you to join the work.” And then before appearing to the apostles, while Peter was privately living in his own personal torture privately there, it is said that the Christ appeared, assuring him to drop his sense of guilt. What he did was normal and understood, and he was accepted because the very Spirit of the Christ was the name of his own Being.

A very strange thing happened when Peter made his first public speech. It is said that the Spirit of Jesus appeared there, too, as one of the reappearances of resurrection. But now, a very unusual occurrence came about. Peter was still personalizing the Christ, and so Peter began to teach not only the one gospel, Sonship with God, but Peter taught the risen Christ, he who had walked out of a tomb in the flesh to come back; and Peter was still missing the point. Peter was teaching no longer the religion of Jesus, which is the religion we must all learn. He was teaching a religion about Jesus, and the distinction is the difference between the teaching of Jesus as it was and the teaching of Jesus as we have been given it by the religions of the world.

The personalization continued. There was no understanding that a man had not risen out of a tomb. There was no understanding that no one had been buried in a tomb because the illusion of matter was not understood. So many times going back over the message, you will see that the Spirit was well aware this would happen. To the Pharisees, many times he had said, “Ye judge after the flesh. You judge after physical appearances. I judge no man.” So many times it was said, “Henceforth, judge we no man after the flesh.”

And so, you must see the vast panorama of this teaching is that Spirit being all, the acceptance of a material world, including the acceptance of a material crucifixion, a material resurrection, is part of the illusion of the teaching itself. It is revealing the all-ness of Spirit; and the same crucifixion of the falseness of the material world, right down to the falseness of the material self, is the narrow way to the final realization that I, the risen Christ, the spiritual Being that walks this earth, can never be bound or clothed in a material form.

Now, who will understand this? Who can deny himself? Who can redeem fifty and sixty years of living in the flesh? Who can redeem five hundred different lifetimes of living in the flesh? Who would be willing to do that? Only one who has felt that intangible something called the Presence of the Spirit of God in me. No one else can be expected to do that. Only when the finger of Spirit has said, “I am here in the midst of you. Don’t dwell in that temporary selfhood. I am your eternal Self. You know I have no physical form.”

And only when this has occurred within you. When the reality of Spirit has so penetrated your consciousness that somehow from you, as from the disciples when they finally were able to sit down with the resurrected Jesus, you discover that the resurrected Jesus has also visited you, for your consciousness has then risen to that point where you know what they were learning, but didn’t know they were learning, is that they were not seeing a resurrected Jesus. They had risen to the point in consciousness where they could feel, to that degree, the spiritual nature of Being, which to them appeared outwardly as the resurrected Jesus. They were seeing their own consciousness. That’s why only five hundred and fifty saw him, or the thousand that I believe saw him. They had been resurrected in their consciousness.

He hadn’t been resurrected. Their consciousness had dropped that degree of corporeality which enabled them to see, to that degree, the incorporeality of what they had been calling Jesus up to then. It had not changed. Spirit will never change. And when you feel this within yourself and can sense, not with five senses, but with a different level of consciousness your incorporeal Self, you become aware of the risen Christ in you to that degree; and then no man upon the earth can persuade you that you are man of flesh. For having felt the Spirit, something in you makes you sow only to the Spirit, for you realize you’re only halfway home.

Still you must not accept yourself as the flesh, for you have not yet ascended. Touch me not. Touch not even this transitional form. There is no place to stop. There must be a total ascension above the belief in corporeal form. Not even this transitional state is enough, and all of this is the inner consciousness of the disciples, revealed in a physical way for the world to see,, that it may understand that they are going through a transition of consciousness which out pictures as the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. But nothing is happening to Jesus. It is all happening in the consciousness of the disciples.

Jesus is that pure Spirit attained, understood, realized, lived in, which says, “I and the Father are one.” And we are beginning that transition ourselves. Only in our case, the resurrection won’t be of Jesus. It will be the resurrection of your own Self realized, right here, as the tomb of mind is overcome in consciousness. As you feel this, this being released from the tomb of matter, you are having your visitation, your release from the false sense of physicality.

The religion of the Spirit is not the religion of men of flesh worshipping an external God. The religion of the Spirit is the realization that Spirit is God, Spirit is Self. Spirit needs no ritual, no ceremony, no words of prayer. You see, Jesus had taken this beyond Moses, I am that I Am, and that was as far as Moses went. Now, the nature of that I Am is revealed. That I Am that I am is God Itself, and the nature of God is revealed as pure Spirit, infinite in nature, eternal. And we find there is no temporary creature on the earth. As we thaw out of this false consciousness, we can know that we are not temporary creatures encased in temporary matter. That was the demonstration of the Master.

“I go” before you “to prepare a place for you.” What kind of a place? A place in a higher consciousness, a place where you will realize that unless you are released from the form, the many mansions will ever remain for you a mystery. But surely, those of us who have found the entrance to these many mansions know that there is not a moment when a new mansion is not opening up because there are no locks on the door for the living Spirit, revealed as never confined in a tomb of stone, a tomb of matter, a tomb of mind.

Your many mansions are continuous, and you can recognize that you are in the Spirit by that very fact. The many mansions are the constant, continuous inflow of new understanding, new levels of peace, the glorious realization that I have found Identity which is continuously fed by the Spirit Itself, nourished by the Spirit, maintained by the Spirit, and then, perhaps, a realization that has not come to you that the space around you is not empty. You know it’s filled with warmth and light and air, and maybe sounds that the ears cannot hear, and sights that the eye cannot see. But none of these is what’s really there.

Right where you are, comes that glorious knowledge that all this so-called empty space is the Spirit of God, all of it, right up to your very tongue, right up to your face, right up to your skin. All around you is the Spirit of God. And everywhere that it is, it is a garment without a seam. It is undivided. It is continuous, and these little marshmallows popping around in that sea of Spirit called form, they never were us. We are the sea of Spirit Itself, and your consciousness moves out of the form into the sea of Spirit and sees the form for what it is, only an out picturing at a certain point of a mental idea. This sea of Spirit around me is my name. This is the Christ. This is reality, and you’re out of the marshmallow form, out of the tomb, risen from the false conception, risen from the false consciousness. But you haven’t risen. You simply know who you are. This is the meaning of resurrection.

Yes there’s more, but if you remember the Master said to his disciples, “There is more that I would tell you, but you’re not ready for it.” Do you think he meant that because they had no capacity for it? No, there was another meaning there, for he later said, and not very long after he said, “I have told you everything that the Father has told me.” And yet he said, There is more.”

And so, when you put these two together, you find what he was saying is this. There is a place in consciousness where you must terminate your belief that you’re going to find something from someone else. Even that which appears as the Master had to say to them, “There is more that you should know, but I cannot tell it to you. But when the Comforter comes, when the very Spirit of Truth comes, you will be given that which you must know.”

So there is a place where mouth to mouth reaches a limitation that must be fulfilled only by self-realization that I am the living Spirit Itself, and then the Spirit of Truth of your own Spirit becomes to you what Jesus had been to those disciples, your living Comforter as it became their living Comforter when the man of the flesh was no longer visible to them. And, finally, the Spirit of Truth came to give them what he had said was available for them but could not be given them by the personalized Jesus, but only by the realized Christ.

Your education begins when the Spirit of Truth enters your consciousness and the Infinite becomes your teacher. Then you know that what is being fed to you is the living Spirit Itself living Itself as your Self. Then the many mansions begin. They do not begin when two of us get together and talk Truth. The many mansions have nothing to do with the Truth that passes from one mouth to another. The many mansions begin when there is only one, and that one is your Spiritual Self, and that is the place he went to prepare. Always the symbolism must be seen. I am that place. I, the Spirit of your Being, am that place where the many mansions begin, and you cannot find I while you dwell in the belief of a human form. That must be understood.

Suppose you suddenly realized that before you left home today, you left your television set on. Maybe you’re not going directly home, so for the next eight or nine hours, it’s just going to be playing to nobody there. This would be a most undesirable state of affairs, and you certainly wouldn’t do it knowingly. However, we have committed a greater error than that in the fact that if you do nothing about it, the television program of this world will continue to come through the picture tube of your mind. You have left it on unawares.

Take a faucet that’s dripping. If it continues to, we’re going to have trouble later, and so we want to make the repair. Let us see that the human mind is like a dripping faucet. Constantly through it are coming images that have no reality and that your peace, your solution to the mysteries of life is going to depend upon your ability to control that faucet, that mind which automatically drips images because it’s whole function is to be an image maker. And for the moment, just turn off the faucet now. Consciously stop the images of the mind.


In the Book of John, he tells us to do this in a different way, tells us to lay down our lives, and what he really means is lay down the image of the world that you have built within yourself, including the image of yourself in that world. He’s telling us to turn off world images, and then he says, “If you lay down your life, you will pick it up again.” And so he’s telling us that behind these images that we turn off, there is another set of images that come on, and this is the real life. His phraseology runs like this, “I say unto you that if a man keep my saying, he shall never see death.” “Keep my saying.” This could well be translated: If a man has fidelity to my teaching, he will never see death.

How can he say that? He knows that death occurs only in the television image of the cosmic mind. There is no other death. When the images are seen as unreal and you are walking in the divine image behind the images, there is no death there. Whoever keeps my saying will never know death. You’re changing from the images of the cosmic mind, by non-acceptance, to the Divine Image that you are, and you will never know death. It is no longer a deep mystery. Once the surface life of the senses is no longer accepted as reality, then the ever-present all pervading Spirit Life, which the senses are too coarse to experience, becomes your living Self realized, and It never dies. This is the continuous Life revealed by John who is recording the words of Jesus. Whoever keeps my saying will never know death. He is revealing that Life is continuous and that we, who have not accepted that Life as continuous, are living in the changing television of this world, although we do not have to.

There are two more passages that John has along the same line, and this one is 7:28. That other one was 8:51. This is 7:28: “Ye know not whence I am, and I am not come of myself; but He that hath sent me is true whence ye know not.” He is revealing now that this child, which has grown up in the form of Jesus, is the first appearance on earth of the Divine Image sent by the Father. The meaning is that the world mind has been overcome, and now the Image coming forth is not from the world mind but from the Father. It is the Divine Image of Genesis made visible. In other words, there is now direct cognition of reality showing forth as the form. The form isn’t going through the processes of first being interpreted by the world mind and then into material form.

He is revealing that the Divine Image that stands before the world called Jesus, which was possible unto Him because He is the Light, is possible unto you and to me because we are the Light and that we can walk forth in and as the Divine Image. The laying down the life is laying down the image of matter. The picking up the life is picking up the realization of Self as the Divine Image, and the Divine Image never knows death. But behind all this is the positive knowledge that we always are the Divine Image. The reality of us is never less than the Divine Image. And so it isn’t a question of becoming the Divine Image. It’s a question of dropping the belief that I am anything else.

Now, if you can control the dripping faucet of a mind, which keeps making images that are not Divine, and bring it to a moment of stillness, the Divine Image creeps in and takes over where the false image had been, and this is how the harmony seeps into your life. This is how the sickness begins to dissolve. This is how all of those things in our lives that were not the Divine Image expressing are dissolved, and in their place comes the appearance of invisible reality formed, called resurrection, “the Word made flesh,” and it is all because the faucet of the mind is no longer dripping images.

If, between last week and now, you were able to practice impersonalization four ways, you will have found that the mind which you impersonalized lost its capacity to tempt you to a degree, and to that extent more of the Word made flesh came into your experience during that week. Now, with the few who have done this, a great power was revealed; and as you maintain your fidelity to that four-way impersonalization, you will discover that you are destroying the power of the television images of this world to influence you, to govern you, and to mislead you.

The first was impersonalizing time, knowing that time has no existence in Spirit, that there is no passage of time in reality, that time is a false activity only in the world of mental images. And so the mind, which suddenly, unknown to itself, had yielded to the illusion of time dripping out its images in time, is now released, impersonalized; and we stand in the Eternal. Where now is the eternal time without beginning, without end, without change, a now that is infinite, and we are out of the passing time. All of the images that come on passing time lose their foundation. We become aware of worlds beyond the world.

We impersonalized place, space. We impersonalize that which is finite, a place which begins here and ends there, a place that is formed, a place that has boundaries. We rest in the knowledge that Spirit is boundless with an infinite continuity and never divided or interrupted. And we feel that something in the mind is going away because the mind cannot hold on to that which is timeless, boundless, eternal, and infinite, and by this method, we are relieving ourselves of the false pictures of this mind.

And then we move on to person, matter, thing, object, structure. This too is finite, and we impersonalize person. We impersonalize person because only Spirit is there. Only the Light is there. And now we have no time, space, person. We have no place where we can hang a condition. You cannot hang a condition on matter that isn’t there, on time and space that isn’t there, and so we impersonalize every human condition. And we are coming into that zero where we have impersonalized the world, and we have included this physical me in time and space, in form and its conditions. That, too, we impersonalize.

Now we are in the All-ness of Spirit, where God is all, and we are not denying that all-ness by interjecting another self, another being, another thing, another substance. There is one Life here, Spirit, God everywhere. And now I am in the state of a faithful witness. But I am that Life. I, too, am impersonalized. I am that Life which is called “God,” for there is only one. And this is the way out of cosmic television.

Every picture that presents itself is a denial of the allness of God, every claim, every lack, every limitation says, “Spirit is not all; God is not all.” Every claim becomes the tempter saying to the Christ, “Make the stones into bread. Prove it.” But you have learned the secret of the ways in which the tempter finds its method to find your vulnerabilities making you think that you are proving Spirit by proving something to nothing. And so finally, there’s nothing in this world that can tempt you to deny that only Spirit is. You’re almost ready to be that little Christ Child. And now, because only Spirit is, “I of mine own self can do nothing,” I have absolutely no power, not even to see or to hear, not to walk across a room.

Oh yes, there is no me here. I am impersonalized. All that is here is the Spirit, and this is why the Christ Child was so unique. All this had been done for the Christ to appear as that Child. It had been a total self-renunciation of all that was material, accomplished, proven, demonstrated; and now only Spirit Itself existed in the Consciousness of that Child. It was a living spiritual Consciousness. We are afraid to be a Child again, but that Child is greater than every material being on this earth, for that Child is on omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience. That Child is infinity expressing. In our total impersonalization of self, we become infinity expressing. When you are nothing, you are all.

Now we find a higher power moving through us. It is not the power of a human mind. It is a power of released because the faucet of the mind has been turned off. The higher power is grace. It is the invisible Word activated, released by the absence of the image-making mind, and there comes harmony now forming itself as a different kind of image in your life. There comes health. There comes comfort and security. The Father which seeth in secret the invisible Divine Reality, which is no longer sharing the throne of your Consciousness with a human belief, is now the only law, the only governing factor of your Being, and It knoweth your needs. It is everywhere. It is governing your infinite Being at all times.

It looks through your eyes at the images of this world without flinching. It is not afraid. It is not uncertain. It sees nothing but Itself. It is the new You functioning as Itself where you stand because the old adult is dead to the new Child. We die to the cosmic TV of a me, of a him, of a her, and we are born with a new Vision, a new Understanding. We literally walk in a new Mind, and now Life is no longer dependent on the form. We reach the point where Life does not depend on the organs of the body because you have never really depended on the organs of the body, except in the false sense of self. This new Christ Child is immune to heart attacks, brain tumors, immune to every form of human power, and we are told the magnificent news that this is the Truth of our true Being.

No weapon formed against thee can prosper. But where is your consciousness? Is your consciousness a Christ Child, or is it an adult in the flesh? Are you sowing to the adult or to the Christ Child? Are you sowing to time, place, person, condition, or are you sowing to the all-ness of Spirit? The Christ Child was once on this earth as the son of matter but outgrew that belief and became the Son of God realized. Everything you saw in the life of Jesus is what, in time, becomes your life. There isn’t one particle of it that is not included as your life. It is the true Self and its power made visible.

You may know by now that crucifixion of your false self was begun quite some time back. Resurrection is taking place. The personal self is being submerged. The cosmic television is being overcome. The real Life is coming forward. The Divine image and likeness of the Father is being made manifest where you stand. This should be the Christmas message, that everyone is Christ in the making and that Christ on earth as the only Life, the only Presence, the only Power. The only Reality was the symbol of that Child. It was revealing that beside Me, there is no other, and that little Child is destined to be the Life of every individual on earth, realized. That will be the era of Christ Consciousness.

The images all around us are projected into visibility in a way that no scientist has yet defined, even in a way that no scientist has yet discovered, and yet this process has been going on under noses since the beginning of the world. When there was one who could look past the images, it was revealed that the images had no power and were dissolved. That one who looked past the images which were dissolved to reveal present perfection, that one has been named as the Kingdom of God within you. That one is the true eye of your eye, the true ear of your ear, the true Life of your Being, and to realize that One in you enables you to see through those false images, just as that One has ever seen through those images in Jesus and others before.

Now the mind does not know the great power that is generated when you only begin to do this, and I urge every one of you to consciously spend some time looking at an inventory of your problems one-by-one with the view that each problem is a false image that only appears in your experience because it is happening invisibly in a world mind. Only to know this is all that I am asking you to do: to know it, to put it to the test, to know that problem that you are beholding and experiencing is there because a world mind has that thought in it, and that instantaneously, with electromagnetic precision, that thought in the world mind is functioning through the tube of your mind as the problem that you are saying you have. Just to know it and be still, and you’ll find the power of release is there.

You shall know the Truth, and then as you know this Truth and find that release, you will discover the power of the Christ in you has always been waiting your recognition, just as the invisible Lazarus was waiting the recognition of the Christ to say, “Come forth.” Behind every false image there is a true image, and if you never forget that, you will look at every image of discord, every form of problem that encounters your mind, and you will know that behind this image is another image. The only reason a false image of appears in this world is because it is an impression we entertain about the perfect Divine Image behind it. Where the hate appears, the divine image of love is present.

You can go on down the list of every problem you have. Don’t do anything about it. Simply know that the true image is behind the false, and this is how you take the sting out of the world thought and denude it, reducing it to helplessness. It can no longer use your mind as a picture tube to bring forth its thoughts in you as form. This purification opens the way for the true imprisoned splendor of the Divine. I know it works, and I know it works in anyone. You don’t have to be high on the totem pole. You simply have to do it, and you find you have the power to look at these images and remove their power by knowing they are only images, no matter what name they go by. And this, of course, is the beginning of a Christ birth in us.

You have the weapons, the four-way impersonalization of time, space, person, and condition, the realization that matter cannot be because Spirit is all, the knowledge that if you face the appearing images of this world and recognize them only as images coming through the tube of your mind from a world mind which is imitating reality, you will stand fast and behold and non-react and agree with thine adversary and mourn, so that you become dead to these false images. And lo and behold, as you become dead to the false, you become alive to the true.

The only life you laid down was a life on a TV program that was not originated by God, and as you lay it down, you’re laying down the ability to die in that TV image because that’s the only place you can die. When you overcome the images, you’ve overcome death. Death has been overcome to the point of losing its victory. The TV image was the only place where death occurred. This is our way. It isn’t a way of fancy words or of sentimentalism or of holy phraseology. It’s a way of putting on the line of proof and demonstration the Christ Way of life and living out of that Christ center, which never bows to a TV image of this world.

The quicker you start, the quicker you will realize that we are all beginning to speak with tongues. We are all beginning to feel spiritual guidance in a very heightened fashion. The living Presence is very pronounced.

One more passage, John 10:17, and that will be the summary of today, I think. “Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I may take it up again.” I lay down the belief in the world picture images so that the Divine Image of Being can come forth as My Self. “No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again.”

I, in the midst of you has power to do this, to translate the visible un-reality into the invisible Reality. Turn ye, and then we will walk forth as the Divine Image realized. Now let’s take each other’s hand on this because we’re at a very fine place where, instead of talking the Bible, we are going to live the Bible. We are going to do what the Master did and make manifest the Spirit of God within us.


A very Merry Christmas to everyone.


This passage is from Isaiah, twenty-fifth chapter verses seven and eight. “And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the veil that is spread over all nations. He will swallow up death in victory; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the rebuke of his people shall he take away from off all the earth: for the Lord hath spoken it.”

The veil that is covering the face of all nations is to be wiped away, and we may speculate on the nature of that veil, but today we’re going to do it in quite a different way. We’re going to look at television, and we’re looking at a chorus of five hundred singers. Throw in a little ballet, if you will, and there they are performing. They’re all on the right side of you. To the right of you in the studio is this great ballet and choir, live, singing and dancing. But to the left of you, there’s a television screen, and there is the same ballet and choir on the television screen to the left of you, whereas to the right of you, they are in the flesh.

Now, you’ll notice that everything they do to the right of you appears on the screen to the left of you, so that as you watch them on that screen, you are watching an image that appears there because there is a live performance to the right of you. And you’ll notice that there’s no one on that screen that can drop out of the picture of their own volition. That little ballerina up in the front left of the screen, she can’t even scratch her nose if she wishes to, because if she wants to scratch her nose, it must first happen on the living ballerina to the right of you; and if that same ballerina to the right of you goes out of the room, out of the studio, you will see that she drops out of the picture on the screen. Everything on that screen depends upon what is happening in the live personalities who are performing.

Now let’s change the picture. Let’s have a boy and a girl to the right of you and watch them on the screen. They’re kissing. Now can she on the screen suddenly slap his face if the live girl to the right of you in the studio doesn’t slap his face first? Is there anything that she or he can do on the screen independent of what the boy and girl are doing in the studio? And you’ll see that the image is totally dependent upon the live person.

Now let’s say that that boy is sick. There he is. He’s grieving. He has cancer, and the girl is very unhappy. And you, as only a TV viewer, you would be very unhappy for her sake, for there’s this handsome lad and he’s only got three weeks to live, but that’s on the screen. Look to the right of you, and there’s an actor playing a part. He hasn’t got three weeks to live. He’s going to live till next week’s show. And so you find now that the actor, the real actor, doesn’t have cancer, only the one on the screen, and you begin to differentiate between the reality and the image.

Now, we have an Indian scene, and all the horses dropped down. How many were killed? Do they kill the horses, or do they just fall down and seem to be? Do they kill all the actors? Do they kill all the Indians, or have we been looking at images and momentarily got lost in those images? Finally, it’s very clear to us that nothing on the screen happens except it first happens in life, and that which happens in life determines that which appears on the screen. Once you have carefully separated the two, you can now see that the same thing is happening from world mind to person, but when the person lifts his hand, he isn’t lifting his hand, but rather something is happening in the world mind which appears as person lifting hand.

When the person dies, he isn’t dying. Rather something is happening in world mind which appears as person dying. You begin to get the idea that this world is a television screen and that whatever happens in it must first happen somewhere else, just as the boy who had cancer on the screen had to first be acting to have cancer off the screen, just as the girl who wanted to leave the TV room left it, and then her image disappeared from the screen. Whatever happens on this earth first happens invisibly in the world mind. That world mind is where the activity takes place, and the screen of matter where the images called forms, people, animals, nature appear, these are the appearances on the screen of that which is transpiring in the invisible world mind.

Now, this may seem to you somewhat far-fetched, but I mean it literally, not as a symbology. It is what takes place, and if you look at the world mind for a moment, you will see that it is pointed directly at the real divine image, the divine image mentioned in the Bible as creation, the divine image mentioned in the Bible as man, reality, that which is; and pointed at this reality, this true creation, is this world mind making its photograph, its continuous photograph. And as it takes the photograph of Spirit, this Spirit, which is invisible to us, photographed by the world mind is now focused the other way and becomes the image.

Spirit, through the world mind focused into visibility, becomes the physical, visible, tangible image, which is the world mind’s impression of reality; and now you’re looking at the images and calling them mother, brother, sister, father, son, and my own self, dog, cat, antelope giraffe. These are the images on the screen projected by the world mind, and whatever happens in the world mind appears on the screen as the activity of the world. There is where you’re going to see all the good and the evil, which has been real to us, but which exists only in the world mind. And as you are able to feel the image nature of the world that we see, you find that you have the capacity to draw back from the images, the appearances, and to view them without accepting them, accepting them at their face value.

You can see that the images are comprised of those things which normally are your sense impressions, that the images are not only in form but images in taste and smell and touch; and each of these represents that combined activity of the world mind through yours finally appearing as the taste, smell, touch, etcetera. Now we’re looking at a broken bone, but we’re remembering that that which appears on the screen of TV is based upon that which is happening in the studio. And so the broken bone on TV obviously is not a broken bone in the studio. The actor doesn’t break his bones to play the part that realistically. It’s the appearance of a broken bone.

Similarly, the broken bone in the image of this world is a thought, an idea appearing in material form, and when you can separate yourself from that idea in consciousness, you discover the bone isn’t broken. When you can view the cancer that appears on the screen of the human personality, and the human form, and disassociate yourself from that idea and the belief in it, you find you overcome the cancer. As you develop the capacity to witness the image with no belief in its veracity with a consciousness that all that happens is a television image on a cosmic level, you will find you can stand still and behold the salvation of the Lord. You are rending the veil that covers the face of all nations. You are seeing that cosmic television is the nature of this world. You are seeing the evil of it and the good of it as images presented to you by a counterfeit mind on a cosmic level, which is interpreting the perfect creation and has no capacity to do so.

At first you may shrink from this, or if something has happened in you to this point that gives you an understanding, a foundation to realize that this is the Truth, you will find that through practice you can look at this world and whatever occurs in it with the understanding that nothing, either the good or the bad, is of God, that all is the re-created image of the world mind. And you can walk through it, not grasping at it, not clinging to it, not regarding everything as an adversary to which you must react; and you can find your peace right here in this three-dimensional image world, knowing that all it is, is a five-sense image projection.

You can smell something that smells rather offensive to you, and in the realization that this is an image happening in the world mind coming to your attention as an image in smell, you can eliminate it. You can face a pain and realize this is an idea in world mind coming to your attention as a pain, and you can diminish it and then eliminate it. Always the Truth that you know in Consciousness, that the image world of man is not your Father’s Kingdom, enables you to observe the appearances without judgment, without reaction, and finally to determine a course of action that will enable you to walk through these images untouched. And that course of action may be described partially by the beatitude, “Blessed are they that mourn.”

The moment you learned that the meaning of mourning is to become dead to the images that are presented to you in this world, you understand why the Master could say, “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted,” for behind this television image on a cosmic scale, called the world, there is another television image on an infinite scale called the Kingdom. And it is only when you pass the point in which you can agree with this adversary, in which you can stand face-to-face with the images of the world unmoved in understanding, nonreactive, that you are then said to be in agreement. And in this zero point of non-reaction, you become aware of the refined images that lie behind the images of the mortal mind.

There is a complete Universe standing behind it, and it is the divine television image. It is perfect in every respect. It is Heaven on earth. It is inhabitable by the one who stands still in the face of that which is not, recognizing the non-validity of the images presented by the senses, reacting not to them, but through Truth recognizing that God is the all-ness; and, therefore, God being Spirit behind the material appearances called images in this work, there is the Spiritual Universe which presents to you a completely different kind of image, an image that is not measured by the senses nor discerned by them, a divine image, an image in which there is only harmony, only peace, only Truth, only Life without death.

Now, the birth of the babe has been worshiped every year now since Christmas became an international event, and every year man returns to worship a tiny child. We did it last year. We’ll do it again next year. We’ve done it for centuries. It’s as if man is stuck at a certain point and cannot grow up, and so this year’s child is the same age as last year’s.

Always the infant remains the infant, as if we, in our incapacity to grow, refuse to let the infant Christ grow up.

But the infant Christ is not an infant anymore. It’s ever been ready to do Its Father’s business on this earth. And as we {fail to] get off this rut of worshiping an infant child every year and [do not] come to the point of seeing the meaning of the immaculate conception, we continue living in the images of the counterfeit mind of the world parroting those images in our daily lives And finally, having lived in an image that is not real, we die to the image, and we step out of the world, again to reincarnate back into the dream world once more.

But here comes this child, a very different kind of child, so different that many strange stories, many myths had to be invented about it in order to establish that it was different. The honesty of the men who wrote the Bible is beyond question. Each had a great story to tell. What is questionable is to what degree were they aware of the real story? I don’t know if there’s anyone who has greater respect for the Bible than I, and yet, I look at the Bible with a full realization that it is a fragmentary picture of the Truth, that it has gone through many hands, that it has been changed to suit the whims of politics, of religion, of translators, and of men who had good faith but were motivated by what they felt was a good purpose.

And so you can look at the Bible today, and it becomes very necessary to sift the wheat from the chaff, the symbology from the fact, and under it all to find that the underlying truth of the Bible has never been changed, only the fringes, only the packaging, only the ribbons. The facts are there because the Truth maintains Itself, and no matter how many mistranslations, no matter how many words are changed to suit a local condition, no matter how many pages of the actual originals were lost and rewritten by interested friends, still the nucleus of truth remains, and that nucleus is found in the immaculate conception of a child.

What is different in our understanding of that child today as compared with our own understanding of it ten years ago, or five years ago, or two or one? Can we ever say that we fully understand what was behind the recording of the birth of a child to a virgin? And so this was the quest that I had in preparation for this class, and it has been answered in a way that is Truth today. Tomorrow a new Truth will come. Never is the Truth finite so that we can say this is it, the chapter is closed. But always we find that today’s consciousness is the moment of truth for us, and tomorrow’s consciousness will be a higher moment of Truth. So no one is precluded, ever, from going beyond this moment. Individually or collectively we will all rise beyond today for sure.

When we look at this child now, and we’re really looking at a preview of ourselves, for this is not a child. This is a different kind of birth than any up to that moment recorded in history, not because Joseph and Mary were not man and wife as other men and women, because they were; but a child that is different because of its own past lives, a child that had lived and had attained a very high consciousness, and because of it was able to draw to itself the mother consciousness that it needed for its next experience, the mother consciousness that it needed in order to bring into appearance the birth of a Divine image instead of the image that we all see on television when a child is born into this world. This was a birth that was establishing the nature of Being.

This was a birth that had accomplished everything that you and I are trying to accomplish.

This was Spirit reborn. There was no mother. There was no father. The difference is that it was realized, and there appeared what to human sense is called a baby. But there was there only a Divine idea, a perfect Self, infinity individualized in a pure consciousness ready to enact on earth the total will of God. This was the undivided consciousness appearing, and if you will, it was God appearing as. This had happened on earth many millions of times but always obscured by the consciousness of parents and of the world.

What made this birth distinctive was that the parents had been trained. They had been trained to anticipate the Divine consciousness expressing through them. They had purified, they had dropped their human concepts. It is even said that Mary, herself, had been so conceived, and through their dedication to the one Self, the one Being, the one Life, the one infinite Spirit, they were able to, in collaboration with the consciousness of the unborn child, become channels for the appearance of a different kind of form, a form that was not under material law. But they did not make the mistake of separating the form from the Life. They did not make the mistake of viewing this as a physical form.

They recognized that it was Life seen through the eyes of men. Whereas we came into this world as form, this child came into this world as Life living Itself. And this was the preview of the Consciousness of man toward which we are all moving, the knowledge that we are Life living Itself. The fact that it was an infant really meant that there must be a beginning. It did not mean that you and I must come into this world as an infant, other than as a spiritual infant. It was teaching us that there was a moment in our consciousness when we became as a child again, spiritually aware that we are Life living Itself and not form, and at that moment when we reach that level of consciousness, we too are immaculately conceived within ourselves. We are reborn of the Spirit, and we, literally, at that moment are that child.

Now the power of that child was such, because it was Life Itself, that it remained unharmed by the order of Herod to destroy all children under three. There was no power on this earth that could destroy Life when Life understood Itself to be Life, when there was no second consciousness, no consciousness that said I am a human being, physical form, a human mind. All this had been obliterated. All that was there was Life, Divine Consciousness, pure infinite Mind, individualized and appearing to the rest of the world as the child. There was no child there. Never is there a material being. The world saw its television program, but it was now looking at the television program of the Divine unmasked, without the glass darkly of a world mind between. This was the distinction of this particular birth.

Each of us could then view what happens when there is a pure Consciousness devoid of the human consciousness. For example, this same child now grown into our vision as an adult stands before a tomb and says, “Come out Lazarus.” And the teaching there is that for every dead image that we see in this world on our cosmic television program, behind it there is a live image waiting to be recognized, and that is why a living Lazarus steps forth because he has been recognized by this pure Consciousness called the child. In your pure Consciousness, when you vision the living Image behind the dead image, you are redeeming this world, you are looking past the appearances, you are recognizing that behind the good and the evil, there is only the perfect reality.

And so this child becomes the Way-shower, the prototype of your own life, and It says to you, “If you believe on me, the works that I do ye shall do” because this is the child that rents the veil. Having only the pure consciousness, it looks at the images on TV, and when It sees the cancer, It knows there’s a studio actor behind the TV set somewhere who doesn’t have the cancer, and It says, “Lazarus come forth” within Itself. When It sees any form of discord, It knows this is only TV and behind it is the perfect Spiritual Universe, and silently It says, “Lazarus come forth.”

Behind every appearance, It knows the reality of Spirit is. This is the pure virginal Consciousness, born of a virgin, born of a virginal Consciousness, one that knows the reality behind the appearances, one that is faithful to that reality, one that sows not to the cosmic images of this world because this world, these images, these conditions, these persons, these objects, all that occurs in time and space, and time and space itself is called “the flesh.”

And so, when you sow to time, you’re sowing to the flesh of time. You’re sowing to the flesh of space. You’re sowing to the flesh of person. You’re sowing to the flesh of condition. You’re sowing to the flesh of the appearances which are the cosmic television images, and behind them is a world mind, the tempter presenting these pictures to us. And we have invariably accepted them, have fought with them, and have striven to overcome them and in some way improve them or dissolve them, not knowing that they are not there.

The dial that turns the pictures off is the Kingdom of God within you, and we learn that we can turn on the kingdom of God within us because that’s the Kingdom of divine television, the divine image and likeness, and we can get the images of the Soul, the Soul images instead of the mind images, the Christ images instead of the mammon images. And this becomes the way of life, the standing still, the watching, the beholding, looking at the veil which is called birth, life, and death; and we find that just as the the child becomes the adult Christ and walks the earth to be crucified, we find that we, too, must walk the path, but our crucifixion is a joy.

We crucify the false images of this world, and we are resurrected into the Divine images of my Father’s Kingdom on this earth; and we walk in those for a while, still as the image, but now we have the improved images. And as we walk in these improved images, it is called resurrection. All the images are now under spiritual law. No weapon can be formed against them. They are free. They are not under the law of matter, of age, of change, of pain, of suffering because they are no longer cosmic mind images. They are Divine images. They are pure form of the Soul, and it’s still the resurrection stage, and this, this Christ walks in the form called Jesus. That is the resurrection. It is still a form.

And after this has been lived in, when the Consciousness is established, then out of the form, out of visibility, ascended above even the images called Divine into being Self without images, ascended, all this is the veil being rent by the Truth in Consciousness. And when one walked the earth as a prototype, the spiritual possibilities for all of us were brought into focus.

Now some of us have developed a capacity to look at the images relatively unmoved, and you will find there is a great release in you when you learn to actually look at the forms in this world as television images.

You will see that the weight of them, the validity of them, the power of them, the anger of them, the hate of them, the density of them, all seems to leave your mind. The weight of the walls of a room, the floor, and the ceiling begin to diminish, and you realize these truly are television images on a larger scale than a little TV set. In fact, that’s why television was invented. It was a copy of the real television of the universe of man in which images walked the earth with names, and in your Christ consciousness, you can behold these images, you can realize that you, too, are one, that all of the images are in one cosmic image, and the mind will squirm, but ultimately the mind will yield, for in this you will find a new kind of freedom.

You have been locked into an image called form. It was a tomb from which Christ rises. You have been locked into a world mind which projects these forms using your mind as the picture tube. Right through the picture tube called your mind comes the patterns that are translated into the form. You’ve played a part in your own birth, a part in your own death, a part in your own concept of existence. You’ve played a part in every virus that you put into your body when the picture tube of your mind accepted it from the world mind. You infected yourself. Unknowingly we have accepted these pictures and have given them the name of reality, always unaware that the perfect Divine Universe has none of these changing pictures of good and evil.

And now we’re standing still. A new strength comes into you, and just as the cancer on TV is seen through as nothing more than a visual image, so the cancer on cosmic TV is seen through as exactly the same thing on a larger scale. You find in you the ability not to deny the invisible presence of God by accepting that which cannot be real if God is present, and you can label it television. You can make a test quickly to yourself some time. Whatever it is that disturbs you must be cosmic television. It is not of God, and you can stand and face it, whether it’s a smell, a taste, a pain, a condition, whatever form of discord it may be.

And you will find that in the realization that it is only television, an image coming through either one, two, three, four, or five of the senses and sometimes all five at the same time. But in your realization of that nature through which it is happening, you will find that you have actually felt a moment of relief right at that moment that you realized this, and that moment can become a complete relief. It can become a separation from the television image. And that is why we were taught to come forth and be separate, separate from these images which have been placed before us by an invisible temper.

Now, if all of this year had brought us to the point that we could feel the measure of Truth of our own being and feel the birth in us of that realization which is shown forth as the birth of a child, a holy child, a Christ consciousness, if this could come to us even in a measure, this would have been the most glorious year of our lives, for proceeding from that point, having found in a measure the capacity to behold all appearances, all smells, all sights, all sounds, all feelings as the images of this world, you feel the rebirth which brings you into another Self, a holy Self in the sense that It is this child born in you. And this is the holy city, that place in you where the beginning of a new way to live is born, a new way to see, a new way to hear, a new way to know, a new way to be, a way that is too pure to behold the iniquities of this world and accept them, a way that has a fidelity to the Light and not to the shadows.

There is more that happens with this rebirth. This child is able to say to the storm, Be still” and the storm is still. This child is able to say to the mountain, “Dissolve” and it is dissolved. This child can step on the ship, and it is upon the shore. All of the known laws of matter are completely disregarded. Is this child now a person or something more? Its influence extends to the oceans, to the mountains, to the sky. Its influence extends throughout the universe. Is this a child or is this a Universe? And now the meaning of the second birth, the birth of the child, the rebirth of man to Spirit becomes very clear. Your first birth was as a person. Your second birth is as a Universe.

You are born as a child, an infinite child, and this is the beginning of coming to understand that you never were a person, and the child is to grow into the realization that I am a Universe. All that is I am, and the invisible Kingdom of God behind the fleeting pictures of the mind become your reality. You are to bring forth into experience all that exists behind the changing television pictures. The one power, the one mind, the one Life, the one being, the one law, the one infinite activity is not the work of a child. It is the work of the infinite Self that I am, and the rebirth is the birth into the realization that you never can be a person. There is none.

There is only the infinite Universe, the one infinite Self, and this is the purpose of the rebirth, to come into the realization that I am that one Universe, and this was exactly what this child did. I and the Father are One. The Father is the Universe. I and the Father are one Universe. The Father is omnipotent, so, therefore, I am omnipotent, as a child, as a person? No, as a Universe! And now we have a new feeling about the meaning of the word Universe. It doesn’t mean what we thought a Universe meant. This is a spiritual Universe, but Universe is but a word. The one spiritual Being is the Universe. When I say, “You are a spiritual Being” or “I am a spiritual Being.” The word “Being” and “Universe” are one and the same. The size of that Being is universal. The infinite powers of that Being, all must be included in this child.

“Son, all that I have is thine.” This child, then, is Divine seed, and the Divine seed becomes the Divine Universe. The growing realization within becomes the Kingdom of God realized, the Universe realized as your Being, and if all of this seems too overpowering for the human mind, fine, for we have outgrown that human mind. We are coming of age. We are not worshipping a tiny infant in a manger, but rather we are taking the divine Truth given to the world as that tiny infant in a manger and accepting it on the terms through which it was presented. “If you believe on me, the works that I do ye shall do, and greater works shall ye do.” And we must accept this Divine Child now as my new Consciousness. My new Consciousness is the Child the world saw in that manger, and as this Divine Consciousness in me matures, grows up, is accepted in the fullness of what it is, the works that this Divine Child did as it grew up on the earth, I shall do.

As we deny the picture image on TV, called my personal self, we are picking up our cross and following this Divine Consciousness. It ever says to us, “Deny thyself.” Did you not know that the moment you accepted yourself to be Reality, that you committed yourself to death? Do you not see that these Divine Images behind the world images are under the law of God and that the images in time and space are not under the law? Do you see then new dispensation is to reveal to you the timeless nature of your being as you crack through the cocoon of humanhood, laying down the personal sense of self, realizing that every bone in your body, the blood that flows through those bones, your vision, your hearing, all this is the temporary picture on TV? The Christ child had died to that and had returned free. The turning within you when you die to this is the beginning of that freedom.

We all must follow that path so we find within ourselves this Christ child. It is the Way. This living Light within us looks past all the TV pictures of this world, recognizing only Its infinite Self everywhere. It doesn’t need diagrams or comparisons or analogies. It instantaneously is Itself everywhere. And when you find the Christ child within you, releasing the TV image that you have called yourself to the Christ child, then the will of the Father is done in you, and this will demonstrates the Presence of the harmony and perfection of reality all around you. This becomes the single eye of Christ in you witnessing the reality of perfection everywhere, and by its fidelity to the truth dissolving the TV images of good and evil that have veiled us from reality up to this moment.

It is not quite certain that Paul knew the absolute Truth. It seems fairly evident that he was influenced to a certain degree by the Stoics, by Philo, by the Hellenistic culture around him, and he actually did not present the Jesus message in its purity. However, in spite of that, it is through his work that the message of Jesus became known to what is now the Christian world. But it was never the pure teaching of Jesus. It was never fully understood as oneness with God, that Jesus was Christ realized, and that this Christ realized, which was the appearance called Jesus, was the same Christ realized which would someday in each of us do on earth the identical works. You’ll find that, although Paul was one of the seven highest Lights of that era, there is much to be said in his work that argued against the very things he was teaching.

You will find that Luke, as noble as he was, didn’t know the full Truth of Jesus. He spent much time trying to persuade the world that he came from a certain lineage of David. You will find that Matthew didn’t even write his own Bible, but it was done for him by one of his own disciples with his approval. You will find that Mark was the first who wrote the Bible, and he was just a young fellow. It was approved by Peter under Peter’s supervision, and it was written after Peter died. You will find that John didn’t write John’s Bible. It was written by his student Nathan with his permission, but in the year 110. You will find that the first Bible, the first gospel actually written by Mark was in about the year 67, and so you and I might just as well, sixty years from now, try to record what happened in our lives this very day.

In our own lives, we can’t remember that well, and he was recording someone else’s. Always these stories, then, were augmented by a desire to present the Truth in a certain way, and finally the written Word coming out of the Aramaic, some of it in Hebrew and some of it in Greek—Paul wrote in Greek— reaches the hands of people who, not being close to the original, must naturally filter their understanding through their own particular kind of intelligence. And so, again, more of the teaching of Jesus is lost because certain words have no meaning for the Greek scribe who is making a translation, and so they find a word that will fit the bill as closely as possible.

And then through the years, translations into the Vulgate, the Latin, and finally, along come our English translators, some great dedicated souls, but all of them totally, blissfully unaware of the great meaning behind crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, bringing us finally a message in which the world is persuaded to try to ride into heaven on the coattails of Jesus, instead of finding the Christ child within. So the Bible, in spite of the many hands who have hacked away it, has survived even them. The original Spirit is still intact. But now, it being that time, that age when man is no longer confined to the ignorance of the churches, of the philosophies, of even those well-meaning individuals throughout the world who worship the ground that Jesus walked upon . . . .

We’re looking at Isaiah 43. Jacob had proved himself. He had reached the point of working to eliminate the false consciousness, the intruder. He had wrestled with it, and now the Voice within is speaking through the prophet Isaiah. And this is really the Tree of Life in you. This is the Divine Self in all of us saying, “I will say to the north, Give up and to the south, Keep not back: bring my sons from far, and my daughters from the ends of the earth; Even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him.”

This is revealing the identity of I as your identity, not the form you think is you, but the Spirit of God that is you. “I have made him for my glory.” In other words, I am the substance of your being. That which you call “your being” is the substance of God Itself. “Bring forth the blind people that have eyes, and the deaf that have ears. Let all the nations be gathered together, and let the people be assembled: who among them can declare this?” This is the household of Spirit being assembled. All know the Truth of being, that I am the Spirit of God, and show us former things. “Let them bring forth their witnesses, that they may be justified: or let them hear, and say, “It is truth.”

This is speaking directly to that of you which can say, “Amen. Yes, I know,” for that Voice is my Voice. But look: “Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me, there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me there is no savior.” Now this Spirit, which is God saying, “Beside me there is no savior.” was obviously the realization in Jesus which enabled him to say, “Why callest thou me, Lord, Lord? Why callest thou me good?”

I speak not my doctrine but his that sent me. “I of mine own self can do nothing.” He is revealing the non-reality of Jesus, isn’t he? He is accepting that beside me there is no savior. He is revealing that He is the Spirit of God, that there isn’t the Spirit of God and Jesus. There is the Spirit of God seen through human eyes as Jesus, and there is the Spirit of God seen through human eyes as you. And that is the point. When you accept that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of you, you have come to that realization that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Jesus which he accepted, and then you are not in the divided consciousness.

Now because he had accepted this, because he had died to self, because he could say, “Now all that stands here is the realized Light of the Father.” Then he would appear, and he would say to the withered arm, “Stretch forth thine arm,” and it would stretch forth because there was no Jesus anymore saying this. There was no divided consciousness here looking at a divided consciousness there. There was One Consciousness, One. “I am the Lord thy God, and beside me there is no savior.” There was only One who accepted this, and so they said to him, “How do you do all this? What’s your big secret?” Well, you could read it in Isaiah, and that’s my secret. But if you don’t want to read it there or don’t understand it, I’ll repeat it for you.

So there are many places in here where he repeats it for us. My secret is that there is no me; There’s only the Father. I have died. I’m not here. And if you know my name, you’d know that I am Christ. Who is Christ? Christ is your Self, but you haven’t died to Joe, Smith, and Frank, and Harry. You’ve still got a second consciousness. “Aw, come on,” they say, “Tell us the real secret. You’re only spoofing.” In fact, they did worse than that. They chased him all over the hills and said, “Heal me, heal me, heal me,” and he did. And no sooner had he done it, then he went away to pray. Here he was to teach them about God within themselves, and that was the last thing they wanted to know about. They wanted the healing.

Let’s look at some of the passages where he gives us his secret so that we indelibly know that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ did not occur as it is seen in the Bible. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ occurred when he died to self before his mission began. That’s the real crucifixion. What you see in the Bible is the visible crucifixion which is the result of the real crucifixion three years earlier. The real crucifixion of Jesus is three years before the physical crucifixion when Jesus knows I am not Jesus; I am the invisible Spirit of God. That is the crucifixion, and it makes possible the visible crucifixion. When you and I know my name isn’t Herbert, my name isn’t William, my name isn’t Frank, my name isn’t Ruth, I am the Christ of God.

And when this is an experience, called “crucifixion,” you’ll walk in the same appearing form. But later, three years later or ten or fifteen, you’ll find there’s no death possible because that crucifixion is also the first resurrection. It isn’t earned lightly. It’s earned through fidelity to removing the false consciousness, because the only thing that’s ever going to die is the false consciousness. When that’s removed, what’s going to die? What’s going to get older? What’s going to be limited? All that is remaining is the Christ consciousness, and that’s why. That’s why this is a difficult teaching, because if it were a simple one, we’d be so much too satisfied, and we would not reach that level which is resurrection.

There’s probably very few places in this world where you can be presented with Truth without tarnished half-truths. And if we were to watch this class dwindle down to two, this would still be the way class would be conducted. There must be that uncompromising dedication to the complete truth that he showed when he would not accept, at any moment, anything on this earth unlike God as real. That must be our consciousness, you see. Anything on this earth that is unlike God cannot be real. Anything on this earth that is material is not Spirit. That must be crossed out in your consciousness. The best way to do that is to cross out the consciousness itself which entertains ideas that things unlike God can be real.

And the death of that consciousness is the birth of the Christ Consciousness, and that birth, that birth which the world celebrates on the twenty-fifth of December, in your consciousness, that is life eternal. It is the removal of all that is unlike God in you. And remember, after Jesus had removed all that was unlike God in him, he was still visible to the world. The world still saw the form. We still walk in a form when we have removed that which is unlike God from our consciousness, but the form we walk in is only an optical illusion. It’s the illusion of the world mind shared by all because all are part of the world mind. When the illusion dies, the reality doesn’t die with it. The reality doesn’t re-incarnate. The reality doesn’t feel pain. And though we may experience many dark moments in our pursuit of this reality now, those dark moments are nothing compared to the dark moments we eliminate which would occur in a false human consciousness.

You can even see pain now as an illusion if you carefully look at it. You know your arm has no intelligence. The arm doesn’t know anything. You know it doesn’t have any capacity to know it hurts or it doesn’t hurt. The arm can’t make up its mind to do something. What is the pain in an arm? It is your mind planted in such a way in your body that it announces, “I pain.” And we say the arm hurts; or the mind plants itself in the foot and says, “I hurt.” And we say, “The foot hurts.” But the pain isn’t in the foot. It isn’t in the arm. The pain is never in the body. It’s in the mind, and that mind transcended has no capacity for pain anymore.

We know that Jesus didn’t suffer on the cross. There wasn’t anybody there. Do you know how Isaiah died? Did you read the Apocrypha, the way Peter died, with his head down so that he wouldn’t seem more important than Jesus with a head up? They took a wooden saw, and they cut Isaiah in half with it. It says, “He was sawn in twain,” and while he was sawn in twain, he was looking up. What is the meaning of all this? Is it to show us that these men could absorb great punishment? Do you see it is to show us that they were not there?

That false consciousness that I am living in a form had already been crucified, and when the visible physical crucifixion took place of Isaiah, Peter, Jesus, there was nobody there. There was no consciousness there. There was only world belief appearing. The Self had already been found and was lived in; and that’s the hard way, to find the Self and to live in the Self and only in the Self. And so you see, there is a Self that you are which is independent of the form, and that’s the reason we see these strange crucifixions, to teach us that there is a Self totally independent of the form, a true Consciousness. God being all, God being the only Consciousness, you can be sure that God Consciousness is not in a crucified form.

To come out of the false into the true is to come into the realization that my Consciousness and God Consciousness are the only One Consciousness there is, and then the mind that finds pain in its own foot or head or something has been overcome. It’s the false world mind appearing in us as the pains we feel. You see how sublime this teaching really is? It is showing us the false suffering of mankind, the false hates, the false lacks, the false fears and the part we don’t like to hear, the false lives, but we have to take the bad and the good and remember that we are weighing these things with a mind that is not the Christ mind.

And when this mind has been transcended, the great teaching that came down through the ages culminating in the birth of Jesus through Mary and then the release from the false consciousness of the adult Jesus and his walking in the Spirit on this earth as Spirit alone, all of this did not take place yesterday, for the Spirit that was released as the only Consciousness is right here. It has never existed two thousand years ago. It knows nothing of those years. It has ever been Itself. That Spirit which is your Spirit has ever been a now Spirit.

It walks the earth now, and there is no one else on this earth but that Spirit. It’s the false consciousness of us that does not know this, and, therefore, cannot let itself dissolve into nothingness so that Self that I am, alone, stands where the world sees me. There are moments when you can almost feel that Self, and then you realize why all the power is in you, all health is in you, all life is in you. There is nothing else but that Self. Only your false consciousness of another self brings about the ups and the downs of this world. You see, that false consciousness, then, is this world, and the Spirit realized is My Kingdom.

Now there’s a place in John where Jesus gives us this quite clearly. I think it’s 14:10. I want you to look at it with me. It’s his answer to, how did you do it? “Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.” No self there other than the Father Self, and that no self other than the Father Self is the living Consciousness that is there. It would be impossible for that Consciousness not to reveal healings. Jesus couldn’t withhold a healing.

When you entered that Consciousness, you entered the Light, and your darkness disappeared because you were in the Light. There wasn’t any person healing. There was merely Light realized walking the earth. Now when you touched it, as the woman did with the blood problem—she just touched the Light and—the darkness disappeared. In Him is no darkness at all. And when you realize that this Light that you touch, and darkness removes, is the only Light of your being, the only Reality of you, you can see that the darkness of life is the second consciousness, which has no existence.

We’re crossing out the second consciousness, the breathing consciousness, the heart beating consciousness, the thinking consciousness, and letting that stillness reveal that the fourth dimension is here at hand, the Kingdom within. Jesus, then, should represent to you your finished Self. Your undivided Consciousness walking this earth would accomplish exactly what he did. Your undivided Consciousness is ready to do anything that was demonstrated through the undivided Consciousness called Jesus.

Another way to call it is the inner Consciousness, the within Consciousness, the Spirit Consciousness. But there’s no other consciousness. How can there be another Consciousness if all there is, is Spirit? Anything else must be an illusion. Can you feel that there’s no other Consciousness than the Spirit Consciousness? He did. Now the temptation, then, is to believe there is another consciousness, there is another power, there is another mind, there is another substance, and all of these are from world belief, conditioned mind.

Do you see how you cross the zero point in your own experience before you emerge as a spiritual child again? You must cross the zero point. That’s why it’s the narrow way. The zero point is where you are unborn in order to be born. You cross out of third dimension into nothing and begin in fourth dimension as a child again without any pre-concepts, with no knowledge, and your Father within leads you just as a child is being led.

There was something interesting came about this Father within. You may feel it as it came to me. It was when I requested some information on why I, being the Spirit, should be conscious of my body and not someone else’s body in the same way. I don’t feed your body. I feed this body. But if I’m Spirit, why do I have a partiality toward this form instead of someone else’s form? I wanted to know more about that, and the answer was that we’re given a body for a reason. Even though it be illusory, and that is that we may begin to see that we have only one responsibility in this world. We must become a parent to this body. We must become the mother or the father of this body. It must become the child.

And if you, for example, had a child to take care of now who, let’s say, was seven or eight years old, and the child went to school, you’d have to arrange your day in such a way that you would be available when the child needed you. You would have to teach the child, and your whole life would revolve around what that child required, as well as your own personal needs. Now you must realize that your body is your child, and out of it must grow a new you, a new you that trains this child, and this new you is your Self. The child is revealed as someone who needs training to learn who it is, what it is. And only as you take this child in hand to train it does that new you come into realization.

Now this child wants to do something, but the new you must tell this child, “ No, this is the way.” And so, this training is this new Self arising out of this form, this new higher Self which trains this child, and you become that higher Self. That’s where your Self is realized, and you’re overcoming this child, disciplining this child until it no longer wags the dog, until it doesn’t run off doing what it wants. It’s responsive only to this higher Self, and slowly the higher Self, having trained the child, the higher Self becomes conscious of Itself. And you find that higher Self can now drop the illusion of the child and realize that It functions completely in God, walks in God, thinks in God, lives in God. If you haven’t reached this place where this form and this mind of you becomes the child of you, the higher Self doesn’t begin. Instead this remains your self when it actually isn’t. Out of this must grow the higher Self, just as out of the seed must grow the tree, and that’s the first way you become aware of your higher Self.

Adam was your name on this earth before, but it was your false name. Christ always was your name, but Adam didn’t know it. So Adam reincarnated again and again and again until this moment when Adam appears as you, but Christ is still the name that you ever were. And now Christ must show Adam, and then in Adam is born the Christ realization, and Adam is revealed as the Christ. And one stands on the field, and the other is taken away. Christ stands revealed as your Self.

Adam lives in time, space, body, mind, condition. Christ sees through all these, and when you crucify time, space, body, condition with that nice friendly word called impersonalization, then those things which the mind finds difficult now will become easier, and a new order of intelligence will creep in.

The senses are like petals. Nobody sees any visible power that opens the petals of a flower or closes them, but they open and they close in spite of the absence of a visible power. Your senses can be that way. In this level of Consciousness, they have opened up. You can consciously fold them back. You can take a sense of vision and know that it can fold back just like the petal of a flower. You can take the sense of hearing and fold it back easily just like the petal of a flower. You can go through the five senses until all of them are folded back like a flower, and you’ll find those five senses were your intelligence in this level, and when they are folded back quietly your intelligence is no longer confined to this level.

You find there’s a level outside of this intelligence and a level under this intelligence, and all levels begin to flow because the Infinite becomes your consciousness now that the petals of the senses are folded back. In that moment, you become no longer a finite intelligence or a finite experience or a finite being. The illusion that the five senses have opened in a limited degree of consciousness is overcome, and all of the Infinite flows through you. And that’s why we rest the senses so frequently. It takes us out of the limited consciousness. It opens the way for the fullness of your being, and now the Light steals through with a new wisdom, a new teaching, a new idea, a new release.

You become aware of the Life that exists outside of your limited consciousness. You want more of it. You know, finally, you are poor. You’re poor in the Life that exists outside your limited consciousness, and you seek It. And this opens you to more and more of that Spirit until it announces “I am Thee.”

Now I find it necessary to impersonalize just about everything in this world and the more often you do it, the more often you will open yourself to the infinite Consciousness, instead of the limited, finite, five sense consciousness. It’s a luxury to sit back, to know that there is only one Master, and that Master is the infinite Self and It is present. It is all that is here.

Only God, the infinite Self, the divine Spirit is here. I reject all else and rest in that, and I don’t have to have something happen right then. That can be erasing karma in a lifetime seventeen centuries ago, and the next meditation can erase some karma in a lifetime twelve centuries ago. You won’t know about it right away, but the untruth that is erased will prevent the compounding of that untruth; and suddenly one day, all of these meditations seem to take fruit and root. And something in your present immediate experience that was undesirable is removed because you got way back to the seat of it in all the previous meditations, and now the world mind in that particular sequence in you has been blocked, dissolved. Some more of the onion skins are peeled away. Some more of the Light can come through the absence of the density.

The new Consciousness, the Spirit that walked as Jesus was very careful to point out that we’re not trying to change our concept of religion at all. That Spirit was showing that there is no such thing as religion in Spirit. Spirit knows nothing about religion. Spirit is perfect. Spiritual realization is not improving religion. Spiritual realization is to know that only Spirit exists. There is no person to have a religion. Jesus created and formed no religions and made it clear we don’t want to take this religion and patch it up. We don’t want to take an old garment and put a new patch on it from a new garment.

This is a total change of consciousness, total, a total rebirth. The old self is gone. The old self with its religion is gone. This is a living God, not God and a religion. This is the living God of your Being, your spiritual Self. What need does God have for religion? Religion is for those who haven’t found God. When you find God as the Substance of your Being, I and the Spirit are one, and the duality which needs religion or philosophy or even metaphysics, that duality is gone. I am the Truth. I am the Spirit. Do you see how duality is perpetuated by the belief that we need a religion? Do you see how that is the obstacle to the realization of the spiritual reality of Being?

I am the Lord thy God, and there is no savior on the earth beside Me. And then Jesus comes along and says yes, and that’s the narrow way. The flesh and blood of the Christ of your own Being is the narrow way. Few there be that find it, for they all want external gods. They want an easy way. They are not ready to make the sacrifice of the false self.

Between now and the twenty-first, which is next Sunday, you could be practicing this new way of impersonalizing which is quite complete, and you can even add to it new ways to impersonalize beside the four major Impersonalization’s we’ve discussed. Never be limited by what you hear. There is a seed of infinite variety within you ever teaching you, ever opening you up to Itself. You can experiment infinitely. Each of us is going to bring forth, then, an individual expression of the Spirit, and you’ll find we cannot duplicate each other. Spirit never repeats.

Now, if you have sufficiently impersonalized this world, this century, this era, this place, and if nothing is happening other than Spirit Itself, you will find you can stand in the midst of the world and its problems without the feeling that there’s something you have to do to protect yourself, to improve yourself. And that’s how you will know that you have come to the place where you have realized your Self, because your Self never needs protection from this world. When you feel that vast stillness, and know all there is in this world cannot enter into that stillness of your Consciousness, you will know that something has happened of major importance. And then you won’t be between two worlds anymore. You won’t be the place where the Spirit and the flesh conflict. You’ll be walking in the only Universe there is but appearing to be in this world, and you’ll know the difference. By your fruits you shall know the difference.


You might say that what we have discussed is how to give the universe back to God and that that is what was taught on this earth by the great leaders, how to give the universe back to the Spirit of your own Being, to step up one step from the belief that we came into this world empty-handed and to recognize that we never came into this world at all. We have ever been the living Spirit of God.

It was necessary to go through this illusion of coming into the world in order to become Self-aware; and it is still necessary, but the age of Self-awareness is now upon us. And all of us who can learn to crucify that false sense of self will discover that we have learned the lesson of the Bible. We need not fear what mortal man can do to us. We need not fear the powers of this world or the illusions of this world, which are those powers.

None of what we have discussed is beyond your reach. In fact, there will come a time when it will all seem like kindergarten. It is only strange now to our conditioned minds. The day will come when it will not be strange when everyone will be born into this awareness. And they’ll look back at us and think that we were some sort of obsolescent creatures to come to it so late. Today’s newness is as old as yesterday’s hat in just twenty-four hours; and as you get used to it, you’ll look at yourself that was and say, “How could I have been so slow in learning?” You might even say this next week because once you get used to spiritual identity, it sort of sours you on everything else.

Again, I want to express my gratitude for your presence because we’re going through a difficult time together and all of the patience and understanding that you bring with you is more helpful than you can ever realize. But a new us is being born, and it takes everything that all of us are doing to effect that, to make it possible. So thank you very much.

We have two more in this series, next week and the week after. I think that’s right, and then we go into Joel’s book, which I think will be an excellent way to pin down all that we have learned, to verify, confirm, and affirm the things that we have been doubtful about, so that we can walk with less of an uncertainty in this new way, proving instead of talking.

So it’ll soon be our 1970th year, which will possibly be the birth of the Christ on this earth for many. Hope to see you next week, and if I don’t, a very joyous Christmas to you.

Thank you very much.

We are discussing the third dimension of life, which is humanhood, and how to live in it while you are functioning out of the fourth dimension. If we look at the lesson of the Bible, not as an isolated chapter here and an isolated chapter there, not even as an Old Testament or a New Testament but rather as a living lesson about a living God, you may find that you actually are Adam and that you actually are the Christ that came to Jesus. And the period from Adam, the first man, to Christ Jesus, that first man coming into the realization of Self, represents the same period that you must go through in order to fulfill yourself.

You come into a world, and to all visible eyes, to all visible knowledge, you bring nothing into this world, and yet that is one of the first truths we learn, that we bring something into this world. We do not come in empty handed at all. We find much evidence of that in such Lights as Chopin, for example, who at the age of two, or Mozart—Was it?—at the age of two had this tremendous musical talent. And we learn that you do not come in starting as a beginner. You come in with your consciousness, the consciousness that you had before this particular experience you had; and now you come back with a higher consciousness or, perhaps a lower one if you have walked in the wrong direction.

And then, when we look at Jesus, we see that this man who walked the earth blessing the world around him had, at an early age, a capacity far beyond his elders, and we see there that neither did he come into this world, then, for the first time. Actually I had been wondering about this: What were the incarnations of Jesus before he appeared as that which was called the Son of God? I had a little light on it if any, but a book came across my attention, and it was the Edgar Cayce book on the incarnations of Jesus. And we find, according to Casey, that Jesus actually was Joseph in Egypt. Jesus was Enoch. Jesus was Zend, the father of Zoroaster. Jesus was Joshua, and according to Cayce, Jesus was Melchizedek who came to Abraham and revealed the power of one who had never been born or died.

Now whether you give credence to these or not, the fact is that that Consciousness which walked the earth as Jesus was not born one day and suddenly appeared, any more than the leaf on a tree suddenly appears without having been born within that tree first. And so it was, going back before Abraham. “I Am,” he said, and this was Melchizedek, the Christ made manifest as man coming through the famines of Egypt. It was Joseph, the enlightened One, who was able to bring them food. Always you’re seeing symbolism that he who is in the Christ consciousness is without lack or limitation.

So, Adam, the first man unknowing of his true self, goes through the various experiences in the Bible and passes out of the picture. But now he returns, and he returns again and again and again, in a new face, a new body. Ultimately, his name is Jesus. But now there is something new. This Jesus has discovered the mysteries of life. He has walked through the divided consciousness which every man walks through, and now he emerges as the One Consciousness. And this One Consciousness walks the earth free of the divisions which we all face.

But man doesn’t understand Jesus, and so man worships Jesus, the man. Man worships the very man who says, “Why do you call me good? Don’t call me Lord, Lord. Don’t love me and worship me, but do what I say.” The multitudes followed him because they wanted healings. They said there’s been no greater on earth than he. Let me touch him. But did they want his message? Repeatedly they came back for another healing, but his words, his meanings, what he symbolized, what he was teaching was lost.

We’re not losing that today. His teaching is crystal clear. There are two consciousnesses on this earth. One is the true of you, and one of the false of you. And although you may feel that you would like a nice, comfortable way to find God, Jesus left it very clear to us that there is no easy, comfortable way to find God unless you want an abstract God to whom you can pray and say, “Dear God, I need help,” and then wait for that help whether it comes or not.

He said, “If you want a God that was a living God, not an abstraction, there’s only one way.” He said, “You must make my flesh your flesh and my blood your blood.” And this meant a total reliance upon the true consciousness, not the false. When you simmer the message down to a few words, Jesus was teaching us to get out of this body before it’s buried. He was teaching us that this body in which we walk is a blend of the false and the true, and although it’s a very difficult teaching at this point, we must learn to look out at the world and see something quite different than what our eyes usually see.

We see people. We see forms. We see friends. We see enemies. He said, “I’m sorry, if you want the Kingdom of Heaven, you must have a completely new way of looking out at this world. You must look out with a single eye, and the single eye does not see as you have been seeing.” And many of the examples that he demonstrated were to show you the difference between the divided consciousness and the single eye.

Take the withered arm. Now he’s in the temple. A man comes in. His arm is withered. The Pharisees are there. Oh, and this is great for them. They’re going to witness Jesus possibly breaking the law. They couldn’t like anything better because it happens to be the Sabbath. This man with the withered arm is supposed to have been a stone mason, and in an accident this occurred. He never could get rid of this withered arm. And now on a Sabbath he comes to the temple, and he says to Jesus, “Heal me.” And one of the great institutions of Hebrew law was you don’t work on the Sabbath. So they’re waiting gleefully. What’s he going to do?

And this is where you and I must see that what he did was a major teaching. He recognized no human Sabbath. This was a man-made law, even though Moses had handed down this law. In fact, Moses had stood idly by while one was stoned who broke this law, and now this institution which was reverenced throughout the Hebrew kingdom, he, the great Teacher, was about to break. And the reason he did it is simple. They thought it was illegal, against the Hebrew law, against the law of God, to heal on the Sabbath; and he taught a higher law. It is against the law of God to witness a withered arm. There is no such a thing.

The reason he could witness that there is no withered arm is because he had within himself eliminated the second consciousness. There was no two consciousnesses there. There was not a divided consciousness. And I think it’s important that you see the meaning of a divided consciousness. It will also show you a different person than the one you usually see. Take yourself. We are all a divided consciousness, every one of us. There is in us only divinity, and yet in spite of it, this divinity is obscured by the imitation of divinity, the imitation divine image, the human image.

This human image is composed of two forces, your divine spiritual Self and the passage of the world mind, with its impression of your divine Self, over this divine Self makes the two consciousnesses. You are composed now of Divine Consciousness, which is your Self, and of the universal consciousness, which is the world imitation of yourself. The fusion of these two makes the form. And when you look out, although you see a form, you’re seeing the fusion of the Divine Consciousness and the universal belief about that Divine Consciousness, and that’s the form you’re looking at. It’s your form, your neighbors form, your child’s form, your parent’s form, and your husband’s and your wife’s form.

You’re looking at a level of consciousness which appears as form, and just for mathematic’s sake, we’ll say that one degree of Divine Consciousness is coming through and ninety-nine degrees of world belief is coming through, and that’s the form in front of you. And someone may be a little higher and have two percent of Divine Consciousness coming through and ninety-eight percent of world belief. But everywhere you’re looking, you’re not seeing what is there. You’re seeing this fusion. And it’s important to learn to look at every form with the realization that what is there is not what is appearing.

What is appearing is mostly world belief in form. But that individual is here to do exactly what the first Adam was here to do and eventually did, and that is to come into the realization that the Tree of Life, which is Divine Consciousness, and the tree of good and evil, which is world belief, have merged to create the appearance of man called Adam, and Adam doesn’t know it. And each of us is that one who doesn’t know it.

And so we are here to lift the degree of divinity that comes through and to decrease the degree of universal belief that comes through so that ultimately you’ll be ten percent divine and ninety percent universal belief, then twenty and eighty, and seventy and thirty, and so forth until you reach that point where Christ is born, a place where you become aware that the Divine Self is My Being. And now I must erase, through integrity to Self, that degree of world belief which shows forth as me.

You’re recognizing that the universal forms we see are nothing but universal thought out-pictured, and yet when divinity is understood and sown to within as we build an Inner Consciousness, not in the sense mind, but an Inner Consciousness, this slowly releases the degree of world belief that is showing forth as our form and puts substance into our experience. Now Jesus had accomplished all this, so by the time the man came forth with a withered arm, he was looking at a form as the world sees it in divided consciousness, an imperfect form, a form composed of largely world belief appearing as a man with a withered arm, and the degree of Divine Consciousness that was present in the man was minimized. And all around him, those who would say you cannot work on the Sabbath were perfectly content to accept the reality of this evil.

But he was teaching that my Father worketh hitherto right here where these Pharisees see a withered arm. Where the world consciousness accepts the withered arm, there is also the Christ Consciousness, the single eye, which does not accept the possibility that there is darkness where God is. And now we have the Christ Consciousness looking at the withered arm. It says,” I’m not going to give you another arm. I’m not going to trade arms with you. I’m not going to discuss logic with you. I’m not going to teach you anything. I’m not going to have a discussion with you. I’m not going to go through all the Mosaic Law and teach you about the Spirit, but rather I will sow directly to the Spirit of you, recognizing, as we all must come to recognize, that the withered arm is not there. It is world belief formed. “Stretch forth thine arm.”

Now you will say, “Why, if all he said was ‘Stretch forth thine arm.’ did the man stretch forth his arm then, and why couldn’t he have done it before?” And so, let us take a telephone conversation as an example. Now you are speaking on the telephone here to your friend in Chicago. Now there’s nothing that friend in Chicago can hear except what you say from this side of the phone here. If you speak loudly, he will hear it loudly. If you say, “Hello,” he will hear “Hello.” Everything that you do here will come out there, but nothing can come out there unless you do it here.

And you have that same privilege in spiritual Consciousness. Whatever was in the consciousness that looked at that withered arm had to come out in the individual who had the withered arm. Now see the invisible connection between Jesus as if he were on the telephone, but his thoughts are on the telephone, not his words. His Consciousness is on the telephone, not his words, and he is knowing the Truth, and the Truth that he knows goes over that telephone and appears in Chicago, just as his voice would. The Truth that you know goes through your Consciousness into the Consciousness of the one who has come to you, and that Truth in your Consciousness becomes the Truth in the Consciousness of the other individual.

And because the Truth is that there is no withered arm, the withered arm disappears. It’s just like a telephone connection. It’s One Consciousness—not communicating with the other consciousness. It’s the Consciousness here appearing there as that same Consciousness because there is only one invisible Consciousness, God Consciousness. Now, this was mystifying. How could a withered arm disappear? This was some kind of chicanery, but the teaching was that God is not abstract. You don’t pray to God in heaven. You recognize God as present everywhere, perfect now.

And finally it would take us another five thousand years, perhaps, individually if we worked without the inner revelation of Spirit Itself to learn that he was teaching, right then and there, that the fourth dimension of Consciousness is always present wherever you are. If you’re a Pharisee and cannot see it because you are in divided consciousness, you will call it a miracle or witchcraft. But if you have the single eye, which knows the fourth dimension of Consciousness is here now, you will also know something else.

We have been trying from the fourth to live in the fourth while in the third, and now you must come to the place where you see there is no third dimension of consciousness. It simply doesn’t exist. It is a false consciousness. It is the illusory consciousness. The third dimension of consciousness cannot exist. All that you see in the third dimension of consciousness has no reality. The world that you see is the third dimension of consciousness, but the fourth dimension of Consciousness, which is Christ invisible, is the only Consciousness that is present here today.

We may bring the illusion of a third dimension of consciousness. We may bring a withered arm. We may bring a defective ear. We may bring a defective eye. We may bring a defective back. But these are from the divided consciousness, the two that are in the field, and one must go. There cannot be two masters serving in your consciousness. Now to do this, you cannot live the life you’re accustomed to. The change is significant and quite revolutionary. The change requires the knowledge that you cannot ever honor the third dimension of consciousness without separating yourself from Reality. In you are the two levels of consciousness, the one true and the imitation of the true; and now your only responsibility on this earth is to eliminate the second consciousness that is within you, called the human, the mortal, the limited, the one that moves in time and space.

When you were taught to impersonalize, up to this moment our impersonalizations have been incomplete. We have not really learned how to impersonalize, but we’re reaching the point now where, however difficult, many of us are prepared to accept a hard Truth. Now you will find that if you can accept that you are comprised of only Divinity, there is no other self than your divine Self, you must know, therefore, that whatever appears as imperfect in your life must be a lie. And that lie comes about because your divine Self is crossed by world belief, and this out-pictures as the imperfection or the lie, which up to now we more or less have accepted even though we had learned it wasn’t there.

Now you must impersonalize four ways, and I’d like you to remember these four ways, for the power in them is very great. The world around you isn’t happening. It seems to be. This may not mean much to you at the moment, but there will come a time when the non-happening of that around you will suddenly steal into your consciousness in a very unique way, and that moment of truth will be hastened if you will follow these four steps. When you impersonalize—Well, let’s take a specific case—let’s take that withered arm. Let’s take a withered arm that is confronting us right now as a case at hand.

We will impersonalize first time. There is no time in Spirit. There is no time when the withered arm could have happened. There is no time in which it can exist, therefore there is no time in which a person can be suffering from a withered arm. You’re beginning to see that time is part of the false consciousness, so you remove time from your belief.

Now you’ll remove place. You impersonalize place. There’s no place where a withered arm can be. There is no place in Spirit. Place is finite. Place has boundaries. There are no boundaries in Spirit. We remove the belief in time. We remove the belief in space. We are impersonalizing time and now space.

And now we are impersonalizing person. This that appears before me as withered arm is but the fusion of the Divine with its overshadowing of the world belief. The Divine is not matter. The Divine is not physical. The Divine is incorporeal. The Divine is all. The false shadow of form is world belief formed. We impersonalize person. We impersonalize material being.

We impersonalize material form. We are removing in our consciousness the belief in time, place, and material form.

And finally, our fourth impersonalization is the removal of the belief in material condition.—There is no time, place, form, or condition in Christ consciousness. To us that’s a slow learning process. To the one called Jesus, it was an instantaneous knowledge born of all of the incarnations in Truth leading up to the final total realization of the divine Self, the single eye looking out only at the perfect universe.—This cannot be. All that stands there is the perfect invisible divine Self misperceived.

Now when you impersonalize time, place, person and condition, you’ll find you’re left with a great hollow, but that hollow is the removal of the universal world beliefs, and it’s the beginning of a very strange new kind of stillness, a stillness that may even ache a little bit because, in this stillness, it isn’t just the stillness that you bring about by saying, “I’m going to be still now.” This is a stillness that falls into a new groove. This is a stillness in which the world is still. All around you is a vast, almost infinite, stillness, and you‘re somewhere in the center of it, but not very clearly defined. You’re even part of the stillness.

You’re breaking the dream. You’re breaking the dream of the divided consciousness which has presented to us a self that is born and must die, a physical being. You’re crossing out the third dimension of consciousness which never existed as reality, and you’re coming into the recognition that only the God Consciousness exists. Only the fourth dimension of Consciousness exists around you, nothing else. And if this becomes your experience, you’ll never forget it. You’ll remember it sufficiently so that, as you walk through this world, you will know I am not walking in the third dimension of consciousness at all.

It isn’t here. It’s the myth. I am consciously in the fourth dimension for that is my name. I am the fourth dimension of Consciousness. I am the Spirit, and the material world, which was born of the divided consciousness, loses its potency, its validity, its power to mold you, its power to cause you fear, concern, and anxiety. You recognize the non-presence of the third dimension of consciousness called mortality. This vast stillness becomes an insulating factor. Nothing can enter this stillness. It is a stillness you have never experienced, except through the realization that all that exists is the divine Self.

And then, all evil on the earth, for you, has no meaning. It is just something you see, but it is not reality. It is not ordained, it is not upheld, it is not part of the experience of the Christ Consciousness. In Him is no darkness at all. Now, we’re all working toward this stillness, and one of the great mystifying things about it is that, even at this moment, the human mind cannot acclimate itself to the drastic change that is required of it. Even at this moment, no matter how strange it may be to hear that I am an incorporeal being, the mind does not really know what that means. The mind cannot make its adjustment.

It cannot be sudden. It must be gradual it. It must be a slow daily sowing to the spiritual Self. If you try to hurdle this in a night or a year or five, you find it is too awkward because you’re going to come to a place that you’ve never been in, a place that I’d like you to recognize now. You’re going to have to see, that when somebody gets on the phone to call you, that it isn’t happening. It isn’t happening. You’re going to have to come to a place, however startling, where you learn that you are not breathing. It isn’t happening. Your heart is not beating. It isn’t happening.

Nothing that you think is happening is happening in Spirit, and when you come to this zero, it won’t be because you’ve heard somebody say it or read it in a book. But, at least, you’ll be alerted to the fact, that when it does happen in your experience, that you’re not going crazy. When you know that you are not living as a human being with a breathing lung and a pumping heart and a thinking brain, you will be very sane, more sane than any man who walked the earth before Jesus, for when he came to that realization, he was the first born. And believe it or not, we are all going to come to that realization before we step out of the mortal mold.

When you practice the allness of God, you do so without the realization that that means the nothingness of me. Now we must learn to practice the nothingness of me. That is the only way you honor God supremely. At first it’s a dark, dark night. You realize then that impersonalizing time, space, person, matter, condition leaves you without a human selfhood. It leaves the world without a human selfhood. That’s why there is a great transition of consciousness from Adam to Christ Jesus.

The giving up of the belief in a human selfhood is impossible to a person who has not been touched by the Spirit, and even those who have been touched by the Spirit find that they want to cling to that human selfhood. It’s all they know. They don’t mind clinging to it if they can

just get Spirit to function in their lives. But more and more and more and more the Master impresses upon us there’s no place you can stop if you want to enter of the Kingdom of Heaven.

The narrow gate is total reliance upon the Spirit, the complete willingness to drop all belief in a mortal universe, a material universe, this world. I can’t say how many among you at this moment want to live that way, but it’s necessary at this time to let those of you who want to live that way know that there must come the moment when you can see the nothingness of your human self, down to the point that you know you’re not breathing.

And after you’ve tried it, you might even say, “Well, that wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Something new happened. A new dimension of me was born when that happened.” That’s what you might say. You might see, then, what is the meaning of being reborn to the Spirit. This is how the false second self is slowly dissolved to reveal the immaculate nature of your Being. We are sowing to the immaculate which cannot be blended with anything else. There can be no degree of humanhood in the immaculate, and so incarnation after incarnation had to proceed before there could be a moment of an immaculate conception, and in that immaculate conception One Consciousness was the only one left on the field.

There were two, and one was taken away. Jesus, then, walked the earth as the undivided Consciousness, and the powers that he manifested are the powers of the undivided Consciousness. The power to witness perfection, where the world sees a withered arm, is the power of the undivided Consciousness that is available to all of us who want to walk through that narrow gate. Now eating of my flesh and my blood, then, means not of the universal world belief but of the Divine, fidelity to the Divine of your Being, standing still to the world that comes through you as opinions, beliefs, and appearances, concepts. This narrows us down. It narrows us down to such a point that we, too, find the meaning of the three temptations in a new way.

We were told to forgive seventy times seven, and now we see it wasn’t a demand on us that we be kind and big-hearted and compassionate at all. To forgive seventy times seven meant to look out there and to see that all that’s there is Divinity. There’s nothing big-hearted about it. It’s the recognition of Reality. There’s no one there to forgive, and there’s no one here to do the forgiving. All that is present is the fourth dimension, Divine Consciousness. Fidelity to that was the purpose behind the teaching forgive seventy times seven.

Now, when we go to Jesus, we find that he lived in fidelity to the highest possible Truth on this earth, that there is naught but God. He recognized no divided consciousness, even in himself. And we must learn to do this when, within ourselves, the tempter says, “You have a withered arm.” We must say to tempter, “ Who told you so?” When the tempter within us says, “You’re getting old,” we must say to the tempter, “Who told you so?” When the tempter within us says, “My daughter is growing up, and I have to watch her very carefully or else she’ll become part of the new ways that I don’t like very much.” Then you must say to the tempter, “The only daughter I have is the true Consciousness of God within Myself, and that is a Consciousness of that which you call my daughter. I recognize only the Divine Consciousness, and that is my daughter.” There is no person there. There is no beating heart. There is only the Spirit, and this is the immaculate conception of a daughter. Always we are doing what the world cannot do, what no mortal mind can do, what logic will not do. We are translating the human scene. We are rejecting the tempter which says, “There is divinity. There is Spirit. There is God, but there’s also mortal being.”

And you know, it’s very difficult to see, perhaps, but Jesus had already rejected the idea that there was Jesus. He had rejected the idea that there was God and Jesus. It was his overcoming of the belief that my name is Jesus and that I am Jesus which enabled him to witness that there is no withered arm. If there was still a Jesus in his consciousness, the miracles that he was able to manifest, to witness, would have been impossible. He had to remove the belief in the divided consciousness which says, “There is divinity and me.” And he couldn’t be pantheistic and say, “God is my being, even though I’m in the flesh.”

He couldn’t say that tree out there is Spirit. He had to know that the tree out there isn’t there, but Spirit is there. He had to know that the man with the withered arm wasn’t there, but Spirit was there. He had to know that Jesus wasn’t there, but Spirit was there. And we have to know that we are not here, but Spirit is here, and then, when we know that we are Spirit, we are ready for that tempter. The tempter will then say to us, “Prove your Spirit,” and if you know your identity to be Spirit, you will say to the tempter, “To whom shall I prove it? There is naught but Spirit.” “Well, show your great powers.” “Well, to whom shall I show these powers?”

You see, the tempter is the world mind in you. That which you have called your human mind is the tempter, and it’s always challenging you to show your spiritual power. And whom shall you show that spiritual power to, this non-existent world mind? All there is is your Spirit everywhere. My Spirit knows no boundaries, for my Spirit is the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God, whom shall tempt the Spirit of God? Is there another to tempt? And so the temptation comes from non-existence seeming to be existent.

The rejection of the temptation is the rejection of that which is non-existent. There is no tempter. The tempter is as much an illusion as water on the desert, and when you accept the tempter and wish to show the tempter your spiritual power, you might as well show that spiritual power to a mirage on the dessert. And so the revelation of the rejecting of the tempter three times by Jesus is the revelation that there is only One Self. There is no other to do the tempting and no other to be tempted. There is only one Being, and that One Being is always I Am. Impersonalizing is a very nice word for crucifying.

When you crucify time, place, person, conditions in person, you are meeting the tempter, the world, mind which has presented time, place, person, and condition to you. And you are saying to the world mind My integrity to the One Self of My Being, to the undivided Consciousness has now reached the point where I can stand firm in the knowledge that I am not two, a Divine and a mortal, Spirit and matter, Son of God and a human being. I eat only of the flesh and the blood of the invisible Christ. I walk in Oneness in the realization that only the One is present.

I’m not making withered arms disappear. I’m recognizing their non-reality. I’m not making cancers disappear. I’m recognizing their non-reality. I’m not making the problems of this world disappear. I’m recognizing their non-reality. We’re getting behind the scenes to recognize that God is all and in Him is no darkness at all. And our work is to banish in us the thoughts, the beliefs, the seeds of concept that accept another life, another power, another activity than perfect Divine activity. There is no other. The acceptance of another is the continuation of a divided consciousness.

Now, the mind begins to be very uncomfortable. It had expected that everything could be understood by it and that, if it did something, it would do it because it understood. But now it reaches an area where the things it hears are very uncomfortable. It doesn’t want to hear that I’m not breathing. It doesn’t want to hear that I’m not a mortal being. It wants something understandable, and at this stage, you will find that whatever is understandable to the mind is untrue. If it’s understandable to the mind, beware of it. It isn’t the truth of God, because there is a place where the truth of God is very upsetting to that mind. It’s telling that mind, “When you impersonalize, impersonalize yourself too. Get rid of your self. You don’t know Truth. You’re just the world mind appearing in an individual as an individual mind. You’ve been the cause of all the trouble these many thousands of years.”

We begin to see that this mind is what folds up when we leave this plane, and when we return we can’t even remember we were here because it wasn’t a mind at all. If it was a mind, it would remember. All of our sense mind is lost. The only thing we gain during this lifetime is that degree in which Consciousness frees Itself from the world belief that is in us, so that right now, perhaps, if you’re two percent divine and ninety-eight percent human, you might return three percent divine, having made one degree of progress during your whole seventy or eighty or ninety years. But, the world consciousness is changing, and the degree of progress we had made in the past is not the degree of progress we can make in the present.

It’s possible today, right here in the Kingdom at hand, to dissolve the world consciousness in this incarnation, provided you have been touched deeply enough to make your dedication without compromise. For instance, had you been caught in the temple with this withered arm requesting help in the presence of the higher priests, some lesser man might have compromised. He could even have said to this withered arm, “Well, I’ll meet you outside, and we’ll talk about it later. Or he could have said, “Come back tomorrow.” But in our commitment to Truth alone, we don’t say, “Come back tomorrow,” or “I’ll meet you later.” We meet the lie now when it appears and wherever it appears.

We meet it because we must be true to Self. We must find Self. We must overcome the un-self that is the false, the limited, the one who is not My Eternal Being. And we find that is only a shell called the false consciousness. As soon as it is met by the Truth, its falseness is revealed. When there is no Truth in your consciousness to meet it, it continues and takes over your life. If you could shear away, at this moment, all of the falseness of your Being, you would know that there is no place where you are not. Now if you think this is difficult, be sure it will become more difficult. It will become so difficult that there will be a place where those who faint will want to turn back, and that is the place where those who have been touched are anxious to go.

The place where the dark night of the soul truly begins is where you let go of the world consciousness within you, and with all total reliance on the invisible Self, leaving all weapons behind, all reason, all logic, all fear, all doubt, you entrust yourself one hundred percent to the Self you feel you are, which is not living in this time or in this space or in this body or in this condition, and you see the shell that had pretended it was you. This total rejection of the false self is necessary before the real Self can shine through. There’s a totally different Self waiting to reveal Itself to the one who rejects the false self completely, and that complete rejection will come about as you practice the impersonalization of the false self in all qualities. If you thought your intelligence was limited, impersonalize that. It isn’t. If you thought your life span was limited, impersonalize that. It isn’t. If you thought your capacities in any direction were limited. Impersonalize that. It isn’t true. God is unlimited in life, in capacities and intelligence, and I and the Father are one Spirit.

Remove all boundaries on every limiting factor in your life, in your integrity to Self. Remove the belief that a boundary is real. Remove the belief that you walk in space. Remove the belief that you walk in an aging form. Remove the belief that you walk within a limited period of time. These are all conditioned beliefs. The moment you do this, it is astounding how clear it becomes that they are nothing more than concepts. The whole world of concept begins to peel away. The onion skins of belief are removed one by one or ten by ten. Your mind begins to race with the possibilities.

There is another Self, and that other Self is the undivided Divine Consciousness, the fourth dimension, which is all there is right here and right now, and there’s a way of accepting that and letting it reveal Itself as you accept It. The way is to reject all that comes to you in the third dimension. Stand still. Reject it. Reject the arm, and you’ll find it easier to reject the withered arm. Reject the back, and you’ll find it easier to reject the arthritic back. Reject the material self before it becomes a problem, and you’ll find the problem will have no reality. The limit to which you learn to reject this world is limitless. It is a total rejection of the reality of any event in this world until you’re walking in the knowledge that nothing is happening, absolutely nothing is happening. And then you know that all that is happening is Spirit Itself maintaining Itself being Its perfect invisible Self everywhere.

But that is I. I’m not apart from that Spirit. That Spirit is called “Our Father.” The Father is the Spirit, and that Spirit, our Father, is my Self, your Self, his Self, her Self, Jesus’ Self, the withered arm man’s Self. That is all there is, one invisible infinite Spirit. And you can feel it because you have dropped from the false consciousness, the divided consciousness, and the vacuum of this great stillness is filled as the wisdom of the Father flows forth. Then you know what no mind can know. It has been transcended. The knowledge you have, then, is not of a mind knowing Truth, but of Truth knowing Itself.

This is a strange Self that we’re discussing, and we’re discussing it with minds, and those minds are all really the non-mind, but the experience transcends all discussion, and in that experience is the germ of Light, Self-revealing, which brings to you a conviction. This new experience outside of form, outside of mind, outside of time, outside of place, this is the first awareness of my spiritual Being. This is the Divine Self I feel. It is like nothing I had imagined. It has nothing personal. It has no place to hang its head. It is not a material being. It is a completely new kind of being. No man has suspected. It is God’s Self, being Itself, and It is Itself right now, whether we come into the realization of it or not. It is the only Self. It is the Universe, and its imitation has been that which we have accepted up until the time that the first kicking of the Christ within brings to us the realization that there is a higher Me, a Spirit.


This is a letter of an 85 year old man at 3 am, [who] was well up on the Mount of Transfiguration:

“If I do not accept and take my Sonship, the invisible, incorporeal, spiritual Consciousness, the first born, the Christ of God, then the trip to the mount has been lost and useless, and I will remain a mere non-existent human. Therefore I am the Son, the living Christ of God, and then Oneness came and the fullness. God is all, all of what? The universe and all that dwells therein. God is my Mind, Life, Soul, Being. God is living as Me writing this letter, revealing Himself on this Mount of Consciousness. Then is not an individual in or on this universe? No, there is not an individual in or on this universe. There is only God, whether it is a butterfly, hummingbird, or a bullfrog. All there is, is the sacredness of God.” He goes on.

How many people at eighty-five are thinking this way? It’s fairly legible too. I can read it very easily, and he ends and says, “ The distance vision is fair.” I think he can see better than I can. “The distance vision is fair.” Now, this man was 85 a month ago. You may have seen him in this class some months back, and he’s in a peace, but he’s in more than a peace. He’s in a growing peace. He’s not afraid. He’s not living as most people do his age in a sort of a semi-retreat escaping from things. He’s probably living in a greater newness than many people we know because he has caught the living Spirit.

The twelve stones are the living Spirit. We learned that they are quite similar to the Beatitudes when Jesus reveals blessed is the peacemaker, the pure at heart, he who hungers and thirsts after righteousness. We find he’s really giving us what later becomes the twelve stones, but there’s a pattern in the twelve stones that we have to look at. Speaking of them we’re in the new Jerusalem, in the new city, the new consciousness, and these twelve stones are revealed as the qualities which are Christ consciousness in action. When you are in Christ consciousness, these are your qualities, and when these are your qualities, you’re in Christ consciousness.

Now, although it isn’t said here, the very first beginning before these twelve stones can form the foundation of your consciousness, you must have accepted your spiritual Self as your only Self. Then the foundation walls are formed; and the foundation of the wall of the city, the foundations of the wall were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper. The second, sapphire. He goes on and names the twelve stones. Now we’ll start with the Jasper. The stones are used because Light comes through them, and so you must be like the stones, letting Light come through you. Light only comes through Light, so you must be accepting yourself to be the Light before these foundations can be built.

And so I am the Spirit of God, and now the first foundation can happen, and that is called the Jasper stone, and you will find that it means the pure at heart. It means that you have opened yourself to the will of God. You have accepted that you want to be a transparency for that will and that will alone, not your will, not mother’s will, not father’s will, not husband’s will, not wife’s will, nobody’s will but the will of the Father in you. And this is the Jasper stone, the first foundation of spiritual Life that I accept myself to be the Spirit and only the will of Spirit in me. The will of the Kingdom of God in me is the only will to which I can hearken, and now this is the first foundation.

And as that will is accepted, you come to the second foundation which is another stone, and this stone is the Sapphire. The sapphire represents the wisdom that begins to flow through you as living revelation. Now that you are accepting the will, you have opened your Soul to the Spirit within, and because of it, living revelation flows through you as wisdom. And this sapphire stone is the second foundation of living Truth, righteousness. The will expressing in you as divine revelation is your second foundation stone in spiritual living, the treasures of the Kingdom flowing into your awareness from the invisible, and you see this is but the second stone.

Now I think we come to the Chalcedony, and this is the stone of love. Now in you, love builds a foundation, whereas before it might have been a personal selfish love. Now, Divine love flowing through the Soul, which is open to the will and the wisdom, forms another foundation, and this divine love flowing in and through you establishes the kingdom of love as the consciousness of your being. And you remember Paul said, “Love is the fulfilling of the law,” and so this foundation of Divine love in you makes possible the next, the Emerald stone, which is the fourth dimension.

It is the fourth stone and the fourth dimension. The emerald stands for not the full achievement of the fourth dimension. It is the beginning of a recall about the fourth dimension, and in this recall, as glimpses of the fourth dimension become part of your memory recall, your faith is deepened and strengthened, and out of this comes a confidence, a confidence in the invisible perfection of Spirit. The emerald, then, signifies here your awareness of invisible perfection in all things and your confidence and ability to stand on it with an unswerving faith. You started out by opening yourself to the inner will, releasing human self, human will, receiving wisdom, then love, and now, faith is crystallized, the confidence that Spirit being present and all, perfection is present. And at the same time you see you are not reacting to the appearances of evil. These are your foundations.

Now the Sardonyx, and then the Sardius. With this new found faith the sardonyx stone stands for your ability to redeem the appearances and to perceive through them the reality that is there. You see the Father within is really doing the works. You are an instrument for the Divine, and no matter what forms may come to your attention, no matter what distortions may appear, always this new-found level of consciousness called, in this case, the sardonyx is just another stage of your developing Christ consciousness which now enables you to look through the appearances. Now your work is more effortless than it was and deepens into the sardius stone, and this is the realization of the infinite glory all around you. You have transcended the appearances. You’re in the sixth stone of realization. You know that you walk in the invisible Heaven on earth.

Now in that consciousness, the seventh stone is the beginning of the manifestation of your new consciousness into the visible. Now that you have opened to the omniscience, the love, the power, the wisdom, have deepened in faith, this Chrysolite, which is the gold stone, begins to show forth the fruits of your new consciousness, and this is called the New Earth. It comes from the appearance of a stone that is sort of an apple green, and this is the New Earth being made manifest through the new consciousness. The transformation is becoming visible. The Word is manifesting as the flesh of experience. You begin to feel now the fruits of your work as health, as prosperity, as a sense of peace, as a sense of life progressing and fulfilling itself. The inner Spirit is being made manifest in the seventh stone.

The eighth, which is the Beryl, stands for tenacity. It is that quality in you now, which having tasted the fruits of the Spirit, is dissatisfied until, until you are able to make the Word flesh in every case. This is called the written Word, the beryl, and that means that you’re not satisfied with opinions. You’re not satisfied with conjecture or hypotheses. You want definite, demonstrable proof, and so you are in that pertinacious stage that wrestles with the adversary until the Truth that you know within is made manifest in the without. And that’s the eighth stage of this particular consciousness, identified here as the beryl stone, leading to the Topaz. And now the within becomes the without; the topaz signifies the inner realization of harmony made visible as harmony in your life.

You see the sequence, then, of these stages is that as you have opened to the awareness of Self as Spirit. The will moving through you brings with it the infinite varieties of Divine Spirit activity just like the sap through a tree and you become the living tree of life. All of the Light is coming through these new stones of your consciousness, and in the topaz you’re reaching that place where the new Heaven on earth is bursting all around you. You’re walking in the visible Kingdom of God. Others may not see this, but you do, and this continues to deepen.

This next one is like the chrysolite, but now it’s a love that you are able to share with others. You are now able to bless the world around you. This love that flowed through you is loving your neighbor, and this is that invisible love made visible as you’re blessing your neighbors and lifting them spiritually. This is the Chrysoprasus stone. You are now blessing those around you for the Light of your own being is shining forth.

And then we come to that stone which is called not the hyacinth, but the Jacinth; and you’ll discover that one though is a flower and the other a stone, they are sisters. They come from the same derivative, the hyacinth and the jacinth, and this is where the red blood of Spirit is your spiritual consciousness, the wine, the Ruby. All that you are now is living spiritual Consciousness.

And that brings you up to the twelfth stage, the Amethyst, which is the peace that passeth understanding. All of the stages of consciousness have weld into one, the amethyst stage, or the peace that passeth understanding, the deep purple. And now you are in the secret place of the Most High, and that secret place of the Most High is the knowledge that I am the Son of the living God. I am Spirit, and beside me there is no other. I am the life, I am the Truth, I am the law. These twelve stones are the progression each of us goes through from humanhood to spiritual consciousness, to that ability to rest in the peace of Being, for now fear is impossible. Now death is impossible. Now, problems are impossible. They are merely appearances that are dispelled by the Light of your own Being without effort.

If you go back to the loaves and fishes, you’ll remember that when the loaves and fishes were multiplied and all had been fed, there were twelve baskets full, and now you can see for the first time the meaning of those twelve baskets full. The twelve baskets signify the spiritual Consciousness, the Christ Consciousness that made possible the multiplication of a few loaves and fishes. And twelve signifies twelve thousand or twelve million or twelve billion. Twelve signifies infinite.

There were twelve tribes of Israel. There were twelve times twelve thousand waiting in the wings to come forth upon the earth to lift mortals into Divinity, a hundred and forty-four thousand, all implying the same thing. The infinite nature of Spirit is the nature of your Being, and when you come to the twelfth, or the amethyst stage, this is infinity realized, for I am Spirit means I am Infinity Itself, and that is the discovery that Jesus made when he discovered that man, as he stands, is not the Divine Image. The Divine Image must be Infinity Itself, and because the Divine Image is the Son of God, until you get down to the very first step of the foundation, this progression in consciousness does not occur. And then without the Divine wisdom flowing, there is no Omniscience there at work to recognize Itself for you, and we are held back into a finite state of life with a finite beginning and a finite ending.

When these twelve stones are completed, a very beautiful thing happens: “And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.” This is the permanent Christ Consciousness, which is the fulfillment of the Father’s statement: “Be ye perfect as your Father,” which is in heaven. This is you and I at the level of our real Self.

Now let’s get down to mundane things and see that all that we have read in these twelve stones is already established as the Truth of our Being now. We’re not going to attain that. We’re going to drop the belief that we are not that and discover that we are, because the Father says, “Be ye perfect.” and the Father is all power, no power has prevented that perfection, and you, therefore, are perfect. All of these stones already are the established Consciousness of your Self, and as you drop the false self, the reality of your Self expresses without the hindrance of a second consciousness which is finite, dense, unable to perceive and comprehend that which is quicker than its own level of vibration.

And so we die. We die with a great joy to this false consciousness, for we are being born into Reality. There is a very beautiful statement you may never have heard, that you may never even notice in the Bible, and I’ve got to read it to you. I made a note here of it. This is John 5:26, and I don’t believe it’s ever been explained, but it fell into place through this. “As the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself.”

Now, that doesn’t have any meaning at first: “As the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself.” And as you dwell on that, it’s telling us that we are Self-existent and that, translated, means that your life is Self-existent and did not depend on the life of your mother or your father, that you are Life Itself. It is revealing that Spirit, which is your Being, is Life, and your spiritual Self did not descend from a mother and a father.

And of course, we know by now that that is what Jesus was teaching, that He was not laboriously constructed in the womb. He was a Self-existent Life, and the form which appeared was the illusion misperceived by finite consciousness. We are each that self-existent life, which the Father has bequeathed to the Son. That means we have ever been this life. We have ever been Christ conscious, and the glass darkly that is now being removed is the false conditioning of humanhood through the years, through the centuries, that has made us separate in our belief from our very own Self, divided. The way back are those three words.

Now, you remember that last week we worked with, “There is no place where God is not.” And one woman said to me, “It really works. People will say things that I don’t agree with, and people will say this and people will do that, and I’ll keep saying to myself, “There’s no place where God is not.”” And then there are others who have found that in their normal human consciousness, they may look out on a situation that is quite unbearable and they may feel its Reality, whereas before they may have had a statement like, “The place whereon I stand is holy ground.” What about that place over there where the problem is?

And now they have a different statement which is the same thing: “There is no place where God is not.” And now you can’t wriggle out of it. Right over there where the problem is, there is no place where God is not. So right over there, God is; and if God is there, you know the problem really isn’t there. What about this ambulance over here? But there’s no place where God is not. And God must be right where there seems to be a need for an ambulance, but where’s the witness to know that there’s no place where God is not? And right here in my chest, the doctor says malignancy, but there’s no place where God is not. Now who’s right?

Is God there or is the doctor right? And as you stand with that Truth, there’s no place where God is not, you find the power of it, because it is the Truth, and when it’s accepted in consciousness, it becomes a release. You can look at any condition, any problem, and realize that there is no place where God is not, and God and the malignancy do not co-exist. They cannot be in the same place at the same time—God and the earthquake cannot coexist; God and the flood; God and the fire;— wherever God is realized to be. But there’s no place where God is not, then the opposite of God cannot be there.

Now, after you’ve worked with that, you come now to I am Spirit. There is no place where Spirit is not. Well, Spirit is God, and, therefore, right here is Spirit, and, therefore, I am Spirit. And finally, I am Spirit here, but what about over there? Is that a different Spirit, or is it the one continuous, uninterrupted, invisible Spirit? And then you have a secret of infinity functioning as you’re Being invisibly. I am Spirit, and there is no other Spirit in this Universe, for My Spirit is universal. It is the one, infinite Spirit. This is where the power lies, and this is the Infinity realized in the twelfth stage of that Consciousness, called the Christ Consciousness.

Now, when you practice with “There is no place where God is not.” and, or “I am Spirit”, you’ll discover a turning, and you will begin this progression of the twelve stones in the twenty-first chapter of Revelation. You’ll discover they are very similar to the Beatitudes, somewhat similar to what Moses taught, even similar to some of the beginning of the book of Genesis. But they are the way you stay on the path. If you’re wondering, “What do I do and how do I do it?”, that’s how you do it. And then in your fidelity to each step along the way, letting the Will express Itself in you, It will make the other steps for you, You will simply be a witness to Christ living Itself as You.

Now, these are all of the beginning things that we have to come to if we’re going to live in the fourth dimension of Consciousness while walking in the third, and so next week when “I am Spirit” sits in these chairs, the Consciousness that you bring and I bring will enable us to receive a higher and deeper degree of Truth than we could at this very instant,. Always this will be a deepening process, made possible by our fidelity to the will of the Father in us. We are overcoming death so that we can go on to the greater things.

Maybe we haven’t yet taken the ribbon off the package, but that’s the beginning of our Christmas present from Spirit, and I’m sure by the time Christmas rolls around, our package will be open and revealed. So, I thank all of you for being here today and hope to see you soon.

For those of you who like to follow the Bible very carefully, I’ll just give you the references now so we can dispense with them later. We will go through the following passages: John 5:26, John 1:9 through 13, Matthew 23:9, John 3:6, 10:30, Genesis 1:27, Acts 2:24, John 17:3, 8:51, 14:12, 5:19 and 20, 3:3, Luke 17:21, John 8:32, and Mark 1:15. And if you’ve missed any, they’ll be available after class for copying down if you wish. Now it seems like an extensive list and probably it is, but they are excerpts which complete a continuity of purpose vital to today’s message. It being the Christmas season, we thought it would be a good idea to have a little Christmas package that we could unwrap today and in it to have possibly the most priceless gift of all.

We know that Peter in response to Jesus said, “Thou art the Christ.” How many of us remember the next words, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God”? And there is a message in the Son of the living God which contains the Christmas present that we shall unveil. The Son of a living God is what you and I are to realize we are. And to the degree that we do not reach that realization, our experience will show forth the absence of the grace of the living God so that wherever you find some form of limitation in your life, whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally or financially or socially, these limitations will be the result of not having come into the understanding that I am the Son of the living God.

The Way-shower said, “I am the Truth.” And he said many astounding things, one of which was, “Whosoever shall believe in me even though he be dead, yet shall he live.” And that’s a very strange statement because, certainly, if a person who is dead shall live because he believes on the Son of the living God, then in order to overcome deadness, everything that would lead to deadness must be overcome; and in the overcoming of deadness, we have automatically overcome every form of sickness known to man. All by believing on me, the Son of the Living God,—This has been interpreted to mean that if you believe on Jesus.—you overcome death. And we see people every day dying, who believe on Jesus. And so we find that the Son of the Living God is not Jesus at all: ”Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.” And there is the distinction which each of us must find in his own experience.

Now in our progression through the Bible we want to see the evolution of an idea that has escaped the attention of mankind and, also, the evolution of an idea that has even escaped those of us who have seriously dedicated our time and effort to finding the meanings behind the ministry of Christ Jesus on earth. We want to find how I, aware of myself as the Son of the living God, can overcome death and all the things that lead to death, and then even go beyond, for he did say, “And greater things shall ye do.”

And so you wonder what could be greater than overcoming death. And you find, when you have realized the possibility of overcoming death, you begin to see that that is only the beginning of life and the greater things come after the overcoming of death. They’re not greater things before you have overcome the illusion of death. They’re greater things after death has ceased to have a meaning for you, and these greater things that ye shall do, again, are to be done if you believe on Me. And so, believing on Me means that unless you know what “Me” stands for you, cannot believe on Me. You cannot ask in my Name. And if you believe that “Me” means Jesus, then you are among the millions who have been misled, for the very purpose of the ministry was to reveal the hidden identity of Jesus as the Christ, the living Son of God, the Son of the living God. But this, too, must have a deeper meaning for all of us.

Now he gives us many clues. In Acts we are told that death could not hold him. He could not be held by death. What manner of man was this who could not be held by death? And he gives us his own clue when he says, “Call no man your father upon the earth.” For your father is a person, a flesh and a blood; and therefore that is not your father. One is your Father which is in heaven, and this Father in heaven is not God personalized, not a supreme being. This Father, which is your Father, is Spirit. And then he goes on to say that your Father is Spirit, and my Father is Spirit, and I and this Father are one. I am not born of Joseph. I am not born of Mary. I am born of Spirit, and Spirit being my Father and your Father, you are born of Spirit.

This is contrary to everything that you know as a person, and yet the Way-shower, the Son of the living God, the Son of Spirit is saying that I have overcome death because I am the Son of Spirit. And if you believe on Me, if you believe that Spirit is your Father, as I believe, then you too shall overcome death, and greater works shall ye do. Therefore if you are born of Spirit, you are Spirit, for like begets like. And the Father’s Spirit begets the Son Spirit, and Jesus has overcome the grand illusion that man on earth in the flesh is the divine image and likeness of God. Genesis said that man was created in the divine image and likeness of the Father, and Jesus revealed that the Father is Spirit and the divine image and likeness is Spirit. He discovered the identity of God and of man, and so he, being Spirit, was the Son of the living Spirit.

Now when you come to that understanding, that until you are the Son of the living Spirit, you are mortal flesh who cannot overcome death, who cannot overcome those fallibilities that lead to death, and cannot do the greater works that come after the overcoming of death. Then you are beginning to unveil the nature of God in yourself. Spirit is God, and the Son of God is the Spirit of God flowing through the universe as God Itself individualizing as your being. And although you have read it, although you have heard it, although you have said it, unless you have quietly, firmly, rested in the Word to listen, to know, to feel, and finally to reach that momentous conclusion that you are Spirit and nothing else, you will continue to walk, not in the foot steps of the Way-shower, not in the truth, not in the Light, not in the peace that passeth understanding, but in the ways of mortal mind, experiencing the good and the evil, the life and the death, the health and the bad health, the fluctuations of human existence until there is no human existence.

Identity as Spirit is the beginning of the adventure in Spirit. And unless you come face-to-face with this, you will continue to seek the externals thinking that what you are going to find is going to lead you somewhere to a place called Heaven on earth. And you’re going to find that every direction in which you move will lead only to a blind alley. I am Spirit is the revelation of Moses when he said, “I AM that I AM,” I am that Spirit and Jesus when he said, “I and the Father, I and Spirit are one.” And his secret, the secret which enabled him to overcome death was just that, the awareness that I am Spirit and, then, the fidelity to that knowledge. You cannot be faithful to your spiritual identity unless you have established it as your identity.

Many of us who have reached certain high points of consciousness have discovered that in spite of this exalted attainment from time to time, we fall back into a human consciousness, and then we walk out into a world over which we have no dominion. And yet this lack of dominion is only the absence of the realization that I am not mortal man. I am Spirit, and when you make this turn, when you spend the time to make this turn, when you spend the time to contemplate the nature of being Spirit, you will discover that the secret of the entire Bible are just those, is just those three words.

There is no place in the Bible, there is no place in the New Testament, regardless of what you see or hear as the action or the deed or the word or the thought of Jesus, that is not saying to you, I am Spirit, and these things that I do out here I’ve done simply because I am Spirit, for only Spirit can do them. I of my own self, Jesus, can do nothing. These things that are called miracles are done because Spirit does them. The Son can only do what he sees the Father do, and the Father is doing the works. Spirit is doing the works.

Do you see the living in grace that comes from the realization of Self as Spirit? Now let us recall to ourselves that Spirit has no beginning and no end, that Spirit is infinite, that Spirit is not involved in the physical world, that Spirit is not in time and in space, that Spirit is infinite power, infinite presence, infinite mind, infinite self, infinite being, infinite harmony, infinite truth, infinite all. Spirit is the only identity that exists, and until you touch the consciousness of Spirit, you have not entered into the life which is the Life of God, and it cannot flow into your experience.

We find then that the realization of Self as Spirit, enabled Jesus to walk away from that self which can die, which can be diseased, which can be lacking, and then, steadfastly refusing to be anything but Spirit, he watched Truth unfold Itself. Now, as you walk behind him as Spirit knowing that only Spirit exists and you are faced with matter, what are you being faced by if only Spirit exists? If Spirit is infinite, if you are Spirit, what is this confrontation of matter before you? What was his answer? “I of my own self can do nothing. The Father within he doeth the works. Put up thy sword. Take no thought. Abide in the Spirit. Neither by might nor by power but by my Spirit.”

So as you rest in spiritual identity, the awareness of Spirit as the only life on this earth, gradually descends into your consciousness wheresoever you may look, Spirit is. To the left and to the right, above and below, you are in a spiritual universe. The infinity of Spirit precludes the presence of any other substance or life. You do not go out and conquer the spiritual universe. You touch your own identity as Spirit and rest in the effortless action of Spirit to maintain Itself. There is no work in Spirit. There is no effort in Spirit. There is no thought in Spirit. There is no overcoming. There is a resting with confidence. Can you rest with confidence before you know that you are Spirit?

And so, not having this realization that I am Spirit, we live in the divided consciousness which must always turn to meet a new intruder, always face another problem, always seek to find a place where it can be at peace, but never finding it, because out of true identity, we are always moving toward the Light, living in the shadows. Find your identity. Jesus was not Jesus, but the Son of the Living God. Jesus was born of the Father, Spirit, and there is a place in our Bible where he says, “That which is born of the Spirit, is Spirit.” In that line is one of the greatest of all: “Call no man your father,” for Spirit is your Father,” and that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit, and we, born of the Spirit, born of the Father, are Spirit.

Rest in yourself for a moment. See what it feels like to be not flesh and blood, not mortal, not human, but that which He revealed we are, spiritual Being. Not Spirit ‘and’ just spiritual Being, the Son of the Living God. I am that Spirit. When this falls into place in your consciousness, you will feel a turning, a turning toward a new invisible universe, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. And you will realize the Christ mission on earth is to lift you out of the belief in a limited, finite, temporary existence of good and evil into the acceptance of the presence of a perfect unlimited Life in and as Spirit under the law of God, the law of Spirit and that all this is a transformation in which your consciousness now drops its belief in the finite, physical self, follows the Way-shower, believes on Me, asks in my name, Spirit. And then opens you up to the acceptance that because you are Spirit, because Spirit is your Father, I and the Father are never separate, never apart. There is no place in the universe where Spirit is that is not connected to my Spirit.

I am not separate from the infinite Spirit. Wherever Spirit is, my Spirit is. This realization of, first, my spiritual identity, and then, the infinite nature of Spirit, which prevents a separateness from Spirit, opens us up to inner revelation to the living Word of the living Father, to the will of God in us. Until this has been accomplished we are the prodigal, we are the mortal destined to live not in truth, not in reality, not in peace, not in love, but in the shadow of a false identity. Thousands and thousands of years have gone by in this false identity with man completely unaware that the only being on this earth is the Spirit of God, that each of us is that Spirit. And when our consciousness is open to accept this, the law and protection of that Spirit in us, which is called the Kingdom of God within, through grace automatically goes before us in all things and becomes the invisible substance of our life manifest in the visible, physical, tangible flesh.

Whenever a need comes into our experience, this invisible spiritual identity which you have realized, which is never apart from the infinite, comes forth from the invisible to form the fulfillment of that visible need. It is not done through your thought, through your effort, or through your wish or will. It is the will of the Father for eternal perfection made manifest in your experience because you are living “in My Name,” because you believe on Me, because you believe that I, the Spirit of God which walked this earth, which appeared to men as a form called Jesus, I that Spirit, the Son of the Living God, if you believe on Me, you will know that I am the Spirit of your Being. And as you saw Me there in the outer, you will see Me in the inner. When you recognize Me in yourself as your Self, you will believe on Me. You will know God aright. You will know Spirit aright. You will know Life Eternal.

To know yourself as the Spirit of God is to overcome death, disease, lack, limitation or whatever moral flesh is heir to. Because this is not realized on this earth, man is still seeking God, man is still seeking divine protection, man is still seeking answers to questions that have been mysteries for thousands of years. And the greatest mystery is why man has not found that which was given to him by the living Spirit of God that walked the earth in the form called Jesus, and walks on the earth in the form called you.

When you realize that I am Spirit was the constant awareness of he who was called the Christ Jesus, and that It was the miracle worker, you can look at your Bible in a different way. You can see that the Bible is the outer representation, in words, of the activity of I am Spirit on the earth. I am Spirit reveals Itself through the conscious awareness that I am Spirit of Jesus. Where there is no duality but the One, the One reveals Itself in all situations, in all conditions, in all catastrophes in spite of the impossibility of that which appears before human eyes. There is no tempest because Spirit, being omnipresent infinity, I am Spirit and the witness called Jesus says, “I am Spirit, I and the Father are One,” and I am Spirit releases the illusion of tempest. There is no hungry multitude because I am Spirit, and I am infinite, and I am everywhere, and I am fulfillment.

And here is one who has died to self, so that Jesus is dead and all that stands there is the consciousness which says I am Spirit, and I am Spirit reveals Itself as loaves and fishes. I am Spirit reveals Itself as eyes that see and ears that hear. I am Spirit reveals Itself as God in action on the earth at hand, in the invisible Kingdom not visible to human eyes, but present where we stand. I am a Spirit, I am the substance of your being. And wherever there is a second consciousness that says I am mortal, then I am Spirit cannot enter in to liberate, to reveal, to protect, to fulfill, to glorify. But where there is the consciousness which says I am Spirit too, I and the Spirit are one. Then the I am Spirit reveals Itself as the substance and the law and activity of that individual and does the same works in and through that individual as it did wherever I am Spirit was recognized by any enlightened One.

And I am Spirit being Life Itself, it is deathless and timeless. And I, in the realization that I am Spirit, am deathless and timeless. And then I am Spirit does the greater works. And so your Christmas package is the unveiling of God as the Spirit of your very Being, and because there cannot be two, where the infinite One is, there must come an extended quiet time in which you let this new awareness simmer within you until there is no human self that is moving out to the job the next day, there is no human self that is planning how to survive these next twenty years, or how to build a nest egg, or how to be successful or secure. There is none of that. This is the death of the human planner, the human knower, the human who desires. It is the birth of the Christ. I am Spirit, and I am no other.

I am the one who is the living Child of the living God, and my Father, He knoweth my needs. Spirit lives Itself. If I am Spirit, my life becomes an effortless activity of Spirit being Itself. And so as I move forth planning, thinking, desiring, I am denying my own spiritual Selfhood. As I accept a problem, I am denying the perfection of Spirit. As I resist a problem, as I seek to overcome a problem, I am accepting the presence of a problem which is a darkness, an inequity, and I am being false to my Self. I am Spirit and in that awareness I can face the problem with the knowledge that it has no real existence. If I am Spirit, and Spirit is the Father, God, where is the problem, in Spirit? What kind of a problem can exist in God, in Spirit? And therefore the problem is saying something to me. It is saying that I am still in divided consciousness, I am in the consciousness that says I am Spirit, but I have a problem.


And so I must tighten my understanding there. I am Spirit and, therefore, the problem can only be a mis-perception of reality. I am Spirit. This is no longer conjecture, this isn’t possibility or probability. This is a simple fact. I am Spirit. This is why he introduced the New Testament, to teach us that our name is Spirit, and this is the fact by which we measure everything else. Because I am Spirit, I am Truth, for Spirit is Truth. Because I am Spirit, I am harmony because Spirit is harmony. I am love. I am peace. I am supply. I am life. And therefore every problem is a denial that I am Spirit. And as this consciousness deepens, the presence of a problem which I recognize as a denial that I am Spirit is met by the realization that nothing can change the fact that I am Spirit. Even if I don’t know it, I am a Spirit.

That which I am I ever will be, Spirit, eternal and now, and therefore, because there is no darkness in Spirit, that which appears to me as the problem has no life. Spirit is Life, and there is no other. Spirit is Existence, and there is no other. Spirit is Reality, and there is no other. Spirit is Perfection, and every imperfection accepted by me is a denial of my spiritual Self. That denial of my spiritual Self is the way I die. That is the slow death that every mortal goes through by denying spiritual Self at every moment.

But I, Spirit, am the resurrection. In the realization of Spirit as identity, we are resurrected from the false beliefs, which we had accepted, making us feel that we were humans under human law, matter under material law, physical beings under physical law. We are not. So long have we thought of our self this way that we have become totally conditioned living in the belief of a physical world in spite of the fact that the Way-shower completely obliterated the power of the world by his knowledge that he was the living Spirit. I am the Light, the living Spirit, and you are the Light, the living Spirit. I go to my Father – Spirit and your Father – Spirit. Follow Me in the realization that we are Spirit, and you, too, shall overcome this world.

Now, when you start to practice this, that’s another matter. You’ll say how can I practice it? I said that to myself, too. How shall I be Spirit? What do you do? How do you do it? What’s the pattern of living for one who says I am Spirit? Where does he go? What does he say? How does he move? And you find a million questions you can’t answer until one comes within you with an answer and says before you have asked, I answered. Did you think I would set you forth as my Spirit without an answer on how to be what You are? First you had to come to the realization that you are Spirit, and now, in the newness of that realization, wait upon the Lord. Rest. And suddenly the whole Bible is your answer, for the Bible is what you do when you are Spirit.

The one called Jesus, who knew ‘I was Spirit,’ then went out and did what the Bible is. His way of doing will become our way of doing. We will face the world, but we will know that it is not there as a world. Its evils are not there. Its physical problems are not there. It is a spiritual universe peopled by Spirit, perfection in all things, and our consciousness will become single-pointed so that I will wait upon the infinite Spirit to function through my Spirit. I will not do the works; the Father will. I will wait upon the Lord because the Father is greater than the Son. I cannot multiply loaves and fishes, but the Father can. I cannot raise cripples, but the Father can. I cannot resurrect the dead, but the Father can, and the Father can through my enlightened consciousness as I rest in the true identity, in My Name.

That’s your starting point, and then you begin communing with your Spirit. You ask it questions. You wait for answers, and It teaches you, It feeds you, It sustains you, It leads you and guides you. It shows you how to live as a spiritual Being, and all this that you were doing as spiritual Being is invisible to the eyes of man. It is done within your consciousness when you are at rest, when you are not fighting the wind mills, when you are accepting that because two and two are four, it makes no difference if someone tells you they’re five or six or ten. That which is the Truth, remains the Truth, and because you are Spirit, it makes no difference if the world throws a brick at you because a brick cannot touch Spirit. If you think it can touch you, then you still have to go within until you know that you are Spirit.

Until you see that Spirit is another dimension of Being and there isn’t a physical self out here still to be hurt if you are the Spirit, the birth of that realization must lead to the death of the false belief of a physical self. Do you see you cannot support a physical being and a spiritual One? You cannot serve both God and mammon. You cannot live in two houses. You cannot ride two horses. You cannot be Spirit and matter. You must cross over and then let the false consciousness die, consciously let it die.

It is our fidelity to I am Spirit that is what is meant by salvation. Now look again at the adulteress. She came before I am Spirit, not before Jesus, and I am Spirit looked at her and made a few marks in the sand to show these are just images in thought; this woman here, just a picture in the mind, her name is I am Spirit, but she knows it not. And so I do not condemn thee. I, Spirit, do not condemn Spirit. Go out and sin no more. No longer think that you are flesh and blood. Know that you are Spirit. That was her only sin, not knowing I am Spirit, and that’s the sin of the world,. It’s the sin of each individual. It’s a sin of every one of us, not knowing that I am Spirit. We have reduced the complete Bible down to these three words. Its purpose is to teach you I am Spirit. Only that Spirit realized in you can look out and see the spiritual universe and live in it.

As a material being, you cannot live in the Heaven on earth. As a material being, you cannot overcome this world. But the Spirit of God in you, realized as your substance, will look out upon your neighbors and see Itself in all. It will look through the evils, through the lacks, through the limitations and perceive Itself, the infinite Reality of Being everywhere. And this becomes your mystical I, your sole activity, your higher dimension of consciousness. The Spirit realized as you looks out and sees your spiritual universe. Where the world sees war, you see peace. Where the worlds sees lack, you see abundance. Where the world sees ill health, you see perfect health. Why? Because Spirit is all you can know when you are Spirit. I don’t know how many thousand years it’s taken to get to a point where we begin to turn, but this is that point and this turning occurs before the physical death comes.

There are a few who are practicing this knowledge, not many, the knowledge that I am Spirit and nothing more. You can count them, possibly on your ten fingers, who are really practicing this awareness. It is the narrowest possible Way, and it is the only Way that Jesus taught. So today, those who are new with us and those who are not new are all faced with one simple Truth. Either you realize I am Spirit, or you are rejecting the complete teaching of that which is called Jesus, the Christ, and if any of you can find something else that he taught, other than I am Spirit, I will be very much surprised.

Now in this realization is yours. It is a rebirth. It is just like being born again. You’re no longer hands and legs and arms and a physical body. You’re something that cannot be touched physically. You’re something that cannot be seen with human eyes. You are a new state of consciousness, and this state of consciousness does not have boundaries like a figure, like a form. It may only appear there as of Jesus, but it isn’t there. You have transfigured, you have found yourself as spiritual substance without corporeality. You’re not in any one place or in any one time, and yet you’re present, and yet all that is present is your Presence. You graduate from being a person, and you become aware that Spirit is a Universe. I am a Universe, not a person. I am Spirit. Spirit is not limited or confined. Spirit is Itself, and Itself is infinite. It is not only the Supreme. It is all that is, and that is why God is not a supreme being, but the only. Spirit and the Father are revealed as one.

Each of us then becomes aware that we are that One, joint heirs in that One. And now you’re a consciousness and not a form walking the earth that could be run over by an automobile or invaded by a virus. You’re the invisible consciousness of the universe, One with the universe by virtue of being One with the Spirit of God that is your being. And this is where omnipotence comes in. The power of the infinite Spirit moves through each of us who become joint heirs in Christ, doing its perfect work at all times, maintaining its perfect Being, which we are. Intellectually we can all understand this. Intellectually we can know, that even if we don’t understand the fullness of it, we can work at it to understand it. But Jesus did more than understand it intellectually. He became It. He dropped the belief in his own personal powers, his own personal mind, his own personal intelligence.

And this is not done through quotations, so that even the Bible Itself is but a way of lifting you higher into the real Bible. The real Bible is not a book bound with leather, with paragraphs and chapters. The real Bible is the Christ, the living Christ of Being is the living Bible. And until you become the living Bible, this Bible has not done the job in you that is required. I am the Son of the Living God, and when you become the living Bible, the living Spirit moving through you and all those in your spiritual household is the law of harmony in all things.

It should be clear that there is nothing in this that is beyond our capacities because we have no capacities other than the capacity of Spirit Itself. And if you will remain vigilant crossing out everything in your human consciousness that denies the fullness of your spiritual being, you will discover that you have turned home, you have made a stride far greater then most of the religions on the face of the earth. You are coming into the realization that One means I must be that One, or else there would be two. And whatever I do that is not the quality and the nature of that One must be a falseness that I must crucify. I learn to live as the One in the One, activated solely by the One, looking at all forms of discord with the knowledge that they are not of the One and are, therefore, illusory, powerless, non-existent, requiring nothing on my part to remove them or improve them. That is fidelity to your spiritual identity, and it is the Messiah.

Take these three words with you: I am Spirit, and besides Spirit, there is no other. And as you dwell with them, you will feel the birth of the real Self. You will understand that this is the message of the Bible. All of the passages I gave you before in that little list will wield a pattern of Truth, showing that Jesus traveled through the route of spiritual realization, releasing human selfhood, letting Spirit reveal Itself as the omnipresent Being on earth. Wherever forms appeared, Spirit actually was, and then said if you can let this realization become yours, this power of Spirit which I have revealed on earth will work through you. Either you believe on Him or you do not. And to believe on him is not to personalize the Jesus, but to personalize nothing in the realization that the Voice that spoke through Jesus was the Christ, the Christ which said, “I am in the midst of you. Come unto me, and I shall give thee rest.”

When I asked myself within how shall I live as Spirit, how shall I live in that which is, instead of that which is not? I received an unusual answer. I was told the 12 stones, the 12 foundation stones. And so I immediately went to Revelation where they are. And this will be the subject after our brief intermission..