To Infinite Way students everywhere, in the States and abroad, from Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, deepest greetings of Love, from the island of Kauai. Once more we meet, once more we share an opportunity to be one with the Father as a group and to learn from the Source, where we shall go, what we shall do, how we shall receive higher levels of our own true Being.

First I hope you can join with me in a statement of gratitude, to Lorraine Sinkler; I feel that all of us should turn to her and say, “Thank you Lorraine, for a job well done.” Through the years Lorraine has been and is a trusted editor of the Joel books, a trusted editor of his Monthly Letter, an outstanding teacher. She has been a source of inspiration to thousands of students all over the world, and I know that you join with me in saying to her, “Thank you for the job you are doing, and the job you have done, and the job you will do; you have our total genuine appreciation.”

Last April in Monterey the message of Divine flesh rang out loud and clear. Our transformation from human flesh that deteriorates and dies, to Divine flesh that lives under Divine eternal law, sprang forth like a bud in blossom. There were handshakes of joy, commitments, letters received from students all over the country saying, “I am with you all the way,” and since then we have all been living with the Monterey tapes and others, meeting individually with our Spirit and in groups and now we are ready—we are ready to witness the expansion of Consciousness that is necessary to nourish those blossoms into Divine fruit. We are ready for absolute Truth.

When Spirit speaks whether in a book or through your Soul, you have the pure gold tried in the fire. So when scripture tells you, your body is the temple of the living God, you are being given a priceless bit of information that should change your life. And we’re not going to be like the world, so self absorbed that it does not even read the Spiritual word of scripture. Your body is the “temple of the living God.” Now you know it is not speaking about your physical body is it? Then what body is it speaking about? It must be telling you about a Spiritual body, a non-physical body.

And when Paul tells you that “to be with God, you must be absent from your body,” is he not revealing the same thing, is he not saying there is another body, that you can be absent from this body in another body and in that other body you are present with God? Isn’t Paul revealing that every individual on this earth living in a human body is separated from the Source of eternal life? Must be if you have to be absent from the body to be with God. So we have four million, four billion people walking in bodies that Paul says are absent from God. Instead of being absent from the body they are absent from God.

And then look at Luke. When Luke tells you that Christ Jesus was born of a virgin, don’t we realize that he is speaking about another type of body; a body not under the limitations of time and space, age or human energy, disease, weather, material law? These three biblical statements are facets of one mystery that you and I have been brought together to face, to understand and to overcome.

If you are a dedicated Soul and thank heaven I know you are, who hungers and thirsts for the truth of God, we now have a sacred opportunity in our journey to Divine Sonship. We have been led by Spirit away from the world of effects. We have been led out of Babylon. Out of the confused creature existence that worships the human ego and lives in bondage to personal sense. We have elected to transcend human selfhood. To transcend human will. To transcend the human concept of body and life and to place our trust in the presence, the power, the will, the love, the substance of God within ourselves.

The goal we seek cannot be mined in the physical earth or in the physical body. It must be mined in the fire of Spirit. The fulfillment we seek, the salvation we seek, the survival we seek does not lie within our mortal body. So if we have come to this special series of classes seeking only the gold that is tried in the fire of Divine love, be sure Spirit will read your heart and the glories of heaven will be revealed unto you not 30, not 60 but 100 fold. To the son of God nothing is lacking for, “it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Your function, my function, is to be that son of God; not a dying temporary creature of human flesh. And our function individually and collectively as a group, is to learn from the Source how to surrender every human concept to our own Divinity. To exchange dying human flesh for living Divine flesh. To walk boldly through the material darkness guided by our own Spiritual light. To set Sonship with Source as the only acceptable goal and then to draw every breath of life, every action, every thought through the focus of that single minded purpose, knowing that the perfect path already is established.

For your Spiritual rebirth on this earth is already a fact and in that realization of it, together we will discover that our earth is transformed literally into the Heaven of God. We are walking through the fire of the earth by living in the fire of the Spirit. And we have only one guide – the will of God is our leader whether it appears through Christ Jesus, Christ Joel, or through the Christ of your own being, the will of God is your leader. The will of God is that you be transformed. There is no way to avoid that—the will of God is that you be transformed into the realization of the perfection that you are. That you may be perfect as your Father.

None of us in our visible corporeal sense is perfect and our transformation then will be from the imperfect human to the perfect immortal. The perfect Divine Self, the perfect Spiritual Being. The will of the world is that you remain in a mortal body until you die. Never mistake that. The will mind wills that you die. And this is the conflict that lives within each human being—the will of God that you transform; and the will of the world mind that you die.

And many so-called high initiates have often come on the reefs of disaster because they have been unaware of this conflict within themselves and they have fallen prey to separation from their own Divinity. We see it in high initiates in the bible. I think that Peter is a very outstanding example of the unconscious separation from God, that is part of the human heritage.

Peter loved Jesus. We know that he would have gladly followed Jesus anywhere even to death. We also know that Jesus was identified by Peter as Christ, the Son of the living God. And when it happened very strangely the Master was not content to leave Peter in the divided consciousness that speaks truth with its lips but does not follow through with its heart.

So Jesus charged his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus, the Christ. You say why? And the answer is, because they had not yet perceived the full scope and nature of what Christhood really means. And you can see the extent of their ignorance almost immediately after Peter declares that “Thou art the Christ,” in the 16th chapter of John starting in verse 21. Immediately after that incident Matthew tells us, “From that time forth began Jesus to show unto his disciples how he must go unto Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed and be raised again the third day.” Then Peter took him and began to rebuke him saying, “Be it far from thee Lord, this shall not be unto thee.” Out of love, Peter, would use his own body to shield his beloved Master from the authorities. He would be a personal body guard for the safety of Jesus and anyone, anyone who dared to lay a hand on Jesus would have to answer to the big fisherman. What did Jesus think about this? Did this devotion warm his heart? Did he feel a deep glow of gratitude for this touching display of loyalty? Uh, uh, he did not! Instead Jesus turned and directly to Peter he said, “Get thee behind me, Satan, thou art an offense unto me, for thou savorest not the things that be of God, but those that are of men.

I guess Peter must have been quite shocked. Here was this extraordinary outburst from the man he loved. The other disciples must have been equally shocked to see Peter rebuked for wanting to protect the master. And I think the most amazing of all, even more amazing than the surprise of the disciples, is that teachers of the bible for 2000 years have walked passed this episode. They simply haven’t bothered to explain it. They are completely unaware of the earth shaking revelation hidden in the inspired words of Jesus the Christ. Love had spoken direct from God to man and what Peter missed then what mankind misses now was given to the world by Paul when he declared “God does not dwell in temples made with hands.” In that one staggering sentence he caught the truth that has evaded the human race from the beginning of time to the end of the 20th century. “God does not dwell in temples made with hands.” Be still with that a moment—please, “God does not dwell in temples made with hands.” In bodies made of human flesh. The Father within you is not within your human body but in that other body, the temple which is the temple of the living God.

And what is the big secret Paul is giving us? It is this: the incorporeality of Jesus Christ was not known by his own disciples. And it has not been realized by world religions or by science—the secret of incorporeality had been revealed to Hebrew prophets: to Moses, Solomon, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel. It was revealed to Krishna and Gautama the Buddha. For truly every master knows his own incorporeality. But always the truth that we do not hear, the truth that is not spoken directly to our human mind is too explosive to reveal to corporeal sense. And always the idea of living in a body not created by the physical union of man and woman has been beyond the realm of human understanding.

And Peter in his innocence that Christ does not live in a body “a temple made with hands,” but lives in his timeless, ageless, deathless, incorporeal body of Divine flesh, in his ignorance of this, Peter wanted to protect Jesus from pain, from suffering, from death and for this act of devotion Jesus rebuked him. Oh, no, not because Jesus was unappreciative, but because the time had come to drop into human consciousness that there is another body, a temple made not with hands, a body that can never be destroyed and which never needs human protection.

Hold the silence! Feel the presence of that body revealed by the words of Paul.

Now why did we have to learn through Peter that Jesus is the Christ? And why did we have to learn through Christ that he lived in an incorporeal body that can never be destroyed? There’s only one answer. Because we also have such a remarkable indestructible, eternal body of Spirit. The same Spiritual body of Jesus is the body of you and the body of me; the body of the human race.

There we have the message taught by Jesus Christ. And it is the Divine function of The Infinite Way in this century, to teach every dedicated Soul how to find this incorporeal body and how to live in it free from world karma, free from lack, free from limitation, free from the threat of catastrophes, from sickness, from war, from nuclear missiles, from old age, free finally from the deception of death, the final enemy.

You might say that is a glorious purpose but are we fooling ourselves. It this a pipe dream? Are we being trapped by another shinning promise, or, are we making a breakthrough that can liberate ourselves and those who follow us from bodies of clay that are enslaved by world ignorance? “By their deeds ye shall know them,” and within range of my voice there are hundreds of students who already have experienced a measure of the miracle of their own incorporeal body. Perhaps you are one of them?

When a young man falls four stories from the roof of a condominium and walks away from that accident alive and relatively un-bruised, you can be certain that the three Infinite Way students who immediately took him into Consciousness, discovered his deathless incorporeal body outside of world thought and they lived in that truth until Spirit released him whole, completely unharmed.

By their deeds ye shall know them.” And when another student was faced with immediate surgery with an internal malignancy or certain death and said to herself, “How can this be if I am the child of God?” and then boldly she walked out of the surgeon’s office without an operation. Again, you may be sure that she, her friend who worked with her in Spirit, and the practitioner, in the deep Silence of Divine Peace found her incorporeality and within two months when she returned to the surgeon for a check up he discovered the malignancy had vanished. “I really have no idea how this could have happened,” he said, and his patient turned to him and replied, “but I do.” You see she had realized her own incorporeal body and I know some of you right now are saying, “So have I,” because you have. The marvelous truth is that in all Spiritual healings, recovery comes from the conscious or unconscious discovery of the One incorporeal body of infinite Spirit which is perfect as the Father. And if you follow Jesus through the Holy Land you will see the application of this potent principle liberating the unillumined who are held captive in a corporeal sense of body. As the Silence envelopes us, it says enter now into your Secret Place and behind and above your thinking mind, let your Soul find you.

Questions: Are you corporeal or are you incorporeal? Are you flesh or are you Spirit? Are you temporary, born of the flesh or are you the Eternal child of God; never born, never dying? Question: is your Spiritual self a reality? Where is it? God is all, God is not corporeal, God is present and God is not corporeal. Is corporeality presence if God is all? If God is present then is your corporeality present?

Outside the capacity of your five senses God is now, present, right here. Inside your five senses corporeality appears. Inside your fives senses God cannot appear because God is incorporeal and imperceptible to your senses. Inside the five senses of man only Jesus could appear as corporeal man; but outside the five senses of man the eternal, incorporeal Christ, is present here now and always. There was no corporeal Jesus. The incorporeal Christ said so; where Jesus appeared incorporeal Christ stood. Where you appear, is there really a corporeal form or does the incorporeal Christ stand where you seem to be?

Your demonstration of Sonship, your transition, your salvation, your fulfillment, your survival, depends on your realization of two factors. First, that the incorporeal Christ-self of you is your permanent and only Self; that where your corporeal sense of body and life appear to be, your incorporeal Christ is; and second, only by practicing the Presence of your incorporeal Self and learning to live in it daily, can the light of Christ lift you out of dying flesh into Divine flesh; that is eternal, that is perfect as God your incorporeal Source.

The repetition must be made now if you are not practicing daily the Presence of your incorporeal Self, you are remaining in constant separation from the Grace of God and from your own Eternal life. The pendulum is always swinging between corporeality and incorporeality. Choose one, the wrong one, and you remain in the mortal illusion, choose the other, the right one, and the Kingdom of heaven on earth becomes your habitation. You cannot be both Spirit and flesh. You cannot be both Spirit and corporeality and because you are incorporeal Spirit, the material illusion must bring you suffering until you awaken, until you refuse to live in the imitation corporeal life and body and turn to your real incorporeal Self.

In his rebuke to Peter, Jesus was ripping away the corporeal veil which contains the effects of duality such as: war, poverty, pollution, hunger, disease, all that; to reveal incorporeal man as your only identity here and now, and the ever-present incorporeal universe as the finished kingdom of God in which the Son of God, your only self, now lives forever under Grace; while the corporeal creature which you think you are or once thought you were, continues in the dream of a struggling life stream sandwiched between the illusions of birth and death.

We have now the secret of life to flow with the will of God and because God’s will is no longer a mystery we may confidently release ourselves to the will which has been expressed to us and that will is for you to transform—transformation through the renewing of your mind by your Soul; transformation from the corporeal illusion that suffers and dies, into the incorporeal Self that already has overcome this world.

Again the will of God says, “My kingdom is not of this world,” but, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God,” and then it says to us, “flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of God,” but seek it; and therefore we are told; do not seek the kingdom as flesh and blood but rather, seek ye first the incorporeal kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you.

Do you doubt any of this? Can we turn from this expressed will of the Father; can we say, “But I want to cling to corporeality, I want to cling to the concepts which are so beautiful in this world so dear to me so cherished, so close?” Or, can we accept the expressed will of God to flow with that will, to step out of the cosmic mind which is presenting corporeality to mankind, can we do that? Is this not the way that we overcome the sense of a body that needs protection against advancing age, natural disasters, germs, violence, inhumanity and the entire inventory of corporeal illusions that surrounds us?

The inner voice whether you hear it or not is saying to you, “I am your Self and you are incorporeal Being. You are the Soul of God; you are the Spirit of God; you are the incorporeal Christ of God, right here and right now.” Your salvation lies in your own hands by knowing the truth and when the bible teaches you that Christ is the identity of Jesus, it is teaching that there is no corporeal Jesus only the incorporeal Christ. And only the incorporeal Christ is standing there but that is not all, the incorporeality of Christ seen by human eyes as the corporeal Jesus, is part of an even larger secret, and that secret is, that all corporeality to God is an illusion and that incorporeality is the hidden identity of every man, woman and child who has ever walked this earth.

Be ye transformed from corporeality to incorporeality because God is no respecter of corporeality. This is the Divine will ignored by man and by the teachers of man and Spirit is bringing this universal error to our attention right this moment. By worshipping Jesus instead of the incorporeal Christ, religion has driven a wedge between God and man encouraging corporeal man to worship his external God. It cannot be done, it is impossible. No human being has the capacity to worship God. “Have ye that mind which was in Christ Jesus.” You are the incorporeal Christ. How could you have the Christ mind if you are not the Christ? How can you be the imagine and likeness of God and be a dying form at the same time? How can you be standing on Holy Ground if you are not holy your self? Your original Spiritual substance has never changed, for many life spans you have wandered through the corporeal dream seeking God and denying your own Reality; seeking wisdom and Divine guidance, unaware that your own incorporeal Christhood contains everything you seek and more. Now the instance you awaken from the dream of corporeal flesh the Christ who gives us light is seen as our own incorporeal Self which is made in the image and likeness of God and we are free of the illusion of dying flesh forever.

Fortunate we are that Christ did not rebuke Peter and let the matter drop right there. When Peter recognized Christ where Jesus stood, it was Christ who then replied, “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it,” on the Rock of Christ, ah, but Christ is incorporeal not corporeal. And it is upon the rock of incorporeality that we stand secure against the gates of hell, which are really the jaws of the world mind ever seeking to consume our false corporeality. The incorporeality of Christ who has overcome the world, still dwells among us. And is still saying to the Soul of every man, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Once more the will of God is saying, “follow Christ, you must reject the dream of corporeal flesh, accept incorporeal Spirit as your reality now, and this is the key to your Father’s perfect kingdom on earth as in heaven.”

Your move from corporeality to incorporeality turns earth into heaven, you cannot be both. And any individual living in a corporeal sense of life whether he be good or evil, moral or immoral is violating the will of God and separating himself or herself from the will, life, power, law, harmony, and Grace of the only creator. Relentlessly, to be sure that you hear the truth, Christ continues, “Whosoever will save his life will lose it, whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” In other words, whoever lays downs the sense of corporeality for his own incorporeal Christ Self, will find his own perfect Divine Self. And this is the will of God, unmistakably.

Your obedience to it opens the unlimited resources of your Soul. “For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own Soul, for what shall a man give in exchange for his Soul for the son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels and then he shall reward every man according to his works, verily I say unto you there be some standing here which shall not taste of death till they see the son of man coming in his kingdom.

Six days later Jesus revealed the greatest secret ever disclosed on this earth on the Mount of Transfiguration he showed three disciples that he did not live inside a finite human form. To their astonishment he revealed his incorporeal body which had no human boundaries he was saying to the world, “this is your body, live now in your infinite body of Spirit and for you the gates of heaven on earth will roll open to welcome you into the Kingdom of perfection here and now.”

Your own incorporeal Self is the way, The Infinite Way, the truth and the life and only in that Self can you fulfill the will of God your eternal Father and be as perfect as your Father wills you to be.

My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, give I unto you,” for the peace that passeth the understanding of the human mind comes only to the one who lives as a living Soul. “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall inherit the earth,” and it is now time for every truly dedicated student of The Infinite Way to inherit the earth, to step apart from the world mind to incorporealize your environment; to incorporealize your child, your mother and father and brother and sister. To incorporealize your neighbor; to incorporealize your husband and wife; to incorporealize the human race. To accept the incorporeal Christ identity of mankind and daily to live in that acceptance and to demonstrate it by living works.

We are going to enter our own incorporeality very frequently during this series of tapes and in between all tapes you will be entering your incorporeality and releasing it into visible manifestation in this world. And through it you will be releasing the will and power of the Father wherever man walks.

On the other side of this tape we will go into a further discussion an expansion of our own incorporeality. And also, I have been instructed to set up a meditation group for all who walk this path in the United States and abroad, and the time will be 7:00 PM, California time and the subject will be given to you on the other side of the tape. But in order to prepare for the subject you must develop this capacity to do what we did at the beginning of this first side of the tape. We stepped out of the shadow into the Substance. Out of the form into Life. Out of the finite body into an acceptance and then an awareness of the infinite Essence of our own incorporeal Self; into our everywhereness.

And you will learn to establish it so well that you will not only apply it in the meditations that we will develop on the other side of this class but you will apply it to your life and you will see incredible results.

Let us hold the Consciousness. Let us thank the eternal Father for individualizing as our own incorporeal Self which is undivided from Source forever. Let us rest in this Indivisibility knowing I and my Source are one. I and the Father are the one incorporeal Self without division, and the power of one undivided Consciousness will lift you out of the mental realm up into the higher dimensions of Soul, Spirit and Christ; where Christ within becomes the expression of the Holly Ghost enforcing the perfect will of the perfect Father.

We thank the Father for this class; we thank the Father for bringing together those who dwell in the gold of the Father’s wisdom. We thank all who serve the Spirit; we thank all Infinite Way teachers, we thank all Infinite Way tape leaders, we thank all teachers in all movements throughout the universe; who dig deep into the mind of Spirit for the truth they bring forth. And we thank all those who walk the path of Spirit with one thought: to find the universal love of the Self which binds men with the understanding that prevents the follies and futilities that this world has witnessed through lack of its own Spiritual center.

We offer a universal thanks to the universal Father and together in oneness we walk onward and upward, to higher dimensions of our own Being, guided by the will, the love, the Grace, the wisdom, the omniscience of the omnipresent One which we acknowledge as our infinite Self. We stand still before the infinite One.


Let the Father speak to your Soul as it receives the Bread of Life.

One Self, One Eternal Being, without opposite – forever. I AM That I AM, and my fidelity to this Truth is the key to the Kingdom.

Blessings, blessings, blessings – eternally.

——- End of Side One ——-

The 1983 seminar in Orlando, Florida will take place on April seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven. The original dates given were April nine to thirteen, and that is incorrect. The correct dates for the Orlando seminar in 1983 are April 7 to April 11 – that’s the Thursday night, April 7, immediately after Easter Sunday, which takes place next year on April 3rd. And so please make that correction on your calendar and be assured that when you receive your invitation in about two or three months, the dates will be correct – April 7 to April 11, 1983 in Orlando, and of course we are looking forward to seeing you there and sharing a very special experience.

Now I know that there are floods and avalanches and storms all over the country, and that many of you are applying the knowledge that you developed and the capacity that you developed throughout the years that we have worked together. I’m thinking particularly of seventy-nine when we worked on weather – weather control, weather awareness – and I’m thinking of those of you who have done so nobly on volcanoes up in Oregon. You should know by now that we are not helpless against weather. You may recall Joel’s superb record on the Hawaiian Islands, that during the ten years of his habitation here, there was not one destructive tidal wave in the sense of taking human life. I’ve received only moderate feedback so far from the savage floods and storms that everybody seems to be experiencing across the country right now. One individual in northern California told me that the destruction of homes on his hill is immense and said thanks to his Infinite Way understanding, his home was relatively untouched. Check back to your 1979 “Mystical Tapes” when we really had some beautiful group meditations, and be prepared Spiritually for any natural disaster that the cosmic mind wants to throw at you. You are not helpless, and I know I need not tell that to many of you.

We have our goal rather and specific, defined by the Spirit. We are shaking off the dust of corporeal existence. We are awakening from a hypnosis that has enslaved mankind for centuries. We are following instructions given by Spirit, and we are entering our own incorporeal Self which dwells in the Kingdom, right here, right now, and which is as perfect as God. We’re walking out of the twoness of mortality into the oneness of Immortality now, for we trust our Father, who has said to us, “Flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of God, but it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom if you believe that the incorporeal Christ is in the midst of you and is My Son.” Do you believe the incorporeal Christ in the midst of you is the Son of God, that It is you? Our faith in God and in the expressed instructions of God give us the courage and wisdom and the joy to respond to the love of God by entering a sacred Silence where the Spirit may sanctify our Soul with the power of the Holy Ghost moving invisibly on the waters of Divine Peace.

Beyond your thinking mind now, beyond the mind of the world, beyond the activity of a human brain, let Divine thought bring you the sweetness of inner peace until a Presence is felt, a silent understanding is born, a feeling takes form in words unspoken. On the threshold of your virgin Consciousness, your own inner Identity comes into your awakened Soul. You can feel, know, experience I, and that I is the I of you which says, “I AM, and God is everywhere. II am your everywhere Self, and I am the only savior you need. I am real. I am always here. I am always in the NOW. The moment you step out of time, out of corporeality, here I am. Through every prophet, I have spoken, and now to your Soul, I speak, for whoever knows ME as the incorporeal Self of mankind, also know My Father, for I am the incorporeal Son of the ever loving, every present, ever perfect incorporeal God. Do you feel My Presence? Do you hear Me? . . . For I am you and whatever I am, you are. I am the incorporeal Christ, and I speak again and again to the Soul of man throughout the world. Some hear, and some do not. I always seek to enter your Soul Consciousness to teach you how to live NOW, here in the finished Kingdom of God; how to walk without making footprints in the sands of time; how to overcome the cosmic concepts of a human body that ages, of human heartbeats that fail. Ever I am lifting you from the corporeal illusion into the blessed realm of Selfhood as the eternal Son, which you always are, always have been, always will be.

Now, you need patience, you need trust. You need to know that in your Spiritual Identity you exist everywhere. That is not known by your senses, but everywhere with infinite Spirit, you are – without blemish, without a trace even of a human past, for that existed only in the dream of the cosmic shadow called world mind. Learn to trust I, your everywhere Self, always present, always free, always unblemished, always the only you. In this trust, I will come to you. I will be your power and your life. I will teach you how to see with incorporeal eyes, how to hear with incorporeal ears, and I will teach you how to transfigure. I will show you the Life that never dies. I will bring you into Oneness with perfect Reality – all around you, though it seems to be to man, to be the past, the present, and the future, I will show you the forever, perfect NOW.

But that is not all. Remember that even as I leave your consciousness, you never leave mine. Again and again I will return to you, blending with you until you have the confidence to know that I am always present, even when you do not feel my Presence, and then let your senses release their finite, temporary, mortal belief in form. Your confidence will increase, and you will find that the words of the Father always have power, until your own capacity to relax in those words, in your everywhere Spirit, which is incorporeal, will enable you to let the grave clothes of corporeality dissolve into the mist of a forgotten dream.

We are resting now, contemplating our true Identity. You are the Light. The Father says so. But you are not a fraction. You are the Light of the world. Your Light is everywhere behind what is seemingly the world. Open your consciousness now to this essential Truth, and within your Self gently speak the words that you must learn to trust every single day, every single hour, every single minute of every moment that you continue to walk in a corporeal appearance. These are the words:

I am the Light of God. I am the everywhere Light of the world. I am not finite form, nor do I exist inside finite form. The Light of my Spirit is the substance of the Kingdom of God here and now. I am that incorporeal Light, the Light that ever was, that ever will be. This everywhere Light, which I acknowledge to be my Divine Selfhood here and now is the transforming substance that takes corporeal me out of dying flesh into the permanent eternal perfect image and likeness of my Father, into Divine flesh that can never die. This Divine substance, this Divine Light of my incorporeal Self is the nectar of the Gods. It is the living Word that expresses and manifests the perfect will of God always invisibly present waiting to be released into visible form; and in that perfect will is contained my harmony, my fulfillment, my peace, my joy, my love, my integrity, my cooperation, my service, my understanding, my health, my purity, my sharing – all this is now in my true Identity, and as I rest in It I am cleansed of karmic debts. I am prevented from building new karma. I am guided past the tempting illusions of corporeality. I am now awake in Self witnessing invisible Reality, where every need already is met without asking. I rest in the finished Kingdom of my own incorporeal Self – the Light of the world – and though I see them not with human eyes, the treasures of my eternal Life are flowing forth in the rhythm of God, glorifying the perfection of the Father in all things. I rest. One infinite Consciousness knows Reality. In my incorporeal substance, I am now One with my eternal Source, which is All, which knows All, which maintains that Allness beyond the power of this world to interfere.

All this is permanent Truth, always available. This will be come permanent Consciousness as we practice. This advanced level of our work is being given now for all Infinite Way students who have carefully applied Infinite Way principles to their daily life, and who have found it within their power to make a commitment to living in Spirit, through Spirit, as Spirit. To these dedicated Souls, obstacles are always opportunities – opportunities to know Identity and to watch the obstacles of non-identity dissolve in this Soul Consciousness.

We know now that the path must always get narrower before it gets wider, and we are prepared to face every situation from the focus of Identity and never to be drawn out into non-identify. In order to break corporeal hypnosis, we must put forth a faith that passes understanding if we are to attain the blessed peace that also passes understanding, and it is for these disciples of Divine wisdom that Spirit is now bestowing the goal – tried in the fire. Absolutely nothing is being withheld, and Spirit is saying to you:

You have paid the price. You have sought the Kingdom faithfully, and now your own incorporeality – your own incorporeality – is revealed to you as the key to paradise. Please use that key wisely. Treasure it forever. Do not put it in a drawer of your mind and then forget it, and never assume that the key can turn the lock by itself. It needs your active, conscious cooperation. Abide in Me, and I in thee, and you will bear fruit richly.”

Before you experience your incorporeal body walking on water, before you witness the perfect incorporeality of mankind, you will have to incorporealize your environment, your job, your family, your government, your daily activities through the discipline of your mind. You cannot be both corporeal and incorporeal. You cannot use your corporeal will and live incorporeally at the same time. Get that. You cannot use your corporeal will and live incorporeally at the same time. You must have a total discipline of your corporeal sense and its relationship with the world, and this is attained by living in your Identity, which enables you to find Truth and to maintain it in consciousness in the face of all the sense evidence to the contrary – prayerful silence in the midst of both the storm and the sunshine. You’ll find that you’ll be following the Master, who was always in a state of prayerful silence. Frequently – these periods of Identity cannot be overstressed. The secret of your own harmony and your healing power is your constant ability to remain in the perfect NOW, which is unconditioned, instead of being trapped into passing moments of forbidden fruit – or material images.

We think of Jesus often as praying before healing physical victims, but he was always praying before and after. He would pray right after a healing. One day after sunset, after rebuking unclean spirits and releasing the mother of Simon’s wife from a fever, and then healing an assortment of other diseases, we’re told in Mark that, “in the morning rising up, a great while before day, he went out and departed into a solitary place and there prayed.” At another time, after multiplying loaves and fishes for about 500 – 5,000 actually – 5,000 people, Jesus sent his disciples away and “he himself departed into a mountain to pray.”

You see, constantly, before and after his might works, he was taking nourishment from his incorporeal Self, which is one with God, and he was prodding his disciples to follow his example. You would always hear him say, “Come ye yourselves apart into a desert. Rest a while.” He would always counsel them, and then we know now that the desert place was not a geographical place. It was the symbol of the secret knowledge of Divine Selfhood, where material thought does not exist, and where material powers are nothingness.

So if you’ve been waiting for Spirit to guide you in your major life decisions, please now put into practice the principle of Incorporeality. It goes together with Grace. Instead of waiting for God to show you if you should change jobs or mates or cities or whatever you think you want to change, try to rise above the temptation to accept the problem as the world mind is presenting it to you. Come up higher. Come up to the finished Kingdom of your own Incorporeality, where there is eternal harmony, where there is no human thought to confuse or to distract you from the will of the Father, and rest in your Incorporeality, outside your sense of body, outside the belief in bodies anywhere in the world, in the incorporeality of the universe, in the incorporeality of mankind – rest there. And when the inner release comes, and you know there are no bodies anywhere – only one universal Divine Self, which is incorporeal – in that illuminated moment, your Divine Self will perform the miracle that no human thought can do.

I, your incorporeal Christ-Self, I give unto you the power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all power of the enemy; and nothing – nothing shall by any means hurt you. Did we remember that through the storms and the floods? Were we in the Identity which knew this to be the Truth? I, your incorporeal Christ-Self, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh into the Father. Only through your incorporeal Christ-Self can you release Divine Grace into visible manifestation. I, your incorporeal Christ-Self, I am he that liveth and was dead. Behold, I am alive forever more, and I have the keys of hell and of death.

Today, the power of those inspired words is as great as ever – as great as when the disciples heard them 2,000 years ago, but these words must be Spiritually understood. The speaker is I Christ within you, but there’s only one Christ. That Christ is never in your human body. The Christ of Jesus must be the very same Christ of you and of everyone, for that Christ is universal, incorporeal, and it really says, “The universal, incorporeal Self of you is alive forever more, and it has the keys of hell and of heaven, for I, the Christ of you am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I give unto you all power over the enemy.” And that enemy is the world mind, which creates the illusion of the flood, the fire, the storm, the avalanche, and of all the suffering endured by corporeal, mortal man.

Now let’s put it to work. In October of 1980, in the Self Surrender series, many of us meditated for the American hostages held captive in Iran. We meditated in a different way – not with the idea of getting the hostages back to the United States. Instead we went into the finished Kingdom of Reality, knowing that here in the finished Kingdom of God, of living Spirit, there are no hostages – that no hostages have ever been captured in the Kingdom of God, and that nothing is here but the Kingdom of God. There are no mortals in this Kingdom, no hostages – only the one, infinite Son of God, and in our quiet we saw the Truth of one God, one Life. Simultaneously we realized the illusion of the entire hostage picture. What we may not have realized is that we were then accepting our own incorporeality, and the incorporeality of the hostages, and the incorporeality of their Iranian captors; and during these daily meditations together, we lived outside the concept of human body, outside corporeality. We lived in the Kingdom of Incorporeality, and, lo and behold, within two months – after a stalemate of over one year – the deadlock was broken. The boys were on their way home.

Something was learned during that series of meditations, and what we learned is that the return of the so-called 52 hostages was merely the Spiritual Truth of no hostages, no corporeality realized in [conscious] consciousness now readjusting the visible world to conform to the invisible Truth. We had no hostages to bring back. We simply knew the Truth, and the Truth expressed as freedom. The Truth was the incorporeality of man and the universe and the power of that principle never varies.

Now we have the Polish crisis. To our visible eye, freedom is being stifled, blood is being shed, nations are taking sides in other trouble areas appearing in the world, revealing that corporeal man always seeks to dominate corporeal man, and that the strong always oppress the weak; and always the only solution sought is material power, but we have a function now. During the next two months, we have an opportunity to apply our principle of incorporeality to the Polish crisis. So I want to join with you every night in knowing the spiritual Truth about the Polish situation. Let’s set 7 pm as our time – California time 7 pm – and I’m selecting that because it seems best for everybody. That would be, I think, 8 pm in Texas and New Mexico, judging from 7 pm in California. That would be 9 pm in Chicago, 10 pm in Florida, and I think, also, that would be possibly 11 pm on the eastern coastline. And then we here in Hawaii would join with others around the world – in England, Thailand, or wherever there is a student listening to this message – we’d be at 5 pm, and countries outside the States would tune in to 7 pm California time to make their, to set their time, so that we are all on one uniform time. And you see that gives 7 pm as a, sort of a basic time that doesn’t keep New York and Florida up ‘till 4 am in the morning and gives everyone a good spread so that we can all be in unison and yet awake, alive, not so tired that we cannot enter the fullness of Being. So I’ll expect each of you to check your area time against 7 pm California time, and let that be our norm.

Now, the first part of our meditation at 7 pm California time will be your own Incorporeality because without it, you have nothing to offer. When you realize that your Life and your Divine Selfhood are not encased in corporeal form, then you’re prepared to expand your knowledge to the Polish picture; so that’s our beginning. You are Incorporeal, and we’ll have to enter a meditation now in order to run through what we are going to do for two months.

We are quiet. Your Consciousness should be telling you:

I, Divine Self, I do not live in human body of flesh. I am everywhere. You must feel this.

You must let yourself extend to your everywhereness, wherever God is.

I am one with God. I am the incorporeal essence of God. I am the Light that always shines, the eternal Substance that is undivided, the infinite Substance of Life, which is God Itself. This Substance, I am; and there is no other Life or Substance in the Kingdom of Reality.

You must establish the basic Truth that you are not in a finite, physical form. You are Spirit without opposite. You are the everywhereness of Spirit, which is undivided. This is your Divine Self now and forever. No other self exists, and when that realization comes to you, you are prepared to expand your realization to the Polish crisis. It may take 10 minutes, 15 minutes, but if you practice during the day, you will find that when you come to the 7 pm meditation – maybe 8 pm your time, or 9 or 10 or 11 – when you come to that meditation, you will have an easier accessibility to your own Divine Selfhood.

We’ll assume that you have spent this time to reach this inner realization, that you’ve put in during this meditation your 10 or 15 or even 20 minutes of realization of Self, and now It is flowing. You’re not in human thought. The senses are not magnetized to the world. You feel the Substance of Being. Now, the second part of the meditation: Banish everything you know and read or hear about Poland. Banish it!

God is not seeing the mortal dream. What is the spiritual Truth about Poland? What is the incorporeal Truth about Poland? In this second phase your meditation now extends the Truth of your own Self to the Polish people. There are no human bodies in Poland. Only the Spirit of God is there. That Spirit is indivisible, and, therefore, It is the very same Spirit that you are. It is your everywhere Spirit, and your everywhere Spirit is where man sees a physical Poland. Are you the everywhere Spirit? Can Spirit be divided? Does Spirit have an opposite? Live in this Truth, for the Truth you live by will manifest as freedom. Only your Spirit – the Spirit of God – is where Poland seems to be, and in the deepest silence, let this Truth liberate you from the world picture.

I am the living Light where the world sees Poland – there is no other. When Spirit registers this awareness within you, it’s like a light shines on. It’s like a voice says, “It is done. It is finished.” There is an inner realization, a glorious feeling of, “Yes, it is so.” Oh, and you can count on that inner realization when it comes. Wait for it. Be patient. If it comes, and when it comes, and only then, let it simmer on the burner of your Consciousness. Sit there and sip it, and then slowly extend your realization to Russia.

Is the illusion of a corporeal body any different there? Is there a corporeal substance in Russia if you are the everywhere Spirit without opposite? Is your Self absent, or are you still everywhere? Can your Spirit here be divided from your Spirit in Poland or in Russia? No, it cannot. You are living now in the finished Kingdom of Spirit everywhere, where only the image and likeness of God is. You are living in the incorporeal universe which exists without opposite, where man sees a corporeal Poland and a corporeal Russia. You have turned the government of the invisible universe over to God by removing all division, and “the Father who seeth in secret will reward thee openly.”

What will happen in Poland? What will happen in Russia? Humanly we could speculate, but that would be trap. It would bring us right back into a human thought and out of Spiritual Truth and out of Spiritual power. Much wiser to let the Holy Ghost released by your realization make its own invisible adjustments from the inner-most sanctuary of Truth.

Seven pm California time every night, there will be from two to three hundred students entering this experience with you, all knowing the one Self. Possibly one-half hour can cover the entire meditation, the various steps of it, and if you feel the power and purity of Truth within you, stay a bit longer within ‘cause some of us will remain for at least 45 minutes, even an hour; and the double purpose of this series of meditations is that while your physical sense of body is sitting in a room, your incorporeal Self will roam the world mind dissolving its pictures from Warsaw to Moscow, and will reveal to you why God says, “The glory I had with you before the world was, is still mine.” Don’t anticipate what will happen. Do it. Let the Father reveal the will of the Father in you.

Now this principle – this very same principle applying to Poland and Russia – can be and should be practiced on all levels of your life – business, family, art science, emotions, community, classroom, what have you. The ingredients are always identical – incorporeal Truth, the honesty to not try to turn the Truth to personal advantage, or to influence the Truth in any preconceived human direction.

We are breaking the barriers of sense, moving only in the will of God; and the adventure of sharing this Infinite Way with you is beyond words, beyond thoughts.

From Incorporeal Self to Incorporeal Self, Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, Love in the highest, Grace be with you during the Eternal New Year.

Herb: From Spirit to Spirit, Soul to Soul, Self to Self, greetings of love from the island of Maui.

I hope you had a glorious Easter and want to thank you for the many beautiful letters that I have received from you, and some telephone calls, sharing the unfoldments that have occurred within you during the past two months. This has now become a very exciting inner pilgrimage, and the experiences recounted to me indicate that we are moving toward our destination. It is not only encouraging, but one can feel that we have passed the stage of just words. There is tissue, there is strength, something is happening, and you know it, and I know it.

We have news about the seminar next year. It’s going to take place on the island of Kauai, known as the Garden Island, and it’s going to begin on a Thursday evening, March 23rd, which is Maundy Thursday, continues on Good Friday which is March 24th, through Sunday March 26th, through Monday, and finally after five nights and five days, ends on the morning of March 28th. So that’s March 23rd to March 28th, a total of ten classes over those five days.

We feel very fortunate in the seminar site that has been discovered. It’s a relatively new project and it overlooks Hanalei Bay on the island of Kauai, and it’s called Princeville at Hanalei. And it is right there some of the scenes in South Pacific were filmed for the movie if you recall. Also, the accommodations are really superb, and I’m quite sure that when you receive your announcements in early July that you will be very, very pleased with all of the arrangements that have been made. As a matter of fact, that area is so lush, so beautiful, and the air and, oh, everything about it, it’s so beyond description that I feel many of you will never want to go home again. So look for your announcements, invitations in July, just about after the 4th.

We have been moving on an inner journey which ends in Sonship realized, which is really a new beginning. That is the beginning of living in Infinity, and on this journey we have only one adversary, and that is the universal belief that God and man are two separate beings. The Hindus have the word Maya. And in its broader sense, Maya tells us that this world is a veil of illusion, and that illusion covers the hidden universe, the hidden universe of perfect Spirit. We are moving to that hidden universe. Moses only referred to a phase of Maya when he called the veil, the ‘Mist.’ And it was Jesus who pierced that veil and taught us how to awaken from the dream of a life that dies. There is no such thing. He taught us how to live in our Self, not in bodies, not in tombs of flesh. And his exceptional demonstrations were so advanced that even today what he taught makes us gasp with unbelief. We can hardly believe it, we can hardly accept it. It is above us, beyond our possibility of attainment. We never even associate the attainment of that demonstration that he made with our own selves.

But that is the transition in Consciousness through which we are all walking today. We are following the Master within, the Master who teaches us to worship Life not death, the Master who furnishes us with an infallible guide to eternal life under Grace, the Master who lights an invisible pathway to the Kingdom of perfection surrounding us all now. Literally, we have been given the keys to the Kingdom. And that is the Kingdom of Power, of Peace, of Plenty, of Love, of Joy that never fades, Peace that never ends, in bodies of Spirit that never age and that never need repair. We are never going to face an energy crisis in Sonship.

Up to a certain point, our minds have been too conditioned to recognize ideas that have been presented in a unique way. In fact, too often in our search we look to the words of scripture, we think the words will open our eyes, and we overlook the vital roles that pictures play in the Christ message. Can you think of a million words that could say more than the empty grave of Jesus? There in one symbol that is unforgettable, without words we learn the mystery of life, and there we find the climax of three years of teaching, demonstrating that Life is not contained in human form. That is a teaching beyond words. It’s a teaching that no human being could ever give us. It didn’t come from a man, it came from the Infinite Consciousness which alone can demonstrate the nonexistence of form and of death.

Think for a moment: How can you place the life of God in a grave? Is there another Life? Are you the Son of God, or are you the son of a carpenter? Are you the life of God, or do you claim another life separate from God? That empty grave is Divine evidence of your immortality right now. Every time you think of that grave, try to remember the revelation by the Son of God that the life of you, the Son of God, is independent of the human form. And then, unwaveringly, uninterruptedly, trust that independent Life to always be alive, to always be functioning right where you are. That’s part of the message of the empty grave.

There was another important picture symbol, and that was of Jesus riding triumphantly into Jerusalem on the colt of an ass. Do you remember it? Here again, without words Spirit reveals how to break the hypnosis of matter. The Jackass is the stubborn human mind clinging to its material concept of life even though that concept can never fully satisfy and always ends in death. The colt represents your Soul, your reborn Consciousness which knows that the life of God is your Life, and trusts that life to be perfect, now and forever. Then Jesus riding the colt; Jesus riding the colt is Christ leading your Soul. That symbolizes your acceptance of Christ identity and letting Christ lead your Soul into the hidden Spiritual universe. The entry into Jerusalem is your attainment of the Consciousness that there is only one being, and that your invisible Self is that One Being, always now.

Now let’s see how much of this you caught during your work these past two months. Right now, this instant, know this;

Only God is everywhere. All across the globe. Nothing else is present but God. All time stops. All place disappears. All that is, is God.

And when you know this, and feel within that you do know this, the truth you are knowing at this moment, is always true. All there ever is, is God. Here, there, everywhere, and as you know that, you’re not concerned about an energy crisis even though you’ll cooperate with it. You’re not concerned about disease and disasters even though they appear to the human eye. Only God is now. And just as important as knowing it, and even more so is your willingness to trust that truth against any appearance without trying to change the appearance. Make your unconditional surrender to that truth, and you will see the strength of your inner Being take control without any human effort.

If you’re in an airplane running into foul weather, if the drought is severe in your area, if there are floods rampaging beyond control, Stop! Wait a minute, Only God is here now. Establish that silent conviction in your Consciousness until you feel merged into Soul, and your Soul will say to the flood, the drought, and the foul weather, “Fear not it is I.” That will be your new Soul Consciousness riding into Paradise, just as Jesus rode triumphantly into Jerusalem on a colt. When you surrender unconditionally to the truth that right now God, Spirit is the only Being everywhere, you are going beyond your mental capacity, you are going into your infinite Soul capacity, you are awakening from the dream. Unconditional surrender means without hedging. I consciously refuse to exercise human will. And daily I turn myself over to the living Consciousness of God is, and say to that God Self, live your life as the activity of my mind and my body. And then listen joyfully, continuously, to the marvellous ways that Spirit moves your obedient Soul. Watch how your actions become an out growth of your Soul Consciousness. Watch how all the elements of your life come under Grace.

Jesus exemplified total obedience to the inner Christ. Why, nothing else could intervene. The Jesus mind was the Christ mind never seeking self gratification, never seeking the praise of men, in fact, never seeking anything of this world for a human selfhood. That was a virgin mind. It entered the world without human desires, without human concepts, without the concepts of lack or limitation, heredity, sickness or evil, without the belief in death. And it revealed to us another world right here where ungodly things do not exist. That immaculate Christ mind revealed an immaculate universe which can be discovered only by your Soul.

In the picture symbol of Lazarus emerging from the tomb we see something about that Soul universe that we must now discuss. Here is Lazarus emerging from a tomb, his hands and his feet are bound with grave clothes, his face is covered with a napkin, he’s been dead, that is he’s been dead at least to human sense for four days. Now he’s alive, no words needed. Without words, again we are given an insight that is astonishing into our own Spiritual possibilities. Lazarus reborn is a mystical symbol of your Consciousness in transformation. The four days of Lazarus entombed are the four states of human evolution, mineral, vegetable, animal, human, and all of these four days these four levels of consciousness are spent in the lower worlds of matter under the government of world thought. In the four material states of man there is no God government, only the government of world mind, and so Lazarus dies.

The old Lazarus, the one who goes into the tomb, represents the natural man asleep to his identity as Son of God, and living even a successful human life, but buried within the false limitations and the boundaries of his human mind, like all of us. But the new Lazarus, the new Lazarus is the essence of God, no longer human flesh. Lazarus has been transformed to Soul substance, and now when Lazarus steps out of the belief in mortality we see him emerge from the mental tomb of flesh still carrying the remnants of his old dream consciousness represented by the grave clothes. He is now entering the fifth day of Consciousness, which is the first heaven on earth. And this level is one that he has gained not from the intelligence of his five sense mind, but from faith in the deeper inner vision of his Soul led by Christ. That’s why his eyes are covered; they cannot see the fifth realm. He has arrived there by faithfulness to his Identity as Spirit, Son of God, in spite of all world belief that he was nothing more than a mere human being. Just like you and I, he has worked and he has walked out of the universal belief in material birth, life and death. He has tried to live in his Essence rather than in a physical sense of form. He has worshipped One Being and he has accepted himself as the life of that One Being. He has eliminated all belief in external images of matter. Now he is about to see the One Being face to face with the eye of his Soul. That is why Christ now says,

Loose him; let him go.”

This is mystical terminology. This is a Divine instruction telling us to remove the grave clothes of mortality and materiality from our hands, feet and faces, and to walk this earth as the living Essence of God, which is called Christ Son of God, knowing only God is here.

Pictures tell us that Lazarus stepping out of the dream is a representation of your Soul journey from form to Essence, from your temporary sense of human life to your permanent awareness of Eternal Life. And then, the all important key to how this resurrection was attained is given shortly thereafter, when we see the very same reborn Lazarus supping at the table of Christ. His secret was he had learned how to let Christ feed his Soul.

Let us, in meditation, see if we can remove the bandages from our eyes and the grave clothes from our hands and feet. Your eyes are closed because for four days – four levels of consciousness – you have been in the tomb of matter. Actually, in a dream which is now about to come to a new beginning. We are turning ourselves over from mind to Soul and we do that by a simple method:

Just rest your mind.

When you rest your mind your omnipresent Soul takes over. You never have to seek your Soul. You never have to wonder where is it? It is here. It is now. All that is necessary is for you to rest your mind and you are in your Soul. The degree of your silence determines the degree of Soul-ness that you attain. But the beauty of resting your mind does not stop as your Soul now becomes active in Consciousness, because Christ is always leading your Soul, and so you are surrendering to a greater more infinite activity than you could possibly know until you had sought this inner peace of the mind. Now Christ is leading your Soul out of mortality, out of the tomb. What are those grave clothes on your hands and feet? The belief that you are in a form, and you are not, you never were. The Son of God is not encased in a form. This moment, this eternal moment everywhere, only God is. Right where you are only God is.

And so, we leave the mind belief in form. Only my Self is here. My perfect Spiritual Selfhood is the Only Being. Now where is that old man you started with? Loose him; let him go. And now release your new Self. Loose your new Self and let it go into the greater universe of Spirit which is your true home. Rest there, feel the presence of purity, of harmony, of peace, of all that the Father is. This is just a preview experience. As it is repeated and deepened and takes root, you will know for a certainty that the resurrection experience occurs right here on earth as your Soul opens itself to the bread of heaven, which then flows freely into your purified Consciousness. Hold it now. You are in a very excellent position at this moment, an excellent moment to quicken into another mansion of awareness. And so remain there on the mountain top.

Let us now go to Bethlehem. I don’t mean the physical place called Bethlehem where the boy Jesus was born, but I mean a Spiritual place where you are reborn. Bethlehem means the house of bread, Divine Bread, Divine food for your Soul. Like Jesus, we are also born in Bethlehem when we yield our human thought, when we yield our human will, our human desire, and we let Christ feed Eternal Bread, Eternal Substance, to our Soul. You are on the threshold to a great Truth, never lose it. It will take you into Paradise. This Divine feeding is the method, the technique, the secret of all transformation from form to Essence and from death to life. The transforming Holy Bread which feeds your Soul is the living Word, it is the supreme gift through which the Will of God molds your Divine Essence into the perfect image and likeness of the One Infinite Being, individualizing itself as you. All of God flows as the Son of God, the Christ, the Infinite Essence which you are.

That is why many Bible passages always stress and re-stress Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The world’s mistake has been to assume that the Son of God means a super human person, or one specially endowed, but now you must know that Son of God has nothing to do with people. Son of God means the Divine Essence. “Honor the Son,” means be the Son, and that is the life giving extra step that we are now being asked to take. You are the Son of God now because you are the Divine Essence now.

The supreme and hidden message of the Bible is that Christ the Son of God is the Essence of God, and that you are the Son of God the Essence of God. And your ability to live as the Essence of God quickens you into Paradise.

I have declared unto them thy name and will declare it that the love that wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them and I in them.”

That is not a man talking. The living Essence of God, called Christ, is talking. Again it says;

As the Father raises up the dead and quickeneth them, even so the Son quickeneth whom it will.”

The Son quickeneth whom it will, not who we will. Do you hear that? What quickens you? The living Essence quickens you. The living Essence that feeds your Soul quickens you, and that Essence flows into your Soul, into your conscious experience when two factors are present. You must learn to take these two factors with you into your daily life.

Now let’s expand the good work you’ve been doing. Let us implant these two specific factors into your daily conscious activity.

Number 1: And this is you talking: Because I am the Son of God, I am the Essence of God. That eternal Essence I am now.

I accept this truth unconditionally, even though at this moment I have not yet attained the full realization of it. This is my faith. This is my conviction. Implant that now;

I, Son of God am the eternal Essence of God.

And whenever my mind or my experience denies it, I still stand on the truth of it and look at that which denies it, unmoved. Who convinceth I, the Son, the Essence of sin?

Factor number 2: I follow only the teaching of my own Essence, which is Christ, because I have found the secret of life: I am a Soul in Christ.

I am a Soul in Christ, and Christ feeds my Soul because I accept myself to be the Christ which is the Essence of God.

That’s factor number 2.

If you do not accept yourself to be the Essence, it will not feed your Soul. If you do not permit the mind to rest, you will not experience Christ feeding your Soul. But when you find inner peace and the mind is still, the Essence that you have accepted to be your Self, feeds your Soul, lifts your Soul through the Spiritual universe into Christhood, into the third heaven. Daily we feed our Soul with this method.

Now I know, and you know, that your family and your friends do not think of you as the Son of God or as Divine Essence. They may be much more like the Pharisees who heard the words of Jesus and witnessed his miracles and then said, “is this not the carpenter’s son?” Is not his mother called Mary and his brethren James and Joseph, and Simon and Judas? Their human minds had no way of seeing past his human ancestry or their own. And so it is with even us. Sometimes we’re so fooled by our own weaknesses that we cannot rise above our own human ancestry to accept our own Divine heritage. We’re frightened and we’re even overwhelmed because we’re unprepared to cope with Divinity.

But who do you say I am?” He asked his disciples. “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

Oh yes Peter, but so are you. And that’s the step, that’s the step mankind has to take, and has been afraid to take since the world began. It wasn’t Peter who recognized Christ, oh no. Only Christ can recognize Christ. It was the Christ of Peter who recognized the Christ of Jesus and so Christ said;

Blessed art thou Simon Barjona for flesh and blood has not revealed it unto thee but my Father which is in heaven.”

Do you see the point? Just as Christ Jesus was not the carpenter’s son, Christ Peter was no longer the son of Jonah, the fisherman. And it was upon this rock Christ revealed in Peter to recognize Christ in Jesus that Christ spoke to all of us saying;

Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I…”

I being the Christ in Jesus, the Christ in Peter and the Christ in you,

I will give unto thee the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven.” I will give. “And whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

When you recognize not the man or woman, you appear to be, but the Son of God, the Essence you are, you have discovered the rock of Truth and you have found the keys to your own Identity, which is the heaven on earth toward which we are moving.

Do you remember the first sentence in the Gospel of Mark? Here it is:

The beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”

And then, near the end of John’s Gospel we find this statement:

These are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.”

And Saul after his sight was restored declared;

Christ is the Son of God.”

Millions have read those words and yet the world continues to wallow in limitation, in misery, because the world has failed to recognize the two factors which John revealed in his first Epistle. Let’s look at chapter 5, verse 10:

He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself.”

Now if Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and you are not. You’ve thrown away the keys to the Kingdom and there’s really no way for the treasures of the Kingdom to enter your Consciousness. Do you see that?

I am the Son of God, the Essence of God, the Eternal Being Itself.

And so, let us now reassess the direction which we are going. Across this globe today, only God is. And therefore, only the Essence of God is alive. There’s no other life, and there’s no other form, and there’s no other Being. We have One uninterrupted Infinite Essence of God, and I am the Essence of God. There’s no person here named me, and no person there named him or her, or it. We are behind the veil of the dream, not for this moment alone, but to take this Consciousness of Truth wherever we go, to go to sleep with it at night and to wake up with it in the morning. The Infinite Essence of God is everywhere. I am the Essence of God, called the Son of God. God is living itself, and the world looking at God living itself sees me, sees you, sees her, sees him, One Being, One living Essence, One infinite mind, One living Consciousness, right here, right now. Right where you are God is conscious, God is alive. Surrender, release ‘me’ to the living Consciousness of God, because that is the nature of the Son of God, “I in the Father, and the father in me,” One, eternally.

You are feeding your Soul. You are following the teaching of your own Essence. You are a Soul in Christ. Rest, find your peace and know that this Consciousness can deepen still further, can quicken, can be the background of all that you do in all of the so-called human years ahead. In this Soul food is the allness of God, ever-present. And your opportunity as the Essence of God is simply to rest in your Soul and let the Essence feed itself into your Consciousness so that all of the glorious qualities of your Divine Self can express from Christ through Spirit, through Soul, through mind, into the visible world around us, daily transforming you from a human image to a Divine image.


You are going to go many places today and tomorrow, and the next day, but your Essence already is there. And when you know that, before you move the physical form, this Consciousness will open the hidden universe into your daily activity. When you know that your Essence is where you are, It’s life giving Substance releases you from human limitations. When you know that your Essence is where everyone appears to be, you have introduced another dimension of life into your conscious activity. You have introduced the miracle worker. When you know that your Essence is everywhere, and really know it, you are in the healing Consciousness. When you know that your Essence is everywhere, whoever touches you in Consciousness in any way, must be lifted, because right where they are when they come into the Consciousness of you, they find you right where they are as invisible Essence. When you know that your Essence is everywhere, you have begun to move out of the tomb, out of the fourth day, and you are making a Spiritual pilgrimage into the fifth day because this Essence that you acknowledge in all your ways, is God. And this Essence does direct your path. And this Essence does part the Red Sea.

Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden,” accept the Essence of God as your Self unconditionally, “I will give thee rest,” the eternal rest in the eternal heaven hidden behind the thought of the world.

Again two factors:

I am the Son of God which is the eternal Essence of God.


I follow only the teaching of my inner Essence which is called Christ. I am a Soul in Christ letting Christ feed the Essence of Christ to my Soul. I live only now by the Word of God within my Soul.

We’ll pause a moment and very shortly we should be ready for our own deeper entry into the New Jerusalem.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End of Side One ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

You are the Essence of God. It has It’s own way of manifesting. That Holy Ghost, which becomes your companion, is always invisible, and the substance of it is your living Essence.

It is very important that you know your Self not as a person, not as a form, not as a body, not as a human mind, not as a point on the map, not as a collection of atoms or molecules, not as a hundred and fifty or sixty, or seventy, or eighty pounds, not as living between hands and feet. You have a new face, a new Consciousness. The bandages are off from your eyes. You are the Essence, and you are now claiming your Divine Selfhood which you ever were, and it is this new Self that walks into the world. It makes no announcements. Everyone is looking at their old concept but there is a new you there, a different you. You really are changing from one to another in your Consciousness. And as you do this in your Consciousness the transformation takes root. If we are all together in this accepting ourselves to be the One Divine Essence everywhere, we’re ready to move into high gear.

You’ll find that in the visible life of Jesus Christ we have a complete sermon in pantomime throughout his lifespan. If he had never spoken a single word we could still watch his deeds, his actions, and find a mystical pathway to eternal life and eternal freedom. Our biggest hurdle has been form, because form focuses our attention on the physical sense of Jesus, and the physical sense of us, and that’s how we lose the great pearl. Jesus never was the teacher, never. Jesus was the image through which Christ brings us the teaching. And when you know that the Son of God is Christ, the Infinite Essence, then, again, you are moving into another earth shaking discovery. And this is it:

The Christ of you is food for the Soul of you.

Just as your material body requires material food your Soul requires a Divine food of Christ, the Bread of Heaven, and no other food will do. I am the Bread of Life. I am the Resurrection. Those are the words of Christ. And so, you see that the bread and the wine for which your Soul hungers and thirsts, is Christ, your own Divine Essence the living Word. And without this Divine food and drink your Soul remains undernourished. It cannot make the ascension into God realization, and that’s the tragedy of all of the teachings, that Christ is a human or a Divine person, oh no, Christ is your eternal Substance, and as you let this Divine Substance feed your Soul, the invisible highway of the Holy Spirit opens and beckons you to enter the city of Truth. Then what is meditation? The real meditation is a Soul feeding. Every meditation that silences your mind feeds your Soul with the pure infallible eternal Essence of Christ which includes the love, the Grace, the will of God.

You can shatter the Spiritual drought of centuries with its heavenly manna. Letting it pour forth to nourish your Soul with all that the Father hath. And so this is the real Christ to whom the world has been asleep, the eternal Essence for which the Soul of mankind is starving. But with Christ feeding your Soul, transforming your mind, lifting you above the dream, Sonship is realized.

You may not have noticed up to now, but as Christ moves through the Bible, all the actions are symbols of how heavenly food can change and enrich your life. Science feeds us knowledge. Religion feeds us hope. And there are physics who feed our human ego with information about our past lives and our future lives in physical form. But only Christ can feed you the eternal Substance of Divine Life. And only Christ can shatter the world dream. Again that is why the Bible repeats and repeats, Christ Jesus is the Son of God. It is making sure that we open our Souls to the living Essence of Christ, instead of opening our minds to human opinion and human authority.

Across the world today, the starvation of millions of youngsters and adults, and vast areas across the globe also suffering from other lacks, water, energy, and what not; all this represents the visible symbol of the Spiritual hunger and the Spiritual drought caused by man’s inability to receive the living Essence of Christ in which all things are. Without this food and nectar for our Souls there are no solutions to anything. So you see, the Essence we reject by our ignorance of its presence, is the only Substance that can lift us into Divine Life, God government. And this miracle, the omnipresent Christ is ever ready to perform;

If any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”

Spirit is telling you not to follow a human being. Follow me, don’t follow someone dwelling in human flesh, not even your own human judgments, but be transformed by a Spiritual feeding from your own living Essence, Christ, Son of God. And then to clarify that mystical instruction, Christ declares;

Whosoever will save his life shall lose it.”

In other words, if you stay in humanhood, which is saving your life, you lose it, it only leads to death.

But whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it.”

Can we argue with that? The clear meaning is that the transformation from a dying mortal in flesh to Divine flesh like Lazarus, is not only possible, but it’s the path, the path ordained for us by God. And that is what is meant by ‘disciples of Christ,’ those who live in the living Essence of the Spirit of God. And if there were still doubt, consider this; immediately right after teaching us to lose our human sense of life in order to gain our Divine Life, Christ tells us exactly why. Oh, we heard the words, but now Christ shows us what the words can only imply. And you know it as one of the most remarkable picture symbols in all of scripture. On the mount of transfiguration Christ lifts the Consciousness of three Christ disciples to show that form is an optical illusion. His form vanishes, and as it does the light expands. We’re witnessing the truth about every form on earth right there. That perfect Invisible Light of Christ. The precious Light that cannot be confined, controlled, or dominated by any condition in this world, is your Light now. And then the beloved John informs us;

That was the true light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

And then the carpenter’s son who evaporated into radiant indestructible Light before the bedazzled eyes of Peter, John and James, speaking of the priceless Substance that can never know hunger or thirst or disease or death, turned to mankind and said;

Ye are the Light.”

You appear to be the child of human parents, and that is called son of woman, but you are not. That’s why Christ tells us to raise up the son of man. We must let our Soul feed on the Invisible Light that is not born of woman, in order that our Light may shine forth the glory of God. And so, the Kingdom you seek is your own Essence.

The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation, neither shall they say, ‘Lo here or Lo there’, for behold the Kingdom of God is within you.”

Your own Essence is the Kingdom of God. Remember on the cross speaking through the image called Jesus Christ said; “I thirst.”

This is a mystical thirst, and when it’s understood and obeyed, it can take any individual into Paradise while appearing on earth in form. Christ in you thirsts to fill your Soul with God’s Love, Grace, Essence, purpose, and fulfillment. Christ thirsts to fill the cup of man’s Soul with life giving Essence, to transport you out of the wheel of nothingness into the glory of Divine Allness. That is the Christ thirst, and then Christ announces; “It is finished.”

And that is the end of the message of words, it’s all over. All that remains now is to reveal the dream of human life and the eternal reality of Essence. The finished Kingdom of Essence is hidden in timelessness, behind the shadows of time. The human image of Jesus had finished speaking but the sublime teaching, the climax of its earthly mission, was now ready to be performed in total silence. And so Christ buried the form of Jesus, made it disappear, but where could it go? How could it vanish from the grave? And that’s the mystery of the ages, and stills baffles our world, and still starves the Soul of man. Where could what go? How could what vanish? Hadn’t Christ already revealed that only the Divine Light was present where Jesus appeared to our human eyes? How do you crucify Divine Life? Can you bury Divine Life? Had not Jesus Christ consistently demonstrated that there’s only one Being? Can you crucify or bury the one Infinite Being?

Now, either we reject the disappearance of the Christ body, or we accept the inevitable meaning, what cannot be buried was not buried. What was not there could not be crucified. An illusion could be crucified, an illusion could be buried, and it is this masterful demonstration of the illusion of all form that was revealed to an unperceiving world on that unforgettable day. The crucifixion and the burial took place in the world mind, and right there Christ stopped the cosmic camera and said, “See there’s no body there.” Just as the Pharisees looked at the Essence of Christ but could only see their inner concept of that Essence, which they believed to be an external person named Jesus the carpenter’s son, so you looking with your human eyes at your own Christ Essence, see only the son of woman. And you accept the sensations of that form as your life experience. But even while you stumble along watching that form age, watching that form struggle against endless opposing forces, the pure perfect immaculate Essence of your own Invisible Christ is present, waiting for you to wake up and to enter the Kingdom of Life.

I thirst,” says Christ from the cross. “Give me to drink,” says Christ to the woman at the well. Can we take that into meditation now?

I thirst. Give me to drink.” How? “Be still and know that I am God.”

Open your Soul. Let me pour my Love into your heart. Let me embrace you. Let me take you to the Mountain of Truth. Let me live your perfect Life, and then I will not thirst.


For what man knows as centuries, Christ has been drawing you nearer to Christ, until now the prodigal is returning to the Father’s house. This is an infinite feeding; the Divine Plan for you. If ever you have been looking for your purpose on the earth, you have found it. And if you develop your capacity to live in this innerness faithfully, consistently, just like a child in the mother’s womb, you will find yourself growing, developing new faculties, until you are born in Bethlehem the city of Bread.

I would suggest now that we re-examine our daily program and make some adjustments to include the two factors which are vital to transformation. Because the one word that I feel should be stressed, and stressed again, is ‘unconditional.’ Being the Son of God means an unconditional surrender to the truth that you are the Essence of God. And so, if you were to accidentally cut your arm and start bleeding, you would not be afraid because the Essence of God is not bleeding, the concept is bleeding, and in your knowledge of this you would remove the power of the bleeding. And if the plane were shaken by the wind you would know that the wind is not shaking the plane, or the form of you in the plane, because you are the Essence, and you would stand still in that knowledge, knowing that the wind is not touching the Essence of you, and beside the Essence of you there is no other.

Get it out of the conversation stage, out of the hypothesis stage, out of the mental agreement stage. Do it. It’s in the doing that you find your capacity for unconditional surrender. Some of the greatest so-called tragedies of life lose their sting when you unconditionally recognize only the Essence of God is present as the Substance of all who walk the earth. And when you do, you will feel touched by the Spirit. Perhaps right now you can feel the Living essence of your Self everywhere. It speaks a language that human ears can never hear.

And the second factor: Be a Soul in Christ. Let Christ feed your Soul with the life giving Essence that leads you back into the finished Kingdom. And let’s start tonight, tonight do not go to sleep as a human being, and while you’re still fairly awake – meditate. Contemplate the Essence of the One Being until you can truly say in your contemplation,

I cannot be both the Essence and the flesh, and I am the Essence. I really have no human identity.”

No matter how strange it feels, it is true, and the more you become accustomed to it, the less strange it will feel. And as form, human identity, material selfhood, drop out of your Consciousness, you are in a Soul feeding. And should you attain this before you drop off to sleep be sure of this, that feeding is going to continue while you sleep. And that sleep is going to be very productive and refreshing. Sometimes, of course, it is so refreshing that we don’t need too much sleep. But all this is only preparation for when you awake, because when you awake in the morning, or even in the middle of the night, your first thought on awakening should be your Identity as Essence, not human, to take you out of the belief that you are living in a form.

Essence is not living in a physical form. That emerging new you is going to be the Self you live with forever, so get acquainted with it. Now you’ve awakened, it’s time to contemplate your Essence, and you can take the first and second factors, and dwell with them. Sip them carefully. Rejoice in the truth of them. Thank the Father for being the Father where you stand. Become aware that your Essence is alive. It isn’t depending on your form the slightest bit. It is already perfect. It needs nothing. It has all. It is you. And as you contemplate these amazing and beautiful truths, you are not only deepening your Consciousness, but you are planting seeds not only for the day ahead, but for the centuries ahead.

And now, sometime in this first morning contemplation, it comes to you out of the mist that you really are the Living Essence. And you now have a whole day ahead of you to practice it. If you want that Essence, to be your sufficiency in all things, all day, it is going to oblige you, but you have to keep your attention on who you are all day. That is the discipline. If you stray back into human identity that Essence cannot function through your human consciousness, and the time to catch it is right now before you walk out into human identity, because if your human identity starts moving before you establish identity as Essence, well, you’re going to just become another stray sheep, and your day will be something like trying to sip Divine nectar with a broken straw.

I tell you, that first morning contemplation is where you make your unconditional surrender, because unless there’s a clear cut definitive acceptance of who you are, instead of a “I suppose I’m this,” or “I feel I’m that,” or “I’ll just go out and do what comes naturally,” you’re going to find the human self taking control and dominion and just wasting another day in the mirage.

The one who walks out into the world today, tomorrow the next day must be the new Self. You can’t play games with this. You must choose the new Self or the old self. You see on faith, and the realization of truth you start living in this new Self, not the old self, not the form self, you live in the Essence Self, and it’s different, radically different. You’ve never had a greater challenge in your life. So don’t start a day as the carpenter’s son when you’re not. But whom do you say that you are? Are you the carpenter’s son, or are you Christ the Son, the Essence that is everywhere, invisible, now, uninterrupted, never separated from its own everywhere Essence. Start the day with that knowledge.

Now you’ll find if you do this, that at first you wonder how to enter into transactions and relationships, and other things of the world, but your Essence knows how, trust it. Moses couldn’t speak, “Don’t worry about it Moses, trust your Essence, I’ll speak,” Moses couldn’t part a river, “Don’t worry about it Moses, I can part rivers, I can move mountains.” Your Essence knoweth your needs. Your Essence will give you the Kingdom of God on earth. Trust it by living in it, and even though you’re tongue tied, watch the miracle as your Essence speaks through the form that people see, and even your human sense of self is amazed if it still there. But we’re only beginning.

You can improve the quality of your Soul feeding by improving the purity of your Consciousness.

And so, the less world mind, the more Soul Substance. And you know what world mind is in you, whenever there are personal desires, personal will, personal needs, personal judgments, personal attachments, you’re in world mind, and you’re really controlled by world mind, and you are saying to Christ, “Do not feed my Soul.”

Another trap is that word ‘becoming.’ Your Essence is. It is finished. Stop becoming. You already are. Your Essence already is the power, the presence, the wisdom, the substance, the allness of God, the only Being. It is awesome to contemplate, but it is the Truth. And don’t try to dictate to your Essence. Don’t manipulate it. It won’t work. Don’t second guess it. Don’t out-think it. Just learn to trust it totally, unconditionally. And if you want this house and not that house, don’t tell your Essence to get you this house or this client, or this income or this job, or this husband or this wife. That is not unconditional acceptance of your Essence. Rather, trust your Essence to know what your human mind only thinks it knows, and be content with whatever your Essence places in your experience this day. And as you eliminate the world thought of personal needs, desires, will, and so forth, you release the magic of your own Essence to bless your Consciousness far beyond every human expectation.

We’re still in our morning contemplation. We’re accepting, I am Essence, and because I am Essence I go forth today trusting Essence to be present, for wherever I am my Essence is. Always present, always functioning, always blessing. What’s the difference what I see out there? No matter what shadow momentarily beclouds my horizon my Essence is present, and my Essence is the lamp of Aladdin. I don’t even have to rub it because it is always about the Father’s business. Oh, there had to be a catch somewhere didn’t there? It isn’t about my human business at all, it’s only about Spiritual business.

And so, maybe you had better think again about what you are getting into when you say, “I surrender unconditionally to my Essence.” If you’re into it to let your Essence make it a beautiful human day forget it, because that in you which is hoping for a beautiful human day is the you that is not the Essence of God. That’s Ananias holding something out. If you want your Essence to improve your human day you’re in duality, you’re separated, you’re still hanging to the grave clothes. You’ve got bandages over your eyes. You won’t let go. You have no human identity. You have no human day. Uncomfortable isn’t it? That’s right it’s very uncomfortable, very disturbing, and you either have what it takes to walk through that disturbance, that uncomfortable hour, day, month, or year, willing to lose your life to find it; willing to pick up your cross and follow the Master. No one ever said it was easy to follow Christ. No one ever said we follow Christ to make good human days. We are going to the Kingdom of God where there are no human days. And the Kingdom of God is now, here, where there are no human days. There are no human days for the Essence, it only appears that way to everyone else.

Are you the Essence? Kiss your humanhood goodbye. And when you let your Essence fill the Divine day with it’s Spiritual business, it will fill your so-called human day with Spiritual sunshine, but only when you are not there to direct it into material channels.

We’re dwelling now on what is meant by not looking back. You see how Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt? When you look for signs in the human world that your Essence is working, your looking back to matter. And who is looking back to matter? You come right back into humanhood, which is a pillar of salt. Do you see how careful you must be not to give ninety-nine percent to Spirit and one percent to humanhood? It seems like such a big jump, but it’s only a big jump to your human sense of you. The human sense that says, “My business, my children, my marriage, my stocks, my bonds, my possessions, what will happen to all of them if I live as Essence?”

You know, I even feel embarrassed to even answer such a question. I really do, because no one can answer that for you. That’s your hurdle. You must get over it. You must learn how to get over that hurdle, or not. No one is going to help you to do that. I wouldn’t dream of persuading to get over that hurdle. You’ve got to persuade yourself. And in learning how to get over that hurdle you will learn the great secret, but only when you try to learn how to get over that hurdle. No, I’m not going to tell you what the great secret is, you should know it, I’m sure you do. The materiality you’re trying to protect is not the Essence of God is it? Therefore what is it? Where is it? Are you going to continue protecting the dream, the dream form, the dream life, when the Essence, the eternal Substance, the Kingdom of God is within you now?

Atheists who do not believe in God are higher than those of us who know that we are the Essence, and then turn away. This is the gold tried in the fire. And, of course, it takes quite a lot of something very special to live this in the midst of a family that is not living it. But someone in every family has to be first, and that might just be you. And then, those in the family who don’t quite understand it might someday be very grateful to you for having had the insight and the tenacity, and the inner inspiration to do what they knew nothing about, and couldn’t have known if you hadn’t done it. Because you can be sure that all of us who have in some way been led into the Spiritual life have someone to whom we are grateful, who, if they had not made the so-called human sacrifices to step into Spiritual living, we could have not found it all. The pioneer might always seem to have the hardship, but isn’t that a form of love even though it may not be appreciated by anyone at the moment? Yes the Spiritual pioneer is moving into a new specie, a new Self, a new place in Consciousness called the fifth day, the first heaven, the Soul realm where God speaks and God feeds, and God loves, and where Grace flows as water from a mountain top.

I still want to hear from you whenever you feel like writing about anything at all. And when you ever get to these sun-kissed shores of Maui, I want to see you. And as we continue this inner pilgrimage, you will discover that you are walking in a new universe where the enchanted Presence is the only law, and your transformation is taking place.

Once more I salute you; the Living Essence of God, and I send you the Love that already is yours.

Thank you and Aloha.

Take your single most troubling problem, whether it’s one of yours or one of your relatives or friends or neighbors, patients or students, and here you have on your mind this problem. It may be a problem of lack and limitation – let us put it this way: it may be appearing as lack and limitation; it may be a problem appearing as a health issue, it could appear as disease or discomfort; it may be a problem of relationships or lack of relationships, poor relationships or poor communication.

Whatever the problem is, it is in your lap; you have the problem right in front of you. So what are we going to do about this problem? Look at the problem. We are told not to be afraid to look any problem, no matter how ugly, right in the face. So here is this problem; now what are we going to do about it?

Well, the directions are pretty clear—pretty clear cut. We are not to take any person or any condition into our meditation. Yet here I have this problem in hand. Now, what is the first step?

The first step is to impersonalize this problem. Who has this problem? Where is this problem located?

God is the substance of all that is. Spirit is all that is. And if Spirit is all that is, who can have this problem? And the answer is – no one. There is no one there.

We are told that problems always appear as a person or a condition. And so that right there tells us that a person or a condition is an appearance, a concept, a mental image. And so, I have been entertaining this mental image. Is it my mental image or is it a mental image? It is a mental image, part of the world hypnosis. There is no person and no condition attached to this mental image. This is a mental image just floating. It’s just floating and I can entertain it for awhile or I can set it aside, and I am told to set it aside, to ‘let the wheat and the tares grow side by side,’ outside my temple, while I go within to meditate. So for just right now, I am going to recognize that this is a mental image and no healing can ever take place on a mental image. I do not need to work on that. I need to set it aside and I am going to do that now.

Now I am going to turn within, close my eyes if I haven’t already done so, and here I sit in the darkness. What am I supposed to do next? Oh, that’s right; I’m supposed to contemplate truth. So let me be still and see what truth comes to me to contemplate.

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God? And God is in Its temple?’ And how many temples are there? One temple. There is one temple of the living God and God is in that temple and that temple is invisible to the senses, yet that temple is Omnipresent. Christ has one body and that body everywhere present. And God, the Spirit, animates that body and so only spiritual activity can take place in the Omnipresence of God.

In the first chapter of Genesis, God created all that is and God Itself manifested. That is the creation of God in which we live and move and have our being. That is the temple of God and God is in Its temple, animating, moving, living, being. And so God is the only Presence, God is the only Life, God is the only Mind, God is the only Being.

I am here within to become still so that I may become aware of that God-Being. The conscious awareness of God dissolves any mental image and so it’s not the mental image I need to work on or look at. It is the conscious awareness of God that I need to experience. How do I do that?

I am told that I may ask for anything so long as it is spiritual. So I am perfectly free here in this inner temple to say, “Father, reveal Thyself. Let my awareness expand so that I may know Thee. Let me have the conscious awareness of Thy Presence. You speak; I listen. My function is to be receptive to Your Voice, to listen ever attentively. Father, You speak, You reveal, You say Your Word. I do not live by anything external; I live by Your Word. Father, speak your Word.”

When God speaks, the earth melts. This scripture does not say, when God speaks, the earth gets good.

If I have been trying to change a bad earth into a good earth; if I have been trying to change or to get God to change lack into abundance, disease into health, loneliness into companionship, bad into good, then I am not listening, I am not living by that scripture. When God speaks, when you hear the Word of God, it does not change a bad earth into a good earth. That’s the wrong approach.

What becomes of the earth when God speaks? When God speaks, the earth melts. Have you ever seen anything melt down into nothing? Have you ever seen something dissolve? I am not here in my temple to have God correct something out here. I am not here in my inner temple to have God heal a mental image and make it a good mental image. No, no, all of that is the wrong approach. Well, what then is spiritual healing? What am I trying to do in here in this inner temple?

I am here to listen, to be receptive until I hear the Word of God. And when I hear the Word, the earth melts, it dissolves and in its place I have the awareness of God Itself. Then I rest back and commune with that God, in that awareness. So I am here to receive the Word of God that all mental images might melt. I cannot melt the earth of mental images. Only One can melt the earth and that is the Word of God spoken by God within, by the I that I am.

Now I know what I am here to do. I am here to be receptive, to receive, from that Spirit within, an impartation. I am here to receive the Word, whether it comes in words or thoughts; whether it comes in a feeling of the Presence; whether it comes in a smell of flowers; whether it comes in a release; whether it comes in a quick, short breath; whether it comes in a sense of Peace. All that I am here to do is to receive the Word of God and I don’t know how it melts the earth, but I know that it does. So now that I know what I am here to do, let me be still. Let me be listening. Father, grant me Thy Word: speak.

Here in your inner temple is the living Presence of the I. Never born, never dying, I is always imparting. But we haven’t been listening. Now here, at this very moment we are listening, we are receptive. ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit’ do we receive the Word. And that Word is quick and sharp and powerful and that Word melts the earth and reveals the spiritual kingdom. So spiritual healing, we now understand, is allowing the Word to melt the earth. And this it does in quietness and stillness.

I have come to melt the earth, to dissolve the second chapter of Genesis. I have come to dissolve that false creation and to reveal that My creation is perfect. That I in the midst of thee is perfect. That I am manifest as all being, as all life everywhere, and I am perfect.

If you feel that Presence, that stirring, and you hear that Word, rest in It, stay in It as long as awareness of It lasts.

Now when you open your eyes and you continue with whatever your work is to do this day if you have experienced that inner release because the Word has touched your consciousness, then you are free. The earth will melt in some way that you may never know. And that will manifest as harmony. Where the problem was appearing, where the second chapter of Genesis was appearing, as it melts the first chapter of Genesis appears. As you go through your day, if you have the problem come back to your mind, and you start wrestling with it, you must sit down and go through the same process. Now the next time you go through the process, the words may be entirely different. You may set the mental image aside, close your eyes, become still and hear an entirely different message. You may hear no message but just receive a sense of peace, an inner knowing that God is being God. The point is that you return again; the point is that you commune with I until the appearance does not return unto you and harmony becomes evident.

Now what did you do to bring about that harmony? Nothing—you did nothing to bring about that harmony. You were not attempting to make the bad earth a good one. What you did was you recognized that here is another appearance and knowing that you could do nothing about an appearance, you realized that healing could not take place in the second chapter of Genesis and so you abandoned that whole concept, that whole idea. You turned within to commune with God Itself, to receive an impartation, to receive the Word which melts the entire second chapter of Genesis. Then in its place you became aware of the harmony of being. So you did nothing to bring it about. You simply rested here and allowed God to reveal Its’ harmony.

Now as you repeat this process, again and again, each time it becomes a little easier. It really gets to the point where you have developed your consciousness to where when error hits up against it, because the Word is being entertained almost continuously, when error hits up against your consciousness, it melts.

What is ‘the mind which was in Christ Jesus’? A consciousness filled with the Word of God. That is ‘the mind which was in Christ Jesus’ and that is why when error hit up against his consciousness, it melted without him going through any processes most of the time. And it will be the same with you. Through the practice of this very means of communion, you will develop your consciousness where it is automatic. Then your consciousness will be Christ-Consciousness.

I know we talk in absolutes when we talk about Christ as the reality of your being, but that really is not true. Yes that’s right; I just said Christ is not the reality of your being—not in demonstration; not in a living experience.

Christ is not the reality of your being until through this process, through the practice of these principles, you develop the consciousness that is filled with the Word of God. And then I takes over, and then your consciousness is Christ, and then you can know Christ is the reality of my being and Christ liveth me. Then the error which hits up against your consciousness will melt. Not because you melt it, but because the Word entertained within you melts it.

So it really does require that you practice these principles daily, hourly, consistently, over and over again, day after day, week after week, month after month and sometimes year after year. To make the transition from a human being to that Christ-Consciousness requires that you practice just what we are talking about.

If it helps you, do what I do and contemplate the truth. When God speaks, It doesn’t change a bad earth into a good one. We need to let go of that concept. No, when God speaks, It melts the earth, all of It because the earth is the second chapter of Genesis created by Lord God. The earth is Adam’s dream, both the bad and the good, and so we do not want either one. We do not want a repaired dream. We do not want a fixed-up mental image. We do not want the second chapter of Genesis no matter how good it is. We want the first chapter of Genesis, the Garden of Eden, Oneness with God. We want the living awareness of God speaking the Word, manifesting Itself as harmony everywhere, as Omnipresent Being, as Divine Life Eternal, so that everywhere God looks, God declares this is very good, this is very God, this is My Self, My Body Infinite, My Mind Omniscient, My Spirit Omnipresent, and My Will Omnipotent.

Yes, this will require practice. At some point in our spiritual journey we must, in the quiet of the night, turn to ourselves and realize, “I am not getting anywhere. I am still a human being after all these years of study. What am I missing?” Or we can turn to ourselves and say, “I am not seeing any healing, any spiritual healing, this problem goes on and on. What am I missing?” And when we see it, when we have it brought to our attention, well you know what? You are trying to pull God into the second chapter of Genesis, called human life, a mortal existence. And God won’t enter that because it is not a real world at all. It’s a group of mental concepts; they are mental concepts going on in Adam’s dream and God is too pure to behold Adam’s dream.

Now, if we come to that conclusion, then we need to turn to ourselves and say, “Okay, I don’t want to leave here the same way I got here—meaning this existence that I am having. I want to really grow spiritually. And by that I mean I want to make the transition from a human being, thinking mental thoughts, to that ‘one who has his being in Christ’ and who entertains the Word of God as their consciousness. In other words, I want to die to all that is human and become that living Christ, become the living WORD of God, as Christ-Consciousness’ here and now.

It is going to be up to me to do this work. I am going to have to find the time. I am going to have to arrange my life, perhaps I am going to need to let go of some things that interfere with me getting the time to study and to meditate and to pray as we have just outlined. Perhaps I am going to have to rearrange my day. Now I don’t need to go live in an ashram somewhere or up in a monastery on the side of a mountain, but I do need to find a way to have brief periods of communion throughout the day. Whether I leave myself little notes or whether I mark it on the back of my hand, in some way or another I must have these several periods each day. And if I wake up in the middle of the night, have one then.”

It’s going to be up to me. This part is not up to God. God’s Grace gives us that initial awakening which starts us on the journey or we would never start at all. But you and I must make the effort and practice these principles and practice this meditation in order to make the transition. You and I must make the act of commitment, the act of dedication. We are told that God meets us halfway and we are lifted up on our journey from the prodigal son to the beloved Son.

So at some point we must take this very seriously and say, “I am going to do this. I don’t care what my neighbors are doing, I don’t care what my family is doing; I am going to do this. This is what I want, the living Eternal Life of Christ.”

If you have made that commitment then you will begin to practice just what we have outlined today. So remember the principle: When God speaks, the bad earth does not become a good earth. When God speaks, the earth melts, the entire earth melts, the entire second chapter of Genesis melts and this should happen in every single meditation. When the earth melts, we become aware of the first chapter of Genesis in which God is living and being and manifesting and is-ing, as our experience. Now this is a real living experience; you experience this God is-ing as you, in the first chapter of Genesis.

When God speaks, the earth melts. That was the principle I received this week. Just six words, and yet because I received it as an impartation within, it is the Word which melts the earth and will melt the earth for anyone else that hears this, that has ears to hear. And it will go on and on melting the earth to anyone else that hears it. Even if it is a hundred years or a thousand years from now, if you hear this, anyone that hears this, that Word will melt the earth, right then because ‘My Word shall not pass away’ ever.

Remember this now, each and every meditation that you have—It doesn’t matter what the problem is when you recognize when God speaks, the earth melts. Then you will no longer be trying to change the bad earth into a good one, a bad problem into a good human experience. You will be done with all that and you’ll just be standing to the side, as we are told, and watching as a witness as ‘the stone is cut out of the mountain without hands,’ as the earth melts in front of your eyes. Or perhaps a better way to say that would be the earth melts in front of your eye because your eye is single.

When God speaks, the earth melts. And it is wonderful because harmony appears. Harmony was there already, but you did not see it; it was blocked by the ‘glass darkly,’ by the second chapter of Genesis. But now when God speaks, the glass darkly melts and harmony—well, you become aware of harmony and you’ll never understand how this works so don’t try. Just be willing to be a witness, a beholder, as the experience happens again and again. And your consciousness will become Christ-Consciousness and Christ-Consciousness has ever been the spiritual healing consciousness.

This really is yours for the taking. It’s yours, ever yours. ‘God is no respecter of persons.’ God did not give this Christ-Consciousness to one and say, “Now I want you to go develop a spiritual program and write a lot of books and make a lot of talks. However, I’m not going to give this to anybody else.” No, you know better than that.

God said, “Here, here is the Christ-Consciousness;” it has disappeared from the earth for thousands of years but I am giving it again. This is the Second Coming of Christ-Consciousness; I am giving it to whosoever will. Only reach for it, practice. If it takes five years, so what? It is worth every minute of effort; I can tell you this. But it will not come at all if you don’t make the effort. The harvest is plentiful; why don’t you have some of it? Why don’t you have all of it, since all of us can have all of it? That is the beauty of Omnipresence. I can have the allness of God and you can have the allness of God at the same time.

So God said, “I have come to give you Christ-Consciousness.” He instructs some of us to write books and make talks and anybody that hears the Word will experience the Word, will be led to the Word and the Word will become them and go on eternally, immortally, forever, never-ending.

Please, please, decide to practice this. In this way we can bring about Christ- Consciousness on earth until Christ-Consciousness becomes the only earth and the old earth will pass away and a new earth will appear. That is what we are promised and let’s—you and I—live the promise. Let’s live the promise of the Father. The world will roll up like a scroll. That is the second chapter of Genesis: ‘will roll up like a scroll and there will be a new heaven and a new earth.’

Let us come into this, our inheritance. It is right here for the reaching, right here for the practicing. And the whole secret to the world rolling up like a scroll and a new earth, a New Jerusalem, is receiving the Word within your being, within your consciousness, and when you receive the Word the old earth melts, and a new earth appears in each and every meditation.

It’s all up to you. Will you partake of this feast? I truly hope you do. And as you come into the awareness of the new earth, I celebrate with you the birth of that new earth and I rejoice with you in your discovery that you have never left home, that you are standing in the first chapter of Genesis, in the real eternal creation of God.

One day you are going to have to face a fact that makes human life very difficult. You can avoid facing it. No one can make you if you don’t want to, but the will of God in you will not be denied. And, as long as you defer facing this fact, you’ll find that in some way you cannot put all the pieces together. There will always be something elusive in your life. Your triumphs will be temporary, your freedom will be false, all your achievements will slowly dissolve, and for one reason alone. When you live in time you are going backwards. You can only go backwards in time, you can never go forward. Time is past. It is not future. There is no such thing as future time. Everything you acquire in time is something that slowly drifts away. Your loved ones drift away in time, and you watch them, and you mourn. Your possessions drift away in time, your lifespan drifts away in time, and we have not had the good intelligence to look at it and say, “this is not God’s doing.” God is not drifting away in time.

I’d like you to see time as a rotating mirror in the middle of eternity, and as the mirror rotates, and we in the mirror think of ourselves as that individual, we just come back to the same starting point, start all over again, and that which we are imitating in time is already there before we imitate it, and it never changes; only we change. We simply recur, recur, comb our hair a different way, put on different clothes, adopt a new form. We simply continue to recur, and recur, in the rotating mirror of time, and all of it is an activity that has already happened. In time we are simply living the replay. We are literally walking backwards. All that is in time has happened. And the value of this is that you can learn to live in that which is timelessness itself. And you will find that instead of trying to go ahead into time to get what you want, you do not go ahead, you go up, above. Instead of out, forward, you go above. You rise above time here and now. You do not go to people outside, you go above time, here and now. Everything that you have been seeking in time is already finished here and now, and is available here and now, if you will live in that now, and see that your life is not passing. It is impossible for your life to pass. There is no such thing as life passing.

Now, I’d like you to see something very beautiful, and very interesting. And it will explain to you some of the mysteries that baffle us most of the time. And, I hope, simplify them to the point where you can feel that nothing, however mysterious it might be, is beyond your understanding, that in one way or another, regardless of the nature of the mystery, if you’re willing to challenge it, if you’re willing to be dissatisfied with limited horizons, it will yield to your enquiry because it is the Father’s will that you know the Father aright.

You will find that it is the nature of Infinite life to constantly be birthing itself. That which we think is a static universe, in Spirit, is new every second, every second is a new universe because of the infinity of Spirit. And as the new universe is born the old one simultaneously dies. Birth and death are simultaneous in Spirit, but they are not called birth and death. They are the newness of Spirit infinite, constantly revealing It’s own infinity, and this constant birthing and constant dying is a simultaneous event. The new appears, the old disappears, and in the next second the new replaces the new, and the new that was is no more. Always Infinity is expressing itself infinitely as constant birth. And it is that activity slowed down into time, stretched out in slow motion that becomes the physical birth here, and the physical death there, separated by a span of years. That physical birth and death of the human being is our mental imitation of the constant newness of Spirit birthing and dying, birthing and dying, simultaneously, simply stretched out into time.

But your Self is constantly new. And these opposites that are recurring in our human lives are the time images of the simultaneous opposites in Spirit. Pain and pleasure, inhale and exhale, intake of energy and expulsion of energy, male and female, positive and negative, birth and death, the beginning and the ending, in God they’re all at the same time. And in us, because of time, as they are diluted into time from timelessness, we see them as opposites in a sequence of events, rather than as simultaneous opposites which are really one activity. And as you learn this, and dwell with this, you can see the opposites and see the oneness behind them. They lose their sense of dread to you. Time is a beautiful thing for us; it’s like sitting at a football game on the fifty yard line, and from there you can see the action better when it’s near the fifty yard line, but if it’s down near the goal posts it looks different. And when you’re sitting in time, that determines how things look to you. Where you sit determines what you experience.

Time is necessary for us. It enables us to see a slow motion parade of the externalized images that otherwise would be invisible. We would not understand birth and death as a simultaneity unless we saw birth and death eighty years apart in this world. And this sequence of events in time becomes the spectacle that tells you what is in timelessness. And these are the fragments that come to us in human sequence, all hints of something greater in the invisible. And these are the fragments that we must bring together.

Now, your present lifespan has already been lived totally, and that’s the mystery of it. The death you’re going to experience has already died. It has already been born into newness. Within you there are many hundreds and millions of unlived lives waiting to be lived, unless you step out of the time rotating mirror. And you cannot do it intellectually. Everything that we see in this world which we consider evil is happening only as a time image. Sometimes it’s a short time image and you call it recovery. Sometimes it’s such a long time image that it outlasts a person, and we never see it as a time image. It’s too big for us. But everything in this world, including the human body is a time image. The Spirit of you does not live in these time images. The form is a time image, but Spirit lives outside the time image because it doesn’t live in time at all.

Now, with the human mind, we think of time as a friend. But there is another meaning to the serpent we hadn’t thought about. The Bible is telling us that when you place your faith in the serpent, which advises you to do this or that, as Eve did, she was being fooled by time. The serpent is also a symbol of time, because the serpent being as symbol of the world mind that functions each of us like an atomic robot, in that mind is false time, forbidden time, forbidden space. These are the forbidden fruits. The serpent posts as a friend. Time poses as your friend. You think in five years I ought to make it. In two years I’ll be in a better position.

And it would seem that is true; and that’s the kiss of Judas. Judas poses as a friend while he’s betraying the Master. Time poses as a friend while it’s betraying you. Time is going the other way. It is not a future event. It is a replay of the past. And when you place your faith in time you are overlooking scripture which says, “Lay up your treasures in heaven.” It is telling you that when you place your faith in time, you will have the illusion of acquiring what you wanted, for awhile, only for a time, will the illusion of acquiring what you wanted be there. And then, slowly, it will unacquire itself.

And so, now we’re beginning to look sceptically at time, trying to see that when we try to live in a human brain, to solve the issues of what we call life, there are forces at work which are leading us astray, that are happening invisibly, and causing us to place our faith in that which cannot in any way, repay us for our faith.

Now, I have discovered for myself that my friend is now, not in time. And if you have not discovered that your friend is now, you must realize that God is now. All that God is, is now. Tomorrow there’s no more God than there was today, because God is not becoming something tomorrow. Spirit is God. All that Spirit is, and ever will be, it is now. Time does not enter the picture except to steal, to fool you into the belief that in time there is something that you want. There is nothing that you really want in time, because time itself isn’t there.

Now, when we reach into the now, we begin to understand the meaning of life. The word eternal has not been presented to us in its full meaning. And we have lived with that word in such a way that we have thought about it as meaning everlasting. That is only one facet of its meaning. When the Bible tells you to know God aright is eternal life, life eternal, it doesn’t mean life everlasting alone, it means much more than that. An everlasting human life wouldn’t be much, with all its ups and downs, with all its deterioration’s, with all its opposites, but rather, eternal must be seen now to mean, whole, comprising the fullness of all that exists in God. All that is in God now is your eternal life, your full life, your whole life. And that is why when the Holy Ghost functions your being, you find miracles, because It works from your eternal life, It works from the fullness, instead of the fragment in time.

It is very important that you develop the habit to halt time regularly. We’ll have to do that now so you’ll understand carefully what you can do to step out of the false flow of time. You may find that just to think about it a moment begins to have an effect. Time is not passing. And, if I am not aware of this, the self of me that is not me flows with that un-passing time, and seems to pass, and a little bit of me dies in this minute. But, if the life of God is in my life, a little bit of me never dies in this minute, as it seems to, and so, consciously you must know, and this is a Spiritual exercise, that the life of God which is your life, is not dying minute by minute in passing time.

Passing time does not contain your life. Passing time is only an illusion of the senses. It may seem to be an hour later than it was an hour ago, but not for God, not for Spirit, not for Christ, not for your Soul, only for your sense mind. That which alone lives in time lives under the law of time, which is not the law of God. We must break through the veil and challenge time, challenge it vigorously, regularly, so that every day, in some way, sometimes more than once, you begin to look at time and question it. Where did you come from? Who are you? Are you God ordained, are you an activity of the Father? Can you steal my life away? Until you realize that you are really independent of time, it doesn’t matter how the clock ticks away, or how the seasons go by, they have contained a false sense of you; they can never contain you.

Time moves backward. In a funny way you can prove this. Biblically, it’s very easy, but to prove it in your own experience is something else again. The way I find best is to simply dwell with the knowledge that the kingdom of God is within me, and therefore eternity is within me, for the kingdom of God is eternal, the eternity within me is not passing in time; until you realize that the eternal kingdom is your own life, your own life is the kingdom of God, they’re one and the same. And, if you think you are going through the experience of passing time, you are denying this life, this one unchanging life, which is ever birthing itself into newness, but not in time.

Someday, someone is going to be ambitious enough to take the Bible, and to start rewriting some portions of it, to show you, to show the world that the characters of the Bible can be seen from one point of view, many points of view, in fact, but this one I’m thinking of, is you can see the characters in the Bible who live in time, and the characters who don’t live in time. And you could write the Bible from that point of view. You could rewrite it again from the standpoint of which characters live in space and which live out of space, because that’s what it’s telling you. It’s telling you that the ones who live in time are doing all the suffering. And the ones who live outside of time are leading the sufferers. The one who lives outside of time leads the Israelites out of Egypt.

You can walk out of time. You can walk out of it because you’re not in it, and the more you recognize you’re not in it, the more you walk out of the illusion of it. And when you do, those rainbows begin to appear, those inner rainbows. When you walk out of the illusion of time you understand that life never began at any one point; it had no beginning. You understand the nature of Melchizedek as the life that never began, the life that is never going to end, and this is your living Consciousness. That life, I am. That life is the Christ life. That life is not in this dimension of human thought, but it has been beckoning to you, for what in time would be called millions of years, inviting you to open your Soul to the realization that timeless life is the only life that exists. Only the eternal life of God exists, and that is your life now. When you dwell quietly in the knowledge that all your life now exists, not will exist, not will become, but your life is all now, that is what may be called inhabiting the fullness of your life. And then, the life that you acknowledge to be infinite now, eternal now, not existing in tomorrows, impregnates your human experiences out here with the infinite nature of itself in such a way that you might say, one moment in now is worth a countless number of hours, days, months and years, in the horizontal flow of so-called passing time.

I’d like you to develop then, the capacity to reach into now at regular intervals. And you might start just by stopping the flow of the human faculties. These faculties that flow in time, are ever changing in time, are false faculties. They are reporting what is not there, and so we stand in a timeless awareness. All that goes by makes no connection with your awareness. Your awareness remains independent of the invisible flow. While the waters flow by, you stand still in the midst of the waters. And you consciously know that here is the fullness of God now. Here, all that the Father hath is now. The fullness of my life, being the fullness of the life of God, has no boundaries in time now. I extend into every century. I extend before Abraham, I extend after the world, because the Father’s life is the only life I can acknowledge here and now.

That life is not at this point, that life isn’t sitting on the fifty yard line, that life is the entire playing field, and every other playing field. That life is the life you’re acknowledging. And there will be a moment when it confirms within you, yes, I am your life, I am infinite, I am life that ever was and ever will be, beside me there is no other no other life, and I am your life, not a fragment; I am the fullness of your life. Your life and mine are the same One full life. We are the Divine life which knows no beginning, no changes in time, no activity in time, the life which is independent of the flow of time registered by human sensations. That is the life of Christ. And Christ in the Bible, Christ Jesus, lives outside of time. Only an image appears in time, and there is no laying of hands on the so-called victims or problem people because it is unnecessary. Most of the miracles you know do not involve laying on of hands for the simple reason that the Spirit is teaching that your awareness of the life outside of time is the way you live in your inner space, and that controls outer space. When you are in the now, you are in the inner space which controls the flow of things in time in the outer space.

And so, you don’t lay the hands on anything. You can run your whole universe from your living room. You can take every problem that you have and see it as an illusion in time, a time illusion, just as if you had a camera and you focused it on something for twenty seconds, and then you made a snap-shot. That’s what we’re doing cosmically every day. Everything we are is just a changing snap-shot in time. And then, the snap-shot makes a snap-shot of others, illusion is pyramided upon illusion. Everything you’re looking at in the world is a time image, seen by a time image. And the time images are floating by other time images.

But you can develop the Consciousness of now, which reaches to infinity and throughout eternity, and knows no boundaries. And all the things you had sought in the flow of time you will touch in greater abundance in the invisible acknowledgement of the now that is. And they, in turn, will be activated by the Ghost into the appearances that flow in time. That is putting substance, and that is speaking with tongues. That is the real speaking with tongues, when you touch the now. Then although in the visible it has not yet appeared, you are contacting the simultaneous opposites which occur in the invisible Spirit now. And then they appear spread out in slow motion time in a sequence with a beginning and an end. You are speaking in tongues. You are bringing forth the now into the flow of time.

When here and there are simultaneous, you are overcoming the false appearance of separations in space. When activities are simultaneous, such as the Christ stepping on the ship that suddenly, instantly, is on the shore, you are being taught that now everything happens in the now at one time, it is simultaneous. It is only when a human mind sees the simultaneity that it interprets it as a flow of events in time. “Son, all that I have is thine,” now. As you know this, you are at the hub of the wheel, you’re not spinning in the outer perimeter, but you must practice it. You must give time to living in the now. And I find you must also give time to halting the flow of time consciously by knowing it isn’t passing. When you are told that time is moving backward, it may stimulate you into realizing certain things that had been incomprehensible to you, but had always intrigued you in some way. You might even look at certain things in the Bible and suddenly see them for what they were trying to tell us. I’m not going to over-dwell on that, but I’d like you to see a few of them so you will understand the meaning of time as going backward. This one is, we’ll start I think at the Psalms 22, 17 and 18. I’m back with the bones.

I may tell all my bones: they look and stare upon me. They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture.”

Now this has been interpreted as a prophecy, because we’re thinking from the standpoint of time. In time, this may come true. But forget time, and see that somebody is standing in the now, and seeing it now. And it happens to be in the Psalms five hundred or a thousand years before it ever happens in time. Now, if it’s already happened in the now, when we come to it in time, isn’t time a replay? We think of it as a prophecy of the future, but it’s not. It’s a statement of the now. And because our human senses live in time, we misinterpret the statement of now as a prophecy of something that will happen. It isn’t that at all. That which finally happens is simply a past event catching up to those who live in the past. This has happened at this point, in the now. If it happens five hundred years later, it’s already happened, and so, it is walking backward in time. And so, you see it at the crucifixion, in John 19. It just comes into the flow of time and we accept it as just happening then, but that isn’t when it happened.

In the 23rd and 24th verse we read this:

And then the soldiers when they had crucified Jesus, took his garments, and made from part to every soldier a part, and also his coat: and now the coat was without seam, woven from the top throughout.

This was the statement of the now appearing in time. When you touch the now in Consciousness it appears in time. And because the omnipotent mind of the Father knoweth all things, when you touch that mind in the now, it will shine forth in the time flow as that which was needed. It could happen five hundred years ago as far as touching the now, and it might show forth in a lifetime five hundred years from now. The moment you touch the now it must appear in time. And that’s the meaning that you find here, that the scripture may be fulfilled. It keeps saying that.

Now look at another one: 33 to 36. And this is about the bones.

But when they came to Jesus, and saw that he was dead already, they brake not his legs.”

The Christ, being one Self, infinite and eternal, is not destructible, and this is demonstrating that to us, but, way back in Psalms, we heard about it. Spirit there was touching the now for us, to show us that whatever you touch in the now will appear in time.

If you touch abundance in the now, it will multiply loaves and fishes in time. If you touch something in the now, it will change the weather. Whatever is needed in time will appear if you touch it first in the now. But when you touch it in the now, you don’t try to touch a thing, you simply touch the now, and the infinite intelligence of the Father in the now, then appears outwardly in time as the required image to fulfill the need. You never outline, you never have to in any way, shape, or form, ask or pray for, or even say, “I wish thy will to be done;” this is ridiculous. You simply touch the conscious awareness of now; God is, until there’s an inner response, and then you can drop all care about what you thought you needed in the outer. Things will be shuffled around and reassembled in a way that you never dreamed of.

And, because you need to make transition into a Higher Consciousness, when you touch the now, the Infinite mind will bring forth the manner in which you are to make that transition. And that’s why now is becoming a very important thing for us.

I’d like you to look at Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, in the 14th verse.

I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be forever: nothing can be put to it, nor anything taken away from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.”

Now this is the statement that there is a permanent Spiritual universe. Nothing can be added or taken away. It is Spiritual, it is perfect, and it is now. And everything else is the rotating mirror of time and space revolving, or seeming to revolve, in the midst of this infinite Spiritual universe, reflecting to us the fragments that we have called the lifespans that we live, the parenthesis that we think we come into and out of, and by living in the now you live outside the parenthesis. By living in the now you live outside the false flow of time. And by living in the now you develop Soul Consciousness, because you’ll find the mind can’t do it.

You start with the mind, you’ll have some understanding, and finally, just as the sun shines in the day, and the moon begins to fade as soon as the sun appears, the Soul will overshadow the mind, and you’ll find yourself living in the now in your Soul, not in the mind. And this Soul Consciousness transforms, it transforms the now into the passing human consciousness of time, with substance from the Infinite.

Now, Ecclesiastes has this important phrase:

That which hath been (that which hath been), is now.”

There is your statement. Right now, what we call in passing time, has already been. That which hath been is now. Now this is not the now of permanence, this is the passing now. A moment ago was now, and it passed. Now there’s another now, and another now, and another now, that’s not the now that we want. That’s the now he’s talking about, the passing now into which we pour our life. And this now of the life goes into the past and its gone, and the now, and the now, and the now keep passing us, but there’s another now. If you live in this now, that which hath been, you’re just replaying the past. You’re not catching the now with a capital ‘N’, the now that is always now. And you can expand your Consciousness to that permanent ever Now. It is life eternal. And there’s a moment when it snaps into position for you, and you know, I am that now. That now and I are one.

So, back in Ecclesiastes we’re learning that time does move backward. And we move backward with it thinking we’re moving forward. That which hath been is now, and that which is to be hath already been. Tomorrow has already been. Why? Because tomorrow is just a replay in time of the eternal that exists now. And then comes the line that is so vital to us.

And God requireth that which is past.”

That which is now, when time comes along, it is imitating that which already has been, and that is the past that God requireth. In other words, live in that which has always been. And that is putting your treasures in heaven. That is living in the now that is never less than itself. “Now are we taught of God. Now are we the sons of God.”

——-End of Side One——-

Not one precious drop of your life is ever lost in now. And it truly works miracles in the human time span that we call the parenthesis. All this is part of what we may call our rebirth, giving birth to that inner Self which has ever been now, and which is waiting for the creature in time to awaken to it.

Now, when we say “stand ye still” reach above into your Soul realm to find there the Self of you that lives now in heaven. You are being prepared for the anointing of Spirit, that which occurs beyond the level of human consciousness in the invisible. It occurs outside of your awareness, and you must enter that vast Invisible in order to find this Divine contact. And when you do loose your human identity there, you are picking up your Divine identity. One replaces the other as subtly as the serpent had been subtle, so much so that you, yourself, may not even know you have made a changeover to another identity. “Tell no man,” even applies to that event, that you, yourself, are not told what has happened to you, until you are so completely infiltrated with the Spirit, that for you there is no more a desire to return to human selfhood.

Do you see the preparation that Spirit has prepared for each of us to help us enter into our Selves? It is running a universe that does not depend upon human initiatives. It is far beyond your power and mine. It requires of us that we surrender It and let It run Its own universe through us. We are dealing with a vastness so vast that it can produce human images who have mistaken an eighty year lifespan to be their lives, when they are, invisibly, the infinite life of God. The vastness of this complete infinite plan can never be squeezed into a passing moment or into a human brain. There’s no way, and that’s why we’re told to surrender. When we’re in the fifth world, we will surrender on a different level. We will be out of time, and the things that we now see in time one way, we’ll see those same things another way. The things that we now see in space one way, we’re going to see them another way. It’s just like on that fifty yard line. The play in the middle of the field looks one way, but if it goes down fifty yards away, it looks different.

And, so it is that when you’re in the Soul realm, everything will look different. And you must become accustomed to it now. You can’t just plunge in. Spirit gently shoehorns you into it, so that as you enter this new realm you are familiar with it. It doesn’t birth babies into their tenth year when they start. It slowly brings them into the awareness of what they’re coming into. And we are being birthed into the Soul realm, into timelessness, into spacelessness, and even science has discovered, as we have discovered, that in spacelessness, material forms disintegrate. You begin to see the disintegration of that form you thought was so precious in your own consciousness. You begin to see the futility and the innocence that we’ve gone through in trying to cling to the human sense of life which is passing away in time every minute. You begin to look over your own shoulder, and you begin to feel the great joy of wanting to experience the newness of the invisible, to step out of the form, and not just to step out of it and return to it, but to step out of it forever, not to cling to it, not to want to be limited by it; to step out of the sense of time which limits you to a span, and to live permanently in the Consciousness of a Now which can never be squeezed into a lifespan. You live outside the parenthesis, and when you do, you’re living in the Divine Will. And it is the Divine Will that will help you get to that Consciousness, because the Kingdom of God is not in passing time. Passing time is a very pale imitation that only skims the surface and brings to us a parade of sensations which are nothing but the outer surface impressions that the world mind has of the kingdom. And these fragments we have made our life, they are as false as the life they have composed.

Now, there’s another Self revealed here, just as Adam had two bodies, two lives are revealed here. You have a life here in time which you have called life, but you have a life outside of time which you must learn to call life. And that is the life you must inhabit now, if, for you, transition has meaning. This is a completely inner event, a completely inner practice, and it’s a very private practice. And there will be many around you, even in your own family, who will not respect it, who will not understand it, but they will benefit by it. They will benefit by it because the Consciousness that you release into that home by living in the now of being, rather than in the time that does not exist, will manifest in that home, and around that home, and for the benefit of those people with whom you associate. You will pass the nowness of being, invisibly, through Consciousness, into many you never will meet, and you’ll find that you’re truly an instrument beyond your wildest dreams.

If you look carefully now at the Bible, in your mind, you will see that many of the wonderful things that happen through the instrumentation of Jesus Christ, and many of those going back from that date, through the old testament, had to do with bringing out of the eternal now, the miracle of a perfect God, into the flow of passing time. That would be interpreted as a child suddenly breathing who hadn’t breathed, or a man stepping forth out of a tomb, or a boy sitting up in a coffin, or a girl sitting up in bed, who had been in a coma, and saying, “I want some food,” this is all a manifestation of speaking with tongues, touching the invisible now, which manifests sometimes instantaneously, into the visible time flow. That’s why absent healing is effective. That’s why it requires no hands. When you touch the timeless, the time flow reflects that inner Consciousness.

Our meditation now is three words. God is now. We have meditated upon God never makes mistakes, God is conscious, the Consciousness of God is here.

Now know in your own Consciousness that, God is now, always now; there is never a single moment in time when God isn’t now. And add the word ‘here’. Because there and there, and there, are always here in God. God is now. And when you are able to know this, you are touching now. And it will multiply the loaves and fishes, it will open the eyes of the blind, it will bless you. The will of God in you can be your blessing or your curse. It will bless you if you live in the now of God, for it is the Father’s good pleasure that you live in the kingdom of now. And when you depart from the kingdom of now, the will of God in you will curse you, because as you leave it you walk into karma. Now is the kingdom, here is the kingdom, the kingdom here within me now, the kingdom of God and every power of God. And if I will stand in that place all of time will reflect what I know in the now. There is no death in now, and when you touch it you have eliminated death. There is no war in now, and when you touch it you will never be in a war. There is no disease in now and when you touch it disease cannot touch your life. When you touch now, whatever is not in now cannot manifest in your life. And whatever has manifested, which is unlike now must dissolve.

How will you know when you touch now? You will find that there is no human you, and you’re not a bit unhappy about it. In now, you realize you are incorporeal being. In now you know that there is no place that can claim you are there as a physical form. You feel the strange wonderment of being, Spiritual being, you don’t take up space, you don’t inhabit time, you simply exist as Infinite Consciousness. That’s how you’ll know you’re in now. You’ll feel the stillness of time, the non-flow of it. And though not even one thought passes through your mind, that moment of now will govern many, many, many tomorrows, maybe even an entire lifespan. It will never leave you. And still you can go deeper and deeper, and deeper into now, because it is infinite. And maybe one day you’ll learn how to stay there long enough to birth the Christ in such a way that never again can a mortal mind persuade you that your name is not the invisible child of God. “Now are we the sons of God.”

This is the way Spirit has recommended that we live outside the parenthesis of time and space, but there are many other ways. And as you live in it this way, it will recommend to you other ways. Just like branches on a tree, new branches, new plans, new techniques, all evolve into your Consciousness as you live in this now called, The Tree of Life.

Again, when you are told not to be tempted out of the kingdom, it’s the same thing with now, not to be tempted out of now into the false flow. That’s why we lose all recognition of the importance of birthdays, and holidays, and changing seasons, and weather, and climate, all of these subtle tempters to think there is time in which these things can happen are avoided, because they very subtly draw us back into the human consciousness which is at the mercy of karmic law. We stop walking backwards, and we stop the illusion of walking forward, we live in the fullness of our being which is the meaning of our eternal life. It is all happening in one moment, all of your life is happening, that is the Now. And it will break all of the bonds of the false attitudes we have entertained in time. It will break the false concepts, it will restore the bones to their wholeness. We’ve seen that in scripture many places. It will, “restore the lost years of the locusts.”

I’d like to suggest that today, we challenge ourselves and make ourselves face spiritual truth without flinching, we each appoint ourselves a committee of one and take our humanhood in hand as a child.

Now the first challenge is this: Did Joel die?

And the reason I put it to you that directly is this; When we are told, that this is a spiritual universe and we know that Spirit cannot die, we must face the fact that every individual that we know, who can die, is being regarded by us, with a divided consciousness. The moment we can know any individual who can die, we are walking outside the spiritual universe, and when you are walking outside of it, where can you really be walking if there is no other universe? Now if we are to come out of this Cosmic hypnosis and walk in reality, we must accept one ultimatum to ourselves; you are either the human, not the divine image and likeness of God, or you are the Christ man, and there is no in between, there is no half and half, there is Christ man child of God; or human the illegitimate, the orphan, the one who has no Father, and lives under the law of matter.

Now, we in this class have come to a place where it is quite likely that very little new truth will be added with words, and rather than seek new truth, the time has come to live by the truth that we know, so that if you are walking this earth under the belief that you are corporeal being, man of flesh, born to live and to die. Then the truth even that you have learned has not made penetration, and you cannot accept, or even expect to walk under divine law on this earth.

Now, all of the subtleties of Paul, in his epistles, all of the subtleties of Master Christ Jesus in his three year demonstration, are all pointing to the fact that if this is a spiritual universe, it is not a material universe and this must be faced.

We cannot continue riding two horses at the same time. You are either to live a day in the awareness of your spiritual Self or you must face it that you are going to live that day as a material being under the law of good and under the law of evil. And so now that we have come past the toddling stage, now that we can say that we are children who have begun to grow up, let us see what it means to walk as the Christ, as the accepted child of God instead of the orphan.

We have here a very unusual statement in the chapter under consideration today, it is about the baggage again, but now we’re going to see that baggage in a different light than we ever have before, when we look at one sentence which is the highlight of the entire chapter.

Briefly, the baggage is lost and for three weeks Joel is without it, quite concerned about it, but quite sure it will turn up, but it doesn’t and so there he is in South Africa without his baggage, sure it will turn up, and everyday it does not turn up, until finally three weeks later he says, “I’ve got to find out what mistake I have made”, and he goes into contemplation and meditation to discover what is wrong in the way he has seen this situation. And finally, he sees very quickly, he was waiting for material baggage, and he of all people who knows this is a spiritual universe. And so now the wheels begin to turn, of course there is no space where baggage could be lost, there is no space that baggage could occupy and there is no time in which it could be lost, and there is no time in which it could be found. All of this continues until he is totally convinced that his real mistake was in the belief that there is material baggage, rather now he knows that baggage represents an idea, a spiritual idea, visibly materially interpreted by the mind of man. And so he releases the visible interpretation called baggage accepting the invisible idea of baggage, in Divine mind and says that idea is omnipresent, now I can release it, Divine mind will place its idea where it belongs and in the absence of a contrary belief in a human mind, inevitably the spiritual idea of baggage will manifest where it is needed, and with that he went to sleep, and sure enough, the one who could do something about it, discovered the baggage and there it was.

Now Joel had his baggage, and we all had, we thought, a principle, but all we really had was half a principle, because we only had a story, about a man who decided there is no material baggage and went to sleep, and I can assure you, that if the same incident occurred to you and you did that which is said Joel did, your baggage would not appear, because he did quite a bit more, but as Jesus said to his disciples “There is more that I could tell you but you could not bare it now.” Let’s see the portion of the story that was untold, and lets find in it, the principle that we who wish to walk in Christ can follow.

We see that Joel impersonalized the baggage, he saw it as a nothingness, matter without reality, without fabric, without substance, fine..true. But do you see that he also did this about himself, that just as baggage was not matter neither was Joel, thats the other half, there was no physical Joel to receive baggage and there was no physical baggage, there was only a spiritual universe.

Now over here is the baggage and over here is Joel, what are they, in his realization he saw baggage as an image in time and space and also Joel as an image in time and space, but where were these images? In Spirit, because Spirit is all there is, they were in omnipresence and Spirit Omnipresence is not divided, only the images of form were divided.

The image of Joel physically, was separated from the image of baggage physically, but both the baggage and Joel in reality were pure Spirit, undivided, and it had to be that realization which permitted him to relax and drop the matter knowing that the Oneness of Spirit will ever manifest its harmony where it must, and that invisible Spiritual idea being Omnipresent, when there was no one out here, to accept two images, but rather one who would accept one Spiritual reality then the invisible Spirit being Omnipresent would bring the two images together in the same place, as they were in the invisible Spirit.

Now once you capture, that the word “baggage” is a symbol for everything else in this Universe, then your principle begins to expand and multiply.

Joel’s baggage had to come, because the power of Spirit is ever fulfilling itself, it will not produce an image in the visible, without sustaining that image. The Divine image of man is ever sustained by the self fulfilling Spirit, which is the very substance of that man, and as a consequence, wherever you are, whoever you are and whenever you are there, your own must come to you because you are never separated from your baggage, your household, your companion, your Truth, your reality, all is embodied in the one invisible Self and there is never a separation in Spirit. With this knowledge you can walk the earth.

I can never be separated from anything that is mine, but I must translate these things I call mine, back to their Spiritual Identity. All things are the invisible Spirit and in in the knowledge that Spirit is one and is never divisible, I accepting myself as Spirit and no material world whatsoever, know that I have found the invisible Kingdom of God and that all things must be added in Divine sequence, in the right quantities, in the right place, at the right time and so he rested as we must learn to rest, in fact that not only his baggage had to come to him, but the fullness of the embodiment of Christ had to be revealed in this time, space world of images.

All that belongs to you is ever yours, there is absolutely no power to take it from you, the only power to keep it from you lies in your disbelief in your own Spiritual Selfhood. By the same token, nothing can be added to you, for all that you are or ever will be is already a completed embodiment in the Christ. You remember that in Ecclesiastes: “Nothing can be added or subtracted from the Spiritual Universe”.

When you have a fairly good grasp of this, you do not identify things or persons, but you re-translate everything back to Spiritual reality, in other words, you re-conceive the universe immaculately as it is, and you consciously walk through the immaculate universe, knowing that I am never divided from myself. If I have a need, it is completely expressed in the invisible world, whatever need I may have is already a Spiritual idea fulfilled and invisibly manifest and must come to me fulfilled in my acceptance of the invisible Spiritual Nature of this universe.

You see we have walked the earth and have made ourselves orphans, we have denied the Fatherhood of God, we have insisted that we are material beings and those of us who have even had a measure of the knowledge that we are not, have been able to receive that impulse from the Spirit, which shows you that Omnipotence rests only in the realization of Christ within.

I must be wherever the Father is, there is no place God can be, that the reality of you is not. We are not limited to the form, but rather, we learn that Paul has told us that the false God of this world has made us ashamed and afraid, so that we deny the Christ light within, but Jesus he said, was not afraid and ashamed to declare himself one with God and in the facing of the fact of the Spiritual universe, which is God, which is the one, you find it impossible to avoid that confrontation where you must demand of yourself the acceptance that I and the Father are one, and can never be separate, can never be divided, can never exist as a twoness in reality.

Now ask yourself and answer yourself, within yourself: Who are you? To what name do you answer? Are you walking as that one? Are you walking in a Spiritual Universe? Or are you dividing heaven and earth? Are you dividing God and man? Are you living in a body, in a mind, in a life which is not the body, the mind, the life of God? If you are, then you are the creature who receives not the things of God for one reason alone, you have made yourself an orphan, you refuse to be the Child of God, you refuse to walk in the body of God, in the mind of God, in the Soul of God, in the Life of God, you refuse to accept the incorporeal nature of reality, and for you always there will be baggage separated from you, people separated from you, things separated from you, conditions dividing you, why? because in the world of matter this is the nature of the material universe but in the world of Spirit, which knows no opposite, there is no baggage that can be separated from you.

The Christ says I have no baggage to lose, the Christ says I have no health to lose, I have no wealth to lose, the Christ says I have neither health that is good nor health that is bad, I am neither rich nor poor, I am neither here nor there, the Christ says I can never be born or never die, the only way we can find the treasures of Divine law functioning in our lives is to pass the quotation stage, and spend our day accepting God as the only Life on this planet. We must resolutely and consciously, walk forth with the knowledge that I am Spirit, God governed, living in a Spiritual universe and not under the law of matter. The law of matter has no power whatsoever over my Christ Self and there is no other self. We must learn to look at our physical problems, at our mental, social, economic problems and recognize that each of these problems is baggage, a false sense of a material quantity and quality, and that our good health is only separated from us because we have accepted a material sense of health, our income is separated from us because we have accepted a material sense of income, our happiness separated from us for the same reason.

Always fear confusion doubt resentment, these are the feelings we must look at with the eye of a critic who says, “if I fear I am denying Christhood, if I doubt I am denying Christhood, if I am unhappy I am denying Christhood, if I lack, if I am limited, if I look at the germ and worry about it, I am denying Christhood, if I am separated from my good, I am denying Christhood, I must re-translate myself back into the child of God, the Spirit of God and know that the Spirit of God is now under Divine Law.

It matters not what appears, what strikes, what threatens, it matters not if your toothbrush shows you gums are bleeding, it matters not if theres an issue of blood, nothing matters except the realization that Spirit is my name, Divine consciousness is running a perfect universe here, there and everywhere, Now, and in this acceptance that divine consciousness is the all and is infallible, I can look at the issue of blood and realize the hypnotism of it, I can look at the baggage and say mine own must come to me. Who can take away my health if my name is Spirit Christ, who can take away anything that is yours, what competitor can rob you of that which is involved in your Spiritual Truth.

Our place then is not to go out shopping for new buyers, new clients, new customers, new anything, because this is the physical material self. Our place is to know that all that I shall need throughout eternity is embodied in myself, and that the images of myself appearjng in time and in space, will conform to the harmony of my inner being, when I accept, that the Fatherhood of God is the source revealed by Jesus, by other Masters, as the One source of all Life, there is no other source for Life, no other source for Law, no other source for substance, only the Father within: That is my source and my substance and my Being.

Now when you can say to yourself, who are you? and answer correctly within, you are at the point where you are making a demand upon yourself to walk forth in that Identity.

This morning there should have been an adjustment made, in which you completely re-conceived the physical universe in your consciousness, and saw that there would not be people in your life today. There would not be things, there would not be conditions, there would only the activity of Spirit wherever you went and then as you appeared in a physical form, mingling with others in a physical form, you would not see them as separate from yourself, anymore that Joel saw the baggage as separate from himself, you would see that behind the mask of corporeality is the One invisible Spirit of all, you would be accepting Divine Law, to look unto me, the invisible Father, the one source.

Now we are told by Paul that the first born of every creature is the Christ. We are told in Revelation, that the only true witness to the universe of the Father is the first born of every creature the Christ and we who seek the grace of the Father must accept ourselves as that first born, which is the only witness of reality.

You see we have been too content with the words, too content with the thoughts, the ideas, the intellectual attitudes, too content with being entertained and amused, feeling that now I have this idea I can walk to some degree in harmony.

Now, when Joel lost his baggage a wonderful thing happened to him, if he hadn’t lost it we would not have learned this great principle that I and my baggage can never be divided, I and my good can never be divided, I and my identity can never be divided. We can look then at seeming error, seeming confusion, seeming lack, seeming problems and learn the great truth, that because Spirit is all, there is no place where the problem can be, the problem can only exist in a false state of consciousness. There is no place for it, there is no place for a problem in Spirit and Spirit is all.

Many people have been troubled by the appearance of blood, I’d like those who may have that problem come up from time to time, to know this. The woman who rushed up to Jesus also had an issue of blood, and the symbology there of her being healed by touching the hem of his robe is this, after the issue of blood there was a healing, often times an issue of blood is a sign that a great spiritual change is taking place in you, you may be frightened by it, until you know that, then you will discover the truth of it, that when there is a great issue of blood in some way, it is frequently a sign that you have gone through a great Spiritual change, and the Spiritual change manifests as a physical change and when you know that, you will not be alarmed. This is what happened to the woman who touched the hem of his robe, she had been going through a great spiritual change, the issue of blood was the outer sign of it, and when she touched the realization of Christ that was the end of it.

Do not be alarmed at anything in this world, there is always a point behind it and someday in retrospect you will find that point. Evil has no existence in the Spiritual universe and that is where we are.

Now your function is not to consider the opinions of the world but to be that One, who is a majority, it may seem like a big task, but that is the ultimatum each of us faces when we accept that our one goal is to walk with God. We must be the one who is a majority. You’ve heard the words wholeness, fullness, glory, remember that the wholeness of your being is already established, if you are trying to become whole, you cannot, if you are trying to attain the fullness of your being, you cannot, if you are trying to be a place where the glory of the Father is made manifest, this is another part of the illusion. The wholeness, the glory, the fullness are all established in your being now. God is Ising everywhere. To be the one who is the majority, the one who is One with God, you walk in the realization that God is Ising. God is functioning, Spirit is being its perfect self, and if something seems apart from you, it is illusion, if something seems wrong with you, it is only false consciousness, nothing can be wrong with you, but plenty can be wrong with your false concept of yourself, and therefore get out of the false concept of yourself and accept yourself as God sees you, consciously Christing yourself.

Yes, we cannot tell this at the early stages of this work, but there is no reason why you should be shocked to know that you must live each day as the Christ, in a Spiritual universe aware that you are separated from no-thing and no-one. Christ is inseparable from Christ and Christ is the one infinite Divine image and likeness of the Father. All things translated into the invisible self, are the one invisible Christ. I can be separated from no man, I can be separated from no health, I can be separated from no-thing, for there is no man and there is no-thing, there is only Christ invisible.

Once you accept the fraction, you are denying the Infinite, once you accept the lie, you are denying the truth, once you accept mortality, you are denying Spiritual immortality as the only reality, and so you become observant, diligently alert and watchful. This finite condition does not enter your consciousness to defile it. This problem, this lack, this limitation, this need, you learn the great secret, this need only exists in the false finite human consciousness. This need is already fulfilled, accept yourself in Spirit, accept everyone you know in Spirit, and rest and watch, the manifestation of the need fulfilled, Christ fulfilling itself.

How many of us have not put this to the test, how many of us still think that I can still figure this out for myself, think of the mental barriers that we have built up limiting ourselves to our sense of things, limiting ourselves to our mind concepts. When if the world depended on us, we know very well that that would be the end of the world. You and I weren’t up last night turning the tides, we didn’t get up this morning and set the sun up there in the sky, but in our mind if we determined that we were going to do these things there would be no sun, there would be no tides turned, we couldn’t even make our own hearts beat.

Why not then, relax into that force of being, which now at this instant and forever more is maintaining its perfect Selfhood everywhere. It knows nothing about separation between man and God, between man and his needs, only our human minds know these separations. It knows nothing about germs infecting the human body, it knows nothing about old age, only our human minds know old age, infection, lack and limitation and this human mind and its counterpart the universal mind, in their awareness of a world that is not, have robbed us of our identity.

You depend on no man to reclaim all that is yours. There is nothing any person in this world or any condition among nations can withhold from you. We each have complete and total dominion, over the perfect universe that we truly inhabit.

Now, every moment that you permit yourself to live in a divided consciousness you are turning to the God of this world and away from the Spiritual universe of the Father. There is not a single problem that you have that is real, never has been.

Just the other day I had a little session with a Llama from Tibet, I don’t know if there are any others in this country or not, and he said something very interesting, something I have been trying to formulate into words many times, he said “There are no objects when you remove the subject”, there are no claims or problems when you remove the human sense of life.

Now, these men from Tibet who have been scattered by the communists in China, this would appear to be a very serious thing for the world, but you can begin to see that now these men would be scattered to the four winds, they will appear in many countries and always that which the human mind interprets as a bad thing, is not that at all. Now there are young boys who can study here with this Llama. Now they can receive from him wisdom that the world has not received for hundreds of years.

Always what you consider the bad in your life, is only the breaking up of those barriers that you have built to the realization of Christ and there need not be a continuation of those barriers or of those problems, the subject must be removed, and the subject is your human consciousness. There is a tendency to indulge our humanness, instead of denying it, when we were told to deny ourselves, it was to bring us face to face with the knowledge, that the self we were to deny is the false sense of self and only in the denial of it could the Christ self shine through.

Now look again at your life, at every evil you consider to be in it, and crucify not the evil but your belief that the evil is there, truly when you say there is evil in your life , the real error there is that you are denying Christ, as the substance of your being, and you can fight those errors endlessly and even win some times, but you will still be out of Christhood. Remove the subject, the subject is the human selfhood, there never was one and it doesn’t matter if you see one in the mirror or the one you see in the mirror is occasionally ill, there is no “such” subject, there is only the invisible child of God and when you have accepted that invisible child of God to be your name, then your next responsibility is, to not go forth and deny it, by word or deed.

Look at the Masters, what made them Masters? they walked in Spiritual bodies, they did not walk in physical bodies, they did not walk in human minds, where did they get their Spiritual bodies? where did they get their Infinite Divine Mind? Look unto Me, they merely accepted their true nature of being, as a Spiritual body and a Divine Mind and then refused to go outside of that Spiritual body, outside of that Divine Mind by human deeds, they were True to that which they accepted.

We who are not Masters, have the same Spiritual bodies and the same divine Mind as they, the difference was that they accepted Truth of being and we put it off. None of us have less than a Spiritual body than Jesus or less of a Divine Mind, for we are the same first born, as Paul put it, the first born of every creature, is what he revealed unto us, but the child in us, that is still playing with the milk instead of the meat, with the toys instead of the reality, the humanness of us that still wants to live in the masquerade, refuses to accept that we are that One.

Now there will be a lecture next week, and one after that and one after that, but I can assure you that those who merely hear the words will be short changing themselves, there must be that dedicated effort which rigorously rejects all that denies your identity.

………………………End Of Side One………………………..

If you have a problem and have to figure out what to do, you are accepting something that denies your identity, the correct procedure should be, now let me see, is there a problem in Christ? then the answer follows swiftly, “of course not”, then what is this problem, this problem is the statement that I am not the invisible child of God. Therefore what am I to do, attack the problem or establish identity, so your method is completely different than the world method. Always you do not attack the problem you re-establish identity as the child of God, and as that child, as the living Spirit of God you rest, because all that is existent, exists only in Spiritual Omnipresence and is self enforcing and every problem could only be illusion because God being all and God being perfect, all that remained was for you to know that I and the Father are one Spirit.

It is not unseemly to think of yourself on a level of God, that confusion, that fear that sense of immodesty must go, unless you think of yourself on a level with God you are establishing two where only one is. Only God is Ising, there is no second self, and the you that refuses to be on a level with God is the you that is non existent. Now you have all of the world mind to combat in this, all of the world mind that believes that there is God and, and you have the teaching of Joel which tells you that there is no God and, and you have the teaching of Jesus which says I and the Father are not two but one. Oh you can go through your mind hundreds of times where you had God and me, God and a problem, God and a human heart, God and a human body but there isn’t any such thing there is only God and a human body is excess baggage, and a human heart is excess baggage, and a human life is excess baggage and because of the excess baggage we have the problems in that baggage.

God Is, and thats where you stop and because God is Omnipresence itself, I being all that the Father is , I am Omnipresence itself, when you catch that you are not that Joel who is separated from baggage, or that baggage, but you are Omnipresent, then the images of Joel and baggage are brought together fulfilling their functions, when you catch that you are Omnipresent instead of corporeal form, then all of the physical images necessary for the fulfillment of that which is your corporeal form will flow forth in perfect continuity.

Now the re-identification from man of earth, from creature, from physical self, from physical being, to Spirit which is Omnipresence itself, is the way we must learn to spend our days. The moment I am Omnipresence realized, I am immune from every germ that this world can ever find within itself, the moment you are Omnipresence realized and you can be as you work with it, you find that all physical disabilities are impossible, a physical disability can only happen in a physical being and if you have a physical disability you are accepting yourself then to be physical being. If you are a physical being, naturally you can have physical disabilities, naturally you can have physical problems, but you have made yourself an orphan by calling yourself a physical being, you are not absent from the body and therefore you are not present with the Lord. The acceptance of myself as Spirit is absence from the body and present with the Lord, and only then, does the infinity of Spirit move the ends of the earth to demonstrate the perfection of Spirit, the Grace of Spirit the sufficiency of Spirit in all things.

Now, you are not finite, you cannot be mortal, you cannot be physical, you cannot be limited nor can you exist in time or in space. God does not exist in time or in space, God is not limited, God is not finite, God is not corporeal, God is not suffering, God has no problems and I and the Father are One. You must consciously be that one in everything you think, say and do, you must make the effort to change our attitude, our actions until we can say my Father work hitherto. Spirit is here working, and whatever you see this form out here do is only being done because Spirit within is becoming the activity without. God realized within becomes God activity without, the inner and the outer are one in Spirit.

Now, it would be so easy to continue with great thoughts and great ideas and to repeat principles but theres a job now for you to do, I know you’ve been doing it, what we’re doing today is taking advantage of a great truth revealed in the unmasking of the material universe, Joel completely dissolved every possible idea that we may have had that there is a universe of matter. There cannot be two if God is One and the title of this very chapter saying, “This is a Spiritual Universe”, forever and ever repudiates even the slightest notion you may have as a remnant of thought, that there is any material substance in this universe. There is none and because there is no material substance there can be no material law, you cannot have a law of matter if you have no matter, you cannot have a law of disease, you cannot have a law of supply, you cannot have a law of any material thing because there is no material thing.

Thank heaven he lost his baggage and when he did he found for us another dimension of identity, that I am not Joel, I am not baggage, I am Omnipresent Spirit, the full embodiment of God and this isn’t something to be attained, it isn’t something you’re going to become, it is something you must insist on now, accept now and if you have to accept it five years from now, that will be the now in which you must accept it. Now are we the Sons of God means, now are we the Infinite Spirit Itself.

Now look at your high blood pressure or your low blood pressure, look at everything about you that has been troublesome and realize it does not exist in the Spiritual Universe.

All of the subtle emotional problems, subtle fears, and disquietings they are all a part of the hypnotism that do not exist in a Spiritual universe and there are things that are so tangible that you wonder how can they be possibly be nonexistent. I have that great big cavity in my right molar or yesterday my heart fluttered a little bit, or some doctor wants to cut two inches off my intestines, somebody else talked about amputation. The words, the labels they are in different intensities of untruth, this is a Spiritual Universe. Do you see that when you rest in that you are bringing the infinite law of Spirit to dissolve the bleeding gum, the need for the amputation, the need for the surgery, the need for any of the physical adjustments that have seemed necessary.

Now we’re not looking for new worlds to conquer because we have infinity already established as our being. When you touch your Christhood here and now you are in infinity, you have all the clients that you could ever handle, you have all the profits you could ever spend, where are they? In your Christhood.

You have all the perfection of body that all the surgeons in the world can never achieve, in your Christ body, and that Christ body is always yours. Lets get out of these mortal bodies, living in time, lets get out of them before they become unable to carry on as they are today. We don’t have to fly through space to get out of them, we have merely to accept that I never had a physical body as my real body, I never had a physical heart, I never had a heart that could be well or bad, I always was pure Spiritual being and that pure spiritual being, lives itself without a second mind there, a human finite mind, to fuss and fret and fume and worry, catch the fear and recognize it as a denial of Christhood, catch every declaration of lack or claim and know it to be a denial of Christhood, and recognize that whatever effort is necessary to overcome that denial, that is how you attain, the full flowing Glory, wholeness and fullness of your own being realized as a living experience.

There are two things you could do that would help you, one is to take a specific problem and write a little essay to yourself about it, don’t be afraid of it, put it down on paper where you can look at it. Now this what the problem appears to be and its very real, it’d be real to the medical world, the psychological world, the philosophical world, the religious world, it’d be real to mankind just as it is to the human consciousness of you, but what is that saying?

Now on paper you’re composing your rebuttal, if this problem is real then God isn’t Ising right here, God isn’t all right here, Spirit isn’t the only one right here and there’s no such thing as Omnipresent Spirit.

(tape damage)

Lets take another look at this human mind and see how evasive it can be.

Instinctively we all want to improve and get better, now in your Spiritual realization you know that you cannot get better, and so every time the mind says tomorrow will be better, even then must come this realization, that God will not be better tomorrow, thats just another trick of the mind to put off the confrontation with truth, which says, “Spirit is my name now, not tomorrow, now, now”, then you’ll say to yourself, “well I suppose its a Spiritual Universe but how do I fit in to it?” Thats another trick to the mind because there is no Spirit and you, there is no Spirit and Ruth, there is no Spirit and Will, there is no Spirit and Edgar, there isn’t Spirit and, Spirit is you. Do you see if the mind intervenes and causes that separation in which you think there is Spirit and me, then you’re out of the one, and the law of the one cannot function in two, or one who is separated from the one. Now your mind may even say I understand that and thats not enough, because this is so fundamental to walking with God you must take this into the quiet. Spirit is the reality of my being and thats all I can be and that out there which has the name Edgar, Ruth, Will, that out there, is the appearance of an image in time and space, which is an interpretation about the Spirit that I am. That out there with a name, it will lose its baggage, but I Spirit will not and as long as I Spirit am the consciousness here, I Spirit can send out as much baggage as is ever needed and wherever it is needed. I Spirit am the governor of this universe, I Spirit have dominion over my Spiritual Universe. I Spirit can see all and know all and am all. Differentiate between the three dimensional image that walks the earth in a body, which bears your name and the reality of you which is the Spirit behind it, and know that that Spirit which you are, is the Divine image and likeness of God, Is under Spiritual law, Is eternally perfect, Is never born and never dies, Is before Abraham and emphasize that Is every time the human mind wants to distort and say, “tomorrow this and I will do that”, get rid of future tense. Is, The Lord Is my Shepherd, Thine Is the Kingdom the Power and the Glory, Forever, Is. Every opportunity that the mind gets to wriggle out it will take, but there should be a higher self there saying no, no, Is, Is Now. Now I am perfect, I won’t have to become perfect, now I am Perfect as my Father, Now I Am the invisible Spirit of God, and because I Am the invisible Spirit of God now, there are no problems, for nothing is impossible to God, nothing is impossible to Spirit and that is my name. Now do I have a problem to solve if my name is Spirit, when the very nature of Spirit is Omnipotence, eternally. What could have ever happened to cause a problem in the Omnipotent Spirit, and therefore do not leave your Eden, do not go out of this house of Truth, stand in Eden and watch the problem of the three dimensional image that bears your human name, will benefit by your unwavering acceptance of Spiritual identity.

Now the great secret in this chapter is in these words, Joel realized that the baggage was a shadow in his thought, just think of the power of Divine thought, when a shadow of human thought can stand in the way and Divine thought coming through the shadow of human thought appears as baggage. Think what that baggage must be in Spirit, to appear outwardly as a shadow. Think of the physical universe around you and every bit of it is a shadow in thought, every physical object, even you from head to toe, are a shadow in thought, and we need not be concerned about the shadows. We learn to overcome the belief in the reality of shadows.

Now listen to this paragraph because it may be the germ of your new dimension;

The Spiritual creation is an incorporeal creation, and a proof of it is that there was light before there was a sun in the sky, and if we live and move and have our being in the Spiritual creation as set forth in the first chapter of Genesis, we can have everything we need without having baggage.

Now, to live in the first chapter of Genesis in the Spiritual creation means: to be Spirit, consciously. To get back behind the three dimensional image of form in the knowledge that I Am Spirit and that there is one Infinite Universal Spirit, I’m not separated from it. Only the images in form are separated, the invisible Spirit is One and that is the meaning of Omnipresence. I Am that omnipresence in my Spiritual Identity and therefore all of the images are in that Omnipresence and controlled by it, and then you have dominion over the images, you’ve added the dimension that was missing, Spiritual Identity.

The sense world, that which we see, hear, taste, touch and smell is the unreal creation described in the second chapter of Genesis, this is the mental image in mind”, now here it is, “if we remember that we shall not try to manipulate the human scene or handle the mental image which exists only as a shadow within your thought”;

Just think of it, that great issue of blood is a shadow in thought, that pain in the back is a shadow in thought, all of the physicality of our being is a shadow in thought and we have been trying to repair the shadow in thought, the mental image, without the realization that the Spiritual universe is all there is, and in that change of consciousness, you come ultimately to your peace, in that eventual perfect realization that the physical world in its totality, is a shadow of thought, you can step back and merely know the truth, that Spirit is all and that Spiritual truth that you know, makes you free. You must remember that sentence its on page 102 in the second paragraph its really the third because the first paragraph is a continuation from the previous page, “exists only as a mental shadow within your thought”, then you will be witnesses to the quick dissolution of the mental images. There is no such thing as a material body, there is only a material concept of body.

Now this is the hard Truth then, as long as you maintain the material concept of body you will have the material conditions that go with your concept.

We are all Masters when we walk in our Spiritual awareness, in our Spiritual bodies, in our acceptance of the one Spiritual Mind, with the courage, the tenacity, the willingness to deny all that the human mind holds dear in the realization that this to shall pass.

Only the eternal is here now, that which is not eternal is not here, it only seems to be. Only reality is here now, that which changes is unreal, and we are moving out of the unreal, the changing, the temporary into the real, present eternal now.

One of the finest exercises you can have, is sit back in the quiet and to know that wherever god is I am and wherever I am God is, and that God never enters time, therefore I if I am in time am separated from God, I must be in the eternal not in passing time. And all you need do is sit back and realize that and subtly a beautiful thing happens, without even a major revelation or realization in you, the mind seems to give way to the truth, and ever so stealthily comes something that tells you, you have been released into a higher self. I Spirit am not in time, I Spirit do not occupy space and thats all I need do is rest in that, you’ll be quickened.

Not I will be, but I am, and as I face every situation with the knowledge that I am Spirit, you will find that instead of being crucified you will be crucifying unreality. I am Spirit, Now! I am the Spirit of God all day today, I am the Spirit of God wherever I go and wherever I go the Spirit of God is for there is no other. You are accepting the Spirit of God as you, as your neighbor, you are not communing with flesh and blood. I Am is all that is present wherever you are, and every time someone wants to take something into the future, I Am must be your knowing, I Am now the Son of God. The Is-ness and the Am-ness of your Spiritual self, you must ascend, by the constant knowing that they are your being. God is never future tense, God is never going to become God, God is never going to improve any condition on this earth, nothing can ever get better, don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking that things can get better, in Spirit, in reality, all is already perfect now, and hold to it, don’t wait for them to get better accept their perfection now, in the I Am of your being, and you will perceive the miracle of the truth made evident by your conscious of it.

You’re not going to be better tomorrow, you cannot be better than the Spirit that you are this moment and that is perfect as your Father. Always as we walk with this knowledge, we are one with God and that is the majority, and that is the one power functioning where you stand, this is your freedom, this one being now, the world is waiting, Spirit is now, and all of the waiting is the denial of the fact that Spirit is now. Perfection in health is now, fullness of being is now, wholeness is now, completeness is now, God is now. Accept your Identity as the nowness of Spirit and wherever you go you will see it is true, it will manifest your acceptance of it, there is no future tense in the perfection of being, perfection is now forever and as you witness it now in your consciousness you will witness it in your experience.

Now we are getting out of the consciousness that is divided, not trying to go down a ski slope on two pairs of skis. We’re not living in two worlds, we’re living in the universe of Spirit and whatever appears in the physical world will be under the law of the Spiritual kingdom that we inhabit in our consciousness. Each of us is a teacher, each of us is a practitioner, each of us is the Christ, each of us is ready to bless, the moment we reject the physical self as our being, as our neighbors being.

Now if in your writing down of a problem and you are working it out on paper, you run into an obstacle, that obstacle must be taken into contemplation until it clarifies itself within you, and if in your handling of problems this way you come into some cases and solve them, you will discover principles that will be yours forever. If any of you are able through this method to overcome false beliefs and want to send me your solution to them I’d be more than interested to see them. Anytime you show progress, a form of progress and want to tell me about it, be sure that I will be delighted to hear it because your progress is mine.

There is none of us now, who isn’t far ahead of where we were two hours ago and if you look around you at your fellow man, who is still wallowing in the notion that tomorrow will be better for him, recognize that he too at this moment is that same Spirit you have been accepting as you own. Don’t let the world belief, though it be five million against one take you out of the one who is the majority with the Spiritual Truth. You will do more to conquer disease on this earth than entire medical profession, because you will be at the root of that which agrees with the Father, who says, “all of my Spirit is thy Spirit” and who has said it to every individual on the face of this earth, accept it, then you’re a Divine practitioner, you’re hid in Christ.

Lets not wait for anything to get better, lets accept, perfection is all that God is, now. Let that be the law of your complete Life, every facet of it and as within so without.

Our final meditation then, is only acceptance of Identity, offspring of God, Spiritual being, one with the Father indivisible forever, never separate no matter what the human mind may think and therefore never separate from the Father always under Divine law. Always perfect because divine law can never be less and no matter what may appear, perfection is the reality of your being, never can I and the Father be two, even if I want to be or try to be, it is impossible, for I am the Spirit of God. Every physical denial of that oneness is a lie and has no power to change the truth into something else.

If the earth rained bombs tomorrow we would all be one Spiritual being, perfect as our Father in spite of what appears and in your consciousness there will come a time when this is your conviction, it can be your awareness now in the acceptance, that whatever the Father says is the fact and nothing can change the Divine fact. My Spirit is thine, all that I have is thine, look unto Me all ye ends of the earth and be saved for I am the Lord thy God and beside me there is no other.

If you still have a problem you’re in the lie about your own Identity, that is what you must wrestle with, until the lie is removed in your consciousness, and no matter what the problem it must respond to the truth that makes you free.

Now today you have been given a new patient and that patient is your human mind, its going to do everything to tell you that you’re wrong, but remember the mind is the patient, not you. Give it your love and attention and free it from its false sense of self. As we continue then to obey the law of oneness, that oneness will manifest in our lives.

We get into the Sermon On The Mount next week from law to Grace, don’t forget if any of you care to write what you have discovered, or how you have overcome a problem through this method, or want to ask how you can overcome one that you have not been able to overcome, either way, I’m very interested. We’re getting to the place now where we‘re going to glorify the Father in all our ways and the closer we work on it the better, I look forward to seeing you soon, thanks so much.

In that chapter called, “The Act of Commitment,” by Joel, and followed by, “The Workers and the Fruitage” I think, he has a place called, The Womb of Creation, which is obviously trying to make you think of a different kind of Womb than a physical womb.

And in today’s, or rather this series of talks that we have had, we have talked about an Eternal Womb and we have said, “this is the thing to remember, is that whoever is born in an Eternal Womb, is an Eternal Being; whoever is born in a temporary womb, is a temporary being.” And the secret of the Christ message is, “to know God aright is Life Eternal.”

Now therefore, if you are to follow Joel’s recommendation, if we may call it that, or his spiritual command, that an act of commitment must follow the knowledge that you receive; this is your obedience to the Spirit.

Therefore, if you are born in the Eternal Womb, and are an Eternal Self, you must banish within yourself, all that is temporary, for all that is temporary is a mirage of the senses. There is nothing temporary in the Spirit of God and your ‘act of commitment’ is a complete erasure, a total cleansing of the temple, of the mind – a new Womb, of pure absolute unvarying Truth.

Now you being an Eternal Being, are Self-sufficient. I mean there is nothing from anyone in the universe that you need. It will come to you from others in the universe, but it will flow to that which identifies itself as the Spirit of God. You in your Eternal Self are Self-complete. And that means NOW. And any time you act from a standpoint of incompletion, you are denying that which is your Self and the power is shut off.

Therefore, being Self-complete must become an inner theme of your Soul. I am Self-complete. And I’m not talking any more now about a human being who is self-complete. The Self-completeness is your Self, not your human sense of self. And if you are not living in your Self-completeness, you are piercing the Christ. I don’t care if you’ve only studied a year or ten or twenty. The one who has studied a year is as Self-complete as the one who has studied for twenty. The length of your study has nothing to do with your Christhood.

Now, we’re told in the Bible: Seek, Ask, Knock. This is a sign to you that you are Self-complete, because you simply Seek, Ask, Knock within your Self. I don’t care what your momentary quest is. If there is something that puzzles you about the Spiritual Quest, the answer is in your Self. Everything you need is provided within your own being. And if you have a book in your library, you’re not going to go to the library to get that book. If you have the Truth in your Being, that is where you must go for it. Now, when you’re told to: Seek, Ask, Knock, — if you will accept that in the Spirit that it is given, you find it is the key to everything you thought you were missing. For instance, we had a question and answer period. The questions that were asked during that period could have been asked of the Christ within you. And the Christ within you will either directly give you the answer or direct you to where the answer is. And you’re going to learn how to be Self-sufficient that way, even if you’re on a raft in the Pacific where there’s no one to ask BUT the Christ within you.

The problem with Seeking, Asking, and Knocking has always been, maybe it’s of the word IT. And IT shall be given to you. IT shall open to you. So, what do we do? Somebody says, I’ll ask for better health. Maybe that’s what IT means. And then the better health doesn’t come, because we ask for better health. Someone asks for financial security and IT doesn’t come, because it doesn’t mean that. And we say, What is this IT that shall be given to me then?

And we forget that Spirit has said: IT has no human ears. God hasn’t a human ear to hear a human mouth. We forget that although Scripture has said: Ask, Seek, Knock, IT shall be given, — IT shall be opened unto you, — IT has also said, God is no respecter of persons. So what can a person do turning to God and saying: I’m asking, I’m seeking, I’m knocking. You must be qualified. And you can qualify yourself. YOU KNOW THAT GOD CAN ONLY HEAR THE SON OF GOD. The only one who finds the ear of God is the Christ. GOD ONLY HEARS THE SON OF GOD! If you’re going to ask, and not identify as the Son of God by your acts of commitment, — not just by the word of mouth, — you’re not reaching to the core of your being. You want Divine Power, and now face the fact that Divine Power can only function in Divine Substance.

And if you, by your way of life have not identified as Divine Substance, there can be no Divine Power functioning through you. So you can ask all day as a human being, and you can rap until your knuckles are blue. Where will you knock? And how do you knock? The word righteousness comes in here. Your righteousness comes in there. Your righteousness, your identification as THE Spiritual Self, not asking with words, and examining your motives. What are you asking for? Whoever asks for material things from a Spiritual God is just wasting time. And we think the word “ask” means somebody talking to someone else and saying: This is what I would like.

Now listen with the Soul, and you will see that asking in Spiritual Language is acceptance. The synonym for ASK in Spirit is to accept. You accept what God has already given you, and that’s how you ask. And what has God given you? EVERYTHING. Now, what are you going to ask for? You’re really going to sit down and learn how to accept what God has given you. The acceptance of the Kingdom of God by obedience, and service, and love, and gratitude, — all these qualities open you up, — and you find the only way you can accept God is in the Spirit of Being, not the Christ sitting in a chair, or the Christ walking down the street, but you must accept that there is One Infinite Christ, which you are, And that is the asking. You must know God aright. To know God aright is your asking. You cannot ask by not knowing God aright. And you cannot know God aright if you do not know yourself aright. And you cannot know yourself aright if you cannot know your neighbor aright.

And so it comes down to the fact that you must fulfill My Commandments to qualify you. And my Commandments are very simple. You’ve been asked to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, thy mind and thy soul; and thy neighbor as thyself. And in the fulfillment of those two Commandments, which is Spiritual acceptance as the Allness of God, all your asking is complete, all your seeking is complete, all your knocking is complete. You have established the identity, which NOW sits back and knows that my own will come. Out of my substance will flow that which the Father has bequeathed unto me. You are accepting your Spiritual Heritage.

You are also told to lay up treasurers in Heaven. Now that doesn’t mean laying up treasures on earth. It means the very opposite. And so if you were to seek things of the earth, to ask for things of the earth, to knock for things of the earth, – right there; you have come back to the very barrier; mortality, materiality. There’s nothing of that nature in our Spiritual Kingdom. And after you have asked for these things and have not received them, it becomes clear to you that you must learn how to live here, in the Kingdom of Heaven in order to lay up treasures in heaven. You cannot lay up treasures in heaven if it isn’t here. And that is telling you that earth is not where you live, but Heaven is where you live. And you don’t go anywhere to live there.

We should all leave here today knowing that we have always lived in Heaven, and there is no place else to live. And any time you walk back to earth, to material sense, you walk back into the body of darkness, the body that has a finite ending. Now, that’s a very difficult chore, — to live in Heaven. That’s the only way you can lay up treasures in heaven. You can’t do it unless you live there.

And then, you understand why you were taught at the first lesson here; that you must live outside time, because time is not in heaven. You’ll have to wrestle with that. You cannot live in Heaven if you live in time. You must live outside time to live in Heaven. You cannot lay up treasures in time. That’s the point. Now, however subtle these may be, and however you may think you understand it, you’ve got to live with it carefully.

Now, what are the treasures that you lay up in Heaven? And HOW do you lay them up? Apparently there’s a difference between physical material treasures and Divine Treasures. And one of the greatest treasures is that to know Heaven aright is Life Eternal. You cannot lay up Life Eternal on this earth. You must walk through this earth into the Invisible Reality behind it to lay up the Eternal Life treasure. But the fact that you’re being told to do it means; it is a command. It therefore can be, and must be fulfilled.

Therefore, you should know that you can lay up Eternal Life, which means, Realize It. A human being is reading the Scripture and a human being who is reading the Scripture is told to Realize Eternal Life. That means: Each one whose eyes see these words CAN lay up Eternal Life by stepping out of that human hood. Now, you cannot be mortal and lay up treasures in Heaven. And therefore, you must accept Immortality NOW. The moment you accept Immortality NOW, you renounce mortality and all that it conveys. All that’s implied in mortality cannot be accepted if you are accepting Immortality NOW, which is part of laying up treasures in Heaven NOW. There is no Grace in mortality. There is only Grace in Immortality.

In the Womb of Silence, Joel found a great rhythm. He called that the One Rhythm of the Universe. This may have come to you that way too, in your meditations. There is a vast Infinite Rhythm flowing, and it is the rhythm of your own Being. It is YOUR One Infinite Rhythm and you must learn to feel Its throb, to accept Its presence, and to know that all the treasures of the Kingdom are flowing in this One Infinite Perfect Eternal Rhythm of your very Life. This is a CONSTANT without end. This is the Substance of your own Being. And this Eternal Rhythm of your Substance never can be interfered with by any so-called power on this earth. You need no power to make It activate, to make It flow, to make It continue. It is the normal possession of Spirit, Itself. It is really the Substance of all that you are. And if you can sit back and accept It, you will find that you are laying up treasures in Heaven.

And let’s see if we cannot feel the Infinite Rhythm of the Universe as a positive reality of being, and identify yourself as IT. Not an individual or a mortal or a speck receiving It and letting It flow through him, but the great quality of Being invisible to human eyes, invisible to every capacity of man to perceive and to receive is this great force of Light.

There is no name you can give IT. For every name is inadequate. The moment you name It, you’ve lost IT. IT is Being Itself, — and IT is You. And you should know that every time YOU in the slightest way deny that YOU and this Being are the same identical Self, you will lose that much more of Its power, Its grace, Its substance, its fruitage. And the more you can face every form of outrageous persecution of this world, still knowing, this Infinite Spiritual Rhythm is the very Substance of ALL Being, the more It will express in you. It’s your acceptance and this is how you ask; you accept.

Now, there’s no pain in that Rhythm of the Spirit and any second rhythm is a mirage. And if you can let a mirage torment you, you are denying who you are. And I have had a few of these mirages, quite a number. And I know what a trial and tribulation it is to suffer through them. And I also know what it is to suffer through them knowing who you are. And I assure you that this is part of the Great Plan, the suffering through those antagonisms that come to disturb us, is part of the Great Plan that forces you ultimately into the High Realm of Soul, above senses, above mind. And in Soul, you find all treasures have already been laid up before the foundation of the world.

Now, I want you to think, for the moment, of some disturbance that you have recently had, and I want you to see that the moment that “clicked” into you, and you felt this disturbance, it was YOUR function to cleanse the temple of the mind. The moment! And if you didn’t, it delivered you to the judge. The moment you let it enter without instantly asserting you Divinity, — by knowing THIS cannot happen to the Self that I am, It’s happening to the mortal sense of self, not to the Self that I am. This must be known. You must separate yourself from the self that experiences this momentary, — instantly you must come out of the body is what I am saying.

End of First Section

If you’re still lingering in the body, you’ve been trapped. To lay up treasures in heaven out of a human body is impossible. How often during the day, do you think about stepping out of the body concept? You find to your shock and amazement that sometimes weeks go by before it even occurs to you.

I say: Make this a daily event! You cannot lay up treasures if you’re living in a physical form. You must have periods, — and it seems like we have periods, and periods, and periods and you wonder how you can find that many periods. BUT, you must know this: that you must find periods to step out of that form. And eventually you’ll find this period, and that period, and the other period in which you’re doing different things all come together in one. And in ONE period, you’re accepting Self, you’re stepping out of form, you’re knowing Truth, — you see, it all comes together. Like all the parts of an automobile, suddenly there’s an automobile.

I say to you: Step out of the body frequently. How? You’re not in one. That’s how you step out. No, you’re not in one. And find that twenty seconds of knowing, I’m not in a physical body, until you feel it. You know, FEEL IT. I don’t mean, say it; I mean, it registers! And in that second, or twenty seconds, when you FEEL you’re not in a physical body, you’re in the Kingdom of Heaven. And there is nothing more to do. All the treasures are there. They’re already laid up. You’ve got to go to Heaven. You can’t go there in a physical form. You step out of the body concept. That is how you lay up treasures in heaven. And the Full Infinite Rhythm of the Father which is ever pulsing through Itself and Filling Its Completeness with Its Completeness becomes your daily bread. It actually appears outwardly as YOU. That daily bread is the appearance of you in the world. And you’re more than an instrument for the Spirit. YOU ARE IT expressing Itself.

Now, what is you single eye? If you’re not in It, you are in a body of darkness, It says. And a body of darkness is the same as a body of death. But if you’re in It, you’re in a body of Light, which is the same as Eternal Life. What is your single eye? Is it something over here? Or is it Infinite? We’ll have to see that our Infinite Soul is our single eye. And as long as you remain in the mind, you’re not in your single eye. As long as you remain in the five senses, you’re not in your single eye.

And remaining in the five senses means believing what the senses experience. You don’t get out of the senses; you rise to the level where you do not believe the senses. You believe the senses are reporting a material world, and that’s all you believe. But you know that the senses cannot report a Spiritual Universe and then you’re out of the senses. They still continue to function like traffic signals. But you don’t put your total life into what they are saying any more. You are in a realm above them. You‘re in the single eye which ONLY sows to Spirit, without any effort. You’re in the fields that are “white to harvest”. And you’re watching the fruitage, the treasures of the Kingdom externalize as the very daily bread of your True Being.

Now, what are the traps? When without realizing it, you deny who you are. If you don’t recognize the traps, you’ll fall into them one by one, in recurring fantasies.

You know, there’s something that sounds very holy about the first chapter of Genesis, but you can bring it down to a place where you see it, almost the way Moses intended it. He just looked at the chaos of his people, and he said, Oh, my goodness! Just look at that! Everything is wrong out there, and I don’t know how in the world those people are ever going to learn WHY it’s wrong. And rather than give them a long lecture he just said a few words. He told them what their condition was, was not what God had created. He said, Yes you’re all of this and that and the other thing, all these terrible things, but remember this: God created man in His own Image. He was telling them that this physical person out here, this physical human race, all these suffering people, — he was saying to them very simply, You’re not the Divine Image, you’re not what God created. You simply are not what God created and as long as you stay in that condition of being what God didn’t create, there’s no hope for you. God created His Image and Likeness and that means there is an Image and Likeness of God that you’ll have to accept for yourself; not this thing that you call a person.

Jesus had another way of saying it. He just looked out on the same people, the same suffering humanity, and he labeled them. He told them who they were. He said, you know who you really are, — you’re just the “poor in spirit”, that’s all. That’s all you really are. Don’t worry so much because I know you’re suffering and all that, but you’re only real problem is, you’re the poor in Spirit. And the Truth is that you‘re really blessed. You’re not “poor in spirit” at all; you just don’t know that THIS that is walking out here, this “poor in spirit” individual isn’t YOU at all. The “rich in spirit” is you. YOU ARE THE SPIRIT. Not the “poor in spirit”. And when you know this difference, you’ll stop being the “poor in spirit”. The “poor in spirit” are those who are living as matter. That’s the only fallen race there is; those who live in matter, because they don’t know they are the Spirit.

Now, this form; the clue to us was given many ways, that this form isn’t us. And that’s why, when Jesus took on Simon, he changed his name to Peter. You have a certain given name, fine. But it doesn’t want you to see yourself as that person. Simon becomes Peter, meaning matter has now been advised that it is Spirit, that the matter is an illusion of the senses and the Spirit is there. You don’t have to take on a new name other than Christ, Spirit. Your function, hereafter, is to live in Heaven and to be Spirit. Everything else that you will be taught will be to help you BE Spirit, living in Heaven. It’s yea to that, and nay to the other.

Now, anything else that I have to say is really a repetition at this point. We’re going to do an important exercise now and it is to find and accept your Infinite Self in all of Eternity. You can never be less because God is ALL and God is never less. We want you to come out of the confines of the mortal mind. In this exercise, you are living in every century that ever has existed, right now. That is the Truth of your Eternal Self. It can’t live in a passing century as the human mind does. It lives in the Allness, Always, and that is the only YOU there is. You’re not in passing minutes or days or hours, or months or years, or even centuries.

You must extend yourself throughout all time that ever has been in one direction, and throughout all time that ever will be in the other direction, and just let it keep going in both directions as far as you can, and swing it around in a great big vast Infinite Circle, so that you know, THIS IS YOUR LIFE, NOW. And it’s not experiencing the passing parade of centuries as man does. We are laying up treasures in Heaven.

We, who have come from the Eternal Womb, live in Eternity. And we simply rest in that knowledge. And whatever will appear will be the Substance of Eternity, made Flesh. There are no heart-beats in your Eternal Self. There are no bones or muscles. There are no life-spans. THERE IS PURE ETERNAL BEING. Before Jesus, before Isaiah, before Moses, before Abraham, before the first so-called man appeared on earth, YOUR BEING IS, AND ALWAYS IS. And far out into the thirtieth century and fortieth century, call it whatever century you like, into all of the Infinitude of time, if you are living in the knowledge of your Eternal Self; that which flows into your present, will be from the fullness of your own substance. It will be ordained. It will be the Father, living Itself. You can do more, in ten minutes a day with this, than you can do by working forty hours a week on a job. I mean that sincerely.

That doesn’t mean that all of us should turn away from our vocations or anything like that. It means, give this ten minutes of your time, and watch what it does. In other words, we’re getting into acts of commitment. If the Spirit says, Lay up treasures in Heaven, do something about it. Realize your Eternal Life in a ten minute meditation, and you’re laying up treasures in Heaven. Step out of the physical body, and you’re laying up treasures in Heaven. Do you see what I’m trying to get to? Do something about it? Something Spiritual. And every time you read another command, do something about it. Don’t be satisfied to read it. Without an act of commitment, you’ve got a little seed in your hand with no soil. It isn’t planted. It won’t grow. These acts of commitment, in Spirit, in which you are willing to accept the miracle of Spirit, and to step out of the finite boundaries of a mind that says, Impossible! And be open to the unexpected. These are the moments when the greatest work is done.

Do you know that when you extend your conscious awareness to your Eternal Life, that you are erasing past karma; and allegedly future karma? You are! You are reaching into that which is no longer time and you are erasing that which seems to have happened in time. You are filling empty vessels of time with Spiritual Substance. You are taking a dead past, and making it a living NOW, and a dead future, and making it a living NOW. And, though the mind may not grasp this, the fruits of it are enormous.

So it is with space sometime, just as we did in class several times ago. Do it in time. Do it in space and you’ll find you’re out of the form. This is how you lay up treasures, and this is how you develop the single eye. This is how you sow. While you’re doing THAT, the cosmic mind is absolutely powerless against you. These are those time-bombs that we drop to the levels below the subconscious even, to the very lowest, deepest levels of the subconscious. By standing in the Eternal Self that way, we dissolve all false powers of the world mind.

And one of the great traps that people fall into in denying who they are is that they want to use this power against the false power. That’s not too bad compared to other things you could have done, but there’s a higher way, and it’s the knowledge of this Rhythm as your Being. And It is telling you that nothing else but Itself can happen. Whatever is other than Itself is a mirage. And you don’t try to remove mirages. If you do, you merely solidify them. The knowledge of you Being is the knowledge that I have need of no power, for there is no other Being on this earth. YOUR Eternal Self is the only inhabitant of the Universe. There is no other. There is no second. And you can walk, physically, anywhere in this world, knowing that there is no other Being than YOUR Eternal Being.

And when you do, you will discover the POWER is automatic, and there is NOTHING to oppose it. It is Self-realized. It is Self-existent. It is Self-complete. THAT IS THE TRUTH OF YOUR BEING. So, whenever you’re trying to find a power to protect against something else, or to attack something else, or to defend against something else, you’re not accepting who you are, and you’re not asking, you’re not seeking, and you’re not knocking. You’re not in the single eye. You’re not laying up treasures in Heaven; you have descended to mortal sense.

Now, some of our friends with us have had some physical problems during these meetings, and we’re all going to meditate together with them. All of us. We’re all going to know the Truth that ONLY GOD IS HERE. And THAT is the Truth. ONLY GOD IS HERE. There’s not even healthy people here. JUST GOD’S PRESENCE IS HERE. There’s no God’s Presence AND another. YOU ARE THE PRESENCE OF GOD. And we are One Complete Eternal Presence of God, with no boundaries in space or in time. We are that ONE and we accept it for everyone here, and for everyone in the universe, and for everyone in universes we don’t even know about. There is ONE, and I am that ONE, and you are that ONE. And that ONE is ever Immaculate, even NOW. This is living in the Finished Kingdom of Heaven, Here and Now. And the sense mind will face this consciousness with no power to enter and defile. It will quietly dissolve itself.

Release your conscious human mind from thought, it is in the way.


Everything starts with one thing you cannot avoid. If you avoid it you don’t have a beginning and this is the hardest part of it. You’ve got to start with a Spiritual body and that means not the body you’re in. Unless you are fortunate and have attained a measure of the Spiritual body but the entire demonstration of eternal life depends upon your reaching an understanding of your Spiritual body. And it’s a glorious opportunity, stakes are high. Now we have to figure out how we’re going to get to know our Spiritual body and we have to really seriously work out a program. I know when I start to work on my Spiritual body I don’t see anything, I don’t feel anything,. I don’t know what’s happening, I just hoped that I’ve worked on it. Well those days pass and then something else happens and something else happens. You’ve got to go through the hard parts at the beginning in order to get to the easier parts in the middle. I’m trying to impress upon you the fact that we can’t start soon enough, and I’ve laid out a plan for myself and it goes something like this;

You’ve got to spend – and you’ll change it as you go, you’ll increase it – you’ve got to spend an hour a day on it. Everyday of your life you’ve got to spend at least an hour on building your Spiritual body. Now if you were trying to build a set of muscles you’d go to the gym probably and you’d get those metals and then you’d start wiggling and get them up here and all that. Now you’ve got to build Spiritual muscles and you’ve just got to do it you can’t go to a gym there isn’t any. You’ve got to work out a program – and my idea is that the earlier in the day you do it, it’s better, but I won’t say you must – you’ve got to give an hour a day to abiding.

Now that’s the secret place of the Most High by the way(we’ve all wondered and guessed and felt), the secret place of the Most High is your Spiritual body, and now it’s not a secret place to us.

You’ve got to be in it one hour a day. If you’re ambitious enough you can sit there all day and get into it, just dwell on that particular point. Now when you spend an hour a day you will find that strength comes from somewhere you don’t now, but it comes and the hour a day is spent in ascertaining what is my Spiritual body? Where is it? How does it work? Is it perfect as they say? That means, what will it do if it’s perfect? Oh when you get through all of this stuff you get down to what it is for. It’s the only body you have and that’s it, you have no other body. I don’t care if you’re a mother with a child or if you’re a newcomer or if you’ve had many years of experience. The only body you have on this earth is a Spiritual body. Before you leave the earth if you don’t find your Spiritual body you’ll have that job next time, and the next time, and the next time, you’re going to be on the earth on and off until you have your Spiritual body. It should be clear but you can’t go beyond that point to progress.

So if you’re trying to learn Spirit, you’re trying to be the one individual that you will know in your life perhaps who has the feeling and the understanding and the experience of Christhood, it’s just an automatic thing that you have a Spiritual body. So get to know it every single day. If you have to get up at four o clock which is difficult for some people, and it’s difficult for you until you start doing it, until you have a motive. I’d get up at six or seven, when I had to get up at five I found a motive and got up at five. Sometimes you have to find a motive to get up at four, you’ve got to spend an hour with this Spiritual body and you may find it’s better for you – I can’t say – you have to maybe divide into two half hour periods, one in the morning, one at night. Just do what you feel you’ve got to do until you get a rhythm, and then before you know it, you will know more than most people in the world. You will quietly know that you see me but that’s not seeing the real me, I’m a Spiritual person with a Spiritual body and you’ll get that feel. Now this is new on the earth. The man or woman of yesterday go on with their way of living but you’ve come into an understanding that there is such a thing and it’s your body. And a year from now if you’re not learning that the Spiritual body is you and if you haven’t had experiences with it and it hasn’t moved in this way and that way, you might as well go out of studying Spiritual living, because it’s the basis of Spiritual living. Without it there’s nothing, although it’s just a lot of words, but with it you’re into the miracle, and the miracle will follow you, have no doubt about it, all they need is your Spiritual body and they will.

So that’s what you’re going to do, I hope. And I would start as quickly as possible. I don’t know if you want to wait till you get home but we’ll presume you’re waiting till you get home, but think of what we’re going to do. So then Tuesday morning you’ll be up at six, five depending on when you report to work or whatever it makes it possible for you to be up that early without disturbing someone else, and now you’re sitting there and thinking;

Now this is my first minute in which I’m going to practice my Spiritual body, what is it? Well the Spiritual body is an invisible body that every individual has although most people don’t know it. Then, the Spiritual body is what we need to progress to the Kingdom of God. Nobody knows it except those students who have lived through the understanding. So I’ve got to get into a Spiritual body and I have another problem there, I’ve got this material body I can’t support two of them. How will I get to think of my material body when I have to hurry up for a train or I have another assignment in the physical world, what will I do? Just forget I have a Spiritual body?”

Well you will have to work it out, that’s your problem. How are you going to do it? Noone can tell you what to do. But one thing is certain, you want to know that you’re in a Spiritual body and when other people around you wonder what are you doing, and where you’re going and so forth, you can’t talk about your Spiritual body. The reason is that I’m not saying they’ll lock you up but you let the air out of the bag, you sort of lose the ability and you have people suggest to you things, “Well if that’s what you’re doing I’d like to get an idea in”, and all that. Nobody can give you an ideas about the Spiritual body it’s your own experience that you’ll have to go by. Oh if you’re lucky you’ll have a friend who’s in Spirit that wants to go with you, you’ll have two of you. That sounds advisable to me because it helps to have a companion on the way because they have ideas and you have ideas, and you’ll suggest things and he’ll suggest or she’ll suggest. I think that’s a great way to do it. In fact it’s probably the best way because it’s pretty hard to work alone. You don’t have the mentally to take care of the changes that have to come up, and it’s nice to have someone around to have the thought ammunition that you need.

I’d like you to get into it now, I’d like you to feel comfortable.

The Spiritual body of course is not going to always be right where you’re sitting because the size of it is infinite. So if you bring it back to a little local spot where I am you’re really talking about a local Spiritual body and there is no such thing, it’s Infinite. And later you’ll reap the advantages of it’s infinity.

Now what are the qualities of this Spiritual body? What can I depend upon? First of all it doesn’t get sick. Now I get sick and I have a Spiritual body and I get sick and now I’ve got a problem. I can’t be sick in the Spiritual body so I must be sick in the material body. What do I do if it gets too serious and I’ve got to work on it, consider it? It would impede your progress. So you’ll try to do things that won’t get you sick. If you’re on a drinking party with people you beg off, you can’t afford to jeopardize the Spiritual body. You can’t afford to anything that would jeopardize it, you’ve got to take care of yourself and be well enough so you can work on it.

Now there will be times when Spirit has a way of getting to you and supplying what is needed, and if Spirit thinks you’d do well if you had a healing of somebody. Spirit will arrange to have that person to knock on your door. And he’ll have some problem and you’ll be saying to yourself, “Well I’m not a healer but I know now that I have a Spiritual body and I know that everybody has including this person who’s come to me with a problem.” So the step number one would be in the healing, he can’t have a Spiritual body and a material body, and if he hasn’t got a material body, how can he have a material problem? So that’s a thought element. He’s thinking or she’s thinking that she has a problem because she’s thinking that she has a material body. So you’ve got a healing on your hands, and it’s good to heal someone who’s thinking that because when you heal them you find that they have a Spiritual body. That’s good for you to know, you want to get that early. Take every opportunity you can to claim the Spiritual body for your friend, but you can’t tell her about it because she’s not in the work. So your claims will be inside yourself unless of course she’s a Biblical student and you can say, “Where’s the secret place of the Most High?” And she’d say, “Well probably maybe the brain”, you explain it isn’t in the brain, or maybe then “somewhere else or somewhere else”, she’ll go on feeling around for an answer but she can never get it until she comes to her Spiritual body. And when she learns that’s the secret place of the Most High, she’ll start looking up everything in the Bible about the secret place of the Most High. And you’ll find perhaps that people will warm up to the idea of religion – or at least what they think is religion – when you start teaching them that there is a secret place of the most High and they have it, and here’s what it is, and the only way you’ll ever learn it is to have the experience of it. That’s how someone will get it. You’ll get it. You work at it every way you can.

I suppose I’d be curious about getting it into my family and into my child, I’d say to him, “How do you feel today and want to try something with me?” I’ll try and experiment with him and see if he feels better, and someway or other I’d want to get this physical body known and I wouldn’t be talking about it. I’d be talking about experiences with it. I won’t be saying “This is this Spiritual body and you don’t have another.” And you can’t give them this information because you’ll confuse them. You’ll get to it later there’s time for it. When you show the fruits of it there’s plenty of time to explain, “Well the reason I feel well and I get over my illnesses very quickly is because I’ve learned about another body”, that’s what you hold it off for when you can give them proof. Nothing works like proof, nothing! Alright.

So here we are still working on the problem of getting into our Spiritual body. Now if two or three meet to meditate that’s your project. Until one says “I felt something different. I don’t know what it is I felt but it was different and I don’t now where I felt it. Something in me felt this something different. I like it. It feels good.” So you try it and eventually you’ll locate what you felt different. You’ll start like that. Now you’ve got to be patient because you’re going to find many moments when nothing happens and you just try this one and that one and everything you try it doesn’t make sense you’re just not getting anywhere. Now there will be those moments and I’m afraid it’ll many of those at the beginning.

Now your ability to meditate is going to play an important role. You’ve got to learn that when I’m not still in my mind I’m not meditating. I can’t think of a lot of things and meditate at the same time. Now you’ve got to get still in your mind and there’s got to be something coming to your attention that enables you to feel the Spiritual body, is something you feel, you know about. You’re doing it yourself or in a group or in a class, a few people in the class who privately you know. When one of you gets it you can shout, “Hallelujah” and she’ll tell you and he’ll tell you what it is he got. And you have to make these difficult starts. I remind you a year from now if you’re even a little but further ahead, but a year from now you could well know that he things you started to do in 1993, to become acquainted with your Spiritual body by 1994 you had some idea of what it amounted to. Now this is new, it’s so new that most of the world doesn’t know about it. Now you can’t do anything except experiment.

By the time we meet maybe in Chicago if you’re there, we’ll have some ideas about what we’re doing, how we’re doing it. I know I’ll be getting something out about it as I can find the way to enter it.

Now let’s go to more advanced students who aren’t beginners. What do we know about Spiritual bodies? Every time you meditate for another fellow and you achieve some kind of an emptying out of yourself and he benefits by it, chances are that you have touched your Spiritual body and his. When he says, “That problem left me I just feel better again.” That’s a chance for you to find out, now what did I do that made him feel better? When did I recognize that he was Spirit and how did I recognize it? And also what did I do in myself to see that I was Spirit and how did I recognize it? Now the reason these are problems that are difficult to go through at first is that we don’t have words to cover it and we don’t have experiences to cover it, it’s a new thing. Oh you may have had your first Spiritual experience forty years ago but you never though of it as in my new body. You just thought, “I’ve just got a little Spirit.” And when you had other Spiritual experiences you thought of yourself as pretty good it being Spirit. But how many people have realized that they’re in their Spiritual body when they realize Spirit?

Now we’re finding it out and I for one I would meditate for someone everyday, two or three or whatever happens. And I check the results very carefully and when they shown that they had received some Spiritual help I’d want to know. I’d have an accurate idea of what happened on the case so I’d retrace my steps, and I’d find the place where something happened in me and then I’d say to myself, “Now if I can isolate this important spot and duplicate it by going inside and know what I’m looking for”, and then I’d help another one and another one, finally something would tell me that you’re moving correctly. That stands to reason we’re all come into that eventually. And when we’re moving correctly we get rid of the other mind which is our usual mind – the one that gets us into all kinds of trouble – finally you may see in various movements someone in the presence of the Master who is not looking at the Master, and everybody’s meditating but this fellow for some reason he’s apart from everybody, you don’t know why, he’s working hard at realizing his Spiritual body. He knows that’s where the activity rewards him. So you’ve got to tussle ahead and I’m sorry but that’s what you’ve got to do to get to it. You’ve got to keep working it.

Then you should have a goal. I would tell you that my goal is to be able to touch the Spiritual body at will at the beginning. Doing a little find it quickly, meditate into it. There is a Spiritual body waiting for someone who has to be healed. But I wouldn’t be satisfied for that. That’s going to happen we’re going to do a lot of that but Spirit says,

You can’t divide the garment.”

Now I’ve got to learn and you’ve got to learn and make very careful notice of this, you’ve got to learn to live in the Spiritual body twenty four hours a day. Now you say, “Well that’s impossible. I have certain functions that cannot perform in the Spiritual body.” I don’t think I‘ll go into that. I’ll point out to you that if you’re caught in a physical body you’ve got a problem. If you don’t get into the Spiritual body twenty four hours a day, forget going to the fifth heaven, the fifth world. You just won’t be admitted. You’ve got to be totally Spiritual to enter the fifth world, and that can’t be any simpler, that’s the requirement. How you make the transition from matter to Spirit depends on your personal self alone. I can’t help you at the start no one can help you do it, you’ve got to make up your mind, “I’ve got to do it. This I’ve got to walk alone.” It’s a hard hard decision.

Now meditation then becomes very vital. Everyone who has meditated with me on anything and who has had results knows that they have been in the Spirit. And they’ve been content to come into the Spirit occasionally, now you’re being told that occasionally won’t do. You’ve got to convert yourself into a Spiritual being or you may drop out of the Infinite Way. You may redouble your efforts. I don’t know what you’ll do. I just know that if you are not Spirit there’s no place for you in a Spiritual movement, that’s clear enough and if you are Spirit you live an enchanted life. I’m going to assume that nine tenths of you intend to make the conversion. By hook or by crook however you do it, you’re going to do it, and it’s the same for anyone. The only way they can learn it is to try it. The only way they can develop a capacity is to keep trying until they can see in themselves, “I know that I’m making progress. There’s something that I’m doing that I can’t do through anyone and I can’t do with anyone, it’s something that I do.” And you’ll have to face the fact that you’re leading a solitary life when you do it. Some of us don’t have any choice because we’ve had all we can take of this world and where it leads us is exactly where we don’t want to go.

So we’re going to take a hard knock. It’s going to be tough and yet the toughness is more important than anything in the world for the one who is doing it. It may even alienate you for a while from your friends. The tough part is it may alienate you from your home, but you’ll find a way. You know you’re not going to talk about what you do. You’re not going to say, “Excuse me I’ve got to go find my Spiritual body”, you’d just be doing it. I don’t think you’re going to have to make serious changes in diet and that sort of thing if you haven’t made it already or not swimming or swimming, doing athletics or not doing, it’s all a matter of concentrating on what you have to do.

Now let’s say we’re in the midst of our training to get there. We know we’re going to meditate in probably the morning or maybe at night after work whatever you want to do, and for one hour a day. Maybe a half hour now and a half hour later. Let’s take a sample. It’s different when you have a different purpose. And our purpose now is to get so still that we’re able to go inside and maybe perhaps we find that we instead of going in as a human being just the way we had we might begin to float around a little bit inside and say to myself, “How come I’m floating what is that about?” You know that you’re making progress if you feel the floating, like you’re not anchored. And start doing it and thinking Spiritual body.

It will help to know that your Spiritual body is always present there is no time that it’s gone. It will help to know that the only time you’re alive – well that’s not fair, you’re always alive – but the only time that you are realizing that you’re alive is when that Spiritual body is working. And if you have the experience of it, I think you will know that you have come into a new level of yourself. Something you didn’t know you could do. Something you didn’t know you had will start to call attention to the fact that you have touched me, you have reached me. And Columbus did it his way, this is a Columbus activity, you’re finding a new world. We are finding the new Spiritual world, and I want to find it. I want to move in it. I want to know that when I move my body I’m not moving a physical body. Something is happening in a different way and I’ve got to find it. If I don’t find it I’m not going anywhere. I might as well be just a traffic cop on the corner. And if you don’t find you’re not going anywhere. We have to find our Spiritual bodies.

So I would practice everyday that time, vary the times if you want, but when you’re meditating keep your inner eye open. For when you feel something special and it goes like this sometimes. Something happens inside, like something seems – when you can’t describe the feeling it’s just different – something flattens out, something is lost, something comes in, something happens and you say, “What is this new thing?” And after a while you may think, “I’ve found my Spiritual body.” And it may check out. You may find that this is something that goes wherever I go. It’s something I never knew I had and it may identify itself. Suddenly it lives and what was alive in you is not alive, something else is alive. This is wonderful. That is your Spiritual body. Something comes alive in you. You don’t know what it is. What can I do about it? I can’t even control it. It does what it wants to do. But I feel it, I know it’s alive, something. I feel a certain life in me I never felt before, and that’s your first experience with the Spiritual body. When you have that experience you’re on your way. That’s the beginning of a change in your life and everything you do to get to that point is so worthwhile that you want to do it all over again, as quick as you can. It feels like the you that was there stopped. Something else began. You can’t place a hand on it it’s invisible you don’t what it is but something else is happening to you as if you were changing life. Making an exchange of living one way to another way. It’s one of the most important things you will ever have done. And you’ll probably mistake it a few times. One day it’ll finalize itself and say to you without saying a word,

I am the beginning of your Spiritual body you’re not creating me. I existed long before you came into creation but you’re just finding me. I’ve been here trillions of years but you’re just finding me. You’re getting to know that I am your Spiritual body.”

Now when that happens you’re being reborn. You may as well face it you’re being reborn and that’s we’re all trying to do and that’s what we’re going to do. That’s why it’s such a first of all a beautiful message and such a secret message. We’re trying to do what no one thinks can be done but no one ever had an idea of doing. And you can see why we’re secret, and this is the way of the Masters, learning it. No hands that can use on it, they can’t use a physical instrument to help them. They’ve got to locate it in whatever way they can and it’s invisible.

How do you think Joel did it? You know he did it quiet simply, hard work. It does itself you don’t do it. You can’t do it. You can’t make a physical body, you can’t make a Spiritual body, all you can do is keep your inner ear tuned so that whatever changes occur you are recording. And there will be a time when something of an important nature will be occurring and you will be say to yourself, “This is the moment when I become aware that there is a something in me that’s going to develop. It’s invisible. My stomach isn’t going to get bigger or my shoulders is going to move or anything physical, it’s totally invisible. It has no weight, no size, nothing, and I’m looking for that needle in a haystack.”

Now let’s try to meditate and we’ll try to point out some things. As you mediate there are several possibilities that happen.

One is you start to meditate on top of your head and you’re looking for lights and when you feel something happens up there you’re getting out, okay.

There’s another way that may surprise you, as you meditate something happens down in you. It’s like digging roots and there’s a time when you feel it inside deep, you don’t know what’s happening but it’s like digging a new plant and then it’s going to sprout later, there’s that feeling, there maybe others.

There’s a third in which it doesn’t happen inside you, it seems to be out there. You don’t know why but it’s out there and yet it’s you.

I point out these possibilities because don’t get any idea that you’re going to do it your way what you want to do. It’s going to tell you what it wants to do and it’s very elusive and so forth. I certainly hope that get some responses that give us hope that we’re making progress. Someone will write in and say, “Something happened I can’t explain”,

Yeah you’re getting to feel your Spiritual body, is that what’s happening?”


Well that’s encouragement and when you get a little encouragement like that somehow it speeds up things and gets a deeper impression and that’s the way we’ll come into it. You are embarking on a totally new thing.

Columbus was an outer sign of an expansion and this inner sign is the voyage of Columbus all over again in the invisible. This voyage is made by your consciousness. Everything has warned you that there is a moment when there are things to do that can‘t be done and you’ll find this is one of them and you will do what can’t be done. I promise you, you will do what can’t be done. It’s the most difficult thing we know and yet when you’ve accomplished it because it’s so difficult you know you’ve accomplished something.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End of Side One ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

You’ll be stymied for a year actually, but I’d like to point out what happens. Your baby gets a bone in his throat, can’t get it out. Now why would you find your Spiritual body quicker than you would normally because you summon different powers. This is do or die right? I remember when someone had a bone in their throat. I could have climbed the wall I didn’t know how to get the bone out of his throat. And you go around doing everything you can think of, until you learn you’ve got to be invisible.

In Kauai when we had all these storms recently, we were able – those of us who were in the storm – to rise just by dent of the storm being there, the waves were dancing high. And there’s something comes to you that you don’t normally have and you respond an that’s how you find your – you don’t find your Spiritual body by will, it’s that hidden, it isn’t your will. But something comes along and makes an earthquake and my God you’re doing this and that and the other thing to protect your child or yourself even. And something happens that you don’t know why you do it, but you do it because you have to do it. And you can expect that you may find you can’t do what you try to do and then suddenly something, calamity or whatever frighten the wits out of you, and make you begin to say, “I’ve got to get out of this situation. I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that. I’ve got to save Joe. I can’t let Joe get sick. I can’t let something happen to my mother.” Something which lifts you beyond yourself and does for you what you’ve been trying to do, find your Spiritual body. See we’re sitting here and we’re saying, “Now I do this and I do that.” In this case you don’t have time to think. All you have time to do is react and you find something is deeper in you, something you wanted to do but didn’t know how to do, and when you’re frightened or whatever you are at that time you do it. That maybe how you come into your Spiritual body.

I’m just pointing his out to you that you don’t think when you have these calamities that they don’t have some good for you. I know we’re all expecting earthquakes in one part of the country and another calamity somewhere else. There’ll be someone in those earthquakes and all of the problems who’ll find his Spiritual body, he’ll have to. It’s like you’ve got a knife coming at you and you’ve got to get out of there. How are you going to do it? Well you just have to turn invisible somehow. The point is you’re going to do things that you are forced to do and that’s one way you’re going to solve this problem. So don’t be surprised if you’re forced to do something, I mean forced. It could be a blessing in disguise. It may be the only way you’ll ever get to develop this quality you can’t develop, you’ll try and try and try.

Way back in school days I remember reading Homer and he had a thing about Ulysses going in the water and over the waves and here was a problem and there was a problem, and I wondered why he wrote all of that stuff? I was kid and I didn’t know what it was all about, but apparently he was trying to give us an impression, this understanding of what had to be done in your development in order to go further. We had to do the impossible and we have to stand by and keep trying to do it until someway something happens and we accomplish it.

It might be helpful if a person finding his Soul body, if he’s open minded enough to do so, to drop me a note tell me what happened, all the conditions and how as a result one time I found my Soul body. And I think it’d be wise if we could keep in touch because I’m going to send out a lot of literature from time to time, and it will always be to try to help those who need help in finding it. I’m trying to figure how I found it I don’t know? I really don‘t know? Just hard work is what I think or long time experience or many many situations that couldn’t be handled, and the only way to handle them is to do the impossible. I don’t remember if we were going to meditate upon it or not but we’ll forget the meditation for the moment.

You’ve got to stay healthy. You’ve got to be in good condition, it helps, it helps a lot. If you have a cold or a tendency to have some phlegm problem and whatever, if your health isn’t up there you can’t perform like you have to. I know some people who they run the track, they swim they do all kinds of physical things to feel right and then they do this. I don’t disapprove of that if you’re not up to snuff on a physicality usually you’re not able to carry out what you have to. So if you decide you’re going to run in the morning at 5 o clock great. You may want to run before you start to work on your Spiritual stuff. One thing is necessary that there need a good foundation in every respect to drop the mind and stand and face the invisible, it takes a lot of you and you have to be up to it.

Now people go to retreats for this sort of thing and I don’t think they’re necessary. I think your retreat is right into your silent room. Your retreat is in the early morning hours when everyones asleep. Your retreat is after hours when before you come home and the office is empty. You just resolutely go about it, put in your half hour, have the half hour left for later or put in your hour.

Joel said and this may surprise you that when he rose it was 3 o clock in the morning, and he was there long before people called him, often till six. Now 3 o clock in the morning – of course he wasn’t a working man in the sense that he had to report to a job – but if you’re not a working man or woman and are free, you can take Joel’s advice that he found it necessary to get up at 3 o clock, because he had to work an hour or so before anything happened. Then when as soon as he would get up it happened quickly.

Now when you find the Spiritual body – let’s presume you found it – it may not stay in one place. It may go a calling. It may show up in a different area, and that’s all you’ll be is somewhere in a different area. A little scary isn’t it? It may appear in somebody’s home. But you can see because of it’s nature that that body is going to help you to do a lot of things.


I think you may find in certain meditations that the Spiritual body is a very very unusual thing. I’ll tell you about some cases. Many years ago we had a group meditation for one of the foreign powers. We wanted to establish the fact that they had no power to do what they were trying to do. I think one individual here and she was out of her body, I know I was, and the out-of-the-body experience was not to bring a healing to a person or to bring this body into action. When we say out-of-the-body we meant out of the body, this body was nothing it didn’t have any part in the healing at all. The out-of-the-body body was the experience and I know mine I tell you I sent it overseas, literally and I sent it to the home of the dictator where the war was starting, and I’m not too sure that a few other people didn’t do the same, and we don’t decide to send the body overseas to a dictator, we just meditate and it goes, it takes off. It is realized right where the dictator is because it’s an infinite body. And when you get into it where are you? You’re into the body and you’re in the infinite body and you’re it, there is no you. If somebody comes into the room and looks at you all they see is a man meditating, but you’re not there except in a form. So you may have some unusual experiences. It turns out rather handy though in the case that you’re doing something necessary.

I remember when one President, somebody was trying to shoot the President, there were a few people who got there in their invisible bodies. The President escaped. There are some strange things happen and wonderful things and it’s just another days work. So when you say to find your Spiritual body it may end up that you’re trying to get out of this body and you may succeed. So I may use another terminology later, at this moment we want to see that we’re trying to get into a Spiritual body that may involve getting out of this body.

Now it’s becoming rather difficult you see, you don’t control the Spiritual body, you can’t say, “Go here” and “Go there” there’s no you left when there’s a Spiritual body. You’re not in control you might as well go somewhere and forget it. It does it. Are you beginning to get a little different picture of it? You’re trying to find something that obeys the Spirit and does what Spirit wants it to do, and only the Spiritual body will do it. I’m sure there are practitioners who have had the same experience of the Spiritual body moving out of themselves into situations, and because nobody would see it of course it could be effective, it could accomplish the mission unseen. It couldn’t accomplish your will, it could accomplish only the Will of Spirit.

Now nothing would seem too strange to achieve the effects of a Spiritual body that’s independent of your body when it’s achieved, and goes out and does things that you can’t do but you’ve got to do and one way to get them done is to let the Spiritual body go out and perform. This is adding the universe to your capacity. I know I’m talking at a point where you won’t be for a while, but I’d just like you to know that there’s no limitation when you’ve attained it. I mean your Spiritual body can go to a living room of a dictator and accomplish something without even him knowing it. We’re talking about getting a radius extended and this is the miracle of the body when you begin to realize it and it’s capacity. It doesn’t stay in the body. Your healings for people will do that, will stay in your body, relatively. After a while when you become adept at it you find you don’t control it at all. It has a mind of it’s own. Always for good.


Now we’re going to take a healing case, just a rather simple one. We’re going to find that in order to heal this man of his situation you’ve got to move beyond your physical self, you’ve got to move into a Spiritual self. You’ve got to find your Spiritual self to help the man. Now I’d like you to try it at the moment and then I’ll give you the problem.


This man will not be helped unless you can attain your Spiritual body.


Well I’ll tell you that the man has AIDS. There’s no way to get rid it just by meditating for him, but if you get into your Spiritual body you’ll find you have an ability to remove AIDS from him. Of course it won’t be that simple that aids walks in and removes it. That’s what happens in the working you do. It all happens because you’re in your body though. That’s Spirits way of showing you that you cannot be infected because the Spiritual body can’t be infected.


Now you still maybe unable to find your Spiritual body. But now suppose you discover that this man who’s ill who needs your Spiritual body to do the work, this man is your brother. You get an extra incentive. Now your tearing around wondering how can I get this body to work? That’s what’s going to happen to you. The incentive is going to be provided by Spirit and you’ll find you come above your level of your capacity, you strain it a bit and Spirit will find a way to induce you into a higher level of capacity. One that will make you available in a way that this man needs.


Well now we must not get the impression that if we’re not going to healing work we don’t need a Spiritual body, because you need a Spiritual body in order to live Spiritually. So that remains the uppermost task. Just the mere fact that you want to live the way Spirit has decided you’re living, means you’ve got to decide to work on it until you’re able to comply with a Spiritual body. In a sense you’re to be envied, it’s hard work but the attainment is a glorious experience. All of a sudden the Bible begins to ring a bell in many ways that you never thought.

Be my Son. Be ye perfect as your Father.”

You never know he was saying, “Get into your Spiritual body.” We want to be the Son of God as a human being. It won’t work. There is no Son of God as a human being. A Spiritual body is needed. In other words get rid of the body that isn’t. You’ve got a problem and I’m going to face you with it every time I can see you until you don’t have a problem.


You know when I found the Spiritual body? When I took that case, that first case. That first important case of the kid who was run over and his mother called me. I was just beside myself. What in the world can I do? I was just in agony and out of it came something different, and I heard his voice out of that dilemma. It may come that way to you. Something you know you’ve got to do there’s no way out. You’ve got to bring him back to life. What are you going to do about it? You don’t know. You’re struggling and striving. He starts to talk. Boy in a coma and you realize I’ve cracked through something. Something has happened to me too. It’s all struggle. It’s not easy work, and it’s going to be struggle for those of us who know that the only way I’m going to reach my hundred and twentieth birthday is come up with the answer. My eternal life is at stake. I promise that there will be a report to you in time. But you first got to go through it yourself and then there’ll be a report. How others have done it. What they’ve done. You can’t make it simpler. The only way to make it simpler is to avoid teaching it and I couldn’t do that.

Now there are going to be some people who figure that what I want out of the Infinite Way a normal life without major problems. I think I can live without a Spiritual body and accomplish that. Well I say you certainly can. You absolutely can accomplish certain harmony in your life without finding your Spiritual body. People have proved that many times. They’re not alive today. The only way they could be alive today is if they had found their Spiritual body. That’s the importance of it. It makes the possibility of life eternal. I think you realize now the importance of it. I think you’re bending your efforts in that direction. I think this class has the capacity to do what they have done in the past. To do what everybody else is failing to do. I know we’ll do it. And I know that next time we see each other we will have done it, because I don’t think we’ll let a night go by or a day go by that we don’t make the effort. Believe me if you make the effort, Spirit has a way of knowing it and if Spirit knows that you’re making the effort, what you need for success in the effort will come your way.


Well I’ll leave you with that problem which to me is the break through into a new way of life. It’s going to be as important as any major Darwin’s theory and Columbus crossing the ocean will actually not be as important because this will lead to the break through of the barrier that all life must die. It isn’t life if it dies.

I wish you luck. I’ll work with you. I’ll give you whatever I can. All you’ve got to do is drop me a note or write or phone. And next time we have a seminar we’ll have a report on what has been done about this Spiritual body. Here it’s been with us so long and we’ve let it lie idle. It sounds incredible that we have let it lie idle. Nobody wanted to take it up and make the effort. Well they maybe they didn’t know enough about it, just forgot about it. It wasn’t just reserved for just a few. It’s for every man woman and child.

I hope you had a happy Easter day. Tomorrow well I’ll say goodbye. 

Something that’s been reoccurring, coming back again and again, is the recognition that we need to die.  Paul said, “I die daily.”  And we are told that we must die and be born again.  This is an actual experience, a spiritual experience that takes place with in us as we walk this path.

Now, all of us are familiar with this thing called a personal sense of self; a personal sense of life.  And this is the self that gets itself entangled in all sorts of problems and difficulties.
This personal sense of self can become quite ill.  A personal sense of self can have lack and limitation as an experience.  A personal sense of self can be lonely and can age.  A personal sense of self can die.  A personal sense of self can be born.  But now we really must face the shocking truth that this personal sense of self that we have been living in and through all these many years and centuries, this personal sense of self is not a self at all.

The self that calls itself mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, or child, this self isn’t a self at all. This self is an impersonal mental image.  The personal sense of self is an image in thought, not created by God and not under the law of God.  The personal sense of self is an image of self projected out of the collective consciousness of humankind. And that is really another way of saying that the personal sense of self is a product of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  It is a part of the belief of good and evil; a part of the belief of two powers.

If you have a personal sense of self that calls itself Mary or John or Linda or Ed or Bill or Tom, then you have a personal sense of self – out looking for God somewhere.   So you have God and a personal sense of self.  And that is the belief in two entities, two identities.  That is duality.

We have lived in a personal sense of self maybe for this whole life time.  But now it is time to come out of that; to come out and be separate.

And so we must face the fact that everything we think is a personal sense of self, is an impersonal mental image projected by the world mind, the world consciousness and has no life in it. God did not create this personal sense of self.  And so if we are walking around in a personal sense of self and there is no life in that sense of self, we are the personal sense of self – the walking dead.  We are the walking dead.  That life is the walking dead.  And it is time to arise.  It’s time to be resurrected out of the grave of the walking dead, out of the tomb of the walking dead and into our Christ identity.

When Christ tells us, “I am the resurrection,” Christ is telling us that we are dwelling in the grave, in the tomb of a personal identity and it is time to be resurrected.  The resurrection is the resurrection out of a personal sense of self and into that Life, that Eternal Life which is your very own Christ identity.

Now we see this in a new light, this dying.  We are to be resurrected out of a personal sense of self and into our Christ identity, because our Christ identity is Eternal Life here and now.  Do you see what we are doing?  The resurrection is not something that happens sometime in the future.  The resurrection is something that happens right now.  Right now we are resurrected out of personal sense and into our Eternal Life known as Christ.

Over and over again we are given several clues such as “Call no man on earth your father, for one is your Father and that is God.”  So you see God never created a personal sense of self. 

Now listen to this – that personal sense of self has no creator. God expresses Itself as your true identity right here and right now. This other thing, this human thing, is an impersonal mental image. Do you see what we have to do here?   Do you see what we have to step out of , rise up out of ?  And do you see what we have to step up into. 

Listen to this chapter from the book The Mystical “I” by Joel Goldsmith because this will perhaps give you a sense of your true identity.  It is called “The Temple Not Made With Hands.”

There is within every person the Christ self, the real self, the I.  On the spiritual path the goal is attaining the conscious union with this self or the attaining of the realization of the Christ as our identity.” Do you see that?  The Christ is our identity. We have no other. If your are entertaining another identity, a person that has flaws and defects; perhaps a person who is so many years old, or limited by their background or environment.  If you are entertaining a person that is presently ill with this sickness or not doing too well financially, all of this comes under the heading of a tomb, the walking dead.  This is the very self that we must be stepping out of because it says “We must realize the Christ as our identity.”

So you see we have got to face this, this is something we must do and do here and do now. And he goes on to say, “If we can overcome the human self, if we can die.  If we can put off that human self with its belief in good and evil and awaken to our true identity, then we are through with patchwork, through with demonstrating some good today , wondering what we will have to meet next year.”  We are through with the happy dream. “Within each of us is the perfect Self, it has never fallen, has never left heaven, and can never gain heaven.  It is already a state of heaven. It is already living the perfected life, the spiritual life, the Christ life – that can never be crucified, can never be resurrected and can never be ascended.  It is already the perfect Self, the son of God, the Christ within us.  It has been called the hidden manna, the pearl of great price and the robe of immortality. The son of God is you, it is I.  Actually it is our Self and we do not patch it up, we do not demonstrate it, we do not heal it.  We cannot even make progress with it.  We can however bring to light in our experience this perfected Self – our Christ Self.  But in order to accomplish this, we do not go into meditation with the idea of meeting some outside problem. Our spiritual goal is not developing a self that has no problems, but dying to the self that has them and being reborn to our already perfected Self.”

Do you see?  We need to face this. If we do not step out of this personal sense of self, this mental image called a person and into our Christ identity, then we are going to be the same tomorrow as we are today.  We will be the same next year.  We will be the same in the next century.

This is an act, an actual act that takes place within our consciousness; that of dying to a personal sense of self and awakening to our Christ identity.  And it must take place here and it must take place now.

The personal sense of self looks out at the world and as a separate being; it has to struggle for its survival.  Where am I going to get next month’s rent?  How am I going to overcome this physical problem I am having?  What am I going to do if the city I live in is attacked?  How will I protect myself from the current flu epidemic?  What am I going to do to provide for my grandchildren or my children?  How will I ever save enough for my retirement?

Do you see?  Any and all of these thoughts are emanating from a personal sense of self.  Let us not concern ourselves with all of these problems. Let us finally and really lay the axe at the root of the tree – the tree of duality, and the root is a personal sense of self.  The root is a mental image projected by the collective world consciousness; known as the tree of knowledge of two, good and evil.

Do you remember in that garden there was also a tree called the tree of life which if we ate thereof we would live forever? And that tree of life is I in the mist of you.  That tree of life is your Christ identity.  You have one identity and that is Christ, made in the image and likeness of God; God the Father, God the Son, one, not two.  And now we must be resurrected, lifted up into that Christ identity and we must live out from that Christ identity. That means that we must be the Christ. We must be the Christ right here on earth and we must live that Christ life.

All that God has, “I” the Christ of you, have.  All that God is, “I” the Christ of you, am.  The Christ of you, your true identity can feed five thousand.  The Christ of you is always about the Father’s business. But this won’t do us any good unless it becomes a living experience. We must become consciously aware of this Christ living in and through our being and then it becomes reality. Then I have realized, made real, the Christ.

How do we do that?  How do we make this transition? There are specific principles which we can practice to make this transition .

There are specific principles that we can practice in our day to day experience to die to this personal sense of self and to allow the Christ identity to come forward.  And one of the most important principles we can practice is learning to be a beholder; learning to be a witness of this Christ acting through us.

When we go into our meditation, which by now we all should be practicing first thing in the morning, it is with the idea that we are going to leave this personal sense of self, this mental image outside our temple and we are going to commune with the Christ within us.  We may begin with contemplation.  We simply remind our self that I already am the resurrection.

I am the ascended One.  I am the perfect One.  By virtue of my oneness with the father, I already am clothed with Immortality.  So that which I have been seeking, I Am.  This other identity is a mental image and I do not have to do anything with it. I simply let it drop away. I do not ask for any headings or any improvement or any patching up of an image in thought. I simply drop it.  Now, I in the mist of me, I Christ, am mighty. I am the life. This I is Christ identity and this is your Christ identity. This I go before you to prepare a place for you. This I is living your life.  I am come that you might have life and life more abundantly – My Life. You step aside and rest.   There remaineth a rest to the children of God and I Christ, your true identity; I am the child of God.  There remaineth a rest. And so I live as a beholder; watching my Christ identity flow forth, pouring out a blessing to whom so ever will and I only have to rest.  I only have to be still.  And in this stillness, in this silence, I let go. God the Father is God the Son. God the Father is living me. No more twoness, only one and I am that one. Be still be and know I within you am God and I am living you.

  And so we complete our morning meditation. And now we live life differently. We do not live life as a personal self. When we get up from our meditation, we are looking to see what direction God wants to move in. If there are things at hand to do, we take care of them knowing that “God performs that which is appointed for us to do.” So the responsibility is on God’s shoulders. God really is living itself now.

And if we have taken care of our tasks at hand, and there seems to be nothing in front of us to do, then we turn within again and we say, “God fulfill thyself, this is your life, and you live it. Pour forth a blessing; pour out something of your Divine nature. And we take a breath, become still, and something will open up; there will be a phone call, there will be a letter, there will be an opportunity for service. There will be an opportunity for love. But remember, this is not a personal sense of love; this not that person again saying, “I love my grandchild, or I love my spouse, or I love my animals,” this is the impersonal Christ Self. This is an infinite Love flowing out to all of God’s creation to whosoever will.  And we are no longer in charge of who we are going to love.

Now, how do we practice this when we are confronted with an image of a tyrant or dictator?  We must apply the same principles to that picture as we do to our personal sense of self, because this is that same mental image that same collective consciousness, the same tree of knowledge of duality.  This is that same mental image that same image in thought being projected. Only now instead of seeing a personal sense of self where we are, we are seeing a personal sense of self where they are. It is the same mental image. We cannot get into heaven and leave our brother or our sister outside. We can only get into heaven if we bring everyone with us.  And so now when we are confronted with that picture whether it is on the news or on the radio, or in a discussion with someone, we must pull our attention within. We have got to die to a personal sense of self, not only where we are, we have to die to a personal sense anywhere – everywhere. 

So we can no longer afford to accept a personal sense of self where this dictator appears to be; where this tyrant appears to be. We have got to die to a personal sense of self there also. 

  When we are confronted with that image in thought, we must find a way even if it’s only getting off by ourselves for a couple of minutes. We must find a way to dismiss that. We must find away to recognize that only Christ Self is there.

You see we can’t claim infinite omnipresent Christ as our identity and have another identity out there; anywhere. 

We can’t have any other personal self and this doesn’t matter if it’s a evil looking self, or if it is a good looking self; if we have a personal good self out there, or if we see ourselves as a good personal self then we are entertaining the walking dead again. And so we must look out there and if we see that mental image we must see it for what it is – this is a mental image, an image in thought being projected. I do not accept it.  I do not battle it.  I do not fight it.  I simply see that it is not real and so I drop it. If we like, we can say to our Christ identity, “Christ what is really there? Show me what is really there? ” or we can simply recognize Christ is Omnipresent. What I am looking at is my Infinite Self and right where this mental image has been appearing, my Christ elf exists right now.

Do we begin to see what we are doing?  We are stepping out of the tomb of mortal existence and into our Christ identity our Immortal Self. We are not only recognizing our own Immortal Self right here where I am, but we are recognizing our Immortal Self everywhere present – the only Self. And we are recognizing only one Father – God.  We are recognizing the One. We are eating of the tree of life in the mist of us.

The specific principles to die are to recognize Christ where we are and to recognize Christ where they are, to live as a beholder watching as Christ lives itself through us and to realize Christ everywhere. These are the principles that when we practice will bring this thing alive, will resurrect Christ, your very own Christ, out of the tomb in which it has been buried.

We are told that there are two commandments and one is: “Love God with all your heart, mind and soul.” And this means to see only Christ where you appear to be. We are told, “To love our neighbor as ourselves.” And this means to do the same thing for your neighbor. You love God with all your heart mind and soul when you see the Christ where you appear to be; when you see the presence of God where you appear to be. And you love your neighbor in exactly the same way as yourself when you see Christ or God where they appear to be. This is what we need to do.  We need to die to our humanhood and awaken to our Christhood.

In the same chapter Joel says “Sooner or later you must be willing to put off the I that is full of errors, full of resentments, injustices, inequalities, and declare within yourself, “I am ready to assume my true identity. I am ready to awaken to the Light of my own being. I am willing to accept the Master’s statement that I am to call no man on earth my Father, but acknowledge divine Sonship for myself.” Until you can do that for yourself, how can you love your neighbor as yourself?  You have not even begun to love yourself. You do not love yourself until you acknowledge your true identity. You are not supposed to love your human self because even when your human self is good, it is not very good. It is not your human self that you are to love. You must love only God and his universe; His world, His creation. You must love only God and the offspring of God. You must love only your spiritual identity because it is your perfected Self.”

Do you see, loving yourself and loving your neighbor as yourself, is not an emotional experience is it?  There is much, much more here. Loving yourself is really the recognition, the realization of your spiritual identity. And loving your neighbor as yourself is the recognition and realization that the one spiritual identity is also their identity. So this loving, these two great commandments are really another way to die to personal sense of self and awaken to our true identity.

Do you see how over and over again we come back to the same experience?  We are here finally in this age ready to hear this message that has been shouted down through the ages and that is: “I stand at the door and knock.” Your Christ identity has been knocking for centuries. Will you now put on this robe of Christhood? Are you finally ready to let go of that personal sense of self? The Christ of you is saying, “”Follow Me,” let that human sense of self go, but remember you cannot just let go of your human sense of self,  you have to let go of all human sense of self -everywhere. You can no longer have a good human being somewhere; you can no longer have a tyrant, a dictator, an evil human being somewhere. You can have neither – both have to go.  Are we ready now; really ready to awaken from the dream?

That I is the secret of life. That I has come so that the whole human race may be lifted up into the “Temple not made with hands.” You see, here it is again hinting again at something that isn’t a personal sense of self.  It’s a temple not made with hands. No, because God made it – It wasn’t made by flesh. Your true identity is a temple not made with hands.

We are to be lifted up into our true Consciousness; a consciousness that does not have degrees of good and evil. It has only Infinite Immortality, Infinite Eternality. What we are dealing with is the truth and when you begin to know yourself as the I that I am, the I that is one with God, then you have hidden manna. Because you see this I, your Christ identity, has meat to eat that you know not of.  All of these scriptures are hinting that there is another Life, another identity and when we put off this mortality and put on our Immortality, all that this identity has is ours; all that this identity is, you become or It becomes you.

When Christ says, “Father, restore to me the glory that I had with you before the world was,” this is what Christ is saying, “Let me have my true identity. Let me have the conscious awareness of my true identity. Let me experience my true identity that you created before the world was.” “Before the world was,” was before we ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil; before we accepted the belief in two powers. “Before the world was,” was our experience in Oneness called the Garden of Eden, where we communed with God, our Father moment by moment.

And so, I submit to you that this world, this world of twoness, this world that we entered once we ate of the knowledge of two powers, two identities, this world will come to an end in that moment that you die; in the moment that you have died to a personal sense of self, and Christhood is resurrected and begins to live and move through you, in you and as you, in that moment this world ends and you have found Eternal Life.  And so yes, “Father, restore to us the glory that we had with you before the world was.” In other words, restore to us our Christ identity so that we can remember that all that the Father has is ours; that all that God is I am. And that “I”, within you, am your real identity.

Let us be of the few that complete this transition. Let us not consider a new year, as that date rolls around, let us consider a “New Self.”  We are going to do this – we are going to die to the personal sense of self; step right out of the grave of mortality and be resurrected into our Christ identity. This is the birth of Christ – this is our Christmas. Finally we are accepting our Christ identity.

Blessings to you who die and are born again in Christ.

Soul to Soul and Spirit to Spirit. Blessings to one and all.

Well, by now I am probably somewhere up near Canada in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or on the way back. One thing is for sure, I’m several hundred miles away from here and yet I’m traveling in my very own consciousness. We cannot get outside of our own consciousness.

Now yesterday I had a meditation which started to reveal something and I will share that with you today. I guess we all struggle with this spiritual principle that this world is an illusion and the reason is, we have a tendency to want to say everything out here is an illusion, so why bother? And Joel, in his book “A Parenthesis in Eternity”, in the chapter, “Reality and Illusion” explains this really well. He talks about how there are races of people who believed that everything out here is an illusion so why bother with anything? And they just sort of sat down where they were in the mud and let everything fall apart. He says it led to a do-nothing attitude. Now, of course, you don’t grow spiritually if you do nothing. Spiritual growth takes effort, internal effort, extreme effort. Effort sometimes like you can’t imagine, you wouldn’t believe it if I told it to you.

So this concept that the world out here is an illusion is an erroneous concept or it is error. If you believe the world out here is an illusion, you’re wrong, you’re not seeing the truth, you are not seeing things correctly.

The next part of this that makes it difficult is you cannot look out here and say this world that you’re seeing is the kingdom because we are told repeatedly, thousands of times in The Infinite Way writings that there is no God in the human scene. The human scene is mass hypnotism, mental images in the world-mind.

Well that makes it really quite difficult to find this middle path between these two extremes. On the one hand, the world out there is not an illusion because no illusion is ever externalized, it says quite plainly. On the other hand, this world that you see, hear, taste, touch and smell is not the world of God’s creating and God is no where in it. Well now, if God is no where in it, sounds like it’s an illusion, doesn’t it? But the world out here is not an illusion. “This world is real,” says Joel.

Then where is this illusion located and what can be done about it? The best way I can explain it is by some of the things that have been revealed to me and maybe you can take them and run with them and maybe you can’t. But we’ll try and we’ll see.

Now, the clue that helped me the most is in that chapter, “Reality and Illusion” in “A Parenthesis in Eternity” because I knew the answer had to be there somewhere and I poured over that chapter and I contemplated and pondered and looked and prayed and begged and tried to see what was being said and so the clue was: “No illusion is ever externalized.” So that placed the illusion firmly within and yet, here comes the next quandary, we are told the kingdom of heaven is within you. Well now, how can I have the kingdom of heaven within me and the illusion be within at the same time? Oh, you can just rack your brain, going round and round and round to solve this.

Yet, I believe it is understandable or not understandable but I believe you can – let me rephrase that – I know it can be experienced, the truth can be experienced about this and then the understanding will follow. First the experience of the truth and then the understanding will follow.

So let me give you a few pointers if I can. Now, listen to a portion of the New Horizon. I know I have been covering this a lot, yet Joel says you should study it for two or three years. So perhaps we’re not doing too badly by looking at it once more.

The first glimpse of Reality—of the Soul-realm—comes with the recognition and realization of the fact that all temporary conditions and experiences are products of self-hypnotism.

All right, so you can pretty much take that to the bank. Is it temporary? If it is temporary, it’s illusion. Is it permanent? Is it eternal? Is it immortal? Well, if it’s eternal and immortal, it’s Reality. So now look around. Can you see with your eyes anything that isn’t temporary? No, I don’t see a thing. There is nothing I see with my eyes that isn’t going to dissolve into nothingness, given time. A law of entropy will strike everything I can see here in this room including this physical body. Then everything the eyes are showing me, is an illusion.

Ah, but you said that this world out here is not an illusion. That’s right, I did. Well then how come everything I see is an illusion? And the answer: Everything you see is not out here.

Well, let’s take the ears. Can you hear something that is eternal or is everything that you hear temporary? Well let’s just ponder that for a moment. I hear my wife’s voice. Is that eternal? No. We know that voice box will someday cease to exist. So that voice is not eternal. What about these birds I hear outside right now? Is that eternal? No, it’s not. Every one of them will drop off the limb sooner or later, given time. Well, then what is eternal that I can hear with my physical ear? And the answer is, nothing.

Furthermore, since no illusion is ever externalized, everything I hear with my ear must be taking place somewhere within. Then everything I see is not out there. Everything I hear is not out there. Everything I touch is not out there. If I smell it, it’s not out there. If I taste it, it’s not out there. Well now we know that the senses can only report an illusion. And yet, an illusion that is not out there. Then what are the senses showing me? Well look at the beginning of this chapter, “The New Horizon.”

The senses which presents pictures of discord and inharmony, disease and death, is the universal mesmerism which produces the entire dream of human existence.

Now that tells you right there, human existence, the entire human existence from the cradle to the grave is an illusion or mesmerism, hypnosis.

It must be understood that there is no more reality to harmonious human conditions than to discordant world conditions.

Ah, so there you go. All of the good—all of the good that the senses report is an illusion. Not an illusion out here because no illusion is ever externalized.

What about that purple mountain majesty that looks so beautiful? It’s not out there. Even a mountain can be destroyed in an atomic blast. What about the beautiful sunset? Sorry, not out there. Even the sun will eventually one day, wind down, given time. What about—well, let’s take Jesus. Is not Jesus eternal? Excuse me, where is he? Certainly not on earth. You might go so far as to say, Christ, the Consciousness that formed Itself as Jesus is eternal, but not Jesus. What about Joel? Where is he? Well I think they buried him, didn’t they or did they cremate him? I’m not sure which, he sure is not around; not eternal. Ah, but now the Consciousness that animated him, that is another story.

Well, I can’t see Consciousness or hear Consciousness, not with my physical ears and eyes. That’s correct. The physical ears and eyes can only show you an illusion and nothing but an illusion. So even the good pictures are, number one, an illusion and number two, not out there.

It must be realized that the entire human scene is mesmeric suggestion and we—you and I—must rise above the desire for good human conditions.

Uh, oh. I thought I was going to God to turn this bad health into good health. Isn’t that what happens when you practice spiritual principles? I thought I was going to God to fix my finances, which are in a mess. I thought I was going to God because if I went to God, the right companion would appear.

Well, I’m sorry. Joel has told us over and over, God cannot be added to humanhood. You can’t pull God into the human scene, ever at any time. God will never operate—I just read it today somewhere—God will never operate in the human scene—ever.

Well, then what is the use of all this? I thought we were trying to take a bad life and turn it into a good one? If you succeeded in doing that, you would still be standing square in the middle of the cosmic illusion and the joke would be on you, because you will have turned a bad illusion into a good illusion and it will still be made of the same fabric, which is nothingness.

The spiritual path has got nothing to do with exchanging a bad illusion for a good one. If you’re looking for that, you’re looking in the wrong place.

And so to continue…

Understand fully that suggestion, belief, or hypnotism is the substance, or fabric, of the whole mortal universe and both human conditions, good and evil are dreams, dream pictures having absolutely no reality whatsoever.

And don’t forget that clue we started with. We are still carrying that clue with all this. No illusion is ever externalized.

All right. So all of these things must be going on within somewhere; the illusion of bad and the illusion of good; the knowledge of bad and the knowledge of good; the knowledge of good and evil must be going on within. That is the only illusion there is.

So he says we must be willing—willing for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear from your experience in order that reality may be known and enjoyed and lived.

Ah, okay. So there is a clue. I’ve got to be willing for both to disappear from my experience. Well, now that really sets up a quandary.

Let’s see what we have so far. So far, we know that if the senses report it to you, I don’t care if it’s your cute little grandchild and I have one of those or your beautiful seaside cottage or mountainside retreat. I don’t care if it’s a Rembrandt hanging in your living room or Mozart playing on your speakers. If the senses report it, if it’s temporary in nature and not eternal, it’s not out there. It is in here somewhere as a knowledge of good or evil. That is what we have so far.

Now, says Joel:

Above this sense-life, there is a universe of Spirit. Now here are two clues right here. Above this sense life means there is some way to ascend up over the senses and there is a universe of Spirit, governed by love, peopled with children of God, living in the household or temple of Truth. This world is real and permanent.

All right. What do we have here? If we can ascend out of the senses we will see and hear and maybe touch a universe, a universe that is invisible to the senses, a universe of Spirit, which is governed by God’s love. God enters that universe. Yes indeed. And it is peopled, there are entities in that universe, called children of God which are living in the temple of Truth. And that universe is real and eternal: Its substance is eternal Consciousness. In it there is no awareness of discords or even of temporary or material good.

What do we have? We have, no illusion is ever externalized and if the senses report it and it is temporary and not eternal, it is an illusion. And the illusion is somewhere inside of me, somewhere inside of you and it’s made up of the substance of some sort of knowledge of good and evil. And yet, if I can transcend that, that mind that has that knowledge, if I can come out of that mind, even briefly, I might be able to catch a glimpse of reality.

And Reality is a universe, a universe invisible to me right now, a universe of Spirit, governed by love, peopled with all the children of God that have ascended before me. That universe is real and eternal. Its substance is eternal Consciousness. And in that universe, there is no more awareness of discords or temporary and material good.

Well, by golly, does that not sound like heaven? Aren’t we told, even as children, that when we go to heaven there is no more crying? No more death? Sounds an awful lot like that same place. Now what do I have to do to get there? Do I have to die physically? No, it doesn’t say that. It says I have got to find a way to come above the sense life or the senses which are reporting this illusion.

All right, now let’s see. What do we have? No illusion is ever externalized. So this world that the senses are reporting are out there, as out there, is not out there. The world that the senses are reporting, the body that the senses are reporting, the wife, the husband, the partner, the senses are reporting; nature that the senses are reporting—all of it is somewhere within. And since it is the senses reporting it, all of it is in the sense mind and so the sense mind must be the instrument of—well, the sense mind must be the world mind. Yes. The sense mind is the world mind because the sense mind has pictures and thoughts about a world, a world that is not out there.

So the sense mind, within you, is the culprit, that is the Satan, that’s the hypnotism, that’s the illusion, it is hypnotizing me into seeing a world—people, places, things, conditions—and making me believe they’re out here.

But the kingdom of heaven is the only thing that God made and God is Omnipresent. So God is out here. I’m walking around in the center of God Being. I’m hypnotized while walking in God, seeing a world that was never made.

Aw, but don’t lose hope. Here stands one named Jesus, who says, I have overcome the world. I have overcome the world. And now his name is changed to Christ Jesus.

Here stands one name Gautama and he says the world is a dream, Maya. But I have come out of that. I am no longer in the wheel of rebirth. I have come out of the wheel, the cycle. I am free, I made it. Well, he seemed rather lofty.

Then here is this man named Joel. Well, what does he say? He says, in his very first book, that he has come above the sense mind and found a universe of Spirit, governed by Love, peopled with children of God, alive, eternally, living in the household or temple of Truth. He’s met them. And he says that this universe is real and eternal and that its substance is eternal Consciousness and that in it there is no awareness of discords or temporary, material good.

Here stands Joel, a man like me, a person like you, and he says I’ve seen it. I have come up over that sense mind world. I have overcome the world, the world of duality, Maya, the illusion. He didn’t have to do anything about a world out here because it wasn’t out there and as long as anybody thinks it’s out there, they won’t find the answer. That’s what he says. Since he found the answer, I believe him.

And so the clues are all here. We’ve only read a page and a half, probably less than three hundred words. And yet, in it is revealed to us that the entire illusory universe is taking place in the sense mind within you and this sense mind is showing you pictures—thousands, millions of pictures daily, based on a knowledge it has acquired over the centuries, all about good and evil and you believe it.

And so you can see, some of the places that I have gone with this, pondering this—this has taken years by the way—to come to this understanding.

Now, this man Joel, has told us that you can ascend out of this mind made up of the knowledge of good and evil and when you ascend out of this mind, you will find an invisible universe, suddenly—well, let’s hear it in his own words, shall we?

The first glimpse of Reality—of the Soul-realm—comes with the recognition and realization of the fact that all temporary conditions and experiences are products of self-hypnotism. With the realization that the entire human scene—it’s good as well as its evil—is illusion, will come the first glimpse and taste of the world of God’s creation and of the sons of God who inhabit the spiritual kingdom.

So, there he is saying the same thing again. You will catch a glimpse. You will see into another universe and you will see children of God there.

Now, in this moment of uplifted consciousness, we are able, even though faintly, to see ourselves free of material, mortal, human and legal laws. We behold ourselves separate and apart from the bondage of sense, and we glimpse the unlimited boundaries of eternal life and of infinite Consciousness.

Now, the substance of this world, the world that is an illusion, what is the substance of it? We’ve been told seventy five thousand times over the years in the books and the tapes, what is the substance of this world? Well, you know the fabric of this world is hypnotism, illusion or world mind, world thought, carnal mind. Right? Sense mind. That’s the fabric and since there’s no God in that, there’s no Reality in it; it has no life, its dead.

What is the substance of this new universe? This invisible universe that the eyes and the senses can’t show you? Ah, he says, its substance is eternal Consciousness.

We glimpse the unlimited boundaries of eternal life and of infinite Consciousness. The fetters of finite existence begin to fall away.

All right, so what do we know? We know we have to find a way to go within and ascend up over this sense mind and set everyone of those senses aside. And if we will do that, and persistently do that, a moment will come when within your being another faculty awakens, rouses up and expands and you will catch a glimpse, perhaps your first glimpse, of the kingdom of the living God, which is eternal. Only it won’t be invisible to you, you will see it with your inner eye; a new sense, a new faculty, a spiritual faculty, a soul faculty. You will see into this invisible universe but it won’t be invisible to you. And you will see the spiritual children of God in that universe and you will know it is made of the fabric of eternal Consciousness

That’s what we know from reading not even yet two pages. He says:

The experience at first will be like watching the world disappear over a horizon and drop down from before us.

And so I imagine you better put your seat belt on because when you have this experience, everything that makes up this world, all of the senses, all the sense pictures, all the mortal thoughts, all the knowledge of good and evil, all the good as well as the bad, is going to drop down from before you; disappear over a horizon—all of it. And in your inner being, in your meditation, you will find that you look into that invisible, permanent, eternal universe, the universe that God made, the universe formed out of God Itself. God is the substance of that universe; that is why it is eternal, for God and Consciousness are one.

Now he says, There is no attachment to this world that is dropping before you and disappearing over the horizon. There is no attachment to that world, no desire to hold onto it anymore. And here is another clue, so listen. Probably because to a great extent the experience will not come until a great measure of our desire for the things of “this world” has been overcome.

Now do you see why we can’t go to God and say, “God, will you fix my illusion and make it a good one? It’s been bad for a while. Would you please wave your wand and make it good?” Do you see why we can’t pull God into the human scene? How can you pull eternal, infinite spiritual Consciousness into a box called world mind, called the sense mind, with all of this grand knowledge of good and evil? How are you going to pull eternal Consciousness into a mind that doesn’t exist? That mind itself is temporary or you couldn’t ascend out of it now, could you?

It can’t be done. It can’t be done. That is why all of these prayers and statements of truth that we think we can use to manipulate God, somehow appearing in this scene; that’s why it doesn’t work. It can’t work.

Let us be mature enough—well, what does Paul say? When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I played with childish things, but now I’m a man, a spiritual man. Let us grow up. Let us see that we are going to have to leave ‘this world’ behind in order to enter the kingdom. You can’t hold on to this world and enter the kingdom.

Therefore, he says, There is no attachment to this world, no desire to hold onto it—probably because to a great extent the experience does not come until a great measure of our desire for anything of “this world” has been overcome. Even him and her and it.

Now, when you have this experience of peeking into the invisible kingdom and communing with the children of God, in this universe governed by Love, made of the substance of eternal Consciousness, at first you cannot speak of it. There is a sense of “Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended”—I am still between these two worlds.

One, the mental image of a ‘this world’ which is only within and no place else and two, My Kingdom, which surrounds you forever and ever, in every direction, for infinity. I am still between these two worlds. Do not touch me or make me speak about this new invisible Kingdom because it may drag me back here. Let me be free to rise and then, when I am completely free of “this world” of the mesmerism and all the mental images and its pictures. Then, I will tell you of many things which human eyes have not seen nor human ears heard.”

Now, are you hearing this? Do you see why he said to study this for two years? I’ve been doing it. I have been doing this.

A universal illusion binds us to earth—to temporal conditions or temporary conditions. Realize this, understand this, because only through this understanding can we begin to lessen its hold upon us and arise out of it. The more fascinated you are with conditions of human good and the greater your desire for even the good things of life, the more intense is the illusion with you. However, in proportion as your thought dwells on God, on things of the Spirit, the greater freedom from limitation you are gaining.

And I read this whole thing just to get to this part here. Think neither on the discords nor on the harmonies of this world. Now that line right there, hit me yesterday. Think neither on the discords nor on the harmonies of this world. Let us not fear the evil of this world nor love the good of human existence.

Now, there you have it—right there. We are not to love the good of human existence—any of it—not her, not him, not them, not it. Well I mean you’re free to love them but you’re loving an illusion created in the mind. When you rise out of that mind and peek into that invisible realm, the Kingdom of the living God, and there behold the children of God and the universe governed by Love, then—then—is when you love the children you behold there.

Now that’s a clue. See if you can take that into your closet and ponder it.

Now, in proportion as we accomplish this, not loving the good of human existence or not fearing the evil, in proportion as we accomplish this, is the mesmeric influence lessening in our experience. Earth ties begin to disappear; shackles of limitation fall away; erroneous conditions give place to spiritual harmony and death gives way to eternal life.

The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension for us.

The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension for us. You see, this is an ascension. You’re not rising out of “this world” out here into some kingdom of heaven in the sky, by and by. That was all wrong. That was from people that did not understand, had not yet had this experience. Because they did not ascend, they had no way to describe it. They didn’t know it existed. This is one who has peeked and is peeking into the invisible Kingdom, here and now. And he tells us there’s a Kingdom here and now. The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension.

It’s done within your being; it’s done in each meditation. Not only is this principle about your entire life, ascending out of this world and into the Kingdom, it’s also applicable to each and every meditation. Each and every meditation is where you have a glimpse of the heaven of here and now, by ascending out of the sense mind.

So this ascension, he says, is understood now as a rising above the conditions and experiences of “this world.” But this world is not a world. It’s not out there. “This world” is the name given to everything you see with the senses which is ‘in here’ in the sense mind; the mind made up of the five senses; the brain; the human mind. That mind is showing you a world as if it is out here, but it’s not. It is a world of knowledge of good and evil in here. In your meditation, as you become still, as you’re not looking for good or running away from the bad, as you step out of or ascend up over that sense mind of good and evil, and all the knowledge that goes with it, then in the stillness, in the silence, you have a glimpse; you peek into the heaven of here and now, because you have ascended up over “this world” and you behold the “many mansions” prepared for you in spiritual consciousness—in the awareness of Reality.

We’re going to stop there. There’s just a little bit more but we’re going to stop there because that says everything we need for right now.

Now, here is what came to me in conjunction with that yesterday. You’re body is not the illusion and so if you look and you see a body out here, and you think that this body out here is an illusion, you’re wrong. If you think you have an illusory body, you’re mistaken. The body is not the illusion. Your body is eternal, spiritual Consciousness formed. Or put that sentence backwards: Eternal, spiritual Consciousness formed your body; forms Itself as your body. In other words, eternal, spiritual Consciousness is your body. So your body is eternal. The body is not the illusion. The illusion is in your thoughts about the body. Your thoughts about the body is what constitutes the illusion.

So, you look; you think you have a physical, material body out here. It’s 50 or 54 or 36 or 27, and you have a belief that you have a material, physical body that is 60 years old and its beginning to lose its faculties. Oh, soon you’ll need a hearing aid and your eyes are going and your reflexes aren’t as quick; you’re almost over the hill. You’re not walking as quick as you use to; it’s harder to get up in the morning; you don’t digest as well; you’re aging. You may even have age spots on your hands. It’s obvious. Any doctor or psychologist would tell you to deal with reality. Don’t pretend that you’re not aging when you are. So that’s the belief about your body. Right? You believe it’s a male body or it’s a female body; it’s a young body or it’s an old body; it has a life span, doesn’t it? Three-score years and ten, maybe a little bit more with the marvels of modern medicine, I think you ought to be able to add ten years in a nursing home where they spoon feed you. Well, that sounds good. Yeah, I want those ten years. How about you?

That is not your body and that’s not out there. If you’re going to come into the truth about your body, the one God made, what are you going to have to do? Well, he just told us, didn’t he, in that chapter? You’re going to have to sit down to meditate. You’re going to have to close your eyes, shut off all senses and what they are reporting about the body and in the quiet you are going to have to realize: “That body is not out there; this is in here. This is a mental image, an image in thought. The sense mind has formed these pictures. But these pictures were never made. God didn’t make these pictures. God made nothing temporary, ever, at any time. Consciousness formed Itself as eternal body. This can’t be my body. This is a part of the knowledge of good and evil; part of the knowledge of two-ness. Well, now let me be still about that since nothing can be done about an illusion other than let it go.”

I am still, I am quiet. God, Consciousness, reveal the body You made. Reveal the eternal body not made by hands, eternal in this kingdom, in this heaven. What is this infinite, eternal body You made? What is my body really like? Father, let me feel that body You made. I will be still now and listen.

If you do this in your meditation and you are persistent, you will have an inner glimpse, a new faculty will rise up, a Soul faculty and show you an infinite, invisible, incorporeal, eternal body; the body of Christ, the Son of God. It’s yours. I can’t tell you about it, you must experience it. If you would know what your body really is, you are going to have to do this in your meditation, several times, until you begin to get a glimpse. And it will come. It really will come. God will reveal to you what your immortal body is and you will feel it. It’s an actual feeling. You may even step into it momentarily. You may actually feel your Self as that infinite, everywhere body. It has happened to me and several that I know. Why not you?

Since we understand now that this world is not out there, since we understand that this world is made up of beliefs in good and evil, in a knowledge of good and evil and that it is in the sense mind and only in the sense mind—to come up over that, all that is necessary is to take no thought about it. When you reach the place—that is why meditation is practiced by us in The Infinite Way, because when you reach the place of ‘no thought’, if only for a second, you begin to have this glimpse of this invisible Kingdom in which you live and move and have your being right now.

You have always lived and moved and had your being in the invisible Kingdom. You’ve never left it. You haven’t left it and you’re not going back. You’re there now. You never left. But you had no awareness of it because you’ve been looking through a glass darkly, made up of the knowledge of good and evil, forming itself into pictures, looking like a world out there.

But now you understand, don’t you? You understand that there is no world out there. You are standing in the Kingdom, here and now. But to have an awareness of the Kingdom means that you are going to have to reach that place inside of you where the world drops away over a horizon and you become aware of an invisible Kingdom. You become aware of an immortal body. You become aware of an eternal companion. You become aware of an infinite supply. You become aware that God Consciousness formed Itself as Itself, everywhere. And you become aware that that is what I am. You are going to become aware of an infinite Christ body, incorporeal, invisible, untouchable by the human mind. You are going to become aware of an Omniscient mind which has all wisdom, all truth in it and it is yours. You are actually going to tune into it and hear your real thoughts. Not the thoughts of the sense mind. Oh, no. You are going to hear the thoughts of the mind which was in Christ Jesus. The Infinite, Omniscient mind which is the mind that goes with your incorporeal, indestructible, eternal body. You’re going to find out that Consciousness really did form Itself as you and that you are that Christ right now.

All right. Take your body as we did here, into your meditation and start from the premise that no illusion is ever externalized. If you can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it, it is of the sense-mind and was not made by God and was not made. With that as your premise, step out of that mind, rest for a bit and ask your Father, God, to reveal to you the Christ, what body He gave you, what mind He gave you.

Do the same thing with your sense of supply, the human sense of supply, as if it is something out here. Recognize that no illusion is ever externalized. It must be within in that knowledge of good and evil and so that is not supply at all. Drop that. Ascend up over that belief. Ask your Father to reveal to you, what is Spiritual supply? What is this eternal, infinite supply, ever pouring forth as the expression of God’s Love. What is that? What does it feel like? What does it look like? And see it. Discern with your spiritual eye.

And do the same thing with companionship. We know what the sense of companionship is out here, appearing to be out here. Sometimes here, some gone; sometimes living, sometimes dead; sometimes happy, sometimes sad; sometimes friendly, sometimes mean; sometimes loving, sometimes selfish. That can’t be companionship. That has got to be pictures, in here, in the sense-mind. Set them aside. Set them down. There is no good or evil but thinking makes it so. So stop thinking and you have the solution. Come up over that thinking sense-mind. Be still. Ask your Father, what is companionship? What is the real Companion? What is the Eternal Companion that will never leave me nor forsake me? What is this God Presence? What does this Presence feel like? What does it discern like? And let the Father show you that Presence that God is, that dwells at the center of you, and in which you dwell; forever one.

It is time, to ascend out of this world, so that you and I, whether our name on earth is Bill or Mary or Susan or Britta or Laura or Dennis or Al or Monty, whatever your name is, Peter or Michael—that’s not your name and you know it now. That’s a sense mind name. One of the names Adam gave to something he couldn’t understand.

It is time for you and I to step out of that existence, out of that name, into—well, a new name. To him who overcomes will I give a new name, a white stone on which is written a new name. And no one knows that name saving him that receiveth it.

So now you know. If you will overcome, if you will come up over that sense-mind, into that place of stillness where the Father can reveal who you are, you will be given a new name. And that name is……

I want to bring you along with me on an unfoldment which came this week. It started with a simple contemplation. I was remembering that Joel in one of his talks, told us that in speaking of error, we could give it any name we liked, any name at all, so long as it meant nothing or nothingness. And I was contemplating that, pondering that, looking at this statement: “This that I am looking upon, this that I am seeing is a deceptive state of thought, a nothingness.” And so I was pondering that statement; any form of error that I look at, any form of error that touches my consciousness, this that I am looking at, is a deceptive state of thought, a nothingness.

This is a spiritual universe and only Spirit is here. Therefore I can relax and rest, and the awareness of Spirit dissolves the image in thought. The awareness of Spirit is our offense and our defense it says in ‘The Art of Spiritual Healing.’ So for a couple of days, every time error touched my consciousness, I sat down and had a little period where I worked with the inner realization that this is a deceptive state of thought ‘and’ I can give it any name I like so long as it means nothing or nothingness. Any name at all; hypnotism, mesmerism, world-thought, mental images, a deceptive state of thought, an illusion, Maya, the belief in two powers, the belief in good and evil, nothingness. I can give it any name I want so long as it means nothingness, even soap bubbles, so long as it means nothingness.

On the second or third day of looking at that, I had an inner realization that my personal self, the person that was born, the human being, is not here. Only Spirit is here. And I only had a little time to work with that before I had to go to town and run some errands. As I got into town, the first place that I stopped at the grocery store, a lady asked me for my name and I told her my name; Bill. And of course, my entire lifetime and I am 60 according to the calendar—and we know that is only the human being—but in all the time that I am aware of, in this life experience, the name Bill has never meant anything to me. It doesn’t even feel like mine, it feels like somebody else’s. As if I am saying Joe Stanalosky; I mean I know no such person with that name. That is how the name on the birth certificate, that is how it feels to me. It has never felt like mine. Even as a child, it has never felt like my name.

So this lady, this kind lady, asked me for my name and I gave it to her and I was thinking about that as I left there and went over to the Post Office. When I got to the Post Office I waited in line and when I got up to the counter, there was another nice lady and she had a name tag on, and the name said, “Gidget.” I said, “Gidget, huh? I haven’t seen that name since the television show.” “Ah,” she said, “that is exactly who I was named after.” And I realized that within twenty minutes in town, twice the subject came up of names. So as I was walking back to my automobile, I was thinking, now that is strange—names, why are names coming up? And then it occurred to me I had been working with the principle; you can give it any name you like so long as it means nothing. And so the wheels started to turn within me and I thought, “Well, maybe that is why the name Bill has never meant anything to me,” and I started to realize all of the people that I know, I can give them any name I like so long as I realize it means nothing.

Ah, now we were getting somewhere. So that stuck with me and throughout the day I contemplated that. When we see a human being out here, any human being, we can give them any name we like so long as we recognize it to be nothing because only Spirit is here. This is a Spiritual universe, not a human universe.

So I turned that to my Self in my meditation that night: I can give him any name I like so long as I realize that it means nothing. And the next piece that came was this: I was reading John, I believe it is Chapter 16 and I read in there, Christ Jesus was saying, ‘If I go not away, the comforter cannot come unto you. It is expedient for you that I go away. For if I go away the comforter can come unto you.’ And I took that into my meditation along with this: ‘you can give him any name you like so long as it means nothing,‘For if I go not away, the comforter can not come unto you.’

And suddenly there it was! Oh, wow! Wait a minute! Yes of course, this is not an external experience in the Scripture, this is an internal experience and the Christ is telling us, if the human being, the name, goes not away, the Comforter will not come. If my personal identity goes not away, the experience of my true identity will not come.

This threw me into looking at some of Paul’s statements, because Paul, on the road to Damascus, was blinded with the realization that this voice of Christ he was hearing, was not in a fleshly body, was not in a personal self, and that was almost too much for him to handle, but then Paul realized at the same instant, ‘and I am not in a fleshly body, I am not a personal life’. ‘I live yet not I, Christ liveth in me.’ And it blinded him, it was such a deep realization, it blinded him to this world and to a personal sense of self. It was such a strong experience that he went everywhere, all over the country, all over the countryside and to several little nations saying, “Henceforth know we no man after the flesh.” Henceforth know we no man. Henceforth know we only Christ.

So all of this came together for me within, in the inner realization that any personal self that you look upon including your own personal self, you can give it any name you like, Adam, so long as you recognize it is nothing. For when that self goes away, the Comforter shall come unto you, your own Christ identity shall come unto you, for I and the Comforter are one.

And this has been my meditation these last couple of days before this talk. You can give it any name you like so long as you recognize it is nothing. This is a deceptive state of thought I am looking at. This personal self with this silly name is a deceptive state of thought, a nothingness. Only the Comforter, the Christ is here, for I and the Comforter are one. And the Comforter liveth my life.

Our mission now becomes the mission of erasing the personal identity, the human self, any human self, anywhere. From now on, it is not our mission to improve that self, we are not to sit down to meditate and add to that self, supply or health or wealth or companionship, employment or anything else. We are to erase, rub out that human self.

I know this is difficult. If this path were easy everybody would be on it. But the way is strait, the path is narrow and few there be that find it. Are you one that is going to find it? That is the great discovery that will blind you to this world and reveal that you are not in flesh. Just think of it; a world in which no one is in flesh; a world in which you really do know no one after the flesh.

This is our work. And I know the mind immediately jumps up with all sorts of questions: “How do I live not in the flesh? How do I deal with other people when I know that there is no one in the flesh? How do I do this? What does it feel like to live not in the flesh?”

Everywhere you go you seem to bump into the wall. And yet, the Comforter will teach you all things – that is the promise from the Comforter itself. So these questions are not answered in a talk, these questions are not answered in a book; these questions are not answered in a lecture or a retreat or a tape. These questions are answered within yourself as you step out on the waters and begin to experience a life outside of flesh. I have come that you might have life and life outside of the flesh. We must take this into our inner temple and meditate on this and contemplate this and ponder this.

This, my human self, born on this date with this name, could have any name at all, but I know that it is nothing. I of myself am nothing. This is a deceptive state of thought; nothing. If this goes not away, the Comforter will not come and so in my meditation, the human self, the personal self, the self with a name, the self that was born, must go away. And this it does in the realization it is nothing. This is a Spiritual universe, this is a Spiritual Self and only Spirit is here. And Spirit lives Itself as Itself, Omnipresent.

Here in the inner temple, you, you deceptive state of thought, be still. Father, raise up that Christ Identity. Christ lives Itself. Be very, very still so that you may behold the Comforter living you. The Comforter lives as you, pouring out Itself everywhere. I and the Comforter are one, and any other name is nothing. There are no human beings on earth, not one.

I lives Itself. I. I am the only Presence. I am the only Life. I have always lived, I will always live, and I am living now. There are no flesh beings. There is only Spirit. Spirit, fulfill Thyself. Reveal Thyself. Spirit is. Spirit is. Rest in that.

Behold I, the Comforter, shall make all things new, including you. The world has missed the Christ. Even when Jesus walked the earth the world could not see the Christ because the world looked at flesh. That is why the Christ said, “Have I been so long a time with you and you have not known me?” This is your inner Self speaking to you; you who believed that you were flesh, so many years old with such and such a name. All of that is nothing. “Have I been so long a time with you and you have not known me?” In quietness and confidence you experience My Presence. In stillness, I come out of the tomb of mortality and reveal My Identity as your identity, as all identity, as One.

Stop trying to add something to this nothingness that you have given so many names. Adam gave everything names, but all of those names are still nothing. Stop trying to add something to one of those names which are nothing. Let the I come forth and live Itself, pour through you, as you, in you. Let the I come forth, let the I be lifted up, I am the Way.

Listen to what was said in ‘Consciousness Transformed,’ the 1963-64 Hawaii Hotel Talks. This was one of the very last talks that Joel ever gave on earth.

“It is not easy to stop thinking in terms of human beings. It takes the grace of God to make the transition, but at least you must realize that you would not be hearing these words and you would not be responding to them but for divine grace. It is true that not all who heard the Master speak rose to this demonstration, and perhaps not all who hear these words will. But, perhaps later!

I feel I must have heard these words from the Master, but could not rise to the demonstration. But I finally made it!”

He is telling us he made it to the demonstration where he was able to stop seeing human beings. And so this is not something I thought up, this is not something a person thought up. This came to me in my inner temple. This Christ spoke through me, this Christ spoke through Joel and this Christ spoke through Paul and this Christ is always speaking, if you have the ears to hear.

And which are you? Are you the seed that was planted in stony ground or are you the seed that was planted in fertile soil? Will you take these principles and practice them? Will you rise to the demonstration? As he says so eloquently, “If not now, maybe later!” For the Christ will bring this to your attention again and again and again until you do.

I’m telling you I was not reading a book, I was not meditating, I was standing in line at the Post Office when it was brought to my attention from within.

This is what is meant by ‘I stand at the door and knock.’ That is this I bringing Itself to your attention. ‘Will you let Me live?’ That is, will you lay down your human sense of life and all human sense of life? You can give it any name you like so long as you recognize it is nothing and in that recognition, rest back and let Christ live in you and as you. Be a beholder of Christ living Itself, the Invisible manifesting, pouring forth, speaking, loving, being, where you are.

This is our work. This is the labor that we have taken up and the harvest is plentiful because the harvest is your very own Christ Identity. Infinite Life, Eternal Life, Immortal Life, now you know none of those adjectives are true of any human identity with a name. Henceforth the only name you have is I. And anyone you look at, the only name they have is I. And if it helps you, you may say that silently to yourself with as many as you see each day,I”.

It was suggested to us that we visualize an ‘I’ that is the letter ‘I’, capital ‘I’, over each person that we see throughout our day. It doesn’t matter which trick you use, the point is that you cultivate your consciousness to no longer see human beings. And whether it takes a year or two, or five or ten, you arrive at the place where all flesh has disappeared and your Consciousness sees only Christ, only I. I and the Comforter are one.

Today you have been given the tools, the principles to work with. If you are looking for supply, companionship, health, or any other thing, this class, this talk is not for you. You might as well, when it finishes, go ahead and delete it and find another teaching because this is perhaps not what you are looking for. And we cannot help you with what you are looking for. If however you have sought that true identity, that Comforter, that Christ, that God-experience just to bask in the experience itself, just to commune with that Presence for no other reason than the joy, the inner peace, the beauty of experiencing that Presence, then you have come to the right place. And these tools will give that to you. As for the other things, they shall be added in their own good way and in a way you know not of. So for you then, this is meat and meat indeed. And I have meat for those that are looking for meat.

Go into your inner temple and give this person you are looking at, whether out here at someone or at yourself, give this person, this human, any name you like so long as you recognize it is nothing and then drop it. Become as still as you can. Listen, be receptive, let the risen Christ come forth and reveal Itself. Let the I within you flow out. Just simply be and let I be and I will reveal all that the Father has. For I am in the Father and the Father is in me and I am in thee and thou are in me and we are all one, one, and I am the Comforter.

As you go about your daily activity, practice unseeing any human being, whether close to you or whether distant, whether a good friend, a relative, or an enemy, practice unseeing anyone in the flesh. Henceforth know you no one in the flesh. Give them any name you like so long as you recognize they are nothing. And see that I am there. I am the only Presence, I, Spirit am living Myself, everywhere. Where is that temple not made with hands? Everywhere. Omnipresence is right here right now. Omnipresence. And I am that. These are the principles, this is the meat.

I am the resurrection. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, right now, I am the resurrected Christ. Have I been so long a time with you and you have not known me? This is the way to know me. Henceforth know no one after the flesh and cease ye from any life whose breath is in its nostrils and I will come forth and reveal My Self. I will take over and you will know within yourself, silently, I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life. Christ the Infinite, Christ the Eternal, Christ the Immortal, Christ the Divine, Christ the Presence of the living God Almighty.

If I go not away, the Comforter will not come. Unless you die, you cannot be born again. Unless you lose your life, you will never find it. But wait! I stand at the door right now. Will you lay down your life? Will you lay down the human sense of life everywhere, so that I may be revealed everywhere, so that I may come in and sup with you, so that I may come in and live you? If so be that the Spirit dwelleth in you, then are you the child, the Christ of God.

So that was how the message unfolded this week in my inner temple. That was what I heard as I listened within to the Comforter who teaches us all about Itself. And that Comforter and I are one. And that Comforter and you are one. That Comforter and all is one and I within you am that one.

Father, we thank you that you have spoken these things in us and that I now stand revealed.