First, a quote by Joel Goldsmith:

“The first difficulty you will experience in ceasing from the old form of prayer or treatment is when you begin to observe discords, in-harmonies, out in the world, because your first reaction will be to return to the way in which we have originally been taught; that of denying the error and knowing the truth. But now, you must take an entirely different approach and see what happens. Take specific note of what happens as you follow this new approach.”

“Now the basis of this new approach is this: No activity of thought is a healing influence. Therefore, no matter what you know with your mind, it is not going to heal anybody, or help anybody, or save anybody, or bless anybody. And so, when you observe discords and in-harmonies in the world, you are to take no thought. You are going to STOP and have no opinion, no judgment. You are going to make no statement of either denial or affirmation. You are not going to let the human mind into this picture. You are not going to say, “It is no part of God,” nor are you going to say, “The only activity is God.” You are going to put your finger on your lips.”

“If you still must declare something or think something, it will be something like; “Thy Grace is my sufficiency.” Yes, we can fill our thought with just some statement like that, but it must be something that is not pertinent to what we are seeing or observing. If it is pertinent to what we are seeing then we have entered the argument; we have come into combat with the appearance; we have engaged in battle.”

“We are going to stand aside without any judgment as to whether this is of the devil or whether it is of God. It makes no difference what you think about it anyway.”

“We are going to disengage ourselves from the world of appearances. We are to STOP, stand fast, and wait…”

Now, listen to this audio by Bill:


Soul to Soul and Spirit to Spirit. Good Afternoon.

I was sitting in my bathtub with shampoo still in my hair, and I was considering this make-belief world in which we gained an hour today when we set the clocks back. Of course, time is an illusion, but as I was considering that, I was pondering to myself.

And so I wondered: Does this mean that there is enough time to make a talk today?” And I heard, “Peter in Prison.” So, of course, as I was shampooing my hair, and about to rinse it out, I said, “Peter in prison? What is Peter in prison? Let’s see, doesn’t it have something to do with an angel appearing and breaking him out of prison?”

Well of course, I got no response which means, ‘go look it up’. So, I finished my shower, and got out and dried off. I then came to the computer and went to the marvelous internet site, ‘Bible Gateway’ and I looked up the passage of “Peter in Prison,” which is Acts 12. And I considered it. What is this telling me?

We said in our last talk, that when we lift ourselves up into the I of our being, when we lift ourselves up into our true Self, that “I”, then suddenly scriptures makes sense. Suddenly we see things that we never saw before. That has been an ongoing experience for some 43 years or more for me. I can almost pick up any scripture and if I am lifted up into the I, resting there, what the scripture has to say, what Christ is saying, is revealed. I don’t know exactly how it works, it is not a thinking process, it is kind of a resting and waiting process. And so I did that with Acts 12. I haven’t spent a lot of time with Acts; I have just read them maybe a couple of times. And all of a sudden, I could see. “Whereas before I was blind, now I could see.” And I am going to read it to you and you may catch it even before I say it, or perhaps you’ve known it all along. But let me share with you what I saw. So we’ll go here with Acts 12:

Acts 12

Now about that time Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church.

And he killed James the brother of John with the sword.

And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to take Peter also. (Then were the days of unleavened bread.)

And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternion of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.

Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.

And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, bound with two chains: and the keepers before the door kept the prison.

And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands.

And the angel said unto him; Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals. And so he did. And he saith unto him, Cast thy cloak about thee, and follow me.

And he went out, and followed him; and wist not that it was true which was done by the angel; but thought he saw a vision.

When they were past the first and the second ward, they came unto the iron gate that leadeth unto the city; which opened to them of his own accord: and they went out, and passed on through one street; and forthwith the angel departed from him.

And when Peter was come to himself, he said; now I know of a surety that the Lord hath sent his angel, and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews.

And that is as far as we will read there, verse 11. Now let us take that into meditation and see what comes of it.

Center yourself, listen, open the inner ear, and here we go:

Now about that time Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church.

And he killed James the brother of John with the sword.

And because he saw it pleased the Jews, he proceeded further to take Peter also. (Then were the days of unleavened bread.)

And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternion of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.

A quaternion, I looked it up, is 4 squads of 4 soldiers, so that is 16 soldiers. Now please bear in mind any scripture that you read is talking about an internal experience; an experience in Consciousness. Every scripture is discussing and telling you when it was written by these people with awareness, it is telling you about an internal experience taking place within your Consciousness.

And Christ is speaking here, and telling you that, ‘Herod the king,’ what world is Herod the king of? Well obviously, the king of this world. So Herod would be the equivalent of world mind or universal belief. And universal belief gets a hold of Peter, inside his consciousness, and throws him in prison. It says, ‘Herod saw that it would please the Jews.’ In this case we are talking about the everyday people. We are talking about it pleases the senses, the sense mind, that Herod can throw Peter in prison. So it pleases the mind that the world mind can keep Peter in prison; keep him from dying and awakening to his Christhood. It pleases the human ego that the world mind can keep you in prison. And so it says;

Peter therefore was kept in prison: but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.

Now Peter, while he is in prison, is praying without ceasing. There is a part of him that is making a treatment. He’s treating. He is trying to go through all the truth that he knows to get free. And he is making these declarations and affirming what he remembers of truth that the Master taught him, or maybe that he read in the scriptures of his day. He’s going over it in his mind but he’s not getting free. But he is, however, giving himself a treatment; praying without ceasing, unto God. And so, when Herod would have brought him forth, that is, well, if he wasn’t doing this praying without ceasing, the world mind would have brought him forth and executed him.

And when Herod would have brought him forth, the same night Peter was sleeping between two soldiers, (this is marvelous) bound with two chains: and the keepers before the door kept the prison.

Now, we have two soldiers, two chains. This is the belief in good and evil. Peter is sleeping; he is bound by the belief in good and evil. He’s bound by the belief in a personal self, subject unto good and evil. And this is taking place in Peter’s consciousness and it is outpicturing as Peter being in prison. But the prison is only the outpicturing of the prison he’s really in, within his consciousness. Everything in your consciousness, outpictures. And it is no different in Peter’s case, no different in my case, no different in Christ Jesus’ case.

And so Peter is bound with two chains, between two soldiers, and that is the belief in duality. Here’s little Peter and God is somewhere. If only he can reach Him. But he’s doing the right thing, he’s having his treatment, he’s going through the experience of remembering truth. And then at some point, he stops. He just becomes still.

And behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison:

Now we see, don’t we? Yes we do. In his knowing the truth, he became quiet, he became still, in the prison. “And behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him.” He was visited by the Light; he had an internal realization. Suddenly, he had a realization of the truth. Not just knowing the truth, the treatment was over. Now, in the Silence, the Truth was revealing Itself to him.

And behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in his prison: and smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, Arise up quickly. And his chains fell off from his hands.

You see? The truth that was within Peter, that Presence lifted him up and his “chains fell off from his hands.” Now it has become an inner realization in Peter’s consciousness that there is only One Self and that Self is God. And suddenly “his chains fell off from his hands.” They just fell off from his hands because he wasn’t really bound. He thought he was bound. But in his meditation, in his inner realization, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him, and raised him up, and the chains fell off from his hands. And now he hears that inner voice.

And the angel said unto him, Gird thyself, and bind on thy sandals. And so he did. And he saith unto him, Cast thy cloak about thee, and follow me.

And so, this is the Spirit of God saying, “Put the cloak of Christhood around you. You are the living Christ. And follow me, this inner realization, that that is who you are. That you are “I”, the very Presence of God.” And so, what does Peter do?

And he went out, and followed him; and wist not that it was true which was done by the angel; but thought he saw a vision.

You see, he wasn’t even sure. “Is this really an inner realization? I don’t know but I am going to follow this Voice, this Voice that is telling me that I can wrap Christhood about me and follow Him.”

When they were past the first and second ward, (you see, they are passing the belief in duality) they came unto the iron gate that leadeth unto the city;

Now the ‘iron gate’ blocking you from the city, is the belief that you have a personal self, named Peter, or Paul or David . . . . And so in this case, Peter is behind the iron gate and he’s having this internal realization to wrap his Christhood around him and follow that realization; that Light.

And he comes to this gate that leadeth unto the city. Now the ‘city’ is Consciousness. City always means Consciousness. A ‘city set on a hill’, is a high state of Consciousness. And this city is the realization of the Consciousness of his true identity. And he is trying to follow this inner realization but there’s an iron gate there, a personal sense of self, in the way, in the way of finding that city.

When they were past the first and the second ward, they came unto the iron gate that leadeth unto the city; which opened to them of his own accord:

You see, the realization opened the gate. The gate opened of its own accord. It was the realization that melted it; when God speaks, the earth melts. When you have the inner realization that you are not this personal sense of self, but you are the ‘I’, that wonderful, Infinite, Invisible Presence, Itself, then “the gate opens of his own accord.”

And they went out, and passed on through one street; and forthwith the angel departed from him.

Now, he feels that the angel has departed from him; the realization. But it hasn’t departed from him, it has become him. That is why it says, and when Peter was come to himself because the realization has become him.

He said, Now I know of a surety, (yes, now he knows for sure, this is WHO I AM,) that the LORD hath sent his angel, (his realization), and hath delivered me out of the hand of Herod, (the world mind), and from all the expectation of the people of the Jews.

Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that just fantastic? And there it was the whole time and I have never really read it, never thought much about it. But in the middle of shampooing my hair and wondering if there was time to make another talk, well, the angel of the Lord came unto me and said, “Yes, yes there is. You need to talk about Peter in Prison.” To which the human being said, “What do you mean? I don’t know anything about that.” But that inner Voice said, “I do. I know. Now you go and look it up.”

And so I went and I looked it up and here, Christ revealed to all of us that Peter was having an inner realization, that he was bound by two chains, the belief in good and evil. It looked like he was through, down for the count. But nevertheless, he prayed, he treated. He knew all the truth he could know with his mind. And in the Silence after he was finished, in the Silence, and in the Stillness, the realization came. The Voice within spoke and said, “Cloak yourself with your Christhood.” And so he did. He did it. He obeyed and he followed and the gate opened by itself and he found himself in the city, that is, the state of Consciousness. That realization became Peter’s Consciousness.

Is that not just marvelous? Wonderful! So that ‘I’ of me, speaks to the ‘I’ of you and this second talk is about that inner realization.

The next thing that comes to me is to read from “Lifting Up the I” which is exactly what we are talking about and what Peter did.

Once we can realize ourselves as I, separate and apart from personality, separate and apart from a physical body, as I, the incorporeal, spiritual I, we will have the secret of the eternality and immortality of life: without beginning, without birth; without ending, without death.

Since the I that God is and the I that we are, are one, we can understand that the infinite perfection of God is the infinite perfection of our being. “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”

This is what Peter did. Now Peter did this in the prison. And so, whatever prison you find yourself in, whether it is a prison of lack, disease, limitation; a prison of age, a prison of karmic law, a prison of belief, a prison of duality, a prison of the belief of good and evil; whatever prison you find yourself in, you can have this realization, in the midst of the prison, in the midst of that prison. If you do this, God will speak the Word that will set you free, and the “gate will open on his own accord.”

All that I have” means all the immortality, spirituality, integrity, all the life, all the perfection, all the holiness of God.” Do you see that you, in your true identity, you, as the Christed One of God, have all the holiness of God?

All that is of God is of you and of me because the I of you and of me and the I of God are one and the same I, and all the qualities of God are the qualities of spiritual, eternal, immortal man: of you and of me.

This is the premise in healing work, and if we want to heal, we must first of all remind ourselves of this truth.

And this is what Peter was doing in prison. Praying without ceasing, reminding himself of this Truth to get to the place of Stillness where he could hear the angel of the Lord.

We must be conscious of the truth that the I of you and of me and the I of God are one,

It’s a conscious thing; Peter was doing this consciously. It can’t just be something you read about or something you ponder once in a while. It must be a conscious activity going on in your Consciousness; a praying without ceasing.

We must be conscious of the truth that the I of you and of me and the I of God are one, and all that constitutes the I of God constitutes the I of you and of me, for we are forever one with the Father. All that is of God is ours: all the immortality, eternality, spiritual perfection, harmony, peace, justice, and infinity.

Now, we start out just exactly like Peter. We’re in our own prison; that is the belief in a personal sense of self. Here is Bill and then there’s God somewhere, out there. There’s this Infinite God and there’s Bill. And so that’s a prison and Bill can experience all sorts of bad things and all sorts of good things. But through it all, there’s Bill and there’s God, there’s God and there’s Bill and that’s where we start, and that is prison. We have been placed in prison by Herod, that is, by the world mind, that has hypnotized us into seeing the world and ourselves that way.

But someone comes along and says to us, “Hey, wake up! There’s another way. There’s another Universe. There’s another Self.” We ponder that: “Could that be true? Could it really, really be true? I have suspected this but could it be true?” And so we study Truth. And we still find ourselves in our prison, of a personal sense of self, so we go a little deeper and now we learn what it is to give ourselves a treatment. And we realize that we sit down to contemplate and we rehearse with ourselves the truth that we remember.

It could be “I and the Father are one.” Or “The Father within me, He doeth the works.” Or, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” We are getting a little closer, but we are still in chains, just as Peter was. And suddenly we get to the end of our contemplation. We have rehearsed truth, we have repeated within ourselves, silently, all the truth that we know. “Yes, I and my Father are one. All that the Father has is mine. God is. I am. I am the way, truth and the life.” And now we come to an end to that just as Peter did and we are silent. There is nothing left to know. We wait.

And a Voice within us says, “I will never you nor forsake you.” Suddenly what we were knowing with the mind becomes an inner realization. Wait a minute, “I? Yes, I.” And we hear, “I am that I Am.” And it stops, we stop again.

Suddenly there is a dawning. I am that I AM? I am the I AM? I Am, I AM?” And yes, it comes back to us, “I Am. I am the only I.” Now we have the inner realization. There is a feeling that goes with it. There’s a quickening. There’s an inner depth to this. It may leave us in kind of a shock. Our mouth may pop open. “My God, I AM.” We have had the inner realization. It is no longer a treatment. The angel of the Lord has visited us and shined the light in our prison. “My God, I AM! I am I AM!”

Now the gate that was fast secured opens of himself. The gate that we were trapped in for century after century, believing we were a limited human being, it opens, and there beyond it is the city, but we are not yet ready, we are not yet ready. No. That inner realization says we must wrap ourselves with the cloak of our Christhood. We dwell with that a little longer. “Yes, yes. I must live with this truth. I must practice; and remember. I must remember not to forget and forget not to remember, I am the living Christ. Christ is I.

And as that realization deepens, and we follow it day after day, the door has opened and we walk out and walk into the city, the new state of Christ Consciousness, which is now our Consciousness; because that inner realization has become us. We are that inner realization. And now we know that, I am that I AM. But we know it because IT is living us.

When I tell you that in the middle of shampooing my hair, I heard a voice that said, “Peter in Prison,” who do you think I am referring to? I am referring to that I. That I of me which is the I of you. The I of you that is declaring this to you right now.

If you are understanding this, you are getting this; you are feeling this that is the I of you speaking to you. But It can speak through my lips or It can speak through your mind. It can speak through a tree; it can speak through an animal. It can speak through the Universe when you recognize that I am the Only Universe.

So taking the simple story of “Peter in Prison,” we have come out the other side now, to where we are resting in I am that I am. The only prison that there has ever been has been the prison of the belief in good and evil, the two chains on Peter’s arms. The only prison is the belief in a personal sense of identity.

You cannot find freedom listening to a talk, you cannot find freedom from reading a book, you cannot find freedom from going to spiritual meetings. The only freedom you can ever find is the freedom in Christ. Do we understand that now, what Joel was telling us when he said, “There is no freedom from, there is only freedom in,” freedom in Christ Consciousness. The only freedom you will ever find is the freedom that comes to you, in the very midst of your prison, when you know all the truth you can remember and then become still enough so that the angel of the Lord is upon you, or the Presence of God is upon you, or the Voice is upon you. That is when freedom becomes yours. That is when freedom becomes you, because the inner realization becomes bone of your bone, and flesh of your flesh. The inner realization of Christ, well, Christ becomes you, doesn’t it?

Our job is to lift up the I within us. “I, if I be lifted up, will draw all man unto me.” And that means all manifestation. I, if you lift up the I, will draw your entire being unto its level, which is the city set on a hill, which is a high state of Consciousness, which is New Jerusalem, or the New City, the New State of Consciousness. This is our job, to lift up the I.

In the talk, “The Mystical I,” we put forth the only exercise that The Infinite Way has. And that exercise is to help you to lift up the I, and to dwell in It. That is where we receive the truth that sets us free. We are to know the truth and the truth will set us free. But this knowing of the truth is not something that takes place as you rehearse it in your mind. That is not the type of knowing that sets you free; otherwise we would all be free from everything, already. So there is a different kind of knowing that is required here. And that is the knowing that takes place when you are lifted up into the ‘I’, and you hear It reveal the truth. Then there is an inner knowing. And the truth becomes you, it becomes your Consciousness which then draws your manifested experience unto It and transforms you. You see that?

One little story in Acts 12 and we have the whole purpose of our existence here. We have the entire Infinite Way in one story of Acts. And that story was written by someone that was lifted up into the I. That is why that story and an understanding of it and a practice of it can set you free. That was the Voice that said, “My Words will never pass away.” That was the Voice of I. But that is the Voice of I now, because I is not a past tense. I is forever and always now. So the I that wrote that story is the I that revealed it to me and the I that is revealing it to you. There is but one I, Infinite, Incorporeal, Omnipresent I, individualized in an infinite number of ways, yet still, only One I. And that I gave us the secret.

In so many of these scriptures, over and over, that I gives us the secret to our freedom. Here is another:

Abide in me, and let my Word abide in you. So shall you be my disciples, so shall you bear fruit richly.”

In other words, so will you find your freedom. And so we are told to abide in that I and allow that I’s Word to dwell in us. And this we do by lifting ourselves up into the I, and resting there until we hear the Word. And the Word, of course, is not like ‘words.’ The Word is that inner experience that gives you realization, an inner click, an inner “Ah-ha! I see!” That is the Word. And that is what sets you free.

Over and over and over we are given the same directions; “Follow Me. I will lift you up. Come unto Me.” And Peter obeys. He wraps his cloak of Christhood around himself, walks out of the prison and finds himself free, in that new state of Consciousness.

And so now I speak to you, each of you individually. “Will you follow Me out of your prison? Or will you continue to sleep, chained there on the floor, of a personal sense of existence, a personal sense of the Universe. It is the Lord and the Lords says, “Awake! Rise up and follow Me.”

It is no different today. That same Voice is speaking to you now. “If you hear Me, you shall be free forever. Follow Me.” And the gate opened of his own accord. Don’t you worry about the prison. Don’t work on the chains, don’t work on the gate, don’t work on the guards, the soldiers, don’t work on any of that. Don’t work on the disease, don’t work on the lack, don’t work on the limitations, don’t work on the appearance, don’t work on the world-mind, don’t work on the hypnotism. Stop working on the dream!

You are only given one order to follow, one command. “Awake. Rise up. Wrap your cloak of Christhood around you and follow Me, into the New City.” And the gate opened of his own accord. Is this not wonderful?

I am left with a “Thank you, Father.” Thank you for revealing not only Peter in prison, but all of our freedom, all of our Christhood and our New Jerusalem, our New Consciousness. To you that hear, there is nothing to do but smile and be joyous and glad and free.

Oh, my friends please listen to your own inner Self as it calls you up higher and higher into your Christhood.

Thank you so very much for listening and have a joyous day, and life.

If we can all start off on the same foot now. Let us assume that we can all agree that our name is Spirit, our substance is Spirit and we must accept the Master’s Word which says that we are the light of the world. And therefore, in this one mind that we are the Light, we have to look at this physical form and we have to reconcile the truth that we are Spirit and the obvious fact that we walk in a physical form. You can’t forever be a physical form declaring, “I am the light;” it doesn’t work. The Light is a Light form, and so we have to figure out what we’re going to do about this physical form. And the answer is very shocking. It’s so shocking that it’s never taught.

The only way you can really learn what to do about the physical form is to take some kind of a course in yoga or read about Incorporeality, or in some way try to transcend the belief in the form. And yet, in spite of all this, you come right back to it. You put it on the scales and weigh it; you look in all the shop windows for just the right thing to wear and you wonder, are you putting in too much food or not enough food, things of that sort; all the while knowing I Am the Light, I Am the Spirit, living in the state of duality. Now one truth doesn’t change and that is I Am the Light, I Am the Spirit, and so the other has to do the changing.

Scripture has told you many things about it, but again, if you were reading scripture with the eye of a human being you went right past them. You simply didn’t see it at all. You extracted from the scripture those things that measured up to what you thought you needed and you walked right past this statement about your physical body. And the reason you did that was because nobody said in the Bible, now look at your physical body and try to realize it isn’t there; nobody said it that way. If they had they would have been locked up in a cell. As a matter of fact, there wouldn’t have been a Bible. Who would have tolerated this book being on earth? It would have been set to fire, and everyone who professed such a ridiculous idea would have been hanged or burned at the stake or something like that.

Even Jesus didn’t say you have no physical body – in those words. But He said it with every word He said and with everything He did, and again we looked right past it. We were going to take a nice pleasant voyage of words and we were going to be reborn. We were going to do these nice things he told us to do, and in some way we would be what we thought he told us to be – reborn; just what that meant we hadn’t quite come to any real conclusion about it because after all we do live in a physical body; that was our attitude.

He’s talking about some future state of man in that hereafter, certainly not about me here and now. So reborn was a nice phrase. But we have to go and dig real deep and I have to point out to you many places in the Bible that you probably have not been willing to face and say to yourself this is speaking to me about something I’m supposed to know and do, and there are a lot of them, maybe 50 of them tonight. It’s the class you never expected to hear, but it’s the class that Spirit has ordained me to speak to those among you who want to hear it! And I hope the others who do not want to hear it will still be friends, because those who want to hear it are not going to lose the opportunity to face it together.

We’ll look at Exodus and I’m going to name every passage, its chapter and verse for those of you who are very serious biblical students. And were going to look first at Exodus 24:10 and I want you to again listen to everything from not the level of the mind because if you do you’ll just be lost completely.

This is for your Soul to discern. 24:10:

And they saw the God of Israel and there was under his feet, as it were, a paved work of a sapphire stone, as it were the body of heaven in his clearness.”

This is about Moses, and here’s this body of heaven in his clearness like a sapphire stone that’s a strange body. Did that make any impression on you when you read it in the Old Testament? Did you say, “they were telling me about my Spiritual body?” Did you think they were telling you about your tomorrow body? Or were they telling you about the body of the child of God.

And so now, if you can accept that this is the body of the child of God, it is about you, it is about a sapphire stone as it were, the body of heaven in his clearness, and it is not you tomorrow body. It happens here to be the body of one who had reached the state of satori, of illumination; only his wasn’t instant illumination. He had long attained that degree and you, without having attained the same degree of Moses, are nevertheless privy to the truth that this is the body of those who walk as the child of God. It is transparent, it cannot be seen with the human eye; it is clear as crystal. It wasn’t born in your mother’s womb. And your mother had such a body and her body wasn’t born in her mother’s womb. The Spiritual crystal body the crystal clear celestial body was not born in a physical womb, and that is step number one.

Now remember, this is the way that the Bible has presented to those who had eyes that could not see and yet has retained the truth for those who have inner eyes that can see and inner ears that can hear, so that the truth is not lost. But should you suddenly become aware of your Spiritual body you can find confirmation in this Bible that you are aware of the truth of yourself, and you won’t have to walk around wondering, how did I ever get such a strange idea; how did I even see such a vision of myself? I must be going mad, but here someone else is going mad, his name is Moses; so mad that he could do the miracles that Jesus later did.

Now then, we’re learning what we’re going to do about our physical body in a strange way, we’re learning we have another body that is invisible, that was not born in our mother’s womb, and that she had a body that was not born in her mother’s womb. And we are learning that every person who ever walked this earth had a Spiritual body that was not born in the womb of a mother, and very few of them knew about it.

Now we’ll look at Ezekiel and this is Chapter 1, the 26th verse through the 28th:

And above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne, as the appearance of a sapphire stone, and upon the likeness of the throne was the likeness as the appearance of a man above, upon it. And I saw as the color of amber as the appearance of fire round about within it, from the appearance of his loins even upward, and from the appearance of his loins even downward, I saw as it were the appearance of fire and it had brightness round about. As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. And when I saw it I fell upon my face, and I heard a voice of one that spake.”

This is Ezekiel finding his Spiritual body. This is the way that is phrased. They don’t say I found my Spiritual body; they talk about the likeness of one, the fire, the sapphire, the emerald, the amber. They talk about all these things that way because that’s the way Spirit expresses one who has found his Spiritual body.

And the reason I am going through these passages with you is not so that you become acquainted with any one in particular, but rather get the idea that it is not an isolated event. There are quite a number who have found their Spiritual bodies.

Now we’ll look at Revelation the 4th Chapter, Verse 3:

And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone, and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald. And round about the throne…” It goes on with the same feeling you know.

This is John finding his Spiritual body. You’ll read it in Daniel and Ezekiel and Isaiah, John, Moses, and always we think they are having some kind of a vision. They are seeing somebody stand there like that, but what they’re telling you is this is my Spiritual body becoming manifest to me. They are being transfigured just as Jesus was transfigured before the three disciples. But the transfiguration of Ezekiel, of Moses, of John, of Jesus, is a forerunner of the fact that this transfigured Invisible Spiritual Body is the body of the Invisible Christ of man. And even before the experience comes to you, it is the fact, the fact precedes the experience.

They are all speaking about your Invisible Christ body which was not born in the mother’s womb. That is the body that lives eternally, of which this body is the mental imitation. And they are prefiguring your transfiguration in which you come into the realization that I Am this Invisible Spiritual body which doesn’t begin here and doesn’t end here in space or in time. They are prefiguring the One Infinite Invisible Christ body which is their body and yours and mine, and which is the body of all who walk the earth and all who have walked the earth and all who will walk the earth; One Invisible Spiritual body, not born in a womb because it is Infinite, and slowly it is brought to your attention that there is no other body.

Why should we be reborn? Did God make a mistake? Do we have to do it over again for that reason, or does reborn mean something that you didn’t quite think it meant? Does it really mean being reborn or does it mean to see we were never born? Could it be taught to the world, as you must realize you were never born, or was the world ready only for be ye reborn? And how many do you know who are ready now for a direct statement you were never born? Much easier for the church to say he said, be ye reborn. And then we’ll go through these moral codes and after you die you’ll be resurrected and you’ll be reborn in Heaven. But the demonstration of Christ is somewhat different.

All these invisible bodies made manifest in these passages read so far are those who were reborn while they appeared on earth in the flesh. They didn’t die and go to Heaven; they found Heaven on earth and found their Spiritual body of Christ, the Infinite Self; Moses left no doubt about it, he said, I Am that I Am. I’m not going anywhere to find it; I don’t have to die to find who I am, I Am. He said this before, long before he passed out of the scene, and so in Ezekiel and Daniel and Isaiah, Jesus, John. To be reborn then does not mean to be reborn, but rather it means to know that the Spirit never was born and you must be lifted out of the concept of material birth.

Now a truth is always a truth and if God did not create matter and I hope you can believe that by now because it is the basis of the Christ teaching. If God did not create matter God, did not create a material womb either. And I fail to see how a material womb can give birth if God did not create one. And perhaps that’s why some children are stillborn and some are born retarded, and some are born blue babies and some don’t make it at all. That’s why there are so many miscarriages; they’re not Divine wombs, are they? But we still have the body, don’t we? In spite of the fact that God didn’t make the physical womb the body still appears.

Now how can a physical womb not created by God, and therefore unreal, how can it create Reality? That is what you face and that is what you must wrestle with and you must make a decision about it because it is total foolishness to the mind, and yet it is the secret of rebirth. You are reborn the moment you know you never were born, and if you think you were born you are saying you are not the child of God and you are not Spirit. The child of God was never born into physicality; that is why physicality passes away and that is why we must be reborn. We must rise above the belief in physical birth.

At first it seemed like an impossible idea, later, it’s the only thing that makes any sense. And then you see the illusion of the world mind as it sends forth a physical image, which is a counterfeit of the Divine image which never dies; which Ezekiel found, which Moses found, which Jesus found, which John found, which we are finding, first by knowledge, first by truth, first by being willing to accept the word of scripture, and not turning away and say, “impossible;” if scripture says it, you must listen if you want Truth. And these prophets are Christ-inspired to reveal Truth, and they are revealing what the human mind cannot understand and that is why the words are what we may call esoteric. They make no contact with the human mind; the human mind isn’t insulted, it doesn’t even know it’s been said. Church after church doesn’t know it’s been said.

I thought when this class was formed for these six talks; there was an ordination to say what hasn’t been said, and so it’s being said. And those who can accept it will do something about it, and those who can’t, will eventually learn that it is the truth. God has no human children, God has no miscarriages, God has no stillborn babies, God has no retarded births and God has no physical births. And therefore, we learn if we have studied diligently, that the image, which appears as our physical self, is not the Divine image and there must be another Self here that is, and that is the Soul body of Spirit which is being revealed by the prophets.

We are learning that we were born not in a physical womb but in the Eternal Womb of the Father. We were born in a Spiritual Womb. There is only one Womb; it is the Infinite Spiritual Womb out of which we have all emerged, and it is the only place where we can derive our Sustenance. If we think we have another Source then that Womb we will not be fed from that Womb, because God is your Father; that is the esoteric way of saying, “you have come from the Spiritual Womb and everyone on earth has come from that same Spiritual Womb.” And the counterfeit is the physical womb. That is why the progeny of Eve are cursed by the so-called, ‘Lord God’, which is another name at that place for the cosmic mind, the God that man has invented, not the real God of Spirit.

And when the Hebrews were told by the Christ that their father is a murderer from the start, He was also telling them about the human sense of father, not just their father but all who were born in the flesh. He said, your father is a murderer from the start, meaning if you are born of the flesh you die in the flesh. You must be born of the Spirit, but you were born of the Spirit, and to be reborn is merely to realize: I was born of the Spirit, I am Spiritual Being, there’s nothing more to do about it. That’s why I am the child of God and that’s why I am Spiritual Substance and that’s why I wasn’t born in the physical womb. This that you see, born in the womb is the image, the same image that came from the womb of Eve that was cursed by the world mind.

And therefore, you are Invisible Being, invisible to all humans and strangely, the more you live with this idea the freer you get, the more you realize this is why you are told to resist no evil. This is why you are told to take no thought for your life. This is why you are told that blessed are they that mourn, now you know even more why they are blessed. They’ll not only find out that their loved one didn’t die, they will find out their loved one wasn’t born, couldn’t die, wasn’t born, neither were they. Birth is the illusion which causes the illusion of death. But how many can accept it and how many can after accepting it do something about it and not go on acting from the old behavioral patterns of one who was born in the flesh or thought he was?

And then you find the Sermon on the Mount springs to life. Call no man racha, scoundrel, a worthless oaf. Why? You’re accepting someone who was born; he wasn’t. Pray for your enemy. Why? What enemy? Would anyone in their right mind tell us to pray for our enemies if there was one? We have no enemies. And all through the Bible you find these strange statements because you’re being told things you never realized.

When you were told that you cannot serve two masters, choose God or mammon, you were given a choice, which is very miraculous in itself. You can choose God or mammon, but you never thought of it saying choose the Womb of God or the womb of a material mother. Which one were you born in? And I’m putting it right to you which one were you born in? Both? It just said to you, you cannot serve two masters; you’ve got to choose. Choose ye, God or mammon. Which womb were you born in, the Spiritual Womb or the physical womb? That’s what it means and that’s what we’ve avoided because it wouldn’t register in our minds. If we say the physical womb we’ve got all this heritage of physicality and we just follow our ancestors into the grave. That’s what everyone has done. But if they choose the Spiritual Womb and no second one, what happens? Isn’t that a major step in rebirth? Isn’t that saying, I am not going to let my five-sense concepts or the world’s five-sense concepts, or the opinions of these very same minds of the world take me out of the Spiritual Womb in which I was born?

You see now why it is said, put your fingers to the lips; be still, pray in secret; tell no man. Who can tell this to a man? I think Spirit is complementing you by letting you hear that you were born in the Spiritual Womb and not in the physical womb and then let you sit back and decide for yourself if you want to follow that way of the Spirit or not.

Now just to reassure you that the words you’re hearing are not of a person but of the Bible, we’ll hear them from the Bible. It’s very important that you check this out carefully because before you make such an incredible decision you should be assured that the Father is speaking to you in such a way as to assure you that you are His Spiritual Child with an Infinite Spiritual Body and that you did not come from a physical womb. And I will show you the scripture that tells you this.

We’ll go to Isaiah 6:1:

In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.”

Now this is Isaiah again referring to the inner transfiguration in which you see the Christ Body. I must build this up for you very slowly; it’s probably one of our most important lessons and you have to be careful about your foundation.

Now let’s go to Daniel 7:9:

I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool, his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.”

He goes on. Now you must understand that this was put into a form where people could read it, who would look at it and think of it as a vision this person was having and they wouldn’t be too disturbed about it. They had no capacity for Spiritual understanding; they were interested in getting out of being slaves; they had no culture, very little education perhaps. Life was a very material thing and yet this truth was in the prophet and it had to come out, it had to be recorded somewhere for posterity so that you and I and those before us and after us who knew we were something other than clay that dies, could find a kindred Spirit here.

And something in us could match up with this and say, “yes, yes, yes, I understand: he’s telling me something across the centuries to show me that the Spirit of Christ walked then as it does now in me.”

And you can feel the rainbow; you can feel the crystal clarity of the Truth. You begin to understand this rainbow was the sign of illumination. Maybe you’ve seen the rainbow within; I used to wonder what it was before I even knew what it was when I saw it, and every time I saw it somebody said, I feel better. It was a long time and then I began to associate the rainbow with healing Consciousness, but I never knew about it until I saw it.

And when I read it here I say, oh, it happened to him too; he saw this as I saw this. And then I see things that he saw that I didn’t see and oh, I’ve got something in store for me. But these are the little telltale signs you leave as you go along the path for those to follow so they’ll know they’re moving in the right direction. And if you have in some way known that you have an Infinite Spiritual Body or even a Spiritual Body without the word Infinite, know it now, but now add to that that this Body could not have been born in time. As a matter of fact, you yourself have proved to yourself that you were not born; you didn’t know you proved it. You believe you were reincarnated therefore; you existed before this birth didn’t you? If you existed before birth you see how absurd our thinking has been we say, oh in so many generations ago I held Cleopatra’s slipper or I walked with so and so. You’re very sure that you did something like that, and yet when the thought comes that you weren’t born, oh horror, that’s a horrible thought to some people, but they insist they lived many thousands of years ago.

What about this birth? Where were you when this birth took place? If that wasn’t your beginning didn’t you exist before It? Couldn’t it be that you did exist before it and this birth was not a birth but simply the level of consciousness showing forth a form within itself as an image? That it was consciousness externalizing and we called it a birth? You see you have proved to yourself actually that you weren’t born unless you want to say you were born 500 times. Our thinking has been rather shoddy about birth. We have thought two ways about it not realizing we were contradicting ourselves. As a matter of fact, when this physical form appeared where was this self of you that had lived before in another physical form, allegedly? And was that birth any more real than this one? Was the one before it any more real; were they not all externalized images of your consciousness?

Isn’t that the meaning of Christ saying, never born, never dying? “The glory that I had with Thee before the world was is still mine.” Isn’t that the unborn, undying Self that is your Eternal Self here and now, which never stepped into physical form and physical form has merely been a misnomer for something else which is an image of the body projected by the consciousness, which has not yet found its fullness, and within the consciousness is this form appearing? But it isn’t out there; it’s in the consciousness, it appears to be out there to the consciousness that conceives it, and that consciousness not being the Divine Consciousness, is the world mind coming through your so-called individual mind appearing as an image in mind called form. There’s still much more to learn about that image in mind, but while we are learning about that it will help if we know that the Self of us didn’t begin here, and it’s not going to end here, and this fictitious life span of this form is not the Child of God.

And your prophets who knew this; being instruments of the Word phrased it in the Spiritual language that came through them by the Voice. Nobody sat down and made up a text; that’s why there is so much similarity. The Voice Itself spoke through the inspired prophet who himself was a transparent instrument, and that’s why most of the phraseology is so similar. They weren’t copying each other; it was the Christ saying the same thing through new prophets each time.

Now this that I just read to you by Isaiah is really the rebirth. It’s the rebirth into Christ awareness and it occurs before there’s a Jesus on earth. So we don’t anymore associate Christ with only Jesus; we’re long past that. Christ is that Self which is the Eternal Self of all, existing from before the beginning, for there was no beginning in God, and existing after the ending because there is no ending in God. And that Christ, we are learning is our Self and it is our only Self, and it is our only Body, and it is perfect as the Father. And the body that groans and aches and pains – is a mental image.

Now it was very difficult to explain this to anyone and Jesus couldn’t quite say it out loud in the public forum. What He said in private is something else. And so every time He said something akin to being reborn, nobody would quite understand what He was saying, and here in Chapter 12 of John 34 (and you’ll notice that for some reason the Bible opened to that, I don’t know why):

The people answered him, and they said We have heard of the law that Christ abideth forever, and how sayest thou, The Son of Man must be lifted up? Who is this Son of Man?”

And this Son of Man is yourself; and they couldn’t understand that. You see, Son of Man, not son of woman. That’s to bring to you the distinction that there is a you not born of woman.

There is a you not born of woman and it’s called The Son of Man. It’s born of the Father. It’s your Spiritual Self of which mortal mind has made a counterfeit, which walks in what we call the form. What was born of you was the form image not you, you were never born, you are this Son of Man. And the awareness of this enables you finally to dispense of the form in your Consciousness before the form dies, and that is the meaning of transformation, transmutation.

This Inner Consciousness which transfigures, which knows I am not the form image but I am the Eternal Self, finally comes to a point where The Son of Man is lifted up in your Consciousness and you know it is I. At first you say it is I and then you say, “I know it is I” and then Spirit gets at you and gets at you and pummels you with challenges and tests until you’re willing to act as if it is I and live as I; not just talk about it; making you demonstrate the I ness of your being, just as Jesus had to prove, not talk but demonstrate. You have to live in the conscious awareness that you are the Invisible Self of God, the Firstborn, the Infinite Spirit with an Infinite Spiritual Body. And you cannot choose God and mammon; you must make the choice.

Whoever makes the choice finds problems it’s a great mountain to suddenly come to the conclusion that I must be the Invisible Child of God made of pure Spirit Infinite in form with a crystal clear immaculate Body. Now what am I going to do about it? But just think of the amazing fact to even come to a place where you can consider that that is you, and dwell with it and meditate upon it, and pick up your Bible and ask the Father, “Show me more, show me more about it so I know, so I can believe so truly that I can walk with the confidence that it is so.” And the Father will direct you because the Father within has already brought you this far.

And now you start sloughing off the other things. You find there’s so much to slough off that at first it seems like too much; there seems to be a concentration of problems at just the time you’re learning the great Truth. And I’ve long come to the point where every time I learn a great new Truth, believe me, I expect to be hit on the head by something. It’s that way, it’s that way. The minute you learn something good and new and true you’re challenged so fast it makes your head swim, right then.

If you’ve been going without an accident for centuries, the minute you learn a new Truth something comes along and it threatens you and you have to look at it and say, “but this is true and I won’t be challenged by mortal mind at this point and give way. This is true.” And it can shatter you in many ways: jump you up and bounce you up and down; you’ve got to stick with your Truth because that is a sign that you have a Truth. The very fact that you are challenged is a sign that you have come upon the Truth. It works exactly that way.

Some people come into truth and all of a sudden all of their problems are multiplied, aggravated beyond…oh, they just can’t believe it. Why I thought this was the truth? Yes it is, and that’s why this is happening to you. The quickening of the evil is being pushed out of consciousness and that quickening inside also quickens the degree of evil that is pushed out. You wouldn’t have even known there was anything wrong until you found the Truth, and then the Truth made that which you had thought was correct appear evil, and that’s why it appears evil and that’s why there’s more evil appearing in a person’s life when they find the Truth. Because now they’re conscious of the Truth; before that evil was accepted not as evil, it was accepted as normal, we just accept those things and now you look at it and you’re horrified, and so you’re, you think you’re just suddenly being faced by a lot of new evils. It’s just that now you realize they are not of God. You become very sensitive to those things that are not of God, and it appears to be an aggravated situation but it gets over, sometimes quite quickly.

And so I’m advising you not to be discouraged when as you begin to practice the Truth of your Being you find a million things coming at you: relatives who say, “oh, what’s happening to Mary? She’s not doing this anymore, she’s withdrawing more; she must go to a psychiatrist, she’s getting in a sort of a persecution complex.” And they all want to push you off somewhere to get this surgery done over here that you have to have. And someone else says, “you know, you’ve got to think of other people; you can’t just go on being sick yourself, think of all your friends and all your relatives. Think of your loved ones, you’re not being fair to them.” Then you finally give in because mortal mind gets to you.

But the minute you learn a Truth everybody in the world seems to gather around you and challenge it. And believe me, that’s the time for you to be joyously rejoicing because it’s the sign that you have found the Truth. They won’t disturb you when you don’t have the Truth. They love you when you don’t have the Truth; they’ll accept you with open arms if you don’t have the Truth because you won’t disturb them with Truth. That’s the way it works, and it’s all that invisible mortal mind; it jumps right up when the Truth comes in.

We may not tonight be able to fully justify and confirm the Spiritual Body, but it’s so important that whatever was going to come tomorrow, we’ll have to follow tomorrow from what we cannot do tonight, but I have no time limit myself.

Now then, they couldn’t understand what he was saying to them, but here we come to something that we can all understand and we find it in Romans 8:8 to make us realize that someone, somewhere was thinking pretty much along the same lines as we are beginning to think right at this moment.

In Romans 8:8 hmm, well I found it but it’s not 8:8, it’s 9:8:

That is, they which are the children of the flesh…”

I didn’t turn to 8:8, I turned to 9:8 and for some reason that’s it.

That is, they which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God.”

Do you remember that line?

They which are the children of the flesh, these are not the children of God.”

Everybody born in a physical womb is not the child of God; that’s what it says. We can walk right by it as we did before, but that was Paul’s understanding of the Truth that we who were born in the physical womb are not the children of God. But what is he really saying? Is that what he’s saying, that if we were born in a physical womb we are not God’s child? No. He’s saying you are God’s Child and therefore, you weren’t born in a physical womb. You see that?

The Spirit never startles anybody; anyone can read this and not be too embarrassed by the Truth but if you stop and look at it again you’ll see it’s saying that because those who are in the flesh are not the children of God, and the teaching of Christ is that you are the Child of God. “Call no man your Father for one is your Father;” it’s saying that,you were not born in the womb. For those born in the flesh are not the children of God. We may even be convinced at this point but that’s not enough.

Let’s go over to Matthew. There was a parable if you remember, only it wasn’t treated exactly as a parable. The Pharisees, ever anxious to catch the Master, gave him this problem about the woman who was married to seven brothers, do you remember that? And then the one died and she married the next and he died and she married the next, always she married the next one. And the big question to the Master was, now when she dies who does she join of the seven brothers she had married?

Let’s find His answer, in fact be thinking about it; what would your answer be? You’ll find it in Matthew 22 the 23rd verse is where it begins. There is an answer and the answer is very important at this point:

And last of all the women died also. And therefore in the resurrection whose wife shall she be of the seven for they all had her?

And so Jesus answered them thusly:

Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.”

If the angels of God in heaven do not marry it’s because there are no male and female angels, isn’t that correct? They’re just angels, and this woman in the resurrection would not be a woman anymore would she? If she were in the resurrection, she would be an angel and therefore she would not be male or female. There wouldn’t be marriage in heaven.

But as touching the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying, I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob. God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.”

Now that’s the statement:

God is not the God of the dead but of the living.”

You want to put that together with Paul’s statement in Roman’s:

Those born of the flesh are not children of God;” “God is not the God of the dead but of the living.”

And see that those who are born of the flesh are the dead. And God is not the God of those who are born of the flesh. Please see that is what it is saying. God is not the God of those born of the flesh; that is the meaning of the dead. Those born of the flesh are the dead because the flesh is not Spirit, and therefore you cannot be born of the flesh because you are only saying you’re dead.

You don’t have to wait for death; it is telling you that if you are born of the flesh and that’s what you identify as, if you are born in the physical womb you’re dead; you’re born of that which God didn’t create. And what’s more, you’re malpracticing your parents because they weren’t born in the physical womb either. And again, this is Spiritual teaching.

It’s something to sit back with for a long time and say, It’s either true or it’s not, and if it’s true, if the children of God are not of the flesh, if the children of God are not born in the physical womb, but if I am the child of God as the Christ Jesus says, then I was not born in the physical womb. There’s been some error in my human sense understanding,” and then I will not have a child born in my womb, instead I will see that I am the very life of my mother and of my child and of my mother’s mother and her mother’s mother. I am the very life of my father; I am the life of everyone who walks the earth. I am not born in the physical womb; I am the Invisible Christ, the Infinite Self.

Now it’s true or it’s not, and if it’s true and you go on living in an untruth then you’re rejecting the true Christ message. Now if it’s untrue that’s something else again. I am placing it before you for you to decide what’s true for you. This is true for me. I believe this was true for Joel. I believe this was true for Jesus and all of the prophets. I believe this was true for Mary Baker Eddy. I believe it was true for the Fillmore’s.

I believe it was true for those who were on the top of Truth; they simply were in many cases unable to convey it too far down the line because it’s too difficult to teach especially if you’re going to go around the world and build a great following, this isn’t what you are going to teach. You can’t teach it; you won’t get very far, you might not even get out of town. [audience laughter]

Joel couldn’t teach this except if you were sitting with him in the back room. And he could put it in his talks in such a way that only someone who even felt in this direction would notice it. He could say never born, never dying but he wouldn’t relate to the people who were listening. That was for Melchizedek not me.

So there are about 70 of us here, strange number, and there were 70 He sent out and they went out by twos and they didn’t teach with great talks to large audiences, they just went out quietly and spoke to those who had a Spiritual understanding and were hungry for Truth. They’d take them inside and sit down with them and give them the good news: the Invisible Christ is your Being. You are Divine Being, not mortal being.

And finally it gets across through these skulls of ours that we are really Divine Being and Divine Being isn’t born in a mortal womb. When we’re told, put on the garment of Immortality, it is to accept that we were not born in the mortal womb. That is the vast, incredible illusion of all human life; the belief that the Spirit of God could be born in a physical womb and it is the denial that I am the Spirit, just by accepting the physical birth.

I have a feeling that at this particular moment this may be all we need right now; something to mull over, something to take with you. And before you go to sleep tonight, why don’t you speak to the Father and ask Him to deny it or confirm it for you. Why don’t you have a little heart to heart with the Father within and say, “Father, was I born in the physical womb?” See if you don’t find an answer if you haven’t already found one.

And then if you find an answer ask yourself, ask the Father, “Now what should I do about it; if I wasn’t born in a physical womb and all the world thinks I was how am I going to act when I come home, when I visit my friends, when I go to business or when I go to school? Am I going to walk up to these people and say, Neither were you born in the physical womb, did you know that?” [audience laughter]

What will I do, how will I live with people?”

Let the Father show you because you’re going to have to learn to live with people even though you know that neither were they born in a physical womb. And then you will see why you are praying for your enemy; he isn’t there; all that’s there is the Invisible Christ misperceived by the human consciousness into that which we call a physical self.

Never, never think that a womb created by God could produce an Adolf Hitler or a Frankenstein or a John Dillinger; this isn’tt what comes out of God; then where does it come from? When boys are murdered in war, have we forgotten, “Thou shalt not kill?” Who’s being murdered? Boys born out of a womb created by God; do you see the mass illusion of physicality? Do you see how you step out of the mass illusion of physicality in order to reach the place where you can be reborn, take your rightful place in the knowledge that I Am and always was the Living Spirit of God? Do you see that you’re going across the entire tide of world opinion?

You’re going against physics and psychology and chemistry, and every kind of scientific thought that exists in the entire world. And yet, the very people whose thought you’re going against; they were never born. They are the Invisible Spirit of your own Being; the Invisible Spirit of God. And you’ve got to learn how to live with these people and yet be true to Truth; this is the point; you can live with them, without compromising is the point. And yet, without antagonizing, without becoming embroiled in arguments, without standing up physically and making a big noise about the Truth.

I really never expected we’d have more than 10 or 12 people who could be told Truth, and even when this class started we came to a place, where as you know, its capacity is for 36. We were going to have a class in which we could just speak Truth and we didn’t think too many people were interested in Truth; we thought they wanted to be comforted, and we weren’t interested in them. We wanted people who wanted Truth and no others, and the Spirit decided this was the place, and it turns out we have the 70; we had only hoped for the 12.

Now it’s no value if you don’t do something with it, if it doesn’t change your life. And if you can not all accept it, don’t go out with it and try to live by it half-heartedly; wait until you can do what Paul had to do. When he recovered from his blindness even though he had this great inner revelation of the living Christ, he still spent nine years before he opened his mouth. We can do the same.

Furthermore, as you know by now, if you truly accepted you are the Light which was never born in the physical womb, something has given you the capacity to know and understand that, and that something will live Its Life as you. That something is the Spirit Itself. It will replace all mortal judgments; it will take you over all the rough spots. That very Light that you accept as your being is the Messiah, and I am come and I do fulfill. And if you trust Me, if you follow Me, “If you believe on Me, the works I do, ye shall do.” The world will see you doing the works of the Light.

I feel very heartened that we have come to this point now because it means that there is a receptivity here for that Truth or else I couldn’t be permitted to speak it; and I did ask, “May I?” And I won’t tell you what I was told. [audience laughter]

So there we are tonight. We are re-identifying in a very remarkable way.

The Master was asked in a certain place, isn’t that your mother? Oh no, no. He just put his hands out and said, “Who is my mother? Whoever does the will of my Father.” Strange statement. Whoever does the Will of the Father is obviously the Spirit of God; only the Spirit of God does the Will of the Father. And he was saying that Spirit was His mother. He was teaching us that Virgin Birth doesn’t mean that Joseph had nothing to do with the birth; neither did Mary. Mary was the Light; Jesus was the Light. “Ye are the Light of the world.”

And this for most mothers would be a very difficult thing to accept. They might accept it about themselves concerning their mother, but they certainly find it hard to accept about the child that they bear.

And I suppose it needs a man to say it because he doesn’t have that problem. It isn’t as difficult for a man to see or to understand because there’s no personal sense can enter into it as a woman would naturally feel about such an event.

But see if you don’t feel a new freedom as you accept it. And please remember, Spirit is never trying to persuade you to do anything, merely presenting it before you choose it or don’t choose it choose ye God or mammon, it’s your privilege. Choose the Eternal Spiritual Womb, the One Womb and then you ‘ll see why they are all called brethren. We all come out of the One Womb and that’s why, the sun shines on the just and the unjust” and the rain falls on all. One Eternal Spiritual Womb; is not a rhetoric or an allegory or a symbolism; it’s the simple Truth; it’s the fact, and you either came out of it and are the child or you didn’t and are not the child. And if you are the child. be ye perfect as your Father,” accept your Spiritual self never born of woman. And ask the Father tonight if this is true and ask the Father what you’re to do about it if is true, and you’ll have a sound sleep.

Well, that’s it for tonight I think. I can’t believe that this is our fourth class already. We have two more, and I still don’t think we are going to stop and say, “well, we can coast along;” we still have some work to do. So that when you go home you have something to take with you as a Living Way. I think that’s all we can say at the moment.

I’d like to be still with you for a moment, if you will…


Pleasant dreams.

Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, Greetings of Love from the Island of Kauai.

I think one of the most revealing passages in scripture is the statement made by John the Baptist when he first sees Jesus Christ. Here it is: And John bear record, saying, I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon him, and I knew him not: but he that sent me to baptize with water, the same said unto to me, upon whom thou shalt see the Spirit descending, and remaining on him, the same is he which baptizeth with the Holy Ghost. And I saw, and bear record that this is the Son of God.

The Dove of Spirit is going to play a similar role in your experience. Very wisely, the Dove is placed at the beginning of the Gospel of John. And its purpose is to explain the true nature of your own Eternal Self. Until the Dove of Spirit descends, you and I remain a finite human being, under world hypnoses, separated mortal beings living on the wheel of death and reincarnation. But when the Dove descends in you, the hypnosis is broken. That Dove of Spirit signifies your realization of I Am, not a personal individual finite I am, but your realization of the Infinite I Am, and that includes the knowledge that I Am not in this form – I Am Divine Spirit. I Am not human flesh; I never live inside form. I Am independent of time and space. I Am the I Am that has already overcome this world. I Am Life without beginning, without end, the full realization in you of I Am is the descent of the Dove.

Now let us move over to the crucifixion at Golgotha. Three years have past since John the Baptist witnessed the descent of the Dove in Jesus. Now, Jesus and two thieves are about to be crucified – a hush draws over the throng and suddenly, before the victims are nailed to a tree, an armada of nuclear missiles roars into view and bursts upon Golgotha shattering everything and everyone in sight. Who survives? We all have the answer already, don’t we?

Only the Dove of Spirit survives. Only the living Christ survives. The same Christ who survived crucifixion in the Holy Land is the only one today who can survive a mass attack of nuclear missiles – and what is the name of Christ the survivor? I AM. Only the I AM of you, the Christ, not confined inside form, can survive a nuclear holocaust because the I AM of you is Eternal Spirit, indestructible, inseparable from God and always living under perfect God government.

Now, with that knowledge, let us step into the 20th Century. Recently, Great Britain and Libya stood eyeball to eyeball. It seems that from inside the Libyan Embassy in London a terrorist shot and killed a British policewoman who was patrolling outside the embassy. And as I recall the moment and you recall the moment, tension mounted immediately and in that mounting tension only one thing prevented Colonel Qaddafi from launching a nuclear missile at London. He didn’t have one! If he had one, we might not be sitting here today talking.

Are you aware that an H-bomb is now being constructed in West Berlin and will be delivered in 1986 to the Ayatollah in Iran? What will happen in our world when he launches that H-bomb on Iraq? Will this be the beginning of a nuclear war? Will it proliferate? Will it become a free-for-all between the super powers or will there be something happening among the Saudi Arabians? Will there be something happening between Israel and Syria? What spot on this globe will be the source of this mass war, using nuclear missiles that snuff life out instantly, and more important, who will survive? We all know the survivor of a nuclear war and the survivor can only BE I AM. You had better BE I AM if you wish to survive.

Now it may shock you but there is no human being on this earth who can solve the nuclear crisis and there is no human being on earth who has the capacity to survive.

The truth, unknown to most religions in our world is that Christ accepted crucifixion to teach mankind that when death strikes in any form, as nuclear missiles, crucifixion or cancer; the only survivor is Christ I AM. So please make this one fact your guiding principle. Only Christ, I AM can survive a nuclear war.

Today in this class, we have an unusual purpose. We want to look at nuclear power with spiritual eyes. Materially, the evidence is overwhelming – nuclear war is inevitable. There is too much lust for power, too much hate, too much fear and insecurity in our world for us to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that it will not happen.

Unfortunately, the material mind of man cannot meet this challenge, but you and I and all students of the Infinite Way are prepared to live and to demonstrate the Christ principles to which we have dedicated our lives. We are not helpless; we are not impotent victims of universal insanity. We refuse to leave our children a legacy of nuclear war and the horrors of nuclear death. We refuse to abort future generations before they are born.

Our heavenly Father has told us: Take no thought for your life. Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. And through the Gospels, we have witnessed that one with God is a majority. Now we are ready to see this nuclear nightmare with a mind that was in Christ Jesus. We are ready to uplift the consciousness of the world until the nuclear crisis is nothing more than a passing dream. It is our function as Disciples of Christ to break the backbone of the nuclear threat, to release every nation from the hypnosis of nuclear attack and to manifest on this earth the peace that passeth understanding. And the big question is how? How shall we accomplish this seemingly utopian goal?

Well, first by learning from past mistakes, by facing the truth that 4,000 thousand years of Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism, 2,500 years of Confucianism, 2,000 years of Christianity, and 1,500 years of Islam have brought mankind to the brink of disaster and that is the truth. By realizing that organized dogma is not religion, it is atheism on a global scale and that government by man is not government by God. We must recognize that in spite of all religions on earth, our planet has been converted into a global incinerator, which now threatens to cremate the human race into radioactive ashes.

Why do we have these missiles in the first place? Perhaps the reasons are not as simple as they appear to be. Of course, we want missiles to defend our country, our property, our people, and we put that under the heading of national defense. We also know that thousands of high powered missiles give us bargaining power when we go to the negotiating table, but these are only surface. These are the reasons that seem most obvious. There are other reasons.

From birth, we have been trained to believe in two powers – power of good and the power of evil – and in this duality we are constantly violating divine law.

We do not love God supremely or trust God supremely.

We believe in two creators – one creator has good powers and the other creator has evil powers, and from this dichotomy, we expand into a pyramid of errors.

We deny that we are Spirit, Son of God.

We disobey Bible warnings and Bible teachings.

We sow to the flesh; we live in dying bodies of flesh.

We live in our own mental recreation of creation.

We remain in this mortal sense of self, trying to keep it comfortable, secure. We live in the death universe, not in the Eternal Life Universe and we don’t know the difference.

We believe that we are separated from God power.

We believe that Christ is tomorrow.

We crucify Christ daily by knowing the presence of Christ as being up there or around the corner, or in the future, and by ignoring that Presence within.

And we also have missiles because we actually are floating corpse in time. We live in yesterday. We live in the past because we cannot find the NOW. We have missiles because we want to kill more effectively, and that is the truth we hate to admit. We pretend that we build missiles only to defend but we fool no one. The 50,000 missiles already in this world will not all be used for defense. In the hands of psychopaths, demigods, egomaniacs, politically minded leaders, missiles that are planned for defense can quickly be turned into weapons of aggression, weapons of intimidation, and weapons of destruction.

The belief exists in many quarters that the A-bombs dropped on Japan by the United States were released unnecessarily; that Japan already was defeated and the ulterior motive of the attacks was to inform the world, especially our potential enemies, that we had the most powerful weapon in history.

The point is this: no matter how God-loving, compassionate and honorable we may claim to be under critical pressure, when it suits our purpose or the purpose of other nations, most leaders in this world will use nuclear weapons to kill and then issue self-serving statements that they were justified in violating God’s commandment that THOU SHALL NOT KILL.

I think there are three major proposals by government to reduce or to eliminate the risk of nuclear warfare:

      1.  A nuclear freeze

      2. Mass Cutbacks

     3. Surrender of the plutonium trigger that ignites H-bombs.

This is the sum and the substance of all human intelligence upon which mortal life hangs in the balance and it is full of holes. Examine these plans closely, plans that determine whether you will live or die, and you can quickly see that all plans to avoid nuclear war contain two basic flaws, flaws that guarantee their failure.

The same human brains that got us into the nuclear mess think that they can get us out. That is the first flaw.

The second is that the top experts of all nations actually ignore God; they ignore the One Creator. They ignore the source of all wisdom. They place their hopes, their goals, their solutions, within the limited human brain above any plan by the Infinite Creator.

And so, we must ask ourselves a question: Does God have a plan to save mankind from nuclear extinction? The answer ignored by world leaders in religions, science, industry and government is YES. God has a plan and God has already sent that plan to mankind by a very special messenger, a messenger who is closer to you then breathing. So if the possibility of nuclear war disturbs you, listen carefully to that Divine Messenger within you and you will know what our world leaders have overlooked.

Let not your heart be troubled: you believe in God, believe also in me. In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me. He that has seen Me hath seen the Father.

Believe thou not that I AM in the Father, and the Father in Me? The words that I speak unto you, I speak not of myself but the Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works. He that believes in me, the works that I do, shall he do also. And greater works than these shall ye do because I go unto my Father and whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.

If you love Me, keep my commandments. And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever. Even the Spirit of Truth; whom the world cannot receive because it seeth Him not, neither knoweth him; but you know him; for He dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you. Because I live, you shall live also. I have told you before it comes to pass that when it comes to pass, ye might believe.

Yes, that is the plan of the Father. Christ in you says I AM the Way. Now that means there is no other way! It means that we will not find solutions to the nuclear crisis in Washington, D.C. or in Moscow or in Paris or London. You will not find a solution on the face of this earth. Like it or not, God has given mankind an option and this is it: Christ or perish. Accept Christ I AM as yourself and your only Self, your Eternal Self, your Now Self, your Divine Self, your Spiritual Self, renouncing your human self, or perish in the self that you refuse to renounce. That is our option. This is the plan of God for you, Life Eternal in Christhood, or the wheel of birth and death until you accept I Christ as the only Self you can ever be, the only way to the peace that passeth understanding.

Let us pray together:

I in you. I am the way, come unto I all ye ends of the earth, and I will lead you out of destruction; I will part the sea of missiles, I will still the storm, I will rebuke the winds. I will lead you untouched through the fiery furnace. I will deliver you safely to my Father’s house. I within, Am the Way – deeper than your surface impressions of the world around you, deep in the sanctuary of your Soul, I AM. To find me, simply be still and let me find you. I come quickly in your stillness. I AM the Holy One of Israel, the Quickener; your new Comforter. When I speak the world melts, the fire does not consume you; the flood does not drown you. The prince of darkness comes and finds nothing in you. I walk with you across the water, across the waters of time, across the waters of space, and the burdens of fear and sorrow fall away from your shoulders because I AM the Way.

There is a secret place within where your human hood no longer exists; only God is there and that secret place is I, your Eternal Identity. I am the only way to the treasures of the Kingdom within. When the One Infinite Consciousness announces to mankind, I Am the Way, it reveals that there are no human solutions to the attainment of peace on earth. Man’s inability to find this secret Self within has made him seek for external solutions.

Solomon, who may have written the 91st Psalm, knew that Christ I AM is the savior of mankind. He knew that before Jesus appeared on earth. Everywhere his words are quoted, but few realize that the secret place of the Most High is the Infinite Christ which is your own true being and the Divine Self of all races, all creeds, and all nations.

This is the missing link in our world today. We have 5 billion separate selves instead of one undivided I Am. I AM the way is the beginning of knowledge. The I of you is not personal, not individual, but universal. When you accept the universal undivided Christ as your identity and the identity of everyone who has ever walked this earth, you have found the secret place of the Most High, the Omnipresent Christ who is the Self of mankind, and this truth makes you free of every false power known to man.

The 14th Chapter of John contains more power than the United States Navy, the Russian Navy and the British Navy combined. It is the eternal plan of God spoken by the Universal Christ who could not be destroyed by crucifixion, telling you and telling the world the Kingdom of God truly is within you, and your real identity is the only way to that Kingdom.

There will be world leaders sitting at negotiating tables trying to prevent the extinction of the human race, but mark this: unless one – just one of those negotiators has found I Christ within, the crisis will intensify because that negotiation table will be controlled by the anti-Christ-world-mind, and that’s where you come in. That is one of the major purposes of this class.

As Infinite Way students, we are given the power to open our Souls to Christ within, that through our enlightened receptivity, Christ may enter the consciousness of world leaders who are groping for answers to prevent world-wide destruction.

Our task is a glorious one: to walk in Christhood, under divine protection, to feel the privilege of turning the affairs of this world over to the Universal Christ, and to let Divine Love lift the veil of death from the lives of billions who are struggling blindly in the darkness of anti-Christ despair. I CHRIST within you AM the WAY.

Now look closely at Jesus standing there beside Pilate. Was that all of Jesus standing there? Look again, and in your spiritual I know that the Universal Christ stood there, the Universal Christ stood there and the Universal Christ then as now, says to every Pilate, to every missile, Thou couldst have no power over me. This is a principle and let me show you how marvelously this principle works.

Let us begin our meditation. Begin it with: CHRIST I AM. CHRIST I AM right here. But Christ is Infinite, so where does my Christhood stop? – Nowhere. There is nowhere I CHRIST AM not. I cannot divide I CHRIST into fractions. I CHRIST IS whole. I CHRIST is everywhere and it is I. Now, stretch I CHRIST back to the day when you were born.

The One Infinite Christ is the Reality of the infant they called you; just as Christ was and is the Reality of the infant they called Jesus. Christ, the image and likeness of God, never was an infant. That was only the birth of a concept and that concept grew and changed into adolescence and then into maturity and now appears as you. That is the concept. Christ never changes. I CHRIST am always the same. From birth to maturity only the concept of you changed, but I CHRIST, the Real you, the only you – never changed.

Remember when Paul said that to the Hebrews? Let me find it for you. It’s in Chapter 1 Verse 11. Yes, here it is: They shall perish says Paul, but thou remainest and they shall all wax old as does a garment and as a vesture shall thou fold them up and they shall be changed but thou are the same and thy years shall not fail.

This is God’s promise to his Son, I CHRIST. Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Count all those human years you thought you had lived, each one of those years made you deny CHRIST I AM. From the moment all the way back to birth, you are the ONE unchanging Christ. So relax your brain a little now and let this truth form itself as your consciousness and let yourself rest in Divine Peace – CHRIST INFINITE I AM. And now, from the city where you live in your mind, draw a straight line to the city and the house where you were born. If Christ is one undivided Self, what is between your Christ here and Christ there? Can miles separate the One Christ? Can cities separate Christ and geography separate Christ? Can time or space separate Christ? What are we learning? Grasp the enormity of being Christ everywhere.

Go back now before human birth. Go back 4,000 years before this century because Christ says, Before Abraham was I Am, but you are Christ. Can you accept that Christ then and now is the same Christ, the One Christ, and that the fullness of that Christ, you are now? Yes, I can accept that and I do. For it is I and there is no other I than I Christ.

Do you remember Melchizedec, never born, never dying? Why? Because he had realized his true identity as Christ I Am, the Infinite Son. Remember Enoch? Remember him stepping out of this world? How could he do that? He had discovered that he was not a finite mortal. He withdrew from the concept that dies inside the illusion of time. Pilate, you can have no power over me because this man standing next to you is not the fullness of who I AM. I AM the Christ everywhere alive. There is no tomb big enough to hold me. There is no substance that can contain me. There is no distance that can measure me; measureless, timeless, ageless Christ, forever I AM.

And so we learn that neither time, space, nor form separates Christ from Christ. The only presence where you stand now is Christ. That Christ is not confined to your body. Christ fills your room. Look around your room. Everywhere you are looking, you are looking at yourself. The objects in your room are inside your consciousness. They are not outside. You are looking at ideas, not objects. All these ideas would be joined into one undivided complete Christ if you could see into the invisible.

As you become more conscious of Christ as Self, the appearance of your room will subtly change. Objects will be replaced by other objects, people will be replaced. The more you respond to Christ Self, the more It expresses in every phase of your life.

As you change from me in this room to Christ who fills the room, you are beginning a transformation from matter to Spirit. Now, your Christhood does not stop at the four walls. If your body would walk into the next room, your Christhood would already be there. And you can ignore it, you can live outside Christ law or you can sow to Christ, you can sow to your Christ Self, which fills every room in your house, whether it is three, six or ten rooms. And world hypnosis will gradually release you from the prison in time. Christ is not separated from Itself by walls, mountains, rivers. Your physical sense of body may be in the United States but your Christ Self is also in England. It fills every country. The Christ of you fills all of Russia right now, all of Cuba, all of India, China, Australia and Canada.

If you could stand now on the highest mountain and gaze for hundreds of miles in every direction, everywhere you would be looking at your own Self, the Invisible Christ, the Infinite Son of God appearing to your finite human senses as land, sky and water in a variety of material forms.

All visible manifestation on this planet is your concept of your own invisible Self which is the I of your being, the One Christ, without beginning and without end. I AM THE WAY. These four words contain the Infinite Universe. Your Christhood is the only inhabitant of this universe. Until you practice this truth in consciousness, you will continue to experience the illusions of the world mind, which veil us from the harmony, and the treasures of the Christ Kingdom.

There have been many students who have demonstrated a degree of control over world mind illusions; some in the field of health, in the fields of weather, supply, self-fulfillment. Always failure comes from the belief that there is a material universe out there containing almost five billion people.

Now, let me illustrate. What stands between Africa and you? The answer is nothing, absolutely nothing. The Christ of you fills all Africa and fills all the space between Africa and you. What about the natives of Africa? Ah, there are no natives in Africa. The One Christ is the Self of each native. The One Christ is also the Self of you. What stands between Christ and Christ? Only Christ undivided. What stand between yesterday and today? Christ is yesterday; Christ is today. What stands between Christ and Christ? Time is exposed as an illusion when you realize your One Infinite Christ Self in the seeming past, present and future. Distance too, loses its deception when you know that one Christ fills all geography. Do you hear that miracle?

Now, back to the flood, the blizzard, the storm, the tornado. Usually, we strive to bring God power into play to eliminate these eruptions in our environment. Right? Me – sits in a chair and with eyes closed me is aware of a great big storm, a tornado, a flood or a volcano – out there, and me grimly strives to attract the power of God to this stricken area. We all do it and if we can go no further then that in our mediation, it would be better to stop the meditation and begin again from the realized conviction that Christ and only Christ is the Self of mankind. Where you sit and also where the disaster appears to be, Christ is the only Self.

Let’s run through it. Let us take a drought or flood threatening the farmer’s crop. What do we do?

Number 1: Go direct to Christ. Christ I AM, here, there and everywhere. Always, that’s Number 1. Christ fills this room; Christ fills this entire threatened area. Then wait, wait to feel the One Christ Presence. It’s only the first step.

Number 2: Because Christ is everywhere and only Christ fills all space and time, the drought or flood is not there, Christ is there. When Christ within is real to you, Christ will manifest out there as peace, serenity, the end of the problem. Why? Because I AM THE WAY, because the universal I Christ is the resurrection. So, what have we done here? We have incorporated many Infinite Way principles into our now consciousness. We impersonalize when we accepted – no people present – only the Christ, only the One Universal Christ – everywhere, and we nothingize the disturbance when we knew that Christ is the only Presence, no matter what appears and in Christ there can be no conditions. “Ye shall know the truth.” No persons, no conditions, One Universal Christ appearing to human sense as this world and its conditions and finally, remove the last me, remove me. Remove me! Impersonalize yourself. Here stands no person. The Universal Christ alone stands here. Its name is I and Its presence makes this holy ground. When I am Christ here and Christ there, I am in the secret place, I am the Universal I, the Universal Self, and in this I there is no darkness, only the pure light of God. This is how we are going to learn to meet the nuclear missiles crises.

Our work now and through the October Seminar is to develop the Universal I Consciousness who produces the freedom that flows when you follow I AM THE WAY. Every Ascended Master once passed through the same tests and learning processes to which we are being exposed now. Always the choice is Christ or extinction. Just as you must replace all visible persons with the One Infinite Invisible Christ, so all material forms, organic or inorganic, ugly or beautiful, healthy or diseased, good or evil, and without exception, must be recognized instantly as a denial of the One Christ Presence everywhere. You have to work at that. This unceasing practice enabled every Ascended Master to break the law of karma, which only exists in the material consciousness of man.

So if you have a competitor, you are rejecting the divine truth that I Christ am the only Identity. If you are a religion refusing to ordain women as ministers, you are denying that I Christ am the Identity of all. If you love one group of people and hate another, you are unaware that Christ Omnipresent is the One Universal Self and you are violating God’s will expressed in His statement through Christ that I Universal Christ Am the Way.

Death does not always leave a corpse. When new birth comes there is no one there to recognize death, no consciousness to receive the death experience. After illumination, there are never any corpses. For the living there is no deadness anywhere except those who are dead to Christ.

I think the Greeks gave us a wonderful phrase when they said, Know thyself. Today for doers who are ready for the great deeds perhaps that phrase could change to Be thyself.

This world is going to continue to challenge you. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, science will tell us about the nuclear horrors of starvation, homeless millions without hospitals or medical aid. We will hear about the extermination of half of the human race. There will be revolutions and counter-revolutions across the globe, blocks of nations blocked up against blocks of nations. You can drink it all in with fear and commiseration the human way, or you can face this seeming world chaos and dissolve it with only one weapon, one weapon:


Would you kindly get a pencil and a sheet of paper and when you turn this off and come back with a pencil and paper and when you come back and turn it on, we’ll start at the right place. So turn it off now and do that.

All right. Now you have your pencil and paper.

We are here to develop the most powerful weapon in the world against nuclear missiles.


On this sheet of paper, draw a horizontal line from the left margin to the right margin, anywhere near the top, from the left to the right, – one long line. Now find the center of that line and about a half inch below it, just draw a circle about as big as a dime:

­                 _________________________________I___________________________

0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Now, to the left of that circle, on the same line as the circle, about a quarter of an inch apart, draw three more circles. So you’ll have three circles on the left of the circle in the middle. Then on the right side of that circle, which is in the middle, draw three more circles. Now you’ve got seven circles all in a row and above them a horizontal line.

Now take that middle circle of the seven, the fourth circle, and inside it or just below it, print the word ME.

Now on the horizontal line in the middle of it, in large letters, print the letter I as in I AM. Just nice and big, so you really see it. Iright on that horizontal line.

And so, what we are saying is that this horizontal line represents I, the Universal Christ. Now, the seven circles, they represent seven of your human incarnations. The present incarnation is the center circle which you have labeled ME. The three circles on the left are your three past incarnations. The three circles on the right are your three future incarnations. Now, look at the whole picture you have drawn. Now, find yourself. Which one is YOU – the line or the circles?

As you look at this, realize that each circle is a different self of you and that each circle has a different brain and a different body. Each circle also has a different set of parents and a different set of children.

And the question is: Are you those seven incarnations with seven different minds and bodies? Are you those separate seven selves who go through birth and death and then repeat the process again and again and again? Do you have parents and children in the first incarnation and then do you have new parents and new children when you were born into the next incarnation? Are you the ME in the middle who will die whether we have a nuclear war or not? Are you the three future selves who will come into being one after the other when your present self is terminated?

Or are you the I AM, which is the unseparated straight line – never born, never dying, without beginning, without end, always alive, always one with God, always under the law of eternal perfection, always perfect as your Divine Father?

Your answer to this question will determine many, many things. It will determine how you live every day of your life. And so, before you decide, think carefully. Your answer will determine whether you live many temporary, separated incarnations or one continuous Eternal Life. It will determine whether you are under karmic law or Divine Law. And, this may shock you. It will determine whether you can be destroyed by nuclear missiles or you are immune to every form of mortal destruction.

I can safely predict that one day very soon you will present this little diagram of the one unseparated I and the seven separated circles to your children, to your special friends, to show them the way to Eternal Life as taught by Christ.

If your realized Identity and their Identity is Christ I AM, undivided by space and time, your chances of being hit or destroyed by nuclear missiles are zero. If your identity is me, the temporary human being living in a temporary body of flesh, you are under the law of death in time, which is the way of all human flesh.

Claiming I Am is not the same as being I AM or living as I AM.

Many have made the claim that I AM while continuing to live in temporary, dying human bodies in a human world that is not the Kingdom of God.

But I Am and human flesh live in two different worlds. The moment you accept I AM the Universal Christ, not only on your lips but throughout your Being; you will find that your human body does not contain you – your I Self is not earth-bound, disease-bound, accident-bound. The Kingdom of I is not this world. And face it, for a period of adjustment, your friends will think you are behaving a little differently then when you were buddies or business pals growing up together, but remember, To thine own self be true, and your Self is the I AM of everyone, including your friends who think you are acting strangely.

This is a small price to pay if it will help you survive nuclear missiles and it will help you to do that and much more. To survive a nuclear holocaust, we are compelled to learn truths and techniques that are unfamiliar to the minds of man, including the mind of science. The mind that was in Christ Jesus transcends time patterns and usually begins where science ends. Let me illustrate.

Science tells us that the light of the sun travels to earth in eight minutes. In other words, you never see the sun where it is. You see it where it was eight minutes ago. This means that you are always seeing the sun in the past, never in the present. Science also informs us that the light of many stars takes hundreds of light years to reach the earth. So again, you are never seeing the light where a star is; you can only see where the star was hundreds of years ago. Every star you see is in the past, not in the present.

All this is taught in every science class, but what science does not teach and what science does not know and what the Christ Mind does know is that everything we see in this world is past. You are looking at a world that was, not a world that is, and that amazing principle more than any other is going to provide your safety against all the nuclear missiles that now exist in this world.

Now look at that line that you drew and the seven circles under it. These seven circles – each of your incarnations – are separate one from the other. On the left your first three incarnations represent your past. Each of these incarnations is separated by time and by space and if your continue to live in this pattern; you will have to reincarnate into the last three circles, and if nuclear missiles strike, you will be so far off the Divine plan that you will be reincarnating for hundreds of thousands of additional years

But now, look at the long horizontal line above the circles. Notice that line continues with no interruption, no break by time or space. It is one complete line now. It represents the Now Christ, not living in time, never born, never dying, without beginning or end, unseparated. Now to your mortal mind, your previous incarnations in the flesh are all past and your future incarnations are still ahead of you. Right! But Christ transcends all time. Christ lives in Eternity where all human incarnations are past. Your present incarnation and even your future incarnations are already past to Christ.

Christ is the seventh day of Genesis. Humanhood is the fourth day of Genesis. To Christ, the first six days of Genesis, the first six levels of preparation for Christhood, are all past and they are all included in the seventh day, which Christ already is. Here’s the point: You are the Christ. You are the Universal I AM and therefore, to the I AM of you, all your human incarnations, even the ones ahead of you, are already past. So, if you declare I AM the Christ but you cling to the belief that mankind can have future incarnations or that you can have future incarnations, you are denying that Christ. You are forgetting that Christ is your name, yourself, your Identity.

I have heard Joel say, You can flap your wings all day and say Christ I AM but there is no power in that statement, and of course he is right. You are still a target for the missiles of mortal mind because there is no power in a human incarnation declaring Christhood.

When Christ I AM means that all your human incarnations are past, you have found the secret meaning of I AM and Divine power will manifest. To the Christ Mind this world is past. Only the Kingdom is now.

When this revelation is realized and becomes embedded in your consciousness through daily contemplation and meditation, you will discover as the prophets promised, that no weapon formed against you can prosper. To the Christ Mind, the nuclear missiles that mankind fears tomorrow, are already in the past. This secret of the mystics is one of the great Pearls beyond price.

Come ye children of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundations of the world. Then listen to the companion clue to this great truth. The Kingdom of God is neither lo here nor lo there, but within you. Now put those statements together. What do you get when you see them together as one statement? Come my children; inherit the Kingdom of God within you. Oh, what a revelation.

So with great caution, as if you were handling a Ming vase of the 10th Century BC, look at that divine statement once more. The Kingdom of God is not in the sky, it is not in the future, it is not after you die, it is not in your stomach or even in your mind. It is in the most unusual place anyone could imagine, a place so unique that most people in this world cannot find it during their entire lifetime. Instead they struggle, compete, war against each other, constantly defend themselves against devils, diseases, disasters, hundreds of destructive and distressing forces; all forces that are not in the Kingdom.

But if they could find the Kingdom, they would discover to their great joy that it does not contain even one nuclear missile, it contains no armies, no mad dictators, and no power-hungry politicians, no man-eating diseases. In fact, the Kingdom contains no evil of any kind. Oh, we think surely such a heavenly place must be reserved only for those specially chosen, those who have confessed their sins every morning and night and have lived a life of piety, poverty, suffering, and sacrifice. Surely that blessed place will be there waiting for them or for us if we beg for forgiveness and if we promise not to repeat our transgressions. Surely someone up there has an eye on us and knows that we are good, we are unselfish worshippers; we have charitable intentions. Now, isn’t that what everyone has been taught?

Worse then all this grovelling and self deprecation is that congregations are encouraged by their leaders to spend their entire lifetime preparing, preparing for the great Judgement Day when they stand before the supreme judge and jury to be admitted or turned away from the Gates of Paradise. Can you think of a greater ignorance then turning hungry souls away from the Kingdom within and making them chase a myth in the future while they suffer now, needless agonies on earth?

To the religions of the world we must say: Within does not mean up there, within does not mean tomorrow, nor is the Kingdom so small that it can be contained in a human body. How can an Infinite Kingdom be contained in something finite or in something temporary, or something subject to destruction? But wait one minute! Take one more look at the original statement. The Kingdom of God is within you, not just within but within YOU. Then it flashes, the century old puzzle is solved, The Kingdom of God is within I Christ. What can we do with that? You are I, you are the Universal Christ, the Kingdom of God is in your Christhood, now, here, and until you find and accept your own Christ Self, the Kingdom of God can never be attained, even by death. I Am the Way because I Am the Way to the Kingdom of God, which is now on earth as in heaven. Is that not exactly what Christ said, I AM in the Father and Father is in me? In other words, I Am in the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of God is within me.

We have come to a landmark in our journey home. Your name is the Universal I Christ. Only I Christ can be where you appear, for I Christ is the one infinite and only Identity. Let this truth dominate your thought. As it does, automatically, you will find yourself in the Kingdom which is within your Christhood. For when we accept I Christ universally, the power of the Kingdom within automatically expresses:

Grace automatically replaces human decisions,

Omniscience automatically replaces human concepts.

Grace is infinite automation.

Omnipotence replaces the limited powers of man.

Omnipresence replaces your transient, fractional existence.

You are revealed as whole, self-complete in Christ and the

Kingdom is no longer a hoped-for-future event in the sky.

No nuclear missile will ever fall on Christ I AM. No nuclear missile will ever fall in the Kingdom of I AM. For I AM is a plane of consciousness above time, above this world. The good news is that the Kingdom of God is now, the Kingdom of Christ is now and all that is in the world, without exception, is in past time because to Christ I AM, all time – even so-called future time – is past. You are learning that nuclear warfare is behind you if you are in your Christ Self, which automatically places you in your Christ Kingdom here and now.

I know this is a truth unknown to the human mind, to the human race, but it is coming to you for a very special reason: you are going to terminate missiles instead of having missiles terminate you. By letting your Light shine you will ignite the flame of Spirit, the Dove of Spirit in many souls on this earth. I know this tape is destined to be heard in many homes, in many hearts and one of the reasons is the Advanced Meditation that we are now about to practice for the first time.

Once again, please look at your diagram with the seven circles and with your pencil, just place the point of that pencil on one, just one of the circles – your pencil point is on one incarnation.

And you’ll notice that you are not touching the other six circles, the other six incarnations. That is just how human life is. You can only live one incarnation at a time. But now, put your pencil on the horizontal line. Where are the incarnations? They are gone, because this is the Christ Life and you live all of the Christ Life at one time instead of in segments. In Christ Life, all Christ Life is here at the same time. In human life you live only the life span of the moment, the one that is here; one interval at a time and the other life spans are not here. They are in your yesterdays or your tomorrows. To live now your whole life, your whole life which is independent of all incarnations, that is living the Christ Life and that is what we are going to do.

Let‘s call this Advanced Meditation, The Non-Power of Nuclear Missiles. The meditation is a specific treatment for the non-power of nuclear missiles, and of course, it requires your constant awareness of I CHRIST UNIVERSAL. This will be a nine-part meditation and it is also the meditation that I wish to suggest for our Saturday and Sunday group meditations around the country when we all join in at 12 o’clock noon, California time.

We now have about 300 to 400 persons meditating together at that special time so if you work out your procedures before you come to meditation and prepare yourself about 10 or 15 minutes before; you will make a better contribution to the group power. I think this complete nine-part meditation would take about 30 minutes, possibly 45, or even one hour if the Spirit carries you away. I think I’d like to give you the nine themes of the meditation in advance. These are nine special truths, which are all part of the Consciousness of Christ I AM. Let’s use them now to let Spirit go before us and then we can proceed into the contemplations, which bring it all into focus as One Infinite experience.

     1. The One Creation

     2. The Creator is the Substance of the One Creation

     3. The Creator is here now

     4. The Creation is here now

     5. All the Creation is here

     6. All the Creation is here now

     7. This entire world is already past

     8. I rest in Christ I AM

Those will be the nine steps of our meditation. We are letting world concepts go by. We are following I AM the Way to the Kingdom of God here now, where nothing can enter to defile or maketh a lie. Your readiness is the equivalent to saying, Speak Father, thy son is ready to listen to the Infinite Consciousness.

There is One Creator. This is the cornerstone of all truth – feel the Presence of One Infinite Creator – I AM the Way, I AM the first and I AM the last. I AM All. Beside me there is no other Creator.

I AM the One perfect Source. I AM the Source and there is no other Source than I, the perfect Creator. Because I am the One Infinite Creator, nothing can change this truth. Your knowledge of this truth, your fidelity to this truth, will part the Red Sea of all illusion. Noah, Joshua, David, believed in One Infinite Creator. The illusion of a second Creator did not deceive them.

Your knowledge of One Infinite Creator forms an ark and that ark sails through the flood, through the flood of time, through the flood of space. Your knowledge of One Infinite Creator is the seventh trumpet that collapses the sense worlds of Jericho and reveals Paradise now. Your knowledge of One Infinite Creator is the smooth stone in the slingshot of the One Consciousness that slays the giant world mind. One Infinite Creator is your refuge, your strength.

There is One Creation, not two! The One Creator has not created two creations. All that proceeds from the One perfect Creator is perfect forever. There is One perfect Creation, no other; One Infinite undefileable Creation under perfect law forever. This perfect Creation, this only Creation, can never have a flaw; can never contain an evil. It is eternally perfect as its eternally perfect Creator – One Infinite Creator, One Infinite perfect Creation.

When you know this, you are in I Christ, for I Christ knows this. When you don’t know this, you are not in I Christ. Do you know this? Are you I Christ?

The Creation has a Substance. The Creator is the Substance of Its Creation. The Source and Its Creation are One; indivisible, forever. There is One Infinite Creator which is the Substance of the One Infinite Creation, and this One Infinite Substance of Creation is as perfect as the Infinite Creator.

Yes, we remember Joel said, God is the Substance of all form, and this is what he meant: that perfect Spiritual Substance is the invisible Substance of everything visible in our world. We are looking at human ideas where only Spirit is. Spirit can never be evil or destructive. Spirit can never be shaped into nuclear missiles. The invisible Substance of all nuclear missiles is Infinite Spirit.

Spirit is the Substance; nuclear missiles are the concept in the world mind. Infinite Spirit can never destroy nor be destroyed and there is no other Substance. The only Creator is now. God is now. God is always now. The only Creator is always present. Being Infinite, the One Creator is present now, everywhere. No matter what you see, the Infinite Creator is there and what you see is not.

In the now-ness of the One Creator, perfection is constant and perfection is independent of visible changes in passing time. This Infinite perfect Creation is always being now and therefore, whatever seems to be imperfect or destructive is not being now, is not happening now.

When we see imperfection, we are looking at the past because now is always present and now is always perfect.

That which is evil or destructive is the past, seen by our human mind which is past, but I Christ in the Christ Mind sees the Now of the One perfect Creation, which is invisible to human eyes.

And so when we fear destruction or imperfection, we are in the future that can never come. We are hypnotized into the belief in time. Now is always present. Now is always perfect. Now is never yesterday or tomorrow. Future imperfections or future destructions or future false powers can never enter Now; they can only appear in the illusion of passing time, to the mind that was not I Christ Jesus.

As you stand in the Eternal Now, in the Infinite Now of I Christ, never can you be touched or hurt by destructive forces in time. The Creation is Now. The Creation is here because Creation is Infinite – here must also be Infinite. To God everything is here – to Christ everything is here. The word “there” is a deception. The belief in objects out there never comes to the I Christ. The instant that something seems out there, be aware that you are rejecting I Christ as your Identity. I Christ is Infinite.

Therefore, the Infinite Creation is here to I Christ. All the Infinite Creation is now. All the Creation is now. Nothing is missing. If you make contact with Creation, you are now in contact with all souls who are in the now; even if to human sense they appeared on earth thousands of years ago. Christ today and Christ 5,000 years ago are now in this now-ness; no souls are separated by time. In this now-ness, all souls live in One Eternal Creation under Perfect Divine Law now, free from harassment of all time illusions such as diseases, disasters or nuclear missiles.

And now, we come to one of the strangest truths of all and this is hard to get even when you say it or hear it, you don’t hear it. ALL CREATION IS HERE NOW; NOTHING WILL BE ADDED; NOTHING CAN BE SUBTRACTED. Creation is finished! But that is not the strangest. Here the word here is Infinite. HERE is the fullness of the Spiritual Creation, and so, wherever you contact Creation, you contact the fullness of It because Creation can never be less than Itself anywhere.

Now this becomes a very important healing principle, especially in absent healings because when you heal with the knowledge that all Creation is here, absent healing becomes powerful. You see, the Creation can never be absent. To Christ, both Lazareth and Jesus are both here. They are not separated by a tomb, and that realization of One Self, One Substance here, restores the outer harmony. Here where you stand is Holy Ground because here is the full universe. Here is the Infinite Creation, and as you work with this principle of: Here is the entire Creation, many marvelous things happen in your consciousness.

When you for instance, know that an area no larger than a pinhead contains all Creation here and now, you will know that you have discovered a truth beyond all truth. The world seems to vanish. A peace seldom known brings the ecstasy of realization and almost as strange as the universe on a pinhead is the next principle and it is key to our work now.

That is: this world is past. Only Creation is here now. Only the Creator is here now. To man, Christ seems to be 2,000 years ago, but Christ is here now, and modern man who seems to be now; modern man is past. Like those two travelers on a fast train, to each other they seem to be standing still. So humans, living in the past together, seem to be now to each other. It is a law, everything that happens in time is past and even all future time is already past to I Christ.

The great revelation known to the mystics is that all future evil is already past. Because mortals are standing in time, they see only the past, but to them it appears as yesterday, today and tomorrow. Nuclear missiles are already past but man trapped in dying time, thinks that they are in his future.

Your last principle – the ninth: Rest in I. I Am the Way. Rest in your I Christ Identity, for I Am here. I Am now. I am not in the illusions of passing time; here I Am everywhere, I Am; throughout Eternity, now I Am. Throughout the Eternal Now I Am. I Am the Infinite I Am, living now in the Infinite fullness of Being. All time is past and all it contains is past. The illusions of nuclear missiles will seem real to all who remain trapped in that which is not the Creation of the One Creator. But in the now that is timeless, the now-power, the now-reality of nuclear missiles in time is revealed to I Christ as nothingness, as non-power, non-reality, for the Son of God knows only the Creation of the Father.

This world will not survive if it waits for the return of Christ. The day that mankind realizes that Christ is here now as the Life and the Self of every individual on earth, on that day the threat of nuclear extermination will vanish from the consciousness of man. Eternal Life will embrace us as we step out of the past and out of the false future into the now miracle of I Christ.

In I-ness we are quickened to walk outside of time without fear, to live by Grace as Spiritual Souls in the same Universe that God lives. Let me read to you a paragraph written by Joel Goldsmith in his book titled, Living Now; the last chapter, titled, The Revelation of Spiritual Sonship. Page 204. And here’s what Joel says:

Now, the time has come when the Christ must appear as every individual. That is the activity, the function, the purpose, and the reason for the message of the Infinite Way. The Infinite Way has been sent to prepare the consciousness of the world, not for the second coming of Christ but for the first coming, since the Christ has never been on earth as universal consciousness, and the Infinite Way is preparing the world for the first experience that we are all bringing forth for the illumination of the world.

Christ is your now Self, human-hood is your yesterday self, all human forms are past. The belief that form contains you or anyone else is the universal hypnosis that keeps you out of the Eternal Life Universe. We are being liberated into the allness of Spirit, and I now call on every student dedicated to manifesting the living word of God to join in the great experience, the seventh day experience in which the walls of Jericho, the walls of human-hood come tumbling down. Let the message of Divine Love flow in you, through you, to the world, lifting the veil of fear and death, until with the Christ Mind, we behold the finished Kingdom now

Saturday and Sunday, 12 noon every week, California time, let us do this nine-part meditation and then during the week, why don’t you take each of the nine principles and make one a subject for one meditation. Use the individual theme to strengthen your meditation for that one meditation, and switch to the second one. Go through them so in nine meditations, over a period of two to three or four days, you have done the nine different principles, so they become one with you. Then on the weekends, we put them all together in one group meditation together.

This is how we are to face a nuclear missile crisis now – show the power of I Christ on earth, Infinite Christ, I Am. Seems impossible doesn’t it? But the Bible assures us that there is nothing impossible to I Christ realized, and that includes the abolition of all causes of death on this earth, because I Am the Way to heavenly riches, to heavenly power now.

We maybe have time to suggest a midnight meditation, which you might find very helpful. I suggest that before going to bed; start your meditation with this thought:


Then when you awaken in the morning, instantly begin your meditation with:


And expand that into a real contemplative meditation. And be sure that for the rest of the day no matter what else you do, try to be true to the truth, knowing that only THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS PRESENT for CHRIST AND CHRIST YOU ARE.

Don’t be trapped in things you know cannot be in the Kingdom where you live.

Oh, this has been a class for me! It’s saying, Let there be Light. Let your Christ Light as the One Divine Son, stand in Eternal Oneness, on the mountaintop of One Being without opposite. That’s what is saying to each of us.

You’ll receive two more tapes in the Special Seven Series, that is, if you have subscribed to it and then together, we’ll share the October experience on the Island of Rainbows. Meanwhile, from Kauai to you, from Soul to Soul, a warm Aloha in the Joy of One Christ I Am.

Now, everything that has been established up to this point is where we begin so that we begin with who we are and who we are not. We do not start from a material standpoint, we do not begin our day that way, and we work day after day after day until we can establish that we do not begin a day as a material being because we are accepting the Omnipresence of God.

There is a place where the work has to prove itself, as if all that we do comes to that particular point which is seemingly called the last day, which isn’t any such thing at all, but that’s the terminology given to it, and there seems to be a prevailing part in the mind of man that he is possibly subject to extinction.

At every turn the thought of extinction seems to be broadcast into his mind by what he hears and what he sees. His Bible tells him that there will be an extinction of some kind, and he can’t quite make it out, but he surely can read English, and it says something about the end of the world. And he hears that repeated and repeated from many rostrums across the globe, he hears preachers drumming into the mind of man, that unless you stop sinning before the end of the world, you’re going to be consigned to the hottest place you’ve ever seen.

And then when he reads in the paper that the PLO is doing this, or that Russia has secretly got a combat brigade over there in Cuba, or that SALT is up in the air one day, and then down the other day, and they may never get together, or that troops are somewhere else now, fighting in another country where they don’t belong, and then when he reads about threats to a possible President of the United States and so on again and again. Everywhere we turn in our own Bible, in our daily lives, even in our Sunday churches, and then suddenly a nuclear leak, radioactive waste, pollution of some kind.

We are surrounded by the threat of extinction and very few people are helping us to eliminate that threat. They’re merely repeating the group hysteria and no matter how we try, it faces us everywhere we go. Especially if you happen to be one of those living near a nuclear plant, you’re certainly thinking about it, or you’re living near an airport where there was a big crash or some other disaster. But most of all, what’s on Papa Bear’s mind in Russia, what’s happening in Africa, what’s happening on the Israeli front, all of this, plus the inability of science apparently to contain nuclear reactivity to our complete satisfaction, plus the great armament deception of we’re going to cut down armaments on this and that type of armament, while we secretly build up heavily on other kinds of armaments. A person would really have to be a fool to think that you can live in this world with everybody stock piled up to the hilt and to think that it could never happen, you’d have to be foolish, you’d have to be an ostrich and say that they’ve got it all to kill everybody, but nobody’s going to use it, this would be a downright lack of common sense.

And so we do know that the power to destroy is all around us. We do know that the Master specifically said, “There will be an end of the world,” when his disciples asked him. And so we want to look at that, are we threatened with extinction? And who can we ask? Our common sense tells us, yes, religion tells us, yes, science has given us the weapons, industry has helped science do that. Everything answers yes, yes, yes, we are threatened with extinction, and everything, almost, says inevitable extinction, there’s nothing you can even do about it. And so we can’t complacently go on about our business. We can’t build a future in a world threatened with extinction and we can’t live in it peacefully and pretend it isn’t there. How much better it would be if we could look at it and get the facts?

The disciples came to Jesus Christ and said, “What about the end of the world, when is it going to happen? What signs should we look for to know that the end of the world is near?” And a lot of the signs that he gave them, are signs that we see today aren’t they? Nations at war, pestilence, famine, all kinds of corruption a complete degeneration of the fabric of human life.

But you know, when you look at the end of the world with the Spiritual truth in your understanding, it’s a completely different story than we have heard from possibly our own parents, possibly our own civilization, assuredly our own churches, and we have failed to perceive what has been said. So much so, that approximately 95% of the world today is completely in a state of panic about what’s going to happen, and especially in circles that you and I may not be familiar with, where governments, themselves, having placed their stock piles in certain areas, and are very aware of the stock piles of their so called enemy. And so, large segments of our governments are living in a state of silent panic. Will they do it, or won’t they? Should we do it first? And there’s much gossip about this behind closed doors, should we get there first.

It should be the job of religion to clarify this. Religion has at least the printed word, but religion has not prepared mankind for the end of the world, and this is a great tragedy, because, had religion prepared mankind with understanding, today there wouldn’t be the panic there is, or the fear, or the escalation of certain activities which are all in preparation for just such an emergency.

I think I have to look at this lack of awareness, as what we will call a separation from God. It is in the separation from God that we entertain the superstitions and the ignorance about the meaning of end of the world. There are three basic mistakes theologically:

     1. The first basic mistake is, God created the world. Once you start with that it’s hard to understand the end of the world, because now you’ve got the second mistake:

    2. That God, who created the world, is going to end the world. And finally, you’ve got to have a reason, and so the third mistake is that:

    3. God is going to punish his children, and then the world that God created in order to punish his children who sin. That implies of course, that those children who didn’t sin, must suffer with those who did sin. But religion has a way out for that.

It really is a pyramid of errors and Shakespeare could do justice with a play about it. Maybe he did; it’s not a comedy though, it’s a tragedy of errors. To first have a God, creator of the world, and then a God who will uncreate the world he created, to punish the sinners whom he also created. It doesn’t add up, it’s part of superstition, it’s also part of a fear based on ignorance, and when you try to analyze this and say, “Why do people believe that God will end the world, because he wants to punish his children, and you analyze that punishment, and you begin to see a great guilt complex. I know that if I didn’t feel guilty I wouldn’t feel that I ought to be punished, and if I feel I’m going to be punished, I must have a sense of guilt about it.

Now I know religion throws the guilt out there on the congregation, the congregation is guilty, and then finally, so that it’s homogenized, we are all declared to be sinners. Now this is the end of the world according to religion and then the out is, that there is the sheep and the goats, because the Master said so. And he’s going to look at all the nations of the world and those who belong to the Father, will go to the one side, and those who don’t belong to the Father, will go to the other side. And I think Grimm’s Fairy Tales are much more entertaining.

If we look at what the Master has taught in the Bible, we find some startling facts to completely eliminate all that we have been taught about the end of the world, and right out of our own Bible. I think one of the first clues is when Christ through Jesus declares that My creation is not this world, and that’s the meaning of “My kingdom is not of this world.” Kingdom and creation are identical, synonymous. My creation is not of this world, and we have learned that this world is in time, and so my creation is not this world in time.

And then I think another important clue is that passage I asked you to look at the other day, before you went to sleep, Luke 4, verse 5. That was potentially the, probably the greatest real estate deal in the world. To be offered all the kingdoms of the world and there was no price put upon it, other than follow me, follow the world mind. And because all of the kingdoms of the world were in time and The Kingdom, the creation, is not in time, the rejection of these worlds in time, was a statement that My Kingdom is not in time. These world’s that the world mind offers me to rule and dominate, are in time.

What will I do with the counterfeit, if I already own the original? If the Kingdom of God is where I live, if I own all the diamonds of the world why do I want the imitation diamonds? If all that the Father has is mine, why do I want the illusion? And so we’ve been told all of the worlds all of the kingdoms in time, were illusion; not of the Father, not created by the Father. And so the rejection of all of the worlds in time, was a clue that this world is not the creation of God.

Now there was a very special clue, and that, we want to look at. Over here in the 24th chapter of Matthew, the disciples come, and they are on the Mount of Olives, and they come to him privately, and they say, “Tell us, tell us, when shall these things be, what should be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” And he tells them something which would startle a normal man. In the 9th verse he tells them they will die. He says, “All these things that I have told you are only the beginning of sorrows, the end of the world is not yet, then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you, and ye shall be hated of all nations, for my names sake.” What a future! They shall be killed. They’re told this by their Master. But they’re going to be killed before the end of the world. They don’t even get a chance to wait for the end of the world.

And then in the 26th chapter he tells them something truly marvelous. It’s the Last Supper, and in the 29th verse he says to them, “I will not drink of this wine again, until I am with you, after the end of the world.” He tells them that the world will end, but after the world has ended, they will be with him, and he with them. He tells them that they will die, the world will end and then they will be together.

And I would like to know how men are going to survive death, and the end of the world, and still be alive? Does that cover those eleven or twelve? If they are to be together again, if they are to survive the end of the world, who else is to join them and survive? How do you decide? Are some excluded? What about the seventy whom Jesus sent out? Are they going to survive the end of the world? What about the thousands that Paul trained, are they going to survive the end of the world? What about the millions that study the gospel of Jesus the Christ, what was the gospel for, if they cannot survive the end of the world? Was it to tell them that there’d be an end of the world and it’s all over? Or is it to prepare them to survive the end of the world?

What about Buddhist’s don’t they survive? What about the various Christian sects, do we say that a Protestant will survive and a Catholic won’t? Is the Seventh Day Adventist included or excluded? What about unity students? All of them in, some out? What about Christian Science? What about new thought? What about every religion in the world? How do you select them? What about people who don’t believe in religion or in God, are they automatically unable to survive the end of the world?

Are we beginning to see how ludicrous the idea is, that these twelve disciples will survive while God punishes everyone else? Why would they survive, we want to know, how? We know that they will, we know that they did. Now, we’re concerned about us, and we won’t accept one hundred and forty four thousand as surviving, we will accept that as a symbol of infinity, twelve times twelve.

And so, there is a way to survive the end of the world, and that would indicate that it isn’t the end of the world that everybody thinks about, because when this world goes, there is going to be no physical survival, and if we are to survive, there must be a method for us to survive.

Now, we’re talking about a different end of the world than the Bible has meant to most people. We’re talking about an end of the world which is not the creation of God. We’re talking about the end of a second creation. Of a false creation. We’re talking about an internal change of consciousness. We’re talking about an end of the world that is absolutely necessary. The end of the world is required. The end of the world in time, is required, because it is the evidence of man’s separation from God. The end of the world is the end of that separation. It is the end of death, it is the end of an illusion. It is the end of the world consciousness, which says that God created this world.

And so we are now finding that end of the world in the Bible, is an individual experience, in which at a certain level of enlightenment, an individual perceives the illusion of the world, and is awakened from that illusion, is awakened from deadness to Spirit, deadness to Christ. And that end of the world happens in the consciousness of the individual who then is lifted into the real creation of God. There is no world to end. When the Kingdom is all there is, and it is not this world, what world is going to end? The imitation concept. But it is only going to end for those who are enlightened enough to awaken from it. Those who remain in the concept of the world, continue in their pleasures and their pains.

This end is what we are striving for, and because it came in words that men thought of as physical words, they simply did not see, that the end of the world is the first resurrection. it is the end of the world which is not the creation. It is the end of the belief in external matter. It is the end of our cosmic blindness. It is the end of destruction. It is the end of discord, and disease, and disaster.

When all that is not the creation of God for you, no longer holds you prisoner, for you, the world has ended. That is the basic meaning of the end of the world.

What about all these bullets, and guns, and armaments? That’s another kind of end of the world. But look at it now, first from the Spiritual standpoint of what Jesus was teaching. Eternal life is his subject, if you believe on Me the words that I speak, if you believe on Me the deeds that I do, though you were dead, yet shall you live. What’s the end of the world going to mean to such an individual? The dead will rise from their grave. Arise from the dead. When we recognize the deadness is our concept of a creation that is not the creation of God, we are really in a belief in two creators. And the world has been chained to that belief by the belief that God created this world and the Kingdom of God, or that God only created the Kingdom and the devil created this world, or somebody created this world, because God says he didn’t.

And so religion has stumbled into two creations. A world that God didn’t create, implies another creator and this is separation. The end of the world is the end of this separation. When you have reached your Soul consciousness, you are out of this world. Your death is only the death of your belief in a second creation. Now we’re all going to die right here to this world. We’re all going to die to the false sense of creation. And we’re going to look exactly as we look right now, not any different. Were going to eat in the same restaurants, sleep in the same bed, know the same people, but we are going to die to the false creation and that is precisely the teaching of the end of the world. That which is required by God, religion is telling us, is a punishment for sinners, but it isn’t. It’s our goal, to attain that consciousness in which this world is no more.

Now one of the greatest clues that was given, but overlooked, is the 6th verse in the Revelation of St John. When John hears the ancient of days, the voice of the Invisible Master speaking, he says to John, that which is really what happens, in the end of the world is, “There should be time no more.” That’s the secret of the end of the world. There should be time no more. When you have overcome the belief in time, you have overcome the belief in the world that exists in time, you’ve pulled out the stop, and that’s all the end of the world ever meant. When you come to the knowledge that time is not passing, when you have found that awareness within yourself, for you, the world has ended, because that’s what holds up the illusions of the world. That’s the simple truth behind the end of the world. The end of your belief in passing time. And all these years it has frightened millions, and millions, and millions, because of fear, superstitions, ignorance, all brought about by a total separation from God.

Now the interesting thing about the end of the world, is that you’ve got to go through it. It’s important, it’s your progress, but it’s not an end of the world out there, it’s an end of the inner concept of the world. You have to cross the mystical ocean of time within yourself, because that’s where the world is. And only when you cross this ocean, and attain the awareness of the end of the world within, are you reborn of the Spirit. There’s no other way for the New Heaven to appear. We want to enter the Kingdom, we want to live in it consciously, and so we have to find a way to come past the belief in the existence of a world which is not the Kingdom. We have to end our concept of the world. We can’t be in the world, and the Kingdom.

The end of the world is the beginning of our experience in the Kingdom, that is our regeneration. We are generated into the world, our regeneration is out of the world, and as we move in consciousness, out of the world, this is our regeneration, or we live in a Soul consciousness, not a mind consciousness of the world. When you take the end of the world and see it for what it is, you see that it is also the beginning of the New Heaven and the New Earth. You can’t have one without the other. Just as we cling to form, and do not experience our Mystical Body of Spirit, so if we cling to the world we do not experience the Kingdom.

Really, the end of the world is the end or the achievement of the fullness of your aeon. When you reach the fullness of your aeon, in consciousness, for you, you are now the enlightened one, who walks on the water, above the time world, while the form appears in it. It’s an expansion of Consciousness.

Let us look at what happens when the end of the world is attained in your consciousness, but even before that, think for a moment of the end of the world as your individual goal.

Now if you want to look at it a second time, from a physical viewpoint, let’s do that, it’s good to face it. Let us assume that there is a physical end of this world, for a second. Well what about it? If it is ordained to be that way, if that’s a specific prophecy of the Bible, and let’s say it is a physical end of the world that prophesied in the Bible, it won’t help to worry about it, if it’s prophesied to be that, it will be. But whether or not it is or not, whether there is a physical end or not, there’s going to be one for each of us. We know there’s going to be a physical end to the world for us. So whether it comes about through our enlightenment spiritually, or through a physical means, it’s going to be there, but the big difference is that there can be a physical end of the world in which you simply die, and return to this same consciousness in another type of experience, or there can be an end of the world in which you enter the New Heaven and the New Earth. You have a choice. There’s going to be an end of the world, it’s that simple. For some of us, it’s right close by, and for others we may wait for someone to pull the trigger, but it’s just a matter of a few years either way. And so we have a choice, are you going to let it end at someone else’s discretion, or you going to let it end so that when it ends for you, you walk into the New Heaven and the New Earth, because that is what John is trying to get across to us.

Now you can end it yourself. You can end it by entering the truth of being, the things we’ve been doing, the rebirth. And you will find then, something marvelous happens. And it happens while you’re here, it happens in the 21st chapter of Revelation, to show us what is meant by that which happens when you have attained the inner enlightenment to step out of the passing shadows called the world. That is what the New Heaven and the New Earth are. They are the new Soul consciousness which replaces the mind consciousness and just as the mind had put a heaven in tomorrow, Soul consciousness reveals Heaven, here, today.

The end of the world is the beginning of walking consciously in Heaven, here and now. John had passed through this, while walking this earth. He had attained the knowledge of the New Heaven, he had died to mortality, he had died to all the evils of mortality, to all the illusions of mortality, he had died to all the pain, and suffering, and destruction of mortality. He now walked in the Soul consciousness, in which Heaven is no longer in tomorrow, no longer somewhere in the higher geography of the sky, he actually walked in the Kingdom of God, and he called it the New Heaven. And his New Earth was not the physical earth, because he had penetrated the appearance of an earth, he had found the Earth which is the creation, the Spiritual Earth.

John 21, is what happens to you, the revelation, chapter 21, is what happens to you when to see through the illusion of a physical end of the world, which doesn’t exist, to even end, and you come to the knowledge of, I am the living Spirit of God, and now I live in my Soul, not my mind.

And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth for the first heaven (the mortal sense of heaven) and the first earth (the mortal sense of earth) were passed away, and there was no more sea.” And that sea, is the ocean of time. There was no more time, he had overcome the sense of time. That’s what gave him the New Heaven, that’s what gave him his real Self. He didn’t do it just when he wrote this, no, he received the Revelation after he had attained all this. He was left here on this earth for that specific purpose, to show us that we must face that non reality of the world, and come through it while here, apparently in the flesh.

As you dwell with this, the fear of the end of the world should just roll away, but not only the end of the world, all the things it conjures up in your imagination. And when you hear about wars, and rumors of wars, you must see through it, as these are all part of the one illusion. This is all part of the belief in a second creator. In spite of all the religions in our world, in spite of our eager hearts to know God, when we accept that there is a world that can end, and even God can be the cause of it, we are actually in a state of Global atheism, Global separation from the Father. And that’s what you’re reading in the headlines. You’re reading this global separation, and it comes forth as another war, another argument between nations, another five billion dollars for armaments over here, while we decrease armaments over there. Every time, you’re seeing double talk among nations, and corruption among men, you’re seeing separation from God. It must manifest as all the terrible things that we have in our non created world. That’s all we’re looking at is separation, that end of separation, is the first heaven, because there is no more sea.

The illusion of time has been broken, and when you break the illusion of time, the world mind must fold its tent and fade away. What can it do? It uses time as its greatest disguise. In time, the world mind causes all of these things we have accepted. It lures us, it decoys us, it makes us reach out and cherish the mirage. But when you see through time, the game is over for the world mind, you break the umbilical cord of the world mind, you’re in the New Heaven. And it might seem strange, but the world mind was there for just that purpose, to make you come above it. It was an illusion all the time, but unless you come above it, it swallows you.

In the end of the world you have crossed the mystic ocean of time, as John has, and behold, I see a New Heaven. And this is the realization of the presence of the Kingdom of God, here and now. Here! Now! is the Kingdom of God. It has always been here, this New Heaven has always been here, but it took someone swimming through the illusion of time to enter eternity, in order to live in that which was always present.

And by accepting the presence of the Kingdom, the presence of Heaven, as a fact, here, not in the hereafter, here, not above, but everywhere, this is how you are able to be sustained as you walk blindfolded up the ladder. You know what’s there, you’re walking up a dark stairway, but you know what’s on the other end, a door, and inside it, is your home, and if you’ve done it a lot, and if you’ve done it 20 days in a row, on the 21st, you feel more comfortable, even in the dark you can find your way up that staircase. You can call it faith, but it’s faith that at the other end, there’s something. And familiarity makes that faith deeper. Your Heaven is here, some of you have been walking in it, knowingly, others unknowing.

John is simply uncovering what has always been present and telling you, your Heaven is right where you are. It isn’t in tomorrow, you don’t have to be saved, there’s no world going to end that will enable you to get into Heaven, that’s not the way it’s going to be. You’re going to have to end the world within your mind, and then enter the Heaven within your Soul. The important thing is that we know these facts, the rest is relatively easy, because we are no longer distracted by all of the false decoys that would lure us away from our chosen path of walking consciously here and now in the first Heaven, instead of in the heaven prescribed after we so called go through death, as a physical human being.

Now these distinctions are all that this message is about. There are a number of movements that have approached the truth, there are many that prefer the old fashioned theology, and there are few in these movements who have attained the awareness that they are truly, now, pure Spiritual being, and they are working to eliminate all things in the world of time which would distract from their pure Spirituality.

John wants you to know that you’re going in the right direction, it leads to what he’s saying here. One day the sea is no more, you’re no longer rowing on that sea, wondering why the waves are high and the storm is rocking the boat. And the inner Christ of you is now walking on the water saying, “Be still,” to the waves, preparing the way for the rainbow of truth. All of this, now, is the inner experience that you go through when you are determined that for you, you are not going to live in a world which must end, one way or another.

I’m just sitting here trying to feel the Substance of your being, and pushing with you, over the fence, so that you feel the substance of your being too. So you can say to yourself, “I am not living in this world now,” not, I’m going to get out of it, I’m not even in it. I am not of this world, because it’s going to take all of that, for you to become fully conscious of your Real Heaven. And I, John, saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem.

Now you must understand this to be a New Consciousness. That’s why he’s seeing this New Heaven, he’s in a New Consciousness, but he’s really describing that inner event which takes place in all of us. When you see the New Heaven, the New City, the New Jerusalem, you are in Soul Consciousness, and if you’ve already got your foot in the door, you know what Soul Consciousness does to the old concepts of the world.

I wasn’t exactly besieged with letters the other night, but there were some and they were a joy to know that there are those who have experienced the death of the mortal sense of self. Then there were those who have experienced it, who didn’t bother to write, they probably just said to themselves, “Well he knows all about my release from incarnation I don’t have to tell him.” Well I don’t know about all, but I do know about some. I still want those letters, but only when they are true, no fabrication, no hope, no wish, no I will, I have done it, is what I want to hear.

I saw this New Jerusalem, this Holy City. Now this Holy City is your Consciousness of your own Identity. It’s what we were going to contemplate in the days when we sit down and try to regulate our centering to such a way that we’re Soul centered, that we turn the thermostat on to Soul, and we hold it there. When we’re Soul centered in contemplation, resting in the knowledge of Self, the everywhereness of Self, the perfection of the Self that is everywhere, the perfection of the Self that is here, because it is everywhere. When we are so Soul centered and then permanently Soul centered, we are the Holy City. We are the priests of God. Through whom the word is given, through whom the word is received. And it’s not the old Jerusalem because in the old Jerusalem there were men. Men with human minds, and the human beliefs in the flesh, beliefs in the identity of the form, beliefs in the identity of a material world, which is not the creation.

So the New Jerusalem is that inner City. The City within, where you perceive creation as it is, and where you identify creation as your very Being. Where you are the anointed. To be conscious of your Immortal Self, is your new Holy City. To be the Son of God, is to be your new Holy City. And so, your New Jerusalem, is your internal awareness of your infinite Identity as the Spirit of God. There’s no world there, there’s just your Father’s Kingdom, and then you’re about your Father’s business.

Somebody said, can you explain a little more about those multi-bodies. I’m just going through the experience, and I find it hard to even begin to touch the subject. They are strange, that’s all, and as I was trying to explain briefly to someone, it’s like, as if you wanted a fruit, and so you simply became a tree, and that was your body. But you do it in the Spiritual world, without taking thought, and you become the body of everything that is necessary unto you. There are many simultaneous bodies, all yours, all formed out of light, and then they sort of coalesce, they go together in strange ways, and form new bodies, and they do it instantly, with a speed that makes an electron seem slow. And you find that everything you need, becomes a different kind of a body, so you’re in a million different places it seems, and yet, it’s all within one body.

And I would like to say more, but it’s simply on the periphery of my consciousness, and I can’t quite formulate words to explain, it changes too fast. There are some words in the English language that probably cover it, but I haven’t had time to check them out. Maybe you’ll have the experience, or have already, of your multi-bodies and you see how strange and beautiful it is, to come out of this limited concept body. You can become a fence, you can become anything that exists in the invisible Spiritual universe, and it would even take form, and disappear just as quickly, when it has served its purpose. But that’s only the beginning of an infinity of treasures, beyond anticipation.

The New Jerusalem, the immortal sense of Self, is only the first Heaven. It’s the beginning of your awareness that your Soul is yourself, and all things that have been you in this world, and your relationships, now have a totally different perspective. This Soul is going to move further, and in the second Heaven, it’s going to conceive, and in the third Heaven, it will bear a child, actually toward the end of the second Heaven, it will be in labor, but it will project that child, delivered into the third Heaven, who will literally born into the second Heaven and live in the third Heaven. And that child will be your full Consciousness, your full realization. The marriage of your Soul in the second Heaven with your Spirit, will be where conception takes place, your Soul reunited with Spirit.

And all of this is beginning to come through John, in such a way that he can see this New City, he can feel his Immortality. It isn’t yet the seventh day, it’s only the fifth day, he’s talking about, but in this fifth day, your New Heaven is going to be realized, and you’ll know that it is leading you to your sixth day, your conception in Spirit. And leading you to your seventh day, your birth as the Christ of God realized, when you finally know who you have always been.

I think we can feel this Spiritual evolution within us, and possibly feel the rightness of it to the degree that we are Spiritually compelled to walk that path and in all this, time stands still, all this takes place outside time in Eternity.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End of Side One ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

And your Soul is becoming more conscious to your mind now. So that the mind can finally say yes, yes I can surrender to my Soul. The mind can even say, I’ve only been a shadow to my Soul, I’m going to now relax and let the real thing take over. The thinking mind begins to depart, it doesn’t have any more grandiose ideas about what it’s going to do in this mortal world. It begins to see the light of the Soul, to surrender to the Soul, and finally, to say to the Soul, “You are my new Master”, while the Soul is saying to the Spirit above, “You are my Master,” and while the Spirit is saying to the Christ above, “You are my Master.” The chain of command from the seventh day, down to this the fourth, becomes integrated when you walk up this ladder.

You see why the end of the fourth day must come in consciousness? How else can you walk to the fifth, the sixth, and the seventh, and yet when you’re in the fifth, all that had gone before is included. When you’re in the sixth, all that had gone before is included, and when you’re in the seventh, all Genesis has been returned to itself, and you are the Self, and all of your Self is a simultaneous activity.

All of this is true now, and we are climbing the ladder of awareness about what already is. If you can accept all that is, you’ll get there faster. If you want to prove it like Thomas, it’ll take a little while longer, but if you can believe on the Christ of yourself as the ultimate reality of yourself, your own Selfhood will lead the way, and draw your consciousness higher and higher unto Itself, into oneness.

Of course all of this, John had been through, in order to report he is here. This is what you and I are moving into every minute that we work on Self identity. He saw the New Consciousness, the New City, the New Jerusalem, adorned as a bride for her husband. He is explaining that the Soul Consciousness is preparing to marry its own Spirit. Your Soul is the female, your Spirit is the male, I mean on a Spiritual level, the Spirit is considered the male and the Soul the female, and it is their marriage, in the sixth day, which leads to your conception as the Christ.

When we say he doesn’t have enough of the female side or male side, this is all human talk. What we’re talking about truly, is there’s not enough Spiritual awareness, there’s not enough Soul awareness, because when they’re equalized, and mated, there’s neither male nor female. There’s only one Self, finally emerging as the androgynous Christ. Neither male nor female, but pure Spirit. These are all terms we use in the mortal sense, but in Spirit, there are no such terms. God is one, God is all and being Christed is the realization of being the One that is all.

I heard a great voice out of Heaven saying, ‘behold the tabernacle of God is with men.’”

Now that’s different, than we have been taught by religion. The tabernacle of God is not with men in religion. The tabernacle of God is after you passed through the portals and God waits for you and then says, “Now what are you, a sheep or a goat?” But the tabernacle of God is the Identity within you, and in this realization of God Consciousness, you know it. You know that God with you is the secret of your life, Emmanuel. He’s taking away the falsity of a hereafter God, a far away God, an absent God. God dwells with men, but this is the truth now! And so in order to stabilize our awareness that this is the truth now, he gives us this insight, not that we have to take his word for it, and let it pass at that, but to give us the courage by accepting, and the acceptance is what leads us to the discovery of the truth, of what we have accepted.

I mean, without a theory, how would you go to try to prove the theory. And here you’re given the fact, and now you have to go to try to prove it, if the fact registers with you as what you want to know and do. God is with you, as your Self, if you accept it, God is not separated from your Self. How is the world going to end for God, it never began. The Self of you, which is one with God, is not in the world. There is a one-ing, what we have recently been calling our fusion with eternity, our fusion with infinity, until there’s no two to be fused, there’s only the One that I am.

And the importance of this, by John, and similar inner recordings, is to give you the faith that what you’re going through is real. That you’re not on a treadmill, and your stumblings within, are not in vain. That this is the end of the rainbow, and it is there and it is within you. So if there’s a responsive cord within you, that this is what you want, please know from John and the Christ speaking through John, that it’s there, the fullness of God dwells with man, not 1% of the fullness, you’re reversing all of your mortal sense and you’re finding your Immortality now.

And they shall be His people, and Himself shall be with them, and be their God.”

As you climb this ladder of realization, the God you come face to face with, is your being. Now in order to expedite this inner journey, we want to know the nature of that God which we discovered to be our being, because if it is our being now, then its nature must be our nature now, and therefore, even though we do not have the realization of it within ourselves, the fact of it is there, and we can reject the non fact that presents itself, while we are climbing the inner ladder to the fullness of our realization. We can reject all that is not true, if we know what the truth is.

And so “God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, there shall be no more death.”

But everything he’s saying is true now, and he’s saying, when you realize it you will know there is no more death. What’s to stop you from knowing it at least now, so that you can practice the knowledge of it? There shall be no more tears and there shall be no more death. There can’t be anymore death, because there is no death is the point, there won’t be any more tears, because there’s nothing to have tears about now. Rejoice, arise from the dead, live in the reality now. Life does not have an opposite called death. Joy does not have an opposite called sorrow, or tears. We’re talking about Divine joy, and Divine life, there are no opposites, and don’t you see that if you cannot accept that, you’re rejecting your Immortal Self, which embraces all this? And so, it’s important for John to add, these are the facts of your Immortal Self that I am telling you.

The Immortal Self has no tears, no death. Well then, who’s accepting tears and death now? Your mortal self, you’re divided, we don’t want the division, and so when I reject the tears, when I reject the death, I am to that degree, rejecting my mortal sense of self, and that is how I attain my conscious awareness of my Immortal Self. When I reject the world, I attain my conscious awareness of the Kingdom. You are going through a real birth, returning to your Identity, and if you are not, then you’re not aware of the New City as an existent reality.

And so we’re told, reject everything that appears to bring tears, and you could multiply these a thousand fold. Everything that brings fear, everything that brings doubt, everything that brings anything that is imperfect. The rejection of it is the rejection of your own false mortality.

No more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are passed away.”

He’s getting behind the unrealities for us.

And he that sat upon the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new’.”

As you come closer and closer to the realization of “I”, my Immortal Self, all things become new. Reality is revealed, even in failing to reach total awareness, you have a glorious journey, and to the degree that you make that journey, you will not have to make that part of it ever again. You will always be at the level that you attain, and never sink below it. You can never go below your attained consciousness, only if you turn around and abuse it, consciously, volitionally.

And He said unto me, ‘it is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega’.”

The beginning and the end have come together, there was no longer a beginning no longer an end, all was One. He had discovered the indivisibility of Life in its Infinite nature. All that exists, is realized to be the One Invisible Infinite Life that you are. The Alpha and the Omega, nothing exists outside, and all that is in between, is the One Self.

I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of Life freely.”

At this point you are an instrument for God. Now this birth of Consciousness is something that will appear to take time, but it will be done not in time, it will be done outside of time, and as you dwell there, as John speaks the Word of the Father, as we believe he does, this is your inner journey, previewed for you so you know that others have walked this glorious path. You can justifiably turn to every form of evil in the world, and know that it exists only in non creation. That it is only placed there by the world sense of another world than the creation of God, and you, in not being separate from God, in accepting oneness as your reality, can learn what few have learned in our present civilization: That everything in time, is an illusion, and reality is outside time, here, now, awaiting your awareness of your Identity, and this you honor, your so called creator, who is your Self.

Now let us take New Jerusalem into Consciousness, not the old Jerusalem, not the old you, not the old city in which you lived. Our old Jerusalem was in a visible world, our New Jerusalem is outside time, adorned as a bride for her husband. In our New City, we have no evil, we have no material beings, we have no floods and no fires, and we have nothing opposite to our New City. We have the Spiritual universe, we have Divine law, and we have no opposite to Divine law. We do not have human law and Divine law.

We are not in a mythical city of our imagination, we are leaving that one, we are leaving the mythical city of man’s imagination, called the world, we are in reality and we are learning to recognize the false city, by recognizing the real City, the City of perfection. If you live in that City, all you can experience is what is in that City, and here, because you are a priest of God, because you are seeking only the Father, only the Truth, only the Spirit, you are given only the Truth, and you learn what no mortal ears can hear, what no mortal eyes can see, you learn the Secret of man and the universe. You sit in the inner circle behind the mysteries.

You learn that all on earth never die. All that die on earth is time, and those who are thinking that they are part of time, die with time, that dies. There is only the death of time on earth, nothing else. And all that it contains seems to die with it. You feel this, you know the Secret of Eternity, that it never dies, because it is not changing, vanishing, coming and going. You feel that all that is in time, dies only because time itself dies, and then you see the illusion of time, the great illusion of the world mind. Somehow, when you know that, from within the illusion, the world mind itself loses its impact. Everything it puts out is now unmasked.

You can see through the world mind, and you can see that it is the greatest illusion of all. On that illusion, all subsidiary illusions are founded, there never was a world mind. It was simply the absence of your Consciousness, of your Divine Selfhood, and that gap created what is called the world mind, and then the next individual, and the next, and the sum of all these gaps, the sum of these separations, became a seeming living world mind, a living world consciousness, which multiplied error, upon error, upon error, all in time, that wasn’t there.

All masking life, masking you from your Self, masking you from the Divine image and likeness of God, which you are. Masking the three Heavens, so that we only saw our concept of heaven in our mind, as an abstraction, and only saw a physical earth made of little spinning electrons, held together by nothing. All of the infinite separations of the atomic world, all seem to be the myth of the world mind. There is no separation, there is no empty space. Your Self fills all that is space and time. Your New City is I Am That I Am.

No tears, no death, no sorrows, no unreality. Out of this is born Christ realized, as the Son of God. Your manger is your consciousness where you work until this birth comes.

Again, thank you for the Consciousness you bring, I’ll see you tomorrow …..

Demonstrate I

Listen. Really listen. For I have something to say unto you. And you, who have asked for help, listen as if your help were being given.

I that speak unto you now am the I of you and it is to Me that you have turned and requested help and I answer you now. I Am That I Am. I am that I-Presence.

You have turned to that I Am and that which I Am, hoping to have a healing. You want to restore strength to your body, stability to your mind. You want to restore financial abundance where there appears lack in your life. You want to find your niche in life where you feel lost. You want to have a healing of your internal organs.

Close your eyes. You are supposed to be listening. Down here in the depth of your being is the only place I can speak to you. Now listen. Really, really listen.

Demonstrate I.

It is time to put aside childish things. It is time to stop trying to demonstrate a new heart, a new liver, new lungs, a new source of money, a new companion, a new body, a new mind, a new direction in your life.

It is time to put up these childish things. You are playing with toys; with mental images—some mental images appearing bad; some mental images appearing good—all of them appearing personal, as in your life, or your neighbor’s life or your relative’s life or your spouse’s life or your children’s life or your parent’s life. All the time I stand at the door of your Consciousness and knock.

Demonstrate I.

You are not going to receive a healing. So stop trying. Your blessing does not lie in that direction. You are trying to manipulate a mental image. God is not in the mental image. God is not in a good mental image. God is not in the mind. Stop it.

I cannot be thought.

You have opened book after book. You have read, ‘except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain.’ I, within you, am the Lord. I build the house, not you. Not your thoughts, not your trying to get a hold of Me and funnel Me into the problem area of your life. Your life is the house you built and it is in shambles. Now are you ready? Are you ready to let the Lord build the house?

Let I build My house; a temple not made with your hands. A temple not made with your mind. A temple not made with your mental images.

Demonstrate I. I in the midst of you. Come now, even deeper within. Let these mental images dissolve and if not dissolve, set them aside now.

I am the Life. But this you must know as a living experience. You must let I build the Life, be the Life. Center down, be still. I am here. I will build the Life. You must let Me.

I am the Way. Nothing you can know with your mind is the way. Stop that! Take no thought. Do not hold a single concept of what I am. Come here, come here now, empty-handed. Let I reveal I Am.

I am the Truth. There is no truth about a personal identity, a mental image. Let it go. What is that to thee? Let the heathen, the mental images, rage. Let the wheat and the tares grow side by side. Let them consume you if they can. You are not going to demonstrate a healing. Stop it!

Now that you have stepped out of that battle, why don’t you rest here within your Consciousness and let I reveal My Life. I will never change your mental images. I will not heal them and so every effort you have made in that direction, you need to stop now and be still about it.

Demonstrate I.

I will build thy temple, thy Consciousness. I will give you the Consciousness of Abundance. I will give you the Consciousness of Omnipresence. I will give you the Consciousness of Eternal Life. I; not I in a book, not I in a person, not I in heaven; I, within you.

Demonstrate I.

You cannot demonstrate I. But you can be a beholder as I demonstrate My Self.

What are you to do? You are to rest. ‘There remaineth a rest to the people of God.’ You are putting aside childish beliefs in healings. You are becoming a spiritual adult, a people of God and for you there remaineth a rest. Here in your inner temple, rest back, be still. I am in the mist of thee.

I am Omnipresence flowing. I am Omniscience knowing. I am Omnipotence revealing. In the Silence there is no power. There is only I demonstrating I.

I really am the Life and to seek My Life you must let go of yours. I will not fail thee. I really am Omniscience. But to hear My Voice, you must be unknowing. I am Omnipotence. But to feel my Power, you must be still.

Demonstrate I.

You cannot manipulate I. You cannot channel I. You cannot have thought about I. Yet I am here, in the very midst of thee and I function at a moment ye are absolutely still; not trying, not reaching, not grasping, not praying, not asking, but still. Be still and know that I that I Am.

I will restore the lost years of the locusts and the locusts are these mental images you have played with all these years. It is time to stop playing. Do not try to channel Me into your life. Give Me your life. Loose him, loose her and let him go, let her go. I will give you I-Life.

Demonstrate I.

Demonstrate I in the midst of thee am mighty. I in the midst of thee am your Invisible Life. Take your mind off of the appearance, the mental image. Take your mind off of the problem. Take your mind off of the solution. Take your mind off of your life. You have built the house and it is very, very unstable. Now let go.

I will build thy house. I will be thy house. I am the only Presence, the only Life. I am the only Supply. I am the only Companion. I will demonstrate that I Am. Except I build the house, they labor in vain. Stop your labours. Put up your tools.

I have come to give you I-Life and you do not know what that is. In quietness, in confidence, I give you I-Life.

It is I, be not afraid. Do not be afraid to lean back in a moment of unknowing, into the I within you. Do not be afraid to trust I. I have meat to eat that ye know not of. I have an Infinite Body that ye know not of. I have an Eternal Life that ye know not of. How then are you to know Me, that I that I Am?

Take all of your desires, all of your wishes, all of your hopes, take all of your mental images and be still about them. Be still and know I.

Demonstrate I and only I.

I am your mind. I am your body, the very substance and essence of your form. I am your Soul. I am the Spirit flowing through you. I am God. And I and you are I.

And I say unto you, I want you to demonstrate I. Come into your temple, which I Am, again and again and again until you have put aside childish things and have One Demonstration: The I that I Am. I am the Life.

Demonstrate I.

Here is a problem. It appears to be happening in a personal life, a human life. There is a problem with elimination or assimilation of the food that you eat. There’s a problem with your finances. You seem to be short or lacking funds that you need. Who is this? Who is this? I never made him. I never made her. Who is this?

This is a mental image, an image life, a thought life, a life appearing as an image in thought. And you would ask God to heal that? You are hypnotized. You are focused on a mental image. God cannot heal that. Now what are you to do?

What are you to do about that life appearing? Nothing! Do nothing. Loose him and let him go. There is no such life. Yes there is a mental image but that is not a life, that’s a mental image. And this mental image is universal. It belongs to no one. How can it belong to anyone if there is no personal life?

So this is an impersonal mental image just floating in the mind appearing to my consciousness and I do not meet an appearance on the level of an appearance. So what am I to do about it? Nothing. Loose him and let him go.

Now I turn within my temple, the temple of my Consciousness. Except the Lord, I, build the house, they labour in vain. What am I supposed to do? Nothing. I within am the Way. Well then, be very, very still. I fulfill My Self. I build the house. I form the temple, not made with your hands, not made with your mind, not made with your mental images. I Invisible, I Incorporeal, I Immortal Being, form My Self. Stand still. I am in the midst of you now. I invisibly go forth. I build the house, the house eternal in the heavens.

Watch, watch — I am invisible, I am moving, I am flowing, I am building, I am revealing, I am Being, I Am I.

I will not fail at any time ever. Behold I stand at your door and knock. If you open unto Me, I will build thy house. I will build thy Consciousness. What you knew with your mind was only a step, only a something to get you here within your being, a guidepost to turn you within and now having served its purposes, let it go. From here on out I must build your temple. I will build your Consciousness of Truth. I will build your Consciousness of Life. I will build your Consciousness of Abundance. I will build your Conscious Awareness of I. I will be your Consciousness.

Spirit is what I name My Self. Spirit is what I name you. Spirit is not something you can hold on to. Spirit is not something you can think. Spirit is something that flows like the wind and in your stillness Spirit flows through you and as you, as your very own living Consciousness.

Come into this upper chamber in which I appear to you and I speak to you when I say now, receive ye the Holy Spirit. Where the Spirit is there is liberty. Not liberty from bad mental images; liberty from all mental images; liberty from a personal life. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is My Life. There I Am. Come unto Me and I will give you rest. Rest from doing, rest from knowing, rest from trying, rest from wanting, rest from desiring, rest from being. Come unto Me, be still. I am Grace. Rest in I. Behold I shall make all things new. I shall make you in My image and likeness. I shall make you a new Self.

Demonstrate I. Nothing else, nothing else— only I.

Come here often within your Consciousness. Only from now on come here to commune with I within you. Feel Me, know Me, I will build thy house. It is not what you can do; it is not anything you can know. It is how deeply can you rest in I. The deeper your rest, the deeper your stillness, the greater I Am as an experience.

Now, and from now on, you have one work, one task, one mission:

Demonstrate I. I, alone. I.

How will you know when you have touched the hem of I-Consciousness? You will know first by an inner rest that comes to you, a complete Soul rest and you will know second when that rest, when that I, begins to build your house and harmony and peace are restored. If this is not yet your experience, come within again and again. This is the Way, I am the Way. You must contact I and I am the Life. in the very midst of your being am living you. When you attain this state of rest, I will demonstrate you.

Return here within your Consciousness as many times as you must until I have made My Self known, until you have felt my Living Presence. And in the stillness you will be a beholder as I demonstrate that I Am.

And to them gave he power to become the sons of God or I Am, demonstrated.

Demonstrate I.

Herb: From the hills of La Jolla, another heartfelt greeting, another opportunity to sit and to share the Light together. This is Christmas Day 1973, a day in which the world around us is celebrating the Nativity of Jesus Christ. A day that reminds you and me, that we who have another understanding of the Virgin Birth, must now stand together as never before, silently with love, so that we may witness the Virgin Birth of Christ in Consciousness everywhere.

There was a time 2000 years ago on this earth when no individual was a Christian, but there was a girl, a girl who was pregnant with a child that belonged to no man on this earth. It could have been a most disastrous situation. She was engaged to be married and the child was not the child of the man to whom she was betrothed. To complicate matters, she and her husband to-be were both Jews living in an era when marriage was a sacrosanct institution. Unwedded mothers and unwedded births were abhorrent to the Jews, and as you know, betrothal was virtually a marriage contract. All betrothed maidens were isolated until the wedding day. They had contracted to live another life, guaranteeing right conduct forever. Breach of this sacred contract was equivalent to adultery.

So with all this tradition, with guilt staring her in the face, the young maiden approached her future husband to give him the news about the impending birth. And a strange thing happened – he did not accuse her of misconduct, he didn’t make a public spectacle of her, he didn’t berate her, disgrace her, or crush her with scorn, or do any of the hateful violent things that many men would have done. Instead, Joseph listened to her story, perhaps with awe at first, and then with gratitude, for as a full measure of understanding came upon his consciousness, he realized the unique nature of what had occurred in all of world history.

You see, Spirit had gone before Mary to make the crooked places straight, and so there was no anger, no accusation on Joseph’s part. He too, had received Divine word from within; there was only love, exaltation. And so, the lovers clasped hands, closed their eyes and thanked the Father for a blessing that was to change their lives and the lives of everyone in this world. They were attuned as one in the Father’s name. Joseph accepted the Virgin Birth.

Today, of course, the world may wonder, was it a fact or was it fiction? Was it really an invention of religion to enslave the masses, was it an old wives’ tale, a superstition blown out of proportion by time, or was it an allegory that somehow later became confused as actual fact? Or was this God’s only begotten son coming to earth?

As you know, millions of persons in this world believe that it did not happen, and another many million believe that it did happen. Some say it was biologically impossible, others say it was a miracle of God. Religion teaches that it did happen, that it actually was a physical birth, a supernatural event, an overcoming by God of all material laws.

And so you see, whether we believe it happened or did not happen, the world does believe that it was either a physical fact, or did not happen. In either case we miss the point. As a consequence, in spite of this miraculous birth, over the centuries neither the Jews who rejected it, nor the Christians who accepted it, have benefited one iota. The blind are still blind, the violence of man against man still continues, suffering has not lessened in the world, diseases have multiplied, disasters have multiplied, evils have multiplied, and every human being on earth still dies.

Yes, even in spite of the promise given by the miraculous Christ child that, “to know God aright is Life Eternal,” no human beings know God aright, and few human beings can really declare that they are finding that Life Eternal. And the reason is because the glorious meaning of the Virgin Birth is inconceivable to the human mind, and tragically, totally unknown to the mind of religion.

Every day religion shows in a hundred different ways that it simply does not have even a rudimentary knowledge of the infinite liberating forces that were set in motion when Joseph embraced the young, child-bearing bride to-be and took unto him as his wife. Theirs was a love story that stretches over 2000 years and still continues – a rare, tender, gentle love affair of two precious Souls who lived in one mind, one heart, one Spirit.

Esoterically, they represent the perfect balance of the male and female elements within each individual. So perfect was their union in the one Spirit that Mary could bust forth in an exalted melody of love:

My Soul doth magnify the Lord, and my Spirit hath rejoiced in God, my Savior, for he hath looked upon the low state of His handmaid, for behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me Blessed, for He that is mighty hath done me great things, and holy is His name. And His mercy is unto generations of them that fear Him. He hath showed strength with his arm. He hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their heart. He hath put down princes from their thrones, and hath exalted them of low degree. The hungry he hath filled with good things and the rich he hath sent empty away. He hath given help to Israel, his servant, that he might remember mercy as he spake unto our father, Abraham and his seed forever.”

In this pain and joy, the Soul called Mary, told the world that the Virgin Birth of her child was the Virgin Birth of the Christ in the consciousness of mankind. Fortunately, for you, for me, for the rest of the world, the young Greek named Lucas became very interested in this love affair between Mary and Joseph. He saw in it something vastly different than we have seen, something even beyond a rare, supernatural event. In it, he glimpsed a new realm, the kingdom of Heaven on earth. He felt a surge of new possibilities undreamed of by his contemporaries. He glimpsed the eternal infinite nature of life itself. And so Lucas, standing on the threshold of a new discovery that had already claimed his own life, instinctively knew that he had discovered something that would ultimately change the course of every human being on this earth.

Now what started him on this strange course of Self-discovery was his young friend, a fiery Pharisee named Saul. Saul was a Jew; Lucas was a Gentile, but they had one common bond, an intense thirst for truth without compromise. And while Lucas watched with amazement, his friend Saul went through a transformation that literally made him a new man.

First, he was, as you know, a protector of Hebrew traditions and Hebrew law, and a persecutor of early Christians, and then suddenly Saul became a disciple of the Christ himself, an impassioned, fearless, blunt speaking crusader for a new way of life; completely foreign to his own heritage, to the ways of the heathen world around him.

Lucas didn’t realize it then, but he had actually witnessed the Virgin Birth of Saul to Paul; a life-giving process that takes place within a man’s Consciousness, linking him with the infinite Source. Nor did Lucas at that time, connect Paul’s transformation with the Virgin Birth of the child in Bethlehem. But one thing he knew positively, Paul’s message and Paul’s dedication rang true in his heart. And so for Lucas, the Christ way became his way too.

Then Lucas became Paul’s traveling secretary, and they went together from city to city, and when they did that Paul opened Lucas to the inner mysteries. He watched Paul demonstrate these living principles of Grace and Truth. He watched Paul heal the sick, and in Lucas’ mind deeper and deeper, there was a probing into the deeper meaning behind the Virgin Birth. You can tell from the Gospel of Luke that Lucas was a very sensitive man with a very rare understanding of women’s function on this earth. He seemed to understand her unique capacities, her ability to expose the false claims of the carnal mind. And he had a deep, deep insight into the Soul of womanhood.

Beside that, he was a scholar and a linguist with a lofty poetic style, and a discerning faculty of Soul, so that he could sense deeper than any of his contemporaries other than John, that there was a message in the Virgin Birth that had to be told to the world. And with that conviction, Luke made contact with everyone he could find who knew something about that blessed event. Of course, he was living in an era when it was possible to do that. He could speak to the disciples, the apostles. He could listen to Paul by the hour, and then he could contact all of those women who had lived so close with Mary, like Mary’s sister-in-law, the wife of Cleophus, who was the brother of Joseph. He could go and speak to other friend’s of Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mark’s mother, James mother, Joanna, Susanna, and all those other certain women who were mentioned in the various scriptural passages like Luke 8 verses 2 and 3, and Luke 24:10, and again in Acts 1:14.

And so, he must have spent many breathtaking afternoons chatting with all of them, and then with the secret disciples of Mary herself. There was a daughter of Nicodemus who went to Mary, there was Nesh, the daughter of the great Rabbi Gamaliel, who himself had taught Paul. There was Talitsa who was a member of Nero’s family. And undoubtedly, I think we can assume that Paul (I mean Lucas) was admitted to the chambers of the Essenes from where Mary and Joseph had received their inner training. And I am sure that there he learned about the chastity rights of purification which enabled this unique couple to complete their sacred mission. Undoubtedly, he even talked with Mary herself, and it is probable that she confided to Lucas some of the amazing emotions she felt, and some of the amazing facts that she could not defile by exposing to anyone except one who was Spiritually endowed like herself; facts that would have been incomprehensible to anyone else. The same facts that the Bible says she pondered in her heart.

And so, you see, Spirit very wisely selected Lucas to write the Gospel of St. Luke. And there were still many other reasons. One of the most amazing, and most overlooked, is that Lucas was a physician. You remember, he had been a ship’s doctor in his earlier years, and when he wrote he usually used medical terms. As you remember, he referred to the woman’s issue of blood. There is a place in Acts 27:17. It says in there that he was un-girding a ship, under girding a ship. But actually, the word that Lucas used was a medical term which means bandaging a ship. What he meant to say, is they were repairing the ship and he used the term for bandaging, again revealing his medical background. And if we ever did doubt that he was a physician, we simply have to look at Colossians, Paul’s letter, Chapter 4, Verse 14. And there we see Paul referring to Luke, the beloved physician.

Ah, now we can see the wisdom of Spirit, for here is Luke a physician, a man steeped in the medical viewpoint, and yet he is fully convinced that a child has been produced on this earth without the physical union of a man and woman. Like Joseph, Luke totally accepted that the biological law of matter was nothingness, and had been nullified by Spiritual Consciousness. In fact, so total was his conviction, that the Virgin Birth was a fact and not a fantasy, that he, a reputable physician, living in an era when a man could easily be crucified for such an inflammatory belief, dared openly to make this the focal point of his gospel. And furthermore, he took pains to assure us right there in the first four verses of his first chapter, that he had eyewitness evidence to support the fact, and to convince him that Virgin Birth, and all that followed that Virgin Birth, were authentic.

Now let’s look at it another way. Could you think it possible for him to be so stupid as to jeopardize his whole gospel by such an outrageous claim? Would he stake the credibility of everything he had to teach on such a bizarre idea, if he did not have evidence and belief, and conviction that it were true, especially at a time when there were people alive who would know, who could contradict him if it were not true, people who had been very close to Jesus and his Mother. So you see, there was something that he had to tell us, something that our own human race consciousness has not been able yet to fully comprehend.

The function then of Lucas was, from the highest level of his own Spiritual endowments, to reconstruct, and to record the Spiritual birth, and the events that followed that Spiritual birth. It was his job to be faithful to fact, to be impersonal in his statements, to be unbiased, to remain unconditioned. It was not his job to judge, to interpret, to theorize, but merely to set forth with Spiritual integrity, the full truth that was presented to him. He was to be a loyal reporter, and that is precisely what he did.

First, in 24 chapters, he reveals the glory of God present in every man, from mystical birth to mystical ascension, and then with the help of Paul, he goes on to record the acts of the apostles in another 28 chapters, to forever silence the cry of unbelievers who believe that salvation comes after death, and to reveal to every unwavering heart that the kingdom of God on earth is a reality now, to be lived in by all who are willing to accept the mantle of the perfect Christ as their own individual and permanent identity.

Lucas addressed both the Gospel and the Acts to a man named Theophilus. But when you realize that Theophilus in Greek, means “lover of God,” he really was addressing everyone in the world who is a lover of God. And because his inspired purpose was to preserve for mankind the fullness of Divine glory that is manifest by the infinite Christ, you may be sure that the same Holy Ghost which overshadowed Mary, was there to overshadow Lucas whenever his human mind faltered, and to lead him to the facts that he was destined to chronicle for posterity. So that even Lucas might, at times, find himself recording certain facts that would have no clear and specific meaning to him as he set them down, for he was a channel for the Spirit. But, we, fitting his work now into the work of others, and seeing the panorama of truth from the advantage point of time and distance, we are now privileged to observe the handiwork of Spirit Itself setting before us the Divine blueprint for all who wish to release themselves from bondage to the world of the un-Christed mind.

For example, we can now clearly see that the Virgin Birth of the world consciousness from matter to Spirit was one of the roles that Mary was enacting. Mary was more than just a Spiritually conscious woman who brought forth Christ Jesus in Bethlehem; Mary represents your Soul. Think about that a moment. Mary represents your Soul. Your Soul Mary, married to God without a man, brings forth the Christ. No physical union could produce the Christ. Mary must be a virgin; she must show that no physicality can enter into the Christ experience. We in our mental state, cannot see or imagine what takes place when our Soul is married to God; so there is Mary ordained by Spirit to show us visibly what happens: the Virgin Birth happens.

Mary brings forth a babe. Your Soul, married to God, brings forth the babe. Your Soul is impregnated with the Spirit of God and a new Christ is born! With Mary, it becomes an outer visible event and a visible babe, and with you it becomes a different event, an inner invisible event. The babe that is born within you is your realization that the Infinite Christ is your present Identity. You see, this is your Virgin Birth. You are Christed; you realize who you are. Mary’s experience is a preview of what your Soul must experience if you wish to be born here and now into the kingdom of God on earth, and then continue into the fifth world of Consciousness.

Our mistake has been that just as we personalized Jesus and lost the Christ, so we personalized Mary and we lost our Soul. When you impersonalize Mary, you will see that she is not a woman, she is your Soul, she is the Virgin Bride of God which gives birth to the Child of God in you, the full individuality of God as your perfect, present Christ Self.

At one point in the Gospels, Christ tells his disciples to go further out to sea if they want to improve their catch. You see, land refers to the material consciousness of mind; sea refers to the Soul, and so they must go further out to sea, they must leave their mind for Soul. Now, the Latin word for sea is ‘mare,’ which closely resembles the name of Mary. Mary had many, many roles. She was the world Soul, she was the individual Soul of Mary, she is the individual Soul of man, she was the mother of the babe, and she became the disciple of the babe. She was the mother of the children of Joseph after becoming the mother of the first begotten. All of these roles of Mary are enacted throughout her experience, and you have to be alert and quick to see which one is being enacted. But the major role of Mary throughout the New Testament is as the visible symbol of your Soul. As a matter of fact, every Mary in the New Testament is another facet of your Soul, and that’s why there are so many women disciples named Mary.

Now, where do the Disciples go after the crucifixion of Jesus? They went to the Upper Room of Mark’s mother’s house. What was her name? Mary of Jerusalem. They went into Soul Consciousness to await the Invisible Comforter. And who was the first to witness the return of Christ after the crucifixion? Mary of Magdalene; she found him in the garden. Again, Soul Consciousness perceived his invisible form. Then there was Mary of Bethany, that was the sister of Lazarus, and she stayed within the house while her sister Martha went outside. She represents another Soul quality of you. Mary, the wife of Cleophus the brother of Joseph, was an intimate friend of Mary the mother of Jesus, a symbol of a sustaining strength of your Soul. Mary Ann, the sister of Philip prepared bread for the sacred rite of the Last Supper, another Soul symbol.

And, always, we are being reminded that to live in the Infinite, you must get out of the bondage of the human mind. To leave our nets means, to abandon every attempt to find material, mental solutions to life, and to invite the Virgin Birth of Christ through your Soul. Only Christ, only Christ, is the perfect image and likeness of God.

And so when the Voice commands you, “Be ye perfect as your Father,” It is commanding you to experience the Virgin Birth, to let your Soul be the bride of the Holy Ghost, so that God through your Soul, can reveal the Holy Child where you stand, as your Being. When we stand in the way of this Virgin Birth by remaining in the human mind, we invite conflict and chaos. That’s the way of the world, and the results are visible and tragic. World karma and individual karma are the ignorance, the unawareness of man, that unless Christ is born within him, he is not alive in the eyes of God, and he ultimately must perish. And this karma is only lifted to the degree that we withdraw from mind so that Mary in us, our Soul, can give birth to the Virgin Child. Then the unconditioned image and likeness of God replaces your mortal self and you can walk confidently in the kingdom of Heaven on earth under Grace, untouched by the illusions of pain and sickness, lack, limitation and death itself.

Let’s take a little quiet time for a moment to contemplate the idea that Mary represents your Soul, and that as you dwell in your Soul, you are re-enacting the Virgin Birth, which Mary brought into this world. This becomes a permanent practice. I am being born of a Virgin. I am resting in my Soul, and my Soul is the very same Mary that is depicted at the beginning of the New Testament, giving birth to the Christ child.

Mary is not a person. Mary is my Soul. My Soul goes unto the Father. The Father, through my Soul, expresses the Divine child, and there will come within me a realization of my true Self as the child of God. This is the purpose of the Virgin Birth.

Now, while you are in this contemplation, letting the Silence embrace you, let me tell you something very important. Your Virgin Birth will become a specific event. You cannot predetermine where it will happen, or when, or how, but know this, it really does happen. And when it does happen, you are aware that something is happening. One moment you are standing there, or sitting there, and the very next moment you are not there, someone else is there. A ‘you’ that you never expected to see, or to hear or to feel. A ‘you’ that you never even knew existed takes the place of your normal, natural human self. It happens so quickly, and so unexpectedly, that you almost want to say, “wait a minute, wait a minute, I’m not ready yet, give me back myself.”

But even before you can fashion those thoughts into words, your new Self is there. And you find yourself feeling, “oh so this is what it is to be reborn, but this is incredible! I am the new Self now. Where did I come from? How did I get here? But I’m different than anything I ever expected to be. I’m not made of physical flesh.” And suddenly, you realize that you really are not conscious of body. Oh, there’s a form up there in front of you; it’s a form you lived in just a moment ago. And if a friend walked by at this very moment he might wave to the form and say, “Hi, how are you?” But that form up there isn’t you at all.

In this moment of perception, you know, you know, that the form up front is not you, and you know that it never was you. Something has cut away your bondage to the form. And your identification of that form positively vanishes. You are not in that form, you never were, and now you know it so well that forever and ever, as long as you walk the earth, you will never forget this experience when you were free of form, and you will spend your entire life trying to return to this freedom, because you know that is where you must be.

Behind the form, maybe two feet, three feet, there you are, and you are conscious, sharply conscious. You know yourself to be another Self, invisible to the world, but very real to you. You have a lingering remnant of feeling that this Incorporeal you has perhaps some kind of a form, but at the same time you do feel formless, but very much alive, so alive that no words can describe it.

For now you are independent of the world of form, independent of time, independent of space, and independent of everything in space, yet very much alive. The earth may be revolving around the sun, but not you. You are not revolving around anything, and never again will you ride in an airplane or an automobile.

The form out front may be seen to do that but never you. The form out front is now coming under the new Divine law of your Invisible Self, and it will no longer be governed by the world mind. It will be governed by YOU, by this New Consciousness that is pouring out all of Itself into this new wonderful Invisible Self that you are standing in consciously. It is an experience. And, only much later do you realize what really happened is that some force has cut away your sense consciousness, in the twinkling of an eye, when you think not, the Bridegroom cometh.

Somewhere now, in between the old self and the new Self, a thought is forming. Has he come whose right it is to sit upon the throne? Is this the reborn Self? Is this the anointing? And so you remain in the Silence. All people have now vanished from your Consciousness, all solid things, all material objects, all matter; the total material world in this experience is not there. Are you really walking in the Kingdom?

And then, there are the people again, but now it’s something different. They’re not people any more. You realize this New Consciousness is seeing something else. Instead of people they’ve become the tips of gleaming candles. The outer eyes had seen people, but now the inner eye is beginning to see glowing candles. And so, your question is answered but not with words. It is answered by Divine messages, Divine thoughts, flashing intuition, moving quicker than the speed of physical light.

Yes you’re speechless, you’re stunned, and you are beyond a human happiness because you’ve actually crossed a threshold. You can never again be satisfied to remain in form. You abide in this invisible, just as unwilling to give up your new incorporeal Self, as you once were unwilling to surrender the corporeal self. You have found your new home, your new body, your new Self born of a Virgin.

Now this is it. This is the Self that never dies, this is the Self that lives under Grace, this is your timeless, deathless Spiritual Self, the Son of God. You see why Jesus never married? How could that Invisible Self ever marry? No wonder he feared no object or person on earth. No wonder he said, “Pilate, thou couldest have no power over me.” And no wonder mankind has missed the essential message of the Bible.

How could any human being suspect that he actually had another Self? A Real Self, an Invisible Self, right here on earth now, a Self that can never be touched by any human being or any material force. Who could suspect that? What human mind could believe that?

You can. I can. Mary did, Joseph did, Lucas did, the apostles did, the disciples did. You will experience that. And on the wings of this stupendous liberation comes still another experience.

For now, the Reborn Self is emerging into the newness of Its invisible Spiritual environment, and we actually feel hidden manna, a new substance. All that previously was space is now replaced by a sense of aliveness where the space had been. And yet, this is only the first taste. It’s a new and a greater aliveness, and it’s accompanied by the realization that now life is actually beginning; that there is an invisible magnitude present, ready to be explored, and it is all your own Infinite Being. New senses are awakened, awareness of new possibilities, because you really are changing life streams from the mortal to the Immortal. And this is the manifestation that Rebirth for you has begun. You’re awakening from the deadness of illusion, resurrecting from the dream of life apart from God, which man calls mortality.

I want to repeat this: the self your are walking in this moment, living in, talking in, being seen in, feeding and entertaining, is not your self. You have another Self, a Virgin Self, a Real Self, a Permanent Self, and it is not in this form, but it is present where the form appears. It is a Self that is totally independent of everything in the world, and it is totally sustained by Itself. It lives here, now, in the Invisible Kingdom of God where you stand and it is Divine Life expressing.

For centuries beyond count, you have been going through the rebirth into that Self, and, “in a twinkling of an eye,” like passing through a wall without any effort, you will move through the wall of material consciousness and find yourself in that new Self, reborn. From that moment on, your life purpose will be clear. Your single pointed desire will be to live as that Self in that Self. And for you, every so-called evil on this earth will no longer be evil. Instead, it will simply be a reminder to you that you have come out of your Virgin Self, your Reborn Self into the false self that knows evil. And then, you will quickly recognize evil as the chastener; the visible reminder that you have strayed from Self, and you will see that evil has only one function, and that is to drive you back to the Self where evil cannot exist.

Our work for 1974 will be to experience the Virgin Rebirth, and to live in that Reborn Self. We’re going to meet as the disciples often did, not in the flesh, but in our invisible bodies, even while we are scattered physically throughout the world. And to do that it will be necessary that we strip ourselves of every belief that we are mortal mental creatures.

Before the experience of Virgin Birth occurs, there must be a willingness to accept Immortality, and to live from that level of acceptance, abiding in Immortality as the One Self, the Only Self, because It’s Infinite. We make the conscious continuous effort to refuse every trap that would try to tempt us into the denial of our Infinite Immortal One Self, pure Spirit without material opposite.

Now get that: Infinite Immortal One Self, not just One Self, but Infinite, One Self. Not mortal self, but Immortal. You must live in the Consciousness that you are the Immortal Infinite Self, and there is no other. Everywhere you look in this universe is your Self, that’s the Consciousness, and you must practice it. There is no material opposite.

Now, the degree of our loyalty to the truth of this One Self, will determine how long we continue in the labor pains of false mortal existence, in bondage to false senses, living under penalties of duality, struggling to find permanence and peace in an impermanent, unpredictable, un-divine world.

To show us this Spiritual way, Mary had to have a Virgin Birth. You see, she is completely disproving the religious doctrine of salvation. She is completely disproving the religious teaching that Christ will return to earth. She is showing that Christ is here on earth. She is disproving the religious error which establishes God in heaven behind the clouds, and man on earth.

When Mary produces the Christ Child visibly on earth, she is revealing that God is on earth, Christ is on earth, the Kingdom of God is on earth, the Power of God is on earth. And the Presence and Power of God on earth is the Invisible Christ in the midst of her being, in the midst of your being, in the midst of the being of everyone on this earth, is the Christ that she reveals.

She is a pure channel of the Infinite Spirit, blessing mankind with the eternal truth that God is individual being, the One Self of all, that every individual Consciousness can open itself to the Virgin Birth, the Christ within, that world consciousness may be reborn of God.

Oh what a beautiful demonstration! What a grand opportunity, once we know, accept, and turn our attention to living out of that Consciousness which says, “I will open my Soul that Christ may be born as it was born in Mary. For Mary is the Virgin Soul of my very own being.”

In Mary, the world mind meets the Infinite Soul, and the world mind is swallowed up. And there appeared a great wonder in heaven. Let’s look at that:

There appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet and upon her head a cross of 12 stars. And she, being with child, cried travailing in birth and pain to be delivered.”

Now that’s the twelfth chapter of Revelations, and that is Mary, the world Soul bringing forth the Christ, overcoming the world, overcoming the sun and the moon, overcoming all that is matter, all that is mind.

And there appeared another wonder in heaven: and behold a great red dragon having seven heads, ten horns, seven crowns upon its head.”

That’s the world mind, the collective consciousness of man, and it’s throwing every mental and material weapon at you to prevent the birth of Christ Consciousness in you and on the earth.

And all this is an epic dramatization of the unseen forces now at work within you. For just as your Soul is Mary, and your mind is the earthly representative of that great red dragon identified as the cosmic mortal mind. And just like Mary, you may not let that mind devour your child before or after it is born. You must bring forth that child, that Christ child, that newborn Christ Self who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron. Then your Child will be caught up unto God and to the throne.

Then, for you, the cosmic mind will be cast out, that old serpent called the devil, and Satan which deceiveth the whole world will be shorn of all power. And within yourself will rise the great realization, like a loud voice, saying in heaven:

Now is come salvation and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ, for the accuser of our brethren is cast down which accused them before God day and night.”

This is the great rebirth. Your newborn Consciousness goes unto the Father and knows that henceforth the Word is made flesh in you, pure Spiritual flesh, imperishable, because I am the Father, I am the Spirit, you and the Spirit are One.

I think we’ll pause a moment; much more to be said. And, when you are taking this little intermission, look at your friends if you have a group with you, and please see, with your Soul, the unborn Child that is waiting to be realized in the Consciousness of everyone present. Make this a real Nativity, not a pageant, not a ceremony, but a realization of the birth of Christ in your Soul.

~~~~~~~~~ End Of Side One ~~~~~~~~~

In the Bible, whenever the miracle of a Virgin Birth appeared, it was disguised; it was protected that way from exploitation. There are many material minds that would be very quick to pounce upon such information, and they’re not above going forth and making similar claims.

There have been more Virgin Births in our world than just the birth of Jesus Christ. And because Spirit is very wise, every Virgin Birth is always kept secret and is always a very special Spiritual event with a very special purpose involved. Now you’ll find one in Genesis, Chapter 17, Verse 15: God goes to Abraham, and here’s what God says to Abraham:

As for Sarai thy wife, thou shalt not call her name Sarai, but Sarah shall her name be. And I will bless her, and give thee a son also of her yes, I will bless her, and she shall be the mother of nations; kings of people shall be of her.”

So, “Abraham falls on his face, and he laughs, and he says in his heart, well shall a child be born unto him that is an hundred years old? And shall Sarah that is ninety years old bear?”

But God reads his thoughts, and God says:

Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed; and thou shalt call his name Isaac: and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting, covenant and with his seed after him.”

Now, if you’re not aware of the possibility of Virgin Birth, you naturally presume that God made it possible for Sarah to have a child by Abraham. But that is precisely why Sarah is in her ninetieth year, to show that real Identity is never flesh but Spirit, to show that a woman can actually Spiritually conceive at any age; it doesn’t depend on physical union. That’s the meaning of God’s statement, I will bless her, I will give her a son. You see, this is the Virgin Birth of Isaac through Sarah, without Abraham’s physical help.

Now, we have the same situation in the First Book of Samuel, Chapter 1, Verse 2. And here, we learn that a man named Elkanah has two wives. His first wife Hannah is barren, the second wife Peninnah has children. The Lord had shut up Hannah’s womb, we learn in the 5th Verse, and Peninnah, the second wife, taunts her about her barren condition until Hannah is constantly weeping and unable to eat.

So in desperation, Hannah vows that if she’s given the power to bear a son, she will turn that child over to God for all the days of his life. And this, you see, in disguised form, is her turning to Spirit within and seeking the Virgin Birth of Christ in Consciousness. And so, something very interesting now happens. In the 19th Verse it says:

And Elkanah knew Hannah his wife; and the Lord remembered her.”

And she bears a son and called his name Samuel. Now we know that Joseph did not know his wife, but here we’re learning that Elkanah knew Hannah his wife, and so we have a very fine point. The Lord remembered her, and this is the statement that the Spiritual Identity and the Spiritual Birth of the Child was independent even of that physical union between Elkanah and Hannah.

In other words, if Elkanah had been away on a vacation for two years, Hannah would still have conceived the child; it didn’t depend on their physical union one bit. This was still a Virgin Birth, and that’s the disguised meaning here. And it’s to teach us that Virgin Birth can even be concealed from the mother, who thinks that the birth of her own child was caused by a physical union. And I’ll bet you that there are quite a number of those in our world.

Now, you’ll have to think about that for quite a little while, but I think you’ll get it, and it will make you see that much that has been happening in this world under our eyes unseen by the human mind, is actually a preparation for the Virgin Birth of the world consciousness.

Now there’s a third Virgin Birth in the Bible, and it’s very lightly referred to. As a matter of fact, you’d never suspect it unless you were listening within when you read it. It’s in 1 Chronicles, Chapter 7, Verse 14. All it says is a very brief reference to the Virgin Birth of Machaleel, but it doesn’t use the word ‘Virgin Birth.’ He was the grandson of Joseph of Egypt.

And then of course, we have the Virgin Birth of John the Baptist to Elizabeth and these, you realize, plus others which are not in the Bible, but which occurred among the Essenes, these were all known to Mary and to Joseph. They were dedicated students of religious truth, they were very knowledgeable about the Old Testament; they were aware of all the sacred Hebraic traditions and laws.

But something else: the Virgin Birth idea was not at all new to Mary and Joseph. You see, not only did they have these specific examples before them among the Essenes and in the Bible, but they were both members of high degree among the Essenes, and they were both undergoing a rigorous training period of inner teaching. They were learning about the sanctity and discipline of parenthood in preparation for a very special purpose which had been taught earlier in the School of Initiation founded by Ezra, otherwise known as Estras, Estrus.

This sacred teaching was actually recorded by Ezra, and then his mystery books were passed on to the Essenes. Their special Spiritual training for parenthood was this: they were preparing a virgin consciousness to attract egos from Higher Consciousness for future children. Now, that may sound unthinkable to some, but so far ahead of our Spiritual understanding were the Essenes, that they knew, and have proved to their own satisfaction, that the Higher the Consciousness of the future parent, the higher the Consciousness it would attract. For this reason, maidens and men were chosen for the unique training and were pledged to virginity and chastity, and a life of dedication to Spirit.

Joseph himself was a very strange man, even to his own family. He wasn’t the least bit worldly; he was very simple, a very humble man. He had not the slightest desire to get ahead in this world. From his very earliest years he was conscious of inner communications, guidance by a celestial force. His one undiluted interest was Spiritual attainment. As early as the age of twelve or thirteen, he took the vow of chastity, holiness, prayer, and at twenty he lived alone in a small house by the Lake of Galilee. He worked as a carpenter’s assistant, and no matter what came into his experience, Joseph, above all, was obedient to inner instruction. It was no accident that Joseph was selected to assist Mary in the great revelation of the living Christ on earth. It was by ordination. Long before the event took place, he and Mary many times, read the momentous prophesy by Isaiah. “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Emmanuel.”

What does Emmanuel mean? God with us. Not God in heaven, not God in the sky, and not God after you turn in your material body. No, it’s too late then. Emmanuel means God with us, here now, on earth, God with you, with me, with everyone who walks the earth; God here, now, as the Invisible Living Self of man.

And the living proof of that eternal truth, which is really the only salvation of man, will be the birth of Mary’s child here on earth without a human father. The Light of God made visible, and that Light will then turn to man and say, “As I am the Light, you are the Light. As I came forth without a human father, you came forth without a human father, as I existed as Light, Spirit before Abraham, so did you. And as I was never born, for Spirit is never born, and as I will never die, for Spirit never dies, so you were never born and you will never die because you are Christ on earth now appearing to false mortal sense as a human being.”

Yes, there were many other prophesies known to Mary and Joseph. Isaiah also said:

For unto us a child is born. Unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father; the Prince of Peace.”

In Numbers 24, 17: Balaam prophesies:

There shall come a star out of Jacob and a Scepter shall rise out of Israel.”

In Micah 5:2, near the end of the Old Testament, there’s another prophesy:

But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall he come forth who shall be ruler in Israel; whose going’s forth have been from old, from everlasting.”

The Eternal Christ is here, given to man in Micah. Not the Christ who was born on a certain day, but the Christ who was revealed to be on earth. The Nativity revealed the ever present Christ that had always been present.

During all of her young life, Mary heard prophesies about the Messiah who would come – the virgin who would bear. And she was chosen among the other maidens, trained by the Essenes for this event. Her youth was spent in deep inner communion, purification to make her a pure channel for pure Spirit. And, in as much as Spirit always prepares the way, it should be abundantly clear that Spirit had prepared the way through Mary to let Spirit perform its role through her with total harmony.

Now, there is in the Vatican, a group of writings by St. Jerome. He’s the high priest who revised the old Latin version of the Bible about the year 384, and then his revision later became known as the Vulgate Edition. It was canonized in the Sixteenth Century, and formed the basis of the Bible that was used by the, and is used by the Roman Catholic Church. Among these writings, there’s the following statement about Mary’s daily routine, and her character. I think you’d like to hear it:

From the morning of the third hour, [six to nine], she gave herself to prayer, from the third to the ninth, [nine to three], to external work. From the ninth to the twelfth, [three to six], she again prayed. She was always first at the holy vigils, the most learned in the wisdom of God’s law, the most lovely in humility, the most skillful in the Psalms of David, the most marvelous in charity, the purest of the pure, and the most outstanding in every virtue. She was steady and persevering, and each day she spent better than the last. No one ever saw her or heard her angry. Every word that she said was so full of Grace that it was clear that God was speaking in her. She praised God without ceasing, and when one greeted her she replied, ‘Thanks be to God.’”

Now, what St. Jerome does not tell us, is that Mary’s service in the temple was not a prayer to God up in the sky, but a recognition of God as the All in All Spirit of the Universe; the one Self without opposite. Mary was living the First Commandment that her son would later proclaim to the world. She was honoring Spirit supremely; she was accepting no second self for herself, nor for anyone else in the entire world.

From infancy, Mary had been surrounded by her parents with peace, beauty, even a private sanctuary. The Essenes themselves well knew that Spirit is the only Self, and at the age of three their daughter had private tutors. And the prophetess supervised, and consciously the child lived in contact with Divine Revelation. She was taught to strive constantly to maintain Oneness with the Divine Light within. And, so total was her devotion, that because she attained so highly at this early age, her companions frequently became envious, and so they falsified reports about her to her superiors.

But always, she held them in the Light, meeting every test with unconditioned faith, trust in the All Power and the All Presence of One Spirit, always willing to face every appearance of descent with the knowledge that transfiguration is the reward of every trial. She was always faithfully building the seamless robe of One Divine Consciousness, which would someday serve as a Spiritual umbrella for the Consciousness that would go forth as Christ Jesus to open the Soul of man to the Living Word in our midst.

The big question about Bethlehem still remains. Did it happen? Did it not happen? But Joseph, the husband of Mary, knew that it happened. Mary knew that it happened. Luke the physician believed that it happened.

You know, one scientist proved that he could produce frogs from frogs without a male frog. He poked a needle into the tiny black sphere of a frog’s egg with no male influence, causing normal development into a tadpole, and then into a young frog. And there’s Julian Huxley, the scientist who is the brother of all this; he said that virgin conception is a fact found in nature. And then there’s others. They pointed out that bees, snails, ants, silkworms are all immaculately conceived. Naturalists have come forward. Biologists have come forth and they declared that Virgin Birth doesn’t constitute a breach of physiological continuity. In fact, there have been suggestions that centuries ago, at the dawn of history, mankind multiplied without union of male and female, when there was less distinction between male and female.

But, while science and religion are still locking horns over whether or not Virgin Birth really happened, everyone has overlooked something else far more important. A more pertinent question than: Did it happen or did it not happen, and that question is, what did happen? You see, the world has been debating about whether or not there was a physical birth. Religion believes Mary gave birth to a physical baby. And most of science declares that there’s no scientific evidence to support a Virgin Birth. It’s impossible for a woman to set aside biological law. They say if it were possible and there are many nuns who are just as devoted to God as Mary was, and they’d be having babies by Virgin Birth by the carload. In fact, they say any woman on earth who followed Mary’s rigorous schedule of prayer ought to be in danger of giving birth, whether she had union with man or not, if it’s true.

But, we in this class today, because we have had the opportunity to build a firm foundation in our Spiritual understanding, we are prepared to look at the Virgin Birth in a meaningful way, and to correct the misconceptions of these past two thousand years in which mankind has either accepted or rejected a physical birth in Bethlehem.

Mary did not give birth to a physical son. Now, you’ve got to see that. What we were all looking at, but didn’t recognize, was a new kind of birth on earth, a birth far greater than a virgin woman giving birth to a physical child. There was no physicality involved. There was no physical mother. There was no physical child.

Mary had actually been lifted out of false mortal sense into the realization of Spiritual Identity. The stone of mortal mind, mortal material sense, had been rolled away. Her Self had been awakened, and God, through the clear transparency of her, true Spiritual Identity was expressing His Divine image and likeness, which appeared on earth to mortal sense as the Christ Child. This was a Spiritual birth, the first birth of its kind on earth during the past two thousand years. Spirit begat Spirit. God the Father appeared through the glass darkly of mortal sense as God the Son.

And so, the Son later declared, “I and the Father are one,” meaning God the Father is Spirit. I and the Spirit are One. I am pure Spiritual Being. I am not made of mortal flesh. I am Spiritual flesh; indestructible flesh, eternal flesh. I am the Living Word, God made manifest to human vision. I am Divine Being perfect as My Father, for My Father and I are One Spiritual Substance. You see, no physical boy was born in Bethlehem! And no physical boy went forth to overcome the world. No physical boy set aside the material laws of the world and overcame death every time it was presented to him. No physical boy walked on water, fed the multitudes, raised the dead or healed the sick.

The Light revealed the Light, which is all around us now. Spirit revealed the presence of Spirit everywhere, to manifest Itself to human consciousness in Its ever present glory; to show us the Spiritual Kingdom and the unreality of the physical world imagined by the senses of man. The succession of miracles that followed was a revelation by Christ that Christ is here now, that Christ is the Invisible Identity of all, that Spirit is the Invisible Substance of all, and that we are all that Spirit here, now and forever.

There could be no human father, or Jesus Christ would not have been able to set aside the appearance of material laws. He had to enter this world free of material belief in order to express the fullness of Omnipotence, the fullness of Omnipresence, the fullness of Omniscience. He had to demonstrate the fatherhood of God, Spirit as the Father of all mankind. He had to demonstrate that the Spiritual Son is not born of a human father and has dominion over all material things and over the entire sense of human life. The New Testament is really the living proof that the creation of Spirit-God, never becomes matter, always remains Spirit, and is totally under the perfect law of Spirit.

So the moment you make Jesus Christ a mortal or physical man, you lose the New Testament. You walk right past its meaning and its purpose. You commit the great separation; what might better be called the great abortion, separating the life of man from the Life of God. And you condemn mankind to a life of illusion, a victim of his own duality, walking in the mental tomb of human flesh, unaware that he really is Christ Spirit, Son of God, not born of material woman.

Now it becomes clearer that prophesies in the Bible about a child born to a virgin, have also been personalized. Religion saw in these prophesies the statement that a holy child would be born to a virgin, but Isaiah was not referring only to a specific event. Perhaps mankind has really failed to see as far as Isaiah saw. He was really foreseeing universal salvation, the birth of Christ in the world consciousness. He as witnessing the Infinite Soul, the Virgin Mother becoming One with Divine Consciousness, bringing forth the Only Begotten Son, the Infinite Christ as the One Living Consciousness on earth, leading man out of the wilderness of mortality into the First Heaven.

I think the Infinite nature of the Virgin Birth can be seen very clearly in Isaiah’s Chapter 8, Verse 8. Here he speaks of Emmanuel, the son of a Virgin and prophesies:

He shall pass through Judah; he shall overflow and go over, he shall reach even to the neck; and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of thy land. O Emmanuel, shall fill the breadth of the land.”

He’s talking about Universal Christ Consciousness, the Universal Virgin Birth, and here in Chapter 9, Verse 7, after predicting that unto us a child is born, again he declares:

Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end; the zeal of the Lord will perform this.”

If we look again in Numbers, 24:19, after predicting that a Scepter shall rise out of Israel, Balaam further declares:

Out of Jacob shall come he that shall have dominion, and shall destroy him that remaineth of the city.”

The city, of course, is material consciousness; the Scepter that shall have dominion is Christ Consciousness.

And here again, in Micah 5:4, after predicting that out of Bethlehem shall come forth one to rule in Israel, the Prophet again declares:

And he shall stand and feed in the strength of the Lord, the majesty of the name of the Lord his God; and they shall abide: for now shall he be great unto the ends of the earth.”

When we worship the physical nativity of Jesus to Mary, we’re missing the point. The truth, the real Star of Bethlehem that lights our way into the First Heaven, is the realization that Christ can only come to earth through your Virgin Soul, because you see, your Virgin Soul is entirely free of every material belief. This is the narrow gate, the narrow gate of individual and world salvation. Soul is the Virgin Mother through which you re-conceive yourself and return to the Father’s House. Mary is the world’s Soul, and Mary is your Individual Soul. Bethlehem is God Consciousness; Bethlehem is where you receive Divine Bread, the Divine Substance which expresses as the Word Made Flesh. The Christ Child is your Self born in Bethlehem, born of Divine Substance through your Soul.

Let’s take a moment of Silence, resting in the WORD, letting only the Soul be your facility of awareness; no thought necessary, no plan, no idea, just resting in Soul, for Soul conceives the Christ without any human help.

This Christ Child born to the Virgin Mary is a sign. It is a fulfillment of a prophesy made to her, a prophesy made to mankind, demonstrating the firmness, the unchanging inevitability of Christ Consciousness to every individual who chooses the Gate of Spiritual Identity. Emmanuel, God with us now is my perfect Spirit.

Oh, and from that point, how the symbology of the Bible opens up. Your Soul, living in God, gives birth to Christ in you. Your Christ Self now calls together your twelve disciples, your twelve Spiritual powers, and because their names are writ in Heaven, your twelve Spiritual powers go forth and overcome all material obstacles in your path, building the Christ miracles on earth. The entire New Testament of Jesus Christ becomes a living preview of how Christ, Christ Virgin born in you, in your Soul, leads you out of material consciousness and the false laws of this world, out of the opposites, into the First Heaven all without human help, by Grace. You can see the entire New Testament represents the inner activity of your Being through Christ. Every character, every obstacle, every event takes place inside your Being as the Soul of you births the Christ which goes forth into the next Kingdom of God.

This birth of the Virgin Child throughout the world is taking place now. It is actually the rhythm of the Spiritual Universe coming through. It’s the rhythm of God knocking at the door of your consciousness, saying, ‘Let me be born in you.’ And so, whatever you can do to open your Soul to the Virgin Birth, to accelerate the Virgin Birth in the world, is the fulfillment of your purpose on this earth.

This birth of the Virgin Child must be echoed in every individual consciousness. Without it, there can be no individual or collective transition. That’s why so many individuals spend a major portion of their lives in frustration, seeking entrance to the Kingdom but always finding that the veil will not part. Mortality can never enter Heaven; only your Virgin Immortal Self can walk in the many mansions of Spiritual Reality.

One of the very first keys to Christhood is given in Luke 1:26 and 27:

The angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth, to a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary.”

Gabriel is the power of God’s Will. The Virgin is your Soul; the house of David is Divine Consciousness. The secret meaning is that only through Soul, which is espoused to Divine Consciousness, can the power of Divine Will become manifest. So every mind teaching on earth is doomed to failure for this reason, and every religious teaching that salvation comes by believing that Jesus Christ is the Son of God is equally doomed to failure. These teachings fall short of the mark and perpetuate the separation between man and God. Such teachings actually contradict the Word of God, as expressed in Scripture. “God is no respecter of persons,” whether you believe in the Virgin Birth or not. God is no respecter of mortal beings, no matter what they believe. So your human beliefs have no meaning, no substance and no power.

As you lay aside all human belief, even good human belief, religious human belief and scientific human belief, only then will Divine Will through your Soul, manifest the Immortal Divine image and likeness to replace your mortal form. And then you are Virgin born. This is salvation. This is the way you follow Jesus Christ who said, ‘”Follow me.” This is how you enter and live in the Kingdom of God. Only through the Virgin Birth can you experience the Virgin or Mystical Death, which is transition.

Now, the inner voice tells Mary, “Your son shall reign over the House of Jacob forever, and of his Kingdom there shall be no end.” The Virgin Birth of Christ in you, through your Soul, is a Divine mandate. There’s only one answer you may give, ‘Yes, I am ready.’ If you answer, ‘No, I am not ready,’ you are rejecting the Will of God in You. The Virgin Birth is not an event that you can ignore or defy. You must consciously accept it as the purpose of your life. Turn away from every other purpose; concentrate your efforts in this one direction, and let God manifest your Immortal Self. In this acceptance, this dedication, you can be perfect as your Father, which means you can be liberated from the illusion of human flesh that dies.

How shall this be,” says Mary, “seeing I know not a man?” And the angel assures her that the Holy Ghost will overshadow her with the power of the Highest, and that Holy Thing that shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.

In the Consciousness of a fourteen year old girl a new idea was dawning, destined to shake the world, and to fulfill the unspoken dream that lies in every human heart. A new world was being born, not a new baby! A new way of life, freedom. The Infinite Soul was preparing to bring forth the Infinite Child that never dies, as a finished Reality already established on this earth. Now, ask yourself: Was that a fourteen year old girl? Was that a woman? Was that a material creature, or was Invisible Christ appearing to mortal sense as a fourteen year old girl?

Why does Gabriel say, “With God, nothing shall be impossible?” Because only God exists. And why does Mary reply, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord, be it done unto me according to thy word?” Because Spirit is demonstrating the sequence of Divine authority that must be followed within a person in order to experience Christhood. First God, Infinite Spirit, then the impulse of God as Divine Will pulsing Its power through your Spiritual purified Soul, which is Mary.

Then you’re obedient by yielding to that Divine Word. So Mary’s reply, “Be it unto me according to thy Word,” she is accepting the Fatherhood of God as the only Creator, the only Parent. She yields her total human identity as material woman. She accepts her total Identity as pure Spirit, neither male nor female. She walks completely in the Kingdom of Spirit, devoid of every belief in matter and mortality. She knows that man-made material or biological law is a nothingness in the presence of Spiritual Consciousness. She is demonstrating that the Word of God expressed within is a power, the only power, and it can be trusted under any and all circumstances in spite of very appearance that may seem to deny that power. She had heard the Voice! And when you hear that Voice, like Mary, you will trust whatever It tells you. You too will witness that with God, nothing is impossible.

In bringing forth this Spiritual Child made of Divine Spirit, Mary was demonstrating that she had found her own Spiritual Body, for only the Spiritual body can deliver a Spiritual Child. She had found her Temple not made with hands, and she was living in It. Spirit begets Spirit. That was the Virgin Birth. But is it that all that happened?

When the first born of Mary was made visible, did it ever change from Spirit to something else? Can Spirit become anything besides Spirit, if Spirit is all? And did not that same Spirit which men call Jesus Christ, then declare, that It’s Father was your Father and my Father? Did not that Holy Spirit declare that Spirit fathered you, just as Spirit fathered him? Did not the people of Galilee and surrounding areas see him only as the carpenter’s son, in spite of the fact that his Father was Spirit, God?

Do not the people of your city see you as a physical man or woman, in spite of the fact that your Father is Spirit, God? If Spirit is your Father, how could you be born physically? If God is your Father, were you not born of a Virgin? Was not Mary, on that day of the Nativity centuries ago, by making the invisible Christ visible to man, revealing that everyone on this earth is the Invisible Christ, the Spirit of God, fathered by God? The answer is clear.

Also, if Mary was demonstrating that physical birth is illusion, that there really is no material woman on earth to give birth, that she was Spirit and Spirit was being manifest, that only the Spirit of God stands where we see anyone, that Spirit Invisible is ever begetting Spirit Invisible, then we must see that every birth that we see is a physical birth is actually a Virgin Spiritual Birth seen through the density of illusory human vision as a physical birth.

Mary was demonstrating that no mother has ever given birth physically to any child, just as she was not giving birth physically, and that your child and your children, whether you have borne one or ten, is always the Invisible Spirit of God, the Living Christ. You have never produced a Spiritual Child through physical union, for the identity of every child you have is the Invisible Spirit of God. That is the unending, ever present, miracle and the mystery of the Omnipresence of God. With physical union you cannot produce a Spiritual child and yet the identity of every child on earth is pure Invisible Spirit. The Allness of God guarantees that only Spiritual Birth is possible. Every birth is a Virgin Birth; Spirit is always begetting Spirit. Since the world began, we have always been entertaining Angels unawares.

This truth is occasionally demonstrated at rare intervals during the centuries, to parents who have a high Spiritual integrity and share a dedication to Spirit like Mary and Joseph did. Upon them, in these rare occasions, is bestowed a Spiritual Birth without physical union. It never occurs in such a way as to cause an embarrassing situation. It fits into the family pattern. It never occurs where the male might become abusive and suspicious. It never occurs where there is a woman alone, so that it would become conspicuous or talked about.

And again, always, when it occurs, it is for a specific purpose that eventually becomes known only to those parents involved. And its purpose is always the same, to plant the Truth of Virgin Spirit in consciousness, to establish a Spiritual Center that will send out Spiritual waves, to show a Spiritual household, and to draw unto itself a Spiritual household, to prepare mankind for the overturning of world consciousness which is the Virgin Birth of this world, the Virgin Birth which is fast approaching?

Fortunately, there have been Spiritually illumined individuals working silently for the upliftment of world consciousness, even during eras when civilization has seemed to be at its lowest ebb. And so, these labor pains of world birth appear to us as upheavals and struggles, dictators and slaves, depressions and discords, but only because our vision is limited to the Fourth World of mind.

As we accept the Pearl of Great Price, the opportunity to be reborn through the Virgin Soul, we are anointed and lifted into the Fifth World, which is the first of three heavens. Then it becomes clear to us why God sees God, where man sees man.

Nothing that happened to Mary could have happened if Spirit were not present on earth. She wasn’t waiting for Christ to return; she expressed Christ. She didn’t seek external aides to demonstrate this phenomenon. Instead, she permitted the Imprisoned Splendor of her own inner Being to flow out into outer expression without any interference of any human concept. It was a demonstration of such magnitude that forever it should establish in all Disciples of Christ, the confidence that Inner Spirit can fulfill from Its own substance, any ordained so-called external need.

We who have caught this precious Christ Vision, no longer content with material prosperity, or with fleeting pleasures, or with a reverence for material or even intellectual conquest. We know that Christ without Soul can never appear. We know that Gabriel comes to every Soul; that Mary in us, balanced by Joseph in us, the male and female elements of our humanhood united into one Self, in His name, Spirit, produced the God Presence within, Living Christ, which then goes forward to pierce the veil of illusion, and reveal the everywhere Spiritual Being that men call God.

I’d like to call your attention to several tapes that would be useful to you at this point. Most of you have the Special Seven Series, and I suggest that after you have assimilated this particular tape, ‘Your Virgin Birth,’ that you hear the 4th tape of the Special Seven Series and that is ‘Creation and Recreation.’

And then there are two others you could hear in the following weeks: You would benefit if you heard once more:

Tape 11 in The Infinite Way Series: Tape 11 – ‘The New Horizon.’

And also, Tape 9 in The Revelation of St. John Series, Tape 9 The Seventh letter to the Churches.’ Those three tapes would be well worth your while.

And that brings us into 1974. We’ve traveled a long way together. We have many beautiful things ahead. So at this time: From this house to your house, from this heart to your heart, deep felt wishes that 1974 for you brings an abundant harvest, and that you will accept the invitation to enter the New Kingdom of your own Invisible Christhood by inviting that Child through Mary, your Soul.

Much Love, until we meet soon. Thank you.

Herb: We have passed the stages of building our temple. We have come into the Kingdom. And now that we are in it, it’s possibly just something that we have to stay in to feel the presence of whatever the Kingdom connotes. It’s not going to take six days or five days or four days to make the journey from earth to heaven. Maybe we have consolidated quite a bit. It’s going to take us each longer.

The idea is that when we have reached the level of graduation and have come to the seven angels who are represented in the Bible by the seven angels who carry the vials, that carry the message. That eliminate that is unlike God in your consciousness. So that your consciousness is now unobstructed. Then you go and you’re very close to the lamb of God, the Christ. I want to luxuriate in that presence. It just happens that the world celebrates that presence today, but we’re celebrating the inner presence, not celebrating the outer presence. This is something that binds man together.

On the outer plane we pick up a telephone, exchange a few words, send a letter, we receive letters. On the inner plane our oneness is an experience. There’s no intermediary. You feel the presence of the one, and that one is you, and that one is him, and that one is her, there’s a silent bond. And in that silent bond you are unobstructed. You feel the presence of the presence, and therefore at this moment you have reached a level of consciousness that you have striven many years to reach. I’m talking in a figurative way because I realize that we haven’t reached that level yet. But we are going through the motions of reaching that level and trying to find the experience of what it would be like. For at a touch of the finger you are one with a fellow in anywhere in the world, and he with you. At a touch of the finger any information you want about anything in the Spiritual universe is there.

Everything you need in the universe that is invisible is at your fingertips. You’ve passed the human scene. And this is what comes one day to you, a level – we each have it differently – but we each will reach it in our reaching it. Where God’s Kingdom becomes our Kingdom and the Kingdom then becomes now. Yesterday we were working toward it, suddenly I’m in it. There are no negatives,. Nothing to overcome. You can never be any different than you are today. Nothing can go wrong. You never think about it. To be in this idyllic state is the end result of knowing God aright. All that I have is thine. When we finally come into having all that God has then we rest in truth. There are many paths that have to be worn before you can reach this state, and we’re going through them right now. Each of us represents a path on the way, this is the end of the path.

I want to stop and think what are the obstructions that we face. What is preventing us from walking into the Kingdom. What is holding us here in the fourth state. We can each answer that in part. The things which we’re concerning us are holding us here. You’re concerned about what you’re going to do on Tuesday morning, you’re going to a job or your husbands going to a job. There’s some deals pending. Maybe you’ve got some relatives you’ve got to go to or come to you. There are things to be done and when you think about them they’re all things of this world. I don’t know who’s here, I won’t even ask, but who’s here that will not be doing things of this world on Tuesday? That person is lucky. Maybe she is accepting something that we who are busy on Tuesday with things of this world whether they’re joy or not, we don’t know about, we just know that we have to do certain tasks. The task of that individual won’t come to him until Tuesday. He won’t even know what he’s going to do Tuesday until it happens. And it will be something that has been sent from the invisible, something measured out to his needs, something he can handle, something that will express Divine wisdom.

There is a nowness in Spiritual living. So all the clocks have turned away. No one can tell you the time in heaven. You wouldn’t think about walking up to an individual and saying, “What time is it? What time do I catch that train? I’ve got to be here at four o clock.” There are no clocks in heaven. There are no clocks in Spiritual consciousness. God doesn’t run by time. That’s one of the cluttering details that disappears. You say, “Well they don’t get things done then properly. We’re not synchronized. But I don’t know how to do it.” Synchrony is above time, doesn’t include time. It seems that what you have to do is done at the right moment. Where you have to be at the right moment. Of course it only takes a second to get there. The rules are different. What you have to do, get in the car to ride to another town, fifty miles or sixty miles or thirty miles, the time involved, it isn’t there in the seventh heaven, never there. It’s consciousness that travels quicker than the speed of light. It’ll go wherever you have to be or want to be instantly. You are there already right now. It’s all within your own being which is omnipresent. Did you notice that when you feel a quickening somehow you get quicker where you have to go, you think quicker, things resolve themselves quicker, you don’t know how you get so spatial at the time that your thinking is lucid, it’s just so lucid that you just have to think of something, to think of thinking of something and there it is. That’s when the brain is not obstructing you. You’re living out of your Soul.

We want to move into our Soul now. We want to see what it’s like to live without a brain mechanism that ticks away, that someday doesn’t tick away. The thing that separates us from not being alive at one time, it’s our source of life, our activity, all that we do, everything passes through your brain, everything. You’re really living in your brain and to think that someday this too which seems to us to be a miraculous tool, we don’t have it anymore. So this tool must have been copying something, it did a pretty good job but it was copying something. And this tool becomes a little slower, our visionary controls becomes a little blurred, the hearing that it controls can’t quite make it out. Just imagine a tool to control the five senses so well at one time, at their peak level, and then diminish and yet that tool is not real. Something else is real. Something that hears what it has to hear without a sound. Did you know that you have that hearing without a sound? And that you can see without eyes? And that you will see without eyes? And you will hear without ears? This is the miracle of the Soul.

It is possible to practice the use of the Soul to develop it. Many artists in their great moments see things that their minds doesn’t see, their eyes don’t see. They themselves don’t even know they’ve been lifted up to a Soul level. Colours have more definition. Sound is made more acute, they can hear sounds that can’t be heard by the human ear. They hear the inner sounds, the inner harmonies. And when we hear them out here we say, “My that’s uncanny, that man is a genius.” Compared to the mind he is a genius. The Soul has perception and every level of sound, every level of sight, every level of taste and the Soul is available to us. When we awaken from the sleep of the mind which works in matter, which works in friction, everything is without friction then, completely fluid. I don’t know if at times you find that you hear better than others, but when you do find it, it’s because the Soul has taken over your hearing and you’re not hearing with the muscles of the ear. You’re not hearing with the activity of the brain. That combination which produces human hearing it loses it’s effectiveness because you’re on a higher level. If you reach it first in this kind of fourth dimensional hearing, which is really the kind of extra sensory perception brought up to it’s limitation and then above it. In other words you’re converted into an ear. You hear anything you have to hear, anywhere in the world, but you don’t hear on sound waves. You don’t hear it on the radio waves. You hear it on a Soul wave. And the only way to explain it is to hear it, because when you hear these things and you realize that you can’t hear them anywhere, that no one can hear them who’s hearing them, then suddenly you know what’s happening when you hear the inner voice.

What does it come on? It doesn’t come on waves that ripple. How does it get to you? There’s a direct communication of a Soul wave by your Soul. When you hear the inner voice speaking to you, if it doesn’t say much or if it says a lot, no one else can hear it at the same time. No one is tuned into what you’re tuned into and before you get to that place it takes a long long time. That’s because you’re working on sound without the instruments of sound that usually produce them in this world. That’s why the receptivity to the inner voice, the still small voice is so transfixing. You may be deaf actually, you may not even be able to hear people, and yet when you hear the inner voice no one can take it away. It doesn’t depend on your mechanisms. It would be interesting if a person were deaf and were able to hear the inner voice and I’m sure there are quite a number. I’d rather be the person who hears the inner voice and is deaf than the one who hears everything but can’t hear the inner voice.

Sight is the same way. To look directly into the Kingdom of Heaven, though you’re blind, and to look at this world and be able to see it. There is that kind of vision. There is that kind of hearing. When we get a musical genius we realize that something has happened to this man he’s been brought above the level of sound and yet he writes notes that we play back and we hear music of the Gods. We can’t understand it. We say this is too much where did he get it form? How can one man do that? Well actually he didn’t it’s just that he was tuned into something greater. The supreme artist is also tuned into something greater. He loses what he has, he transcends. And if you’ve had this experience you know what a glorious experience it is, and how you feel like a child who’s got a God inside him. Something happens you’re translated into another being and then you realize what you’ve been working for all these years to reach that state, because everyone in heaven is in that state. Everyone who has passed the make believe limitations of this world is in that state. That’s the state of God.

All that I have is thine.”

I have found a great deal of inexpressible joy in only reaching that state one at a time, maybe once last year and once the year before, sometimes twice a year. But you are able to find a degree of intelligence that isn’t human. It doesn’t even think, it just is. And all of your so-called senses are lifted above themselves. Sound and sight all that, it’s like one infinite sense.

Now it’s very important to us to know these things are possible because there’d be no point in trying to attain something that isn’t attainable. And we’re not striving to attain that particular type of vision or hearing it’s just that we will, it’s automatic. And if we’re properly prepared something happens. And when you’re properly prepared in a meditation for example and you feel you’re lifted, but when you’re lifted where did your body go? Why when I feel lifted I don’t feel a sense of weight any more? There was no body to be lifted you were relieved of an illusion of body. Then how did you hear if you had no body? What made you think you have to hear through the ear? That’s just a temporary convenience. You don’t hear through the ear. You hear through the Soul. You see through the Soul. You think through the Soul. The mind never was, and so we use that mind, we crack down on it, we try to make it do things that we want it to do, and always we’re saying that, “We didn’t know that there is no mind.” The mind is a substitute, our facsimile of what the Soul is. You’re going to be in Soul consciousness when you translate. There is a Soul consciousness. You won’t be thinking any more and yet you’ll know all you must know without thought.

Take no thought for your life”,

Get into Soul consciousness. I know everyone has had a glimpse of these things. There are certain lucid moments when you see something you never saw before, it certainly clear to you. Sometimes you look at a picture, some strange reason all colours blot out but you see something that’s there which is higher than the colours. You’re a musician all the static, all the music, suddenly something else is there it’s a celestial song. That’s why when you play certain music you say, “This is heavenly.” Unconsciously you’ve said what it really is, “Heavenly.”

You know even in business a man can have that experience. He doesn’t know why but the problem that unlocked itself in his mind. There’s no problem any more. He doesn’t know why it was very complicated, many people involved. He feels it all is taken care of, because there was a solution above the human level, and in his state of consciousness he was able to reach that solution and all of the human problems just fall down, they all crumple. When you have the right solution the problems aren’t there. And when you live a certain way, when you find the – what might be called the mechanism, the invisible mechanism of life – the problems do disappear, oh you’ll have them al lright but you know they’re going to disappear you’re not worried about them. Why? Because your experience has told you that other problems have disappeared on a lesser level, and sure enough the days come all the problems disappear. You call it your enchanted level. It’s really the presence of the Spirit. And I now everyone would like to reach that level and I’m happy to report that I have a belief everybody will because the Father has said,

All that I have this thine.”

So when you get a touch of the Spirit and it opens one door, it gently comes along and opens other doors. Having come this far let’s consolidate it into a little meditation at the moment and get the feel of the unobstructed universe. Spirit which floats in at a level different than the mental levels, that consciousness being Divine, handling everything at the Divine level, which is no level because it’s infinite. Let’s get a feeling of what it is to be in the middle of all the confusion of the world with no problem at all.


It’ll take a moment before you feel a certain kind of confidence which will not apply to any one situation. If you had a complicated problem in any field when that moment arrives a solution is in the wing. It maybe a very difficult complication in handling affairs with people. When you have this consciousness you can call right up in the moist intricate level of the problem and say, “Joe I think we can handle it this way.” All of a sudden it shows itself. What was unsolvable completely falls into place all the bottlenecks fall away. “I just hadn’t seen it that way before.” And I mean there’s no limitation to what’s possible because when you realize a solution sometimes you may be told to do things you wouldn’t normally think you could do. This might involve seven movements in a certain place, “My God who would do that?” Well Spirit says, “This is how you do it.” Nothing too small, nothing too great, but every situation can be handled from the truth standpoint at the Spiritual level. It doesn’t matter how bad it looked in the human.

Soon we get to believe in the miraculous, and soon you’re performing in the miraculous. I know we haven’t reached the point where we go through the wall, but how can you miss when the wall is matter and you will be aware of your Spirituality?


It will seem incredible, impossible you might say to a telephone executive that someone could call from here to a distant place without a telephone, but it’s rather common place in the Spirit.


Why doctors can stand and have their conferences and have their x-rays, looking for slides, they can decide to do one thong or another and the element of time is always involved. And the element of time is always involved. The time the heart will remain in operation, the time it takes to do the operation. In the Spirit the element of time is not involved. There’s no recovery time involved. There’s no time involved for anything because the Spirit is already where it has to be. The Spirit is now. When you find that something wonderful has happened even for a space of time, that you’re in a different scene in time and it seems that everything you touch, it just responds automatically. You’re in a ‘now’ state and you can’t reach it by thinking about it or planning about it, it has to happen.

Now the fields are white.”

That enchanted state, that elevation is a level at which God is always present. That’s why some healings are always instantaneous, and then on the mundane level it might take years. That’s why the healings of Jesus seem to be right now. He was able to live in the now. He couldn’t have any other way, that’s the way Spirit lives.


Now we turn the page and we come to the case of any case of Jesus. The reader is seeing it one way in time and Jesus is seeing it in the timeless now, but the reader can see it in the timeless now too. So at the slow pace of human existence the girl looks dead, till the infinitely faster speedier face of the Christ she’s very much alive.


In our case the heart beats sixty times a minute, I don’t know, the other case you can’t hear it beat. It’s in a different elevation.


Now I know that you find at the moment that we’re at a higher level than we were when we started. We’re at the anything-can-happen level. I’d like you therefore, erase your Soul. Make an effort to and let you Soul become aware of all the people who depend, and you and you become aware of them. Feel the oneness. Feel your thereness and their hereness, now. I assure you they will feel it to.


You’re moving people closer to you than they are in the human field. They’re so close that you can touch their invisibility


We are on the ground floor of the Red LIght Hotel in San Diego, I’m just reminding you.

(Students laugh)

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End of Side One ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

He was the bride of the Lamb who became our Soul consciousness in the last hour and that’s who the bride of the lamb was. The Soul of Christ. And we who lived in the Soul of the Christ for the past half hour, have been introduced to the bride of the Lamb. And I hope that in this next chapter we will have an interesting surprise for us.

And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb. In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits”,

And he’s about to introduces us to the tree of life which contains all of the so-called faculties that you will be fully aware of when you’re elevated to that level. The point of these is that John has been there and is reporting to you what you will attain as you proceed with his direct conversation with Christ. Pure water of life. If I could see that now that would be our direct experience at all times. God will be a part of everything you do in your consciousness. There wouldn’t be a single finger that you would lift without it being a God activity. Everything would be motivated by the Divine as it should be now. In the final stages of the Revelation John has brought us all to witness that which he himself has seen. This little lad who came from the Holy land, became the right hand of Jesus, has come up into the world, has received the message from Jesus and is reporting that now the bride of the lamb and now the pure water of life. There’s no mortal thought. Every bit of mortal thought has been routed out of his system. Everything he thinks, sees, does, is Divine.

In a way we can live with the idea of shedding sunshine, shedding truth. We can give out the water of life. You can even become a fountain head to all around you. It may seem commonplace to people in the street, but you can live a certain way. You can be a certain self. You can send out this river of pure water of life wherever you go and some people do that. You feel it automatically in their presence. It’s that one time they started with the intention of doing it and they have attained a level now where it’s an active state of their being. They can’t think negatively. They can’t criticize. They don’t judge you. They’re just flowing sunshine and it’s wonderful to meet one of these. You don’t think about where they’ve been or where they’re going, you just bask in the sunshine of their – we call their personality, but it’s more than that. This person is living within the God experience. And the God experience is living through this person and this person is being cleansed completely of mortality. Take a look at yourself and listen to yourself see if something like that is happening to you. It can and should. Find out if you’re getting a point, if you’re really acting Divine.

The Father has said “All that he had is Thine.” I’m sure that all that he had is Divine you’ll find yourself radiating this sunshine. There are some people who cannot do anything but radiate a quality, it’s because there’s no person there. They’ve gone beyond that. They are a God instrument. I’d be very happy when I get to be a God instrument that can give out this quality. It’s invisible sunshine. But it wears off it doesn’t just come out as you, it builds a scenery around you, with it’s invisible qualities. Everyone in the scene comes at you with a different electricity, in other words what you give out is what you see. Let’s strive for that. Let’s lift our consciousness to the point where we’re letting sunshine come out of ourselves. It won’t be visible sunshine but it’s the sunshine of the Spirit. Alive, vibrant, spreading the good things that it finds on the path. Not being distracted by the bad things because it converts everything it sees into the goodness that is latent right there.


You’re always in a position where something is happening to take you to the other side of the ship where things are plentiful, where actually the God experience is continuous and I suppose it would be too much to expect the God experience to be continuous, and yet if you live in heaven that’s what it would be. So it might not be a bad idea to think of the God experience be as continuous as you can make on earth. Just think of people living with that thought. “The God experience is what is coming through me, I want to share it with you. I want you to share it with me.” And I know we can do that. We do certain other things, certain little small things that distract, turn us away. We see certain people like that. Every time I look at them I want to smile. There is a person there that’s got a secret I want to know what it is. There’s always a certain look on their face and it makes you happy. When you stop and think about it they’re going through the God experience all the time. That’s what gives you the look. You’re transfixed, something happens to you.

I noticed something too about those people, they’re not the ones who are complaining about being sick or that every third day something happens that’s unsightly or impossible, they’re the ones who seem to be living a charmed life, and there’s many people that are here today who do that. When we meet them we know there’s something unusual about this person, what is it? What do I feel that’s different?

First of all if it’s gone, I feel the absence of a mortal concern about life. This person isn’t fighting his day. He’s not in class and home and thinking about, “Now what am I going to do about this situation?” Why is it that the person in the Divine flow of life doesn’t think about situations? It’s because they’re all handled by the invisible God of his being. Each of us when you stop and think he’s carrying all the qualities of God where he is, she is. You may have thought you were lesser than that but God doesn’t. Each person carries every quality of God wherever he goes. Now does he use these qualities or not? In many cases we look and we don’t see them, but the qualities are there. Every quality required is there. Where we see fear we know that joy is there, it’s just not being brought to the surface. Where illness is, we know that perfection is,

Be ye perfect as God.”

It wasn’t that you will become as perfect as God, be ye perfect as God is. Every quality that we require for perfect living in the Kingdom of God is right here, and it’s the mixture of those qualities with what we are putting forth that keeps us right here. Now we’re interested in rising higher, and how are we going to rise higher if we don’t make the effort and if we don’t see what higher means? Higher means keeping your consciousness pure and free of anything that would mix with the purity of what you are. You are pure. If you look out and you don’t see what you want to see or if you find that if you think about yourself you don’t feel good or right or going somewhere, think about the fact that you are pure. Now what are you clouding up with? You can’t be any more perfect than you are, and every imperfection is just a lie about God.

Once in a while it’s good to take in exercise something that shakes out of you all negatives, all those qualities that represent the human and to get as it were into your Spiritual body, your angel suite and let yourself go. Just let yourself go into a realm where the angel suit is why you’re wearing it, where you’re permitted because you are an angel.

We can look out at the world somehow transplanted. I was on the earth. I was limited on the earth. I myself thought of my limitations. I knew what I couldn’t do and then one day I don’t know where it went, I’m forgotten, I’ve forgotten who I was as a limited self, there’s a new self here living in the new universe, and somehow I feel it’s the right universe, the real universe. And who is this new self? The self that has all these limitations blasted right out of him. Have I turned over myself to I? Is that’s what’s wrong? I forgot that I was who I am and I’m letting me run this thing? Usually that’s the case, a moment of forgetfulness who let a me get in there, and I don’t know that me seems like it happened to me years, a century ago, a me who’s divided in everything, I can’t even recognize that me. And now I’m in I, undivided, I am.


What am I starting that’s a challenge? What am I starting that’s new? Or am I going back to a repetition. Am I playing an old score? Have I got the courage to begin something new? Or try a new and better way to try the old? What am I doing about bringing life up to date? I have an ally in this I’m not going to do it myself. Release yourself from the person. The person is your obstacle. All the person can do is get into negative and positive, never get out of the opposites.


So we’re shaking off that person. The person who’s got all the reasons why this can’t be done. This can’t be one with this reason because this reason, I’ve got this to do, that reason, this reason, a million reasons about why you cannot do something, and I is waiting for it all to clear because I is going to do what this person cannot do. I has it all mapped out.


What is your biggest project on task now? What is the obstacle in the way? Spirit is taking you to the Divine flow where the rhythm is unimpeded, lifting you to that level where there is no obstacle. An obstacle is not tolerated, it isn’t even recognized.


We’re not tired little old men and women we are free and vibrant. Now what are we going to do that’s going to surprise the world? How do we put God activity into mundane mortal activity?


The clue is to remove the sense of me, to completely remove the human self. It’s the cause of all division. It thinks and then the Divine universe moves too fast for it’s thought, regardless of what it thinks.


Your plan of action of life is still in your head it’s got to be erased. Lift up the Son of man.


Can you turn your life over to the Divine now? Or are you afraid? Must you hang that behind it and judge it and pass on it and approve or disapprove what it does? Or can you let the Divine take over? Without any passing approval or disapproval?


Can you be as perfect as God, or is that too high an aspiration?


Let’s the perfect day to renew our faith in our self, our faith in our ultimate experience, our release from the world of matter and to renew our pledge to move in that direction ever upward, ever seeking out that which will improve and purify. Although we may completely represent the Divine self on earth.


Jesus made an exciting talk that was very brief at his crucifixion, he said,

Father into thy hands I commend my Soul.”

We’re going to have to come to that someday. Maybe it’s worth thinking about how you’ll prepare for it. To be able to completely give out your being to the one with no regrets. Into thy hands I commend my Soul. As close as you can get to that point would be desirable.


Can each and everyone who is here today, I want to exchange deepest greetings of love, a deepest desire for your progress, a deepest desire to do anything to aid you in that progress. We’re all going to same place. Infinity is going to infinity.

I thank you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

To Infinite Way students everywhere, in the States and abroad, from Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, deepest greetings of Love, from the island of Kauai. Once more we meet, once more we share an opportunity to be one with the Father as a group and to learn from the Source, where we shall go, what we shall do, how we shall receive higher levels of our own true Being.

First I hope you can join with me in a statement of gratitude, to Lorraine Sinkler; I feel that all of us should turn to her and say, “Thank you Lorraine, for a job well done.” Through the years Lorraine has been and is a trusted editor of the Joel books, a trusted editor of his Monthly Letter, an outstanding teacher. She has been a source of inspiration to thousands of students all over the world, and I know that you join with me in saying to her, “Thank you for the job you are doing, and the job you have done, and the job you will do; you have our total genuine appreciation.”

Last April in Monterey the message of Divine flesh rang out loud and clear. Our transformation from human flesh that deteriorates and dies, to Divine flesh that lives under Divine eternal law, sprang forth like a bud in blossom. There were handshakes of joy, commitments, letters received from students all over the country saying, “I am with you all the way,” and since then we have all been living with the Monterey tapes and others, meeting individually with our Spirit and in groups and now we are ready—we are ready to witness the expansion of Consciousness that is necessary to nourish those blossoms into Divine fruit. We are ready for absolute Truth.

When Spirit speaks whether in a book or through your Soul, you have the pure gold tried in the fire. So when scripture tells you, your body is the temple of the living God, you are being given a priceless bit of information that should change your life. And we’re not going to be like the world, so self absorbed that it does not even read the Spiritual word of scripture. Your body is the “temple of the living God.” Now you know it is not speaking about your physical body is it? Then what body is it speaking about? It must be telling you about a Spiritual body, a non-physical body.

And when Paul tells you that “to be with God, you must be absent from your body,” is he not revealing the same thing, is he not saying there is another body, that you can be absent from this body in another body and in that other body you are present with God? Isn’t Paul revealing that every individual on this earth living in a human body is separated from the Source of eternal life? Must be if you have to be absent from the body to be with God. So we have four million, four billion people walking in bodies that Paul says are absent from God. Instead of being absent from the body they are absent from God.

And then look at Luke. When Luke tells you that Christ Jesus was born of a virgin, don’t we realize that he is speaking about another type of body; a body not under the limitations of time and space, age or human energy, disease, weather, material law? These three biblical statements are facets of one mystery that you and I have been brought together to face, to understand and to overcome.

If you are a dedicated Soul and thank heaven I know you are, who hungers and thirsts for the truth of God, we now have a sacred opportunity in our journey to Divine Sonship. We have been led by Spirit away from the world of effects. We have been led out of Babylon. Out of the confused creature existence that worships the human ego and lives in bondage to personal sense. We have elected to transcend human selfhood. To transcend human will. To transcend the human concept of body and life and to place our trust in the presence, the power, the will, the love, the substance of God within ourselves.

The goal we seek cannot be mined in the physical earth or in the physical body. It must be mined in the fire of Spirit. The fulfillment we seek, the salvation we seek, the survival we seek does not lie within our mortal body. So if we have come to this special series of classes seeking only the gold that is tried in the fire of Divine love, be sure Spirit will read your heart and the glories of heaven will be revealed unto you not 30, not 60 but 100 fold. To the son of God nothing is lacking for, “it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Your function, my function, is to be that son of God; not a dying temporary creature of human flesh. And our function individually and collectively as a group, is to learn from the Source how to surrender every human concept to our own Divinity. To exchange dying human flesh for living Divine flesh. To walk boldly through the material darkness guided by our own Spiritual light. To set Sonship with Source as the only acceptable goal and then to draw every breath of life, every action, every thought through the focus of that single minded purpose, knowing that the perfect path already is established.

For your Spiritual rebirth on this earth is already a fact and in that realization of it, together we will discover that our earth is transformed literally into the Heaven of God. We are walking through the fire of the earth by living in the fire of the Spirit. And we have only one guide – the will of God is our leader whether it appears through Christ Jesus, Christ Joel, or through the Christ of your own being, the will of God is your leader. The will of God is that you be transformed. There is no way to avoid that—the will of God is that you be transformed into the realization of the perfection that you are. That you may be perfect as your Father.

None of us in our visible corporeal sense is perfect and our transformation then will be from the imperfect human to the perfect immortal. The perfect Divine Self, the perfect Spiritual Being. The will of the world is that you remain in a mortal body until you die. Never mistake that. The will mind wills that you die. And this is the conflict that lives within each human being—the will of God that you transform; and the will of the world mind that you die.

And many so-called high initiates have often come on the reefs of disaster because they have been unaware of this conflict within themselves and they have fallen prey to separation from their own Divinity. We see it in high initiates in the bible. I think that Peter is a very outstanding example of the unconscious separation from God, that is part of the human heritage.

Peter loved Jesus. We know that he would have gladly followed Jesus anywhere even to death. We also know that Jesus was identified by Peter as Christ, the Son of the living God. And when it happened very strangely the Master was not content to leave Peter in the divided consciousness that speaks truth with its lips but does not follow through with its heart.

So Jesus charged his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus, the Christ. You say why? And the answer is, because they had not yet perceived the full scope and nature of what Christhood really means. And you can see the extent of their ignorance almost immediately after Peter declares that “Thou art the Christ,” in the 16th chapter of John starting in verse 21. Immediately after that incident Matthew tells us, “From that time forth began Jesus to show unto his disciples how he must go unto Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed and be raised again the third day.” Then Peter took him and began to rebuke him saying, “Be it far from thee Lord, this shall not be unto thee.” Out of love, Peter, would use his own body to shield his beloved Master from the authorities. He would be a personal body guard for the safety of Jesus and anyone, anyone who dared to lay a hand on Jesus would have to answer to the big fisherman. What did Jesus think about this? Did this devotion warm his heart? Did he feel a deep glow of gratitude for this touching display of loyalty? Uh, uh, he did not! Instead Jesus turned and directly to Peter he said, “Get thee behind me, Satan, thou art an offense unto me, for thou savorest not the things that be of God, but those that are of men.

I guess Peter must have been quite shocked. Here was this extraordinary outburst from the man he loved. The other disciples must have been equally shocked to see Peter rebuked for wanting to protect the master. And I think the most amazing of all, even more amazing than the surprise of the disciples, is that teachers of the bible for 2000 years have walked passed this episode. They simply haven’t bothered to explain it. They are completely unaware of the earth shaking revelation hidden in the inspired words of Jesus the Christ. Love had spoken direct from God to man and what Peter missed then what mankind misses now was given to the world by Paul when he declared “God does not dwell in temples made with hands.” In that one staggering sentence he caught the truth that has evaded the human race from the beginning of time to the end of the 20th century. “God does not dwell in temples made with hands.” Be still with that a moment—please, “God does not dwell in temples made with hands.” In bodies made of human flesh. The Father within you is not within your human body but in that other body, the temple which is the temple of the living God.

And what is the big secret Paul is giving us? It is this: the incorporeality of Jesus Christ was not known by his own disciples. And it has not been realized by world religions or by science—the secret of incorporeality had been revealed to Hebrew prophets: to Moses, Solomon, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel. It was revealed to Krishna and Gautama the Buddha. For truly every master knows his own incorporeality. But always the truth that we do not hear, the truth that is not spoken directly to our human mind is too explosive to reveal to corporeal sense. And always the idea of living in a body not created by the physical union of man and woman has been beyond the realm of human understanding.

And Peter in his innocence that Christ does not live in a body “a temple made with hands,” but lives in his timeless, ageless, deathless, incorporeal body of Divine flesh, in his ignorance of this, Peter wanted to protect Jesus from pain, from suffering, from death and for this act of devotion Jesus rebuked him. Oh, no, not because Jesus was unappreciative, but because the time had come to drop into human consciousness that there is another body, a temple made not with hands, a body that can never be destroyed and which never needs human protection.

Hold the silence! Feel the presence of that body revealed by the words of Paul.

Now why did we have to learn through Peter that Jesus is the Christ? And why did we have to learn through Christ that he lived in an incorporeal body that can never be destroyed? There’s only one answer. Because we also have such a remarkable indestructible, eternal body of Spirit. The same Spiritual body of Jesus is the body of you and the body of me; the body of the human race.

There we have the message taught by Jesus Christ. And it is the Divine function of The Infinite Way in this century, to teach every dedicated Soul how to find this incorporeal body and how to live in it free from world karma, free from lack, free from limitation, free from the threat of catastrophes, from sickness, from war, from nuclear missiles, from old age, free finally from the deception of death, the final enemy.

You might say that is a glorious purpose but are we fooling ourselves. It this a pipe dream? Are we being trapped by another shinning promise, or, are we making a breakthrough that can liberate ourselves and those who follow us from bodies of clay that are enslaved by world ignorance? “By their deeds ye shall know them,” and within range of my voice there are hundreds of students who already have experienced a measure of the miracle of their own incorporeal body. Perhaps you are one of them?

When a young man falls four stories from the roof of a condominium and walks away from that accident alive and relatively un-bruised, you can be certain that the three Infinite Way students who immediately took him into Consciousness, discovered his deathless incorporeal body outside of world thought and they lived in that truth until Spirit released him whole, completely unharmed.

By their deeds ye shall know them.” And when another student was faced with immediate surgery with an internal malignancy or certain death and said to herself, “How can this be if I am the child of God?” and then boldly she walked out of the surgeon’s office without an operation. Again, you may be sure that she, her friend who worked with her in Spirit, and the practitioner, in the deep Silence of Divine Peace found her incorporeality and within two months when she returned to the surgeon for a check up he discovered the malignancy had vanished. “I really have no idea how this could have happened,” he said, and his patient turned to him and replied, “but I do.” You see she had realized her own incorporeal body and I know some of you right now are saying, “So have I,” because you have. The marvelous truth is that in all Spiritual healings, recovery comes from the conscious or unconscious discovery of the One incorporeal body of infinite Spirit which is perfect as the Father. And if you follow Jesus through the Holy Land you will see the application of this potent principle liberating the unillumined who are held captive in a corporeal sense of body. As the Silence envelopes us, it says enter now into your Secret Place and behind and above your thinking mind, let your Soul find you.

Questions: Are you corporeal or are you incorporeal? Are you flesh or are you Spirit? Are you temporary, born of the flesh or are you the Eternal child of God; never born, never dying? Question: is your Spiritual self a reality? Where is it? God is all, God is not corporeal, God is present and God is not corporeal. Is corporeality presence if God is all? If God is present then is your corporeality present?

Outside the capacity of your five senses God is now, present, right here. Inside your five senses corporeality appears. Inside your fives senses God cannot appear because God is incorporeal and imperceptible to your senses. Inside the five senses of man only Jesus could appear as corporeal man; but outside the five senses of man the eternal, incorporeal Christ, is present here now and always. There was no corporeal Jesus. The incorporeal Christ said so; where Jesus appeared incorporeal Christ stood. Where you appear, is there really a corporeal form or does the incorporeal Christ stand where you seem to be?

Your demonstration of Sonship, your transition, your salvation, your fulfillment, your survival, depends on your realization of two factors. First, that the incorporeal Christ-self of you is your permanent and only Self; that where your corporeal sense of body and life appear to be, your incorporeal Christ is; and second, only by practicing the Presence of your incorporeal Self and learning to live in it daily, can the light of Christ lift you out of dying flesh into Divine flesh; that is eternal, that is perfect as God your incorporeal Source.

The repetition must be made now if you are not practicing daily the Presence of your incorporeal Self, you are remaining in constant separation from the Grace of God and from your own Eternal life. The pendulum is always swinging between corporeality and incorporeality. Choose one, the wrong one, and you remain in the mortal illusion, choose the other, the right one, and the Kingdom of heaven on earth becomes your habitation. You cannot be both Spirit and flesh. You cannot be both Spirit and corporeality and because you are incorporeal Spirit, the material illusion must bring you suffering until you awaken, until you refuse to live in the imitation corporeal life and body and turn to your real incorporeal Self.

In his rebuke to Peter, Jesus was ripping away the corporeal veil which contains the effects of duality such as: war, poverty, pollution, hunger, disease, all that; to reveal incorporeal man as your only identity here and now, and the ever-present incorporeal universe as the finished kingdom of God in which the Son of God, your only self, now lives forever under Grace; while the corporeal creature which you think you are or once thought you were, continues in the dream of a struggling life stream sandwiched between the illusions of birth and death.

We have now the secret of life to flow with the will of God and because God’s will is no longer a mystery we may confidently release ourselves to the will which has been expressed to us and that will is for you to transform—transformation through the renewing of your mind by your Soul; transformation from the corporeal illusion that suffers and dies, into the incorporeal Self that already has overcome this world.

Again the will of God says, “My kingdom is not of this world,” but, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God,” and then it says to us, “flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of God,” but seek it; and therefore we are told; do not seek the kingdom as flesh and blood but rather, seek ye first the incorporeal kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you.

Do you doubt any of this? Can we turn from this expressed will of the Father; can we say, “But I want to cling to corporeality, I want to cling to the concepts which are so beautiful in this world so dear to me so cherished, so close?” Or, can we accept the expressed will of God to flow with that will, to step out of the cosmic mind which is presenting corporeality to mankind, can we do that? Is this not the way that we overcome the sense of a body that needs protection against advancing age, natural disasters, germs, violence, inhumanity and the entire inventory of corporeal illusions that surrounds us?

The inner voice whether you hear it or not is saying to you, “I am your Self and you are incorporeal Being. You are the Soul of God; you are the Spirit of God; you are the incorporeal Christ of God, right here and right now.” Your salvation lies in your own hands by knowing the truth and when the bible teaches you that Christ is the identity of Jesus, it is teaching that there is no corporeal Jesus only the incorporeal Christ. And only the incorporeal Christ is standing there but that is not all, the incorporeality of Christ seen by human eyes as the corporeal Jesus, is part of an even larger secret, and that secret is, that all corporeality to God is an illusion and that incorporeality is the hidden identity of every man, woman and child who has ever walked this earth.

Be ye transformed from corporeality to incorporeality because God is no respecter of corporeality. This is the Divine will ignored by man and by the teachers of man and Spirit is bringing this universal error to our attention right this moment. By worshipping Jesus instead of the incorporeal Christ, religion has driven a wedge between God and man encouraging corporeal man to worship his external God. It cannot be done, it is impossible. No human being has the capacity to worship God. “Have ye that mind which was in Christ Jesus.” You are the incorporeal Christ. How could you have the Christ mind if you are not the Christ? How can you be the imagine and likeness of God and be a dying form at the same time? How can you be standing on Holy Ground if you are not holy your self? Your original Spiritual substance has never changed, for many life spans you have wandered through the corporeal dream seeking God and denying your own Reality; seeking wisdom and Divine guidance, unaware that your own incorporeal Christhood contains everything you seek and more. Now the instance you awaken from the dream of corporeal flesh the Christ who gives us light is seen as our own incorporeal Self which is made in the image and likeness of God and we are free of the illusion of dying flesh forever.

Fortunate we are that Christ did not rebuke Peter and let the matter drop right there. When Peter recognized Christ where Jesus stood, it was Christ who then replied, “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it,” on the Rock of Christ, ah, but Christ is incorporeal not corporeal. And it is upon the rock of incorporeality that we stand secure against the gates of hell, which are really the jaws of the world mind ever seeking to consume our false corporeality. The incorporeality of Christ who has overcome the world, still dwells among us. And is still saying to the Soul of every man, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” Once more the will of God is saying, “follow Christ, you must reject the dream of corporeal flesh, accept incorporeal Spirit as your reality now, and this is the key to your Father’s perfect kingdom on earth as in heaven.”

Your move from corporeality to incorporeality turns earth into heaven, you cannot be both. And any individual living in a corporeal sense of life whether he be good or evil, moral or immoral is violating the will of God and separating himself or herself from the will, life, power, law, harmony, and Grace of the only creator. Relentlessly, to be sure that you hear the truth, Christ continues, “Whosoever will save his life will lose it, whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.” In other words, whoever lays downs the sense of corporeality for his own incorporeal Christ Self, will find his own perfect Divine Self. And this is the will of God, unmistakably.

Your obedience to it opens the unlimited resources of your Soul. “For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own Soul, for what shall a man give in exchange for his Soul for the son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels and then he shall reward every man according to his works, verily I say unto you there be some standing here which shall not taste of death till they see the son of man coming in his kingdom.

Six days later Jesus revealed the greatest secret ever disclosed on this earth on the Mount of Transfiguration he showed three disciples that he did not live inside a finite human form. To their astonishment he revealed his incorporeal body which had no human boundaries he was saying to the world, “this is your body, live now in your infinite body of Spirit and for you the gates of heaven on earth will roll open to welcome you into the Kingdom of perfection here and now.”

Your own incorporeal Self is the way, The Infinite Way, the truth and the life and only in that Self can you fulfill the will of God your eternal Father and be as perfect as your Father wills you to be.

My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, give I unto you,” for the peace that passeth the understanding of the human mind comes only to the one who lives as a living Soul. “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall inherit the earth,” and it is now time for every truly dedicated student of The Infinite Way to inherit the earth, to step apart from the world mind to incorporealize your environment; to incorporealize your child, your mother and father and brother and sister. To incorporealize your neighbor; to incorporealize your husband and wife; to incorporealize the human race. To accept the incorporeal Christ identity of mankind and daily to live in that acceptance and to demonstrate it by living works.

We are going to enter our own incorporeality very frequently during this series of tapes and in between all tapes you will be entering your incorporeality and releasing it into visible manifestation in this world. And through it you will be releasing the will and power of the Father wherever man walks.

On the other side of this tape we will go into a further discussion an expansion of our own incorporeality. And also, I have been instructed to set up a meditation group for all who walk this path in the United States and abroad, and the time will be 7:00 PM, California time and the subject will be given to you on the other side of the tape. But in order to prepare for the subject you must develop this capacity to do what we did at the beginning of this first side of the tape. We stepped out of the shadow into the Substance. Out of the form into Life. Out of the finite body into an acceptance and then an awareness of the infinite Essence of our own incorporeal Self; into our everywhereness.

And you will learn to establish it so well that you will not only apply it in the meditations that we will develop on the other side of this class but you will apply it to your life and you will see incredible results.

Let us hold the Consciousness. Let us thank the eternal Father for individualizing as our own incorporeal Self which is undivided from Source forever. Let us rest in this Indivisibility knowing I and my Source are one. I and the Father are the one incorporeal Self without division, and the power of one undivided Consciousness will lift you out of the mental realm up into the higher dimensions of Soul, Spirit and Christ; where Christ within becomes the expression of the Holly Ghost enforcing the perfect will of the perfect Father.

We thank the Father for this class; we thank the Father for bringing together those who dwell in the gold of the Father’s wisdom. We thank all who serve the Spirit; we thank all Infinite Way teachers, we thank all Infinite Way tape leaders, we thank all teachers in all movements throughout the universe; who dig deep into the mind of Spirit for the truth they bring forth. And we thank all those who walk the path of Spirit with one thought: to find the universal love of the Self which binds men with the understanding that prevents the follies and futilities that this world has witnessed through lack of its own Spiritual center.

We offer a universal thanks to the universal Father and together in oneness we walk onward and upward, to higher dimensions of our own Being, guided by the will, the love, the Grace, the wisdom, the omniscience of the omnipresent One which we acknowledge as our infinite Self. We stand still before the infinite One.


Let the Father speak to your Soul as it receives the Bread of Life.

One Self, One Eternal Being, without opposite – forever. I AM That I AM, and my fidelity to this Truth is the key to the Kingdom.

Blessings, blessings, blessings – eternally.

——- End of Side One ——-

The 1983 seminar in Orlando, Florida will take place on April seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven. The original dates given were April nine to thirteen, and that is incorrect. The correct dates for the Orlando seminar in 1983 are April 7 to April 11 – that’s the Thursday night, April 7, immediately after Easter Sunday, which takes place next year on April 3rd. And so please make that correction on your calendar and be assured that when you receive your invitation in about two or three months, the dates will be correct – April 7 to April 11, 1983 in Orlando, and of course we are looking forward to seeing you there and sharing a very special experience.

Now I know that there are floods and avalanches and storms all over the country, and that many of you are applying the knowledge that you developed and the capacity that you developed throughout the years that we have worked together. I’m thinking particularly of seventy-nine when we worked on weather – weather control, weather awareness – and I’m thinking of those of you who have done so nobly on volcanoes up in Oregon. You should know by now that we are not helpless against weather. You may recall Joel’s superb record on the Hawaiian Islands, that during the ten years of his habitation here, there was not one destructive tidal wave in the sense of taking human life. I’ve received only moderate feedback so far from the savage floods and storms that everybody seems to be experiencing across the country right now. One individual in northern California told me that the destruction of homes on his hill is immense and said thanks to his Infinite Way understanding, his home was relatively untouched. Check back to your 1979 “Mystical Tapes” when we really had some beautiful group meditations, and be prepared Spiritually for any natural disaster that the cosmic mind wants to throw at you. You are not helpless, and I know I need not tell that to many of you.

We have our goal rather and specific, defined by the Spirit. We are shaking off the dust of corporeal existence. We are awakening from a hypnosis that has enslaved mankind for centuries. We are following instructions given by Spirit, and we are entering our own incorporeal Self which dwells in the Kingdom, right here, right now, and which is as perfect as God. We’re walking out of the twoness of mortality into the oneness of Immortality now, for we trust our Father, who has said to us, “Flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of God, but it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom if you believe that the incorporeal Christ is in the midst of you and is My Son.” Do you believe the incorporeal Christ in the midst of you is the Son of God, that It is you? Our faith in God and in the expressed instructions of God give us the courage and wisdom and the joy to respond to the love of God by entering a sacred Silence where the Spirit may sanctify our Soul with the power of the Holy Ghost moving invisibly on the waters of Divine Peace.

Beyond your thinking mind now, beyond the mind of the world, beyond the activity of a human brain, let Divine thought bring you the sweetness of inner peace until a Presence is felt, a silent understanding is born, a feeling takes form in words unspoken. On the threshold of your virgin Consciousness, your own inner Identity comes into your awakened Soul. You can feel, know, experience I, and that I is the I of you which says, “I AM, and God is everywhere. II am your everywhere Self, and I am the only savior you need. I am real. I am always here. I am always in the NOW. The moment you step out of time, out of corporeality, here I am. Through every prophet, I have spoken, and now to your Soul, I speak, for whoever knows ME as the incorporeal Self of mankind, also know My Father, for I am the incorporeal Son of the ever loving, every present, ever perfect incorporeal God. Do you feel My Presence? Do you hear Me? . . . For I am you and whatever I am, you are. I am the incorporeal Christ, and I speak again and again to the Soul of man throughout the world. Some hear, and some do not. I always seek to enter your Soul Consciousness to teach you how to live NOW, here in the finished Kingdom of God; how to walk without making footprints in the sands of time; how to overcome the cosmic concepts of a human body that ages, of human heartbeats that fail. Ever I am lifting you from the corporeal illusion into the blessed realm of Selfhood as the eternal Son, which you always are, always have been, always will be.

Now, you need patience, you need trust. You need to know that in your Spiritual Identity you exist everywhere. That is not known by your senses, but everywhere with infinite Spirit, you are – without blemish, without a trace even of a human past, for that existed only in the dream of the cosmic shadow called world mind. Learn to trust I, your everywhere Self, always present, always free, always unblemished, always the only you. In this trust, I will come to you. I will be your power and your life. I will teach you how to see with incorporeal eyes, how to hear with incorporeal ears, and I will teach you how to transfigure. I will show you the Life that never dies. I will bring you into Oneness with perfect Reality – all around you, though it seems to be to man, to be the past, the present, and the future, I will show you the forever, perfect NOW.

But that is not all. Remember that even as I leave your consciousness, you never leave mine. Again and again I will return to you, blending with you until you have the confidence to know that I am always present, even when you do not feel my Presence, and then let your senses release their finite, temporary, mortal belief in form. Your confidence will increase, and you will find that the words of the Father always have power, until your own capacity to relax in those words, in your everywhere Spirit, which is incorporeal, will enable you to let the grave clothes of corporeality dissolve into the mist of a forgotten dream.

We are resting now, contemplating our true Identity. You are the Light. The Father says so. But you are not a fraction. You are the Light of the world. Your Light is everywhere behind what is seemingly the world. Open your consciousness now to this essential Truth, and within your Self gently speak the words that you must learn to trust every single day, every single hour, every single minute of every moment that you continue to walk in a corporeal appearance. These are the words:

I am the Light of God. I am the everywhere Light of the world. I am not finite form, nor do I exist inside finite form. The Light of my Spirit is the substance of the Kingdom of God here and now. I am that incorporeal Light, the Light that ever was, that ever will be. This everywhere Light, which I acknowledge to be my Divine Selfhood here and now is the transforming substance that takes corporeal me out of dying flesh into the permanent eternal perfect image and likeness of my Father, into Divine flesh that can never die. This Divine substance, this Divine Light of my incorporeal Self is the nectar of the Gods. It is the living Word that expresses and manifests the perfect will of God always invisibly present waiting to be released into visible form; and in that perfect will is contained my harmony, my fulfillment, my peace, my joy, my love, my integrity, my cooperation, my service, my understanding, my health, my purity, my sharing – all this is now in my true Identity, and as I rest in It I am cleansed of karmic debts. I am prevented from building new karma. I am guided past the tempting illusions of corporeality. I am now awake in Self witnessing invisible Reality, where every need already is met without asking. I rest in the finished Kingdom of my own incorporeal Self – the Light of the world – and though I see them not with human eyes, the treasures of my eternal Life are flowing forth in the rhythm of God, glorifying the perfection of the Father in all things. I rest. One infinite Consciousness knows Reality. In my incorporeal substance, I am now One with my eternal Source, which is All, which knows All, which maintains that Allness beyond the power of this world to interfere.

All this is permanent Truth, always available. This will be come permanent Consciousness as we practice. This advanced level of our work is being given now for all Infinite Way students who have carefully applied Infinite Way principles to their daily life, and who have found it within their power to make a commitment to living in Spirit, through Spirit, as Spirit. To these dedicated Souls, obstacles are always opportunities – opportunities to know Identity and to watch the obstacles of non-identity dissolve in this Soul Consciousness.

We know now that the path must always get narrower before it gets wider, and we are prepared to face every situation from the focus of Identity and never to be drawn out into non-identify. In order to break corporeal hypnosis, we must put forth a faith that passes understanding if we are to attain the blessed peace that also passes understanding, and it is for these disciples of Divine wisdom that Spirit is now bestowing the goal – tried in the fire. Absolutely nothing is being withheld, and Spirit is saying to you:

You have paid the price. You have sought the Kingdom faithfully, and now your own incorporeality – your own incorporeality – is revealed to you as the key to paradise. Please use that key wisely. Treasure it forever. Do not put it in a drawer of your mind and then forget it, and never assume that the key can turn the lock by itself. It needs your active, conscious cooperation. Abide in Me, and I in thee, and you will bear fruit richly.”

Before you experience your incorporeal body walking on water, before you witness the perfect incorporeality of mankind, you will have to incorporealize your environment, your job, your family, your government, your daily activities through the discipline of your mind. You cannot be both corporeal and incorporeal. You cannot use your corporeal will and live incorporeally at the same time. Get that. You cannot use your corporeal will and live incorporeally at the same time. You must have a total discipline of your corporeal sense and its relationship with the world, and this is attained by living in your Identity, which enables you to find Truth and to maintain it in consciousness in the face of all the sense evidence to the contrary – prayerful silence in the midst of both the storm and the sunshine. You’ll find that you’ll be following the Master, who was always in a state of prayerful silence. Frequently – these periods of Identity cannot be overstressed. The secret of your own harmony and your healing power is your constant ability to remain in the perfect NOW, which is unconditioned, instead of being trapped into passing moments of forbidden fruit – or material images.

We think of Jesus often as praying before healing physical victims, but he was always praying before and after. He would pray right after a healing. One day after sunset, after rebuking unclean spirits and releasing the mother of Simon’s wife from a fever, and then healing an assortment of other diseases, we’re told in Mark that, “in the morning rising up, a great while before day, he went out and departed into a solitary place and there prayed.” At another time, after multiplying loaves and fishes for about 500 – 5,000 actually – 5,000 people, Jesus sent his disciples away and “he himself departed into a mountain to pray.”

You see, constantly, before and after his might works, he was taking nourishment from his incorporeal Self, which is one with God, and he was prodding his disciples to follow his example. You would always hear him say, “Come ye yourselves apart into a desert. Rest a while.” He would always counsel them, and then we know now that the desert place was not a geographical place. It was the symbol of the secret knowledge of Divine Selfhood, where material thought does not exist, and where material powers are nothingness.

So if you’ve been waiting for Spirit to guide you in your major life decisions, please now put into practice the principle of Incorporeality. It goes together with Grace. Instead of waiting for God to show you if you should change jobs or mates or cities or whatever you think you want to change, try to rise above the temptation to accept the problem as the world mind is presenting it to you. Come up higher. Come up to the finished Kingdom of your own Incorporeality, where there is eternal harmony, where there is no human thought to confuse or to distract you from the will of the Father, and rest in your Incorporeality, outside your sense of body, outside the belief in bodies anywhere in the world, in the incorporeality of the universe, in the incorporeality of mankind – rest there. And when the inner release comes, and you know there are no bodies anywhere – only one universal Divine Self, which is incorporeal – in that illuminated moment, your Divine Self will perform the miracle that no human thought can do.

I, your incorporeal Christ-Self, I give unto you the power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all power of the enemy; and nothing – nothing shall by any means hurt you. Did we remember that through the storms and the floods? Were we in the Identity which knew this to be the Truth? I, your incorporeal Christ-Self, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh into the Father. Only through your incorporeal Christ-Self can you release Divine Grace into visible manifestation. I, your incorporeal Christ-Self, I am he that liveth and was dead. Behold, I am alive forever more, and I have the keys of hell and of death.

Today, the power of those inspired words is as great as ever – as great as when the disciples heard them 2,000 years ago, but these words must be Spiritually understood. The speaker is I Christ within you, but there’s only one Christ. That Christ is never in your human body. The Christ of Jesus must be the very same Christ of you and of everyone, for that Christ is universal, incorporeal, and it really says, “The universal, incorporeal Self of you is alive forever more, and it has the keys of hell and of heaven, for I, the Christ of you am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I give unto you all power over the enemy.” And that enemy is the world mind, which creates the illusion of the flood, the fire, the storm, the avalanche, and of all the suffering endured by corporeal, mortal man.

Now let’s put it to work. In October of 1980, in the Self Surrender series, many of us meditated for the American hostages held captive in Iran. We meditated in a different way – not with the idea of getting the hostages back to the United States. Instead we went into the finished Kingdom of Reality, knowing that here in the finished Kingdom of God, of living Spirit, there are no hostages – that no hostages have ever been captured in the Kingdom of God, and that nothing is here but the Kingdom of God. There are no mortals in this Kingdom, no hostages – only the one, infinite Son of God, and in our quiet we saw the Truth of one God, one Life. Simultaneously we realized the illusion of the entire hostage picture. What we may not have realized is that we were then accepting our own incorporeality, and the incorporeality of the hostages, and the incorporeality of their Iranian captors; and during these daily meditations together, we lived outside the concept of human body, outside corporeality. We lived in the Kingdom of Incorporeality, and, lo and behold, within two months – after a stalemate of over one year – the deadlock was broken. The boys were on their way home.

Something was learned during that series of meditations, and what we learned is that the return of the so-called 52 hostages was merely the Spiritual Truth of no hostages, no corporeality realized in [conscious] consciousness now readjusting the visible world to conform to the invisible Truth. We had no hostages to bring back. We simply knew the Truth, and the Truth expressed as freedom. The Truth was the incorporeality of man and the universe and the power of that principle never varies.

Now we have the Polish crisis. To our visible eye, freedom is being stifled, blood is being shed, nations are taking sides in other trouble areas appearing in the world, revealing that corporeal man always seeks to dominate corporeal man, and that the strong always oppress the weak; and always the only solution sought is material power, but we have a function now. During the next two months, we have an opportunity to apply our principle of incorporeality to the Polish crisis. So I want to join with you every night in knowing the spiritual Truth about the Polish situation. Let’s set 7 pm as our time – California time 7 pm – and I’m selecting that because it seems best for everybody. That would be, I think, 8 pm in Texas and New Mexico, judging from 7 pm in California. That would be 9 pm in Chicago, 10 pm in Florida, and I think, also, that would be possibly 11 pm on the eastern coastline. And then we here in Hawaii would join with others around the world – in England, Thailand, or wherever there is a student listening to this message – we’d be at 5 pm, and countries outside the States would tune in to 7 pm California time to make their, to set their time, so that we are all on one uniform time. And you see that gives 7 pm as a, sort of a basic time that doesn’t keep New York and Florida up ‘till 4 am in the morning and gives everyone a good spread so that we can all be in unison and yet awake, alive, not so tired that we cannot enter the fullness of Being. So I’ll expect each of you to check your area time against 7 pm California time, and let that be our norm.

Now, the first part of our meditation at 7 pm California time will be your own Incorporeality because without it, you have nothing to offer. When you realize that your Life and your Divine Selfhood are not encased in corporeal form, then you’re prepared to expand your knowledge to the Polish picture; so that’s our beginning. You are Incorporeal, and we’ll have to enter a meditation now in order to run through what we are going to do for two months.

We are quiet. Your Consciousness should be telling you:

I, Divine Self, I do not live in human body of flesh. I am everywhere. You must feel this.

You must let yourself extend to your everywhereness, wherever God is.

I am one with God. I am the incorporeal essence of God. I am the Light that always shines, the eternal Substance that is undivided, the infinite Substance of Life, which is God Itself. This Substance, I am; and there is no other Life or Substance in the Kingdom of Reality.

You must establish the basic Truth that you are not in a finite, physical form. You are Spirit without opposite. You are the everywhereness of Spirit, which is undivided. This is your Divine Self now and forever. No other self exists, and when that realization comes to you, you are prepared to expand your realization to the Polish crisis. It may take 10 minutes, 15 minutes, but if you practice during the day, you will find that when you come to the 7 pm meditation – maybe 8 pm your time, or 9 or 10 or 11 – when you come to that meditation, you will have an easier accessibility to your own Divine Selfhood.

We’ll assume that you have spent this time to reach this inner realization, that you’ve put in during this meditation your 10 or 15 or even 20 minutes of realization of Self, and now It is flowing. You’re not in human thought. The senses are not magnetized to the world. You feel the Substance of Being. Now, the second part of the meditation: Banish everything you know and read or hear about Poland. Banish it!

God is not seeing the mortal dream. What is the spiritual Truth about Poland? What is the incorporeal Truth about Poland? In this second phase your meditation now extends the Truth of your own Self to the Polish people. There are no human bodies in Poland. Only the Spirit of God is there. That Spirit is indivisible, and, therefore, It is the very same Spirit that you are. It is your everywhere Spirit, and your everywhere Spirit is where man sees a physical Poland. Are you the everywhere Spirit? Can Spirit be divided? Does Spirit have an opposite? Live in this Truth, for the Truth you live by will manifest as freedom. Only your Spirit – the Spirit of God – is where Poland seems to be, and in the deepest silence, let this Truth liberate you from the world picture.

I am the living Light where the world sees Poland – there is no other. When Spirit registers this awareness within you, it’s like a light shines on. It’s like a voice says, “It is done. It is finished.” There is an inner realization, a glorious feeling of, “Yes, it is so.” Oh, and you can count on that inner realization when it comes. Wait for it. Be patient. If it comes, and when it comes, and only then, let it simmer on the burner of your Consciousness. Sit there and sip it, and then slowly extend your realization to Russia.

Is the illusion of a corporeal body any different there? Is there a corporeal substance in Russia if you are the everywhere Spirit without opposite? Is your Self absent, or are you still everywhere? Can your Spirit here be divided from your Spirit in Poland or in Russia? No, it cannot. You are living now in the finished Kingdom of Spirit everywhere, where only the image and likeness of God is. You are living in the incorporeal universe which exists without opposite, where man sees a corporeal Poland and a corporeal Russia. You have turned the government of the invisible universe over to God by removing all division, and “the Father who seeth in secret will reward thee openly.”

What will happen in Poland? What will happen in Russia? Humanly we could speculate, but that would be trap. It would bring us right back into a human thought and out of Spiritual Truth and out of Spiritual power. Much wiser to let the Holy Ghost released by your realization make its own invisible adjustments from the inner-most sanctuary of Truth.

Seven pm California time every night, there will be from two to three hundred students entering this experience with you, all knowing the one Self. Possibly one-half hour can cover the entire meditation, the various steps of it, and if you feel the power and purity of Truth within you, stay a bit longer within ‘cause some of us will remain for at least 45 minutes, even an hour; and the double purpose of this series of meditations is that while your physical sense of body is sitting in a room, your incorporeal Self will roam the world mind dissolving its pictures from Warsaw to Moscow, and will reveal to you why God says, “The glory I had with you before the world was, is still mine.” Don’t anticipate what will happen. Do it. Let the Father reveal the will of the Father in you.

Now this principle – this very same principle applying to Poland and Russia – can be and should be practiced on all levels of your life – business, family, art science, emotions, community, classroom, what have you. The ingredients are always identical – incorporeal Truth, the honesty to not try to turn the Truth to personal advantage, or to influence the Truth in any preconceived human direction.

We are breaking the barriers of sense, moving only in the will of God; and the adventure of sharing this Infinite Way with you is beyond words, beyond thoughts.

From Incorporeal Self to Incorporeal Self, Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, Love in the highest, Grace be with you during the Eternal New Year.