Do you live in the kingdom of heaven here and now or are you still on earth?

A year or two ago, maybe even longer, there was a series of books that came out called, “Left Behind.” Perhaps you have read them or watched the movies. They were based on the idea that there is to be a rapture. My wife enjoyed the books, I didn’t read the books but I watched a couple of the movies from the “Left Behind” series and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Let’s look at the scripture that most of this was based on and Scripture says:

Then shall two be in the field, the one shall be taken and the other left. Two women shall be grinding at the mill, the one shall be taken and the other left. Watch therefore, for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.”

Of course, this has to do with the rapture and in the movies—it was pretty well done, I enjoyed them—everybody was going about their business here on planet earth and then suddenly, all at once, in a twinkling of an eye, people disappeared and there was nothing left but a pile of clothes.

All the people that did not disappear were those that were left behind and that was because, of course, they were not believers. The problem with this view is that we are taking the scripture and applying it out here again and it does not belong out here. The scripture is true; one hundred percent accurate. Of course, it has to be, uttered from the Christ. But as every other scripture which we have repeated over the years, this scripture is an internal experience—something that happens within your being, within everyone’s being.

So it is true that some of us are lifted up into the kingdom of heaven and others of us, for the time being, are left behind. So today, you might want to inquire, are you living in the kingdom of heaven here and now or are you still of the earth, earthy? Because you see the rapture is already in our midst. It is already taking place around us and make no mistake about it; some of us are being lifted up and are walking in the kingdom of heaven here and now. And others have been left behind to continue walking in this material world, this earth.

You know if you are walking in the kingdom of heaven here and now; you know if you have been lifted up and are being lifted up and let me tell you, the experience at first is very much the rapture.

Let’s take a look at Joel’s words on this. This is in the book, “The Infinite Way” and the chapter is “The New Horizon.” I took a new look at this recently and discovered this:

Above this sense-life, there is a universe of Spirit governed by Love, peopled with children of God living in the household or temple of Truth.

So you can see right here that he recognized that some of us are lifted up above the sense life into another universe of Spirit, governed by love and that there are people which are the children of God, living in this household or temple of Truth.

This world is real and permanent.

So he is telling us that he is living in this new world, in this heaven of here and now and that he has been lifted up right off of the earth into this other dimension.

This world is real and permanent. Its substance is eternal Consciousness. In it there is no awareness of discords or even of temporary and material good.

This he terms “Reality.”

The first glimpse of Reality – of the Soul-realm – comes with the recognition and realization of the fact that all temporal conditions and experiences are products of self-hypnotism.

You see those that are left behind are those that are still caught up in temporary conditions of self-hypnotism.

With the realization that the entire human scene – its good as well as its evil – is illusion, come the first glimpse and taste of the world of God’s creating and of the sons of God who inhabit the spiritual kingdom.

This is not a tomorrow experience. He is talking to you from out of that spiritual kingdom; here and now. He has been lifted up above the sense world which he recognizes as illusion and he is dwelling in the world of God’s creation, the kingdom of heaven, here and now and he is recognizing that many, many people have been left behind.

Furthermore he says,

The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension for us.

You see, we really do ascend. We are lifted up, there are two standing in the field; one is lifted up and one remains.

This ascension is understood now as a rising above the conditions and experiences of “this world,” and now we behold the “many mansions” prepared for us in Spiritual Consciousness – in the awareness of Reality.

Out of the tremendous resources of our Soul comes the instant awareness of all that we can utilize for abundant living. No good thing is withheld from us as we look above the physical evidence to the great Invisible. Look up, look up! The kingdom of heaven is at hand!

And so we see this man was lifted up and ascended above this world into another dimension, into something called Consciousness; into a realm of Spirit; into the kingdom of heaven, here and now.

And we recognize that the experience is once again an internal experience. There will be no external ascension because out here, in this world, in this sense perception, in the mortal thought – well, Christ does not enter that. You must leave all that and ascend up over that into Christ Consciousness. Then you discover the heaven of here and now. Then you become the son of God; then you have been lifted up from all those whom, for the time being, have been left behind. Of course, in the end, you will discover nobody has been left behind. But for our purposes today, we want to know, how do we know? Or rather, what things can we look for when we have been lifted up? When we have been lifted out of and above this world, into the kingdom of heaven here and now, what sort of faculties will we have? What sort of experiences? What is this kingdom of heaven like when you are living in it? So, let’s go into that.

This experience of being lifted up is not a theory. There are many of us, right now; experiencing this rapture, this being lifted up and really when you have the first glimpse, the first experience, there are no words to describe it. Rapture is pitiful – doesn’t even touch the outer edge of this experience. But there are several on earth, right now, that are being lifted up above the earth into this new dimension and they are experiencing a new heaven and a new earth, just as is promised.

Right off the top of my head, I know one in New Mexico; I know one in Colorado; I know one in Texas; I know one in North Carolina; I know one in Europe; I know one in Hawaii and I have met many more over the years who are no longer visible but they are still functioning in the invisible.

This is an actual awakening; being lifted up, out of mortal mind and into Christ Consciousness. This is an ascension that is taking place with many around you of whom you may not even know.

Some of us are rising and some of us are left behind. If you are one that is rising, being lifted up, then you know already some of the strange and wonderful experiences that you are beginning to have. So let’s go over a few of them.

This being lifted up above the earth and into Christ, brings with it new perceptions. There is a faculty called spiritual discernment which is not of the mind, not even of the intuition and definitely not any of the senses. It’s a new faculty; a Soul faculty. It is given to those sons of God who inhabit the spiritual kingdom. This spiritual discernment, this new faculty, the Soul faculty, brings many things.

You discover what ‘speaking in tongues’ means because, for instance, you read a scripture and instead of taking it literally, you are able to understand the hidden, inner, esoteric meaning. It just comes to you. You see it. And so you understand and are able to interpret tongues which means this new language of the Spirit. You’re given a new language. You are able to hear with an inner ear.

So you are given new ears; you are given new eyes. You are able to perceive, actually see things that you could never see with physical eyes. That is why we are told over and over that you can never see reality with your physical eyes but you can see it with your inner eye; through spiritual discernment. You can actually behold the spiritual kingdom, the Spirit itself. So you are given new ears, new eyes.

You are given a new body, a spiritual body, a “Temple not made with hands,” which really is eternal in the heavens. You begin to feel this infinite everywhere Self. You begin to perceive it. You can see it move; be moved by that Christ Consciousness.

You are given a new mind; a brand new mind which belongs to those sons of God that have been lifted up above the earth. This mind is the mind which was in Christ Jesus. You are able to become still and from out of that mind come statements of truth which are with power; not just words. Sometimes this mind imparts to you without any words or without any thoughts and yet the power behind that mind is manifest. This is an actual experience of those who are lifted up.

You are given a new Spirit which sometimes floods your being in meditation as well as out. Sometimes while you are just walking around or driving your car, the Spirit is upon you. It is real and a real experience (and I am feeling it now as I edit this).

You have the capacity, the perception, and the faculties to witness miracles, almost on a daily basis. And I mean miracles. Everything from finding yourself in the right place at the right time to watching disease, lack and limitation dissolve before your eyes and this without lifting a finger; without taking a thought; just by standing there in your higher Consciousness and watching, witnessing and beholding the Word of God, the voice of God dissolving everything unlike Itself. This is an actual experience. At times you are able to hear the inner voice of God Itself.

Of course, all those dwelling in the kingdom of heaven, here and now, means all those dwelling in the realm of God; that realm where God is; that realm where God utters Its voice; where the voice thunders and you hear it. This is an actual experience.

In this New Consciousness you are able to perceive the Christ, Itself, Omnipresent. You are able to see it acting, moving, expressing, and fulfilling the Father’s Will. This is an actual experience.

You are able to feel the Presence, that gentle Presence of Spirit, Christ, the Father individualized and this Presence moves through your being and you become one with It and this is an actual experience.

You are able to be so still that you are a transparency; a clear window pane through which the Light, the Christ of God, shines and this is a conscious experience.

You see it speaking through you, writing through you, moving through you. You are able to speak a new language; the language of Spirit which those who are left behind do not understand and take as something literal. But you, who have been lifted up into the kingdom of heaven, here and now, hear and speak this new language of the Spirit and this is an actual experience.

You are able to hear God’s thoughts. The Father says, “My thoughts are not your thoughts” and this is true of all those who are of the earth, earthy. But the sons of God who inherit all that God is, when lifted up above mortal thought, receive the thoughts of God, freely given. This is an actual experience.

You are able to stand in your eternal, everywhere, immortal Self and feel its infinity, its eternality, its Omnipresence. This, too, is an actual experience.

Of course you are still aware and you are able to look at all those who are living from mortal mind, those that for the moment have been left behind and you are able to see that they are hypnotized; that they are not at fault and not to blame. In seeing that this is just the hypnosis of mortal mind, you help free them and lift them up. From this vantage point of living in the kingdom of heaven, here and now, you are able to look out on all those who are left behind and you are able to say, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do,” and mean it. You are able to look at the men who have sent innocent people, strapped with explosives, into a crowd, who didn’t even know that they would be detonated. You are able to look at them and you are able to pray sincerely:

Father, forgive them, they know not what they do. They do not know who they are. They think they have to struggle, strive and take what they need by force. They are completely hypnotized. This is just that hypnosis momentarily operating through them and so, Father, open their eyes so that they may be receptive to You and come to see, even as I have, that the battle is not mine, that, in fact, there need be no battle for all that the Father has is mine. Open their eyes to their true identity and let this other be dissolved.”

And you are able to mean it for you are no longer caught up in the drama of hypnotism. You have been lifted up out of that field.

You discover, in this new dimension, that there is a plan; that God has a plan and that plan includes every living Soul; that plan is for everyone to be lifted up and that plan ensures that no one will be left behind forever.

You are able to love all that was ever made by God because you see what it is; you see through the pictures presented by sense and you are able to behold the Christ standing in their midst. This, in fact, helps others to awaken and be lifted up, for you are not lifted up just so that you can enjoy it all by yourself. You are lifted up so that you may help others, so that you may lift up others in your recognition of their true identity.

Yes, there really is another dimension. There really is a world above the senses and it really is peopled by the children of God and there are some of us standing in that realm, here and now.

Our work here is to bend every effort to becoming still and stepping out of the sense mind for we cannot lift ourselves up, but in the Silence of your inner being, in a moment that you rest completely, Christ Itself, lifts you up into the kingdom of heaven, here and now.

Why don’t you join us in this fellowship of the Spirit? Why don’t you decide that you’re going to be done with trying to demonstrate bigger or better toys? Why don’t you decide that you are not going to be left behind and that today you are going to make a total commitment to going within and allowing this Christ Consciousness to lift you into Itself?

There is another section which I wanted to read to you from “The New Horizon.”

This experience at first is like watching the world disappear over a horizon and drop down from before us.

Now this is Joel telling us what the experience is like when you are lifted up into the kingdom of heaven of here and now.

There is no attachment to this world, no desire to hold onto it – probably because to a great extent the experience does not come until a great measure of our desire for the things of “thing world” has been overcome.

Here he is cautioning us that this experience won’t come to you, you will not be lifted up until a great measure of your desire for the things of this world has been overcome. That is why I say, why don’t you decide this day that you’re going to be done playing with toys, wanting bigger or better toys? Because you will not have the experience of being lifted up or the rapture – we call it a rapture because the first time you are lifted into this experience, it is so wonderful, well you can’t talk about it. In fact, he says that:

At first we cannot speak of it. There is a sense of ‘Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended’ – I am still between the two worlds; do not touch me or make me speak of it because it may drag me back. Let me be free to rise; then, when I am completely free of the mesmerism and its pictures, I will tell you of many things which eyes have not seen nor ears heard.” 

This is what we are doing today. Hopefully, we are telling you many things which eyes have not seen nor ears heard and yet this is what each and every one of us experience when we have been lifted up above this world.

There really is a kingdom of heaven; a heaven, here and now. There really are children of God dwelling in this kingdom, right here, right now. There really is a dimension in which Spirit operates you. There is a dimension in which you rest back in the recognition that invisible, spiritual substance appears as your need fulfilled and in the resting back you watch It as It manifests. You see It, feel It, know It and give recognition and gratitude to It as It performs and manifests.

There really is a dimension in which every where you walk, any place on earth, that Presence is right there with you. You find when you’re up in an airplane, in a jet, cruising at 30,000 feet, that Presence is there because you feel it. It is a real experience. You’re not telling yourself the words anymore and hoping that they are true. You are having the experience, the conscious awareness of this Presence. If you go out into the desert and camp out, you feel It there at night and in the day time. Out on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, you feel that Presence; you feel It. You commune with that Presence and it is an actual experience and you know you are never alone. You know you have found the eternal Companion. Oh! I cannot adequately tell you how wonderful that discovery is!

You have been lifted up above the earth. You are dwelling in another dimension; a dimension that those who have been left behind cannot see, cannot hear or cannot feel and may not even believe if you try to explain it to them and so you don’t try.

You discover, on the highest mountain, there I am, as an actual experience. There is never a day now that goes by that you do not feel this loving, gentle Omnipresence. You have found the heaven of here and now and you are dwelling in it, consciously.

You discover that there is something called Eternal Life. There really is an eternal Spiritual Substance which manifests as life. You feel it in your Self, you feel it in really, everything you look upon, every living thing has that Spiritual Substance, that Spirit and you feel it. You feel it in your own body. You see it operate in those around you. It is an actual perception of a living thing and it is eternal and you know it.

What I am trying to explain is, when you have been lifted up above mortal thought, which is all that makes up this world, and you are dwelling in the kingdom of heaven, here and now, you live in a different dimension; you see differently, you hear differently, you think differently. You live with the conscious awareness of Spirit everywhere present, enfolding you, flowing through you, preparing a place for you, revealing the many Mansions in this New Jerusalem. This is an experience that is going on in your midst right now.

If you have not yet had this experience, you will, for there is really only one requirement and that is that you let go and die to these mortal thoughts; that you let go and die to a belief in good and evil, that you let go and die to the belief of separation; that you rest, become still and let this kingdom reveal itself to you. That is the only requirement. Then it begins to disclose itself to you, to your awareness.

Some of us are lifted up rapidly, really in the twinkling of an eye and some of us are lifted up a little more slowly, but all of us who turn within and invite the Christ to lift us up will be lifted up. “Not by might nor by power,” nor by any thoughts, “but by My Spirit,” are you lifted up.

Let us finish this today with the final paragraph of this chapter. This is the inner Christ speaking to you:

“I am breaking the sense of limitation for you as evidence of My presence and of My influence in your experience. I – the I of you – am in the very midst of you revealing the harmony and infinity of Spiritual existence, [of the kingdom, here and now]. I – the I of you – never a personal sense of “I” – never a person – but the I of you – am ever with you. Look up, look up. The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

— The New Horizon

Dear heavenly Father, I know over the years I have tried to get You to manifest into my world. I have tried to funnel You into my bank account. I have tried to get You to repair my broken body. I have tried to get You to manifest as a companion. I have tried to get You to do so many things in my life and now I realize I have been praying amiss.

I finally recognize that Joel was right when he told me you cannot add God to your humanhood. Indeed all of that must be left behind. I come to you with clean hands and a pure heart. No more do I bring my desires to your throne. This moment, I empty myself of all of that. Let me be willing to leave every bit of that behind.

I come within, quietly. I sit here, I rest and I admit I do not know what to pray for.

Let thy Holy Spirit be upon me. Let the Spirit make intercession. Nevermore will I tell you what I think I need. Let me reverse all that. Let me be so still that I can hear Your inner voice so that You can reveal to me what I need and You can reveal the fulfillment of that need.

Father, lift me up above the mortal mind. I am still. I am listening. Speak Father. Lift up the son of man; lift up I, Christ, in the midst of my Consciousness. Thy will be done.

In this surrender of self, “it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

Be still now, be very still and  behold, the kingdom of heaven, here and now.

                                            Part II

Now whenever you’ve done that. You have turned your back upon all of the wisdom of the world that has been given to us by all of the sages and prophets and spiritual leaders. And very often we catch ourselves in just that predicament. A situation arises in which we find ourselves straddled, as it were, unable to make a decision which way to turn. And yet this condition has arisen because we were unaware of the kingdom of God around us. We were unaware that we are living in a spiritual universe and we have tried to act materially in a spiritual universe, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Now suppose you reverse that and try to act spiritually. And suppose you’re at the moment concerned with being a spiritual being and you don’t know how to go about it. Now without an awareness of the presence of God, you’re going to continue working harder than you should because the human being can never go about it. It must be done by the Father within. The Father within must live spiritually as you. And so you’re in this quiet now; you’re determined to live a spiritual day, instead of a physical day, knowing that if you can live spiritually the inner will determine the outer and they will be one. Now all around you is this universe of God in which everything is finished; nothing can be added, nothing subtracted. But are you going to be a part of it?

Now above, above your human thought, and independent of your human thought, this universe is operating right now. It doesn’t need you. The universe will continue to succeed to function whether you’re here or not.

Now the consciousness of God formed each of us, individualized Itself as our consciousness. And if you remember the chapter “Our Real Existence” in The Infinite Way, we are told that the consciousness of Moses was leadership. Now this is God consciousness appearing in Moses as leadership consciousness. Now you can see that that same leadership consciousness didn’t appear in others the same way. In Paul, for example, that consciousness of the Father appears as the teacher consciousness. And in Jesus it appears as healing consciousness, in Washington as the consciousness of integrity of a nation, in Lincoln as the consciousness of integrity of an individual, but all this is a facet of the One consciousness.

Now where do you fit in? What consciousness is God expressing in you? And until you have your answer, you are moving blindly, unaware of the very nature of your own consciousness. Now you’ve had many hints about who you are. One of you may be the consciousness of love, another may be the consciousness of justice, another may be the consciousness of design or order, the consciousness of harmony or beauty, each of us expressing our own consciousness to the full forms that total mosaic of the one consciousness of God.

Now that one consciousness is the only consciousness, individualized as yours, mine, his and hers. And unless we’re drawing from the one, what do we draw from? If you’re not drawing your water from the reservoir, where do you get it? And if you’re not drawing from the one consciousness, aren’t you going to spin out the little you have and then have nothing?

Now to draw from that one consciousness is the function of the individual consciousness. For nothing can be added or subtracted from the one consciousness. And you know that silence is the way. And so in your silence the one consciousness feeds and becomes your individual consciousness and that is how you become aware that God consciousness is your consciousness. That is how you move, letting the Christ, which is God consciousness in you, live Itself. And then you’re not subtracting by your ignorance and you’re not trying by your ignorance to add something to God’s universe. You’re letting It spin Itself out, unfold Itself as your consciousness. Now that’s the nature of the oneness we must practice.

You can readily see that in that oneness the serpent has no sting, no weapon formed against thee can prosper. You’re in the secret place! The one consciousness is unfolding as your individual consciousness and what makes it possible is your fidelity to the Christ of your own being, your willingness to let the Christ of your being supersede all of the preconceived ideas that have dwelled within you up to this moment.

Now that is how we come into oneness. That is how the inner kingdom becomes the outer experience. It does take an inn, a mind, which is not so crowded and busy. And I think possibly Solomon had in mind, establishing in us the realization that as human beings when we try to build a better human life, we are really blaspheming the presence. We are really establishing ourselves as superior to God. We even go to the extent of saying, “God will heal me.” And you must know by now that to say that God will heal, to think that God can heal anything, is a blasphemy.

Now you may have got some literature this Christmas, some of these fine poems. I received one and there were forty points that we all ought to know and among them was God heals. Now that’s a blasphemy of God, because you know if God were to heal us it would be very embarrassing to say, “God healed me but not my father, or my mother, or my sister, or my brother. And I really don’t think I’m any better than they.” Or “Why should God heal Mrs. O’Leary or Johnny Jones and then turn right around and not heal Mary Kowalski or Freddy Smith?”

What would be the reason for God being so frivolous as to heal one and not the other? Do you see how that expresses a falsehood that God heals?

It’s as if, in this paper today, there was a notice, an article by Sidney Harris and he chastised Billy Graham. He said Billy made this statement which isn’t true. He made the statement that any child who cannot respect its parent will never respect anybody. And he said that statement is only a half-truth. Everybody will agree with it but in agreeing they’re blind to the other side of the picture. And his point was that the parent must learn to respect the child too. For if the parent does not respect the child, how can the child respect the parent? If the child sees things happening in the life of the parent, isn’t that child going to remember these things and live in accordance? And so his point was well made.

It’s very easy to postulate half-truths and make them sound very important. And we would all like to hear that God heals but you see that’s a half-truth. Because any God who would heal you and not your neighbor wouldn’t be God. And if God healed one, God would have to heal five billion. And if God healed one, that would mean there would be no sickness left in the entire universe, because God would have to heal everyone.

Now to come higher than the belief that God heals, is to come into the realization that in God’s kingdom there’s nothing to heal. And that is what Solomon is telling us when he tells us that nothing can be subtracted from God’s kingdom. How can anyone in God’s kingdom have something to heal? Nothing can be added! How could God heal somebody? How could there be somebody created imperfectly in the kingdom of God? And so you see the belief that God heals perpetuates the belief that God is not almighty. God not being almighty, people can get sick, because the almighty doesn’t prevent it.

Now this is part of our universal hypnotism: the idea that God heals and the idea that the children of God can be sick and need healing. Whereas the truth is that when you come to the reality of your being, you see that healing was never necessary, for the child of the Father is perfect as the Father. And the error is not in believing that God heals, that’s only part of the error, the error is in believing that we are less than the child of God. For only less than the child of God could need healing.

Now as you dwell with this, you will release God from any responsibility to heal you. And you will accept that that which the Father is I am. That perfect substance which is the Father I am. And rather than seeking a healing now, I am seeking the realization of my self. But when I find my self, lo and behold, I am above the need for a healing. Whenever someone says to you that God heals, you’re hearing it from someone who does not know God aright.

God doesn’t heal anything and Jesus healed nothing. But God reveals the reality of the kingdom of God which is ever immaculate. And we, in our human limitation, we look at that little crescent of a moon up there and think maybe it’s that size, forgetting that as you get closer it gets bigger. And so it is as you get closer to your self, your human problems diminish.

We must get used to, then, the realization that perfection is established invisibly in every inch of space and time and beyond. Perfection is now. Reality is now, and how can reality be any less than reality? Reality is everywhere and this perfect reality must be established as your consciousness. Now reality can never be less than itself; reality can never go away; reality will always be right where it is, ever-present being itself and it has no opposite. The acceptance of this perfect, invisible reality is the acceptance of the omnipresence of God.

Now why should our consciousness be unable to do this? You might have an answer in this: we have generally felt that our consciousness was our eyes and our ears and our mind. And you should be able to see very readily that when your five senses are still, you are still conscious. Your consciousness is independent of your senses, and not realizing this, we have generally confused them to think that our senses represent our consciousness. But you can be deaf, dumb and blind and be conscious. And that consciousness can deepen and deepen until you find it’s totally independent of your vision, of your hearing. In fact, your five senses are but a very limited imitation of your infinite consciousness.

And so to develop your consciousness, is to draw you further away from the limitations of the very finite senses. You can only develop that consciousness by living in it, abiding in it.

The more you dwell in consciousness, the more it will deepen and you will discover that your senses awaken you to this world, but your consciousness brings the kingdom into this world. Learn the distinction between your sense perception and your consciousness. And you will see that your consciousness is the angel on the right; your sense perception is the angel on the left.

Now your senses have a very important purpose when they’re used correctly. They’re not at fault. When you’re in consciousness, your senses will be obedient to your consciousness. They will move out and present to you the kingdom of God on earth. But to live in them, as human beings do, is to instantly separate ourselves from the fourth dimension of reality which is all around us. You literally walk in reality, unaware of it when you live in your senses. But reality lives in your consciousness and expresses when you live in your consciousness.

Now let’s go back to our friend Solomon: “God is in heaven and thou upon earth, therefore let thy words be few.” If that isn’t a direct revelation of the purpose of meditation, then nothing is. “God is in heaven, thou on earth, therefore let thy words be few.”


We’re listening to the Father within, Father in heaven within me. And therefore my words are few, that his word may be heard. Now that’s the way of life which leads to the expression of the infinite in your consciousness. God in heaven, thou on earth, listening within, letting the word of the Father express, and the infinite becomes our individual expression. Here it is even before Jesus appeared.


That means when you’ve lost something, in the stillness, the Father within appears as the substance of your need. That means when you have a problem of any nature, God in heaven, thou on earth, listening for the Father, discover that the problem only existed because thou on earth was not listening for the Father. And now in the listening the problem dissolves.

Now this way of life, this listening for the Father, as given here by Solomon, is exactly the same as given by Jesus, exactly the same as given by Paul, exactly the same as mystics throughout the world today. And the birth in you of that ability is symbolized in the birth in Bethlehem. For you see that’s the sign that you have broken through from this third-dimensional world to the fourth-dimensional kingdom. That Christ awareness is the sign that the Father within is a living word in your being. And you’re being nourished by the infinite Spirit.

This very line here ultimates in the birth of the Christ in your consciousness: “Marvel not that I say ye must be born again.” Now that’s three thousand years ago and here we are reading about it and two thousand years ago it happened in the physical world, as another reminder of what it must happen in our spiritual consciousness. You’ll find as you read Ecclesiastes, that it’s one of the few books in the bible that isn’t too circumspect. He speaks closer to our current idiom than practically anyone else in the bible. He speaks straight: “God’s in his heaven, you’re on earth, listen.” There’s nothing difficult to understand. The world simply hasn’t listened to it.

Now it’s getting near the time for New Year’s resolutions. So this is a good time to be laying up your plans about what you’re going to do about this listening, this turning within. Because why go through another Christmas without the Christ? That would be an empty Christmas. This Christmas let’s experience the Christ, each within ourselves, then you’ll discover a great secret. If we took a fork and put it through a paper, the way we put a pencil through a paper last week, you’d find that those little living microbes in the paper would see four different spears coming through. They wouldn’t know that these four spears are connected. They would be looking at one prong of the fork, and another, another, they’d be apart. They wouldn’t see the wholeness of that fork.

Well, that’s how people are. There are no separate people in the kingdom of God; they’re one! That’s a difficult realization. That which appears here as individuals is one in the kingdom of God. Each comes into an individualized appearance, but as the Christ in us is born, we feel and know the oneness of substance. There’s only the one Christ substance and that which appears as individual forms is revealed as one substance. But in such a way that we’re far beyond mouthing it or intellectualizing about it, there is a realization of oneness with all spiritual being. And this is above the level of time and space and physicality, but it enters from that level above as invisible substance and then appears in this level as individualized forms. We are to see the wholeness instead of the individualized forms as being apart from each other, separated. Now how are you going to do that with the human mind? How are you going to come into the realization of oneness when your eyes train each day to show you divisibility? Each day your eye shows you that you and God are two separate beings.

Solomon wants us not to do that: God’s in heaven, you’re on earth, listen. Let the spirit of the Lord lift you up beyond the human mind. Let that be the rising Christ. Let your self ascend and then in the realization of one spiritual substance called the kingdom of God, there’s an ability to let It become the health of your countenance. Let It live your life. Let It show you It’s a better bookkeeper than you are. Let It show you It’s a better arranger than you are. Let It show you that It has the keys to the kingdom. Let the power within you be the power. All of this is the awakening of the mind to its own soul.

Now let’s see more of Solomon, because he’s just warming up. But he wants us to know that there is an invisible kingdom on earth and that it isn’t necessary to think that inventions are progress. These are merely our slow realizations of the invisible infinite, and as we become more aware of that invisible infinite, more of these inventions must appear.

Suppose that at this moment in you, there was a conscious awareness that you are not alone, separated individual. That something of the universe is present as the living force right where you are. Suppose you had that realization at this moment, and suppose you knew that this living force embodies all of God’s love, all of God’s righteousness, all of God’s peace, all of God’s wisdom, all of God’s harmony. Now you know this is the reality and what separates us from it? Our memory. Our memory of the fact that we haven’t experienced this reality and we can’t climb higher than our memory, can we? We remember the gruesome past, the moments when we were unable to rise above our problems and our memory refuses to let us enter the kingdom of God. It refuses to admit into our present consciousness the perfection that is invisibly present. In all ways, we are letting our memory separate us from our very self.

Now did you know there were two kinds of memories? That’s your outer memory. You have an inner memory. Your outer memory only knows what happens to your outer body, your outer life. Your inner memory knows the complete eternal self. Your inner memory has never forgotten one single moment of its eternal selfhood. When your inner memory becomes alive to you, something in you says, “Well, how can I be less than healthy, secure, harmonious? Why am I concerned about things?” Your inner memory recalls to you the fullness of your present being. And your outer memory no longer can persuade you that because yesterday your heart skipped a beat, it might happen tomorrow.

People who pass out of this scene prematurely and without the realization of their true reality are really victims of their own memories. The memory that told them they were sick and they’re getting sicker. That’s a little corner of your mind which conditions it and it’s only your outer mind, your outer conditioning, your outer memory, your physical memory. Your inner memory is your soul. It knows the fullness of itself. It knows the fullness of the Father because it and the Father are one. This thin veil between your outer and your inner memory is made even thinner, even in this instant, as you begin to feel the pulse of light within yourself. That pulse of light is the Father within boring a hole through this human selfhood which has wandered alone, separated, a law unto itself. That human self which should be as archaic to you as the 1920 magazines with their old-fashioned pictures. That’s how archaic this human selfhood already is.

We’re living in a completely new age now. We’re living in an age of miracles to the physical world because behind the physical world is the eternal miracle of God, slowly filtering into human consciousness, dissolving human consciousness. And as human consciousness drops away, that which is never impossible to God, that which is real, that which is there, becomes today’s miracle and today’s headlines; becomes today’s miracle in your life so that you find just as the veil of space is rent, so is the veil of false health, so is the veil of human limitation, so is the veil of poverty, so is the veil of starvation. Biafra today becomes the kingdom of God when the consciousness is opened. The black hole of Calcutta is happening in time and space not in your Father’s kingdom.

Now each of us has a little black hole of Calcutta and a little Biafra, a little of this and a little of that, and our memories, but the pure light of the Father within transcends those memories, erases them just like chalk on a blackboard, unconditions the mind. You may have started out in The Infinite Way with a difficulty in meditating and then maybe you spent three minutes here and three minutes there. Your life should now be becoming a meditation; your life should be a living meditation.

When you have established that manger, where does it go? Is it temporary? Is it only there for a moment? For three minutes? Or again later at night? Or is that manger permanent? Do you see that must become a permanent dispensation in your consciousness? That manger must be forever. It’s only the beginning; it’s the opening wedge. God’s in his heaven, you’re on the earth, so be still, and that manger is the connecting link between heaven and earth. So you’ve got to put in the time, the effort, and you’ve got to establish the permanent manger that accompanies you throughout the day in every activity, wherever you go, whatever you do. That manger in your consciousness is Christ. It’s not Christmas just once a year, not for spiritual living; it’s Christmas constantly.

Now we have this Christ consciousness establishing Itself. Do you see that some days these words of wisdom that are in Solomon are just your normal consciousness? Why should there be a newness to them as if we had just discovered them? This is your normal consciousness: God’s in his heaven, I am on earth, I’ll be still. And now the kingdom of heaven within, the Father within, is whispering to the babe.

Is there a difference between the Father within and the Christ? Don’t you see they’re one and the same? Your awareness of the Father within is Christ. Christ is your shepherd. Christ is the secret place of the most high. When you dwell in Christ, no weapon formed against thee can prosper. The Christ within, he doeth the works. Father within and Christ are one and the same.

And you’re coming to the same conclusion from different entrances. When you have recognized as Christ as yourself, you have recognized the witness of the Father in you, the Father within. Whenever you discover the Father within, that’s your Christmas. Don’t put it on a special day. Don’t put it in a special year. The discovery of the Father within is Christmas, the birth of the Christ in you. And that birth brings heaven and earth into one so that now you, having discovered the Christ, also inherit the inheritance of the Christ and the earth which is the Lord’s, in all its fullness, becomes the property of the Christ, realized in consciousness appearing outwardly as peace on earth for you, goodwill on earth for you. Wherever the Father within becomes the living consciousness of an individual, there walks the Christ realized. “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father within. Thou seest me, thou seest the Christ, the light.”

Now this is our reality realized or not. Don’t seek it; realize it. Don’t ask for it; accept it. It is your reality. Don’t let the world take your reality in its memory, in its mortal mind, and make it appear shoddy to your human eyes. Simply hold on to that which you are. Be steadfast in the reality of the Father within who can never leave thee or forsake thee. And then you and Solomon are sharing the same wisdom.

How did Solomon get all this wisdom? He realized the Father within, and the Father within showed forth as his wisdom. That’s the same source for our wisdom. And it is the same force that shows forth as the healing grace of the Christ in your consciousness.

Now extend this; don’t personalize it to you. You don’t possess it; it is your being. It breaks through the illusion of separate individuals when you see that it is the being of everyone you know. Let’s never personalize the Christ as the Christ of me without realizing it is the Christ of you, of him, of her, and then you see you’ve broken the veil of him, her and me and it because all that stands there invisible to our human sense is the invisible Christ. What a world of Christmas we would have if the invisible Christ were realized as the essence of all that walks the face of the earth. Then in a flash the war would be over; the strikes would be over; the racisms would be over. There would be peace on earth and goodwill toward man because Christ would live as the consciousness of each man. But remember nothing can be subtracted from what the Father is; nothing can be added. This is the reality this moment, realized or not. And as you dwell in this realization, it becomes the reality where you are.

Our prayer is not limited to friend or foe, neighbor or nation. Our prayer is simply the recognition of the infinite, invisible spirit of God called Christ on earth, transcending all time, all space, all years, all days, all nations, all areas, all planets, and we dwell in the one consciousness undivided. From that, we find we are undivided from that one consciousness.

That one consciousness is ever-present, and its witness in you is the Christ. That one consciousness is present 365 days of our human years. That one invisible Christ is a 365-day Christ, on the moon or on the earth. Now that is reality and nothing can be subtracted. And as you dwell in the knowledge of it, you are dwelling in reality. The one consciousness then manifests in you, and you find that you are spiritual being. You don’t have a heart that can go wrong, or a pair of lungs that depend on anything in this world. You don’t have a segment for a life. You don’t have to be concerned about the laws of matter anymore than Jesus was. But you must pierce this veil of belief which has translated the infinite down to a segment in time and space. That which never was can never be, and there never was an opposite to the infinity of God.

Solomon makes it clear that before he wrote these words that he took the time to listen for the words of God so that he could bring us the truth. He exhorts us to do the same. I’d like to look at that for just a moment. It’s in here somewhere. “The words of the wise are as goads and nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd.”

And so let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. “Fear God. Keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man.” Now fear we have made clear; is simply the letting the Father within be higher than the human mind. That is the nature of fearing God. It is the recognition that the Father within you is the law of your being. That fear is the recognition of the presence. It has never been known to fail that one truly worshipping the Father within has failed to find the way to the kingdom of God. Because this way of life is prescribed by the Father as abiding in me and letting me abide in you. And therefore as you do this, you are living in the rhythm of the Father’s will. And there is no power to oppose you in any way. There will be activities of the senses, posing appearances which seem to oppose you, but you will discover that they are only temporary guests of the inn. But soon the complete inn becomes Christ consciousness, a permanent, eternal Christmas, life eternal, knowing the Father aright.

A word of patience: we’ve really come a longer way than we all can realize at this moment. You can’t take heaven by storm. But whenever you find you’re having a difficulty and can’t find the center of your being, to let the Father within become the Father without, remember that one key word: time. It’s the invisible barrier and as soon as you realize there is time no longer, you will receive that necessary impulse to take you over the problem.

Time has many aspects of hypnotism. Work with it longer as you did this week at 8:30. Do it again for another week, if you will, at 8:30. Stay with the idea that my life is not a passing instant, that the Christ of me possesses my life as an infinite substance, extending beyond the confines of time and space. And as you grow with this as the Christmas moment, a newness will develop within you. Now if you feel like it, you could join at Christmas Eve at midnight in that realization. Some of us will be doing that at Christmas Eve at midnight, realizing the birth of the Christ in me, the birth of the Christ in my neighbor, the birth of the Christ on earth as it is in heaven. That will be our Christmas Eve midnight meditation.

                                                             Part I

Welcome. Very happy to see you here. Thank you.

We probably are in the most unusual Christmas of all time up to this moment. And it occurs that there’s a possible relationship between that which we experience this moment today and that which has happened in the spiritual kingdom. For example, ten years ago there was no such thing as a heart transplant and ten years ago you may not know it but Joel Goldsmith had a heart problem. He had to prove that his life didn’t depend upon his heart, and in proving it spiritually, his heart, which was actually a dead one, appeared alive. And this spiritual healing of the heart may well be something in the invisible which triggered the visible transplanting of hearts in our world.

That particular connection occurred to me and it becomes very clear that the man who two thousand years ago discovered that there is no time and no space unquestionably triggered that which we see in outer space today as the conquering of space. And so these are most unusual times and just as miracles are happening visibly, in a way that would have been unthought of even so much as twenty or thirty years ago, so we also are reminded of the statement that Solomon made in Ecclesiastes. He said there’s nothing new under the sun. And I wonder if you could include even going to the moon as not being new under the sun. In other words, Solomon was telling us that behind the visible, changing in time, is an invisible, unchanging, ever-perfect and ever-present in which the eternal self always lives.

Now we when we awoke this morning, we awoke just as we were born, as an old, an ancient saying: every man is born between two angels, one on the right, one on the left, and the angel on the right is the angel of goodness; the angel on the left is the angel of evil. And these are supposed to be man’s dual inclinations. He can go either way; he can follow the angel of good or the angel of evil and each man allegedly is born into this dual purpose, this dual inclination. And that is why when Moses gave his people the commandment, “Thou shall love the Lord thy God,” he didn’t say with your heart, mind and soul. He said “with ALL your heart, ALL your mind, ALL your soul,” meaning those two inclinations had to be reconciled.

Now we awoke with two inclinations this morning, one of which we were unaware, and one which was predominant. And you can more or less judge where you are in consciousness by the degree to which the angel on the left was predominant or the angel on the right. The first thing that happens upon awakening is that there’s a feeling about me; me has to do this and me has to do that, and that’s the angel on the left. Me has an important appointment, me has to get dressed, me has to eat, and that’s the same me that’s been doing this all of our human lives. That’s the inclination mankind follows.

Now you being spiritually inclined, perhaps your inclination was the angel on the right. Perhaps you began your day not with me, but with God, and of course if that is what you did, you were one of the very few in this entire universe who didn’t awaken to me but to God. And your day must of necessity be very different than every other person on the face of this earth.

Now we have likened the mind of man to an inn. And if you awoke in that inn this morning, your mind was filled with many conflicting ideas. In your inn there were many guests, there were many impulses, there were many concepts, there were many memories of yesterday, there were many hopes and ambitions. And although these were not all voiced, in that inn which we call our mind, this battle of the world exists every moment and the impulse that comes ever so gentle which says, “Let me in,” that impulse is usually not heard by the angel on the left. And so our inn is very crowded with thoughts of this world. And it takes these two thousand years to find a vacancy. It takes every minute of these two thousand years to reach the point where we become aware, ever so slightly, that the world we live in is but our fractional idea of the world that is real. It takes all of that time and then some because the me, the angel on the left, the personal sense, the physical, structural me, this is ever crowding out my awareness of the spiritual me.

Now we live in a moment. You have lost all of yesterday; you do not possess tomorrow. You have this instant and all of life is crowded into this instant. And this still is the angel on the left. This still is the illusion that life is being lived in this instant and if you didn’t have this instant you wouldn’t have life. This is the great illusion, that time is moving past.

Now as you pause, as you open a little place in the mind, you are beginning to establish your manger for the entrance of an idea that takes the angel on the left, turns it away and gently turns you to your true shepherd on the right. And now you find a manger in the mind, a place where you entertain a completely, revolutionary idea that this instant is not my life at all. All of my yesterdays are still existent; all of my tomorrows are here at this moment too. We are beginning to sit back and see the fullness of life instead of the instant of life.

Now in our bible, we have had a misfortune to the extent that even the great scholars, the linguists, who know the meaning of every word in Greek and in Latin and in Aramaic and in Hebrew, unfortunately they too were born with an angel on the left and an angel on the right. And the angel which they used to translate the bible was the literal angel, the one who sees things in the flesh, the one who was born into time, the one who was unaware of the house behind this visible made without hands. And so the translation of the bible has been a very uninspired translation. It has been given to us not by men of spirit but by scholars. Men who could recite the bible perhaps, word for word without looking at it and still not know the meanings of those words, not know the great implications of those words, not knowing that in each word there are many mansions.

Now one of the greatest mistakes, one of the most monumental, was made when a certain word in the bible was translated in a very limited human way, and that word is A-E-O-N. It occurs throughout the bible the aeon and it has a great meaning. It means the fullness of your being, not in time but in a higher dimension than time. It means the fullness of your being, not in years but in the attributes of God. Aeon is the total self of you as created in the divine image and likeness; it has nothing to do with time. And do you know that word is translated as in the bibles we read? Eternity. And it has thrown us away from the meaning of to know God aright is life eternal. We have thought that if you scoop up all the time there is you have eternity. And that’s as much its meaning as “cat” is the meaning of “mouse.” It has very little to do with the meaning except in a very minor way. To know God aright is life eternal but not life that is unending. That is included but it isn’t the whole story at all. There is a difference not just in quantity, between eternity and time, there is a difference in quality. And that qualitative difference is vital; it’s one of the most significant differences there is in all of the bible teaching.

Now you may have seen this difference expressed in the world “fullness,” not realizing that fullness and eternity are one and the same; wholeness and eternity are one and the same; completeness and eternity are one and the same. And to know God aright is a whole life, a complete life, a full life, not only in time, that is the minor part of it. It is a life without end, yes, but it is a full, complete, whole life this moment, now.

Now aeon, aeon has been translated many other ways. Wherever you see the word “forever and ever” it doesn’t mean that at all. That’s another translation given to aeon, and sometimes where you see the word “world” that’s another translation given to aeon. Our scholars have been very elastic wherever a word fits their purpose it takes a new implication to them and then they fill out their lines but they have lost the Christ message.

Now we must catch the meaning of eternity because this moment is eternal. The fullness of your being is the meaning of your eternal life and you can never have less than the fullness of your being, any more than you can have reality changing and becoming less real, any more than you could have God diminishing and becoming less of God. That which is the fullness of your being is the eternal self of you and that fullness existed five hundred years ago as it does this moment, as it will five hundred years from now. That fullness is ever-present and when you learn to live the contemplative life, which is really letting God create through you, you find that that fullness, that eternal self, is brought forth into the present experience. And the purpose of the word “aeonic,” “aeonio,” translated into our English structure as “eternal,” was to bring to you the awareness that behind the three-dimensional world is a fourth-dimensional world. And to bring the fourth into the third is to bring your eternal self into the present expression.

Now it is true that “aeon” has other significance. It means for one thing that there is a limited time age to all things. You may find that human life may have a limited time age. Oh, it may be five or ten, twenty or thirty million years or billion years, but it will be embraced within an aeon, and that aeon will be the duration of the time existence of that particular object or category of life. And so we were not going always to be in a human form; we’re going to continue to change but we will always be our self.

Now those of us who have caught this element of change find that we have avoided the stagnancy of those who have insisted on clinging to their present way, their present ideas, their present consciousness. They live in a world in which they are trying to make permanent that which the Father has no desire to be permanent. They’re trying to cling to a form of life, which in itself has no reality being only a fraction of that which is.

Now the contemplative life is that form of life which had come to you the moment you open your eyes and realize that this inn, this mind, this busy hotel, must begin to open out a little place in which the fourth-dimensional consciousness begins to enter into the third. I may be very busy but what about God’s plan for me today? What about God’s plan for me in what I call time and space? And in that manger we now establish a new consciousness. This is the beginning of the new consciousness on earth, the rebirth, the you coming from the eternal self outside of the three-dimensional world and filtering into it to begin to establish in you the fullness of your being.

Now this manger, this new idea, is a place that does not look at the world at all the way your five senses have been looking at it, the way your mind has been looking at it. This manger stands up and looks at your world and says, “There is nothing here that I accept.” This is a complete and radical departure from every concept that you entertain. This manger, this infant idea, rejects the complete, visible world for it is not my Father’s kingdom. It rejects all physical form. It rejects all human creativity. It rejects everything that we as human beings hold dear. For it has seen reality. It has seen the perfect self. It has seen the perfect universe. It has seen that which is veiled to the mind, crowded with its own beliefs and aspirations. It has seen beyond the physical form. And at first it’s only an infant, we hardly hear it speak, but establishing that, that new development in us, that is the birth of the babe.

Now that must happen. That is the first Christmas when within you is established the beginning of an infant consciousness in the manger of your mind which rejects every idea that is unlike the perfection of God. It rejects all forms of disease on the earth. It rejects every evil known to the mind of man. It rejects the illusion of birth and death and human spans. It rejects the idea of a segment of life that lives in an instant, that dies and is reborn in another instant that is coming from the future. It sees through the illusion that we live in events that succeed in time. It sees that within this time-segmented instant there is a larger universe behind it all and that the three-dimensional world which we call mankind is living in a four-dimensional universe which is the kingdom of God and that one is present where the other appears to be. This is the infant consciousness of the Christ. It rejects every bit of logic of your brain. It rejects all reason. It is unreasonable; it is illogical. And yet you see the unreasonable and the illogical happening today. No man has ever gone two hundred thousand miles outside of this earth. It’s illogical, but there it is. What is ascension but going beyond even that? And where do you go? You ascend out of the consciousness which sees time, space, material form, birth, life, death, into the new consciousness which says, “Behold! I make all things new.”

Now this new consciousness is already established in most of us. It’s kicking, it’s squirming; it’s the angel on the right and it’s always at war it seems with the angel on the left but it is there. We know, we know that within us is a new way of looking at things, a Christ way, a way that is not bulldozed by the appearances of this world. Now it’s taken two thousand years for you and I to come to a glimpse of this and yet in the twinkling of an eye as we release ourselves from the belief that there is a me that is going to walk through this earth today who can do something; there is a me who needs looking after; there is a me who is separate and apart from that which created him, the moment we relinquish that idea, we are feeding this infant, this new consciousness. We’re giving it a chance to grow up. We are building our fourth-dimensional consciousness within this manger.

Now when we open our eyes and look out this same old world is there, the same men who climbed into the sky and into the moon, watch that crescent grow to its giant size. Those men back on earth, who’ll come back to a three-dimensional consciousness. They’ll come back to the same belief that they left on earth: that there is sickness on the earth, that we have limited time spans in which we live, and this moment is life. We’re not going to make that mistake. We are releasing ourselves to the new consciousness and this new consciousness rests four-square in the realization that I and the Father are coexistent but the Father is greater than I. And though I appear in a three-dimensional form in a three-dimensional world, the invisible Father is present in me as the living Christ. That must come with impact. That must grow into conviction so that if you were there one hundred thousand miles out in space, you would know that “I and the Father are one. There is no place I can go that the Father is not. The manger of my consciousness has now moved up and up and up and it is taken over the inn.” It is the consciousness, it is the house, it is the fullness and now we have no place in our consciousness where any form of destruction, where any form of changing time, where any form of evil can take root, that was the purpose for developing the infant idea that grew into Christ consciousness. So that now the mind is no longer an inn with many tourists, with people coming and going helter-skelter without rhyme or reason, now the mind is one with the Father. Now the mind of the Father is the inn. And now you’re in the contemplative life where you’re letting the consciousness of God be your consciousness. You are living the Christmas, the Christ birth, as a permanent dispensation. Now Christ liveth your life. The me that awoke quickly reassessed the truth of itself and discovered there was no me. There is only the living Christ; there is only the spirit of God and the angel on the left is dissolved as illusion.

Now this must be a chore every morning until it becomes a joy, until we awaken not as “me” but we awaken in the kingdom of God in the consciousness of God and we rest there in the contemplation of that until each morning anew the Christ is born. This isn’t a birth in time and place and space; this is a constant rebirth. Sometimes the rebirth takes place twenty times a day. Ever we are re-borning ourselves, we are self-generating, for that grand moment when the consciousness of the Christ brings us the experience of eternal life in the present. When you reach through the veil to the eternal experience now, then you have caught the meaning to know God aright is life eternal. Then you have touched the meaning of “aeon,” the fullness of the divine plan in you functioning now in all its glory and there’s no reason for it to diminish.

Now this is not something for the human mind; that’s the inn which rejects the manger. This is for that in you which says, “Above all things I hold hallowed the name of my Father and his will in me.” And this alone enables you, in your complete fidelity to the Divine, to relinquish today to God: “There is no today for me. There is no tomorrow for me. The dying daily comes to the point of the birth daily. Each dying is a borning. Each moment of losing me is a birthing of the Christ which is my eternal self.”

Now in every birth there is the struggle; there’s a labor, and this labor is the war between the angel on the left and the angel on the right. The moment of time begins to separate and you find in the middle of time is a silence, a duration, a duration without passing of time. You split time like you split an atom, and as you open time up, standing in the middle of it, there is time no more. You’re in the vast eternal stillness; you begin to feel the magnitude of your existence. The fullness, the peroma, the realization of eternality now realized and then every moment of your present life becomes an eternal something stretching out into the fullness of the kingdom now. You are an integrated whole. I am the one Self. You embrace all that was, and is, and will be in the eternal moment. You are You for the first time instead of a fraction, instead of a passing second. Now this is your rebirth. This is how it will come to you and you will feel yourself being drawn out of your body, out of your mind, but present with the Lord. For that rebirth occurs as you banish the angel on the left, the inn that was too crowded to receive the impulse of the angel on the right, and you make the effort consciously each morning, each day, to remember that within me is a living presence and my denial of it is a betrayal of the Christ. My denial of it is shutting the bible and its message; it’s turning back the pages two thousand years and standing right there and refusing to witness the great event. This that happened in a physical world must happen in our spiritual existence as a realization.

Let’s go back two thousand years, then let’s go back two thousand more, and then ten thousand more, and see that no matter how far back you go that exists at this moment as the now. You cannot go back in time to any place that does not exist now. There is no such place in time that is not now existent. In this now, there is no place in time where the spirit of Jesus is not now existent. For just as there is nothing new under the sun today, there was nothing new under the sun then. The spirit of God has always been existent and that Spirit of God is existent now. It has not changed. It has not aged. Nothing has brought it to a different degree of Itself that It was at that moment and is at this moment. And the spirit of God that is you existed in these six, ten, fifteen thousand years ago as It does now. And you must begin to feel this because this is the meaning of the eternal self now. The fullness of your being is stretched out invisibly throughout this invisible universe this moment. And in the flash that it all becomes part of your realization, like a complete landscape becoming visible in a lightning flash, so this too becomes suddenly an awareness of you. Maybe you could compare it to a man who is drowning and in the minute or two between being saved and drowning he sees his complete life, as it were, going before him, a great kaleidoscope. He didn’t realize the detail that was possible to review all of his years and yet in two minutes he remembers things he didn’t know he knew. He sees faces; he actually does more than just remember them, he becomes part of that past. That past becomes part of his present; they become one. He finds they never went anywhere; they existed. His past is his present in that kaleidoscopic two minutes he sees his life and his complete relationship.

Now the Christ of you will see all of your life, not just this human span in two minutes. The Christ of you will see your complete eternal selfhood beyond time and space and It will see it in a moment when you think not. In that eternal instant, you know the meaning of every word that every sage has ever uttered. In that eternal instant, you know why we were told throughout the bible to fear God, meaning to open a place in consciousness for the birth of the Christ, for that alone in you which could receive from God the fullness of your own being. That word “fullness” then an eternal, a synonymous, and when Jesus says to the cripple, “Wilst thou be made whole?” He is saying, “Would you realize your eternal life now?”

Now then we’re in our manger; we’re in contemplation; we’re in the stillness. Contemplation becomes a very creative, inspiring and uplifting experience. Now we’re not in a human mind trying to figure out how to make the day better. We are in something which can bring to us substance, eternal substance. The substance of life itself can flow to us in this contemplation: “As I abide in the Father, my inn is not too busy. I am in the manger of truth abiding. And I am feeding this Christ child truth that will nourish it, rear it, bring it up to a higher self. And this rising Christ within me is going to pierce the veil of illusion about my changing life in time and my changing life in space, my life which is needful of things. This rising Christ in me is going to replace the temporary transient in human form who thought that he could do a better job than the Father.”

And all this is the purpose of our presence on this earth to find that glorious moment when the mind can relax and know that there is in me the child of God. Not as an idea or an abstraction but behind this veil of flesh, of time, of space, of moving objects is my larger self, my unending self, the self that existed before the world was, before a form appeared in time, the self that is eternally immaculate, the self that was symbolized in the virgin birth. This self I begin to recognize as my own being. My own human mind becomes the earth getting smaller and smaller as I approach the moon getting larger and larger. And that earth whirling around nineteen miles per second looks just like a tiny top, almost as if it could never contain three billion people and huge cities. We see that aeon comprises all of these objects called planets, stars, oceans. That what we have thought is mighty and big are just small pieces in a great big whole. This wholeness, this freedom of knowing, that I am beyond the world of time and space, that I and Father are the one substance, the one life, the one being, this is the moment of joy in which you are renewed.

This is when substance flows through your consciousness, and that substance, that substance is the eternal substance, the eternal experience making itself manifest. This is the substance of all things, of all form, of all life, and this substance forms itself as every need throughout your eternal selfhood. Without this substance, we are not the children of God and we show forth the sufferings of this separation.

The sculptor, who fashions his various objects from the original substance that he works from, knows very well that his art will be no better than the quality of his materials. He would no longer think of working on a substance that tomorrow would melt, that tomorrow would no longer be, in which his cherished ideas would then be no more. He chooses a substance that will last and the substance of God is everlasting. When that is the substance from which your life is sprung, that substance is the power of your life. And when you separate yourself from it, it is because you have not established the Christ in the manger which alone is the living substance of the living Father. That is the substance of God in you. That is the nature of the Christ. And as you become aware of it, you have begun to live the words of the bible instead of reading them. They have begun to accomplish their purpose in you. They are making you put the Christ higher than your physical self. They are making you aware that as long as you hold the Christ away, you are standing in the way of the will of the Father.

Now I know from my own limited experience some of the difficulties of a lazy human being who thinks he can put it off because his inn is too crowded. And I also know some of the joys of not putting it off and emptying that inn sufficiently to dwell even if hours are necessary for the first glimmer of that invisible eternal presence. And yes, it does take hours sometimes, but every moment of those hours is spent in a way far more rewarding than the way those moments could have been spent. For finally the illumination of that presence does in two minutes what it had taken fifty years to try to do. Just as in two minutes the drowning man saw his entire fifty years of life, so in less than two minutes the Christ brings in to conscious awareness the realization of God’s presence which is the eternal presence. And all of infinity, all of eternality is present in that moment of realization. You remember that great revelation of Joel’s: “My conscious union with God is my oneness with all spiritual being and all spiritual form and all spiritual life.” And you see that moment of Christhood is your oneness in which the eternal self of your being is realized here and now. In that moment the angel on the left is dissolved. In that moment there is only one inclination and that is the perfect path to selfhood.

There is nothing new under the sun, but there is a complete newness in store for each of us as we see through the sun, through the physical, through the world of changing images in time. And where as you may have thought, contemplation was just a resting quietly and waiting and listening, contemplation is the inspired inner obedience to the eternal self of your own being. Suppose you were in a ship in the sky and could not see around you and your radio was your only communication, you would listen very carefully to that radio. Your complete attention would be to the words that come through that radio from the ground crew to tell you where you are. You would be listening intently. It would be a matter of human life or death. We learn to listen intently that way to the spirit of the Father. It really is a matter of life or death, because the listening is life. And as we listen intently, we draw into ourselves a substance which manifests as what we call life and that substance manifests itself in the forms of fullness to the degree that we have emptied ourselves of the concepts of limitation.

Now you’re going to have either another Christmas or a spiritual Christmas, a living Christmas or just a usual synthetic Christmas. And because we are prepared as never before for this Christmas, many of us are ready to make these last few days before the physical Christmas a continued preparation in which we become oned with the physical birth of the Christ in Bethlehem in our consciousness. And it becomes to us a very meaningful livingness of our own birth into reality. So those of us who are moving ever toward that birth, that oneness with the infinite, we are those who are receiving from within the impulse of the Father who is going to lift us into the realization that the true self that I am is an eternal self without beginning, without end. And I will let that self manifest whatever forms it chooses appearing on earth with whatever name I am given. But I am living in the consciousness of that eternal me, the I that never was born and never will die. And that I, that Christ, that Child, is a child that never grows up for it already infinite; it is already eternal; it is already the substance that the world calls God. Every moment that I accept myself as less than that is my prodigality. Every moment that I accept another as less than that is the sentence that I pass upon myself.

Now we have the stage for our birth. And perhaps as we rest for a moment in the quiet, letting the Father do the work.


Perhaps we’re finding that we have more room in our inn than we ever realized.

We’re going to rest a moment and then we’re going to see if we can’t go some deeper into the Christ message.

Luke 2

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.

(And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)

And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, unto the city of David, which is called

Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David )

To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there

was no room for them in the inn.

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.

And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another,

Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us.

And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger.

And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child.

And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds.

But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

And this is how we are told the birth of Christ took place all those centuries ago.

Surely by now we understand that every scripture we read is describing an internal spiritual experience; something taking place within our very own consciousness. The birth of Christ did not take place thousands of years ago. The birth of Christ is taking place this very moment within you.

There is no room at the inn. Yes, the inn represents the mind that is already too full of theories, ideas and beliefs — a closed mind. A scientific mind that has everything figured out; “Don’t tell me about God. That’s ridiculous. Prove it.” That mind that cannot be convinced though one rose from the dead. That mind which is the Pharisees. Christ cannot be born there. Remember the Pharisees looked and saw a man named Jesus. No. That mind is too full of opinions and judgments, living very good and very proper, mind you, that mind cannot receive the Christ, the birth of the Christ child.

The Christ must be born in a manger; a manger with animals; dirty, filthy, probably smelling. Not good at all. It is the prostitute, it is the drunk, it is the outcast, the tax collector; these are the ones that look and see Christ. ‘Thou art Christ, the son of God.’ These are able to perceive the Christ. Not the room that is full, not the inn, but the manger, the manger in us. Perhaps one of the reasons is because those are the ones that have suffered and seen the futility of this world and all that it has to offer. And perhaps those are the ones that are ready and willing to take the leap.

And so, the birth of Christ takes place in the manger of your undeveloped consciousness; the undeveloped consciousness where the animals live; the animals of lust and greed; the animals of fear and pain; the animals of loneliness and depression. Believe it or not that undeveloped consciousness, which appears to be bad, is the only place that Christ can be born. Not in that mind that is too full; full of itself really, and its goodness and properness. Christ cannot be born there. The inn is full.

So if you are one of those that has had great suffering, misfortune, one of those that looked and said, “This world has nothing for me. I do not like it here.” Then into your undeveloped consciousness, into the manger within you, Christ is born. But there are a few little conditions that must be fulfilled first.

Joseph is not the father of this Christ. And yet, Joseph stands by and watches and supports the mother of Christ. Joseph represents in us the mind when it has become an avenue of awareness and watches as a beholder, Christ being born. Mary represents the soul of us. Mary is the soul that is receptive, open and experiences the penetration of the Holy Spirit. Mary is the soul of us receptive within our self to the Spirit which places that Christ child within us.

And so Mary, the receptive soul; Joseph, the observing, watchful, attentive, avenue of awareness; the two of them come together in the undeveloped consciousness, the manger, and watch this great event unfold. If you have a soul that is open and receptive, waiting upon the Lord to act and a mind that is an avenue of awareness acting as a witness, watching; you must have the birth of Christ in your consciousness.

When this birth takes place within you, there are shepherds standing in a field. And all are startled by an angel that says, “Fear not.” An angel always represents an internal realization. As you have this internal realization that Christ is born within you, it is startling. And yet it speaks unto your body. It speaks unto your mind. It speaks unto your soul and says, “Be not afraid, for unto you this day is a Savior born in the city of David.” Within your consciousness a Savior is born and this internal realization speaks to your body, your mind and your soul. Christ is born this day. And there is a great multitude, a host of angels, almost like fireworks going off. “Christ is born! The real Christ is born within the manger of my consciousness this day.” And your attention is focused on the Christ. The body, the mind, the soul; all focused on the birth of Christ.

Within you, an internal, eternal Voice says, “My God, unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given. And the government shall be upon his shoulder. And this Christ, his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God itself, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace is born in me this day.” And Mary ponders these things in her heart.

This is the experience with us. When we recognize the birth of Christ in the manger of our consciousness, we cannot help but say, “The Mighty God, his name shall be called Wonderful,” and ponder it within us. As we contemplate and ponder these things, this Christ grows and waxes strong within us.

We come to see that the government really is upon his shoulder. More and more we rely on It. If there’s a financial need appearing out here, we turn within and we ponder these things in our heart. We have the inner realization that this Invisible Christ in our consciousness, growing day by day is our supply.

And the Christ says to you, to your soul: “Mary, Mary, relax, relax. Be at peace. I am here.” And the Christ within you speaks to your mind and says: “Joseph, Joseph, slow down. Only remain aware.” The Christ flows through and appears as the harmony of your finances.

A few more days of living with this, weeks, months; there’s a problem of health. “My goodness, what are we going to do about this?” And we return within in our consciousness, to this Christ child, and Christ speaks unto us and says: “Mary, fear not, fear not. I am here.” And the soul of us becomes still, very quiet, very peaceful. This Christ says unto our mind: “Joseph, be still and know that I am God.” And Joseph is quiet, attentive, alert. That Christ Presence floods our being and there’s nothing we can do but rejoice and say, “It is wonderful! This is the Prince of Peace.”

We look again and there are not four months to the harvest. This peace becomes the health of our countenance and whatever discomfort we felt, disappears.

Slowly, slowly, Christ is growing within us. Within our consciousness, day by day, taking over, taking control, the government is on his shoulder. This is the Mighty God, the everlasting Father. And many things that plague us drop away. We did not try to quit them, we used no human means whatsoever, they just fell away. It is the Christ, it is the Lord, it is Wonderful!

Slowly we come to see—Mary, the soul of us, in its receptivity—comes to see that this Christ is rebuilding our life. Slowly, the mind of us, Joseph, begins to witness an invisible hand reaching up right through our consciousness and appearing out here as harmony in our relationships. The Christ child is becoming a young man.

We come to see It take over our lives. One day there is an inner realization, “My God, I live, yet not I, now Christ liveth my life. Could it be? Could it be true? I live and move and have my being in Christ and Christ in me?” Yes Mary, this is true. Yes Joseph, what you are witnessing is real. “I Christ am living you.” We come to see the miracles of Christ.

And there dawns in our consciousness a realization; there are not two worlds, there never was. This world that we thought we disliked; that we thought was temporary and bad, this world was nothing more than a misinterpretation. We may return to the scriptures and discover that we were told of this, that in the beginning Adam gave names to everything that he saw, some things good, some things bad — names, only names. And that Adam, while he slept, everything that he saw he gave names to; based on that belief in good and evil.

Now Christ is living in us and through us, we are awaking out of Adam’s nightmare. We are no longer giving names to anything. We are letting Christ reveal Itself. We are learning that there are not some things good and some things bad; that the good and the bad are not out there. We are learning when we see good or bad to recognize Adam is dreaming, and that’s not out there. Christ within us affirms this and tells us, reveals to us, only Christ is out there. That which we thought was without we now recognize as only a mental image within. That which we thought was within, Christ, now we recognize is everywhere, without and within. We come to see that this world is not this world. We come to see that we live and move and have our being in Christ. And the only world that is here is Christ Itself manifest. And we have been seeing that Christ as good or bad. Christ is growing into a man.

Mary the receptive one and Joseph the aware one have now become instruments for Christ. And Christ says, “I have come that they might have life and life more abundantly, My Infinite Life.”

Now when something good comes into our life, something that Adam labels as good, a new car, a new house, a new friend, a new opportunity, we are not sleeping, we are not dreaming anymore. We enjoy them fully, completely, yet we know the Invisible Christ is appearing to our senses as this good. Our sight, our vision is on the Invisible Christ that is appearing as this house, this automobile, this person, this opportunity, this beauty, this joy, this wonder.

When something bad appears we recognize it immediately; a misperception. This is a mental image in between my eyes and the Christ that is here. So I will not try to fix it, I will not try to improve it, I drop it. Christ says, “Mary, you be receptive to My Word. Joseph, be aware of My Presence. That is your only task. And I will be in you and as you. I will never leave you nor forsake you because I will be in you.”

Slowly, ever so slowly, Christ moves through your receptivity, Christ is your receptivity, Christ is your awareness, Christ is becoming Itself. Others turn to you because they feel it. They see only a human; they think it’s a human. It is Christ, but they do not know it. They turn to you and they ask for help, and the Christ within you sees the Christ of them and pours out freely, giving, bestowing, sharing, lifting up those that are still in the manger. Christ is becoming one with the Father.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Christ loses any vision of him or her or them or they or I or me. Christ experiences Itself everywhere, everyone, Infinite, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. Christ has become the Father.

Now there is a multitude of the heavenly hosts praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace, good will toward men.”

This is indeed wonderful –The Comforter, the Mighty God Itself, the everlasting Father, the very Prince of Peace, God Itself as Itself, everywhere.

And this is the Christmas experience from that of the lowly manger, dirty, filthy to that of the highest of High, Infinite Presence of God Itself, which takes place within you, in your very own consciousness. This is the true Christmas story. This is the Christmas experience.

From this experience, from the heights of this experience, a Voice speaks out of the clouds and says unto you, “Mary, be receptive, receive Me. Experience the immaculate conception of Christ within you.”

This is so very holy. Surely your heart must leap with joy when the Voice speaks to you and says, “Joseph, be still, watch, watch, I come at an hour you think not.” And Joseph is awestruck. His mind comes to a standstill, as that Voice says, “It is I; be not afraid.”

From the moment that I, the Father created you, I had this in mind for you; the Christmas experience, the birth of Christ within you. All through the centuries you were running and running and running away from Me because you felt so fearful and full of guilt. And all that I ever wanted to give you was Christ, My Self. This is the Christmas of your life. This is the internal birth of Christ within you. How very precious thou art. Thou art ever with Me and all that I have is thine. All that I am thou art. Do not forget the story which Christ told;

before he was halfway home the father met him and fell on his neck and kissed him, saying, this is my beloved child, though he were lost, now is he found. Let us celebrate and rejoice. I have found my beloved child’. Thus does the Father love Its own. Thus does the Father love you.”

Remember, Christmas is an internal experience; a spiritual experience. The birth of the living Christ within your consciousness which grows and grows until it becomes your entire living experience. And you return once again to your Father’s house.

Blessings and joy, for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder; and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God Itself, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Oh, truly, joy to the world!


Dear Friends,

Spiritual Healing is a difficult thing to achieve. Yes it is a difficult subject to grasp, and to come into a realization of. That is why Joel repeatedly said that the students did not want to study this, they preferred to hear about the beauties of God, Oneness and I-Amness and all of that. However, he also stated that without an intense study of error, there will be no healings and perhaps that is why we see so few good Infinite Way practitioners almost 67 years after the printing of The Infinite Way book. It was for this reason that Joel suggested, any serious student should make this study a top priority.

To me, the more simple I can keep it, the better. When I am faced with a problem, mine or someone else’s I do not want a lot of convoluted ideas that I have to wrestle with, I want it short and sweet and simple. However, I only achieved that through the years of wrestling with this topic of error. I had more difficulty than perhaps others because I did not come up through any metaphysical movement, and words like, “mortal mind,” “carnal mind,” and “world thought,” meant nothing to me; I just could not get a feel for them at all.

But I persisted in my study, reading everything I could on the Nature of Error according to the Infinite Way principles, and eventually, I sent to Arizona for all the tapes on The Nature of Error that I could find,, dozens and dozens of them. In short, I made it an intense study for several years.

From there, I discovered (after hearing it over and over again on the tapes), that study was not enough. The only way I could come to realization, was to take a few more years and practice and practice and practice on the many appearances that were brought to my doorstep, mine as well as others. I discovered that it is only in the understanding of the Healing Principles and then in the consistent applying of them to different problems, that the Healing Consciousness is developed. There just is no other way. But I had to know how it works, I just had to, it would not leave me alone.

Now, with all of that as a background, I will tell you how simple the principles are, but one will never know this just by reading them, or thinking about them.

Joel stated that we could take any term we liked, any term, so long as it meant “nothingness,” such as, hypnotism, mesmerism, mental image, appearance, world thought, universal belief, and so on, and that freed me to find terms which would work for me, terms which I could feel a sense of rightness about. And I finally settled on a “mental image” in thought.

Here are the steps I take in meditation:

First, when I am presented with a problem, a disturbance, whether mine, or someone else’s, I recognize it as a mental image. It is a mental image, a picture appearing to the human mind, it is not my mental image, it is just “a” mental image appearing in the human mind. That’s the way for me, it is Impersonalized. That is something I can feel, a mental image coming to the mind.

Second, this mental image has no God Substance, God, that which I feel within my Consciousness in my meditations as a Presence, God is not “in” this mental image. There is no God in it. Therefore it is without God Life, God Substance, God Presence, God Power. It must be only a wispy, mental image, with nothing behind it, nothing in it. In short it is a Nothingness. Therefore, there is no answer to it and I must turn away from it, right now.

Finally, I close the eyes and turn my attention to God. God is Omnipresence. I know this, because of my years of experiencing It over and over again. God is Omnipresence. God is the Invisible Life, Substance of the universe, yes, this is a Spiritual Universe, and God is it. So what am I doing here in meditation then? I am getting quiet so that I may “feel” God. I am resting back in the inner knowing that God’s Grace is my sufficiency in all things. I am relaxing, so that I might “feel” the movement of that Spirit through my Consciousness. A deep breath comes to me and I relax even more so and rest back and wait upon that Spirit of God. I simply am still and I wait.

Suddenly, there is an inner movement, “I feel the descent of the Spirit,” I feel the actual Presence of God move in and through my being. There is an inner release. I can “feel” it each time it happens. And I know, I just know, that God is.

It is not a belief, it is not even a thought, it is an actual awareness of Spirit, of Omnipresence, that sets me free from the fear of a mental image. And I feel the release from any mental image and I feel the Grace descend. It is a real experience.

Then I know, Bill didn’t know any truth with his mind, Bill was absent and God was present. It was Grace that set me free. When that Presence comes into my awareness, the mental image dissolves. He uttered his voice the earth melted.

I do not know how the Spirit melts the mental image, but I don’t have to. I just know that when the Light shines the darkness disappears, over and over again. Awareness trumps mental image. Awareness melts thought! Say it anyway you like, I know it works!

And so, I open my eyes, and in some way that seems natural, the problem disappears.
In the minutes, hours, or days that follow, the problem will fade away completely. I don’t do it, I don’t make anything happen, I just watch, wait, remain a witness as the problem disappears.

So that’s as simple as I can make it.

However, that simplicity has taken years to arrive at, because I had to find the words that felt right for me, the terms. I had to try and practice with the problems in my life. I had to experience, failures and successes. I had to put in the weeks, and months and years of practice. And no one in heaven or on earth would do that for me.

Now, the day is coming, because it is just beginning for me, that sometimes, when a problem is presented, there is an instantaneous feeling of the Spirit, the Presence at the same instant, and I know that Joel is right when he said, “through practice,” we will someday be able to meet problems with just a smile. It is true. And although that has only just started, and still most of the time requires effort on my part, this effort is the way to someday come to absolute effortlessness in spiritual healing.

But you can see, the amount of work this involves and as Joel said, we don’t want to do it, we want to look at picture magazines rather than put forth the effort.

Well there you have it, over 40 years experience in a few paragraphs.

Love to you,


Good evening.

I’m making this talk a little bit early this week because I have four days free with my wife and I plan on taking them. Yet, I still feel an obligation to pour something out. Why is that do you suppose? It is because I have discovered the secret that supply is not something that comes to me; supply is something that flows through me and that should really be one of our major principles.

I have had some requests this week for some help with supply and I believe in the old adage that if you give a person a fish, you feed him for the day and if you teach them how to fish, you feed them for their lives.

So in addition to work, of becoming still, and giving a treatment to myself until I feel there is no lack anywhere, it feels appropriate to give a talk on the principles of supply. One of the—if not the—biggest errors that we find when we are trying to demonstrate supply, when we’re trying to understand and practice the spiritual principles of supply is this belief that there is anything like a personal supply, my supply.

Again, we come back to the whole universe of error, the universal error that can be summed up as a sense of separation, God and me and God has supply somewhere, probably stored up in the kingdom of heaven, and I need to find a way to trick God into bringing it to me or apply some principles that will make it appear out here. I need three hundred dollars for my rent sometime this week because I’m a little short. I need an automobile because the one I am driving is falling apart. I need some clothes; I’m wearing second hand clothes already. I need some money so I can go to the doctor. I need a job. I’m not asking for a hand out, mind you. I’m asking for a hand up, I need some employment, some work to do so that I can be a contributing member of society and I can earn a paycheck. I’m not asking for charity, I want to earn my money.

You see all of those statements pertain to whom? Whom? Who do those statements pertain to? They have to do with a personal sense of self, with a me; my supply, my employment, my paycheck, my rent, my house payment, my car, my health.

If you would gain supply, eternal supply, infinite supply, there is no way to gain it and retain at the same time, a personal sense of self. You are going to have to die in order to awaken. You cannot add God and spiritual principles to this individual personal me. And that is perhaps where we’re missing the boat. So then what are we supposed to do? What are the spiritual principles of supply?

The human mind usually has everything backwards. The human mind tells us, really from a very early age – and we are taught this same thing in school and the life around us – that we have to go out here and get supply. We’re taught it is honorable. That is why we hold our head up and throw our shoulders back and feel such pride when we say, “I’m not asking for charity, I am going to earn my money.” And yet, the funny thing is that there is no such thing as my money. We’re going to have to die to a material sense of life, to a personal sense of life, and to a personal sense of supply, even a personal sense of money.

So we are going to have to die to all of that in order to awaken to God’s supply, God’s sense of supply, spiritual supply. What is spiritual supply? Is it more dollars than I had last year? Have I demonstrated spiritual supply when I have twice the income than I had last year? Is that a demonstration of spiritual supply? No, not necessarily. That’s an increase in income. That is not spiritual supply. What about if I have a brand new house? Have I demonstrated spiritual supply? Not necessarily. I have simply moved into a new house. You cannot find spiritual supply in a material world and that is a difficult concept to grasp; a difficult principle to see.

Spiritual supply is invisible. I know I have said this before and I think maybe I wasn’t able to get it across. Let me try again. Spiritual supply is invisible. You will never see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it. Why? Because if you can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it or smell it, it is a false sense of the universe; a false sense of self and a false sense of supply.

Now don’t get me wrong. All of you that are listening to this, I love you because I know who you are. However, I need to get this principle across to you so that you can take it and go with it. If I am able to do that, then I’ve given you much more than simply sentimental feelings. So, I am not trying to chastise anyone. I am simply saying listen up now because here is the principle of spiritual supply.

Spiritual supply is not something that you see or smell or taste or touch or hear. Spiritual supply is invisible. “Well now, that doesn’t help me much does it? Because I’m not living in the invisible; not yet. I am still here in this visible world that I see, hear, taste, touch and smell. So how is invisible supply going to help me?”

Well, you are going to have to die to that me that needs supply in order to awaken to a spiritual sense of supply that is infinite; that is a cruise of oil that never runs dry; a loaf and a fish that never runs out, always with twelve baskets full left over.

Now, how do you do that? Well, the beginning is to really know, within yourself, that the error is looking for a personal supply. You see, I have no personal supply. This person sitting here, in this chair, has no supply and I never will. We have been told, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” That seems to put our attention out here. What I like better is, infinite invisible spiritual supply belongs to God—all of it.

So if there is a me here and I am going to God and I’m trying to get Him to release some of His supply, it’s never going to work. The reason is that God is not holding on to any supply. It is not stored up anywhere. There is something called invisible spiritual substance and that is the only way I know to explain it. It is an invisible spiritual substance and that substance is flowing, has been flowing since before the world was formed and will always flow, even unto the end of the world. But I have not been aware of it. I have not had the conscious awareness of that invisible spiritual substance. No, I have been out here searching under this rock and looking behind that bush and pounding the bricks and picking up newspapers and trying to develop this and that; searching everywhere for something called material supply; my supply, my money. I have to die to all that. I have to take a brand spanking new approach. I have to go within my temple. I have to die to the material sense of supply and somehow come into the conscious awareness of an invisible spiritual substance that is flowing eternally.

When I have the conscious awareness of this invisible spiritual substance flowing, I must step aside, step out of the way and allow It to flow. Oh, we’ve all heard we must open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape. But as long as it just remains a beautiful saying, it’s not going to work for us individually. No, we’re going to have to come into the actual conscious feel of this invisible spiritual substance and then open out a way, consciously, for it to flow.

This invisible spiritual substance, when it flows through, when there is no blockage anymore, appears as fulfillment. But it is not my supply, it is God’s infinite supply appearing, which I get to enjoy; God’s infinite supply flowing. Now it is always flowing. It’s not flowing for me, it is not that I’m going to find the right words and suddenly God is going to say, “That’s it my son. I will now flow for you.” Oh, no, no, no. That is religious stuff.

It is. God is. God is. God is. But that does me no good until I die to this material sense of self and material sense of supply and say, “Okay. I’ve had it with that. Now let me listen to this principle and see if I can find a way to go within my temple and gain the conscious awareness, the conscious feel of something called invisible spiritual substance and then create an opening, stand aside and permit It to flow. Let’s see what that appears as. Let’s see what God’s supply appears as, not mine – God’s.

So, how do we do it? Well, the first thing is to know the truth that we have already stated: There is no personal sense of supply and I am not going to find it out here. I am going to have to go within.

The second thing is to sit down, become quiet. If we feel frantic at the moment because something is due on the first, then we better rehearse some truth that will calm us down, such as:

“Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine. It is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. Before you call I have already answered. Yes. I answered at the foundation of the world.”

Okay, yes, it is already flowing. Now let me be still. As we become calm, a little bit calmer, a little bit quieter, now we can be receptive. The mind is quiet for the time being and I can listen and I can pray.

Father, I have been told that inside, somewhere within my temple, there is Your invisible spiritual substance. Now I am not going to look out there for anything for myself. I am changing all that. I am going to take a new approach to supply. Let me be still. Let me stop telling You what I need. For now, I have been told that invisible spiritual substance knows what I need. So let me be still here, let me be quiet and receptive. Father, let Your invisible spiritual substance flow through. I will be still. I am not asking for any thing. I am asking only for the conscious awareness of You, Your invisible spiritual substance flowing, forming itself. Let me rest back until I feel the movement of this spiritual substance. Speak. Utter Your Word for Your Word is that spiritual substance that becomes flesh and dwells among us and it is Your spiritual substance.

Yes, it is I. Be not afraid. You never were meant to supply yourself. I, within you, am your supply. Be still and know that I am spiritual substance. I am right here; infinite, abundant; eternally flowing.

Well Father, You flow through. Flow out and encircle the globe to anyone, anywhere, reaching out. Let them touch Your spiritual substance, that Christ Consciousness flowing. I ask for nothing, only to be a beholder to feel Your Presence, the Presence of Your spiritual substance within, flowing.

And wait here until you feel a release. You will feel a weight fall off your shoulders. You will feel a quickening or a movement. Sometimes it is only a split second; sometimes it lingers. You will feel the Presence of this invisible spiritual substance.

This invisible spiritual substance is consciousness. It is infinite God Consciousness. And in this surrender of a material sense, and in this opening of awareness to consciousness, it flows; it just flows. It is always flowing. Now you have become consciously aware of it flowing. To who and where and how you do not know. You only know you have felt It.

This It, this I, this invisible spiritual substance has come that you, and that they, may have life and life more abundantly.

So, you do this until you have the actual feel of it. Then you open your eyes, and act on it. If you have a few cents, a few dollars that you can give away, give them away. But give them, not looking for a return; give them out of gratitude. What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful to or what are you grateful to? Did you hear a really good sermon in church this week? If you have one, put it in the basket and if possible, anonymously. Do you feel really moved to help out a particular charity? Pour out. But realize you are not giving your last few dollars. You are giving God’s supply. I have come that they might have life and life more abundantly.

You are leaving a material sense of supply behind, and the material sense of self behind. You are now acting as that invisible spiritual substance in concrete form, pouring out from the center of your being. So give it away, recognizing this is that invisible spiritual substance flowing out.

If you don’t have dollars right now to give away, give your prayers away. Spend some time doing some work, some spiritual work, within your temple for someone, without telling them about it. This can be your neighbor, a family member, someone on the Yahoo Group List that has asked for help, someone across the ocean or around the world. Set aside a time every day in which, not a person, but the invisible spiritual substance of you takes form as prayer or inner work pouring out to others. Do it consciously, knowing it is not a person doing it. It’s the invisible spiritual substance taking form.

You are not doing any of this for any kind of a return. We are not bargaining with God. This is not, “I’ll do this and you give me ten baskets multiplied.” That is all a personal sense of religion, we have to let that go, too. No. We are proving the principle that there is no personal supply, that supply does not come to you ever at any time. The only supply there is, is this invisible spiritual substance which must flow through you and pour out through you. That is the only supply that is. There is no other and that belongs to God. But now you are permitting It to use you, to flow through you. You are permitting this imprisoned splendor to escape at last.

If you do not feel qualified to do inner work or prayer work and you have no dollars, then you can give of your time, you can give of your effort to do something for someone without a price tag, asking nothing, absolutely nothing, in return. And if possible, it may not be possible, but if possible, do it without getting found out. Do it anonymously if you can. You can’t always.

Sometimes there is an elderly lady down the street that needs something moved and you can’t really do that anonymously. She would probably be scared to death if you were sneaking around there at night. That you will have to do not so anonymously. However, recognize that it is the invisible spiritual substance, the supply of God pouring through you, moving your arms and legs, forming Itself as you, pouring out as this supply, to help this person, these people. It is not a personal thing you are doing. It is that you had a meditation in which you felt this invisible spiritual substance and now it is acting through you.

When you had this meditation, there is one thing I want to bring up here, when you have had this meditation, that invisible spiritual substance and you have felt It, It will form Itself in opportunities to be of service. You won’t have to go hunting around. The very fact that you have invited It to flow, It will provide an opportunity and form Itself as that flow, through you.

In one way or another, you must practice these two parts to spiritual supply. One, go into your meditation, not once, but many times a day for the soul purpose of feeling, having the conscious awareness, of this invisible spiritual substance, this Spirit. Two, creating an opening, inviting that Presence, that spiritual substance to pour out, to whomsoever it will. Three, (there is really three parts) in one way or another, let that spiritual substance use you and pour out a blessing, whether prayerfully or physically or monetarily; in one way or another let It form Itself through you as a blessing. This is the only supply there is anywhere.

If you live this, you will discover that infinite invisible spiritual substance pouring through you, has come that they might have life and life more abundantly. And in the pouring out, it will return unto you, heaped up, pressed down and running over from all over the universe, from people you have not even met. Very strange things, very wonderful opportunities will start happening. But it is you, you, that sets this in motion by deciding, “I’m done with a personal sense of supply. I’ve tried it my way. Now let me see what God’s way is. What is the Infinite Way? What is it like if I practice a spiritual sense of supply?”

You will discover that that which has poured out through you, which is not you, it is this invisible spiritual substance, comes back out of the universe multiplied end over end over end. Opportunities will come to you that you never planned; could never have thought of if you had all day to think of one. You will find yourself at the right place at the right time. You will find gifts coming to you from out of the universe, from everywhere around the globe. Sometimes things, sometimes money, sometimes blessings, sometimes love; tangible, touchable.

But you won’t be fooled anymore because you will know, “Aha! Now I understand how this works. This is not my supply coming to me from someone. This is that invisible spiritual substance that I opened the door and allowed to flow through and now It has taken form and It is infinite, coming to me from every direction.” But really, if you must know, it is simply that your conscious awareness of infinite spiritual substance, in your consciousness and flowing through you, is now appearing as infinite form, the infinite substance is taking infinite form. The Word is becoming flesh and dwelling among us and it is beautiful indeed.

Do you see this? This is the whole secret of supply. Go over your life, if you are having a difficulty in this area, go over your life and see if maybe you haven’t been practicing a personal sense of supply. My money and I only have so many dollars and when they are gone, they are gone and I need to go get that and I need to have this. See if you haven’t yet died to a personal sense of supply and haven’t yet awakened to an invisible impersonal spiritual supply that is pouring forth forever.

I hope this clarifies these principles. But even an understanding of these principles will not change whatever difficulty you are in. I read something today, someone sent me—and I hesitate to mention names—but someone named Sharon sent me a beautiful transcript of some of Joel’s talks.

I read something in there today that just stopped me in my tracks. When we make the transition of dying daily and are reborn of the Spirit, and that is what we are talking about here. We’re dying now, all of us are dying to a material, personal sense of supply and being reborn of the Spirit; the Spirit’s sense of supply, which is infinite invisible spiritual substance ever flowing.

When we make the transition of dying daily and are reborn of the Spirit, it is only because we commit suicide, as it were. We definitely, by a specific act of consciousness, destroy our humanhood and its good and evil, in order to exchange it for our Christhood which knows neither good nor evil but only a continuous and divine state of being, harmonious being, spiritual being.

All I am asking you to do this weekend and from now on, is I want you to commit suicide. That is, I want you to die daily to a material sense of supply or a material sense of self.

This is the one that stopped me in my tracks:

It is for this reason that practitioners can be of help to us in overcoming our discords and inharmonies, but they can never be a permanent help.

You see, ‘unless I go away, the Comforter cannot come unto you.’ Unless you die, you are not going to get it. You are going to be waiting for a practitioner to do it for you. And maybe that is why you haven’t received your particular help, because you are waiting for a practitioner to do it for you. A practitioner can do it once or twice or three times, but unless you die, they are not going to be able to help you; the help will stop working.

So, he says:

Practitioners can be of help to us in overcoming our discords and inharmonies but they can never be a permanent help. Sooner or later you must go and do likewise. That is, practitioners can never take us into the kingdom of God since that has to be done by a specific act of truth within our consciousness and no teacher can die for you.

When I read that, “What? Did I just hear that?” No teacher can die for you. God, that is lovely. Yes, yes. We can talk about these principles for twenty or thirty years but you must die daily and commit suicide to a personal sense of supply and a personal sense of self. You must go within and by a specific act of your consciousness, which we described in this meditation today, you must gain the conscious awareness of an invisible impersonal infinite spiritual substance, a spiritual sense of supply. And then you must go further and open out a way for that to flow and then you must go further and allow it to form Itself as and through you, pouring out a blessing to this universe. Then you will have demonstrated a spiritual sense of supply and it will pour back to you in ways you know not of, that you cannot even imagine. If you don’t go back to a personal sense of supply, if you stay with this practice at least some time every day, it will never end. This is the cruise of oil that never ends. This is the loaves and fishes that multiply forever, really.

So, it is very strange, isn’t it? But I love it. I just love it. Yes, we have to commit suicide; we have to destroy our own human sense of supply and we have to do it consciously in order to awaken to a spiritual sense of infinite supply, in order to get the conscious feel of this invisible spiritual substance and to be still enough, to rest back enough to allow It to flow, then to open our eyes and allow It to use us to pour out a blessing.

There you have it; the complete absolute principles of spiritual supply. So if you will take them and live them, you will never be without again. Now that doesn’t mean you will start this tonight and tomorrow morning Ed McMann will show up at your door with ten million dollars. It could, stranger things have happened, but probably not. Probably, as you begin to practice this, it will start out as a little snowball rolling down a hill and gather strength and get larger and larger and larger until someday you can’t imagine how you ever tried to live on a personal sense of supply, when all the time the entire spiritual kingdom was stored up within you, only waiting to flow out.

But it will happen if you live it. If you begin to die to this false sense of the universe, you really will awaken to a spiritual sense of the universe. You see, you have never been at the mercy of anything out here. You have always had within you, this invisible spiritual substance knocking at the door of your consciousness waiting to pour out infinite blessings that they might find this abundant life, and in them finding it, you come to see that you had it all the time.

God Bless. This is beautiful; this is wonderful and do this! Do it! Thank you so much for bringing this through.

With Love,