You’ll notice that, throughout the Bible, there is either man under the dominion of the forces of the world or one who comes out of the forces of the world and takes dominion over them. To bring it into our contemporary life, we might say that we either will be controlled by our environment, or it will control us. We know, of course, that in the main we are controlled by our environment. And so I was led to a very strange parable in the Bible. The strangeness of it was that it was so familiar to all of us, a parable that we all feel we understand, so much so that we take it for granted and go right by. And so I more or less said, “Father, but I understand that parable, the Prodigal Son. Why, everybody knows about that. We can’t go back to McGuffey’s Reader.” And yet for some reason the Prodigal Son kept popping up, holding me there. And so we took a look at it.

There it was, the same old parable, but there were new eyes looking at it, and I think you’ll agree that we have here, in the Prodigal Son, a story about ourselves, which up to this moment we have not fully seen through the eyes of Christ. Really, it shouldn’t be called the parable of the Prodigal Son, for we learn that it is impossible for the Father to have a prodigal son. And then the word “parable” becomes quite meaningful. To the unlettered in the deeper teaching, this is about a spendthrift. He simply squanders his father’s money, comes home, and asks for forgiveness, gets it, and once more he’s in the household. And then metaphysically we say, “Oh well, that’s for those who don’t see the deeper meaning. I do.” And we say, “Why, the prodigal son is the one who wanders away from the will of the Father, the one who lives in mortality, the human.” And that’s true enough.

And then, going deeper into esotericism, we find that the esoteric Truth of the parable takes us away from the standard clichés. We have two brothers, not one; and even the second brother has a complaint to register. What about him? Who is he? What’s he doing there? What’s his purpose in the parable? And now we look at it very carefully. We see a father has two sons, and something stops you and says, “Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You’re reading it as a human being: ‘A father has two sons.’” Who is writing this parable? Who is speaking it? And comes the great awakening: Why, these are the words of I. I within me is my Teacher. I is speaking. I is telling me a story. Why? Because I is trying to awaken me. I is trying to tell me that this so-called me has gone through many incarnations as a prodigal, many human embodiments as a prodigal, away from I.

I is telling me that the human race is a prodigal, and then I begin to see the meaning of the two brothers in a very different light. The father has two brothers. The first book of Genesis is the first brother, the perfect spiritual Self; and the younger brother who follows, but not quite, and comes into incarnation, the second book of Genesis. And so we are really being told about the Reality and the unreality. We are being told about the way in which man comes into a second sense of Self. Some call it the lower nature and the higher nature; but as you dwell with it, you’ll find that it’s a story about cause and effect and that none of the Prodigal Son, not one whit of the story, takes place outside of your own self. All of it is your inner experience as a person finds him Self, turns within him Self, and returns to his own Self.

So we find this younger brother turning to the father, and that is the journey of the ego into the flesh. To the father, we say, “Give me my inheritance. I’m leaving home.” And so way back at the beginning of the world, your incarnation, your birth is the beginning of the prodigal experience. The moment of appearing in flesh is the moment when the prodigal begins. Mortality is the inception of the prodigal son. And now mortality wanders away from immortality, and we have the divided consciousness, the sense of self which must struggle to earn its own living, the sense of self which must feed itself, the sense of self which is unaware of the ever available present inner Self.

And so now we find a clearer definition. The older son, who remains at home, is the inner Self; and the outer self is the human sense of self which wanders off into the far country, taking its life substance with it. Now we are told that he squanders his substance, and this, then, takes us into the understanding of separation from Self. Now we are wandering off in the flesh, in the human sense of things, in the human sense of what to do and when to do it. We are the mortal, separated from the immortal Being, which we are, only by the hypnosis of the senses; and now we are divided, separated, unaware of Identity. And we find that, somehow, the world doesn’t satisfy us. More and more we lose our Substance. We get further and further away from the Reality of our Being, and finally the husks of matter, of material living, show us that we have followed a mirage.

There is a place where we lose all satisfaction in what the world can give us. We see through the tinsel. We understand, that even though we may crave a deeper sense of life, that the complete, total human race can evolve no higher than it is. There is a place where human evolution can go no further, and this is it. That is when the prodigal realizes that back home the hired servants are eating better than he. He is so completely at a loss to sustain himself that he now needs external help. He finds a citizen there and asks for help. In the midst of the Garden of Eden, we walk needing help, unaware where we are, who we are, for we are prodigals from our own Self; and then we’re put to feeding the swine. We must live in the outer self with outer selves because we have not yet come to the realization of an inner Self with which we must be One’d. We’re not even half a self, and so we want to come home.

The realization of wanting to come home is the turning. It is the beginning of another process called involution. We evolve out, incarnate. We involve in, back to the home of virgin Spirit, back to that place we had inadvertently left at the moment of incarnation in our very first human birth. The complete and total journey of the flesh has now reached the point where we are ready to find Self; and as we come home, although we are far away, the Father greets us. And this is the story about the Omnipresence of the Father, wherever you are. The inner Self is always present, never absent from the outer self. And the instant there is a realization of turning to the inner Self, there’s no place to go: Here I am. And the son returns, and he is greeted with open arms. He’s given the robe. He’s given the ring. He’s even given a new pair of shoes, and we find these shoes are no longer the shoes of the senses, which he was told to go out without before. The shoes of the senses have been discarded, and now the shoes of the Soul, the senses of the Soul, have replaced the senses of the brain.

Material man, mortal man is home again, but here’s this elder brother, and he’s quite resentful. “But what about me? I didn’t squander my money. I didn’t go out in riotous living.” The father says, “Son, all that I have is thine. Thou art ever with me.” And we find something very interesting in this statement, the blending of the inner and the outer. As the prodigal in the outer, unwedded to the inner, whatever we do is unordained. It is form without content, without Substance. The elder brother is the Substance.

If you look all through the East, you’ll see many who sit cross legged living in the self indulgence of an inner Self. How glorious to be lost in the caves. Then they can get up and walk away with rheumatism, arthritis, all kinds of physical ailments because they are the elder brother, resentful of the younger brother. They don’t want any part of the outer world, any more than the outer brother, the younger brother, wanted any part of the inner world.

And so the father says, “You must be content, not only with your level of Self as Spirit, you must manifest.” Just as the outer brother was a prodigal, so is the inner, for you must spiritually manifest the Divine Image. The Content, the Substance of the inner brother, must be wedded to the form of the outer brother: The outer and the inner must become One, so that the form on the outer receives Substance from the inner, so that the Substance on the inner takes form in the outer. And then we have the wedding of Substance and form. We have the anointing. We have the mystical marriage, which in the book of Revelation is the marriage of the bride and the lamb.

And we look at ourselves again, and we find that we have not wedded the inner; and therefore, the outer forms of our lives are without Substance. And at times we have wanted to retire within the inner, never letting our deeds shine forth, but hiding our Light, self-indulgent to the point of saying, “Look how spiritual I am,” but not going forth to show the fruitage of it.

So now, the inner is the cause, the outer is the effect. But as a prodigal, as one living only in the consciousness of matter, the outer effects, has no Substance. They are not sustained; and we find we must go to other citizens for help, and we find ourselves feeding the swine. When, through the acceptance of the inner, we let the inner Self give Substance to the forms, then Divinity within us is manifested in our lives. There can be no Substance without manifestation. There can be no cause without effect. Our function is to combine Divine cause with Divine effect so that cause and effect are truly the marriage of the two brothers as One and so that the Father no longer has two sons in us, but One. Cause and effect are One’d, and that One you accept as your name. I am that One.

We can measure our progress along the straight path of initiation by whether or not we are still a prodigal, whether or not we have surrendered this outer material consciousness to the elder brother within, for the marriage of these two is the preparation for Christ-ing. Until the outer turns and says, “Let me serve the inner,” as the prodigal does in this parable, the inner cannot function as the living will of God expressing in us. And so we say, “How do I know if I am still a prodigal? By their fruits you shall know if you’re still a prodigal or not.

Once the prodigal is returned, something in you is manifesting His Will. Something in you is manifesting the Divine Image. Returned out of the mortal consciousness, we no longer accept ourselves to be mortal being. Returned, we no longer accept ourselves to be living in a human sense of self or in a human sense of body. Returned, we no longer have a human sense of love or a human sense of life. Returned, we have no beginning. We have no ending. We have no opposites. We have no pros and cons. We have no shadows of thought. We are willing to abide in total trust without a concept to guide us. Returned, we find that we are the center of a spiritual Universe.

It’s as if you were in a plane as a pilot, and all around you is this big body of metal, and it’s either going to go up or not, depending on you. The equipment is there. The instrument panel is there. There are switches and knobs and buttons and lights, but they’re not going move themselves. There’s a relationship between them and you, and it’s up to you to move that plane up. Everyone on board depends on you.

Now, we’re in the same position as that pilot. Our plane is a little different. It’s invisible, and it’s not finite. The plane around you is your Universe, and you’re in the center of it, and you’ve got to pilot that Universe. And you say, “I can’t do it.” And the Father says, “I will do it.” If you’re going to try to do it, you’re the prodigal. You’re not wedded to your inner Self. I in the midst of you, I’m the pilot. And so you learn to reach back deep inside. You reach beyond your mind. You reach back into your Universe, way, way back until you have no concept about your Self.

You reach back into infinity, and until you have found that you are not aware of your self, you are not back where you belong. Your invisible plane is not going to take off because there is no human mind that can work the panel of instruments for this plane, only I, the Father within. If you want your universe to be a spiritual Experience in God, you must be wedded to the elder brother within. And so we’re not in this form at the moment. We’re reaching back until we are out of it, we’re not in this human sense of mind. We’re reaching back until we’re out of it. Until there’s a feeling that there’s no person present, there’s no human thinker present, I reach back.

All that is present is a spiritual Universe. That spiritual Universe is your Identity. That is your infinite Self. That’s when you’ll know you’re not a prodigal. And now in your infinite Self, you are living only by Divine Revelation. You are fed completely by the Infinite, sustained, maintained; and every quality of the Infinite is right where you are. This is how you know whether or not you’re still in a parable or you are come out into Self. And then, by your fruits, by the inner expression becoming manifest in the outer, you can see how far the ego has progressed out of the sense of flesh into the realization that I, Spirit stand before the world.

I, Spirit, have never indwelled a mortal being. I, Spirit, do not need a human being as an instrument for my work. I, Spirit, do not function through human beings. I, Spirit, do not function in a prodigal. The prodigal is that sense of self which has never existed. Only I am present, only the Father. If you stay out there as a human trying to come back home, you’re still under a state of hypnosis. The Spirit of God has never left God. The Son of God has never left home. There never was a prodigal. There was a self that we accepted, which never was there, and as long as that Self has a trace, or even a lingering memory, you’re still under the hypnosis of a second sense of self and living in separation. I never was a prodigal. I and the Father have always been One, and we stand there, letting the living Spirit of our own Being clear our vision, clear away all the cobwebs until there’s no prodigal or human or mortal trying to be. There is simply Being Itself.

You become aware of the radiant Invisible all around as your Being. I am the radiant Invisible. I am Self. I am One. There never were two in my Father’s household. The illusion of division is removed. You have really subtracted that which is not; and in doing so, you have multiplied the Lord. You multiply by subtraction. As you remove the veil of illusion, you multiply. And now the moment you lose this Identity, you go back into prodigality. You return to the illusion of mortality and separation and open yourself to the good and the evil.

The outer sense of self, which lives in the world, is divorced from the inner sense of Self, which lives in the Father. And in this inner divorce, we find the cause of much of the outer divorce which takes place in this world. An individual, separated within, will discover that outside separation occurs. One day he gets up and leaves or she gets up and leaves, and they wonder why. And if you look inside, you’ll find that inside themselves they are separated; and the inner separation externalizes as the outer separation. Always, when there is a One inside, you find that Oneness is forever.

You can tell when you have been One’d within. Then you are complete, and you understand the meaning of the Master’s words to the disciples, “We shall make my mother male.” We find that the elder son is the male. The younger son is the female. These are the two aspects of an individual, the masculine and the feminine. As you come into matter, you’re in the feminine, the negative; and always, there is this urge of the negative to find the positive, of the feminine to find the masculine. There is this great driving urge, like gravity, of the two to become One. But the unawareness of what that is makes us two become one in many different ways than the purpose behind the outer activity of physical oneness.

It is the urge to unite within your Self the male and the female, the positive and the negative, the cause and the effect. The two that must become one are within our own Being, and when this is done we are fulfilled. You can never do it in two human beings. Each must unite the masculine and the feminine within that one individual. The positive and the negative must become One. The elder brother and the younger brother must become One within you, within me, within her, within him. Then we are whole Being. Then we can see that One, like Jesus who has become One, no longer seeks outside of his person for another One.

We find Eve coming out of Adam’s rib. This is the symbolic way of telling us that the One has now, in the human sense of things, become two. This is the division of the elder brother and the younger brother. And Eve must go back into Adam’s rib and become One within each of us. You find that in a passage which I didn’t explain in the Revelations. When Jesus returns as the Christ, meeting his disciples in the heavens, it is said that he is girded about the loins and the paps with a golden girdle. And this is the statement that he has become both male and female, One’d.

It is this necessity for wholeness of the male and female element of each individual, which causes many of the unusual circumstances we see in our outer world. The unawareness of it makes us condemn. The unawareness of it makes us not even know that it must happen within our Self, that the two, the inner and the outer, the positive and the negative, the cause and the effect, the higher and the lower, the invisible and the visible, the infinite and the finite ultimately in us become One, and we are married to the lamb. Then I am, and yet before all this occurred I am. Before Abraham was I am, but finally the acceptance, the realization, the dissolution of the false personality, which does not know that I am; and Mary is made male, meaning whole, complete, One within Oneself, not depending on an outer, second self.

When two outer selves become complete within themselves, you do not find divorce for the simple reason that they are already united in the Spirit. Always in our outer self, which is never complete, mingling with other outer selves which are not complete, we find everything out of focus. Our environment then controls us. We have no weapons against it except human ones. We’re meeting everything on the level of effect. We’re not living in the cause. And so we’re in the forms that have no content, shell among shell. This is the level of exoteric religion. The complete human experience is the unawareness of this mystical marriage. These are fragments of ourselves trying to find fulfillment where it cannot be discovered.

Now then, your dependence ceases to be on someone else, because no other person can unite the fullness of your Being for you. It may seem so, but that is when we discover what the prodigal discovered, that he had followed a mirage. He had wasted his substance by turning away from it unknowingly. Living, then, in cause is the mystical Way. Now, united to the inner, wedded to the inner Self, we find that is the method whereby the will of the Father functions in us, and then the Father, through our inner Self, manifests in what we call the outer self, showing forth not the human image, as others see it, but showing forth that Divine Image as exemplified by he who was called Christ Jesus.

The Divine Image shows forth, and though it may be wheat, and though others may appear the same, they are the tares. You cannot tell the difference between the wheat and the tares. One is shining forth the Divine Image, the other the human image, and they look alike until the judgment, until harvest time, until you discover the Divine Image never stops at the grave.

We are learning how to be that Divine Image by the inner wedding, the Oneness which identifies as Spirit; and instead of a prodigal trying to find the inner Self, we have probably come now to the place where we are the inner Self calling in the prodigal. And I would like you to make that turning today, so that we are not the human trying to become immortal. We are the Immortal convincing the mortal he has no real existence. You’ll discover this method is the way you are true to Self. The other method is the mirage. The mortal can never become immortal. The mortal can never find Reality.

Reality is a now. Immortality is a now. We do not stand in the unreal trying to find the Real. We stand in the Real rejecting the unreality. And so your work is I, Spirit; and now how do I live that way? How do I function, think, work, show forth my complete experience as the Divine Spirit? How do I walk in Him? To say that I’m going to walk in this world and find heaven is ridiculous. It cannot be done. You cannot identify as Spirit and walk in the world. Spirit lives in heaven, and until you’re willing to live in heaven, you cannot identify as Spirit. If you are Spirit, heaven is your home, and heaven is where you are; and, therefore, you must accept that all that is in heaven is perfect. All that is in heaven is under spiritual law. All that is in heaven is the actual God Life living Itself.

If you are not in that God Life experiencing Self, then you are the prodigal. If you are in that God Life experiencing Self, then everything pertaining to the prodigal cannot be true and cannot be accepted. I, Spirit, must now move and have my Being in the Spirit of Being everywhere. You cannot have a mortal neighbor and call your Self Spirit. You cannot have any problems in your Life and call your Self Spirit. You cannot have a physical form and call your Self Spirit, nor can you have a physical form and be free of the karma of physical form. Either the ego has finally left the concept of flesh and has journeyed through incarnations to the point where you see the illusion of that ego, or you still live in it. And for you, the parable of the prodigal is not McGuffey’s Reader. It’s still a fact of mortal existence. You’re either out of it or in it.

This world opens up at a place and makes you visible as a physical self. The world calls it your birth. It isn’t. It’s the invisible world made visible where you stand. Around you is the garment of a universe, and that is your self, but that is your mortal self. The mortal universe around your mortal flesh is your mortal self; and as you come out of that belief, accepting your spiritual Self, then around you is the spiritual Universe, and that is your Self, all of it. No part of It is not You. In your fidelity to that spiritual Universe is the opposite of being a prodigal. And that’s how you finally take your plane up into the air. All those instrument panels of thought are no more. Spirit lives Itself where there is no prodigal. Spirit lives Itself where there is no second self. You are reaching so far back into Self that all there is is Self to live Itself, and you are learning to trust the Infinite Invisible to be Its own perfect Self everywhere that you are concerned.

The plane goes up in the air without you touching any of the material instruments around you. Spirit has dominion over air, over land, over sea. Why? Spirit is the cause, and the cause is the only power. And you learn to live in spiritual Identity, which is cause, and you never have to be concerned about effect. You never have to feed the swine. You never have to go to an external being to give you sustenance. Spirit lives Itself in your spiritual Identification. Your plane is your Universe. It is always flying well. It is always moving through Itself. You’re always letting It control Itself. You are no longer in and under the dominion of your environment, for your environment is God’s Self.

The parable of The Prodigal has another meaning. It is not only a parable to teach the literal mind of man, as well as those who are ready to go higher. There are sides of the parable that teach the outer of you and the inner of you; and the side that teaches the inner of you is teaching the elder son within you, teaching the elder son within you that it must show forth the deeds of Spirit in order to be a worthy Son. It is teaching the elder son within you fidelity, sincerity, trusting the omnipresent perfection of the Father, in spite of what may appear out there.

There are not two prodigals, one within and one without. There is only One realized Son, and the male and the female of you are now combined in this, into one Being. The form no longer fools you by its appearance. We now have God the Father, and God, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Joel gives us a perfect way to understand that. He says take the figure one, the number one, and see that, first, behind the visible number one there is the Invisible, and that is God the Father. And now see the visible number one, and that’s God the Son; and now see that that visible number One, God the Son, is maintained by the Father’s invisible activity, which is the Holy Ghost.

Between the Son and the Father is the Holy Ghost maintaining the Son, and we who accept I am Spirit, we learn that the Holy Ghost is maintaining my appearance as Spirit. I seek no outer. I and the Father are One through the Holy Ghost. And, therefore, I am the Holy Ghost; I am the Father. Thou seest Me, thou seest the Father. I am no longer a prodigal wandering in the far country of mortality wasting my Divine Substance by ignorance of It, by infidelity to It, by depending on outer circumstances, by letting the environment control me. I am my environment. And the dominion given in Genesis is realized, accepted, and lived in, only because I, Spirit, is accepted with total fidelity. This is the preparation for transition.

Our complete experience on the earth in this earth period is to attain this Oneness of Consciousness. We are really here to establish what may be called the fifth Kingdom, to move into the sixth, where only the will of the Father is done, as a preliminary to the total Christ-ing and the living in eternal Life. When the Master said this is a straight path, he meant that straight: God the Father, the Holy Ghost, and the Son, One. And wherever you are seen visibly, you must be all three in One appearing.

As you reach back further in the loss of human selfhood, you find the everlasting arms. You find a new level of Truth, a new order of Life. You find a Life that is little suspected by the human mind. You find how small human life really is. You find how magnificent is the Infinite Invisible awaiting our experience. God ceases to be a noun. The words “love” and “life” cease to be nouns. We move into the new order of experience. We are no longer metaphysicians.

We live the God experience. We live Life. We find the meaning of a living God, and the word “God” exchanges Itself into something else. It is no longer a word. It is no longer a mental concept, a mortal idea. God begins to be Life living Itself fully, joyously, rejoicingly, exultantly, because It is without opposite. It is the realm of pure perfection in all things. Eternity becomes Reality. Infinity becomes the playground. We move into a different place, a different time, a different space. We’re out of the illusion life. We’re into Reality.

Now that experience tasted, lived in, opens us up to the meaning of the real bread of Life. We see why we have come so far. The new Heaven and the new Earth is an experience that you enter long before you make your transition. It becomes a now Reality. The Soul of you yearns to move only in It, and the more you are able to live out of this inner elder brother, instead of the outer self, the more you know your eternal Life has passed the stage of words and hopes, and plans, that you’re really living It. It is your Being now. It is your living experience day by day. You find that Reality has a new ring to it. You find the meaning of “Put up thy sword.” You find there’s nothing to defend against, except an illusion. These are some of the things that tell you the prodigal is dead and crucified.


We set, then, a goal to live in the cause of things, rather than in the effects; and this becomes quite a discipline, quite a challenge to live in because it’s the only way to control environment. Cause is invisible, spiritual Substance, so whatever comes to you must be seen through to its original Substance. There must be a conscious awareness that the Substance is always present, functioning, being Itself, maintaining its perfect Substance right there as invisible, perfect manifestation. And though the appearance may be different and is, the Cause is there, and the Cause, being perfect, its form must be perfect; and by living in this knowledge of the presence of Cause, you’re living in the knowledge of the presence of perfect manifestation. You’re weaving your garment of one piece, your wedding garment.

The moment you move out of Cause, you’re in karmic law—spiritual Cause; and this keeps you right on your toes, spiritually alert, watching. Your lamps are always trimmed this way. You’ll find that you’re taking control of your environment. It externalizes to the level of your awareness of spiritual Cause. Scripture has reached us to the point that we are put in the understanding that when we are defending ourselves against anything, we are living in the effect, whereas when we are living int the cause, that effect needs no defense any more. You can do it with your eyes shut or open.

Living in Spirit means living in Cause and beholding the added things which follow. You move into a room, aware of spiritual Cause being present. Everything you see outside, you approach from the level of spiritual Cause. Everything that you take into yourself, you take in from the level of spiritual Cause, so that the traffic going out of you is Spirit, the traffic coming into you is Spirit. You’re living in the conscious awareness of Spirit as the only Presence. Only God is there, and only God is here; and so there’s nothing to be improved or corrected, except to be revealed. You do not tame the tempest. You reveal I present.

Now the reason we’re getting to the point of living in I am, that Spirit, is It’s the only way that you’re not in duality. It’s the only way you’re not in effect. It’s the only way you’re not in karma, the only way you’re not a second self. You’re going to have to practice that in this coming half, until, instead of healing anybody, instead of improving anybody, instead of improving any situation that you have, you are standing in the high ground of spiritual Identity knowing that is Cause, infinite Cause, which can only cause infinite, perfect effect.

And there’s nothing more for you to do, but trustingly, patiently abide in that knowledge; and then you’re in the one without opposite, and you will not experience the opposite. What is not in your consciousness will not externalize, and if opposites are in your outer world, they will be dissolved when your consciousness has risen above the consciousness of the opposites to I, Spirit. It gets narrower and narrower and narrower to the point of nothing before it widens out and becomes the mustard tree with branches in which the birds, the divine thoughts, the divine impulses come to bring you Divine Bread. The little seed grows.

Let’s pause a moment before we proceed.

“He riseth from supper, and laid aside his garments; and took a towel, and girded himself. After that he poureth water into a basin, and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded. Then cometh he to Simon Peter: and Peter saith unto him, Lord, dost thou wash my feet? Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shalt know hereafter. Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. Jesus answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me.”

Now re-translate that, seeing that I, the Christ, which appeared as Jesus, am saying to Peter, “If I wash thee not, thou hast no part of me.” There must be a realization of the presence of Christ, somewhere, beginning in a person. The little cruse of oil has to start to pour. And though we are starting with the foot, this must take place. Maybe starting with the foot is a little inn, where the Christ is born in Peter, but something must be done to bring him an awareness that I, Christ, stand here; and Peter, someday you won’t be here. Only I will be here, and you will know that you and I are One and the same. “Simon Peter saith unto him, Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands and my head. Jesus saith to him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all.”

As this recognition of Christ Self grows, so does the acceptance of the Christ Mind, and as you come into the awareness of the Christ Mind, superseding your former sense of a finite, limited mind, you must accept a Christ Body. You cannot have a Christ Mind and a human body. You cannot have an infinite Mind and a finite body. It’s impossible. And so you come to that place where you can look out at the Universe and say, “This is my Body. The Universe is my Body,” and not even the visible Universe. Everything in this Universe is imitating my Body.

I have an Infinite Body because I cannot have another. There is only the One infinite Mind, the One infinite Being, the One infinite Body, and there is no other. I do not have a piece of it, a fragment of it. I must begin to respect the integrity of my infinite Body. You will stop being concerned about five foot two when you become aware of your infinite Body; and you won’t run into the problem of How can I improve my physical body? Because the minute that is the level of where you are aiming, you’re denying Self again.

You cannot accept your immortal Self and not accept your immortal, infinite, universal Body. You don’t have a personal body to take care of, and the miracle of having nothing and yet being able to give everything, as Jesus demonstrated, is the same with your Body. The miracle of accepting and living in the knowledge of your infinite Body is what takes care of what you have called your personal body.

Now you can read the Bible from cover to cover, and you can read every book of Joel’s from cover to cover, and you’re still going to have to do it yourself. You’ll have to come into that secret place where you, and you alone, without mother, brother, father, or sister, sit down and dwell in the knowledge that my Body has no beginning and no ending. My Body is everywhere. It is the Spirit of God without beginning and end, the Alpha and Omega, and because It is the Spirit of God, my Body is a perfect Body; and the instant you decide that you do not have a perfect Body in some way, you are denying the Truth of your infinite Body, which is the perfect Body of God.

Again, that’s the trap which enables you to deny Identity: “Oh, I’ve got an aching back.” How strange, when you are the immortal Being. And all you’re saying is, “I’m a mortal with an aching back.” How can you expect the power of the immortal Spirit to help an aching back, when the immortal Spirit has no aching back?

When you have accepted God, then you accept God’s intelligence, you accept God’s perfection; and therefore, you accept that before any error could occur in this world, God had already eliminated the possibility of such an error to occur. Before any problem could be, God had eliminated the possibility of a problem. Before any imperfection could happen, God had eliminated that possibility. That is your faith in the perfection of God, not “I believe in God,” “I believe in the all-ness of God: the perfection of God, the totality of God without exception.” And your faith, then, is a faith that every quality of God in its fullness is ever present and functioning to maintain a perfect, universal Self, which you are. As you put on the garment of Immortality, you put on the garment of an immortal, infinite Body.

When Jesus spoke of adultery, he spoke of that spiritual adultery, which steps out of the immortal, infinite Body into a finite sense of body, and when you are not married to the Infinite, you are in spiritual adultery. Now, I have seen that when an individual dwells in contemplation on the infinite Body that I am, you’ll find that, regardless of what happens in the world, anywhere, there will be in you an awareness that that cannot be true. The Body of the Father is immaculate. The body of the Child and the Father are One. There is nothing but my immaculate Body everywhere. It is your function to maintain the integrity of that Body. If you do, you’ll find the integrity of your human sense of body will be a perfect shadow of your infinite integrity.

Now, we who have not accepted an immortal, infinite Body will always be accepting our neighbors’ afflictions with a twinge of sympathy. But you see, when you do that you’re denying your infinite Body. You’re saying, “Over there where my neighbor is there’s an imperfection in body,” but over there where your neighbor is is your infinite Body. So you’ve got to overcome the personal sense which accepts the affliction, not only in your own sense of body, but in your sense of your neighbor’s body. We haven’t been called upon to do this in just these terms, but you’ll find that unless you are doing this, you’re at odds with your Self, affirming an infinite Mind and yet a finite body. The moment you left that finite mind, you left the finite body, and if there’s any trace of belief in it as being your body, you’re still in the finite mind.

Now I think one of the great principles that Jesus taught here about supply, about having meat, about having bread, about having the wine, even though it was not visible, was that in the nothingness of a human sense of things, infinity pours. And it isn’t so much going to get Infinity. It’s, rather, you tune into infinity by tuning out finity. You tune out this world to tune in the other. Tuning out this world is tuning in Infinity, but you can’t go to Infinity and tune it in unless you’re willing to tune this out. And as you dwell upon these things, you find that, at the time of the birth of Jesus, it was Mary who had lost her sense of a finite body. She had been lifted out of the sense of a personal self, and this was the virgin birth. To live in, to move in, and have your being in God means the complete relinquishing of everything that is finite and everything that you think with a human mind.

Now, you must see that we are not ready for Resurrection until we have accepted the need for Crucifixion of all that is finite. You must see that there’s a lot of spade work left to do. We can’t say, “He is risen, or I am risen.” We have to do the work that must be done. The eternal love of the Father is always where you are, and you cannot be separated from it. If we have faith in that love, then we are willing to get on our material hands and knees and on our spiritual hands and knees and spade away every mortal thought barrier, so that the love can shine through a transparent Self; and we will find that Grace really means that I, being nothing, have become transparent to the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost, shining through my transparent Self, is Grace, love, beauty, peace, harmony; and it matters not about the external war torn world or inflationary or deflationary world.

I am nothing in this world, not because I declare it, but because I live, I move, I have my Being, not in another god, but in Identity as the Spirit of God, which is infinite, un-localized; and you begin to test yourself. You see how the declaration means nothing until you can answer the questions in the test. Are you in the twentieth century? Forget it then, because the Christ isn’t limited to that twentieth century this minute. Your infinite body isn’t all that will be called “time” now. Are you in an airplane? Forget it, you’re not. Your infinite body can never be squeezed into a 747.

Your infinite body can never be squeezed into a shape or a size, or a time or a place. You must be conscious of your infinite Body. You must devote contemplation to the awareness of it, and to the perfection of It, and to the spiritual law that maintains Its perfection; and you will find all of this is the spade work that infiltrates your consciousness, as you do it, and lifts you thirty fold, sixty fold. And you must come, then, eventually to the one hundred fold realization of Self. But never will you do it in the belief that you are in time, in a century, in a place, in a country, even in a hemisphere. You are the Son of Man, nowhere to put your head.

When Jesus saw The Book of Enoch, he was still a young man. He was in his teens, and there he saw it, the Son of Man, and he thought, I’ve been wondering, what shall people know me as? And that was his title that he adopted. The importance of it was to show that we must come out of mortality, out of manhood; and the Son of Man becomes the Son of God by the realization of Self, not by an immaculate birth, but by a realization that I, who had a mortal parent as a mother and a mortal parent as a father, I never was born that way at all. The form that came forth is the form that I do not accept. The life, which is there expressing as this image called form, is the invisible Life that I do accept, and for that which was called my mother and that which was called my father, I do not accept their visible forms. That mental image called form, not being there, it could not give birth.

There is no more form for a Mary than there is for a Jesus, or for a Tom, Dick, or Harry. There is only the one Divine Image. The illusion of birth is as much an illusion for Mary and Jesus, as it is for you and your parents or you and your children. What is there is the invisible Consciousness of three people, three Souls, the invisible Consciousness of the mother, the invisible Consciousness of the father, and It is joined by the invisible Consciousness of the child to be; and the three produce a new Form, an Image, but you’re looking at three Souls combining. And maybe you have discovered the Holy Trinity, three Souls combining to produce this new Form, the Soul of the unborn child, Soul of the mother, Soul of the father, and they are one Soul in Spirit: two Souls welcoming you, and a child is born, and that’s the immaculate conception.

Now, when we realize it, even though years have passed as far as human time goes, we are approaching the crucifixion of all that has intervened between that moment to this moment and erasing the concepts that we have mistakenly accepted; and as they are erased one by one, the Light of the Soul is coming through resurrecting us to the Reality of Being. I and my Mother are One. I and my Father are One. In the Invisible we find our Oneness. And this Being in the visible with a new law of the invisible functioning in our Consciousness is the exaltation of walking through the world, but not of it. Accepting that I am walking in God, moving in God, living in God, the invisible, infinite Self which I am, this physical form moves within my invisible, infinite form. Everywhere this visible, physical form goes, my infinite, invisible Form is. This is the story of Jesus.

To give up the visible form, finally, there’s nothing more than the reflex action of having given it up in the invisible first. The Crucifixion that we see is but the outer appearance of that which has transpired over the centuries, finally coming to take place in the visible, and so the principle of a Maunday Thursday of humility, of a good Friday of Crucifixion, of a rising called Easter.

So in the events of our lives, there are also these spiritual principles, and the spiritual principle of Crucifixion, or losing a personal sense, is that which finally eventuates in the dropping away of the physical form. It’s all voluntary. And then the celestial Form, which we inhabit, which is the Infinite Self that we are accepting, is that which ascends. We come into the Ascension over material ties. Now all of this illumination takes place before the grave. The life of Jesus is only a crash course in what we must do before the grave.

And so when we look at his outer Crucifixion, when we read about his Resurrection and his Ascension, we are reading about me today, here, now, what I must be doing to put on the garment of Immortality here and now on the earth. Compressed into three years, visibly, was a teaching of what my life must consist of in order for me to experience that Grace which has meat the world knows not of, which has bread and wine, which has Life without end; and all of this must be accepted without adulteration, without second self-ing; without a self that wants to leave the priesthood to get married, which is unaware of its Christ Self as the only Self; without a second self, a second mind, a second life. The key word will always be, “Have I denied My Identity?”

When you find you’re not denying Identity, you might as well start saying, “Goodbye” to your friends. You won’t be here very long. Whoever reaches the point where he is not identifying as anything but the infinite Self —in every way—is the Christ realized. The purple robe is waiting, the philosophers stone, the celestial body, the infinite eternal Life here and now. We still haven’t reached the end of a between Resurrection and Ascension, but we will.

I want to leave you today with that word “Identity” which shatters the belief that the Spirit of God indwells me, which shatters the belief that I am Spirit and physicality, which shatters belief that I am seeking the presence of God. Identity means the presence of God is the only Being standing here, and all that is not that Presence is not here, but appears to be. The only Presence here is My Being. The only Presence where you are is My Being. The only Presence where anyone is is My Being, and the name of My Being is the only name that I can answer to, truthfully, without committing spiritual adultery.

When you do that, when you deny My Being as the only Being, you have divided his garment. To you God is not all, God is not One, God is not the only, and you are still in the shadow of turning. Contemplation, meditation, not communion here on an altar out there, but communion in the heart, within the Being, until Being is your name, not becoming, Identity, Spirit complete the total Self with nothing missing, ever. This is the path to Resurrection.

Therefore, the answer to How do we live, move, and have our being in God? The answer is we accept that Identity, which is the presence of God, to be the only the Identity of all who walked the earth. We are sowing to Identity, not to the flesh. You will not do it with a busy intellect. When you stop to think about these things with that intellect, even if you reach the pinnacle of acceptance, you still have to commit it to your Consciousness.

The mind will not be able to hold Truth. It will never hold Truth. The best the mind can do is to be a clear crystal of still water without thought, without concept, without movement, waiting on the Lord; and then you’ll find that great moment of equilibrium between everything that moves in this Universe. You will be resting as a clear transparency for the Word of Being. Then you will have meat the world knows not of. You will have wine and water. You will be that which is expressing eternal Love.

I think we have all been blessed with the priceless opportunity to accept the life of God as our own and to share this understanding with those in the world, who are drawn to us by that measure through which we can demonstrate the Presence as the living Self of all, is one of the most unexplainable joys there is. You have experienced it whenever you have been able to be useful to someone who was floundering, who was reaching out and could touch the Light of your Being, and you know what It is.

This minimal Light that we all have felt up to now is as nothing compared to the fullness that surrounds us, unknown to the limited sense of Self. The moment that limited sense of Self is crucified, even for an instant, the floodlights are like a blinding experience of Damascus. You realize what Infinity is, not as a word, but as an experience; and you know the miracle of Infinity stands right outside the limited human consciousness, ever knocking.

If we could accept Identity now, we would all be accepting the same Identity, the infinite Self. We would all be accepting the same Body, the infinite Body, and then we would all be joint heirs in Christ, not because the Bible said so, but because we know that what it said is so.


So I thank all my immortal Friends for being here today. Blessings and love. Thank you.

I want to address this first question to every woman who is present. I want you to imagine, for the moment, that you are a thirteen year old girl called Mary and that the angel Gabriel has come to you in the Silence, advising you of this blessed event. Even your husband knows nothing about it; and now, through some miraculous circumstance without knowing your husband, as the Bible calls it, you’ll give birth to this boy. You become a woman who, in all of the centuries, is uniquely different than every other woman on earth because you, without a man, have given birth to a boy. Now just what would that do to you as a person? How would you feel? What kind of a life would you live after that event?

And then ask yourself this: If such an event had occurred in your life, do you really believe you could ever be a physical woman again? Do you believe that you could have normal physical relations with a man again, considering you had just given birth to a child without a man? Could you possibly enter into normal marital relations and have children a normal way after that? Would you even consent to it? Would you not be away on a cloud somewhere living the glorious Life of knowing the Father in Oneness? Is it not ridiculous to assume that a woman went through such an experience and then gave birth to children the normal way, many children to be exact?

You know, sometimes the children of Mary are sort of swept under the rug. And we’re told that Jesus had only cousins, not brothers and sisters. There will be a day when all of us, in the knowledge of the Truth of Being, will have access to a different kind of record. Some call it the Akashic Record. It’s a sort of a cosmic tape recorder, and those who can read the cosmic tape recorder have much to say about the events in the life of the young Jesus, events that are completely eliminated from the mass consciousness because they’re not recorded in the Bible.

And in these records, which are an expansion of the known facts to man, it is indicated that the first child that arrived to Mary, after Jesus, was the daughter, Miriam. And at that time, Jesus was five, and do you know from the age of five for Jesus to his fifteenth birthday, Mary was having children, one after another, until he had five brothers and three sisters? And for your records, these are the names, and this is the sequence: There was Mary, Miriam rather, and then there was Joseph. Then there was James. Then there was Simon, and then came the second girl, Martha. Then after Martha came, oh, I think it was Jude and Amos, and finally the youngest daughter, that little child of the family, Ruth. Now these were the eight brothers and sisters of Jesus, and although most people would at least give Mary four or five children, the Akashic Records reveal eight.

Now then, the importance of these children is this. They indicate that, first of all, what we call the virgin birth was a spiritual way of designating a special kind of birth, and these children, then, became an integral part of the living experience of the young Jesus because, you see, at the age of fourteen, he had no father again. His father passed on, and the father of the family became Jesus at the age of fourteen. And all of this early history in which he had to learn, as you and I have had to learn, the patience, the forbearance, the tolerance, overcoming the afflictions of the world one by one, day by day,—building within the strength, the understanding, and finally the awareness of Divinity,—all of this was necessary to him, as it has been to you and to me. And you cannot take the children and put them away and pretend there was one child, or even say, “This one came a special way, and the others came a different way.”

We today are sophisticated enough not to need, not to need this strange kind of exaggeration that tries to give authenticity to Truth by inventing supernatural events. The events, themselves, as they were are quite supernatural enough, without the imagination of man or the superstition of religion. Significantly, you must remember that John completely eliminates all reference, not only to the virgin birth, but to the birth of Jesus at all.

Now, Jesus was an ordinary boy. He learned, of course, that the real Truth of his Being was not that Mary was his mother or Joseph his father, but rather that he was the expression of God. But let’s look at his early life. We watch him grow up, and we find that in every respect he is a normal boy with one difference. He is rather sensitive to things that, in some way, deny the holiness of God.

At an early age, he’s taken to Jerusalem by his father, and he’s amazed. He can’t believe it. They won’t let his mother in the temple. They segregate men and women, and he just cannot believe it. He’s infuriated. Why in the world do they do that? And that was one of the questions he was always asking his elders. Why do they separate mothers from the worshipers in the temple, so that women and men are not One?

And he asked many other embarrassing questions. He’d say, “What’s behind the veil of the Holy of Holies?” To everyone else that was sacred. You couldn’t talk about it, but he wanted to know what’s there. And then he’d have another embarrassing question for his elders, “If God loves his children, why do we make all these sacrifices of blood and animals to win God’s favor? Isn’t that denying that he loves us?” And if the temple is so sacred, why do we have all this trade and barter in the temple? Question after question from a young boy, and the elders try to brush it off.

Now, there were many times in his childhood when he became aware that he was different. In fact, he became aware in his teens that he had a mission, and when, at the age of fourteen, his father died, he was saved from something he didn’t want to do. The plans had been for him to go to the rabbinical schools in Jerusalem, and he had been there. He had seen the hypocrisy. He had seen priests who are political appointees. He had seen all kinds of life that was a total denial of the presence of God, all under the name of religion.

And at the age of fourteen, the last thing he wanted to do was to be guided into the channels of orthodoxy, learning all of the pious phrases without the Spirit behind them, and even though his father’s death was a blow to the family, it prevented him from going to Jerusalem to study because he had now stay and be father to eight. The last child came just shortly after the death of Joseph.

In his fifteenth year, as he was teaching his brothers and sisters, they kept asking him how to pray. They wanted to learn certain prayers, formulas, you know, so that they could just memorize something and pray by memorization. And he was trying to teach them another way, a living Way, and do you know he was only fifteen when he gave them The Lord’s Prayer? And its purpose was to teach them to pray spontaneously. God is here, and God is living, and to the living God, who is here, your prayer is; “Thy will be done, not mine.”

And all of us adults, through the centuries, who’ve tried to understand that prayer, were trying to understand the prayer of a fifteen year old, who was teaching it to eight little brothers and sisters, and not a memorized prayer, but a flexible prayer, a prayer that said, “Father, Your will for me yesterday, and your will for me today, and your will for me tomorrow is ever to bring me into further understanding of You, to bring me closer to You, to let me know who I am in relation to You. And I, having a finite human sense of mind, I release that finite sense of mind and let your infinite Mind guide me: Thy Will, Thy Kingdom, Thy Power.”

And always the boy was now becoming aware of pre-existence, not only of his ingrained Divinity, but of his Divinity before the form appeared. He was learning the secret that you and I probably have not really learned to the full. He was learning that he had always been alive. To the world, he was fifteen. To himself, he was an immortal Being. The mortal human selfhood had become conscious of its immortality, and by the time he was twenty, he knew more about God than most of those who walked the earth, speaking the name of God in vain.

At the age of twenty to thirty, he had an unusual problem. It was to stop the possibility that he would be famous. He didn’t want his personal self famous, for it would be a competition to the message he was teaching. There were many in those ten years who knew him to some degree, but did not know that he was the same one who would’ve appeared somewhere else. For instance, there were those Hebrews in Alexandria who thought—Even though he was quiet staying at home, his fame spread to them;—this man knew the Bible. This man knew something behind the Bible, and those who were closer to him had spread his fame in some way, even though he performed not a single miracle.

And so he was offered many positions. As a matter of fact, the Alexandrians said to him, “You know Jerusalem is going to fall some day. We heard it prophesied. Why don’t we set you up here in Alexandria? You can be their competitor for a while, but you will outdistance them, and you will take over when they are defunct.” He thanked them very courteously, and that’s how he did not become the head of religion out of Alexandria in Judaism.

And again, there was another offer from the Sadducees. He was given quite a number of offers, usually from wealthy bankers, people with good intentions, but people who thought they wanted to be near when the new regime came about, just like his own disciples later felt, that in the new regime, they would sit on his left and on his right while he sat on the throne of David. That throne of David, to him, was not where he planned to sit. He had already become conscious that he was not the Messiah to a little group.

He knew about the Light of the world, and now his whole function was what you and I are learning to do, to be patient. He knew the meaning of long suffering. He knew the meaning of really surrendering to the Will. There was no temptation on the earth that could pull him out of simply day-by-day releasing himself to the inner Presence until there was a conscious Union, until there was a complete and total inner Crucifixion of all personal sense.

It’s only when you become aware of his youthful trials that you can see him as Joel saw him, that his entire life was devoted to overcoming personal sense, personal limitation, personal needs, personal afflictions, even personal betrayal. Always, the overcoming was accomplished in the knowledge that the Spirit of God stands right here performing its perfect work, regardless of what the human mind sees or understands. He had learned not to deny the ever-present perfection of Divinity within his own Being, within those around him. He never denied the Omnipresence of God. He made no big public uproar about it, and so very few people knew him, other than the son of the carpenter who died, the boy who took care of his mother’s children so well, and he was quite good at it.

He was an excellent father. It was a fatherhood by proxy, and he was also good with money. He knew how to make ends meet. And he worked well. His work was highly regarded, but he knew his time was coming. Even though he kept saying to his mother, “My hour has not yet come,” he knew it was coming, and so he prepared for that day. He said to Joseph, “It’s going to be your turn now to take over. You’re the eldest after me, and so now I’m putting the funds in your hands. They’re not much. They’re meager, but when I go away, I want you to know that I’ll be sending some.” And so for two or three years, he prepared Joseph to run that house, and later Joseph prepared James.

And when he did leave in his twenties, he didn’t go very far. He went to the City of Capernum, met a boat builder, a man named Zebedee who had two sons, John and James. You know the cabinet maker that Jesus had become now became a boat builder. He had a way of building boats that were more safe than any boat in that area. And so the father of John and James became quite wealthy through Jesus. They were partners, boat builders, and in that area most of the boats on the lakes were built by Zebedee, designed by Jesus; and this is how he earned his money, and this is the money he sent back to Joseph to take care of the family.

And often, he would take a trip, and always on his trips, he’d be waiting for “his hour to come,” the time when he could be visibly about his Father’s business. And the time came. When the time came, there was a new Jesus walking the earth. He had been in the wilderness. He had been baptized by the Spirit. He walked in a celestial body, visible to men as a body called Jesus Christ. No one knew he walked in that celestial body. No one knew they, too, someday would walk in that celestial body. And now he had to show what would be considered un-showable, teach what was un-teachable. He had more to face than any of us in this room.

He had the full ceremonial religion of Judaism with all its rituals, and he had the might and power of Rome, and in between the two,—completely surrounded by ignorance of what he was doing and who he was, and what he had learned and what he knew,—he had to make manifest the power of God. He had to glorify the Father. He had to open the heart of the world to the fact that the Spirit of God not only indwells every mortal being on earth but is the living Essence and Reality of that which we call the mortal being.

It wasn’t enough for Jesus to say, “The Spirit of God indwells you.” He had to show that the Spirit of God is You. And so we come to a moment when he’s on his hands and knees washing the feet of the disciples. He says, “You don’t understand what I’m doing, but some day you will.” Peter instantly shows he doesn’t understand: “Oh, you can’t wash my feet. I won’t let an important one like you wash my feet.” Now, what brings that to attention, of course, is that the ritual of the washing of the feet happens on Maundy Thursday, and we have discovered that throughout the ages this ritual has been repeated in all of the religions in some way.

The Pope saw fit to repeat it, as usual, and a very interesting parallel must be drawn, because after the Pope had washed the feet of ten old men in a nursery home, he found a reason to comment on those priests who had defected the church, and without calling them “Judas,” he referred to Judas. The implication was quite clear, that just as Jesus had his “Judas,” Catholicism today has its defecting priests. That incident would have been, maybe, a bit insignificant, except for the fact that he had just washed the feet of these ten old men. And the question is: When he washed the feet of the ten old men, was he doing what Jesus did when he washed the feet of his disciples? Had the Pope understood?

And so we look at it, and we find that referring to the defectors as a Judas, as vial creachers who’d gone back on their oath is a little different than Jesus turning to Judas and saying, “Here, take the sop and go about doing what you must do.” One is non-resistance, the other is resistance. And wherever you see the difference between non-resistance and resistance, you’re catching the spiritual message. Now much of the ritual of churchdom today is along those lines. It does the outer things without the inner significance, without the inner realization.

And so just the same as people will lay hands on and think they’re baptizing somebody with the Holy Spirit, they will wash the feet; and it really never penetrates to the core of what Jesus was doing. Having obtained the awareness of Divinity as the Identity of every man, he was washing the feet of his disciples in recognition of their spiritual Identity: I see you not as mortal man, but as the immortal Self. I see you as the invisible Christ.

And he was going deeper. He was saying to them, symbolically, your feet I am washing,—not your head, not your ears, not your face, not your hands,— but your feet, because this is what you stand upon. This is the foundation of your physical self, and now I’m trying to change your foundation. I’m trying to make you aware,—not of your physical being, because certainly your feet don’t need cleaning,—I am making you aware of your invisible spiritual Selfhood, and I want you to learn to stand on It. I want you to stand on your inner Divinity.

And so in recognizing the inner Divinity of his disciples by the washing of the feet, he was telling the disciples, “Now go and do likewise. Wash the feet of your neighbor. Love thy neighbor. Recognize the Christ of your neighbor. Recognize that each one who stands before you is the invisible Christ.” And that is washing their feet. You don’t have to get a basin of water to do it. This is the outer symbolism. You wash the feet of the world every day with your knowledge of the universal Christ. Therefore, when you do that, when you recognize the universal Christ, you have caught the meaning of washing the feet.

Now, you cannot turn over here and wash the feet of these ten and turn over there and condemn. The washing of the feet must be a universal, or you haven’t caught it. And so we must compare the Pope’s way of washing the feet with the Jesus way and see that they’re not identical, and we must further see that this is a clue to the reason for the defection. The understanding of the indwelling Christ as the Identity of mankind has not permeated through the religious world into the consciousness of its practitioners. If a man knew himself to be the Christ, would the issue be whether I get married or not?

Do you see, then, that if Catholicism cannot convince its own priests of the validity of its teaching, that it cannot convince its own congregations? And this same washing of the feet is going to occur in other religions than Catholicism, and I doubt if it will occur with the same inner meaning of Jesus. I doubt that the President of the United States could understand washing the feet and send boys out to kill. I doubt that nations of the world could learn to wash the feet correctly and do what they do. I doubt that governments and religions and politicians and educators and the peoples of the world are completely unaware that Jesus was saying, “Thou art the Christ.”

As I am, thou art. As I have learned my Divinity, I advise you of your Divinity; and I have to question this, too. If the priests, who left the church because they’re unaware of the message of Christ, did not have it, what about those who remained? Did they not receive the same teaching as the ones who defected? What about the children who are learning from them? What are they learning—about the indwelling Christ or about man-made ideas? You see, when Jesus kneeled and washed the feet of the disciples, he was also washing the feet of every man on the earth. He was making it impossible for any religion on this earth to be an interpreter of the Word of God. He was personally dying to all personal human sense.

This was absolute humility saying, “Follow me.” Your humility must be so great that you reach that high level of Consciousness, which says, “I cannot interpret the Word of God. I cannot be a mediator between God and man.” That humility was Maundy Thursday. You’re watching the beginning, the preparation for Crucifixion, a Crucifixion that should have been acknowledged on Good Friday, at every other day, because the Crucifixion is the capacity to step out of the finite ties of a mind that is not the mind of God.

Who was that who kneeled before the disciples? Who said, “I am washing your feet?” Who is this I? Was this not the inner Christ saying, “I, the inner Christ am washing your feet. I, the inner Christ, am purifying you of the belief in a personal you. I, the inner Christ, am cleansing you of all personal sense. I, the inner Christ, am building my own temple within you, the temple of the Soul, the temple of the Father, where the will of the Father in you can be done.

The Crucifixion of personal sense on Good Friday was not just a day. It was, as Joel reveals to us, another spiritual principle; and again, that spiritual principle, that inner Crucifixion was the end product of a long line of inner Crucifixions within the man, Jesus, so that there was no longer a human being there. There was the pure Christ, unadulterated by human sense, giving the pure Christ teaching that as long as there are two on the field there is one too many. The real washing of the feet is when you take this to your Self in your inner most Silence and throw open the windows of the Soul and let the pure Light of the Father dissolve all mortal sense. This is the acceptance of Divinity, not Divinity and a human me, but Divinity, period, all of this, a prelude to Resurrection.

How could there be a Resurrection unless the personal sense had been overcome, because resurrection is arising from the crucified tomb of personal sense into Self-realization? We were looking not at a man teaching his disciples. We were looking at our own inner experience before it happened. We were looking at the experience through which we are now going, the preparation for the illumination through Christ realized. As we are crucifying personal sense, accepting Divinity here and now, we are taking the words literally: “To live, to move, to have your being in God.”

And how can you do that? How can you live in God, move in God, have your Being in God, and still say, “I have a problem.”? Isn’t that sort of a paradox. Can a problem be in God? How can you say I have a mortal body? Can a mortal body be in God? How can you have a mortal life? And therefore, when we’re told, “Live, move, have your being in God,” we’re not being told that the Spirit of God indwells your mortal body. We’re being told that we are the Spirit of God. Live in that knowledge. Many people will say, “Oh, I know I’m the Spirit, I’m the Spirit. Of course, I’ve known that.”

Yes, they know it, but they do not accept that they are the Love of God, they are the infinite Life of God, they are the Self of God which has no problem, they are the Self of God which never lacks supply, they are Self of God without beginning or end. They say, “Oh yes, I’m the Spirit, and I have a problem. I’m the Spirit, and this is wrong over here. I’m the Spirit, and I’m trying to become One with God.” But the Spirit is God, and so you cannot say, “I am the Spirit.” You might just as well say, “I’m an automobile,” and think you are one because you said so. The Spirit isn’t becoming anything.

When you are able to say, “I am the Spirit,” because you are Being the Spirit, not becoming, then you’re closer to Easter Day, Resurrection Day, because you have come out of the belief that you are that mortal self who has a lack or limitation. Mary always thought of her child as a child of promise, but the world has never quite put the finger on something very important about that child. It was a child of Divine Love, and that Love is Eternal Love, a child of Eternal Love; and that awareness grew in the boy Jesus, that he was a child of Eternal Love, so much so that he and his Father had a discussion about it.

He was explaining his feeling about the Love of God, and he compared it to the love of his father, so he said to his father, “I know you love me, and I find that you are never really wrathful with me. Some things I do might disturb you, but I never raised you to the point of wrath, why then should my Father in heaven, who loves me, be raised to the point of wrath? Does he love me less than you? I cannot believe that my Divine Father loves me less than my father on this earth.” And Joseph had to say, “I see your point.”

Jesus had done something. He had reached that place where he not only had faith in God, but he had faith in everything about God. He had faith in the eternal Love of God as being his dispensation. When you and I say, “We have faith in God,” it would be wise for us to check out whether or not our faith includes every quality of God, and you’ll find that our faith is not a one hundred percent faith. We think we can be separated from God, and that’s not faith because God has said he couldn’t be separated from us. Any time we feel any imperfection is possible, that’s not faith in God, because we are saying that we don’t have faith in a perfect God. A perfect God does not permit imperfection.

Now, one of the fundamental blunders of all religious dogma is this: It teaches that the Spirit of God indwells a mortal man, and so you have mortal men going around saying, “The Spirit of God is in me.” And if you ever confront one of these fellows with a problem like this, he really doesn’t know what to say to you. “The Spirit of God is in you.” How interesting. “Where do you keep it?” “Well, it’s in me. It’s part of my being.” “Alright, I understand your brother has trouble with cancer right now.” “Yes, he’s in the hospital. He has cancer.” “Well, isn’t the Spirit of God in him, too?” “Oh yes, It’s there. It’s in him.” “Well, what is it doing while he has cancer?” “Oh, Oh, well, I couldn’t say.” “How can the Spirit of God be in this mortal body that has cancer? Impossible. You mean the Spirit of God is standing there twiddling its thumbs while your brother suffers? Is that what you think of God?” And, of course, there’s no answer to it.

The Spirit of God does not indwell a single mortal body on this earth. The realization of immortality is not that the Spirit of God indwells me. It doesn’t indwell me at all. Paul may have said that two thousand years ago to those who are on their way up learning. He was teaching them their grammar. He was teaching them basic arithmetic. He couldn’t give them calculus in one day. So we don’t have to be stuck with his relative teaching at that point.

You cannot be a mortal being, a body of clay that encases the immortal Spirit. How can an immortal Spirit be in a mortal body? Well then, what about this thing? That’s what this friend of mine said to me the other day, “I am the Spirit, but this carrier, he called it a “carrier.” He has every book of Joel’s on his shelf, every book. Of course, he’s never studied too hard. He can thumb through this Bible. He knows it well. He can recite passages you didn’t know were in there, and he knows he’s the Spirit, but he also believes that he’s a “carrier” for the Spirit, and that “carrier” is having all kinds of trouble because there’s duality.

Phrases like, “Choose ye this day, which ye shall serve, God or mammon,” it means nothing to this man at that point. He can’t see it. Now when you put the boy, Jesus, in the womb of Mary and take away his human father and try to make him a virgin birth, then all of the work he has done—from the age of one up to twenty and then up to thirty in losing personal sense, showing the way to Divinity realized—is erased from the Consciousness, from the teaching, and the whole point of his teaching is missed.

When you show him as he was, growing up, as you and I grow up, learning to divest himself of every false concept, crucifying the human mind which perceives iniquity that the divine Mind can never see, crucifying the belief in a mortal body that contains a spirit, but accepting that I and the Father are One, then do not attribute that to One who is divinely conceived, alone, separate and apart from other people, but say instead, “This is the One who learned to do for all humanity what they must do, and lived it.”

And finally, the greatest discovery that was ever made by Jesus has not been made by the religions of the world. He discovered God, and how strange that they have never discovered that That’s what he did discover. If he was the Son of God, that discovery would have been impossible; It would have been just there It is: “Naturally I’m God; God is my Father.” But he discovered It, rising up out of human sense. Now, when you have accepted your Immortality, you cannot also accept your mortality. That’s like saying the Spirit of God is in a mortal body. And as long as you try to live on both sides, the immortal and the mortal, you’ll find you get hurt in both places. You can’t split infinitives that well.

A woman had just learned that the Spirit of God was her Being. She had learned to some extent what she should do to overcome the belief in a personal self. All of this was making a great impression on her; and after she had it, she thought, she then said, “Now, about my husband, you know he’s getting older, and we have this great acreage and these responsibilities, and he’s not really quite able to do the things he used to, and he’s kind of worried about it and I am, and I’m wondering what I can do to, you know, cope with the situation.”

And I said, “Well, you can do one of two things. You can meet the situation humanly, or you can accept spiritual Identity for both of you. Now, I said, “Don’t try to do both. Either you are the child of God and he is, or you accept that you’re not the child of God, but if you try to be the child and act like a human, you’re starting out in an impossible situation.” Now, I said, “Suppose you decide that because he’s getting older and all of that, as you see it, that you really do want to do something for him. You say he doesn’t have the energy. Now, what can you do?”

And she thought about it, and she says, “There’s is really nothing I can do, is there?” There wasn’t anything she could humanly do to give him energy. The only way she could really help that family was to be a witness for Christ within. She had to learn how to wash her feet and his, and while going about it, to wash the feet of the sheep on the ranch. The Spiritual Way is not an extra something that you do. It’s not something you add to your human way. It’s a departure, and you don’t hold on to what you’re departing from, and you don’t turn back. The embryo that is born isn’t still an embryo, and though we come now to a place where we’re just infants, what about it? What’s wrong with stumbling as an infant?

Haven’t we learned that long suffering is part of the way? Of course, it’s a suffering. How could we possibly walk on spiritual feet in one minute? And so we are prepared for what appears to be a struggle. What of it? At least in that struggle, nothing gets hurt. The only thing that gets hurt is your sense of impatience and frustration, but there’s no hurt in this new struggle as an infant in Spirit. You are learning to do something that is breath-taking. You are learning how to let God be your Life. You are learning it’s possible to let God be your Life.

You’re not reading about a Resurrection in the Bible. You’re not going to a ceremonial and watching somebody wash somebody’s feet and going home and saying, “Gee, that was inspiring.” You are the Resurrection. You are going through the experience of Resurrection, from infancy and ultimately to full maturity in the Spirit. And the Jesus Christ Way is totally different. Then, even we know, as we proceed along our spiritual sense of the Way, because suddenly we come face-to-face with a new level: “I have meat. I can give you living waters.”

And you look, and you see you’re a disciple, and there he has no meat whatsoever, what’s he talking about? Or you’re at the well and you look, and here’s this man. He’s dusty with the road. What kind of living waters can he give me? I’ve got the well, not him. And there he is without meat, to see, for anyone, without wine, to see, for anyone, without bread, to see, for anyone; and he says, “I can give you anything you want,” but he has nothing, and that’s the beautiful thing that Joel has pointed out. He has nothing, but he can give everything.

Why? Where is it? In his nothingness, in his elimination of personal sense, in the crucifixion of the man, in the removal of all humanhood, of all mortality, there stands the infinite, immortal Self, which has all. And the man, with nothing, who knows I am of mine own self nothing, who has crucified mortality, finds him Self to be the Infinite Invisible expressing Its fullness. And this, that little boy knew in his twenties. He knew this was his Way, Resurrection out of mortality, out of limitation, out of a brief lifespan, out of all the lacks, the needs, the wishes, the hopes, the ambitions into the acceptance of Being—not God to be discovered somewhere.

This is the story of Identity, not God indwelling me, not the Spirit of God inside me, not seeking the presence of God, but recognizing your Being is the Presence of God. Your Being is that Presence, and then you’re in One. Then you’re in Union. Then you are casting no shadow, and then you are ready to see that every word, thought, and deed in the life of Jesus Christ was to bring you to the place where you and the Father are One and the same, that the Presence of God is your Being.

I am is just a word until you know I am is the Presence. I am the Spirit is just a word until you know that Spirit, that you’re saying you are, is God Itself; and when you accept any imperfection in your life, any lie, any untruth, any error, any evil, you are denying your Identity. You are punishing yourself. You are being what you are not. You cannot have a problem and be the Identity that Jesus taught you are. Do you see, then, that you are rejecting Identity when you say: “I need. I lack. I want. This is wrong. That is wrong. I’m sick.” or “I will die,” or even that “I was born?”

Identity is your only name. Whatever you shall ask in my name, you shall receive. My name is Spirit. And when you are asking in the name of Spirit, you don’t even ask. The acceptance of Identity is the asking. Resurrection is the realization of Identity. That one word is the key to the immortal Self. You cannot be that immortal Self unless you have put off the garment of belief in a mortal self. You cannot share the fruits of the Spirit with a neighbor unless you are that immoral Self; and you cannot be that immortal Self and accept problems in your life as a reality, nor can you accept problems in your life as a reality and say that you are the immortal Self at the same breath. Isn’t there a lot, then, behind washing the feet?

Isn’t this what our religion should be teaching about Identity, instead of poor crawling mortal sinners? We say today, “He is risen.” Where? Where has he risen? Look around you and see if he’s risen. He hasn’t risen in the consciousness of mankind where he should be rising. Mankind is still a density, but he is rising in our consciousness. That’s where he’s rising. That’s where the Spirit of God ultimately reveals Itself as the Identity of every man, where the Consciousness rejects all temptation to believe that I am not that One Identity to which the Father said, “All that I have is thine.”

You know he didn’t give that all-ness to the mortal who dies. He gave it to that which is his own Self, the Christ of Himself, which is called His Spirit in you, and then you get rid of that “in you”: His Spirit, I am. And in his Spirit is the all-ness of God, and wherever I accept less than the all-ness of God as being present, I am denying Identity, I am denying His Presence. And now, if I wash my feet correctly and know who I am, and wash your feet correctly and know who you are, and wash the feet of the world and know who everyone is, isn’t washing the feet the acceptance of the omnipresence of God?

Everywhere I am. Everywhere the Spirit of God is. Everywhere is the One Identity. You dwell with this, and you find that something lifts you above the limitations of a human intellect, and you come face-to-face with a wonderful paradox, which is very up-lifting. If I have a mortal mind, how can it know anything except a mortal body, a mortal life, a mortal experience? Is God mortal? How can the mortal mind know the immortal Father? It cannot. It receiveth not the things of God.

And so I am lifted above this moral mind, and now finally I reach a place where I, for an instant, glimpse the fact that the divine infinite Mind is the only Mind, and You live there a while. You experience Its, what might be called, rapture, the knowledge that I’ve been lifted above every human concept. I’m in the divine Mind, and it is my Mind.

Much has come about through a misinterpretation of one of the most important phrases in the Bible: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” And by taking that statement to apply to Jesus and not seeing the universal nature of it, we have taken billions of people and not advised them that this statement is about them. “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,” the Christ as your Identity. “Call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your father . . .”

God is the Father of Christ, and if God is your Father, who are you? And so the only begotten, meaning Christ, which is the I which goeth unto the Father, is your name. And it isn’t something to attain. It isn’t something to work to become. It is the acceptance that I, being the Christ, the only begotten of the Father, and God being my Father, for I have no father upon the earth, I can no longer identify as the mortal being I identified as before. So the secret of secrets is that I cannot live in a human body without saying to these statements, “They do not apply to me.” I cannot agree and accept to call no man my father upon the earth, for only God is my Father.

I’ll stay in a human body, and the world has done that and suffered from it. Now we see that from the far ends of the earth, Spirit has prepared the chain of command leading right to you. And so Spirit says, “I stand at the door and knock. From the beginning of the world to this moment, I stand at the door and knock. Get out of that body. Open the consciousness. Accept I, for I am the Way you’ve been seeking. I am the Way to the rebirth from generation to regeneration, and that regeneration is through I in the midst of you, which am mighty.”

Oh, how beautiful the Bible becomes when we know who we are, and we discover every Word of the Spirit is the Word of my own Being, ever held before the false human consciousness that was rejecting it.—Somewhere in Proverbs we’re given the clue to this regeneration. It’s in the twenty-seventh proverb, line thirteen. I wonder how I keep doing this. But that isn’t it at all. It’s the line about waiting on the Lord, and I can’t give you the verse at the moment, waiting on the Lord.—

And this is the Son, which you are, waiting upon the Father. And this is the regeneration.

As you accept being that Life which is not in body, as you accept being the spiritual Son, not limited to form, time, space, lack, bad health, bad digestive system, bad this and bad that,—None of this is you.—As you accept this, you’re accepting that spiritual Sonship, which is waiting on the Lord and which is fed by the Infinite, you find your Self to be Self-fulfilling. You find Grace is no longer something you read about. It’s your daily experience. It’s Self-fulfilling Self.

You discover that I am the way to Grace, fulfilling Itself in you. In Hebrews,—and this time I hope I have the right one.—we have our friend Paul anticipating our hesitations, where we begin to say, “Well, tomorrow we’ll get into that,” and Paul tells us “No, let’s get into it today.” It may sound like a very strange step, but in Hebrews, chapter ten, Paul begins to tell us, “This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, saith the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts, and in their minds will I write them; and their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.”

That’s the end of karma, you see, breaking the law of karma. Their sins, and their iniquities, will I remember no longer. There’s no karma in the Spirit. It’s only when you’re living in the sense of physical self. Now, where omission of these is, there is no more offering for sin: “Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, By a new and living way,—And that’s what we’ve been talking about today, the new, the living way,—“which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh.”

So we have the flesh of the Christ, which is not the flesh of the mortal body. We have the spiritual flesh of Christ, and that has ever been the Reality of our Being right where we stand. Out of the body, listening to the inner Self, we watch the concepts change, and we can behold what we have been before the world was and what we are now: I, too pure to behold iniquity, will reveal to you the nature of your own Being. This is the transition in consciousness, the renewing of the mind, which is the transforming agent for the transfiguration.

Now, it’s not immodest, then, to be an immortal. It’s simply living in the Truth that God is your Father, and God is not the Father of any mortal being. We have no dying Deity. We have no dying Christ. We have no aging Christ. We have no sinning Christ. We have no unhealthy Christ. We have no lacking or limited Christ. All of these problems are the denial of Identity, and you know how subtly you deny Identity: “I have a problem.” Well, does Spirit have a problem? “No, but I have.” And, therefore, you’re saying, “I am not Spirit,” but Spirit is the Son of God. “Call no man your father upon the earth, for one is your Father which is in heaven.”

Spirit is your Father. Spirit is your Substance. Spirit has no problem, and therefore, you don’t have to get rid of a problem. You haven’t got one. That which you have called your body has one, and as long as you’re in that body, you have a problem or ten. But You have no problem. Why don’t you live in the You that You are and discover You have no problem? And while you’re making the transition of living in this You that You are, You can face the problem and realize the problem exists only in the sense of body, which is not You. I am not in the body.

At the Palace of Fine Arts, there is an exhibit, and it’s called the Exploratorium. Now, in this exhibit, it has the title, “Dedicated to Awareness,” and if you go in on the right side, make that circle, halfway around the circle on the right side to the extreme right of it, there’ll be a little door with a sign, “Exploratorium.” And it’s open every day from one to five, except Monday and Tuesday. Now, these exhibits are all, strangely enough, dedicated to the illusion of the senses, and one of the exhibits is the bust of a figure, about eight inches tall, six inches, something like that. It seems to be copper-toned. You see the perfect bust of this man, maybe a Flemish or that period, and there’s a sign that says, “Touch me.”

When you reach to touch this metal bust, and to your surprise it’s just air. You can’t touch it. It’s only an image. And then you figure out, “Well, how did this happen?” And you reach inside, and you find that there’s a mirror inside, a convex mirror, a very large one, and all of this is enclosed in a box. And all you see is this perfect three-dimensional image, which you’re sure is there, but it isn’t, just blank air. And so up somewhere or down somewhere, there is another bust which is shining into the mirror, and the mirror is catapulting an image out here. But there is probably another mirror, and that mirror shines into the mirror and creates the illusion of a mirror. And you don’t see any of this because all of it’s in the darkness. The illusion of mirror creates the illusion of the figure.

Well, this is all very primitive, the human sense of life. The cosmic mind does it in a more subtle way, but the result is the same with one exception. Here, we not only have the image, but here, in this human life, we have the living senses with it. Now, if you were an image like that image, but also had the sense of touch, you’d never know the difference. You’d consider the physical image very real because you could touch it. And you see this being such a primitive reproduction of the illusion of the senses, it’s only when we put together a few more sense illusions with it that we build a perfect illusion called the human form, which has no birth from God.

It might pay some of you to get over there and look at some of the other exhibits. There are optical illusions in sense of smell, olfactory illusions, and some others that I don’t recall. And then there are some movies about the laser light. It’s from one to five, Wednesdays through Sunday, and if you do nothing else, when you go in, go to the left and across the wall, to the left and over to the right wall, after you go to the left and see this little bust and reach in to touch it, and then go to some of the exhibits right next to it to find out just why the illusions appear so real to you. And you’ll be onto some of the tricks of the cosmic mind.

While we’re on the subject of details like this, Joel’s new book, The Mystical I, is coming out, be out about the eighteenth of May. If you’re near a library, go get it there. If you want us to order it for you, just leave your check and your name, and along about May eighteenth we’ll have it, if it comes out on schedule. It’ll be four dollars and eighty-five cents plus tax and plus twenty-five cents for mailing and all of that. Let’s say five and a quarter probably is the price of the book with the tax and add twenty-five cents for mailing. But remember, all the metaphysical libraries will have it, no doubt. For those of you who find it inconvenient, who are not near one, just tell us you want it, and we’ll order it for you.

Next week, by the way, the study will be the next chapter in Contemplative Life, and that is about the pre-Easter week, preparing for Easter, chapter four. But you are preparing for Easter in a different way than even reading a book, because we’re now at a place where we’re going to find that we’re not too interested in books. They’ll be nice to stimulate us. They’ll be nice to give us a little start down the hill or up the hill or something like that. But ultimately the only book we want is the Book of Life, that inner book which must become unsealed as we live in the Truth of I, and that Mystical I of Joel’s new book will contain several of his last talks in London, just before the transition. I can’t tell you anymore. I haven’t read it.

When you begin to enjoy your new weapon for living the Life eternal, the conscious Awareness that I am not entombed in anything that will die, that I am free Spirit. I’m everywhere. I’m in every century right now. There’s no place where my Spirit is not. Then you’re living your Life eternal, and even though it’s only a preliminary to the real experience, it is the prenatal to this eternal Life. It is the new Womb for the new Man. And make no mistake about it. You must enter that new Womb to be reborn.

And so Paul tells us it is a new living Way. It is a Way provided by the Father. It is the Way of being reborn to the Spirit, of the Spirit, and by the Spirit, in the Spirit, until Spirit, Christ Consciousness, Life eternal, Substance of God is the only Substance you recognize as a living Substance. Can there be a problem in the Substance of God? If you have such a problem, you are not that Substance in your consciousness, are you? And I have discovered, to my satisfaction, that as long as I’m willing to accept my Self to be that Substance and have the patience, I can look at that problem and say, “You are not in my Substance, and that which is not in my Substance cannot continue to persecute me.”

It needs a mind that accepts it to work in. It needs a human mind, a human consciousness. And because the Substance of God is the only Substance there is, every physical disability on this earth is nothing more than the bust of a man that you can reach out to touch, and you’ll find it isn’t there when you are in the consciousness of Substance. The cosmic illusion is unveiled. You don’t have to get rid of it. That isn’t the problem. Your only problem is to accept the Substance, that you are and stand in It in your Consciousness, rejecting any other self. And then you’ll find that there are no conditions in a Substance called God.

There’s no poor today and wealthy tomorrow. There’s no hundred and four degree temperature today and normal tomorrow. There’s no changing condition in the Substance, and therefore the changing condition is telling you, you are wavering. You’re not living in the substance. You’re not accepting the substance. And, truly that’s all you need do is accept the Substance as the only, the One, the infinite Substance, and that is where your body is. That is your body, and it is governed by the law of that Substance, which is the perfect law of Spirit. It is under the principle of perfection, and because that Substance is all, the principle of perfection is all that is here.

The imperfection is the belief that you are another substance. Don’t you see, then, what separation means? The belief that you are another substance is separation from God, and two powers means that you do not believe you are the one Substance, and so you have powers of God in the one substance that are perfect, but imperfect powers in the other substance which you accept to be there. And it isn’t there. You’ve got false powers that only exist because you accept another substance that isn’t there. You can live in the realization that the One Substance of God is the only Substance that covers this earth. The Substance of God is the earth and the fullness thereof.

And all that denies it is a cosmic mind seeking entrance, and if you permit that cosmic mind to enter, you are denying identity. You can even get to look at that cosmic mind and say, “You have no existence. Nothing you can say or do or make me feel is true because the One Substance of God is all that is here, and the name of that Substance is I. It existed before Adam and Eve. It has always existed. It is invisible. It is present. It is God. It is now. It is forever. And as I dwell there, all the shadows are removed, the shadows of thought, the shadows of memories, the shadows of experience and sensation, the shadows that never were more than my concepts as I lived out of my true Substance, in a separate substance with separate powers in the world of dreams.

Come back. Do not be two. Do not be another self than I am, One, I and the Father, One. And I accept divine Substance, which is incorporeal. And we’ll come way back to Lao Tzu, where there’s no rhinoceros to put a horn in divine Substance. We’ll build our little community of I am, the divine Substance, the Essence, which was the very Essence of being an Essene. And then with the detour of sixteen centuries caused by the watering down of the great Truth into a personalized deity sent to suffer on earth, and all of that nonsense is cast out from the belief of those who are enlightened to know the Truth that sets them free.

The substance of God, is the only substance that ever was, is, and will be, and that is Christianity universal. That is the teaching of the universal Christ which has ever been on this earth, awaiting the recognition of those who wish to live as one with their Father. It has no race. It has no religion. It has no history or geography. It has no divisions. Son of Man has no place to lay his head, for we are the universal Spirit. This teaching will bear every test to which you care to put it, and it will reveal to you the Truth that your Spirit is invincible. To know I aright is to know God aright, for I and the Father are One. And to know I aright, then, is to live now as the Substance, to now enjoy your Life eternal.

By next week many of you will have found ways. Perhaps some of you will have been instructed by the Spirit in these ways to live with a conscious Awareness that that body you see of me is something over which I entertain dominion, like I do of my automobile. It is under my control, and the control I exercise over it is not by telling it what to do, but by resting in the knowledge that I am the divine Substance which lives Itself through my Silence, making me an instrument for that indwelling Spirit. And this divine Substance of my Being, being ever perfect, maintains that body Image in perfection with no effort on my part, other than obedience to the spontaneous spiritual impulse that never ceases to flow.

That is how your dominion is attained, by accepting its presence in the Spirit of your Being, knowing that perfection is self-perpetuating. Grace needs nobody to turn the key and make it run. It’s running now, and you will find little tricks, little techniques, little ways to keep you in that knowledge. So you’ll be working at the office, working in the home, doing something, and yet knowing I, the infinite Spirit, is my name, and I can almost stand aside and watch this body perform what it is ordained to do now perfectly, without effort, without taking deep thought, without planning, always it being responsive to that inner impulse which I, the infinite Spirit, am sending through. Without effort on my part, you are lining up the infinite circle of Truth with that little circle of Truth which is your momentary Consciousness, and the two are functioning as One.

You are living in the higher order of your Self, and the lower self, the Egypt, will be guided by Jerusalem, while you come out of her. This is a technique you’ll have to develop within your Self to make you a doer and not a speaker, but you’ll have friends in this work, and there will always be this inter-communion between us in which we nudge each other along the way with little ideas that have come, or we move certain obstacles out of the way.

But it is your experience, and it is just that living-ness of it which brings to you those of your own household, those necessary to your experience, and to whom your experience is necessary, and builds for you your own individual Essene community. As you are living the Way, you will find those who must live that Way will find their way to your door. I in the midst of you am the Way, and no one cometh to the Father except through Me. Enjoy it because it is the most exciting thing you will ever know as it unfolds and unfolds into new mansions continuously.

First thing in the morning, as often as you can remember during the day, and watch how without any effort on your part beside that, It does the work. It performeth. That is the miracle of I. Perhaps our Easter will be the experience of Easter before it arrives. Certainly, we can come next week with that in mind, that I have been living not in the body, and I, to some degree, understand the meaning of the rising Christ.

I don’t really want to say good-bye because I’d like to just dwell here and enjoy the warmth and love of Spirit. It has its own message, it’s Peace. All the friction of the world goes away, and that great Peace to descends. No human mind can ever invent such Peace.


Blessings and thank you.

We read the words, “Before Abraham was, I am,” and we know that the man, Jesus, was not before Abraham, and therefore “I am” takes a great significance. We also learned that “I am the way,” and that increases the significance of I. But still lifting I, being raised to the level of that I which was before Abraham, even though it be the Way, is still a very dark way for most of us. You might even say for all of us. But there was such a group that knew the meaning of the Way, and they lived the Way, and they taught the Way, and they prepared the Way for the rest of us to follow.

When Philo speaks of the Essenes, he says that following: “The Essenes would not allow within their community at Qumran any maker of sorrows, any maker of spears or swords, nor any manufacturer of engines of war, nor any man occupied with a military avocation, or even with peaceful practices which might easily be converted into mischief.” And so we find on earth, living right near the Roman Empire, a group of people numbering no more than four to five thousand, who would permit no one to live among them who was capable of any way becoming involved with things of war.

We can apply that to our thinking today to see the comparison, and so we find now a very unusual thing, a sect among the Hebrews which does not practice Judaism in the same way that the rest of the Hebrews do. The Sadducees, the Pharisees practice their Judaism, but the Essenes live the quiet life apart. And no matter what words we read about them, the words we hear generally are from historians, people who happened to live at that time or a little later, usually living outside of the group and judging by what they saw. And so they would say this was a quiet people, a very tranquil people, a people without servants, a people who had no need for riches, for to them riches were the contentment of the mind. There were no slaves among them. Every man was free. Every man was equal, and so on.

The historians would tell us wonderful things about these very unusual people. But more than what we read and even what we hear, they knew the meaning of the Way, the Way that I am, and being pledged to secrecy, they could not reveal the books they read. They were even pledged not to reveal the names of the angels that they spoke to. But you will find that a golden thread connected the Essenes to all of the past civilizations of the world, a thread that began with the beginning of the world, continued through civilizations who taught spiritual living right through the Essenes, preparing the way for the birth of Mary and Joseph, and through them, the final fulfillment of the Light.

Now, Josephus, a historian, says, “They despised wealth. None among could be found richer than the other. It was their law that all who enter the sect must divide their property among the members of the society with the result that there’s never seen among them either abject poverty nor great wealth. They all have, like brothers, one inheritance.” Again, from the outside looking in, Josephus saw that they lived as One. He could not see that they were actually recognizing that One is all there is, that they were living in the great unity with the One spiritual essence of Being, and because they lived that way within, it appeared visibly, physically, tangibly that way outside.”

Now Eusebius, another historian, quoted Philo, and he says, “So enviable is the Essene way of life that not only private citizens, but also mighty kings are filled with amazement and admiration at them and have honored the fraternity by lavishing praise and honor upon these respected and venerated men.” And Josephus now comes back and says, “They never spoke about their human affairs before sunrise. The time before sunrise was devoted completely to the Silence or to speaking about the things of the Father. They stopped their work every day at 11 AM to purify their thought, bake their own bread. They said grace before and after by recognizing that God alone is the giver of Life. They allowed no noise, and the Silence that they entertained around them was somewhat strange to visitors. They satisfied their basic needs only.”

Pliny, a contemporary of theirs wrote, “This is a race remarkably different from all other men in the whole world. They live without women. They have renounced sexual love, and they live without money, and for companionship they have palm trees. So strange to say without any births among them, this race has lasted for thousands of years because so fruitful for them is the life weariness of others.” And the meaning there, of course, was that others becoming disenchanted with their normal human lives would then ask for admission to the Essenes, and this is how the group kept growing and continuing in spite of no children. And finally, Pliny again: “These God-guided men are so free that they inspire their neighbors with a spirit of freedom. There aren’t many of them, but that is not to be wondered at, for high nobility of that degree is always rare. These men have attained it by separating themselves from the common crowd to dedicate themselves to study the great truths of nature.”

Now there was much more to the Essenes than these random comments from contemporaries and later historians. The Essenes were like a mighty river into which flowed the tributaries of the world because, before the Essenes actually became a brotherhood, a community, a series of colonies along the Nile and the Jordan extending into Egypt, into Alexandria, around Judea, there was a great spiritual inflow upon the earth. We find the great teachings of China, the great teachings of India, the great teachings of Chaldea, of Persia, of Egypt, and the long line of succession among the Israelites themselves. All of this flowed into the Essene community. It received the highest teachings on the earth, absorbed them, and lived them.

And in doing so, it became a channel through which West and East could ultimately meet, and the spiritualization of the Eastern activity, of the Western activity could be joined with the activization of the spirituality of the Easterner, so that we could see a situation where the sun would rise in the east and set in the west, but it would be one sun. The Essenes, you see, were among the first world religions. Before Abraham was, I am, and this Christ that was before Abraham was the guiding principle of life among the Essenes, universal Christ, not confined to geography, not confined to a race or a nation or a history, not confined to time or space. They were teaching the universality of God. And this was before the Master said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

Now they had a great secret, and until their great secret is your secret and my secret, we will discover that everything in the Bible to us represents a challenge that we cannot fulfill, and to find the secret of the Essenes, it would be well to look at these tributaries of spiritual wisdom that filtered into their community. So I’d like you to listen to a few things that were said by the Master egos, the great Masters of the sixth century before Jesus Christ. There was in that period, from 650 BC to 350 BC, at least five outstanding grand Masters on the earth, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Zoroaster, Buddha, and we’ll see who else comes along, Pythagoras of Greece. Now mind you, this is 600 BC. The Essenes lived from approximately 200 BC to 300 AD, a five hundred year period. And this is four hundred years before the Essenes, six hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ.

And here’s Lao Tzu. He is saying in the Upanishads, “I have heard that he who possesses the secret of life, when traveling abroad, will not flee from rhinoceros or tiger. When entering a hostile camp, he will not equip himself with sword or buckler. The rhinoceros finds in him no place to insert his horn. The tiger has no where to fasten its claws. The soldier has nowhere to thrust his blade.” And why? Because he has no spot where death can enter. Lao Tzu is teaching that man is not living in his body, that he is divine Consciousness and must come to know himself as divine Consciousness so that death cannot enter, for death can enter the human body.

Then says Lao Tzu, “There is a thing inherent and natural which existed before heaven and earth, motionless and fathomless. It stands alone, never changes. It is everywhere and yet never becomes exhausted. It may be regarded as the mother of the universe, and I do not know its name.” And so when we try to give the name “God,” we are expressing the belief that we do know Its name. Joel gave it the name “the Infinite Invisible.” And along the same line Lao Tzu continues, “but if I am forced to give it a name, I call it “Tao,” and I name it as supreme, but the Tao that can be expressed is not the natural Tao. The name that can be named is not the unchanging name.”

And so he’s teaching us never to try to control or manipulate the infinite with the mind, but you must go beyond the mind, for you cannot name that which is infinite with a finite mind. Out of the body and out of the mind was his teaching six hundred years before Jesus Christ. He finally said, “Discarding the body is the great liberation.” Now, this became part of the way of life of the Essenes, living outside of the human body, and today we have to learn what that involves.

They went about their day’s affairs, letting the infinite Self run Itself without human interference. Each laid down his own personal sense of self. Each accepted the omnipresence of the invisible Essence of God. Each accepted him Self to be the Substance of God and to know that that Substance is ever perfect. Each understood that Life exists before birth, in the interval between birth and death, and after death; and that Life is always the immaculate perfect Life of the Spirit. They even sought difficulties so that they could overcome them. They felt that wisdom is crystallized pain.

One belief they had was that unless one became a fit instrument for the indwelling Spirit, you were dead, even though you walk the earth in a physical form; and so their complete life span was spent to make themselves an instrument for the Holy Ghost. They were without concept, without judgment, without condemnation. If there were criminals, they blessed them.

There were two groups of Essenes, the marrieds and the unmarrieds, and the unmarrieds took the vow of eternal virginity. They never married. They lived alone. They completely lived by the Spirit. The marrieds went into the communities and demonstrated by their purity and their way of life that they could attract to themselves those egos, who still unborn, were seeking a higher way of life; and by their divine Consciousness they attracted to themselves those unborn spirits seeking a way into mortality. This was the way they lived. In short, they tried, all, to live as later Mary was taught to live.

And so the Essenes became an unusual factor, not only in their own apartness, but even when groups of Essenes would marry and go out into the communities. They brought with them this way of life concerning the fidelity to the indwelling Spirit, the knowledge of Substance as Essence of God, the knowledge that behind the visible changing world of the senses was a permanent Essence unchanging, immovable, ever-immaculate, ever-present. And this was the invisible Kingdom of God.

They walked in it consciously. All this seeped into them from the great ego, Lao Tzu. Confucius, of course, was not as high. Confucius was like Moses. His teaching concerned building a path of righteousness as a foundation, and so he taught the virtues. He taught trust worthiness. He taught humility. He taught zeal for study, eagerness to learn so that you’ll notice many Chinese are always very aware of the power of learning. The mark of Confucius is upon them. There were some students who were capable of higher learning, and he taught them about the Holy Spirit. Between the two, Lao Tzu and Confucius, we have the complete teaching of Moses and Jesus Christ, from law to Spirit. This became part of the Essene community.

We have Krishna way back in the twelfth century before Christ. Krishna was teaching one mind in the following manner. It stated, “As pure water poured into pure water remains the same, this is the self of a thinker who knows.” Why, only last week we read about no concepts, and here it is three thousand years after Master Krishna told us that pure water poured into pure water remains pure water. And so if divine Mind pours Itself into your mind with no concept, divine Mind will express through you as Grace.

“He who beholds all Being in the Self and the Self in all Being never turns away from it.” Twelve hundred years before Jesus, “I and the Father are one.” is said as One Self by Krishna, and this becomes the understanding among Essenes, the knowledge that although we see many forms, only One Self moves here. It is the divine Self, and we are all that One Self; and so the Essene is stepping out of the illusion of form into the acceptance of I am He who was before Abraham. I am that invisible Christ, the divine Man walking the earth.

Today, it may seem new to us, but they lived it, and as they lived it, they were training those among them who were going to bring the Light of Christ to its fulfillment, for among them was the mother and father of Mary, Joachim, Hanna, and even Hanna’s mother, Fostina; and they, being Essenes, were learning the principles of Lao Ttzu, the principles of Confucius, the principles of Krishna. They were learning one Self. They were learning that I am the Light. They were learning that I am the Substance of which God is.

And as a result they, having a child, were able to produce Mary. And it is said that because of Mary’s radiance, having been attracted to those who were living in the high Consciousness of the one Self, before she even appeared, her radiance was shining through her mother. Of course, many stories are built about these great sages and seers. The only way you have any possibility of knowing the Truth is to receive them in your inner Self, for always before Jesus, every great Master was immaculately conceived. Unusual events always attended their birth. They never had a human father. Always, God was the Father.

And this became part of the tradition that later appeared as the birth of Jesus Christ. It was among these Essenes that Mary was trained, and although her parents died while she was still in her very early teens, she learned all of the virtues of the great teachings of the world, which had filtered into this community. She learned secrets that the world does not even know today, and, of course, this was what attracted the Soul of Jesus. This is what attracted that ego which now became her child, and this Immaculate Conception was nothing more than the pure realization that all that comes from the Father is of the Father.

Years of purification of living in the Oneness of Spirit, of being a fit instrument for the Holy Ghost, all of this was necessary from the beginning of the world to the time of the birth of Jesus, through the great prophets, through the great teachings of civilization, through the Essenes to Mary and Joseph. This was the only child that Mary had that was able to show forth the perfection of Being. She had eight more. None of them showed forth the perfection of Jesus.

The first was the complete culmination of that which was to learn everything that had been taught through the Essenes to the parents and finally brought up to the pinnacle of understanding when he could stand and say, “I am the Way.” The real birth was the change from the human appearance of body to the divine appearance of body, both being imperceptible to the human eye, so that you couldn’t tell when the change occurred unless you are highly spiritually attuned. Jesus, in turn, learned to live outside of the body, so that in an early age, he was practicing the principle of absent from the body, present with the Lord.

When he announced, “I am the Way,” the human Jesus was no longer there. Only I, for it was I who announced, “I am the Way.” Now we could go on and on tracing these past civilizations, and you would find many similarities in Gautama the Buddha, Pythagoras, all of the ancients, all culminating in the final pure Consciousness, which is called the rending of the veil by Jesus Christ, making it possible for everyone on this earth to receive initiation of the Spirit, for in the overcoming of the world mind, the Christ Jesus opened the Way for each one to enter beyond the veil.

Now, you have found a great frustration in trying to fulfill the commands of the Bible. It has told you to do many things, and although you have tried with devotion, there is always many a barrier standing there, as if to say somewhere along the line the teaching didn’t provide me with the method for doing this. But it did without your realizing it, because if you have come to the place where you realize that you cannot do what the Bible is telling you to do, you are in the right place.

It is only when you know that you cannot fulfill what the Bible is telling you to do that you’re ready to fulfill it. That is when you say, “Now I’m ready to give up the one thing I haven’t been willing to give up. I cannot fulfill the commandments of the Bible. I cannot know the Truth. I cannot walk in His Will. I cannot turn the other cheek. I try, but I cannot. I cannot enter the fourth dimension of Consciousness. I cannot love my neighbor. I cannot see the Christ. I do judge. I do condemn, and I have that great fear that I am not adequate to the task. I go up, and I go down.” And then, finally, we learn to give up concepts. We read chapters on “Losing I-ness in I.” And while we are striving to do it, we know we’re not doing it.

And then we find among the Essenes the answer. You cannot do it. That’s the secret. Of all of the commands in the Bible, you cannot fulfill them. Only God can, and the only way they’ll be fulfilled is if you let God fulfill them in you; and that’s why today is our turning. From today on, when you live in a body, you are denying the presence of God. You cannot live in a human body and say, “I worship God.” The very fact that you’re living in the sense of a human body is your denial of God.

We have had a sixteen century detour from the Truth, when the state decided to start a religion called Christianity excluding the Essenes and excluding the Christ and giving us but a shell. And when the state appropriated the writings of the Essenes, the understanding of the Essenes, the teaching of the Essenes, and then emasculated it to suit their own convenience,—understanding nothing about what the Essenes were doing, or why they were doing it, or how they were the great storehouse of ancient Wisdom come into fruition,—that is when we all took the detour, and we had a religion that had words without meaning. We were in the letter of Truth without the Spirit.

From that moment on, man was unable to fulfill the Bible, even though he wanted to, because the great Truth that Only The Spirit Of God Can Fulfill Itself was lost when the state turned its back on the first world religion, the universal Christ teaching of the Essenes. As you go deeper into their life, you discover that it took three years to be trained, and at the end of those three years, you were ready for the supreme test. That three-year apprenticeship led to the time when you were able to walk out of the body, and when you could live outside of the body, you were an Essene, not before.

They knew there were six heavens, meaning to them the six heavens are the levels of consciousness leading to living as the divine Self. To them the Bible was not what it is to the world today. They did not look at the Bible as a historical event or sequence of historical events. They understood the Spirit behind it. They saw it as allegory. They understood that Egypt was the human body. They understood that the march out of Egypt, which Moses led, was the leading of man out of his sense of body. They understood that the promised land or Jerusalem was the awareness of the one divine Consciousness as my Consciousness. So to them, Egypt meant human body. Jerusalem meant one infinite divine Consciousness

They were marching from Egypt to the New Jerusalem, out of body into Divinity. And this was a broad panorama of what Moses was actually teaching. Much that we, today, take literally, to the Essenes was allegory; and we’ll discover later that practically nothing in the Bible to them was a fact. Everything had a deeper, higher meaning. And the one thing they could never accept, even later, was the belief that God was born, coming down from heaven to earth, and became the embryo in the womb of a virgin. They could never accept that.

They could never believe in a dying Deity who went through the ordeals of prenatal birth, adolescence, suffering, cruelty, and then the final torture on the cross, all so that men would see a resurrection of physical flesh and then believe that God’s created world was alright. The whole preposterous idea was blasphemy to the Essenes. They did not believe in a physical resurrection or in a physical Christ. They knew Christ to be the Spirit. They knew the Spirit to be all, and they did not accept the Christianity that we have been sold. They were absorbed into the early Christian movement after the Ascension, and their work continues in more ways than the world is aware of today.

Their work is always behind the scenes. On the march, the flight from Egypt, they had helped Mary. When Jesus sent his disciples out the seventy without script, little did they realize that they were helped by the Essenes. And always in your work, you will discover when invisible hands seem to be helping you, there is a spiritual Reality, an Essene of yesterday ever-present to guide you, to teach you, to uplift you, to maintain you on the path, for these men not only learned to live outside the body, but they were in the twentieth century before you and I ever appeared here, for they walk in the eternity. And with them, we are going to learn how to walk.

Now your problem is not how to fulfill the commandments in the Bible, but how to learn that life in a human body is not the life of God. That is the counterfeit, and only when you are consciously not living in the body will you find that every commandment in the Bible is automatically fulfilled by the Spirit of God in you. This I Am, which was before Abraham fulfills Itself in you when you have learned that I, the Christ am not in a human body, but I, the Christ, am your Self. Now, when you face this, when you know that never again can your life in a human body be lived without the knowledge that you are violating divine Law, then you’re at the place where you can say, “Do or die, I’m willing to pay the price.”

I’m willing to pay that which is beyond price to turn from all that I have been in a human body, from all that the world has meant to me as a human being, from every concept of a mortal self in the flesh that will die, and to live now, developing my awareness that that which is the body is not me. It is a possession of the I that I am. Yes, I have dominion over that body, but I’m not in it. In fact, it is that which is given to me to have dominion over, so that I can know where my consciousness is.

I can measure my divine Consciousness by the dominion that I have over that body, and I will have no dominion over it while I am under the belief that I am living within it. When you face that, when you’re determined that until you face it,—studying The Infinite Way, the Christ Way, the Way of the Light, the Way of Truth is just words, and—that there can be no real progress until it is faced and overcome, then you’re where you really must be, and you’ll look at it and you’ll say, “Why, this is insurmountable. How in the world can I live outside of a human body? What am I going to do with it? I can’t leave it home every day. There’s a chair down at the office I have to sit in, and the boss pays a salary to that body. If I’m not in it, who’s going to take the money? Who drives the car, if not the person in this body? Who eats three meals a day, if not the person in the body?” And, oh, your mind will give you all kinds of reasons why you can’t live outside of the body.

You don’t know where to begin, but the Essenes found a place to begin. Their teachers found a place to begin, and everything you ever tackled in your life that was difficult had no place to begin, but you began somehow. You stumbled, you groped, you probed, but you began. You started pouring from that little cruse of oil. One way or another you did something. James has a passage way back just before Revelation, before first John and first Peter, in which he explains the meaning of the Way. Well, the Way is for those who know, first of all, that you can’t talk the Way. It has to be done. As Jesus, himself, had said, “By their deeds ye shall know them.” So talking the Way was nice. It was the Way of learning the Truth, but living the Way is the deed part, to doer, the action.

Living outside the body is not talking about being outside the body. This is a conscious, continuous remembrance that the Spirit of God is not entombed, and when we come to a day called the Day of Resurrection, when He is risen, we’re not going to face that day without the knowledge of its meaning, that the He which is risen is the I of my Being, that I am risen,—I am not entombed.—that resurrection means I realize that I do not live entombed in a physical form, condemned to decay. I am risen in Consciousness out of the belief that I am entombed.

No body of clay for me, no life within that body of clay, and therefore, who am I if I am not in that body of clay? If I am not in that mortal body where am I? And you have no alternative. There’s no in-between. You’re either in the body or not. When you accept that you’re not in it, that Christ is not confined to that body, you have the meaning of resurrection, because if you’re in the body and Christ isn’t in the body, you’re denying Christ-hood, aren’t you? If you’re in the body and Spirit isn’t in the body, you’re denying the spiritual Identity of your Being. So the moment you are living in a body, whereas Christ is not living in a body, but Christ is risen, you are denying yourself to be the Child of God.

And so we have to face: Are we or are we not the child of God? If so, if I am, then I’m not in a body. And I am, and therefore I am not in a body. And I must know where I am. Who am I? And I find that I am Consciousness without beginning or end because Christ has no beginning or end, and then I am Christ Consciousness without beginning or end, but Christ Consciousness is infinite. And you must accept that if you are not in the body, your name is infinite Consciousness. Now you have who you are and who you are not, where you are and where you are not. You’re not in the body any more. The body is in your infinite Consciousness.

There’s one thing I’d like to clear up. Let’s keep this body a little while. Let’s not toss it on the shelf and call it an illusion. We don’t have to do that. The illusion is the belief that you live inside of it. You don’t. The body is there for the moment. Even though you don’t live inside of it, you now have a different Self to consider, your infinite Self; and now the problem is how to correlate this body with your infinite Self. It’s like a big circle and a little circle. You’ve been living in the little circle. You want to move into the big circle, but you don’t want to get rid of the little circle because you haven’t yet made that transition from one to the other. So what you’re going to do is synchronize the two, and you learn, instead of living inside this little circle, the body, you place your Consciousness in the larger circle, the Infinite, and you dwell there: “Abide in Me and let Me abide in you.”

You abide in the Consciousness of the Infinite, releasing the consciousness of the body. You’ll find, then, that every activity of the body will depend upon your Consciousness of your infinite Self first, and so when we say “going within,” we really mean, then, going to your infinite Consciousness by releasing the consciousness of living in a body. Release it. Let go. Be an Essene. Prepare yourself for the indwelling Spirit to be released. Now you’ll find that it’s a matter of persistence, discipline, and dedication. Your actual turning is to consciously know that I do not live in this form. This form lives within me, and I am infinite Consciousness.

Infinite Consciousness that I am has dominion over this form, and I dwell in that infinite Consciousness, resting, letting the Father fulfill the Father’s commandments in me, letting the Father do all that I have been asked to do. He performeth. He perfecteth. He quickeneth. He goes before me. I rest in my infinite Consciousness. I and the Father are the infinite Consciousness. There are no longer two. And you do this for a few days, weeks, months, and you find the familiarity of it increases; and you have really found your cross, because this is picking up your cross.

As you dwell not in this form, but in your infinite Consciousness, it crosses out the belief that you live in form, and it crosses out the concepts that you have entertained while in the form; and the meaning of illusion becomes very clear then. The world around you was an illusion to the self that lived in this form. But when you’re not in the form, your infinite Self takes a new view of the world around you, and that which had been illusion, meaning the concept you entertained while in this form, is clarified; and now you’re looking at the creation, at the world as it is, instead of how it appeared to you in this form.

And you’re looking, instead, now at the finished Kingdom without concept, and that which had been illusion is shattered, revealing the Reality that ever was there but could not be perceived by the changing human sense of self. And you are rising in Consciousness. Now, this isn’t something anyone’s going to do for you, and it’s not something you’re going to read in a book. It is the doing, which James was talking about, which brings you into the living realization of Christ, the daily doing, and this is your daily prayer without ceasing. This is where you establish your morning contact, infinite Consciousness I am.

Now we have to apply that, and this is where you can be inventive, if you wish. This is where you can take thought, if you wish. This is where you can open yourself to divine thought. You’ll discover that there are many, many things you learn about your infinite Consciousness that nobody’s going to teach you, but they’ll come to you from the Witness within. You might start out like this, and I know I can get you off in the right track, but I’m counting on you to let the infinite Witness within keep you on that track. You will realize that because you’re not in the form, because you are infinite Consciousness, that you are everywhere, and so wherever this form goes, you already are.

The form is walking through you. Wherever the form goes, it is going to meet its Self. You begin to understand your everywhere-ness. You’re out of the body. You are able to move consciously in areas that the body cannot move into. You’re beginning to loosen up spiritually. You’re beginning to find that it wasn’t the hard work that you did that was important. What is more important is getting out of the way, so that the spiritual Self-hood can reveal Itself everywhere as Its own harmony, Its own Life, Its own Law, Its own protection, Its own safety.

You’re into the miracle of living, not confined by the consciousness that lived within the form. You’re letting Grace be your sufficiency, and you find that your capacity to fulfill the Bible’s wishes, to fulfill the will of the Father is being fulfilled without your doing it, that the Father is fulfilling His own Will in the absence of the human shadow. You’re still in the form. You still move, and people see you as you were, but you’re under new law because your new Consciousness is not in this body, but rather It embraces everybody on the earth. Now, this is how we turn, and this is the time to turn. From this moment on, we must learn consciously not to live in the body. You’re going to feel inadequate at times, but be sure that if you do not make the starting point, the oil will not continue to pour from that little cruse.

Let your imagination run wild. There’s no place in time that you’re not. There’s no place in space that you’re not. There’s no place that you ever can be in the future that you’re not in already, because infinite Consciousness is your name. You’re in every tomorrow this minute, and the knowledge of that changes every tomorrow, making it bring forth the activity of the divine Image, instead of the human. You’re really breaking the fetters. You are letting all civilizations and their high teachings of Truth come to fruition in you. Now this is the beginning, which can and should take you into the Easter Consciousness of the Resurrection. I am the Resurrection. I am of the Life. I and the Father are One.

And if you’re looking for the way to do this, the way to accomplish this transition in Consciousness, remember: I am the Way. No one cometh to the Father except through Me. I, infinite Consciousness, I, the spiritual Kingdom within you, I, the fourth dimension called Christ, I, the identity as Christ, as the infinite Consciousness, I am the Way to fulfillment of every Bible promise. Absent from the body, we are present with the Infinite; and as long as we maintain the effort necessary to reject everything on this earth that wants to put an anchor on us and bring us back into the body, we will walk with the angels. Now on this we want to meditate before we take an intermission.

I cannot recognize two selves. Christ is not mortal. I cannot accept Christ and mortality in the same breath. I cannot be the Light and also be the human darkness. The only Self that I can recognize is the only Self there is, the Self of God. Nobody’s ever going to bury that Self. Nobody’s ever going to hurt it or harm it. No one is ever going to make it lacking or limited. No one is going to ever give it arthritis or a pain in any part of the body. The only Self there is is the Self of God, and I must claim that now, and I must be willing to accept the responsibility of turning from all that disclaims the Truth of my Being, for you know that no un-Truth can ever really happen. There is no possibility for un-Truth to happen.

I must learn that whatever is untrue has no way to happen because God is the only Self, and God is never untrue. Whatever is untrue is just another way of the world mind denying the all-ness of the Selfhood of God. But that is my Self. It is the Self of everyone I know. There is no other Self, and that Self never lives in a human body. It never has. It never will. That Self is immortal forever. It is the only Self there is, and regardless of what concepts men have been formed about that Self, they are still no more than concepts. I will not live in a concept. My day is to be One with the Reality of Being, rising above the belief in concept here, there, and everywhere, for that which is not the One Self is not here.

Consciously you walk in the One Self. That is the spiritual Kingdom of God within you. It is the I which was before Abraham. It is the only Life there is. Now I have infinite Consciousness, and I turn to It to let It guide that which is called the form. So whatever the form does, it will be because it is led by my infinite Self, my infinite Consciousness. Every action of the form is guided by the infinite Consciousness that I am. Always I turn to It before I begin whatever I’m doing. Always I turn to It, refreshing. Always I turn to It so that the Lord may build the house, until I no longer have to turn to It. It is I without opposite. It is here. It is functioning. It is the only Self I recognize. It is Christ living Itself.

They say it took six or seven years to become a Master under the Buddha. It took three years for the Essenes to accept one as a member of their community. We’ve been on this path many years, haven’t we? Are we not ready to be accepted in the community of God as the one Self, the infinite Consciousness, so we’re out of the small circle into the Circle of Eternity?

Third chapter will be next week of Contemplative [Life], and if you want to read ahead, we’re going to do the fourth chapter the week after, and that is called “The week before Easter.” It just happens to dovetail very nicely. The third chapter is next week, but we’re going to have to do a pretty thorough grounding next week on the marriage of Mary and Joseph.

No matter what happens today, there is one thing you can be sure of, and that is God will be here. When you are aware of this with assurance, then you’re not going to be concerned what happens today. It’s only when you are not assured that God is here and will be here that you’re concerned, and most of us have not taken the time to abide in that Truth long enough to know It, in spite of what may appear. This day only the activity of God can happen because God is all and I can therefore look at that which is not the activity of God, realizing that it is a changing concept seen by a changing concept, and I’m stepping out from under the image of a changing concept.

Now you may think you’re expressing God qualities in some way. You may feel that these are the qualities you are sending out. I have found it’s necessary to see the image of form in a different way. I have to see that all of the invisible qualities of God are forming the appearance that I have. The concept that I have of myself is based on my incorrect perception of all the qualities of God that are present. You might say that all of the universe is shining its qualities through Itself, and out of It I form this feeling about me, and that appears as me. You form your feeling about you, and that appears as you, but the infinite and perfect qualities are all there, even though you have not the capacity to be aware of them. And so you form a concept of those qualities, which now appears in form as you. That concept about the divine qualities doesn’t change the divine qualities. They are there, and they are perfect.

It is your concept that must change, and the highest concept you can have is no concept, because when that is out of the way the divine qualities express themselves where you are without the interference of your concept; and then the image changes to conform to the divine qualities which it’s Self-expressing. And so when you are willing to accept that only divine qualities surround you, that God is those divine qualities, you will then back up your awareness with resting in that Presence with the knowledge that all that I appear to be here now is but a limited, mental concept I have entertained, and the Reality of me is the all-ness of God, which is invisibly present.

All that the Father hath is mine here now; and I’ll let that Grace perform. Stop trying to live God’s Life. Let God live God’s Life, and so step out from under the image you have created of yourself, accepting God’s presence as the true Identity of Being, accepting that every quality of God is the true quality present; and then behold how those qualities, in the absence of concept, become the expression of Being made visible, and you have the secret, the miracle of the God experience continuing as a permanent dispensation. Nothing has been withheld.

We have been accusing God of withholding my health, my supply. It isn’t true. You have no health. You have no supply. God has it all, and God is expressing it all as the all-ness of your Being. And the only way you can have that health is to remove your concept of human health that is both good and bad or your concept of supply that is both good and bad, and realize God is here and God is my supply; God is here, and God is my health; God is here, and God is my all-ness. Deny it, and lose it. Accept it, and watch It express. And so more and more you’re willing to release every concept about lack or limitation, health or supply, relationships, conditions in the realization that those aren’t the things that are really here. Those are but my concepts about what is here. What is here doesn’t change. God isn’t changing, and God is here. And nothing can change the expression of God here. I can merely entertain a wrong concept about it.

There’s no reason, then, why, when you have abandoned your concept of self, which is the one remaining concept which contains all other concepts, when you abandon your concept of self, then only one is left on the field, and that is God; and right where you are, you discover living Grace, and you didn’t have to take care of any problem at all. You had to come over the belief, the concept you entertained about the absence of qualities of God, which never were absent. Do you see why you’re self-sustaining, totally self-sustaining? This form is but your concept, and right behind it are all of the perfect qualities of the infinite Father expressing. Remove the concept in the Stillness, and watch the divine recipe manifest Itself as a continuing flow of perfection. There’s nobody who has travelled this far who can’t find a way to do that.

And then, you see, we become Essenes. We’re able to walk with God. They were called physicians and healers, and they weren’t. They were individuals who had dropped human concept so that God could reveal God where they stood. Now what quality can be missing from God? You can’t find any. Not one quality can be missing from God. Do you have to pray for it if it’s there? Isn’t that prayer a denial that it is there? If you’re asking God to bring it to you, you’re saying it’s not there. And so you’re only suffering from your own ignorance of the fact that God’s qualities are there where you are, not to be prayed for or to. Your supply, you don’t pray for it. You don’t ask for it. You accept that it is there. And it will not come through a person. You might as well forget expecting it to come through a person. Your health, it is there. It cannot come through a person.

Everything you have desired that is of God is there, but it cannot come through the person, for the person is making concepts, and the concepts can never be the expression of God. Mary learned not to be a person. Jesus learned not to be a person. John learned not to be a person, and there, where they were, the expression of God made Itself manifest as the fullness of their Being. As long as you live in a human mind, you are a person. As long as you live in a human mind, you will live in a human body and a human world. When you have graduated from the belief that there is another mind beside God’s mind, you will relinquish the human mind by relinquishing its concepts. And so Joel’s chapter on relinquishing concepts, erasing concepts is the way to relinquishing the false sense of the human mind.

God isn’t going to multiply your tax forms for you and tell you how much to pay or not to pay. God isn’t going to ring up your cash register and make change for your customers, but you won’t be doing that forever either, and God will still be here when that cash register is in the junk pile and when there are no more income tax forms to make out. And you’ll discover that the person making out the income tax form and the person ringing up the money on the cash register isn’t God’s creation.

There’s no need to be that individual. In this world, you will not find God. In this body, you will not find God. With this mind, you will not find God, and yet it is your destiny to find God right where you are. That incredibly miraculous God experience is what we’re here for. The experience of the infinite Presence, which enables you to be a beholder of infinite Grace, can never come to you until you are willing to accept God on God’s terms and not to remake God in your own mental image. God is not withholding your health, your supply, or anything that is necessary to your existence. It is present.

Now when you want to be independent of the conditions of the world, it follows that you can only do this if you are independent of the form, which depends on the conditions of the world. Everything you are doing as a human being is being done with the belief that this form must be over there, or this form must be over here, or this form must wear such and such a suit or such and such a dress. This form must have such and such a meal. And so we become victims to the appetites of the form. So the form becomes drunk, the form becomes thin, the form becomes stout, the form becomes addicted to this, that, or the other thing. Every form of addiction is our way of denying that we are the invisible Spirit.

We are letting the form, and the mind which runs that form, tell us that we are separated from God. In other words, we’re not facing facts. We want our cake, and we want to eat it. We want God, but we want to be happy mortal beings, and you cannot. If you want God, you must renounce the mortal self, and then let the divine experience express as it will. And then you will be walking in the invisible Kingdom while the world sees you in the flesh. It would be rather foolhardy to come to a place in which we talk about the rising Christ, the Infinite Way, the great achievements shown forth upon the earth by those who are liberated from form, and then we back away and say, “I’m not going.”

The change is not in God. The change must be in us, and when we break the law of mind, which cripples us, which makes us old, which makes his feeble, which makes us tired, and see there’s no mind there and no law at all, we break the world consciousness of old age, of bodies not created by God, growing older and dying. And we see, instead, that there was a place where through spiritual evolution every person had an opportunity to rise into the form that is never old and never dying, and we, having learned from the mistakes of others, are ready to do that.

There were no old people among the Essenes. They were only old in years, as humans talk, but not in body; and the elders they healed were not within their own ranks, but for those outside their ranks who needed help. They literally were the living Light of the Father. Having cut them out of the Bible by a change here and a change there, the state, which tried to control religion, then proceeded to sell its watered-down brand; and so we got the adulteration of spiritual religion, of spiritual living. We got the literal flat footed interpretation about God, and the world has suffered for it. Our biggest problem, probably, is because we’ve got to unlearn all of the problem conditioned things that have come into this world through that great and monstrous blunder. We have become problem conditioned. We wake up thinking, “Now, what problem is there going to be today?” instead of knowing every problem is an illusion.

We throw away the pages of history, and in the end of our consciousness we have accepted the Christ. We let the Christ grow now till I’m identified as that Substance which is the Essence of God. The Essence of God is the Essene. From this sprang Christ Consciousness, which we are learning about. When you have reached the level where you have nothing to defend against, you have accepted that only the Spirit of God is present. And then in Its subtle ways in Its miraculous ways, the outer picture is changed. That which was stolen reappears. That which you were missing is no longer missing. That which you had needed is either fulfilled, or the need disappears. The moment you have accepted that all that is here is God, in spite of every appearance, only God will express in your experience.

We’re reminded here, “My son, despise not the chastening of the LORD, neither be weary of His corrections.” It takes time to develop this standing fast, and there must be the chastening. Joel used to say he lost two fortunes. It built up again. He lost his health quite a number of times. It came back again. Always, the initiation is to stand in your own Essence, and let It do all the work. While you resolutely refrain from any concept about the good of it or the bad of it, knowing the fullness of God is present doing Its job, and that is your responsibility. From that the chastening takes effect. The spiritual muscles are built. You find the power of Grace is dependable. “ . . .whom the Lord loveth He correcteth; even as a father the son on whom he delighteth. . . .”

So we are the children of the Father, willing to be corrected, and that correction is: Accept my Presence as thy Presence. Abide in me. Let me abide in you. Fear not the pestilence. Fear not any appearance or condition, for in that fear you deny everything that you want. Out of those million cancer cases that go every year, whoever stands in the knowledge, that I, the Spirit, is the only Reality here, discovers that the mortal flesh is not subject to the world in the Presence of the realization of God.

Really, we do see some interesting and fascinating things in that direction where terminal cases are nothing more than the judgment of the human mind denying the all-ness of God, and that perpetuates conditions which are not there. When you see it in one or the other, you’ll realize this is the Truth of every appearance, concept. Change your concepts by emptying out, acknowledging is the only prayer which discovers Grace is the only activity, and God is the only Presence. No matter what happens today in the visible world, only God is here, and only God will be here, and as I stand in that, only God for me will manifest.

One of the men who wrote about the Essenes was Philo, “P”, “h”, “i”, “l”, “o”. Philo was considered one of the seven great Spirits of this world because he actually was a teacher of Paul at one time. He did a lot to bring together all the ancient Hebrew writings, and in studying Philo a little bit, I discovered something rather interesting to me. His book was called The Contemplative Life, and if that coincidence wasn’t enough, he wrote a second one called Every Virtuous Man Is Free, which to me is very much like a title by Joel Goldsmith called Man Was Not Born To Cry; Every virtuous Man Is Free. And then, of course, the third interesting coincidence was that if Joel Goldsmith was Paul at one time, here’s Philo writing a book, The Contemplative Life back there among the Essenes. I haven’t read his book because I have not been able to locate it yet, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find some things in it that are in this very book we’re studying, The Contemplative Life. That’s approximately nineteen hundred years apart.

Next time we’ll see the marriage of Mary and Joseph and the child born of that marriage, and the meaning of the immaculate conception; but it’s necessary for us to look at that immaculate conception, not from the standpoint of mortal beings, but from the vision of those who dwell as spiritual Beings, so we can understand that we, too, are to be immaculately conceived in the Image and Likeness by our own release of concept.

If there are any questions on what we’ve discussed today or any difficulty in carrying them out, let’s have a little talk privately on it, because it’s important for you to be able to stand in that place where you’re not questioning God’s existence as the Only, where you’re not fooled by the activities of the world around you, even by the close proximity of the things that deny that Presence. There’s a place where you can stand, and that’s the only place where Grace functions. Remember now, whatever happens, God will still be here.

Thanks very much.

We’re going to see today if we can prepare ourselves for the God experience by releasing some of the concepts that have been standing in the way. Some of these concepts we don’t even know we have, but we accept the world concepts unknowingly; and then, lo and behold, our lives are showing forth some kind of discord, and we know we’ve been good, we’ve been dedicated, we’ve been loving and devoted. We’ve been doing all the things we’re supposed to do, to our knowledge, but there is this monstrosity that we can’t remove for some reason or other. And we want to see that when we are not accepting God’s presence, we are really rejecting God’s presence. And so the moment that you cease to accept, in that moment you unconsciously reject. And so rejecting God’s presence becomes the basic cause of every form of discord that appears in our life. That rejection, by not consciously accepting, must be stopped.

Now, we have all looked at form and said, “This is a handsome form. This is not.” But we have to go a step further, now, and face a few facts that are very disturbing, facts that we are more apt to really want to ignore because we don’t want to face them. We don’t want to be forced to make a change in ourselves, and so we find ourselves doing a very weird thing. We’re really trying to change God, instead of ourselves. We’re trying to remake God in our own image according to our own concepts and beliefs, according to our own purposes, and we can’t do it.

We might as well stand and face the fact that God is never going to be in a human form. You can look around this world at the people who consider themselves old. They have old and tired bodies. They are suffering. They are in pain. Now ask yourself if God is in an old tired body. You’ll see that God is not in such a body, and then you can look at that body when it wasn’t old and tired and ask yourself if God was in that one. And if so, did God walk out, or was God never in that body in the first place?

Then you’ll find that all over the universe, the problem of old age is really quite different than we have recognized. It has nothing to do with lack and limitation. It has nothing to do with suffering. It has to do with the rejection of the Truth about God, and in the rejection of the Truth about God, that which is not under the law of God begins to show that it has no divine safety, no divine protection, no divine maintenance. And so we have what is probably one of the greatest diseases in the world, old age and suffering, infirmity, all kinds of health plans to cover it. And not one of those bodies was made by God.

God isn’t in one of those bodies, and as long as you think God is in a body, you are rejecting and insulting the Truth about God. Certainly, when there is a body that has a disease, you must know that God cannot be in that body. A million people die every year of cancer. Is God in that body? And you can go down the list. Now we must face this. God is not in the diseased body, in the aged body, or the infirm body. Neither is God in the new born baby’s body. God never leaves the body because God is never in the body. Now God is not in any body on this earth, and that should give you a clue about the nature of the body.

Once you face the fact, instead of ignoring it, and accept, “God, I couldn’t possibly try to encompass you within a mortal body. You’re not in one.” And therefore, if you live in the sense of body, knowing God is not in that body, you must see that that body cannot be under the law or protection or sustenance of God; and as long as you maintain the belief that that body, which God does not inhabit, is your body, then you can see that you’re living outside of the Kingdom of God. Now this is a hard fact to face: God is not in my body, and therefore, God is not sustaining this body. God is not in my friend’s body, and God is not sustaining that body.

I have a concept of body, and God is not in my concept at all. Now, go back to your six year old body. At that time you looked a certain way and that was you, to your sense of things. And then you became twenty years old, and you had a new kind of body, a twenty year old body, and then forty, and then sixty, some day eighty-five, ninety-five. And what will your body be then? Which body is your body? You have a new body every day. Which one is yours? Are you that changing body?

If you are the changing body, you are rejecting God because God is not changing, and God is all. Now very subtly, then, you see that we have accepted a changing body as my body, while trying to accept the Truth that God is all there is. The divine Image does not change, but your concept changes all the time. Today’s concept is not the same as the concept ten years ago, and ten years from now, you’ll have a new concept of yourself, and you’ll say, “This is me.”

Now while you’re doing that, take yourself at your present level, right where you are, and see this: I, for example, can look at you and see you one way. A six-year-old child can look at you and see you in a completely different way. A foreign person, someone who’s not acquainted with your customs, your traditions, will look at you and see you in a completely different way. A person older than yourself will look at you and see you in a different way; and you, yourself, will see yourself in a different way than all of the other persons see you. Now which one is you?

You’re always the same, but the baby sees you this way. The six-year-old sees you that way. The husband or wife sees you this way. The friend sees you that way. The employer or employee sees you another way. Which one are you? And you’ll find that nobody sees you at all. Each is seeing its concept about you, and you are seeing your concept about yourself, and even that concept will change every day. And so you never really live in yourself. You live in your changing concept about yourself, and because of it you find, when you look at other people, you cannot really know them.

Now look at someone you know and consider that you see them a certain way, but everyone else sees them another way. A six-year-old will see that person another way. A twenty year old will see that person another way. Are you right and they are wrong? Each of you has a concept about that other person, and you not being in your Self, you are really a concept forming a concept about a concept.

And so we find that we are all moving in a very superficial surface existence, never finding the Self, assuming things, letting facts go by and ignoring them, because it’s much easier to do that than to stand still and realize God is not in that form I’m looking at, and therefore, that which is not a God form cannot have Reality. That form that I can go up to and punch in the eye, that form doesn’t contain God. That form that a bomb can kill, that doesn’t contain God. That form, subject to the ills of this world, does not contain God.

The finite cannot contain the infinite, and so, finally, you’re willing to face the fact that that form, which is not containing God, does not contain Life because God is Life; and as difficult as it is for a person to come to this mountain top, where the forms before us do not contain Life, that must be done. Until you do this, you’re rejecting God because you’re accepting a second, a substitute; and the imagined form you see and the imagined form that is looking at it must live a dream existence. God is not in the form, and God is Life. Life is not in the form of your neighbor. Life is not in the form of yourself; and in order to know Life, you must come to a different place within yourself to realize Reality.

Now, a woman, who is not even in this work, told me about something and wanted me to explain it to her. She said that she had gone to the hair dresser, and that when sitting beneath the dryer, she suddenly found that she was in a strange state, that she had never known about, and wondered about it. Could I tell her what it was? She said she wasn’t thinking at all, and yet she wasn’t herself, and so suddenly she had found this river of peace without knowing why or how, and it was very weird to her. Now, there is that level, then, in which you rise out of the thinking mind, which beholds form and accepts Life in form or God in form: and you begin to accept the Reality of God from the level of the mind without concept.

Now, without the Mind that has no concept, you’re always in the non-God universe, which isn’t really a universe at all. It’s an imagined multiverse of forms manufactured by the mind. And we all have lived in this multiverse while we have sought the Universe. Now let’s get out of the concepts and see that only when the mind is completely free of concept do we know God aright. Now the idea of relinquishing concept is very tricky. You want to, in some way, be there to know what you’re doing, and that is going to make it necessary for you to be there in a form. So you can’t do that.

You have to lose the concept of form, the concept of me, the concept of God, the concept of everything. You have to yield yourself to the Spirit of the Universe. You have to de-individualize yourself. You have to lose the concept of place, of body, of time, of the world, of a room, a complete absence of concept. And if you stand in that absence of concept, you’re on your way to accepting the all-ness of God.

Now comes a very subtle awareness of a Life that you could not possibly know when you were in the darkness of concept, as in a dark room, where nothing is visible, no objects are delineated, nothing can be coming into your consciousness from that dark room. Suddenly you put on the light, and there are the objects, all clearly delineated. They were there all the time in the dark, but unseen. So it is that when you are in concept of any kind, you are in the dark, and all around you is the invisible activity of God; but your concept is the darkness, preventing you from seeing what is there in God. And then when you release concept and find your vacuum, the light illuminates that which had been dark, and the expression of God becomes an experience that always was possible, was always waiting for you, but your thought was in the way. This total eclipse of concept ends in the eclipse of me.

The willingness from me to completely be removed from all thought, and in the absence of the concept of me, you find your river of peace, beyond understanding, and there comes the awareness of a life called the Presence. It’s palpable. It’s right there beside you, maybe within you, but it’s so close that you suddenly become aware of that which, for you, had been in the dark before. But now it lives, and you’re realizing something far greater than your former human concept of self. In the presence of this Spirit, all the freedoms that you had sought become instantly possible. Everything that you had asked for, everything you had hoped for and wanted is now available through Grace, because concept is no longer separating you from the flow of Reality.

This exercise of release from concept is not possible to one who will not face facts. It is really a temporary death, and without it, there is no reborn-ing. It must be done frequently, two, three times a day. The constant repetition of this enables you to go out into the world with no prior belief, with no prior judgment, with no anticipation, with no concept. And you face the entire activity of the world around you with a perfectly clean blackboard in which everything that happens bounces up against that which is not a concept, and so there’s no conflict of any kind, and you find you’re walking in God. You’re walking in the Kingdom of God because all that ever took you out of It was the activity of the thinking mind.

All that ever made you a victim of the problems of the world was this invisible channel called mind, which you had forgotten to empty of concept; and these concepts became visible in your life, even though you weren’t aware of having them. Now you’re not making the mistake of any kind of judgment. You’re not making the mistake of letting a concept live in you. All of yesterday is gone, every memory of the past. You are living on the brink of Now in God. You are not making the concepts anymore. God does the thinking.

Now, in this chapter, Joel is telling us there are three words, three levels of concept that clutter our lives and prevent the demonstration of Christ Self, the concept we entertain of God, and of prayer, and of grace. You know, of course, that Grace is always present and while you are seeking things of this world, you are rejecting His Grace. While you are outlining the way you would like things to be, you are rejecting His Grace. While you are asking, you are rejecting His Grace. While you are judging, you are rejecting His Grace. Always, even though the Grace of the Father is present and is operating, it can only enter into the experience of the Son of God. The Grace can never enter into a person; and as long as you are in a form, in the concept of form, you are that person in whom Grace cannot enter.

Now another way we limit our acceptance of Grace is the belief that if we specify some desire, we are going correctly in the direction of fulfillment. This is what’s wrong today, or that is what’s wrong, and the moment you start to specify, you are asking God not to be God. You are, again, re-making God according to your idea of what God ought to be like. You are asking God to stop running a perfect Universe for a moment and to divide Himself into various parts, and just give you a little of something over here to take care of this momentary problem. Now you can’t bring God into a finite problem. The moment you finitize, you lose God. And so we learn that the secret is not to try to have God do something in our lives according to our concept of how it ought to be done or how we would like it to be done.

We do not make a hoop and say, “God, come through the hoop.” We do not outline. We do not request. We do not ask. We do not seek, and we do not knock. We do not acknowledge the claim of the problem as the world does, but rather we use the claim to alert us to the fact that we have momentarily accepted that God is withholding harmony or that God is withholding health or that God is withholding supply. We have made that acceptance unconsciously the moment we accepted the problem. And by accepting the problem, we were rejecting the presence of God.

Now then, the beginning of your foundation of Truth must always be the presence of God. There’s no Truth until you have accepted the presence of God, and once you’ve accepted the presence of God, then all that denies the Presence must be removed from your concept. Now, where is God at this moment? Each of us, if we are in Truth are going to say, Why, God is right here and everywhere.” Now, if we will face that God is right here and everywhere, what else is there for us to do?

Can you run the Universe better? Can you do anything better than God? Can you run this form better than God? Can you run the world or your business better than God? Can you do anything in the world that God cannot do better than you? And if you have accepted God being here, then consistency says God being here, I will let God live God’s Life here where the world sees me. Now we don’t have to complicate our lives. We can really accept that God being here, It is happening. It Is. And we will create the vacuum of concept so that all that is here now is God. You’re sweeping out all that is not God from your belief until your belief is the inner assurance of God’s presence.

Now, what shall I pray for, if God is here? The acknowledgement of God is my prayer. The acknowledgement of the Presence is the only prayer necessary, and in the acknowledgement of the Presence, you are accepting Grace. Now, if you still have a lingering belief that a discord is present, then you really have not accepted that God is present, because God cannot be in a cancerous body. If God is present, the cancerous body cannot be present. So we’re coming to that high place where you’re facing the facts, not ignoring them and hoping for God to do something.

Now last year a million people died of cancer, and you can be sure many of them believed that God was going to heal their cancer, and they were wrong. God didn’t heal their cancer. And this year another million will do the same. It’s been that way for years. God isn’t going to, as Joel said, “start the rain or stop the rain.” God isn’t going to heal a sick body. God isn’t going to do anything except what God is doing, run a perfect Universe. And the only way you can live in It is to get out of the concept of an imperfect one, because there isn’t any imperfect one around here. You’re merely in the darkness without the light switch, and you cannot see what is here, but when you accept the presence of God: Lo, I in the midst of you, I make all things new. I am the Life, I am the Illumination, and I reveal My Self to You then. And so we change our concept of prayer to the acceptance of the Presence, and that means the rejection of the physical form. The first objection comes in, “What am I going to do about it?

That is one of the reasons why the Essenes were so important in history. Before you were in the inner Council of the Essenes, you had to fulfill a very strange requirement, something so strange, that even now, knowing God is not in the form, we wonder how can we do it? You have to leave your body with a friend and go away for three days without it. I don’t mean sit in the corner and meditate. You left your physical body with a friend for three days, and your friends took care of it. And when you had passed that three-day initiation, you were in the High Council of the Essenes.

When Jesus said, “Destroy this temple, and in three days, I will raise it up again,” that was child’s play for him. He’d been doing it for years, just as the other Essenes had. When Mary took the child in the early days down to Egypt. There were invisible Essenes appearing to help all along the way. All through the expression of the first beginnings of a church, after Crucifixion when Jesus had gone, the Essenes were helping the early martyrs. You can read all the books about the Essenes, and you’ll never find the Truth in those books about them, because the Truth about them was the invisible nature of their Being.

You’ll find that all of the writers of books could only see the physical facts. They could merely report these were a strange people. They were celibates. They adopted children. They ate these things, and they dressed this way, and they were usually very quiet. But the inner initiations had created a community, a community where the Spirit of God was the only Being, the only Presence, the only Life that was honored. They had risen to a large degree above mental concept. They were able, therefore, to bring forth into expression the very background of spiritual energy which formed the beginning of the Holy Family, the immaculate conception, the activity of Jesus. All of this was born among this group, and the very core of their work was “absent from the body and present with the Lord.”

Now in its basic fundamental origin, Christianity was born among the Essenes. When you read the Bible today and wonder why the name “Essene” is not in the Bible even once, you will realize the tremendous effort that was put forth to keep that name out of the Bible by state politicians, who literally stole a religion. They took Essen-ism, took its chief known Master, Jesus Christ, called it “Christianity,” and then proceeded to water down the very teaching of Christianity that had come out of Essen-ism and which is still the complete New Testament, for there wasn’t a thing in Essen-ism that Jesus liked that he didn’t take and use and teach and practice and demonstrate.

And when you read the New Testament, you’re really looking at the Essen-ic religion, which the state completely absorbed and called Christianity, without understanding the nature of it. And so the world has been practicing the Essen-ic religion without the core of it, which is “absent from the body and present with the Lord.” Spirit is your name. Spirit always was your name. And for fifteen hundred years, the illusion of form has persisted on the earth because the state had no knowledge of what Jesus was teaching at all.

Now in this form which he had overcome, this body image in time and in space, we find all of our problems. And the moment you overcome the sense of body and are in the true body, you discover that old age is as much an illusion as anything could be. There never was an old person in the whole universe. There never was an old body. There never was an old age problem of any kind. There was a universal mesmerism about it, and then we find that millions and millions and millions of old, tired, suffering bodies never were formed by God, and their only problem was, that at one point in their demonstration, they didn’t know anything about evolving spiritually. And as a consequence they walked away from the spiritual law of Being that God is the Presence, the Law, the Principle, the Life, the Energy, the perfection of Being.

You will discover, that when you have applied the acceptance of God without a physical form, that you will come to this level above the mind where you’re not thinking; and yet you’re aware and alert in a different kind of alertness where the whole universe is humming in its quietness. And there you stand, living in the Kingdom of God on earth, and you’re not a body, you’re not an age, you’re not a sex, you’re not a person. You’re a living infinite Consciousness, and that which you externalize is going to be shaped in the divine Image and Likeness of Truth. Out of the body is also out of the world. And because the Father did not create this world, as long as you’re in the physical form, you’re going to be in the world that is not divinely created.

Every material form is in a material universe. If I remember correctly, in Thunder of Silence, page 103,102 and 103, the ninth chapter, that we were all supposed to have read many times, “This Is a Spiritual Universe:” “There is no such thing as a material body: . . .There is no such thing as a material universe.” We cannot ignore this Truth. If there is no material body, you have none. If there is no material universe, you’re not living in one, and until you lift the cloud of belief that says you are in a material body, you are in a material universe, you’re in a concept, which is rejecting the Grace of God that is present where God is, right where you stand.

And so Joel tells us our concept about God, our concept about prayer, our concept about Grace must be lifted to know that there’s no presence beside God, there’s no activity beside Grace’ there’s no body beside a spiritual body. In the third proverb, we have a beautiful teaching about how to abide in the knowledge that God’s presence is the only Presence where you are, that you are not in a physical form, but God’s presence is where you are, and that the grace of God is functioning where that Presence is, and that there’s nothing to pray for. There is only the quiet, inner acknowledgement that, “Here is God.”

And so in this Proverb we’re told, in the fifth to sixth verse, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” Now, isn’t that what Joel is telling us about have no concept? Remove your concept means “Lean not onto thine own understanding,” and then you’re not stuck with a mind that’s wiggling around trying to figure it out. You might say, if you wanted to know the time of the day and if you were consistent, the way we are about God, why, we would look at a watch and say, “No, I don’t want to know the time from that watch until I understand how that watch works.” I’ve got to take it apart first and look in every little crevice and then after I understand it, then I want to know the time.

Now, if you did that every time you wanted to know the time, you’d never know the time. And if you want to understand God, it’s like trying to take a watch apart before it tells you the time. God isn’t to be understood, but to be accepted. Who is going to understand God? Do you see the supreme ego of wanting to understand God? Who is there to understand God if God is all? It’s the yielding of the belief that my finite mind can understand God: “Lean not unto thine own understanding,” but trust in God in all thy ways. Do you see how we try to be giants when the little pigmy mind cannot understand God. It’s an impossibility, and we waste all of these years trying to understand that which is not understandable and which we are told again and again is not understandable. I cannot behold Infinity, but I can divest myself of every concept and let Infinity flow through.

So the illuminated are not trying to understand God at all. They’re letting God understand God. They are removing the barrier of the human mind that wants to understand the Infinite. Turning to the Infinite isn’t understanding It. It’s making your Self a channel for It until the channel is dissolved, and you find, “I am at It.” So if you’re still mentalizing God, trying to understand God, this very simple verse is being rejected. And if this is the Word of God, by rejecting God’s Word, leaning on my own understanding, the only one you’re hurting is your false sense of Self.

There are many things in this proverb which, though simple, have been overlooked and then rejected by our ignorance of them. “In all thy ways acknowledge him.” Now, it’s awfully hard to acknowledge Him and the problem, and the mind will persist and say, “If I don’t acknowledge the problem, how will it get fixed up? How will it get repaired?” When you acknowledge Him, you’re acknowledging that there’s no problem. Do you see that the problem occurs to the person in the form, that the first error has to lead to every other error, that the mind cannot remove the form? The mind has placed it there. The mind cannot solve the illusion of form and to try—with the human mind—to figure out how I can appear in a form, when I’m not in one, is another way of rejecting the words of wisdom of the Father, which says,” Lean not on thine own understanding.”

Trust, acknowledge, abide, rest; and until you come to the place where you’re willing to trust, acknowledge, lean not on your own, but abide in the realization that God is here,—Acknowledge Him in all thy ways.—He will not and cannot direct thy path because the Spirit can only function in Itself, not in a person, not in a human form. And it’s good to find out that, as long as your mind is on the things of the world, you’re rejecting God. You simply can’t go on rejecting God under the illusion that you’re going to find God, because you won’t. God made no thing, and every thing you’re seeking is an image in mind. You cannot seek things and expect God to help you find them, because you are finitizing God. You’re bringing God down to assist you in a material venture, and there is no material thing.

Now, we’re all going to turn out of this material universe, this material body, and we’re going to find that, like Mary’s father and mother, they didn’t live in a little hut. They had a rather large estate, and yet they lived among the Essenes. They lived in the knowledge that one doesn’t live in a body. They weren’t lacking for the things that we call important in this world. Mary weren’t lacking for the things in this world, but she wasn’t seeking the things in this world. She was living in God, and the reward was quite momentous. Out of all of that, out of this community that knew the infinite invisible Universe came a great impulse which now taught that if you learn to live out of the form, out of concept, out of the belief that God is in the physical forms, then the Spirit of God will direct your paths, and you’ll bear fruit richly.

And the complete demonstration of Jesus Christ was how this fruitage appears in your Life when you’re not living in a form, when you’re willing to stand and face the forms of the world, including your own and not judge them from the temporary concept in which you happen to be, so that you’re not in the changing concept of a world, but you’re on the solid ground of the unchanging Spirit, standing still while the forms change around you, not seeking the forms that are quick silver, but resting in the knowledge that here God is living; and there’s nothing to do, but know that whatever I am doing now and wherever I may be, here God is living.

Acknowledge Him in all thy ways, and he will direct the paths. [Proverbs 3:6] And if you think you can make an exception, it catches you real quickly. “Be not wise in thine own eyes.” [Proverbs 3:7] And then a line that I think is very important to all of us: “Honor the Lord with thy substance.” Now that’s a tell-tale line, “Honor the the Lord with thy substance” That’s the eighth [ninth] verse, and a person could take that and walk through into Reality. “Honor the Lord with thy substance.” Not with your mind, not with your concepts, but with Thy Substance.

Thy Substance is the Substance of God, and unless you’re constantly aware of that, you’re always accepting problems; and when you’re accepting problems, you’re saying, “My substance is not the Substance of God.” So you see today’s class is establishing a foundation, an integrity that will face the fact that I am or I am not the Substance of God. God is or God is not here. The problem is or is not here. What do I believe? For without the belief in Truth, what else can I externalize, but the untruth?

The greatest sacrifice that Jesus made is quite different than we have thought. He lived not in the form, and it was impervious to all evil. In order to be crucified, he had to come back into a form. He had to release his belief in Truth, his knowledge of Truth and come into the lie. That was his sacrifice. He had to remove the belief, the knowledge that he’s not in form and momentarily believe that he was in a form. That was the only way he could demonstrate what was happening in the world mind. It was crucifying Truth, Reality, Christ, but it couldn’t crucify Him because He knew his Self was not in form.

The only way he could show the Crucifixion visibly was to begin accepting Himself in form. That was his real sacrifice. It is only then that he began to doubt and say, “Father lift this cup. Why hast thou forsaken me?” because he was now coming into humanhood again, for the sake of revealing the externalized crucifixion of Christ that was taking place in the world consciousness. It wasn’t long, and then the Spirit took over again.

We would never have known that the world consciousness is externalizing as the crucifixion unless he had permitted it. We must reverse that. We are that world consciousness which is crucifying Christ every day in ourselves; and only by rising above that crucifixion, which knows not the Christ, by externalizing only the Truth of Being will we rise. We do that, then, as he did. The Crucifixion, the Resurrection, the Ascension are all in that Consciousness which accepts only the presence of God.

This becomes our internal Crucifixion, our internal Resurrection, our internal Ascension. We do it for the world, for our neighbor, for everyone we know. We do not accept that God is in their form. We release God from the belief that God is in their form, and we find that we are being reborn to a new understanding of who they are. Once the form is out of concept, this invisible palpable Presence begins to reveal to you who is there. You’re out of the multiverse. You’re in the Universe. You are unified into a One Presence. Now no form contains God. God is not the tree. God is not the flower. God is not the animal. Everything is seen to be is a mental image. These thought images are your concepts.

When you are free of these concepts of the thought images about form, then you discover the form of which God is the Substance because you’re discovering spiritual form. The mental images are gone, and these new spiritual forms are not capable in any way of bringing a problem to your door. They are all that is present, and there is no discord between them and your Self. When you start people-ing this universe with the invisible spiritual forms, you’ll find you’re out of the concept of matter and you can rest with the assurance that Grace is the only law that is functioning your Being. Then you’re living and honoring God with your Substance.

When John says that we had to abide and we must abide in the Christ and let the Christ abide in us, his gospel is giving us the secret of rising out of the concept world, out of the world in which forms become old, into the Universe where form is ever the perfect Image and Likeness, where old age is not even heard of, where there is no corruption of the flesh, where the law is the perfection of divine Being, and that Universe is here when you are lifted from the darkness of concept, illuminated by the Light of your own true Being, your own Substance. This is hard work. This takes a great deal of effort. It takes understanding that wants to live in the Silence, which opens the door to Reality.

While you are you doing it, you are following the path of the prophets. You are becoming an Israelite. You are returning to that religion which was the religion of Jesus Christ, the religion of knowing the presence of God and never letting go, so that you are in an unbroken Consciousness, One with that Presence, uninterrupted, living twenty-four hours a day in the unbroken Consciousness of Truth, facing every problem that arises with the knowledge that God is not in the problem. That which God has not ordained can never be real, but God is your Being, and Silence alone, the Silence which is devoid of concept, releases you from the false universe.

Someday we’re going to take our initiation, and we’ll find ourselves walking, not in a body, but not because of any mental effort on our own part, but rather because we have dismissed the concepts of that mind which was not of the Father, and in the void we will be lifted. We’ll find the Reality of the angels. We’ll find ourselves moving in a new land, where Light, instead of physical form, is the only Reality. We will see that there are no conditions in that Light, that we are free in that Light, that we are not confined or limited or lacking. We are not subject to decay. We have no place where we end or begin. We are the living Consciousness of God. We’re finding our Substance.

In this world we have sought things in space, in time, in matter, in form, and these are the things of the world. As long as you continue to seek these things in time, space, matter, and form, you’re rejecting God, literally rejecting God. Where shall you go if you cannot seek things in time, space, matter, and form? You must reach the place where you realize that there has to be a change in your way of seeking things. That isn’t the God way. That’s the human way, and the human way can never receive the things of God. Every avenue in this world is cut off to one who really wants the things of God. You cannot seek them in this world. And as long as you continue to, you are rejecting the enduring Reality of Being. There’s only one place to seek them, and it’s not in human dimensions.

I myself haven’t yet accepted that Damascus may mean the Essene community fully, but the probability of it comes to me because, after all,—there’s Paul and he certainly knows that they’re there, living there,—he must have been very curious about what they’re doing. And if the letter to the Hebrews is written by Paul listen to this. Here’s the Chapter 7 from this Melchizedek, son of Salem, Prince of the Most High, “Without father, without mother, without descent and having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but may, like under the Son of God, abideth the priest continually.” Alright, these are the qualities of Melchizedek.

Then in Chapter 8, “Now of the things of which we have spoken this is the sum; We have such a high priest too, who is sat on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens.” Now he’s speaking about Christ. Well, Christ in you is without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but made like under the Son of God abiding a priest continually. That’s not what you’re taught in normal religions. Your Soul is where every promise in the Bible is already true. So called promises are not made to the human mind or the human body, and they are not even promises. They are statements made by your Soul: “All that I have is thine.”

Now the greatest stumbling block I know to the inability to experience the Reality of Being, the expression of the Bible promises as a present fact, is caused by the belief that Christ and me are two separate entities. So there’s me wanting Christ, or me wanting Light, or me wanting Spirit; and therefore, me is the second or false image, not the Divine. And that me is perpetuated and fed and maintained by my human mind, that human mind which automatically, by existing, separates me from my Soul. And so as long as I have started today with the thought, any kind of thought, that means my mind is working. And as long as I have a thought, my mind being alive in me, there’s no place for my Soul to enter.

We learned to start a day in a different way than everyone in this whole world. You cannot start a day with a concept. You cannot bring yesterday into today, unless you do it with your mind, and that’s your separation from your Soul. Your mind perpetuates the illusion of yesterday and today.

Now, when you don’t come into today with a thought, with a concept, that is really the meaning of dying. When you begin a day with nothing from yesterday, you have died to mortality, you have died to every belief, you have died to every idea, you have died to the belief that you have walked this earth as a separate entity from God. And everything associated with the you of yesterday is as much a lie as that you. Unless you’re willing to wake up, completely cleansed of the belief in a yesterday and a you in that yesterday, you’re still carrying concepts, and you’re keeping the mind alive. That mind which is still alive with yesterday’s concepts is not a servant of your Soul, because your Soul is only the perfect infinite Now. Your Soul has no memories of your human yesterdays, and your Soul is the government of God where you stand.

But nobody seems to be totally willing to live in their Soul. It seems like too grotesque an effort to totally die to yesterday, and yet in spite of it, there are forces at work which are making you do that, even against your human will. The word, “inertia,” is probably not strong enough. Now if you’re not forced to abandon your human mind, you probably will not do it. From personal experience, I can tell you that I find it very hard to abandon my human mind and usually do not do it until I have no choice. The ones who really attain are those who do it, even though there is a choice. They give up their free will. They don’t wait until their back is to the wall and there’s nothing else to do.

They learn from the experience of the Masters who have gone before, that it’s only the total abandonment of the will, and the mind, and the concept of self which is the cleansing of the temple. To bring it into clear viewing for you, let’s presume your sister is dying. No doctor knows what to do. Only you do, and so your sister turns to you. And what is called her human life depends totally upon you and your ability to stand in the Truth. But suppose you discover that you’re not in the Truth. You have strayed into the sense of a mortal being, and to your dismay and alarm, you cannot extend Christ Consciousness to your sister. You’re not in the place where you can know her aright because you do not know yourself aright.

Well, if you had a few sisters, and it happened to each of them, one in turn, and finally you’re coming to the fifth sister, you’d find you have four dead ones; and you reach the conclusion that you’ve got to do something about it. And ultimately you would realize the only thing you can do about it, if you want to prevent her so-called death, you must learn to die first, that unless you die to yourself you cannot help her live in her Self. Only the living Christ can help her, and if you are not that, you are useless to her. Then you are forced to abandon your mind.

And then you discover what all will discover, that you must abandon your mind, dying to human selfhood completely, which means dying to that mind and everything it knows, and coming in totally unknowing, bereft of all knowing, so that you are now not knowing anything in your mind, but rather you are obedient only to infinite knowledge. And then you see that, just as you did that and your sister now begins to talk and then to walk, because you have died to yourself, she has become alive to herself in Christ.

Then you realize well, you can’t just do that when somebody is about to die. You’ve got to do it all the time, and then you see why inertia holds us back. It takes a great deal of understanding and effort to die to self, and you may not think it’s necessary. The only time you’ll do it is if the farther most extremity, when there’s no other way to turn; and then you’re willing to die to self, and then you see the miracle of it, and only then. And even after that, somehow the mind finds excuses about “We’ll do it tomorrow.”

Now, Enoch is important because Enoch did it. Enoch lived in God power because there was no Enoch. And if you want God power in your life, you’ve got to die. You really die in Christ, and you don’t wait until there’s an extremity or a tragedy or some kind of great demand upon you because usually when you wait that long, at that moment you’re not going to summon the great capacity to relinquish your human mind.

We’re coming to Easter. We’re going talk about the risen Christ, which we talk about every year. But there was no Easter for Enoch,. There was no Easter for Jesus. You know what Passover meant to him? It meant passing over, transition from human selfhood to spiritual Identity. We must passover from human identity to spiritual Identity. You can’t have both while you have humanhood. You’re not dying to it, and so you cannot accept spiritual Identity.

Now, you won’t know where you’re failing until you have built the vacuum in which, at the moment of awakening, you go to work on releasing every concept in your mind, and you spend the time and the effort to do it. You might feel like there’s a lot of air in the balloon, and you wish you can get it out because you feel like you’re going to burst. But it must be done. You must release the human idea, and the human memory and the human plan, the human ambition, the human desire, the human hope to improve anything. And strangely, you must release the desire—and this must be underscored—you must release the desire to improve appearances.

You won’t remember that at the time of a problem unless you have practiced it. But look at it this way. If you want to improve the appearance, for you it exists, and if it exists for you, then you’re not in the Christ Mind. And so by trying to improve the appearance, you are denying the Christ Mind as the only Mind. You’re in the mind that wants to improve something, whereas the Christ Mind accepts perfection and does not try to improve an appearance. Every time you are trying to improve an appearance, you are denying the universality of Christ, you are pushing away your Soul, you are living in your mind. The proper attitude is, instead, to regard the appearance as a warning to turn you on your hands and knees in your mind up to your Soul.

I see it out there in this mind because this mind is not receiving from my Soul. And now I’m in the Kingdom of God, the within of my Soul, looking up to my Soul, alone, rejecting the possibility of every appearance—not changing it, not wanting to, not accepting the validity or reality of it. Otherwise I’m in the human mind. And that is the separation from the infinite Self. Every day that you’re not trying to die to “me,” you are rejecting Christ.

And although it’s easier to reject Christ than to die to “me,” it becomes more difficult to get yourself out of the problems that are caused by the rejection of Christ and the perpetuation of “me.” It’s like an adhesive band on a wound. You’ve got to take it off; and if you take it off slow, it hurts. If you take it off quick, it might hurt, but it doesn’t hurt as long. You’ve got to get to the rejection of “me” and the acceptance of Christ someday and to be still, meaning “me” be still, mind be still. Soul is God. I am God.

You’ve got to transpose everything in this whole universe to see that the only Reality is the Universe of the Soul. That is spiritual Creation and its imitation is the universe of the mind, and you cannot bring forth the invisible Universe of the Soul if you’re not in it consciously. That’s why Enoch becomes so important to us. We see that Truth didn’t begin with a magical birth of a boy in Bethlehem. Truth is ever-present. If Jesus hadn’t been born, Truth would be here. The importance of Jesus Christ is that he was physical, just as Enoch was physical.

He showed you who you are. But to know who you are in words is not enough. When you have learned who you are with the conviction that it’s time to be who you are, then your goal is simply to die to that which I am not, and that human mind is the key.

Now most of you know that you’re still asking questions, and whenever you say, “But don’t I have to learn.? How will I learn if I don’t ask questions?” That is true, but your Soul has every question already answered. Your Soul is the infinite storehouse of God. And the only Mind there is is the Mind of God. And the Mind of God knows everything there is to know. When you say, “How will I learn if I don’t learn by asking questions?” You are not learning the greater Truth, that intelligence, which is infinite, is omnipresent. And while you are asking with a mind that says, “I do not know and want to know,” you are turning away from your real Mind which does know. And if you will be still in the mind that wants to know, you’ll discover that is not your mind. The only Mind is the Mind of God, and It knows and It expresses in your Soul.

Really, what we’re doing when we ask questions is we haven’t reached the level of knowing that right here is God, and God knows. And the me that doesn’t know has no existence. There is no such a me. It’s the refusal of the mind to die, and it disguises its unwillingness to die by asking questions that are very logical to itself. But the peace that passeth understanding takes us out of the mind that understands. So, ultimately, you find you sacrifice your human understanding, and that’s the hard thing that we don’t want to do.

You sacrifice your human understanding for the peace that passeth understanding. You die to “my” sense of knowing something. You decide that no deception of the mind is going to fool you in letting it stay alive. When you seriously go about the business of dying to that mind, you’re quite shocked by the void that follows. But then the Soul takes over, and the Soul can look out upon the perfect universe of God; and you find all of the so-called appearances make no impression on the Soul. It is too pure. It doesn’t respond to the lie. It doesn’t need any questions answered.

I am God. You see your very Soul is the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Father within, the Kingdom of God within you. A teacher wants to answer questions, but there comes a point where the teacher must say, “Now, go to the Master within.” because to be your real teacher, a teacher must say, “ you must find your Identity within your Self.” The longer you put it off, the more you are saying to this world, “I believe in you as a reality,” and you are putting off the glory of Grace.

Now make no mistake about it, when we talk about translation like Enoch, we mean that this is what we must do. We cannot do it as long as there is even a tremor of thought in the human mind which originates from the outer world, because this human mind reaction must stop. The Soul must take over, and that builds the body Temple, the white stone, the foundation of your translation experience.

If I thought we could not accomplish this or I could not, I think I would go back into the business world, or I would try to find some way to just make life a gay glorious spree. But there is an inner Teacher that says, “As others have found It by finding Me where they stand, so will you.”And whenever that happens in an individual, whenever they feel this inner Voice, this inner Self, this inner Intelligence, saying, “I am the way,” then they know that all that has ever happened to the great Masters of the world is happening to them.

They know that they can do what Enoch taught, view death without sorrow, for I come quickly. And they will see that there has never been any physical creation in the Universe of Reality. Life you are, free of physical creation. You are not a physical being learning to be something else. You are Life, recognizing nothing but your Life as your Being. You’re not changing from physicality, but recognizing the appearance of physicality has no validity. You do not translate. You are awakened from the hypnosis of that which never was, and only by your Soul, only by your Soul.

For next week I hope you can read the second chapter in Contemplative Life. It will reinforce some of our understandings. And I would like to suggest, now, that for those of you who have not seriously taken my suggestion made in the first class, that for thirty days you study the chapter “Losing ‘I’-ness in I” in Joel’s Parenthesis in Eternity, that you do it, at least up to Easter. And take one or two paragraphs a day and make it yours until every morning it is a ritual with you to die to “I” until you can actually feel I have lost concept, and I have lost human beliefs. I am something else now: I am I.

That is the rising Christ. If you will do that, you’ll discover that you will go to your office, you’ll go about your day at home, and you’ll find the guidance of your Soul ever at hand, always perfectly bringing forth the Divine expression where before your mind had been in the way. The death to mind and the birth to Soul does not rob you of a mind. It simply opens you to the Infinite expression that is ever invisibly present where you are. If you do this seriously, you’ll discover another Universe all around you, and you will see that translation is the discovery of the new Universe, all around you perfect, with nothing to change, only to live in; and your Soul alone lives in that Universe.

Let us put away our crutches. Let us put away our quotations. Let us put away all of the things we’re trying to remember and memorize. Let us die to the mind which perpetuates the illusion of a self that never was, of a physical image that never was, and let the Soul show you the spiritual Self that ever Is. Then you will see that you are now perfect as your Father, for your Soul and your Father are One and the same. I think it might help us later to look into the Essenes a little more because that was the cradle of Christianity for this hemisphere.

Chapter two, Contemplative Life, that’s the new one, the new chapter to study. If you have not seriously given the thirty days to “Losing ‘I’-ness in I” out of Parenthesis in Eternity, then, you see, you haven’t gone into the wilderness, and the only time you can come out is when “me” has died. That’s when the forty days are over, when “me” has died. And if you’re not working at it, you’re not going into the wilderness, which means leaving the mind, leaving the mind so that you may be living as a Soul expression. If you die properly, you’ll like it so well that you’ll want to die three or four times a day. You’ll find that it’s a reborn-ing, which is quite miraculous.

You didn’t know how smart you really were. Everything becomes possible because nothing is impossible to your Soul. And you can look quickly at any appearance that comes your way and turn away into your Soul; and behold, the shadow can quickly disappear in the sunlight of your Soul as if it never were there. You’ll find these are not suppositions, but actual living fact, for all power is in your Soul.

I think we have two classes until Easter. By Easter, those of us who’ve been practicing the death of the mind, coming into each day without a concept of any kind, will definitely find ourselves in a new state of Consciousness than the one with which we started this year.

Any of these books up here that you want to look at or make references out of, you’re welcome to look at them. Jot down anything you want. Thank you very much.

We find something very strange in that the Old Testament ends with the prophecies of Malachi who wrote in 450 BC, and the New Testament begins with the Book of Matthew, which was written in the middle of the first century. We have approximately five hundred years unaccounted for, and in these five hundred years, certain things transpired which can well change the course of Christianity. If you remember the old family Bibles when your grandfather carted it out from the attic, in between the Old and New Testament they used to print the Apocrypha.

This was originally the way it was done, and then throughout the years, throughout the centuries, the Apocrypha began to disappear in the Bibles. And so you came directly from Malachi to Matthew, and those five hundred years were meaningless to the average person who was studying Christianity. Now the books in the Apocrypha were the following: there was the Maccabee Brothers, Susanna, Esther, Judith, Esdras, Baruch, Tobit, Manasseh, the Wise Sayings of Solomon, Jesus the son of Sirach, and a book called, not Ecclesiastes, but Ecclesiasticus. Now, of course they’re available. Some of you have read them. Some have taken the trouble to find them and see what they say.

But there was another group of books, and these were grouped under a different name, and these never were printed between Malachi and Matthew, although they had the same scriptural authority. These groups, for some strange reason, sort of disappeared. Many of them would seem to be lost, and even rather serious students of Christianity really never heard of them or knew of their existence. And these books were called the following: There was the Book of Jubilees. There was the Epistles of Aristeas. There was the Books of Adam and Eve, the Martyrdom of Isaiah, the First and Second Enoch, the Fourth Ezra, the Sibylline Oracles, the Assumption of Moses, the Second and Third Baruch, the Psalms of Solomon, the Fourth Maccabees, the Sayings of the Father, the Shepherd of Hermas, the Book of Barnabas, the Story of Ahikar, the fragments of a Zadokite work, and later, 40 years later by another authority, were added the following: the Third Maccabees, the Testament of Job, the Lives of the Prophets and the Apocalypse of Abraham.

Now all of these writings existed under the name of Pseudegrapha [today referred to as Pseudepigrapha] to distinguish them from Apocrypha, but they were all the Word of God expressing through prophets. Now these Pseudegrapha contained the First and Second Books of Enoch; and inasmuch as here in Genesis it says, “Enoch walked with God and he was not, for God took him,” we learned that Enoch was translated: “He walked with God and then he was not, for God took him,” and our friend Paul thought enough of that to make a remark of his own.

And so in Hebrews 11:5, Paul picks it up from Genesis, and he says, “By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.” Paul is telling us that Enoch had found the way to walk in oneness with God and because of this, he was able to walk from the earth not experiencing death, losing body consciousness, and translating into the spiritual world without the apprehension of what we call the experience of death. Genesis made the point. Paul made the point. You would think a man that important, why we’d have chapters and chapters on him in the Bible. But no, the First Book of Enoch and the Second Book of Enoch was buried in the Pseudegrapha, and the Pseudegrapha containing all these other books disappeared.

The first time the English speaking world ever heard of the books of Enoch was in about 1832. There was a man named James Bruce who went from Scotland, into Ethiopia in the 18th century, and he brought back an Ethiopian copy of the Book of Enoch. It took many years to translate it, and finally, it came out in English through a professor at Oxford who could translate it. And it was the Book of Enoch presented in English for the first time ever. It didn’t make much of a stir because, after all, who was Enoch? Just a little name in the Bible. Nobody really cared about Enoch. They were all interested in Christianity as they knew it. And then in about 1853, the book was translated into German, and still it caused no stir. Even the scholars didn’t make much of a fuss about it.

There was a fellow named R. N. Charles [His name is actually R. H. Charles.] and R. H. Charles was the Canon of Westminster; and in the early 1900’s he got hold of the original Greek manuscripts of Enoch, not the Ethiopian, which would be sort of difficult for anyone except the most erudite scholar to understand. He got hold of the Greek, and he found four original Greek manuscripts which were copies of the Enoch document. And so he translated them into English, and these became quite sensational in the religious world; and that’s how the Apocrypha and the Pseudegrapha incidentally came into the Bible. Charles followed all the way through and accumulated all of the translations of these various works into the Apocrypha and Pseudegrapha.

Now the reason he did this is because he was aware that there had been a systematic method inaugurated way back in the earliest days to eliminate Enoch from the Bible. And the reason Enoch had to be eliminated from the Bible is because, in spite of the fact that he lived many, many centuries before Jesus Christ, it seems that everything we read in the Bible about what Jesus Christ said was said by Enoch. And it raises many, not only embarrassing questions, but it threatens to remove the basic foundation of many of our beliefs as propagated by formalized Christian religion.

Now we find, that although Enoch is not mentioned in the New Testament, in spite of the fact that Enoch prophesied the coming of Christ to earth, that Enoch was highly regarded by his contemporaries and those who later followed him; and so we find many references to him. We find in this book of Ecclesiasticus in the Apocrypha that Enoch is referred to as “unlike any other man.” We find a historian named to Tertillius, two hundred years after Jesus, saying that the Book of Enoch was divinely inspired. We find great church luminaries of the earliest days like Clement of Alexandria and Origen and the historian, Josephus, all saying that the book of Enoch was a work that was given to Enoch by God.

And then we begin to see that Enoch, not appearing in our Bible, represents some invisible activity, unknown to human beings who are taking the Bible for granted. And as we investigate it, we discover that this period between Malachi and 450 BC, and more directly about 100 to 200 BC to 100 AD, in those 200 or 300 years, there was a great transition in Judaism, a transition so sensational that there were created two camps: Jews and Christians. And this is before Jesus.

The Judaism was being changed into another kind of thinking, a thinking which knew about a Messiah as Christ, the messenger who would come and bring to the earth Christ Consciousness, a message that spoke about a spiritual Resurrection, a message that said many things that are in the Sermon on the Mount. It also spoke about the Ten Commandments and told us that God is the invisible Reality of every man. This message of Enoch was accepted by the early Christian church. They even referred to it. Here is the statement of Barnabas, and he quotes from the Second Book of Enoch and he says, this quote says, “And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the LORD shall deliver the sheep of his pasture and the sheepfold, and their tower to destruction.”

So you see in the Book of Enoch, just as Jesus taught in the fourth chapter of Matthew, the Book of Enoch teaches about the end of the world. And in other places Barnabas, who, as you know, was a companion of Paul, Barnabas says: “As Enoch said . . . ” and so, you see, you can’t find a book of Barnabas in the Bible because he referred to Enoch.

Now, why would it be so important to eliminate Enoch? The story of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ is based upon the fact that suddenly God placed upon the earth His Son and that through new revelation of His Son, the following things were said, and this is the basis of how we must live. And then the doctrine of the Holy Ghost, namely the Trinity and various forms of purgatory, and all of the doctrines that we know as contemporary orthodox Christianity depended on the appearance of the Son of God immaculately conceived, born of a virgin, appearing on earth as Jesus Christ; but Enoch had said most of the things that Jesus later said. He said, “The elect shall inherit the earth.” How did Jesus come to say that centuries later, if it was new revelation? How did Jesus come to refer to the “Son of Man appearing as a cloud from heaven,” if Enoch had said it centuries before?

This is not new revelation. So we find that systematically everything that had anything to do with Enoch had to be removed from the Bible, because you had to have a new dispensation exemplified by Jesus Christ. And there were many other embarrassing statements by Enoch, all of which tended to show that the teaching of Jesus Christ and the teaching of Enoch were very parallel, so that Christianity actually did not begin with Jesus Christ, but began with Enoch; and the true Father of Christianity would have to be Enoch.

Now in order to do this, there had to be changes in the actual words of the Bible, and they’re rather alarming when you see them because other scholars of high repute, of integrity, which can never be reproached, have discovered these changes and brought them to our attention. And I’d like you to see some of them today because it will enlarge your scope about the real message of Christ. The most infamous is in Peter, in the first Epistle of Peter in the third chapter, in the verses 18 to 20, we find a most unusual kind of statement. It is the basis of the purgatory which was established in Catholicism, and it has no validity.

In Peter 3:18 we find this: “For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; Which sometime were disobedient, when once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah.”—Now you see that “Christ” and “in the days of Noah”: You’re beginning to see that something is funny there.— “while the ark was a-preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.”

Now this hasn’t made sense to scholars for a long time. It says, “Christ once suffered for sins, which sometimes were disobedient, in the long-suffering of God in the days of Noah.” And fortunately we have a couple of Bibles here, not opinions anymore of historians, but Bibles, and this is Goodspeed. And watch how he changes that to something else. Where here it says, “For Christ also hath once suffered,” in Goodspeed we say, “For Enoch also had once suffered.” Now “Enoch” was changed in the King James Testament to “Christ” to eliminate the fact that Enoch is the one who went into the prisons and Enoch was on the earth. The same is true in the book in the Bible by Moffatt, and the same is true in the Bible by Schonfield. Each uses in place of “Christ also hath once suffered,” “For Enoch hath also once suffered.” And you see Christ Enoch and Christ Jesus is the point. Enoch had been Christ-ed as Jesus later was Christ-ed.

Now in the Acts, in the eighth chapter, thirty-seventh verse, we find another strange thing. We find this statement. There was a eunuch who had wanted baptism, and Philip says to him in the thirty-seventh verse,” And Philip said, “If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest,” in other words, be baptized. “And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.” Now when I looked this up in Moffatt and Goodspeed, I find something most irregular, and it is this in Moffatt.—I mean in Goodspeed.— you go from 36 to 38. 37 is omitted. The line: “And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God” is omitted. Similarly in Moffatt.

Now, of course, the reason it’s omitted is because it never was in there, and there’s a note about it in one of these Bibles. There’s a note about it in the Schonfield book, I think, and it says that this line never was actually in the original Greek translations. In other words, somebody was trying to sell the idea that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is where you worship. Now, you may find that this omission is in other Bibles. I have only found it in these three: Moffatt, Goodspeed, and the Authentic New Testament of Schonfield. But I have read much about it in commentaries. Now then, the elimination of Enoch and the substitution of the word “Christ” was to give the impression that [before]Jesus Christ—and here again, I believe that “Jesus Christ is the Son of God” —is to give the impression that before Jesus Christ there was no Christ on earth.

However, we find that Jude 14, fourteenth verse of Jude, recognizes Enoch as divinely inspired, and so we find in the fourteenth verse of Jude the following statement, which is just a brief recognition: “Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these sayings, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints.” Now Jude is one of the disciples of Jesus. He’s the brother of James, and he is using Enoch as an authority. “Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these sayings.” Now that statement, “Seventh from Adam” means that Enoch had reached the Seventh Heaven.

Now you’re going to say, “Well, what about all this?” And this is what it’s all about. The Books of Enoch 1 and 2 have some fantastic things that are almost identical to the teaching of Jesus Christ, and they are written before Jesus Christ appeared on the earth. The one that I have is called the First Book of Enoch, and there’s no question about it, but the things in it are in our New Testament. And this is from R. H. Charles, the Canon of Westminster, in the early 1900’s. When Charles brought out his revelations about the Books of Enoch and how they predated our Bible, and yet they had the facts in it that our New Testament has.

Again, it was a book this big, the Pseudegrapha, and no normal church man could even afford to buy one, when it finally did come out in English, and so it ran unnoticed. But Charles had preceded the findings in the caves, and in 1952, lo and behold, eight more books of Enoch turn up in the library of guess who? The Essenes. And they discovered that all of the Pseudegrapha that Charles had listed and had translated, this was the Bible of the Essenes; and prominent among them were the Books of Enoch.

They discovered, too, that the Essenes in the period between Malachi and Matthew were a different religion than normal Judaism. Do you know what they were practicing? The Infinite Way. That’s what the Essenes were practicing in those centuries. They were practicing spiritual Resurrection through conscious union with God, and the knowledge that God is the Substance of the invisible form of man. And they were practicing because their teacher was Enoch, who had translated, and later among them was the mother of Jesus, studying as her mother had and as her husband Joseph did, all studying the books of Enoch; and it was discovered that Jesus, too, lived among them, studying the books of Enoch. Paul said, “I never go anywhere without a book of Enoch.” The disciples and Jesus used the books of Enoch as their Bible.

Now you see the hate between the Jews and the Christians in these early days, when Christianity formalized, was such that the Jews would not admit that there was an Essenic movement, which is really Christianity which taught not a Messiah come to deliver a nation from bondage, but a universal Christ. The Jews could not stomach this because it differed from their teaching. And so every reference to Enoch was taboo with them, and they cut it out of their Bibles. And the Christian couldn’t stand Enoch because Enoch had said the same things that the Christians were trying to sell the world as original with Jesus Christ. And so you had both sides determined to keep the Books of Enoch out of the Bible. And that’s why Pseudegrapha,— which would naturally mention Enoch in many places because they, too, worshipped the teachings of Enoch,—all of this became unknown until the great work of R. H. Charles.

And we, today, largely ignorant, even when we get the book of Pseudegrapha and see it, we’re not aware that this is Christianity predating the teaching of Jesus Christ on the earth. And then we find that the teaching of Jesus Christ, which was pure Essenic doctrine, as taught by Enoch, was corrupted in the fourth century, totally corrupted so that no longer was the teaching of Jesus Christ taught at all. Instead it was all corrupted into the virgin birth, the fall of man, baptism by the laying on of hands. You see it has no place to take mankind. The most incredible thing is that our Bible teaches us as you sow, so shall ye reap, and religion has sown to the lie. Religion, itself, must reap corruption for that reason. The teaching of Jesus Christ is a true one, but it isn’t being taught. The teaching of Enoch was a true one, but it is not being taught.

Now Enoch and the Book of Revelation are very similar. You’ll find that the apocalypse, attributed to John, speaks of the seven heavens, and so does Enoch. Now here’s what you learn in Enoch, and you begin to see why we are coming into a broader base about Truth. Enoch teaches six different things in his book. Actually the books of Enoch, the eight discovered in cave four at Qumran, which is the Essene library, have not been translated, and there are all kinds of reasons given. The fact is they have been translated.

They simply are not released because they completely repudiate everything that we have been taught about the false virgin birth. They repudiate the idea of God being the Father of one individual, and they teach, instead, that everyone who receives the Holy Ghost is born of the Spirit, which is God, and that immaculate conception is possible to every person on the earth and is, in fact, the plan of God, that each be immaculately conceived by the reception of the Spirit. Baptism, the Essenic baptism, was the baptism which Jesus Christ taught. Water alone will not do it, so they taught the Truth and the Spirit, which Jesus adopted because that’s what he studied.

Now in the Book of Enoch, we learn about fallen angels and giants, travels through Heaven, earth, and hell. The second vision is a vision of angels and the Christ coming to earth. Then there is the vision of the sun, the moon, the stars, and the four winds, two more visions about the Kingdom of Messiah. There are admonitions. And then there are wonders connected with the birth of Noah and the future of the just and the unjust.

Now something has fallen into my hand, which is very interesting. There are seven heavens in one of the Books of Enoch, and it’s rather long, so I’m only going to read to you “The Seventh Heaven” from his book, and it reveals what orthodox Christianity has not wished to reveal. And it reads as follows:

Then he raised me into the Seventh Heaven,

Where I saw Spirits in a paradise of splendor.

They were all the Holy Ones of God,

Spirit unclothed in flesh.

I viewed them in their celestial garments,

Assembled in splendor and divineness.

And while gazing upon them,

One of the beautiful Spirits who was a-nigh

Came unto me and shewed me Books,

But they were not as the books of men.

And he opened the books before me

And they contained writings,

But unlike the writings of earth.

And he read the Institutes of Heavenly Truth,

And the records of holy things.

Then I beheld One standing,

Whose glory exceeded the glory of all others;

And all the saints and spirits of the place

Advanced toward this One with reverent awe.

—You can see the similarity to John’s book of Revelations, written centuries later.—

Then this One became changed and appeared like a Divine Being.

And the angel said, Venerate!

And I venerated, and beheld the type

Of many wonderful things revealed.

And while I venerated the Spirit,

Behold, I saw another Glorious Being,

More beautiful and divine than the first,

Whose glory suffered no transfiguration.

—That means he had reached the ultimate. He was the Light, he couldn’t be transfigured into Light.—

And all the Angels approached and worshipped,

And venerated not the first Spirit, when the Lord was nigh.

A Cloud of Radiance was interposed,

Through which my dazzled eyes beheld:

Had I seen the Lord of Brightness.

My spirit itself had been consumed.

—That’s like the blindness of Paul.—

—Incidentally, one of the books in the Pseudegrapha is a fragment of a Zadokite work,

and this Zadokite work is those sons of Zadok. And there is reason to believe that when

Paul was blinded in Damascus, that Damascus is a symbolized name for the community

of the Essenes, that Paul was blinded in the community of the Essenes. This is not

definite, but there’s reason to believe that Damascus implies that.—

Then on my face, I fell, and worshipped,

For this was the Supreme.

Seventy-thousand Veils He wore,

To hide the brightness of seventy-thousand suns.

And lo, an Ocean of Light:

And the Angel said to me, Who is this

That sitteth on the right of God?

And I answered, Sir, thou knowest.

—You’ll find the very same words in John, “Sir thou knowest.”—

[Then he spake,] This is the Beloved,

This is the Holy Spirit,

Who speaks in the Prophets,

Queen of the Ocean of Light.

But on the left stood a Spirit,

Clothed as the Son of Thunders:

And I said, unto the Angel, and who was he?

And he said, it is the MESSENGER.

Then mine eyes were opened,

And I beheld a Mysterious Glory.

Darkness from excessive Light

Seized me and drowned my understanding.

And I heard the tongue, the tongues of thousand thousands


—And this will be later in the Acts, you see when they speak with tongues.—

I heard the tongues of thousand thousands.

Glorifying, venerating, and chanting Him,

Whose presence was too bright for me to behold,

Whose effulgence had stricken me blind.

And the hymns ascend from six Heavens

Into the Seventh Heaven, of the Most High;

And I knew then why they sang around the Thrones,

Whose splendor was an invisible Mystery.

—And then here comes his prophecy about Christ on earth: —

And the Angel said, This Messenger of God

Hath received great exaltation;

He is clothed by the Holy Spirit,

And proclaimed through the mouths of the Divine Ones.

And I heard a Voice of music

Say unto this Messenger;

Go, descend through the Heavens,

Through the firmament of the spheres descend.

Assimilate thyself in appearance unto all

Who abide in the Heavens and the Circles,

And go down upon the earth,

And free it from the fetters of darkness.

And thus the Voice spake.

Immediately we descended into the sixth Heaven,

And to the fifth heaven, and the fourth, and to all the others,

And so downward through a multitude of Circles.

But whithersoever we came, the dwellers in the place

Recognized not the Messenger of God;

They believed him to be as one with themselves,

For he assumed the forms that belong to the various spheres;

And he passed into the Elemental Circles,

And into the firmament, and so upon the earth;

And he took the appearance of a Man upon him,

And was believed by man to be one with themselves.

And he lived upon the earth, and announced the Message;

And he passed away from earth and ascended;

Then the Spirits of the Firmaments and the Elemental Circles

Saw him pass, but with unchanged aspect.

And they venerated him saying: –

How hath he descended, and we saw him not?

And how hath he passed, and we discovered not the splendour

With which the Lord clothed him?

And he ascended through the innumerable Spheres,

And through the various Heavens of Paradise;

And they wondered, saying, How hath he descended?

And how we knew not the Messenger of Heaven?

And when he ascended into the Seventh Heaven,

He came unto the Great Glory,

And of the Holy Spirit was received with great gladness,

For he hath done the message of the Most High.

And to me the Angel said, Great are these things

Which now have been manifest in thee.

Thou have seen and known secrets

Which have been kept from the children of men.

In Paul we find the following: Paul is explaining who Jesus Christ is; and to explain it, he first explains about Melchizedek, and that’s Hebrews 1:5. He explains that Jesus Christ is the authority because “For who unto” who, “which of the angels” has God said “at any time, “Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee?” And then in 5:5, to be sure we understand that he is going contrary to what men will believe, he repeats, “So also Christ,” meaning Jesus Christ, “glorified not himself to be made an high priest;” saying, in other words, don’t glorify me, Jesus Christ. So also Christ not himself glorified, not himself to be made a high priest;” but he that said unto him,” in other words, glorify not me, but the Father who said unto me, “Thou art my Son, to-day have I begotten thee.” “Today have I begotten thee”: Paul is telling us that Jesus was not virgin born, as told in the gospels, but rather that when the dove descended, it didn’t say, “This day Thou pleasest me.” It said, “This day have I begotten thee.”

He’s making it a point, just as Enoch had, that Christ coming to a man would be the birth of man in God. Now unfortunately, this little passage of Paul, official-dom forgot to take out, and so it contradicts Luke 3:23, you know. Luke 3:23 tells us this isn’t what God said at all when the dove came down, and then a strange thing happened. I brought this up in class some time ago, and at that time certain documents were not in my possession. They are now. Luke 3:23 says, 3:22, “And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased.”

Paul says, “That isn’t what it said.” It said, “Thou art my son; today have I begotten thee.” Quite a difference that when the dove descended, Jesus was born as the Son of God then. Now how important is that? Here’s Luke 3:22 saying, “Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased.” And we go again to Goodspeed. It says something else. I’m going to have to find it: “You are my Son, my beloved; you are my chosen.” Well how can you have such an important phrase over here saying, “In thee I am well pleased,” and here it says, “You are chosen, My chosen?” This is far too important to be satisfied with a change at that point. But it is conspicuously noticeable that Goodspeed has changed it.

Moffatt goes a little further. Moffatt in 3:22 says as follows, “Thou art my son, the Beloved,” and listen to this! “to-day have I become thy Father.” We’re talking about millions and millions and millions of people who have not heard that “Today I am well pleased” is not the Truth, but that “Today have I begotten thee; today have I become thy Father because you have received the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God in you. I am now thy Father.” Oh what a difference this makes in the complete direction of our work when we have the authority of scripture itself behind us.

Now you see all of these things systematically had been removed from the Bible for one reason, that in the fourth century, the Pope named Damasus the First had authorized the scholar Jerome, and Jerome had prepared the new addition of the Bible, eliminating everything that our friend, Mr. Pope Damasus, didn’t want. And he had others working with him. And so out goes the Pseudegrapha, out goes the Apocrypha, out goes the references to Enoch, and out goes the references to the Essenes.

Where do you find it in the New Testament, and why don’t you find it? Because Christianity taught by the Essenes was the Christianity taught by he who called himself Jesus, and was Christ-ed when the Holy Ghost became his realized Self. So the Books of Enoch become vital, and they will not be put on the market. I can assure you that there are powerful forces that will not permit them to be put on the market. You see your Generals in the PX’s, how they can be bribed. I can assure you no stone will be left unturned to keep these books from being in your hands where you can see the message of Jesus Christ as he taught it to his disciples, saying that you must receive the Spirit of God as your Self.

You know there’s a story told by Enoch, and it’s how he was brought up to a high mountain, and in this high mountain he saw a radiant triangle, and in it was the Word, the great Word of the Father. And then he went down below the sea. He was taken by an angel into subterranean areas, and he had to go through nine arches. And down there after he passed through the ninth arch, he saw the same radiant triangle and in it the same Word. And the teaching has been given to mean, “As above so below.”

And then his son was commissioned to help him build another temple, and so Enoch had his son build this temple, which was called the Temple of Enoch, and there were nine pillars and under the ninth pillar under a piece of marble on a gold plate, he put, engraved, the Word, the magic Word. Even his son, Methuselah, knew not the Word. Solomon discovered the Word. And do you know the Word is not “I Am” at all. Moses, when he pronounced “I am that I Am,” was only hinting at the Word that he knew was there. It is said that you cannot even pronounce this Word and can never know it until you are fully Christ-ed.

Now, your identity was being taught by Enoch as the Christ of God. Enoch taught that every man is the Christ, every man is the Word, every man is God invisible. And it was because of his ability to sacrifice his humanhood, his physicality, his mentality, and to sacrifice himself totally to the will of God that he was able to move into transition, out of the world. Jesus did the same and returned. Mary was prepared to receive this Consciousness and to help make it manifest as Jesus. There are very few people on this earth who would venture this, but it has been suggested that Enoch and Jesus Christ were one and the same, appearing at different intervals.

You will find that even Enoch learned from other sources, and you can go back into Zoroaster, into the Persians. You will find that the teaching of Christ is infinite, universal, that only Christ is on the earth. And it is necessary for each individual to reach that place in Consciousness where he turns from worshipping Jesus Christ as taught by Christianity, or from worshipping Allah as taught by the Muslims, or from worshipping any external God to worshipping the only God there is, and that is your Soul.

When you make your mind a servant of your Soul and let your mind get on its hands and knees and worship your own Soul, you are worshipping God as Enoch taught it and as Jesus Christ taught it. And you’re not worshipping the corrupted form of religion which says worship Jesus Christ, worship this church, this dogma, this creed. The realization that your Soul is God tells you why Christ Jesus said, “I can never leave you.” The entire Bible is the expression of your Soul, and when It says turn the other cheek: “I say unto you, turn the other cheek,” that is the Christ Soul of you saying, “Now here, turn the other cheek.”

Always when you learn to turn your mind within to your Soul, you’ve found God, for the Soul of you is God. God is the Soul of the Universe, and that is the Kingdom of God within. This is what Enoch taught. This is what Jesus taught. This is what we are learning, and it is the only religion there can ever be in this world which can find God. It is not a religion at all. It is the recognition that my Soul is ever present, and my Soul is always God expressing.

If you are unable to release your mind from captivity to the outer world, you can never find God with that mind. It is only when you can turn from the outer world, obedient only to your own Soul, totally, fully, without equivocation. Then you are in prayer without ceasing, and you are in the universal Christ. Then you are prepared for the mystic marriage. All this Paul knew, and all this Paul taught.

Now the secret of the Temple of Solomon, the secret of Enoch’s teaching, the secret of Jesus’ teaching, the secret of Enoch’s translation and Jesus’ translation is a new body temple, which only comes through the mind being a servant of the Soul. The new body Temple is the foundation stone of immortality realized. Enoch, who translated, is the expression of God’s plan for each individual: translation through the mind in the will of the Soul forming the new body Temple, which is this foundation, the cornerstone of Christianity, which the builders of Christianity rejected. This new body temple walks invisibly where you are.

Another thing Enoch taught, which the world has not been ready for, is that the only way you can accept God as the all-ness is to see everyone you know and realize all that is there is the invisible perfect body Temple of Christ. That new Consciousness is the basic teaching behind Christ teaching that here now, present is the infinite expression of God; and you are looking at God every day of your life but seeing man, looking at God and seeing tree. You can see nothing but God because that’s all that is here. You don’t worship God. You come out of the mind, which cannot see God, into the Soul which knows him face-to-face. I am Soul. God is my Soul. I and God are my Soul. I and the Father are One, and that One is my Soul. God is on earth as your Soul. This is the new Consciousness, which Joel calls infinite Consciousness, because your Soul is infinitely conscious. Soul and infinite Consciousness are One and the same.

Now we’re going to take a breather in a minute, but we want to see that just as we come out of the limited human consciousness, so must religion come out of the limited belief that only at a certain time and place Christ came to earth. This is pure denial of the Reality of the all-ness of God, present everywhere, always, and realized by many before Christ Jesus. Christ has not only been on this earth forever, but only Christ is on the earth. Someday we’re going to go in all the religions of the world, and you’ll see that very clearly.

Now we want to come to a realization of this body temple, which is going to be a change from the present physical body Temple, because the time of translation draws near. It isn’t a teaching in a Bible; it’s a living Force working. Enoch was sent to prepare this world to receive the Christ of their own Being. Jesus showed how you do it. The disciples and apostles proved that his method worked, for they did it. The opening of Christianity has to be into its universal nature that God created neither race nor nation nor color, but only Christ IS appearing in infinite variety to human sense. And you see, until we release these finite boundaries of concept, we are not in the infinite and are not recognizing our infinite Identity.

You will try it with your mind, and you will fail. You cannot, you cannot squeeze infinite Truth into a finite mind, no matter how you try. You must expand beyond the understanding of the mind. You must make your mind a servant of your Soul, and this is the way into the universality of Christ. Your Soul knows all that is. The mind must become a receptacle, a clear transparency for your own Soul. Enoch accomplished this. The Essenes, a thriving community of some five thousand lived this every day of their lives. It was this that made possible the activity of Jesus on earth.

We are finally coming to the base where we realize that what the Essenes were living, every person on earth must learn to live. Jesus was their foremost exponent within the last two thousand years. And later, you will discover that much of what you have thought was written by certain names in the Bible was written by scholars under Essene instruction. It was their function to release the Truth of Spirit, for Spirit can never be buried or crucified.

Each of us has a background in the Essenes. We are that missing link between the formalized orthodoxy of Christianity in the fourth century and the mistaken belief that God is one God separate from people, as expressed by Judaism. You’ll find Infinite Way and the teachings of Enoch and Christ Jesus are identical. Your Identity becomes the focal point of your experience. If you’re a human being trying to learn Truth, you’re not in your Identity, and you never will be until you are no longer that human being seeking the Truth. Identity is the Truth. When you seek the Truth, you deny your Identity; I am God Self, invisible to human sense.

Paul had attained the awareness that there was a new way to live. The way we live today, normally, is the light of the sun sustains this earth, it would appear. Our heat, our light, the way nature grows through that heat and light, everything depends on the activity of the sun. We all draw sustenance from it. Now, the new way to step out of the world into the invisible Reality, into that which is never dying, is to draw your sustenance from the Holy Ghost where you are, just as the world draws its sustenance from the sun. Everything this earth needs comes from that sun, every little insect, every fowl, every fish. Without the sun, it’s gone.

Now, that is all a symbol of the way we will draw from the inner Sun of our own Being which is the Holy Ghost. When you learn to put your trust in It, you are turning. You are awakening, and you are quickened, and you find that the Holy Ghost does exactly that which the world depends on the sun for. Joel, in the Old Testament, has this to say in the third chapter, the eighteenth verse: “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the mountains shall drop down new wine . . . ” You see how they veiled the Holy Ghost: “shall drop down new wine, and the hills shall flow with milk, and all the rivers of Judah shall flow with waters, and a fountain shall come forth of the House of the Lord, and shall water the valley . . .”

All of this is taking place in your Consciousness the moment you accept that you are not flesh, you are not mortality. You are not even man or woman, for the secret of the Bible is that you are the living Holy Ghost now. Seen through a glass darkly, you appear as man or woman in the flesh. Remove the veil and there stands the activity of God, the Holy Ghost. But it is here now, seen through the veil, appearing as what you call my form, my life, my being; and all the while, the vast invisible present where you are is saying, “We are one.” Now that’s the new wine, the living fountain.

When we go to Paul, we find something in Hebrews, which traces fairly well some of the things we’ve talked about, the barriers, the gifts of the Spirit, the inner purification necessary to accept and receive it. These will be the passages we’ll go to. They’ll be all in Hebrews, chapter 2 verse 4, chapter 3 verse 7, chapter 4 verse 7, chapter 3 verse 11 again, and then chapter 6 verses 4 thru 8, chapter 9: 8.

We’re going to just touch these to show the continuity that Paul was establishing about the Holy Spirit starting with 2:4: “God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with diverse miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will.”

Now, “the gifts of the Holy Ghost,” we have other words for those. We call them the fruits of the Spirit. And so, the gifts of the Holy Ghost are those outer added things that appear in your life when you are not looking for the Holy Ghost, not trying to attain it, not trying to receive it—Don’t make those mistakes.—but accepting I am the Holy Ghost. Then, there is no duality. There is no separation. And the acceptance cannot up here in the head or down here in the mouth or in the region of the stomach or the heart. The acceptance is the way you live, believing on, abiding in, rejecting all else that denies you to be I am the Holy Ghost. That is the acceptance, and then the gifts of the Spirit will flow.

Now, in 3:7, we have this: “Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith), To-day if ye will hear his voice, . . .” You see the “hear his voice” means to accept. The Holy Ghost doesn’t have to come there and ring a bell. It’s present. The acceptance is the hearing of Its Voice. So, if you will hear Its Voice means you will accept that it is where you are. And then, in 4:7, “Again, he” limited “a certain day, saying in David, “To-day, after so long a time; as it is said, To-day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” Again, pressing for the acceptance of the Holy Ghost.

And then, a very interesting phrase by Paul. He says, “ . . . I was grieved with that generation,” and said, “They do always err in their heart;” meaning they’re living in duality not accepting themselves to be the invisible Spirit of God. “and they have not known my ways.” and so I swear in my wrath,” that “They shall not enter into my rest.”

Now, that’s the very thing we’re talking about. You, in accepting the Spirit, must copy this firmness of Paul who swears, even though he’s mad, even though he’s angry, he will not let them enter his rest. He is resting in the knowledge that here, I, Paul, am the living Holy Ghost and I will not let them enter into that and deprive me of that Truth. They will not enter my rest, my acceptance.

And so, you see, when the Bible tells you not to be resentful, but to turn the other cheek; not to resist and so forth, not to condemn, it’s telling you don’t let the world enter your rest. Don’t let the world pierce the armor of Truth in which you stand, that you are the invisible Holy Ghost. But why can’t you go a step further? You must recognize that where your enemy is appearing to be, where the bill collector is, where the ingratitude is, where the harshness is, where everything else appears to be, there too stands the invisible Holy Ghost, and not the person—not the person. Only the invisible Holy Ghost stands before you everywhere. Do not let the world enter your rest.

Now don’t you see then, you’ve got the seamless garment, the one invisible Holy Ghost everywhere? You’re in the power. There’s nothing more to do then, but rest in the knowledge that there is not a bill collector, there is not an irate friend, or an irate employer, or an irate husband or wife. There is the invisible Holy Ghost, and here is the invisible Holy Ghost. They are One Being, and then the power of that Ghost becomes manifest in the flesh as harmony, as peace, as fulfillment, as helpfulness, as cooperation, as beauty, as the activity of the Ghost made visible, the Word made flesh. And all of you who have done this know it is true, but to do it continuously is praying without ceasing. Even Paul, in his wrath, was determined they will not enter my rest. He was resting in the Word.

Some of you have had the experience of becoming very high in the Truth and then hitting the bottom. Maybe Paul had you in mind with this in 6:4[-6]. “It is impossible for those who are once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Ghost, and have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come.”, the world to come,” right here. “If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing that they crucify to themselves the son of God afresh . . .”

Now, then, you who have received the Word, have experienced the Word and have been lifted by the Word, more is expected of you and when you turn from that Word, you feel the crash more than one who hadn’t received the Word. You have further to fall. And so, we have a greater responsibility once we come into the awareness of Truth. We have to be faithful to It, or else it’s very difficult to be restored to that grace once you have abridged your faith, once you have broken faith with the Spirit of your own being. Once you’ve received the Word and have become disobedient to it, you’re asking for trouble.

Now, having accepted yourself to be the living Spirit, when you do that, when you know that this living Spirit that I am is everywhere as the invisible Holy Ghost, then you have an obligation to abide by its Will: to love where hate appears, to pray for the one who appears to be guilty, to forgive because your forgiveness is the recognition that right where there is one who appears in need of forgiveness, that one isn’t there. I, the invisible Holy Ghost, the One Self am there. And if you cannot do that after you’ve received the Word, then for you there is much gnashing of teeth because this is a sacred responsibility.

In 9:8, Paul says, “The Holy Ghost this signifying, that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as the first tabernacle was yet standing:” and that’s the reference to the time when, in the Hebrews, the holy priest alone was able to go into the arc of the covenant. All others had to go in the second tabernacle. It was not time for the intelligence or wisdom or spiritual preparation of man to receive this great eternal secret that, even those slaves who were being led out of Egypt by Moses, they were the living Holy Ghost, but there was no way for them to know it at that time. We, who are slaves to a different level of consciousness, there is a way for us to know it.

Now, there you have a great secret, then, that everything must be drawn from within your own Being, and your own Being is the infinite Invisible. That infinite Invisible is what you must learn to wake up to; and if I have said this a dozen times or more, or a hundred or a thousand, I still know that it’s a difficult thing to wake up to, the infinite Invisible. And even though we determine to do it and go to sleep with the infinite Invisible in our consciousness, somehow we just hear the words and pass it by, and that passing it by keeps us outside of all of the things we are striving to attain.

Don’t pass it by. Accept that the Holy Ghost of your Being does not begin where your body is. It does not begin in the room. It does not end in the room. The Holy Ghost of your Being is out touring the Infinite and will send right to where the form appears all that is necessary instantly. Accept the infinity of the Holy Ghost. Please don’t limit It to you or to me or to him or to her. God is infinite Being. The Holy Ghost is the infinite Activity of God. It is your infinite Activity.

You remember last week, we talked about the consciousness, feeling a draft at the window. Now watch how you can magnify that idea. There’s the draft at the window, and you feel it; and now realize that you feel it at the window before your body feels it here. There’s something of you at the window feeling that draft, and we’ll call that your mind or your human consciousness, which instantly relays that expression or that experience to your brain here.

You see the moon, but where do you see it? Do you see it from down here, or are you there? Is your consciousness there experiencing the moon and relaying that expression, that experience to your brain here? You’ll find it so. You’ll find that everything on this earth is within your consciousness, and your consciousness must be bigger than this earth in order for these things to be in your consciousness. You are experiencing these things first in your consciousness and, then, almost instantaneously in your brain.

Your Consciousness is everywhere, and everything that you experience can be controlled by the knowledge that my Consciousness is the activity of God, so that gradually you will stand in that place, which is called the secret place, where whatever comes into your Consciousness that is not of God, you will instantly recognize as not being of God. You will call it a tare or chaff, not wheat; and you will recognize it as a denial of your being, and you will not accept it. You will not accept the evils of the world, the lacks and limitations, for they are not the Consciousness of God expressing; and you will separate them until your consciousness is purified of all other belief than that which God is. You’ll find you’re living in the infinite Consciousness.

And then, while there is a moon to this world and a sun to this world and stars to this world and earth and water to this world, you’ll be living behind them because certainly God is not in this world. You’ll be living behind them in the invisible Kingdom of God, and all these things will only appear in your consciousness. What you experience in the form will depend on that.

You take a vacuum cleaner. You put the nose of the vacuum cleaner on the ground and you start vacuuming, and it picks up dirt, and then what do you have in the vacuum cleaner bag? You have dirt. Whatever you pick up with the vacuum cleaner goes into the bag. Now, your mind works the same way. It picks up experience, and if it picks up the untruth that goes into your bag of memories, and they become conditioned reflexes. They become part of what you experience and what you show forth. Your mind is like the vacuum cleaner. But suppose you have the capacity to reject what the mind picks up and to only accept what God is sending through? Then the law of externalization works in your favor. What God is sending through is the purity of his Consciousness, and that shows forth in your world instead.

So we are controlling world thought. We are standing still in Truth, and because the Truth is that you are the infinite Consciousness of God made visible here through the glass darkly, you eliminate the glass darkly in your Consciousness standing in the Truth of being the Holy Ghost. And this becomes the way in which the world’s evils, errors, the dirt that goes into the vacuum cleaner, comes to your attention, but your Truth becomes a filter for it and separates the wheat from the tares automatically, so that into your bag of Consciousness comes only that which is the Truth; and that is all that can go forth, and that Truth, being infinite and invisible, you exhibit in your daily experience the infinite invisible qualities of God. The Truth must be the place where you stand.

Now there are many ways to heal that we’ve learned, and here’s another one. Last week we discussed some, and we’re going to have many of these suggestions as we go along, and this one is probably best to start with healing someone else so you can see it clearly. This someone else has a problem without a name, we’ll say at the moment, or let’s give it a name, if you will. Let’s go back to some physical ailment. And now, you’re the healer. Ask yourself: Are you the healer or are you the Holy Ghost? When you’re the healer, you might as well be a dead stone for that person who’s called you, but are you the Holy Ghost? Can you accept that you are? Can you live that way? Can you try?

Well, let’s say you reach the place where you can accept you are the Holy Ghost, but you are One. There’s not a Holy Ghost everywhere broken up into little pieces. The Holy Ghost is the One, invisible Activity of God, without any separation from Itself anywhere. Therefore, you can say to yourself, “I, the Holy Ghost, I do not have a physical pain.” And that’s the Truth. But I am the One Holy Ghost. There is no other, and therefore, the Holy Ghost that I am here, I am there, right where that victim of a pain is. But I don’t have a pain there anymore than I have it here. Can you do that? You know what you have to do after that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You simply rest in that knowledge: I, the Holy Ghost here, have no pain, and I, the Holy Ghost there, have no pain, and rest in the Word.

Now, isn’t that cutting it down to a simple way? You’ll find it works, but only when you have attained the maturity of knowing that you are the Holy Ghost. And you will discover anyone in the world can call you. But they aren’t there. The Holy Ghost is. And the Holy Ghost that is where they are is the same Holy Ghost where you are; and if you, where you are, realize the Truth, you will be realized by the Holy Ghost of you where the individual appears and show forth, and where there is an opening, a receptivity to Truth, it will be almost instantaneous. But, you’re going to find many levels of consciousness coming to you, and they won’t all be receptive to Truth. And so you’ll have to be pretty patient, and even when the patient says to you, “I don’t feel any better,” you’ll have to go right back and do it all over again, just as you did the first time, because it’s still the Truth; and if it happens a hundred times, it’s still the Truth, and you must stand in the Truth.

Now, suppose, the problem is you and not the patient. Suppose you’re the patient. Well, that’s simplified, isn’t it? The only reason you have the problem is because you do not know you’re the Holy Ghost. The activity of God has no problem. If you cannot accept that you are, why should the problem go away? It’s only world thought, and it will stay as long as you’re in the world thought. If you can’t transfer to divine Thought, the problem can’t disappear. But when you’re in divine Thought, it automatically erases world thought, just as if you could walk right over this tape with another message. It erases what’s below it. World thought is always erased by Divine Thought. And so, when you are in no thought about this world, divine Thought erases the tape of this world that has been playing in your mind.

Now, you might say, “Well, how many years does it take to reach the place where I can be that way?” You’d be wrong in asking that question because it doesn’t take years. It takes lifetimes, and that’s what you’ve been doing all your lifetimes. You’ve been coming to the place where you can accept yourself to be perfect as your Father, and maybe you’re so close to it now that all it takes is a reminder, a little nudge, a few jolts and jars thrown in. And then, one day, we’re going to say, “I’m through with those jolts and jars. I’m going to stand in my Self, for I know there’s no jolting and jarring the Ghost, only a mortal sense of things.”

And then, you’ll see that no one has ever walked this earth who is not now the invisible Holy Ghost, no matter where they may be, for there is no other life in the entire universe of God. We only delay and prolong our despairs and distresses because we won’t take ourselves in hand and face the flat Truth that me is a lie. The Holy Ghost of God, alone, stands everywhere. There is no place that I can flee from the Spirit of God. To a child, we would take them by the neck or by the seat of the pants, and we would drill it unto them. We have to sometimes do that to ourselves until we know, until we can stand, until they can come and crucify us, and we can say, “What of it? How do you crucify the Holy Ghost?”

If they destroy this temple in three days, I will raise it up again. And while those three days are going on, I will be right here being what I am, even though the world does not see me. That’s what you must be saying in yourself until you know your invisible Self so well that nobody can make you a finite, visible person again.

Now that’s the beginning of our study of the Holy Ghost. It is said that Mary was the bride of the Holy Ghost and, therefore, could bring forth that child which the world called Jesus, the Christ, but we must all be a bride of the Holy Ghost. And then, when ye think not, when you’re out of world thought, the Holy Ghost cometh because that is Who comes. That is the Bridegroom. We are married and we are one, and every activity of the Ghost then becomes a living, divine Experience under divine Law in that Life which knows no end.

I know we’re studying The Contemplative Life, and yet I’m going to recommend that for next week you read another chapter in another book, in fact, two different books. One of them is The Thunder of Silence. I’d like you to read again, seriously, until you could put it into practice, the ninth chapter, “This is a Spiritual Universe,” and if you will, in God the Substance of All Form, also, I think, chapter nine, yes, chapter nine. I don’t remember the title, but chapter nine in both books. God the Substance of All Form and The Thunder of Silence. You’ll find that when you put them together, you may be persuaded that if you’re not the Holy Ghost, you’re a walking corpse because God made no material man. God made no material universe.

Another suggestion is this, that when you read your New Testament, wherever the word, “I say unto you” or the word “I” is used, please try to know that in most cases that I is standing right where you are, and it is saying to you, “I say unto you.” That is not a dream, and that is not a symbolism. That is a pure and simple fact: “I am the Truth” stands by you and says it all the time, and this is the Holy Ghost of your true Being saying, “I am the Truth. You out there: you’re a shadow of Me. You’re but the world concept about what I am. Come unto Me. Turn ye. Erase that outer sense of self, for I am come. I am knocking at the door of your Consciousness, and if you will open up, I will lift you into eternal, infinite Being here and now.”

Try to recognize that every “I say,” “I am,” is not in the book. It is in the invisible, present now as your Being, trying to persuade your human sense of consciousness that it is a prodigal unless it turns and gives up its false sense of Self, until you get so aware of the infinite, invisible Activity of your own Being all around you, that you know that my whole universe is my Being, and my Being is my whole Universe; and there is no other. I don’t have to fear the shadows anymore. I don’t have to reach out to cling to the shadows. I am all there is. Let’s get this living Experience and rest with It. And you’ll get It to a large degree out of those two chapters, if you’re faithful to them. Then, next week, we can go into other levels of the Holy Ghost. We might have our work done before Easter.

We acknowledge now, one invisible Self. Your name is Life, not physical form, and the activity of that Life that you are is the Holy Ghost. Your Life is the only Life there is in this universe. There is no other. Your Life is forever. Your Life is perfect now and functioning now everywhere. It is the Life of every person who walks the earth. When you’re in It knowingly, you’re in the oneness, you’re in the power. That is where the glory is made manifest. Whoever is in the One Life, to him I come, and I bring with me the gifts of the Magi: Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, the myrrh and the frankincense and the gold.

Whenever you are in the One, knowingly, and there is no other on the earth or in the sky or in the sea, there I Am, the living God, and we are One. It was John, who, in one of his epistles said to his disciples, dear ones, accept no idols. And on that we shall end today’s little talk. You know what you are. Accept no idols.

Thanks very much.