Good morning.

This is the first talk of 2013, Sunday morning, January 6th, and it’s another Uncomfortable Talk. And if you’re not uncomfortable during this talk at some point, I’m pretty sure you’re not listening – not deeply listening. Because we’re going to discuss some things today that are uncomfortable. I don’t like them either. I don’t like to look at them. But I need to look at them. I must know the truth, and the truth will set me free. I cannot pretend, and quite frankly, I’m not sure where to start.

I will give you the name of this talk. The principle of this talk is: Why seek ye the living among the dead? And as you recall, that’s what the angel said to those that looked into the tomb and were trying to find Jesus Christ and his body, and it wasn’t there. The angel said: “Why seek ye the living among the dead?” And I’m afraid that when we’re practicing the letter of truth, that’s what we do. We seek the living among the dead. We try to demonstrate spiritual principles in our human lives, and it will not work. It does not work.

Now, before you sat down and started this talk, what were you thinking about? Let’s be honest with yourself now. Take a look, climb up here into the mind and see what were you thinking about? Were you thinking like me that tomorrow’s Monday and the children go back to school, and it should be quieter around here? Were you thinking about some chore you had to do today or thinking about returning to work tomorrow? Were you thinking about your body and how you need to go do some exercise or some walking or swimming, take some vitamins? Were you thinking about doing some yoga? Perhaps you were thinking about your finances and paying off those gifts you just bought. Or maybe you’re thinking of something you need to do around the house or maybe a repair.

All these thoughts are normal thoughts. Nothing wrong with them. Except for one little thing … what are these thoughts about? All of these normal thoughts are about the world, aren’t they? Things you need to do in the world? Maybe things you did in the world. And so these are thoughts about the world, about this world. And of course we know the scripture. We’ve heard it hundreds of times: “My kingdom is not of this world. Now who’s saying that exactly anyway? “My kingdom is not of this world.” Who is saying that? Is that some man 2000 years ago saying that to 12 other men and to a handful of women?

Where is Christ? What is Christ? If you have discovered that Christ is the I within you, then you know that that I is saying: “My kingdom, my realm, is not of this world.” And yet, when we checked our thoughts a moment ago, all of them were about this world. What do we know about the Christ? If the Christ is not of this world, is the Christ going to have thoughts of this world? No.

The Christ does not function in this world. “There is no God in the human scene,” says Joel. No God in this world.

Then if Christ is not having thoughts about this world, who is having thoughts about this world? And that would be the mind that thinks about this world, or the world mind. Now, I ask you … how close is that world mind? Was that not the mind that was just functioning in you, the world mind … looking at the world and something of the world? In fact, the world mind while that was going on was functioning as you.

Let’s just lay it out there. The world mind was you. Because it certainly wasn’t the mind which was in Christ Jesus – you know – the mind that hears the still small voice. And that mind, that world mind takes a scripture or a truth and attempts to practice it intellectually. That’s known as the letter of truth. And of course it may get a comfortable little feeling, but it doesn’t demonstrate My kingdom, does it? Because it’s trying to pull spirituality and the spiritual kingdom into this world, saying: “Thy Grace is my sufficiency. Thy Grace is my sufficiency. Thy Grace is my sufficiency 300 times a day and thinking that by saying that many times it will produce a miracle out here. All this is the world mind.

Isn’t that something? The world mind has been living you and me and all of us. If we have thoughts about this world, concerns about this world, loves of this world, fears of this world, hates of this world … then you can be sure that you’re listening to the world mind operating your mind. So how close is the world mind? Wow! Pretty close! Therefore, the angel says: “Why seek ye the living among the dead?” Why are you still looking at this world? Why are you still hoping to fix this world? Why are you still listening to the mind that speaks of this world? And why aren’t we listening to the Christ. Why aren’t we seeking the Christ among the living, which is deep within? Which is in Consciousness, not in world mind.

Maybe we don’t know how. Maybe we never learned. Maybe we thought that thinking about these truths was sufficient. But if we’ve been paying attention these last few weeks we know thinking and speaking and writing and reading and listening to truth statements are not the truth. Which is why the voice among the living says: “I am the truth.” And so we know we must come out and be separate from the mind thinking about the world, and we know we must be still. We must be silent so that the Christ in us can rise up. That same angel said: “He is not here. He is risen.” Stop looking in the tomb of the world mind and expecting Christ to function there. He is risen, and so you must rise out of world mind, and in the silence and in the stillness He is risen in you. Christ is risen and you hear its voice.

And that voice says: “[But] whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” And that is one of the scriptures that has really haunted me lately because it occurred to me the Christ of me is saying that the conscious awareness of Itself – my conscious awareness of the living Christ within rising up – is in me a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

But what is life? It’s not this form. It’s not this world. It’s not anything in this world. Life in not in this world because everything in this world can die. So that’s not life when he says springing up into everlasting life. Life existed somewhere before this form appeared, and after this form disappears life will still be somewhere. Life existed before this world. Before Abraham was I AM. Before the beginning I AM. And even unto the end and after the end of the world, I AM. So life is not this world or anything in it.

And so if I have a life in this world, whose life am I looking at? I’m looking at an artificial world mind personal sense of self, and it’s not life. Yet, the voice says within, “If you drink this water” … if you become consciously aware of I … “then it shall be in you a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” It shall spring up into a life that the senses have never known. When that world mind is silent something springs up in you, and that something is the life that I AM. It’s the real life.

Now, we’ve all heard this story, but perhaps it’s time to hear it again. It’s from Practicing the Presence, Chapter 4: The Infinite Nature of Individual Being. And it begins:

There is an old, old story about a great spiritual teacher who knocked at the gates of heaven for admission into paradise.” That’s what we’re doing and have been doing. We’ve been knocking at the gates of our consciousness wanting to demonstrate Christ. “After some time, God came to the door and inquired, Who is there? Who knocks?”

To this query, came the confident response,” “It is I.” [Oh, I’m] “Sorry, [I’m] very sorry. There is no room in heaven. Go away. You will have to come back some other time.” Is that not what happens when we try to demonstrate the Christ in this world in a human life, in a world mind life? We hear the same thing or experience the same thing. Go away.

The good man, surprised at the rebuff, went away puzzled. After several years, spent in meditating and pondering over this strange reception, he returned and knocked again at the gate.” Most of us, if not all of us, have several years attempting to practice these principles and still we stand without in this temporary human, mortal dream life. So after several years in meditation he returned and knocked again. “He was met with the same question and gave a similar response. Once again he was told … there [is] no room in heaven; it[’s] completely filled at [this] time.”

In the years that passed – now we have more years. It’s a long time to live in the letter, isn’t it? – “the teacher went deeper and deeper within himself” – you see where he went – deeper and deeper beyond the world mind to that mind which was in Christ Jesus.

In the years that passed, the teacher went deeper and deeper within himself, meditating and pondering. After a long period of time had elapsed, he knocked at the gates of heaven for the third time. Again God asked, “Who is there?” This time his answer was, “Thou art.” “And the gates opened wide [and] God said, “Come in.” [Come in.] There never was room for Me and thee.”

And of course we read that and we, as a human being, living in this mortal mind, we read that and we think it’s kind of cute and we chuckle at it. Yes, that’s right. We might even remind ourselves “I and the Father are One,” but nothing happens. We have no real conscious awareness of this, this water that Christ has to give us. We don’t drink it. We stay in the mind.

In this same chapter on page 57, Joel says: “Let God be the only presence.” We read right over that, too, don’t we? We think it means that if I just walk around saying I and my Father are One, or I am the Life, or I am the Way, or I am the Truth, or I am the Bread … and repeat that to ourselves 315 times a day something will happen in our human experience. This doesn’t say that. This says: “The water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life,” everlasting I. It doesn’t say it’ll spring up into a good human experience, does it? And so we see the world mind is the mind in which we live almost all the time, except that we have a little 5-minute or 10-minute excursion into consciousness and hoping to bring up this water, this wellspring of water.

Now we read this last week, but I want to point it out something to you. This is the New Horizon in The Infinite Way. Pay attention to how many times he says entire or intimates the word entire.

The sense which presents pictures of discord and inharmony, disease and [health] – and now we know harmony, health, disease, death, life, a human life … all of these opposites are coming from the same world mind – is the universal mesmerism which produces the entire (that’s one – the entire) dream of human existence.” Now that means human existence is, or the entire human existence is a dream, does it not? Doesn’t mean just the bad. It means when we were thinking well, tomorrow I believe I’ll head on into work, but first I need to pick up a loaf of bread … it means all of that thinking about this world is a dream. It’s a dream, and if we act on it, then world mind is moving our body around, or world mind is moving its body, since this body is not our real body.

World mind is living here because we’re permitting it, because we’re acting on world thought. World mind says, “Okay, this is what you’re gonna do with the rest of today. You still have to get out there and clean up the yard and you have to run that errand and then you need to get home. You have to get dinner on.” And so on and so forth. All this is world mind. This is not the mind which was in Christ Jesus. Not listening to a still, small voice. You’re not drinking of the water within that springs up into everlasting I. You’re acting out world mind. So how close is world mind? World mind is you at that point, isn’t it? And so he says:

The sense which present pictures of discord and inharmony, disease and death, is the universal mesmerism which produces the entire dream of human existence. (That’s one). It must be understood that there is no more reality to harmonious human existence than to discordant world conditions. It must be realized that the entire (that’s two) human scene is mesmeric suggestion, and we must rise above the desire for even good human conditions.” All right? “Understand fully that suggestion, belief, [or]hypnotism is the substance, or fabric, of the whole (which means entire, so that’s three) the substance, or fabric, of the [entire] mortal universe and that human conditions of both good and evil (that’s all of them, or the entire conditions) [have] no reality or permanence. [So] Be willing for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear from your experience” … that’s what you have to do. That’s exactly what we’re talking about. You have to, “be willing for the entire mortal existence, good and bad, to disappear from your experience. (So that’s four) in order that reality may be known and enjoyed and lived.”

“Above this sense-life there is a universe of Spirit governed by Love” … Now that means above this sense-life. Where are the senses? The five senses are taking place in the brain. The brain is this world mind, this … yes, the brain is this world, the world mind. That’s where this sense-life is taking place, so above this is a “universe of Spirit governed by Love, peopled with children of God living in the household or temple of Truth.” And now those that were standing not in this world mind, but above it in Spirit, in consciousness, in the awareness of everlasting I – they were able to see Christ.

They were part of the 500 that saw Christ after the resurrection, because they weren’t standing where they saw a dead body, which is all the world mind can see. They weren’t thinking about what am I gonna do with that body or can I take it away, can I clean it up? Can I do this, can I do that? No. They were standing above that world mind in Spirit, in consciousness. And there they were able to behold the living Christ. “He is not here. He is risen. Why seek ye the living [Christ] among the dead?” Well, that’s because I’ve never learned how to live outside of this world mind. So he says:

This world is real and permanent: Its substance is eternal Consciousness.” Or we might say, everlasting I. Right? “In it there is no awareness of discords and no awareness of good.” Now there you have it. So … “The first glimpse of Reality – [or]the Soul-realm comes with the recognition and realization of the fact that all temporal conditions and experiences are products of self-hypnotism.” So all temporal conditions might be the same as the entire human scene. Right? “With the realization that the entire human scene” (that’s number five he uses that word) – “its good as well as its evil – is illusion, comes the first glimpse and taste of the world of God’s creation and of the sons of God who inhabit the spiritual kingdom.”

So when you reach that state that is above the world mind and you’re standing in the conscious awareness of that everlasting I, or the living I, then you become consciously aware of that dimension and all who are in it, which is why you can commune with Joel, because he never died, and you can commune with Herb and you can commune with Jesus. And you could commune with Buddha and you could commune with Lao Tzu and you could commune with Shankara, Krishna. You can commune with these beings because they exist there.

Why seek ye the living among the dead?” You will never find and never be able to demonstrate the living in something that’s not alive. Oh, now there’s a shock! Because it means that this world mind life that we allow to live us, is dead. “Why seek ye the living among the dead?” And again Christ says: “Let the dead bury the dead.” You come, come up higher and follow Me. And so I submit to you that this personal life that you’ve been living, that you’ve been thinking about is nothing more than world thought operating right there where you are.

That’s the tomb in which you’ve been buried, standing there watching world mind live itself. And that’s the tomb in which you will be buried if you don’t climb out of that tomb. And how do you come out of that tomb? Joel gave us the way in his Kailua study series, and I know you know it. But listen again. Maybe you’ll hear it a little differently. He says: “Achieving that state of consciousness” (and that’s the consciousness where you are come out of the world mind life, and you live out from the living waters, the everlasting I, the immortal Self).

Achieving that state of consciousness begins in this particular way. First, because the discords and inharmonies of our existence are the most irritating to us and therefore announce themselves more forcefully to us, in those moments we will now train ourselves to resist the temptation to deny or affirm or think thoughts, even good ones.” Because we know that’s all in the realm of mortal world thought. “But we will give ourselves an opportunity for the Christ to announce Itself in us and through us, and if necessary to engage that mind while waiting for Christ, we will take any one of the Christ messages that begin with the word I, such as “I will never leave you nor forsake you” or “Thy grace is my sufficiency.””

Anything, anything that reveals our awareness of the fact that there is a Christ, and that if we give it an opportunity it will come into expression.” You know, “I have hidden manna. I have meat to eat the world knows not of.” That’s if you have to entertain this world mind because it won’t shut up and you’re trying to get still and create an opening through which the everlasting I can manifest, can be, can express, can reveal itself. And so to attain this state of consciousness where the everlasting I is living itself, he says first you meet the discords in this new technique where you don’t meet it with any words or thoughts, where you meet it just with silence. Then, he says, “eventually as I said you will go through this same procedure when you witness the harmonies of life. When you witness a beautiful sunset you will also turn and open a way for the Christ experience to come so that you can rightly see the sunrise and sunset as it is, or the mountain scene.”

You see that? In the beginning we start with the discords because they press upon us. And so the world thought life discords pressing upon us, and we don’t want them, and so we find after passing through the letter of truth – which takes years and years – we return again in our consciousness, so we knock at the gate and Christ within says, “Who’s knocking?” And if we are still, all that we can say is, “Thou art” or “It is I” or “Flow, Father. I am listening. I’m still. I’m nothing. Reveal Thyself.”

And then in that, the door opens, and he says, “this will ultimate in the activity of the Christ being a constant experience,” because after we learn to do that with the so-called discords and inharmonies, now we also have to do it when we catch ourselves saying, “Oh, isn’t that beautiful!” Wait a minute … what am I looking at? I’m still looking at world thought. What’s really here? I don’t know. Well, let me go within. Be still. Let me allow Christ to reveal itself here. And so we learn to do it with the discords, we learn to do it with the inharmonies, but then we also start to practice this same thing with the harmonies.

Oh look! A check came in the mail today for $1500! I didn’t even know that the government owed it to me, and yet there’s a check, a tax refund. Wow! Isn’t that wonderful! Yes, God’s grace. Wait a minute … what am I doing … what am I doing? This is world thought again trying to color this as something good, but this is not what it seems. What is really here? Let me turn within. Close my eyes for a moment. Father, reveal Thyself. And I listen. Always, always, always I’m creating that opening. I’m creating that opening with the discords, with the inharmonies, with the good things, with the loving things, with the abundant things, with the beautiful things … I am creating an opening with either one, because the good and the bad … well … look again. This is the directions.

Be willing – you hearing this – “be willing for the harmonies as well as the in-harmonies to disappear from your experience in order that reality may be known and enjoyed and lived, [because] above this sense-life, there is a universe of Spirit governed by love,” and so do you want the kingdom, the Spirit governed by love? You want the conscious awareness of the living waters, the everlasting I? Then you must dissolve both the good and the evil of world thought. And this you do by not participating in it anymore, by constantly turning within.

And so now listen. Eventually, as I said, “you will go through this same procedure when you witness the harmonies of life, when you witness a beautiful sunset,” says Joel. “You will turn also and open a way for the Christ experience to come so that you can rightly see the sunrise or sunset as it is or the mountain scene. This will ultimate in the activity of the Christ being a constant experience,” not one achieved or attained at certain moments of the day or night when you sit down to meditation. No, “it will now be a constant state of being so that at any time necessary it’s only necessary to blink the eye and the activity of Christ will be realized. But it isn’t even necessary to do that.”

The time eventually comes,” and I talk about it in all of the writings … there comes a point of transition. NOW LISTEN! “There comes a point of transition where you pass … you pass from living your own life to having your life lived for you and through you, where you become nothing more than an instrument for the divine experience and you go where you’re sent and when you’re sent, and you have no will of your own and you have no wish of your own, no desire of your own, and you have no supply of your own, and you never even have health of your own. There is always an It, a Christ, that is living Its own life, and you are going along for the ride.”

So there comes eventually a point, an exact point of transition, where you pass … you pass away. This mortal world thought life passes, and this everlasting I lives Itself where you stand. There actually comes, as it did for Joel, an exact point where you pass. This mortal life, this sense-life, this seeing good and evil, this world thought living you passes. It passes away. It dies. And in its place there is a resurrected Christ living. He is risen! And now everlasting I lives Itself, and I am the Bread and I am the Way and I am the Life.

Everlasting. I looked it up. Everlasting means in the old sense … today we think it means everlasting from this point forward, but in the old sense it meant no beginning and no ending. Everlasting was everlasting. No beginning also.

So this life that had a beginning is dissolved at a certain point and everlasting life takes over … that life that has no beginning and no ending, that life that existed before this world thought life was formed. That life that will exist after this world thought life is dissolved. No beginning, no ending, and no interruption. You never come back to living a world thought life.

Now this Christ within you, if you haven’t had the conscious awareness of it, it is because you’ve been listening to world thought, which is pretty easy to do since it’s operating as the human mind, your human mind. But if you can become still, if you can listen, if you can practice with the bad … so-called bad and the so-called good things … this turning away and listening and not trying to think a statement of truth, but listening, then you will be fed the bread of life.

And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed it, and [broke]and gave to them. And their eyes were opened, and they knew him.” And this is, of course, after the resurrection. These two gentleman had not risen out of world thought. It was still functioning them and they’re walking along discussing Jesus’ body and how it was crucified and it was buried and maybe it’ll rise and they didn’t even know that they’re focused on world thought. They thought they were being spiritual. And right in their midst is the living Christ, and they didn’t see it. But when they became still and it began to teach them, it took them through the letter until they reached that point where we are – tired of the letter.

After years of meditation he came and knocked again. “Who’s there?” Who are you? And he fed them bread, and their eyes were opened. “Thou art.” And they knew him.

This is your resurrection. This is your transition. Come out of the tomb. “Why seek ye the living among the dead?” Come up here into another realm. Come up here and see the living. Come up here into the Christ. Open the gate. Come into heaven.

You must rise in consciousness. You must be lifted up, and as our friend, Jacob, told us last week: It is God in us that must do the lifting. You’re totally and completely at the mercy of your own inner Christ. No one can do it in this world. No one can do it that is world thought formed, not even your world thought formed, which is your human life. This must die. “A corn of wheat” must be buried, “but if it die it bringeth forth much fruit.” If it’s buried … if you stand in your inner chamber, then you bringeth forth much fruit or you bringeth forth a wellspring of water springing up into everlasting life.

Now we’ve heard this before too, but let’s listen with a new ear, shall we?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.”

Now we understand what the Word is, don’t we? It’s that living water, that everlasting I. Before the beginning, I Am. And so the Word was God. This I in the midst of you existed before the world mind formed this human life. And this Word, this everlasting I … “All things were made by Him; and without Him was not any thing made that was made.” And so this invisible everlasting I made all things, and anything made such as the world thought form was not made. It’s an imitation. It’s not everlasting. “In Him was life; and the life was light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” This light, this everlasting I, shines in consciousness, but living in world thought life, we are unaware of it. We don’t see it. We don’t feel it. We don’t know it. We’re the dead. Right?

And now let’s skip down here a little bit: “… the true Light [which] lighteth every man that cometh into the world. [And that light] was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not.” See? Nobody could receive that. Not for a long, long time. Years and years.

And a third time he returned to the gates and knocked. “Who’s there?” To you comes that response now. “Who’s there?” And are you able to receive Him? Are you able to say, “I am nothing. Thou art” and stand in that or rest back in that? Are you able to stand in the infinite invisible nothingness that you cannot comprehend and simply know “Thou art”?

Because if you can, here’s what will happen. “[But] as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the Sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:” … or experience his nature. So if you can receive that everlasting I, then you will be given power to come out of the world thought form and stand as a Son of God, “Which [are] born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

You see, there comes an exact transition, an exact point of transition in which you are born of God. You’re reborn. “And the Word [is] made flesh, and [dwells] among us.” It’s at that point of transition, the Word that existed before the world thought form and that will exist after the world thought form is passed or dissolves, that Word is made flesh if you can receive it. If you are one who has come to this point after thousands of years that you can receive this – difficult as it is – uncomfortable as it is – if you can receive it, you will be born of God. You will become the Son of God. You will be the Word Itself made flesh, full of grace and truth.

And so today’s principle is: Why seek ye the living among the dead? Come up higher. Come up higher and seek the living in the realm of the soul.

Above this sense-life, he says, there is a universe of Spirit governed by Love, peopled with children of God living in [this] household, [in this] temple of truth. This world is real and permanent: Its substance is eternal Consciousness. In it there is no awareness of discords” and no awareness of good. “Now, in this moment of uplifted consciousness, when you’re standing in it, “you are able to see yourself free of material, mortal, human, and legal laws. The fetters of finite existence [begin to] fall away.”

We glimpse the unlimited boundaries of eternal life, infinite consciousness, everlasting I. The experience at first is [going to be] like watching the world thought form disappear over a horizon and drop down from before us. There is no attachment to [it], no desire to hold onto it – probably because to a great extent [this] experience does not come until a great measure of [your] desire for the things of “this world” or this world thought has been overcome.”

At first you will not be able to speak of it. You will have the sense of Touch me not, for I [have not] yet ascended.” No, I’m not up here permanently … not yet, but I know, I know it’s coming. For now “I am still between the two worlds, so do notmake me speak of it because it may drag me back. Let me be free to rise; then when I am completely free of [this] mesmerism, this world thought form, when I am standing in everlasting I, I will tell you of many thingseyes have not seen nor ears heard.”

And so …The first glimpse into the heaven here and now is the beginning of the ascension for us. [And] the ascension is understood now as a rising above the conditions and experiences of “this world,” thought life where you behold the “many mansions” prepared for [you] in spiritual Consciousness [or] – in the awareness of Reality.” And finally at the end of this it says … this is the I speaking from that realm … it says:

I am breaking the sense of limitation for you as an evidence of My presence and My influence in your experience. I – the I of you – am in the midst of you revealing the harmony and infinity of spiritual existence. I – the I of you – never a person, never a personal sense of “I,” – but the I of you – am ever with you. Look up.”

And so we are promised from one that went before us that made this transition, that rose above the world thought form and rose into the everlasting I and rested there and reached that point of transition where it took over and Christ lived, we are told from one that has completed that: This is the way! Follow me. Walk in this way.

Start with the meeting of discords with the mind which was in Christ Jesus, not with the world mind, and then go on to meeting the harmonies, the opposite side of the world mind, with the same silence, with the same consciousness of Christ … awareness of Christ, and nothing else. Don’t meet it with a thought from that thought mind … meet it with the silence, with the awareness of Christ. And then through the practice and the continued practice, we will come again to the third visit where we knock within ourselves, and the Voice says: “Who’s there?” and we’re able to say, “Thou art.” And we will reach that point of transition where Thou, I Christ, the living awareness, the everlasting I, will live where we stand.

And so are we ready? Are you ready to come out of the tomb? To seek the living among the living? Are you ready to die? Are you ready to make this point of transition? I think you are. I feel you are. I know I am. And so let us resolve to walk this way, to follow that Me which has laid it down before us.

[But] whosoever drinketh of the water that I within shall give him shall never thirst; [but] the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.” And I am the life, so springing up into everlasting I Am.

We thank you, Father, for this hidden path that the world does not know about. Even the world that has read your words, because the world read them while standing in world thought. We thank you that Thou has lifted us out of that world thought where we may hear the word and witness the Word made flesh.

My friends, I love you, and God speed in your journey.


Good morning.

We are continuing our series of talks. I guess we could call them The Uncomfortable Talks, and today’s is going to be called “Seek Incorporeality.” Now we discussed in previous talks how we look out with our five physical senses and see only images in thought, and then we love or we fear or we hate these images and never see the reality. And I know it’s uncomfortable to think that you’ve been living with someone for 20 or 30 or 40 years and never seen the reality of them and perhaps only loved an image in the mind. Yet, if we would see reality, if we would come up over this world, if we would stand in the heaven of here and now, we must be willing to be transformed by the renewing of our mind … that is, by the renewing of our vision.

Now we need to discuss incorporeality, and I know that’s kind of perhaps difficult to conceive, but I don’t want you to conceive of it. That’s not going to help. What we need is the conscious awareness of our own incorporeality and then the conscious awareness of the incorporeality of all life. And so we’ll look at Joel’s chapter in the book Beyond Words and Thoughts called Chapter 10: Incorporeality: God, Man, and Universe. It’s probably the best chapter ever on giving you hints on how you can go about catching a glimpse of incorporeality. We are also going to look at the Kailua study series, Chapter 7, called: [Understanding The Body]? And we’re going to look at our good friend, Jacob Boehme, our German friend from the 1500s and 1600s.

Okay, so let us get started with this chapter in Beyond Words and Thoughts, which should tell you something right there. That you’re going to have to go beyond words and beyond thoughts. Now, he says:

“… incorporeal God cannot give birth to a corporeal man, only to incorporeal man. [An] incorporeal man has no physical structure … therefore in [your] meditation, prayer, and treatment, those on the mystical path must remove from thought the image-man, the corporeal man, the man who has physicality because that man is not the man of God’s [creation]. For this reason, prayer, which … is [the] communion between God and man … can never take place between incorporeal God and corporeal man.”

And we know that, well … elsewhere I remember Joel saying that when you sit down to do healing work, you must first eliminate the patient and then you must eliminate yourself, and what is left can receive the word or commune with God. You remember that? Remember him saying that? And so you see, whenever he sat down to meditation he eliminated any corporeal sense of self and any corporeal sense of another. Then, standing in his own incorporeality – which is the one incorporeality of all life – It revealed Itself to his awareness. He became aware of it as a present reality, and he did that in every single meditation. And he says here:

If I look out at a group of persons with my eyes, I can be aware only of corporeal man. The “natural” part of me, the five physical senses, can be aware only of the five physical senses of you. If I am limited to that consciousness, however, I have no right to be a metaphysical practitioner or [a] teacher, and I have no right to claim to have attained any degree of the mystical consciousness.”

And so do you see how he is saying here that if I am dwelling in a natural mind with five physical senses and I’m looking out, I can be aware only of the five physical sense self of you … or the corporeal sense of you, which is nothing? Do you see where he says that in order to have the mystical consciousness we must step out of that? Here I am living in a five physical sense of self, looking at you saying: “I love you,” a five physical sense of self.

All of this is taking place in the realm of mental images, and God didn’t create any of it. You see the depths or the heights we have to attain? We must die to all that even if it’s painful to let it go. We must rise into mystical consciousness where we become aware of a real incorporeality of ourselves and others. So … he says here on the next page:

The point is that each of us is in part a physical being (that’s the five physical sense self); each of us is a mental being (that’s the thinking self); and each of us is an incorporeal, spiritual being, and the reality of us is that incorporeal, spiritual Selfhood which is born of God.”

And so you see – not by might, not by a physical sense of self can you do anything or help anyone. Not by power. Not by any mental sense of self can you do anything. But when all of that is stopped and you’re standing in a cloud of unknowing, then the incorporeal self of them, which is your incorporeal self, which is the incorporeal self, can reveal itself to your awareness.

The other part of us (he says) is that creation described in the second and third chapter[s] of Genesis, which was made, not by God, but by mind, by the mind of man, by what is called … Lord God.”

If I am to acknowledge God … I must acknowledge incorporeal God, and that means not only that I cannot embrace [It] in a figure or a form … I cannot even embrace It in a mental image. [And] I dare not even name it …”

See … he’s instructing us to go beyond words and thoughts if we would know our partner, if we would know our spouse, if we would know our child, if we would know our parent, if we would know our sibling, if we would know our neighbor, if we would know our friend, if we would know our enemy, if we would know our beloved – then we must be willing to set aside the creation of mind. Yes, it’s kind of sad, but I may have been in love with a creation of mind which was not made by God, which means it has no real existence other than a universal series of concepts. Well, then what am I to do? I can’t sit down and just think – well, here is the Christ. That doesn’t help anything. That doesn’t give me the awareness. That’s using the mind. I have to do something … and he says here, the answer is:

How you can ever embrace in your mind what omnipotence and omnipresent mean? You cannot! Therefore, release all concepts; let them go. Do not try to understand God. Do not try to embrace God in your mind.”

[Well] how, then, are you to know God aright? Ah, (says Joel) that you can do. You can know God [aright]. God is. Then let God define itself. … [And] so you come to the realization ( he says) that in the final analysis you cannot know God with [your] mind, but God can announce Itself to you. God can say, …“I will be with thee to the end of the world. I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.””

Yes, he says:

All you will ever know about God is the word I,” and how do you define I? Can you define it? Can you define your incorporeality? Can you put it in a box? Can you explain it? Explain your incorporeal I, would you please? You can’t! You can’t. And so if you are willing to stop using the senses and stop using the mind, first in your meditation, then the incorporeal I of the universe, of yourself, of herself and his self – will announce Itself. It will reveal Itself. It will move into your awareness, and when that happens to you, “you have reached that state of consciousness where you are ready for the mystical life,” he says.

Now, “this is the reason, (says Joel), it’s been possible to write or cable me from any part of the world and be healed before the message reached me [physically, because] I have recognized my incorporeality. I have recognized that I am not in a body: I am speaking through the body, but I am not in the body.”

And I have a little note here in the margin: As per Kailua, Chapter 7. Let’s go over there now and see what that says, because I made that note some years ago. It says: The body is the Word made flesh. Now let me explain to you. When you sit still and attain that silence and know that your mind – with your senses and with your mind you cannot know the reality of your spouse of your partner of your beloved, and when you are willing to sit still … Father, reveal Thyself. What is this Word made flesh? Then into your awareness will spring an incorporeality, an incorporeal self, an incorporeality of I, and you won’t be able to explain it or pin it down in your mind, but you won’t be functioning in your mind at that point … you’ll be in mystical consciousness, resting in the awareness of the Isness of incorporeality.

And so he says here in Chapter 7:

The body is the Word made flesh.” That is the body that you experience here in this meditation. The incorporeal body, your real body, your real Self, and your spouse’s real Self, and the real Self of all life – that is the Word made flesh. “But because the physical sense has intervened, all you can see (with your eyes) is the concept of body,” and so you look out at incorporeality, and the mind shows you a concept of that incorporeality which is called your spouse, your love. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t love that. I’m saying that if you love the concept, then you’re loving that which God did not make, and Joel tells us repeatedly: In the mystical path you cannot love, fear, or hate that which is appearing. But in your meditation you can go beyond that. You can commune with the incorporeality being that is your spouse. And that you can love with all your mind, heart, and soul and being. And that automatically … automatically when you are loving that with all your heart, mind, soul, and being – it automatically manifests as loving action out here. It’s automatic.

So … in Chapter 7 he says: “[The] concept must die.” Well, that’s pretty plain, isn’t it? The mental concept you have entertained all these years of your spouse, your son, your granddaughter, your mother – that mental concept must die. It has to die! You can’t go beyond it until it does. When it dies, simultaneously there’s a resurrection of the incorporeality of them, which is the resurrection of the incorporeality of you. And so, “Even the concept that you entertain of yourself, (says Joel), must die for that concept can never know God. As you entertain a concept of yourself as man [or woman], as effect, as sinful [or] sickly [or healthy or wealthy], as human, that concept of yourself must die until you become aware: “No, I Am that I Am,” and that is what I Am. When that realization comes your old concept of yourself has died. You have fulfilled Paul’s statement: “Ye must die daily. You must be reborn of the spirit.””

Now, do you see? You see the point to which we’re leading here in this group? We have said we want to live in Christ Consciousness. Okay fine … here’s the way. Concept of the Word made flesh. Your concept of the invisible incorporeality … you have been loving that concept, or in the case of an enemy, perhaps fearing that concept. But they’re all concepts, and they must die including the concept you’ve had lo these 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 years of yourself! That concept must die because that concept can never know God. Your physical sense of self, which is the concept of your own incorporeality, is not your own incorporeality. It’s a concept, and it cannot know your own incorporeality. And your concept of mind and all the concepts that are in your mind also must die, because a concept in the mind is never going to be incorporeality, and so to think that you can think of Christ or visualize Christ or draw a picture of Christ in your mind – even if it’s a beautiful picture – it’s not Christ – it’s not the incorporeality of I.

So this must die too, and it must die in every meditation from now on. If you’re sitting down to help someone, as he said, first you must eliminate the patient. You must eliminate a physical sense of them and a mental sense of them in order to be so still that you can wait on the Lord to reveal the incorporeality that is there. And once you’re eliminated them, then you must eliminate yourself, says Joel. I of myself can do nothing. I of myself am nothing, and so now I let the concept of a physical self or the concept of a mental self … I let that go.

And now I stand still, and if God doesn’t reveal incorporeality, I can go no further. This is the point at which I leave the letter and enter the Spirit. This is the point in which I leave the mind and enter the awareness or consciousness. This is the point that I leave behind mind and I rest back in infinite consciousness. And if I will do this repeatedly until the experience comes, I will have the experience of incorporeality. And then the person that reached out to that consciousness touches their own incorporeality, the reality of them, and they say: “Wow! I feel better. Thank you.” But concepts have improved over there. You know the reality is still the incorporeality, and so you’re not buying the fact that they’re sick and you not buying the fact that they’re well. You know you have touched – you have the awareness of the incorporeality of them.

And so he says in Chapter 7:

That concept must die. Even the concept that you entertain of yourself must die, for that concept can never know God, it can never know reality. [It can never know incorporeality.] It is only as you refrain from judging by appearances.”

Remember … Judge not by appearances – means quite a bit more, now doesn’t it? It’s quite a bit deeper than “don’t believe what you’re seeing with your eyes.”

It is only as you refrain from judging by appearances [or from standing in the mind], and through a transformation of consciousness: Be ye therefore transformed through the renewing of your mind. [and] Let God define what you are and who you are, that the answer will be, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.””

It doesn’t mean that you’ll just think that. No! Thinking that has never done anything for you. It means, you die to the concept of a physical sense of self. You die to the concept of a mental sense of self. You stand still in consciousness, naked as it were, with nothing to lean on. No props. And you ‘wait upon the Lord’, and as he says here: You “let God define what you are and who you are.” Then comes the living awareness: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.” Then comes the living awareness – “the Father and I are One.” Then comes the living awareness – the Word is my invisible flesh. My incorporeality.”

And so he says:

In reality, you are the beloved Son, the Word made flesh. But that flesh is an infinite [invisible] individuality and an infinite body that is eternal. In this spiritual realization – [that is – spiritual discernment] of your individual embodimentyou can truly say: “… in my flesh I see God.” And so now comes the admonition which we heard over the years many, many thousands of times, now it means something, spoken from God within yourself. Spoken from God as your invisible Self, it says to the senses and to the mind: “You, be still and know I am God.” And so the incorporeality of you reveals itself to your awareness, and you become aware of what you are.

Now, our friend Jacob says it this way … and you have to realize these words were written in 1500, 1600, so you have to – probably in the early 1600s, so you have to listen with spiritual discernment in order to see that he is saying exactly what Joel said, and he says:

By means of the introduction of the divine will, man becomes reunited to God and reborn in his … nature. He then begins to die relative … to the selfishness of the false desire[s](in him) and to be regenerated in new power. There is then still [attached] to him the carnal quality, but in the spirit he walks with God, and thus there is born within the earthly man of flesh a new spiritual man with divine perception … and with … divine will, killing day by day the lust of the flesh, and by divine power rendering the world – i.e., the external life – heavenly, … causing heaven – i.e., the inner spiritual world – to become visible in the external world, so that God becomes man and man God, until finally the tree reaches its perfection, when the external shell will drop off, and it then stands there as a spiritual tree of life in the Garden of God.

This imbibing of the “Elixir of Life” no man can accomplish by his own [mental] power. All he can do is to render himself receptive for the divine power. The rest is done by the Spirit of God.

Now you see that? You can feel the consciousness is the same. He is saying that you are reborn, regenerated. You walk in the Spirit with God and you have divine perception or spiritual discernment which reveals to you the life heavenly and causing heaven … the inner spiritual world – to become visible in the external. In other words, as you become consciously aware through this rebirth of your own incorporeality, it then manifests itself where before there was only concepts. But he says you can’t do this yourself. The mind can’t do this. No man can accomplish this by his own mortal power. All he can do is to render himself receptive … See? In meditation, in your attitude, and the rest is done by the Spirit of God. And so he’s in agreement with Joel that the Spirit of God is what brings to your awareness incorporeality when you step out of a personal sense of self or a mind sense of self.

Now to continue in Incorporeality: [of] God, Man, and Universe, Joel says:

In one of my deeper meditations, when I was in full awareness of the incorporeality of my Self, I saw that I could incarnate as a male or a female. That is because I, God, is neither male nor female. There is only one I. … You have never had a beginning. You cannot coexist with God and have a beginning or an ending. You have always lived … you have always lived somewhere, but you may not have lived in the part of the world where you’re now living.”

So, this incorporeality that you must become aware of, this has always existed. Before the mind formed this concept which you thought was your life, you existed in the invisible. And you exist now in the invisible. In fact, you never left the invisible, and when this concept dies you find yourself standing again in the invisible incorporeality of I, your being, the Father’s being, all being.

Now I say to you this: When your day of passing comes, if all you have is a physical sense of self and a mental sense of self, and you’re standing in that as it dies, then you will experience death, will you not? That will come to an end. But if you’ve already died to that, if you’ve died to that false sense of self, then, well … you’re already standing in incorporeality, watching the concept dissolve. And in fact, in fact … if you have died to this physical sense of self, if you have died to a mental sense of self, and if you are standing in your own incorporeality, feeling it with full awareness of it, then what is there to die? When that moment of passing comes, you step out without leaving any of you behind. People may see their concept of you die, but for you there will be no death. You’ll be standing in your eternal life. Right?

Now let’s see if I can find this other part I wanted to read. Okay … we go back over to Chapter 7 here in the Kailua study series, and he says:

Our work is not to get rid of the body, but rather to be clothed upon with a new concept of body,” or I like better … a new awareness of body. [And] “at some time we will all put off this outer envelope and step out into a higher heritage, for we know that if our earthly house of the tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God: An house not made with hands eternal in the heavens.” That’s what we just said. “Some will die after the flesh, and some will voluntarily lay down this form for a higher one, that mortality might be swallowed up of life.”

Now, you see that? We here in this group have the opportunity to lay down this concept voluntarily here, now. Step into an awareness of incorporeality, of an incorporeal Self, of an incorporeal Supply, of an incorporeal Life, of an incorporeal friend. We will find incorporeality. All right?

Now … back over to the book, Incorporeality: [of] God, Man, and Universe.

Do you understand the point to which I am leading? (Joel asks). You will never do good spiritual healing work until you attain the inner awareness, not the thought or the belief or the faith – but the inner awareness of the incorporeal nature of man’s being. The only image there is of God is man. God appears as man. But since God is incorporeal, man is incorporeal. The fact that man has a corporeal body does not make him corporeal. The fact that he travels in an airplane does not make him an airplane. And the fact that he uses a body does not make him a body? Man himself is the same incorporeality that God is, because they are One, not two. It is God Itself that is living man’s life. “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.”

All right? But this must be an inner experience, first in your meditation and later with eyes open. So I put in the margin here some years ago: Joel is telling us in each meditation we must drop the structural life of man including patient and including our self. Then comes the awareness of the truth of being, or incorporeal being, and we rest in that, and healing follows.

But what is it really? Is it really healing? No. We know better now. As he put here: “A higher concept appears.” That incorporeality dissolves the false concept of self and reveals a little more of the reality, and we call that a healing. So Joel says, “to live mystically you not only must live as I, but you cannot teach or heal except as you recognize that you are I, whether it’s sitting on this side of the table or the other.”

Now … “watch the difference, (says Joel), when you begin to accept not only the incorporeality of God, but the incorporeality of man. Then everyday that you live you become younger and stronger because the more of incorporeal life you use, the more you have. You are dealing with an incorporeal God manifest as an incorporeal man. You are living, moving, and have your being in the conscious awareness of this.”

That’s the key word – the conscious awareness of this. You have the conscious awareness that God is your incorporeal being. God is your incorporeal body. First in your meditation, later with eyes open. And you look at your spouse, your child, your mother, your father – you have the conscious awareness of the incorporeality of their being, which is the incorporeality of your being. “But – says Joel – if you are a human being who has nothing more than a physical body and a mind, then of course what I’m saying to you cannot make sense because you have no capacity with which to receive it.”

And so in this ministry or in the spiritual life you must have this additional faculty of discernment, or none of this can make sense, which is why the wisdom of God is foolishness to man. You go out there on the street and say: “Hey, hey listen Mr. Mailman! Did you know that you’re invisible being and all this walking around here is just a concept? And he’ll probably say … well, that’s fascinating and scratch his head and walk away. Or … in Mr. Jacob’s time, the Church said: “Why this is heresy!” and wanted to burn him at the stake. At any rate, they have no capacity with which to receive it because they haven’t had the experience or the awareness of it in meditation.

And Joel says:

I had a [really] hard time with business. (He says): I ended up as broke as anyone has ever been [because]… I was trying to live in a corporeal sense of supply and … demonstrate incorporeal supply, and it cannot be done. To attempt it is to tear yourself to pieces!”

You understand what he is saying there? He is saying this word, this silly little word, incorporeality – a lot of syllables. It must become – we must have this spiritual discernment, this inner capacity, or the Father within must reveal to us the incorporeality of our being, of our mate’s being. The incorporeality of our supply. The incorporeality of our health, our life. The incorporeality of our beloved. We really must step out of corporeality into incorporeality. So he says:

We’re carrying forward the unfoldment of the incorporeality of God into the incorporeality of man, the incorporeality of body, and the incorporeality of supply.” Now… “you must know that all supply is incorporeal, (he says). When it appears visibly, we attach a corporeal sense to it, but it’s [just] as present now as it ever will be (in the invisible). As it manifests, we attach a corporeal sense to it, but it does not necessarily have to be that way.”

Many persons, in moments of spiritual discernment, have witnessed the incorporeal form of man. I, too, have beheld the incorporeal form hundreds of times, because when a person is in the Spirit, that is all he can behold.”

Now that should tell you right there that as you live and move and have your being in Spirit, the only thing you can behold is the incorporeality of those coming to you or those appearing to you.

And so I repeat again where we started: We must be willing to let go of the concept of person and in its place stand still until the incorporeality of them is resurrected in our consciousness and comes out of that tomb. Then, when we see, when we behold, when we are consciously aware of the incorporeality – this then is what we can love forever with all of our mind, heart, and soul. And by seeing this, it then begins to manifest, and Joel said he did this hundreds and hundreds of times. Sometimes with eyes closed, sometimes with eyes open.

So he says:

Unless you have the spiritual vision (not the mental thought, not the belief – but the spiritual vision) that can perceive beyond the physical senses and see the incorporeal man and woman, see fruits and trees and crops all as incorporeal, even though you entertain a material sense of them, (well – unless you can do that) the crippled man is going to stay crippled …”

The metaphysician who has not succeeded in the spiritual ministry,… in healing persons or demonstrating supply or bringing forth… [ fruit] has failed because he has had an incorporeal God called Spirit, and he was trying to make It manifest corporeally. And there is no corporeal creation. Now I have that triply underlined. There is no corporeal creation. It is we who entertain a corporeal sense of an incorporeal creation!”

See – we entertain a concept of the invisible. We entertain a concept of incorporeal being, and we love the concept and not incorporeal being. But you are to have no other Gods before me.

So he says:

To know God aright you must be unknowing, but to know man aright (or to know your spouse aright) you must be equally unknowing. [And] to know supply aright you must be unknowing. You must never deal with corporeality in your spiritual ministry. … The fabric of life, which is consciousness … is incorporeal.” Although it appears as corporeal form, it is really incorporeal form. So if you focus on the concept appearing as form, then of course you’ll have to go through the loss of that concept. But if you focus on the incorporeality and the incorporeal form, the word made invisible flesh – ah, this then is eternal and you will – well – “I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.”

Rising to mystical consciousness in prayer and treatment means rising into incorporeality. You must begin (says Joel) with an incorporeal God that you cannot see, hear, taste, touch, smell, or think. Be sure of that last point: you cannot think it. You can know God aright as long as you are not thinking … [But] if you stop with incorporeal God, your ministry will bring forth only the fringes of … healing. The moment you have incorporeal man and you drop his structural appearance, you will stop trying to reduce fevers and lumps. You will stop trying to arrest the aging process, because incorporeal man has none. He was never born and he will never die; he was never born, [and] he cannot age.”

When you have that man as your ministry, you must have healings.” And when you have that One, that incorporeal being as your spouse, then you must have love, an eternal love. You must have companionship, an eternal companion. You must have – well, more of that incorporeal being appearing as healings.

This is the ultimate truth ( says Joel). There is nothing left to teach. You cannot go beyond incorporeality. You cannot. You have to ( you – each of you hearing this) you have to bring forth incorporeality out of your consciousness, bring forth incorporeal man out of your consciousness, incorporeal body and incorporeal supply.”

Do you see the importance now of why we should seek incorporeality? See the purpose for this talk today? This is a very important principle, incorporeality. And so I suggest that you look at that chapter in Beyond Words and Thoughts, Incorporeality: God, Man, and Universe. I suggest you review, perhaps listen if you have the talks, otherwise read the talk in the Kailua study series, Chapter 7. The talk is called: Understanding the Body, and I suggest you go into meditation and ask that the Father within, or the Presence, or the Christ – whatever you call it – the I of your being – reveal incorporeality to you.

Now, let us be still for a moment and see if there’s anything else to say.

[Silence] ..

I of myself am nothing. Yet, there is an incorporeality here. Let it reveal itself.


This is again one of those sayings that surely comes from “I have more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now,” and perhaps now we’re in a way of spiritual discernment where we can bear it. And so you see, the way to eternal life is now in your hands. You can lay down the concept, all of these concepts willingly. You can step right out of the concept, right out of the mind that entertains concepts and stand still, and the Christ of your being will lift you into an awareness, a consciousness of your own incorporeality, which of course, is the incorporeality of all being. And that’s all there ever was to the practice of spiritual healing. Simply to recognize this that I am seeing is a concept, and the one seeing it is a concept, and now I let that go and stand here, and I am still, and I would know the incorporeality of God. And then stand there or rest there until incorporeality reveals itself to you. And when incorporeality reveals itself to you and you stand in it and you feel the humming of it, you feel the movement of it, you feel the vibration of it – it melts the concept, and It Itself takes form.

And so it’s up to each of you individually to decide: I will die to these concepts and step into my own incorporeality before I leave here. I will do it right here, right now, perhaps in little ways in my meditations at first, yet greater and greater as I go along until I can stand in my incorporeal Self, in my own incorporeality. In the incorporeality of I, I stand. Or in the incorporeality of I, I rest. And behold … God makes all things new. And standing there I never have to taste death again.

And so I wish for you a whole new, happy new self – an incorporeal Self which you can tell no man about, but which you can experience and love with all your heart, mind, and soul and rest in, and it will never leave you because it is you. I wish for you this whole new incorporeal Self.


[Silence] ..


Good morning.

This morning we’re going to take a look at the principle: The Father within me, He doeth the works. Now I know some folks have reported being uncomfortable with these recent talks, and I’m sorry to say that today’s talk is not going to be any better. The Christ said: There are many things I have to tell you, but you cannot bear them now − some 2000 years ago. And we now, 2012 years later, surely we must be ready to hear them even if they do make us uncomfortable. So we’re going to take a look at this principle and how we might practice it and how we might live it and how we might let it live us.

Recently someone online thanked me for the website and sent me some documents which contained quotes from the German man, Jacob Boehme (Bay-meh is the way it’s pronounced. I looked it up. The dictionary says it’s Bay-meh). Jacob Boehme from the 1500s and 1600s – 1624. He lived until 1624. Anyway, this was the shoemaker if you remember. All he did all day was repair shoes, and yet he had some mystical experiences, and because he localized them and put them in writing, the church at the time became very upset and wanted to burn him at the stake for heresy. But that never happened and he lived out his normal life. Close to the end the church became roused up again and he had to leave for a little while, but he came back within the year, and it is said he lived a normal life. He had a wife and he had 4 children, 4 sons I think it was, and he was a shoemaker, a shoe repairer.

Jacob Boehme … and he said this: (Listen carefully today. Put on your listening ears. Listen with your soul – that’s me talking, not Jacob. I want you to listen to what Jacob has to say, because it’s the Christ speaking in and through Jacob).

He says:

No man can make himself a child of God. But he must throw himself entirely into a state of complete obedience to God.”

Now that means surrender, doesn’t it. It means being in a state of complete obedience or receptivity to God. So again:

No man can make himself a child of God. But he must throw himself entirely into a state of complete obedience to God. Then will God make him his child. He must be dead to all sense of self. Then will God in the Christ live in him.”

And you can see that’s all about surrendering and being receptive, isn’t it? Now we all know that Jesus said, Jesus Christ said: “I can of mine own self do nothing, but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.” Does that not again seem like standing still and being a witness?

Now in the Kailua study Joel goes into more detail. He takes this principle and he …he puts flesh on it. He expands it, and he does so in our modern language. He says this … and again, I remind you to listen.

Now, the point that I am making is this: (This is the 1955 Kailua study series. This is chapter 12, and it is called Experiencing the Christ. It’s one of my favorite all-time chapters. And this is, we’re starting on second paragraph of page 10). All right…

Now, the point that I’m making is this: In being aware of the discords of human existence, instead of drawing on this head for your denials and affirmations, instead of drawing on your head, on your thinking, on your [memorization] of truth, now [I want you to] stand stock still, and let the Father give you the necessary truth for the situation. Because [this] is the way I have to do it when I’m called upon for help. I can’t turn to a single soul. [I can’t turn to] any memorized statements from my writings. Because if I thought they had power I’d just let them do the work. No. I never go back to draw [on] anything in [the] writings or anybody else’s writings, [not] even from Scripture.”

When I am called upon for help [for any problem], I sit down in an atmosphere of expectancy, if I have to sit down. Sometimes I’m walking or [I’m] out here under the trees. Sometimes I’m at the table eating. But I am so in [a state of receptivity] a receptive state of consciousness that regardless of what presents itself to me, I wait for the Father to give me the answer.”

And Christ Jesus said: “The Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works.”

And Joel says:

I wait for the Father to give me the answer. I don’t rush into speech. I don’t rush into answering letters on my desk. I read them and I sit down and I listen, and if the answer isn’t there, I put the letter aside until later that day or that night or tomorrow. But when I answer a letter, it has to be the Father answering.”

The Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works. It has to be the Father answering.

And so it is, when I am asked for help, you all notice my attitude. It’s always one of listening, and then if I have anything to say,[I say it]. Now this is to bring you (you that are listening today) to the point of experiencing the Christ. You experience the Christ every time a discord or inharmony appears to you, and instead of you making a statement of truth or thinking a thought of truth, thinking a truth, you just turn within and wait until something comes to you. It doesn’t have to come in words. It doesn’t have to come in thoughts. Eventually you will discover it comes in just a feeling of release, and you know all is well.

That is the experience of the Christ, and that is the point I am trying now to see if all of you can embody. The method?”

What’s the method? Well, what does our good friend Jacob say? “No man can make himself a child of God. He must throw himself entirely into a state of complete obedience to God. Then will God make him his child. He must be dead to all false sense of self. Then will God in the Christ live in him.”

And furthermore, Jacob says: “It’s not that I know these things, but God knows them in me.” You see, Jacob has discovered it’s useless for him with his mind to know truth. God must know truth in him. “Listen, he says, oh blind men. You live in God and God is in you. If you live holy, that is, in obedience and surrender and receptivity, then will you yourselves be God, and wherever you look, there will be God.” You see that? That’s what he says.

Jesus Christ says: “I can of my own self do nothing. The Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works.”

Paul says: “I live yet not I; Christ liveth my life.” Is that not the same thing? I live – yet not I. Christ liveth my life.

And Joel says: “Do not engage in any controversy with any error. Stand still.” And the highest to aim for is to take no thought and wait for the Father that dwelleth in you to doeth the work. “If you must think a thought,” he says, “at least think something that has nothing to do with the problem.”

Let’s say someone presents to you a problem: “I have a cold.” And then you, if you must think something, you can think: “I have meat the world knows not of.” Well, that has nothing to do with it! Yes, exactly. “Anything like that,” says Joel, “will do. Anything like that will keep thought occupied so that your thought isn’t directly meeting or responding to or refuting the problem.”

Do you see that? And that gives the Christ, or the Father within, an opportunity to come to you in experience. You see that? He is adamant that you take no thought in regards to the problem. So if someone presents to you with a problem: “I’m experiencing lack – can you please work on my supply?” is how they usually say it. You will turn within, take no thought, and wait for an experience of release, which lets you know that God Is – and God is Is-ing. If it doesn’t come right then, you do this again in an hour or two, and again and again until it does come. And when that release comes and you know that God Is and God is Is-ing right here omnipresent, then you’re done. The work is done. You didn’t do it – you bore witness to this experience.

Now if you’re not there where you can wait upon the Lord, if you really must take thought, then take thought on something that has nothing to do so you’re not meeting the problem. See – we’re not allowed now to live on affirmations and denials. Yes, they worked in the past and we used them quite a bit. No more. Not if you would experience the Christ. If you want to stay on the level of affirmations and denials, you’ll discover they no longer work.

You must come up higher to be the living Christ.

You must put aside childish things. And so when a problem is presented to you, you are not allowed now to deny it and say: “This has no power. It’s not a part of God. God never made it.” Those are denials, and you’re not allowed to do that. Because if you do that, you’re relying on a mind, a human mind, which is supposed to be dying daily. And if you rely on affirmations and say: “Only God is present. God is Is-ing right here. God is the only presence, the only power.” Again, you’re trying to meet this problem which is being presented to your mind on the level of the mind.

And Joel says – what? …”You can’t meet a problem on the level of the problem?” Where is this problem? You have it in your mind and you’re trying to meet it with the mind, whether denials or affirmations. And this part is supposed to be dying. You’re supposed to be dying to a material sense of self. You’re supposed to be dying to a mental sense of self. So why are you trying to use the mental sense of self to meet this problem? You see the dilemma don’t you? Joel’s trying to lift us up higher in this Kailua study series.

Jesus Christ was trying to give us the principle to come up higher. You can almost see him saying: Come up higher … come up higher. Let the Father doeth the works.

And Jacob, our good friend Jacob, in 1620 is saying: You must be dead to all sense of self … standing still, not using the mind, and then will God in the Christ live in you.

See, we’re in agreement. And what is the goal? Really … is the goal to heal someone? Is that why we’re practicing these principles? No. That’s just sort of a fringe effect, isn’t it?

The goal is to live as Christ.

The goal is to die.

The goal is to experience: I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life. Christ liveth in me.

The goal according to Jacob is: If you live this way, then will you yourselves be God, and wherever you look, there will be God.

And so the goal is to enter Christ consciousness really, isn’t it? That’s the goal. That’s the path we’re walking. To die to self, a false sense of self and awaken in Christ consciousness. And Christ consciousness is the spiritual awareness of Christ or God everywhere, omnipresent.

Now, we said that today’s talk may make us uncomfortable. And now we enter the part where that uncomfortability might take place. You see, we have all for many years desired to meet problems with spiritual principles and watch them dissolve, and we took joy when that happened. But along comes our good friend, Jacob, who says that you must be dead to all false sense of self. Then only will God in the Christ live in you. And along comes Paul who says: “Henceforth know we no man after the flesh.” And Jesus Christ says: Believest thou not that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? And that’s also true of you?

And our good friend, Joel, spells it out without any reservations. Here’s the pure truth – like it or lump it! This is the truth. And so now listen – really, really listen. He says if you do this with the problems that are presented to you, if you take no thought, if you stand still, that gives the Christ an opportunity to come to you in experience.

Later on,” says Joel, “you will follow the same method with all of the harmonies, because once you have achieved the slightest degree of success in meeting discords, the next thing that will present itself to you is this: If you look at a 12-, 15-year-old child and think how beautiful, how sweet, how innocent, how nice – your thought will rush ahead a little to 10 years from now or 20 or 50, and you’ll say: “Oh, this just a temporary good. This pure, innocent, sweet, clean, healthy child is going to be a doddering old woman or a sinful man.””

Do you see what I’m getting at? Because you know right well that the human good of this moment won’t remain. And so you will learn to follow the same principle, same practice when you see youth, health, vitality, wealth. You will learn to look right through it and not rejoice in it, but clear your thought in the same spiritual way and stand still so that the Christ can show you the truth about what appears even as human good. Just as you want Christ to reveal the truth about a discord and an inharmony, you had better … you had better want the Christ to reveal the truth about good human appearance, or it’s only a question of time when it’s going to change to bad human appearance.”

The nature of all human good is to become evil, isn’t it? Youth becomes age. Health becomes sickness. Strength becomes weakness. Abundance becomes lack. And so forth. And finally, life becomes death. That’s the history of the human world. By first training ourselves with the evidences or appearances of discord and inharmonies, to close our mind to that picture and permit the Christ to reveal the true nature of being, we then prepare ourselves for the next step, and the next step is to look out at beautiful trees, beautiful plants, beautiful animals, wonderful youth, beautiful sunsets, mountains, and be able to not think good thoughts. But wait patiently for the Christ to reveal the truth about them.”

Now … that is exactly the same as: He must be dead to all false sense of self. Then will God in the Christ live in him.

That is the same as: Henceforth know we no man after the flesh. I live, yet not I. Christ liveth my life.

That is the same as: I of myself am nothing. The Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works.

Do we not see that the next step that we have to take, we literally have to unsee the entire world in which we thought we were living. We have to allow the Father within to doeth the works. Again, Jacob says to us: “No man can make himself a child of God … he must throw himself entirely into a state of complete obedience or receptivity to God, and then God will make him His child. He must be dead to all false sense of self, and then God in the Christ will live in him.”

Do you see this? We have said for years maybe that we want to live as Christ. We want to be instruments for Christ. We want to experience Christ consciousness. Now that Christ consciousness says to us: You must die completely to all false sense of self everywhere. Well, this seems okay when we’re meeting discords, doesn’t it? Oh yes, this is – this is good. Yes. I can – I can stand still and God reveals Itself where the discord appears to be, and the discord dissolves and I become aware of God everywhere.

Ah – but now Christ says: You must know this truth about the harmonies and the good of human existence. You must turn and look at your spouse, your partner, your wife, your husband, even your son and daughter, your grandchild, your parents – you must be able to look right at your spouse whom you love, and recognize – this is an appearance. It’s just as much an appearance as that inharmony. I have not seen what’s here. I am in love with a mental image. A nice image … but still an image.

What is the truth here? I must turn within with the same principle. I can of mine own self not see what’s here. I can bear witness. I can stand still. I can be receptive. Father, what is the truth? And then waitwait. Take no thought. Don’t try to put something there with your mind: Oh, this is a child of God and God is here. No. You cannot meet the harmony either with the mind.

No man can make himself a child of God. He must throw himself entirely into a state of complete obedience or receptivity.”

We prepare ourselves for the next step,” says Joel, “which is to look out at beautiful trees, beautiful plants, beautiful animals, [a wonderful spouse, beautiful partner,] and be able to think no thoughts about them. But wait patiently for the Christ to reveal the truth.” You see? We have to give up all our childish toys, even the good ones. We in this class must be willing to go to any length to awaken to Christ consciousness, to awaken to Christ everywhere. We have said that like Jacob we want to live in God and experience God living in you. We want to live this spiritual life so deeply that then will you yourselves be God, and wherever you look there will be God.

That’s what we’ve said we wanted. Well … you cannot have that and hang onto humanhood. Not your humanhood, not her humanhood, not his humanhood. In order to stand or rest in Christ consciousness you must die to all false sense of self. Now Joel says, “there is no literature in all the world, ancient or modern, that reveals this truth. There is none. Search for it and see if you can find it. There’s no literature, ancient or modern, that reveals the way to attain Christhood.” And he means in specific, exact instructions like he’s giving today.

So … do you want to lay down your life, or are you going to be like Peter? “I will lay down my life for you!” Will you, Peter? “Will you lay down your life for me?” Most of us say that, but like Peter we won’t really give up all false sense of self because we’re enjoying him too much, we’re enjoying her too much.

This is not for the fainthearted or the weak. Narrow is the path, and Joel tells us again how to do it: “Stand aside. You don’t refute appearances. You don’t enter into a mental argument with it. Stand aside and realize: “I am the way.” You say – that’s meaningless! Good! … says Joel. The more meaningless it is, the better. So let it be, because we do not want through the power of our thought or reason to meet a situation – but through the Christ. Remember that statement.”

We do not wish even through reason to meet a case, but through Christ. The Christ which passeth all human understanding.” You see that? You can’t have this experience of the Christ when you’re taking thought because the Christ is hidden. It’s hidden. And you can’t experience the Christ … well … do you really think you can experience the Christ when you have your eyes closed in meditation and then open your eyes and look lovingly and longingly at her? Where is the Christ then? You’re looking lovingly and longingly at her or him, and now the Christ is hidden. You’ve gone back into a mental image. You’re living in humanhood. It’s good humanhood, but Joel says we reach the place where we have to take that step.

He says Christ is the activity that takes place in your consciousness when no thinking is going on.” And I might add – no human feelings either. “Oh, he’s so precious, my little grandson!” What are you looking at? What are you looking at? Yes, it is true Joel says you lose some of the good things in life, but what you gain more than compensates for it when you are able to see Christ everywhere. When you are able to like Jacob says – when you are able to –when you yourselves are God and wherever you look, there will be God.

I will lay down my life for you, Christ! Will you? Will you lay that down too? Will you lay down her and him and it? Will you lay down not just the inharmonies, but the harmonies as well? Will you let God within doeth the works? Will you let God reveal what is really there? Can you be Christ part of the time and human part of the time? Do we not reach this jumping off place where we have to go for broke, where we have to say: “I’m willing to go all the way. I may not be real good at it yet, but I’m willing to go, and I’m going to start practicing. I’m going to start seeing not just the discords, but the harmonies as well as nothing, or nothingness. I’m going to stand still, stock still. Not think any thoughts of truth about it. But wait … wait upon the Lord.”

And if you wait upon the Lord it is said, “you will mount up with wings as eagles.” Eagles, of course, are symbols for messengers of God because they fly up high close to God according to Native Americans. Do you want to mount up and be the instrument for a message of God? Then you must wait upon the Lord.

We talked about it last week and the week before. Waiting on that movement, and the Spirit breathed over the face of the deep. I love that. That’s exactly how it feels, but that feels that same way not just releasing the discord and standing still, but also releasing the harmony and standing still. This must be a constant state of consciousness, or as our good friend, Jacob, puts it: “He must throw himself entirely into a state of complete obedience to God,” which is what Jesus Christ was living when he said: “I can do nothing, but the Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works, and I bear witness to that.”

Yes, and that’s what Joel says here is pretty much what was just said.

When you [can] come to that point of absolute humility where Jesus found himself when he saidI can of mine own self do nothing.” When you come to that point of absolute humility, you will stand still in thought with your ear wide open, your inner ear, waiting and giving God the opportunity to come out into expression, [and that] is when Christ will have the opportunity to fulfill Itself in [our] experience.”

You see that? We can’t make it any plainer. But what we have to know now is to complete the picture, it has to be in all of our affairs. Yes, even with sweet little Johnny. Even with lovely Madalyn. You see that? Even with that beautiful mountain range. Even with the wonderful sunset. Even with those billions of stars.

Joel told us many years ago we have to convert the entire, this entire – well – this world has to be reinterpreted into omnipresence, and you don’t do the reinterpreting. You stand still.

Remember … he told us. He told us even in this part we’re reading here up above where he, well – let’s see if we can find it so we can use his words. If you remember, he was standing before the bed of someone that was dying and nothing would come to him, and he didn’t think any thoughts. He just stood there speechless. He knew the guy was going to die if something didn’t come. And he says, “I can assure you you can keep out the Christ by speech and thought. All the recitation of nice metaphysical statements, even Scriptural promises – those are hindrances to the activity of this invisible Christ. Unless they come forth spontaneously as the activity of the Christ, just as they did as I stood at that man’s bed in the hospital, standing there in a state of receptivity. Then the Voice said: Man does not live by bread alone.”

Now remember – he was on an iron lung, the man, and the words that came from within when the Father did the works were “Man shall not live by bread alone,” and Joel understood instantly … that’s right, that’s right. We don’t live by breath. We live by Christ. It’s Christ. It is I. Be not afraid. And instantly the man signaled for the nurse and they took away the iron lung and he left the hospital a couple days later. Remember? That’s what he’s saying.

Now we can heal wherever there is a receptive consciousness. We can reform. We can redeem. We can renew. We can regenerate. But only in one way, and now you know the truth of being. Now that you have the letter of truth, and you have to keep reminding yourself of it – when you’re actually living about your business all the rest of the day: Don’t think thoughts! Keep yourself receptive to an inflow of thoughts so that it breaks through into your consciousness, and thereby you have the experience of the Christ.”

Now eventually, as I said before, you will go through this same procedure when you witness the harmonies of life, when you witness a beautiful sunset you will turn also and open a way for the Christ experience to come so that you can rightly see the sunset as it is or the mountain scene as it is. This will ultimate in the activity of the Christ being a constant experience, one not achieved, one not attained at certain moments of the day or night, as when you sit down to meditate and then the other 90 percent of the time you’re back in this humanhood, this human state of consciousness. No, no – it will be a constant state of be-ing, so that at any time necessary you can blink the eye and the activity of Christ will consciously be realized. But it isn’t even necessary that that be done.”

Now listen. “The time eventually comes” – this is for all of us, and hopefully you’re still listening – listen. “The time eventually comes, and I call that in all the writings a point of transition where you pass from living your own life to having your life lived for you and through you. Where you become nothing more than an instrument for this divine experience – and you go where you’re sent and when you’re sent, and you have no will of your own. No wish of your own. No desire of your own. You never have supply of your own and you never even have health. It is always an It that is living Its own life, and you go along for the ride.”

All right?


He says, “we engage our minds while we wait, and by refraining from taking a statement of truth or thinking truth, the Christ announces Itself.” And so this transition is what Jacob means when he says: Listen, oh blind men. You live in God and God is in you. If you live [this] holy [way], that is … waiting upon the Christ … then will you yourselves be God, and wherever you look, there will be God.

And Christ Jesus says: “Believest thou not that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? I can of mine own self do nothing, but the Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works.”

And our friend, Paul, says: “I live, yet not I. Christ liveth my life,” and henceforth I know no one after the flesh. I know only God. I know only Spirit everywhere.

Now … we must take this step. It’s a hard saying, bitter in the belly, yet we must take this step. The principle is: The Father within doeth the works. This must be our experience not only with the inharmonies. Not only do we stand still and become beholders as God reveals Itself where the inharmony was appearing; now we must take the more difficult step and stand still even while eating or walking or swimming or driving and allow God to reveal Itself where the harmony appears. In this way the entire human scene is transformed into Heaven here and now. But it means you have to let go of some of these cherished mental images, doesn’t it? Yes, sir – it sure does. Yes, ma’am – it sure does.

I will lay down my life for you, Master! Will you lay down your life for Christ? Will you? Yes, this is the point of transition. This is the point where Christ liveth our lives in all of our affairs. This is the point where we completely die to any false sense of self as Jacob told us, and God lives in us and we see God everywhere. Christ lives Itself.

Let us be still for a moment and see if this completes today’s talk. Father, you doeth the works. I stand still and listen.


And so I wish for you, all of you – a new Self. As in our human world 2012 turns to 2013, I wish for you that you step out of that and into the flow of eternity in which Christ liveth Its life. Not by might. You cannot make the change yourself physically nor mentally with any statement of truth that you think. And it’s really not about meeting problems by being still and letting Christ consciousness speak.

It’s really about meeting this world in its entirety with nothing but silence and allowing Christ to reveal God’s omnipresence, or the Isness of God. Not evil, not good. The pairs of opposites must go. On this path in this new Consciousness the pairs of opposites cannot exist. You cannot have evil anymore. Ah … but also you cannot have good anymore. You can only have what God reveals as Its Isness.

I will lay down my life for this Isness. Well, if this is true then you know what you must do. Completely die to the world of opposites and be reborn into a new awareness of whatever Christ, the Father within you, reveals as that which Is, as that which I Is.

Blessings to you my dear friends. May we rest back in the Oneness of Christ Consciousness and see the heaven of here and now. Thank you so much for drawing this forth today.


Good morning.

Well, I just finished my walk for a mile and here in the mountains there is no level ground, so you walk up and you walk down, and you walk up and you walk down, but it was a beautiful walk. The birds were out. The sun was out. Although it was only 24 degrees out, it was still quite nice. I walked past the creek and heard the water running and looked at the little waterfall and looked up at the deep blue sky and it was peaceful.

Last year my wife got for me a very wonderful shirt. It is flannel on the outside and fleece on the inside, and it is warm, so I’m able to take those walks and everything is warm except my ears, which I’m working on. Going to get one of those hats with the flaps that come down and hopefully Santa will bring it to me in a couple of days and I’ll have my ears warm as well when I go out on these walks.

But anyway, I went out on this walk and during the walk I was thinking of a principle, and the principle is “surrender.” Now I don’t know if you know much about surrender or how important it is. I know Joel has a chapter in A Parenthesis in Eternity called Self Surrender, and in that chapter he talks about the new students feeling that they should mount up in the seventh heaven and have servants and students and all sorts of things. But he points out that the opposite is true: The higher you go, the more of a servant you become. And so, self surrender, he says, is very important.

Now I had a man tell me back when I was 22 and he was 80, he said to me: “There will never be a time when we don’t have to surrender to God. We will always have to surrender.”

And I wasn’t too keen on that idea, in fact, when I was 19 years old and searching for God and searching hard for God, trying to find God, and I couldn’t find him anywhere. I had read The Art of Meditation and perhaps The Art of Spiritual Healing and Practicing the Presence, and I tried to meditate. I tried to pray, but I couldn’t feel God anywhere. And so for all intents and purposes, it was as if God didn’t exist.

Oh, I had a concept of God, and I believed in that concept, but I didn’t have any experience, any feeling, any conscious awareness of the living Presence. But I tried. I really tired. And eventually after a year and a half of hard labor I became so frustrated, so angry at myself, feeling I must be a failure and angry at God – why was he playing hide-and-seek with me? And then I started to wonder: “Maybe there is no God. Maybe these people are calling it God, but it’s not really God. And I just … I just was so frustrated … and perhaps that’s not a bad place to be, because you remember in several of the books, in many places in the writings Joel talks about having to get rid of every concept of God we ever had in order to experience God, and that that can be a painful process, and it was for me.

And eventually at the height of the frustration, when I felt I could take no more, I just broke down one night at two in the morning – three in the morning. I lived in Pasadena, California in the County of Los Angeles, and I sat out on my front porch steps in the middle of the city, and the dam broke. I just … I just started to sob, and I cried out to the universe and I said:

God – Jesus – Buddha – Christ – anyoneanywhere – I’ll do anything if you just show me how to live.” And I meant it from my longest toenail to my longest hair on my head – I would do anything.

And see, something happened to me at that moment, because I became teachable. Up until then I was full of the letter of truth, and I mean full of it: I could quote it to you and spout it off at any moment and often did – sometimes when people didn’t even ask! Of course, that didn’t win friends and influence people, but … I knew the letter backwards and forwards, and yet – I knew nothing about God. Nothing. Zero. Was not even sure God existed. But when I cried out to the universe, when I cried out to God: I’ll do anything if you just reveal yourself really is what I meant; if you just show me how to live.

Well, at that exact moment in time, that split second I realized I did not know anything in spite of all the letter I had memorized … and I became teachable. Inside myself I became receptive for the first time, and although I didn’t feel anything sitting there on my front porch steps, in the days that followed all sorts of remarkable miracles began to take place because inside myself I had surrendered.

I surrendered a personal sense of knowing the truth. My understanding of truth I surrendered. I had no understanding. My prayers I surrendered. I had no prayers. No prayers were left. Just an emptying out, just a surrender. And when that kind of a vacuum is created, we all know if by no other means but by reading, we know that when you create a vacuum, God happens.

God is constantly Is-ing, and that is perhaps the only truth that we can say is absolute. God Is.

Yet, to experience the Isness of God, to experience God Is-ing, there must be a complete surrender of self, of a false sense of a personal self. And then into that vacuum rushes the living Presence of God. The living Presence of God was always omnipresent, but never felt until the vacuum, until the surrender.

And so in that state of surrender, standing in that unknowing, God began to reveal itself in my experience. And miracle after miracle after miracle took place.

And then something else happened, and that is – the personal sense of self slowly took control again and took back everything and started to try to run things. Well – that’s my money, so I’ll invest how I want to. Well – that’s my marriage, and I’ll direct it the way I want to. Well – that’s my career, and I’ll – and so on and so forth. So a personal sense of self exerted itself again, and although I thought at the time of that surrender on my front porch steps, I thought: “Oh, I’m so glad that happened and I never have to do that again” – it turned out that my friend was right. There will never be a time when we don’t have to surrender.

Now I told you that a little while after this … I told you in the last talk that my wife left me, and she did. And while I was there alone, again another surrender, a deeper surrender took place in which I asked God to take all of me … all of me.

I realized that the scripture: “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit” was an act of surrender.

Not by personal, physical might – because that personal, physical might is nothing. And not by personal, mental power – because that, too, is nothing. But in the surrender of that and the standing still from that, My Spirit functions.

And then, too, I began to realize Joel’s right. If we only know within ourselves that God is omnipresent, if we only bear witness to God, then we only have half of the package. That’s only half of it. We have to have the total package in order to have what he calls the demonstration to which we are entitled – or to which we can have – is the way he puts it. We rob ourselves of that complete demonstration if we only have half the package.

And so the complete set of principles are:

When I recognize the nothingness of a personal sense of a material life, and I recognize that a personal sense of mind thinking thoughts of truth, or the truth as I understand it, is also nothing, then I surrender a personal sense of self, a personal sense of physical life, a personal sense of mental life, a personal sense of truth – the truth I understand – that must go too. A personal concept of God. God as I understand God. That must go too.

In the practice of the principle of bearing witness to the nothingness of self – of a personal sense of self – a surrender happens. I surrender out of that personal sense of self. I surrender it, and standing there still – standing there naked – standing there open and receptive – God Is, and I become aware of God Is-ing.

One of the most beautiful scriptures to me is: “And the Spirit of God moved over the face of the deep.” I love that because that’s how it feels. When you stand there in complete surrender or rest – rest in complete surrender from a personal sense of body or mind or life or truth or being and surrender. Then just like this moment, the Spirit of God moves over the water and you feel it. You become consciously aware of it. It’s a living thing.

It was there before, but you weren’t. You were inside of a personal sense of existence. But when you see the nothingness of a personal sense of life, you surrender. You stand still. You watch. You bear witness to the nothingness of a personal sense of self and standing still – “Behold – I come quickly.” The Spirit moves over the face of the deep. There is a flowing. There is a presence. There is an invisible spiritual Being moving, and you feel it…you feel it. You are conscious of it. And now you are practicing the second half of the principle: Bearing witness to God in action.

So there’s two parts: You bear witness to the nothingness of a personal sense of self. You surrender, and in the surrender, in that attitude of resting from a personal sense of self, the Infinite Invisible Self moves through your being, reaching right up through you out into the world.

This principle of surrender is very important. After my wife left, while I was by myself I was lying down to sleep one night. I wasn’t yet asleep, but I wasn’t awake – I was in that in between stage, and lying there peacefully in the state of surrender, I heard a voice, an internal voice. It wasn’t the mind…of that I am certain, but the voice said this:

God needs no prayer. God already Is. Man needs prayer in order to let God Is.”

And so startling was that that it woke me up, and I jumped out of bed and ran for a piece of paper and a pencil, and I wrote that down, and now of course, it is in the book Steps to Mystical Experience, but it became the foundation for my life of prayer: God needs no prayer. God already Is.

See, most of us pray to God for this or that or the other. Send me health. Give me wisdom. Give me that, give me this. Take away this, take away that. But God needs no prayer. Not that prayer, because God already Is.

There is nothing you can do to influence God. Who can influence, or what can influence the Infinite? One thing alone … and it doesn’t influence the Infinite … it simply provides an opening – and that is surrender.

God needs no prayer. God already Is. Man needs prayer in order to let God Is.

And so you see, I discovered that night Paul’s injunction that we must pray without ceasing. I never knew what it was until that night. I used to think: “Wow, how can we pray without ceasing and do our jobs at work every day? How could I possibly pray without ceasing and be attentive to my wife? How could I pray without ceasing and do a good job with the children? How can I pray without ceasing and even drive my car?” And I didn’t understand it for a long time, but you see, prayer becomes now an act of surrender.

Prayer is an act of surrender. Again, we are told that we don’t know how to pray. The Spirit makes intercession, but the Spirit makes intercession when you surrender. So … I discovered how to pray without ceasing, and that is by practicing throughout the day, and if I awaken in the night, staying surrendered.

Now Joel tells us and told us in the Kailua study series that at least 12 times a day we need to pause for two or three minutes and just invite God: Father, reveal Thyself, or anything else that reminds us just to rest, just to be still, just to surrender. And then pause and wait one minute or two minutes and see if we feel that movement … if somehow or another the Presence of God reveals itself or flows through our being.

And – if it does – well, it’s a beautiful thing. We open our eyes and go about our business. And if it doesn’t that’s okay too, he says, because he points out that the goal is what? You remember? The goal is to create a consciousness that is consciously aware of the living Presence of God and has an area of consciousness set aside for listening. In other words, this act of surrender must be a continuous act of surrender.

So we pray without ceasing. We take the Kailua study series seriously, and we practice 12 times a day. Joel says he practices this 30 or more times a day. I used to wonder how could he possibly sit down for an hour or even 15 minutes of meditation and heal or work on 300 cases of the flu in a day, and now I recognize that’s not what he did. He didn’t do that. He practiced praying without ceasing. He practiced these moments of listening so much so that his consciousness became constantly open to that movement of Spirit, of Christ within.

And I have found that even while driving my car a part of my consciousness can be listening, can be surrendered, can be open, can be receptive. The first time I became aware that I was doing this was way back when the movie Star Wars came out, and George Lucas did an excellent job with that movie. And I was watching the movie. I took my 8-year-old son to see it, and we were enjoying – I was enjoying the movie: C-P3O and R2-D2 and all the characters and robots and whatnot and Han Solo and his Wookiee – remember?

Well, I was enjoying the characters and not even thinking of anything in particular, and all of a sudden I felt a flooding of the Presence in the middle of the movie theater, in the dark movie theater. And I pulled my attention within myself at the speed of light because I wanted to know what was going on! And when I pulled it within I realized, I recognized for the first time ever that while I was watching the movie, totally caught up in the characters, an area of my consciousness was praying. Some part of consciousness was surrendered – there was an opening.

And so I had inadvertently not even known that I was saying: “Father, fulfill Thyself. Thy Will be done” and watching the movie. And the answer came – I was flooded with the Presence. So I discovered from that, that Joel did not sit down. Sometimes he sat down, but more often than not he even says in the Kailua study series he could be out swimming and at the same time praying. He could be mowing the grass and praying. He could be eating and praying. Because an area of consciousness was surrendered … was open … was receptive … was still. You see that?

And so praying becomes an act of surrender. It’s an attitude of surrender. An altitude of stillness and silence.

The principle we’re looking at today is surrender and how vitally important it is, and so Chuck was right. There is never a time when we don’t have to surrender – or – I would say it this way now: There is never a time when we don’t have to be surrendered.

And I also discovered that – you know, I used to get into some trouble and then stop and say “Uh oh! What happened!” and then I’d walk back through my day, sort of take myself a little inventory of my day and walk backwards until I could see – “Uh oh! Look … there. I…I went after that again instead of trusting God, or I forgot that God was on the scene and I wanted to fix that, or whatever the problem was.

And I used to say: “Now how did I do this again! I’m tired of doing this. There must be a better way.” And that’s when I discovered, or reinforced the idea: If I stay surrendered, then I don’t have to confront these huge problems that make me surrender. I don’t like to feel pain or uncomfortable, and so I look for ways that I can practice principles and not have to end up that way. I know they say … and I’ve been hearing all my life … that pain is the touchstone of growth.

But my experience is you don’t have to wait until you’re in pain to grow. You don’t have to carry that touchstone around with you. You can grow just as much out of love as you can out of problems. And I know this, because love of God will motivate you to stay surrendered in order to stay close to the experience of this movement of Spirit. Once you love that with all your mind, heart, and soul, that will motivate you to stay surrendered – to pray without ceasing. To continually have an area of consciousness that’s listening for Thy Father’s voice.

All right…so it is a complete package, and there’s two parts to one experience. And the first part is, as he says in the Kailua study series: Bearing witness to the nothingness of error. Or let’s just call it like it is – bearing witness to the nothingness of a person or a personal sense of self.

It really is nothing. It really is. And when you see it where you stand, when you see the nothingness of a person or a personal sense of self, then the surrender happens. You surrender. You stand still and you bear witness to God, to God Is-ing. Joel says: “Is alone overcomes the world.”

Now he didn’t mean Is and you helping, and he didn’t mean Is and your praying, and he didn’t mean Is and your personal view of truth or your personal understanding or your personal knowledge of truth. No. Is alone overcomes the world. That’s a complete sentence.

And so we surrender and bear witness to God Is-ing, and the Is alone dissolving the world and a personal sense of self. Every time we surrender and the Is happens – we become aware of the Is is a better way of saying that, because the Is is already Is-ing – but we’re not aware of it when we’re in a personal sense of life.

Surrendering the personal sense of self and seeing its nothingness and standing still before the lord, we become aware – consciously aware of God Is-ing, and that Is-ing dissolves a little deeper this personal sense of self. And standing there in the cloud of unknowing, the Is reveals itself. So do you see the importance of surrender and the principle of surrender?

All right, let’s have a little silence now. [Silence]..

I surrender this personal sense of self that I thought had wisdom, understanding, knew truth. All it had was a letter – a letter of truth – and the letter of truth kills because it’s nothing, and this personal sense of truth is nothing.

And so I surrender. I stand here still … empty … open. Father, reveal Thyself. Reveal God Is-ing. And now I wait.


And sometimes there is the movement of Spirit across the water, and it reminds me of when I was on Lake Michigan real early one morning before I started my boat. I looked out across the water and it was smooth as glass. Smooth – not a movement at all. Very, very still. And then very slowly there was a few – yes – a … a light breeze blew across my face, and I looked and there was a tiny ripple moving in the water, across the water. And sometimes it feels that way – the movement of Spirit.

And you may feel the Presence in another way, but this Presence that you feel is the only Self that’s here. You are not aware of it when you’re living as a false self, a personal sense of self. When you surrender that and stand still, the real, infinite invisible Self reveals Itself and moves Itself and lives Itself and is Itself.

And so we pray without ceasing. We surrender unceasingly. We train ourselves to have an area of consciousness that is always open to the Divine impulse.

I found this in the original book The Infinite Way, and it’s the very last chapter. I don’t think it was here in the beginning. I think he added it when he added The New Horizon. And this chapter is called: The New Jerusalem, and I’m going to read it because it’s only two pages … two pages and a little bit, a few lines, and I want to read it to you because in it you can feel – I can feel – we can feel – Joel’s surrender. You can actually feel it.

And so listen. Be still and listen. Just close your eyes. Surrender any personal sense of this chapter you thought you knew and listen. Listen for the surrender.


The former things have passed away,” and “all things are become new ….”

Now you see, that’s just what we’re talking about. In this surrender, the recognition of the nothingness of a personal sense of self – and the subsequent surrender – in the standing still all things are become new. This invisible Spirit reveals a new Self, a new kingdom, a new being, a new life.

Whereas I was blind, now I see,” and not “through a glass, darkly,” but “face to face.” Yes, even in my flesh, I have seen God.

And that’s the experience of surrender. As you surrender, in that moment of silence, into that silence God pours Itself.

The hills have rolled away, (and the hills are a false sense of self). The hills have rolled away, and there is no more horizon, but the light of heaven makes all things plain.

Long have I sought thee, O Jerusalem, but only now have my pilgrim feet touched the soil of heaven.

And if you surrender daily, if you feel the movement of Spirit, then your feet are touching the soil of heaven.

The waste places are no more. (He says). Fertile lands are before me, the like of which I have never dreamed. Oh, truly “There shall be no night there.” The glory of it shines as the noonday sun, and there is no need of light for God is the light thereof.

See – you don’t need a personal sense of understanding. You know you do not have to know any truth anymore? Think of that … this personal sense of mind that had to know all this truth – NO MORE … No more. I surrender the personal sense of self, a physical, material self, and I surrender a personal sense of mind, a personal sense of mental truth, a personal sense of the letter. I don’t have to know any truth anymore EVER with the mind. No, no … no – for God is the light thereof, and in the surrender of a false personal sense of self, the invisible Spirit flows through me, and I am the truth it declares. I am the truth. Bear witness to me.

He says:

I sit down to rest. In the shade of the trees, I rest and find my peace in Thee. Within thy grace is peace, O Lord. In the world I was weary – in Thee I have found rest.

In the dense forest of words I was lost; in the letter of truth was tiredness and fear, but in Thy Spirit only are shade and water and rest.

And see – in a personal sense of truth – which is the letter of truth – there is tiredness and fear, and it doesn’t work. You can repeat it over and over and over as vain repetitions, but it doesn’t work. There is still a personal sense of self practicing a personal sense of truth.

Oh! No – no – no! We are to transition into Christhood. That’s what this group is about. And so – in the surrender of that self, in the standing still – Thy Spirit reveals itself, and it is shade and water and rest.

How far have I wandered from Thy Spirit, O Tender One and True, how far, how far! How deeply lost in the maze of words, words, words! But now (after the surrender) am I returned, and in Thy Spirit shall I ever find my life, my peace, my strength. Thy Spirit is the bread of life, finding which I shall never hunger. Thy Spirit is a wellspring of water, and drinking it I shall never thirst.

And do you recall Jesus sitting on the edge of the well and the lady there, and he said: “If thou knewest the gift and who it is that I am, and if you would have asked, I would have given you living water, and you never would have thirsted again.” Remember? This is the Spirit that sits on the well of your consciousness, waiting for your surrender. And that’s how you ask. You don’t ask with your lips. You ask with an action, and that action is … surrender. In the surrender of a personal sense of self, into that vacuum God Is-es, and you become consciously aware that that Spirit is moving over the face of the water.

And so he says:

As a weary wanderer I have sought Thee, and now my weariness is gone. Thy Spirit has formed a tent for me, and in its cool shade I linger and peace fills my Soul.

That’s exactly what happens. My Peace floods your being.

Thy presence has filled me with peace. Thy love has placed before me a feast of Spirit. Yea, Thy Spirit is my resting place, an oasis in the desert of the letter of truth.

And if you have lived on the letter and in the letter – and by a personal sense of self and a personal sense of truth, then you know what that desert is like. Ah – but in the principle of surrender, I will lift you up, and you will feel this Spirit. You will feel My Spirit, and you will find the resting place, and you will be filled with the living water.

In Thee will I hide from the noise of the world of argument; in Thy consciousness find surcease from the noisomeness of men’s tongues. They divide Thy garment, O Lord of Peace, they quarrel over Thy word – yea, until it becomes words and no longer the Word.

And see – the words are what you now surrender. Any personal understanding must go. In the silence, in the stillness, in the surrender – the Word becomes flesh and you see it, you feel it. Yes, Thy Word becomes flesh.

As a beggar have I sought the new heaven and the new earth, and Thou hast made me heir of all.

How shall I stand before Thee but in silence? (and in surrender). How shall I honor Thee but in the meditation of mine heart?

Yes, not in the meditation of mine head. Not in the meditation of what I memorize. Not in the meditation of a personal sense of self. No! No! Surrender … surrender, and in the silence the heart is felt. And the Spirit enters the heart.

Praise and thanksgiving Thou seekest not, but the understanding heart Thou receivest.

The empty heart. The surrendered heart Thou receivest.

I will keep silent before Thee. My Soul and my Spirit and my silence shall be Thy dwelling place.

Yes, your surrender will be the dwelling place of God Is-ing.

Thy Spirit shall fill my meditation, and it shall make me and preserve me whole. O Thou Tender One and True – I am home in Thee.

Yes, it shall make me and preserve me whole, or holy. Do you, dear one, wish to bear witness to the Word becoming flesh and dwelling among you and dwelling in you and as you?

Then surrender … surrender.

Surrender that which you thought you knew. Surrender a physical sense of self. Surrender a mental sense of self. Surrender a mental knowing of truth. Surrender in the recognition of the nothingness of a personal sense of self and stand still, trying to do nothing physically, trying to do nothing with the mind. Just stand still and be receptive. And in this stillness, the Spirit moves over the face of the deep. The Word becomes flesh and dwells in you.

This is the true meaning of Christmas. This is the Christmas I know is within you, and I recognize is yours by inheritance.

And so, my friends, this is the principle of surrender. Always. There will never be a time when we don’t have to surrender. Always we maintain a certain area of consciousness that is open, receptive, silent, and surrendered. Into this, God pours Itself. The invisible Isness of God, and that Is transforms the world into the living manifestation of the Word made flesh, and Christ is born again.

Blessings, and all my love.



Bill: Good morning.

This is January 19th 2020. We are continuing our study of the book Leave Your Nets, by Joel Goldsmith. We are on chapter 13, “The Inner Vision,” and there is only three more chapters, and one of those is two pages, so we’re about to wrap it up in the next few weeks.

Chapter 13, “The Inner Vision,” it begins like this: “You have come to that point in consciousness where you are seeking for what the world calls the intangible. When you came to a spiritual teaching, you knew in advance, or soon learned, that you were going to obtain nothing in the external realm.” I know that somewhat disappointing, we’ve been talking about that recently. This book is for advanced students, students who have gone beyond the place of wanting better fish and are ready to leave their nets entirely and follow Christ; the Christ within you.

So, he continues: “What you were seeking was the invisible, that which cannot be seen, heard, or known. And yet, you were seeking to be able to see, hear, and know just that. Through that seeking, you are coming to know that which is unknowable, see that which is invisible, hear that which is inaudible. And on this Nothing you now live. He “hangeth the earth upon nothing” – nothing that you will ever see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. But of this, I am sure, if you are persistent and faithful, the day will come when you will feel It, see It, hear It, and know It, even though there is no It to see, hear, feel, and know.”

Now, that’s quite a statement there, isn’t it? You will feel, see and hear It and know It, even though there is no It to see, hear, feel, and know. So, what is It? You can’t see It, hear It, feel It or know It, but you can see It, hear It, feel It and know It. What does he mean? I have to stop and ask myself that sometimes, when I’m reading along, and not just take everything for granted, that I understand it. I have to take it into my inner closet and contemplate it, until realization comes.

If you were to say to your neighbor: “God is very real, and right here, and I feel It!” and he were to say to you: “Show It to me! Where is It?” You can’t do it, because there is no It to show him. And yet, you commune with It, you feel It, you know It, sometimes you hear It and see It. This is an inner awareness that your neighbor doesn’t have. So, even though you feel It, there is no It that you can show your neighbor. Very strange, isn’t it? We live this life on, in the fourth dimension.

And so, he says: “What was it that separated the followers of the Master from all other Hebrews? These people saw something in the Master, they felt something in their association with him. They knew what the Master meant when he told them: “Take, eat; this is my body.” They knew what the others could never understand.” Why? Because they had spiritual discernment. They were able to discern the Spirit. And if you follow the directions – and most of you have, and some of you have for many, many years – if you follow the directions that were laid out, which is that you begin with the principles in the book Living the Infinite Way, and then graduate to Practicing the Presence, and start really practicing that presence, the best you can throughout the day and at night if you awaken. And then you add to that The Art of Meditation, and you learn to contemplate these principles, these scriptures, and that leads you to a place of stillness. Suddenly, you experience something that’s not of this world. You ask yourself: “Did, was that it?” And as you become more proficient at meditation: “Yes, that is It,” the It that you can’t show anybody. And so the promises: if you practice the presence, and you add meditation and you get to that place of stillness, eventually you will have the experience of It. And that’s really what the Infinite Way promises: once you have the experience of It, you shall be taught of It, of God. And so, that’s nothing external. It doesn’t promise anything external. It promises It.

“When the Master walked the earth after the Crucifixion, it is said that only a few more than five hundred people out of all the thousands who had walked those roads saw him.” And so you, who have been doing this for quite some time, have developed spiritual discernment. Yes I know, some of you came here and had it already, but for most of us we had to develop it through these steps, through steps to mystical experience.

But now, here we are, lo, these many years later, and we have the discernment, so that we are able to discern Spirit: It! And here, after the Crucifixion, he says: “Think of that! Out of the thousands in Jerusalem, only five hundred saw him! Those five hundred saw what is invisible and intangible to human sense. They saw what human beings can never see.” That’s why you can’t show It to your neighbor; It is omnipresent, but your neighbor has no spiritual discernment, has not learned to discern It, has not come up through the principles – and maybe some of your friends and students are in the same place.

And, that’s something else that comes to you, once you are able to discern It, you know who has it and who doesn’t. You are able to discern, in a, let’s say a small group of people, as you listen and watch, you are able to discern who has It, has the conscious awareness of It, and who doesn’t. And you’re able to know: well, this one here has only the words, but that’s okay, that’s where I started. And through practice, this one will also come into the conscious awareness of It. But this one here already has the conscious awareness of It, and is learning that they have to leave all, and follow Me. Ah, but this one here I can tell, this one has left all, inasmuch as is possible here on this plane.

Alright, so, discernment, you are able to discern the Spirit and the spiritual. “We, today, who have touched even the hem of the Master’s robe [which means, even the outer edge of Christ consciousness, because the robe is consciousness] require nothing that the world can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. [Okay, so if you’ve touched even the outer edge of the Christ consciousness, you no longer require that which the world can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell] In a world threatened with atomic bombs, those of us who have tasted one drop of spiritual life, love, and truth are not out looking for bomb shelters or for cabins in some remote place. And why? Because we feel an invisible security, an invisible safety, which is that impregnable safety and security that can be found only in God.” That’s pretty… pretty amazing, if you have It… I’m thinking of that couple in England, when [during] the second World War, had the conscious awareness that they were standing in the secret place of the Most High, that is in Christ consciousness. And so, while others were hiding in bomb shelters, they were out walking around with the bombs falling. And they never got hit. Never! Because they walked in a different universe, didn’t they? They walked with the spiritual awareness, and they were able to see through the bombs falling.

All around them, explosions going on! They were able to see through that, and discern It in their very presence as Omnipresence.

Aright, so: “Self-complete in God [that’s what this entire book is about, we are], self-complete in God, we walk the earth enveloped in an eternal bomb-proof shelter. We dwell “in the secret place of the most High.” Is there such a place? Is it a place at all? Or is it the consciousness of God’s presence [or the conscious awareness of God’s presence]?” So, there’s nothing magical about this. It won’t work for you to walk around repeating formulas. It won’t work for you to walk around repeating prayers. Even the prayer that begins with: ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.’ Such as spiritual prayer as that, will not help you, if you only have the words, or the thoughts about that prayer. But, if you have learned to take that prayer within, even while you are walking around, and contemplate it, to the point of resting back in it, then you will have the discernment of It, and you will step right into a different universe.

So, the secret is not words and thoughts about truth. ‘The secret place of the most High’, the secret is: conscious awareness of the truth. It’s not thinking about truth, it’s feeling and knowing truth, it’s discerning the Spirit everywhere. When you have that consciousness, than yes you have safety and security forever. And this is beautiful.

“Is it not true that none of the evils of this world shall come nigh the dwelling place of those who live in the awareness of God’s presence? [Yes, if you live in the awareness, not the thought.] That awareness is more powerful than lions and adders, [more powerful] than all the ills of human experience.” Now, listen to this, please! This line here is worth your weight in gold, when you demonstrate this line: The conscious awareness of God, or Spirit “is greater than all the evils of the world.”And I change that, just now, earlier I my meditation this morning with the rest of you, I change that to: My conscious awareness of Spirit is greater than any evil concepts in the mind. In fact, I dropped the word evil, because it’s also greater than any good. So: My conscious awareness of Spirit is greater than any concepts in the mind. Because we know now that the ‘this world’, which contains good and evil, are universal concepts in the world mind. And what breaks the hypnotism, Joel says? The conscious awareness of God. Remember, we stand a little to one side, and watch, as the stone is cut out out of the mountain without hands, without mind.

This is so marvelous! If you see this work, you’ll never doubt it again. You may not be able to obtain it every time you sit down in meditation, but more and more you will. And the day comes, when it becomes your permanent dwelling place. You are always discerning Spirit, where the world sees good and evil. And so this line: The conscious awareness of God is greater than any concept in the mind is the whole secret. That is the secret of the secret place! And if you follow, you have It.

“Any spiritual teaching is a revelation that a state of spiritual awareness, [or] God- consciousness, is greater protection than a bomb shelter. [Yep!] An awareness of God’s presence is a greater remedial agency than medicine, manipulations, or surgery. It is strange, but it is true.” Again, I caution you, please don’t do as some people have done and watch your son or your daughter or even yourself become sick, become ill, and gradually deteriorate until you give up the body, while all the time thinking you know the truth, and repeating statements of truth, over and over. No, no. It’s much better if at some point you say: ‘Okay, alright, I was not able to demonstrate that, so I’m going to go to the doctor and get better, so I can come back to my studies, until next time, if there is a next time, I can demonstrate that.’ You see? That’s far more wise than just sitting there and pretending, while your child has to suffer. No, I think it’s much better to take the child to the doctor and say: ‘Well, do what the doctor says’, and see the child bet better, and than say to yourself: ‘Well, I missed my opportunity there, but I’m going to study harder, I’m going to, maybe get with a practitioner and find out what I missed, so I can demonstrate that, so I can have the conscious awareness of God, which is greater than any manipulations, medicine or surgery.’ You see?

This require self honesty, and I know it’s difficult for some, because we know all the words, we have it memorized, we can pass a test, but we don’t have the conscious awareness. We have the thought, and it’s a beautiful thought, but it does not heal. So, we say to ourselves: ‘Well, I’m safe, I’m in the secret place of the most High.’ And we repeat the words, over and over: ‘I’m in the secret place. I’m in the secret place. I’m in the…’ and the bomb falls right on your roof ! [Laugh] Oops! No, that’s not the way to do it. I know we start that way, because that’s the only way you can start is with words and thoughts. But if you’re still doing that, and only that, after ten years, twenty years, you’ve missed something. And, for goodness sake, don’t be so prideful that you can’t ask somebody: ‘What did I miss? I missed something. Help me!’ And then the two of you can get together and the one that has progressed further down the road can say: ‘Well, this is what I discern.’ And help you to go back, practice what you didn’t practice, until you do have this discernment. It’s all within you, this entire thing, and it’s all about the conscious awareness of It. Okay?

“At this period of our experience, [and he is speaking to all of you that do discern It] we are being told to leave our “nets.” Think of it! We are told to leave our material means of making a living, and follow what? Follow Me! In other words, we must let I be our food, our protection, and our healing agency.” And now you know what I is – I is It – and when you are able to discern It, you can follow It! Your conscious awareness of It, of this wonderful spiritual Presence, is greater than any mental concept which comes your way. And if you will not be afraid of the concept, and not battle it, if you will rest back in your conscious awareness of It, of the spiritual Presence, It will break the illusion, It will dissolve the concept. And you will say: ‘Oh, wow! I’ve had a healing!,’ but hat’s not true! All that’s happened is that It dissolved the phony concept. I guess we could say in this modern age: The concept is fake news! [Laugh] Right! And so the Spirit, the conscious awareness of the Spirit dissolves the fake news! You see? That’s wonderful.

So. You know there’s a paragraph in what they call the ‘Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous,’ that says exactly this principle. Many people believe that AA and AA meetings are nothing but a group therapy and a group support, and that’s not it at all. That’s only because they have seen the way that Hollywood displays it. But Hollywood is wrong. It’s really a spiritual path and it has the same principles that we do. The Infinite Way and AA has the same principles. You have to dig for them, but they’re all there, because they’re both based on the scripture from the Bible. And so, in AA it says it like this, it says that: “We turn our will and our lives over to the care of God.” And it says: “When we sincerely took that position, that surrender, all sorts of remarkable things followed: we have a new Employer[that’s a capital E], a new Employer, which is God. He provides all that we need if we keep close to Him and perform His work well. So, being all powerful, he provides what we need.” That’s exactly what this says.

We must follow Me! And in that surrender, in AA, they follow Me. Whatever word you put on it: It, God, capital S- Self, Christ, Buddha Mind, Enlightenment, Spirit, Omnipresence, I, It. If you are surrendered and following It, well, it says in AA: “When we are established on such a footing, more and more we become interested in seeing what we can add to life.” Yes! Less and less we become interested in ourselves, more and more but we become interested in what we can pour out. You see that? These are the same principles. The secret, right there is the secret of abundant living; it is the secret of supply. We surrender, we follow It, and we pour out from within. And so, it’s right there, in the middle of that ‘Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.’ And it’s right here, in the middle of the Leave Your Nets book of The Infinite Way. We must let I be our food, protection and our healing agency. Yes, we must follow Me. These are the same principles.

Alright, so, on the next page it says: “Throughout his entire ministry… [Oh, I wanted to read something before that, let me get back here]. Every move that the Master made throughout his three-year ministry is a lesson in complete reliance on That of which the world knows nothing. [Yes, it’s a complete reliance on It] Throughout his entire ministry, [Christ] lived in his Self-completeness in God. When the Disciples wanted to get him something to eat, his answer was, “I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” And to the woman at the well, he promised living water. From where? He had no bucket, but he didn’t need a bucket, because the water he was talking about was invisible: no one could see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it.” You see? He was talking about drawing on It, that no one could see, hear, taste, touch or smell. That It, which is invisible, is Reality.

“How does anyone know that these things exist? How can anyone have confidence in such intangibles? Ah, there comes the secret! [And] There comes the division! If you cannot feel an inner rightness about this message, if you cannot feel an inner confidence in a “medicine” that you will never see, hear, taste, touch, or smellif you cannot come to a place where you believe that “I am come” that you might be fulfilled physically, mentally, morally, and financially, then the thing to do is to leave this work for a season. Go back to the world of material sense until a greater degree of awareness comes, because if you seesaw between the two you will only tear yourself to pieces.”

Yes, so… that’s quite a… quite a suggestion by mister Joel, isn’t it? If you cannot feel rightness about these things. Right? If you cannot come to the place where you believe “I am come,” he says then, you need to turn back to material sense, and live in material sense a little while longer, because maybe you’re just not ready. Now, if something in you is aghast at that, and you do not yet feel, you’re not able to discern Spirit in your midst, but you want to. Well, that’s not the same thing! That’s just saying you need some more practice, you need to practice the principles as they are laid out; not as you think they are, but as they are laid out. This is different, this is someone that cannot even feel the rightness of it, just feels: ‘Oh, whatever!.. Sure!.. Yeah!.. Whatever!..’ That person is not ready. They need to turn back to material sense and go ahead, enjoy it. But for you and I that are fed up with material sense, and we’re ready for a spiritual way of life, we’re ready to leave our dependency on persons, places and things. We are ready to leave our nets and follow this inner Something that we can’t show to anybody, but we know we feel It. Well then, you and I in that boat, we’re ready to row to the shore of spiritual fulfillment. We’re ready to follow Me.

On the next page, he says, “It is really up to you.” [It’s really up to you] This work has an appeal only for those who are able to respond with some measure of love, trust, and confidence.” Now, in the very beginning, I did not have love, trust and confidence. [Laugh] I had a feeling, a feeling: ’This is true, I can’t, I don’t know why I know, but I can feel it. Now, I don’t have the conscious awareness, I just have the words and the books. I have a very keen intellectual understanding of it, but I’m not feeling it.” And so, the big realization was that I did not have the conscious awareness, and so I had to surrender at a deeper level. And when I did that, I began to experience Spirit, within and without, and all around! And I came to see: ‘Ahhhh’… (sigh of relief) And now at that point, I was three years into my study, at that point, I had love, trust and confidence. Before that, I had a struggle between the flesh and the Spirit.

So, he says: “The question now arises as to whether this message registers sufficiently within your own being for you to say, “The Christ must be my sole reliance.” At one point or another, you must leave your “nets”; you must give up every material approach to life and see life from a spiritual standpoint, and then as your faith in the infinite invisible grows, you come to understand that He that is within you is greater than he that is in the world, and that He performs that which is given you to do.” Yes, you come to see that your conscious awareness of It is greater than any concept in the mind: good or evil.

“So you turn, not because somebody tells you, you have to have faith but because of an inner conviction. Nobody can give you faith. That is something that springs up within you, and when it does, you know that your faith is not in the visible realm, not in the I of your teacher or the I of your leader, [your faith] is in the I of your own being.” Yes, you come to a place where you’re no longer relying on the consciousness of your teacher. Oh yes, you may enjoy his or her talks, you may enjoy reading some of his books, but you’re making the transition from being dependent or relying on the books and the talks, to relying on It, your own conscious awareness of Spirit. You’re still able to enjoy talks, and books and tapes and seminars, classes; you’re able to enjoy all that. However, now your reliance, you’re leaning on your own conscious awareness. You see? ‘If I go not away, the Comforter cannot come unto you.’

Those that clung to Joel after he left, well, their… their spiritual giant left and they had nothing else to cling to. But if they had been practicing the principles, at some point, they latched on to their own conscious awareness, and then the Comforter came, and they were able to say : ‘Ah, now I understand that scripture. I would have forever been leaning on him, if I hadn’t, if he hadn’t left and then I had to lean on the Holy Spirit.’

“You begin to understand the meaning of a reliance on a completely invisible Thing, so invisible that if the rest of the world knew what you were relying on, it would think you had lost your mind.” My own mother one time said to me: “Why…You’re not even human.” Smart-alack that I was, I said, ‘Thank you!’ But that was not probably very nice. [Laugh] I probably should have been a little but more gentle.

“It is a divine Wisdom that lifts a person to such heights that he can say, “Yes, I have left all to follow the Invisible, the Christ, the Master within me. I have left all to follow the vision, the vision that the man in the street has never seen and never will see.” Again, please do not make the mistake, before you have the inner awareness, before you have spiritual discernment for real, and quite your job and run off and think you’re going to be a teacher, or a guru, or sit in a cave somewhere and meditate. Do not shirk your human responsibilities. When you’re called, if you are called, you’ll know the difference, and you’ll have to obey. But again, all your needs will be provided for. If you do this just as a human being, because you have, you’re able to pass a test on these truths, a written test, but you haven’t yet discerned, you’ve only thought, then…well Joel said he had to be rather stern with some people and shake them up and go knock on their door and say: ‘What the heck are you doing?’ [Laugh) So, yes, follow Christ, don’t make a move until you know it really is Christ, and not your fanciful thinking. Okay? I never opened my mouth for thirty years after my first spiritual experience. Thirty! And Joel says elsewhere: ‘If you can avoid teaching, do it!’ [Laugh] He says: ‘If you can avoid it, avoid it!’ But, of course, we can’t when we’re called, we just can’t, it has to come out.

Alright, so, “the Master clearly stated, “He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for My sake shall find it.” [Alright, so] It may be true that to your sense of things your life and well-being are dependent on external aids or resources, but you will never find your spiritual sense of life while you are leaning on these material props. There are some, it is true, who have given the Infinite Invisible their entire faith, reliance, and confidence, and have not yet had their problems solved. There are some who have thrown their entire weight on the spiritual side of the scale, and who, for some reason, have not yet had the full measure of their release [And I know many of you are in this place that he is describing]. To them, I can only say: Be patient! Be patient! Let the Christ work in you and through you to your final and complete redemption, and it will come about.” Now, Christ never asks you to step on the water, until you’re ready. If you try before you are ready, you’re going to get very wet. [Laugh] But if you wait, if you’re patient until it really is the Christ, you can walk on the water.

“Leave your “nets!” [He says) Stop fishing for material fish and material remedies, and material ways of earning a livelihood, and follow Me. [And that’s what I’m talking about: stepping out on the water]. In the Master’s teaching, one statement stands out above all others. If you wish, you can leave [all] the others alone, but remember this: “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” Trust that I at the center of your being. Cling to that one thing or the equivalent of it: God’s grace. The grace of God in you is sufficient for you.”

What is the Grace of God? Now, what is it? Now, think! Think! If it’s true – and it is – that your conscious awareness of Spirit dissolves any and every material mental concept, then it follows that when you have the conscious awareness of Spirit, and you rest in It, It functions you! And you say: ‘Wow! This thing came to me, it just came from out of the universe, this opportunity’; ‘Wow! I just, I ran into somebody, and I never knew that they were studying the same thing I was, I am.’; ‘Wow, I went to the library, and this book almost jumped off the shelve, and it’s exactly what I needed!’; ‘This talk is exactly what I needed to hear right now!’ This is Grace functioning you, and it happens through your spiritual discernment.

So, “Trust that I Cling to that one thing, God’s Grace. The grace of God in you is sufficient for you. Cling steadfastly and whole-heartedly to the truth that His grace is sufficient for you: His grace, nothing out here, just His grace. It will come. It cannot fail. It will come, and it will be [right on] time.”

Alright, so, Grace has always been available, but we didn’t know it. We thought we had to struggle for our living out here. We became Adam, we became the prodigal. Now, we’re on our way back home, and home is ‘the secret place of the most High’, and the secret is: the conscious awareness of Spirit, and standing or resting in It. Then, Grace begins to function you. It flows, It flows, there’s no asking, it just flows through you and It forms Itself as your experience. And, here we thought we had to build a life, but that was a temple made by hands, by mind, by concepts of good and evil. Now, we’re living in the fourth dimension. We’re living in an entirely different universe. We’re still here, right here, but it’s a different universe. It’s a universe of Spirit, governed by love, peopled with children of God; that’s what Joel calls it in The New Horizon.

We stand still, we rest, we don’t have to work that hard. We rest back in the Presence, and we’re consciously aware of Spirit, of It. We feel It, we hear It, we see It, we know It. Now, we know It ‘alrightly,’ and It flows forth, and gives us that wellspring of waters springing up into eternal life, life everlasting. This is the It that we follow. This is the It that we can’t show to anybody. We must remain silent and secret. This is ‘the secret place of the most High,’ this is the secret consciousness of the most High, this is the secret of the most High, and you’re giving It for free.

He says: “You will never lose out because Spirit is the true reality of being. This material sense of existence is only a false sense of the great glory that is in store for you when you have caught the inner vision that can perceive the Christ where others see only Jesus, when you can perceive the Spirit where others see only matter.” And there you have it! That couple walking around while bombs were raining down, they saw Spirit, where someone else saw only matter. This is the secret folks! This is it!

“As you catch one little grain [conscious awareness] of that great truth and rely on it, the second will come, the third, the fourth, and the fifth. It may be a slow process, a very slow process. [He says) It was very slow with me, and it may be slow with you; but it is a very sure one, and a wonderful one when once it is achieved. When the Master said, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men,” he was appealing, not to common sense [not to the mind], but to the inner vision of the Disciples. [Yes, he was appealing to your spiritual discernment, your conscious awareness of Spirit] Only those who have that inner vision can obey.” And, I wrote down here: Can you? Do you have that inner vision? Do you have the conscious awareness? Have you found the secret, the great secret? If you have, well then you’re my brother and my sister and we are all one in Christ. I you have, then you are blessed beyond all humanity.

God has decided that it’s time for the second coming of Christ. And the second coming of Christ is not a man floating down in the clouds, the second coming of Christ is this inner conscious awareness of Christ. Here, in the United States, oh, down in South Africa, over in Australia, up in New Zealand, over in China, Paris, England, France… well, that is Paris [Laugh], Paris, France, Japan, Canada, everywhere… Egypt… everywhere, even Israel, Mecca… everywhere.

We, one here, one there, one there, one there, we are awakening to the Christ, the Christ Omnipresence. We are coming into the conscious awareness of Omnipresence, of It. This is the Christ – in earth as it is in heaven – appearing. Not localized in one man teaching in the Holy Lands, but appearing here, there, everywhere. Joel called it a circle of Christhood around the planet. And, it is. It is, because it is the same Christ, whether recognized here in North Carolina, in the mountains, or whether recognized in Australia on the beach. It is the same Christ, and all of us who are attuned to It and are allowing to flow out and form Itself, it is transforming the world into My Kingdom.

It may seem very slow and if it’s not… It may seem as if it’s not getting very far advanced, when we look at the troubles in the world, but remember, we’re not talking about that material sense of universe, we’re talking about a new universe, right here, that many of us are walking in. If only for moments at a time, we’re walking in this new Jerusalem, new heaven, new earth, we’re walking in a new universe. And this new universe – remember – dissolves a material sense of the universe, individually and universally. Those of us who are doing this now, we are the advanced guard, so to speak. We are bringing this through, this new universe. It’s quite a… quite a task! Yet, we volunteered for it before we came. We are bringing through this new universe. We are transforming, through the renewing of our minds, and our minds are renewed through the conscious awareness of It, of Spirit, of the spiritual universe, the new spiritual universe.

And many of us are senior citizens, and as we pass out of this experience, I can tell you this: the next generation born, will be born into this awareness. We are doing the work that is transforming this world into My Kingdom. They will be born, thousands upon thousands will be born into this conscious awareness of It. In other words, they will be born into a new universe. And the day will arrive – and we will see it, because we have found eternal life – the day will arrive, when the old world has passed away, and there is no memory of it. That’s what it says in Revelation. John saw this a long time ago – and yet, only a moment – because he is walking in It, the new universe. And, so, eventually, everyone will be born into this conscious awareness, everyone will be born into this new universe, a new heaven, a new earth, a new Jerusalem, a new Self, a new universe. And, there will be nothing left here of the old, only the new Christ Consciousness. And you are helping bring that through, and I am helping bring that through, and this is the mission that Christ has for us, who have decided to ‘leave our nets’. Think of it. It’s wonderful! It’s glorious!

And yet, if your neighbor asks to see It, you can’t show It to him, or her. [Laugh] You can’t show It! But inside yourself now, in these moments of silence, there is nothing to say, but : ‘Thank you Father, Thank you!’ Yes, and the Father says: ‘You have not chosen Me, I have chosen you. You are to help bring through Christ Consciousness in earth as it is in heaven, so that heaven and earth are one Spiritual universe.’

Now, let’s have a moment of silence. ‘Thank you Father. Thank you. Bring through the Christ. I listen, I discern, I watch… Christ.’


Just think, when we first approached The Infinite Way, probably we wanted a healing of a cold, or maybe an increase in our income ‘cause we couldn’t make our bills, or maybe we wanted a healing in our relationship, because we weren’t get along with the other person. We wanted to settle for so little! [Laugh] Having no idea that the I that was calling us, was calling us so that we could transform the world.

I had an old fellow tell me one time: ‘This world is the kingdom, when you see it right.’ And I have read Joel say: ‘This world is the kingdom.’ Yes, it is! When we have the spiritual discernment to see It. And when enough of us has the spiritual discernment to see It, It will dissolve everything else, and only It will remain. And we will walk in the kingdom of heaven, for ever.

We will not lose our individuality. We’re never swallowed up. We will find ways to express individually this Christ Consciousness, whether is it as artist, poet, farmer – a farmer that learns to grow in a spiritual way, imagine, eating only food that was blessed, only food that the farmer recognized Christ within. Wow! What a world! What a universe! What a Father that has given us that mission, to bring through the Son, or the pure expression of the Father, or Grace. There’s almost nothing you can say, it’s so overwhelming. Except, Thank you.

Rest back, bear witness to It, the living Christ.

Thank you.

Good afternoon.

This is the 16th of December 2012, according to the calendar on my computer. The Mystical Principles site has started up once again, by request, and I thought we’d make it a limited number this time instead of inviting just the general public. I thought we’d have a smaller group with just the more serious students. And how do you know the more serious students? Well, those are the students that may occasionally ask for some help but pretty much have sure footing in these principles and on this path. And so rather than making a human life better, they’re more interested in what are the principles? And that’s how I see a serious student. They’ve gotten past the place where they want a little better supply or a little better health or a little better companionship. Not that they don’t ask for help once in a while in those areas, but for the most part, they’re serious about the principles and more interested in what is the correct principle behind this? How do I practice it? Knowing that these other things are the added things which come from the practice of the principles.

So, here we are and we’re a small group and I’m sure they’ll be some others joining us as the nudge comes. And this is a talk that, this talk I’m making this afternoon, that is only going to be available to the small group. It’s not going to be available to the general public and I feel that in this smaller group, I can be a little bit more explicit, a little bit, well, we can talk about some things that perhaps the beginner might be shocked at. So let us just get right down to the nitty-gritty and see where we’re at, each of us individually and you can ask yourself too, while listening or reviewing, “where am I at with this?”

Now unless you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere, surely you are aware by now of the unfolding tragedy in Connecticut. What’s the name of that? Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Twenty children and six faculty, I guess it is, gunned down, killed by an individual that it appears has a mental illness or had a mental illness because then he shot himself and if you’re like me and something like this happens, you ask yourself why or how? How could this happen?

Now, I hate to be brutal but we all read or hear in the news all the time about elementaryaged students in Afghanistan walking down the street and the religious zealots drive by and throw a bottle of acid in her face, permanently disfiguring her because she has the audacity to want an education and that’s perhaps so far away from home that we don’t, well, we’re sort of a few steps away from that and we kind of impersonalize it and don’t think too much about it. I’m sure we don’t agree with it and I’m sure perhaps our hearts cry out, “There must be something better. Surely, we must do something about this.” But it doesn’t bother us the same way as when a tragedy hits us in our own backyard. And so, when it hits close to home, if you’re like me, your thought goes to, “How could it? Where was God? God is Omnipresent.” We repeat that to ourselves. We read it in the message of The Infinite Way and in other messages. We read it in the Bible.

And so, if God is Omnipresent, where was God standing while this this deranged person was shooting innocent children? We have to face this. We can’t just hide our heads under a rock. Where was God? How could this happen? This is, I’m sure, the very thing that these parents are asking themselves. I would be. But those of us that have been in The Infinite Way for any length of time, surely know the principles that answer this.

Let’s go to, well if you’ve read the articles or listened to the news reports out of Sandy Hook, then you know what a frightening experience that must have been. Now in contrast to that, listen to David in Psalm 91 and tell me what the difference is.

David says:

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, he is my refuge and my fortress. In Him will I trust.

And down a little farther:

A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee. There shall be no evil befall thee neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Now, in The Infinite Way or perhaps in your own experience, you have learned or I have learned, that the secret place of the most High is the conscious awareness of the living Presence of God, here and now. And so if you dwell in the conscious awareness of the living Presence, the living Omnipresence of God, here and now, none of these things shall come nigh thy dwelling place.

Well, what happens if you don’t dwell in that? Well as you know only too well, you’re a human being or as Paul puts it, you’re in the flesh and they that are in the flesh cannot please God. But you’re not in the flesh but in the spirit if the Spirit of God dwells in you. Turn that around and it says, if the Spirit of God, if the conscious awareness of the Presence of God does not dwell in you, then you are not in the Spirit. you’re not in the awareness of the Spirit, you are only in the awareness of the flesh and of course, if you dwell only in the flesh, he says, its death. So, if you dwell in the conscious awareness of the living Presence of God, then you are led by the Spirit of God and “As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”

Alright, so what does this mean? This means you either have a conscious awareness of the living Presence of God and you dwell in the Spirit and abide under the shadow of the Almighty and none of these things come nigh your dwelling place or you do not have the conscious awareness of God, you only have the awareness of a fleshly existence, a material world, you only have a material sense of body, a material sense of life, a material sense of supply, a material sense of companionship, a material sense of power, a material sense of health. And so you’re dwelling in material sense or in matter or in flesh and of course the wages of that is death.

Now, ask yourself this: If Jesus Christ had manifested at that school or on the road in Afghanistan, walking beside that child, if Jesus Christ had sat down to tell a story to these children in that classroom and this boy had walked up, would he have shot all those children? Could he have shot all those children? And you know the answer; of course not.

Well, what makes Jesus Christ so different? How does he have the power to stop this? He doesn’t and he’ll tell you that himself “I, of my self can do nothing.” Then, what of him? What in him makes the difference so much so that when a man possessed with a demon walked up to him, he never made an attempt to do anything. The demon itself said, “Well, what are you going to do with us? If it’s okay with you, can we go into that sheep?” Now you know something similar would have happened. What do you want me to do? “Lay that down and come over here.”

Well, what is the difference? What is the difference between Jesus Christ and say, one of the teachers or the principal which was plenty brave? What is the difference? The difference is the conscious awareness of the living Presence of the Almighty God, here and now, wherever you stand. The difference is that Jesus, having the consciousness of Omnipresence, of the Omnipresence of God, anything and everything that entered that conscious awareness stepped into the Omnipresence of God.

But now take him out of that picture, no Jesus there, what happens? No one has anything except a material sense of existence and the drama unfolds as it always does, sometimes good, sometimes bad; sometimes wonderful, sometimes horrid. That’s the nature of life lived on only a material plane.

So let us go back here and see, If I want to abide under the shadow of the almighty, if I want to be covered by His feathers and let His Presence be my shield and buckler, if I want to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, even though a thousand fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, if I want it to not come nigh my dwelling place, I have to find a way to dwell consciously in the secret place of the most High, to dwell consciously in the conscious awareness of Omnipresence Itself. That is the secret. Or to be led by the Spirit which makes me the Son of God, which makes me aware of Omnipresence.

Now, how do I do that? If so be the Spirit of God dwells in me, then I am in the Spirit. I walk in another dimension and I take it with me wherever I go, whether I travel to Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Hawaii, California or Connecticut or South Africa or China or New Zealand or Australia or Japan, I take the conscious awareness with me. It is my Consciousness and those that enter my Consciousness come under the shadow of the Almighty. Just as they do when they step into the Consciousness of Jesus Christ. So, they do when they step into the Consciousness of Barbara Christ or Bill Christ or Laura Christ or Linda Christ or Miranda Christ.

Whoever has that Consciousness becomes the sons of God. “If so be the Spirit of God dwell in you, then are ye the Sons of God” right? So, that’s why I can say you’re Barbara Christ or Jesus Christ or Linda Christ or Bill Christ and whoever steps into that Consciousness comes into contact with the Omnipresence of God. It is true, in the absolute, God is Omnipresent, but unless someone is consciously aware of that Omnipresence, God isn’t there. This is what started Joel on his search when he realized God is not in the human scene.

One person is a majority if they have the conscious awareness of Omnipresent God. One person becomes the son of God or Christ. One person becomes the only power in that consciousness or that room or that family or that town. Do you see that?

And so you have to be the difference maker in your community. You have to be the one, if you have children enrolled in a school, you have to be the one that going to that school, takes that consciousness of the living Christ, the Omnipresence of God, into that school. You have to be the one, that coming home knows that that consciousness stays there and goes with you wherever you go. That consciousness includes you and what you are aware of because it’s entering your consciousness and so you have to be the one that makes a difference in your community, by carrying the living Christ. You see that?

Now, here’s another principle: “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit.” See? We’re saying again, not what you can do physically. Well, we’ll just set up a bunch of barriers and put guards around and we’ll issue a proclamation or a law that nobody can carry any weapons in this town and we’ll do this, that and the other and make all these physical preparations to safeguard ourselves. We get all those in place and we feel pretty good about ourselves, we’ve made all these material, physical preparations and along comes a disease and wipes out the same children. How could this have happened? Because we were trying to save things by might.

Well, okay, so now we try on the other shoe and we try it by power. Let’s take a lot of positive thought, let’s give everybody a free psychoanalysis and let’s put in a lot of positives, a lot of positive thoughts and positive sayings. Let’s treat this town for the disease and make sure that we know that no disease has power and we’ll throw these truths at it and we’ll set aside a time to work on this and we’ll give it a lot of thought and a lot of energy and we will try by power to protect this community.

And sure enough the community doesn’t get any disease. Wow, we’re successful. But wait! A law is passed which affects the economy in that area and it’s devastated and people are laid off by the thousands. Nobody can find work and now they’re losing their houses; now they’re going hungry. But wait! We thought we had it fixed by power. No. “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit.” It doesn’t say as many as are filled with physical abilities they shall be the sons of God. It doesn’t say as many as are filled with intellectual power and acuity and mental power, those are the Sons of God. No, it says you give both of those up and you’re filled with the Spirit and then you become the sons of God.

And so not by might, not by something you can do physically. That’s not an answer. Not by power, not by something you can think or reason out or come to a logical conclusion on or agreement with. No. That’s not the way either. The way is by Spirit, by My Spirit.

In other words, again, the answer, the only answer that God says is the right answer, is the conscious awareness of the living Spirit of God, the conscious awareness of Omnipresent God, here and now. So if you have this conscious awareness, you are protected. It’s promised. It’s promised. A thousand shall fall at thy side, ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee thee.

Now Joel says here in his first talk of the 1955 Kailua Study Series, the very last paragraph:

Eventually you are going to see it’s just as much of a sin to believe that there is power in good thought as to believe that there is power in bad thought. That was the original discovery that started The Infinite Way on its way when I realized in 1932, that a good thought isn’t any more powerful than a bad thought. Why? Because a good thought is just as human as a bad thought and a human thought isn’t power.

You see? “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit.” Not by anything human, but only by Spirit and spiritual awareness, do you become the son of God, the child of God, that Consciousness that anything that steps into is protected. And so, you and your community have got to find a way to not use thought, not use any thought – good or bad. Not use any physical answer, good or bad. But only stand so still that you’re lifted into the awareness of the living Christ. Then that, that governs your Consciousness and everyone that steps into it and it does not come nigh thy dwelling place. Because if you’re led by that spiritual experience, then you are the son of God and if the son of God, then you’re an heir of God, jointheirs with Christ to all the heavenly riches. You see?

So now let us start again, those of us who are serious students, and let us look again. What is the answer? How could such a thing happen? And the answer: No one had the conscious awareness of the living Presence of God. All were living by a material sense of existence. That’s not anybody’s fault, by the way. That’s the nature of “this world”. “This world” is made up of individuals living solely in a material sense of existence, of personal sense.

But you, you know now. In your community, you must be the one willing to sit down with this Kailua Study Series, one talk at a time, perhaps one paragraph at a time, like we saw today, until you have thrown off the letter which is a mental exercise and will not bring you the Spirit of God, thrown off the letter and moved and been lifted up by the Spirit. You, each of you, in your community, must be that one, lifted into the conscious awareness of the living Omnipresence of God and this you do first, in your meditations.

If you have not yet read and studied the Kailua Study Series, chapter ten, “How to Pray” and chapter twelve which is, “Experiencing the Christ” and chapter 23 which is called, “Experience of the Christ,” if you have not yet read those, studied those, live with them and practice them to the point of stepping out of the material sense of existence, stepping out of a mental concept and simply resting back until you feel the inner movement and are lifted into the conscious awareness of the living Christ, here and now, if you have not done that, then that’s what you need to do so that you can be the difference maker in your community. So that you can be the son of God on earth. So that you can have the Consciousness into which those that step into it experience a measure of the Spirit of God, a measure of the Christ, a measure of the shadow of the Almighty, of the cool resting place. You must be the Christ in your neighborhood, in your community, in your house, in your family, on your street.

You have said that you are serious about learning these principles. Well then, stop coasting. Stop coasting. If you have the conscious awareness, then do as Joel suggested and take little moments throughout the day and evening and perhaps one or two times at night, and just for three minutes, dwell in It. Because what you’re aiming for is the constant, conscious awareness of the living Presence, even while going about your daily activities. Sometimes in the foreground and sometimes in the background, but always an area of your consciousness is consciously aware. That is what you’re, what we are, walking towards.

And if you don’t and have not had the conscious awareness of the Presence of God, then perhaps you might want to pick up “The Art of Meditation” and read it again and put that into practice, because if you know the principles and are practicing meditation, the Christ must lift you up at some point, you must let go, stand still, and see and experience the living Omnipresence of God, if only for a moment.

This is the consciousness that makes the difference. Christ Consciousness, which is nothing really fancy, it simply means that you are consciously aware of the living Christ; you feel it, you know it, you see it through discernment.

And so my friends, there’s only eighty five of us right now. I’m sure there will be more as we move forward. This is the [3rd] talk, maybe the last talk. Then again, we may go forward and have a little community of serious students, making a difference in their own communities. Let me know what you think, or what you feel rather, not what you think. I’m not interested in what you think. Let me know what you feel about this. Does it feel right to you? And if it does, then post a message, we’re all here together and let us know that this is something that feels right.

Again, the only one to which it is true that a thousand will fall at thy right hand and ten thousand at thy left, but it shall not come nigh thy dwelling place. The only one to which that is true is he or she that dwells in that secret conscious awareness, it’s the secret place of the Most High because it’s the conscious awareness that nobody knows, saving he or she that received it. And it is the Consciousness of the Most High, the Omnipresence, the living Omnipresence of God. And so dwelling there, in that, it cannot come nigh thy dwelling place and you become a law unto your little community. Whither soever thou goest, the conscious awareness goes and the Christ goes with you, as you.

I hope in the days and weeks and months to follow, that we can cover some more principles in a serious way and not be afraid to look at things that perhaps would be upsetting to a newer student. Let us see how we can die to an individual material sense, fleshly sense or intellectual sense of existence and come into the conscious awareness of the living Presence, right here and now, so that we may be born into this new awareness. We can’t wait for this to happen somewhere down the line for God to wave His magic wand and lift us up into Christhood. We can’t even depend on teachers to come to our neighborhood and give classes. This is an inner work that each of us must do. No one can do it for us and none of it can happen if we’re still working on “Well, how can I double my income or get the right partner, or improve my health?”

Again, I repeat, it’s not that we can’t occasionally say, “Hey, I need a little help here. I’m falling back into a material sense of supply and of course, it’s not working.” But as soon as possible, stop asking for that kind of thing and instead let us see what principles we’re missing. What principle am I missing here? How could this happen to me? What principle have I missed? And let us not be afraid to look at it. If you dwell in only the flesh, you are going to die. You can look for an experience that’s pretty bad because you have no conscious awareness and these things will come to your dwelling place.

On the other hand, if you’re fearless and you say, “Well, okay, okay, what principles must I practice?” And you take it in your hands and you say, “I’m going to use these tools. I’m going to find a way to be lifted up into the conscious awareness of the living Christ, here in my midst, as my midst.”

Then, for you, it won’t come nigh thy dwelling and you don’t know how or where that awareness of Christ is going to move you, into what community and into what action and into what work. But trust me, it’ll be something you’ve never dreamed of, you never thought of, because it won’t be of thought, it’ll be of the Spirit – If so be that the Spirit dwells in you, then you become a son of God.

Now, let us look at this first chapter of John because this is what we’re really talking about. It says:

“As many as received him, (that is, the Spirit) to them gave he power to become the sons of God…. Which were born now, not of blood, (that is, not of the flesh), nor of the will (that is, not of the mind) nor of the will of man, but of God.

And the Word, or the Spirit, was made flesh, and dwells among us, and we behold his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.”

And this is exactly what happens to you. If you will let go of material sense of existence, if you will let go of a mind sense of existence, if you will stand still until you are lifted up into that quiet place where you receive the Spirit of God or the conscious awareness of the living God, then you become the son of God and now you are no longer born of the flesh. You’re no longer born of the mind. You are born of God and now the Word has become your flesh, the Spirit has become your experience and standing still, you behold His glory, that is the secret place of the Most High, the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. This becomes your living experience and into this Consciousness, anyone that steps into this Consciousness that is not of God, cannot exist very long. It will run, [they] will flee from you, but it will not come nigh your dwelling place nor any that dwell there with you.

So can we answer the question now? Even though perhaps we don’t enjoy looking at it? Can we now answer the question? How could such a thing happen? Such a thing always happens where there is no conscious awareness of God. If there is only a conscious awareness of flesh, then you have good and you have evil which is what makes up flesh. But where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty from good and evil – both. Now you have neither. You have conscious awareness of the Omnipresence, the living Omnipresence of God, neither good nor evil, only God.

Well, I don’t know if I’m going to talk to you again before Christmas, which is in nine days, (December of 2012). Let’s see, that’ll be a week from Tuesday. And then Christmas Day would be Wednesday I guess. I don’t know if I’ll talk to you before then, but I hope you all understand now what Christmas really is.

It’s the birth in you of this conscious awareness of the living Christ and so I wish for all of you, all of us, a wondrous Christmas experience, so that we may see and know and believe and trust and feel the Omnipresence of the living Christ.

Let’s have a meditation for a moment….

Right here in our midst, in my midst, is the living Presence of Christ. Christ, take over this meditation. I am still. I am listening. I behold, Christ. And I feel the living Christ and I hear, “Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine.”

My friends in Christ, Merry Christmas!

I in the midst of you am mighty. Rest back now in this I in your very midst. Realize that I have come that you might have life and life more abundant. My life; infinite eternal abundance.

We are going to discover this day how to come into the conscious awareness of our true identity. We are going to discover how to awaken to the kingdom of heaven here and now. And we are going to do this as it was laid out for us by the consciousness that appeared and is appearing on earth as The Infinite Way.

We are going to start with that passage from “The Infinite Way” book, which by now you probably feel you know very well. And yet, I submit unto you, unless this has become the springboard from which you are set free, you do not know it.

So here is the first paragraph of “The New Horizon” yet once again:

The sense which presents pictures of discord and inharmony, disease and death, is the universal mesmerism which produces the entire dream of human existence.

That means, your entire life from the cradle to the grave is mesmerism, hypnotism, illusion.

Therefore, inside of your being, you must understand that there is no more reality to harmonious human pictures than to discordant human pictures. You must realize that the entire human scene is mesmeric suggestion, and you must rise above the desire for even good human conditions.

You must understand completely that suggestion, belief or hypnotism is the substance, or fabric, out of which the whole mortal universe, and human conditions of both good and evil is made. Therefore, they are dream pictures having no reality or permanence. You must be willing for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear from your experience in order that reality may be known and enjoyed and lived.

And this last line is the secret. We might say, when the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence disappear, then reality may be known and enjoyed and lived.

So we say, well, I’ve heard that before. Yes, but how do you do that? How do you see through the harmonious as well as the inharmonious pictures presented to you by world mind? How do you see through your entire human life?

Now, I’m going to read something else to you—some of you have heard it, most of you haven’t—because it tells us the secret. Actually, it tells us four secrets that the world does not know. But you who choose to awaken out of this dream of mortality, you are going to be given the opportunity and the precise instructions today on how to awaken.

Now this was written on June 13th in 1960 at 7 PM by Joel Goldsmith when he was staying at the Hotel Wellington. And I have a copy in my hand, in his handwriting, where he spelled out for all time what these secrets are that were given to very few over the centuries. If you catch this message today, you will be blessed indeed. And so, at 7 PM, in the Hotel, possibly before a talk, in meditation, this came to him and he grabbed this Hotel stationary and wrote it down and it says:

There are four secrets the world does not know:

1. That all evil has its rise in the universal belief in two powers, this belief operating as a universal mental malpractice. This we sum up as the activity of the carnal mind or mortal mind—originally called devil or Satan.

And so here he is recognizing and revealing to us that there is a universal belief that operates as a universal mind or a world mind, a carnal mind; a mortal mind, an impersonal devil or Satan.

2. That this malpractice has no power in and of itself beyond that of tempter, but it operates as power where it is not known and understood.

In other words, there is a mental malpractice, a world mind, bombarding you with mental images which operates on you and through you as a power until you see it and know what it is. If you do not see it and know what it is, you have no hope of ever awakening.

3. Further, that the human scene—good or evil—is the product of this universal malpractice or world mind or carnal mind and has no contact with God whatsoever, and is not under the law of God.

And so you have a universal mental malpractice or world mind bombarding you with mental images that operates as power until you see it and cast it out. And the entire human scene—good or evil; beautiful for spacious skies, lovely little darling just born, three minutes old; ugly, cancerous cells all over the body; meteors falling to the earth and smashing an entire small town—both of these, all of these pictures are products of this universal world mind.

The entire human scene that the senses report to you, your life from the cradle to the grave, has no God contact and is not under the law of God. You know that’s true because, well, turn on your television and see what’s happening to these mental images—good or bad.

Oh, the beautiful but unfortunate Princess Di. What happened? It turned ugly. This beautiful tropical paradise, this tsunami destroyed it. Yes, it turned ugly. First it looked beautiful, then it turned hideous.

They are both, forever, mental images broadcast by this impersonal world mind, world thought, carnal mind, devil or Satan and never contact God and never come under the law of God.

4. Harmony of a permanent nature can only be attained as the spiritual Self is realized through impersonalizing and nothingizing of the carnal mind.

You will not attain harmony nor will you realize your spiritual identity until you see; there is one narrow path to the realization of oneness, to a realization of your spiritual Self and that path is through impersonalizing and nothingizing this mental malpractice; this impersonal world mind, devil or Satan.

It is through the impersonalizing and nothingizing that your spiritual Self is realized. That is why you cannot add God to your humanhood. That is why you cannot stay in humanhood and realize your spiritual identity. Humanhood must be given up, seen through, impersonalized and nothingized, then your spiritual identity is revealed.

And he left himself a final note, a number 5 actually:

5. Then there is another unknown that is responsible for world discords:

The secret of harmony is not in using power—but in refraining from the use of power—since Omnipotence recognizes no power to overcome or destroy. This recognition of non-power establishes harmony in the human scene.

And today, I understand why. Because when you have successfully impersonalized and nothingized the world mind mental images, including your personal life span, and stand there in the stillness, not using any power at all to try to change the pictures, then your spiritual Self reveals Itself as harmonious being and appears as harmonious forms.

Now, just so that we have this clear, let’s read this through as he wrote it without interruption and let this go within you, [enter your Consciousness.]

Hotel Wellington, June 13, 1960, 7 PM:

There are four secrets that the world does not know:

1. That all evil has its rise in the universal belief in two powers, this belief operating as a universal mental malpractice. This we sum up as the activity of the carnal mind or mortal mind—originally called devil or Satan.

2. That this malpractice has no power in and of itself beyond that of tempter but operates as power where not known or understood.

3. Further, that the human scene—good or evil—is the product of this universal malpractice or carnal mind and has no contact with God, and is not under the law of God.

4. Harmony of a permanent nature can only be attained as the spiritual Self is realized through impersonalizing and nothingizing of the carnal mind.

5. Then there is another unknown that is responsible for world discord: The secret of harmony is not in using power—but in refraining from the use of power—since Omnipotence recognizes no power to overcome or destroy. The recognition of non-power establishes harmony in the human scene.

I suspect that many of you have had the same kind of conversation, perhaps late at night, sitting by yourself alone. “Alright, I recognize that there is an illusion. Alright I know that God is all there is in Reality, but how, how do I make this transformation? How does it come about? How do I awaken out of this dream and into Reality? How do I step across? How do I get across?”

We have already been told and that is through impersonalizing and nothingizing these mental images, this mortal dream, this personal life.

So, we must start with our own personal life. He who loses his life shall find life eternal. We have been told from the beginning that if we lose this personal sense of life, personal sense of self, we can awaken to an eternal Self. So we must begin with this personal life.

Now, if you close your eyes for a moment, look at your life when you were 5 or 6 years old. You remember that? I do. I recall being in kindergarten and my sister and her girlfriend from the playground, singing “kindergarten baby born in the gravy.” I can see that mental image. But wait a minute—mental image? Mental image, that was a mental image produced by this world mind. Why that was never a person at all. That was this impersonal something projecting pictures. That is not my life. I am not in that picture. I was never in that picture. That’s a mental image and because it’s a mental image, it’s nothingness. It has no God contact, it’s not under the law of God. There’s no God in that picture. Otherwise, it would have been eternal and where is it? It’s dissolved; it’s dissolved. That same mental malpractice, that same world mind is now showing me other pictures.

And what about when we were in our early teens? I remember going to school dances, picking out the prettiest girl in the room and asking her to dance. I can see it clearly in the mind, this mental image. But wait a minute—mental image? Mental image, that’s right. That was projected by this universal world mind. There’s no life in it, there’s no God in it. It is not in God and God is not in it. It’s a nothingness.

And on up we go through young adulthood, possibly middle age if we’re there. When these images come to your mind, you must now turn on them and say, “Get thee hence. Get thee hence. That’s not a life. That’s a mental image. I know thee not. Thou art nothing.”

We can only come into a realized spiritual identity as we impersonalize and nothingize our personal sense of life. And so as you look at this personal life that you supposedly had, from the cradle up to this moment, everything you thought you saw, the good as well as the bad, never happened.

And as you look at yourself today, whether you appear to have good health or bad health; whether you appear to have a good body or a bad body, that’s this world mind. Those are the images it is showing to you. You cannot come into the realization of your spiritual identity until you turn on those images and say, “Get thee behind me. This is that impersonal world thought presenting a picture as an identity. I know it for what it is. A nothingness. Yet, right here in my very midst is the I, the invisible I, and I rest in It. Now, I, Christ, reveal your Self.” And be still.

You might be seeing in your mind’s eye, an adequate income. You might be above average, even wealthy or you could be lacking, below the poverty line. You might have a mansion with several rooms, several automobiles, a pool and a tennis court. You might have maids and servants. You might even have a chauffeur. You might have businesses in several parts of the world. You are wealthy.

On the other hand, you might be just barely existing on a fixed income. Who says it’s fixed? Perhaps you live in a three room flat or four rooms if you count the bathroom. Perhaps you aren’t able to afford right now an automobile or you might not be able to afford right now the price of gasoline. You can’t go very many places. You’re limited. Perhaps you go to the grocery store and you have to settle for 83% lean meat instead of the 93% or 97% that you really want. Perhaps you have to settle for cube steak instead of sirloin steak. Perhaps you have to settle for imitation crab meat instead of the shrimp and crab that you really want. Maybe you have to settle for local fruits grown in your area when you would really like something exotic like kiwi or mango. Perhaps you have to settle for generic brands when really the name brands taste the best.

What are you looking at? You’re looking at mental images, wealthy or poor; affluent or lacking, rich or poor. They are both the same mental images. The substance and the fabric is the world mind and you will not recognize and realize your spiritual identity unless you go to work and in your inner being, turn on these images.

Get thee hence. Get thee behind me. This is a mental image. It’s impersonal. God made no such life. This has no God contact. This has no God. There’s no Presence flowing into this. It’s not under the law of God. There’s no Spirit in this. This entire human life I have been living and seeing, why this is a branch of a tree that is cut off and no wonder it withers and dies and no wonder the beauty turns to ugly and no wonder the live turns to dead. It’s a branch that is cut off. Aw, but wait. I want to awaken. So let me look in these Infinite Way books and see, what are the instructions, how do I awaken?”

In this one called, “Realization of Oneness,” it says:

The secret lies in knowing the nature of error. And the nature of error can be summed up in such words as “carnal mind,” “suggestion,” “appearance,” or “hypnotism.” In other words, says Joel, the moment you see God and, you are hypnotized.

That doesn’t say the moment you see God and evil or God and devil. It says the moment you see God and, and anything. The moment you see God and you, God and good, God and evil, God and them, God and it, you are hypnotized.

The moment you see a mortal, material world—of any kind—you are hypnotized; and from then on, there is no possible way to get rid of the appearance.

Well, so there you have it in “The Realization of Oneness.” If you see God and a ‘you life’, you are hypnotized.

Continuing in the same chapter, which is “No And!”

If you can agree that there is God, which means that you accept an infinite power of good, certainly then you must be able to understand there cannot be error, disease, or death. In fact, not since time began has there ever been a single death in the kingdom of God.

So whatever you see in the nature of sin, disease, or death is a part of the hypnosis, and furthermore, whatever you see as good humanhood is also a part of the same hypnosis. Even the healthy human being of thirty or forty will some day be an old human being of seventy or eighty. When you see a young, healthy person, you are just being fooled by an appearance. Until you can become de-hypnotized to the degree that you can know that there are no good human beings or bad human beings, no diseased human beings or healthy human beings, there is only God, the one Life, the one Soul, the one Spirit, the one Substance, the one Law and the one Activity—until you can do that, you will have to experience death.

Well, that’s pretty plain, isn’t it? Hopefully we have made it clear, the road to awakening to your spiritual Self, spiritual reality, to the kingdom here and now, the road—what is your part in this, what do you have to do? You, you, must pick up the principles of impersonalizing and nothingizing.

And yet that’s not enough. There must be a further step. Maybe this further step is the one you missed. There’s three parts to this. What is the third step?

The only way to be de-hypnotized, he says, is to quiet the physical senses, to be still inside, and in the stillness spiritual awareness reveals the truth of being that enables us to see that which is not visible with the human eyes, to hear that which is not audible with the human ears, to know that which is not knowable with the human sense.

Do you understand that? No, of course not. We have to explain it now. So, we’re going to do that.

The road to spiritual awakening is narrow and few there be that enter. Yet, by the end of this talk, you will know precisely what to do to enter. If you do not do this, do not say that you want, above all things, to find God or your spiritual identity because it isn’t true. And if you do this, you will find your spiritual identity, you will know God aright, whom to know aright is to discover your own life eternal. So it’s imperative that you follow this narrow path which has been given to us in modern language by The Infinite Way.

Once you have grappled with the truth that everything you see, hear, taste, touch and smell—good or bad—is a part of this mental malpractice, this world thought, this universal illusion and that it is taking place in your mind and not outside of it; once you have grappled with that, and you’ve grown weary, tired, “God, how do I wake up? Please show me.” Then you are ready for these steps.

In your meditation, you are going to have to look at your personal life and every square inch of it, every iota must be impersonalized and nothingized. And so, in your mediation, you must look at this personal life and say:

This is not that life eternal. This is a mental image, a series of universal beliefs woven together to appear as a life. Yet, there is no life in it. This human life has no contact with God; this one, right here. It has no contact with God, is not under the law of God and it is not a life at all. I have been dreaming and so this is not a personal life. This belongs to no one. This is a series of many of the millions of mental images being broadcast by this something called a world mind. But I want to [come] home, I want to awaken.”

Now, it is said in the story of the prodigal son that once the prodigal son decided to return to the Father’s house, that the Father met him halfway, before he was halfway home—before he was halfway—the Father met him, fell on his neck and kissed him and gave him the ring and the robe and the abundance that was his inheritance. This beautiful story is the story that you must experience. For when you have seen and grappled, wrestled and come to the understanding—because remember we started this off reading that quote from the Hotel Wellington: ‘it must be known and understood’—when you know and understand to the depth of you, that your individual personal life is nothing more than a series of mental images, when you have impersonalized it in your meditation and you have nothingized it, seeing there is no life in it, it’s a branch of a tree cut off, a nothingness, then is when you say, “I will go to the Father. I will return to the Father Consciousness, to that I in the midst of me. Now I am still. I have turned away from these mental images. Father, reveal spiritual Truth. Father, reveal the I, and the Christ life.” And then wait upon God.

In that determination, in that single-pointed, one-minded focus, I will return that I may awaken—in that state of receptivity which only comes when you have laid down this false sense of self, God does respond.

You see, when you pick up the principles, and work them and impersonalize and nothingize this personal life, not only yours but everyone you see, the Father says, “Oh, so you’re coming home are you? Well then, welcome home. Here is the robe, here is your ring, here is your inheritance.” The Father sees by your devotion to the narrow path that you have decided to return and in your decision, which you have put into action by practicing these narrow principles, and in your resting, leaning back in the I in the midst, so that It can reveal the truth, It does respond; It does flow out; It forms Itself as a brand new life, the Christ life, the Son of God life, the abundant life. It forms Itself. It reveals Itself.

There is a release within you. You feel it and that release sets into motion the activity of Spirit which then appears as fulfillment, as an infinite everywhere Self. And you see it, you know it, you experience it. You are awakening to your spiritual Self and that Self appears before your very eyes. It’s like magic. It appears; that Christ life appears. You have fulfilled the conditions. You are walking the narrow path. You are practicing impersonalizing and nothingizing you and in the resting, I appear, I form my Self as the fulfillment of your life. Then you can finally say, as you behold this life appearing, “Thou seest my life, thou seest the Father manifesting.”

Now, I’m assuming, of course today, that in your meditations you have reached that level where you feel the Presence, you feel this I in the midst of you.

And so there are three parts to this: impersonalizing, nothingizing your personal sense of life and all these mental images and the personal sense of any life you see around you. And the second part of resting, after that impersonalizing and nothingizing is done. For in this resting is where you invite the Father, where you show the Father you’re coming home to the Father Consciousness, that that Father Consciousness may reveal your real identity. And so in the resting in It, in that I, you let the I form Itself as your experience.

You see, if I go not away, if the personal sense of you goes not away, then you cannot receive the Comforter, even the Spirit of Truth or your spiritual Self. First, I, me, you must go away. Then the Comforter comes and blesses you with an infinite abundant eternal Self which becomes an ongoing experience.

And so praying without ceasing means now to impersonalize and nothingize and then rest back in I without ceasing. This must become your being. You must be this very impersonalizing and nothingizing and resting in I. This is what is called being receptive.

And so, to pray without ceasing you must impersonalize, nothingize and rest back in I without ceasing. So shall you return home to the conscious awareness of your Christ identity; so shall you awaken to the kingdom of heaven, here and now.

You see, you do not awaken yourself. You, in this resting from a personal life, you become aware of that which already is. Now, we’ve known for a long time, intellectually, that God already is, but we haven’t known how to become aware of it. What do we do? Well, now we know.

This third part, this resting back is important. So I want you to understand—I feel you must, by now, understand—the need to impersonalize, nothingize, any personal life, any human life—good or evil—especially your own. It must start with your own. You’re unable to impersonalize and nothingize anybody else’s until you have impersonalized and nothingized your own. Once you have had that experience, then you can begin with the others that you see. But you must start with your own.

So, I am feeling that by now you understand the narrow path to—the only way to—a realization of your spiritual Self is through impersonalizing and nothingizing a personal self, your self and after that comes this rest. And it’s important that you understand this rest because in the rest is when the Father rushes forward to meet you and Christ manifests; forms Itself as your new life revealed.

And so it says here:

This Presence cannot be felt until you are free of the barrier: The barrier is the belief in two powers; the barrier is the belief in something apart from God.

And so do you see why you must impersonalize and nothingize a personal sense so that you no longer have two, no longer have God and? Then you can rest back and then you can feel this Presence which is the second part; the third part is where the realization dawns; the manifestation happens; Christ appears.

So, it’s important that you understand this resting. You can rest in the Word waiting for the Spirit of the Lord God to be upon you and when it comes, it breaks the mesmerism or hypnotism.

Alright so, your part is to impersonalize, nothingize a personal you; to sit in the silence and rest until the Spirit or the Presence or the Christ is upon you. And then It breaks or dissolves the personal you and reveals in Itself, your Christ identity.

The stone is cut out of the mountain without hands. You cannot break it, you cannot dissolve it because the very you that would, is the you that is the personal self. But in the silence, It rushes forward.

The weapon against error—our offense and defense—is something that is neither physical nor mental, no action, no words, no thoughts—only the awareness of God.

So again, I repeat, the resting means that after you have impersonalized and nothingized a personal sense of you, you sit back, rest in the feeling of this Presence, this I in your midst. It then dissolves a personal you and in its place stands the risen Christ.

As you carry this out in practice, he says, watching the stone being formed in and of your Consciousness while you stand to one side as a witness or a beholder, a state of peace will come. Then you will catch a glimpse of God as Is—not a power over anything, just God Is.

The principle behind this process is that, inasmuch as the activity of the human mind is the substance and the activity of world hypnotism, world mind, when the human mind is not functioning, there is no more hypnotism. When you are not thinking thoughts or words, when you are in a stillness, the human mind is stopped—the hypnotism is gone. When you experience this, you will feel something which transcends the human dimension of life.

You can sit in meditation and you will feel the descent of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit; you will feel the peace that passes understanding; you will feel a divine Presence and a release from fear or discord.

You will understand that God is not a word, God is much more even than a long list of thoughts; God is an experience.

So, do we understand this? Let us end this talk the same place we began it, sitting with Joel in his hotel room, after the revelation in meditation came to him, before he was about to give a class, which should now be a revelation that has come to you.

There are four secrets the world does not know and will never know:

All evil has its rise in the universal belief in two powers, this belief operating as a universal mental malpractice or as world mind. This we sum up as the activity of carnal or mortal mind—originally called devil or Satan.

This devil or Satan has manufactured a personal self and has you convinced, hypnotized that that’s who you are. But be of good cheer. You can overcome the world.

This mental malpractice has no power in and of itself beyond that of tempter. It tempts you to believe in a second self, a second creation. But it does operate as power where it’s not known and understood.

Further, that the human scene, all of it—good or evil—is a product of this universal mental malpractice or carnal mind or world mind and has no contact with God whatsoever, and is not under the law of God.

Do you really want to live in a personal life, manufactured by world mind, that has no contact with God?

Harmony of a permanent nature can only be attained as the spiritual Self, your true identity, is realized through impersonalizing and nothingizing of the carnal mind.

Ah, but then there is another part, isn’t there? The resting back after that, which he puts next.

There is another unknown that is responsible for world discord: The secret of harmony is in not using power—but in refraining from the use of power—since Omnipotence recognizes no power to overcome or destroy. The recognition of non-power establishes harmony in the human scene.

What that means is that you must rest. You must, well if you would awaken to your spiritual Self, according to the revelation that has become The Infinite Way Consciousness, then there is one narrow path. You must come to terms with the fact that everything you thought was your individual, personal life, is not yours. That’s why you have so little control over it. Today it’s good; tomorrow it’s bad. Today it’s healthy; tomorrow it’s [ill]. Today it’s alive and tomorrow it’s dead. What control do you have over this personal sense of self that’s being broadcast to you, into your mind, by world thoughts?

So the way is narrow and few there be that find it. But you cannot say that you do not know the way, for the way has been revealed; The Infinite Way. You must impersonalize, nothingize this personal sense of life. You must commit suicide. You must die to this personal sense of life. Now, I don’t mean you go out there and kill your body. I mean you must die to a personal belief. You must impersonalize and nothingize yourself. Then you must sit back, rest in the understanding, well you can even say, “Father, reveal your Self. Reveal the glory I had with you before this personal sense was. Reveal the glory I had with you before the world was.” And then you rest. You wait upon the Lord.

Then, then comes the glorious moment when the Father says, “Oh, my beloved! You have returned. Welcome home. Now Son, now child, let me show you the glory I had with you before this dream of a mortal existence. Did you know that you have all that I have? Look! Here it is, flowing continuously. Did you know that all that I am, thou art? Look! Here I am, flowing, as your very life, as the substance of your form. Did you know that all that I know, you know? Here it is, flowing. Receive the wisdom of the ancients. Oh, my child! Have the ring of authority for you are the Son of a king. And know that you have dominion over all the kingdom. Oh, my beloved one, receive the robe, your forever Christ Consciousness. Watch as it expresses, manifests, flows out to every corner of the kingdom. Awakening everyone on whom it touches. Oh, my son, my daughter, my child, my very essence, I love you.”

All of it is for you, awaiting your decision, which is not a decision until put into action. It is your living these principles that summons the Father to your side. It is the living of these principles that shows you are willing to lay down your life that you may pick up your eternal Life. It is the living of these principles that shows you have decided to return to your Father’s house.

Blessings, blessings, blessings.


Good morning!

I received a very specific message last night. I am going to try to get it across. But first, take a deep breath. Let it out. Relax and close your eyes. If you’re not in a position where you can close your eyes, then you need to turn this talk off and come back to it later when you can be still, when you can close your eyes and be receptive. The Spirit that flows through me flows through you, and it is the Spirit that makes intercession for us.

Now, let us begin with a meditation that we have probably had before, one that we may have memorized, and yet, even though we’ve heard it, we may never have heard it. So, let us close our eyes. Relax back in a comfortable chair or seat, and let us go through this together as one.

With your eyes closed, wiggle your toes. Don’t open your eyes. Keep them closed. All right. Now are you in those toes? Ask yourself the question: Am I in these toes? Am I down there in the toes, or do these toes belong to me? Am I in these feet? Am I, or do these feet belong to me? How about these ankles, these shins, these calves, these knees … am I down there? Am I? Well we know a surgeon can look inside and not find me. So am I down there in those shins and calves and knees, or are those mine? No, those are mine. I move them where I will, and most of the time I’m not even aware of them. How about these thighs. Am I there in the thighs? In the back of the leg? Am I anywhere in the legs or the feet, or are these mine? These are mine. I am not there. I am not in those legs. I move them, but I’m not in them.

How about your organs, your abdomen, your seat, your waist, your diaphragm. Are you there? Is that you? Am I in that? No, I’m not in that. I use them; I digest, I eliminate, I breathe, but I am not in them. How about the stomach, the chest, the back. How about the heart. Am I in that heart? No. Most of the time I’m not even aware that it’s beating. I am not in that heart. I am not in that chest. I am someplace else. How about the neck. Am I in the neck? Am I in the Adam’s apple? Am I in the spinal cord? No – no, I’m not there. Am I in the head? Am I in the ears? In the mouth or the nose? Am I even in the eyes? No – no, I look out through the eyes, but I am not in the eyes, and even if these eyes weren’t here, I would still be here, wouldn’t I?

And now, what about this brain, this skull. Am I in the brain? No, I am not in the brain; the brain is mine. Am I in this body anywhere? I am not in this body. I move this body around. I use this body, but I am not in this body.

Now, we have been told to say the word I within our being gently … I… and pull ourselves up about 6 inches above our head and 6 inches behind our body. And so I pull myself up 6 inches above my head, 6 inches behind the body, and I realize I. I am the Way. Live by way of Me. I look down upon the body. I look at this human body. This is mine to move, to do with as I will. This brain, this human mind: This is mine. I am the thought, I am the thinker, and when this body is still, when this mind is quiet, I function it. There is no life in this body unless I give it life. For I up here above the head, behind the body, I am the life. I have the power to lay this body down or pick it up again. This body, this mind, has no power, and of itself it is nothing. Of itself, it cannot function. I, the I up here, above the head, behind the body – I look down, and I recognize:

I am the life. I am invisible, standing right here behind this form. I give the form power. I give the form life. I spoke, and I speak, and I say the same thing I said: I am the Way. I am the Truth about you, and I am the Life. All that the Father has, I have.

This human form and human mind has nothing, is nothing. So it would be incorrect to say all that the Father has, this human form and this human mind has, but it would be 100 percent correct to say:

All that the Father has, I have. All that the Father Is, I Am. I, a little above and a little behind this form. I and the Father are One. Yes, it is I. Be not afraid. I am living you. This I of Me is the I of you, the I of all living, every living thing and every living one. This I is Christ, your Real Identity. God really is individualized as the I of you.

Joel told us we cannot really make progress on the spiritual path until we see that we are not in this body. The belief that this body has a life, an individual identity, the belief that this mind is something of itself is the universal belief, and the universal belief is nothingness. But I, if I be lifted up above and behind this appearance, then I can rest in my true Identity.

All that the Father has, I have. All that the Father is, I am. I am the Way. Live by way of Me. I am the Truth; there is no other. And I am the Life.

It was truly said, “Thou couldest have no power unless it were given thee from above.” As you look at this body, this mind, you may say the same: You can have no power, no life, no identity unless given to you from above here from I, for I am the Life. I and the Father are One. That which God Is, I am. And though I look now out at this form, I am behind all form. I am the essence of all that is. I am the presence, the invisible presence, the substance behind all form.

Everywhere that you thought you saw something or someone, a little above and behind I was waiting for your recognition. I spoke through Jesus and I told you God is a Spirit, and ye must be born of the Spirit. Now you know: Lift yourself up and behind into the I of your being, for I am Spirit. God is a Spirit, and all that God is, I am. God’s spiritual substance is the spiritual substance that I am. I am Spirit, Infinite, Eternal. I was never born. I never entered that body, that form, that human mind. I have always stood right here in the invisible. I, Christ, am the Spirit of God. I cannot die. A body can die, but I stand a little above and behind, and I do not go through the experience. I am Eternal Self. One with the Father, coexistent with God since the beginning. I am the Comforter. If you will lift yourself up and rest in the I of your being, you will not taste death. You will see that you do not dwell in a body, a human body or a human mind. You will see that you are free in the moment you rise up. Moses in his mountaintop experience came to see I am not in that body; I’m not in that mind. I am I. I am that I AM. I am I. And he lifted himself up into the I that I am.

Paul on the road to Damascus suddenly realized: “I’m not in that flesh. Oh my God! I’m…I’m I. I am I. And before Abraham was, I am, and even unto the end of this entire world, I am. And I and the Father are One.” And it so shocked him that he could not even see this world for a time as he lifted himself up into the I that I AM.

This dwelling in this I, a little above and a little behind the form, this is, “The Secret Place of the Most High.” This is where you go to have your being in Christ. Man of earth who thought you were a body and a mind – Awake! Come up out of that mortality. Rise up into the I just a little above and behind. I am the Life, the only Life. Dwelling here in the I of your being, this is the Son of God. To all those that learn how to lift themselves up out of that mortal dream life into this I a little above and behind, and rest here, to all of them God gives the power to become the Sons of God – God Itself individualized.

It’s time for you to learn you are not going to become spiritual. You are going to rise up out of mortality in the shocking awareness, in the conscious feeling, I am that I AM. This I that I am, this is the Son. The Father loveth the Son and teaches Him all things. This Son may say, “Speak Father; Thy Son heareth, and receive the Word from the living Father. This human form and human mind never was the son nor the daughter. That is why it has been unable to receive the Word. But now lifted up into the I a little above, a little behind – I – the Christ, am still and open, and I receive the Word of my Father: Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine. Son, all that I am, thou art. Son, whithersoever thou goest, I go. I and my Father are One.

You must learn to lift yourself up in your meditations into the I of your being. This was so important to Joel that he stressed it. Furthermore, he stressed: When you look at others, see this I above their head. We may have read over these instructions and thought that it was a nice platitude or a nice idea to see this I above their head – it was a nice idea to meditate that I’m not in the body. Oh, but it was so much more! It was the precise instructions given from the Father to the Son as Joel lifted himself up out of that image and into the I of him, which is the I of you and the I of me. And there in the I, from the Father, he received the instructions and spoke them from that I.

These are precise instructions on how to step out of mortality and into your immortal I. And if you will follow these instructions, if you will take your time until you feel yourself lifted up out of the form back behind the mind into the I that is eternal, you too will receive instruction directly from your Father. What’s more, as you learn to live in this I and let this I live in you, you will be dying to any sense of a human life. And when that day comes for the human life to be dropped, you will already be standing in the invisible, and you will not be there. The I can never die, can never go through the experience of death because the I was never born. This day you have learned the shocking truth: My God! I am that I AM. I am I.

When I had this experience last night I wasn’t sure whether I was going to make this talk today, and so I asked for guidance and direction, dwelling in that I, and I heard: John 3:14, and I’m not a Bible expert. I don’t have passages memorized, and so I wasn’t convinced – John 3:14 – now what could that be? Oh, we’re all familiar with 3:16, but what is 3:14? I did not know. So I said, okay… okay, and I went and I got my Bible, and this is concerning this talk today. I opened it up to [John 3:14], and here is what I saw:

John 3:14: And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:

And there it was, direct from the Father, through the Christ. Yes – this is the Way. I am the Way.

Now, look at these verses. You may have seen them another way. Now, I didn’t tell you to open your eyes. Leave your eyes closed. Draw back up 6 inches above, 6 inches behind the form, the human mind. Continue to feel the I that you are, the I that is you. And listen now from that point of view.

No man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven.

In other words, you that are ascending up over this mind into your “I” Identity, you are the same one that descended, and now you are ascending back up where you always existed.

And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so, must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

In other words, when you have discovered this I in which you dwell consciously now, you have discovered… discovered your eternal life.

For God, your Father, so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son. This is the I of you. God so loved what he made that he gave this I, that whosoever believeth in this I should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You see? He that believeth not on him is condemned already. Why? Because you are condemned to be born and die and be born and die, and everything that goes with the human existence. But not you, not ye. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that is which is born of the Spirit is Spirit. Marvel not that I said unto thee: Ye must be born of the Spirit.

And so imagine, if you will, my coming out of this meditation, opening my Bible, going directly to where I was told to go, and reading: Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up, or must you be lifted up into an awareness of the I.

My beloved friends, you must practice lifting up the Son of man into the Son of God. You must practice, have the actual experience of living in It and It living you. You must have the experience of the Father speaking to the I that you are. You must have the experience of resting back, knowing that I am the Way and allowing Me to live you. You must have the experience of taking your entire attention off of any belief – any universal belief – in the human existence, and trust the I of you to outpicture itself.

Now there is one other thing I wanted to read to you from Joel, because it also caught my attention this morning. See if this is not what we are doing:

Sooner or later you must come to the realization that God has fulfilled itself in you. Not today and not tomorrow and not since you have studied the Infinite Way. Before Abraham was, I AM you. I am the fulfillment of you. Before Abraham was, I have come in the midst of you that you might be fulfilled. I am come that you might have life and that you might have life more abundant or life eternal.

This message is not to make you spiritual, but to reveal the spiritual origin of your nature, the I AM nature of your individual being. Therefore, at some time or another you must find yourself in the position of Moses where he was on the mountaintop and suddenly realized: “I AM THAT I AM. I already Am.”

I understand that for a while you were studying with the hope of becoming spiritual, but sooner or later in this message there must come an awakening as Paul had on the road to Damascus. It may shock you, blind you for a moment, but it must knock the wind out of you as you realize: “My God! I AM.” And then there is a relaxing, a resting, and abiding in the Word; all that God Is, I am.”

You see, the exact instructions were given 2000 years ago, but perhaps we did not have ears to hear. Now today, this day, can be your rebirth out of mortality into your spiritual existence as you realize: “I AM THAT I AM. That I AM is living me. All that God is, I am. All that God has, I have. I am the Way; I am the Way.”

It’s time you live by that I and in that I. Abide in Me, I say, and I shall abide in you. I in the Father and the Father in me, and I in you and you in I, and the Father in us and us in the Father, and all that the Father is, I am. It’s time to step behind the veil – live here in the invisible I of your being. This is the rebirth that must come to each of us, and I, if I be lifted up, will draw all others to this same level.

Of course, it wasn’t true when you said all that the Father has is mine and we’re living a human life. That is why we were told you cannot add God to that human life. But now as you have minutes, moments, maybe even days where you live here in the inner I, you can declare with absolute authority: “I AM the Life, and all that the Father has, I have, and all that God Is, I AM, for we are One, and I AM that One.”

And now I say unto you: I want you to dwell in this I. Abide in this I, let this I abide in you. This is your work, and this is your blessing. Dwelling in this I, resting in this I, being open to receive of your Father the blessings – everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell will be transformed by this inner renewing and lifted up and lifted up and lifted up until that which I am, the I of you, outpictures as the harmonious, perfect creation of your Father.

And yes – where two or more are gathered together to do this, there am I in their midst, in their very midst, and I will reveal Myself to them, and I will reveal Myself to you. Know ye not ye are the temple of the living God? The I of you is the temple, and the living God lives in that temple, and here in the I of you, I and the Father commune and are One. And the I of you and the I behind all living form and the I behind every living one, that I that I am is the I of all, and the I of all, and the I that I am, and the Father are One I.

And so follow the instructions, instructions of Joel and Paul, and henceforth know no one after the flesh, for that is nothing. That can have no power, no life that I don’t give them. And so know no one after the flesh. As you have recognized the I of you, recognize the I of them, for this is one I, and this I is the Father and the Son: One. Now you have found the secret place of your Most High Father. Now here you have found the Christ, and as you have your being in Christ, you will experience the Father individualized as the I of you.

Do not speak of this. Do not talk about this. Follow the instructions:

Dwell in the I that I am.

I am the Way. I am the Truth. I am the Life, all that Is, and I and the Father are one being, one Presence, one Mind, one Life, one I.

So be it.


Bill: Good morning, and perhaps I should say, Happy New Year! Because the new year is just three days away.

Now, in this book we are studying called, Leave Your Nets, we are learning how to leave behind our nets. And our nets are those things which trap us into living in a personal sense of self. Or in looking out and seeing a personal sense of self. Whether friend or enemy, whether lover or antagonist, it’s the same. It’s a personal sense of self which God did not make.

John tells us that plainly. All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made. So some of these things that were made were made by a temple made by hands. A temple made by mind, a temple made by world mind. You see that?

So this book is steering us away from that, helping us to die to a personal sense of self whether here, there or anywhere. Now, today’s “Wisdom,” posted to our Mystical Principles email list, email group is, “Withdraw from personal consciousness as rapidly as possible. Let I die.”

So we can see that Joel was receiving this message. In this chapter, Chapter 10, it’s called “Inasmuch as Ye Have Done it Unto One of the Least.” What does that have to do with dying daily? I think you’ll see by the end of this talk and hopefully you will practice by the end of this hour.

And so it begins and we’re going to enter into the consciousness that uttered these words. The consciousness of one who was dying daily, who was leaving their nets. This is what we must do. It’s all fine and dandy to enjoy listening to a talk, I do too. But if we go away from that talk and we feel good for an hour or so and then we drop right back into humanhood and acting based on knowledge that we received from world mind, from a mind that sees a world, a material world, then we’re not really dying daily. We’re just having a little wonderful experience with the talk. We don’t want a conscious awareness, a conscious contact with a talk or a book or a tape.

We want conscious contact with the I of our being, with God Itself at the center of our Being. So we must practice the principles that we hear and if necessary, write them down if something jolts you, something says, “Yes! This is it do this, I need to do this.” Then write it down. Sometimes we remember a little better writing it down.

Ok, so. Chapter 10. To those engaged in spiritual workthis is, by the way, I’m going to tell you right up front, this chapter and what I’m going to share with you today you may have heard it, you may have read it, but I need to hear it. In some areas I have slipped back a little and so I need to be reminded of these principles. So don’t think this is just for you, it’s not.

Alright. So, To those engaged in spiritual work, there’s a certain reward that comes in the feeling of having served their fellow man and of having served God in such service. That is as it should be. When we come to giving service within our family, business or community life, however, we are likely to forget that the service we perform for another is not really for another at all. It is not done because we happen to have a husband or a wife, or because we are parents or neighbors or because we are citizens of one nation under one flag. Outwardly, it would seem that we are performing our duties and obligations merely because of those human obligations and relationships but this is not true.

Now listen, my dear friends because he is saying how you should be living.

It would seem as if we are doing that for human obligations and relationships but this is not true. In serving another, we are in reality serving the Christ. We are serving God.Now, when you vacuum the floor in the living room, are you doing that so the house will look better? Are you doing that so your neighbors will see you have a clean house? Are you doing that for your children so they don’t have dust on the floor? You should not be doing any of that. You should be doing it to serve God. And I have lived that way and I know it’s the most beautiful way to live that I’ve ever lived.

Now, We are serving God. It makes no difference whether it’s supporting our family or contributing to some philanthropic enterprise, we are not now doing it as a human being. We’re not doing it as human beings doing it unto human beings. We are doing it onto the Christ of their being. It is the Christ of them calling out to the Christ of us and we answer that call.” This means, I found out, you have to take a principle with you and you have to work it. You have to practice it.

When I learned to drive a car, it probably only took a couple of hours but I was pretty shaky about it and I didn’t feel comfortable in the midst of a lot of traffic. The only thing that could make me comfortable in a lot of traffic, was to drive in a lot of traffic. Then I developed the skills that became almost second nature.

Do you ever think about driving? Sometimes I drive from let’s say, a big town like Atlanta, home here to a really tiny town called Robbinsville. And I leave the city I drive into the foothills I drive into the mountains and then sometimes I become aware, “Hey! I missed the last hour of driving. Who was driving? I was thinking about these principles or thinking about a talk or something. I wonder, who drove my car?”

Well, it became second nature. The principles were living me. That’s what Joel says happens in the spiritual walk, we practice and he said, It’s hard for a year or two.” And I suspect he eased that a little bit. I think it’s longer than a year or two. But anyway, he says it’s hard work. We don’t want to do it. It’s much easier to listen to a talk and say, “Oh, isn’t that beautiful?”

So we must take a principle just like the principle of driving. We must take it and we must practice it. And what is the principle? He gave it to you here. There’s two of them which resolves into one. We are serving God. It makes no difference what we are doing. Whether for the family, the neighbor, we’re serving God. It’s the Christ of them calling out to the Christ of us and we answer that call.

So we’re not serving mental images, we’re not serving material sense’s of self. We’re not serving personal sense’s of self. We’re serving Christ, we’re serving God but there’s a second part to that. As long as we think we’re merely serving man, feeding, educating and sustaining our families or cooperating with our business associates, we are so far missing the mark that we lay ourselves open to betrayal, ingratitude in all the evils of human nature.”

Why? Is that a punishment because you’re not practicing the principal? No, that’s not a punishment. God doesn’t punish, come on. That’s yesterday’s superstitious, religious viewpoint. You’re not punished because you’re not practicing the principle of serving God.

When you don’t practice the principle of oneness, you practice the principle of twoness and that opens the door to both good and evil. Now you’re back to the temple made by mind. Mind is good or evil, that’s all that’s there. Until you learn to practice these principles and sit in meditation without a material sense of self, then, then you experience a temple not made with hands. A temple made by God which is eternal in the heavens.

All right now, listen up. Only when we give to our fellow man, realizing our devotion is to God made manifest, only then are we serving in the manner of the Christ. And only then will we reap the spiritual reward or fruitage of our service and our devotion.All right, we’re going to skip a little of this because I think you know. This is an important paragraph to hear, The mistake that we have made is that we have served man separate and apart from our service to God.” Sometimes man doesn’t appreciate it.

I was talking with my daughter-in-law and she was telling me that her employees, she gave them a bonus, a very nice bonus for Christmas and they didn’t appreciate it. They wanted more, they felt it wasn’t enough. And I heard what the bonus was, and it was more than enough to me. So why don’t we try something different?

If we’re serving man, doing the best we can yet we’re getting back these lousy attitudes, we’ve opened the door by serving man. We must come up higher. That’s what this book is about. Come up higher. Come up over that world mind that sees two.

Man and God, man and woman, healthy and sick, rich and poor, lonely and companioned. We’ve got to come up over that, we’ve got to overcome the world mind.

So, The mistake we have made is that we have served man separate and apart from our service to God, instead of realizing that our service to man represents our devotion to God. Since ‘if a man say I love God and hateth his brother he’s a liar.’ Why? Because there is no God separate and apart from man. And the only devotion we can ever pay to God is in our devotion to man.” O K, now I learned this from a very, very painful experience. Which I’ll share with you in a minute.

He says, It’s not necessary to voice this to anyone. On the contrary, it’s another one of those secret wisdoms to be held close within ourselves. Whatever service we perform regardless of for whom we perform it, we realize, ‘I’m not doing this for you. I’m not too much interested in you.’ This act represents my devotion to God appearing as you. This represents my devotion to the Divine Self. There is no kingdom of heaven on earth.”

This is an important paragraph put brackets around it or highlight it or whatever you do. There is no kingdom of heaven except on earth. So there is no way to achieve heaven except through achieving it on earth. And the only way to achieve heaven on earth is to serve God on earth. And the only way to serve God on earth is to serve man in the realization of God as a man’s real being.”

All right now, let me tell you my story and you’ve heard it before. I wanna hear it again. I think it was 1975. I was married, we had a child that was one year old. Everything was rolling along pretty good, I felt. I told you the story last week or the week before of having a bad attitude at that age, the attitude that the world owes me a living. And I told you I was fired and I had to beg a loaf of bread from my neighbor. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if it was just for myself but I had a wife and a child too. And that was bad. That was not good at all.

But out of the surrender, I became teachable and suddenly God became a real experience, moving things around in my life. Giving me, appearing as fulfillment, peace and joy. And so I figured, “At last, I have it!” And I asked God, “God, please show me how to love. I want to know how to love. Show me how, show me the real love.” And God answered that prayer. And here’s how it was answered.

I came home from work and my wife said, “I’m leaving you. I’m leaving you. I met somebody at the church and I’m moving in with him.” Well, I tried to talk her out of it. “What do you mean you’re leaving? I’ve finally got a spiritual way of life. I’m doing better, you can see it.” “Yes, I can see it but I’m tired. I’m leaving.” I didn’t just have a bad attitude at work, I had a bad attitude at home too. I had a bad attitude everywhere. So I understand her being tired.

However, at the time, I just couldn’t understand why this was happening. Here I finally surrendered to God. I gave him everything from the longest hair on my head to my longest toenail. I gave Him my all. And now he’s taking the only thing I love. I went to work the next day, I came home and the house was empty. She was gone. I went to the baby’s room. Nothing in there but blue walls and dust bunnies on the floor. The crib was gone, everything was gone. Went to our bedroom. Gone. No clothes, none of her things were there. Just a big king size bed.

So I called my spiritual advisor of that time, Don. And I kind of expected him to say, “Well, no wonder she left you. You’ve been a miserable human being” or something like that, you know. He said “Come over, we’ll talk.” I went over, I didn’t talk. There was nothing I could say, I had a big lump in my throat. I couldn’t even begin. It never occurred to me, never ever ever even occurred to me that she would leave. We had been married for four years, I guess. And our child was one year old. She was gone.

Well” he said, my spiritual advisor, he said, “most people would get out of this problem by transferring their feelings to another woman. However,” he said, “if you did that you would be just as dependent on the next one because this pain is not love. It’s not from love. This pain is from dependency.” “Wow, what do I do?” I said, “What do I do? I see her walking down the street with different guys and they’re smiling and I know that she’s going home with them.”

There were probably eleven guys from my church group that took her home. Eleven. So I couldn’t go there anymore, you know? I tried to listen to the talks there and in she would come with a different guy. And they’d be sitting in the back and I could hear her giggling. Now you know I was not getting any spiritual answers there.

So I asked Don, “What do I do? I get pictures in my mind of her and him. I can’t get rid of them.” Because here’s how my day would go. I would go to work and I would push my body around. Have you ever been that depressed? You push your body around, get through the day, clock out. Took the bus home, walked down my driveway, and looked around the house. Was there any evidence that she’s been there again? No, none. Lock the door, pull the shades on the windows, lay down and couch and cry. That was how my day went.

And because I was mad at God, I figured it was God’s fault, I would yell at God. Nobody was there watching, who cares? Then I would realize how bad I felt and I would beg God, “Please. Show me the way out.” Oh, I was bouncing off the walls. I called Don one night and I said, “I don’t have any questions, I just need to hear your voice.” I don’t know if you’ve ever been that desperate.

Finally he said, “Look, I think you’re ready to let go of this.” I said, “But what do I do when these pictures come?“ He said, “You’re living by yourself, just talk out loud and say, ‘Look, I’ve given that to God. Take that out of here, go away.’” And he said, “I want you to practice the principle of transferring your feelings to God. That’s the only way. Don’t transfer them to another woman. Transfer them to God.” I said “How do I do that? I can’t see God. I can’t hold God at night.” He said, “There’s a chapter for you in The Art of Meditation. But I’m not gonna tell you which chapter.” He said, “I want to see you find it for yourself.”

OK. So I made the decision after I hung up the phone that I would transfer my feelings to an invisible God that I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t see, taste, touch, or smell. I made the decision that I would transfer my feelings to the Invisible God. And if my mind started showing me these pictures, I would say, “Take that out of here I’ve given that to God.“

And then, I looked for the chapter in The Art of Meditation. There was a chapter called “For Love is of God.” I’m looking at it now. It’s in Chapter 11, “For Love is of God.” I thought maybe my answer’s in there. And this is what hit me right between the eyes. I had so deep a revelation, so deep a realization that I could never forget it again.

I read these words, To those who live in communion with God, serving God through their fellow man, the promise is literally kept. All that I have is thine. No longer is there a need or a desire for any person or any thing. Every thing and every person become part of our being. What we surrender, we have. What we hold in grasp of possession we lose. Everything we release, we draw to us. Everything we loose, we have. Everything we set free, we bind to us forever. Loose him and let him go. Let everyone be loosed in Christ. We trust everyone to the God of his own being. We do not hold anyone in bondage to a debt of love, hate, fear or doubt. We do not demand even love from anyone. We agree that no man owes us anything. Only when we do not feel a debt of obligation and only when we hold no one in debt of obligation to us, are we free and do we set our world free.”

So you see, the principle that we just read in Leave Your Nets which says, A miracle takes place when we stop being human do-gooders and stop merely serving man on the level of man and begin to realize, ‘Why, I would serve you if you were not you, since you are God manifest. I would serve you if I had never met you.’ Why? Because this sharing represents my devotion to God manifest as the Son.”

See, that’s the principle I was working with. I can put it in my own words but again, remember the words are never important. It’s the conscious awareness. If you have the awareness, you don’t even need any words. So the words I had were not the ones I read in Leave Your Nets. They were the words I had in what I read in The Art of Meditation. We serve God by serving man. Only by serving God can we serve man. And so I decided if I’m going to transfer my love to God, I’m going to have to transfer it to the entire creation. Because God is inside everyone and everything. I knew that from my meditations. So I began to practice.

I remember a Saturday morning, I woke up and bam! As soon as I opened my eyes, big king size bed. Only my pillows are here. And the loneliness descended and the pictures started. And I got up. “Go away! I’ve given that to God.” I got myself dressed, I went in and had some coffee and I saw that there were some dishes to do. So I got up to do the dishes and then it hit me. “Wait, I can do this.”

So I said, “God, I’m doing these dishes for you.” And I did every single dish with the most care and love I could express. I said, “Look, God, I can see myself in this dish.” I made a game out of it. I began to practice serving God in everyone and everything. My cat came to the back door, a cat named Sufi. In came the cat. I started with “Good morning, Sufi.” Wait a minute. I walked over, “Good morning, Father, how are you? Would you like some food?” and I pet the cat. There was a plant. We had a Wandering Jew in the living room. It didn’t get much sun. I went in to water the plant and then I remembered, “Here Father, have a drink.”

I started practicing serving God, serving the Father, serving Christ in everyone and everything. There was a few people that were interested in how I was doing. One of them was Ray. Ray came by the house, knocked on the door. And I realized I couldn’t say, “Hi Father, how are you doing?” You know, we have to keep this principle secret and sacred. And so I said, “Hi Ray, how are you doing? Would you like a cup of coffee?” and in my silence as he responded, I said, “Father, how may I best be of service?”

And we went in and I poured Ray a cup of coffee, gave it to him and we sat down and he started talking. Well he thought he was going to be talking about my problems, instead, maybe because I said “Father, how can I best be of service,” his problem, his recent problem came out and he laid it on the floor. And I talked for a while and we talked about practicing spiritual principles. And when he got up to leave, he looked at me very strange. And I said within myself, I said “Father, thank you.” Out here I said, “See you next time, Ray. Thanks for stopping by.”

Well, I got hungry. I went down to the local Bob’s Big Boy in Pasadena. I had at the time, let’s see I was probably 21 and at the time, I walked in and I had a Bob’s Big Boy double decker cheeseburger and some fries and a chocolate Coke. And before the waitress could serve me the food, she brought over a cup of coffee. I had coffee too, and a glass of water. And there was some ice in the water and I took the ice in the spoon put a little in my coffee so it wouldn’t take so long before I could drink it. And she was watching from across the dining room. I didn’t know she was watching. I had just said, “Father how many best be of service?” I was doing that with everyone I came in contact with. Suddenly she showed up with a glass of ice. “Here.” “Thank you.”

Weird things, strange things were happening like that. The cat that I had, I could put up my hand and say, “Wait a minute Father.” I could see it getting ready to jump on my lap. I get to the end of the chapter I’m reading and I set the book down, “OK,” up the cat would jump. The plant in the living room, it grew like crazy and never got any sun.

The most bizarre one was, and you know this already. I was reading something, I think it was Practicing the Presence, sitting on my couch and this fly had gotten in. And it was buzzing around, landing on my forehead and then my arm, and then my hand and then my nose. You know, I kept waving it away. I couldn’t concentrate with what I was reading. So I thought, I’m going in the kitchen there and get the flyswatter that’s hanging on the wall. I’ll take care of that.

Something happened to me. I said, “Wait, now wait. If God’s inside of everyone and everything, then I might be able to be of service to this fly.” Isn’t that crazy? It sounds crazy, but that’s the way I was thinking. So I stuck out my hand, palm up. This thing was circling around the room, landing on the lampshade, landing on the wall. I said, “Look, Father, land on my hand here and I’ll put you outside.”

Now listen, this thing, every time it landed on me and I went to swat it away, it didn’t even stay on the arm or the hand. It was gone before I could get my hand anywhere near it. So I was pretty sure this would not work. But I tried because it’s a principle and either it works or it doesn’t.

And I was in the middle of this consciousness of serving God through God’s creation. So I stuck my hand out. “Father, land on my hand and I’ll put you outside.” The fly made two more circles around the living room, and then landed in pretty much the center of my palm. So I got up, put my book aside, got up, stood up. The fly was still there. I walked across the living room to the door. The fly was still there. I opened the inner door, the wooden door and then I opened the screen door. The fly was still there. I stuck my hand outside, and it flew away.

Now I’m telling you, I lived this. This is not something I read or made up. This is not some cute story. This is the truth. God is inside of everyone and everything. Do you remember Joel saying in one of his books that even the bugs in your garden could become friendly bugs? He’s not kidding.

So I had entered this consciousness that he’s describing. But for me, I couldn’t just decide, “Well this is a nice Saturday, I think I’ll practice this.” No, that didn’t work that way. For me, I had to be in enough pain that I could begin to practice love. Real love.

And one night I was sitting there reading Practicing the Presence, I think. And I set the book down and closed my eyes for a meditation. And in the meditation I became still. For a moment I lost any sense, any personal sense of self. It was only a moment. But in that moment I felt this Presence. An invisible Presence touched me on the side of the face. Very gentle, very lovingly. And I felt this sense of peace and I realized, “Oh my God. It’s really real. I really can love – transfer my feelings to God. God really is ever with me, closer than hands and feet. ‘Closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.’”

So I went to Don and I said, “Don, this is fabulous!” And he said, “Will you split a talk with me at the church?” And as you all know I said yes. I went to the church, I talked for a few minutes, we had a coffee break. He got up to talk and he dropped over dead. He left this plane. He stayed alive long enough to introduce me to God and then he left. His work was done.

Oh I know he had much more work than that, I’m just saying from my point of view, he stayed alive just enough to introduce me to God. See, if he had died six months earlier, I may have never found this answer. I may have transferred my feelings to another woman. As so many of us do.

All right so, there’s a second part to this principle. Not only do we serve God by serving his creation, by serving our fellow man, but we come to the place where we recognize, ‘I am not serving anybody. This is the Christ serving God through me, as me.’” So he says, “Only if we thought or think that we are giving out of our personal selfhood and giving it to some other personal selfhood who might or might not be worthy, only then would we find that in giving, we are depleting ourselves.”

That’s how you can know if you are living in a personal sense of self. If you give a few dollars or you give of your time or you give in some other way and you feel depleted, your portion is getting smaller, whether a portion of your strength, your time, your money, then you’re giving out of a personal sense of self and the principle doesn’t work. “Well,” you say, “this doesn’t work. I’ve tried it.”

No, you haven’t. You can’t be a personal sense of self giving to another personal sense of self and then telling yourself, “I’m serving God.” Maybe in the very very first day or two, that’s how you get this thing started but you can’t stay there.

All that the Father has is mine. But it always remains the Father’s. And so whatever I share is of the Father. We can give away the whole kingdom of the Father and we will still have more than enough to care for our needs.” Isn’t that fabulous? So he gives you the example of a mother who loves her children. More and more she loves them. When does she run out of love? Never.

So, In the fourth dimension,” see the fourth dimension is this new consciousness. The fourth dimension is your consciousness when you see the kingdom of heaven on earth. When you see the Father manifest as your friends and enemies and relatives. When you see the Father flowing through you to the Son. Then you’re living in another dimension than other people, aren’t you? Another awareness.

In the fourth dimension we are drawing our good not from out of this world, but from out of the depths of our being. Above all, let me remind you again that this is our basic premise insofar as it concerns our individual demonstration of our Christhood. To his sense of things, a human being derives his good from the world. And so, when seeking any good, thought naturally turns to some person, place or thing. A business activity. An outer form of expression. That seems to be natural and the only right thing for a human being to do.

However, entering this new dimension of life, that is the Christ life, we never think of drawing our good from the outer realm or from another person or thing. We never think of deriving our good from some outer experience or expression. Through it, yes. But not from it. So first, the first and vital work of those living in this new fourth dimension is meditation. Whether we undertake to heal someone, teach a class, engage in selling, housework, farm work, a business activity, whatever the nature of our work, if we expect success in it on the outer plane, well we are the man of earth. But if we know that the outer expression is merely going to be the reflection of the inner, then before undertaking any work, we will turn within.”

That’s why he has this in front of every single book: Except the Lord built the house, they labor in vain that build it.” Unless your temple is a house made without hands, you labor in vain building it with hands. You see that?

Now, recently, an actor, maybe some of you know him. Robin Williams committed suicide. This is a man with over a third of a billion dollars. A billion with a “B” in the bank. Yet he took his life. Why? Because that’s a temple made by hands. And perhaps he’d never been shown that there could be a temple not made by hands.

See, the temple made by hands is, well, they labor in vain that build it. You’re free to build a temple made by hands and you’re free to sing Frank Sinatra’s song, “I Did It My Way.” But you might find that you are very lonely sitting in that castle. You might find that you haven’t found the answer. There’s no feeling of oneness. You’re just living in a material sense of self that’s miserable.

But what happens when you build a house, you stand still, stand aside and bear witness to that which builds the house not made by hands? Well, we read that. To one who serves God through his fellow man, the promise is literally kept. All that I have is thine.” And I lived that and I found out it’s true.

The real values in life are spiritual, not material. And the deep things of God make for a greater peace than any peace that the world can give. There is no good thing that can come into your experience as a permanent dispensation except that it is given to you of the Father. There is no good thing to be achieved permanently on the outer realm and only as you learn to make that contact with God and maintain it,” maintain it daily “does your life become the spontaneous outflowing and outpouring of the Spirit.

This even eliminates from your experience any sense of giving service and devotion to your fellow man. It even takes from you your sense of service and devotion to your family as a family. It gives you the complete realization that whether you are doing it for friend, family or neighbor, you are doing it for the Christ. You are serving only Spiritual Being.

In turn, when you are served, there must come the realization that it is not your vanity that’s being glorified but the Christ of your being that is recognized, served, rewarded, cooperated and shared with. In this realization then, ‘I’ gradually removes

itself.” And what was the Wisdom today? “I die daily. Let I die.” In this realization then, the word ‘I’ gradually removes itself. The word ‘I’ becomes of less and less importance until it becomes impossible for that ‘I’ to be hurt or injured or wronged or defrauded since all such beliefs would be no part of your being.”

Now, what happened to me was, I was able to walk into those rooms where the fellow had his arm around her and she was giggling in the back. And I was able to sit there and recognize the Father. “Father, how may I best be of service?” And I was able to be of service and look through that, look past that.

At one point I discovered another principle. Joel said in one of his books that you, either you or he, begin to see that “I” above people’s heads. And the way I practiced that was when I saw someone, I said to myself, within myself, “Where you appear to be, ‘I’ am.” And I practiced that resolutely, “Where you appear to be, I am” until I began to see that God, He really is inside of everyone and everything. I had been looking at the images but now I began to see the invisible “I”. OK?

So he says, Reach into this deep pool within you and feel the abundance, the gentleness and the power of that Spirit and let it flow. And when it flows, it will come out as in a mold. That mold may be money, home, companions, forgiveness, justice, mercy, kindness or benevolence. But do not attempt to pour Spirit into a mold. Do not attempt to provide a mold in which to hold it.”

And that’s difficult to do in practice when you are laid off from work because of a downturn in the economy, and that’s happened to me. We have a tendency to forget. “Oh no, I have to get a job, I have to pay the rent at the end of the month, I have to provide for my family.” See, that’s all personal sense. It sounds very nice, doesn’t it? But it is not a spiritual principle. The spiritual principle is higher than that. You come up higher.

And so when I called my second spiritual teacher and I said, “I’m having this problem. I’ve applied for different jobs and they all say the same thing. They say, ‘Well you seem very qualified but the last job, you were making such and so and we certainly can’t afford to pay you that much.’ And I sat there and said a couple of times, ‘That’s OK, I’ll work for less.’ ‘OK, thank you, we’ll definitely consider you’ and then they never called.”

You see? They had their mind made up, I couldn’t work for less. They couldn’t afford to pay me what I had been making. What happened? I called my spiritual advisor and I told him what was going on. And he said, “Look. You have this wrong.” And I said, “What do you mean?” His name was Chuck. “What do you mean, Chuck?” He said, “Look, you don’t go out there to get a job. You don’t go out to get anything. You don’t even go out there to get the money to pay your rent and provide for your family.” “Well what then?” “Your job is to be of service. How can I best be of service, Father?” I’d heard that before. “Your job is to be of service and let God take care of the rest.” “OK, I’ll try.” I hung up the phone, right?

I saw something in the paper the next day or two. I thought I’d go apply. And I started to get up and shave my face and put on some Dockers and a nice shirt in order to go to this interview. And you know what I did? I said, “Wait a minute. Now if this principle works, it works. I don’t have to change anything.” So I had a five o’clock shadow, I had on pants with paint stains from painting a wall, I had an old shirt on, and I showed up for the interview just like that.

And when the man interviewed me, I said, “I’m here to help you do whatever you need to have done, that’s all.” Which means, I’m here to be of service. And that fellow looked at me, looked up and down and he said, “Can you start on Monday?” “Of course, yes. Thank you.” And I made a little less than I did on the other job but it wasn’t too long that I got promotions and raises and I was making the same thing I did before, even a little more.

So, the point of that story is that I had to learn, I’m not working to pay my bills. I’m not working to help my family. I’m working to help that business. To be of service to God through that business. And it works, it really does. People are amazed.

I used to stay and work overtime. Some of the time on my own dime. I wasn’t getting paid for it but I was helping the company. Now you do that a few times and the plant manager says, “Hey, we have a winner here. Let’s promote him.” But you don’t do it for that reason. You do it to be of service and then these good things happen. OK?

So, Reach into this deep pool and feel the abundance, the gentleness, the power of the Spirit and let it flow. And when it flows, it will come out as in a mold.” Yes, but you can’t hold up the mold. That’s the tricky part. That’s the hard part. When you sit down to meditation and somebody’s called you for a healing or something in your own life has come up that you have to get the money for and you don’t have it, it’s hard to sit down and not think, “OK Father, Thy will be done” but hold up a mold in your mind for money or for healing. But it doesn’t work. Do not attempt to provide a mold in which to hold it.

Go to this pool, this infinite pool of joyous substance and commune, that’s all. Feel it as it fills your consciousness, as it circulates within your being.”

Now, I had this experience this morning as I sat down for our 11:00 meditation. I barely got my eyes closed and I felt this Presence, I felt the Father. And so there was only one thing to pray. “Father, flow to whoever you will, to all. Just flow.”

He says, By this I do not mean a physical or an emotional feeling.” This communing he’s talking about “but an inner awareness of the Divine. That’s all. This is seeking the kingdom of God and then the things are added because it pours itself forth. Not as ephemeral nothingness or substance, but in molded form and the mold is always fulfillment.” That’s the thing about it. It’s always fulfillment.

How can you know if you’re living in this fourth dimension? When your entire vision is on your devotion and service to God. When your expectancy is of God. Not of man, but of God. And when you understand only in His Presence is fulfillment.” OK? “Always remember you block it’s flow with every thought of I, me or mine. You block it with every thought of getting, receiving or accomplishing. You fulfill it only in the realization that it is flowing forth out of God.” OK?

Do you knowhe says, that each one of us could have all there is on earth and still everyone else could also have all there is on earth? Do you know why? Because this is a spiritual universe.” Ah, and you thought it was material. Every potato in the soil is spiritual and it multiplies itself and without end unless you stop it by trying to divide it or get it or bring it to yourself.” Instead of opening a way and letting it flow into expression as I did in this morning’s meditation.

How do you do that? Close your eyes. Turn within and realize, ‘Father, within me is the infinite, the limitless spiritual universe. Let it flow. Let me be the avenue of healing the multitudes or feeding the multitudes. Of understanding, helping, companioning, and aiding them. But let all this flow as a service unto Thee.’” So you see? You’re going within like I did in the early days and you’re saying, “Father, how may I best be of service?” and you’re letting it flow out to God as man. To God as manifestation.

You cannot live in the fourth dimension and draw forth from the outer realm because the fourth dimension is the source of that which is in the outer realm. And you bring it forth for the use of those who do not yet know how to draw on the infinity of their own being. Turn within.

Be assured of this. The Master made no mistake when he revealed that the kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of allness is within you and if you wish allness and an abundance of allness, then turn to the kingdom of God within and stop this looking to man whose breath is in his nostrils.”

OK? So hopefully you come away from this chapter with principles that you can practice. How may I best be of service to God? Not these people I see, but to God through these people. I’m serving God, I’m loving God through these people. And how can you realize and come to the recognition, it’s not “I” the person, it’s the Christ serving God through me so it’s the Christ serving Christ. It’s God serving God. It’s the Father serving the Father, and I bear witness.

Now, when I woke up this morning, I knew I was going to make a talk. But I knew that I didn’t want to make the talk. So I went within, I had the meditation at 11:00. I felt the Father flow through and it went out to serve, to flow into the Father everywhere. And so it has happened.

Now in, well let’s see, fifteen years ago, fifteen years ago, I had been wondering in my meditation, what can I give God? God being this invisible spiritual Presence, what do you give the Presence that has everything? What do you give the guy that has everything? I couldn’t think of anything. Yes, I could serve God through my fellow beings, but what could I give God out of love? I just felt I wanted to give something to God.

And then it happened. Ah! I can give God something He doesn’t have right at this moment. What is that? I can give God myself. I can give God myself to use me as he will. I can give God myself to flow through.

And so, out of that came the Mystical Principles website. And then out of that came the Mystical Principles email list. And out of that came some Mystical Principles classes in person. And out of that came tapes and reel to reel tapes and cassette tapes coming to me out of the universe of Herb Fitch talks and so when his wife finally said to me, “I don’t care what you do with them. I’m done for now,” his widow. I said, “OK.” I put those also on the website and we began to turn some of them into pdf files or ebooks and even get some of them published. So this then, is my gift to God. All of this for the last 15 years.

But now, reading this chapter, we realize the truth, don’t we? This is God’s love flowing forth to God. And so even in this I can take no credit. The Father loveth the Son and showeth him all things and giveth him all things and we behold the glory of the only begotten of the Father full of Grace and Truth.

Thank you.

Bill: Merry Christmas!

This is Sunday, December 22. In two days, it will be Christmas Eve and we get to put all our presents under the tree for the children to find the next morning. Some are from us; some are from Santa and I thank you who gave us a really nice donation, so we were able to provide this Christmas. Which really means, Thank you Father for your supply, for your abundance.

Now I am still. I am quiet. I find my inner peace. I am not struggling; I am not seeking. There is a word, and the word is rest. I am resting. Resting back inside of myself. I am listening. I am receptive. Here without seeking, without striving, without wanting, without desiring, here I find my peace. And in my listening, in my standing still, in all these thoughts stopping, I receive Him and Him is the Holy Spirit. Now Spirit, flow through. Reveal Thyself, reveal Grace on Earth as it is in Heaven. He restoreth my Soul which appears as harmony, blessing, love, Christmas!

We are looking at the book of Joel’s called ‘LEAVE YOUR NETS’. It was first published; it says here in 1964. That is the year that Joel passed from this scene into the invisible and I don’t know if he ever saw it or if he didn’t. But the book is a book on putting off mortality and putting on immortality. It’s a book on leaving your nets. Nets are those things that you use to create and control and live in a world out here. And this chapter, chapter 9, is ‘The New Dimension’. You will find this new dimension as you follow the path, the path called The Infinite Way. As you learn its principles and practice them, and more importantly as you learn to find your inner peace and are receptive, you will find this inner new dimension.

And so, he begins, “The human scene continues to unfold day by day, as it has throughout all the days of the past. There is always the temptation to hope that things will be different tomorrow.” Now that’s what we do in about a week from now. We are going to be starting our new year and we are going to be hoping – many of us – will be hoping that the new year will be better. I will start my exercise program. I will lose some weight. I will go back to school. I will find another job. I will find the woman or the man that’s right for me. I will move to a new city. Do you see? This is the material life being lived.

So, he says, “left to itself, one day will follow another as days always have. The human scene is a state of inertia; it continues being whatever it is now, usually along the same lines. Nothing will be different tomorrow from what it is today, or from what it has been in the past until a new note is brought into the picture.” And I feel he could have used until a new self is brought into the picture. And that self, of course, is Christ. And he specifies that later in this chapter. Now he says, “Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” We talked about loosing your life to find it. Very few find it. And the other scripture, “’I come not to send peace, but a sword.’ Up to now, what has been said is gentle and sweet, and good tasting. Now comes the part that makes the ‘belly bitter’: The living of this truth. This demands sacrifice and great effort.” Don’t ever believe that because you can close your eyes and quote a scripture and feel a little bit peaceful and not fall asleep that you have exerted great effort. You haven’t. When you read or you hear Joel say, “sometimes, I beg.” And you know from his writings and his autobiography that in spite of all the healings that flowed through his consciousness; in spite of all the teaching that flowed through his consciousness, he reached a point in his experience where he felt like a total and complete failure. Even with all of that, he reached a dark night of the soul. It’s in that book, ‘THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JOEL S. GOLDSMITH.’ There’s a letter there, a beautiful letter that he writhes to God, and in the letter, he says, eventually he says, “I take this failure and I give it to you. A perfect failure.” And he lays it in God’s hands.

Now if he should go through that kind of dark night of the soul, who am I to think that I can read a few books, get quiet a little bit, do a little contemplation and feel that I should be in heaven. Why, I’ve done all this hard work. Oh no, if you have ever read ‘A PARENTHESIS IN ETERNITY,’ you remember in the chapter on Initiation he says he smiles a little sadly when he gets these letters from students that say, “I want initiation.” Because he knows, or he wonders, what they would do with real initiation and the real dark night of the soul. There are some of you that have been through it, and I know you by name. But some of you haven’t. Now, so this demands sacrifice and great effort to live these principles.

Well, you say to yourself, “What am I sacrificing. Um, I guess I have to sacrifice a little time, maybe three times a day. Maybe I have to sacrifice five minutes, so I can rehearse the truth in my mind and get quiet for a minute. Maybe I have to sacrifice going to the ball game, maybe I had season tickets and I went to a lot of ballgames. Now I am going to have to sacrifice some of that because I have to read these books and listen to these talks and I have to put aside some time – my precious time – and I’m sacrificing.” Oh God, the human ego is something, really something, when you think it doesn’t even exist.

So, what then, what does he mean by great sacrifice and bitter in the belly? Well he says, “It will not be too difficult for you to remember the truth that you and the Father are one and all that the Father has is yours; the difficulty comes in living it, and it is only in the living of it that it can be demonstrated.” Ok – you should do like I did and underline that or make some notes that that’s important – only in the living of the truth, can it be demonstrated. The living – that implies an action. Not the knowing of the truth. It’s not the knowing in your mind that demonstrates truth. Knowing in your mind, well it’s comfortable, I guess, reminds you of some truth, but then you open yours eyes and go about our business and you still have all your problems. Why? You may ask. Because you’re not living the truth, you’re simply knowing it up here intellectually. So, it is only in the living of it that it can be demonstrated.

Declaring I and my Father are one or declaring your sonship will be of little help to you. You must assume your obligation as a son.” Oh, did you know you had obligations? Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you thought this was just all just going to be dropped on you. Here – you can have my mantle. No, consciousness is not just dropped on you; you have an obligation to live it. “Part of the responsibility” he says, “entailed in that relationship lies in your readiness and willingness to leave your ‘nets’ in the sense of stopping your search for health and supply and to rest in the conscious awareness of these as divine gifts already established within your being, even though momentarily not visible outwardly. This means no longer voicing truth, but living the truth of your identity, being willing to be called upon to heal or feed the multitudes. Can you do it? Yes, you can, if you realize, ‘I of my own self cannot do it, but by virtue of my divine sonship, I can.’”

Now, he says, you must have one of your obligations as a son, you must have the conscious awareness – he didn’t say the conscious thought – the conscious awareness of health and supply as divine gifts already established within you, within your being, within your consciousness. Ah yes – that, well ok, so how does that equate to sacrifice. How does that equate to great effort? How does being consciously aware of health and supply as divine gifts established in your consciousness – how does that relate to great effort and sacrifice? Well, let’s take a look. I noticed since this book is on leave your nets and it has to do with putting off a material sense of existence, putting off mortality, and putting on immortality it occurred to me that there was a chapter by the same name in this little black book called ‘THE INFINITE WAY’ by Joel S. Goldsmith. It’s the very first chapter, that was written in the very first book of the Infinite Way. And in the very first seven paragraphs – seven, yep seven paragraphs – you have the entire secret of putting off mortality and putting on immortality. You have the entire secret, every principle of the Infinite Way – it’s right here in the first seven paragraphs. So, let’s look at them. But remember, this is the part that’s ‘bitter in the belly.’ This is the part that requires sacrifice and great effort.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…And the Word was made flesh.” We’ve discussed this before, the Word of course is that inner movement, and the flesh that it becomes or appears as is the invisible flesh, spiritual flesh, which then appears out here as some form of harmony. Now, “the Word was made flesh, but it still is the Word. By being made flesh it does not change its nature, character, or substance.” See that? The Word is the substance, the Word is your immortality. And you are supposed to put off your conscious awareness of a material sense of the universe and self, and you are supposed to put on this immortal Word, this immortality. “Cause becomes visible as effect, but the essence or substance is still the Word, Spirit or Mind.” And Joel said if he was going to change something in this book, he would change that capital M Mind to Consciousness. So, it would read this way, and I am going to change it for him, “Cause becomes visible as effect, but the essence or substance is still the Word, Spirit or Consciousness. In this way do we understand there is not a spiritual universe and a material world.” That you should underline. There have never been two worlds. “In this way do we understand that there is not a spiritual universe and a material world. See there is no God and, but rather, what appears as our world, is the Word made flesh or Spirit made visible or Consciousness expressed as idea.”

Is that what you see as you look around? Do you see Consciousness expressed, or the Word made flesh or Spirit made visible? No, you see a material sense of universe. Well what does it say about that? “All the error that has existed down [through] the ages is founded on the theory or belief of two worlds, one the heavenly kingdom, or spiritual life, and the other a material world or mortal existence, each separate from the other. In spite of this sense of two worlds, men have always attempted to bring harmony into the discords of human existence through an attempt, by prayer, to contact this other world, or spiritual realm, and to bring Spirit, or God, to act upon the so-called material existence.” Now I still get emails, even from our group, asking me to pray because there is a problem with health, to pray because there is a problem with supply. Please pray for my supply, I have lost my job. Please pray for my health, I’m feeling very sick. Please pray for the health of my uncle. Now I know that these people in the midst of their struggle, in the midst of their pain, they’re wanting help, they’re wanting supply, they’re wanting a new companion. I get it. In the material sense of self that’s what you want – a better material sense.

What does he say about that? Well let’s look. This is the part that makes it bitter in the belly because that’s praying amiss. What does he say? “Let us” and us is in italics, so that’s everyone here in our group of about a hundred. “Let us then begin with the understanding that our world is not an erroneous one, but rather that the universe in which we live is the realm of reality or the kingdom of heaven about which man entertains a false concept.” Alright now, I’ve said it over and over, maybe you can hear it this day, maybe I can hear it a little deeper this day. You’ve all seen the pictures, or movie, or maybe in real life you’ve done what I did and gone to a state mental facility where some of the people are completely insane. And the criminally insane there are locked up, but the people who are not so bad are walking around. And if you have been there, perhaps you have seen the fellow that believes he’s Napoleon. Maybe he has his hand in his shirt and you try to talk to him, and he tells you about the next battle coming up. Or someone comes along and believes he’s Jesus Christ and you try to talk to him, and you get a blessing. Or maybe you get Florence Nightingale, or you get the lady who tried to fly around the world and ended up missing. What was her name? Oh yes, Amelia Earhart.

Now, these people in the mental institution really believe this. They’re living – he’s living in his concepts of Napoleon. That’s his universe, but is he living in that universe? Is he really in France, is he really walking around Europe? No. He’s in say Camarillo, in California. What about her? Is she flying a plane? No. But in their mind they are. All the time standing in a mental institute, all the time standing in the kingdom of heaven. This is our two people on the bench, and one is in hell and one is in heaven. And it’s not the bench, and it’s not the world, and it’s not heaven. So how then are we ever to bring harmony into our experience if we are living in such a material sense of self that we really believe we’re a mortal human being, living in something called this world, this material sense of world. Well he tells you. “The work of bringing health and harmony into our experience is not, then, getting rid of, or even changing, a mortal material universe, but correcting the finite concept of our existence.” See, every one of us is standing in the finished Kingdom. Every one of us is the complete Christ. Perhaps this Christmas can be a little different than you have ever had before. Perhaps you can receive in your peaceful manger, perhaps you can receive a glimpse of your Christ Self – the one you really are – standing in the Kingdom.

So, he continues, “The seeker of Truth starts his search with a problem – perhaps with many problems. The first years of his search are devoted to overcoming discords and healing disease through prayer to some higher Power.” Can you see how he is trying to pull that Power into the material sense of the universe, trying to pull that Presence into a material sense of self. And, you might say as I’ve thought in the past, oh you know this is just double talk. Yes, ok, I get it, there’s no material universe but I need a healing. So, I’m going to pretend there is no material universe, and I’m going to go along with the crowd here and I’m going to pray, but in the back of my mind I know, I’m looking for a healing. I want to get better, so we’ll just play this little game. But it’s not a game and we’re not playing. You’re standing in the Kingdom. What needs to change is not your material self and not your material universe. What needs to change is your inner concepts of these things.

Now he goes on to say, “The day arrives, however, when he perhaps discovers that the application of truth to human problems either does not ‘work’ or does not work as it once did, or else he finds there is now less of satisfaction and inspiration in his study. Eventually” And this day I hope this happens to you, “Eventually, he is led to the great revelation” this is important to Joel, “that mortals only put on immortality as mortality disappears – they do not add immortal spiritual harmony to human conditions. God does not create, nor does He control material affairs”. So, he says we have to put off the mortal in order that we may behold the harmony of the spiritual realm. Now, what does that mean? What does that mean – we have to have great sacrifice and great effort? It means we have to give up and surrender a material sense of ourselves. And maybe that is all I have ever had. Maybe that’s scary. I don’t want to be the hole in the donut. I don’t want to be a nothingness. What about this material sense of universe? Wait how do I give this up? That’s all I ever see. Fortunately, it does not have to happen in one cataclysmic event. It can happen as we’re doing it – one piece, one brick at a time.

We’re not promised anything in the Infinite Way except if we persist, we will have an inner experience that reveals our true Self and the true Kingdom in which we are standing. And once that has happened, it will happen again. It may take eight months between the experiences as it did for Joel. It may happen sooner than that – next week or next month. Maybe longer, maybe next year. But if we persist, we will be living in that Kingdom part of the time and in this world part of the time. And we will go back and forth, and back and forth, until the day comes – and it is the promise of the Infinite Way – that Christhood becomes our identity and the words, “I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life” become a reality. And the finished Kingdom becomes our permanent dwelling place. Now it’s our permanent dwelling place now. And that is our real Self now – the Christ. But we are not living in it. We are living in a temporary material concept of self and many material concepts of universe. We’ve got to come out of that and that’s not an experience out here. Ok? That’s an experience in here, in your inner being, in your inner consciousness. The concepts fall away. The veils fall away, and you see. And sometimes it’s startling, oh my God, could it be? Am I really infinite? Yes, you are. I can’t tell this to anybody, they’d never believe. You are right – silence, secret.

And so, the principles of the Infinite Way change us within. What about these good things? What about health and harmony and companionship and substance, wealth, aren’t I supposed to have these things? I don’t know. These are all the added things. As you seek within, for this inner change and drop all of that out there, the Christ Itself will appear as whatever your need is, fulfilled. So, your business is not out there, not even looking to change out there. Your business is this inner change. And here is how he says it. Now we’re just at the first part of this chapter, where Joel says its bitter in the belly and demands sacrifice and great effort.

Let’s look at The New Horizon. When he says must, I think you can pretty much count on the fact that this an internal principle, you must practice. “It must be understood that there is no more reality to harmonious human existence than to discordant world conditions.” You see, there is no more reality to ill health than there is to health, a material sense of health. When you feel bad, you have a cough in the back of your throat and the sniffles, maybe you have allergies. That’s not reality and you are willing to say that, aren’t you? But what about when you feel perfectly fine, and you’re out riding your bicycle a mile or two, and you come home. Or you go out jogging for awhile and you come home, and you lift some weights or do some sit-ups and do some stretching exercises and you feel pretty good. Well, what does he say about that? You must understand there is no reality to that. Not the good or the bad material sense of self. Oh my God, I can’t, how do I… You see, it sets up a battle doesn’t it? A battle between the Spirit and the flesh. It’s bitter in the belly.

Here it is again, “It must be realized that the entire human scene is mesmeric suggestion.” The entire human scene is hypnotism. If you are seeing a material universe, you are hypnotized. If you are seeing a material self, you are hypnotized. If that is all you see. Now, it is possible, as has happened to myself, that you see a material sense of self, but also you’re feeling the infinite substance, the infinite Presence behind those pictures. So, it’s easy then when you feel that eternal substance to say, oh those are just pictures. “We must rise above the desire for even good human conditions.” Do you get that? Do you get that? Yes, great sacrifice. I’ve wanted that for, I’ve been working for that for..its not saying you have to leave your job, or leave your family, or stop loving your family. Because again, this is not something you do out there. Its within, its in here, within, that you say to yourself, oh I’ve got to make this change. I’ve got to set aside these material concepts, even the good ones that I like. I’ve got to find a way to become consciously aware of the essence of life, of the Word made invisible flesh.

So, he says, you should “understand fully that suggestion, belief, or hypnotism is the substance, or fabric, of the whole mortal universe and all human conditions of both good and evil are dreams having no reality or permanence. Be willing for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear.” Are you willing to let go of the good as well as the bad? You can’t come into the conscious awareness of Christ unless you are. “Be willing for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear from your experience in order that reality may be known and enjoyed and lived.”

Now, that’s pretty big. Don’t you think? That means all of a material sense of universe must go. Well how do you do that? That’s what is called living these principles. That’s what he is talking about in this chapter ‘The New Dimension’.

Now, “Do you not know,” he says, “that as a human being you cannot help resenting injuries and that you cannot hold these human emotions of envy, jealousy, and malice in check? Each person is touched by some hurt: resentment, pique, anger, or frustration. You cannot help that in your humanhood, but the Christhood of your being can accept and dissolve it, if only you omit the word ‘I’. Omit the word ‘I’: ‘I cannot be hurt. That was not aimed at me; that is no part of my being, so let the Christhood of me absorb it.’” Now, he is not saying: But we know don’t we, sometimes we enjoy these resentments, sometimes we enjoy a little gossip, a little character assassination with other people. We get something out of it, nothing real, just a little enjoyment for the material sense of self that thinks it’s a little better than another material sense of self. How ridiculous that is, one illusion saying I am better than that illusion. Oh God, it’s amazing.

So, even in our enjoyment of that perverse kind of gratitude, even there we must be willing to let it go. We have to, well, it demands sacrifice and great effort. All of that little me has to go. And all of the little mes out there have to go. I have to get out of those concepts in order to have a conscious awareness of the divine creation in which I am really living. “All of the human wisdom you can gain will not heal anyone or feed anyone, nor will it give you the priceless hidden manna to give out to the world. But through your recognition of your sonship, you can say, ‘Ask me for water, and I will give you water, the water of everlasting life. Come to me with your burdens, and I will give you rest. I will give you peace. I will give you comfort.’ Comfort out of what? [Out of] what you have learned out of a book? No! No! No! Out of your divinity, out of your Christhood, out of the hidden manna that is given to you as a child of God, out of the meat that the world knows not of, that meat that you carry around within you.”

Now, “This is so easy to put into words, but it is not easy to put into practice.” He says. “It is not easy to acknowledge, every moment of every day, your divine sonship, the new dimension, so that when called upon, you do not respond with ‘I haven’t any money to give you, ‘ but rather with ‘Yes, I have hidden manna to share with you. I have meat that the world knows not of. I have living waters to give you.’” Alright, down here he says don’t ever give anyone any advice. No, they don’t want advice from a material sense of self. No, he says, when someone asks you for help, you say, let us meditate, let us bring the Christ to bear on any and every situation.

Alright, so how do we put of mortality and put on immortality? Do you know? We’ve been talking about it for weeks. To step out of a material sense of self and a material sense of universe, it is necessary to shut off the senses, to what they are reporting. So, you close your eyes, and you, if needed, remember a scripture that reminds you of the Truth. You are not yet experiencing the Truth. No, you are just rehearsing statements about the truth within. And so, you might take, first I find my peace, and then I receive Him. “My Peace I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid, I am here. Be not afraid, it is I.” And so you find your inner rest, your inner peace. You’re not striving, you’re not struggling. I am still, I am letting go of a material sense of self, I don’t know what I really am. I am letting go of a material sense of universe. I don’t know what the kingdom is like. I have one thing now to do. That is to make the effort to turn within that I might have a conscious awareness of the living Christ. And so, I sit still. I breathe deep. Father reveal the Christ, reveal the I, at the center of my being, reveal the Word as the invisible flesh, as the Christ, as the I.

Sometimes I hear a voice that says, “I am with you.” And I know I have heard the voice of Christ. Sometimes I catch a vision of an infinite invisible spiritual substance that permeates everything, all that is, and I know it is the Christ Self. Sometimes I feel that inner movement which is expressed as the movement of the Spirit over the face of the deep. Which to me is the Christ moving through my consciousness. Sometimes I feel an actual Presence touches me on the arm or the leg or both at once, I feel that inner tingling, I know it is I, the Christ. And I remember “I have come that they might have life and life more abundantly.” Yes, that’s what I am here for, that’s the work of the Son of God. I am here to pour forth out of this Christ, out of this hidden manna. Oh, thank you God, thank you. Your work for me is to be the Son to be the Christ. Christmas, yes that is what I just had in the manger of my withinness. A visit of the Christ, the real Christ, the living Christ. It moved in and through me, and now, now I am prepared. Now I can give, I can feed, I can heal, I can bless. “Miracles will happen through the Christ of your being, but only trouble will come through giving human advice. Never, never give advice! Remember you have a new dimension, it’s not a mental dimension, its not a material sense of self dimension, its not a material sense of universe dimension. Its an inner Christ dimension. “Remember, your dimension now is the Christ; your dimension is a ‘stone…cut out of the mountain without hands.” Yes, and that stone is what you just felt within yourself as you took your hands off. You had hands off, no material self, no material universe, no material desires, no material bad, but no material good. Hands off, what is the universe of your making? Show me, show me, open my eyes and you see, as you stand a little to one side, a stone cut out of the mountain without hands, “the white stone whose name is Christ, the invisible. As you turn to it, you have no tangible evidence of the help at hand, but you have an inner assurance and realization of a presence that goes before you.” You have an inner conscious awareness of the hidden manna, even though you cannot see it today; you are still living by this inner invisible Christ. You see that? That’s the sacrifice. You sacrifice using your hands. You sacrifice the universe built by hands. The great effort is to be effortless, to stop seeking, searching.

Your good is yours as a gift of God. Accept it as that. But while you are in the Spirit, you are free – silently of course – to invite the whole world in to sup with you: ‘Come, come, all ye that labor and are heavy laden. Come to this spiritual feast.” Yes, Merry Christmas! “Let me share with you this divine grace that has come to me as a gift of God. Let me give you of the waters of life from the hidden spring. Let me give you of this hidden manna, this spiritual food and rest. Let me share with you this inner meat, and let me give you what measure of My peace I have found: My gentle, gentle peace, the peace that passes all understanding, the peace that goes before you to ‘make the crooked places straight’.”

“’Let the reign of God be with you, for his kingdom endureth forever. Withdraw your gaze from the outer realm, and in the silence of your being, realize that you are home in God, no more do you look outside into the prodigal experience for your good.’”

Do the work the Father gives you to do every moment, whatever its name or nature, knowing that as you do it to the utmost of your present ability, it fits you for more, and always higher, work in his service. You are no longer ‘man, whose breath is in his nostrils.’ You have no needs; you have no desires: now you have the realization of fulfillment, since now you know and have discovered I” within your being.

Do you see that? This is the Christmas experience. All that I have is thine. Merry Christmas my child, come within, come within to this deep well of contentment, Joel says, and rest here beside the well of your consciousness until you feel the waters move without hands. He says, “If you can accept your true identity and live in that awareness, you can welcome the whole world to come to you for comfort, substance, supply, guidance, healing, reformation, Christhood – welcome the entire world, without limitation, knowing that even though you of yourself can do nothing, because of your Christhood, all the gifts of the Father are yours to [pour out], bestow, without judgment, without price.”

Show forth by your demonstration that you have received a new name, Divine Son, joint-heir with Christ in God; no longer ‘man, whose breath is in his nostrils,’ no longer ‘worm of the dust’ no longer a beggar seeking health and wealth.”

Always listen for the voice that is within you, and you will hear it say, ‘Son … all that I have is thine. … Fear not: for I am with thee.’”

“’The kingdom of God is within you.’ But do not go around mouthing these words. How many times,” says Joel, “have I told you in the writings that God cannot be known, that God must be experienced?” You see that, in this inner experience that we just shared is the Christ experience, is the real Christmas. Then, then you have gifts to pour out.

Go within. There is a presence in you; there is a spirit in you. Learn to abide in it: ‘Acquaint now thyself with him and be at peace.’ I will give you rest, and peace and strength. But where will you meet Me? Within your own being! And how will you become acquainted with Me? Commune within yourself. You must make for yourself minutes and hours of time for communion. You must have union; you must have realization.”

Now he just slipped that one by, so let’s look at it. “You must have union; you must have realization.” Up until now perhaps you may have thought realization of oneness was thinking these scriptures, mulling over these scriptures, contemplating these scriptures. No. There is another step my dear friend and that is the step of union. “You must have union. There is a must there again. When you experience union with that inner Christ, with that inner movement with the Father, with the invisible flesh of the Son of God. When you experience union with that, then you have had a realization of oneness, and not before.

Withdraw from the outer world. You do not have to let your wisdom be known until you have proved it to the fullest, so do not be in a hurry to tell this to anyone. Be quiet! Be quiet! No one is asking you to advertise it. Make it your own; make it your own!”

Live as though you really were the son of God, which you really are. Refute all appearances to the contrary; stand fast in the faith that you have gained. Stand fast in the assurance you have received within your own being that divine sonship is the truth of your identity. Rest from the mental and physical struggle,” yea, rest from your hands, “and let the kingdom of God flow froth from you.” Let the stone be cut out of the mountain without hands.

“’I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. … Whither thou goest, I will go.’ … ‘In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.’ No longer rest in your material sense of health or in your material sense of wealth, but rest in the assurance of your divine presence and of your sonship.

So now,” Joel says, “I say to you: You have assumed your new identity, your new-old identity; you have accepted your relationship now as the son of God, and you are acknowledging this identity. At least once each day – if possible, more often – remember to retire into your inner being for the touch of the Christ, for the realization of the presence.” You see, the realization is union with Christ or feeling the touch of the Christ. “Whether you achieve it at first is not important: the important thing is that you continue in the effort of retiring into your inner being and there making contact with this inner Self, this hidden manna, until you do feel the impulse. Then you will know that whatever the circumstances of your human experience – whether of business, home, health, or wealth – a change will take place, and a change for the better.” But you are not looking for that change, you are looking for the touch of the Christ – that’s your work.

Finally, he says, “The Christ is a living presence or power, the greatest power ever known or realized. The Christ in all times, and for all those who have achieved it, has overcome the world, not for the world, but for you and for me who have discovered and felt it. Everyone who has ever achieved Christ has been set free from the trials and tribulations and strife of the world.”

Alright, so that is the chapter, ‘The New Dimension’, and what is the new dimension? We know now it’s really the new Self, it’s really the new awareness, it’s really the new universe. And that is perhaps what we will talk about next week as we approach the new year. Knowing now what we know of the Christ within and how it flows through and how it comes to you. I wish for all of you within hearing distance of my voice a very truly Merry Christmas!