Dear Friends,

Spiritual Healing is a difficult thing to achieve. Yes it is a difficult subject to grasp, and to come into a realization of. That is why Joel repeatedly said that the students did not want to study this, they preferred to hear about the beauties of God, Oneness and I-Amness and all of that. However, he also stated that without an intense study of error, there will be no healings and perhaps that is why we see so few good Infinite Way practitioners almost 67 years after the printing of The Infinite Way book. It was for this reason that Joel suggested, any serious student should make this study a top priority.

To me, the more simple I can keep it, the better. When I am faced with a problem, mine or someone else’s I do not want a lot of convoluted ideas that I have to wrestle with, I want it short and sweet and simple. However, I only achieved that through the years of wrestling with this topic of error. I had more difficulty than perhaps others because I did not come up through any metaphysical movement, and words like, “mortal mind,” “carnal mind,” and “world thought,” meant nothing to me; I just could not get a feel for them at all.

But I persisted in my study, reading everything I could on the Nature of Error according to the Infinite Way principles, and eventually, I sent to Arizona for all the tapes on The Nature of Error that I could find,, dozens and dozens of them. In short, I made it an intense study for several years.

From there, I discovered (after hearing it over and over again on the tapes), that study was not enough. The only way I could come to realization, was to take a few more years and practice and practice and practice on the many appearances that were brought to my doorstep, mine as well as others. I discovered that it is only in the understanding of the Healing Principles and then in the consistent applying of them to different problems, that the Healing Consciousness is developed. There just is no other way. But I had to know how it works, I just had to, it would not leave me alone.

Now, with all of that as a background, I will tell you how simple the principles are, but one will never know this just by reading them, or thinking about them.

Joel stated that we could take any term we liked, any term, so long as it meant “nothingness,” such as, hypnotism, mesmerism, mental image, appearance, world thought, universal belief, and so on, and that freed me to find terms which would work for me, terms which I could feel a sense of rightness about. And I finally settled on a “mental image” in thought.

Here are the steps I take in meditation:

First, when I am presented with a problem, a disturbance, whether mine, or someone else’s, I recognize it as a mental image. It is a mental image, a picture appearing to the human mind, it is not my mental image, it is just “a” mental image appearing in the human mind. That’s the way for me, it is Impersonalized. That is something I can feel, a mental image coming to the mind.

Second, this mental image has no God Substance, God, that which I feel within my Consciousness in my meditations as a Presence, God is not “in” this mental image. There is no God in it. Therefore it is without God Life, God Substance, God Presence, God Power. It must be only a wispy, mental image, with nothing behind it, nothing in it. In short it is a Nothingness. Therefore, there is no answer to it and I must turn away from it, right now.

Finally, I close the eyes and turn my attention to God. God is Omnipresence. I know this, because of my years of experiencing It over and over again. God is Omnipresence. God is the Invisible Life, Substance of the universe, yes, this is a Spiritual Universe, and God is it. So what am I doing here in meditation then? I am getting quiet so that I may “feel” God. I am resting back in the inner knowing that God’s Grace is my sufficiency in all things. I am relaxing, so that I might “feel” the movement of that Spirit through my Consciousness. A deep breath comes to me and I relax even more so and rest back and wait upon that Spirit of God. I simply am still and I wait.

Suddenly, there is an inner movement, “I feel the descent of the Spirit,” I feel the actual Presence of God move in and through my being. There is an inner release. I can “feel” it each time it happens. And I know, I just know, that God is.

It is not a belief, it is not even a thought, it is an actual awareness of Spirit, of Omnipresence, that sets me free from the fear of a mental image. And I feel the release from any mental image and I feel the Grace descend. It is a real experience.

Then I know, Bill didn’t know any truth with his mind, Bill was absent and God was present. It was Grace that set me free. When that Presence comes into my awareness, the mental image dissolves. He uttered his voice the earth melted.

I do not know how the Spirit melts the mental image, but I don’t have to. I just know that when the Light shines the darkness disappears, over and over again. Awareness trumps mental image. Awareness melts thought! Say it anyway you like, I know it works!

And so, I open my eyes, and in some way that seems natural, the problem disappears.
In the minutes, hours, or days that follow, the problem will fade away completely. I don’t do it, I don’t make anything happen, I just watch, wait, remain a witness as the problem disappears.

So that’s as simple as I can make it.

However, that simplicity has taken years to arrive at, because I had to find the words that felt right for me, the terms. I had to try and practice with the problems in my life. I had to experience, failures and successes. I had to put in the weeks, and months and years of practice. And no one in heaven or on earth would do that for me.

Now, the day is coming, because it is just beginning for me, that sometimes, when a problem is presented, there is an instantaneous feeling of the Spirit, the Presence at the same instant, and I know that Joel is right when he said, “through practice,” we will someday be able to meet problems with just a smile. It is true. And although that has only just started, and still most of the time requires effort on my part, this effort is the way to someday come to absolute effortlessness in spiritual healing.

But you can see, the amount of work this involves and as Joel said, we don’t want to do it, we want to look at picture magazines rather than put forth the effort.

Well there you have it, over 40 years experience in a few paragraphs.

Love to you,


Good evening.

I’m making this talk a little bit early this week because I have four days free with my wife and I plan on taking them. Yet, I still feel an obligation to pour something out. Why is that do you suppose? It is because I have discovered the secret that supply is not something that comes to me; supply is something that flows through me and that should really be one of our major principles.

I have had some requests this week for some help with supply and I believe in the old adage that if you give a person a fish, you feed him for the day and if you teach them how to fish, you feed them for their lives.

So in addition to work, of becoming still, and giving a treatment to myself until I feel there is no lack anywhere, it feels appropriate to give a talk on the principles of supply. One of the—if not the—biggest errors that we find when we are trying to demonstrate supply, when we’re trying to understand and practice the spiritual principles of supply is this belief that there is anything like a personal supply, my supply.

Again, we come back to the whole universe of error, the universal error that can be summed up as a sense of separation, God and me and God has supply somewhere, probably stored up in the kingdom of heaven, and I need to find a way to trick God into bringing it to me or apply some principles that will make it appear out here. I need three hundred dollars for my rent sometime this week because I’m a little short. I need an automobile because the one I am driving is falling apart. I need some clothes; I’m wearing second hand clothes already. I need some money so I can go to the doctor. I need a job. I’m not asking for a hand out, mind you. I’m asking for a hand up, I need some employment, some work to do so that I can be a contributing member of society and I can earn a paycheck. I’m not asking for charity, I want to earn my money.

You see all of those statements pertain to whom? Whom? Who do those statements pertain to? They have to do with a personal sense of self, with a me; my supply, my employment, my paycheck, my rent, my house payment, my car, my health.

If you would gain supply, eternal supply, infinite supply, there is no way to gain it and retain at the same time, a personal sense of self. You are going to have to die in order to awaken. You cannot add God and spiritual principles to this individual personal me. And that is perhaps where we’re missing the boat. So then what are we supposed to do? What are the spiritual principles of supply?

The human mind usually has everything backwards. The human mind tells us, really from a very early age – and we are taught this same thing in school and the life around us – that we have to go out here and get supply. We’re taught it is honorable. That is why we hold our head up and throw our shoulders back and feel such pride when we say, “I’m not asking for charity, I am going to earn my money.” And yet, the funny thing is that there is no such thing as my money. We’re going to have to die to a material sense of life, to a personal sense of life, and to a personal sense of supply, even a personal sense of money.

So we are going to have to die to all of that in order to awaken to God’s supply, God’s sense of supply, spiritual supply. What is spiritual supply? Is it more dollars than I had last year? Have I demonstrated spiritual supply when I have twice the income than I had last year? Is that a demonstration of spiritual supply? No, not necessarily. That’s an increase in income. That is not spiritual supply. What about if I have a brand new house? Have I demonstrated spiritual supply? Not necessarily. I have simply moved into a new house. You cannot find spiritual supply in a material world and that is a difficult concept to grasp; a difficult principle to see.

Spiritual supply is invisible. I know I have said this before and I think maybe I wasn’t able to get it across. Let me try again. Spiritual supply is invisible. You will never see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it. Why? Because if you can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it or smell it, it is a false sense of the universe; a false sense of self and a false sense of supply.

Now don’t get me wrong. All of you that are listening to this, I love you because I know who you are. However, I need to get this principle across to you so that you can take it and go with it. If I am able to do that, then I’ve given you much more than simply sentimental feelings. So, I am not trying to chastise anyone. I am simply saying listen up now because here is the principle of spiritual supply.

Spiritual supply is not something that you see or smell or taste or touch or hear. Spiritual supply is invisible. “Well now, that doesn’t help me much does it? Because I’m not living in the invisible; not yet. I am still here in this visible world that I see, hear, taste, touch and smell. So how is invisible supply going to help me?”

Well, you are going to have to die to that me that needs supply in order to awaken to a spiritual sense of supply that is infinite; that is a cruise of oil that never runs dry; a loaf and a fish that never runs out, always with twelve baskets full left over.

Now, how do you do that? Well, the beginning is to really know, within yourself, that the error is looking for a personal supply. You see, I have no personal supply. This person sitting here, in this chair, has no supply and I never will. We have been told, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” That seems to put our attention out here. What I like better is, infinite invisible spiritual supply belongs to God—all of it.

So if there is a me here and I am going to God and I’m trying to get Him to release some of His supply, it’s never going to work. The reason is that God is not holding on to any supply. It is not stored up anywhere. There is something called invisible spiritual substance and that is the only way I know to explain it. It is an invisible spiritual substance and that substance is flowing, has been flowing since before the world was formed and will always flow, even unto the end of the world. But I have not been aware of it. I have not had the conscious awareness of that invisible spiritual substance. No, I have been out here searching under this rock and looking behind that bush and pounding the bricks and picking up newspapers and trying to develop this and that; searching everywhere for something called material supply; my supply, my money. I have to die to all that. I have to take a brand spanking new approach. I have to go within my temple. I have to die to the material sense of supply and somehow come into the conscious awareness of an invisible spiritual substance that is flowing eternally.

When I have the conscious awareness of this invisible spiritual substance flowing, I must step aside, step out of the way and allow It to flow. Oh, we’ve all heard we must open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape. But as long as it just remains a beautiful saying, it’s not going to work for us individually. No, we’re going to have to come into the actual conscious feel of this invisible spiritual substance and then open out a way, consciously, for it to flow.

This invisible spiritual substance, when it flows through, when there is no blockage anymore, appears as fulfillment. But it is not my supply, it is God’s infinite supply appearing, which I get to enjoy; God’s infinite supply flowing. Now it is always flowing. It’s not flowing for me, it is not that I’m going to find the right words and suddenly God is going to say, “That’s it my son. I will now flow for you.” Oh, no, no, no. That is religious stuff.

It is. God is. God is. God is. But that does me no good until I die to this material sense of self and material sense of supply and say, “Okay. I’ve had it with that. Now let me listen to this principle and see if I can find a way to go within my temple and gain the conscious awareness, the conscious feel of something called invisible spiritual substance and then create an opening, stand aside and permit It to flow. Let’s see what that appears as. Let’s see what God’s supply appears as, not mine – God’s.

So, how do we do it? Well, the first thing is to know the truth that we have already stated: There is no personal sense of supply and I am not going to find it out here. I am going to have to go within.

The second thing is to sit down, become quiet. If we feel frantic at the moment because something is due on the first, then we better rehearse some truth that will calm us down, such as:

“Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine. It is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. Before you call I have already answered. Yes. I answered at the foundation of the world.”

Okay, yes, it is already flowing. Now let me be still. As we become calm, a little bit calmer, a little bit quieter, now we can be receptive. The mind is quiet for the time being and I can listen and I can pray.

Father, I have been told that inside, somewhere within my temple, there is Your invisible spiritual substance. Now I am not going to look out there for anything for myself. I am changing all that. I am going to take a new approach to supply. Let me be still. Let me stop telling You what I need. For now, I have been told that invisible spiritual substance knows what I need. So let me be still here, let me be quiet and receptive. Father, let Your invisible spiritual substance flow through. I will be still. I am not asking for any thing. I am asking only for the conscious awareness of You, Your invisible spiritual substance flowing, forming itself. Let me rest back until I feel the movement of this spiritual substance. Speak. Utter Your Word for Your Word is that spiritual substance that becomes flesh and dwells among us and it is Your spiritual substance.

Yes, it is I. Be not afraid. You never were meant to supply yourself. I, within you, am your supply. Be still and know that I am spiritual substance. I am right here; infinite, abundant; eternally flowing.

Well Father, You flow through. Flow out and encircle the globe to anyone, anywhere, reaching out. Let them touch Your spiritual substance, that Christ Consciousness flowing. I ask for nothing, only to be a beholder to feel Your Presence, the Presence of Your spiritual substance within, flowing.

And wait here until you feel a release. You will feel a weight fall off your shoulders. You will feel a quickening or a movement. Sometimes it is only a split second; sometimes it lingers. You will feel the Presence of this invisible spiritual substance.

This invisible spiritual substance is consciousness. It is infinite God Consciousness. And in this surrender of a material sense, and in this opening of awareness to consciousness, it flows; it just flows. It is always flowing. Now you have become consciously aware of it flowing. To who and where and how you do not know. You only know you have felt It.

This It, this I, this invisible spiritual substance has come that you, and that they, may have life and life more abundantly.

So, you do this until you have the actual feel of it. Then you open your eyes, and act on it. If you have a few cents, a few dollars that you can give away, give them away. But give them, not looking for a return; give them out of gratitude. What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful to or what are you grateful to? Did you hear a really good sermon in church this week? If you have one, put it in the basket and if possible, anonymously. Do you feel really moved to help out a particular charity? Pour out. But realize you are not giving your last few dollars. You are giving God’s supply. I have come that they might have life and life more abundantly.

You are leaving a material sense of supply behind, and the material sense of self behind. You are now acting as that invisible spiritual substance in concrete form, pouring out from the center of your being. So give it away, recognizing this is that invisible spiritual substance flowing out.

If you don’t have dollars right now to give away, give your prayers away. Spend some time doing some work, some spiritual work, within your temple for someone, without telling them about it. This can be your neighbor, a family member, someone on the Yahoo Group List that has asked for help, someone across the ocean or around the world. Set aside a time every day in which, not a person, but the invisible spiritual substance of you takes form as prayer or inner work pouring out to others. Do it consciously, knowing it is not a person doing it. It’s the invisible spiritual substance taking form.

You are not doing any of this for any kind of a return. We are not bargaining with God. This is not, “I’ll do this and you give me ten baskets multiplied.” That is all a personal sense of religion, we have to let that go, too. No. We are proving the principle that there is no personal supply, that supply does not come to you ever at any time. The only supply there is, is this invisible spiritual substance which must flow through you and pour out through you. That is the only supply that is. There is no other and that belongs to God. But now you are permitting It to use you, to flow through you. You are permitting this imprisoned splendor to escape at last.

If you do not feel qualified to do inner work or prayer work and you have no dollars, then you can give of your time, you can give of your effort to do something for someone without a price tag, asking nothing, absolutely nothing, in return. And if possible, it may not be possible, but if possible, do it without getting found out. Do it anonymously if you can. You can’t always.

Sometimes there is an elderly lady down the street that needs something moved and you can’t really do that anonymously. She would probably be scared to death if you were sneaking around there at night. That you will have to do not so anonymously. However, recognize that it is the invisible spiritual substance, the supply of God pouring through you, moving your arms and legs, forming Itself as you, pouring out as this supply, to help this person, these people. It is not a personal thing you are doing. It is that you had a meditation in which you felt this invisible spiritual substance and now it is acting through you.

When you had this meditation, there is one thing I want to bring up here, when you have had this meditation, that invisible spiritual substance and you have felt It, It will form Itself in opportunities to be of service. You won’t have to go hunting around. The very fact that you have invited It to flow, It will provide an opportunity and form Itself as that flow, through you.

In one way or another, you must practice these two parts to spiritual supply. One, go into your meditation, not once, but many times a day for the soul purpose of feeling, having the conscious awareness, of this invisible spiritual substance, this Spirit. Two, creating an opening, inviting that Presence, that spiritual substance to pour out, to whomsoever it will. Three, (there is really three parts) in one way or another, let that spiritual substance use you and pour out a blessing, whether prayerfully or physically or monetarily; in one way or another let It form Itself through you as a blessing. This is the only supply there is anywhere.

If you live this, you will discover that infinite invisible spiritual substance pouring through you, has come that they might have life and life more abundantly. And in the pouring out, it will return unto you, heaped up, pressed down and running over from all over the universe, from people you have not even met. Very strange things, very wonderful opportunities will start happening. But it is you, you, that sets this in motion by deciding, “I’m done with a personal sense of supply. I’ve tried it my way. Now let me see what God’s way is. What is the Infinite Way? What is it like if I practice a spiritual sense of supply?”

You will discover that that which has poured out through you, which is not you, it is this invisible spiritual substance, comes back out of the universe multiplied end over end over end. Opportunities will come to you that you never planned; could never have thought of if you had all day to think of one. You will find yourself at the right place at the right time. You will find gifts coming to you from out of the universe, from everywhere around the globe. Sometimes things, sometimes money, sometimes blessings, sometimes love; tangible, touchable.

But you won’t be fooled anymore because you will know, “Aha! Now I understand how this works. This is not my supply coming to me from someone. This is that invisible spiritual substance that I opened the door and allowed to flow through and now It has taken form and It is infinite, coming to me from every direction.” But really, if you must know, it is simply that your conscious awareness of infinite spiritual substance, in your consciousness and flowing through you, is now appearing as infinite form, the infinite substance is taking infinite form. The Word is becoming flesh and dwelling among us and it is beautiful indeed.

Do you see this? This is the whole secret of supply. Go over your life, if you are having a difficulty in this area, go over your life and see if maybe you haven’t been practicing a personal sense of supply. My money and I only have so many dollars and when they are gone, they are gone and I need to go get that and I need to have this. See if you haven’t yet died to a personal sense of supply and haven’t yet awakened to an invisible impersonal spiritual supply that is pouring forth forever.

I hope this clarifies these principles. But even an understanding of these principles will not change whatever difficulty you are in. I read something today, someone sent me—and I hesitate to mention names—but someone named Sharon sent me a beautiful transcript of some of Joel’s talks.

I read something in there today that just stopped me in my tracks. When we make the transition of dying daily and are reborn of the Spirit, and that is what we are talking about here. We’re dying now, all of us are dying to a material, personal sense of supply and being reborn of the Spirit; the Spirit’s sense of supply, which is infinite invisible spiritual substance ever flowing.

When we make the transition of dying daily and are reborn of the Spirit, it is only because we commit suicide, as it were. We definitely, by a specific act of consciousness, destroy our humanhood and its good and evil, in order to exchange it for our Christhood which knows neither good nor evil but only a continuous and divine state of being, harmonious being, spiritual being.

All I am asking you to do this weekend and from now on, is I want you to commit suicide. That is, I want you to die daily to a material sense of supply or a material sense of self.

This is the one that stopped me in my tracks:

It is for this reason that practitioners can be of help to us in overcoming our discords and inharmonies, but they can never be a permanent help.

You see, ‘unless I go away, the Comforter cannot come unto you.’ Unless you die, you are not going to get it. You are going to be waiting for a practitioner to do it for you. And maybe that is why you haven’t received your particular help, because you are waiting for a practitioner to do it for you. A practitioner can do it once or twice or three times, but unless you die, they are not going to be able to help you; the help will stop working.

So, he says:

Practitioners can be of help to us in overcoming our discords and inharmonies but they can never be a permanent help. Sooner or later you must go and do likewise. That is, practitioners can never take us into the kingdom of God since that has to be done by a specific act of truth within our consciousness and no teacher can die for you.

When I read that, “What? Did I just hear that?” No teacher can die for you. God, that is lovely. Yes, yes. We can talk about these principles for twenty or thirty years but you must die daily and commit suicide to a personal sense of supply and a personal sense of self. You must go within and by a specific act of your consciousness, which we described in this meditation today, you must gain the conscious awareness of an invisible impersonal infinite spiritual substance, a spiritual sense of supply. And then you must go further and open out a way for that to flow and then you must go further and allow it to form Itself as and through you, pouring out a blessing to this universe. Then you will have demonstrated a spiritual sense of supply and it will pour back to you in ways you know not of, that you cannot even imagine. If you don’t go back to a personal sense of supply, if you stay with this practice at least some time every day, it will never end. This is the cruise of oil that never ends. This is the loaves and fishes that multiply forever, really.

So, it is very strange, isn’t it? But I love it. I just love it. Yes, we have to commit suicide; we have to destroy our own human sense of supply and we have to do it consciously in order to awaken to a spiritual sense of infinite supply, in order to get the conscious feel of this invisible spiritual substance and to be still enough, to rest back enough to allow It to flow, then to open our eyes and allow It to use us to pour out a blessing.

There you have it; the complete absolute principles of spiritual supply. So if you will take them and live them, you will never be without again. Now that doesn’t mean you will start this tonight and tomorrow morning Ed McMann will show up at your door with ten million dollars. It could, stranger things have happened, but probably not. Probably, as you begin to practice this, it will start out as a little snowball rolling down a hill and gather strength and get larger and larger and larger until someday you can’t imagine how you ever tried to live on a personal sense of supply, when all the time the entire spiritual kingdom was stored up within you, only waiting to flow out.

But it will happen if you live it. If you begin to die to this false sense of the universe, you really will awaken to a spiritual sense of the universe. You see, you have never been at the mercy of anything out here. You have always had within you, this invisible spiritual substance knocking at the door of your consciousness waiting to pour out infinite blessings that they might find this abundant life, and in them finding it, you come to see that you had it all the time.

God Bless. This is beautiful; this is wonderful and do this! Do it! Thank you so much for bringing this through.

With Love,