Mystical Principles


Good afternoon! I’d like to call your attention to a passage in Genesis, the 3rd chapter, 16th verse: “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.” Now you know that’s been accepted by the churches, and been taught to all of the peoples of the… Read More

If the Silence is difficult for any individual, we beg their indulgence, but the nature of this class is the other side of Silence, and we ask you to lay aside your human fears and doubts and concerns and explore with us, because we are moving now into an area of Silence that may be called the New Within. Not the Silence of a meditator, not someone sitting in a chair, or… Read More

Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, greetings from your innermost Self.    Let us be still now as we let the Spirit come forth and reveal itself within us.  Many of us feel that we need to have a deep understanding of truth.  We feel that we need to have much knowledge but this is not the truth.  Because God does not need your knowledge or your understanding in order to function.  In… Read More

Last night I had every intention of continuing on with our book study and as I read a little bit from the next chapter, I got quiet, I became still inside. And today’s message came flooding into and through consciousness. So by midnight I had made a few notes and looked up a few things and because I was tired, I went to bed and fell asleep. But at 4:00 a.m. this… Read More

When we come into the bible, let alone the book of Revelation, we are being subjected to a new kind of language. It is a completely different language then anything we use in our daily conversation with people. And one of the problems is that the words are the same words. You can say fish and the man will give you a pound or two of whatever you are buying, but when… Read More

Herb: In Maui there’s big statues of the Buddha, the Karmapa once visited there, took my bedroom away but it was… (laughs) He came with fifty people and I was in his bedroom and the person I was with kept sending me notes everyday, “You’ve got to get out to Karmapa, he’s the second command in Tibet.” and “I’m going to get out”, I said, “Any day now.”And finally on the day… Read More

Herb: From soul to soul, spirit to spirit greetings of the heart in oneness from the island of Kauai. It is such a wonderful feeling to be with you again to share the words of the Father. You may remember that before the crucifixion of Jesus, Pilate offered the angry multitudes a choice. Among the prisoners was a murderer named Barabas. According to tradition, Pilate could release one prisoner and only one… Read More

Soul to soul, spirit to spirit. Greetings from the island of Kauai. A problem that you may have felt is that Christ teaches; “take no thought for your life.” Again you find in the teaching another statement. At the same time you are asked to take no thought, you are told, I am, the Father and you are one. I and you, I the Father and you the Son are one. “I… Read More

We have a very wonderful subject today provided by Joel, “Ye are the Light.” The light means many things to many people, depending on many factors too. I suppose that at one time we all thought that the light was some form of higher inspiration. To a Physicist the light would be dancing electrons. Always lurking in the corner of the human mind, is an opinion about the light and because it… Read More

We have in scripture a very overlooked form, that comes through the pages like a wreathe; you see it and you don’t, here and there it pops up, very rarely is the name, Melchizedek mentioned. We might have known how important he was if we had noticed that even though he was not a Hebrew priest, the father of the Hebrew religion tithed to Melchizedek. Abraham tithed to Melchizedek and we must… Read More