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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Herb: From the hills of La Jolla, another heartfelt greeting, another opportunity to sit and to share the Light together. This is Christmas Day 1973, a day in which the world around us is celebrating the Nativity of Jesus Christ. A day that reminds you and me, that we who have another understanding of the Virgin Birth, must now stand together as never before, silently with love, so that we may witness… Read More

Herb: We have passed the stages of building our temple. We have come into the Kingdom. And now that we are in it, it’s possibly just something that we have to stay in to feel the presence of whatever the Kingdom connotes. It’s not going to take six days or five days or four days to make the journey from earth to heaven. Maybe we have consolidated quite a bit. It’s going… Read More

To Infinite Way students everywhere, in the States and abroad, from Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, deepest greetings of Love, from the island of Kauai. Once more we meet, once more we share an opportunity to be one with the Father as a group and to learn from the Source, where we shall go, what we shall do, how we shall receive higher levels of our own true Being. First I… Read More

Herb: From Spirit to Spirit, Soul to Soul, Self to Self, greetings of love from the island of Maui. I hope you had a glorious Easter and want to thank you for the many beautiful letters that I have received from you, and some telephone calls, sharing the unfoldments that have occurred within you during the past two months. This has now become a very exciting inner pilgrimage, and the experiences recounted… Read More