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Monthly Archives: May 2020

Good morning. Its nice to commune with you again. Last week we spoke of coming into the conscious realization of your true identity. We spoke of “This is life eternal to know thee the only true God and Christ whom thou has sent” and we discussed and touched on what is life eternal? And it is to be standing in your true Self. Your eternal Self. And so when our good friend… Read More

Good morning. This is Sunday June 9th about 11:48 a.m. And today’s talk is on the principle of immortality revealed. Do you know immortality? Do you know the immortality of God? Do you know your immortality? Do you know that there is a part of you, the greater part which is invisible, immortal, and eternal? Do you know your own immortality? The reason why I ask is because I’ve been looking at… Read More

Good morning. This is Sunday June 2, 2013. In today’s meditation the subject came up and the experience came up: Conscious union with God. There’s even a book out, one of The Infinite Way books, called Conscious Union with God. Do you know what that experience is? Because it’s the whole purpose of all of the thousands of miles, all the lectures and classes and meditations that Joel put forth for you,… Read More

Good afternoon. This is Sunday May 19, 2013. In this morning’s meditation there was one thing that came to me: Thy kingdom come. Just three words, but the more I turned it around and rested and looked, the more I wondered how many people know what that means. Oh, we hear the Lord’s Prayer said all the time; maybe we say it all the time. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done… Read More

Soul to soul, Spirit to spirit. Blessings. Well, good morning everyone. This is Sunday May 12th, Mother’s Day 2013, and this talk today is about living our Christhood. You remember Jesus said, “Who is my mother? Who is my brother? Those that do the will of my Father in heaven.” And so those that do the will of my Father in heaven are Christ, are demonstrating their Christhood. Only Christ can do… Read More

Good afternoon. This is Sunday, May 5th,  2013. Or Cinco de Mayo as it is called where I grew up in Southern California. We have just completed, most of us, perhaps all of us, listening to Herb Fitch’s series of talks from the 1990 Chicago Healing seminar and before that the Preparation talks and before that the talks I made called The Uncomfortable Talks, and this talk today might be another one… Read More