Good morning, everybody.

There are many times, I am quite sure, that within yourself you can feel a presence saying, “Be My son”. It comes unexpectedly. It rings with a soft gentle love. It is never a reproof or a condemnation. It is always a sweet reminder, as if someone had tapped you on the shoulder and said, “Go that way. Be My son.” And this is never spoken to the human self, just as nothing God ever says to us is spoken to the human self. That is probably why the human self rarely relates to much of what God is saying or misinterprets what God is saying. God is speaking to the Son of God. God is speaking to your soul. God is speaking to the you that is the soul, and so you’ll notice in all the classes we have had or ever will have, there is never a word on how to improve our humanity: how to earn more money; how to do human things, because we do not wish to honor the un-reality. And yet you should realize that while our head is in the clouds, our feet are firmly planted on God’s earth. Never think for a moment it is meant for you to walk through this world in a state of poverty or in a state of bad health, or in a state of need.

“Be My son”, perfect as your Father, heir to all the heavenly riches, heir to all that the earth is, for the earth is the Lord’s. But, we’re not talking about black soil or red soil. We’re talking about the spiritual earth, the only earth. Your focus should be today, tomorrow, forever – the eternal experience of your Divine Self.

And that brings you to the immediate need: to accept the Master Plan for your soul: to convert this world into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This world is here as the initiation of your soul. It is now going through its earth initiation. You should be living from the level of the soul which knows, “this is my earth initiation.” It’s not the human, the mortal, the physical trying to make a better life, but rather the soul recognizing the Divine Plan that earth is here as it appears as the challenge, the initiation and it is the function of you, the living soul, to fill the forms on earth with Divine Substance.
That is your purpose.

That is the purpose of this appearance called ‘world’. It is an outline in the mind which the soul fills with Divine Substance, when you’re living from that level and with that intent. It releases you from the need to be pursuing a life of fulfilling the human instincts, the human requirements. They are filled by our Father which knoweth our needs.

Now, we should get into more of an awareness then, that there is something in us that survives every incarnation. The flesh passes, the flesh reappears. This may go back to the cradle of existence as man knows it, before Atlantis, before Lemuria. You may go into the stars and planets that are mysteriously unknown to man. It may go into areas called hypophoria. There are many areas where you already lived as a physical form, but are unaware of it. And this goes back beyond all of them, to before the world was. You should always instantly be able to return to the awareness of the I that you are before the world was – that which survives every incarnation. You should be able to, indeed you must learn to live in that which always survives and not in that which perishes. What survives every incarnation? Your Divine Life – your Divine Spirit – Your Divine Christhood – your Divine Spiritual Body – your Divine Soul. To live outside of these is to live in nothing: to live in mental images that perish, and to place your life in the hands of these mental images is to be decoyed in the nothingness of the world mind.

And so, we’re shaking away from those things that have seemed so vital to us and exchanging them for the truth of our own being which ever was, which survives every incarnation and which is constantly being told by God, “Be My Son.” Be what you are.
Now in past work, we have all come to a place where, or at least some of us have, where we studied our Never-Born Self. It had a function, a purpose, a way of drawing us back from the prodigal mind. Paul was speaking of regeneration by soul-awareness when he said, “Be transformed by the renewing of the mind.” You renew the mind first by the knowledge of truth, but you find that is insufficient, and so you turn your mind over to the soul, and this is the regeneration of the mind by the soul which, being fed by Christ, can now feed the mind.

The Christ-Truth is living experience and in our soul regeneration, we lose the idea of corporeal existence. We begin to experiment with our incorporeal self, which, although we call it a spiritual body, it is formless as we know form. And I would like you to find some way now to move consciously in your formless body, your formless Self, unrestricted, to realize it is omnipresent, so that in the moment you’re in the knowledge of your formless self, you are in Omnipresence. You go beyond these walls. You are incorporeal Being. You are the Son, which lives in its immortal body. Get that feeling of incorporeal, formless life, formless Self. It is what survives every incarnation.

Life spans come and go. New attempts to find your divinity, new attempts to find your permanence, but always, your formless, invisible Self is present, untouched by the passing parade. Feel it. Relax into it With your mind, you could not do it, but in your soul, with no human attachments, relax and abide in that formless self which is forever. Never born, never aging, never dying; completely unfamiliar with germs. Few left form where the world has seen crime, and know that the form that is formless is there, and not the crime. And finally, reach a point of believing it, knowing it. Reach a point of getting behind the veil of the crime, the disease, the lack and the limitation, the emotional disturbance. Get behind it all into the formless Self and rest there. When your peace comes, you’ll know how important it has been, all these centuries, to come to this place of Consciousness. It is one of the secret places of the most High.

Some day, in a great moment of illumination, you’ll realize this formless Self is indestructible, eternal in the heavens. You will even realize that it is the Body of God. You may be shocked that your formless Self and the Body of God are One; and when you realize it, you’ll know you have never been separated from God and never can be. In your ever present formless Self, which was never born and never dies and never ages, you are in that body which is One with the Father; and the deeper your realization of that truth, the more you are in soul-awareness – the more you are released to the activity of the soul and the freedom of living in the creation of God, where there is no material or Karmic law; where you are self-existent, self-fulfilling, where all soul faculties are functioning in perfect synchronization with the eternal plan of Life.

All this, in your Never-Born formless Self of pure Spirit here and now. And only in that Self, do you have the right to call yourself the Son of God.

You have been given many experiences in this permanent Self. You have died many times into the Self of form and returned to it. You have perceived many mansions. Your function now is to abide in the Self. Abide in the Never-Born Self – not in the self that appears to have been born into the world. And from the

Never-Born Self, will flow the love, the joy, the ecstasy, the substance that transforms the visible form for you into the Garden of Eden. But only when you are living in that Never-Born Self, for then, “I come quickly.”

What takes you out of it? The activity of the human mind. You say, “Well, it’s not really the activity of the human mind. I heard a car crash or I felt a pain, or I was reminded that at 3 O’clock I have to be at the dentist’s office.” But, you see, those are activities of the human mind. Everything you do humanly is an activity of the human mind: walking, thinking, feeling, perceiving. These are mental activities. And although it has been very difficult to accept certain truths, from your soul level you can do it.

For instance, the one truth I’m thinking of is this: We once had a marvelous exercise that was very difficult to follow. It went along these lines: ‘Everything you see today is unreal.’ It felt like a back-breaker at first. “Everything you see today is unreal.” Try it from the soul level and see how simple. In fact, it helps you to get to the soul level and stay there. Because then, you can come out from that situation where you’re trying to live in the soul level only with your eyes closed, and you can walk the streets in your soul level. And you can look at those things that the eyes see, but in the upper room of your soul, without taking thought, everything that the physical eye sees today is unreal. But the soul is furnishing the invisible truth of the Never Born Self that is ever present, everywhere invisible to the human perception.

You’re supplying the mysterious lost dimension – the invisible 4-Square universe which is infinite in every direction and every seeming texture – infinite in its Oneness, always behind the visible, non-real images. And when you violate the truth that everything you see today is unreal, by believing in the reality of it, and reacting to the reality of it, without the conscious awareness of your own invisible, Never-Born formless Self everywhere, then you are stepping out of your soul again, not abiding. And that is not the Son of God. The Son of God does not walk in material streets or in a material body, or have material friends.

Think of that. The Son of God has no material friends. The Son of God has one Friend – the Son of God. The Son of God – where forms appear. The Son of God, where Mother appears and Father appears and Son appears and Brother appears and personal Self appears. Only the Son of God walks this earth that is the Lord’s. Be My Son, and this earth that is the Lord’s is thine, for all that I have is the Son’s.

When you find difficulty in performing the exercises, remember you’re trying to perform them with your mind and that’s the problem. Move above the mind, into the soul and the correct spiritual position will automatically take over.

Welcome the opportunity to have to practice against adversity. Because the only way you’re going to overcome it permanently is to turn the problem over to your soul, which knows no problems. And every adversity is forcing you into soul-awareness instead of wasting human hours trying to accomplish what you cannot accomplish. We all spend much time trying to do what we cannot do and what must be done, God has already done. In our soul we know this. In our soul we can resist the temptation to improve the human images. If you have established firmly then, the never-born reality of yourself, your child, your mother, your father and your brother, your government, other governments, other nations – the Never-Born reality of all who will every appear on this earth, whether they be from other dimensions or this dimension; whether they have three heads or only one, whether they come in strange bodies or not. Always the Never-Born Self of you is the only Reality. It is the One Reality. It is the infinite, eternal Son of God, indestructible forever. It is you. This is your home base, your secret place.

And then, let the world throw its brick bats at us. Let it throw all of those things we have considered detrimental to life; all of those things that bear the threat of terminating a life or forcing it into restricted activity. Let us recognize that we have been fooled living outside the Never-Born Self, outside the soul. We have lived in limbo with the passing images, reacting to them, being one of them and then struggling for our existence, for our daily bread, for our security, for our protection, for a little nest somewhere where we can retire from the cruel outside world.

Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Beloved, told us to come forth out of Babylon. Come out of her; and they were speaking of the world belief engendered by the world mind, that we walk in physical form, surrounded by physical objects – some animate, some inanimate; some growing, some not growing, and accepting this world of images as the creation of God.

All of that is there to challenge your soul. And if you fight them with your mind and try to overcome them, they will overcome you. Even when you win, you lose. The winning is the decoy that makes you believe you’re not losing. You cannot win with your mind. You can only become a nothing. You can pretend for so long. Everything you see today will be unreal unless you see it with your soul. It’s hard to swallow. But we don’t have any choice. We must swallow it because by not swallowing it, we will go out and believe in the unreal, and we will be separated from God, separated from Source, separated from soul. We will be a walking mind separated from its own soul, believing in non-existence. If you have not practiced that exercise until you can accept it, you have not caught the meaning of abiding in your soul.

Now you must go a step beyond that because if everything you see with human senses is unreal, then the solution for the improvement of these things you see cannot be only in the senses, because all you can improve is the unreality. There has to come from within you this other dimension of awareness that what you’re trying to improve is invisibly perfect. Whether it’s yourself, or another individual or another nation, what you’re trying to improve must be invisibly perfect, or else you’re improving something that was not created by God.

You don’t have to improve what God created and therefore your conscious realization that what God created is presented perfect becomes your acceptance of the identity of the One you are serving and of yourself. And in this, you are taking a giant stride into the truth which your soul will enable you to see in a readjusted way. Your soul will ultimately replace mind perception, mind manipulation, and Lo and Behold, without effort, with nothing more than patience and the knowledge of inner Truth, you’ll perceive the slow or quick re-adjustment.

I hope this is reaching some who need this very desperately, not only today, but tomorrow. The situation is always present for anything. Underline “anything”. But it won’t come if you are going to live in the visible, and accept it, and hope that God is going to come and do something about it for you or someone else. When we ask God to do something about something, or we expect God to do something, we are instantly in a state of separation. And you know that we all fall into that trap. Innately, we have this feeling that God will improve something for us. STOP IT. But look at that, that you want improved and realize that you have been fooled. God has already made it perfect in its original state, and you are reacting to the world image of it.

I know some of you know this and even when we know this, we constantly are trapped into the need to improve something out there instead of improving our inner perception of the truth of it. Your Never-Born Self is an exercise. There are no real images out there. It is an exercise. Never improve the image, but instead, return to source within yourself, finding your own Never-Born Self, your own eternal self, your own ageless self, your own indestructible self, and then that which had tempted you to improve it has fulfilled its purpose. It has forced you into your soul and your soul will manifest the Divine Body. And the more you can, rest in this constant, returning to soul as the prodigal returned to the father’s house, ever returning to soul until you go no more out. You will find that Never-Born Self which you have accepted as a principle, as a truth, will be lived in, and you will know when it is performing the greater works.

Now I know we can look in the mirror, we can see the outline of a physical form. We can see somewhere where the little muscles have fallen down in certain areas of the face, where the shoulders are tired and sloping…sloping; where we’re just not up to where we’d like to be. We may even lament of yesterdays. But look at yourself again and please let’s not get into these images as ourselves, whether they’re in the mirror or in the mirror of our minds. And if we have to lift the I of individuals who are in the same boat who think, “Look at me, I’m trudging drearily today to the doctor”, let’s do it. Let’s see through their appearance, not necessarily for them, but for our own souls. Let’s lift the world. Let’s not accept these images. Let’s not improve them. Let’s not sympathize with them. You can send flowers. You can pat them on the back. You can do all of that outwardly. But, I mean, don’t you be tricked into sympathy within yourself. You can put a sign on your mind, “Gone Fishin’”, and in your soul, really know the truth, while outwardly you’re sympathizing as much as you think you must. Because in your sympathy, you’re merely digging the grave a little faster and deeper. And in the truth, you’re lifting the I. You’re being the Son. You’re loving. You’re blessing. And in this, you’re really lifting yourself out of the muck of images that are not divinely governed or ordained or created. And then the world mind finds nothing in you.

If this is reaching a point of acceptance within you, you should be able now to see that Oneness with God is impossible while you are accepting human images as reality. We’ve all been searching for divine Grace and we’ve really been asking Divine Grace too often to come through a human image, and when it doesn’t, we think God isn’t listening or we think we didn’t know the right magic words. But Divine Grace does not come through a human image. Divine Grace comes through Conscious Awareness, through soul consciousness. It has to have the channel and you have to provide the channel. And you won’t provide it as a mortal being.

If last night, you went home with the idea of waking up this morning with the idea of establishing soul awareness, and if today we do it again and tomorrow again, when you go home from this seminar, if for one moment you say, “I have a bad business or a bad back”, it should instantly flash through your consciousness that you’re in the old consciousness, which was trying to live without its own soul. That’s where your bad back is – in the old consciousness. That’s where your bad business is. And that’s where every human problem is. All the agony, all the misery, all the frustration, lies in the old consciousness, which clings to the idea that a human image in some way is connected to Divinity. You can’t bring life into that which is dead. It’s a synthetic. It’s not the original, but yet the original is always present, the genuine Divine Life. Divine Substance is always you, and it doesn’t matter what side of the veil this physical form is on. If you establish the truth of it, it will ever be in your conscious awareness. You can live in un-interrupted Consciousness.

Two is Death. One is Life. To establish Oneness with God is to live in the substance of God. And that substance is your substance. Divine Substance has been yours before the foundation of the material world. Divine Substance is present right here. Let us find this substance. Let it be the substance of what the world calls your business, your back, your emotional disturbances, your anxieties. Let’s get all of that junk behind us. Everybody has had a bad back at one time or another. I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t hardly. We can’t live that way. So it hurts. Let it hurt. Get into your soul awareness. Get into your incorporeal, Never Born Self. Have some faith in who you are – who God says you are and rest there. And to devil with the appearances. Let them hurt.

Don’t bother improving them right now. Rest in you – the you that IS; the you that can survive anything this world can throw at you; the you that will always be alive. Rest in it. Believe in it. Above the level of mind it reaches into the substance of God and draws unto itself all that it requires without any human effort. It draws to you whatever is necessary whether it be a person, a place or a thing. If there is something that can improve whatever you are in this world and it’s on the other side of this earth, you’ll be placed there or it will be placed here. You will find each other. After you find yourself in the invisible, if your life has been one of success without the joy that surpasses understanding, that joy will bubble forth from your invisible self when you find that self. But it won’t bubble forth into a human being. That love that is beyond human love, if it hasn’t come and flowed through you, if you haven’t felt it, if you haven’t tingled with this knowledge that it is bigger than anything you have ever known, that is a true love, a love that has a divine texture to it; if you haven’t felt it, it is because you have not found your own self in which this love is a permanent dispensation. A love that constantly flows through you, blessing the world; a love that instantly walks through every form of ugliness and blesses it with Divinity.
So much is in us, awaiting release, but never for a single second let me live in that which is either dead or dying or can be destroyed. You must learn to live in that which is always alive, for that is the secret place that stands in the flood and the fire; in that, which is always alive.

I and the Father are One. You know there is no greater blessing in the entire heavenly universe than the truth that in yourself, you and the Father are One, and that Self never has to be found, never has to be sought. It is the only Self you are and if you accept another self, you are denying that Self. If you accept a self that is not One with God and ever alive, you are saying, “I prefer to live in a self that does die, a self that does age, a self that is not One with God. I prefer to live in the self that God says I am not.” And yet we have all made that decision. Instinctively, we have gone into the self that is not. We were thrust into it when we were too young to defend ourselves. But we are not one minute older than we were at that moment. It only seems that way.

The reclaiming takes a minute and the maintaining and abiding takes a lifetime. Oneness with God in your Never-Born Self while you stand in your soul rejecting the visible images of the world, blessing them with understanding as if you had X-Ray vision that could perceive through them, recognizing them as moving shadows, but not being satisfied to dismiss these moving shadows without first establishing that when the moving shadows appear, is that perfect invisible substance of God

All space is filled with perfect, invisible substance. There is no void anywhere. Yes, there are shadows in the mind, but where the shadows in the mind seem to be, though they wear mortal forms, the immortal Self is there, and until you acknowledge it in all your ways, the principle of Oneness is not being accepted.

End of Side One

Move now into the aliveness of your being, into the realization that you have always been alive. You were alive before this form appeared and you may have forgotten often that through physical birth you were alive before there was an Atlantis or a Lemuria or a Hypogoria, or a star in the sky, you were alive. Before the sun appeared to warm a lifeless earth, you were alive. Before there were planets, before there was a physical universe; and that which was alive then and yesterday and today, will be alive tomorrow, and long after the world is no more.

If you can believe that and trust it, you will find a power, a power to stand in the face of every form of oppression; a power to prove the truth of it that you have always been alive, that you always will be alive. And you are stepping back now from that which seems to have the capacity only to die and rejecting it as your reality.

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” You are going through a soul regeneration in which you transfer the focus of your operations to your soul and abide there, and let your soul fill the substance of Life, where the shadows appear everywhere. Instinctively, instantaneously, and before the shadows even come into view, fill your universe with the light of God. And that’s where the joy is, and that’s where the love is. And it is true that your soul will become your light and be independent of the light of the sun. You’ll be independent of the light of the stars. Your soul lights your way in the universe of God. It requires no light external to itself, for there is none. We are moving in consciousness into the Fifth World, into the first heaven of Reality, into your soul universe. We’re doing it now on this side of the great veil, for the great veil is as much an illusion as yesterday’s head cold.

The earth is the Lord’s. Perhaps, to some extent you may be feeling your incorporeal self a little better than when we started today; the formless Self, the Self before the world, before Abraham, the Self that will survive this world and all this world can throw at you. You can walk in that incorporeal Self now, and I know that it need not be an in and out experience. As it stabilizes and you feel the security of your divine presence, you will know that you have passed the power of reincarnation.

You will pass that point and you will know it, even before the outer sheath is removed. “Put on the new man”, says Paul. Put on the garment of immortality. Put on the man who was conceived in the image and likeness of his creator – not the old man, not that sense of us which walks in the shadow of our soul. This should be more and more becoming Reality, not words. It should tingle with awareness. It should have the weight of Reality, the substance of Reality, the power of Reality, the assurance of Reality.

You are ONE with God. Forever. Do not step into another self that is not.

While we are in the consciousness of being one with the Father in the one invisible Self, let us talk to each other silently. Talk to someone you know silently, not with your mouth, not with your mind. Make an effort. Strive to talk with your soul. See what happens. Talk with your soul to the soul of someone else. Don’t talk to the face. Don’t talk to the image. Don’t talk from your face. Talk with your soul to the soul. Make an effort. Talk across the centuries with your soul to the soul of another individual, until you can feel the NOW-ness and the HERE-ness of all that seems to have been in the past. Now listen. Listen with your soul while that soul talks to you. Listen. Just listen with your soul.

Now listen to the Soul of GOD with your soul.

That is a direct line of communication without any intermediary: Ever-Present, Divine intercommunication.

Your soul is ever attuned to the Will, the Wisdom, the Life of God. If you will not violate that Oneness in any form and will turn your soul to the Divine Knower, your soul in turn will realize this daily bread into other areas of what appear to be your visible self, and this Bread will distribute itself divinely into all areas of your life, giving them all a Divine transfusion. Nothing will be left out, not even the smallest leaf under all the leaves of a giant tree. Each will receive from within, though the sun doesn’t reach this particular leaf, it receives from the tree itself, and so will you. All the so-called outer will receive from the sun of your own soul, if your soul is turned upward, receptive in

Oneness to your own Divine nature, which is God. The chain of command is from your own Divinity through Christ, through Spirit, through Soul, through Mind into the appearance called world. Soul is the cosmic transformer, the cosmic link between the world that is not and the world that is.

“What, know ye not that your body is the temple of the Living God, that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost?” What body was He speaking of? The body of your soul. Your mission is to live as your soul, not as your human self, and to let your soul transform all that you formerly thought you are and were; to move over, cross over, pass over, be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Let it be regenerated in your soul which is attuned to the Infinite and can funnel into the visible experience all that the Infinite believes is necessary for the full expression of Divinity where you stand.

What difference what you were yesterday? What you Are is what counts. And what you are is greater than anything that can be human.

We should know so much Truth within ourselves that someone ought to be able to touch the hem of our robe and receive that Divine outpouring. Whenever they reach out to make the contact, we would be aflame with an invisible truth: not to change anyone, simply to be there when they need you, whenever they reach out.

For knowing the soul of God as the One Infinite Soul of all is the nature of Soul Awareness. For that reaching out to you is saying, “Know my soul for me as the One Soul. I can’t do it for myself. I’m hypnotized, but I sense something in you that can do it for me, and I’m turning to you”, and all you’ve got to do is BE what you ARE.

Now, let’s review.

The self that was born is not you. It is not the Self that was Never-Born, the Self that always has been, the Self which is Divine Substance, Divine Being, Divine Christ, Divine Spirit, Divine Soul. All this is one Self now and that is your Self. It has always been. It always will be. You live in it by living in your soul. You can do it no other way. You can’t jump up to Christhood. You can’t live in Christhood through your human mind. You can’t even have the mind that was in Christ Jesus until you live in your soul, until you identify as a living soul and daily make your soul your daily bread, until you are in soul consciousness. And then the weeds will now appear to you the same as the flowers. Then you can discriminate between the shadow and the real substance. Then you will refuse to walk in the shadow, but always will walk in the Substance itself. You will sow with your soul to the presence of Invisible Spirit. You will not sow to the shadow called flesh and you will find in this Substance all the joy and all the fulfillment that you have been missing in the non-substance that you have been satisfied with in this world of human shadows.

The hypnosis of animated shadows slowly dissolves. In your soul you are living as the eternal Child, the Son of God, calling no man your father on this earth, for ONE is your Father. In soul you can make this great acceptance of God as your present Father right here, right now. And as the Father of your human father, as the Father of your children, as the Father of man, unknown to man, as the Father of the atheist, as the Father of the murderer and the villain; and condemn no man by his appearance. For the Father is the father of the son who walks, though we see the shadow called Murderer, Thief. Take them all into the paradise of Reality. Stretch out your hand. Greet the Christ. Wash the feet of the world. I think we know what we’re supposed to do. Now we have to develop the capacities, the techniques in order to do it: In order to go in and come out no more.

In Revelation an angel said, “He that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of the Lord, and he will go out no more.” This was the esoteric code for the end of reincarnation for that individual. “He will go out no more” into mortality.

Now if you didn’t feel before that you had the weapons of transition, you may decide that you’re very close to having them now and getting still closer, because in soul awareness, nothing of the Father can be denied to you. Remember that, “Son, all that I have is thine.” My fullness is pouring through the soul of you. Open your soul, turn it toward your Father instead of toward the world. Look up into your soul always and your conversation will be in Heaven, but the moment you turn back, you become a human pillar of salt who walks as an image, a shadow, and now honors all other shadows, accepting all of them, all their grievances, all their disturbances, all their anxieties and thereby accepting the false creature which is not the creation of your Father.

Your Never-Born Self, my Never-Born Self are the same Never-Born Self. Your Christhood and my Christhood are the same Christhood. You may look like a woman. I may look like a man. You may look like a child. I may look like an adult. You may look like a patriarch. Someone else may look like a six-year old. Don’t be fooled by the appearance. As in the Father there is neither male nor female, there is neither youth nor old age. The Never-Born Self never knows age, never knows sex as we know sex or age. It is one complete whole. One complete whole. Accept that for yourself. Accept it for your friends and associates. Accept it for the world population. One Never-Born Self. That is the permanent Self of each unpermanent image that you see. Touch that home base. With your eyes open and with your eyes closed. In the home. In the office, wherever you happen to be. Practice it so diligently that you’re not always forced to make re-adjustments to shut out evils or to suit every contingency. But live in it. Be in it, because you are IT.

You must glide through the world in your Never-Born Self, accepting only that Self where the shadows are there, walking, talking, just like television images. Your job is to remember the only Self that is always alive – always alive…is your Never-Born Self. And if you find yourself slipping into the thought that you must be concerned about something that threatens your survival or your comfort or your safety, try to remember you’re being lured into the self that is NOT, into the mind that is NOT, into the life that is NOT, into the creature. But get this, this is the way in which your Father called each soul home into One-ness.

The intentional changes of the universe around you place before you all those things that are so good and pleasurable, as well as those that are so seemingly bad and painful. All equal temptations in order to make you stop, awake, and realize your need for soul existence. Ultimately this world will force you if you are alert into transcending the world by soul existence and so you lay down your human sense of life for soul existence. You give up the good as well as the bad. In your inner acceptance knowing that the Perfect is always present. You pass over to soul existence here and now, and then all the challenges in the world are seen to be your earth initiation, not the earth initiation of this human self, No. No. It’s the initiation for your soul. Your human self and my human self and their human selves out there are all initiations for our soul. We must overcome these human initiations and that’s how our soul passes through and above the earth experience into its home. Its own Heaven, soul heaven, which will be the result of your transition in consciousness.
I hope you have the Divine Plan now – understood, accepted and that you feel your capacity to move in that direction, because that’s the direction we’re going to go during the next 5 or 6 classes. And hopefully, every single human day that we spend upon this earth until the idea of human days doesn’t even taste good to us. We can no longer accept it in consciousness.

I’m sorry I have to be mundane now, but we have a dinner Monday night and everyone is invited as you know. We’re going to have it right here in the hotel about 3 seconds from here in a restaurant called the Plaza Tree, right outside the elevator, and then to the left. And the reason we’re going to be there is because they have a space and they’re not too busy at night. The prices are moderate and they have a selection so we’re not confined to one fish dish and one meat dish or anything like that. So I think anyone can really afford to go. And if you’re going to be here Monday night, I’d like you to tell either Ruth or Alice Mohler – either one and they’ll note down your name. You don’t have to give them anything toward the payment of it at this moment. You can do that when you’re at the restaurant. You can even, if you wish, charge it to your room. Just tell them you’re going to be there. We haven’t quite decided the final time, but it will either be 6 or 6:30 Monday night. And if you tell them you are going to be there, we in turn can tell the restaurant how to prepare for us. So that’s the only piece of business I know of tonight…unless there’s something else that someone thinks we ought to talk about? Something I don’t know about? Anything else? Any piece of business? Doris? Or Betty? Anyone? All right, good….what’s that? Well, 8 O’clock is the class and 7:30 is the Meditation. Every night from now on. So, I’ll see you tonight or right now after class if you come up.

Thank you. Thank you very much.


There may be a special message today beyond all of our previous seminars because during the past two or three months there has been a special type of energy coming and going from each of us to the other and it was in a sense, a preview of a special kind of preparation that all of us were going through. Certainly, there was a great deal of enthusiasm expressed since Christmas this year and now that we have come to the Easter experience, it’s quite possible that some of will leave this seminar a bit different than when we arrived.

It will be our purpose during the next eight talks to enter a different level of Silence than we have ever known, a different level of Peace, a different level of Inner excitement and it will probably come about if we are not content with human success; if instead, we are determined that we must bear Divine fruit.

About twenty miles from here there’s a monastery called the Carmelite Monastery. Some of you have probably have been there, others of you will probably seek it out and go there. The Peace, the Inspiration is all there and if you bring with you the need for that Peace and that Inspiration, you may notice as you look around the inner sanctum, there upon the left wall, I don’t recall if it’s the entire length or not, but toward the ceiling it says, ‘Keep your conversation in Heaven.’ It says it in Latin and the meaning may have escaped many of the people who went in that Monastery from time to time. It may even have escaped the human race in total because something has been missing in human life and today, I hope we can rectify several universal errors all of us have at one time been subject to and many of us still are subject to.

The first universal error that we must look at together and overcome right now goes back to a day in the Maternity Ward when some of you were being future parents, either a mother in labor or a husband pacing the floor. When you were bringing forth an expression of something the world has not quite understood.

Today, today we must challenge that false conception which man calls ‘human birth,’ today we must understand it a little better than we have in the past.

If you will take your mind back now to that day when you were bringing forth this new individual, you may find that something very vital to that child was neglected. It certainly has been neglected in the billions of births all over the world. Hopefully, you were an exception.

And, if by chance, there are many among us who have not ever given birth to a child or become fathers, you might be thinking now about your own birth as a human being; the day that you were in a Maternity Ward as the infant about to be born, about to be projected into this world of ideas and images.

And for you too, something was missing, something that may never have been rectified from that very day to this day, probably less so in the members of this class than many areas of this world, but I believe you will soon agree that even in your life however advanced you may be in spirituality, on that natal day when you were either born or gave birth or became a father, something was missing in your realization, something that persisted through the years. There was a child being born and it was either you or your child and you think very carefully now, there was something missing in the consciousness of the people involved in that birth.

That something is the cause of all human error, all human so-called sin, all human frustration, even the cause of human disease and ultimately the cause of death. And we will have to lay our axe right at the root of that missing ingredient in order to make a drastic change in our own level of consciousness.

Perhaps by now, you suspect what that missing ingredient was. The parents saw a form, the doctor saw a form, the nurse saw a form, the father saw a form, everybody saw a form, a form emerging into this human experience and we think we know just what happened that day and we have gone from that day to this, thinking we knew the nature of human birth. We want to challenge the universal belief that man understands the nature of human birth. Do you for one moment, whether you gave birth or became a father or were that infant – did you for one moment think that the soul of that child had anything to do with that birth? Sadly, most of us did not give any thought at all to the soul of that child. We simply saw this six, seven or eight pound of humanity emerging. We saw an event with our eyes. The cause of that birth however, is totally unknown to mankind, to science, even to mothers.

The reason for that birth, the purpose of that birth and how the purpose can be fulfilled is still unknown. And even though we may be sixty, seventy or eighty years old, it’s possible to have spent those sixty, seventh or eighty years completely unknowing of why the form which was either us or the child we gave birth to: why it was born and what made it be born outside of the usual material sense of birth?

We saw only the top of the iceberg. We did not see the soul of that child; we thought that we, human beings gave birth. We did not see the soul of that child choosing the parents; we did not understand the purpose for which that soul projected the perfect Divine Spiritual Body, which we never saw. All we saw was the human child; we saw nothing in the Invisible.

And when that human child grew up, it identified itself exactly as the parents had identified it; a body and a mind, some emotions, some heredity, some tendencies in one direction or another but no one said this is an expression of an Invisible Soul. And then, the child grew up with the same incomplete awareness of itself, never realizing that the form in the visible was in some way connected to the original expression of a Soul in orbit returning to the Father’s House. I tell you that is a basic universal error and the repercussions of that error are prominent in the life of every individual who has not made a correction of that error. That includes most of us.

Our Soul has not been restored and we have tried, usually in vain, to understand why we die, why we have pleasure and pain, why we have joy and sorrow, why we have mountains and valleys. And if you will look carefully at the Truth, you will see that this child born that day, which may have been you or the child you gave birth to, and this is really hard to take – this child is not the image and likeness of God.

But, the image and likeness of God was projected by the Soul of this child on that day, by the Soul of you; if you are that child and that Soul projecting the image and likeness of God as a perfect spiritual body – was then overshadowed by the world mind through which we saw the infant, the physical mortal infant, where only the Immortal Self is.

And without making that correction, we then became unaware of our Source or the Source of that child. We are not aware that our Soul has actually given birth to us and that through the world mind we have not seen that to which the Soul gives birth. We have not seen our own Source and from that chasm, that gap in consciousness, we then proceeded into a mortal birth, a separation in consciousness from our own Immortal Self.

And today, we continue to identify with a body that is not the image and likeness of God and we spend the rest of our lives. finding whatever peace we can, whatever success we can, whatever happiness we can, and wondering why ultimately we must go through the opposites, why we must ultimately give up the things we acquire and cherish, why inevitably, no matter what our plans or hopes or aspirations, we must make an exit from this scene without knowing where we are going. Why Grace doesn’t function our lives as perfectly as we’d like it to. Why there great gaps between the presence of God in our lives and the absence of God in our lives, why we have no control over the lives of others close to us, why we have no control over governments, why we have no control over crises.

It all comes back to the absence of the Soul in our consciousness. The total unawareness of our Source and our Soul being One with God and we being unaware of our Soul, we are divided. We move out into a divided consciousness, not knowing why, not knowing that we are even doing it, and the mortal dream becomes what we think is the reality.

It should be known that no matter what we today find in our lives, that is not complete, not expressing Divinity, we can be restored to that completeness, that Divinity, that perfection of Spirit by only one activity and that is through the conscious awareness of the presence of our own Soul. You cannot go to Christhood direct; you must go to Christhood through your Soul. And if you, in your affirmations of Christhood and the powers of Christ and the love of Christ and the glory of Christ have not been able to experience the manifestation of Christ, it is because the human mind does not go to Christ. It may try but you’ve got to correct the error because through the centuries man has repeated this error until it has become part of the world consciousness and you to break it must see that you are now a living Soul.

You cannot proceed further into the three worlds above this one until you are consciously aware and practicing that you are a living Soul. Now, I’m not saying that you have a Soul; you don’t have a Soul; if you think you have a Soul you’re in duality. You are the Soul-you don’t have it, you are it! You are the Soul, you are the Spirit, you are the Christ – you are the three in One, which are through each other. Christ in Spirit and Soul; Spirit in Christ and in Soul, Soul in Spirit and in Christ, all One indivisible but you must first go to the Soul, to move through the Spirit to the Christ.

Until this is done, there is no way to stop the wheel of reincarnation. Illusion that we die and go to heaven or hell has hypnotized mankind much too long. The promise has been given but the promise is never kept. Unfortunately, reincarnation is not generally recognized as a teaching of Jesus Christ. We think it has come to us from the Far East but once we try to read our Bible as it should be read, from the level of your Soul, just as it was written by the Soul, you see in it the great teaching of reincarnation by Jesus Christ. And, it’s important to know that this teaching had a magnificent purpose.

The world, oh for millennia, was not really aware of reincarnation. It had been tranquilized with the idea that if it was good it would come into God’s Grace when it died and at the last day something miraculous would happen. And it is still being tranquilized with the idea that the Son of God will someday, even raise those who have died. But, if you yourself have finally accepted that you have lived many lives before, that each reincarnation has been a return to another brain, another heart, another pair of lungs, another set of ambitions – always thinking this time I am going to do something great, never connecting the two – this life and the previous one – always in a temporary life span, always thinking you are going somewhere but always ending in the same place.

You finally have come to realize that – that is what you have been doing all these years – you then could see that Jesus knew this truth, that the Hebrew Prophets knew this truth, that reincarnation was a normal acceptance. There’s a place in Luke where we learn that Herod was afraid that John the Baptist had reincarnated as Jesus – it was an awful thing to think that. There’s another place in the Bible where the Disciples told Jesus that the townspeople thought he was a reincarnation of Jeremiah or some other Prophet. There’s a place where Jesus easily and naturally was – you know, just as simply as falling off a log, mentioned that Elias had already been here …. Reincarnation was accepted. It wasn’t something that Jesus said in words that a person who reads the Bible by the letter would see but when Jesus was saying, ‘Be ye perfect as your Father, ‘ He was saying ‘Be ye perfect’ or you will have to reincarnate.

And when you realize that reincarnation was a normally accepted idea, and that people were simply doing it because they didn’t know how to do anything better, then you can see another side of the Christ teaching. There’s only one way to stop that reincarnating cycle and that’s to become aware that you’re a living soul. The teaching that you are the Living Spirit of God can be valuable up to a point but until you are in Soul Consciousness there’s no channel through which the qualities of the Divine can flow into expression.

And so, we see a Jesus teaching has a method, a method of terminating the repetition of temporary life spans that begin and end and lifting mankind into a permanent life, an everlasting life, under the government of God, under Grace, making heaven the earth experience. And whoever has cherished the notion of making a transition should know that there is no transition without Soul Consciousness.

So, it’s going to be necessary for you and I to make a journey into the other side of Silence where Soul Consciousness is not only realized but becomes your normal way of life – not a going in and a coming out but the way you live, the way you move through the day, the way you function – not from the finite …. form and human mind but from a consciousness which has no boundaries. It doesn’t talk from- in a body to the world outside the body. Unless you are able to capture the understanding that you are the Living Soul which put forth the PERFECT FORM made of Divine Life which appears to human sense as the physical you which is not forever, you will not make the effort to live as that Soul and you will merely give consent to the various degrees of hypnotism that govern the human life of most people on this earth.

I would like to meditate with you now on your acceptance that you are not just the Invisible Christ, not just the Invisible Spirit but you are also the Infinite Soul of God. I ask you to do this because I am certain as this takes root in your consciousness, you will see that your Soul is the vehicle through which Christ feeds your Infinite Invisible Body of Spirit.

You will find this is the way you become a transparency for Christ in a manner that leads to termination of separate life spans and opens the realization of the One permanent Life, the Eternal Life. You will see examples of this to learn that it is not impossible that you literally can learn to take your body with you, just as Enoch did. You must first come into possession of that which creates that body, that which supports that body, that which maintains that body, and that which overcomes the world sense of individual separate bodies, not being fed by their Source.

I is your name. I am a living Soul. My Soul is the channel through which the Christ of God functions. Through my Soul, the Bread of Christ feeds me, the Love of Christ warms me, the Life of Christ animates me. It is my Soul through which the Infinite Father pours all that God is. I am that Soul and I cannot permit the human mind to govern a physical form and call that my life.

I must move the seat of my consciousness from the mind that governs or tires to govern the physical form; I must move the seat of my consciousness to my Soul, by knowing that my Soul is under Divine Guidance, as the transmitter and expression of Divine Will, and that I must act in consonance with that Soul. In other words, I cannot lend myself to an activity or a thought that is out of character with my Soul. I cannot divide that way, I cannot allow the mind to run rampant with its ideas. I must step back and make the conscious effort to release myself from the world mind and the individual human mind and accept my Soul.

And then I must turn to my neighbor and see that I do not have a human neighbor – I have there a Living Soul. This is going to become more and more the way you let God live your life; in a different way than letting God try to live your life through your mind. The Soul must become an area in consciousness in which you live in every day more and more and more until you can perceive that something is adjusting the circumstances of your life in a way that nothing else can.

This should have been done when mother was bearing the child, it should have been done so that the child could come out from under the umbrella of mother’s consciousness into its own Soul consciousness. It should have been done as the child was growing up, it should have been done as the child reached adulthood, it should have been done before the child entered marriage and it should be done before the child becomes a parent of another child.

There must be the conscious awareness that I am not the dying form. That is not my name. That is not my character. That is not myself. I am the Soul! And all of the qualities of the Soul are always invisibly present just as the Infinite Immortal Body of Spirit if Infinitely Present. I must accept those qualities and live with them and know what they are and refuse to be tempted into qualities that are not the qualities of my Soul because that’s how I deny myself to be that Soul.

To be specific: we all want to live a life of freedom from the various disturbances that have beset us in the past. We don’t want to feel limited in any way, we don’t want to feel dependent, we don’t want to feel insecure. There must come a day when all of this is behind us and it doesn’t get behind us unless we move up to the level of the Soul which knows nothing of these deficiencies or disturbances.

Now, as you become aware that you are this living Soul, the function of that Soul at birth is then seen to be a continuing function, a function that continues after birth and the real miracle of that function becomes apparent as you weigh the words of Jesus very carefully. That Soul has a function that it must fulfill, it cannot return void. This is something you possibly didn’t expect you were going to do on this earth but if you harbor the idea of transition, you’ll be wise to listen very carefully.

That Soul is going to take your sense of human form and if you will permit it, if you will live in it – in that Soul, day by day, it will transmute from the Infinite Energy, from the Infinite Substance, in such a manner that nothing else can and it will change the nature of your physical form. And it will replace your physical form with another – that is what you didn’t possibly expect to do while on this earth. And that is precisely why most people don’t make a real transition.

Unless your Soul transforms your form from so called flesh-human to flesh-Divine, replacing it so that the image of Divine flesh replaces the image of material flesh, you’re wasting your time thinking about Eternal Life, transition, permanent life, perfect grace, being perfect as your Father. No one in human flesh is going to be as perfect as God and yet you are commanded to be perfect as God.

Obviously, there must be a transformation from the sense of physical flesh into the Divine flesh that is your true Self and your Soul is the instrument for that Transformation. Without Soul Consciousness there is no end to reincarnation, is that clear? Without Soul Consciousness there is no end to reincarnation – we don’t want to kid ourselves. We are serious, dedicated students of Truth, we want to live our Eternal Life, we want to experience all that the Father hath, we want to fulfill our Divine Destiny, we want to cooperate with the Master Plan.

Marvel not that I say, “Ye must be born again, first of the water and then of the Spirit” and what was omitted in words was still present and you can only do this through the power of your Soul accepted as your individual identity now, not tomorrow. The moment you cease to identify as a human being and as a Soul, you are on the way to terminating the wheel of reincarnation and the futility of disconnect – temporary life spans which have no place to go. This is the basic purpose behind the rebirth taught by Jesus Christ and behind the implicit understanding that nothing else could stop the reincarnation from matter to matter, to matter to matter.

I am a living Soul but I can’t claim that for myself alone. The moment that I deny that you are a living Soul by word or deed or thought, I’ve lost it. Do you see that this is just a little step different than loving your neighbor than saying your neighbor is Spirit? Because it is your Soul that is going to be able to recognize the Spirit or your neighbor, not your mind.

Now, then we have to learn to think of our self as Living Soul, to act from that consciousness and to treat our neighbor as a Living Soul, knowing that the Soul of the neighbor and the Soul of myself are not made of a different substance and they are not separated by space, by time or by texture. You’re going to find that all are One Soul. Deny it for another and you lose it for yourself.

On the other hand, accept it and what you call the competition of the business world will diminish what you call the highs and the lows will adjust into an upward progression. The miracle of Soul acceptance is sometimes instantaneous: you cannot accept a disease as a reality. If you do, you’re untrue to the truth that you are a Living Soul. There’s no disease in your Soul or in the body that is created. Not the body that it will create, the invisible body that it already has created is without disease and if you are that living Soul, you are that body of Spirit, and you cannot accept the diseases belonging to you, you cannot accept the competitive world as something you must be concerned about. You are only concerned about it as a person.

You must lift yourself out of all concern about anything, simply by moving out of the world of individual human beings while you appear in it. Transfer now to that Soul again and see if you can transcend some of the mental ideas you may have had about death, about sickness, about any form of limitation and see that if you accept the death, the sickness, the limitation, you are saying, I am not the Living Soul which is God expressing. You see how you make a choice between identity and false identity? You cannot have the qualities of the false identity and be the true identity. Can we make that adjustment then and know that it’s to be a permanent one? Henceforth knowing no man after any other thing but the reality of being the Living Soul; we’ll get to Christ later. We’ll get to Spirit soon …..

You are burying every woe you will ever have the moment you accept yourself a Living Soul. I mean if your business is failing this minute, you’re acceptance of Soul as your identity is the release of that idea – that the change is consciousness is very specific – you are faithful to one or the other, and if you’re faithful to the Soul, then the other represents the temptation to believe something is untrue about your Soul identity.

You think in five years you may not be here – wrong again. There is no death in the Soul, absolutely no change in the Soul. No matter what you may think may happen tomorrow or the next day that would not be pleasant, it is not going to happen in your Soul.

Now do you see what duality is? Duality is the belief that I am that Soul but I am also this person. You cannot accept the Soul and continue to be the person – and of course, you can’t do it in a minute. But you’ve got to know that this is the direction and you cannot be One with God and not be the Soul because only the Soul is One with God, the human being is not. If you are not the Soul, you continue to do what most people are doing right now – they are living in the absence of their own Self, which is a perfect dream life, a masquerade of no value whatsoever. They are living in the absence of their own Self. You are trying to live in the Presence of yourself.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞End Of Side One∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

Now think of another individual who is in some way related to you in any capacity and see this is an individual who is also the Soul whether he or she knows it not but you cannot unknown it – you must know it. You cannot be the Soul here and have someone there who is not. Pray for thine enemy is the recognition of the Soul of the individual. Love thy neighbor as thyself-you are recognizing the universal Soul which man has overlooked, which man is denied by overlooking it, which mankind is ignorant of, which authorities are ignorant of.

The world cannot continue to live without a recognition of its Soul and if the world cannot do this collectively, we must step forward and do it individually and then you will release Soul power.

As we move later into – the Silence, it will be because there will grow in you an awareness of the nature of your own Soul. It is capable of the deeper Silence. And in its Silence, it alone touches the substance that is God. In our mental life, in our physical life, we do not touch the substance that is God; we talk about it and we do not express that substance in our lives unless we have at some degree found the Soul level. Your Soul is going to be the only way in which you are going to communicate with three worlds above our present expression.

Your Soul is the only way you’re going to fulfill the commandments of God. Your Soul is the only way you’re going to break the illusion of time and space. Your Soul is the way you will break the illusion of a dying body. It will take you right out of the belief that you are in one. Restore the Soul to everyone you know. At first you may think you are doing something that is very big of you or maybe just a little beyond your normal way of life but it’s the same as little gifts that we give to each other – how they come back. As you restore the Soul to every human being on the face of this earth, regardless of the nature of that individual’s way of life, in your consciousness, you will be fulfilling the will of God in you. The power that is beyond belief – it’s an unselfish act. It restores you into the rhythm of Divine Love. Restore the Soul of every individual you know – do it consciously, take time to do it, realize there is a Living Soul, not a form.

And you will see that out of this grows a new awareness of the meaning of Oneness. A Oneness that you have been trying to do. You see what it’s leading to? You’re accepting your universal, your Infinite Identity; there is my Soul there, there is my Soul there and in both places it appears as two different people and here is my Soul here – one Soul without boundaries I am. And you can rest right there and watch the power of the Soul express your conscious awareness that it is present, functioning expressing God. It has the power of what human beings call miracles – your Living Soul, Omnipresent, accepted as the Invisible Soul of mankind, not as a personal possession, not as your Soul and not mind, or not his or not hers but One invisible Soul as the Soul of All.

In this Oneness your own Soul is restored and it leads you to green pastures. Do you see why we are told to use no might or power? We don’t need any. The moment we try to use might or power, we’re on a lower level than the automation of the Soul which does everything effortlessly, automatically, everywhere, always and always invisibly.

Just as it brought forth our concept of a baby without our knowing it, it is continuing to serve God in all Its ways. The human form then becomes a sort of egg through which the Soul will now give birth. It will make manifest the invisible body of your Being through that egg called the physical form. And one day in the twinkling of an eye, through your Soul, your Spirit will manifest the Divine image and likeness and it will be seen.

This is what Paul was trying to explain. This is what Peter discovered – what John knew – you can manifest the body that never dies and walks through the experience of death in that body and there is no reincarnation after that. It’s taken us these millions of years to come to a place where we feel the rightness of that and work for the expression of that and then to find that in Bible that’s exactly what we’ve been told all these years – never could connect it to ourselves. We always thought our transition was going to come  later. We always thought we’d have to die in a physical form. We never knew that we must transform the physical form into the Divine Self, while on this earth and that it can and must be done: in the twinkling of an eye.

You will see in this another reason for the age of the Disciples of Jesus Christ. If you’re young, you’ll say, ‘well, you know, what do I care about reincarnation, that for me, that’s forty years away.’ And if you are older, you’ll say, ‘it’s too late, I don’t have enough time.’ Look at those young men, there wasn’t anyone over about thirty-two. I think Andrew was about thirty two according to some of the commentators and yet he was teaching them to stop the wheel of reincarnation by rebirth and they were young. They weren’t waiting until they got to be fifty, sixty and seventy and eighty. They were getting right to it. That’s unusual because usually in our work we find that the younger ones always figure, ‘well, I’ve got to sow my wild oats first.’ But there isn’t one individual who walked with Jesus who wasn’t young and who wasn’t learning right then to stop that wheel of reincarnation and enter into the spiritual form.

You see why we are not too old to do it is because it’s already done. You are not going to do it – you are merely going to accept what’s been done, – finally, get around to what should have been done and accept yourself to be the Living Soul. I’m not saying that’s the final end of it, I’m saying you’ve got to do it to get to the final end of it.

Now, let’s suppose we had attained some degree of Soul awareness whereby, we knew that the only thing that we could express in Reality, were Divine qualities – right now that’s all we could express. It wouldn’t matter what appeared to us, we would accept that just as the illusion of evil is unreal because God isn’t the creator of it, just as error is unreal because God isn’t the creator of it, just as any form of disease is unreal because God isn’t the creator of it, – well the false qualities that aren’t perfect can’t be real because God is not the creator of them.

Therefore, it is possible to reach an inner agreement, an inner recognition that this false quality called hate – that someone is generating in my direction can’t be there. This false quality called corruption which I see in high places can’t be there; what is there is the absence of the awareness of Soul. And in the absence of the awareness of Soul, the illusion of these things must appear. Now, you can’t put this understanding in other people but you must put it in yourself.

You cannot recognize corruption or the hate; you cannot honor it. You must honor the Son, you must honor the Living Soul which incapable of these things and because it is incapable, because it is the Reality, these things can only be there as mental temptations which we, when we reach a certain level of enlightenment can stand firm and look at and say, ‘there is no corruption, it just can’t be there; God isn’t the creator of corruption.’ My mind cannot see this but as I rest in my Soul; my Soul is capable of reaching that understanding. My Soul can unsee the things that trouble me as unreal and from this day forward, this becomes the way of life for all of us who may not have consciously been ready or willing or able or alert to the fact that all evil on the earth is simply the absence of our own Soul consciousness, in which we fail to see what is and experience what is not.

Now, when you take that into your awareness, for a child, it will have an effect. When you take it into your awareness for any individual, it will have an effect on you and on your relationship with those individuals. It will have a relationship on a different level than the human level; and ultimately it will be see that the only level that exists is the Divine. There is no other level. Your soul alone can experience the Divine level of ever-present perfection and that is how you fulfill the commandment, “Be ye perfect as your Father.” In my soul, I can accept and experience that perfection here and now that my mind cannot; and it unscrambles all of the strange conditions of the world and restores you to the unconditioned universe of God.

Away go those little resentments, those little petty feelings about someone who did something wrong to you; about someone who is doing something wrong to you. That’s not soul consciousness.

You see what purification is? Purification is the elimination of all that is not flowing through your soul. That’s how you purify. You cannot purify and make exceptions. You cannot remain impure and expect the Divine Self to express. It can only express through the purity of your soul consciousness. So I’m emphasizing this because the love of God makes clear that It expresses through your soul when you are willing to renounce that which you are not. It might take a little courage. But if you see the truth, if you respond to the truth, I think we can say that you will make the effort to end the tyranny in the human mind in others as well as in yourself; we’ve had a degree of success at times in knowing that a certain condition does not exist because it simply cannot in God’s Presence. And then by some manner, letting your Soul Consciousness prevail and be dominant without the interference of your mental consciousness, that which is true makes Itself manifest without any effort.

But something in you first makes the acceptance of the truth and then that truth which is true manifests itself to prove that it’s true. Soul birth now is different than human birth and when Jesus speaks of the rebirth or the second birth, He means Soul birth. When He says that if you are a child of the resurrection who will not enter the second death, he means that if you are born of Soul Consciousness, reborn to your Soul Consciousness which was removed at the time of human birth, that Soul Consciousness was not held – it has to be held by the parent for the child to come into it. And when it isn’t held, then there has to be a rebirth.

Let’s drink from that awareness of Soul Consciousness now. You will come into it every morning by standing still, by fasting from the normal universal thoughts that crowd through your brain. In Soul Consciousness, you are not a target for world thought, you are not establishing any thought of your own, you are establishing what appears to be a neutral zone but it becomes very pregnant with Divine Thought all by itself.

Your Soul thought will be first – your absence of human thought; a total Sabbath from human thought. Where we are taught to transcend the mind, we are really being told to develop Soul Consciousness. The mind reports on the material universe which is not the creation of God, which limits us to a form that is not the image and likeness of God and a life that is not the Life of God.

The complete counterfeit existence totally devoid of the Infinity of our Soul activity, and finally, we are stepping out of that as we establish the fast or Sabbath of the mind and let the Soul begin to come alive in your consciousness, so that you feel a different awareness than just a mind awareness. It has a scope; it has a different type of vibration. It’s almost like a non-vibrational awareness. It has a different kind of dimension. It’s a dimension beyond dimension. It has a different texture and at a certain point, it has a different kind of Stillness – a Stillness that is very alive.

If you are in the right Consciousness, you can feel a change in time patterns, you can feel the absence of a thought from subconscious levels – they’re released and those subconscious levels of thought when they release, they leave another – a different kind of peace, the peace that you begin to recognize more frequently. It’s a Peace in which you don’t have to do anything; the Infinite is doing it all.

Now, this can be established almost at will any time that you wish to do so and when you do it, you will note that signs follow and that’s how you will know you are in the Soul Consciousness which is still just an embryonic Soul Consciousness but it’s the beginning of it.

The construction project that was being delayed, the red tape you had to go through for this and that, so many things are unsnarled, an Invisible hand is working. The Soul has the potency and nothing else has. But mostly, it is consistently developing your awareness of your permanent spiritual body. It does that without you even knowing it. It’s always lifting you to an awareness of your permanent spiritual body. It does that without you even knowing it. It’s always lifting you to an awareness of your permanent body which already exists.

We are trying to get to a place where you realize that all hidden manna, all the resources of the Infinite Divine Being are already in full availability in your Soul now. If you can realize that, that Infinite Consciousness can release through your Soul, the immediate fulfillment of every possible need provided you remain in the Truth of that without opposite. Then you will strive to eliminate those ideas and thoughts and beliefs that are sort of obsolete but still hanging around like yesterdays’ hand-me-downs that no longer have any validity.

The things you found you were not able to understand or think or believe with your human mind, you’ll find your Soul is able to do for you. And then there’ll be no you, there’ll only be your Soul and then your Soul announce the presence of the Infinite Christ.

Please work on this intermediate step of Soul Consciousness so that if this were now the morning and you had just awakened, and the world said ‘the shuttle wasn’t working, something wrong in the mechanism, it’s been delayed two years or it’s up in the air and we don’t know if it will come down on schedule or the enemy is now trying to develop its own equipment to combat our equipment:’ immediately dismiss from your thought all such undivine ideas.

If one member of the family has a flu or another one has lost his or her job or if there’s some serious setback of any kind this morning: immediately dismiss all these ideas as not Divine and realize they exist only outside of Soul Consciousness. And that’s where you must be if you have these ideas.

Now, in fidelity to the Truth of who you are, refuse to accept the ideas that are not that which is of your Soul and rest in the belief, in the understanding that I am the Soul. I can’t deny who I am and accept these foolish ideas, no matter what they are doing to me. They are not doing it to me; they are doing it to the false sense of self. I accept the Living Soul, that morning, that instant and rest there until it solidifies, until you feel you are making progress, you are really getting there. And remain there and let that Soul do its own work; no might or power on your part, let the Soul power reestablish the truth of God where you are – no matter what it might be.

And with patience, you will discover that the correct quantity and quality of whatever is necessary flows from the hidden manna of your Soul. And there are no exceptions. The only problem comes when you try to enter this consciousness with a personal motive, a personal desire. You think this Soul Consciousness should do that, it should establish this, it should eliminate that; you’re not in Soul Consciousness when you are thinking that way.

In Soul Consciousness, you are accepting that that which you wanted to correct is not there. You don’t try to correct it because Soul Consciousness is the knowledge that nothing created by God needs correction and nothing else exists.

Soul Consciousness that isn’t told to do anything – because the minute you try to do that you’re in a human mind all over again. Soul Consciousness doesn’t work just for your human self. Soul Consciousness works for the Infinite Being’s Self expression wherever anyone exists. We want to experience Soul Consciousness and therefore, we must not fall into the traps of trying to limit it to what I want, where I want it and what quality. We must be free.

In other words, we die to self, don’t we? We have the courage to die to my wants, my needs, my thoughts, my desires, my ambitions, my motives. For only the pure at heart can inherit the Kingdom. Only the pure at heart can receive the flow of Soul power and the paradox is that the pure at heart don’t receive the flow. They are the flow!

You see how there’s no I and me? It doesn’t flow to a you – there is just your Soul. There’s no Holy Ghost in your life without being in the Soul Consciousness. The Soul Consciousness will transform all that appears mortal into the reality of its Immortal Self. To those of us to whom that is the direction of our divine purpose, that is the direction in which our effort will be expended.

And we may appear to others, not to defend ourselves, or to be stoic in accepting pain or whatever the terms may be, but it is that integrity which will restore you to Soul Consciousness. And so your integrity is more important than your human fulfillment. I want to get that point clear. Human fulfillment is not what we are after. We are interested in the integrity which establishes Soul power, Soul Consciousness, Soul faculties as our experience.

And many of you have come to me with thoughts from time to time which are very varied and usually involve other people beside yourself – you’ve got to see, there are no other people.

In our preparation for the other side of Silence, we have made a certain degree of Self Surrender and in that Self Surrender, we should have attained some success in releasing the idea that other people exist because we know that Oneness is the message. Now, if you will come forth in those areas where you could not attain this knowledge and the experience of the fact that other people do not exist, if you apply the effort to attaining Soul Consciousness, it will do what you were unable to do.

lt will express its knowledge of the One self where the world is seeing individuals who are mortal and separate. lt will take you above that mind which is incapable of doing this. It will do for you what you have tried and wanted to do but could not.

So again, you would have to come to this conclusion that these other individuals represent the automatic vision, touch, hearing, other forms of perception of your individual human mind and you would use that human mind to either outsmart them or to talk them out of something, or in some way influence them. Now you’re not. You are recognizing your Soul as your Identity and your Soul has the Identity of the other individual. You are seeing one unseparated Soul and you’re resting in that. Can you do that? Will you try to see one unseparated Soul where you have accepted other individuals who in some way were not in harmony with your particular lifestyle or purposes? Not say they are good or they are bad, you are better or worse but rather recognize one invisible Soul as the Living Soul of God – rest in it. Don’t worry what happens -let the things that are going to happen, happen – be patient, sit it out and watch how the one Soul changes that relationship in ways that you had not anticipated.

You’ve got to come to this. You find your peace by doing it also. Now, we can think of lots of ways to practice Soul Consciousness but it’s easy enough to go right back to Jesus and let Him tell you, because the Christ has already given us some very unusual ideas about Soul Consciousness that we didn’t recognize.

Turn the other cheek – meaning – stop resenting this, stop resenting that, stand ye still in Soul Consciousness and let the power of the Infinite Soul restore what the mind had misinterpreted. Release your concept. There are quite a number of people we don’t like particularly who bore us or do something or other that we wish they’d remove; let’s redo that. Let’s take them into Soul Consciousness and let’s take a certain person who isn’t always perfect – OUR SELF and take that person into Soul Consciousness and start FORGIVING the human sense of life that person had entertained. Once you can forgive yourself, its trespasses, its debts, its karma, you find in your Soul Consciousness, you’re not quite as bad as you once thought you were, much better in fact than you had ever anticipated. And it will give you the capacity to forgive others in a different kind of way than saying, ‘I forgive them.’ Let the Soul do the forgiving.

This is all preparation for a new level of Silence. Once you do it’s a great reshuffling, the adjustments are very pronounced, they involve everyone you know. I think Jesus put it a certain way, and it’s very important to us. I want you to look at Matthew 19, Chapter 19 the last three verses. We all know Jesus said, (Follow Me’ but here he said something just a shade different and it’s about your Soul, even though the word ‘soul’ isn’t used.

You see the whole thrust of the Christ message is regeneration but without the Soul there’s no regeneration, so it’s really Soul regeneration. Through the Soul you are regenerated or reborn. In other words, the false birth is overcome and we see there never was a birth at all. It was just the Self that was not visible or tangible for the people involved either for themselves or you.

Now, Jesus says, ‘for verily 1 say unto you, that ye which had followed me in the regeneration, ‘- and so that’s what they have been going through with Him. They have been lifted out of the reincarnating self into the permanent Self which does not reincarnate. They are being reborn or turned away from the false sense of life to the true permanent sense and this is Soul regeneration that He’s talking about: ‘Ye who have followed me in the regeneration, when the Son of Man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye shall also sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. ‘

This regeneration lifts them into a different present life into a different present body, a different present Consciousness, which is eternal. That is the reason they are judging the twelve tribes of Israel. They are above the changing human scene and yet they’re here, visible, regenerated. It takes quite a shock then because in everyone that hath forsaken houses or brethren or sisters or fathers or mothers or wife or children or land for my name sake, shall receive a hundred fold and shall inherit everlasting Life.

He had previously said that a Soul went forth to sow and some few reaped a hundred fold but those who follow in the regeneration through Soul will reap a hundred fold, arid when you reap a hundred fold that’s breaking reincarnation. Until you reap a hundred fold you’ve got to reincarnate. Now, a hundred fold means that you are bearing Divine fruit not human fruit. So whoever has felt that because I’m expressing various types of human fruitage that I must be highly chosen has another thought coming? That’s a good decoy to the expressing or manifesting human fruitage because it is Divine fruitage that we are now after. The Divine fruitage is the end of reincarnation; human fruitage has nothing to do with it.

You see how we can short change ourselves? But all the things that we have to come past – mother, father, brother, sister, child, mean: recognize their reality. It’s all it means. Recognize who they are. But you see if you’re going to say, ‘my wife is a living Soul but your wife isn’t,’ you’ve lost it again. Now, one person’s wife may be in jail for writing false checks and yet, that is what the mind sees – you are seeing the Living Soul. Forgiving seventy times seven means looking through the Soul and accepting what the Soul knows rather than what the mind sees and so, this is how we leave mother, brother, father, sister, etc. for my sake. We recognize the Reality.

But many that are first shall be last and the last shall be first. So, it matters not in Truth what degree of human fruitage we are showing forth. Whoever can accept the indwelling Soul as the only – will rectify the error of centuries when parents only saw the body and the mind and did not see that the body and the mind are just tiny images in the vastness of the Soul. The Soul is the overall and these are just little images or shadows of the world mind as it interprets the Soul.

I hope that you don’t misunderstand and try to separate from families or separate in some way and see children as something you don’t any longer have anything to do with or in some way you begin to feel- because Jesus put it this way, I must, you know, move out from these human relationships and have no responsibility. The responsibilities don’t cease, they just take a different form.

In fact they are handled better because they are handled in the manner of Grace. Even the Disciples on the road fulfilled their responsibilities to their families through their plan of having two of the twins serve the families with the money they collected on the road. The responsibilities are always fulfilled, we never neglect them. In fact they are more of a privilege. Now we have this new dimension then, of Soul awareness to consider actively and several other things we are going to do – we want to find a space in our consciousness where we are willing to live not where our body appears. Sounds funny perhaps, but your Soul doesn’t live just where your body appears, you see.

And I’ve got to approach this with you in a special way right now because if you think where your body is you are, you are going to make your Soul Consciousness just a matter of words. Right now your body is sitting in the chair but your Soul Consciousness is not limited to that spot – okay? Let’s make that clear – your Soul Consciousness is totally independent of that physical form.

Now see if you can experience a conscious awareness of being in any place where this physical form is not. You see, the mind finds it difficult to make that leap and so you don’t make that leap with the mind. In order to make that leap, you drop the mind.

And now, where is your Soul, where is it not? Can you find a place where your Soul does not exist? You see how different Soul Consciousness is going to be when you come into the awareness that there is no place where your Soul does not exist; whereas your body is only sitting in a chair or moving in a car on a highway or entering the office door?

As you shift to Soul Consciousness, your body will come under a different set of laws. I don’t know how many of you have tried that often enough but once you experience the feeling of this Soul which is not where the body is, not only where the body is, you will realize that you are into a new level of power, a new level of Divine Consciousness. God couldn’t be limited to where a person’s body is – God is your Soul.

Who is incapable of practicing being a Living Soul that is not limited or confined just where the body is? Anyone can do it; anyone who understands the power of it will do it and will make it another exercise. And in the Stillness with that exercise there will come a point of completion in the exercise, a point which says, ‘I now have reached a certain balance which feels a Self that I am which is independent of the physical form that the world sees me in.’ As that develops you’ll find that you are in that Self which does not reincarnate and which does not die and which is perpetually maintained by the Infinite Spirit of God.

Instead of being separated from your Source, that which separated you is dissolved and you find that I and My Source are One. Much of what we are going to do in the ensuing classes is going to seem impossible to us until we begin to experience the Newness and some of the things we will do is to understand what it means to ‘inherit the earth’ – to know that you have abolished it, to know that you are independent of the human form, to know that your self has dominion over everything in this world. These are impossible to the human mind; they are already true in yourself. And they will best be attained when through the purity of your consciousness refusing to live outside of Soul, the Comforter comes unto you.

For it is the Comforter who accomplishes that which impossible. The mind which goes away is the equivalent of Jesus going away and then when the mind goes away, the Comforter comes unto you and you become a transparency for your Divine Self. Or you want these things which at one time seemed so far out, far away from us, to become normal living where we are not astounded by what Spirit is doing every day, invisible to human sense.

We want to watch the healing of the nations; we want to watch the healing of bodies; we want to watch the healing of relationships, of conditions, with the knowledge that behind all of these healings is simply the perfection coming forth through an enlightened Soul and we want to be that Enlightened Soul. At this point I am hoping there is less human thought in us and more of the Peace of the Father, the Peace that enables you to relax and know that God where the world appears is the only Reality, right now.

Tomorrow morning, when you come to class, I’m going to assume that each of us has awakened with the knowledge that our Soul is present Infinitely expressing God perfectly and that the Soul level, the Spiritual level of us and the Christ level of us are all present – synchronized in Oneness and that we have made the effort to realize that NOTHING ELSE IS PRESENT. That would be a good starting point. Our final exercise and I hope you don’t mind staying up this late is to wash the feet of the world by the knowledge that the washing of feet is a symbol of the awareness that the physical sense of life is a false state of consciousness into which man has fallen because his Soul awareness had been absent. In the washing of the feet, you are looking through the material sense of life and you are regenerating yourself through Soul awareness.

You are washing the feet of the world; seeing that the mind of the world is nothing more than the absence of the knowledge of the presence of the Soul of the world. Wash the feet; replace the mind with the Infinite Soul and know that not two are present but One and you are washing the feet of the world.

Our meeting tomorrow will be at 9:30 for meditation, 10:00 for the class. If any of you have the – a desire to learn more about the community around Monterey and Carmel, there are two individuals who know a great deal about it. One is Alexandra and one is Ilse Thompson, you can find them – they both know this area very well and they’ll be glad to give you any information they can – ideas on anything that would be helpful to you.

Those of you who haven’t noticed, Joel’s books are way back there and I think there’s a young lady from Palos Verdes who will be glad to show them to you. And I guess, we’ll think of other things as we go along but for the moment, that it will be it for tonight and we are going to start right in with our Soul Consciousness in the morning.

See you then. Thank you. I am going to remain here as long as anyone comes up to talk.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞





“In spiritual healing, whether the claim is named Jones, Brown, or Smith; whether the claim is named cancer, consumption, or polio; whether the claim is called unemployment, depression, or unhappy relationships; do not be tricked into treating persons or conditions. Leave them alone and get back to the substanceless substance to which you can give any name you like the carnal mind, hypnotism, suggestion. It can be anything as long as you interpret it as meaning nothingness-no substance, no law, no cause.

When you really begin to comprehend that in healing you are not dealing with people as people, when you learn to eliminate them and their specific claims from your thought, and in every instance deal with the root of the problem the carnal mind, nothingness; the “arm of flesh,” nothingness—you will find how quickly you will be able to become consciously aware of a spiritual Presence within you. This Presence cannot be felt until you are free of the barrier: The barrier is the belief in two powers; the bather is the belief in something apart from God.

If you prefer, the word, “temptation,” can be used in place of hypnotism. When you feel ill, you might look upon that as a temptation coming to you for acceptance or rejection. The only way you can reject the temptation is to recognize it as the “arm of flesh,” or nothingness, no matter what is brought to you, whatever its name or nature, no matter who it is.

The carnal mind is not the opposite of a divine mind, and you are not looking for a divine mind to do something to a carnal mind. The minute you have made the carnal mind a nothingness, the “arm of flesh,” you no longer have two powers and you can do just what it says in Scripture, rest in His word. You can rest in this Word, waiting for the Spirit of the Lord God to be upon you; and when it comes, it breaks the hypnotism.

For years after I had learned to recognize that all forms of sin, disease, lack, limitation, depression, or whatnot are mesmeric sense, or hypnotism, the puzzle was to discover how to break that hypnotism for a person. What could I do? A hypnotist just snaps his fingers, and his subject awakens, or he wills him to awaken. This I could not do because, on the spiritual path, I am not permitted to use physical or mental power.

It was then that I discovered that scriptural passage which you will find throughout all my writings, “the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands.” By the time I had spent some months puzzling on its obscure meaning, the answer began to be apparent: The weapon against error—our offense and defense—is something that is neither physical nor mental, no action, no words, no thoughts—only the awareness of God.

As you carry this out in practice, watching the stone being formed in and of your Consciousness while you stand to one side as a witness or a beholder, eventually a state of peace will come. Then you will catch a glimpse of God as Is not a power over anything, just God is. You begin to understand that no power does anything to anyone, and you become a beholder as reality begins to appear.

All problems fade out in proportion as you develop this ability to be quiet, to behold, and to witness divine harmony unfold, and because of the principle of oneness, your patient experiences this harmony.

The principle behind this process is that, inasmuch as the activity of the human mind is the substance and the activity of hypnotism, when the human mind is not functioning, there is no more hypnotism.

When you are not thinking thoughts or words, when you are in a stillness, the human mind is stopped —the hypnotism is gone. When you experience this, you will feel something which transcends the human dimension of life.

Do not battle the forms of error: Do not try to lop off rheumatism or consumption or cancer. Do not try to lop off old age. Do not try to change the appearance world. Get back, get back! Realize that in reality God constitutes your being, and the only thing from which you are suffering is a universal belief in two powers.

Get back and rest in the Word. If you battle one phase of error and defeat it, ten others may pop up to take its place. You have to wipe out that which is the cause of the human discord. And what is that? The fabric of nothingness, this so-called carnal mind which is not a power except to those who are eternally fighting evil.

If, with every claim that comes to you, you can set aside any thought of the person involved, his name and the nature of the claim, and can go back to some word or term which to you represents nothingness; not something that has to be fought against, not something that has to be risen above, but just nothingness, so that you have only one power — then you can sit in meditation and you will feel the descent of the Holy Ghost; you will feel the peace that passes understanding; you will feel a divine Presence and a release from fear or discord.

Consciously remember as you go into your meditation that you are not praying for the purpose of changing, healing, reforming, or correcting anything or anybody. Establish this clearly in your mind: “I am going into meditation, but there is no person involved and no condition involved. My meditation has nothing to do with a person, and it has nothing to do with a condition. It has to do with realizing a spiritual Presence right where I am. So now I am going to be silent and let that realization take place.”

All that is necessary for harmony is God’s grace realized. You do not have to know a lot of deep metaphysics: You have to know the simple things, the very simple things, such as the revelation of one power and the nothingness of the “armies of the aliens.” You understand that God is something more than a word. God is much more even than a long list of synonyms: God is an experience, and no one knows God until he has had that experience.”

Please get a copy of the book, “The Art of Spiritual Healing,” by Joel Goldsmith and you will have the principles to study and put into practice. And listen to the new audios “Inner Realizations” at –  Bill

Blessings from Myrtle Beach.

I am sitting here looking out at this vast ocean, thinking about, contemplating, that infinite ocean of Love that we call God. It doesn’t really matter what we call it – God or the Tao, the Is, the Infinite Invisible, the Presence, the Christ, Spirit – these are only terms that the human mind gives to the Infinite – that which is eternal and forever is-ing. Just behind these mental images, just on the other side of this little veil, the veil of thought, is the Is-ness that we call God.

It occurred to me last night that all that we really want to do is to be so still inside, so quiet that we feel the movement of that Is; that we feel that gentle infinite invisible Presence in our midst. Like this ocean that you hear in the background, there is an ocean of Love in the background with you always. That ocean of Love, that Infinite Invisible is your very own consciousness; it is God Consciousness, my consciousness, for there is only one. This Consciousness so loved the world that It manifested Itself as the world and that manifestation; the son of God, the daughter of God, the offspring of God, the expression of that ocean of Love is what you are. It is what I am. It has always been flowing and it will always flow into manifestation. Then the human mind speaks up and as Adam it starts naming everything.

Here, Divine Consciousness expressing, appearing as forms, as infinite form and variety, starts to be divided and named and in the very act of dividing and naming, we step out of the garden of Is, of eternal Love and expression and into a mental realm, a mental – well, we can’t say creation because it has never been created. But a mental image, and images upon images.

So we look out at the Divine Infinite Invisible appearing as, we look out at one and we see 2 and we see 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 and so on and so forth. Billions of mental images, all super-imposed upon the One that is, always quietly, peacefully, expressing.

We see fat, thin, healthy, sick, wealthy, poor, male, female, young, old, tall, short, smart, stupid – all of this, mental images super-imposed upon the Divine. But the mental images are not a creation and they do not exist in the Divine Expression.

You see, what occurred to me last night or early this morning is that there are no people on earth. That is what came to me in my meditation. There are no people on earth. What we are seeing, what the eyes show us, are mental projections super-imposed upon one infinite Being. And yet, the truth is, none of these images can get outside of the human mind.

How do we know? Because when we get behind that human mind we see, we sense, we feel the Divine and if we are very still, very quiet, then the mental images are no longer operating. There is a transparency, an opening, a clear avenue of awareness through which we see the Infinite Invisible expressing Itself. This is an actual experience and we look and we say, “Oh, my God! There has been a healing!” There hasn’t. It’s not a healing we are seeing. We are simply seeing that which is, even right now going on, just as these waves continue.

You see, the other day I was reading these Kailua 1955 Study Series transcripts and I read something that Joel said about God being no-thing and suddenly something opened up. Consciousness opened up for a moment because I was very still and I saw – this is what I saw, if I can get this across – I don’t know if you can feel it but see if you can.

God is no-thing. In fact, God is no-thing-ness; no-thing-ness; nothingness and out of this infinite No-thing-ness springs forth infinite variety and form. This is the Immaculate Conception known as creation.

The Infinite Invisible No-thing-ness springs forth into infinite variety and form but it is still the Infinite No-thing-ness. We just see it as all these forms. So there are no people on earth, there is only the Infinite Invisible No-thing-ness, expressing; the substance of all that is.

What about that woman you love? What about that good woman, that good guy? What about that loving parent and grandparent and that sweet, little child? I am telling you what I know to be true – there are no people on earth. What you are looking at is a mental image super-imposed on top of or in front of the Infinite Invisible No-thing-ness, expressing.

Funny isn’t it? We fall in love with our mental images. If you would know the truth about those you love, it becomes necessary to realize that you know nothing about the Invisible No-thing-ness that is right there just behind the mental image. It becomes necessary to know that you are looking through a glass darkly.

There is an invisible Something that is the reality of those you love and even the reality of those you don’t particularly care about. It is when you recognize that there are no mental images on earth that you can set those aside, become still, enter the silence and the No-thing-ness, the Infinite Invisible Itself will reveal Itself to you right where you were looking at a person. Then you shall know that they are just as infinite as the Infinite Itself because they are the Infinite and the result of this is you will bring forth that Infinite; your recognition of the Infinite makes it appear and we call that a healing. But, in fact, no one has been healed; the Infinite Invisible has been revealed.

These were some of the thoughts and inner stirrings that came to me last night as I meditated and I wondered if anyone would be interested to receive this and feel it.

Now, let me read you something again that you are so familiar with that you might say, “Well, we’ve heard that before.” See if this doesn’t say exactly what we have been saying.

The sense which presents pictures of discord and inharmony, disease and death, is the universal mesmerism which produces the entire dream of human existence.

Now if human existence is a dream then there are no people, no humans on earth.

It must be understood that there is no more reality to harmonious human existence than to discordant world conditions. It must be realized that the entire human scene is mesmeric suggestion, and we must rise above the desire for even good human conditions.

We do not want a good human life because what would we have? We would still have a glass darkly, wouldn’t we? We would still have a mental image. We would still be living in the mental image of a person.

In your meditation as you practice this with those around you—there are no people on earth. The Infinite Invisible No-thing-ness is Itself expressing Itself. It is manifesting, appearing as form—make sure that you remember to turn it toward yourself. Look at yourself. There are no people on earth. The Infinite Invisible No-thing-ness is expressing as my being. It is Itself that which I am, for I am not a people; I am not a person; I am not a persona; I am not a mask. I am the Infinite Invisible No-thing-ness in expression.

To continue, understand fully – now this understand fully does not mean get a mental, intellectual understanding of this; it means move into it with your being and feel it. So feel this; suggestion, belief or hypnotism is the substance or fabric of the whole mortal universe.

Does that mean that this world is an illusion out here? No, it does not. This is a spiritual world, a spiritual universe. The Infinite Invisible, the No-thing-ness, is the divine creation, this spiritual universe and it is one and it is perfect and it is is-ing. What you must feel is that your mental images which divided up into 6 billion individuals and trillions upon trillions of individual forms, individual identities, this you must get the feel, is hypnotism. It is the fabric of the whole mortal universe and humans and human conditions, both good and evil, are dream pictures having no reality or permanence and really only taking place in the mind.

Be willing for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear from your experience in order that reality may be known and enjoyed and lived and felt.

So in your meditation, whether it is for a healing for yourself or someone else or whether it is just to experience this infinite invisible Presence, it is necessary to first feel that everything the senses are showing you about individual lives; it is first necessary in your meditation to recognize that these are mental images not created by God and not to be believed. When you recognize that you can stop trying to improve them. You can set them aside. You can come within and you can ask, “Father, reveal Your Self, Your creation. Open my inner eye that I may see the Infinite Invisible No-thing-ness manifesting. Let me see behind this little veil to the invisible Presence which permeates its entire creation. Let me see that perfect Presence, that one Presence appearing infinitely.” Then be still, remain open, remain receptive and let It reveal Itself.

This is the way to awaken. This is the way to come out of this prison of mental images, to step behind the veil into the Infinite Invisible.

We listen to the sound of these waves of this ocean in the background and it seems as if it has always been here, millions upon millions of years. Yet we are told that when we come into the experience of our oneness with the Infinite, we will know the glory we had with the Father before the world was. Do you know that this should happen in your meditation? In each meditation you should become so still that you experience the glory you had with the Father before the world was.

When you rise above the mental images, even if only for a moment, you step out of the world of concepts and you catch a glimpse of the glory of that which is, that which was and that which shall ever be; your true abiding place.

Within your being is this Infinite Invisible No-thing-ness which is Consciousness. Your part in this is to rest in that consciousness. Your part now is to stop thinking, stop wanting, stop desiring, stop fearing, stop worrying, and stop looking at mental images and rest. Your part now is to be a beholder, stand a little to the side and watch. It comes in a moment ye think not.

The Infinite Invisible No-thing-ness is flowing. But in this moment of silence, you feel It flowing; you feel It. You feel Me at the center of your being because I express in you.

Really, says Joel, God is living Its life as you. There is no such thing as God and you. that is why we cannot add God to our humanhood because we would be trying to add the Infinite Invisible No-thing-ness to a mental image. Of course, it cannot be done. But if we rest back on this infinite sea of Spirit, a miracle takes place. We feel Its movement. We feel Its rhythm. We feel Its eternity. We feel Its love. This is realization and in the feeling it, it transforms all that we thought we were looking at and dissolves it, revealing Itself.

In the beginning we hardly notice, it is like these waves coming up on the shore here. One wave, two waves, we hardly notice that with each wave it is dissolving a little bit of the sand. It is the same in our meditations. One experience, two experiences, we hardly perceive that with each meditation, it is dissolving a part of these mental images; yet, it is. And when these mental images go, and as they are dissolved, more and more of the reality of the Infinite Invisible becomes apparent to us.

This is why we cannot—should not—meditate in order to achieve a material goal. God has no awareness of your material world. Come up higher than that. Step outside of that mind in your meditation and you may experience this Infinite Invisible which will dissolve your material world.

Do you see how impossible, really how ridiculous it is to tell this Infinite Invisible how to manifest and express Itself? Start coming within now, in your meditation and in your prayer work, with absolutely no request, except one:

Dear beloved, dear Father, O’ Infinite Invisible, express Your Self. Let me be still and see the beauty and wonders of Your divine Presence appearing as form.

All that we ever had to do—ever—is to stop trying to live and create and build a personal life.

I tell you, in the stepping aside, this entire ocean of Love rushes to fill the vacuum with Its glorious Self and fill the vacuum it does, appearing as harmony of being, harmony of purse, harmony of life and body, harmony of home and business, harmony of relationships.

Ever, All, Itself, the Infinite Invisible No-thing-ness, silently awaits within your consciousness, as your consciousness, in the background. Just behind the veil of mental images, of thinking, of thought.

Do me this one favor, would you? This week make it your business to remember, several times a day, to simply step aside; allow the thinking to be still and invite this infinite invisible Presence, this No-thing-ness, to flow into active expression and then rest. After the invitation, rest.

Do this for a few minutes in the morning and several times a day as you have the opportunity, and again in the night if you happen to awaken. Just invite the infinite invisible Being to open your eyes to Its expression; to Its manifestation and then rest.

In this way, you shall awaken. When you awaken, you shall be satisfied with your likeness.

Now, let us rest for a minute and attune ourselves with the ocean of Being which is our consciousness. Let us rest; let us listen and behold It and feel Its movement.

And I hear within my being:

Beloved child, I am always with you, awaiting only for your recognition and in your recognition, as you rest in My arms, I rush forward to give you My all, My Being, My Love, forever.

I am silent before the Divine.

Good morning.

Today’s talk may make you a little bit uncomfortable and that uncomfortability is the human mind not wanting to die.

This morning I received a question posted on Mystical Principles that was really wonderful for sparking a contemplation and I have been contemplating it since and its answer. It was a question about why do we see an illusion, why do we see a change for the better taking place in illusion; we see a healing take place if we haven’t had a change in consciousness?

And that is a really great question and the answer, of course, is because we have not seen the real work. The real work is invisible. The real Presence is invisible and the real identity is invisible. What we see with the eyes, with the sense mind, is a picture and the picture has changed from bad to good, but it is still a picture.

A practitioner or the person of spiritual discernment, let’s say, is able to see behind that picture to the underlying reality of Christ-being. So this person with spiritual discernment has had a spiritual experience in their meditation. They have witnessed and looked into the invisible and they are not in the slightest bit interested nor are they fooled by pictures, by sense pictures.

So it doesn’t matter to the person of spiritual discernment whether they are looking at a sickly picture or a healthy picture; a limited, lacking picture or a wealthy picture. None of that makes any difference at all because they understand and have come to see that the fabric, the substance of these pictures is world-thought or universal beliefs; a series of universal beliefs which are appearing in the mind and never outside of it.

Do we understand that? Probably not because it takes a while to understand it.

Now we all have a human mind. That is the mind that says, “I’m 54 years old, I’m a male, I’m 5 feet 8 ½ inches, I’m 170 pounds, I live here, this is my career, I’m this, I’m that. I’m a father, I’m a grandfather, I’m a great grandfather, I’m a son, I’m an uncle, I’m a nephew. I accomplished this in my life and I have these degrees. I own this property and I am this or that.

Now that is the human mind and on the human level is 100% correct, isn’t it? I am all these things. Just ask my creditors, ask my Realtor, my accountant, my attorney, the university which issued my degree. They will tell you all those things are true.

However, when we get to the mystical path, none of those things are true. This person named whomever is a false identity. It is a false identity whether appearing healthy, wealthy and wise or appearing sickly, bankrupt or broke and stupid. Both sides of the coin, the good and the bad, are made from the same fabric. The fabric is universal beliefs, a series of universal beliefs woven together to be a false identity.

You know what it is really? It’s identity theft. I had a call a while back and they said, “Have you made some charges on your credit card in Canada?” And I said, “No, I am still down here in North Carolina. I haven’t been to Canada at all.” “Well,” they said, “someone made some charges with your number in Canada.” “Well,” I said, “How can they do that? I have my card here in my hand?” “Ah,” they said, “it was identity theft, happens all the time. It’s the single biggest crime in America today.” “Well how could they get my password?” I said, “My password is my mother’s maiden name.” “Ah,” they said, “you would be surprised what you can do on the Internet if you go to a genealogy site.” “Well,” I said, “then let’s change that password.” I went and called all my credit card companies and told them to change my password. No more using mother’s maiden name and they said that is a good idea because they have stumbled upon that and some of my credit cards had said that that was a good plan, mother’s maiden name. But it turns out it isn’t because someone can steal your identity. Now, fortunately, I wasn’t liable for any of that. It got cleared up and everything is okay.

But the point is, in our spiritual life, there’s an even greater identity theft. Who are you? Who are you really? If you have faithfully practiced the Presence, if you have faithfully practiced meditation, you are beginning to have the experience of a Presence that never leaves you. ‘I am with you alway even unto the end of the world.’ So you have experienced this Presence and if you have gone a little farther, a little deeper in your meditations, a little higher, then there are times when you know by the experience that this Presence is the reality of you. And this other thing appearing as a human, with all these human thoughts, this is nothing less than identity theft. This image is stealing your real identity and building this false identity and if you accept it and its lies, then you live out as this false identity and never have the experience of your true identity.

So then the question becomes, “My God, how do I find out who I am and live out as that?” Well, we’ve been given the tools and the first top tool is to know the nature of error. And as we have been told, not too many people like to study the nature of error because it doesn’t give you that warm glowing feeling inside like it does when you study the nature of God and God’s Love.

When you study the nature of error, it makes you uncomfortable and it should. It should light a fire under you to say, “Hey, what do I do about this?” Like Buddha when he was taking that ride into town and the first time he saw disease and he saw lack and limitation and poverty and even death; he saw a corpse. He was appalled, “My God, what do I have to do to remove this from the world?” And it drove him and drove him and drove him for I think it was twenty-two years from teacher to teacher until he found the answer. But he found the answer within, sitting under the tree.

Studying the nature of error should make you uncomfortable. It should drive you to look for an answer. But it is the single most important requisite for finding out what you are not, which should drive you within to find out what you are.

So, how do you stop this identity theft? Well, the first thing you have to do is understand that there is something called universal belief in good and evil. Now we have all sorts of stories about how it originated. We have the story of Adam and Eve eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and that is a story that I presume Moses made up to try to explain it for us.

Where it has its beginning we don’t really know. Buddha described it as Maya. He said the cause of all suffering was desire which is the same thing because you either desire to get something you don’t have which is looked upon as good or you desire to get rid of something you don’t want—a disease, a lack, a limitation—which is looked upon as bad. So it is still a belief in good and evil. Moses and Buddha were saying the same thing. Where it had its origin I don’t think you’re going to find out on this plane of existence. But that it does exist should be something that you recognize. Error and the appearance of error, the appearance does exist. But now an appearance is not a reality is it?

When I drive these roads around here in the mountains, sometimes I am going uphill and I look on the pavement, the asphalt and way up ahead of me about 300 feet, I see a little puddle of water. And as I drive closer to it, it dissolves and disappears because it wasn’t water. It was an appearance, fooling the eye and so you can say yes, that appearance has existence, can’t you? I can show it to you if you ride along with me. So something is there. But that which is there is an appearance. That which is there is a nothing. It is a nothing appearing as a something.

Error is the same way. Error that you see that is appearing to you as a person, a place, a thing or a condition, it’s just like that puddle of water. Yes I can show it to you; you can show it to me. But it is not a something. It is a nothing appearing as a something.

Now we take that and we apply it to identity. This person, this series of universal beliefs woven together to appear as a person, this is not there. It is not there; it is an appearance. It is appearing to be a something. That is why the Master told us, “Do not judge by these appearances.” In other words, do not draw your conclusions based on these appearances.

So if you understand that you are being presented with a picture, a false identity of self, whether your self or someone else’s self, then you will know there is nothing you can do about it.

When I am driving up the road, can I park the car and get a vacuum and vacuum up that water? No, of course not. There is no water there. What can I do? I can see it for what it is and as I approach it, it disappears from view. It is the same way with the appearance of a false identity. When I recognize that it is an appearance, I will stop praying to God to fix it. I won’t pray to God, “Will you please add to this appearance on the road? Why don’t you put a bush here and a little falls over there and we’ll make it an oasis.” Well that is the same thing I am doing when I am praying to God to add a little money here and add a little health and add a little companionship. We can’t add God to an illusion. Why do we keep trying? Because we are hypnotized into thinking the appearance is a something when it is a nothing.

So the very first step in awakening from a false identity, from this identity theft, is to recognize there is a series of universal beliefs just floating around; ever since the very first person thought, “Oh no, that is bad. I’ve got to fix that and make it good. I haven’t got enough crops this year.” So that would be billions and billions of universal beliefs just sort of floating around like radio transmissions and the human mind is a receiving station and it picks up these radio transmissions and assembles them into a picture and now we have a false identity by the name of Bill or Susan or Drake or Jim or Mary.

But there is a true identity right there. However, it does you no good unless you have an awareness of It. It is true that God is omnipresent. It is true that God is all. It is true that Christ is your identity. But if you have no awareness—let’s put it this way—if you are in that human mind which now is a receiving station for this universal series of beliefs, if you are in that mind, then you cannot know your true identity no matter how you try because the natural mind receiveth not the things of God neither can it know them for they are spiritually discerned.

That is why you can know the truth with that human mind. You can walk around saying to yourself and repeating, “Christ is my real identity. Christ is the only Presence here,” and still find yourself in a world of troubles and it is because you have been knowing the truth with that human mind.

I received this the other day in my meditation which fits in right here.

The mind of man is not equipped to know the truth.

It must come from another mind.

Therefore, have that mind in you which was also in Christ Jesus.

The mind, the human mind, which is suffering from a universal series of beliefs woven together to make a false identity, that mind cannot wake itself up, that mind cannot know the truth, cannot receive the things of God. So knowing the truth with that mind is absolutely useless. It is called knowing the letter of truth. That mind can only know the letter of truth. That is the way to put it. That human mind can only know the letter of truth, never the Spirit.

Therefore, after you have recognized that the nature of error is a universal series of beliefs woven together in the human mind to create a false identity, a false person, a false place, a false thing, a false condition, you have the secret of its dissolving. When you recognize that mind that has manufactured the appearance cannot know the truth which will set me free. That mind is not equipped to know the truth. Therefore, let me turn within and go deeper. Let me find that mind which was also in Christ Jesus.

We finally get to the right question, the question that Buddha asked. How can I remove death, disease, lack and limitation from the world? In other words, how can I remove not disease from a person, they are not there. How can I remove lack and limitation from this artificial identity theft life? You can’t. You can’t. How can I remove this terrible condition from my relatives or friends? You can’t. The very mind asking that question is itself the identity theft, the false identity.

So the correct question is, how can I step out of the mind that is itself the false identity seeing all these other false identities? Because if I can step out of that mind, then the mind which was also in Christ Jesus will reveal Itself. It will reveal true identity. That mind which was also in Christ Jesus, through spiritual discernment, will reveal my true identity, your true identity, the one true identity in our very midst.

Now we are getting close, very close to the discovery of our real identity; actually to the discovery of our real mind. Therefore, we sit down; we recognize the nature of error as this impersonal series of universal beliefs creating a false self and we dismiss it. We do not try to meet a problem on the level of the problem. We dismiss it as the nothingness like that appearance on the road.

Now we turn within and if we are new at this, if this is something we are trying for the first time, then we simply close our eyes and we get quiet, we become still.

Alright. This appearance is a nothing appearing as a something. I am going to let it go and not do anything about it because nothing can be done about it. It is a false identity. But here I am within. Now this mind, this human mind that has these thoughts about truth, all of that is the letter of truth and that is not going to do anything but kill. I have got to have the Spirit Itself. The Spirit giveth life. The Spirit is that mind which was also in Christ Jesus. So let me be still. Let me think no more thoughts. Father, reveal Thy Self. Let the Spirit make intercession. Let the Spirit reveal the one true identity, even Christ.

I am still, I am listening. Father You reveal the Presence of I in the midst of me.

There is a Presence in the midst of our very Consciousness; there really is, and when we practiced the Presence throughout our days, we were practicing remembering that this Presence is with us. And when we sat down to meditate and began practicing meditation, it was for the purpose of stilling the mind or rather through contemplation, reaching a point, a stage, where the mind became still and sometimes it was only for a second, yet in that stillness a Presence was felt; a Spirit, a spiritual Presence. In that momentary silence there may have been a scripture, a word that flowed forth.

In this inner stillness, if you succeeded in reaching the place where the mind stood still for a moment, you experienced something. It might have been a feeling of a Presence other than your body or mind. It might have been receiving an impression as if something was saying, “I am here. I will never leave you.” It may have been a peace; My peace, that passeth all understanding, that descended upon you. In one way or another you felt a transcendental Presence in your Consciousness, in your midst.

So as you turn within and you say: “Father, reveal identity. Reveal the truth about who I am.” This movement within is an answer. It is an experience of who you are. This is your true identity revealing Itself to you, as a movement, a quickening, a tingling, a peace, an impression or awareness that there is a Presence, I, always with you. This is the only identity that you have. But it does you no good unless you have an experience of it, here in your inner temple.

When you have an experience within your Consciousness of this Presence, it begins to dissolve everything unlike Itself. There is no need to tell It what you need or what lack or limitation you would like to see dissolved. I don’t have to tell anybody when I am driving up the mountain what I would like to see happen to that appearance on the road. I just simply have to move ahead and it dissolves.

Listen to me. You do not have to think or tell Omniscience what you would like to see dissolved. You only have to stand or rest in the Light. Stand still and see the transforming power of this inner Presence.

God is Light and in Him is no darkness at all and when you experience this Light, you feel it, not an emotion, no, it is a different sense of feel. It is spiritual discernment. You feel a transcendental Presence. When you feel It, It dissolves everything unlike Itself and it is automatic. Just like stepping out into the sunshine to feel the warmth and the light of the sun. You don’t have to tell the sun what you would like; you have to step into it.

You don’t have to tell this Presence at all what you would like to see dissolved. You step into it. You step out of the human mind with its series of universal beliefs and you step into this other mind, this Presence and It begins to dissolve the false identity, the false self. You don’t direct it, you don’t tell it, you don’t ask it to change this or that or the other. You simply make that contact within. You simply rest back in It until you have the experience of It; you have the feel of It. Then It of Itself dissolves everything unlike Itself. It begins to work immediately.

Do you understand? There is no need to pray. We are told we can pray for anything we wish as long as it is not of this world. Therefore it is valid to say, “Father, reveal Your Self. Let me feel Your Presence.” And as you have this experience more than once and repeatedly come within here to this inner temple and have this experience over and over again, more and more of this false identity theft will be dissolved without any asking. It just goes. You don’t even know where it goes nor do you care. And more and more of this infinite invisible Presence, Christ, liveth in you and as you and you come to the experience—not the knowledge—the experience, the actual witnessing, Christ is living me. Eventually you come to the awareness, “Christ is me”; there never was a me. God Itself, individualized as Christ, is living Itself right here.

By recognizing the nature of error, turning within and recognizing the nature of prayer as this resting, as this inner perception or feeling of the Presence of God; this then results in you seeing with your own eyes, with your own eye of spiritual discernment, that God’s Love manifests individually as your Christ identity. So this then reveals the nature of God.

I don’t know where you are at in your life, but I know that for me, I want my life back. I am not happy that this series of universal beliefs has woven together out of the fabric of nothingness, a false identity and then is moving it around through the human mind—I don’t want to live that walking dead, that sleeping life. I want to awaken from the mortal dream and come into the actual living awareness that Christ liveth in me and through me and as me and I want to do it starting today. I want my life, the life that God made for me before the world was and this is the way.

Any other way such as demonstrating automobiles and houses and increase in income, better heart rates and better companions—all of that is not the way. That is just manipulating the series of universal beliefs. Now we have good ones to play with, but we are still sleeping. Awake thou that sleepest.

I want to awaken and I am, however gradually, I am. I do not feel that I have time anymore to play with these trinkets.

Within your Consciousness is the living Christ, God individualized, placed there at the beginning before this world experience.

Will you awaken to your real identity? Come out of this world of universal beliefs and discover through an actual transcendental awareness or experience that you are the Son, the offspring of the living God; that you are the temple in which God dwells.

If you will, you are going to have to leave behind that human mind that presents these series of universal beliefs and in your meditation, you are going to have to come up higher into the mind which was also in Christ Jesus and have that as your mind.

Oh, for a while, when you open your eyes, yes, for a while you are still going to need that human mind to balance your check book and to plan your budget and to make your grocery list and perhaps pass a driving test—that sort of thing. But it will be governed—governed—by this Mind. Capital M-i-n-d, this Omniscient Mind which was also in Christ Jesus. This will govern that human mind and there will be no place for universal beliefs to enter or to defile or maketh a lie.

We have all, every one of us on earth; have been the victims of identity theft. You have, I have, and everyone has. But now we are no longer going to live that false sense of identity, that false sense of self. We are going to come up out of that, consciously, and awaken to our true identity as we witness and behold It living Itself.

It speaks Itself. It reveals Itself. It goes before you and prepares a place for you and you marvel, “Wow, look at that!” An invisible hand of the Presence of this true identity moves things around and dissolved everything unlike Itself in order to accomplish the Father’s Will. It is fabulous.

Let us agree that we are going to be done with playing with trinkets. We are going to come to the throne of the Father with one desire; that God may reveal Itself, that God may reveal the Christ on earth as in heaven, the true identity made in His image and likeness, in Its image and likeness.

If you will come to the throne of the Father and rest there at the feet of infinite God and if you will ask, well—Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if anyone will ask, if anyone will open unto me, I will come in. You will have the Christ experience and you will have it again and again until It begins to live you and dissolves everything unlike Itself, which is the complete false identity.

Okay. Do we see this clearly?

If you are unable to have a meditation to the point of stillness where you have this inner experience of a transcendental Presence called Christ or God individualized, then you know you need to go back and study about contemplation and how to reach that point of stillness.

If you are unable to contemplate, if you do not know the letter of truth, then you must go back to Practicing the Presence. Read that book thoroughly and put it into practice in the minutes, hours and days of your week until that becomes almost second nature and you’re able to calm down enough to contemplate.

This path we are on is very specific in its directions and if you are not able to do something here, then all you need to do is back up until you’re standing in the place where you are able to do that and then continue with that until it moves you forward.

Don’t try to jump up here if you can’t do it yet. It requires honesty. If you know someone that is walking this way and has been walking this way for awhile and you’re serious about this, then you can write them and say, “Look, here’s what I’ve been doing, here’s the results. What do you think I need to include or get rid of? What do you think I need to do in order to learn how to meditate or in order to learn how to practice the Presence? What do you think I need to study in order to see truly the nature of error?”

You see? Let’s stop all this guess work. We don’t have to guess. I know four people, five people, right off the top of my mind here that would be able to answer these questions. All within reach of an email—six, seven. I know plenty and I suspect you do too.

We can go on year after year, planning for the life of a false identity which is an identity theft, making preparations for when that identity retires. There is nothing wrong with a retirement fund, I’m not saying that. I’m saying if your mind is focused on that and nothing but that, then you are living in a false identity, which will come to an end and will pass away. It will cease to exist. That is what happens to all false identities. And we can either wait forty years and watch it happen or we can die daily today in the way that we have described, to that false sense of identity. But as you die daily, you also awaken daily. Each little death is a resurrection of a new identity, your true identity, Christ.

Okay. I hope that helps. I thank you for listening. God bless you all in your journey. And come up higher, come up high, come up into your true identity. Leave that false identity theft person behind. Come into the kingdom. You have it in your power to become the Sons of God. That was promised by John and I accept his promise.

Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, greetings from your innermost Self. 

  Let us be still now as we let the Spirit come forth and reveal itself within us.  Many of us feel that we need to have a deep understanding of truth.  We feel that we need to have much knowledge but this is not the truth.  Because God does not need your knowledge or your understanding in order to function.  In fact God functions “in a moment ye think not.”  God functions more clearly when there is less understanding.  God functions through you when you are unknowing and un understanding.  The Spirit of God flows through all those who are willing to remain an open channel.  The Spirit of God works through you, in you and as you when you rest back in a cloud of unknowing; when you have the attitude of a trusting child then the Father can work It’s wonders.

We have read over and over and heard that “Where the Spirit of God is there is liberty.”  And it is the truth.  But to demonstrate this truth it becomes necessary to have the simple awareness of a beholder.  I do not need a deep understanding.  I do not need a tremendous amount of knowledge.  I only need the simple attitude of being still and beholding that Spirit of the Lord.  And in this stillness, that Spirit flows through and does its work in a way we know not of.

We are learning to be receptive.  We are learning to stand a little to the side.  Sometimes it is necessary to stop our studies, that is, stop trying to gain more knowledge.  Let us do that.  Let us stop trying to gain more knowledge and let us, if we are to gain something, let us acquire this ability to trust; to step aside and be a beholder.  To witness the spirit working it’s works; to not have to know anything, not to have to understand anything — this is the way.  The spiritual way of living and resting back in that cloud of unknowing.  The greater works are done in this unknowing; this state of unknowing.

Yes it is true that we begin our meditations with contemplation.  That is with our rehearsing the truths or scriptures that we know, but that is only the preparation.

That’s only the step before this period of unknowing.  And when we have exhausted our knowing of the truth in our contemplation and come to a place of stillness the mind is relaxed.  We are not knowing anything, we are simply resting.  And then it is that the Spirit comes forth and we become aware of Spirit flowing through us, around us and in us.

Of course for each person it’s different.  One person may have a beautiful fragrance, the smell of flowers everywhere when there is none present.  Another may have a feeling of the Presence, a tingling sensation or just a deep sense of peace.  Someone else may have a quick short breath or a sense of release.  And someone else may have an actual message, an impression or perhaps even hearing the still small voice.

It doesn’t matter how we become aware of the Spirit.  What matters is that we are still until we do become aware. This is important because our awareness of the Spirit and the movement of Spirit, our conscious awareness of our oneness with Spirit, is what does the work.  God is available; the Spirit of God is Omnipresent.  But it does us absolutely no good to have a deep understanding of this.  What makes the difference, what makes the miracle – the awareness of that Spirit, is meditation.

For many of us it has taken many years.   Perhaps we have read hundreds of books and listened to dozens of talks, and attended lectures and classes, all this was necessary in order to get a firm foundation where we do know truth and we can contemplate that truth.  But that was a step that was necessary to lead us back within ourselves because none of those outer exercises bring the miracle of Spirit on a permanent basis. What they do is lead us back within ourselves where we can finally become still and catch that awareness of Spirit.

Your awareness of Spirit is what does the work.  And what work are we talking about?  “I have come that they might have life and life more abundantly.”  So Spirit transforms the outer picture and brings harmony into your affairs.  And Spirit brings liberty, freedom from any negative influences. Spirit dissolves the appearance of evil.  And Spirit brings abundant living.

The awareness of Spirit will transform your outer life to one of heaven on earth.  Spirit won’t do this just by Itself.  That is to say, your understanding that this is how Spirit works will not transform your life.  It takes the actual awareness of Spirit in meditation to bring about this transformation.

We are working by knowing the truth to reach a place of unknowing.  And in that split second of unknowing the Spirit of God descends upon you and you are aware of it.  And it goes before you in a way ye know not of and transforms the pictures that you are seeing with the senses.  Then more of that Spirit and that liberty is revealed as your life. But if you must know something, know this that is going to take the actual awareness.  And so if you have not had the awareness of the Spirit of God, then you will know why the transformation hasn’t happened and you will know what to do to correct the situation.

Always, always, always we are developing and practicing our ability to be receptive to the Spirit of God, to have the awareness of the Spirit of God.  And with the practice of meditation that experience comes again and again. And we develop that conscious awareness.

You see we don’t develop a deep understanding.  We don’t develop a great knowledge.  We develop a conscious awareness so that we can take that conscious awareness with us.  The conscious awareness of God of Spirit of the Presence of the living “I” becomes a working part of you; a working part of your Consciousness and you take it wherever you go.

Should you be ten thousand feet up in a jet airliner you will have the conscious awareness of God in a moment of unknowing.  Should you be on a ship at sea, you will have the conscious awareness of that Presence.  Should you be washing dishes in your kitchen sink, you will have the conscious awareness of the Presence.  Should you be watching the six o’clock news in front of the television, you will have the conscious awareness of that Presence.  We are leaning towards a life in which we walk in a cloud of unknowing continuously and continuously live life as a witness beholding that Spirit of God.  This is the path that we are walking.

Should you be confronted with an appearance of error, something wrong in a person or relationship, a problem with health, a problem with finances, or even the greater problems of state or government, community, internationally, when you are confronted with a problem, remind yourself that there is no knowledge that you have that will meet this problem.  There is no truth that you can know with your mind that will meet this problem.  In fact, no problem can be met on the level of the problem. So remind yourself that although confronted with this appearance of the problem, you are not going to work on it.  You are not going to think about it.  You are not going to mull it over, look at your different solutions.

No, no our work is to reach that place of stillness so that we can have that moment of awareness as quickly as possible.  And the best way to do that is to remind ourselves, “Ok here’s this problem confronting me, but I am not going to work on the problem because I have been told there is no answer in that direction, so I am leaving that problem alone. Now, I am going to close my eyes, get quiet, get comfortable, take a deep breath, and I am going to begin with contemplation. I am going to rest here within, because I know what meets the problem, what dissolves the problem, is this second of awareness. And so I am going to start with God.”

God is Omnipresence.  Right here in the mist of me is the Presence of the living God. I do not have to reach out.  I am not trying to get this Presence of God to do something for me.  I only want to have a momentary awareness of that Presence.   Because I know “when God speaks the earth melts.” And so God is here.  God is now.  There is no place where God does not exist.  There is only one law in the entire universe and that is the law of God.  And to experience this law, it is necessary to become a witness, a beholder.  There is no earning involved.  The gift of God was given at the foundation of the world and so I do not have to earn it, but I do need to enter into this cloud of unknowing.   So let me stop thinking thoughts about God and let me rest here in the certainty, in the quietness and confidence; God knows how to be God.  And so now I am going to be still.  I am going to let God be God.  “Spirit, fulfill thyself. God you be God. God Presence, open my eyes that I may be aware of thy Presence. I am still I am listening. Speak Spirit, thy servant hearth.”

And in the stillness, I witness the invisible Spirit of God. I sense that Presence.  I lean back in that cloud of Spirit and I let It function.  Now, I may have an awareness of the Presence of that Spirit and I may not feel anything.  That is not the point.  The point is that I am still and I have created an opening; a moment of receptivity in which that invisible Spirit can function.  My oneness with that Spirit of God constitutes my oneness with every good and perfect gift.  And so I conclude my meditation with a thank you.  And that’s it, that’s as simple as it is.

If I do not see evidence, if I do not see an effect from the Spirit of God through my meditation, then in a few hours I may sit down and do the same thing again.  As always the words are not important.  Even the thoughts are not important.  What is important is that inner stirring which happens when I am still.  And the awareness of that inner stirring is what transforms my world and yours.  The greater the receptivity, the grater the opening, the more the beholder and a witness that you become the greater works that flow through you.  To live a spiritual way of life is not something that you can do. And so let us stop all this silliness about being spiritual.  You will never be spiritual.  Only the Spirit is spiritual.  But the Spirit lives and moves through you as you maintain this attitude of unknowing; of letting the Spirit flow through.

Let us stop using spiritual principles and let’s reverse that and allow Spirit to use us.  Then that Spirit working through us is the spiritual life that other people witness.  They think it is us and our deep understanding, but we know now that we don’t have a deep understanding.  We don’t have a deep knowing.  We have a simple little witnessing; a simple awareness of that Spirit working through us.  And that spiritual center that Spirit within you that is the Christ of God.   And that Christ, the Presence of God, that Holy Spirit whatever name you want to give it is unimportant but that Presence will transform your world.

Anyone that comes to you will be blessed if you stand a little to the side and in your unknowing become aware of that Presence.  That is what they are coming to you for.  They are not coming to you for a great understanding or all the knowledge that you have acquired.  They are coming to you so that they too might touch the hem of His robe; so that they may touch the edge of the Consciousness within you, the awareness within you.  They are coming to you to touch that Consciousness.

Let that mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus.”  This is that mind.  In a moment of unknowing, the Omniscient mind of God functions through you. Do you see it can go before you and prepare a place for you that you did not even know you needed?  You will find that opportunities and love, blessings, come to you from all over the universe.  But you will know that you yourself have released those blessings and they really come from the awareness of that Spirit within.

The greater the opening, the more time you spend being receptive to that Presence the more blessings will flow to you.  But it doesn’t just move in one direction because blessings will flow through you as well.  And it is not necessary to attempt to explain this to anyone.  You can be that silent candle in the darkness.  Wherever you go you take this inner Light.  Wherever you find yourself, you are a “Light to the world.”  Not by much speaking or much knowing, but by the stillness you have learned to live.  Let this be your practice — a continuous state of unknowing; knowing nothing with the mind, but practicing this simple awareness of the Christ child within.

You will be the Christmas experience.  You will bless many people far and wide.  You will bless your home, the community, even this planet.   Christ always blesses and always flows to whosoever will.  And all this is done without speaking a word.  All this is done without thinking deep thoughts.  The most powerful meditation there ever was happened in a moment of unknowing.

Many of these talks have come from that same moment of unknowing.  Not really having any idea what to say.  They unfold from within.  And not having any idea of how to meet a problem that is brought to me or to you.  Yet in a moment of unknowing “I” have come.  In this second of unknowing this is where you receive the Presence of God called Christ.

And this is your immaculate conception.  The Christ is born in a moment of unknowing.  In the practice of being a witness and a beholder Christ develops, actually it is our awareness of Christ that deepens.  Christ is constant, continuous, because Christ is one hundred percent fully formed within you. But your receptivity to It your becoming aware of It, that is what deepens.  And so within yourself in a moment of unknowing, you receive the greatest blessing ever given; the gift of God Itself — as Christ within you; as the spirit flowing through you. This is the gift that God has given you and when John says that “God gives us the power to be come the sons of God, to as many as receive him to them gave he power to be the sons of God;”  the child of God, the offspring of God. This is what he is referring to.

In this inner stillness in this moment of unknowing your awareness of the Spirit of God makes you the child of God, the offspring of God.  And God is your parent.  And God is your presence.  And as the child of God all that God has is yours; in a moment of unknowing.  All that God is you are; in this moment of awareness.

Let’s make this inner shift now from trying to understand, to becoming aware. Let us make the shift from a human being trying to become spiritual to the offspring of God through which God is functioning. Let’s make the change from understanding, knowing, to being; being aware of that which is functioning you.  This is living the Impersonal Life in which a person is no longer the dominating influence through you.  By your receptivity everywhere, that you are, you are being a beholder and this impersonal infinite Christ Presence is living through you.  This is in fact what Paul meant when he said, “I live, but not I, Christ liveth in me.” You are having this actual experience as you practice your cloud of unknowing. This is exactly the same experience that Paul had.

As blessings and healings and dissolving problems happened through Paul that is the same thing Christ will do through you. And so this is living the Impersonal Life; exchanging that personal sense of existence for the Impersonal Spirit of God.

We have read over and over again, “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” Let us get this burden off of our backs once and for all.  We do not have to build a house.  We have to let go of any attempts to know what we are suppose to do or to know how to build a house.  Whether it’s the house of our careers, the house of our relationships, the house of our finances or even the house of our bodies, no, we have to unknow all of that.  And in the simple resting, the Spirit of God will build your house. Only now it will be a temple not made with hands eternal in the heavens.  You see that ‘house not made with hands’ means not made by a person.

Everything you see and read and hear is pointing us toward finding that way to live; where we are at a moment of unknowing.   I am free to witness the Spirit of God and its impersonal life building a temple for me not made with hands and eternal in the heavens; that which Spirit does through you, is forever.  What Spirit works through you is not changing and cannot be taken apart next year or the year after.  And so that temple, that house, must be built by Spirit.

All that is ever necessary is to come to that place of unknowing in which you behold the Spirit.  Again I emphasize it’s not the Spirit of God that sets you free; it is your awareness of the Spirit of God.  Once you have an inner awareness of Spirit, your oneness with that awareness constitutes your oneness with Infinite good.

During this Christmas time and during all times bring yourself as quickly as possible in your meditation to the point where you are unknowing. Bring yourself to the point, to that moment of stillness in which God can announce Itself.  And if you have not had this Experience, continue to practice meditation.  Continue to practice contemplation until you reach that moment of stillness.  It will happen and once it has happened, you will never again be satisfied with trying to meet your problems on a human level.  Once you have seen the Spirit of God, that Invisible Presence flow through you, through your Consciousness, and in some way you do not understand dissolve the problem and transform your life; once you have had that experience, you will never ever be satisfied with going back to the old state of consciousness. And you will return again and again to the wellspring of Spirit within you until your entire being is transformed and you walk in a state of unknowing.  Yet you walk in a state of awareness of the living Christ.  The living Spirit of God living as you.

This is our inheritance. This is our gift from our loving Father, who loves us so much that He gave us Himself. Your inheritance is the Father’s Life living as you; one with the Father — Infinite, Immortal, Eternal in the heavens. Your life is Spirit, Christ, the Presence of God. Walk in the cloud of unknowing and this awareness shall be you.

Many blessings, but most of all, may the greatest gift ever given come to you now “In a moment ye think not.”

One of my good friends in Australia has asked the questions, “Just how do we pray and what do we pray for?  Are there specific words?  Just what do we do?  How do we pray for our loved ones?”  And these are wonderful questions because prayer is a subject that is infinite in its scope.  Therefore, these questions give me an opportunity to go within and pray in order to discover exactly what it is this experience called prayer entails. And so I thank you friend, for this opportunity and I will do my best to share what prayer is to me.

I guess I started with prayer just like many others. I was taught the prayer of bedtime when I was but a child; now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep, if I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take. And I think probably in Sunday school I learned the prayer that we pray at the dinner table; God is great, God is good, let us thank Him for our food. By His hands we are fed, give us Lord our daily bread. Neither of these prayers served me any purpose other than taking a moment out of my play time to think of God. But it was only a moment and as soon as I could I went back to playing. That’s what we do in our religious life and maybe our spiritual walk until we learn better.

I was told by a man once that most people remember God once a year when they attend Midnight Mass or in some other way celebrate the birth of Christ. And he said that some people remember God twice a year, once at Christmas and once at Easter. Then there are those that remember God once a week, on Sunday or Saturday, when they attend church or temple. But we were told by Paul, for those of us who are seriously walking a spiritual path, we need to “pray without ceasing.”

 Now that’s quite a suggestion to pray without ceasing. How in the world are we going to pray without ceasing and get anything done? And yet, elsewhere we are told, “To acknowledge Him in all our ways and He shall direct our paths. Well gosh, I can tell you as a teenager when I started to seriously want to know more about God, my attempts at remembering God constantly failed pretty miserably.

In the first place I would get up around six o’clock and by the time I thought of God it was ten o’clock in the morning and three or four hours had gone by and I hadn’t thought of God once.  And then the next time I seemed to remember God might be at the dinner table if we remembered to say grace or not even until I got ready for bed and lying down to fall asleep, then I remembered I had forgotten.

It frustrated me.  How do you remember God constantly? How do you pray without ceasing? And what is prayer anyway? That is what started my search. My search led me to The Infinite Way and to discover the nature of prayer as it is presented in The Infinite Way writings and on the tapes. Even when the specific direction is given, even then, for me, it took many years to discover the secret of prayer.

We are told in The Infinite Way that the best place to start learning the principles is in this book called “Practicing the Presence.” And looking in its pages this morning, I found this: “In The Infinite Way we are engaged in what is called spiritual healing. So we must have a principle which is exact. There must be no deviation from it any more than there is a deviation from the principles of mathematics or music. The spiritual healing principle is that God is love, God is life, and ‘in him is no darkness at all.’ He is too pure to behold iniquity, but if we can be made to believe that God tolerates sickness, knows about it, permits it, or is trying to test us, or punish us with it, we have lost all possibility of producing a healing.“

This is an important point because even as a child I could not accept that kind of a God.  We all have the same questions, if there is God, how can he permit such suffering?  And if it is someone who is close to us, someone that we love personally, it really, really bothers us. How can God allow that person to suffer?  When we turn to church very often we are told that God is testing us and I just have never been able to accept that. God is teaching me a lesson and therefore permitting my suffering. I just couldn’t stomach this idea even as a child, even as a young adult. I know that this works for many people because I have met them and they seem to be able to accept this idea, but somewhere in the depths of my soul, I just revolted, I just couldn’t accept it.

I thought of the people I loved. Would I give them suffering in order to test them? Would I even give them suffering to let them grow? No, no, the love I have for them would never permit me to give them suffering for their so called good. And if I, being limited, have enough love to not want to give suffering to anyone, how much more does God who is infinite love? Therefore, I could never and can never accept a God that tests us. Not only that, but ever since I have come to see that God is one, one life with many faces and God knows Itself as Itself everywhere, what would there be to test? Is God suffering from an illusion? No, no, that just does not compute for me.

Alright, so I know that I am suppose to pray without ceasing and I know that in The Infinite Way there is a specific principle that will heal people and situations and problems, but what is it? How do I find it? Well I had to first reach a point in my life where I was desperate enough to decide to throw everything I had into the search for the answer. I had to decide that I was willing to go to any length to find this answer and to throw my entire being into it. It was only in that way that I could find the answer and I have found it and I want to share it with you today.

Now, I am not going to gloss over this. This takes work, it takes effort, and it takes practice in order to find out what prayer is and to pray without ceasing. And the best way I can explain this is to tell you an experience I had and to explain the principles.

I guess it was 1976 and I was married to someone that did not want to practice these principles, but I did want to practice these principles. Being only 22 years old I had not found a way to practice these principles and also be there for my wife; I had not found the way to balance those two things. And so we were having difficulties. I wanted to study and meditate and she wanted to go out dancing and other things and so there was a conflict of interest. And it got worse and worse and of course I did not yet know how to pray correctly. Soon it reached the place where one day I came home from work and when I walked into the house there was a note there saying that she had left me.

Well let me tell you I just emotionally and mentally fell apart. My world was ending, I thought, it hurt and it hurt bad. I went to a man I considered spiritual and asked him what to do.  And if I live to be one hundred and ten, I will never forget what he said because this was a turning point in my spiritual walk. He said to me, “Most people would get out of this problem by transferring their feelings to another woman, but if you did that you would be just as dependent on the next one for your happiness as you are dependent on this one, because this is not love, if it was love you would not be hurting — this is dependency.” He said, “The only solution that will bring true freedom is to transfer your feelings to God.” “Well” I said, “How can I do that? At night when I lay down in bed I can’t hold God in my arms. There is just this big king size bed and I am the only one in it. How can I transfer my feelings to God whom I can’t see or touch or feel or hear or smell? I don’t know how to do that. How do you transfer your feelings to something that is invisible?” And he said he couldn’t tell me that I had to discover it and he sent me home to read “The Art of Meditation” one of The Infinite Way books. I went home and my mind wouldn’t let me rest; it kept showing me pictures of her with other guys because by now she had started dating. I could find no peace.

One night when I was emotionally bouncing off the walls, I called Don and I said, “Don, I don’t have any questions, I just need to hear your voice.” He said to me, “You know, God doesn’t come to the big shots in the world, God comes to the little nobodies like you.” He said, “You are going to get this thing. You are going to find the answer and when you become free, you will never have to go through this again.”  I said, “But what do I do with my mind when it is showing me all of these pictures?”  He said, “Well you are living by yourself so you just talk out loud to that mind and you tell it when it starts showing you these pictures, you say, ‘hey, I have given that problem to God that’s not mine now.’” And I said, “Okay I’ll try it” and I hung up the phone.

I had two tools — only two.  One was to tell my mind to be quiet, to be still. I gave that problem to God I am not working on it anymore. And the other was to transfer my love to God.  And those two principles were all that I had. So flipping through the pages of that book The Art of Meditation, I found a chapter called, “For Love is of God.” I thought maybe there would be an answer in there somewhere.

Let me sort of paint the scene for you so you can see just how desperate I was. In the daytime, I was so depressed that I would push my body around at work; just drag it around trying to get through the day. When four o’clock or four-thirty came, I punched out at the time clock. Next, I would get on the bus and ride it to my home. I would walk down the driveway, open the door to the house, and search the whole house to see if she had returned or if she been there.  No, no one was there, but me. I was alone. I would go into the baby’s room because we had a one year old child and I would look around the empty room, blue walls, wood floor, some dust balls in the corner, but the baby furniture was gone; no crib, nothing, not even a rattle. When I was convinced the house was empty other than me, I would pull down the shade, lock the door, plop down on the coach and cry like a baby. My world was gone, my family was gone. After a time I would ask God to please help me and clean myself up and try to eat some dinner, but nothing tasted good.

You get the picture. That was my state internally. Probably today they would call it clinical depression and just try and medicate me. But in that state of mind I sat down in my chair, which I used for meditation, I opened The Art of Meditation and read that chapter, “For Love is of God.” It said in there that the only way that we can love God is by loving his creation for God and his creation are one. And to those who love God by loving his creation, the promise is literally kept “Son all that I have is thine.”

There with my book opened in my lap, something started to click inside and I made the decision that I would just pretend that God was inside of everyone and everything. I would focus on that and try to love the God within everybody and everything. Now, I did not have a conscious awareness of God, but I decided to just practice the principle anyway.  And so, I threw my entire being into it; I practiced it as if my life depended on it.

Saturday morning I got up and immediately the mind jumped in there saying to me, “She is this and she is that and where is she and will she ever come home again?” And I said, “No, no, I have given that to God you go away now.” And I just started talking out loud to God in order to drown out the thoughts. I looked in the kitchen and there were dishes that needed to be done. So I started doing the dishes while talking to God. I would say, “Look God, look how clean this one is, I can see myself in it. I hope you like it God,” and then I would put it in the dish drainer. When I finished the dishes I said, “God, what would you like to do today?  What would you like to do?”

Then it dawned on me. If I had a new girlfriend I would call her up and say to her, “What would you like to do today?” And if she said I would like to go to the beach well you know that’s what we would do. We would go to the beach, because that’s how it is when you are in love; you give your beloved what you can. And I thought, “Hey, I am going to do that, I am going to transfer that to God. So I started saying, “God what would you like to do today? Let me know if there is something I can do for you; if I can help you or help your children in some way.”

I threw my entire self into that. And after I was done cleaning the house, the phone rang.  I picked it up and answered it. It was someone who needed to talk and I invited them to come on over. When they came over to the house, I said within myself, silently, “Father, how may I best be of service, thy Will be done, not mine. But out here, I said, “Hello, would you like a cup of coffee?  Have a seat, make yourself at home.”

And something began to happen within and without me: I had a plant in the living room it was a wandering Jew and the plant never got any sunshine, but by loving God inside his creation I would talk to the plant and say, “Hi, how are you Father? You look a little thirsty.” And I would give it a drink of water. I had a cat too and when the cat would come to the back door I would say, “Hello Father, how are you? Are you hungry?” You see, in this way, remember I was only twenty-two years old, in this way, I was transferring my feelings my thoughts and my intentions to the Infinite Invisible within all of Its creation.

Something wonderful began to happen!

 One night after my meditation I lay down to sleep and I heard in a very clear voice these words uttered within my being: “God doesn’t need prayer, God already IS, man needs prayer, in order to let God IS. And I jumped up and I wrote it down. What a revelation that was!

God is constantly Ising. There is no time or place where God does not exist. God is omnipresent, but in order to experience God, I have to pray, in order to create an opening though which God can flow; in order to create an opening, an avenue of awareness, through which I will become aware of that Presence. I suddenly understood prayer; at least I began to understand what true prayer is.

Prayer is becoming aware of the Presence of God; the actual living awareness of that Presence, the feeling or sensing of that Presence, is what prayer is. It was not the words I was using a hundred times a day, whenever I said, “God, what do you want to do today?”  Or at another time, “It’s your ball game, it’s your show.”  It wasn’t the words; no, it was the pausing for a moment to listen after all these words. True prayer is this “listening”.

Now, we put it into other terms, as we matured, and we realized that prayer is perhaps the talking that comes before the listening and meditation is the listening, but it also can be said that true prayer is listening and being receptive; creating an opening through which God can happen.

Now, when we practice the Presence, what we are doing is what I was doing by remembering God throughout the day. Because I remembered God before I ate. I remembered God before I stepped out the front door. I remembered God every time the telephone rang.  I remembered God every time I walked into a building whether it was work or a spiritual gathering or just my own front door. I was practicing the Presence and that’s important to do because it is by practicing the Presence that we arrive at the place where within our being during our meditations God happens. It is said here in the book, “Practicing the Presence:”

As we persist in this throughout the day, the night, the week, the month, gradually, we reach a point where the recognition of God’s Presence is as automatic as driving an automobile. When we were learning to drive an automobile we had to watch our left foot and our left hand and our right hand but by the end of a month we were driving without taking thought. So it is with this, at the end of the month we shall find we do not have to think consciously about God as one, or God as life. We do not have to think about it at all, because it will be so much a part of our Consciousness that the moment a suggestion of evil touches us, it is erased without any conscious effort on our part.”

So you see, we start with practicing the Presence and that is what I had learned and what I started out pretending became an actual living experience, because I started to ‘sense’ and ‘feel’ and know God — behind every living thing or God — within every living thing. I felt God’s Presence right there. Not just thinking about it anymore, but actually ‘sensing’ It and It responded when I recognized it by my acknowledgement of God’s Presence, It responded! You see, the plant I had in the living room that never got any sunshine just flourished – It responded. My recognizing God at the center of that plant, my recognizing the essence of God there – It responded.  The people who came over to talk, their problems would just come up and out and  just melt there in the living room; I wasn’t doing this, I was watching  it happen. That’s why I say when we practice the Presence we create an opening through which God happens.

It’s not that we, by taking much thought, are making something happen. It’s that we, by remembering to practice the Presence, are pausing for a moment. It is this pausing from taking thought.  It is the quietness, the Silence, the little seconds of stillness that create the opening.

Wow, what a discovery!  And I fell head over heals in love with the Presence of God everywhere!

So, I went back to this man, and I told him that this was absolutely fabulous! I had transferred my feelings, my attention, really the allness of my being to the Presence of God and the Presence of God has made Itself known to me, It has disclosed Itself to me within every living thing and it’s wonderful! Of course he said, “Well what took you so long?” As if he had known it the whole time – which he had. This taught me a very, very valuable truth; that God doesn’t need our prayer. God already Is. We need prayer in order to let God Is.

Now, let’s get into this a little bit more deeply. It is probably going to be a longer talk and we may have to spread it into two but we will try to get it all into one. One more thing from the book “Practicing the Presence,” it states that we should, “Practice this, hour after hour, day in and day out, for one month or two months; holding to God as the law of our being, God as the source of our good and God as the activity of our day,” and that this changes our entire experience. And that is what I had done. I was practicing hour after hour, day after day, for two solid months, “God is Omnipresence and at the center of every living thing.” Joel Goldsmith says that “at first this is all in the realm of mind.” Yes at first we are working, taking thought, but by constant practice it leaves the realm of the mind and comes down into the heart — into awareness, into Consciousness, and then it takes over and lives our experience for us.

This is what I am trying to explain to you. By practicing this principle that I was practicing, it left the realm of the mind and became for me a living vibrant experience. I felt the Presence of God in everyone and everything and it was wonderful! Truly the kingdom of God right here on earth.

Now, let’s get into some of the mechanics of this. As I began to progress with prayer I encountered problems of one form or another and I wanted to know, how does Joel meet these problems, because he carried on an active practice of spiritual healing and sometimes he would meet over three hundred cases a day!  That’s a lot of time, that’s a lot of phone calls isn’t it; or telegrams or letters and yet he met them. In other words, by meeting them I mean he went into this ‘true prayer’ we are discussing and the problems were dissolved; the problems were met; they disappeared.  And I wanted to know just how did he do that? Obviously, he had discovered what Paul meant by, “Praying without ceasing,” but it couldn’t be by sitting down and going through a certain set of words or a formula – could it?  My God, over three hundred cases a day!  If he took an hour with each case, well there just aren’t enough hours in a day. So then what was he doing?

I began to read in earnest because I had discovered what prayer was, but I didn’t know how to pray without ceasing. I began to see that prayer is something that happens within our being when we create this opening. Prayer is something we become aware of within our Consciousness. Prayer is not the words and the thoughts that we use; no, that’s just contemplation; we are contemplating truth and looking at it and mulling it over, but that’s not prayer. Because if there is a problem that is confronting you; a difficult situation, even a physical problem, and you contemplate truth, and that’s all, just think about truth and say a few words to God and get up and go about your business, the problem is going to remain. And most of us know that. Something else is required. What is that something?

The something that is missing from our prayer is the Presence of the Living God.

Over and over again it is explained in the writings that God is an experience. And so I began to see that somehow when he would meet these three hundred cases a day, each time he turned within, there was a God experience; there had to be, or the problem wouldn’t have been met. As a human being there is nothing I can pray that will meet a problem and I know this from experience, from trying to meet it myself; from trying to know certain truths. The master told us that these are ‘vain repetitions’. And so, knowing the truth with the mind over and over again is not going to meet whatever claim is being presented to me of limitation or lack; no, that’s not going to meet the problem. Well then what is?

Again I realized that only the Presence of God would meet the problem. We are down to the nitty gritty here. How do I have this God experience each time I turn within? Or if I am just beginning, how do I have this God experience at all? There are specific principles that we are given in order to do that.

Now, the first thing I need to do and I don’t care where the problem is, whether it’s in your family, in your neighbor’s, or even in the world. The very first thing I need to do is to remember that I am not permitted to bring the problem into my meditation at all – ever. Somehow or other I have to leave the problem outside my temple before I come within. In order to experience the Presence of God I have to have a clear opening. If the opening is plugged up with the problem which I am wrestling with, I am not going to have the God experience. But only the experience of God can meet the problem, can dissolve it. Now we can use whatever helps us to remember to leave the problem outside. That’s why so often we start with contemplation, because most of the time, if we are involved with the problem, there are some emotions there also involved with it. In one way or another we are attached to the problem. If it is someone we love, someone we are really emotionally involved with, it seems to be that much more difficult doesn’t it?  “Oh gosh, it is so hard to see them suffering.” But that very involvement emotionally is what prevents us from having a God experience. I wish it was another way, but it is not and that’s the truth. The best I can tell you is that if you are emotionally involved in the problem, you are going to have to find a way to get free from that before you can become still enough to have a God experience. We have discovered that we can use contemplation to help us let go of the problem so that is why we take into our contemplation some truth that reminds us that we can let go.

One of my favorite scriptures, at least one that returns again and again for me is, “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit. I may sit down with a problem and be struggling with it and then take that scripture into my contemplation. Now, you must realize that the contemplative part of your prayer is only for one reason and one reason only, that is, so you can become calm, become quiet, become still, and enter the Silence. In the Silence — God happens. There is an experience of God, an awareness of God. And that awareness of Reality dissolves the problem. “God speaks and the earth melts.” That is the only thing that meets the problem; nothing that you or I can do.

We are contemplating in order to become still. Looking at that scripture now, not by might, not by physical might, nor by power, nor by thought taking, by mental power, but by My Spirit. Yes, that’s right. I need not struggle physically, I need not take a lot of thought, I need to become still. Anything that you use that helps you to become still, is perfectly fine. In any spiritual book, any scripture, it does not matter, because again, God is. God doesn’t need my prayer. I need prayer in order to experience the Isness of God.

And now, I am becoming calm inside. I don’t have to struggle with the problem. I need to set it outside my temple. I need to close my eyes and I need to become quiet. If I have reached a stage of stillness, then I invite the Spirit of God, because it is by My Spirit. And I might say, “Speak Lord thy servant hearth.”  Or I may just say, “Thy will be done.” Or I could just get still and have the attitude ‘I am listening’.  The point is that I have become still inside; I have become receptive to that Presence; I have created an opening. The mind has become quiet and now it can become an avenue of awareness and I am awaiting the Presence of the Lord.

If you still are not quiet inside, then contemplate some more truth. Remember every truth you can and eventually you will reach the place where your thought will naturally become quiet. Here is where the miracle takes place, because the experience of God will dissolve the problem. Yes, the experience of God will dissolve the problem. It may take more than one such experience, more than one sitting let’s say because if we have become so emotionally attached to the problem that we can not get free very easily, then this for us, is an individual experience and we may need to have this experience more than once. That is why we are told that some problems don’t yield right away. We may have to have this meditation fifty times for a specific problem or even a hundred times.

Here is the point now that I am trying to make. True prayer is this inner God experience. In the beginning, when we are new at this, it takes practice; something that appears to me today that I am able to blink my eyes or just close them for five seconds and get a feeling of the Presence and open my eyes again and that problem disappears; ten or twenty years ago may have taken me two or three hours to get quiet. Do you see?  It is always the same answer. The Presence of God will meet any problem ever presented. “When God speaks the earth melts” – period; this is an absolute, but God must speak; you must feel the movement of the Christ within you, you must have an awareness of the Presence and only an awareness will do the work; not a thought.  No one on earth can heal and nobody on earth ever will heal. What takes place is this: They step out of the way, become quiet, and the Presence moves in. Now, the Presence is always moving, but we do not come into the experience of it until we create that opening. It is just like electricity.  Electricity is constantly available to light my room, but unless I throw the switch and create receptivity, then the electricity will not reach the light over head here. It doesn’t matter if I have a doctorate in electrical engineering, if I do not throw that switch, I can talk forever about the light, but I will be sitting in the dark. And spiritual principles are just as precise as electricity – more so! If I create the opening within and I experience the God Presence, then that Light dissolves the darkness. If I have thoughts about it only, or words in a book, the problem will not be met; no matter how wonderful it sounds. And so, although God is constantly available it will do me no good until I learn this practice of meditation.

Do you see how in the beginning it takes work? Later, it becomes automatic. And so don’t be discouraged if there are problems that don’t seem to be met at first. Start with the smaller things, which you consider smaller, because you won’t be so emotionally attached and you can enter the Silence much easier. When you see these so called smaller problems dissolved, it will give you courage and strength and understanding to go further and meet some of the bigger ones.

And again, if it takes you several times to meet it, that’s alright too. Also, if you need to ask someone else for help while you are working on a problem, that is also okay, because of our oneness, the minute you reach out to someone else’s Consciousness, whatever level they attain within themselves, whatever God experience happens to them also touches you, because you are now within their Consciousness. The Presence of God in their Consciousness is experienced by you too.

This subject of prayer is a deep one and can really go on and on, but for today, the only thing I wanted to bring out is that it is not the words, it is not the thoughts. It doesn’t take belief, it doesn’t take faith, it takes and actual God experience. And the God experience happens “In a moment ye think not.” “Be still and know” as a conscious awareness that “I” within you am God.  That’s an experience. Those are not just a set of words that we trust in or believe in. Faith plays no part in it at all. The only faith that is involved is that you have the faith to pick up the tools and practice with them, because you see it working for someone else. But in the practicing of the Presence, in learning how to become still, you will have the God experience until it happens again and again and it eventually becomes an automatic experience.

Problems are brought to you or people reach out to you of which you are not even aware and the problem is met because they reached out and touched that God Consciousness within you. Later, they come and tell you, “You know, I asked you for help and the problem was met, but you must already be aware of that.” No, you are not aware of it, but you are aware that God in your Consciousness can meet anything.

What I am trying to say is that true prayer is the God experience and nothing less than that is true prayer. Contemplation is necessary and it doesn’t really matter how long you have been on this path, there are some things that appear to be difficult; problems that will put you in a place where you will need to begin with contemplation. However, with other things you are able to just step within and instantly become quiet; feel that robe of Christ Consciousness descend upon you, and the problem is met – all within five seconds.

Another thing we must bring up here is that if you spend a lot of time in meditation this ability to turn within quickly and obtain the Silence and become aware of the Presence of God becomes easier and easier. You are able to do it a lot faster with practice, but if you are caught up in the world’s problems, let’s say that you watch the news a lot and you worry over the state of the nation or the state of the world, or let’s say that you read a lot of novels that are talking about things that are gross such as lust and murder and those kinds of things, well, that may pull your state of awareness down. When this happens to you it is much easier to get caught into struggling again over the appearance of a problem. To really become proficient to the point where Joel was, where he could meet over three hundred problems a day, requires that you maintain that state of awareness and spend a great deal of the time in meditation. That’s why we said, many short periods each day, for days and weeks. This is not a part time job. This is a full time job, in order to maintain that state of awareness which will make you a practitioner.

People will seek you out and they will ask you for help. Strangers will ask you to pray for them, because we know on an intuitive level, when someone has a spiritual awareness and when they just have the words. You can feel it and you can tell by the results. Therefore, if you want to become proficient at this, then you will need to let some things go. But I can tell you that the joy and the love that you feel when you experience the Presence of God in everyone and everything, is so far beyond any temporary happiness that you can get from the world’s pleasures that it doesn’t even compare; there is no comparison.  It is like having a wonderful holiday in the woods or at the ocean compared to just watching a travel log on television; it just doesn’t compare.

Now, one final thought on true prayer and I see we are going to have to make some more talks on it, but one final thought today. There is no problem in heaven or on earth greater than “I” within you. “I in the midst of thee am mighty.” There is nothing, no problem on earth greater than that “I” within you. Now understand what that means. There is no problem that can ever be presented to you that is greater than that Presence within you that you become aware of in your meditation; nothing, not even death. 

When Jesus went to that tomb and called out Lazarus come forth; when after three days Jesus walked out of his tomb; he revealed once and for all that the greatest enemy, called death, is not great enough in the Presence of God – it is nothing. Ultimately, the finally enemy, death itself, will be overcome only by the actual awareness of the living Presence. That’s what does the overcoming.

God is constantly available – constantly. That Presence is in everyone and everything and I know this by living the experience, not because I read it somewhere. But to be aware of that Presence is what meets the problem and nothing else will do it. Therefore, my job is to practice the Presence, remembering God before I open that door. Consciously thinking and contemplating on God as much as I can throughout the day. My job is sitting down in meditation and starting with contemplation until I can leave the problem outside. My job is to create an opening and in the Silence, in the stillness, to become aware that God is Omnipresence Itself. And with the experience of that Presence, my job is to be a witness, a beholder, as it dissolves whatever problem was presented; and this I do.

I know there are many, many people that read the books, but do not really believe that these problems can be dissolved. But I am telling you from forty-four years of experience that there is no problem that cannot be met including death. I have seen cysts the size of tennis balls dissolve.  I have seen digits on the human body turn black and the doctor about to amputate them and I have seen them fully restored. I have seen people on the edge of death in a coma get up and walk again. And so, when I say there is no problem that cannot be met, that’s exactly what I mean. Belief has nothing to do with it. It will require the God experience within you.

I know we have covered much and perhaps we can go into detail on some of these individual principles at another time, but I wanted to give an overall view and to let it be known that nothing short of the God experience will meet these problems.

Every one of you hearing or reading these words can walk this path and practice these principles to the point where you will be able to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You will be able to turn within and almost at will become attuned, become aware of that Presence of God within you; stretching forth into Omnipresence Omniscience and Omnipotence. This will become a living experience which will make you a Light unto the world.

Blessings and may you come to know that God is a living experience.

See you in June!

Last night I had every intention of continuing on with our book study and as I read a little bit from the next chapter, I got quiet, I became still inside. And today’s message came flooding into and through consciousness. So by midnight I had made a few notes and looked up a few things and because I was tired, I went to bed and fell asleep.

But at 4:00 a.m. this morning I was awakened and flooded with the Spirit of God as this message again repeated itself. I am under orders to give this specific message today.

As always, if you have not done so, pause and take a few moments to become receptive. Within you is an inner door to the very Kingdom of Heaven. Become still, become receptive and let that I within you, the Spirit of God, reveal Itself.

In Genesis we are told that there are two accounts of creation. The first account is God appearing as: Consciousness appearing as. The only God there is, is Consciousness. God and Consciousness are one. Your consciousness is God.

The second account of creation is this Lord God, which is the mind. It is a false sense of creation. And this Lord God caused a deep sleep to come upon Adam after which Adam began dreaming and dreamed this whole false sense of creation known as ‘this world.’ Over the centuries very few people, very few, maybe a handful. ever awakened out of the dream and into the real creation, God’s creation, God’s Eternal Universe.

A very loving Presence, the most spiritual being that ever manifested, known as Christ Jesus, was given orders to do something, to remedy this situation of people sleeping; to come here into this so-called world in order to awaken all of mankind. Yes, this is definitely true, I am feeling it now.

Christ moved in this dimension for three years. Sat on the mountaintop and taught people, healed many people, taught many principles, gathered around him twelve disciples. But that was not his mission. That was not Christ’s work.

Christ’s work took place in the invisible Kingdom, the real Kingdom where Christ lived and lives. There were very few, maybe two or three, that saw the work he was doing in the invisible plane. Mark, Matthew, John, especially John, beheld that work done in the invisible. As the work neared completion, you will remember before the work was completed over and over again Christ would say, “mine hour is not yet come.” In other words, the work is not completed.

Something massive was going on, something tremendous, something so fantastic and yet no one noticed; no one could see what was happening. Oh, they saw a man, they heard some words, and they saw him eat with them, cross the water in a boat with them and sit and multiply loaves and fishes. They even saw him bring Lazarus back. But they did not witness the work that was going on simultaneously in the Invisible Kingdom, and that work was for you and for me. That work was for all mankind, forever.

Now let us sort of peek in as Christ says that, ‘mine hour is come’ and the work is completed. Let us take a peek and see if we now, at last, can see into the invisible the work that Christ performed.

Here, in the 20th Chapter of John, Jesus is explaining to the disciples what he is doing:

Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.

Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice.

And this was near the beginning of his time with the disciples. And yet here, at the end, he continues with:

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever;

Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

You see how he is discussing an invisible Presence? Something invisible was going on. Christ says:

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

Yet a little while, and the world seeth me no more; but ye see me: because I live, ye shall live also.

At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

Then he says:

These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you.

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If you loved me, you would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I.

And now I have told you before it come to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.

Christ says:

But now I go my way to him that sent me; and none of you asketh me, Whither goest thou?

But because I have said these things unto you, sorrow has filled your heart.

Nevertheless I tell you the truth; it is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.

All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you.

A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father.

He is speaking here of an Invisible Something, an Invisible Presence, an Invisible Spirit, an Invisible Work that is going on, that he is completing. ‘Those that have eyes to see and those that have ears to hear’ understand what he is discussing, what he is telling them. Those that don’t, well it says:

Then said some of his disciples among themselves, What is this that he saith unto us, A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me: and, Because I go to the Father?

What is this that he saith, a little while?

Some did not see; most did not see. It is given to us today to see. Now he begins his prayer:

These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee:

As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.

I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.

Now bear in mind that he has not gone to the garden; he has not been captured; nobody’s been crucified and nobody has been so-called resurrected and yet, here, well for those that have ears to hear, he states plainly, ‘I have finished the work Father which thou gavest me to do.’ It is finished. So the work that he was given to do took place in the Invisible and nobody noticed it except for Matthew, Mark and John.

And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.

I have manifested thy name unto the men which thou gavest me out of the world: thine they were, and thou gavest them me; and they have kept thy word.

Now they have known that all things whatsoever thou hast given me are of thee.

For I have given unto them the words which thou gavest me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that thou didst send me.

I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou hast given me; for they are thine.

And all mine are thine, and thine are mine; and I am glorified in them.

And now I am no more in the world.

Here is Christ Jesus saying out loud for all those that have ears to hear, plainly, ‘I am no more in the world.’ He is standing in the Invisible, and who saw it?

Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me, that they may be one, as we are one.

While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gavest me I have kept.

And now come I to thee; and these things I speak in the world, that they might have my joy fulfilled in themselves.

I have given them thy word; and the world hath hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.

As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.

Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; And that is you and me.

That they (you and I included) all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:

I in them, and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that thou hast sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.

Father, I will that they also, (that’s you and me) who thou hast given me, be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory, which thou hast given me; for thou lovedst me before the foundation of the world.

O righteous Father, the world hath not known thee: but I have known thee, and these have known that thou hast sent me.

And I have declared unto them thy name, and will declare it: that the love wherewith thou hast loved me may be in them, and I in them.

Hear with your inner ear that Christ declares ‘the work is finished and I am no more in the world. I have overcome the world,’ And a little later; ‘I am no more in the world. The work is finished. I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.’

So a work took place in the Invisible and it was finished. But now what does the human mind see? The human mind sees a man, a man being caught by the guards, dragged off to Pilate. It sees a man being beaten, a man crucified, hung up on a cross. But I tell you, just as plain as day, Christ was never crucified. Christ was standing in the Invisible. What was crucified was a mental image. What people saw was an image in thought. They did not behold Christ; Christ was already in the Invisible.

You want more proof? You remember when he was in the temple and they sought to take him by force and he disappeared from out of their midst and reappeared outside? He was in the Invisible.

What is the work that he was accomplishing in the Invisible that only three saw, only one realized? Listen.

If you remember Jesus standing before the tomb of Lazarus, it says, ‘he cried in a loud voice, “Lazarus come forth,” and they all witnessed Lazarus come walking out of the tomb and they had to loosen the linens that were bound around him and let him go. So when Christ cried out in a loud voice, death itself was overcome. And toward the end of John, after Christ has said to us, ‘I am no longer in the world,’ we are given a hint as to what that Invisible work was that was going on. In Matthew it says, ‘And about the 9th hour Jesus cried with a loud voice.’ Remember the last time he cried with a loud voice? Out here he was demonstrating that there is no death. Lazarus came right out of the Invisible and back into the visible.

But here as everyone is seeing this mental image of a man on a cross, the Invisible Christ is performing a mighty work. Because the Invisible Christ cries out with a loud voice and what happens? It says:

Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the Ghost.

And here it is:

Behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;

And here is more:

And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, and came out of the graves.

And came out of the graves. Was that not the same? Over here with Lazarus he cries forth in a loud voice and Lazarus comes forth. Over here where everybody sees a man being crucified, an Invisible Christ cries out in a loud voice and ‘the veil of the temple is rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose and came out of the graves.’

Do we see? This was an invisible work being accomplished. This was the reason Christ was come. Not what everybody saw. It wasn’t that some man hanging on a cross was sacrificed so that you and I could be saved. That was the misinterpretation of the human mind because it could not see into the Invisible the real work that was taking place, the real work that was transpiring.

So let us take a look at how Matthew hid this in his writing.

Jesus, when he had cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the Ghost.

And behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain.

The veil is the ‘glass darkly.’ The veil is that which separates us from the conscious awareness of our oneness with God. So this invisible work that Christ was doing for us was the veil of the temple. You are the temple, I am the temple, ‘ye are the temple of God.’ And the veil that covered the temple so that we could not see was rent in twain. Forever and for all time, from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent.

Do you see? Do you see what happened here? Christ is working in the Invisible and for eons of time very, very, very few people ever had a spiritual experience; very, very few ever felt conscious oneness with God, probably less than your ten fingers.

But here Christ is going behind the scenes, in the Invisible, and taking the veil that covers, that gives us a sense of separation, and he is renting it in twain, from the top to the bottom, it is torn in two. There is now a crack in the veil. And for all time there is a crack in the veil. Between this world and the Invisible Kingdom, there is now an opening, an opening that wasn’t there before, not on the massive scale that it is now. For this opening makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, always and forever, to be able to receive the Presence of the living God. This is the work that he did.

And it is said that the graves were opened. Remember he told the man whose father had died, ‘let the dead bury the dead’? And you remember that Adam was still sleeping. Adam was sleeping, dreaming of this world. So great was his slumber that Christ came to awaken Adam out of the dream. So the graves were opened and many bodies of the saints which slept arose. Now the saints are not people that Rome declared did this miracle or that miracle. The saints are anyone that is following Christ. So you are a saint. Of course not in your humanhood, that is the very thing that constitutes the veil. But in your true identity, you are a saint now. So the graves were opened and many of the bodies of the saints which slept, arose, they began to awaken, didn’t they? And came out of the graves. Do you see the work he was doing on the Invisible plane?

Now I’ll give you one more little piece. After he completes that work, a few days pass and he appears to the disciples. And here is how that is explained:

Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst.

You see he popped right in from the Invisible. He just appeared. He was always in the Invisible, they could not see him; they did not have the ability to look into the Invisible. So he appeared in their midst.

And saith unto them, Peace be unto you.

And the work is finished in the Invisible. He has created for all time, for eternity, the opening between the Kingdom and this world. That is why you can sit down in meditation and receive and feel and sense the Presence of God because of the work that Christ did for us.

Jesus came and stood in the midst and saith unto them; Peace be unto you.

And when he had so said, he shewed unto them his hands and his side. Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the LORD.

Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.

And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost.

And this was the fantastic gift that he had hinted at when he said that the Comforter would come, that it was expedient that he go into the Invisible, complete his work, so that the Comforter would come. And the very first thing he does to complete that work, when he reappears here in the visible, is he breathes on them and says, ‘receive ye the Holy Ghost,’ the Comforter.

He has already told them that this Comforter, even the Spirit of Truth, will teach them all things, guide them, take them the rest of the way. Do we see what a fantastic thing this is? The Infinite, Omnipresent Christ opens a door. He even said, “I am the door,” and that was his work and he established it for eternity, for all time, even beyond the end of this world. There is forever now an opening, a door, through which the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, flows from the Invisible into you.

And why? What is the purpose for that Comforter? Because it wasn’t just so that we could enjoy a little peace. There was a definite purpose and John tells us because John was one of those few who could see the work that was taking place in the Invisible. And he is talking here about the Holy Ghost because he has already received It. He says:

He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.

He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

But as many as received him, as many as received the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.

And those that have received this Holy Spirit, which gives them power to become the sons of God, are born ‘not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.’

The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.

Here we see that there was an Invisible work taking place that only a handful could see. That Invisible work was creating this door through which, for all time, forever and for everyone that ever manifests, the Holy Spirit can flow into them and live as them.

This is why we are being taught now to practice meditation. This is how we become receptive to that Presence, filling our minds, our being, our body, our life because the door, remember the veil was torn in two, the veil of the temple. The veil that which Paul called the ‘glass darkly, for now we see through a glass darkly, but very soon face to face.’ That veil is nothing more than the human mind. The human mind that sees a man on a cross, and misses entirely the real work that Christ was accomplishing in the Invisible Kingdom, does not even hear when Christ says, ‘I am no longer in the world’, has its eyes focused on a mental image instead of on the Invisible Christ.

That veil is the human mind, and that veil is torn in two; there is an opening, and so we can close our eyes, we can become still, we can become receptive and through the door within our very being, the Holy Spirit flows into us and speaks and teaches, and heals and blesses, and lifts you right out of the grave. This was the fantastic work which Christ accomplished in the Invisible plane known as ‘My Kingdom.’

And you are an inheritor of this. Any being, every being, is heir to this work. By Grace are you saved. Yes, and the Grace was accomplished in the Invisible realm.

Will you partake of this Grace? Will you turn within and receive ye the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit?

My peace I give thee, not as the world giveth,’ but the spiritual peace I give you, the peace that passeth understanding, the peace that is not dependent on a person or outer condition. Nothing now in this world can affect you who are free in Christ.

And this we do in this inner temple because of the door, the opening in the veil, we receive the life and mind which was in Christ Jesus, which is the Holy Spirit, the Presence of God.

Jesus said, ‘Could ye not watch with me one hour?’ He also said, ‘If I go not away the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, will not come unto you,’ meaning that even the disciples had not grasped the import of his message. They had not seen into the Invisible.

Again the message is repeated on earth to all of you. Will you also sleep?

As I was awakened in my bed at 4:00 a.m., I could not get the scripture out of my mind: ‘and the veil of the temple was torn in two.’ It kept coming and coming until suddenly I had the realization that an opening was created forever by Christ in the Invisible, to the Invisible, and that that opening could never be closed. And through that opening flows the Spirit of the Living God, in all times, and in all places, we can turn within and rest before the opening and the Spirit of God will fill our being. That Spirit of God will work through us, live through us, and live as us.

And as I realized that, there was a flooding of that Spirit, of that Presence through me, which passed through my body and entered also my mind and I felt it flowing through and around me. So I know that this is true. Christ came to create this opening forever and for all time. And I know that this work done in the Invisible was finished. I know that Christ dwells there. I know that when we go within we tabernacle, because of that opening we tabernacle with that Christ. Because this is not something that was done in the past. This is something that is done now. Time being an illusion, the opening is now; Christ is there now.

And now you have all been ordained by the Living Spirit of God. You have been ordained by the Christ within you which says unto you, now and for all time, “turn within and receive ye the Holy Spirit.” This then is the Comforter that has come unto you to guide you to all truth, to fulfill Itself as your life, to heal you, to work through you, to love through you, to bless through you, to be a benediction to all who feel that Spirit in you.

Now ‘your names are written in Heaven’ and you have an open door, and you have the Spirit of the Living God.

Herb: To have a fairly comprehensive review of everything that has gone before in this book, The Infinite Way. We have studied Immortality, The Christ, The Soul, Our Real Existence, Prayer, Meditation, Metaphysical Healing and now in the Wisdoms, Joel has strung together a necklace of pearls.

In the original Infinite Way, these pearls of wisdom did not appear. That is back in 1949, when it was first published. But, through the years as these inner revelations accumulated, he gathered them together and put the most significant ones into a chapter. And so if you have the 11th edition, you have the Wisdom of The Infinite Way in your book. These Wisdoms are the revealed Word of the Father through Joel. And as such they are not to be memorized, but rather to be explored, for they are the pathway to the God experience which transforms this world into the realization of the kingdom of reality.

Now, some of them may be puzzling to you, others may be clear. But one thing that is important to know is this – that no matter how clear a statement appears to you, it is the Word of God and therefore infinite and you can never know the full meaning. And so, you must constantly know to plumb the depths of these words and let them open up for there are many mansions in every revelation of God.

Joel says, I am going to give you the real secret of life. God is not with mortals. Take it from there. He elaborates on this to say that, If you understood the significance of the statement that God is not in the human scene, you could lay down your life and pick it up again at will. And this is a very perplexing statement. We go to Galatians to find some of the answers to these Wisdoms. In Galatians we find a very strange statement, it says, Neither circumcision nor uncircumcision, availeth anything, all that matters is the new creature. Joel calls that the Middle Path of the Infinite Way. Neither sin nor sinlessness, neither health nor lack of health, neither wealth nor poverty.

He is pointing out that all ritual, whether you do this or do not do this, on the material level availeth nothing. And the middle path is the path that we follow between the infinite, invisible reality and the visible world of concept. So that, we live not in the world of concept, but rather between it and the infinite invisible, in a state of consciousness that can bring forth, from the infinite invisible, its treasures into the visible. Not what we do on the physical plane but rather where the consciousness rests and so the middle path of the Infinite Way takes us out of the material concept of life, revealing the spiritual reality of life and enjoins us to live in that spiritual reality, through a special method.

That special method Jesus called to the attention of the priests and the elders of the church in his day. It is the basic message of all Christianity. You will find it in Matthew, you should hear it because, it is the clue to The Wisdoms of Joel, it is the clue to the Old Testament and the New Testament.

And this passage is in Matthew, the 42nd Verse of the 22nd Chapter: And Jesus said unto them, Did ye never read in the scripture, The stone which the builders rejected, the same has become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes? The stone which the builders rejected. The same has become the head of the corner and this is the Lord’s doing. Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof. And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.”

Now the stone is the key to the teaching of Jesus; the stone is the key to the teaching of Paul, to the teaching of Joel, to the teaching of the prophets. And when you have comprehended the meaning of the stone, which the builders rejected but which has now become the foundation, the very corner stone of the teaching of truth, then you are on your way to walking out of the myth of mortality into the realization of your own true Self.

Now, you first find this stone way back in Genesis. It is in the 49th Chapter. There is a description of Joseph and the stone is mentioned and that should be an important clue to you. We are going to Genesis the Chapter 49th the 22nd verse: This is the description of Joseph:. Joseph is a fruitful bough, even a fruitful bough by a well; whose branches run over the wall: The arches have sorely grieved him, and shot at him, and hated him: but his bow abode in strength, and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the mighty God of Jacob; (from thence is the shepherd, the stone of Israel).

Now, in the 23rd Psalm, the shepherd, the Lord, which is the shepherd, is the stone of Israel. The same stone, that Jesus points out to the priests of the temple, is the corner stone the builders rejected. He is referring to the builders of the temple at Jerusalem, who were building an edifice made of physical materials. He was referring to all who reject the invisible stone for the visible material world. Now, Joseph had this stone and because of it the bows of the arches did not penetrate his armor.

This stone, you will find in the Psalms and you will find it repeated exactly as Jesus said it—that it was rejected by the builders, but it is the corner stone. And then when you come up to the Temple Gate Beautiful and you see the cripple raised by John and Peter; there is a great commotion and they are asked by the crowd to explain what had happened. And Peter explains, Have you not heard about the stone? Always, we are being told that there is a secret meaning which when we posses that meaning: we like Joseph, will find that the arrows of this world do not penetrate our armor, we like Peter can raise the cripple, we like Jesus can go forth to feed the multitudes and heal them and raise the dead. Now, perhaps the greatest story of this stone is in the work of the prophet Daniel and so we go there for there is revealed the full measure of the meaning.

We have the king of Babylonia five hundred and fifty years before the birth of Jesus and his name is Nebuchadnezzar and his dream terrifies him. He must have a meaning. He calls together his magicians: his soothsayers, his astrologers, his every individual who can tell him the meaning of this threatening dream! But he has a problem. How will he know whom to believe? If he gets two different interpretations, which shall he believe and so like king Solomon he decides that he will believe the one who can tell him what he dreamed and then interpret the dream. And everyone backs away. Oh, we can read the stars but we can’t tell you what you dream, we can only interpret it. We’re magicians, we’re sorcerers, we’re caldeigns, we’re soothsayers, but you’re asking too much there is no man alive that can do that. And so he says cut them all to pieces, they won’t help me. And this comes to the attention of Daniel.

Now, Daniel does receive permission to take the time to listen to his God. Daniel does find first what Nebuchadnezzar dreamed and second the significance of it. And now he comes to the king and says I have all the information you requested. Let me tell you what you dreamed and then let me tell you what it means. And so we are in the court of Nebuchadnezzar.

And now Daniel is saying to the king, Here is what your dream is all about: Thou, O king, sawest, and behold a great image. This great image, whose brightness was excellent, stood before thee; and the form thereof was terrible. This image’s head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass, His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay. Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and break them to pieces. Daniel 2:31-34.

Now, he has told of the dream that occurred in Nebuchadnezzar’s rest. And he explains that this dream is about the four temporal kingdoms that are destroyed by the stone carved out of a mountain without hands.

By this time, we know that Daniel is telling the king that there is an invisible power called Christ. And that when an individual has a Consciousness of the Christ, he has the stone carved out of the mountain without hands, which destroys the material concepts of the world, overcoming the world and releasing the full harvest of the Infinite Invisible. This revelation of Christ Consciousness by Daniel in the form of what he called the stone carved out of the mountain without hands, is what Jesus later was telling the world was the way to the kingdom of God. But, we have to go one more step in this Daniel story because if you remember Joel has pointed out to us that the next consciousness on earth, which is now being formed in us is Christ Consciousness, is Spiritual Consciousness. And here is the biblical authority for it for those who must read it in a book.

Daniel now says to Nebuchadnezzar: Foreasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it break in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure. So, according to the prophet Daniel, Christ Consciousness would come to earth to smite the iron and the clay and the brass. And this refers to the material concepts that we all entertain.

Now, the coming of Christ Consciousness in you is a very unique experience. As you know, you have been making the effort to see individuals as Spiritual beings rather than material beings. And so if you have made a valiant effort to do this, you have at least reached the point where, you can look at those who in some manner are not living up to what we would call our own ethical standards; and yet we can look at them and say, I judge thee not for thou art the Spirit. But as you do this you will find that you have really gone no further than to trade a finite physical image, for a finite spiritual concept. You still will find that you are looking at an individual and mentally saying you are Spirit and you are translating the physical form into a spiritual form and imagining it is there as a Spiritual form. Now, that is all in the way of progress but it isn’t Christ Consciousness.

We must learn now to see an individual as a wholeness, instead of a finite form of light. And you can start best by seeing yourself as a wholeness. We have not yet come to that place where we recognize our own whole Being. To do this is an exceptional way to invite the activity of the Christ within you to reveal itself.

Now, you would go about it this way: As we sit here physically we know ourselves to be the Spirit. And therefore we release the concept of physicality. But, now remember that Spirit is not finite. Spirit is not limited. Spirit cannot just exist in a room and so you release yourself from the belief that you are a finite being. You must see the infinite nature of your spiritual Selfhood. Now, that means we widen our concept at first; where does my spiritual Selfhood begin? If I stop at birth or I stop at death then I have got a finite concept of a Spiritual being between birth and death. So now, I must lift the illusion of a physical birth and the illusion of a physical death because as Spirit I never become anything other than what I Am. Spirit never becomes something else, as Spirit I Am always Spirit. Now, remember the original statement, God is not with mortals, God is not in the human scene, and if you knew the significance of this you could lay down your life and pick it up at will.

Well, we’re doing it now. God is not in the mortal scene. But God is all and therefore the mortal scene is nothing but an objectified universe of concepts. And I am taking myself out of the mortal scene. Now, I am releasing boundaries around what has seemed to be my life. I am releasing all boundaries of beginning and end. Letting the wholeness of my Being live itself without my finite, limited concept of it. I am laying down my personal sense of life – opening both ends, the beginning and the ending, and seeing that I have no beginning in this place called time. In this place called space. In this substance called physical form. I am letting the Spirit be Spirit and entertaining no concept about it. I am expanding my horizon so that I can find no place where my Spirit begins, no place where it ends, no height where it stops and no depth where it stops.

We are releasing our self to that Stone carved out of the mountain without hands. We are stepping out of the human thoughts of the human mind. We know that thought is automatic separation from God. Thought is the automatic separator from Self. Thought automatically conceives a material form in a material universe. But, we are going beyond thought to find the Stone carved out of the mountain without hands. We are going into a realm, which is transcending the mind. Getting out of human belief, concept, finite thinking, because the finite thought can never encompass the infinite Truth. All human thought is divorced from Truth. All human thought is destined to fail in knowing God. Only the Stone carved out of the mountain, only Spiritual Consciousness, only your consciousness of Christ enables you to see God face to face.

Now, as you dwell in this no-man’s land above the mind, thoughtless, you are laying down your life, your personal sense of self. And as you lay down your sense of thought, an awareness begins to rise within you, that there is a universe all around you, which cannot be perceived or cognized or discerned by the mind that you have just left behind. You are in that between area, where not only are you not thinking but you cannot yet reach that new realm, and you are waiting for the faculties of the Soul to assert themselves. And now, there is a great missing link which you supply and which when you supply it, brings into perspective the invisible Realm that your human mind could not discern. You are reaching within your own Being, not outside, but within yourself, into the kingdom of God. And now comes the realization that I am not seeking to find the Christ, I can never become conscious of the Christ that way, for Christ Consciousness means my realization that I Am that Christ. It is I. That is my Self and when I am conscious that I Am that Christ, I Am that substance, I Am that Self which is One with the Father, then I realize that the Stone carved out of a mountain without hands is my own Being. And only when I Am my own Being, consciously, do the evils of the world dissolve.

The substance of the Father is the substance of the Son and the Son rests in God, in the substance of the Father. In God, we become aware of the reality of harmony. In God, we become aware of the reality of truth, the reality of perfection. In God, we become aware of the perfect prayer and we learn that prayer now is our inner vision of the realm of Truth and the realization that no evil has ever been external to my being. All evil that appears is never truly external to me. The only evil that is external is in my belief that I am not the Spirit of God. As I realize my spiritual Selfhood, I accept the infinite nature of Being and there is no evil that can be external to infinity or internal in infinity. There is no evil that can be outside of Spirit or in Spirit. In my Stone, in my awareness of Christ Identity, of Spirit as the Allness, of Spirit as my Self, of Spirit as the Self of my neighbor, I have found that which keeps the bow of the archer from sending arrows to my heart. That which keeps the bullet of the assassin from my brain. That which keeps the diseases of the earth from my body. Always, as I rest in the Identity of Spirit as my Self, I have found the hidden Christ. And as I dwell in this hidden Christ, conscious that it is I, this lifting of the I of the Christ, as my risen Consciousness, becomes the law of dominion over every material ill in this world.

Christ Consciousness then is the secret of the Bible. It is the secret of all scripture. It is the secret of all truth. It is the secret of your identity. And only as you find the ability to accept the truth of your Being as the invisible Christ of God, the Spirit of God, the substance of God will you then enjoy the law, the activity, the protection, the safety, the security, the love, the truth, the eternal Self of God as your own Being. God is not with mortals and therefore as long as we remain mortal in our concepts, God is not with us. It makes no difference if you study for the ministry and if you rise to a top spot, as long as you are a mortal in your belief, God is not with you.

Daniel had these three who Nebuchadnezzar threw into the furnace; it did not kindle upon them. They too had found the stone because he was their teacher. And Joel has taught us all, who have ears, who have eyes, who have in some measure caught this great faith of the Father that indwells us all. That the greatest revelations of scripture are to show us that the human world in which we live, in which we experience the great disasters and suffering, is completely without reality. That we can walk through it. But to do it we cannot limit ourselves to our human intelligence; to our human mentalities or, even to our superior intellects. Rather must we reach the great realization that, I of mine own self can do nothing.

One of the great Wisdoms in this chapter is a sort of question; why do disorders continue to appear even in practitioners and so-called spiritual leaders, if they are so advanced? Why have they not produced the demonstration of total dominion? Joel was being beautifully honest here, as he always was. He was telling us that always, those of us who experience difficulties, need never feel ashamed. Need never try to hide them and think that people will think we are not as advanced as we would like them to think. Difficulties he says are unavoidable and they will continue because they are necessary. They are necessary because there is a quality in man, which makes him unwilling to recognize the dream nature of mortality. Even, when I would recognize the dream nature of mortality, something in it entices me to want it. As Paul put it, Those things he would do he does not, and the things he would not he does.

Your mind is like a dartboard and you have no control over the darts that are thrown at that mind. Because they come from the universal world mind and these beliefs circulating through the atmosphere are all darts aimed directly at each of us. And when they hit the target as they frequently do, we find ourselves prodded into human thought, human beliefs, human judgments, human condemnations, and even human hopes and plans and arrangements and ambitions and desires. Forgetting that human thought being finite is an automatic separation from the Infinite. And so, that is how mortality loses its God. But, nonetheless these disasters, catastrophes, these great crises in our lives continue, because we must be forced to the point to acknowledge that this is a human dream. Until we reach that acknowledgement, how can we acknowledge Him in all our ways? How can we acknowledge God, Spirit, in all our ways if we are acknowledging the catastrophe: the pain, the suffering, the problem?

And so, we must expect a continuity of problems and difficulties and conflicts until by degrees we come to the realization of the very first Wisdom in this chapter. Which in the Bible is, Agree with thine adversary, resist not evil. But here it is phrased in a way that has no subtleties, no code that you have to unravel. It tells you bluntly, There is no external world that every difficulty must be met and the adjustment made only in your consciousness. Now that is quite a turning. It’s forming a complete new way of life, a different kind of living. It’s neither by might nor by power but by turning within to what Joel calls the Deep, the well of contentment. It is an awfully new way for the world, to turn to the deep Silence of My Peace instead of going out with a crowbar, to bat down somebody you think is doing something you don’t like him to do.

And when your problems are financial, emotional, physical or whatever other nature problems take. Again we are told, No, no, not out there. That’s the hypnotism you are falling for. You’re going out into matter to change matter and that is praying amiss. To rest in your deep well of Silence, knowing that your consciousness is your universe. That everything you are seeing out there is nothing more than a mirror of your consciousness; then you find you are on your way to the great Truth – that as you dominate this false human consciousness, you are preparing the way for the rising of Christ Realization.

As you dominate the human consciousness you are enriching your knowledge of Truth. Opening a way for Truth to embed itself into your consciousness and to expel the false beliefs of the human mind, the darts that have been implanted there in your subconscious and conscious human mind.

                        ———— End of Side One ————–

And every evil in your life regardless of its nature, regardless of the depth, regardless of how long it has caused you to suffer, is but a thorn in your consciousness. You can turn within to your consciousness, resting in the quiet, in the realization of your identity. And as you rest in that realization that I Am Spirit and therefore, there is only one law for me, one substance for me, one activity for me and that is Spirit; you are approaching the perfect prayer. I Am Spirit. My neighbor is Spirit. There are no conditions other than perfection in Spirit and you are recognizing that only Spirit – Is. You are recognizing the omnipresence of God, the omnipresence of Spirit. That there is only one substance in the universe and its name is God, Spirit.

And this is all done within your consciousness so that it becomes a conscious awareness of Spirit, deepening until you have a Spiritual Consciousness, a Christ Consciousness; that only the Spirit of God is. And now that faith comes forth to trust that Spirit. That understanding comes forth to know that only the perfection of Spirit can be there if only Spirit is there. You come to the realization that perfection is all that exists in the entire universe.

As a human if you were given your choice and the opportunity to improve the world and were given ten suggestions you would sit down for hours and mull it out and come forth with ten great ideas to improve the world. Spiritual perception tells you there is nothing that can be improved. You are living in the universe of perfection now and only your consciousness of Spirit, as your identity, only the Stone, the Christ Consciousness, that I Am the Spirit of God and besides me, there is no other. My Spirit is the only Spirit. And you have overcome the belief in a material world, with material conditions, with material people, with material objects, with material powers, with material diseases, with material evils, by coming to the understanding that only God Is. Only Spirit Is. Only I Am. What is there besides Spirit? Nothing. What is there to fear? Nothing. Why do we fear? Because we have insisted that besides Spirit there is a material world.

We still have the brass and the iron and the clay, which Daniel revealed to Nebuchadnezzar, is destroyed, broken by Christ Consciousness. We have the secret of the Bible have we not? We have the secret that we ourselves have striven to find. And our turning to our own consciousness is to follow, in the footsteps, of those before us who have demonstrated that wherever there is an individual who has reached the level of knowing, understanding, accepting, and trusting himself or herself, to be a Spiritual being living in a Spiritual universe, under Spiritual law, that individual walks free of the discords of this world.

Difficulties? Yes. But only to deepen the Christ Consciousness, to strengthen the faith, to prevent the possibility of turning back into a material consciousness when it is seen through experience that the presence of Christ realized destroys the temporal kingdoms of the earth. No, God is not with mortals and therefore I, to be the child of God must recognize that neither am I with mortals. God is not in the human scene and therefore I, the child of God, cannot be in the human scene. I must live in My Consciousness for that Consciousness is the Stone. It is the secret of secrets. It is the open sesame which lifts you out of a temporary life-span into the realization now of a different life which is independent of the material world. It doesn’t depend on the material world for its food or sustenance. You are not living by bread alone.

Now, the gap has always been – that we are seeking God. And here comes another Wisdom that says, To seek God is not the way. Imagine saying that to the world, To seek God that is not the way. Why? Because the one who is seeking God is separate from God and is not accepting God’s substance as their own substance. To seek God, is the way of the mortal, the way of mankind. And in seeking God we have twoness. In accepting God as your substance, that I and the Father are one substance, we have oneness—there is no stone in twoness. The stone is this very oneness. This stone is the Messiah. The Saviour in your midst. I in the midst of thee am the stone. I Am the secret of Daniel, the secret of Jesus, the secret of Paul, the secret of Joel, the secret of every prophet who heard the Voice.

And as you accept yourself to be I and you of your own human self do nothing, taking no thought, then you are letting God live your life. And that is what we are here to do. We would all find ways of changing this world. But God isn’t—God isn’t changing this world. Why do we want to change what God isn’t changing? So we learn the better way. The way of Truth to see through the illusion of this world. And then we know why God isn’t changing it. You cannot change what is not here—you cannot change nothing. And we who would change the world and know not God, when we know God aright and learn there is no world to change then we are ready to let God live our life because, there never was a mortal me. There is only the Spirit of God. Do you see the crucifixion of the personal self that must come with the realization of the Stone? That if I, be the invisible Christ of God, I cannot be the physical mortal. And so he says, I tell you the great secret of life; God is not with mortals, take it from there.

It is very likely that no one really doubts himself or herself to be that Spirit of God, that substance called the Christ—that very stone plays an important part in the New Testament you see. When Jesus named Simon – Peter, he had been called the Christ by Peter and I called thee Petra the rock, the stone, The Christ Consciousness which recognizes the Christ, the Rock, the Stone; the invisible Truth of all being.

That’s why we have a New Testament to bring out the new man, the new creature who recognizes that only the substance of God exists—no other substance. And our recognition of the all substance of God as the only substance, is really the recognition of omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience. But that is my substance and I Am in oneness again. I need no words now, no thoughts. We have transcended the need for words. We have transcended the need for human thinking. We can abide in that deep well of Silence, which is in the very center of your Consciousness, and there My Peace transforms that visible, tangible world of good and evil. Dissolving material substance, lifting us into the realm of my Father’s Spirit, where there is no time nor space but only Being where only God Is. And where the Son dwells in the Father, motivated by the Father. Moving, having his being in oneness with the Father, under the Father’s love.

You will do that when you accept yourself to be the substance of God. And every time you find yourself not accepting yourself to be the substance of God, you are dividing God into pieces. You are saying, God is no longer infinite. God is no longer all. God isn’t everywhere. For here am I and I am not His Substance.

Even to hear these words today or read them in a book is part of the Spiritual impulse that is coming through all of us lifting us out of our own false material concept of life. Lifting us out of this belief in a life- span of a beginning in form, of growing in form and an ending in form. We are seeing ourselves as life and not sowing to the form. We are accepting God’s word. Because we can only take dominion over our world if we have a full understanding of the word Consciousness. I am led to dwell there and to explain that it is necessary not to witness perfection in the outer world as we may have been doing, but to witness perfection in your Consciousness. You see all activity is directed to your Consciousness. So that, to give a specific example; if instead of going out into the world to correct a condition you go to your own Consciousness, it is there that you consciously recognize, that only Spirit exists and Spirit is perfect and therefore, because perfect Spirit is all that is there and you are conscious of that, nothing else can be there.

You are not trying to do something about a material condition, you are rising above that temptation and resting in your Consciousness to see that a material condition is hypnosis. Because the full realization is that all material conditions are hypnosis. Now, it isn’t that they are there to be changed, it is that they appear to be there. And we could probably spend several hours just reviewing how they appear to be there, but by now all of us realize that they are images of a universal mind, sent through to our individual mind and we merely affirm without knowing why and then out picture these universal images – calling them the world.

Now, your Consciousness then is the place where you overcome the world. Whatever it is that needs overcoming is overcome in your consciousness of truth and that is deeper than the affirming of truth with your lips. Now, there is a place for that affirming, but it’s only the beginning. You must then come to the place where you know, you accept, you feel that God is present and the Presence is real and living in your Consciousness. So that you are not walking this universe hoping to find God somewhere, but are accepting the Presence of God as the kingdom of your own being.

And this is the release from the darts of the world’s mind. You are in a new kind of stillness; a new kind of you, a new dimension of your own Self. You are really in the place where you believe that what was taught on earth as the New Testament has a significance which you trust, where you believe that the Word of God was revealed. And that it says, The kingdom of God is within you. And when you rest there in your Consciousness, you are oned and harvesting the Infinite. All of the power of the Infinite is flowing through Infinite Consciousness individualizing as your consciousness. And it is this knowledge of it and acceptance of it and trust of it and identifying as It, which lifts you above every error that stands at the doorstep of your false human consciousness.

It does lead to miracles. It leads to miracles which are not possible any other way. And so we have the miracle of Jesus, walking out upon the water and saying to the storm, It is I, be not troubled and the storm subsides.

The very last Wisdom in this chapter is: if it happens in time and space—it isn’t there. How do you stop a storm? What power could you use mentally? Can you enter the mind of the storm and overcome the mind of it? What physical power can you use to stop a storm? No mind, no might, no power, but by my Spirit, yes. How? If you are Spirit, if you have been willing to release the concept of matter, where is the storm? And so you find the storm is a concept that exists in the mind of man. Seemingly external, but where is it? It is a universal belief shared by individual minds. Did God put a storm there to swallow up an ocean liner? Then who put it there? Who has the power to put a storm there? You see it is happening in time and in space and having accepted the illusion of time and the illusion of space, everything that happens in time and space has a substructure of illusion.

And so the Master lifts us out of the illusion of time and space to show us that the only activity in God is in eternity, in infinity. And our fragmented concepts of eternity become – time, of infinity become – space. But we have removed ourselves from the reality and we are in a cosmic illusion of time and space and all that happens in it is naught but a universal mind belief shared by the multitudes. Your own Spiritual Being must be seen in its Wholeness, not in time, not in space and the two spiritual exercises that you will find very useful as an expansion of consciousness are:

1. That as long as I live and function out of a human mind I can only function in the time and space which those who are enlightened have brought to the world, as illusion. And as long as I function in a human form which entered into time and space, and will depart from time and space, I live in the dream which is not the life of God. I am not in God. I am not living and having my Being in God. I am not acknowledging the Father in all my ways. I am not one with the Father and I am a branch that must be cut off. I must rise then out of a mortal mind and out of the mortal body. My consciousness of Spirit is the Way.

I must rise from mind to Soul and the exercise of rising from mind to Soul is very simple:

I take the Soul as the object of my meditation and I literally seek to release my self from the activity of the mind – rising to a place where I do not control the activity—rising to a place that is beyond personal control, where the Soul itself looks into the True Universe. Where I become unable to think.

That exercise: Rising to Soul in every way I know how and the other exercise of widening my understanding of my Spiritual Self, can never behold my Self mentally, as a form, whether it be of matter or of light. But to expand beyond all known horizons and to see that Spirit has an Infinity which prohibits the possibility of beginning or ending, in time or in space and I Am that Infinite Spirit. And again this lifts me beyond the place where I control anything. I decentralize all attempts to control both physically and mentally. I release my self to my Identity. And in these two exercises it doesn’t take very long before having release identity, as person, as mind, as body; there is a new level of intelligence that enters and begins to assert itself. It’s a kind of freedom. You have absolutely no personal responsibility of any kind at that level. You have no personal responsibility in Christ Consciousness. The Father liveth my life. Christ liveth my life. There is no human self to have responsibility. There is a total submission to the Higher-Self. And the laws of Omnipresence, Omniscience, Omnipotence take over, fulfilling the life of the Father. You feel this flow. You feel this release. You find the ultimate freedom – laying down your personal life.

Now, Jesus had gone so far in that direction that even his body appeared to be walking on the water, stilling the storm. But, it was the Consciousness of his omnipresence, which appeared walking on the water. It was the Consciousness of omnipotence and the allness of perfection, which revealed that there was no storm there, to drown any one. It wasn’t a revelation; a miracle of stopping a storm. It was a revelation of the non-existence of destruction of any nature, of materiality of any nature, of the only existence of Spiritual perfection in all things, wherever the Spiritual Consciousness Is. He was revealing for one and all the perfect present kingdom of God where only the law of perfection is at work. We can accept this, in this Higher Consciousness, it takes no effort whatsoever to accept this. And this becomes part of your permanent Consciousness.

Now take inventory and you will see that if you still cling to the belief that imperfection exists around you, in the world, and in your self in some way, that these are thoughts that you entertain. And these thoughts can be removed. And you will find when the thoughts are removed, that that’s all that the conditions you thought were there really were, they were nothing more than your thought and your thought is always denying that Perfection is Present. Always our thought is sense-based to deny the Presence of Perfection. And the senses are anchored in time and space. There is nothing you can experience through the senses that is not in time or space. And so as long as you are sense-based, mind-based, you are in time and space and that is the very essence of the great Wisdom that: If it takes place in time and space do not accept it at its appearance value but search deeper into the realm of Soul.

Now does any one have a question from the floor about any of this that is disturbing them? It is important that you get it for this reason. It is the way to Christ Consciousness and Christ Consciousness is the way to freedom to Life that does not end. To Life that is continuous in the Father’s perfection. These are no longer dreams for us. They are realities.

Now in The New Horizon and the New Jerusalem, we cannot dwell any more in the letter of truth. In order for us to really appreciate the scope of those chapters, we must be living in the God-experience before we come to those chapters. Because the God-experience alone gives you the capacity to understand the fullness of the meaning behind, these two chapters. That means for this entire week your goal should be to live in the knowledge; that no matter what you see, hear, touch or smell or taste, no matter what you read, no matter what you are told, no matter what your good common sense tells you is happening in the world, you must go deeper and accept that only invisible Perfection can be present. Because Spirit alone is living Itself everywhere behind the complete human scene. And that you touch this Spirit, by your consciousness of It and through your consciousness It merges into you and comes forth into visibility, dissolving the imperfections that concern you. You must be living in that Consciousness. The Consciousness of the miraculous ever present. The ever immaculate. The untouchable. The God universe that no one can see, is all that is here, functioning and there is no power on earth to prevent it from being here functioning now.

And that’s the universe I am living in this week. It’s the universe we should have been living in these last twenty thousand years. We must come to the place where we are consciously living in that universe, that inner universe. That universe where we are not hypnotized by these appearances. And then from it comes the experience of God’s presence which gives you the courage and the understanding to walk in a completely different universe than this world is showing to us, right here and right now.

Then, the chapter New Horizon will not make your heart palpitate or change the shade of your hair overnight. There must be a preparation for that chapter. For only the Christ Consciousness in you will accept that chapter. Please read it and with your knowledge of Self let your Self explain it to you, not the conscious human mind, but the invisible Infinite Mind and don’t be surprised at what you hear.

Now, for those of you who want to really prepare, for that Christ Consciousness which is on earth permeating those who are ready, you would read this next chapter in preparation and for the following week, this coming week, you would takes these Wisdoms. A page in the morning, a page at night, a page in the morning, a page at night. If you have a job to go to give yourself ten minutes to type out the page take it with you put it in your purse, put it in your billfold. When you have your coffee break take it out and look at it again. Make it yours so that by the end of the day, you know the meanings and they have seeded-out and opened up inside you and taken root and you have at least worked with them. And then let yourself accept them. For this is the Word.

When you have done this sufficiently, even though you may have already done it, you will be prepared to accept a new depth in that chapter, New Horizon. And all of this is all about your Being, your Self. The Self of you which can walk out on the water and say to the storm, Peace be still, it is I, because that was you who walked out there. It wasn’t Jesus. It was the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God that the world calls Jesus, but you are the Spirit of God, as he was the Spirit of God, as I Am the Spirit of God. And I, the Spirit of God, must live in my Spiritual universe or I am separated from it and moving through the Karma of a non-existent world – the Adam dream.

All that you must find then and all that you must do is to dwell within your own consciousness. Your consciousness is where the issues of life are met, not in time, not in space, not in the outer. And you can make that consciousness a blackboard if you will and remember that one will write on that blackboard, the world or the Father. If your blackboard is written on by the world, you will experience conditions of the world. If your blackboard is written on by the Father, you will experience Divine Realizations. You have the power to stand there and in your Consciousness alone to determine your complete universe, to reject the world’s thought, to open, to permit only Divine Thought to write on your blackboard. And as you have the integrity to turn from all world thought, consciously, whether you are voicing it or the world through you, letting only the Father write on the blackboard of your consciousness, you will find your world transformed into the kingdom of God on earth. We all have this power, this dominion and the only way we have dominion over land, sea and air, literally, is because land, sea and air is concept and Spirit is the All that Is where land, sea and air appear to be.

I will read you the first Wisdom in Joel’s words and ask you to weigh it in light of what has been heard today: Begin your spiritual life with the understanding that all conflicts must be settled within your consciousness. And the second: There is never a conflict with person or condition, but rather a false concept mentally entertained about person, thing, circumstance or condition; therefore, make the correction within yourself rather than attempting to change any one or anything in the without. And finally the third: Acknowledge God as the substance of all that is. One, two, three; whoever takes these to heart will find that the Wisdoms that are in the book can also come through your Enlightened Consciousness.

You have heard about the Stone that the builders of this world rejected. Make it the corner stone of your Consciousness—it is the miracle worker of Life eternal. I expect you to appear here next week, if you do, wearing your Spiritual Consciousness and not a human one.

You will need it and so will I.

Herb: Good morning: Let us look at Supply today but not in the way that the world sees it at all. Not as dollars, not as investments, not as a home or an automobile or an income but as something totally different. Let us feel the nature of Supply. Let us discover within our own Consciousness that there is a secret law at work. A law that is ever functioning, ever productive, ever aware of every need we shall ever have, and ever fulfilling that need before we ask, and ever awaiting our recognition of that law. Let us see with the inner-self that there is one Consciousness surrounding us now. That this one Consciousness is above us, below us, in front of us, behind us and within us, permeating our Being completely. That this One Consciousness is the Infinite Spirit of God everywhere, ever functioning, always being itself and ever unopposed, for It is the only Consciousness and the only Being.

Now, watch how beautifully it is transformed into the needs of the world. Feel how it becomes through its own inner power, that which we call air, earth, and fire. Watch how this earth draws unto itself the minerals. Watch how the fire touches the minerals. Watch how through the earth springs a seed opened by an invisible hand. Watch how forests grow, how lakes appear, how oceans and mountains are suddenly there. What did it? The invisible One Consciousness doing something that the human eye cannot see, becomes transformed into fertility. Doing something that the human eye cannot see, it places a sun in the sky. Doing something that the human eye cannot see it places a thousand cattle on a thousand hills. Even before there is the physical birth of a colt. Before there is the physical birth of a sheep. Before there is the physical birth of any animal. The invisible is producing that which will appear to human sense as man, as matter, as light, as productivity, as animal, vegetable, mineral, as planet, as sky, as ocean, as star and as sun.

Who put it there? The invisible law of Supply. Who maintains it there? The invisible law of Supply. This is the productivity of the Divine Consciousness and man still does not understand it, for it appears to man as material things. Now, this productivity surrounds us as it ever has, ever coming through from the invisible to the visible, in such a way that all nature is provided. The invisible hand turns the tide. The invisible hand moves the planets around the sun. The invisible hand turns the earth at night back into day.

We are surrounded by infinity. We are moving and living within infinity and when lack appears it is because of several factors; our inability to make contact with this infinite Consciousness that pulses throughout its own universe. As we sit here there is no power on this earth that can stop the productivity of this invisible power from continuing unto eternity. Now, when you hear the words of the One Infinite Consciousness and you are not aware that it is you; you have that non-recognition of Self, which constitutes our ignorance of Divine law and our ignorance of the One life that permeates this universe.

When we are not cognizant that we are that One life, this constitutes that sense of separation, which prevents the miracle of Supply. The Divine Consciousness is productive without ceasing. But unless your individual consciousness is mated with the Divine, you cannot continue that productivity from the Divine into your individual life and there is an interruption of the continuity which is the basis of Real supply. When you are wedded to the Divine Consciousness, then its productivity, which is functioning its invisible universe is continued through your individual consciousness and appears, transforming itself through its own intelligence and its own power into the needed forms for your life. The secret of Supply then, is oneness with the Divine Consciousness or what is called by Joel, conscious union with God.

And this conscious union is not with a personal god, but with the Infinite Divine Consciousness, which pulses through each of us as I. I, the Spirit of God, am the substance of your Being, and as you pronounce that you are lacking, then you are pronouncing that I, the substance of God am not the substance of your Being.

Now, you may remember that when Jesus returned after the crucifixion, Thomas was not present when the Master appeared to the other disciples. And so he later returned to Thomas alone and showed his wounds, and Thomas having felt of the wounds could now say, Yes, I see it and now I believe it. But the Master said, Blessed are those who, seeing not, do believe it anyway. This invisible universe, this invisible Consciousness, this invisible intelligence which your human senses cannot see, make of you a Thomas, in a human consciousness who says I cannot see it or touch it and therefore it is not Supply. But blessed are those, or Christed, illumined are those, who seeing not, can still see that there is no place where the infinite Consciousness can’t go. It is not only surrounding you, it is the substance of all that you are.

If you go back to the second book of Genesis, you find the first clue. The Tree of Life. This Tree of Life is the Infinite Consciousness of the Father, the One undivided Consciousness, the Source of all things. Nothing that does not come. Nothing that comes from another source than The Tree of Life is Real and so your investments, your properties, your income, your employer/employee relationship, the husband’s weekly or monthly paycheck, whatever the source of assets may be, these are not, that which comes from The Tree of Life. And only as we count on them and possess them and presume that we now have supply because we can write a check and the bank will cash it up to a certain amount, or we can go out and buy things or we have the food, the clothing, the shelter, the automobile and the house. These we discover many millionaires in wheel chairs also have. We discover that Supply is not dollars at all.

We discover the superficial nature of physical supply. No supply was needed to give Da Vinci the talent he had but rather his talent was his supply. No supply was needed to give Einstein the scientific mind he had. No supply of physical things can give you safety, protection, health, companionship, integrity, beauty, truth, harmony, happiness. Supply, you see, is Life itself. Unless you have Life you do not have Supply. You have the mirage of Supply. And if you do not have Life, then that supply which you do have, is being spent and will dwindle, because it will not be sustained, maintained and protected by the invisible law of Supply.

Divine Consciousness is spiritual; its substance is Spirit, its law is Spirit and if you want supply that is Real, you must have Spiritual supply. You must have your spiritual resources as your first supply. Your invisible Supply. And when this Reality is your established Consciousness then the added things, which means the outer appearances, will show forth as every need fulfilled in its Divine sequence. Just as every need of the tree is fulfilled in its Divine sequence.

And so, we come to that other tree; the tree that man follows, the tree of Adam and Eve, the tree of good and evil. And we see here in this early allegory the sum and substance of man’s following the mirage of supply, instead of claiming and accepting the reality of Supply. The Tree of Life is Divine Consciousness, the One life. Your One life. Your Infinite spiritual self. God individualized as you. And the tree of good and evil is our stepping out from the Truth of our own Being and seeking another source, accepting another cause, accepting the form of supply instead of becoming conscious of the fabric of Supply.

As we walked out into mortality, the divided consciousness of good and evil, the man of the earth who struggles to eke out a living so that before he dies he may spend it on something he wants. We, through our own ingenuity, try to fulfill our needs. We know the things we need and the things we want and we use our sense of supply to provide them. But all of our thinking, if you will stop and give it a moment’s thought, is really motivated by a fear; a fear that there is a possible limit, a fear that we will not have enough, a fear that we will not have the very needs we must have to sustain ourselves. And so our sense of supply is born of the limited finite concept of the human self living in a limited life-span, and around this we build what we call our needs. But, we do not really know our true needs, our real needs, because if we did, we would know that we have only one need. And that need is to let the Tree of Life live itself in its infinite forms and varieties, as our own Being.

There is an interesting passage in the Bible, in the Old Testament and explained to us in this Chapter on Supply by Joel; about the seven thousand, that have held out, who have not bowed their knees to Baal. The Father says this to Elijah, I have reserved seven thousand who have not bowed their knees to Baal. And through spiritual discernment Joel tells us that the seven thousand represent the infinite variety of Divine attributes that are present in your spiritual Consciousness; that there are seven thousand different qualities of God in your Consciousness of Spirit, and that seven thousand is a round number to indicate Infinity, Limitless. So that, whereas the human, the finite mortal mind sees supply as dollars and assets, tangible things, that we can see and touch and spend, your Real supply is the infinite storehouse of God that is accessible through your Consciousness of your own Divine substance.

Then you touch an infinite law called Grace, which says that, My Grace is thy sufficiency in all things, My Divine attributes pour through you, transforming themselves in the way you know not of. And then, because your Father knoweth ye have need of these things; there is not only the dollar, there is not only the security, there is not only the right investment, but there is an individual able to walk on his own two feet. Not an unhealthy one. Not one whose home life is bursting at the seams. Not one who is walking in fear and doubt and uncertainty about tomorrow. Not one who is unprotected or unsafe. But my Supply from within you is a total Supply. A supply which meets not only the needs of this moment, but of a million tomorrows. A Supply which sees you as a whole individual, knoweth all your needs from morning to night, from January through to the next January, in every possible way, anticipates your needs and provides for them.

And then we learn that this provision for our needs has already been made. That God’s work is completely finished and that the supply that we have sought we already have. Nothing is lacking in your Supply. Whosoever hath, to him shall be given. When you recognize the invisible nature of Supply as the Divine Consciousness in you, then you know that you have, All that the Father hath is thine. All that Divine Consciousness hath is thine. All that infinite Consciousness hath is thine. But him who hath not, he who is separated from Divine Consciousness, he who says, I am an individual apart from Divine Consciousness, I know nothing about Divine Consciousness, I depend on my own knuckles, I depend on my own brain, I depend on my muscles, I depend upon my ingenuity. He is the one who, unknowingly, is separated from the vastness of infinity and is limiting himself to a finite sense of life and he is the one who discovers the mirage of the tangible assets of this world.

Each of us probably could name one hundred cases and I can think of two or three quickly: the wheel chair which is the home of a millionaire, the hospital which is the habitation of so many who have endless bank accounts, money they could never spend, lying in banks, useless. Those who are limited to their three-dimensional knowledge of the world, and you can think of so many people in the limelight. Only recently, Art Linkletter’s daughter, for example. Surely supply wasn’t one of her problems, was it? And yet, without supply or with supply, there was something else that was needed, it was an awareness of Self, and without it the individual is lost. This is an extreme case but we see all around us those who wander through life aimlessly, because their supply is in that which they can take into themselves as the physical form. It may be a shot in the arm, or a pellet in the mouth or they may gorge themselves with food; they are addicted in some way to a false appetite. Or there are those who simply want the normal conveniences. But you see, Supply, the productivity of the Father within, must flow, and when you are not able to let it flow, then it becomes for you a stagnant stream, and we shrivel up. We lose our sense of sight and hearing, we lose the energy, we lose the continuity of existence, always because we are not one with our Source. We have not found our Identity, we are still in the belief, that we walk the earth as human beings.

Now this Divine Consciousness is the only Life there is. There is no other. And if it is not your life, then the life you are living is the imitation of life. And in that imitation you will have the imitation of supply. You will have the imitation of a heart, the imitation of a brain, the imitation of a life-span, the imitation of happiness, the imitation of health. Everything you have will be an imitation and you will never recognize it as an imitation. You will wonder where that better life is?

And so, let us come off of this false pedestal of supply. Let us see that there have been many who had it in dollars, who have not survived beyond their sixtieth birthday and have lived those years before that, in and out of divorce courts. Spending all of their money on alimony and lawyers on doctor bills, on trips to forget it all, on cures, on ways and means to find the happiness which was so elusive because they had built their life on a false god. Now, there are many wonderful things that dollars will buy. There are also many wonderful things it won’t buy, and what dollars will not buy, is Spiritual Consciousness and that is the Infinite bank through which every bill is paid.

Your Spiritual Consciousness is your only Real supply and when you are told that you must find the kingdom of God within you. You must know that this means finding your Identity, finding the I of your Being, accepting that I Am the One life that is Divine. Now, when you accept this, you begin to feel there is no necessity to take thought about your supply of anything. You begin to realize that as a human being you had felt that you relied only on your brain to tell you what you needed, but when you become aware that you are the One Divine life, that there is no other life than the one Divine, now you realize this One Divine life is self-fulfilling, self-expressing, self-maintaining. It is being its own Infinite Self at all times. You become aware of its presence within you as the very substance of your Being. You ask yourself, what thoughts did a fruit tree take to put fruit on the outside of its limbs? And certainly if a fruit tree can do that with no thought, why can’t this same power function through me?

Why can’t this seven thousand attributes of the Father move through me if I am that Divine substance? And the Father’s voice thunders back in the silence, I am doing it right now. All that I have is thine. Infinity is flowing through you, but you have turned away from it, you have walked out of The Garden of Eden. When you walked out of Divine Consciousness, you walked out of The Garden of Eden. Divine Consciousness is that garden, and The Tree of Life in that garden is the full, total operation of the Word of God in you. When you have His Word in you, you have the seven thousand, which have not bowed down to Baal. When you have His Word in you, you have a great secret of how Divine Consciousness through your awareness of it transforms itself into your every infinite eternal need. If you continue in my word, ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free, but you must continue in my Word. You must live in the awareness of Divine Consciousness as the only source for whatever is necessary in your life. There cannot be two sources. There cannot be an active brain running out to figure out plans. Your thought must be manufactured from within yourself.

This is sowing to the Spirit of your own Being, to the kingdom of God within you. Now, like a leaf you can lie back on the ocean. You can lie back and say the Divine Consciousness is the invisible ocean. The human is but the leaf. It’s up to the ocean, the leaf can do nothing. But Divine Consciousness permeates your Being. It is all around you, invisible. If you are not Thomas and have to touch It, you will realize that there is no place on this universe where Divine Consciousness is not at full strength. And because it is your Being, suddenly it becomes known to you that you can rest back in Divine Consciousness, which knoweth your needs.

You step from the finite, from the limited sense of life, from The tree of knowledge of good and evil, back into The Tree of Life and let the invisible Consciousness of the infinite be your Consciousness. It is not limited. It has no lack. It can never make a mistake. It can never fail. Your Father, Divine Consciousness, knoweth that ye have need of these things. You see, we find the confidence to just know, that the Word of the Father must express, must come forth as leaves and flowers, must come forth as fruit on the Divine tree of my Consciousness if I will not turn away with a human brain that goes out to ferret out things for itself.

What is it I need? Clients, income, investments? Your Father knoweth you have need of these things, but your Father knoweth needs you have, that you never dreamed of. Needs that you cannot foresee and so, that which appears in Divine sequence from Divine mind, when you think not, meets a need tailor-made. Whereas your idea of meeting needs would always be in a lesser capacity than Divine mind could foresee. Oh, you could think of so many ways in which the infinite mind foresees needs that you are not aware of, and irons out these needs long before they are ever presented to you as a need. From the foundations of the world all your needs have been considered, pre-ordained, pre-fulfilled and actually, when you know your identity, you can say – never again do I have a real need. For having the Spirit of God as my Consciousness, without trying to make it so, just knowing it has ever been so. I know that all needs are provided by this infinite, invisible intelligence, which has the power to fulfill its own awareness out of its own substance which is my substance and there is no separation.

For I and the Father are one substance. I and Divine Consciousness are one substance and this substance is complete, embodying all of the Father, as all of the Son. So I have. No longer can I say I have not, for when I say I lack, I deny Divine substance as my substance, Divine mind as the only mind, Divine being as the only Being. and I declare that I am separated from all this, that I am outside of Divine law, I am outside of Spiritual law. So every claim of lack is a claim that I am not the child of God. We must know this, and when lack occurs, we must accept it as a welcome signal. It is saying you are breaking Divine law. Don’t be alarmed. This will happen many times through many a lack, but know the purpose of a lack. It is showing where your awareness of Spirit is threadbare. It is showing where you must patch up a seam. It is showing where you must recognize that you are vulnerable and always the signal is saying, You are in a divided consciousness. Get back into realizing there is only one Divine life and you are that One Divine life and now trust it. Rest back and trust your Divine life to live Itself adequately, fulfilling Itself to the uppermost level of your mission on earth and before the brain begins to say, What about me? What am I here for?’ Tell it, what it’s here for. The tree brings forth fruit without thought. Your brain says, Well, I don’t want to be a tree, I don’t want to bring forth apricots. I have bigger ideas. Yes, and so did the Father.

That’s why you were given the capacity to receive bigger ideas, so that you can bring forth more than just an apricot. But your receptivity to the Divine ideas is the only way in which you can bring forth the greater ideas of Divinity than just the fruit on the tree. The fruit on the tree is showing you the method and when you learn that through your receptivity to the Infinite Consciousness that comes through the I of your Being, you can show forth seven thousand varieties of supply. Then you will appreciate the meaning of the word meek.

You were declaring lack and yet if you had been meek you would have inherited the earth. The earth can be inherited, and here we are, declaring lack. In our lack, we are really declaring that I do not accept God as individual being. I have not found that intelligence or that understanding or that ability to trust the Infinite Divine to know how to run Its universe where I am concerned. And who is at fault? We are in a false consciousness. We are not in The Tree of Life. We are not letting its infinite sap run through us out into form. Instead we are trying to get the forms without life, to substantiate those forms and to give them continuity and purpose and fulfillment.

In His presence, in the presence of the Father, in the presence of Spirit, in the realization of Divine Consciousness as your Consciousness is fulfillment. If you lack, you are declaring that I am not in the presence of the Father. So then, let these lacks be your signal. Let your ear perk up when somehow the wrong supply is there and something that you want desperately is missing. Remember it is only missing in your false consciousness. It is not missing in the Divine Consciousness. The Divine Consciousness is complete, infinite, unlimited, and that Divine Consciousness being omnipresent, is right where you are.

You have been fooled by the limitation of your five senses into the inability to cognize Divine supply right where you are. You weren’t asked to figure out how God does it. You weren’t asked to sit down and let us see now, how does God appear as my rent, as my new client, as my new employer, as my new employee. How does God appear as my trip to the Orient? How does he do it? I want to know. No. You were told instead, Your Father knoweth your needs, and it is His good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Blessed are the meek. And so you learn your meekness is simply the acceptance that your Father knoweth the Divine Consciousness which knoweth, is omnipresent, is the I of your own Being, it is the kingdom of God within you. And as you touch this kingdom within you by meekness unto it, if a trip to the Orient is coming to you, fine. If a change in jobs is coming to you, fine, if new contracts are coming to you, fine, if new relationships are coming to you, fine. Suppose you receive a certain contract and were elated but you got it out of your own human ingenuity. I’ve had a few of those and then later you discovered it wasn’t going to be a productive contract at all. So-and-so was going to fold long before you got paid. So-and-so was going to change their plans in mid-stream, certain properties would be sold. All unforeseen events, but at the time that you got the contract you hit the sky with joy. And over here was another contract waiting for you not quite as important and yet, if you had listened, this was the one. It would have had fruition, it would have built your reputation, your supply would have been built by certain other things than dollars.

And so we begin to see that we must not limit ourselves to our finite human intelligence ever. There is an Infinite intelligence, which is seeing beyond the momentary contract or client, beyond the momentary dollar. It is expressing Itself as you, and therefore in Its expression of Divinity as you, it is always doing the right thing at the right time and there is no such thing as adversity. You can smile while the world frowns and say, But the Divine Consciousness is my Being and knoweth my needs. I know the secret of the Bible. It isn’t promising anything—it’s stating a fact. The Lord is my shepherd. The Divine Consciousness within my own Being which is I is leading me. I shall not want. It is a fact. It isn’t a conjecture or tomorrow’s promise. It is now. Always now. It maketh me lie down in green pastures. And that can translate into seven thousand different needs you might have. It leadeth me beside the still waters where the mind is at peace. It restoreth my soul. It’s doing that now. It is always doing that. And so let us get back to center, to I.

I in the midst of you am the Divine Consciousness. I in the midst of you am The Tree of Life. I am not the tree of good and evil—that’s your finite human mind sense. I am always sending forth into expression as Spiritual form those things you need. Oh, if you could just see your automobile spiritually you would see, It is My idea in the midst of you. If you could see your home spiritually, you would see, It is My idea in the midst of you. If you could see the things you possess, you would know that they are My Spiritual ideas made manifest to your finite mind as things now. Don’t try to possess them. Don’t hold onto them. There are millions more and better ones, as your needs change.

You have no possessions. I in the midst of thee am all there is of you. I am the infinite Self of all Being. When you learn to trust me, then in quietness and confidence you will find a new strength, a new energy, a new life, a new supply. You will discover the secret of Supply, For I can never leave thee or forsake thee. Before you asked, I answered, billions of years ago and tomorrow I will still be here, being the Divine Consciousness. While you sleep, I will be the Divine Consciousness. If you depart for ten thousand years and return, I will still be here as the Divine Consciousness, and if you go, I will be there. Wherever you are, you are in the ocean of Divine Consciousness and you touch it, in your individual consciousness and then the Word of Infinity transforms Itself outwardly. Because it is the fabric, it can make its own form.

Now, we have, and we cannot say, I have not. We cannot divorce ourselves from our Self. This is the miracle of Supply then. And if you want the greater miracle of Supply you might have to find it in another way. If you go above your human consciousness now, you might try this with your eyes closed. If you go above your human consciousness and realize your Spiritual identity then you know that as Spirit, which is indivisible from Self, you are one with all Spirit. You are that Infinite Spirit itself which is active where you happen to appear physically, and all of it is you. And then you see that the Spirit which is your Being, which is I, Infinite I, enables you to reach that Consciousness where you discover and can really know that you are Supply.

You never seek supply in Reality, you claim it. You never reach out for it, for you are Supply. Your Spirit, your Being, is Supply. I am Supply, and because I am Supply, I can feed five thousand. I am the supply of love; I am the supply of liberty; I am the supply of safety; I am the supply of intelligence; I am the supply of protection, of health, of harmony, of purity, of integrity, of justice. All that supply is in its multiform, I, Spirit am. I need not seek supply; I am supply. And as this becomes your realization, you rest in your own I, you are now in the single I. You are out of the divided consciousness. You are The Tree of Life. You are in the one infinite Consciousness undivided from Itself and that is the tree of life. That is the Garden of Eden.

You find you have been walking in the Garden of Eden unknowingly and there is plenty of Supply in this Garden of Eden—unlimited. But, we are One now, not two. I and the Father, I and Divine Consciousness are not two, we are One. And in that Oneness, I am all Supply and all of its seasons are never barren, as in the human world. Now, I am harvesting Supply. I am a righteous worker. I am harvesting my own seeds. It is not four months to my supply, the harvest in now. Right now, in my Oneness with Self. And in due time I can be sure whatever is needed must appear. It is the law of Supply in operation. The Infinite intelligence will appear as the need fulfilled, and that is the law. God Self revealing as individual being.

We have the miracle of Supply in our very Being. We never need seek it in the world. And now we have another miracle. Because these are not our possessions but is Infinite Self expressing, I can share Infinity with anyone. As long as I do not try to channel it, but let it direct its own path through my enlightened Consciousness. Your sharing is spiritual. It may appear physically but it is the spiritual understanding moving through you, directing you, to those benedictions where only Spirit is expressing, to meet another need of another one, somewhere else. You become an instrument for sharing. Not a receiver, but a giver, and if you receive it will be in the same way. Spirit through another, or through many others, will be sharing with you.

Now, you know that supply is the greatest problem in this world. Because of it, we fight wars. Because of it, nation turns against nation, individual against individual. But as you learn the law of Supply is ever-present in the invisible, and bring this forth into fruition through your meekness, to the I of your Being, you will be taking a long step for this world, toward the teaching of the nature of Supply. And when man finds the nature of Supply there will be less fear, less distrust, more peace. And eventually a resting in the knowledge that Supply being Infinite, everywhere, no-one and no nation has anything that another one or another nation needs, except as the Spirit so directs.

Rest in the Omnipotence of your Spirit. In the Omniscience of your Spirit. In the Omnipresence of your Spirit, and you are in the law of Supply. In all things, My grace is thy sufficiency. Nothing is missing. Nothing is withheld. All has been completed; the full total kingdom of Supply is within you. Draw it out by your silence to that brain which insists that you are lacking. Be meek unto the Father within. Listen. Trust. And behold you will inherit the earth.

In the invisible, but here, right here, is the Father’s kingdom. Not in the visible world of matter, But My kingdom of Supply is not of this world. And yet, I am present, my fullness is present. In my presence you have fulfillment. Look for your Supply—never in the visible. Supply is not of this world. Supply in the visible is the illusion. Look for your Supply in my kingdom. In the invisible, and you will find your visible supply will take form. Just as the fruits on the tree were first invisible, so will my Supply in you become visible manifestation, if you turn,not to the world, but to the one invisible Source and rest in Me. For I, in the midst of you am all Supply.

There is more to be said about Supply, and so we’ll have another look at it in a few moments. If we can, let’s hold the silence for another minute or two. We are still in the One life, the One Divine Self. We are each including our Self to be that One Divine Self, expressing. And if we feel that conviction we can release all personal sense, all personal doubts, all personal cautions for I Am the One Divine Self, expressing. Infinite Mind is living my Life.

                 ———— End of Side One ————–

We have here a key line in this chapter on Supply:

It is our conscious union with God, which enables us to live without taking thought and makes possible a life of complete abundance by Grace.”

I am sure when we read that, we were very pleased that it was there. But it is the rest of this particular thing we call a life-span that has to be lived that way in order for those words to have meaning. Our conscious union with God, but God is not up there, God is the Infinite I and therefore everywhere and we are no longer having to seek a God five million miles away. We are accepting the kingdom of God within me as the place where I am going to have conscious union with God.

And then, we go a step further and realize that when Jesus walked this earth we were looking at ourselves. We were looking at the One life accepted and the glories of that One life were made manifest in infinite ways to show us that One life, which is us, will manifest in infinite ways when we accept ourselves to Be that One life. To talk of conscious union with God and not accept yourself to be the One life, is the very opposite of what you are trying to realize. If you are not that One life what are you if God is the only life? And so you see then, we have a mind within ourselves, which is ever denying our Identity. It is ever leaping up into the world of senses to do battle. It is ever making a claim that God’s universe is imperfect. It is ever expressing the anti-Christ. And unless we can see this adversary as the mind of our own self, the false mind, the non-mind which is trying to act very grown up and be a mind when it has no reality, we are going to let it continue to run us, continue to divide His garment. Continue to take thought about a self that does not exist, for the only self that you can be is the One Self. The only life you can be is the One life.

Now Luke 12 is the story of your One life and the method whereby you become consciously One with God meaning; you come to the realization of individual identity as God expressing. Luke 12 or Matthew 6, in the Sermon on the Mount.

Now, when you have only the one life of God as your Life, you can understand why his advice was, Take no thought for your life. He was revealing to you the secret of your own life as Divine. Needing no human thought to protect it, preserve it, sustain it, feed it, nourish it, maintain it, direct it or channel it. But rather he was recommending there the crucifixion of that personal sense of self, which thinks it has a special life all its own which God is not watching over which is run by chance, which is not under Divine law and so in our mistrust of the intelligence of the Father, we prefer to walk in our own limited intelligence and that just shows how unintelligent we can be.

Now along comes the Master. The Master who had already accomplished that which we are learning to do. He who had learned to Take no thought for his life, He who had died to the flesh, He who had been reborn of the Spirit, He who had accepted That I and the Father are One, Thou seest me Thou seest Him that sent me, Thou seest only Divine life here. And then never questioning that, accepting Omnipotence as the very substance of his own Being. Why, of course, make them sit down to eat, let them drink; if you drink of the water that I have you shall never thirst again, because this is Divine water. This is Divine Truth. This is the Divinity of your own Being Realized. There is no need unexpressed or unfulfilled.

Take no thought for your life. And when we understand it, think of the great release that I can now, understanding this, walk forth and take no thought for how I shall eat or what I shall wear because my Father knoweth, my own substance manufactures every need it has. I am not separated from I anymore. This great revelation of the One Divine Life is contained here in Take no thought for your life.

How do you accept it? What method do you use to accept it? Do you repeat it? Do you make a little chart up and memorize it? Or do you listen for the still small voice, which brings infinity to your doorstep? Do you realize the power of infinity in the still small voice? What is hidden manna? Why is there a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night? Why do ravens bring food to Elijah? Why are multitudes fed without visible food? Until One Consciousness appears that accepts Itself to be the Divine Self and says, and so are you. You are the Divine Self as I am. I see you and I see the Father. Ye are the Light. And as we rest in this realization we go beyond this personal self, this limiting mind, which struggles, which strives, which wants so desperately to sit on the throne and guide things. Where is there poverty in the world today? Can you find one place where it is real, if Divine Consciousness is Omnipresent? Is there really starvation? Is there really war? Is there really suffering or is there a false consciousness of nations unaware of the One Divine Life which is the only.

Wherever you go there is abundance, wherever you go there is peace, wherever you go there is harmony, there is no place in the universe where this is not the Truth. For, I, the invisible Self am the only present Self. I am the Christ of each individual. I am the Life, the Way, the Truth, the Resurrection. And if there is one enlightened Consciousness anywhere, there is food, there is spiritual power, there is life expressing brought into manifestation by that illumined Consciousness. And that is our responsibility. We must show the way by taking no thought for our life, for our life is God, and the Father is greater than I. Unto the Father I am meek. The Father’s mind is my mind, the Father’s body is my body, the Father’s laws are my laws, the Father’s energy is my energy, the Father’s love and truth and peace are mine. What makes gold appear in a fish’s mouth? It is the Consciousness of the presence of God made manifest as substance. What is a healing? The Consciousness of the presence of God made manifest as fullness, fulfillment, wholeness, completeness.

We should look at this Take no thought for your life and see that it and Joel’s brief statement about conscious union with God being the miracle worker, are one and the same. The fowls of the air, they do not store in barns, human beings do because they are not quite sure that God will be here tomorrow to supply them with their needs. The lilies of the field Take no thought but they are always clothed in perfect rainment. Men take thought because they are not aware of the law, that is functioning through their very Being. And so all through we are seeing the fowls and the flowers aware of a law that men do not know. That in their silence they are infinity expressing perfectly. In our silence, in our acceptance, we will show forth that perfect rainment. We will not need to store in barns, to hoard, we will not need to take thought for tomorrow, because your Self is tomorrow. Your Self is every tomorrow that will ever be. Your Self is the only Self in this universe and you are not separated from your neighbor, you are not separated from the Father, you are not separated from anything in the spiritual universe. This constitutes your oneness and the miracle of only oneness, flows instantly to where you are, to appear as the necessary form. Only in this conscious oneness.

And so if I were you and I had the need of supply; I would recognize that by taking thought about it, I am holding it away. By taking thought about it I am disobeying Divine law. It says, Take no thought for your Home. Now why do I want to set my intelligence up above the Father’s intelligence and take thought for my life and for my supply? And why do I want to store in barns. Do you know how many billions of dollars have been unspent by those who have died and were not able to use what they have stored in barns? We get this feeling of the instant flow of Reality where we are and we depend on it. I live yet not I. This Spirit that is my life lives Itself. How can Spirit do anything that is not right? How could I be righteous if I am not the Spirit which alone can be righteous?

Now then, if you take this literally, instead of getting the spiritual meaning you would make the mistake of running out getting rid of your bank account. Selling all that you have and giving it away, because it says don’t store in barns. That would be the letter of the Truth. But the Spirit of the Truth is to update you to the realization that Allness is always where you are. It is to bring you to the mountaintop of understanding that says, All that the Father hath is always mine. There are human practical things you will continue to do until you reach the point where you know that my fidelity, my integrity, my confidence rests completely, not on forms, but on the invisible fabric, I rest on the substance and that will give me all the forms I will ever need, whenever I need them.

I am taking no thought for my human life because my Life is Divine. I am not storing in barns because I have passed the place where materiality is Reality. I cannot store Reality, I cannot store Spirit, and there is nothing but Spirit. That which I would store in barns is not Reality. I have come then to the place where matter and supply are not synonymous. There is no supply that is called matter. Matter is the illusion of supply. We cannot store Supply because it is spiritual and when you are told not to store in barns it is pointing you in the direction of the Spirit as the only Real Supply. So you will not awaken one morning and look at the paper and see that inflation has wiped you out. Inflation won’t wipe out Spirit. And if you go back to depressions if you were in Spirit you weren’t wiped out. There are no barns for Spirit because It is everywhere and it is you. Don’t let this gap come between Spirit and yourself and recognize yourself to be that Spirit. And God isn’t storing in barns.

Now, you have caught the point then that conscious union is a very subtle thing. You may think you are one with Spirit but you are only mouthing it, you may think you are one with Spirit, but you are only believing it. You are never one with Spirit until that is your name and your substance and your life. And as long as you are fearing for your life, as long as you are putting faith in men, in princes, in things, in man whose breath is in his nostrils, in employer or employee, in dollars or investments, in things and conditions you are Taking thought for your life and you are not accepting your Self to be that which is indestructible Spirit of God.

Now, the miracle never begins until you are that One, that I Am, only then is there a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Your identity is your hidden manna. Your identity is the food the raven brings. Your identity if the food for five thousand. Your Identity is Life Eternal and you cannot live outside of identity and think that you are in the Tree of Life because you are in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – one step out of Eden.

Now, we all have the same privilege of living in the Garden of Eden, the awareness of Self as Spirit. And there is no one on this earth who cannot come to that realization and find that because of that realization through him the expression of Spirit appears as food on the table, as life without opposite, as health without opposite, as goodness without opposite, as justice without opposite. There are no opposites in Spiritual realization. There are no places where Spirit is defective or lacking or limited. In your Absolute Self, realization becomes the law of God functioning where you stand. You are that place where God is shinning through. There are whole nations who are unaware of this and they live in darkness. And there are large segments of humanity everywhere, completely unaware that only God is present. There is no other Being, there is no other Self and that One Divine Life, is the Life of all.

This is your two great commandments then; the one-life of God is my life and my neighbors life. And as long as I accept by deed as well as by word this realization, as long as I am in Spiritual Consciousness of the universe, I am my own law of supply: I am my own law of love, I am my own Self fulfillment and I can feed all those who come to the limit of their needs by this realization. For it is not I, the human but I, the Infinite Self shinning through as the form, the supply, the love, the beauty, the peace, the truth, making God’s work visible through the illumined Consciousness.

Now if you read Luke 12 then with the knowledge that it is the Revelation to you of your Identity, you will capture that which the world is missing and which Joel has revealed, among others. We are in the infinite universe now, there is no place you can ever be where God is not, there is no place you can ever be where Spirit is not the only life. There is never another life, no matter what you may see.

If you still persist in the belief in lack you are judging after the appearances and you are being hypnotized by your own senses into seeing lack where only Spirit is. If the adjustments are made you will accept Spirit as omnipresent and therefore Spirit must be employer, employee, client, customer, opportunity, condition, only Spirit can be. And when you have the broad vision then of Spirit alone, as the only Life, you can sit back and wait for the doorbell to ring, for the letter to come, for the telephone call, all to tell you that Spirit knoweth your needs.

Oneness is the key. And whereas we started out to understand supply, we find another miracle, when we know this law of Supply, we know the law of health. We know the law of fulfillment; we know the law of infinite perfection in all things. We know the law of Grace. Supply was what brought us to an understanding of Infinite Divinity. For our Real supply is Life. And when you have Life, then all that is needed is supply, with twelve baskets full at all times.

Now, let us take into Consciousness the Truth that makes us free. The only one who can ever lack is someone who is not even me. If there is someone lacking it cannot be me, because I am Spirit, self-contained, God Being expressing, individualizing, ever productive. And so every time I lack I must look at this fellow who is lacking and say, Who are you? Where did you come from? Whatever made you think you’re even living? You are just a figment of the imagination. There is no lacking in Reality and if you are unreality who wants you? No, I can never be that fellow who lacks. I can never be the fellow who is needing something. Because there is no such person. Such a person is a false consciousness masquerading, but is only an imitation of life, a shell without substance, an image in the mind. That is not me, my name is the Spirit—my Father is the Spirit. I am Divine Consciousness individualized, expressing all of Infinity right where I am forever. I don’t have to make it so. I simply have to know the truth and that is the truth and it will make me free. I am being fed by the Spirit, by infinity, by the inner Word, by the still small Voice, by the Father within and I trust the Father.

The Father is my shepherd and I see now no valley of death. The false claims vanish. For where the Father is the Son is and they are One Self. The Father is not going through a valley of death and neither is the Son. We are ever in the kingdom of God on earth where all needs are fulfilled, where all is expressing the Divine Will and that Divine Will in me is ever speaking to me and through me, telling me to be perfect as my Father which is in heaven. To be perfect as the Divine substance that I AM and so I rest.

I am perfect as my Father. His Will in me is the only Will I know. And it is His Will that I be perfect, therefore, because there is no power to oppose His will, His will is fulfilled already and I am perfect. I am His perfect substance in all ways, in all things I must prosper. There is no place where a veil is suddenly descended upon me. There is no veil in Spirit. There is no place where I am limited or lacking. There is no place where I must go out and find something. All comes from within through radiant transformation it appears and I behold his universe made manifest. Because I am living in His Spirit. Never separated in thought, in belief, in concepts, never taking thought as a mortal being.

We rest now beyond all divisions of person, place, thing, race, nation – no divisions. One Infinite Spirit I Am, and I am fulfilling both commandments there, and infinity must express through this Consciousness, for it is the full infinite Tree of Life and I am back in the Garden.

One of the admonitions to Take no thought is to take us out of the belief, that we must make something, become something. When you take thought you are trying to create a situation, but when all situations are already perfect what is there to create?

Your taking thought is the denial of present perfection because you are unable to see that perfection, but when you know that perfection is there, you will take no thought and that is knowing the Truth. That perfection is already present, regardless of what the eye may see. For God is present and only God is present and the mirage of matter can no longer mesmerize you into saying, I do not have.

You are feeling your own Being rising to a higher dimension of Self-realization where is revealed to you that which exists invisible to all human sense. Yes, you have been walking in the Garden of Eden, unknown to your human self-hood. All that exists here is the Infinite spiritual kingdom that is all that is around us. And looking through the mirage of form, of condition, of person, place and thing in this higher dimension we behold: His universe, His spiritual reality, His abundance ever-present, His harmony, His life. And lo, and behold, it is your life. You are out of false identity, you are not a person, you are not a human, you are not a mortal, you are the One Self individualized appearing through the mirage of senses as these things that the world thinks you are. Your reality is the everlasting Life of God and when you get that, when it’s yours, you won’t have to hold this world on your shoulders anymore.

There are fifty pages roughly of words of Wisdoms, in the Infinite Way. And so, next week we are going to discuss these Wisdoms. In your review of them before class, you will discover that many of the things you have studied and some of the glimpses you have had are in these Wisdoms. Now, you should know that the Wisdoms which are written here are just like the Revelations that are in the Bible. They are not the words of a man. They are the illuminated inner revelations that have come from the still small Voice through Joel and so when you read them, your hearing that Voice, within yourself, which has put these words before you. They are trust worthy, they are Divine Law and the degree to which they will mean something to you will be according to the level you have accepted yourself to be. If you are at that state of Consciousness that has One with yourself, these words you will recognize as your own. For your own inner-Self has spoken, these words, through Joel. The One infinite Self has spoken these words they are meant as, a lamp-lighter, a Way-shower. If you were to work with them this week, before next week’s class we will start that class at a higher level, so you might consider that, and when next week, all of us having been exposed to The Wisdoms, we would have had that experience behind us and we could now proceed to the actual Spiritual realization, for which these are the foundation.

Always, we are moving higher and upward to that moment called the new Jerusalem. The real realization of the New Man the New Self. And so we only have a few more weeks to go, let’s see, we have three more classes for this particular series and all has been a preparation for the New Horizon, and the New Jerusalem which is your new Consciousness.

Before the series is up you may find that there are certain points that you haven’t been able to clarify within yourself. I hope you will take the time to write those questions down and either put them on this desk or mail them to me. Either way, it would be well if you could leave this series with a fairly good understanding of your Identity. So do not think that any question is too unimportant because every question that opens another door is important. Don’t let any question go unanswered no matter how basic it may be. It is important to you and therefore it is important.

And let’s come out of this series in the conscious realization that the Spirit of God is not something apart from me that I must attain, but is my Substance and is All that I am. For that will be the New Jerusalem, that will be conscious union with God in which, I Am That One, becomes your New Consciousness and from that all things are possible, for nothing is impossible to that One Consciousness. Thank you very much.


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