Good afternoon.

There’s a very interesting statement here in Joel’s chapter, “No And!” It’s about de-hypnotizing.

If we can be made to believe that there is a mortal, material universe, we, too, are part of this hypnotism.”

If we can be made to believe there is a mortal, material universe, we are part of the hypnotism.”

So, he’s saying that only in a state of hypnotism do we believe there is a mortal, material universe and that when we are de-hypnotized, we will know that there is no mortal, material universe.

Now there are four different healings of blindness in the Bible and therefore we can look at them with the idea that they are presenting to us different degrees of hypnotism in which individuals symbolic of the entire human race believe there is a mortal material universe and these different healings of blindness then would be stages or degrees of lifting the hypnotism. And under the visible pretense of merely healing blindness, there must be keys to lift us from our blindness to Spirit. These must be keys to illumination.

And so, let’s look at all four healings at one time to see the similarities and the differences in degrees of the blindness of the human mind.

We look first at the one in Matthew. I think we’ll read them all together so that we can see how they compare. The first one is in Matthew. Matthew 9. There’s just a few verses, 27-30. Remember where they take place because the place is often indicative of a degree of consciousness. This one takes place in Capernaum, I believe:

When Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, Thou son of David, have mercy on us.”

Two blind men.” “Thou son of David have mercy on us.” Remember, they followed him. You remember that means that they were coming to an inner understanding of the presence of Christ identity. They followed him.

The Master had said, “Deny thyself. Pick up thy cross and follow me.”

They weren’t sitting and begging. They were actively following Christ within. Where were they seeking their healing of Christ within? They were asking Christ. They were turning to Source. Now as long as we have human fathers and human mothers, we go to them. When we have a Divine Father, we go to the Divine Father.

When you have accepted spiritual Fatherhood, you seek the spiritual Source for your good. You go to the Father within. That’s the importance of having a spiritual Father, that you will turn to that Father within. And this is what they’re doing.

And when he had come to the house, the blind men came to him.”

The blind men came to him. And Jesus said unto them, Believe ye.”

Believe ye” has to precede a healing.

Believe ye that I am able to do this?”

In other words, is there within the individual the acceptance of a spiritual Source. Do you believe that you are the offspring, the expression of Spirit? Do you believe that Spirit is your identity?

Believe ye that I can do this?”

Now these men are blind. How many blind people in this world would go to an individual and say to that individual, “Open our eyes.” Only those who believe in the power of Spirit. Only those who have some inborn understanding of their own spiritual identity. Only those perhaps who know that Spirit has never made a mistake. There are no errors in Spirit. Being lifted out of material consciousness would be the alleviation of blindness.

The belief then in the presence of Spirit and the perfection of Spirit is implicit in the statement, “Do you believe that I can do this?” And I of course is not Jesus. Do you believe that Spirit in you is perfect now? That’s a rather simple distillation of all the Truth we’ve learned, that Spirit in you is perfect now. And beside Spirit in you there is no other.

Once we have come that far we can see blindness as a state of mind rather than as a state of body, the body merely being a reflection of the state of mind. In fact, every healing reveals states of mind. What we call adultery turns out to be the adulterous state of the mind which beholds what is called adultery. Those beholding adultery, are beholding the adulterous state of their own mind. Those beholding disease, are beholding the diseased state of their own mind. Those beholding limitation, are beholding the limited state of their own mind. Always, the outer picture is the fabric of the mind that beholds it. Those who are in blindness are beholding the blindness of their mind to their soul.

Are those who can see, blind to their soul? Just as much. There are different degrees of blindness to the soul. All of mortality is now revealed as blindness to the soul. Mortality is blindness. Mortality is a state of blindness and this is the purpose of the blind healings, to reveal that mortality is a state of blindness.

And you’ll find as you slowly review all the healings in the Bible, that Jesus Christ was not healing an individual of a thing or a condition but was healing the human race of its belief in mortality. He was healing one thing, mortality. That’s the only disease there is. It’s the only problem there is. It’s the summary of all His work; to heal mankind of the false belief in mortality. Little signposts along the road, different diseases, different problems, always raising the dead, raising the mortal from the false sense of mortality.

Christ in you then says to the blind mind of you, “Do you believe that I can reveal to you the Kingdom of God? Do you believe that I can reveal to you that there are no conditions unlike the perfection of God?” Always Christ in you is speaking and the outer appearance of a blind man is always the mind of you which is blind to that Christ until something in you says, “Yes, I believe, you can show me these things.”

And now Christ in you takes you out of the human mind. Christ in you transfers you from the human mind to the Christ mind. The lack, the limitation, the conditions are in the fabric of the human mind seemingly objectified but there is only one mind, the perfect mind of God. Christ in you lifts you out of your thought, your conditions, your beliefs, your sense of mind which out-pictures a world of matter, your sense of mind which is the blind man, totally hypnotized and then opens you to the mind of God in you which now reveals to you there was no lack, there was a lack in your limited state of consciousness. There was no death. There was a death in your limited state of consciousness. There was no heart attack. It was an attack in your limited state of consciousness and every flaw in our human sense of life we discover to be only a flaw in the mind that still believes in itself and has not dissolved itself to rest in the one perfect Mind.

In your contemplation, when you rest in the one perfect Mind there is an acceptance that God being here, the mind of God is here, it is perfect. You know that every human image is a projection of the world mind and you know that the Divine image must therefore be a projection of the Divine Mind.

The hue-man, the shadow man, the hue of a man, is not the Divine man. It is the shadow image from the world mind and in our human mind, we come into that circuit in which the human image is accepted as a person, an individual but it’s never a Divine image. And because it’s only an image perceived by the mind of man, it contains all of the flaws in that mind, all of the conditions, all of the beliefs; that fabric is transferred to the objectified image called man.

And so, you rest, knowing that there is another image present, an image in the Divine Mind which has no flaws because there are no flaws in the Divine Mind. And your contemplation is merely that: here is the one perfect mind of God. There is no other mind. I rest that mind, the mind that has been blind to the one perfect Mind.

And that releases all of the conditions in that mind which is showing forth in the outer image called the hue-man, the shadow man, the hue-man image. Your contemplation lifts you into the one perfect Mind. It’s a slow process, a quiet process. But it’s a renewing process and this constant renewal, this constant reminder that the one perfect Mind is here means that it must be projecting its own perfect Divine image which is the Self of everyone. This fact can never be pushed aside even by the blind human mind. The Kingdom can never be removed by man’s unawareness of its presence. Our blindness to the invisible Kingdom here doesn’t remove that Kingdom. It merely shuts us off from the enjoyment of it. One perfect Mind now and slowly that permeates your consciousness until you find you are not thinking with your mind. You’re letting that perfect Mind be your mind so that your mind will express that perfect Mind as a one continuous expression and whatever is thought in the Divine Mind will become thought in the mind you call your mind. It will be one thought continuing to express, projecting its own perfection into consciousness. It removes the illusion that is in the fabric of the limited human mind. It removes the sense of a heart attack. It brings Light. It enlightens and that Light brings with it the end of the material sense of consciousness, the dream consciousness. The Light removes the darkness of the dream consciousness. And as you rest in one with the perfect Mind, it reveals very quietly the present perfection of the Invisible.

There are no counter thoughts, no opposing thoughts, no troubled thoughts, no human thoughts. Just the one Divine Mind being itself governing all within Itself without a second. Without realizing it, the second self of you disappears. The Oneself of you expresses without a second. It comes forth as an improvement in the human scene because layers of false mentality are wiped away.

The dream consciousness is broken. You awaken from the dream of a human self, a human mind, a mortal being and though you are not aware that you have done all this, it has been done for you and you say, “Oh I feel so much more at peace.”

Every time you become conscious that the one perfect Mind is where you are and you rest in it, yield to it, accept it, trust it, believe that it can do this for you, it will. Always your faith in the one perfect Mind being present will be confirmed by your experience. You’ll find renewed vigor, renewed understanding, renewed health, renewed courage and a deeper awareness that there is an Infinite power ever present no matter what the outer objectified condition presents to the mind that is blind. For that condition and the blind mind are one and the same. You are looking at the thoughts in your blind mind, accepting them as outer reality, reacting to them and then being forced into a series of reactions culminating in a final action which is completely based upon the acceptance of that which is not there.

But in the one Mind, lived in, the whole pyramid of reaction to error that is not there, is removed. We are not committed. We do not let the hand and the eye fool us. We do not let the jailer take us and cast us into prison. We do not remain in the prison of the mind. We do not serve a sentence there. We remain free of the idols of the mind, even of blindness.

This is a complete condition. A condition such as few people on earth suffer from, comparatively, and therefore it includes just about every condition we can undergo as human beings. Blindness here then is the total state of the mortal mind. It is blind to Christ. It is anti-Self. It is hypnotized. But Divine Mind is present. You need not rest in human mind.

Do you believe that I, Christ mind, Divine mind, can open your eyes?”

Yes, we believe” say the two blind men.

You may remember last week it was noted that the two blind men stand for the faith and the will. The faith that Spirit is present and the will to live in that Spirit as spiritual identity. These two or more gathered in my name and there am I, the Christ mind, in the midst of them, doing the work of the Father.

When your faith and your will in Spirit are united, I in the midst of you can show the glories of old even to the miracle of opening the eyes to the vision of the soul.

Every human ailment is included in this simple statement here by the Master.

Do you believe I can do these things? Do you believe you are Spirit? Do you believe God is your Father? Do you believe your Father is here now? Do you believe your Father has all power to maintain the perfection of His child, of His offspring, of His creation?”

Yes, I believe all this. Then you’re not sick. You’re well. The sickness was the illusion of the mind that did not believe this, that had another father, another creation, another source, another identity. If you believe these things, you’re not sick. But if you’re still sick then you do not believe these things.

And so, we adjust the consciousness deep in the understanding, reach that acceptance level which can say, “I have faith in the allness of Spirit, the presence of Spirit, the omnipotence of Spirit to maintain a perfect spiritual creation and there is no other.” And there you stand letting the false objectivization of the false mind dissolve itself. The new light removes the old darkness. You’re standing still in identity in the one perfect Mind which is ever present awaiting acknowledgement. And you are healed of the false belief in material mortal selfhood.

Their response to him when he said do you believe? Yes, “Yea, Lord.”

Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.”

And this was their release to the one perfect Mind. The human mind was out of the way by faith in the Presence of the Spirit of God and the will to live in and as that Spirit. And this is the meaning of “he touched their eyes.”

The Christ mind sent Light to the mind which had yielded its authority to the one perfect Mind. The Light of the one Mind expresses as the vision, the knowing of that one Mind. The inner spiritual awakening which now becomes vision is also the inner spiritual awakening which becomes the realization of Christ identity, the realization of Divine sonship, illumination, the consciousness of the Christ universe around us as our own one Selfhood.

Now this happened in Capernaum. “Their eyes were opened. Jesus straightly charged them, saying, See that no man know it.”

Capernaum then is a state of transformation. Whenever Jesus goes down to Capernaum or up to Capernaum, usually up or into, Capernaum will indicate then a level of transformation taking place, transformation of consciousness from my human mind to the acceptance of the one perfect Mind present which out-pictures perfection only and therefore all that can be here is perfection because the one perfect Mind is here.

The false idols of the human mind will see the imperfections that are within that human mind but when I am transferred from that human mind and its beliefs, to the purity of the one perfect Mind accepted, then all of the beliefs of the false, limited, human mind are recognized as just externalizations of the fabric of mortal mind. Never true, never created by the Father. No blindness created by the Father, no lack, no limitation, no lifespans either. What we have called birth and death and the interim between are merely periods of soul development, terms of development of the soul which the mind sees and cannot embrace in the fullness of them.

Now that’s one healing, the union of faith and will to live in and accept the presence of the one perfect Mind. Another healing takes place in Bethsaida, another healing takes place in Jericho and then the healing in John which we’re still to do today is in Jerusalem. And so, Capernaum, Bethsaida, Jericho, Jerusalem.

Now Bethsaida is a fishing village. And so, it’s a beginning of the teaching to the initiate, the little fish. It’s not a healing of a blind man. That’s just the outer appearance. It’s an introduction to the inner initiation of the Spirit and then in Jericho, after the man in Bethsaida is prepared, we come to Jericho, the moon city, the city of the senses. And there that which is prepared in Bethsaida for the initiate comes to a higher degree of attainment as the sense consciousness is dispelled. In short, these healings are initiation keys. Finally, in Jerusalem, the New Jerusalem, is another healing showing Christ consciousness attained or the release from blindness or mortality.

Let’s look at the one in Mark. This one is at 8:22. Again it’s a short one, 8:22. This would be the one in Bethsaida, the fishing village.

And he cometh to Bethsaida; they bring a blind man unto him, and besought him to touch him.”

They bring to him a blind man. The blind man is being lifted into an inner awareness of Christ. They want him to touch him. They think the physical touch will do it. We know he will touch him by Christ awareness within. The Christ mind will come through. That will be the touch.

He took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of town.” Out of the old consciousness. Out of the belief that I am a human being in a material world. Out of the belief that this body made of flesh is me. Out of town, out of world thought, out of the prevailing atmosphere of thought which saw this as a blind man. This is the preparation of the initiate into a higher level which will culminate as Christ consciousness, Spirit I am.

When he had spit on his eyes, and put his hands upon him, he asked if he saw aright. He looked up, and said, I see men as trees walking.”

That’s a very strange statement for us because when you are in the acceptance of Spirit then a man and a tree are much the same. Both are material. You’re not accepting life. You’re accepting only the material appearances without giving them a sense of life. You’re not saying the man is alive, the man is a Divine creation and the tree is a Divine creation. You’re seeing them as images and one image is the same as another. This one is a tree image. That is a man image. Trees like men walking. Men like trees. It passed the state in this semi-state of accepting them as Reality, the beginning of the understanding that there is one fabric making both a man and a tree – and that’s world mind. Not God mind, world mind. The limited human mind becomes part of that acceptance of tree and man which is hue of a man, hue of a tree. They’re not seeing the spiritual man or the spiritual tree which is a human condition.

And finally, as “He put his hands again upon his eyes, made him look up: he was restored and saw every man clearly.” Now he could see the one invisible Self as the Self of all. He had been de-hypnotized.

Again, the healings in the Bible are all de-hypnosis. Instead of healing a man’s ear or eye or teeth or body of a condition, the mind of the man was released from its false concept and the Truth of the one perfect Mind was revealed as the only present Truth there. De-hypnosis was followed by the revelation of a perfected image, an image that had always been perfect but was blocked by the false sense of the material conscious mind.

De-hypnosis from the sense of mortality shows forth as what the world calls healings. Always the perfect is present in the perfect Mind that is present and blocked from our experience by the sense of my mind, your mind, his mind where no such minds really exist.

And then he said, “Neither go into town, nor tell it to any in the town.” Stay out of mortal mind. Don’t fall back into a human mind.

Now in Mark again, this is 10:46, (looks like we have a Chinese convention outside. I thought by now they’d pass but they’re staying.)

Now we come to Jericho, 10:46. Each time so far, we have seen a false state of mind removed and a healing took place. I Christ became the Mind of the first two blind men. I Christ became the Mind of the second blind man. I Christ will always become the Mind of the one who says, “I am healed.” I Christ becomes the Mind of you, me, him, her and we say, “Where did my problems go?” because I Christ can only objectify the Divine image. I Christ is never blind to God.

And they came to Jericho and as he went out of Jericho with his disciples and a great number of people, blind Bartimaeus, son of Timaeus, sat by the highway side begging.”

Sat begging” and it says, “They sat,” and that means spiritually they’re stagnant. When he says “They’re begging,” it means they’re not sufficient in Christ, not self-sufficient. Begging always is a state of insufficiency in mortality.

When the beggar receives Christ, he no longer sits, usually leaps up and he no longer begs because he’s now Self-sufficient in Christ. And so, “sat begging” is a state of mortal mind in which we feel we’re missing something, we lack something and it’s because we’re sitting, we’re stagnant, we’re not open to the flow of the one perfect Mind.

And so, we sit, begging, aware of our limitations and our wounds whereas right there present in the one perfect Mind is the perfect Self waiting to be lived in if we will step out of the belief that this mind of mine, is a true state of mind.

Forget the condition. It is only an objectivisation of a mind that is not a true state of mind. Rest in the one perfect Mind, and lo and behold, from the mountain top of Truth, Truth reveals itself and sets you free.

Always the one perfect Mind is present. I can never leave you. I the Divine Mind am wherever you are. Rest in me. Acknowledge me with faith that I am present, with the will not to fall back into a second mind, a second self, a second life and I will open your eyes. No longer will you be on the highway begging, needing, wanting, seeking, striving for I reveal the finished Kingdom where you are.

When he heard it was Jesus of Nazareth,” he begged, “He began to cry, saying, Jesus thou son of David, have mercy on me. Many charged him that he should hold his peace: but he cried the more a great deal, Thou son of David, have mercy on me.”

This is the acceptance of Christ within, turning to Source, resting in the one perfect Mind.

Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called. They call the blind man, saying unto him, Be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee.”

And now, the mind that was pleading, “Have mercy on me. Have mercy on me.” begins to accept it. It doesn’t have to plead anymore. It simply has to rise, to accept. “Why, what am I pleading for? The Christ mind is my own mind. The one perfect Mind here is the only Mind there is. All I have to do is get out of my mind which wanted to plead and accept this one perfect Mind here is the perfect expression of God. You rise to that level and rest.

And he, casting away his garment, rose, and came to Jesus.” Your garment then that you cast away is the mind which had separated you from the one perfect Mind, the hypnotized or dream mind of man with its complete world conditions. That garment you cast aside in another place is called rolling away the stone. Here, it’s called casting aside the garment.

And when you realize that the entire field of psychology is probing that one mind which is unaware of the one perfect Mind, then it must be seen that all psychology is still working within the dream consciousness. That’s why there’s no hope in it. It cannot release the dream. It changes from one dream to another. It changes from a mind that is doing something bad to a mind that is doing something better but its still a mortal mind.

Again, psychology has introduced to us the idea of the unconscious. Somebody gave me a book on it the other day. And I was very surprised to see that the author of this particular talk, usually in order to include God in the conversation would say, “Whether you call it God or the unconscious.” And therefore, it was the author’s belief that what we call God was really not God but was the unconscious.

Now that is true about religions. What religions call God is the unconscious but they don’t know it’s the unconscious. But the Christ teaching doesn’t call God what psychology calls the unconscious. Religions do but not Christ. What psychology has discovered to be the unconscious, which is what religions call God, both are the identical mortal mind. The unconscious is the unconscious mortal mind or the universal world mind which is the unconscious of man and it’s also what religions worship and call God.

But whenever you hear that unconscious, you’re hearing about the universal world mind and Christ took us beyond the universal world mind. Christ took us beyond the unconscious because God is not unconscious. Christ took us to God. The minute you say God or the unconscious, you’re saying that God is unconscious which means only one thing, that you are unconscious because the mind that is asleep in the dream is unconscious of God, unconscious of the one perfect infinite Mind ever present. And that one perfect infinite Mind ever present is the only God there is. It is not the unconscious of man. That’s the counterfeit world mind which is the unconscious of man which is being probed by psychology. You probe the counterfeit world mind and think you’ve got something and you’re stuck for life. You’re imprisoned in a fable.

And so, man draws from this vast reservoir of nothing and gets nothing. He draws from the world dream and makes it an individual dream. Christ took us right through that, out of that blindness, out of the blindness of psychology and religion, out of the blindness of materia medica, out of all of the blindness of the world mind which becomes the individual human sense of mind, out of mortality.

Now in this third healing here, you have a man being taken out of the sense mind, sense consciousness. He is removed from the unconscious which had been making him blind. Nobody probed the unconscious. They removed him from it.

And so, we come finally to the fourth healing. Now these were states in initiation, preparation, purification, attainment of higher levels.

Jerusalem, where the temple was, was a very specifically chosen place for one reason. Naturally, you’d expect religion to heal and it would heal in its temples but here’s a healing outside the temple. A terrible thing, of course, because once you heal outside the temple, who’s going to have to go inside the temple? And that was the reason for the outrage. How can you heal outside our temple? It’s impossible. You must be a faker. But the message for us is the Kingdom of God is within you. You don’t get your healing in a church. You get your healing in the one perfect Mind of the Father which reveals perfection on the holy ground where you stand.

And so, you don’t have to petition the church to say heal me. You don’t have to tithe. You don’t have to grovel. You don’t have to say, “Have mercy on me.” You don’t have to plead. You simply have to be aware that the one perfect Mind of God is present and you’re in church. That’s your temple. And then you don’t need materia medica. You don’t need psychology. You don’t need metaphysics. You don’t need anyone on this earth. Why? Because the one perfect Mind where you are, is forever perfect, forever maintaining its perfect creation.

Now because the mind of man will not accept this, we don’t argue with the mind of man. The condition of that mind is that it’s enslaved to its own beliefs, to its own limited experiences. It will do such strange things as turn upon the perfect Mind of the Father and accuse it of being a faker. And here it will call the beggar a sinner. It will tell him that he’s outright a liar. Where does he get off trying to pull the wool over their eyes and saying that he was blind from birth? Where does he get off saying that he was in the street somewhere, outside the temple and a man healed him of blindness and where do his parents get off saying that this happened? Whoever heard of such a thing?

And so finally it’s revealed that the real blind in this is not the blind man whose eyes are opened but the mind of man which refuses to acknowledge that it happened or that it’s possible. That mind being committed to the fact that you must come into a place called a temple. You must come and worship in that temple. You must do many things.

And always behind this was the idea that the blind man of course was that way because of Divine punishment. How could the punishment be removed so quickly and for what? He had shown no atonements. He hadn’t repented. He hadn’t done anything to say that he was sorry for whatever he had done. The Divine punishment hadn’t been removed, how could he have been healed of it? And so obviously, the man who healed him was a faker and he was probably a faker himself for pretending all these years that he was blind.

Now we say, “How can the Pharisees be so stupid?” But he’s not talking about Pharisees. He’s talking about your mind and my mind. The human mind which thwarted at one turn will shift to another. He’s telling us that the human mind is conditioned to self-deception. You would have thought that the Hebrews in that day were seeking the salvation of man. But here it’s being shown that even though that’s what we thought the human mind was seeking, it is not capable of seeking that. All the human mind is capable of seeking is its own self-justification, its own self-righteousness. Whatever your human mind feels is right, that’s what you’re willing to fight to protect.

And you may be under the illusion that you’re willing to let go of your conditioned beliefs if some better beliefs come along but if they directly contradict your way of life, your committed opinions, you have no capacity to go outside of those and in some way or other your mind tries to justify itself for doing it this way. He’s revealing an innate quality of the human mind. That even in the face of the evidence of blindness healed, it would not accept it because as far as it knew, blindness can only be healed by God, lifting the punishment that had caused the blindness in the first place. And certainly no one who wasn’t in the temple could be chosen by God.

So conditioned is the mind that it can only see what it knows. Always of course behind this is to break down our faith in the mind of man and build up our faith in the mind of God. Once we know that the human mind, even in us, in ourselves, is so built that it has no capacity to see outside of its own knowledge and that its knowledge is inevitably separated from God, mind being matter cannot perceive Spirit. This is a permanent condition of the human mind and when we recognize this permanent fallacy of the mind, we won’t try to circumvent this knowledge by saying, “Well my mind is different.” We will accept it as a condition of the human mind which we can never overcome except by releasing that mind.

The pool of Siloam was mentioned before in the Bible in a different way. You remember the story of Naaman the leper. You’ll find it in 2 Kings chapter 5. He was captain in the Syrian army. He was a victorious warrior, very important to his king but he also had leprosy.

And so, his king said, “Well, I hear from someone who works for your own wife, a maid there, a maidservant, she tells us that in Samaria, in the kingdom of Israel – that’s when Samaria was still part of that kingdom – that they have a prophet there and he can heal you of leprosy. And so, because you’re important to me, I’m going to send you to that king and tell him to have you healed.”

So, the king of Syria wrote the king of Israel. And he said, “I have this great warrior here. I’m going to send him down there and I want you to see that he gets healed of his leprosy.” Of course, there will be a lot of transferring of gold and silver and all the accouterments that go with that kind of a royal contract.

So, the king of Israel said, “Well now whatever got into this man’s mind? I don’t know anything about healing anybody. Who does he think I am, God?” And he was about to rip up this letter from the king of Syria when Elisha said, ”Why don’t you have that warrior come down so they can see there’s a prophet in Israel.”

So Naaman came down. He had a chariot drawn by horses. He had his servants with him. He was an important man and he expected to be greeted by an important man who would look up the heavens and make some great declaration, maybe slap Naaman on the forehead and say, “You’re well.”

What happened? A messenger came out. The messenger said, “I have a message from Elisha. He says for you to go and dip yourself in the Jordan seven times and when you do, you’ll be all free of your leprosy.”

This wasn’t at all what the human mind expected. So Naaman was very angry. He hadn’t had a royal welcome. It hadn’t happened at all as he had expected. Besides back in Damascus they had their own water, couple of rivers there he felt were at least as good as the Jordan. And so, he started home very angry but his servants prevailed upon him and said, “Now what have you got to lose? You made this trip. Surely the man who gave this message to you had something in mind. Why don’t you obey?”

– End of Side One —-

And so, you see symbolically, you’re seeing the man who’s trying to turn to Christ. The mind wants to turn but it’s reluctant. It wants the thing to happen within its own preconceived pattern of thought. You can’t just say, “I surrender. You tell me.” But when he does surrender and bathes in the Jordan seven times, that’s the surrender to Christ out of the human sense of mind. And of course, that’s the end of his leprosy.

Now that bathing in Jordan seven times is a symbol which is later used by Jesus when he says to the blind man here, “Now that I have joined spittle with clay and rubbed it and anointed on your eyes, wash it off in the pool of Siloam.” Same as saying, “Bathe seven times in the Jordan.”

The pool of Siloam then is where you and I are learning to bathe. Seven times. Until we are totally free of the sense of mortality, until the body of clay becomes another body. Not the old body of clay, of mortal clay but the new Spiritual body is formed as you bathe in the pool of Siloam.

The pool of Siloam is the word of God expressing in you. I think in Nehemiah, the prophet, it’s mentioned. Only it’s spelled with an “h” at the end, instead of an “m,” it’s called the pool of Siloah. And this is after Jerusalem has been sacked. This is in the rebuilding of Jerusalem. That pool is in the king’s court that descends from the steps that come down from the city of David. All of the symbolism to tell you that the seventh heaven and the pool of Siloam are one and the same. The highest Consciousness.

When you’re one with the Infinite, you’re in the pool of Siloam. And the pool of Siloam has become the title of the book “Realization of Oneness.” The pool of Siloam is that which is sent from the one infinite Mind. When you bathe in the pool of Siloam, you’re not in human thought, you’re in the thought of the one infinite Mind and that objectifies as your healing or the harmony of your experience. The pool of Siloam is Divine thought which now becomes visible as Divine action where you stand. It is sent from the Father. When you come out of human thought, you’re in the pool of Siloam. You’re in that which is sent from the Father, Divine thought. And when you’re in Divine thought, you are one with the infinite Mind. In that Oneness, the one power of the Infinite functions as your being.

Bathe in the pool of Siloam. Rest in the knowledge that the perfect Divine Mind here is thinking the perfect Divine thought here now. Be still and let it be your thought without taking thought and it will wash away from your eye the false sense of blindness to the Truth that the kingdom of God is here in all its perfection right at this moment. We’re coming into the clear crystal water of one Mind. And that will bring us into the realization of one Self.

Jesus always said, “The Father sent me.” That which is sent of the Father is Divine thought “expressing as.” Divine thought was expressing as Christ Jesus. He was sent. He was Divine thought appearing. He was the perfect Divine image, sent. He was one with the Infinite.

Now these four different blind healings then, are not about blind people although they’re the instrument for the secret teaching. They’re about the blindness of the human mind which must be released in order for the Light of the infinite Mind to function you as the child of God, the offspring of the Divine Life.

Every little tremor of fear and doubt and worry, false belief, is a second mind. A mind that can only behold the Divine light through a glass darkly. And that’s why we are not resisting any more these illusions of evil; not reacting. One perfect Mind, here now, accepted. Be still. I’m bathing in the pool of Siloam, actually following the instructions of the Master. Bathe in the pool of Siloam, Divine thought where you are. And it descends like a staircase from the city of David which is Christ consciousness. The city of David, the seventh heaven, the staircase, each day and each night coming down, down, down to this level of human selfhood. One flow of spiritual Truth, now while it is day.

The period between birth and death is the preparation for the soul universe. That is the moment of purification. And then there will be no night. There will be no period between death and birth preparing for re-entry to a mind universe because it will not be necessary. The Light of the world coming through the Divine Mind expressing as you, releases you from the need to enter night as a second preparation for a return to this world. The preparations by day are in the corporeal body. The preparations by night are without a corporeal body. Those are the cycles. In the pool of Siloam, we’re preparing by day and when you are released from mortal mind, there will be no night.

Silence, (long pause) …

I think we’ll take a short intermission now.

The one thing the human mind is not prepared for is life without end. It’s just something it can’t contemplate. And so it continues to act in the belief that that which is life with an ending can be life. The human mind thinks that the life span is life. And it lives within that sphere trying to make a better lifespan but the lifespan isn’t life. The blindness revealed here is the nature of mortality, that mortality itself is a state of blindness in which we picture second selves made of flesh where only the Self of Spirit is. And this is to alert us to the separation of that mind from Reality.

So, that the good minds and the bad minds, the brilliant ones and the stupid ones are all recognized as separated from Reality no matter what picture they show forth. They are going to see second selves of flesh and Spirit can never create flesh. That mind is going to see conditions that have no existence, conditions of matter and Spirit can never create matter.

And so, the mind has got to reject that which says to the mind, “Everything you have ever believed is a lie.” And the mind that rejects the Truth continues to imprison man in a body of flesh because it will not accept that life eternal is the only life and it is not lived in a body of flesh.

The blindness that is called mortality ended for Paul at one day. He was in a state of blindness with eyes that could see, eyes that could see bodies of flesh. He was blind but he didn’t know it. Why they there are. And those very people that he was attacking for breaking the law as he saw it of his god. But he was blind. They weren’t there. And then in a moment, he became physically blind but that physical blindness was the awakening. He was becoming blind to the real blindness of mortality and when the blindness was over and the light came through, he no longer saw bodies of flesh. He was no longer blind. The mortal blindness was removed and the Christ reality was accepted.

In other words, the light of Christ had broken the world mind which functioned as Saul. Just as the light of Christ had broken the world mind which functioned as the blind people in these healings and removes the blindness of mortality with all the conditions of mortality included in that blindness and restores us to the eyes, the ears, the sense of touch, the smell and the taste, the senses of the soul.

Now look at this statement by Joel and you’ll see how far we’re coming now because Joel tells us here in “No And!” that “De-hypnotism is a state of consciousness that sees that which actually is: it’s the ability to see, to taste, to touch, to hear and to smell Reality; the ability to see sin not as sin, disease not as disease but rather to be able to separate these from the person to realize we’re dealing with a false appearance produced by the belief of a selfhood apart from God.” And the seat of that false appearance is the mind that perceives it.

Now once the blindness is removed, even if it has to make us physically blind to remove it, it’s still good. It is awakening us from the false ego and bringing us an inner Light which will reveal the non-mortal Reality, and eyes that will see not what the world sees but through what the world sees.

Now you can see Christ seeing through what the world sees. You can hear Joel speaking of seeing through what the world sees. And therefore, we will see through what the world sees. But first we have to bypass this mind. This mind takes of the Pharisees, is the human mind and it takes the blind man now who is healed. And even though you have had healings – that’s the point of this – even though you’ve seen healings, there still come times when you’re faced with a new condition and everything you’ve learned about all of the old conditions that disappeared in the face of the inner Christ of you is forgotten. And you panic all over again. Why? Because even though the blind man was healed, the mind says, “What about everything I know? What about my total experience up to now? I’ve had a few isolated healings, so what? I’ve also lived these many years and I’ve seen a lot of other things that weren’t healed. And frankly, I never saw a blind man healed like that.” And so, the mind says, “Impossible.” The mind says, “I never saw bread falling out of the sky. Impossible. And I’ve read a lot about healings and I’ve seen some but they’re not the general rule. They’re the exceptions. I can’t live with those exceptions.”

And so, the mind in you turns from Christ and it even accuses the one who is blind of doing something to falsify this evidence. In other words, the mind in you is still Thomas, even though it is seen, it is still bewildered.

And here’s a funny twist. It has believed the man was blind up to the point that he was healed. But when he’s healed, it doesn’t believe he was blind. The man is blind because my eyes see he’s blind but now that he’s healed and my eyes see he can see, I can’t believe my eyes. Something is wrong. The senses will always pervert and distort the evidence.

Now you’re told to do what this blind man did in a certain way.

They brought to the Pharisees him that aforetime was blind. It was a sabbath day when Jesus had made the clay, and opened this man’s eyes.”

Now the “Pharisees asked him how he had received his sight” Their motive wasn’t so that they could go out and do the same but to prove that something had been faked. The mind cannot accept the Divine activity outside of its own limited mental scope.

Well he said, “He put clay on my eyes and I washed and I saw.”

Some of the Pharisees said “Now, this man is not of God because he keepeth not the sabbath.” The healing did not indicate he was of God because a man of God certainly wouldn’t break the law of the sabbath.

And so, Jesus was not of God. This is the Christ of God which the mind says is not of God. And so, the mind refuses to accept the Christ because it had found some little flaw in the work which did not obey man made laws or concepts. Now he’s alerting us to the tricks of our mind for getting out of the responsibility of accepting our own spiritual Self.

Another said, “Now, how can a man who is a sinner do such miracles?” In other words, he’s a sinner because he healed on the sabbath. And this may sound silly to us now but when you sit down with your own mind, you’ll find that it behaves in just that fashion. It’s all deep within us that we find all of the reasons and excuses for not accepting our spiritual Self.

And that’s what this is all about. You cannot accept the perfection of yourself as a spiritual being. Your mind says, “It’s impossible.” Or even if it’s possible, maybe not in this incarnation. But here’s a blind man from birth healed in one incarnation. In the same incarnation that he’s born blind, he’s healed. In one incarnation.

There’s a point there. We don’t have to do it the third time around from now or the fourth or the fifth but in one incarnation. Once we’re not a divided consciousness with a mind that says, “Well you know, I’m really am not very far advanced in this or I don’t expect to have the Christ consciousness within the next ten years. I couldn’t do it that quickly.”

You see it’s present now. The mind of God is present right this instant. It’s not a matter of ten years from now. It’s right now and the mind says, “No, no, no. I just couldn’t possibly begin to do that within ten years” and yet here it is now. The mind is turning away from the now Christ. That’s the point of this. And even as we talk about it, you find your mind is turning away from the now Christ in some subtle fashion that you don’t seem to be able to control.

And this is explaining the automatic method whereby mind turns away from Christ even while you think you’re trying to find Christ. Some people love the pursuit. They’re afraid of getting there, because getting there is a new responsibility. But you must accept the now-ness of Christ not the tomorrow-ness and that means the now-ness of the perfection of Christ. And therefore, the imperfection is the way you reject the now-ness of the perfection of Christ. Now. While that person is falling off of the hill, now is Christ perfect and present there. The capacity to accept the now-ness of the perfection of Christ in spite of whatever might appear and to be living in that Consciousness, in the now-ness of the perfection of Christ.

And then that mind can’t squirm and wriggle and find excuses and take the blind man and treat him as a criminal, cross examine him and put him through the third degree to confirm and verify that which is obvious; the man can see and couldn’t before. Why not just accept Christ is present? Something has done this great healing work. Something that did it then is present to do it now.

But they debate because the mind is divided. If it accepts this miracle, it has to admit whatever it knew was false. It’s protecting its own limitations. It cannot go beyond the boundaries which it has already accepted. So, it lives in its own prison of past experience.

So now they come again to the blind man. They’re determined to break down his story. The mind wants to live in its own comfortable niche without straining into another level.

What sayest thou of him, that opened thine eyes?” Poor blind man won’t cooperate. He just says, “He’s a prophet.”

But the Jews did not believe concerning him that he had been blind and received his sight until they call the parents of him that had received his sight. Then they said to the parents, “Is this your son, who you say was blind? How does he see now?”

And the parents, of course are kind of fearful. Public opinion has let it be known that if anyone declares himself to be the Christ, he’ll be stoned to death. They’re not about to say this man must be the Christ of God for having done this and so it is shown that within you, still clinging to the past, to your bondage to heredity, the mind of you still lingers with the thought, “Why it really couldn’t have happened, I guess. I see it happen but it’s hard to believe it.” The mind still vacillates. You’ve still got the false sense of heredity lingering in that mind which has not broken away from human birth and accepted Spirit which can never be born into humanhood.

All these little facets of the mind are reminding us of the limitations that we have fallen into and which we do not have the energy or conviction or integrity to break out of while they happen around us automatically even unknown to our conscious mind that we’re held into these things. So, he’s awakening all of the levels of the conscious and unconscious mind to the tricks of the mind that hold it in bondage.

The parents answer, “We know that this is our son: and that he was born blind. We know not by what means he now seeth or who has opened his eyes, but he is of age, why don’t you ask him: he’ll speak for himself.”

And so, the parents cannot testify. Your heredity cannot testify the Truth of you. Your heredity humanly is not the Truth of you and it cannot testify completely in the Truth of you. It’s another way the Bible is saying here; we’re not born of woman and if we are, we’re not the Son of God. The Son of God is not the son of woman. The son of human parents is not the Son of God. It cannot be both. Even the parents cannot testify truly about the son. Only the Christ in you can testify truly about you.

And so, “These words spake his parents because they feared the Jews. But the Jews had agreed already that if any man had confessed he was Christ, he should be put out of the synagogue.”

Therefore said his parents, He is of age; ask him. Again, they call the man that was blind.” Now this is a vendetta, you can see, by now, by the mind. It’s determined to prove that whatever was done outside that human mind couldn’t be true. Whatever was done outside the church couldn’t be true. The human mind says, “I am the authority here and there is no other. I will not accept an authority outside of my human mind.” That’s the nature of the mind that is blind.

Now they ask him to praise God. “Give God the praise: we know this man is a sinner.” And the blind man says, “Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: but I do know one thing, whereas I was blind, now I see.”

Now they are blinded by unbelief. That’s the human mind. But he who was blind, had his eyes opened by faith. A blind beggar can see through Christ and those who think they’re seeing through mind cannot see the Truth. You see how topsy-turvy our world is in mind? This is the condition, the perversion of mind, its false belief that it sees, whereas it doesn’t and yet a blind man learns to see by receiving Christ.

Here the mind of men, typified by the Jews is shown to be blind and the mind of the blind man is shown to be opened and awake to Truth, released into another mind.

How did he open thine eyes?” Determined, the mind wants to know. It’s going to get to the bottom of this quackery.

The answer, “Well I told you. Ye did not hear: wherefore would you hear it again, would ye be his disciples?”

He’s questioning the motive of these men who want to know how the healing took place. They want to know so they can disprove it.

Then they reviled him, and said, Thou art his disciple but we are Moses’ disciples.” They do not know that Christ spoke through Jesus and through Moses. And they do not understand Moses. They think of him as a man. They do not understand Jesus. They think of him as a man. And therefore, they are not Christ conscious and the mind of man is incapable of being Christ conscious. This is a permanent condition of the human mind. It cannot be Christ conscious.

This teaching will not let you fall back into the mistaken belief that your mind can become Christ conscious because it is only the crucifixion of that mind that is acceptable if you are to attain the level of Christ consciousness. Your mind is so blind, it cannot even see a blind man here.

Now, we know God spake unto Moses: as for this fellow, we know not whence he is. The man answered and said unto them, Why herein is a marvelous thing, ye know not from whence he is, and yet he hath opened mine eyes.”

The human mind does not know where Christ is and yet Christ has opened the eyes of a blind beggar.

Now ye know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God and doeth His will, he heareth. And since the world began, was it not heard that any man opened the eyes of one that was born blind. And if the man were not of God, he could do nothing.

Now who opened the eyes then of the blind man? Not the Pharisees, not the mind of men, not religion, not belief in God, only the Christ received within the blind man’s mind. The mind which had been crucified was out of the way and Christ came through as a realization from the Divine Mind where the blind man stood. The human mind rolled away. The Light comes through the blind man as the Christ idea. It could not be done through all of Judaism. It can not be done through the religions of this world. It can be done only by Christ in you. That’s laying it right where the Truth is. Only Christ in you can perform the miracle of opening your inner eye.

And so, the cross-examining mind must be put aside. All of the questions by that inner trial lawyer must be put aside. We come right down to the simple faith of a blind man saying, “Open mine eyes.” To whom? To Christ within. Right to Source. To Christ within you say, “Open mine eyes.” With the confidence that Christ being present, being one with the Father, all that can happen is that your eyes are opened and then what do you see? You see God’s Kingdom. You see with the eyes and ears, and the touch, and the knowledge of the soul. You’re de-hypnotized.

Now if you feel on the verge of this great revelation that you can look out and see the kingdom whereas before you can only see the world, that you can reach and touch the kingdom whereas before you could only touch the world; that is what this should be leading you to, the awareness of that possibility. We’re just a minute away it would seem, to something ready to open all that had been invisible and there you see what human eyes do not see. That is where we should be at this point. On the threshold.

And the way to cross the threshold is to turn away from the human mind. Otherwise, this is what happens, the beggar says, “If this man were not of God, he could do nothing. But they answered and saith, Thou was altogether born in sins, and thou doth teach us? And they cast him out.”

The Truth comes to you and you cast it out. Why? Because it isn’t easy. It isn’t easy at all. It’s much easier to sit back in the sense of a false authority called the mind with no strain and no strife and go out there and slug it out with your competitors than it is to take that mind, put in on the shelf and to rest in the Divine, knowing I have no competition. The Father is the only Self. Don’t cast that beggar out; he was telling the truth. Christ opened his eyes. The same Christ that opens the eyes of those who will turn from the Pharisaic mind in each of us which keeps us in bodies of clay.

The blind are still blind in this world. The blind healings have not opened their eyes. But they have not really studied the blind healings or the healings at all. They have looked at them like a Pharisee and they have with word of mouth said, “That’s very nice. Now come to our church and we’ll pray together.”

But Christ in you is that church. Christ in you show that blindness whether it’s of the eyes or of the human sense of life cannot continue. You cannot continue sitting by the highway begging when Infinity is ever present to come through the door of your consciousness.

De-hypnosis leads to the realization of no and. No and! No spiritual you and sickness. No spiritual you and disease. No spiritual you and any of the distresses of the world. Only a human you and. When there’s a human you, there’s and everything. When there’s a spiritual you, there’s and nothing. Only Infinity.

In the and of the world are the opposites. You break the law of the opposites. You de-hypnotize, not by the resolutions of your human mind but by the willingness to let the Divine Mind live your life.

If you’ve had your glimmerings of that Divine vision, Divine hearing, Divine touch, those previews are telling you that all of the infinite Self is present here, now. You couldn’t have had those glimmerings without it being here now in the fullness. Mortality is blindness. The healing of the belief in mortality is the Christ mission. There is no God and mortality.

We’re going into chapter 10 of John. I don’t think we can leave “No And!” yet. We’ll have to stay with that. There is you, Spirit of God and no and. If you’re accepting anything that is in the condition called mortality, these conditions must continue to besiege you until you are awakened to the fact that mortality is not a Divine creation and therefore has no existence. It only exists because there’s a human mind there. It is a condition that exists within the human mind and where the human mind seems to be, it isn’t there.

I think that is probably the meaning here in Joel, “If we continue to look through our eyes at the people of the world, all we shall ever see are human beings, sometimes good, sometimes bad. That’s the human picture, sometimes good, sometimes evil. And that’s what we shall always see, hear, taste, touch, and smell with our five physical senses.”

The only way to be de-hypnotized is to quiet the physical senses.” You see how the physical senses and the human mind are one. “To be still inside, then spiritual awareness will [reveal] the truth of being that enables us to see that which is not visible, to hear that which is not audible and to know that which is not knowable with the human senses.” Namely Christ, here, I am.”

Well I think our blindness stories here have served their purpose for the moment.

God is not blind. Christ is not blind. Spirit is not blind. God does not create blindness. God does not create sickness. God does not create problems. God does not make mistakes. The allness of God, the allness of the infinite Mind, the ever presence of the infinite Mind everywhere is a permanent guarantee that only the creation of the infinite Mind exists. And in that creation, there is only perfection.

The moment you have accepted an imperfection, no matter how small, you’re not in the infinite Mind. You have fallen into another mind. You’ve fallen into the human sense mind. And the imperfection you are accepting is not where you are seeing it. It is in your mind, your false sense of mind. All around you is perfection. To live in that perfection is to fast from this human sense of mind which does not see the perfection and is blind to it.

You might this week go through your concordance and find some indication of where to look for knowledge about the one perfect Mind. And build your week around finding biblical passages to support the knowledge in you that there is one perfect Mind and no other and its creation is all that is here.

This perfect creation of the one perfect Mind can never be tarnished, can never fall. It is the indestructible present Kingdom of Reality. And all heart attacks, all ulcers, all of the things we call the problems of the world are not happening for there is one perfect Mind maintaining its perfect creation and the moment you accept anything as happening which is imperfect you have gone back into a dream consciousness and you have, like the Pharisee, refused to accept that there is one perfect Mind and one perfect creation present and no other.

We’ve only done about four or five pages of “No And!” and so let’s continue with it.

One perfect Mind should be studied not through something you look in a book to find but something you work out creatively within your Self. Finding your passages, looking them up, studying them, working with them, finding places in various books of Joel about one perfect Mind, really moving into everything you can find that will tell you more about one perfect Mind until it’s made such an impression on you that you’re not blind to it but awake to it. And then you know wherever you are, the one perfect Mind is. Its creation is present where it is perfect now.

Let’s end with a meditation on this one perfect Mind.

It doesn’t know Uncle Harry or Aunt Susie. It is no respecter of persons. It doesn’t know human conditions and when a human condition or person flows through you now, you’re not in the one perfect Mind. You’re still in a state of diluting the pure Truth of being.

There must be a vacuum, a peace, the texture of love itself, for there is only one perfect Creation everywhere. You can hold no one in bondage to the thought that there is an imperfect anything.

The one perfect Mind must find its perfect counterpart in your perfect thought so that you’re clearing out all that is imperfect. You notice how you stumble over that because the mind wants to hang on to something it thinks is imperfect that it has to solve. You’ve got to clear that out of there. There is nothing imperfect that your mind has to solve. That’s a false world concept. There is only one perfect Mind. When you wholeheartedly accept that, all the Pharisees within you will have been sent home.

Silence, (pause) …

It’s a good exercise. I think Socrates practiced it under tutorship from Plato and he called it a catharsis or a loosening of unbelief. All that was untrue was released in this mental catharsis, just resting. He didn’t call it meditation but that’s what it was. One perfect Mind.

Well next week is Mother’s Day finally. I knew it would come.

See you soon.

A very happy coincidence. We are at chapter 9 in John and chapter 4 in Realization of Oneness and the subjects are somewhat identical.

We find in chapter 9 it’s a story of blindness. And we find in chapter 4 of Joel it’s a story of hypnosis or a story of blindness explained another way. And we find that the one who is explaining blindness in chapter 9 of John and chapter 4 of Joel is the Christ so that you’re really seeing the same message from two different points of view, only because the Christ is reaching the mind of man at one time and at another time. The difficulty of explaining Spirit to the sense mind is very clearly pointed out in the removal of the appearance of blindness here.

This man in the 9th chapter of John is blind from birth. Of course, that must be significant because otherwise he would really have been blind as the other blind healings were. But in this particular one he is specified as blind from birth.

Now perhaps there’s a clue to the meaning there. If we just go a sentence or two back to the 8th chapter, and we see then that the Pharisees took up stones to cast at Jesus, “But Jesus hid himself, went out of the temple going through the midst of them, and so passed by.” Now the meaning of “passing by,” and “going through the midst of them” is that they were unable to find their own Christhood. They were actually unable to see who they were. They had lost sight of their identity, meaning Jesus passed by.

Now you remember that the symbolism of Pharisees who wanted to stone an adulteress and ended up wanting to stone the Christ is the symbolism of the universal mind of man which does not see the Christ in anyone and so it judges. And in order to justify itself, it actually turns upon the Christ which it does not recognize as Christ and calls it the devil so that the human mind which is the accomplice of the devil, calls the Christ the devil. And this is revealed to us as the nature of our own hypnotism. Our own human mind, unable to recognize our own identity as Christ actually is anti-Christ. And this is a condition of humanhood which remains unchanging until you are alerted to the fact that as long as you rest in the human mind, you are in the anti-Christ mind.

And now there is a man here who is blind from birth. And this man blind from birth is that human mind. This is a symbol of the mind of humanhood which from the moment of birth is blind. To be forewarned is to be aided in discovering the stagnant nature of the human condition. Unless we know that the human mind from birth is blind, we’re going to try to use that mind to solve our problems.

Last week’s talk was called “Crucify the Mind that Crucifies Christ.” And now here we come with the Master revealing that you and I as human beings are born into a state of blindness and the degree of that blindness is quite startling because it means that we are blind to ourselves. We are blind to God, we are blind to Spirit, we are blind to Christ, we are blind to identity and the reason we are blind to Christ identity is because the human mind into which we are born is anti-Christ. It can’t help itself. That’s it’s nature.

And so, we come to chapter 9. “As Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.”

Truth being a permanent state of being, this is the permanent Truth that mankind is “blind from his birth.” The understanding of that makes you say to yourself, “How shall I open my eyes?” What is blind from birth when you say man? And who is man that is blind from birth? He’s obviously is not the Divine image and likeness of God.

And so, man and woman here are revealed as not the Divine image and likeness of God because the Divine image isn’t blind from birth. The Divine image and likeness of God has all that the Father hath; Divine vision. And therefore, if we are blind from birth, we obviously, as human beings, are not the Divine image and likeness which God created. And so, we’re revealed again as human beings not to be His creation.

The disciples cannot understand this and so they request an answer to a question that has been asked by many people throughout the world, in another form than the one asked by the disciples. They say “Who sinned, this man, or his parents?” Many have thought “Well, my child was born as a blind person, what have I done? What caused this? Or my child was born with this disease or that disease or this malfunction, what caused this?” And often we find these causes in our diet, in our ancestors, in the long line of heredity, in some commission or omission attributed to us or someone in our lineage. But always the same mistake is made. And here the disciples are making it.

His disciples said to him, “Master who did sin, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

Religions have sinned in the sense that they have taught that our malfunctions at birth are due to some kind of Divine punishment, either to the parent or the child. But the Master says, “That is not the truth.” The Master is going to explain the reason for this blindness and is then going to reveal that what we have called blindness is not at all what we thought it was. That vision is right there. The man is not blind. Going back to Joel’s words, “The man is hypnotized and the world around him is hypnotized.” Part of the hypnosis is the belief that someone can be blind, that sight can be lost and in the acceptance of that, we have thought that sight was not Divine but mortal; just as we have accepted other qualities as not Divine but mortal. Who sinned then? The man or his parents? Always, heredity is considered a contributing fact. Or else if the question were, “Did the man sin, how could he be blind from birth? When did he sin if he was blind from birth?” So, that’s a rather peculiar question.

And we can begin to see now that this chapter is going to be about reincarnation and karma. And as part of the purification, not of this blind man in this chapter but it’s part of the purification of your mind and my mind from the world thought which would pin our problems on heredity or on the karma of a reincarnation. He’s going to break world karma. He’s going to break the false law of heredity. He’s going to cleanse the mental temple. He’s going to show us that through purification from false ideas, we release a light which is ever present and which is the vision of God.

Now we know from our studies that every reincarnating ego loses its attunement with the Spiritual world. That is precisely what we have done. And then it continues in bondage because it is now separated from the Spiritual universe and its own Spiritual Selfhood as it makes a pilgrimage through earth. It even converts the heaven of God into the appearance of earth and now it is in bondage to the belief that it was born, that it is maturing, growing, that it will age and eventually it will die and go somewhere or simply not be alive anymore – because it started out blind, separated from the Spiritual universe, separated from Christ identity.

Now we all did that many times and we all blamed our problems on various types of powers in the world that prevented us from making progress. Occasionally, we even had the graciousness to say we had made some mistakes. But actually, God, being the only cause, you have never made a mistake. It’s impossible. God being the only cause, blindness in this case cannot be Reality because if it were Reality it would have to be caused by God.

And so, world thought says, “God does punish with blindness. God either punishes the parents with the blindness of their child or punishes that soul which comes into expression for its past errors.”

And as long as the belief that Divine punishment can cause blindness persists in the human mind, it continues blind. It hasn’t released God. It hasn’t accepted that the child of God can never be blind. And so even if we were physically unable to see, if we accepted that as a condition, we have also accepted that we are not the child of God, we are not the creation of God and in some way, we have accepted that there is a cause which could cause blindness, which may either be God to our false sense of mind or some other cause. In either case, we’d be wrong.

And so, blindness is a world belief that we learn to remove from our belief. There is no such thing in the Kingdom of God. There is no such thing in the qualities of God and even though physically blind, it is now revealed by the Christ that the only blindness there is, is the absence of Spiritual understanding.

You may say, “Well, some people who are blind seem to have more Spiritual understanding than those who aren’t.” And you’d be right because blindness is anything but punishment and it’s anything but what we had suspected it is. Some blind are far ahead of us.

And you‘re going to see here that Jesus Christ was well aware that this particular blind man was at the end of a particular cycle. This was his final preparation for breaking the karma of past lives. You can never look and judge what the cause of an appearance is because we do not know. There are many, many causes to blindness. You can be blind for good reasons as well as what we call bad reasons. Blindness can be the final outpost, the great preparation for the Christ consciousness. It can be negative. It can be positive. It can be the result of drifting with the tide. It can be the result of inactivity in the Spirit. It can be the result of turning away from the Spirit. It can be not only for things we have done but things we neglected to do. It can be for acts of omission or commission. But always, the blindness is the evidence of an identity unrealized. Not having realized Self to be Christ, there is blindness and yet the one who is blind may be the very next one to realize Christ and those with sight may be far away.

And here you find suddenly, the blind man can see. He’s been prepared. But when it says Jesus passing by saw a blind man, that isn’t what it means at all. It means the blind man saw Christ. When Jesus sees someone, it means that someone is seeing Christ.

Now Christ is always present and few of us are seeing Christ. This blind man, not deflected by appearances, but searching deep within himself, was really soul blind. That is what blindness is all about, blindness to one’s own soul. And now Jesus passes by and he sees within himself the Christ. He saw a man which was blind from his birth and this man blind from his birth is seeing Christ which is phrased as “He saw a man.” The man is glimpsing the Christ of his own being.

To the disciples he says, “No, neither hath this man sinned nor his parents: but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.”

And here you find that blindness has a purpose; a very strange purpose because it is a form of preparation for the high understanding that I never had human vision. There is no such thing. Those with eyes to see humanly and those who have no eyes to see are both blind.

Blind at birth is the nature of the human self. It is blind in that it thinks it sees whereas it cannot. What do we see? Everything but what is. What is here? God. Do we see God? The Kingdom of God is here. Do we see it? We are blind to it. We can see things, objects, persons, movements, conditions but we learn that they are unreal. What are we seeing? We are seeing our own thoughts and calling it sight. We are seeing everything but what is here. Joel calls it hypnosis. Christ Jesus calls it blind at birth.

And he ends up by saying, “Because you think you see, you’re still blind. And when you realize that you cannot see you’re beginning to come out of the blindness.”

This man, unable to see, knew he couldn’t see. We, still thinking we can see, have not made the step to realizing, I cannot see. I can only believe that I see but I’m not seeing. I’m not seeing Christ. I’m not seeing Spirit. I’m not seeing perfection. I’m not seeing the Kingdom of God.

And yet amazingly enough, we are told throughout this chapter and in the chapter “No And!” by Joel, that we can develop the sight to see the things of God. Perhaps it never occurred to some of us that this was possible that we could develop the sight to see the Spiritual universe but before we do we must be blind. We must know we are blind so that even though we look out and see the tree, the river, the mountain, we say; “I am still blind.” Why? Because I am blind to the Spirit. I cannot discern Spiritual Reality with my eyes. My eyes are blind. They can see images. My mind looking through my eyes can project images in my own thought. The world mind coming through my mind can make me believe I am seeing, when I am only imagining.

So, our little chapter here is telling us that until we can accept that human eyes have no sight, we will not have the incentive to seek the real spiritual vision.

And now there are conditions to seeing Spiritually. This man did not sin. His parents did not sin. This condition is that the works of the Father may be revealed.

When the man does see, when the man does realize the glory of the Father, the conclusion of the human mind is that his sight has been restored. But there’s a deeper meaning here. His real vision was always present. No one pushed God away. No one can ever say that God made the mistake. Then who made this mistake of bad vision? The world mind. There was no healing of blindness in this chapter. There was the revealing that blindness is a state of hypnotism. There’s only God and God is not blind. There’s God and nothing else. There’s not God and blindness. There’s not God and sickness. And you can take blindness then as a symbol of every false human condition. There’s no God and death. No God and war. No God and famine. No God and overpopulation.

You can take all of the so-called human conditions which we see and when you know that you are blind by naming these conditions as existent, you have made the step of accepting that the human eye, made of physical substance, is not Spirit and because there is no Spirit and, there is no eye to see with. Humanly you will not do it because the Pharisee will reject. The human mind will reject the Christ. The human mind will say, “I can see. And I can see all the bloodshed. And I can see all the hate and all the violence.” It can. But the joker in the wood pile is that the only place these things exist is within the human mind.

The human mind itself is the myth. And the human mind which was not created by God sees the evils that do not exist and sees the good that does not exist. When we say crucify the mind that crucifies Christ, we were on target with Joel, with the Master and even with Joel’s new letter which precisely points out that only the end of the human mind opens the doorway to Reality here and now.

And so, we’re on the track of overcoming the belief that what the human mind sees, whether it’s through the eye or what the human mind hears through the ear or any of the physical senses has the slightest bit of reality. And the reason for overcoming that belief is this. Normally, we would try to overcome the blindness, overcome the deafness, overcome the condition but the whole theme of “No And!” is, don’t overcome the condition. Don’t waste a minute overcoming blindness or deafness. Don’t overcome any physical ailment. The enlightened teaching is overcome the hypnosis that these things exist.

They exist only in the human mind which has no existence. There never was a human mind. The only mind you can have is the only mind there is, the mind of God. God is not a creator of anything unlike God. No and.

And so Joel has lumped all of the human predicaments, all of the human problems, all of the human deficiencies, all of humanhood, all of this world into one word – hypnosis. Joel is joining with Jesus in saying, “Blind at birth.” And not knowing it. And living out in a non-existent sense of life while life is all there is.

Now the moment you pierce the veil of the human mind, we are promised that you begin to discern that around you which you never knew was there. The Invisible comes alive. Glimpses of that which is living, glimpses of beings who are invisible to human sense, glimpses of new qualities and harmonies and beauties that we could never pre-anticipate from the human focus. In other words, you learn to walk in the Invisible, to live in the Invisible, to know the Kingdom of God aright.

To know this Kingdom of God aright, we are told is eternal life. Strangely enough, as ridiculous as it once sounded, eternal life really means the same as eternal youth. A life that never ends and never ages. How foolish we are if we can consider this as the truth, to remain in the human mind which is the veil, the anti-Christ, the separation from our own kingdom and our own being.

And here’s one of the conditions for breaking that veil: the glory of God must shine in you. You have no choice. You must let it shine. The Christ is presented to me not only as the Self of us but as the enforcer of the Divine will. The enforcer. Your own being is the enforcer of the Divine will and it says to you, “I must do the work of him that sent me. While I am in this world, I am the light of the world. I must work by day because night will come when no man can work.” The Christ enforcer of the Divine will in you says “I in the midst of you am greater.” There is this power and it must find outlet through where you stand.

When it does not, conditions arise which are called blindness, deafness, sickness. These conditions are the human mind standing in the way of the enforcer of the Divine will. Unless the soul finds outlet in your physical world, you are barricading yourself from the qualities of God and the price we pay is the false belief in these conditions that have no existence in the Reality of our own being.

Now there was nothing that had happened in the parents or in this child that caused the blindness. It is simply a world condition that envelops everyone who comes into human birth. It is not a personal karma. It is a universal karma.

Whoever comes into human birth is blind at birth. And in that blindness, will go through the spectrum of human problems thinking they are all as real as human life. The blindness continues throughout adolescence, throughout middle age and right up until death unless the light of the Christ comes through forcing the dissolution of the false sense of self and the rebirth or transformation into the reality of Spiritual identity. Karma is nothing more than the refusal of the human mind to let go of its false sense of life.

Now every ill, every disease, every sickness, every lack or limitation will be in that mind which is blind from birth and being a non-existent, it will see non-existence and will call it real. Your adversary is always not the condition but the mind of you beholding a condition. And in the stillness of that mind, you attain the dissolution of the false sense of a condition that isn’t there.

In other words, you break the hypnotism because the human mind, Joel calls not a human mind at all. Joel calls a human mind a state of hypnotism. We are born into a state of hypnotism called the human mind.

Isn’t that marvelous we can be given such information to free us from conditions we thought were real and have the authority not only of Joel and the Bible but even our own individual experience as we apply the principle of breaking not the condition but the mind hypnosis which conceives the condition? We’re given the weapon of freedom.

Now as long as you believe that God is not your Father, you’re in bondage to the world mind which has presented a different father and a different mother than God. The desire is to hold on to two. We want the fatherhood of God but we also have a very nice human father and a very nice human mother. And so, we want to cling to both. We want the Immortal fatherhood of God and the mortal fatherhood and motherhood of human parents. But you cannot.

As long as you insist on human parents because your human mind tells you that is what happened, you’re still blind from birth. You cannot have human parents and Divine fatherhood. Or else you remain in bondage to all of the defects of human parents. That is what heredity is all about; bondage to the belief that I was born of human parents. The human mind thinks that and there is no human mind.

And so, Christ the enforcer, ever present as true identity continues to shine the perfect light through generation after generation until you reach the point of willingness to be regenerated, to be re-attuned with your Spiritual selfhood, to be lifted out of the false sense of human mind in which you do not have God and a human parent, God and a human birth, God and a human growing up process, God and human conditions. You simply have God and no and.

The human mind being removed as a true mind, the mind of God reveals, “Thou art my Son, my only begotten and your parents of whom you are so proud, they are my own Self, my own begotten.” The reality of them and the reality of you are the same Christ.

And where is the human mind that perceives iniquity if God is too pure to perceive iniquity? We’re crucifying that mind that crucifies the Christ and realizing that nothing that it knows or beholds can be the truth. It’s not 50% true or 75, it is a liar from the start, from the moment of birth.

I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.”

Night or death is the termination of your capacity to respond to Christ. And then the entry into a different world than this world, called the night is our removal from the day. And in that night, there is no Christ perception possible. That night is the preparation for the return to incarnation, the repeat of the quest for Self.

And so, we are being reminded that we have an opportunity and a responsibility to find Christ Self in the day, not after death but before death. That before death, I, the Self of you am ready to do the great works; to reveal the life that has no end, the life that has no problems, the life that can never be blind or deaf as the only life, life without any conditions. I, in the midst of you am prepared to reveal your unconditioned perfect life.

Now the human mind cannot understand how this is done. And it feels that in some way, it has to be consulted. It has to participate. It in fact has to authorize Divine mind to do this. One way or another, human mind says, “Well what do you want me to do about this?” And there’s no human mind to say this. Whatever it says, however it objects is totally imaginary.

But if that human mind continues to be the level from which you focus your actions then you cut off the complete action of Infinity because the human mind is a little needle and you can’t put Infinity through the hole of that needle. It’s as impossible as trying to squeeze a Beacon’s truck through the eye of the needle or a camel if you want to go biblical.

Now Lazarus was a rich man. It says the rich man has as much possibility of getting into heaven as a camel through the eye of a needle but Lazarus was a rich man and Lazarus came forth out of the tomb. And the difference is that Lazarus had given up the human mind. Born blind, meaning in a human mind, he had come under the Christ influence and became rich in Spirit, not in material goods. Never gave up his wealth that we know of, never gave up anything except the belief in a human selfhood. And there was no needle to walk through in Spirit.

The Kingdom of God is right where you are right now. The human mind is blind to it. When you can withdraw from that human mind, you discover you’re in the Kingdom of God. And the blindness continues until you withdraw from the human mind. Mankind standing in the Kingdom of God does not know he’s in it. He thinks he’s in this world, these physical forms, these material conditions. And all of the conditions that he beholds are within his human mind.

Christ in you can see through the human conditions because it’s not looking through the human mind which beholds them. Christ in you has no “and.” No Spiritual universe and. No physical eyes that can go blind. No physical ears that can go deaf. No physical bodies that could become defective. Christ in you says, “I am Spirit, the child of God and beside me there is no other.”

And so, you’re coming to the place of controlling your thought which wants to run wild with the belief that there is another, many others. You begin to look at your neighbor very differently.

In the human mind, you see a neighbor. You see a form beside you. But if only God is present, how do you see a form beside you? And if you continue to see that form beside you, how do you come into harmony with the Divine law that says, “Beside God there is no other.” Not doing this, not making the effort to see that the form beside you cannot be there, you continue in the blindness, in the state of mortal belief which is really a violation of the Truth.

And then the conditions that befall us are all evidence of our continued violation of the truth that beside us, behind us, above us, below us and right where we appear to be, only God is. The blindness is not broken by the human mind. The blindness is broken by the union of faith and of the will to live in the Kingdom of God as the Christ of God. The union of faith and will, combined, open the door to Spiritual understanding, to the Christ mind.

And as you serve the Christ in the form beside you, in the form in front of you, in the form that you seem to inhabit, in the form of everyone you know, you are showing your faith in the allness of God and you are demonstrating your will to live in the allness of God and the continued union of faith and will, as a servant, serving the Christ everywhere, consciously, is the way you break the mesmerism of the human mind.

You break the laws of heredity. You show as Jesus did here that blindness is only a condition that continues when there is an absence of Christ realization; that every human condition yields to Christ realization; that death yields to Christ realization; that the mesmerism of the world is broken when the individual accepting Christ in the midst of everyone as greater than the world itself, stands in that Christ acceptance with faith, with conviction, with the incentive that if I am the child of God, I must live as that child, that the works of the Father in me be done by day in the span of human life while Christ in the midst of me speaks, guides, perfects, performs the works of the Father where the world sees a human form.

No and,” says Joel. All that believes and exists in any form is a state of hypnosis, world hypnosis, individually believed and accepted.

As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” says the Christ.

Science doesn’t agree with that. Science says there are light waves. Christ says, “No, no, there aren’t any light waves. I am the light and I’m not a light wave.”

Science says “You see because light enters your eye.” Christ says, “No, that’s the illusion of sight. You see, but you don’t see what is there and therefore, are you seeing?”

To see in Spirit means to see what is there. God is all seeing. God doesn’t see what we see. God doesn’t see any of the tragedies that we see and isn’t doing anything about them for that reason. But we see them. Who’s blind? God or us?

The shock of being blind is cushioned by the great marvelous release that I can now escape from all that my unseeing eyes thought I was seeing that wasn’t real. All of the gruesomeness, all of the terror, all of the fear, all of the ugliness, never was there. Neither was its counterpart. There was never a material world. Matter is grass. Flesh is grass.

And yet, whoever was born of a mother, continues to see the world that wasn’t there. The Son of God does not see the world that isn’t there. And so as long as we’re born of woman, we continue to see the world that isn’t there. When we can see through being born of woman to being Son of God, we have made a vast step into the acceptance of Divine Sonship. Never confuse a Divine Son with a person born of woman. And never think that a person born of woman can be a Divine Son. You cannot mix Reality and unreality. You cannot mix Immortality and mortality. You cannot mix Spirit and matter. You cannot mix Divinity and humanhood.

In fact, to the Christ all that is not the Kingdom of God, the life of God is non-existent and therefore called dead. And what we call death, isn’t death. It’s the end of an illusion. What we call birth isn’t birth. It’s the beginning of an illusion. And the beginning and the end of the illusion never exist because they’re both illusion. What is there is, the perfect Divine life of God which is your life. Coming into birth is called born blind for that reason. Born into a sense or illusory feeling about what is there invisible to the mind that perceives the opposite of Reality.

At one time, this would have been very strange. It may still be. But there are glimpses of the Invisible that begin to take you out of the strangeness of it. You may be talking tonight with someone you never saw before who isn’t walking visibly in the world. You may be experiencing tonight some intelligence you never had until that moment and you may know that it has not come to you from the mind of men. You may discover some power functioning in your life that is not human power and you may recognize it as Divine power. And these things will be happening to you when you confess your blindness as a human self. That’s part of the condition of release from the blindness, the awareness of it.

When he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, made clay of the spittle, and he anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay.”

Now you can see that none of this was healing the blind man because we could all do the very same thing and no blind people would see. You can also see that he’s not trying to heal a blind man just for the sake of making physical eyes see because he’s explained symbolically that physical eyes do not see. And so, he’s not trying to make the man see physically. He’s showing us the meaning of spiritual vision; vision that can see an invisible universe where the false sense of vision, thinking it sees a visible universe, is really seeing nothing but its own thought externalized into form. He’s trying to show us that man’s thought externalized into form which he calls his own vision is presenting unreality that perishes, that has no law to sustain it, that is not under Divine government, a false sense called the world. And he’s trying to show us that there is another, a true world, an earth that is the fullness of God, invisible to this human mind which is blind. And he has to explain this to us in our own human mind which is blind using terms that our own human mind can accept.

And so, clay, the symbol of the physical self. Spit, “And he spits upon the ground.” Why? Because the clay keeps us earthbound. Living in the clay, the sense of matter or physicality, we are earth bound.

But now something else is introduced. Mix the clay with spittle and this is a different kind than the spit on the ground. Now, just as you could say before. “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father,” you think you’re seeing Jesus but you’re seeing Christ. The one who spits on the floor is the man. The one who mixes clay with spittle is saying, “All that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

The Divine mouth, the Divine bread, combine this with the clay. Let the clay be dissolved by the Divine Word; the union. And this clay, united with the Divine Word is placed upon the eyeball, meaning, the vision is now being touched within. The Word of the Father within is happening. He’s going to the inner vision.

The anointing of the eye with the spittle and the clay is the sign of an inner comprehension of Selfhood. You thought you were a blind man before but realize who you are. Is Christ blind? The moment identity is accepted, blindness is revealed as an untrue condition. It’s the condition not of Christ. If it’s your condition, who are you? You’re saying you’re not the Christ. But you are the Christ and therefore the condition is not a true one of your true being. In Christ, living on Divine bread instead of just clay alone, not on the bread of this world but on the bread that is Divine which proceedeth from the mouth of the Father.

You have Spiritual identity which has Spiritual vision, Spiritual understanding and this is the way you break the claim not of just human blindness but of every human problem. Spiritual identity accepted dissolves the body of clay. The inner eye is anointed by the recognition of true Selfhood. Oil is applied to the eye. The oil being the recognition of the omnipresence of God as your own Selfhood, the infinite nature of God, the presence of the love and the power of God, the availability of God as Selfhood, the change of identity, the lifting of the false consciousness of mortality.

Who is blind? The Divine image and likeness of God? When do you think you’re going to be the Divine image and likeness of God? Tomorrow? Well, we’re told that you are made in His image five thousand years ago in the Bible. You certainly weren’t made five thousand years ago but five thousand years ago we were told we are the Divine image.

The glory I had with thee before the world is mine.”

And this is a statement that Christ in you is unchanging. Christ in you is before and after the world and during. The blindness then is the blindness to Christ identity, isn’t it? That’s all blindness is, blindness to Christ identity. That’s all deafness is. That’s all any malfunction is.

Haven’t we learned that the solution to every problem is Christ identity? And here’s a confirmation. Blind to identity, we show forth that blindness. Deaf to identity, we show forth that deafness. Unaware of Christ identity, we show forth the lacks and limitations of that which is unaware that Christ is present.

And what is this stopping point of the realization that Christ is present? The human mind.

– End of Side One —-

The human mind listening here to Jesus Christ isn’t going to let him get away with it. What does He mean by healing this blind man? We don’t want anything like that especially on Sabbath days.

Now, if you’ve been wondering why the Pharisees found it impossible to accept Jesus Christ, this will make it very clear: In the first place, they had no capacity to do what he was doing. They were actually fighting for their very existence. If they accepted that what he was doing was actually happening, then people would say to them, “Why aren’t you doing this?” And they’d have to say, “Well frankly we don’t know how.” But if they didn’t know how, how could they be teaching people how to worship God?

In one of the Psalms it says, probably in many ways in all of the Psalms, that God responds only to him who truly worships God. Here’s one who God was responding to as far as the human mind could see. But God wasn’t responding that way to the Pharisees, to their priests. The moment they accepted that God was responding to Jesus, they’d have to explain why God wasn’t responding to their priests. You could not accept Jesus Christ and keep Judaism running. It would crumble. You had to eliminate that which show a higher capability than the priests of Judaism. Further, is that the human mind is conditioned this way. It will not accept the authority of the Christ. It will not.

And for the very same reasons, the human mind is afraid. It fears for its own creation. And that human mind in you is afraid to surrender to Christ as your identity. It cannot. Once it surrenders to Christ just as that would have been the end of Judaism, that’s the end of that human mind. And so great is the conditioning, the hypnosis of the world, that we fear to let go of that human mind because it looks like once we do, our whole world will crumble. We’ll lose our home, we’ll lose our marriage, we’ll lose our income, we’ll lose our status. That’s the nature of the hypnosis.

Once we surrender to this unknown, how can we keep control over the known? And the truth is you can’t keep control over the known once you surrender to Christ. You cannot. You lose control but you’ve given control to Christ and if you don’t have faith that Christ control is better than your human mind control, the deadlock continues. The resistance to Christ continues. And the rejection of Christ continues and the problems of that rejection continue. Until we’re bounced on our head a hundred times, we don’t realize that by not surrendering to Christ identity, we are merely perpetuating the good and the bad; that the bad must go right along with the good.

This blind man had had enough of that. This blind man had been through many things to get blind, many tortures. And that’s why Jesus could see he was prepared. Often the ones who have gone through the worst escapades are the ones who are prepared. They’ve had enough. They don’t consider their problems blessings but they finally bring them to the level of saying, “Open mine eyes. Let me see Reality. I’ve had enough of the pretense and I’ll surrender to the identity called Christ. And I’ll take my chances with faith that the control by Christ will be far superior to the control I have tried to entertain through my human mind.”

The Pharisee in you will say, “Wait a minute now. For a while you had me going here. But how do I know he really healed the blind man? Let’s get the blind man in here. Let’s talk to him. Something wrong about this. Whoever heard of anybody healing a blind man from birth. There’s some sorcery connected to this. There’s some sorcery connected to the idea that Christ in me is the child of God. I mean I’ve got to investigate this very thoroughly before I make that great big surrender.”

And of course, that’s what this is all depicting here. The twisting, turning human mind which is finding excuses; reasons why it does not want to accept that God is present, living, being; the Christ of you. That’s too big a jump. Too many lifetimes have gone by to suddenly say “Yes, that must be it.”

Now how did this beggar suddenly see with eyes? Did Jesus just say, “Hocus pocus?” Did Jesus really just spit, combined it with clay and heal him that way? Or is something bigger being told to us? That we have eyes that we’re not using, eyes with infinite vision. That we have a mind with infinite understanding that we’re not using.

And if this man really had been blind, what did make him see? There was no operation. There was no surgery. In fact, there was not even a teaching. He didn’t give him any metaphysical truth. But you see, Christ in him was merely expressing. He had found Christ identity. That’s what the healing of Christ, healing a blind man is all about. The blind man had found the inner Christ of his own being and it opened his eyes. The blind man in us finds Christ as our own being and it opens our eyes. To what? To the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

The moment you find Christ as your Self, your eyes are opened and your eyes then see Reality where human eyes had seen conditions of the world. The famine goes, the over-population goes, the war goes, the physical conditions go, for that I which is the single eye of the Christ. It sees through the physical conditions of the world and of the body directly to the reality of Spirit and it walks here now in that Spirit once more attuned to its Spiritual Self which it ever was before the foundations of the world and it walks right through every human condition, touched by them mildly, overcoming them quickly because it is now living in its Spiritual Selfhood independent of the powers of the human mind and the powers that it conceives erroneously in the world.

Now to some extent we’ve felt these things. But that’s not enough. That’s only to strengthen our faith, to increase our will so that the union of the two can take us now into the invisible where we literally walk and see and talk and communicate and experience the wholeness of our own being. That’s what the ninth chapter is about. Not a blind man but a blind human race of which we have falsely been a part.

We’re going to have a little quiet now and then I’d like to look at some of the things in Joel’s chapter about hypnosis to correlate them with blindness.

Silence, (long pause) …

Let’s have a brief intermission.

Quoting from the chapter 4, “No And!” in the Realization book, Joel says, “Now just as it is possible to hypnotize you into believing that there are snakes in the room, so is it possible to hypnotize you into believing that there is a selfhood other than God in any place where you happen to be. And as soon as you have been hypnotized into believing in a selfhood apart from God, you then logically accept all the beliefs regarding that selfhood: birth, growth, maturity and ultimately death. There is only one way to be rid of the human picture, and that is to understand that there is no person, no selfhood, other than God in the room or in any other place.”

Do you see why nobody could understand the chapter on blindness as relating to the fact that there is no other presence anywhere than God? That’s what the chapter on blindness is all about. The moment you see anything other than God, you’re blind. But there’s no human being on earth who sees nothing else than God and that’s precisely the point. Every human being on earth is blind.

Only when you have withdrawn your belief in what you see are you beginning to see, to know. You’re going to continue to see form but you don’t have to believe that something other than God is there. And if you do believe something other than God is there, then you’re going to externalize the complete gamut of your belief but you will externalize your belief and if your belief is the truth that only God is there, the harmonies of God will externalize.

Now then, where is the form you see? You say it’s out there. Joel says it isn’t. It’s in your human mind. Then how will you stop seeing that form out there? You’ll have to find your Christ mind which will see the Divine image and likeness of God. It’s always a choice between God or mammon, life or form, human mind or Divine mind and you cannot be in the human mind and experience the qualities of God which are experienced only through your Divine mind.

Now there’s no question about what he’s saying. There are no human beings present in this room, whether we’re breathing to all of our human sense or not, whether our hearts are going tick tock or not, whether we think we’re thirty, twenty, forty or sixty-years old or not. All of it is false. Whether we think we’re bodies of flesh or not. Not true.

The human form is an image in thought and the one world mind is putting forth the images. First as your individual human mind and mine and then through and into that individualized human mind, presenting the same images to all of us. And in the stillness of that mind we’re told we will break the hypnotism if we combine the stillness with the perseverance of the faith and the will to live in Reality.

The 9th chapter of John is telling us a complete summary of the first 8 chapters. Everything wrong in all of humanhood is the human mind which perceives humanhood. And you must step behind that human mind or, better still, realize that it has only been pretending to be a mind. And the glimpse of the Christ mind in you lifts you above the sense images of that mind.

Every time something that seems like a pressing problem is dissolved by some inner illumination, you have done that. You have stepped beyond the human mind and the relief was that the Christ mind revealed the presence of a harmony your human mind did not suspect.

Now he set the tempo that as long as we see persons, we are in a state of hypnosis. He says, “What can there be present beside God? Nothing! The moment you see ‘God and,’ you are hypnotized.”

Now the important thing about this is to learn to accept that we are hypnotized. You can’t break the hypnosis until you understand that it exists. And the moment you can look anywhere and see something besides God that means you’re in a state of hypnosis. And that hypnosis is the condition of the human mind which is a babe in the woods in the world mind and stuck there.

Now then, it’s this thought that is moving through you in the human mind which is the evidence that is false. And so, what you are seeing is the thought in your human mind. The human mind being false, not Divine, the thought is human, not Divine and that thought which you are seeing which you are accepting to be an external someone or something, that thought is as false as the mind which conceived it.

Jesus was not looking at a blind man. In fact, Jesus was not looking. Christ where Jesus appeared and Christ where the blind man appeared was the One Self. The Self of you is looking at the Self of you and giving no names. But the human mind of you to which the Self of you passes by unnoticed is like those in the throng who could not see Christ going by them and so they couldn’t lay hands on Him. The mind of you cannot lay hands on the Christ of you. And so, it is unaware of the Christ of you and your faith fills the gap.

The Christ of you is present and is the Christ of the one you are looking at in what your human mind calls form. And then you’re resting in that realization. You are saying, “Speak Father thy son heareth.”

I’m not being mesmerized or at least I’m trying not to be. I’m breaking the fetters of this human mind by resting in it. I’m watching my thought and not accepting it. It says, “This is Jenny Smith in front of me and Father she’s going to die someday like I am. And I won’t accept that you created anything that’s going to die. Jenny Smith isn’t there. Father, that’s your invisible Self and the human mind is calling it Jenny Smith.”

How many times I have been stopped in the middle of what I thought I was calling a treatment and the voice has said, “Don’t you recognize me?” And I just was all shook up. I was healing Jenny Smith. She wasn’t even there.

Don’t you recognize me?” It’s quite a shock when that happens. But a joyous one because the next moment you know Jenny Smith feels better. The Christ of her has been discovered by the Christ of you because for one moment something in you stepped away and let Christ who was greater in the midst of you and in the midst of what is called Jenny expressed without a human mind there to make decisions and judgments.

It’s the same in a business condition. It’s the same in any relationship. Only Christ is present and the human mind doesn’t know that. It’s born blind. It cannot see the Christ which is ever present and it’s making judgments. And as soon as our judging mind is silenced, I in the midst of thee reveal the glory had before the world is still present, ever active, ever functioning, ever performing, ever perfecting, ever maintaining by grace.

Remember the seven steps and the real teacher?

Call no man your father upon the earth for one is your Father.” That’s the statement that you are Christ, the child of God. Who made that statement? Christ did. Christ ought to know.

Call no man your father.” That’s the statement that you are the Christ of God, the child of God.

Now where does the human mind enter into the picture of a child of God? The moment it does, you lose it. Is your Christhood permanent? Yes. “The glory I had with thee before the world was,” is still now.

What do you lack? “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” The whole earth is there revealed to be an invisible Spiritual universe that the human mind calls this earth. But the Christ mind knows that all that we call the earth is the Lord’s, is Spirit and the fullness of it is Spirit. The human mind is blind and calls the kingdom of God, earth.

And all that the Christ mind has is thine.

Sin no more lest a greater evil come upon thee. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

In other words, see no evil. Why? The human mind is hypnotized. It sees evil. There is none. It sees conditions. There are none. The quietness of the human mind is a release into the Christ mind which can never see evil, is ever within the realm of Infinity because it is Infinity itself.

And the grace of the Father is in that Christ mind, the moment the stone of the human mind is seen to be the hypnotist and the hypnotized. No longer can I look out upon the world and say, “This is good or this is bad.” That’s hypnosis. All I can say truthfully is, “Here is the invisible presence of God and all that is visible and is not God is not here.” It exists not out there but in the human mind which perceives it. It is my own thought which my non-existent human sense of mind accepts as a positive present physical reality.

The Spiritual kingdom becomes a living present fact when you’re not in the human mind. And its powers, its grace, its glory, its fullness, its harmony seep through into your experience as the Holy Ghost. The human mind must be still and your belief in what the human mind presents to you must be dissolved. Not only the bad but the good. The human mind does not know Reality – any part of it – because it is unreality.

Every time you step out of identity as child of God by using a human mind, you’re cutting off your own Source. The meaning of Father is Source, infinite Source, infinite Being, Father. It’s called Father because it’s the parent of everything that is and unless everything you do, think, feel and know proceeds from that Infinite parent, you’re not in One. You’re separated into two or ten or five billion.

And so, you’re told to go and bathe in the pool of Siloam.

Wash this off your eye in the pool of Siloam,” he says. What is that but your own Christ identity, the realization of who you are? In your Christ identity, you’re bathing in the pool of Siloam. And that washes away the hypnotism of the human mind for God never conceived the problems that we have thought we faced.

Where you are as you crucify the false sense of human mind by stillness, by truth, by faith, by trust, by perseverance, by conviction that this is truly a Spiritual universe, the subtle alchemy of the Spirit reverses all of the false physical evidence of the senses. That which was blindness to the human sense becomes vision to the Spiritual sense and you find you have new senses. You have Spiritual senses which see, which hear, which know.

You can touch spiritually. Jesus touched the blind man spiritually. It says he touched him with His hand. He didn’t. He touched him spiritually and that touch spiritually translates outwardly as the appearance called a physical action.

When you touch spiritually, the touch in the visible will be harmonious and gentle, friendly, correct. You will see spiritually and outwardly you will see beauty. You will hear spiritually and outwardly you will hear truth.

This is only the beginning of Joel’s chapter. “The moment you see a mortal, material world you are hypnotized. From there on there’s no possible way to get rid of the appearance. That’s the reason. Even if you kill a snake over there in the flower pot, two more will take its place.”

In other words, if you get rid of the problem, if you get rid of the disease, if you get rid of this or that or the other thing, two more will take its place because the belief that they existed is still in you as you dwell in that human mind.

That’s why with all the advances made in materia medica, everybody still dies because everybody who was born must die. They do and they will.”

He’s impressing upon us the knowledge that until you believe in your spiritual awareness that Spirit is never born, never dies and you are that Spirit, you’re stuck with something that must die. And you know this is real advanced mysticism.

The belief in birth brings with it the companion of birth. The belief must be removed because it is a state of false identity. Christ is never born. Spiritual identity is never born. Form is born and form is a mental image, a world mental image localized through a human sense of mind.

You see how you stand with your thoughts in the stillness of thought until the thought has no one to receive it, no one to believe it, no one to act from it? It is dissolved, it is fasted upon. You’re fasting from your own thought. You watch them become still, inert, without power. Every condition in human thought exists there and there alone but it is external only to the false sense of human mind and only the Christ mind will reveal the truth of this. You’ll have to ride the horse of faith until your Christ mind reveals the truth of this. It “Passeth all understanding.”

People still die of pneumonia, tuberculosis, cancer, heart failure. Were a cure found for these, something else would immediately replace them.” You’re dying of conditions in the world mind which your human mind is saying “Yes, yes, yes,” to.

Now, says Joel, “if you can agree there is a God, which means that you accept an Infinite power of good because God is infinite and God is good.” When you say, “There’s God,” you’re also saying “There is Infinite good.” “That’s the nature of God. Then you must be able to understand that in Infinite good there cannot be error, disease or death. In fact, not since time began has there ever been a single death in Infinite good which is the Kingdom of God.”

The human mind has never seen a single person who didn’t die and here the Spirit is telling us there’s no such thing. The human mind is completely hypnotized. It’s just as hypnotized about death as it is about birth and it’s hypnotized about the conditions between them. And all the while the Divine mind is right here and Christ is living its perfect Self while we move in a fragment of our own being.

Christ said to his disciples, “Preach and heal.” Preach the gospel. The gospel was the gospel of inner understanding. The healing was the evidence of the efficacy of that inner understanding, so that the healing would demonstrate that the inner understanding releases man from the false pictures of the mind. But everyone has to come to their own time when they are willing to reach out for that Christ. You’ll notice that there are four blind healings in the Bible and not once did Jesus walk up to someone and say, “Do you mind if I heal your eyes?” Someone brings them to Christ or someone says, “Will you heal me?” Always, there is no going out. Jesus didn’t walk out to the blind of the world and say, “I’ll heal you.”

He preached the gospel and he healed those who came to him. That coming is the readiness of the individual. Until they come to be healed, there is no readiness. And even when they come, the Christ doesn’t instantly respond but then turns and says, “Do you believe that I can do this?” Meaning, do you really believe that there is an infinite God, that there is an infinite Spirit which is the life of all men? Is that what you believe when you ask me to heal you because that’s the implicit idea behind the blind man saying, “Can you help me?” or the diseased one saying, “Can you heal me?” That is the readiness of one to turn to Christ and they reached for the nearest thing which is some person dedicated to Christ who in turn recognizes their inner Christhood as his own.

Don’t ever think Christ is going to walk up to you and say, “I’d like to heal you.” But the Christ within you will prompt you when it is your time because you will have moved aside the human mind.

Now we too are washing in the pool of Siloam. Accepting the ever present everywhere Christ as my Self everywhere is your pool of Siloam. It opens the eyes. It removes the sense of blindness to Christ, lifts the veil that leads to the realization that here now is the kingdom of God and I’m going to walk in it unhypnotized into the belief that it is somewhere else in tomorrow or in some remote mythical heaven. Now here is the Kingdom of God where I stand. No human mind said that. The Christ mind in you proclaims it as you accept Christ as your identity.

You’ll notice the recurring theme throughout the Bible concealed to human minds is that God is All. The Allness of God is the clear, crystal Christ message. God is all and beside God there is no other. There is no second and that which is not God even if it’s as big as a world, that which is not God, which is not functioning perfectly as God, which is not perpetually perfect, which in any way can be influenced to be less than perfect, that is nothing more than world idea in world mind, having no reality whatsoever. And that’s the truth you stand on, in all details of your life.

Now suppose we looked at each other not as individual persons but as an invisible consciousness sending forth a picture called person. Suppose we got into that habit. Suppose we could see that each picture is a different consciousness sending forth a different picture and behind each individual consciousness is I Christ. Suppose we look at all conditions and see that they are pictures in the mind. Pictures in other minds presented to us as pictures in our minds and yet behind each one is the pure perfect Christ. Suppose we treat our own blindness. Suppose we keep bathing in the pool of Siloam. Suppose we take this chapter to heart and work with just one sentence of it, forgetting the whole chapter. Work with a sentence of it until you’re the master of it, because when you’re the master of even one sentence of truth, it opens all of the rest of it for you.

When you begin to see the form next to you as an invisible consciousness striving to know the invisible Christ of itself and when you can join forces and know the invisible Christ of itself too you begin to see the illimitable infinity of that Self next to you and of the glory that is waiting there potentially to shine forth and why the Christ could say, “I am the light of the world. Whoever comes unto me will not know death” or blindness or sickness or limitation because these are conditions that lead to death.

All conditions that lead to death are eradicated when you cannot know death. And you cannot know death when you come unto I Christ, the pool of Siloam, your own true Self sitting next to you as well as in the midst of your own physical selfhood. All around you, I am and all around you are different levels of consciousness trying without knowing it to bring forth the I am that I am there. Look at the I am behind it all, not through human mind but through Christ acceptance. Take one sentence and work with it until it breaks for you and you see the magic of Truth.

No and. You can look at a bedbug and know no “and.” You can look at anything and know no “and,” whether it’s pretty or ugly, whether it’s fat or skinny, whether it’s white or it’s black and you’ll discover there are no races, there are no nations, there are no religions, there is no “and.” There are no sciences. There is God and everything you’re looking at is a very pale attempt to bring forth the God that is there. But the God that is there is there and these various levels of consciousness which push forth their limited concept about the God that is there do not change the Reality that is ever present and ever perfect and ever your own being. No and. There’s no God and a you. No God and a me. No God and a him and a her. There’s no God and a sickness. There’s no God and good health. There’s only God. That means Spirit infinite is One and that Spirit infinite one is your Self.

Now let’s find a phrase out of Joel that we can make our work table for the week.

What you behold in the nature of sin, disease or death is part of the hypnosis, furthermore, whatever you behold as good humanhood is also part of the same hypnosis. Even the healthy human being of thirty or forty will someday be an old human being of seventy or eighty. And so, when you see a young healthy person, you’re just being fooled by an appearance of good. Until you can become de-hypnotized to the degree that you know there are not good human beings or bad human beings. There are not diseased human beings or healthy human beings but there’s only God, one Life, one Soul, one Spirit, one Substance, one Law, one Activity – until that time, you will have to experience death.”

Now that’s on page 2 and I suggest you take that whole phrase from “so whatever you behold” to down to “you will have to experience death” and kind of dwell with that this week. See if you can agree with him. See if you can feel the authority of what he’s saying. See if you can put it to practice. See if you can finally see that age is a concept of the human mind, that form, size, shape, structure, now what you’re looking at is the pure Light which is the Light of the world.

The reason it seems so different in various places is because there are different levels of consciousness in various places bringing forth different appearances but that isn’t changing anything. Images and thought do not change the Light of the world. And try to see that the Light of the world is your being and their being and all the forms in the light are concepts which change as more Light is accepted in consciousness. You’ve seen people of eighty suddenly look sixty. You’ve seeing people of sixty look like they’re five hundred. Why? The degree of Light they’re receiving. I’ve seen them go down from over eighty and look as if they’re ready to run a marathon, able to do much more than people much younger than themselves as the Light increases so the stillness of the human mind and the knowledge that here, there, everywhere is the invisible Light of God called Christ, which I am, so that I am that infinite Light.

Now let’s take that paragraph this week and work with it. It will deepen as you do and the rest of the chapter will be meaningful. The blind man chapter, the 9th in John will begin to be a force in our life instead of a chapter in a book.

Tell no man. Always that phrase, “Tell no man.” Why? Again, and again, tell no man. What could you tell them that would be true? What could you tell them that they would understand? Could you say there are no blind people in the world? Christ did. Who would you tell that to? Who would believe you? There are no blind people in the world.

Here we’re learning there are no people. Now where are the blind ones if there are no people? There is only I the Light of the world called Christ. You’re being ushered into a new universe and it’s different. It’s different than the one we’ve known. In it there are no people. There is only I Christ and your entrance into that universe can only be as I Christ. You must remove the blindness from your own eyes in order to enter the universe of God. You must accept that blindness and all other conditions have no existence in your kingdom, in your consciousness.

This is a change of belief and then a change of understanding. Your transformation is a change in consciousness in which you become conscious of those things which hitherto you had been unconscious to, unconscious of. You’ve been conscious of blindness, now we’re to become unconscious of blindness and conscious of infinite vision as a fact, a permanent ever present fact so that we will not accept that which is not of God as a fact. Your beliefs change. Your convictions change and with them you change and you externalize that change which is closer to the Divine image and likeness.

We’re going to stay with number 9 in John. We’re going to stay with number 4 in Joel. No and, until we can almost feel that blindness is a word that doesn’t fit our vocabulary. Not the vocabulary of pure Spirit.

Now next week being Mother’s Day, I think it is anyway. It isn’t? Two weeks. Well good. We’re preparing then and by the time Mother’s Day rolls around we’ll cease to be parents or children humanly in our consciousness because it’s definitely a concept of the human mind. And tell no man please because your own children won’t like it very well.

Thanks very much.

It’s good to see that some of you have returned and we can now proceed to outgrow last week’s consciousness.

You remember as a child how your parents were always concerned about the fact that every third week you needed a new dress or a new pair of pants. It seems that spiritually, if you don’t outgrow yesterday, you haven’t made any progress. And in order to do this, we have to face certain things that we find our mind is rather reluctant to face. The tempter in our midst prefers a state of stagnancy. It doesn’t want to stretch.

For instance, we all know the principle of omnipresence. Only Spirit is present everywhere. And while we’re saying this, accepting it, believing it, lo and behold there’s a human self walking this earth with your name. And it’s often difficult to step out of that fellow and to practice the principle of omnipresence because you must reconcile the two. There cannot be God everywhere and a human you there, too.

And as we forget this, what do we do? We fall into the normal rut of a human self, even the fellow we seem to like occasionally. But we are denying the all presence of God when we do it. Lo and behold, when we do it, we find that the government of God is not functioning in our human self, in our human experience. Something involuntarily has tempted us back into a sense of a mortal being. It isn’t something we sat down and decided to do. We had practically decided to do the very opposite.

But mortality is an involuntary state of being. It’s something thrust upon us and unless we constantly do something about it, we find that one way or another, our environment puts out all these lures to tempt us back into the belief that I am a human self. There’s nothing Divine about me, except occasionally like when the Father very kindly shows me a new level of myself or fulfills a personal wish of mine or in some way shows me some kind of graciousness for which I am grateful. Then, I’m Divine but outside of that, back to the human breathing, walking, talking individual.

Now, facing this is very difficult because you can’t give away mortality without something else to stand upon. You can’t give away the human mind without something else to think with. And so we defer this. But Christ within says, “Now is the time. Not tomorrow. Now. Today. Now is the only time.”

And then we finally are convinced that my function on this earth at the present moment is to accept Christ identity, walk in Christ identity, confer Christ identity upon everyone I know through inner recognition and finally, to not permit that which tempts me out of Christ identity to succeed. And so I look to this adversary and I find my own human mind is the tempter. My mind, unwittingly, tempts me out of Christhood into mortality, out of eternal life into a delayed suicide. And so the tempter finally is identified as my human mind.

All that talk about why the mind cannot know truth comes down to the fact that the mind is opposed to my own Christ identity. And twenty four hours a day, unless I am conscious of the fact that the mind is anti-Christ, that mind is going to crucify my identity. I’m going to walk this earth in humanhood letting the mind of me crucify the Self of me as it glorifies the form.

Facing this becomes more than a challenge because the Christ says to us, “It is either Christ or perish.” It is either regeneration as the Christ of God or perish. You cannot serve God except as Christ, or else you will serve mammon.

Now then, Christ identity is opposed by my mind. And now I have the opponents, my mind and myself. And somewhere in there, there’s got to be a conscious Self which has transcended the mind which is living in and as and through its own Christhood willing to defend its Christhood faithfully; unwilling to accept the possibility that anywhere on the entire earth, anywhere in the entire universe there can be any person or any condition or any situation unlike Christ. It’s either accept one infinite Christ or perish.

And the day when you realize this is the day when you know you have matured. There’s no fractional Christ. There’s no limited Christ. There’s no space-time Christ. There’s no human Christ. There is only I Christ, the Son of God, the infinite Christ and that must be our name accepted and the human mind which cannot embrace this Infinity becomes very clearly a faculty which is not capable of accepting the Christ of God.

And you will try to pour all truth into that human mind and it will say, “I understand.” And then you will discover it understood nothing. The human mind is incapable of understanding Infinity. It being finite, it cannot understand that which is Infinite.

And finally you lose all dependence on the human mind as an instrument for Christ. It is not the Christ mind. You cannot rely on it to walk in the Kingdom of God. It will continue to imprison you in the dream. This is a hard truth to face.

We’ve been very willing to go higher and higher in our work knowing more Truth but we’ve been stuffing it into that mind and you cannot go all the way with that mind.

Today I think, John has given us a fairly convincing statement by the Christ that the human mind is probably your last barrier. It maintains the myth of mortal flesh, the myth of a material world, the myth that evil can exist where God is. All of the myths of the mind are destroyed not by destroying each individual myth but by instead of crucifying Christ Self, crucifying that mind.

And so we have a paradox because the very mind we intend to crucify says, “I’m even going to fool you. You’re going to think you’re crucifying me but I won’t let you. I may even play possum and you might think you are, but I won’t let you.”

The mind you’re going to try to crucify is going to oppose you and it’s going to wear disguises. The disguises will be numerous and you must alert yourself to the fact that the last barrier being the mind, that you must leave no stone unturned to unseat it.

You take this chap who rowed across the ocean. He wasn’t concerned about anything but getting there. He knew there’d be wind. He knew there’d be waves. He knew there’d be sharks. He knew there’d be distance. He knew there’d be dark, lonely nights. He knew all of the problems.

We know the problems but we have a destination and even though there are thousands of miles, even though they’re going to be lonely, our destination is to be what we are and the human mind will not permit us to be what we are. It wants us to be human mortal beings and our destination being Christ, we set out in Christhood resolved not to let the human mind distract us from our journey in the Kingdom of God. Not to protract the dream, not to envelop us in mortal, material myth and it matters not what the obstacles because you either walk in Reality or in a dream. And every obstacle is in the dream. There are no obstacles in Reality. You can recognize the dream by the fact that it presents obstacles.

The mind will say to you, “There is not one indivisible infinite Self.” And before you know it, you’re tricked into that belief. And every time you are tricked into the belief that there’s more than one infinite indivisible Self, you have succumbed to another disguise of the human mind. You have crucified Christ.

Now as we go through John 8, from 31 or 32 on, again let us clarify who is speaking these words so that we can bring them into our now experience. You know that Truth does not change. Truth yesterday is Truth today, will be Truth tomorrow. Truth is always Truth. And if this was Truth at the moment that it was uttered in the time period, it is Truth at this moment.

Now we have the Pharisees and we have Christ Jesus. And let us now see very clearly that Christ Jesus represents the Christ of your being; that the Pharisees represent the mind or human form, representing the mortal sense of life. The Christ is the Divine life, the Pharisees are the mortal sense of life.

And that is the truth now. The mortal sense of life in us receives the word of the Divine life. And we want to measure our mortal sense against this Divine life to see if we actually are any further than the Pharisees.

Now He speaks to those who believe on Him. I think it’s 31.

In 30: “As He spake these words, many believed on him. And then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If you continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.”

Now if ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed.”

If we are not in the Word, we are not the disciples of Christ. And so we must be sure we know what the Word is. Now you know we have been stressing Christ identity and you can clearly see that Christ identity is the Word.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and with God.”

The Word was Christ, you see. In the beginning was Christ and Christ was God and was with God. And Christ was the light of God and that light, that life of God was the light of all men. The Word, you see, is always Christ identity. And if you continue in my Word, if you continue in Christ identity, how narrow the way and yet how infinite.

To those who believe, He said, “If you continue in my word.” That means you must continue in Christ identity and if you are not concentrating on being Christ, living Christ, rejecting all that tempts you out of Christ, you cannot continue in My Word. Even a moment of turning away from identity brings you into automatic mortality.

Lifting up the Son of man, which is Christ, in yourself, continuing in Christ identity, brings you then to a true disciple. There is no such thing as a disciple of Jesus Christ who does not know himself to be I Christ.

You can even have a little White House Bible lesson every day and you may send for the greatest protestant evangelist in the world and he may take you aside and read a little passage to you each day and if you don’t know your name is I Christ, you’re not a disciple of Jesus Christ.

It makes no difference what words you read or how hard you study, if you’re not in identity, you’re out of focus, you’re not a disciple of the Christ; a disciple of the Christ means I am the Christ.

Now to those who believe, He said. “Believe what?” They believed that there were miracles. Oh, they loved those miracles. They believed that even he could perform miracles. They believed there was some truth he knew but when it came right down to changing themselves, that belief didn’t go far enough.

Why don’t you just do the miracles for us? We’re busy with our mortal lives.”

That’s the human mind in us then, that believes. It thinks it believes but it will not be Christ. It will not die to mortality to let Christ live itself as the only identity.

And mortal mind then continues in a state of ignorance of Christ because only when you continue in My Christhood will you know the Truth. You cannot know the Truth in your human mind, only by continuing in My Word. And then the Truth that you know will make you free. It doesn’t say it will make others free, it says, “You.” The Truth that you know will make you free.

It is your consciousness of Christ as your identity that makes you free but you cannot wave this as a dispensation to twenty others and say, “Here, I free you.” You cannot make Peter walk upon the water. You can, as the Christ, but only the Christ will walk upon the water, no mortal being. And you cannot grant Christhood to someone who will not develop the consciousness that they are the Christ.

Some have asked me, “Well, if I become illuminated, isn’t this going to help my family?”

Well, Jesus was illuminated. It didn’t help the Pharisees around him. It can only help those who want to move in your path with you. Those who want to open their hearts and their minds. Those who want to give away the myth of mortality and say, “Yes, yes I want the Christ. I want to understand the inner teachings.” But you can’t force it on anyone. You can’t give them Christ. They have it.

If you continue in my word, ye are disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

And now we say, “Free of what?”

The human mind thinks it is free. It has freedom. It can wake up in the morning or go back to sleep. It can decide where it wants to work and where it doesn’t want to work. It can decide what to eat and what not to eat. It has all the freedom that it wants. It has the freedom to commit error. It has the freedom to commit murder. It has the freedom to be poor. It has the freedom to be sick. It calls that freedom. It has the freedom to go to war. It even has the freedom to go to war and pretend that God is in favor of going to war. That’s the human mind. It has all these present little tricks of its own.

Before Christianity was formulerized, the little fishes or the early Christians were doing quite well, teaching Truth to isolated groups until the state decided that they needed a little help to get the people on their side. They weren’t able to do it with law. They weren’t able to do it with force. And so they talked the nice innocent early Christians into becoming a state religion. Then they proceeded to emasculate that state religion down to a thing called “We worship God, we worship Jesus Christ.”

And if you feel overtones of that in Washington today, you are quite right. You can’t give God-sanction to war by posing with an evangelist. “Thou shall not kill.” It doesn’t say thou shall not kill unless someone is trying to kill you. You can’t sanctify war. You can’t sanctify killings. We must get back to the principle of omnipresence.

I Christ here. I Christ there. I Christ in Washington. I Christ in the street. I Christ in every country and it makes no difference who lives in that country as a human being, friend or enemy. I Christ is the only inhabitant and unless this is your consciousness, you are crucifying Christ. You cannot have one place in your universe which is not the invisible I Christ. And you cannot have another place where the invisible I Christ is sharing that place with something visible. Omnipresence is a fact. The denial of the fact does not change the fact. The human mind denies the fact hoping in some way the fact will disappear but it will always be the fact that only the Christ of God is omnipresent. There’s nothing else present but the invisible Spirit of the Father and that is our name. It is the name of neighbor, of friend and foe.

Without the recognition of I Christ you merely perpetuate the illusion of separation, false powers, illusion of mortality, and the illusion of form, and finally the illusion of war, plus the things that are derived from war; hate, suspicion, poverty, famine, lack, limitation. The perpetuation of all that is not I Christ becomes anti-Christ.

And so we’re not fooled by photos. We’re not fooled by false piety. We’re not fooled by human worshipping of God. The only way to worship God is to accept God on God’s terms that I am the Only. Beside Me there is no other. And therefore, your only identity can be the Only. You cannot have omnipresence and a human self.

If you continue in My Word, omnipresent Christ, omnipresent Spirit, omnipresent God and only then are you my disciples indeed and then “Ye shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”

Now this principle then, is riveted home to us so that in the knowledge of omnipresence, we can never mix evil. Where is evil in omnipresence? Evil is only there when we have no conscious knowledge of omnipresence. The moment you have accepted evil, you have denied the omnipresence of Spirit, of God, of Christ. Who have you crucified? Your Self. Every mention or thought or belief in the presence of evil is self-crucifixion. You crucify the invisible everywhere Christ of your own being.

Now then, we have omnipresence as a fact and all that denies this cannot be a fact, must be an unreality. The Reality is the everywhere Christ; the unreality is the belief that something else is there. Evil therefore, hits the consciousness of omnipresent Christ I am and it is dissolved because the darkness cannot exist in the light of Truth.

There is no evil in God. Therefore, you cannot continue in My Word and still believe in evil. To continue in My Word means to do what My Word teaches and My Word teaches there is no evil in God. Resist not evil. There is no evil. And under the heading of evil, you can take everything that’s wrong in our world. Everything that’s wrong is evil. But there is no evil in God and God is everywhere. Evil then is revealed as the myth that exists in the dream of mortal mind. Else why a Christ message at all?

Now we’re resting in omnipresence as a fact to become permanent Consciousness. And if we’re in it, living it, having established it, evil becomes to us non-existent. The merest acceptance of evil would be the denial of the Word which we’re to continue in, in order to know truth that sets us free.

And so resolutely, we stand in I Christ omnipresent Self, Divine Self everywhere, one, indivisible, omnipresent Self. Where is the evil? It has no place in the Kingdom of God. It has no place in the Divine Consciousness. It has no place in your Christ Consciousness. Where is the evil? It lingers only in the perceiving human mind.

Now you can go nitpicking and try to get it out. You can continue for a lifetime but it won’t work. The human mind itself has no existence. It doesn’t exist because the omnipresence of Christ means that all that is present everywhere is the Christ mind. There is and never has been a human mind.

But if you go right on believing what the human mind says, thinks and decides, again you’re crucifying Christ. You’re crucifying your own identity. So you must finally accept either your human mind or the omnipresence of God as the Christ invisible of everyone who walks the earth. There is either the Christ mind indivisible or four billion human minds. You know they are not Divine mind for they see evil and there is no evil in God.

Now shall you fear another human mind if it doesn’t exist? Shall you fear what another human mind can dream up to do to you? Shall you even fear that a human mind may embroil you in a war? Is there anything that can be power in a human mind if it has no existence?

You say it can make atom bombs. It can make bullets. It can manufacture all types of things to destroy the human body. It can pollute the entire environment. Yes, it certainly can if you let it. If unreality can pollute your environment, you’re really hypnotized.

Nothing changes the omnipresence of God and therefore, what is pollution? Is it real? What is an atom bomb? Is it real? What is a material power? Is it real? Is the Christ message teaching us that material powers are power? Or is it telling us that if you know the Truth, the Truth will make you free. It must mean free of material powers, free of atom bombs, free of insecticides, free of pesticides, free of death itself. Surely there’s more to the message when it tells us that it makes us free. It doesn’t mean just free of temporary discomforts. It means free forever. It is the path to eternal freedom. You must respect omnipresence in the light of every material power.

Now if you cannot, you must face the opposite consequence. You cannot know the Truth and therefore you cannot be made free. You must suffer the consequences of believing in the unreality as a reality to you. If you believe the atom bombs are real, the bullets are real, death is real, poverty and famine are real, they are to you, real to the human mind which believes them.

But the miracle of Christ says, “Believe on Me and the works I do, you shall do.”

So, we’re at a momentous place where everything the human mind believes is a power is being dethroned by the Christ conscious individual who can walk here and now in the omnipresent Spirit. Independent of material and mental form. Independent of all of the conditionings of the human mind. All of the concepts that we have thought were riveted down as permanent fixtures.

The Christ mind is saying, “When you’re in my mind, you will discover there is no power in this world.” The only power present is the power of Christ which is the power of God expressing its own continuous perfection.

That’s the eternal promise of the Christ mind. If you continue in Christ identity, omnipresent, infinite Self without division, you’ll be taken right out of the belief in divided forms which have power.

And of course, the Pharisaical mind says, “Well, this is just too much to swallow.” What is he talking about?

The finite mind looks at the Infinite and says, “I can’t hear a word you’re saying. It doesn’t make sense.” And it never does. And so as you continue in that finite mind, it will not make sense. Not until something touches you sufficiently to build the vacuum of the mind, the vacuum in which you’re not listening with the mind. But you’re listening in the infinity of the Christ as the Christ. You have to establish yourself to be the Christ before you can hear the inner Word, the miracle Word, the spellbinding freedom Word. You cannot hear it as long as you sit there in that human mind.

And so, the Pharisee continues right on its way doing what its always done. “They answered him, We be Abraham’s seed. We were never in bondage to any man: how sayeth thou, Ye shall be made free?”

Well, Abraham was a pretty important fellow. They’re all descendants from Abraham. And you may think, “Well, my great grandfather was Secretary of the Navy under such and such a President and my other ancestors came over here and in fifty two right after Sutter’s Mill” We go back and say, “I was a descendant of this and I was a descendant of that.” We find all the great descendants, the great ancestors we have had. And we’re mighty proud of them. We come of this stock and that stock. “We’re Abraham’s seed.” Same thing.

But they were Abraham’s seed of the flesh, not of the Spirit. They were physically descendants of Abraham and we are physically descendants of this ancestor and that ancestor but sad to relate, our ancestors were just as ignorant of Truth as we. They were still physical beings, too. They weren’t living in the omnipresence of Christ. If they had, we would be living in the omnipresence of Christ now. We all can be proud of our physical ancestors but the great shock is that we have no mortal ancestors at all.

Yes, they be Abraham’s seed and they’re free. They’re free to pay taxes to Rome. They’re free to live in fear. They’re free to be haunted by the fact that any time now, Rome is going to come in and demand more taxes. They’re free to indulge their animal passions and personal desires. That’s the kind of freedom the human mind knows.

The human mind even convinces us that we are free and you know we’re not free. We’re very limited. Our freedom goes right up to our fence and no further. Our freedom extends for a short period, about seventy or eighty years. And then we’re no longer free. Our freedom lasts twenty minutes if a germ decides to pull up stakes inside of our digestive system.

All of our freedoms are very false. They’re really freedoms of the human ego, pretenses, facades that we wear called freedom. And they’re just straw men. He’s talking here about freedom that is real. And the Pharisees – the human mind, remember – the human mind thinks it’s free, the proud human ego.

How sayeth thee we should be made free? And Jesus answered them, I say unto you, whosoever commiteth sin is a servant of sin.”

Now this is the beginning of the revelation here of involuntary bondage. These men think they’re free but they’re under slavery. They’re slaves to the world mind and know it not. Their sin is that they do not know who they are. They do not know God aright. They do not know Reality. And therefore they do not know how to live in Reality and they are therefore not only physically in bondage to Rome, but they’re in bondage to something greater than Rome. They’re in bondage to a mind they cannot see. A mind which in the world becomes their individual mind and controls them from within.

Each human being is revealed here as a servant of sin. Why? Because the mind of a human being is controlled. It does not know Christ. And what does it know? It can only know the opposite, anti-Christ. It does not know omnipresence of God. Therefore, what does it know? It believes there’s a place where God isn’t or there are places where God isn’t functioning. It finally divides God up into a half a God and puts Him upstairs and the downstairs goes to the devil. The human mind thinks down here we’re held in bondage but up there, God is watching over us in some way and someday we’ll be delivered. The human mind does not recognize God present where we are. It has no capacity to do this.

And so man continues as a servant of sin. The condition of humanhood, of the human race is to be a servant of sin while professing to worship God. And only Christ identity accepted in you for everyone including yourself takes you out of being a servant to sin. For sin will soon be shown to be nothing but false identity. False identity must serve its own father. As a false identity, you cannot serve the Father which is in heaven, you serve the father of that false identity. And so the human race is revealed as serving its false father. And therefore servant to sin.

The servant abideth not in the house forever but the Son abideth ever.”

This was an allusion to a practice in those days whereby the servants were hired for a period of time, let’s say five or ten years and after they served, they went on. They didn’t abide in the house forever. But the heir, the son of the master of the house, he eventually got the house. He abided forever. And they were using the imagery of that day to show that only the Son of God lives forever whereas the servant of sin, the mortal, is a transient. He can’t stay in the house, he’s just there for a short time. He’s an employee. He’s not heir to the kingdom. He doesn’t abide forever.

And so now we’re shown that if you rest in mortal mind, death is inevitable. You cannot abide forever. And when you accept Christ omnipresence, life is inevitable. You’re really choosing between life and death when you choose between being mortal or being the omnipresent Christ.

If the Son therefore shall make thee free, ye shall be free indeed.”

The Son is Christ. Christ is infinite and only in infinite Christ can you be free. Any other way is a mortal mind deception.

Now these are the words of Christ spoken seemingly two thousand years ago but because Truth doesn’t change, the Truth this minute is that unless Christ identity is accepted, making you realize you are the Son of God or the individualization of Infinity. Infinity individualizes as Christ. Infinity individualizes as you. Infinity individualizes everywhere as the ocean breaks into waves. Every wave is in the ocean and the ocean is in every wave. Where you recognize that you are the ocean breaking into a wave called Christ and that everywhere is Christ, everywhere is ocean, everywhere is the one same substance without division, you have accepted the Son as your identity. And then you will be made free because freedom is in Christ.

Freedom from the bondage to time and space, to lungs and hearts, to bank accounts, to physicality, to life spans. You see the stakes are quite different from the world that’s been led to believe. We can walk in freedom from a physical world. We can walk in freedom from the concepts of birth and death. We can walk in freedom from the concept of a growing human being. But we can walk in no other kind of freedom because it’s the only kind there is. Only in Sonship, omnipresent Christ-ship is there that freedom. And it would be ridiculous to be teaching it here in the Bible if it were unattainable.

Again, the drama of the mind of man called the Pharisee and the soul of man speaking here as the Christ is very clearly what is happening every second in our lives. The soul is saying these things to the mind, and the mind is rejecting them but as we are confronting ourselves with the Truth that we are either faithful to the Word or not, those who select fidelity to the Word discover that even though Christhood is a strange state of being for themselves to accept, it’s the only thing they can accept to be faithful to the Word. For the Word is Christ. And therefore, when you say I am that Christ, you cannot be speaking out of the other side of your mouth about a human being who has a cold or a headache or bad prospects or some kind of deficiency in the human world. You’re not both, the Christ and the creature.

The mind which is rejecting the words of Christ is also rejecting Divine identity and then it continues in its false world of good and evil because it is divided. It is separated from its own reality. And this mind which all through the book is represented as the Pharisee is our own human mind. Who cares about the Pharisee? They’re talking to our human mind. And our human mind is always giving back talk to the Christ. And finally we stand and pause a moment and realize my human mind is really rejecting Christ when it isn’t accepting Christ. I’m either assuring my funeral or I’m preventing it. I either understand or I go right on in my own obdurate way thinking that my own mind can wish it through in its own way and push aside facts that cannot change.

So the Pharisees are being the mule here. The mind says, “We don’t quite get your point mister. We are free. We’re pretty important people.” The human mind of us is always saying this to Christ.

So, he says, “I know you are Abraham’s seed but ye seek to kill me because my word hath no place in you.”

The killing has been represented as the Pharisees killing Jesus. Don’t believe it. This is the mind of you crucifying Christ in you. The human mind seeks to kill the Christ. How? It won’t let Christ live. It’s going to perpetuate its own sense of life.

And the miracle is that here, in time, two thousand years ago stands your own Christ saying to your own mind that which you are to realize right here and now, that your mind is crucifying Christ until you accept Christ. And you know precisely why the mind is doing this.

In order to stop crucifying Christ, the mind must crucify itself. That’s the only way it can stop crucifying Christ and it won’t do it. It won’t do it until something else in you takes hold. You’re going to crucify your mind or the Christ. And you’re going to live in that which remains; your mind or the Christ. And you’re going to experience the result of that to which you have sown. If you crucify the Christ, you will reap corruption. If you crucify the mind, you will reap life everlasting.

The death of the human mind is the birth of Christ realization. And then the realization of the Christ mind which transforms you, letting in the flood of light from the Infinite expressing as the Divine Self. Certainly a big order and when nothing else has worked, you’re finally ready.

If ye be Abraham’s seed, why do you try to kill me?” If you’re so proud of your ancestors, the stock you came from, why do you kill Christ? And the Christ you’re killing is you. For you are the very Christ you kill by remaining in a mortal mind.

I speak that which I have seen with my Father: and ye do that which ye have seen with your father. “

Now this is the revelation of something quite sensational. Of course you know it all from Joel’s books. But here we’re seeing the Biblical authority for it.

I do what I have seen from my Father and ye do what you have seen from your father.”

Now, he’s speaking to the mortal mind from the Christ mind and the Christ mind says, “I do what I have seen from My Father.” In other words, I the Christ mind am the expression of the Divine Father and you the mortal mind, you are the expression of the mortal father.

Now you know most of the God believing section of the world still believes that God created mortal man. And here you know, there is shown to be two fathers and they’re not both God. The father of mortal man is shown not to be God. God is the Father of Christ. Who’s the father of mortal man? So Christ says, “I do what my Father tells me. You’re doing what your father tells you.” Christ is revealing that the father of the mortal race, the father of the human race is not God.

It’s quite stupendous when it clarifies itself within us to learn that not only have we been learning that God is not the father of the human race but here it is in black and white from the words of God speaking through Christ. God is saying, “I am not the father of the human race.” And if you can find any other meaning out of that, I’d like to hear about it sometime.

God is saying point blank. God is only the Father of Christ that is why Christ can say, “I do what I see of my Father but you do what you see of your father.” And when he speaks, he’s not speaking just that the Pharisees are not the children of God, he’s speaking that everyone in their human mind is not the child of God. Because the human mind makes a human being and a human being is not the child of God. Obviously, we have to stop being human beings or we continue not being the child of God.

Well “They answered and said unto him, but Abraham is our father.” He was a great patriot. He’s their father. They have descended physically from Abraham. So they think that makes them the child of God.

But Jesus says to them, “if ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham. But now you seek to kill me, a man that has told you the truth which I have heard from God: that did not Abraham.”

Abraham is really a symbol of the consciousness that turns to its Divine Self. Abraham is a symbol of surrender, capitulation to Christ. That’s why Abraham tithed to Melchizedek which is the Christ figure in the early part of the Bible. Abraham tithed to Melchizedek. Abraham sacrificed his son or was willing to. In other words, Abraham was accepting the omnipresence of Christ. Abraham had achieved the consciousness of Christ.

They were physical children but not spiritual children. They hadn’t understood the spiritual Abraham. They had not followed in his footsteps to sacrifice themselves to the same Christ to which he had. They were Abraham’s physical descendants but not his spiritual descendants. And there are spiritual descendants in Judaism who are spiritual descendants of Abraham but they are called the Israelites. Those who had followed in the footsteps of Abraham, surrendering to Christ, they are the Israelites. Quite a difference from the Pharisees. And so the Pharisees were not doing the works of Abraham.

Ye do the deeds of your father.” They were doing the works of mortal mind.

Now, this is revealing further that when you’re not in the Christ mind or the Christ identity which is one and the same, you are doing the works of your father. And your father is the world mind. Now the world mind is also called the devil. And so the devil is the father of the human race. That which is called the devil in the Bible is revealed here as the father of the human race. The world mind gives birth to that which we call human form, not God.

Ye do the deeds of your father.”

You see, if they were born of the Father, would they be trying to kill Christ Jesus? They’re born of the world mind, the mortal mind. And that’s why they’re trying to kill Christ which is all the great symbol of that which is born of the world mind rejects Christhood in itself. It has no capacity to understand Christhood. To understand Christhood would be self-extinction to the mortal mind.

Ye do the deeds of your father.”

Now look around the world and you’re looking at the deeds of world mind. The world mind performs the deeds in the world through those who are not in Christ consciousness. All the things you see in the world are performed by the world mind through the individual human being.

Ye do the deeds of your father.”

This is controlled. The human being has nothing to say. He thinks he’s free but he is doing the deeds of his father.

– End of Side One —-

[He is not doing] the deeds of God. When it says “Let’s go to war with this country,” is it doing the deeds of God or of his father? His father is revealed as not God but the belief in the absence of God. Mortal mind has no concept or awareness of the Presence of God. That’s why it puts God up in the sky.

Do you see that sin is automatic, that sin is automatic for every human being? A human being is controlled but doesn’t know it. World mind controls every human being on the face of the earth. World mind does the breathing and world mind decides when to stop breathing. World mind beats the heart and decides when to stop the heart.

World mind individualizes just as the ocean individualizes into waves, the world mind individualizes as the individual human mind. It has its own captive audience now and in you and me the human mind is going twenty four hours a day turning away from Christ, broadcasting a world situation, doing the deeds of our father and our father is right here indicated to be the world mind – until we awaken from that dream. The world mind functioning each individual builds the dream, the atom dream, the dream of a human self-hood, a mortal being, not under the law of God, not governed by God, not living in the Kingdom of God, struggling and striving to survive in a world of opposites, in a world of animosity, in a world where what is called life can become death in five seconds.

This is the controlled dream of the world mind operating through its outlets in each human being called the human mind. This is the Christ message to us, “Ye do the deeds of your father.” And if you’re not aware of this, you continue right on doing the deeds of your father because not knowing that world mind is living through and as you, you continue to turn away from the Christ which liberates you from the dream, satisfied with moments of good, hoping to perpetuate them, hoping to convert moments of bad into moments of good, continuing on this way until the bubble of the dream is burst, until the image is no longer even an image.

Ye do the deeds of your father,” says Christ to the human mind.

Fortunately, we’ve all been lifted up sufficiently so that we can understand these things now. We can see the futility of continuing in humanhood. It has no place to go. We can see why the message was pushed aside. We can see why we, in previous incarnations could not understand the message. But each incarnation possibly lifted us higher and higher to the moment where we can look at it without blanching. Where we could realize this isn’t something to look at with suspicion anymore but it is really offering to us a sort of a communion with our own soul. Finally, glimmering through the clouds of mistrust and doubt comes the realization that these are the words placed here by our own soul to edify us, to lift us out of the false sense of life, the sense of life that ends.

When we can see that we are the Pharisees who are doing the deeds of our father who is not God, we know we’re in the wrong place and the wrong time and the wrong body, in the wrong sense of self. We’re still in the dream. And we might even be grateful for the knowledge that we have recognized the nature of the dream. For only armed with that understanding can we concentrate upon standing in true identity so that the dream could not perpetuate itself through our enlightened consciousness.

We have been doing the deeds of our father up to the point where we began to know that God was present right on the earth, that God was the very living Spirit of our own being and that superimposed upon the truth of our being was a sense mind world, appearing only within that sense mind.

And now detaching from it, finding in the midst of it, the very manufacturer of that sense mind world to be my mind in collusion with the world mind, we are attaining a level of freedom which is known to few people on the earth. But it is definitely part of the way-showing for the Kingdom of God for all those who have reached that level of understanding which says, “To mine own Self, I will now be true, not to this self imposed upon me from birth, not to the human sense of things which was clamoring for some kind of security, not to the limited sense of success that the mind had tried to saddle me with. I’m bursting all the bonds, going all the way. I’m getting in that row boat and I don’t care where that ocean comes or doesn’t come, how the winds howl, or how the sharks prowl. The other side is where I’m going. And when that conviction in you is established, your row boat is Christ. And you’ll find there’s no ocean and there are no sharks and there’s no wind. All there is, is Christ and that’s your kingdom.

I think here, we’ll pause a little. Let’s just meditate for a moment and get a feeling now of the infinity of Christ.

I in the midst of every individual on the earth am Christ. I in the midst of John, Mary, James, I in the midst of everyone am greater than the human being who walks the earth. I the invisible Christ am real, living presence, everywhere. I am your name and your identity everywhere. And if you will continue in my Word, in my identity so that your identity and Christ are one identity, if you will accept that you are in the midst of everyone on the face of the earth, that you have neither friend nor foe. It is all your Self. If you will accept that you are the one infinite Christ Self, you are continuing in the Word. And that is your contact with the Infinite. That is how you open yourself to the Divine. That is how you break the bondage of the dream of mortality. That is how you rise above the limitation of a human mind.

And then I will perfect and perform all that concerneth you. For I in the midst of thee am greater than all who walk the earth, than all material powers. There are no conditions that can attack Christ. There are no conditions that can overcome Christ. When you are standing in I Christ, the infinite, indivisible Self of the universe, you are unconditioned and that Consciousness externalizes as an unconditioned universe for you. Animosities are withdrawn, discords are dissolved, darknesses are enlightened. The lacks and limitations of the conditioned world around you are dissolved for you through the measure of your conscious awareness that your name is I, the infinite indivisible Christ of the universe. Then you do not the deeds of the world mind. Then you do the deeds of the Divine Father which expresses through and as your being.

(Silence, long pause….)

Again step out of human sense of self at this moment by stepping out of your environment as we did before to feel the Infinity of your Self. Unconfined to a temporary form, life itself, without boundaries, not living in a temporary environment but living in the eternal Reality of life now, one Self, everywhere, perfect free Spirit. Omnipresence is your name. Omnipresent Christ.

There is no one in this world who is not the omnipresent Christ invisible. Make no exception. All are externalizations of the world mind but that does not change the Reality behind everything. The omnipresent Christ is your name right where these forms appear. Crucify the forms or you crucify the Christ.

All power flows from this conscious continuous realization. That’s where your Spiritual power comes from. You won’t have to waste your time thinking out answers to things. You rest in this infinity of Truth and behold, the omnipresent Christ of your own being removes all that is unlike itself from your experience.

Not once a day, but try to establish this as frequently as you can until you know that you can rest back in it at will.

We’ll have a short intermission now. Back in about five, ten minutes.

I think we’ll stay with John 8 because the condition of the human mind is now taken somewhat aback by this attack of the Christ.

Ye do the deeds of your father” and the human mind responds, “We be not born of fornication. We have one Father, even God.”

Now when they say “even God”, that means Jehovah in Hebrew. We have our God but what is this god of the mind? The god of the mind has established good and evil. God hasn’t established good and evil. Who has established good and evil? And that’s why the Bible is written, to show us that the mind worships the devil. The mind worships the belief in good and evil thinking that it’s believing in God. The mind is automatically divided into good and evil.

And so when you come to the place where you’re going to no longer accept the decisions of your mind, you’re going to see that the only difference between the Christ mind and the human mind is that the human mind believes in good and evil. The Christ mind doesn’t believe in good and evil. It believes in the omnipresence of God. And the mind of the human which believes in God but not in the omnipresence of God isn’t believing in God at all. It’s believing in its own false concept about God and it’s worshipping its own false concept.

It’s even believing that God created an imperfect human being. And by worshipping a false god, it believes that the human sense of self is the true being. Everything is watered down by the false belief of the hypnotized mind. “We believe in God,” it says, “arightly.” And so if you say to every religion on the face of the earth today, “You’re not worshipping God. You’re worshipping your concept here and they’re worshipping their concept there and you’re saying your concept here is in favor of your nation winning this war and they’re saying their concept there is in favor of their winning this war.” But God is saying, “What war? How can I be here and a war, too?” You think God is standing by watching wars go on and awarding first prize to the one who kills the most? The human concept of God is completely erroneous. It isn’t worshipping God at all. It’s strictly a controlled human mind using words like “God” with no knowledge of what that means.

And so the Christ responds, “If God were your Father, ye would love me.”

If God were the Father of human beings, then every human being would love every human being. If God were the Father of human beings, we would not declare war on another nation. If God were the Father of human beings, we could not hate or doubt or be in need or be sick. The whole preposterous idea that God is the Father of the human beings is here revealed to be false.

If God were your Father, ye would love me.”

When you find that you love Christ, meaning you recognize Christ as the reality of each individual, then you’ll know that God is your Father. And until you recognize Christ as the Reality of each individual, you’re still in that mortal mind which thinks it loves God but doesn’t because it isn’t accepting the omnipresence of God. For I Christ proceedeth forth and came from God. “Neither came I of myself but he sent me.”

Only Christ is born of God. I came from God, meaning you, mortal being, you didn’t come from God. Mortal beings are not born of God. Of course not. That’s why we’re told to be reborn. Come out of the false concept of mortal birth.

He sent me.”

God is the Father of Christ.

Why do you not understand my speech? even because you cannot hear my word.”

And so those not in Christ identity cannot hear the Truth that proceeds from the mouth of God.

And so, they say, “Oh there’s no such thing as Divine revelation. What do you mean you heard a voice and God spoke to you? How ridiculous.”

Of course not. They never heard a voice speak because in mortal selfhood, how can you hear the immortal voice of God? In mortal selfhood, how can you be Divinely guided? And so Christ speaks in every mortal self and the mortal self is completely blind and deaf. Blinded by self-interest, unable to hear the words of Christ saying, “I am the way. I am the Self. I am the life. I am the resurrection. You’re not poor. I am abundance. You’re not sick. I am well. You’re not lacking. I am the wine and the water. You’re not going to die. I am the life.”

Mortal mind cannot hear that because it’s not in Christ identity and therefore does not hear the voice of the Father. You have heard the voice. You have felt the Presence. Could you possibly, for the rest of your lifespans, not wish to hear more, to know more, to be more in the presence of the Father after having once even felt the miracle of that Presence? How could we turn back?

But not turning back means turning away from the mind which does turn back. Away from the mind that is controlled by world thought. And make no mistake about it. Unless you do something about turning away from that mind, you will be controlled by world thought and your life on this plane will be world thought expressing as a mortal dying self. You must crucify the mind or crucify the Christ.

Oh, he lets them have it now. “Ye are of your father, the devil.”

And when we thought he was speaking to the Pharisees, it was very convenient. But when we learn he’s speaking to every human being on this earth, it’s a little embarrassing to realize that for two thousand years, we’ve been told that the human race is the child of the devil. Even those who speak from the cloth to tell us what great sinners we are, are children of the devil. Even the moralists among us. Even the pipers of piety. Whoever is not living in Christ Self is born of the world mind, is in a false sense of identity regardless of the sweet words they may utter. And eventually it shows up. You can’t hide behind the words of the Bible. You must live as the invisible Christ.

Ye are of your father, the devil and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning.”

Meaning the moment of human birth is the first death. Remember later, how in John’s revelation, if you partake of the first resurrection, you will not be touched or hurt by the second death. The first death that’s just been given to you here. World mind, the devil is a murderer from the beginning. What is the beginning? The beginning is when we step into form. That’s the first murder. That’s the first death. What does it mean? It means at that moment of stepping into form, we become dead to our Spiritual identity. We now become controlled robots, thinking we’re free.

He was a murderer from the beginning”- your father, that is –” and abode not in the truth because there is no truth in him.”

Now this is the world mind and there is no truth in it.

When he speaketh a lie, he speak of his own for he is a liar and the father of it.”

The father of this world is the world mind. You can’t go on pretending that God is the father of this world. The world mind is the father of this world and the Kingdom of God is not of this world.

And you can’t live in this world and expect to be under the law of the Father. You see, there are two fathers here. One is the Father of the Kingdom of Reality, one is the father of the world of the myth, the dream. The human being, being a creation of the father of this world is part of the dream. And the beginning of that dream is human birth.

But it need not be, for as we once more return to the Father’s House, the Consciousness of I Christ, we discover that at the moment of human birth into the dream called image, I Christ did exist and do exist and am that very one now. But you must forsake the belief of mortal birth. There go all your happy ancestors. I the Christ existed before mortal birth and during mortal birth and even now am that Christ and that Self was not born of the father of lies who was a murderer from the beginning.

The human mind which came into awareness of itself was an accomplice of the world mind. Both creating a false sense of self where only I Christ of you existed. How important it is to renounce mortal birth, I think follows.

Because I tell you the truth, you believe me not. Which of you convinceth me of sin?”

The Christ does not accept anything but the Christ. There is no sin in Christ and there is only Christ, omnipresent Christ and therefore, which of you, which mortal mind expression, thought, idea, can convince Christ Consciousness that there is sin when only Christ is present. If sin is not present and only Christ is present, there is not even a mortal mind. It is the dreamer and within it is the dream. Our dream of mortality rests in the world mind which is the dreamer and there is no such mind. There is no sin. There is no evil. You cannot be in Christ Consciousness and believe in evil. You cannot make judgments about good and bad and still be in Christ Consciousness. And so, when you’re making the judgment, you’re rejecting Christ.

There is no judgment in Christ and you recognize that when you’re in Christ mind, it’s simply a matter of looking out at the world with no judgment. You can’t say “This is good,” or “That is bad,” because the Christ doesn’t judge a material world. What’s the point of the Christ judging a dream? This is a good dream and that’s a bad dream? The only thing there is to mortal mind is the judgment that this is good and that is bad. And when you have transcended judgment, that curious human trait which is so easy to fall into, and you won’t condemn, this is being bad or praise that is being good, you’ll discover you’re very close to the Christ mind. And you’re not a victim controlled by the world mind which is making you judge this good and that bad where there’s nothing but perfection in Spirit.

Judgment then is a sign that you’re still controlled. You may think you’re judging but you’re not. The human mind, very blissfully, wallows in its own ignorance thinking it’s making judgments but every judgment is a controlled world judgment seeping through into your false consciousness.

There are no judgments in Christ mind and there is no mind but Christ mind. And so when you accept that urge to judge, you are stepping out of the omnipresence of Christ. You are separating from your own identity. You are committing spiritual suicide.

It’s much easier to withhold judgment and to live in Christ than to commit spiritual suicide and have the temporary pleasure of a judgment. We will overcome this personal sense of self and you’ll discover that the moment you’ve withheld judgment and you have a mind which can look out and not say “This is good and that is bad,” you have transcended the mind, the controlled mind and you have literally escaped from the dominion of world thought. For you the devil is dead. For you, you have overcome the world. Why? Because nothing can make your mind judge good or evil. You’re not tempted. How shall I judge if all is Christ?

The liar from the beginning which has controlled me and forced me into judgment has been overcome to the degree that you can look out, “Who convinceth me of sin?” Christ mind is not convinced by any appearance that there is anything there except perfect Christ. And who is that perfect Christ there? It is your Self. The minute you judge out there, you’ve said that out there isn’t the Christ Self of you and you’ve broken the Infinity of the omnipresent Self in your consciousness, meaning you’ve separated from it. You’ve lost it. You’re back to being a controlled creature.

If I say the truth, why do you not believe me? Who convinceth me of sin?” is the truth. When I’m in I Christ, “Who convinceth me of sin?” And you’ll realize then that you’re in the Christ mind when nothing in this world can convince you that sin is there, that evil is there, that error is there. It will look that way to the human mind but your Christ mind will say, “I know it looks that way to the world because the world mind has put it there that way and the human mind is a captive audience but wait a minute. Open the door to the Christ mind. I in the midst of you am greater than the world mind which placed the appearance of error there. I will de-hypnotize you. I will do the impossible. I will move the mountain. I will lift the veil. I will raise you to the point where you can see the kingdom of perfection that is ever present where you are. I will take you back before the beginning of form, before the beginning of concept, before the beginning of a fictitious mortal mind and I will reveal to you My Father’s kingdom right here on earth, here in the now, in your Christ identity, in your willingness to judge not.”

He that is of God heareth God’s words; and ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.”

Now that’s the soul, the Christ mind saying to mortal mind, “You cannot hear the words of God.” It doesn’t matter how long you try, you never will. And that’s why you have to get out of mind. This is a permanent fact. The mind cannot hear the words of God. No sense trying to stuff the words in. You’re stuffing them into that which isn’t there. Just going along with the illusion.

Then answered the Jews and said, Say we not well that thou art a Samaritan and has the devil?”

Now watch the perversion of the human mind. The human mind is the devil but accuses God of being the devil. The human mind turns and says to the Christ, “You’re a devil. You have a devil.”

God is dead to the human mind. To that which is dead, God is dead. They’re right. Every human mind that believes God is dead is right. God is definitely dead to a dead human mind. And even when that dead human mind says God is present or God is alive, it means nothing because the highest places believe in God while killing. Believing in what God? “Oh we have our God.” But it isn’t God. It’s an idea in that mortal mind, the controlled mind. And it believes in good and evil and that’s why it goes out to kill off evil by committing more evil.

Our freedom now is clearly out of mortal mind, accepting Christ identity.

Jesus answered, I have not a devil.” Christ has no devil. “I am of My Father and ye do dishonor me.”

The human mind dishonors the Christ mind because it won’t accept it. The human mind has no capacity to honor the Christ mind. It is the very counterfeit of the Christ mind and it has fooled the human race into thinking that it is a real mind.

Christ says, “I seek not mine own glory: there is one that seeketh and maketh.”

You can recognize whether you’re in the Christ mind or the world mind because the human mind seeks its own glory. It has a personal sense of self. It has a human identity. The Christ mind has no human identity. It doesn’t seek to glorify the physical self. It doesn’t glorify the human being. It glorifies the Father.

And when you find there’s still a you there that wants to glorify yourself in some way, don’t think you’re in your Christ identity or your Christ mind, please. Let that be a sign to you that when you’re still thinking in terms of your glory, your success, you haven’t lost the personal sense of self. You’re still under the controlled mind.

When you have no personal glory, in fact nothing to defend yourself against, nothing to acquire, just to be, the invisible Christ, you’ll find you’re not striving and struggling because you are that invisible Christ already. And you’re perfectly confident that just being what you are is all you ever have to be.

Now of course the Jews say, “Abraham is dead. What are you talking about?” And he has to come forth with this great saying. They say, “Are you greater than our father Abraham which is dead? The prophets too are dead. What makest thou thyself? And Jesus answered, If I honor myself, my honor is nothing. My Father honoreth me.”

In other words, God expresses the Christ. The Infinite expresses the infinite individual. Always, when you hear the word “God,” you’re talking about Infinity. Now when you hear the word “Christ,” you’re talking about Infinity individualized as the child of Infinity.

The Father honoreth me.”

Christ is formed of Infinity. Infinity expressing as the ocean expresses the wave is Christ where you are. Your name is always Infinity individualized. The fullness of Infinity individualized is Christ.

Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day and he saw it and was glad.”

Now he’s telling them the truth about Abraham. He did accept himself to be the Christ of God. He did reach Christ realization. He did step out of a mortal self. Abraham may have died as a form but Christ is living. Abraham, the form dies but Christ remains continuously alive and there’s our escape valve out of the world. The form of us, we learn to step out of in our consciousness, into the Christ of us which is forever life. We make our transformation out of form identity into Christ or life identity and we are forever living.

And so, it says above, “If a man keep my saying, he shall never taste of death.”

Now who is this Christ of you to differentiate from the form that began at a birth?

I say unto you, before Abraham was, I am”

The Christ of you has ever been. You’re accepting your eternal being not your form self. The mortal mind has perpetuated the idea that we were born into a form and we began at that point.

But before Abraham was, Christ is. And only when you are accepting Christ as your identity before Abraham are you accepting Christ as your Self. In your omnipresent Christ Consciousness, of the one infinite indivisible Self, you go back before the Bible was written. You go back before man appeared on the earth. You go back before all the animals of Darwin’s theory of evolution ever appeared in form. You go back before the first amoeba. You go back before every material form that ever walked this earth. You go back before the world was created. And truly you accept that that continuous life of Christ which is your life now always has been your life and your complete physical history is a myth. You never had a physical history. You never had a physical birth.

You see, the moment you have a physical birth, a mortal birth, you are denying Christ identity because Christ never had a mortal birth and therefore if you persist in having the belief that you have had a physical life, you are denying Christ identity.

And so, you’re going to find pushing at us continuously is the understanding that the Christ Spirit that I am is a continuous Self, not moving and changing in time as it would appear to human beings but pre-existent to all material form. Abraham is a symbol of all material form.

Always before the world began, I am.

What did the Jews do to a statement like that? What does your mind do to a statement like that is the same meaning? You either accept it and make up a way of life which enables you to live from that focus or you do what the mind does here, “Then took they up stones to cast at him.”

Ah, remember they took up stones to cast at the adulteress. Now they’re doing it, casting it at Christ. Why? Because when they picked up stones to cast at the adulteress they were picking them up to cast them at Christ. Why? They were not recognizing the Christ of the adulteress and that’s picking up stones.

The moment you’re not recognizing the Christ of your Self, you’re throwing stones at your Self. You’re crucifying Christ. The moment you’re not recognizing the Christ of another, you’re throwing stones at that Christ.

And so they cannot accept that “Before Abraham was, I am,” has any meaning whatsoever to them. It just doesn’t make any sense to them because they do not know that this is Christ, the infinite ever present life of God. They do not know when they pick up the stones to throw at Jesus, that they are throwing stones at their own inner identity and saying, “I am not the Christ. There is no such thing.”

And every time we do that, when we do not act out of Christ, we are throwing stones at our own identity. That’s the peculiar distortion of the human mind and it’s distorted because it’s not a Divine creation. It knows not the Father. It knows not the Reality. It knows not that the only Self there is has ever been the only Self and ever will be. There is no changing Self. No self that comes in and goes out. There’s no soul separating from a human body. There’s only the permanent, eternal Self.

And as you learn to live with that knowledge, you are ready to face the tempter who says, “Come on out of that permanent, eternal Self and I’ll give you worlds, and I’ll give you glories and I’ll give you all kinds of protection and safety.”

And there isn’t any such devil. There isn’t any such tempter, even to try to run away from a tempter is to give life to that which has no life. Perfection is the nature of your being. When you are not tempted to believe in imperfection, you are accepting Christ identity.

Now we’re still in “Get Thee behind me Satan.” We have finished John 8 where the mind of man picks up stones and throws them at that which is the Christ identity because it cannot accept it. We are either picking up stones or we are laying down that mind and accept it. The tempter is going to say, “Pick up stones. Throw them.” Christ is going to say, “Who convinceth me that there is a tempter? Who convinceth me that I lack or am limited?” That’s that phony mind which exists only when you’re not in the Christ mind. That’s the fence we’re standing on.

We’re going to conclude the “Get Thee behind me Satan,” very quickly next week and move into the next chapter as well which is “No And!.” “No And!” We’ll see what that means or you already have. We’re going into the ninth chapter of John about the blind man. We’re going to see now how to live in Christ identity without turning away from it and accepting the subtle suggestions of the world mind which has controlled us for thousands and thousands of illusory years.

No, it’s not Mother’s Day yet. I guess we’ve got another Sunday before that. At any rate, thanks for being here today and see you soon.

Today we’re going to have a sort of fireside chat. What I mean is, it’s a sort of a friend to friend talk. Something that we just sit down together with and discuss about ourselves, where we’re going, who we are, what is expected of us and what we have a right to expect.

Over the years, we worked with individuals and from time to time we startle them when we say, “Well I could help you but. What’s the point of that? Suppose I do help you over this condition, where does that leave you tomorrow? Yes, we can give you the help. We certainly can make the effort but the real purpose of the teaching is not to get rid of your temporary lacks and limitations. We wouldn’t want to bring God down to such a minimal level in our life.”

The real purpose of this is to release you to freedom, Self complete in your own Christhood, so that you walk on the water without help. And if at times you need the help, fine, but basically it is you who are going to walk into paradise. And no one is going to do it for you.”

Now, you may have noticed during the last two or three weeks that we have come to a new landmark. And that landmark is that you can take all of your problems one by one, add them up, put ‘em in a great big basket and see that there is only one solution for them.

And if today, for example, you’re still looking for solutions to problems, you have not observed this new landmark. The solution to every problem is always the same. And we’re not talking about temporary solutions. We’re not talking about momentary first aid kits. We’re talking about a permanent solution.

And so you came to the place where you were told in at least five hundred different ways, through tapes, through Bibles, through conversation, through talks, through your own inner meditations, that the solution to every human problem is always, I Christ. This should be basic consciousness. That means you’re not looking for solutions. You’re trying to live in I Christ which is totally different. It’s not the human way of solving problems. It’s going in a different direction.

And so, I want to be sure today that everyone who is studying Spiritual truth in this class knows that unless you have self-identified as I Christ, the living child of God, His Spirit, His life, His light, unless that is your acceptance, you’re going to be left behind watching the others as they rise in consciousness and you’re going to be fighting problems that exist only in your limited human mind.

Now let’s presume then that we have all accepted I Christ to be the only identity we can ever be. The balance of the teaching then is to show you the nature of I Christ. It isn’t anymore to help you through your human problems. That is a side issue, an added thing. It is not the purpose of the class and it should not be the purpose of your study. It’s simply incidental to the study. It happens automatically when you are in the proper identification.

Now then who is this I Christ and how do you stand in it as Self? This remains our major responsibility; Spiritual integrity to my own identity.

Get thee behind me Satan,” then, is that of this world which comes to you, to force itself upon you to make you wrestle with it, to make you accept it as a reality, to make you reach for something to defend yourself against this that comes to you disguised as evil, problem, discord, lack, limitation, crisis, emergency, age, bad health. All of these things that the tempter places in your consciousness, these are there for a single purpose; to make you see that there’s only one way to meet them. I Christ, have nothing to overcome.

When you have reached the point where you have nothing to overcome, you will have accepted your identity. While you are trying to overcome, you are denying it.

What does Christ defend against? Nothing; not even crucifixion.

You see then, the goal is to reach the Consciousness which says, “There is nothing in this world which I must overcome.” For only in that Consciousness are you Christ conscious. The moment you’re overcoming something, you have stepped into another identity other than the Christ. You’re in that identity which is not perfect, and therefore is not Christ. You’ve accepted what you are not and you now become a mortal shadow, jostling with those things which are placed there by the tempter who has won the battle, who has convinced you that you are not I Christ.

Now there’s been much talk about the tempter, the devil, Satan. He’s been personalized as everything from a pitchfork and a man with big ears, to mortal mind, world thought, suggestion, influences in the mind and it’s symbolized of course in the tree of good and evil in the Bible which sees a divided world, of good here and evil there.

Now we’ve spoken of it in this class as many other things such as cosmic television but always – and this is the point – always, the devil, Satan, world mind, carnal mind, suggestion, auto-suggestion, cosmic television, imagery, appearances, mesmeric influences, hypnotic ideas; all this is one and the same nothingness to Christ. Oh it’s so much to human beings, but to Christ there is no mortal dream. To Christ there is one creator, God the Father. To Christ there is one Son, I the Christ. To Christ, I and that Creator are one and that Creator being perfect, I am perfect as my Father which art in heaven.

And so, we are being tested in our spiritual integrity to I Christ. Everything up to this moment can be considered your forty days in the wilderness. You have studied, you have labored, you have said the words, you have meditated and contemplated. Now, will you walk in the Kingdom of God or will you walk in the world?

Schizophrenia is a cosmic ailment. It is the world mind projecting to us a second selfhood so that each of us walks in that which we call my body. But Christ doesn’t walk in a physical form and Christ isn’t guided by a human mind and if God be your Father and you would be perfect as your Father, you cannot walk in a human body or in a human mind and still call yourself I Christ. That means somewhere you must surrender ideas that have lived with you from the moment of birth and before. You cannot be I Christ and Joe Smith who goes to college or Harry Jones who owns the bakery shop down the street.

There isn’t two of you. There’s one, the child of God and through cosmic schizophrenia, there’s another you appearing which you have called you. And that you, is the perfect target for the tempter. To that you, the tempter brings everything that is not of God and that you in the past has always said, “Look what I’ve got. Look at my problem. Look where I am. Look at me, I’m a failure. Look at me, I’m getting old.” And that you, is the tempter itself, the world mind appearing as you.

The disguise of the world mind is fantastic. It comes at you even disguised as good things giving you a temporary taste of success. And then while you live in the false luxury of that temporary success, you discover it’s only a success in the you that is not I Christ and once more your castle crumbles.

Even while you are willing to accept I Christ, the human mind is putting up a fight. It’s going to do this with a minimal amount of effort. It’s going to do no more that it must and the reason is, is that it will never want to willingly surrender its own ego. The ego of the human mind refuses to submit to the authority even of I Christ which is your own Self. It will find every excuse in the books. And therefore, if you’re to succeed in the realization of I Christ, if you’re to walk here in the Kingdom of God, if you’re to know the meaning of freedom as a way of life, you must transcend the disguises of the human mind so that you can rise above that which is called temptation so that you can rest in one consciousness which leads you not into temptation, not into the belief that you are not I Christ but rather leads you into the Kingdom of God. And so, one consciousness, one Divine transcendental consciousness is always where you should be living.

Now in your across the desk section of the chapter under consideration, Joel has this to say, “To you now it must be clear that the Infinite Way reveals: One. There is a transcendental consciousness. It is here and now available to man which when attained results in the ‘dying daily’ of the old man and the rebirth of the new man, the Son of God.”

The Son of God then, I Christ, only comes into your realization when you have accepted it as your identity and you are willing to die daily to a human consciousness, to live in a transcendental consciousness, one that can look at the sense images of the world without being tempted to accept them as creations of God.

This transcendental or Spiritual consciousness is the power of Grace freeing man from the law, meaning karmic law and establishing his life under Grace.”

Now the second is, “There are principles of life whereby this higher consciousness is attained.”

And the third, that “Through spiritual discernment which is now possible, the nature of God as individual consciousness is revealed, the kingdom of God and the secret of spiritual power.”

Now everything that this chapter tells you about temptation is not going to make sense to a human mind but there is one thing that we must do first. And that is this: “We were not born of the flesh.” Now, I’m reading this from the next to the last page in this the chapter, “We were not born of the flesh. God is our only father. God is our only mother. And that which is called human birth is not creation.”

Now if this hasn’t become to you a meaningful phrase describing the false sense of life that we have entertained, then when you discuss resisting evil or not resisting evil, you’ll be looking at it from a human point of view and you’ll be falling into the trap of saying, “But we must eat, we must do this, we must do that.”

Now let’s not look at this from a human point of view because what we are learning is not how a human being resists temptation. We are learning how I Christ stands in the face of what human beings consider temptation and how I Christ meets these temptations. We’re not learning what a human being does, we’re learning what I Christ does because I Christ is our name. And that’s the importance of this reminder by Joel and if you still think that God is not your father and your mother, you haven’t yet accepted I Christ, child of God, perfect as my Father.

Now let’s draw a great big circle around spiritual integrity. It’s either that or spiritual adultery. I am either I Christ or I am not. Now let’s walk that line for the moment. And we look at this chapter from that point of view that he’s teaching us how we can recognize if I’m in I Christ or out of it.

Error has its rise in an impersonal source which in the beginning was called eating of the fruit of the tree. Anyone can begin to demonstrate harmony in his experience in proportion to his giving up the temptation to talk about this thing as good and this, as evil and in proportion to his realization that in a God-created universe there can be neither good nor evil. There can be only God, Spirit.”

The belief that there is good and the belief that there is evil is not in I Christ. This takes away about ninety-nine percent of your human judgment. In one bold sweep, we are told “Judge not.”

What are you judging? The material creation that is not of God. So I Christ will look out and say, “Who convinceth me of sin?” I Christ will not say that is an adulteress and that is a thief and that is my betrayer. I Christ will say so many surprising things. I Christ knows no evil but I Christ also knows no good in this world.

And you say, “Well that’s a vacuum.” Don’t you see that’s the point of it. It is a vacuum and it’s precisely that vacuum which transcends the human mind.

When you have no good, when you have no evil, you are in a vacuum and you’re out of the human mind. And when you’re out of the human mind, you discover the Divine mind functioning as your mind. When you withdraw good and evil from the objects and persons of this world, you’re in the vacuum of no human mind and that is all that the devil is. The beliefs of the human mind and the human mind that encases these beliefs, that is mortal mind, world mind, human mind, carnal mind, the devil mind; that is all Satan ever meant. The mind which perceives not the Kingdom of God is the devil. That’s all it was ever intended to convey.

That mind which through its incapacity to perceive the Kingdom of God where it is – here now – is literally turning away from that kingdom and as it turns away, it sees what is not here; the world. And this human mind creates its world.

Now suppose you were to take the contents of your purse and empty it out. You would see the various objects. Suppose you did the same thing with your mind? Suppose you empty the contents of your mind to look at it? What would you see? You would see the world that you live in because the world that you live in is nothing more than the contents of your mind emptied out. You are looking at the contents of your mind when you look at this world. And you will find that the contents of your mind which sees this world is not seeing the Kingdom of God which is here and that’s why it’s called the devil. That’s why it’s called Satan. That’s why it’s called mortal mind. If it were immortal mind, it would see the Kingdom of God that is here. And transcending the mortal mind is resisting the devil, resisting temptation.

Now none of us have been that intelligent that we would discover this for ourselves. It had to be given from above by seers, by prophets, by mystics, by those who had had the inner experience of Reality and then as you learn from them and from your own inner experience that this is the truth, you know that the only one who can see the Kingdom of God here is your true identity. Only the eyes of I Christ. The single eye. The soul sense will discern the Kingdom of God where the mind sense discerns its limited concept called the world.

So we have nobody to condemn. Each is in the same predicament of being in a human sense of things. We have no one to judge. We have no matter that is good and no matter that is evil. No person that is good and no person that is evil. We simply have the Kingdom of God where the devil or carnal mind or human mind sees everything but the Kingdom of God. And when we know this is the truth, we learn to walk in the Kingdom of God not with our human mind but through faith and through inner discernment and basically through the willingness to know that because I Christ is my name, that is where I Christ must be living now in the Kingdom of God. That is where I must be now because I am I Christ.

And therefore I Christ accepted means I am no longer in this world. I cannot be in that which is not the creation of God. I must be in the Kingdom of God here and now. And therefore, the things of the world can only be the dream of a mortality which I am learning to slowly relinquish.

The tempter then is going to form you in a sense of mortality, function as your mind, paint objects of matter and conditions of matter and then force the body it has created to walk in these conditions of matter until the light of I Christ dawns in your consciousness. And suddenly, you find that the only freedom you can ever have is awakening from the false identity of mortality.

And so you measure your progress not by how many problems you overcome but by the degree to which you know yourself to be the living child of a living God. You are not looking for human solutions. You are resting in identity watching human problems dissolve back into the world mind that projected it. And you learn this to such a fineness that you can come to the place where you say, “I’m not unemployed but neither am I employed. I’m not sick but neither am I well. I’m none of these things. I’m not healthy and I’m not unhealthy. I’m not rich and I’m not poor.”

You never just remove the evil side of that which is this world but you remove the belief in both sides of the coin of materialism. As long as you believe you’re employed, you can be unemployed. As long as you believe you’re healthy, you can be sick. As long as you believe you’re virtuous, you can be sinful. Both sides of the coin must be removed. There are no opposites in Spirit. I Christ does not see two sides of a coin or one. I Christ lives in the perfection of Spiritual being knowing nothing else is present and therefore I Christ is not tempted, not mesmerized, not drawn back into the dream of opposites. I Christ never believes that I am a day older today than I was yesterday. In I Christ, there is no concept called aging. It simply isn’t there. And these are the remnants of human thought that we learn to drop.

I Christ is an eternal Self, never born and never dying. Always the perfect child of God and this is an unchanging Reality of your being and because it is a Reality of your being, the unreality need never be defended against. Unreality can never be present. It can only appear to be present.

Unreality can say, “You are getting older.” But I Christ is one with the Father forever. And therefore, we do not fall back into man whose breath is in his nostrils who thinks in terms of age in a form. We know that my Spiritual self is my only Self. It is not encased in a form. It is free. It is unconfined. It is not aging and it is I Christ. Therefore, I can never age. Birthdays are fun but they’re not signs of advancing age.

So it becomes very important to us never to lose sight of the fact that what you are as I Christ makes it impossible for you to be something else. And whatever something else presents itself, is never really there because only what you are is present, the perfect Christ of God. That means you may have to go through some sufferings and some pains and some problems with the knowledge that these are not mine. They have no rise in me. They do not belong to me. They are appendaging themselves to a false sense of self which the tempter has pressed upon me. They are a state of involuntary servitude. And you step out of this servitude. “Get thee behind me Satan.” That is the sign that you have overcome the false sense of mind which is projecting the false belief, the false condition, the false sense of self.

When you can say that within yourself, it is an indication that you have overcome the part of the world which is presenting itself to the doorstep of your true consciousness. And you are standing forth as I Christ, even willing to suffer through being I Christ, to be persecuted in my name, to be tested in every form of trial that seems necessary at the moment and yet to stand fast abiding in the knowledge that your identity is the solution to one or ten problems whether they come at one time or consecutively. I Christ is your solution and you need no other defense.

There can be neither good or evil. There can only be God, Spirit. I Christ is that Spirit.

Now God,” says Joel, “has nothing to fight at any time, no one to fight, nothing to overcome. God is and God is omnipotence and beside God there is none else. God has no battles, no enemies, no opponents.”

But this is true of the Son of God. Christ has no battles, no enemies, no opponents. Christ has nothing to fight. Christ has nothing to overcome. The subtlety of nothing to overcome is the secret of healing consciousness. You remember how Joel pointed out about the wireless, how all the would be inventors of the wireless were wondering how to overcome the friction of the air, of the atmosphere. Along comes Marconi and beats them to it by knowing there is no friction to be overcome.

It’s the same in the healing consciousness. And when I say healing consciousness, I mean in the living consciousness. As long as you think there’s something to overcome, you’re off center. It’s when you can look at that which appears to need overcoming and know that it cannot be there because all that is present is I Christ, then you will look at it and know there is nothing to overcome and that is how you overcome.

The secret of healing is knowing there can be nothing to heal because a perfect God cannot create anything needing healing. What can be present but the perfect creation of God? If you want to heal something, you want to heal what is not the perfect creation of God. You have accepted that which God did not create and you want to heal it. That’s not being faithful to I Christ. That’s not spiritual integrity. That’s human love, human sympathy, human pity. Oh it sounds heartless, doesn’t it? But resist not evil is telling you there is no evil to resist. If it’s evil, did God make it? Did God make evil? Therefore, what evil are you resisting? If God did not make it, what is it? It’s that little d before the evil. It’s the tempter of the human mind making you believe that something exists which God did not create and then you want to overcome it. But again, in your transcendental consciousness, you will say what can I overcome? Everything is God made. What God didn’t make only appears to be but doesn’t exist. Shall I overcome what doesn’t exist? The only way I can do that is to know it doesn’t exist.

Again that is the Christ or healing consciousness. Joel said it’s the hardest thing to do. It takes great courage at first but once you have experienced that in learning there’s nothing to overcome, that which you thought had to be overcome is dissolved, then you see the subtlety through which you rise to that level of consciousness where no power is needed. No power is needed. You don’t even ask God’s help.

You can’t say, “God help me overcome this evil,” because God would have to say to you, “How can I help you overcome what isn’t there? I didn’t create any evil. Who did?” It isn’t there.

Awake from the dream. What is the dream? The dream is that you aren’t I Christ; that’s the dream. Don’t go chasing solutions. Get back into who you are and watch. Watch, there’s nothing to overcome. Nothing.

All overcoming is done by the false sense of self. In your true Self, you have nothing to overcome. And if you still have things you want to overcome, that’s the sign to you, you’re not in your true Self.

If you could learn that there’s nothing to overcome in this world and not be satisfied until you’re in the consciousness which knows that, you would find you’re in the Christ consciousness. And you would walk through the world of effects consciously knowing you are in the Kingdom of God where nothing is to be overcome. Neither war, nor sickness nor poverty nor age, where none of it exists in God, in Christ, in Reality.

Silence, (pause) …

The first four or five times that you have to face this impending evil and react to it, you discover that all your reaction did was to throw coal upon the fire. Probably the evil caught you unaware, by surprise, and maybe even at a moment when you thought you were getting along real good in this work.

But as you put these little steps together, as you are able not to betray I Christ, as you are able not to yield to the mental ego which thinks, “I’ve got to do something about this, God hasn’t done it, I must.” As you can overcome that tendency, you’ll find it is possible to face circumstances that would normally make you run and scream and hide. It is possible to face them knowing God did not make this which I see. And you won’t have to go through all of the thought about it. You will simply be living out of the I Christ sense of Self which is not fooled by outer circumstances. For God looks through the eyes of I Christ and perceives the universe of God.

Are you getting the point then? That I Christ is your fulcrum. It’s the nucleus from which you learn to live and everything you do from sun up to sun down is built around this proper awareness of Self and the acceptance of I Christ Self in your neighbor as well as your own Self so that you populate this universe with one I Christ. And you remain in spiritual integrity to that universal I Christ knowing that all evil is but a suggestion presented by the false world mind to its individualization in you, the human mind. And there you stand fast abiding in I Christ everywhere without opposite until this becomes a clear cut error that has no rise in you or whoever you’re working for.

Now all of this sounds possible. All of it sounds encouraging and yet many more steps are required for you to reach the place where you know you’re capable of standing in this consciousness. There might be right now about thirteen more points that Joel is going to make and I think every one of them is a vital link in this consciousness.

We do not need God to fight the devil. We need only the word. ‘No, get thee behind me’.”

Now that can be misleading to you unless you have caught his point. It isn’t saying to this appearance, “Get thee behind me.” It’s your capacity to rise above the belief that it is there. When you’ve risen above the belief that it’s there, that is the equivalent of saying to it, “Get thee behind me.”

Now we’ve had some critical things happen in our lives. Looking backward for a moment, can you see that you could have looked at these critical things with the knowledge that God did not make them and that you could have faced them with the knowledge that because God did not make them, you do not have to overcome them? They were presented to you as a picture at that moment and you accepted the picture in most cases and you tried to do something about it. Sometimes you failed. Sometimes you succeeded. Many, many times we have failed and we have wondered why. We failed because success was impossible. How could you improve what wasn’t there? You could even fool yourself into thinking you improved it but it boomeranged at a later day.

Now then, our spiritual way is to see that just as these emergencies in the past which we accepted and tried to resolve, change, manipulate, alter, correct could have been faced by the knowledge that God did not create them and therefore they only appeared to be here. We have learned since then, that where they appear to be is not outside of you, they’re appearing actually in your consciousness. You think they’re outside of you but that’s where they are. They’re in your thought. There isn’t anything about this world that you know that isn’t in your thought. It is your thought you’re looking at. You weren’t looking at a condition. You were looking at your own thought about what you thought was a condition. Your thought was the tempter and it was your thought that made you believe you had this terrible condition and you couldn’t get out of that web because all you had to work with was your own thought. And yet that condition which either terrorized you or made you react in some convulsive way, that condition was your own thought projection. God didn’t put it there. Who did? World mind and functioning in you as that particular picture or condition that you thought was out there. The more you dwell upon it you’ll discover that ‘out there’ was in your thought. That’s how close the tempter is, your thought because it’s human thought.

And you see why we have said that as long as you dwell in that human mind, you’re going to be fooled? It’s going to fool you with its great intelligence. All of your problems are in your thought. God did not make them and further, God did not make the human mind that entertains the belief in them.

Now then, when you overcome your thought, it will be because you have accepted your identity. I Christ am incapable of human thought. How can you think humanly and be I Christ? And therefore, I Christ makes you reach the place where you’re willing to yield human thought. You won’t do this until everything else fails. But when everything else fails and this is called to your attention, you begin to want to do it, to yield human thought.

We could use fancy words like transcend, but doesn’t it mean to yield human thought, to surrender human thought? When you surrender it, you transcended it. And so, right here where I stand is human thought which wants to tempt me into a continuation of a human life. It wants me to keep within a dying body and a dying mind. Human thought is going to maintain me in a dying body and a dying mind. And the very mind that is going to die is trying to keep me in human thought. The very mind over which I was so elated when the IQ test said this was so high or this mind is so intelligent or this is a special mind. That very mind is going to die. Can it be the mind of the Father? Can it be the Christ mind? Then why should I live in it?

And so right here, I look at my own human thought and all of the overcoming I ever had to do was not the conditions of the world but my own human thought. That’s where you overcome.

To detach from your human thought, step back to create your mental vacuum. Everything is leading you to the stillness of the human mind. For when the human mind is still, behold I come, whose right it is to sit upon the throne. In the stillness of the human mind, you are Christed. Divine thought supersedes all of the finite sense concepts that well up to tempt us in our own human thought.

You’ll notice in this chapter Joel mentioned that – it may be in this chapter, maybe not – that unless you have a lot of meditations during the day, frequent ones, you’re going to be unable to cope with the continuous world thought that is ever encroaching involuntarily into your daily existence. It’s a twenty four hour thing and unless you are having frequent meditations, in the knowledge of Divine Self, creating the vacuum of human thought to let the light of Divine Self express, you’ll find that without any volition on your part, you are tempted to live in a world that God did not create.

And so in order to have frequent meditations, he suggests shortening your meditations. We all like the luxury of sitting back for thirty or forty minutes but often when we do that, we find the first few minutes may or may not be productive and the rest is just a sort of a lazy man’s habit. We like to stay there because it’s pleasant. But we’re not alert and alive to Christ always in these long meditations. In fact, we tend to fall into a lethargy.

And so Joel has said that if you’re not getting the results you want, check it out that way and you’ll find that if you go to a one and a half minute to three-minute silence, that will be all you need but come back again and again and again. It’s the frequency of these one and a half to three-minute silences that seems to short circuit world thought. So that every now and then through the day, you’re remembering who you are. And then the subtle alchemy of the Spirit floats in out of nowhere, without rhyme or reason that the human mind can detect and yet there you are feeling the invisible Spirit as a living Presence, a living intelligence moving you, touching you, gently leading you. The guidance is so clear and it even performs the work. You can take all the credit humanly but you know that it performs the work. It never performs the work for a human being, that’s the catch. It only performs the work for I Christ.

Now who opposes you in this world? What conditions oppose you and what persons? Have we not said that I Christ is the universal Self? Now what persons do you know then? There aren’t any. I Christ is the identity where you have found persons. Wasn’t I Christ the identity of the thief on the cross? Even of Judas and of the adulteress? Didn’t the Master send Judas out to betray Him, “Here take this sop and do what thou must.” Why? There was no Judas. There’s no thief on the cross. There’s no adulteress. You have no one opposing you. Only in the false sense of self. Step out of it. Step out of your false sense of self and out of their false sense of self into the one invisible Self, I Christ. Here I Christ, there I Christ, who opposes you? They oppose only your false sense of you. And it is their false sense of them opposing the false sense of you. In other words, the arm of flesh.

But is not one with God a majority? One with God means I Christ here and there and one with the Father and that is the meaning of not being tempted. Now rest in I Christ here and there, one with the Father; there is no opposition. I will not accept the temptation of opposition. I rest in universal identity as I Christ and that is the identity of those who appear to be my opposers. That is the identity and the reality of these things which appear to be opposing conditions. And don’t stop at the talk stage or the thought stage, that’s just opening the door to resting in the knowledge that I Christ here and there am the only living identity. There is no second. I am all there is. There’s not even a human here where I stand let alone there where they stand. All there is, is the living Spirit of God.

Now rest, in the WORD. And abide with patience no matter what the outer circumstances continue to be. You will discover opposing persons and opposing circumstances even if they appear to be successful are still a successful lie. They never exist and even their apparent success will ultimately turn to your ultimate triumph. It must, because I Christ has already overcome the world. I Christ has nothing to overcome and the moment you have something to overcome, you have lost your priceless heritage as the child of God. You’ve got to climb your mountaintop all over again.

Get thee behind me Satan” is what you say to your opposing conditions, your opposing persons and you say that in your mind, to your thought, to the thought in you which says you have opposition. To that thought you say, “Oh no I recognize you. You are the tempter. You are the liar. You are the anti-Christ. You have no existence and I need not accept and dare not accept that which you are presenting to me as my own thought. You have overcome your own thought and you’ll find that all your opponents and all the opposing conditions existed right here in your thought and nowhere else. Closer than your thought, closer than your hands and feet, closer than your breathing is I Christ. You see how you come right back to the Father’s House where you stand, ultimately never to venture out again?

Now what power have we used? None. What have we defended against? Nothing. We have rested in Truth. I am that Self which is the Self of the Father everywhere and beside that Self there is no other. The secret of no power is one universal I Christ and the secret of problems is the belief that beside one universal I Christ, there is another or many others. Now that’s not complicated. There’s not much to remember. It’s not a lot of words. It’s not a lot of truth. It’s the way you live and as you develop the habit of living that way, you’ll find the secret of no power is your own identity realized as the invisible identity of the universe.

– End of Side One —-

Your I Christ is not the only child of God. As long as you’ve got mortality to deal with, you have not translated the appearance of mortal forms into the one invisible Christ life. Remember the invisible there is the invisible Christ life everywhere appearing to human sense as many forms. Life is there as invisible Christ. Forms are there as the mental tempter.

The herd of cattle isn’t there. The covey of ducks isn’t there. The wedge of birds in the sky isn’t there. The litter of kittens isn’t there. Why? Because this is a Spiritual universe. All that is present is the invisible light of God. All that is present is the light of your being everywhere. There is no mortality. There is no animality. There is no nature. There is the light of God everywhere interpreted by the tempter into the many forms we see.

When you have overcome the belief in the forms by knowing the life that is present behind them, you’ll find even the tempter becomes a friendly tempter. Nothing to fight, nothing to argue about. Just pat him on the back and say, “On your way little man. I see all of this and I’m even going to enjoy it. But I’m going to live in that fourth dimensional consciousness of the invisible light of the Father, I Christ, my identity everywhere whether it’s seemingly friend or foe and I’m going to rest in the knowledge that no power is needed in I Christ realized. Nothing to overcome.”

You might stumble across some scenes where you see a couple of animals setting upon another animal and you wonder what can I do about it? How can I protect that animal? Well, that’s how. I Christ. Rest in the knowledge of I Christ is there, not three animals fighting and watch. Watch how Truth in consciousness shows you that what you were seeing isn’t what’s there. And that Truth in consciousness dissolves what seemed to be there and lo and behold there’s three very harmless animals no longer at war with each other, when you are resting in the One Invisible Life where the three forms seemed to be.

You’ll find many opportunities to practice this. Life is full of all these unexpected moments when they’re thrust upon you and if you’ve been living consciously in your identity, it won’t catch you by surprise. You won’t have to change gears suddenly. You’ll be in the right spiritual gear to just look and say, “Yes I see it but I am not tempted to accept that there is discord here where I stand in the Kingdom of God.”

Certainly, there’s no one who’s going to live this way unless they have been subject to many, many sad conditions in this world. You won’t find people jumping into this who have a yacht that can take them around the world and every foreign country they want to go, who is free as a breeze right now and sailing high. They’re not going to be interested. But if you’ve had your yacht and it capsized one day, if you’ve had your big business and it turned upside down, if you’ve had your health and it went away, if something happened in your family that really made you sit up and wonder what it’s all about, then and only then are these stringent steps something you can look at and say, “It’s not too hard for me. No, I’d rather travel that hard route than the knocks and bruises of a world where freedom is a myth. I can only live in Spiritual freedom. That’s the only kind of freedom there is.”

When you reach the plateau of knowing that only Spiritual freedom is truly freedom, then no matter how difficult the course, what of it? It doesn’t stop at any particular point. It’s not going to stop in twenty years. It’s a continuation of Self throughout eternity. Every ounce of Truth in Spiritual consciousness that you develop now is yours throughout eternity. We’re not looking at the next fifteen or twenty years. We’re looking at a life without beginning and end. We’ve graduated to the place where life is our concern not form, where when we hear the word Christ, we know we’re talking about life as contrasted to the human idea of life called form. The garment of immortality is in life, not in form.

I think we’ve reached the place where a pause would be good. We’ll just briefly rest in the Word. I, one with the Father. There is no division between your identity and God. No division in space, no division in time. Always, wherever you happen to be, even in the sense of form, your true identity is one with God, inseparable. And therefore, in an instant of recognition of that identity, the fullness of God can flow through your identity expressing Divinity, omnipotence, omniscience, perfection in all things as living Grace. Whenever you rest in the knowledge of I Christ, I. My Grace is thy sufficiency in all things.

And so we abide there, in that consciousness which is not subject to the temptation to believe in the world or conditions that were not created by God.

Silence, (pause) …

We’ll take a little recess about six, seven minutes…

You can always depend on Joel for a surprise. And so when he takes the ground out from under us, we know that he’s getting warm now. He’s given us an introduction. Now he’s ready to talk to the faithful.

Now listen to this very subtle phrase here:

We rest in the Word that the carnal mind is not enmity against God. It is the ‘arm of flesh,’ a nothingness which must be understood to be an impersonal source of evil.”

An impersonal source of evil.”

Somebody can be coming at you with a hammer and this is an impersonal source of evil. Now how can that be? A whole army can be coming to your nation and this is an impersonal source of evil. Whatever is he saying? “Impersonal, meaning without a person,” these are his words. “Impersonal, meaning without a person,” and then “Without a you or me. We are the person it is without when we impersonalize it.” Well, it’ll take ten years for us to really reach a place where we could say, “Oh, I see what he means.”

Now here’s this army coming and you’re to impersonalize it. Here’s this epidemic and you’re to impersonalize it. And the way you impersonalize it is – don’t get rid of the human army. Don’t get rid of the human threat. Get rid of you. Well isn’t that I Christ am the only identity here?

They have only the arm of flesh. We have the Lord God Almighty.” We have Christ identity. Everything forces you to you, to stepping out of the false sense of you to let I Christ do the work. And even though we can reach verbal and mental agreement about these things to some extent, nothing takes the place of a deep meditation in which you are able to release yourself from the false sense of you.

Now here’s an exercise which I find is very effective. I call it stepping out of my environment. According to the human sense of things, you’re standing right where you are in a dress or a suit. It’s Sunday at a certain time, at a certain address. None of that is true in I Christ.

And so, the exercise is to step out of your environment in your consciousness to know consciously that I am not a person moving within four walls under a roof, on a floor, I’m not living in a time or a space, I’m not living in a mortal sense of self. I’m breaking all of the bonds of the conditioned mind in this meditation.

The Son of God has no place to lay his head. But that is me, the Son of God. I have no place to lay my head. I don’t even have a head to lay. I am pure everywhere Spirit. I have no human environment. This is in your meditation and you’re not concerned in this meditation about the logical reason of it to a human mind or to any other human mind. You’re breaking the fetters of a false sense of environment, resting in the knowledge that I am not a finite self. I’m breaking the fetters of time. I am that Self which is not born of father or mother. I am not self which is not confined to a shape or a weight or a size. I am pure Self. I have no human environment. I do not live in the world. You won’t find my Self walking on this earth or in the stars or in the atmosphere. My Self is the only. There is no earth or stars or atmosphere. There is just my Pure Being everywhere.

And in this meditation, you rest there. You rest in the Word. I Christ, the unlimited Self, the infinite Self, infinite as the Father, one with the Father, unbounded, free. You’re not trying to make it happen. You’re realizing the nature of being.

It’s only a spiritual exercise but when you lose the sense of mortality there and the new awareness tumbles in, you realize it’s much more than a spiritual exercise. It brings in a whole new government. It releases you to the law of Spirit. It releases you from the law of karma. It releases you from human thought, human predicaments, human situations, the need for human decisions. It moves you in the rhythm of Grace.

I find every time you enter the exercise of leaving your environment, you reach the place of realizing your immortal Self. It’s better than reading an entire book. It prepares you so that you don’t even have to face the tempter. Your new consciousness knows no tempter. The tempter only exists in the old-world consciousness. You are out of the way and when you’re out of the way, lo and behold so is the tempter. The tempter is only where you are. To get Satan out of the way, get you out of the way. And you’ll find you and Satan disappear together.

Here in the Kingdom of God, there’s no tempter. The tempter is only in the world, not in your Father’s Kingdom. The tempter is never in your consciousness of Christ. But that tempter, and that so-called evil, is a very disguised force that it forces us into the Kingdom of God realized.

The descent of the Holy Ghost happens when you have left your world environment in your consciousness for then you transcend time and space which is the backdrop of the complete dream of mortality. When you’re doing this you’re really saying, “Speak Father, thy Son heareth. I’m not in the world where I couldn’t hear you, I’m in your kingdom. Now I can hear every word. Reveal thyself Father. I’m ready to serve thy Word, not my will, not my word but thine.”

Remember this exercise and it doesn’t matter when you do it. You’ll find that when you come back into your so-called sense of mortality, the world around you won’t be quite as ominous as it seemed to be a moment before. Nor will the material weight of the world seem quite as heavy. You will be a lighter individual. You’ll begin to sense the realm of miracles where nothing is impossible, where you expect the impossible always because the impossible merely is another way of experiencing that which is not of this world but is in my Father’s Kingdom.

Out of your environment in physicality, and the world around your physicality, you know the power of Grace. It functions in the infinite Son who is not earthbound, anchored to the material sense of life. And it flows with this ‘hidden manna,’ its Divine qualities. They appear as you. Thou seest you, thou seest the Father when you have left the false sense of environment. That takes the false sense of heredity right with it. The world beholds, where you stand, the activity of God.

It’s a very pleasant spiritual exercise. It isn’t done with any great mental power. It’s just a resting in the knowledge that all that can be here is the Kingdom of God and all of the false props of the mind, time, space, motion, matter, structure, physicality; these never have existed in the Spirit.

For that ten or twenty or thirty minutes, you will not have a digestive system to worry about or a back or an arm or a shoulder or a heart or even a brain. You are being the perfect Self, incorporeal, Spirit. And it has a carry-over effect so that the consciousness you attain in that moment of Grace becomes part of the consciousness that walks with you during the rest of the day. You discover the ease and effortlessness of living.

I go before you.”

Throughout the chapter, Joel speaks of impersonalizing and nothing-izing. When you have allowed yourself to accept I Christ and followed it to its logical conclusion, not being earth bound in your consciousness, you have impersonalized the world. You have nothing-ized the conditions of the world. You are letting Spirit transform your environment through that mind which no longer is the human mind and so your world is renewed, regenerated. The power of Spirit, ever present as it is, now begins to direct your affairs. Infinite intelligence guides you in all things. You are not a house apart. You are not doing acts that are un-ordained. You are not mounted in self-will, self-love, self-esteem, self-aggrandizement. You are letting the Father build the house and you will prosper because it is the law of the Spirit that sufficiency must appear wherever the Son of God is and that for you, that sufficiency must appear in all things.

A little walk in the Kingdom of God will always restore you to the faith that God is present. You will know you have never been apart, never in a limited, corporeal self, that you have never really had a true problem. You only had an unconscious separation from that from which you can never really be separate.

And more and more, you know the child of God is truly your real name. For you there is not a future. There is an infinite now, beckoning, saying, “Live in this infinity of being, now. Don’t fractionalize. Don’t let that little mind torment you into being a creature again. Don’t get rid of the human problems, get rid of the sense of humanhood. Take the whole backdrop of humanhood away. Step out of your mental environment into the fullness of your being and rest, abiding, letting the Word live itself. It’s a grand and glorious experience and a preview of freedom. In your true Self, you are now free.”

Back in the mentality of a human being, we are in an involuntary bondage to world thought. Living out a false sense of karma which never exists in reality; making corrections where there’s nothing to correct. I in the midst of you have overcome the world. When you are I, you will discover there is no world to overcome. I am the unbounded Self of the Spiritual Kingdom. And I am come. My Kingdom has come. My Kingdom is not from hence but here now. And you are in My Kingdom for you are My Self.

You will read from time to time that certain groups have suddenly found meditation. We read for example that the Act Conservatory Theater here has just found meditation. They’ve had a ten-week program now and says the director “From a practical standpoint we find that there’s less friction, there’s more confidence, everything works better.” And he emphasizes that I’m only interested from a practical point of view. And then there are others who state that they were on narcotics but this is a better trip because it’s a continuous trip without the ups and downs.

Now, when they find meditation, this is still the kindergarten stage and it is usually to improve a sense of humanhood. And I want to be sure that we are not meditating from the standpoint of improving our sense of humanhood. We are meditating to leave our human environment, to leave the conditioned thought which has placed margins around us and to break those margins which are only mental margins, to come into the unlimited sense of Spiritual Selfhood with absolutely no desire or thought or hope of improving humanhood because that would be tragic. Our purpose is to be Spiritual being which has overcome the world and to live in the freedom of pure Spirit under the law of Spirit, guided by the love of Spirit in a universal oneness, free of world appearances; doing, living, experiencing the greater works which are the inherent heritage of the Christ.

And so we come to a place now where to do the greater works, you must express the greater sense of Self. The lesser sense of self will only do the lesser works. Where will you stop? The moment you find a place to stop, you’ve lost Infinity.

The law of infinity is to continue in My Word, continue in Selfhood, continue until the Infinity of your being is so clear to you that every finite thought and action no longer interests you whatsoever. You won’t pour yourself back into a straitjacket called mortality. The infinity of Spirit is our home and we’re learning to be comfortable in it. Even though we travel for a while without eyes, the Spirit of the Father will lead us. It will be our hands. It will be a lamp unto our feet. It will be the very activity of our being and though we seem to walk without the usual crutches called senses, we are developing senses of the soul to walk in the invisible Kingdom.

Satan won’t try to keep you out of that kingdom once you have discovered the human mind is that Satan. Otherwise, Satan works under the cloak of your own human mind and naturally you believe that human mind until you know that it is the devil of the Bible. Then you can rise above it, free of it. You’ll even find that it turns right around to help you once it is subservient to your higher Self. Remember our exercise of stepping out of your environment? It’s worth much more than a long, long sermon.

I hear a little rustling. I suppose it’s time. Is that it? Well I guess it is. We’re staying with Satan for a while. He has a few things for us and we for him. I think we’re going to lick him. I think we have some wonderful surprises for Satan and I want to say hello and welcome to all the newcomers I’ve noticed. When I say newcomers, I mean just to this room but you’re not new to Spirit and I know it and so we’re all old hands now and walking this invisible path of Truth.

Thanks for being here and next week we’re going to continue with this very chapter. And we’re still in the last part of 8 in John. I’m sure we’ll get to 8 in John next time.

Thanks again.

Welcome. Very happy to see you here. Thank you.

We probably are in the most unusual Christmas of all time up to this moment. And it occurs that there’s a possible relationship between that which we experience this moment today and that which has happened in the spiritual kingdom. For example, ten years ago there was no such thing as a heart transplant and ten years ago you may not know it but Joel Goldsmith had a heart problem. He had to prove that his life didn’t depend upon his heart, and in proving it spiritually, his heart, which was actually a dead one, appeared alive. And this spiritual healing of the heart may well be something in the invisible which triggered the visible transplanting of hearts in our world.

That particular connection occurred to me and it becomes very clear that the man who two thousand years ago discovered that there is no time and no space unquestionably triggered that which we see in outer space today as the conquering of space. And so these are most unusual times and just as miracles are happening visibly, in a way that would have been unthought of even so much as twenty or thirty years ago, so we also are reminded of the statement that Solomon made in Ecclesiastes. He said there’s nothing new under the sun. And I wonder if you could include even going to the moon as not being new under the sun. In other words, Solomon was telling us that behind the visible, changing in time, is an invisible, unchanging, ever-perfect and ever-present in which the eternal self always lives.

Now we when we awoke this morning, we awoke just as we were born, as an old, an ancient saying: every man is born between two angels, one on the right, one on the left, and the angel on the right is the angel of goodness; the angel on the left is the angel of evil. And these are supposed to be man’s dual inclinations. He can go either way; he can follow the angel of good or the angel of evil and each man allegedly is born into this dual purpose, this dual inclination. And that is why when Moses gave his people the commandment, “Thou shall love the Lord thy God,” he didn’t say with your heart, mind and soul. He said “with ALL your heart, ALL your mind, ALL your soul,” meaning those two inclinations had to be reconciled.

Now we awoke with two inclinations this morning, one of which we were unaware, and one which was predominant. And you can more or less judge where you are in consciousness by the degree to which the angel on the left was predominant or the angel on the right. The first thing that happens upon awakening is that there’s a feeling about me; me has to do this and me has to do that, and that’s the angel on the left. Me has an important appointment, me has to get dressed, me has to eat, and that’s the same me that’s been doing this all of our human lives. That’s the inclination mankind follows.

Now you being spiritually inclined, perhaps your inclination was the angel on the right. Perhaps you began your day not with me, but with God, and of course if that is what you did, you were one of the very few in this entire universe who didn’t awaken to me but to God. And your day must of necessity be very different than every other person on the face of this earth.

Now we have likened the mind of man to an inn. And if you awoke in that inn this morning, your mind was filled with many conflicting ideas. In your inn there were many guests, there were many impulses, there were many concepts, there were many memories of yesterday, there were many hopes and ambitions. And although these were not all voiced, in that inn which we call our mind, this battle of the world exists every moment and the impulse that comes ever so gentle which says, “Let me in,” that impulse is usually not heard by the angel on the left. And so our inn is very crowded with thoughts of this world. And it takes these two thousand years to find a vacancy. It takes every minute of these two thousand years to reach the point where we become aware, ever so slightly, that the world we live in is but our fractional idea of the world that is real. It takes all of that time and then some because the me, the angel on the left, the personal sense, the physical, structural me, this is ever crowding out my awareness of the spiritual me.

Now we live in a moment. You have lost all of yesterday; you do not possess tomorrow. You have this instant and all of life is crowded into this instant. And this still is the angel on the left. This still is the illusion that life is being lived in this instant and if you didn’t have this instant you wouldn’t have life. This is the great illusion, that time is moving past.

Now as you pause, as you open a little place in the mind, you are beginning to establish your manger for the entrance of an idea that takes the angel on the left, turns it away and gently turns you to your true shepherd on the right. And now you find a manger in the mind, a place where you entertain a completely, revolutionary idea that this instant is not my life at all. All of my yesterdays are still existent; all of my tomorrows are here at this moment too. We are beginning to sit back and see the fullness of life instead of the instant of life.

Now in our bible, we have had a misfortune to the extent that even the great scholars, the linguists, who know the meaning of every word in Greek and in Latin and in Aramaic and in Hebrew, unfortunately they too were born with an angel on the left and an angel on the right. And the angel which they used to translate the bible was the literal angel, the one who sees things in the flesh, the one who was born into time, the one who was unaware of the house behind this visible made without hands. And so the translation of the bible has been a very uninspired translation. It has been given to us not by men of spirit but by scholars. Men who could recite the bible perhaps, word for word without looking at it and still not know the meanings of those words, not know the great implications of those words, not knowing that in each word there are many mansions.

Now one of the greatest mistakes, one of the most monumental, was made when a certain word in the bible was translated in a very limited human way, and that word is A-E-O-N. It occurs throughout the bible the aeon and it has a great meaning. It means the fullness of your being, not in time but in a higher dimension than time. It means the fullness of your being, not in years but in the attributes of God. Aeon is the total self of you as created in the divine image and likeness; it has nothing to do with time. And do you know that word is translated as in the bibles we read? Eternity. And it has thrown us away from the meaning of to know God aright is life eternal. We have thought that if you scoop up all the time there is you have eternity. And that’s as much its meaning as “cat” is the meaning of “mouse.” It has very little to do with the meaning except in a very minor way. To know God aright is life eternal but not life that is unending. That is included but it isn’t the whole story at all. There is a difference not just in quantity, between eternity and time, there is a difference in quality. And that qualitative difference is vital; it’s one of the most significant differences there is in all of the bible teaching.

Now you may have seen this difference expressed in the world “fullness,” not realizing that fullness and eternity are one and the same; wholeness and eternity are one and the same; completeness and eternity are one and the same. And to know God aright is a whole life, a complete life, a full life, not only in time, that is the minor part of it. It is a life without end, yes, but it is a full, complete, whole life this moment, now.

Now aeon, aeon has been translated many other ways. Wherever you see the word “forever and ever” it doesn’t mean that at all. That’s another translation given to aeon, and sometimes where you see the word “world” that’s another translation given to aeon. Our scholars have been very elastic wherever a word fits their purpose it takes a new implication to them and then they fill out their lines but they have lost the Christ message.

Now we must catch the meaning of eternity because this moment is eternal. The fullness of your being is the meaning of your eternal life and you can never have less than the fullness of your being, any more than you can have reality changing and becoming less real, any more than you could have God diminishing and becoming less of God. That which is the fullness of your being is the eternal self of you and that fullness existed five hundred years ago as it does this moment, as it will five hundred years from now. That fullness is ever-present and when you learn to live the contemplative life, which is really letting God create through you, you find that that fullness, that eternal self, is brought forth into the present experience. And the purpose of the word “aeonic,” “aeonio,” translated into our English structure as “eternal,” was to bring to you the awareness that behind the three-dimensional world is a fourth-dimensional world. And to bring the fourth into the third is to bring your eternal self into the present expression.

Now it is true that “aeon” has other significance. It means for one thing that there is a limited time age to all things. You may find that human life may have a limited time age. Oh, it may be five or ten, twenty or thirty million years or billion years, but it will be embraced within an aeon, and that aeon will be the duration of the time existence of that particular object or category of life. And so we were not going always to be in a human form; we’re going to continue to change but we will always be our self.

Now those of us who have caught this element of change find that we have avoided the stagnancy of those who have insisted on clinging to their present way, their present ideas, their present consciousness. They live in a world in which they are trying to make permanent that which the Father has no desire to be permanent. They’re trying to cling to a form of life, which in itself has no reality being only a fraction of that which is.

Now the contemplative life is that form of life which had come to you the moment you open your eyes and realize that this inn, this mind, this busy hotel, must begin to open out a little place in which the fourth-dimensional consciousness begins to enter into the third. I may be very busy but what about God’s plan for me today? What about God’s plan for me in what I call time and space? And in that manger we now establish a new consciousness. This is the beginning of the new consciousness on earth, the rebirth, the you coming from the eternal self outside of the three-dimensional world and filtering into it to begin to establish in you the fullness of your being.

Now this manger, this new idea, is a place that does not look at the world at all the way your five senses have been looking at it, the way your mind has been looking at it. This manger stands up and looks at your world and says, “There is nothing here that I accept.” This is a complete and radical departure from every concept that you entertain. This manger, this infant idea, rejects the complete, visible world for it is not my Father’s kingdom. It rejects all physical form. It rejects all human creativity. It rejects everything that we as human beings hold dear. For it has seen reality. It has seen the perfect self. It has seen the perfect universe. It has seen that which is veiled to the mind, crowded with its own beliefs and aspirations. It has seen beyond the physical form. And at first it’s only an infant, we hardly hear it speak, but establishing that, that new development in us, that is the birth of the babe.

Now that must happen. That is the first Christmas when within you is established the beginning of an infant consciousness in the manger of your mind which rejects every idea that is unlike the perfection of God. It rejects all forms of disease on the earth. It rejects every evil known to the mind of man. It rejects the illusion of birth and death and human spans. It rejects the idea of a segment of life that lives in an instant, that dies and is reborn in another instant that is coming from the future. It sees through the illusion that we live in events that succeed in time. It sees that within this time-segmented instant there is a larger universe behind it all and that the three-dimensional world which we call mankind is living in a four-dimensional universe which is the kingdom of God and that one is present where the other appears to be. This is the infant consciousness of the Christ. It rejects every bit of logic of your brain. It rejects all reason. It is unreasonable; it is illogical. And yet you see the unreasonable and the illogical happening today. No man has ever gone two hundred thousand miles outside of this earth. It’s illogical, but there it is. What is ascension but going beyond even that? And where do you go? You ascend out of the consciousness which sees time, space, material form, birth, life, death, into the new consciousness which says, “Behold! I make all things new.”

Now this new consciousness is already established in most of us. It’s kicking, it’s squirming; it’s the angel on the right and it’s always at war it seems with the angel on the left but it is there. We know, we know that within us is a new way of looking at things, a Christ way, a way that is not bulldozed by the appearances of this world. Now it’s taken two thousand years for you and I to come to a glimpse of this and yet in the twinkling of an eye as we release ourselves from the belief that there is a me that is going to walk through this earth today who can do something; there is a me who needs looking after; there is a me who is separate and apart from that which created him, the moment we relinquish that idea, we are feeding this infant, this new consciousness. We’re giving it a chance to grow up. We are building our fourth-dimensional consciousness within this manger.

Now when we open our eyes and look out this same old world is there, the same men who climbed into the sky and into the moon, watch that crescent grow to its giant size. Those men back on earth, who’ll come back to a three-dimensional consciousness. They’ll come back to the same belief that they left on earth: that there is sickness on the earth, that we have limited time spans in which we live, and this moment is life. We’re not going to make that mistake. We are releasing ourselves to the new consciousness and this new consciousness rests four-square in the realization that I and the Father are coexistent but the Father is greater than I. And though I appear in a three-dimensional form in a three-dimensional world, the invisible Father is present in me as the living Christ. That must come with impact. That must grow into conviction so that if you were there one hundred thousand miles out in space, you would know that “I and the Father are one. There is no place I can go that the Father is not. The manger of my consciousness has now moved up and up and up and it is taken over the inn.” It is the consciousness, it is the house, it is the fullness and now we have no place in our consciousness where any form of destruction, where any form of changing time, where any form of evil can take root, that was the purpose for developing the infant idea that grew into Christ consciousness. So that now the mind is no longer an inn with many tourists, with people coming and going helter-skelter without rhyme or reason, now the mind is one with the Father. Now the mind of the Father is the inn. And now you’re in the contemplative life where you’re letting the consciousness of God be your consciousness. You are living the Christmas, the Christ birth, as a permanent dispensation. Now Christ liveth your life. The me that awoke quickly reassessed the truth of itself and discovered there was no me. There is only the living Christ; there is only the spirit of God and the angel on the left is dissolved as illusion.

Now this must be a chore every morning until it becomes a joy, until we awaken not as “me” but we awaken in the kingdom of God in the consciousness of God and we rest there in the contemplation of that until each morning anew the Christ is born. This isn’t a birth in time and place and space; this is a constant rebirth. Sometimes the rebirth takes place twenty times a day. Ever we are re-borning ourselves, we are self-generating, for that grand moment when the consciousness of the Christ brings us the experience of eternal life in the present. When you reach through the veil to the eternal experience now, then you have caught the meaning to know God aright is life eternal. Then you have touched the meaning of “aeon,” the fullness of the divine plan in you functioning now in all its glory and there’s no reason for it to diminish.

Now this is not something for the human mind; that’s the inn which rejects the manger. This is for that in you which says, “Above all things I hold hallowed the name of my Father and his will in me.” And this alone enables you, in your complete fidelity to the Divine, to relinquish today to God: “There is no today for me. There is no tomorrow for me. The dying daily comes to the point of the birth daily. Each dying is a borning. Each moment of losing me is a birthing of the Christ which is my eternal self.”

Now in every birth there is the struggle; there’s a labor, and this labor is the war between the angel on the left and the angel on the right. The moment of time begins to separate and you find in the middle of time is a silence, a duration, a duration without passing of time. You split time like you split an atom, and as you open time up, standing in the middle of it, there is time no more. You’re in the vast eternal stillness; you begin to feel the magnitude of your existence. The fullness, the peroma, the realization of eternality now realized and then every moment of your present life becomes an eternal something stretching out into the fullness of the kingdom now. You are an integrated whole. I am the one Self. You embrace all that was, and is, and will be in the eternal moment. You are You for the first time instead of a fraction, instead of a passing second. Now this is your rebirth. This is how it will come to you and you will feel yourself being drawn out of your body, out of your mind, but present with the Lord. For that rebirth occurs as you banish the angel on the left, the inn that was too crowded to receive the impulse of the angel on the right, and you make the effort consciously each morning, each day, to remember that within me is a living presence and my denial of it is a betrayal of the Christ. My denial of it is shutting the bible and its message; it’s turning back the pages two thousand years and standing right there and refusing to witness the great event. This that happened in a physical world must happen in our spiritual existence as a realization.

Let’s go back two thousand years, then let’s go back two thousand more, and then ten thousand more, and see that no matter how far back you go that exists at this moment as the now. You cannot go back in time to any place that does not exist now. There is no such place in time that is not now existent. In this now, there is no place in time where the spirit of Jesus is not now existent. For just as there is nothing new under the sun today, there was nothing new under the sun then. The spirit of God has always been existent and that Spirit of God is existent now. It has not changed. It has not aged. Nothing has brought it to a different degree of Itself that It was at that moment and is at this moment. And the spirit of God that is you existed in these six, ten, fifteen thousand years ago as It does now. And you must begin to feel this because this is the meaning of the eternal self now. The fullness of your being is stretched out invisibly throughout this invisible universe this moment. And in the flash that it all becomes part of your realization, like a complete landscape becoming visible in a lightning flash, so this too becomes suddenly an awareness of you. Maybe you could compare it to a man who is drowning and in the minute or two between being saved and drowning he sees his complete life, as it were, going before him, a great kaleidoscope. He didn’t realize the detail that was possible to review all of his years and yet in two minutes he remembers things he didn’t know he knew. He sees faces; he actually does more than just remember them, he becomes part of that past. That past becomes part of his present; they become one. He finds they never went anywhere; they existed. His past is his present in that kaleidoscopic two minutes he sees his life and his complete relationship.

Now the Christ of you will see all of your life, not just this human span in two minutes. The Christ of you will see your complete eternal selfhood beyond time and space and It will see it in a moment when you think not. In that eternal instant, you know the meaning of every word that every sage has ever uttered. In that eternal instant, you know why we were told throughout the bible to fear God, meaning to open a place in consciousness for the birth of the Christ, for that alone in you which could receive from God the fullness of your own being. That word “fullness” then an eternal, a synonymous, and when Jesus says to the cripple, “Wilst thou be made whole?” He is saying, “Would you realize your eternal life now?”

Now then we’re in our manger; we’re in contemplation; we’re in the stillness. Contemplation becomes a very creative, inspiring and uplifting experience. Now we’re not in a human mind trying to figure out how to make the day better. We are in something which can bring to us substance, eternal substance. The substance of life itself can flow to us in this contemplation: “As I abide in the Father, my inn is not too busy. I am in the manger of truth abiding. And I am feeding this Christ child truth that will nourish it, rear it, bring it up to a higher self. And this rising Christ within me is going to pierce the veil of illusion about my changing life in time and my changing life in space, my life which is needful of things. This rising Christ in me is going to replace the temporary transient in human form who thought that he could do a better job than the Father.”

And all this is the purpose of our presence on this earth to find that glorious moment when the mind can relax and know that there is in me the child of God. Not as an idea or an abstraction but behind this veil of flesh, of time, of space, of moving objects is my larger self, my unending self, the self that existed before the world was, before a form appeared in time, the self that is eternally immaculate, the self that was symbolized in the virgin birth. This self I begin to recognize as my own being. My own human mind becomes the earth getting smaller and smaller as I approach the moon getting larger and larger. And that earth whirling around nineteen miles per second looks just like a tiny top, almost as if it could never contain three billion people and huge cities. We see that aeon comprises all of these objects called planets, stars, oceans. That what we have thought is mighty and big are just small pieces in a great big whole. This wholeness, this freedom of knowing, that I am beyond the world of time and space, that I and Father are the one substance, the one life, the one being, this is the moment of joy in which you are renewed.

This is when substance flows through your consciousness, and that substance, that substance is the eternal substance, the eternal experience making itself manifest. This is the substance of all things, of all form, of all life, and this substance forms itself as every need throughout your eternal selfhood. Without this substance, we are not the children of God and we show forth the sufferings of this separation.

The sculptor, who fashions his various objects from the original substance that he works from, knows very well that his art will be no better than the quality of his materials. He would no longer think of working on a substance that tomorrow would melt, that tomorrow would no longer be, in which his cherished ideas would then be no more. He chooses a substance that will last and the substance of God is everlasting. When that is the substance from which your life is sprung, that substance is the power of your life. And when you separate yourself from it, it is because you have not established the Christ in the manger which alone is the living substance of the living Father. That is the substance of God in you. That is the nature of the Christ. And as you become aware of it, you have begun to live the words of the bible instead of reading them. They have begun to accomplish their purpose in you. They are making you put the Christ higher than your physical self. They are making you aware that as long as you hold the Christ away, you are standing in the way of the will of the Father.

Now I know from my own limited experience some of the difficulties of a lazy human being who thinks he can put it off because his inn is too crowded. And I also know some of the joys of not putting it off and emptying that inn sufficiently to dwell even if hours are necessary for the first glimmer of that invisible eternal presence. And yes, it does take hours sometimes, but every moment of those hours is spent in a way far more rewarding than the way those moments could have been spent. For finally the illumination of that presence does in two minutes what it had taken fifty years to try to do. Just as in two minutes the drowning man saw his entire fifty years of life, so in less than two minutes the Christ brings in to conscious awareness the realization of God’s presence which is the eternal presence. And all of infinity, all of eternality is present in that moment of realization. You remember that great revelation of Joel’s: “My conscious union with God is my oneness with all spiritual being and all spiritual form and all spiritual life.” And you see that moment of Christhood is your oneness in which the eternal self of your being is realized here and now. In that moment the angel on the left is dissolved. In that moment there is only one inclination and that is the perfect path to selfhood.

There is nothing new under the sun, but there is a complete newness in store for each of us as we see through the sun, through the physical, through the world of changing images in time. And where as you may have thought, contemplation was just a resting quietly and waiting and listening, contemplation is the inspired inner obedience to the eternal self of your own being. Suppose you were in a ship in the sky and could not see around you and your radio was your only communication, you would listen very carefully to that radio. Your complete attention would be to the words that come through that radio from the ground crew to tell you where you are. You would be listening intently. It would be a matter of human life or death. We learn to listen intently that way to the spirit of the Father. It really is a matter of life or death, because the listening is life. And as we listen intently, we draw into ourselves a substance which manifests as what we call life and that substance manifests itself in the forms of fullness to the degree that we have emptied ourselves of the concepts of limitation.

Now you’re going to have either another Christmas or a spiritual Christmas, a living Christmas or just a usual synthetic Christmas. And because we are prepared as never before for this Christmas, many of us are ready to make these last few days before the physical Christmas a continued preparation in which we become oned with the physical birth of the Christ in Bethlehem in our consciousness. And it becomes to us a very meaningful livingness of our own birth into reality. So those of us who are moving ever toward that birth, that oneness with the infinite, we are those who are receiving from within the impulse of the Father who is going to lift us into the realization that the true self that I am is an eternal self without beginning, without end. And I will let that self manifest whatever forms it chooses appearing on earth with whatever name I am given. But I am living in the consciousness of that eternal me, the I that never was born and never will die. And that I, that Christ, that Child, is a child that never grows up for it already infinite; it is already eternal; it is already the substance that the world calls God. Every moment that I accept myself as less than that is my prodigality. Every moment that I accept another as less than that is the sentence that I pass upon myself.

Now we have the stage for our birth. And perhaps as we rest for a moment in the quiet, letting the Father do the work.


Perhaps we’re finding that we have more room in our inn than we ever realized.

We’re going to rest a moment and then we’re going to see if we can’t go some deeper into the Christ message.

– End of Side One —-

Now whenever you’ve done that. You have turned your back upon all of the wisdom of the world that has been given to us by all of the sages and prophets and spiritual leaders. And very often we catch ourselves in just that predicament. A situation arises in which we find ourselves straddled, as it were, unable to make a decision which way to turn. And yet this condition has arisen because we were unaware of the kingdom of God around us. We were unaware that we are living in a spiritual universe and we have tried to act materially in a spiritual universe, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Now suppose you reverse that and try to act spiritually. And suppose you’re at the moment concerned with being a spiritual being and you don’t know how to go about it. Now without an awareness of the presence of God, you’re going to continue working harder than you should because the human being can never go about it. It must be done by the Father within. The Father within must live spiritually as you. And so you’re in this quiet now; you’re determined to live a spiritual day, instead of a physical day, knowing that if you can live spiritually the inner will determine the outer and they will be one. Now all around you is this universe of God in which everything is finished; nothing can be added, nothing subtracted. But are you going to be a part of it?

Now above, above your human thought, and independent of your human thought, this universe is operating right now. It doesn’t need you. The universe will continue to succeed to function whether you’re here or not.

Now the consciousness of God formed each of us, individualized Itself as our consciousness. And if you remember the chapter “Our Real Existence” in The Infinite Way, we are told that the consciousness of Moses was leadership. Now this is God consciousness appearing in Moses as leadership consciousness. Now you can see that that same leadership consciousness didn’t appear in others the same way. In Paul, for example, that consciousness of the Father appears as the teacher consciousness. And in Jesus it appears as healing consciousness, in Washington as the consciousness of integrity of a nation, in Lincoln as the consciousness of integrity of an individual, but all this is a facet of the one consciousness.

Now where do you fit in? What consciousness is God expressing in you? And until you have your answer, you are moving blindly, unaware of the very nature of your own consciousness. Now you’ve had many hints about who you are. One of you may be the consciousness of love, another may be the consciousness of justice, another may be the consciousness of design or order, the consciousness of harmony or beauty, each of us expressing our own consciousness to the full forms that total mosaic of the one consciousness of God.

Now that one consciousness is the only consciousness, individualized as yours, mine, his and hers. And unless we’re drawing from the one, what do we draw from? If you’re not drawing your water from the reservoir, where do you get it? And if you’re not drawing from the one consciousness, aren’t you going to spin out the little you have and then have nothing?

Now to draw from that one consciousness is the function of the individual consciousness. For nothing can be added or subtracted from the one consciousness. And you know that silence is the way. And so in your silence the one consciousness feeds and becomes your individual consciousness and that is how you become aware that God consciousness is your consciousness. That is how you move, letting the Christ, which is God consciousness in you, live Itself. And then you’re not subtracting by your ignorance and you’re not trying by your ignorance to add something to God’s universe. You’re letting It spin Itself out, unfold Itself as your consciousness. Now that’s the nature of the oneness we must practice.

You can readily see that in that oneness the serpent has no sting, no weapon formed against thee can prosper. You’re in the secret place! The one consciousness is unfolding as your individual consciousness and what makes it possible is your fidelity to the Christ of your own being, your willingness to let the Christ of your being supersede all of the preconceived ideas that have dwelled within you up to this moment.

Now that is how we come into oneness. That is how the inner kingdom becomes the outer experience. It does take an inn, a mind, which is not so crowded and busy. And I think possibly Solomon had in mind, establishing in us the realization that as human beings when we try to build a better human life, we are really blaspheming the presence. We are really establishing ourselves as superior to God. We even go to the extent of saying, “God will heal me.” And you must know by now that to say that God will heal, to think that God can heal anything, is a blasphemy.

Now you may have got some literature this Christmas, some of these fine poems. I received one and there were forty points that we all ought to know and among them was God heals. Now that’s a blasphemy of God, because you know if God were to heal us it would be very embarrassing to say, “God healed me but not my father, or my mother, or my sister, or my brother. And I really don’t think I’m any better than they.” Or “Why should God heal Mrs. O’Leary or Johnny Jones and then turn right around and not heal Mary Kowalski or Freddy Smith?” What would be the reason for God being so frivolous as to heal one and not the other? Do you see how that expresses a falsehood that God heals?

It’s as if, in this paper today, there was a notice, an article by Sidney Harris and he chastised Billy Graham. He said Billy made this statement which isn’t true. He made the statement that any child who cannot respect its parent will never respect anybody. And he said that statement is only a half-truth. Everybody will agree with it but in agreeing they’re blind to the other side of the picture. And his point was that the parent must learn to respect the child too. For if the parent does not respect the child, how can the child respect the parent? If the child sees things happening in the life of the parent, isn’t that child going to remember these things and live in accordance? And so his point was well made.

It’s very easy to postulate half-truths and make them sound very important. And we would all like to hear that God heals but you see that’s a half-truth. Because any God who would heal you and not your neighbor wouldn’t be God. And if God healed one, God would have to heal five billion. And if God healed one, that would mean there would be no sickness left in the entire universe, because God would have to heal everyone.

Now to come higher than the belief that God heals, is to come into the realization that in God’s kingdom there’s nothing to heal. And that is what Solomon is telling us when he tells us that nothing can be subtracted from God’s kingdom. How can anyone in God’s kingdom have something to heal? Nothing can be added! How could God heal somebody? How could there be somebody created imperfectly in the kingdom of God? And so you see the belief that God heals perpetuates the belief that God is not almighty. God not being almighty, people can get sick, because the almighty doesn’t prevent it.

Now this is part of our universal hypnotism: the idea that God heals and the idea that the children of God can be sick and need healing. Whereas the truth is that when you come to the reality of your being, you see that healing was never necessary, for the child of the Father is perfect as the Father. And the error is not in believing that God heals, that’s only part of the error, the error is in believing that we are less than the child of God. For only less than the child of God could need healing.

Now as you dwell with this, you will release God from any responsibility to heal you. And you will accept that that which the Father is I am. That perfect substance which is the Father I am. And rather than seeking a healing now, I am seeking the realization of my self. But when I find my self, lo and behold, I am above the need for a healing. Whenever someone says to you that God heals, you’re hearing it from someone who does not know God aright.

God doesn’t heal anything and Jesus healed nothing. But God reveals the reality of the kingdom of God which is ever immaculate. And we, in our human limitation, we look at that little crescent of a moon up there and think maybe it’s that size, forgetting that as you get closer it gets bigger. And so it is as you get closer to your self, your human problems diminish.

We must get used to, then, the realization that perfection is established invisibly in every inch of space and time and beyond. Perfection is now. Reality is now, and how can reality be any less than reality? Reality is everywhere and this perfect reality must be established as your consciousness. Now reality can never be less than itself; reality can never go away; reality will always be right where it is, ever-present being itself and it has no opposite. The acceptance of this perfect, invisible reality is the acceptance of the omnipresence of God.

Now why should our consciousness be unable to do this? You might have an answer in this: we have generally felt that our consciousness was our eyes and our ears and our mind. And you should be able to see very readily that when your five senses are still, you are still conscious. Your consciousness is independent of your senses, and not realizing this, we have generally confused them to think that our senses represent our consciousness. But you can be deaf, dumb and blind and be conscious. And that consciousness can deepen and deepen until you find it’s totally independent of your vision, of your hearing. In fact, your five senses are but a very limited imitation of your infinite consciousness.

And so to develop your consciousness, is to draw you further away from the limitations of the very finite senses. You can only develop that consciousness by living in it, abiding in it. The more you dwell in consciousness, the more it will deepen and you will discover that your senses awaken you to this world, but your consciousness brings the kingdom into this world. Learn the distinction between your sense perception and your consciousness. And you will see that your consciousness is the angel on the right; your sense perception is the angel on the left.

Now your senses have a very important purpose when they’re used correctly. They’re not at fault. When you’re in consciousness, your senses will be obedient to your consciousness. They will move out and present to you the kingdom of God on earth. But to live in them, as human beings do, is to instantly separate ourselves from the fourth dimension of reality which is all around us. You literally walk in reality, unaware of it when you live in your senses. But reality lives in your consciousness and expresses when you live in your consciousness.

Now let’s go back to our friend Solomon: “God is in heaven and thou upon earth, therefore let thy words be few.” If that isn’t a direct revelation of the purpose of meditation, then nothing is. “God is in heaven, thou on earth, therefore let thy words be few.”


We’re listening to the Father within, Father in heaven within me. And therefore my words are few, that his word may be heard. Now that’s the way of life which leads to the expression of the infinite in your consciousness. God in heaven, thou on earth, listening within, letting the word of the Father express, and the infinite becomes our individual expression. Here it is even before Jesus appeared.


That means when you’ve lost something, in the stillness, the Father within appears as the substance of your need. That means when you have a problem of any nature, God in heaven, thou on earth, listening for the Father, discover that the problem only existed because thou on earth was not listening for the Father. And now in the listening the problem dissolves.

Now this way of life, this listening for the Father, as given here by Solomon, is exactly the same as given by Jesus, exactly the same as given by Paul, exactly the same as mystics throughout the world today. And the birth in you of that ability is symbolized in the birth in Bethlehem. For you see that’s the sign that you have broken through from this third-dimensional world to the fourth-dimensional kingdom. That Christ awareness is the sign that the Father within is a living word in your being. And you’re being nourished by the infinite spirit.

This very line here ultimates in the birth of the Christ in your consciousness: “Marvel not that I say ye must be born again.” Now that’s three thousand years ago and here we are reading about it and two thousand years ago it happened in the physical world, as another reminder of what it must happen in our spiritual consciousness. You’ll find as you read Ecclesiastes, that it’s one of the few books in the bible that isn’t too circumspect. He speaks closer to our current idiom than practically anyone else in the bible. He speaks straight: “God’s in his heaven, you’re on earth, listen.” There’s nothing difficult to understand. The world simply hasn’t listened to it.

Now it’s getting near the time for New Year’s resolutions. So this is a good time to be laying up your plans about what you’re going to do about this listening, this turning within. Because why go through another Christmas without the Christ? That would be an empty Christmas. This Christmas let’s experience the Christ, each within ourselves, then you’ll discover a great secret. If we took a fork and put it through a paper, the way we put a pencil through a paper last week, you’d find that those little living microbes in the paper would see four different spears coming through. They wouldn’t know that these four spears are connected. They would be looking at one prong of the fork, and another, another, they’d be apart. They wouldn’t see the wholeness of that fork.

Well, that’s how people are. There are no separate people in the kingdom of God; they’re one! That’s a difficult realization. That which appears here as individuals is one in the kingdom of God. Each comes into an individualized appearance, but as the Christ in us is born, we feel and know the oneness of substance. There’s only the one Christ substance and that which appears as individual forms is revealed as one substance. But in such a way that we’re far beyond mouthing it or intellectualizing about it, there is a realization of oneness with all spiritual being. And this is above the level of time and space and physicality, but it enters from that level above as invisible substance and then appears in this level as individualized forms. We are to see the wholeness instead of the individualized forms as being apart from each other, separated. Now how are you going to do that with the human mind? How are you going to come into the realization of oneness when your eyes train each day to show you divisibility? Each day your eye shows you that you and God are two separate beings.

Solomon wants us not to do that: God’s in heaven, you’re on earth, listen. Let the spirit of the Lord lift you up beyond the human mind. Let that be the rising Christ. Let your self ascend and then in the realization of one spiritual substance called the kingdom of God, there’s an ability to let It become the health of your countenance. Let It live your life. Let It show you It’s a better bookkeeper than you are. Let It show you It’s a better arranger than you are. Let It show you that It has the keys to the kingdom. Let the power within you be the power. All of this is the awakening of the mind to its own soul.

Now let’s see more of Solomon, because he’s just warming up. But he wants us to know that there is an invisible kingdom on earth and that it isn’t necessary to think that inventions are progress. These are merely our slow realizations of the invisible infinite, and as we become more aware of that invisible infinite, more of these inventions must appear.

Suppose that at this moment in you, there was a conscious awareness that you are not alone, separated individual. That something of the universe is present as the living force right where you are. Suppose you had that realization at this moment, and suppose you knew that this living force embodies all of God’s love, all of God’s righteousness, all of God’s peace, all of God’s wisdom, all of God’s harmony. Now you know this is the reality and what separates us from it? Our memory. Our memory of the fact that we haven’t experienced this reality and we can’t climb higher than our memory, can we? We remember the gruesome past, the moments when we were unable to rise above our problems and our memory refuses to let us enter the kingdom of God. It refuses to admit into our present consciousness the perfection that is invisibly present. In all ways, we are letting our memory separate us from our very self.

Now did you know there were two kinds of memories? That’s your outer memory. You have an inner memory. Your outer memory only knows what happens to your outer body, your outer life. Your inner memory knows the complete eternal self. Your inner memory has never forgotten one single moment of its eternal selfhood. When your inner memory becomes alive to you, something in you says, “Well, how can I be less than healthy, secure, harmonious? Why am I concerned about things?” Your inner memory recalls to you the fullness of your present being. And your outer memory no longer can persuade you that because yesterday your heart skipped a beat, it might happen tomorrow.

People who pass out of this scene prematurely and without the realization of their true reality are really victims of their own memories. The memory that told them they were sick and they’re getting sicker. That’s a little corner of your mind which conditions it and it’s only your outer mind, your outer conditioning, your outer memory, your physical memory. Your inner memory is your soul. It knows the fullness of itself. It knows the fullness of the Father because it and the Father are one. This thin veil between your outer and your inner memory is made even thinner, even in this instant, as you begin to feel the pulse of light within yourself. That pulse of light is the Father within boring a hole through this human selfhood which has wandered alone, separated, a law unto itself. That human self which should be as archaic to you as the 1920 magazines with their old-fashioned pictures. That’s how archaic this human selfhood already is.

We’re living in a completely new age now. We’re living in an age of miracles to the physical world because behind the physical world is the eternal miracle of God, slowly filtering into human consciousness, dissolving human consciousness. And as human consciousness drops away, that which is never impossible to God, that which is real, that which is there, becomes today’s miracle and today’s headlines. Becomes today’s miracle in your life so that you find just as the veil of space is rent, so is the veil of false health, so is the veil of human limitation, so is the veil of poverty, so is the veil of starvation. Biafra today becomes the kingdom of God when the consciousness is opened. The black hole of Calcutta is happening in time and space not in your Father’s kingdom.

Now each of us has a little black hole of Calcutta and a little Biafra, a little of this and a little of that, and our memories, but the pure light of the Father within transcends those memories, erases them just like chalk on a blackboard, unconditions the mind. You may have started out in The Infinite Way with a difficulty in meditating and then maybe you spent three minutes here and three minutes there. Your life should now be becoming a meditation; your life should be a living meditation.

When you have established that manger, where does it go? Is it temporary? Is it only there for a moment? For three minutes? Or again later at night? Or is that manger permanent? Do you see that must become a permanent dispensation in your consciousness? That manger must be forever. It’s only the beginning; it’s the opening wedge. God’s in his heaven, you’re on the earth, so be still, and that manger is the connecting link between heaven and earth. So you’ve got to put in the time, the effort, and you’ve got to establish the permanent manger that accompanies you throughout the day in every activity, wherever you go, whatever you do. That manger in your consciousness is Christ. It’s not Christmas just once a year, not for spiritual living; it’s Christmas constantly.

Now we have this Christ consciousness establishing Itself. Do you see that some days these words of wisdom that are in Solomon are just your normal consciousness? Why should there be a newness to them as if we had just discovered them? This is your normal consciousness: God’s in his heaven, I am on earth, I’ll be still. And now the kingdom of heaven within, the Father within, is whispering to the babe.

Is there a difference between the Father within and the Christ? Don’t you see they’re one and the same? Your awareness of the Father within is Christ. Christ is your shepherd. Christ is the secret place of the most high. When you dwell in Christ, no weapon formed against thee can prosper. The Christ within, he doeth the works. Father within and Christ are one and the same.

And you’re coming to the same conclusion from different entrances. When you have recognized as Christ as yourself, you have recognized the witness of the Father in you, the Father within. Whenever you discover the Father within, that’s your Christmas. Don’t put it on a special day. Don’t put it in a special year. The discovery of the Father within is Christmas, the birth of the Christ in you. And that birth brings heaven and earth into one so that now you, having discovered the Christ, also inherit the inheritance of the Christ and the earth which is the Lord’s, in all its fullness, becomes the property of the Christ, realized in consciousness appearing outwardly as peace on earth for you, goodwill on earth for you. Wherever the Father within becomes the living consciousness of an individual, there walks the Christ realized. “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father within. Thou seest me, thou seest the Christ, the light.”

Now this is our reality realized or not. Don’t seek it; realize it. Don’t ask for it; accept it. It is your reality. Don’t let the world take your reality in its memory, in its mortal mind, and make it appear shoddy to your human eyes. Simply hold on to that which you are. Be steadfast in the reality of the Father within who can never leave thee or forsake thee. And then you and Solomon are sharing the same wisdom.

How did Solomon get all this wisdom? He realized the Father within, and the Father within showed forth as his wisdom. That’s the same source for our wisdom. And it is the same force that shows forth as the healing grace of the Christ in your consciousness.

Now extend this; don’t personalize it to you. You don’t possess it; it is your being. It breaks through the illusion of separate individuals when you see that it is the being of everyone you know. Let’s never personalize the Christ as the Christ of me without realizing it is the Christ of you, of him, of her, and then you see you’ve broken the veil of him, her and me and it because all that stands there invisible to our human sense is the invisible Christ. What a world of Christmas we would have if the invisible Christ were realized as the essence of all that walks the face of the earth. Then in a flash the war would be over; the strikes would be over; the racisms would be over. There would be peace on earth and goodwill toward man because Christ would live as the consciousness of each man. But remember nothing can be subtracted from what the Father is; nothing can be added. This is the reality this moment, realized or not. And as you dwell in this realization, it becomes the reality where you are.

Our prayer is not limited to friend or foe, neighbor or nation. Our prayer is simply the recognition of the infinite, invisible spirit of God called Christ on earth, transcending all time, all space, all years, all days, all nations, all areas, all planets, and we dwell in the one consciousness undivided. From that, we find we are undivided from that one consciousness.

That one consciousness is ever-present, and its witness in you is the Christ. That one consciousness is present 365 days of our human years. That one invisible Christ is a 365-day Christ, on the moon or on the earth. Now that is reality and nothing can be subtracted. And as you dwell in the knowledge of it, you are dwelling in reality. The one consciousness then manifests in you, and you find that you are spiritual being. You don’t have a heart that can go wrong, or a pair of lungs that depend on anything in this world. You don’t have a segment for a life. You don’t have to be concerned about the laws of matter anymore than Jesus was. But you must pierce this veil of belief which has translated the infinite down to a segment in time and space. That which never was can never be, and there never was an opposite to the infinity of God.

Solomon makes it clear that before he wrote these words that he took the time to listen for the words of God so that he could bring us the truth. He exhorts us to do the same. I’d like to look at that for just a moment. It’s in here somewhere. “The words of the wise are as goads and nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd.”

And so let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. “Fear God. Keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man.” Now fear we have made clear; is simply the letting the Father within be higher than the human mind. That is the nature of fearing God. It is the recognition that the Father within you is the law of your being. That fear is the recognition of the presence. It has never been known to fail that one truly worshipping the Father within has failed to find the way to the kingdom of God. Because this way of life is prescribed by the Father as abiding in me and letting me abide in you. And therefore as you do this, you are living in the rhythm of the Father’s will. And there is no power to oppose you in any way. There will be activities of the senses, posing appearances which seem to oppose you, but you will discover that they are only temporary guests of the inn. But soon the complete inn becomes Christ consciousness, a permanent, eternal Christmas, life eternal, knowing the Father aright.

A word of patience: we’ve really come a longer way than we all can realize at this moment. You can’t take heaven by storm. But whenever you find you’re having a difficulty and can’t find the center of your being, to let the Father within become the Father without, remember that one key word: time. It’s the invisible barrier and as soon as you realize there is time no longer, you will receive that necessary impulse to take you over the problem.

Time has many aspects of hypnotism. Work with it longer as you did this week at 8:30. Do it again for another week, if you will, at 8:30. Stay with the idea that my life is not a passing instant, that the Christ of me possesses my life as an infinite substance, extending beyond the confines of time and space. And as you grow with this as the Christmas moment, a newness will develop within you. Now if you feel like it, you could join at Christmas Eve at midnight in that realization. Some of us will be doing that at Christmas Eve at midnight, realizing the birth of the Christ in me, the birth of the Christ in my neighbor, the birth of the Christ on earth as it is in heaven. That will be our Christmas Eve midnight meditation.


Soul to Soul and Spirit to Spirit.  Merry Christmas!

Luke 2

And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed.

(And this taxing was first made when Cyrenius was governor of Syria.)

And all went to be taxed, every one into his own city.

And Joseph also went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, unto the city of David, which is called Bethlehem; (because he was of the house and lineage of David )

To be taxed with Mary his espoused wife, being great with child.

And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night.

And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.

And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying,

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us.

And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger.

And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child.

And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds.

But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

Isaiah 9:6

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.


And this is how we are told the birth of Christ took place all those centuries ago.

Surely by now we understand that every scripture we read is describing an internal spiritual experience; something taking place within our very own consciousness. The birth of Christ did not take place thousands of years ago. The birth of Christ is taking place this very moment within you.

There is no room at the inn. Yes, the inn represents the mind that is already too full of theories, ideas and beliefs — a closed mind. A scientific mind that has everything figured out; “Don’t tell me about God. That’s ridiculous. Prove it.” That mind that cannot be convinced though one rose from the dead. That mind which is the Pharisees. Christ cannot be born there. Remember the Pharisees looked and saw a man named Jesus. No. That mind is too full of opinions and judgments, living very good and very proper, mind you, that mind cannot receive the Christ, the birth of the Christ child.

The Christ must be born in a manger; a manger with animals; dirty, filthy, probably smelling. Not good at all. It is the prostitute, it is the drunk, it is the outcast, the tax collector; these are the ones that look and see Christ. ‘Thou art Christ, the son of God.’ These are able to perceive the Christ. Not the room that is full, not the inn, but the manger, the manger in us. Perhaps one of the reasons is because those are the ones that have suffered and seen the futility of this world and all that it has to offer. And perhaps those are the ones that are ready and willing to take the leap.

And so, the birth of Christ takes place in the manger of your undeveloped consciousness; the undeveloped consciousness where the animals live; the animals of lust and greed; the animals of fear and pain; the animals of loneliness and depression. Believe it or not that undeveloped consciousness, which appears to be bad, is the only place that Christ can be born. Not in that mind that is too full; full of itself really, and its goodness and properness. Christ cannot be born there. The inn is full.

So if you are one of those that has had great suffering, misfortune, one of those that looked and said, “This world has nothing for me. I do not like it here.” Then into your undeveloped consciousness, into the manger within you, Christ is born. But there are a few little conditions that must be fulfilled first…

Joseph is not the father of this Christ. And yet, Joseph stands by and watches and supports the mother of Christ. Joseph represents in us the mind when it has become an avenue of awareness and watches as a beholder, Christ being born. Mary represents the soul of us. Mary is the soul that is receptive, open and experiences the penetration of the Holy Spirit. Mary is the soul of us receptive within our self to the Spirit which places that Christ child within us.

And so Mary, the receptive soul; Joseph, the observing, watchful, attentive, avenue of awareness; the two of them come together in the undeveloped consciousness, the manger, and watch this great event unfold. If you have a soul that is open and receptive, waiting upon the Lord to act and a mind that is an avenue of awareness acting as a witness, watching; you must have the birth of Christ in your consciousness.

When this birth takes place within you, there are shepherds standing in a field. And all are startled by an angel that says, “Fear not.” An angel always represents an internal realization. As you have this internal realization that Christ is born within you, it is startling. And yet it speaks unto your body. It speaks unto your mind. It speaks unto your soul and says, “Be not afraid, for unto you this day is a Savior born in the city of David.” Within your consciousness a Savior is born and this internal realization speaks to your body, your mind and your soul. Christ is born this day. And there is a great multitude, a host of angels, almost like fireworks going off. “Christ is born! The real Christ is born within the manger of my consciousness this day.” And your attention is focused on the Christ. The body, the mind, the soul; all focused on the birth of Christ.

Within you, an internal, eternal Voice says, “My God, unto us a child is born; unto us a son is given. And the government shall be upon his shoulder. And this Christ, his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God itself, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace is born in me this day.” And Mary ponders these things in her heart.

This is the experience with us. When we recognize the birth of Christ in the manger of our consciousness, we cannot help but say, “The Mighty God, his name shall be called Wonderful,” and ponder it within us. As we contemplate and ponder these things, this Christ grows and waxes strong within us.

We come to see that the government really is upon his shoulder. More and more we rely on It. If there’s a financial need appearing out here, we turn within and we ponder these things in our heart. We have the inner realization that this Invisible Christ in our consciousness, growing day by day is our supply.

And the Christ says to you, to your soul: “Mary, Mary, relax, relax. Be at peace. I am here.” And the Christ within you speaks to your mind and says: “Joseph, Joseph, slow down. Only remain aware.” The Christ flows through and appears as the harmony of your finances.

A few more days of living with this, weeks, months; there’s a problem of health. “My goodness, what are we going to do about this?” And we return within in our consciousness, to this Christ child, and Christ speaks unto us and says: “Mary, fear not, fear not. I am here.” And the soul of us becomes still, very quiet, very peaceful. This Christ says unto our mind: “Joseph, be still and know that I am God.” And Joseph is quiet, attentive, alert. That Christ Presence floods our being and there’s nothing we can do but rejoice and say, “It is wonderful! This is the Prince of Peace.”

We look again and there are not four months to the harvest. This peace becomes the health of our countenance and whatever discomfort we felt, disappears.

Slowly, slowly, Christ is growing within us. Within our consciousness, day by day, taking over, taking control, the government is on his shoulder. This is the Mighty God, the everlasting Father. And many things that plague us drop away. We did not try to quit them, we used no human means whatsoever, they just fell away. It is the Christ, it is the Lord, it is Wonderful!

Slowly we come to see—Mary, the soul of us, in its receptivity—comes to see that this Christ is rebuilding our life. Slowly, the mind of us, Joseph, begins to witness an invisible hand reaching up right through our consciousness and appearing out here as harmony in our relationships. The Christ child is becoming a young man.

We come to see It take over our lives. One day there is an inner realization, “My God, I live, yet not I, now Christ liveth my life. Could it be? Could it be true? I live and move and have my being in Christ and Christ in me?” Yes Mary, this is true. Yes Joseph, what you are witnessing is real. “I Christ am living you.” We come to see the miracles of Christ.

And there dawns in our consciousness a realization; there are not two worlds, there never was. This world that we thought we disliked; that we thought was temporary and bad, this world was nothing more than a misinterpretation. We may return to the scriptures and discover that we were told of this, that in the beginning Adam gave names to everything that he saw, some things good, some things bad — names, only names. And that Adam, while he slept, everything that he saw he gave names to; based on that belief in good and evil.

Now Christ is living in us and through us, we are awaking out of Adam’s nightmare. We are no longer giving names to anything. We are letting Christ reveal Itself. We are learning that there are not some things good and some things bad; that the good and the bad are not out there. We are learning when we see good or bad to recognize Adam is dreaming, and that’s not out there. Christ within us affirms this and tells us, reveals to us, only Christ is out there. That which we thought was without we now recognize as only a mental image within. That which we thought was within, Christ, now we recognize is everywhere, without and within. We come to see that this world is not this world. We come to see that we live and move and have our being in Christ. And the only world that is here is Christ Itself manifest. And we have been seeing that Christ as good or bad. Christ is growing into a man.

Mary the receptive one and Joseph the aware one have now become instruments for Christ. And Christ says, “I have come that they might have life and life more abundantly, My Infinite Life.”

Now when something good comes into our life, something that Adam labels as good, a new automobile, a new house, a new friend, a new opportunity, we are not sleeping, we are not dreaming anymore. We enjoy them fully, completely, yet we know the Invisible Christ is appearing to our senses as this good. Our sight, our vision is on the Invisible Christ that is appearing as this house, this automobile, this person, this opportunity, this beauty, this joy, this wonder.

When something bad appears we recognize it immediately; a misperception. This is a mental image in between my eyes and the Christ that is here. So I will not try to fix it, I will not try to improve it, I drop it. Christ says, “Mary, you be receptive to My Word. Joseph, be aware of My Presence. That is your only task. And I will be in you and as you. I will never leave you nor forsake you because I will be in you.”

Slowly, ever so slowly, Christ moves through your receptivity, Christ is your receptivity, Christ is your awareness, Christ is becoming Itself. Others turn to you because they feel it. They see only a human; they think it’s a human. It is Christ, but they do not know it. They turn to you and they ask for help, and the Christ within you sees the Christ of them and pours out freely, giving, bestowing, sharing, lifting up those that are still in the manger. Christ is becoming one with the Father.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Christ loses any vision of him or her or them or they or I or me. Christ experiences Itself everywhere, everyone, Infinite, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient. Christ has become the Father.

Now there is a multitude of the heavenly hosts praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace, good will toward men.”

This is indeed wonderful –The Comforter, the Mighty God Itself, the everlasting Father, the very Prince of Peace, God Itself as Itself, everywhere.

And this is the Christmas experience from that of the lowly manger, dirty, filthy to that of the highest of High, Infinite Presence of God Itself, which takes place within you, in your very own consciousness. This is the true Christmas story. This is the Christmas Experience.

From this experience, from the heights of this experience, a Voice speaks out of the clouds and says unto you, “Mary, be receptive, receive Me. Experience the immaculate conception of Christ within you.”

This is so very holy. Surely your heart must leap with joy when the Voice speaks to you and says, “Joseph, be still, watch, watch, I come at an hour you think not.” And Joseph is awestruck. His mind comes to a standstill, as that Voice says, “It is I; be not afraid.”

From the moment that I, the Father created you, I had this in mind for you; the Christmas Experience, the birth of Christ within you. All through the centuries you were running and running and running away from Me because you felt so fearful and full of guilt. And all that I ever wanted to give you was Christ, My Self. This is the Christmas of your life. This is the internal birth of Christ within you. How very precious thou art. Thou art ever with Me and all that I have is thine. All that I am thou art.” Do not forget the story which Christ told;

Before he was halfway home the father met him and fell on his neck and kissed him, saying, this is my beloved child, though he were lost, now is he found. Let us celebrate and rejoice. I have found my beloved child’. Thus does the Father love Its own. Thus does the Father love you.”

Remember, Christmas is an internal experience; a spiritual experience. The birth of the living Christ within your consciousness which grows and grows until it becomes your entire living experience. And you return once again to your Father’s House.

Blessings and joy, for unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder; and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God Itself, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. Oh, truly, is this, joy to the world.


We’re going to look at some passages in John about the light.

In John 1:4, “In him was life; and the life was the light of all men.” “In him was life.” It would appear that there’s a designation there that only in him was life. What about the rest? Why say, “In him was life.” What about you? Is life in you?

And the point is that the life in him was the life in you. “The life in him was the light of all men.” And so, we’re being told that there was a him who had found a different life than human beings know. And the life that he had found is the same life that is the light of all others who have not found that life but he had found it for them.

In him was life.” We know what he did when he walked the earth. We know what that life could perform and John tells us that same life is the light of you and the light of me, the light of your children and the light of your parents, the light of your ancestors. All are that life which he discovered which was perfect as the Father.

Right up there at the beginning of the Book of John, the very fourth verse of the first chapter, “In him was life; and that life was the light of all men.”

Quickly then we say, “To what degree have I become aware of that life as my life?” And right there you see the whole explanation of your human experience. It is either showing forth that life or it is showing forth the darkness or the absence of that life. It is showing forth the light of your being or the absence of that light in your ignorance of it.

The light shineth in the darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

And so, the mortal sense of self does not comprehend the light of its own being. Mortality does not accept Immortality. Material selfhood does not accept spiritual reality. Humanhood does not accept Christhood.

This is all by way of a prologue to introduce us to the events to follow.

And then in the ninth verse, “That was the true Light which lighteth every man which cometh into the world.”

Now if that’s the true, then what isn’t that is the false. Whoever is not living that life which was revealed as the life of all men, perfect as the Father, is not living life itself but a counterfeit of it. And it is this counterfeit that we call humanhood.

Now in the third chapter, eighteen to twenty-one, “He that believeth on him is not condemned; but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.”

Now the light we know by now is Christ. And Christ then is the light of your life. And if you have not found the identity called Christ as your own identity, you are not living that life which is revealed as the perfect life of the Father and the only life of the Father. We come right square down to “Do we or do we not accept that Christ light I am?”

Now in the acceptance then, we find we have to live out of it. We cannot declare it. We must be it. And so, at this point, the class is dedicated to I Christ, the living Son of the living Father and all of the qualities of God being in Christ, all of the qualities of God are in my being.

That was, I think, the major theme of last week’s meeting here and so far, within a very few days, six different people, in one way or another communicated with me about some very important changes in their consciousness which manifested either as healings or improvements of some kind, but all very important. Why? Because I Christ had in some way taken root in their consciousness as their being. It was being taken out of the declaration stage. It was becoming flesh of their flesh. Slowly they were reaching a Christ Consciousness which is the identity of every individual, whether they know it or not. And as the realization comes, even in a measure, the outer events reflect that consciousness.

And this is the condemnation that light has come into the world and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil.” And so, as we live in a material sense of self, we specifically reject Christ identity because there is no material selfhood in Christ identity. Human power rejects Christ power unless the vision and understanding are there to demonstrate that human power can never attain reality.

For everyone that doeth evil, hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.”

The deeds of Christ in you come from the Father. The Infinite directs Christ, expresses Christ and unless you’re living in your Christhood realized, your deeds are not wrought of the Infinite but are finite and transitory and even though appearing to be powerful, in time they are revealed to be powerless.

Now this is John at this point revealing the mesmerism of the world which, not living in and out of Christhood, has never found an answer for the many problems it’s trying to solve and we continue looking for solutions. In every facet of human endeavor, we’re looking for solutions. And John is telling us, “Why do you look for solutions when there’s only one solution?”

Don’t try to find the cause of this error or that error and then repair the damage but find the only cause there is – which is God. And when you’re living in the cause that is God, you will discover that all of the effects of this world will reflect that perfect cause and be manifest in perfection whether it’s the liver or the heart or any kind of human relationship. If you are in perfect cause, you will be in perfect effect and the mesmerism is that there is no perfect cause in humanhood. The only perfect cause is made manifest when you’re living in Christ then instead of seeking solutions, you have the one solution which is the solution of all, Christ, which receiveth the perfect cause of the Father and expresses it in every degree of your life.

And so, if you were to translate this into practical daily living, whatever it is, or whatever sequence of things may trouble you at any time, your cause is a false one. The cause of a bad heart, the cause of a bad health, the cause of anything that is wrong is a false cause. It is there because, not living in Reality, in identity, living instead in a false identity, you are subject to false causes. But living in Christ, aware of the identity of Self as Christ, the only cause that can act upon Christ is God and then one with Christ is one with perfect cause and that is the repair of the heart or whatever else seems to be in need of repair.

Whatever it is then, we do not seek solutions in the plural. We merely stand in the knowledge that I Christ being my name, that which is imperfect in appearance has no cause and so I’m looking at a causeless effect. One that has no existence because it wasn’t caused by the only cause there is, God. And in Christ you can do this. You can stand in Self and know that that which is not caused by God has no cause to sustain it other than the false belief which enables us to step right out of false cause and to watch the dissolution of that which has no cause in God. We do not stand in the darkness. We accept the Light of Being.

Let’s go over to 9:5 in John which is a little past where we are in the book, in the Gospel at the moment. “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

Now whenever you see the word “light,” spiritual light means Christ identity. The light of the world is the invisible Christ of each individual on the earth. Unless you are living in Christ, you are not in that light, you are not in identity. “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Christ in you, as you, is your eternal light.

Now let us move from this point on then with the knowledge that I Christ is your name. And instead of looking for solutions to any problem, simply return to that knowledge that I Christ is my name. And don’t bother to go any further. You will be imbued from perfect Infinite cause which is ever functioning in I Christ. And you will watch the miracle of Infinite Grace through true identity dissolve, diminish, remove, correct and ultimately lead you into the Divine image and likeness of your true being. Now I’m emphasizing that purposely so you won’t waste time, effort and thought to seek solutions to anything. It’s the wrong level. Anything you might want to solve is already perfect in Christ.

I, the light of the world, Christ in you, have overcome the world. Come unto me.” Don’t go out there solving all these things. You just run in circles.

But when you stand in I Christ, you will discover solutions to these things that are the right solutions because where that which needs solution appears, the invisible Christ will manifest Divine qualities instead. Those Divine qualities will show forth as a solution.

I am the light of the world.”

The moment you touch the light of your being, you’re touching the light of the world. Do you see the secret of Grace there? When you touch the light of your Being, you’re touching the light of the world. Where are the things you sought solutions for? They’re in the world. But when you touch the light of your being, you’re touching the light behind the entire world. You’re touching the Infinite Invisible and it must come forth through the light of your being manifesting as solutions, added things.

You’re later going to see that Jesus spoke in the treasury. That treasury that he spoke in, is Infinite Consciousness. Why was he in Infinite Consciousness? Because he was Christ. When you are in the light of your being, you are Christ and you are speaking from the treasury so that whatever seems to be missing out there is supplied by the treasury, the Infinite Consciousness which functions in the light of your being.

You see now we’re not going outside for solutions. We’re going inside. And inside always means I Christ.

Let’s go over to 12:35. We’re still in John.

Then Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you; for he that walketh in darkness, knoweth not whither he goeth.”

Now walking in darkness means being a human being, a mortal being.

But “Yet a little while is the light with you.”

The light remains with you during your mortal period and in this mortal period you’re unaware or aware of the light. Translated, unless you become aware of the light of your being before matter dies, you’ve missed the point of the Christ message.

The Christ message is “Know me while I am still in the world.”

Know Christ in you as identity before the death or corruption of the human form. When you know the light of God in you before the corruption of the human form, you’ve discovered the meaning of rebirth, of regeneration, of transition, of peace without end, of life without death.

While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of the light.”

Now you could go on ten or twenty years, not accepting yourself to be the light of God and you would find then that this verse at that time would suddenly be for you a tragedy because here it is right now. It says, “You are the light. Believe in it.” Why wait ten or twenty years? While you still have the light, be it.

Now, here’s something which fits this at this point. You remember in the chapter Pure Being, we touched on this. I’d like you to see it again.

The secret of the Infinite Way is revealed in the truth that the only God there is, is Consciousness – the only God there is, is Consciousness – and since God is the one Consciousness, this is the Consciousness of individual man, therefore, the Consciousness of individual man is his creator, maintainer and sustainer. Out of the Consciousness of individual man must come all that is necessary for his fulfillment.”

Now there’s a little trick to that phrase there. God is Consciousness and then later learning that God is your individual Consciousness and the trick is that Joel is telling you that God is your Consciousness. But it’s a double statement. Turn it around and you’ll see your Consciousness is God.

Every individual’s consciousness is the God he worships because that’s what determines his experience. Your consciousness determines your experience. But suppose your consciousness is not conscious of the light then your individual experience does not show forth the light of which you are unconscious and then your God is the god of this world, your limited consciousness.

Now “God is your individual Consciousness” means that the Infinite Father is your individual Consciousness when you have come into the light of your being. Only when you’ve accepted Christ as your name. God is your Consciousness but it doesn’t do you a bit of good until I Christ is your identity accepted.

And so, we have here a world of men and women living in a human finite consciousness unaware of the Infinite Consciousness of Spirit. And that’s a division. That division is responsible for the errors of the world. In the absence of oneness, in the presence of division, we have no light. And the absence of that light shows forth as the evils that we experience.

For instance, you can skyjack a plane in the sky but you thought it was God’s sky at one time. How can a skyjacker work in God’s sky? You can rob a bank on the ground but it says the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. How can you rob a bank? How can the million and one things that do happen, happen, except that each individual involved is living in a human consciousness devoid of the knowledge that I am the Christ, the light of God.

You sit in that plane up there and see if it’s skyjacked. See if in the Presence of the knowledge of I Christ there can be evil in your life. It’s impossible. Whether you’re on the ground or in the sea or in the air, in the Presence of I Christ in your consciousness, as the identity of you and each one around you, you find you’re under God government.

When your human consciousness is dissolved and you are conscious that I Christ is your name, isn’t that Christ Consciousness? And doesn’t Christ go to the Father? Doesn’t that mean that Christ is one with God and therefore the Infinite functioning through the Christ of you, of which you are conscious. Then means what Joel says that “God is your individual Consciousness” and because God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, all these qualities are functioning as your individual consciousness when you are able to stand in the knowledge that I Christ is my name, identity, my being.

The whole Infinite line of truth is functioning actively as the law of Divine power, Divine sustenance and there’s nothing for you to do. You need no solutions to anything because you’re in perfect cause; cause that must manifest as perfect effect.

Now then if this is the secret of the Infinite Way and you know the secret of the Infinite Way, you’re seeing that in the first parts of John here, the emphasis on the light and the Infinite Way emphasis upon correct identity in order to be the living Consciousness of God are really one and the same.

So, that takes us into John 8, which is where we’re going to begin today in the twelfth verse. The adulteress had not been condemned because I Christ standing as Jesus Christ can only see I Christ where the world sees material flesh.

Now then you identifying as I Christ must accept I Christ as the identity of all those around you. You cannot say “I Christ here but you devil there.” There is no such thing. And so the minute you are not accepting I Christ in everyone, regardless of the appearance that stands before you, as their only name, their only identity, their only being, you are rejecting I Christ as your being. When you are in I Christ, you will accept I Christ everywhere.

Now this is all unknown to the human mind, to the human intelligence symbolized by the Pharisee.

Then spake Jesus unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life.”

I Christ is the voice that speaks there saying, “I am the light of the world.” But I Christ is the name of you. I Christ speaking there is the I Christ in you which is saying, “I am the light of the world,” not of you alone, but of the world.

He that followeth me will not walk in darkness.”

And therefore, to accept true identity you must say, “I Christ is my name and I Christ is the light of the world. I Christ is the light of everyone I know. I Christ is the light of all my ancestors, all those who will follow me. I Christ is the only identity that I Christ can acknowledge.”

There is the secret of Jesus Christ that I Christ standing there as him only acknowledges I Christ everywhere. Seeking no solutions because I Christ everywhere is perfect and there is no other there. I Christ in you seeks no solutions because I Christ in you is the I Christ everywhere and there is no other. You stand in Infinite I Christ. I Christ of you is one with the Father who is all and there is no other. The moment you start seeking a solution you are declaring the impotence of God, the imperfection of God, the absence of God. You are declaring mortality as your name. You are declaring darkness as the only experience you are going through instead of light.

Now this is really simple isn’t it? The only problem with it is that you have to do it. The understanding is simple. “I am the light of the world,” and that is your name and here it is being pronounced for you as your name.

Now if we were to do nothing else but know that “I am the light of the world,” we would discover that all forms of evil that come into our understanding on a human level would be dissolved by the light of our own being. You could never say “I lack.” The moment a lack would appear, you would know that somehow or other, you had left the knowledge that I Christ am the light of the world. You might have an ache or a pain somewhere but the moment that happened you would know that I Christ am the light of the world and the light of the world expresses only the qualities of God. You would catch the auto-suggestion of evil instantly. World mesmerism wouldn’t have a place to go in you. It cannot function in the light. It can only function in the darkness.

As you dwell with this you find there’s a conflict takes place in you because you wonder what to do with that other fellow, who says, “Well, if I accept this light what happens to me? Where do I go? What do I do? I had all these plans but this light, if I have to stay in it, what about the me that was going to Florida next year or the me that was going to build this house or the me that was going to build this business or the me that was going to do this and that and the other thing. Can I be the light and do these things, too?” And the conflict is set up. We want to give up the things we don’t want but we don’t want to give up the things we do want. And so, we’re willing to take sort of a half a light, a light for the things we want to get rid of but I don’t want to take the light as a substitute for the things that I have wanted. That’s like saying I believe in half a God.

Now this surrender then has to be to the total light of your being. Nothing held out, no personal plans still remaining. The unborn baby, when it’s born, doesn’t stay in the womb, it comes out. As you come into the light, spiritual being, you don’t try to cling to your mortal plans. You let the light activate itself as whatever is to be done. It may have a much bigger house than you planned or a more beautiful house than you planned or a different kind of business than you planned or a different trip than you planned. Whatever the light has in itself will manifest as the perfect action. That trip will be ordained, that house, that business, that activity will be ordained by the light of your being. The Father will build that house.

And that’s why it’s so important not to make the mistake of going out on our own mortal plans because the light of your being is the only cause. Any other cause is a false cause. You’re inventing a second creator where none is possible. The rain can wash that away.

Now this is important then. “I am the light of the world.” The government of the United States could be planning something right now. We don’t know if it’s good or bad but we know it’s human. We know it’s a mortal plan. What about Christ? What does Christ identity say? I am the cause. I am the light. Suppose we turn the problem over to Christ within. What would be the solution? Would it not be automatically a perfect solution?

Do you see that every plan, every problem, every solution from a mortal sense of life has always run afoul of the fact that it’s only based on the mortal knowledge we possess? It’s based on finite knowledge. It isn’t based on Divine purpose, on Infinite knowledge. It cannot be right, even when it appears right, it’s wrong. The only right is spiritual righteousness.

Every decision must come from the inner Christ of your being. Every activity must flow from the inner Christ of your being and then you never have to look back and wonder, “Will it work? Is it right? Am I protected?” If it’s a Christ action, it’s under God ordination. Now life built that way is a Divine life expressing.

Now then here, “I am the light of the world; whoever follows me will not walk in darkness,” is the key that as you live in Christ knowing that Christ is Infinite expression, individualized, perfect, in every way, containing every Divine quality, you truly are in the treasury of the Father. You’re out of livers and lungs and hearts and you’re out of bank accounts. You’re out of securities, you’re out of investments, you’re out of speculation. You have it all; the Infinite treasury of the light of God. And all of these things become so much of the background that they’re never in the foreground at all. New things take their place. Things like learning to live in the invisible kingdom of God where there are no physical houses, no physical people, no physical actions. Learning to live in your new home before the dissolution of the material body. This becomes much more important than the limited mortal plans of the human mind. And while you’re doing that, strangely enough, all of your human things are under Divine law anyway. The inner Christ has a thousand eyes, a thousand hands, a thousand ways of moving in the Divine rhythm of the Father.

Now it should be clear that revealed here is the Divinity of your being. I, in the midst of you am the light called Christ and I speak it not to you or you or you. I speak it to mankind. And therefore, wherever you or you or you hear it, know it is the truth of mankind. I in the midst of mankind am the light of the world.

That I in the midst of mankind is you. It isn’t saying that that I in the midst of mankind is also in you, it’s saying that the I in the midst of mankind is you. You cannot accept Christ identity where you stand alone. It isn’t true.

The I in the midst of all, is your name. And that’s true of each individual. I Christ everywhere must be your living name in your consciousness so that you’re not favoring the form that bears your human name or the possessions that bear your human name. That is a great error. The minute you favor the you or the friend or the loved one or the child or the mother, you’re stepping out of I Christ everywhere is my name.

You can never make God partial. The impartiality of Spirit must be defended with integrity. Only the Father knows what is right. No human mind can make that decision for God. We live in the impersonal everywhere I Christ, and then we’re not trying to send a little of I Christ to that one who happens to be my daughter or granddaughter or my lodge brother. You see the impartiality that must be maintained or else you’re out of it.

Now we have to come to another place where we’re not irritated by the endless irritations of the world because they’re all signs of living outside of our name. There are so many little irritations that pop up and they’re all signs to you that wherever the source of irritation is coming from has not been accepted by you as I Christ right there. That I Christ where the irritation is coming from is yourself and if you don’t hear it today, you’ll hear it next week. And if you don’t hear it next week, you’ll hear it next year because someday you’re going to see that yourself is the only Self there is. “I am the light of the world.” This is the revelation of the Oneself. There is no other. You must be the Self of the world for there is no other.

And so there is no one that you can say irritates you because there is no such being. The only being there is, is your own Self and if you want to irritate yourself that’s your privilege. But it isn’t true. You can’t rob from yourself. You can’t hate yourself. You can’t condemn yourself. You see that? You’ve got to come above the separated individuals that appear to the human eyes and see that only myself is everywhere and it is the light, the Christ of the world.

Why do we work at this so strenuously? Because we must live in the light while we are still in this world. Later there’s no time to work in the light. And so right here breaking into human consciousness is the Christ saying “I am the light of the world,” which is the revelation to you of your identity, the light of the world. The One Invisible Self is your identity.

Now watch how every word spoken here then is your identity speaking. Wherever you see I saying something, you should quickly know this means I Christ, my Self says the following. For this is revealing a quality of your being and each of these qualities of your being, when not accepted, represent your rejection of your own being. This is how we learn what we are. By I Christ speaking through Jesus to reveal us the qualities of the light of the world that we are.

Can you feel that inversion from humanhood as something new is growing out of us? Just as the tree grows out of the seed, I Christ is growing out into our consciousness from this human shell.

Now I Christ walks the earth in your Consciousness as your Consciousness, one with the Father and God becomes revealed to you as your individual Consciousness functioning through I Christ, the light of the world.

To the Pharisees, this is a man talking. To you and I, it must be I the Christ of our own being, our Infinite Christhood, our one indivisible Self revealing itself to human consciousness to take us out of the mesmerism of the world which in this particular case has a Roman empire holding men in bondage. Bring it up to date, we’re still in the same bondage. In bondage to passions, in bondage to ambitions, in bondage to the senses, in bondage to matter, in bondage to the dying sense of self.

It makes no difference if it’s a Roman empire or an aching heart. They’re both forms of bondage but I, the Light, takes us out of bondage to matter, bondage to the human limited mind, bondage to a changing life that must end. I Christ lifts us into Reality without end, into the Consciousness of the isness of God where we stand.

We look at the Pharisees. They say, “Thou bearest record of thyself; thy record is not true.” Now this is religion talking. Religion says to Jesus at this point, “Thou bearest record of thyself.” In other words, this is the place where religion personalizes Jesus. “You’re only a man. Who are you to talk like that.”

But I’m not a man. I’m the light of the world. I just told you I’m not a man. All those miracles you saw and others you will see are performed by the light of the world not by a man. And I’m not bearing record of a person called Jesus. “

Jesus answered and said, “Though I bear record of myself, yet my record is true: for I know whence I came, and whither I go; but ye cannot tell whence I come, and whither I go.”

Whence I came.” The life of God expresses as the light of the world. That’s not the physical light you see shining out of the sun. It’s the light that was there before the sun was.

Now then, he is revealing here the very substance of the book we’re studying.

I know whence I came and whither I go.”

He’s revealing that I the light of the world am one with the Infinite Father. That’s where I came from. God expresses as the light of the world and whence I go, the light of the world returns to the Father. The realization of One Infinite Being. And so really, the light of the world, although it appears to be speaking to Pharisees, isn’t there. The Pharisees aren’t there to the Light; the Light is there right where the Pharisees are. The Pharisees are but a concept. Every human you look at should become to you nothing but an externalized state of consciousness.

That’s all the Pharisee was, that’s all a person is, an externalized state of consciousness. What is there is, I, the light of the world and through the glass darkly of human consciousness, a person appears where I the light of the world am.

So, we look from our own inner Self and we know that even though persons appear, right there is, I, the light of the world. And that I the light of the world is your name. Are you going to accept your Invisible Self there or an externalized state of consciousness called a person? Your experience will be determined by whether you are accepting I the Infinite light or the visible material self. It won’t be what you say, what you affirm, it’ll be what your consciousness is. And so, this has to be worked with.

Ye judge after the flesh; I judge no man.”

The mortal mind of a mortal being sees flesh. That’s an adulteress. That’s a thief. That’s an important person, a VIP and that one over there is a skyjacker. But I, the invisible Christ judge no man because I Christ know only my Infinite Self.

Silence, (short pause) …

Now I ask you, when you hear a bird chirp, is that what you’re saying, “How pretty that sounds,” or are you knowing I Christ is the identity there and that identity which you’re calling bird is your invisible Self. I know this sounds very strange until you’ve had the experience of it. But there is no place where your invisible Self is not. It doesn’t matter if a tree grows there or a weed, a likable person or an unlikable one, a tiger or a giraffe. Only I Christ is there. Daniel in the lion’s den was a demonstration of that.

Every healing in all of the spiritual work you do is a demonstration of I Christ is all that is there. Turning the tidal wave, turning the windstorm, changing the weather, releasing the power of I Christ anywhere is the recognition of the One Cause as the One Self and the One Being.

For those of you who are having difficulty understanding that you are an Infinite Being named Christ, I refer you back to 8:12 of John and I ask you to look at it, and meditate upon it and know that it’s speaking of your Infinite self. 8:12

I am the light of the world.”

That’s why we must let light be. Let there be light as your Consciousness.

Yet if I judge, my judgement is true; for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me.”

Just in one place “I judge no man” and then “Yet if I judge,” and “If I judge my judgement is true: for I am not alone.”

Now there are different types of judgement. In one case judgement means condemnation. In another it means to judge from the standpoint of love, to judge spiritual consciousness, to judge the degree of spiritual consciousness attained. The I of your being knows the degree of spiritual consciousness in which you are. The judgement is an automatic one. It isn’t done by human thought. Either you are, I, or you are, I am not. And if you are, I am not, you’ve made the judgement. The I just stands there waiting for you to return.

Now doesn’t all this add up to Release Man? If you accept Christ, are you not releasing man? And what man are you releasing? Mankind. You’re releasing your individual concept of self as mortal being. That’s the man you’re releasing but because I am the Christ of the world, you’re releasing mankind everywhere in your consciousness. It doesn’t exist for you. It’s an externalized effect of the false consciousness separated from the Father.

However strange it seems at first, the fruitage is so over powering in so many ways that we welcome the strangeness. And we realize that it should sound strange. If it didn’t, we would just be doing what we did yesterday. The strangeness is a sign of the newness, of the progression and always there is new strangeness as you progress spiritually because you’re using unused muscles. You’re moving into unknown areas. You’re extending your consciousness into the unknown which has ever been present waiting to be known. The strangeness is of short duration.

Soon the world around you is more strange than the new Consciousness you’re developing. Soon to you, the world of evil is a stranger, the world of error, the world of bondage, the world of lack, the world of limitation, fear and doubt; to these you become a stranger. Why? They’re not in the light of the world. That’s where your consciousness remains. You learn to release mankind and the world and to you the Kingdom of God on earth becomes more and more a living reality in which you actually walk consciously. You experience the activity of God on earth. Always knowing that even now, this is a new beginning and you’re always in a new beginning. The light of your own being is the new beginning ever manifesting. You’re letting the light enter your consciousness as identity. And the world is shown to be a state of darkness.

We’ll rest in a meditation for a moment..

– End of Side One —-

The light of the world that you are, is not your form. It isn’t your human personality. It isn’t your human selfhood. The light of the world that you are is your identity in Christ. It is your spiritual Self and it has a spiritual body and it has a life which knows no birth and no death. It has a life which has never known sickness or disease. It has a life which has never known age. In fact, your Light Life has never known any problem of any kind. It is the light of God. It is your present identity and has ever been your identity and it will be your identity till the end of the world at which time you will discover that the Christ you have discovered to be yourself is the only Self you ever were.

Every error you have ever met in your entire lifespan has been a form of auto-suggestion, world mesmerism which has no place in your life. It has been a mental shadow appearing in form. It never had a cause. It never happened. It happened within a world consciousness. It never happened in the reality of Divine Consciousness. It happened in the illusion of mortal consciousness. That means it never happened. There has been no evil in your Divine life and there never can be.

Wipe the slate clean. Rest in your Divinity. I Christ of God, Light of the world, everywhere, perfect as my Father, now and forever and let Christ do the work. Let, don’t seek solutions. Let Christ reveal truth, reality, perfection, harmony. Let Christ do the work but first accept Christ to be your invisible light, everywhere.

My Grace will be thy sufficiency in all things.” Don’t be afraid to let Christ be your Grace. Fear not. It is I, Christ, the Light of the world, ever present as identity.

Silence, (pause) …

It takes a real big person to realize that humanhood is very small. A big person knows the smallness of humanhood, silently changes over to the Infinity of Christ as identity where “I and the Father are one.”

Thou seest me, thou seest him that sent me. I am the light of the world,” and you will never see me because that light is invisible.

That is what your heart and soul are saying, you are the invisible light of the world, the everywhere light. That is the child of God accepting Sonship, accepting God as the only Father, stepping out of the world into My Kingdom.

When we become aware, deeply aware of the nature of our own being, we become sometimes a bit frantic about it. We want to run everywhere and do so many things. Now that we have this priceless pearl in our consciousness, we say to ourselves, “Well, what do I have to do? What do I have to do?” And rather than do something about what you are, you find what you really have to do is not to accept yourself to be something that you are not.

For instance, suppose you were to say something is missing in your life, and of course we all feel something is missing or at least ten things. Now the moment you have something missing in your life, you’ve just denied yourself to be I Christ, haven’t you? You see how subtle it is. The moment I am missing this or that or the other thing, I’m not I Christ because nothing is missing in I Christ. “All that I have is thine,” says the Father to the Christ. And therefore the correct attitude is, no, nothing is missing, nothing is missing at all. I realize there’s an illusion of something missing but I Christ being the Divine image and likeness of the Father and that being my name, my identity, I’ll simply rest in what I am. And if something appears to be missing that is needed, why, it will appear. If it’s baggage lost in South Africa or if it’s funds needed for this or if it’s a ticket needed for that, whatever it might be that is necessary, will be manifest from my own being.

I Christ is the Creator from its own substance of all that is necessary.

And so, you’re never looking out for the new client, the new job, the new wife, the new husband, the child you want to adopt or the various things you think you’re missing. Why? They’re appearances in the world only because you’re not living in I Christ but when you do, you discover the truth; nothing has ever been missing. Nothing. It’s the Father’s word. Nothing is missing is the same statement as “All that I have is thine.” Nothing is missing. Even this instant, everything you have thought was missing is not missing in I Christ.

Every lack, every limitation, every finite thing that is short of something that you have wanted, all of this is the denial of identity. And so rather than go out to prove that I am I Christ or to attain that level of I Christ, that’s where you are. You don’t have to attain it. That’s the way you are. If somebody hands you a million dollars, you don’t have to go out and get a million dollars, you have it. Now just don’t waste it.

Now in the realization of I Christ, face all that denies you to be I Christ and refuse to be tempted out of it. You’ll find you’re very busy rejecting all of the things in the world that try to convince you that you’re everything but the light of the world. And you stay in that consciousness for a while, meeting the temptations with the knowledge that I Christ cannot be tempted out of Reality. I Christ am never hypnotized. I Christ am Reality containing all that the Father hath. Oh no, I can’t have a heart attack anymore. That’s sad, because I Christ can never have one. I can’t have liver trouble and I’ve even got to look at this bad back and realize it’s a denial of my identity. What condition do I have that is not in I Christ? That condition is a false consciousness. Every condition that is not in I Christ is a false consciousness. Therefore, what do I do about the condition? Rest in the knowledge that I am the light of the world. And there are no false conditions in the light of God. Oh, you’re now your own physician. Do you see the change in you that comes about when you can rest in your identity rather than let the things of the world and of the body pull you out of your identity?

One Christ Self, and the deeper this becomes – your awareness of your own self – the more you will recognize it as the truth of everyone you know. Then some of the things that are in this letter become so clear. This is still Release Man.

There is no such thing as personal evil.” That could be personal error, too, you see. “There is no such thing as personal evil.” Now, we’ve all got so many personal problems, and yet, there is no such thing. Why? Because we’re not talking about our identity. We’re talking about our limited consciousness. Our identity has no personal evil. Our identity is I Christ, light of the world. There’s no evil in I Christ. What about the evil we think we have? It’s false identity.

If you have a sore toe, it’s because that toe is on your foot. If that’s not your foot and the toe is sore, you don’t have a sore toe. It’s only because you’ve acknowledged that to be your foot. And if you don’t acknowledge anything but I Christ, where’s the sore toe? Where’s the evil? It’s in that which you have acknowledged to be yourself. But you’re not that self. And as you develop the capacity to be reborn from above, from the light, in the light, as the light, you’ll find you throw off these so-called evils because you realize they’re not in yourself at all. They’re in the limited appearance called yourself based upon your previously limited consciousness. More conscious of being the light, you become less conscious of the false self. You are reborn from above. This is the whole regeneration of which the Christ speaks to us. Be ye reborn of the Spirit, accepting I Christ.

Then we come to this.

There is no such thing as personal evil nor is there such a thing as evil for which you and I individually are responsible. We’re not responsible for any of the sins, the diseases, the lacks or limitations that come into our experience.”

Somebody has to be responsible. Where does the responsibility rest then?

It’s not our wrong thinking that produced them. It’s not our envy, it’s not our jealousy or malice that produced them. It’s not our greed, it’s not our lust, it’s not our mad ambition. These errors are due not to any fault to be found in us.”

Now you see, when you realize that this is Joel’s way of telling you that you are I Christ and that’s why these errors aren’t in you, you have the whole picture. These faults are not in us. Why? Because us is I Christ. The false sense of self has the faults. Don’t change the faults. Get out of the false sense of self. You’ll find that every error in your human sense of life is left behind when you step out of the false sense of self, instead of changing the errors.

These errors are not due to any fault to be found in us because in reality we’re not responsible for the evils which express themselves in us or through us.”

And he knows that’s going to make us feel wonderful so it comes right back with this. “This sounds very comforting for the moment but it becomes disturbing when I carry this to its logical conclusion and tell you that neither is your wife nor your husband responsible for any of these evils.”

Now we can’t say, “My husband who did this, caused this,” because your husband isn’t there. The Light of your Being is there and if you’re not willing to travel that route, you’re going to be stuck with the evils of this world. The Light of your Being is where you see a husband. The Light of your Being is where you see a wife or a child. Where are the evils? They’re not in the Light of your Being. They’re just hanging in the air as world mesmerism.

The truth about you, is that you in your true identity, are the child of God.” God has manifested its own life as your individual being.

Now that’s the very chapter we’ve been working on in John. God is your individual life. God is the light of your being. The life which is God is your individual life and it is eternal, it is immortal.

Where are all these evils? In our false sense of self. Do you see how they’re nothing like more than just a garment we wear? The only place you exist is in your consciousness. The only place the world exists is in your consciousness. Everything in the world, including your human self, exists in your consciousness and that consciousness, not living in I Christ, is a separated consciousness and nothing in it is real. Nothing. Only when it is oned with the Father, through I Christ in you, does your Consciousness reveal Reality.

And then you step out of the garment in which all of the evils are because they’re only part of the fabric of our mortal sense. You don’t have to get rid of them. You have to be what you are.

Your mind is actually that same mind which was in Christ Jesus. Many of us have been trying to attain the mind that was in Christ Jesus, but that is our mind. The moment you’ve found yourself to be I Christ, what is your mind? The mind that was in Christ Jesus. But that is our mind now.

Then what is this mind that tells us we’re evil, or we’re sinful or we’re guilty or we’re lacking? It’s the false sense of mind. What is the mind that tells us we’re defective in some way? It’s the false sense of mind. Should you get rid of the defect or the mind that is projecting a defect? Do you see that? You don’t get rid of the defect, you get rid of the mind that is projecting the defect.

How do you get rid of it? It isn’t your mind. You get rid of the mind that is projecting the defect by standing in your true Being and rejecting all that is not your true Self. There is no defect in I Christ the light of the world and that is your Being and therefore the false belief must be in a false sense of mind. Stand ye still. Face that false sense of mind with the knowledge that I am the I Christ of God, the mind of Christ is mine; in it there is no iniquity, no evil, no defect to be overcome. And let Christ do the rest.

We’re being given an Infinite physician, an Infinite treasury, an Infinite love, an Infinite beauty, an Infinite harmony, all as the very core of our own being. We change nothing in the world. We simply stand in Christ which is the Kingdom where the defects of the world have no existence.

Your mind is actually that same mind which was in Christ Jesus. Infinitely wise, Infinitely pure. Your soul is spotless. There is not anything that you could do that would change that because God is your soul.

Someone pops out of the sky, takes an airplane, tells eighty-eight people “You’re my hostage,” demands a half-a-million dollars. We think that’s terrible. Someone has taken control of our individual consciousness the very same way every day of our human lives. We’ve been skyjacked. Each one of us has permitted an intruder to take over our lives. It says to us, “You, you can’t see. You, you’re deaf. You, you’re getting old. You, you’ve got a bad heart.” That’s skyjacking. That’s human jacking. It’s taking a human being that doesn’t exist and telling them how sick they are when all that’s there is I Christ and that false sense of self has been hypnotized into thinking it’s there, where only the perfection of I Christ is. It’s been happening every day in our lives. Now it’s happening in our sky. The contamination of world consciousness appears in the sky, on the land and on the earth and in the sea. Everywhere, the hypnotist appears as the out picturing of a false state of consciousness. And while it’s happening, I Christ in you is being reborn into Consciousness.

There’s a passage in here, in this same chapter. They could not lay hands on him. They tried to. “No man laid hands on him; for his hour was not yet come.”

Why? How do you lay hands on I Christ? How do you lay hands on the light of the world? But you are the light of the world. How does anyone lay hands on the I Christ that you are? How does a germ enter the I Christ that you are? How does anything deprive you of what you are? Nothing can. Nothing can lay hands on the reality of you and only when you’re in the reality of you, are you un-enslaved and out of bondage to that which is not part of your true Being.

The reason he steps out and they cannot touch him is because Spirit cannot be touched by matter. Light cannot be touched by darkness. Immortality cannot be touched by mortality and the Self of you cannot be touched by any physical quality in this world. We’re learning to be that Self which is untouchable to the evils of the world. God is your individual being and all that attests to the opposite of that is world mesmerism using a mind that does not exist to broadcast a picture that is not true.

God is your very being and even your body is a temple of the living God.”

Don’t ever call your real body defective in any way because it isn’t. There’s no defect in your real body and as long as you live in a false sense of body, you will have a false sense of defects. But you needn’t. I Christ am the light of the world and I am your true Self and your true body and I am at hand, in the midst of you awaiting recognition. This is the truth about you, your life, your mind, your soul, your body, your being.

And then Joel concludes with this, “God constitutes the identity of your individual being.” There is no other. Now we’re not going to accept any other into our consciousness. God is the only life of all being.

And while you’re exonerating yourself from defect, while you’re saying I have no bad heart, please go all the way and see there is no bad heart now in the kingdom of God, anywhere. Don’t narrow it down to you, any more than you want narrow I Christ down to you. Mortal mind paints the picture of a bad heart all over the world. It’s as untrue in Alaska as it is untrue here. It isn’t true anywhere. It’s one universal lie. And every defect that you have multiplied ten million times is just one universal lie, all denying identity as the Christ of God.

God is the only mind. God is the only law operating and functioning. God is the only being, beside God there is no other.”

When we have established this firmly in our consciousness, we’re no longer thinking of a person as being sick or evil. I know it’s easy to say. Real easy. But it is the truth and we’re here to live the truth, to be the truth, to express the truth, to demonstrate the truth, to glorify the Father. It’s probably a lot more difficult to live the lie. It’s just that we haven’t known it. It’s much easier to live the truth than the lie, once you get started.

Now then, there’s no man, there’s no woman, there’s no child in Christ. There’s only Christ. Christ isn’t male. Christ isn’t female. Christ isn’t ten years old or fifty years old. Christ is Spirit. Christ is the pure light of God without defect. Every defect then in your life must now be regarded as false evidence of the sense mind. Really, the world mind appearing in disguise to tempt you out of I Christ. Yes, you may have had the condition for fifty years. It’s as much a lie now as it was fifty years ago. The whole fifty years of the condition is one continuous lie because I Christ was always your identity.

And so, we come to I, “The glory I had with thee before the world was,” Before this physical body was, before the many lifetimes were. That glory was your Christhood. And that glory that I had with thee before the world was is still mine. Your Christhood has never been anything less than itself. Your pure Selfhood has been intact awaiting the lifting up the Son of man, the regeneration from above, the awareness that all that is defective is a lie about God.

God is all and in God there is no defect therefore defect does not exist.

Mankind has said this quite a bit. Man has made a lot of statements about there are no evils but only when you stand in I Christ would you discover the power of the light. It is never in the tongue. It is in I Christ identity. That’s part of the healing Consciousness, part of the living Consciousness, part of the protective Consciousness. Always, I Christ is the fulcrum from which you come into the fullness of your being.

Now whatever is wrong with you, please, it’s as outdated as yesterday’s fashions. You can take it right off of your consciousness like a garment the moment you see that I Christ is your only identity. Let’s not live in an obsolete world when the Kingdom is here. Whatever overflows into the world from the Kingdom of Reality will be an appearance but at least it will be an appearance made manifest by Reality, by Truth and it won’t come forth defective.

There are just a few more statements here I’d like you to hear. These are all from the chapter Release Man. “It’s useless to look to anyone to find the cause of error either in a person or to attempt to uncover the wrong thinking that produced the error.” Because evil is never personal. It is always impersonal. It’s not happening in Christ. “We may hate, fear, commit adultery, even murder but it is not you or I doing this because the truth is that Christ is our true identity.”

All right. Fine. We accept that, now the next step comes. What about the flu? What about the infection? What about the contagion? What about the epidemic?

Joel’s answer is, “The appearance is not a person, not a condition, not a thing. It belongs to nobody. It is a universal mesmerism, it is a universal suggestion and it operates without being seen or heard yet it enters our consciousness.” That means the false consciousness, the human consciousness. “It enters without our being consciously aware of it. Fear, illness, sin, false appetites are projected in much the same way.”

Now then you see this subliminal way that error enters into the false consciousness. The false consciousness then perceives it and accepts it. The Consciousness living in I Christ would not be a false consciousness into which error could creep. There’s no subliminal activity in a true Consciousness, only in the false.

And so, “All evil has its source in the belief in two powers.” And that means two creators, that God is one power, one Creator and there’s another creator. Every evil has its belief, its rise in the belief that besides God, there’s another creator. But you know there’s only the Creator called the Father, the Infinite, the perfect Self and therefore, all evil, not coming from the one perfect Creator, when accepted, is only because we have somehow let our-self believe that there’s a second creator or a second power. Whereas, God is the only power.

Now if you know there’s only one Creator, you know there’s no evil. If you know there’s one Creator called God, perfect, you know there’s no real defect and the secret is the false consciousness that entertains the idea of the defect and the remedy for that is the true Consciousness, I Christ the light, immaculate as my Father. Now we’re back to one Creator, one Power, one Cause therefore one action, perfect as my Father.

You see why Jesus had to stand up there and say, “I am the light of the world.”

That’s the secret of the Christ message. “I am the light of the world.” I am the Christ of each individual on the face of the earth. Unless you’re in it, unless you understand it, unless you have fidelity to it, you’re in what is called sin and a greater evil comes upon you. You are not defective. There is no such you. That’s the meaning of Releasing Man.

Now perhaps we’re real strong in this direction and we can stand up to the tempters of the world when they invade our bodies and our minds and our homes and our nations. We can face them with the Truth of Being. I Christ is in the sky. I Christ is on the earth. I Christ is in the ocean. All these things are in I Christ. In the true Consciousness, the earth, the sky and the sea are the Lord’s and the fullness thereof and in them there is no defect. That is where we learn to walk.

Can we take a moment for meditation?

Silence, (short pause) …

Nothing is missing. Nothing right and perfect is missing. No matter what it is, it isn’t missing. It is in your Being, which is Christ. Rest there. Don’t be a two hour Christ or a ten hour Christ. Be Christ every moment of your day. How? Just reject all that denies you to be the light of God. Suffer any condition but know it is not there. Christ has no conditions. Your Father is unconditioned. The child of your Father is unconditioned. Perfection is the nature of the child of God. That is your name. And be patient. The new Consciousness, the rebirth is not accomplished by a word or a thought. It is a way of life and as you live this way of life, when you think not, quickly I come and I reveal to you the power of the Christ, the glory of the Father, glimpses of your own eternal life are made manifest to you in many ways.

It is more important to know yourself than it is to overcome a defect. The defect will go. It goes with the body but your Self is forever. Every ounce of spiritual consciousness you come into now is yours forever. The sowing to Spirit this moment and every now moment always leads to a reaping in the Spirit. You may sow in this lifetime and reap in another or you may reap in this one but be sure of this, there will be no reaping without sowing to the Spirit which is true identity.

Next week we’re going to do chapter three. I imagine we’ll still be in John 8.

Those of you who’ve told me about your experiences, naturally it’s most encouraging to know that we’re all moving into true identity realized and I repeat them to the class simply that we know the work is taking root.

Thanks again.

Some of us have shared eight Easters now. In Immortality House, we may have shared four. This is our fourth Easter here. And so I wish all of you a Happy Easter as we begin this session today.

We’re going to try to find the meaning of ascension within ourselves as an experience. Always, as we move into a deeper sense of self, we find these glimmers that tell us you’re making progress, seems slow but the last experience was necessary because that experience taught you something that you will eventually realize. You can’t do it on your own. On your own, you are separated, you’re not plugged in to the One. And whatever you do will be a continuation of past errors with new disguises.

Something miraculous happened on this earth, and even now, to your own surprise you may discover you’re not aware of that miracle. The life of you appeared before the form of you and said, “Here I am.”

Now that’s a miracle. There you were in a form and right in front of you, looking at you in another form was one who said, “I am the light.” And this was mistaken to be an external light, an inspiring light, everything but the light of my own inner being, and yet, that’s what said, “I am the light.” The human mind cannot conceive of such a thing. The light of my being appearing external to my form, speaking to me?

And so always, the mind rejects. It even makes great declarations about acceptance while it rejects. Ascension to the light is the end of the human dominion by the mind. And so the mind will wear many disguises, even pretending to accept by great declarations that, “I am the Christ,” and the mind isn’t the Christ at all. But it will pretend and it will take its dominion over a world that doesn’t exist until the hoax is made visible and once more we fall on our face. And we say to ourselves, “Well, at least I learned something.”

Until I find Christ Self, I’m not walking the path of truth. I wanted God. I wanted God power but I must face a simple fact, an astounding fact, that God only speaks to Christ. God only expresses through Christ and to know God aright, I must be Christ. I cannot equivocate any longer. There must come, “I am the Christ. I am the light of the world.” Until I am that light, that Christ, that Self, God isn’t going to speak to me. God isn’t going to direct me. God isn’t going to lead me. God is not going to be the substance and the law of my being. I will move and continue in mortal duality.

The ascension is the acceptance of Christ identity until Christ in you ascends and dissolves the mortal sense of form and of earth. And so, we begin our ascension the moment we have accepted the impossible dream. I am the Christ of God. It doesn’t matter how you come to that acceptance. What does matter is that you know this inevitable acceptance is only the beginning of reality.

The truth of God cannot express through a mortal being. It never has. It never will. And furthermore, it says so. It says, “Son,” and that means Christ, “Christ thou art ever with Me” and Me is infinity, the infinite Father. “Christ thou art ever with the infinite Father,” meaning the infinite Father individualizes as the Christ that you are and all that I, the infinite Father hath is thine. The fullness, the complete and total expression of infinity is thine, speaking to Christ. And yet, that is what each of us has really sought, wanted, hoped for and prayed for, the infinite expression of God in us as living Grace. And you can only receive it when you accept yourself to be the Son to whom the Father is speaking, the infinite, individualization of God.

And so, if in your actions, in your thoughts, in your words, in your attitudes, you in any way deny yourself to be I Christ, you are putting up a barrier to the experience of God where you are. Infinity individualizes in Christ as Christ and goes no further. It does not enter into mortality. Ascension out of mortality into Christ accepted becomes the experience of Easter or the fourth dimension of consciousness. “I and the Father are one.” All that the Father hath is mine. And all of the coming of tomorrows disappears into eternity realized now.

Now then, when you have been willing to cast aside the toys of mortality and accept adulthood in Christ, you have a single pointed purpose. What is this Christ that I am? How shall I live as Christ? How shall I accept what I am? What shall I do about it? How shall I prevent myself from denying that I am this Christ? Is that what our day is all about or is it about the fulfillment of human will and human needs?

The path is difficult enough for one who is striving to attain the realization of the pure Christ and is an impossible task for one who is not doing that but rather is concerned about my human sense of life. That one is simply wasting their time. There’s no place for mammon in God.

And of course today, we’re speaking not to the human sense of a mortal me, we’re speaking to the soul. We’re speaking to that higher self which says, “Yes, I and the Father are one and though there be remnants of mortality clinging to me, I have the patience, I have the fortitude, I have the trust that in the allness of God, I can move, live, have my being, independent of this world, right here, independent of conditions of body, conditions of mind, conditions of employment, conditions of health, independent of every human condition, I can learn to walk here in God, in the light, expressing the Divine qualities simply by stepping out of every degree of mortality that I can discern through Spiritual enlightenment.” That’s our narrow path.

We could have joined the fifty million today who are going to worship an external being, who are going to deny I Christ in themselves and wonder why tomorrow their world is no different and we could make the same mistakes we have made before, we continue in the logic of the mind, in the ego of the mind, quite convinced that we can figure it all out. But Easter Sunday tells us that only when the Son of man in you is lifted, risen, when you have transcended all mortal sense, whether it be of mind or body, all sense of matter, all sense of nothingness and been willing to walk the narrow path of I Christ which widens as you walk unto infinity.

We could have been a statistic. We could have continued as a human antenna. We could have remained buried in the grave of mortality but Christ says, “Awaken.” Who do you think has been speaking the words from the Bible to you? I, in the midst of you. I, your identity says, “Come unto me. I will give thee light.” Your identity says, “When you have raised me up in you, meaning, when you have accepted that you’re not a limited finite mortal self, I will direct thy paths.” When you can look at the world around you at each individual, the alcoholic, the drug addict, the blind, the sick, the suffering and not be tempted to hang those labels on them in your consciousness, when you can look at every adverse condition and see only I Christ then you have found I Christ is the One Christ, the light of the world – not of a person, of the world – then you have found I Christ where you are. Then you are linked with the Infinite for you have denied your identity nowhere. Then you have lifted up the Son of man, no longer are you subject to the law of karma, of cause and effect, of matter that disintegrates, the law of mortality. Yes, a miracle happened on this earth. It has been proven to be the fullness of God invisible even while we surround ourselves with nothingness, we stand in the midst of paradise.

As you look about you with eyes, as you listen with ears, as you touch with fingers, you must know that I cannot see the Christ before me. I cannot touch the Christ. I cannot hear the Christ out there. And therefore, what I see and touch and feel and hear, this mortal sense, is my tomb. I Christ do not live in mortal sense. I Christ do not live in body. I Christ do not live in time. I Christ do not live in space. Where am I? I am in the Father and the Father is not in time. I am in the Father and the Father is not in space. I am in the Father and the Father is not a human body. I disengage myself from the world of the senses.

Picture yourself walking down the street. You walk down the street, you’re going somewhere, maybe to mail a letter. What’s on your mind? Getting the letter in the post office box somehow and coming back to where you’ve come from or going on to another place. But what should be on your mind? Here, is the Christ of God. That’s what should be on your mind. Here is the Christ of God and this visible self walking down the street is not that Christ, but here is the Christ of God and God outwardly, to human eyes manifesting invisibly as the Christ appears to human sense as this me walking down to the box to mail a letter. When you’re in that consciousness, what else is there? There’s only God infinite expressing as invisible Christ appearing as human form. Appearing as – not being human form – appearing as human form. What is there is Christ. What is there is God expressing as Christ. And in the moment, that you are aware of I Christ, the invisible Self, you’ll discover there’s not a car on the street that’s going to hit you. Why? Omniscience is functioning. It will enlighten you to the fact that there’s a car approaching or it will enlighten the driver to turn away.

Wherever you are, consciously knowing that here is I Christ, the Father speaks and acts and expresses through you right there on an infinite basis and you’ve taken yourself out of world mind. You’ve taken yourself out of all the levels of the unconscious mind. You’re in I Christ to whom the Father has said, “Son all that I have is thine.” My omniscience, My omnipotence, My omnipresence are all embodied in I Christ. Grace is embodied in I Christ. Infinite flowing of expression from God seeps through into the visible experience.

We’re told by Joel that God is individual being. Your individual being, my individual being but that doesn’t end right there. There’s something we do have to do about it to bring it into our experience. We cannot make it the truth; it is the truth but we can block ourselves from experiencing that truth by not being I Christ. God is your individual being but what is your individual being? It is I Christ.

Now how do you bring I Christ into your experience so that God expresses as your individual being in your experience right here instead of just in Joel’s book or in your mental knowledge that it is true? He also says, “God is your individual consciousness.” Ah, but that’s an absolute truth. God isn’t your false sense of consciousness. Your human consciousness is a false sense of consciousness and the only way to experience God as your consciousness is to step out of your false sense of consciousness. Stepping out of it, you discover what he said is the truth. God is your individual consciousness when you have stepped out of mortal consciousness, sense consciousness, conditioned consciousness, material consciousness, three-dimensional consciousness, time consciousness, space consciousness, fear consciousness, doubt consciousness, all of these you must step out of before your individual Divine consciousness shines forth.

The lifting up of the Son of man is also the shedding of the remnants of mortality that have clung to your false sense of consciousness. Fortunately, we have a Divine intercessor, our own being, Christ in you, is the only self that can dissolve the remnants of mortality. It works as light dissolves darkness. As you walk in humanhood, in darkness, looking out there, you’re turning away from the within light. As you find the within light, the remnants of darkness or mortality are dissolved. And lo here, stands the kingdom of God ready to flow, to express, to lift you beyond the concept of a lifespan.

Parallel with the miracle that appeared on earth, as the light of your being standing in front of you as a form called Jesus, saying “I am the light of the world,” is the remarkable truth that you are the light of the world and the only way to learn how to be I Christ is to carefully observe what I Christ in the form of Jesus is doing. Because just as I Christ standing in the form of Jesus speaks to you, I Christ in you is pointing you to I Christ in Jesus saying, “Watch what He does for that is truly I Christ in you out there doing it as a leader to you, as a way shower. Everything He is doing out there, watch, because that is the nature of I Christ in you.” Hear those words within you. See those actions within you. Because just as mortality is unknown to I Christ, so is I Christ unknown to mortality. The miracle is that the bridge of mortality into I Christ has already been established for us. You’re not doing it on your own. You’re only a pioneer in Spirit but there is a Spirit that has walked before you if you’re willing to look at that Spirit instead of into that mortal forms around you.

Now we’re in I Christ. That’s where we stand. That’s the only way you can really begin a day. There’s no other beginning that’s true. I Christ. What is I Christ going to do today? The only thing I Christ can do is express God, the will, the power, the law, the truth. I Christ can do nothing else. If you don’t step out of I Christ in your consciousness, you’ll find yourself moving through a day in which you’re expressing the will of God. “I in the midst of thee am mighty.” I am greater than all the material powers in the world. I Christ yourself, I am ready to dissolve earth and show you heaven.

Do you believe that? I Christ has been saying that to each of us all these centuries.

When you have made the effort to be I Christ, I Christ will express oneness and your realization of oneness will come through I Christ in you who is one with the Father expressing the Infinite, where you walk, where you talk, where you think, in all your actions.

In reverse, when you express doubt or fear, or hope or desire or ambition or anything that is not in I Christ, you are stepping out of your identity. That’s why we have so many casualties. We only learn through these many casualties that there is no margin for error in I Christ. It’s a pure acceptance. And if you’ve had your share of errors, your share of tragedies, your share of emergencies, it has all been preparing you for the I Christ life.

It would be wonderful for those who are living in that consciousness, turning their total effort, their way of life into that, to meet, to discover that there are those who can succeed in this inner movement. There are those who can reach that high mountaintop in which the oneness with the Father is not something that they declare but which the Father in them declares.

I am come. It is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. All that I have, my infinite love, my infinite wisdom, my infinite life is yours. Why? Because you are my child, the Christ and you must now be perfect as your Father. You have one parent, a Divine parent, no other. Do you still think you have another parent than the Father? Then you are saying you are not the Christ, aren’t you?”

Yes, that’s a very narrow path, to know I have no other parent than the Father. Well what about this little body that came out of my mother’s womb, that grew into me? It isn’t Christ is it? Is it you? Then you’re not Christ. You see the transformation in consciousness?

While you’re in the womb of Spirit accepting I Christ, you’ve stepped out of the womb of the world. I know you’re moving into what you would think is nothingness, but I Christ is very much at home in this human sense of nothingness and so now trust becomes very important.

I Christ am perfectly at home in the kingdom of God. Do you doubt that I know the way? Are you not willing to rest in Me? I am the light and I will be a lamp unto those who cannot walk in the invisible. I’m in the invisible of perfection for that is all that is here, the invisible of truth, the invisible of harmony. That is all that is here. Do not seek it. I am it.

I Christ in you can never be lacking or limited or in darkness or lost or wondering or doubtful or seeking or striving or struggling. All of these things are the denial of Christ. I Christ in you can never be in error. Are you in error? Then you’re denying I Christ is your name. But I Christ is the fact of you and the error therefore must then be the lie about you. You can never be in error. It’s impossible. You can never be in sickness. It has never belonged to you. You have accepted this auto suggestion. You have accepted a mesmerism which pins these things on you and then you say this is what I have and as you say it, you are saying, “I am not I Christ. I am not the light.”

Fidelity to I Christ means rejection of every possible error in you. It never belongs to you. It never is you. It is no part of your being. All self condemnation goes. You can never be guilty of anything.

I Christ is your only Self. Perfect now as the Father. This detachment from all feelings of having committed a wrong at one time or another, or having omitted something you should have done; all this is mortal sense. It has no reality. And just as you absolve yourself from the guilt of mortal sense knowing that all sickness and suffering, all lack and limitation are not part of my being but are subliminal world suggestion appearing to me as, and I’ve simply made the mistake of accepting it as mine. And now you absolve all those you know, for I Christ is the identity of the world, not of one individual.

And so, you look at all the disguises called persons and all you accept is there is invisible I Christ. One invisible Christ. There is no guilt in the world. For you the world is forgiven. Why? You’re accepting I Christ as the name of God invisible everywhere. You’re not doing this to be virtuous. You’re doing this because the Father says, “Do it.” You’re doing this because it’s the only way into reality. There is no individual on the earth that you can incriminate in any way, even to fear one or to hate one and as Joel says, even to love one. And that’s difficult. All you can love is I Christ. You certainly cannot fear I Christ or hate I Christ and that I Christ there is you there. We’re lifting the Son of God, the Son of man. You find you can’t control this. It’s too big. Your mind can’t embrace it and stay there and so you lift yourself beyond your mind.

Silence, (pause) …

One of the first thing Joel says, in this chapter is, “The person who has realized his Spiritual nature and identity and who lives by the Spirit cannot be limited in any way. There’s no way to confine spiritual being. On the other hand, slavery is the natural state of the human being. A human being can never escape slavery, can never know freedom but is destined to be in slavery throughout all his days. And therefore, the only hope a human being has is to rise out of his humanhood.” Into, you might add, the realization that I am I Christ.

Where else can you go out of humanhood? Only into Spiritual selfhood. And how do you rise out of humanhood? You realize that it wasn’t God created. And therefore it has no existence. You either die in humanhood or die to humanhood. You see the choice? You die in mortality or you die to it. That’s the miracle. We’re given the choice. Remain a human and become a statistic. Accept I Christ and walk through the fire.

Ascension is not after death. That monumental blunder that we ascend after death is not the Christ teaching at all. Ascension is the consciousness which climbs the mountaintop to I Christ now. Now, are we I Christ.

Ascension must precede death for that is how death is swallowed up in victory. Ascension to I Christ, I the light. But wait a minute, the moment you say “I the light,” what are you? A physical form? Which are you? I the light or I the physical form? Do you remember Joel’s great talk on two types of flesh? Flesh and flesh, Spiritual flesh and material flesh. Ah, there are two kinds of light. There’s the light of the flesh, little atoms; that’s light. But there’s the light of Spirit which is simulated by the atoms. Which are you? The light of this flesh or the light of the Spirit? If you’re made of atomic dust, that’s not I Christ.

You see, you cannot say, for instance you might say, “I’m a skin diver.” Does that make you one? You could say, “I am Christ.” That doesn’t change your life. But I am the Christ and therefore I am not what I appear to be. I’m not both. I’m not this mortal self at all. I can’t be the mortal self and the Christ or else I’m guilty of the false notion that this mortal self dies and then I will become the Christ. No, you’re either the Christ now or you’re missing the Christ message. “I in the midst of you am mighty.”

And so we take this into our secret heart. It’s going to lift us above the clouds of world thought, above all auto-suggestion, above the passing shadows of form, above the transient. It’s going to lift us into that place where I have substance, meat, where I am fed only by God, where I can say that, “God has sent me, God is expressing as me, God is my being.” There’s no separation between I Christ and God and therefore there’s no second power that can exert itself on your being when it is I Christ unseparated from God. All false sense of power is terminated. Sickness came to the mortal sense of self. It doesn’t come to I Christ. All errors, all evils, all false human powers, all false material powers are part of the darkness dissolved by the light of I Christ.

Imagine, in the very first sentence of this chapter, that we cannot continue as human beings, we must step out of humanhood. Release man. Start with yourself. Release the whole concept of a human man, a human woman, a human child. Take yourself out of the sense of humanhood. Take everyone you know out of the sense of humanhood. Accept them as they are, as Divine being. Release them from the concept of a dying self.

Freedom,” says Joel, “does not come through an appeal to God or through warfare of any name or nature but through enlightenment,” en-light-enment. “I am the light,” says the Christ. That’s your en-light-enment. “Through opening one’s consciousness through that which cannot be seen, heard, tasted, touched or smelled, to a Power invisible which does not war with other powers but dissolves everything that appears in the nature of an enemy without our being or within.” Any enemy outside of you or within you, any enemy outside of your body or within your body is dissolved by enlightenment, this invisible Power. It is the power of God expressing as the Christ accepted in consciousness, as identity, not as a second self, not as another power to be used, but as identity. It must be the I am of your being before this invisible Power, this enlightenment, beyond the senses, dissolves the errors of the senses. This is the only freedom.

Why does Joel speak of these things? Because he had attained them and he knew that this was waiting for you to attain. Because he knew it was possible. Because he knew it isn’t true that you can say justifiably, “This is beyond my possibility.” No, another man had done it and others and others and others had done it. Enlightenment dissolves all sense of error because there never is error. All is Christ. All is God. Is there error in Christ? What is the error? The error is that I am not the Christ. That’s the error and from that error, all other errors spring.

How many times in this chapter did you read that to find the cause of error, to seek the cause of error is foolish? How can there be a cause for an error if error does not exist. You can say this error was caused by this type of thinking and this error was caused by that type of thinking, but you’re accepting the existence of the error. Or you can say this error was caused by world thought, this error was caused by a certain kind of jealousy or hate, this error was caused by worry; you can give all reasons for these errors, you can say they’re psychosomatic and to a human mind that’s all very true. There’s only one thing wrong with it, to have a cause for something, you must have that something first. The moment you have a cause for error, you’ve fallen into the trap of believing that error exists.

You’re thinking on a human plane of a three dimensional world. You’re not thinking of the Kingdom of God. You’re not thinking of the allness of God, the omnipotence of God which makes the possibility of error impossible. Where is the error? How could the worry cause ulcers if God never caused ulcers? How could the hate and jealousy cause the cancer if God never caused the cancer? How could any error have a cause if God is the only cause?

And so where do we find these great remedies? In the human mind that is unaware of the Christ message that God is the only cause. And you can follow the pied pipers of the human mind right into oblivion. Because God is the only cause and you can stand on that and Christ is the only identity on earth and you can stand on that. And then you won’t have to waste your time looking for the causes of things that cannot happen without God causing them and you begin to see the universal hypnotism of the mind which looks for false causes for non-existent errors.

I Christ. I don’t recognize any error. I’m too pure to behold error because I live in the substance of God. Do you know another substance? That’s more than God knows. Do you know another life? That’s more than God knows. Do you know another person other than the being called God? That’s more than God knows. God knows only Christ, the Son of God.

So, individually we raise our hands privately and we say, “I am that Christ. I will not look for a cause for error because there is no error in Christ. The moment I look for a cause for error, again, I deny I Christ is my name. I separate again from Christ self, I become the sense of mortal self and now I’m under the law of two powers.”

See that fine edge in which you never step out of identity. You sit back, resting in identity. Is this of God? Is this in God? Is it in Christ? No. Then where is it? World mesmerism. How do I get rid of it? Don’t get rid of it. It isn’t there. But if you can’t rest in I Christ, if you can’t know I Christ as a universal truth, that which is not there continues to be seemingly there. And you have to find all kinds of human remedies for non-existence only because you’re living in non-existence. That’s why it lives in our world. As we live in non-existence, we see that which does not exist. The fabric of the dream is always there to those who live in the dream. When you’re in the myth, that which is mythical is real. To one image, another image is real. To I Christ, only reality is real and it is pure, perfect as the Father.

As I Christ in you is lifted up, as you ascend, out of world mesmerism, you are opening your consciousness to the Infinite Life. You are being anointed by the Father, redeemed out of the false sense of life, returning to the Father’s house, enlightened, illuminated, releasing man who never existed, from your consciousness, accepting God, as all.

Silence, (pause) …

Is it so difficult to accept something bigger than the human form as yourself? Is it really so difficult that we cannot accept that I Christ, which fills, let’s say, just this room at the moment, is your name? That the form next to you doesn’t fool you at all? I Christ throughout the room is your name, your identity. I Christ is not confined or limited, or sitting in a chair. I Christ is pure Christ consciousness. The full expression of God wherever God is. “Son thou art ever with me.” Wherever God is, the I Christ that you are is expressing that Godhead, everywhere.

I got a call from Tokyo the other day. What’s the difference if it comes from Tokyo or Sacramento? I Christ is infinite. In I Christ, Tokyo is just maybe a little dot, just like Sacramento. But I Christ is never separated from itself. I Christ knows nothing about distance or time. I Christ is not interred. I Christ is not transient. I Christ is not subject to error. I Christ is the original light, the genuine, the authentic, the substance of life itself. I Christ in Tokyo is not the truth. There’s no Tokyo. There’s only I Christ. And all the names on the maps are just other places that are all a temptation for us to deny I Christ.

Students today are being taught different things about God. There’s one group thinks that Jesus is somewhere on another planet, sending signals. There’s another group that figures that Jesus was a human being who happened to know the truth never knowing that He was transformed from that mortal sense into I Christ. And everywhere students are finding all kinds of isms that they can hang their hat on. Some don’t believe in any of those. They’re determined the only way is without religion at all, without inner understanding, just maybe, some form of meditation.

It is our function to be, not to learn, not to seek, not to strive, not to believe, but to be. To be that which the world is seeking to find. You’ll find when you are being that, you are accomplishing all that you really have ever wanted. Deep down inside the desire to serve is probably our greatest desire. We all want to be useful. The best way you can serve is to be the full expression of God realized in consciousness. That’ll do the job. That’ll serve the world. That’ll lift every student who comes in contact with you. That’ll lift everyone out of their lie. That’ll open hearts and open souls. Just to be what you are is the way you serve. You don’t have to go beyond that. There is no beyond.

The world is being misled. The hard core of Christ Self is not what they’re learning. Some may say it, “I am God. I’m a skin diver.” But that won’t make them skin divers or God. There must be this total renunciation of all that is not I Christ, for I Christ to shine through. Onion skin after onion skin is shed till you come to the core called Christ. There’s nothing left to shed. “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father.” Those words are not ravening wolves. They’re not false Christs. They’re not opinions. They’re not mentally presented. They come with the voice of authority and they are the Christ of you right before you saying, “Follow me.”

Now to live in I Christ then, you must follow the words of Christ until that outer Christ goes away so you find the Comforter within, until Christ within you is speaking, instead of just outside of you.

I think maybe we could pause a bit. Please don’t see individual people in this intermission. Try to understand that everyone you’re looking at is I Christ and that I Christ is not separated. Everywhere it is. It is a universal Self. Wherever you plug into it by recognition, you’re in the allness of it. Wherever you do not accept I Christ, you have plugged out and you’ve lost all of it.

Intermission is very short. In that intermission you can certainly find the capacity today of all days not to drop into the easiness of a human you. Is that a fair enough request today, that I Christ be your name even during intermission? It will help you.

– End of Side One —-

One very excellent meditation is to rest in the knowledge that I am I Christ. Just to rest there, that’s all you have to do, because in the complete faith that this is the truth, you realize that truth needs no human instrument whatsoever. Truth doesn’t really work through a human being. Truth works. What the world sees is what they call the human being but all that’s there is the truth of God functioning.

I Christ is your only self and as you rest there, it becomes clear that a knitting, a rooting is taking place. You’re in your real identity, in your real home. Your consciousness is free of the mental barrier and the deeper this begins to permeate your consciousness so that you have no other consciousness, the clearer it becomes that it’s already an accomplished fact and always has been. Your function is not to go out now and deny it, that’s all. All day long, you’ll be tempted to deny that I am I Christ. If it were possible for you never to deny it, Grace would be the only experience you would know. Wherever there’s no prodigal from I Christ, only Grace can flow. It’s the law of the Father. And so your total remaining human experience is to dissolve the belief that there is other than I Christ where you are. And to be a witness to the miracle of I Christ accepted being the actual, spiritual activity and manifestation of God flowing into visible expression as you. Literally, if you spend your time consciously refusing to deny I Christ, you’ll discover the Kingdom of heaven taking the place of the appearance called earth. The qualities of the Father will be made manifest. The lacks and limitations will return to the dust.

This is the basis of living in Christ. Living in Christ, by Christ, through Christ, living in Spirit. I Christ must be where you stand in consciousness or else you’re standing in the false sense of self and duality is the inevitable result. Joel states this, “Slavery and limitation are within ourselves, the result of our ignorance of true being and therefore, the remedy must also be within us.” Admitting that our ignorance of truth is holding us in bondage to the body, to economic or political limitations, we withdraw condemnation from the external world. That doesn’t mean only person, it means withdrawing condemnation from all physical, mental powers of the world as well as persons. Acknowledging that as we overcome Spiritual ignorance within and attain Spiritual light – which means Christ identity – freedom will come into our experience.

Again, the Master tells us that as we stand in Christ, identifying as Christ, rejecting what is not Christ, we are opening the way to Spiritual light which dissolves all that we had thought to be external to ourself as a power, as a force, as an evil, as an error. It’s only the darkness awaiting the light of our own Christ being to dissolve it from being an appearance in our experience.

If it seems possible that our troubles are not our troubles” – now this is introducing a new idea, so listen carefully – “If it seems possible that our troubles are not our troubles because of someone or some circumstance external to us but rather through our inner ignorance, then we’re opening the way for our own freedom to appear. Not blaming somebody or some outer thing, but really seeing that my own ignorance of Christ identity is what appears outwardly to me as someone else doing something that is hurting me. That’s the false cause out there. It’s the false cause of a false error. When I’m in the light of my being, the false cause and the false error are no longer there. But only in the light of my being, only in Christ identity. Not in the Spiritual adultery of the human mind. As long as you’re in the human mind, you’re in Spiritual adultery. That was the whole message of the adulteress.

I in the midst of you do not see an adulteress. I in the midst of you do not see an alcoholic. In Christ awareness, you cannot see an adulteress, a criminal or a dying person. When you do, you’re not in Christ awareness. I Christ recognize I Christ everywhere even where a corpse appears. Only I Christ is on this earth. Total fidelity to I Christ as the one indivisible Self of the universe. If you want the Father to be the expression of your experience, don’t cut a little corner off and say, “Over there is a corpse.” There is no such thing. I Christ is living everywhere now. Only life is now. I Christ knows life everywhere now. I Christ knows nothing that is not of the Father and life is only of the Father. There is no other life than that life and all life is that life.

I Christ, come out of the tomb of ignorance which is belief that death is possible. I Christ come out of the tomb which is belief that evil and error and sickness and suffering are possible. That’s the prodigal consciousness talking. I Christ knows no unreality.

And so, there’s no external causes to your problems. And you discover this only by standing in the identity of I Christ. When you can see that as a possibility, Joel says you’re on the way. The moment you can see that your only so-called problem is that you have not known yourself, you have not had the inner light of your own being, when you can admit that to yourself, you’ll open the door to an expanding consciousness of truth.

For the Christ which overcometh is an overcoming of our self, meaning our mortal sense of self. As you put on the garment of Christ, you’re dropping the garment of mortality. And Christ establishes freedom within our consciousness which then becomes externalized by the power of truth. The subtle alchemy of the Spirit as it’s accepted in identity as your name, your identity, your being, your substance, the dross of humanhood is slowly sifted away. The externalization of truth in consciousness becomes the experience of Christ on earth.

That’s how you release man, mortality, form, materiality, physicality, structure, false human causes, disasters, diseases. Where are they? No light, that’s all, the absence of light, the absence of Christ light and it’s only available within your own being. The absence of yourself, the absence of that which is ever present and that’s the paradox of the Christ. In the absence of the Presence, you experience all that is not true. In the presence of the Presence accepted, all that is not true becomes absent.

The only real freedom is attained by recognition of Christ within us.” That’s a flat statement from Joel. That’s the only real freedom. “And learning to live not only in subjection to Christ but realizing its dominion over the circumstances and conditions of life.” And so you’re not accepting, if you’re still struggling, if you’re still doubting, if you’re still worrying, if you still have an adversary, if you still have an enemy, if you still have a problem, you’re not accepting I Christ because I Christ has none of these.

Now the more you meditate on I Christ, the more you’ll feel comfortable in it, the more you’ll realize why it says, “Resist not evil,” the more you’ll realize why it says, “Be desireless. Be unselfed of the mortal sense.” Realize there’s nothing to seek, for that which I am seeking is I Christ which I am. Defend against nothing because I Christ is the only power. There’s no power to defend against. It only seemed that way to a mortal sense.

More and more you’ll find the peace of I Christ and why I Christ is called the Prince of Peace. Because its peace is the knowledge that there is none but I. I am the I of everyone. I am the I of those who have lived and walked the earth and I am a living I. Nothing in the world can tempt you into the belief that the I of you is not the life of everyone, for the I of you is Christ. This is going to be the infinite oneness that grows in your consciousness until you can really know it, that you are the I of every ancestor you’ve ever had. You are the I of your children and grandchildren extending unto eternity, that the life of Christ in you is the life of them and there never is a separation, never has been and even now, those unborn and those who have not appeared in your life are still the I of you and when they come into appearance, they will only be the I of you made visible. Nothing can ever appear in your lifetime or lifetimes that is not the you called Christ.

There’s no stranger on the earth. There’s no stranger in the past. There’s no stranger in the future. All is I Christ. That’s the invisible, indivisible garment of the infinite consciousness you must come into through I Christ. And the less gaps you have in that consciousness, the less gaps you have in your experience. That’s what externalizes. It externalizes with quite a rush sometimes, sometimes quickly, sometimes so fully you don’t know what’s happening, sometimes so harmoniously that you know that no human mind had anything to do with this incredible thing. Always the miracle is I Christ infinite. Beyond time and space, in the midst of all – animal, vegetable, mineral, human – I Christ stand there, the infinite individualization of God everywhere.

God is forever expressing itself as the fulfillment of its own being and God appears as the life of man, woman, child, animal, vegetable and mineral, regardless of how false a material concept we may entertain of that life. Because of the infinite nature of God, there can be only one life and that life is God, expressing itself as life in and as infinite form and variety. That’s what you’re looking at then. You’re looking at that invisible one life of God and the minute you label it with mortal sense, you’re separating yourself from it.

As you stand in I Christ, that invisible life will explain itself through you, through I Christ and you will perceive reality instead of the imagined images of material form. Always you’re letting the Infinite express through your I Christ consciousness for that’s the key to Grace. You’re not pausing to try to explain it out, to analyze it, to deflect it, to influence it, to manipulate it, to call it to your door. Your door is everywhere because I Christ is your name. It will go where it must go, not where an individual directs it. Everywhere is I Christ and therefore everywhere is the Father now. You see that Jesus couldn’t be confined to any one religion or any one race or any one nation? For I Christ is the name of all men, all women, all children, all over the globe and on planets unknown. Only I Christ is. The Son of God is I Christ, not a human being and in I Christ, you are indivisible from yourself everywhere. You have fulfilled the condition of accepting infinite individuality and Divine qualities express with no effort whatsoever on your part. Your only function is to know I Christ infinitely indivisible everywhere, one with the Father. That is my name.

And if they tear down the world tomorrow, I Christ will still be one with the Father, even unto the end of the world. Never can I and the Father be divided because we are one Self. Wherever God is, I am now. I don’t have to go there. I Christ is omnipresent. That’s the fact of your being. I Christ is omnipotent. That’s the fact of your being. It doesn’t change and whatever appears to deny it is not there. It is world mesmerism that only seems real to one who does not know that I Christ am the fact of my being and that is the omnipotence, the dominion, the total self, expressing perfectly forever. This that appears is simply the denial of my identity. In some moment of unawareness, I lost my knowledge of identity and this is appearing to tell me that. That’s all it is, nothing more. It’s a little darkness showing where I have stepped out of the light of Self.

Living in this consciousness, you’re not worshipping a man who rose but you’re following that individual who has said, “Follow me. I am the light.” Follow the light. The light which is your own true being. And your Easter will be ascension, dominion, the full expression of the Godhead on the holy ground where you stand.

For I in the midst of thee am the Living God and I am yourself. Deny me and you lose me until you find me again but I will never leave thee even unto the end of the world. I am your life eternal, your permanent Self and you are Divine Being. Mortality was only a passing state of a false consciousness.”

As we release the false consciousness, “Henceforth we know no man after the flesh,” for all that stands there is I Christ invisible, myself, undivided from myself, here where space seems to be or there where time seems to be. I Self am not in time or space. They are false states of consciousness but I Self am everywhere and there is no time. There is only the eternal now of myself, which is yourself.

Practice resting in I Christ. Practice through the day. Stop and ask yourself, “How am I denying that I am I Christ everywhere?” You’ll find many places where you are falling down even while you think you are standing up and then make the brief correction. And don’t be surprised when you make these corrections at the inner light that begins to well up within you to assure you that you’re walking the path of Spirit.

I have chosen you and you will know all along the way that you are chosen as you make these inner adjustments every time you take the time to remember that if I do not deny I Christ everywhere is my name, the Father will express His perfect will through, as, and in me for I am living by the indivisible infinite Spirit which is my name.

The I of you is the Christ which is the light of the world. Behind the world you see is I, the light of you, the Christ, everywhere. Deny it, lose it. Accept it and it becomes the law of your life, perfect as the Father.

Silence, (pause) …

We’ll stay with Joel’s chapter Release Man. Some of it next week could even seem to you like kindergarten if you start discovering the immensity of your true being. Then we’ll look at chapter 8, I think we’re still in that, of John starting with where Jesus announces to the angry Pharisees that “I am the light of the world.” For that’s what the light of the world is saying to each of us. “I am the Christ of your being.” So that’s where we’ll be in chapter 8 and then I think its verse 12 on – in John 8 and we’ll stay with Release Man to get real good and strong before we tell Satan to get behind us.

You know this is really a happy Easter because there are those who are really walking silently now. That’s what Easter is all about, knowing Christ everywhere. Everywhere.

Thanks very much.

Welcome everybody.

We have a statement here toward the end of the chapter Pure Being which says,

Why do you think the Master made it so clear that the Kingdom of God is neither “Lo here! nor, lo there!” and is not to be found in holy mountains or in holy temples but within you?”

And I think we can face that question and say, “Have I really accepted it? Have I really accepted a Kingdom of God within me or do I still seek my supply, my love, my truth, my things, my life in the outer? Or do I accept the Kingdom of God is within me and that I seek it within me for the purpose of getting better things in the outer? Is that my error?”

You have to answer these questions to yourself because we learn that there is only one power that can save an individual from self destruction and it is the Christ. There is no way to know God aright except through Christ. You cannot find Christ external to your being. Christ is the Kingdom of God within you and unless you are in that kingdom, how can the treasury of that kingdom flow as your experience? What’s the point of seeking supply out there when the Kingdom of God is within you? What’s the point of seeking happiness out there or even health out there if the Kingdom of God is within you?

We forget about that. But I think our greater error is that we’re willing to accept it and then we want to go to the Kingdom within with a pre-ordained plan of what we want and we’re determined that there must be a way for that Kingdom within to give me this that I want. And so completely heedless of all the admonitions of Scripture, we roll out this hoop and we say, “God jump through it. Here’s the will in me that I would like you to fulfill.”

We even go so far as to pretend to ourselves that we’re not doing that. We say, “I’m really going to God, well really not for this or that, but I’ll rest there and who knows something might come that is just what I need.” Always there’s the idea of, “I know what I need.” And whether you face it or not, as long as you have that belief that you know what you need, there is in you a quality that is trying to tell God what to do, whether voiced or expressed or conscious. There is something in you that is ticking away, trying to run the universe of God. And you can notice this when you meditate. Because you’re not at peace. You’re sort of screwed around to a certain position in your consciousness which is trying to nudge God in a certain direction. And you all know exactly what I mean.

Now that is another way to prolong the inevitable self destruction. You might get a glimmering of truth that way but the merest glimmering. If you have not been able to attain the fruits of meditation, it’s because you have violated the request of meekness, a certain kind of humility. It is really the humility of the acceptance that God is the only being present. It is a complete absence of you and a complete Presence of God and as long as there is in you a desire for anything, there’s a you there and there won’t be any fruitage. You might as well face that. There can be no fruitage as long as there is a you. And even though that may seem to be a paradox because the only reason you’re studying Spiritually is to help a you, it is the you that is Invisible which is the child of God. It needs none of the things you are seeking and to experience that you, the you that is seeking must step aside.

Now when you go up to the Mount of Olives, you ascend the mountain of consciousness and it’s called the Mount of Olives because the olive is a symbol of the fruitage or fertility that is made manifest through receptivity to the Word. And so, as you ascend high consciousness, which in the Bible is called the Mount of Olives, you’re ready to receive Divine wisdom, Divine substance. But it won’t flow; it won’t flow if you are denying the presence of God at the same time.

Very subtly, you deny the presence of God when you try to mount higher consciousness with a doubt, with a fear, with a human purpose because you know if you were accepting the Presence of God as a reality where you are, would you not be in total peace? And if you were in total peace, you would discover that the Word flows.

When you come into meditation and do not bring peace with you, you have set up the barrier. But when you bring peace with you, it is because you have done certain things. First of all, you have looked past the problem that confronts you. And that was your acceptance of the Presence and you can look at that problem in every direction that it comes from and in every form and degree that it expresses toward you and in you and around you, and you must surmount it attaining an inner peace before you enter your meditation.

You think you’re going to meditation to get the peace but you must bring the peace to the meditation. It’s quite surprising when you do. In the middle of all this that confronts you, you find the oasis of peace within and you come to the Father with that peace which is your acceptance that the Father is present, that the power of the Father is present, the love of the Father is present and you are confident that that love is present. You are trusting that love to be present. You are trusting God to be alive where you are. It takes maybe five minutes to discover that all you have missed when you have come into meditation was that you didn’t bring the peace to that meditation.

It seems like such a simple thing to say and yet when you do it, lo and behold, a veil lifts. Try it now and you’ll see. Let everything go. Convince that intellect that it doesn’t have anything it needs to hold on to, that you’re here to bring the peace of acceptance. That is the house in which you invite the Father to enter, to express. That is all you do and as you bring your peace, the Father gives you His peace. As you pour the little oil in your cruse, it continues to flow and then “My peace I give unto you.” You have accepted the Presence of the Prince of Peace, the Christ within who goes to the Father and in that oneness you find the peace that you brought comes back to you, multiplied, infinite. You’re in your Mount of Olives. Such a little thing to overlook and such a big thing when you remember it.

Whenever you meditate without first bringing the peace to that silence, you have separated yourself from the very power you are trying to contact.

I’ve had times when I felt separated and then in the moment of realizing that I would be in peace if I really accepted the Presence, it may be a borrowed peace at first, but at least you make the effort and then lo and behold, in that peace you’re really saying without words, “Speak Father, thy son heareth.” And you’re in a peace that’s really the still water, the repose that makes possible the flow of the Infinite. There was nothing you had to pre-determine, nothing you had to outline. All you had to do was present yourself as a disciple of the peace in spite of every appearance. And the world is lifted from your shoulders.

Joel says, “It is still true that Moses can lead his flock only to the Promised Land but cannot take them into it. That, they must do it for themselves.” And later the Master confirmed this when He said, ‘If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you.” By Comforter, He meant that which completes your demonstration, the full peace, the fulfillment of your destiny.

And so we find that the reading about Jesus Christ, the talking about Jesus Christ, the being a student of the Infinite Way or any other way. All of this is but preparation for the moment when you come in total peace, willing to transcend all of the complexities of the world around you and in total acceptance of the Living Presence to bring that peace and rest knowing that is the way you enter the Kingdom of God on earth where the Comforter completes your destiny, makes you whole, reveals the perfection that surrounds you in the invisible making it manifest in the visible.

Always the peace you bring is one of the missing links that has barred you from the Kingdom. That is why we so strenuously work at the letter of truth, at the metaphysical side of this work to come to a place where we can banish the belief in evil, where we can look through the images, where we can judge not after the appearances and judge no man. But we are not fooled by the traps of worry, fear, despair and terror. Those are just the obstacles in this course. God is only in the still small voice. Where then will you go for God?

The secret of the Infinite Way,” says Joel “is revealed in the truth that the only God there is, is Consciousness.” A living God, infinitely conscious, a Divine consciousness that covers all time and space – now.

That is the God presented in the Infinite Way, living Divine infinite consciousness but this God, this consciousness, is your only real consciousness. We’re never separated from it. It’s always present. It’s always doing its job. And most of us are always denying just that; that it is present, that it is doing its job because I see something else and I believe what I see. And then I lose that peace, that trust, that confidence, that awareness of the Presence and I’m back in the jungle of the senses, struggling, fighting to overcome and there’s nothing there but the pure consciousness of God. All else is none existent.

There’s only one consciousness and this is the consciousness of God which is the consciousness of individual man. We deny that every moment. The slightest tremor of doubt or fear in you is a denial that there is only One consciousness and so you’re in a second consciousness or a sense of consciousness but it isn’t the pure consciousness and therefore it has no real existence. It isn’t something that is real. It isn’t something that is there. You’re caught in an image. You’re caught in another sense of life than the pure consciousness. You’re in a web but it isn’t a web that is real. Only pure consciousness exists. Pure being.

I, is the secret name of God and it is consciousness and when you turn anywhere but to the within-ness of your own being, you are turning where it is not.

And so, I think we can all agree that the within-ness of our own being, the Divine consciousness, the Infinite consciousness is the only place where there can be a substance called life and to seek our needs anywhere else is to fall into the trap of a mortal sense of life.

Now let’s presume we have passed that point, and that largely, it is behind us at least intellectually. And we have trained ourselves to some extent to not only live in the within-ness three times a day; upon rising and sometimes in the midday and sometime before going to sleep. But that with us, it is now a normal procedure to live in the within-ness throughout the day. The meditation periods with the eyes closed are within but the periods throughout the day with the eyes open are also lived in the within, in the peace, within the stillness of peace, which is the acceptance that no matter what I see makes no difference, no matter what experiences come my way, make no difference. My function is to live in the conscious awareness that here is the pure consciousness of God, functioning with Divine power, with Divine omniscience, maintaining perfection in all things. And it makes no difference to me what appearances may come forth. This peace, this assurance, is the way you live in that consciousness throughout the day, eyes open or closed.

Being still within, peaceful within, knowing it is I. Always, it is I present and that which you have which denies the Presence of that perfection is not something to be fought but to be seen as a non-existence and step back a moment from it, until you can feel it as an image in thought. Until you can really accept God so that in a moment, as you leave the appearance in mind and let the still small voice be your only weapon, your only goal, your only seeking, knowing that the full, complete and total power of the Spiritual universe flows through that still small voice. That it can dissolve whatever confronts you and transform your world into His Kingdom now and here. This must be our conscious, consistent attitude.

I think to a degree we’ve had days like that, maybe weeks at a stretch in which we could feel that even though at this moment I cannot say that I am touching the Presence or that it is touching me, we’re in a state of oneness that I can accept where there’s no touching necessary. I don’t have to sit here and feel the Presence any more than I have to feel the sun to know that it’s outside. I don’t have to waste my time trying to feel that Presence because the fact is that the Presence is all there is. There’s nothing for me to feel but to accept and the mind which is still trying to feel the Presence is really rejecting it. It is trying to persuade itself that it wants to feel the Presence but what it is saying is, “I’m not accepting that it is here.” It goes right on pretending to itself that it wants to feel the Presence. What it is saying is, “I’m not the Christ. I’m not the child of God.” The child of God doesn’t have to feel it. The child of God is the Presence.

The tricks of the mind are always to defer, to delay, to turn away from the total submission to the fact that I am the Presence. I’m not something apart from the Presence. It is I. There’s nothing to be felt, simply to stand in the peace and know it is I. There’s no power to be exerted. The Presence is doing its job. There’s someone there where you’re standing who isn’t accepting that, when you are not experiencing the fruitage of it.

Now if you’re still not convinced that only by accepting the Presence of God within you as your name, your substance, your life, with no extra, no second, no opposite, that you’re simply prolonging your problems, Joel must remind you further that if you have not learned from the message of the Infinite Way that the only real good you’re ever going to receive is from within your own consciousness then you have failed to perceive the nature of its mission and its message which is that God consciousness constitutes your consciousness. There are not two. That through meditation you must draw forth from within your own consciousness the allness and fulfillment of life.

You’re not to direct this I, to enlighten it or to plead with it or try to be master of it. You are to submit and yield yourself a servant to the I of your own being. Letting this I which is your true Selfhood govern your life in its own way. So when you go into prayer and meditation there must be no preconceiving as to what you want or how you wish your prayer to be answered. When you say, “Not my will, but thine, be done,” if it’s of the mouth and not the heart, you’ll find that you’re deceiving no one but yourself.

Now we’re going to look at the 8th chapter of John because some of this rubs off into this chapter.

Jesus went unto the Mount of Olives. Early in the morning, he came again into the temple, and all the people came unto him; and he sat down, and taught them.”

Watch how that complete seemingly insignificant statement is transformed as you see the purpose behind John’s bringing it here as Chapter 8.

Jesus went unto the Mount of Olives.”

Way, way up into consciousness so that all He could speak would be absolute truth. Now you know this is a permanent state of His being. It isn’t as if He suddenly sat down and decided to meditate but John was pointing out that this is the state of His being; that He speaks from the Mount of Olives. In other words, only Divine wisdom flows through Him. He is the mouthpiece of God. It is the Mount of Olives because the words that He speaks, when they become flesh, they are the Spiritual fruitage. They are the olives. This is the message that proves itself. The word of God through Jesus proves itself. It isn’t the word of men. It’s from the Mount of Olives, from the high Consciousness in direct cognition of God, from the oneness realized.

Early in the morning, he came down again into the temple.”

Now what temple? He appeared visibly. In the invisible, in the highest dimension of consciousness, in the One, came the message, flowing through into the visible or the temple called Jesus. And so what He’s about to speak is the living word of God. “And all the people came unto Him,” meaning all those who wanted truth, all those who loved truth “and he sat down, and taught them.”

Now this sitting down is a symbol of the peace we talked about. This is in repose. When you sit down Spiritually, it means you have found your peace. And from the level of peace He spoke to them. The Mount of Olives made possible the flow of love and this love flowed forth giving wisdom. And in peace, he sat and taught them the wisdom that flowed from the love of the Father.

And the scribes and Pharisees brought unto him a woman taken in adultery.”

Now, it is important at this particular moment to see that John put this here for a certain reason. Most of the Bible experts believe that this is placed out of chronology and I’m quite sure it is. They place it in Luke but it probably happened after Luke 22:38. And the reason for that is because Luke had just reported the conversation between the disciples and Jesus concerning the end of the world. And this end of the world discussion, misunderstood, so infuriated the Pharisees that they’re now trying to in some way, challenge the authority of the man who was speaking about the end of the world. And so undoubtedly, John took this discourse which happened at that point and brought it into this point but he wanted it in this continuity to teach us something else.

Now the scribes and the Pharisees who feel their own authority is being threatened come to Him with a purpose of forcing Him into a position in which He denies the law of Moses and I want you to see the adultery message in a somewhat different light than we’ve ever discussed it.

From the mystical side and from your practice during the week, in which you were able to know that there is nothing external to your consciousness and that whatever appears outwardly is in your consciousness and that if your consciousness is one with the Divine, that which appears within your consciousness will not appear to you as evil.

If you have been practicing that, you can see now that as the scribes and Pharisees present the adulteress to Jesus, they are seeing one thing and He is seeing another. They are seeing the woman out there. They are unaware that what they are seeing is in their consciousness. He is seeing the woman in His consciousness, not out there. And because He is one with the Father and is the actual expression of the essence of God, there’s something happening there that should become normal for you and I. We should be able to see that adulteress as He saw her.

Over here are the enraged Pharisees, over here is the adulteress and they’re really one life. One invisible Christ life and yet in the images, one image is accusing another image even though all that is there is the invisible Christ life. And that invisible Christ life is also over here in a third place and it manifests as Jesus the Christ. And that invisible Christ life which manifests here as Jesus the Christ is the invisible Christ life of the adulteress and of the Pharisees and the only witness of it is the one called Jesus.

But who are these Pharisees? It’s the mind of us. Your mind and mine. Who is the adulteress? It’s the image in mind that we all have when we see the adulteress. And who is this Jesus? It’s the Christ of us. And so the entire scene is our consciousness which is separated from God and our consciousness which is unseparated from God. The Pharisees being one and Jesus the Christ being the other. One looks at the image within itself and calls it an adulteress, the other looks at the image within itself and calls it the Christ. We’re being brought into a big step out of the Old Testament, into the new. You see where most of us in this world still living in what we call the twentieth century with all the advanced technology but actually we’re living thirty-five centuries years ago, in the Old Testament. We’re still living in the beliefs that were prevalent in those days.

The mind of us, the intellect of us still lives in the Old Testament. It sees that which it condemns. It judges. The Pharisees are living under the veil of the sense mind. They see an adulteress. The sense mind in us sees a thief, sees an adulteress, sees a problem, sees a lack, sees a limitation. This is no ordinary adulteress. This is a symbol of the problems that confront us through the sense mind. You can take anything in your world that is imperfect and that’s the adulteress you’re looking at in this passage of Chapter 8.

Your mind is identifying a non-existence, but its very real to your mind. The Pharisees are enraged. The human mind is afraid or worried or concerned or troubled. In some way, it is accepting the appearance of imperfection.

But you see the reason they are coming to Jesus with this particular adulteress is not because they really hate the sin she’s committed. Not because they want her to be judged righteously; they have an ulterior motive. He has introduced the idea of Divine truth. Christ in you introduces the idea of Divine truth and the human mind rebels, doesn’t want it. And even if it pretends it wants it, it is afraid to accept it. And so it tries to trap the Christ in you. And in this case, the human mind throws an adulteress at His feet and says to the Christ, “Now what are you going to do?”

They’re not really accusing her of adultery. They’re challenging His authority because now He has to make a decision. Will He break the Mosaic law? And that’s what your human mind finds it’s trying to do in many cases. “How do I know Christ is that powerful? How do I know Christ can take me to the right place? How do I know Christ is a reality?”

The human mind, the sense mind, the normal mortal intelligence rejects the authority of Christ, even challenges its authority. The human mind says, “I’ve been doing pretty well without you. I’ve been getting along real good. Now what can you do for me that I haven’t been able to do for myself?”

And so the Pharisee has now tossed the gauntlet. The intellect says to Christ, “The next move is yours. We’ve got a human world here and you can’t convince me we haven’t. We’ve got problems around us. We’ve got a human life to live. We’ve got human bodies.”

You know yesterday, I must have had at least twelve phone calls from people who were telling me about just this very thing. “While we’re still in the body, we do have to watch out for this and for that. While we’re still in the body, we have to make this decision and that decision.” You see that’s the Pharisee saying to Christ, “You told us all about my invisible body but my present problem is my visible body, my visible business, my visible everything is what I’m concerned about. Now what are you going to do about this over here, this adulteress?”

Some years back I was given the information within about Jesus writing in the sand making an image of a nothingness and I had nothing to back that up with except the voice within. And in doing this chapter, I was led to other things which corroborated that.

One of them was in Jeremiah. You’ll find that there’s this passage:

They say unto Him, Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act. Now Moses in the law commanded us, that such should be stoned; but what sayest thou?”

This Mosaic law, you see, is being presented as a law under which man lives. The Mosaic law is material law in disguise. We live under karmic law and that’s what Mosaic law here symbolizes. They don’t know that they’re living under karmic law and they use it to challenge Him. Our karmic law, our Mosaic law, our material law says “Stone her.” And you see the Christ of us is trying to lift us out of that thirty-five hundred years ago attitude of material law into a new law, into a law of grace. And so while this conversation is going on in your conscious or subconscious mind, there’s something happening in which you’re challenging the Christ which wants to lift you above your problems and you’re insisting in the mind to keep them.

We have this law, this material law.” It says “If somebody shoots you, you die.” It says “Unless you have at least two good meals a day, you’ll die of starvation.” These are all laws among us. It says all things about environment and heredity. It says that “If germs infect you, you can go through a great deal of suffering.” And Christ is being presented Mosaic law, karmic law and that is to be their yardstick. That is the yardstick of the human mind. The human mind lives in its Mosaic law. It lives in good and bad. It lives in hopes and ambitions. The human mind lives in the personal sense of ego. It’s only concerned about what it’s going to do in this particular lifespan. That’s all it knows. And for it, it’s lifespan is squashed down between its ankles and its head and that area between the ankles and the head is where it’s greatly concerned. That’s where the human ego spends most of its time working because it believes in karmic law and it even thinks that’s the law of God.

Now watch how deftly He lifts them out of their accusation so that they actually begin to accuse themselves. And watch how this self-accusation is a perfect mirror of what you and I do every day when we are unaware that every condemnation of another person on the face of the earth is our own self-incrimination.

John put this here to show us that every time we bring a belief that another somewhere else is in some way responsible for any discord in our life, by withholding something from us that we want or by in some way jeopardizing our life, we are denying the very Presence of the One Self. The Pharisees saw an adulteress. They didn’t see the One Self. There was just somebody between the head and the feet standing over here saying, “That one between the head and the feet over there is an adulteress.”

And we still live in that state of mind of thirty-five hundred years ago in spite of the fact that here two thousand years ago, one could say, “No, that’s the One Self over there that you’re calling an adulteress. Don’t you realize that all there is, is the One Self everywhere?” So you’ve just looked at your own self and said, “You’re an adulteress.” You’ve just looked at your own self and said, “ You lack.” You’ve looked at your own self and said, “You’re limited.” You’re looking at God everywhere and saying “God doesn’t have this and God doesn’t have that.” All trapped in the mirror of the mind.

He’s not telling us a story about the Pharisees accusing an adulteress at all. Those are the props. He’s showing us that as long as external to us, we think there’s something there that isn’t the One Pure Perfect Self which is called God, which is yourself, you’re simply putting yourself on the stand and indicting yourself, thinking how self-righteous I am, that that one over there is at fault. That one over there is making the mistake, not me. But that one over there is you. And until you know that that one over there is you, you go right on incriminating yourself. No one over there is withholding anything from you because it’s you over there and when you know that the only one over there is the one in your consciousness, you’ve removed the appearance of the adulteress.

Why does it happen to be an adulteress? Because the human mind is an adulteress. The human mind is an adulteress. It is an adulteress in the fact that it is not married to God.

Now we see these people here are seeing a physical adulteress and in the doing of it they are committing Spiritual adultery. There is no moral issue here in this chapter. That’s the way it’s been translated. The only issue here is the Spiritual issue. As the Pharisees accused the adulteress, as the mind finds something in the physical world that is not right, the mind is in adultery. It is not seeing the one, indivisible Spirit of God which is all that is present. And in that Spiritual adultery, we are all guilty of separating ourselves from God.

To answer this, “Jesus stooped down” and to teach us “With His finger, he wrote on the ground as though he heard them not.” Now watch how tenderly he treats even the accusers of the adulteress. He does not accuse them. He permits them to express themselves and He writes this nothingness into the earth.

And in Jeremiah, here’s what is said to explain that passage when He writes in the earth with His finger: The passage is 17:13, “Oh Lord, the hope of Israel, all that forsake thee shall be ashamed.” They have forsaken the One Self, you see that? “All that forsake thee shall be ashamed and they that depart from me.” That departing from me is departing from the knowledge of that One Self everywhere. “They that depart from me shall be written in the earth because they have forsaken the Lord, the fountain of the living waters.”

To his own disciples later, he said, “Be thankful your names are writ in heaven.”

But here, they had healed you see and their healing was in the knowledge of One Self. Here the Pharisees are dividing the Father’s garment. They’re seeing form not Life. They’re turning away from the Spirit, by division. And so their names are writ in the earth. The mind of us turns away from One and tries to keep us earthbound.

What sayest thou?” they said. “So, when they continued asking him, he lifted himself up.”

Now listen, “He lifted up himself.” A while ago it said “He stooped down.” He had to reveal the identity of the mortal mind as keeping them earthbound, separated from the One Life and now He lifted up himself meaning the truth of them, the transcendental reality of them He knew to be the invisible Christ. The mortal form of them was of the earth. The Spirit of them they were unaware of. But He could lift them in the knowledge of their Reality. And even while they were accusing the adulteress, He was lifting them up.

In other words, the Christ in you does not waver from the One Pure Truth. All that is present is the One Pure Truth of God and just as Jesus resolutely stands there, non-reactive to the accusers, there comes a time in you when the Christ of you is in the uppermost in your consciousness and the world around you is the Pharisees coming to you with a claim, “There’s the adulteress, or there’s this or the other thing.” And the Christ in you stands, just writes in the ground meaning, mortal mind nothing else.

We who are to follow in these footsteps are to be able to very simply recognize the earthly mortal mind appearance that comes to us and not be persuaded that the absence of God has occurred. And the mortal mind will continue to belabor us with its problem just as it does here.

So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself and said, he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

–  End of Side One  —-

Now you can see that there were several levels of what would be called sin. First the ulterior motive in being completely indifferent to the girl. All they wanted was to upset His authority over the people by making Him break the code of Moses. And secondly, you can be sure that they weren’t too interested in having the same law apply to themselves. There probably weren’t enough stones if that were necessary. But they wanted him. He was their victim – not her, she was the pawn.

And so, they were well aware now that He knew their motive and this was one of the sins they had committed. They were well aware that if they were to absolutely pursue this law, there would be a difficult problem in the kingdom right then of Judaism. If we were to take every corrupt man out of government, we might find we also have a difficult time replacing them. There was an inner corruption in these men and their own consciousness, their own conscience, convicted them.

Now when you face mortal mind in you with the truth of Christ as your identity, as the knowledge of the One Self, mortal mind will slowly slink away just as these Pharisees slowly slinked away. And so you must face mortal mind with its accusations about the absence of God with the truth in consciousness of One Perfect Self and you’ll find that like the Pharisees, it cannot face that truth without wilting, dissolving, turning away.

There’s a higher truth here, somewhat startling. It’s very likely that what was happening was the second part of what you were practicing during the week; that when you know that everything is in consciousness only, and you’re able to control that consciousness instead of having it control you, you can dissolve the unreal. To an extent, you may have proved that to yourself. The bad health disappears and the good health replaces it. Things of that kind. Here the people themselves walk away and you might consider the idea that in the pure consciousness of Christ Jesus, and that if you were able to do the same, so-called enemies would have to dis-appear. Problems would have to disappear. All things unlike God would have to disappear. For not in consciousness, they cannot remain in your world.

To emphasize that these people are of the earth, it says “Again he stooped down.”

Every time you see that repetition, that’s the emphasis of what He’s been teaching. These people are of the earth. Mind will keep you on the earth. Mind will keep you in mortality. “Again he stooped down.” This is the statement that mind is inevitably glued to this world.

And he wrote on the ground. And they which heard it being convicted by their own consciousness, went out one by one, beginning at the eldest even unto the last. And Jesus was left alone.”

You see that Christ vanishes all unlike itself. “And the woman standing in the midst.” You notice he didn’t stoop down twice where she’s concerned but only where they’re concerned. They were the accusers. They had the law. They had no right to be ignorant. She was ignorant, misusing her body. They were ignorant, misusing the law. They were guilty of Spiritual adultery while accusing her of physical adultery. And the mortal mind of us will fall into just that predicament. It will be consistently in a state of Spiritual adultery while it is concerned about its material problems. That very concern is Spiritual adultery because it is the loud confession that the Spirit of God is not here. While committing Spiritual adultery, you can see that the mind cannot attain contact with the Father or cannot in any way bring you into the kingdom of God.

Now if you can see through this message here, you’re finding one of the major barriers to the acceptance and the capacity to live here and now in the kingdom of God. You’ve got to discover how your mind is committing Spiritual adultery. It came in making loud statements about this one and that one and the other one doing wrong things and it was the one who was wrong.

Deftly, he is turning the accused into freedom while showing her accusers that it is they who are guilty of the greater error. The mind which finds error is guilty of error. The mind in us which finds error is guilty of the greater error and that error is finding error. The mind that finds error has found what God knows nothing about.

You see then the message here of Spiritual adultery is the story of the human mind which is always accusing God of placing something in this universe that is not doing its job right and there is no such thing.

On the other hand, to turn around and look at the adulteress and say, “Neither do I condemn thee” might appear that you’re condoning it. But all this is lifting us to the level of looking through the appearance. No matter what it is. Because if you can’t look through the appearance, your mind is in a state of Spiritual adultery and try as you will, you’ll have to pay the price of that adultery which is a far greater price than all of the physical adultery in the world. It isn’t the condoning of that condition but its lifting us up to see the greater error that is being committed than physical adultery.

And so, to her, “Sin no more lest a greater evil come upon thee.” She in her ignorance has been unfaithful to her husband. They in their ignorance have been unfaithful to God. The mind is ever unfaithful to God.

Now if we accept that the mind is unfaithful to God, can we follow that mind? Or must we stoop into the sand and with our finger write this is a nothing mind? This is a mind that blasphemes the Father. This is a mind that creates a world of mortality, a world of physicality, a world of things where only my Spirit is. And so I will not let my mind sin lest a greater evil come upon me. My mind is that adulteress. It must be trained to sin no more but only to identify the One Self everywhere. Because when it finds Christ in itself, I am out of Egypt. I am out of darkness. I am out of living between the ankle and the head.

Your life now stretches out everywhere. As far as your mind can go, your life is there. As a matter of fact, one of the most liberating meditations you may ever experience is when you enter the silence with the knowledge that your complete, total eternal life exists now. It doesn’t make any difference if your physical selves appears for another million years. Your total life now exists.

And when you rest in that, letting yourself know this truth, you find that your life is a different life than you’re living in your conscious daily living. Your conscious daily living is in the life of the mind. And it only is conscious of what it sees around you. But your life is complete already. It isn’t this seventy or eighty year span. Your life is a forever life and there’s nothing that’s going to happen tomorrow that isn’t already in your life. Your total life is not going to be lived. It already is. The knowledge of that takes you right into the now of your life.

It’s truly a glorious meditation to sit back in the now of your life. Many surprising things happen when you do that. Because that life being infinite now, isn’t going to become something, it isn’t a series of new tomorrows, it’s a total now-ness and the awareness of it brings many things into play. All to this imaged form here that could never happen until the consciousness touches the knowledge of life now, extends into millions of so-called human years, in every direction. There’s nothing to seek in that, just the feeling that knows life is, complete, beyond this lifespan into many, many lifespans.

And you see why peace is so essential. The real life, the real substance is now. The real life of you is everywhere. The real life of you is infinite. And here the mind of you is concerned about a changing image, in a changing place, in a changing time and none of it is you at all. And yet, when you’re in the one, now life of your everywhere, this changing image receives all the benefits. Your total life is now. Such a different place than the earthbound mind.

More and more you will be of the opinion that you can relax in your total life now with trust, that you can bring your peace to that knowledge and rest there and watch your total life manifest in the changing time picture. This would be trust that God is your life. You’ve learned that God is everywhere, that God is your life and so is God going to be something more tomorrow than today? Is your life going to really be something more tomorrow? Or are you thinking of this between the head and the toe? Get rid of that image. Your life tomorrow and your life now are identical. And your life eternally is the life that you are now. When you accept that eternal life here and now, you won’t be writing in the sand and you won’t be accusing God of not being somewhere and you won’t have to face the accusations of the Pharisaical ideas in the mind. You won’t be limited because your total life now is completely unlimited. And that consciousness can be carried where you walk, ultimately with absolute confidence. Your total life is now. Nothing will ever be added to it. All of it is now.

Silence, (long pause) …

We’re going to pause a moment, about five minutes. See you shortly.

We’re not going to try to press home too many points. If we can leave today with the knowledge that all life is now and work with that, I can assure you it’s another level of yourself that will open up.

Now in this chapter, Joel makes the following statement. First you remember he describes the way the tree sheds its seed and the seed then becomes another tree. And this is what he says about it, “In using the tree as an example of Life expressing itself, what I want you to see is that you are not the tree, that you never were the seed and you are not the new tree but you are the life of the first tree, of the seed and of the second tree. And therefore your life has been, and is, continuous since ‘before Abraham was’.”

And you’ll notice the complete focus here is not on what’s between your head and your toe. The focus here is on the life of you which has been, and is, and ever will be. All life is now. Your life is never changing. Your concept of it keeps changing. But if you can rest in the knowledge of your life which is total, which is complete and get it out of just this little area of time you call your lifespan, see that your life is before Abraham; and that’s your life we’re talking about, that your life is forever, that your life is the life of God. This should be your permanent unbroken consciousness, that I am life eternal, including within itself all that life is.

And do you see how the Pharisee mind darts out of that and denies itself to be life eternal? Do you see how you deny yourself to be life eternal? Where is your mind? On the awareness of your life eternal or upon the pressures of today? You can continue in the pressures of today but you’ll find they’re going to be the pressures of tomorrow. The teaching here is; transcend the pressures of today because they’re only the Pharisee mind accusing God of being absent. Transcend to the knowledge that the life of God is my life now, and rest there, and that my life isn’t just this particular moment, my life isn’t being born in a tomorrow and becoming a today life, my life exists tomorrow already. Tomorrow is just going to flow in here as a mental idea about my life which already is and every tomorrow is going to be that. And these tomorrows can bring into me very little except what I’m conscious of. If I’m conscious now of my life which is forever, these tomorrows are going to bring in that forever life into my consciousness in manifested forms. How different a way to live than to stand here with your bare knuckles and face the pressures of the day. You see how the serpent keeps us bound to the earth? But as we are accepting I am the life, the life of God everywhere, in all tomorrows now, and bring the peace to that understanding, and rest, you’re lifting up the I. You’re becoming conscious of what you are. And the eternal life of you can yield into this present moment more of itself through your consciousness of its presence. The presence you’re to practice is your own eternal life now.

So Joel continues, “The life of God is your life and therefore your life co-existed with God in the beginning, and down through all of the ages, of fathers, mothers, grandfathers, grandmothers, grandparents, great-grandparents and on into infinity, but always it is the one Life which I AM.”

Instead of saying, “there’s an adulteress,” you’re quietly knowing there’s no adulteress. All that’s there is the One Life. There is no mortal form there. There is the immortal life there. Your knowledge of life pierces the veil of form and then all the forms you thought were so necessary are manifested from the level of life rather than from the Pharisaical mind or mortal mind. Life manifests, not mind.

What is the sin then which made the Pharisees slink away? They didn’t know it but His knowledge of it made them realize something they couldn’t define. They had really rejected their own souls. Whenever you are trapped in the veil of matter you are rejecting your own soul in favor of your mind. Your soul knows the One Eternal Life that you are. You can live in that. It will feed you. Just be patient while you’re living in it. It will feed you. It will protect you. It has a perfect Divine plan. It is the power of Grace.

And every time the lower self, the self beneath, the earthbound self, makes its claim upon you, stoop down into the sand, make a little figure meaning nothing-ness, arm of flesh. Seems so important to that self beneath but that self beneath with its problems exists only because it is rejecting its own soul. It isn’t accepting; my total life is now, everywhere, perfect as my Father.

The human mind knows all of the ways to commit physical adultery and while it’s doing that it is committing the highest sin of committing Spiritual adultery twenty-four hours a day. Don’t let it trap you in Spiritual adultery because that is the sin which leads to further intensification of your trouble.

To the Father, to the Divine life, be true. There’s nothing more to do.

Actually” says Joel, “I really am the life of all my ancestors and I’ll be the life of all my children, my grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-great grandchildren because it will be the same life appearing as me, as the seed, as my child, as their seed and as their child. Always it will be I appearing as. And this is my immortality, the immortality of my life maintained as many forms in many generations.”

And so the good forms, the bad forms, the happy forms, the unhappy forms, they are the images in the mind where only your life is. Then you have accepted God to be pure Being and yourself to be pure Being, One Pure Being.

So you can tell the Spiritual student and you can tell the individual who is the stone in which the seed has not taken root. One is talking about all of this world and all of the problems in it and the other is living in One Self, perfect as my Father. They might both be appearing in a difficult situation but one is accepting it and fighting it and warring and fretting the other is saying “I and my Father are one.” There has to come that time when we choose and then it becomes a permanent way. “I and my Father are one,” and the mind which had accused the Father of being absent slinks away. One remains on the field, your Christ consciousness, your consciousness of One Pure Life everywhere. One Pure Being.

The chapter next week is “Release Man.” This week we released woman. I presume there’ll something in it similar to what we’ve been discussing. Your assignment, if you care to have one, is to pierce the veil of matter around you by the knowledge that where matter appears, only Life is. And that the Life is never dependent on the matter. The matter may be contaminated but not the Life that is there. The Life there is the same pure Life that is over there and all of it is your Life. You certainly won’t find any adulteresses in your Life. You won’t find any sicknesses in your Life. And if you do, you are not in the consciousness of Life and you are separated from Life and you will suffer the consequences of being separated from Life because it’s the only sin and in that separation, evil after evil appears only because Life is being denied by the Pharisee mind, the human mind.

Wherever you are, if you will stand on the principle that you are the Life that is everywhere now and complete and perfect, all these things that accuse you of pain, lack and limitation will meet the truth in you and slink away.

That’s the nature of our meditation for the week. God Life is now. My total Life is already done. It will be forever. I can live in it now. I can live in the totality of it now. Not just this segment, not this interlude. I can live in the totality of my Life now. I must, for that is how I acknowledge its presence.

Try that meditation this week. Every time I go into it, the phone starts ringing and never stops. Don’t be surprised because it really does open a world that is invisible to our human sense knowledge.

And the second meditation that I’d like to recommend is that you make it a point never to enter meditation until you have first come to grips with your adversary, in the knowledge that, I cannot go to God in a state of conflict. I can only go to God in a state of peace. And if you cannot attain that peace before you meditate, don’t waste your time meditating. If you cannot transcend the appearances and accept the peace on faith, then you have no faith in God. You have no faith in the omnipresence of Being and the chapter Pure Being is to establish that only Pure Being is being.

Now when you can on faith transcend the circumstances around you, gathering all of your awareness into the peace of knowing the Father is present and perfect now, then go into your meditation and watch how quickly the wings of truth lift you up. Meditations that were fruitless for years suddenly become a magic push button. The moment your faith is that you accept the peace in spite of the war going on around you and in you, you have really come into a state of faith and that peace will be its own reward. That’s the second type of meditation to practice and I can assure you this last suggestion is something you’ll always remember once you have had the success of a meditation in which you first entered in a state of peace in spite of what surrounded you. You wonder, “Where did everything go? What happened?” It’s a quick transformation.

And then next week we’ll do Release Man. For those who will not be here, you can tune in with us during this Easter talk, in the peace. And if you tune in in the peace, you’ll feel the peace that is here. You’ll know you’re in the peace because you’ll start smiling inside. That’s what happens when you’re in the peace. Everything in you wants to smile.

And so until Easter time, thanks again. And to all of you who will be here or won’t; Happy Palm Sunday.

Welcome everybody.

If you have ever watched a ball in flight, you’ll notice that it rises to a certain level, then it comes down and if you measured the going and the coming up to that level, you’d see that it’s pretty equidistant at all points. We find that our human lives move pretty much like a ball in flight. We go up to a certain point but that’s as far as we go. And then we come down. The ball can just go to a certain distance. It can’t continue upward indefinitely. The human being cannot either.

And as we rise, like a ball, we may be showing a great deal of success in our particular profession, we may find a great deal of success in our social activities, a great deal of success in our intellectual capacities. And then there comes a time when part of the human mechanism begins to describe its downward motion. The intellect may continue to go up but sometimes it’s the physical part of it that goes down first. Sometimes the emotional break down, other times other factors in our lives begin to make their descent. And at times, many factors at one time go down together. No matter how high we rise, the nature of humanhood is that we must come down.

When you have found your way into a message like the Infinite Way, and have discovered some of the secret keys of it, you’re no longer concerned about the rising and the falling because you have found that you’re no longer seeking to rise humanly. It takes quite a while to come into that realization that the desire to rise humanly is a deterrent to Spiritual awareness. The desire to be humanly successful, the desire to possess, the desire to attain a status, even the desire to be a great writer or a great composer or a great painter. Every human desire we discover, is a detriment, because it is a departure from the will of the Father. And even though we might rationalize it and say, “But surely He wants me to be another Gaugin or another Thomas Mann or another Einstein,” you’d be surprised to find that He doesn’t want you to be anything of this sort.

Always, there must come first the inner ordainment. And you cannot manufacture that. You can merely follow the signs. Now then, human life we know has its own restrictions built in. The major one being it terminates. And so, we finally see that there has been embedded in the Bible and in all the Spiritual messages of the world, a call to another system, another kind of life.

And so, we have two systems in the Bible. The system we know called mortal life and the system we are learning about called immortal life. And even though we have sought out dominion, which we felt was given to us, over land, sea and air, living the human life, we discover there is no such thing as true dominion. It isn’t contained in the human life. And then the paradox of learning that dominion is in giving up your human sense of life and accepting your immortal life.

All dominion is in the life of the Father in you. I am the power. I am the way. I am the life. Not you. The human sense of you becomes a cloak that you drop. And as long as you are still seeking humanly, for safety, protection, fulfillment, satisfaction, you might as well face it, you’re trying to live a human life. And you have no interest whatsoever in the Infinite Way.

You must clarify within yourself your own motives and your own understanding of those motives. If you want human betterment, if that is your basic goal, do not pretend to yourself that you are moving on a Spiritual path. Because the purpose of the Spiritual path is definitely impaired and made impossible for attainment when you still have a human sense of life. And so, the pride of the flesh is not part of the Spiritual way. The fears of the flesh, the hopes of the flesh, the ambitions of the flesh are all traps, detours along the way which become meaningless when you attain them. All you’ve done is attain a better humanhood which ultimately terminates anyway.

Now, we’ve learned so far in this series that all form on this earth is not God created. And to clarify that, we have said that all form on this earth is before us as an illusion made of invisible light. Light that you cannot define with the naked eye or with any technological instruments. And this form, the animated moving illusions of the world around us and include everything that is in material form. We see that mortal life does not have its origin in God and is not under the jurisdiction or government of God. It can suffer from any degree of lack or limitation because it is not of the Father, it is not the substance of the Father, it is not under the law of the Father. It is separate and apart from the Father.

So, in the second lesson we learn that God is pure. And being pure, and being the only Creator, only purity can emanate from that which is God. So, the expression of God everywhere is purity. A pure Father means a pure son. You cannot be impure. It is impossible. There’s nothing you can do to make yourself impure. You must be pure because the Father expresses as the son.

So, this becomes our conscious awareness. My purity is assured because my Father is pure. And the Father being perfect maintains that purity forever. And now we have purity established as our own being with no second possible. Therefore, we know that our life is pure. We also know that our form is not pure. We know that our form is not that life. And we have made a distinction then that we are the life of God which is immortal. But we appear in the form of man which is mortal and impure. The appearance in mortal form is not the life of God. And the life of God is not in the mortal form. When you’re told that God is not in the whirlwind, you’re being told that God is life and life is not in the whirlwind. And that could have been said about anything in which God is not in. Life is not in evil. Life is not in error. Life is not in death. Life is not in a germ. Life is not in anything which is not God’s creation.

And therefore, the lacks and the limitations, the various causes of fear in our world, are occasioned by our lack of knowledge that life is not in them for they are not of God. And as you tighten the screws on your consciousness, you realize that life, being my name, that life is deathless, disease-less, eternal. That life is without flaw, without any form of impurity. That life is totally without lack or limitation. And it doesn’t matter if the hair is getting bald on the top or its falling out, it doesn’t matter if the wrinkles are appearing in the face, it doesn’t matter how we walk or how we talk. All that counts is the knowledge that I am the life of God.

This becomes the foundation of your consciousness in the Infinite Way. You are the life of God. God is your life. Now that’s our starting point. But this ball in flight goes up and comes down. Spirit doesn’t. In Spirit you find a continuous progression, an eternal newness. There’s no up and then down. There’s no descent. In my Father’s house are many mansions. We find there is a continuous upward movement as we leave our human sense behind us.

You may not have heard it but to you the call to oneness has been strong and direct. The oneness which was announced by the Master to explain the various miracles that appeared. “I and the Father are one.” That oneness has been scattered throughout the Bible. Those of us who have missed that call, are now reminded that in duality, the belief that I am human, we have turned our backs upon the call to oneness, upon the very thing we seek, for only in oneness, only in the acceptance of life immortal as now do we find that dominion which in one way or another lured us into the Spiritual path.

You wanted dominion. You wanted dominion because you wanted control instead of being controlled. In some way you wanted to be master of your destiny. And then you discover that the only way you can have that dominion and this is the truth that will never walk away from you, the only way you can have that dominion, is to lose your human sense of life. All other dominion is pretense and temporary. Only in the acceptance, the living, the knowing of your immortal life is there dominion. Prophets knew this and they dropped their words in such a way that the masses could not understand. Always the sacred was hidden from the profane.

Take a look now at some of the interesting passages in the Bible which bring us into the knowledge of One. We’re going to look at Ecclesiastes. This is 4:8. In sum, “There is one alone and there is not a second. You, I mean yea, he hath neither child nor brother yet is there no end of all this labor. Neither is his eye satisfied with riches, neither saith he, for whom do I labor and bereave my soul of good?”

Now that one alone is reiterated by Isaiah. We may not have recognized it. “The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, prepare the way of the Lord,” and that means of the One. “Make straight in the desert a highway for our God.” The desert is the human consciousness. The highway is the knowledge of One.

Then you find in Matthew the repetition of this. When John the Baptist appears, and note the word tucked into this statement, saying “Repent ye for the kingdom of heaven is at hand for this is He that was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah saying, the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Make his path straight.” The voice of One.

You’ve noticed that the ark of Noah was built and on it he was told to take two of this and two of that. Now you can see the symbolism very clearly there. He was taking two into the one. Every living thing, two of every living thing, both male and female. Out of one had come two and Adam symbolically gave his rib to become Eve. And these two are returning into the ark to become one. Always the one is the key. A male and female of everything that is on the earth. And the ark is the one, the knowledge of oneness which sails over the flood of the world mind.

Where two or more are gathered in my name. My name is One. One life, one being. Are you that one? If there are divergent points of you in your consciousness, they must be gathered together into the ark of one until where you stand is only the One.

Now there are other ways in which this one is shown. One of the most popular passages overlooked is the Acts. “When the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.”

You see why they were about to receive the Holy Ghost? They were in one accord in one place. They were in the knowledge of one God, one Being, one Life, one Law, one Power, one Substance without opposite. They had taken all of their twos into the ark of one. They had spent three years with the Master and they have been cleansed of dualities. They didn’t know love and hate. They didn’t know wisdom and stupidity. They didn’t know safety and accidents. They didn’t know protection and vulnerability. They didn’t know good health and germs. The twos had been combined, had been blended into one. And that one was the purity of God is all that is present.

You see they had stepped out of the human sense of life, out of the belief that there is immortality and mortality. The two had become one in that mortal life, mortality had been swallowed up. They were about to receive the Holy Ghost because they were now aware that the only life there is, is the life of God. And so, Peter, John, James, all the rest had accepted, “Now are we the sons of God, now are we immortal life. Though we appear on earth in the flesh, now are we immortal life.” And then came the flood of Spirit.

And the blending of two into one is given to us with just one word. “Suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing, mighty wind and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues.” Those cloven tongues, that’s the sign of two blended into one, like a fork tongue, a split, head and heart had been united. That’s the cloven tongues, the intellect had been united with Spiritual consciousness. And all that remained was the one, the immortal sense of life.

When that happens in you, when you have been able to discard, cleanse out, redeem, all thought of human life and all factors of human life and all human possibilities so that come what may, no matter how high the flood rises, you are in the ark of the realization of one immortal life as your life. When that happens to you, this is what happens to you: “They were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit of God gave them utterance.”

Now that’s the point of oneness. There were many other ways in which oneness was disguised in the Bible. There’s no point giving it to those who have no idea what it is. You find very interesting things about the number 10. If whenever you come across the number 10, you stop a moment, you’ll see that you’re being told about oneness. In that, the One is your Source. The One is your identity and the zero is the nothingness of human life. And the only way you’ll overcome the nothingness of mortal life is to be in the One. The One overcomes the zero and there are interesting ways in which that 10 was dropped into the Bible.

One of them is in 1st Kings, the 11th chapter and 3rd verse, it says it in such a way that it clues you in on many things that you’ll come across in the Bible from time to time. The number 10 is what they’re trying to give us and they do it this way. Speaking of Solomon, they say, “He had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines.” Let’s see if I could find that, 11:3, “He had seven hundred wives, princesses and three hundred concubines and his wives turned away his heart.” Now, the seven hundred wives and the three hundred concubines, you see, add up to 10, one thousand. It doesn’t matter about the zeros at all. They’re telling you 10. They’re telling you that the secret of King Solomon’s wisdom, omniscience, power, was that he had reached the point where the One Self had been accepted and there was nothing else there. King Solomon had obtained that level of consciousness which is the one immortal self realized. So, they take this roundabout way to say it.

Now you’ve heard again and again that 10 righteous men can save a city. And yet, where are the ten righteous men? You don’t see ten righteous men saving any cities. Because the ten again is telling you the secret of oneness. Whoever comes into the One, is one with Source. And all the rest is zero. Why were there ten commandments? Because it was a symbol of the total balance that you attain when you have accepted the one immortal life. One, One, One.

And there are other ways in which this is carried out. Two always suggested the feminine so that one would be Adam and two would be Eve. One would divide and then become the second or the feminine. And then the second would have to come back into the first. So that the male and female would have to be united into one again. Just as the two, male and female of each living thing had to be brought into the ark. In other words, the male and female elements of your humanhood, the positive and the negative, the opposites, had to come into the mystical marriage. That union in which all that remains where you are is the consciousness of God.

Now, we want to take some exercises today which are quite different than the remembrance of quotations. And these are exercises given to us spiritually so that you won’t find them in any book.

When you have accepted the truth that your life is immortal, you still linger in the belief of the forms of the world and even though you may have reached that level of understanding which can say the life of God is in no form, but the life of God is there, you will still be influenced by those forms. So that everywhere you look, you’re making judgments about forms.

Now, try this first. See if you can for the next minute or two, close your eyes, and even though thought may enter, see if you can keep your consciousness free of form so that no matter what enters your consciousness, if it’s of form, see if you can get rid of it. If it’s a girl, a boy, a flower or a tree, a house, see if you can keep your consciousness pure of form. This is an exercise which develops your capacity to drop the form consciousness. You’ll find later when you open your eyes and see form, if you perform this exercise faithfully, even though you see form with your visible eyes later, it will not make the same impression upon you as normally if you have spent some time relaxing in just keeping form out of your consciousness. Every time a person comes in there, just reject that form quickly. You’ll find that if you develop this capacity, you’ll practice it quite often. Sometimes you can spend as much as ten minutes to a half hour just relaxing in this little challenge with nothing else in mind other than to reject form from your consciousness as an exercise. Nothing stupendous would happen necessarily, while you do this, other than you’ll feel at peace and you will have been cleansing your temple of the false consciousness of form. Because where the form appears to be, only the immortal life is. I give you this exercise because of what I have seen it do. And I recommend that you practice with it from ten to thirty minutes from time to time. Try it say for a week. Just to get the consciousness or the capacity to have dominion over your consciousness in that you can keep form out of there. That’s all this exercise is for.

Now as I say tree, see if you can keep that picture tree out of your consciousness. As I say rose, see if you can throw out the rose from your consciousness. As I say automobile, mother, sister, brother, the world will throw these things at you and you must learn to move them out of your consciousness. Then, beside visuals, there are sensations of touch, hearing, taste and smell. And if you are able to go further, you can actually take words that are coming to you from somebody and keep them out of your consciousness if you wish.

Everything of this world you see, can be kept out of your consciousness. Everything. That would be a pure consciousness. You start with form. You can expand it to other things if you wish but whatever is in the world, you should have the capacity to keep it out of your consciousness. Even though the world will try to push it in. Now that’s building a dominion in your consciousness.

Then we would go on to a more advanced exercise. And this is quite stupendous. You probably won’t succeed in the second until you have had some time practicing the first. And the second is, that there really is nothing outside of your consciousness anyway. You can’t know anything outside of your consciousness. All you can know and experience is that which is in your consciousness. And therefore, in this second exercise, take the word automobile and instead of keeping it out of your consciousness, keep it in your consciousness but know it isn’t out there. It’s in your consciousness.

You find each exercise helps the other one. Take the word mother, and you’ll find that mother is in your consciousness and never got out of your consciousness. Take the word business, you’ll find your business is in your consciousness. You may think it’s on a certain street in a certain city. You’re wrong. It’s in your consciousness. Your consciousness is much bigger than that street and that city.

The size of your consciousness is the size of the world. And the world is in your consciousness. That’s what made your world. Your consciousness made visible is your world. And everything in your world, is your own consciousness. If there are germs in your world that’s because they’re in your consciousness. If there’s bad business in your world, that’s in your consciousness. If there’s safety and protection in your world, that’s in your consciousness.

Now, to take this exercise and to understand that your dominion over your world lies in the knowledge that there’s nothing outside of your consciousness. The Pacific Ocean for you may have been out there but after you have practiced this exercise you will know that the Pacific Ocean is in your consciousness. Every mountain, every valley, every stream, every planet, every star, even the sun and the sky. Everything is in your consciousness. That is your complete world.

And strangely, the sun, the stars, the streams, the valleys and the mountains that are in your consciousness are not the same ones that are in your neighbor’s consciousness. They have a completely new Pacific Ocean in their consciousness. A completely new sun and stars and planets. Their consciousness contains their world. And they may think that their world and yours are the same but if you have practiced your exercise well, you will discover that as many people as walk this earth, that’s how many Pacific Oceans there are, that’s how many suns there are, that’s how many different worlds there are. Each consciousness contains another world.

Now you’re concerned at the moment with your world, within your consciousness. And if you have dominion over your consciousness you will have dominion over your world. Nothing can get outside of your consciousness. There’s no place for it to go. And so, the automobile coming down the street isn’t, it’s in your consciousness. The child born isn’t, it’s in your consciousness. The qualities of your life in this world in your consciousness are determining the outward appearances. Everyone you know who seems external to you is in your consciousness. And when you talk to them you are speaking to someone in your consciousness. This is an exercise that must be practiced to be experienced.

And then another exercise which may make the first two clearer to you is to see this: that your consciousness is cosmic in size. It isn’t a consciousness just as big as your body, it’s cosmic in size. And way down in the middle of it is a little image called your form. A little five-foot image in the center of a vast, vast, vast consciousness. All that that consciousness is in quality becomes a visible image called body. And the rest of the consciousness becomes the world. That’s how your little body appears in this consciousness and that’s how your population of your world walks and talks in this consciousness.

And when you go up to the source of this consciousness, you find the two life streams that are feeding it, the Divine and the world. Both feeding this consciousness that you call me down in this little image you call body. And the quality of that consciousness is being determined by what percent of the world mind is feeding you and what percent of the Divine. As you learn to turn more to the Divine that changes the little image in the middle of the consciousness and it changes the world around that image. And vice versa, as you have less of the Divine you find that the little image shows some discord, some lacks, some limitation. Because always the image that you have called body is made of the fabric of that cosmic consciousness which you are living in.

And so now we turn away from the image. We turn away from the world. Because the image and the world are all within your consciousness and we become more concerned about the quality of my consciousness. For this in turn determines the quality of my body image and it determines the quality of my business, the quality of my life, the quality of my world. Everything in my consciousness becomes the fabric of everything in my world.

And so, whereas the human goes up and comes down like a flight of the ball, the Spiritual student is interested in developing a Spiritual consciousness. And so, you turn your consciousness to the Divine knowingly which is the ark of oneness. And you do not accept the opposites. You do not accept any quality in your life that is not immortal because you would be accepting a lie. When you think you are in some form of lack or limitation, you are denying your immortal life. And you’re being fooled by an appearance. You’re not coming into the ark, you’re accepting the opposite of the quality of your immortal life. Your immortal life has no opposite qualities. You cannot come into the ark, into oneness and have opposite qualities. And so, the realization of oneness means that I being the one immortal life, indivisible from the Father, I and the Father being one immortal life, every quality of the Father is present now and that is my consciousness.

I’m learning to be conscious of that which I cannot see because the kingdom at hand is what I’m learning to be conscious of. And the more I become conscious of the kingdom at hand, the more this vast consciousness feeds the world which I inhabit as a human appearance.

Do you see all thought is not in your human life, not on the life of the body, not on what you shall eat nor wherewithal you shall be clothed? All thought is not anymore of that life. All thought is of that one immortal life. You take no thought for your mortal life because you have none. You don’t go on pretending that you have a mortal life and someday you’ll have an immortal one. You take no thought for your mortal life. You have no human need. You’re not trying to improve your business. You’re not trying to improve your health. An immortal has no business, an immortal has no health, an immortal has no physical form. You cannot accept immortal life and go on believing in the things of mortality. If you do you’re living in that little image in the middle of your consciousness instead of in your consciousness.

The little image in the middle of your consciousness has a false sense of consciousness. It does not know the one immortal life and it denies it all day long. Your dominion is to drop all sense of mortal life. And so, someone would say, “Well do I stop eating because it says take no thought for your life, what you shall eat. Do I stop going to fashion shows? It says take no thought wherewithal thou shalt be dressed.”

Now you see, that would be trying to make a jump out of mortality into immortality just by a new set of words. But it can’t be done that way. It must be lived through. It’s a slow, complete dedication, a concentrated effort to move from another level. And that other level is beginning to realize forms are not external to your consciousness.

Every form in your world is in that cosmic consciousness that you are. That’s where all the forms are. They never can get out of that consciousness. There’s no place they can go. And what is their power then? They have no power. There’s no one in your whole world who has that power. All power is in the One.

Now then you’re giving up mortal sense. You’re learning that form is all internal, within consciousness. It’s never external. And then you know that there are no powers in forms because they’re all within. They’re not out there. There’s no power to deprive you. There’s no power to harm you. If you think there is, you’re thinking of your mortal self. And as long as you’re dwelling in your mortal self, in your divided consciousness, you’re missing the call to oneness.

It’s a drastic step if you take it before you have understanding. But you must build that understanding because you’re going to be called upon to take that step. Spirit is going to insist that you take that step. Because although you think you are a life, it says “No, I am the life.” You think there’s a mortal way, it says, “No I am the way.” You think there’s a human solution, it says “No, I am the power.” And it reinforces that again and again and again in the call to oneness, “Not by might, not by power but by my Spirit,” by oneness. I am the one and oneness is the way. I am the one and oneness is the life. I am the one and oneness is the truth.

Oneness is not mortality. Oneness is immortality. How far do you think you’re going to be called upon to give up your mortal sense? You’ll be called upon totally. That is the purpose of crucifixion. A complete giving up of all human sense, was it not? There was nothing to protect. No need to protect the body, no need to cling to life, no need to protect any possessions. Why? Because there was no mortal life there. It seems like a drastic step. And yet the unwillingness and inability to take that step is more drastic because then you’re the human born of the flight going up and coming down with a terminating point. And that termination point has no existence in the immortal life. All of the giving up is the giving up of that which never was.

Now these little exercises may be seemingly of no major consequence but once you’ve started to accept that all that can ever be in your world is within your consciousness including your own body image. The reason that automobile is not outside of you is because it’s only outside of your body image. But the automobile and your body image are both within your consciousness.

And so, you’re developing the dominion over consciousness, the awareness, the ability to stand in that consciousness controlling the outer world by knowing it is within you. And then simply dropping mortal sense and resting in the word that the Father has dominion. The Father is the power. The giving up of mortal sense is signal when you can come to that place where you want no power over anything. You discover the power of no power. You need power over no business, none whatsoever, to make it improve. You need power over no enemy. You need power over no condition. Why? They are merely the belief in mortal life. Drop the belief in mortal life. Rest in the knowledge of one immortal life and then trust. Dropping all defense, all desire, all need to improve or correct. Trust the one immortal life to infiltrate your consciousness and express itself in your world as its own perfection in all things.

This giving up the desire to improve and correct and build and safeguard is all based on mortal life which is the false sense of life. The Master gave up that false sense of life as a demonstration to us of the way to follow. I’m the last one to tell you to do this because someone says do it or that it’s easy. I know that it’s the most difficult thing there is to do. And yet there’s a great satisfaction and a great escalation in consciousness once you start trying to do it because you discover the mirage of the mortal life. You don’t discover that mirage any other way. There never was a mortal life to give up. You’re giving up a sense of mortal life.

Who created mortal life? God? Did the immortal Father create something other than itself? Do you see that we’re coming over the false sense of mortality? But if there is no mortality what are you? Immortal. If the mortality you have lived in is not real, can those things connected with it be real? What happens to your mortal life once you accept immortal life? You find that the image and likeness of immortal life becomes the image and likeness of your life and of your experience.

We go back to Ecclesiastes, “There is one alone. He has no son and no brother.” There is no human life and those who walk in the Spirit cannot walk in the flesh.

Now we’re not asking the world to do this. We’re not even asking you to do this. It is the Spirit in you that decides whether you’re going to walk in the Spirit or the flesh. And there are many who believe not and that means they’re simply not ready and there are many who are learning that the only way they can walk is in the Spirit and for those we meet. For those who cannot accept it, there will be another time and another place. For those who can, we clasp our immortal hands in the oneness of the invisible, immortal life and we accept it rejecting all else. So that mortal life ceases to have any meaning other than an image in consciousness which we endure while we rest in the awareness of immortality now watching it express until the image which we see is the image of the Father, the Divine image and likeness, until the qualities of that image are expressing in its world and the Kingdom at hand is realized. We have no intention of going up like a ball and coming down again.

Now those exercises then, to review them for you are; one, just to rest in luxury of taking dominion over consciousness so that all thought of form as it comes to you, is dismissed. This is only during the exercise. That doesn’t mean the rest of the day. Not at this point. Just learning you have the capacity to dismiss thought of form from your consciousness.

Second exercise, to know that all that is external to you is actually not external at all but is in your consciousness and if you’ll wait for the experience of that so that you catch the idea that the apple is within you, the tree is within you, and we don’t mean within your human form. We mean within your cosmic consciousness and that your own form is within your cosmic consciousness. You’ll see that we’re really turning from the human way. This is the repentance. You’re turning away from the normal sense mind. You’re inverting, you’re coming back to the immortal self which is infinite as the Father. These exercises are only valuable when you reach an experience within them.

And the third exercise is to rest in the consciousness that you are immortal life. You have dominion in the knowledge of your identity. You do not accept the opposite of immortal life. Immortal life is without fear. If you have fear, you’re in mortality. Immortal life is without doubt, without uncertainty, without seeking and striving, without struggle, without concepts of bad health or good health, without lack and limitation. You cannot have these feelings in you and still say “I am immortal life,” because the very word fear is the denial of the immortality of your being. The fact is that God is omnipresent and every denial then is falling way back down into mortality.

When we’re told one with God is a majority, that’s a direct statement to you. Unless you’re one with God, dominion is impossible.

Now this is only the first chapter of Joel but the book is the Realization of Oneness and in fairness to you, in fairness to Joel, in fairness to the demand of Spirit, it’s probably good that right here at the outset we’re coming face to face with the purpose of the whole book. If through this book you can attain the realization that you are immortal life without opposite then that book in you will be fulfilled. That’s what this series is about.

I’d like to have a brief meditation and then we’re going to pause for a moment before coming back to the very specific quotations selected from this chapter Pure Being.

–  End of Side One  —-

This is from Joel’s book. “God cannot give us life and God cannot give us death. God is eternal life and His life is the life of our being. He does not give it. He is it.” “If there were a God life and our life, God life might be immortal and ours, mortal. But if God is infinite, God is infinite life and that means your life and my life.” You cannot have an immortal God who is infinite and any other kind of life. That is the fact. It doesn’t change.

And that is why in the meditation upon it, we simply rest in the knowledge that immortal life is the fact. It doesn’t depend on whether you accept it or not, it is the fact. And therefore, you can never really claim mortality and be in truth.

If you have a life that you think can begin and end, or can be tarnished by disease, infected by germs, a life that can have an unsuccessful business, you’re talking about mortal life, mortality. You’re not talking about life. Life is not any of those things.

And the call to oneness comes to you once more. Of one, crying in the wilderness of your consciousness saying, “Believe on me. The one that I am, you are; and drop your fears, drop your cares, drop all that is unlike the One for there is no other. And stand defenseless in the knowledge that I am the One and there is no power on this earth that can be used against the One that I am. The life of God is my life. The life of God is immortal. The life of God needs no protection for there is only the life of God. All form is without life. All form is contained only in the consciousness that beholds it. There is nothing that form can give you or take away. You are self complete Divine life. This is fidelity to the truth that God being pure, God being the only cause, the only Creator, all that can exist is that purity which I must be.”

When this is your stand, all of the counterfeit will drop out of your experience.

Now those of you who are going to do healing work, ask yourself, “What about this invalid you’re supposed to heal? Where is that invalid? Somewhere out there?” No. In your consciousness. Are you going to heal the invalid or are you going to heal your consciousness?

Those who have another kind of a thing that they want to improve, where is it? Out there? No. In your consciousness. How do you heal your consciousness? Rest in the truth that makes you free. Immortal life is one indivisible and there is no other. Anywhere. The condition has no existence except in false consciousness.

Be still and know that I am immortal life. Be still and know that I am yourself.

In all your travels, you’ll never go outside of your consciousness and if it is pure, aware only of the divinity of being, that is what you will experience wherever you go. Its qualities will express wherever you go.

Now if you’re a team of two in this work and one of you starts to talk about dualities, that’s the chance for the one who’s listening to say, “Wait a minute. How can that be true if you’re the one life?” We can catch each other very nicely and help each other that way.

Every time you’re thinking in terms of duality, that’s the time for someone to say to you, “Wait a minute. If only Divine life is, how can that be the truth? You’re worrying about a mirage. Don’t you have the courage of God’s life to be your life?” You don’t have to take any steps. It is your life and it’s the life of everyone you know. Rest in that One life and watch how it’s self-enforcing, self-revealing, self-fulfilling the moment you step out of the images and rest in the One life, it fulfills itself. If there is anyone in your experience who is not the One life that you are, you’re in duality and you think there’s another kind of life than the one indivisible perfect immortal life of God. That’s the truth we learn to live with.

I think we can rest now and come back to some of the quotations.

Joel says, “When we come to God aright, we have a God that we can love with all our heart and soul because we can look upon this world with its injustices, sins and disasters and be thankful that there is no God in any of the evils besetting mankind. God is not in the whirlwind.” He says “There is no God in any of the evils besetting mankind.”

When we’re told there’s no God in an evil, and God is life, there’s no life in an evil. Isn’t that amazing that there can be no life in an evil? There can be a whole nation at war and there’s no life in that evil. What can that possibly mean? Isn’t that the nothingness of mortal form? If there’s nothing, no life in a war, no life in the people carrying on the war, you see the momentity of that statement? We can be thankful that there is no God in any evil besetting mankind. He’s also saying there’s no mankind. Let alone the evil. Because if somebody is going out there with a sword to gouge somebody, where is there no life? In just the sword or in the man about to do the gouging or the man about to get it? There’s no life in any of it. You can’t just take a little piece out and say this is the part without the life. You see how the statement is veiled. There’s no God in any evil besetting mankind.

People would be willing to agree that God isn’t in those evils. The medical profession for example would say, “Well that’s true. God isn’t in this evil.” But they won’t go so far as to say because God isn’t in this evil, the evil isn’t here and we must go that far. Some of us must be prepared to demonstrate that it isn’t here. In our own lives, in the lives of those around us and whoever may come to you and say, “I feel a light in you that can help me.”

There is no God in any evil and this is the statement that evil is non-existent. “When we have removed God from them, we have removed the substance from them. They begin to destroy themselves. They begin to dissolve.” When you remove God from any evil, you have removed its substance.

But how can you do that? How do you remove God from an evil? By the knowledge that God isn’t in that evil, that it has no life. But can you say it has no life and still fear it and still try to dodge it and still try to overcome it? Or do you resist not? If it has no life, are you going to resist it and thereby believe it has life?

No, what is an evil? Not just a horrible man making a face at us. An evil is a condition that is unlike God. Some condition that you would normally want to get rid of and you find now through this revelation that there’s nothing to get rid of except the belief that you have such an evil. Why? Because God isn’t in the evil. God is in you as your life. The only reason that was evil to you is because you had not been in the consciousness that you are Divine life. Not in the understanding of it mentally but in the consciousness that you are Divine life and as Divine life, you are infinite Divine life. And where is the evil in infinite Divine life? Look into your infinite Divine consciousness. You can’t find any evil there. But you can’t look into your infinite Divine consciousness until you are accepting yourself to be Divine life and then if you were Jesus Christ, you would look into your consciousness and you wouldn’t see a cripple there. He just wouldn’t be there and you know he therefore isn’t there. And lo and behold, he would walk.

The moment you are Divine life, you can remove the belief that God is in evil. And you can also remove the belief that evil is in you. The moment you are properly identified and faithful to identity, you have dissolved evil from your consciousness.

Joel says, “In the realization that God is our very being”. Now that’s exactly where we’ve been up to now, resting in the realization that God is our very being. How can we fear, love or hate gold and silver, germs, poisons, bullets, bombs?

Now you must remember this was a man who appeared in the flesh making these statements and you must remember that he had lived through the proof wherewith he could make these statements. Now how could he have lived through the proof of that as flesh and blood? It was only in the realization of his self to be that self which is yourself which is Divine self. Then he could say, “Because I am Divine self, I have been able to prove that there is no power in these things. Divine self is the power.”

Now you’ve had quite a number of experiences that prepare you for this trust you must have to take every extra step. If you haven’t had any Spiritual experiences, you never have the trust or the confidence to explore Spiritually. To be a Spiritual pioneer, Spirit has already given you enough of an insight so that you’re willing to move out just a little further than you are and finally to that state of no defense.

Just as you don’t fear the cold germ, you learn not to fear anything else. Why? Because all power is in God and God is present everywhere. And the only life present is the life of God. The moment you have a fear of a condition, you fear that the life of God isn’t the only life present beginning with yourself. The moment you fear for your child, you fear the life of God isn’t there. But what are you looking at? An image in your consciousness. And you’re mistaking it for your child. Your child is the image and likeness of God. God said so. Why deprive the child of its Divine selfhood in your consciousness? And then why deprive yourself of your Divine selfhood when the Father says you are the image and likeness? Why not look past your form and his form for you know they are not the Divine image and likeness and accept the Divine image and likeness that is there? The one body in Christ. For we are all one body in Christ.

In your oneness, you will find your perfect Spiritual temple which walks though fire, air, flood, earth, unharmed; which does not descend, which does not terminate. This is the purpose of our work, to attain that immortal selfhood which is forever. And if we have to have a starting point of looking through evils with the knowledge that only God is there, then we can be thankful that the evils appeared to us to challenge us, to goad us into being willing to be defenseless in the face of these things. For that will give us another experience enabling us to step still higher. Just as all your Spiritual experiences have brought you to this point of confidence, so will your future experiences do the same. All will lead you to that perfect temple of soul body.

How can we fear that God’s being could be destroyed? We are “the form but God is the essence and the substance even of our bodies.” And when I wrote this, copied this from Joel’s book, I underlined “even of our bodies” because he is telling you that this is not your body. You know God isn’t the essence of this body. All you have to do is look at the doctor bills in your first twenty or thirty years and you’ll know God isn’t the essence of this body. But if he says God is the essence of our body, he’s telling us about a body that we definitely do have and it’s not the one you look at. Again, he’s sliding in the truth that we are all one body in Christ. I know you wish he’d be more direct but let’s just say that Spirit speaks through him and has its reasons. And it’s up to you and I to look with the discerning eye of the soul.

God is the essence of our being and in Him there is no darkness.” Therefore, in you there can be no darkness. “Therefore, in that of which we are formed, there is no capacity for negative activity of any nature.” All negative activity is the false consciousness which has not understood that there is no capacity for any lack or limitation in the essence of your being. It takes courage to withdraw from this false consciousness. That’s why we had those exercises that you’re to take with you because that’s how you master your consciousness. It brings in to your consciousness a form called disease and you look at it and you expel that form from your consciousness. It brings into your consciousness a form called lack and you expel that from your consciousness. You develop the Spiritual muscle to do that. Why? Because it isn’t true. This is the house of the Father. The essence of my being is God. There’s no capacity for lack or limitation in God. I don’t have to improve anything. I simply have to expel the false belief. Expel the mortal belief and the immortal truth reveals itself. Always the immortal truth is present though unseen and the mortal sense of truth is not present but is seen. When you expel what isn’t, what is reveals itself.

If we do not credit God with being pure” says Joel, “how then can we be pure. We could be no more pure than our Source, our Essence, our Substance.”

You see how you cannot claim any impurity in your life because the moment you do, you’re claiming two things; first you’re claiming God isn’t pure, God isn’t complete and second you’re claiming that you are not the child of God, you are not the essence of God, you are not the life of God. You’re claiming separation from God. You’re claiming either God’s impurity or God’s impurity and your separation from God. Always, you’re claiming what isn’t true, namely that God is impure or that you’re separated from God. Neither are true. The purity of God and the eternal oneness of your essence with God is the guarantee that all is perfect now. You’re only fighting a false belief in your consciousness. That’s all you’re fighting. Never a real condition, you’re fighting the belief that such a condition exists and you can only know it by stepping back from the false condition believing in your essence to be the life of God and watching your immortal life reveal itself as the perfect qualities of God without opposite.

So, you really have a very significant principle to go by. It’s bedrock. “If there’s no evil in God,” says Joel, “there’s no evil at all for God is the source of all creation.”

Now to me, I don’t mind telling you this truth right here that He just gave us. It has more importance to me than Medicare. You can live with this truth and you’ll find you don’t have any bills to pay and there’s a progression to this. As it proves itself out, it infiltrates every facet of your life. Not just your physical health. It moves you higher and into your next experience.

If there is no evil in God,” and we can all agree to that, “there is no evil at all.” Because God is the only Creator.

We need only to look at any situation and realize there’s no God in this. Of course, I’d like to suggest that we don’t wait for the situation and then try to look at it because then that’s a moment too late. But when you meditate with it, the truth as vital as “There’s no evil in God so there’s no evil at all.” you’ll find situations simply don’t rise up that might have. This is the way you constantly solidify your consciousness of truth that can become so tip of your tongue knowledge that any situation that might come and present itself would readily be dissolved by your instant knowledge that there’s no evil in God and therefore there’s no evil. The truth in consciousness can never externalize as evil. It’s only the lie in consciousness that externalizes as evil and if you banish the lie then the truth will make itself known.

There’s no power to sustain this because there’s no God in it. There’s no law of God to maintain it and there’s no power but God.”

Of course, this is all true but we must work with it, meditate with it, contemplate it until it’s not Joel saying it anymore, it’s your consciousness saying it automatically.

Joel says, “This removes idolatry.” We didn’t know we were in idolatry when we saw evil but we had a false picture in the mind. You might call that then a graven image. “This prevents us from loving, fearing or hating that which has form.”

Now I’m quite aware that most of us married something that has form and gave birth to something that has form and loved that which has form. But look at this statement, “This prevents us from loving, fearing or hating which has form.” So, he’s telling you where that form is. It’s in your consciousness. It’s not out there. But something is out there. Don’t think nothing is out there. Something is out there. Out there is the consciousness that is also making that form and you fell in love with the consciousness. Your consciousness fell in love with that consciousness and these two little images in the middle, they said “I do.” The consciousness and the consciousness were being wedded into one consciousness and that consciousness is still there and as it becomes more and more aware of itself and you become more and more aware of yourself, you’ll find that Eve is going back into Adam’s rib and they are going to be one self in the invisible. One-Self.

While you appear as two forms right here in the visible or one is here and one is already gone on, they are already One Self in the invisible. That’s the point. The life never goes on. The life that is showing forth in this form and in that form, that’s the One life. It’s never separated. There’s no such thing as separation in the One life and it doesn’t matter if one is here or two are here. The One life is always indivisible. It does not depend on one form being here and one form being on the other side of the veil. And when you have found the male and female consciousness that are truly one, they are always one. Always one. They’re just sometimes on different cycles.

We’re learning not to love, hate or fear the form but we’re learning to love the consciousness, the true consciousness. And to see that the form that we have been able to see with our human eyes is the product of that consciousness and that consciousness is there and it is real and it is moving toward its oneness. And that is why there’s always two moving to oneness to become one.

There’s no such thing as a half. Wherever you are, whoever you are, the other half is in consciousness. And always two are moving in oneness even though they may not be doing so to the knowledge of both parties. Sometimes one has to catch up. One has to move on. Sometimes one has failed and has to move on to catch up that way to return but always there’s one. When it’s the One that is the eternal One, you’ll know it.

And so, we come above form. It still dresses nicely. It’s still selective about what it eats. It still goes to the best places but it is seen to be a form within a larger consciousness which is showing forth that form and we sow to the consciousness. And you can only do that by living in your consciousness.

And more and more we’re recognizing the perfection of one Divine life invisibly present. This is a hard statement but it is an uplifting one when you have its significance and practice it. I don’t think Joel makes a single statement anywhere that of itself is valuable unless you practice it. And so if you were to read, “Don’t love, fear or hate the form,” it would be of no meaning to you until you have worked with it, until you have struggled to apply it. And then when you succeed in applying it, you can say, “Thank you Joel. How grateful I am because no way could I have learned to look beyond the form to see the higher self that is putting forth this form.” Now I can love my neighbor because the real consciousness of my neighbor, not the false form, not the false sense of human consciousness but the real consciousness of my neighbor is Divine. The real consciousness of my husband is Divine. The real consciousness of my mother, brother, sister, child, wife is Divine and the form may not show it because there’s a veil there, a human sense of consciousness. But you rest in the knowledge of that Divine One consciousness and it expresses. The Father who seeth in secret expresses.

So, here’s Joel lifting us above the major trap of form because we know that the real essence of all form is God. Any erroneous form that may appear has no existence. He says any erroneous form. Now do you know of any form that isn’t erroneous? Only the Christ form, the Moses form seen in the Transfiguration. But you take any form on earth, you find it’s erroneous. And so, what he’s telling you is that form is erroneous and to soften the blow so that those who cannot understand, he says, “any erroneous form.” If you’re Spiritually aware you know he’s saying that form is erroneous.

Any erroneous form that may appear has no existence except in the belief in two powers. The powers of God are one and where’s the other power. And so, the belief in two powers is the belief that there’s another power beside God or another cause beside God. And then you have erroneous form that you believe in, because God didn’t cause the human form. God didn’t cause the mongoloid. God didn’t cause insanity. God didn’t cause muscular dystrophy. God didn’t cause the forms that are in these crippling diseases or they wouldn’t be in them and God didn’t cause any of the defects that we know. Who caused them? They have no cause. We suffer from defects without cause. They’re only in the belief that there is a cause beside that cause which is God. And when you remove that belief, when you learn there’s no second cause, you say “What am I suffering from?” I’m suffering from the belief that something caused this but there’s no cause. That means you are in the belief that you are mortal being, that you’re in a mortal life. That’s the only reason you believe there’s another cause. There is no cause in mortal life. The only life is God and when you come back to that house, the prodigal went out into mortal life. When you come back from that mortal life, that belief that you are in a mortal life, you’re the prodigal returning to the knowledge of immortal life, returning to the Father.

He went out into twoness. He had to come back into one. There wasn’t immortal life and mortal life. That was his mistake. That’s the human race mistake. We have to come back into One and in One, the only cause, the only power that can show forth is the power of the One. Behold, I, the power of the One, only I can open your eyes. Only I can open your ears. Only I can make the cripple walk. Only the One can reveal that there is no second power on this earth to make pure Divine form less than perfect. That’s you. Pure Divine form seen through a glass darkly as a human image.

Any erroneous form, and that’s all human form, that may appear has no existence except in the belief in two powers or except in the belief that God caused it. And so, is his conclusion, “As human beings, we are living a life separate and apart from God.” Make a correction, “As human beings, we are living a life separate and apart from God” but not as immortal beings. The correction would be then, “If I’m living a life separate and apart from God as a human being, and want to be in the oneness with God, I cannot be a human being because this is either a fact or it isn’t. Merely by being a human being, we are apart from God. The human race you might say then, is living separate and apart from God. Why? Because it doesn’t know that it is Divine life. And so, it lives a human life, finite life. As long as we do that, there’s certain to be some good and some evil. We have not grasped the meaning of omnipresence of God. We do not understand that where God is, I am. Where God is, Christ is. Where God is, your Divine self is. Where God is, your immortal life is and even though you cannot see it, where God is, your immortal form is. That’s what you learn to take on trust. Your immortal form is where you are and wherever you go, your immortal form is.

Because God is pure being and there is no other. Pure being is immortal and there is no other and you are immortal and there is no other. If you love, hate or fear the form, you believe it’s there and it isn’t. That’s the separation. That’s a pretty stern beginning for a class isn’t it? Usually that’s the end of the class. This is our beginning.

What is not derived from God has no power. Know this and then rest in His word knowing that this has no rise in God. So, every situation that is not perfect is not derived from God and has no real existence. You’re being hypnotized to believe that a situation is real. Now you may think that your sense of reason clearly demonstrates to you that it’s real but that is based upon your belief that you are mortal being. Take away the belief that you are mortal being and you’ll see that the situation isn’t real at all. It’s a mortal situation. Remove the belief that you are mortal being and you’ll see that situation is impossible. That’s why he says, “No rise in God, no foundation of God, no law of God. Be not afraid.” He can say it but you must understand why he has said it, “Be not afraid.”

Now here’s how he ends or how we do today anyway. “What is the circle of Christhood except a circle of those who realize that evil does not have its rise in God and therefore it has no law, no substance to sustain it? By abiding in that truth, you watch evil dissolve and disappear.” So, to be in the circle of Christhood, we must develop the capacity to know evil does not begin in God and therefore it has no beginning.

Always you come back to the fact that your mortal sense of life is all that has given birth to the appearance called evil. The moment you’re not in the mortal sense but have accepted the immortal reality of your being as immortal life, you can see evil begins to lose its meaning for you. It takes quite a bit of courage at first; vision, understanding but you catch them. It begins to shred itself. It has nothing to stand on the moment you know you are immortal life. All of the evil had depended upon your mortal sense. When you begin to feel the immortal life of you, the evil is water off a ducks back. And you can translate that evil into many, many different forms, all of the negatives, all of the sufferings, all of the likes.

Paul told us somewhere, “Be not conformed to this world.” He caught it. Don’t be fooled by this world. “Be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind” and we’re renewing the consciousness. The new consciousness transforms your world into the Divine image.

That evil out there is in your false consciousness. That error, that lack, that limitation, that fear, everything that is not of God that is out there, is not out there. It cannot be out there. It is in the false consciousness that bred it, the consciousness that is separated from the knowledge that I am immortal life.

Now suppose you could accept God’s word on that and begin there that you are immortal life and then make an inventory of what’s wrong in your life and see whether God is right or you. Your inventory would be your way of denying what God said, that you are immortal life. And then make that a meditation and see if you’re not enlightened about whether God is right or your inventory of problems is right and maybe you’ll have a good clue that what you’re suffering from is only the inability to accept what your mind does not fully understand; that you can only be Divine life. There is no other. In that knowledge, you will say nothing is impossible. Nothing. Because Divine life is omnipotent. That means putting no ceilings in your life. No place where you have to stop and say, “I can’t go beyond that.” Infinity isn’t that way at all.

We’re going to still stay on the chapter Pure Being one more time. There’s a few more things in it and we’ll go on though to chapter 8 in John. So, we’ll continue in Pure Being next time, first chapter of Realization and we’ll do chapter 8, or part of it in John.

But I expect to see in your faces next time that you have caught some measure of holding the outer forms out there which you are not to love, hate or fear in your consciousness and see that that’s the only place they are as forms. It would be kind of silly hating and loving and fearing something that’s only in your consciousness. When you can feel the world out there as not external to you but in your consciousness, you’ll understand how dominion is going to come about.

Could we have a moment of silence as an ending today? Suppose we all join in One life as the only presence, one immortal life.

Silence,  (pause) …

And then no longer is that one voice speaking in a wilderness. It’s speaking where there are those who are listening.

Silence,  (long pause) …

In case you haven’t quite caught it, you have been learning that you have no human life and when you finally agree, you can’t go on living only a human life if you don’t have one because that would be a second life and that’s the cause of every problem on the earth.

Silence,  (pause) …

Thanks very much.