Good afternoon everybody. We have a very rare privilege today, thanks to John.

A message has been preserved that is not available in any other part of the Old or New Testament. This is the message of the Soul receiving the Christ and the Christ speaking through the Soul of Jesus to God so that we are given an opportunity to know what our own Christhood is doing in relationship to the Infinite universe.

Now, I can tell you that if you understand the first five verses of the chapter 17, you have the whole Bible. There’s nothing more important in the entire Bible, in the beginning of it and the middle of it or the end of it, in the Old or the New Testament. The first five verses of chapter 17 of the Gospel of John contain the complete Bible. They explain the riddle of the universe. They ultimately shock you and startle you and then when you think the shocks are over, the new ones begin.

And so, if we know these first five verses, we are on a different level than we were before and we’re discovering a new universe, a new Selfhood in that universe. This leads us to the very essence of Being.

Now, try not to be too shocked. You’ve had, so far, only in the series on the Gospel of John, we’ve had fifty-two weeks. That’s probably the longest class on the Gospel of John that’s ever been had. Fifty-two solid weeks and we’re still going strong and today, reaching a pinnacle.

This, the complete 17th chapter, is almost the only prayer in the audible of Christ Jesus to God. Until now, wherever there has been a prayer such as at the resurrection of Lazarus, it has been a very brief one, “I thank thee Father that thou hast heard me.” And there have been three or four other instances where it could be said that Jesus was praying to God. At least it would appear that way to the human eye. But here is a lengthy prayer and it follows the end of the teaching to the disciples.

The direct discourses to the disciples are over and this is no longer a teaching from Jesus directly to the disciples. It is rather a communion between Christ Jesus and the Father. And this high communion is but an outer symbol of that which is ever taking place between the Christ of you and the Father. This is how you have access to that which no human being knows, through the vision and the understanding in John, to bring us this inner communion between Christ and the Father.

For now, the man called Jesus, who was to lead the disciples into the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, turns from the disciples and addresses himself to God. It’s as if you were to cut away the exterior of a tire and look inside to see what it’s made of, to get a cross-section of the inside of the tire.

Here, we’re getting a cross-section of the inside of Christ, what goes on in Christ, and this isn’t something happening two thousand years ago. This is what goes on in Christ in you now, the communion between Christ and the Father is the Oneness that is constant, unceasing. And what you are witnessing in the discourse between Christ and the Father is actually the constant prayer, the constant oneness of Christ in You with the Father. Every word that will be spoken by the Christ is a constant prayer in You, unknown to the human sense mind. Christ in You is always saying this to the Father. It is a revelation of the state of your own invisible Being as it is now.

Everything that we have learned, everything that we have in some way accepted, everything that we have rejected is brought now into high focus because this is an inner discourse of pure Love to God and pure Love of man. Everything comes into focus. Nothing can be denied after this inner communion.

These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son [also] may glorify thee: As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal Life to as many as thou hast given him. And this is Life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own Self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.”

These five verses are the Christ message.

Jesus lifted up his eyes to heaven.” The lifting of the eyes is the outer symbol of what is happening within. When you lift your eyes to Heaven, you are recognizing the indwelling Christ of your own Being. The lifting of the eyes is saying, just as he said previously, “Lift up thine eyes… Say not there are four months to harvest…. The fields are already white to harvest.” When you lift up your eyes, you are seeing the Invisible fields. Lifting up the eyes is the recognition of the invisible Kingdom of God on earth. Lifting up the eyes is the recognition that there is an invisible Kingdom of God, that there is a Christ. Lifting up the eyes is the acceptance that I am that Christ and I stand in the invisible Kingdom of God. Lifting up your eyes to Heaven is the acceptance that Heaven is present where you are.

We are told to follow the Wayshower, and therefore we are told to lift up our eyes to Heaven, to recognize that invisibly, where the world appears to be, there is an invisible Kingdom of God, present. In our lifting up the eyes, we accept the presence of that Kingdom; all around us. We are walking in it. That Kingdom of God which indwells us, which surrounds this form, which is everywhere, is alive and present to those who stand in the realization of their own identity.

Jesus Christ, lifting up his eyes to Heaven, is saying that right where he stands is the invisible Kingdom of God, right where his disciples stand, right where the world appears and what was true at that moment – that the invisible presence of God was there, the invisible Kingdom was there – is true of this moment. As we learn to inwardly lift up our eyes to Heaven, we quietly acknowledge the presence of the Father, the Kingdom and the Father in me as the Divine Selfhood which I am. All this is embraced in lifting up the eyes to Heaven. He was not standing on a visible, mortal earth in a visible mortal body but neither are you.

The Wayshower says, “Follow me, accept what I teach you about my Self for it is the Truth about you.” The Wayshower says, “I bring you knowledge from the inner realm for you to accept in what you call the outer realm but I bring you knowledge proven in the fire, knowledge that can be demonstrated, not opinions of men. I bring you Divine authority. I bring you Truth that you can depend upon and live by, in fact, Truth that you must learn to depend upon or perish for we’re going to see that it is Christ or perish.”

He lifted up his eyes to heaven.” We’re looking now at Christ invisible and the outer symbols are the form called Jesus lifting up eyes to Heaven and the Christ you’re looking at is the Christ of everyone who walks the earth, demonstrating at a specific time and place the presence of God as the invisible Christ appearing as Jesus.

These are Truths we learn to say, “Amen” to for it is the Truth of us and we will learn to walk with these Truths, to live by them and to dissolve beliefs in those attitudes and concepts which are the opposite of the Truths that we are learning to accept. Now, we’re being moved into a higher realm of consciousness than the human three dimensions.

The hour is come.”

He has said that now, twice before, I believe. Once, when the Greeks appeared and once, when Judas, Judas was given the sop and departed. When Judas was given the sop and departed, the Master said, “The hour has come for thy Son to be glorified and to glorify Thee.” Just as now. That was in the losing of the corporeal sense of life. Judas representing the corporeal sense.

Now, again, “The hour is come.” What is this hour? And this hour, you see, is the key to the Kingdom. This hour is the revelation of more things than are known to a mortal mind. This hour is the revelation of things that we will be learning as long as we walk this earth. It is the hour to reveal the identity of the Christ as the identity of Jesus; the identity of the Christ as the identity of mankind. It is the hour to reveal the invisible Kingdom of God on earth. It is the hour to reveal the Allness of Spirit, the nothingness of form, the Allness of God. It is the hour to reveal that all who walk the earth are absent from the body though they know it not. It is an hour to reveal things unknown to the mind of man, things that cannot be known until the nearness of the consummation of the age and now is the time to know these things. “The hour has come.”

The hour has come,” for man to disappear and reappear. Think what that might mean if you were that man. To walk into the grave and out and step right back before your friends and say, “See, I told you all this time. It couldn’t happen to me.” Yes, that hour has come.

The question is, do we learn from that hour? Or do we go on believing in an external God that we pray to in the sky instead of seeing that the hour has come to reveal that the Self of man and God are one and the same, that God is within everyone. The hour has come to reveal that mortal form is not God created. The hour has come to reveal that Christ form is the form of everyone and that Christ form is indestructible. The hour has come to prove, to demonstrate that mortality is a myth, not just for Christ Jesus. The hour has come to show that Immortality is the nature of every individual who appears in a form that appears mortal. The hour has come to show the nature of Divine life on earth as it is in Heaven.

This is a mighty hour. And because of it, we are given an advance key to the meaning of the resurrection. It is as if we are given instructions. This is what I am now going to do and watch it carefully because as I do it, I want you to understand it. And do not accept it as the world religions accept it; that a man who died was raised back into Life but rather see that no man died. Rather see that I am revealing to you at this moment the nature of the Christ is Life eternal, that the nature of the Christ which is Life eternal is the eternal Life of you, that eternal Life is the name of Christ, that eternal Life is the identity of Jesus Christ; that eternal Life does not die and is not resurrected, eternal Life simply does not die. It is indestructible and therefore, it needs no resurrection. I am the Life. The eternal Christ of you is the Life. It will never be resurrected because it will never die.

The hour has come, glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee.”

Glorify. Reveal the name of your Son, the identity of your Son, the substance of your Son. Reveal that your Son cannot die. Reveal that God is the Son, that the Spirit of God is the substance of the Son, that the life of God is the substance of the Son and in revealing all this as the nature of the Son, the Son glorifies the Father.

But again, the Christ says, “Follow Me.”

So now, we are given a very specific purpose, a very direct statement about the function of ourselves in this world, what we are to do. We are to reveal the glory of God individually. We are to show forth that life of God where we stand which is indestructible, beyond death. That is your function. And when your hour comes, it will be because you have prepared yourself through the acceptance of the Truth taught by the Christ. Your function, too is to glorify the Father as the Father glorifies you and your function is to prepare the way.

The hour has come to show that reincarnation is over. The Christ will go forth proving, that is what glorification does, it proves that the Christ is the name of Jesus, that the Christ is the Son of God, that the Christ is the Self of man. We are to be given the proof. Not that God is going to raise Jesus from the dead, we are to be given the proof that the Christ does not die and we are to be let into that awareness that the Christ which does not die is my name.

And so, Christ in you now, is in this prayer, saying to the Father “Glorify thy Son, that thy Son [also] may glorify thee.” And as the Father expresses through Christ in you and you manifest the qualities Divine in the outer, glorifying the Father, this will be the ‘following in the footsteps of the Master.’

We are to be about our Father’s business glorifying the Father through Christ in us, receiving of the Father, asking of the Father, seeking of the Father, learning how to dwell now in eternal Life, learning how to live now in eternity. And this is going to become very real to us, living in eternity. We’re going to discover that unless we are living in eternity, we are denying omnipresence. We are denying the Christ. We are denying the Father. We have no choice but to live now in eternity as you will see.

As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.

Now, we learn that Christ has power over all flesh. The nature of that Power should be clearly seen. Christ Jesus did not exert a physical power over those who would crucify him. That was not the kind of power. Christ Jesus did not defend himself against those who came to take him away. Christ Jesus did not, in any way, protect himself against the crucifixion and yet, Christ Jesus has Power over all flesh. What is that Power? Why is it Power over flesh if it doesn’t use that power as human use power? It is power over flesh because of the one, incredible fact that there is no flesh. It is Power because it reveals the nothingness of form. There is no form. There is only Christ. Christ has Power over all flesh by revealing that flesh is not the creation of God.

They have only the arm of flesh but we have the Lord Almighty.”

The arm of flesh is nothingness. Christ has power over nothingness but Christ is you. The Self of you has Power over all flesh. The Self of you knows that flesh is not God’s creation.

The Christ has Power to give Christhood to all those who seek it of Him. It says here, “to all that thou has given to him.” That means to all who turn to seek the Kingdom of God. Did you hear the word “eternal life” in here? “That he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.” Now then, we’re beginning to see that Christ and eternal Life are one and the same. If you are in Christ accepted, you are in eternal Life but if you are Christ now, you are eternal Life now.

And now, this new idea comes into focus. We are eternal Life now. If we are not, we are not Christ. If we are Christ, we are eternal Life now. If we are Spirit, we are eternal Life now. And once you know that you are eternal Life now, you can never really consider yourself to be a mortal being. Eternal Life is the name of Christ.

Whatever you shall ask in my name…. shall be given you.”

Now, in our re-identification, we found it difficult to accept Christ is my name. But we were assured that if you make the effort, you will receive invisible assistance and now, here is your assistance. You will find that eternal Life can be accepted without the same struggle you had in accepting the name Christ.

We know that God is Life, that God is the only Source, the only Creator, the only Life and therefore, the life of God which is eternal Life, being the only Life, it must be your Life. Now, do you come into eternal Life? How do you do that? How do you come into it? It is You. It’s your name. It’s your identity. We can see now why the Master had to stand before his mother and show us that he was not born of human parents. How could he be born of human parents if he was eternal Life? Does eternal Life struggle through the womb of a woman? Is eternal Life born if it’s eternal? Can eternal Life be anything but eternal?

You see, your eternal Life is the only Self you could be and it’s the only Life you can really live. The eternal Life that you are is the same Life you have always lived. Your Life was on this earth at the time Jesus walked this earth. You have always lived.

The Christ revelation that whoever learns their name to be Christ is given eternal Life is the revelation that eternal Life is the nature of Spirit, the nature of he who calls himself man or woman. And when we sit back and accept the words of the Father through Jesus that we are eternal Life, all of the boundaries of this frame of life are removed. We were never born into human parenthood. Eternal Life was never born through humanhood. Eternal Life reveals itself to be the permanent status of your Being. It matters not how far back you go in time, eternal Life was and is your name. It matters not how far you go into time in the future, eternal Life is your name. But eternal Life can never be destroyed. Eternal Life does not express as a human form. Eternal Life reveals that if I am one, I am not the other. I’m not part eternal Life and part transient life. I’m not part Divine and part mortal. I am totally Divine. I am totally eternal Life and that which is not eternal Life is not me.

Your sloughing off that which you are not as you learn who you are. You cannot be Christ, eternal Life and something else. The glorification of Christ Jesus is the revelation that he is not something else. He is eternal Life. “I am the life,” and the nature of your Being is ever declaring within you, “I am the life.”

This eternal Life that you are is beyond disease, beyond destruction, beyond any problem known to man, beyond death itself. Why? Because it is eternal Life and nothing else. It embodies all that is of the Father because it is that eternal Life of the Father. This is the glorification in you of the Father, your realization that I am eternal Life – now, right here where I stand. This is the realization that the eternal Life of God is the eternal Life of me, for I and the Father are one eternal Life.

The whole book “Realization of Oneness” is to bring you to the realization that you are the eternal Life of God. And who said so? Listen again to the phrase, “As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him.” We can’t pin eternal Life down to Jesus Christ alone can we? “To as many as thou hath given him.” You can’t pin eternal Life down to eleven disciples. Who is included? As many as turn to the identity of Christ within themselves and accept it. That’s the purpose of the inner communion between Christ Jesus and the Father, to reveal your identity as the Christ which is Life eternal.

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”

The only true God is eternal Life. The only true God is the Father within you. Here, at a time when the world was totally unaware of the nature of God, Christ Jesus is revealing the only true God is the Kingdom of God within you which is your eternal Life. He is abolishing the concept of a God external to your Self. He is abolishing the belief that between you and God there is space. He is establishing that there is no one closer to you now than God, no one nearer to you than God. In all this world, no one is nearer to you than God because your eternal Life is God.

And this is eternal life, that they might know thee, the only true God.”

The glorification, the revelation that Jesus is not a man on earth or a specially endowed Son of God with an exclusive on the Spirit of God is to demonstrate that that Spirit in Jesus is his identity and it is eternal Life and is the nature of mankind.

And so, you should walk out of here today knowing that I, Christ am eternal Life. I have no transient life, no life that began at a certain time, no life that ends at any time, no life that in any way can be destroyed by any material force on this earth. You can’t drop a germ in my Life. You can’t cut my Life. You can’t infect It. You can’t influence It. You can’t change it nor can you take it away. Your Life can never be taken away from you by any force on earth. There is no material or mental power on the earth. Not even God can take away your Life because God is your Life.

Now, this is to become our permanent Consciousness. I am eternal Life. And as you accept it, you’ll find your meditations take a depth and also produce a new kind of fruitage. You find Peace is easier to find because it isn’t the peace of the mind. It’s the Peace of the Soul. You’ll find your foundation becomes vast and deep so that you’re really anchored in Truth that is unshakeable. You are eternal Life and whether you realize it or not, the fact will never change.

And as you learn to practice that you are eternal Life in your meditations, you’ll find ways to practice it in your living of It. You’ll find ways to demonstrate It, to glorify that eternal Life. You’ll find that attitudes which are incompatible with eternal Life will be quickly revealed to you as attitudes that are untrue.

And so, in all ways, once you have accepted the new nucleus of Being, that I am Life eternal, you can begin to look at the things that would plague you, distress you, keep you up nights, those corroding acids of fear and you can dismiss things more quickly because everything that would in any way happen to you that is not Peace, Harmony, Beauty, Truth, the qualities of the Father are recognized quickly as world mind trying to convince me in some way, to tempt me out of the belief that I am Life eternal.

There are times when that understanding is so breathtakingly clear that you wonder how you ever thought you were something else. You are Life eternal and what the world has called life is revealed to you as the imitation, the sense mind separation which causes the belief in a changing, temporary life where only eternal Life can be. You don’t have two kinds of lives anymore, the life of God and my life. There’s only eternal Life and I and the Father being one, that is my Life.

The Christ having proven, demonstrated, glorified that Life as his Life saying, “Follow Me” is my assurance that I am that Life. “Follow Me,” in the acceptance, the living, the proving, the refusal to be a second kind of life for there is none. And then the wayward mind, the doubtful mind, the vacillating mind – all of those qualities in the mind that are ever changing, undecided – these begin to be the money changers that we put out of the temple.

We can really be at Peace. We can really rest in confidence, in silence and confidence, that God is the Presence of my Life, right here and another thousand years of time, it won’t be any different. I will still be the same Life that I am now. I’m awakening now to the Life that I’ve ever lived and slowly I will become aware of more and more and more of what this Life really is. As my consciousness rises, as I am able to remove the veils of human belief, more and more of this eternal Life that I have accepted reveals itself to show me I am indestructible, to show me the nature of the illusion of matter, the illusion of form, the illusion of senses, the illusion of the world and to reveal that invisible Kingdom which is the imprisoned splendor ever present. But we must stand in that sureness that because the Father has revealed through Christ that I am eternal Life, I must be faithful unto this Truth.

It isn’t enough to intellectually accept it. That’s only a beginning. You work with it. You meditate with it. You practice the eternal life of God where you stand and you’re not too shocked at the problems of the world because you recognize that what you’ve accepted for your Self is the Truth of everyone you know. Behind that mortal exterior is the invisible eternal life of God. It’s not going through the rigors and tortures that appear to my human eyes. Release God from the belief that where eternal Life is, something else is also present.

Finally, you have come to a place where you could almost say and feel and know, “Why all there is everywhere, is eternal Life.” And soon form becomes that which you are anxious and eager to see through because only when you have accepted eternal Life and have concentrated upon seeing through the form, not with human eyes but with understanding, only then do the invisibilities of the Kingdom begin to be visible. Only then do you find the vast, unidentified, ever present activities of Spirit that have been happening right under your unseeing eyes. Acceptance of eternal Life, the knowledge that form doesn’t contain eternal Life. Slowly, the fog, the mist evaporates. The eternal Life reveals its newness unto you.

Now, so much more is being said that we have to be cautious that we don’t glibly make statements until we can come to a place where each word is clear.

Now, suppose we were to say that we’re watching a man on stage and he has this great big trunk and in it goes this little girl and then he takes that saw and he cuts that trunk in half and then he opens that trunk and to your relief, out steps the little girl whole. She wasn’t cut in half at all. Now, would anybody say she was cut in half and then she was resurrected? You’d simply say that there was a compartment or there was a hole in the ground; in some way she disappeared into it. When he cut, he didn’t cut into her and when he opened the trunk and there she was, nobody got the idea that she was resurrected. It was a trick.

Now, for some reason or other, when Jesus demonstrates that he’s still alive, everybody figures he was resurrected, God brought him back. But he’s teaching us that isn’t what happened. He’s teaching us that he is eternal Life. Not that he was brought back, not that he died and was resurrected. He’s teaching us that eternal Life cannot die. There is no resurrection. There is the demonstration that eternal Life is deathless and it is interpreted by the human mind to be resurrection.

Now, the value of it when you see it as it was, is to teach you several things. First, the form that dies is never there. That’s like the girl going into the box, getting cut in half and then stepping out whole. The form is never there. When you accept eternal Life, you’re accepting that eternal Life is there and it is never in a physical form. Eternal life accepted is the rejection of the belief in the physical form.

The glorification is the revelation that where the form seems to be, the eternal Life is. Where the person seems to be, the Christ is. Where the earth seems to be, the Kingdom is. Where the world appears to be, the Kingdom is. The glorification is the revelation of what is and that carries with it the revelation of that which is not.

And that’s why the 17th chapter here solves the riddles of the universe but only for those who have been prepared to listen within. Even those who say, “Yes, I accept that” are only beginning. Eternal Life is Divine, form is mortal. There is no Divine in the mortal. There was no Life in the form called Jesus: none whatsoever. That form never was there. It appeared just as other forms appeared. It never was there. It was never crucified. It was never resurrected. It simply wasn’t there. What was there is what is there now; the eternal Life of God which was not crucified.

And so, this is the difficult part of the teaching. The revelation of eternal Life is the revelation that form is not on the earth. And because the human mind is bewildered by this, it must live with this idea for quite a while before it learns the power in that revelation.

Christ never is in a human form but there is a form and it is the form of the Soul and it and the Soul are one and that manifested form is invisible to human sense. It is never touched. You can cut it in half but you won’t make contact with it. You can saw away but you cannot touch it. The Soul form, the Christ form, can never be touched by a material concept. You can drop a bomb in the middle of this room right now and it could not make contact with your eternal Life. You could drop a bomb all over this earth; eternal Life would not be affected in the slightest. All that would happen would be the changing concepts in the human mind.

We are to graduate beyond those changing concepts. We are to follow the Master who is teaching that when you live in eternal Life knowledgeably, through Spiritual consciousness practiced, through the Word accepted, received obediently, through a change in consciousness, you are so transformed that the Christ in you demonstrates its power over all flesh in the very same manner that it demonstrates that there is no resurrection, there is no crucifixion, there is Life eternal ever being itself untouched by any material power.

This is the kind of confidence that your acceptance of eternal Life will instill in you, the realization that I can walk now anywhere in the universe as eternal Life knowing that all there is around me is eternal Life and nothing else is there. There’s no bomb here. There’s no disease here. There’s no potential death here. There’s no problem here. All that is present where man sees earth is eternal Life. This consciousness is possible.

This is eternal life that they should know thee, the only true God.”

And forever, to those of us who have heard that word within ourselves, God ceases to be up in the sky. God ceases to be separate from us. God is the eternal Life that is seen through the eyes of man as this world. And the world ceases to be as the eternal Life of God replaces yesterday’s concept in our newborn Consciousness.

This is a total new birth of Consciousness made possible by the supreme demonstration which follows this discourse between the indwelling Spirit and the Father. And it’s given to us in advance so that we may understand the resurrection that will follow, as men will term it, so that we who have been opened by the Spirit will not make the mistake of the world in saying, “God raised him from the dead” but will know that he was never dead. He was eternal Life and he is demonstrating that that is the Truth of my Being right now. Never can eternal Life be dead. And this is eternal Life.

I have glorified thee on the earth: I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do.”

Again, your function and mine is to finish the work which the Father has given us to do. We can never leave this earth until we finish that work, until we are eternal Life demonstrated. Every reincarnating cycle in your life continues and continues until you finish that work that we are given to do.

Now, there must be work that you are given to do and it is to be the living Son of the living Father, to be the living Spirit, to be the living Life, to be all that the Father is. “Son, all that I have is thine.” That is the work I have given you to do, to show it, to reveal it, to glorify the Father in you, to express God. That is our work.

Now, very few people on earth are interested in that work. Very few people on earth know about that work. To those who receive the knowledge that that is their work, there is a sacred trust and there is an unspoken command. “I have revealed my Self to you.”

You can reject what you have heard or you can respond. You can deny that sense of self that you entertain. You can pick up the challenge, the command, the cross and instead of being like the world who says, “Well, if I die, I’ll either go to heaven or to hell. I’ll take my chances.” You can say “No, no. There is no death. I can’t go to Heaven. That’s where I am. I can’t go to hell. There isn’t any. Hell is simply the unawareness that Heaven is where I am. And I will not say four months to harvest. I’m not talking about what I’m going to do tomorrow. I’m accepting eternal Life now. And then clearly, into your consciousness comes that understanding that when you are eternal Life now, before the experience of death, you will pass the point where death has any meaning. Death has no meaning to eternal Life.

To realize eternal Life before death is your function. This is the work we are given to do. This is the work that Jesus is finishing.

I have finished your work. I have released Judas, the corporeal sense. I’m willing to lay down this mortal sense of life knowing it is not me. I am eternal Life and I’m ready to demonstrate it, to prove it and because I am eternal Life, there’s nothing for me to protect and no one against whom I need to protect. No bug, no disease, no germ, no condition on this earth is a threat to my Self.”

This is the work we have come to finish. And when you have reached that level and temptations are met, to believe that you are not the perfect, Divine, eternal Life, then you know that you are ready for the transition through the appearance of death. That is the work we have come to do and will do.

Just while we may have some doubts yet, and now “Oh Father, glorify thou me with thine own Self.” Show who I am by showing that I am your own Self. Show that your Self is my Self, that my Self is your Self, that All of You is All of Me.”

Put yourself in the Master’s footsteps and see that Christ in You is saying to the Father, “Show that All of You is All of Me. Glorify thou Me with thine own Self. Show who I am.”

– End of Side One —-

Why? Because when you show who I am, the world will know who it is. For you are the Father of all. You are my Father and you are the Father of my disciples. You are the Father of all who walk the earth. Show who you are where I am and all who have ears will know who you are where they are. And then forever taking away the belief that your life is not eternal and that it began at a point in time.

Glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.”

Before the world was there was a Christ. Before the world was, there was Life eternal. Where did it go when the world appeared? Nowhere. Before the world was, you were Life eternal and are now. The mortal sense of life slips away. It loses its power to persuade us that we are limited, finite selves in clay.

The Christ in us says to the Father, “Reveal that I am the Self that existed before the world. Reveal that I am pre-existent Being, that before there was a world, I was Life, that I didn’t begin fifty years ago, that I won’t end fifty years from now, that I am that Life which always was and let me live in that Life. Let me expand my consciousness to the place where I know my Self to be that life that never began and never ends. Take me out of this finite concept of a mind.”

And so, your work is cut out for you. You are that Life which existed before the world. That Life is all that ever has existed and the life we have known to be life is the world concept or the re-created idea about Life which never was ourselves and which always persuaded us that we were mortal or dying creatures.

And that is the importance of these five verses, to clear the air, to open the eyes of those who are ready to see. They’ve been there so long that you know their meaning has been completely overlooked. The world has not seen them at all. The world has insisted this is all about Jesus Christ.

And Jesus Christ says, “Glorify thou me that I may glorify thee. That I may give eternal Life to all those that thou hath given me.”

Now, then, the Life that you are now is the very same Life that was Jesus Christ on the earth. The Life that you are now is the Life of everyone who walks this earth. The Life that you are now is the Life of everyone who has walked this earth and that Life of everyone who has walked this earth is still their Life now. In other words, we are the Life and we must drop the concept of being the form. We become those who still walk in the appearance of form or we become righteous servants of the Life. We wait upon the Lord. We wait upon the Life. We rest in the Life consciousness, letting it move and activate the appearance called form.

No activity begins in the form. It begins in the Life. You rest in your Life consciousness and let the Life move the form. Ultimately, you’ll find that the Life is moving its Soul form which will appear to you outwardly as your physical form although it is not.

The shift in identity now is eternal Life. These are the facts only. The application of the facts is what we might have some time to discuss today and what we undoubtedly will be applying. The remaining years that we walk this mortal earth, we will be applying the knowledge that I am eternal Life until earth is no more, until the place where I now standest is revealed as that Life itself, until Oneness is complete and there is no second, no two; no mortal life and immortal Life, only eternal Life.

Now, that you’re accepting eternal Life, this will be your work: to learn what to do as eternal Life. How to live it, how to be it, how to accept it, how to be obedient to the Truth of it. This is how you build Christ Consciousness.

Silence, (pause) …

It is a challenge that demands the very highest capabilities within you.

Silence, (pause) …

We’ll have a short recess for about five or six minutes and then see how we can apply our knowledge.

(Class break)

I think it would be a wise idea to look at some passages. I think they clarify certain things.

Now then, we are being told in the 17th chapter of John that the invisible Christ stands where Jesus is and that invisible Christ is eternal Life and that eternal Life stands where everyone stands. That eternal Life is the reality of Being, that everyone is that eternal Life and that’s the reason we’re called the Son of God because we are the life of God and it is not a temporary life.

And so, the Life that we are must be an eternal Life to be the Son of God. And therefore, this visible, physical, changing mortal creature is not us. There is an invisible Self that is us and all we’re seeing is our concept of that invisible Self through a human sense mind. But there is an invisible Self. There is a Christ and it is I and that Christ is the begotten child of God; the Son.

Now, for just those few who might still be in the lingering belief that Jesus was the only begotten child of God, we go to the 2nd Psalm. The 2nd Psalm, centuries before a Jesus appeared on the earth.

Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.” In the 2nd Psalm, verse 7. Now, we know that Christ is the Son. And here it says, “Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.”

And so, the Christ which is the Son pre-existed the form called Jesus which appeared on earth later just as the Christ which is You pre-existed the appearance of your form here this moment. That pre-existent Christ never stopped existing and is your Self now.

Now, here’s something you may have overlooked which was just called to my attention the last few days. It’s in Matthew 12:32. The statement that’s somewhat spellbinding to me. This is made by Jesus Christ.

Whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man”

Now, the Son of man is appearing here as the form called Jesus. The disciples are seeing this form and it is saying, “I am the Son of man.” And it says to the disciples, “Whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man,” which means this that you call Jesus, “it shall be forgiven him.” You can say something, you can blaspheme the Son of man. You can blaspheme the form called Jesus. Jesus is saying it. You can do it. It will be forgiven.

But whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.” The invisible nature of your Being must be accepted. The visible form, whatever you say about it matters little. The visible form is not the You. It was not the Jesus. The visible form is the concept. “Anything you say about Jesus will be forgiven,” says Jesus. But if you blaspheme and deny the presence of the Holy Ghost, the invisible activity of the Christ, then you are separating yourself from your Self.

There are some more passages to look at. They follow one upon the other. John 12:24, 25 and 26. Now, they sum up in advance of this last communion of Jesus Christ with the Father. They sum up the very things that he said but, in a way that we didn’t see as clearly at the time.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone” meaning separate not with God, “but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.”

The form is that corn of wheat. You must die to the concept of it or else you live alone; separated from your Self. But, if you are able to overcome the concept of form by accepting I am eternal Life, that means then that the corn of wheat has fallen into the ground and is dead, then “If it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” If you overcome the belief in form, living in the knowledge of eternal Life, that Life manifesting is the fruit.

And even if you still doubt, again, “He that loveth his life shall lose it.” He that thinketh, in other words that this mortal life is our Life. If you love this mortal life, if you believe that the mortal life is your Life, you shall lose it. That’s obvious. We’re all going to lose our mortal life.

But he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.”

Now, to hate your life in this world is to overcome the belief that it is your Life and to see that right where your life in this world seems to be, your eternal Life is. That’s hating your life in this world. Overcoming the belief that your transient sense of mortality is life is hating your life in this world. And then, you shall keep your life unto Life eternal. You’re trading in your false concept for the Truth.

Again, if you doubt, “If any man serve me, let him follow me; where I am.” He’s showing you his name is the invisible self of God; un-crucifiable. That’s where I am in the invisible because I am the invisible life of God. “Follow me where I am” means accept your Self to be that invisible eternal Life of God.

If any man serve me, him will my Father honor.”

You’ll find those in your 24, 25 and 26 of John, 12.

Now, it becomes very increasingly clear, by repetition in every way, that the eternal Life of God is the only Life you could ever be, the only Life you ever have been and whatever else you may have thought, that was not your life.

When this comes upon you, you say, “Where do I go from here?” Because the idea in itself is so vast that the mind is sort of benumbed. It just stands there gaping out and says, “Well, fine but what do I do about it?”

First, cherish that moment when the mind is benumbed. That’s a glorious moment for once the mind is no longer on the throne, it has to be a bystander. It has reached the point where it is incapable of taking thought. Be grateful. Rest in that benumbed mind and let the mind of the Father supersede the mind of you which was only a sense of mind. Finally, it reaches an idea too big to handle and it stands there bewildered. It’s taking no thought.

I in the midst of you am the Life and I will do all the thinking. I in the midst of you have nothing wrong and I am your Life.”

Now, we used the word Twin last time for the first time, or the time before. I want you to see that we’re calling the Twin, your invisible Self. That invisible Self is your Twin. That invisible Self is the Christ and we’re saying that you have an invisible Twin and every time you forget it, you’re going to be back in the false sense of life.

Your invisible Twin is in the eternal Life now and the way to start into the knowledge that I am eternal Life is to remember that though I appear out here in the visible, I have an invisible Twin named Christ and that invisible Twin is ever present as I in the midst of me. And that same Twin of me is I in the midst of everyone else so I am in the omnipresence of my own invisible Twin.

And if I will wait and listen, my Twin, my invisible Self who is ever present, will guide me. Be still. Rest in the Twin and no matter what the circumstance, even if you’re in a good situation, never act before you receive the conscious knowledge of the Presence of the invisible Twin. You will find you will be guided correctly. The Christ of you is the invisible Twin who will guide you correctly if you will wait upon the Lord.

The waiting then is first, to control the act of sense mind. Unless you control the act of sense mind, you are not preparing the way. And as you control the act of sense mind to listen to your Twin, you find you’re really doing that which was given in the Sermon on the Mount as “Ask, seek, knock.” You’re asking the Twin to speak. You’re seeking the Twin. You’re knocking in the invisible for the Twin. You know that every human action in the outer is a separated action. It doesn’t spring from the eternal Life of you and so, you rest in the knowledge that present here now is my eternal Life; the Twin, the invisible Christ, ever present and within my eternal Life, within the Twin, every idea of God is embodied. It is omnipresent. I don’t have to ask for the idea. It will pop to the surface if I am in the awareness of my Twin Self. Oh, it may seem like duality for a while but you’ll get over that. My invisible Twin is ever present and I can guarantee to you that your invisible Twin is the Christ of God and your invisible Twin will always know every answer that is necessary for every situation. And before you ask, I shall answer and I have the answer here waiting for you but you must seek me. You must knock on my door in the invisible.

And when you do this, you become aware that your Twin is infinite and again, brought into clear focus is your function on the earth. You are here in a seeming human consciousness to be an outer expression of your invisible Twin. Your invisible Twin expressing through your outer consciousness is your function at this moment. If you are the outer expression of your infinite, invisible Twin which is one with you, everything you do will be Divinely ordained.

And so, if you know your Twin is present as the Christ eternal Life and that your outer consciousness merely must wait upon that Twin to be guided, then the infinite Twin will be guiding you locally and you’ll find one continuous action from the infinite Christ to the outer, visible human type expression. Ultimately, the Twin will take over. The Christ will rise. But that Twin, seems like it’s personalizing but I find it very effective. Effective because we can’t hang on to nothing. It helps us to establish a specific, living invisible identity which we’re calling the Twin, your spiritual Twin. You’ve lived without it, now, live with it and watch the difference.

Don’t get ahead of yourself. You can’t say, “But I am the Twin.” Of course, you are. Just get into the habit of reaching to that invisible Twin and it will make all the declarations for you. Control the outer mind which is preparing the way. Listen for the invisible Twin and then, turn ye, be obedient. When you are in the outer obedient to that inner Twin, which isn’t just where you’re standing but is universal, you are fulfilling your function. You are expressing the Divine mind and whatever you do carries with it the benediction of the invisible Father within perfecting and performing all that concerneth Itself in you.

Make this Twin real to you and remember, it is the I that is in you that is greater than all who walk the earth. This Twin moves the mountain. This Twin parts the sea. This Twin has the answers. This Twin does the impossible but not your will. The will of the Father within you. Always, “What is your will?” is what you ask the invisible Twin until it is so real to you that you’re in the Paul’s way of life. “I live yet not I.” The invisible Twin, the “Christ liveth my life,” and that is why my Life is ever protected against the scorpion on the arm, against the Roman centurions, against every outer circumstance. Eternal life is its own protection. It is Real. It is Now. It is You. There is a Kingdom. There is a Christ. You are that Christ and you are in that Kingdom. Listen for the Twin.

Don’t act from the outer self. Act from the inner Twin. Then look across the street at the neighbor coming down the street. Your Twin is there. Your invisible Twin is right where the neighbor is. Look up and down every street in the universe. Everywhere is your invisible Twin, don’t care what the form is. Let that corn of wheat fall into the ground. Everywhere, identify your invisible Twin, the infinite Christ and wait. You will be guided. The words and the deeds will all be of the Christ. This is glorifying the Father.

What is happening to us? We are learning that we are eternal Life and that eternal Life is never in a form. When we are eternal Life understood, we are absent from the form but we are present with God. You must put “eternal Life” and “absent from the form” together to make them work. You are absent from the form when you know you are eternal Life. They go together. They take you out of the limited, finite boundaries. This is how you glorify the Father. You can’t glorify the Father as a limited form. Man has tried and failed; he continues to die. You glorify the Father by living. The Father has no pleasure in your dying. You are his eternal Life.

Now what we have been given in these five verses then is a new kind of Lord’s prayer. The Lord’s prayer was given to the disciples along the way to lead them, to guide them, to bring them up to this point where the Lord’s prayer, which is the Truth, is now explained as the revelation that the Kingdom of God is present.

At the beginning of the demonstration of Christ, man was given the Lord’s prayer at the near end of the demonstration, he is given the communion with the Father which is the Lord’s prayer again, expressed at a different level. It is the Christ prayer in you with the Father, the eternal, constant, unceasing prayer of Truth; the knowledge that I go to the Father, the Father with me is one. I am living that Lord’s prayer when I live in eternal Life.

The Kingdom is come. The will is being done on earth as it is in Heaven. There is no temptation to digress into evil. All of the power is there, the glory is there because you are the living Kingdom of God. You are the living Lord’s prayer.

The greatest word that comes to us now is obedience. Obedience to the Father within, the Christ; the infinite, invisible Twin – remembering that that Twin is always present.

Silence, (pause) …

I,” says the Christ, “am never alone for I go unto the Father.”

And now we can say, “I am never alone for I am always the invisible Christ.”

And if I just remember, that relationship will be so completely cemented that it will become automatic. Everything will be referred to the Twin. The Twin will run your business and your home and your marriage, your relationship with the world and it will be in the image and likeness of God.

All this was predicted by Daniel; that there would be a Kingdom of God on earth which will be everlasting; that all dominion was given to the I of your Being. We shall even graduate out of these forms, out of this world of senses and that which is invisible will become the living, visible Kingdom of God for those who walk in the eternal Life.

Notice how easily you’ll pick up people who now say to you they have a sickness that looks incurable or they have this problem or that. You’ll see how completely they are out of tune with Truth. Quickly, something in you says they just haven’t begun and then you’ll wait upon the Twin who will say to you, “But don’t you recognize that it is I standing here? not a person. Drop the concept. I, your invisible Twin, stand before you. Don’t you recognize me? Everywhere I am. I am the invisible Self of the world, your Twin. Trust in me. Glorify me. Believe on me. The Father honors all who do this for I and the Father are one.”

Now, we’ve got a good head of steam up on the 17th chapter. We’re going to stay with it. Your meditations this week should be on your ‘invisible Twin,’ ‘your name as eternal Life’ and ‘everything you ask in my name will be given you.’ As you recognize your Self to be eternal Life, all that eternal Life is will express in your experience.

You see how the government is on the shoulders of eternal Life, not on a human mind? How you can begin to relax all the demands and pressures of the world knowing that your Twin knoweth your needs?

Silence, (pause) …

Study today’s lesson very carefully. It’s the complete explanation of all that is going to happen in the rest of the Gospel of John in the total mission of Jesus Christ. It contains everything and it is all about You.

Now go back with me two thousand years ago. You are living because your name is Life. You weren’t in this form but Life was there. Life was here. Go back as far as your mind can think. You were living. Life never began at any one point. God never became your Father at a specific time. God always was your Father. And so, your Life always was. The forms it took into the appearance world are not what we are discussing. We’re establishing that your Life always was and that Life is the same Life that is now and it will be the same Life forever. The original glory of your Life is forever.

Work with the knowledge that your Life is not riveted to this point, this place, this time, that your Life didn’t begin in the twentieth century. Your Life doesn’t end in the twentieth century. Your Life isn’t confined within the shoulders and the hips and the ankles. Your Life is everywhere now and that is your invisible Twin which is expressing through you into the visible where you appear to be. Make this appearance of you obedient to your invisible Life everywhere and you will see the meaning of revelation, receptivity, meekness unto the Spirit, listening, waiting upon the Lord, direct cognition of the Infinite, tune to the Infinite.

All of this is saying, let the outer appearance of you be aware of the invisible Infinity of you and let the Infinity of you come through its way. Don’t push it or press it or force it or demand of it. It knows what it is doing. The eternal Life of you is living with the total intelligence of God as its mind, with the perfect body of God as its body. Let all of this come through you. Be obedient to your invisible Self and you’ll find that power which the world has missed.

Now there’s much has happened today here – more than we can see at the moment. And many of you who do not practice will find that whatever has happened is of little value to you because the practice of these things is what brings them into play and tunes down the world mind. As you practice, you’ll find the world mind loses its power and, in some way, you are raising the consciousness of the world. We have been given many blessings in this chapter 17.

Silence, (long pause) …

Thanks again very much.

Let us assume now that we can safely say that, “I may not show it to the world and may sometimes not be capable of sustaining it but I definitely am a disciple of Christ.” And in recognition that we are disciples of Christ, we know what we’re really saying deep down inside that “This is my identity.” When we say we are disciples of Christ, we are acknowledging that at this moment in our consciousness we have not reached that level of fullness but we know that within us is contained every Divine quality.

Now, I’d like you to see that these Divine qualities in you are the disciples and then to see that these disciples in you, these Divine qualities are branches, so that one branch is Love, one branch is Harmony, one branch is Peace, one branch is Truth, one branch is Intelligence, one branch is Integrity and so on. All of the Divine qualities in you are branches and the question I would like to ask you is, “How do you intend to feed those branches to bring up the fullness within you of these Divine qualities?” You know they’re there. You know that they are complete and full and nothing is withheld. You also know that they are not appearing in the fullness in your human experience. The question then is, “How do you feed them? How do you nourish them? How do you give them food and drink to make these qualities expand within you so that you can bring them into your living consciousness?”

Now, first, the human mind, being unaware of them, overlooks them and so, in our human way, in our human thought, in all our human methods and even in our human solutions we do not nourish these Divine qualities. Rather, we walk away from them by ignorance of their presence.

And so, the mind we see does not feed these qualities. It misses the mark and that’s the nature of what is called sin. The mind cannot feed the Divine qualities. The mind cannot make them grow. The mind cannot even express them. And so, in us, these Divine qualities lie present but dormant, un-expressing in our experience. And so, we age, we wither because we starve the Divine qualities until we are barren and our intellects, then becoming barren of the Divinity within us finally cut us off completely and that is why we are called mortal beings.

Now, the Father says, “There’s only one way to nourish the Divine qualities in you and you cannot do it. Your mind has no capacity.”

The consciousness of God alone can nourish the Divine qualities in you. The consciousness of God in you nourishing the Divine qualities brings them to higher levels of expression, finally opening your consciousness to the Divine consciousness so that the qualities of the Father in you are now becoming recognized, acknowledged by your Consciousness which has been quickened by the Divine. And the qualities do not grow. Your conscious awareness of them grows and as you become more aware of these full qualities in you, you bring forth out of your invisible substance those qualities into expression on what is called this human plane.

The branches are fed by the Divine consciousness alone. No human consciousness can feed food or drink to the Divine qualities within you. And so, there is a necessity to evolve from the human consciousness to the Spiritual. This Spiritual evolution is when the awakened Soul brings forth that which was only a branch into bud and into flower, into expression within you and the Divine qualities in you show forth. Your Light shines forth through material.

And so, we find that there is a method to awaken our human sense of consciousness to the awareness of the Divine consciousness in us which alone can awaken all our disciples. And that method is the bridge between heaven and earth and its name is Christ.

In the beginning was Christ, the Word and the Word, the Christ was in the Father and the Father in Christ. And the Christ then in you is that Consciousness in you which is the Divine consciousness in you expressing which feeds and nourishes and sustains and energizes your consciousness into a oneness with the Divine so that you become aware of the Divine disciples in you and as your consciousness of these disciples in you increases, it appears to you to be fruitage.

Now, all that God is within you is there. Nothing will ever be added. The finished Kingdom of God is attained when you become aware of the Divine consciousness which is I in the midst of you.

And so, “I go away,” says the Christ, “but I shall return. And there are things that I cannot tell you now because you cannot bear them. The reason you cannot bear them,” says the Christ, “is because you have no awareness yet to receive the Divine consciousness. You’re still praying to an external God. You’re still hoping God will favor you in some way. You’re still looking to outside powers. You’re still unaware that the fullness of God is within you already and there’s no way for the Divine Infinite to convey to the finite. It must be a gradual development. There must be an awakening called the Spirit of Truth in you and you must prepare the way for that Spirit of Truth for as it awakens you to the Divine consciousness in you, the hidden splendor is released.

Always, we are being led to the self-containment in Christ that we need seek nothing outside. In fact, to seek outside is to deny that we are self-contained.

The things we cannot bear are the things we are not prepared to understand. If someone says to you, “You’re God,” you cannot bear to hear that because you know you are not God and yet, Christ in you is God. And so, we’re not prepared, we cannot bear to hear what we’re not prepared to understand and that understanding must be expanded day by day until the Soul is opened up, until we are ready to hear the Word not just from the mouth of a person but to hear the Living Word within ourselves.

The Spirit of Truth will come and teach you all things.” And so, the promise is that the finished Kingdom of God will be opened up to you, that all that it contains will be revealed unto you when you receive the Spirit of Truth. That is the descent of the Dove. We are being prepared to receive the descent of the Ghost, of the Spirit, of the Dove, the awakened awareness that here where I stand is the living life of God. And it is I.

This preparation is the intensified activity of Spirit in us because Spirit is speaking not to Pharisees. This message is given to the disciple. And the Christ says, “I will return, not to the Pharisee – to the disciple.” When the Pharisee becomes a disciple, he will hear the message, “I will return.” And then we have to see what does this mean that, “I will return.”

Now, the mystery of “I will return” has to go back to your Life before form. We have to see that we are being led to the understanding that each of us is immortal Being, that we are living Spirit and that birth was the first entrance into form, out of the immortal Self, through birth into form, into a sense of mortality, out of Immortality into the belief that I am mortal being. But only into the belief. The immortal Self is always your Self. We walk out into mortal sense of form through birth.

And so, birth is the beginning of mortality. Birth is the beginning of that which must die. Birth is actually the beginning of death and what we call death is simply the ending of death. Immortality remains as the Life behind the appearance called mortal form. Your immortal Spirit, your immortal Life remains present even though you entertain a concept called birth into form and a concept called human life. And the Christ says, “Now you’re looking at your concept of a human life called Jesus and you can no longer hold on to that because there’s no way to teach you beyond this point.” And so, Jesus must go from your consciousness. And then, I, who will return, I am your awareness of your own immortal Self.

You will return to Christ. Christ will not return to you. The second coming is your return to Christ. The second coming is never Jesus returning to man. It is man returning to his own immortal Self. The going and the coming of Christ is always a statement of where we stand. When Christ goes away, that means we are losing our awareness of Christ. When Christ returns, that means we are increasing our awareness of Christ. When Jesus goes away, that means we are able to reach that pinnacle of human level which is the awareness that I am not a form. Jesus goes away just as Judas has to go away. Judas was the losing of the sense of corporeality in Jesus and in us and then Jesus going away, is the losing of the sense of human mind. First, the lower self, the corporeal sense and now, the human mind.

We no longer rest on the capabilities of the human mind. We let Jesus go away. We no longer seek an outside power to help us. We let Jesus go away. We seek no help from external sources. We let Jesus go away. We seek no protection. We let Jesus go away. And we are assured that even though Jesus goes away, I will return and the I that will return will be your conscious realization that your immortal Self, which is Christ in you, has never gone away. The second coming is the return to your own conscious awareness that you are immortal Being, that you are immortal Life. I, Christ who will return, never have left you but you will now be raised in consciousness to recognize that I am your Life. It was I that you departed from when you went into the sense of form, into birth. But I did not go away and now, you are returning to I, Christ as your identity and that is the second coming.

And so, we learn that there is a Spiritual evolution going on now. We have passed the Pharisee stage. We are the disciples. We are aware that the tree of Life within us is the Divine consciousness. We are aware that it feeds the Divine qualities in us and that as we rest in the knowledge that I am the Christ, the life of God here and now, we are the actual second coming. We are coming to Christ consciousness aware that the Christ that I am is the bridge between heaven and earth, the connecting link with the one Self which is God which is its only Son, the Christ, and which I am. We learn to feel at home in the acceptance of Christhood, in the acceptance that all Divine qualities in me have ever been present, that the finished Kingdom of God within me is I, the Divine consciousness, that the tree of life where I stand is my own Being, that I am the Life, the Spirit of God.

This is the place where we should be even though at the time Jesus spoke the words to the disciples, they could not bear to hear the many Truths that he still had to tell them. Two thousand years in time is not too long to wait but shall we wait another two thousand years to hear these things or are we ready to open our ears to face what we really know but what we at times feel somewhat reluctant to face?

The disciples were unaware that before them standing in the form called Jesus was the individuality of God. They could not know this. Nothing could prove it to them, no words. Crucifixion and resurrection were a way of proving to them that he was the individuality of God expressing. Crucifixion and resurrection proved to us that the individuality of God expressing is always omnipotent and the Christ says to us that, “I in the midst of you am the individuality of God.” And we learn that the Christ in the midst of our own Being which is our Self is God individualized and is omnipotent now. It’s taken two thousand years in time for us to be able to know this so well that we can look at a suffering universe and know it isn’t happening.

I, in the midst of you is God. I, in the midst of you am Christ. I, Christ in the midst of you and I, God are one and the same. I am the Divine consciousness that waters, that feeds, that sustains all the Divine branches in you and when you step aside from the human mentality to let I in the midst of you do this work without intervention, without interruption, without interference, without a second self, without a second power, without all human thought beliefs that there is something besides I, Divine consciousness then those Divine branches in you will bear fruit and they will appear as the health of your countenance. They will give you more than worldly riches. They will give you Spiritual riches. They will give you more than worldly health; they will give you Spiritual health. But above all, they will give you more than a worldly sense of life. They will reveal to you that you are the eternal life of God. The eternal life of God is the final fruitage of the Divine qualities in you as your Being.

And so, our Spiritual pilgrimage, our evolution ever pushes us beyond all forms of seeking personal improvements, human betterments. Instead, we are drawing from the Infinite to our own infinite expression through the realization that I, Christ is my present, immortal Self. We can bear to hear what the disciples then could not bear to hear because we have had the advantage of the crucifixion, the resurrection, the teachers, the two thousand years of learning. We are those who stood there then who could not bear to hear and we are here now and we are hearing.

And so, he says, “The Spirit of truth must be prepared for. It will quicken you. It will open you. It will teach you all things. And he will show you things to come.”

Now, the things to come in the 13th verse of John, 16th chapter, are not a revelation of the future. The things to come are a revelation of the now which is contained within your Being. Things to come are impossible because All is already. The revelation of the finished Kingdom of God within your own Being is the revelation of things to come. All that you will ever be, you are and the revelation of things to come is the revelation of all that You are. When the Spirit of Truth moves through you, that which is the invisible, finished Kingdom of fullness now is revealed to you. And this is the revelation of things to come.

All that is, is brought to your remembrance. The infinite intelligence of Christ in you, already contains a full record of all earthly time. It is revealed unto you. It expresses. It becomes your living experience. You find your roots in a different level of yourself than just the visible. The omniscience of the Christ becomes the omniscience of You for You and the Christ are one.

And so, we can see there is nothing to fear. We can see there is nothing to be afraid of in any way. We can see there is no limitation. We can see there is no lack. We learn to look beyond the visible densities of things into that which is there. And this is the revelation of things to come.

The expansion of your consciousness removes the sense of evil, the sense of error, the sense of all suffering and tribulation, revealing the full joy of the presence of the Spiritual Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. But this does not happen until we have opened a way for the Spirit of Truth, the descent of the Dove. It doesn’t happen unless you’re preparing the way, unless you are accepting identity, accepting the Word, accepting the Truth, hearing with the inner ear, loving God supremely, not sharing that love but loving God in all supremely, recognizing God everywhere. Recognizing God everywhere is going to become our main task now. We’re going to see that unless we recognize God everywhere, we are denying the presence of God and we’re going to see what that means and what it involves because the Master has given us a perfect example of what it means in just a few verses.

He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you.”

Now, we know Christ is speaking that the Holy Ghost, the activity of Christ, will glorify Christ, who glorifies the Father. All things that Christ is, through the activity of the Ghost, become the activity of You because You are the Christ. And so the Ghost, the descent of the Dove, the Spirit of Truth nourishes those Divine branches in You and they bud. They appear. They flow into your Divine awareness of consciousness as your Being and what is in your Divine consciousness then manifests in your experience as the flower, the fruitage, the expression, indivisible of your increased awareness of the Divine qualities in you.

You will notice that there is no human mind involved in this process. It is an instantaneous inner process of Divine revelation from the Invisible to the visible because the human mind is out of the way. We have transcended the mind in this area. We are in the Soul activity which expresses Divinity. This new awakened faculty then reveals Heaven on earth.

Now, it may seem that this is very remote still and so, the Master continues to tell the disciples to be patient. It can never be remote because the finished Kingdom of God is always where you stand. It can seem remote to a human mind and so, there is a step or two still awaiting in which the human mind loses its power to blind us to the presence of the full Kingdom of God.

All things that the Father hath are mine: therefore said I, that he shall take of mine, and shall shew it unto you.”

Now, that is the assurance that when the Spirit of Truth in You, flows into your prepared Consciousness, expressing of God, nothing is withheld. “All things.” You can never feel that something is missing because the Christ tells you that “All things,” of the Father will flow into your experience. It isn’t dependent upon your personal intelligence or your personal capacities. It depends only on your willingness to rest in the conscious awareness that God is present where you are and everywhere, no matter what you see. As you are willing to accept that God is present everywhere, no matter what you see, you are preparing for the descent of the Dove. The Dove cannot descend where there is a dual personality. The Dove cannot descend where there is one clinging to the belief that I am still a human selfhood.

The Dove descends where there is one who says, “The Father says I am his Son and that makes me the Christ now, not tomorrow. I will not become the Christ. I will not find Christhood in the future. It is my Being now, my substance now. I am the Light of the world.”

Your fidelity to this in you, in your neighbor, in all that you see, is the willingness to see God everywhere, though invisible. To crucify that in you which would deny God everywhere, to crucify that mentality in you which insists that there is an evil person or an evil condition, that crucifixion in you prepares the way for the resurrection of your Spiritual, immortal Self through the descent of the Dove. Then you look out at the world and not only make the effort but insist that instead of identifying what you see, you identify the invisible God that is there. This is fidelity to Omnipresence. This is acknowledging Me in all thy ways. This is loving thy neighbor as thyself. This is the conscious effort to see God everywhere; in everyone.

And of course, there’s no room in it for personal favoritism. There’s no room in it for judgment. There’s no room in it for condemnation. There’s no room in it for the many, many human ways that we have of being snobbish, of looking down, of pretending, of segregating, of expressing quiet, silent hostilities while smiling in the face. All of that ends when we see God everywhere and we must in order to prepare for the descent of the Dove until everywhere is Holy Ground no matter what appears. There is no descent of the Spirit of Truth in you which opens you to direct cognition of God.

And so, “I go away,” says Jesus, “Because my name is not Jesus. You have thought of me as Jesus, the man. You even thought of me as Jesus, the Son of God and it’s not enough. My name is Christ invisible.” And so, Jesus the form is going and this is mortality going that Immortality may be reborn in you. This is the disappearance of the human ego that you may discover the infinite, Divine Ego in your Self. This is the disappearance of matter that you may discover Spirit. I, who will return, am in you now as that which you are not recognizing and I who go away am the false sense of being that you are recognizing and I remove the false that you may find the True, the Real, the One in your Self.

You could not bear it,” he says, “If I’m to tell you now that I am the Spirit of God in you. You wouldn’t understand it.” And so, these are the things he cannot say to his disciples. They cannot understand that the man before them is not a man but is invisible Spirit which they see as man and that invisible Spirit is the Spirit of their own Being which performs all miracles on this earth when we have risen out of material consciousness.

And so, we drop the belief in corporeality. We let Judas go. We drop the belief in a human mind. We even let that human mind go and now, we’re letting Jesus go. We drop the dependence on all outside powers to help us. We’re making that journey which only the illumined can make; those who have felt the fire of Spirit within themselves.

And we know there’s going to be an interval of time before the Spirit descends. It isn’t going to be instantaneous. When we drop dependence on our sense consciousness, there will be a period of suffering, of tribulation and we must know that it is coming and be willing to undergo it. We must be willing to obey the inner commandment that God is everywhere and to drop all belief that God is not everywhere and to drop belief in the senses which testify that God is not everywhere until we are committed; not free but committed, living in that interval which is the dark night of the Soul, the interval of tribulation when we have left one shore but have not arrived on the other shore. We are in between, but, it is an interval of deep faith that the Living Word is my Being and though my human consciousness is not yet reconciled, though my flesh is not yet redeemed, the Word of the Father in me is so strong that I can rest in the assurance of his Presence here and there and in between as the only Presence.

And these are the conditions that Christ is setting to us as being requisite for the descent of the Dove, lifting us out of human consciousness into the Divine. He doesn’t tell us how long that period will be and he knows that only those who have been touched by the Spirit will make the journey. Only those who have total faith in their own identity, total faith in the Word of God. They will make the journey.

A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me, because I go to the Father.”

Now, you remember the Two Ways of I. I, the human ego and I, the Divine Self. And here, he is speaking the two ways of I, the two ways of me. “In a little while, ye shall not see me.” You shall not see Jesus. That means in a little while, you will lose your dependence on personal power, personal sense, material power, material sense, mental power, mental awareness. You will lose faith in the human qualities upon which you have depended.

In a little while you will not see me any longer.”

All of our human life has been a journey in which we depended solely on our own instincts, really on our own animal sense. We could see it and touch it. We could depend, too on our human thought. Now, the disciples have done all of that and they have transferred their total dependence on a man called Jesus. We have depended upon ourselves, our mentalities, our bodies, our strength, our intelligence to improve ourselves, to protect ourselves, to secure a better life just as they had depended on Jesus for that purpose. They had depended upon him to build a better physical kingdom, to liberate them. So, we have depended upon our physical and mental resources. He’s pulling the rug out under them. He has asked them to follow him and now he’s disappearing. He’s pulling the rug out on us saying, “You have followed all of your physical and mental resources. Now, I want you to give them up. I want you to follow your Spiritual resources, the resources that I have taught you you have even though the Divine fullness of them has not yet become apparent to you. You must follow them.”

You will not see me for a while. It will be a setback. It will be difficult but you will see me. I will return if you will follow your Spiritual resources. Ultimately you will release the imprisoned hidden splendor of your own Soul. I will return. You’ll become aware of Christ. Christ will be realized as identity but it cannot be done as long as you are pursuing a human sense of life. The human sense of life must be dropped. The disciple must walk in the Immortal acceptance. The disciple must walk in the Spirit, in the Light, in the Invisible with total faith that the Father is present in the invisible as the sustenance of all that they are with total faith that the life of God is the life of You, that it needs no protection, it needs no outer supply. It is Supply. It is the Life. It is the Protection. It is the Safety. It is the Fullness. This is the acceptance in the Invisible of your identity and the willingness to trust in that acceptance. And as you do, I will return.”

The Jesus you saw will return to you and you will then recognize this never was Jesus. This was always Christ in you. The powers you depended on will now be revealed to you as just the dream powers, just as the man called Jesus was actually a dream. All that is present is I, Christ. I, Christ revealed in you will reveal to you that no longer do you need the powers of the world. The power of God, the fullness of the Father, all that the Father hath is revealed in I, Christ as your Being.

I will return. This is the assurance given to every disciple who steps off the shore of his mental and physical resources trusting his invisible, Spiritual resources.

I will return. This is a change in consciousness. It is a change in minds and the change must be done consciously. We cannot wait another two thousand years for I to return. Jesus is not coming back and Christ is not coming back. We make the journey in consciousness. In the interval of faith, in the acceptance that what is told to us by the Spirit is true and though we walk in temporary blindness, we are told we will be blind. That it will not be instantaneous. There will be a struggle and you must make the struggle. For I will return; Christ realized in you.

Then said some of his disciples among themselves, What is this that he saith unto us, A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me: and, Because I go to the Father? They said therefore, What is this that he saith, A little while? we cannot tell what he saith.”

And so, when you hear this within you, there is confusion, there is doubt. What is the Spirit saying to you? You wonder, you doubt, you flounder but in some ways it’s because the human mind refuses to listen to what it does not want to hear. It is being told to crucify itself and it refuses. It has no way of knowing what to do about a thing like that.

I’ve been depending on this human mind and this human body. How shall I crucify them?” You must go away from them or I cannot return. Jesus must leave. The human sense of life we entertain must leave. There must be a rising above the hypnosis of the flesh before we can become aware of the second coming of Christ. The Christ we were before the world was and the Christ we are, we are now becoming aware that we have always been. This renewal, this regeneration, this rediscovery of our immortal Christ Self, this second coming cannot happen while we remain under the hypnosis of the flesh in a human sense of life. We are being told to get out of the dying body and I who will return will show you your deathless body. Get out of the human mind and I who will return will show you your Infinite mind. Get out of all that is temporary. Get out of time and I who return will show you eternal Self. Get out of the human lifespan and I who return will show you Life without end.

The disciples say, “We don’t quite understand.”

We have said that for a long time. We might even have passed the point now where we are debating this issue. You see, what is really happening is the disciples are unable to accept his words without argument. When Christ says this, Christ means this and even if you don’t understand what Christ says, you should follow. The disciples do not understand and therefore, they do not follow. But they should follow without understanding. Instead of rejecting the words and debating and asking questions, they should say, “Well you said it and that’s it.”

We are learning now to accept the words of Christ verbatim. The human mind ceases to question the Words. Often, we think we’re questioning so that we can improve our understanding but very frequently, we’re questioning in the hope that it won’t mean what we’re afraid it does mean. We’re afraid to face the crucifixion of the mind and the body. And so, what we think is asking for light or understanding is really hoping in some sense that we won’t have to go through with it.

But we may have passed the point now and come to the place where we want to go through with it. And so, I would say, we’re passed the disciples who were saying, “We don’t understand what he’s saying. What’s it all about?” We do understand what he was saying. He was telling us to step into our immortal Self, to crucify the mind and body, to crucify the senses, to crucify the belief in form, to crucify the belief in evil, to crucify the belief in false powers, to crucify the belief in disease and death and to look out and see that nothing could be here if God were not here and therefore, God being here, nothing else is here. We’re seeing our concept everywhere of that which is only God.

And so, we look through our concept now and we see through the concept that all that is there is God and though we are not quite sure, though we cannot touch that God, feel that God, speak to that God or even hear that God, we’re willing, because we have been to some degree enlightened, to say, “Only God is there and I’ll go through this interval of faith when Jesus goes and Christ has not yet returned to my consciousness. I’ll go through that moment, through that dark night but I will be true. I will accept that God is there and there and there and nothing else and I won’t be a disciple who says, ‘What’s he talking about. What do you mean?’ because I’ve passed the point of questioning the Word of God.” This is where we should be.

He says, “Let Jesus go and I Christ will return.” We say, “I’m letting Jesus go. I’m not going to ask Jesus to pray for me. I’m not going to pray to Jesus. I’m not going to ask Jesus to pray to God for me. I’m not going to call on Jesus Christ for help. I’m going to seek no intermediary with God. I’m going to depend on God within my own Being.” That’s what he’s telling them.

You thought I was going to bring you a better physical kingdom, great improvements in your human life. You thought I was going to speak to God and he would do these things for you. Forget it. I’m not going to speak to God for you. I’m not going to improve your physical life. I’m not going to free you from any human beings. I’m going to introduce you to your free, immortal Self which has ever been free, which has ever been God itself which has all that God is and I cannot explain it to you but I will remove Jesus so that you will find that which I cannot explain to you.” That’s our journey now.

And so, he hears the disciples speak this among themselves. Christ in us knows that we are still in a state of doubt and he says to them, “Do ye enquire among yourselves of that I said, A little while, and ye shall not see me: and again, a little while, and ye shall see me? Verily, verily, I say unto you, [That] ye shall weep and lament, but the world shall rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful, but your sorrow shall be turned into joy.”

Christ says, “If you make this inner journey, the world will rejoice about the disappearance of Jesus.” Certainly, the world isn’t interested in Truth. The world wants to revel in its own pleasures. The Pharisees didn’t see Jesus as a Messiah. The disciples saw Jesus as a Messiah. They’re both looking at God, one sees someone they ought to crucify and the other sees someone they think is going to help them in this physical world. Each one sees his concept and each one thinks of Jesus in a different light.

And so, the world rejoices when Truth goes away because it can now be in evil without being accused of it and the disciples who would follow this Truth as far as they knew how, they are sad and in deep sorrow. When we lose our dependence on outer powers, we feel like we’re helpless. The world is striking and we’re not allowed to strike back. There are evils and we’re not allowed to try to remove them. And we weep and we lament. The reason we weep is because this is the inner weeping and the lamenting is the outer. It’s a total sense of frustration.

Jesus is gone. They weep and they lament. We have no dependence on our human mind and our human resources. We weep and lament and yet, he says, “Don’t worry. The world will rejoice. It will think it has won a great victory over you but your sorrow will turn to joy.” This is the announcement that there will be a descent of the Dove. There will be an opening of the Soul. In this interval of faith, when we lay down all dependence on human resources, we are silent before the Father. We are meek. We are faithful. We are pure at heart. We are receptive. The way has been prepared and the Light of the Father dawns in consciousness and all that we thought was sorrow now disappears, dissolved by the sunshine of Truth. We are in the Joy. This is the promise of the Christ. The infallibility of the Word of God in you if you will be faithful to what it requires you to do.

And then comes this great analogy which helps us along the way. “A woman, when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come.”

Now, that word “travail” if you look it up in the dictionary, it’s spelled t-r-a-v-a-i-l but it’s pronounced “travel.” I used to call it “travail” and then I call it “traveyl” but I find in the dictionary it says travel. I don’t want you to mistake it. We’re talking about the act of giving birth which is called here the labor pain or travail.

A woman when she is in travail hath sorrow, because her hour is come: but as soon as she is delivered of the child, she remembereth no more the anguish, for joy that a man is born unto the world.”

Now, you see how we are told we must go through the suffering as a woman must go through the suffering in order to bear the child. There’s pain, there’s anguish, there’s concern but all this is gone when the child is delivered safely. Our dark night of the Soul is the same, like a woman in travail. The woman you see is your consciousness as it is making a change from dependence on human resources to your Spiritual resources and that change is difficult. There is pain. There is struggle. There is labor but you’re laboring to bring forth a new birth and that man child is the realization that Christ I am. The new birth is your own true Self regained, the immortal Self you forgot about when you came into form, birthed as a human being. That is regained during this suffering, this period of anguish.

And it brings up the question, or rather, the revelation that pain is not evil. Just as pain is not evil during childbirth because it is necessary for the birth of the child. So, suffering in this world which seems evil to us, is necessary. Through it, we come into the birth of our own immortal Self which is the rebirth. All these things that you have thought were sorrow, in the Spiritual revelation of Self, the sorrows you thought you could never bear and would never forget, they’re all washed away. In the rebirth of Christ awareness, all sense of sorrow is removed. You see that all so-called sorrow was no more than the anguish and suffering of a woman in childbirth and when the man child is born, when Christ is born in you, all else is forgotten. It disappears with a human memory. We stand revealed as the immortal child of God. This is Self-conception through the willingness to go through the dark night of the Soul, cutting the ties that bind us to humanhood, walking in the invisible.

Now, I think it’s quite clear then what Christ is telling us and what Christ expects us to do and how we can do it. We are letting the separation of the human mind be released so that the Divine branches in me are no longer dependent on my human thoughts. I’m depending only on my Being to be what the Christ says it is. I’m accepting that I, here, am the invisible Divine consciousness. There is no second. And if I rest in the knowledge that there is no second, out of human thought, out of sense thought, out of concept, out of human beliefs, in the deep silence of my own Being, my own Divine consciousness will nourish my own Divine qualities and they will move through me preparing the way for the full realization of Christhood. In the deep silence of my peace, Christ will be born in my Consciousness as my own immortal Self. The labor pains will be over. The man child born is Christ realized. Mortality is no more. Humanhood has died that Christ may be born and then we do not look back.

This is the path we are moving into and we must be patient.

– End of Side One —-

If you will walk through the streets of this world seeing God everywhere, no matter what appears, you will be doing what this is calling for. That is the struggle. It is a struggle to look at this world and see God. That’s your labor pain. You consciously bring yourself to look at the world and see God behind it instead of what appears. That’s your childbirth. That’s the anxiety, that’s the stress, that’s the struggle. To consciously do this, no matter how to difficult it is for you to say, “I see that ugly so and so but there is only God.” You must do this. This is part of giving birth to your own Selfhood.

No woman wants the pain of childbirth. She wants the child but the pain goes with it. Nobody wants the pain of giving birth to Christ but the pain goes with it. You must accept the pain as the companion to the event itself. You must be able to tear apart all of the pre-conceived notions of the human mind which says, “That one over there is better than that one over there.” It isn’t true and if it pains you to do it, it doesn’t matter. You must know only God is behind both and God is there and only God. This is the struggle of the inner birth that we take into our conscious awareness day by day. We’re sacrificing all of our delicate little human ways, all of the sacred cows of humanhood. We’re sacrificing all our prejudices, all our so-called mental comforts, all of the grooves that we have worn so deep by human living. We’re going into the deep travail of giving birth to Christ. And we must remain pure while doing it.

Silence, (pause) …

And so, if you have to wrench yourself out of a conditioned response, who says you don’t like the people in the deep south because of this or you don’t like the people in the far north because of that, or you don’t like people on one side of the ocean or one side of the tracks because of this, you must catch that tendency of the world mind in you. If you see a condition you disapprove of, you must catch that tendency in you.

Only God is there. Only God is there. Only God is there.

To the world, you will be insane. That’s the world rejoicing and that’s your sorrow but there will be a change and your joy will be forthcoming as the reward for your conscious fidelity to the All presence of God, no matter what appears to be there. Judge after no appearance. “Henceforth, know ye no man after the flesh.” No condition after the flesh. Nothing after the flesh. God is not that flesh and God is there. This is a long period of gestation. In the world it’s nine months. In the development of the Christ consciousness, it’s ten years and plus ten lifespans. Now all of those lifespans are behind you leading up to this and in this lifespan, we can receive that Christ realization if we’re willing to walk that space, that time between giving up the conditioned responses, correcting them, being faithful to the Allness of God. Let Jesus go even though you hate to let Jesus go, even though they hated to let Jesus go. Let Jesus go. Let all dependence on something out there to help you go. Place all your dependence on your own Being and walk that line quietly, confidently, silently until I am announces its Presence, not in your lips but in your Soul.

Remember the woman in childbirth every time you think your sorrows or your problems are too great for you because we’re given that analogy which is one of the strongest that we have in the Bible. Without the struggle there is no birth.

So he says, “And ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.”

Through the struggle, we are led to that which is permanent, instead of transient. “Your joy, no man taketh from you.” Not having made the struggle from material consciousness to Spiritual consciousness, we do not receive that which is permanent. We live in limited lifespans. That Joy which is permanent is the Life which is permanent. We’re giving birth to that which is Life forever.

These are the words of the Father.

And in that day ye shall ask me nothing. Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you.”

Now, we’re being told here that when the birth of Christ in you is realized, you will not depend on any outer being or power. Ye shall ask me nothing. Jesus, to his disciples, “When this happens in you, you will not ask me for anything.” They thought Jesus was going to get them everything. He says, “No. When you are able to receive the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter within you, you will ask me for nothing.” Meaning they will be so complete there will be nothing lacking. All that is will be revealed in their Being. Christ in you reveals you to be Self-complete. There’s nothing you need seek outside. This is the promise of the Christ that you are Self-complete in your Christ realization.

Now, when we say Self-complete, we don’t mean in a human sense. We don’t mean you have all the money you need and you have the housing you need and the transportation you need. You may have all those things now. The disciples had all they needed really in a human sense. As long as they had Jesus, they had all that they needed humanly. But, we’re not to be left at that level where we only have what we need in the human sense because the humanhood itself is taken away from us. We’re told that we will have all we need in a permanent sense. In Christ, I have Life everlasting. In Christ, I have Wisdom everlasting. In Christ, I have the Intelligence of the Father, the Life of the Father, the Will, the Power, the Sustenance of the Father forever. In Christ, when this form goes, I do not go. In Christ, I outlive all that is transient. In Christ, I bow to no power on this earth. This is what is meant by, “You shall ask nothing of Jesus, of me, of any human being. You shall ask nothing of God.”

For all that you shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it to you.”

In my name then, in Christ identity, you are Self-complete and there’s nothing you need ask. This is taking us out of the human sense of life into Immortality now and this is obviously not in a future heaven for Jesus says, “I go away but I will return.” He didn’t say, “You’re going to come where I am.” He said, “I will return.” That means right where you are, you will discover Immortality now. You will discover that where the mortal seemed to be, the immortal Self that you are, always has been and in that immortal Self you will discover your full completeness in God with nothing to ask for. All that the Father has, already has been given.

We cannot humanly conceive of such a Life. And yet, here it is being told to us by the Christ of our Being for only the Christ knows of such a Life and only the Christ can reveal such a Life and only the Christ can experience such a Life. And we are told not to be satisfied with less than that Christ.

Hitherto, you have asked nothing in my name.”

Oh, what a statement. The world has asked nothing in the name of Christ. And yet, just think of the millions who are asking in the name of Jesus, thinking that they’re complying when here the Jesus that goes away says, “You have asked nothing in my name because I’m not Jesus. I am Christ. I am the Christ of your Being and if you are not the Christ of your Being, you can’t ask in my name because that is my name.”

The dependency on the outer powers of the world is the false, deceiving human mind responding to the false, deceiving world mind limiting us to that which has no Truth, hoping to do something in our limited humanhood when here stands the invisible Christ Self, the immortal Being that we are.

Christ is breaking the bonds of mortality, awakening you to the one mind of God in you, lifting you out of all belief in limited human form, out of a transient world into the fullness of the everlasting Kingdom on earth, the Spirit of God. Nothing to ask for. Just be that Christ, that Spirit, that Self, that One.

Hitherto have ye asked nothing in my name.”

And that’s the condition the world suffers from. It has asked nothing in the identity of Christ. That one verse sums up the problems of the world. The world has asked nothing. The world has not accepted Christ as their identity. That’s the problem.

Ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be full.”

To ask is to be that Christ. To go through the struggle of birth, to return to your immortal Self. That’s asking; willing to put out whatever is required in your consciousness that is not the Truth so that the new child born is without blemish.

Now, Mary did this and so, Jesus was born. As you do this, Christ in you is born. Jesus himself, you see, was a symbol. He was a parable. He was not a man. He was the human husk which we see in our own mind where only Divinity is. He was a symbol that where we see humanhood, Divinity is hidden. Where we see humanhood in ourself, Divinity is hidden. The birth of Christ as you is merely the realization of the hidden Divinity of your Being where you had thought a human, mortal person was. The human mortal you is Jesus going away. The realization that you are the immortal Christ is, “I return.” The symbol of Jesus and Christ is the symbol of all mankind, the immortal Invisible where the mortal visible seems to be.

This is what he is teaching. “These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs.”

Now, your Bible, if its not the King James may say, “in dark saying.” Some translators have made proverbs into “dark saying.” “These things have I spoken to you in proverbs” or dark saying, meaning not clear to the human mind. Incidentally, that’s why proverbs are not clear. They are parables. They are symbols.

But the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly of the Father.”

Now, if you thought you had difficulties understanding the Bible, it’s because Christ here is telling you, “I have not spoken to you plainly. I have spoken to you in dark sayings, in proverbs. Why? Because there were things that you could not understand. But the time cometh when I shall speak to you plainly.”

And naturally, the human in us says, “Well, I wish you’d do it right now. I’m ready to listen.” And so the disciples do that. They say to him, “Speak to us plainly now.” They are under the impression that plainly means that his mind will communicate with their mind. And that would be our intellectual assumption that plainly means that the mind of one will communicate more plainly to the mind of another – but it doesn’t mean that. There’s no way for the Infinite mind to communicate to a human mind. “Plainly” means that the Infinite mind in you, awakened in you, will hear the very same words but understand them. That’s the plainliness of the Christ speech.

When Christ in you, when you are awakened to Christ, Christ in you will hear what your human mind has been unable to hear. And further, “plainly” means – and this is the announcement to the world – that it is possible to speak directly with God. To hear plainly is the announcement that you will have direct cognition of the voice of God within your Self. You can’t get any plainer than that. Without an intermediary, without going through somebody to get to God. That is the meaning of “I will speak plainly to you.”

Up to this point, all Truth has come to a human mind which reinterprets it as best it can. There will be no re-interpretation when God speaks to Christ in You. That is the speaking plainly and because Christ says, “I will speak plainly to you,” that is your assurance that the day approaches when Christ in You, hearing God direct, becomes your permanent Consciousness.

That is the state of consciousness or Christ consciousness, the illumination, the enlightened moment, when I hear God direct, when the Father within speaks and the servant heareth and we are one and there is no human voice speaking and yet, the Infinite communicates with the Son in you. This will become permanent, a revelation which never ceases. A permanent source of guidance, a permanent source of intelligence, a permanent source of food and drink. This is how All that is of the Father comes into your expression. The Father in you speaks through the Christ which is God sustaining the Son, Infinity individualizing as your own Life. This is the promise of the Christ.

At that day ye shall ask in my name: and I say not unto you, that I will pray the Father for you.”

This is to the disciples, Jesus saying, “I won’t pray for you.” They can’t understand why. He just told them why. Because the Father in you is present and you’re not going to need someone to pray for you. The Father in you is there. You don’t pray to the Father in you. Do you pray to yourself? Do you need someone to pray to your Self? Why do you pray to God? Because you believe God isn’t here in you, as You. But when this day comes that Christ in You is born, You won’t pray to God. You won’t ask somebody else to pray to God. The God in you is You. There’s no longer two.

And so, true prayer, real prayer, not praying amiss is the realization that the Father within me is my own Life. I cannot pray to my own Life. The acceptance of Divine life as my Life is perfect prayer. When I know that my Life and God’s life are one Life, I am praying. The realization of one Life is perfect prayer.

And so, Christ says, “I’m not going to pray for you.” It won’t be necessary.

The Father himself loveth you, because ye have loved me, and have believed that I came out from God.” God loves you.

This is what Christ says to all of us. We don’t believe it because we don’t know what Love is. God’s love never changes. God’s love is always perfect. When God loves you, that means God has given you eternal Life. That’s what God’s love means. The mother gives the child a lifespan. God gives you an eternal Life. The mother’s love brings forth that child. God’s love gives you eternal Life. God loves you, not will love, not has loved or is about to someday but God loves you. “The Father…. loveth you.” God has given you eternal Life and there is no other.

The knowledge that God has given me eternal Life is the acceptance of God’s love. I don’t need to pray to God because God has given me his eternal Life. When I pray to God, I deny he has given me his eternal Life. I’m still in that stubborn, finite, limited human sense of things which has not opened up to the fact that God loved us so much that God gave us his Life and that is our name, the life of God.

Now, what shall I pray for except to deny that God gave me God’s life? I cannot improve God’s life. It will not grow old. It will not grow sick. It’s not going to have a problem tomorrow. In my limited sense of self, I may go through the belief in these things because I don’t believe, I don’t have the faculty to know that God’s life is my Life now. But when I have that faculty, then I won’t ask Jesus to pray. I won’t ask the church to pray. I won’t ask my human mind to pray. I will simply know that I and the Father are one mind. And if I can know it now, then I am asking in the name of Christ. I am accepting that I and the Father are one now. My asking is the accepting that the love of God is the life of God in me.

And because this is the Truth if I can live with that knowledge, I break the karma of the world. And if I can be willing to share that Truth, not to hold on to it for myself, then I malpractice no one who walks the earth, then I am true to the life of God which is the Life invisible of every individual who walks the earth whether he knows it or not; then I am recognizing God everywhere. I am faithful to Divine life everywhere and I am in a constant state of prayer. The recognition of God life everywhere is the constant state of prayer. We are no longer praying as humans pray. Our prayer is there and there and there is the one invisible life of God which the love of the Father in all of us ensures.

We are getting very close to being free of world beliefs as we continue to pursue that conscious awareness that the words of the Father in us spoken through Christ Jesus are living, accepted, lived in and that is living Spiritually, not talking, but living Spiritually, practicing the conscious awareness of the invisible life of God where the form seem to be.

I come forth from the Father, and am come into the world: again, I leave the world, and go to the Father.”

In this, Christ assures you that Christ which comes into the world and goes to the Father is never separated from God. And therefore, in Christ identity, you are never separated from God. And because, whether you know it or accept it or not, Christ identity is the only. You are never separated from God. You come from the Father, you go to the Father. You are never separated from God. You are always the individual selfhood of God expressing. So is your name and if you’ll struggle through the birth of recognizing that in everyone, you will find that it leads to the birth of Christ in you.

His disciples said unto him, Lo, now speakest thou plainly, and speakest no proverb.”

They still thought he could tell them the things that you and I are talking about right here. Before crucifixion, before resurrection and he couldn’t because without crucifixion and resurrection, there’d be no way to understand them. There’d be no way to understand there’s no form in Jesus standing there. We can only see that now knowing resurrection took place.

And when we come to that, by that time I’m hopeful, that we will not only see it very clearly, we will be so prepared that we will know it is not taking place, that the illusion of crucifixion, resurrection and ascension is to teach us that only Christ is on the earth.

Now are we sure,” say the disciples, “that thou knowest all things, [and] that thou needest not that any man should ask thee: [and] by this we believe that thou camest forth from God.”

In other words, no man need ask him. They could see he’s fairly Self-sufficient. They know he comes forth from God. And he’s somewhat amused. He says to them, “Do ye now believe?” He’s repeating what they had just said that they believe. What do they believe? That’s what he means. You believe what? You believe that I am the Son of God but you don’t believe that you are the Son of God, so what do you believe? I’m teaching you that what I am, thou art. That I am the Son of God and you are the Son of God and you’re not believing that, you’re just believing that I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, specially endowed, and the whole world is believing that and I am teaching you that the life of God is your Life and mine right now. But you’re still going through the birth struggles so don’t worry about it.

Behold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall [all[ be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me.”

Every man scattered. At the sign of stress, we scatter. We each run back into our own mortal consciousness again and now, we’re not thinking of anyone else. We’re thinking of ourselves. That’s the scattering. He knows it will take place. Each will be saying within himself, “Oh my God, I’ve lost Jesus Christ. What am I going to do?” They will scatter each to their own house, to their own individual consciousness and when we have left all our human remedies and our human desires and our human ambitions, we feel that sense of having been scattered. We have nothing to hang on to. But Christ says, “Wait a minute now. That’s how the senses tell you you are but I am not alone.”

And while we’re still in that state of being scattered, we’re brought up sharply with the realization, “Well wait a minute? Where did God go? Did God leave me? Did the life of God go away? How can I be alone when I is God? Is God alone? No, God is All there is.”

And so, in this sense of scattering, in the sense of great loss, we are saying “I am not the life of God.” Only a human being has a sense of loss. I, who am the life of God can never lose anything except the false sense of life. There’s a transference in consciousness from the self-pitying individual who thinks he has lost something or someone. There is no such loss. That’s in the human sense of things which still denies the fullness of God as Being and thinks there is another being.

And then the great hope for the world. “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.”

In the world, in the belief in humanhood, in the human mind, we have tribulation and that’s the only place it occurs; but be of good cheer. Continue in the struggle to be reborn for I, the Christ in you, have already overcome all the tribulations of the world. When you find I, you will discover all of the tribulations of the world dissolve into the forgotten past. In the now of I, in the permanent state of Being, not in a future heaven, in Christ here now, I.

Every prayer of Jesus Christ was the recognition of his oneness with God. When we have prayed humanly, we have not prayed in the name of Christ. We have prayed in the name of a human being. We have prayed in my human name. I am asking God for. That’s not praying in my name. That’s not praying for the fulfillment of God’s will.

But now, the great joy of knowing that Spirit, speaking on earth to men who were looking for Truth and preserved in this book and the scriptures of the world, assures us that there’s no power on earth that can prevent us from realizing the Christ of our own Being.

Be of good cheer. No matter how the struggle or the tribulation, the lack or the limitation, no matter what the appearance, be of good cheer because I, who is your invisible Self in the midst of you, ever standing there, loving you supremely, I tell you and you can trust me, I have already overcome the world in which you are struggling. Rest in I and I will show you that the world in which you are struggling is only the hypnosis of the human mind. Your Father’s kingdom is where you are looking at the world. Your Father’s joy and happiness and perfection is where you are struggling. Out of this pain will come the joy of birth. If you are steadfast in the conscious awareness that your Father is now present everywhere including where you appear in form, where your friends appear in form. And as you practice the living knowledge that God is present, no matter what the eye can see nor the fingers can touch, and only God is present, you will be giving birth to your own Christ identity.

And so, that’s the 16th chapter completed and still, he’s not ready to be crucified. Somehow, in the Christ teaching, every eventuality is covered, every detail, every doubt is answered, not just by-passed.

And so, there’s another chapter; the 17th. I’m not saying we’re necessarily going to do it next week. We might do chapter 11 in Joel. I’d suggest you look at both, the 11th chapter of Joel which is “Lifting Up the I,” and the 17th chapter of John which is the final preparation of his disciples as he walks out of form; teaching us how to walk out of form.

I had so many things I wanted to tell you today and the Voice said to me, “God doesn’t need any human advice.” And so, we’ll be patient and accept what flows within ourselves knowing that I, who have overcome the world, am feeding you as quickly as you are prepared to accept what I am feeding you. I in you will give you as much as you’re prepared to receive and you are preparing by emptying out that which is not true. That is your preparation. Emptying out all that is not Divine life and as you empty out, I, Christ in you, refill you with my pure Spiritual Self replacing your poverty of Spirit with the richness of the Infinite.

Let’s be still now and wait upon the Lord.

Silence, (long pause) …

Thanks a lot.

We’re beginning today a very different level of this work. It’s going to be very difficult.

It’s going to require within you a very different kind of activity than you may have been used to. Up to now, you have been assimilating knowledge and to some degree, opening yourself to the Spirit but basically, the work for a long time remains learning more and more and more of the meanings that were given to us by the activity of Christ on earth in the form of Jesus.

There comes a time when the meanings are somewhat clear and after that, you’re merely repeating more and more and mostly because the next step, the ascendancy, is the step that we don’t know how to go about. It’s so easy to memorize something and it’s easy to practice principles. Even if you fail in the practice, at least you can practice them.

But now, we reach a point where it isn’t enough to practice the principles themselves. We have to develop the faculty to receive another level of the teaching. Now, we have to practice to develop that faculty for without it we cannot receive a higher teaching.

And so, Jesus goes away. Even Jesus says, “There’s nothing more I can do for you. I’ve got to leave. I cannot give you any more information. In fact, my presence here is a barrier. If I were to stay with you, the only thing that would happen is that you would keep leaning on me, the form and really there’s nothing more that I can give you as a person. I can heal another cripple. I can take another person who’s in the tomb and raise them out. I can open the eyes of another blind man. But what’s the point of it? I can’t do it for the whole world.”

And so, now I’ve got to bring you into that place where you are Self-reliant; where everything you have seen Jesus do, you learn is within the realm of your doing and for you to do that, you must now make a very distinct effort in a different direction. That’s why this is difficult. It breaks away from our normal pattern of behavior.

Now, let’s just look at the beginning of this 16th chapter. Try if you will to get the feel, not of Jesus speaking to the disciples, although that appears to be what’s happening. It is really the Spirit of God in you speaking to the disciples in you. Now, the disciples in you are represented by Peter, by John, by James. Each one is a conglomerate of different qualities so that you might say Christ is speaking to that in you which is emotion, emotional love, that in you which is intelligence, that in you which is integrity, that in you which is a desire for Truth. Those basic Divine qualities which are in you, not fully matured, are the disciples in you and Christ speaks to these Divine qualities or disciples in you.

Now, you sort of do this as if you were an actor or an actress on a stage. Instead of seeing an outer Jesus talking to disciples in antiquity, bring it into the now and see that the I of you is speaking to the remnants of human consciousness in you and there’s also a you standing back watching this so that you’re developing now another level of meditation. You’re listening to I in you speak to the human sense qualities in you and really speaking past and through them to another level of yourself. And all of this you’re standing back to be a witness of.

And as you do, you are learning that the human sense of you is the composite of all the disciples of Jesus. And this human sense of you is to be lifted up, each disciple within you to its own innate perfection and the Soul of you is speaking to these disciples so that there’s no longer an outer activity. It is you having a talk with your Self within yourself. I, the Soul of me, am speaking to the disciples within me, to teach them, to lead them, to give them information they can not get any other way, to break the fetters that bind them, to release them as a captive to the world mind, to remove the yolk of false thought that has made them seem limited. But I’m not doing this as a me. I’m doing this as an I. I am speaking to the disciples within me and you must now establish that

I-Consciousness which in this book appears to be Jesus speaking to disciples. This is what you do within your Self consciously.

I now speak to my disciples. And if you will hold that, you will see you have established two firmaments, the lower and the upper. The lower is the disciple or disciples in you and the upper is the I of you speaking from the upper firmament to the lower where the disciples are. And as you do this, you become more aware of I in you and ultimately, that will be the Consciousness you retain. That is the new level you will establish. I, in me, must guide these inner disciples of the sense mind, to take them out of the sense mind. I’m not seeking a human authority to do this. I, in me goes to the Father. I in me is the one with the Father. I in me is the Teacher. I in me is my true Consciousness. I in me can never leave me. I in me is here now to teach every facet of my humanhood the true identity of Being, the fullness of my own Self.

And now, let’s hear His words because they are the words of I in you, to the disciples within you and if you will hold that upper firmament as you listen to the words, you will see you are establishing a new level of Consciousness, the Christ mind.

These things have I spoken unto you,” – the I, of you has spoken to the disciples within you – “that ye should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.”

Those qualities in you that will be battered and shattered and pressured by the world are being reassured that when they know You, they will know You and the Father and they will find a new kind of protection, a new immunity. The more you become “I conscious” now, the more you’ll find that every quality within you will borrow from that I Consciousness and find its own peace, its own way to grow, its own way to fulfill Itself. The capacity of Love within you will expand to the capacity of I. The capacity of Intelligence within you will expand to the capacity of I. Every limited, finite human capacity in you as it becomes conscious of I within you, will expand to the fullness of I. Human intelligence will become Divine wisdom. Human limitation will become Divine un-limitation. I in the midst of you am the assurance that this is so. It is I speaking apparently as Jesus, but I in the midst of you speaking to all of the qualities that you are.

But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you [of them]. And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you. But now I must go away to him that sent me; and none of you asketh me, Whither goest thou? But because I have said these things unto you, sorrow hath filled your heart. Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you. And when he is come, he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment: Of sin, because they believe not on me; Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, and ye see me no more; Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged. I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.”

Now, if you’ve managed to hold on to the upper I, you have found another level of yourself which ultimately is the pathway to heaven. And today, we are going to live in that upper level a little more than we have in the past.

We have here a man named Jesus telling his disciples that he is leaving them for their own good. And now, we want to see that he is leading them into this upper level of themselves. His real secret is that I, Jesus am going away but I, Christ, am remaining with you. The form is leaving but not the Spirit and of course, all of this symbolic of you in your change of consciousness from form to Spirit. The belief in form goes away and is replaced by the conscious awareness of Spirit. If Jesus does not go away, faith of the disciples remains in the flesh, in the form, in the person. As long as you are in a material consciousness depending on the material world for sustenance, as long as material consciousness does not go away, you cannot find your Spiritual consciousness. And so, in the outer, the Master moves away from the disciples that they, losing dependence on the outer, are forced to discover the inner and we are to follow that example, to drop dependence on the outer that we may discover the inner.

And now, we’re going to look at his words very closely. “These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended.”

The key to the word “offended” is given in Isaiah. He says that Christ is a stumbling block to evil, an offence to all that is unlike God. And Christ is saying to the disciples, that “I am an offence to evil. Evil shudders when I approach. Evil attacks when I approach. Always, when I approach, evil is offended but I have taught you the Truth of your being so that when I approach to you, there is no evil in you to be offended. I have taught you these things so that you will not be offended because only evil is offended and there is no evil in my disciples.”

And so, we learn again that we are offended only when there is a sense of evil in us. When we have reached that level which is not offended by evil, it is because the Light within has been touched. He has brought them to a place where they can know the non-reality of evil and therefore, they are not offended by evil.

I have taught you the Truth of your identity, the Truth of the presence of God where you stand so that when the appearance of evil comes to you, it cannot offend you because you know the Truth.”

Now, last week we had a seven-point program. God is always present and there is no other presence. Where God is present, the power of God is present. Where the power of God is present, there is no power of evil present. Finally, fourth, because the power of God is always present, there is no present power to cause evil and therefore, evil cannot exist. It can only appear but it cannot exist and evil is everything that we would consider wrong; every disease, every problem, every error, everything that is unlike God. And so, evil not existing but only appearing, the fifth was it is temptation, the sixth was to observe the temptation without accepting it in the knowledge that only God power is and finally, to rest in that assurance until you feel that absence of the power of evil, that absence of that pressure of evil, that Peace ultimately which lifts you above the illusion of evil.

Now, watch how subtly these seven points change as you accept I, in you. I is the level from which you meditate now. You rest in the I of your Being. That’s not a human person waiting for God to do something anymore. That’s I, the Spirit of God itself. That is my name and I rest in I.

I, the Spirit of God am present. That’s your first principle; only instead of God being present, I, the Spirit of God is my name and I am present and where I, the Spirit of God is, the power of God is, the power of I is present. The I of you is present and it is the Spirit of God. The I of you is the power of God and it is present. And therefore, there is no evil power present because I, the Spirit of God am present and therefore there is no evil present because I, the Spirit of God is present.

Now, when you come to your fifth point, evil appears only for one reason. It only appears because you’re not living in I, the Spirit of God am present. And it’s also your remedy for that appearance. That appearance of evil is the subconscious denial within you that you are I, the Spirit of God and that I of You is present. All evil that appears in your life is a denial of the I consciousness that you should be in.

In your sixth point, you are to reject the evil. Now, the sixth point changes. Instead of rejecting the evil, you accept I am the Spirit of God. That is the rejection of the evil. The acceptance of the evil is the rejection of I am the Spirit of God and conversely. But I am the Spirit of God. There’s no evil where the Spirit of God is. In my own I am Spirit, I rest.

Now, you make these seven points again using I the Spirit of God wherever you had God until you begin to feel there is a level called I, the Spirit of God which is my true Soul consciousness and when I rest there, I am leaving the world mind. I am breaking the karma of the world mind. I am breaking the belief that I am limited to a human mind. I am stepping out of the personal sense of mind, into the I mind, the higher level, and resting there.

And the reason this is difficult is because we’re used to thinking with the personal mind making decisions with the personal mind and the personal mind is separated from God. I, the Christ mind, this mind that you are touching, I am your only mind and I go to my Father. I am one with God. I synchronize you with the Infinite. When you rest up in the upper firmament of I Consciousness, you are synchronized with the Infinite. You transcend evil just by being there. It has no place to go in your Consciousness. We are learning to have that mind which was in Christ Jesus which transforms our earthly life.

Jesus is going away but I, Christ remain. Jesus goes away that you may discover that I, Christ is the identity of Jesus and that as I, Christ dwell in Jesus,, I, Christ dwell in you, that everything Jesus did on the earth, I, Christ did where he appeared and I, Christ who did these things am your Self ready to do these same things where you are – if you will dwell in me. As you develop the capacity to make the great shift from the mind of the personal self to I, the Christ mind in you, every miracle that walked upon this earth where a human body seemed to be in some form of limitation, I removed and I am ready to do that work again and again and again through any individual on the earth who will abide in I, here, now. Have that mind which was in Christ Jesus and that mind knows that no evil is present where I am.

There are no intermediaries. There’s no one to pray to. There’s no clergyman who can go to God for you. When you do that, you are denying that I am the Spirit of your own Being. This is your Kingdom and you must live in it to be under the government of God.

These things have I told you that you would not be offended, that evil would not stimulate you into reaction or belief, that you would rest in I, the Spirit of God, present now, knowing that where I, the Spirit of God is realized, accepted as ever present, as functioning, as all Power.”

Evil is only a false appearance without substance. This was the heritage from which we all turned away when we came into form into the personal sense of mind. But nobody can ever take it away from us. The power of the Christ mind in us is ever ready to reveal that it is the miracle worker, the Father within.

This is what we all share. No one gives it to us. We learn that we were in this Christ mind before the world was. We have ever walked this earth in it unaware of it but now Jesus, to his own disciples says, “This mind that I have shown on this earth is your mind, too and you won’t believe it until I walk away and you have to find this mind and so, I am walking away. I am removing your crutches.”

You cannot lean on Jesus anymore but you won’t understand this until, for a short time, you have been forced to live without the outer Jesus, without the material consciousness. When you leave this personal sense of mind, you’re like the disciples, stranded without Jesus, wondering what’s going to happen next but in that moment, in that gap, the Christ in you is rising. The awareness will suddenly come forth and you will discover what you can discover no other way. You need no might. You need no power to remove the evils in your life. You need no force. You need no material effort of any kind. If you were to try to remove those evils, you would be leaning on Jesus, leaning on the material form, the material power, the material weapon or the mental method.

You need no might or power of mind or body to remove evil from your life but rather, to let the need for a material power go away. And this is where the difficulty comes, the confidence to turn instead to the higher level of your own consciousness, I; and know that I, as of old, dissolve every seeming error with no need for physical power or mental power on your part. I reveal the nothingness of all evil in your life. I reveal the nothingness of error. I reveal the non-power of all that you had thought was limitation or lack. In other words, I am a new faculty. The old faculty, the personal sense of mind, saw the evils because it could not perceive the Reality.

I, your Christ mind, I perceive that which the human mind could not perceive. I perceive the disciples in you at their full, complete, unlimited potential, realized. I perceive the fullness of your Power. I perceive the fullness of your Harmony. I perceive the fullness of your Love. I perceive the fullness of your Abundance and I perceive it because I, the Christ mind of you, walk now here in the Kingdom and I bring forth from the Kingdom that which I perceive. I externalize into the outer that which I perceive in the invisible Kingdom here now. I make the Word flesh. I send the Holy Ghost to do these things. I am the power of Grace within you and instead of removing evils, I reveal they never were there.”

This is the level from law to Grace, from Jesus to Christ, from physical power to Spiritual power. That’s why it’s so necessary for Jesus to withdraw from the disciples that they find their own Spiritual power instead of resting on his. That’s why you must withdraw from the personal mind to find your own Spiritual power instead of resting on that mind which receiveth not the things of God.

And so, your work is cut out for you. There’s no Jesus can do it for you or anyone else. If you want to walk on the waters of Truth there must be a switch, a shift, a change and it’s a conscious change from the thinking human mind to the awareness that I’m in the wrong level of myself. The thinking human mind will just go so far. It can read all the Bibles in the world and just go so far. But I’ve got to break the barriers and I cannot do it with this thinking mind. And so, consciously I rest that here where I appear to be, is the invisible Spirit of God. Its name is I and I have disciples within me and I am going to train these disciples. I’m going to bring every quality I have up to the level of Divinity by refusing to accept any other level and always then there is this meditation in which I rest in the I-ness of my Being. There’s never a person meditating. I’m resting in the I-ness of my Being. Somehow, I’m less aware of form, less aware of the world, less aware of a desire or a need, simply resting in I.

I am the light of God. I am the invisible presence of God. I must rest in that I, until the very invisible atmosphere seems to be moving through you.

You’re not cramming a human brain with facts. You’re absent from the brain. You’re absent from the human sense of self. You’re surrendering to I. You’re almost out of this mind universe and there’s a great gap there between the mind universe and the Soul universe, a vast interval. You’re leaving one and haven’t yet found the other and that’s the journey within that you must take.

You know when you’re thinking out of a human mind and that’s not the Christ way. The Christ way is to think out of the Christ mind for the Christ mind is the expression of Divine will. Jesus couldn’t do this for the disciples. He could meditate with them. He could correct them. He could lift them Spiritually but he could never take them into Christ Consciousness while they thought of him as a human form, as a person, even a God-endowed person, even a Messiah. You can never do this while you think of yourself as a human form, as a person, any more than they could thinking of Jesus as a person.

There must be an acceptance that I, the Spirit of God, is my name and identity and then you give yourself, all of you, to that I. You surrender to your Self and you rest in that meditation and you let little I die in the I that you are – many times. That is how we interpret Jesus’ departing from the disciples. The surrender of your form, your person, your humanhood, all concepts about it to the knowledge of the I that You are. You’re developing your I Consciousness.

There is no feeling of great personal strength or of any major achievement. It’s mostly a giving up and it is slowly replaced by receiving, multiplied and running over that very self that you gave up in a new way. What you give up, you receive to overflowing.

We’re giving ourselves to the government of God so that Grace may replace the struggles of the human mind and in so doing, we do it not on faith that is blind but on the knowledge that I, the Spirit of God that indwells me, is present now and I’m accepting its Presence as the power of God where I stand, as the mind of God where I stand. I’m accepting God presence as the I that I am and all that God is, here I am. This is your transformation in Consciousness and from your own experience, you will discover that if you do this frequently, you will develop an awareness of it and it will in some way communicate so that you have a conscious knowledge that there is present where you are, a living Spiritual Being called I and you will know that this is your Infinite twin. It is the twin of you, the twin of this appearance called form and you will learn to let this twin guide you in the form until you one day, will be less conscious of the form, until the very twin you have accepted, you learn to be your very Self.

We all have an infinite twin called Christ. Our unawareness of it is what causes the problems of our human lives. Your twin Christ is my twin Christ. We all have the same twin. But each one has that twin and until we find I, Christ, the twin, I the human being, is a separated mortal subject to the law of mortality.

Jesus must go away. Yes, even Jesus must go away. Your mortal self must go away that your immortal Self may be lived in consciously. And you do not do this except through consciously living in the Christ mind which knows no evil, which knows only the presence of Power ever functioning. This is your break with yesterday, the break with all that is mortal.

They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God a service.”

Now, the synagogue means the holy place. And they who shall put you out of the holy place is not some external power. Yes, that’s included but also there is this inner conflict. The self of you, the disciples in you and the I of you are always being besieged by the world mind in you. It is the world mind in you that is trying to put the disciples in you who are trying to learn the I-ness of Being out of the synagogue. The world mind in you which says, “How can you be sure?” The world mind in you which tries to ostracize the disciples for trying to learn the Truth and wants to cast them out. This is speaking again about the inner conflict between the Spirit and the flesh, the doubts, the uncertainties, the failures, when we think we have missed the way. The disciples in you are being forewarned, “This will happen. Expect it. Expect hostility. Expect difficulties. Expect opposition.”

But always remember that opposition, hostilities, persecution is the myth of the world mind. All opposition is an image in the mind. There is no real opposition. There is no real tribulation. All that happens to the human happens in the mind and externalizes where the form appears. The worst that can happen to you is always happening in the mind and when you’re in the I mind, instead of the personal mind, you find it doesn’t happen. That’s the point of the transition in Consciousness. In the I mind, that which happened in the human mind does not happen because the I mind is your secret place. That is the miracle of the change in Consciousness.

All that seems so difficult to our human mind vanishes when we attain the level of the Christ mind and that is why it’s worth the effort consciously to continue to step out of the human mind whenever it occurs to you and to develop the habit of pattern that enables you to practice this so frequently that living in the Christ mind instead of the human mind becomes more possible for you.

The Christ mind is always I, the I that is speaking to the disciples in you and that’s how you can re-establish it. The moment you start thinking of the I that is speaking to the disciples in you, you hold yourself at that level. I am that I speaking to the disciples in me. I’m not the disciples. I am the I, teaching the disciples. That’s your Christ mind and that’s where you try to stay. You find the evils of the world have no personal mind in you through which they can enter your Consciousness. When they squeeze through this I mind dissolves them. However difficult it is, it falls into a groove later which enables you to stay there. Now this is what the disciples in the Bible are going through with Jesus.

These things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me.”

Not knowing Christ, which is the activity of God in an individual, we are persecuted by the world. But when we know Christ, then the world’s persecutions do not come nigh us and the world persecutes us because it does not know Christ within itself and therefore, does not receive the influx of Divine love. The world, having no Divine love flowing through its Christ Consciousness because it is in human consciousness, it can only externalize that which is in its consciousness. It being Spiritually barren, that’s what it shows forth. And so, there’s no Divine fruitage in the world. But if you are not Spiritually barren, that is what will come through you. Your Divine Consciousness will bring forth its Divine fruitage and it is independent of the world’s Spiritual barrenness.

The beauty of the I Consciousness is that it does not depend upon the world. It draws everything from the invisible Kingdom of God even when the appearance is that you are in some way limited. There is no power to keep you in that state when you are in the I Consciousness. Nothing can limit the I for the I does not depend on the world. It draws from the Father. That’s why the Master says, “I am the bread of life. Whoever drinketh of My waters will never thirst.” The I of you is independent of the world.

Now, when I said you had to sort of be an actor or an actress, it was because you have to step back and to re-establish I, you have to see I in you teaching the disciples in you and that’s how you get back to I. At least it’s one of the ways.

But these things have I told you, that when the time shall come, ye may remember that I told you [of them.] And these things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you.”

Now, let’s suppose that a year or two ago, you had a Spiritual experience and somehow since that time, that particular experience never has recurred. Let’s say one day, you looked at the grass and it was on fire in your consciousness. It was the greenest green you ever saw. Or one day, unbeknownst to you, out of nowhere, some force prevented you from being hurt by an automobile. Incidents that you never forgot. Now, there will come a time when the confidence engendered by those incidents will be needed by you. There’ll be a time when you would need confidence and the remembrance of those incidents, in a flash, will give you the confidence you need at this very moment, even though they happened years ago. We’re all sustained somehow by the flashback to another incident which in some way was miraculous to us and carries us through this particular moment of stress.

And so, Jesus says, “These things I have told you, now so that when the time comes you will remember that I said them.”

There will come a time of doubt, when we grow faint but by living in the I Consciousness, you will build a backlog of experiences so that when the time comes for an even greater step, this backlog-of-experiences will serve as a source of inspiration and courage for you to take that greater step. Maybe you have already experienced a tragedy and yet for some strange reason, in that tragedy you developed a calm, a sort of awareness that this will pass and that you, not even knowing why except that that appeared to you in consciousness that somehow you could come through this. In the middle of all the turbulence there was this inner tranquility.

Someone recently told me that as he was transferred from jobs and didn’t quite know what was happening to him and was going home to another city, suddenly he was aware of something independent of his personal self, saying, “That city isn’t your home. No city is your home. Your home is everywhere.” And while he was in this state of wondering what would happen to him, changing jobs or losing one, going home and not being sure what would be there, this inner Peace, this tranquility established itself without his conscious thinking telling him that home was everywhere and he lost all fear of the momentary sense of being misplaced or having no place or not knowing where he belonged. He knew he belonged everywhere.

Now, that experience will some day be very useful to him and I’m sure that experience only came to him because previously other experiences must have come building up to this one.

Now, as we live in the I Consciousness, these experiences come. They steal in. In a moment when ye think not, the bridegroom cometh and something from the Infinite is brought into your experience and you find yourself temporarily freed from the world mind in such a way that a Peace is established. It doesn’t matter what’s around you, a confidence is established. It may only seem like a second, a very fleeting one but you know there is a force at work. You’re really finding your higher Self then.

Now the Christ in us is always doing this. “Before you ask, I shall answer. Before you ask, I go before you to prepare the way. The Father knoweth your needs.”

And if we are sensitized enough to live in I, our antennas begin to pick up from the Infinite Invisible those things we need for the moment and everything we find that we need appears in Consciousness at the right time. The disciples had been sufficiently prepared in the outer.

These things I have told you” but he said, “because I was with you…. These things I said not unto you at the beginning, because I was with you.”

We have all been privileged without knowing it, of having I with us throughout all of our lifespans. Something has protected you and sustained you though you knew it not. The disciples were protected and sustained by the very presence of Jesus because it was the invisible I. It was always with them. Now, it says to them, “I was with you but now that I am not going to be with you visibly, I want you to know that I am still with you invisibly.” You see how that is a teaching to us that always the invisible Christ is with us even though we don’t see it? It became visible to them and then became invisible to show them that it was there. First, to show it was there and then to disappear and still be there. And they were to learn to depend on the invisible Christ as much as they depended on the visible Jesus.

You never see anything about the disciples being sick, do you or worried about money or how they’re going to eat their next meal or where they were going to sleep? Because they always had visible Jesus with them. They weren’t too worried about anything it seems. They could always turn to him and his very Presence was their immunity. And now, he says, “When I am not here, you’re just as immune. Didn’t you know that the power of immunity is in You? I showed it to you outwardly. Now, you’re going to find it inwardly.” And so, to the disciples in you, the Christ says, “Depend on your Spiritual immunity. It is always working. You are immune to evil but you don’t know it. You are immune to death but you don’t know it. You are immune to everything that this world calls error but you don’t know it because you do not know the invisible Christ of your Being which is your immunity. And so, I, Christ visibly disappear for you to find the invisible Christ which is your immunity.”

And so, we listen and we learn that where I am, the Reality of me is all that is here and it is immune to every evil in this world and the only way I can experience that immunity is to make the step from the personal mind to the Christ mind. In my Christ mind, I will see and feel and experience my immunity from the evils of the world.

But now I go my way to him that sent me; and none of you asketh me, Whither goest thou? But because I have said these things unto you, sorrow hath filled your heart.”

He could not share with them where he was going or how he would get there. They knew nothing of the events that were to follow. The idea of crucifixion entered nobody’s mind. Where was he going? All they knew that was he was going. And they were worried about it. And they were sorrowful. When you lose your dependence on material power, on mental power, you are in the position they were in. We depend on our bank account. We depend on our automobile. We depend on various human, physical, material ways of doing things. We wouldn’t know how to operate without them. We don’t know any other way. And yet, along comes the Christ and says, “Well, I’m the other way.”

– End of Side One —-

Can you travel through the atmosphere invisibly like I do? Can you make invisible loaves and fishes come into visibility? I can. Can you calm the tempest? I can. Can you open the eyes of the blind? I can. Then, what’s the good of all your material powers if they can’t do these things that I can do and I am your Self? I am your body. I am your mind and I am trying to teach you to rely on this I, Christ in you to do these things.”

And so, it may seem difficult to give up your material ways of doing things as it is for the disciples to give up their dependence on their leader. He says, “I’m going away.” And that’s exactly why he’s going away, so that they will not depend on their leader. That’s why we give up our material desire for physical powers, mental powers, defenses because we learn to rest on, not the false sense of life, but the invisible power of the Spirit which can do all things.

I live, yet not I…. Christ strengtheneth me….I can do all things through Christ.”

And so, you’re surrendering your accustomed mode of doing things for the way of doing the Christ way and you have to put your total trust in I, Christ by learning to live with I, Christ day by day. You’re letting Jesus go away, knowing that Christ is not going away. You’re letting material consciousness go away knowing that Spiritual Consciousness is present and will take its place. This is learning to live Spiritually instead of materially.

It was unthinkable for the disciples to live without Jesus near them but yet, it was the only way that they could come into Christ Consciousness. It’s unthinkable for the world not to live materially and yet, it’s the only way we could come into Christ Consciousness. Now, nobody said, “Get on a cliff and jump off.” Nobody said, “Do it overnight.” The teaching is to rest in the Christ mind day by day by day by day until you know what it means to rest in the Christ mind; until the Christ mind shows you the way. It’s a gradual Spiritual evolution out of one way of life into another; out of the world into the invisible, finished kingdom of God.

Why would He disappear from them if he loved them? His loving them must have had something to do with disappearing from them. He did it because he loved them, to free them from dependence on outer aids, to make them self-reliant in Christ, to teach us to be self-reliant in Christ. That means whatever ails you, whatever material aid you wish to remove that which ails you, is hanging on to the coattails of Jesus. Same thing. You must learn to turn it over to I, Christ in you.

And, if you’re practicing your seven steps, it’s very simple. I, Christ am present. The power of I, Christ is here. The evil power cannot exist where I, Christ power is and therefore, there’s no evil power here. It isn’t here and therefore, there’s no power here to cause the evil I’m suffering from. I know, I know how serious it appears but there is no power here to cause it.

The self-assumed power to cause the evil is the deception of the world mind in you. It’s just the evidence that you’re not in the I, Christ mind. That’s all that evil is. It’s the sign that we’re not in the I, Christ mind. And the remedy? The I, Christ mind is all that’s here. There is no other mind. There is only one mind. There is no other mind. The mind that perceives evil is no mind. It is the betrayer, the deceiver, the liar from the start. I’m looking at evil with a mind that isn’t here and that’s why I see evil. In the stillness of that mind that isn’t here, the Christ mind says, “Behold, the Son of God, immaculate, perfect as the Father.” In the stillness of the human mind, the deceiver can no longer betray us. In the stillness of the human mind, I, Christ reveal the Father’s Son, – whole, complete, unseparated, living now, here under the government of God, perfect as the Father.

When you let the human mind go away, you’re letting Jesus go away. You’re becoming less form conscious, less mind conscious. You’re not leaning on someone else. You’re not letting the world mind fool you. Jesus is saying to his disciples, “You know me as a form, a man, come to bring you a kingdom on earth, an earthly kingdom but you’re wrong. I am not a form. I am not a man. I am I, Christ, the Spirit of God and so this form must go. And yet, the very Power that you have experienced through me on this earth will remain here and continue to do the very same work when the form goes because the form never was here. Only the I, Christ was here which you looked at and called the form called Jesus. And when the form is not here and the work is still being done, you will know that I, Christ am still here doing the mighty works.”

And then the great illumination, if the form of Jesus wasn’t here but I, Christ was and still doing the works, what about my form? If I’m I, Christ, what about my form? Is it here? Is it really here and is I, Christ here too? If the form of Jesus goes away but I, Christ remain, isn’t that all that was ever there? Isn’t that what he’s showing them, I, Christ is all that’s ever here. You’re seeing an image in mind called Jesus where I, Christ stands.

But I’ve told you God is my Father and your Father and I Jesus can look at you and see only I, Christ standing where you see your own form.” I, Jesus Christ can see I, Christ where you stand. I see no cripple. I see no blind man. I see no person. I see I, Christ, the Son of God and as you learn to live in I, Christ, I, Christ in you teaches you that that is the fullness of your Being. I, Christ teaches you that corporeality is an idea, a cosmic idea, that all person is, is cosmic idea where only I, Christ is. Without I, Christ mind, there is no way to know the Reality of Being.

Slowly, we’re being led to rely less and less and less on human methods and on the human mind and to know that as we rely less on the human mind, however uncomfortable it seems at times, we are being led into the perfect Reality of our Being experienced. He’s telling them these things so they will not be troubled, so they can endure difficulties, knowing it is for the good of their own Being that they must go through this change from sense consciousness to Christ Consciousness. He’s told them it’s not an easy way. He’s told us it’s not an easy way but he’s told us where it leads to. It leads to the Life which is without end. It leads to the actual experience of the perfect, permanent Self and he has told us that the Kingdom of Heaven is here on earth to be experienced now, within you.

The great moment of Jesus announcing that he’s leaving his disciples shows that all visible work on earth has been done. There’s nothing for him to do in the visible anymore. His work is complete. And you reach the point where all human authority for you is no longer necessary. No human teacher is necessary. Christ within becomes your accepted Self. Here you are disciples, learn that we must go to Christ within ourselves in order to follow the Master’s teaching and that Christ within ourselves train the disciples within us, until every Divine quality is brought forth.

Now, you may feel for a while that you really don’t know where your feet are standing when you’re going through this because your mind doesn’t function the same way. It loses its capacity to run you in the same way it had in the past. It loses some of its authority. And it’s a strange feeling but also with it comes the reassurance that because it’s a strange feeling, something is happening. I am transferring power from the false sense of mind to the Christ mind and I feel something happening as I do that. It’s an uncertain stage but a necessary one to go through.

Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; and if I depart, I will send him unto you.”

(Looks like we’re going to skip the intermission, if it’s all right with you.)

I will send him unto you.”

Now, the Comforter that he will send is the Holy Ghost. And who is sending the Holy Ghost? Christ is sending the Holy Ghost and therefore, we have this pattern. God, the Father is Christ in Jesus and Christ in Jesus is one with the Father, the Father is in Christ, Christ is in the Father. And then because Christ is in the Father, the activity of God comes through Christ, the will of God comes through Christ, the power of God comes through Christ and becomes the invisible activity of Christ which is the Holy Ghost. That is the Christ sending the Comforter. The activity of Christ comes through the disciple as the invisible Holy Ghost including within it the full Power and Will and Love and all the qualities of the Father. These are the new disciples.

This activity is the Holy Ghost which is called the Comforter which is sent by the Christ and when you depart from the outer world of material aids, material means and turn to the Christ in you, then, through the Father, through the Christ comes the invisible Holy Ghost to you to do what you were not able to do with human power or with a human mind. The miracle of the Holy Ghost transforms and brings the Word into flesh and you find the power of Christ in you is the activity of Christ called the Holy Ghost and it does the miracle work that you were laboriously struggling to accomplish in your own limited, human way. All this from I consciousness, living in I consciousness.

You let material means and powers go away, represented by Jesus and then Christ in you is where you live and Christ in you sends the Comforter, the Holy Ghost which performs the Divine will in you which is what Jesus in the visible had done to show the power of the invisible Christ. He’s saying that “Everything you have seen Jesus Christ do, the Holy Ghost in you can do and greater works if you believe on I, Christ in you.” We’re seeing that these were not miracles of yesterday at all and that the finished invisible Kingdom of God is ever present here now.

(Maybe it would be better if we did take a break, so I think we’ll do that right now and then come back in five minutes.)..

And when he is come,” meaning the Comforter, “He will reprove the world of sin, of righteousness and of judgment. Of sin, because they believe not on me.”

Now then, there is still in the world false righteousness and false judgment and they exist because the world is still either denying the existence of God or depending on Jesus to do something about it. Here’s Jesus trying his best to show them why he must leave and the world is insisting that Jesus is coming back. Jesus is saying, “The only way you’ll ever learn the Truth is if I go away.” And the world says, “Well, if you’ve got to go away, we’ll wait till you get back here.” He says, “If I go away, I will send the Comforter.” Not Jesus Christ, the Comforter, the activity of Christ, the Ghost, that which is unexplainable to the human sense mind because it’s like that individual who was displaced from his job and going back home and suddenly it occurred to him, independent of his own thought, over and above everything he was thinking, this invisible Presence saying, “Everywhere is your home.” That was the Ghost. That said to him and did for him more than any human teaching can do and it was a comfort because it was the Truth. The only real Comforter is the Truth.

And sin, will be reproved, and righteousness will be reproved, and judgment will be reproved and the importance of the dissolving of sin and false righteousness and false judgment is that they are three barriers to what Christ Consciousness is leading us to.

First, sin is removed by a very simple process, the knowledge that it doesn’t exist. Righteousness, if you remember, our human sense of righteousness, is a very limited thing. It’s a self-satisfied feeling that I’m doing the right thing. It’s a stagnancy in our own self-conceit. We feel we’re being righteous and of course, that’s a human righteousness and it may be fine on a human level but Divine righteousness is totally different. If you are being righteous in your own human way, that doesn’t mean you’re doing God’s will. It means you’re doing what you think is right and it may be nice, it may be moral. It may be helpful but he is revealing here another level of consciousness and a new kind of righteousness; a righteousness which is fulfilled only by Christ, that the human sense of righteousness is never sufficient, that Divine will can only be fulfilled in Christ and Christ fulfillment is righteousness. There is only Christ righteousness.

We see how easily two countries can each think they’re righteous and end up on a battlefield and they’re both so convinced that they’re both righteous. In Divine righteousness, the will of the Father is functioning through Christ in you as the invisible Holy Ghost and his Divine plan in you is fulfilled, not your human sense idea of what it ought to be. We are lifted above all human error, human judgment, human miscalculation. We are lifted above the obvious paradox of a human, finite mind trying to fulfill the Infinite will. It cannot do it. And so, we need the Christ mind to fulfill the Infinite will and only that is righteousness.

And therefore, the Comforter must come unto you. If we’re still waiting for Jesus to come back, what we’re doing is we’re throwing the whole teaching out the window because he already left two thousand years ago that we might receive the inner Christ. And when we receive the inner Christ, we are lifted above the belief in the presence of sin. All evil on this earth disappears in the presence of Christ. It is powerless and so, there’s no flood to drown, no fire to burn. There’s no disease to kill. Sin is reproved. The presence of Christ removes the power of sin by revealing that where Christ is present, sin does not exist. And it removes the false, human, limited, finite sense of righteousness that because I think it’s right, it’s right. And it brings in a new, higher level of government. It brings in the fourth dimension which is unlimited dimension and then Divine will is done in you. And that is Divine righteousness.

And then because you have the Christ mind, the activity of the Christ in you, you don’t look out and make false judgments. You don’t look out and judge this to be wrong and that to be wrong. You can look at everything wrong and say it’s only wrong because I am looking at it through the separated human mind. It really can’t be wrong because Christ in you reveals that all that is ever present is God. And only Christ in you reveals this.

Now, look carefully and see this. If Jesus must go away that we find the Christ and Jesus is saying, “Even Jesus can’t be your intermediary any longer.” You see the fatal error of going to a clergyman as your intermediary? Or going to a psychiatrist as your intermediary? Or going to any human being as your intermediary when Jesus himself says, “I can’t even be your intermediary?” You see the fallacy of religion believing that it is our intermediary with God when Jesus says “Not even me?” Not even me. But Christ in You is all that can go to God for you.

And so, of course, that takes the complete foundation out of religion. And that’s why religion has to teach that Jesus is coming back. Now you could call it ignorance or you could call it a lie. The result is the same. It’s the total reversal of the teaching of Christ. There is no human intermediary between man and God because God is the Selfhood of the individual who thinks he needs an intermediary. Now, when he knows who he is, he understands why Jesus had to go away from the disciples.

Now, this is automatic. When the Comforter comes unto you, the activity of Christ in you removes the false judgments, false human righteousness and the false belief that sin exists, that evil and error are real. And this is necessary because this isn’t the end. When this is removed, then you are ready for the mystical marriage. You are ready for your Soul to marry your Spirit. This is all the purification, the preparation for the great event when there is union.

Now, on earth, we have the human birth and it occurs through man and woman and all of this is an imitation of the actual union of the Soul and the Spirit for in the union of the Soul and the Spirit, you are witnessing the reality of union and in that union, Christ is born in your Soul. And the birth of Christ in your Soul is that which appears on earth to human sense as a birth of a child.

The union of man and woman and the birth of a child is the cosmic counterfeit of the union of Soul and Spirit and the birth of Christ in you. This is the mystical marriage that is being led to by the withdrawal of the material aids, the outer, visible, external Jesus that man may turn to his inner Self to be led through the Spirit to the Reality of Being, to the marriage of Soul and Spirit, to the birth of Christ which lifts us into the next plane of Life. When you live in your I Consciousness, you are preparing the way for this ultimate attainment.

Now, I want to give you your assignment and it has to do with the next verse which is verse 12. “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now.” This is what he said to his disciples after three years of being with them, things that he couldn’t say to them even at that level. Why? Because they couldn’t understand. There was no way for them to relate to what he had to say.

Now, you should know some of the things that he couldn’t tell them and the reason is they had no way of anticipating the events that lay ahead. You have. You know what lay ahead and you know what happened. If he had told them certain things before crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, there would be no way for them to understand. For you know that crucifixion, resurrection and ascension is what the Bible says happened and therefore, on the basis of that, you should be able to know and through your understanding of the Infinite Way message what were some of the things he couldn’t tell them at that time, which he would be able to tell them after the ascension, after the resurrection, when they had gone through that experience, seeing the return of the same form that disappeared. And this is your assignment then for your own benefit, not mine. Make a list to yourself. What were some of the things that Jesus couldn’t tell His disciples at this particular point which is verse 12 of John 16?

Ye cannot bear them,” he said, meaning you have no capacity in you to understand them but later, he’s going to tell them these things and why? Because they will then have had the capacity to receive them and what would that capacity be? It will be their new Christ faculty developed and therefore, why are we studying to develop this Christ faculty? Because we’re at the level where in order to receive a higher teaching, we must build the faculty to receive it. Just as they could not receive more at that point, we are at the point where we cannot receive more until we are living in the conscious awareness of the Christ mind as my mind. And that’s how you receive more because the next verse explains that.

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.”

Your new faculty receives from the Infinite that which you cannot receive in a human mind. Your new faculty has the capacity for direct cognition of God. Your new faculty has the capacity to receive inner revelation regularly. Your new capacity in Christ mind has the ability to be fed, taught by God direct – without Jesus, without an intermediary, without a clergyman, without a human teacher. For “I go unto my Father” and this faculty must be developed consciously and daily. It’s the reverse of dying daily. It’s the being born daily. Each day you’re being born into Christ awareness dying to the mortal sense of self as you are born into the immortal awareness of Truth.

Now, in your list, don’t be afraid to state those things which Jesus couldn’t teach his disciples at that time even though it would be a list you wouldn’t want to show to many of your friends because let’s presume that he wanted to tell them that they did not have any life in their human form. Would you want to show that to a friend who didn’t know anything about the message? Don’t be afraid of what you think he couldn’t tell them because that is what we must learn in order to make every step into real freedom. Those things that he couldn’t tell them are the things that we must learn.

You found many of them in the writings of Joel Goldsmith. In fact, they’re all there. But you may not have seen them even though they’re there or something in you, the mind that refuses to be the Christ mind also refuses to look at some of these things. You’d rather pretend or defer that until some other day. But know the time has come and we’re going to discuss those things next time and we’re not going to flinch from them. We cannot avoid the Truth. The things that were so difficult to explain to his own disciples, you and I must learn because we are those disciples. And the way we’re going to learn them is to be consciously in I, Christ, more often than we have been.

Now, today, you may have found your Self in I, Christ more than at previous meetings because always when we come to this message, we find that we are having Invisible help. I can assure you that the Invisible help is very bountiful and very real because we are continuing in the Word of Christ and the Father says, “Continue in my word…. and you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

And so, as we come to that which the Christ commands of us, if we make the effort to obey, you find your Invisible help is lifting you up.

And now, to sum it up, every difficulty that we have entertained in this world has been on the level of the human mind. It matters not how great the difficulty, if it was a flood in the ocean and you were on a ship and you thought you were in that ocean, on that ship, that entire scene is happening in your mind, even though you personally believe you’re there and the mind in which it’s happening is the only place in which it’s happening and if you were in the Christ mind you would discover that is the Truth. You cannot accept such a ridiculous statement if you’re in a human mind.

But if you’re in the Christ mind, you discover the Christ mind says to the storm, “Be still. It is I.” That’s the way of saying that the Christ mind reveals that that which is real to the human mind is not real to God and that which is real to the Christ mind is not real to the human mind or as Paul put it, “The things of God are foolishness to man,” and vice versa.

All of the things that have been wrong have been in our human mind and as we are lifted into the new dimension of Consciousness called Christ mind, we discover these things are not where we thought they were. That is the miracle – not healing, not performing miracles – the miracle is that in the Christ mind, you actually witness the Kingdom of God on earth and the Christ mind in you is the only witness of that Kingdom. That’s why it’s invisible to the human mind. That’s our transition period at this point. That’s what we’re stepping into consciously, aware of what we’re doing. That’s Jesus going that we may find Christ within. You might say Jesus is saying, “I’m going to leave you but I’m not going away. I, who am going away is Jesus but I who am remaining is Christ.”

For further study, you can look into the Mystical I and see “The Two Ways of I” in Joel’s, I think it’s his seventh chapter, “The Two Ways of I”. I Jesus am going, I, Christ am remaining. That’s the reason. You’ve got to watch this carefully, this I.

I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.”

It’s not the same I all through there, you see. One I is Jesus and one I is Christ and you’ve got to read it carefully to see which is Jesus and which is Christ. Then you find that sometimes it’s I Jesus talking and another time he is saying, “I, Christ will do this but I Jesus will do that” and then you see that I Jesus is the outer, I, Christ is the inner. And every time he’s talking of the I, Christ, the inner, he’s talking about I, Christ in you. I, Christ in you sends the action of the Holy Ghost, not I, Christ in Jesus. I, Christ in you sends the Holy Ghost because I, Christ in Jesus and I, Christ in you are one and the same. He’s awakening us to the power of I, Christ in us.

We’ll start at that point next time. It’ll be chapter 16 from 12 and 13 verses on, I don’t know how far we’ll get. If any of you are wondering just how long this is going on, I will tell you this, that there may be a week or two lull when we take a little time off around Christmas, before or after, and the whole thing will continue right on up to Easter and we may even finish the book and finish John but we’ll continue with the thing called the Kingdom of Heaven and the highlights of Joel’s work right on up to Easter just so that we know where we’re going. Now what we want to do by Easter is to be in this I Consciousness so perfectly that the Comforter in you is sending the activity of the Holy Ghost.

There’s so much more to say but we’ll leave it unsaid and I’m sure the Comforter in you will fill in many of the gaps.

Thanks again.

Good afternoon everybody.

The importance of today’s class is manifold. One of the major points of today’s class is that we are preparing for the higher message that is to be given the disciples before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. That would be the 16th and the 17th chapters and we are taking this pause to consolidate our gains and to take our checkpoints and find out, if up to this point we have been following the Master.

And so, today, we will review many points that have been coming up within our consciousness and review some of the attitudes we have been forced to take, some of the false methods we have used to protect ourselves against the evils of the world so that finally, out of this, we can evolve into a state of consciousness which is ready and can say to the Master, “Now, I’m ready for chapter 16. I’m ready for this sermon from high Consciousness, preparing me to walk through the Master’s experience.”

Now, Joel’s chapter is the 10th and that’s what we’re going to discuss today because it will prepare us for the 16th chapter of the Gospel of John, “It shall not Come Nigh Thee.”

And you might think that this is a promise that if you go to church on Sunday or if you read your Bible or if you’re a diligent student who believes in God, that you’re protected from the so-called evils of the world. However, that is not the promise of the statement at all. It does not say if you believe in God, that you will be protected from the problems of the world and that they shall not come nigh thee. That is our misconstrued concept of what is says. It does say, that “It shall not come nigh thee…. if you live…. in the secret place of the Most High.” And that is not just believing in God. It is living in God.

And to illustrate the meaning of that, there’s a story told by Joel. It’s about a businessman, who being very successful in his own business was also a seeker of the Spiritual Life and there came a moment when he was ready for a big weekend vacation. It was July 4th and he and his family were going to take this long weekend and take a motor trip. And being very diligent, very sincere, he got up at 5 am on Friday morning and he did what he called his protective work. From 5 to 6, he dwelled deeply in the understanding of Truth, protecting himself and his family. The Bible had said, “It shall not come nigh thee.”

And so, he was trying his best and then about 6 or 7, the family got in the car and they started on their weekend vacation. On Tuesday morning, he awoke in a hospital and he discovered that he had been in a car wreck. The car had been demolished. Everybody in the family was in a different room of the hospital. And for the months that followed in convalescence, he kept asking himself the question, “Why did this happen when I even did my protective work?” But he couldn’t find an answer and so he sought out a practitioner and inasmuch as Joel was telling the story, presumably, the practitioner was Joel. And he said to the practitioner, “I did all I was supposed to do. I even did my protective work before the trip. What went wrong?” And the practitioner said to him, “Oh, what kind of protective work did you do? What were you protecting yourself against?” “Well,” he said, “the drunks on the highway, the alcoholic drivers, the bad drivers, the accidents that could happen.”

Now we, when we do our protective work, must understand where this gentleman fell into the trap so that we do not make the same mistake. Protective work is not protecting yourself against the evils of the world. And when this practitioner told the businessman that protective work means to know that there is nothing against which you must protect yourself, that was the beginning of a new insight for this individual. He learned a lesson and he learned a lesson which made him later a very competent spiritual healer.

Now, perhaps we can, through his experience and his mistake, learn the same lesson. What are we protecting our self against? The moment you have something against which you’re protecting yourself, you’ve denied the omnipresence of God. “It shall not come nigh thee,” if you live in the secret place of the Most High. And the secret place of the Most High is the Consciousness of the presence of God.

Now, we’ll go through seven points and each of these seven points is very simple and after you have them and know them, you’ll find they become one point because they all mold together and then as you practice them first as seven points and then integrate them into your consciousness and finally make them one point so that you are single-pointed, you’ll find you won’t be doing the false kind of protective work that many people think they are going to use as a protection against evil.

Let’s start with our first point. God is omnipresent.

This is the crux of your work. God is omnipresent. That means that it doesn’t matter whether you see God or hear God or touch God or whether you have evidence that God is present. It doesn’t matter if you feel the presence of God any more than it matters if you feel the presence of the sun in the sky. It’s going to be there whether you feel it or not. God is going to be present whether you feel it or not. And so, number one is to definitely establish that without this point that, God is omnipresent, you are not going to go anywhere in Spiritual living. That is the cornerstone. You’re going to have to live by it and even be willing to die by it, that you may live. God is omnipresent. If in any way you fail to be conscious that God is omnipresent, you will be separated from the very God you’re seeking.

And so, first, God is omnipresent. That means here and there, around the corner, up in the sky, under the ocean. Whether you’re in a submarine or an airplane makes no difference. God is present where you are and God is present where you came from and God is present where you’re going, all the way. Nothing will change it. God is present everywhere and now. This is the cornerstone of the Christ message. Who convinceth me that God is not present?

Now, once you have established this so that this is your living Bible, God is present here and God is present there. I care not what I see. I care not what picture comes to my attention. That has nothing to do with the fact that God is present.

Two. Where God is present, the power of God is present.

And so once you’ve established the presence of God as a fact, a fact that can never change, a fact that can never yield to any other so-called fact because it is the only fact there is; God is present. Then you know that the power of God is present where God is present and you’ve got your second point. God is present. The power of God is present.

Now, the nature of God Power is perfection. That means perfection is present where the power of God is present. Always, wherever you are, God is present and the power of God is present, functioning, being Itself, maintaining its perfection in all things. Nothing changes that. It matters not what you see or touch, what you hear, what you feel. That is the fact, the Divine fact. God is present. God’s perfect Power is present, too. Over there and over there and over there, up there and down there – in the four corners of the earth, now, the perfect power of God is present.

Now, further, wherever the perfect power of God is present, the very nature of perfection means that no imperfect power can be there. The functioning of that Power is that it maintains its perfect Power at all times. It is the governor of its own government. There is nothing present ever to upset or dethrone that perfect Power.

So, that’s the law. We have the law of God, I am present. My Power is present. Everywhere in the universe. And then, comes the world mind picture and now evil appears. But stay with your law. Do not waiver. Perfect power of God is present and therefore, there cannot be an evil power present.

That’s number three. There is no evil power present because the perfect power of God is present.

I’m still not looking at appearances. I’m still not making judgments. I’m taking pure Divine law and staying with it. God is present. God’s Power is present. Evil power cannot be present. Power is another word for cause; an evil cause cannot be present. There is no power to cause an evil because God’s Power is present.

And therefore, the fourth point is because there is no power of evil present to cause an evil, evil is not present.

Once you have established the omnipresence of God, you can work your way to the fourth point that evil cannot be present. It is impossible and that word evil has no cause because there is no evil power present to cause evil. Only the power of God is present. This is your Divine law.

Now, what does evil include? It includes the alcoholic on the driveway, the alcoholic on the road. It includes the accident on the freeway. It includes unemployment. It includes limitation. It includes lack. It includes everything that is unlike God and it is impossible because there is no evil power present because God Power is present and so, every evil that you may see is not present. The moment you think it is present or believe it is present or accept that it is present, you have committed spiritual adultery. You have walked away from the Divine Truth that God is present, that God’s Power is present, that there is no power of evil present to cause evil and therefore the evil you see is not present. It simply is not there.

Your fourth point is evil is not there.

Evil is impossible and it makes no difference whether that evil is war, or genocide or manslaughter or rape or arson or flood or fire. It could only be there if God were absent and God is present. Therefore, the chain of command establishes that the evil must be something other than what it seems to be and that’s your fifth point. The evil which is not there is temptation. It is a temptation to make you believe it is there. It is a world mind picture coming through as a shadow of thought within your individual mind, appearing as a shadow of thought within your individual mind as the accident, as the flood, as the hurricane, as the problem, as the lack, as the limitation, as the unemployment, as the argument, as the dispute, as the error. Always it is world mind presenting a sense image – sometimes a group sense image, a national sense image, a cosmic sense image – but always, it is a sense image whether it is five million people seeing it or one. It cannot be there because the power of God is there and so, it is a temptation to make you believe it is there.

And the fifth step then is evil being temptation, it cannot be there.

Evil is the denial of the presence of God. That is the temptation coming to you and at that point, your fifth point is to recognize evil as temptation. Recognize evil as temptation; the temptation to believe that God is not present, God’s Power is not present, there is another power to cause evil, that the evil is there, all of this is the temptation coming to you as the appearance of evil. Recognize evil as temptation. That is your fifth point.

And then your sixth point is obvious. Reject it. Reject that temptation. Not the evil.

You can’t reject the evil. It isn’t there. Reject the temptation to accept it and that is where we want to pause and see what that means. Reject the temptation to accept it.

Now then, there is a point, a moment, sometimes just an instant, a flick of an eyelash when you unwittingly accept evil. That moment is when you must learn to stand still. There it is. It appears and if you are asleep, you accept it. It’s like opening a door. You open a door of your mind and you let the evil in. Now, you’ve got to get it out somehow. Why go that far. We are to be awake, not asleep. Evil is temptation and the only reason it gets that far is because we had not dwelt in the secret place of the Most High; that God is present. And if we dwell in it, there is a way so that you can stand alert, awake, not asleep and at the appearance of evil, the temptation to accept it comes directly to you but you do not open the door of your consciousness.

You are able to observe what appears to be the evil, recognizing the temptation that is now presenting itself to you as a hurricane, as a flood, as anything wrong in your life, anything wrong in the lives of the world around you and you look at it and say, “No. This I will not accept into my consciousness as a reality.” Why? God is present. God’s Power is present. There is no power of evil present. Therefore, evil has no cause and cannot be present. That is the temptation of the world mind and I have caught it. I will not let it enter into my consciousness.”

The rejection of the temptation is your sixth point. It is your refusal to be moved by the appearance.

And the seventh is to rest in the knowledge that God is present. God is Power. God is all and beside God nothing is present.

Rest in the knowledge that God actually is. God is present. You come right back to your first point and you rest in the assurance of it. And when you have practiced these points sufficiently, you won’t have to go through seven points. You’ll simply know God is present because that’s all that omnipresence means. When you unravel it, you get the seven points and when you have the seven points, you can come back to the one: God is present. There’s no other presence where God is present and everywhere God is present.

Now, then, this is what the Bible means when it said, “It shall not come nigh thee.”

When you dwell in the conscious awareness that God is present, then you’re not tempted to believe God is not present. You’re not tempted to accept an error which can never occur in the presence of God. On the other hand, when you accept the error, in that moment you have accepted that God is not present and that acceptance, although not conscious, not voluntary, that acceptance is your way of saying, “God and I are separated.” You see, if God isn’t present, then you and God are separated and that separation is the result of your belief, though unconscious, that you and God are not one. The inner belief that I and God are not one becomes the belief in the separation from God and then what happens? Your separation from God becomes visible as the problem. That’s what the problem is. The problem is the external evidence that you have permitted yourself to be separated from the presence of God.

Every discord in your life, every limitation, every lack, every major and minor state of illness or emotional upset, whatever the problem might be, it is your outer manifestation from this invisible pyramid of first, the unconscious belief that I and the Father are separated, widening into the acceptance of a situation which could not occur in the presence of God, finally being manifest as your problem. Your sense of separation externalizes as the problem.

Now, then, let’s practice this very carefully. Instead of going into three meditations a day, as a human being, or going into protective work as a human being, let us recognize that we must dwell in the conscious awareness of the presence of God. Our secret place is making God our constant companion, living in God, abiding in the conscious awareness that here God is. There’s no other way for the power of God to express in you and through you.

Now, another example is an individual who tried again and again and again to secure some kind of support for a business he had in mind. And no matter what he did, there was no support coming and he was like the man doing protective work. He knew that he was honest and sincere and diligent. Why couldn’t he get the support? He was not conscious of the fact that God is present and the way he was unconscious of the fact is the way we are unconscious of the fact. He thought he was present. You see, if you think you’re present, where’s God? To be conscious of the presence of God means where you stand, where your neighbor stands, where your children stand, where your parents stand, where everyone you know stands, is the presence of God. God is omnipresent means that there’s no other presence. This is the fact of the Allness of God.

You see why it’s the cornerstone? And when you’re not conscious of it, then the world mind functions subliminally and operates through you and as Joel puts it, “We become a blotting paper for all of the thoughts of the world.”

Now, let’s go back to number 6 or 5, whichever it was, when the temptation of evil presents itself, learning how to not accept it. We’re looking at, oh, let’s take a case that happens many times. You hear footsteps while you’re in your house alone, right outside your door, in the back of your yard. Who would be there? Nobody’s supposed to be there. You thought you locked the doorway to the patio and you’re alone. The temptation now is to, “What am I going to do about this? In fact, I hear someone stealthily walking up the patio.” The mind runs wild with its imaginative ideas about what can happen. You’re caught unaware and now you’re thinking, “Should I get to the phone and call the police station? Dare I open the door and peek out. Won’t that give them an entrée to the house? What shall I do?”

Point number one. Only God is present. God is omnipresent. God isn’t permitting burglars to enter your home. God isn’t jeopardizing your Life. God is present. The power of God is present. There is no power of evil present. Therefore, no evil can be present. What is happening is, point 5, the temptation to believe that God is not present, the power is not present, the evil is present and there’s a power causing it. You recognize this temptation and now, you do not accept this temptation.

If you do, you step out of creation into recreation. If you do, you step out of Divine thought into human thought. That’s the switch-over. The minute we think the evil is present, we’re not in creation – we’re in recreation. Recreated thought. When we know the evil is not present, we’re in Divine thought. And then, when within we have the assurance that I know the Truth and I can look at that which appears to be footsteps on the patio, knowing only the presence of God is, I come to my sixth step, therefore, there is no threat outside my door. It simply isn’t there even though I heard it. It cannot be there. And your seventh step is resting that God is.

What happens to the person who is creating the footsteps? You can ask the Holy Ghost. I have no interest in what happened except that you’ll find it’s either somebody to deliver the groceries or it’s just a child who happened to stray in or you heard something that wasn’t there or something of that nature but the threat will dissolve. Why? Because the law is infallible. And every time you practice these seven points, even if you just get right down to the nitty gritty of it, God is present now, here, there, everywhere, I don’t need any more points than that and rest in the knowledge that this being so, all is well, the picture dissolves. Oh, there are so many little things and big things that happen. You could go on forever making a catalogue of the wonderful things that happen as you rest in Omnipresence.

And then you have so many by-paths to take from there. God is present and therefore, the intelligence of God is present. Right here, where we are, is the intelligence of God. That Infinite intelligence is always present. Is it permitting anyone to break its Divine law? You see, the breaking of the Divine law is the illusion. Divine law can’t be broken. It simply isn’t here to break Divine law.

Now, as we dwell in these things and you discover that you can depend on the presence of God always to dissolve the illusion or temptation of appearances that come to you even to the point of miracles or what would appear to be miracles to others, then your confidence becomes unbounded and you’re ready to live in the foundation stone that because of the omnipresence of God, I can now move to a higher level of activity than I had been dwelling in. Before, I used to do protective work. That’s a sort of a negative way of living, isn’t it? Protecting ourselves against this and that, even by knowing the omnipresence of God. Suppose we now turn that around and do progressive work. Supposing we now can accept that because God is present, whatever God wills in me today is going to be done and even if it’s something I’ve never been done before, it’s going to be done. Supposing we begin to live in the positive side of Spirit instead of the negative side of protection.

The presence of God is the only protection we need. Now, let’s see that we were trying to protect our human selfhood. When all your protective work is complete and you know in the presence of God no protection is needed, just a conscious awareness of God’s presence, there is no longer anyone there to protect. The real trap of the businessman who came to Joel because his protective work hadn’t worked, was that he was protecting his human self instead of going to God to realize his spiritual Self. Translated, if you were unemployed or limited in some way and you wanted to go to God within to the realization of the Omnipresence in order to remove that condition, you would have fallen into the identical trap. That would come in your number five place. There is no such condition except in a human self. That’s the temptation to believe that you have such a condition and the purpose of today’s class is to make clear to you that there are no conditions in the presence of God and there is no other presence.

Every condition that we accept is the false acceptance that we are a second self and that where we are, the presence of God is not the only self. We have no protective work to do at this level because we are that Self which is the Self of God and if we’re not that Self, we are denying that God is the only Presence. God is omnipresent. Where are you? If you’re trying to protect your visible self, you are not accepting God is omnipresent. And if you are willing and determined to accept it, you must finally come to the conclusion that you are an invisible Being. You can never be a visible being. The visible you that’s trying to protect something is not You. You are invisible Self.

And so, we graduate above protective work in the knowledge that the presence of God which is omnipresent is the invisible Vine, the Christ, the Self and I being that Self, I am all that the Father is and I have no lack or limitations. There is no evil in my Selfhood which is the infinite Self.

You’re still at the place of five or six where you’re able to look at temptation knowing that it’s trying to tempt you into being a visible self. The word “invisible” now becomes very important. If you had all of the material things of this world, there would come a day when you would have to lose them, give them up. The Christ message isn’t to try to show us how to have all the material things of this world, it is to try to show us that our destiny is to be independent of the material things of this world; to live in God Being.

I live; yet, not I.” And if you look at that statement by Paul, you might be surprised to find that there’s something in that statement you had overlooked. We all remember to say, “I live; yet not I, Christ liveth my life.” We forget a few words that he said just a moment before. He said, “I am crucified with Christ: [and] therefore, I live; yet not I. Christ liveth my life.”

I am crucified with Christ.” I, too give up the physical, visible sense of me. The fellow who is worried about the accidents, the alcoholics on the road, the national budget or who is going to get in as president or vice-president. Who is that fellow worried about these things? That’s the one who doesn’t know God is omnipresent as the Only.

I am crucified with Christ.” As Jesus refuses to be a visible person, I refuse to be a visible person. For Spirit is God and Spirit is omnipresent and Spirit is invisible and I am Spirit.

Now, you must have your seven points as your foundation in order to be able to come higher to the invisible nature of your Being so that all evil presenting itself to you is now presenting itself to the invisible Self, the invisible Self who can say, “Only Spirit is here. Only the Spirit of God is here and it is I. Only the Spirit of God is there and it is I.”

Now, the world has tried to overcome the evils of the world. For instance, you might take any prominent person in religious work and if you ask him one question, you will discover quickly where he stands in Truth. You might say for example to a clergyman, “Please tell me why God permits one million people each year to die of cancer. Please tell me why God permitted six million Hebrews to be burned in German ovens. Please tell me why God permitted nations to go to war against each other. Tell me why.” And I can assure you the answer you got would be a very stock answer. Something like, “Well, let’s see. In the first place, we must be humble. We must trust God. We must trust His infinite wisdom to know what is right for us.” That might be one stock answer. Another might be, “Well, punishment. The world has to be punished for its sins.” Another might be that we’ve given our souls to the devil. And you could go down the list of the vague answers that would be given provided the individual you asked even deigned to give you answer. They might look at you with a paternal glance and think, “How naïve a question. Why did God permit this, that and the other atrocity?”

But I want to tell you this; that any answer of that nature is really a statement that the individual giving you that answer does not believe in the presence of God. There’s only one answer that’s true. The answer that is true is that God does not permit nations to go to war. God does not permit one million persons to die of cancer every year. God does not permit genocide. God does not permit manslaughter. God does not permit the evils of the world and therefore – and this is the answer that you will never get from all of the religions of the world – therefore, these things cannot be happening.

Now, if you think they’re happening, you also think that God is impotent or that God is indifferent or that God is cruel. If they are happening, you are saying God is not God. If they are happening, if one single child in this entire world dies of cancer, we have said that we are atheists and it doesn’t matter how many clergymen in the world think that these things are happening, they are practicing atheism.

Atheism is the belief that God is not present. You can believe in a God in the sky but you’ve got to believe in a God on earth, too. If you don’t have a God on earth, you don’t have a God; you’ve got chaos.

Now, most of us have been practicing the presence of God sufficiently to know that God is present, not as an abstract idea but as a living force maintaining a perfect universe wherever there is a witness, an individual, a consciousness that can abide in the secret place of the Most High. Any clergymen can prove it when they can abide in the presence of God as a fact, not a word. Then all that is unlike the presence of God cannot be here. Its very existence would be a denial of the Presence or else it would be a statement that it being here, God is permitting evil to be here.

So, these seven points are going to be the fulcrum from which we function in preparation for the higher message, the liberating message. In a way, you might say that as you learn to practice only the Presence and see that all temptation is the material action of the world – all of it, the good material action and the bad material action – is the temptation to deny the presence of God.

And when you are able to give yourself to this work, not on a part time basis because you think that you’ve got eight hours of work to do at an office, but to make it your constant companion no matter what you do and where you do it, never being asleep to the presence of God, then you’ll find that you are really the forerunner of a new age, what is called the remnant; the enlightened remnant, the seed of a new age. Those who will stand in the conscious knowledge that here, right in my office, right in my home, right on the freeway, right in the ghetto, right on the battlefield, the presence of God is all that is present, the power of God is all that is present, there is no power of evil. There is no evil to be here. That which is presented to me as evil or error or accident or lack is a hallucination of the world mind coming through my mind as a shadow, a temptation which I now reject. God is present. God is All and there I rest with confidence.

Sometimes it will come to you as an instantaneous awareness without having to go through point by point. It’ll be just a quick shift of the gears and it may even reach you at a point where you don’t have to shift because that is to become your permanent Consciousness. God is, period.

That’s how you start your day. You spend as much time in it as possible and you continue in that awareness no matter where you go. God is present.

You’re not protecting against anything. You’re recognizing that my only protective work is the knowledge that God being present, there’s nothing here to protect against. The universal intelligence of the Father is on the road. Where’s a bad driver? That’s the temptation to believe that the universal Intelligence is not here. Why is there a bad driver? Because there’s no one aware that the universal Intelligence is here. Aware of it, you discover the bad drivers aren’t bad drivers at all. They were separated appearances but the moment you were aware of universal Intelligence present, somehow, something happened to the bad drivers. They became aware. The alcoholic drivers weren’t drunk anymore. Why? Because the power of God is the only Power that’s present. In the absence of it in your consciousness, you have the chaos of the world. In the Presence of it, you have the government of God functioning through your Consciousness and then you discover that the whole world is in your Consciousness. There are no cars on the road. There are no people. They’re all in your consciousness. And because your consciousness is the consciousness of God, they’re all brought into the government of God in your Consciousness. You find why one is a majority, when that one is in the conscious awareness of the presence of God.

And so today, if you still insist that you have something wrong in your life, you’re merely saying that you’re not conscious of the presence of God. The remedy is, be ye conscious of the presence of God, for if you will abide in that secret place you will find that you are under the shadow of the Almighty. The power of God functioning, maintaining becomes the very law of your Being.

Every healing of the Christ is the conscious, continuous awareness of God being present, nothing else is here. I don’t have to remove the evil, correct the evil, improve the evil. I must know that God is here. The evil cannot be here, too. It didn’t even stray in. It just never was here.

Thou will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee.” Not strayed but stayed. We stray out of the conscious knowledge of God’s presence or we stay in the conscious knowledge and that makes the difference between employment and unemployment, lack or abundance, Truth or the falsehood, happiness or sorrow, success or failure.

You can turn the blackest moments into sunshine but not by trying to do it out there. You’ve got to do it in your consciousness and have faith that when you touch the consciousness of God within your Self, its Power will manifest out there and change the blackness to sunshine. If you try to do it out there, you’ve fallen into the temptation to believe that it has to be done out there. There is no out there. There’s only God. Don’t reach out to the world that isn’t there.

Go back to that Matthew statement. “Lay up your treasures in heaven.” Why? For there, there is no moth or rust to corrupt. There, there are no thieves to steal. You can have all the material possessions in this world but they will run through your fingers like grains of sand. Time runs out. You’ve got to lay up your treasures in your knowledge of the presence of God as the very invisible Presence of your own Being. That’s your treasures in heaven. The knowledge of the presence of God as the invisible Presence of your own Being is the revelation of your Spiritual identity as living Spirit, invisible Being possessing all that is of God because Oneness is the Truth of Being.

You don’t have to get an invisible Self employed. You don’t have to remove lack from an invisible Self. You don’t have to heal the bone of an invisible Self and when you are that invisible Self, it will prevent the bone fracture. It will prevent the unemployment. It will prevent the error. And if by chance you stray instead of stay in that consciousness, the moment you return, it will remove the result of your momentary separation. You are never unemployed. You are separated from the knowledge that the presence of God is standing where the world sees you. You are never lacking. You are never limited. You are never in error. You are simply unaware that where you stand is the invisible presence of God. Holy ground. And when you know it and when you live with it, not just in three meditations, not before work and after work but always, then you are crucifying your visible self.

I am crucified with Christ: I live; yet not I. Christ liveth my life.”

All temptations of the world are meaningless when you know your Self. And then, “It shall not come nigh thy dwelling,” neither the accident nor the unemployment, nor the pain, nor the sorrow because these things are in the false sense of self that we entertain.

Now, practice those seven points please until you can reel them off so fast without much thought that it becomes effortless. Catch yourself when you stumble. Repair the damage until you have this Consciousness with which to face the world. Nothing in this world can convince me that God is not here functioning as God.

And with that level, you’ll find when Jesus Christ speaks to us, within or without, in the Bible or within our own Consciousness, we have ears that can hear. We have removed all of the barriers of conditioned world mind, the concepts, the clutter and the pure words of the Christ then fall in a habitation that is ready for them.

Crucify yourself with Christ. Crucify the world with Christ. Crucify all false situations with Christ. Crucify matter and time and space with Christ. Get out of atheism, out of Spiritual adultery, accepting God twenty-four hours a day every second as the Presence. Then we’re not atheists. And the power of God will shine through you totally.

As we quietly meditate, first run through in your mind your seven points so that it becomes easy, quick. They move in quick succession, one after the other and this time I’m not going to remind you. You do it yourself. Let’s just dwell in that consciousness of those seven points.

Silence, (long pause) …

When you get to the seventh, you just sit back and you rest in God. The Peace usually comes when you do that. It is a sign that you have really cleansed your house. Now we are not tempted but faithful; not believers only in the Word of God as a noun but as a living Reality here on earth as in heaven. We become faithful witnesses of the living presence of God. Disciples, friends of Christ ready to prove by living in Christ that God is here on earth, that we walk in God and God in us. The remnant, the seed of a new age.

– End of Side One —-

In the tenth chapter we have a number of statements by Joel, all of which relate to, “It shall not come nigh thee…[if you]…. abide in the secret place of the Most High,” which is the knowledge that God is present where I am, where everyone appears to be, God is.

Now, let’s look at some of these statements.

A person who leaves his home in the morning has no positive assurance that he will return safely at night…. Man has become a statistic…. And how, then, can mishaps and catastrophes be avoided? Is there a way?” And he says, “Yes, there is. There certainly is a way…. Break through your mental inertia in the morning.”

And he emphasizes “in the morning.” In other words, it’s not two hours after you get going. In those two hours, the world mind has got you trapped. Break through your mental inertia in the morning to consciously realize there is one Power operating in this universe. That of course is the power of God. It is operating. God is present. God is the Power operating and what you’re seeing therefore, which is unlike the power of God is your temptation. It isn’t what’s there. It’s your temptation. “There is no power in any mesmeric suggestion of accident.”

Now, catch the words, “the suggestion of accident….the mesmeric suggestion of accident.” He’s telling you accident is not accident. Accident is suggestion. And the suggestion is a mesmeric suggestion and there is no power in it, meaning there’s no power to cause that accident. I know all about the statistics but there is no power to cause those statistics. It is mesmeric suggestion, temptation being presented through the world mind in you, to turn you from the belief that there is only the power of God present. That’s what he said.

And therefore, you look at the accident which is happening in your mind. It’s not six cars lined up on the freeway. It’s the freeway and six cars all lined up in your mind. That’s where the mesmeric suggestion is. And there is no power to cause that fact and therefore it isn’t a fact. The only Power is God. That’s the consciousness you’re to develop.

No power in any belief of infection or contagion.” Same thing with infection or contagion, it’s a temptation coming to you to make you believe there is another power beside the perfect power of God. And there isn’t any other power. “There’s no power in the carnal mind,” and the carnal mind is the world mind functioning in you. It has no power. It cannot create an accident. It can only create the appearance of an accident in your mind. And the only reason it does that is because you’re not in the Christ mind.

The carnal mind is the opposite of the Christ mind and the Christ mind has no opposite and so, we look at the accident, the infection, all that is out in the world and know it to be a picture in the world mind in me. I’m looking at the false mirror of my own mind. And I’m not going to accept another power beside the perfect power of God. “There is no power in the carnal mind or in any of its forms, or in any of its beliefs, whether individually or collectively.”

So, that’s laying it on the line. There is no power to cause evil. Evil is an appearance within the mind of each individual person placed there by our separation from the knowledge of the presence of God.

This is the first step in the elimination of that separation.

Your experience” says Joel “is going to be your own state of consciousness objectified.” That which you have in your consciousness will be that which you experience as if it were out there. It will be objectified. It will come into material form out there apparently because it is in your consciousness in here. Your state of consciousness objectified is your experience and if you want your experience to be harmonious, then your state of consciousness must be the conscious awareness of the presence of God. That will objectify as Harmony. That will objectify as the qualities of God made visible.

If you insist however, on walking around all day without consciously living in the realization of God, the presence of God, the omnipotence of God, the omniscience of God here and now, the all and the only Power, you will not bring Harmony into your experience.

So, this is part of what we have today made our seven points. This very second, God is Being. We must know this consciously. Not knowing it consciously is the error. For when you’re not consciously aware that this very second God is Being, that is when you become the “blotting paper” for world thought that just flows right through you. God is being all that God can be. There’s no way for God to change. God will be the same, God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. God is from everlasting to everlasting. Do not try to get God to do anything for you. God has already done it. God is. Period. You see, the isness of God is the fact. God is.

And always, the world mind is saying, “God isn’t. Look at this, this and this.” And that’s where you have to tighten up and say, “No, no, no. I’m not looking at this, this and this. God is this, this and this invisibly. That’s all that God is everywhere. I don’t care what I see. God is.”

And so, this is the tightening of that consciousness which won’t be budged by the tempter in the appearance.

And the minute you find that little word “but” beginning to creep up, and you go “What about this?” That “but” is the tempter again. There is no about this. God is. Period. The “but” is that little wriggly human mind that won’t accept that God is. Period. There’s no anything else. God is.

Protective work is the realization that there’s no power from which to protect yourself. It is a living in the realization that because there’s only one Power, there are no powers to do anything or to be anything and every suggestion of some other power is a mesmeric influence.”

Now, he underlines a certain phrase here “Without this realization, even though you do not consciously think of accidents, of discords, of diseases, sins, or temptations, you are permitting yourself to unconsciously accept, to subconsciously or unconsciously accept the world’s mesmeric and hypnotic suggestions.” The moment you’re not realizing that there’s only the power of God present, in that moment you open the door to the world mind flood of lies even though you’re not conscious of them. They capture your subconscious. They become the food that feeds your mind and the rift between you and the presence of God just widens and widens and widens until this great big dragon appears called lack or limitation.

Now, we go into some of the mysticism of it. Is weather external to you? Now, we all think the sun is out there, it’s external to me. The sky is out there, it’s external to me. It’s not raining inside me, it’s raining out there. But here’s a question; is weather external to you? It’s external to the false sense of you. If you’re living in the sense of a human selfhood, weather is external to you. Is weather external to Christ? Is weather external to God? What’s outside of God? Weather not being external to the Spirit of God, how can it be external to you? It’s only because you entertain the notion that you’re not the Spirit of God. And so, the answer must be, “No, weather is not external to me.” Or how can employment be outside of your Self then? How can lack or limitation be outside of your Self? How could anything be outside of you if everything is within the Spirit of God and you are the Spirit of God?

And so, this is to turn us to the fact that nothing is outside of you. It’s just the right You that you have to know about. The right You, the Spirit of God includes all that is. Then what is the unemployment? Employment is within the right You. To seek employment out there before finding the right You, is trying to do it the hard way. It won’t even be the right employment when you get it because it has to be that which is within your spiritual Self. It has to be that which grows out of the tree of Life. The fruitage must come from the Spirit of your Being. So, the startling thing is that weather is not external to you. Weather is only external to the image called form which we have learned we are not. We are that Spirit of God to which nothing is external. Nothing in the whole world is external to the Spirit of God which is Infinite. And in this identification, you can trust the Power of that Spirit to manifest Itself, to fulfill Itself. You see how you’re in God government when you’re in your Self? The legal entanglements out there are for the human self. The spiritual Self dissolves the seeming legal entanglements because there is no power present but the Power of your Spirit even where there seem to be antagonists elsewhere.

So, Joel is opening up to the startling Truth that nothing in the world is outside of your true spiritual Being. Don’t reach out for the treasures of the world that moth and rust will corrupt and that thieves will break in and steal, meaning time and space aren’t there. Matter isn’t there. A human lifespan isn’t there. Your Spiritual treasure is the knowledge that I am the Life itself. That Life which is the life of God complete in Self, seeking nothing in the world but accepting these added things if they flow from my Spiritual enlightenment.

No, weather” says Joel, “is an activity of the mind…. Weather is an activity of the mind…. The only reason we behold imperfect weather is because there is a belief in two powers which makes for good weather and bad weather.” His reason for stating this is followed by this statement, “Some of us have…. proved that destructive and injurious forms of weather can be dissolved through the understanding that weather exists as an activity of the mind.” Not the mind of God, mind you. The world mind and the mind of man. “Anything that exists as an activity of the carnal mind can be nullified in proportion to the degree of your awareness of these principles.”

And so, I’ve tried to give you those concise seven principles. These principles can nullify any activity of the weather or any activity unlike God. Tidal waves, storms are quickly dissipated when someone knows and understands that they are not conditions of matter. See, they’re conditions of the mind which we think are conditions of matter. But they are not conditions of matter. Vast areas in storm and tidal waves, they’re not conditions of matter. They’re conditions of the collective mind. Activities of the mesmeric mind and often they stop instantaneously because they cannot last long in the face of this realization that they are images in thought and images in thought have no power.

This sounds like a colossal thing, you know. I actually think it’s harder to take care of a head cold than a tidal wave. It’s really the same problem. One just has a vaster area in seeming space than the other. But mind you, these statements by Joel are not made from opinions. They’re made from day in and day out work along these lines which every word was long proven by him.

Weather is an activity of the mind. It is not an activity of matter. Matter is the appearance to the mind which does not know that the weather is within that mind that perceives it as matter. This is a misperception.”

Now, when you face it as an activity of mind, that doesn’t mean you’re going to make it shine when it’s shady. There’s a word in it that’s very important, “destructive” weather. If the weather is “destructive,” you have the capacity in your knowledge of these seven steps to change the weather. You’re not changing Reality. You never change Reality. You’re simply admitting into consciousness the power of God in which there is no power of destruction and destructive weather no longer is destructive.

Really, it’s no more difficult than taking care of a head cold. The scope of it seems bigger. It’s no more different than taking care of any form of error or evil that enters your consciousness because it’s all made of the fabric of mental imagination. Only God is present. It never happens. Only God is present. That which seems to happen, happens in the human sense of self in those who have not yet learned how to crucify with Christ.

These are the great secrets of the Infinite Way.

God knows nothing” says Joel, “about rain.” You can get into many an argument on that statement. “God knows nothing about rain.” Remember in this chapter, I think it was in this chapter, yes, he told about that city for eighteen months that was deluged with rain. It never stopped raining. It was ruining everything. Nobody could function and again, they called somebody and that somebody, through the knowledge of Truth, being able to rest in the principle that God is and the power of God is never destructive, lo and behold with the sky still grey and sullen, no rain. Only three days after the rain stopped did the conditions that appeared to be causing the rain disappear but the rain stopped for three days before the conditions disappeared. Why? Because the collective mind of that city had rain and the mind of one individual with God had only God and the false mind came to the true mind and said, “Help us.” and it stood in the silence of the presence of the Father doing nothing but being conscious of the Presence and the Presence could not manifest as destructive rain. It manifested as the absence of rain.

So, it was with every healing in the Bible and every healing that you are called upon to do. You never do it. The presence of God in your consciousness reveals the absence of error.

There’s a reminder if I recall that it doesn’t mean because you close your eyes and say, “God is here and God is there,” that the errors disappear. He reminds us of the necessity for doing your work and then if the situation doesn’t yield, you’ve got to do it again and again and again. You’ve got to be as patient as the lie is – until it yields. But the yielding will come provided you will stand in the Truth of that Presence.

This is another way of saying, “Forgive seventy times seven.” Stay there. You see, in unseeing the lie, you’re forgiving. You’re erasing the lie. You’re wiping out the lie. This is forgiveness. You’re forgiving a karmic debt. You’re looking through the lie. You’re forgiving seventy times seven if necessary until the lie is no longer visible, no longer objectified.

All these things are the tempter. The temptation is the suggestion of a power and a person and a presence apart from God. Reject it in the realization that it is nothing but the fleshly mind, the carnal mind. Then dismiss it. And that’s the end of it. It takes only a minute to consciously recognize within your Self that God, Truth, being Infinite – nothing else can enter.

The hardest part is to dismiss it. We want to mull it over, you know. We want to revive those images. Sometimes, even though we try, there’s something holds us to them. We keep saying, “That error isn’t there. That error isn’t there. That error isn’t there.” Until we’ve actually almost made it appear there by the repetition of the fact that it isn’t there. Get out of the negative side of it. God is there. God is there, the Presence is there, the Power is there until all idea of error is out of your consciousness because that’s the only thing that makes the error appear. It’s in your consciousness. When it’s weeded out by the positive action of knowledge that God is there, then we have dismissed it. And when it pops back in again, you have to go back to the knowledge that only the Presence is there.

One point that should be clarified is that the error out there and the Presence out there is always pushing you away from your consciousness here. You’ve got to see that God is present where you are. First, here where I am, is the Presence. Here where I am, is no error. My consciousness here is the presence of God. I am conscious of the Presence and that’s God consciousness and in my God consciousness here, there is no error. And then over there, it will disappear because your God consciousness here is God consciousness there. You’ve got to have it where you stand, closer than breathing. Your consciousness of God where you stand does the miracle work even though the storm is over there three thousand miles away. You must have the consciousness of God here and It will manifest as the absence of the storm there.

The principles you are learning will eventually bring freedom to every individual on the face of the globe.” So, start observing what happens when you acknowledge His Presence in all your ways. The miracle worker is the presence of God acknowledged by you to which you crucify your human selfhood until the presence of God you’re acknowledging is your invisible Self and there is no second. Then, “It will not come nigh thee,” the accident or the flood and we’re being pushed to this consciousness not to avert the disasters of the world alone but those disasters are pushing us to the invisibility of our Being that we may establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth as an objectified Reality.

I want you to hear a Proverb which might sound a little different now. It’s the third Proverb. We’ll just start it at the thirteenth verse. It sounds so simple and yet what it’s been trying to say to us all these years is very close to what Joel has been saying and what we have talked about during this session.

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her. Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honour. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her. The Lord by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath he established the heavens. By his knowledge the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew. My son, let not them depart from thine eyes: keep sound wisdom and discretion: So shall they be life unto thy soul, and grace to thy neck. Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, and thy foot shall not stumble.”

All of it is telling us to be conscious of the presence of God. We had thought that that was all a moral thing. Be good. Be virtuous. It isn’t that at all. You can be upright. You can be good. You can be church going but if you’re not in the secret place of the Most High, it will come nigh thee. We do not stumble when we are in the presence of God and that Presence must be your invisible Presence because there is no selfhood apart from God. The self of you that is not the invisible presence of God must be crucified daily until you are willing to accept “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father.” You cannot walk in the presence of God unless that Presence is your invisible Self because that invisible Self is the presence of God called Christ. That’s the only way you are in the secret place of the Most High.

The top secret is that you can only be free when you are Christ.

Another assignment I’d like to suggest to you for this coming week is please read the 91st Psalm. You’ll find it’s the same as this third Proverb. Just another way of saying unless you are in the conscious awareness of the presence of God as your very Being, you’re not in the secret place of the Most High. You’re in a second self, a separated sense of self, a vulnerable self, a dying self that never existed and never can exist and in that false self are all the problems that you have found. They do not exist when you practice your seven points until “God is” is your living Bible day in and day out.

From this point, I think we have an opportunity to open doors in the 16th chapter of John and to let ourselves be moved into the deep peace of the Presence, out of the temptation of the mind into fidelity to Identity.

Silence, (pause) …

Whenever you run into a problem that you don’t seem to be able to solve well even when doing what we talked about today, remember, you’re thinking about a visible you instead of an invisible Self. When you come to the place where you know the invisible nature of all Being, those insoluble problems melt away. Invisible Self is the real Self. The permanent, the eternal, the deathless Self, now without problems and there is no second.

If you are going now to be with us later, suppose you spend another ten minutes and we’d like to make a little presentation to the Fosters. The idea emanated with Claire Balance and Lucy Beverage and Lucy, I believe has probably written a little poem, although I haven’t read it or heard it and so, Lucy’s going to make the presentation to the Fosters.

Now, let’s take an Arab, something plants within him the idea that he has to go out and kill a Jew and we say, “What plants this idea?” God said, “Thou shalt not kill.” Therefore, it wouldn’t be God planting an idea to kill.

And then, we go to the other side and we see the same idea is planted in the mind of the Israeli. It says, “Now, you go out and kill that Arab.” But God said, “Thou shalt not kill.” So, therefore, God didn’t plant that idea in the mind of the Israeli.

In fact, the whole Old Testament is completely devoted to, “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” And so, we see the Arab and the Israeli living in the Old Testament of “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.” Ignored, is “I say unto you, you have heard it said of old an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…. but I say unto you turn the other cheek.”

Now, then, the Christ message is not only in the Christian Bible. It’s in the Koran and the Arabs can read it. It’s in the Old Testament and the Hebrews can read it. It’s in the Torah. It’s in the Talmud. It is in the scriptures of the world. It makes no difference where a human being is on the face of the earth, there is a scripture presented by the Christ within, coming forth in the form of a Bible, a Bhagavad-Gita, a Koran. Always, the celestial Word is present. And, it does not say, “Thou shalt kill.” It says, “Thou shalt not.”

Now then, when the Arab kills the Jew, when the Jew kills the Arab, your next question might be, “Inasmuch as God didn’t plant this authority or this desire within a man, what did?” And finally, to face the fact that God did not protect the Hebrew against the Arab and God did not protect the Arab against the Hebrew. The Israelis may send planes into villages and kill people who have no knowledge whatsoever or even a desire to kill. They can be children, they can be mothers and the Arabs can be just as indiscriminate. Why isn’t God protecting the underprivileged or the ones who are without the desire to kill who have not earned the right to be killed?

And finally, we face that far away which we’re not willing to face in our own backyard. God does not protect what is not God’s creation. The human form is not protected. It’s very clear that eleven human forms in the Olympic village were not protected by God. It’s very clear that those who received death through retaliation in the Arab countries were not protected by God. Why? They were not created by God.

Now, once you face this, you must look around you and say, “Did God not create those eleven and create all the rest? Did God create everyone else on earth but those eleven? And finally, you see the message clear that God did not create human form anywhere. And in this class, this is what we learn to accept.

There is no human form created by God. And it is important at this level of our work to come to grips with this and to either accept it and abide by it and act accordingly or to realize that you are pursuing a teaching of your own which is not the Christ teaching.

Know ye henceforth no man after the flesh,” for the simple reason that “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

Now, if we can proceed from that point of view that the human form is not a Divine creation and that no human being is empowered by the Divine to bring forth human forms, we can begin to get an idea of what the human form is, so that we cannot be mesmerized into treating the human form as a Divine Reality.

Now, in our fifteenth chapter of John, we find that “I am the vine,” the invisible Self of every man, is a fact not accepted on the earth. The Arab who kills the Jew and the Jew who kills the Arab or when our own nation kills in the Vietcong, we are also being led by an impulse which is not Divine. It matters not what our motives may be, even if they were protections, specific protection of our own lives.

Thou shalt not kill” is a deeper revelation of a fact that there’s no one there to be killed. The Self that is there is invisible and all we’re doing is not recognizing the omnipresent You. We’re turning away from your own Self which is there and killing that which we think is there. And so, in the process, Christ is unrecognized. I, the Vine, remain unrecognized because there is a world mind.

Now, most of us have at least been alert enough not to blame the Arab and not to blame the Jew. We have learned by now that world mind is that which out-pictures itself as person and if you’ve at least come that far where you know form is an out-picturization of world mind, then you’re really in the mysticism of the Christ message.

Every form you’re looking at is world mind made visible and it is necessary to pierce the veil of that form, to place no guilt upon that form, to place no guilt upon the person who kills, to place no guilt upon the person who retaliates because this is the world mind in us placing guilt upon what it itself has performed. We are alert to the many disguises of the world mind when we are living in the Consciousness that Christ is present.

Now, where the Arab attacks the Jew and vice versa, where the white attacks the black and vice versa, where one nation attacks another and vice versa, you are watching the performance of world mind and it is the tempter. It is saying to you, “Watch, here’s this man with a gun. He pulls the trigger. Watch that man over there fall down.” And world mind is saying to you, “Where is God in this picture? Why is God watching one kill another?”

And when you put the guilt on this one or that one, you’re falling into the trap of believing that this is happening in the Kingdom of God or you’re falling into the temptation to believe that the Kingdom of God is not there but what you are witnessing is there. You’re accepting form. You’re accepting physical senses which perceive form and what you’re not accepting is the invisible Kingdom of God present, completed, perfect, imperishable, indestructible and without opposite.

You’re watching the world imagination in form present the drama of lies, the temptation to believe that matter is here and Spirit is not and in your highest state of Consciousness, you can look at this and place no guilt on that one, no guilt on this one but rather see the non-life that appears to human senses in form. There’s no life performing these acts. There is animated images called form and this is an essential of the Christ consciousness.

Now, we have to proceed to build a permanent consciousness that all that I perceive as form in this human world is not Divine creation and therefore is non-life, non-existence appearing to mortal sense. Unless I can accept this and practice this knowingly, world mind in me is going to continue its delusion and wear its many disguises. It is going to create and it is going to destroy what it creates and I’m going to bear witness to this falsehood unless I am enlightened, lifted above the world mind.

And so, this inner teaching in chapter fifteen is to lift us out of the world mind, out of the forms of cosmic imagination, out of the forms that are created by, not God, but the world mind wearing a disguise called the Lord God. The world mind disguised as the Lord God appears right back there in Genesis to Adam and Eve dividing them into the belief in good and evil, appearing to them as form, tempting them with deceit and finally, condemning their complete progeny to perdition.

How stupid of us to have not recognized that this is not God. This is a disguise of the world mind which has convinced our world that it is God. And every day we find our world worshipping this Lord God which is the invisible world mind, praying to it, asking it for help and receiving no help. You can be sure the entire nation of Israel has prayed but it hasn’t helped. The Arabs in their fashion must pray but it hasn’t helped. The Vietcong is praying. We are praying. The world is praying and we can’t even keep afloat an athletic competition on an international scale in spite of all our prayers. Why? Because the ultimate fact must be faced that there are no human methods to solve the problems of the human race. You cannot do it humanly and you will be tricked again and again to try to do it. There are no human methods that will work. Only the invisible Vine. The world mind is exposed in chapter fifteen as never before.

Now,” says the Christ in us, “Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you. Henceforth I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what he [his lord] doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you. Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. These things I command you, that ye love one another. If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also. But all these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not him that sent me. If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin. He that hateth me hateth my Father also. If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, they had not any sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father. But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law, They hated me without a cause. But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me: And ye also shall bear witness, because ye have been with me from the beginning.”

In these words, the Christ in us awakens us to be alert to the disguises of the world mind. This is the revelation of that mind of the world which functions as the individual, human mind of every person who walks the earth. So that when the world mind speaks through one saying, “Kill,” it is really speaking to everyone on the earth and in greater or lesser degrees, we are in our subconscious hearing, “Kill.” If we have progressed beyond the point of responding, all the better. But the latent impulse is always there when it says to one Arab, “Kill” it is saying it throughout the world. That is why it comes to the surface as war or as permissiveness to let nations go to war, as a capacity to stand aside and watch your own nation go to war. The word “Kill” is spoken universally when it is heard by even one. And so, with hate and so with fear, and so with lack, and so with limitation. We’re all glued into one world mind through our individual human mind and unless you’re conscious of it, you are a servant of that mind.

But now, those who follow the inner Christ, here called the disciples, are told, “You are no longer servants. I have taken you out of the world mind. You were wired to the world mind and all its evil, all its anti-Christ, all its ignorance of God and you were servants of the world mind.”

And this then applies to us. To the degree that we are not aware of Christ within, we are servants of the world mind even though we may not know it. It is not a voluntary condition. It’s a subconscious condition. Each person born into form is not in the Kingdom of God and is therefore in a state of servitude to the world mind. And make no mistake about it, that person born into form, that form is a creation of the world mind. And the world mind is going to run that form unless there is a consciousness born in that form that takes it out of the world mind. We may be a little late in getting started in our own forms but nonetheless, if we have followed the Christ within to the best of our ability, Spirit within is saying to us at this moment, “Ye are my friends if you do whatever I command you. Henceforth, I call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth.”

Now, take an ordinary servant and see the comparison. The servant has a job to do, a duty. He has no choice. This is his job. And his lord and master says, “Do this” and the servant does this. We have not known that but this is what the world mind has been doing with us. We have been servants of it, separated from our own Selfhood, servants to the world mind; mesmerized. That is the state of hypnosis into which every child is born in the world consciousness that we have had up to this point.

But having accepted the inner Christ, now the Spirit says to us, “The servant knoweth not what he doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of my Father, I have made known unto you.”

Having been alerted, having been opened, we now obey the Christ, not as a servant would; a servant does it because he must, a servant does it for duty, a servant does it for reward. We elect to obey the Christ. The understanding of Christ within gives us a choice. You can, or you cannot, follow the Christ. And if you elect to follow the Christ, you are called the elect because you have elected to follow the Christ. And that is not out of servitude but out of wisdom. Not out of duty but out of knowledge and not for reward but because something inside is opened to understand that this is the way to Fulfillment.

And so, now, Christ in us makes us friends rather than servants. In our Spiritual freedom we elect to choose Christ. We elect to step out of the world mind which enslaves mankind, the mind that makes man do what man does not know he is being made to do. Now, we are no longer dominated – we are taking our dominion. And so, we are now to say we are either servants of the world mind or friends of Christ.

And then, a strange thing. “But ye have not chosen me,[but] I have chosen you, and I have ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: and whatsoever you shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give[it] to you.”

Now, many have often wondered about, what does it mean that “You have not chosen me. I have chosen you.” And even though there have been many explanations, there are certain factors that we still haven’t clarified.

Now, remember, if we abide in Christ, we bear fruit richly and we are lifted higher. If we do not abide in Christ and do not bear fruit, we are purged. Now, this choosing refers to that. The fact that you have been chosen means that you have borne fruit. You are not cast away. You are not a branch cast away because you are a chosen branch. Chosen because in some way, you have managed to sever the bonds of world karma, of world dominion, of world mind and to proceed into your own inner drummer, to march to the invisible impulse of the Christ within, to make that effort. And so, those who have done this are chosen. They’re not cast away, is the meaning of chosen.

And then because I have chosen you, all that goes with this choosing is included. Once you are chosen, once you are accepted as a disciple of Christ, that means the government is no longer on your shoulders. That which chooses you sustains you. All this is implied in “I have chosen you.” Do you not realize that by being chosen, you are given all of the weapons necessary to attain total fulfillment? Once you know you have been chosen and not discarded, then you must know that the Infinite with its omnipresent Mind and omnipresent Power and omnipresent Love is guiding and leading and directing you to the Fulfillment of that choosing so that you can rest back in the ever present invisible arms of the Father saying, “I recognize the presence of God and if I were an Israeli, if I were in the Olympic village and if there were an attack, I, in Christ, would be maintained by That which has chosen me.” How? By the invisible spirit of God. By living in the inner place of the Most High in the knowledge that I in the invisible Vine are one with the Father. I would find that the Spirit of God cannot be penetrated by those who have the desire to kill.

And this is the point then, that when you have been chosen because of your fidelity to Christ within, you are not under the law of man. You are not under the dominion of a world mind impulse coming through the law of man as a desire to kill. It cannot find you. It cannot contact you. There’s no way for material man to make contact with Spiritual consciousness. And the miracle of the form that is guided and sustained by Spiritual consciousness is demonstrated again and again by those who are faithful to the inner Christ. “It shall not come nigh thee.”

But that isn’t our purpose for being faithful. That’s one of the happy by-products. Our purpose is to be the individualization of the Infinite Self, to bear fruit richly in Spirit, to live in that which is imperishable. And there’s the word here about “remaining. That is implying the chosen One is not in a temporary capsule or form. The chosen One is going to find themselves in the eternal body of the Spirit.

I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain.”

The knowledge that you are chosen, that you are Spiritually conscious, brings with it the certainty, the awareness, the conviction that you are in an imperishable form of Spirit which is not the visible form. That you have found Life which is not transient, Life that remains and this carries with it an immunity – even in the form – through the action of the Holy Ghost; not only to the man who would shoot but to the germ that would infect, to the pestilence, to the poverty, to the famine, to the limitations of the human mind, to the obstacles that normally press everyone on this earth because they are functioning as individuals separated from their own Self.

Now again, when the Israeli attacks, when the Arab attacks, when the Vietcong attacks, when the United States attacks, we are going to learn in this work – to a place where we can actually know it – that we are attacking our Self. We are declaring war against our own Self. The world mind in us has so disguised itself that we go out and we shoot at our Self, thinking we’re shooting at an enemy. Now, we’ve got to come to that place where we can see all that is out there is your Self. There’s no Arab out there. There’s no Israeli out there. There’s no Vietcong out there. There’s no white and there’s no black. There’s no Christian and there’s no Jew. There is only our Self.

And this is going to become more and more a literal fact in consciousness so that everywhere we look we will recognize Self invisible; the invisible Christ Vine. There’s nothing to shoot at. There’s nothing to raise our back up at. There’s nothing to be offended by except the illusion of separate selves. There aren’t any. That is the reason we are being prepared, ever so slowly but firmly, into the knowledge of the one, infinite Self.

It is going to be imperative for each of us to develop the Consciousness that I am the one, infinite Self. And the reason that it is imperative is because there’s no other way to transcend the human experience. The ‘hu’ of a man called human must give way to the Christ man. And the Christ man is the one, infinite Self. A measure of awareness of being the one, infinite Christ man is the inner Savior. This is how transformation takes place. This is how the Holy Ghost is invited into our experience. This is how we are placed in that cocoon that is not touched by the evils of the world. This is the miracle of how you walk without the need for protection while walking in a world of hate and animosities. You are hid in the one, invisible Self even though appearing in the outer form. And the government of God is your sole protector.

We can even come to the place where we know we are in a Body which is indestructible, a Body that is eternal and you will come to this as you practice the knowledge that the invisible Christ everywhere is not an Arab, is not a Jew, is not a killer, is not a human form, is not a person. You come to the awareness of the impersonal Christ who is where the persons appear to be. The constant practice of it gives you the feel of it. And then the works, the words, the deeds of the Christ begin to show you that they are the works and the words and the deeds that can function in your own individual experience.

Not friends anymore in the human sense, not servants in the human sense but friends in the Spiritual sense. Friends of Christ means we are aware that the one infinite Christ which is invisible everywhere is my name, is the name of the Arab who doesn’t know it is his name, the name of the Jew, the name of the Christian, the name of the Hindu and you wipe out all these labels. You can look at iniquity knowing it is not happening in the invisible Christ. If you still are seeing individual, divided selves and accepting that, you are turning against the infinite, undivided, invisible Christ. This is how we’re crucifying our own Self daily.

But being friends now, friends of Christ and not servants to the world mind, we find a capacity to transcend these appearances that are creating animosity in our world. We look at them without judgment for our only judgement is here in me Christ stands, there in him Christ stands, that which is performing is a world-wide illusion. It was an illusion before it killed and it will be illusion after it kills. It will continue to be an illusion because it is not my Father’s kingdom.

Now, then we are friends of Christ to that extent that we are willing and able to look through these world appearances without reaction, without animosity, without fear knowing that we could be right there perfectly safe and that if Spirit needed us there, we would be there and wherever Spirit needs us, we will be. Always, this knowledge that Spirit sustains those whom it has chosen for “I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you go and bring forth fruit… fruit that remains.” You will not work and have your fruitage taken away. The fruitage that remains is your indestructible Self.

We’re coming out of form into Life, into Christ Life; not human form but Christ Life. We identify as Christ Life. We identify everyone we see as invisible Christ Life. We are not letting the world mind persuade us, fool us, present its imagined world where we know the invisible Kingdom of Christ to be. We are the one who is the majority with the invisible Christ.

That whatsoever you shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you.”

That’s interesting. In the fourteenth chapter, the Christ says, “If you shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.” Here, “That whatever you shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it to you.”

Now this is a step up. First, we’re told that what you ask in the name of Christ, Christ will perform. Now, we’re told what you ask in the name of Christ, God will perform. Do you see how Christ is just another word for God. God individualizes as you and we call it Christ but it’s still God. I, Christ and the Father are one. Christ and God being one, You being Christ, Christ where You are and God being one, You and the Father are one.

But, that’s true of the Arab. The invisible Christ there is one with God. And so, do you know him after the flesh or do you know him as the invisible Christ? And now, go that extra step. If he is the invisible Christ and You are the invisible Christ, who is he? It’s You. The invisible You, is there. There’s no Arab killing anybody. There’s no Israeli being killed. That is the invisible Christ too. The whole world picture must be seen this way or else you’ve got two universes; God’s universe and another one, God’s creation and another one.

God doesn’t create death. It isn’t there. We’ve got to look through this world. Now, we’ve got to look through it now, not tomorrow because the time cometh when no man can be about the Father’s business unless he has been in the Christ.

We are told that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. And so, if we remain as flesh and blood in our own mind, we’re kissing the Kingdom of God goodbye. We’re going to reap of the flesh corruption. The belief in flesh and blood, the belief in matter is a world mind disguise in us, posing through our human mind as our belief. It must be broken. We cannot accept flesh and blood. We’re told instead to drink of the Christ flesh, the Christ blood and that means to live in the constant awareness of that invisible Kingdom of Spirit here and now as our native land.

We’re Americans, or we’re Hollanders or we’re Germans or we’re something else in this world but in our consciousness, we are inhabitants of the Kingdom called Spirit. We must consciously be that. You must place your consciousness at that level which stands facing world mind so that world mind presenting all pictures of destruction to you make no impression, evoke no reaction because Christ heals by self-recognition. Christ doesn’t heal by miracle work. Christ heals by recognizing Christ everywhere. You carry your own healing with you. You heal by recognizing your Self where the world sees someone else. Where the world sees hate and war, you recognize your invisible Self. That is your healing of the lie of the world mind.

In this, you are one with the Vine, one with the Infinite and the Grace of the Tree of Life flows through you. You have seen the temptation, witnessed the temptation and you’ve be able to stand and face the temptation with the knowledge that all that is ever present is the Spirit of God. The Allness of God, the one, invisible, permeating, Allself of God as the only Life becomes the deep God-centering of our Consciousness.

Friends of Christ, not servants of the world mind bowing to its every impulse, to its every false picture. Naturally, it’s difficult so the Spirit pre-warns us. “These things I command [you] that ye love one another.” This is a third repetition, “Love one another.” It doesn’t say, “Except that Arab or that Israeli or except this particular individual and not that one.” It says, “Love one another.” This is unqualified because one another is the revelation of Spiritual identity. One, unseparated, seamless robe. The seamless robe of Spirit, in your Christ awareness, is what you recognize.

So, you love the invisible Spirit where the world sees a killing Arab or a dead Israeli. You love it simply by recognizing All that is there is your invisible Spirit. This is the acceptance of one, infinite Self and that’s why it is repeated three times that “Ye love one another.” This is the revelation of one, invisible Self.

We’re always caught unawares when we see injustice. You may think that Father Berrigan was not guilty. And there was a government conspiracy against him. You may feel that in some way, others may have done what he finally did and not have received the same punishment. You may feel many kinds of injustice but the only real injustice is the belief that injustice can exist. You must overcome the belief that it exists. It cannot exist. If it exists, you have denied your Self. There is no injustice being done there where Christ is. This takes you out of being a servant to the conditioned world mind. It makes you look foolish to your contemporaries and this is the cause of many of the persecutions.

If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.”

There you are. The world will say, “Well how can you say that that was the right thing for them to do or that they were justified in killing or that they were justified in retaliating? How can you say that?” So, don’t say it but know the Truth. Wherever Christ is, the world mind will hate that Christ. Wherever Truth is, the lie will hate that Truth. The world that hates us, we let to live in Christ, has always hated Christ. It hates Christ for many reasons, just as darkness would hate Light. But this is telling us that the hate of the world should not leave you with a sense of guilt for this reason: that there is no one out there to hate you. There is no one out there to be unfriendly to you. There is no one out there to deprive you of anything. There is no one out there to kill you. There is nobody on the face of the earth who can kill you. There is no germ on the face of the earth that can infect you. Why? Because you are the invisible Spirit of God and as long as you think you can be killed or infected, you’re in your false identity. You’re not in your true identity.

All hate coming against us, all animosity, all lack, all limitation is nothing more than world mind picture and all it needs to evaporate is our conscious awareness of its nature. Unless we can recognize it, it continues to move through us and expressing in us and the world that hates you isn’t external to you at all. It is your own human mind hating the Christ. Your own human mind is the servant of the world mind. Whatever is in the world mind, your human mind is in one way or another being subject to and this is the eternal inner conflict between the Spirit and the flesh.

The flesh hates the Spirit because the Spirit will deprive the flesh of its pleasures. The flesh is the world mind in us personalized as our person and it turns against the Spirit. The hate is within our own self. It is never out there. There is no external. The external is nothing but the world mind in ourselves.

And so, the Christ wants us to know that if you think you’re being hated, remember, it has always appeared that way on earth that Christ was being hated. Christ was never being hated except by the false world mind, a mind that has no presence and no capacity and no power. When you’re in Christ, you know there is no such thing as hate because all is Christ and therefore for you, hate has no meaning. You turn this Truth around to know that what is being revealed here is that where Christ is felt, understood, accepted, Love will shine through.

Now what we’re doing is building a Consciousness of the invisible Christ Self as a bulwark against the domination of the world mind which has made every man on earth a servant. There’s no way out of it except through Christ Consciousness, the invisible Vine.

Now, there are going to be continued killings on this earth and they’re all a sign or should be a sign to us that where a killing appears, it is a temptation to believe in its reality. It is telling us that God is not there. We cannot accept a killing as a reality. Therefore, we cannot retaliate against the killing. We resist not evil. Why? Because the Christ in us says, “Only the invisible Christ is there, no one is killing and no one is being killed.” And this makes no sense to the human consciousness. Nonetheless, it is the Christ method and you will discover if you have a need to, that it is better protection than an arsenal of artillery.

The anti-Christ is the world mind but don’t mistake it as out there. The world mind is your human mind and the anti-Christ is within our human selfhood and it hates the Christ. The battle of consciousness against the anti-Christ is right where you are. Not out there. You have to overcome the anti-Christ mind in you, not in the world and that anti-Christ mind in you wants to see an Arab killing and positively identify it that way. That mind you must overcome. Then you’ve overcome the world mind in you. It won’t make any difference – once you’ve overcome the belief in an Arab killing, you’ve overcome the whole, complete illusion of form. Then you can look at the body being attacked by a germ the same way.

If we were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.”

Once Christ in you has become more dominant and you are awake to Christ, this other side of you, this human self, seems to be in a higher reactive stage. There’s a heightening of the inner conflict. They’re never expressing a conflict out there. It is an inner conflict between the rising Christ and the descending sense of humanhood. The personal self puts up the fight but the real battlefield is in the world consciousness and in the Christ consciousness which meet in you as the human sense of mind and the Christ mind. In you is the battlefield and when you solve it in you, Christ in you has overcome the world.

Now, let’s not make the mistake then of identifying evil in this world. Let’s not fall into the human trap. That would be letting Christ in us die while we live in the human consciousness, letting the tempter within fool us into living in the kingdom of the world instead of the Kingdom of the Father. “I have chosen you,” and therefore, if you live in Christ, “I who go unto the Father, will perfect and perform all that concerneth thee.” Our faith in Christ includes with it the capacity to know that the Christ which is present brings with it the power to overcome the world illusion.

Let’s try a meditation now.

One of the great illusions of the world mind is time. We all have a sense of time but Christ doesn’t and so, let’s make this meditation a beginning effort to step out of time. Let’s see that right now in Honolulu, it’s about three hours earlier. So, if it were two o’clock here, it will be eleven o’clock there. And in Denmark it would be another time and in every other country another time. So, we that we have different times and yet, those different times are all right now. So that now, it is this time here but now it is that time there and another time somewhere else. We can have ten or fifteen or twenty different times on the earth but they’re all at this moment of now.

Now, let’s get out of the changing times. And let’s just substitute the word “now” because it is now in every country of the globe. It may be three hours less in Honolulu but it is now. Now, just as it is now everywhere but three hours less in Honolulu, let’s go ahead to two a.m. this morning or tomorrow morning. It will tomorrow here at two a.m. but it will still be today in Honolulu and yet, while it’s today here, and yesterday there or tomorrow here and today there, it is always now, the same now.

Now, let’s stretch that three hours to three centuries and let’s see that it’s conceivable that it being now in God, it is always now in God regardless of what time it is on the earth. Whether its twentieth century or seventeenth century, in God it’s now. And so, when you’re in Spirit, you’re not in the time of day or in the time of day in the country you happen to be in. You’re in the Now of God. And so, whatever happens in Now of God is happening.

Now, the things that happen here today in this world, in this so-called twentieth century are distorted out-picturings of the world mind about what is in the Now of God. The things that happened in the first century were distorted out-picturings of the world mind about what is in the Now of God. And that Now which was counterfeited in the first century by the world mind and counterfeited in the twentieth by the world mind, that Now is now. You can’t change it. There’s only Now in God.

And so, your past is not a past at all. Your future is not a future. There’s no time differential in the Now. Everything that is existent in God is Now and because you exist in God as the Christ of God, everything is Now. You are walking just as much in what came forth as the first century as you are walking in the twentieth. You are walking just as much in the thirtieth century as you are walking in the twentieth.

You see, we walk in the Now of Infinity in Spirit and the way that comes forth in your experience is very amazing when you are living in that Now. In the time picture, you came forth into form, you grew up and you will go out of form. But that only happens in time. Nineteen-twenty you came, Nineteen-something you go. This is the time picture. But in the Now, that isn’t happening. In the Now, you didn’t come into form and go out of form. In the Now, you are always existent.

What we want to do in this meditation is to get the awareness that in my spiritual Self, I am in the Now which remains, which is always existent. I’m not in the changing time form which comes and goes. I’m not a servant of the world mind because that’s all changing time form is. I’m a friend of Christ. As a friend of Christ, I really am that living Christ which lives in the Infinite Now, not in changing time. In that Now, I am always existent. I have a complete total Life which extends far back beyond recorded time. “Before Abraham was, I am.”

– End of Side One —-

I have a complete Life which extends far beyond this world. Even unto the end of this world, I am. I am that Life which is eternal because it is always Now. It doesn’t become a past life, a present life and a future life. It is always a continuing Now Life. That is my Self and that is the Self that is everywhere and that is my Self. That Now Self is not the self of an Arab who kills or an Israeli who retaliates. It is not the self of boys who go to war and is not the self of boys who don’t come back from war. But it is the invisible Now Self throughout Infinity and Eternality. That Now Self, I am. I always have been, always will be.

You step out of the changing form, out of the time structure. You live for a moment in the infinite Nowness of your Being and as you do, you are a friend of Christ. You are a Child of God but not one child, you are the Child.

And just as He said, first “Whatever you ask in my name, I will do.” and then later, “Whatever you ask in my name, my Father will do.” It was being revealed that the Child of God is God. All there is, is the one God Life. It is Now. It will never stop being Now. It does not function in time. It is eternal, timeless and just to clear out all the concepts of the world mind by resting in this Now Life, does unusual things, in different ways to many people. Always harmonious. Always good.

We transcend the limitations, the false boundaries of the human mind. We rest in the Infinite mind which is Now and we rest in its Nowness. We know that It has chosen us, for It is us. And we learn to depend on it. It goes before us because it is there already. It remains behind us because it is always there, too. We are accepting an omnipresent Now Self, with no boundaries in time anywhere.

When Jesus walked the earth, your Life now exists at that moment. Whatever will happen in a million tomorrows, your Life now exists in that moment. We are now Life and we are one Life and there’s nothing in the world that’s going to change that – although visibly it will appear to be changed by many circumstances. We are to live in the invisible assurance of the one, now Life. There’s no hate in it. There’s no animosity in it. There’s no lack or limitation in it. There’s no birthing and deathing. There’s no sickness and suffering. The illusions of the senses are forestalled when you live in the Now consciously.

And this week, you should be able to develop this idea. This what I’ve given you about the Now is only a surface, a starter. You should develop your own conscious awareness of your Now Life which extends far back beyond all recorded history. Never was in the past. That’s a human concept and it can never be in the future. That’s a human concept. When you try to thread Infinity through the little needle of the human mind, that is what creates the illusion of past, of future, of present. There isn’t any. It is all Now. It is Now throughout the universe this instant no matter what time of day it appears. Right now, throughout the whole universe, it is Now and also in universes we know not of. It doesn’t matter what time it is on Mars, it is Now. In Mercury it is Now. In Jupiter, it is Now. In invisible worlds unknown to man, it is Now and all of this Nowness has always been Now. We’ve only seen it come as time but it hasn’t. It has seemed to be time to the human mind because the world mind cannot embrace the Nowness of God – but Christ can. The Christ mind does and you’re separating yourself from time as you rest in this. It’s one way to bear fruit.

When you do it during the week, you’ll find that you’re pioneering. You’re marching into new frontiers and you won’t know where to go because the human mind cannot go into Now. It only knows time. It creates its creatures in time and it destroys them in time. But those who stand in Now find that they’re not killed in time at all because they don’t live within it. They see it. They seem to move within its rules and regulations but they are conscious of their Nowness. And you may have to go above your human mind to get any results out of this. You may have to finally say to your human mind, “Well this is as far as you can go. You can’t think your way into Now so I’m going to have to leave you here because that’s where I am going.” And you rest until the Christ mind lifts you into its awareness of Now. You’ll find there’s no world in Now. There’s only My Kingdom. The Kingdom of Now is and always has been present, out of time. It is inviolate, indestructible. It is totally governed by Love. And there’s no power on this earth that can enter it to defile it. That is where we are going to live as friends of Christ.

In your exercise, repeated I hope more than once, you will slowly penetrate this other Realm of Now and you will discover what cannot be discovered in the human mind; that only in the Now are we the Son of God. Now are we the Sons of God. Not in time. In time, we’re under the world-mind domination, still servants. But Now, without time, without past, without yesterdays, without tomorrows, we find this moment is Infinite and covers all that exists. It isn’t changing. It is imperishable and whoever walks in time has no existence to you.

We’re going to see later why we have to do this, right in this chapter of “I am the vine.” Now you’ll find that you cannot feel the Nowness at first, in many cases and you may feel that it’s difficult for you to do it on your own but please do it because even if you don’t succeed, you’ll find you have succeeded. Your human mind may not know you’ve succeeded but when you plant the seed, it begins to germinate and in ways you know not of, Nowness draws from its infinite Self and brings it forth into manifestation as the activity of Spirit in your Life. This is one time where we go out beyond our human capacities for sure, into the unknown.

We’ll rest now before we continue for five or six minutes.

(Class break)

In the book of James, the epistle of James, the second chapter, twenty-third verse, “And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God. Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only.”

A friend of Christ isn’t one who says, “I am the Christ,” but who, by works, reveals that this belief has become a way of Life. Abraham’s fidelity to Christ said, “That in God, there is no destruction.” And the symbol of him sacrificing his son was the acceptance that there is no destruction in God. It was a revelation that form was the illusion and that Life, which was indestructible is the Reality. By acts of faith, we demonstrate that we are friends of Christ.

These things have to be thought upon before all of the human ideas we attach to them are dissolved. You might think, “Well, do I have to put my child on the block for God’s sake?” and you know that’s nonsense. We’re being shown that there is a perfect invisible Self and that only world mind asks us to make such sacrifices. The world mind says, “Sacrifice this one or that one.” But God doesn’t. God is demanding no sacrifice of anyone. There is no separate God, separate from your Self to demand such a sacrifice.

Greater love hath no man and that he lay down his life for his friends” was where we ended last week and it was the revelation that we are to lay down our sense of mortality to pick up our identity as the immortal, invisible Self and this is the continuation of that idea; that by deeds, we demonstrate who we know our selves to be, by the capacity to look through error. That is a deed. By the capacity to look through the illusion of killing. That is a deed. By the capacity to remain untouched by the world of form, even though you may be persecuted by others as being incompassionate or inhuman. You must know the Truth that Christ in you knows only the perfection of God’s present kingdom even to the point of knowing that time and space and motion are all ideas only within the world mind.

We’re only working with the Now idea because when you get the Now idea, the idea of space and motion being equally counterfeit will come upon you. Form, time, space, motion will be revealed to you as activities of the world mind making us servants to them. But break one and you break them all. Touch Christ and you dissolve all illusion. And this is what the Christ words are now penetrating into our consciousness to do.

Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.”

Now, the persecutions are not outer. There is in us the world mind and it is the persecutor. It is the opposite of the disciple in us. The disciple in us is hated by the persecutor, the world mind in us. The persecution then is within you by your own human thought. Your own human thought is the anti-Christ which is against the disciple in you which is the Christ. You must learn to distinguish which you are and which you seem to be.

If we make the mistake of thinking someone out there is going to persecute me, we’re wrong. They cannot persecute you out there because there’s no one out there except the Christ. World mind is painting forms out there and world mind in you is making you see the forms it has painted out there. The persecution is world mind in you giving you false vision, false thought which is not of the Father and this persecution within you must be faced with the knowledge that only Peace, only Truth, only Beauty, only Harmony, only Now in the Kingdom of God is present, no matter what the time picture seems to be.

That is how the tempter, the persecutor, the world mind individualized in us as human mind is overcome. Only Now is the Kingdom of God everywhere. There is no time picture that is true. We’re being separated from the time picture into the Nowness of the Kingdom, separated from making ourselves higher than God and the persecutions continue within us to heighten the conflict, to force us to be lifted so that we make ourselves subordinate to God, so that we learn not to put our personal knowledge above Goodness, not to put matter above Spirit, not to put human above Divine.

The persecutions continue within us until all that is not human, all that is not Divine, until all that is untrue, is slowly eliminated from our senses, until we no longer believe in the world mind within us, until Christ is awakened and we are awake to Christ, until we are Divine Being and not flesh which cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. This is the knowledge that we should be in at this moment, that I am not the flesh that cannot inherit the kingdom of God. I cannot be that flesh because I am the Spirit of God, the Christ of God, the Nowness of God expressing and everything connected with that flesh is the persecution, the tempter within, trying to perpetuate the illusion but really a blessing in disguise that forces us eventually to be lifted above the persecutor into the Nowness of Being. We must be lifted into the Nowness of Being because we’re in a world of time that cannot survive and if you’re caught flat-footed in the world of time that cannot survive, you’re in that flesh which cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.

If you can escape this minute of time you can escape the world in time and stand in the Reality of Being untouched. The symbol of a body buried and yet not buried, not touched, but free is a symbol of the friends of Christ who stand in the world of time untouched when it perishes.

However strong the words may be, that is what the Christ is preparing us to do. You cannot live in that which was not created by God because it doesn’t exist and what doesn’t exist cannot continue to seem to exist forever. As it had its birth, it must have its death and only in the Now of Spirit outside of changing time are you independent of the changing time picture because when you’re in the Now, you’re in another Consciousness. You’re in the indestructible Consciousness and you out-picture your own Consciousness instead of the world consciousness of a changing form in time that perishes.

And so, we’re hanging on to I, Christ, no matter what the world may present. I, Christ here and I, Christ there. That is no Arab, that is the invisible I, Christ and it isn’t killing. That is no Israeli. That is the invisible I, Christ and it isn’t dying and that I, Christ and that I, Christ and this I, Christ are one and the same. One indivisible I, Christ. This is your constant Consciousness and if it isn’t, then world mind will continue to persecute you and that’s the meaning of what Christ is telling us here.

All these things will they do unto you for my name’s sake, because they know not Him that sent me.”

In the inability or capacity to live in the conscious awareness that I, Christ here, there, everywhere am the one Self, we are not knowing God aright. And because Divine law must fulfill Itself, there will be a continuance of error within us until we reach that point where we can look at the error and know it has no validity, no substance and no law.

All persecutions are the inevitable result of our ignorance of I, Christ here, there and everywhere and as we violate identity, the opposite strikes against us always with the purpose of calling that violation to our awareness. We call it persecution. It is a time signal saying, “You have violated identity.” And you can see how the world has violated identity. You can’t turn anywhere without something going wrong in this world. But we will accept that we are being chosen. We learn not to violate identity even though the pictures are harsh at times.

If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not [had] sin: but now they have no cloak for their sin.”

As human beings under the law of good and bad – material law – we went to human authorities. And the human authorities said, “Here are the ways in which you should live.” And so, we have man-made laws. Man-made religious laws. These are the things you must do. And then when we found that when we did them or not, we were just as much subject to destruction. Why? Because they were the man-made laws and those who thought they were authorities were really giving us their concept of what was right. It wasn’t God’s will. It wasn’t God’s law. This one said, “This is our religion. Let’s do it this way.” And the other one said, “This is our religion. Let’s do it that way.” And so, each was forsworn unto his own doctrine. And none of the doctrines were the Word of God. For as the Word of God is, “I am present as perfection now and beside me there is no other.” The word of man is, “There is good and there is evil.” And so, man extolled the good and decried the evil and if he happened to be a Pharisee, if he happened to be the ruling sect of a religion, he said “This is the way you do it and if you don’t you get stoned.” Or if he happened to be another religion, he said, “If you don’t do what we want, we’ll kill you; we’ll go to war against you.”

But those who declared that their way was right were not able to remove the evils of the world. They have shown by their incapacity that they had no capacity to raise the dead, to heal the sick, to feed the hungry. They can’t overcome famine. They can’t overcome poverty. They can’t overcome death. All they have is a word called religion and they could get away with it until there was Christ walking the earth showing that these evils can be exterminated.

Who said “There is sin over here? Watch. Who said there is error over there? Watch. Who said there is hunger over here? Watch. Who said there’s blindness? Who said there’s death? This girl isn’t dead. Rise up little child.” Now, when there is a power shown on earth that can counter-act all of the knowledge of man, all of the belief in death, all of the belief in sickness and reveals that this sickness isn’t there and this death isn’t there, when there is Christ there realized. This is giving us the understanding that there is a transcendental Spiritual power on the earth everywhere.

It produced loaves and fishes on one side of the lake for the Hebrews and on the other side of the lake for the Gentiles. It never said to a man before it healed him, “What’s your religion? What’s your code? What’s your morals? What did your father do?” It never even diagnosed him and, in most cases, all healing was done without prayer to God showing the futility and stupidity of a person here praying to a God there. It showed the power of Spirit within a man heals Itself by maintaining Itself because “I have chosen you.”

And therefore, once the Truth is revealed, there is no cloak for the authority to hide his sin. The authorities can continue to turn away from the Truth and that is their sin. Once the Truth is exposed, that God is present everywhere and those who turn away from that knowledge are in sin. The sin is rejecting the Presence of God everywhere.

And so, we who have not accepted the Presence of God everywhere are still in that conditioned mind that follows the old authorities of good and evil. Having heard that God is everywhere, having known that there was a demonstration on the earth that God is everywhere, that enlightened ones have followed who in many cases have also demonstrated the Power of the invisible Christ. We who do not follow have no cloak for our sin. We are still in that inertia of the world mind.

Before, when we were ignorant of such demonstrations, we had a cloak for our sin. We could say we didn’t know but we do know. We do know that religion, that science, that all human authorities are rejecting Christ within each individual and if we continue in that rejection, we are in the same sin. Christ within is the Reality and the outer manifestation of the world mind is the illusion. This is the message. The cloak has been removed. We can look at the Truth and say. “There it is.” Now, follow and do likewise and heaven will open up like a scroll.

There are no human authorities. They were wiped out when Christ walked the earth in the form of Jesus Christ and previously in other forms and demonstrated the Power of God is present. And therefore, where that Power is present, evil does not exist because that Power is not a dead power but a living Power. All evil is a lie, a non-existence appearing in the human mind. Every headline tomorrow that shouts of evil must be met with that Consciousness that the world mind no longer has power to fool you.

He that hateth me, hateth my Father also.”

We cannot hide behind the cloak that we love God or we love Truth and still accept evil because Truth has no opposite. God has no opposite. Perfection has no opposite. You’re looking at the illusion of a mortal mind.

If I had not done among them the works which none other man did, [then]they had not [had] sin: but now have they both seen and hated both me and my Father.”

To continue then to believe in evil as an existent thing is to reject Christ in you and to reject the infinite Spirit of God. You cannot accept the presence of evil without rejecting Christ in you for the acceptance of Christ in you is the sure knowledge that there is no evil present. You cannot have evil and Christ. You’re making your selection and having been enlightened, your sin has no cloak to hide in. The world mind is still dominating that individual who cannot see that Christ is here and therefore the opposite of Christ is not here.

When you stand on Christ, you stand on the knowledge that all evil I see is not here. Confident that this Christ which has permitted you to find Christ, having chosen you, is sustaining you in the Truth that you are willing to declare until such time as the Comforter comes unto you.

But this cometh to pass,” this state of consciousness which we’re turning from, “that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law. They hated me without a cause.”

If you go back into the Psalms, you’ll find in two of the Psalms the same statement, “They hated me without a cause.” Now this was in the Psalms before Christ Jesus walked the earth and he is revealing that there is no cause to hate Christ. What does that mean? It means that the hating of Christ is as imaginary as all form. It is all within a world mind which itself is an illusion. There’s no one hates Christ. The hating of Christ, the anti-Christ is illusion. Anti-Christ means illusion. Anti-Christ means world imagination. There isn’t any anti-Christ. There’s nothing to be present beside Christ. “They hateth me without cause.” This was said back in the Psalms; the 35th Psalm and the 69th Psalm. But look at the years between it being said again. “They hateth me without cause.” And this is to fulfill the prophecy in the Psalms that, “They hated me without cause.”

Now, why do you think from time to time, we always see that statement? This is to fulfill the prophecy in scripture and that it refers to whatever prophecy it’s fulfilling. It’s to show you, gradually, to let it sink in, that every prophecy in scripture is fulfilled. Don’t ever think it isn’t.

Now go back to your Mathew 24, the prophecy in that chapter. There’s always this continuous hinting, this is that the prophecy should be fulfilled because you’re going to be hit with one grand wallop one day when it tells you, “The end of the world is a prophecy and it must be fulfilled in you.” Always, this is the reason we’re being so carefully prepared, to step out of time, to step out of form, to step out of that which is not Christ. Don’t think these words are here with a lesser purpose. There is no lesser purpose.

When the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall certify [testify] of me.”

So, there is that grand, glorious, supreme realization when all of your effort to know and accept, to believe and to act as the living Spirit of Christ here and there and everywhere that form appears, becomes a ringing realization of Oneness. “I AM THAT I AM,” everywhere. The Comforter in you is the Holy Ghost realization that everywhere is My Spirit. There are no Arabs. There are no Hebrews. There are no Armenians. There are no Americans. There are no Englishmen. There is I, the invisible Christ, everywhere and that is your New Kingdom. That is your indestructible Self and that remains as the world passes in time, as you stand in the Now with Christ.

And will you do it? Yes, because “I have chosen you…. that your fruit should remain.”

And ye also shall bear witness, because you have been with me from the beginning.”

Now, that goes back to a long time before your birth certificate. Ye have been with me from the beginning. This which says, “Before Abraham was, I am,” says “Ye have been with me from the beginning…. Before Abraham was, I am.” Before Abraham was, you are. Why? Because this I am which speaks to you is You. The Self of you is the Bible leading you to Itself. Every Word of the Christ is your own Self enlightening you, breaking through the clouds of human consciousness to release all that is not You, to stand in the Now of time, independent of the world, unused by the world mind, no longer a servant of false authority, liberated out of humanhood, by the Vine which is everywhere present Now.

And this is only the 15th chapter. We have the 16th, the 17th, before that body which is indestructible is subjected to the belief that the world can destroy it. That body is a symbol of many things; one of them is the symbol of your indestructible body. All of this must be given to disciples of Christ, friends of Christ before that particular demonstration can take place so that we are in that state of Consciousness which understands. We are learning not about a man. We are learning the nature of our Self, of which that man is a symbol.

And I think now, we can do Joel’s chapter next week, “It [Shall] Not Come Nigh Thee.”

Silence, (pause) …

When we have put on the garment of Immortality, death will have lost its victory. Fortunately, there have been so many before us who have known the Truth now that the words are no longer hollow. We can look at those who have walked this path and we can say, “I can follow with them. They have blazed the trail but I must blaze that same trail within my Self.”

Silence, (pause) …

I think we’ve had our message for today and next week we’re going to have that dinner at the Mark you know, so all those who have already told me they’re coming, that’s fine and those of you who still are mulling it over, take all the time you want. Tell me today or next week or even Sunday at 4 o’clock next week, it’s fine. And then we’re going to have quite a number of people there it appears. And I think we’re all going to have a pleasant time. It’ll be 5:30 next Sunday at the Mark. Usual class here at 2 o’clock.

Thanks again.

It’s good again to see some new friends in the house and to all of you, a very cordial welcome.

You know, of course, that there have been many attacks upon the Bible, many statements and many of them proven to be true, that the Bible in its present form is mutilated. It is been altered by many hands, often by political regimes. It has been translated from one language to another and then still to another and finally to the English. Began in the Aramaic, and then the Greeks translated it to the best of their ability and then the Vulgate Roman into Latin and most of the translations that we have today are from that Vulgate Latin which was twice removed from the original.

In spite of all this, the Word of God is never tarnished. Over two thousand years have elapsed and still it reaches us in such a way that its authority, when understood, is never questioned. And though it may be mutilated on the surface, it’s like a shell of a nut – when you open the shell, there’s the nut. When you open the words, there’s the Truth shining at you.

And that’s the kind of a chapter we have today.

“I am the vine.” The fifteenth chapter of John. It occurs at a very strategic moment between the Last Supper and the crucifixion and so it obviously is a preparation of the disciples and we may consider ourselves to be those disciples – a preparation for an understanding of what is to follow. So that, in understanding the crucifixion and all that follows it, we may have a clear picture of what is expected of us in order to walk in the Master’s footsteps.

“I am the vine” tells you instantly that in this room there is a Vine. There is an invisible Christ and that makes each of our human selves branches on this invisible Vine. There’s nothing you can do to make yourself better than your neighbor or worse. Each is connected to the invisible Vine. It makes no difference whatsoever what country you came from, what race you came from, what religion you came from. The fact is that there is an invisible Vine called Christ and we are one in that Vine. And now, this chapter beautifully gives us a perfect summary of the complete Christ message.

When you look at it, not casually, you discover that all of the major points of the Christ message are included. It is the way to the first resurrection and every word, every paragraph is another subtle point adding up to a path, a path to a new kind of Freedom, a path to a new Selfhood through the Vine.

And so, the identity of the Vine must be clearly established in our minds in order to understand where the power of Spirit is going to come.

The Vine, speaking to us, is the invisible Christ. If you have no feeling for that, then the words that are to be spoken by the Christ will indicate that you’re not ready to be moved by them in the path they designate. If you have been chosen and you will understand more about that by the way you react to those words. If you have been chosen, then these words to you mean more than any human words on this earth.

The Christ says, “I am the Vine” and this is not an external Christ. This is not a Christ external to you. This is the kingdom of God within you speaking. This is the Christ of your Being, telling you, giving you the great key. Everything you seek and beyond what you have ever imagined is available only if you understand the identity of the Vine. The grape that is not on the Vine will not live long. The branch that is not on the tree cannot survive. If you are the branch on the tree, if you are the grape on the Vine, you must be one with that Vine, one with that tree and you must, in this work, be conscious of it.

Everyone who walks this earth is one with the Vine but being unconscious of it, they live in a sense of separation from the Christ. It is only in our conscious awareness of the Presence of the invisible Vine that we are sustained and nourished by it.

Let’s read a few verses, maybe about ten or fifteen of them to get the feel of it, so that we can then backtrack and let it feed us its Divine manna.

I am the true vine,” it says. “And my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto thee. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned. If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you. Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.”

That’s only the first eight verses. We’ll probably go beyond that.

Now, let’s see that there is a careful plan, a structure to this, to lead us infallibly to the fulfillment of the Father’s plan for us. The Word of Christ is more accurate than a guided missile. It has a target. It hits the target. And here, the target is to awaken us to what may be called the buried God within us, the Divinity to which we are asleep. The Spiritual power that is on the earth awaiting whoever is ready to lay down his personal concept, his way and accept the Divine plan.

The first verse tells us the nature of God and Christ. The relationship between Christ and God. I, Christ, am the Vine. My Father is the Husbandman. The Husbandman is the Source, the eternal Caretaker, the Owner, the Creator, Infinity itself. The Husbandman is Divine Self, Infinity, without limitation. The Husbandman is the perfect God and the expression through which that perfect God flows is the Vine, the Christ, the only begotten of the Father.

Now, because this is the word of Christ, this is the Truth that you learn to accept without human interference. If you’re going to sit back and say, “Now how do I know I could believe that,” that’s your privilege. As I say, if you have not been touched by the Spirit to know this is the Word, it is of no consequence to you. But if this for you is the Gospel, then you know now and forever that the one Creator functions through the Vine, the Christ and no grape will touch the Father except through that Vine. No branch will touch the Father except through that Tree.

God does not function in the grape except through the Vine. God does not function in the branch except through the Tree. God does not function in us except through Christ. And this is the point of the first verse. This is setting the Law, the infinite Law, the Law that must be fulfilled. You can only break it at the peril of your lifespan. You cannot violate Divine law and this is giving you the Law. You come to God only through Christ.

And the second verse tells you what happens if you do and what happens if you don’t. The second verse is the explanation of the karmic law, how it operates. First, the Divine law and then that Law which assures that the Divine law is going to operate or else you must suffer through the violation.

And so, the second verse tells us “Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth [it], that it may bring forth more fruit.”

And now, let’s look at the subtleties there. You’ll notice that both branches are purged, the ones that don’t bear and the ones that do. But the ones that do bear fruit are purged so that they can bring forth more fruit. And that should tell you then that the branch that is taken away because it bears no fruit, is the statement that this branch must reincarnate. It has broken the Divine law. It is not bearing fruit. You cannot frustrate the Divine plan. You are sent back onto this earth in form again to bear fruit. You reincarnate.

But the other that is bearing fruit is purged and the word “purged” fools us. It means cleansed. This branch which is bearing fruit fulfills its destiny at this level and is raised higher into the next level where it bears more fruit. And so, this is transition. If you’re not bearing fruit, human death and reincarnation. If you’re bearing fruit, that which is called human death but is actually lifted to the next level or transition.

Now, that should be clear. These are the ground rules being laid down for us by I, the Christ, the Vine. You come to God through the Vine. That’s how you bear fruit. If you don’t come through the Vine, you don’t bear fruit, you are purged, you are removed. And if you come through the Vine and bear fruit, you are rewarded. You are lifted higher into another sphere of consciousness, into the fourth dimension, into the Spiritual universe.

Then he says, “Now ye are clean through the word that I have spoken unto you.”

And this clean is the same as purged. He’s speaking to those who are his disciples there, here or anywhere saying, “Because you have received the word of Christ in you, because you have been willing to follow my commandments to this point, because you have turned within to the inner kingdom, because you have purified, because you have removed human concept, because you have been faithful to my Word, ye are clean. Ye are bearing fruit and you are now being prepared to be lifted to the next level to bear more fruit. You are clean through the words that I have spoken unto you.”

And so, Christ is saying to disciples of Christ, “You have abided in me to this point. You are unconditioned, clean, without human concept to the best of your ability at this level. And now, I am prepared to take you higher, to show you how to fulfill the Divine plan which is established before the world was.”

We’re still in the metaphysics of the message of Christ and of the Infinite Way.

Now, at this point, let us try to see the picture. You would appear to be a form that ultimately dies. Christ says to you, “Don’t believe it. I am the Vine. I am the invisible Self of you and I’m not going to die.” Now if you’re going to die, it’s because you’re not going to be one with the Vine. You’re going to maintain a sense of separateness from the Vine and then you will die. It says so. You will be removed. But it also says that if you bear fruit which can only be done if you are connected to the Vine, you’ll be lifted higher, to bear more fruit. Now that’s not dying, is it? That’s an extension of life, not an end to it. That’s not extinction, that’s progression.

And so, if we accept the Word again, Christ in you is saying, “If you stay connected to me, abide in me, you’ll find that I, the Vine, will nourish you with whatever flows through me from the Father and that which nourishes you will bear more fruit in you.”

And so, we begin to feel now this isn’t a hopeless lifespan with an ending and then knocking on some pearly gates somewhere with the hope that somebody says, “You may come in.” We are being told that Christ here, now, is the invisible Vine – the invisible Self, if you will, of your own Being. The Christ Self doesn’t stop at a certain point and then you begin. This is all your Being. Christ Self invisible, flowing out appearing to human sense as individual branches or forms.

But now this human consciousness, this Adam consciousness, this devil mind consciousness which is unaware of its Divinity is being alerted, opened up to reveal that within what I thought was a human body, there is a Consciousness of the Christ and that when I become conscious of that Christ, I and the Vine are one, just as the Vine and the Father are one. And then the Father flowing through the Vine, flows through me and I and the Father are one and I am in Life, not in a dying form. I am in Divine government, not in a human sense which is separated from the Father.

No longer is there a God up there and a me down here but I and the Father are, through the Vine, one. I am nourished by Divinity, by Divine Grace. All that the Father has can flow through Christ as the expression of my Being.

Suddenly, the doors are open. The mortal sense of life with all its limitations is shown to be a limited point of view of a limited sense of mind. Christ says, “It isn’t true.”

[If you] Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.”

Now, look carefully. “Abide in me, and I in you.” How can Christ abide in us if Christ is not in us now? Is Christ going to come from somewhere?

Now, Christ in you is present and here is where you pause, to establish the awareness that Christ has been present where I am since before the beginning of time. I have been too busy to notice. I have been too forgetful. I have been too occupied with glorifying myself to be about the Father’s business. And so, I in my haste, I have not known my own invisible Self. And now, my invisible Self says, “Abide in me. I’ve been abiding in you since before the world was. It’s time for you to awake and know that I am here.”

Abide in me. Be conscious that I am present.” And as the mind wishes to rove, run out into the world, there must be a conscious awareness on your part that this is the mind of the world in you which strives to turn away from the invisible Christ of your own Being. That run-away mind that refuses to be still, accept, know, believe, rest; abide.

And so, we plant the seed of belief that Christ is in me now. I have an invisible Self and I let that seed germinate, take root in my consciousness until this being the Word of the Father through Christ, I say, “Amen Father. It is the Word in me. I accept it.”

The invisible Self of me is Christ ever abiding where I am. This is holy ground. This must take root in your consciousness. This is a demand of the Christ that you abide in me. I in you. This is the demand that in order to abide, you must do something you have not been perfectly willing to do. You cannot abide in Christ and also abide in a human sense of self. You are not two selves. You are not the invisible Christ Self and a visible human, mortal self. This is the trap, the belief that I am both. When you abide in Christ as Christ abides in you, you are accepting one Divine identity. Henceforth, you cannot know yourself after the flesh.

Christ is not your flesh. Christ is not your blood. Christ is not your human lifespan. Christ is Christ. Christ is Spirit. Christ is Immortal. To abide in Christ is to accept I am Spirit. I am not flesh and blood. I am Immortal.

This is where we founder on the reefs unless we take the time to let this seed of Truth germinate until we have not given it lip service but have discovered it to be so deeply embedded in our conviction that we’re now willing to go forth and live from that knowledge.

I am the invisible Spirit of God. I am the Child of God. God is my Father. Every concept I’ve had about who I am changes when you accept the invisible Christ. Even the concept of human birth must change because human flesh can never give birth to the Christ. Matter never gives birth to Spirit. To accept the Christ, you give up the concept of human birth, of human flesh, of mortal self. I, Christ am the immortal Self, invisibly present here.

Remember, you cannot be connected to the Vine of Christ as a physical, mortal being. You are only connected to the Spirit as Spirit. This is how we now are learning to fulfill Divine law. We may not yet know what to do with our physical self, where to put it, how to react in it but be sure that the Divine plan will show you and so, we cut the ties of mortal belief. We obey. Yes, I am abiding in Christ. Not a Christ who will come a second time, not a Christ who left the earth and is coming back on a white horse. I’m abiding in Christ here, now, as the Spirit of my Being. That’s the only Christ that I can accept. The Christ who said, “I can never leave thee,” and meant it. The Christ who is limitless, without boundaries. The Christ through whom the infinite Grace of the Father is ever flowing. The Christ who is the only key there is to the Kingdom of God. In that Christ, in that identity, I abide.

Now, you’re not reading the Bible and saying, “That’s it.” You’re not studying and saying, “That’s it.” You’re not making loud noises about something and saying, “That’s it.” You’re learning you must be that invisible Christ. That is the purpose of the fourth verse. Until you accept the Christ identity you are not abiding in the Vine.

As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.”

Now, how do you abide in Christ? You can’t memorize it. You have to be it. And because you can do nothing of yourself, if you are not being Christ, the invisible Son of God, then whatever you try to do of yourself is nothing. Every success you call your success is a nothing success because it lacks the substance of your own Being. You’re being opened to the infinite nature of your invisible Self.

There should be a growing awareness that Christ where you are, is ever present as the invisible Self that your eyes cannot see, that your hands cannot touch but is the Life of you, just as what you have called your body is the visible form of you. Now, beside the visible form, you have the invisible Life. You are told now to rest not in the form or the consciousness of the form but to rest in the invisible Life which is Christ as your Life.

And so, the form or the outer branch is resting in the awareness of the invisible Christ which is the Vine, as identity, and through that identity which is the Vine, the Father flows. Infinity pours its Divine plan under its Divine law fulfilling Itself in and as You. This is the way and any other way is described as a way which cannot succeed because of yourself as a human branch, ye can do nothing.

In the fifth verse, “I am the vine” is repeated. The human branch is not connected to God. Only the Vine is. “Ye are the branches.” Now, that branch that we speak of here is the human sense of life, the human consciousness. At the moment, it’s treated as a branch and you being a separate branch and another, being a separate branch and a third and a fourth and a fifth – all these separate branches, unaware that there is one invisible Vine, are ever afraid and must preserve themselves. They’re all depending on their individual action for safety, for supply, for health. As human branches, unaware of the invisible Vine to which we are one, we all fear. We don’t know where the next dollar will come from. We don’t know if tomorrow will bring us a thunderbolt out of the sky or a lightning rod. We know we’re in vulnerable bodies. We know there’s a time limit on these bodies. We know accidents strike from nowhere without provocation. That’s because we live as human branches.

You see, the form consciousness is living as a human branch. If you’re in a form consciousness, an Adam consciousness, you are the world mind expressing as an individual, separated person. Living that way, we are subject to karmic law. Living that way, we cannot bear fruit. The fruit that we bear that way is false fruit. It’s the fruit of good and evil.

If we make a success of our human self, that’s not the fruit of the Father. That isn’t spiritual fruit. We, in our own lives, must be Divine fruit. That’s the only way you bear fruit and the human branch doesn’t bear Divine fruit.

So, the devil mind, the serpent mind, the world mind, the Adam mind, the human mind, the human branch must learn that it is cut off. It will be purged. It will be removed. It cannot bear Divine fruit and as long as we continue to be human branches we cannot bear Divine fruit. We are committing suicide. We are living in dying forms. We’re being told it in a very specific way.

Unless you bear fruit”

Now, what kind of fruit does God have? Divine fruit. What kind of fruit must you bear? Divine fruit and no human being can do it.

The call to transform, “Be ye transformed,” out of a human branch by the renewing of the mind into the awareness of the invisible Vine of Christ within you and behold, you will bear Divine fruit and you will be lifted higher.

Christ acceptance, now, must be understood and that is why the Christ itself now will explain to us how we accept Christ, how we are given the faculty which enables us to accept Christ and how we can be trapped into thinking we’re accepting while we’re not. Be sure that every necessary teaching, every facet will be uncovered to us once we are willing to accept that there is an invisible Christ which is my invisible Self and unless I live in it consciously, I am never going to be in union with God. I’ll be talking about union with God but it will never be consummated.

He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”

Now just take your last twenty, thirty, forty or fifty years. In those years, were you abiding in Christ?

Is there any more that need be said to you if you have not found the heavenly Kingdom of God on earth? There’s no other way to find it. There’s no other way to walk in safety. There’s no other way to feel the flow of Grace. There’s no other way to lose the fear of the so-called power of sickness or death. There’s no other way to walk in the Kingdom of God except through your conscious awareness that Christ, I am. That living Child of God, I am. And we who have not done that have discovered that we were unprotected. We were subject to the whims and the wills of external powers.

But as a measure of Christ is sown in you, a change begins to be very apparent. The hand of the Father begins to enter your experience. The Presence begins to guide you. The Power begins to dissolve all false powers around you. Invisible doors are opened. The magic of the presence of God through Christ in you becomes to you the only important reality of Life. The core out of which you live and the fruit is that Truth; expresses where you are. Harmony expresses where you are. Peace expresses where you are. Fulfillment expresses where you are. You are being made whole by the activity of the Christ.

I think many of us have passed the point where death has any significance at all. Absolutely none. The point where Paul says, “Death where is thy sting?” I think many of us have passed that point. Strangely, even though we can accept that in many cases, lesser things than death give us more trouble than death itself. Possibly because in a sense, these lesser things may instill in us some kind of a subtle fear about a level of consciousness we thought we had passed. But don’t think that because it isn’t true.

Many students have often said to me, “You use the word ‘initiation’ very often. I wish you’d tell us why.” These so-called lesser things are your initiation. They’re very necessary. You remember how we once heard Joel say, “Problems are opportunities.” And the manner in which that was given to us was, that in seeing a problem, you are really being presented with an opportunity to know the Truth behind that problem.

Now, when a child in school has a problem, it’s not really a problem. It’s something to be solved. It’s not a problem in the sense that it’s irritating. It’s a problem in the sense that when the child solves the problem, the child demonstrates the capacity to learn. And these problems should be accepted in the same way. They’re really like Algebra problems or Geometry problems or English problems. They are given to us so that we may solve them and in solving them, we come to a higher level of consciousness. If you accept the problem in a different spirit, as a disturbance, something you wish weren’t there, you’re missing the point. These are necessary problems because you’ll find the only way to solve problems is to be one with the Vine. And so again and again and again the problem will come to force you to be one with the Vine and when you’re one with the Vine, you wonder where did the problems go? They’re not necessary anymore when you’re one with the Vine. They only come because you have strayed from your conscious awareness that Christ in me is the Vine which is husbanded by God.

So, don’t feel that your problems are signs that your consciousness is not high enough or that you’re guilty of some offense. You’re not. There is no one, even Jesus Christ, who doesn’t have problems because every problem is a lifting up. It’s only personal sense in us that reacts to the problem and says, “Gee, I thought I was higher than this. Why did this have to happen to me?” That’s personal sense. And the fact that that personal sense is there is the reason the problem is there. When that personal sense isn’t there, the problem won’t have to hit us.

Now then, let’s not react to the problems in the wrong way but let’s accept them in the spirit of, “Well here’s something that I have to come above. This is part of my test, my trial. Do I believe it’s real?”

Now, if you believe it’s real, you’re going to have ten more problems after it. If you can face the problem and get out of the hypnosis of believing it’s real, you’ll discover that you have solved the problem. Now, there it is. It’s very real to the personal sense but that personal sense to which the problem is real is not in the Vine. It hasn’t taken root in its Christ Self and so, the Christ Self which doesn’t have the problem is abiding in you but the human sense of self is not abiding in the Christ. And so, the human sense of self is hit by the problem.

And after you get rid of the band aids and all the rest of the material ways of fighting it, you’ll come to the place where, you know that where Christ is, there is no problem. And all you’ve been saying when you said I had this problem was, “Christ is not here.” You have denied the presence of the Christ as your own Being. You lived in the false human sense of self instead of in your immortal Christ Self and the problem has brought this to your attention. Be grateful and make your adjustment. Abide in the Vine which has been abiding in you and you will bear fruit.

And so, we find we are being lifted to a place where we may even see that this whole world is our initiation. The temptations of the good and the temptations of the bad. They’re equal lures but in different directions. In order to experience the power of Spirit, the power of Life, we have to learn to bypass the lures of the good and the lures of the evil. We have to learn to bypass the personal sense of self. We have to learn just as the Master demonstrated on the cross, “I certainly do not want to be crucified but nevertheless, not my will but Thy will be done.”

If the will of the Father is that you abide in the Christ, do you have a second will that says, “I will not or I shall not or I don’t know how?” Every ounce of energy you have must be turned in that direction because this is the Father saying through Christ to you, “Abide in the Christ.”

And there will be more tests and more trials. Be sure of it because you must learn to abide in the Christ through every test and every trial. That is the meaning of initiation, to look out upon every trial, every test, every so-called error with a sure-footed knowledge that it is impossible. It’s a test of my integrity in Christ or my separation from Christ. If I accept the test with wisdom, it will make me come closer and closer and closer to the acceptance that I, being Christ, am not the human self which is so undergoing the problem. I will not accept that self which is undergoing that problem as my Self. I will not deny my identity as the Spirit of God. And when I can come to a measure of accepting that, then I will be given greater problems because I must be tested again and again and again right up to the cross – until even the cross.

The final test says, “Are you this mortal self or are you the Christ? Are you the invisible Self or are you this visible form?” And the answer we are being prepared to give is “I am the invisible Christ.” There is no form here to be crucified. There is no form here to drown in a flood. There is no form here to burn in a fire. There is no form here to carry a germ. There isn’t any. My identity is the invisible Child of God, the Christ. This is abiding in the Vine and only then, do we bear fruit richly. We are being sealed into Oneness, an invisible Unity in which the one Self of the universe called the Father and I, through Christ, are one.

Now, isn’t that clear that this is the path that the Christ has given us up to this point? To build our confidence in the invisible Christ as present and then to build our awareness that this invisible Christ that is present is your own Being, your own invisible Self, the living invisible Child of God; Spirit. We’re being lifted out of mortality, out of the limitation of a human mind into immortal Spirit which is not a change in your Being but a change in your knowledge of who you really are. For when you know that you are immortal Being, how can there be a problem? And as long as there is a problem, are you’re not saying, “I am not immortal Being.”

And so, this becomes the conflict, the mind and the Spirit, the flesh and the Spirit, the senses and the Spirit, the limited human sense mind and the Word of the Father. To those of us who have come to grips with this conflict, there is definitely an awareness that the problems of the world are diminishing in my consciousness. Regardless of their nature or their depth, they are initiations we face with the knowledge that Christ here is never to be denied and where Christ is, the power of Christ is functioning. You cannot block it out. You cannot stop its flow. You cannot ever prevent Christ from being Christ. You cannot prevent God from being God. You cannot stop the power of God from being its own perfect Self. And where it is, it is maintaining that perfect Self. Every problem is an illusion in the human mind.

Why do we still have a human mind to contain illusions? Abide in the Christ and you will find the mind that contains the illusions slowly dissolves. Christ breaks the veil. Christ breaks the karma. Christ breaks the material mortal sense. Through Christ flows the Divine Kingdom on earth.

This is the fruit we will bear; Wholeness, Fulfillment, Life eternal realized, Immortality realized, Heaven on earth realized. These are the fruits of the Spirit. They are not human fruit. They are God expressing through Christ in you.

There should be now a change-over from the human mind because how can you abide in Christ unless you’re abiding in the mind of Christ, the Mind too pure to behold iniquity, the Mind in which there is Light and no darkness, the Mind which loves and never condemns, the Mind which sees the Kingdom, knows the Kingdom, the Mind which separates the wheat from the tares.

To abide in Christ is to abide not in a human mind but in the Christ mind. And so, one notch higher, back deeper into Self transcending the human mind, I abide in the Christ mind. That is where you say, “Speak Father, thy Son heareth.” In the Christ mind, above the human sense mind, you rest. You are abiding. You can be nourished Divinely.

John, again was different than the synoptic three Gospels. In the Last Supper, in the other three there was more space given to “Eat of my flesh and, drink of my blood.” He held up the bread and said, “This is my flesh. Eat of my flesh.” He held up the wine and said, “This is my blood. Drink of my blood.” This has become the sacred Eucharist.

But what does it mean to anyone? John wouldn’t let it go at that and so John didn’t take us into that level of it, although twice he mentioned, “Drink of my blood and eat of my flesh.” Instead, John did something the other three Gospel writers didn’t do. Instead of giving us the outward ceremonial, his entire chapter fifteen is the explanation, the within, the esoteric explanation of “Drink of my blood. Eat of my flesh.”

When you accept Christ within, when you rest in the Christ mind, above your human sense mind, you are drinking of Divine blood, eating of Divine flesh. You are being nourished at a different level of yourself. You are no longer living in human flesh, in human blood. You are not living in a dying body but you are being nourished with the ingredients of your eternal Body through the Christ mind.

This is the blood of Immortality. This is the flesh of Immortality. This is Spiritual blood, Spiritual flesh and it flows through your Christ mind establishing your new Spiritual body. This is the Body you are building in your consciousness when you rest in the Christ mind, one with the Vine.

The fruit you will bear is the Body that never dies. That is how eternal Life comes about. The deathless body of the Spirit is made of the flesh and blood of Christ. It is an inner process. Slowly you become aware of that Spiritual body. You’re not really building it. You’re building your conscious awareness that it exists already. The invisible body of Christ is what we learn to walk in consciously as that Body guided by the Christ mind. This is what is meant by the Philosopher’s stone. This is what Paul spoke about, the invisible body of Christ in which we are all one. This is what is meant by Life without end. This is the fruit that does not come to a human branch and this is the Word of the Father assuring us that it is so, “If ye abide in me.”

If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, he is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.”

The human body is what he’s describing. The human flesh is what he’s describing. Human blood is what he’s describing. A human lifespan is what he’s describing. But he’s also told us about another way which is not a human body or human blood. He’s told us about a Spiritual way which builds a Spiritual body which is the Divine fruit. And this is the Divine plan that we be that Divine fruit.

– End of Side One —-

And the great knowledge that we are that Divine fruit is the acceptance of your identity. The knowledge that I am that now, is the knowledge that when I came into form, that was the first death. That was the moment when I parted from the knowledge of my identity.

I am the living Spirit of God. I am a Divine body and you can’t see it with your eye. You can’t look in the mirror and find it. But that is your identity. That is your Divine Self which lives eternally while there is a sense of self walking around in time and space, disconnected from the Vine, unaware of itself, living in its dream sense of life, separated, not fed, not nourished by Divine flesh and blood, which withers, which dies.

The words are clear. It is a branch cut off. Humanity, collectively and individually is a branch cut off and all you need to do is look out and you see it is a branch cut off. Why? Because it is not living as the invisible Christ. It is not one with the Father. It is not being fed Divinely. It is undernourished and therefore, it becomes barren.

If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.”

Now, we have this covenant, you might say then, that if I abide in Christ, if you abide in Christ, you may ask what you will and it shall be done unto you. It’s almost like, “Ask, seek and knock” in the Sermon on the Mount.

Now, this asking, you must see, is a different asking than we have thought about as human beings. When you’re in Christ, we must remember that Christ says, “And I will pray [unto] the Father.” You see, you’re in automation when you’re in Christ. There’s no need to ask. The moment you’re in Christ, Christ is already the total fulfillment of God on earth. The asking is already done in Christ.

And so, anything you might ask, meaning your complete fullest expectations, all your unspoken hopes are already in a state of fulfillment in Christ. Anything you can ask will be done unto you. Nothing is withheld. This is the statement, “That fulfillment, wholeness is inevitable in Christ.”

We are being shown a fool-proof way to heaven on earth. Nothing is withheld in Christ. If we look around us and we see great personages, who somehow could not find this protection, the answer is that of mine own self, as a human being, I can do nothing. But in Christ, the Father doeth the works.

Every tragedy in our human scene is the absence of the understanding that I am not a human being. I am not a man or woman among men and women. I am not a mortal creature. I am not a form born in a mother’s womb. This is sense hypnosis. This is the first birth but the resurrected Self is that Self which knows Christ in me, not born of woman. Christ in me born of the Father, not having two fathers. Christ in me, omnipotent with dominion over all that appears to be land, sea and air. Omnipresent, knowing all because Christ rests in the Father and the Father rests in Christ.

The Christ mind is how you rest in Christ and that is how you rest in the Father. Above the human mind is the way you abide in Christ. Wholeness, Fulfillment, Life eternal, Heaven on earth, these are the fruits that flow through that awareness beyond the level of the human mind. Or else, there’d be no point to chapter fifteen of John or to the rest of the New Testament.

Those who feel it, know it – even if they cannot at the moment seem to do it – are chosen. Those who say, “Well, I’ll get that the next time around.” That’s fine. They are not chosen. You can tell by whether it’s for you or not. If it’s for you, you are chosen. This is your sequence. There’s no guilt or lack of guilt in it. It’s simply a matter of Divine sequence. We’re not all ready. But those of us who are ready know we are ready and no one can tell you. The bell rings in you and you know this is my sequence. This is my time. My time has come. My hour has come to live in that state of Consciousness which is called conscious union with God. Not a separated branch at the mercy of the world. Not in a dying form but in a living temple, the temple of the living God, a Reality.

Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.”

Now, you may not have thought of it just that way but your human success is not glorifying God. Your human success is not bearing much fruit. Your human success means nothing, a great big zero. The only success you can ever be is to glorify the Father and you glorify the Father by bearing his Spiritual fruit which is your own Divinity.

Herein are ye my disciples.” In your Divine identity, you bear Divine fruit. You are disciples of Christ.

Let’s pause a moment with this quiet time.

Silence, (long pause) …

Be sure now that as we continue in this second half, there will be methods for us to do this abiding. The Christ leaves nothing unfinished. So, we’ll be back in a few moments, say five or six, to continue our oneness with the Father through the Vine.

(Class break)

We want to know how to live in the Christ mind and not in the human mind because the Christ mind is our oneness with the Father. The Christ mind is fed by the Father. Through the Christ mind, we become conscious of our deathless body. Through the Christ mind, we come under the government of God and there is no power on the earth that can function destructively against us when we are in the Christ mind.

And so, we say, “Father what is your method? We’re willing.” And the Christ answers. The Christ gives us the answer in the ninth verse.

As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love…. continue ye in my love”

Now we love our children, we love our relatives, we love those who agree with us. We love those who are doing the things we like them to do but there are many we do not love. They have a way of doing things we don’t approve of. Some of them we call enemies. That’s the human mind saying that, but Christ was loving every moment that Christ walked on earth in a form that we call Jesus. Christ loved the cripple. Christ loved the blind man. Christ loved the leper. These were not healings. These were acts of love. Love revealing the identity that stood there where human eyes said, “Cripple, blind man, leper.” That identity was the invisible Spirit of God. Love is the recognition of the invisible Spirit of God where your human eyes see a form. That is not human love. That is Christ love. And that is the key to every healing, the love of Christ which sees what God put there, not what human eyes think is there.

Christ love says, “Yes, I see the cripple but did God make a cripple? Who created that cripple? God is the only Creator. Did God create a leper? Did God make blind people?”

And therefore, Christ love says, “I love the Father supremely and I express that love by knowing only what the Father placed here.” Christ love says, “There walks the invisible Child of God appearing to human eyes blind, leper, crippled, lacking, hungry, sick, suffering, dying.” And Christ says, “That isn’t love accepting that. That’s not loving God.” Christ says, “As I have loved you, as I have washed your feet, as I have recognized the Spirit of God in you, love ye one another.”

And when you’re in that Love, you find you’re in the Christ mind. And when you’re looking around and picking flaws in your neighbor, when you’re looking at them who persecute you, and defending yourself against their so-called evil, when you’re seeing the beam in your neighbor’s eye, when you’re calling one a fool or a scoundrel or a thief or a cheat, you’re not seeing what God placed there. You’re not in a state of Love. You’re not loving God supremely, God alone. You’re accepting the hypnosis of the human mind. You’re in a human mind seeing what God did not place there and you are living the dream life. You’re in the form consciousness, the Adam consciousness.

In Love, you do not judge by the form. In Love you judge by the Word of God which says, “All that exists is My Spirit.” In Love, you look through the form of matter. You look through materiality, through mortality, through conditions and you see with the eyes of Christ what the human eye cannot see. You see it first with faith. Seeing nothing but knowing this is the Word of God that I accept.

And so, you rob the world of all its murderers, all its thieves, all its criminals. Why? Because you’re in the Christ mind.

Do you want to bear fruit richly? These are the conditions that you be in the Christ mind and the way to that Christ mind is to express Love. Love of Reality, love of the invisible Spirit where the mind sees an image called form.

To the thief on the cross, your Christ mind takes him into paradise. In your Consciousness, you see him as the invisible Spirit of God. You see the Spirit of God where the world says, “She is an adulteress.” You are living in Love, not in judgment. Judgment is of the form. Love is of the Spirit and when you’re living in that capacity to judge not, to “Know no man after the flesh,” you’re looking through the single eye of the Christ, the eye of the Soul. You’re seeing what no eye can see and you’re seeing, on the strength of your faith, that only God is there.

God is where the adulteress appears to be. God is where the thief on the cross appears to be. You’re accepting that All is God and God is not a thief. God is not an adulteress. God is not a warrior. God is Love. Christ is Love. The Christ mind is loving. And to bear Divine fruit, you must be that loving Christ mind. All human judgment is set aside.

Who convinceth me of sin?” No matter what you look at, your Christ love says, “There invisibly is God.” This is the way outlined by the Christ.

As the Father has loved me and I have loved you.” And that is how Christ has loved us. Just think if Christ hadn’t loved these human branches, it would be like the Christ saying to those who condemned the adulteress, “Let him who is without sin throw the first stone.” If we hadn’t been loved, could we be sitting here? As Christ has loved us, we must love one another.

And then, you see the great glory behind those words. Did Christ love the cripple? No. Did Christ love the blind man? No. Christ loved the Spirit of God that was there. Christ knew there was no cripple there. There was no blind man there. There are no judgments in the Christ mind because there is no material, mortal there. And further still, who stood there where the cripple seemed to be? The invisible Christ. Can we reach the place now where we set aside judgments and know that wherever you look, the invisible Christ is there? Do you see that your Love is loving your Self everywhere?

Christ loves Christ because only Christ is. Christ acknowledges only Christ because only Christ is. There is no thief on that cross. That is the world illusion. There is no adulteress. That is the world illusion and you cannot in the Christ mind see one – for there is none there. That Love is a different kind of Love than we know as a human being. That’s usually the kind of love we’re only willing to afford those close to us. My child, I can overlook all my child’s faults but the Christ mind says, “You have no personal child.”

Your child is your Self and every child is your Self and everywhere you look, you’re looking at your Self for Christ is one. The Christ that looks through you, at the Christ of another is looking at your Self and until you are willing to accept that all is your Self, you’re not in the Christ mind.

Everywhere is You. Everywhere is You. There’s no other being on this earth than Christ your Self. That is the invisible Vine.

I am the Vine.” We read it here. Somebody reads it in Asia. Somebody reads it in Africa. Somebody reads it in every nook and cranny of the world. Who are they speaking to? To everyone.

I am the Vine. I am the Christ of you and you and you and you. What is it saying? I am the Christ everywhere and I am the Self everywhere. And that consciousness of you which looks out must know that everywhere is the Christ of you spanning six continents, spanning the planets and the stars. I, Christ is the only inhabitant of the universe and when you’re in the Christ mind, you will develop the habit to recognize your Self everywhere and then you’re loving God supremely.

Continue in my love” is the beginning of the understanding that when you’re not seeing Christ everywhere, you’re not continuing in the Love of Christ. That would be like saying, “Well God is over there, on that side of the street but not on this side of the street.” or “I love God more in Asia more than I do in Africa.” You can’t do it. All you can do when you do that, is cut yourself off the Vine.

The Vine is Infinite. There’s no place where the Christ Vine is not and every human branch, every animal branch, every branch of what we call nature is one with the Vine, the invisible Vine everywhere.

The acceptance of the omnipresent Christ is continuing in my Love.

Now, when you know this is a Divine law, you don’t waste time trying to decide if you’re going to follow it or not. You either follow it or you’re the branch that is removed. At least you know what the stakes are. This is why the fifteenth chapter is so vital. It lays it on the line where anyone with a degree of preparation for the Truth can see it and say, “Well, that’s it. Either I live by it. That’s the code of Christ or I don’t.” But you cannot say you weren’t told, it wasn’t brought to your attention because it has been brought to our attention for thousands of years and it has been camouflaged by false teachings so that we do not know we have to see that there is no Catholic, there is no Protestant, there is no Muslim, there is no Hindu, there is no Buddhist, there is no Jew. These are the false garments of the flesh where stands the invisible Christ.

You can make no differentiation. You cannot single out a group and exalt them. The Love of the invisible Christ must be as impartial as the shining of the sun, as the falling of the rain. That’s how it is. That is the law of Divinity. You either abide in it or you cut yourself off from it and then you’re back in karmic law.

So, you’ll find first the exhortation, “Continue[ye] in my love.” And it will be repeated and then repeated again for the third time. The emphasis saying that, “Unless you capture the understanding that unless you’re in the Christ love, you are rejecting Christ, piercing Christ. You are denying yourself and that is again suicide.”

As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love. If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandment, and abide in his love.”

And so, we see why Christ Jesus is called the “Only begotten” in the Christian Bible. The capacity to go through the initiation of seeing the problem here, the problem there, the catastrophe there and saying “No.” My human senses say, “I can feel it and see it and touch it. I can feel the warmth of the fire. I can smell the smoke.” But is God absent there? Did this fire push God away? Did this germ push God away? Did this malfunction of the bone push God away? Your Christ mind says, “God is there. I am honoring the presence of my Father.”

What power pushed God away to make a fire, to make a flood, to make a hurricane? No power can do it. God is there and God is maintaining God’s perfect universe there. What is this fire, this flood, this hurricane? It’s the human sense mind which does not know the Father is there, accepting the power to create an evil. That mind is declaring the absence of God. The Christ mind is declaring the presence of God and in the presence of God, the fire and the flood and the hurricane are revealed as images in the human mind, without substance, without power to burn, without power to drown. One in the Christ mind is the majority standing there with that knowledge. We are to be that One.

Spiritual power is in the Christ mind which looks at the cripple, the blind man and the adulteress and refuses to accept that God was pushed aside so that these people could become that way. The Christ mind can stand firmly in the Presence without opposite and where that Presence is, Perfection always is. Where God is, Perfection is. God is everywhere. Perfection is everywhere. The Christ mind accepts that and therefore, honors God supremely.

The human mind does not accept it, cuts itself off from the Vine and invites its own destruction. Which mind are we in determines whether we live in Heaven on earth or in the transient sense of mortality.

The power of God is always where you are, always being perfect, awaiting only your Christ mind awareness to love God supremely. When you look out and see evil, error, any form of malfunction, you are looking through your human mind. You are not in the state of Love. You are in a state of human mis-concept. Make your adjustment. Don’t mind how difficult.

The Word of the Father in you is, “Continue ye in my love. If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love. These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.”

The state of Love, the state of Joy is the natural state of Christ. It may shock you to find out that you really don’t love yourself because you don’t know who you are. And if you don’t love your Self, how can you love another? What kind of love can you offer? A limited, temporary love? For when you know who you are, when you learn to love your Self, you have Christ love to offer. You’re in that other dimension where the Love you have to give is the Love you’re going to receive for as Christ’s Love pours out of you, that’s what flows back into your awareness. If you’re not receiving Christ Love, it’s because you’re not giving it. To give is the way you receive. The Love that pours through you as Christ Love is the Love that knocks upon your door.

Let it flow. Abide in me. You can only abide in me because I am present where you are. The full infinite Love of Christ where you are, is waiting to flow and it must flow for that is the way you are opened to your Self. God’s infinite Love in Christ where you are must flow through your conscious awareness. You must open out a way for this Love to flow into everyone through recognition of their invisible Christ Self. And then that Vine will be working overtime for you because that is the way to Grace. Grace is Love flowing consciously, returning as the added things.

Rise up now to this capacity to let Divine Love flow through, that means impartially, not with favoritism. Not the first and the third and the eighth and let the second and the sixth and the fifth go by. You love the ugly ones as well as the pretty ones. You love the unhealthy ones as well as the healthy ones. You love the beggars as well as the princes and the kings. Why? Because you’re going through the forms. You’re letting impartial, Divine Love flow and you’re not interfering with human pleasure, human will, human concepts.

I know it’s hard but it’s beautiful and it’s the way the Father is instructing us. This is the practice we develop, to love everyone. To talk not to their minds, but to their hearts. To see them as the Father sees them is to love them. Every creature, every plant, every fish, every fowl, – you must see the invisible Self that is there. And as we learn to do this, Love is flowing and blessing us.

Again, the Christ speaks, “If you keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love.”

So, it’s more than lip service, isn’t it? You can’t say it. To keep the commandments is the call to action, to deeds; deeds of Love. We can’t get by with a few words. Our entire way of life must follow through to express the Love so that we are in a sense of universal, spiritual brotherhood and there’s no way out. That is Divine law. You can have human law but that’s breaking off from Divine law and violating it and the price is extinction. The reward of not breaking it is preparation for transition, resurrection, lifting up into higher mansions of Reality.

And so, we, who have caught the Word, we are loving and we are loving, perhaps, maybe even out of a selfish motive but at least it’s in accord with the Spiritual injunction to “Love our neighbor as ourselves.” Now, we must obey the commandments in order to abide in the love of the Father, in the love of the Christ.

This is my commandment,” repeated again, “That ye love one another, as I have loved you.” And remember how Christ has loved us. What has Christ asked of us? What did Christ ask of the disciples? Did he say, “In return for what I’m doing for you I want you to do this for me?” Did he ask for reward? What was he seeking for himself after having given up the kingdoms of the world in time? Do you see the selflessness of Divine Love? It isn’t asking for anything. Divine Love is a giving, a flowing, a bestowal. It’s not a request for something in return.

You see the purifying nature of that Love? How it unselfs you from the personal sense of self? That’s why it fulfills the law. It gets you out of person into Christ. It takes you out of the one there who’s planning something for a reward. It takes you out of the sense mind.

When you are loving Divinely, you’re above the personal sense of self which dies. You’re in your own true Self. You have your glimpse of paradise when you’re in Divine Love. You’ll feel it and know it and you’ll feel it and know it many times until you know you’ve got to live that way, until you don’t feel comfortable unless you’re living that way.

And finally, the great commandment that follows: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Now that’s far deeper than saying to your friend, “I’ll take the punishment, not you.” Or “I’ll volunteer and you don’t have to be drafted.” No, this is deeper than laying down your life physically for your friends. This means that a new Self must be born where you are, a totally new Self and that new Self is Christ itself. This is the call to rebirth, to transformation. If you want to love God supremely, you must lay down your mortality because if you don’t, you’re saying, “There is God and man. There is immortality and mortality. There is Spirit and matter. There is Divinity and humanity.” Oh no. God is All.

Greater Love hath no man than to lay down his mortality and to look out only through his Christ Self so that now you begin not only to live in the Christ mind but in the Christ body. The body that never knows pain. You lay down your personal sense of self because now strengthened by the Christ mind you have the capacity. You put on the garment of Immortality while appearing in the flesh.

The only way you can honor God is to remove that which is un-Divine and so there’s no greater Love than to remove the false sense of humanhood, mortality, transient matter, to come in to that great awareness that I am the immortal Self. To live in this conscious awareness is the supreme love of the Father.

That is why, here the Christ says, “Remember what I’m asking you to do has been done before.” Christ Jesus laid down his sense of mortality for his friends. Christ Jesus laid down his human selfhood and took upon himself the robe of Immortality and it took him right through the grave untouched. That was Divine fruit.

Now, that’s where these first thirteen verses of “I am the vine” take us. I think that’s where we’ll stay for a while to assimilate them, to deepen them as next verses in this chapter will do for us. And I’d like you, in your studies this week, to do this: Take the first thirteen verses and look at them carefully and then write one to thirteen numbers and for the first verse, put down its basic meaning to you. For example, here would be, the nature of Christ. Christ relationship to God. “I am the [true] vine, the Father is the husbandman.” The next verse, what is its basic idea until you’ve got thirteen meanings of the verses. Not a long exhortation, just briefly, what is the purpose and meaning of that verse to you?

Trace it so that you can see this is the Divine law, number one, this is number two, the karmic law of how we break Divine law or accept it; three, is how we stand in Divine law, how we bear fruit; four how we commit suicide; five, so on. Continue until you can just take these thirteen points of yours and you’ll see you have a metaphysical chart leading you to the complete Christ message. Every verse has a meaning and be sure when they repeat, that you see the distinction between the repetition of seven in nine. It’s not repeated precisely the same way. There’s always a subtle change, a subtle expansion of idea. Catch it and you’ll see clearly that God is talking directly to you and saying, “You are my immortal Child.” And don’t let the world fool you.

Don’t wake up in the morning thinking that this day you’ve got to protect yourself against this or that. You don’t. This day you are my immortal Child. Now, that’s the only protection you need but you must remain in the conscious awareness of it. This is the abiding. It doesn’t matter what anyone says to you, how many people frown at you. You are. The Father says so and you must implant this in your consciousness so that you are faithful to it. And then, when they frown at you, love them. When they persecute you and use you despitefully, love them. Why? They’re not there. The Christ is there. They just don’t know it and you do.

Wash the feet of the world. Love where every form appears. Speak to the Truth that is there, not to the appearance and you will be loving God supremely. You will be recognizing your Self in all. And as you recognize yourself in all, you will be finding your Self. You will discover that you are the immortal Child of God as a living experience. You will be beyond study.

Do that with the first thirteen verses. Now, if you’re really ambitious, complete the chapter. Do it with next twelve verses because that’s what we’ll do next week. You might compare your twelve verses with the ones you hear. And you’ll find that’s how you cement it into your consciousness. Until out of these twenty-five verses, you have the plan of the Bible, the whole mission of Christ explained and you’ll see that all that is left after that is for you to carry it out, fulfill it, to permit yourself to be that Divine instrument which the Father says you are.

I in the midst of you, I your identity realized, I am the Vine. Your immortal Self realized here and now, is the Vine through which the Father flows. Then you are that seed which bears fruit, some thirty, some sixty, some one hundred percent; not a seed fallen by the wayside.

We’ll probably also get into Joel’s chapter which we weren’t able to do today, “It Shall Not Fall Nigh Thee.” That’s the tenth chapter.

(Herb talks about dinner to say “Bon Voyage” to some who are travelling overseas with the teaching.)

And I’ll see most of you next week I hope.

Thank you.

Good afternoon everybody.

In your preliminary meditation, if you find you are unable to make God contact, there are things that you must do about it. Now, usually, we do not make God contact unless we have fulfilled certain requirements. The lack of God contact is a separation or division from Divine power and we are not an instrument for that Divine power if we meditate as a mortal human being. There’s no contact between the Father and a mortal, human being. You might as well face it, you cannot, as a mortal being, be in contact with God. You cannot be a mortal being and expect Divine power to express in you, through you and as you.

And so, when you sit down to meditate, even with the best of intentions, if you’re carrying with you the concept that little you, the person who goes to work in the morning or the person who stays at home and takes care of the house is going to now meditate, you’re wasting time. Oh, you might get a quiet, you might get a feeling of no pressure but you’re not going to make the God contact. You’ve got to sit down with the consciousness that I am the Child of God. There’s no contact otherwise and you cannot be a human being and the Child of God. We’ve all been trying to be both human and Divine as if humanhood is a passing phase we go through in order to attain a sense of Divinity. That isn’t true. We’re not going through humanhood. The Child of God is not human. The Father has no human children and never has had any.

Now, let us suppose that you were on the last twenty five percent of this lifespan. Many of us are. Now according to the authorities, there are various ways we can pass out of this lifespan. They have all of these methods by which we can lose this life. It can come through a disease. It can come through a war. It can come through alcohol. It can come through drugs. It can come through accident. It can come in at least four or five hundred different ways.

And so, if you were to make up a chart which says, “These are the killers of man,” you would list all of the physical methods, all of the emotional methods, all of the mental methods and you would say these are the most likely causes. And in that chart, after you had completed it, you would have left out the only killer of man that there is. You’ll never see a chart which is made up by science or religion listing the causes of death which will be accurate. The only cause of death is that God did not create a human being. That is the only cause of death there is and when you face it, you must go that extra step. Who am I? If God is no respecter of persons, if God says, “Henceforth know ye no man after the flesh,” am I not being told that there are no human children? That I the Child of God must be something else?

The Child of God does not die. There are no causes for the death of the Child of God because the Child of God is immortal now.

When you meditate, if you’re not that immortal Child, who’s meditating? Someone uncreated by God. And how can creation pour into un-creation? You see your separation is before you even start to meditate.

And so, we need this new Comforter. The Comforter who will bring all things unto remembrance. And then, we should hear the Voice. As we are in Divine Sonship, living it, rejecting all that disclaims our Sonship, rejecting even the mind that says, “We are not the Divine Son,” rejecting every appearance that says, “We are not the Divine Son,” then we are living faithfully as the Divine image and likeness. We are rejecting anti-Christ. We are rejecting the universal belief that God created something that can die. We live in that Consciousness. We earn the right to hear the Voice, to be in oneness with the Father.

Then it says, what we hear here in the 14th chapter of John. “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Now, this Peace then which the Father gives, is not as the world gives. This Peace has a meaning beyond all else. We are told here and we must never take this statement out of context. When you do, you don’t have the fullness of it. When you see it where it is in this chapter with what is around it, what leads up to it, the advent of the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth “bringing all things unto remembrance.” Then you have the full scope of that Peace “bringing all things unto remembrance,” bringing you back to the conscious knowledge that your Life did not begin at a time and a place. Before Abraham was, your Life is. We’re not speaking of this form now. We’re speaking of your Life and the Comforter brings to remembrance that your Life, being the life of God is without beginning, without the possibility of sickness, without the possibility of creature limitations and the realization of that Life which is Life eternal is my Peace.

My Peace is “not as the world giveth.” The world gives you a lifespan. My Peace gives you Life without end. My Peace is the realization that the life of God is your Life. My Peace is the end of the search. There’s nothing more to look for. It is all yours. My Peace is the realization that there’s no distance between God and my Being. There’s no time between God and my Being. There’s no absence of God. There’s no moment when God is present and another moment when God is absent. My Peace is permanent, beyond the grave, beyond the lifespan. My Peace is the now realization.

Thou seest me, thou seest the life of the Father.”

It isn’t something you memorize. The Peace that you receive from the Comforter is the realization of your permanent Self. That permanent Self is not going to become you tomorrow. That permanent Self is all that you can ever be and ever have been and that permanent Self, being imperishable, is not a mortal self.

Every word that you utter, every thought that you accept, every appearance to which you respond which is directed at the impermanent you, is your denial of your own identity.

That’s why we all go round this merry-go-round of matter. We’re not living in the conscious awareness that I am not a human being. We’re all accepting that we are human beings and in that, we’re saying, “Being a human being, I am not the Christ of God.”

You see, then, when you choose which you are, you are choosing everything that you will experience. You’re even choosing the universe you live in. When you choose humanhood, you’re choosing the world. When you choose Christhood, you’re in Truth and you’re choosing the universe of Christ. You’re choosing the Kingdom of God. For you, the Kingdom of God is not tomorrow. It is now where Christ is. For you the qualities of God are not tomorrow. They are now where Christ is. And the deepening awareness that where Christ is, I am. Where God is, I am. Where the Kingdom of God is, I am, becomes an experience. Peace is an experience. It is an infinite awareness that I am the living Spirit of God, that I move and have my Being in the Kingdom of God and this is it. I’m not going there tomorrow. I’m not going there after death. I’m not going there because I’m going to live an exemplary, human life. This is it. That’s who you must be when you meditate.

Then meditation is merely the acceptance of your identity, where you are, where God is, the nature of God, the qualities of God, the all-presence of God. You’re accepting Infinity. Infinity is the measure of God. Infinity is the measure of Son. Here where I am, is the miracle of Infinity. Nothing is missing.

Now look at it another way. The entire Christ message is that God is All.

Where can error be if God is All? Where can matter be if God is All? Where can mortality be if God is All? God is not error. God is not mortal. God is not material. Where are these things if God is All. When you accept error, matter, mortality, you are denying the Allness of God and you’re walking in the hypnotized mind which does not know or experience the Allness of God. In that mind you cannot have my Peace. You earn my Peace by living in the knowledge that God being All, matter which is not God is not where God is. Error which is not God is not where God is. Corporeality which is not God is not where God is. Other powers, powers of evil, which are not God cannot exist where God is.

You reconcile yourself to your perfect universe where you are. God being all there is no place in your consciousness for error, for matter, for division, for separation, for evil, for sickness, for death. Where can these occur if God is All?

And as you maintain fidelity to the Allness of God, you can finally come to the conviction that God being everywhere, there’s no place for error to be. There’s no place for anything ungodly to be. And you’ve come upon that great understanding that where these things appear to be, there must be a mind perceiving them and the mind perceiving them has no real existence either because God being All, there being no darkness in God, the Father being too pure to behold iniquity, the mind which beholds that which is not God is a mind that has no real existence.

You’re facing the fact that’s there’s a you with a mind that has no real existence. It perceives what God did not place there. You’re looking out of a mind that is mortal and there is no mind that is mortal. It never has existed. It sees what God didn’t place there. It’s never in Peace for that reason. Its sense of peace is always impermanent, never deep, never forever.

So, we look at this mortal mind and we recognize that the mind I have looking out at the world is non-mind. It is the mind of the anti-Christ and I’ve got to face this. The day must come to face this. The human mind is anti-Christ. It does not see Christ. It does not know Christ. It does not know God.

While we are dwelling in human thought, we are totally controlled. There is an activity going on; an activity which exceeds all human understanding. It is an activity of which we are not conscious. The power of that activity is so great in our consciousness that it actually becomes us. It becomes our consciousness. The world consciousness becomes your consciousness. The world consciousness makes your heart beat. The world consciousness moves blood through your veins. God isn’t doing it. If God were doing it, God would never stop doing it.

The complete human body is developed and evolved out of the world consciousness. It is maintained up to a degree by the world consciousness and then that same world consciousness that creates the human body destroys it. This is the fate of every body born of the world consciousness. It is destroyed by its own creator.

We’ve been blaming God for all this because we have been unaware of the world consciousness. We hadn’t reached the level where we could receive the Comforter. But this is the age of the Comforter. We’ve come of age.

The world consciousness is that which eclipses the Divine Consciousness just as a heavenly body moves across the sun and the sun is blacked out or earth passes between the moon and the sun and the moon is blacked out. So, world consciousness blacks out for us the Divine Self and it recreates this self that we walk around in calling it our self, this mortal being. This mortal being is the creation of the world consciousness. This mind that runs this mortal being, is the accomplice of the world consciousness. It is the instrument of the world consciousness. It doesn’t take its orders from God. It doesn’t know God. It’s under the delusion that it knows God but it has no capacity to right the wrongs of the world consciousness. It is a prisoner. It doesn’t recognize its own adversary.

And while you and I walk the streets, we are world consciousness appearing as mortal beings who have been persuaded that in some way we are the Divine image and likeness, even though every one of these Divine images and likenesses is to be destroyed by the world consciousness that created it.

It is only when we come out of that brainwashing to prepare the way for the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Ghost, the new Comforter, that the light of God within us dissolves that which has eclipsed the Divine Consciousness and the Light shining through reveals I am not this mortal self at all. I do not live in this mortal body. I do not have a mortal mind. I am and always have been the living Child of God. A completely different Self than the one that has lived at this point in time and space.

You begin to open to being that Divine Son which has no human birth, no human death. You begin to see merit in the statement of Paul’s “to be absent from the body, [and to be] present with the Lord.”

But now, we’re going a step further than being absent from the body. You can’t be absent from the body when you’re in a human mind. You must be absent from the mind to be absent from the body. You must be absent from the carnal mind. Then you’re absent from the carnal body. And you must be absent from the carnal body to be in the Christ body.

Always, we’re grateful to Paul. In Ephesians, 4:4, we have this statement, “There is one body, [and] one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism, One God [and] Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.”

Unless we’re in the Christ mind, we never become aware of that one, Infinite body. We live in separated, recreated bodies of the world consciousness. We do not know my Peace.

But, my Peace comes to those who have been living in the awareness that Spirit, being All, this is where my fidelity lies. Spirit is All. The belief in the power of evil and the power of good or two powers, is removed by the knowledge that Spirit is All. There is no good power of matter. There is no evil power of matter. There is no good matter and no evil matter. You look through without judgment and if the path you have selected is to walk in the Kingdom of God, you do not walk today consciously in a material universe. That is not where you are.

Last week, we learned to look at Truth. This week is the other side of the coin. We’re looking at Truth, not from the standpoint of the human mind. At Truth from the standpoint of God. We’re looking at Divine Truth and there are no human footsteps in Divine Truth. You cannot find any.

In a Spiritual universe, there is only your Father’s Spirit. And if you think you’re not in a Spiritual universe, then you’re in division. You’re on the merry-go-round. Your peace will be temporary. Your peace will not be the “Peace… that passeth all understanding.” Your peace will simply be that kind of peace which is better humanhood, a better human life. You all know by now that we’re not here for that.

A better human life is the trap. Why? Because when you seek a better human life, what are you saying? You’re saying you are not the Christ, you are not the Divine Son. You’re saying God is not your Father.

Well why come to a Spiritual message? The purpose of the Spiritual message is to lift our vision to Truth that is Divine, not concept, to lift our vision to Life that is eternal, not temporary, to realize the teaching of Christ, not to talk about it. To learn how to live it, to experience it.

And so, every time you make the mistake of saying you want to make something better in your human life, you’re falling into a trap. It’s a very normal desire but it isn’t for those who have received the inner knowledge that Spirit is my name. They don’t waste a moment trying to improve their human situation. Why? Because there isn’t any. It’s an illusion. Not that they’re indifferent to their human situation, but because they know this is the trap of the mind. The mind sets before us a desirable human situation. And as you move toward it, to attain it, you’re not being the Spiritual Child of God. And even when you attain it, you’ve got your claws into something that isn’t going to remain permanent. It’s going to be destroyed someday.

We’re not looking for the kingdom that can be destroyed. We don’t want temporary possessions. We are seeking to walk in that which is now present called the Kingdom of God and we can’t walk in it as mortal beings. We can only walk in it as the Spirit for this is a Spiritual universe and what is not Spirit, only seems to be.

You notice that the Master here is on his way to crucifixion. But he stops long enough to have a long discourse. In fact, its taken us four weeks to come through the 14th chapter. A long discourse to prepare those who are moving into Spiritual awareness for his resurrection and the understanding of its meaning. He’s teaching each of us that we, are going through a period of transformation. The transformation is not the transformation of our Reality but is the transformation of our false consciousness to our true Consciousness.

In human consciousness, we are in the false which knows not the Father nor the Kingdom of the Father. In our Christ consciousness, we have stepped out of the false, out of the transient. We walk in a perfect universe which is heaven on earth, in my Peace – without disturbance, without the need to plan, without effort, under Grace, being fed by the Infinite, by the Eternal so that all things happen under the Divine plan and Divine will in the Divine sequence expressing outwardly as what the world would call harmony and yet, we do not seek that harmony. We do not entreat for that harmony. We do not plan for that harmony. It simply is the nature of Divinity. Divinity expresses as harmony. But to seek that harmony, to seek human betterment is the way you push that harmony away because the moment you seek it, you are unaware that it is the natural quality of you now and you’re only seeking it because you’re not knowing who you are now.

When you are Christ, you don’t seek human betterment. When you are Christ, you’re not seeking human improvements. And as long as you’re seeking them, you are boldly declaring, “I am not the Christ.” And the whole Christ message is that you are. Not that you will become, not that you will earn the right to be the Christ, not that God will suddenly appoint you: but that you are.

My peace I give unto you.”

I give it unto you who know you are the Christ. And when you know you are the Christ, you are in the Kingdom of heaven on earth. And for you, the whole world of matter is an appearance only in the human mind which is the anti-Christ mind which knoweth not the Father. And because for you Spirit is All, God is All, whatever appears that is not Spirit, the total world that appears to you, is not here. The world cannot be here if you dwell in your Christ awareness. You will still have a body moving through that world that is not here. That will not be your body. That will be the outer appearance of your consciousness to man.

We walk in the Christ body. We step out of the concept called human body. We step out of the concept called human mind. We find ourselves not in these things until that Self that we find is a real Self, a Self we know exists. That Self is my Peace. That Self is independent of the world. That Self is always present. That Self can say, “I am Infinity here and now.” That is your Self. The Infinity of God expressing here and now – not in form, not in human mind, not in the world.

For you there is no form, no mind, no world. There is your Being. My Peace breaks the illusion of the world. My Peace removes the karma of a hundred lifespans. My Peace takes time and space and reveals that they do not exist. Only the Eternal and the Infinite I here.

Now, this is different Truth than mind truth. This is the Truth in which Grace functions. This is the Truth in which Christ pushes back the mountain, in which Christ parts the Red Sea, in which Christ raises the dead. Why? Because there were no dead. Because there was no Red Sea. Because there was no mountain. These were the appearances of the world consciousness.

The Christ mind is not barricaded by all physical appearances of the world mind. The Christ mind does not know there’s a wall to walk through. The Christ mind does not know there’s an ocean to walk upon. The Christ mind does not know there is someone sick or someone dying. The Christ mind does not know that there are continents separated by oceans. The Christ mind knows the one Infinite body and knows it now and never leaves it. And that Christ mind, knowing the one Infinite body appears to human sense as what the human considers a harmonious physical body, a body that appears to be under Grace.

The Christ mind does not waste a moment in the world and then comes your great secret. And this is something that you must know. Something you must come to know well. Your Substance becomes every form you need. The Grace of Christ being your sufficiency in all things, your Substance which is Christ, your Substance which is the Holy Ghost becomes every form you need. There is no need that you have which is not made and formed of your own Christ substance when you’re living in your Christ awareness. Your form changes, your environment changes, your Substance becomes an invisible, Spiritual activity which appears as a new home. Your Substance becomes an invisible, Spiritual activity which appears as a heart that functions well. Your Substance becomes an invisible Spiritual activity that appears as a new working organ so that that very heart which didn’t beat well yesterday beats well today. Your Substance becomes new tissue. Always, the invisible activity of your Substance appears through human consciousness as a new, revitalized you. Nothing is impossible to the living, Spiritual substance of Being. It is the Kingdom and when we find our own Substance as Christ, our Substance is the very Grace unto all that we are.

My Peace is my Substance realized as your Substance. When you know that you are Christ substance and that Christ is the infinite, individuality of God, that all that the Father hath is functioning as the Christ of your own Substance, then you know that Grace is ever present, you know the meaning of imminence, of Emmanuel, of omnipresence as a fact, not as a word.

Now, you will find that your conscious awareness of this grows. The awareness that I need take no thought for this lifespan. I need take no thought for my business. I need take no thought for my marriage. I need take no thought for my children. I am the substance of God. That Substance is perfect. If I don’t eclipse it with human thought and blot it out of my experience, it will form itself invisibly as Spiritual manifestation and that Spiritual manifestation which is the Holy Ghost will appear visibly to human sense as that which I need called the added thing. This is the miracle of my Substance.

Everything comes out of your Substance or it comes out of the world consciousness and then it’s in division and cannot function under Grace. My Peace then takes me into Self-realization.

Now, I know that all of us have a mixture of Divine and human. That is our division. The human is something super imposed upon us by world belief, the Divine is the Truth, the Reality. And we find that, everything in our lives that we consider to be part of our Being, part of our experience, in the mystical light of Truth is revealed to be only our own consciousness turned into the visible world. It’s like that reversible raincoat. Your consciousness turned outside becomes your experience, your life. Your own business is in your consciousness. Your form is in your consciousness. Your marriage is in your consciousness. Your family is in your consciousness. There isn’t a thing in your world, including the world itself, that exists outside of your consciousness.

Your consciousness is every moment of your world and if that consciousness is not Divine, then you’re not living in the Creation. But you’re living in that which is the re-creation of the world consciousness. And as you live in re-creation, you’re in the good and evil, the two powers, corporeality, life and death, sickness, disease, disaster, destruction, the good and the bad; the opposites.

Now, take your business. You think it’s out there. Now, think of it for a moment as not being out there. Think of all the physical things that you own in that business and try to see that God did not create them. The building can burn down. The vehicles can have accidents. The assets can melt away. God created nothing in your business. The world consciousness through you created it and the world consciousness through you can also un-create it and someday will.

Now, try to see that business exists only in your consciousness because God not having put it there, it isn’t where you think it is. It can’t exist where God didn’t put it and if God put it there, it would be forever and forever perfect. That means it exists in your thought. It exists in your thought and you think it’s at a certain address. You think it’s a building. You think it has certain physical qualities. But all of that, mystically, is in your thought.

Now, the quality of your thought is the quality of that business. If there are certain qualities in your thought, those qualities appear as the sturdiness, the progressiveness, the dependability of that business. But unless those qualities are Divine, that business is not under Grace. That business can lack one day. That business can be successful for a moment, for a year, for ten and then it can be subject to the winds of the world conditions.

Now, suppose you could bring that business under Grace so that no matter what happened in the world, it would be sustained by the invisible activity of Spirit. Your Substance, your Divine substance becomes the invisible activity of Spirit which outwardly then becomes your business. That would mean that your consciousness would have to be separated from the world consciousness. You have to learn how to do that.

When you separate your consciousness from the world consciousness, you bring your business under Divine consciousness, under Grace. And because the mind of the Father, the power of the Father, the presence of the Father becomes the law unto you, it becomes a law unto your consciousness and just as your human consciousness had out-pictured the kind of business you had, now your Divine consciousness out-pictures what appears to be a same, physical business but it isn’t. It is now the Divine consciousness made manifest and it is under Grace. It is maintained by invisible, Spiritual activity. Your Substance unfolds as the business. Between your Substance and the business, there is no separation. It is one, continuous activity of the Father appearing only because the world mind is going to look at your invisible consciousness and see your visible business.

My Peace maintains everything that emanates from the Divine consciousness. There isn’t anything that is in the Divine consciousness that is under the powers of this world. A fire cannot burn down a business that is directed by Divine consciousness. A flood cannot come through such a piece of property. There is no possible destruction to that which Divine consciousness out-pictures and Divine consciousness is the only Reality of your consciousness in Christ.

Now, this is the age in which what had seemed to be miracles of yesterday, are going to be made visible as common place events. You will discover that things that seemed impossible only were impossible in the human sense of things, in the human mind, which had not received the Comforter, which knew nothing of my Peace. And my Peace is introduced to us now at this moment to make us all aware that there is a Divine grace functioning in the human consciousness when it steps aside and permits Divine consciousness to be the only Consciousness there.

To be Christed, to be ordained, to be anointed is the acceptance that there is no mortal being here. Don’t make your business the business of a mortal being. Don’t make your marriage the marriage of two mortal beings. Don’t make your children mortal beings. Don’t make anything about your life mortal because it’s untrue, it’s transient, it’s not of God, it does not have the Divine blessing.

But when you are willing to accept yourself as the Spirit, the Child of God, you have the total Divine blessing. Everything you do is under ordination and must prosper in the Divine plan. Everything.

Bring everything you know into that awareness that, “I am the Spirit of God.” You know, it is often thought that Jesus did all that healing. And you know better. It was the absence of Jesus which did the healing. Jesus represents the place on this earth where there was no me. There was only Christ. But the Way shower was teaching us that when you want Grace, there must be a place where you stand where there’s no you; there’s only Christ. That’s the healing. When there’s no you but Christ, just as there was no Jesus but Christ, then the Father within can do the works because the Father within is Christ. Then the Father within shows you why I, Christ in you can heal the sick. I, Christ in you can raise the dead. I, Christ in you can open the eyes of the blind. Didn’t I show you I can do it? Am I different now? Am I not the Christ of your Being? I, Christ in you. Why don’t you let me run your business? Why don’t you let me run your marriage? Why don’t you let me run every relationship you have? And behold, the perfection of Christ in you becomes the perfection expressed in the visible.

Don’t try to be human and Divine. You can’t be both. You can’t be a divided self. And your secret then is you are Divine. And I say secret because it takes a long time to come to the willingness to accept Divinity. Let’s not push that on anyone else. We will either accept it for ourselves and for all we know, but we will never try to push it upon them. It takes years to build the awareness of how to accept Divinity with humility, with obedience, with a consecration that is all within.

The [new] Comforter,” says the Master here, “which is the Holy Ghost,” and that’s an extension of the previous statement, “The Spirit of Truth was the Comforter.” Now, you know the Spirit of Truth is the Holy Ghost, “whom the Father will send in my name.”

Now, how does the Father “send in my name?” We’re being told that the Father, which is unconditioned, infinite Spirit has an instrument through which the Father works and that instrument is your Christ Self. Your Christ Self must be the Holy Ghost. Your Christ Self must include the Holy Ghost. Your Christ Self is the perfect instrument through which the Father functions. The Father “sends in my name.” The Father sends that instrument which is the Christ mind through which you receive the Father.

He shall teach you all things.”

Clearly, the Christ mind enables you to be taught all things. Without it, you’re in the world consciousness, separated, divided. Only in the Christ mind can you be taught all things and “Bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” So that you meet Christ out here in a book or if you walk the streets of Jerusalem. But now you meet Christ within your Self and Christ within you reminds you of those days, of the words said out here, of the deeds shown out here. Christ within you reminds you, brings them to remembrance means: repeats them, does them again. Christ in you pushes back the mountain. Christ in you solves the insoluble problem. Christ in you reveals that what you thought was a division of good and evil is only invisible Perfection waiting to be manifest through your Christ mind.

Brings to remembrance all things.”

And so, Christ in you reveals my Kingdom. Christ in you reveals why the world was under the illusion that there were four or five hundred ways to die when all there is, is the Life, the substance of God where you are.

All things that are not of the Father are revealed to be non-existent. Christ in you then becomes your Illumination.

How many times when you have received a phone call, did you, before you picked up that phone, remind yourself that where call was coming from, only God could be? Try it sometime. You’ll have a different telephone conversation. How many times before you went out to see somebody did you remind yourself that where you were going to see that person, that friend, that client, that prospect, that associate, only God could be? Remind yourself of it and notice the difference in your reception, the difference in your relationship. How many times before you went from one room to another did you remind yourself that only God can be where the other room seems to be? Try it. It’s the Truth. God being everywhere, it doesn’t matter what seems to be happening. The moment you know only God is there, you bring yourself back into my Kingdom and the laws of my Kingdom then must express.

Consciously, you must be aware of the presence of God. And, where are you? Is God there? Are you aware of God being there? Is there any distance between you there and God there? Are you two or can you like the Master say, “I and the Father are one.”

If God is there and God is the Spirit, and you are there and you are the Spirit, that knowledge, that oneness, that acceptance brings the law of Grace functioning. And when you meditate again, who is meditating? I, the Spirit, am being still. I, the Spirit am releasing the sense of humanhood. That’s what your meditation really is – releasing the sense of humanhood. I, the Spirit, have nothing to seek. I’m all there is.

And you know, when you dial that phone and you dial long distance and you hear all those little clickity, click, click, clicks all over, all of the circuits are being opened up to send your call through. The minute you catch the Truth of Being, there’s an Infinity of clickity-clicks throughout the Father’s universe. You’re one with it. You’re in that automation whereby having accepted the presence of God where you are, where everyone is, my Peace can come to you. You’re accepting the miracle of Infinity where you are. No less. Infinite God where you are, always. You can even feel the change in your consciousness when you do. There’s an inner response.

Now, this moves us up beyond all of our rational thinking, all of our rational planning into that realm which is beyond mind and beyond form. We’re not fed by the world. We’re fed by the Word of the Father. The infinite, inner Word of the Father becomes our Substance and it carries with it infinite, Divine power of Perfection. It doesn’t depend on human beings. It functions where the human being is absent and then present with the Lord, because of it.

Exit mortality, enter Divine. That’s the universe of Light we should now be experiencing frequently as a preparation for my Peace.

The chapter in Joel is called, “Revelation of Spiritual Identity.” Spiritual identity has no second identity. Spiritual identity walks through the grave, through the tomb. Spiritual identity has no life to lose. It has no physicality to lose. It has no human experience to lose. It is all totally Divine.

That is where our consciousness should be resting, in the Divinity of Being.

Maybe we ought to pause here. We’re going to finish the fourteenth chapter of John. We’re going to finish the chapter, “Revelation of Spiritual Identity.” We want to prepare for next week so that we can proceed with the fifteenth chapter of John, “I am the Vine” and the next chapter of Joel which is, “It Shall Not Come Nigh Thee.” So, I hope that this will be our schedule for the next session after the intermission to complete these chapters.

– End of Side One —-

An important thing we want to remember is that always invisibly the world consciousness is functioning. It isn’t consulting us. It isn’t asking for our permission. It is functioning no matter what you do. And while it functions, it brings fifty percent of the evil and fifty percent of the good. And you have no way, if you’re not in Truth, to prevent that from flowing through you as your experience.

Now, it’s important to get a good feeling of what this world consciousness is. It will enable you to know that without the Christ mind, you’re at the mercy of a force that controls you.

The world consciousness is functioning now, all around us and to the degree that we are not in the Christ mind, we are in that consciousness of the world. And so, everything in our life that is negative, is the degree to which we are not in the consciousness of God but are in the world consciousness instead.

Now, when you look out and do not see God, you’ll actually fall into opinions about what you do see. When other people look out and do not see God, they form opinions about what they see. This thought, these opinions, these sensations become active in the world mind. They feed back and become the world mind.

You might say that from the moment of birth, every sensation you have felt accumulated, is what you are this moment. You are the accumulation of every sensation since the moment of birth as a human being. Most of that, being unaware of God, becomes nothing more than mental opinion. Dream consciousness and yours, mine, his and hers, all of this mental opinion become world consciousness. And then world consciousness feeds it back to us. And this continues to flow and flow and flow. It lives out its world which is not the Kingdom of God. It recreates images which are not the Kingdom of God inhabitants. It recreates forms. It recreates conditions. All of this is in the dream world consciousness. And that’s where we have our businesses. That’s where we have our human relationships. And when you leave them there, they’re at the mercy of the world consciousness, they’re at the mercy of the whirlwind. They’re at the mercy of all of the conditions of the world consciousness. That’s why these inexplainable events occur when we’re wiped out. When we lose important possessions. When relationships are broken up.

The world consciousness has no regard for what we consider important to us. It’s running its world government completely independent of God. And unless we have a change of consciousness, we leave ourselves in a world that God didn’t create, in a world of imagination.

And so, the change-over, the pass-over, the new Consciousness is the preparation for the way in which the Comforter comes unto you and lifts you out of the world consciousness. And lifting you out of the world consciousness, it lifts everything that you are. It lifts all of your relationships, all of your possessions, all of your life experience out of the world law of good and evil into the law of my Perfection in all things. Your new Consciousness is no longer world consciousness but God consciousness, Christ consciousness. That’s the meaning of this line:

Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. [And] if ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I.”

You’re being told that the Christ consciousness makes you one with the Father. You don’t go unto the Father, you don’t find Source without Christ consciousness. You’re in world consciousness but when you find Christ in you you’re in Christ consciousness which goes unto the Father. And you’re one with the Father. You’re in the Christ consciousness which becomes the law unto you.

[And] now I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it is come to pass, ye might believe.”

The visible makes known to us, so that we will turn to the Invisible. When the visible is no longer with us, we must find in the Invisible, our way. Your Christ consciousness is your Invisible way. You’ve been trying all the visible ways. Some work and some don’t. The Invisible way through Christ always works. It lifts you out of the fifty percent universe, out of the fifty percent good and the fifty percent evil. It lifts you out of the action of the world consciousness because it goes unto the Father. It lifts you out of sickness. It lifts you out of fear. It lifts you out of worry. It lifts you out of the conditions of being human.

I’ve told you before it comes to pass, that when it is come to pass you might believe.”

The Christ is going to reveal that there is no corporeal body, that you’re living in a dream body when you think you’re living in a physical body. I’ve told you in advance so that when it comes to past you will believe. I’m going to show you that they can’t keep me in a tomb. Why? Because I have no body to put in a tomb. This body you’re looking at is the Christ body. This is the Christ body standing before you teaching you. “Your name may be Peter, your name may be John, and you may think I am a man,” he’s saying, “but this is the Christ body. It is not the same kind of a body that you think it is.”

Why is it a Christ body?

Because I have taken it out of the world consciousness. I was in the world consciousness as a man called Jesus. I took it out of the world consciousness. I became Christed. I became aware of my Christ body. The Divinity of my Being expresses as the Christ body and the Christ mind. And this is the Christ body and the Christ mind that is yours because my Father and your Father are one. And now I tell you this in advance so that when my Christ body cannot be entombed and kept there, you will know why. It is under the law of Divinity. It cannot know death. It can never know death. And I tell you this so that you will know it is the truth of your Christ body. But I, the Christ appearing to men as Jesus, I can walk through the tomb because I am in the conscious awareness of that Christ body.”

There’s no point in teaching you about the conscious awareness of it after death. That won’t do you any good. It’s the conscious awareness of it before the entombment. The conscious awareness of Christ before, which makes impossible the experience of death, which makes impossible those conditions which lead to death.

I, Christ am revealing these things that the world may be Christed, aware of its Christ identity.”

Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.”

He is describing for us a change in consciousness that we must be ready to accept. The prince of this world must come and find nothing in us.

Christ has revealed through a form called Jesus the miracle of Perfection on earth where the world consciousness paints a picture of good and evil.

But now the work has been demonstrated and the Christ in the form called Jesus is leaving because there is nothing more to do. The work is done. There is nothing more that the form called Jesus can do in the visible for the disciples.

This is the place in consciousness where you begin to realize there’s nothing more you can do in the visible. You must now come to that Invisible. The visible is departing for you to turn to the Invisible. The prince of this world is the world consciousness. The prince of this world is the carnal mind of the world, the universal carnal mind. But it will come and find nothing in you. It will come and you will not be subject unto it. The dominion of the world mind is broken by your awareness of Christ in you.

The prince of this world cometh and finds nothing in you. The prince of this world, the carnal mind cannot for you, present pictures of evil that you will accept, pictures of lack that you will accept, pictures of bad health that you will accept. That’s the prince of this world. But in your Christ awareness, it finds nothing in you. This is the Christ consciousness that must be developed day by day until the world mind finds nothing in you, until every evil on the face of the earth is instantaneously known to be, impossible. Whether it’s in your body or someone else’s body because Spirit, God, is everywhere and there is no place where God and evil can exist at the same time.

There is no place where God and error can exist. There is no place where God and a flood and a fire can exist at the same time. There is no place where God can be and cancer at the same time. It is impossible.

The world mind will say, “Here is the cancer.” The Christ mind will say, “No, here is God.” The world mind will say, “Here is the lack, here is the famine, here is the poverty.” The world mind is lying. The Christ mind will say, “No, here is God.”

The appearance of these things is because of the separation of our thought from God. Our thought being separated from God where the avenue through which world mind expresses these lacks, these limitations. But when you’re in your Christ consciousness, conscious that Christ is where you are, that God is where you are, expressing as Christ, world mind, the prince of this world, finds nothing in you. It can’t express through Christ. That’s not its instrument. Its instrument is the human mind. When you’re in the Christ mind, it cannot express in you. It cannot express bad health. It cannot express poverty. It cannot express famine. It cannot express fear. It cannot express the opposites.

The prince of this world cometh where there is Christ consciousness and finds nothing in you. You don’t need any human protection. You don’t need any human improvement. You have to be in the consciousness which world consciousness cannot penetrate to enter or defile. And obviously, such a Consciousness exists.

Hereafter, I will not talk much…. for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.”

Now, even the appearance of corporeality is to be removed; the last outpost of the world mind. Even corporeality is to be removed. All of the work then is turned into the invisible Christ.

But that the world may know that I love the Father; and as the Father gave me commandment, even so I do. Arise, let us go hence.”

Arise,” is a commandment. It is the commandment to rise out of corporeal sense into the constant, conscious awareness that here, now is no human mind. Here now is the Christ mind. Here, now I will recognize all that is of the world and know that it has no place in my Consciousness for I am that expression called the Christ mind. The Christ mind expresses God. The Christ mind expresses God’s Self where you are. The Christ mind expresses Divine wisdom, Divine love. The Christ mind does not express the good and the bad of the world consciousness. Whatever you perceive that is of the world consciousness, you stand still, until you make that reconciliation, that adjustment.

Now, let’s go back to your business for a moment. The world consciousness has painted your business in a certain way. Now, let’s walk out of one consciousness into the other and bring that business into the Divine consciousness. Let’s see how we can do that.

In a human consciousness, we have certain concern about our business. That concern is not the Christ consciousness. That concern is because we’re still a remnant of the world consciousness expressing. The world consciousness expresses that concern. The world consciousness expresses certain problems. There are no problems in the Christ. The world consciousness paints pictures of good and of bad. The world consciousness presents a physical business.

Now, let’s take it out of physicality. Let’s see that there is no physical anything. Spirit, being All, that which appears physical as a business, as customers, as patrons, as services, all of that is world consciousness expressing its concept and it will continue to govern its own concepts but I’m taking it out of the physical universe. Spirit is All and therefore, right where all of the physical quality of the businesses is, all its sales charts, all its customers, all its services, there is only invisible Spirit: God. Ever perfect, ever harmonious, ever self-fulfilling in every detail. Nothing missing. Every need fulfilled and now, I’m taking myself out of the physical universe.

I am Spirit and therefore, I have no human mind here. The only mind that is here is the Christ mind. The Christ mind knows nothing about a physical business, nothing at all, about a good business, a bad business, a successful one or a failing one. The Christ only knows about God’s business. The Christ mind is the only mind I will accept as my mind.

I have no concept about a business, none whatsoever. Just resting in the Christ mind. Now, if I can stay in the Christ mind, I will know that the Christ mind is under the governorship of the Infinite Father.

When I have no sense of physicality, I will have a feeling of the real existence of a universe made of Spirit. Nothing is happening physically in my universe. There are no physical customers, there are no physical sales, there are no physical services. There’s no physical building. It’s a complete Spiritual universe and it’s functioning now right here, everywhere perfectly. Nothing can ever go wrong because I am the invisible Christ of God and the only way I can express is to express what God is expressing which is Perfection.

Whatever I do will manifest in the visible as Righteousness, as Goodness, as a visible expression of invisible Love, as Fulfillment. It must because it is born of the Father in the Christ mind. It’s independent of the world consciousness.

Now, I dwell here until I have that inner response that I am truly in the Christ mind. And as long as I can maintain the thread of consciousness in Christ, I can accept with confidence that the outer manifestation of all that concerns me will be a Christ expression.

I started with a business but it is really the wholeness of my Being. Nothing can happen except the Divine activity in the Christ mind. Now, then, do you go out of the Christ mind or do you stay there? That will determine the manifestation in the visible.

Your capacity to stand in this lifeline, which is the Christ mind, will determine the outer manifestation. If there are going to be fluctuations, it’s because you are fluctuating in and out of the Christ mind. The more you remain in it, the more faithful you are to consciously remaining in it, the more you will notice your world is taking shape from that activity. Your Spiritual fidelity in the Christ mind becomes your new Consciousness unfolding as the expression of the Divine.

Consciousness of the Divine unfolds or consciousness of the world unfolds. You’re really choosing your whole life, your whole world, your whole universe when you decide to consciously stand in the Christ mind or to revert to a human consciousness. This is the crux. This is where it all happens. This is where the Substance flows.

Now, it’s the same in healing. Healing is nothing more than standing in the Christ mind knowing, that where the illness appears, it’s only because there is someone there that I have accepted out of my Christ mind. In my Christ mind, I don’t know any ill people. I only know them in a human mind. Now, they seem to be out there. Let’s get them back in consciousness. There’s nothing except in your consciousness.

And so, let’s take that sick person, no matter how far away and see that they are in your consciousness. Now, if they’re in your consciousness, you’re not going to help them out there. You’re not in a Spiritual consciousness if they’re in your consciousness. You’re in a human consciousness. You have been deceived. You are the world consciousness individualized and you have in your consciousness a sick person. You’re not in Christ mind then, are you?

Now, how are you going to heal that person if you’re still aware of a sick person? World consciousness is governing them and you’re not doing anything to stop it.

Now, for you to be in the Christ mind, you’ll have to drop your consciousness of a sick person. There isn’t any in the Christ mind and then it looks like you’re losing control. You don’t have your hands on the problem. That’s how you do it. You get out of the consciousness of a sick person. Christ consciousness has no sick people. And if you’re in the awareness that there is no sick person, you’re moving into Christ consciousness. As long as you’ve got a sick person, you’re not in Christ consciousness.

And so, you’re crucifying the world mind which says, “There’s a sick person.” You’re saying, “No, no. Spirit is All.” Right there where the sick person is, is God. That’s your Christ consciousness and now you will rest there. But don’t go back to having a sick person. Christ consciousness says, “Only God is present, here and there.” Don’t look for improvement or else you’ve still got a sick person. Rest in the knowledge that here is Christ. That’s my name and there is the Spirit of God. There’s no person there. There’s the Spirit of God. Rest in it. Don’t go back to the old consciousness.

Now this fidelity is how you develop your Christ consciousness. Every evil on the earth is attacking not you. It’s attacking Christ in you. It’s attacking your belief that you’re not Christ. It’s trying to make you believe Christ isn’t where you stand. And so, everything that comes at you that is not of God is the way the world mind or the anti-Christ attacks the Christ, in you.

Arise and let us go hence.”

Let us come out of the lower consciousness called the world consciousness, the mortal, the carnal. Rise to the Christ awareness that nothing is present but the Spirit of God. Live with that, awake and asleep until it’s solidified, until it’s dependable, until you know this is my Consciousness. Nothing exists but God. If that phone rings, wherever it’s coming from, God is there and only God. This is God’s universe, this is God’s substance everywhere. Not what I’m seeing, that’s world consciousness. And you’re identifying carnal mind.

Now I think we have time to look at some quotations from Joel.

Limitations are brought about not because your mind and body are evil or sick, but only because your mind and body have been conditioned by the belief of two powers.”

Now if you’re in God consciousness, God is the power. So, there’s no other power to change that which is God and therefore, what appears to be the power of having changed something is impossible because there’s no other power. You’re looking at the illusion of a power, the illusion of a condition caused by the illusion of power. There’s no power to change Spirit. Spirit is everywhere.

If God is everywhere, error isn’t there. If Spirit is everywhere, and this is the hard part, if Spirit if everywhere, matter isn’t there. How can you heal what isn’t there? Do you see you’re trying to heal what isn’t there? And if you’re tempted to heal what isn’t there, you’re not in the Christ mind. Spirit is there. There’s nothing to heal. Rest quietly in the consciousness that Spirit is there until you have the feeling of it. This feeling intensifies. The more you practice, the more you have the assurance.

Now, carnal mind is the belief that there are two powers. Christ mind is the knowledge that God alone is the power and there is no other possible power. There’s only the power of God which is perfect. And so, I don’t need a power to overcome something that is no power. That which it seems to be a power unto, is only because I’m in the false mind. All right? Out of the false mind. In the Christ mind.

Stand ye still. There are no powers to overcome. There is my Power, being my Power right where the false power seems to be operating. Right where the sickness seems to be, my Power is being. Rest in it until you have the assurance of it from within.

Don’t heal. That’s the human mind. Don’t be tempted to heal. The Christ mind reveals that only my Spirit is present. There’s no power to cause anything to be wrong. You’re looking at the illusion of wrongness. You’re looking at the illusion of lack, the illusion of limitation, the illusion of unemployment, the illusion of poverty. Get into Christ mind accepting the power of God is functioning. It is here. It is there. It is everywhere. Until Christ mind reveals the Truth. And then you’ll find that which appears is healing is your Christ consciousness made visible.

A belief in the carnal mind which is belief in good and evil, good powers and bad powers, when actually there is no power to cause your problem. There is no power to cause your problem. It’s all universal, carnal mind presenting the illusion of problem and you’ll never know it in the human mind because it’s the same mind. It’s always the illusion of sickness, the illusion of lack. It’s all re-created through world mind to appear ‘as.’ And only Christ mind is the answer.

Christ mind doesn’t fight, doesn’t protect, doesn’t battle. Christ mind rests in the knowledge that God is present doing a Perfect job of running his Perfect universe now. To the degree that you can maintain that inner assurance in the face of what appears to be the problem, you’re in the Christ mind and you’re breaking the carnal mind. The prince of the world is finding no place in you.

Now, this you may not like but he says it. “If, at this moment, you could be made whole, nothing would stop you from [going out tomorrow and] becoming sick or poor again, unless you, yourself, had come to the realization that the healing which had taken place was not one of lack or limitation, [was not one] of fear, sin or false appetites, [was not a healing of] of polio, cancer, blindness, or deafness: the healing was in being freed from the belief in two powers – good and evil.”

Now, deep in our subconscious, we believe in two powers. You believe your business could be bad tomorrow. You believe your health can be bad tomorrow but your Christ mind doesn’t believe that. That’s the remnant of the human mind. You’ve got to work with that belief. It’s the denial of who you are, you see. If you believe you can be sick tomorrow, you don’t believe you’re the Christ, do you? You’re talking about a mortal being. You’re fooled into the world consciousness which says, “You are a mortal being.” And so, the you that’s going to be sick tomorrow in your belief, or could be, is your denial of Christhood now. You’ve got to repair that belief.

No, I am the Christ and I’m not going to be sick tomorrow or any day. I’m not even going to be a day older tomorrow.” That you have to constantly work with until you know it’s the Truth. That’s how you recognize your attainment of the realization of Christ identity.

Always, the world mind is forcing false beliefs through you and you inadvertently accept them by your latent fears or doubts and yet, Christ isn’t going to be any different tomorrow than Christ is today. If you’re not anchored on that realization, you’re in duality.

See how all the work becomes an inner working in the conscious re-awareness, the constant reminder of your true identity until you can be awakened in the middle of the night and you’re still the Christ before you open your eyes?

You are the living Spirit of God, the Child of God, the Son of God. You have one Father, the Divine Father and every time you walk out of this realization and are caught napping, it’s the world consciousness still sending its tide of thought through you, fooling you into mortality.

Our whole consciousness is built on the realization of God constituting all being, therefore there is neither good nor evil. There is only God.”

God constitutes all Being. Now, let’s take our sick friends and see that God constitutes all Being. We are mal-practicing them by thinking they are sick. We’re not helping them. We’re not helping ourselves. We’re letting the world mind express through our unenlightened consciousness. God constitutes all Being. Now, if I wrote that on the blackboard, that wouldn’t heal anybody, would it? So, I can’t write it on the blackboard of my mind and expect it to heal anybody either. There has to be a change in consciousness, not writing it on the blackboard. You have to dwell with it. The fact that we say it now doesn’t make it a power. It’s the daily dwelling in the conscious awareness that God constitutes all Being.

And as you dwell with it daily, you’re praying without ceasing. You’re abiding. You’re resting. You’re being faithful. You’re standing in the secret place of the Most High. You’re building that foundation which suddenly becomes so firm that when the news hits you, so and so is sick, it hits that consciousness, then you don’t have to recover. It hits it then and it is dissipated by your conscious awareness that “No, no, no – God constitutes all Being,” and you’re not trapped. Then, you’re not mal-practicing anybody. Then the tides turn.

Evil power cannot have any existence outside the mind that believes in it.”

That’s pinning it right down on the false consciousness. The only evil power there is, is in the false consciousness, the mind that believes in it. That’s not the Christ mind. So, it’s not the mind you want to be in.

You are never dealing with floods, tidal waves or typhoons: you’re dealing with a universal malpractice which is made up of the belief in two powers.”

Now, let’s get rid of that second power. There’s only God power. God power isn’t making anybody sick. Therefore, what’s making somebody sick if there’s no power to do it? We’re looking at a universal sense of things, a universal malpractice, a universal belief which we are calling sick person and the only reason we call it that is because we believe that such a thing is possible. We believe there’s a power to make a person sick. We believe it and our belief is false. There’s only God power. There’s only Spirit.

We must come to that side where we know God power is all that is here. God power is the Power behind my life, my business, my relationships. Everything in this world is but the outer appearance of what I know to be invisible God power and therefore, that God power being the only Presence, there’s no other power to make anything evil or bad. Only thinking makes it so.

Right where every evil appears, invisible God power is – in your consciousness. You’re purifying your thought. You’re preparing a habitation for God in your consciousness. You’re opening the way for the Comforter.

Anti-Christ is the only cause of discord in the world, that means the universal world mind. Anti-Christ is the only cause of discord in the world. So, now you identify everything you see as universal world mind or anti-Christ or belief in two powers. They’re all saying the same thing. Do not battle it. All of this is mirage. Rest in the Word. Do not go out to fight the enemy. This is malpractice. This is a belief in two powers. This is anti-Christ. This is universal hypnotism. Drop it. Do not sit up and do not fear it. Do not protect yourself from it. There is no reality to it. “There is no it.” This is Joel talking. “There is no it.”

How can there be a sick person if all there is, is Spirit? There is Spirit which we are misconstruing as a sick person because our human mind is geared to the world mind. Out of the human mind, our Christ mind reveals the perfect Reality that is there.

And so, once it is recognized that the so-called powers of this world are not powers,” Joel says, “it will not be long before heaven is established on earth…. No material or mental powers can operate in the consciousness of an individual who lives in the realization that God’s grace is his sufficiency.”

We had that meditation last week and now, I think there’s probably a good way to end today.

God’s Grace is our sufficiency but it’s of no value to us if we’re in the human mind. Spiritual Grace does not function that way. Spiritual Grace did not heal a cripple through that cripple’s human mind. Spiritual Grace through the Christ revealed that there was no power to keep that individual as a cripple. Spiritual Grace through your Christ mind reveals there is no power to limit you or make you lack. There’s no power to kill you. There’s no power to make you sick or suffer. Spiritual Grace reveals through your Christ mind that you are perfect as your Father.

Christ mind. That’s our chapter five. Fifteen is going to begin, “I am the [true] vine.” The Christ mind is the Vine. You want fruit? You want grapes? They come off the Vine. The fruitage only comes from the Christ mind which is the Vine and my Father is the husbandman. The infinity of God through the Christ mind produces our fruitage, the blessings of Grace as we walk in the Light. and then, “It cannot come nigh thee.”

We’re going to take the advice of the Master. “Arise and let us go [from] hence.” And that means take up your Divine selfhood. Rise to your Divinity. Let us not look back at mortality.

There is nothing happening except the perfect activity of God everywhere. That is the Christ consciousness.

Silence, (long pause) ….

Please bear with me just one minute.

Silence, (pause) ….

He that believeth on the Son of God,” meaning on Christ as his identity, “hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son. And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.”

That’s the first Epistle of John, the fifth chapter, verses 10 – 12. As you come into the Christ mind, you come into the awareness of Life eternal. Without it, we’re running in lifespans.

If that meditation is an indication of today’s class, then we have a fine class ahead of us.

I want to welcome all of our new friends again. There seems to be a special something in consciousness which many of us are feeling now as if we were entering a new threshold. Perhaps it’s a measure of that inner Peace, a measure of assurance that we are really making spiritual progress and that impossibilities are becoming very meaningful now as present possibilities.

In this chapter, the fourteenth of John, we hear again of the Comforter. We remember in the Beatitudes we were told, “Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted.” And always the Master is telling us that he’s going to leave and now he tells us that not only will he leave but when he leaves, the Father will send the Comforter in my place. And then he begins to tell us more about the Comforter.

In the seventeenth verse, he gets very specific. He says, referring to the Comforter, “Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.”

You remember the line before, “And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.”

And so, he has identified the Comforter as the Spirit of Truth. He will add more to that definition as time goes on but at the moment he has called the Comforter the Spirit of Truth.

Now the world has a letter of truth. The world has truth as the human mind knows truth. And we’re being told here that the way the human mind knows truth is insufficient. The human concept of truth is not the Spirit of Truth. The Comforter is the Spirit of Truth.

And now we’re being lifted to the awareness that we must receive a higher level of truth than we can know in the human mind. And if there is a degree of unrest, discord, concern, doubt, a sense of insecurity, a sense of no purpose, whatever we have entertained in the way of not knowing God aright, has been the lack of the Spirit of Truth.

Not having the Spirit of Truth, we wander off in that human sense of things which tries to make its own limited human judgments and regardless of how high we mount in human truth, until it becomes not human, but the Spirit of Truth, we actually do not know Reality.

We are always in a limited, finite universe. We are always in the opposites of health today and bad health tomorrow or limitations today and some degree of fullness tomorrow but never in the wholeness of our own Being. And that lack is always the lack of the Spirit of Truth. This then is the Comforter.

However, we find behind these words something more. We find for example that we have no capacity to receive the Spirit of Truth in our human mind. And as a result, having lived most of our adult lives in a human mind, we have been without the Spirit of Truth. You might say we’re been poor of the Spirit, poor in the Spirit of Truth. We’ve had no faculty to receive it. The Spirit of Truth cannot enter a human mind.

The Spirit of Truth can only enter the Christ mind. And then we have to say to ourselves, “Well, do I have the Christ mind? Is that why I have not received that Comforter? That Spirit of Truth which knows all, which goes unto the Father, which is the will and fulfills the will of the Father which is Grace itself? Is this why I haven’t received it, because I’m not in the Christ mind?”

And then comes a very shocking truth.

If I’m not in the Christ mind, what mind am I in? You can scan the world today and ask yourself, “Who is in the Christ mind?” You can look in religion, you can look in science, you can look in industry, you can look in government, you can look everywhere and say, “Who is in the Christ mind? Who is receiving the Spirit of Truth?” And then sadly you must say, “Very few that I known are in the Christ mind.” A Joel was in the Christ mind, a Jesus was in the Christ mind, a John was in the Christ mind; but how many can I name who are in the Christ mind? Then what mind are they in? What mind have we been in ourselves?

The admission is sad but it must be made. If we’re not in the Christ mind, we must be in the anti-Christ mind. We who say we love the Father but live in the anti-Christ mind and you can judge yourself from that point. If I’m not receiving the living Spirit of Truth, I’m in the anti-Christ mind.

What is the new Comforter? The Christ mind. The mind that takes you out of the anti-Christ mind which receiveth not the things of God. Why have I had fluctuations in my health, fluctuations in my relationships, why have I had doubts and concerns and even deep fears? Because that’s the nature of the anti-Christ mind. It is not the nature of the Christ mind. We’re being told, “Have ye that mind that was in Christ Jesus.”

When you are in the Christ mind, you have walked through the threshold; the threshold of all that is untrue, the threshold of all that denies the presence of God where you stand. We have walked through the threshold of false powers. We learn that matter is not at all what it seemed to be. We learn that evil is not at all what it seemed to be. We learn about a deathless universe. We learn about an Immaculate creation which the anti-Christ mind has no way of discerning.

And then we say, “Is that Christ mind too difficult to come by if that’s the mind I need to receive the Spirit of Truth?” We find that it was the mind of those disciples of John. In all his letters, he addresses his words to those who among us have received the inner unction, the anointing, those who have been born of the Spirit, those who are in the Spirit of Truth. Are we any less than students of John?

And Paul, he too was teaching the inner anointing. Are we any less than students of Paul?

We begin to discover that until you are consciously alert to the difference between the Christ mind and the human mind, you sort of float off in human thought trying to live with your own brilliance and never receive that living Spirit of Truth which lifts the veil, which reveals that here, now is the Kingdom.

Reality is here. Reality is perfect. Reality is infinite. This infinite, perfect Kingdom of Reality is here now and discernible only to the Christ mind. The human mind which receiveth not the things of God is unaware of the presence of the Kingdom of God on earth and is therefore incapable of transforming this earth into the activity of heaven.

But not the Christ mind, the Christ mind goes unto the Father, the Christ mind is the instrument of God on earth. The Christ mind of you is the only way in which you receive the living Spirit of Truth direct from the Father.

And then scripture becomes alive in your consciousness for you know it’s telling you that God speaks only to the Christ mind. God reveals only to the Christ mind. God functions only through the Christ mind. Peace, Beauty, Truth, Harmony, Life, Love can only function in and through the Christ mind and until we are in the Christ mind, we are divorced from the presence of Reality even though we think we’re walking in Reality.

So, it becomes necessary to establish that conscious awareness of the Christ mind in us, as the focal point from which we operate. As creature minds working out of a human brain and a five-sense mechanism, we are not the Christ mind and we are only aware of the realm in which the physical senses can function. And so, we’re aware only of the realm of the body, of material forms, material objects and we’re aware of the activity of the human mind. We cannot come into that realm which transcends, that realm which is above the present, that realm which is the basic cause of all that appears in the visible world. We cannot live in cause, we can only live in effect until Christ mind is that mind through which we function.

Now, Truth has to be our basic yardstick. We have to know how to identify Truth. We have to know how to identify untruth. We have to be able to say that is not Truth and that is Truth and until you can do this, you are not opening the door which leads to the experience of the Christ mind.

Now, Truth begins with the Word of God. It doesn’t begin with human opinions. If we try to establish our concept of Truth, we find that we’re on a foundation that wilts. But if we live in the concept not of our mind, but in the statement of Truth given to us by the Christ, then we have a foundation – a dependable foundation. When the rains come, it does not wash this foundation away.

And the Truth of God given through Christ is that God is the one Life.

And so, you start with that Truth – God is the one Creator, God is the one Being, God is the one invisible Substance, God is the one invisible Cause, God is the one Law, God is the one Power – and you have a basis for the beginning of Truth in consciousness.

Now then, there are three things that I can think of at the moment that will help us to identify that which is true and that which is not true. You look at something no matter what it is and you must say, “Did God create it?” Now, if God did not create it, it is not true. You look at something and say, “Is that the substance of God?” If it is not, it is not true. You look at something and say, “Is that temporary or is it permanent? Is it eternal?” If it is temporary, it is not true.

Truth is the substance of God. Truth is the creation of God. Truth is eternal because all that God creates is eternal. Truth is infinite. Is it finite? Then it is not of God.

Now, this is where we have to come face to face with Truth. We have to begin at a place where Truth is so firmly embedded in our consciousness that we can look at all that is not Truth and know it is not Truth and until we can do that, we can’t take the necessary next step.

Out here, we look at form and we say, “Did God create it?” And in this level of our work, you cannot quibble. Did God create form? And if you’re in doubt, ask yourself if that form is eternal. Ask yourself if that form is the substance of God. Ask yourself if that form is finite and you’ll find the answer’s clear. It’s just a matter of learning that you must accept Truth. That which is finite is not of God. God is infinite. That which is temporary is not of God. God is permanent, eternal. That which is material is not of God. God is Spirit. God did not create form. Therefore, it’s not true. Whatever is not true is not here. That’s the level of the work where you open the way to the Christ mind.

Whatever is not true cannot be present. It doesn’t matter what it looks like or what your feelings about it are. Only Truth is present. God is Truth. God is All. Only Truth is present.

Untruth never changes Truth. Untruth never removes Truth. Truth remains. Truth is permanent. Truth is always present and it’s not sharing its place with untruth. Untruth is the false concept entertained in the natural mind. But Truth is there and does not change because the natural mind has no faculty to witness that Truth. Right where form appears to be, something else is. Yes, Spirit Itself. Spiritual form, Spiritual body, Spiritual individuality, Spiritual substance and only the Christ mind which discerns that, knows that. The human mind looking at Spiritual substance sees material form but they’re not both there.

Now that is what I mean by living in Truth. Did God make it? If God made it, makes it, how can it die? How can it suffer? How can it be sick? How can it be imperfect? Don’t play games with yourself. Don’t turn away from Truth no matter how it hurts. You’ll find this is how you come to the Christ mind.

As you pare away untruth, ultimately only Truth is left and when you’re in Truth, why you’re in the Christ mind. The Christ mind can only witness Truth and until you are only witnessing Truth, you’re in the anti-Christ mind.

Now, we’re coming then to a realm which is different that the human mind’s knowledge. We learn to identify everything. We look at it. And all we want to know about it is, is it true? Is this situation true? Is this object Truth? Is this condition Truth? Everything must be identified as Truth or untruth. And when you discover that it’s not Truth, you’re ready for the step, the important step. Whatever is not Truth, is not here. It cannot be. Only Truth can be present.

Once you identify Truth and untruth, you know what is here and what is not here. The Comforter, the Spirit of Truth is that awareness now, that what is here is what God placed here and nothing else. You are not accepting a second creator or a second creation. You are being lifted to the awareness of Divinity. Behind the mortal form, the non-divine form is the invisible Divine and unless you’re willing to look at and through the non-divine which is not of God, you will not know the Divine which is of God. You will not enter that realm which is Reality.

And so, many of us have learned to train ourselves to look hard at the fact and to accept that when the Master says, “My kingdom is not of this world,” the Master means precisely that. That there is no Truth in this world. No matter what you look at, it is not true. No matter what you see, it is not true. No matter what you touch, it is not true. It is not true because you are looking at it through a human mind and you are only seeing to the capacity of that human mind and what you are seeing is not there. It is in your human mind. You are looking at your thought.

Now, we’ve been through this study of looking at our thought, learning that everything we see and touch and feel is within our thought. We are looking at a thought form. But you remember here in this verse, the Master tells us that the world cannot receive the Spirit of Truth. And therefore, if we are in the world, if we are accepting the forms of the world, we are those who are in the world and cannot receive the Spirit of Truth.

The Spirit of Truth is not in the world. It is in the Kingdom. It is in the Kingdom which never perishes. It is eternal. It is permanent and it is not moved or changed or altered in any way by what happens in the world. When there is a condition in the world which appears to be one of sickness or suffering, it is not changing the permanent Truth that is there present. Untruth never changes Truth. Truth is ever present, ever perfect, ever infinite, ever real, ever made of the living Spirit and it does not change because the human thought patterns see something untrue.

So, we become aware of the patterns of thought which though they present pictures that are untrue are not changing the presence of the Spirit of Truth which is ever there, awaiting recognition by your Christ mind. It’s as if you were to pick up the telephone book and look for a number and then dial it and someone on the other end says, “I’m sorry this isn’t the party you wanted,” and then you go back to the phonebook and you discover that you dialed the wrong number. You couldn’t read the print; it was too fine for you. The correct number was there but you couldn’t read it and so you squint some more and you dial again and each time, it’s because you can’t read the little five or the eight or something – you dial wrong numbers. The right number is always present while you’re dialing the wrong numbers because your vision is insufficient. And then, you take a glass or a pair of eyeglasses and you look at it again and you get the right number and you dial and now you are put through directly. So it is, in fine print you might say, is the invisible Kingdom, ever present but if we don’t have that vision which can see it, everything that we see is wrong. If we can’t see what is there, then whatever we do see isn’t there. The wrong number isn’t in the phone book. The right number is there but if you can’t see the right number, you get the wrong one.

The Kingdom is here but if you can’t see it, you cannot see what is Real. Everything you see must be unreal. If you cannot touch the Kingdom, everything you touch must be unreal. If your human mind has no capacity to make contact with the present Kingdom of God, then everything your human mind makes contact with is unreal. And this is the revelation again of that mind which is called the universal world mind. The world mind which is the father of the human mind. The missing link in all of our problems.

Always, what you’re looking at and which you think to be present is not what is there but what the world mind is picturing to you. God didn’t make the suffering but the world mind presents a picture of suffering. You cannot see the God present, the Power present, the Truth present, the perfect, Immaculate Conception present but you do see the suffering that God didn’t put there. You can’t see the fine print so you see your concept of it. The suffering is your concept about what you cannot see. The lack is your concept about what you cannot see. The earthquake, the flood and the fire are our concepts about what we cannot see. Bad weather is our concept about what we cannot see. Every disease on this earth is our concept about what we cannot see. If we could see the fine print, if we could put on the Christ mind and look at what is there, you would not see the disease. You would not see the cripple. You would not see the withered arm, you would not see the blind man. You would not see a dying person. They aren’t there. To be there, they would have to be God created. They would have to be the substance of God. They are not.

And so, we see this world is our inability to see the fine print of the Kingdom and everything we see in this world represents the world mind, out-picturing itself as the things we think we’re seeing.

The trick then is to know that we are imprisoned in the world mind and that the purpose of our being lifted up to receive the Spirit of Truth is that until we do, we remain imprisoned in the world mind. We remain a part of the world mind’s false concept about the Kingdom it cannot see. Each one of us, instead of being heir to the fullness of God, as a creature we are heir only to the false concepts of the world mind.

Now, to look then at what is untrue and to recognize it as the world mind appearing to us as this form, this person, this condition, this thing, this lifespan is to correctly identify untruth. It isn’t there. What put it there? If God didn’t put it there, what put it there? A counterfeit world mind had to put it there for you to see it.

Now, while we’re identifying Truth, we have to see that the Father, being Life, could not create death. That the Father being Peace, could not create discord. The Father being Harmony, the Father being Love, could not create hate. The Father being Eternality could not create age, could not create time. The Father being Infinite could not create finite space.

Infinity never becomes less than itself. It never becomes finite. Eternality never becomes time. Peace never becomes war or discord. Life never becomes death. These things never change but world mind makes us think they change. World mind presents the picture of time. World mind presents the picture of constant change. World mind presents the very opposite of Truth and we are imprisoned in those opposites without the Christ mind. You cannot come out of the opposites presented by world mind while you remain in human mind because world mind is your human mind. Only when you step out of human mind are you out of world mind.

And that’s the importance now of this Comforter, the Christ mind. The Christ mind will look at all of the lies presented by the world mind. The world mind will present finitude. It will present forms coming into the world and forms going out of the world and the Christ mind will say, “Those forms are not created by my Father. They’re not immaculate. They’re not eternal. They’re not life. They are concepts in the mind.”

The Christ will look at the human concepts of disease and say, “That’s not by my Father. My Father created perfection and perfection includes the capacity to maintain perfection.” Maintaining its own perfection is the power of Christ and therefore what is this which is diseased? It’s a world mind hallucination and each individual mind, each human mind, in the world mind must see this hallucination and react to it.

But we, as we are receiving the Spirit of Truth, we learn that the Christ mind in us can look at the untruth without being hypnotized by it. The Christ mind can look at all disease and say, “My Father didn’t create it and therefore only what my Father created can be present. This, not created by my Father is a world mind idea. I only suffer from it as I rest in that human mind which cannot see the fine print. I have a wrong number but I don’t know it. As I find the fine print because the Christ mind can and does, I have the right number and the right number shows me that right where the world sees disease, there is perfect, Spiritual flesh.”

Wherever the world mind presents a picture unlike God, the Christ mind finds the total opposite is completely true and no second. In your Christ mind, you know the cripple, the blind man, the deaf man, all those who suffer from famine and poverty are world mind shadows seemingly real only to the mind that perceives that; the mind that is still the natural mind which is not capable of receiving the Spirit of Truth, the Comforter.

Identifying Truth then, is the way you open the portals to the Christ mind. Wherever you look, take a moment, no matter what it is, do not be afraid to face it with Truth. Is it God created? Is it God substance? Is it permanent?

Whatever does not answer that, is not Truth and is not present. And then having identified untruth properly, the question is how are you going to face untruth? How are you going to meet it? What are you going to do about it?

And this is where only the Christ mind can take you through the next threshold.

The Allness of God is the Law, the Reality, the Truth of Being. That which is untrue is not changing God. That which is untrue exists only in the mind that perceives it. It has no real existence. The Truth is still there where the unreal seems to be. And therefore, what you are going to do about it, in the Christ mind, is absolutely nothing. That’s what you do about it – absolutely nothing.

You have confidence in the power of God to maintain the Kingdom of God. You have confidence in the Christ of your Being to remain Immaculate through all of the seeming outer imperfections. You have confidence that the word of God, the power of God, the presence of God, the law of God, the government of God is functioning right there. And all that is necessary for you is not to change what is out there but to change minds. To change from the mind which perceives to the Christ mind which knows only what God placed there is there. And as you change minds, you don’t have to change any of the forms.

The changing of minds is the change of consciousness. The changing of minds is the place where the Comforter comes unto you. This new mind is the Comforter because it dissolves the world mind. When the Christ mind is in you, when you are standing fast in it, aware that only Truth can be present, only Reality can be present, that that which is imperfect is unreal and therefore only exists in the mind that perceives it, no where else, then you can face the fire and the flood, the tidal wave and the inclement weather and the unfortunate situations. You can face every catastrophe, knowing that in your Christ mind these do not exist. Your Christ mind breaks the veil of hypnosis. Your Christ mind lives in the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. And it is your function in that Christ mind to transform every false outer appearance by resting in the conscious awareness that the Comforter within me can be trusted. The Comforter can be trusted to reveal God’s present Kingdom where the human mind was revealing the false concept called world.

Now this is the importance then of John 17 to us. We’re being lifted into a new mind. A mind which knows the Father, which is the instrument for the Father, which doesn’t stand there denying the world but is actively bringing forth that which is of the Father. Never accepting untruth as being present or possibly present.

And so, corporeality, material form, material objects, material conditions, all these which are perishable and not of the Father, in the Christ mind, are not accepted as being present.

We come to that Power, that Christ power which is perfect Power as being the only present activity. No matter what activity appears visibly in your Christ mind, you know that only Christ power is present and that when you know this, you are knowing the Truth which will reveal the presence of that Christ power.

Your function is not to go beyond knowing the Truth. The Truth will make you free but you will not know the Truth in a human mind. You will know it in your Christ mind and it will make you free. It will reveal the Self that was born of a Virgin immaculately, the Self that did not depend on human conception, the Self that did not begin with your birth certificate, the Self that does not end with your death certificate, the Self that is independent of the world that is not the creation of God. That is the high place to which the Christ is leading us now.

I can assure you that once you can identify Truth and untruth, boldly, and stand on that which is untrue is not here, you’ll find that there are times when you’ll lack the confidence to do that and you’ll find there are times when your words seem as if they’re just words without any realization behind them and you will also find that there are times when there’s no power in your words. But you still must make that step until your words are not just words, until they are backed with discernment, until they are substantial, until they are borne out of conviction, until you feel a Spiritual awareness and then you discover you’re not uttering words but the Word is functioning itself through you. And there’s a backbone to it, a Spiritual backbone and then you will discover you have opened the way to the Christ mind. These are the footsteps you take.

We become receptive only to Truth, responsive only to Truth. That which is untrue cannot awaken a response from you. You do not react to that which is untrue. It isn’t there. So, become Truth conscious because Truth in consciousness dissolves the world mind and dissolves the presentations of the world mind which are anti-Christ. If you’re not in this new Christ mind, you’re in the world mind which is the anti-Christ mind. This is the separation from the Kingdom.

I think the Master will accentuate these points now so that we can clearly grasp that unless I am responsive only to Truth, and consciously, every moment, looking at everything I see and touch, knowing the Truth or untruth about it, consciously, continuously, I will be forced in some way to accept and respond to the world mind. I will respond to sickness and suffering. I will think that things are bad today but they’ll be better tomorrow. I will think that time is running short. I’ll be capable of all kinds of human equivocations because if I am not conscious of Truth, untruth will make me conscious of it.

World mind is unceasing and continuous and it controls our thoughts subconsciously, invisibly, involuntarily so that our thoughts as human beings are never our own. We think they are. All our human thoughts are not our own. Our thoughts are never our own until we become conscious of Truth and then the thoughts that come through us are not the involuntary thoughts of the world mind. They are the thoughts of the Father, the invisible angels, the purifiers, the Light. And they lead us to our new glory.

I,” says the outer Jesus, “Will go away now.” The outer Jesus represents the visible activity of the Christ but the visible activity of the Christ is not enough. We must be turned now to the invisible activity. The invisible activity of Jesus is the invisible Christ. We must be turned to the invisible Christ of our own Being. We must be turned to be taught directly by the Father. All must be taught by the Father within through the Christ mind. The Christ mind listening to the Father, instead of the human mind listening to the world mind. A complete new system, a complete new way of life for the Christ mind listens to God, the human mind listens to the world mind. The Christ mind lives in the Kingdom of God. The human mind lives in the world. The Christ mind lives in eternity. The human mind lives in time. The Christ mind lives in Reality. The human mind lives in its own thought concept.

We’re being lifted out of the human mind, dependence on the human mind, dependence on human authorities with human minds, to our own Christ mind which receives the bread of Life, the Power, the Wisdom, the Truth, the Love, the Infinity of God. Our Christ mind is the heir to all that God has and the Christ itself is turning us to that Christ mind.

Now it’s saying, “Have ye that mind which I am demonstrating on this earth as being independent of all form, independent of death, independent of body, independent of human circumstance, independent of matter, independent of time and space. There is such a mind. It is your mind. Have ye that mind.”

And to get to know it, to live in it, look at all things and separate them, the sheep from the goats, the Truth from the untruth, the wheat from the chaff. Respond only to Truth. To that which is untruth, pay no mind. Respond not. It has no power because it is not there. Untruth has no power. All power is in Truth and when you have trained yourself to respond only to Truth, you discover the non-power of untruth, the non-power of disease, the non-power of pain, the non-power of suffering, the non-power of lack, the non-power of limitations and that non-power means that because Abundance is present, that which presents lack cannot present a real lack.

There is no real lack. There is no power on earth to create a real lack. There is no power on earth to move away Abundance . It is present and that is the Truth. That is the meaning of non-power. Abundance is present. That is Truth. God is present and God is Abundance therefore lack of Abundance is impossible. You simply have no capacity to see the Abundance in the human mind or to experience the Abundance or to be an instrument through which the Abundance appears in the human mind. But in the Christ mind, the Abundance is made visible as loaves and fishes coming from the sky, gold in the fishes’ mouth, a raven feeding Elijah. That which is the need fulfilled is the evidence that Abundance is always present, that the Grace of the Father is always our sufficiency without exception in all things. But if we think that there is a power to remove that Abundance, we’re not in Truth. That is the Law. In all things my Grace is thy sufficiency. There is no power to remove the sufficiency.

Then why don’t we experience it? We’re in the wrong mind. We’re in the mind which cannot receive the sufficiency. It has no capacity to see the fine print. No capacity through which Spirit can flow because it’s a mind made of a physical brain, of physical senses. Spirit does not flow through physicality.

The Christ mind is not made of a physical brain and physical senses. It is the mind of Spirit and the Spirit of God flows through the Christ mind and the sufficiency appears as the need fulfilled.

Non-power means that whatever denies the presence of that sufficiency is a lie and has no capacity to remove that sufficiency. You can be in dire poverty and that sufficiency is there. You can be in dire famine and the sufficiency is there. There is no power to remove it but you cannot experience it until you know the Truth that it is there and then rest in the knowledge that because it is here, that which says, “It is not here,” it is not here. You have differentiated between the wheat and the tare. You have isolated the Truth. Sufficiency is here. Food is here. That which I need is here. The rent is here. The harmony is here. The beauty is here. The peace is here. The Truth is here. The perfection in all of my Being is here. I’m not fooled into being this temporary mortal self.

You’re lifted back up into your only and eternal Self. And your eternal Self is here even though the world mind, echoed through the human mind makes you appear as if you’re not eternal Being. You cannot remove your eternal Self and the knowledge that your eternal Self is here reveals that there is no power to remove it.

We must know there is no power to remove the presence of God. It’s just a matter of being in that mind which is willing to be trained until you release the creature mind.

In our meditation before we have a short recess, let us take the subject which is true; that God is my sufficiency in all things and see that this Truth never changes. There are two minds that look at it, the mind which is not mine and cannot see this Truth and comprehend it and that developed state of mind called Christ mind which is automatically in this One Divine Father. It is the very mind of the Father and it is ever fulfilling Itself, effortlessly through Grace.

One mind knows only the power of Grace, the power of the Father and the other mind thinks there are other powers and by these so-called other powers, it is hypnotized into the belief that there is a power that can keep Grace away, push it aside, that something besides Grace is present. That mind, you must learn is not mine at all. It is the pretender. It is not the mind of God, the creation of God and when you have that mind still, you find you are lifted into Christ mind.

When the false mind is still, I am in my Father without a second. The Father is my Father, your Father. There is only one Father, not two. There are no human fathers in Reality. There is only the eternal Father, Spirit of God. That is my Father. That is the knowledge in the Christ mind. God is my Father and God is the Father of the one who calls himself my father. God is the Father of the one who calls himself my son. We have one Father. That is what the Christ mind knows and we are all heirs because we have one Father. We are heirs to all that is in the Kingdom of God here, now because the Father said so.

As Christ Jesus taught, my Father and your Father so the Christ mind in us accepts my Father and your Father are one Father. We are all the activity of God on earth. Nothing is withheld. The fullness of God Being is always where we are. Whatever denies this is not only untrue but is not even present but seems to be. All that could be present is that which is of God.

You put up your sword and you stand on this without defense, without reaction, without response to the invading thought no matter what it says. It has no power. All power is in the awareness that God is present now without a sword, without a plan, without a defense, without a scheme. You already have all that God has, here and now. All that I have is thine, here and now. It is a Truth that never changes. There is no power on earth to change it. It is true now. And in your Christ mind you rest in this Truth and then you have found the inner Comforter who expresses God on earth as it is in heaven.

Whatever you need, I, the Christ mind already Am. Rest in me. Whatever you need, I Am. This is the Comforter within you, assuring you. Whatever you need, the Christ in you already is. Rest in who you are.

– End of Side One —-

Then you find you’re in the Christ mind because the words of the Father accepted open you to the Christ mind and that is how the realization of Truth comes. Truth is then realized and you can feel the inner Spiritual substance of the Truth.

Yes, God is my sufficiency. In all things. And it’s like the sunrise bursting, the inner realization that this is the Truth, a permanent Truth, an indestructible Truth until all doubt and fear become obsolete.

Always, God is the substance of my form, the sufficiency of my Being. Always, I am Divine governed, Divinely sustained, Divinely fed, Divinely directed.

There’s no shadow. There is only the pure Christ mind.

This meditation, that God is the substance, the sufficiency in all things, when realized, is another great key to that great emancipation that comes when you are in your Christ mind knowingly, consciously, independent of all world thought, all shadows of thought, all negatives, all that is unlike God. When the cripple, blind man, the deaf man to you are unreal, untrue and therefore not present but where they appear to be, the Christ mind of you knows the invisible Light of God.

Where lack appears, you know the invisible Abundance of God. Where discord appears, you know the invisible Harmony of God and this is how you break the back of the world mind.

I in the midst of you, I who am mighty, I take you into the Kingdom where you stand.

Silence, (pause) …

Before I forget it, in the chapter, “Revelation of Spiritual Identity,” which we brushed through to some extent today, Joel made a suggestion that we also look at the chapter in “The World is New” called “Conscious Union.” That’s chapter three in the book “The World is New,” and in as much as we’re going to stay with this chapter of Joel’s, at least another session, this will be a good time for you to look at “Conscious Union” in “The World is New,” chapter three in conjunction with “The Revelation of Spiritual Identity.”

Now as you read through this chapter nine, there was a place where there seemed to be a sudden turning in Joel. He had been discussing things of the world, it’s like a sort of a warm up. Suddenly he sort of became, you might say, impatient with the things of the world and there was an abrupt change into which he began to state things like the following:

If you die while still in material sense, you can only awaken in that same material sense, a materiality which can be greatly intensified. The belief in limitation with which you leave this plane becomes greater limitation, but the degree of freedom with which you leave here becomes greater freedom. The person who goes on from here in material sense, fearing, hating the experience, squeezing himself into it, finds himself more tightly bound than before the transition; whereas the person leaving this plane in spiritual light is wide open for the experience, open to receive more light, more light, more light, and thereby finds himself less fettered on emerging from this plane into his own new experience.”

Now, when I read this, the thought that struck me most was something similar that had been given to me within; that wherever you are now, you are merely your own thought appearing and you will always be your own thought appearing no matter where you are, on which side of the veil you are. You are either the thought that you entertain here as mortal or the thought that you entertain here as Immortal and where you go on the other side of what is called the veil is into the thought universe that you are entertaining. You always live in your own thought universe.

Every belief you have, is the universe in which you live. You are a thought form living in your own thought environment. The environment you have around you is your thought. That environment only changes as your thought changes. And if your environment is paradise, that will have to be your thought. It will not be while you’re thinking in terms of a material environment.

In this rising Christ mind, you become aware that Christ mind is not conscious, as you have been, of physical environment. Christ mind is not conscious, as you have been, of physical images. The Christ mind does not live in a physical body. The Christ mind does not live in a physical environment. And if to some degree you are aware now that you do not live in a physical body or in a physical environment, you have been touched by the Christ mind.

The importance of Joel’s statement is, that “As a man thinketh… so is he.”

Everything you’re doing, thinking, seeing, feeling, touching, experiencing is the quality of your own thought. And as that thought becomes more Divine, less world mind, more Christed, less creature, your universe is changing and being transformed into a Spiritual universe. And the lacks and limitations, the opposites, the vulnerabilities, the discords do not exist in that Spiritual universe. So, we’re learning to watch our thought, to identify Truth, to identify non-truth.

And now that we’ve come that far, we can say this; as you identify that which is untrue, remember this, the mind which has experienced that untruth is not a mind. The mind that experiences untruth is not a mind because the untruth is never present. Only Truth is present. The mind which experiences that which is not present but seems to be, is not a mind. It is as non-present as that which it experiences. When you experience non-truth, you’re experiencing it in a non-mind and the value then of seeing non-truth and identifying it, is now to take the step of saying, “Because this is non-truth, I will rest the mind that perceives this non-truth.” That’s all you do. Rest the mind that perceives that which is untrue. As you rest that mind, you are stepping out of the mind which is not the Christ mind.

And, as you continue this practice you find that as you perceive non-truth, your mind goes into a standstill. It looks at non-truth and rather than trying to change it, the mind sort of freezes. It sees non-truth without accepting it and now you’re coming to the place where you’re not even accepting the mind that perceives the non-truth. This is a delicate but important exercise.

When I perceive a non-truth, I’m perceiving it with a non-mind. Instead of changing the non-truth, I must stand in the stillness of the non-mind. You learn to practice the stillness of the non-mind. You begin to feel the activity of the real, the Christ mind.

Everything that is untrue, exists only in a mind that is untrue. When Joel says. “Get the axe at the roots,” and when the Master says in the Bible, “Agree with thine adversary,” they’re both saying get to the mind that perceives untruth. Don’t worry about the untruth. Just identify it. That’ll tell you you’re in a wrong mind.

And then when you’ve identified the wrong mind which is perceiving untruth, rest that mind. Be still. Take a sabbath. Fast from that mind and you find you have got to the root of the untruth. You have silenced the mind which is the instrument through which world mind is making you perceive an untruth. And your thoughts will be different. Your thoughts will change because they will not be the thoughts of that mind. Therefore, they will be thoughts of the Christ mind.

And then what Joel is telling us here that whatever universe we are in is our thought universe, you’ll find your universe is the universe of the Father. When Divine thought is flowing through you, you’re in Divine creation where the law is always perfection. Slowly perfection replaces the opposites of perfection and imperfection, of good and bad. Your universe changes because you learn to be still in the mind that has perceived untruth.

The false mind is nullified. The carnal mind ceases to have power. All its implied power ceases to function in your Being. When your carnal mind is still, the world carnal mind has no power to function in you.

Joel says, “The Soul or the life of an individual never dies.” Interesting is that he says the soul or life as if they were synonymous. “The Soul or the life of an individual never dies, nor does it lose its attained development.” So that as you are able now to be still in the mind that perceives untruth, first recognizing untruth and then being still in the mind that perceives that untruth, you’re attaining a new level of consciousness. You’re dying to the old. Being reborn to the new and whatever you’re reborn to will be a level that you never lose. You never lose your attained development.

Jesus the Christ who had this experience in full illumination still exists and lives not in any place but in and as consciousness. And since consciousness is infinite, he lives and exists in your consciousness and in mind.

Now, there’s a flat statement that in your consciousness and in mind, Jesus Christ now exists. If you haven’t had the benefit of that it’s because you have been in your human sense of mind which sees that which is untrue and that’s not your real consciousness. Your human sense of mind is not receiving the intelligence or love or wisdom of Jesus Christ but when you are still to untruth, you’ll find that you are in the Christ mind which does receive instruction. Possibly from Jesus Christ, possibly from others.

Joel goes on, “And it is within our power to receive light and instruction from that consciousness…. Gautama the Buddha still teaches, still performs his mighty works….in consciousness…in your consciousness, in my consciousness. We,” he says,” are being illumined and instructed by that state of consciousness and all who have attained illumination and left this plane fully illumined are right here where we are…facing us through our consciousness, and if we have not yet known that all spiritual light is embodied within our consciousness, we should become aware of it now.”

When Joel says ‘we,’ it’s often the editorial ‘we.’ He is telling us that he is being fed by the consciousness of Buddha, the consciousness of Jesus Christ and the consciousness of other illumined individuals who have ceased to appear physically on the earth but who are present and function and teach through consciousness.

But Joel has already gone past the point of living in untruth, of being tempted into the belief that untruth is possible. He has stilled the mind which was in untruth and therefore he is in pure Consciousness and in pure Consciousness, you are taught by those who have walked on before us into pure illumination.

And so, an added advantage of stilling the mind to untruth is that you open the Christ mind which now instead of being limited to what the human mind thinks it knows, receives Infinite wisdom from Infinite source and is constantly in the Light of those who have attained the highest degree of awareness in the universe. You are taught direct from illuminated souls, instead of through the channel of the human mind.

This is where revelation comes from and this is another meaning of the Comforter. Another meaning of the Comforter will be the Voice. When within, the Voice speaks, that is the Comforter within. When you receive instruction, sometimes the individual will identify himself. Jesus Christ will identify himself at certain times if you receive instruction from him. And people you may never have heard of will instruct you and identify themselves. Not always, but Joel didn’t make this statement because they didn’t identify themselves. He made this statement because they have.

And so, the livingness of Spirit is not a matter of guesswork to those who are living in Spirit. And if we’re not receiving our instruction this way from within, we are very limited and we are forced into false judgments about things that we cannot discern.

All of us should have, as part of our goal, that clarity of consciousness which is not in material form, not in material objects, not in material conditions, so independent of the material consciousness that we can receive instruction from on high. And if we can maintain this inner listening by always identifying Truth and always identifying untruth and knowing untruth is not there, we will find that we accelerate our capacity to be taught from on high. We deepen our consciousness. The lines of communication become more infinite, more diversified and more immediate so that now, now becomes very important. Always now your line of communication is open because you are living in Truth and Truth is always self-fulfilling.

Now is the Presence. Now are you the Divine Son. Now is the Spirit of God fulfilling itself where you stand. Now is the Spirit of God the invisible identity of everyone you know. Now is Truth omnipresent. It never is budged away. Now is Peace everywhere. That is the Christ mind in you accepting God everywhere now, in all his fullness. In the complete fullness of God everywhere your Christ mind rests with confidence.

Trusting Truth, it always be present everywhere, never moved away, never changed, never altered, never yielding its position for nothing else exists. And you’ll find the illumined ones are teaching you to the level of your capacity to receive, to the willingness, to the level of your willingness to obey, until you’re ready not to hear words anymore but to go forth and do the living acts of commitment. To let the Christ which speaks within prove Itself in the without, using you as the instrument.

There’s really only one freedom in all this world,” says Joel. “Freedom from the belief in good and evil.” That’s an astounding statement. “When we are free of that,” he says, “We are truly free of physical, mental, moral and financial limitations.”

Now, if we were take this, just as he says it, that when you’re free of the belief in good and evil, you’re free, it would have to mean then that there is no good to believe in and there is no evil to believe in. These are human thoughts. When you don’t believe in good and you don’t believe in evil, what do you believe in? You believe in Truth. You believe that only Truth exists. There are no degrees of Truth. There’s not good truth and then bad truth. Truth is good the way God is good. Of course, Truth is good but it’s always good. It’s not a variable. There’s no such thing as a variable good.

What good is health if it’s only good health? That’s a variable. It’s good health when you’re twenty years old and it’s bad health when you’re seventy-five years old. That’s not good. How could good health become bad health. It cannot. That’s because we made the mistake of calling it good health. It became bad health because it never was good health. But if you’re in Truth at the age of twenty or at the age of seventy-five you’re the very same Self. You’re the Life that is the Spirit of God. And if your consciousness rests in the knowledge that I am that Life, you’re in Truth. That Life is not good today and bad tomorrow. That Life is always that Life and that Life has no age in it. There’s no twenty and seventy-five in that Life and that is Truth. Unchanging. When we accept the Truth then we must reject the untruth. I am not changing Life. I am Divine Life. I don’t have the belief in a good which can become a bad. You see, if you’re working on a level of a good that can become a bad, you’re still in the human mind and you’re not differentiating between Truth and untruth.

Any good that can become a bad is not Divine. Truth is Divine. There is nothing that can be true if it is not Divine. The only Truth must be Divine Truth. And there’s no good that becomes a bad in Divine Truth and therefore you drop the belief.

I’m not interested in good health, anymore than I’m interested in bad health. I’m not interested in that which is um-divine. And so, right where the good health seems to be or the bad health seems to be, the Christ mind is where you rest. That mind which was seeing good health or bad health is where you’re still, until the Christ mind says, “Here is the invisible Life of God, always perfect as the Father.”

Then you’re looking past the good and the bad. You have dropped the belief in good and bad. Joel says, “This is the only freedom. The only freedom is when you overcome the belief in good and evil.”

You come to that which is eternal. You live in the eternal Truth and your Consciousness being in the eternal Truth, that is what you manifest. Anyone who knows Joel knows that at the age of seventy-four, he wasn’t what we would call a seventy-four-year old. Anyone who has the Spirit is never thinking in those terms or showing it in human terms. Anyone who is in the Spirit is not in the good or the bad but is in the eternal and the eternal is manifesting as the present harmony, the now harmony.

Don’t be fooled by good and bad. Anything that is not Divine is a temptation to keep you in the mind that is not the Christ mind. The anti-Christ mind lives in the belief in good and bad. It doesn’t know it’s an anti-Christ mind and so it’s always trying to make the bad into the good. It’s never going to the root. It’s never agreeing with its adversary. It’s never seeing that the same world mind which presents the bad is the mind that presents the good. It’s always presenting the transient and making us label it good and bad.

The Christ mind looks at the transient and says, “You were not created by God therefore you are not Truth.” What God creates is eternal and you go directly to Source, to Reality, to the Invisible, Spiritual Selfhood that is there. That is where you rest in Consciousness. That is where you accept your Self at all times.

And you find, you’re not stigmatized with the ups and downs of good and bad. It may not be as spectacular for you as others but you’ll find there’s an even keel of sureness. An even keel of health; not up and down, not tragedy one day and sublimity the next but an even keel. Spirit maintaining even that which appears in the visible.

So, it is with every other facet of life, as we have seen it in the human sphere. When you are accepting the Spiritual identity behind the visible without the judgment of this being good or bad, resting in your Christ mind that only that which is of the Father can be your Life, the Life of all you know, you find your life is manifesting those qualities of the Father which you have accepted as being present now. That becomes your thought and then your visible manifestation.

Good must be overcome. Evil must be overcome. Only that which is Divine is Real. Never variable. Not changing with years. Not perishing. Not deteriorating. Not good today and something else tomorrow but always pure, perfect invisible Spirit seen through the human mind which cannot discern the Spirit that is there.

We’re sowing to the Spirit which opens the Christ mind. “There’s no life,” says Joel, “but the Life of God.”

If you think you’ve got another life, you’re in the anti-Christ mind. If you know anyone who has another life, you’re still in the anti-Christ mind. There’s no life but the Life of God. Whether it’s a twelve-year old girl who seems to be dying, that the Christ has to say now, “Awake little girl.” Or whether it’s your twelve-year old or whether its you, your life is always the Life of God. And if that Truth is not firmly embedded in your consciousness, you’re in the untruth.

You have no other life. You see how by facing the Truth, accepting it, protecting the sure knowledge of it against all invading thought, you keep all of the weeds of falsity out of your consciousness. Your life is the Life of God and any word, thought or deed, in you which denies that is untruth. You are eternal Being. Unless you accept yourself as eternal Being, you are rejecting yourself to be the Life of God.

Now, can the Life of God be good today and bad tomorrow? Is the Life of God ever sick or lacking? The human concept is what is sick or lacking. The Life of God is as perfect tomorrow as today – has ever been perfect. You don’t have a past which is black or a past that you have to bury or a past that you have to want to hide from people and you haven’t committed any great sins because your life has always been the Life of God.

You see, we wash ourselves clean of all misbelief, of all untruth. We can’t linger in a past that was inglorious if we are the Life of God. We see that was all part of growing up into Spiritual awareness out of the false mind of the world into the knowledge of identity.

Again, Joel states, “That is why you will learn that there is no such thing as young life or old life. There is only life, and it is an immortal and eternal life [from] which we cannot escape by dying.”

You cannot even escape from Life because that’s your name. It’s forever. This must become Consciousness.

It is true that our physical body is left for burial or cremation, but actually it is not our body that is left,” says Joel. “It’s [our concept that is left,] our concept of what body is.

And then the reminder which we all seem to turn away from. “We are not now in the body at all; we never were and we never can be. We exist separate and apart from the body, but we use the body as an instrument.” And when the day comes for us to lay down the body, it’s because we’re ready for another experience. We will not then be bodiless. Through our consciousness we will have built for ourselves another body. We will never be without a body even if a person should learn how to travel through the air without an airplane. He will find that he is still embodied.

Now, I feel the statement is Joel’s statement that he has done just that. Of course, you know Christ did travel through the air without an airplane. And so, I feel we’re being told here that we are learning to develop that body which is not of weight, of density, of texture, of size and shape but is a body which moves through what may be called the invisible without aid of any physical transportation.

I feel this statement was injected with a purpose to tell you that that is the nature of the true body of the Soul. After all, how are you going to travel without a physical body? There’s going to come a day when you don’t have one. How are you going to move? You’re going to have a body that can move even though it’s not a physical body. And that body is not going to require physical assistance but we’re learning now that if we’re not in this body – but we are always embodied – we must be in another body right now. We must be in a body which is capable of just that right now, a body that moves without necessity of physical aid from another source. There is such a body. It is the Christ body. It is the body that walks on water. It is the body that steps on a ship and then the ship is on the shore without a minute’s delay. It is the body that transcends time and space and the force of gravity.

And in the Christ mind, you experience that Christ body. It is the body that knows no death. It is the body that you move in your transition from physicality to the Spiritual universe. It is the body that was not born in the mother’s womb. It is the body that Jesus claimed by saying, “Woman what have I to do with thee?” It is the body that we are being led to. It’s the fine print again. You have such a body but your human mind cannot discern it. Only your Christ mind is aware of that body and can function that body. That body cannot function except in the Christ mind.

All good and evil is a barrier to the knowledge of the invisible body of the Soul. Anything that keeps us lingering in the finite sense of life, the changing sense of life, the perishable sense of life, the mortal, human, non-divine sense of life prevents our preparation for the sublime transition while still appearing here in the flesh.

We’re not talking about going to heaven tomorrow or going to heaven after we die. We’re talking about living in this Christ body here and now. The Comforter will prepare us for that. The Comforter will bring us into remembrance of all things of the Christ body, the glory we had with the Father before the world was. We are going to be opened up to be aware of the fullness of our own Being.

Now, if you know Joel, you know that he can talk for forty minutes on one subject but he’ll always find a way to slide in what he’s really getting toward and then there’s an accumulation of these little recurring implications until those who are ready are able to receive that inner teaching which is behind all of the words he speaks.

And so, it is with the Christ in the Bible, just as with the Christ in Joel, it is always lifting you to a fuller realization of the Truth of your own Selfhood. It is showing that the Immaculate Conception revealed by Jesus Christ on earth is the Truth of you. That there is a Self which emanates from God and is God and that God is the Selfhood expressing where you now appear to be. And as the false mind is dissolved and the Christ mind replaces it, you become aware of that great Truth that you are the living Son of God. And as such, imperishable.

In the Life of God, I in the Father and the Father in me, suddenly, your true Self is discerned and the Light of the Father, from that moment on, continues to be the Emanation, the guiding Light, the Food, the Law, the Substance and the Power that governs all you do.

Joel said that his mission on earth, given to him from within, was not to bring illumination to one person or ten but that his mission was to release the world from the carnal mind. That the Christ may be seen to be the identity of each individual who walks the earth. He felt that he had reached the point where this was assured within a short time. He said so. And if we can trust his words to be the words of the Christ then it is true that within a short time each individual will either realize he is the Christ and lives in the Christ body or he will not know this and there will be a turning over, a new age. There will be an age in which those who have come into the realization of Christ will walk in their Christ Self, will make a transition out of this world into a universe which is called the first heaven. Actually, it’s the fifth heaven, there being the fifth, sixth and seventh.

But our transition into this fifth heaven only comes about through the realization that I must now be still in the mind that is not, the mind that perceives untruth and awake in the mind that is Christ mind which perceives the invisible heavens of the Father here on earth.

I think we, to some extent, are feeling a degree of that more positively, more confidently and I think you may find in today’s lesson, you have travelled a long distance. You will find that as you can identify Truth and untruth, a stability within you grows. Signs that follow deepen your confidence and then the word “Peace” becomes significant. You find you have that Peace because you are confident that some way or another, something in you knows the way and you know that something is working. “My peace I give unto you,” becomes meaningful, a new Peace. It’s a Peace born of confidence, of Christ experience. A Peace that you begin to suspect makes you independent of the changing world of form. You are emerging in your true Self.

This is the peace that is meant when the Christ says, “My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.” This is the peace that we are coming into. It’s the new foundation of Truth that we live in. Christ mind, accepted and lived in, brings that Peace and the world ceases to have power.

For my Peace flows to him who is in the Christ mind and my Peace is your Grace, your sufficiency. No matter what appears in the world, my Grace flows through your Christ mind to be the manifestation of every need and as that is flowing and you experience it, you know “The peace… that passeth all understanding.”

Infinite Way,” says Joel, “is preparing consciousness for the day when no one will have to think in terms of a carnal mind because there will not even be the temptation of the carnal mind there.”

Now, that carnal mind, remember is the universal world mind. “There will be no universal world mind there.” That is a statement from Joel.

What does he mean when he says “there”? Does he mean in this world? No. When there is no universal world mind here it won’t be this world. He’s talking about the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. When the world mind isn’t here, there is no world here. He’s talking about our transitional experience in which we pass out of the world mind and we awaken in the Spiritual universe where there is no world mind. “Infinite Way…. is preparing consciousness for the day when no one will have to think in terms of a carnal mind because there will not even be the temptation of a carnal mind here.”

In that state of mysticism, the individual will no longer have to impersonalize. You won’t have to talk about there’s no form there or there’s form there because there won’t be a form there. There won’t be matter. There is no matter in the Christ universe. Is this five hundred years away? You’re not going to make transition five hundred years from now. This is in our transition out of untruth into Truth because in a God realized Consciousness, there is no evil to behold. In that state of mind, evil has no Reality. It has no power, law, person, no cause. That mind which was also in Christ Jesus can look at your particular Pilate and say, “Thou hast no power.” That mind can look at the cripple and say, “What did hinder thee?” Can look at the blind man and say, “Open your eyes.” In that state of Consciousness there are no opposing powers because “I and my Father are one.” God is recognized as the Self of everyone.

I wouldn’t want these to be just nice sounding words. They’ve got to be experienced.

In the Bible, the Christ says, “I will not leave thee comfortless.” That means when you have overcome all reliance on a human consciousness, someone will be there to be your consciousness and it is I, who will not leave you comfortless. I, the Christ mind, will be there when you have moved out of your reliance on human mind, when you have stilled the human mind which sees untruth, you’re moving out of there and you’re opening to the Christ mind which knows only Truth which can never leave you comfortless because It is the very mind of God.

Now, we’re going to deepen again by continuing in this fourteenth chapter, by intensifying in chapter nine, “Spiritual Identity Revealed” and by looking at Joel’s chapter in “The World is New” called “Conscious Union” – putting it all together and this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to study the nature of the Christ mind. How will you know if you’re in Christ mind? Everything that tells you you’re in Christ mind should be known to us so that we can say. “Because this is what I believe I must be in Christ mind.” And we must know the nature of the carnal mind. We just cut it right down the middle; this is Christ mind, this is carnal mind – so that we can recognize where we are and who we are. And every time we find ourselves in carnal mind, be still. We’re coming to that place where we can identify the carnal mind, where we can look out at anything and say, “That is the world mind appearing as. And that is carnal mind. That is not Christ mind.” And every time you identify what is carnal mind you can put another niche in your belt. You have come closer to Truth.

The more we keep identifying untruth the more we be alert to it. You see what we’re coming to now is we’re not saying that form isn’t there, that disease isn’t there. We’re looking at it and we’re seeing that carnal mind has placed something there and carnal mind which has placed something there isn’t there itself. You’re beginning to see the nothingness of the carnal mind and its method of operation. Though invisible, it places a form before you. Though invisible it places a disease before you. Though invisible it places a limitation or a lack before you. You say, “That’s a disease, that’s a lack, that’s a limitation,” and that’s not true. That’s carnal mind placing these things before you. That’s the disguise of the carnal mind and that carnal mind is your mind. Get out of it. Take all of the diseases and see they’re not different diseases. They’re just one carnal mind making different presentations. Identify all that is untrue as carnal mind and then get out of carnal mind by being still in the human mind and you’re in Christ mind, the miracle worker which replaces carnal mind presentation with the Christ mind presentation which is the image and likeness of God.

We’re looking past all of the so-called problems at the cause of them which is carnal mind. The invisible carnal mind projecting these things into appearance using your mind as the guinea pig. The proper identification gets the axe to the root of the problem to the cause of the false appearance and by identifying the false Father of these false causes, these false effects; you have agreed with your adversary. You have come to that place where you can say, “I know what that is, that’s carnal mind appearing as this problem or that problem, or that disease or that illness.” And the answer is never to change the illness or the disease but to get into the Christ mind. When you’re in the Christ mind, you have overcome the carnal mind and its complete presentation of the falsities of the world.

Now, we hope this is another stride today. If you feel a growing, deepening confidence, it is another stride. Give yourself a couple of days of working with it and you’ll find that is exactly what’s going to happen. We’ll be silent now.

I’m interested in Truth. Nothing else. What is Truth? Truth is of God. Whatever is not true has no existence, for it is not of God, therefore it is not here. All I need do is look at it and know that it isn’t here. It is being presented to me by a carnal mind which also is not here. I can be still. There is no power in that which is not here. I’m in the one Power, the power of God. What God did not place here does not have power.

As we move in this direction faithfully, you will find you are anointed from within. The Spirit descends and it blesses you.

And so thank you again to my many wonderful friends.

You are in a state of meditation and within you the Voice says, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Suppose you heard this within, “If you love me, keep my commandments.”

It’s very unlikely that you would ever forget it. It is also very unlikely that you would disobey. You would know this is the voice of the Father within, I am being instructed from on high that the way to the kingdom of God on earth is to be receptive to the inner Voice, be obedient, to be obedient, not out of a sense of duty, not out of a sense of fear, but out of a sense of the rightness of it. Of the love of Truth, of the joy of being taught by the Infinite. And you would say to yourself, ”What are the commandments that I am to follow?” And because the Voice which speaks within you always goes before you, it would present to you those commandments which you are to follow. It would further elaborate that all of the Bible speaks one message; to join you in conscious union with your own Immortal Spirit.

That Word which is the Word in the beginning, with the Father, is your Immortal Spirit. And that’s all the Bible has been trying to do for us; that’s all those who have come to earth Christed, aware, enlightened, have tried to do – to awaken us to the fact that our own Immortal Spirit is the key. No person, no idol, no outer teaching. All these may be ways to awaken you in some way to the Presence of your own Immortal Spirit. And when you are awakened to it, you are ready to obey the commandments of your own Spirit. You as a human being, can never obey the commandments of Christ. And the only way you will obey them is to be united with your Spirit that’s becoming the Son of man instead of son of the woman. And then as the Son of man, one with the eternal Spirit, the very Spirit of your own Being from the Infinite flows through guiding, leading, dissolving that remnant of human consciousness which still believes in a material world of material objects and material conditions which are not the Father’s creation.

And so we are opening ourselves to our own Spirit learning how it is to be in Oneness with that which is everlasting. And as we begin to accept the challenge of obedience only to Spirit, we walk in a different universe than the world around us. We may be seen in it, we may act in it, we may even be an effect in it but something else is functioning in us and through us and as us, that is unseen. It is that Immortal Spirit that we are.

If you love Me – your Immortal Spirit – obey my commandments. Your Immortal Spirit which wrote the Bible, which functioned on earth as Christ Jesus, which functions on earth as your identity, must have commandments for you or It would not instruct you to obey them. And you find that these commandments are not in yesterday, they are not only commandments issued on the earth in a previous era. The commandments of the Immortal Spirit are continuous and they are within you now. To obey my commands then is the call to withiness. It is the call of Spirit to Spirit, saying, “Turn ye and with joy, with anticipation, with the sure knowledge that I am not separated from you by space or time. That there is no distance between us, that I am a present Spirit, a now Spirit, a here Spirit. It says, “Rest back on the sea of your own Spirit.”

With confidence, with trust, with the awareness that this is the way. And you will receive my commandments. You will receive those secret impulses that come up only to those who are listening, aware. Not in a dream consciousness, but conscious that present where they are is the Spirit of God, now, always, without ceasing. And then you are lifting yourself out of the dream consciousness, reminding yourself that you are not a human consciousness but where you are is your spiritual Consciousness present now, waiting to be obeyed, to be listened to, to be worshipped. And it’s just like turning the channel of your TV set to another. “No, I am not a creature consciousness. I am not a dream consciousness. I will listen to my Immortal Consciousness.”

You’re in your overdrive, your back where you belong; listening, ready, willing to be fed from within by My continuous commandments within you.

And this is the call to withiness which opens an infinite method of communication for Infinite Spirit which indwells us all to guide us in its own Divine plan. In this Oneness with the Infinite we are in conscious union with God, we are one with Source, we are one with All cause and we are one with All that is. As you touch God now where you are, in Consciousness, knowing that God is All, that God is Infinite you are touching All that God is everywhere.

And in that Oneness with God where you are now, you instantly are one with God everywhere and you are in a position to obey the commandments of the Father. If God is not where you are, in your consciousness, you can never obey the Divine commandments. You are separated and you are unaware of God presence. “But if you love Me, if you love the Father, if you love the Spirit, if you love the Truth, if you love Life put yourself in the position of being conscious that God is where you are.”

And in that union, in that realization, All that God is everywhere is where you are. And wherever God is you are. You are transplanted out of a dot, a point; a limited, finite area; a lacking, limited consciousness. And you are in the Divine flow. The Divine Consciousness individualizing where you are functions as your very Selfhood; flowing, overflowing and Truth fulfills Itself.

You do not fulfill Divine commandments as a mortal being in a human mind. It cannot be done. You cannot sit there and say, “God now you tell me and I will do it.” The mortal consciousness must be dissolved in the knowledge that here is God, here is Divinity, here is Divine Consciousness, and it is one with Itself everywhere. No mortal consciousness is present.

And then we need no words. All responsibility is gone from your mortal consciousness; you are not depending on it. You are letting the Divine fulfill Itself. You are letting the Father within actually perform, perfect and do, all that must be done. You are removing human will, human desire, human ambition, human fear, human doubt; you are removing humanhood in all its completeness and all its incompleteness. You are accepting your own Immortal Spirit as identity. Immortal Spirit is the only one who fulfills the commands of Immortal Spirit. You can only fulfill the words of Christ by being Christ.

And therefore in order to fulfill the words of Christ you are forced to that position where having failed to fulfill those words, you finally come to the only place where you can fulfill them; the Christ that must fulfill these words, I am.

You are joined with your Immortal Spirit, forever. For this is the meaning of Grace and Life eternal.

We see Christ as the identity of all. We know the Immortal Spirit stands where the form seems to be and therefore in the obeying of the commandment, “Acknowledge me in all thy ways,” and the obeying of the commandment, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” we never deny the Immortal Spirit as the Presence where the form appears to be.

There stands the Immortal Spirit invisible where the form appears to be. Here where I stand, is the Immortal Spirit where the form appears to be. The Allness of Spirit is the command of “Acknowledge me in all thy ways,” and therefore to fulfill that command you must acknowledge the Allness of Spirit everywhere. When you are not acknowledging the Allness of Spirit everywhere you are crucifying God. You are crucifying Spirit in your consciousness. You can only acknowledge the Presence of Spirit or you crucify its Presence. That means there is no second presence.

We are training ourselves to live in the conscious awareness of the Presence of Spirit. And to further comply with the statement, “If you love me, obey my commandments,” we know that every time we accept a condition that is not present in Spirit we are denying the Presence of Spirit. When you accept an imperfection – because there is no imperfection in Spirit – you are saying that “Spirit is not present.”

Every form of imperfection, every fear, every quiver of doubt, every concern, every limitation, every lack is a denial that Spirit is present. And so we can never accept in consciousness the lacks, the limitations, the imperfections; we cannot even accept fulfillment in time. Spirit is already fulfilled. We must accept, I am already fulfilled, because that is the acceptance of Spiritual identity. The appearance may not show it but the appearance is not what we judge by. My Immortal Spirit is fulfilled and Self fulfilling and in the acceptance of it, I accept that I am now Self fulfilled.

I cannot have lingering beliefs in lack or limitation while I am accepting Spiritual identity.

And you continue in this vein knowing whatever you seem to need – every need that you have – is a denial of Spiritual identity. You have no need. The you that has a need is the dream consciousness and therefore whenever you have a need, it is a sign that you are not in Spiritual identity. What can Spirit need if Spirit is all?

You can go a step further and an important step, whenever you feel a need, it is time to realize that this which needs is not my Self. Whatever needs is not Me. Whatever lacks is not Me. Whatever is limited is not Me. Whatever is imperfect is not Me. Whatever is faulty or defective is not Me. And as you know, that these imperfections, lacks and limitations are not you and are not part of your Being, you are again obeying the commandment of loving the Spirit of God beyond all else. Loving God supremely. Not crucifying God while you declare you lack and you are limited. Because the you who lacks is never You.

Every error, every evil, every problem, every suffering, every pain does not occur ever in You.

And when you step out of that false you which experiences these things you are obeying again that commandment, “If you love me, obey my commandments.” You are upholding the one true, eternal Spirit as the only.

And when you do, and especially those who have had the experience of doing so, know there is a moment of Truth testing, when the very Christ in you walks out testing the very Truth It has spoken through you, confirming to you that what It has said is the Truth. That when you accept no power because only Spirit is power, you discover the Truth that there is no power but your own Immortal Spirit. You discover too, that you are Self complete. Your Spirit being All, your Spirit embodying all that Spirit is, all that you need is present in your spiritual Self. The moment you declare a need, you are declaring your incompleteness and you are declaring your unspiritual identity.

And so we begin to be very careful of what we accept in consciousness. The acceptance of that which is not my Self is the way I deny what I am. These are some of the ways that we learn to love the Father. You can see that it is a complete denial of personal sense or it is a denial of Spiritual identity. We’re not trying to ride both horses.

Now in your silence, you may have discovered that you are not able to really attain the right quality of silence. And that is because the mission of Christ is to enable us to break through the world mind. And while you’re being silent, the world mind is not being silent and there is this inner conflict between the world mind and your attempt at silence. And although you may have a high state of mental discipline and a strong human will and a great idea of being dedicated, you cannot humanly break the world mind. Only the advent of Christ in you, the Light, breaks the darkness. And therefore the silence which is only a stillness of your mind to some degree, may not penetrate deeply enough to release in you the Light of Christ. That Light which alone breaks the world mind. And you may find your silence not productive.

But you can release the Light of Christ through silence when you are consciously practicing the presence of Christ everywhere. If you have not practiced I, Christ everywhere, you do not have the leverage in that silence.

Now last week, last Sunday, we had a little exercise which those who were present learned to practice this week. And it was quite unusual. I here, am the Life of that one there. I am the identity of that one there: and that one isn’t there because I, the Spirit of God is there and that is my name.

And so we practiced this week. We took one individual, we took a loved one, and we rested in the knowledge that I am the identity of that person there which happens to either be my husband or my wife or my child or my mother – but they are not there. The Immortal Spirit is there and that Immortal Spirit I am. And we live with that. Some of us tried it for three hours.

Now when you have attained a measure of awareness of that, you can quickly see that this is the Truth that exists where you are, for every individual on the earth. There is no individual on the earth who is not the Immortal Spirit of You. And until you are aware of that, until you have practiced the contemplation of that, until you have lived with that, your silence doesn’t deepen enough to permit the advent of the Christ. You see, a human being, being silent is just a physical exercise. But when you are aware that your Immortal Spirit being everywhere is all there is and that it’s never divided from Itself; that it is the Spirit of everyone that walks the earth, then you come full circle to the fact that wherever there is a form it is I, invisible. Every form you see is You. There’s not a form on this earth that is not your invisible Self.

God is the substance of every form. God is your Immortal Spirit. Your Immortal Spirit is the substance of every form. And when you are not practicing the knowledge that wherever form appears your Immortal Spirit is there, you are not loving God supremely and you are not obeying God’s commandments.

And so this becomes a very urgent practice. Yes, I see that person there but it is not a person – it is my Immortal Spirit. And now I cannot treat that person as a person. It is my Immortal Spirit. I cannot judge that person. I cannot condemn, I cannot in any way slur that individual. Why? Because that individual isn’t there. My invisible Self is there – the Immortal Spirit of God. Because God is All there is. The Allness of Spirit is what I am upholding. I am upholding my own Spiritual identity there, as well as here. And when you do this you begin to get your leverage.

It doesn’t matter who that individual is, a loved one or an enemy, friend or foe, Greek or Jew, white or black, Democrat or Republican, priest or rabbi, fool or genius; there, invisible is your Immortal Spirit and you make no differentiation. And when you learn this and live with this, the Spirit of God that you recognize there, recognizes you.

Then your silence is an Infinite silence. It is a silence of Spirit. Not just trying to black out a human mind. It’s the silence of Light. You’re in your Holy Mountain. You can be told your Everlasting Name. You can go from Glory to Glory because you are in the One: you are in conscious union with the One. The everywhere One, is your name.

The whole Bible is in this verse, “If you love me, obey my commandments.” And the whole Bible is in us.

So this week we have another exercise. As you have been able to practice for three hours that you are the identity of this loved one you worked on this week, now see that every form everywhere is your invisible identity. And don’t be fooled by that form even if it seems to, in some way, be unfriendly toward you. You’ll find it has many tricks to fool you, to make you think that You are not there invisibly where it appears. And if you can overcome the deception, simply by faith in the Word, you will be lifted higher and you’ll be lifted above the deception. And you will discover that your identity where that form appears begins to exert an invisible influence. A subtle, emanating activity.

It begins to bring the Divine influence to bear; not through your effort, not through your will, but simply through your recognition. We never make an effort to influence the Spirit in any way. We do not even ask the Spirit to make us a demonstration or give us a desired manifestation. We rest in the knowledge of unbroken Spirit everywhere as my identity. Everywhere you go, your Spirit is. And only your Spirit is there – your Spirit is the one inhabitant of the universe. Find a second and you will be separated from your own Spirit.

Now this is the one Spiritual identity that we learn to accept for ourselves and we know it to be that the identity of everyone who walks the earth. Every flea. Every fly. Every animal. Every bird. It is the identity behind all that appears in this world.

Who was your Father on this earth? Your own Self. Who was your mother on this earth? Your own Self. Who are your children on this earth? Your own Self. There is only one Self. You were all your own ancestors. You are all there is and you must know it. Only the one infinite Spirit is. And that is your Self

As you practice this knowingly, meeting your Self everywhere, you will find a Power and it will flow and it will change your life into the Divine image and likeness expressing. Every imperfection that you find is a lie. It is a denial of your identity; of your spiritual infinite Being. Do not accept it, as the Truth of your Self. Rather than get rid of the imperfection, know that the self having such an imperfection is not You and you’re well on your way to finding it dissolve. For that self is never you who is imperfect. Do not accept such a self.

If you love the Spirit of God, accept no other identity; for the Son of God is the Spirit of God.

Silence, (pause) …

You may find you can easily rest in your Divine Consciousness. There are moments when it’s so clear, so easy and you know you’re there. And you can quickly snap out that human consciousness that tries to creep in. And then the flow is open. Omniscience is working full time.

The Power is there. The Power of maintaining its own perfection is ever present just as long as you’re not on the floor but up on the ceiling, up on the high mountain top of your own Consciousness. In the upper firmament of Consciousness. Just resting confidently that the Father is doing the Father’s job in his own Spirit; your Spirit.

This is an inner baptism; a continuous one and the more faithful we are to it, the higher the revelation that flows through us. The more we are lifted. The more is dissolved of the remnants of the human. Light replaces the unenlightened darkness of the old consciousness. The miracle of his Presence transforms us. We find that we have no fear or if momentarily we succumb to fear, it quickly can know the Truth that fear is not part of my Being; that being which fears is not me. That is not me at all and I step out of the false self. A need creeps up, quickly recognized, but Spirit is my name and Spirit has no need. Spirit is the fullness of God now. Therefore that need is trying to make me accept a false sense of self. There is no ‘me’ to need.

I am the child of God, the Spirit, the Immortal, the now of God. I’m not in that which expresses a need. I am Self fulfilling perpetually. I’m back where I belong in Self, one with Spirit. I am in the Source, in the Cause. And that cause being Spirit, it must manifest perfection. There is no other me here. The human creature image ceases to have the magnetism to draw us into it as an accepted self.

We begin to feel ourselves more as a living consciousness instead of a form, instead of a finite body. We feel our own conscious Oneness with the Infinite and we have a new intuitive sense of life into which things can flow from within, into the without, manifesting, taking form. And the forms that this innerness takes, conform to the new enlightened realization within. They are Christed forms. They carry with them their own fulfillment, their own Grace. They go before everything we do. They are magically sustained from the Invisible. The Christ which says, “If you believe on me…. if you love me, obey my commandments,” is taking us out of mortal, dying consciousness. It is revealing the Immortal Consciousness of God where we stand. It is fulfilling its mission every moment. It is dissolving the dream of lack, limitation, mortality, disability; it is revealing that where his presence is realized, his qualities are manifest.

Where you are is God. To be aware that God is where you are is the key to the Kingdom. To be aware that God will always be where you are and that wherever you go, God will always be.

I, give you the keys to the Kingdom. I, your Immortal Spirit, tell you, that I am always where you are. And if you love me, you will know this; you will be aware that I, your Immortal Spirit, is always present everywhere until the false film of materialism no longer can trick you.”

Joel tells us that. we can. through our ignorance or through our enlightenment. release the forces that curse us or bless us. Our ignorance of the presence of my own Immortal Spirit, releases the forces that curse me. My awareness of the presence of my own Immortal Spirit releases the forces that bless me.

How beautiful to know that if you are conscious that your Spirit is present, you release the forces that bless you.

And so with your exercise to know that your Spirit is where every form appears, you learn that wherever you go there’s no one there but your Spirit. And this is the God awareness which releases the forces that bless you. Until all that functions in your life is Divinity expressing. Immortal Spirit living your life.

Is it within reach of us? It’s more than that. It’s inevitable. You cannot stop it. The moment you are touched by the knowledge of It. It is yours forever. And you will not rest until you have attained it because once you know it is attainable, it is because Christ has touched you; Christ has opened your eyes. And Christ says, “It is attainable, it is already attained and the attaining is merely coming into the realization of that which already is.”

Silence, (pause) …

[And] I,” says the Christ within, “I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever…. If you love me obey my commandments. [And] If you obey my commandments …. I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter that he may abide with you for ever…. Another Comforter who will abide with you for ever.”

The disciples had more or less accepted Jesus as their Comforter. Their first Comforter was external to their Being. They saw Jesus but did not really see who was there. They heard Jesus but did not hear who was there. They knew him but did not know him. They had what they thought was their Comforter. Just as many of us have accepted external teachers, external authorities. Yes, they are perhaps our first comforters but the Spirit says, “No, I will pray unto the Father.”

And this praying unto the Father is just another word for You when You are in a state of awareness of identity. Christ in you, is one with the Father and that conscious Oneness with the Father is all that prayer really is. When you are in conscious Oneness with God you’re in prayer. I, the Christ, the Spirit, One with the Father; I am in a perpetual state of prayer. That is a state of Consciousness called conscious union. I, pray unto to the Father. As you dissolve your dependence on the external – the external dollar, the external form of power, the external material aid, the external help from outside of your Being, you are looking to a higher Power, a Power called the withiness of your own Being. Self power. And you are finding another Comforter. This Comforter who will be with you forever. This Comforter is identity. This Comforter is Immortal Spirit. This Comforter is Son of God. This Comforter is Christ. And so the Master within, appearing as the Master without, teaches us that we must now come to the point of walking in conscious awareness of the inner Spiritual Self.

The new Comforter is your own Being realized. The highest aspect of the Holy Ghost. The Comforter. Identity. Infinite Spiritual identity accepted. Everywhere is my Self. Not even Jesus can take you to heaven. No individual on the earth. Heaven is the Comforter within and when you have been willing to test the outer words by living in the within, not accepting the limitations of the without as part of Being, you are turning your life over to the inner Self, the new Comforter, the awareness that I can never be less than the Immortal Spirit. Nothing can make me less. Every claim that says, “I am not the Immortal Spirit,” is a lie.

This acceptance becomes a living Light. Turning from the without, even from Jesus. “No,” he says, “You cannot come into heaven through Jesus. I pray unto The Father and he will send you a new Comforter.” You cannot come in through Jesus. You must come in through Christ within your Self. That is your new Comforter – your own Selfhood realized. And that Selfhood will be with you forever because it is your eternal Self. Your eternal Self is the only Comforter acceptable unto the Father. To be lived in, to be trusted, to be accepted as the only You that ever will be.

And then you know you are the eternal Life of God. You are no other. You are no second. You are that eternal Life ever expressing. And all that denies it now is a lie. All that ever denied it was untrue. The Christ is opening the way to Christ.

Silence, (pause) …

The one Infinite Source is functioning our Being now, perfectly. The mind that does not know this perfection has no existence. It is a counterfeit, a pretender with no validity whatsoever. The mind that does not know perfection is a mind that does not exist. It is the false mind of the world expressing as the false mind of the individual. There is no such mind. There is no mind that can know imperfection. That mind which knows imperfection is not the Divine mind and therefore has no existence and you can look at it and say, “Who convinceth me of imperfection?” Only Spirit, only the mind of Spirit is present. And that is your mind. And you can rest in It confidently because where God is, the mind of God is. Where God is, the power of God is being the power of God. The mind of God can only be present where you are. No other mind is present.

The power of God can only be present where you are. No other power can ever be present. And only the qualities of God can be present so the Master always says, “Fear not, fear not.” The qualities of God are present, the power of God, the love of God, the very presence of God. Immortal Spirit is your name and it is God Itself. Your Immortal Spirit is God. God is your Immortal Spirit.

And so I in the Father and the Father in me. At all odds we defend this identity against every appearance the world can throw at us. Because that’s all these appearances are for. To force us to accept our true identity or to reject it. Every appearance is saying to you, “You are not the identity that God tells you you are.” And God is saying, “I tell you who you are and I expect you to look at these appearances and accept my word. If you love me, obey My commandments. My commandment is that you are my Immortal Spirit. You cannot be another.”

Every appearance in the world has been lying to us. Making us, through the world mind in us, deny the commandments of the Father. But you will notice that you have changed. You’ve grown aware. You have become Spiritually knowledgeable. You are seeing through the deceit of the world mind. And only Christ in you can do that. And that is the sign to you that Christ in you has been lifted up. The fact that you can see through the deception of the world mind is evidence of the Presence of a consciousness of Christ. And the more this Consciousness is lifted the more the revelation intensifies, further dissolving the power that the world mind assumes in our human sense of life.

I pray unto the Father, he will send you a new Comforter.” This new Comforter is the raising of Christ within you. Until the exultant Self within proclaims I am come. I am the Self. I am all there is of You. Christ Infinite. Spirit Immortal. And the inner lifeline of Omnipotence is established. There’s no break, there’s no missing link. Omnipotence is established as the nature of Being where You are.

The world of matter loses its dominion. Grace replaces the law of matter. Karma is no more. There’s nothing to expiate any more. Karma becomes simply that residue of human consciousness which no longer exists. There is no karma in the Immortal Spirit of God. We don’t have to live another thirty lifetimes to pay our karmic debts.

Now let us once again establish that between you and God there is no distance – in space or in time. Never feel that between you and God there is space or time because there never can be in the Omnipresence of Spirit. The Spirit of God which is where you are, now, is never separated from You. It is your Being. The word G-O-D, God, the word Spirit are one and the same. Where are you are is God. Where are you are is Spirit. God is that Spirit. That Spirit is your Being. And the word S-E-L-F is your Spirit, your Self and that is the only God there is. Outside of your Self there is no God. Your Spiritual Self and God are one and the same.

That is why the Grace of your own Self realized is your sufficiency, in all things.

Now we are not separate from each other because we are the Self. And it matters not what forms you see, they are your Self. And that Self where the forms appear is the same Self where you appear. But you are the Self and not the form – just as they are the Self and not the form. And therefore you are One everywhere. You are unseparated Being. There is no individual on this earth from whom you can ever be separated. And if you think you are, you are losing Spiritual Selfhood. You are a becoming barren.

Now do not misunderstand. If a form is doing what people call something good or if a form is doing what people call bad; you must know that neither the good nor the bad are happening. No form does good and no form does bad. Because only your Spiritual Self is present. The Father’s Kingdom is never of this world. We’re not trying to make the good of the Kingdom spill over into this world. Don’t fall into that trap. We’re trying to live in the Spiritual kingdom. We’re trying to have that vision of the Christ which can see what is happening in the Spiritual kingdom. We’re not trying to look for visible manifestation in the world. We want to see what is happening in Reality. We want to experience what is happening in Reality. We’re not trying to transform this world into a better world. We are trying to live in the Kingdom of God where the world seems to be. And for a while it may seem as if you’re trying to make this a better world. But you’re not trying to heal that which is not there. You’re not trying to improve an illusion. You’re resting in the Spirit of God that it may manifest it’s Spiritual kingdom which is not of this world. That you may awaken in that Kingdom, literally. Not in this world. That you make transition to that Kingdom which is not of this world. You see what we’re doing? You see what we must learn to do? And every time we try to bring something of the Spirit into this world we’re accepting that there is a world here when you must learn to accept that only the Immortal Spirit is here. You can even, while trying to do good, step out of Spiritual identity and lose that which you are seeking to attain.

You will know when you are walking in the Spiritual Kingdom. And you will know that it is not this world. And every moment that you find yourself led closer and closer to that which is the Kingdom be sure of this: when you are conscious. but for a moment. that you are walking in the invisible Kingdom of God; you have ensured your transition. The moment you have touched the invisible kingdom of God in your consciousness your transition is assured. For you the world will slowly dissolve and the Kingdom will take its place.

If you love me, obey my commandments. And I will pray unto the Father and he will send you a new Comforter who will be with you forever.” Those meaningful words, active in your consciousness, accepted, with reverence and devotion, with fidelity should be your spur and your reward. They are the gift of God to everyone who has an inner ear. And the very heart of us will bring into remembrance the Truth of those words as we proceed along that path so designated by the inner Spirit.

For he who has spoken to us is the voice of God within us. The only Voice we learn we can trust. All else is of the dream world. And only the voice of the Father within you, leading you through your own Christhood to Himself, can lead you into his Kingdom where you stand.

Now then, are you receiving the Comforter? Are you accepting the Comforter? Are you aware that only the Comforter will do? The Comforter can be only the one authority without opposite. Only the Comforter is the Way, the Life, the Truth, the Resurrection, the everlasting Self. And whatever you do to accept, receive and live in the Comforter, as the Comforter; is the Way.

Without the Comforter we are blind. Without the Comforter we are dead, walking images. With the Comforter we are Sons of God living in the Father, Divinely inspired, Divinely maintained, eternally. This is the promise of the Christ. When we accept that promise we have no other path but to find the Comforter who will be with us forever.

—- End of Side One —-

We’ll be able now to conclude the eighth chapter of Joel’s book. This is the “Sea of Spirit” and it follows right along with the high demand of scripture. “We have,” says Joel, “no right to have desires.” You see if we’re going to let the Immortal Spirit which we are, run its own Life, then we have no right to have human desires. So the minute you go off that direction with human desire you’re not accepting Immortal Spirit as your Self. Joel catches us the minute we move out of Immortal Spirit by having a human desire. “We have no right to have a will of our own…. We have no right to know lack, limitation or unhappiness. We lose the privilege of having fears or doubts or of losing hope, [because] if we indulge in those temptations we are taken back to our mortal selfhood, the one [that is] supposed to be ‘dying,’ or already ‘dead.’”

And so that clarifies the fact that we must make a conscious effort not to indulge our human wishes. And although it’s difficult to discern the difference between a Divine desire, a Divine Impulse, a Divine Will and your own, it’s a lot less difficult than if you’re not conscious of the fact that you’re to have no human will.

Now you can carry this to the point of absurdity. If you’re very literal minded, you will say, “Well, do I have to say to the Father, I’m thirsty, do I need your permission to get a drink of water?” – and so forth. And that would be to the point of absurdity because if you are conscious of yourself as Immortal Spirit you will be given the way to obey the commandment of having no human will. And you’ll find that there is a path laid out invisibly through which you walk, in which you might appear to be in some way fulfilling human desires but you’ll know that this is but an outward appearance to other eyes that whatever you’re doing is not humanly motivated. And whenever you find the human motivation creeping in, it isn’t so much that you stop that human motivation but that you return to the Father’s house which is, Immortal Spirit is my name.

When you’re in identity you will not cast a shadow of human motivation. When you’re not in identity, you will. Every time you find human motivation creeping in, that’s to remind you that you are subtly being a prodigal from your own Self. You’re not living in your Immortal Spirit. No will, no human desire, no human needs; living in your Immortal Spirit.

And now let’s say that you have no capacity to do this throughout the day. You’ve got to then develop that capacity and the only way you can develop it is to practice it. And so you must make it a point that a day that goes by in which you are not conscious of your Self as Immortal Spirit, is a day in which you are again crucifying the Father, in you.

You’re letting personal sense still permeate. You’re saying to world mind, “You’ve got a home in me friend, just come right through and do what you will.” Now we’re patching that vulnerability until we can discard it. Consciously, daily, we practice – I am the Immortal Spirit. Consciously daily we practice because I am the Immortal Spirit, I have no human selfhood, no human desire, no human wish. Yes, I’m going to get hungry, I’m going to want a second portion, I’m going to do human things. I know it. But I will suffer this to be so now while I am still conscious of the fact that world conditioning is so strong that I must still go through some human footsteps – maybe for quite a while.

But even while I go through these human footsteps, while I eat, while I sleep, while I behave as a human being in appearance, I am consciously sowing to the Spiritual nature of my Being. This is our constant awareness day by day.

And you can measure your progress by those things which come to you in your inner revelation. You will know you are being lifted to glory after glory by the sublime nature of the revelations that come. They will be the sign that even though you appear in human flesh, you are making Spiritual progress in the knowledge of Spiritual identity. You will never have to feel a sense of guilt that you made a mistake; because you don’t make mistakes. You are Spiritual identity. World mind makes the mistakes and they appear as you making the mistake. But you are always Spiritual identity regardless of what mistakes appear to be there. You do not change. You only change to other people‘s concept of you. You never change. You are always Immortal Spirit.

And that must be your conscious identification regardless of what the outer picture says. You will find you are cracking through that veil of the world mind until it no longer has the power to create the false sense of its power in you.

In the degree that we have human desires, human will, human ambition, human fears and human doubts …we are denying and crucifying our Christhood.” That’s Joel‘s statement.

If God is individual Selfhood – which is the Truth we have learned to accept – then how can there be a human selfhood at all? The Truth is that God is individual Selfhood and human selfhood is the counterfeit concept we have entertained. And all that goes with that counterfeit concept is part of the false world belief that we have suffered through. Even the suffering is counterfeit. You are always Immortal Spirit.

Unless we are able to rest back and float on the Sea of Infinity, we have no conscious awareness of our hidden manna.”

What is that hidden manna? Well, he just said we can’t know what it is unless we float back on the Sea of Spirit. In other words it must be revealed within what your hidden manna is. Even though the Master has told us what our hidden manna is. It is still but a word to us when we say, “Spirit.” It must be the experience of Spirit and then you are in identity. Then you are in your hidden manna. Your experience of Spirit is hidden manna. This is the realization that, “Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.” Your Spirit is greater than your flesh. And the more you come to that realization the more you realize that your Spirit is all there is of You. And your flesh is the world concept.

We’re being taken out of the perishable, out of the transient, out of the temporary. We’re being lifted into that which is the imperishable, the indestructible, sense of Self. And from this comes the conviction, the understanding, that because God constitutes our Being, God is the very substance of Life.

And then Joel says and, “And that in the presence of our very own consciousness there is rest, quiet, contentment, peace.”

Now we are being lifted to the realization that there is another Consciousness present than the one which we call our human consciousness. In our human consciousness there is not quiet, rest and peace. There is disquiet. There is turmoil, there are questions, there are fears, there are doubts; there’s a feeling of impermanence. That’s the wrong consciousness; it’s not our true consciousness. In the presence of our Consciousness there is quiet, rest and peace. Our Consciousness is God. And only when you’re in your Consciousness instead of your false human sense of consciousness, are you in the quiet, the peace, the true silence. When you are not in peace, quiet, silence, rest, absence of fear, you’re not in your Consciousness; you’re in your sense mind. And although your sense mind is often called your consciousness, it isn’t at all; it’s the counterfeit of your Consciousness. It’s but the shadow, with shadows of thought. And every time you are in some form of disquiet, remember you’re not in your Consciousness; you’re in an imitation consciousness which is not your Consciousness. Your Consciousness is Divine Consciousness because you are Divine Spirit. And right where you are, (sound of click of fingers) you can switch channels like that.

Right where you are that disquiet is the wrong channel, the wrong consciousness, the false, the untrue and in the upper firmament right where you are is your Divine Consciousness if you will but rest. And wait. And listen. And trust.

Here I am – I am the Divine flow. Right where you are I’ve always been present. I, God, am present. And my Consciousness is Divine and I share no consciousness with a second consciousness. The one Divine Consciousness I am, God, is here now as your Consciousness and my Consciousness.

There is no other consciousness present.

In that Consciousness we learn to find our Being. We find the Living water. There’s where you find the real Comforter. That’s where you find the Spirit of Truth. Not the truth of the mind, but the Truth of the Spirit. The real Comforter comes as the Spirit of Truth, heralding the presence of all that is Real.

Silence, (pause) …

And we find that the serpent who deceived us has no power when we are in the Divine Consciousness. All of its claims and all of the beliefs that it engendered in us are recognized as false. We lose belief in those concepts which said we were other than the pure, perfect Spirit. We lose belief that there is a power beside the pure, perfect power of Spirit. We lose all belief in anything other than Reality. And when there’s that click in you that tells you you’ve lost the belief in unreality you will find it loses its power to manifest where you appear. It can only manifest where you appear while it still has you in a state of believing in its unreality; in its false power. In its capacity to do something not ordained by the Spirit of God. This belief we are slowly rooting out so that we have a pure Consciousness and pure motives.

The more we live in the conscious awareness of God as constituting our Being” – just the sound of those words to me is music – “the more we live in the constant awareness that the consciousness of God is our Being.” – this is stated by Joel as a fact – “The consciousness of God is our being.” And the more we live in that awareness “The more the ‘natural man’ is being loosed until finally it fades away entirely.”

Here’s the Master telling us that the natural man fades away entirely as we abide in the conscious awareness that Divine Consciousness is my Being.

It doesn’t leave room for doubt. The natural man is dissolved away entirely.

Silence, (pause) …

So even if we have not been there, one who has tells us; the natural man dissolves.

Silence, (pause) …

That means there’s a change of consciousness that takes place; an anointing. An inner Self replaces the outer appearing self. And then a transformation takes place. You live and move and have your Being, your activity emanates from the Divine center, which is the All, and this outer form though still present in appearance, is an instrument of the Infinite Spirit. And so there’s a Christ appearing as Jesus. Why? Because the natural man has dissolved. All that is present there is Divine Consciousness functioning, appearing as a form. And that form as we learn, is not subject to the evils of this world. For it, death has no power.

As the natural man is dissolved in Consciousness death has no power. Disease has no power. Pain has no power. The powers of this world are revealed to be without power. Why? Because Divine Consciousness has replaced human consciousness. The human consciousness that was never there but only seemed to be, can no longer report those defects or problems that were never there but only seemed to be, within that human consciousness.

The new Consciousness reveals the qualities of the new Consciousness made manifest. And the consciousness of God presence is Life Eternal and therefore death has no place. And the conditions that lead to death have no place. And if this were not so we would have no purpose in studying this message because the purpose of the message is to reveal Life Eternal. You cannot reveal Life Eternal if death is a reality. You can only reveal Life Eternal because it is the Reality. And incorporates all of the living qualities which are ever present in our true Divine Consciousness.

So we’re trying to stay, if we can, in that upper firmament.

We maintain and [we] sustain the evils, the errors, the discords of our life by thinking about them, but as soon as we no longer think about them, they cease to be because they never existed [at all] outside our thinking. As we stop dwelling on our triumphs and on our failures, they no longer exist. Instead, Christ lives our life.”

Now here Joel identifies that all error is in thought. It never gets outside of thought. Everything we experience is our thought. That is our total human experience, our own human thought. Which in itself is not free thought because it is world thought. We are imprisoned in our own human thought. And it reports those things which are not true because our human thought is not Divine Consciousness expressing. And so the world thinks of the evils that are in the world only because the world is disconnected from its own Divine Consciousness which would reveal to it that there are no evils. There is only Divine manifestation seen through the veil of human thought. As we stay in the upper firmament accepting Spiritual Selfhood, accepting Divine Consciousness, we are stepping out of human thought and stepping out of the conditions which exist in human thought.

Christ-Self,” says Joel, “is our true identity… Christ Self is our true identity. The ‘natural man’ is that part of us which was imposed upon us at birth and to which we are now ‘dying.’ To the degree in which we lift up the I in us, are we ‘dying daily’ to the personal sense of ‘I’ [And] in the degree that we take no thought, but rest in the Sea of Spirit, are we letting the Christ live our life, and then each moment of the day we do these things [that are] given us to do [by the Christ within.]”

That’s the method always. Obedience to the Christ within, taking no human thought, no human desire, no human belief, learning that world mind is only the thought that we have thought to be our own thought. We are really bypassing the world mind by taking no human thought.

Now let’s sum it up with these phrases of Joel’s. “God is fulfilling Himself and His destiny as our individual experience. This is not your life or my life to do with as we would like: this is God’s life which God is living as us. [And] once we begin to perceive this, we will understand Immortality.”

Now then, everything that we think is our life, is not. Because God is living God’s life as us. And God‘s life is perfect and that which we consider our life which is obviously imperfect, is not our life. Because it isn’t God’s life. Superimposed on what is God‘s life where you are, is your sense of life and as you turn from your sense of life to the acceptance that God is living your perfect Life now, you find yourself separated from that false sense of life gradually. It sort of falls away. You begin to know your own perfection, the perfection of your neighbor; the hard crusts of human belief slowly dissolve.

Christ in us is bringing forth that imprisoned splendor. Blessing, where the world mind curses.

Now Joel identifies the hidden manna which we have done before many times knowing our true identity is the hidden manna. Knowing yourself as Immortal Spirit it is your hidden manna. Immortal Spirit everywhere. Knowing God has no limitation, that God lives our Life, that God cannot die, God cannot sin. God cannot be sick, God cannot be in pain. This is God life and all that is not perfect God life is not your Life. Withdraw belief that it is your life. For God-consciousness is appearing as us.

Now when Joel says, “God-consciousness is appearing as us,” that does not mean what it seems to mean. If you took that as the words sound, you would say, “God-consciousness-appears-as-us.” Take that word ‘appears’ and see what it means. God-consciousness is what is here. What appears is not God-consciousness. God-consciousness is living as us, but what appears is the us that isn’t. The us that isn’t is what appears where God-consciousness is. God-consciousness is here and there is a false appearance called us. God-consciousness is all that is here. And what it is, is it’s perfect Divine, Spiritual manifestation. What appears as us, is not that God-consciousness. That’s why the word ‘appears’ is there. What seems to be us, is not that God-consciousness. What we are, is that God-consciousness. We are something other than what we appear as. We are Divine Spirit manifesting Itself and no human eye can see that. No human mind can know that and so that which is here as us, Divinely manifesting, is never seen by the human mind. That’s why it sees us as we seem to be instead of as we are.

But as we know that we are God-consciousness, God manifestation, even though this appears to be us, eventually, until we then lose concern for our life in the realization that God knows how to maintain and sustain his Life which is ours. We begin to live that invisible Self.

Each of us is that invisible, immortal Self now. The feeling of this should begin to develop and deepen until you can know that you are not embodied in transient form. You never were in a perishable form.

Your exercises this week then are to expand last week’s exercise for three hours of knowing that I am the Life of that one there. I am the very Presence where that one appears – to extend it to this universe – wherever form appears you invisibly are. This is a Truth someday must be constant consciousness.

Try it for a couple of hours and I think, what comes to me on it is, that there is a sort of a process called ‘thought adjustment.’ If you look out of a window at a person, you’re going to see a person. But if you don’t make the thought adjustment, consciously, you’re going to continue seeing person. If you make the thought adjustment you will consciously look at person and say, “There is my invisible Self.” That is the thought adjustment. And you should begin making total thought adjustment about everything you see until the realization in you is positive that wherever I see form, I am. You must consciously make this thought adjustment; it doesn’t just happen. There will be more to say about thought adjustment. It’s a conscious practice.

You should constantly look at every form – even inanimate objects and know that inanimate object is not there. It cannot be because my Spirit is all that is there. There is no place where my Spirit is not and I must make a thought adjustment every time so that I am aware of my present Spirit everywhere. If I do not make the thought adjustments, I’ll find I’m not in a position to fulfill the commandments of the Christ. And I’ll find subtly that there develops the consciousness of space between God and myself. Time between God and myself and I start to think in terms of fulfilling myself in time and in space instead of knowing that I am already perfectly fulfilled. And letting that fulfillment then manifest as I know the Truth of Self.

You might not even like me next week after this exercise because I find it very difficult. You might say, “Oh I have a headache,” or “This is too much,” and it really is too much. But somewhere along the line you’ll find a little oasis, you’ll find new capacity to do this and there is a place where you’re so grateful that you stayed with it. You find that you have greater powers of endurance than you realize. And in a moment, you’ll find the power of endurance was fictitious, it never existed. That’s what you thought the human being was doing because you weren’t being your Spiritual Self. So vicious, so complete and so deep is the world conditioning that we have to sometimes suffer through these things to come to the other side of Reality. And it gets tighter and tighter and tighter. And while it gets tighter something gets looser somewhere else.

There is an Invisible universe right here. And that Invisible universe few of us have touched enough to know what is there. And it is Infinite and our experience in that invisible Infinite is the prize that awaits being willing to identify with it and to accept no substitute. Then the Spirit of Truth will come upon us, It will teach us all things and lead us into a remembrance of the Reality that in our Soul we already know.

The chapter next week is number 9; “Spiritual Identity.” We might even be able to get a little further in 14 of John, but if we do or not, we’ll stay with it. Let’s see where we are in John – we’re up to the 17th verse of John 14. That’s where we’ll begin next week and with chapter 9 of “Realization .”

Thought adjustment is the conscious willingness to look at an object, a form, a condition, a person, a thing and adjust your thought instantly to know – there is my invisible Spirit. And in that moment you are accepting the omnipresence of the Spirit of God. To that we learn to be true.

And so now we are in our ninth year of this teaching. Today was the first day of that ninth year.

Thank you very much.

I’d like to invite all our new guests and our regular students to begin a meditation as suggested by Joel in the “Across the Desk” section of the eighth chapter of “Realization of Oneness.” I’ll read his recommendation to you and then we can proceed from there.

Set aside one meditation period each day – and a few minutes each time will be sufficient – to sit in meditation with the inner ear opened. That is all: no praying, no asking, no seeking, especially no desires to be fulfilled. Just meditate with the inner ear open, and then go about your business.”

Now he elaborates on it this way; “Give a specific period to this each day, do not let yourself watch for results. And in due time, fruitage will appear in some form of harmony within yourself, your home, your family, your business, your art, or your profession.”

Now the important phrases there are – no praying, no asking, no seeking, no desire to be fulfilled. Just opening yourself and resting in the knowledge of the presence of God. Often we complicate our meditations unnecessarily, forgetting that our Father knoweth and that the knowing is backed by the Father‘s power and that which is needed is here in the invisible manifestation awaiting only the receptive consciousness. And so Joel wisely tells us not to compete with God but rather to yield, to dissolve that sense of a personal me. Speak Father, thy Son heareth and thy Son here is the invisible Christ. And in this we merely rest in Presence. “No Father, I have no request.” What can I tell God?

Silence, (long pause) …

In this very brief preliminary to the Infinite we are directing our consciousness away from the external world. Now let’s look at 1 John. In 4:4 we see the reason for it. “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

Now this He in you, that is greater than he that is in the world, is the same I that is the Mystical I. The same I that goes to the Father, the same I that embraces all that the Father hath. He in the midst of you is your Christ identity and He in the midst of you is greater than he that walks in the world. And so if we were to fully understand and accept the words of John we would say he is telling me that my mortal sense of self is a barrier, a limitation, a finitude. For within my mortal sense of self, barricaded by my material sense of being, is another Self – a Self that is one with the Infinite and that Self is that He within me who is greater. And that Self has always been who I am. That He within me is the individualization of the infinity of God. That He within me is Divine Consciousness expressing as my own individual Being. And in my mortal, finite, corporeal sense of the natural man, I am not acting in the infinite Divine Consciousness. But I am divided, broken away, separated, finite, limited, without power; at the mercy of this world.

And so when we come to the book of John where we left off last week – when we come to the passage in 14:10 we can see that; “He that is within me is greater than he that is within the world,” is what the world really missed when the Christ spoke as Jesus and said to Philip,. “Believe you not that I am in the Father and the Father is in me?” Philip had said, “Show us the Father, and it sufficeth.” And the Master said, “Have I been with you so long and you do not know me?…. [do you not believe] that I am in the Father and the Father is in me?”

To us, what does that mean? It means that the Father is in You and You are in the Father. And it means that the you that is not in the Father and in whom the Father is not in; that cannot be You. It means that the mortal sense you entertain of yourself, cannot be You. Because the Father is not in your mortality and your mortality is not in the Father. The Father is not in your sense of limitations and your sense of limitations are not in the Father. The Father is not in your bad health, the Father is not in your bad income, the Father is not in any adverse circumstance and the you that entertains the belief in adverse circumstances, is not in the Father; and therefore that is not You.

Do you not believe that you are in the Father and the Father is in you?” as the Master revealed to be true of himself? The You he was speaking of that is in the Father is the Son of God. Is not the Son of God in the Father? Is not the Father in the Son of God? And then when you have accepted a situation which is not inherent to the Son of God what have you said? You have said, “I am not the Son of God.” And now you’re trying to protect a false identity and the conditions of a false identity. Why waste time? The Son is in the Father, the Father is in the Son, greater in you is He than he that is greater in the world. Your false mortal sense is he that is in the world but greater within you, is the Son of God, which is your spiritual Selfhood. And where is your spiritual Selfhood? Not around the corner, not up in heaven, not tomorrow. The Son of God is You now.

And so we come out of the division, the false belief which says, “I am the Son of God tomorrow or when I die or at some later date or in some other place.” And we say, “No, the place whereon I stand now is where the Son of God is and there is within me, invisible to the naked eye, a Being, a spiritual Selfhood, hidden from all physical senses, unseen by man but ever present and it is I, Christ. And that is my Name. And I, Christ am now here as I, Christ and I, Christ am in the Father now and the Father is in me now. And now, I and the Father are no longer separated. I’m not the separated self, the broken off self, the apart self, the self struggling through its own personal limitations to remedy some problems. There never was such a self except in my mistaken belief. And I suffered in that self because it was not that Son of God which is the only existent Self.

So Philip, when I say to you, “Do you not know that the Father is in me and I in the Father, I am telling you a universal Truth that I in Philip is Christ, I in Harry is Christ, I in Peter is Christ, I in Mary is Christ, I in every individual is Christ and when that individual lives in that Christhood, accepted, then I, Christ in that individual am one with the Father, the Father is one with I Christ and that individual is in the realization of Oneness; the unbroken, undivided Consciousness which is automatic Grace.

We cannot have little samples of Grace. We either have the Grace of the unbroken, undivided Consciousness or live apart from it; in the opposites of good and evil, in the two powers of good and evil – in the false sense of powers only because we are not letting He that is within us, who is greater than he that is within the world, be our permanent awareness as identity. And so we come to this deeper inner teaching in John 14.

The words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.” In one simple statement the Master explains every so-called miracle performed by him on the face of the earth. “The words I speak to you, are not my own, these are the words of the Father.” Then it would occur to us that if I live in I, in the acceptance of Christ identity, that the same Father who speaks through the Christ of Jesus is the same Father who will speak through the Christ of me. And the words I speak will not be my own – they will be the Father’s words.

And this was therefore the pattern for all men to work to that point of receptivity in which the words you speak are the words of the Father in you, which you cannot do as a mortal, as a human, as a creature, as the natural man un-reborn to the Spirit. And so we find another depth of receptivity now, knowing that we are being welded into an infinite Oneness. The words that the Father speaks through Christ, can be heard by you when you are in Christ. The Impulses, the Guidance, the Teaching, the Love, the Forgiveness, the bread of Life itself can only flow to you in your Christ identity. All other effort in this world is turning away from the basic teaching of hidden manna.

Revealed to us is; that when we are willing to stand fast we will not fall fast. When we are willing to stand fast on the inner Spiritual identity of our Being, we can watch the physical manifestations and we can know that these that occur to us in the outer world, appearing as forms, appearing as matter, appearing as conditions, are the world. But we have a power greater than the powers of the world. He in the midst, I, Spirit, Christ – identity as an immortal Being, Son of God, accepted. And rather than fall prey to the world we stand fast in that identity and the voice of the Father will speak through the Christ accepted. “The words I speak are not my own but they are of the Father who sent me.”

And these words are the living Word, the word of Life itself, the Power, the Wisdom, the Love, the Truth; all flowing through Christ identity where you stand.

Now you know that in the earlier days of television you had a certain degree of clarity and a great obscuring pattern at times that prevented you from seeing what you wanted to see. And then as television improved you began to see better pictures, clearer pictures, brighter pictures and we thought well, we had a pretty good set at one time. And then along came a new thing; cable TV. And whereas you had a fine set until then, all of a sudden with cable TV your set was really nothing unless it was plugged into the Mountainside. And then when you had cable TV you found you not only had better reception but you could get stations that weren’t unavailable. You could reach out beyond the radius of twenty five or fifty miles and pull in frequencies that were unavailable on your fine set up to that point. And then when satellites came in you found they could throw a picture from around the world into our range of vision.

Always there was an expansion; but here comes the greatest expansion of all. It says, “Up to now, the one thing you can’t get on your inner TV set is God. You don’t have the faculty, you don’t have the technology, you don’t have the equipment working. As a mortal being you’re the natural man who receiveth not the things of God.” And you never may have thought it really possible to really, perpetually receive God. And then along comes the Master and says, “Why, that’s all I’ve been doing on this earth. That’s all I’ve been doing, is receiving God. I went beyond your cable-vision and your satellites and I was reborn to Christ. And then, lo and behold, I received what no man could receive any other way. I received God. And now the Father speaks through me and the Father reveals his power through me. The Father does the mighty works through me. And I am opening the way for you to do precisely what I have done by accepting your inner Christhood.”

When you are the Son of God, accepted, you are not what you appear to be. You are not the same creature any more. You’ve got to give up the one to be the other. And when you are willing to make the transition in consciousness you find you attain Sonship and lo and behold, just as the Father spoke through Christ Jesus and acted through Christ Jesus, so does the Father speak and act through the Christ where you are. “Greater is he that is within you than he that is within the world.” And both statements, the He within and he that is in the world, are about the You that is and the you that is not. They’re both about you. One the mortal creature that is in the world and one the immortal Self that you truly are, hidden, to the human consciousness.

And so we have accepted to some degree now that I am either the Son of God who lives eternally or I am a mortal being doomed to perish. And when the full realization of that is so strong upon us, when we have lived enough years as this mortal creature doomed to perish to know that this is not God’s creation. When we have reached that high resolve, that single pointed purpose to be that which the Father says I am, then we walk quietly knowing the Truth that though the world sees me as a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, my name is Son of God, Spirit Immortal. And I must live that way and act that way and think that way. I cannot make a claim – to love God is not to simply pay lip service; to love God is an active life. And that love is expressed by being what God says you are – faithfully. More faithfully than anything else you can do. And the way, the reward, are all one and the same. The reward is Grace, eternal Life. The way is rejecting all that denies Sonship as being impossible no matter how serious it may appear to you at the time. That which you are is the fact. And that which you are not cannot be the fact. The Son of God, the Christ of God, is the fact. And therefore that which you are not, must be that which you seem to be.

There are those now with us who have accepted this and who are putting forth the daily effort to step out of the belief in a mortal being. They’ve even come to the place where they have stepped out of the belief in a physical body. They find it hard to hold that line but nonetheless the understanding has made that acceptance. This physical body that the world sees me in; this is not the Christ, this is not the Son of God but I am the Son of God now. And therefore this physical body must be a world concept.

Now as you transcend your thought, your human thought, your mortal thought, you discover that the loss of a physical body is simply a loss in words only. There never was one to lose. You cannot lose what God did not create.

Now let’s go into another type of meditation than the one Joel just suggested and let us see if we cannot do something you may never have considered before. I think it will help us understand the body image to a greater extent.

I’d like you to think, if you will, about a truck. A ten ton truck. And then I’d like you to think about a ten ton piece of equipment used on a farm, like a tractor or a crane used in building. And then I’d like you to think about a multi ton airplane. Now as you think of these things you will find that your eye, your inner eye, which sees the plane or the truck or the tractor or the crane, is making an image of that which you would have seen in the outer. And that image in your mind is quite different than the actual unit out there in the world. You may see a mountain or a river. The one major difference is that in your thought there is no weight.

Your mind, before you take in the thought about these heavy objects and your mind after you take in the thought about these heavy objects weighs exactly the same. You can think of a ten ton truck and your mind isn’t an ounce heavier. In fact there’s nothing in the world that you see in your mind which comes into your mind it its weighted form; it comes into you weightless. All your thoughts have no weight. And so it is that all of the objects in the world – the sun, the moon, the stars – all of these so-called weighted objects can enter your consciousness because your thought can convert them into mental images without weight. And this is the way you entertain your knowledge of the world – weightless images in your mind. Your human body is the same. It seems to be a weighted form out there but actually in your mind there is no weight whatsoever. It’s simply an image in mind.

And as we come to the realization that every image in mind is without weight, we find a sort of minor miracle as to how we can think and see and hear and touch but always all weight is never transferred from the outer object to the image in mind that we maintain about that object. Now actually, you might think that your mind is making an image about that object. When you discover that the object is but a projection of your mind, you will later discover that the weight of the object is always zero. You can put it on a scale and it may say ten tons but it’s not the truth. The progression is from your mind to the outer, not from the outer to your mind. It begins in a weightless inner image and it never gets outside of that mind.

Always everything you entertain corporeally, in a belief that it is out there, is a weightless image in your mind and all of the qualities you are giving that object out there are qualities given within your mind. Your body is exactly that way. Now you say, “This cannot be.” But that is precisely why there is a teaching about the inner Christ. Because the inner Christ alone can tell you that not only can this be but that’s how it is. That we, have become an instrument not for the Christ mind. And that is why we give weight and solidity and form and shape and sizes and qualities to things which we think are external in this world but which we learn later are not here, when we come into the Christ mind. And only when we come into the Christ mind do we become aware of this.

And you say, “Well, how can it be? How can my mind put a ten ton truck out there.” We didn’t say your mind put it out there. Your mind is an instrument for the world mind which put it out there. And it isn’t out there. The world mind put an image in your mind. And the world mind endowed that image with qualities which your mind accepts.

Now before you go another step further in denying that this is so, you’ve got to see what God says about it. And you find that God didn’t put the truck there either. And that God didn’t put the sick children there and God didn’t put the ailing adults there and God didn’t put the diseases there. But you see them all outside. And yet God didn’t put them there. Why? Because you can only see with the human mind what God didn’t place in this world. With the human mind you cannot see what God placed in this world. The natural man receiveth not and it’s time to draw the line firmly to say, “If I, with a human mind cannot perceive anything of God, what good is the human mind? What am I waiting for? Why don’t I find this within me that is greater which can perceive that which God created?”

If God didn’t place these diseased and crippled children out there and my mind sees them, my mind is seeing what God did not create. My mind is seeing what was not created. Isn’t this what hypnosis is all about? My mind is not only seeing what God didn’t put there and cannot be there but my mind is giving it qualities – sizes, shapes, weights, conditions. I am hypnotized. And the fact that four billion more are hypnotized doesn’t make me less hypnotized. And I won’t see what is there, if I continue functioning out of the same mind. Nor will I hear the word of God to redeem what I see. But rather will I continue in the plight of every human being on the earth, ignorant of God, ignorant of the Kingdom, ignorant of He within me who is greater than he that walks this earth.

For those who have reached the point where that will no longer do, there is a turning; a very radical turning. Instead of using the human mind to unravel it’s own problems, the conditions which it inadvertently has created and has been an instrument for the world mind to create through it, we withdraw from that human mind. We stand on the principles taught by the Christ. And the Christ taught; omnipresent Christ, omnipotent Christ, omniscient Christ. And that means that wherever the presence of Christ is, there isn’t another presence. The presence of Christ is not a sick child so there’s no sick child there. The presence of Christ is not the president of the United States. So there’s no president there. The presence of Christ is not a physical mortal being so there’s no physical mortal being there. Yet they appear there. Fine. But not to Christ. To Christ all that is there is Christ. And that is being the Son of God. That’s standing fast on the principle that what Christ teaches is the Truth and therefore there is no second truth to oppose it. Christ says, “There what you’re calling the president of the United States is not the president at all. That’s the invisible Son of God. And there that you’re calling a little baby dying, that’s not a baby dying that’s the invisible Son of God.”

And you’re called upon to accept that in each case all that can be there is the invisible Son of God. And that is your practicing the Presence that there and there is the invisible presence of the Christ. And there and there must therefore be the invisible power of the Christ. Where Christ is the power of Christ is. And where the power of Christ is there is no second power, therefore the second power that seems to be functioning is merely functioning there in the dream sequence where there is no conscious awareness of the presence of the Christ power.

Everything stems from the acceptance that the Son of God invisibly is present no matter who stands there or no matter what condition that individual is in because the teaching of Christ is omnipresent Christ. And wherever the Presence is the Power must be even though other powers appear to be.

Now as you dwell deeply within, you can find that all the conditions in the world, all the solidified objects out there, were not placed by God. Only Christ is there, only the Spiritual universe is there, only My Kingdom is there and it is not this world. It is the invisible Spirit everywhere. Christ walks everywhere. Christ is your name now. Christ is your body now. Christ is your life now. You are in your eternal Life now and you may not deny it without suffering that denial.

We learn to live with this and now we have to some degree moved inside of thought so that the thoughts of the world have no power to function in this Christ acceptance. You are removing the barriers to receiving the infinite word of the Father. The infinite word of the Father can only enter where Christ is accepted.

The Father comes to the Son, the Son goes to the Father. Infinity individualizes as the Son. The Son receives of the Infinite. When you stand there as the Son, you receive of the Infinite. Nothing else can break the illusions of the five sense mind. The hypnotism which gives weight to objects, shape to objects, sizes and conditions and powers continues until Christ stands there alone. Not in a mortal identity, not sharing the place with a mortal you. Until that Christ standing there alone is You.

Philip, do you not believe I am in the Father, and the Father is in me?” When you can say this, “I am in the Father and the Father is in me,” you will find you have taken your dominion over this world. When you can experience this, when you can know this, when you are ready to defend this by resisting no evil on this earth.

There are so many ways to come to that point. When you say, “I forgive my enemy,” you are recognizing the Christ there. When you say, “I love my friend,” you are recognizing the Christ there. To recognize the Christ in your friend is love, to recognize the Christ in your enemy is forgiveness. To recognize the Christ in anyone is to accept the omnipresence of this Christ.

And as you dwell consistently, accepting Christ everywhere, Christ where you are, Christ where he is, Christ where she is, you’re building your invisible circle of Christhood, you’re building the strength of One. You’re finding Truth. You’re letting it accept Itself within you. You’re finding the path to Grace. There’s no personal sense in this. There’s no personal self to protect. And then you come to that great power which can resist no evil, you stand on Christ which resists no evil. Christ is my name now; what evil shall I resist?

Continuously, you move through all mortal thought until it’s like water coming off the prow the ship; it just splashes to the left and the right and the prow goes right through. That is your consciousness of Christ where you stand.

And while you’re in this, although space all around us seems to be empty – maybe just filled with air – let’s make it come alive. It’s filled with the Spirit of God and in the Spirit of God is the Allness of every quality of God, infinitely functioning. Let’s be aware of the invisible Radiance; the Spirit everywhere. Let’s not have dead space. It isn’t true.

All around you is living space, living Spirit. And when Joel tells us in this chapter to “Rest back as if on a cloud on the sea of Spirit,” it’s because he has lived in this Spirit as the Christ. This is your Being; you’re living back in your own Being. There is no place outside of your form that is dead weight, dead space, empty; it is all filled with the livingness of the Father. Though hidden from view, we must consciously be aware of it. You cannot have omnipresence and dead space; always conscious of the presence of the Spirit of your Being everywhere. Living, radiant, alive, joyous, without end, missing nothing, lacking nothing, needing nothing: this is the fullness of Christ that you accept everywhere.

And so if, to the Christ, would appear a claim – where could the claim be but in the mind of the one presenting the claim? All that was anywhere was radiant Christ. Where was the claim? It had no place to be. It had no time to be. It was a world suggestion coming through an individual mind. (The sound of a sharp clap.) Stop there!

Why? Because it isn’t there. Christ is there. The fullness of omnipresence is there. The fullness of the power of God is there. Where is the claim? It’s part of the hypnotism; part of the hypnotism that says, “Christ is not there.”

And so we are resting on the sea of omnipresent Spirit. Knowing no place where your Spirit is not, knowing your Spirit and the Spirit of God are One within the other. I in the Father, the Father in me. There is no place in the wave where the ocean is not. And there is no place in the ocean where the wave is not. The ocean individualizes in the wave, the wave is in the ocean. Infinite Spirit individualizes as You, the Christ. And You are in the Father now and your knowledge of this is the annealing and the sealing and the welding into the realization of One. And that is your physician, That is your teacher. That is the eternal Truth of your Being and it doesn’t matter what anyone says or even what you think. Nothing can change that perfection. Your experience of that perfection depends on your acceptance of it and your rejection of all that denies it. You are always in the Father but you’ll never know it if you don’t know you are the Son of God now.

As Christ makes his point to Peter, to Philip rather, he continues, “The Father that indwelleth me, he doeth the works.” We have been trying to do the works. It’s a mistake. We have no capacity to do the works. As long as we continue trying to do the works we fail to recognize that the only one who can do the works is the Father. When we try to do the works we limit ourselves to our limitations. To our human frailties, to our human incapacities. No one has ever been requested to do the works. The minute we know that nothing is impossible to God, that God functions infinitely through Christ, then we know our place is simply to be that Christ and behold, the infinite function of the Father doing the works.

If we ever needed any good example of that, you might say that wherever in the Bible we find a woman past the age of child bearing giving birth to children. That is a statement that the Father doeth the works. No human being made it possible and yet to all human sense it’s impossible; but it’s reported. And what is the reason for its being reported. To show you not to limit yourself to what you think is possible but rather to open out a way, to release your concept of what you think can and cannot be. And to know that unto the infinite Spirit. nothing is impossible. Can I measure out and tell Spirit you can do this or you can’t do this? Do I know what Spirit can and cannot do?

To the human eye none of the healing works of the Master were possible. And even after they were done, some would say, “Why, this is impossible, I don’t even believe he did it.” Even today you know half the world doesn’t really believe in the great miracles of the Bible. They figure, oh, well it’s just a few writers went out of their minds a little in their hysteria to prove something or to sell us a bit of propaganda. And when the church itself boasts about these miracles, it makes no attempt to duplicate them. It’s as if this is part of yesterday. It’s not the continuing power of Christ on earth today. But it is. As a matter of fact, that was just a sampling, a little preview, a hint of the infinite nature of the impossible tasks that are performed by the invisible Christ. Doesn’t the Master tell us, “Greater works shall ye do?”

After all those great works we’re told, “Greater works.” So it’s really just a minor preview compared to what we should anticipate when we have accepted the fullness of Christ. The word ‘works’ is playing a very important part now in our work because having passed the acceptance of the letter, having come to some understanding of the Truth we’re now in that stage of the work when we are called upon to demonstrate those works. Not necessarily as practitioners for other people but in our daily living. In every day of our lives to demonstrate the works that only Christ in us can do. Because only by our deeds can we come into Christ, can we know the fullness of the Father. And I think there’s going to be an importance attached now to the works beyond what we have had to face up till now.

Believe [me ]that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works’ sake.” Now even if we didn’t want to believe that Christ Jesus was the Son of God teaching us that we are the Sons of God, we would have to see something unusual in the works. The way time was set aside and space set aside and gravity set aside, the way what we call atoms were controlled, the way deformities were repaired, the way lives were raised up from the dead. “Believe on me for the works.” What is he saying? He’s saying, “Don’t you see no person can do these things?” There are no mortal works, don’t waste your time trying to do mortal works. That’s not the way. Put yourself in that position in which the immortal works can be done. The works demonstrated by Christ Jesus are not the works of mortality; they are works performed by the invisible Christ revealing Reality. We are not called upon to perform mighty works. Even when we’re told, “Greater are the works that ye shall perform.” It doesn’t really say that at all if you read it carefully. You will never perform greater works. God will.

But think of the priceless promise that if you believe on Me, if you believe on Christ in you, the works that I, Christ do, ye shall do. “And greater works shall ye do.” The priceless promise is that when you accept Christhood, which is the rejection of mortality, that these immortal works done by Christ shall continue to be done through you unabated; even greater works.

And so we see then that Jesus only gave us a sampling preview of the immensity of the possibilities that await us in our Christ Self. After all, three years in a ministry is not eternal Life and the greater works could not be revealed beyond what the human perception of man could embrace. Think what those greater works might be, beyond what we are aware of today.

And yet, what can prevent the fulfilment of this statement? “If ye believe on Me, greater works shall ye do.” Is there any way we can avoid these greater works if we automatically accept and dwell in the livingness of Christ, I am? We have no right now for complaints, even our claims should be brief, based upon the knowledge that yes, I have a claim, no harm in that, no guilt attached to it, world mind comes, it catches me in inadvertently out of Christhood. And then it expresses itself and my mind says, “Yes, yes, yes,” and I’m brought up into this hypnosis of the world. Who isn’t? This is the temptation. But having come to a place in Christ, a knowledge of Christ, an acceptance in Christ, we find we’re quickly able to meet these world claims that in-bed themselves in our consciousness and manifest and the fear doesn’t any longer go with them. We can look at them and say, “Well, you caught me napping,” but not for long. Because I turn right back to center; Christ. “Here I am, I’ve never left you, I’m in the midst of you still greater than that claim in the world. Now rest in me. Accept me as your very Being. Don’t make me an outsider – a second self. I, Christ, within you am your Being. Let go of that fellow out there you think you are. You’re not him. You’re I, Christ.” Make this change in consciousness and make it a daily habit.

You don’t have to resist this evil, you don’t have to change it. You simply have to get back to being who you are and then I who did the works of old, do the same works this very moment. I reveal, my power has ever been present. There has been no change in my Christ being. There has been a change only in the thought that I entertained within and that manifested as the form, condition or claim that I seemed to entertain without.

Let’s just take a quick review of what we’ve done so far this morning, this afternoon. Joel has given us an idea that is very valuable, that we rest frequently during the day just for a minute or two without any desire for help of any kind from God, from anyone, just in the knowledge that here is the presence of God and I am in that Presence. And that Presence is the Father and that Presence in me is my Being, the Son. I and the Father, the Father and I – One. Seeking nothing, needing nothing, wanting nothing just to be in the Presence. Frequently during the day.

And then further, I’m suggesting that you also take into meditation during the day – this can be on another day, you know, you don’t have to crowd everything into one day – the knowledge that the entire world of weight outside you, never enters your consciousness. In your consciousness there is no weight. And the weight of the world out there is fictitious. It can hurt your toe if it falls on it but your toe is fictitious. The only Reality is Christ. And Christ is invisible Spirit.

And when you are resting in invisible Christ, you’ll find Christ does not respond to the weight of the world. Christ does not run out to help people who are falling, people who are sick, people who are dying; Christ reveals that only Christ is there. And that’s how they get well. Rest in your Christ Self and if you can experiment, move through the objects of the world with their weight. Move through them in your thought so that you can feel how weightless they really are. I’ve experimented with this and I find it very valuable. It leaves with it a different method of transcending thought; it’s a sort of moving through thought. I found it very helpful and you might too.

And then to become aware that all space is alive; to live with that in your meditation. It isn’t dead space, it isn’t empty space; it’s God space. It’s invisible Spirit, it’s radiant. And there isn’t a single quality of God that isn’t in every inch of that so called empty space. There’s nothing can push those qualities away. You’re walking through Infinity, through every inch of space. Invisible Infinity is everywhere. And in Christ you’ll find that you are that invisible Infinity expressing. You are in the Father, the Father is in you. And the Father within You is Christ. You within the Father is Christ. He that is within you that is greater than the mortal being, is Christ. And this is true of your neighbor and your enemy and your friends; Christ within All is your Self. One unbroken Christ, never divided; you are never separate from any person or place on the face of the earth. Only I, Christ am there.

This is the acceptance of the universal Christ as your name. Anything you do which is a refusal to accept the universal Christ as your name, whether it’s voluntarily or involuntarily, is the way you step out of being in the Father and the Father in you.

Now we’ll just rest a moment in the luxury of no thought. Simply breaking the chain of world thought.

You do not have to do God’s work. Christ is doing it. But if you are not Christ then God’s work in Christ is not coming through as your experience. If you will be Christ, simply by refusing to be another, you will discover that God is doing God’s work and it comes through the Christ you are and reveals Itself as the health of your countenance, the spiritual power of your Being to maintain its own perfection. The love that you express to all around you, the Grace that knoweth your needs and meets them even before you’re conscious of the need.

We’re being lifted out of dependence on personal self into reliance on the Infinite to do its job perfectly where we are through Christ, my Self. That God may run God’s universe without the dream mind interfering, cutting itself off and then saying where did God go?

We’ll have a short recess for about five or six minutes.

—- End of Side One —-

In the 13th verse of the 14th chapter, “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.” This has been very grossly abused. Just the other day I passed by some hotel and there was a church service going on inside the hotel so some friends with me stopped in. And the usual, at the time of the collection the minister addressed everyone prior to the collection, “and in the name of Jesus Christ we ask that you be generous.” Now this is only typical of the abuse of “whatever you ask in my name.” The current preferred way to pray is to ask for what you want and then, “in the name of Jesus Christ,” is appendaged to it and then we solemnly wait for the words to produce the miracle of manifesting that which we want. And although the world continues to fall on its face with this method, it goes right back to this passage and says, “But it says so.” It says, “Ask in my name.” And that was Jesus Christ talking and so this is how the Church teaches its people to pray. And this is how the church sets the example.

No human being can pray to God successfully; it doesn’t matter who he is and it doesn’t matter if he wears a robe or not, or if his collar faces inside or outside. The word ‘pray’ is not of an individual addressing the supreme Being. Christ prays in the sense that, Christ is in a state of Oneness with the Father. Prayer is being in a state of Oneness with the Father. And when Christ says, “Whatever you wish, whatever you ask in my name,” Christ is telling us, whenever you are in Christ, you are in my name and that is the only prayer you need. That is your prayer. The prayer is the acceptance that I and the Father are one. That is prayer. That is the Lord’s prayer; for only in that Oneness does Grace flow. But think of the sublime gift. “Whatever you ask in my name,” You, in my name, you being my name, you being Christ; whenever you are being Christ whatever is needed must flow because all that is in the Father must flow in the Son as the ocean flows in the wave.

The being of Christ is the perfect prayer. And when we are asking as a human being we are mocking these words, through ignorance. We are turning away from the priceless gift of Oneness into duality and then mortality is asking of the infinite Spirit pour something into that which you did not create called mortality. And that’s why we succeed not in human prayer. But Spiritual prayer is not at all like human prayer; it is the acceptance that my Father knoweth. My Father doeth the works; present tense. Right now, where I have this claim, my Father doeth the perfect works. The separation from my Father is why I am experiencing the claim. The separation is not because I am a sinning person, not because I am guilty of something, not because I am dishonest, not because I’m not dedicated, the separation is because I am not being Christ in my consciousness. And when I am Christ in my consciousness, I am not separated and the Father who doeth the works now, here, simply dissolves all of the illusion of the claim.

In Christ we discover we are in prayer. We are in prayer without ceasing when we are in Christ. And it is a prayer not with words and not with thoughts; it is a prayer of being the Son of God

It is automatically fulfilled; it is perpetual dispensation.

Anything you ask in my name will be given you” – and that’s repeated again. “If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” There’s how it’s done: “I will do it.” The moment you accept Christ, Christ will do it. And so your business, your home, your child, your family; are they in Christ, in your consciousness? And so I have to give you another exercise to practice this week and that probably makes the fourth one.

Maybe you’ve never done this but again I find it exceptionally helpful. Now you could pick anyone you want but I’m suggesting this time that you pick someone close to you. And this is very difficult to do so we’re going to, say, try it for three hours. If you can, do it for the day, fine, but try it for three hours. If you can do it for three hours you can probably do it for life.

Now only those of you who’ve accepted Christhood as your identity are going to find any success with this exercise. Let’s suppose you’re picking your husband as the one close to you and you’re going to work from that point of view. Or if you’re a man you could pick your wife. Your point of view is that you are the Christ but today you’re going to lose your life. You’re going to drop all sense of you and for three hours, no matter what you’re doing, you’ll keep on doing it but you will have a conscious awareness that you are the Christ of that other one that you have selected for that experiment. So that if you’re doing this, as a wife, you will know that you are the Christ of your husband. That means you might be in the kitchen baking or cleaning or reading the morning newspaper or having your coffee but consciously know that you are the Christ of your husband. And that doesn’t mean where he is near you; it means wherever he is. If he’s down at the office, if he’s in another room; wherever he is, you are the Christ of him. That means he’s not there, the Christ of you is there.

And hold to this for three hours. Oh, I don’t mean that you just stand there for three hours constantly thinking of it but that it’s in the back of your conscious mind during that three hour period so that pretty regularly – just as if you were boiling a three minute egg, you keep checking the time when you do that – you keep checking back to your consciousness to remind yourself, I am the Christ of my husband

Now as you do that during that three hour period you will experience things that you’re not aware of at the moment. And you may find yourself doing things for that person you wouldn’t think of doing otherwise. The Christ of you accepted, as the Christ of your husband, will make you perform physically things that you didn’t know you were going to perform for him, on his behalf. Because when you get down to it you’ll find that the Christ of your husband not only is you but because it’s you, you have to work in accord with that knowledge, even unconsciously. And you’ll find yourself drawn by that knowledge – it will manifest in some way, or ways, in your physical world.

Now if you’re doing it with your son or your wife or some other close person, it’ll be the same, it won’t matter where they are. And the purpose of this exercise so that we can go beyond it is, that you are actually to learn how to do this for the universe. And naturally you’re not going to want to start with someone you don’t really care enough about at this moment to do that, So you start with a loved one. Well, when you discover the great joy and release and power and understanding that flows from this experiment, you’ll see why we are told to pray for our enemies too.

You’ve got enough to do so I won’t suggest that you go onto that but there’s nothing to stop you going on to whatever you want to go onto.

Now if we’re to see Christ in everyone isn’t it ridiculous of us to talk that way when we can’t even do it with one loved one, that I am the Christ of that one? Let’s start with one. And if you do it faithfully for a three hour period and find that you like the idea, you might continue on during the day if you’re up to it. I find it very difficult; I also find it very fruitful. And you learn a lesson from it – you learn the real meaning of humility. While you’re busy being the Christ of that other one you’re not thinking of you.

And somehow you get along fine; you even like yourself better. I suggest it very strongly; it’s impersonalizing of both you and the other, to know that I am the Christ of that individual as well as I am the Christ of myself. One Christ accepted. Try it – it’s beautiful.

We’ll take a peek at John. John gives us some very interesting things here. This is the epistle of John. In 1 John 3:22, we have a condition which didn’t come in John about “Ask in my name and ye shall be given.” And there is a condition here that we have to consider. It wasn’t quite as simple as stated before. 1 John 3:22. “Whatsoever we ask,” he says in 1 John, “We receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight. And this is his commandment, that we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and love one another, as he gave us commandment.” Now the believing on his Son Jesus Christ we know to mean; believing that Christ is the identity of Jesus, and Christ is the identity of me, Christ is the identity of my son, my father, my brother, my mother, my sister, my wife, my children, my friends, my enemies. Christ is the identity of every individual who walks the earth. That is the believing on Jesus Christ. Because that is what Jesus Christ taught.

Now, “Whatever ye shall ask in my name ye shall receive,” providing you keep my commandments. Now you see the point of including that at this point is that you cannot ask in the name of Christ if you’re not keeping the commandments. Because if you’re not keeping the commandments you’re not in Christ. So it isn’t enough to say, ”Oh I am Christ. Period. Now I can rest and know everything is great.” Am I living the commandments taught by Christ? That’s how I am Christ; not by an emotion but by the activity of being that which I am to be. By functioning that way, in the manner of Christ.

Now Christ doesn’t perform functions as a corporeal being. I can’t function corporeally and call myself Christ. I have to get beyond the corporeal sense, beyond the corporeal sense of husband and wife. That’s why your exercise is important. If you are the Christ of your husband or of your wife or your child – what is there? Is the Christ of you there and your husband and your wife? Or is the Christ of you there – with no second? Do you see what I mean by practicing the presence of the Christ of you, as the Christ of your husband or wife or child? Don’t think the Christ of you is there and your wife. Or the Christ of you and your husband. The practice of this exercise is the knowledge that only the Christ of you is there. It so happens that the Christ of you is the Christ of your wife. The Christ of your wife is the Christ of you. There’s one Christ. And so practice that.

Now here is something beautiful out of John. It’s in the fifth verse, the fifth chapter rather of the first epistle. It’s the way he ends the complete fifth chapter from 14 on.

This is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us.” First, we were told to ask anything in my name and you will receive. Then we were told ask anything in my name and you will receive if you obey my commandments. And here we’re told ask anything in his name and you will receive if you ask that which is his will to do.

And so how would you interpret this? It would have to mean that always we’re being denied the right of personal sense. We cannot say, “Do my will.” It must be what is the will of the Father? And so Christ ultimately means a total surrender of all self – other than Christ. You don’t ask in Christ by expressing your will. “And [if] we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.” You see this is John talking who had attained Christhood. The only thing he desired of God was to be in God’s presence. He had no other petitions. You’ll find that’s your secret. It’s the secret of the unseparated Self; just to be in the presence of God as the Christ is the only asking you ever need. It is really infinite Grace.

And “If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life for them that sin not unto death. [And[ There is a sin unto death: I do not say that he shall pray for it.” Now I’m not going to go into that. I’m getting to another facet of this at the moment. “All unrighteousness is sin: and there is a sin not unto death. We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not;” Therefore in your acceptance of Christ you are out of karma, In your acceptance of Christ you are not subject to what the world calls sin. You are not subject to the ills, the errors, the evils and the terrors of this world because when you have surrendered unto God, through acceptance of Christ, you are out of sin, out of karma.

And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.” Now when he says, “We are of God, and the [whole] world lieth in wickedness,” he is simply stating that we, meaning those who are of God, are those who have accepted Christ as identity and that those who have not accepted Christ as identity are in the world which is synonymous with wickedness. He has separated the two kinds of life; Christ life or human life.

And we know that the Son of God is come.” Now how does he know the Son of God is come? This isn’t Christ Jesus any more, this is Christ John. How does he know the Son of God is come? The same way you and I can know the Son of God is come. We no longer rely on the outer world for our fulfilment. We learn as John did that all things flow through Christ instead of efforts in all different directions scattered about to improve this and improve that and improve the other thing; we know the Son of God is come. The Son of God is not a future event. The Son of God is not something you’re supposed to read about and marvel at, and look up to and say, “Oh isn’t that wonderful.” The Son of God is You. The Son of God is come; “I am come. I in the midst of you am come. I am the Son of God that you might have Life and have Life more abundant.”

We know,” says John, “that the Son of God is come.” That’s the difference between John and his group of disciples. They know who they are. “And hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Christ Jesus. This is the true God and eternal life.”

The moment you are in Christ Jesus, as Jesus was in Christ, the moment you’re in Christ this is the true eternal God.

Now if this is all out of John designated by Jesus as the heir apparent on earth. “Little children, keep yourselves from idols.” Idols are the false material consciousness of man. In our mortal material consciousness we are in idols.

So much at the moment for John. Let’s look at Joel’s chapter for a quick resume of some of the things that he has seen for us.

First about parents, he says this. “If parents maintain their spiritual consciousness and live in the realization of one power, the child of spiritually endowed parents can be expected to be 80 per cent free of children’s diseases, of delinquent behavior, of accidents, of fears that normally beset children.” The condition he says, is that if “they live in the realization of one power.”

Now we’ve heard a lot about One Power and yet in spite of the mental agreement that God is the only Power, we do react to other powers. Someway, in some manner, the mind is torn away from this acceptance of One Power and having no foundation to anchor it, it believes that there is another power or a series of powers functioning besides the One Power of God. And so it has a belief in two powers or you could say many powers. Powers other than the power of God. And yet the Truth is that only the power of God functions on this earth.

The human mind has no way of knowing that and consequently it is a door knob for every kind of activity that turns it. If something is lacking it turns in that direction and it wails. If something hurts, it turns in that direction and it shouts, “I hurt.” Always the human mind knows other powers than the power of God. And so as long as you continue in your human mind, you will continue to know other powers than the power of God. But if a parent learns to dwell in the consciousness of One Power, the power of God, we are told that a child – or at least 80% of the children who have such parents – would find themselves without diseases, without the child problems, without delinquency, without drug addiction and so forth. Now Joel must’ve based that on his observation and his experience.

And so let’s look again at One Power. If you are not experiencing the power of God it should be clear to you that it is because you have classified yourself as a human being. And you are using a human mind. And your alternate to that is to reclassify yourself according to God’s standard that you are the Son, that you are his Spirit and that he has never created a human mind. In your human mind you cannot adhere to the principle of One Power. You don’t have the power to do it because you can be fooled by appearances. You know very well if someone dear to you is hovering between what we call life and death, your human mind isn’t going to be able to hold to One Power. And so you will try and try and try to be faithful to the principle of One Power but you cannot do it. It’s unfortunate but we have found that even though we are dedicated, the human mind cannot stand that ground. But, the purpose of a teaching like the Infinite Way is to make you realize that you don’t have a human mind.

Now you remember that we meditated before that there was no weight in mountains within our thought, no weight in tractors within our thought. And then we reversed that to see that our thought was really a sort of a parent to the outer visible weighted tractor and we probably couldn’t accept that. And yet along comes another mind, called the Christ mind and within it something happens and out there in that outer world of weight and form and figures, things change out there because something happens in the Christ mind here.

Now if within your mind here, the same thing that happened in the Christ mind, happened in your mind, then out there those forms would change too. And if one of those forms out there happens to be your form, it would change in accordance with what takes place in the changing understanding within the Christ mind within you. The inner change of consciousness through a new mind becomes the outer change in the form whether it’s the form of a body or the form of a business. You see we all think of it as the external working into the inner but it has to come the other way; the inner working into the external. You can go out there and improve things but you’re improving the illusion. You can go inside and rest in Christ and improve the illusion but you’ve also gained something else. You have gained the capacity to be one with the flow of power with the One Power and that will not only improve what you try to improve, it will improve everything straight across the board. It will improve everything in your life that needs improvement. Christ in you doesn’t just go out and improve this or that. Christ brings forth the Divine image in all things.

Now Christ in you is the One Power. That’s the place where you experience it. And if you try to adhere to the idea of One Power with the human mind it doesn’t work. Oh, at times it does and at times it fails. And that’s the reason it’s inconsistent because it’s with the human mind. But it isn’t inconsistent in Christ. And so in order for the parent to do what Joel said, to dwell in the consciousness of One Power where the child is concerned, the parent would have to accept Christ as the identity of the child, Christ as the identity of the parent and rest in the knowledge that I, Christ, parent, and I, Christ, child are Oneself and therefore there’s no power present but the power of I, Christ. And then in that conscious awareness, the One Power would manifest to the degree that the parent remains in that consciousness.

That’s not a human mind any more because it only begins that way. Something takes the play out of the human mind and the Christ mind begins to function Itself in place of the human mind which had begun to understand and then to be lifted outside of itself. I, lifted up takes the play away from the human mind which began the operation, began the thought pattern. And then thought becomes Divine. And just as within you, your human thought becomes the outer manifestation, then within you, your Divine thought becomes the outer manifestation. But it’s the manifestation of the Divine, instead of the human thought.

Now we could all do this for children and those parents who are alert to it are doing it. You’ll find that it takes effect upon them. However, they do grow up and they do come into their own consciousness and then all the work you do to know the Truth of them is no longer going to keep them free of the problems that you were able to keep them free of when they were young enough to be your consciousness. Now they come into their own.

You remember in this chapter Joel speaks of handsome parents, a beautiful mother and a handsome Father and the children are very beautiful. And then the children come into their own adult consciousness and sometimes they turn out to be ugly ducklings. And vice versa. Parents who aren’t too pretty to look at sometimes have very handsome, very ugly children, because they’re showing for the consciousness of the parents or the appearance of the parents but then when they come into their own they become quite handsome or beautiful.

And so it is that you can only put this umbrella, Joel calls it, over the children up to a certain age and then when they outgrow your consciousness and come into their own, if they do not believe and accept and understand the principle under which you have acted then they’re right out there again in the two powers.

And so while you’re doing this, it’s advisable to teach them the principle that you’re functioning under so they come under the understanding of One Power.

Now that doesn’t mean that because they outgrow us and go into their own and lose the understanding of One Power, or never had it, that we’re to discontinue our practice. It means it won’t have as much affect on them but it will on us. We always have to retain the conscious awareness that only One Power is present even when those children are suffering. Even when they’ve grown up and now they’ve got families and they’re not getting along well together and all that sort of thing. We still must know that I am the Christ of that individual. You’re not knowing it just for their sake; no, you’re knowing it for your sake. You’ve got to be the Christ of everyone you know. When you step out of it, you’re stepping out of the secret of the one unseparated Self. That’s your secret, that’s your hidden manna. One unseparated Self in Christ. Everywhere, I am.

And you know it only comes with constant awareness; constant, conscious practice of that Truth.

I, in the midst of me is I in the midst of my child. I in the midst of me, is I in the midst of my neighbor. And I in the midst of me and my child and my neighbor is greater than the mortal who walks upon the earth. If I can hold it to that one invisible I, in everyone, then I can accept that only the power of that invisible Christ is present no matter what I see. No matter what tempts me to believe otherwise, then I am in the principle of One Power.

Now please apply the principle of One Power to everything that comes up as a problem. You’ll find that you’ve done much to diminish your problems in your thought but you still linger with the belief that there is power to have caused the problem. And to you the problem is still a reality. Because, when you don’t know that only the power of God can be present, you think that there is a power that caused your problem and you’re still trying to shrug it off. And that’s part of the missing ingredient when no matter what you do, it still lingers there. You’ve accepted it as being possible. And even though to the human mind, it must be possible because you’re suffering from it, you must take that extra step transcending human thought into Christ knowledge which says, “But if only God is present what other power is there?” Any other power to cause something not caused by God, must be illusory power causing and an illusory condition and I’m coming above the sense that there can be present a power to cause something that God is not causing.

Did God make my arm have bursitis? Did God cause me to make this error? Did God give me amnesia? Impossible. Then where does the power come to cause it? The power is an assumptive hypnotic power. It has no existence except in the human mind. Back to Christ and then you’re in Christ power and then the shadow of human power is no longer there because the light of Christ power shines.

Do not accept the possibility of a power other than God and then look at your condition and say, “What power could cause this if there’s no other power than God?” You’ve caught the problem of hypnosis. You have accepted a condition without a real cause and when the cause is seen as the impossible because God cause is the only cause, you remove the false cause. And deep within there’s this response which slowly permeates and comes forth releasing you from the false belief that there was a power to have caused this. You don’t have to concern yourself about the condition. You remove the false belief in a power to have caused it. You see this goes way back deep into the human consciousness. Back into the world consciousness. That’s why you never come face-to-face with what’s causing the problems. It’s always a false sense of power in the world consciousness seeping into human consciousness finally manifesting as the pain, the ache, the bulge, the lump and so forth.

It doesn’t matter what the problem; there’s no power to cause problems – if you’re in Christ.

Well, this seems to fall right into what Joel was saying next. “When problems come, they present a degree to which the ‘natural man’ has not yet been overthrown. Not a single one of us can hope to be completely transformed into Christ by a few years of study. That cannot happen! But, in proportion to our study and meditation, we do manifest less and less of the ‘natural man’ and demonstrate more and more of the divine Consciousness.”

Now as you go through this chapter when you come to about the middle of it, there’s a sudden break. Joel has sort of set the stage, He’s had the prelude; now he’s coming to who you are. You are Divine Consciousness. But you don’t know you’re Divine Consciousness, you think you’re human consciousness. And so the inspired Spirit has to come through into your awareness in some way to inform you you’re not human consciousness. Human consciousness thinks you’re sick. Human consciousness thinks you hurt. Human consciousness thinks you have to be subject to other powers. But you are not human consciousness. Your name is Divine Consciousness: that’s what Son of God means. “I, in the midst of you, which is the Son of God, I am Divine Consciousness.” And your problem isn’t what your problem seems to be, your problem is that you are not being Divine Consciousness which you are.

Now I am Divine Consciousness. Why? Because when the infinite Divine Consciousness individualizes, that’s what the Son means. Infinite individualization is the Son. And so Divine infinite individualizes as the Son, as Divine Consciousness of you. You are Divine Consciousness. And I, in the midst of you, I am that Divine Consciousness and I am the flow of the Infinite.

And as you practice being Divine Consciousness you’re also practicing being Christ. Divine Consciousness is Christ. Divine Consciousness is Son of God. Christ, Son of God, Divine Consciousness, Mystical Consciousness, Spiritual Consciousness, Christ Consciousness are all words for the same God being your individual Being.

And as long as we have not yet fully overcome the natural man,” says Joel, “we cannot receive these things of God. So it’s not the amount of reading or meditating – that’s not what counts. What counts is the degree of Christ raised up. The degree of loving neighbors, of forgiving enemies, the degree of no resistance to evil. The degree of realization of One Power. He says, “It’s not even a matter of faith.” It’s a matter of understanding these principles and applying them impersonally. Not only when everything is going well but when the chips are down.”

Loving, forgiving, not judging, resisting not evil; resting in the knowledge of One Power. But it all comes down to being Christ, doesn’t it?

Now I’ve given you four exercises to work on. It’s probably more than you want. And it’s probably more than you’ll do. But remember there are other days and if you don’t do them all this week there’ll be a time when you’ll be reminded of them. And each exercise is to find and in this that is not under the law of two powers, to find a consciousness that doesn’t have to look at the claims of the world and bow to them or try to defend against them but a consciousness that is firmly anchored in, right here, God is.

I’m never going to say that God isn’t right here. I’m never going to admit to any claim that God isn’t right here. I’m never going to be persuaded by any circumstance that God isn’t right here. And right here where God is, I must be. That’s my umbrella. And so you’re standing on; God is here. And the power of God is here. And the life of God is here. And the perfection of God is here. You’re not standing in a body. You’re not standing as a person. You’re not trying to defend a person or a body. You’re standing in God. As pure Divine Consciousness knowing pure Divine Consciousness is your name and it functions under Grace.

Then there’s no second self, no personal will, no personal need, no personal desire; there is only I here, Christ – pure Divine Consciousness. Without a second power. Without a second self.

And you rest back on the sea of Spirit. That’s your cloud. God is present. God is alive. I am in God now. And your mind is not only not on the things of this world and the organs of the body, your mind has surrendered to the Christ mind. You’ll have no mind with which to think in your Christ awareness.

One of the last statements I’ve selected from Joel’s book is; “We will experience good and evil until such time as we actually realize that we have no right to be functioning as human beings, [we have no right] to have human feelings of good or evil, and [we] certainly have no right to have a human will.”

When we attain this higher consciousness…. we recognize the up and down …. the good and the bad aspects of my life were experienced…. in the days of my ignorance. When I thought I was a man…. but now I know my secret name.”

Because you’re in the Father and the Father is in you, all that is called human is the false belief which denies your identity. Your identity is not going away while you deny it. Your perfection will not leave you while you deny it. Christ can never leave you. Even while you are unaware that Christ is present. But your awareness that Christ is present is merely finding your Self. And then you look at your human conditions and you know that they were superimposed by the world mind right where the body of Christ is.

Rest there and I come whose right it is to sit upon the throne.”

These are not words in a book; they are the power of Christ in you, turning you to Itself.

Silence, (pause) …

Next week we’ll be in the ninth year of our teaching here in San Francisco. To those of you have been here today and we’ve not met before I’d like to say, “Hello,” if you have a moment. And of course you all know I’d always like to say, “Hello” to all of you.

Thanks very much.