We bid you welcome to the city of Bethlehem. We know what it is known by to the population here, but, to us it will have to be the city of “birth.”

Many of you have traveled very far, and what has drawn us together is…you might call it a vision; a vision that we all share: a vision of Divine Life. Not the mundane life known to the rest of the world, not temporary life, not life that is at the mercy of the elements, but a Life that was endowed to us, long before the physical form appeared. A Life which many of us unfortunately, have neglected to live in, but it is this Life, this perfect Life, this real Life, this Life without boundaries, it is this that has drawn us into this household tonight.

And so we are what might be called an Ecclesia, a gathering. A gathering of Souls who are dedicated to the fulfillment of Divine will, not to personal will, not to personal ambition, but to a surrender, to a new kind of life which we have been assured by many demonstrations in this world, is available to those who have the courage and the vision and the willingness to ascend from the limitations of mortality.

So this is a Divine birth seminar and no doubt many of us will find it difficult along the way. But in just a few days, we will have to meet challenges, tests and all forms of ideas that may seem to us as too stringent, too demanding, something we perhaps would rather put off just a little bit longer and yet I am persuaded that the One Self, who is the only presence here, has prepared a table before us and that we are ready to attend that Divine supper.

I would like to rest in the assurance that Divine Love is present and that it embraces us as it always has in oneness, in the glory of the Father’s presence, that the Father within each of us is responding, that there is a union independent of form, independent of time, independent of place and that we can for a brief moment share that Divine Love.

I have one question now to ask you. Where was God before the birth of Jesus, and where was Christ before the birth of Jesus? And if you accept that God was very much alive before the birth of Jesus and that Christ was very much alive before the birth of Jesus, I then have another question for you. Where was Christ before the birth of you?

That Christ who pre-existed the birth of you into form is your identity and it is that Christ which you were before form, which you are now and which you ever will be when there is no form. It is that Christ we are interested in discovering as the only being we are. When you discover it, when you believe it, when you accept it and when you live it and when you experience it, you have discovered the meaning of Divine birth.

It is true that Christ appeared to us as Jesus, but it is also true that Christ has appeared to us as every person who has ever walked this earth. It is true that Christ is the life behind the New Testament but it is also true that Christ is the life behind the Old Testament and that the secret of Christ coming through both testaments is the story of you, your identity, your Divine birth revealed in both the Old and the New Testaments. That’s all they’re about, your Divine birth.

And so to return in Consciousness to that which we truly know we are, from that which we have been seemingly forced to accept is where we expect to go during these few classes.

There must be within you now, an inner acceptance of the truth that Christ before birth, Christ before Jesus, Christ before the New Testament, Christ before the Old Testament and Christ before the world. I AM. There must be that acceptance. There must be that acceptance so that you can accept Christ after the world. I AM. And that I AM right now, for I have never been less and never will be less.

And perhaps, although you may have fully known this in your intellect for quite some time now, you’re faced with the fact that in spite of your intellectual acceptance, you do not seem to have the capacity to live as the Christ or to be immune to those things which Christ is immune to.

And so we see that there must be a false identity in which we live because Christ is never suffering. That of us who suffers, obviously, is that identity which we have in some way thought we inherited or received, or lived in and perpetuated by our own manner of living.

Our Christhood, our only selfhood is never in danger, never in the slightest jeopardy, never subject to the whims of the weather or the world. Your Christhood can never go to war. It can never inflict punishment or pain upon another nor can it receive pain or punishment from another.

And so we look at ourselves and we say, “Why do I walk around in this other self when Christ I AM? What compels me to do this? Why do I seem helpless to step out of the illusion of mortality?”

And so we’re going to put our finger on the world mind. We’re going to identify the negative force that holds us in bondage to what we are not while even within ourselves we seem to feel and know what we are.

We know that when we fly in the plane, we are concerned about whether it’s going to be safe. We know that the epidemics make us stop a moment and pause to consider what protection we’re going to take in our armor of light. We have the fears, the emotions, the hysterias, the lacks and limitations. We have the complete arsenal of humanhood.

And it should be clear to each of us that what is presented to us as our humanhood is the world mind. It is not us. It is the world mind counterfeiting that which we are.

And so if you were to be a person who says, as a note said to me today, “Why was I not born with more logic? Why, in spite of what I know, am I troubled? Why do I make mistakes?” The answer is very simple. You don’t. But the self you think you are is forced to make those mistakes by the world mind.

The world mind lives every human being. And until we’re willing to face that, we’re going to spend a lot of human time and human energy trying to erase that which the human brain is incapable of erasing.

So let’s clearly identify and isolate the truth that this world is a presentation of the world mind and that all that is contained within this world is also the world mind. If there’s any quibbling about it, if there’s any doubt about it, you’ve got to retrace your steps until you can eliminate that quibble or doubt because you’ve got to face the fact that the world mind is the serpent in the garden. The world mind is Satan. The world mind is devil. The world mind is carnal mind. The world mind is the hypnotist and then it is even the one who is hypnotized.

So we’re looking at a world mind universe which is counterfeiting My Kingdom, we’re looking at a world population which is a counterfeit of our Selfhood and were knowing that Christ I AM is never a two-legged skeleton of bones covered with flesh.

The Christ I AM, is never going to be a corpse, an invalid, a patient in a hospital, a patient in a bed, a limited, lacking human creature and there must be a feeling, a feeling perhaps which is another word for a realization. There must be a feeling that I am not that form which displays these crude, creaturely remnants of evil and error. You must disassociate yourself from that form. You must step out of the finite. You must move more freely in the Infinite as pure Consciousness rather than someone living in his brain cells.

Now we come to the second adversary which is part of the first. Your brain, your brain dwells within the world mind. Now, I have never found a human brain that can survive death. The human brain is always dying and by the belief that your dying human brain can solve the jigsaw puzzle of the world mind, you merely perpetuate the hypnosis.

So not only does the world mind imprison us, but it uses our own human brain to help us throw away the key to that prison. That human brain which thinks it is so clever, it invents the computer. It sends spaceships up to the sky but it cannot prevent its own death. It is helpless against the elements. It is helpless against diseases and disasters. We must learn not to, not to rely upon a material brain or upon material brain cells because they are not capable of de-hypnotizing us from the world mind picture of a human race in a human world which is not the Kingdom of Christ.

And so if we can get that out of the way and see that the human brain is not an aid to our attaining Christhood until it becomes a link with our own Soul.

As it is now, brain power is not Christ power and brain power is again the serpent in the garden trying to persuade the poor mortal being that God is neither perfect nor loving but is punishing and is deceitful and lays traps for human beings.

Now with the brain, we are told that we cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Why? Because flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom and that brain is part of your flesh and blood. That brain can never take you to the Kingdom of God. It wasn’t meant for that purpose. And so this may be difficult for some of us because we have not known of any other device we have or any other instrument we have that can take us where we think we want to go. The brain will always take you on its own personal detours.

I would like to dwell on this just a moment longer because if there’s an individual here who has a doubt about the fact that his brain or her brain is an exception, I would love to remain in this trend of thought until that individual can see that my human brain which was a Rhodes Scholar, which was a cum lauda student, which has a phi beta kappa key, my human brain, I finally can overcome. I can see through its temporary nature and I cannot accept it as a substitute for my Christ mind.

I hope such an individual will dwell with that, if he or she is not convinced, and come to the conclusion that the human brain however useful, is not the instrument for the will, the power, the love, and the law of God. It is a temporary substitute and the Christ mind is present and is available and it alone receives the full flow of Divinity.

The brain is here to test us and in its peculiar way to strengthen us as we pass the tests. The brain is here to put in front of us a whole road full of nails as we try to drive over it. The brain is here to confuse us. It’s here to challenge God. It’s here to make your Soul work overtime to overcome the brain.

And as you find the capacity to come over to overcome, to cross and ascend above brain power, you’ll discover Soul power. And when you discover Soul power, you’re on your way to the return to your Divine birth.

There is no return to Divine birth with a human brain and whoever remains within the limitations of one will discover that Divine birth will never be attained or realized and Divine law will never fully function within your human life because it is a product of the world mind and the human brain.

And so, to those of us who have now reached the determination to move without further delay, without further detours in the material world into that identity which alone, inherits the Kingdom of God on earth, let us proceed to make several important acceptances.

The first one will be a meditation and you must pass this meditation somewhere in your experience, I mean thoroughly, not just for meditation. The meditation is to open the doorway of your acceptance to a permanent acceptance. And that meditation is this:

“This world is a dream.”

There’s no sense waiting till the eighth class to discover that or to accept it. This world is a dream and I’m talking about everything in it. You know nobody has made this up. It is not your Father’s Kingdom and your Father is the Father of [Invisible] Christ. Now, if you want to live in the world that is not your Father’s Kingdom, you wouldn’t be here.

So we’ll have to go into meditation and catch a glimpse or more of the world that is a dream.

What are we going to include in this dream? What are we going to exclude? Shall we start with your human body?

If it is a dream, are you any proof of It? Enough proof that you can build a conviction that your human body is a dream. Can you search the scripture for proof? Can you search your own experience for proof? Can you search the words of Joel for proof?

In our contemplation about the world is a dream, suppose we look at several Infinite way principles which we have allegedly accepted or at least have heard about.

God is one. There is no God and. Now if there is no God and, and God is the only, where is a human body?

Out of the world mind creation, brought into visibility through your senses and your brain. Your brain and your senses, working in tandem, receiving a telecast from the world mind creates the picture of a human you, a human body. And to me, this is the original hologram. The ones you see by Science are reconstructed holograms. But our human bodies are the original.

Now I know it’s easy to even accept it and then go right out and lose the acceptance because time will erode your understanding.

And then, there’s my child and then there’s my parent and then there’s my loved husband or wife and then there’s that five billion populous out there; you mean they’re all a dream?

There is no God and. That’s the principle of The Infinite Way. There’s just no room for the human race in that principle. So you’re looking at the invisible light of Christ and you’re seeing through your limited sense, mind, perceptive capacity. You’re not seeing the light. You’re seeing your impression of it. You’re calling it my mother, my father, my sister, my brother. You’re calling it myself and surely if Christ walked off the cross into invisibility five million times, it would be no different than if it was done only once to show that I am still alive because you’re looking at the illusion of form.

There will be no return to Divine birth as long as you think you are living in a human body and you can’t even say that I’m not in that human body. That isn’t complete. That is not complete. You can’t say I am not in that human body because there is no human body there. I can’t be in it obviously because it is not there. The light of God is there.

Now you might think that just making a statement like that has no power, but it has because behind your statement will come your understanding and your belief and your ability to live in that belief. And when you are able to then realize the truth of what you are declaring, that realization activates the entire invisible Kingdom in your life.

Ye are the light of the world.

And when this is realized, which obviously you have to begin by eliminating the belief in the human form. When the realization of that begins to rise within you, that realization is the first fruits of your Christ mind. You have found your Christ mind through the realization because only your Christ mind will realize that. And from this begins to develop a pyramid. The belief, the understanding, the activity and then the expansion of that belief into related beliefs. This network within yourself becomes a firmament under your feet, a foundation.

I am the invisible light of the world. Although I had seemed to be in a human form and thought I was and lived many incarnations in one I thought, I am accepting the revelation of the Christ that I am the light of the world and that is my beginning to live as that light and to invoke by my mere acceptance the power and the texture and the substance of that light and the wisdom of that light and the love of that light so that invisibly my true universe is coming alive ever so slowly as seeds of awareness that will sprout and become living Soul consciousness.

There must be this firm beginning until it develops into conviction, until conviction becomes unshakable. And so you’ll walk on tentative feet for awhile but while you’re doing it, you’re not living in and declaring yourself to be that skeleton of bones covered by skin.

The Christ that you are does not inhabit this world because this world is not here. Just as seeking, seeing form where light is and calling it a human being, you’re seeing form where light is and calling it everything else: a mountain, a sky, a meteor, a star, a river, a carrot, a string bean. Everything you are looking at is the invisible light of God made into the appearance of form by this incredible world mind, human brain tandem reaction.

All matter is mental. Now there’s got to be some working with that, some acceptance until it becomes just a handy tool to know.

This world is a dream.

That doesn’t mean I do not exist, it means I am not the human within the dream and the things I see within the dream obviously are not under Divine protection. That land that’s going to fall into the ocean or that avalanche that did fall or that gust of wind that blew the houses down, I’ve got to catch that as a world mind illusion for the Father is not in the whirlwind, or in the earthquake or in the avalanche and so our world must begin to crumble more and more within ourselves until we stand firmly in the Kingdom of Divine light knowing it has no opposite. Behind every visible object is your Father’s Kingdom of Divine light.

Joel’s second principle, or at least I’ll call it the second, is that:

“God, man and the universe are incorporeal.”

And so, the universe of God being incorporeal, there is no material mountain, no material river; and, it’s the very same river you allegedly can drown in and all you can do is drown in that which is not there. And what drowns in that which is not there, that which also is not there. Now again, mere statements until you work with them enough to feel them.

When you know that you, the light of God can never drown in a material ocean, when you know that you walk only in the universe of light which is the Kingdom of the Father, when you feel a measure of this, when you practice it until you feel it, you’ll find that you are moving toward your rebirth into that Divine light which you are but which we have through ignorance, neglected.

Your Kingdom is not of this world and the entire world of matter is placed within the world mind and then re-broadcast to your human mind. Everything you’re looking at in this world is just a re-run, a re-tread from the world mind to your mind and that is the hypnosis, the brain hypnosis revealed in the Garden of Eden. That is the brain hypnosis revealed by Jesus walking off the cross into life and declaring here I am just three days later.

You have been prepared by the Spirit to contemplate these truths and to incorporate them into your daily life:

“God, man and the universe are incorporeal.”

And so the third principle would obviously be:

“That which is corporeal must be a dream.”

And that’s where we are. All that is corporeal must be a dream. We don’t even have a corporeal enemy or a corporeal sinner or a corporeal thief on a cross. All that is corporeal must be a dream because principle number two, God, man and the universe are incorporeal.

These are firm, reliable, Infinite Way principles.

Corporeality is a dream.

And what about the fourth principle?

“I is the name of God and I is the name of the Son of God.”

God the Father and God the Son, are named I and God has only one Son, one, Infinite Son named I. The Infinite Son named I is your Self. Never in a finite, temporary, material, mental sense of form.

Now, living outside this is what is going to be necessary to attain the experience of Divine birth. And so, I’d like to make this suggestion: In each class, we’re going to have five principles and I’d like to suggest that not necessarily during the class but after the class and maybe even after that when some of you receive your tapes on the class, that there will be a total of forty principles to practice and I’d like that to be our forty days in our wilderness. Now let me explain what the forty days in the wilderness amounts to for us.

As you recall, on the banks of the Jordan, after the baptism by John, Jesus was visited by the Holy Ghost and the Voice declared He was the Begotten Son and forthwith He was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tested.

Now we’re not going to wait until the Voice declares you are the begotten Son to be tested but rather, we’ll use our forty days in the wilderness as a test so that we can let it help us to the place where we are declared the begotten Son.

Our forty days will be in the wilderness of no personal self. That really is what was meant when Jesus was led into the wilderness. He was in the land of no personal self. He was in the land of Divinity without human defense and He was protecting the integrity of His divinity, protecting the integrity of Omnipresence, protecting the integrity of the Kingdom of God where He walked instead of the world where human eyes saw him appear.

Now that’s our wilderness. “If you believe on me, the works that I do ye shall do.” Right now.

And so in our forty days, the first day would then be, “This world is a dream.”

And the way that would work is, let’s presume this were seven or eight am, or six am, or whenever you arise in the morning. Before you begin another thing, “This world is a dream” is your principle for the day. And you walk in the wilderness of a world with that principle. But you do not walk with that principle alone. You walk with the knowledge that I am the invisible Christ, the light of the world, that My light is everywhere, wherever form appears. That all human form is illusion, all part of that dream, that my job is an illusion, part of that dream, that my clients are part of that dream, that my marriage is part of that dream, that my family is part of that dream.

But don’t stop there. You face the world with the knowledge that this world is a dream. But you know what is behind the dream. That’s how you face the dream. You stand in the face of the dream knowing the Reality behind the dream. That’s your first day in the wilderness of this world.

Now, let’s see how we would do that. We would do, more or less, what we just did, except that it wouldn’t be without opposition. This was in easy circumstances where all we had to do was meditate but now we’re up and about and we have caught in meditation that, “This world is a dream.” We meditate, maybe, ten, fifteen minutes, half hour, whatever necessary to have that click, ’till you can come to the realization, “Oh yes, yes, I see that. Of course, I’m in the Kingdom of God and it appears to be the world.” That’s why it’s a dream. All that’s here in My Kingdom. And yet, I’m going to walk in a world where only My Kingdom is, now. That is my wilderness experience.

How am I going to meet it? I’m going to meet it by standing in the knowledge that everything coming to me is a dream and that all that stands behind the dream is the presence of God because there is no God and. And now, it’s time for breakfast. And that’s where you’re living. Usually, you get the newspaper and you read it and you talk to your family. Maybe you turn on the TV news. But we are talking about Divine birth and it’s not going to be attained by doing what we’ve always done.

If you want to take the forty days in the wilderness, you must follow through. If you want to be reborn to the Spirit and walk consciously under the protection and the guidance of Divine law, if you want to live in your Father’s house, if you want to be the Son, you’ll have to step away from normal, human life patterns for this forty-day period.

And of course we wouldn’t dare this with just normal students but from the start this has not been what I would call a normal Infinite Way class. We have had one solid year of practicing to the best of our ability the idea of living incorporeally plus everything else we have done in the years before and so we are ready to put into practice the actual living in the Kingdom of God through our forty-day in the wilderness experience.

And after the first day, I know it will be difficult and many times during the day, you’ll feel as if you’ve got two left feet but what of it? There’s got to be a beginning and out of it will come a re-adjustment in your consciousness to make allowances for certain areas where you’re not as strong as you’d like to be, but in the process, you will be strengthened.

Now many things will come at you, of a negative nature or what would be called in this world, evil or error, and those are easy to face with the knowledge they’re world dream. You might find it difficult to face the nice, pleasant things but the evil ones, that’s a pleasure to face them with that knowledge and watch them dissolve and after all, it’ll only be your first day and you’ll learn as you go through that day that there’s a new power forming in you. And I’ll tell you, you’ll know what that power is going to be.

As the power of facing things not with the mind patterns develops, you’ll begin to sense that you’re in another level of perception. One which is not just height, length and width or seeing with eyes and hearing with ears. You’ll feel this other level of perception. And the reason you will is because it’s the only level of perception that will enable you to walk through the wilderness experience in this world knowing it is a dream.

Another level of you will begin to be born, a level of you which faces the apparently solid world around you You’ll find your Soul replacing your mind. You’ll find the senses bump into your Soul instead of your mind which acquiesces and your Soul says, “uh-uh, no, no.” And this birth of Soul awareness, as you practice this, is the really end product of what you’re doing.

[End of Side One]

Now that will be only the first day. We’re going to need four more principles for the other four days. And they aren’t easy.

For the second one, let’s take:

“I am not me.”

That’s a very difficult one to make an adjustment to. But that’s only your second day. You don’t have to do two in one day.

Face everything the first day with: “This world is a dream.”

Face everything the second day with: “I am not me.”

Now, let’s see what that really means:

Christ is not the form that perishes. The form that perishes is me, but I am Christ. The form that is under the law of matter is not me because I am I.

And so on your second day, first your morning meditation, “I am not me” and that is what I am going to walk this earth with today. That’s my second day in the wilderness.

It’s a wilderness because I’m in no personal self. I have no…I’m not relying on my senses. I’m not relying on my brain cells. I’m relying on the truth that is beyond my personal senses, my brain cells, my personal identity. I’m relying on a truth outside of all that I have been as a human being. That’s why it’s a wilderness.

I am I and I am not me.”

Now, how do I face things? That adaptation again is a change from your daily pattern of behavior.

I am I, not me. I am permanent being. I am indestructible being. I am the image and likeness of God which is pure Spirit. I am free of all material laws, I’m not talking about me, me is not but I am not me. I am free of all material laws. I have no human needs.

You see how hard it is to change from a human me to I which has no human needs and even when you make the declaration, you say “Well what am I going to do next? How am I going to get by?” I have no human needs. That’s where you find the assistance from this I that you are accepting.

“I will show you how. I will go before you. I will direct thy paths. I have no human needs.” Christ has no human needs and as long as you have human needs, you’re saying, “I’m not I, I’m me.”

And so the crossover, you’re picking up your cross. You’re crossing over. I am I and I have no human needs and because the human does not know how to behave that way, I’m going to have some difficulties as I try to do this. That’s what Divine birth is all about. It’s stepping out of what I am not and practicing what I am to the best of my ability.

Now, interestingly to me, when I started to do this myself, I encountered many of the problems that anyone would encounter trying to crossover from normal behavior patterns into newly borrowed ones especially on a conviction that is not yet fully formed.

But for instance there was one um, “Today I’m living in the Kingdom of God.” I found the minute I did that, everything about the world was different. I mean you just knew instantly that because I’m in the Kingdom of God, you knew that everything coming at you was a dream. You didn’t have to go through the effort to convince yourself, you knew you were in the Kingdom and therefore this problem here and that blizzard there and these other problems there were, obviously, they weren’t there so you were uncovering the hypnosis of the brain.

And so don’t mind that some of these principles you practice in your wilderness experience seem strange or foreign or difficult. They are only because the brain is hypnotized and they will help you de-hypnotize from the brain imprisonment.

There will be five of them. And it will take care of five days and another talk will have five more to take care of another five days and long before you’re past six, seven, eight days of living in the wilderness, you’ll be challenging the wilderness very eagerly. You’ll be looking forward to, you’ll feel new muscles growing Spiritually.

Now this is all part of a necessary program to return to not only a declaration of identity but a capacity to live independent of the material limitations that the world mind has imposed upon us.

Always, as you are practicing these principles, you will discover that new levels of awareness are opening within the realm of your Soul and you can look at things which had hitherto been forbidding, discouraging, maybe despairing and you can find some assurance within yourself that what you once accepted as real, now somehow feels as if it were nothing but an image in thought. Just as the world itself is nothing but a series of images in thought, you’ll feel that everything within the world has no power over your identity. False appetites will begin to lose their magnetism, their power to engulf you. The so called disturbances of the world will begin to appear as nothing more than mental static. You will accept things of a nature that normally would have been critical, with a certain degree of equanimity in the knowledge that I am no longer content to live in the belief that form and I are synonymous. And I am living consciously in the everywhere, not encased within a form, not identifying within a form and not identifying anyone else within a form.

If God is the substance of all form and form dies, then it cannot be that form that Joel was speaking about. Is that correct? Joel wasn’t saying that God is the substance of dying form. Joel was saying that God is Spirit and where Spirit appears invisibly, form appears visibly. The form is not there except in mind, the Spirit is there or the essence is there.

And so in our third day in the wilderness, take the entire universe of matter and convert it into invisible essence, all of it.

You are looking at the essence of God which appears to you as form. The form is not there. The form perishes. The essence is ever there even when form departs. That essence is undivided from itself. You’re looking at Infinite essence undivided from itself, always there. You’re looking at the one, Infinite essence of the universe of the Kingdom of God.

And so that’s your third. You have begun with, “This world is a dream.” But on your very third day, you’re into; “where the dream seems to be, only the invisible essence of God is.”

And so you’re into the incorporeal universe, the incorporeal man, the incorporeal God, the incorporeal self of you on your third day. All that I see in form is a mental image about the invisible essence of the universe that I am.

Now, when you start with that on your third day, you’ll see the power of that truth functioning in the very same job, the very same marriage, the very same daily activities that you had the week before without that functioning and you’ll notice the difference.

The moment you place the essence of God as the substance of all form, you are accepting that the form is not there, the essence is. And so we have this child with cancer but have we? The essence of God has no cancer. Where is the cancer? It is superimposed by the world mind through brain where only the essence of God is and in your realization of that or your capacity to maintain the awareness of it, you are freeing yourself from a false belief and freeing either yourself if that was your problem or someone else in your Consciousness from that belief if they have come to you for some assistance. You are releasing yourself from all the error that cancer can exist in the essence of God. You wipe it out of your Consciousness.

Now that’s really walking in the wilderness. But that day, there may be many other types of so called error that are presented to you and your primary function is to meet all error and all non-error with the knowledge that all that is present is the essence of God no matter where I go, no matter what form it takes, whether it’s a form in error or a form not in error.

With that you are obeying Joel’s principle that God is the substance of all form. And you are obeying the Christ principle that the Kingdom of God is where the world seems to be.

Let’s take another principle.

Joel said that “I, is the name of God and the name of the Infinite Son of God.”

And therefore, on your fourth day, your principle will be:

“I am the Infinite Son of God.”

If you’re going to be true to that, then when the tempter says, “do this or do that” your response to the tempter is, “Why should I? I’m the Infinite Son of God. Do not tempt the Lord thy God.” The tempter says you are running short of funds. The tempter says you’re unemployed. The tempter says many things that cause you a state of unrest. What’s your answer? On this particular day in the wilderness, your answer is “I am the Infinite Son of God.”

And, logical corollary then is, “Everything of God’s is contained within the Infinite Son.” So although that which appears to be discordant or error or lacking or limited cannot be. It only appears to be. Again, I’m in brain hypnosis. I’m in world mind hypnosis. That little serpent in the Garden is trying to sell me a false bill of goods again and he’s very clever in his disguises, he puts them on your body where they are most distressing. He puts them in very important relationships where they are very distressing. They always come where you are most vulnerable and so on the fourth day, I am the Infinite Son, you face all these distressing reports instantly with the permanent Consciousness for the day that I am the Infinite Son and you may find that some of these things that might have approached you will not have an opportunity to approach because you are turning all the tables upside down. You’re reversing, you are attacking before being attacked.

Instead of waiting for evil to knock at your door, you’re removing that consciousness upon which it knocks. You’re not living in a mental consciousness. You’re living in the Consciousness that I am the Infinite Son and in that day, if you were to see evil anywhere, it could not register on you successfully if you adhere to that Consciousness that I am the Infinite Son. And I’d rather stand here and suffer whatever persecution may come my way because in standing in my Reality, I attain more than meeting persecution with human methods. Stand ye fast.

And so that would be your fourth day in the wilderness.

I’d like to practice I am the Infinite Son in a meditation now, because it should remove from you the belief of division between you and your neighbor. You may not particularly care for your neighbor but to be the Infinite Son, you must be the reality of your neighbor and so the fence you build between your neighbor and yourself is really a denial of your identity.

And again, rather than deny my identity, I can turn the other cheek, I can resist not evil, I can stand in the knowledge that my Infinite selfhood is not stopping at the boundaries of my tract of land. It is not even stopping in the boundaries of time or space. I am the Infinite Son.

Just as before there was Jesus, there was Christ, so before there was this person called me, there was I and I am that Infinite Son now. I must live and be faithful to my identity. I may even have to shake my neighbor’s hand. I may have to smile at him and bid him good morning. I may have to overlook something I didn’t want to overlook yesterday. I may not have to go over and knock at his door and say I forgive you but within my Consciousness, I withdraw condemnation because the world mind had painted a picture to me of another individual where there is no other individual.

The Infinite Son is the only Son, the only inhabitant of God’s Kingdom. I am that only inhabitant. That one, I am. That’s your fourth day Consciousness.

And so a gentle word where there might be wrath, may creep into your behavior that day, a sense of quiet forgiveness for the thief on the cross, for the dictator who is imprisoning those who disagree with him, for the nation who’s about to push a button called a nuclear missile. A quiet and inner forgiveness knowing that individual is not there. I am. I, the invisible essence of the Father am there and no other. You are practicing Omnipresence as a law of being. And the power of Omnipresence realized will be your reward.

This is carrying out the injunction to love your neighbor as thyself. But you’re doing it in the true way. You’re going beneath the surface of form. You’re catching the incorporeal nature of the Infinite Son of God everywhere. You’re not being hypnotized by the brain and the world mind which works through the brain.

This world is a dream. I am not me. All that is within the world is illusion. I am the Infinite Son, the Infinite essence of God. The essence of God is the essence behind all form. That essence is the essence of my neighbor but because it is undivided from itself, I am the invisible essence of my neighbor. I am the invisible essence of all those who allegedly were buried in the past. They were not. The essence of God is never buried. It is the essence of all form, either living or dead, as human beings think of it. I am the essence of all who have walked the earth. I am the essence of all who will walk the earth. This is your Consciousness extended to its Infinite boundlessness because in the doing, you bring into activity the power of omnipresence.

Now let us see if we can trust one Infinite Consciousness to be the only. Let’s see how would we understand that in our daily activity.

If One Consciousness exists, then there is no consciousness that can create that which is unlike God. No matter what may appear, nothing unlike God can exist there because only the One Consciousness is present. And so you’re more or less accepting perfection as the invisible reality of this Invisible Essence.

And no matter what appears, perfection is there because the One Consciousness which is God can only exist in a state of perfection. No other consciousness does exist.

And so the war, the poverty, the hunger, in your wilderness experience, you cannot accept them. The world can but you cannot. The world is not striving for rebirth into Divinity.

You are defending your Divinity. That’s the whole nature of the wilderness experience. I am defending my Divinity against every appearance that declares that there is something other than the one, Divine Self.

And so on the fifth day:

“There is only One Consciousness.”

That is my guarantee that perfection is everywhere regardless of what appears, whether it’s in my body or in my friend’s body or in my loved one’s body or in some relationship of some kind.

We’re not accepting the reality of San Salvador, the reality of Poland. We’re not accepting the reality of the floods that sweep across the country and blizzards that peril human life. And you say, “Well, is that going to save any lives?” Unquestionably, it will.

If you will rest in the knowledge on your fifth day that only the One, Divine Consciousness is here and there and everywhere and that is My Consciousness, then all that is unlike what Divine Consciousness expresses, you must then know is not there.

That’s the knowledge that all disease on the face of the earth is illusion. All evil on the face of the earth is illusion. All error, all pain, all heart attacks, all poisonings, all murders, all crime, you place them all on the category of how can they exist if there’s only One Divine Consciousness, and you are uncovering the nature of the world mind hypnotism which was the purpose of the appearance of Christ Jesus on this earth.

To awaken us to world hypnotism which begins with the acceptance of a me that isn’t and then a world that is external to the me that isn’t, and then of all the evils in that world that isn’t. Adam must become Christed. Eve must become Christed and Adam and Eve can no longer be two. They must return to the oneness that preceded their appearance as Adam and Eve.

Duality must go within ourselves. One, Infinite Consciousness and I am it.

Now, those are five difficult days. They will, however, reward you and it is better to pursue them now than to wait for a day in the distant eons when you may be proclaimed the Son of God, when you can bring that proclamation into your present by accepting the nowness of your being as the Infinite Christ of God.

Again, I must say, all of this is not intended for those of us who are not committed to walking in the Kingdom as the Divine Son, for those who are not committed to that who will not find the energy, capacity, vision or stick-to-itiveness to pursue such a seemingly difficult program. But I cannot envision anything less for an individual who is determined to put to an end the days of mortal error in temporary mortal form or an individual who is determined to pick up his cross and follow the Christ no matter what and no matter where.

And so that’s our program and you could pick one of those if you want to or all five for that matter and pursue them during the seminar but there’ll be another five in the morning so I’m suggesting that maybe if you pick one, don’t be too concerned about it.

You could start your forty days right now, it’s up to you, but if you wait for a month or two until you get home and let this all gel, that’ll be fine. Much of it will rub off right now and we’ll find that without any real effort, we have that tortoise, that turtle shell on our consciousness which repels all these seeming attacks of the world mind and even unknown to ourselves before they reach us.

There will be questions, no doubt, about many things and this is not a question and answer type seminar in the sense that some of the things people ask are usually very personal things and we’re more interested now not in personal things but in how to live the impersonal life. How to walk not as a person, not as a form, not as an individual who was born yesterday and who will die tomorrow but to walk invisibly accepting every Infinite way principle that you know and every Bible principle that you know totally, and being willing to live in that principle rather than the response to something outside the principle. Not to seek the expedient, not to judge from the rational mind what is good for you to do but rather to judge only from the level of, “Is this Divine or is this illusion?” And to work from that principle.

And so I do invite the questions but try to make them of a nature that would be important to everyone else not just a personal question. We can save the personal questions until we get together privately later and you can place some up here anytime you want. You don’t have to sign your name to it. I don’t even guarantee to answer them all but what I would like to do is, before the seminar is over, in the course of the various talks, they will be answered in a less direct fashion and here’s a question and here’s an answer but you’ll find in the talks Spirit will answer the questions in its own way. So if you put them up here, when you do, be patient. Write them out. Be patient. Before the eight classes are gone, you will have found answers.

And also I’d like to say that, we will have three days of private interviews in which you can include your questions so if you’re going to see me privately you don’t have to write them here and that’ll be Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

And then this is important. This to me is a special class. I mean, I can’t put into words what it means to me. I feel it is one of those classes that was ordained maybe two thousand years ago and it had to be and so I want to stay an extra week and next week we’ll have the private interviews. But the week after that, I’ll also be here from Monday to Saturday. I think that’s, well anyway it ends about 23rd and six days prior to that, um, yeah, from the eighteenth to 23rd, roughly that. Monday through Saturday of the following week and I will be very happy to spend more time with any individual who wants to, you know, go into depth on something, if you’re here. And all of this should be arranged through Gloria so that we’ll spend three days and then take a few days, rest and then be back for another full week and whoever lives in the community or in Florida who cares to will be able to spend that much time and really close all our gaps.

Let’s finalize tonight. Again with the awareness of Divine Love but in a different way. You have said and I have said that Divine Love is present, but perhaps in the first meditation on Divine Love, we felt as if Divine Love was something coming on us and overwhelming Divine Love laying on us.

Now let’s see that Divine Love is you. The reality of you is Divine Love. It’s not something apart from you that descends upon you. It is you. The Infinite Son is Divine Love. It is a quality which suffuses your entire Spiritual selfhood. You are Divine Love.

And whenever you act out of Divine Love, you are blessing, you are loving, you are forgiving, you are understanding. Whenever you reject your Infinite selfhood, you’ll find that you are also rejecting Divine Love which is a quality of your Infinite selfhood and you will be acting in an unloving way, resentful, angry, unforgiving, judgmental, condemnatory, whatever.

And so when you catch yourself acting not in a sense of Divine Love, you may not know it but you should catch yourself and know, “Wait a minute, I’m denying the very Self that I am because my self is Divine Love. I can’t act out of character and be the Christ, too.” Catch yourself. Accept that Divine Love is your being and just because your being is infinite, your Divine Love is infinite. And so your Divine Love is expressing in Russia, in San Salvador, in Nicaragua, anywhere. You see, you’re not accepting what appears.

Turning from the obvious, from the normal, from the natural man takes more than the human race is capable of at this moment. And every minute of your preparation is playing a part in your capacity to reach beyond your natural reactions. I am Divine Love. And every time you break a barrier on one truth, you’ll find your capacity to break barriers on other truths will follow.

I am Divine Love and I bless this universe. Because I am Divine Love, all that appears in the mortal world that is not a product of Divine Love must be an illusion. Divine Love is the fact. The absence of Divine Love is the lie. Consciousness of God is Divine Love. All that the Father hath is the Consciousness of the Son. Divine Love is everywhere and I, in my fidelity to truth, in my faith that truth is Omnipresent, I accept in spite of every appearance to the contrary, that only Divine Love is present and it is I. I am not separated from Divine Love. The Divine Love that I am is wherever the world sees that which is unlike God. But not I. All these are prerequisites to the realization of Divinity.

We are returning to the Father’s house in the knowledge that we have never left. The leaving of the Father’s house is pure illusion. It is impossible. That which left the Father’s house does not exist. That which dies does not exist. And the great Master in His teaching gave us a clear understanding that all human death is merely the absence of the conscious knowledge that I have never left the Father’s house. I am the Infinite Son without boundary, without human form. And later, we will place that human form in its proper context. But for the moment we will catch it as the imitation of my Self. All form is imitation.

Let Divine Love now flow wherever you can, unlimited. Let it flow out to the hills.

Tomorrow our meditation is at 9:30 am. Class begins at 10:00 and tonight I’d be very happy to meet anyone who wants to come up and say hello.

Thank you for now.

Good morning. See that wasn’t said enthusiastically by me this morning because I was too eager to get started. I wasn’t interested in ‘good morning.’ Only once in a great while does a thing like this happen that I have been up virtually all night with the subject that we are going to take up today. It’s well-rehearsed in my thought, well-worked out, and it could be that this may be the most important lesson you’ve ever heard in the message of The Infinite Way. I know that it will be, if you understand it, if you grasp it. If you don’t grasp it, make some provision for studying it afterward because there is no subject more important.

I might say to you that there is no literature outside of The Infinite Way in all the world that I have ever discovered that covers this subject. It is one of the deep mysteries of philosophical and spiritual literature, and the reason is that trying to understand it with the intellect makes it an absolute impossibility to arrive at a satisfactory understanding because the subject deals with contradictions – not only contradictions but contradictions in scripture, as you will see. And nobody that has tried to figure it out with the mind, with reason, with the intellect, has been able to come to any satisfactory conclusion. Now before we come to that, we will lead up to it by going back to the book, The Infinite Way.

As I watch the work unfold in this message, it seems strange to me at times (although I make very little comment about it) that so little actual study is given to the book, The Infinite Way. It is read, and it makes its impression, and students go back to it occasionally and read some more. But I doubt that there are many who know that practically every paragraph in this entire book is a metaphysical and spiritual text upon which a whole book could be written.

That this book, as small as it is, contains everything that we know up to date on the subject of spiritual unfoldment, spiritual living, and spiritual healing. Not a word can be added to this book or, perhaps I should say, not a word has ever been added to this book. There isn’t a single word in all the writings that isn’t originally in this one book. The only thing is that sometimes it is in this book in one sentence and then appears later as a 10,000- or 25,000-word book. But it’s the same sentence. It’s the same statement; it’s the same truth which could have been found in its pure essence, and each one work out for themselves, instead of having to read another book about it.

Now you will remember as I call it to your attention that The Infinite Way writings declare that the secret of life lies in right identification, that is, in knowing our true identity, in knowing who I am or what I am. All of the error in the world, all of the sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation in the world is based only on one ignorance, and that is, ignorance of our identity, not knowing who I am or what I am.

Now of course in this book, The Infinite Way, the subject is treated quickly, briefly, and with just a statement here and there. Because it becomes necessary for an individual, for a student, to follow that through to its ultimate conclusion – not for somebody to put it into words for them because then they’d be living on words instead of inner individual unfoldment.

Also, as this book came through, it came through in such a manner so as not to shock the world into just disregarding it. And so you must naturally expect that ideas are softened here, which when you examine them, you say, “Do you really mean that that’s what it means?” And I do. I mean exactly that.

Now here is a chapter, “Metaphysical Healing”: “Healings are always in proportion to our understanding of the truth about God, man, idea, body.” Well, of course, there is just one sentence, but as far as I’m concerned, I don’t know how you could spend less than a year on that one sentence. I don’t know how you could possibly not write that sentence out, put it up on the mirror, carry a copy in the purse and then, regardless of what you are reading for the next year, see what it has to say about God, man, idea, body.

You see if we knew the truth about God and man, the truth about idea and body would quickly reveal themselves because no one who hears these words will ever find their freedom until they know that they are not man. As long as the belief exists – consciously, or unconsciously or subconsciously – within you that you are man, you will be seeking a God, and there isn’t any to be found.

The search for the Holy Grail has been a search for God. Always it has been fruitless. Always it has been a failure until the individual came home broke in health, broke in mind, broke in body, broke in purse and there discovered it hanging right up on their own tree or buried in their own garden; in other words, within their own being.

Now, in the chapter, “Supply,” in this book, I gave the secret. But evidently too few of our students have connected up that secret with the whole of being. In the illustration of the orange tree, I showed that the oranges do not constitute supply. I don’t care how many oranges there are; I don’t care how few oranges there are. That has nothing to do with supply.

An orange, or any other fruit on a tree, is the product of a life force at work. So the supply is the life force, and the orange is but the fruitage, or result, or product of the supply. You could have a year without oranges, but that wouldn’t mean you were without supply. You could give away your oranges, you could throw them away; and you wouldn’t be without supply because the life force is at work instantly reproducing so, at most, you would have a temporary absence of the result of supply, or product of supply or fruit of supply.

Now coming back to our identity – who am I? What am I? And you will find that you are not that which can be supplied. You are supply. You are the law of life operating. ‘I am the life; I am life eternal; I am the life, the way, the truth; I am the bread, the wine, the meat.’ Do you not see that everyone, including our own students, have been trying to demonstrate meat, wine, water, house, health – when I am these?

I am the life of my body. I cannot get life; I cannot get health; I cannot get supply; I cannot get youth; I cannot get vitality. ‘I am the way, the truth, the life.’

Now, as man, we would have something to get, and we would have something to get it from. We would be eternally seeking a God somewhere to get something for us, to give something. But all the way back to Moses, it was realized, “I Am that very I Am.” I am it. And because of Moses’ realization of I Am, or Moses’ realization that I Am, he was enabled to bring forth a cloud by day, pillar of fire by night, manna from the sky, water from the rock, safety and security for his people – all by the realization.

What set Moses apart from his people? They were seeking something from I Am, and he was knowing that I Am that I Am. What set Jesus apart from his multitude? They were seeking to be fed, and he knew he could feed them. They were seeking to be healed, but he knew that “I Am life eternal,” and that that was their relationship to God. That was their true identity.

Well – there’s one tiny sentence in this book that says, “You must know that you are cause and not effect.” I don’t see how anyone could spend less than three years on that one sentence. I don’t know how they possibly can because there isn’t a single discord within range of your thought that isn’t based on the belief that you are an effect and that there is a cause somewhere that can do something about it. The mystery of life is in the words, “I Am.”

Now. There is only one answer to the question, “What is God?” and that answer is – I Am. Why is this true? Because if you say God is Life, you are still leaving yourself out of the picture. God is Life, and here am I back here looking up and declaring something out here. Oh, but you say, ‘God is Love. God is love.’ Where am I? Left out of that picture because up here is God and over here is love. And here am I looking up there like Oliver Twist asking for a little more.

Well, I am going to leave it with you to ponder this idea of your Self (capital S-e-l-f) as being God’s Being – life, truth, love, and go from there to the next step which is man.

Now remember you are not man. You are life eternal. You are consciousness – you are a state of consciousness. What state of consciousness? Well close your eyes for a moment and now notice that if you are to know anything at all, you must know it through your consciousness, and that there is not a ‘you’ and consciousness – that that which is the state of awareness is you.

Now if you are aware of yourself as finite personality that is your state of consciousness. If you are aware of yourself as infinity, that is your state of consciousness. All right.

How can you go from the belief of being a finite being to that of being an infinite being? Again you close your eyes, and you ask yourself this: If I want the answer to something that is back in memory, where do I get it? I go within my own being; I go down deep and memory gives back to me that which I want to know. Ah, supposing I require today some knowledge, the knowledge of driving an automobile or driving an airplane or the knowledge of sewing or cooking. Where do I go? I go down deep into myself, and I draw forth that knowledge. But now supposing I want a knowledge of something heretofore unknown.

Let us say now there are no automobiles on the road, no airplanes in the sky, no radios, no television; but we’ve decided there should be these things and there can be these things. Now what do we do? We go way, way back into our consciousness and gradually something begins to unfold to put us on the track of some knowledge. And we find more and more and more until ultimately comes forth the entire wisdom that appears as an automobile.

Do you remember in this little book is the illustration of Marconi? All of these great scientists were spending lifetimes wanting wireless telegraphy but not going toward the invention of it because they first must find what will enable the message to break down the resistance in the air and get through, and Marconi comes along, and he knows that there is no resistance.

Where did he discover there was no resistance? There wasn’t such knowledge in books. Where did he discover that? Where did Moses discover that I Am? Where did the Master discover that “My kingdom is not of this world”? Deep down within themselves. You say ‘but there was no such knowledge.’ No, but you must acknowledge that it existed in Infinity. It existed in what we call the Mind of God, the Soul of God.

Well, dig down then into the Mind of God. How do you get there? Go into your own mind because that’s the only Mind there is, and that is God, and you there will find all of the knowledge that is in this world and all of the knowledge that has not yet evolved in this world. There are secrets to be learned about the sun, moon, and stars and planets that man has never encompassed. But when that knowledge comes forth, where do you think it is going to come forth from – from the consciousness of an individual. He is going to find it deep down within himself, and bring it forth and write it in a book for us to read. Don’t you know that? Don’t you know that all knowledge has been found within the consciousness of an individual? Then the consciousness of an individual is Infinity, and we call that God.

Truth is within ourselves,” according to Browning. “We must open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape,” but Truth is infinite. Well then our selves must be infinite. Now can you imagine Infinite Being sitting around trying to demonstrate supply, health, companionship, and home when Self is the source of these? So the secret of life, then, is right identification. Are you life or are you an effect of life? Are you the little oranges on the tree or are you the life force that produces oranges on your tree? That right identification changes your life the very minute that you begin to embody it.

The moment you begin to accept, “Why, I Am life eternal! I don’t have to go out and get knowledge in a book. That won’t make me life eternal. I don’t have to go to ‘man, whose breath is in his nostril’ to learn something that will give me more life, use or vitality. No, if I must go, I must go only for one purpose, and that is to learn that I already am that which I am seeking. That which I am seeking, I am. All that God is, I am.” Why? For ‘I and the Father are One,’ and I Am is that One,” and when you say, ‘I Am,’ you are declaring that. Now, that doesn’t make your humanhood God. That makes your humanhood die, so that only God is left.

Now then, the moment we realize that I am life eternal, that I am pure spirit, pure consciousness, we then come to the next great thing: ‘What about this body?’ And there we find a mystery that has heretofore not been explained. Nowhere in any literature of the world has it been explained. It came to light in my consciousness during a class in Portland, Oregon.

It just came flowing out by inspiration. I knew nothing about it until that minute when it poured out, and all of the passages of scripture that poured out with it I wasn’t consciously aware even of knowing. And the tape recorder didn’t work, but one of our students had made notes, and those notes I took to Seattle and spent a night in prayer, just as I did last night, and the next day the message came through. And we will have it in just a few minutes.

Now let us remember this. If I am at all, then I must be embodied, which means I must have a body. I cannot exist as just a cloud drifting in the air and even if I were a cloud drifting in the air, that would have form and body, too, but I do have body. I am embodied, and my body (we learn in scripture) is the “temple of the living God.”

Now think a moment of conception, conception of a child, and follow it along for three or four months until it becomes a perfect human form, infant form, but it has no life. It is just a dangling piece of flesh in the mother’s body. Whatever of life it has is the life of the mother, not its own life. But somewhere along in that fifth month, the form itself becomes imbued with life. There is a certain minute when it’s a lifeless form and the next minute when it’s a kicking, lively form, and it is in that second that it has life of its own.

Now which is the child, that body or that life? It couldn’t be the body because that body was nothing but lifeless flesh. It wasn’t any more life than an appendix is life. It was just an appendage in the mother’s form, but in a certain instant, life came. Now life is that baby, not the form, but life. But that baby had form before the physical form awakened to life because it had to have a form in order to transmit itself. And so the life of the babe was invisible, and its form was invisible, and then in a split second it took visible form, and upon birth, we could behold it.

Even before birth, the mother was aware of it as a living form, as a live body, as a live being, as a baby. But we only became aware of it after its birth and then we beheld it as a living form. But, as life, it existed before conception. Where? How? That is not given to us to know at this present moment. But we do know that somewhere, somehow life existed, and that at a certain moment it became visible to our awareness.

Now. Then as we look at that infant form we can say, “ah-ha, that isn’t your life because I remember when life wasn’t there. So this isn’t you. This is your form. There is a ‘you’ separate and apart from this form, and there is a ‘you’ that has form invisible to my sight.” Now we have right identification because we know now that this infant actually is life, or life constitutes this infant, and that this life had form that could transmit itself.

And so we know now that that which we are viewing as body represents our view or our concept of that body, and mothers have been known to say that it was a beautiful baby, too. We know there are no beautiful babies when they are born, but the mother doesn’t know that because she is looking at it through different eyes than we are. So she is seeing her concept of her baby, and we are just seeing our concept of baby period. All right.

So it is with all of us. We look out upon each other and we see forms which we call bodies. Ah, yes. A husband or wife may see something entirely different than we see. Mother or father may see something entirely different than we see. Sister and brother see something entirely (different) and yet it’s all the same body, the same form. No it isn’t. No it isn’t. In each case what we are seeing represents our concept of that which is there, and in one case we are just indifferent to it as body and in another case we are vastly indifferent and otherwise, very other wise than indifferent.

Now, once the realization comes that “I am life eternal,” you can then look out and say, “well, I have form; I have body and my form and my body represents the instrument through which I walk the earth.” I could walk the earth without a form or a body, but that would be invisible to you.

That is why when you read these stories of the Orient and you read of the masters who could transport their bodies through space without any element of time, do not disbelieve that for a single moment because not only it was true, it still is true. But, that vision is not beheld by “man, whose breath is in his nostril.” It is only beheld by those of his own state of consciousness.

In other words, if a master transports himself from northern India to southern India, you can bet that only another master is seeing him. The man in the street is saying, “That’s nonsense.” Why? Because like Thomas, I must handle it. In other words, I believe only my own concept. That is the secret of the resurrection. Never doubt for a moment that Jesus rose from the tomb. Never believe for a moment that the multitudes that he healed witnessed it. We are told that only 518 witnessed it. Well 518 may have been 58 or 6,018 – we don’t know. We do know this.

Nobody witnessed it except those of such a high spiritual atmosphere that they could perceive that which finite human sense could not behold. Now the lesson of the resurrection is this: The Master was no magician. He did no tricks for people, nor did he ever do anything to impress anyone with what a great fellow he was. Never. When the resurrection took place, a principle was revealed to mankind. You never die, nor does your body ever stay in a casket or in an oven. Never, never.

To gross material sense – to the gross material sense which has accepted this to be me – to them there will be a funeral, a burial or a cremation. But to those of illumined consciousness who never did believe that this was me, Joel will always walk the earth for them, and you will always walk the earth for me. Never, never will I consign you to a tomb or to an oven. As far as I am concerned, you will walk this earth within three hours after you seem to take your departure from it because I know who and what you are, and I won’t be looking for you in the tomb of flesh. “He is not here in the tomb,” the guard said. “He is risen.”

That’s a principle. You are not here in the tomb of flesh. Now this is true not only when you’re dead to human sense; this is true now. You are not buried in this tomb we call a human body. You are not in it. No surgeon has ever been able to find you inside of a form, whether they operate from the brain to the toe nails. They cannot find you because you are not entombed in body. Body is embraced in you, and it is as much an instrument for you as your dollar bills are instruments. Dollar bills do not constitute your wealth. You constitute your wealth, the life which you are, and the dollar bills are the instrument which you use as activities of exchange, modes of exchange.

So with the body. As an infant you had one body, but you exchanged it like you exchange your dollar bills; and you exchanged it for the body of a child, and when you outgrew it, you exchanged that body for the body of youth. When you were through with that, you exchanged that body for the body of adulthood. In that body you found something that was in none of your previous bodies. You found the power to reproduce yourself.

That wasn’t in your infant body; that wasn’t in your childhood body. Now in this new body of youth and adulthood, you found this new power. Ahh, but as you advanced into years, you lost that power again. Why? – Because now you didn’t need it. Now that was not a necessary function of your experience to be a parent. Now you go on to higher modes of life or different ones. If they’re not higher, they’re different. And so you leave behind yourself your dolls and toys, then you leave behind the rattles and the marbles and school books; then you leave behind the parenthood.

Each time you leave behind a function of your life, and you leave behind a part of your body, and you acquire a different body and a different function of life and you go on. Now because this is unknown, just about the time when we no longer have the faculty to become parents, we look on this as a horrible thing that has happened to us because it’s old age and now we have nothing left but death or being a grandparent. But in spiritual wisdom, we find this is not true. That everything up to the period of being finished as parents has been only a preparation for our leaving behind the material sense of world with its cares and a preparation for entering the spiritual unfoldment of life.

That is why it is not as easy to interest the young in spiritual things as the older. Not because the older are just afraid of dying and want to know something about God, but because the younger still have functions on the human plane which they have not outgrown. It would be a wonderful thing if they could learn this spiritual wisdom as an adjunct to their physical lives, and it does happen in some cases. But very often it’s necessary for them to outgrow the physical sense of life before they are ready to enter the spiritual sense of life.

Now we come to this point, then, that you must understand your body, and you must understand that you are not this body, and this body is not you. This body is an instrument through which you are functioning. You are the life of the body; you are the soul of the body; you are the intelligence of the body; you are that which says up, down, left, right. You are that which writes, or paints, or sculpts, or composes. You are that which buys or sells. But the body is the instrument which is always obedient to you.

Now, in the lower forms of life – the ignorant and very often the illiterate – the body is the master of the person, and the bodily functions control the person. And the person seems to have no control over their body. But the moment one rises into spiritual light, in some measure, they possess the body. They govern the body. They begin to use their bodies in the directions they wish to use them, which of course by then is always along the line of intelligence and so forth.

Now, the body itself is as spiritual as we are. This that we see is a mental concept of that body. It’s only a concept because it isn’t what it is. If this were what it is, then it would always be what it is. But because this is my concept of what it is, it changes. And one day it seems healthier, and one day sick, and one day young, and one day old – one day pretty and one day not pretty. All depending on what? It? No – on what my view of it is, so, therefore, we are never seeing the body; we are seeing a human concept of body.

And so we come to this mystery of the body. And remember that all of this is in The Infinite Way in short sentences, even though here it takes a whole book to explain it. This is called, “Flesh and Flesh,” and I hope that some day it will be the chapter of a new book, and it starts with a quotation from First Timothy:

And without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness.” And after that ‘mystery of godliness,’ there is a colon:

God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.”

The mystery of godliness is what? God was manifest in the flesh. I appear as body; I function through body; I am seen in the world as body. I am not seen – I am seen in the world as body. I am seen in the world as flesh.

Now, the Master’s entire message and mission was to teach us that we are the children of God. “I and my Father are One. He that seeth Me seeth him that sent Me.” And he was careful to include us in this relationship with God because always he said, “My Father and your Father.” The Master knew that his teaching was of no value if it set him apart from the rest of the world. Now what value would his teaching and example be if, literally, he was something that God sent to earth for the purpose of teaching something that we were unable to live up to?

I came forth from the Father and am come unto the world,” and therefore, we also are immaculately conceived, and ours is the birth and mission of the children of God. We are not mortal flesh as we seem to be. The mystery of godliness is in the realization of God incarnate as your individual being and mine, God manifest in the flesh, which means that God constitutes individual selfhood, that God is the life, substance and very form of our true being. Since God is the life of your being, you have no godliness of your own, no integrity, no purity, no loyalty or fidelity. “Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, and that is God.” Whatever your capacities, abilities and qualities may be, they are of God and not of yourself. ‘Be not wise in your own conceits.’

In this realization you gradually begin to lose the sense of personal selfhood and to indulge less in the personal ‘I,’ and as you consciously live with the idea that God constitutes your being and that God is responsible for your supply, your activity and success, more and more you realize that the responsibility rests upon God. Then it is that you turn to the source of all good, the creative principle, the Father within that God may reveal Itself and Its plan.

Everything has its basis in the Invisible appearing visibly and tangibly, and as you begin to comprehend that fact, you will see that creation is an act of an invisible principle visibly manifest. God incarnating Itself as manifest form, not the form you see with your eye, but form. The Master’s words were, “And call no man your father upon earth, for one is your Father which is in heaven.”

God is the creative principle of this universe appearing as infinite form and variety, manifesting Itself visibly as individual being. And, therefore, the mystery of godliness lies in knowing that God is your selfhood; God is your self.

The subject of flesh or of body has always been a puzzle to the world, and great perplexity arises on this point. Where do flesh and body fit into the spiritual scheme? Even in scripture we find statements such as:

  • Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.”

  • There shall no flesh be justified in His sight.”

  • No flesh shall have peace.”

  • All flesh shall perish together.”

  • For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die.”

  • All flesh is grass.”

  • The flesh profiteth nothing.”

On the other hand, we find such statements as,

  • Yet in my flesh shall I see God.”

  • I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh.”

  • All flesh shall see the salvation of God.”

  • Let all flesh bless His holy name forever and ever,”

And the greatest scriptural passage on this subject:

The word was made flesh and dwelt among us.”

In order to understand the subject of flesh and body, we must understand the meaning of these seemingly contradictory passages, which are not contradictory at all. They are no more contradictory than when we read in The Infinite Way writings that God is the only power, and then as we advance in consciousness, we learn that God is not power.

When you ask, “what is power?”, the answer is “God or Spirit is power.” But it is not meant in the sense that God is a power over some thing, circumstance or condition. In other words, God is the only operative power in consciousness. God is law. Spiritually, the word ‘flesh’ means embodiment or body. Therefore, God becomes manifest as flesh, as form, as individuality. The word ‘flesh’ can be used in thought – as for instance, a law of natural science, such as gravity.

The law of gravity was discovered when a scientist observed that every time an object was dropped or permitted to fall into space, it gravitated downward toward the earth and thus the law of gravity became flesh. It has taken form in consciousness. The law of gravity, which has always existed, now has a tangible body. It always had a body because it always existed as an operative law. But now it has another body – a body of knowledge, awareness, in our consciousness. It becomes tangible. It becomes embodied within consciousness.

In the same way, the laws of aerodynamics and electricity have always existed, and because they always existed, they had form or flesh. They existed as the word, the invisible and unknown law, intangible, unwitnessed, until one day these laws took form in the human mind.

Long before the first airplane flew or the first bulb gave forth light, it had become flesh. It had taken form; it had become concrete. It was witnessed, evidenced and manifested. From then on, all that was necessary was to externalize it in another form of flesh. The moment a man knew about electricity and electric light, it had form, body. Then when he brought it into the external, it had that which we know as form and body, the form and body that we behold. But you see that it must have had form and body in the mind of Edison or the mind of Ford, or the mind of anyone else.

So with art or music. It has form in the artist’s or composer’s consciousness – definite form and sound and beauty, and then outwardly it has another form when it appears as sheets of music or paintings on earth, or sculpture. Do you see the difference here? We are dealing now with the fact that we are embodied in the mind of God as spiritual form. Then we appear outwardly in some concept of form, and that concept is changeable; that concept is destructible because it is finite.

Those of you who remember the Model T Fords and now the V-8’s can see how the outer form or concept changes, but the principle of automotive engineering is the same. The principle is the same. The only thing different is its outer form. And we have the same with everything there is, whether we send messages through wires or messages through air, the form in the mind is the same. It takes outer expression as wire or outer expression as going through air. Do you see the difference now?

Spiritually, the Word which is God, the un-manifest, becomes manifest as the Christ or Son of God and it is now a manifested idea in consciousness. And so Christ, the Son of God, is our invisible being, and this is its visible evidence. You and I individually, including our form, is the visible, outward evidence of our invisible Christhood. We exist in the bosom of God as Christ. We appear on earth as the son of man. We are the self-same Christ externalized as form, individuality, but finite because we change, not merely from infancy to adulthood; but we change as to quantity and quality. This is the relationship between God and your infinite, eternal individual being.

God is your selfhood. In the mind which is God, you are flesh manifest, evidenced, witnessed. You are God incarnate; you are form; you are individuality. Thus it is that all those who have ever lived, who now live and who will live, exist now in the flesh in spiritual form and integrity, eternality and immortality. And it is of those whom we read, “yet in my flesh, I shall see God; in my spiritual consciousness, individuality. I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh.” In other words, we, in our spiritual identity, we can know God. We can be as gods. We can think it not unseemly to do the works of God in our spiritual identity, which we are regardless of this thing here, which we are in our inner being.

Now, the word ‘flesh,’ as it is referred to in scriptural passages – ‘flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God’ – ‘there shall no flesh be justified in his sight’ – ‘no flesh shall have peace’ – can be translated into the word, ‘concepts.’ These earthly and human concepts will never be spiritual, and they will never reveal God. That body which is observed by the human senses is not body. It is a universal concept of body. It has no existence except in the mind.

The body is the ‘Word made flesh,’ but because the physical sense has intervened, all you can see is the concept of body. That concept must die. Even the concept that you entertain of yourself must die. For that concept can never know God. As you entertain a concept of yourself as man, as effect, as sinful, as sickly, as human, that concept of yourself must die until you become aware – ‘no, I am that I Am, and that is what I Am.’ When that realization comes, your old concept of yourself has died, you have fulfilled Paul’s statement, “You must die daily. You must be reborn of the Spirit.”

That concept must die, even the concept that you entertain of yourself must die, for that concept can never know God; it can never know reality. It is only as you refrain from judging by appearances and through a transformation of consciousness – “Be ye therefore transformed through the renewing of your mind.”

Let God define what you are and who you are that the answer will be, “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.” In reality, you are the beloved son, the ‘word made flesh.’ But that flesh is an infinite individuality, and an infinite body that is eternal. In this spiritual realization of your individual embodiment, you can truly say, “Yet in my flesh I shall see God.”

Flesh beheld through the senses is our concept of our real identity. Flesh apprehended spiritually in meditation is our spiritual form, not only of body but of being. God, in individualizing Itself as your being and mine, has been made flesh, evident and tangible, “the Word became flesh.” That which you behold with the senses is the world’s concept of flesh. That concept is changeable, and it must die either through acceptance of the world’s judgment and belief of age and disease and death, or by a transformation of consciousness. The decision lies with you.

God has no pleasure in your dying; turn ye, and live.” If you accept the world’s concept of age and disease, that concept will know death; and nothing can save it. On the other hand, you can bring about its death yourself in a painless way by outgrowing it.

As you realize more and more the nature of the word made flesh, you drop the mortal concept of flesh and ultimately find yourself with a disease-less, ageless and painless body. As you live in the conscious realization of God as the source and creative principle of your being and of your body, and as “ye abide in Me and My Words abide in you,” you will die to the flesh through transformation. The body will show forth ever better appearance—youth, vitality and strength. Outwardly it will appear as an improved concept, but it will not be. It will be your realization made manifest.

For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die; but if ye, through the Spirit, do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live.” Take the word ‘consciousness’ there instead of Spirit – if ye through your consciousness of truth do mortify the deeds of the body. In other words, if you live by that which has externalized form (that is a concept), that concept must die. For instance, one who lives and depends solely upon money and the externals for his supply, must eventually die for this is the ‘flesh that is as grass’ and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. Man shall not live by reliance upon matter, by forms, but ‘by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.’

In his great wisdom, the Master teaches us that we need have no concern for anything that has outer form:

  • Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth where moth and rust doth corrupt, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.”

  • I am the bread of life. He that cometh to me shall never hunger, and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.”

  • I have meat to eat that ye know not of.”

That bread and that meat is the inner flesh that is in and of God. “In my Father’s house are many mansions” – many states of consciousness, many embodied forms, and these will externalize themselves in infinite forms and varieties of what we call flesh.

Enjoy all good that comes to you, but do not cling to it or depend upon it. Be willing to see it come and be willing to see it go, always making room for greater unfoldments from within. The inner flesh is unchangeable, but it keeps externalizing itself in ever new, higher, finer forms. “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone. But if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.”

A transformation is taking place in your consciousness, and it is breaking up the old patterns in order that the new life may come forth. This may be a painful process, but the pain comes because of wanting to hold and cling to the old. You must be willing to undergo that transformation of consciousness and let go your old thought patterns and body forms in order to emerge into the flesh, which is seen and understood as your real, eternal and infinite individuality. This flesh will continuously externalize itself in newer and finer forms of body, and bodily functions, which will be the externalization of your higher state of consciousness.

Our work is not to get rid of the body but rather to be clothed upon with a new concept of body. And some time we will all put off this outer envelope and step out into a higher heritage, for we know that if our earthly house of the tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, ‘a house not made with hands eternal in the heavens.’ Some will die after the flesh, and some will voluntarily lay down this form for a higher one, that mortality might be swallowed up of life.

Do you see now that it is absolutely necessary that we not ignore subjects like body and flesh and turn away from them as if they were something to be hidden or covered up or ashamed of, but must be taken into our consciousness and transformed until we see that body is the ‘temple of the living God’? And then this outer form becomes more nearly like it in appearance.

Now, if I know that I am consciousness, then I know that that constitutes this form. Now I have no concern for body. And so if you pluck out an eye, the next one can grow again because you are not losing anything of immortality, only a concept of our existence.

And so it is, if I think that there is a “me” and that there is a “God,” I lose my demonstration. But when I know God is my being, my selfhood, my consciousness, then I know that I, myself, am the law, or the life, or the truth that appears visibly as my daily experience. Do you see that?

It is right identity. It is when I realize that all cause is embodied in my own being and that that cause is forever appearing as effect. Therefore, effect can ‘die daily’ in order that the new form can be born, can be formed and expressed and revealed.

Well – thank you, thank you, thank you.

There’s absolutely nothing mechanically wrong with this thing that stopped yesterday. Nothing! It stopped in the 7th talk, and it refused to work through the 7th talk, but it’s working on the 8th.

We caught the 7th talk, by the way. I think it was a reminder to us,…seriously, I believe it was a reminder of the importance of Silence on certain areas of our work. The more the idea of your Soul transmuting Christ Energy and Substance into Form becomes apparent to you, the more you realize the difficult task that faced the prophets and seers who had to leave a written record of Truth that would survive the centuries and still keep within Itself, intact, underneath all the historical episodes, that Pure Radium, which shines through the Ages, which still maintains an internal integrity and can forever be followed with total faith and trust in Divine Love and Divine Wisdom.

Those nuggets of Truth are interlaced throughout the seemingly simple words of the Bible, holding for us an invisible path of Light and Inspiration. It should be easier to see too, that, well, take this case of many of us, who in our humanhood may have been trained by our parents to think that we were really something very special,… meaning a very special human being. And as we grew up, loved by our parents a certain way, we sort of walked through the rest of the world with our head held high, and, maybe looking down a little bit and saying, I’m special! I feel that even that God has looked upon me a special way. I’ve been singled out. In a way, it’s a good feeling.

But everybody has been singled out. And then when it comes time to lay down our life, our special qualities, we say, Well, wait a minute, I’m special, I,..you know, I’ve got to hold on to this, and we find that this business of being a very special personality, especially endowed by God, especially cared for by God, and all of that, finally acts as a preventive, so that we feel, I can’t lay down this beautiful creature that I am. I’ve had all the signs of how important I am. And that becomes the deterrent to laying down our life, that we may pick it up again.

But, now look at it on a larger scale. The Soul is very smart. It’s One with God. It has all of the qualities of God. And as the Individualization of God pours through the Soul, the Soul must say to Itself, Think how important I am. I own the Cosmos. I can change rain to shine. I can turn the floods. I can tell the stars to stand still. I control this whole world. And then God has to come along to the Soul and say, Little man, we’re going to have to send you on a little journey, because you’re a little too big for your britches. And this is precisely what happens. The Soul is sent into a strange place called the Outer World. And now it’s going to learn that it of itself can do nothing, and it becomes the prodigal. It wanders out into a world and it sees at first hand these little human minds who are very smart and who make this a real beautiful bloody world. And it says, My God, I can’t be that way, and it understands the Divine Wisdom that sends each Soul out to learn at first hand the futility,…the utter futility of trying to run the universe yourself. And all of our little individuals, who were so specially chosen are a duplicate copy of that Soul in transit learning for itself that its only way home is to surrender its life unto God, and let the Father bring it home.

And so, you can now see this earth experience,…this entire human world experience as a training for your Soul in which it sees the chaos of individual thought, it sees the chaos of one person separate from another,… it learns from the visible experience of the world that it must be in synchronization with its own Source at all times in order to even survive. And somewhere in this, it passes this information along to that which is going to become an extension of the Soul into this world called your mind. It is going to wed your mind with your Soul, so that your mind can be wedded with the Spirit and the Christ. The training of your Soul is your human experience, and all of the forms walking about, running about, speaking, hearing, listening, acting,… these are the visible symbols that the Soul reads to learn its lessons. I don’t mean this as a symbolism. I mean it as a fact.

When Shakespeare said, All the world’s a stage and was saying the same thing. We are merely the players. We are the animated concepts through which the Soul learns. It learns from the tree. It learns from the flood. It learns from everything in the visible world. And most what it learns is WHAT NOT TO DO, because you can learn a lot of that in this world. By knowing what not to do, it knows what to do.

The philosopher Maimonides was often referred to by Joel, and in the introduction, or in one of the classes that ended up in Beyond Words and Thoughts, Joel referred to Maimonides and said that he, Maimonides had said that, God is Incorporeal. And that brief statement was very important to Joel, because he then went on from there to say something I want to read to you. He said that Maimonides, in addition to saying that God is Incorporeal, said. that, God has no visible shape whatsoever. God is Incorporeal. Now, that would seem to be a very unimportant phrase, in some ways. All right! We say that God has no visible shape, and God is Incorporeal. What about us? And this is what about us, according to Joel:

Metaphysicians recognize the Incorporeality of God, but they do not recognize the Incorporeality of Man. They are setting up a barrier between God and Man, because Incorporeal God cannot give birth to corporeal man.”

Translation: Incorporeal God could not create the corporeal human race. A very explosive statement buried there, but said with that intention.

And so, from Maimonides’ simple statement, that God is Incorporeal, Joel points out that Man must also be Incorporeal, and therefore, corporeal man cannot be God’s Creation. All of this by way of bringing us to the fact that if we continue as corporeal man, we remain as that which is not in the Kingdom of God, and has no opportunity to live in it. And, therefore, Be ye transformed. You see the sequence there?

Incorporeal Man has no physical structure. Those on the mystical path must remove from thought the image man. He puts that in quotes, … “the image man.” Maybe I put it in quotes, but it’s in quotes here,… must remove from thought the “image man”, the corporeal man the man who has physicality, because that man is not the man of God’s Creation. The union of God and man can never take place between Incorporeal God and corporeal man.”

So, we have these books called Conscious Union with God. And if corporeal man reads them and doesn’t get the message and stays as corporeal man, conscious union with God is therefore, impossible, and that is stated by Joel.

Only in your Incorporeality are you at union with God. So, we’re cutting a bridge out from behind us and from under us.

I had a few hand-shakes yesterday that were not very firm. I don’t quite know if I’m ready to make that commitment. Fine! I think that’s a wise decision. And it’s important at this particular point, a person know that when you do not make the decision to be the Incorporeal Self, your conscious union with God has just been decided as something you will not experience until you do. You should know it, at least, even though you feel unable to make the commitment. I think in that, this class is doing a service to those who feel, I cannot go that far, because we are telling them straight out, there’s no point even coming to the next class, if you don’t intend to go that far, because that’s what it’s all about. And I hate to see people raise their hopes, have them raised,…as if an implied promise had been made, and all the while, that which they are truly seeking is denied them, because they do not know specifically where they stand.

So, we have divided ourselves into those who are pursuing the conscious awareness of Incorporeality as best they can, and those who feel it’s too much of a commitment. And I wanted that division. I wanted it clear. That’s why I wanted the hand-shake. We don’t love you less,…maybe even more, because you need more love, if you have not yet reached the point where you feel, without making the commitment, you’re not entering Life.

I recall when I could not have made such a commitment. It would have been unthinkable. And the only reason one can’t make such a commitment is because there has to be an Inner Activity that is undeniable, that says to you, I am moving forward, and if you don’t, I’ll move without you. This Inner Activity says it. And when that happens, of course, you go with it. And if it doesn’t happen, then it would only be a mental decision, which would somewhere break down anyway. So, believe me, I don’t feel that when a person says, I’m not ready to make a commitment, that they’re any different than we all are at one period, and so, it’s not a thing that,…that, you know, brings criticism of any nature. It’s just a statement of fact, as things are. And one day, something inside becomes alive, and then you know where you must go. So, in a sense, it’s good to know ten years in advance, and in another sense, it’s good to know that there are those who are walking the path with you in that commitment.

I’m quite sure that in Joel’s travels, he could also feel perhaps, without the hand-shake, who, and who was not moving into this total commitment.

I have recognized my Incorporeal Self, (says Joel), I have recognized my Incorporeality. I am not in a body. I am speaking through a body, but I,… I,…Infinite, Spiritual Christ, [and I’m interpolating those words] I, Infinite, Spiritual Christ, I am not in the body. I and my Father are One, not two. Wherever God is, I am…”

I think all of us should find that in page 141 of Beyond Words and Thoughts. Sit with it, and measure yourself against it, until the day when you can say with as much conviction, and certainty, and effortlessness just what Joel found himself able to say. But, remember before Joel could say this, he moved the identical path that we are moving in. He had somewhere to lay down his life, to pick it up again. He had somewhere to give up that sense of corporeality to whatever extent he could. And remember, too, that this Inner Awareness just as stated by him here was necessary before Transition could be made. Until you find your Incorporeal Self, and know that you are It, and that you are not in your body of physicality, the word Transition is just a dream.

This may not be absolutely following that point, but I think some of you might like to hear it.

“…In one of my deeper meditations, when I was in full awareness of my Incorporeality, I saw that I could incarnate as a male or a female. That is because I, God, is neither male nor female…”

It made me wonder about the previous incarnations or corporeal appearances of Jesus. How many of them were female. We never hear about that. I have no answers on it either, but obviously if Joel could have in previous appearances been male or female, so could Jesus. The point he’s making is that neither male nor female is the Reality. They are both necessary appearances in this world, to train the Soul.

I want to go to “No And,” because certain things in “No And” are more meaningful now that we have talked about that great Transmutation in which the Soul converts Christ Energy into Divine Flesh.

This is Jesus saying, Marvel not that I say ye must be reborn. He could have said it that way that let your Soul convert your Christ Energy into Divine Flesh. But it was for us to discover through our study, just what was meant. And even then, who can do it? The Father doeth the works. We merely submit. We surrender. We lay down our life to pick it up, and that now assumes a new meaning.

I can recall when I first read that, I wondered. How can I lay it down to pick it up? And if I shot myself in order to comply, how could I pick anything up? I wouldn’t be there to pick it up. And that was way back. And it just becomes so clear, when you know that the laying down is laying down the sense of corporeality that your Incorporeal Self may be woven out of the Christ Identity that your Soul converts into living food. So, when you give up corporeal sense, dying daily to it, your Soul goes to work with renewed Energy and Inspiration, weaving the garment of Immortality.

Now, we’re in the “No And” Chapter, which I purposely did not complete last time, or which I was not permitted to complete is more accurate. Page 63:

Everyone who has ever lived, from the beginning of time is still alive… “

He’s speaking of the Reality, the Incorporeal Self, which is always alive, and always present.

“…The de-hypnotized consciousness does not see disease as disease, or sin as sin. It separates them from the person…”

And you can see the de-hypnotized consciousness separating that which appears in the corporeal image from the incorporeal Reality that is there. Something that becomes a little easier to understand, when you are conscious of Incorporeality and corporeality.

“…The de-hypnotized consciousness separates sin and disease from the person and realizes that these are false appearances produced by the belief in a selfhood apart from God…”

The corporeal self is a selfhood apart from God. And when you know you have an Incorporeal Self, you’re not too unhappy about giving up the corporeal self.

And the more real the Incorporeal Self becomes, the less real the corporeal self becomes…” Just like the child that outgrows its toys, but on a larger scale. “…The belief in a selfhood apart from God is where we find these sins and diseases…”

Now, the corporeal self that we believe in, without having known it is a selfhood apart from God, then became the battleground where we try to fight all of our life’s problems. It’s as if the tablecloth on a table had some stains, and you thought for some strange reason that there was something wrong with the table, not realizing all you had to do was tear off the tablecloth, and there’s a perfectly good table,…put on a new tablecloth. So, with this corporeal sense. It’s a sort of tablecloth over the table. It’s just a surface,…a mental surface, and when we step out of it, we’re there in the original,… in the Substance, … with the onion skin peeled away, called corporeality.

And through meditation and Truth, and experience, this does become just an outer shell, useful for its purpose for the time it is required. And you can begin walking more confidently in the fact, that you are not contained within it. You wear it like a shawl. We are becoming more consciously Incorporeal Being. And that is a quiet invisible activity of the Soul enabling you to comprehend, or the word Joel would like so much, discern who you really are.

A day that is not spent in conscious awareness of your own Incorporeal Self is a wasted day. And, I have found that whoever enters into corporeality during the day, and does not at times pause to remind themselves of the Incorporeal Reality of their Being, is lured into many unprofitable directions, some of which it takes twenty years to get out of.

It should be daily practice. And I know if you added up all the things you’re told should be daily practiced, you wouldn’t have enough hours in the day. BUT, there are many days, and if you put them all together, they become a cohesive little ball, and you find that 83 of the suggestions all come down to different facets of one suggestion. Each day live outside the sense of form, at least a part of the day. You know, it only takes three seconds to wind a watch, and then it goes for the rest of the day. And you sort of wind yourself, when you get out of corporeal sense, and you’ll find the rest of the day is so different. You’re under Divine Law. Human law doesn’t hit you. It bounces off you. It can’t even find you. You ARE Incorporeal. So wind that watch every now and then during the day, and It’ll tick, without you having to look back at it.

“…This universal belief in a selfhood apart from God is so universal, so powerful that it operates in our consciousness until we detect it and cast it out by knowing the Truth…. “

And so, I know that for twenty years people have read, don’t live in a selfhood apart from God, and they haven’t been able to connect the idea that the corporeality of their consciousness is the selfhood apart from God. And though we step out of corporeal sense into a conscious awareness of Incorporeal Reality, they have stepped out of that selfhood apart from God. And then we know the Truth. That has another meaning again. Ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free. If the Truth is that Christ, your

Now, Incorporeal Divinity contains all that God is, and that when you know this Christ, and live from that Center, there is a transmutation taking place, in which your Soul is weaving a Spiritual Body that will replace the visible, physical body. If you KNOW this, you are knowing the Truth, and the Truth will make you free. And once knowing the Truth, we find that knowing has degrees of knowing, so that there is a place where you say I know, without really knowing. Then there is a place where you say, Oh, this is what I should have known, not that. But the real knowing is when you know that Christ, I AM. Then you know. And in a sense, you don’t know Christ, I Am, until Christ, I Am, announces within you, Christ, I AM. Because even the human mind saying, Christ, I AM, or believing it, doesn’t know. When Christ announces Itself within you, you know.

And that announcement comes in a variety of ways, all individualized to your specific need, your specific type of recognition. There were more than ten people who came to this class as persons, who are no longer persons. And there were some who found that their inner experiences in things we discussed yesterday, were things that only had come through them, which they had seen, put in a catalogue, or alphabetized in their mind in some way, and then through the class yesterday, hearing certain things in the visible, audible world, they matched them up with their own experiences and found that they were deeper in the path than they ever dared to believe, that they were already in the Transmutation process, but had never defined it before. In a sense, that’s what the Bible is for. It’s to confirm to you what you’re going through. And so, this was the right class for those individuals. And we were matched to meet here. And Spirit did this, without you and I making a conscious decision.

You could have been in Alaska, Texas, Iowa, Massachusetts, Hawaii, and we were One at the time, unaware of each other, and then here we are. What did it? The ONE! The One Incorporeal Christ Body revealing Itself as the forms that we walk in, all responding to the One Soul. To me, that’s the sign of Grace that is always so reassuring to that little human mind that may want to come up and take over. What human mind could do it? And as Joel said, I have taken this message around the world twenty-five years. He was saying, Could this man do it? Something that took this message around the world IS the message. The message took Itself around the world appearing as Joel.

Now, this magic is in all of us, because that same Christ that walks around the world delivering Its message through such revelators as Joel, is saying, Do you not know me? Have I been with you so long and you do not know me? If you know the Truth, that I in the midst of you am that same Christ who walked as Jesus, that Truth will make you free.

And I think we’ve come to a place where we can believe that so well, that we’re no longer mystified by the incredibility of It. It’s a simple fact. It’s the miracle of God’s being all Present, all Knowing, all Powerful. And those qualities are the qualities of the I that you are. And so, if you’re untrue to those qualities, you are hypnotized. Wherever you are, I am. I am the only Power, because I am the only Life. Now if you bow to a physical, visible power, you’re walking away from your Self. And so, you look at the power and say, wait a minute! I don’t have to accept that. I, in the midst of me, my Self, my Center, my Being, my Life, is all that’s here. And suddenly the power isn’t there. It never was there. It’s still testing, testing, testing forever, until you are Christ, without opposite, without even a whisper of human thought,…until there is not even a shadow of thought. Your Self is the Power, and the more you know It, every false power meets the consciousness, which without power dismisses ALL that is not Itself. The Power of your Being is in Alaska NOW. The Power of your Being is Everywhere NOW. The All-knowing of your mind is Everywhere NOW, because you are the AIl-Presence.

And this must be revisited in consciousness frequently to become aware. It’s as if you had arms and legs and didn’t use them, and something were attacking you, and you put your arms behind your back, and you didn’t hold up a hand to block the sun from shining in your eye, or to block the wind from blowing your face. YOU HAVE IT! And so you use It. But you have the Christ, and you must use the Christ. Let the Christ use you. You must become actively conscious of It,..not let it lie dormant as something you know and you believe, but let it LIVE as your consciousness. Let It face all that comes, all that threatens, all that attacks, all that disturbs,…until in agreeing with your adversary,…in knowing the Truth of Being, the unreality of that which threatens is suddenly seen, and it falls away, for it has no body, no substance. Your Omnipotence is not personal. It is the Omnipotence of Christ and in the world of effect there will always be challenges of that Omnipotence. Expect them! And know that they are still the forces that are training your Soul, so that as you begin depending on the Inner Christ more and more, so your Soul is learning that it of itself is nothing,…it must be a total transparency only for the full power of God. Your Soul now is reaching a stage where it will soon return to the Fifth World,…to become still more purified, that it may prepare for the birth of Christ within itself on a more Infinite scale than we are capable of, in the mortal sense of life.

Never think that when you are suddenly Christed, that you’ve attained the fullness of your Spiritual Maturity. You’re still in the Fourth World, moving up, and these are just the beginnings of Wonders. Incorporeality is graduation day. But that’s all it is. You’re moving then out into a higher world, where you can live in that Incorporeality and learn more of the mysteries of your own Being.

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If we can be made to believe there is a mortal, material universe, we are part of this hypnotism.”

You see, you’re being tugged two ways. You’re being tugged toward your Christhood. You’re being tugged out into the world. And you’re more conscious of it than ever before. And now, Lean not into the world, but lean into your own Christhood. Lean not on thine own understanding,…learning to trust the Wisdom, the Love of God, the Power of God,…to walk defenseless against powers in the knowledge that, I am the Only, and therefore, there is no power needed to defend against any power. In other words, you’re becoming more and more reliant upon your Identity to solve every issue. And the more you allow your Identity to solve every issue, the closer you are to that important total trust, when you can say to Peter, Put down thy sword,…Put up thy sword. I need no defence, Peter. These men have no power over me. This world has no power over me. It takes a great deal of daily work, before we are going to reach that total ability to stand in the Truth of our own Being and say, Put up thy sword to the mind which wants to defend us. And that very mind that wants to defend us is the saboteur, who is also attacking us at the same time. That’s Judas in our midst.

We are hypnotized as long as we think there is a material, mortal, structural world out here.”

Now, there’s Christ, … God…,and there’s no And, and what’s attacking? What in this life that we call human life can attack or threaten Christ? The whole chapter is, There is only God, and the Son of God, which is the Expression of God, and no And. And therefore, in your Christ Consciousness, to the entire world, you offer no defence to anything that may threaten. You put up the sword. You lean not on your own understanding, but you trust completely that nothing exists, even though it appears to be threatening. Nothing is there to threaten. And that which is only a stage is revealed as a stage, and the actors who are threatening are revealed as actors. And they have kind of strange names. One actor calls himself a germ,…one actor calls himself a pain,… another actor calls himself a tumor. These are the actors on the stage. And if you believe what’s going on the stage as Reality, it is only because, not standing in Christ, you must be under the hypnotism of believing the stage is the Reality. There’s no defence except Christ Consciousness.

A man is on his way to be crucified, and he tells his followers, Put up thy sword. I have all the protection in the world. Here, take this corporeal body. I’m done with it. I was done with it long before I arrived here. You may have it. I can raise another one up in three days if I want one.

The same Christ that said that CAN raise another one up in three days if it wants one,… still,…right where you stand. I hope you will discover that.

Let us just prepare our mind for the Miracle of Christ expressing visibly in ways we know not of, and be content to know that the All-knowing mind, the All-power, and the All-presence of Christ is our own Being. Let It surprise us!

Now, as you practice that I am an Incorporeal Being, that’s the same as saying, I am the Christ. And as you practice that, you will find that Joel’s statement that until you do, you’re going to be hypnotized into believing you’re in a material, physical, structural world. The more you practice the Incorporeality, the more the hypnotism is broken, … and the Kingdom begins to be tangible. My Kingdom, which is not of this world, is not afar off, but right here where Incorporeal Man lives. And if you seek my Kingdom first, by accepting your own Incorporeality, your Christhood, your Oneness with God, you find you are living consciously, and walking consciously here and now in the Kingdom of God, where there are no earthquakes and floods and diseases, where there is no sin, where there is no death. And you find the Reality of my Kingdom is Life, without end. These are the words of Christ to all of us, and they are NOW taking form.

“…Sin, (says Joel), sin is the acceptance of a material universe. Just going back to the belief that there are human beings is the sin that throws a person back into disease, and sin again…”

It is a sin to believe there are human beings. You know, when that doesn’t sound strange, it gives you an idea how far we have come. Does it sound strange when you hear it? Probably not quite as strange as it might have, oh, say, five years ago,… or a month ago. It is a sin to believe there are human beings. And we’re saying that just as simply as, Let’s – have another cup of coffee! It just isn’t strange any more. And so, when you say, There’s a criminal,… it doesn’t quite ring right, because how could there be? There are no human beings. And there’s someone who’s sick. Well, something doesn’t register right. I thought there were no human beings. Then who is the sick one. You see, as this becomes embedded in your awareness, all the conditions of being a human being,…the belief in them then, would be just as much of a sin as the belief that there are human beings. And Joel has taken away the whole bandstand right there. He just pulled away the napkin from under all the dishes on the table. If there’s no human being, there are no human being conditions. And so, I suppose when Paul just shakes off this insect, or whatever it was,…a tarantula, or something on his wrist, he was saying, Well, wait a minute! There’s no human being here for this poisonous tarantula to be on, and just a simple second of awareness, he could see that there’s no evil force present, there’s no physical structure there,… and he’s demonstrating the nothingness of not only the material world, but of the powers of the material world. It’s as if he were saying, Well, see that bomb that’s falling. Let’s just sweep it up tomorrow.

I used to say to myself, Well, it’s so easy to say these things. Stop and think for a moment. Do you feel that way? That if a bomb falls, you’re just going to feel very indifferent? And gradually it comes to you that a bomb is not going to fall where there is an Incorporeal Being. I mean, if there were Incorporeal Consciousness in Hiroshima, or Nagasaki, there would have been no bomb falling there. I mean, that there is not going to be a release of nuclear activity from a nuclear plant where there is an Incorporeal Being in that vicinity. So instead of complaining about the plants, let’s get into the Incorporeality, which is the vetoing of the power of the nuclear plant to release wastes in our communities. We can work above ground, but that’s not sufficient. We have to work underground too. And not because, again, we’re idealists, but because we have to live in Truth. And Truth says, that only Incorporeal Man exists even where there are nuclear plants manufacturing energy that might seep through valves into communities. That is as much an unreality as the total material world. And unless you get into the conscious awareness of it, you are exposed. You are exposed to the hypnotism of its presence.

Put up thy sword, is a very large phrase. Do the work. Get out the petitions. Oppose that which you feel is wrong. By all means, get on the picket lines and so forth but that’s not enough. Being a physical activist does not do the job. There have been physical activists all through the human life-spans, and they’re all gone, and they have made their contributions to the material illusion.

We must add the dimension of Truth to all that we do, and that dimension, says Joel, is Incorporeality, a non-structured, Invisible, Spiritual Universe right here where nuclear atoms do not detonate, or devastate. If you’re living in the Kingdom of God, that is the only way you protect against the unrealities of the outer world. You won’t do it by petition. And we won’t stop drugs any other way, either. We won’t stop malnutrition. You can just take the entire list, and all o£ our activity on the visible surface is but a contribution to the patch-up of the illusion. The Real Work is done in consciousness by those who are living in the Incorporeality of their own Being. They have the Divine Power against which there is no power.

“…There is only one error (says Joel), and that error is hypnotism. Stealing, lying, poverty, and war are the same sin…”

Hypnotism. It’s only been within the last two centuries that that consciousness has been in this world to open us to the Truth of the futility of many of the crusades we have against the world problems.

“…The same problems that our fathers and forefathers fought against and thought they had conquered are with us today… “

The war to end war. The belief in the conquering of disease by science. And today, new things come up that make us think we’re escaping finally from overpopulation, undernourishment. If we could stand back here two hundred years from now, we would see the futility of what man thinks is a solution. He’s walking from one degree of the hypnotism to another. He cleans up one side of the street, and on the other side he finds that that which he cleaned up is there. Lean not on thine own understanding.

The only sin is hypnotism, and in it we find all of the evils of the world, all of the errors, all of the miseries.”


There is only one demonstration (says Joel), and that is gaining the realization of God.”

When we have the realization of God, the hypnotism is broken. And because no human can have the realization of God, only Christ can, that which is the human living in the hypnotism must lay down that sense of life, accept the Christ, be the Christ, and Christ in you demonstrates the Presence of God. Only Christ demonstrates the Presence of God and only you can be the Christ, so that It may demonstrate the Presence of God.

I don’t think that needs. elaboration. It just had to be said. There is only one demonstration,… the realization of the Presence of God, and you might add, through your Christ Identity, realized and lived in.

Hypnotism is the only error. There is not crime, and disease, and sin, and corruption. There is hypnotism. There is corporeality doing these things. That’s hypnotism. Corporeality. There is only one error, hypnotism. If you could catch this vision, when the time comes for you to leave this world, you will step out into a Transitional experience, which will be higher and better than this one.”

And, we have sort of developed that idea during this last class, which dovetails now with Joel’s statement very beautifully. To eliminate the error of hypnotism by standing in your Christ Center lifts you into this Transitional experience, into a higher world, a better world than this one.

It’s not the end! He just said a higher and better world. We’re not going straight to heaven, or anything of that nature. We’re going to the world of the Soul, the Fifth World,…the First Heaven. And the minute you do that, you’re out of the Space Program, which is not going to save the world.

The Soul World has no Space Program. The Soul World is an entirely different experience, which some of us, I think are already experiencing, because,…well, if you’ve noticed how often people say they lack this, and they lack that. And then other people say, Oh, I seem to have everything I need. I find it very strange that those who have a tendency to always be giving, are the ones that always seem to have. And the ones who are never giving anything, are always lacking. They live in their own tight little worlds. They don’t give love. They don’t give understanding. They don’t give compassion. It’s just a little, sort of a telephone booth called life, in which everything is “me,” how I feel,… what I think,…what I do, when I do it. They are not pouring it out to others, as if there were nothing there to pour. And then along the way, I don’t have this, and I don’t have that. And the others who may not have as much, but don’t live in that telephone booth, and are always sending out the love, and sending out the good cheer, and sending out the feeling of “I’ll share with you.” They always have. Well, it’s the same way.

If you find that you’re a giver,… I mean, I know about giving, because I’m always receiving. We have more flowers than I could possibly use, and this has come to us, and those beautiful flowers are ambassadors. They say something of a givingness. And I can trace those flowers back to the giver, and I’ll tell you, those people aren’t going to say, I lack, I’m limited. They just don’t know how to say that, because they don’t feel that. You see, the outer giving is just the sign of something within. And it could be something as simple as a telephone call, to say to someone, thinking of you today. That’s giving!

Now, when I hear the ones who say, I’m missing this and missing that, I don’t think they even make that telephone call to someone, ever. Now, the ones who find that they can’t stop themselves from giving are living very close to that Soul Expression, because that’s the nature of the Soul. It’s a giver! And when you’re in your Fifth World Experience, that’s all you’ll be doing. You won’t be taking anything. You’ll be just like Jesus, walking the road. The only thing he took from people was a smile. He was giving. Why? Because that’s the nature of the Christ, and It never seems to lack. When you are in that giving state, it’s not because you decided to be. It’s evidence that your Soul is already expressing your Christ. That’s how you recognize It.

It’s very important to check yourself out that way and find if you’ve built yourself into a little telephone booth, where you are not letting the Soul express, and then wondering, where my rent is. You haven’t let your Soul pay your rent. It can’t express in a telephone booth. It needs to work through the universe. You have to let It flow out to the universe, or otherwise you stagnate yourself, and separate your mind again from that Soul, and the branches run dry.

Now, this Soul Experience, which we begin to feel more liberally as we touch the Inner Christ, becomes the Soul World, and the Soul World replaces the mental world. And then you’re going to be in the world of Soul Images instead of mental images. We are already experiencing many Soul Images,…many of us. Soul Images don’t come over and hit you on the head. They are very friendly little Images.

The Fifth World and the Fourth World are beginning to inter-mesh a great deal in our lives, and this is a sign of a preparation for that graduation day called Transition. The only sin is hypnotism. When you have the realization of God, you have all. Now then, whoever can understand this simple statement,…When you have the realization of God, you have all, needs only seek then the realization of God in order to have all. Nothing short of the Immaculate Conception from corporeality to Incorporeality is evidence that you have God. You only have God when you have made that Transition in consciousness. Until then, you’re still on a,…a tentative basis,…sort of on probation. When you have finally realize your Incorporeality, you have God. You have ALL. And that Allness is NOW right here in that which is always NOW. Right outside this passing time, right here, is that Allness. You’re always touching the Allness with your Soul, and then not touching it, because the mind is separated from the Soul. It’s in that gap, that you’re just that one quiver away from the Allness of God.

Under hypnotism, we live without substance, we live without law, spiritual law, we live without Reality, without Cause, and even without Effect, because Effect must be Divine Effect to be real.”

Now, this is something you’ve all heard, and it emphasizes what we have been learning in what we must implant even deeper.

You can take a block of mahogany, and out of it make a chair, table, and a bench, but you do not have mahogany AND a table. You do not have a chair AND a bench AND mahogany. You have mahogany manifesting, or expressing AS those pieces of furniture.”

Now, why did he tell us that? If this table here is wood, then I don’t have wood AND a table, I have a wood table, a table made of wood. And if this body is of God, then I don’t have a body. I just have God. I have God expressing as a body. Now, if you follow that line, if I have God expressing as this body, then I can say, Put up thy sword. But if God is not expressing as this body, I need a coat of armor.

Now, when he said, Put up thy sword, he was saying, I am in the body that is of God. And why are we told this? Because we better get into the body that is of God, that’s why. If you’ve got a body that is not of God, you’ve got God AND, and that body is going to run into trouble. It takes its sword with it. It defends. When you’re in your Incorporeal Body of Spirit, then it’s like the mahogany chair, the mahogany table,…it’s the Spiritual Body made of the Spirit of God. So, you’ve got God, the Spirit and no AND,…God the Spirit expressing as a Body just as mahogany, or wood is expressing as a table. When God is expressing as your Spiritual Body, you’ve got no God AND, you’ve just got God, and the expressions of God,…the Cause and the Effect are one and the same. They are not disconnected. They are not two separate items. They are One, and therefore, It’s all under the Divinity of God, the Law of God, the Power of God. And your Incorporeal Body is THAT. That’s why It’s Self- maintained.

That’s why It lives forever. That’s why It’s Ageless. All that God is, It must be, because that’s the Nature of God. And that’s why God forever says to us, Be my Son, be ye Perfect as your Father. Be my Substance. And when you are the Substance accepted, then all the forms that your Substance may take are One with God and under the Law of God. And this truly is Eternal Life.

Not symbols, not promises, but simply a statement of fact by the One Divine Being. And so, with this little simile of mahogany acting as these many different objects, Joel is telling us, that as these objects must have the Law and Character of mahogany, so we, in our Spiritual Body have the Law and Character of the Spirit of God. And do not, if we are not in our Spiritual Body. You must be of the same Substance of God. This table would not have the characteristics of wood if it were made of something else. And we cannot have the characteristics of God if we’re made of something else. But God says, All that I have is thine, and therefore, the Reality of us must be made of the Substance of God, and cannot be this that we walk in called the corporeal body. This is the hypnotized appearance that we have accepted.

I’ve had a few questions along these lines that I didn’t have time to express, or discuss just after one class one night, and I hope this is answering those.

Well, I never thought we’d come to the end of it. Maybe we haven’t.

Sin, disease, and death are all hypnotism.”

Now then, if hypnotism is death, and death is hypnotism, and sin or disease is hypnotism, then it’s just the appearance that one is more severe than the other is also hypnotism. In other words, a small error, or a big error,…they are the same hypnotism. And so, you can’t control the way things fall, and if you catch the idea of hypnotism, it’s just as effective over a head cold as it is over death, to know the Truth.

There is no way to remove a mirage. You simply know you can walk through the water on the desert without getting wet.”

We’re learning we can walk through death, without dying. That’s what he’s saying. We can walk through death without dying, by the change from the hypnotized sense of a corporeal body to the unhypnotized,… dehypnotized Acceptance,…Reality,…Experience of the Incorporeal Body, which does not die.

Life as it seems to be is the product of hypnotism right where the human, material, or physical sense seems to be, the Spiritual, Eternal, Immortal Creation is. When you have become accustomed to the idea of observing the harmonious, human appearances, and the inharmonious human appearances with the same degree of unconcern, you will know that you have arrived at a state of Spiritual Consciousness in which you see that which is invisible, hear that which is inaudible, and know that which is unknowable. And that is Christ Consciousness.

Now, that’s that “No And”, chapter number 4 in [Realization of Oneness, by Joel Goldsmith]. If you read it thirty times, every time you read it, you’ll say, That’s IT! THAT’S IT! And then when you read it again a month or two later, you’ll realize, Oh, my gosh, I knew that was IT. Why didn’t I do something about it?

Paul said, Your body is the temple of the Living God and now we know very definitely what he was talking about. And then we read about the temple not made with hands, and now we know what that is very definitely we know what that is. What we never knew before is that we had something we could do about it. And now we,… I hope we will be about our Father’s Business doing that, and cooperating.

If any man be in Christ, says John, he is a new creature. And now we know what that means,…really know. All things are passed away. Behold, all things are become new. We see that there was not just Jesus on the earth, who had attained Incorporeality. Here was John, and his disciples, who had attained Incorporeality. And hanging around this earth for over a hundred years just so there would be someone around that knew about Incorporeality. That’s what he did. God has given us Eternal Life, says John, and this life is in his Son. And to John’s words we can add, And this life is in you as the Living Christ.

I know we all have inner resolves. Some of us, I hope can’t even wait to get home and start being Incorporeal. I know, I can’t, frankly, and so the question comes up, while we are individually being Incorporeal, what are we going to do together, and I suppose something will take shape along those lines, and we’ll learn about it. At this present moment just being Incorporeal is enough to handle. What I’m trying to say is, I don’t know when we’ll be seeing each other again, but if it’s, tonight, that’s soon enough. I’m very grateful for the opportunity not to just move out, you know, quickly now, because I think we sort of want to cement something and maybe just have the joy of being with each other. And I’m sure our next steps are already coming forth from within ourselves as we all walk different outer paths,…we’re all walking the same Inner Path. And wherever necessary, I’m sure those paths will cross again in the outer. So, I’m sure we’ll be in contact with each other. And maybe we’ll be shaking hands again somewhere this year or next and continuing our Inner Journey, while we continue our outer journey together, as often as possible.

I think I feel a great closeness to many of you, that seems more permanent than human relationships, and I want you to know that you’re always welcome when you’re in our little island to drop by. The coffee is always on the burner, and we’ll be glad to see you there any time.

Those of you who won’t be here tonight, if we can say goodbye, and if you feel that way, I’d like to. And I want to thank all of you for what you brought with you. You may not have been aware of what you brought, but you brought the class with you. And if I seem to say that all the time, it’s because that’s the way it feels. This had to be an important class, and I feel that something of each of us is in it, and I hope each of us, borrowing from each of us goes back with just a little more than we came with.

Thanks very much! And much Love!

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

Thanks to the resourcefulness of two of our students, tonight’s talk has been recorded. When we began the talk, for some strange reason, the recording machine was unable to perform. And no matter what we did, it still remained adamant, and there was nothing to do but to begin the class. And while we began these two students managed to run upstairs and come down with a cassette recorder, which they very carefully inserted in front of me as I was talking, and it’s barely, hardly noticeable that we had this confusion at the beginning.

Very strangely the subject for this Easter night group experience was Divine Manifestation. And without the recorder, we were in danger of not having a copy of this, and so, I again thank these two students for Divinely Manifesting a cassette recorder to save the talk for us. The mysteries of Divine Manifestation offer us an opportunity and a challenge to glorify the Father on this earth. As we are awakened to Soul and learn the techniques and fidelity to Soul existence we become aware of a great power of the Soul to manifest the will of God. This Divine Manifestation really has nothing to do with human beings. It is the function of Christ in your Soul manifesting the Treasures of the Kingdom of the Father. Each of us has been given this Divine Power, and we either attune to It by surrendering our mind to our Soul, or we work in the world of manual labor, or mental labor trying to accomplish by mental might and physical power that which is impossible except to the Pure Heart, which is the Living Soul of Man..

But when we know that Divine Manifestation is a fact, that Grace is ever flowing, that It is Present, that we can be the Living Expression of that Divine Grace, then something gradually leads us to the capacity for opening the Soul still wider and wider, until we are in a state of Oneness, a state of constant communion in which the undivided Consciousness within becomes the Divine Manifestation that appears to lend enchantment and beauty and glory to our visible lives.

There is no one here who does not have this Power in his or her Soul. Your Soul is the avenue, and that is why our Easter Seminar here in Monterey is a Soul Seminar. We are moving now into the highest realms of earth expression, and our fidelity to being a Living Soul is going to be the deciding factor in whether or not we express those Divine Qualities of the Father, which transcend all mortal knowledge.

If you will rest quietly now, you will discover that in the silence of your mind, you are opening the way to that I, which stands at the door. You are finding within yourself the New Comforter, … the New Within, and it is this New Within on the other side of Silence that is now going to become the daily companion, the daily food, the daily expression of the lives of all who walk with God. Stand ye still and behold the Power of the Father, behold the Invisible Intelligence of God, behold the Power that is not in the hands of man, behold the Wisdom, behold the Joy, behold the Love, behold the Harmony, behold your own Self expressing Itself from the Infinite Level of Life in a Substance so Pure, so refined, so powerful, that It can change your entire Universe, that It can move mountains, that It can dissolve Karma, that It can manufacture out of Itself Qualities so unique, so heavenly, so incredibly beautiful that once we learn of their existence and feel the flow of them through our Soul Senses, nothing else will do. We are captives of the Glory of God, and willingly we surrender to the Light that shines within.

Rest in that awareness. Rest in the knowledge that every Divine Quality is in the Christ of your Being, waiting to express, waiting to manifest in your Life, through your Soul. And you can measure the degree of your Christ Awareness by the degree of Divine Manifestation of these Qualities. As you take an inventory, you will see how near or far you are to the more simple forms of Divine Fruitage. They must flow first, before the greater forms of Divine Fruitage can appear.

The calls I receive indicate that many of us are barren because there is a lack of this and a lack of that, and a thousand different lacks, and each one shouts out loud that here is an individual who, though sincere, though dedicated, though seemingly committed, though willing to surrender all, has not found the capacity to surrender the mortal sense of life, has not found the capacity to become Souled, has not found the capacity to purify in the way directed by the Father. And so, the qualities of manifestation are limited, sometimes quite severely. It’s just like road-blocks. Income doesn’t flow. Health falters. Energy decreases. A sense of being alive and joyous and expectant vanishes. We become barren. And when we try to discover why we are barren, without realizing that the only reason is the absence of Christ in our lives, … then without knowing this, we try so many different remedies, and they’re all patch-up jobs that are temporary.

The only remedy for a barren life, an inactive life, an unfulfilling life turns out to be your Identity. Now, to those who have already found the Truth of Christ in a measure, we need not dwell upon the obvious. We can leap right across into that state of consciousness which knows that I am committed to Christ Expression. And it is to that state of consciousness that we have been talking for some six classes now, and it is to that state of consciousness that I address the words of this class tonight. Those committed to Christ Identity and no other. for you there is a message tonight, and it is for no other. It is a message of such vast importance that it can only be addressed and assimilated, received and understood by that individual who has said to him and herself, to live the Life of Christ is my purpose upon this earth. For to that individual only is the supreme manifestation of Divinity possible.

We’re going to just touch upon it for the moment, to awaken our remembrance of a higher Life, a higher form of Divine Expression which we enjoyed before the beginning of the world. You will find a growing recognition of your Self in some of these words.

“He that abideth in me and I in him, the same shall bring forth much fruit.”

He that abideth in me. Now then, the abiding in me is the unwavering acceptance and conscious awareness, and active performance in the Name, in the Identity of Christ. You do not abide in Christ by reciting words of the Bible, or by thinking about Jesus, or by discussing points of interpretation of the Bible. You abide in Christ by living out of your Christ Center. As you know, it is not only not an easy task, it is one that few people on this earth pursue. To abide in your Christ Center means not to move out of it and to divide your consciousness. And, therefore, not to move out of your Christ Center is to abide in me. And when you are aware that Fruitage of a Divine Nature is not flowing, you are being told by this lack of Divine Activity that you are without the Substance of your own Divine Center, because you’re not abiding there. You cannot weave the spider’s web from within unless you have the Within Substance. And out of this abiding comes the Christ Substance, which is the Invisible Substance that manifests as your health, your optimism, your general feeling of rightness and goodness and happiness and all that we feel of a special nature that never is concerned about the activities or negatives of the world.

This is but the primitive stage of the Christ Awareness manifesting. But if you wish to demonstrate the highest levels of manifestation, you must know that without the Substance, you are merely spinning wheels.

Now, what are we planning here in our human lives that can show us a Divine Substance? The job isn’t the way. The home isn’t the way. In fact, if we think of Divine Manifestation as just added things in our human life, we are missing it. Divine Manifestation must be the manifestation of the Eternal Life, the manifestation of the transcending mortality, the manifestation of the hidden manna. Divine Manifestation becomes the expression of Transition. And all other minor forms of manifestation are merely signs pointing the way to the Supreme Moment, which Paul calls “the last trump.” Anybody knows that the only reason a television program is on the screen in front of them is because they’ve turned the dials on. They know when they turn the dial off, the picture vanishes. You have this Divine Dial. It’s on or It’s off. Divine Manifestation flows when It’s on and It doesn’t flow when It’s off. And although that is an oversimplification of It, It still is a fairly accurate one. Living in the mind, your dial is off. Living in the Soul, your dial is on.

The world that you manifest now, depends then on your abiding in your Christ Identity. And if it takes three to six months to find out how to do that, those three to six months will determine the rest of your days in this form. If you’re not concerned about doing that, then really, the higher levels of The Infinite Way are going to move past you, and not take fruit in you, … not take seed.

I would like to feel now, that I am speaking then, to the Christ of your Being, and that you are living out of that Christ, and we are in One Christ Expression, because we are going to move now into the understanding of the Supreme, Divine Manifestation.

Day by day you are transmuting through Christ into the new form, the new body. And this is called the “White Stone” in the Bible. As everything else of major importance is given a Mystical Name, this Transmutation of Christ Substance into your Spiritual Body, lifting you into the conscious awareness of It, is your daily bread. When the Master says, Pray this way,…Give us our daily bread, he is speaking of the daily Transmutation of Divine Christ into Substance that lives Eternally, which you will eventually call and recognize and live in as your Spiritual Body.

We are into the birth of Christ in you. We are into the Holy Birth. We are into that Incredible Conception called the Immaculate One. And it depends now, totally upon your intensity of purpose, of mission, of fulfillment of Self-Identity, in which all of your Being is concentrated on Being what you are, undiverted from what you are not.

No one can tell you if you are ready to work more diligently in that direction to achieve the conception of your “White Stone” except your own inner heart. If you feel luke arm, if you feel doubtful, if you feel unprepared, … you are unprepared. If you feel, I must be prepared, because this is my life mission, you are prepared. If you feel there’s nothing in this universe that is capable of stopping me, you are prepared. If you feel that the Voice of God is calling you directly to this experience of Immaculate Conception, you are prepared. At this point most of the students in our work would have to say, I am not prepared. I am not ready. I need a few years to even begin to think in that direction. But there is every indication that many of us who have assembled, have come for just that very purpose. We have been abiding. We have been faithful. We have been diligent. We have been eager. We have been obedient. We have been receptive. We have been humble. We are submitting our mortality in exchange for our Immortality.

It was Job who said, Even in my flesh will I see Him. Of course, a change of flesh was being announced in a subtle fashion. In his flesh did not mean his physical flesh, but his Spiritual Flesh. There was the seed of Transformation expressed for those who had the Inner Ear. For even in our flesh shall we see Him,…but not this flesh. And that is the secret of Transformation which we must carry with us in total understanding that we may cooperate with It. And so, we look at some of the phases that assure us this is correct, that a change can take place, that it is the Father’s will that a change does take place, and then to learn the nature of that change in ways we had not anticipated.

All flesh is not the same. Now, when that was said to us, it possibly made a very minor impression, but Paul was aware of the Divine Flesh that is achieved through the consecration to your Identity as Christ, and he was permitting those few who could understand it to hear that the miracle of change that takes place in the individual who is dedicated to his Christ Identity does something to the individual that is not commonly known. To be simple, when we look around, who do we see whose flesh has changed to Christ Flesh. Has someone come up and said to you, I am the Christ Flesh, the Spiritual Flesh, the Divine Flesh. We move through each day completely unaware that there are those among us who could do that, if they were ordained to do that, if they were not totally restrained from any such communication with those who walk in mortal flesh. You may be prepared to fulfill such an encounter, if you have not already done so, without surprise, without amazement, because you will discover that one day you too will be one of those who walk in Divine Flesh in the world, unaware that you are different. Because you will look exactly the same as every other mortal on this earth. The only distinguishing qualities will be in your lack of fear, the way you are provided for by unseen hands, the way you are seeking nothing, because you have, and you are, by your absence of dependency on others, by your simple assurance within you that you can give even what you don’t have visibly. And when you meet such a one, look carefully, because you may be looking at Divine Flesh.

We are being Transformed by the renewing of the Mind into Divine Manifestation, and if you feel this possibility emerging in you, if you feel the activity of It, be assured this is ordained. The knowledge of It is not frightening, but if you come unprepared, unaware of what is happening, it could seem to you that something was possibly working upon you from an unseen source, and it could lead to all kinds of disturbances of the mind. That is why the Manifestation is never sudden and is always gradual, and is always announced in advance to the individual.

That is why an Angel appeared to Mary. And in a sense an Angel appears to each of us as we are going through Divine Manifestation. Your Angel may never be Gabriel, but your Angel will be some Divine Communication saying that you are going through a Changeover. Mary, Jesus, and the Spirit of God collaborated to instruct the human race about this special event. The Soul of Mary, the Spirit of Mary brings forth a visible Jesus, and this is all a Divine Expression on the human blackboard to show you in three different parts what takes place within your consciousness as you abide in the Identity of Christ. Your abiding in Christ becomes a Soul Activity and this is Mary. The impregnation of your Soul by the Spirit is identical to Mary being impregnated by the Spirit of God, and the appearance of Jesus visibly is the appearance in your consciousness of the Christ Body which you do not see, brought into visibility to instruct us, that when your Soul opens to your Christ Identity, the process brought into visibility by Mary with the birth of Jesus takes place within you, and It is the Immaculate Conception within your own Being. Your Soul is impregnated by your Spirit because you are dwelling in Christ Awareness, and through this, the birth of Christ occurs within your consciousness, and you should know something about what that birth is.

It may be, that one day, you receive a visitation in the Invisible, and it may be that one day you are forewarned about the possibility of a change. And it may be that because of this, you decide to take out a paper and a pencil and keep a diary about these changes. And each day, or each third or fourth day, you may notice changes, and you may write them down. And you may find that you are going through something totally unnatural to the human mind. And you are writing it down, writing it down because you know this is strange.

And one day, you become aware that the writing stage is over. There is something else about to happen. There is going to be a change of consciousness and a new consciousness will replace the old. It will be shocking. It will be sudden. Something new will fall into place, and something out of place. It may make bearing a child look like a very simple procedure. It may be quite earth-shaking. And suddenly you will not be there anymore, but I will. And I will speak as you. And I will say I, and I will not say you anymore, and when I speak as you, you are the Living Christ. Then, whenever you say I to anyone, it will be a new I you are saying. And you will walk the same earth, in the same body to human eyes, but yet you will be in Divine Flesh. The Transmutation will be established. And this is the Living Experience of the Immaculate Conception, which awaits all who are committed to Christ. And this is the “White Stone,” the new Body that walks right out of this world and leaves behind it the appearance of a physical form. This is truly the Enoch experience, and it is the experience that Christ on the Cross was demonstrating, the Body that walks out of the world untouched, while the physical body remains. One being the Reality,…the other being the image in the minds of men. This Immaculate Conception is the Ultimate Experience of our life on this earth.

Look at It again, now, and see that Mary represents your Soul, … that the Spirit of Mary impregnates her Soul, and that the visible Jesus represents the interior event in your consciousness as you are Christed, or Christ is born in you. Every time you see this visible Jesus, that is the sign of what will happen to you. Christ will be born in you. And then this Christ, this visible Jesus, will walk away and become invisible, because truly when it happens to you, the Christ in you is the Invisible Presence of that same Jesus who walked away. That is your New Comforter and It doeth all things. This event is your second birth, your re-birth, your resurrection experience. It’s the kind of an experience that is not to be talked about to those who are not moving into the possibility of fulfilling that experience.

And if you think of the days of the Pentecost, when suddenly the disciples broke out in all forms of strange behavior and now had Spiritual Tongues, you can see that within them a New Body had formed, something unsuspected by most readers of the Bible. And when it is said they spoke in tongues, please try to know that it is not as interpreted in the human religions that think in terms of speaking in tongues out of a physical mouth, or the vocal chords. They spoke in tongues because they were now in Spiritual Bodies. This has been hidden purposely, and I suspect it may be one of the reasons that our little tape recorder was shut off. Truly! You may not be able to play it for anybody, but you can hear it, you can listen, you can record it in your consciousness, because this is what you’re heading for, and you should know it. And I feel the fact that we are given the privilege of knowing that our Immaculate Conception is the Ultimate Manifestation of our lives, this is how we glorify God. We bring forth the Divine Image and Likeness, and that is why Job says, In the flesh shall I see Him. Yes, he will bring forth the Divine Image and Likeness of the new Job.

We walk today as Lazarus in the tomb. When we come forth from the tomb, you are seeing a different version of the Immaculate Conception. You are seeing the Christ Body emerge and the mortal body walk in, and the Immortal Body walk out. You will see the mortal body of you die as the Immortal Body of you is born, and no one will know but your Self. You will even find it difficult to realize. I hope it doesn’t surprise you too much, or make you feel you’re living in a … a strange kind of teaching that is something you hadn’t wanted, or wished to reject, because if only one tenth of us accepted this as the Truth of our Being, that one tenth would be worth whatever we had done to get to this point. It is the very Core of Truth, that all of the world is moving toward the Immaculate Conception.

I think you’ll find justification for these words as you look through your Soul at certain other words that may be coming forth.

I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness.”

The Psalmist knew something in that 17th Psalm.

“I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness”

And if this is the sleep, and if the awakening is right here, he was talking about his Transformation into the Divine Image and Likeness,…that other Flesh which Paul said there is. Not all flesh is the same. Your life is hid with Christ. Now, what would that ever mean, except that when you live in your Christhood, that your Life emerges from the Substance of Christ, and is no longer hid under a bushel, but is made manifest.

I am waiting purposely for your own conscious to bring to remembrance things of your past experience that tell you that in some way you have been into certain phases of that Changeover already. I don’t think I could say these words to you if you hadn’t. You have been going through a Spiritual Transformation, and It is going somewhere. You have been going through a Spiritual Re-birth, and although at the moment, it may seem quite simple and smooth, you are being prepared for levels of It that are quite catastrophic, unless you are aware of what is happening. Then they are not frightening. Just think, if Mary had produced that baby and had not been told that Spirit was her Father,…was the Father of that child. What would have happened to those who followed later, to whom the same thing happened, if they didn’t know it had already happened in this world. But what would happen to us, who are going through It inside ourselves, within our own Being, and will not produce a physical child to show for it, but only the Changeover in our own total Selfhood. That is the Real Immaculate Conception. And all of these outward signs are but signs along the way to show us that we are giving birth to our own Immortal Self literally. And that’s why these words in the Bible are so important, .. if you think for a moment that you’re inventing an idea, or you’re hearing some strange noises that are unrelated to you. When you begin to accept the Bible and its various clues more seriously, and then to realize they are telling you what they dare not tell the world, then your Inner Ear is open wide.

Parables are stories on two levels. This is on a Universal Level. ALL FLESH IS NOT THE SAME. There is Immortal Flesh, and there is mortal flesh. And we are being anointed, slowly, daily Transmuted in consciousness, and that Substance which is doing the Transmuting will emerge as Immortal Flesh. You see how you walk through death? How you make Transition? You have to have a vehicle. You just can’t walk off with nothing, or into nothing. You have to have a vehicle, and that vehicle has to have a Substance, and that Substance is Christ, I AM. That’s why Christ is the Bread of Life, and the Blood of Life, and the Flesh of Life, and that Blood, and that Flesh, and that Bread is the only food that your Soul can transmute into Divine Flesh. And that is being born again.

Your Life is hid, and it’s hid in your Christ Identity. That’s what Paul meant when he said, Your life is hid with Christ.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End of Side One ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

The hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth, for the Father seeketh such to worship Him. You already have the explanation of that. To worship the Father in Spirit means in your Spiritual Body alone can you worship God,…in your Christ Identity alone can you worship God. And the Father seeketh such to worship Him.

All that remains is to answer the call. Do you feel that Jesus was teaching this to his disciples,…physical Transformation into Divine Flesh? And if so, why has it been so long before the words were taken out of the veil of literal interpretation? Why have we been imprisoned in the belief that physical form is all we can be in this world? Was Moses teaching this,… Transformation to Spiritual Bodies? The New Dispensation of Jesus Christ followed on the heels of the overturning of the human consciousness by Moses. And in the New Dispensation, the Christing of the individual was brought to the attention of the few initiates who could understand it, expanded out to the 500,…recorded in this Bible,…and then within three to four hundred years, the things that we are hearing tonight became virtually unknown in Christianity. It became a literal translation based on worshiping one man, instead of the teaching of God through the man about Divine Flesh. And Christianity had no Christ.

It seems strange today to becoming a Christian by accepting Christ as your Identity. It’s as if two thousand years have just come into their fruition. And today, even though we are,…through consciousness that is still undeveloped, an embryo Christ, we know that our Reality is. And just as the embryo in the womb ultimately becomes the adult, so these embryo Christs that we may be at this moment are on the way to adulthood. The Word is becoming Flesh. And the Word DID become Flesh and walk among us, and a few of us noticed. And John lamented that. He came unto his own and none recognized him. And the same Christ walks among us hardly recognized as our own Invisible Divine Selfhood.

Easter is a good time to know the Truth. But this time we are prepared. The seed of Truth has grown long enough for it to manifest in this Age, in this Generation. We are now prepared to walk into Divine Flesh. And those of us who walk arm in arm in this, are a very special household, with a purpose to walk through the multitude as disciples of Divinity. First attaining and then sharing our attainment quietly, silently, without ostentation, calling no attention to ourselves,…but first to attain It and then It will direct thy path. Because the Christ that you attain will walk through the multitude as of old. And It will multiply the fishes and the loaves as of old. And It will heal as of old. And It will glorify the Father. And It will say to the world around It, I in the midst of thee am greater than he who walks the earth. And I in the midst of you am the Kingdom of God on earth. For the Father seeketh those to worship Him, to glorify Divine Flesh. And the Word was made Flesh. Being born again was by the Word of God through purification of your Souls. When Peter said that, he had attained the knowledge, the experience, the confirmation that each individual who has the concentrated consecration of being faithful unto the Father,… who is determined to live as the Son of Infinite Spirit has the innate capacity in his Christ Awareness to be born of God.

And the Word was made Flesh. Christ is the Word. And how that Word is made Flesh, not only in Jesus, but in others is demonstrated or stated here by Peter.

“…The Word was made flesh, being born again by the Word of God through purification of your Souls…”

He wasn’t speaking of Jesus. Through purification of your Souls. He was speaking to those in his midst who had reached this consciousness. If you can glimpse that, believe it, and take it out of the Christing of Jesus into the Christing of you, into the Christing of your flesh, you can never be the same. If you want to walk with John, and Jesus, and Paul, … if you want to walk with God you must submit to the Christing of your flesh.

We die in a natural body, says Paul, and we are made alive in the Christ Body. It was a vague thought before. We heard it. We saw it. We presumed he knew what he was talking about, but we hardly figured that we had something to do about it. And we have!

I don’t know when this realization may have come to you before. I don’t really know exactly when it came to me. I know it’s been growing. I know it’s been confirmed quite a number of times, and I want to advise you to expect unexpected forms of confirmation in your life before the event. I can’t tell you how these confirmations will come to you. They will be nothing like anything you can anticipate,…nothing. But when they come, and they will be visible and tangible, and they will appear on the earth, in the world, when they come, they may be even quite obscure. But in their own way they are messengers of Grace and Invisibly they will give you a kind of,…more than confidence,…a kind of silent direction. They are very unusual in that manner. The direction is so,…well you don’t know you’re being directed. What I mean is, there could be a fire and in your eventual recovery from the fire, without realizing it, you may come into a new understanding about something, about what you are, or who you are, or what’s happening to you. In other words, the most unrelated things can happen to relate to this Immaculate Conception to bring you further to It, to give you further insight, further strength, further receptivity. And really, it would be very difficult to say to you, Look for this, and look for that! Because Spirit doesn’t work that way.

Now, Spirit may say within you, Look for this and look for that. Spirit will guide you, I can assure you of that. But the important thing is to know, just as if you were going to be a mother or a father, you’d want to know, and you’d want to know before the event, so you could prepare properly and co-operate. You’ll find Spirit wants you to know, but It wants to keep you out of the way so you won’t interfere. It wants you to know that you are in the Womb of Creation, but It doesn’t want you to turn around and tell the Spirit how to do It.

Now, Paul says this will all happen at the “last trumpet.” And that’s what happened when the walls of Jericho fell down for Joshua. When he had overcome the sense of the world and had been Christed, that last trumpet was the Christing. As in you, the rising cognition of the Christ Identity is confirmed by your outer manifestations of Peace, Joy, Love, Truth, Health, Abundance, Fearlessness, Dominion…all of the higher unopposed qualities becoming more paramount in your expression. You will somehow feel the Changeover sufficiently that when It occurs, you will then know the meaning of My Peace. You cannot know My Peace until this Changeover occurs. The Changeover is followed instantly by My Peace. My Peace then flows as TOTAL Grace, Infinite Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, without opposite, the Peace that passeth understanding.

To walk this earth as the Word made Flesh is the call to Christ. And in that, you bring forth the Divine Image and likeness of God and that is how you glorify the Father. That is how you worship the Father. That is how you acknowledge only the Presence of the Father, because in your Divine flesh, you can do nothing else.

I think you should make it a point to seek further verification of this, not only in your consciousness in your contemplations, but in the Bible, itself. And I think you should take this into meditation. I think you should go into conscious meditation with the idea of contemplating your own Immaculate Conception now,… the meaning of It, … how you can cooperate with It,…what you can do to get in the way,… what the Father’s Will is, … what the Father’s Method is, … what the Father suggests that you do. All of these things, and in the quiet of your committed consciousness the guidance will be given either directly by word or thought, by vision, by idea, or by actual action, in which you are moved a certain way. Read Lazarus again. Read certain passages that talk about the Changeover. Try to see that they are referring to the Changeover in you. Get used to it, so you won’t be frightened. If you feel like starting a diary when you’re conscious of the Changeover, do it. But wait until you feel Divine Ordination telling you specifically to do it, or do whatever else you are to do.

And if you want to stop that activity, just talk about It. You’ll stop It quite quickly. If you want It to continue, treat It as sacredly as you must. Keep It totally within yourself. I am sure that no one could wring a word of this out of Mary. I am sure that it came through Jesus to the disciples, and then after his Transition, the Ordination to let the world know what had happened. But the entire event is a sacred silent one,… even from every member of your family. It can only be shared with those in your Spiritual Household, and then, with great caution. If you remember, Mary shared It with Elizabeth. And they were very definitely in the same Spiritual Household at the time, both going through the identical experience.

What I am saying is that the world-mind has a,…a very treacherous way of deceiving us. The moment you are talking about anything of this nature, you are not in Christhood. Do you see that? You are not in Christhood while you are talking about It. You’re telling another mortal about It. I am talking only to the Christ of you, and at this point I feel the Christ of you and I are One Christ in One Consciousness, ordained by the Spirit for this Inner Communion of Truth.

We are being Silent NOW, becoming more aware that mortality is never in the Womb of Creation, that we in the Womb of Creation can hasten this birth by taking off our human shoes. The birthing process is Infinite in Nature. It is the Father individualizing as your Self, through your acceptance of Christ, the Son.

We are stretching our Spiritual Wings Now, beyond this world, beyond the known, into the unknown, into regions of consciousness we know not of. We are accepting them as areas of our own consciousness. We are going to areas of timelessness that we know not of, and we are accepting our presence in this timelessness. We are moving into spacelessness as living Being, living Spirit, and accepting ourselves as in Infinite Spacelessness. We are without boundary. We are the Christ. And that is the food for our Soul. That is the meat the world knows not of. That is the New Wine and the New Water. Now are we the Sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be, but when we see Him we shall be satisfied.

I’m going to ask you to do a very strange thing. I’m going to ask for your hand-shake if you feel the validity of what is happening tonight. And I mean that! I would like your hand-shake. That will tell me whether this is accepted in you or not. I don’t care if it’s tonight or tomorrow, but I want to know. I want to know if what I feel is really happening. I want to know who is walking in this path.

Meditation at 8:00 AM. Class at 8:30. And tonight, whoever has an appointment tomorrow, I’d like to talk to them, and even those who are coming Tuesday or Wednesday for appointments, just to set the time as accurate, so you be sure you catch your planes and all that.

Much Love again, and Thank you!

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If the Silence is difficult for any individual, we beg their indulgence, but the nature of this class is the other side of Silence, and we ask you to lay aside your human fears and doubts and concerns and explore with us, because we are moving now into an area of Silence that may be called the New Within. Not the Silence of a meditator, not someone sitting in a chair, or in a lotus position waiting for some impulse to arrive within. No, we must go beyond that. We can never be in this duality of me the meditator, waiting for the Infinite to express in my consciousness. We must melt into Oneness with the Infinite in a new way.

We stand now at the moment, still in a concept of time even if we have not consciously become aware of time, it is moving past through our subconscious mind. We think in an hour, or an hour and a half something is going to happen, and tonight we’ll have another class, and we’ve got to catch a plane on Monday perhaps, what time is the dinner. All these things, and what we’re going to do today. All this is in time.

Christ does not live in time. Mortals live in time. Christ appears to human sense in time, but;

I am not of this world.”

Thou seest me, thou seest the Father.”

And the Father is not in time. And so we together, standing for a moment in time are now being asked to do something, and I made this little preface about those who may be new in the Deep Silence because the request is now that you drop all past time, and everything that you ever were in past time with it, so that you stand in the Silence with no past. All that is in that past should be dropping away. You stand in the newness of this instant of Now. There’s no person there. That’s in the past. There’s no process of aging. There are no activities, no incidents, no experiences. All humanity is in your past, and some area of consciousness can drop it. Be willing to drop it Now. Not necessarily forever, just Now!

See how it feels to have no past.

In that past, you had mother, brother, sister, father, marriage, children, birth, adolescence, school, joy and sorrow, pain and pleasure, you had the gamut of human experience. Christ teaches that that is a dream. That’s only that side of your humanhood, the past. When that past diminishes into nothingness, it will be filled by something else. You will feel a life in that so-called past very different than the life you had experienced as a human being. You will find the beginning of a realization that you are in Eternity. You will somehow feel that every event in your human past was an approximate idea about your Eternal Being, and you can, through a change of consciousness however slow, feel the Reality of that Eternal Being, and the passing nature of the experiences that occurred in the human facade called your past.

When you feel your Eternal Being all thought will stop. You will be in the New Silence. It will be a broad beam of Silence in which thought is impossible. You’ll even try to think and find;

I can’t. I can’t even though I want to. The instinct of me is to think, but I cannot.”

This broad beam of Silence becomes like a vast bar of music. It fills all time and space. All notes become as One Note. It’s a vast chord of Silence, and it seems to move. It seems to quietly ring. It draws the entire Universe into a vast chord of Silence. And there is an understanding in it that whatever comes to your mortal mind is reaching a closed door. There is no response possible. The world cannot touch this vast chord of Silence. You feel a glory in it, an amazement. You say to yourself;

Why did I never feel this before, just this way? How is it that I can do nothing about it except be it. How beautiful that it is so effortless, that there’s nothing for me to do. I don’t have to protect against the world. I don’t have to deny anything. I cannot. I have lost the capacity to think. I merely feel this great vibrant chord resonating throughout Infinity. It feels real. It feels right. And yet, it isn’t all of me. It’s an experience of the I-ness of my Being.”

And the further it deepens, the more you become aware of a new universe, another universe, a universe unknown even to you before you entered this Eternal Self. A universe in which you can feel the very power of Creation, and it may come into your consciousness that you are living in a Realm called Cause. You are living at the Source of all Life. You are living beneath the roots of the trees, beneath the roots of the flowers. You are living behind the conception of the human race. You are living at the Realm of Cause, in Being, in Self. And you can feel it bursting to express, and you can hardly wait for it to do so. This is where we learn we can live.

In this Invisible Kingdom, this new Universe you find all of it, no matter where it stretches, no matter how extensive it is, or how deep, or how wide, or how long, or how dimensionless, it is all the interior of your Being. It is all you. And the word Christ slowly forms in your mind and you realize you are touching Christ within. You are beginning to explore your own Being, in a living way, a way that shows you that behind this universe, I truly Am alive. I am discovering “I Am,” and it is living, and it is glorious, and it is forever. You are in the Indestructible Self. The more real the experience, the deeper, the truer, the more frequent, the more you realize the words spoken on earth by the visible Christ were opening you to the Invisible Kingdom of God, which is the very nature of your Being.

At this point, dying to self is no problem at all. It was to the mortal self out there in limbo. Here there’s no mortal self to die to. In this inner awareness, you know the meaning of the resurrected Christ. Whoever walks in this awareness in this world, will find that through Divine Inspiration all things are possible. Mortality becomes an outer shell, a passing sequence of ideas hung together on the thread of thought. This inner Self is your new within, and it has many inner mansions. This inner Self is the Son of God in still an infant form within. This is but the inner manger.

I will not leave you comfortless. I will send a new comforter in my place and he will show you all things.”

I hope you are experiencing that inner Comforter now, for the entire outer transient world is governed by your inner Comforter, your consciousness of Eternal Being as your Self. The Comforter did not have to be sent to you. The Comforter is your Being. The Comforter is the New Man, who ever was. The Comforter is I-Christ within, just as I-Christ appeared without, as the form called Jesus, and appeared as many other forms that you did not recognize in Christ, as Christ, and Am the invisible Christ of all who walk this earth.

But Jesus becoming conscious of I in the midst could present therefore, that which is everywhere present. There had to be a visible Jesus to show you what is invisibly present everywhere. And I, your Self, spoke through Jesus to open you to I, present where you are as the invisible Kingdom of the Father. Always it is I. All around you is I. You’re walking through the living invisible Universe called I. Every day of your human span, you are walking through I. And these undiscovered inner caves of Truth have been waiting recognition, for there is the gold, the Invisible Gold tried in the fire. You can now find the living Invisible, and walk in it daily, just as you entered into this meditation now of dropping your past, and following the subtle suggestions that were made by the Spirit to you. Review this when you can. Pick out the key ideas that have led us into wherever we happen to be, until you arrive at I, the vastness of I, the living vibrancy of I. And out of this is Self-fulfilling existence. You won’t have to look for the externals they will fall at your feet.

I, says the invisible I, l am the Bread of Life. You’ve lived by material bread. You’ve lived by mental bread. You have tried to live by Spiritual Bread, but there is only One Spiritual Bread, One Living Sustenance – your own Being, I. I, the invisible Self that you are, I am the New Comforter, I am the Bread of Life, I am the imperishable Life of your Being. In my Name, you are Everlasting Life, Itself.”

As the forms move out of the present into the past, and humans continue in the transient selfhood of physical form, I, the Living Christ, your Eternal Life, your Eternal Body, your Eternal Consciousness, I remain, for I am all that ever was here. And as you live in I, I live in you, and we are One in the Father. And soon you drop all duality and I is your Name accepted, and I am Eternal Life. I am the Living Resurrection. I am the Way. I am the Bread of the Father. I go unto the Father. Rejoice when you know that I go unto the Father, because I am your Self.”

This interior you becomes the governor of the outer form, the outer life, the outer experiences. The wider and deeper and more real and alive it becomes, the more your outer life conforms to this new discovery. I have all, “All that the Father hath is mine.” This statement is not for the human mind. This is just a statement of the fact of I. The Reality of you does not deal with the perishables of the world. It does not acquire. It does not accumulate. It does not store in barns. And the reason it does not, is because It is the Reality. It is the Infinity. It is All. And all outer accouterments are merely the mental imitations of the allness that your Being is.

All that the Father hath I have. I – You are one word. You are I. I am you. There is only the I of your Being, which the world calls you. You must call it I, because I is Infinite, and I is both the Cause and even the Invisible Manifestation is I. There is a manifested Universe behind the visible universe, and that manifested Universe is the Effect of I, and the Cause and the Effect are the same Substance. That is why the Divine Manifestation, invisible to human sense is imperishable. Its Substance is I, the Living God, which is One with the Father and therefore is as the Father, and undivided from the Father. And in this, I am Consciousness. If you do not step out and break the continuity, Life continues in its undiminished Fullness. When you break the continuity, in the thousand and one ways we have of breaking it, you step out of the Perfection, of the Invisible Kingdom that is ever present, and then you must re-acquire, you must gather up the outer perishables, you must accumulate them, you must be concerned about them. Because without the conscious awareness that your Being is all you are, you live in the world of passing time, passing things, the world that withereth under your eyes.

This Transition is a sure one. It is not a speculation. It is the goal of your Soul to achieve this Transition for your consciousness, that you may live forever as the Expression of God. Never to go out again into the land of the transient. If we waver in the belief that this is possible, or the belief that we cannot attain it, or the belief that somehow we have committed some folly that prevents our attainment, or the belief that we have led a good life and therefore we don’t have to attain It. Either way you will make a discovery that you cannot reject the Will of the Father that you be His Living Spiritual Son. You have no power to reject that Will. The moment you do, the you, you thought you were is no longer there. There is no you to reject that will. That is a permanent Will. It is being fulfilled. It doesn’t depend on you at all. Be ye Perfect means ye be Perfect. You are Perfect. All that remains is for a non-real consciousness to accept. And that is the purpose of your Soul’s Activity here, to release this non-real consciousness in such a way that the Soul performs its function of transforming the material appearance into the Spiritual Reality, without duplicate, without counterfeiting, without imitation. This is to test your Soul to build Its own resources, and as you enter into more and more of your I-ness your Soul is freed from the Divine requirement of converting the material appearance into the invisible Divine Manifestation. If you’re living in the mortal sense of self, unaware of this Soul’s Function, you naturally find it very difficult to find the total Harmony of Life that you would like to have.

The Achilles heel always pops up, and it’s not always in the heel. It’s somewhere. And it’s not always in the body. It’s in something else. But that Achilles heel is only a mortal rejection of the Perfect Being that you really are. Words don’t make you Perfect. Nothing makes you Perfect. You Are. And that old consciousness that doesn’t know it is, what we’re learning to drop away, by letting our Christ Self do the work.

You remember how we mentioned in our last meeting to relax, don’t run so hard it isn’t necessary. You might have found many passages in the Bible similar to that, way back for example in Chronicles. “The battle isn’t yours.” Relax! Rest in the Lord! Behold the salvation of I, Christ in YOU. That’s where you rest. Your resting is a very active resting. You rest in your Reality where the power is. You’ve been running out here to collect all the oranges. You rest in your I-ness and It grows the tree. Everything you had been trying to do in the outer world and hold on to, even your health, everything in this universe that we want to hold on to we already possess in our Self.

And now, we slowly make a transfer from trying to cling to that which we are afraid to lose into the realization that I have that which produced all that seems to be out here that I have been trying to cling to. That which produced all that is, I Am. I and the Creator are One. I and the Source are One. Who’s going to be resurrected. There’s going to be no resurrection of a mortal self. I, the Spirit of my Being is the only resurrection there is, and I am already the resurrection. The awareness of I is the knowledge that there is no one to be resurrected. There’s no one who has to rise. Your mortal self can’t rise. All that the Father hath, I have. Now, what will I cling to if I have it. I will only cling to the imitation made of a substance that is not permanent, substances that I may need in the visible world, but I have them all in the Invisible World. I have the True Gold. I have the Jewels of Spirit. They are Real. They are not symbols. I have the air that is different than the air that humans breathe. The air that my Spirit breathes will never be denied me. It is Permanent Air. It is Divine Air.

I,” says Christ, “say unto you, Do not live by material bread alone.” And those material breads are not just the food you put into your mouth, but the material concepts you entertain about this world, and even about God. Just think how many material concepts we had entertained about God who is Spirit, and about ourself who are Spirit, and about the Universe which is Spirit.

On the other side of your consciousness, which really has no two sides, drop your future Now. Just drop it! Don’t put yourself into a physical future. As you dropped your past, let your future go. Your physical future at best has only a short time. Don’t settle for that, Drop it in consciousness, for the moment. Let it go! See how painless it is in consciousness to drop all the tomorrows. It can’t hurt a bit. It’s an act of voluntary consciousness. Once you drop your future and feel the nothingness of those tomorrows that will end some day, and go beyond those tomorrows, you feel the nothingness even of those. And remove your human selfhood from those tomorrows in consciousness and rest. Wait upon the Lord. You’ll find God wasn’t going to fill your tomorrows at all. That was a projection of the “dream” into a thing called tomorrow or the future. Oh, no, your tomorrows don’t depend on anything in the world. They don’t depend on a single thing that this world has to offer. Your tomorrow is Eternal. Don’t settle for this succession of 24-hour tomorrows. In your consciousness, don’t walk in them. Drop them! Rest and feel the Infinity of tomorrow extended from the Infinity of yesterday. Feel the vastness of Life. All tomorrows vanish. There is an Eternal Tomorrow. It is really an extension of this Eternal Now. Let the Now of this Eternity extend into every tomorrow, pull every tomorrow into Now, until Now goes outward into Infinity in all directions, and see that only the Now of Christ is the Reality. Let’s not put God in the past and God in tomorrow, or Christ in the past, or Christ in tomorrow. Let us really live in our Eternity Now, for It is the only Truth. It is the only place we can live.

I, God am Eternal Being Now. Already, I am Eternal. Already I exist in all that the world calls tomorrows and beyond. And I, the Son, I too, being in the Father and the Father in me, I live in all tomorrows Now, literally Now. I, the Self that I am, live in all tomorrows, and in all yesterdays, because they never were, and they never will be. I am the Infinite Now, always. This is your Eternal Being.”

You’re not waiting for the next sunrise. You’re not waiting for God to return, or Christ to return. The New Comforter realizes the Fullness of Identity as the Infinite Now. All that the Father hath, and the Father hath the Infinite Now, I have Now.

I say unto you, all that the Father is, you are Now. And Now is the time to know it. You exist Now throughout all that is called future time. You must feel It. You must know It. You must accept it as the Livingness of your Being in Eternity Now.”

And that which is realized within will manifest in its own beautiful way in the outer. You may not look thirty years younger in the mirror tomorrow morning, but you will feel the release from so many indescribable layers of misconception, that you actually do feel a new vibrancy. Maybe you can’t put it into words, but it comes at you from other people’s expressions when they see you.

Oh, I can’t believe that you’re that age, – not you. Why you look like a young chicken”, or this, or that. And you say, “Well, that’s how I feel too. Because we do not realize the obstructions that we have accepted in the various unconscious layers of our own Being. We actually had thought we’re moving daily, daily, daily in this time-world of tomorrow, and they all accumulate and add up, just as we accumulated things in the physical world, we accumulate years that do not exist. That goes with the accumulation. And we accumulate concepts about those years.

Of course, my heart can’t beat as well ten years from now as it does today.”

Those kind of concepts. What we forget is that we are to lay down the garment of mortality, and that means the garment of tomorrow too. But more than all the conversation, and that’s the very thrust of everything we are moving into, is the sure experience of the Inner Life. For just as Light opens and reveals the prism of Light, you will find that all of the Inner Lights become One Infinite Light of vast power of Truth, all pulsating through your Being. And there is a glimpse of the Eternal Christ, which comes to you as the realization of your own True Name. Something in you says with a shout of joy;

I Am that Eternal Self..”

It isn’t a symbol at all. It isn’t something I read in a book. I feel the Substance of my Eternal Being. And that is when you know what is the true meaning of;

I Am the Bread of Life.”

Remember, that Bread is always furnished by the Infinite Father. That Bread is Infinite. And that Bread is Life, Itself. That Bread is the Divine Substance of your Being. And Christ Identity is the Bread.

Now, no one else may see you as what you are, and you may have difficulty seeing yourself as what you are, but as we move more deeply all the time into the experience of this vast Realm of Cause from which springs all the activity of our Inner Life, we see that we are Self-creating, Self-conceiving perpetually, without effort. This is beyond the mental capacity of any human being on this earth to do, but It is done automatically by your Divine Consciousness, when there is no human consciousness set up in competition with your Self.

When Job was taken into this, all that he had lost was replaced beyond his wildest dreams. He found the reality of things. And that is what is meant by he had another family. He had more cattle, more land. What he really found was the invisible Reality of his family, of his children, of his land, of his cattle. He found the Realm of Cause. He discovered that he, had never known his family until he was illuminated. And then he knew who they were, and he discovered they were alive, always in the Reality of Being.

I can feel the aliveness of our One Being. I can feel It stirring like a giant coming awake after a long hibernation. I can feel Its curiosity about the Inner World, Its amazement. And I don’t feel a division. There’s not one here and one there. It’s a vast Infinite Chord of Light, with a million notes and more, all sounding at once in perfect Harmony.

To each It comes in a different expression, a different understanding, a different way. There’s no duplication. So, what you feel is not going to be what someone else feels, and yet there’ll be a relation, a similarity, a sort of a Spiritual Family, just as children may resemble their parents, and yet not be identical twins. And so, our experiences will overlap, and there is in them a ring of authority that tells you this, this is Reality. When that ring isn’t there, you’re still floating in some psychic realm, and you will know the difference, and you must learn the difference, if you don’t know it. Substance can easily be counterfeited by the mind.

Now, in case you’re doubtful of what has been said, not just in these past few days, but in these many thousands of years, the direct statement to you is that you are Eternal Being. And you can experience that Eternal Being only by permitting the Will of God to express through your Christhood. Without Christ, you will not find this Eternal Self. Without Christ, you will continue to grope, to live, to die, to grope some more, to struggle, to succeed, to fail, whatever, and constantly turn over and walk on that continuous treadmill of repeating and exploring and probing and trying to find what you already are.

The statement must be made directly, “That you are Eternal Being, that your Name is the Spirit of God, called Christ, that you are the Universal Self, and that in you there is no division into individual selves. You are the Universal Self expressing.”

And that further, only when you accept this and live with It, and renounce what isn’t It, by letting your Inner Self, your Identity express as It does through your Soul, will you be able to reach the inner conclusion, the inner realization of this Eternal Life.

The fact that It is available to ALL should be very clear, not only not denied to any, but is the Truth of All. It’s not a question of availability. You are the Substance of God and if you are willing to accept the second substance, the price you pay is obvious. And, if you happen to be today, ninety-nine years old, or nineteen, It is still the same Truth. You are Now, not the ninety-nine or the nineteen, you are Now the Eternal Self. And this acceptance is the key, and as we must realize all the time, the acceptance is not complete until that which is not the Eternal Self is not honored, and is not recognized as your Self. You can’t take one side of the coin.

Now, while you’re struggling to do this, you are under guidance, you are under protection, because the moment you struggle to find your Eternal Self, the Father rushes out to meet you like the Prodigal Son. So it’s not a question of your capacity, or are you too late, and these things that run through our mind. None of that. Every time you read that Prodigal Son, it should give you re-assurance that all you’ve got to do is turn from West to East, or from East to West, and the Father rushes to meet you, meaning the Inner Christ begins to come to the fore as your realization. Turning, as the Prodigal did, is the renouncing of the mortal sense of self, and rushing back to the Father, the Soul, to join the elder brother, the Spirit, to become One, and then the realization of the Christ, no longer a Prodigal.

Shall we see what John has to say to us about the Christ of our own Self:

“I am the Bread of Life. He that cometh to me shall never hunger, and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.”

Now, you can’t go to Jesus, can you?

But this is Christ saying, “Come unto me.”

And who is Christ? Your Self. Your Self is saying, “Come unto me, and you shall never hunger.”

And I think you know now, some of the ways to come unto Christ. If the heart is willing, you will find many other ways to come unto Christ. And then, you will not be without a Comforter. And I, Christ, the Comforter within, will show you all things. There’s your guide, your own Identity.

“Jesus cried and said, [We’re now in Chapter 12, Verse 44, probably 45 and 46]. “Jesus cried and said, He that believeth on me,” And actually, if you are reading your Bible from your Soul-Level, you’re saying, I know that it says, Jesus said, but Jesus is just the front, the outer man. This is Christ saying, and this Christ that is saying, is the Christ of my Being in me saying. Christ, my Being is saying;

He that believeth on me.”

If you have the experience of your own Christhood, then you believe that Christ is your Name. And if you believe that Christ is your Name, this is saying to you, that if you believe that, that Christ is your Name, your Life, your Substance, your Reality, your Now-Self, your Eternal, Divine, Never-born Being Now, and that you have no other, this is what Christ is saying;

He that believeth on me,” That’s a total belief. It’s not a divided belief. “He that believeth on me, believeth not on me, but [believeth] on him that sent me.”

Do you see a great revelation in those words? The human race thinks that it believes in God. But if the human race does not accept Christ, how can it believe in God, when only Christ believes in God. And if you believe in God, but do not believe that God is the nature of your Being, you only think you believe in God. You see, it’s being revealed there that man walks without God until he believes his Identity is Christ. Think of the thousands and millions, who are in a state of self-delusion, thinking they really believe in God, but do not believe that they are the Christ of God, and therefore, because only the Christ has the capacity to know God, how can the human, who doesn’t believe that he is the Christ, and has not made the commitment to being the Christ, but still thinks from the mortal consciousness, the mortal body, the mortal sense of values, the terminated life-span, the terminable life-span, the body that bears all these affronts to God, these insults that say;

God created this”, or “God permits this”, or “God is watching this and doing nothing about it.”

How can all of these types of human consciousness believe in God. They only think they do. And the results show it. The limitations of their belief are what returns of their lives. And even in perfect, human goodness, as perfect as human goodness can be, unless there is the acceptance of Christ Identity in a committed way, we are told in this phrase subtly, that if you believe on me, you do not believe on me, you believe on the Father. And I suspect he’s going to amplify this to show us that if you don’t believe that you are the Christ, you do not believe in the Father at all. As a matter of fact, you can remember many phrases like;

He who does not honor the Son, does not honor the Father. He who does not have the son, does not have the Father.”

If we do not have Christ as our Identity, we do not have God as our Father, for the only Son of God is Christ. Something in us then, should be stopping the world-mind as it comes to us with its many suggestions that we are, after all, flesh and blood, born of woman, that we are after all not going to live forever, that we can’t expect joy without sorrow, that we must remember that there are limitations, that there are things that you cannot control, that you do not really have dominion, that if it rains tomorrow or there’s a flood, you can be hurt, that if there’s a disease coming your way in a community, you can be inflicted. We have inherited five million beliefs, and that is because he that honoreth not the Son, honoreth not the Father. And we could sit here for a million years saying, “I believe in Jesus,” and we are not honoring the Son. We must honor the Christ of Jesus.

And we honor the Christ of Jesus by honoring the Christ of ourselves. For I go away. if I go not away – if Jesus goes not away – the Comforter will not come unto you. And that Comforter, that New Comforter is the very Christ that is the Identity of Jesus, and the Identity of Paul, even the identity of Judas is the Invisible Christ. For there is but One Infinite Identity. And all the mortal forms that have passed into oblivion never were here as the Self, but as the images that tested the development of your Soul in its onward progression toward the Infinite Heaven of Reality.

We are passing the test. We are accepting Divinity. We are accepting the Christ of God. And once we do, we breathe a sigh of relief because not to have accepted the Christ of God is the same as suicide. And all that energy that must renew and begin its journey once more in the land of nothingness, in the dream-world.

Now, we can be grateful for this glorious expression called the world. If we are awake to Truth then our Soul is benefiting immensely as it conscientiously, behind the scene transforms all that It beholds, and fills Divine Substance into all these earthly vessels. If you’re living now from that level, you can move easily into Christ acceptance across the board, throughout Eternity, so that Christ acceptance is not a momentary pledge, or a promise to yourself, or something you write in a book that you’re going to do again and again. It’s an inner Transmutation of Consciousness, and you never return to the old.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End Of Side One ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

We are honoring the Son by being the Son. There is no other way to honor Christ, except to Be. And those who are trying to become, are refusing what they are. Those who are trying to become are saying, “I Am Not!” The mind has all these subtle hedges, in which it refuses to Be, and always puts into tomorrow what it refuses to do today, into that mythical tomorrow.

“And he that seeth me, seeth him that sent me.”

Another fabulous revelation. Seeth me, seeth him. When you accept Christ, you’re seeing me. The moment you accept Christ, you’re seeing me, and as you see me, you see him. Only in Christ are you face to face with the Father. Only In Christ! And when you, see the Father, you’re not looking out of human eyes. Seeing is receiving the full flow of Divinity. When God flows through your Christhood, which It is always doing and you are conscious of being that Christ, you are then experiencing the full flow of Divinity, and that experiencing is called seeing him. He that seeth me, he that accepteth himself to be the Christ is now One with the Father, because the false dual consciousness is no more.

Now, what’s stopping you then, from totally receiving the Fullness of Christ, except a false human brain which refuses to acknowledge only the existence of Christ as your Identity. Sit with It. Rest with It. Abide with It. And then realize your human brain has absolutely no power except the power that you give it. It is completely without power for a very simple reason. It is as transient as your mortal self. It is made of transient substance. It is an imitation of your Soul. It truly is an imitation of your Soul. And when you are aware of what it is and can stand ye fast above that little Charlie McCarthy that likes to run our lives, you will discover that it does have no power. It is a robot. It’s taking all of its words from the world-mind. It’s masquerading as your mind. It isn’t. It’s the mind of your transient identity, and it established a transient identity. In a sense it even fooled itself. You can actually feel the fabrication as a false entity, and when you are aware of it, you almost want to burst out laughing. And then you stand in the stillness and that mind sputters all it wants to, no matter what it says it falls on deaf ears, because in Christ you are immune to the world-mind, you are immune to world-hypnotism, you are immune to every belief in death, in disease, and sin. In your Christ mind you’ll see the Father. You’ll see the Kingdom. You live in the Universe that is Real.

He that seeth me, seeth the Father. He that seeth me not, seeth the world.”

This is an explanation of the interior action of your Being. Your Christ Self is always at One with the Father, always expressing the Father, always alive with the Father, always in the fullness of the Father, always in Oneness without opposite with the Father, always in Joy, always in Love, always in Beauty, always in Harmony, always in Grace, always. This is the natural state of your Being, and you can see why in the outer sense of life, we have a taste of that and a taste of the opposites, because not having the fullness of It, that degree of fullness that we don’t have becomes the negatives of our world. That which we do not experience in the fullness of our Being is then converted into negatives and aware only Joy is in Truth, when we have an imitation of joy, we then have the balance of that imitation turns into sorrow. All the negatives are born of the lack of fullness, which is possible only in Christ Consciousness. And when you know you’re Christ, you are in Christ Consciousness.

But this isn’t being Christed. This is only Christ Consciousness. Being Christed is still a little bit away. It’s going to take all of this and more, more commitment, more dedication, more conviction, more willingness to trust your conviction for the real anointing. This is the path to the anointing.

How long is the path? You determine that.

The anointing can be in the next second. It can be in the next ten years. It should come rather quickly if we are faithful to living in Christhood and out of Christhood and learning the capacities of Christhood, the qualities of Christhood, the functions of Christhood, and letting those functions and capacities and attributes be the only qualities that we permit to operate, to express into the visible Universe around us. We have that capacity. Our soul has that capacity to police our Universe and to funnel only Christ Awareness into our daily experience.

Now, as you reach higher above Soul to Christ with your Soul, I the Bread of Life, that you are acknowledging as your Identity, I will feed your Soul because your Soul is my Soul, and I am feeding your Soul. I need only your recognition. I need your acknowledgement, not part-time or not scattered or not intermittent. Acknowledge me in all thy ways. Be your Self always. Are you listening to your Self? There’s no one talking out here. Be your Self always. He that is him Self always, hath the Father. That’s a Divine Statement. It’s not some human authority trying to convince you of anything. It’s the Father saying it to the Self of you. Let it sink in that it’s true!

And so, if we could spread the Oneness out into a prism of Light, we could see that this Oneness, this Self that you’re accepting is a Universal Being. He that accepteth himself to be the Spirit without division, Spirit without discord, Spirit without pain, and then you’ll see that pain is a trick of the mind, discord is a trick of the mind, all outer disturbances are tricks of the mind, all preventing you or tempting you not to accept that you are that Self which is Eternal, which is Spirit, which is indestructible, which is painless, ageless, and deathless Now.

He that believeth on me, believeth on him that sent me.”

You’re accepting a Perfect God when you accept a Perfect You. When you accept an imperfect you, you’re accepting an imperfect God, and imperfect Creator, an imperfect Source, and you are asleep. Awake to who you are, and stay awake! And you will see the Father face to face Eternally. This is Divine Fact, Divine Truth, not phrased by a person. He that seeth me, the Christ, seest the Father.

If you are feeling a degree of your own True Being, you will recognize the authenticity of it, if you feel also that there is only One Being here, that the Being you feel you are is the only Being here. Unless you feel this you are not really feeling your Being. For in the Truth of Being we do not feel a separate Self. There’s no way to feel that in the Truth of Being. All the little notes become the One Resonant Chord. All the individual selves become One Invisible Self. And when you feel that you are in a measure of Christhood experienced. And it doesn’t stop at any place in space or time. It doesn’t know distance, it encompasses the Universe of God, the Kingdom. When you feel a measure of that, you’ll know you are receiving Divine Instruction and through that more Divine Instruction will flow from within.

I am come,” NOT “I will come.”

I am come a light unto the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.”

And so, if the sun were to leave the sky, and the moon were to leave the sky, and the stars were to fall from the heavens, I am come that whoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness. I am the Light. Christ Identity is the Infinite Eternal Light. And if you think the light of the sun, giving warmth and heat and energy is something, you will discover they are imitations of Christ, the Light of your Being, literally, imitations of Christ, the Light of your Being. That sun in the sky has no power to give you Infinite Life, or Eternal Life. Those stars have no power to give you Eternal Harmony or Eternal Peace. Christ in you had to exist before there could even be a sun and a moon, and a star, and a universe, and a planet, and an earth. The imitations of Christ are all around us, in the sky, on the land and in the sea. All we see are imitations of Christ everywhere, and Christ you are. If you believe on this, you and the Father are all that exist and you can look out at this world of effects knowing it is imitating your Being. This little form you call you is one of the imitations. There are many millions more. You are the Self not that which withereth.

We are not accepting Christhood until we accept that I have All. I lack nothing, right now. I want you to take all your lacks, all your pains, all your problems, all your limitations and expose them to your Being. Hold them up to the Light of Christ. That Christ is not just the Center. There is no place where It isn’t.

If you fly to Afghanistan, Christ is there waiting there for your body to arrive. If you’re in the deepest realms of Siberia, or the jungle, or on another planet, or underneath the ocean, Christ is waiting there. And the ocean, the planet, Siberia, Afghanistan, all these are imitations of Christ in the world-mind. But only I-Christ is there! And this is the Consciousness you will have. And this is the Consciousness you will prove is the power over this world and its effects, and the power over this body and its effects. And then Christ will show you how to lay down this body when you must, and Christ will show you the Body you can live in forever. Don’t expect to do it by happenstance, or by good clean living, or by honesty, or by doing good, or by all the ways we try to use as substitutes for the one thing we must do, and accept the Divine Light of Being as my Self. Christ will show you how to place this mortal body in its proper place. Christ will show you how to walk in Immortality Now. Christ will show you how to step over beautifully, painlessly, and consciously, without an interruption in consciousness.

Yes, I-Christ in you know all things, and show you all things, for I go unto the Father. Follow me. Follow me unto the Father. Follow me in the Regeneration from mortality to Immortality while appearing on the earth. Follow me into the Divine Transition for I am the Way. I am the Life. I am the Truth. I am the Bread. I am the Wine. I am the Water. I am the Invisible Universe. He who knoweth me, knoweth my Father.”

Our next step is Divine Manifestation, which flows out of Christhood. And you are to be a witness to Divine Manifestation on this Earth.

We have joined, in this class, through Divine Will as a Divine Service, as a Divine Expression, as a Divine Example. And though we come from assorted backgrounds humanly, in many ways we all come from One Source, and all else is a concept. And returning to that One Source is the only activity permissible unto each of us, according to the Will of God. Come unto me. Return to Source. Not tomorrow there is none! In the Now. In this Eternal Now. Return to Source. Live from that Center and watch every Biblical Promise happen in your life.

They said it would be noisy outside. It isn’t. They said there would be a hullabaloo because everybody’s having a great celebration but there’s no hullabaloo. All there is, is Divine Silence and we are that Living Silence.

I suppose it’s permissible on Easter Sunday to say, “This is a class of Love.” I don’t want to seem sentimental or maudlin, but that’s how it feels, a class of Love brought here by Divine Love, expressing Divine Love, and sending us out to express that Divine Love through our illuminated Consciousness. If you can hear what I am saying, and I can hear your response, I think we’re beginning to know what we’re doing together.

Have a Divine Easter Sunday. Thank you!

By the way, after consideration about a request that we delay the class tonight for a half hour. I checked it out with various people, and I find it would not work out too well. And so, we’ll meet at 7:30 for the meditation and 8:00 for the class. And the individual who asked me about that, I’d like to speak to him after the class if I may.

We’ll see you later tonight.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

Sometimes we move so quickly but we never really arrive. And sometimes we can realize that we need not enter this haste, this desperation, this pace that is breathtaking. The Spirit of God is not going anywhere. You cannot lose It. It will always be here. It will always be you, and if we relax and slow down and accept the Truth that the Spirit of God is always opening its arms widely and saying, “Come live in my Kingdom,” there’s absolutely nothing on this earth that can keep you out.

The knowledge of the meaning of Christ literally makes a Son of God out of you to such a degree that there is no place you can go without being that Son of God. There’s no way you can even avoid it. It is the will of the Father. And we have been so busy in our own wills, so part-time in our fulfillment of the responsibility to not live in a divided will, so blissfully ignorant at times of our own self, and yet striving with great earnest dedication to get somewhere, all the while rejecting who we are and where we already are. There’s no place to go. It’s all right here. It’s all right where you are, right in the midst of that which is not and then, the miracle of Christ opens your eyes. When you slow down and rest and wait and accept and simply stop running after that which is surrounding you, permeating your being, waiting for you simply to open your inner eye. There’s no place to go for Christ.

It is strange that the world has been rushing by that which it is, and seeking and seeking and seeking and rejecting that which it is. Probably the first mistake if we only go back a few thousand years is not seeing that when a story comes into being about three wise-men coming to an obscure man and woman to see an infant that is just going to be born. How ridiculous of us to believe as we had that they were coming to see human flesh. How ridiculous to let those who knew nothing of the Truth tranquilize generations into the belief that these three wise-men came to see a little boy named Jesus. Other little boys were born. They did not draw the three wise-men. What made this boy special? He told us himself, that before this form appeared, I was on this earth. Before Abraham founded the nation of Israel, I was on this earth. Do you think they’re coming to see a little boy in a manger? Or is some mysterious force drawing them? And is that force only in this manger? Or is it being expressed through this little form? How could another man just a few years after the passing of this infant form say, “I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth my life.” Was he speaking of something that had drawn those three Magi just a few years before to this little manger? How could this Christ exist before the form is born? And finally it dawns upon us that the man who could live and do all things through a Christ that had already passed out of visibility must not have been speaking about a person. And the Magi were not coming to see a person. They were the visible evidence of the magnetic power of the Spirit of God to draw unto Itself forever all that is needed. They were being drawn to the Christ, not to Jesus. And when the religions of the world try to pin Christhood on this one individual, and say;

There is the Christ, and the rest of you billion, three, four, five, ten billion, go and watch him, for he is the Christ.”

And so, through personalizing one Christ, where the Father says my Son is everywhere, religion has committed the greatest form of heresy known to man. It has denied the Word of God. It has actually put a veil over the Spirit of God on earth. It has put Christ into the future. It has pointed and said; “Go that way, and don’t find Christ where you are.” And the Father has said, “No! No! The place whereon thou stand is Christ. For the Father is Christ in all men.” And this personalizing down to one individual, and then down to this religion or to that religion has literally hypnotized the world into the belief that Christ is not the Universal Spirit of God, everywhere present, everywhere alive, and everywhere the Only Life.

Christ is the true Spirit behind every religion on the face of the earth, behind every form that walks the earth. Christ is the Substance of every form. And behind the dying form stands the undying Christ, right here, right now, everywhere the eye can see. And all we need do is become sufficiently convinced that if we can put our time and effort and thought and dedication into learning how to accept that invisible Christ as our Substance, we have found Eternal Life. We have found Divine Infinity. We have found the fullness of God. We have found the Self that never dies. We have found our own permanent Self. We have found the Peace of God, the Truth of God, the Love of God, the Grace of God. And what is to stop us? All that has stopped us is our inability to weave through the intricate lies and deceptions and assumptions that have formed a somewhat impenetrable veil to those whose hearts were trying to find the Purity of their own Being.

The Truth is not contained in a Bible alone. The Truth is all around you, alive. If you tore up the Bible the Truth would still be here. The Truth that finally ended in the Bible as words is Living Truth. It is the Living Word of God. It is the Atmosphere you breathe with your Soul. And Christ is the Living Truth. Right now, God is Infinitely Individualizing, and never will stop. And just as the air around you is made of all forms of energy waves, rays of light, visible and invisible, these still are only part of the Universal Mind. All that is here is the Infinite Individuality of the Living God. And everything else is an assumption of the world mind. You are walking through the individualizing Christ of God everywhere. And when you become One with It and the image of man is absorbed, so that it no longer dominates, you will discover that all these years we have been rejecting the true Image and Likeness of God called Christ. Whoever accepts, whoever learns how, whoever walks in Christhood instantly discovers the magnitude of the human error. The functions of Christ are so manifold that we could sit here for several days just trying to enumerate them.

And Only Christ fulfills these functions for a very simple reason. All else is Illusion. Christ is the Identity of the human race, all of it, in every nation. Christ is the Identity of all who have walked the earth, of all who will walk the earth. There is no other. Christ is the Infinite Son of God, and therefore, it is Christ who says, “I am in the Father and the Father is in me.” And whoever comes into the realization of their own Christhood is in the Father and the Father is in him or her.

So, we have here, in the words of John, a very pure Truth, which tells us that Christhood is not far from this generation. It is not waiting for us in a future generation. An individual could come into Christhood before this night is over, because the pathway is instantly cleared when we suddenly find our Soul has been released and it, in turn receives the Christ. Through the Spirit, Christ functions, entering the Soul, and there is a Baptism, an illumination, a Divine Conception, and behold, in the “twinkling of an eye,” the hypnotism of the world is shattered, and we behold Him face to face. We see Infinity with the eyes of Infinity. We are Oned with the Infinite. We are anointed. John tells you very simply what your Divine Destiny on this Earth is.

“As many as received him, to them gave he power to become the Sons of God, even to them that believe in his name”

No frantic race, no striving and seeking, but the quiet realization that to believe in his Name is to know His Name and Your Name are the Same. The Christ that attracted the Magi to the manger is the Christ of your Being and that same Christ today attracts to the manger of your consciousness, the three wise-men who symbolize the Allness of God.

In the Invisible now this is happening. It isn’t waiting for you to make it happen. The three wise-men represent the invisible activity of Omnipresence, Omniscience, and Omnipotence where the Christ is realized. And it was where Mary was that the Christ was realized. And in the invisible, the totality of God was flowing, symbolized by the visible three wise-men. This is happening to you. The idea is to make it visible, and then the Gifts of the Father are laid at your feet, because Christ, the Son of God possesses all that the Father hath, already. The acceptance should be done in the tranquility of your Soul, not in the haste and anxiety of your mind. And then, because he has given them the power to become the Sons of God, even to them that believe on his name who accept that Identity;

Which were born not of blood, not of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.”

The rebirth is the acceptance that you are the Living Spirit of God, until the realization lifts you out of the sense of mortality, out of the belief that you were born of flesh, born of the will of man, into the realization that you are that Self which in the beginning was born of the Will of God. For the Image and Likeness of God will never be a human being, but is now, and always has been your Invisible Christ Self.

This should be realized that it is not out of reach. You don’t need a four year course in a university. You don’t have to write a thesis for your Ph.D. You have to go within accepting the Truth and be willing to live in the name of Christ – meaning in the character of Christ, in the qualities of Christ – and even while you fail while trying, you are succeeding, because there is no failure in one who wishes to live in the name of Christ. Failure is impossible. The magnitude of the qualities of Christ in you, at work now, need only be realized just as you would touch the chords of a piano and have the sounds flow forth. So your recognition of these qualities in you brings them into visible expression, all there dormant to human sense, but infinitely alive, waiting to express through one who knows;

I am that Image and Likeness. I am no other.

And in that moment that you are striving to know this, the buds of your Soul are opening and then “I” who am the Bread of Life, “I” feed your Soul. “I” who am the resurrection, “I” lift the””I” of your recognition. “I” who am the wine and the water, “I” who have meat to drink, water to drink and meat ye know not of, meat that endureth unto everlasting, “I” in you, always alive, “I” become alive in your consciousness, and never do you thirst again. In that phrase “again” we are told that when we drink the water of Christ and never thirst again, when we accept the substance of our Being to be the Living Spirit of God, our never thirsting again means that we never reincarnate. And this is how reincarnation is veiled again and again and again, but known to those who have caught the esoteric message of Truth.

In Christ you live. In mortality you die. In Christ you resurrect from false concepts. In Christ you express all that God is. And we must not be afraid to believe and to act and to know that we are that Christ. We must not be intimidated by the false beliefs of many centuries, and we must boldly walk forward expressing that Christhood, letting It express Itself, for It knows the Christ of Itself in everyone else. And then you will find you need not be concerned that you might say the wrong thing, or appear pompous, or appear foolish, for like Moses it will not matter whether you have the capacity of speech or not, Christ will speak through you, Christ will act through you.

If ye believe on me the works I do, ye shall do.”

Oh, the works in the Bible are hardly the greater works. They may seem that way to us humans, but when we discover that there are still greater works, don’t be fooled into thinking that as some do, that that means greater in quantity, more works, oh no! The greater works will not be done on the human plane, that’s what it means. The works you’ve seen on the human plane are but a preview. The greater works ye shall do will be in the higher levels, where mortal eye cannot see.

Most of us by now, know that we have passed through three levels and we’re in the fourth. We’re not vegetables or minerals, we’re not primitive animals. We’re in the top of the fourth level appearing as human in the mortal world, moving into our fifth level, which overlaps from the fifth into this level, and is called the Soul Level..

Now, I’m going to answer a question someone asked. If we can define the Soul which is a difficult thing to do because how do you define Infinity? Two people wanted to know, Please define the Soul? Please explain the seven levels? The seven heavens?

Well, the Soul as you know, is the female aspect of Christ and the Spirit is the male aspect of Christ. And from this level going upward, the union of Soul and Spirit, or female and male becomes the Living Christ in the manger. Coming down, the Spirit of God, the Christ becomes the Spirit and the Soul, but it embodies both. It never is less than the Spirit and it never is less than the Soul, and it’s always greater than both. So, Christ, Spirit, and Soul are One. And you might liken Soul to what your mind is for your body. Your mind guides the body. Your mind receives impulses. Soul receives the Impulses of God which are transmitted by Christ through Soul. And then the body of Spirit and the body of Soul are actually the same, because the body of Spirit and the body of Soul are both – you see, Soul is the channel through which the body of Spirit functions – and so, Soul becomes the connection between Christ and this world in such a way that Soul presents to us a Spiritual Body and that is your Spiritual Body and also called your Soul Body because it comes through, your recognition comes through the Soul, that you have a Spiritual Body. Your mind is incapable of it. We call it the Soul Body because it is the Soul that recognizes the Spiritual Body. And so, they’re really One Body, the Spirit and the Soul Body. And now in Christ, your Soul functions as your mind would in your physical body, only on a vast Infinite Scale. The love that pours out of your mind is different than the love that pours through your Soul. The wisdom that pours through your Soul is different than the wisdom that pours through your mind.

And now, the three levels above this fourth called human are, the Soul Level, the Spirit Level, and the Christ Level. And so, we’ll call those the three heavens. And we’ll call from humanhood down if you want to, the four earthly heavens, or the four earthly kingdoms and the other the three upper kingdoms. We should be done with – we should be closing out the chapter of our life in the fourth world of humanhood. We should be preparing through Christ acceptance which opens your Soul, to enter our Souls more fully so that the female aspect of our being can mate with the male aspect of our being called our Spirit, and finally achieve the Immaculate Conception of Christ Realized.

This is the general direction and it is all in the Invisible Universe, until your Soul becomes a seeing eye, and that happens to the degree that you are able to diminish your material concepts in this world. You know that you’re given all kinds of assistance when Spirit reads your heart and finds that you are committed, not tentative, not testing, but committed.

I hope that gives you a general anatomy of the seven so-called heavens, which we call the four kingdoms of earth and the three kingdoms of heaven. And when you are reading in the parable of the sower that some attained forty-fold, some sixty-fold, and some a hundredfold, those are the three heavens they are talking about. It’s only when you reach Christhood that you attain one hundredfold.

Now then, we turn with quiet assurance that the Will of the Father is that we accept Christhood, Sonship, Spirithood, and that we can then proceed with the acceptance that because this is who we are, it’s now only a matter of developing a deeper realization of that Truth. And to do this, we follow the words of Christ given to us through the prophets, the apostles, the disciples, the great revelators in all religions who were above the traditional, material concept of life, and we follow our inner knower, and we know that everything now is leading us to a deeper, more positive, more confident, more functional realization that I truly am the Living Christ of God. And that because I am, the power to be that Christ of God is going to be released in my being in such a way that gradually as my capacities of understanding are deepened, the I of my Being will be lifted, and I will be transported from the illusions of this world into the Realities of the Invisible Kingdom of God on Earth. This is not a question, or a speculation. This is the simple fact of being what you are. There is a Father’s House. There are many mansions. And as Paul could say – he had abolished death, he had no longer the sting. – Well, that’s only one, really, phase of knowing your Self. And soon a very past phase instead of a present one. The ominous nature of that word suddenly is changed to living, not dying. And we learn that we are now approaching the Life that has ever been waiting to embrace us. The so-called dying becomes the manner in which we approach the Real Life, because it is now a Reality. It’s not a hope or a dream or a possibility. Christ isn’t in that manger back there, Christ is now, and has always been now, and Christ is you now. And all who can in their soul quietly accept this Truth are then living in my Name. And to them is given the Power to be the Sons of God. And that Power comes directly from the Source. And that’s why the Source is called the Infinite Father. And that’s why the Son of God is not the son of woman, but is born of both the Spirit and the Soul. And Adam and Eve are united.

We are told that the first man, using Adam as a symbol of the first man, was a living Soul, and we have forgotten that. And the second Adam was a quickened – quickening Spirit. And now, the baby, the first man who did not realize at the time that he was a living Soul had to be reborn, and is being reborn, and is returning to the knowledge that he is the living Soul, and this is the quickening Spirit, which lifts him back to the Christ that he ever was.

In your heart, the assurance that this is the nature and name of your being lends a stability to your day, a quiet assurance to your actions. It enables you to meet the so-called demands of this world in a very special way. You accept the Grace of Christ. When you accept Christhood, you must accept the qualities and functions of Christ as alive. And the function of Christ includes Perfect Grace, the power to maintain its own Infinite, Eternal Life. Your realization that you are that Christ which maintains Its own Infinite, Perfect Life enables you to look at the pressures of the day with a completely different sense of awareness. You become more non-reactive, more non-resistant, more aware of a force moving through your being invisibly, performing the Will of God everywhere. You become aware of the Eternal Blessing of the Living Presence. The power that is vouchsafed here by John actually makes itself manifest both in your Soul and in your outer life. There’s no doubting it or denying it.

And then, the first joyous manifestations of Christ living Itself as you enable you further to release that which you had thought you are, but are not. And one by one the garments of material concept fall to the floor. Does that sound too far away for you? I don’t think so! When we say, “We are being born of God,” we mean we are finally realizing that we have been born of God, truly. And all of our tendencies and qualities that could not be born of God, we realize were hallucinations, appendages, passed on from generation to generation in the flesh. We can feel the non-Reality of them as they slowly dwindle into the shadows. Even the body, itself, has a different weight, a different texture. It doesn’t seem to fit into gravity the same way. In some way it is released, and its responsibilities are diminished. It is no longer the support of your life. It becomes responsive to your Life. Your heart becomes responsive to your Life. Your brain becomes responsive to your Life. Your will, your activities all become responsive to your Life and your Life no longer just flows through a temporary form. The Life of Christ in you is accepted as you accept Christhood. And the Mind of Christ flowing through your Living Soul transmutes daily the fleshly concept into Divine Flesh, Spiritual Flesh, Invisible Incorporeal Flesh, the Flesh that is the Light of God. And that Light of God realized becomes the weightlessness of the form. Something you feel to a degree and recognize that the Invisible Hand of Grace is transmuting you from the fourth world to a growing experience of the threshold of the fifth world. The signs are very clear and clarify themselves even further as Christ becomes more active in your Consciousness, transplanting your old human consciousness. Be patient!

I think John is only beginning to tell us about a very important transformation, that we, by cooperating with the Truth of God in us are permitting our own selves to undergo. We are giving consent. The passage I read to you first was in John I, Verses 12 and 13. We want to look at 3:35 for a moment. We’re going to find that all power, all authority is vested in your being. And this is phrased in the Bible that all power is in Christ. But if we are accepting Christ Identity, then all power is in your Being.

The Father loveth the Son.”

Now, this must be read now, not as a human reading a book, or even hearing the words of God. As you accept the Soul of you, living as your Identity, and know it is the female aspect of Christ, you can then accept your Spirit as the male aspect of Christ, and now accepting your Christhood, you are in all three, which is much closer to what is meant by the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Your Christhood, your Spirit and your Soul are One, all in God. Now, you are reading, or hearing from that level of being, not from the human level. In the Name of Christ, I listen to these words, not in the name of mortality. And in the Name of Christ, the words you hear are:

“The Father loveth the Son,”

The Father loveth you, the Christ, and that must be slowly received as a Living, Eternal fact here and now and forever. The Father loveth the Christ that you are. And what is the love of the Father? It means that the Source of all existence is pouring Its Infinity into your Being at all times. The Creation and the Creator are One. The Son means Christ and the Son means God flowing and expressing as God individually. Infinite God expressing Its own Infinity Individually. This is Christ. And this is the Love. The expression of Infinity being itself as your Being. The Father loveth the Son right this minute, throughout Eternity. Nothing ever stops it. It doesn’t depend on anyone. No mortal can stop It. No army can stop It. The end of the world cannot stop It.

The Father loveth the Son.”

I, I, I, I, I, I am the Son.” The Father loveth “I,” because the Father IS the Son. And the Father is in the Son, and the Son is in the Father, and this is your Truth. And the acceptance of this Truth opens your Soul just a little further, and more Soul Power from on High is transmitted to this temporary earthling we call my human self.

The Chain of Command from Source to visibility is Oned when you accept I the Christ am loved by the Father, because the Father is in me and I am in the Father, and this is a Permanent Dispensation.

I fail to see how any individual working with this daily can prevent the actual experience of Christhood. I just don’t see how you can prevent it, because it’s the Father’s Method. All it requires a worker in the vineyard, somebody willing to labor at it. It isn’t a deep dark secret any more. It really never was.

Somehow it’s so hard to mouth these words, they’re so much bigger than vocal chords can do justice to them. They are things that must be done by your Being. For example, when the Father says;

The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things into his hand.”

I just don’t know how we can implement that in a few minutes, or a few hours, or a few days. In your entire human life-span this will still be expanding within you, and has given all things into your hand. Where do you go from there? How can you even think of turning away from there? Do you see what’s coming? The Nowness of Spirit is beginning to quicken. It is entering our consciousness in a very tangible way. It is standing right inside us. It is saying, “I have put all things into your hand. Do you hear me?” And, of course, we might have heard sooner had not the world before us not heard, for as John reminds us, “He came unto his own, but they recognized him not.” They were seeing a man. And then they began to wait for the return of a man. And here is the Christ your own Being saying, “Give me to drink.” I think we should dwell on this knowledge that,

My Christhood has been given all things. Wherever God is, my Christhood is. My Christhood isn’t something that I possess, or something inside of me, or a name alone. My Christhood is my Infinite Individuality. My acceptance of Christ is my acceptance of a Life that extends beyond every known horizon now, of a Life that is alive now, of the Fullness of God that is mine now. And my willingness to let the Fullness of my Being express itself, without a little mind playing traffic cop, and telling it where to manifest and how. When I accept who I am, I accept Infinite Automation, and in my acceptance that Automation Perfectly Expresses its Divinity.”

There’s a hair-line where there is no me, the moment that I have come into the acceptance of Christ. There’s only a moment when me says, “Yes, I am the Christ,” but in the next moment the me is no longer there or there is no acceptance. You cross that hair-line and you must cross it five million times until it’s not there. What is the risen Christ but this understanding rising in your consciousness. And what are the greater works going to be? They’re going to be done by the Christ, which said, “Greater works shall ye do,” because ye are the Christ, no human being is going to do them.

We’re in a state of transition of consciousness now. The wheels are turning. All authority has been given to the Son of God, and the Son of God is not a finite form, a finite life, a finite person. The Son of God is the Substance that never dies, the Consciousness that is ever Self-existent. I, the Son of God am that Divine Consciousness that is Self-existent Eternally. That is the inner acceptance of your Soul, and with it, the integrity to strive to live in that acceptance.

I didn’t see those disciples of Jesus hiding in monasteries.· I didn’t see them meditating in caves. They walked the streets. They mingled. We don’t have to withdraw from our daily work. We dare not. We are to bring Christ into the marketplace with a finger on our lips. We are to express our own Christhood. That’s Soul Power, because it’s given to you by Christ Power. If the mind strays away from the qualities of Christ, the Identity of Christ, the Power of God in Christ, and the Power of Christ in God, then by default we are relinquishing our own life and identity. If it becomes a living Bible within you, instead of just words in the Bible, if it becomes an activity in consciousness, then it becomes a seed and it grows into a tree and it bears fruit, and that is Divine Fruit, and that is the Divine Fruit that shows us we are not a branch cut off that must be thrown into the fire. Where’s your human personality in all this?

Sell all thou hast, said he, to the young man.”

Sell your mortality. That’s all you have. Mortality! It was more difficult when we didn’t know what we were getting. As we learn what we’re getting, it’s not very difficult at all. It seems to become more and more the only possible way that makes any sense, where as before when we did not know what the Invisible contained, and that the Soul was a reservoir of God and had access to all that God is, when we did not know that the Son of God is me, my Christhood, my Infinite Self, and that it is alive and here, before we knew that, we were frightened. We didn’t want to give up something that we knew about for something we didn’t.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End Of Side One ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

But, “I have meat ye know not of. And my meat is not the meat you know in the material world, because the meat in the material world dies. My meat endureth unto everlasting Life, and my meat is the Living Christ of God in you. And you’re going to get rid of those words in you, after a while. The Living Christ is not in you. It is you. It is not within anything accept God.

We have actually gone through that which was called “within,” into the Infinity of It, and there you are everywhere being that Christ, while a little mind is trying to find the way to preserve his personal individuality. The little wave stands up and says to the ocean, “Stop, I want to continue as a little wave.” But it doesn’t work. And so, with the little mind, it cannot continue long. It may even decide its got to reincarnate a few more times. It may have its way with you. It may convince you that you cannot attain the awareness of Christhood. But no matter! If not this incarnation, in another. It will finally surrender. And if your Soul, instead, becomes uppermost in your consciousness, its surrender is practically already assured. And now, the rest is merely to put your hand to the plow and move forward daily, consistently, unwaveringly into the Fullness of Christ. We know where the authority is. It is in the True Identity, and it is in the false identity that we lose the power. Many who want to re-establish the loose ends of what you call your human life, get into Identity, and everything will pop at attention.

Let’s in meditation, just review these little steps we’ve taken so far at this point. If we’re not already born of God, we’re nothing, and therefore, to be reborn of God is to know that we are already born of God. There is no Fall five hundred years or a thousand, or two thousand, or ten thousand years ago. The Fall was five minutes ago. The Fall was when we did not accept Christhood. That’s the Fall right there. We Fall and we Fall and we Fall and we Fall every minute, every day. We’re going to Fall tomorrow morning again. That’s the Fall. We like to put the Fall back in the remote past and say, “That’s when we fell,” but we didn’t. We’re falling now, or we’re standing. You stand in Christ or you Fall. There are many people in this world who are falling all the time, who think they’re standing in Truth. But the Grace doesn’t come forth to confirm that. We affirm our Truth, that we were born of God before the world was, before the form appeared. And now, we’re catching up to the Truth of ourselves, and reaffirming that birth. And finally, we’re determined to live that birth in every aspect of it, and accepting all authority in our Identity. So then, now we challenge the world to in some way tempt us out of that authority, or to tempt us to believe the authority of our Identity is not here. We challenge the world. We challenge the so-called devil. We say to all this world;

I am that Living Spirit of God called Christ, who has all Authority and Dominion over land, sea, and air. Not as a human being. Not as a great brain. But simply as the Identity which is called the Living Son of God, the Substance of God. In my Name, that Name, which in our teaching is called Christ, but called by other Names in other teachings, in that Name we stand before the fire and the flood. We allow ourselves to be placed wherever we must be placed. We allow ourselves to behold the activity of whatever must be done. We move, and live, and have our being in Christ, which is in God. We are not the son of woman. We are the Son of Man. We are the Son of the Living Spirit, which through Soul, in its marriage with Soul, expresses as the fullness of my Christhood, always present, always invisible, always living, always active, always here, always under perfect domination, because there is no other. You are not only Christ, there is no other. And if you know another, you are denying Christ.”

Let’s revisit that idea in consciousness that when you accept Christ as your Identity, you reject every other identity in the universe, other than God, which individualizes as Christ. You cannot accept Christ and a mortal race. You cannot accept Christ and humanhood and materiality, probably that’s why Christ has been accepted only with the lips in so many quarters. There is only Christ. There is only the living Son of God, and that’s why we had to get out of the belief that we were the son of woman. Because there are many other sons of women all over the place. But there’s only one Reality, one Son of God, one Infinite Christ. And the acceptance of it is the rejection of all else.

I would appreciate it if you could try now to find the power of that acceptance. It’s done in the invisible Consciousness, the resting in the knowledge that only Christ is the substance of this entire invisible earth. The earth that is the Lord’s is Christ’s. The kingdom that is the Lord’s is Christ. The universe of the Father invisibly is Christ. Christ is all there is. Christ is the infinite, invisible individualization of God everywhere; and there are infinite invisible individualizations of Christ. The miracle of infinite Christhood, in infinite varieties of expression, is beyond any mind to conceive. But all there is present is the One. I Am the infinite Christ, or I am dead. Christ is Life.

There’s your power, there’s your dominion, there’s your eternal life. There’s your transition. There’s everything we had ever dreamed of beyond our own limited imagination. All power is vested in the one infinite Christ. That’s why it has all Authority.

On one side of the coin we say, “Yes, I am the Christ,” and we forget the other side. “I am not the mortal! I am not the male! I am not the female! I am not the person! I am not the human! I am not the White or the Black. I am the Infinite, Invisible Christ.” And this is the Truth of you whoever and wherever you are.

In accepting the Truth you must know that you are automatically rejecting the untrue. And so, “Thou seest you, thou seest the Father.” And we’re still going to see you appearing as you appear now, but your identity must be your Living Consciousness, or else you can forget Transformation. The Transforming Soul only works through your acceptance of Identity, without opposite.

How many times in our work have we tried to step out of the belief in form. And the reason is, that when you accept Christhood and continue in the form, even though you disavow its presence, there is something in you that continues living in it, in the belief that you’re in it, and, of course, it’s these barnacles of centuries of – and lifetimes of believing that I am in the form. And so, they continue automatically, and you have to specifically step outside of the form in order to break that continuity. Otherwise the rotation, the cycle of belief just continues its hypnotic spell. And so frequently I’ve had to feel – to say;

Now let’s step out of the form,” which meant, Try to realize that the Self of you is not entombed, that you’re not the Lazarus inside the tomb, you’re the Lazarus outside. And the tomb is the body.

I have never seen an exercise that is more important than that exercise: Of stepping out of the belief that you live in a body, until the realization comes. You can talk about all of the Christ qualities, and Attributes, and Powers, but they won’t do anything for you until you step out of the form consciously and realize you’re not in it. And then, they’re all working, because that’s where they are.

Too many of us forget to step out of the form during the day, quite often. And so, we may know in our mentalities some Truth about ourselves. But it doesn’t function in our mortality. It only functions in the Infinite Self that you are, in the Substance that is. And so, when you step out of mental form, which is physical form and rest there in the knowledge that you’re not in form, but you are the Infinite Christ, there does come the quickening of understanding, there does come a moment of realization, there does come that exquisite feeling of the Living Substance. And in that moment you have the Divine Impulse. And in that moment Infinity is functioning itself as you in your consciousness. In that moment, you are truly the Christ that you have said you are, or read you are, and have wanted to believe that you are. In that moment you are the Living Christ realized. And though it’s a moment, It has tentacles that reach out into so many phases of your life that you want more moments like that. And so, always develop the habit, one of the habits of stepping out of the conscious belief in form, so that even the unconscious doesn’t believe in form.

In the work, so far, there have been many techniques for that. And so, you need only go back to some of the things you found in the books, or some of the things you found in the tapes, and there you’ll find all kinds of suggestions on how to step out of the belief in form. One of my pet ways, which I never tire of speaking about, because it always seems to work, is to stand in the Now, and to know that Now is not in this world. Now is in the Kingdom of God, in the Kingdom of Now. That Now is God. Now is Christ. In Now there is no mortality. There is nothing passing or dying in Now, only in time. The minute I step into Now, I can feel the slow transition into the other substance, which is, and the stability and the broad base of Now. It’s not a fleeting instant. It stays there. It doesn’t move. It’s a permanent Now. It’s not a changing Now. No matter what the world does, this Now is going to remain, because God is always Now and Now is always God, and this Now begins to take the aspect of the permanent Now that God is. And your Self lives in this Now. And as you live in this Now, you soon find that you’re not in the limited sense of human form. Especially if you let this Now extend into all that appears to be time. Let it grow. And embrace the Universe in Nowness. Now, in this Now, are we the Sons of God. This is but an approach to stepping out of the form, which enables you to experience the flow of Divine Qualities in your Soul, which Now are transmitted through your mind into your body, and become your living, visible activities.

I’ve also found that when I stand in Now, in the midst of a problem, the problem cannot enter, because there are no problems in the Divine Now. There simply are none. All problems are in the passing idea of time, and not in the Divine Now. Now Christ is never in passing time. We’ve learned enough about passing time to know that in order to be in Christ, we must not be in passing time, and that when we are in Christ, we’re automatically not in passing time. We’re in the permanent Now, the Eternal Now. Your Life is the Eternal Now. And when your consciousness is able to rest there, the problems that only exist in passing time slowly find their way outside of your consciousness. And they can be serious problems but you’ll find they are non-existent in Now. They are non-existent in your Incorporeal Self, which is the-Christ Self. These must be practiced.

“Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”

So if the words of the Father have left an impression upon you to the extent that you trust them totally, then you must know that you have been told that when you accept your Christhood which is Infinite, and reject that which is not your Infinite Christhood as Identity, and make the effort to live out of that Christhood, not out of the false identity, then the water of Life flowing through you will prevent that which is called reincarnation. And that is the meaning of, you shall never thirst again. We’ll just move a little here into John 4:32:

” [But] he [hath] said unto them, I have meat ye know not of.”

Translate that into your consciousness as the Christ that you are is that “meat” which is your permanent Life, which endures forever. And remember another important phrase by the Christ:

Because I live, ye shall live.”

Because Christ lives, you shall live, if you accept yourself to be that Christ. It’s very difficult to encompass the full meaning of being assured of Eternal Life by accepting Christ, so difficult that it’s hard to believe it is meant to be accepted as a permanent fact. And yet, the mere acceptance of it is a permanent fact, that you are that Christ which is Eternal, if you accept it and renounce what isn’t Christ. The realization of that is enough to change the rest of this evening for you, to almost keep you awake all night wondering what you’re going to do about it. And to show you how foolhardy we have been in not coming to this instantaneous determination to renounce mortality sooner, and to diligently seek out ways of renouncing mortality while still appearing here, to open the floodgates of the Soul.

Because I, Christ, which am your Identity, live, ye shall live. The only thing is that it won’t happen without your cooperation. Christ will live, but you may think you’re not Christ, and that’s the duality of the Universe, the division of the entire human race, and the manifestations of all the evils thereof. We’re going to John 5:21:

“For as the Father raiseth up the dead, and quickeneth them; even so the Son quickeneth whom he will.”

How many times have we – in our hearts – prayed for the quickening, we had heard about that quickening, which quickened us into the Kingdom of God. And now it is within our reach, not something that we have to wait upon for ages for it to happen out of nowhere. It is within our reach.

For the Son quickeneth whom he will.”

Do you see what has prevented that quickening as a permanent dispensation? There was a human being there learning about Christ. There was a human being saying, I am Christ. But soon, there will be no human being. There will be Christ. And this is the quickening! Do you see that stepping out of the belief in form for ten, twenty, thirty seconds is the equivalent of human death, but it’s done in such small doses, that it’s very painless. In fact, it’s very rewarding. Human life takes away the form. When we do it consciously and willingly in ten-second doses, we find a power instead, because when we do, the Son is whom we are honoring. We are honoring our Identity as the Living Christ and that’s asking in my Name. And in asking in my Name, and honoring our Christ Identity by stepping out of the form, we are truly accepting that Identity, and we are quickened, meaning we are lifted out of the hypnosis of the senses into that Universe which stretches all around us, which is the home of Christ.

“[For] as the Father raiseth up the dead,”

What does that mean? As you walk into Christhood, leaving the false sense of mortality, that is being raised from the dead. You’re not waiting for the grim reaper. You’re stepping out of that which is not the Christ, getting used to the idea of living in and as the Christ. And if we could see that Christ has All the Life of God, All the Love of God, All the Substance of God, All the Beauty and Peace and Harmony of God, All the Abundance of God, All the Perfection of God, All the Fruitage of God, All the Eternality of God, All the Activity of God, we would see that we are accepting quite a bundle of experience, that it will take us all of our Infinite Eternal Lifetime to really express. We are really touching the Infinite Storehouse the moment we step out of this form, because in that acceptance of the Invisible, Spiritual Body as present, you are rewarded. You can’t step out of this form unless you know there’s an Invisible Spiritual Body here. And when you do step out and find you’ve lost nothing, but have gained, and that the lost years of the locusts are restored, you have passed a certain point in the turning, in which turning back becomes ridiculous. There’s nothing to turn back for. Everything you turn back for is going to disappear eventually. You’re only turning back for a few moments of localized pleasure. Everything you could turn back for is going to vanish. And everything you’re turning into will be there forever.

Turn ye and live,” instead of remaining and dying.

And so, we’re being born again into Christhood, into Selfhood, into the Infinite Son which the Father declares contains All that is of the Father. And I just can’t begin to imagine how much that might be of the Infinite Qualities of God. But they will express in their own turn in their own sequence in you, revealing themselves to the Son.

John is giving us the assurance through his own experience and through the words of Christ Jesus, that we truly are the Living Son of God. And all we need do is take the steps to accept it. Possibly as we reject now the belief in all mortality, not just our own, but All mortality, and catch the universal illusion of it, and the Universal Reality of the One Infinite Christ, possibly, we can enter the morning of Easter with a feeling that the rising of Christ in us can be more than just an experience on one day, but can be a constant progression unto Infinity.

The complete absence of any form of repetition or stagnancy, that the rising is Infinite. It has no end to it. Christ rising as your Identity is forever experiencing the Infinity of the Father. Translate that into experiences beyond all normal human belief, and you’ll see that the Space Shuttle, the complete Space Program, the so-called Nuclear Age of New Energy, and all of this is but a very brief outer prelude to the miracle of Christ Infinite.

We are invited to enter the Universe of Wonders. Our meditation, please, will be the realization that Christ in us has already risen. And that means that we do not go into Easter morning with the idea of becoming anything. We do not go into this Resurrection Day with the idea that it is an event to take place in our future. We accept Being, which never can become what It already is. The risen Christ is the fact of Life across this Universe. Christ has risen. Christ is One. Ascension is complete. All that awaits now is the slow relinquishing of what we are not, to live and be that which we are. Be, do not become!

Whoever can truly know I Am and not I will be, knows that Christ is risen, and never had to rise. Because I live, ye shall live, because we are One and the Same. I in the Father, the Father in me. The only words left are: I Am, NOT I will be.

And with that, I thank you so much and we will see you on Easter morning.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

Thank you very much for the suggestions for world work either during the class or after the class or when we return home. I’ll look at all of them later today and by tonight we’ll probably put some of them to work. We received another letter yesterday from Germany and it’s from a class of 21 Infinite Way students in Munich and one of them wrote and wanted this class sent to them for study in Munich.

And something else happened I thought was noteworthy and it made me smile, of course, because we received a bouquet of flowers with a little note in it and it said, From Joel. So, somebody was reminded of Joel in some way and decided to express that feeling and it adds a little aura to the work we’re doing here because as you know the teaching of Joel is what we consider the hope of this world at this point.

There have been many revelators on this earth,… great names in the public eye, each adding Divine Truth to the world understanding. There have been founders of religions, names that are considered Immortal today, there have been patriarchs and prophets standing up in the public forums and berating their people,… telling them that they were going in the wrong direction, there have been miracle healers, there have been Jesus Christ. And today, as we think of the competition between nations, the suspicion between nations, the immense amounts of capital that are spent to defend and to attack in the case of needed defense. In light of what the world is today we say, Has the message of the revelators failed? Is it leavening the lump?

What if it hadn’t even been here, considering the nature of the world today, would we still be in darker ages more than we are? Where is the fruition of the Message of Jesus Christ? How can a woman in San Francisco go to church on Sunday morning and then in the evening say, I cannot walk the streets safely, so I’m staying home,…and still feel that the Message of Jesus Christ has entered our consciousness? How can people be mugged all over the world, even in Washington D.C., where we have a President of the United States? How can President after President either be assassinated or the recipient of an attempt by an individual who must have been exposed at one time in his life or other to the words of Jesus Christ? Where is the power?

I think we must find out why the Message appears not to have penetrated the human mind and the human consciousness. We cannot just decide that it hasn’t, but some day it will. We cannot live in that hope. I think Joel wrestled a great deal with this question. It was either ln 1962 or 1963, after many years of seeing that even among his own students, there was a tendency to settle for less than Christ Consciousness, a tendency to be satisfied if the lumps and bumps went away. And although he once said his teaching was not absolute, gradually as he neared his own Transition, he became more and more absolute, as if Spirit, through him was determined that Truth should not be veiled, … that the consciousness of man had been leavened sufficiently for Truth to be put out there naked for people to stare at and understand it.

When in the book, Beyond Words and Thought, he wrote the chapter “Incorporeality,” he was making his teaching almost absolute. He was not going to let the Christ Message hide under a bushel. Some of us have read “Incorporeality” many times and heard it many times, and thought about it many times. The word “commitment” looms very large at this point in our work. We’re either going to tread water or we are going to swim out into the deep. You tread water by not making your commitment. You swim out into the deep by making the commitment. And the commitment is very specific.

I don’t know any students that work with me and I with them who do not make a commitment, because when they do not they have to drop out of the work. There’s no way for them to stay. The absolute level of the teaching that Joel began before his Transition is what we are pursuing as diligently as Spirit permits. And the commitment that must be made is spelled out for us very carefully in the chapter

“Incorporeality” and in the other chapter that you were asked to study before the seminar, the chapter that was spoken by Joel in the month of April, 17 years ago, two months before his own Transition. There, he spelled it out, so even the most cautious, comfort-loving student could not say, Yes, I agree with it and then turn away. No one has read that chapter who was not affected deeply, and we want to be sure that no one who has read it, who does not make the commitment, that the chapter calls for, because we’re going to swim out into that deep water and we must prepare right now. You can measure your commitment by your acceptance not of the words, but by the way you live your daily life. That is your acceptance. We can all nod in agreement. That is not acceptance. That is not commitment. And I don’t think there’s anything more need be said on it, but let’s look at what he said and measure our own commitment and perhaps reinforce it once more.

This is from “Incorporeality”. It is not absolute. It’s very close:

” Each of us is, in part a physical being, each of us is a mental being, and each of us is an incorporeal being.”

Now, that is not absolute, and it is a place where it is very easy for an individual to stop and say, Well, I am physical, I am mental, and I am incorporeal. But that was in 1962 or 1963. Even before that Joel had made other statements that were slightly different from this, which gave us no room to stand by and accept ourselves as a three-part being composed of physical form, mental, … a mental brain, and a Spiritual, Incorporeal Body. But at this point, he made this statement presumably because of the quality of the consciousness of his own audience. He was not at this point shocking anyone. And so, everybody felt included there, because everyone could say, Well, that’s me, I have a physical body, and I have a brain, and I have a Spiritual Body. That’s me! Now, wait until he gives you the shocker that follows:

” But the Reality of us is that Incorporeal, Spiritual Selfhood which is born of God.”

Now, if you analyze that carefully, each of us is in part a physical being, a mental being, and an Incorporeal, Spiritual Being, but the Reality of us is the Incorporeal, Spiritual Being. Therefore, what is the physical being, and the mental being, if the Reality of us is the Incorporeal? And so, in this left-handed manner he has told us that the physical sense of life and the mental sense of life is unreal. And, of course, anyone intensely desiring to live in Reality would have said, Then, if that’s the only Reality of me, I’m going to live there, and out of that, and that would have been the end of the physical and mental idea of life for that individual no matter what the struggle, if that individual wanted to make the commitment.

When do you make that commitment? That was seventeen years ago. We are physical being, we are mental being, and we are Incorporeal, Spiritual Being, and the only Reality of us is Incorporeal, Spiritual Being.

Is that not a demand for a commitment? And therefore, if I am going to say that I am a student of the Infinite Way, I must say that I am Incorporeal, Spiritual Being, and then I must commit myself to living that way, … and dying to physical being and ,mental being. You cannot be what you are not, and also be what you are. You can’t be 50% or 33 1/3% Divine, unless you want 33 1/3% or less of the qualities of Divinity. And 33 1/3% of you can’t escape into Reality tomorrow, as long as you’ve got 66 2/3% of you still around.

That’s the commitment we’re being asked to make. And frankly if it’s not the commitment you intend to make, The Infinite Way and you are strangers, and you should know it. I feel blessed in knowing that we have all, in our way, made the commitment, and all that remains is HOW to strengthen that commitment, HOW to deepen it, HOW to clarify it. It’s very easy to read the motive in our hearts is not only to commit to the Truth, but to convert our lives to that Truth and perhaps we may not know why we do not. But Joel knew and he was going to tell us.

“The other part of us is that creation described in the second and third chapters of Genesis, which was made not by God, … heart, lung, liver, brain, blood vessels, cells,…not made by God.”

Oh, I’m sure, 60,000 students have not all accepted that, or even read it,…though reading it, but the other part of us is that which is not the creation of God, but is shown in the second and third chapters of Genesis…

“…It is the creation of mind, the mind of man by what is called the Lord-God…”

Now, that’s not exactly a statement that hits all people between the eyes, because it doesn’t come right out and say, You are not a human being. There is no human being. Human beings are not the creation of God. But, there’s no one can read this without reaching that conclusion unless they really don’t want to. Well, he has just banished our physical bodies. He is saying here that the human being is not the creation of God. And if you insist that you are the creation of God, but you accept the teaching of Joel, then you must say, I cannot be a human being and be the creation of God. I must make a commitment in the direction of one or the other.

Now, if you’re not a human being, there’s only one thing left for you to be. That which God created is Divine and so, if you commit yourself to being a Divine Being, you must commit yourself to the qualities of Divinity. And, it’s easy to make a token acceptance by saying, I am a Divine Being, but I must first live out my humanhood,…or I am a Divine Being, but I will inherit those qualities later, … or those qualities are latent and I will develop them slowly and carefully. There are many ways to hedge,…to hedge the real commitment, and none of us has to look very far to recognize where there are individuals who have hedged every single day of their lives, while pretending to themselves that they were following this teaching. And our teacher well knew this!

“…When you are living out from Incorporeality, [says Joel] you have attained the mystical consciousness…”

Now, he was not content to leave all this at this point. He was not content to walk off this surface of the earth at this point at all. He had not yet sung the full song he was here to sing. But it did come that next April, two months before Transition, and it is the chapter “No And,” and it is as absolute as you can get, because it is pure Christ Truth. And we who have accepted it and are working to live it out are on the path of Christ Consciousness. Let’s look at it together. Let’s be sure that the words of Joel fall upon ears that are willing to listen.

Starting on page 59 and I won’t specify every page because they run all through the chapter, and I may go back a page and come forth and go back, so it would just get too confusing, and you don’t have to take notes about the pages, because they all start at page 59 in the Realization of Oneness. You either have the book, or you can purchase the book from Betty St. George and June Blake outside, … or you have the letter of that year which was April of 1964. I can’t believe it,…1964!

Wow! Just a day ago, it seems that Joel had said to me, Well, There’s nothing more now, … Just another cup of coffee and another piece of pie. He never said much to me, but I remember that, and he had already written this chapter. And I put them together. He had said it! He had done it! He hadn’t even yet received the inner purple robe in Consciousness when he said that.

Now see if we have committed to our teacher’s teaching, and then you’ll see why the Christ Message on this earth has not yet brought mankind to the threshold of Heaven on Earth. But through the Christ teaching to which Joel committed himself and to which his teachers committed themselves, we are sitting here. I know the various teachings that you have been in, and they have brought you to the point where you have as solid a foundation in Truth as there is on this earth. You are that Ground which can produce Christ Consciousness on this Earth, and transform the idiocies of this world into Divine Government, and transform this world right out of existence into the Earth that is the Lord’s. And it may be that the few words on this paper in front of me are the missing keys to that Christ Consciousness that we are here to exemplify. Remember the title, “No And.”

“…There is no person, there is no Self other than God…”

Will we be talking to God for the rest of this day and the rest of our lives? That’s what he’s putting before us.

“…There is no person. There is only God…

And then, as if he were here, he says:

“…There is no Self other than God in this room, or in any other room…”

Let that penetrate our consciousness. Let the sleeping human mind rest. Let the words fall onto fertile soil. In this room, only God is. And remember, there is no God AND. Do not be frightened by the enormity of that Truth. In this room and any other room, only God is. There is no other Self. Does that mean you are to spiritualize the human body and call it God? What are you going to do with it, if it isn’t there? Why not use it to glorify God? Why not let that be its purpose. Let that which you call your human body glorify your Divine Self.

Let it be a visible expression to the world of the Invisible Presence of God Everywhere. And therefore, what it does becomes significant. Obviously, the hand will move a certain way,…things it will do and things it won’t do. The face will express certain attitudes and there are certain attitudes it won’t express. The moment you become conscious that you are out of form is the mirror of your inner consciousness when the outer form is not expressing God, then the inner consciousness is not expressing God. If the outer form is not expressing supply, the inner consciousness is not expressing supply. And WHY? Because there is no commitment to the Truth that there is no other Self than God. The adjustment is made in that consciousness. It’s not the same as sitting down and closing your eyes and waiting’ for Divine Dispensation. That’s not the same as the commitment to the One Self that I AM. The commitment precedes the meditation. The meditation without the commitment is not even a meditation. It’s a mental exercise, without the commitment of Selfhood, you’re starting a meditation in duality. And for those of you who have found that meditation was not very fruitful, let alone just difficult at times…make your commitment to this simple Truth which is the vastest Truth on the Earth, that in all this Universe,…in all the Universes that science will discover in the various suns and moons and satellites and galaxies, all that exists is the One Self that is God and there is no other self.

Now, God is not a galaxy. God is not a constellation. God is not a planet. God is not a human body cell. There is only God. No AND. What are we looking at when we gaze through the periscope and through the microscope and through the stethoscope? What are we measuring when we take a cardiogram? What does the X-ray perceive in you? Do you see that the mind-universe, the material mental-universe and God are not one and the same; they are not interchangeable, God is not infusing the mental, material universe; God is not part of it; God is not in it. There is only the Self called God and none other. God is not sharing a single inch of space with anything else. God is not sharing space with your body.

When you say, Yes, I understand, does it follow then that because you understand, you are willing to sell every mental concept you possess that denies that Truth, and stand on the One Single Truth that HERE is the Self of God regardless of what the world may see, and THERE is the Self of God regardless of what I may see. And that is only the beginning of the commitment, but that is the thread,… the yarn that you weave in your consciousness day by day as you weave the fabric of Oneness, without second, without second selves, without second bodies, without second minds. You cleave to the ONE that is sowing to the ONE.

Everyone of us has multitudinous opportunities to do this daily, and the commitment involves ACTUALLY DOING IT, making it a point to identify the Presence of God as the only Presence, regardless of the nature of the pressures you’re under, or the confusions, or the schedules you’re running in, the trains you are missing, the appointments you are late for. The recognition within that only God is Present changes those schedules, adjusts those appointments, fits what cannot be fitted into an area that accommodates them. Time is lengthened to accommodate the realization that God is ALL. Space is adjusted. The mountain is moved, but not by human methods. Go absolute! At this point, you must go absolute! Only the Presence of God is here. That means that the switchboard in the hotel; when the maid comes to your room late or at the wrong time; when someone from the other room decides to call someone four rooms away; and when the smoke flows out from the cigarette smokers that you’d rather not be with in the restaurant or wherever you happen to be. Always re-Identify; And in your re-Identification In and behold, I come quickly. The fire will be put out. The smoke will evaporate. Even the smoker will evaporate. The Roman Empire will exterminate itself. BUT, only in this absolute acceptance that God ALONE is here, there is no other. There’s no one obnoxious. There’s no deadly poison. There is only God-Self here. And that is the first step. That is the beginning of Truth. Violate it, and all that follows will be what you see in the world today.

That is why the Christ Message has not permeated the consciousness of man. Man in his hypnosis even could not see the Christ when it appeared in the form of Jesus Christ. It could not see the Christ in the form of Abraham or Moses or Isaiah. It could not see the Christ in the form of Mohammad or Buddha. And, name all the revelators you can, man could not· see the Christ. Man saw the person. Man saw a Holy Man, and then looked around at all the rest of the primitive savages, and said, He’s the Holy One, … follow him. And it had God here as this Holy Man, … or sent from God, and over there, and over there, all these heathens. But over there was God too, and over there,. and everywhere,…even where children are starving in Africa, or in some parts of our own country, ONLY GOD IS.

In your consciousness, that there is only the One Self, you do not accept starving children in Africa, you do not accept terror in the Middle East. Now, there’s a difference then between what you accept and what the world accepts and that’s your commitment. If you can be moved out of that commitment into the world belief that there is God AND, you’re not following Joel at all. And this is what he gave us before departing the visible scene.

He left it for those who have found some degree of Christhood already, and know that the rest of the journey is going to be a difficult and a beautiful one, and who know that the path to the crown of glory will be covered with many thorns, all of which we accept as blessings. The narrow path that few find, we are finding. And when we shake hands and we communicate Soul to Soul, we know that we are moving together in that direction.

And when we shake hands and do not see that in each other’s Soul, it’s time for one of us to say to the other, Let us sit down and chat a moment until we can come to some inner Oneness with each other about the nature of Truth. Because often we find that those who are sincere and dedicated, somehow fall into the “sleep” and often it doesn’t take very much to awaken them, … just caring enough. And when Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven, he was reminding us that some day we would need someone to forgive us seventy times seven too. We all fall into the “sleep” to varying degrees and varying frequencies, and we all need each other to jostle us along the way, anytime to open an inner eye to a Truth that is the core of Transition.

God is the only Self. And without that key, we do not have the keys to the Kingdom. I’ve got to assume from this point then that everyone within our visible presence knows that God is the only Self and is present, in order to establish that Truth in consciousness, and to let it grow, and permeate the entire consciousness, into the fullness of God understood and lived in, … not just where my form is, but where your form is, where the form of the world is, where the ant and the beetle are, where the lion and the tiger are, where the Mongoloid and the retarded are, where the hungry and the forlorn are, where the oppressed victims are, and where the oppressor is. The tyrant and the victims must both be unseen in their visible state, through your Christ Consciousness. For the knowledge that God stands there is Christ Consciousness. So God is the activity of Christ individualizing as the One Self wherever your eye may fall.

At the other end of our Space Shuttle Christ is,…God is the only Self. That’s only the beginning of Joel’s bestowal of love upon us, … that Truth. Yet it is possible, in spite of the foregoing to hypnotize you into believing that there is a selfhood other than God in any place where you happen to be. You can learn that here, and decide to commit yourself to it here, and walk right through that door at the end of this class and complain about something. I know I can.

So, right now, make a mental note, and I’m going to try to remind you about it before the class is over. When you leave this class,… when you go through the door,..when you’re right in the threshold, within yourself should be ringing this one Truth, … ONLY GOD IS THE ONLY SELF THERE IS. THERE IS NO OTHER. Will you try to do that on the way out of this class later. Take it with you. I’m going to try to remember it myself five times at least, so that when we move out of this class, we’re not in a different consciousness. We don’t want to leave God in this room. And you’ll find God on the highway. You’ll find God on Amtrak. You’ll find God in the friendly skies if God is in your heart, without opposite. If we’re dwelling upon this, it’s because it’s time to do just that.

“…Because in one second, [says Joel] you can be hypnotized into the belief that people are here…”

So, we’re going to be still with that still another moment or two or three.


As it solidifies, you can move it over your entire past, your entire past life-span. Just move the knowledge across all of it and see how perfect it could have been had we lived in that knowledge that ONLY GOD IS HERE. Had we been born under that consciousness, ONLY GOD IS HERE. There is no second. Had we carried it with us, the Christ teaching would have been on Earth, alive, functioning visibly. And so, in a sense we are a New Generation, … a Regeneration. Our Souls are at work regenerating, opening the doorway to Reality, … jostling us and saying, Wake up out of this mortal dream, my friend. Wake up! Wake up!

“…Since time began, there has never been a single death in the Kingdom of God…”

Well, that’s a quick jump from ONLY GOD IS HERE, but I skipped a few things in Joel’s page there because every word in it lends to another meditation and we have to sort of select as we go. Now, if ONLY

GOD IS HERE, you see how death has to be one of the great illusions. If only the Self of God is here, death must be a universal illusion, and you can throw in sin and disease with it. And that is why Joel can say in Truth that there has never been a death in Reality. And when he says, there has never been a death in the Kingdom of God, he is saying, in Reality. Because the Kingdom of God is the only Reality.

Now, does that mean that we can commit ourselves to no death? Do we have that capacity? Can you be that Self which can never die? Can you know another Self that can? Can you fear that which can never happen in your Self? Do you see how grief and sympathy, though so seemingly human is the denial that ONLY GOD IS THE SELF. How hard-hearted we seem at times, when we are willing to commit to this truth that there is no death, and therefore, there’s nothing to grieve about. Lazarus has’ not died. Oh, but we can’t prove it the way he did, can we? We can only say it. Don’t be too sure of that, because you, yourself can prove it.

When the Spirit of God moves through your consciousness, raising the dead, you will know the life that is ever present. Then you will know from within that there has never and never can be a death. Because when you are conscious of the One Infinite Self, without opposite, you will also be conscious of the One Infinite Life, without opposite. Somewhere else Joel said, and it was the very thing we meditated on last night, You have always been alive. You may have left a husband or a wife four hundred years ago somewhere and they grieved over you, but here you are. They just didn’t know that the Self hadn’t died, because they were not in the Self. And for some of us, there will be new bodies, new mates, and it will be for those who have not learned that the only Self present is God. We will die to an image, but we will not die to our Life and to our Self. And if we have the capacity to love God Supremely from the heart, from the Soul, we will forsake the temptation to believe that we can lose a loved one. We do not lose a loved one. The Life always remains. The Self always remains.

Separation never exists except in the hypnotized consciousness which believes there is God-Self, God-Life, AND something else. That is a human luxury we can no longer afford. You are One NOW with all who have ever walked this earth and ever will. It may be a temporary inconvenience for some that they do not have that visible companion, or a future inconvenience for some of us, but that’s why we’re in this message, to eliminate the falsities of the sleeping consciousness which does not know the ONE. That’s what has guided all of us into a Truth Message.

“…To live out of Incorporeality, [says Joel], is the mystical consciousness….”

And because Joel could never say what he had not attained, we know that he walked in the mystical consciousness…”living out of Incorporeality, living in the knowledge of One, Infinite, Divine Self. And so, grieve not for Joel,…grieve for no one,…. for that one is present now as the One Self, and I might add, right where we are. Of course, if we maintain a mental image of someone, and then think we’re consciously aware of the One Self, the mental image will continue to tempt us into the belief that there is another self.

You must restore each individual to their Reality of Incorporeal Self and then you’ll see the futility and the unreality of the feelings we nurtured about ones who have or will depart. There’s no departing. It simply isn’t true. Now, as there is only One Self, there is only One Body. It may individualize to appearances as many, but if you’re fooled by One Self, you’ll be fooled by many bodies. If you have many selves, you’re going to have to accept many bodies. But, you cannot say, I accept One Self and then turn around and accept many bodies.

You see, the consciousness that stands behind the mind, … above the mind, … unaffected, uninfluenced by the mind, automatically vetoes the appearances of the mind, which sees many bodies,…and without effort, without even taking thought accepts the ONE Present where many appear to be. It’s just as true of four hundred head of cattle as it is of four hundred people. The One Invisible Self is the only Presence appearing to our human consciousness as the multiplicity of different forms. There is no God AND. Joel pulled a twist later in the chapter and it may be in these notes I. made, but he said, Similarly there’s no hypnotism AND. I mean, you say, That’s sin, that’s disease, that’s corruption. That’s not true. Everything that isn’t God is hypnotism. And there’s no hypnotism AND sin, no hypnotism AND crime. Just hypnotism! Can you see, then, that the world, which is not the kingdom is simply hypnotism appearing as multiplicity. It’s not enough to see it, glimpse it, understand it. You can understand it for twenty more years and still be hypnotized, … unless you do what the Guru does, … the Swami. You get into that cave and sit there with this Truth and let it seep in.

Every time I hear of or see a picture of a Guru sitting in a cave, I’m looking at a symbol of something else. That Guru represents my human mind, and that cave represents my Soul. And my mind is sitting in the cave of my Soul waiting. And then, as I graduate, that Swami becomes no longer my mind, but my Soul, and that cave becomes my Spirit. And then my Soul sits within my Spirit. And then my Spirit sits within my Christ. Always, we are waiting on the Lord. You must take these Truths into consciousness and patiently rest with them. You cannot memorize them. If you have a favorite rocking chair, get into it,… sit with it for an hour,… for one hour with this Truth, or every Truth you find in that chapter and just let it sink in, while you are in a state of contemplation, and then no thought, … until when you walk out one day, there’s not even a you walking out. There’s just the Invisible Spirit of God consciously, and the form is under the guidance of that Spirit.

Wherever it appears, it is expressing the Invisible Oneness attained in consciousness. And in this expression of that Oneness the loaves and fishes fall from the sky, the waters part, the snarls are unsnarled, the gold appears in the fish’s mouth, Lazarus walks again.


Oneness, without a second, is the key,… Oneness in consciousness faithfully upheld, faithfully studied, faithfully meditated upon, faithfully digested, until it is YOU,…until the “dreamer” is no more. As you live in the pages of the Bible and find yourselves walking in the scenes depicted there, and find yourselves walking with the Master and see the situations that arose, and realize that every situation that came to this Master came to One Self Realized. It then becomes easier to know that as this also came to Paul, and to Peter, and presumably to James, and later to others such as Joel, why can’t the things of the world come to the One Self Realized where you are. Isn’t that the end of all human dreaming,… to walk in the “dream” untouched by it,… so immersed in Truth that you don’t even have to recognize the dream. It explodes against your True Selfhood. And every form of deviltry that is known to man simply dissolves in the sunshine of your Being. Oh, we’re far away from that,…but we’re also very close to that. Close isn’t enough. Practice daily is the same as “dying daily” being born daily is “dying daily” because you’re being born to the One Self,… you’re dying to the multiplicity. They go hand in hand. Christ in you is a fact.

Your conscious realization of Christ is the birth, rising to the conscious knowledge that Christ in me is myself, is the preparation for the risen Christ in consciousness. When Christ rises in an individual on any part of the earth, we have the One Self walking in a form visible to men. And even the shadow of such an individual is a healing influence upon the world.

No one can tell you your True Destiny except the One Self Realized. In that acceptance and realization your destiny is established. From that point on, you become a total instrument of the Father wherever you go. We are being honed so carefully to Oneness, because you cannot live in the world of Soul any other way. That’s your calling card. That’s what you present at the Gate of Soul. I AM THE ONE. For without Oneness in the Soul World, you could not possibly survive. There is no survival in Reality for two. The Kingdom of God has only One inhabitant,… the One Self. No mortal has ever entered the Kingdom of God, without first

If we can interpret Joel’s statement that no one has ever died in the Kingdom of God, I think we can fairly and correctly state that he is saying that all death on earth is hypnosis. That is worth 30 meditations. All death on earth is hypnosis. It is not his words. It is the residue of what he’s saying.

“…There has never been a death In the Kingdom of God…”

And we know that the Kingdom of God is not the world where death occurs. But death occurs in the world that is not the Creation, and must be hypnosis. It’s the ultimate hypnosis and that’s why it is the last enemy. Not really! But at least Paul said so. The first death is human birth. The second death is the death of that which was born humanly, and if all there is the Self, we must recognize every child as that One Self. To believe that a child is not the One Self is to not know the Identity of the child, or the Incorporeal Reality of the child. And that, too, is a form of hypnosis. If you were to go back then to re-conceive your child in actuality you would now do it with the conscious awareness THAT ONLY GOD IS, and therefore, there is no mother and no child as separate divided individuals. THERE IS ONLY GOD BEING. And in case you’re not aware of it, wherever this is done, the birth is completely painless,…completely. A number of women have experimented with it and there has never been a pain reported. And if that’s all you got out of this seminar, it would still change your entire life if it were practiced.

You can look at the ranch. You can look at the office. You can look at the city council. You can look at the government. You can look at the home and recognize the Invisible Reality of ONLY GOD BEING PRESENT. Remove all of the physical structures in your consciousness and know that only the One Self is HERE, and you are entitled to be called one who is trying to be the Son of God.

“…Whatever you see, [says Joel] in the nature of sin, disease, or death is a part of the hypnosis…Christ is liberating us from three quarters of the misery of this earth…”

If we could catch that, a million cancer victims that are under hypnosis, and we too for accepting it,… and if through this glimpse it is demonstrated even in one case, you are bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. If you can un-see an accident on the highway as hypnosis, and restore the Reality of One Invisible Self Present and watch the results and discover that you have actually demonstrated the Presence of God, you are bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. And we have dozens of opportunities to do that every single day, all of them serving also, to reconfirm our awareness of Truth, to strengthen our own confidence beyond the point of wavering, and to let us march forth totally certain that in my Oneness with God, in my acceptance of the One Infinite Self Everywhere, without opposite, I am truly in the Secret Place of the Most High.

When we can walk forth with that confidence, this cannot be the same world any more. A total repudiation of the belief of this world is necessary to accept the Truth that THERE IS ONLY GOD AND NO OTHER. THERE IS ONLY GOD AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND NO OTHER. And that your very life is not the life that courses through your veins, … that is not your life. Don’t mistake that electrical energy for your life; Your Life is the undivided Life of God. It will never flow through a human body. And it will never die when there is no longer a human body there. But you are living in that Life, and all that remains is for you to catch up with the Truth of your own Being to awaken from the belief that you are living in a different life than that Life of God. And that is commitment too! And that takes work! That takes repetitive work! It takes honesty, to be honest with your-self. It takes courage. It takes a million things,…but they are all present in your Life to flow through you and do the work for you.

It only takes accepting WHO YOU ARE! Your Identity is what enables you to live in Oneness with God. Forsake your Identity for a human identity, or for a part-time human identity, or a 50% human identity, and it would be just the same as diluting your own blood stream with water. You cannot dilute your life-stream, but you can walk away from it.


You are accepting Christ Identity. Ultimately, in the acceptance of Christ Identity, you are revealed as that which is God individualizing, and then you can fully see why there is NO GOD AND. Only the Invisible Christ is Here.

“…Whatever you see in the nature of sin, disease, or death is a part of the hypnosis. Furthermore, whatever you see as good humanhood, whatever you see as good humanhood is also a part of the same hypnosis…”

That means the Church Deacon is as much a part of the hypnosis as the person who puts his hand in the basket and removes 35¢. All hypnotized! And we have all been caught in that hypnosis. We have all identified the thief. We have all commented upon shenanigans in Washington. You know and I know that we are all caught off-guard. And I say, We can joke about it as much as we like. Nothing says we must crawl into a cave. We can look at all the foolishness. We can look at all the horror. BUT WE MAY NOT ACCEPT IT AS REAL. Joke about it all you like. Relent about it. But, don’t accept it as Reality because it is not that which is created by the One, it does not have the substance of the One, it is not under the law of the One, it is not the activity of the One. It is hypnosis! Hypnosis cosmically responded individually, … double hypnosis.

By the time it reaches you, it is Universal Hypnosis being presented to you for personal acceptance. And if you are in a personal sense of life, you accept it. And it’s a wonderful thing, because when you accept it, you will ultimately discover you are in a personal sense of life, and if it weren’t there, you might be lulled into the belief that you were Divine, even while you were living as the personal human being. There are alarm clocks allover this world to wake us up. And if we said it before, we’ll say it again,… every jolt is one of those alarm clocks. There could be an instant reaction. Uh! uh! I’m out of myself. That’s where I was caught. Don’t tell me, or ask me why, but out here I was doing this and when I turned around, I wasn’t in myself again.

It used to be one of my minor ambitions to be awakened at 3:00 in the morning, but still be aware of who I am, instantly. I might add, it still is my ambition.

Anyway, Joel is with us very much, as you know, right now, because the words are never separated from the speaker. Continue in my word, said the Christ. I believe that may be one of the reasons Joel has said that I will never be separated from my students. I even like to feel he prompted that individual to send the bouquet this morning.

“…There are not good human beings or bad human beings. There are not diseased human beings or healthy human beings. Until you can be dehypnotized to know that there is only God, the One Life, One Soul, One Spirit, One Substance, One Law, and One Activity you will have to experience death…”

He’s laying it on the line. Until you know all that, you will have to experience death. I find great joy in reversing that by reading it to myself, Then if I know all this, then I don’t have to experience death. Of course, that’s what he meant. That’s all from page 60 in Realization of Oneness.

“…The human mind is a state of hypnosis…”

Now, I don’t know if there is a professor of Psychology sitting in our audience or not who might disagree. But we have here the statement that the human mind is a state of hypnosis. And we have another statement by Paul, Have ye that mind which was in Christ Jesus, … presumably because that is not a state of hypnosis. And so, our conscious and sub-conscious minds are states of hypnosis.

That might have shocked Sigmund Freud or Jung or any other great contributors to our mind-consciousness. But the Christ Consciousness says there never was a man or woman who walked this earth. There was only the Self of God appearing to human sense. We were looking at Divine Consciousness from a human consciousness with the world consciousness in between, and lo and behold there was a human race. But the flesh profiteth nothing. The flesh withereth. The One Self is all that is, and you go back to the Source and live in and as the Source you are both Cause and Manifestation, and your world manifests the Divine Cause.

The Power of Spirit is literally your own Being. A person could live with these Truths for six months or a year. Paul may have done that,… just that for nine years, just before he actually went out into the world after the illumination. Nine years to solidify one experience. One young lady told me last night that she felt there was still ego in her, and she said she had studied for many years, but in this particular message, she had been studying for four years. My opinion was that in four years to even recognize that ego is still strong is a great development, because the recognition that the ego, which is the sense of a second self, … the recognition of it is the beginning of the annihilation of it. Most of the world doesn’t walk with the knowledge that my ego is too strong. And this individual wasn’t talking about vanity; in that sense, but about the sense of being herself,… a personal individual self, … that’s the ego.

To recognize that as the real antagonist, the adversary is what was meant in that statement, agree with thy adversary. Your sense of being an individual personal self is your adversary, and it will hypnotize you because it is hypnosis at work. When we conquer the personal sense of self or the ego which wants to live a life of its own and make its own achievement and decisions, and we finally conquer that person, we are committing to some degree to our own Divinity, which is our only Ego. And this counterfeit ego, this imitation of the original, which passes as our ego is nothing but a cosmic orphan pretending to be us, pretending to be the Divine I. You might just as well try to live in your own shadow. Ultimately, it has to be revealed as the “nothingness” and that is just what death does. It reveals the “nothingness” of the human ego.

“…The human mind is a state of hypnosis, and until we can shut off the five senses and develop an inner discernment, we are always going to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell error…”

Well, if you started with that statement, shut off the senses, you might spend fifty years trying to do it, but if you took his previous sentence and established the Selfhood of Divinity, this in turn would eliminate the activity of the five senses. So you don’t have to go after the eye and the ear and the nose or the touch. You can make little practice exercises, which many of us have done many times about them, but basically until you have established the Center of Being as the Allness of you, these senses will always be the little pricks of the devil you might say, coming at you with little ideas to tempt you into mortality. That statement, and all the statements coming to us today are subjects for private meditation. I know I could go on forever and we may find that some of us cannot sit as long as others, but we’re still with some important statements here.

“…If we look through our eyes at the people of this world, all we shall ever see are human beings…”

At one time, that’s all we ever expected to see or wanted to see. Now he’s saying, that’s all we shall ever see, if we look at people just through our eyes.

“…But Spiritual Awareness reveals the Truth of Being, which enables us to see that which is not visible and to hear that which is not audible, and to know that which is not knowable with our human senses…”

I think it would be a good idea to leave some of these for some other time, because we can benefit at this point by a group awareness, that we can identify each other as the One Life. I can look at you, even with visible, human eyes, and see,…not see with eyes, but see with my Soul the One Life that you represent. I can see the visible image is not the One Life. And I can draw the line between them. And until that One Life that you are IS coming forth as the visible image, you are not in Oneness with your Self. You can look at others around you, and their actions tell you this is not the activity of the One Life. We’re not denying that this activity is there, … there’s a criminal, but this is not the activity of the One Life which is there.

This is the world-mind working through the individual human mind, and painting its animated images, without Substance. There is no Substance in a criminal. That’s why he dies. There is no Substance in a good person. That’s why he dies. There is only Substance in your Divine Self, and it does not die for that reason. And if you are sowing to the Truth, to the Substance and recognizing with your Soul, the Substance that is present, where the world-mind is trying to make you recognize the animated image, you are building another consciousness, and that is the consciousness that will eliminate the experience of death. The One Life that you do not see is the Life of everyone you are looking at, and that is how you come into the acceptance of Oneness.

Now, when you do not accept that One Life, … you remember the statement, What you measure out to another is what comes back to you. When you do not recognize that One Life, you’re really crucifying Christ all over again. You’re saying, That One Life isn’t there! You just said, Christ isn’t there! And when you said that you have just crucified yourself. You have said, Because Christ isn’t there, Christ isn’t here, because the Christ that is there is everywhere and the Christ that is everywhere is not there, it isn’t here. You can’t put it right here. You can’t have Divine Life here without having it there. When you accept it there,… when you accepted it last night in the Middle East, no matter what you saw, whether it was the terrorist or the victim.

When you accepted the One Divine Life in South Africa, whether it was the oppressor or the oppressed, you didn’t realize at the time, perhaps, but you were accepting your One Divine Life as Present Everywhere. You cannot divide it. And so, this isn’t what might be called idealism, or altruism. You are recognizing your Life as the Life of that victim. And you had better learn to recognize it as the Life of anything that walks or crawls,..even a stone. You’re not talking about the Life in that form. You’re talking about the Life that form is trying to duplicate, because everything on this earth is a duplicate of that One Life. Sow to the Life.

When you walk through the doors, remember ONLY GOD IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THOSE DOORS, JUST AS ONLY GOD IS ON THIS SIDE. And there’s nothing outside those doors that is not hypnosis, … nothing! BECAUSE ONLY THE LIFE OF GOD IS OUT THERE. AND IF THE LIFE OF GOD IN YOU AND THE LIFE OF GOD OUT THERE ARE ONE, ALL THAT’S OUT THERE RIGHT NOW IS YOU, LITERALLY. That’s all that is on the other side of the door,…You,… your Divine Life,… the One Indivisible Life, because there is no God-Life and any other. Deny it out there, and you’re back into the dream.

The purpose of today’s class was to strengthen your capacity to live in your Soul, because when you recognize the One Life, that is a Soul Faculty working. Only Soul recognizes the One Life. The mind may work with it, but the realization of it comes in your Soul. And S0, if you have been wondering how to strengthen your capacity to live in your Soul, you’ve been given a tool today. THERE IS ONLY GOD AND NO OTHER. And if you’re a creative sort, you can amplify that very easily, because there is only God,…only Spiritual Law,… only Divine Law exists. That’s all there is. And, therefore, what is not under Divine Law does not exist. Whatever is not showing forth the activity of Divine Law is non-existent. It’s part of the hypnotism. Divine Law is all that is here, because ONLY GOD IS HERE. And everything that you see cannot be here if it is not Divine Activity. And when you are able to discriminate between what is Divine Activity and what is not, you will know that your Soul is doing the discriminating for you.

We’re awakening to our Soul and cooperating with the Divine Instruction given through the Revelators and through our teacher Joel. Walk into your Self when you walk through the door knowledgeably, quietly, silently. The moment you speak of it, you’re back into the dream, because you’re speaking it to mortality. And the only concession I can make is to explain that when I am in the dream explaining anything, it’s because even Jesus walked the earth speaking to the world. But most of what he directed was to those who were open to receive, because they had been selected by their own Spiritual Advancement, to hear the Word instead of the words.

So, I expect that you are hearing the Word and not the words.

8:00 A.M. 7:30 is the meditation. 8:00 A.M. is the class. I’ll still be here to answer any relative questions that you may have right now.

And thank you very much!


There is a new consciousness developing among us now, and you can measure it very easily by asking yourself one question. Before you attended this seminar, brief as it has been, (I think somebody is going to lower that mike out there. It’s got feedback, and it’s a new mike. It’s not right. Can the back row hear me? Did you say, Yes? (Yes!) Thank you!)

Before this seminar began, to a large extent, many of us were thinking about our own personal lives, perhaps in relationship to God and God’s Will. But now, you should be able to accept a new responsibility and see that it is forming on the horizon of your consciousness right this moment. Spirit is training you to release Soul Power into this world. That’s quite different than you had in mind. As you become Soul Conscious, you become an instrument for Soul Power, and suddenly another purpose for your presence here looms, and that is, wherever you are and wherever you go you will be releasing the power of the Infinite Soul of God to demonstrate that this truly is the Holy Ground of the Kingdom of the Father on Earth.

To do that, to recognize this opportunity is to change your focus again and see that everywhere you establish a goal, the goal keeps changing, whereas at one time, it may have been important for Soul Power to make your life better, you learn your life already is better, because it is the Life of God. And Soul Power now, is not to shine a little light on the ground where you stand, but to let an Infinite Light glow in the presence of all who walk the earth. Your Soul is here at this moment. Your Soul is everywhere at this moment. But even if it were not everywhere, but only here, there would be a hundred and fifty Souls here if there were more than one Soul. And imagine, one hundred and fifty Souls all in one room. How ridiculous that would be. And so, we begin to accept further that our Soul is not in this room alone, but everywhere. And then the words of the Father become more meaningful to us. Son, Thou art ever with Me. In order to release Soul Power, you will find you can use this Truth of the Father and convert it into a great reservoir of Truth.

God has said to you and to me, Wherever I am, Thou art. Where is God? God is here. God is there. God is everywhere. And wherever God is, YOU are with God. Wherever God is, you are. That’s a different you than the infant born many years ago. The you that is everywhere that God is cannot be your body of flesh can it? So now, this becomes more or less an obsolete area of our old consciousness. We’re not concerned too much in that area at this moment. We are accepting that wherever God is, I am; and therefore, we are now in a position to release Soul Power wherever I AM,… not only in this square foot. Wherever you are Soul Power can be released, and you are wherever God is. There’s a new you emerging, and you’ve got to prove to yourself that you have the power to release Soul Power wherever God is, wherever you are.

Let us accept now, that as your Soul is here and my Soul is here I and hers and his is here,… every Soul in the universe is here. There isn’t one Soul that has ever existed that isn’t here. If it isn’t, then the Soul is not Omnipresent. If it isn’t, then the Soul is not Indestructible,… is not Eternal. But because the Soul is the Soul of God, and therefore Indestructible, Eternal, Omnipresent, every Soul in the Universe is right where we are at this moment.

And that’s going to be the secret of your Soul Power. You are in contact with every Soul in the Universe, when you are in your Soul. And as Joel taught us, when we are in Spiritual Consciousness, all who enter the Spirit of their own Being are in immediate contact with our Spirit. That Spiritual Illumination puts us in contact with the entire Spiritual Universe, so it is with your Soul. The moment you become Soul Conscious, every Soul in the Universe is in contact with you and vice versa, right here where you appear. And therefore, you can commune with the Soul of any individual in the past, present, or future at this moment, provided you have done your Spiritual homework and have found a way to release yourself out of corporeality, out of materiality, out of mortality, into the Purity of Soul Awareness. When you have done that, you are in a completely different system, a completely different Universe, and you are in communion automatically with the Soul of every individual who walks this earth and ever did walk this earth. And then, the Purity of your Consciousness becomes a release of Soul Power into human experience.

Let us establish our own Soul Awareness then, and develop our techniques for releasing Soul Power, not only into our individual lives, but into the life of this world so that that which appears hypnotically as destructive forces, evil forces, karmic forces, ungodly forces, material forces, powers that are not powers, can meet this Consciousness of Soul and be dissolved in the Light of Truth. It will be slow, but one moment in your Soul will do more good than all of the do-gooders who walk the earth in their minds.

First, wherever God is, you are,…but not in the flesh,…in your Soul,… in your Spirit,… in your Christhood. Now, establish your Omnipresent Soul as your Identity, and be it. Let us release the idea of becoming it. There’s nothing you can ever become, because YOU ARE. Be your Living Soul, everywhere. This is the first step to release Soul Power. Be your Living Soul, everywhere. You are in communion with the terrorist in the Middle East. You don’t have to try to be. You are in communion with the oppressed and the oppressor in South Africa. You don’t have to try to be. YOU ARE OMNIPRESENT SOUL!

You are in communion with those who have hand guns and use them well, and those who use them for malicious purposes. You are in communion with their Soul. You do not have to establish that. It is a fact, the moment you are in your Soul, aware. You are in communion with the Souls of those who would wage war. There is no limitation to the power that can be released through your Soul to express the Perfection of Divinity. and to the degree that you become a Pure Soul in your consciousness, … not a divided consciousness,…you will be an instrument for Soul Power as long as you walk this earth and beyond.

We have established ourselves as a living Omnipresent Soul, … I in the Father, … the Father in me. For a moment I am a Soul,…you are a Soul. As we develop the conscious awareness of it, we will find we are the ONE Soul, … I mean as a living experience. Now, we are a network through which flows Divine Substance. Let us purify.

Forget your human self. Forget the material world. Forget a human motive, whether it’s good or bad. Something in you may say, well, if I’m forgetting a human motive, what’s the point of doing all this? I think you should be able to answer that objection. It seems to be a paradox if I am to do this without human motives, why am I doing it? You’re doing it without human motives so that you can fulfill Divine Will, not human will,… so that you can become aware that Divine will is present and functioning, and that Divine Will is not the existence of the conditions that our human mind would want to remove.

We are not trying to remove terrorism from the earth. We are not trying to remove prejudice from the earth. We are not trying to remove hunger from the earth. That is the trap! Now, with your Soul know, There is no hunger in the Kingdom of God on Earth, there is no terrorism in the Kingdom of God on Earth, there is no crime in the Kingdom of God on Earth. KEEP YOUR SOUL PURE OF THE BELIEF THAT THERE ARE CONDITIONS IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Your Soul can only live In the Unconditioned Universe in order to release Soul Power. It must be True to the Omnipresent Perfection of the Father. You are not trying to increase the supply of food in one country. You are not trying to deter people from using hand guns to shoot people. You are above those conditions, or you are not in your Soul. You must transcend the human condition, which is presented by the human mind. So, we release personal self and personal motives, no matter how we may feel we are involved in the situation. RELEASE PERSONAL MOTIVES! Now, if you want to go to the Middle East, remember you are in communion with the One Infinite Soul everywhere, in your Soul. Rest there!

Where is the Middle East? Where is terrorism? Where is antagonism? Where is racial hatred? NOT IN YOUR SOUL! NOT IN THE SOUL OF GOD! NOT IN THE SOUL OF ANY INDIVIDUAL ON THIS EARTH! FOR THE SOUL OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS THE SOUL OF GOD. We are above the mind’s of men, living in the Soul, which is Omnipresent where there is no terrorism, no racial hatred, no antagonism, no strife, … where all that exists is the Pure Expression of the Soul of God. And you rest here,…those who wait upon the Lord will inherit the earth. We are not leaning on human understanding. We are resting in the present awareness that the Soul of the Universe is right here, and Soul Power dominates all physical and mental power in the world. But, you must be patient and wait! You must wait until the Holy Ghost enters your consciousness.

Now; we’re going to try an experiment. I think there, at the center aisle. I’d like everyone on my left, … that means your right, to dwell in the Soul, which includes the terrorists, and to recognize the non-reality. I’d like everyone on my right to dwell in the Soul of the Israelis’ and to recognize there the Presence of the Infinite Father. We have Palestine and Israel. We’re both resting in the same Soul,… one group in one, one in another, resting in the Truth that where one seems to be, ONLY the Spirit of God is. Just rest there, in that knowledge. Then move out to Africa. Move out to Apartheid in South Africa. On the, left,… your right, rest in the knowledge that the Soul of the oppressor is perfect and not oppressing. It is perfect. It lives in God. It has an obstruction from the human consciousness there, but rest in the Soul, right here where you are. Now, the other side, rest in the conscious awareness of the Soul of the oppressed as being perfect, unharmed and beyond any form of oppression, because it is the Invisible Spirit of God. Rest there! There should come a sense of the Rightness of the Truth and the Power of the Truth, and ultimately the Dominion of the Truth that world power is no power in the Presence of Soul Power.

Now, imagine that right in front of you there are two doors,…two doors right where you are,… one just an inch in front of the other, and one closer to you. And now, come closer to the door nearest you, until you’re almost inside your own chest, and come still closer and closer and closer, closer than breathing and enter that door and know that you have entered the Soul of every individual on the face of this earth. Right there, as close as breathing and closer is the door to every Soul on this earth. Enter that door and restthere in Oneness, for that is where Soul Power reaches its ultimate peak. When you rest in Oneness inside your own Being; not straying outside. Nothing is out there. It is all right here in your soul Consciousness,… the Power behind the false powers of the world. Rest there! Wait upon the Lord!

Now, switch. The ones who were doing the apartheid, who were the oppressed,… now you become aware of the oppressor, and do exactly what you did. Those who were dwelling in the conscious awareness of the Presence of the Souls of the oppressed,…. of the oppressors, dwell now in those who are oppressed§ and you’ll see you’re dwelling in the same Soul. There is no distinction. The Soul is always Pure. The outer mental manifestation is where the trouble is. If you were dwelling before in the Soul of the terrorists, now move back and dwell in the Soul of the Israelis, and those who dwelt in the Soul of the Israelis, dwell in the Soul of the terrorists,…without animosity, in the knowledge of the Presence of Divine Peace and Love.

Whether you do world work for nations or for communities, the Soul of that community is right within your Being, all of it. And the moment you enter your Soul, you will feel the presence of the Soul of that community on any cause, and if you don’t enter with a personal motive to change anything, but rest in the purity of the Presence of the Invisible Father, you will find that Spiritual Law will flow forth. And as you can train others to do this with you, you will find you are a Soul Power wherever you are. The things in your personal life will become automatically adjusted, because wherever you release Soul Power, it overflows. I like to do this with things we can measure.

We could do it with hand guns, but how are we going to measure it, you see. I’d like you to see the result of it, is the point. We can be effective. The question is, Can you see the effect. We can see it on certain things, and that’s why in the most part I’ve been guided to select those things we could measure results in. Hopefully though, from that you could see that even when there are no results to be measured, you must know you are a power. Maybe you could measure it if we worked on earthquakes or catastrophes or that sort of thing. Maybe you could on hand guns. But there are things in your community and beyond on which you can train until you are lifted into the higher work of lifting mankind out of the many infidelities to Truth.

The Spirit of God moves through your Soul. And the more you abide in your Soul, the more the Spirit of God will flow into expression wherever you are. And then your light will be shining. You will almost feel shabby working on personal motives, because they are a complete denial of the Presence of God.

Now then, how are we going to continue to purify our capacity to live in the Soul, so that we can become transparencies for Soul Power. You must see that Identity is the crux. Identity! Without correct Identity, you have no place to begin. Without correct Identity, you walk in duality, and then the Power of the Soul has no outlet through your divided consciousness. Therefore, it is important to see that God IS. A simple fact,… GOD IS. And because God is, I am. And wherever God is, I am. And whatever God is, I am. Because the Father says so! Because I am is God individualizing as I AM. If, in a single second you are unaware that God iS and I am, and that God and I are ONE expression, then there’s no place for Soul Power to flow, because the Source is missing. So your Source is always GOD IS, I AM ONE,…ONE SOURCE, ONE CREATOR. And your fidelity to One Creator is starting at the top. One Creator. One Cause. One Manifestation of that One Cause. But, because God is, I am, and therefore, I am the Cause. I am the Manifestation. The world that I manifest is my consciousness. If I’m not manifesting happiness; joy; fulfillment, then I’m not living in that Identity which is that manifestation. I’m not living in GOD IS. I have fallen. I am not the seed that will harvest Divine Fruit one hundredfold. But, I can readily adjust that by entering the knowledge that because God is, I am, without separation. And now, I am stable again. I’m not floating out, moving and being moved by other forces.

Whenever you find that you have not been able to achieve the singleness of Identity,…as the I AM of God, you will find that you have in some way been trapped in believing that you exist inside the form. They usually go hand in hand. The moment you think you’re inside the form being the I AM of God, it seems either absurd or impossible or unattainable. And yet, it is the fact of Being, without having to become it. If there is anyone here who isn’t consciously the I AM of God, then that individual has to work upon it until the mind which consciously or otherwise neither accepts it nor is capable of perceiving it, must be released from power, because this I AM that you are is the Source of all dominion that will express in your life.

If you, for example, were walking the streets of South Africa, and not behaving in the way that the powers of the nation wanted you to behave, you would find that you would become one of the oppressed. But if you were walking the streets of South Africa in Soul Consciousness, you would find your Dominion expressing without effort. And so, if you were without funds, all needs would appear in one way or another. If you needed a visa to return, in some way the visa would appear. If you found yourself in prison, in some way you would be released. Wherever you are, even in the line of artillery fire,…if you are living in Soul, you will find that the human world is not where you are, and makes no contact with you.

You may not know it, but we are living in this hotel, for example, in a different way than other people in the hotel. We all seem to be in one hotel, but be assured we’re not. Some of us are in the hotel physically. Others are not in the hotel at all. And while their forms appear walking back and forth, their life is an entirely different series of events than others in this hotel.

And so it is in the world. Wherever you are, you can be walking in the places where the world sees horror and terror and victims of this and that, and you’ll find that you are walking only apparently in that world, but you’re walking in the Invisible Kingdom, even while your form, which the world calls your form appears to be walking in the material appearances. This should become more of a daily experience to you. You should feel the unusual nature of the way you really are, because we cannot be GOD, I AM and truly be walking in a material World. Do you see that? The moment you think you’re walking in a material world, you’ve lost Identity. You see why Joel has to stress and restress Incorporeality.

You cannot walk in a material world and be the Son of God. The Son of God lives here in what is an Invisible Kingdom to man. And you may be that Son of God living here NOW in this Invisible Kingdom, and yet appearing to human sense in the world, but you, … the I that you are is not what appears in this world. That which appears in this world is the world concept about who you are, but it is not you. And if you grab that distinction and live with it, and develop it, you will find that you can now walk consciously here in the Kingdom of God, while appearing in the world. Indeed, it would seem to me that unless this is established, duality has to continue. I, the Spirit of God, am the Kingdom of God. I do not walk in a world of matter. And so, the material world cannot be in your consciousness if you wish to live in Oneness rather than duality, because Soul Power will not express in matter.

You will see the effects of it appear in matter, but only because it is expressing in your Invisible Consciousness, and that will make it appear in matter, but it will not be acting in matter. Its presence in your consciousness will change the nature of the material illusion to human eyes, but the Soul Power never actively enters material things. It changes within the consciousness of the individual and appears outwardly as a change in the environment. Just as God never appears in this world and yet, seems to appear as mortal beings. We look at God and we see our concept called mortal beings. We will look at your Soul Power and we will see improved situations because the radar of Spirit will move directly to repairing that which the human consciousness is capable of perceiving, but it will not repair its own Invisible Kingdom because it already is Perfect. And that Perfection will simply be revealed as an improvement to our eyes.

Now, you can apply this to your individual life, of course, but if you confine it only to you, the power will not develop. You will dwarf the power. God functions Infinitely, and you cannot take this Infinite Power and sway it in your direction to improve your income or whatever, but you can dwell in, … do you recall the statement that the great demonstration is not to demonstrate things, but simply to rest in the Presence, and let the Presence do all the demonstrating. The great demonstration is to demonstrate your Oneness with the Spirit of God, and then, he who seeth in secret, in some way, through the Ghost, reveals to you the Perfection that is present where you had wrongly accepted the presence of the condition.

Now , I don’t want these words to fall upon barren ground, or stony ground. Individual Souls, though they are One Soul, are the Seed of God, and the Soul who went forth to sow them scattered Souls everywhere. And our Souls, One in the Infinite Soul of God, are here to bear Divine Fruit. They cannot return void. They must bear Divine Fruit. And each Soul being the seed, now must sprout its Power, its Benediction, its Divine Heritage into that world around it where the deeds of the Father can be expressed in visible, tangible form to the human race. You are entrusted with that Power as the Son of God. You have the transforming Power of the Soul, and it must be used. This is a Divine Heritage, which has been bestowed upon all of us and used by few. And because few of us use it, in areas where we should yield a bountiful harvest, we are often barren. And when we try to use it for our personal purposes we fail. When we let it use us,…when there are no personal motives for good or bad, but simply to let the Spirit of God do its own thing, … then you behold the marvel of the Presence of God in our midst. That is why the Kingdom of God is within you, … for you to release it through your Soul into visible expression.

You may not approve the plan that if you become a dead branch, for you are cut off but I’m sure you will like the plan that if you yield bountiful fruit… Divine Fruit, you’re promoted, … you’re lifted beyond the false sense of humanhood. You move into your Soul Universe in many ways in preparation for that moment when you are released from that sense of mortality which was necessary in order to give your Soul an opportunity to develop itself through this initiation, that it may proceed higher. Then you are Soul, Itself, and no longer mortal. And even though it may seem premature to live that way for the moment, I’d like you to think about yourself as having passed the mortal stage. Now there’s no mortal to take care of anymore. There’s no mortal needs. There’s no mortal oppressor and oppressed. You’re in another Universe, the Soul Universe, and you’re going to be there, so you may as well get used to the idea that in it, just as if you were in the Soul Universe right here, there are no oppressed and there are no oppressors. There are no terrorists and there are not those recipients of terror. It’s all in the mortal dream.

We’ll stand in our Soul Universe for the moment, as if we had lifted ourselves through fidelity to the Soul, beyond the realm of mortality. We have made our Transition. We are no longer members of the human race. We have risen. When that day comes, we will experience what we will imagine at this moment. What do you think you’ll be doing when you are a Soul in the Soul universe, without a human body, without a human life, without human people to hate or to love or to compete with? What will you be doing? You will find that your Soul wants to teach you that right now, to prepare you just for that experience.

You will find that your total function as a Soul, without a corporeal body, without a corporeal universe,…your total function is to serve Infinite Spirit in its own way, and that will be a long apprenticeship. You will have nothing to say. You will be without desire, totally. You will be completely desireless and you will have no corporeal sense to favor or to fear. You’ll have no enemies, you’ll have no friends. You will be living the life of selfless service and it may be for more than the equivalent of a thousand years. And that is a privilege! That is a privilege you earn now, so that by living the life of selfless service you become the bride adorned for the bridegroom. That is the purity born of the fire of Truth, which opens you to the capacity to receive your own Spirit. It is that selfless service, which prepares you for the union with your own Spirit.

It has nothing to do with human will. That is the Divine Will expressed through the Prophets. And in that union with your own Spirit, earned by your fidelity to being a pure dedicated selfless Soul, Christ is born. You see it all in the life of Mary. Wanting nothing. Seeking. nothing. Just purity, … a visible symbol of what the interior consciousness of each of us is invited to share in. And the reason we explain it this way at this moment is because you earn the privilege of being a dedicated Soul in the Fifth Universe of Soul, by being a dedicated Soul right here in the mortal appearance world. And so, this Soul dedication here then becomes a continued Soul dedication in your Soul Universe, but on a higher quickened level. Right now, we’re working on a very slow level. This world, to your Soul, is slow motion. All of it! It’s really, … a sort of a God Blackboard. It is as if God were taking us all to the blackboard and pointing and saying, See this! See that! This world of time and space and images is the blackboard that your Soul uses to study. And it all moves in slow motion so that your Soul can see very clearly what’s happening.

But, there is a quickening. And in that quickening a strange transformation takes place. The quickening changes your world right where others are standing in a different world that does not change. You are lifted out of the same concepts as the rest of the world. You are lifted out of the area of terror,…above the terror,…out of the area of disease, above the disease,…and out of the area of corporeality, into Incorporeal Awareness. This strange in visible transmutation takes place right where the world is and seems to be. It’s as if an invisible hand just tapped you on the shoulder and said, You are chosen! But, because you have earned the right by living in service to the Soul.

Now service may start out as just being a good person, but you know that there is the Inner Direction that comes, and then there is the obedience to the Inner Direction. There is the Inner Ear and the Inner Eye, and there is the heart that feels what eyes cannot see, and there is the response to this Divine Impulse and obedience to it is service. In your Divine Service you do not decide what you are going to do, but Christ, through your Soul gives you the guidance, the direction. And when you serve this guidance, unquestioningly, without fear, without personal motives, you are finding yourself in the Realm of the Soul Universe, even before you enter it fully, and you walk in this world visibly, but you walk in the Soul Universe, under the guidance and protection of Divine Law.

It would be nice if we could all say, I know I’m in that state now, and maybe some of us feel more than a tinge of it, but to be aware that it exists is probably more important at this point than whether or not we’re in it. We must acknowledge the presence of the Soul Universe here and we must learn how to walk in it, while the world sees these forms. One word from an individual can tell you that that individual is moving in and through the Soul Universe or the world mental universe. And you know how your human households are changed by the Spirit even more so when you enter your Soul Awareness. You find your Soul Household changes invisibly. The degree of fidelity you are exhibiting to the Soul in your selfless service to the Divine Impulse determines your Soul Household, determines those who commune with you, and the degree of Soul Wisdom that flows through you. Each step along the way is bolstered, strengthened by the constant reminder that God is, I am. GOD IS, I AM! GOD IN ME, I IN THE FATHER,… ONE. And the Kingdom of God within me is becoming evident through my capacity to live in the Soul, lifting me above human vibrations, above limited human dimensions into the miracle of Divine Soul Power expressing the Perfect Will and Wisdom of the Father.


And so, Jesus again says to us all, Don’t think of me as a man. Remember I am just a visible symbol. Thou seest me, thou seest the Father, and the Father and me and the Father and you are ONE. What I am doing is what the Spirit of God is doing within your Soul every moment.

Let us see now, if we can glimpse our Soul Realm a little more clearly. Let us remove this hotel from our consciousness. Let us accept our Soul as the area where we live … not a body, … not a mind,… but the larger invisible area of the Soul is where we live, so large that even if there were a hotel in it, it would be smaller than a pea, so large that six continents would not even be the size of a condominium. I am the Infinite Soul of the Father. Expand to that just as science talks of the expanding universe. Let yourself flow outward until you do not feel the confinement of even mental form. Just flow out with the freedom of an astronaut in space. Infinite Soul, I am. All of it, I am. All invisible. All present. All Divine Substance. All One, without division. All alive. The Life of God that inhabits my Invisible Soul is the only Life I am, ever indivisible, ever without opposite, ever Supreme; because it is the only Life. That Life; I am. God is Life. I am Life. God is Spiritual Law. I am Spiritual Law. God is Dominion. I am Dominion. In myself, there is nothing to have dominion over. ALL IS I.

Now, if God did not create mortality, is there a mortality that you can go back to, or is that journey completely imaginary. And so, when you go back to what appears to be mortality, the fact that it appears that way does not mean that you must accept it. In short, it is possible not to go back to mortality; but simply to appear to go back. You cannot go back to what God didn’t exist, because it isn’t there. What God didn’t create does not exist. You cannot go back to mortality. There’s no way! Nor can you leave mortality. It isn’t there! The Son of God is aware of this. The shock of knowing it completely would be too much. And so, ever so gently, you will learn that there is no mortality to go back to, or depart from. It never was. You can awaken from that dream of mortality. You can awaken from all of the forms of unreality that existed in that dream, gradually. But you will do it not by working from within the dream and trying to imagine you’re out of it, but rather by letting your Soul do the work in the absence of your mental faculties. This is difficult,…to release your so-called self. But we’re no longer babes In Spirit exactly.

When you have heard the phrase, Let the little children come unto me, the Father was talking to your Soul which is the Child of God. Let your Soul come unto the Father, for your Soul is the little child. But it will grow and grow and grow in your consciousness, until it too is saying, God is, I am.

I am suggesting to you that you find a way to give yourself to some form of selfless work, whether it’s an hour a week, or a month, or maybe something of great importance in the world , but give yourself to it, and then listen until your Soul is attuned to in some way directing that effort to get yourself started on the idea of serving the Will of the Father in your Soul. If it’s personal, you see, you’re not serving the Will of the Father. You’re not about your Father’s Business. But we want to see that the Soul universe is what we’re being lifted into, where selfless dedication to the Will of God will be our total apprenticeship for One Complete Universe, until in our soul there isn’t one ounce of self that is not Divine Self,…not one ounce of self-will, … a complete training period. And in that training period, as a Soul, you will be sent on many missions. Pray within yourself that you reach that day of consciousness when your Soul is sent on many missions, for this is the path of Resurrection. The rising soul of your Being has a rendezvous with your Spirit. It is ascending toward your Spirit. And waiting on the other side of that marriage is your realization of your Immaculate Self, the Self that ever was you, before the world was, and is now, but beyond reach of our momentary sense of consciousness. We are being reborn of the Spirit, regenerated by our own Soul, that we may be born of God and walk this earth as the Living Son of God.

If for a moment, you have fallen back into mortal sense of Self, let’s do something about it right now. I think you should know by now that you have a tremendous capacity for overcoming human obstacles. It’s a capacity beyond belief. It’s just a matter of knowing that you are the Cause and not the effect. For example, you,…you could be very weary right now. You have the capacity to un-weary yourself, simply by knowing that the Nature of your Being is not weariness. You have fallen into a state of a self that isn’t. You could be deathly sick, and you have a tremendous capacity to see that the Soul of you couldn’t cause that, and as you literally hoist yourself back into Soul position, you can be amazed by your own Soul Power. These are very important moments when you are called upon to reject the claims of the world upon you, and to meet them with the Dominion of your own Soul in such a way that you do not accept the condition as part of your Being. Do you see that; stressing the fact that you do not accept the condition as part of your Being, and do not fall into the trap of trying to change or remove the condition, but to know that I AM THE SOUL, ITSELF, UNDER DIVINE LAW, INCAPABLE OF PRODUCING THIS CORPOREAL PROBLEM. And as you feel the Substance of your Soul, you will find the outer substance of your so-called form responding to the Truth of your Being, as you firm that inner knowing. And this is the Law of Spirit having total Dominion over this world.

The only pain that exists is in those moments when you are forming that solid consciousness of Truth, which releases the Soul Power that is you. If, during this seminar, there are some of you who have ideas on things you would like to see us dwell on in world work, write them down on a sheet of paper and put them on the desk here. I know there’ll be 10 on world peace and there’ll be others, but we’re looking for something that we can do together and SEE with our own eyes , what it is doing. Put your suggestions down and let us have them tomorrow or the next day. And maybe we’ll take some of these things home with us to do. We don’t know.

I hope we have some awareness then of the direction here of a totally different kind of direction than personal achievement. And let’s have a meditation or two now on a different subject. The Power of HERE and the Power of NOW borders on science fiction, but everything must be known consciously to be here, for this Soul Power to express. I mean, there isn’t any place in the Kingdom of God that isn’t here, right now. And there is nothing else. That is the Soul Consciousness that we can and will attain, … that all that is in the Kingdom of God is here right now, always. You don’t have to reach out for it. But you do have to know it is here and it is now, and you will find you are able to quickly touch that central core of your Being with that knowledge, and you will be catapulted into the Consciousness of the Hereness and the Nowness of all Reality, so that there isn’t anything in Reality external to Here and Now In your Soul. And from this proceeds the miracle of One Power without opposite.

We’re resting in the Hereness of the Infinity of the Kingdom of God, right inside that little doorway within your chest, closer than breathing, is the Infinity of the Kingdom of God, and this is not a symbol. This is the Truth. Wherever you are on this globe, this will always be True. The Infinite Kingdom is right here where you are, no matter where you appear to be. And all of IT, because it is indivisible,…quicker than the speed of electricity, the Truth in Consciousness moves through the Infinite Invisible Kingdom wielding Its Perfect Power. And if it has an outlet in your Soul, it will visibly, tangibly express. You must be in your Soul. You must have the awareness of the Infinite Kingdom being here and now where you are. And a few other things you either know or will know as you develop this miraculous capacity to be the Living Son of the Living God.

I did forget to mention that these class tapes are available through Eunice Bicks. Just see Eunice if you’re interested and those of you who want other class tapes just give her your address and you will receive a copy of the tapes that are available.

We’ve only started on our little journey, so tomorrow morning, 9:30 is the meditation and 10:00 the class. We’re becoming One Unified Soul Consciousness. And the Power of it should appear.

See you in the morning. Thanks very much!

Good morning, everybody.

There are many times, I am quite sure, that within yourself you can feel a presence saying, “Be My son”. It comes unexpectedly. It rings with a soft gentle love. It is never a reproof or a condemnation. It is always a sweet reminder, as if someone had tapped you on the shoulder and said, “Go that way. Be My son.” And this is never spoken to the human self, just as nothing God ever says to us is spoken to the human self. That is probably why the human self rarely relates to much of what God is saying or misinterprets what God is saying. God is speaking to the Son of God. God is speaking to your soul. God is speaking to the you that is the soul, and so you’ll notice in all the classes we have had or ever will have, there is never a word on how to improve our humanity: how to earn more money; how to do human things, because we do not wish to honor the un-reality. And yet you should realize that while our head is in the clouds, our feet are firmly planted on God’s earth. Never think for a moment it is meant for you to walk through this world in a state of poverty or in a state of bad health, or in a state of need.

“Be My son”, perfect as your Father, heir to all the heavenly riches, heir to all that the earth is, for the earth is the Lord’s. But, we’re not talking about black soil or red soil. We’re talking about the spiritual earth, the only earth. Your focus should be today, tomorrow, forever – the eternal experience of your Divine Self.

And that brings you to the immediate need: to accept the Master Plan for your soul: to convert this world into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This world is here as the initiation of your soul. It is now going through its earth initiation. You should be living from the level of the soul which knows, “this is my earth initiation.” It’s not the human, the mortal, the physical trying to make a better life, but rather the soul recognizing the Divine Plan that earth is here as it appears as the challenge, the initiation and it is the function of you, the living soul, to fill the forms on earth with Divine Substance.
That is your purpose.

That is the purpose of this appearance called ‘world’. It is an outline in the mind which the soul fills with Divine Substance, when you’re living from that level and with that intent. It releases you from the need to be pursuing a life of fulfilling the human instincts, the human requirements. They are filled by our Father which knoweth our needs.

Now, we should get into more of an awareness then, that there is something in us that survives every incarnation. The flesh passes, the flesh reappears. This may go back to the cradle of existence as man knows it, before Atlantis, before Lemuria. You may go into the stars and planets that are mysteriously unknown to man. It may go into areas called hypophoria. There are many areas where you already lived as a physical form, but are unaware of it. And this goes back beyond all of them, to before the world was. You should always instantly be able to return to the awareness of the I that you are before the world was – that which survives every incarnation. You should be able to, indeed you must learn to live in that which always survives and not in that which perishes. What survives every incarnation? Your Divine Life – your Divine Spirit – Your Divine Christhood – your Divine Spiritual Body – your Divine Soul. To live outside of these is to live in nothing: to live in mental images that perish, and to place your life in the hands of these mental images is to be decoyed in the nothingness of the world mind.

And so, we’re shaking away from those things that have seemed so vital to us and exchanging them for the truth of our own being which ever was, which survives every incarnation and which is constantly being told by God, “Be My Son.” Be what you are.
Now in past work, we have all come to a place where, or at least some of us have, where we studied our Never-Born Self. It had a function, a purpose, a way of drawing us back from the prodigal mind. Paul was speaking of regeneration by soul-awareness when he said, “Be transformed by the renewing of the mind.” You renew the mind first by the knowledge of truth, but you find that is insufficient, and so you turn your mind over to the soul, and this is the regeneration of the mind by the soul which, being fed by Christ, can now feed the mind.

The Christ-Truth is living experience and in our soul regeneration, we lose the idea of corporeal existence. We begin to experiment with our incorporeal self, which, although we call it a spiritual body, it is formless as we know form. And I would like you to find some way now to move consciously in your formless body, your formless Self, unrestricted, to realize it is omnipresent, so that in the moment you’re in the knowledge of your formless self, you are in Omnipresence. You go beyond these walls. You are incorporeal Being. You are the Son, which lives in its immortal body. Get that feeling of incorporeal, formless life, formless Self. It is what survives every incarnation.

Life spans come and go. New attempts to find your divinity, new attempts to find your permanence, but always, your formless, invisible Self is present, untouched by the passing parade. Feel it. Relax into it With your mind, you could not do it, but in your soul, with no human attachments, relax and abide in that formless self which is forever. Never born, never aging, never dying; completely unfamiliar with germs. Few left form where the world has seen crime, and know that the form that is formless is there, and not the crime. And finally, reach a point of believing it, knowing it. Reach a point of getting behind the veil of the crime, the disease, the lack and the limitation, the emotional disturbance. Get behind it all into the formless Self and rest there. When your peace comes, you’ll know how important it has been, all these centuries, to come to this place of Consciousness. It is one of the secret places of the most High.

Some day, in a great moment of illumination, you’ll realize this formless Self is indestructible, eternal in the heavens. You will even realize that it is the Body of God. You may be shocked that your formless Self and the Body of God are One; and when you realize it, you’ll know you have never been separated from God and never can be. In your ever present formless Self, which was never born and never dies and never ages, you are in that body which is One with the Father; and the deeper your realization of that truth, the more you are in soul-awareness – the more you are released to the activity of the soul and the freedom of living in the creation of God, where there is no material or Karmic law; where you are self-existent, self-fulfilling, where all soul faculties are functioning in perfect synchronization with the eternal plan of Life.

All this, in your Never-Born formless Self of pure Spirit here and now. And only in that Self, do you have the right to call yourself the Son of God.

You have been given many experiences in this permanent Self. You have died many times into the Self of form and returned to it. You have perceived many mansions. Your function now is to abide in the Self. Abide in the Never-Born Self – not in the self that appears to have been born into the world. And from the

Never-Born Self, will flow the love, the joy, the ecstasy, the substance that transforms the visible form for you into the Garden of Eden. But only when you are living in that Never-Born Self, for then, “I come quickly.”

What takes you out of it? The activity of the human mind. You say, “Well, it’s not really the activity of the human mind. I heard a car crash or I felt a pain, or I was reminded that at 3 O’clock I have to be at the dentist’s office.” But, you see, those are activities of the human mind. Everything you do humanly is an activity of the human mind: walking, thinking, feeling, perceiving. These are mental activities. And although it has been very difficult to accept certain truths, from your soul level you can do it.

For instance, the one truth I’m thinking of is this: We once had a marvelous exercise that was very difficult to follow. It went along these lines: ‘Everything you see today is unreal.’ It felt like a back-breaker at first. “Everything you see today is unreal.” Try it from the soul level and see how simple. In fact, it helps you to get to the soul level and stay there. Because then, you can come out from that situation where you’re trying to live in the soul level only with your eyes closed, and you can walk the streets in your soul level. And you can look at those things that the eyes see, but in the upper room of your soul, without taking thought, everything that the physical eye sees today is unreal. But the soul is furnishing the invisible truth of the Never Born Self that is ever present, everywhere invisible to the human perception.

You’re supplying the mysterious lost dimension – the invisible 4-Square universe which is infinite in every direction and every seeming texture – infinite in its Oneness, always behind the visible, non-real images. And when you violate the truth that everything you see today is unreal, by believing in the reality of it, and reacting to the reality of it, without the conscious awareness of your own invisible, Never-Born formless Self everywhere, then you are stepping out of your soul again, not abiding. And that is not the Son of God. The Son of God does not walk in material streets or in a material body, or have material friends.

Think of that. The Son of God has no material friends. The Son of God has one Friend – the Son of God. The Son of God – where forms appear. The Son of God, where Mother appears and Father appears and Son appears and Brother appears and personal Self appears. Only the Son of God walks this earth that is the Lord’s. Be My Son, and this earth that is the Lord’s is thine, for all that I have is the Son’s.

When you find difficulty in performing the exercises, remember you’re trying to perform them with your mind and that’s the problem. Move above the mind, into the soul and the correct spiritual position will automatically take over.

Welcome the opportunity to have to practice against adversity. Because the only way you’re going to overcome it permanently is to turn the problem over to your soul, which knows no problems. And every adversity is forcing you into soul-awareness instead of wasting human hours trying to accomplish what you cannot accomplish. We all spend much time trying to do what we cannot do and what must be done, God has already done. In our soul we know this. In our soul we can resist the temptation to improve the human images. If you have established firmly then, the never-born reality of yourself, your child, your mother, your father and your brother, your government, other governments, other nations – the Never-Born reality of all who will every appear on this earth, whether they be from other dimensions or this dimension; whether they have three heads or only one, whether they come in strange bodies or not. Always the Never-Born Self of you is the only Reality. It is the One Reality. It is the infinite, eternal Son of God, indestructible forever. It is you. This is your home base, your secret place.

And then, let the world throw its brick bats at us. Let it throw all of those things we have considered detrimental to life; all of those things that bear the threat of terminating a life or forcing it into restricted activity. Let us recognize that we have been fooled living outside the Never-Born Self, outside the soul. We have lived in limbo with the passing images, reacting to them, being one of them and then struggling for our existence, for our daily bread, for our security, for our protection, for a little nest somewhere where we can retire from the cruel outside world.

Isaiah, Jeremiah, John the Beloved, told us to come forth out of Babylon. Come out of her; and they were speaking of the world belief engendered by the world mind, that we walk in physical form, surrounded by physical objects – some animate, some inanimate; some growing, some not growing, and accepting this world of images as the creation of God.

All of that is there to challenge your soul. And if you fight them with your mind and try to overcome them, they will overcome you. Even when you win, you lose. The winning is the decoy that makes you believe you’re not losing. You cannot win with your mind. You can only become a nothing. You can pretend for so long. Everything you see today will be unreal unless you see it with your soul. It’s hard to swallow. But we don’t have any choice. We must swallow it because by not swallowing it, we will go out and believe in the unreal, and we will be separated from God, separated from Source, separated from soul. We will be a walking mind separated from its own soul, believing in non-existence. If you have not practiced that exercise until you can accept it, you have not caught the meaning of abiding in your soul.

Now you must go a step beyond that because if everything you see with human senses is unreal, then the solution for the improvement of these things you see cannot be only in the senses, because all you can improve is the unreality. There has to come from within you this other dimension of awareness that what you’re trying to improve is invisibly perfect. Whether it’s yourself, or another individual or another nation, what you’re trying to improve must be invisibly perfect, or else you’re improving something that was not created by God.

You don’t have to improve what God created and therefore your conscious realization that what God created is presented perfect becomes your acceptance of the identity of the One you are serving and of yourself. And in this, you are taking a giant stride into the truth which your soul will enable you to see in a readjusted way. Your soul will ultimately replace mind perception, mind manipulation, and Lo and Behold, without effort, with nothing more than patience and the knowledge of inner Truth, you’ll perceive the slow or quick re-adjustment.

I hope this is reaching some who need this very desperately, not only today, but tomorrow. The situation is always present for anything. Underline “anything”. But it won’t come if you are going to live in the visible, and accept it, and hope that God is going to come and do something about it for you or someone else. When we ask God to do something about something, or we expect God to do something, we are instantly in a state of separation. And you know that we all fall into that trap. Innately, we have this feeling that God will improve something for us. STOP IT. But look at that, that you want improved and realize that you have been fooled. God has already made it perfect in its original state, and you are reacting to the world image of it.

I know some of you know this and even when we know this, we constantly are trapped into the need to improve something out there instead of improving our inner perception of the truth of it. Your Never-Born Self is an exercise. There are no real images out there. It is an exercise. Never improve the image, but instead, return to source within yourself, finding your own Never-Born Self, your own eternal self, your own ageless self, your own indestructible self, and then that which had tempted you to improve it has fulfilled its purpose. It has forced you into your soul and your soul will manifest the Divine Body. And the more you can, rest in this constant, returning to soul as the prodigal returned to the father’s house, ever returning to soul until you go no more out. You will find that Never-Born Self which you have accepted as a principle, as a truth, will be lived in, and you will know when it is performing the greater works.

Now I know we can look in the mirror, we can see the outline of a physical form. We can see somewhere where the little muscles have fallen down in certain areas of the face, where the shoulders are tired and sloping…sloping; where we’re just not up to where we’d like to be. We may even lament of yesterdays. But look at yourself again and please let’s not get into these images as ourselves, whether they’re in the mirror or in the mirror of our minds. And if we have to lift the I of individuals who are in the same boat who think, “Look at me, I’m trudging drearily today to the doctor”, let’s do it. Let’s see through their appearance, not necessarily for them, but for our own souls. Let’s lift the world. Let’s not accept these images. Let’s not improve them. Let’s not sympathize with them. You can send flowers. You can pat them on the back. You can do all of that outwardly. But, I mean, don’t you be tricked into sympathy within yourself. You can put a sign on your mind, “Gone Fishin’”, and in your soul, really know the truth, while outwardly you’re sympathizing as much as you think you must. Because in your sympathy, you’re merely digging the grave a little faster and deeper. And in the truth, you’re lifting the I. You’re being the Son. You’re loving. You’re blessing. And in this, you’re really lifting yourself out of the muck of images that are not divinely governed or ordained or created. And then the world mind finds nothing in you.

If this is reaching a point of acceptance within you, you should be able now to see that Oneness with God is impossible while you are accepting human images as reality. We’ve all been searching for divine Grace and we’ve really been asking Divine Grace too often to come through a human image, and when it doesn’t, we think God isn’t listening or we think we didn’t know the right magic words. But Divine Grace does not come through a human image. Divine Grace comes through Conscious Awareness, through soul consciousness. It has to have the channel and you have to provide the channel. And you won’t provide it as a mortal being.

If last night, you went home with the idea of waking up this morning with the idea of establishing soul awareness, and if today we do it again and tomorrow again, when you go home from this seminar, if for one moment you say, “I have a bad business or a bad back”, it should instantly flash through your consciousness that you’re in the old consciousness, which was trying to live without its own soul. That’s where your bad back is – in the old consciousness. That’s where your bad business is. And that’s where every human problem is. All the agony, all the misery, all the frustration, lies in the old consciousness, which clings to the idea that a human image in some way is connected to Divinity. You can’t bring life into that which is dead. It’s a synthetic. It’s not the original, but yet the original is always present, the genuine Divine Life. Divine Substance is always you, and it doesn’t matter what side of the veil this physical form is on. If you establish the truth of it, it will ever be in your conscious awareness. You can live in un-interrupted Consciousness.

Two is Death. One is Life. To establish Oneness with God is to live in the substance of God. And that substance is your substance. Divine Substance has been yours before the foundation of the material world. Divine Substance is present right here. Let us find this substance. Let it be the substance of what the world calls your business, your back, your emotional disturbances, your anxieties. Let’s get all of that junk behind us. Everybody has had a bad back at one time or another. I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t hardly. We can’t live that way. So it hurts. Let it hurt. Get into your soul awareness. Get into your incorporeal, Never Born Self. Have some faith in who you are – who God says you are and rest there. And to devil with the appearances. Let them hurt.

Don’t bother improving them right now. Rest in you – the you that IS; the you that can survive anything this world can throw at you; the you that will always be alive. Rest in it. Believe in it. Above the level of mind it reaches into the substance of God and draws unto itself all that it requires without any human effort. It draws to you whatever is necessary whether it be a person, a place or a thing. If there is something that can improve whatever you are in this world and it’s on the other side of this earth, you’ll be placed there or it will be placed here. You will find each other. After you find yourself in the invisible, if your life has been one of success without the joy that surpasses understanding, that joy will bubble forth from your invisible self when you find that self. But it won’t bubble forth into a human being. That love that is beyond human love, if it hasn’t come and flowed through you, if you haven’t felt it, if you haven’t tingled with this knowledge that it is bigger than anything you have ever known, that is a true love, a love that has a divine texture to it; if you haven’t felt it, it is because you have not found your own self in which this love is a permanent dispensation. A love that constantly flows through you, blessing the world; a love that instantly walks through every form of ugliness and blesses it with Divinity.
So much is in us, awaiting release, but never for a single second let me live in that which is either dead or dying or can be destroyed. You must learn to live in that which is always alive, for that is the secret place that stands in the flood and the fire; in that, which is always alive.

I and the Father are One. You know there is no greater blessing in the entire heavenly universe than the truth that in yourself, you and the Father are One, and that Self never has to be found, never has to be sought. It is the only Self you are and if you accept another self, you are denying that Self. If you accept a self that is not One with God and ever alive, you are saying, “I prefer to live in a self that does die, a self that does age, a self that is not One with God. I prefer to live in the self that God says I am not.” And yet we have all made that decision. Instinctively, we have gone into the self that is not. We were thrust into it when we were too young to defend ourselves. But we are not one minute older than we were at that moment. It only seems that way.

The reclaiming takes a minute and the maintaining and abiding takes a lifetime. Oneness with God in your Never-Born Self while you stand in your soul rejecting the visible images of the world, blessing them with understanding as if you had X-Ray vision that could perceive through them, recognizing them as moving shadows, but not being satisfied to dismiss these moving shadows without first establishing that when the moving shadows appear, is that perfect invisible substance of God

All space is filled with perfect, invisible substance. There is no void anywhere. Yes, there are shadows in the mind, but where the shadows in the mind seem to be, though they wear mortal forms, the immortal Self is there, and until you acknowledge it in all your ways, the principle of Oneness is not being accepted.

End of Side One

Move now into the aliveness of your being, into the realization that you have always been alive. You were alive before this form appeared and you may have forgotten often that through physical birth you were alive before there was an Atlantis or a Lemuria or a Hypogoria, or a star in the sky, you were alive. Before the sun appeared to warm a lifeless earth, you were alive. Before there were planets, before there was a physical universe; and that which was alive then and yesterday and today, will be alive tomorrow, and long after the world is no more.

If you can believe that and trust it, you will find a power, a power to stand in the face of every form of oppression; a power to prove the truth of it that you have always been alive, that you always will be alive. And you are stepping back now from that which seems to have the capacity only to die and rejecting it as your reality.

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” You are going through a soul regeneration in which you transfer the focus of your operations to your soul and abide there, and let your soul fill the substance of Life, where the shadows appear everywhere. Instinctively, instantaneously, and before the shadows even come into view, fill your universe with the light of God. And that’s where the joy is, and that’s where the love is. And it is true that your soul will become your light and be independent of the light of the sun. You’ll be independent of the light of the stars. Your soul lights your way in the universe of God. It requires no light external to itself, for there is none. We are moving in consciousness into the Fifth World, into the first heaven of Reality, into your soul universe. We’re doing it now on this side of the great veil, for the great veil is as much an illusion as yesterday’s head cold.

The earth is the Lord’s. Perhaps, to some extent you may be feeling your incorporeal self a little better than when we started today; the formless Self, the Self before the world, before Abraham, the Self that will survive this world and all this world can throw at you. You can walk in that incorporeal Self now, and I know that it need not be an in and out experience. As it stabilizes and you feel the security of your divine presence, you will know that you have passed the power of reincarnation.

You will pass that point and you will know it, even before the outer sheath is removed. “Put on the new man”, says Paul. Put on the garment of immortality. Put on the man who was conceived in the image and likeness of his creator – not the old man, not that sense of us which walks in the shadow of our soul. This should be more and more becoming Reality, not words. It should tingle with awareness. It should have the weight of Reality, the substance of Reality, the power of Reality, the assurance of Reality.

You are ONE with God. Forever. Do not step into another self that is not.

While we are in the consciousness of being one with the Father in the one invisible Self, let us talk to each other silently. Talk to someone you know silently, not with your mouth, not with your mind. Make an effort. Strive to talk with your soul. See what happens. Talk with your soul to the soul of someone else. Don’t talk to the face. Don’t talk to the image. Don’t talk from your face. Talk with your soul to the soul. Make an effort. Talk across the centuries with your soul to the soul of another individual, until you can feel the NOW-ness and the HERE-ness of all that seems to have been in the past. Now listen. Listen with your soul while that soul talks to you. Listen. Just listen with your soul.

Now listen to the Soul of GOD with your soul.

That is a direct line of communication without any intermediary: Ever-Present, Divine intercommunication.

Your soul is ever attuned to the Will, the Wisdom, the Life of God. If you will not violate that Oneness in any form and will turn your soul to the Divine Knower, your soul in turn will realize this daily bread into other areas of what appear to be your visible self, and this Bread will distribute itself divinely into all areas of your life, giving them all a Divine transfusion. Nothing will be left out, not even the smallest leaf under all the leaves of a giant tree. Each will receive from within, though the sun doesn’t reach this particular leaf, it receives from the tree itself, and so will you. All the so-called outer will receive from the sun of your own soul, if your soul is turned upward, receptive in

Oneness to your own Divine nature, which is God. The chain of command is from your own Divinity through Christ, through Spirit, through Soul, through Mind into the appearance called world. Soul is the cosmic transformer, the cosmic link between the world that is not and the world that is.

“What, know ye not that your body is the temple of the Living God, that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost?” What body was He speaking of? The body of your soul. Your mission is to live as your soul, not as your human self, and to let your soul transform all that you formerly thought you are and were; to move over, cross over, pass over, be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Let it be regenerated in your soul which is attuned to the Infinite and can funnel into the visible experience all that the Infinite believes is necessary for the full expression of Divinity where you stand.

What difference what you were yesterday? What you Are is what counts. And what you are is greater than anything that can be human.

We should know so much Truth within ourselves that someone ought to be able to touch the hem of our robe and receive that Divine outpouring. Whenever they reach out to make the contact, we would be aflame with an invisible truth: not to change anyone, simply to be there when they need you, whenever they reach out.

For knowing the soul of God as the One Infinite Soul of all is the nature of Soul Awareness. For that reaching out to you is saying, “Know my soul for me as the One Soul. I can’t do it for myself. I’m hypnotized, but I sense something in you that can do it for me, and I’m turning to you”, and all you’ve got to do is BE what you ARE.

Now, let’s review.

The self that was born is not you. It is not the Self that was Never-Born, the Self that always has been, the Self which is Divine Substance, Divine Being, Divine Christ, Divine Spirit, Divine Soul. All this is one Self now and that is your Self. It has always been. It always will be. You live in it by living in your soul. You can do it no other way. You can’t jump up to Christhood. You can’t live in Christhood through your human mind. You can’t even have the mind that was in Christ Jesus until you live in your soul, until you identify as a living soul and daily make your soul your daily bread, until you are in soul consciousness. And then the weeds will now appear to you the same as the flowers. Then you can discriminate between the shadow and the real substance. Then you will refuse to walk in the shadow, but always will walk in the Substance itself. You will sow with your soul to the presence of Invisible Spirit. You will not sow to the shadow called flesh and you will find in this Substance all the joy and all the fulfillment that you have been missing in the non-substance that you have been satisfied with in this world of human shadows.

The hypnosis of animated shadows slowly dissolves. In your soul you are living as the eternal Child, the Son of God, calling no man your father on this earth, for ONE is your Father. In soul you can make this great acceptance of God as your present Father right here, right now. And as the Father of your human father, as the Father of your children, as the Father of man, unknown to man, as the Father of the atheist, as the Father of the murderer and the villain; and condemn no man by his appearance. For the Father is the father of the son who walks, though we see the shadow called Murderer, Thief. Take them all into the paradise of Reality. Stretch out your hand. Greet the Christ. Wash the feet of the world. I think we know what we’re supposed to do. Now we have to develop the capacities, the techniques in order to do it: In order to go in and come out no more.

In Revelation an angel said, “He that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of the Lord, and he will go out no more.” This was the esoteric code for the end of reincarnation for that individual. “He will go out no more” into mortality.

Now if you didn’t feel before that you had the weapons of transition, you may decide that you’re very close to having them now and getting still closer, because in soul awareness, nothing of the Father can be denied to you. Remember that, “Son, all that I have is thine.” My fullness is pouring through the soul of you. Open your soul, turn it toward your Father instead of toward the world. Look up into your soul always and your conversation will be in Heaven, but the moment you turn back, you become a human pillar of salt who walks as an image, a shadow, and now honors all other shadows, accepting all of them, all their grievances, all their disturbances, all their anxieties and thereby accepting the false creature which is not the creation of your Father.

Your Never-Born Self, my Never-Born Self are the same Never-Born Self. Your Christhood and my Christhood are the same Christhood. You may look like a woman. I may look like a man. You may look like a child. I may look like an adult. You may look like a patriarch. Someone else may look like a six-year old. Don’t be fooled by the appearance. As in the Father there is neither male nor female, there is neither youth nor old age. The Never-Born Self never knows age, never knows sex as we know sex or age. It is one complete whole. One complete whole. Accept that for yourself. Accept it for your friends and associates. Accept it for the world population. One Never-Born Self. That is the permanent Self of each unpermanent image that you see. Touch that home base. With your eyes open and with your eyes closed. In the home. In the office, wherever you happen to be. Practice it so diligently that you’re not always forced to make re-adjustments to shut out evils or to suit every contingency. But live in it. Be in it, because you are IT.

You must glide through the world in your Never-Born Self, accepting only that Self where the shadows are there, walking, talking, just like television images. Your job is to remember the only Self that is always alive – always alive…is your Never-Born Self. And if you find yourself slipping into the thought that you must be concerned about something that threatens your survival or your comfort or your safety, try to remember you’re being lured into the self that is NOT, into the mind that is NOT, into the life that is NOT, into the creature. But get this, this is the way in which your Father called each soul home into One-ness.

The intentional changes of the universe around you place before you all those things that are so good and pleasurable, as well as those that are so seemingly bad and painful. All equal temptations in order to make you stop, awake, and realize your need for soul existence. Ultimately this world will force you if you are alert into transcending the world by soul existence and so you lay down your human sense of life for soul existence. You give up the good as well as the bad. In your inner acceptance knowing that the Perfect is always present. You pass over to soul existence here and now, and then all the challenges in the world are seen to be your earth initiation, not the earth initiation of this human self, No. No. It’s the initiation for your soul. Your human self and my human self and their human selves out there are all initiations for our soul. We must overcome these human initiations and that’s how our soul passes through and above the earth experience into its home. Its own Heaven, soul heaven, which will be the result of your transition in consciousness.
I hope you have the Divine Plan now – understood, accepted and that you feel your capacity to move in that direction, because that’s the direction we’re going to go during the next 5 or 6 classes. And hopefully, every single human day that we spend upon this earth until the idea of human days doesn’t even taste good to us. We can no longer accept it in consciousness.

I’m sorry I have to be mundane now, but we have a dinner Monday night and everyone is invited as you know. We’re going to have it right here in the hotel about 3 seconds from here in a restaurant called the Plaza Tree, right outside the elevator, and then to the left. And the reason we’re going to be there is because they have a space and they’re not too busy at night. The prices are moderate and they have a selection so we’re not confined to one fish dish and one meat dish or anything like that. So I think anyone can really afford to go. And if you’re going to be here Monday night, I’d like you to tell either Ruth or Alice Mohler – either one and they’ll note down your name. You don’t have to give them anything toward the payment of it at this moment. You can do that when you’re at the restaurant. You can even, if you wish, charge it to your room. Just tell them you’re going to be there. We haven’t quite decided the final time, but it will either be 6 or 6:30 Monday night. And if you tell them you are going to be there, we in turn can tell the restaurant how to prepare for us. So that’s the only piece of business I know of tonight…unless there’s something else that someone thinks we ought to talk about? Something I don’t know about? Anything else? Any piece of business? Doris? Or Betty? Anyone? All right, good….what’s that? Well, 8 O’clock is the class and 7:30 is the Meditation. Every night from now on. So, I’ll see you tonight or right now after class if you come up.

Thank you. Thank you very much.


There may be a special message today beyond all of our previous seminars because during the past two or three months there has been a special type of energy coming and going from each of us to the other and it was in a sense, a preview of a special kind of preparation that all of us were going through. Certainly, there was a great deal of enthusiasm expressed since Christmas this year and now that we have come to the Easter experience, it’s quite possible that some of will leave this seminar a bit different than when we arrived.

It will be our purpose during the next eight talks to enter a different level of Silence than we have ever known, a different level of Peace, a different level of Inner excitement and it will probably come about if we are not content with human success; if instead, we are determined that we must bear Divine fruit.

About twenty miles from here there’s a monastery called the Carmelite Monastery. Some of you have probably have been there, others of you will probably seek it out and go there. The Peace, the Inspiration is all there and if you bring with you the need for that Peace and that Inspiration, you may notice as you look around the inner sanctum, there upon the left wall, I don’t recall if it’s the entire length or not, but toward the ceiling it says, ‘Keep your conversation in Heaven.’ It says it in Latin and the meaning may have escaped many of the people who went in that Monastery from time to time. It may even have escaped the human race in total because something has been missing in human life and today, I hope we can rectify several universal errors all of us have at one time been subject to and many of us still are subject to.

The first universal error that we must look at together and overcome right now goes back to a day in the Maternity Ward when some of you were being future parents, either a mother in labor or a husband pacing the floor. When you were bringing forth an expression of something the world has not quite understood.

Today, today we must challenge that false conception which man calls ‘human birth,’ today we must understand it a little better than we have in the past.

If you will take your mind back now to that day when you were bringing forth this new individual, you may find that something very vital to that child was neglected. It certainly has been neglected in the billions of births all over the world. Hopefully, you were an exception.

And, if by chance, there are many among us who have not ever given birth to a child or become fathers, you might be thinking now about your own birth as a human being; the day that you were in a Maternity Ward as the infant about to be born, about to be projected into this world of ideas and images.

And for you too, something was missing, something that may never have been rectified from that very day to this day, probably less so in the members of this class than many areas of this world, but I believe you will soon agree that even in your life however advanced you may be in spirituality, on that natal day when you were either born or gave birth or became a father, something was missing in your realization, something that persisted through the years. There was a child being born and it was either you or your child and you think very carefully now, there was something missing in the consciousness of the people involved in that birth.

That something is the cause of all human error, all human so-called sin, all human frustration, even the cause of human disease and ultimately the cause of death. And we will have to lay our axe right at the root of that missing ingredient in order to make a drastic change in our own level of consciousness.

Perhaps by now, you suspect what that missing ingredient was. The parents saw a form, the doctor saw a form, the nurse saw a form, the father saw a form, everybody saw a form, a form emerging into this human experience and we think we know just what happened that day and we have gone from that day to this, thinking we knew the nature of human birth. We want to challenge the universal belief that man understands the nature of human birth. Do you for one moment, whether you gave birth or became a father or were that infant – did you for one moment think that the soul of that child had anything to do with that birth? Sadly, most of us did not give any thought at all to the soul of that child. We simply saw this six, seven or eight pound of humanity emerging. We saw an event with our eyes. The cause of that birth however, is totally unknown to mankind, to science, even to mothers.

The reason for that birth, the purpose of that birth and how the purpose can be fulfilled is still unknown. And even though we may be sixty, seventy or eighty years old, it’s possible to have spent those sixty, seventh or eighty years completely unknowing of why the form which was either us or the child we gave birth to: why it was born and what made it be born outside of the usual material sense of birth?

We saw only the top of the iceberg. We did not see the soul of that child; we thought that we, human beings gave birth. We did not see the soul of that child choosing the parents; we did not understand the purpose for which that soul projected the perfect Divine Spiritual Body, which we never saw. All we saw was the human child; we saw nothing in the Invisible.

And when that human child grew up, it identified itself exactly as the parents had identified it; a body and a mind, some emotions, some heredity, some tendencies in one direction or another but no one said this is an expression of an Invisible Soul. And then, the child grew up with the same incomplete awareness of itself, never realizing that the form in the visible was in some way connected to the original expression of a Soul in orbit returning to the Father’s House. I tell you that is a basic universal error and the repercussions of that error are prominent in the life of every individual who has not made a correction of that error. That includes most of us.

Our Soul has not been restored and we have tried, usually in vain, to understand why we die, why we have pleasure and pain, why we have joy and sorrow, why we have mountains and valleys. And if you will look carefully at the Truth, you will see that this child born that day, which may have been you or the child you gave birth to, and this is really hard to take – this child is not the image and likeness of God.

But, the image and likeness of God was projected by the Soul of this child on that day, by the Soul of you; if you are that child and that Soul projecting the image and likeness of God as a perfect spiritual body – was then overshadowed by the world mind through which we saw the infant, the physical mortal infant, where only the Immortal Self is.

And without making that correction, we then became unaware of our Source or the Source of that child. We are not aware that our Soul has actually given birth to us and that through the world mind we have not seen that to which the Soul gives birth. We have not seen our own Source and from that chasm, that gap in consciousness, we then proceeded into a mortal birth, a separation in consciousness from our own Immortal Self.

And today, we continue to identify with a body that is not the image and likeness of God and we spend the rest of our lives. finding whatever peace we can, whatever success we can, whatever happiness we can, and wondering why ultimately we must go through the opposites, why we must ultimately give up the things we acquire and cherish, why inevitably, no matter what our plans or hopes or aspirations, we must make an exit from this scene without knowing where we are going. Why Grace doesn’t function our lives as perfectly as we’d like it to. Why there great gaps between the presence of God in our lives and the absence of God in our lives, why we have no control over the lives of others close to us, why we have no control over governments, why we have no control over crises.

It all comes back to the absence of the Soul in our consciousness. The total unawareness of our Source and our Soul being One with God and we being unaware of our Soul, we are divided. We move out into a divided consciousness, not knowing why, not knowing that we are even doing it, and the mortal dream becomes what we think is the reality.

It should be known that no matter what we today find in our lives, that is not complete, not expressing Divinity, we can be restored to that completeness, that Divinity, that perfection of Spirit by only one activity and that is through the conscious awareness of the presence of our own Soul. You cannot go to Christhood direct; you must go to Christhood through your Soul. And if you, in your affirmations of Christhood and the powers of Christ and the love of Christ and the glory of Christ have not been able to experience the manifestation of Christ, it is because the human mind does not go to Christ. It may try but you’ve got to correct the error because through the centuries man has repeated this error until it has become part of the world consciousness and you to break it must see that you are now a living Soul.

You cannot proceed further into the three worlds above this one until you are consciously aware and practicing that you are a living Soul. Now, I’m not saying that you have a Soul; you don’t have a Soul; if you think you have a Soul you’re in duality. You are the Soul-you don’t have it, you are it! You are the Soul, you are the Spirit, you are the Christ – you are the three in One, which are through each other. Christ in Spirit and Soul; Spirit in Christ and in Soul, Soul in Spirit and in Christ, all One indivisible but you must first go to the Soul, to move through the Spirit to the Christ.

Until this is done, there is no way to stop the wheel of reincarnation. Illusion that we die and go to heaven or hell has hypnotized mankind much too long. The promise has been given but the promise is never kept. Unfortunately, reincarnation is not generally recognized as a teaching of Jesus Christ. We think it has come to us from the Far East but once we try to read our Bible as it should be read, from the level of your Soul, just as it was written by the Soul, you see in it the great teaching of reincarnation by Jesus Christ. And, it’s important to know that this teaching had a magnificent purpose.

The world, oh for millennia, was not really aware of reincarnation. It had been tranquilized with the idea that if it was good it would come into God’s Grace when it died and at the last day something miraculous would happen. And it is still being tranquilized with the idea that the Son of God will someday, even raise those who have died. But, if you yourself have finally accepted that you have lived many lives before, that each reincarnation has been a return to another brain, another heart, another pair of lungs, another set of ambitions – always thinking this time I am going to do something great, never connecting the two – this life and the previous one – always in a temporary life span, always thinking you are going somewhere but always ending in the same place.

You finally have come to realize that – that is what you have been doing all these years – you then could see that Jesus knew this truth, that the Hebrew Prophets knew this truth, that reincarnation was a normal acceptance. There’s a place in Luke where we learn that Herod was afraid that John the Baptist had reincarnated as Jesus – it was an awful thing to think that. There’s another place in the Bible where the Disciples told Jesus that the townspeople thought he was a reincarnation of Jeremiah or some other Prophet. There’s a place where Jesus easily and naturally was – you know, just as simply as falling off a log, mentioned that Elias had already been here …. Reincarnation was accepted. It wasn’t something that Jesus said in words that a person who reads the Bible by the letter would see but when Jesus was saying, ‘Be ye perfect as your Father, ‘ He was saying ‘Be ye perfect’ or you will have to reincarnate.

And when you realize that reincarnation was a normally accepted idea, and that people were simply doing it because they didn’t know how to do anything better, then you can see another side of the Christ teaching. There’s only one way to stop that reincarnating cycle and that’s to become aware that you’re a living soul. The teaching that you are the Living Spirit of God can be valuable up to a point but until you are in Soul Consciousness there’s no channel through which the qualities of the Divine can flow into expression.

And so, we see a Jesus teaching has a method, a method of terminating the repetition of temporary life spans that begin and end and lifting mankind into a permanent life, an everlasting life, under the government of God, under Grace, making heaven the earth experience. And whoever has cherished the notion of making a transition should know that there is no transition without Soul Consciousness.

So, it’s going to be necessary for you and I to make a journey into the other side of Silence where Soul Consciousness is not only realized but becomes your normal way of life – not a going in and a coming out but the way you live, the way you move through the day, the way you function – not from the finite …. form and human mind but from a consciousness which has no boundaries. It doesn’t talk from- in a body to the world outside the body. Unless you are able to capture the understanding that you are the Living Soul which put forth the PERFECT FORM made of Divine Life which appears to human sense as the physical you which is not forever, you will not make the effort to live as that Soul and you will merely give consent to the various degrees of hypnotism that govern the human life of most people on this earth.

I would like to meditate with you now on your acceptance that you are not just the Invisible Christ, not just the Invisible Spirit but you are also the Infinite Soul of God. I ask you to do this because I am certain as this takes root in your consciousness, you will see that your Soul is the vehicle through which Christ feeds your Infinite Invisible Body of Spirit.

You will find this is the way you become a transparency for Christ in a manner that leads to termination of separate life spans and opens the realization of the One permanent Life, the Eternal Life. You will see examples of this to learn that it is not impossible that you literally can learn to take your body with you, just as Enoch did. You must first come into possession of that which creates that body, that which supports that body, that which maintains that body, and that which overcomes the world sense of individual separate bodies, not being fed by their Source.

I is your name. I am a living Soul. My Soul is the channel through which the Christ of God functions. Through my Soul, the Bread of Christ feeds me, the Love of Christ warms me, the Life of Christ animates me. It is my Soul through which the Infinite Father pours all that God is. I am that Soul and I cannot permit the human mind to govern a physical form and call that my life.

I must move the seat of my consciousness from the mind that governs or tires to govern the physical form; I must move the seat of my consciousness to my Soul, by knowing that my Soul is under Divine Guidance, as the transmitter and expression of Divine Will, and that I must act in consonance with that Soul. In other words, I cannot lend myself to an activity or a thought that is out of character with my Soul. I cannot divide that way, I cannot allow the mind to run rampant with its ideas. I must step back and make the conscious effort to release myself from the world mind and the individual human mind and accept my Soul.

And then I must turn to my neighbor and see that I do not have a human neighbor – I have there a Living Soul. This is going to become more and more the way you let God live your life; in a different way than letting God try to live your life through your mind. The Soul must become an area in consciousness in which you live in every day more and more and more until you can perceive that something is adjusting the circumstances of your life in a way that nothing else can.

This should have been done when mother was bearing the child, it should have been done so that the child could come out from under the umbrella of mother’s consciousness into its own Soul consciousness. It should have been done as the child was growing up, it should have been done as the child reached adulthood, it should have been done before the child entered marriage and it should be done before the child becomes a parent of another child.

There must be the conscious awareness that I am not the dying form. That is not my name. That is not my character. That is not myself. I am the Soul! And all of the qualities of the Soul are always invisibly present just as the Infinite Immortal Body of Spirit if Infinitely Present. I must accept those qualities and live with them and know what they are and refuse to be tempted into qualities that are not the qualities of my Soul because that’s how I deny myself to be that Soul.

To be specific: we all want to live a life of freedom from the various disturbances that have beset us in the past. We don’t want to feel limited in any way, we don’t want to feel dependent, we don’t want to feel insecure. There must come a day when all of this is behind us and it doesn’t get behind us unless we move up to the level of the Soul which knows nothing of these deficiencies or disturbances.

Now, as you become aware that you are this living Soul, the function of that Soul at birth is then seen to be a continuing function, a function that continues after birth and the real miracle of that function becomes apparent as you weigh the words of Jesus very carefully. That Soul has a function that it must fulfill, it cannot return void. This is something you possibly didn’t expect you were going to do on this earth but if you harbor the idea of transition, you’ll be wise to listen very carefully.

That Soul is going to take your sense of human form and if you will permit it, if you will live in it – in that Soul, day by day, it will transmute from the Infinite Energy, from the Infinite Substance, in such a manner that nothing else can and it will change the nature of your physical form. And it will replace your physical form with another – that is what you didn’t possibly expect to do while on this earth. And that is precisely why most people don’t make a real transition.

Unless your Soul transforms your form from so called flesh-human to flesh-Divine, replacing it so that the image of Divine flesh replaces the image of material flesh, you’re wasting your time thinking about Eternal Life, transition, permanent life, perfect grace, being perfect as your Father. No one in human flesh is going to be as perfect as God and yet you are commanded to be perfect as God.

Obviously, there must be a transformation from the sense of physical flesh into the Divine flesh that is your true Self and your Soul is the instrument for that Transformation. Without Soul Consciousness there is no end to reincarnation, is that clear? Without Soul Consciousness there is no end to reincarnation – we don’t want to kid ourselves. We are serious, dedicated students of Truth, we want to live our Eternal Life, we want to experience all that the Father hath, we want to fulfill our Divine Destiny, we want to cooperate with the Master Plan.

Marvel not that I say, “Ye must be born again, first of the water and then of the Spirit” and what was omitted in words was still present and you can only do this through the power of your Soul accepted as your individual identity now, not tomorrow. The moment you cease to identify as a human being and as a Soul, you are on the way to terminating the wheel of reincarnation and the futility of disconnect – temporary life spans which have no place to go. This is the basic purpose behind the rebirth taught by Jesus Christ and behind the implicit understanding that nothing else could stop the reincarnation from matter to matter, to matter to matter.

I am a living Soul but I can’t claim that for myself alone. The moment that I deny that you are a living Soul by word or deed or thought, I’ve lost it. Do you see that this is just a little step different than loving your neighbor than saying your neighbor is Spirit? Because it is your Soul that is going to be able to recognize the Spirit or your neighbor, not your mind.

Now, then we have to learn to think of our self as Living Soul, to act from that consciousness and to treat our neighbor as a Living Soul, knowing that the Soul of the neighbor and the Soul of myself are not made of a different substance and they are not separated by space, by time or by texture. You’re going to find that all are One Soul. Deny it for another and you lose it for yourself.

On the other hand, accept it and what you call the competition of the business world will diminish what you call the highs and the lows will adjust into an upward progression. The miracle of Soul acceptance is sometimes instantaneous: you cannot accept a disease as a reality. If you do, you’re untrue to the truth that you are a Living Soul. There’s no disease in your Soul or in the body that is created. Not the body that it will create, the invisible body that it already has created is without disease and if you are that living Soul, you are that body of Spirit, and you cannot accept the diseases belonging to you, you cannot accept the competitive world as something you must be concerned about. You are only concerned about it as a person.

You must lift yourself out of all concern about anything, simply by moving out of the world of individual human beings while you appear in it. Transfer now to that Soul again and see if you can transcend some of the mental ideas you may have had about death, about sickness, about any form of limitation and see that if you accept the death, the sickness, the limitation, you are saying, I am not the Living Soul which is God expressing. You see how you make a choice between identity and false identity? You cannot have the qualities of the false identity and be the true identity. Can we make that adjustment then and know that it’s to be a permanent one? Henceforth knowing no man after any other thing but the reality of being the Living Soul; we’ll get to Christ later. We’ll get to Spirit soon …..

You are burying every woe you will ever have the moment you accept yourself a Living Soul. I mean if your business is failing this minute, you’re acceptance of Soul as your identity is the release of that idea – that the change is consciousness is very specific – you are faithful to one or the other, and if you’re faithful to the Soul, then the other represents the temptation to believe something is untrue about your Soul identity.

You think in five years you may not be here – wrong again. There is no death in the Soul, absolutely no change in the Soul. No matter what you may think may happen tomorrow or the next day that would not be pleasant, it is not going to happen in your Soul.

Now do you see what duality is? Duality is the belief that I am that Soul but I am also this person. You cannot accept the Soul and continue to be the person – and of course, you can’t do it in a minute. But you’ve got to know that this is the direction and you cannot be One with God and not be the Soul because only the Soul is One with God, the human being is not. If you are not the Soul, you continue to do what most people are doing right now – they are living in the absence of their own Self, which is a perfect dream life, a masquerade of no value whatsoever. They are living in the absence of their own Self. You are trying to live in the Presence of yourself.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞End Of Side One∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

Now think of another individual who is in some way related to you in any capacity and see this is an individual who is also the Soul whether he or she knows it not but you cannot unknown it – you must know it. You cannot be the Soul here and have someone there who is not. Pray for thine enemy is the recognition of the Soul of the individual. Love thy neighbor as thyself-you are recognizing the universal Soul which man has overlooked, which man is denied by overlooking it, which mankind is ignorant of, which authorities are ignorant of.

The world cannot continue to live without a recognition of its Soul and if the world cannot do this collectively, we must step forward and do it individually and then you will release Soul power.

As we move later into – the Silence, it will be because there will grow in you an awareness of the nature of your own Soul. It is capable of the deeper Silence. And in its Silence, it alone touches the substance that is God. In our mental life, in our physical life, we do not touch the substance that is God; we talk about it and we do not express that substance in our lives unless we have at some degree found the Soul level. Your Soul is going to be the only way in which you are going to communicate with three worlds above our present expression.

Your Soul is the only way you’re going to fulfill the commandments of God. Your Soul is the only way you’re going to break the illusion of time and space. Your Soul is the way you will break the illusion of a dying body. It will take you right out of the belief that you are in one. Restore the Soul to everyone you know. At first you may think you are doing something that is very big of you or maybe just a little beyond your normal way of life but it’s the same as little gifts that we give to each other – how they come back. As you restore the Soul to every human being on the face of this earth, regardless of the nature of that individual’s way of life, in your consciousness, you will be fulfilling the will of God in you. The power that is beyond belief – it’s an unselfish act. It restores you into the rhythm of Divine Love. Restore the Soul of every individual you know – do it consciously, take time to do it, realize there is a Living Soul, not a form.

And you will see that out of this grows a new awareness of the meaning of Oneness. A Oneness that you have been trying to do. You see what it’s leading to? You’re accepting your universal, your Infinite Identity; there is my Soul there, there is my Soul there and in both places it appears as two different people and here is my Soul here – one Soul without boundaries I am. And you can rest right there and watch the power of the Soul express your conscious awareness that it is present, functioning expressing God. It has the power of what human beings call miracles – your Living Soul, Omnipresent, accepted as the Invisible Soul of mankind, not as a personal possession, not as your Soul and not mind, or not his or not hers but One invisible Soul as the Soul of All.

In this Oneness your own Soul is restored and it leads you to green pastures. Do you see why we are told to use no might or power? We don’t need any. The moment we try to use might or power, we’re on a lower level than the automation of the Soul which does everything effortlessly, automatically, everywhere, always and always invisibly.

Just as it brought forth our concept of a baby without our knowing it, it is continuing to serve God in all Its ways. The human form then becomes a sort of egg through which the Soul will now give birth. It will make manifest the invisible body of your Being through that egg called the physical form. And one day in the twinkling of an eye, through your Soul, your Spirit will manifest the Divine image and likeness and it will be seen.

This is what Paul was trying to explain. This is what Peter discovered – what John knew – you can manifest the body that never dies and walks through the experience of death in that body and there is no reincarnation after that. It’s taken us these millions of years to come to a place where we feel the rightness of that and work for the expression of that and then to find that in Bible that’s exactly what we’ve been told all these years – never could connect it to ourselves. We always thought our transition was going to come  later. We always thought we’d have to die in a physical form. We never knew that we must transform the physical form into the Divine Self, while on this earth and that it can and must be done: in the twinkling of an eye.

You will see in this another reason for the age of the Disciples of Jesus Christ. If you’re young, you’ll say, ‘well, you know, what do I care about reincarnation, that for me, that’s forty years away.’ And if you are older, you’ll say, ‘it’s too late, I don’t have enough time.’ Look at those young men, there wasn’t anyone over about thirty-two. I think Andrew was about thirty two according to some of the commentators and yet he was teaching them to stop the wheel of reincarnation by rebirth and they were young. They weren’t waiting until they got to be fifty, sixty and seventy and eighty. They were getting right to it. That’s unusual because usually in our work we find that the younger ones always figure, ‘well, I’ve got to sow my wild oats first.’ But there isn’t one individual who walked with Jesus who wasn’t young and who wasn’t learning right then to stop that wheel of reincarnation and enter into the spiritual form.

You see why we are not too old to do it is because it’s already done. You are not going to do it – you are merely going to accept what’s been done, – finally, get around to what should have been done and accept yourself to be the Living Soul. I’m not saying that’s the final end of it, I’m saying you’ve got to do it to get to the final end of it.

Now, let’s suppose we had attained some degree of Soul awareness whereby, we knew that the only thing that we could express in Reality, were Divine qualities – right now that’s all we could express. It wouldn’t matter what appeared to us, we would accept that just as the illusion of evil is unreal because God isn’t the creator of it, just as error is unreal because God isn’t the creator of it, just as any form of disease is unreal because God isn’t the creator of it, – well the false qualities that aren’t perfect can’t be real because God is not the creator of them.

Therefore, it is possible to reach an inner agreement, an inner recognition that this false quality called hate – that someone is generating in my direction can’t be there. This false quality called corruption which I see in high places can’t be there; what is there is the absence of the awareness of Soul. And in the absence of the awareness of Soul, the illusion of these things must appear. Now, you can’t put this understanding in other people but you must put it in yourself.

You cannot recognize corruption or the hate; you cannot honor it. You must honor the Son, you must honor the Living Soul which incapable of these things and because it is incapable, because it is the Reality, these things can only be there as mental temptations which we, when we reach a certain level of enlightenment can stand firm and look at and say, ‘there is no corruption, it just can’t be there; God isn’t the creator of corruption.’ My mind cannot see this but as I rest in my Soul; my Soul is capable of reaching that understanding. My Soul can unsee the things that trouble me as unreal and from this day forward, this becomes the way of life for all of us who may not have consciously been ready or willing or able or alert to the fact that all evil on the earth is simply the absence of our own Soul consciousness, in which we fail to see what is and experience what is not.

Now, when you take that into your awareness, for a child, it will have an effect. When you take it into your awareness for any individual, it will have an effect on you and on your relationship with those individuals. It will have a relationship on a different level than the human level; and ultimately it will be see that the only level that exists is the Divine. There is no other level. Your soul alone can experience the Divine level of ever-present perfection and that is how you fulfill the commandment, “Be ye perfect as your Father.” In my soul, I can accept and experience that perfection here and now that my mind cannot; and it unscrambles all of the strange conditions of the world and restores you to the unconditioned universe of God.

Away go those little resentments, those little petty feelings about someone who did something wrong to you; about someone who is doing something wrong to you. That’s not soul consciousness.

You see what purification is? Purification is the elimination of all that is not flowing through your soul. That’s how you purify. You cannot purify and make exceptions. You cannot remain impure and expect the Divine Self to express. It can only express through the purity of your soul consciousness. So I’m emphasizing this because the love of God makes clear that It expresses through your soul when you are willing to renounce that which you are not. It might take a little courage. But if you see the truth, if you respond to the truth, I think we can say that you will make the effort to end the tyranny in the human mind in others as well as in yourself; we’ve had a degree of success at times in knowing that a certain condition does not exist because it simply cannot in God’s Presence. And then by some manner, letting your Soul Consciousness prevail and be dominant without the interference of your mental consciousness, that which is true makes Itself manifest without any effort.

But something in you first makes the acceptance of the truth and then that truth which is true manifests itself to prove that it’s true. Soul birth now is different than human birth and when Jesus speaks of the rebirth or the second birth, He means Soul birth. When He says that if you are a child of the resurrection who will not enter the second death, he means that if you are born of Soul Consciousness, reborn to your Soul Consciousness which was removed at the time of human birth, that Soul Consciousness was not held – it has to be held by the parent for the child to come into it. And when it isn’t held, then there has to be a rebirth.

Let’s drink from that awareness of Soul Consciousness now. You will come into it every morning by standing still, by fasting from the normal universal thoughts that crowd through your brain. In Soul Consciousness, you are not a target for world thought, you are not establishing any thought of your own, you are establishing what appears to be a neutral zone but it becomes very pregnant with Divine Thought all by itself.

Your Soul thought will be first – your absence of human thought; a total Sabbath from human thought. Where we are taught to transcend the mind, we are really being told to develop Soul Consciousness. The mind reports on the material universe which is not the creation of God, which limits us to a form that is not the image and likeness of God and a life that is not the Life of God.

The complete counterfeit existence totally devoid of the Infinity of our Soul activity, and finally, we are stepping out of that as we establish the fast or Sabbath of the mind and let the Soul begin to come alive in your consciousness, so that you feel a different awareness than just a mind awareness. It has a scope; it has a different type of vibration. It’s almost like a non-vibrational awareness. It has a different kind of dimension. It’s a dimension beyond dimension. It has a different texture and at a certain point, it has a different kind of Stillness – a Stillness that is very alive.

If you are in the right Consciousness, you can feel a change in time patterns, you can feel the absence of a thought from subconscious levels – they’re released and those subconscious levels of thought when they release, they leave another – a different kind of peace, the peace that you begin to recognize more frequently. It’s a Peace in which you don’t have to do anything; the Infinite is doing it all.

Now, this can be established almost at will any time that you wish to do so and when you do it, you will note that signs follow and that’s how you will know you are in the Soul Consciousness which is still just an embryonic Soul Consciousness but it’s the beginning of it.

The construction project that was being delayed, the red tape you had to go through for this and that, so many things are unsnarled, an Invisible hand is working. The Soul has the potency and nothing else has. But mostly, it is consistently developing your awareness of your permanent spiritual body. It does that without you even knowing it. It’s always lifting you to an awareness of your permanent spiritual body. It does that without you even knowing it. It’s always lifting you to an awareness of your permanent body which already exists.

We are trying to get to a place where you realize that all hidden manna, all the resources of the Infinite Divine Being are already in full availability in your Soul now. If you can realize that, that Infinite Consciousness can release through your Soul, the immediate fulfillment of every possible need provided you remain in the Truth of that without opposite. Then you will strive to eliminate those ideas and thoughts and beliefs that are sort of obsolete but still hanging around like yesterdays’ hand-me-downs that no longer have any validity.

The things you found you were not able to understand or think or believe with your human mind, you’ll find your Soul is able to do for you. And then there’ll be no you, there’ll only be your Soul and then your Soul announce the presence of the Infinite Christ.

Please work on this intermediate step of Soul Consciousness so that if this were now the morning and you had just awakened, and the world said ‘the shuttle wasn’t working, something wrong in the mechanism, it’s been delayed two years or it’s up in the air and we don’t know if it will come down on schedule or the enemy is now trying to develop its own equipment to combat our equipment:’ immediately dismiss from your thought all such undivine ideas.

If one member of the family has a flu or another one has lost his or her job or if there’s some serious setback of any kind this morning: immediately dismiss all these ideas as not Divine and realize they exist only outside of Soul Consciousness. And that’s where you must be if you have these ideas.

Now, in fidelity to the Truth of who you are, refuse to accept the ideas that are not that which is of your Soul and rest in the belief, in the understanding that I am the Soul. I can’t deny who I am and accept these foolish ideas, no matter what they are doing to me. They are not doing it to me; they are doing it to the false sense of self. I accept the Living Soul, that morning, that instant and rest there until it solidifies, until you feel you are making progress, you are really getting there. And remain there and let that Soul do its own work; no might or power on your part, let the Soul power reestablish the truth of God where you are – no matter what it might be.

And with patience, you will discover that the correct quantity and quality of whatever is necessary flows from the hidden manna of your Soul. And there are no exceptions. The only problem comes when you try to enter this consciousness with a personal motive, a personal desire. You think this Soul Consciousness should do that, it should establish this, it should eliminate that; you’re not in Soul Consciousness when you are thinking that way.

In Soul Consciousness, you are accepting that that which you wanted to correct is not there. You don’t try to correct it because Soul Consciousness is the knowledge that nothing created by God needs correction and nothing else exists.

Soul Consciousness that isn’t told to do anything – because the minute you try to do that you’re in a human mind all over again. Soul Consciousness doesn’t work just for your human self. Soul Consciousness works for the Infinite Being’s Self expression wherever anyone exists. We want to experience Soul Consciousness and therefore, we must not fall into the traps of trying to limit it to what I want, where I want it and what quality. We must be free.

In other words, we die to self, don’t we? We have the courage to die to my wants, my needs, my thoughts, my desires, my ambitions, my motives. For only the pure at heart can inherit the Kingdom. Only the pure at heart can receive the flow of Soul power and the paradox is that the pure at heart don’t receive the flow. They are the flow!

You see how there’s no I and me? It doesn’t flow to a you – there is just your Soul. There’s no Holy Ghost in your life without being in the Soul Consciousness. The Soul Consciousness will transform all that appears mortal into the reality of its Immortal Self. To those of us to whom that is the direction of our divine purpose, that is the direction in which our effort will be expended.

And we may appear to others, not to defend ourselves, or to be stoic in accepting pain or whatever the terms may be, but it is that integrity which will restore you to Soul Consciousness. And so your integrity is more important than your human fulfillment. I want to get that point clear. Human fulfillment is not what we are after. We are interested in the integrity which establishes Soul power, Soul Consciousness, Soul faculties as our experience.

And many of you have come to me with thoughts from time to time which are very varied and usually involve other people beside yourself – you’ve got to see, there are no other people.

In our preparation for the other side of Silence, we have made a certain degree of Self Surrender and in that Self Surrender, we should have attained some success in releasing the idea that other people exist because we know that Oneness is the message. Now, if you will come forth in those areas where you could not attain this knowledge and the experience of the fact that other people do not exist, if you apply the effort to attaining Soul Consciousness, it will do what you were unable to do.

lt will express its knowledge of the One self where the world is seeing individuals who are mortal and separate. lt will take you above that mind which is incapable of doing this. It will do for you what you have tried and wanted to do but could not.

So again, you would have to come to this conclusion that these other individuals represent the automatic vision, touch, hearing, other forms of perception of your individual human mind and you would use that human mind to either outsmart them or to talk them out of something, or in some way influence them. Now you’re not. You are recognizing your Soul as your Identity and your Soul has the Identity of the other individual. You are seeing one unseparated Soul and you’re resting in that. Can you do that? Will you try to see one unseparated Soul where you have accepted other individuals who in some way were not in harmony with your particular lifestyle or purposes? Not say they are good or they are bad, you are better or worse but rather recognize one invisible Soul as the Living Soul of God – rest in it. Don’t worry what happens -let the things that are going to happen, happen – be patient, sit it out and watch how the one Soul changes that relationship in ways that you had not anticipated.

You’ve got to come to this. You find your peace by doing it also. Now, we can think of lots of ways to practice Soul Consciousness but it’s easy enough to go right back to Jesus and let Him tell you, because the Christ has already given us some very unusual ideas about Soul Consciousness that we didn’t recognize.

Turn the other cheek – meaning – stop resenting this, stop resenting that, stand ye still in Soul Consciousness and let the power of the Infinite Soul restore what the mind had misinterpreted. Release your concept. There are quite a number of people we don’t like particularly who bore us or do something or other that we wish they’d remove; let’s redo that. Let’s take them into Soul Consciousness and let’s take a certain person who isn’t always perfect – OUR SELF and take that person into Soul Consciousness and start FORGIVING the human sense of life that person had entertained. Once you can forgive yourself, its trespasses, its debts, its karma, you find in your Soul Consciousness, you’re not quite as bad as you once thought you were, much better in fact than you had ever anticipated. And it will give you the capacity to forgive others in a different kind of way than saying, ‘I forgive them.’ Let the Soul do the forgiving.

This is all preparation for a new level of Silence. Once you do it’s a great reshuffling, the adjustments are very pronounced, they involve everyone you know. I think Jesus put it a certain way, and it’s very important to us. I want you to look at Matthew 19, Chapter 19 the last three verses. We all know Jesus said, (Follow Me’ but here he said something just a shade different and it’s about your Soul, even though the word ‘soul’ isn’t used.

You see the whole thrust of the Christ message is regeneration but without the Soul there’s no regeneration, so it’s really Soul regeneration. Through the Soul you are regenerated or reborn. In other words, the false birth is overcome and we see there never was a birth at all. It was just the Self that was not visible or tangible for the people involved either for themselves or you.

Now, Jesus says, ‘for verily 1 say unto you, that ye which had followed me in the regeneration, ‘- and so that’s what they have been going through with Him. They have been lifted out of the reincarnating self into the permanent Self which does not reincarnate. They are being reborn or turned away from the false sense of life to the true permanent sense and this is Soul regeneration that He’s talking about: ‘Ye who have followed me in the regeneration, when the Son of Man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye shall also sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. ‘

This regeneration lifts them into a different present life into a different present body, a different present Consciousness, which is eternal. That is the reason they are judging the twelve tribes of Israel. They are above the changing human scene and yet they’re here, visible, regenerated. It takes quite a shock then because in everyone that hath forsaken houses or brethren or sisters or fathers or mothers or wife or children or land for my name sake, shall receive a hundred fold and shall inherit everlasting Life.

He had previously said that a Soul went forth to sow and some few reaped a hundred fold but those who follow in the regeneration through Soul will reap a hundred fold, arid when you reap a hundred fold that’s breaking reincarnation. Until you reap a hundred fold you’ve got to reincarnate. Now, a hundred fold means that you are bearing Divine fruit not human fruit. So whoever has felt that because I’m expressing various types of human fruitage that I must be highly chosen has another thought coming? That’s a good decoy to the expressing or manifesting human fruitage because it is Divine fruitage that we are now after. The Divine fruitage is the end of reincarnation; human fruitage has nothing to do with it.

You see how we can short change ourselves? But all the things that we have to come past – mother, father, brother, sister, child, mean: recognize their reality. It’s all it means. Recognize who they are. But you see if you’re going to say, ‘my wife is a living Soul but your wife isn’t,’ you’ve lost it again. Now, one person’s wife may be in jail for writing false checks and yet, that is what the mind sees – you are seeing the Living Soul. Forgiving seventy times seven means looking through the Soul and accepting what the Soul knows rather than what the mind sees and so, this is how we leave mother, brother, father, sister, etc. for my sake. We recognize the Reality.

But many that are first shall be last and the last shall be first. So, it matters not in Truth what degree of human fruitage we are showing forth. Whoever can accept the indwelling Soul as the only – will rectify the error of centuries when parents only saw the body and the mind and did not see that the body and the mind are just tiny images in the vastness of the Soul. The Soul is the overall and these are just little images or shadows of the world mind as it interprets the Soul.

I hope that you don’t misunderstand and try to separate from families or separate in some way and see children as something you don’t any longer have anything to do with or in some way you begin to feel- because Jesus put it this way, I must, you know, move out from these human relationships and have no responsibility. The responsibilities don’t cease, they just take a different form.

In fact they are handled better because they are handled in the manner of Grace. Even the Disciples on the road fulfilled their responsibilities to their families through their plan of having two of the twins serve the families with the money they collected on the road. The responsibilities are always fulfilled, we never neglect them. In fact they are more of a privilege. Now we have this new dimension then, of Soul awareness to consider actively and several other things we are going to do – we want to find a space in our consciousness where we are willing to live not where our body appears. Sounds funny perhaps, but your Soul doesn’t live just where your body appears, you see.

And I’ve got to approach this with you in a special way right now because if you think where your body is you are, you are going to make your Soul Consciousness just a matter of words. Right now your body is sitting in the chair but your Soul Consciousness is not limited to that spot – okay? Let’s make that clear – your Soul Consciousness is totally independent of that physical form.

Now see if you can experience a conscious awareness of being in any place where this physical form is not. You see, the mind finds it difficult to make that leap and so you don’t make that leap with the mind. In order to make that leap, you drop the mind.

And now, where is your Soul, where is it not? Can you find a place where your Soul does not exist? You see how different Soul Consciousness is going to be when you come into the awareness that there is no place where your Soul does not exist; whereas your body is only sitting in a chair or moving in a car on a highway or entering the office door?

As you shift to Soul Consciousness, your body will come under a different set of laws. I don’t know how many of you have tried that often enough but once you experience the feeling of this Soul which is not where the body is, not only where the body is, you will realize that you are into a new level of power, a new level of Divine Consciousness. God couldn’t be limited to where a person’s body is – God is your Soul.

Who is incapable of practicing being a Living Soul that is not limited or confined just where the body is? Anyone can do it; anyone who understands the power of it will do it and will make it another exercise. And in the Stillness with that exercise there will come a point of completion in the exercise, a point which says, ‘I now have reached a certain balance which feels a Self that I am which is independent of the physical form that the world sees me in.’ As that develops you’ll find that you are in that Self which does not reincarnate and which does not die and which is perpetually maintained by the Infinite Spirit of God.

Instead of being separated from your Source, that which separated you is dissolved and you find that I and My Source are One. Much of what we are going to do in the ensuing classes is going to seem impossible to us until we begin to experience the Newness and some of the things we will do is to understand what it means to ‘inherit the earth’ – to know that you have abolished it, to know that you are independent of the human form, to know that your self has dominion over everything in this world. These are impossible to the human mind; they are already true in yourself. And they will best be attained when through the purity of your consciousness refusing to live outside of Soul, the Comforter comes unto you.

For it is the Comforter who accomplishes that which impossible. The mind which goes away is the equivalent of Jesus going away and then when the mind goes away, the Comforter comes unto you and you become a transparency for your Divine Self. Or you want these things which at one time seemed so far out, far away from us, to become normal living where we are not astounded by what Spirit is doing every day, invisible to human sense.

We want to watch the healing of the nations; we want to watch the healing of bodies; we want to watch the healing of relationships, of conditions, with the knowledge that behind all of these healings is simply the perfection coming forth through an enlightened Soul and we want to be that Enlightened Soul. At this point I am hoping there is less human thought in us and more of the Peace of the Father, the Peace that enables you to relax and know that God where the world appears is the only Reality, right now.

Tomorrow morning, when you come to class, I’m going to assume that each of us has awakened with the knowledge that our Soul is present Infinitely expressing God perfectly and that the Soul level, the Spiritual level of us and the Christ level of us are all present – synchronized in Oneness and that we have made the effort to realize that NOTHING ELSE IS PRESENT. That would be a good starting point. Our final exercise and I hope you don’t mind staying up this late is to wash the feet of the world by the knowledge that the washing of feet is a symbol of the awareness that the physical sense of life is a false state of consciousness into which man has fallen because his Soul awareness had been absent. In the washing of the feet, you are looking through the material sense of life and you are regenerating yourself through Soul awareness.

You are washing the feet of the world; seeing that the mind of the world is nothing more than the absence of the knowledge of the presence of the Soul of the world. Wash the feet; replace the mind with the Infinite Soul and know that not two are present but One and you are washing the feet of the world.

Our meeting tomorrow will be at 9:30 for meditation, 10:00 for the class. If any of you have the – a desire to learn more about the community around Monterey and Carmel, there are two individuals who know a great deal about it. One is Alexandra and one is Ilse Thompson, you can find them – they both know this area very well and they’ll be glad to give you any information they can – ideas on anything that would be helpful to you.

Those of you who haven’t noticed, Joel’s books are way back there and I think there’s a young lady from Palos Verdes who will be glad to show them to you. And I guess, we’ll think of other things as we go along but for the moment, that it will be it for tonight and we are going to start right in with our Soul Consciousness in the morning.

See you then. Thank you. I am going to remain here as long as anyone comes up to talk.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞