This is October of 2019, and I haven’t made any of these talks in quite a while, so we’ll see how this turns out. It is 11:16. I just finished the fifteen minute meditation that we have every Sunday morning. The purpose for this fifteen minute meditation every Sunday morning is to release Christ onto the scene.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that this world, the world that we see with our physical eyes, is in dire need of something, and so if we have the ability to meditate until we touch this inner Christ and then release it to go wherever it will go, some part of this world will be dissolved, some error will be, well, it’ll disappear, and Truth will appear in its place.

You may not ever know where that is. It could be that your inner realization of Christ as the grace that feeds us all and your resting in knowing that, could release that Christ somewhere in Bangladesh, so that in some way unbeknownst to us now, they never again have a food shortage. You don’t know how it’s going to appear.

Maybe somebody’s crying out, “Oh God, how could you take him from me? I loved him so, and now he’s passed.” And in its place the person crying out has a spiritual awakening to find out that they’re never alone. You just don’t know. But I know if we continue to do this, not only is the Christ released, but some part of ourselves, some part of our false self, is erased at the same time. You see, as you awaken to the kingdom, you erase the false self. The two things go hand in hand.

I was looking this morning for the scripture that says, “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth,” and I discovered that not only in Revelation was that said, but way back in Isaiah 65:17 it says, “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.” And all the way down here to Revelation, John says, “I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” Now the sea is that false state of consciousness called world mind.

But anyway, we’re going to take a look this morning at this book called ‘LEAVE YOUR NETS’ by Mr. Goldsmith whom we all know as Joel. The first chapter is pretty tiny. It’s one, two and a half pages, but that’s what we’re going to cover today. And the reason why I brought up the new heaven and the new earth is because this, these two little pages and a half, if followed, will bring about a change in your inner consciousness. The false sense of self will dissolve, will begin to dissolve, and the new heaven and the new earth will begin to appear, and the two things are simultaneous.

So let’s enter into this chapter now. A lot of people read these books as if they’re reading a thriller, and they can’t wait to get to the end to see who done it, but we’re not going to do that. We’re going to read this book, I call it entering into the chapter. It is entering into the Consciousness that wrote or spoke the chapter. So we’re going to do that together, and if you’ve had your meditation for fifteen minutes, you should be pretty well centered. Alright—and if you haven’t, then you need to pause reading this and have your meditation first.

Now in order to enter into this chapter, we don’t read it fast to the end. When I’m reading a chapter like this, I read a paragraph, perhaps only a couple of sentences, and then something draws me into it. There’s an important principle. I can feel it. So I set the book down and I’m done, maybe for that day as I try to practice that principle which I saw, and then I’ll come back to it the next day, and I’ll read again. I may go for the whole rest of the page, and then something at the bottom calls to me, and I put the book down.

Okay, so if you have the book, you can do that same thing. If not, I suggest you get the book. None of these books are expensive anymore. I don’t know what this was when I bought it originally. It says $11.95. I don’t know if Acropolis Books has raised their price or not, but everybody should be able to get that.

Alright now, chapter one is called, “The Call,” “C” “a” “l” “l,” “The Call.” And this is something that happens to every one of us that are on this path, and so he starts with: “God-consciousness is a plane of consciousness different from that experienced by ‘the natural man.’” Alright, God-consciousness is what? It’s the conscious awareness of God, the conscious awareness of the presence, a conscious awareness of Christ. I don’t care what term you give it, but when you experience it, it’s a whole new plane than that of experience by the natural man, which is the physical man or physical woman.

That which you can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell around you right now and always through those five senses—you see a world that isn’t out here. It’s a world of concepts, universal concepts, which you entertain in the mind. It never gets outside the mind.

Oh, I know we could swear, “Hey, right here’s a table,” but the table is in your mind, and when you begin to have God realization or as what he calls God- consciousness and you become consciously aware of God’s presence, you’re not going to see that table as you’ve been seeing it. Trust me. You’ll see a whole new heaven and a whole new earth and everything in the earth. So, all he is saying here is that when you’re conscious of God, the earth is different for you than the natural man, than for those who are not conscious of God.

Let’s take something that we can all probably relate to. Let’s say we’re kind of busy. We have some things to pick up, and we have to go to that dreaded place called Walmart. I don’t know if you have any of those overseas, but here they’re everywhere. So you have to go to Walmart to pick up some things. Now your experience in the past has been that when you get there, it’s hard to find a parking place anywhere near the front door. You know you’re going to walk quite a ways, and when you finally get in there and you get your things, some of them aren’t there, especially the last year or two. You go for something that you’ve always got, and it’s not on the shelf. They’re out.

Now you get what you can. You go up to the front register and there’s a line. There’s ten people in front of you. Well, that’s probably an exaggeration. Let’s say there’s five people in front of you, and you get up there, and you’re wanting to get through there. You have things to do, but the register operator and the customer are in a chat. They’re chatting together, “Oh, so well, how’s Uncle Ernie?” “Oh, he’s good.” And you’re looking at your watch. Okay, that’s one experience. That’s an experience of the five physical senses as it approaches Walmart.

Now those of you that have been on this path for a while, you know that you can sit down and have a meditation as most of us did this morning, and then you’re reminded that you need to go to Walmart. What happens? You’ve made that contact. You’ve touched, you’ve had that God-consciousness if only for a moment, if only for a minute or two, and so you get up. You’re moving in God- consciousness. You don’t know it. All you know is when you get to Walmart, hey, there’s a parking place right up front. You pull in there and you go inside the store, and everything you need is there. You put it in your basket, you walk up front, and the lady says, “I’m just opening up. I’ll take you.” And you head right out.

And somewhere down the line, maybe not even until the nighttime as you’re reviewing your day, it dawns on you. Wow! What a difference! What a difference between the natural man and someone that has God-consciousness. So I know you’ve all had experiences like that. It may not be Walmart. It may be driving somewhere and all the lights turn green, and traffic just seems to move out of your way, but you know when you have that experience of synchronicity, everything’s going just right.

And the point of this is when you follow this way of life and you practice these spiritual principles and you practice this meditation and you carry it out into the street to the public, not speaking, but just knowing within yourself, Well, “I go before you to prepare a place for you,” everything just falls together with no effort. Now that’s the difference between that earth and the old earth, where you have to force everything, and you can’t get what you want, and it’s a struggle, and people are in the way. That’s just a little example.

Now imagine that you have traded in the entire natural man, the soul that lives through the senses only. You’ve traded that in. It’s dissolved completely, and you’re walking continuously in God-consciousness. I think you can see how that would make a new heaven and a new earth. Isaiah experienced it. John experienced it. Of course, Christ Jesus experienced it and many others, and so Joel has experienced it, too, and he’s telling us God-consciousness is a plane of consciousness different from that experienced by the natural man.

Now that different plane of consciousness gives you a different earth and a different heaven. He says, “The natural man is acquisitive, fearful, doubtful, and hesitant in thought and deed, all based on fears concerning the self.” If you’ve ever analyzed how you have been living as a human being, you probably come to see that everything is a struggle. You’re constantly trying to turn evil into good, whether it’s trying to overcome a cold or trying to save enough money without something breaking so you can do something else or trying to have a carefree, harmonious relationship with your spouse or your friend or your partner or your fellow employees at work. And that’s what we do.

We spend an entire lifetime, and I’ve said this many times. It reminds me of spinning plates. If you’ve ever seen those fellows who can juggle and they’re spinning plates on sticks, and they get about fifteen of them going at once, and they run over here because this one’s wobbling, and then they run over there, and if it’s a comedy, they’ll start falling and breaking and everybody laughs. But that’s what we live. We live that life. We’re spinning plates constantly as the natural man, and so that’s what this means to me. “He lives in a sense of separation from God,” and that’s true.

In my own case, I lived in that sense of separation for many years, but then something happened, and he says here, “. . . at some time in his experience, because of the depth and degree of his need, the natural man is turned inward to seek within himself for that which he outwardly requires.” Now that’s a first step. That’s a baby step, but it’s an important step because we’ve turned to God, toward God which is within. And I know in my own life when that happened, and you perhaps know in your life when that happened. Something happened that was so painful, I had no other recourse. I had no other choice. I turned within: “God help me.” And that prayer was answered. I had a spiritual experience.

Now, he says, “This inward turning becomes a search for God, a seeking for truth and, when earnestly and persistently followed, results in the dawning in consciousness of the verities: the activities, laws, substance, and being of the infinite invisible.” See, something happens in consciousness, and we become aware of the activities, laws, substance, and being of the invisible. “The natural man begins to ‘die,’ and the Son of God is being raised up.” Now, we don’t like to look at that too much, but it is a fact. If you long for this new heaven and this new earth, the only way for that to come about in your consciousness, in your conscious awareness, is the natural man must die.

He says, “Now the seeker begins to realize some measure of his oneness with God, and he eventually discerns that spirit really is the essence and very fiber of his being. The realization of divine sonship is unfolding, a conscious awareness of spirit and its law and being.” Alright, so you see what’s happening? What’s happening inside? The sense mind, the material sense of living is beginning to dissolve, maybe only in little ways at first, but at the same time that the material self is dissolving, you are becoming consciously aware of a new heaven and a new earth, and that’s called here a “divine sonship is unfolding, a conscious awareness of spirit . . . The Christ, or Son of God, is being born again in the manger of human consciousness, and evolves by stages to the degree of manhood in Christ, to the full stature of sonship or God- Consciousness.”

Alright, so the name of this chapter, chapter 1, is called “The Call,” and the call is when you feel that calling within you and you turn within. And it’s probably, in the beginning, just out of some severe pain. Maybe somebody you’re real close to passed away, and you can’t understand it, and it forces you to look for answers, but as you go on and you turn within, it becomes a search for God. Something is calling you. Something is standing at the door of your consciousness and knocking.

You may not hear any voice, although some people do. You may not hear anything, but there’s this inner intuitive feeling I must go on, I must search deeper. And so he says, “On this higher plane, the ‘old man’ appears less and less. Now one becomes aware that this old man is not and never was” a real identity, “a real entity, but rather that a false concept of the creative principle and its universe had been entertained and accepted as truth.”

Now, he just slides these things in here when he’s talking or writing. These were letters to his students. He just slides things in that you don’t even see, you don’t even notice. Right here he just said, the old man is not and never was real but a false concept. So he just told all of us that the natural man, the material sense of self, is not real and never was. This is the very veil that covers the conscious awareness of God, this material sense of self, that guy that’s getting frustrated or that gal that’s getting frustrated in the middle of Walmart. That guy, that gal was never a real entity but rather a false concept.

That concept is covering consciousness. We entertain these concepts: “Oh, I know her. I’ve been married to her for thirty years. She does this. She does that.” Those are concepts, and entertaining those concepts, I can’t see the God that’s there, and so I have to die to these concepts. At first it only happens in meditation. For a moment I forget, and then I have an experience, a conscious awareness, and I say, “Oh my goodness! That was wonderful!” I know now who she really is. I know now who I really am.

Okay, so he says, “More and more the awareness of [our] true identity becomes manifest, and slowly truth dawns in consciousness, until God is beheld as one’s own being.” Now, if you read that, the last few words in that sentence, it says, “God is beheld as one’s own being.” He just told you that the reality of you is God. This is an inner realization, not an intellectual understanding.

If you have an intellectual understanding that the truth of you is God, you may go off into the deep end somewhere and believe that you can do this or do that or, like my friend from India, you may feel that since you’re really God and all this is a play, you don’t have to do anything, so you’ll just sit and drink and be merry.

But if you have this inner real realization, a real realization of God consciousness, of where you’re consciously aware of God sitting where you are, then you may hear the words, “Be still and know I am God.” And it comes from within you, and you’re startled. What? Wait.

Is that true? And you go back to the scriptures and back to the books because you read it for years, but you never saw it. Now you’re seeing it. You’re having that inner real realization. That’s what he’s saying: “God is beheld as one’s own being.”

Now comes the understanding that ‘man shall not live by bread alone.’” See, he didn’t have that understanding up until then. “‘Man shall not live by bread alone,’ but more by the consciousness of truth, that the acquisitive consciousness has given way to the I-have-meat-you-know-not-of- consciousness. In this [new] consciousness, there is no selfhood for which to fear, since God has been revealed as the only Selfhood, Self-sufficient and eternal.” So there it is again. He hit it with you twice. He hit you with it twice. God is beheld as one’s own being, and then, God has been revealed as the only Self.

We all want that new heaven, and we all want that new earth. We can’t have it until the natural man begins to die, and that’s the part we don’t like. I think it’s kind of funny sometimes when I read that Joel says people would call him and say, “I need some help in this area, but don’t treat me for smoking because I want to continue” or they may not say it, but they may think, “Don’t treat me for gambling. I want to continue with that or don’t treat me for drinking. I’m enjoying that at night.”

That’s the natural man, wants to hang on. You can’t have both. You can’t have the natural man running things. You can’t have, you can’t live in the material sense of existence, which is the natural man and have a real sense of existence. You can’t live in a material sense of existence and have the conscious awareness of God. The two can’t live together. Choose you this day whom you will follow. Will you follow the natural man a little longer? Will you continue to live in a material sense of self or will you begin to die to that, step out of that, and step into the conscious awareness of the living God, of your living God Self?

Now you start that in your meditations when you’re able to forsake yourself and be receptive to God. You see, I’m reminded again and again: “To as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God” really means to as many as were able to die to a material sense of self, stand still in their meditation and just stop, into that silence flows the conscious awareness of the living God, and you discover a new earth and a new heaven. Okay, we can see how all these things tie together.

Silence is not an absence of sound. If you’re sitting down to meditation and you think you have to have an absence of sound and be totally quiet, you don’t. Sound is not referring to no other sounds. Silence is referring to an absence of self, an absence of world thought. That’s the Silence, and you can do that while you’re walking or driving or eating or whatever, and this is what we must learn, an absence of self, an absence of a material sense of self, an absence of that world thought, the thoughts about the world.

When you have that absence of self, you will have attained the Silence, and into that Silence, into that inner receptivity that you have created by an absence of self, into that Silence will flow a conscious awareness of God, and it will show you a new heaven and a new earth. You don’t even have to ask for it.

Alright, so it now becomes apparent that life is lived by grace as the gift of God, and the sense of personal effort, human will, and struggle falls away. Life is lived by the law of God.” The supply of our daily needs unfolds. “The supply of our daily needs unfolds, with no anxious thought, from the infinite Source of being,” and that’s what the children watching us learned this week. That really does happen that way.

The divine harmonies of human relationships are maintained by the beauty and activity of the Soul unless one forgets himself and temporarily becomes a reformer of others and, by so doing, brings on the enmity of the ‘natural man’ who desires not at all to be extinguished.” Now see, he just snuck another one in there. He just snuck it right in, and we read right over it. Yeah, and we kind of probably chuckled at that. Yeah, trying to change others. I get it. No, you didn’t get it because the last sentence says the natural man desires not at all to be extinguished.

In other words, the natural man has to be ‘extinguished’, you, you sitting there, Mr. Paul, Mr. Peter, Mr. Jerry, Miss Sue, Miss Mary, Miss Amy or Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Jones. You have to be extinguished. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to disappear. No, no, that’s not what happens. You don’t disappear. You stop living in a false consciousness, and the son of God appears. You discover your real identity. You discover your real source, your real supply, your real companion, your real health, your real life. You discover It, and It begins to live you, but, but, but yeah, the natural man has to be extinguished.

I want a new heaven! I want a new earth! I want these good things everybody’s telling me about that has walked this path for a while. Okay, well then the I that’s saying I want this and I want that, that’s the one that needs to be extinguished so that you can be receptive and receive the gift of God. “If we are rich, we are poor indeed unless our wealth is in him. If we are well, the body aches unless our health is in him. There is no peace, no security, no joy except these be found in him, whom to know aright is life eternal—yes, life, joyous, peaceful, and serene.”

Yes, you can have a new heaven. You can have a new earth. You can have a new self, but it won’t come into your awareness until you begin to extinguish that material sense of life, material sense of self, material sense of others. “When the call comes to you to leave your ‘nets,’”—Now what is he saying, really?—When the call comes to you to extinguish the false sense of self, “you will understand that you are called upon to leave behind the limited and limiting sense of existence because you are ready to drop your dependence on persons, things, and conditions of the world to live wholly in God.”

So, are you ready? Are you ready? If you are ready to drop that material sense of living that has to have these people, places, and things in order to function; if you’re ready to leave that fellow or that lady behind and reach for this higher consciousness—That’s not really true. That’s not how it really feels. It’s not a reaching.—It’s a letting. If you’re really ready, then you’ll find a way, a place to turn within and be receptive because you receive Him.

You don’t make Him. You don’t create Him. You don’t think Him. You receive Him. You receive the Father. You receive the Christ, which makes you consciously aware or gives you God-consciousness. And the only place you can receive that is within, and so finally he says, “No longer will you so keenly love, hate, or fear the conditions of ‘this world,’ the realm of effect . . .” I think he softened that blow a little bit because I’ve heard him say, in other places, that you have to lose your love, hate, and fear of this world, but he softened the blow a little bit.

I think if it was just him talking, perhaps to himself, he would say, “No longer will you love, hate, or fear the conditions of this world,” but I think he stuck in “so keenly,” either he did or the editor did, so the blow would not be so harsh, but it’s true. When this consciousness comes upon you, you will no longer love, hate, or fear the conditions of this world. Why, you ask? Because you’ll be seeing through the veil of this world. You will be seeing a new earth, a new world, and a new heaven, and he says you will not “so keenly love, hate, or fear” it “because now you will perceive the true nature of God as the cause, law, and source of your good.” So that’s the same thing.

You will understand now that the infinite invisible is your rock, your fortress, your high tower, and your sanctuary from every storm and strife of human belief. Further than this, you will see that only the Invisible is power, and therefore, no power for good or for evil exists in the realm of effect.” Now that was our realization last week, wasn’t it? If you recall, it came this way: There is no world thought in the world. None. Now that was uttered from a place of consciousness that could see a new earth. No good or evil exists in the realm of effect. “Your entire obedience and dependence will rest upon the within and not upon the without.”

That’s something you can use as a tool to measure your spiritual progress. Are you relying on something out here, rather than within? And we all have to say, “Yes. I do,” but the day will come when you will only rely on the within, and the more the natural man is extinguished, the more the son of God is raised up. That is, the one who is consciously aware of the presence, in him we live and move and have our being. So, everyone of us is walking in that direction, and I do not believe any of us have reached the place where there is nothing we rely on out here. For some it may be medicine. For some it may be an income. For some it may be stocks and bonds or property, and for some it may be a significant other, so there’s work ahead of us. And that’s okay. I’m working too.

When the voice says I will make you fishers of men, you will understand so clearly that God is your being, that those who come to you will seek and find spirit as their life too.” You see? They will come to you, and by listening or following the principles you set down before them, they will also come to see that Spirit is their life, and you will too. You will come to see it first in your meditations and then while walking around with eyes open—Spirit lives itself— and you’ll feel it move through you, even as I do (right this moment). And finally, he ends with, “Leave your ‘nets’ and follow Me.” And that’s a capital “Me.” And so he’s saying leave your material sense of self and follow your Consciousness, your conscious awareness of God. Follow It down within, deep down within.

Okay, so it’s only two and a half pages, but the whole gist of the message is to leave your nets. Well, I can’t. I’m too busy. I’ve got some fishing I have to do in order to eat or I’ve got this or I’ve got to go to Walmart or whatever. I don’t have time right now to meditate.

Just stop it, would you? Okay, fine. I’m not trying to push. Don’t [do it]. Put it off for a while. Put it off for another season. Put it off a few years.

I’m going in—Let’s see. It’s twelve o’clock. So in about four hours, I’m going to my granddaughter’s funeral, and she was one that my wife and I worked with for a while, and she put it off. She put it off, put it off, and I’m happy to say that she was attempting to follow spiritual principles the last year and a half of her life, twenty-two months, and then she went in for a surgery and never came out.

So, I say that because, not that there’s only one chance. She probably was moved way ahead on the path if she was open and receptive because, “as many as received Him, to them gave he power to become that sons of God.” So probably in her crossing over she realized quite a bit. Who knows? Maybe she’s ahead of me now, and that’s good. She can give me some hints in my meditations, but the point is don’t put it off. Why are you putting this off? Yes, you’ll have another chance, another life, another life, another life. Aren’t you tired?

Don’t seek a better companion. Don’t seek the right companion. Don’t seek better health. Don’t seek longer life. Don’t seek a better job. Don’t seek more income. Leave that. Leave that. That is your nets. All of those are the things that a material sense of self is concerned with, and you have to drop it. Well, you don’t have to, but if you want to come into this new Consciousness of a new heaven and a new earth, then you do. You really do have to step out of that way of living and seek God. Seek within for the Christ presence, and seek to be a beholder of that presence moving through you and living itself. Every time it comes through, it dissolves a little more of the false sense of self.

So Isaiah was walking this same path that we are, the same exact path, and you can tell. Listen again. “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.” Now that’s Isaiah 65:17. He heard that within. He couldn’t have heard that out here. He heard it within and he spoke it. Somebody wrote it down somewhere and saved it, and all the way through the Bible, all the way down to, well, actually Second Peter says, “Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.”

So Peter is practicing the principles and looking for a new heaven and a new earth, and then we get to John here in Revelation, and he’s attained it. He’s attained it! “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem”—That’s God Consciousness.—I saw a new Jerusalem, “coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” I just can’t hardly read that and get through that it’s so overwhelming. God has prepared God-consciousness as a bride adorned for her husband; for all of us, but not all of us will experience it right away.

Some of us want to play around a little longer in a material sense of self. But those that won’t, they’ll follow John’s direction. I’m going to read it because I like it so much. I know you’ve heard it before. Sorry. Well, you lucked out because I ended up over here in First John, so you won’t have to hear the same thing again. But this is just as beautiful: “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life,” the Word, “For the Life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and show unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us.”

Now there’s a fellow who has seen and is seeing the new heaven and the new earth. He’s been given this new consciousness. Why? Because he went within. “And as many as received Him, to them gave he the ability to see the new heaven and the new earth. That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you so that you may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. This then is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you.”

He’s going to tell you about this new earth and new heaven right here, “that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.” Isn’t that wonderful? There’s a fellow that you know he’s experiencing the new heaven and the new earth, and you know how he got it because he tells you. And he tells you in this new earth, there is no darkness at all. In this new heaven, there’s no darkness at all. So you know the natural man who receiveth not the things of God, the natural man can’t see this new heaven and this new earth. And we’ve discussed this before, two people sitting on a bench, one’s in heaven and one’s not in a very nice place, perhaps contemplating suicide they hate this world so much. They’re sitting on the same bench, but the difference is consciousness.

The one who’s in all that pain is wrapped up in a material sense of self. The one who’s sitting there at peace and feeling the kingdom everywhere has this New Consciousness. And how to you get it? Well, you get it from reading these books, contemplating them a paragraph at a time. You get them from perhaps listening to a talk from someone that is experiencing the new heaven, the new earth, even in part, and you mostly get it by turning within and being receptive. Joel has said that over and over and over again because he knows what John says here is true.

As many as received Him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, which were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” You see, it’s a new heaven and new earth right there. You’re not that natural man who’s born of blood, born of the flesh. You have followed what Christ Jesus said to do. You must be born again, born of the Spirit, and this takes place within you, and then you have the experience of being lifted up or out of a material sense of self and into a New Consciousness, a new heaven, a new earth, “and the Word is made flesh and dwells among us, and we behold His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth.”

So, I snuck it in on you, but I just think it’s so beautiful. Gosh, it’s just so wonderful. John experienced it and spoke it, and then somebody wrote it, and then somebody else copied it, and then somebody else interpreted it in a new language, and finally we have it in English, and it’s still right there. All of those times that it was changed and spoken and written, and it’s still right here: “the glory as of the only begotten of the Father.” You see, the son of God is what the Father made.

The Father didn’t make the material sense of self because if you look up in the beginning [of John] here, it says, “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.” So that which was made into a material sense of self was not made by Him. The material sense of self, the natural man, has to be extinguished, and it happens best in your meditation, whether alone or whether in a class or whether with a group that’s meditating on Sunday morning, and as that, a piece here and a piece there and a piece here and a piece there of that natural man begins to dissolve, at the same time you begin to come into an awareness of a new heaven and a new earth.

You will find that everything changes without going anywhere. Everything changes. You will find that if you receive him, well, it’s like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” And home is in Him, in the conscious awareness of God or God-consciousness. So you see, if we read this book chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph, we can come to see a great deal perhaps that we can’t see just by reading over it real fast and putting it back on the shelf.

The first sentence and the last sentence say it all really. “God-consciousness is a plane of consciousness” or an awareness “different from that experienced by the ‘natural man.’” You can say God-consciousness reveals an earth and a heaven different from that experienced by the natural man. So, how do you get it? The last sentence: “Leave your ‘nets’ man and follow Me,” God- consciousness.

Well, I had a great meditation before this talk in which I felt the Presence, and I wasn’t going to give a talk until I did, and I did. And it flowed through and hopefully it flowed through into this talk on the first chapter called, “The Call” of Leave Your Nets. Thank you everyone who wrote letters of kindness and sent in donations. It’s quite wonderful to see the hand of God working through everyone in the Mystical Principles Group. It’s wonderful. You know, I think I’m turning into Walter C. Lanyon, who always says, “It’s wonderful.” I have to admit he’s right!

So that’s about an hour, and I guess we’ll just close with saying, “I love you, and thank you for listening, and be receptive to Him.”

Welcome again.

It would be a perfect meeting today if we were all at a certain place in the Bible which is signified here by the 12th verse in the 21st chapter of John:

Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine….and [then he] taketh bread, and giveth them, and fish likewise.”

Now there are other translations of “Come and dine,” which are more accurate. The world today, as then, has been in a form of fasting from Truth. Just as we are to fast from untruth, we have been fasting from Reality. And when the Master says, “Come and dine,” he is really saying to his disciples, “Break your fast.” He isn’t saying, “Come and dine,” he is saying, “Let us have break-fast. Let us break our fast now from the unreality. Let us sup now on that which is Real.” And so he takes fish and bread to them. This breaking of the fast is where we should be. In our consciousness we should be breaking the fast from mortality, from materiality, from that which is not of the Father. We should be ready to dine. And this is now exemplified further in the 18th and 19th verses.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, When thou wast young, thou girdest thyself, and walkedst whither thou wouldest: but when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands, and another shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou wouldest not. This spake he, signifying by what death he should glorify God.”

You’ll find that later in Peter, the 2nd epistle, the 1st chapter in the 14th verse.

Knowing that shortly I must put off this my tabernacle, even as our Lord Jesus Christ hath shewed me.”

Peter acknowledges that he must put off this tabernacle as Christ showed him. Now old and young here refer to Spirit. When you are Spiritually young and Spiritually mature. When we were young we girded ourselves and walked where we wished; we were in human will. But as we become Spiritually mature we are girded by another. In short, the Christ takes over and we walk in Divine Will. And this is where the disciples are as the gospel ends, walking in Divine Will, the New Man released, the old self Impersonalized. And today when we take up World Work we’ll find a few secrets about it.

We have been in the process of learning Truth. And as Joel points out as he begins the chapter 12 in “Realization of Oneness,” there is now a point where many are able to avoid the disasters of the world. And he says, “That’s not enough.” There’s no problem avoiding the disasters of the world if you’re in Truth. “It shall not come nigh thee.” But now he says, “You haven’t been learning just so you can avoid the disasters of this world, now you must become a center of Light unto the world. A place where Truth is demonstrated not as an individual alone but as a Universal Truth.”

And so when he bids us to take up World Work the first thought we have is, “Oh, we’re going to now help the world.” And we must learn that we’re not going to help the world at all. World Work is quite different than helping the world. The secret behind World Work is two fold.

One is that you are learning that the world is the veil where your Self is. Your World Work is to unveil your own Self. We have been thinking in terms of our human selfhood and even when we accept Spirituality we still think in terms of a limited personal Spiritual selfhood and there is none.

World Work is the expression of your Infinity as Being.

When you rest in the Word and know the Truth of the world, you are merely finding your Self as an Infinite Being. And therefore in every book when Joel speaks of World Work the real secret is, is revelation there to those of us who have eyes that we are not to live within the boundaries of a mortal concept. When you are able to, through the knowledge of the One Self, reveal the non-existence of material powers on the earth you are really finding the One God, you are believing in God.

To believe in God takes a new turn now. You cannot believe in God only where you are or around the corner, you must believe in Only God. There can be no second belief. Our World Work is the expression of our belief in God as the universal Self. And there is a further development as we deepen and make a greater penetration into Reality.

Now then, we have been ordained, we have been chosen. We have been chosen through Scripture although we have not realized that we were chosen. We have been chosen to walk a separate path than the world. We have been chosen to bear witness to the activity of God in human consciousness. And if you do not accept the fact that God has chosen you to function as a Light upon the earth, then this is not believing in God, because the words of Scripture are very clear that you may not hide your Light under a bushel. That you are here to be a faithful witness. That you are here to be a transparency. That you are here to Christ the world. Not to love it or hate it or fear it but to Christ it. You are here to bless the world.

And as you survey the activity of Christ on earth appearing as Jesus, you will see that by words and by deeds everything that was done was to make you aware that this is the Christ of your own Being appearing in what we call mortal flesh. The words of the Christ were the words of your Self, the deeds of the Christ were the deeds of your Self, and they were words and deeds to show you the nature of your own Being. We must now look at Jesus Christ in another way, as the outer expression of your own Self. And the ordainment comes from that Christ of your own Self saying, “Now believe on Me. Follow Me. Deny your own mortality. Pick up your cross of mortality. Do not hide your Light. But walk in the footsteps of the Invisible Christ.” This is the ordainment and it must take us out of the desire to improve our personal conditions. That is the very purpose of World Work. It is not to improve the world. It is to lift you out of the belief that you are a finite being and that where the world seems to be, You are.

Now when you practice World Work it may seem to you that you’re doing a favor to someone somewhere, that you’re helping them behind the Iron Curtain or you’re helping them in the White House or you’re helping someone somewhere – but you’re not. Until you are willing to step outside of the mortal boundaries of the mind and without desire for personal reward, do World Work you are not accepting the Infinity of your own Being. It is a subtle way in which Joel has lifted us up to look face to face at our own Infinity and either reject it or accept it.

Now while you are doing World Work you may not seem to be meeting your own personal problems and yet that is the way to meet them. The World Work you do will take you out of the false sense of self which has the sense of personal problems. And so Joel is stressing again and again in more ways that meets the eye, that you must be taken out of your own sense of self. You must learn to give of your Self to something bigger than a person. To something bigger than helping persons anywhere. Giving the universe back to God.

Now in our World Work then, we’re going to find that we’re not thinking of ourselves. We’re not thinking of my lot in life. We’re not thinking of my physical condition. We’re not thinking of our finances. We’re not thinking of anything that will make us enjoy life more. And if you’ve been touched by the vision of Truth you know that is the way in which all of the doors of the inner mansions open. As long as there’s a remnant of personal self left in us which is still saying, “What about me?” we have lost the way and we are separated. Among the last words of the Master within were, “Feed my sheep.” But who are my sheep when all is One Christ? Do you see how that has been hidden from the world? We could open kitchens for the poor, that wouldn’t feed the sheep, you would still leave them in dying bodies. Always the desire to help and to over-help and to be a crusader has hidden the fact that feeding my sheep means: to recognize the Universal Christ.

Now as you sit back and think of the many teeming ideas that come to you all day about how you should improve yourself, remember you are living in a limited sense of self when you do that. The great vision of un-selfing is brought to mankind by the Crucifixion. When Joel says “Impersonalize” and Christ Jesus walks forth and shows Crucifixion you are hearing the same word. To Impersonalize and to Crucify are identical. Every time you Impersonalize you are crucifying a false concept. One word is more harsh but it is also more total. It is the word we have to face. In order to be free you must live in Truth. And you cannot live in Truth as long as you believe that God created human flesh.

Now then, if we’re going to do World Work we’re not going to improve human flesh. As Joel puts it, “We’re not going to go behind the Iron Curtain surreptitiously because Christ is already there.”

Now are you ready to make a turn that will be very significant? If you are accepting Truth, if you are willing to agree that because God did not create human flesh that flesh is not here, that whatever God did not create is not here, but something else must be here; and it is a Universal Spirit.

Your World Work is to rest in the conscious knowledge that Universal Spirit everywhere is the only Presence and is unopposed.

There is nothing for you to do beyond the recognition, the acknowledgement of the Universal Christ. That will encompass loving God supremely. It will encompass loving your neighbor. It will include everything that is taught as a principle. The recognition that only Universal Spirit is Present.

And now in Universal Spirit there can be no sickness or war, no death or disease, no lack, no limitation and therefore we’re not trying to remove these things; we’re recognizing their non-existence. We are maintaining a transparent Divine Consciousness which is unconditioned, which knows no mortal powers, no material powers, no human powers. It does not acknowledge evil. And therefore it does seek to remove evil. It does not resist evil. It does not try to dissolve evil. We recognize only Invisible Spirit in which evil has no existence. And knowing this Truth you rest in this Truth. And that Spirit which you recognize to be Universal is the Spirit of your Being.

Now if these facts are clear then we must find: where is this human flesh? Where are these world conditions? Where are the evils? Where are the problems? Where are the limitations? Where are the errors?

The martyrdom of Peter was that he was going to die to the flesh to be born of the Spirit. The Father has no pleasure in our dying. Our death is the glorification of our Spirit. Our death is the death of all material concept. In the death of material concept we are obeying the Scripture which says, “The Father takes no pleasure in your dying, wherefore turn ye and live.”

Now the turn is – and this comes fittingly at the end of our long journey opening a new door – the turn for us must be that the world out there is not there. And there is a practice for you which must be begun in earnest. If you have glimpsed it from time to time or practiced it from time to time now is the time to accelerate. “Turn ye.” There is no event in this world that is out there. And there are no exceptions. Whatever you see out there is within your mortal mind.

Now we want to learn how to place it correctly within our mortal mind and then dismiss it.

It may be an army but it isn’t out there. It may be an epidemic but it isn’t out there. It may be an ocean but it isn’t out there. There is nothing out there but God. And all that you believe to be out there with the mortal mind exists only within the mortal mind. And you can tuck it safely into that mortal mind and forget it.

Now at our pinnacle of this work, we must take the events of the world and locate them within ourselves; never outside. And so I mean that wherever you look, whoever you see, is within you. There is no outside. There was no outside to Christ. There is no outside to you for the Spirit of God has no outside. Now the in-Self of you is the everywhere. The Self of you then which is here is also there and everywhere and there is no outside to everywhere. The moment you have something happening outside your Self you are not believing in God. You are not believing in your Self. You are not believing your Self to be Spirit. Spirit has no outside.

Now perhaps you own some property; it is within your mortal mind. Perhaps you own an automobile, or a home or some land, or a business: they are all within your mortal mind. Perhaps you have children or parents: they are within your mortal mind. Perhaps you have a physical body: it is within your mortal mind. Everything in the world is within your mortal mind. And there must be a conscious knowing of this from time to time to time. Daily, there must be periods of knowing, that which I see out there, whatever its name or nature, is within my mortal mind.

The entire world is within my mortal mind. And to consciously take events, incidents, things, people, forms, conditions, objects and to quietly know, that which I see out there is within me. It has no power other than the power I have given it.

When I know it is within me and rest with that knowledge within me, until a realization of that Truth comes that there is no outside, everything is within me, then that which is outside visibly loses its power.

That was the secret of Hezekiah: “They have only the arm of flesh,” meaning they are nothing but my own mortal thought: all form, all person, all event, all condition. And as you dwell with this, contemplating it, swiftly acknowledging it to be not an external something but an inner idea or thought and resting with it for a moment to wash it with silence, you will discover that there is really no world outside. And you are turning, you are opening the way for a new Life, you are learning what Peter learned that day from the Master. “Here is bread and here is fish – come and dine, break your mortal fast, dine on the Truth of Being.”

To live Mystically is to recognize the world has no existence except in human thought. The acknowledgement of this must be followed with the abiding in it; consciously, daily. There must periods of abiding in this Truth before you have the true Inner experience that the world in the outer has always been a concept maintained only by world mind in every individual Being.

That is why there are no powers. That is why there is no disease. That is why there is no death. But this means nothing unless you learn to live with this awareness. And when you do you’ll find that you don’t have employees or employers. You don’t have students or teachers. This is all external and there is no external. Bring it back into the within of your mind, recognize it to be your conscious awareness of an outer which only exists in your conscious awareness and then you have located the trap of mortal mind. And rest in the Word.

God is not flesh and God is All; where is the flesh? God is not a blade of grass and God is All; where is the blade of grass? God is not an ocean; where is the ocean? God is none of this world; where is this world? It simply never was there. Your Self is there. And until you are willing and ready and able to tuck the world within your mortal mind and rest there until you know that’s where it always has been; it could never could get out of there. When you have done this many times it will dawn upon you that Christ Jesus lived in heaven where men saw earth, and that all of the miracles were the revelation that what we thought was outside never was there. Our concept was changed by the Christ and we saw a different outside and called it an improvement. We were still looking at the good instead of the bad. And Joel has taken us to see that neither the good is there nor the bad. And so now living Mystically, you have this way of Life.

First you must know the unreality of all evil: it isn’t out there. If it were then God wouldn’t be there. Step number one; the unreality of evil which must be followed by the unreality of good. When you have neither evil out there nor good out there, you are believing in the omnipresence of God’s Spirit. And then you rest in the Word. And the Truth you know that neither good is out there nor evil is out there, quickly or eventually sets you free. Or if you know the Truth that there is no world of good matter or of evil matter, no good conditions and no bad conditions, no good people and no bad people, you are living in the Inner Spirit which is the Allness. You are accepting that only God is.

Now we’re closing the gap between God and man. We believe in God but do we believe in God’s Self as our Self? Are we willing to close the gap into One? Are we willing finally to take the book and accept what it tells us that God is One and beside God there is no other and therefore to exist at all I must be that One. “You believe in God now believe in me,” says the Christ, “You believe in God now believe in your Self.” And finally the last form that you Impersonalize may be your own. It never was there either. It too is a mortal concept. All that you could ever be is the Mystical body of Christ.

We have tucked the world in where it belongs, in the world mind. We have tucked the world mind into our own little mind knowing that our mind and the world mind are one and the same. And the world now is safely tucked within us. It really has no power when you know that. “Pilate, you do not exist out there, you seem to be, but I know you’re not out there you’re simply an idea in the world mind, you’re an idea in my mind and that’s why thou couldest have no power. If I thought you were a person out there you’d have lots of power.” All disease is seen the same way; it only has power because we think it’s out there. Tuck it into your mind, that’s the only place it is, and you can say, “What did hinder thee?” There was nothing out there to hinder you except the Spirit of God. Tuck your business into your mind, tuck your students into your mind, tuck your employees into your mind; they’re not out there. The only place they exist is within your mind and rest in the knowledge that all that is out there is your Self. And this is the way you release Grace into your life.

Once the world is no longer there, there’s no more duality, there’s no more separation. You don’t believe in separate lives. You don’t believe in people who are growing up and dying some day. You’re not mal-practicing the world, watching it and believing in mortal bodies, you’re accepting the dispensation of the true Life.

Now whoever reaches the level then where they can accept and realize the non-existence of an external world is one who can answer the call that says, “I have chosen thee.” That one is prepared by those who have attained and have become Invisible already, and is lifted up to the point where they enter the realm of Soul and can behold the activity of Christ in the consciousness of the world. They become a witness of Christ and they find that in their new dispensation their sole function is to leaven the consciousness of the world by living and abiding and dwelling in the Truth of Spirit as an omnipresent Reality without opposite. Nothing comes nigh their dwelling. Nothing attacks them. They’re not limited because they have discovered that all that exists is the One Self. They have reached the realization that the One Self that exists is their name. And they see this as a Universal Truth. Wherever you look you are looking at your Self. And wherever you are not aware that you are looking at your Self you are in duality because there is no other Self than your own. In this One undivided Consciousness you find that Christ is truly living Itself as the only Power.

First, the unreality of evil – tuck it within you in your mortal mind and see that that’s the only place it is. Oh, you can give it a hundred reasons why it can’t be there because you know God is there. And now tuck the good and see the unreality of that in your mortal mind and then rest in the knowledge that only Spirit is present – there is no outside world. This practice, as many times a day as you find you can, will deepen you unto the knowledge that you have found the river of Truth. You’ll finally remove the shadow of mortality. And then you will be prepared to fulfill your function on this earth. Our function is manifold: we are here to bear witness of the One Light, we are here to be faithful witness to the Truth that only God exists, we are here to demonstrate the Universal nature of Christ. All of this takes us out of the personal self, the personal ambition, the personal desire, the personal need, the personal want. That was yesterday’s mortal mind consciousness for those who have graduated, who have turned and are living Mystically. They’re moving toward the next world which is the True universe behind this world in which we all live not for personal selfhood but simply to express Divinity.

If a person were deeply ambitious it would now be wise to take a good second look at the complete gospel of John – privately, by yourself. You will notice how every deed is a revelation of the Invisible nature of Christ where the world had seen form in the outer. How every word is a statement by the Invisible Christ which the world interpreted to be the words of Jesus. And you will find that every word spoken by Christ is the Truth of your Being. There is not a single Word spoken by Christ that is not true of you because that Christ speaking those words is You. “I am the life.” Where is the other life? What other life is there if I, Christ am the Life? We lose all belief in separated human lives. We find there is no life on this earth that can die. We find death is the belief in separated lives. There is no life to die, “I am the life.” All human death was a mortal mind concept; a sense illusion – but so is human life. We must see that there is no reality to the evil and no reality to the good. Always present is the Invisible Spirit of your own Being.

Now we share then One Invisible Spiritual Being: this is who we are. What’s bad for you is bad for me. What’s good for you is good for me. Whatever you know is going to have some effect on everyone else. We never seek personal good anymore. There’s nothing to seek. I already am that Self. You’re not concerned about time two thousand years ago. It never existed. The Self that I am now is the Self that always was and always will be. You see this is the Consciousness you need to do the World Work and this is the consciousness that is developed as you do the World Work.

The Christ controls what we have thought of as weather, what we have thought of as conditions, as epidemics, as plagues, as floods and fires and in the knowledge that these are in the external only in the mortal mind and nowhere else, we are now in a position to join those who have walked before us and who Spiritually, Invisibly now are doing World Work. We can actually be One with our own Invisible Self which are termed the Invisible Spirits of the world. Many of the higher dimension Consciousness have come down behind us to help us and fortunately some in this dimension can rise up to a higher. And we are all joining that one household now, to live not in the world of effects.

Now Grace is not going to come by prayer to God in the sky. That outmoded method of life is over for us. And as we develop now accepting my Spirit is omnipresent, my Spirit is omnipresent and omniscient, my Spirit is the only Power; we countenance no opposite. We know that every opposite to my perfect Power, my perfect Presence, my perfect Knowing is a false concept in a human mind. Never getting outside that mind even though it appears out there.

You might see it this way. On a screen of a movie you’re looking at How The West Was Won and a half hour later there’s another movie there, all about The Godfather. But they’re both appearing on the same screen. Where are they actually happening? In that little millimeter film, which contains everything that goes on the screen and no matter how the scene shifts on the screen – you may see fifty different scenes on a screen – it’s all in that little millimeter of the film. So it is that no matter what you see out there in this world, it’s all within the mortal mind. That’s the only place it is. The rest is consciousness objectified.

Always bring it back into the little film; that’s the only place it is. It has no power there when you recognize that’s where it’s located. And as Joel said “If it’s an atom bomb what difference if you get it back into the film.” If you get it back into the world mind, into the individual human mind and see that’s the only place it is. It never is out there; there is no out there. Only God is out there. And now close the gap and see God out there and God where I am are One and the same. All that’s out there is my Spirit. Don’t make God a separate self. There is no second to God. There’s only God Life.

Now you’re qualified as you develop this capacity to do World Work. You’re ready to be a Light. You can be a transparency for the Truth. And it makes no difference what world conditions come into view. One with Spirit is a majority.

And so we have been trained to bless the world by knowing its non-existence, by releasing man from the belief that he is a creature who walks under two powers; under material law, under world karma. We’re saying, “Get thee behind me, Satan” You only exist; the only devil there is, is material sense. And because material sense paints a picture of an objectified world out there, when I lose material sense that world is dissolved. It may continue to appear but it will slowly undergo a transformation as my consciousness rises. Yes, you can escape the disasters of the world individually but now you’re putting that knowledge into practice to lift the world above the disasters.

Now the way we can practice World Work is to consider that the world is our patient. Up to now individually we have been treating one person here and one person there to learn that your real patient is the world. And just as you may have witnessed some success with one here and one there, now we must witness success by accepting the world as not the creation of God and therefore only an inner idea. We can rest. That is all inclusive, we don’t have to pinpoint.

We might take an outer situation which seems to have occurred right out there, right outside right now and see the nothingness of all that appears externally. The presence of God is all we acknowledge. Here, there, is the One Spirit.

Silence, (long pause) …

Now try to know that there is no out there and then be still.

Silence, (long pause) …

Now over the next few months we’re going to set up a program so that instantly we can recognize conditions that appear in the world and come into a realization of their non-reality as external events. Oh, you can think of many kinds of such conditions and wherever you are it will be your function to live in the Truth of your own Being knowing that your Self is where the forest fire seems to be, your Self is where the hurricane seems to be, your Self is where poverty seems to be. There won’t be starving children in India to you; they’ll be your Invisible Self; One Invisible Self where many starving children seem to be. And don’t look for the children to stop starving because you did that.

This is your way of acknowledging One Self. This is your way of acknowledging God supremely. We won’t turn back and say, “Now, is it better?” We won’t get out a yardstick and measure the wound. But you’ll discover as you proceed in this method that Grace begins to envelope your own life in a new way because the bread you cast out through your recognition of One Invisible Self without an eternal world comes back and expresses as the One Self and its Divine qualities in that which appears as the world, in the world, as your Self.

You’ll find many people are healed that you don’t know about, but someone somewhere through your work reaching out for Truth is touched and lifted. And that is why this is a self-less work. You’re not trying to help a specific person ever; you’re trying to live in Truth. It’s a broader vision which Joel brought us, that as we live in Truth, it makes us free.

Let’s take a brief intermission and then let’s explore the chapter very carefully.

– End of Side One —-

Today everyone embarked on a Spiritual way of life should have a concern far greater than the demonstration of his own daily harmony and that concern should be for the survival of the entire world. The question now is, is there a principle of Life, a Spiritual Principle that will govern the world? Is there a Principle which can now be realized and relied upon to prevent the destruction of civilization and the extermination of mankind?

That raises many important questions.

At this particular level of the message, in that particular year, we were using words like, “the extermination of civilization” and “the extermination of mankind.” Even the Christ in the Bible speaks of “the end of the world.” But when you have located the world in your mind it is the end of the world. When you have located civilization in your mind that is the extermination of civilization for you.

We want to see that Joel is speaking not at the Absolute level at this point in this book; that came later. But through the preparation at this level it was possible to then come to the mind of man at the Absolute level with the teaching of Incorporeality which followed the year later. We who have had the advantage of seeing the later book can accept that this would not be the language for you at this particular moment. You should be past the point of believing that civilization can be exterminated or that the world can be obliterated. Just as God has no pleasure in your dying and only the death of mortality in your consciousness is the acceptable death of the God, so only the death of the world in your consciousness is acceptable.

If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you.”

Now the Comforter is finally revealed to us as the realization of your Christ Self. When you have accepted your Christ Self as the only Self in the universe the Comforter has come unto you. What else made you accept the Christ Self but the Comforter? But “If I go not away,” you cannot reach that realization. And now I is revealed not to be Jesus but the world mind. The world sense of self must go away. You must rise above the world sense of self, just as I is Christ, and then the little I is Jesus, this little I that must go away is the mortal selfhood of the world.

When Jesus appeared saying, “If I go not away,” this is the statement that mortal selfhood universally must be obliterated in consciousness; that is I going away. When you obliterate mortal selfhood as a universal fact in your consciousness, I have gone away. And then the Comforter which is Universal Christhood can come unto you.

There’s no extermination of civilization is there? There’s no civilization to exterminate. But these were words that were necessary in 1963. They’re words that are also necessary in 1973 for most of the world. They’re not necessary for you anymore. You don’t need words anymore that give a sense of reality to this world because you have travelled a higher path than the path of those in the first and the second degree. You’re at the point where, to you, the world never did exist because “I have overcome the world.” But this is not the I that must go away for the Comforter to come unto you: those are the two natures of I.

There is I – the world I, the mortal I – which must go away for the Comforter which is the I Christ which has overcome the world.

Now if you have not overcome the world think for a moment – where are you? Can you truthfully say that “I have overcome the world?” If you cannot, then you’re not in the I are you? Because “I have overcome the world.” And if you cannot say, “I have overcome the world,” then you’re not in the I – then where are you? You’re divided, you’re separated from I. You’re separated from the Christ. You’re not accepting yourself to be the Christ and that is why you cannot say, “I have overcome the world.” But you must come to the place where I in you says, “I have overcome the world” and that is why you must do this World Work to come to the place where the world has no fear for you. Where there’s no life in the world to die.

When you have realized I which has overcome the world, then you will realize that you have no life that could ever die in the world, or be sick in the world, or be limited in the world. You recognize that when Jesus walks through walls or walks on water, this is the revelation of the nature of your Being. That the I of you, the Spirit of you, the Self of you is ever walking through the walls and windows of the world; even now. But how can you know this if you are still believing in the presence of a world? And so the World Work which ostensibly begins to help the world is actually a deeper thing. It’s to make us be lifted into the realization of the I of our Being which has overcome the world.

For us now, we must live in the absolute realization that the world has already been overcome, it has no existence in I, Christ. And because I, Christ is your name, the world can have no existence in you. You are sowing completely to One Infinite Spirit without opposite.

And so for others it’s called World Work and they may think they’re improving the world but at your level you should know the difference. We’re living differently than anyone on this earth, except those Invisible Selves who know the Truth of One Self and those visible ones who from time to time retreat into the silence, sometimes for long periods when they’re never seen anywhere. They too are knowing the One Invisible Self which is the All, the I which has overcome the false concept called world. That’s why we’re not looking at our own daily harmonies.

Joel says, “Is there a principle of life, a spiritual principle, that will govern the world?” And then he says, “There can be no question but that an individual can rise so high above the immediate circumstances on earth as to make himself immune to the disasters of this world.”

And so there are those on earth who today can walk immune. We in some measure find that we’re not subject to many of the things that other people are. Now he says, “[That’s not enough. Is that all that is concerning him? If it is we] may find that the world is a lonesome place to be in. This is the age in which everyone who is seriously on this Path should forget his own problems.” And mind you, he’s saying that to his students, “Forget your problems.” And something in us says, “Well, who’s going to take care of me, doesn’t charity begin at home? Who’s going to take care of me while I’m taking care of the world?” And I want to make that very clear: you’re not taking care of the world. You’re accepting your Infinite Self. And that’s who is taking care of me, You are. You’re taking care of your Infinite Self not your visible body, and all things are added unto you. You see the difference in the focus?

[Not only,]” says Joel, “[should we be ready to] forget our own problems but even be willing to lose our life, if need be, in the search for, and the demonstration of, that principle which will mean life for this globe. All of a sudden we are face to face with this.

Again when he says, “Lose our life,” he’s talking about a life which has no existence isn’t he? That’s why we can lose it. You cannot lose your Divine Life. You can lose your mortal sense of life and that’s what he means.

Somewhere in here it becomes clear that most of us in the world have rejected the Supreme Gift that we have been given. God has given us the Supreme Gift, which is Himself and unless you accept Divinity you reject the Supreme Gift of All and want to protect mortality, which only exists in the mind and so you protect the illusion and reject the Reality.

Perhaps fifty lessons ago this might have been a difficult thing to accept. But we’ve been through sixty six weeks of the Gospel of John and that followed on many other things. We are learning to Impersonalize the world.

There is no such thing as personalized evil,” says Joel. “If you have worked with the principles of The Infinite Way, you have already proved that the impersonalization of evil is three quarters of all that is necessary for healing.” Three quarters. In other words, when there’s no outer world in your consciousness, you’re very close to that inner Peace which is beyond human understanding but which is the dissolution of the illusion.

Now so far we’ve added something to this chapter that you haven’t seen in the chapter: that is that there is no outer world. I do suspect that toward the end we have a quotation here that brings that into focus, but it’s much too important to just come to us at the end of a two hour meeting. It’s something that we’ve got to learn to live with and so I’ve been stressing it for that reason.

Instead of Impersonalizing evil and saying, “There’s no person there,” we’re going that extra step and we’re taking that person there and bringing them inside and saying, “They exist only in my mind.” That is how you Impersonalize them.

You can’t say, “They’re not there,” with words: you’ve got to take them inside and see where they do exist. They exist only in your mind. You Impersonalize them by knowing that they exist only within your mind. And I mean literally: that no matter who you look at they exist only within your mind. That is your Self and you are not seeing your Self; you’re seeing a person. That is God Self and you’re not seeing God; you’re seeing a person. You cannot have a person and God too because God is One and there is no other, there is no God ‘and.’

Every chapter in this book has brought us to the place where we can say, “There is no person there. There is no form there. There is no tree there. There is no valley there. That is all within my mind and it’s within the mind of everyone else who sees it.”

There is no evil on the earth because there’s no person in whom evil can be and that’s the Impersonalization of evil: there’s no person there in whom the evil can be. And so we see there is no evil in a person because there’s no person and therefore there is no evil person there and there is no cause for evil because the only cause is God. You’re taking the whole world and not bothering with the left side and the right side and the high and the low and the in between, the whole world and putting it in your mind were it belongs and seeing that’s the only place it is and automatically you are Impersonalizing and Nothingizing when you do that without having to go through steps.

Joel had a meditation in this chapter which I think we can do now. His meditation says…and we’ll do it with our eyes closed but I’ll have to read it to you because I like his words, the words of the Christ.

Thou alone art power. Thou alone art presence. In Thy presence is [fullness of joy] fullness of life – here, there, everywhere. In Thy presence there is only the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Life, and besides this there is no other, so I am not going into meditation now to use God or direct God, but to realize God.

Here where I am, God is: there where thou art, God is; and God is Spirit, and [God is] Love, and besides Him there is none other.”

Now as you dwell with the idea that here where you are is God and there where someone else is, is God, you have Impersonalized and you’re down to that which is present here and there which is God: which is I, the Invisible Christ, appearing to human sense as person here and person there where only the Invisible Self is. And as you rest in that you’re in Oneness; you’ve realized the Invisible One. And in the presence of the Invisible One realized, you are free. You are free of every human need. The Law is that Spirit flows where Spirit is recognized. You’re in Divine Will. You are recognizing the Invisible Presence of Divine Will functioning Itself. And it makes no difference what had appeared in the visible; it is known to be unreal, totally imaginary.

The world has moved aside and then Divinity expressing through your transparent Consciousness becomes a new visible world in which the added things are present. The Goodness, the Harmony, the Love of the Invisible makes Itself manifest. You are One with the One. And yet you’ve asked for nothing, you have simply witnessed the inner Truth and that is how you bless the world. That is how your Light is not hid. That is how you accept the supreme gift of God Life as the only Life of you and your neighbor.

How different than all of this running around we do as human beings trying to fill all the gaps. It’s really believing in God.

Mortal sense goes away and we are Christed. We learn to accept Christ identity, obey Christ identity, serve Christ identity, live in Christ identity. We walk in Christ and then every disturbance that arises is met the same way, “Who are you? Who convinceth me of a disturbance? Where is it? It’s in the mind. Be still in the mind. Know the Truth. All that exists in the mind is not of the Father. The only Truth is God presence here and now.” And rest.

Now these are the weapons we have been given to accept Divinity.

We do not have to penetrate the Iron Curtain.” says Joel, “God has already penetrated it. But without our conscious realization of this truth, the presence of God will not function there [now] any more than the presence of God has functioned there in the past. The presence of God functions only where and when there is conscious recognition and realization.

That leaves it squarely up to us. We must furnish that consciousness recognition. We must abide daily in the Invisible Self. We must tuck the world in where it no longer exists as an external fact.

Now if we could accept the following statement all of the world’s troubles, as far as we are concerned, would be over. Page 202. “There is no power…. in armies.” You wonder what kind of an intelligence could make that statement. “There is no power…. in armies.” Could you tell that to Hungary or Czechoslovakia or Poland? “There is no power…. in armies.” And yet here it is, a statement of the Christ. Only the Christ could make the statement because only the Christ is power, and only the realization of the Christ reveals the non-power of the army. He might just as well have said, “No power in disease or sin or famine or poverty or death,” because they’re all the same Truth. The power of them exists only in the mind. That is not the Christ mind. The Christ mind in you realized, reveals the non-power. “Pilate, that hast no power over me. There’s no power in death you can’t entomb me. There’s no power in arthritis, pick up thy bed and walk. What did hinder thee?” What hindered you was the belief that there’s power in the mind. That there’s power in things and conditions and persons and material objects – but there aren’t. There’s only power in the Christ mind. In the absence of the Christ mind all these false powers are rampant.

There is no power in… armies…. I say unto you that this is a law and a principle. It operates in your personal life, if and as you make a daily practice of realizing: Where I am, God is. God in the midst of me is mighty, and all those who are opposed to the purpose of God have but the “arm of flesh,” and nothingness. The Lord God in the midst of me is mighty, and there is no might external to me…. no might external to me – not in the mind of man or [in] the matter of man.”

Which is another way of saying, “There’s no world out there.”

That army which has power out there isn’t out there. What human being can say that? None. There has to be a Christ standing there. And Christ isn’t just going to stand there if you’re not practicing Christhood. Why else would a statement like this, so contrary to all human understanding, appear if it were not possible to attain that Consciousness which could know that there is no power in armies? No power in anything of the material world. No power in matter. No power in mind.

World Work will open you to that realization – and only World Work. When you work on individuals, persons, yourself you don’t open to this because you’re always limiting and finitizing. That’s how valuable World Work is. It opens you to the place where you finally can see when they invaded that country, someone stands in World Work and someone in that country reaching out for God finds help unexpected.

Our function is to be that Consciousness which is available for someone to reach out and touch.

Where I am, God is.” That is the Truth of all of us now. But “Keep this truth as a “pearl of great price,” …. within you, then, abiding in this truth, praying the prayer of realization of God’s grace, God’s omnipotence, God’s omniscience, God’s omnipresence, and understanding the nonpower of what is not ordained of God, you will be fulfilling your function in this world, and you will watch the breaking up of error all over the globe and the gradual restoration of harmony.”

I cannot accept that these words are spoken in vain. I can only accept that these words are spoken and that they will eventuate into exactly what they say. The break up and the restoration of Harmony, meaning the Kingdom of Heaven revealed. Not patching up the world; revealing the Invisible Kingdom of Heaven, the change of consciousness. The change from mortal sense of life to the revelation of a Spiritual universe as a living fact. But only by those who can sit and say, “Where I am appearing God is,” and being willing to live with that conscious awareness as a universal fact. Where my neighbor is appearing God is, wherever anyone is appearing God is, and that God everywhere is my Self, for I and the Father are that One Self. That’s what we’ve been trained for. That’s what we’ve been chosen for; to let our Light shine. For we must have some Light to let shine – Divine Light.

Statements of Truth will not save you. “You must abide in [this] truth, dwell in it, live in it, hour by hour, day by day, night by night.” That means even while sleeping we must know, before we enter the sleep, that Consciousness is God and ever alive. That’s the only way we can comply with the statement, even “night by night.” We must know that Divine Self, Divine Life is never asleep, all that goes to sleep is the sense form and we must consciously know this.

Until it is a very part of your being, and then all of a sudden a spiritual light dawns within you …. ‘Whereas I was blind, now I see.’ Now I know that Spirit is really the substance of all form, the law of all form, the cause of all form. My error had been that I have been believing in a power outside, a power in form, a power in thought, whereas all power is spiritual power.”

Once you get rid of that outside, then the inner and the outer are one and the same. “No power in…. armies.”

Finally he goes a step further. “As you abide in this Word, remember always there is still one more step, that is, that after contemplating the truth about God,” and also about your Self for they’re One and the same, ”Be still, listen:” as if to say, “Speak, Lord; for thy servant heareth. Thou uttereth Thy voice, and the earth melteth.”

In other words always your contemplation of Truth must be followed by the Silence. Quite a number of people have failed to follow their contemplation with Silence. And an equal number have failed to contemplate before entering the Silence. So that they try to go directly to the Silence sometime and they find it’s a very shallow silence. They haven’t plumbed the depths through recognizing Truth consciously first. And if you will recognize Truth consciously, accepting One Self without a world and then dwell in the Silence the so called powers of the world will subside.

You see we’ve been doing World Work without really recognizing it. Whenever you enter Truth you’re doing World Work, you’re leavening the consciousness of the world: but now we’re doing it consciously. There’s no reason to wait any longer. If there’s a mudslide around anywhere in the world and you have allotted one meditation a day for the quiet realization of the non-world and therefore the non-power of the world, take it into consciousness, rest in it. You don’t have to wait for the world to join you. There’s always ten righteous Invisible Selves working. Join the Ten. Make it your practice once a day. And this is Joel speaking, not me, although I’m not reading it. “Make it your practice once a day to meditate on the nothingness of the world. Whenever you are faced with any form of condition in the world that you recognize as being not of God. And then you’re blessing your fellow man, you’re recognizing his Divinity and you’re blessing your Self.”

Joel suggests that we have one meditation daily on World Work: every day. And when you know that this is not just to protect the world or save the world but rather to recognize your Infinite Self, I feel you’re more apt to respond to that suggestion.

I personally would feel that if a day went by that you were not doing this that would be a day in which for some reason or other, you were rejecting your Self. Too busy to find your Self.

Now it comes. “Error is not in the external; power is not in the external; all power is in the “still small voice.” There is no power in sin, there is no power in disease, no power in tyrants, no power in external conditions: power is in the still small voice.”

He has told us there is no outside world. If it were there, it would have plenty of power.

Inasmuch as this is going to be the end of this book, here’s Joel’s final statement to us.

In the midst of threatening world conditions, I say to you: Think in higher terms than your own health, your own supply, or your own happiness. For some part of every day give yourself to the realization and the practice of these principles through which you have witnessed healings of minor or major problems, principles that have helped you or your neighbor, begin now to think in terms of a principle revealing itself on earth as the presence of God, universally.”

That would be of course the Realization of One, Divine Self as the only Self in the universe.

Now you have a month in which nothing new will be coming from this pulpit and so you can either take it upon yourself to review the past, put into practice daily some of the things that have been suggested and if you want to keep very current, to take today’s lesson as your monthly work, every day for thirty days: one period of the day to do World Work as follows:

Face the situation that you have heard is impending or coming or present, somewhere in the world. Face it with the knowledge that there is no world there, that there are no conditions, for there’s no world to contain conditions. There are no evils, there are no fires, no floods, no epidemics: there is no problem out there. It’s a world mirage. It’s not ordained by God. It’s not sustained by God, it has no law of God for its continuity. It wasn’t caused by God.

Take any phrases that you like until you can come to an instant agreement within yourself: “That’s true. What is out there? The Spirit of God. What is here? The Spirit of God. Is there space between? No, it’s all one indivisible Spirit. My Self is all that is out there.”

They’re trying to tell me My Self, my Spiritual Self is not out there – and it is. And I’m not going to have to remove that condition, or improve it, or change it, or correct it. All that is there is my Divine Self, God’s Divine Self, the Divine Self of the Universe is all that is there. And when you can find some inner Peace from this you’ll know that your own consciousness of mortality has melted away. And even though the human mind doesn’t understand a word of it, it makes no difference.

When you find your inner Peace this way, just be still. That is when the Still Small Voice comes upon you, that is when Realization comes upon you, that is when Inner visions come upon you, that is when my Peace comes upon you and what happens in that Inner Realization becomes the Law. And then something gives you the release and says. “It is done,” or the sigh, or the rainbow, or something within that says, “My Presence is now the only Presence here.” And then you rest in that Presence.

And your World Work is being done. You’ve overcome the world by finding the Invisible Presence.

Russia won’t declare peace and release the satellite nations but you are helping Invisible Beings everywhere. You are leavening your own consciousness, you are letting your Light shine. If the whole world could’ve been lifted up into paradise instantly Christ would have done it in the form of Jesus. It’s a slow leavening process but it’s our job and it’s a silent job and it’s the way to Self-realization. Every day that you do this, you are accepting the Infinity of your own Being as the only Reality. And as Joel says, “Until there is a dawning.” Something happens to awaken you to the actual experience Itself. Oneness realized manifests as the Grace of God on earth.

Now as you do this during the month, when we meet again you’ll find that we’re all at different levels than we are at this particular moment. That month of leavening will take us to a new precipice. We are opening ourselves to what may be called The Special Seven. They only function at the level of our own consciousness and as we are sowing to our One Infinite Self we are preparing the way for us to receive higher guidance than hitherto.

So this month I think is a perfect time for this World Work to be upon us. We should know each other better when we return. There is no other assignment for you during this month.

You must learn to recognize that the Invisible Will of the Father is ever working no matter what appearances seem to be there. And when you accept that Invisible Will as working now in the One Self which is here without opposite and there without opposite, it will manifest and you will have the God experience.

This culminates 66 weeks of the Gospel of John and our next series begins on the 2nd Sunday in February, I think it’s February 11th, it’s called the Special Seven, and that culminates the work of Immortality House in San Francisco. In those Seven we will have much that is new and this month will make it possible.

Thanks very much.

I hope to see you in February.

We’re going to take a look today at a passage which began the Bible of Mark and which culminates the Bible of John. So that we see one being descriptive of the faith of man at the beginning of starting on the path and the other being descriptive of the faith of man after he has awakened to the inner Light. Now the first passage is in Mark in the first chapter, the 10th and the 16th verse.

Now as he walked by the sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, I will make you to become fishers of men.”

At the first awareness of something higher than your own human selfhood, Christ says to you, “Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” You may not be conscious of Christ saying this within your Self but there is some subtle inner Guidance and now you find yourself on a path in which you are leaving your old nets behind you. You are grafted away from your old ways, your old beliefs, finally to a higher level where you’re even grafted away from the very mind itself upon which you depended. And you are made into a fisher of men.

Now that was a prophecy and as that prophecy was made to the disciples, it was also made to each of us. The Christ has spoken this to mankind, “Follow me…. and I will make you fishers of men.”

Now we look at it in Luke because in Luke we have it a little more detailed and then we can have a good comparison to the way it comes in the last chapter of John. In the 5th chapter of Luke it begins as follows:

It came to pass, that, as the people passed [pressed] upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret, And saw two ships standing by the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, and [they] were washing their nets. And he entered into one of the ships, which was Simon’s, and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land. And he sat down, and taught the people out of the ship. Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net. And when they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake.”

Launching out into the deep, we have learned through our progress in the Scripture, was departing beyond the five senses and all the sense mind was the shallows. And there they caught no fish. We in the shallows of the sense mind catch no fish; and at this point fish is a symbol of Divine Truth. Through the sense mind we are not receptive to Divine Truth. And now we go out beyond the sense mind, into the deep. But being novices even though our catch is great our net breaks; we find that the mind of man is unable to receive Spiritual Truth. And this is our introduction to the transformation that must take place in a man. And as this procedure continues we find that;

When they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake. And they beckoned unto their partners, which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink. And when Simon [Peter] saw it, he fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord. For he was astonished, and all that were with him, at the draught of the fishes [with] which they had taken: And so was also James, and John, the sons of Zebedee, which were partners with Simon. And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men. And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all, and followed him.”

Now these men then were motivated by some inner Impulse now to follow Christ although to their minds they were following a man named Jesus. And this is our faith at the beginning of the path. If you just cast your mind back a little, you find that there was a time when suddenly you knew there was another way and then you went out and for some reason or other, even though the quick results of the new way were magnificent, somehow you couldn’t hold all that you received; your net broke, you needed help, you had to call another ship to you and even then the great weight of a new Truth coming upon was so heavy it seemed that the mind was sinking like a ship.

At the beginning of the path we have what is called the faith that is not anchored in that which it needs. We have a new kind of faith. A faith in a God, a faith in a way, a faith in something but we don’t know how to define it and we don’t have the net to catch the fullness of the Truth.

But now after three years with Jesus Christ something has happened. They have learned much Truth. They seemingly have caught much fish. Even to the point that twice after the crucifixion they have been visited by the Master. Once the Master has appeared to them in a closed room and again later when Thomas was present the Master appeared. You would think now their nets would hold and yet a funny thing happens and only John puts it here of all the Gospels. And so he begins his 21st verse with what appears to be a repetition of these incidents that began in the beginning of his ministry with the disciples. So that you might say they have fallen back. And you might compare this to your own experience as you go forward, as you’re lifted, sometimes even into Spiritual ecstasy. And then there are moments of shattered faith, there are the ups and downs, the upheavals and the uplifting. The earthquakes within, the volcanoes and then the great doubts. And here is a very strange thing full of surprises. Twice visited by the Master, the disciples who had left their nets, who no longer relied on even a profession for their livelihood were going back to fishing. They had returned to their old consciousness. They had gone home as you remember, the old consciousness, they were starting again. And the strange thing is they’d already twice seen the Master.

And so Peter says, “I go a fishing.” So with us you can see that we may rise to sublime heights but somewhere, somehow that faith with which we start is insufficient. Peter had it, if you remember when he tried to walk upon the water and he fell through. And the teaching there was, as the Master said, “O ye of little faith,” that Peter had little faith. And yet the heart was willing and eager. There was zeal, there was desire to follow but the faith could not support him. So with us, we may have a great human faith but it cannot support us and we fall through and we wonder why is my faith insufficient? And this 21st chapter is going to tell us why. And so it is that now for the 3rd time the Master comes upon the disciples.

After these things Jesus shewed himself again to the disciples at the sea of Tiberius; and on this wise shewed he himself. There were together Simon Peter, and Thomas called Didymus, and Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee, and two other of his disciples.”

In other words seven disciples were present. These seven were the advanced disciples. They were ready for this third visit. They were ready now to become fishers of men. And they were together, it says. They were joined in one purpose.

And now the symbolism begins. It’s not just an ordinary fishing trip. “I go a fishing,” said Peter. Let us remember that even though it would appear on the outer, that they’re simply going fishing as they did when they were fishermen, there had been two appearances of the Christ after crucifixion. And now you may know that this fishing trip was on the inner plane. A new kind of faith has come upon them. And to teach us about it we have to see it on the outer and the inner. We’ll see it on the outer as a fishing trip. We’ll see it on the inner as a Spiritual experience in which the disciples have come aware of the Invisible. Their new senses have developed. They can now see the invisible Christ and even make out Invisible objects. And they themselves may not even be aware that they are doing this. As you pass from sense vision to Soul vision you are not always aware that you have stepped over the veil. It all looks the same to you except a little brighter, a little clearer, a little more beautiful, maybe a little breathtakingly beautiful at times but you can’t be sure what you’re seeing. Is it with your inner senses or your outer? And that is a state of awe which is described in here.

I go a fishing,” said Peter. And that Peter saith. Peter says, “I go a fishing” is a very important phrase. Now when the seven are listed Peter and Thomas are listed first. Peter the will, the human sense will, Thomas the understanding. And when Peter says, “I go a fishing” that means the will of you is going fishing. Now everything of you then must follow that will. When that will of Peter says, “I go a fishing” the other six must go along and in turn you see that they do. They say, “We’ll go with you.” Everything follows the will of yourself. And if your will is human then everything follows your human will. If your will is Divine everything follows Divine Will. And the distinction is now being brought here that Peter is the spokesman of yourself. The will of you is the spokesman of the rest of you. Peter says, “I go a fishing.” You say, “I take a drive,” you say, “I go to the mountains,” the rest of you must follow. The will of you is decided. And let’s see what happens to this will of Peter.

And “They say unto him, We also go with you. And so they went forth, they entered a ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing.”

Wherever your will goes the rest of you immediately goes and in this case they catch nothing, they’re right back to the 1st chapter of Mark, the 5th chapter of Luke – what have they learned? It would seem they have learned nothing. And there will be times like that in your life and have been, when you think, “Oh my gosh, I’ve studied this for so many years and right now I feel bankrupt. It’s as if I’ve never studied the Word or never had an experience or never knew a Truth, I just feel barren.” So it was with them; they caught nothing.

But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore: but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.”

Now the symbolism begins in earnest. This morning that was come could not have come without those three years. Even though at the moment they had caught nothing and seemed barren that was only the outer picture. That maybe your outer picture. But there will come a morning, and this is a strange and beautiful morning because it is really a mystic dawn. A mystic sunrise. This is the morning within. The morning when without their being aware of what is moving them, they are in some way conscious of the Radiance of Christ. They don’t recognize Jesus, you see. He’s standing on the shore and that shore if you can draw back and see this vastness of the shore and the sea and the land, you see the symbolism then that they are on the sea. The sea of world thought. But out here where the sea meets the land which is the shore, on the brink of their consciousness rising just like the early sun may just hit the mountain tops and yet itself may not be visible; so rising within them was an awareness of an Impulse. Really outskirts of their consciousness, on the shore was this Impulse called Jesus or the invisible Christ. They could see maybe a form but not recognize the Essence at the moment. And so we are moved by this invisible Power. All our years are coming into fruition in the mystic dawn within ourselves. The beginning of a real golden harvest, when without being able to define that which is happening, we know it is happening. We can feel the rising Christ, and it matters not what we have caught, what we have understood, what we have comprehended, what we have been able to grasp, we are now being lifted in a strange way. We are the fish and the fish must be caught in the ocean and lifted out of the ocean. And just as the fish are caught and lifted out of the ocean by the fishermen, we are caught by the Christ and lifted out of the sea of world thought.

To be caught up by the Christ is to be saved from mortality.

And this is the experience now which the disciples are going through. They are the fish. They were the fishermen, but now they are the fish and they are being raised up by the Christ. They are being caught. They are being saved. They are being redeemed. Each is becoming aware of the inner Light and though they’re still in the sea, that Light which is within them is seen to them to be on the shore and they are approaching it. So it may seem to you that the Goodness that you have been seeking is out there to be touched and felt, but if it is a Spiritual experience it is happening within you and projecting what you call Goodness into the external but it’s really an inner event made visible. We are approaching the shore but we still cannot discern the nature of the Christ.

Then Jesus saith unto them, Children, have ye any meat? And they answered him, No.”

That which is on the shore which is deep within their consciousness not quite clearly defined yet is saying within, “Have you any meat?” And first addressing them as “Children,” meaning Spiritually immature, meat meaning substance and of course the substance is Spirit. The question then comes to you, “Have you accepted Spiritual identity? Have you any meat? Or are you still a child?” And it’s a great moment when you can say, “No, I have no meat.” When you can confess that you have been Spiritually poor, you open the gateway to the Christ. Only when we are aware of our Spiritual poverty are we replenished. If we think we are rich, if we think we are worldly wealthy, if we are not aware that without Spirit we are nothing then we are that which the Old Testament calls vanity, “All is vanity.” We are intellectually alive and yet dead.

The disciples know, and that’s a great stride, that they are Spiritually barren, “No, we have no meat. We have no food of the Soul. We have no Divine substance. That’s why we’re out here with no catch. That’s why our lives have been fruitless. That’s why there have been discords and upheavals. That’s why we lack. That’s why we’re limited. We have no Spiritual substance. No Spiritual vision. No Spiritual awareness.”

They were men in physical bodies of flesh. They were living in this world. On the sea of human thought but they were headed to the land. We are headed to a land, another realm which coexists right where the sea is, adjacent to it. And we have to cross out of the sea into the land.

Out of world thought, out of the sense mind, which says, “You caught nothing. Your life has been meaningless.” or “Your life has been a fragment.” or “Your life has not been fulfilled. You have not fulfilled your purpose on this earth.” This is the sense mind talking, and the answer comes, “Because I have no meat, because I am Spiritually barren, because I am poor in Spirit.” And always the Christ within is forcing you to reach these inner conclusions if you are being moved by the Christ.

Now this should be the path then, the confession of duality. “Oh yes I’ve had some Spiritual moments but I’ve also been of this world. I’ve also been motivated by improving my human welfare. I’ve thought about how I could get along better as a human being.” That’s not meat, that’s division. That’s why the disciples were out there with no fish. They had not gone all the way.

He said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find.”

In the original, at the beginning of their journey into Spirit, he had told them to “Launch out into the deep.” Now he tells them to “Cast the net at the right side of the ship.”

Now the ship is the mind. We sail along in our mind and we sail in the sea of this world. There’s another sea there that we don’t see. There are two seas – the sea of the world and the sea of Spirit. And in our mind we travel in the sea of the world. When he’s told to cast his net on the “Right side of the ship,” Peter is being told that the “Right side of the ship,” is not his mind but his Soul. When you dwell in your Soul instead of your mind you are casting the net on the “Right side.” And that “Right side” enables you to move in the sea of Spirit instead of the sea of world mind. That’s the only way you make it to the shore. In other words, unless we step out of the five sense mind consciously, transcending it, disbelieving all evidence of the senses – you’re not going to take a pair of scissors and cut off your sense of touch, or put something over your eyes so that you don’t see – you’re going to look through those eyes and hear through those ears but you’re not going to accept what those senses bring to you, for one good reason: God is All and the senses have no capacity to see God. The senses have never heard God or seen God or touched God.

And if the senses cannot find God for us what do they find but the lie? To find God then we cannot rely on senses, we must step out and above the senses. And that means we stand in the senses rejecting the evidence of the senses until that inner stirring opens us to the Christ Radiance which leads us to the shore of the new senses. The senses that can, not only see the form, but see the Essence. The senses that begin to look and find objects that exist.

Now when the Soul senses take over two things will happen; mostly they will replace the senses of the mind. so that you’ll be seeing what eyes do not see. There is also a time and only for instruction when you have what is called double vision – you can see both the one that appears to the naked human eye and you can see the inner that appears only to the Soul eye. It doesn’t happen very often. Now when it happens, having heard about it or having had this double vision perhaps, you may find that you now understand it and I’d like to explain to you what it means.

To a geologist we’re in a world now where the rocks have formed through the ages. And if you’ve gone into the caves, some places out in the West here where you can see various strata of rock that have over the years become hardened and atrophied. You would agree with the geologist that this has taken place over thousands and thousands of years. That’s untrue; that’s true only to the human sense mind. Actually this instant everything that is in this world is being manufactured. Every rock that allegedly was there even millions of years ago is being manufactured this instant by the world mind. And if you ever have a glimpse of that you will understand that this is a Now world in a counterfeit sense. There isn’t a single thing in it that happened yesterday. The complete counterfeit is happening at this present moment. And also at this present moment that which it is counterfeiting is present. Both the original genuine in Spirit and the counterfeit of the world mind are both this instant. And you live in one or the other,. And there is a moment in your double vision when you see both, and you can see how it’s possible to stand in the midst of all of the ravages of the world untouched, because they’re only happening in the one sense mind and they’re not happening in the Soul sense. Whatever you happen to be experiencing is the one you’re in and for you the highest is the majority with God.

Now I’d like to explain that more fully but the best thing for it is to wait until the experience touches you and you’ll see that there are times when you’re actually looking out through a Soul sense and don’t know you are. That’s how subtly and effortlessly you move from one to the other even though you may not be aware of it. And then ultimately of course you become more aware of it.

Now the disciples are not aware of it. They are looking out through Soul senses. That’s why they’re beginning to discern the presence of a man called Jesus. He’s not in a physical body you know. He’s already demonstrated there is no physical body and yet they’re seeing Him for the third time. They’re looking through their Soul senses and now they’re seeing things they never saw before. In one moment no fish. Why do fish suddenly appear? Because they’re stepping out of the physical universe into the Spiritual universe through their Soul senses. They’re being lifted by the inner Christ.

It’s like the loaves and fishes for the multitude. One moment just a few fish, a few loaves; in another moment five thousand people are lifted into a vision of something they couldn’t see a moment ago which was always there even though they couldn’t see it. In a moment they all were in their Soul senses but didn’t have the vaguest idea that they were, and they saw supply interpreted to them as loaves and fishes. So it is, you’ll find the miracles that occur in your life are not because God suddenly decided you were a good person, but because through some instinctive awareness of the inner Christ you were open to your Soul senses and that which was ever present is now presented to you, through your Soul senses in a way you can comprehend and utilize.

Now there is a transition or a transformation in the nature of faith that is taking place in Peter and the disciples. Your repeated experiences change the nature of your faith. At the beginning it was blind faith and that’s why the net broke. It was faith that could only see and be amazed and say, “Isn’t that marvellous,” and yet go out and do likewise? No, it couldn’t do that because the mind couldn’t hold the meaning behind what had happened.

Now we’re going to learn how to hold the meaning of what is happening. Your faith is going to be joined together with some other quality, to make it a Faith that will no longer be called by the Master, “A little faith.” And this Faith will be such that the nets will not break regardless of the load. This is the Faith that is being built in us now.

Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. And they cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.”

They were not looking through the mind anymore they were looking through the Soul and the Soul experiences that which is necessary at every moment. The Soul is ever in complete rapport with the infinite Spiritual universe. If you need fish there are fish. If you need clothing there is clothing. Grace flows through the Soul. Suddenly there are fish. Now these fish are not to be interpreted only as physical, tangible fish. Fish also means new Truth. The inner Truth, the Fish, represent the new levels of wisdom that are welling up within. Great Fish, great Truths. Truths that the human mind would never even know about. You know how people ask questions in this work, question after question and yet not one of the questions of the human mind even begins to anticipate the new Truths that come up when the Soul is open. There are no questions from the human mind about these Truths because the human mind knows nothing about them. Now the Truth that passes all mental understanding is brought into play.

Now what’s happening here? There’s more than just Peter there, there’s more than disciples there: there is Christ. Christ on the shore is the Invisible activity in the consciousness of the disciples. Christ on the shore of your consciousness changes you. Your vision changes, your hearing changes, your understanding changes. You are lifted into the awareness of a realm not known to mankind. You are lifted behind the veil, behind the veil of all religions on the earth, behind the veil of science, behind the veil of the human mind, behind the veil of the atom, behind the veil of Darwin’s theory, behind the veil of human evolution, behind the veil of human death, behind the veil of everything that the human mind knows, as Christ rising in you, awakens you to a new Self of your own Being.

We begin to vaguely know that we are finding another level of our Self, a higher level where Heaven is a realm within our own Consciousness and that transformation from the self who lives in the human senses and in the human body is taking place. Even though in a small measure sometimes, this awareness is destined to grow. It depends on your capacity to listen to the inner Christ and then to obey the Divine Impulse that comes to you.

I’d like to underline two words: Divine Impulse.

Sometimes you find it difficult to realize that God is everywhere or that the Allness of God is everywhere. Perhaps it’s too big, too much of a project to know that I here am the Spirit of God and my Spirit is everywhere and nothing else is there. This should become normal consciousness, but you certainly can remember and even test out that the Divine Impulse is everywhere. So that if you’re confronted with a situation that would seem to be frightening or despairing or in some way causing you grave concern, this would call for an immediate readjustment to the fact that wherever this situation is emanating from, there is the Divine Impulse invisible. Right there my net is catching no fish. I’m just catching world mind as a problem and yet right there is the Divine Impulse and if I can rest in the conscious awareness that the Divine Impulse is there, and accept that it is there without any great affirmations about “God is everywhere” and “God is wonderful” and “God is perfect” and “God is all power,” without any words in me the acceptance that the Divine Impulse is there lights the spark of that Divine Impulse in me here.

And there’s an inner Radiance begins. You can almost feel the beginning of the rainbow. The omnipresent Divine Impulse never fails. You’re casting your net on the “Right side of the ship.” That’s how you begin to enter the Soul realm: to accept the omnipresent Divine Impulse. Knowing it’s invisible to human senses but it is present awaiting acceptance; recognition, and the recognition cannot be with your eyes or your ears; it must be with a quality in you. And you find that quality in you which recognizes the Divine Impulse becomes your Soul. As you accept it this is your recognition and then your Soul is kindled. Christ rises and sometimes quickly, startlingly quick, you find a healing takes place because the Divine Impulse you’ve accepted was right where someone else was accepting a problem. That Divine Impulse out there is really a Divine Impulse within you.

It’s always present. You simply do not see it or notice it or acknowledge it and so you cast your net, your mind on the wrong side of the ship. But the moment you are aware that even though you’re not in conjunction with the Divine Impulse, it is there; then you re-adjust and you accept that which you cannot see. The fish you cannot see you accept and you cast your mind into the acknowledgement that the Divine Impulse must be here because God is. Everywhere is God, everywhere is the Divine Impulse and that Impulse listened to, accepted, acknowledged, begins to beat its own drum and you are listening to the unlistenable and you find that it’s there all the time. You have now another level of faith, Faith in the unseen, not just faith in what you could see with your eyes like Peter but Faith in what you cannot see with your eyes.

Everywhere the Divine Impulse: you’re walking through it, and then as you listen – which means you step out of the mind that does not see the Divine Impulse – you give your Being over to this Divine Impulse you cannot see. You’re coming into the early dawn of Love. Love is when you give your Being to God, sight unseen. And this Love united with Faith becomes the new dispensation. This is the missing ingredient, faith without Love is empty. Faith with Love walks on the water. When Faith and Love are united in you, you have the key to all scripture, the key to the meaning of Christ. When we love God enough to accept Gods presence, where our senses do not know Gods presence, we’re going beyond human faith. We are opening Love.

The disciples are learning that now. Their human senses tell them that they have caught no fish. The inner Christ is saying, “Get out of that mind…. Cast your net on the right side of the ship.” Don’t believe what your sense mind is reporting – ever. No matter what your sense mind says it’s the wrong side of the ship. You must go beyond it to the “Right side,” you must launch into the deep beyond the sense mind. You do this on the knowledge that God is present as the living Divine Impulse and the moment that Impulse touches you and you touch it, it fans out and becomes the complete spectrum of everything God is; the Power, the Presence, the Love, the Truth, the Beauty. That Impulse is an Infinite One. And all you do is rest in it. You don’t have to catch the fish. It catches all the fish for you because the fish were already there and caught. The fullness of your Being is already present but you must get beyond the sense mind. Then your net is filled with all that God is. Something in you tells you when it’s time to go beyond the senses and that something is now happening in Peter.

Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It is the Lord.”

The human understanding didn’t know this was the Christ telling them to cast their net on the “Right side.” Peter didn’t know this was the Christ; John did. The awareness of the Christ comes not from the human mind it comes from Love. Love spontaneously responds to the Christ and alerts the human mind. And if you try to skip that step and try with the human mind to climb the gates of Heaven it doesn’t work. Peter knows nothing about what is happening but John does. In other words, Love in you is aware of the Christ and your mind must be aware of this Love. That’s the connecting link, the bridge between the understanding, the human will and the Christ.

If you got a Love centre that is low then the mind continues in its material intellectual ways. But you cannot manufacture this Love. You find then that the reason Love is mentioned here, as John alerting Peter, is that when you find that the Love is in you, this is a sign that you are in that progression of consciousness which is Illumination. When the Love in you awakens the mind, you are in the illuminated state. Illumination and Love are one and the same. You will recognize that state then of Illumination by the Love you feel. The Love not only of yourself but of all that exists throughout the universe.

You will look at all created things and say, “Well this is much different than it appears to be.” It would appear to be that there are no fish here, no fish there but just as there are fish everywhere so there is perfect Essence everywhere. And when this overwhelming awareness of the invisible Essence everywhere is yours then the human understanding which was faith without knowledge is now reinforced by Faith confirmed by Love. This is the Faith that never wavers. This is the Faith that takes you into Heaven on earth.

This Love now alerts Peter, “This is the Lord.” Up to this point Peter could only believe what he saw with his own senses. He saw more fish and he was excited. Now he sees Jesus. He sees Jesus because something in him has awakened him to the fact that there is someone there called the Christ. He’s very excited. It is said though that “He was naked” and now he girds himself with the garment he had discarded. We have to see that very carefully.

When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher’s coat unto him, (for he was naked,) and did cast himself into the sea.”

Now we are naked just as Peter was, and that nakedness is human faith. When you’re naked you’re without Spiritual Faith, you have all the human faith and then the water does not support you. Now Peter is adding Love to the faith that couldn’t support him and something beautiful happens. And that Love means that Peter is getting out of Peter. You see he’s not loving Peter anymore. The arrogant, over zealous, over bearing qualities within him have been refined. John is alerting us to the fact that Peter becoming aware of his Christ Self is now able to generate that Faith which he didn’t have at the early part of his ministry.

There’s a deeper meaning though. Simon Peter was naked and now “He girt his fisher’s coat unto him.” The true meaning of naked is more than just lacking in Faith, it’s part of the meaning but when you’re in a mortal body you are naked. All who walk in material bodies are naked biblically. His fisher’s coat means that he suddenly became aware through Christ of his other body, his Soul body. And you see now he can cast himself into the sea.

You remember last week that Mary Magdalene paused before she entered the tomb and that pause was to teach us this great pause never to enter a room until we are consciously aware that not a physical body is going to enter; we’re not in such a physical body.

And here it comes in another way; Peter girding himself with his fisher’s coat. Your fisher’s coat is your body of the Soul. Now if you’re conscious of yourself as a physical body you’re in the state called naked. If you’re conscious of yourself in a Spiritual body you are wearing your fisher’s coat. One drowns in the sea, one can walk in the sea.

Now this has to be a conscious activity; you cannot decide that it will take care of itself, because it doesn’t. Through Love your faith must rise beyond what your senses know to the acceptance consciously that you are in a Soul body that is Invisible and can never be destroyed. And you must consciously live in the awareness of it, so that you’re never caught in the belief that you inhabit a physical form. Now that can only be taken on a different level of Faith than the blind faith of a human mind. It must be taken through the experience which confirms that Faith. You can’t have the experience unless you are making the effort to understand it, to witness it, first in the words of the Bible and then as a living experience in your Self. It isn’t enough to read that Peter is doing that. It wasn’t enough for Peter to read it somewhere; it had to become experience, living experience over a period of time.

And so we should be bending ourselves toward the experience of the Invisible body by casting our net on the “Right side of the ship,” taking our mind out of its creation called this physical form, rising above that mind into Soul which is conscious of the Soul body. And in the interim while there is a gap in the passage from mind to Soul, being willing to accept that the dispensation of the Christ was to lift you into the Christ body which was ever present where the world saw Jesus just as it is ever present where the world sees you. This changeover in consciousness from the belief that I am mortal man to the knowledge that I am Immortal Self is casting your net on the other side.

If you are not ready to make that decision then you must go back and study a little harder. Read the Sermon on the Mount several more times. Practice what it says. Read more of the books. Hear more of the tapes. There are many things you must do until you can consciously say, “I’ve reached the place where I’m willing to consider that I am not in a physical form, that I am not in a physical world but I am Spiritual Being in a Spiritual Body right here and right now. And then hold the Consciousness frequently on that level until that inner Christ which is on the shore of your consciousness develops into a more living experience and the Essence becomes part of what you know to be present. Then you’ll find your ship comes out of the sea onto the shore. You’ll find the Inner quality of John in you alerts you that Christ is leading you into the invisible Kingdom on earth.

This new Faith is to replace the faith of the seven disciples in you. You have the faith of the will in Peter, the faith of reason in Thomas but you have the twins in there, the Zebedee twins and they are the symbol of Faith and Love united as One. This is to take place in us. There was a faith of Nathaniel in Wisdom. There was the faith of the other two disciples in external life. And now your faith is changing. All types of faith in you are becoming the Faith that God is present as individual Christ Selfhood. There are no seven disciples. The knowledge of Oneness is coming into focus. Christ on the shore of your Consciousness is leading you into the realization of the One Divine Self everywhere.

Silence, (pause) …

The other disciples came in a little ship; (for they were not far from the land, but as it were two hundred cubits,) dragging the net with fishes.”

It was Peter, the will, jumps into the sea and then the other disciples follow in a little ship. The will is always the leader. You can see that if your will is God centered everything will follow in a little ship, if your will is not God centered that little ship will follow humanly. Always Peter represents the fullness of your Being, the little ship with other disciples represents all other qualities in you following the will of your Being.

When Peter is not just human will, but is human will lifted by Love, then the ship comes to the shore because the shore is always close by; only two hundred cubits away. In other words the veil of the senses is all that separates us from the shore, from Reality. And now this new quality in Peter the illumination of Love should be functioning within us. A Love that is selfless. A Love that is not seeking personal welfare. A Love that has learned that all seeking on the material level that is not preceded by an awareness of the inner Christ, is a detour. An act that will never yield fish. What at first seemed to be turning away from the things we wanted is revealed to us as the only way to live. To turn away from the world, to harken to the Inner Christ, to let the Inner Christ guide our consciousness. Listening not with the sense mind but another quality called Soul, deeper within, higher within. And then we come to the land.

Now the land here means out of the sense mind, out of world thought, out of all material beliefs which was shown to be transitory. The land is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The land is Reality. When Love and Faith are combined we are lifted by the Christ from the sea to the land. And there stands a fire with coals.

– End of Side One —-

Now then the surprise comes at this point when you would expect that he would say, “Now come and have these, have this Heavenly feast.”

But when they land on the shore, “Jesus saith unto them, Bring of the fish which ye have now caught.”

And this is the crux of the message at this point. Before you can sup of the Heavenly bread and fish on the fires of Divine Love you must bring something of your Self. Now this is the wedding of instruction in the letter with inspiration in the living Divine Word. So Peter and the disciples are asked to bring the fish that they have caught. “What Truth do you know? What are your beliefs? What is your understanding? Bring that; yes. But don’t stop there. We’ve all had instruction in Truth and now with that instruction must be wedded inspiration; without it you’ll always be off shore.

Inspiration now is when having through Love of God supremely, being willing to yield your complete effort, not to better your humanhood but to seek only the Kingdom of God within yourself. In trust that the Kingdom of God within you will yield its fruit and that it being All-Power will completely cover every so-called human need.

As you’re willing to do that – launching out into the deep beyond the senses of human faith – then Love and Faith lead you to the shore and there you find the Christ has drawn you to the Heavenly feast which is the new Self. The fish on the coals of the fire is Divine Love revealing your new Self and the bread is the substance of that Self and there are many meanings in the fish and the bread because you see he doesn’t have fishes and loaves he has one fish, one cake. One is sufficient to mankind. One Self. And like a fish that One Self increases into many appearing. That bread is the new bread, the new substance you live by. You live by Grace. In the new Self you are the fish who has been plucked out of the sea of world thought and you are now the incorporeal Self. And you live by the bread which is cooked on the fire of Divine Love by the Master within you. And that substance increases and increases and increases your living experience, and now as you draw the Truth you know to this fire, living inner inspiration opens you to Truth you couldn’t know any other way. It isn’t enough to continue as a memory student or as an intellect. You must have living revelation and you can only get it from Divine Love – Christ, in you. This is a total inner turning to Christ in you. With total confidence, total trust that there is a Self of you. This is the land where the Self of you is where you live. This is the transformed Self. The transformed Consciousness.

They’re not seeing physical bread anymore or physical fish; they’re seeing the One Divine Self within themselves as themselves. They are the fish and they are the bread. “I in the midst of you am the Fish. I in the midst of you am the Bread, and I am the sacred Fire of your own Divinity.” This invisible journey through the sea to the shore to the land is the transformed Consciousness accepting Divinity as Self. Divinity which multiplies as fishes do. One Self fulfils all needs.

The acceptance of that One Self now is the level of Consciousness which Peter is being led to and the other six disciples with him. They are being awakened to who they are. They are going through a temporary experience of the real Self. But it is being presented to you and to me because it is our Way-shower. All that is happening out there visibly in the written word is a living experience within you when you are willing to cast out beyond the five sense world.

That means if you continue believing certain things about yourself that are not so, you’re not launching out into the deep, you’re not ready for the Peter experience, for that renewal of Faith with Love, so that Faith and Love are united in one. And this is a necessary experience. “Sell all thou hast… Cast thy net on the right side of the ship,” and now bring the fish you have caught to the Christ. Lay everything you think you know at the feet of the Christ and say, “Now you show me. I know nothing. All the fish I have caught are of no account. I come to you completely open.”

This is the Divinity acceptance within yourself. You cannot accept Divinity and still have human concepts. You cannot trust Divinity and still have human concepts. And even at this late date, at this point in the transitional consciousness of Peter he has not reached the pinnacle. It’s only a glimpse that mankind will have of itself before it further solidifies by learning the true nature of Love, and so the Master must now say to Peter, “Do you love me?” And again “Peter, do you love me?” And again, “Peter, do you Love me?” And there’s a meaning there – just as Peter three times had denied the Christ so now three times does the Christ lift Peter above those previous denials.

Now one thing you won’t notice in our text is that the three questions of “Do you love me?” are not identical. They seem to be but they are not in the original. And only by knowing this can you find a fuller meaning in these questions. Now in the Greek, “Do you love me?” the first time is said by a word that means, do you love me not as a mechanical robot, or as a human emotion but “Do you love me, the Christ?” Not Jesus. In other words the question is, do you love Jesus the man or do you love Christ the Spirit of God? And Peter always says, “Oh yes, I love you,” but Peter isn’t aware of the meaning and so again the Christ says, “Do you love me,” meaning do you love Jesus the man or do you love Christ the Spirit of God? And again Peter asserts his love, and the third time the Christ now says the word which is not “Do you love the Christ,” but do you love as a mechanical man another human being. And Peter doesn’t even know the difference and the change that is taking place. He still says, “Of course I love you.”

And the Christ is revealing that all Peter really loves at this moment is not the Christ; he was lifted to it but he can’t grasp it still. He still has a sense of loving Peter. But we are being taught beyond that. “Do you love me?” means do you love Christ within yourself more than you love your human self. “Peter, do you love Christ within you more than you love Peter the man?” And Peter not understanding says, “But I do love you.” The question is phrased to you then and to me and to every individual in this world, “Do you love Christ in you more than you love your human selfhood?” On that you make or break your demonstration and the fulfilment of your very purpose in this world. If we still love our human selfhood more than we love Christ within ourselves, it’s quite clear that we’re in a state of duality.

And still the message is incomplete for now Peter must turn and say, “What about him over there?” pointing to John. Even having been blessed by the new experience of finding Self, which he couldn’t hold onto, having found some degree of Christhood, Peter turns and says to the man called Jesus, “What about him over there? What about John? What’s he going to do? If I am to follow you what about him, what’s he going to do?” And this is a teaching to us.

The Master says, “What is it to thee if I wish him to tarry until I come?” Just as the Master on the cross could point to John and say to his mother, “There is your son,” and point to John and say, “There is your mother.” He reminds us now that Love must remain a living factor in your heart. Peter, the will, must now follow the Master but Love must tarry on the earth. And then translated again you see that Peter the mind must go, Love must remain: the Soul is all that can redeem you. Peter is ready to now go deeper and deeper but the Soul remains on earth as the way through which the Word will enter every human heart. John must tarry on earth meaning Love within you will open your Soul. Mind won’t do it.

You can’t get to Heaven through Peter you must get to Heaven through John.

The mind stays in the sea the Soul comes up and lands on the shore. The great teaching of the Bible finally culminates with the knowledge that only through your willingness to resist the world mind expressing as a sense mind in you, living beyond it in your Soul, accepting yourself as Invisible Being, the invisible living Christ – the Spirit not in a body – will your Soul be open to receive the inner confirmation of that which you accept through Faith and through Love. This union of Love and Faith will not waver and will enable you to walk upon the water of Truth. The fire of Love which contains the bread and the fish has been prepared for all of us. It is in the land of Reality behind the veil of the senses now. We are being asked to partake of that Heavenly feast.

If you hear my voice and you open the door when I knock, I will come and sup with thee.” And this is what I bring; the bread and the fish.

The new Self, the new Body, the new Life which is Christ eternal and your receptivity to all this is made possible only through the awareness that within you is John; the Soul. The Soul receives the Christ. You cannot do it through instruction. You do it through inspiration. Instruction leads you to inspiration. Inspiration takes you across the sea of world thought. Inspiration brings you Truth that can be received in no other way. The whole Gospel now takes you to the point where you must know who you are and live in that knowledge.

If we had tried to do world work before we came to a knowledge of identity, before we came to a place where we were able to receive living inspirational revelation from the very Christ of our own Being, we would be going through some kind of form without substance. You may have noticed in the last three or four weeks that we have been doing a little world work. Enough to maybe give you some evidence of the fact that when you know yourself to be who you truly are then you are given only Truth that works. Not Truth that is opinion. And then you are in world work. What is the answer that the Master says every time Peter professes his deep love?

If you love me feed my lambs. If you love me feed my sheep. Do you love Christ? But Christ is You. Do you accept Christ as loving Christ? But if you accept Christ feed my sheep, feed my lambs.”

And so we must know what we’re to do. We must give the evidence that we accept Christ identity by feeding the lambs. Who are they? There are two meanings. The lambs are just….well first of all lambs are innocent, they’re distinguished from the sheep who are a little more mature and they’re more advanced you might say. Innocent, in a sense that they do not yet know but they are on the way with blind faith. And so those who are coming through blind faith are the innocent lambs and in our world work we must feed them, we must help them. And then there are those who are more advanced; their faith is not blind they are now sheep. They’re not innocent lambs their faith has been confirmed and they’re more advanced along the path and we must help them. But that isn’t all that was told in “Feed my lambs, and feed my sheep.”

The real lambs and the real sheep are the Divine thoughts in your Self. Those thoughts within you which are just budding – still undiscerned but there are the lambs – those which have taken firmer root in you are the sheep and by feeding them means you must let them grow. You must accept them, you must listen to them and be obedient for they are the methods through which the Divine feeds us. The Divine does the feeding. Our accepting of the Divine thought within us is feeding the lambs and the sheep. And if you’re not listening to living revelation within your Self you’re not feeding the lambs and the sheep. You’re doing it by rote. You’re only bringing your fish but you’re not finding the coals with the living Fire of the living bread and the living fish of Spirit.

Eat of my flesh and drink of my blood” again is the same as the fish and the bread. Another symbolism for the same thing.

Now then, if you have caught more than words in a book, if the spark is ignited in you, if that fire is a Fire within you, a Fire of living coal; the bread and fish are now within you on that Fire and you are receiving Invisible lambs, Invisible sheep, Invisible guidance, Invisible impulses. You are receiving the constant Divine Impulse and you are turned within to It, listening to It and obeying It. Then you’re tending those sheep. Then you’re about your Father’s business. And then you can find the capacity to do effective world work, not just an outer charade.

Now your next chapter is world work. We have to, in that chapter which is the last of “Realization of Oneness,” tie it all up together. Today is a New Year, the first meeting of a New Year. It’s a new Consciousness. It’s the new Consciousness that has come onto the shore. And in this new Consciousness we find that within us is the Divine fire which we must listen to and it will show us its way. But we must be there listening out of self in the human sense. If you’re listening it’s because your Faith is deeper than human faith. And if you’re not listening it’s because you’re still in that blind human faith which cannot hold still; it has no Love. Now if you’re listening you’ll find that there’s nothing goes on in this world that can persuade you that you are not now in the living Kingdom of God. And that you yourself are the living Kingdom of God. And that the perfection of this Kingdom is all around you, invisible as the Invisible fishes but ever present. That which we cannot see is here. That which we cannot touch is here. That which is called God is here. That which is the Power of God is here. That which is the Wisdom of God is here. All of it is here and all of it is available in Christ Self.

Now then, whatever is happening in the world is a sense activity whether it’s good or bad. Whatever’s happening in you is Divine activity and it is always Good. It can only be released to replace the outer world experience if you are living in that center of Soul called John – listening. Peter had to follow commands. Not John. John lay on the bosom, on the breast of the Master meaning they were connected; they were One. And so he instinctively and automatically followed the Christ; there was no thought taking. And then Peter would follow after John would automatically follow the Christ. We must be in the John Consciousness that automatically follows the Master instead of the Peter which has to wait for a visible command. We must live in that Self which automatically is lying on the breast of the Master.

Now when you do world work whether you’re living in Self or not, we show up in what the results are. That’s why this message is so important. It doesn’t leave you hanging. If there are no results you are not in the Consciousness. It has a way of showing you where you are. And so that’s why we want results because they show us that we’re in Christ or not. This is a message with Power.

Now let’s meditate then on the Bible meaning because we should all be now at a point where we’re even higher than the Bible. It is the in-struction but its instruction should lift you to a place beyond itself, to the point of inspiration. Within you is the sacred Fire of Christ. You have passed the dawn, you’re into the sunrise which actually becomes a visible event within you rising out of material sunset, out of materialism, out of the belief in all that is unlike God. In our Consciousness only God exists. This is the rising Christ. This is the mystical Easter. This is the Resurrection of Christ in you. All that is not God does not exist. We’re true to that sacred Fire of identity and unless you can stand there when all around you attests to something other than God, you’re still in naked human faith. Get out of the form, get out of the belief in form, get out of the worldliness, out of the material sense of life. Seek ye first, last and always, nothing at all in the world, for your Father is not in the world. And have the confidence to rest in your Father, the invisible Christ, as your own identity. Trusting It. Being willing to let anything happen that might while you maintain your trust. This is loving God supremely. Lo and behold, all these great catastrophes that seem to be striking lose their sting. “Death is swallowed up in victory.” Either the message is true or it’s untrue and we owe it to ourselves to come to the place where we can say, “I follow it,” or “I do not.”

I’ve seen so many catastrophes that turned out to be false alarms when someone catches the rising Christ within themselves.

Finally when the word “Amen” is spoken it means “I accept that Eternal Life is my name.” In my Eternal Life is Christ here and Christ there. The moment you touch the sacred Fire of Christ within your Self, you have found the multiplication of every loaf and every fish in this world. The fish increase; they multiply. Grace becomes the law instead of material law.

Do you love me?” or “Do you love you?” That is the question Christ is always asking within you. Three times the question is asked and this is the indication that the message is finished. The book is closed. Those who can see beneath the surface of the words are ready to walk out in the deep. Ready to bless their fellow man.

So we’re going to do our world work next week together and that will be the last class of this series. That’ll give you a whole month to move back and forth over what you have come into in Consciousness, refining that Consciousness unto a workable state so that when we hit the Special Seven in the second Sunday of February we should be able to work on the level of the Inner senses instead of the outer. We should be able to experience the walking on water. We should be able to understand how the Invisible universe works around us.

Next time we’ll prescribe some things that should be done during the intervening month. Your work now is to “Cast your net on the right side of the ship.” Stop trying to figure it out with that mind. Rest in Faith. Reject the sense testimony until the sacred Fire bursts and the living Radiance of Christ is your living experience with its living wisdom. Believe it, it happened; only two hundred cubic feet away.

They caught a hundred and fifty three fishes when they did this – add them up – one, five, three – nine. In other words they had progressed beyond mortality which is six six six. We had to come beyond six six six, the symbol of mortality to nine which is the symbol of the transformed man. And because John is remaining on the earth as the Soul, as the symbol of Love, there must be a reason for John remaining to tarry until the Master comes. What is the reason? There must be a remnant on the earth who can receive through that Self.

John’s tarrying on the earth is a statement that there are still seven thousand who have not bowed to Baal. Those who consider themselves to be among the disciples of Christ are the remnant who will find through the experience of Soul that Christ comes to earth in them if we will tarry in John until Christ realization comes.

Let us be grateful that such a teaching exists. Let us not make the mistake of the world in seeing it only from the human eyes.

And so with that, you can join me, we can say, “Amen.”

(Audience says, “Amen”)

This is our teaching.

And to all of you, the best of our Spiritual mansions in this coming New Year.

Thanks again.

A very happy New Year for tomorrow and the eternity to follow. We know that in our Spiritual Self there is no New Year for we’re told that eternity already is. The I is not experiencing a New Year. The I is our identity and so, we know that in time, we’re merely living out our concept of the I and if it’s a limited concept, it’s a limited life. As the concept is lessened from the mortal sense and the Spiritual enters, we find that we’re not living in a year or in a physical form but we are Life itself.

Now, in this 20th chapter of John, it’s safe to say that there is very little in it that the world has known about. It can trace the footsteps. It can say, “He is risen.” But I’m quite sure you’ll agree that even we who have studied this long and hard could not understand this particular chapter unless we have had a full preparation for it. And we have had that preparation and for that reason today, we can look at the experience of Mary Magdalene, of the disciples and especially of Thomas and we can see things that have never really been revealed to the minds of the millions who walk this earth, who have studied this Bible.

As a matter of fact, as we enter certain levels of this chapter, you’re going to find that you don’t have a place where you can hold on. There’s no sure footprint to follow. You’ll have to walk in your own Spiritual footpath. You have to find your own invisible way and, in this sense, Mary Magdalene is leading us now because she is going to do something very strange.

Peter ran into the tomb. Peter saw there was no body. Peter saw grave clothes and a napkin and then Peter believed that Jesus Christ had risen and then he went home; went back to his material consciousness.

Now, Mary had announced that Jesus wasn’t in the tomb. She was the first woman disciple to know this before the men. But now, she doesn’t go home. Something rivets her right to the spot she won’t leave. So, as we pick Mary up here in the 11th verse, Mary stood without at the sepulchre, weeping.

“…. and as she wept, she stooped down, and looked into the sepulchre, And seeth two angels in white sitting, the one at the head, the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain.”

Now, there’s going to come a time in the life of every person here when we go through this experience if we have not already done so. Something is going to say to us, “You’re ready for a new level. You’re ready to let go of what you thought you were. You’re ready to ascend to the Self that you are. You’re ready to be restored to your own Reality.”

And that happens when, like Mary, we’re willing to weep. She could have gone home. She could have said, “He isn’t there.” But you know, that his not being in the tomb was not the cause of her weeping. This would rather be a cause for rejoicing. It would seem that weeping means quite a bit more than human sorrow.

Humanly, she would have said, “Why he’s not here. How wonderful. He’s risen.” But instead, she’s weeping. And that is because Mary has seen something that Peter could not see. Mary is weeping means the Christ in Mary is weeping for her recognition. The Christ in Mary is weeping to lead her into conscious union with the Infinite. And Mary is standing fast. Something in her tells her that Christ is near. She doesn’t assume that he is risen in a physical form. She’s really now in an inner experience and all that is within her is saying, “Christ is right near. You’re almost breaking through into Christ Consciousness.” She’s weeping for union with Christ.

Now, Mary at this point represents the entire will of an individual. When the will of you is weeping for Christ, weeping for Truth alone, you’ll find you’re standing not in the tomb, but outside. In the tomb, you will be bound by your sense perception. Outside the tomb means that Mary is outside sense perception. She is transcending her senses. She is not imprisoned within the senses.

You will recall that John did a strange thing. When he outran Peter to the tomb, John did not go in. Peter did. Mary is now doing the same thing. Before she goes into the tomb to look, to investigate, she stands outside and this is the procedure which is called living outside the body image. This is the high esoteric teaching at this point that before you enter any place in this world, you must learn to remember that you cannot enter as a physical form. The moment you enter anywhere, even this room, as a physical form, you have come in a state of duality. You are a divided consciousness.

Mary could not enter that tomb until she had first found her inner Self and so she was weeping to find the inner Christ. She was Soul searching. She was reaching out beyond the mind, refusing to accept what the mind saw and because of it, as she rests within herself, knowing that I am not in this form, I am not living in this physical body, I am the Spirit of the Father. She’s outside the tomb, the sepulchre called body. She’s outside the concept of mortal life and only when she establishes that, is she ready now to look inside. And she does that. She does it and the procedure is called stooping and looking. She stoops and she looks.

When she stoops, she’s expressing that humility of there is no person here called Mary. When she looks because she has already stooped, because she has obliterated personal sense, when she looks, she is looking with the inner eye not with the outer eye.

Peter ran in with the outer eye. He saw the grave clothes. Mary comes in with the inner eye and sees not the grave clothes at all but two angels. And John is showing us the difference between the personal sense of loss experienced by Peter who lives in material consciousness and the high, transcendental awareness of Mary Magdalene who lives by Divine Will and Love.

Divine Will in her is expressing its wholeness and it shows forth to her as two angels. One at the head and one at the feet where the body of Jesus had lain.

Now, these two angels are not visible to human eyes. They are Divine communications. They appear only to the inner Self. Mary is introducing the world at this point to the great Truth that beside the five senses of the physical nature, we have the senses of the Soul which can perceive that which is invisible to and untouchable by the human senses.

Mary had achieved the inner senses and with the inner senses she is now able to discern those qualities of the Spirit which are unknown to the mind of man but not to John who had already been in that tomb long before he arrived at the tomb. John who had already transcended his personal self, who made way for Peter to show us the distinction between one who knows the Spirit and one who knows the flesh.

The angels represent many things. The two, one at the head, one at the foot, is expressive of the total regeneration, the whole man regenerated, from head to foot. And the last is returned to the first, so that first and last are now One. I am the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. This is the sign that one has returned to one’s pre-existent Self and these two angels further tell us a secret that will only develop in the twentieth chapter as we go along through it very carefully. We will see it as a sign of two different kinds of bodies that are going to be presented to us. One might be called a Spiritual body and another a still higher body called a Celestial body.

The two angels are a promise of new developments to come. They are the sign that Mary, within herself now is being Christed. It hasn’t fully happened but she has opened the way by her weeping which is yearning for Christ Consciousness, putting Christ first, last and always so that there is no personal Mary there, there is only the desire to live in Christ.

Blessed are they that mourn.”

This weeping and this mourning are one and the same. Those who are ready to be dead to that self which is not, are mourning and ready to be alive to that Self which is, are weeping for reunion with Christ and they shall be comforted. They shall receive the Holy Ghost, the Comforter and Mary will receive the Comforter.

Now, she turns outside. The angels have said to her, “Why weepest thou?” And she says, “They have taken my Lord away.”

She cannot find the full expression of Christ within herself but she lingers. Something holds her there. This inner communion with the angels of the Father within is an experience in which you know you are on the path of Truth. Within you is the complete, total awareness that I am now being guided and, in a moment, an eternal moment, something will open up, a new horizon, a new consciousness, a new age. I will be lifted up into the seventh Heaven.

When she goes outside the tomb now, she sees one but she can’t quite tell who it is. This is that in between state now when we’re coming close to the Christ Consciousness but have not yet been fully lifted up to perceive the Christ of our own Being. We may feel the presence of the Spirit without any specific identification and again, comes the question “Why weepest thou?” But this time it comes from this vision that she sees in the garden. “They have taken my Lord away.”

And then comes the word, “Mary.” That’s all he says, “Mary.” And as that word is spoken, this is the Christing of Mary. This is Christ within her recognizing her entire Being.

When Christ within you speaks your name, Christ knows you and in the moment that Christ knows you, you have the capacity to know Christ. As we are known by the Christ, we can know the Christ.

In that breathless moment, when she hears the word, “Mary,” her entire Being is being Christed and her recognition of this is her response, “Rabboni….Master.” She recognizes the Christ of her Being. It would appear as you read this that she sees Jesus in the garden and recognized him to be the Christ. But this is the inner experience of Mary in which she recognizes Christ within her Self.

She may not know she has found Christ within her Self. She still thinks this is a person out there but she has seen the incorporeal Christ, the incorporeal man. She’s swept with ecstasy. She wishes to throw herself at his feet and embrace him, to clasp his knees to her but he says, “Touch me not;[for] I have not yet ascended.”

And again, this would seem to mean that Jesus, the Christ had not yet ascended. But it doesn’t mean that at all. It means that I, in the midst of you, have not yet ascended. I have not been fully lifted up within your consciousness if you still want to touch me, if you still think I am a person out here to be touched.

And Christ is telling us all at this moment, “I am incorporeal Being in the midst of you. Do not be deceived by the senses again. Do not reach out to touch that which is within your Self. Do not fall back into the deception of the physical senses. You have found Christ in you, not outside you.”

And so, know the incorporeal Christ of your own Being and that will be the Ascension. “Do not reach out and touch. I cannot be touched. That would be an illusion. I am not yet fully ascended in your consciousness and I will not be until you overcome the illusion that you must touch that which you seem to think is out there.”

Mary was finding her own Christ Self but not yet fully aware of that until the Master says, “Touch me not.” There is still inner communion until total Oneness is attained.

Now then, Christ will appear within you one day but only after you have prepared yourself and then Christ will re-appear, perhaps many times. And finally, there will come the moment when the Christ who appears within you will be accepted by you as the Self of the universe, as the Self of your Being and not as a separate individual from your own Self. When you know that, when you have been so favored to receive that Inner Bestowal, that the Christ within you that you see with the inner eye, is known to be but an image in your consciousness of your own Infinite Being, then you will have passed the point of “Touch me not for I have not yet ascended.” And we must pass that point.

This inner illumination is the end of the quest.

Now, think back, those of you who have witnessed the Christ within, those of you who have had the Voice within, and see that here, Mary is giving you a lesson. She’s being used to teach you that the Voice of the Christ that she hears in the garden is an inner Voice and Mary is taking us way back to the Garden of Eden where Adam and Eve, the un-Christed, living in the garden, were unaware of the invisible Christ. Mary in the garden finds the invisible Christ.

And this is the revelation that all mankind is incorporeal, that Christ is the invisible, incorporeal Self of mankind and that the world, living now, is in the Garden of Eden unaware of it. It is miserable in the Garden of Eden, still listening to the serpent, still listening to mortal mind when invisibly, to those who have made the preparation, Christ is present and can be experienced as Divine Selfhood. We are walking in that garden now. We have always been walking in it. But we have not stopped. We have not wept. We have not stooped. We have not looked. We have not listened. We have not discerned. Because we have not yet developed the will to love God and only God within. This will, this living, active will is Mary Magdalene in you.

As you accept this will in you to know only God aright, first, last and foremost, you will find you are aided to rest, to be meek unto the inner Spirit, to have the inner eye opened, to be lifted out of and above the five senses of the mind, to witness the incorporeal nature of all Life and finally, to know it is you. And where did it all begin with Mary? When she was cast at the Master’s feet as a sinner, told to be stoned but the Master had seen her Incorporeality and now, she is seeing her own Incorporeality. The cycle is complete. She never was what the world thought and no one is.

And so, as we accept the will to know only God in ourselves, in everyone we meet, we are staying outside the senses, outside the sepulchre, outside the tomb of matter, outside the tomb of mortal life, resting in the word that the invisible Christ is here in the garden, ever present, always present and we are weeping for conscious union with that Christ until the Christ says “Why weepest thou?” until that Voice opens the heart.

The angels had searched the heart of Mary for her motives. They were found to be pure. Her inner goodness enabled her to receive the awareness of the Inner Self. Mary wasn’t seeking anything of the world. Nothing. Mary wasn’t seeking anything for Mary. Mary was seeking Christ salvation. Mary was seeking Divine Truth and Mary attains that which she is seeking because her motives are 100% pure.

Now she is told to go. “Go to my brethren.” Tell them what you’ve seen. Tell them that I go “to your Father and My Father; to your God and my God.” He emphasizes “Father.” He emphasizes “God” because Mary had called him “Rabboni,” which means “My Master.” He’s telling her, “I’m not your Master. I am your Self and tell my brethren that I go “To your Father and to my Father.” We’re one and the same. We have the same Father. “To my God and your God.” We have the same God. My Father and my God are one and the same. Your Father and your God are the same. We are the Self, we are not two, Mary. Neither are my brethren separate from us. They are the One Self, as we.”

And now because the Will has been established to live in God, that Will, runs to the disciples. Without the Will to live in God, the disciples cannot be alerted or awakened. Mary had to come first and this is now Mary, in the midst of the disciples who must be awakened. Mary in the midst of us must be awakened to awaken the disciples within us. Unless the will of you is established to live in God, the disciples in you will remain asleep.

This, too, is a promise of the Christ which was fulfilled from the 22nd Psalm. We’ll just look at it a moment because it’s necessary to know that always, every Divine promise must be fulfilled.

The 22nd Psalm and the 22nd verse. “I will declare thy name unto my brethren: in the midst of the congregation will I praise thee.”

And here, in chapter 20, just as in the 22nd Psalm, “Go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and our Father; [and to] my God, and your God.”

So, the very Christ who spoke the words through David in the Psalm now speaks the words to Mary within her own Being. And if you have heard words of a similar nature, you have heard the eternal Word, words that unite you with all who have walked in the Spirit throughout all eternity. If you have heard these words within you or similar words, at that moment, you were One with every prophet who ever walked the earth and that Oneness has never stopped remaining in Oneness. It can never be broken.

We are being opened beyond this tomb of a physical form to know that we are not walking in it. The incorporeal Christ was not confined in that tomb and neither is the incorporeal you and only through the recognition of the Invisible Christ in the garden around you are you accepting Life not confined to the body image. That is how we are lifted out, far and above and beyond our mortal concepts, out of the limitations of form and time and space because I, the Christ of you, I go unto my Father and your Father. This is the Divine surgery whereby in the attainment of Christ awareness, you are One with the Father which is Infinity and that little tomb of a body ceases to be your habitation.

This is the new Consciousness. It is also the first day of Resurrection and is still only the morning. We learn through Christ, accepted as invisibly present, as my incorporeal Self, I am in the first day of Resurrection.

The complete teaching of Jesus Christ comes to a pinnacle at this point; for Mary, for those who understand what is happening to Mary, for those who can walk the same path.

So, Mary goes. She is now entrusted to alert the disciples.

Mary Magdalene came and told the disciples that she had seen the Lord, and that he had spoken these things unto her.”

Now, to whom could you give this inner experience had it been yours? The only ones she could give it to were the disciples of Christ. It seemed natural for her to do this rather than go out and broadcast to the world.

And similarly, when you have been lifted to the point of inner Light, there are very few people to whom you can divulge what has happened, only to disciples of Christ and even then, only if the inner Self has directed you in some way to do this as it often does.

Now, it is evening. We can imagine what happened when she arrived and told them what had happened to her. She found them in the upper room of Mark’s mother’s house. Even Peter was there who had run home. But now they learn that something has happened, something beyond their wildest dreams. First, they had learned – probably from Peter – that the Master wasn’t there and they had assumed he had risen. Now, they learn that he has spoken to one among them, he has spoken to a woman. Just as for the first time when he divulged his identity on this earth, it was to a woman at the well of Samaria. She said, “I know when Christ cometh he will do these things.” And he said to the woman at Samaria, “I am he.”

And now, to Mary Magdalene, who has passed the point of the five senses just as the woman of Samaria had passed the point of the five husbands or the five senses and was in that in-between stage, transcending the five senses, so Mary Magdalene in us, reports to the disciples within us that “I have spoken with him. I have seen him. I have been entrusted to bring you this Truth.” And the disciples assume that he has risen from the dead. Mary Magdalene has learned that he has not risen from the dead. He has risen from the deadness within her.

Now, you’ll find that Christ never changes. When Jesus appears in the garden or when he appears to the disciples, he’s never really appearing. Christ is always present but as others become more conscious of that Presence, he is said to appear to them and each receives Christ within at a different level of their own awareness. Mary, in her way, and now the disciples find as they are at, in a prayer with the doors shut, that this form appears. It was just as present before it appeared through the door or through the wall. It was present in the garden when Peter was at the tomb but he couldn’t see it. The angels, he couldn’t see. The Christ is present in this room but you cannot see the Christ unless you are in communion within.

If suddenly, the Christ walked through the walls, it would not actually be an event of the Christ walking through the walls. It would be you and I or someone here lifted high enough to perceive that Christ which is ever present.

And so, the symbol of the walls being so thick that no human could walk through but only the Christ is the statement that these disciples now having known that Jesus is actually alive are in deep inner communion. And when Christ appears, his words are, “Peace be unto you.”

Their assumption is that Christ is risen from the dead. They still had not caught the inner Christ of their own Being is being experienced within themselves. They still see an external Christ coming through a wall. Christ is never external to you. It is impossible for Christ to be external to Christ.

But there is sufficient inner awareness now to perceive this incorporeal form. They need no further evidence. They don’t say, ‘’Let us touch the wound.” Their visual evidence is enough for them. They are satisfied this is Jesus Christ.

Not Thomas. He’s not satisfied. Thomas has to touch. So, we see three levels. Mary, who doesn’t see him in any way imperfect. The disciples, who still see him as an imperfect form return to them still as he was, with wounds. They are not yet in the fulness of Christhood. They see an imperfect Jesus Christ. There is none. And then a Thomas, who is the lowest level of this inner knowing, who sees but isn’t even convinced by seeing. And so, he says, “I must feel. I must thrust my hand in his side.”

These are the various levels that are given to us at this point. What does he say to Thomas? “Blessed are those who can believe without seeing, who don’t have to touch the wounds.”

Now, why, if Christ is Christ, does Thomas see the wounds and have to touch them and the disciples see the wounds and believe that he is resurrected and Mary sees the incorporeal man without wounds? There’s no mention of wounds when Mary sees him; different levels of awareness to show us that we all see Christ in different ways but always, Christ never changes. Christ never has wounds. But if we see wounds, if Thomas sees wounds, what is he seeing? He’s seeing his own consciousness. If the other disciples see wounds, they are seeing their own consciousness. They’re not seeing wounds in Christ. They’re seeing wounds in their own sense awareness.

If you’re seeing an earthquake, you’re seeing it in your own sense awareness. If you’re seeing a disease, you’re seeing it in your own sense awareness. The deception of the senses see imperfection where Christ is and no imperfection can be there. It’s never external imperfection. It’s always within the visible senses of the beholder. All the diseases on the earth are within the senses of the beholder. The whole world is within our senses. The Christ is never in the world. The Christ is never in our senses. The Christ is never imperfect and “blessed are they who believe without seeing” is telling us that when you can accept that the Christ is present and perfect, then you can look through all visible imperfection which Thomas couldn’t do, which the disciples couldn’t do but which Mary could do.

You can look through every visible imperfection in your so-called human experience to know that that is but the denial that Christ is present here in the garden. It isn’t happening outside your senses. It doesn’t matter what imperfection you know. The only place it’s happening is within your five physical senses.

And when your Soul is opened, you will perceive that these five, physical senses had deceived you into thinking something was present beside the perfect Christ. Christ is revealed as the only Presence. There is no other.

When Mary finds the Christ, Mary ceases to be. But there’s still a Thomas. There are still male disciples to be lifted up.

The importance here is that Thomas represents the level of the world today. The highest religious world today believes as Thomas did, that he rose from the dead. Why? Because the senses of Thomas said so. Thomas was deluded twice. First, by the crucifixion and then by the Resurrection. Neither had occurred. The world of religion today still thinks Jesus was resurrected. Why? Because judging from the Bible, Thomas and the others, some five hundred, saw Jesus resurrected. But what was happening is they were being lifted to perceive that which had never died and each was seeing it in his own level of consciousness. If they could have all seen him as Mary saw him, they would have known This was never wounded: that was the world illusion. And then we, in knowing that would know, there was never a disease on this earth: that was the world illusion. There was never an evil on this earth: that was the world illusion. There was never a Managua-Nicaragua earthquake. There was no plane came down in the Andes. There were no human corpses eaten by their colleagues. All this is part of seeing the wounds in the side, seeing the print of the nails. This is seeing the evils of the world with our senses and believing they are there.

So that Thomas in us, the reasoning, the understanding of the human mind says, “Well, I finally saw it. It must be true.” Then Thomas gets on his knees and says, “My Lord and my God,” to the Master. But on a false assumption that the mutilated Christ has now come back in a mutilated form. That’s the limit of Thomas and it’s the limit of the religious mind of the world. It’s also the limit of the congregations of the religions of the world.

But go, tell my brethren….. that I go to my Father and your Father,” not with a mutilated body – as the perfect Child of God. And when you have found me in you, you go to your Father, not with a mutilated body but as the perfect Child of God. That going is the acceptance of the now Self.

We overcome Thomas. We overcome the disciples. We walk with Mary. We are joined into Oneness with the Invisible Self. For us, the Garden of Eden is the Reality, for Christ is the only inhabitant. And this earth is Christed in our Consciousness. Christ is the only inhabitant. We can look out. No matter what we see and we judge not. We don’t have to feel the wounds of the world. We don’t have to see the prints of the nails and the hands of the world.

Instead, we learn that when the Master comes to the disciples, his hands stand for his Power. His side stands for his Love. They were glad when they saw him because he showed them his hands and his side, not physically, he showed them his Power and his Love. They were feeling the Power and Love of Christ within themselves. When you feel the Power and Love of Christ within your Self, you have found the hands and the side of Christ.

So, this is our 20th chapter. Let’s see if we can rest with it a moment. What have we learned out of this?

If you have reached an important conclusion with yourself, never to deny the God Presence where you are, then you’re in that Will which lingers and will not go back to the old consciousness. The five senses are not revealing the Kingdom of God. They’re revealing the wounds, the nail prints, the errors, the imperfections that aren’t there. They are making Thomas within you reach conclusions that are untrue.

On the other hand, if you are true to the presence of God everywhere, then we must be cautious so that in no way are we fooled by the senses in denying that Presence; Truth of God as the only Self.

Now, watch how easily you fall out of upholding the presence of God as the Only. You judge. And whatever your judgment, big or small, even if it’s a good judgment, that judgment breaks the continuity of the One mind. When you judge, you are saying that “God is not present.” Whatever you judge is unrighteous. The only judgment is righteous judgment and that judgment is that God is present.

Now, if God is present, and I judge something to be wrong somewhere, then I am saying that “God is not omnipotent,” that “God is not omniscient,” that “God is not omnipresent.” If I have accepted the newspaper headlines of the day, or the tragedies of the past, or anticipate tragedies of the future, I am judging that God is not present because in the presence of God, there can be no tragedy. I am looking at tragedies and, in my consciousness, I am accepting the wounds as real; falling into a trap.

There can be no tragedies in the presence of God and therefore, there can be no tragedies in your Life no matter what appears. The illusion is the tragedy. The Reality is the invisible presence of God and although you’d like some sign or something to aid you to make God reveal God before you make the acceptance that God is present; it’s the other way around. You must make the acceptance before God can reveal God. Unless you’re living in the conscious awareness of that Presence, there’s no way for the Presence to reveal itself through you.

You can see that Thomas is being shown to us as the opposite of Mary with the disciples in between. Thomas could not stoop down. He could not permit himself to accept what he, personally could not verify. Mary could stoop down. Thomas couldn’t have seen two angels. Thomas couldn’t see the Christ in the garden. That’s why Mary came first and then the disciples and then finally, Thomas.

To uphold the One presence of God as perfect is to know that we are living in Perfection now. There is no power to change it. We will see the invisible form of Jesus from one point of view or another and this body we now we see within ourselves, if you see the Christ within your Self, will be from a higher realm than the realm we’ve walked in as human beings. And then later, still another realm and always the form you see will be but a symbol for Christ is Infinite and you cannot see an infinite form. You’re going to see an image of the infinite form within your Self.

You’re going to live in the Soul senses or human sensations depending on whether you uphold that only God is present. And if you are fooled by your senses, you will accept that beside God something else is present. And then, the meaning of Mary seeing the angels in the tomb and then outside the tomb, finally seeing the invisible Christ will be of no value if you still persist in believing what your senses see. Her senses did not see the Christ. It was the absence of those senses which enabled her to see the Christ. It is only when you overcome the belief that you have material senses that you will see the Christ. You cannot have material senses. They are unreal and all they can report to you is the unreality which they are forced to witness.

Our conclusion at this stage should be there is an incorporeal universe and an incorporeal man ever present, ever perfect, ever infinite. “Peace be unto you.” When that is repeated for the third time by Jesus Christ in this chapter, it is the sign that he is coming to the place where he will reveal the fulness of his mission. The third time he says, “Peace unto you” means I am now reaching and preparing you for a new age. Three is the beginning of completion and that new age is the incorporeal age of Spirit in which there is only One and you know your Self to be that One. You never deny it. You never deny its Perfection. You do not let the five-sense world fool you into believing that any but the perfect One is present.

This may be the first day of Resurrection in the Bible and for those of us who have faithfully found that inner rest out of the world of appearance, out of the world of sense judgment, so that we ourselves are past the point of being judged for we judge not and therefore, we are not judged. We are not separated from the One who is the Only.

During our intermission, you might give a moment’s thought to what conclusions this experience of the 20th chapter should lead you. What Truth can you depend upon if you accept this chapter and the interpretation of it? What Truth can you depend upon to live by so that a New Year is actually a new Consciousness?

That’s what we’re going to do in the second part of this meeting and so let’s have a little rest now before that. Thank you.

– End of Side One —-

In the earlier chapters, when the disciples learned that their leader was going to leave them, he said to them, in John 16:22, “Ye now therefore have sorrow: but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice, and your joy no man taketh from you.”

No man will take your joy from you when I see you again.”

Now, this is a promise then that when you are able to transcend the senses, and receive the Christ, no man can take your joy from you.

And now, in the 20th chapter, “Then said Jesus to them [again], Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.”

Now, something happens then when you receive the Christ. As Christ is sent by the Father, you are sent by the Christ. Now we know that “Christ sent by the Father” means that the Infinite individualizes as Itself and it is called Christ. The ocean individualizing as its waves.

When Christ is sent, everything that Christ expresses is Divine. It is the Source expressing Itself at a given point called Christ. When you are sent by Christ, everything you do is the Infinite Source through Christ expressing Itself as you so that you are sent. You are ordained. That which you do is the result of your Source doing it. Christ has no obstacle because Christ is the expression of the Source It is sent. You have no obstacle because you are the expression of the Christ when you have received the Christ.

So, the Master says to the disciples, “As my Father has sent me, even so send I, you.”

And then, we are given this great insight to that which happens when you are sent and how it happens. “When he had said this, he breathed on them, and said unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost.”

This is the fulfillment of the promise that they would rejoice when they saw him again. This is the fulfillment of the promise that, “If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you.”

When you drop the personal sense of a you, of a material self, of a human lifespan, of all that your five natural, physical senses report and have divested yourself completely of the belief in corporeality, that’s when the physical goes away and then the Spirit of the Father within you breathes upon you and this is the Bestowal of the Holy Ghost or the Comforter.

The Comforter comes unto you when you have dropped all physicality and belief in physicality because what is physicality but a five-sense belief? I see it, I touch it, I feel it, I hear it but I have no physical senses to do this with. They are mortal. They die. They are not of the Father. What can they tell me about God? What can they tell me about Christ? What can they tell me about my permanent Being? Nothing. They can only tell me about the world; recreation. So, when you drop belief in the physical senses, you are enabled to be lifted into creation instead of re-creation.

So, the Holy Ghost is bestowed which is that You are now sent by the Christ. You actually are that Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost sends Itself as You. God sends the Christ. The Christ sends the Holy Ghost. That is the Holy Trinity of One and that One is your Being. The activity of Christ is the Comforter, the Holy Ghost.

And how can you have the activity of Christ, the Comforter, the Holy Ghost unless you have the Christ? And you cannot have the Christ while you’re still in a five-sense world, in a five-sense concept. That’s the sepulchre. That’s the tomb, the five senses.

So you’re outside the five senses when you disbelieve in their evidence but rather you believe in the evidence of things unseen, untouched, unheard. Then, Christ in you, sends the Holy Ghost. That is the activity of Christ in you expressing Itself as the Divine qualities of the Father where you stand.

And you discover there is nothing corruptible. Nothing that can decay. Nothing that can die in your Being. Nothing that can be limited. Nothing that can lack. Your Being does not see the wall. Your Being does not see the door. Your Being does not see the physical obstruction. Only your senses do. Your Being does not know what it means to need anything; only your senses do, and this sense perception is the denial of Christ identity and it is a barricade we build which prevents our being sent or ordained by the Christ so that Christ expressing the fulness of the Father is the invisible Holy Ghost finally appearing in the visible as the health of your countenance.

The line of communication is clearly established that unless you transcend the belief in the senses, there is no Bestowal of the Comforter or the Holy Ghost: the invisible activity of Christ cannot manifest in your experience.

But here it is, being bestowed upon the disciples of Jesus Christ. In spite of all their fears that he had left them, in spite of their doubts, even in spite of their belief that he had now returned, they hadn’t yet come to the realization that they were being lifted up to witness the Reality of their own Being.

Every time we think that the Holy Ghost is just a word in a book or that Christ is something we’re going to attain tomorrow, we are really saying that “God’s on a vacation. God’s taken two weeks off. God’s gone fishing.” But God is the invisible activity of the Christ every moment. And whatever is un-Divine is non-existent. There is no such thing as un-Divinity. It is but a sense illusion. Whatever is un-Divinity, is actually deadness for the Divine is All.

Now, because we are sent, ordained, we have a mission and that mission is to let Christ in you heal the sick, feed the hungry, feed the dead. You find – and this is a great lesson in the practitioner work – that there is no healing takes place within your senses. In order for healing to take place, it must occur outside your senses and then it will appear within your five-sense appearing world. The actual healing is always outside the senses. There could be no healing inside the senses.

And that’s where we prove out for ourselves that all of the work of God must be outside your senses. You must learn how to live outside them, not inside them. The Within of You is living outside your senses. The Above of You, the Transcendental of You, the Reality of You and then suddenly, the senses are revealed as the world mind in disguise. That’s where we’ve been imprisoned, in the world mind that surrounds us as our own five physical senses which then report unreality as unreal as the senses themselves. They report a physical form where there is none. They report physical experiences where there are none. They report a physical life where there is none.

Once these five walls are walked through, when you walk through the wall of the five senses, there’s a new world waiting, a complete, new realm and now, the Soul senses become accustomed to it and open you up. The things you hear, the things you see, the things you do, the things you experience are totally different than the world knows.

When the Master says, “Peace be unto you,” that is what he was saying. He isn’t saying, “I hope Peace comes unto you.” Christ in you is the Peace unto you. Now, is Peace unto the disciples when the Master says, “Peace be unto you.” As they receive the Christ, Peace is unto them and Peace means the end of all conflict. The end of all confusion. “Peace …. unto you” is the end of the warfare between the Spirit and the flesh. “Peace …. unto you” is the end of duality, the end of separation from your own Self and your own Source.

Whenever the inner Voice says, “Peace …. unto you” that is the actual experience of Oneness with God. That is the revelation of your own Immortality. You may hear this within your Self, “Peace be unto you.” This is the revelation to us, that now the disciples have lifted up the I of their Being. They have been drawn by the Christ into the new realm.

Many other signs truly did Jesus in the presence of his disciples, which are not written in this book: But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.”

As Christ becomes more real, not just an idea, and then not just an experience but the Reality of your Being, then you are believing in his name, for his name is his identity in you and then as the sent Holy Ghost of the Christ, you will walk forward, letting the Light shine. It is now our function to lift the world, to let the Light shine through the religions of the world, through the races of mankind, to demonstrate the Christ and your capacity to reject all sense evidence, finally to know the One Divine Life where you stand, where your neighbor stands.

You have the capacity now to malpractice the world or to bless it. You have the capacity to release in the world the sense of evil. And that was given to you when the Master said to his disciples that he had given them the Power to remit sins. “Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whose soever sins ye retain, they are retained.” Only this group had that Power because this group had been given the Comforter.

Now, if you were a priest in one of the holy orders of the world and you thought you had the power to remit sins, this would actually be a sin on your part. If you thought you could lay hands on some and remit their sins, this would be a sin on your part. No holy order can give any man the power. There is no such thing as human forgiveness of sins and this here is teaching us just that. The only way that sins are remitted is through the Power of Christ, not through a human hand. And it is not a person who can remit the sins of another person. It is the Christ within the individual who remits the sins. The moment Christ in you is risen, your sins are remitted.

The remission of sins then is really the end of separation from God by the final realization of Christ identity. That’s the only way sins are remitted and all sins of course, are the belief that I am a personal, human being. That sums up all of the sins of the world.

This passage where Christ remits sins has been so misconstrued that you’ve got thousands of men in cloaks going around the country putting hands on people’s heads and shoulders and saying “Your sins are remitted,” and then the poor fellow goes out and trips down a manhole ten minutes later. He’s immune to nothing. He hasn’t received the Christ and the one so-called remitting his sins hasn’t received the Christ and Christ is the only Redeemer.

But you, as you are willing to weep until the Christ announces Itself in the garden of your consciousness, the Power of remission of sins comes unto you. Your capacity to stand aside and recognize the incorporeal Self of every individual is the way you remit sins. There’s no sin in the incorporeal Self of the world, only in the five-sense corporeal self we see.

So, we’re going to now intensify our capacity to remit the sins of the world, not through personal effort, but through the impersonal Christ.

Your next chapter is the last chapter in John – other days of the Resurrection. And we’re going to begin with that, our world work. That world work will teach us how we are to face this world of earthquakes and typhoons and diseases and limitations and dying people and restore the lost years of the locusts in our consciousness.

Now, I think we owe Nicaragua a recognition that we haven’t given her. They say typhoid is supposed to break out there or already has. And so, let us now discern the Reality. Let’s get out of the tomb, out of the sepulchre. Let’s see that there is no material self that can have typhoid anywhere in God’s universe.

There are no diseases in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. My sense mind knows nothing about that but fortunately, we don’t have a sense mind. Fortunately, we know that Christ is the only mind. And so, we have nothing with which we can perceive disease. We have nothing to behold disease with. If it appears to us, we still cannot behold it or accept it for the Christ mind knows nothing of this. The Christ mind only knows Reality.

And so, we’re accepting no earthquake in Nicaragua or in any part of the globe. We’re accepting no typhoid in Nicaragua or in any part of the globe. We’re accepting no disease. We’re accepting no suffering. We’re accepting no human being. We’re accepting the incorporeal Christ everywhere. That means your Self is there and your Self is Christ and your Self is free; the perfect image and likeness of the Father. And your Self is here.

Silence, (pause) …

We’re accepting the Resurrection of Christ in the consciousness of those who live in the country called Nicaragua. The I of you, the I of me is the I in every individual and as it ascends in our consciousness, it ascends in them. I am ascended, in the consciousness of the world as you accept Me in your consciousness, as Infinite Being.

Silence, (pause) …

Fear not…. it is I.” It is always I. All fear is a sense mechanism denying the omnipresence of God.

We’re out of the tomb.

And in our consciousness is the Presence, we are playing an important role in the development of the universal Resurrection of Christ in the consciousness of mankind. This is the part you are playing. It’s the part you have been playing since you undertook this work.

We are walking with the disciples of yesterday in the presence of Now, sharing with them the same knowledge that was transmitted to them that “I in the midst of thee am the invisible Christ.” And then, the bestowal of the Ghost comes unto all those who remain faithful to the universal Truth that only Christ is expressing on earth. There is no second.

There is only Christ where the world sees Nicaragua. There is only Christ everywhere and there we rest until the Father within establishes the deep-rooted Consciousness of this Truth as an experience, not a statement.

Silence, (pause) …

Resurrection is never an outer experience of a physical body returning to a physical form. The two angels within were the announcement of an inner Resurrection. That is the inner Resurrection that takes place in our own consciousness and lifts us to higher levels until we find that Sabbath which is eternal, the eternal Sabbath of the senses when the veil of the senses is completely pierced and never returns.

Silence, (pause) …

Only Spiritual flesh is present everywhere and the senses have deceived us from the first. All is the Light. That Light is the One Being that you are. That Light is expressing where all forms appear.

Mary transcended all appearances when she said, “Show me where my Lord is and I will take him away.” There was no physical appearance of the Spirit of God, the Christ Jesus, and yet, she said, “Show me where my Lord is.” She transcended all appearance. We are being asked to do likewise, to transcend every appearance on this earth, ever saying, “Show me where my Lord is that I may take him away, that I may be one with the Christ of my own Self.”

Thanks to Mary, we can say, “Thou seest him when thou seest me.” Mary was the Christ she sought and later, that which appeared to her as the Christ would be revealed to her as her own Being. That we can accept now. The Christ you seek infinitely is your Being. There is no personal self. There is only your Infinite Christ and to accept this and to live with it, faithfully, is finding Christ in the garden, though unseen but accepted in your consciousness; in every garden for there is only One. In every country, in every race, in every religion, find Christ in the garden. Know that you are the invisible Self of every church in the world.

Silence, (pause) …

Then the signs that follow will show you, you are truly sent. You will receive the Bestowal. The Comforter will announce, “Henceforth, there is no flesh in your Consciousness for all is the One, Divine Self.”

This is the preparation of the Christ for the new era when all who walk in the flesh will walk out of the flesh as Moses and Enoch, Bhagriath, Buddha, Jesus, laying down their coats of skin and walk into the new Universe which has ever been present awaiting our existence in the next realm of Life. Those who have walked before us are all awaiting our entry into this new Realm and the help you’re receiving is beyond calculation.

We have two more meetings, the 7th of January and the 14th then a month off till we meet again on the 11th of February for the Special Seven classes which end on, I think it’s March 24th, the last Sunday in March.

If you know some people who might be planning to come here between the 14th of January and 11th of February, try get word to them if it’s convenient for you because there won’t be any notices mailed out about it nor will there be any notices about the Special Seven classes because we don’t want to encourage people who haven’t been attending to attend these Seven. We won’t reject them but we don’t want to influence them in any way.

These Seven classes will be the capstone of the work. Now, please read the 12th chapter of “Realization of Oneness” and last chapter of the Gospel of John. Those two chapters will constitute the work for next two sessions.

A very joyous Christ New Year.

Thank you.

I want to extend a very cordial welcome to all our friends.

We have a very unusual lesson today. It is the lesson of the Resurrection and I believe you will discover that as you dwell within your Self with the meaning of Resurrection, you will find that you have the key to every so-called problem on the face of the earth here in one lesson.

In the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, is the meaning of the entire mission of Christ on earth, the meaning of your Life, the meaning of all those who have walked before you and all those who will follow you. And in the realization of that meaning into an actual living experience, you’ll find that for you, the problems of earth, even those that are not your individual problems but the collective problems of man, for you begin to lose any sense of validity at all, whether they be war or famine or overpopulation, death itself. You can look at them and see that when you know what Resurrection truly means, that all evil on the earth for you no longer has any meaning at all.

Now there was a first Easter and I presume you might call the first Easter when Mary Magdalene came to the tomb, looked in and to her amazement, there was no body. And that was Easter. He has risen. “Someone has taken my Lord.” And the misinterpretation of the first Easter has caused us to live not only misinterpreting every other Easter but those 364 days in between Easters have suffered accordingly.

I give you the keys to the Kingdom,” said the Master, who had answered to the name Christ. “Yes, Peter, thou art right. I am the Christ and I, the Christ, give you the keys to the Kingdom.” And then this I which says, “I am in the midst of you and I, give you the keys to the Kingdom” also said “I am in the midst of you and I am the Resurrection. I, in the midst of you am the Resurrection.”

And if you go with the world who has misinterpreted the first Easter then every day thereafter is spent in turning away from the message of the Christ.

First, we know that God is All. And then the question is, how do you crucify God? And then the question is, can God be resurrected? Is Christ in a human form, resurrected from what?

And we see that a false label has been put on this meaning and it is because of an unawareness of a fundamental fact that rarely is pointed out. In fact, you won’t find it except in what may be called the Mystery schools which are not known to the world, in the inner teachings and that inner teaching makes understandable the Resurrection.

I think you can get to see it in another way if we look at two passages in the Bible. One is in Peter and one is in Revelation.

Peter says, “The Gospel has been taught to the dead,” and in Revelation, it says, “You have the reputation of being alive but you are dead.” You’ll find that in 3:1 Revelation. “You have the reputation of being alive but you are dead.” It’s disguised as a letter to the third church or to one of the churches, the Church of Sardis. “You have the reputation of being alive but you are dead.”

Now, this is that which the human mind has failed to accept. When we come into incarnation through birth, this in Scripture means the first death. Incarnation is not birth in Scripture. Incarnation is death. Reincarnation is return to that death. The real birth in Scripture is Resurrection, when you are resurrected out of the first death.

Peter understood that mortal life is called death by Spirit. John understood that mortal life is called death by Spirit. And rather than tell us that we were dead in words that we understood, many allusions and hints were made. Always to let us know that death is actually what we have called birth and it is death because the Soul is imprisoned in matter. Never is the Soul actually imprisoned in matter but matter becomes the place where we are separated from the awareness of our own Soul.

And so, the incarnation into flesh, into matter, the first death is that state called humanhood. That state which is what we have called birth and it was necessary for a teaching to come upon the earth to show us that incarnation into flesh is only halfway home and the other half is Resurrection out of flesh. And so, you have the birth into flesh and then the birth out of flesh. The first birth, incarnation and the second birth, is Resurrection. One into body and one out of body.

You might compare it to a group of people who decide to motor from California to New York. They’re going to spend, let’s say, five days on route. When they get to Chicago, one of them says, “I can’t wait till I get there” and the rest of them say, “No, this is as far as we want to go. We’ll stay in Chicago.” And that one insists, “But you haven’t arrived at your destination. You’ve only come halfway.” And they say, “Well, it’s nice here. We want to stay here. We don’t want to go any further.”

Humanhood is that state of starting out to New York but stopping in Chicago, not knowing that our distance has not been fully travelled. We think this is where we belong and we want to stay. And the Spirit says, “No. We started out to go to the Seventh Heaven. That’s where we’re going.”

We’re making a complete tour of Infinity. We start from God. We go out into incarnation and then we return to our starting point. You cannot stop midway. Resurrection is to push us out of Chicago into New York all the way to make us complete our journey from God the Father into the state called mortality and back to God, the Father. We cannot imprison the Soul by stopping in this fourth world.

And so, for those who receive that deeper insight which permits them to know that there is a way to go beyond mortality – which is not the way of human death but is the way of transition, the way of second birth – we find that Resurrection takes on the meaning then of being born into Life before human death. And this for us then becomes the greatest accomplishment for which we can spend our time, our effort, our concentrated and total human lifespan, to reach that great pinnacle of achievement in which we can be born again. First, having been born into mortality and now to be born out of mortality, to become the Word of God made flesh instead of the physical appearance of a world mind made flesh.

Now, either Jesus was resurrected or he was not. It’s either a fact or it is not. If we worship at the shrine of Christ within ourselves, we understand then that Resurrection is the raising up of Christ Power within each individual. When Christ in you is accepted, realized, understood as the very nature of your own Being, there stands the Son of God and you are resurrected and you are still in the flesh on this earth, not having yet come close to the point of a grave.

Resurrection must precede the grave. We must step out of the first birth into the second, out of the first death and whoever does, finds that they have become Masters for the way of Resurrection is the way of Self-mastery.

Resurrection is the mastery of land, the mastery of sea, the mastery of air and it follows that it also gives you mastery over sickness, over age, over untoward conditions that are called evil and over the illusion of death. You discover that all death is, is a word and that the only one who experiences death are those who remain. The one who goes on knows nothing about it. There’s not a person who has gone on to death who knows what death is. We who remain think they have died. All that happens is the illusion of death continues to baffle us.

But now, we see One who not only goes through the death: having helped others to come into their second birth, having raised a child into her second birth, having raised one out of the coffin into his second birth, having raised Lazarus into his second birth and now the greatest achievement of all – that which is the achievement of every man on earth, to raise ourselves out of a dying body.

And here, it is made visible. Now, if it’s true, we must pause. We must study. We must listen for the Word from within to teach us what is the meaning of this that could not die. The world has benefited little from the Resurrection of Jesus Christ but we are to benefit from that Resurrection. It was a great teaching, the greatest teaching on this earth.

Now, there was a Soul body there. There was one who had passed the point of a mortal body, but this who passed the point of a mortal body was the Christ made manifest to men. And the Christ which is the nature of your own Being, is saying, “I must take you now past the concept of a mortal body. I must resurrect you from the myth of mortality. I must show you another realm, a Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven. I must lift you to the point where your consciousness can leave behind the grave clothes in which mortal body is buried and the napkin over the face so that a new mind and a new body walk where the old man was.”

Resurrection from the body of flesh, from the mind of matter is possible on this earth and when we finished our last chapter, Joel’s statement was just that. It is possible to bring the experience of God on earth and the Power of God and the Presence of God and the Love of God because they are on earth and when Jesus steps aside, miracles are performed by the Christ.

When mortal you, steps aside, the Immaculate Conception takes place. Then the Self of you is all that remains. The sense of duality is gone. We are resurrected from duality, resurrected from material sense, resurrected from the concepts of a human mind, resurrected from the belief that we live between birth and death alone, resurrected from the belief that we live in bodies that must die. All of these are inherent in the Resurrection.

There are many startling conclusions that we must face. We know that God is All. God is not human flesh. And the Resurrection teaches us one of the most strangest things that can ever be said. The illusion of the human race.

Only One stands and that is the invisible Christ revealed as the deathless Being, the invisible Self of all who walk in bodies of flesh. To see it as Jesus, the Christ, to be worshipped by men has done us no good whatsoever. To see it as the revelation of your own invisible Self, made manifest, is the turning point for I in the midst of you, I am the Savior. I am Salvation. I am the Resurrection. I am the Life which is imperishable. And your function on this earth is to be resurrected out of a dying body into I, the Life, the Self, the Reality of your Being. Not in a future Heaven, but now, here, on this earth to walk in the knowledge that you are the living essence of the Father.

Without this meaning, Resurrection is pointless. It is nothing but a personalized deity. Whereas the Christ is teaching that all Life is impersonal. All Life. You are the Life and your function, is to be that Life, not the person so that the outer person becomes nothing more than the echo of the Life which you are.

Self-mastery is when the outer person is the echo of the Life that is your Being. When you’re living in your Life, the outer person conforms to the law of the Divine and the outer person is nothing more than the innerness of Being expressed into visibility.

And so, if we’re going to accept the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, it must be on the terms of the Christ which revealed that there is a Self in every man which is forever and that this Self which is forever is not to be resurrected. It already is. Resurrection is not future. Resurrection is an established fact. Resurrection is dropping away all that denies identity, the Now of Resurrection, the Is of Resurrection. It wasn’t something we are to become. It is a revelation of what we already are.

I am the resurrection,” says Jesus, long before the body is placed in a tomb, long before Mary Magdalene comes to the garden, long before the Master walks into a room, through a wall. While appearing on this earth, the invisible Christ through Jesus says, “I am the resurrection.”

Then how could the Resurrection occur later if it already occurred. The Resurrection was not the body returning. The Resurrection was stepping out of the false belief in mortal sense. All of the miracles were possible because Resurrection had already been completed. The miracles were the revelation of the invisible Christ Presence everywhere, resurrecting those who seemed to be living in bodies of flesh. Each of these was Resurrection performing an active revelation of its own Presence that the Christ in each individual is resurrected when the consciousness opens up and as you open your consciousness, Christ in you is resurrected.

In other words, you become conscious of Christ in you. As your consciousness of the Christ in you is raised, you are being lifted to that pinnacle when, I am the Christ, speaks through you as you and Resurrection is an established fact.

Until we have been resurrected, until we are conscious of the Christ of Being, our work on earth must continue and we must incarnate again and again, always coming back to the tomb of flesh until one day, we enter the tomb of flesh like Mary Magdalene and we can see that there is no Divinity in the tomb. There is no Divinity in a human body. When you know there is no Divinity in your human body, the startling conclusion is reached that there is no Life in form. There is no Divine Life in a human form and only Divine Life is.

And so now, Mary Magdalene is going through this great opening of her consciousness. She comes to the tomb and the body isn’t there. Actually, she is a pawn. She’s being used by the Spirit to demonstrate what everyone must go through. We must all enter the tomb of our bodies. We must finally come to the conclusion that the Lord is not in the tomb. You will not find Christ in your human body. “He is risen.”

There is no Divine Life, there is no Divine Spirit in your human body. And then Resurrection is, if I have no Divine Life in my human body, am I in one? Am I Divine or am I mortal? If I am Divine, can I be in a human body? What is this human body? Well, that’s what we’re being resurrected from. That’s the purpose of Resurrection, to lift us out of a sense of human body, out of the material sense of a mortal world, to leave our nets, to fish on the other side of the ship.

And so, Resurrection says to you directly, “How far are you going? Are you stopping at the midway point? Then, you don’t want to study about Resurrection. Going all the way? Good. Then you’re interested.”

And therefore, for those who are going all the way, we can’t stop even at having a religion because in the Spirit of God, there is only one religion and that’s the only religion on this earth. Christ is the religion. You either are or you are not the Light of God. And the Light of God doesn’t have any kinds of creeds or colors or shapes or sizes. You can’t say the Light of God is a Christian or the Light of God is a Jew or the Light of God is a Hindu. The Light of God has no labels put upon it and we, who are going all the way, can only accept that I am the Light of God and we can accept only that the Light of God walks this earth invisibly everywhere and it is our function by correct awareness to participate in the Resurrection of mankind. The Resurrection of everyone who walks this earth in a human body is our function by recognizing only the Light of God.

Now, into the sepulcher goes Mary Magdalene on the third day. The third day is when he had promised to raise the body. And here on the third day, there were these women coming to the tomb with spices. They were going to anoint the corpse.

The world was unprepared for the meaning of “On the third day, I will raise this temple.” The world was unaware that he who had said, “If I go not away, the Comforter will not come to you” was now putting them through the experience for even while she said, “My Lord is not here” the very Christ was there. There is not a moment in the life of any individual on the earth when Christ is departed.

No matter what state we find ourselves in, Christ is always identity. Mary Magdalene was the invisible Christ but unaware at that moment and Peter to whom she ran and said, “They have taken our Lord away” and John, started to run to the tomb. It says that John out ran him, and he got there first but he didn’t go in. And then, when Peter came, John let Peter go in first.

Now, you’ve seen in the Resurrection of Lazarus a similar symbology. Noteworthy is that first, Mary the mother of Jesus, is a symbol of the highest level of unselfing that is possible to womanhood. Mary Magdalene is not of that level but she, being a fallen woman, represents what is called the fallen female principle. Whenever you find that feminine principle, you’re really talking about matter. We all come to earth through woman as matter and matter is what we must be raised up from.

Mary Magdalene – she would have been the lowest and yet, not condemned by the Spirit of God – is now the first woman on the earth to come to the tomb of Jesus Christ. She’s actually the first person on earth and that’s the symbol then that the material sense of life, which is the feminine principle of life, must be lifted up in man. And as she comes to the tomb, the feminine principle of life is being lifted up symbol[icly] and this activates Love and Faith. The moment you are moving aside the belief in a material sense, raising up the mortal material sense of life, Divine Love and Faith begin to flow into your consciousness and that’s John and Peter running to the tomb. Love gets there first.

Intuitively, the heart outraces the mind. The Soul, the awareness of God Presence, the Love of God is released when you are willing to step outside of sense conviction and this intuitive sense, this new formed Love within you awakens your Faith. Love doesn’t need to be shown. Faith does. So, Love doesn’t enter the tomb. Love steps aside and lets Faith go in to examine. Love already knows. Faith represented by Peter goes into the tomb and looks and examines and over there, just as Mary Magdalene had said, there were the linen clothes, very neatly folded. Nobody in them. And over there, on the other side, there was the napkin worn around the face, neatly folded. Nobody there.

And then, John goes in and he sees and he believes. But what do they believe? They believe exactly what Mary Magdalene has told them. “They have taken the Lord, our Master away.” That’s what they believe. They cannot understand and the world cannot understand that there was nobody there to take away.

I am the Resurrection,” the Master had said. The body that they think was put in the tomb was never put there. It didn’t have to come out of a tomb. It didn’t have to have its rate of vibration so increased that it could now disappear. “I am the Resurrection,” long before you tried to put me in a tomb.

And so, the startling conclusion is that there was no physical Jesus there to put in a tomb. Why? Because the Christ was all that was there and the Christ is not a physical body. Then what did they put in a tomb? And that’s where we have to really stop and take a long, hard look because that’s where you’re being shown that not only was there no Jesus to be put in a tomb, there was nobody there to put him in a tomb. There was no one to be buried and no one to bury him. There was no physical body on the earth. If there was one physical body on the earth, then God is not All. Spirit is not All.

To go all the way means to see that Jesus was not entombed. Jesus had died on the banks of the Jordan. He had died when he could say, “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father.” He had died when the dove descended. The very physical body of Jesus had been stepped out of and the body of the Spirit had been stepped into, all in one great, redeeming realization and it continued to walk the earth appearing to men’s minds as the form of Jesus, until the men’s minds buried the form in their own minds, in a tomb that existed in their own minds. You were looking at the complete, mortal dream and only one had stepped out of that dream.

To further understand that, on your five-day trip to New York, the reason you’re going there is because you know it’s there. You know that space is there, it’s called New York and you’re driving to it. Even if you had not gone there before, you know it’s there and it’s going to take you five days to get there but you’re not worried about it not being there when you arrive, even though it’s five days away.

And there’s a very strange assumption you make in that trip. You assume that you will have five days to do it, that that time which you have not yet experienced will come to you. You don’t question the fact that you will have the days, the time. But where is that time? It hasn’t arrived yet. How do you know there’ll be five days? Where is that time? It’s in your future and yet, you blithely accept it as a fact. You accept future time as normal, something you will be able to live in and then you go through that future time and lo and behold, it does appear and in those five days that appear, you finally arrive at this space that was always there.

Now Resurrection is telling us something like that. It’s saying that just as if there was space that you knew existed and you went to go over it and there’s time that you know will appear to give you the time to go to it, there is also an invisible Kingdom right here and it isn’t in the future. That space that exists before you go exists now and five days later, you would have covered space that existed before you started on your journey. The time that you think is in the future is already existent just as that space is already existent and the invisible Kingdom, the Infinity of it, the Allness of it, exists right now and Resurrection doesn’t mean that I’m going to become an immortal Being in the future for the immortal Self is a now fact that I must learn to live in and out of, not in the future of it but in the present of it. I’m not going to be resurrected. I am the Resurrection. I am that immortal Self now.

And, when Jesus accomplished this by stepping out of self into Self, out of mortal form illusion into Soul body, into Spiritual Selfhood, he also stepped out of the illusion that you could go across the country in five days. For him, there was no country anymore. He stepped out of the illusion of time and when you are living in your immortal Self, you’re in the nowness which has nothing to do with the illusion of space or the illusion of time.

In the illusion of space and in the illusion of time, there will be bodies to be buried and people to bury them because we’re all moving with that time. None of us have tomorrow yet. No one on this earth has tomorrow but everyone believes tomorrow will come. That’s because we’re all moving in the illusion of the one time.

Jesus stepped out of that illusion, into Christhood. When you step into Christhood, you’re not moving with the other illusions that take place and one of the greatest of those illusions is the illusion of matter. Just as we all move with the assumption that tomorrow’s time will come today, that future time will come into the present, so we move with the illusion that matter is a reality. And as long as you’re in the illusion that future time will come into the present, you’re going to move in the other illusions that are part of time; matter, motion, all physicality, all conditions, all good and all evil. All that is not God created moves with each of us in the one world mind, in the illusion of time, space and all it contains. And only when you are the living, Spiritual Self are you out of this moving illusion of time and space in which the images of the world are contained.

When Jesus was able to not die, he was revealing the presence of a realm which makes the realm in which men live, a different world than we had ever imagined. That’s why it is said, “We must preach the Gospel to the dead.” That’s why Paul says “To be carnally minded is to be dead.” That’s why Paul says, “When will we be taken out of this body of death?” That’s why Jesus teaches, “Raise the dead.”

Always, deadness and human life are one and the same. The moment we came into birth, incarnate in human flesh, we had entered the death. We have called it life by mistake. Knowing it as life, Resurrection means nothing to us, except maybe some future Heaven and it doesn’t work that way. We have to see mortality as not the creation of God. The word “death” is merely to describe it is not the creation of God; it is a world image. And all that it contains, the illusion of space and time, the illusion of growing up, the illusion of then giving away your life, all of that disappears when you know yourself to be the living Christ who needs no Resurrection for, I am the Resurrection. You stand on the nowness of Being and watch the clouds drift by.

Let’s take a look at this passage here (John 20:1) and see how beautifully the Spirit is trying to open us up to the meaning of living as the Christ or the resurrected Self.

The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark, unto the sepulchre, and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulchre.”

Now, that sepulchre or tomb means life on earth. That’s the symbol of it. It means the earthly life. It also means the human body. The stone taken away from it is this great big stone door that runs on grooves and they roll it through the grooves like a millstone and then they put these vast ropes across it and they fasten them to the tomb and they seal the ropes with wax. They want to be sure that nobody’s going in or out. They don’t want that body stolen because they’re afraid – at least the Sanhedrin’s afraid – that if the body is stolen, the world will think that Jesus is the Son of God or some kind of a great person. That’s the last thing they want. That was why they wanted him crucified. They didn’t want him to be a miracle man. And now they’ve got to be sure he’s not a miracle man and fasten that tomb so securely that nobody can get in. They want him dead. And the Romans have been asked to put extra soldiers around and they do that. Every precaution is taken. It’s impossible. You couldn’t bribe a Centurion to get in there. It would take quite a number of people to even open the door.

And of course, they’re all pawns of the Spirit to show us that there’s no way for a human being to go in or out.

But here comes this fallen creature, the adulteress, who by now, we know is well on the way to her total illumination. It was she who poured oil upon the Master. It’s a sign of the recognition of the Soul body. Next to Mary, she is the highest illumined on the earth.

But she is now alarmed. The body isn’t there. She runneth. She cometh to Simon Peter. “They have taken away the Lord … We know not where they have put him.” She thinks they have been, in some way, instrumental in removing that body and putting it somewhere. But you and I know that’s not what he’s teaching. That body which is the same body that was shown in Transfiguration, that body of Light, is not buried in that tomb. It never was. You couldn’t squeeze the Infinite Christ into a physical tomb. You can’t squeeze the Infinite Christ of your own Being into a sepulchre, into a physical body.

From this we are to find our Life elsewhere than in our physical bodies. We are to become conscious of the Life that is not in the physical body. We are to become conscious that this Life which is not in the physical body, which never was, is perfect and every situation that the physical body must meet, we have to first meet in the invisible Life which is revealed to us. As we meet these situations in the invisible Life first, then the outer body becomes an echo or reflection of that perfect, invisible Life and moves in the Grace and Harmony of the Father.

Stand ye fast.”

This situation is also described in Zachariah. The early part of the day when it was not yet dark, when it was still dark rather. This is a fulfillment of a prophecy of Zachariah. 14th chapter verses 6, 7 and 9.

It shall come to pass in that day, and the light shall not be clear, nor dark: But it shall be one day which shall be known to the Lord, not day, not night: but it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light.”

This is a transitional state when just as you and I are discussing that we have no Divine Life in this physical body, that is the state of mind of Mary Magdalene. “They have taken away my Lord.” You don’t know where to go. You would blithely assume Christ is in your body. You assume that you were the Light of God in some way in this body. But this body is revealed here esoterically as the sepulchre. This physical body is the sepulchre that she’s looking into and the Lord isn’t there. There is no Divine Life in the human body. And there’s no other life than Divine Life.

Now, you’re coming face to face with the almost epical revelation of the Resurrection, that there’s no one living on earth in a human body. No one. But it isn’t yet day. We’re not in the full consciousness of the meaning of that. It’s still dark.

Zachariah was well aware of that. “And it shall be in that day, that living waters shall go out from Jerusalem…. And the Lord shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one Lord, and his name one.”

This transitional stage when you say, “They have taken my God away,” when you don’t know where to go; when you realize that there really is no Divine Life in a human form. Then you can go further and understand the linen grave clothes and the napkin.

So, Peter and John run and he, Peter, following John, they come to the tomb “And he stooping down, and looking in, saw the linen clothes lying; yet went he not in. And then cometh Simon Peter following [him, and] went into the sepulchre, and seeth the linen clothes lie.”

Now, these linen clothes were the symbol that Christ Jesus no longer wears physical clothes. This is a definite, inner experience you will undergo when the Soul is unwrapped; when you lay aside the garments of physical flesh in your consciousness. This is the linen clothes folded neatly on the side.

When you reach the conclusion, the understanding, the deeper revelation that only the mind wears a garment of flesh and the mind is not the mind of God, then you will transcend that mind and in your transcendental awareness you will know that you are setting aside the linen clothes.

You see, we are buried in and by bodies of flesh and the linen clothes that you set aside are the bodies of flesh which you realize do not contain Divine Life and therefore, you are not in those bodies of flesh.

And over here there’s a napkin, the same way. They put these originally on the corpses. Now, this corpse somehow folded the linen clothes and folded the napkin, put them in separate places and isn’t there. Again, the Spirit is revealing that the napkin, which covered the face, no longer covers the face. That is the sign that now, we see him face to face.

Lazarus had come forth from the tomb. He, too was in grave clothes and a napkin over his face and the Master said, “Loose him [and] let him go.” And only then, was the napkin removed. Christ in you removes the napkin from your face. Christ in you enables you to see him face to face. Christ in you, with the napkin removed, is the Christ mind; with the linen clothes removed is the Christ body.

When in your consciousness, you come out of the sepulchre, out of the sense that I have a mortal body, then the linen clothes, the grave clothes are removed. You are in the Christ body realized. The napkin is removed from the face. You are in the Christ mind realized and you are the Resurrection. This is an experience that must take place in our earthly experience before the grave.

I lay aside the linen clothes. I lay aside the napkin. I accept that I am the living Christ body and the living Christ mind now and no other. And though I have no full capacity to live in it knowledgeably, to release the totality of it, the fulness of it, as Zachariah said, “That day will come when the Lord is one.” But where do you begin? You must begin. You must start on this trip and then, not stop midway.

All the way means to step out of the body of flesh as a fact. It isn’t there. Out of the human mind that sees it as a fact because the human mind which sees the illusion must equally be an illusion. Take off the napkin.

This is a turning in consciousness. This is pausing to accept or reject. And when you accept, even the brief time lived in the awareness that this body of flesh here and that body of flesh there are but pathways on the road to the fullness of Being. We’re not to stop in them. We’re not to be content to make them better. Our function is to outgrow them, to come out of the tomb.

If you have tried to face individual problems of some kind, even physical ones, with the knowledge that you’re not in a body of flesh and therefore, the physical condition had nothing to do with You: if you’ve done this, you know that it is quite startling to see how you are separated from these pains. It’s very startling.

This developed Consciousness that I am not in the flesh and nothing in the flesh is mine and then to look over the earth which in the fullness is the invisible Spirit is to remove the concept of flesh everywhere: to look over the fields, to look at the rivers and the mountains and the forests and the grass and to know this is man’s concept of the invisible Spirit of God which is there and only the invisible Spirit of God is there is to bring you into the Oneness with Spirit everywhere. This is all part of coming into the Resurrection before the grave.

And then you find that it’s almost when problems break around you, sometimes it’s very hard for them to register on your awareness. You just don’t catch it as a problem. You catch it as some kind of false concept in the air. It registers with you quite differently than in your normal mortal consciousness. There it hits right into you and it sticks there and it wriggles around and demands attention.

But when you’re in the atmosphere of the resurrected Self, the ground is higher and these problems seem sometimes so far below you can hardly see them. They don’t make contact. They don’t have the urgency and strangely enough, they dissolve because they cannot penetrate the Self which is not in the flesh. There’s nothing left to feed these problems. And then, you know you have found a different level to live in.

Now, just to read about the Resurrection is nothing. The Resurrection is an experience that takes place within yourself and it’s a daily experience and it’s a continuing experience. And you know it’s happening when it’s happening. And through the continuous Resurrection within, you know you’re being reborn to that Self which can say, “Before Abraham was, before Adam and Eve was, I am.”

Somebody discovered just the other day that the world was at least 70 billion years old. That means Christ must be older than the 70 billion years because “Before the world was, I am.” You lose these tight, confining, finite idea of life which is actually death. There is no tight, confining idea called life. It is death. It’s the shadow that we live in as we look out of the mind that perceives what God did not create.

Then it says all the disciples or the three anyway, John and Peter, after they had looked and believed that Jesus had been taken from the tomb, they went home. And that means they went back to this consciousness, this mortal sense of life. The old consciousness was their home. They returned home.

He had told them, “[If you believe on me,] the works that I do, you shall do…. If a man believes on me, though he were dead, yet, shall he live.”

– End of Side One —-

If man believes on me, though he were mortal, yet shall he live.”

Always, when you find the dead burying the dead and you find that word “dead” in here, we’re being told that that is the nature of the human race. And it’s a false state of being.

Now, if you’d been present and seen the Master in the garden as Mary and if you had been sufficiently versed in his message to know the Truth, you would have known that before the crucifixion and before the Resurrection and after the crucifixion and after the Resurrection, Christ had not changed. Christ was the same before and after. All that had changed was in the world mind. And to this minute, Christ has not changed. Christ never changes. Christ is always the same. All that can change is the world mind in you or the consciousness of Truth in you.

When you know the unchanging Christ in you, the Resurrection becomes experience instead of words in a book and that Resurrection experience is what most of us are going through and have been going through for some time until we emerge into the pure Light and mortality is no longer a myth to baffle us, to frighten us, to deceive us.

I’m hopeful that today the Spirit of the Resurrection will dwell in every heart, that we can learn to accept within us the Truth that the I of our own Being is already the resurrected Self, free of the material world, independent of form and that we can learn to live in and accept that I resurrected Self, not as a future event but as the present Truth of Being that we are all joint heirs in I, the resurrected Self.

This is about our midway point and so we’ll meditate on this.

As we close our eyes, our function is to know that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was the teaching that I, Spirit is my name. I am that Christ which was teaching Resurrection. Resurrection isn’t an event that happened in the past nor is it an event that will happen in the future. Resurrection is the revelation of the identity of mankind, that all I can ever be is the living Spirit of God.

It is the consciousness that must be resurrected so that my consciousness must be lifted out of its false beliefs. This is where I dwell.

Silence, (pause) …

Go into the tomb of body now. Enter your body. Look around. You will not find the Lord there. You will not find Christ in that body. Christ is the Life of God. Resurrection says, “I cannot continue to live in this body. Christ is not here.”

Resurrection says, “I am the Christ.” This body has no existence except in mortal mind. I’m living in a dream body and as long as I continue to, I will have only relationships with other dream forms.

I am an invisible body made of Infinite Spirit. I am going through this level of the world mind. I’m not going to stop here. I’m not going to be imprisoned, entombed in a body not created by God which does not contain his Life. I am stepping out of world concept. I am Divine Life itself and if I have any body, it must be a Divine body. It cannot be this mortal body. I am living in my invisible, Divine body now and this concept that the world sees is but a level of human consciousness, a mental image. I am proceeding beyond it.

I and the Father are one Life. One Life is revealed as the only Life there is and that Life can never be put into a tomb, can never be put into a grave, can never be put into a sepulchre. That Life has no beginning, that Life has no end and that Life, I truly am. To become conscious of that Life is my Resurrection. That is my life work, to become conscious of the Life that can never be entombed and that is your second birth. When you become conscious of that Life, you are reborn of the Spirit and the Word, not world mind, but the Word of God is made flesh.

Silence, (pause) …

Let us pause a moment now.

In the 9th verse of the 20th chapter, there’s a very important statement. John says, “For as yet they knew not the scripture, that he must rise again from the dead.”

Those who believe they’re living in mortal forms are the dead and they knew not the Scripture that he, Christ, must rise from the dead; that Christ must be realized in the consciousness of those who think they’re walking in mortal forms. This is the next step in all evolution of man on earth. And the importance of it is this: Scripture must be fulfilled.

You’ve noticed that the Scripture may be fulfilled is spoken always and always there’s an appearance that our response to a prophecy, that goes way, way back to either Isaiah or Ezekiel or Daniel or someone of that Spiritual Consciousness and then out here in the physical world it appears because Scripture must be fulfilled and the Scripture says, “If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you.” But this I who goes away is your physical sense of self. If the personal I, goes not away, the Christ in you will not raise you from the tomb of mortality and Scripture must be fulfilled so you’re in conflict with the Spirit and the will of God unless you are cooperating. Unless you can say, “The Father worketh hitherto and I work,” whatever the Father’s will, is in me, I am doing and not putting roadblocks in the way or not ignoring, you’re in conflict with the very Spirit of your own Being.

And so again, Scripture says, “Sell all thou hast.” All. That means every concept that is in conflict with Scripture must be sold or put aside. Every belief that we have is part of all that we have until you’re willing to accept that only what the Father gives me, do I have and what the Father does not give me, I do not have. Then, you have sold “all that thou hast.”

The Scripture in you that must be fulfilled is that you “Be [ye therefore] perfect [even]as your Father,” and therefore the one Divine Life is revealed as your Life now. That one, Divine Life is not going to be resurrected. Christ has always been alive.

I am the Resurrection,” says Christ and by believing that the Resurrection could be resurrected, religion has lost its way. By not knowing the identity of he who says “I am the Resurrection” as the indwelling Spirit of every man, religion has missed the point. I in you must be accepted and you must pass beyond the mental acceptance. Christ in you must be raised from the dead sense of a material being.

And now, then, we’re interested then in the Christ experience which is the Resurrection experience and you’ll notice that nobody goes into the tomb as a group. Each goes in individually. You are faced with the necessity for meeting this in your own individual consciousness and there’s no one who’s going to do it with you in that consciousness. You either are going to accept that I, in the midst of you am the risen Christ or you are going to continue to believe that in some way, God created mortal, material beings and then you’re going to be watching the heartbeat and the pulse beat and the temperature and the blood pressure thinking these are an indication of whether you’re healthy or not.

In the midst of you at this moment is the meaning that Christ where you stand is all that is there, that there is no mortal being there, that there is no physical body there and this was true of your mother. And this was true of your father. And we discover that Resurrection tells us that parents aren’t parents as we have known them to be and children aren’t children as we have known them to be and people aren’t people as we have known them to be. And we’re alone when we come to this realization. There’s nobody to hold us up. This is the single narrow pathway that you walk through. And until you are ready to banish the material concept of the world and walk this path, you are rejecting Christhood. That’s fine if you just want to get to Chicago. But this class is whittled down to those who want to go all the way and all the way means out of humanhood.

Then Christ will walk through the wall of your consciousness and enter the room which is the room where you are waiting on the Lord, where you are in the Sabbath of the mind and you will be lifted to that Sabbath which is called the eternal Sabbath and you will learn how to go through the mystic death. The mystic death takes you to that place where you have reached the level of Consciousness which no longer is earthbound, finite, material, mortal, living in space, living in time, living in any form of lack or limitation. You are pure, Spiritual Consciousness realized. And that has nothing to do with a mortal person. That Spiritual Consciousness never needs Resurrection. It is the Resurrection. That Spiritual Consciousness is the only Self we can ever be.

And so, the Master says, “My peace passeth understanding” because Resurrection revealed, takes us beyond all of the known methods of living, beyond the emotional, beyond the mental, beyond the physical, beyond the rational. It takes us into a realm of Spirit. Where all of our normal reactions are absent. Where nothing that we can quite comprehend is taking place. We’re in a different atmosphere.

Mary was in that atmosphere for a while. It was then that she was able to bring forth that image which would be the leader of mankind. She was out of the way. She was not in the sense of matter or materiality or mortality or humanhood. She was dwelling in the Spirit of her own Being as a pure Soul. Unless you have the experience of being a pure Soul, there is still a dual you, another self that isn’t and you will experience that other self, you’ll be lingering in the midway mark, unwilling to walk into the tomb and make the great discovery that the tomb only exists in the mind of the world.

Father, forgive them; [for] they know not what they do.”

The word “forgive” also means erase. You are being told to erase from your consciousness the belief that they are out there external to your Self. You are truly the one, Divine Self. There are no divisions in your Being between you and someone else. You can never come to that place while you still inhabit a mortal form in your consciousness.

Now, suppose you were to take this as your assignment for this week. Not to dwell in the consciousness that I am not a mortal being for 24 consecutive hours, but to establish 2 meditations a day, every day in which this becomes the purpose of your meditation. I am not a mortal being. I am that Life which exists before Adam and Eve, that Life which was always living and ever will live. I am the Resurrection. I am the One that is the Only. I am not a passing self in a passing form.

Now if you make this the subject of your contemplation to be followed by the Sabbath of the mind, the Silence, you will be lifted by the very Spirit itself. And then if you make that your second meditation of the day, and repeat this spontaneously, without any formula so that twice a day for six or, seven days or whatever it’s going to be until we meet again, you are prepared for five to ten minutes, twice a day, resting in the awareness of who you are and then signing off the mind so that the inner Spirit can establish its identity in your consciousness. You will at least be trying to accept the meaning of Resurrection not as words in a book or as an event in history but as the living experience that every Self must come through until it knows its self to be the only Self, the One, Infinite Self.

This is our real Resurrection, the experience that I am the One Self and beside me there is no other. My Self is walking this earth everywhere, appearing as the forms that I see. I am that invisible Self. I am the Life of everything that moves and the Life of everything that is still. I am the Life of inanimate objects. I am the Life of every form. I am the Self behind every visible condition. I am the Resurrection. I am the living Kingdom of God on earth.

This is the nature of your meditation twice a day and I know it will lift you. It will teach you. It will open you and you will be fulfilling Scripture to that extent.

The great work we have ahead of us is the announcement within by the Spirit itself that “I am come.” And it will say this to you many times, at many intervals but it is always saying this to you and the times that you hear it will be when you rise to these higher levels of self-awareness to bring into consciousness That which is always present saying, “I am come.”

Forgive the world. Erase from your consciousness all that you thought was happening. “Sell all [that] thou hast,” and listen for “I, in the midst of you,” for “I am the Resurrection and the Life,” and “I am the Way,” and “I am the seventh Heaven,” and “I will feed you Spiritual bread.”

Then we will find that Christmas day for us will be that moment when the new substance of Spirit which was ever present is born in us again, reuniting us with our eternal Self. That will be the moment of Bethany, the House of Substance when the living bread of the Spirit in you becomes your awareness that I am the living Christ, the Infinite Christ. This will be our Resurrection and it will continue and continue and continue until that moment called Christmas, Christ born in you, becomes a Reality.

That Resurrection means all incarnation is over for the second birth is the end of reincarnation. When the true Self is realized, your mission on earth is nearing its close. You can stay. You can continue to fulfill the mission of the Light. You can even return, if you wish, as you know, but learning the lesson that I am the Light of God on earth is what you’re here for. And when you live in it knowingly, you will find that you are a pillar in the temple of the Father and you go no more out. That’s what we’ve all been preparing for and it’s worth many, many seeming problems on the way. It’s even worth a few tragedies because in the moment of illumination, you will see that every tragedy was an illusion. All that is present is the Presence. All that is present is the eternal perfection of Being. There is nothing else present.

In your Resurrection experience you can say, “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father. We are One.”

And so, this is the way we face our real Christmas. Christ in you born through the Willingness, the Love, the Faith to release mortal sense. Not half way. That’s “Selling all [that] thou hast.”

I assure you it is lonely and yet, Infinity has a way of bringing to you many glorious surprises once that tinge of loneliness is overcome for in the fullness the loneliness disappears. And again, and again and again you’re raised back to that fullness until it is sealed. You have no way of knowing how short the time may be – nor have I – for the new age is very closely upon us. We’re learning about what we had thought was our individual Resurrection but we’re really not. It’s the Resurrection of the world.

And that Resurrection of the world is just as close as the Resurrection in your consciousness is. You are playing that role in the Resurrection of this world out of the false sense of corporeality into My Kingdom, realized.

Our theme will continue to be the 20th chapter, Jesus walking through the wall, Thomas being converted, but all of this will be a further heightening of our own Resurrection experience and from there, in the mystical interval between Resurrection and Ascension to see the difference between the two.

And finally, from that strength to stand in world work, so that perhaps when we meditate here about the earthquake we know can’t occur, we can include Nicaragua and not limit our consciousness to that place where we stand physically. Always, we’ll be learning that we must dwell in the conscious awareness that the carnal mind of the world is the only adversary. And never localize down to a head cold or a pain in the arm. And if you remember in our meditation on the earthquake, that’s where we were. I would call that my error. But we learn by these errors.

And so, before we disband which will be – let’s see we have three more classes in this series – we must learn to be more omnipresent in our consciousness when we do our world work.

Now while you’re accepting, “I am the Resurrection,” that Omnipresent Consciousness that you must be in must accept that I am the Infinite Resurrection. You can’t localize down to Resurrection on the place where your feet are. I am the Infinite Resurrection. My Self is the only Self in this entire Spiritual universe. I am the One, Infinite Spirit. That’s quite a jump out of being mortal matter for all these years.

So, make that your meditation and be prepared through your reading of the 20th chapter of John to go into some interesting details about the Spiritual nature of that chapter. It would help if you have read it because then you will find you have a deeper capacity to hear what Spirit wishes to reveal.

Maybe this is a good time to say, “Thank you,” to so many of you or maybe that can come next week. But I do want you to know how grateful we are here that we can share these beautiful Truths together and that in some way, your response to the inner Spirit of your own Being has made this possible. It has been a very moving year for me, more so because we have seen great changes in the students who have worked with us. We have been invited to share with them their living experiences and we know that the Spirit has definitely made a great entrance into the consciousness of our group. From that point of view, we are deeply grateful.

To all of you, a very joyous Christmas. Thank you.

Can’t help but comment today on the many smiles we’ve noticed. It’s supposed to be a dreary day but it’s hard to prove it just looking around at the happy faces. In fact, this is one of those classes that in some way is almost finished before it begins. There’s a real feeling that we have all brought with us a very special consciousness which permeates all around us.

We want to look at the chapter which we began last week, “Lifting up the I.” The first thing we want to look at is a very unusual statement made by Joel. It’s almost a statement which is so complete in itself yet, when it is understood, you have the complete and total secret of the nature of error.

I think it could begin right here on page 189. Joel says, “Through conscious realization, we must establish the truth of our oneness with God, our oneness with spiritual perfection.”

We’re going to assume now that we have established this to a degree so that at least we know that this is the nature of our Being. We may not be able to demonstrate it a hundred percent of the time or even perhaps twenty percent of the time but we know we are Spirit, one with the Father, one with each other as one Self.

And so, this has to be established before we can go further with his next statement. “Then from there on, we are not dealing with persons or conditions: we are dealing only with the world of appearances or illusion.”

Now, here is the important phrase, “The illusion in one place may be a lake, the illusion in another may be a city, but it is all illusion, and the substance of an illusion is nothingness, whether it appears as a lake or a city. The substance of illusion is the same, whether it appears as a cold, a headache, a cancer, tuberculosis, a broken bone, poverty, or unemployment. It is always nothingness, the ‘arm of flesh,’ appearance. And behind it is the activity of a universal malpractice or hypnotism, produced by the universal belief in two powers.”

Now then, the big statement is that this illusion on the left and that illusion on the right and the third illusion up there and the fourth illusion down here are all one and the same illusion so that if in the office, everybody is saying “There’s going to be an earthquake at 9 pm or 9 am on January 4th,” that’s one illusion but it’s no different than the illusion on the other side which says, “I have a head cold.” They’re both the same illusion. And if you come across someone beating a dog and your heart bleeds for the dog, you’re trapped into an acceptance of the third illusion which is still the same illusion. The cold in the head, the beaten dog, the earthquake are one illusion.

And so, Joel’s statement is that when you learn the nature of one illusion, you’ve learned the nature of all illusion and then the alertness to the universal illusion is a path to freedom.

So, let’s look at the three human type illusions which we see as three separate illusions when they’re really one. The earthquake, the beaten dog and the head cold.

We know that God has not created earthquakes. We know that God is not standing by watching people beat dogs and we know that God didn’t give anybody a head cold. And if we have perfect faith in a perfect God, something happens in us. It’s like putting starch in the collar of a shirt. Something starches up your awareness so that you can stand without being moved out of position. You think with a sense of conviction. There is a lucidity in your thought as if it were coming from another level and you find suddenly, you can understand the nature of illusion as something which normally persuades you to accept it as a reality. The talk is hot and heavy and the fear jumps and the next thing you know, all of your teaching is out the window. All you can think of is where can I put this body if that earthquake comes or the head cold is there and you’re angry at yourself because you’re supposed to have known better. But here it is and then you can’t help but wince when you see somebody lash that dog. You want to tear it out of his hands. You want to cradle the dog. You want to stroke it. In all cases, this is material sense presenting different pictures to the one who is not alert to Reality.

Now, let’s go back to our perfect Reality. Let’s see that the real problem begins long before the physical birth. Infinity is so vast. There’s no way that it can present Itself to the finite mind. And so, Infinity presents itself to the finite mind through many veils, through many segments; so vast that in one lifetime, you can only get a little bite out of a big apple. And so, you see Infinity but don’t know you’re looking at it. You see a little portion in one lifespan and another portion and another portion and then another. And every time you look out, you think you’re seeing what’s there because the human mind has no capacity to see Infinity.

And so, right at the start, we’re pressured into an illusion. We cannot see any further than our human eyes can see and they cannot see the wholeness that is present. And so, with our other senses, we’re limited again and again and again and we learn finally, that these limitations are not limitations at all unless they’re accepted as senses which convey to us reality. When you know they have no capacity to convey reality, then you are lifting yourself above the sense of sight and sound and touch, knowing that always, Infinity is present. And finally, you know that you’re in what may be called the fourth level or the fourth world. And because you’re in the fourth world, looking at Infinity, you find that you are to be lifted up to three more levels.

Into this fourth world comes a Light, always present but there is one to receive it and so, Jesus becomes Christ. And now, you have a higher level made manifest in the fourth level and it comes to show us that there is a way to a higher level, a fifth level, a sixth and a seventh. The seventh being the eternal Sabbath or rest in which you live in Reality, without seeing fractions of Infinity but live in Infinity itself.

And this Light, made manifest as the Christ Jesus, now gives us a perfect preview of what happens when you are willing to place your perfect faith in the Father knowing that Reality is perfect and present. It does not create bodies of flesh that die. It does not envelop these bodies of flesh in earthquakes. It does not give them head colds. It does not beat them or beat animals and it is always present.

You begin to see that there is a universal illusion and that its presence is there for a purpose, to help us develop perfect faith. Our perfect faith accepts the perfection that is present and looks through every form of that universal illusion, even to the point of looking through all that is material until we see that the nature of the universal illusion is to create a fourth world and our Soul, hungry for union with its Source, is taking us forever, leading us, guiding us, driving us to find that union with Source, which lifts us beyond the false sense of power that exists in the fourth world.

And so, we follow that Light which was made manifest. We saw One who could walk through the fourth world untouched and we try to cognize the secrets that enabled him to do so. And one is, we discover, he learned that he was not present in a material body. He learned that there were no material conditions; that there were no material objects; that all that was present was the invisible Light.

And he discovered a carnal mind, a universal sense of the fourth world which re-interpreted the Light into the appearance of form called matter and that all belief in matter emanates from this carnal mind and that all belief in the evil of matter emanates from this carnal mind; all belief in the goodness of matter emanates from this carnal mind; and that this carnal mind which recreates the Light into an appearance called the fourth world, is a universal illusion itself and that only through stepping out of the effects of that world illusion could we receive that Light which guides us through the fourth world, lifting us into the fifth.

And so, that is what our work consists of. It is learning how to express the Light by stepping aside from that which the carnal mind places before us as a world of material form. To express the Light is to express the invisibility of God into this fourth level. When we look at Jesus healing, we see that he never was dealing with physical forms. He learned that the secret was to stand in the Light of his own Being as an Infinite Self and to let the Light reveal itself where the world saw material being.

This might be a good time to see that there are seven levels of body. In each world there is another level of body and in the fourth world, that level of body is a human body, for us. But it isn’t a human body in the fifth level or the sixth or the seventh. The human body is the world appearance, we assume, only at this level of consciousness.

And so, as the Master did, in perfect faith, we accept the body of Light as the only Body and we can look at the body of flesh into which we have journeyed in the fourth level as a temporary condition imposed upon us only by the universal belief in material bodies. And we begin to lift ourselves simply by stepping aside from material sense. We do not deal with physical bodies or physical conditions. We step aside and by stepping aside, is meant we step out of the belief of the mind that physical form is present in any way. We cannot bleed for the beaten dog. We cannot fear for the earthquake. We cannot be angry at ourselves for having the head cold. We learn that we must step aside from this human sense of things; that we must take a Sabbath from mortality.

And as we step aside, as we find the capacity to find a Soul center, instead of a five-sense chilling fear, there is a quickening and that’s when the system begins to see the miracle of that which we had feared dissolving right before us. This quickening is the oil of the Soul, the Soul substance forming Itself in your consciousness and it releases us from the illusion of the world.

And most of us, when we have attempted to heal ourselves or another, have been trapped in quite a number of ways and the one way to finally get out of all of the traps is to not try to heal that condition or that person but to recognize that you’re dealing with a universal belief.

Now, you may want to get rid of your head cold but the best way not to get rid of it is to try to treat it as a head cold. You may want to remove the fear of the earthquake but the best way not to remove the fear is to keep thinking you’re going to, in some way, eliminate that earthquake. What we’re getting at is that there’s no earthquake to eliminate and there is no head cold to get rid of. If you’ve gone that far that you think you’ve got to get rid of the head cold, or protect against the earthquake, then you have not caught the idea that a universal illusion is not something you try to get rid of and you don’t try to get rid of it where you stand. Once you localize that illusion and think you’re trying to get rid of it where you stand, you find your efforts are thwarted.

What we want to learn today is that we meet the illusion on its universal level, not on its local level. When you meet it on the local level, you’re not ready for the greater works. You’ve got to meet it on its universal level.

And so, if we were to meet the earthquake, we would not meet it as an earthquake in this area of California. We would meet it as, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof” and we would have to know that the earthquake is an impossibility in God’s Spiritual Kingdom. We don’t have to determine where it might strike or when it might strike. We have to determine the Truth not the nature of the illusion or the nature of the lie. And if we know the Truth, this knowing will be that God, being Spirit, being All, is not material and that matter has no existence in God.

There is no matter to quake. That earthquake is going to be a mental idea before it ever seems to be a physical tremor and when there is a receptivity to the carnal mind which says “It’s possible that there is a material world and that it can quake,” then that individual is part of the group illusion, the group unawareness of the Allness of Spirit. God is not in the whirlwind. God is not in the earthquake, meaning Spirit is not in matter.

Now, the importance of knowing that Spirit is not in matter about an earthquake or about a head cold ultimately takes you to a more important knowing; that when you know Spirit is not in matter, you know that Spirit does not die. When you’ve solved the illusion of earthquake, you’ve also solved the illusion of death. In fact, when you solve any one form of the illusion, you’ve solved all illusion. It only appears to human sense that some are bigger than others. The earthquake is no bigger than the head cold because they’re the same illusion.

Now, we’re going to be prepared before our series is over – before this, before the next four classes – we’re going to be prepared to be able to participate in world work effectively. And our participation will be on the basis of knowing that where the world appears to be, my Spirit is and we’re going to know that well enough so that whatever occurs in our communities or in any part of the world, that is brought to our attention, can be met not as a local event but as a universal lie, a universal nothingness so that you don’t meet a head cold in your head. You meet it as a universal lie and then, not only will your head cold disappear, but many others and you will not even know who has benefitted by your work. But that is the reason for the lie coming to you, for you to stand in the Light, not just to release yourself but to see always the universal nature of the lie and then you become a permanent Light working in world work all the time. It doesn’t matter what illusion touches you, you remove the belief in the universal nature of that lie, not the local nature of it alone. And you’ll find suddenly, you have discovered deep wellsprings of power.

Now, there has been much talk and some fear has been expressed to me about this earthquake because it seems to be prognostication time again. And so, the experts have set us down for 9 am on January 4th. And I think this would be a good time for us to begin our world work. It’s getting ahead of the next chapter but we’ll call this a tune-up.

We have here then a condition in which world belief is that God, in some way, is either absent or permissive or impotent. And so, all we have to do is to ask ourselves one question: do we believe in the omnipotence of God or do we not?

Now, if you don’t believe in the omnipotence of God, then more than an earthquake can terrorize you but if you begin to accept omnipotence as a fact, then all that remains is, how can you and that fact become one? In other words, how can you in this fourth level of the world extend your awareness into a higher level so that you are not a separate human being in a separate human body but are One with the very power of God. For when you are One with the power of God, then all that appears to be the power of an earthquake is rendered null and void.

So, this is an excellent opportunity for us to take a second look at what may be called a Divine blueprint. What are we here for? Humanhood has been thought to be the nature of our Being and we were always seeking human ways to make a better humanhood. But now, let’s look at humanhood as a seed that we have to plant something while we’re here, something that takes root in God and lifts us beyond the appearance of humanhood so that as the seed of our Being takes root in a higher level, let’s say just the fifth level, the activity of Christ begins to function more noticeably in our experience lifting us, dissolving mortal sense, material sense, limited sense, finite sense, belief in good and evil, belief in the powers of evil. Finally, this Light within from the fifth level establishes Itself as the very Light of our Being.

Now, we can see that where the man Jesus became aware of the Light called Christ, that was evidence that this everywhere Light is the Light of us waiting for our acceptance and as we accept it, as we learn it is present where we are, that it is alive, that Christ is always living, that wherever God is, Christ is, then we accept God is where I am and wherever God is, Christ is, Christ must be where I am.

We’re beginning to take root in the Light of Being. The human seed is dissolving, personal sense is stepping away. We’re taking root in Christ here, where I am and we find that as we become more aware that God is here as the living Christ that I am, we begin to get a knowledge that I cannot be in a mortal body because Christ is not in a mortal body. Christ here is in an immortal body. Christ here is in a Spiritual body and Christ here I am, the root in the fifth level, dissolves the false beliefs in the fourth level. The human mind, which is controlled by the universal, carnal mind ceases to accept the beliefs of its false father.

I learned that one of my great secrets is never to deny that I am the Light of God, never to deny that I am the Spirit, never to deny that I am the Christ, never to deny that you are the Christ, the Light, the Spirit, never to deny that anyone on earth is.

In other words, fidelity to identity deepens the root and it begins to sprout. The fifth level begins to feed you the oil, the substance and soon the living will of God begins to move you and there’s a great secret there. When carnal mind moves you through your human mind, you’re in the carnal will and it moves your physical form. When Divine will moves you, it moves your Spiritual form and so, the Divine will functioning in you moves your Spiritual form in God ordained acts and then they appear in the fourth level as the movements of your physical form. Without that step, without the Divine ordination coming from the higher level of Divine will, all that moves your physical form is carnal mind without any connection whatsoever to true Being. You walk through an entire mortal lifespan completely outside of Reality but when the deeper root of Divine will moves through you, that which moves your physical form, the carnal mind, is without power completely. Your acts are ordained.

And now, you can discover that where you are walking under Divine will, under the awareness of Spiritual Self, there can be no earthquake. It is impossible. There can be no head cold. There can be no pain. There can be no limitation. There can be no lack. The oil of the substance is forming itself from the higher level and the miracle of a Jesus Christ is happening in your own Being. The very Light shown through Jesus is shining through you. You’re dissolving mortal sense and the fifth world is beginning to open its doors.

The I is being lifted and the I is doing the lifting Itself. The Light that came through Jesus was the death of mortality and the birth of Christ. The Light that comes through you is the death of mortality and the birth of Christ. A new mind, the Christ mind, replaces the human mind just as Jesus was replaced by Christ. As the false self falls away, Christ takes over as your Being. You discover that everything you’ve been doing has been a preparation for Christ in you to take over. You are opening your consciousness to the One, that Christ may take over and lead you into the fifth, the sixth, the seventh levels of consciousness, out of this world, out of good humanhood and bad humanhood, out of the carnal mind illusion called humanhood, out of carnal mind itself into the purity of Being. This is a Spiritual transfusion that takes place and sometimes very quickly. The quickening shows you that you’re in a new level of thought.

And now, there is no illusion on the face of the earth regardless of its form or its nature that can hypnotize the Christ of your Being. To deny Selfhood is to accept an earthquake. To deny Selfhood is to accept the head cold. Even when it’s there, it isn’t there. Even when the earth trembles, it doesn’t tremble. These are cosmic suggestions. You can have the head cold visibly and physically feel it but it isn’t there. And when you know it isn’t there, you’re being faithful to identity, through the sniffles, through the wet Kleenex. It isn’t there because God didn’t create it because there is no material universe, because there is only the body of Light. And in your fidelity to this identity, which is I, the Light, which expressed through Jesus, which is expressing through you, you find you’re lifted to a place where you’re ready for the greater work. And those greater works cannot be anticipated but they come whenever you have been able to discard the belief that God could be present where evil appears to be or that God could countenance evil or that God could create evil or that God could be impotent in the face of evil.

All of those beliefs are the belief that God is not where you stand, that you are something separate and apart from God Self and as long as you rest in that false belief, then the whole world of illusion appears to you as separate, different conditions of human form and material form and you’re a complete, vulnerable subject for all of the so-called evil on earth. A change of thought, a change of identity, an acceptance through perfect faith that the words of the Father are true, that God is your Father, that you are the Child, you are the Spirit, you are the Light, you are the Life and that quickening process begins.

Of course, you can see the earthquake then in its true Light. A large group of people aware only of the material universe, separated from their own individual identity, unaware of the Light of Christ, walking the earth in bodies of clay, in material senses: they are victimized by the carnal mind of the world. They have no defense. The carnal mind functions the human mind. It controls it. It enslaves it and through that human mind, it projects its concepts.

Once we’re caught up in it, it’s difficult to see our way through but when we are in identity, when we know who we are, when we practice living in and as that which we’re told by the Father we are, the Child of God, the Son of God, what right have we to say, “I, the Son of God, can be hurt by an earthquake.” The contradiction is so obvious then. The acceptance of the earthquake was the denial that you are the Child of God. Not living with the knowledge that I am the Son of God, we succumb to all the suggestions around us.

Now, Joel has taught us that there is one illusion and so, we don’t have to try to figure out, “What about this? Is this of the carnal mind and what about that?” This world is of the carnal mind and in our work, we must come to that conclusion which states that nothing in this world is created by God; nothing in this world. There is nothing in this world that is not created by the carnal mind. It is a complete carnal mind creation; all of it, because it is the fourth world, the fourth level and only when you let your human sense of self be a seed and rooted in God which is identity everywhere will you find relief from the fifth level taking you up above the cosmic illusion called world.

If you start making exceptions thinking this is not of the carnal mind but that is because this is good and that isn’t, you’re wrong. This world is the carnal mind made visible and all evil that exists in this world exists only in the carnal mind that projects the evil. It has no rise in God, no law to sustain it and when we live in this world, we’re not living under Divine law.

Now, that doesn’t mean when the dog is beaten, you don’t want to help the dog. It doesn’t mean you don’t try to get rid of the head cold. It means that you add your new dimension always. That dimension from which you live, the dimension which is invisible, which is Light. That Light made visible through Jesus Christ as a force. That Light is the Light of your Being. And when you accept it, then I, the Light and the Infinite Father are One and there is no power needed anymore. The knowing of that Truth consciously is the Power. It does all the work. If you know that I am the Light which is one with the Infinite, you cannot now turn around and expect an earthquake in the Infinite life and so, you’re standing on the knowledge of what you are with a need for no power whatsoever: for what you are, is the only Power. And when you experience that it really is, you’ll see why to know the Truth is sufficient.

Sometimes you’ll think you know the Truth and you’ll be dismayed to find that something happens which you thought might not happen because you thought you knew the Truth. And that’s because your knowing of the Truth is simply mental. It isn’t the Consciousness of Truth, the Spirit of Truth. It hasn’t been lived in long enough to take root so that you have perfect Faith.

Now, most of us by now can heal things but fear will always crop in and the reason it does is because it is alerting us to the fact that our consciousness is still in a semi sense of separation. You couldn’t feel that where I am, God walks and have fear. And so, there is still that unawareness of the presence of God where you are. Not practicing the Presence, is practicing the absence and carnal mind is very quick to find all of the gaps in your consciousness and then you’re forced into a false sense of separation and before you know it, here comes the tidal wave.

Now, in our world work, we’re going to look out upon the world not to improve it or to heal it because that’s part of the trap of the carnal mind. The minute it gets you to want to heal something, you’ve been trapped into accepting something that exists which is not the Spirit of God. When we do our world work then – and we’ve had now many years of preparation for it – it will not be to improve the world because that would be the trap. That’s what carnal mind always wants to force you to do. But rather, you’re to know the Spiritual nature of what is present where the world appears to be. You’re really to discover your Self everywhere in your world work. We won’t be praying that God remove a condition from the world like war or that God takes away the flood from the Gulf of Mexico or that God prevents certain conditions or that God empties out a hospital ward.

Rather, we will be knowing first, that where I stand, is the Light of God. Without that as a beginning, you have no fulcrum. You have nothing to tie onto. You can’t just have a God out there. You must begin in the hereness of your own Being. Where I stand is the Light of God and no other.

If you’re going to do successful world work, it’s going to be by beginning at that level. Where you stand is the Light of God. This is a 24-hour Truth and if you practice that truth no matter what you do, you’ll find it takes root until your conviction is fully established and then you aren’t forced to use words to drive home the point. You find that you have that total conviction. It needs no verbal reinforcement.

Where you are is the Light of God. Why? Because the Child of God is the Light of God. Where God is, the Light of God is and the Light of God is where you are because God is there. That Light, you are. As this deepens, you are one with the Light everywhere in your Consciousness. Now you, in the Light, as the Light, one with the Light everywhere can find nothing in the Infinite Light of your Being except the Light and that’s your Consciousness: living Light where you stand, connected to everywhere Light so that all is the one Light.

I and the Father are one…. I am the Light of the world.” Where the world appears, there is no world. There is only I, the Light. I am the Light where the world appears. This becomes your awareness.

Now, you stand in that and whatever comes into carnal mind, into human mind to present to you a suggestion that you are not the Light where you are, which is one with the Light everywhere, you look at this suggestion and you find there’s no place for it to take root. It comes into the Consciousness which cannot accept it. This is the Consciousness of Light which is too pure to be defiled, too pure to behold iniquity. Nothing can enter to defile it or make a lie. You don’t need any power. You don’t need any statements. You have this daily building of the Consciousness of the Light here is the Light everywhere and nothing else exists. And through this Light, the power of the Light dispels the false presumed power of the darkness.

The earthquake’s lines are unwrinkled. The floods are dried up. The diseases are dissolved. You stand in that Truth. You don’t go out to dissolve those diseases or to repair fences or to raise the dead. You stand in the Light of your own Being knowing that Light is everywhere. One Light and let the Light do its own revealing. That’s the kind of way in which we will do our world work.

And then, one day, when we’re in different parts of the world and not grouped together here in a room, you’ll find we’re still doing our world work so that you are doing it in one city and someone else in another. And whatever comes to your attention in your particular area, you meet the same way and you’re doing world work because you’re never meeting it as a local situation. You’re meeting it by knowing the Light I am is the Light everywhere and it needs no further power other than to know the Truth. The Light I am here, is the Light everywhere and this becomes a law unto you. All karmic law is broken. Your Soul is finding conscious Oneness with its Source and all of the patient years of mortality are finally bearing fruit as the Soul is now lifting you to the next level of Consciousness, the fifth level in which the Light that you are dispels the total darkness of the fourth world.

Lifting the I, the rising Christ of your own Being, lifts you out of this world and when Jesus was lifted out of this world that way, his form still appeared in the world. They now saw a fifth level form in the fourth level. Your form will continue to appear in this world. Don’t expect to disappear, but you will find that your form in the visible is now working as an outward appearance in conjunction with a new, invisible form. That one is the outer expression of the Inner and your form isn’t taking orders from the carnal mind of the universe. It doesn’t get a cold just because everybody else does. You find your mind is replaced. It doesn’t fear. You find that the false goals of humanhood do not tempt you anymore. Your goals are totally different. They are simply to be faithful to let the outer serve the Inner. Your perfect Faith says to you, “I have no personal goals.” The Light is complete. The Light is whole. The Light is not lacking. The Light isn’t trying to become. The Light accepts that it already is.

And so, if you find yourself striving to become, you’re caught in the trap of the carnal mind, trying to be a better or more successful human, and the temptation of the world mind is functioning in you only because you are still rebelling against identity. If you find you’ve still got that yen for success or for greater comforts in the world or for some kind of personal improvement, you’re still under the hypnosis that you are not the Light.

Seek ye first the Light which is the Kingdom.”

Now, this is a going away from the world, not a better human way. This is the meekness which is the strength: the great disguise for strength is the meekness unto the Spirit. All of this world is an illusion, for right where this world appears to be, is the Light of Being. And as you walk in that Light consciously, you will find you are being lifted to new levels of consciousness which will culminate in the seventh level, the level of full awareness of a permanent Self, a permanent Life as the pure Spirit of God.

If we’re not in our daily Divinity, we’re in daily karma. Whenever you step out of Divinity, you’re stepping into karma. Whenever you step into Divinity, you are crossing out karma. And that is the reason this carnal mind of the world is here.

We’ve never questioned that we grow up from children. We don’t say, “Why wasn’t I born an adult?” We do question and say, “Why wasn’t I born as a perfect Spirit of God then if that’s what I am. What’s the sense of all this illusion? Why don’t we just start right out with all of it.” Well, then you’d have to say, “Why do we ever get born as children at all? Why don’t we just start out as perfect adults?”

Infinity is too vast. You must let your Soul continue its journey through Infinity and at the present level of our journey, we’re in that mortal sense of the world carnal mind. And we’re being lifted out of it by fidelity to the Light of my own Being where I stand. Whoever holds on to the Light of their Being will find that the Light is the way. It will illuminate you.

Now then, you’ll still have head colds. You’ll still have fears. You’ll still find things go wrong. You’ll find you’re still disturbed, you’re still resentful but these diminish and diminish and then the head cold that you have doesn’t last the whole week. You manage to shake it a little quicker than someone else. The fears diminish. The disturbances diminish. We begin to see the utter nothingness of our human resentments.

More and more and more, we’re lifted into the perfect Love of the perfect Father. Don’t ever be ashamed of your difficulties in this work. They only happen because they’re necessary. They’re necessary for you to know that that difficulty is there because you are not standing as the Light. You are rejecting fatherhood of God, identity as the Light of the Father. Make the adjustment. Accept yourself and know that this Light that you are is one with the eternal Light, the Infinite Light and all of that Light, the Infinite, eternal Light is right where you are, always.

Nothing is impossible unto it. It is functioning and carnal mind finds that you are now no stranger to the Light, it cannot manipulate you. Mankind is stopped at this human level but we go beyond it. We do not stop at it and it is our function not only to lift ourselves out of it but to lift the world with us. We are to lift the world out of its humanhood. We may not hide our Light under a bushel.

The same Light that Christ says to you, “You are the Light” you inwardly are saying to your neighbor, “And ye are the Light.” There’s no victim there. The victim is the illusion of the carnal mind. Right where the victim appears to be, you recognize the invisible Light of your own Being. Place your own invisible Light wherever the world presents an illusion, until you have one, Infinite, homogenized, perfect Light everywhere. And you will be led. This is the bread of the Father instead of the bread of this world. This is the Spirit of the Father instead of the might and power of this world. This is the meekness.

Suddenly, you know this power of the Father has always been present. It was never absent. You know the world suffers only from its illusions and you are standing above the illusions of the world. You are ready to be a Spiritual worker in the Father’s Kingdom.

– End of Side One —-

You have substance, the bread of Life, the very Light itself flowing as your own identity everywhere.

It takes a great deal of courage to stand in the face of something that you fear and to stand on it knowing I am the Light and this that I fear has no power over the Light. But when you’ve done it, you know the Truth of it. It takes great courage to stand on the Light of someone else’s being and know, “No, this cannot take place over there where that person is for there is the Light.” And every appearance is met that way. Perfect Faith casteth out all fear. Not faith that God is going to do something but faith that God has already done it. God’s perfection is already the fact in all things. That’s your perfect Faith and the reason the world suffers is because it has not been taught perfect Faith in God’s presence everywhere.

And so, you’ve got to stand for the world, for your friends, for your loved ones. You’ve got to present that perfect Faith to the Father for them. When you pray, pray not for that person. Pray by recognizing the universal nature of perfection in which that condition which is presenting itself has no Reality and you will free more than meets the eye.

Just to review it quickly, let’s take the head cold. It’s not that you don’t have the head cold, it’s that there is none, anywhere. Don’t meet it on its little, finite level. There isn’t any, anywhere. There’s carnal mind presenting the illusion of head colds in five million different places. That’s all they are. They’re five hundred million places saying that “God isn’t there,” and you know better. That’s what your function is, to know better and that even though the appearance may have localized itself where you are, you’re knowing it on a universal level will remove it on your local level and other local levels. Don’t know it just locally. That’s the point of this recognizing carnal mind as the tempter, the assassin, the evil doer, the devil. Don’t bring it down to local levels.

As Joel’s work increased in tempo and as he was coming into the homestretch of his mission on earth, more and more he brought to our attention not to meet the problem at the level of a local situation but to recognize it as a universal, carnal mind temptation and even though humanly, we may not quite understand why, when you do meet it that way, you do understand why because you banish the whole power of carnal mind by meeting it that way.

And the power falls away, the presumed power and you find you’re in the clarity of Truth. I don’t think in one lesson we’re going to resolve that technique but I’d like to get it across today because by the 14th of January, we’re going to have completed our lessons in world work and I’d like to spend that month between the 14th of January and the 11th of February, when we’re not together, I’d like to spend it doing world work with each other so that we’re prepared to meet these things.

I think we could probably pause now and resume in a short time. I’m sure there’s much more in the chapter here now that will reinforce our study on this aspect of the work. Let’s be back in about five minutes.

(Class break)

Now, some of these things that we’re discussing should be very normal and basic with us. Some of these things should be very basic. I mean, we ought to have them behind us in a sense I almost feel that it shouldn’t have been necessary to even discuss them today but the questions that have been put to me through the week indicate that there are weaknesses still at this level and maybe that’s why we’re still in the 11th chapter of this book which strangely enough is totally dedicated to the false appearances of the world.

Now, this statement from Joel, “In ‘this world,’ where an ignorance of truth predominates, we are constantly being faced with sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation, with evil of every kind….If….we have been spiritually taught, we will instantly recognize that these suggestions [that come to us] are appearances like the mirage on the desert….Do not accept appearances of good and evil at face value. Accept them only as mirage, illusion, a form of malpractice, or hypnotism, and above all things, do not accept them as something that has to be healed.”

Now, the reason for that statement is once you’ve accepted the mirage of evil, you don’t go around healing a mirage. So, if you want to heal it, for you it’s r-e-a-l, a reality, not a mirage and you miss the first step which is: the mirage is caused by our material sense coordinating with the world mind.

And so, there’s that pause now, that inner Sabbath, that resting in the Word that the material sense produces the mirage of matter and the evil condition in the mirage of matter must be as much mirage as the matter itself.

And so, your conclusion finally is there is no matter in God’s universe and there are no material conditions in God’s universe. And as the child of God, you’re committed to living in God’s universe, not in the world of the carnal mind.

And so, this is a new lifestyle, isn’t it? There is no matter and there are no material conditions. And even though you’re going to go around in a world of matter and material conditions, in your lifestyle as the Child of the Father, the Light of the world, this must be your constant knowledge.

Jesus didn’t say, “I won’t make the cripple walk because there is no cripple” and then turn away and forget about it. He accepted it on the terms that came to him from the world as we learn to do but we re-interpret it on our own Divine term. We do not walk away from it and pretend it isn’t there but rather, we reveal that something better is there by the knowledge that where the mirage appears, I do not have to remove that mirage but rather, that which is where the mirage is, is the Light of Being. The recognition of the one, invisible Light always centering in the Light where you are so that you’re connected and that Consciousness becomes the health of every detail of your life. That’s the miracle of Spiritual recognition. That’s the new dimension of Life that we learn to live while we walk in the world.

We’re not pretending that things aren’t there. We’re recognizing that something else is there. We’re not telling the world that man isn’t sick. We’re knowing that all that is there where that man appears to be sick is the Light of God and our knowing is within ourselves not on the tip of our tongue. It’s a permanent knowing.

And so, don’t try to improve the mirage. Just rest in being Spirit, being Light and you’ll find that when you are resting in being Light, the Light reveals Itself. Our weakness is that once we have established that we’re the Light, we want to still do something which is a denial of that which we have just established. We are the Light which is perfect. We are the Light there which is perfect as well as here. There’s nothing to be done but rest in the Word.

It’s amazing how many things that you thought were real and then uncovered as mirage as you do this. You find the enchantment of walking in the Spiritual universe is yours.

Nothing has to be healed, reformed, changed or corrected…. We really do not have to get rid of any of the sins, diseases, lacks, or limitations of the persons who come to us. We merely have to refuse to accept the appearances and realize that whatever is presented to us is a state of hypnotism producing an illusion, a mirage.”

Silence, (pause) …

There are two kinds of persons who study this work. One kind says, “What is there in this that is good for me?” And you’ll find that person cannot really put this message into practice because the very nature of that type of consciousness repels Truth. The other individual says, “What is the Truth? Wherever that is, that’s where I go.” Now, that individual can put this into practice because they haven’t narrowed it down to what of this that I have heard is good for me. They are not conflicting their personal sense with Truth and interpreting that which is Truth only in the nature or degree to which it helps their personal sense.

If you still have yourself, lingering in this, “What is good for me attitude,” you will miss a great percentage of what is coming across. It must be an unconditioned quest for Truth alone and then you’ll find the personal me is out of the way. There was no personal me where Christ expressed as the visible Jesus. There was an unconditioned Self. There was a One which was One with All. If it was what’s good for me, the message never would have reached this level that we have it at now.

I mentioned this because those who are still in the “What’s good in it for me?” may not realize that they’re blocking the Light of their own Being. This is above personal improvement. You don’t try to improve the mirage you call your human body or your human self. That’s an obstacle. You accept your perfect Self where the human body appears and that perfect Self is never going to be tarnished, never going to in any way be less that its perfect Self. This is different than a better human you. Your perfect Self is there and unless you’re living in your perfect Self, you’re living in a second or false self which cannot benefit by Divine law.

Every problem you have is in that imperfect self you have accepted to be you which isn’t there. Your perfect Self does not contain problems. Your perfect Self is walking in Reality. Your perfect Self is permanent and the mirage of physical form, human life cannot be accepted if you wish to accept the fatherhood of God.

These are issues that must be met or else you spend the rest of your years improving, or trying to improve, that which is invisibly perfect.

If you work with the present perfection of your Being, you won’t need as many words to convince you. It has a way of identifying Itself.

In God’s kingdom, there is not a sin, disease, death, lack, or limitation.”

Now, if there’s no sin, disease, death, lack or limitation in God’s Kingdom, that’s another way of saying that there is no sin, death, disease, lack or limitation anywhere. The Allness of God’s Kingdom means that there is no sin. There is no lack. There is no limitation. There is no disease. There is no death. And when the Master says, “Raise them from the dead” it means from the belief that there is death. You raise someone from sin, you raise them from the belief that there is sin.

Always, all that is evil is the belief, never the fact. The belief is all that is there and it is made visible as what we have accepted as the fact. Where the fact appears to be, we are looking at our own belief made visible. And the eradication of the belief eradicates the mirage which we thought was the fact.

Then you can say, “Ah, carnal mind, I recognize your method. You place a belief in me which I subconsciously accept then it becomes a conscious belief then it becomes a fact and now, I think I’ve got it. But this that appears to me as a fact which I’d like to get rid of, isn’t a fact at all. I can’t get rid of it. It is a belief made into a visible mirage.”

Get behind the mirage to the belief and replace the belief with Truth. The belief is you have this thing. The fact is God didn’t create this thing. What is sustaining it? God isn’t. Your belief is sustaining it and carnal mind is making you believe that. Carnal mind is making you accept that. You’re a victim of carnal mind.

The Truth will make you free. What God did not create is not here. That’s the Truth. This thing that disturbs me is not here. I don’t have to get rid of it. I must get rid of my belief that it is here and I do that by knowing the Truth that God did not place it here and therefore, it is not here. It can be a world war holocaust. It can be an earthquake. It can be a germ. It can be anything that God didn’t make and it cannot be here. It’s the world belief hanging in space, waiting for me to say, “Yes, yes, yes” and I refuse to. You don’t remove it. You recognize its non-reality.

Now, we should be clear then of a lot of things and able to shuffle off most of the things that superimpose themselves in our consciousness one way or another. We should be almost free enough that we’re ready to say, “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father.” Even if there’s a momentary flaw brought into visible experience, it has nothing to do with you; it’s just world thought traveling by. Why detain it. Let it go. Let it go right on its merry way. Don’t stop it and claim it for your own. Let it go. It has nothing to do with you.

Then we have an open consciousness. We’re not a repository for the world’s false beliefs. The instant you’re faced with a false belief in your consciousness, recognize it. It’s just world thought traveling through. Let it go. You’ll find it continues right past you and the false belief that this was going to be bad or that was going to be bad or this was not going to be improved, all of that goes right with the world thought. Perfection has ever been there and when the cloud of world thought passes by, it shines through again.

We come unconditioned. You don’t have to sit and anticipate problems or worry about what might be or come to face every day with that funny feeling that, “I wonder what today is going to bring to me that I have to combat.” We start the day in a fresh consciousness of the perfect presence of God everywhere.

You don’t carry anything from yesterday into today to worry about. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to begin every day that free and clear that all of the yesterdays with all of the problems they presented are behind you? And yet, that’s the Truth, isn’t it? Spirit is never carrying over memories of this material world into this minute of today. Who’s doing it? Our unawareness of the world mind that functions in us, as us. When we are wise to it, we can begin a day completely free of all worry, free of all concern, knowing that I am the living Light of the Father now and forever, I’ll open a new book.

When you start your day with that awareness, you don’t have the seeds of yesterday’s problems to grow into great big oaks today and you don’t have as much to combat or get rid of. It’s a fresh, new, beautiful, Spiritual day and if it isn’t, you’re still in duality, still accepting the mirage as something you’ve got to live with.

Speaking of the fact that many of the healing works do not come off as we’d like them to, Joel offers two reasons. The first is a very simple reason; the practitioner hasn’t got what it takes. He says, “Let’s face it. Our practitioners aren’t living in the truth all the time and because of it, they don’t have the truth to be witnesses all the time.” But there’s a second reason, he said and this is the second reason. “The other reason is that the patients will not yield. They usually have it in mind the changing of an evil condition into a good one and this acts as a barrier.” Spiritual healing is not changing an evil condition into a good one. Healing is really the changing of consciousness and very often there’s a reluctance or unwillingness to yield up whatever it is that is acting as a block.

Now, I have met that, I have known that there were certain blocks in certain individuals but it’s a delicate subject. You just can’t say to a person, “This is your block.” First of all because you never really can be sure what the block is. You can only think you know and secondly, as Joel points out here, people resent being told that they have this point of view. They may hate someone very desperately and don’t know it. They may fear a condition very desperately and don’t know it. They may be hanging on to an untruth.

I know one person who had a sense of guilt about something and really there weren’t any words you could give to that person that would make them lose that sense of guilt and as long as that sense of guilt remained, the work that had to be done couldn’t get through because the point here is to change the individual’s consciousness and if the sense of guilt is there, that’s the consciousness.

Now, what are they guilty about? It was a personal sense there. Guilt is of a personal nature. Guilt was the feeling that they hadn’t done something they should have done. Well a change of consciousness would mean that there’s no me here to do or not to do. Thou seest me, thou seest the Father. Here is the Light of God. This person having the guilt complex refused to accept their Identity as the Light. I may be the Light but look what I did. Well, the Light has nothing to do that could be wrong and so by insisting on a guilt complex, taking the blame for something, this individual was rejecting the Light of God as their own individual selfhood and that was a block.

Oh, there are many other blocks. We hold many people in a state of malpractice because we see them as they appear to be and we insist that’s the way they are and then we may want them to be healed of something but we’re still holding them in that light, that false sense of humanhood. We’ve got mortal beings on our hands, physical bodies on our hands and then when it comes to us, we haven’t really come to that total acceptance of ourselves as the Light. When we do, then we’re not a barrier.

There are some people who can call you for help and all you’ve got to do is hear their voice and before that happens, you’re all aflame with Light. It’s as if there’s just nothing between you. It’s the one Life. There’s some people who invariably call you up and say, “Every time I call you it’s always almost instantaneous.” And you’re thinking to yourself, “It’s not me. I can tell you that. It’s you.”

There’s something that some individual has as a block and something that others have is not a block and as Joel points out, that’s only the second reason. The first one was the practitioner in the first place. Sometimes, the human element enters. Certain people will affect you and shouldn’t. You shouldn’t be affected by them, so you get desperate and you say, “Oh, I can’t have that happen to poor Mrs. so and so.” And right then you’ve hurt her and so on.

Now, continuing his thought, “In Infinite Way healing work, we are not turning to God to heal anybody. We do not have the kind of God who would let anyone be sick if it were within His knowledge.”

And since all in Reality is in the knowledge of God, God isn’t letting anyone get sick. Now, who’s sick? The personal sense of self and the personal sense of self when we are lifted high enough being out of the way, there’s no one there to be sick. Finally, there’s no one there to be sick forever, cause there’s no personal sense of self.

So, you see why healing is just a part of the work, an incidental part. It’s a part of the way on the path to being lifted above the personal sense of self. The ultimate is that Christ takes over where you are and lives your Life. And when Christ takes over and lives your Life, you have fulfilled your mission. You fulfill the Divine blueprint at this level, yielding to Christ. When Christ lives your Life, you have your own personal physician.

If we recognize God to be Omniscience and Omnipotence then surely we could not find anyone outside of God’s knowledge.”

So, who can we heal? It would be just as much of a mirage just to think you’re healing someone as for them to think they’re being healed because then practitioner and patient would be both in a false sense of self.

But suppose patient and practitioner are both in the knowledge that I am the Light? Then whatever temporarily seems to need healing yields very quickly. Two or more in the Light.

Now, in your world work, people will be reaching for the Light of their own Being and you will bring to it the knowledge that you are the Light of their Being and that will be two or more. For the Soul of everyone is yearning for the Light, driving us to that conscious union.

Now, our healing work takes a new turn. No sin, no disease are supported by a law of God. You see just hanging out there without God’s support, what is it? Is it there if God isn’t supporting it? It may seem a vast thing in the cosmic fourth world because we’re just a little entity as a human being looking at this fourth world. And so, to us it’s big, it’s hovering, it’s there – but it’s not there. If we could remove personal sense of me and I be the Light, this vast thing would just vanish. It only hangs there because there’s personal sense looking at it. That’s what makes it hang there. That’s what makes cancer stay on the earth. That’s what makes earthquake stay in the earth. That’s what makes all disease stay on the earth. You’re looking at them out of our personal sense perpetuating that which isn’t there.

As you withdraw from personal sense, you withdraw from the diseases of the world. You don’t heal them. You recognize they aren’t there. They do not exist in the Light of God which is all that is present.

Sin, disease: never supported by the law of God because if they were, they would be eternal. We never hope to change anything supported by God.

The fact that we do break through our sins, diseases, lacks is sufficient proof that there never was a law of God supporting them. It was only a law of matter, a law of mind. But these are not laws of God. And for this reason, any form of evil can be dispelled. Therefore, we need never be afraid to try to heal regardless of the name or nature of the claim because to begin with, we have the awareness that there is no law of God supporting it, no law of God maintaining it because it is an erroneous condition and we know that no law of God created it.

This is all part of the purifying of our consciousness.

We’re finally exonerating God from creating evils and from supporting evils and from countenancing evil.

Now, in my own work, it’s easy to get caught up in all these words even while you’re learning, it’s difficult to assimilate it into a practical way of life. And I find the best way to assimilate it is that no matter what you face, whatever its nature, don’t waste your time trying to figure it out. The fact is that only God is present. Whatever comes at you and labels itself this or that or the other thing, go to your knowledge that God is present. That’s accepting Omnipresence.

The minute you’ve accepted that God is present, you get a whole new perspective about it because if God is present, what are you going to do about it that God hasn’t already done? The minute you know God is present, there’s a new stability. God is present.

Now, where’s the earthquake going to be in God’s presence? You see how the belief in the earthquake is atheism? The belief in the reality of a head cold is atheism? The belief in the reality of any form of evil is atheism? God is present and the earth is the Lord’s and the fulness of the earth. Is that earth going to quake? What’s going to quake? The world mind’s going to quake. That’s all. That’s where the earthquake’s going to take place: in the world mind. That’s where the head cold takes place: in the world mind. That’s where every evil takes place: in the world mind and all you’ve got to do is stay in the world mind if you want to share in those evils. That’s where the mirage takes place, in the world mind and when you have accepted God’s presence where you are, where the world is, strangely, those evils do not come nigh thy dwelling. It’s all in accepting God’s presence everywhere and where you are.

And as you stand in that, you know God has the power to maintain a Perfect universe so where can evil be? That world mind is knocking on your Christ mind. It can’t enter.

Whatever God has, you have. Wherever God is, you are. In that Consciousness, you are not open to that which defiles. And so, instead of reaching for that little jar in the medicine cabinet, suppose you reach for that little conscious awareness that God is where you are and see if that doesn’t do the job.

There was no earthquake in the Christ and if you’re in the Christ Consciousness, there’s no earthquake in you. It goes right around and makes a detour leaving even one little rose to bloom, if necessary.

Silence, (pause) …

We are not dividing his garment as the soldiers did when the Master was on the cross. One seamless garment, the invisible Light everywhere and there’s no place in it for division. God is never divided. God never divides himself. There’s no place in it for material activity. There’s no place in it for evil activity. That Consciousness is the realization of Oneness.

And so anyone,” says Joel, “can [practice] healing…. at any time if he will realize the basic principle that he is not trying to heal a disease, a condition, a sin, or a false appetite. The moment anyone tries to do that, he’s trapped, and there will be no healing…. We are not dealing with condition, [we are dealing with] universal belief in a selfhood apart from God.” A universal ignorance, a universal hypnotism but only an appearance. There is no self apart from God and therefore, there can be no evil anywhere.

Now, you have the capacity within your Self to heal alcoholics and drug addicts. Now, I’ll tell you exactly how. It’ll shock you because it’s so simple. When you can reach the realization that there is no liquor, you’ll find you have the way to heal any alcoholic who comes to you. Liquor does not exist. When you find that you know that drugs do not exist, you’ll find you have the answer to healing a drug addict. There is no drug. Did God create them? If you believe they exist, you’re going to try to heal the drug addict or heal the alcoholic. You can’t heal them. You have to know the unreality of the person, the unreality of the condition, the very unreality of that which seemingly is causing them to be alcoholics and drug addicts. God didn’t make liquor. God made nothing material. There is no liquor. That’s how you’ll heal an alcoholic when you have the realization of it: that there is no liquor, period. Stop right there.

You want to heal smoking? There are no cigarettes. They don’t exist. Oh, you reach for the illusion and you puff an illusion and you think you’re smoking but when you know there are no cigarettes, you’ll find you will not smoke if you don’t want to. That’s how you’ll break it.

There is no material world. There is no cigarettes. See, we can’t go on thinking there’s a material cigarette, there’s a material bottle of booze. There isn’t any. You want to enjoy it? Go ahead but it isn’t there. And if you want to break the habit, it isn’t there is the answer.

This’ll come to you someday (sound of click of the fingers) as a quick realization, a conviction, an awareness of the non-reality of matter and you’ll see why Joel says, “Anyone can heal.” All you’ve got to do is know the Truth. But you’ve got to know it all the time. Stay with it.

Finally, “In the Infinite Way, we never give a treatment to a person. We give the treatment to ourselves. We are the one under treatment because we are the one to whom the appearance has been brought and it must be made in our own consciousness going immediately to the I of our Being.”

When I said, “We go to God,” this is another way of saying, “We go to I.” God where you are is the Light, going to the I of your Being, meaning accepting that I, the Self of me is the Spirit of God. That’s going to be I of your own Being. That’s the beginning of treating you instead of the patient.

And it must be met in our own consciousness…. go immediately to the I of our being, abiding there until we come to the conclusion that [I, here, the Light of God] and my Father [the infinite] are one.” [I, here and the infinite are one] this then is a universal truth. We wrestle with this truth within ourselves until we now come to the point of conviction that all there is, is Spirit.”

Now, we haven’t told that person stop smoking, stop drinking, stop taking drugs but that person has come to you for You to help them stop and you recognize this Truth here in your Self. All that’s here is Spirit and there is Spirit.

Finally, comes “Ah.” You know that is true. In a few moments comes a deep sense of peace, a click, a deep breath, something or other and I know that God is on the scene. “That’s all there is to it,” says Joel, “as you can see I’ve had nothing to do with the patient…. That’s all there is to it.”

Over 16 years, he was able to establish that “That’s all there is to it.” But he established it. And as we put in our time, we’ll discover that we can say, “That’s all there is to it.” As long as there’s a me here trying to heal a you there, we’re getting nowhere.

And so, self-crucifixion which is what the practitioner learns is also the secret of your living free of the horrors of the world. When you remove the personal sense and have only the Light of God where you are, which is One with the Light of God everywhere, you won’t have to remove those evils. You will watch the Invisible Light bear witness to Itself in the visible world.

I think that’s pretty clear. He made one more statement that seemed important to me. I think I’d rather look at it in the book. It’s the last statement in that chapter.

It is possible to bring the very presence of God to earth if you will meditate, make contact with your Center, and let that Presence be released into the world.”

The words to me that are important there is, “It is possible” meaning, I, Joel have done it. Others before me have done it. Others with me have done it. Others will do it. It is possible to bring the very presence of God into your experience.

And that should be our single-centered goal: to bring the very presence of God into our experience as a permanent dispensation. Don’t wait to suffer. This is a always job, a constant job. You should always be the living presence of God where you are. The Light of God must be your constant companion as your Self and it is the Light of everyone else that makes you One with the universe. You’re moving in the Grace of his Presence.

Next week, we’re going to look into the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the 20th chapter of John. We’ve come to the place where lifting up the I, seeing the nothingness of self as person, is the accomplished fact of his demonstration on the earth, and now we want to understand entirely that with our own Spiritual progression, we want to find what the religions of the world have missed; that the Light of the world which came forth as the permanent Life of Jesus Christ was demonstrating that the permanent Life of us is right where we stand.

We are overlooking our permanent Life as long as we stand in the sense of a second or material self. When that is cast aside, like Lazarus, we walk in the invisible body of the Soul.

Resurrection should take us into the conscious awareness of the invisible body of the Soul. That’s a Christmas present we owe ourselves. That will be our work next Sunday, chapter 20 of the Gospel of John.

And then we’ll increase our capacity to do world work in the remaining three sessions.

Thanks for bringing the sunshine where the world thought there was rain.

First, an announcement about our class schedule. This series is going to end on the second Sunday in January. That’s the 14th of January. We’ll go right through, that means this year, we continue every Sunday. This is the 10th. We’ll be here on the 17th, the 24th, the 31st and the 7th and the 14th of January. Then there will be a month recess and we start again on the 11th of February which is the second Sunday in February. We stop the second Sunday. That’s the last class in January. We begin the second Sunday in February.

Now, when we begin there are only going to be seven classes. In other words, we go straight through the end of March. And those seven would be a special seven and that’s going to be the termination of our work in San Francisco at the end of March.

And so, what we want to do now is to spend these five sessions and then those seven, if we can, together and I think today’s lesson, “Lifting up the I” is probably the nature of all the work we will do until the end of March. “Lifting up the I.”

Now that is the title of the 11th chapter in Joel’s book, “Realization of Oneness.”

Lifting up the I” was given to the world by the Master’s statement, “I will give you the keys to the kingdom.” And when we realize that this I he spoke of was not his person, not his human selfhood but I, the Christ of you, will give you the keys to the Kingdom, then we see that lifting up the I is learning to recognize Divinity in yourself, in everyone you know throughout the world.

Now, let’s go back to a time when as a girl, you hadn’t yet worn high heels or as a man, as a boy, you hadn’t yet put on long pants. I know how girls are. They just can’t wait for that first time that they can step into those high heels. And then, one day it happens. Now, when you are wearing those high heels, you’re not wearing the low ones and usually, as you become more mature, that becomes the accepted way for the woman to dress except when she’s walking somewhere or shopping and that sort of thing. You don’t turn back. When the man changes into his long trousers for the first time and then grows up, that’s his way of life. He doesn’t turn back.

And similarly, in the Spiritual work, when you turn to I, when you learn who I is, you learn that you cannot turn back and this is hard. We want to turn back because there are so many pleasant memories in the world but you cannot wear high heels and short heels at the same time. You cannot lift up the I and then turn around and honor the me.

And so, this is a commitment. As you learn to lift the I, you’re pushed further and further. There comes a moment when you realize that mortality has got to be abandoned and this may be that moment for all of us. There is a world consciousness now which is being shattered. Possibly, typical of it is the way a magazine like “Life” can fold up.

Certain things are happening and they should be recognized. “Life” gave us its reasons for folding up – three. One, that that it had too much specialized competition; higher postal rates – I even forget the third one – but it didn’t give the real reason. It didn’t fold because of these reasons. It folded because the consciousness of the world is changing and it hasn’t kept pace. You can’t just show a photograph of women’s lib and think that is covering their needs or a photograph of the new activity at colleges and think that is covering their needs. The world consciousness keeps changing and when a woman’s liber looks at “Life” magazine, there’s nothing in it for her anymore. When a person learning what life is really all about looks at “Life” magazine, it’s just something for ten minutes and then you throw it aside. The truth that sticks to your ribs isn’t there. And so, the magazine folds, oh yes, advertising, it didn’t have advertising. But the reason it didn’t have enough advertising, the reason it likes to say postal rates put it out of business and the new era of specialization, is simply that it has not caught a way of fulfilling the need of mankind.

We find that everywhere, we’re being forced to take a new inventory of our own consciousness. Things that at one moment seemed so right, a moment later appear to be not quite as right. We’re growing up Spiritually and we don’t seem to know it. In this growth, we’re learning that there is a Divine Self and although this has not surfaced into the consciousness of everyone, this is the cause of much of the unrest that goes on in our world. The invisible nature of the Divine Self asserting itself on and through the human consciousness causes unrest and it’s wise for us to see that we have been given an invisible pathway out of this world.

We were in a home the other night and the woman wanted to show us the hunting trophies of her husband. They have been very successful. She had been very successful, too. They were both career people but they’re not together today. He passed on five years ago and her statement was “They’ve got to do something about that disease.” And the question is, what can anyone do about it? She who vehemently sought some way to find something to do about that disease would not even understand or recognize what has been taught to the world to do about it. As much as she desires to eliminate that disease, she’s not prepared to do so when given the information on what she should do because she does not know how to lift up the I.

The only way that disease and countless others are eliminated from this world are through an enlightened world Consciousness, through Spiritual understanding that here where we stand, there is an invisible realm and that Spiritual law cannot be ignored.

Now, I don’t know if this woman thought of where this particular disease came from that took her husband away but I know one thing and that is God did not create that disease. And I do know who created it. The universal consciousness created it and we have allowed the universal consciousness to imprison us in these bodies that deteriorate and are subject to all forms of error. By one word alone – infidelity. Our infidelity is to the Divine Self that we are. By not abiding in your Divine Self, you become a separated self and in the not abiding, in the becoming separated, we lose all contact with the Grace of God so that without realizing it, we’re really hanging on by a thread which we call a lifespan. And because Scripture tells us what to do, which is Divine law, and we do not do it, we create the very diseases we try to avoid. Karma is the effect which comes about through mankind not abiding in Divinity and whoever in a measure abides in Divinity which is the I of your Being, the I of everyone’s Being, you find you nullify the karma, the ignorance, the superstition, the false powers of the world.

Now, right in this room right now, there is an invisible thief – that’s the carnal mind. It wasn’t invited but it’s always present and if you are not abiding in the Divine Self of you, it will steal you away into that realm which is not Reality and you will find yourself asleep, walking in a dream called mortality. And in that mortality, you will suffer all those things that are not God created which we call the destructive elements of this world.

And only by abiding in your Divine Self do you step out of these destructive elements. When that becomes clear, we finally choose Immortality as the nature of Being. You cannot be Divine Self and mortal self and to lift the I, you begin peeling away all of the false, the conditioned, the inherited concepts of the world consciousness.

Scripture comes to your aid. Your righteousness must exceed the righteousness of the scribes and the pharisees or else you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven which is a very oriental way of saying, “Unless you abide in your Divine Self, you cannot experience the perfection of Reality.” The place whereon thou standest is the invisible realm, unseen to human eyes and while you are not abiding in Divinity, the thief functions through your senses and your senses become a channel for the mirage and that mirage is where every error and problem of this world is contained.

And so, we’re beginning to face one important fact. To lift the I out of mortal sense, out of human sense, out of the belief that there is good and that there is evil, to go beyond the voicing of Truth for the Father has told us that you must be reborn of the water and the Spirit, of the Truth and the Spirit.

And so, we must go beyond truth as we know it humanly. We must leave the lulling pleasures of the senses, the lulling pleasures of matter, the lulling pleasures of the world. We must go beyond into the realm of Spirit, out of the high heels, out of the long pants, out of the humanhood and we must pass into the next realm of Being.

I will give you the keys to Reality. You come face to face with I in the midst of you and you are told, “Abide in I and you will bear fruit richly.” And the word “abide” says that doesn’t mean part time or halfway. You cannot abide in I while you’re abiding in a mortal sense of life.

To abide in I means to yield, to surrender, to make of yourself a living sacrifice. The Master set the tempo for us. “I give my complete humanity as a living sacrifice.” There is no mortal selfhood left as you learn to accept the I.

Now, it would be foolhardy to look at the testimony of Jesus Christ and pretend to ourselves that he said less. We clearly see a total crucifixion made visible to human eyes so that even human eyes cannot deny it. There is no Spiritual Self and a material self. There is no Immortal Self and a mortal self. There is no permanent Self and a temporary self. And you don’t have to be a detective to know that the forms we inhabit are temporary selves.

Right here, where the temporary self is, there is I, the permanent Self. I, the Self that existed before there was time and space, before there was a world, before there was a human being on the world – I, the Self that will always exist – and we must lift the consciousness to know that this I, I am. This second that I, I am. When you live in your Infinite I, consciously, you are nullifying every discord in the world. You are abiding. You are sowing to the I, the Spirit. Sowing and abiding are one and the same.

If you sow to matter, if you believe in the existence of matter, though you be humanly righteous, though you be a philanthropist, though you be kind and merciful, though you be compassionate and cooperative, you must reach the place where you see that one hundred percent human perfection is not acceptable to God. Your righteousness must exceed one hundred percent human perfection. Otherwise, somebody will be looking at your trophies and wondering why you’re not there to share them and enjoy them with them.

There is no such thing as human perfection. It’s as much a mirage as the good and the evil of the world. There is no good matter. There is no evil matter. “There is only my Spirit,” says the Father. And the I of you is the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God which is your permanent Self is named I and I, that Spirit, that permanent Self which you are, is the key to the realm of this perfection which is invisible everywhere on this earth.

And so, we’re sowing, abiding in I. “Abide in me…. and you will bear fruit richly…. Acknowledge Me in all thy ways and I will direct thy paths.” The Father taught that the first commandment is to acknowledge I. To acknowledge God in all your ways means to acknowledge the I of your Being as the Self of you and to recognize that you are that Divine I, that Divine Life and to abide means that because I am that Divine I, that Divine Life, I accept no opposite and no substitute. I am the I which the world knows as God. That is my permanent Self and I have no temporary self. I have no self that is subject to material powers. I, the Spiritual Self which is the Self of God, which is otherwise known as the Father within, I am not subject to material powers. I am not subject to disease. I am not subject to death itself. I cannot be crucified. I cannot die or be sick. I cannot be hurt. I cannot be limited or lacking. I, is your name and to abide means that you cannot accept conditions which deny who you are. How can you hurt if your name is I and therefore, what is this hurt? It is the mirage of the world mind and it is using your senses as a channel for you to declare that you are not I.

In every area of your human lifespan, by the sheer belief that you are material being in a material world, you deny who you are and this is the human separation from Reality.

Now, the habits that must be started to abide in I, to lift up the I, to sow to I, to acknowledge I, to realize that “I and the Father are one,” and the same I, are very difficult habits to start because that invisible thief in our midst is always working and you can’t find him. You can’t draw a blueprint and put it on a piece of paper. You can’t put a searchlight on this invisible thief. You can’t padlock him. He’s always present as a spur and yet, unless you are aware that he is present, he will always outwit you.

And so, you accept the invisible presence of the world mind. You can give it any name you like. You can call it carnal mind, world mind, the glass darkly, universal belief, the thief, the deceiver, Satan, the devil, but you must know that this invisible, universal mind of man is ever functioning and all of the evils in the world and all of the good in the world are contained within it.

God never made a volcano. The world mind makes volcanoes and they are mirage. God never made poverty or famine. They’re made in the world mind and they are mirage. God never made a disease. They’re made in the world mind and they are mirage. God never made physicality. It’s made in the world mind and it is mirage. I, which existed forever and will exist forever, I am not in the world mind and if you stand in I, you are out of the mirage. You are awakened out of the cosmic dream in the world mind.

Only I can give you the keys to the Kingdom. We learn to accept, my name is I and all that I is, I am. The Father tells us, “Be still and know that I am God.” Therefore, I is God because the Father says so and I is my name because the Father says so. And “I and the Father are one,” because the Father says so and that is who I am. I am I, the very Self same I that is the I of God. And when I am not abiding in this knowledge, I become a branch cut off, a separated branch and I find myself vulnerable because I am living in a false state of myself. In that separation, the powers of the world to me are power even though they are no power to I. I’m out of center. I’m in a false body, a false series of relationships and a false world. I cannot control my own destiny. I am controlled by the world mind, the invisible thief.

The moment I am separated from I, the invisible thief controls me and may even make me appear to be very successful and healthy and then wipe it all away. And so, I make a living sacrifice of this mortal me which was created in the world mind. That mortal me created by the world mind through birth is not I. My past is not a true past. All of the destructive elements in that past, all of the sin, all of the errors are untrue. They were world mind appearing as a me that wasn’t me. They were world mind appearing as a mortal self and there is none, for I is my name. I, is your name and there can be found no mortal being in I. I, is the name of every individual you know. Divinity is the only Self that is present and only when you stand in that Divinity do you render null and void the false powers of the world that use the senses and the mind as a channel through which they project those disturbances which ultimately lead to final death.

The fact that it was done by the Master and taught to his disciples and practiced by those who secretly have studied the Word of Truth for centuries, the fact that a Joel Goldsmith appeared to preserve this Truth in a record or twenty-nine books and nine hundred tapes and to demonstrate in his life that we can demonstrate it in our lives, is ample evidence that this is the way through which we move through the false world consciousness of death.

We’re learning to abolish disease and destruction and death in our lives and we’re being trained for a higher purpose. And I do believe that when we have finally completed our work here together, that many of us will be prepared to do successful world work. We’ll be independent of the false consciousness of the world. We will be able to move in Divine Rhythm, in an awareness of our Divine Body, our Divine Mind, our Divine Life, free of the tribulations of the world.

Just to give you an idea of how we’re being forced to it, there was a man phoned this morning about his cattle. Four fell dead. Some weeks back, two fell dead. And by this time, he was becoming quite frantic. However, he couldn’t tell what was wrong. It wasn’t the frigidity of the air. There was some kind of an epidemic of some kind and he couldn’t put his finger on it. In fact, he called me before he called a vet. I think he called from Nevada. I’m not sure. I don’t know the man.

But the point is that I learned, that this man was studying our tapes. He’s not a student of our class in the physical sense but one of our students has been lending him some tapes and so he was impressed with the possibilities that lay ahead for him. He simply hadn’t yet reached that Consciousness where his consciousness was the Divine Consciousness so that his head of cattle could benefit by this awareness. Next problem is, suppose the other hundred and fifty head were contaminated? He’d be wiped out.

Now, that man is being forced by this invisible thief to come to a higher level of himself. If he didn’t know about the Infinite Way work, he’d probably wonder what in the world can he do about it. He knows there is a way and I’m quite sure that he’s going to find that way because he’s forced to. It’s a matter of complete failure in business or success and so, he’s forced to do it on a human level. But one advantage is his that isn’t available to many others, he at least knows that there is a way and now he’ll be forced to find and cultivate the higher levels of that way. This is the karma of an individual who has been part of the world consciousness. And had he been one hundred percent perfect humanly, it wouldn’t have made any difference. The world consciousness plays no favorites.

And if you’ve been pushed, your back against the wall, too, you’ll find its because knowing the way and not taking advantage of the way, but rather trying to live sort of midstream, riding two horses, you’re being forced to accept that the only way is I, the Divine Self of you. There is no second way. Lot’s wife couldn’t turn back – when she did, she was through.

Two will be on the field and one will be taken away.” The mortal is taken away. The Immortal remains.

Finally, it’s crystal clear, Immortality is the nature of Being. There is no mortal on the face of the earth. There is only Divine Self and whoever is able to abide in that consciously, day in and day out, discovers that I, my own Divine Self, makes me Self-complete, Self-fulfilling, independent of the conditions of the world.

Now, what you are also tells you what you are not. Every quality of I is every quality of God. “Son, all that I have is thine.” I have all that God has because I am that I.

Now, because I have all that God has, the opposite condition cannot be true. Although the opposite condition is what appears, it cannot be true. I have all that God has. That is the Divine law and your name is I. The I that you are has all that God has right now. Therefore, whatever denies it is a lie. If you live in the conscious acceptance that you are I, the Son, and that the Son, I, has all that the Father has because the Father has said so, then you accept that here where I stand, all that God has, I have. And whatever God does not have, I cannot have. God does not have disease. I cannot have disease. God does not have poverty or famine. God does not have old age. God has nothing except perfection therefore, I have nothing except perfection.

But the thief says, “Look at this, you cut your finger.” The thief says, “Look, your tires are wearing thin.” The thief says, “Look, you’ve got an old car. You need a new one and you don’t have the money to buy one.” The thief says, “Your parents are suffering.” The thief says, “Your children are on drugs.” The thief says everything except what God says and the human mind trained to believe at face value what it hears and sees, accepts the thief which steals away your Divinity.

The enlightened One, however, can recognize the thief for every expression of imperfection is a denial of your own Being. Every expression of imperfection is a temptation to you to make you not abide in I which is the key to the Kingdom.

So, there’s this little something in us now. We’ll call it our consciousness. It’s like a lawn mower. You’ve got these lawns of grass, let’s say the grass is three or four inches high and you push the mower through the grass and you cut a swathe. That swathe depends upon the width of the mower, the sharpness of the blade and so on. That is like your consciousness. Your consciousness cuts a swathe through the invisible and what it comes up with is what appears. The quality of that consciousness determines what expresses, what appears. If that consciousness is living in I, when it cuts its swathe through the invisible, it expresses the qualities of I and then in the visible, you find I am the Peace. I am the Wine. I am the Water. I am the bread of Life. I am the Harmony. All that I am, thou art because we are one and the same and all that appears not to be what I am, is mirage. The broken bone is mirage and the bone that isn’t broken is mirage. There is no good matter. There is no evil matter. There is only I, the invisible Spirit.

Absent from the mortal sense of life, we are living in the I and daily, you pick that I up, up, up, never letting it fall down.

Five seconds from now, after you hear something, you will do what you’ve always done in spite of hearing it. When you were told to look at your neighbor and know that only Divinity is there, you will do it and five seconds later, you’ll be seeing Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones again instead of Divinity. But that’s the thief in you who sees Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones. We must learn to look at Divinity, not at the appearance called form. You see the form of the I with your physical senses but you see the invisible Divinity with the I of your Immortal Self and that is the I to cultivate. You can only greet a Divine Being. You must see Divinity everywhere. You must abide in I. You cannot see humanhood anywhere and be abiding in I. It’s an absolute point that the Divine law says, “Abide in I.”

And so, it’s departing from the old habits. You must change and the change is not partial. The change is total. This is the change which says, “Take off the garment of mortality. Put on the robe of Immortality.” Do not try to patch up the old consciousness. Do not pour new wine into the old mind. It’s a completely fresh start from a new focus and it’s a conscious, continuous awareness that I am I, Divine Self, not living in a mortal form. I am that I which never knew physical birth. I am that I which can never know physical death. I am that I which is the Christ which could be physically crucified on a tree without dying. That I, I am. I am the deathless I, the I that is never sick, the I that can never be hurt by man or beast. This is identity, lived in, not for a minute or an hour or a day; a total change of consciousness. And as we live with it daily, abiding, rejecting all that denies it, we find we are never denying the presence of God anywhere. There is no place in Heaven, on earth, in the sky or in the wild where God is absent, for I is the Infinite I and that Infinite I is everywhere. In that Infinite I that is everywhere, there is no evil. There is no disease. There is no matter. There is no mortality. There’s no place to go except into I.

If you do what comes naturally, you identify with people. You have four cattle that were killed. Your pipes break because of the frost. Your car breaks down. This is identifying not I, not abiding. This is accepting the opposite.

As you continue, that which at first seems like a denial of obvious facts, turns out to be a revelation of the nothingness of all error. It makes no difference what the error is. All material existence is the error. And there’s nothing you can do about it. It will continue to be the error. Any belief in the existence of matter is not abiding for abiding means abide in Spirit. If you believe in the existence of matter, you are breaking Divine law and if, in your life appears a series of problems, that is the karma which you have accepted, which you have invited by your belief in the existence of material world.

This is where we must now stand. You must know that if you choose to believe that matter exists, you are denying the Allness of God which is the Spirit of the universe. There cannot be the Allness of God and matter, too. There is Spirit or matter and your life, your experience, depends on which you accept as Truth. Allness of Spirit or Spirit and matter or just matter. If you’re divided, your divided consciousness brings back both good and evil. If you’re Oned with Spirit, out of the divided consciousness, you find that all that comes back to you is that Oneness with the Father which expresses his qualities in you.

Finally, the decision is always yours – if you know the facts and I think you should know the facts by now. You are making the decision about tomorrow. You’re saying my tomorrow will be with good and with evil or my tomorrow will be perfect. And you’re making that decision by whether or not this instant and the next instant and the next instant, you are accepting that only Spirit exists or you’re accepting that there is Spirit and matter.

When you’re single pointed to the knowledge that only Spirit exists, you’re following the Master’s teaching. And that’s half the battle. The acceptance that only Spirit exists makes possible the development of ways and means and techniques to be true, faithful to the fact that only Spirit exists. That fidelity to Spiritual identity enables you to look past the errors of human beings and to recognize that they are nothing but the invisible, universal thief appearing.

And so, the whole world is taken out of condemnation in your eyes. You don’t have good and bad people anymore. You don’t have good and bad children. You don’t have good and bad anything. You can even know that four cattle were killed and yet, you can see this is the universal lie. Somehow out of that, good will show forth Spiritually. You can’t anticipate how. It may be that you’re lifted higher and that will be the good.

In one way or another, nothing has happened because that which God does is all that can happen. The self-crucifixion is the birthing of I in you. When you are birthed in I, rebirthed, you are returning to I that you ever were. This mortal self is now seen to be a shadow of thought.

It’s not a question of, “Don’t I have a heart or pair of lungs or ears?” It’s a question of who I am. I am Divine Spirit and therefore I am not living in lungs and heartbeats. The change is total. I am being lived by the Spirit of God independent of the world of matter and if the world of matter were to crucify this body I would still be standing here. This must be the conscious knowledge that I can never die. I am the living Spirit of God and in this knowledge, in your fidelity to it, in little things and big things, you begin to sense that there is a new law functioning in your whole Being – a Divine law, with Divine action, with Divine rhythm, with Divine intelligence. The change of consciousness becomes the change of life.

Now, the habits you start then are very specific. If I am to obey that Scriptural command which says, “Abide in me,” I must know who me is. God says, “Abide in me.” For God is Spirit and I must abide in Spirit and the name of Spirit is I. I must know that I am I and that’s how I abide and if I abide in I, that’s who I am twenty-four hours a day.

The old-world ways will keep giving me a human name and a human description but I am to be faithful to the Father and so, I do not answer to that human name and that human description and I cannot be moved by human desires and human ambitions. I already have all there is.

Now, as I meet those who walk in form, the I that I am is the same I that they are. What they know or do not know makes no difference in my injunction to abide in I. I must transfer my abiding in I where I am to also abiding in I where they are. Whoever I meet, I still must continue to abide in the I of them. And so, I’m abiding in I in me and I in him and I in her and I in the tree and I in the river, I in the world. I in everything there is. You abide in I. There’s no breaking of that abiding consciousness. No matter where your I lifts you, there’s still only I there. No matter what you touch, there’s only I there. You continue the unbroken I. You’re only greeting Divine Self no matter if it’s a person or a bird or a fowl or a fish. All that’s there is invisible Divinity named I. You’re meeting I everywhere. You must move in this direction.

And what else is there? Nothing, only I. What qualities are there? Only the qualities of I. Whatever qualities of God are there and there are no others no matter what appears and that is your test. Can you walk abiding in I? Can you abide in the qualities of I without opposite? Can you look at imperfection and know because I am there, imperfection cannot co-exist with I, the Spirit of God.

Therefore, imperfection is a world mirage. Death is a world mirage. Sickness is a world mirage because I am abiding in I, the Spirit of God which is there. I’m abiding in I, the Spirit of God which is here and then you watch the quiet way in which healings occur. Because all is I in your Consciousness, that is what your Consciousness begins to out-picture in the visible world around you. The transition in Consciousness becomes a transition in experience. You are abiding in I and the Scriptural law is fulfilled. You do bear fruit richly. You are sowing to the Spirit and you do reap Life everlasting. You are not sowing to the material world of flesh and you do not reap corruption. Spiritual law is firm, true and invariable. And when you abide in it, fulfill it with fidelity, you find every activity that is promised in those Scriptural decrees becomes your experience.

All evil is wiped off the face of the earth in your Consciousness. There is no evil power. There is no evil condition. There is no evil person or thing because all is the invisible Spirit named I.

Here is an exercise you may find very good. I call it, “Turning off the world.” In your consciousness, you want to reach a point where there is no invisible thief, where the world mind, the carnal mind has no outlet in you. And so, you go into an awareness of who You are. You are the Self of God. There is no mortal being where You are. You are pure, Immortal Spirit. And therefore, there is no world where You are; there is only the Kingdom of Heaven. You are really accepting the robe of Divinity without ands, ifs and buts and learning inside that Divinity means perfection in all things. Divinity means this that was born is not You. Divinity means that You are not a human ego, that You are not a human body; that there is no human here.

You see, in this acceptance, in this “Turning off the world,” this is your crucifixion in consciousness, accepted in meditation. Here, there is no mortal being. There is only I, the Immortal Self. Your permanent Self is here, your Divine Self and your Divine Self here extends without interruption throughout Infinity. It is never separated from that Divine Self which is God. Your Source is ever present. You are one with your Infinite Source, here and now. Nothing else is present except your One, Source, Self, the Self that is You forever.

You learn to accept this inside until something in you reaches a point where the world is turned off. You don’t feel a world. You are not aware of a world. You’re only aware of Infinity, totally Divine and nothing else.

This becomes stabilized as a vast, inner Peace. Even the Truth of it begins to register as an unconscious feeling within. If I am Divine and my neighbor is Divine and everyone is Divine, then all must be the same Divine One and that Divine One is the Self of each one. That Divine Self, I am and I cannot be disconnected from Infinity because it is the Divine Self. I am that Infinite, Divine Self; until the Truth of this to you is not a quotation but an acceptance within. And when it is, the powers of the world cease to be for you. When it is, you are inviting all of the qualities of God to flow in their natural sequence and express where you are. They reveal the absence of the desolation, destruction, discord, despair, disaster and death that works through the false thief of the world mind.

You find you need no power against anything. The world can say, “This can’t be done or that can’t be done or this is an obstacle or we’re facing this kind of a condition over here” but when you register inside with this feeling of the Infinite, Invisible Self of You, all of the statements of the world about what can’t be done for You have no weight whatsoever. You can break down any door without trying. Every obstacle is demolished. The Spirit of You reveals that there are no obstacles. There never was an obstacle. They’re all part of the mirage. Spirit of You reveals that you truly are in the perfect Kingdom now. The I is lifted and the I reveals the Infinity of God’s Kingdom as a present Reality.

I and the Father. I abide in the Father and the Father abides in me. We are One and, in that Oneness realized within, I am free. Free of a temporary lifespan, free of mortality, free of all the confining ideas of the world mind, free of error, free of false beliefs. For all that I has, is mine. The world is gone.

– End of Side One —-

On page 176, “The Infinite Way begins with an infinite, ever present, omnipotent God.”

Now, the name of that God is I. I am God. “Be still and know that I am God.” The Infinite Way then begins with an ever present, Infinite, Omnipotent I in the midst of you. Therefore, in our acceptance of this Truth, I can say that where I appear to be, there is I, an Infinite, Omnipotent, ever present God and it is appearing to your sense as a person here and a person there and a person where you stand and your consciousness must switch from the person where you stand to that Omnipotent, ever present, invisible I. And when you switch to that I, you have changed from the age-old false idea that you are mortal being. The mortal self that we have been taught we are, we are not. We are I. This is the teaching of Jesus Christ. It is the teaching of the Infinite Way.

And as you make that switch in consciousness to the real identity, you are also changing from the world to the Kingdom without having to do anything else about it and you are moving into eternity, into timelessness without doing anything more about it. You are moving into Divine law. The minute you move from mortal me to Immortal I in your consciousness, you are under the law of God.

And all of yesterday’s errors, all of yesterday’s mistakes are karmic debts that are wiped away. The moment we are I, instead of me, we are white as snow and we fear not any mortal condition for we are no mortal being again. We are I.

And when we experience this, we know that we can learn how to maintain this.

The mirages of the world cannot function in that I consciousness. They cannot out-picture for you all the threats and limitations of mortality.

Actually, this teaching right at this point, in this one sentence that Joel gives us here, when we know that God and I are one, that teaching is the passport to Heaven on earth. All it needs is a worker, someone who will accept it and work with it and live with it and wrestle with it until it becomes living Consciousness. You don’t need a whole lot of new Truth beyond that.

Once you make that transition in consciousness right where you are, all of the Truth you need flows right out of your own Being. You might use a few helpful hints on how to stay there but ultimately, you see you’re going to come to the place where no one on earth can help you because you don’t need any help. You know that I am I. You know the Truth that makes you free and because God functions in I, which is the Son of God, the Father says, “Son…. all that I have is thine.” In doing this, you’ve automatically agreed with your adversary. That step is already taken care of without you making a conscious effort to do it. Where’s your adversary? There is none. The only adversary you had was when you were not in I. When you’re in I, the adversary is gone.

Now, when you’re in I, will you be guilty of judging? No. Will you be unrighteous? No. Will you condemn anyone? No. Will you love your neighbor automatically because I, will love your neighbor? In other words, all of Scripture is fulfilled when you stand in I, instead of in me, and then all of the words of Scripture that we’re trying to get you to come to I are no longer needed because I wrote those words.

Realization of Oneness. I am that I which is God.

So, “Infinite Way begins with an infinite, ever present, omnipotent God.” Its premise is that there is no imperfection in any part of God or of God’s creation. None whatsoever. God is being perfect and so, therefore is God’s creation.

No one has ever been born, no one will ever die; no one ever had a beginning, and no one will ever have an ending.” All of this you see is mortal belief. The birth, the death, the beginning, the ending is all a denial and ignorance of the fact that I am that I. And suddenly, the birth, the beginning, the death, the ending are moved away from I. There seemed to be cosmic shadows of thought, impacted into an appearance called form: but I am not mortal. I am that I which is the permanent, Immortal I and that Immortal I did not go through birth and will not go through death and that is my name and identity. You learn how to stand in that until you’re at home in I. This is returning to the Father’s house.

Thou seest me, thou seest the Father whose name is I.” Thou seest the Son whose name is I. The Son and the Father are I, one and the same. Without beginning in time or space, with no division in time or space and no ending in time or space. That I, I am. That is the Immortal I. I am not the mortal me. In my capacity to remain, consciously that I, while the form walks this earth doing its human chores, will determine the experiences that that form undergoes. If I have this open end with I, consciously there all the time, the appearance called form will be under the law of I and that law is Perfection in all things. That law is Grace, a sufficiency for every moment.

Do I or do I not stand in that I is going to determine every tomorrow. It will even determine whether or not I reincarnate or make a transition to a realm in which physical form does not appear. It will determine if loaves and fishes rain out of the sky or if my table can in some way be barren. It will determine if I live in the miracle of the presence of God or the absence. I have that power to stand or not to stand in I and I make my own bed. I make my own karma. I make my own freedom. If I stand fast, I find that all that the Father has is never withheld. This I, is your secret place, the Immortal Self.

Let’s repeat that line, “No one was ever born, no one will ever die; no one ever had a beginning, no one will ever have an ending.” That’s mortal talk; beginning and ending, birth and death. I am Immortal.

Wherever you do not accept Truth, you’re accepting karma. Wherever you’re told, for example, “Judge not, lest you be judged,” the moment you judge, you’re in karma. And the reason is because nothing can enter to defile or make a lie of Truth. Truth is forever and it has no opposite and when you’re not in it, you’re in untruth. When you’re not in Truth, you’re in karma because truth is all there is. Karma is living in unreality. There’s no karma in Reality. The only reason we experience karma, cause and effect, is because we’re not living in I, which is Reality.

I, does not live in this world. I lives in the Kingdom of I, the Kingdom of God and therefore, I, the I that I am, am not in this world now. I, living in I, which is in the Kingdom of God receive of the Kingdom. If I haven’t hitherto, it’s because I was not living in the Kingdom to receive the gifts of the Kingdom. All that the Father hath is in the Kingdom of Spiritual Reality and is experienced in the appearing mortal world only when we live in that Kingdom consciously which is known as I.

This is the I which is your identity and has existed for billions of years and will continue to exist without interruption for many more billions of years. Just think, when we entombed ourselves in the belief that this is my life, this span, we were denying the I that I am, which is billions of years in each direction. You were denying the Infinity of your own Being and losing the Power of it, the Grace and Truth and Beauty of it, but the minute you’re out of this mortal shell, in the I, all of those billions of years are living now. They’re not dead years. They’re not yesterday. The I that existed for billions of years means: exists unto Infinity in every direction and that is all living now. You become Infinitely alive in I. Who can even estimate what that means with the human mind, to be Infinitely alive, now? But I am. The I in you is Infinitely alive, now and when you are that I and there is no second, you can truthfully say, “I am Infinitely alive.”

In that Infinite Life, is all the Power of the universe. All of the health, all of the success, all of the human baubles that we have valued so much are all included but so much more. In your Oneness with I, you are one with the Spiritual universe. There’s nothing to heal, is there? Everything is perfect in I. To be Infinitely alive is to live in I and who knowing this, would wander off into a little, mortal me?

[This is] the I which I am and the I which is God and [they] are one and the same I.” This is Joel’s statement, “[They] are one and the same I. Therefore, I is immortal.… God can no more begin than He can end and if God and I are one, the I of me, in that oneness has never begun and will never end.”

And so, there is an I that I am, which “never began and will never end.” When I lose sight of it, I’m in the karma of the world. When I don’t lose sight of it, you cannot destroy me for it is the only Power. But it must be lived in. You cannot live outside of I and experience that Power. So, we are lifting up our conscious awareness that I, without beginning or end in space or time, is my present identity and I’m living in all of it, even though all that appears here is a little tip of the iceberg called a human self.

And the beauty is that if you know the Truth, the Truth will make you free. You don’t have to go beyond knowing it but you can’t stop knowing it either. The minute you stop knowing it, the minute it’s out of your conscious knowledge, you’re not knowing it and then, you’re not free.

It does another beautiful thing, when you’re resting in this I. We know your mind isn’t dwelling on your ailments or your lacks or limitations. You can’t dwell in both. You’re either in them or you’re in I. Which are you? If you’re in your limitations, you’re not living in I. If you’re living in I, you’re not dwelling on your limitations and pretty soon you find that the I you live in has no limitations. You become conscious of the nature of that I. You’re taken right out of the limitations of the mortal sense of self.

Of course, we say to ourselves, “Well, how often can I do this? I’ve got a human life to live out here. No one’s going to put my shoes on in the morning for me. I’ve got to do it. I’ve got to brush my teeth. I’ve got to get ready. I’ve got to go out, down to the office. I’ve got to go out to the school. I’ve got to go out and do this and that. I can’t be thinking of I all the time.”

The Father says, “Oh yes, you can and you will… Abide in me.”

Somebody gives you a passport to heaven, do you tear it up and throw it away because you’ve got to go down to Safeway today? “Abide in me,” while you do whatever you have to do. Abide in I and you’ll find it’s very normal to abide in I. It becomes your permanent consciousness just as this consciousness we had in a mortal sense was our consciousness, we have this new Consciousness which abides in I. The old is gone. The new supersedes and everything derives a new appearance to us because of it. Everything has a new animation because of it. There’s a different glow in the things around us because of it. The inner Light begins to suffuse right through. We feel the new texture of Spirit invisible seeping into our daily lives. “I am the way.” This is your lifeline to Infinity. Why should you let go? Only the thief is trying to make us believe we can’t do it. We can do it so well that there’s no power on the earth that can stop us. And you can do it for others as well as yourself.

As you become strong in the I consciousness, you find you can reach out and embrace those who need a little help. You find that you weren’t doing this work just for a you for there never was such a you. You find that others reach out and the I consciousness of you lifts them up to the I consciousness of themselves and then you know that you have caught the Spirit of the Master, the real inner Teaching. You’re walking with God. You have substance. You’re out of quotations. You know that the I of you is the answer to every problem on the earth and to everybody’s problem. You just can’t reach them all fast enough and so you stand in that I and let it draw unto you your own household.

Like the Master, you don’t go out and heal the world for those who come to you are lifted to the I of their Being. “I, if I be lifted up…. will lift all men unto me.” I truly am the key to the Kingdom and all those who seek that Kingdom in your household are drawn to that I in you which is the I of them and you walk arm in arm.

We’re living in One, not two.

Says Joel, “…when the parenthesis is removed we live in the full circle of immortality. It is true that while we may be aware of ourselves as living only in this particular parenthesis, slowly or rapidly moving from birth to death, actually it is possible for this parenthesis to be removed and for you to become aware of our true identity as one with the entire circle of life and its immortality and eternality. Once we realize ourselves as I, separate and apart from personality, separate and apart from a physical body, as I, the incorporeal, spiritual I, we will have the secret of the eternality and immortality of life: without beginning, without birth; without ending, without death.”

He’s interpreted for us the Truth in words we can understand, that Jesus was demonstrating the Immortality of Life as the Reality of all who walk the earth in form. We appear in form but this is not the Truth. It is the Infinite I of our Being interpreted by world mind into the appearance called form and where the form stands, only I am. And because that is true of you and your neighbor and all who walk the earth, only I stand everywhere.

And so, when you are one with I where you are, you are one with I who stand everywhere, you are One with the Infinite I and that’s the power. Never divided from the Infinite I by accepting the I of your own Being, is your realization of Oneness. One I here, one I there, indivisible I. I and the Father, One. I, the key to the Kingdom. It’s really clear and the disciple lives in that I awareness and the fruits of the Spirit follow as the night the day.

Every quality of I is present in your consciousness even though you’re not conscious of these qualities. When you are accepting I, the omnipotence, the omniscience, the omnipresence of I is functioning in the I itself and you do not have to go into detail about it. The I of you is present everywhere. It is omnipotent everywhere. It is all knowing everywhere.

Simply by being aware that I am that I, now, forever, releases all of the Intelligence that is necessary at any given moment and all of the Power that is necessary at any given moment. This is the unconditioned universe and because I know all that must be known and can perform all that must be performed and am doing it now, that Perfection appears outwardly as the added things. The necessities of life as we know it, appearing visibly because I who know all things and can do all things, am always a sufficiency unto my Self wherever I am realized and accepted.

I, is the best artist in the universe. I, is the best scientist. I, is the best composer. I, is the best author. Wherever you stand in I, the world will stand in awe of what they think are your mortal achievements. They may say Da Vinci did that but it was I. Michelangelo did that but it was I. This composer did that but it was I. Always the I released is what the world calls a genius.

And yet, that wasn’t enough for many geniuses because they didn’t know that only in that level of their work had they attained the I. We may not appear to the world in that level of genius – we may; but if we attain the I, whatever is necessary in the Divine fulfillment of our Being must flow. Not just as an isolated event but as a continuous dispensation so that always, you’re walking in Divine fulfillment, needing not the plaudits of man anymore because Spirit doesn’t need the applause of mankind.

Isn’t this what Scripture is telling us? And so now we are united in one I, Immortal Self and the thief cannot enter to defile. Nothing can enter to defile or make a lie in the I accepted. The thief is unemployed. The thief is removed. The thief can no longer say, “You lack and you’re limited.” You’re on the high ground of I.

Tomorrow, you’re going to have to do this all by yourself and just as well as we’re doing it here today as a group because I will teach you. If you “Come unto me… who are heavy laden, I will give thee rest… I will open all the invisible doorways. I answer before you ask but come unto me without ceasing and this is how I abolish the belief in death, in disease, in sickness, in lack and limitation.”

Everyone has this key to the Kingdom. Don’t lose your key.

All that is of God,” says Joel, “is of you and of me because the I of you and of me and the I of God are one and the same I.” And that means no question about the fact that I of you and I of God are one and the same.

And all the qualities of God are the qualities of spiritual, eternal, immortal man: of you and of me…. all that constitutes the I of God constitutes the I of you and of me for we are forever one with the Father. All that is of God is ours.”

Nobody’s chasing us out to the lions yet. We’re being built up to the place where we can stand on anything. Gently, we’re being eased up and up in I. Many of our tribulations have been monumental to us but we’re still here, aren’t we? Each of them has been a preparation for the moment when I am come, whose right it is to sit on the throne of your consciousness. For when I am come, this world becomes your playground.

Now, Joel is giving us pure Truth here. If we are receiving it, we have no barriers to the acceptance of it. If that something in us says, “And I will live this Truth,” you will discover that every word of it becomes living experience.

One of the by-products of it is that you realize that all personal ambition is a denial of your own identity. You want to be this and you want to be that. Can you be more than I? Is there anything more than God? And if I is your name, to simply be I is a fulfillment beyond every mortal dream and then I appears as that which you must appear to be in this human world. That I, expresses the Divine plan where you stand. It may change you from all of the things you thought you ought to be but what It appears as where you are is what you must be. Many of us changed quite a bit that way. Some of us want to be tycoons and we find, we lose that. We find we always were a greater tycoon than we could ever become in this world.

When Infinity expresses as your Being, you step aside as a mortal and say, “Thy will be done.” The perfection of Infinity is all I could hope for beyond every mortal idea or aspiration.

Thy kingdom come…. on earth as it is in Heaven.”

And there I, expresses in ways beyond every human capacity.

Beautifully, I, laughs at the sins and diseases and germs of the world, laughs at the grave, laughs at all these mortal barricades that we have accepted as realities. We’re taken right out of the tomb of a limited lifespan while we walk in the appearance called mortal flesh. There isn’t a miracle in the Bible that isn’t part of the I of your Being.

Every moment of every day,” says Joel, “determines what our tomorrows will be. As we sow, in this moment, so will we reap tomorrow; next week, next year or ten years from now…. But if we accept the world’s belief in two powers, its belief in Spirit and matter, in good and evil, then we’re going to experience both good and evil.”

The emphasis here is that when you accept I, don’t let that face in the mirror fool you again. And don’t let that person coming up the street fool you. There will continue to appear all forms of disturbances in the world but don’t let them fool you. They’re not there – I am. I, is the invisible identity everywhere which you have accepted where you appear to be. One, invisible, indivisible I.

Now, there are levels of this I awareness. There are degrees of coming to the higher awareness of it and there are places where you learn this will never be taken away from me now. I have reached this level, it cannot be taken away.

Now, we want to come to those levels where it’s not a mental exercise, where it’s substance; your actual Being realized and that takes practice. And I know you won’t be able to succeed in what I’m going to ask you to do but I want to ask it anyway. I want you to see how difficult it is and then you will learn how to succeed in it.

I’m going to ask you to spend just one hour of any day you choose identifying nothing except the Divine Self in that one hour, wherever you may happen to be. If there are fifty people present, coming and going, if you’re crossing on a street corner where there are five hundred present, spend one hour doing whatever you have to do but identifying nothing but Divine Self for one hour.

Don’t make it easy for yourself by closing your door and sitting in a chair for an hour but do it when you’re out among people and things and conditions as if you were walking in the park or at a theater where there are people but be conscious for one hour of Divine Self – everywhere.

For you it will be a very instructive teaching – far greater than anything that anyone can say to you. If you’ve done it, you’ll know. If not, you’ll say, “Oh my gosh, just to know that this fellow was Divine and that one is Divine.” And why while this person was dancing on the stage, to know that they’re Divine, you’ll even improve their performance for them. You’ll find you’re lifting all those around you. You may never have direct, tangible evidence of it but in some way, you’ll know something different is happening in your life and so, that’s a very important exercise.

I was going to ask you to do it for a day but I know how difficult it is to do it for an hour. An hour is at least within reason. Now in that hour, just think, we’re going to really be living in Heaven because you can’t have any judgments if you’re judging Divine. It doesn’t matter who gets on that telephone. That’s the Invisible I. It doesn’t matter who’s angry at you or what you happen to see in the newspapers or what comes off the TV tube. In that one hour, you identify all that is Divine.

Then what do we do after the hour? Do we go back to “It’s not Divine, now? The hour is up.” You see what it leads to? It’s forming a habit, a way of life and if you are true to Spiritual identity, that’s what returns to you. That’s exactly what returns to you because your fidelity is the mirror and your infidelity is the mirror. When the Master speaks about adultery, he’s talking about just this. Are you faithful to the Invisible I or not? If you’re not, you’re married to mortality, to this world and this is the Spiritual adultery which is the karma of the world.

All right. We’ll do it for an hour. Nobody’s keeping score on you but yourself. And I would like to suggest that when you fail, that you begin and start the hour at that point of failure until you complete one hour of identifying everyone and everything, even a flea, as the Invisible, Divine I and if you don’t get through one hour, during the entire week, well you just are saying to the Father, “You said abide but not this week.”

Correct yourself. Start again when you fail. If you fail at the 59th minute, begin your hour over again. You must go through an hour.

The Bible says, “Go twain if someone asks you to go a mile.” So, some of you who want to can go two hours. But that’s not the lesson.

While we are part of this human race into which we were born, we’re sowing to the flesh, we’re going to reap corruption even if we obey the Ten Commandments to the letter… what we accept into our consciousness is going to determine our experience.”

And so, we’re learning to accept in our consciousness the Invisible, Divine Self everywhere. When we accept that into our consciousness, our righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and pharisees. We’re not judging after the appearances. We’re not judging after the flesh but we’re judging righteous judgment that only the Divine Self is here. God is One. God is All. That is the nature of Being that is present wherever I am. And in this, you’ll find you have turned off the world. You have turned on the Kingdom. Your key is fitting the lock, opening the door.

I think we’ll stay with “Lifting up the I,” because if we can come to a place where we are properly aware that I is not only in this room but in every other room, in every office, in every city, on every street, the miracle of I will yield fruit beyond imagination.

So, that will be today’s lesson. We have five more until our recess and remember the last, we’re going to go right through New Year’s and Christmas, every Sunday, so we’ll be leaving the day before Christmas and the day before New Year, the 7th and the 14th of January. And the 14th of January will be the last of this series and by then, we’re going to finish this book, “Realization of Oneness” and the Gospel of John. They’ll all be finished and that last lesson is when we’ll finish both the Gospel and the book.

Thanks very much.

I think we’ll start today at the 19th verse of the 19th chapter. It reads as follows:

Pilate wrote a title, and put it on the cross. And the writing was JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS.”

Now, I’ve checked that out against the other Gospels and they read as follows:




And only in John do we see “JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS.” So, we have to say that Nazareth was inserted there by John with a purpose. We also have to see that they can’t all be right and that may give you an insight into these differences that occur in the various Gospels at crucial points.

Now, it is agreed that only John was present at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is known that the other disciples scattered to the wind. And you can be sure that they didn’t come out of hiding to go up there and look at the cross to see what the inscription read. So, everything they have to say has to do with what they have heard from someone else and John, being an eyewitness, could give us that which he saw with his own eyes. “JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS.”

And then, the significance of that must be searched for and very quickly, you discover that Nazareth is where Joseph and Mary went after the death of Herod. If you recall, they had gone down to Egypt to get out of the clutches of this madman who wanted to kill every child of two years and under. And then, when Herod had died, and they learned about it, they returned and they went to live in Nazareth and that was where the boyhood of Jesus took place.

Herod is the symbol, you know, of the world mind and Nazareth is the symbol of those who sup with the Christ, those who sip from within. There was a sect in Nazareth, the Nazarites and I suspect that with a little research, we could connect them up to the Essenes because their teaching was almost identical.

The Nazarites, very strangely enough, had no belief in matter, no belief in evil, no belief in destruction and no belief in death. They lived at Nazareth and if you recall at the early part of the Gospel when Jesus was still picking his disciples, either Nathaniel or Philip said, “What good can come out of Nazareth?” And this is what good could come out of Nazareth, one who could lift the world into Divine Sonship.

Nazareth, in the Greek, translated from the Aramaic, means a branch growing out of, and so, Jesus of Nazareth means a branch growing out of and you know what the Christ grows out of; God, a Divine branch.

And so, you see, even those who are not on the path of Spirit are used by the Spirit so that Pilate was obliged through no desire on his part to be a Spiritual teacher, to write a Truth, that this was a man who was a Divine branch.

But further the word “Nazareth” here beside that connotation, is emphasizing that this was a human being. He came from a place on this earth. He could have said this is Jesus of Alameda, Jesus of Palo Alto, Jesus of any city where he had been to emphasize there was a form there and the city that it came from. But the city being Nazareth, is the city which is on the path to Divine Consciousness. And just as Jesus of Nazareth, upon the death of Herod, was able to live his boyhood in the city which makes one a Divine branch – that city within – so the pathway was opened to all who realize that every person on the earth must go to Nazareth. There’s no one here who must not go through Nazareth in order to reach the inner Self. In other words, we must now come to the place where world mind in us has no power, where the only authority is the Spirit within, where we are fed, where we drink deeply from the Truth of our own Being. That is Nazareth.

And that’s why “KING OF THE JEWS” becomes an important title because it’s a symbol. The Jews being at that time the only religion on earth that treasured the idea of one God, they were then a symbol of all religion and the “KING OF THE JEWS” though not so accepted by the Jews was not the man named Jesus but the inner Christ, the inner Self of every man. And this was the revelation of a new dimension on the earth, a higher Self, an Invisible Self, an inner Spiritual Being which was King of all religions, of all mankind. And for that reason, it was written in three languages. Pilate wrote it in Hebrew – actually, it says Hebrew – I presume it was Aramaic – in Latin and in Greek. And just as language here means all civilization, you know, like the arm of the Father means the power of God; here, the three languages mean all over the earth. In the language of culture of the Greeks; in the language of religion of the Jews; in the language of power and law, the Latin, all of the three major languages on the earth at the time symbolize civilization. And of all civilization, Jesus of Nazareth who raised himself beyond the concept of mortality into the knowledge of the inner Christ, the Self; that Self was the king of all languages and this was a foreshadowing of the new language that would come. The inner language of the Spirit which all mankind would learn to live in, dwell in, abide in and ascend in, out of the mortality, the matter, the flesh, the form, the limited lifespan of humanity.

And so, Pilate was an instrument without design on his part. And we’re going to see how many people are instruments though they know it not. The soldiers here, piercing the side, fighting over the garments; they are instruments. And a very strange thing shows up. We find that it was possible to crucify Jesus Christ but it was impossible to break his legs. They could make him suffer every form of humiliation. They could strike him physically. They can make him bear the cross through the streets. They could spit upon him but, it was impossible, even though they could crucify him, it was impossible for them to break his legs. And for you and me, this is a very vital point.

The reason they could not break his legs is because Scripture said so. The soldiers would have broken his legs. They had been asked to do so. They broke the legs of the two thieves but when they came to Jesus Christ, they couldn’t break his legs. We want to look in Scripture. We want to reinforce our understanding there and see how that applies to us.

Here’s how it reads in John. First, we want to establish the coat without seam woven from the top throughout, the casting of lots, the parting of raiment. These things therefore the soldiers did.”

Now let’s look in Scripture and we find that all of this was presaged in the Old Testament.

We find for example, in the 22nd Psalm the following statement – this is 22:18: “They part my garments among them, and cast lots upon my vesture.”

Now, this is happening more than five hundred years in the Bible before it becomes a visible event in the life of Jesus Christ on the cross. In other words, that which is spoken in the Psalm, through the Spirit, must eventuate as a visible event in the life of Jesus Christ. There’s nothing can stop it. Everyone around that event had to act the way they did. They had no choice. They may have thought that they decided to divide the garments or not to divide the inner garment but they absolutely had no power to do otherwise. They were a visible expression of these words which were uttered more than five hundred years before the visible expression. The words and the expression in the visible were one and the same, separated only by what we call time.

And again and again and again, the pattern of this happens “that Scripture may be fulfilled,” is repeated until to you and to me, there comes an understanding that whatever is revealed as the Word of the Spirit must ultimately appear in the visible. And there’s nothing any human being can do about it. A Pilate can be used. A soldier can be used. A Herod can be used. All those who function in the material flesh are subject to the Word of Scripture even though it may have occurred two thousand years before they appear in the visible world. And no one knows who and where and when those Words of Scripture will come forth in an individual. But one thing you can be sure of, the words of the Father will not return void. The Spirit says, “Heaven and earth will pass away but my words [will never die].”

And more and more, you become aware that every commandment given to us by the Spirit must be visibly fulfilled by you. You absolutely have no choice. The Spirit teaches you to love your neighbor whether you know how or whether you want to. You must. And although you seem to delay it, there is no power on earth that can prevent you from ultimately doing just that.

Finally, you will see that your Divine destiny is to become that same individual for whom it was written, “[THIS IS]JESUS OF NAZARETH KING OF THE JEWS.” It is your Divine destiny to become the living Spirit of God realized because the words have been spoken in Spirit already. “Be perfect as your Father.”

And the more you become aware that there’s no turning back, there’s only a false delaying in the dream world of time, the more you are assured, the more you receive signs within for confirmation, the more you will finally set your sights on one goal. Precisely as he worded it, “Pick up your cross and follow Me.”

Now, we see Christ going through the streets with a cross on his shoulders. But what is really happening is we are being told that everyone of us is carrying a cross. Your cross is the belief in a material world. You’re carrying it with you every day. And now, the time comes to take no halfway measure. The time comes when we must stop digging our grave. And this is done in a different way than we had anticipated. We thought we could learn some Truth. We could memorize some Truth. We could meditate. We could be moral. We could study. We could do everything required of us and also live the lives we’d like to live. This is the place in the Bible where we discover we have no human rights. We discover that the only thing expected of us is to pick up the cross of matter and stop crucifying ourselves.

Carrying your cross through the street, believing in matter is the problem in the world today. The religions of the world worship God in their fashion and while they are worshipping God, the Bible tells us that they are also crucifying their own Being. The belief in a material selfhood is the crucifixion of your Spiritual Self. The Bible has to show us visibly what we have no way of knowing with the mind. It has to bring into the visible those things which we cannot understand unless we see them with the five senses.

And so, we pierce the side of the Christ. What does that mean when water and blood spurt out? It’s telling each of us that we have a job to do. We must reach the place where the meaning of that is the attainment of our Consciousness. When the water and blood flows from the Christ it is because that place where the side was split by the piercing is really a sacred lance used by soldiers who had no idea of Scripture whatsoever but again fulfilling Scripture.

They pierced the side by the heart, the symbol of Love. When Divine Love in you is released, the water is transformed to the wine of Spirit. The first birth is changed to the second birth. The first covenant is exchanged for the second covenant and we are reborn not by water but by water and Truth, by water and the Spirit. The water and the blood, is the sign that there is no human being in that body. The water and the blood flowing, is that Love is released this individual from the belief in form. This individual is now ready to move invisibly into foreign countries and to earn a master’s wage in the body of the Soul.

And we, who are told to follow the Christ, we too, travel in foreign countries, in invisible mansions, in the Soul body to earn a master’s wage, we must now release Divine Love that it may transform the first birth, the water of Truth into the wine of Spirit and there can be no holding back. There cannot be a divided consciousness.

You find that in the vinegar that is given to the Master’s lips. In Mark and in Matthew, he’s not given vinegar. He’s given vinegar with myrrh in one and vinegar with wine with gall in another. And in both cases, it is said, he refuses them. He will not take a mixture. He will not accept wine with gall. He will not accept wine with myrrh. There cannot be mortality and Immortality. There cannot be matter and Spirit. This is the way Spirit shows us that the way to the Kingdom of Heaven is through the realization that I am Spirit; I am not material being. You cannot mingle the wine with the gall, the vinegar with the myrrh but when in John – and John takes us out of the other two Gospels that have a mixture given to him on the cross – he is offered vinegar. It is pressed to his lips. A sponge is placed inside the vessel full of vinegar and the sponge is placed on a reed and that reed in Mark or Matthew is clarified here by John alone. That reed is hyssop and the sponge and the hyssop make the vinegar palatable to the Christ.

Now, this hyssop is another symbolism for purification. It’s actually a plant of the mint family and it was used in the Mosaic rites for purification. Now, see the symbolism then. We have a full vessel of vinegar. That’s the world mind. But why does the Christ accept the vinegar? It’s not pure, living water. It still isn’t pure living water. It simply isn’t mixed with the myrrh or the gall and the answer is that even though it’s not pure, it’s coming through the sponge and through the hyssop. And you’re being told there that the world mind, the vessel full of vinegar, must be understood. The sponge is part of the purification. The hyssop is part of the purification so that Truth, if your motives are pure, will be transmuted and finally will be acceptable to lead you to the Christ. The difference here then, is the motivation. If you have a pure motive in seeking the Christ, you will gain entrance into the Kingdom. If your motives are for a personal, human reason, you will not.

And so, the vinegar is accepted. You can put it on a sponge with hyssop. You can continue even though you are ignorant of Truth, if your motive is to know Truth, to know God aright, you will find your way into Christhood. But if you’re lingering in a sense of division, that you can combine the wine and the gall, the wine and the myrrh, the mortality and the Immortality, the matter and the Spirit, then there is no way to enter into the Kingdom of God.

Always, the Kingdom of God is that Life which is perfect and eternal.

And so, all of this symbolism takes place in John now to show us that the rising of the Christ in you depends upon stepping completely out of the belief that you are now a mortal, material being. You may not have the full understanding of it. You may not have reached that place where you can live totally in that belief, but if you are willing to set that as your goal, to reject the belief in matter, the belief in form, the belief in evil, the belief in every form of error, the belief in destruction and the belief in birth and death, then you too are in Nazareth. You, too, even though you’re still not in the purest essence of Being in your consciousness, are fulfilling the law, fulfilling the Scripture. The Scripture that must be fulfilled is your identity, is the living Spirit of God. And whoever, with pure motive, tries to live from that focus will discover that this is acceptable as the vinegar was to Christ on the cross.

That is how Christ in you wants you to approach Christ. Not as a physical being, not as a mortal being, not as a creature in time and space but as one who accepts himself to be without any hereditary past, without any human birth because now, we’re at the place where every division in consciousness is a barrier that keeps you out of the final acceptance of Christ in you.

The miracle of Christ must be fulfilled and when you believe in matter, even though you believe you are worshipping God, you are crucifying the Spirit of God within yourself and within your neighbor by your unconscious awareness – your unconscious lack of awareness is more accurate – by your unconscious lack of awareness of the presence of the Spirit of God. That’s how we crucify the Spirit of God everywhere. The belief in matter is an automatic crucifixion of the Spirit.

At other levels of our work, it wasn’t necessary to be that definite. We had to learn this but now we see that the entire world says, “We worship God,” but it also believes that God is guilty of creating evil. It believes that God is guilty of creating matter that deteriorates and at this point, we must know clearly that if you believe in the existence of matter, you are crucifying Christ. You are crucifying the Spirit of God within you which says, “I am the Only.” Just to believe that a material form is real is crucifying Christ because there is no Christ and a material form.

And so, the Nazarite, the Essene, those who dwell in the Truth, have this sacred inner duty to perform. They crucify matter instead of crucifying the Spirit of God. This crucifixion is done in the Consciousness. We cannot worship at the throne of matter and worship at the throne of God. And when we reach the sublime height where one individual is able to be crucified in the appearance called flesh without dying, he is demonstrating that this crucifixion without dying is possible to every man. Only he has done it the hard way. Our way is to be crucified in the Consciousness that matter has no existence. This is the inner crucifixion of all those who walk the path of Spirit without opposite.

Again, we cannot worship the written Word unless we are willing to go through with the outer action to conform to that written Word. We cannot, for example, be very anxious to obey certain material laws or even certain religious laws while killing an innocent man and we’re given that degree of hypocrisy here. We find it’s the Sabbath and it’s also Passover and you cannot, in the Judaic religion, leave a man hanging on a tree if he’s dead overnight.

In Deuteronomy we’re given the law, “no man shall hang on a tree if he’s dead overnight.” And certainly, no man shall hang on a tree if he’s dead on a Sabbath and this is the high Sabbath, a Passover. And so, they want these men down but they’re not dead yet. And so, the order is given, “Break their legs.” It will hurry it along. That will hasten the death. We don’t want them up there desecrating the Sabbath.

You see the hypocrisy of not wanting to desecrate the Sabbath but killing? And the Father has said, “Thou shalt not kill.” And this is again the way our intellect deceives us. Our intellect says, “Break the legs.” And then they go to break the legs and they take one thief and break his legs because they found him still alive and they want to hurry up the death. They go to the next one and they break the legs. They want to hurry up the death so they could get them down before darkness sets in. They come to Jesus to break the legs but he is dead. There’s no need to break the legs. But that’s what Scripture said five hundred years ago. No bones will be broken…. No bones will be broken.” It says in Exodus, in the Psalms and here, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, in a strange way, it so happens that no bones are broken and the man is taken down. And where is he put? He’s put in a tomb. When? On the Sabbath.

Again, the soldiers are being used. They don’t know the Scripture. They’re centurions. They’re Roman soldiers. They had no knowledge of the Old Testament. And they put the man in a tomb on the Sabbath, the eternal rest of One who has found the Spirit.

We are to find that eternal rest. Our eternal rest is when we come to the place of Spiritual Sonship and then not only are the legs not broken but we have found that One Self which is woven from above without a seam, that Indivisible, One Life. That One Life which cannot be crucified, whose bones cannot be broken, who cannot be diseased or sick or deteriorate. This new dimension is being revealed when those bones cannot be broken. Mind you, the man is dead on the cross but his bones cannot be broken. What Spiritual Power is preventing that? The same Spiritual Power that uttered the words way back in Exodus, “No bones shall be broken.”

Who uttered those words? The Christ uttered the words then and now the Christ stands in the appearance called death on a cross and the Words cannot be taken away. Their power is still there. “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my Word shall [never die.]” The power is forever even on the appearance of a dead man, the power of the Spirit maintains the power of those Words.

Have you heard the Word within you? The power of the Word you hear within you is forever and nobody can take it away. Nobody can oppose it in any way.

Some years back, I heard some Words that were important and I feel I can share them. I was told that “Whenever you ask, I will sup with you” and I have discovered that whenever I ask, whenever I ask the Spirit within by acknowledging its Presence as the only Presence – that’s the asking, no division – then that Spirit sups with me. It feeds me. It leads me. It opens my eyes. It removes the blindness of a mortal man. I can depend on this and the reason I can depend upon it is because the Words were spoken to me within. “Whenever you ask, I shall sup with you.”

And no matter what the situation may be, I find I can go within and speak to the Christ which is my own Being and rest in the conscious assurance that the supping of the Christ is the Divine Word which is all Power, all Presence, all Intelligence, all Love, all Truth without opposite. That Word needs no human implement, no human instrument. It functions by Itself, though invisible.

And for all of you who have heard any Divine Word within you, you have discovered, I’m sure, that that was a force which could not in any way be obstructed by any human being on this earth. There is no human being nor human condition that can stand in the way of that force of the spoken Divine Word in you. It could prevent the legs of a dead man from being broken because there was something even greater being revealed.

Now then, every word in Scripture, though it was not spoken to you within, to your inner ear, was spoken to you and when you realize that these words, though you did not hear them are being spoken to you now, they are saying, “Scripture in you must be fulfilled.”

The Divine Word which says, “Acknowledge me in all thy ways…. Love thy neighbor as thyself,” must be fulfilled. And the promises of those words, “When you acknowledge Me in all thy ways, I will direct thy paths,” that is an automatic phrase which functions and there’s no power on earth to prevent it because it is Divine law. Scripture must be fulfilled. When you fulfill that in Scripture which is demanded of you, every corollary goes right along with it moving the Red Sea out of the way.

There is a man now crucified and there is no power on earth that can kill him because one with God is a majority. There is a you that is expected to do the same, to reach that level of Consciousness in which you know death is an impossibility because I and the Spirit are one and the same.

The importance here, at this juncture of the Bible, is the complete revelation of the new man, the necessity for Spiritual evolution. There’s no way you can forestall it or stop it or prevent it. You can only draw out your own miseries, put yourself in a position where you are divided into good and evil, whereas if the Spirit has touched you sufficiently, to make you brush aside every objection of the human mind, you will see that the only possible way for you is to make every day a conscious fulfilling of the words of Scripture so that you become a living Bible. You are no longer to read the Bible but to live the Bible, to be the living Scripture fulfilled. Christ in you must be fulfilled.

And if you were to spend every day putting it first in the order of business, you would discover that even those things that were so important would still be done well so that you go through the Scripture, you pick out the words of the Christ and you know that these words are commands. These words are like the early days of Exodus or Genesis or Deuteronomy in which certain words were pronounced and then five hundred or a thousand or two thousand years later, they become visible events.

So, these words in Scripture uttered by the Christ are to become visible events in your life that Scripture be fulfilled. That’s why John, again and again and again, reverts to that theme. They did so and so, that Scripture might be fulfilled. Now, the they who did it didn’t do it for Scripture to be fulfilled. They did it because they had no choice and they had no choice so that Scripture would be fulfilled.

Now, the Spirit has made many pronouncements about you and the only thing that has prevented their actually happening in your life is that you didn’t realize that these are Divine law. They must happen and you must come into the rhythm of that to see that you do not try consciously or unconsciously to prevent their happening. And then, you’re moving in the Infinite rhythm of the Spirit of God.

Deny thyself.” Thyself is physical being, mortal being, human being with a home and a business and a family and this is the denial. That isn’t You. And as it continues to be you, you are standing in the way of Scripture which says, “Deny thyself.”

And so, at this point of our work, we very carefully watch every word, every thought, every idea, every action that is taking place on the cross because every word, every eyelash is telling us precisely what we are to do. If they drive five nails into his hands, that means the five senses bind us to this world. If they pierce his side and water and blood flow out, that means, we must in Consciousness do the same. We must come to the heart. We must learn to overlook all that is not Love and come over to the side where all that is Love flows through us to let the subtle transmutation of Divine Love transform us into the image and likeness of the Father.

Now, this is no longer a work for beginners or just veterans. This is a work for those who turn their entire love to God. Loving God supremely means only. You love God in your wife. You love God in your husband. You love God in your child. You love God in your enemy so that all are to you the visible expression of the Invisible Spirit of God and you are sowing only to the Spirit of this universe. We cannot sow to the flesh. We cannot sow to the form. We cannot sow to matter. We cannot sow to evil and by sowing, we cannot accept the belief that that which is not Spirit can exist.

The fullness of the demonstration here on the cross is the fullness of the demonstration that we are to make. We must stand aside from our mortal self and let God make the demonstration of God where we stand.

And now, the work is finished,” he says. That means the work that is finished is the fullness of Divine law revealed on the earth. There’s nothing more to say or to teach. It has been said. It has been taught. It has been demonstrated and that demonstration is that there is no mortal being on the earth.

Every healing that you witness should now mean to you something totally different than you thought it meant. People say, “Thank you for healing this one. Thank you for healing that one.” And sometimes they say, “What’s wrong that you didn’t heal this one or that one?” But a healing now means something quite different. If, for example, you were ill yesterday and through Spiritual work, you are not ill today, healing was only the periphery of what happened. What really happened is your Spiritual identity was revealed to you. That’s why you are what is called healed. The awareness in one’s Spiritual Self that that Spiritual Self is the Only and is the Self of you becomes the Spiritual activity within you breaking through the crust of human consciousness and that healing is the sign to you that you are the living Spirit of God. No matter who is healed Spiritually, that is the proof that they are Spiritual Being and that’s the importance of the healing. It reveals your identity. And every healing of Jesus Christ was revealing the Spiritual identity of the victim. This one thought he was 38 years in such a condition. But when he was healed, the revelation was that he was Spiritual Being, not mortal being. Whoever is healed is being revealed as Spiritual Being and that is the meaning of “The work is finished.”

He has revealed that all there is on the earth is the Spirit of God. All he’s done is take a cross sampling. One here, one there. Two here, two there. But each one is a symbol of all the rest. Every Spiritual healing is the revelation of Spiritual identity and this is the Allness, the Oneness of Spirit everywhere. That there is one Spiritual Being is being revealed by the Christ. The work is done.

And although the work is done, it remains for those who become aware of the nature of that work to now follow in the Consciousness that everyone, everywhere is Spiritual Being, to follow through on that which was revealed by the Master.

His work he says, “is finished.”

And that means that the very plan for us to attain the awareness of our Spiritual identity is also completely finished. That in the words of the Christ, in the Bible, is the complete plan of your Spiritual Sonship with God. Some may interpret it for you. Others may explain it another way but the words are there, the demonstration is there, complete, and whoever is turning full love toward God above all is led to the meaning of those words and the way to implement them in our daily living.

If today, we were to accept that I cannot be both Spirit and matter, we would find that a great void would come upon us after a while because of our transition in consciousness. And that void, however uncomfortable it might be, is a very important void because it’s a cosmic vacuum. That void enables you to empty out the old. And that transitional period of emptying out the old is what is called here, “I thirst.”

I thirst,” says the Christ. This is the transitional period in all of the Spiritual evolution of every individual. As they turn to the Christ within, recognizing the Christ within, they are quenching that thirst. Christ is never quenched within you by your mortality, only by your Immortality accepted.

I thirst.”

Within you, Christ says, “I thirst.” Turn away from your mortality. Acknowledge your immortal Christ Self and that will quench the thirst of the Christ.

And then, he “gave up the ghost.”

We have used that expression, “giving up the ghost” but not in the sense that it is meant here in the Bible. They could break the legs of the thieves but they couldn’t break the legs of the Christ and yet both appear to be forms. One was a mental image and one was a Divine image. One was a physical concept about an atom body, the other was a physical concept about a Spiritual body.

The flow of blood and water is an ancient sign, much older than Jesus Christ. It signifies the new Soul body is complete. It signifies the individual is living in the Soul body. And the giving up of the ghost then is the yielding of the image called physical form. You and I are to give up the ghost. We cannot walk in the ghost if we were to follow the Christ.

Now, think for a moment of the Essenes, the Nazarites, other sects who had learned the non-existence of the form and realized that however strange this seems to you, there have been men on this earth who have known it and who have lived by it. And there were those who followed the Master who taught it. And this body that could not be broken while on the cross is revealed there not to be like other bodies on the earth.

We are to build the Consciousness of a Divine body which is indestructible, which is immune to all forms of error, all forms of disaster, immune to death and we are told that such a body is a body we already possess and we cannot attain the awareness of that body until we learn in Consciousness to give up the ghost; this form that we think we’re carrying around.

In your deeper meditations, you will discover that there was no person in that form on the cross. The water and the blood that spurted out says that there was no person there. In your deeper meditations, you will find a way to know that this is the Truth of you now. All that is lacking is the realization.

When you are able to give up the belief in matter, you will find this ultimates in the externalized awareness that you are not in a material form now. You will be aided in your effort to give up the ghost.

As long as you consider yourself to be in a material form, at this level of the Bible, you are rejecting the Christ. This is what the world is doing. This is what religion is doing. This is what every individual on the earth is doing who is not aware of his own Spiritual Selfhood. And so, we are really a very small, small minority. Perhaps, larger than we realize, once we begin to find many of those who are in sacred and silent teachings.

Once you are in this awareness that you are not in the body, not in the form, you’ll find you have a new awareness of the Invisible, something that no words can describe. You will understand why this is a secret teaching up to a point and why for you, it can no longer be just a way of worshipping words but must become a living, daily activity, not in the form.

So, the Wayshower demands of us to give up the ghost.

– End of Side One —-

Now, let’s meditate for a moment.

We’ve seen a lot of characters in the Bible with names. We’ve seen a lot of healings. We’ve seen a few raised from the dead. We’ve seen an individual who, though he could be crucified, could not die. Although he had no defense, his legs could not be broken because the power of Scripture had determined that in advance.

And we have heard the Spirit say, through the lips of that One, “Call no man on earth your father: for one is your Father, which art in heaven…. Ye are the light of the world.” Not “Ye are the flesh” but rather, “Flesh is grass.” “Ye are the light of the world.”

And while we’re doing this, let’s think for a moment of science, in its great projected plans, how it has the world’s hoping it would make atomic energy available in the next decade; new plants, new thermal-nuclear energy to be released and always, the world is hanging on the promises of science or on the promises of religion that we’re going to find some great promised land someday.

And here, in our Bible, the Spirit is saying, “Now are you the living child of God.” Can you follow science? Can you follow religion if you are now the living child of God? You can follow the Spirit which makes such utterance and it says, “Where you are, I am. I will never leave you. I am the very substance of your Being. I am you.”

And now, this wayward mind which is the mind that follows either religion or science or some kind of –ology; this wayward mind is what we separate ourselves from. We see that on the cross, there are two thieves, one on each side and there is the symbolism of the world problem. That’s not a man on the cross and that’s not two thieves, one on each side. That is the world consciousness hanging on a tree. The world consciousness is brought into visibility as two thieves, one on each side of a man in the center. And we look at it and if I continue in mortality, I’m going to be that one in the center. If I continue in materiality, those two thieves are going to bury me. One is mind and one is matter. The belief in mind and the belief in matter buries the Christ within. This is the nature of the world situation.

Everywhere you go, invisibly, no matter who you’re looking at, there are two thieves on the cross and in between them, they are burying and crucifying the Christ. It doesn’t matter what their names are, how important they are in this world, they are crucifying the Christ within themselves by the belief in mind and matter. These twin-beliefs are the thieves on the cross, always crucifying the invisible Spirit, turning that individual away from his Self. This is what you’re looking at all over the world. Every individual is crucifying himself, unaware of it and yet, this is the symbolism of the two thieves on the cross.

Now, we are to be taken out of that. We turn to one of those thieves. We recognize no human mind. We recognize the Divine Self. We take that thief into Paradise. We recognize the Divine mind there and automatically, in the recognition of Divine mind, there can be no human body. There is only Divine body.

And the Christ within is no longer thirsty. The Christ within is quenched. We recognize the Divine nature of all Being. It doesn’t matter what each individual does to himself, we un-crucify him in our Consciousness. We un-crucify ourselves. We un-crucify our children. We un-crucify the world. We do not accept the opposite of that invisible Christ. We do not let the two thieves surround us, one on each side. We’re putting on the robe of Immortality. We are accepting Sonship and this is a daily practice, a conscious practice every day until world mind hits this conscious awareness in you and makes no headway.

If you put yourself first as a human being, you’re putting Christ second and you’ll find that you cannot violate Scripture. You must acknowledge Christ first.

The understanding of this is only a prelude to the living of it, the daily living of it. And even if you put it off one day, that day you will crucify Christ and you’ll pay the price for it. This becomes to us the most important work we have. It’s more important than the success of anything we think is in our human lives because without this, you’re removing the Reality of your Being and you’re going to have a paper castle.

With this, you’ll find there substance in everything else that you do. You must, each day, un-crucify Christ. Put the vinegar up to the lips of the inner Christ. Recognition, that the inner Christ is your permanent Self and live in this permanent Self every day. Then all the symbolism is taking place, the water and the blood is spurting from the heart, the transmutation is taking place, Christ is being born in your consciousness.

We’ll have some very specific suggestions after a few moments recess.

(Class break)

See if you recognize this passage.

And the angel of the Lord appeared unto the woman, and said unto her, Behold now, thou art barren, and bearest not: but thou shalt conceive, and bear a son. Now therefore beware, I pray thee, and drink not wine nor strong drink, and eat not any unclean thing: For, lo, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and no razor shall come on his head: for the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb: and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines. Then the woman came and told her husband, saying..”

And the whole story is pretty much the way it was with Mary. Now, Samson, the Nazarite was born here and you see how this was a foreshadowing of Jesus the Nazarene. There are many foreshadowings and one of the most important at this moment, you’ll find in Isaiah. That incidentally was Judges, Judges 12. (Edit note: Judges 13)

In Isaiah, in the 53rd chapter, we find this. Now, the interesting thing about Isaiah’s long-suffering servant is that this again happens five hundred years before the cross. “He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.” It goes on describing the feelings and the activities that later took place on the cross. “He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter,” and so forth.

Now, because you begin to know that the Spirit of Christ which speaks through Isaiah is the Spirit of Christ which appears on the cross, that the Spirit of Christ which utters these words in the Bible, in the Old Testament and in the New Testament; this is the Spirit of Christ in you that is going to do these things. And then you begin to see that you have a job, a function. The Divine plan is for you to let the Christ do these things in you without your human interference.

Everything the Christ says in the Bible is to happen in and through you where you are and the Divine plan released to all mankind through the activity of Jesus Christ is that you are to let the demonstration of God take place by renouncing any selfhood, any life, any sense of being that is not Divine.

Say not, There are four months, to harvest. For now are the fields white to harvest.

And everywhere the Christ walked, the earth people were saying, “Tomorrow there will be a harvest when the Messiah comes” and the Christ was saying, “I am the Messiah. Now is the harvest. Now open your eyes. Now stretch forth your arm. Now is the Red Sea parted. Now does the troubled sea subside. Now is the woman healed of hemophilia. Now is the leper cleansed. Now, now, now are the fields white to harvest.” And these are the words of the Christ in you saying, “Now.”

The sowing and the harvest are now. Now are you the Sons of God, not tomorrow. Now are you perfect as your Father. Now is there joy and harmony and fulfillment where you are. It is all present, invisible in your Spiritual Selfhood now. The long-suffering Servant in you, the invisible Christ, whom you have starved, who is thirsty, who takes all of the abuse without a word because, we in our ignorance, stand away from our Self; that long-suffering Servant in us is teaching us that now, everything you seek, you are. There is not a promise in the Bible, not one. Every statement of Truth is now in your invisible Spirit, functioning.

And so, the suggestion I’d like to make is that we now come to grips with being living Scripture. We’ve had enough reading of Scripture. You are that Scripture and your whole life, your whole activity must be the demonstration of living Scripture, the release of the imprisoned splendor.

You say you have a supply problem? God says you haven’t. God says, “Now are the fields white to harvest. Where you are there are loaves and fishes invisible.” You say you’ve got a business to run. God says you haven’t. God is running the only business there is and that manifests as a perfect business when you know yourself not to be a mortal human being trying to run that business. You say the marriage isn’t working or the children haven’t caught the idea of their function? You’re wrong. They’re perfect children. You have to invisibly accept the field is white to harvest now. Not tomorrow. In everything you do. If you’re waiting for better health, you’re wrong. If you’re waiting for better supply, you’re wrong. If you’re waiting for new developments, you’re wrong. Now are the fields white to harvest.

And if you will re-translate your life at this present moment so that every level of it in which you seem to be lacking in some way or limited is changed in your consciousness, not out in the outer world, removing the belief of every lack and every limitation whether it’s health or business or supply or what not. Remove the belief because humanly, you cannot see the invisible harvest that is there and build yourself the faith that the Christ which speaks and says, “Now are you perfect as your Father,” is telling you a Truth. That means perfect in every way.

Please make a list to yourself in order of lack and limitation and take a great big cross in your consciousness and cross out that list. Sit with it if you have to spend hours until you can agree this limitation, this lack, this problem, this error, this that I’m trying to accomplish is already accomplished. When you can agree that this is the Spiritual truth of your Being, you will find that the Scripture must be fulfilled when it is accepted in your consciousness. And if you accept it, you will find new beliefs, new seeds, new thoughts and these new beliefs, these new seeds will come forth. They will show you what you thought was lack was only your lack of awareness of the Spiritual nature of your Being, your lack of awareness that the Scripture was telling you the Truth of who you are.

Now, let’s take any specific case. Let’s take health. Everybody’s interested in health. None of us want to be sick. None of us want to be sluggish. None of us want to be drained of energy. Do you know the biggest problem in our health is that we still haven’t learned that there is no bad health? We still think it can be. Just think of yourself, how many times you say, “Look what I’ve got” as if you’ve got it. You accept it as a condition. The least you can do at this stage is to know that it’s an illusory condition. That’s the very least you can do. You can’t set yourself as knowing more than God. When God pronounces you perfect, when God says, “All I have made is good and you are my Son,” you can’t talk about your bad back. You see, that’s still a belief in you. You’ve got a bad back. You can’t do that. You can’t have a bad back. Otherwise, you’re saying “God doesn’t know what God is talking about. I still have a bad back.” And that belief that lingers is the dream. That’s the hypnosis.

You say, “My business isn’t good.” Or “My children aren’t doing what I’d like them to do.” You’re wrong. You have no right to like them to do anything. They are perfect as your Father, as their Father. Your function as a Spiritual Being is to live in a Spiritual awareness, not to pass human judgments about yourself or others. And unless you precede everything you do with the knowledge that the field is already white to harvest, that right where that problem or that problem or that other problem seems to be, there is invisible, Spiritual perfection and nothing else is there. Right where that bone seems to hurt, there is invisible perfection and nothing else is there and you must hold to that Truth that the fields which are white to harvest are your own Spiritual Being and the Spiritual Being across the way. Everywhere you must hold to that and you will discover the fields are white to harvest. Then, you will be crucifying the problem, the belief and not the Christ of your Being. This is the suicide we come out of when we start to accept the words of Scripture above our own concepts. Scripture must be fulfilled in you. Christ in you must be fulfilled.

Now, that’s a pretty simple and definite Divine law. Christ in you must be fulfilled.

Another weakness we have, a very big weakness: is there’s always a me there trying to get something done. There’s always a me trying to even understand the Truth and when you may not be aware of it, you completely feed this me. You want this me to have certain harmonies. You want certain things around you to change so that the me over here can be more comfortably situated. That’s all the wrong focus. You want this me to have a better job. You want this me to have a happy marriage. That’s the wrong focus. You’re working out of a false sense of self. You must learn that there is no me here. There is only the Christ of God here and that means, at this level, we have no personal desires, no earthly desires.

Before Jesus gives up the ghost, he bows his head. The bowing of the head is the complete surrender of the human ego. Everything is significant. He bows his head to tell us that you must learn to bow your head. The complete surrender of the human selfhood and as long as there’s a human selfhood there, there’s going to be a bad back or a bad child or a bad relationship. There’s going to be good and there’s going to be evil in human relationships. When there’s no human self, you have bowed your head and then, you can give up the ghost. There must be no human self in your consciousness.

I was up at 4 am this morning and it took me two and half hours to even make a dent before I could feel that something was happening and I remember when we first started in this work and Joel used to say, “Well, we’ve got to have two or three meditations a day.”

Now, you discover that if he had told you what you had to do, you might never have continued in your work. You don’t have two or three meditations a day. You live in the Truth all day. You don’t step out of the Truth. Your whole life is a meditation. Everything you do is a meditation with your eyes opened or closed. And then, he had ten second meditations for those who didn’t have the time so they could just blink an eyelid and say, “I am the Christ” and go on their way.

I want to recommend to you that you take a day, and get up before the world does and don’t mind if the first two hours are a problem to you. Don’t mind a bit. Don’t mind how much you feel you’re getting nowhere. Just keep knowing the Truth in various ways about who you are until all of a sudden, out of nowhere and you can’t explain why or when, there You are. Suddenly, it’s taken right out of your hands. Suddenly, someone else is driving the wheel, it’s not you. You don’t know how it happened. Something lifted you right out of your thought, right out of your contemplation and now, you’re in My Peace. We’ve been trying to get peace in our lives and the Spirit says, “Oh no, that’s not the right way to do it. You want the peace of the world, human peace. It won’t work. My Peace is not as the world giveth.”

There’s a new dimension of Peace when you are able to get to the place where it’s taken out of your hands and then the soft, gentle Spirit calls you because it now is You and there’s no human being there. In that moment when there’s no human being there, you are meditating and not before. All of your statements, that’s not meditation. Even the psychic trance is not meditation. It’s when suddenly, there’s no you; only the Spirit is there. Then you’re in meditation. You’re in the Father. And then you see why the fields are white to harvest because in that Spiritual you, everything is happening the way it should be. Scripture is being fulfilled. Everything in Scripture is happening. The promises are Being, not becoming, Being.

Now is the time for work then. Time to know that because I am accepting that I must step out of the sense of mortality, I’ve got to work at it and I won’t be able to close my eyes for three minutes and come to that conclusion and go on my way. I’ve got to really put in the time.

And so, if you haven’t yet come to that conclusion and are ready to, you’ve got to take one day a week to see what I really mean. One day in which this is what you’re about to do. There’s nothing else on your mind that day. You get up before the world does and you go to work. There’s nothing else you have got to do that day. If after two, three, four, five hours you find you’ve got it, great. It’ll take care of the rest of the day. You can go about all the things you wanted to do. You’ll find this new dimension makes you sail through those things. But put in this two, three hours stretch. If you’re lucky, if it’s so meant for you, you might find in twenty minutes you’ve got it. But if you don’t, that’s par for the course. Don’t worry about it. Sometimes we go two or three days before this thing gels. There’s no miracle meditation. It’s work. Hard work. And it only becomes easy work when you’re finding yourself doing it every day.

Now, then those of you who haven’t yet had the great pleasure of meditating before the world is awake, contemplating, resting and struggling too; get with it and don’t mind the struggle. And make your object one thing. I’m putting my mortality on the cross because that’s what we’re about to do. Putting my mortality on the cross and I’m going to have to wrestle with this thing in the wee hours of the morning, two, three, maybe four hours. With a little rest, I might have to go out and get some coffee. I might have to keep the pot percolating. I might have to do all kinds of things just to break it up a little bit so I just don’t fall into a trance but I’m going to stay with it until I can come to a conclusion. Mortality was never my Self.

You are joining, uniting with your pre-existent Self which is simply the removal of the sense of mortality. When he gave up the ghost, he was telling you he was re-joined with his pre-existent Self. All he was, was what he always was. Nothing else.

Your pre-existent Self is your present existent Self and only when you go through this inner scourging of this sense of mortality will you suddenly find lifted out of your hands and you’ll be on that flying carpet of Spirit.

Now, I know meditation is supposed to be an effortless thing but it only gets to be effortless after you’ve gone through a great deal of effort. And you’ve got to put forth that effort. You’ve got to be a striver with God. You’ve got to wrestle with the intruder. You’ve got to find a way of being just as persistent as the world mind is in you and quench the thirst of the inner Christ.

Now, start with Scripture and remember, it applies to your Being. It’s not about ten other fellows. It’s about your Being and take it into your early morning contemplation, wrestle with it, till you can agree; this that I have read in the Scripture, I am doing. I am a living Bible. And then each day, add to your armament of Truth that way. You’ll find these depth bombs will really unseat the world mind in you like nothing else.

You are lifting up the I. Don’t complain about world conditions. There aren’t any. Don’t complain about the noise of the neighbors. Don’t complain about anything. These are human judgments and there’s no human there where you are. Judge not lest ye be judged. You judge yourself every time.

Now, then, make the effort to overcome the sense of mortality, to bow the head for the plan is complete. The Divine plan is clear. You must accept that you are immortal Being and all that goes with it is true, now. This that I am suffering from cannot be a fact. This must be a supposition, a concept. This that is wrong in my business cannot be a fact. There is no such thing as a bad business. This is for mortals.

Everywhere you go, everything you do comes out purified. Put the hyssop on the sponge. Feed it to the lips. Purify everything you do with the knowledge that invisibly, this is perfection and it is here now. And you’ll find there is a rainbow that is going to come into your Consciousness. In other words, you’re Spiritualizing everything you know because it is already invisible Spirit. You can take this as far as you’re willing to take it, as far into time as you care to go because the complete harvesting of the field is already complete where you are now. There’s nothing for you to do but to go through the effort, the action in the visible of harvesting what is there now in the Invisible by the silent acceptance of Christ within, everywhere, everyone. There is no mortal. There is no matter on the face of the earth.

And that’s what the Father says to us. That’s what we learn to say, “Yes, Father.” I have no pain in the back. I have no financial problem. I don’t care if I haven’t got a dime. That’s not what I go by. I go by the Father’s Word. “All that I have is thine, Son. Be still. Thou art ever with me.”

Thank you, Father. I have all that there is in the Father’s house now. And never will I waver and let another thought enter where another thought would not be the thought of the Father. It would be mortal thought and where there is no mortal, there can be no mortal thought. Even while the tears are running down your cheek, you must learn to do this.

Then suddenly, the agony of Job is changed. The living Spirit heaps upon him all of the glories of the invisible Kingdom. Everything is recovered double. Why? Because Spirit multiplies. Matter is always division. No good matter. No evil matter. Only pure Spirit.

Put matter on the cross and the Christ will announce Itself where you stand.

Next week, please come prepared to, within yourself, listen to the Spirit’s understanding of the chapter called, “Lifting the I” the eleventh chapter in Joel’s book, “Realization.” You’ve read it three or four times by now. At this point, we want to see that “Lifting the I” means the crucifixion of mortal sense. Crucifixion is the only way to resurrection. The path of the cross is the path to resurrection.

Well, a happy December and a happy holiday season to those who we won’t see this month again, and to all of you who will be here next week, we must pursue this path of resurrection now to the point of realization.

We’ll see you soon and thanks again.

Presumably, in this meditation, those of you who are not familiar with Joel’s teaching about the rose may have lingered on the material values or material appearances of the rose and those of you who were able to see the rose as a doorway, went through that doorway and found you were touching something invisible, ultimately touching the Infinite.

Now, the way we see a rose, whether with the naked eye or with a Spiritual Consciousness, it’s the way we read a Bible. And so, today, we want to see if we are reading the Bible correctly. Many of us still read it as if we’re talking about characters named Pilate and Jews and Nicodemus and Jesus Christ and John. That isn’t the Bible at all. Those are just names. You could take the name Pilate and throw it away and call him Gregory Peck; it wouldn’t make any difference. Who was he? What does he represent? What do the members of the Jewish council represent?

And then, we come to this place now where we can say that the Bible is not about people at all. Oh, they walked the earth. They had forms. They said and did things but they’re not in the Bible for that reason. They are not external people. There’s not a character in the Bible that is there for that purpose. Their purpose in the Bible is to show you the multitude of ideas, thoughts and conditions that exist in your mind.

Now, take the name of Pilate away. Who was this individual? Pilate was an administrator. Not just an ordinary administrator but an administrator for Rome, an administrator for all of the material power called Caesar. And where was he an administrator? In the land of the Hebrews. In the land of the intellect. Pilate administrated in the land of the intellect. In you, in your intellect, there is a Pilate. Pilate represents that outer action, that administration in us which is a tool, which is used.

And now, as we begin to read our Bible correctly, we see that Pilate in us is a tool used by both Caesar, world power and the Jew – the intellect – so that mind and material power conspire to force something in us to act a certain way so that Pilate in us must make a compromise.

And every other character in the Bible is to be seen not as a name but rather as a mortal power within us, forcing us to do things that turn us away from the Divine nature of our Being. Oh, there are good characters too, who turn us to the Divine nature of our Being.

But every character in the Bible then, is no longer to be read as an external person. Some of us have already discarded that old habit anyway. We see Pilate here now, in the 19th chapter as a tool or an instrument of two forces and he cannot make up his mind. He is forced one way and then the other because he is not anchored in the knowledge of his own identity. All he knows is he gets a paycheck from Rome and so, he has to do what Rome wants. He also knows that the Jews can in some way unhinge him from that job. All they’ve got to do is to tell Caesar that he’s unfaithful to them and to him and the next thing you know, poor Pilate who does not know who he is, has to turn around and do things for the Jews that he doesn’t want to do.

And so, you find your inner administrator. That which makes you decide to walk right or left, or forward or up or down. The administrator in you which lives today for you and will live tomorrow for you, who does he answer to? Does he answer to Christ? Does he answer to Caesar? Does he answer to the intellect? Does he answer to the Jew? Does he answer to Rome? Who does he answer to? And if he does not answer to Christ, he’s going to compromise.

And we can still further clarify whom this administrator should answer to because the Jew and Pilate, the administrator in jury for Rome and Rome itself, all represent a material world – totally barren of the awareness of the presence of God within. And if our inner administrator is unaware of the God within, we’re going to make a decision like Pilate and six months later or six years later, we’re going to be forced into suicide as he was or we’re going to make a decision like Judas who acted from somewhat similar motives on a different scale and he was forced into suicide. But worse than that, these were visible, ostensible suicides. There is that suicide in a man which is not visible.

And now, in the 19th chapter, some of the highest teachings take place before the crucifixion to show us that man is daily committing suicide. Pilate, in every man, unable to make the right decision because he knows not himself, goes forth and worships at the throne of matter. And not only that, but the intellect goes right along with him. The Jew turns on the Jew. The Jew turns on himself. The intellect turns upon itself and tears itself to pieces. Don’t make the mistake that you’re looking at characters in a book. You’re looking at the thoughts that are in the mind of the world today, in the religions of the world, in the sciences of the world, in the psychology movements of the world, even in metaphysical movements in the world. You’re looking at ideas and thoughts and actions and conditions that exist in the world mind and they’re given names like Pilate and Herod and Annas and Caiaphas. You don’t see Herod in the Gospel of John at this point. You see Herod only in the other Gospels.

Here Pilate makes a decision. In the other Gospels, Pilate turns Jesus Christ back to Herod. He gets rid of this difficult decision when he learns that Jesus is a Galilean and he has no control in Galilee. Herod does. He also has had a lot of difficulty with Herod and he thinks by turning Jesus over to Herod, he can patch up his personal difficulties and also be free of making a decision that he thinks he might regret.

Why does John not tell us about Herod? The reason he doesn’t is very important and it indicates why John is so trustworthy as a witness. John was absent when Pilate turned Jesus over to Herod. John was sent to get the mother of Jesus. You won’t find it in here. You see, he was taken so quickly that his own family knew nothing about it and only one disciple went with him; John. Only one disciple was inseparable from him; John.

And just as Pilate means nothing as a name, neither does John. But the meaning of that inseparability from Jesus will be clear to you as you dwell with that inner Self which clarifies all things. It was John to whom the Master said, “Now fetch my mother. Bring her here that she may watch me die.” And it was John who then went and it was then that Pilate turned Jesus over to Herod. And John, because he wasn’t there to witness that did not report that but he knew about it. John reported only what he witnessed and you will discover that the very Spirit of Jesus Christ directs us to John for the Truth. But again, not to an external John but to John in you and that should clue you in to who John in you might be.

We’ll begin approximately at 12th or 13th verse of the 19th chapter.

The 12th tells us that, “Thenceforth, Pilate sought to release Jesus: but the Jews cried out, saying, If thou let this man go, thou art not Caesar’s friend: whosoever maketh himself a king speaketh against Caesar.”

And so, mind is using its pressure against the administrator. Pilate has tried every way he can not to have to have Jesus crucified. Not because he believes in the Christ but because he’s a coward. He doesn’t want blood on his hands. He also hates the Jews. He despises them. He hates to do them a favor. And yet, he’s forced to do what they tell him. He doesn’t want to. This is a thorn in the side that Paul speaks about. “That which I would not do, I do.” Why? Because there is a force working through us, making us administrate in a way we do not wish to administrate and we cannot identify that force and so, we do what we would not do.

We sort of file down the edges a little bit here and file the edges down a little bit there making little concessions until they become great big concessions and always, the concession is we believe in the existence of matter.

As we’re pushed closer to the crucifixion, we’re pushed closer to the decision we must make. Do we drop the belief in matter? Or do we let matter crucify us? We’re going to have to make that decision and then we’re going to have to keep that decision once we’ve made it.

Pilate is squirming because he has not faced such a decision. He’s unaware that such a decision must be made. He does not know what forces are compelling him to act. Everywhere he turns, matter gets him this way and mind gets him the other way. He’s in between.

Now, the Jews won’t let him release Jesus Christ. He wants to. He’d like to leave this town and go back home. They say, “If you do this, let a man go, who is no friend of Caesar, what about you? Are you a friend of Caesar?” So, this hits him on his weak side again. If he were Christ, he wouldn’t have a weak side. If he knew Spiritual identity, there would be no weak side. He couldn’t be persuaded or influenced. He would be willing to say, “Because this man is innocent as far as I’m concerned, he is free.”

When we stand in our Spiritual identity, we can face the torments of the mind or the body. We can accept them as conditions which must pass but which have no power. When we do not stand in Spiritual identity, then the conditions of the world around us swarm in and they have a sense of power compelling us to do that which we do not want to do.

When Pilate therefore heard that saying, he brought Jesus forth, and sat down in the judgment seat in a place that is called the Pavement, but in the Hebrew, Gabbatha.”

The administrator brings in Jesus Christ in the place called Gabbatha, the pavement. And this means a pavement of stones; a pavement of stones and these stones are literal truth. The truth of the sense mind. Jesus Christ will be judged by the truth of the sense mind. That is the pavement called Gabbatha.

There will be no Spiritual judgment present. The administrator in us judges by the sense mind. And so, today’s decisions are based upon what our sense mind tells us and this leads to a false decision. It invariably leads to a decision not based upon Truth and however right it may appear to be, in time it is shown to be wrong. If a decision in your life is made not based upon Spiritual Truth, even if you have a temporary advantage, you will discover that this is reversed by later incidents. This is the delusion of making decisions with the mind which is sense bound.

The cardiogram says you have a bad heart. That’s a sense bound mental decision. The Spirit of God says “Be ye perfect as your Father.”

And so, the administrator in us, Pilate, says, the cardiogram says, “I have a severe heart action,” and now, the rest of us accepts this and fear begins to sway us. Decisions are now made and these decisions are all based not upon Spiritual identity but upon material identity. And so, the operation finally comes off and it’s a success and we’re very happy. We think we’ve done the right thing but we’re still just as far away from our permanent Self.

The purpose now of these characters is to show us what mistakes we should not make. How to avoid these mistakes, how to come to that sense of Self which is the permanent Self which is perfect now as the Father. There are big decisions to make at this point of the path because if you haven’t decided that you have a permanent Self and that you are at all costs going to live in that permanent Self, you’re going to withdraw and be battered and buffeted on both sides by the material world and the world mind. It’s only when you have riveted your goal to living in and as your permanent Self, not the changing day by day material self, but the unchanging, eternal Self, the Life Self. When that is your goal you find the administrator in you becomes not a Pilate who ultimately is forced to commit suicide but the Father who doeth the works. Then you have the Divine administrator, the Father within and Grace flows, making perfect decisions, perfect expressions of the Divine where you stand.

It was the preparation of the passover, and about the sixth hour: and he saith unto the Jews, Behold your King!”

There is a secret in the Bible here which we may have spoken of many times in which people who have no idea that they represent God, in some way are used to utter words of Truth. You’ll find Pilate, though he’s unaware of it, in some cases, he is a spokesman for the Divine word. The words are put in his mouth. He has nothing to say about them.

Behold your King!”

What he’s saying is really a taunt, a mockery and yet, he’s saying the Truth though he knows it not. His hostility to the Jews is now being revenged. He’s taunting them with this appearance. They know this man is not their king and he knows this man is not their king but they have seen fit to accuse him of saying he was their king in order to get him crucified. And so, he turns his taunt back to them and he says, “Behold your king!”

Matter doesn’t want to do what mind is telling us and it tries to fight mind. He’s now in his own way attacking the very mind which is controlling him.

Behold your king! But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him. Pilate saith unto them, Shall I crucify your King? The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar.”

Now, we are given an insight into the human mind. If there was one person on earth that the Jews hated worse than Pilate it was Caesar. If there was one person they feared, it was Caesar. They hated him and they feared him. Now, they say, “We have no king but Caesar.”

Caesar is their oppressor. Listen closely within yourself to those words, “We have no king but Caesar.” The intellect of man says, “Caesar is our king.” The intellect of man says, “Matter is my king.” The oppressor of the Jews was Caesar and the Jews declare Caesar is their king. The oppressor of man is matter and man still worships matter. Man worships that which oppresses him and destroys him.

Caesar represents the epitome of material power in the world and there’s hardly a man on the earth who doesn’t worship material power. What destroys man? Material power. The material power of sin, of disease, of sickness and of death destroys every man but that’s what he worships. He worships the other side of that coin, the good material power, the health. He worships all of the so-called positive side of material power and while doing it, it’s like asking Caesar for favors. The Jews never got a favor out of Caesar.

We think we get favors out of matter. Now, this is how at this point John is teaching us that we commit suicide worshipping matter, seeking matter, striving to attain matter, striving to live comfortably in a material world. This is saying, “We have no king but Caesar.”

Where is Caesar today, the man the world feared? A corpse. They were fearing that which would be dead but they were really fearing that which was dead. The message of Spirit is that matter is dead. Matter is a corpse and when you seek matter, you’re seeking a corpse. Even when you acquire it, you’ve acquired a corpse. This is how we commit suicide daily and that is the reason this occurs before the crucifixion.

The Talmud of the Jews declares we have no god, we worship no man but God. No man can be our God and now, “We have no king but Caesar” is turning away from its own Judaic God, showing how the human mind can be perverted and distorted under stress. It has no anchor in itself and as this mind here says, is forced to declare, “We have no king but Caesar” which it doesn’t mean at all, so do we every day worship at the throne of the material world.

Now, if you dwell with this awhile, you will see that Caesar represents that which mankind worships and fears. Material power, material possessions, material health, material bodies, material conditions, all that has the capacity to turn and oppress us, we worship.

In the tenth deca, only thirty odd years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, there were more Jews hanging on trees from the sacking of Jerusalem than you could count. The entire city was destroyed. The same suicide which took place in the statement, “We have no king but Caesar” ultimately led to that oppression.

Now, throughout the world, we know that the Jews are noted for their being oppressed. This is true. Do you see the vaster symbolism, though? That the mind, the intellect is always oppressed by Caesar, material power. That’s the decoy the mind follows. The oppression throughout the world of the Jews is a vaster symbol of the oppression of material power over the intellect of man.

Just as in the days of Jesus, the Jew and Pilate and Caesar symbolized humanhood in its various levels. So, it is today. The world ruling power is still comprised of those facets of intellect and matter which are the suicide of the human race. These are facts that never change. They always stare us in the face until we come to Spiritual identity, until we stand in the midst of these powers of the Jew, of Pilate, of Caesar unmoved as Jesus Christ was. And this is the symbol of standing in the midst of all worldly power in Spiritual identity knowing that Spiritual identity is untouchable for Spiritual identity is the permanent Self. Then the intellect, the false sense of world power will try to manipulate the administrator in you but the administrator in you will be God, the Father within unmoved, uninfluenced and just as Jesus Christ walks through a crucifixion, we walk through the sin, the disease, the death, the bad health, the sickness, the conditions of the worldly mind.

The symbolism is very clear because we’re reading the Bible now as John wanted us to read it, not with the human mind. It was written from Soul to Soul. This is the vast panorama which is on every page of the Bible, always with new names. Before the full picture emerges, you are given the strength and the foundation stones so that when you come to the real trial, you know that you have learned how to stand on one fact, that there is no person where you stand.

It’s easy to say God is All, but what stands on the cross is the false sense of self and everyone has to come to that place where the false sense of self is put on the cross. There is no person where you stand. The Allness of Spirit, the Allness of God, the Allness of Divine Selfhood is the only You and these trials and tribulations of all for the purpose of transmuting all that is unlike God out of our system until you are willing to stand on your own Divine Selfhood as the only Self you are. That is your permanent Self as you overcome the feeling of a personal me, as you release the belief in a material me.

And before this crucifixion takes place, all of the suffering and torment we go through is because we still worship Caesar. We still worship the material power of the world. We still fear it and we still try to seek favor from it in some way.

I had expected more than a year ago that most of our members in this class would have dropped out. Continuously, we emphasize that Christ offers you nothing in this world. Christ isn’t trying to offer you a better human world. Christ is saying that “When you look at that rose, learn to look through it.” Christ is saying “When you look at that person, learn to look through that person. See that every object on this earth is a doorway to the invisible, spiritual Kingdom.”

Now, this minute, everything you see is a doorway to Infinity. You must cross out that which you see and walk through it to that which you do not see and you must develop the habit, the capacity to walk through the material world around you, to walk through Caesar, to walk directly into the invisible Spirit always.

And yet, in spite of the fact that we have repeatedly told you that Christ offers nothing in this world, many haven’t turned away. And it may be because it took eight or nine years before we could come to face this Truth within ourselves. It wasn’t done overnight. We had a foundation.

And today, when we say “There is no person,” it’s still a difficult thing to say. It’s still a difficult thing to accept but it’s still as necessary as it was the day that Jesus stood upon a cross. He was demonstrating there is no person here.

Pilate couldn’t crucify the Son of God. Caesar couldn’t crucify the Son of God. No Jew could have the Son of God crucified. Neither mind nor matter nor material power can crucify the Son of God and this is the teaching that you are that Son. That means no germ, no sickness, no disease, no lack or limitation can crucify the Son of God and you are that Son. And ever you think you’re being crucified, you’re saying, “I am not that Son, I am material being.” No one can do to you anything except it be the will of the Father and it is the will of the Father that you be perfect as your Father.

These are the issues behind the forms and the conditions that we now see at this particular point of the Bible. Identity being revealed and false identity being revealed. Everything coming into sharp focus for those who have made total illumination their only goal. The doorway which is called a rose, the doorway which is called a river, the doorway which is called a mountain, the doorway which is called a fruit or a pear or an apple or a tree or an animal or a person; that doorway is only the doorway to the Invisible that is there. And standing at that doorway always is the Invisible Christ saying, “I stand at the door.”

As you look into the doorway of matter and accept the invisible Christ there, you’re crucifying matter instead of Christ. And if you look at matter and see matter and accept matter and know only the matter that you see, you’re crucifying Christ. If you see a person, you’re crucifying Christ and this must be seen. When we are not accepting Christ, we are crucifying Christ.

When the churches of the world believe in the reality of evil which is material, material evil, the religions of the world are practicing atheism. They are saying, “There is matter, it’s bad matter. We’ve got to do something about that.” John tells us if God didn’t create it, it doesn’t exist. God didn’t create bad matter. And if we’ve got to do something about what God didn’t create, we’re accepting it as being there, created there. That’s not worshipping God. That’s worshipping Caesar.

All belief in evil is turning away from the Allness of God and is pure atheism and it doesn’t matter who is the atheist, what religion he runs or doesn’t run. If he believes in the existence of evil, he is an atheist and it’s best to face it. And we can truthfully say that we have most of our lives been atheists while thinking we believed in God. But we believe in a God in some form. We didn’t believe in God as the only Reality of the universe and that wasn’t believing in God. It was believing in our false concept of God. In our skull, we had an idea called God and that’s what we worshipped.

And so, the handful of us who straggled through this have come to the place where we can worship God, and finally get the message that God that we worship is ‘individual identity’. You worship God everywhere you look for that is the only One who is present. Everywhere you look is God and you either worship God or crucify God in your mind.

Jesus Christ had the fantastic capability of drawing forth two things in this world. First, to reveal Divine action; the great, invincible power of the Spirit. And then, having revealed this power is on earth, to reveal the nature of the world mind so that this world mind, acting through men with names would turn and crucify its own Savior.

We have no king but Caesar.”

This is the mind of the world expressing through the Jew, through the intellect in which man would rather crucify its Savior and worship its tormentor than crucify its tormentor and worship its Savior. This is the choice between matter and Spirit. If you choose matter, you crucify the Christ of your own Being. If you choose the Christ of your own Being, you must then crucify matter. One will be crucified and you make your choice by who you are. If you are material being, you have crucified Christ. If you are Spiritual Being, you must crucify matter. That is the choice we all face.

Many of us are ready. Some of us, it would be premature to expect you to make such a choice. You have had to go through many things before such a choice can be made. You can’t make it mentally because your mental choice would have no power behind it. You’d find you’d have to stumble. The only way you can make it is if you know who you are, if you know certain principles, of how to live in that choice and then you’ve got a struggle. And if you do not have those principles and if you do not know who you are, to say, “I make that choice,” would be as futile as five thousand people stepping up to the podium and saying, “I pledge for Jesus Christ.”

The words won’t mean anything. It won’t keep a germ away. It’s that conscious awareness of the presence of Christ where the flower appears, where the animal appears, where the person appears, where the tree appears. It’s that conscious awareness that you walk, move and breathe in a Spiritual universe. It’s the conscious knowledge that all around you is the One, living Life of God and nothing else.

And however difficult that may seem, out of the mouth of babes sometimes, we learn that these things that seemed so remote from our consciousness at one time or another are not as remote from the consciousness of the young.

In this classroom last Wednesday, we had about twenty people. They were students of a high school and half of them were Chinese, one Japanese. Others were American boys and girls. I suppose the age group might have been fifteen or sixteen. They were here with their teacher. They wanted to learn what this was about and so they said, “Give us a little talk.” And then, there was a question and answer period and the Japanese boy raised his hand and he asked the strangest question I had ever heard. I don’t think he’d ever heard this message before. I don’t think any of them had but he said, “Well, is there only one Life then?” And I just couldn’t believe what I was listening to. We worked nine years to get across that message and I don’t know what it is that was said before but he just looked at me and that was his question. “Is there only one Life then?”

Now, how would a seventeen-year old boy who had never heard this message or any message like this, how would he come to the place of asking, “Is there one Life?” And being willing to accept such a thing.

Now, if you’re Jesus Christ, you’re not seeing Pilate and Jews and Caesar. You’re living in One Life and One Life doesn’t turn upon itself. It doesn’t crucify itself. It doesn’t make itself sick or diseased or destroy itself. If you’re living in the One Life, you’re living in that which is immune to any form of destruction. And therefore, anything that appears to you that is unlike the perfect, One Life reaches you as a temporary condition existing only in the false consciousness. It’s just a sign that for the moment, you’re not in the consciousness of One Life.

And so, you go back into the Consciousness of One Life and wait for the illusion of such a condition to be dissolved by the Father within. The moment you’re in the consciousness of One Life, your own identity passes judgment not Pilate. All judgment is made righteously by the Spirit of your own Being through Grace. And once more, the conditions that beset you are shown to be without power, without substance, without law, without Divine ordination.

I and the Father are one.” One Life.

No person stands where you are. The Spirit of God is there. The Christ is there. The Light of God is there. The Life of God is there. The Perfection of God is there. What is this physical person? It’s a cosmic collage of many different ideas and thoughts in the world mind which we now crystallize into the appearance called form.

This,” says the mother, “is my baby. And this is my baby grown up now to young manhood.” There’s no mother there and there’s no man grown up to young manhood. There is the invisible Spirit of God. Who says so? God says so. God is not the Father of a growing, human child. You find many of those under tombstones. God has no human children. God is not the father of persons. God is no respecter of persons. It’s time to take God’s Word and not the word of the intellect or of Caesar or of Pilate.

Now, you’re fighting for possession of your mind. Either it’s possessed or you possess it. Either it’s dominated or you dominate. Possession of your mind means you must stand at these opposing forces of Reality and unreality. The Tree of Life, the Spirit. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, false belief in good matter and bad matter. Where you stand and how you stand determines which dominates you and which you dominate. And if your mind is not your own possession, it is possessed and you will go out worshipping Caesar, even unaware that that is what you are doing.

Now, at this point, that issue has been clarified sufficiently so that what follows will only confirm what we have discussed. And it is necessary for you to find that confirmation in the Bible to see that Spirit is leading you to, not the crucifixion of Jesus Christ but the crucifixion of your false sense of human selfhood.

John walking with Jesus through the trials, through the crucifixion is a sign that he has attained in this world the crucifixion of the false sense of self. Jesus demonstrates it. John records it. They’re working as one team. John is the only Son of God on earth when Jesus walks off the earth.

And John represents your Soul. Jesus represents your Spirit. As Spirit steps out of the belief in form, Spirit can only communicate through your Soul. Jesus communicates to the world through John. Christ communicates through your Soul. You’ll find the age of John is the next age we’re going to live through.

We’ve had the age of Jesus Christ and it will continue but now there will be a magnification of the work of John. John represents the Soul of mankind, the universal Soul of man. And unless you find John in you, you continue to live in Pilate in you.

John is now designated by Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus calls his mother and says, “There is your Son.” To John, “And there is your mother.” And we are told that everyone who comes to Christ is the Son of Mary. Whoever comes to Christ is the Son of Mary. She has no human sons. “There is your Son,” pointing to John but John isn’t her physical son. She didn’t bear him in the womb. He is her son because he has accepted the Christ. He has crucified the personal sense of John. He is unselfed.

To Peter, who had quibbled something about John, the Master said, “What is it to you if I would have him tarry awhile here?” This tarrying is John remaining on this earth when Jesus goes off the earth. For John is the only one who can receive the Voice. John is the symbol of your Soul which receives the Voice. So, the Gospel of John is the Gospel of your Soul.

Salvation is not through faith in a person made into a God. Salvation is not through faith at all. Salvation is through Spiritual identity accepted and the instrument through which you accept Spiritual identity is John, your Soul. Your Soul takes you above the Jew. John takes you to the place where your Soul receiving the Light of the world, removes you from the darkness of matter. Otherwise, the Light is in the world and the darkness receiveth it not.

The whole Gospel of John is the Gospel of your Soul. Just as Revelation is the Gospel of your Soul and Living revelation is the inner Self speaking to you through your Soul. Then you transcend the mind. Then you come into the unconditioned mind of Reality. Then you live in your permanent Self and you’re led into the body that is imperishable.

Now, these are some of the highlights of this chapter. We’ll look at a few more of them. I think we can stay with this awhile yet.

Important to note is that the chief priests answered, “We have no king but Caesar.”

Now this is still true today. We are told that religion still believes in matter and material power. We are told that religions today are worshipping Baal, that religions today are not going to lead us to individual, spiritual Selfhood. They are preaching faith is the way to salvation and it isn’t. Only your spiritual Self is salvation. There’s no permanent Self achieved after death. The permanent Self must be achieved before death in consciousness and lived in.

Then delivered he him therefore unto them to be crucified. And they took Jesus, and led him away.”

And so, Pilate succumbs. The administrator in us yields to the world mind, material powers of the world and the individual mind of us is forced to make this action, “Then delivered he him” so we’re delivering now, Jesus. We’re delivering Christ, “unto them to be crucified. And they took Jesus and led him away.”

They, the Jews, led him away. The Jew, being intellect; intellect leads the Christ. It’s turned around for we know the Truth; Christ leads us. we do not lead the Christ.

But you see, this is the report of the condition of the world. Intellect is leading the Christ. It is turned around. That’s the meaning of repent. We’re turned around and so we must turn around again. Turn around. Don’t lead the Christ like the Jews led the Christ here but turn around and let the Christ lead you.

You see, that means there’s no personal self where you are. If there’s a personal you, you’re always leading the Christ. You’ve got to take care of that personal self instead of letting Christ live itself as you.

I live yet not I. Christ liveth [my life,]” says Paul. He’s not leading the Christ. Christ is leading Paul because there is no Paul. There is only Christ. There is no personal self. Now, how do you face such a situation? No personal self. Go back to the rose. It’s a doorway. The rose you see today is gone tomorrow. It’s dead. The person you see today is gone tomorrow. He’s dead. What are you going to do? Wait for that to happen? Go through the doorway. Sure, it’s a beautiful rose. It won’t be less beautiful because you say, “Spirit is standing there, not a rose,” and sure that’s a nice person to have around. But that person will still be standing around. Go through the person. Find the permanent Self that is there. Sow to the Spirit. Recognize, live by, acknowledge in all thy ways the Invisible Spirit until there’s something in you that is rising the capacity to acknowledge the Invisible Spirit.

John in you was rising. The Soul is rising until the Soul of the world is risen, until we recognize the Invisible, spiritual universe around us, now. We must walk through that rose. We must walk through that person. We must walk through every Pilate, through every power, through every condition. And as you develop and train yourself through this discipline of walking through the material appearance and condition and the material person. By not doing so, your keep crucifying You who are the Christ. With Pilate it’s six years between his crucifixion of himself and his final suicide. With us it might be twenty or thirty but it’s inevitable. If you crucify you, that finally appears in the visible as your death and if you don’t crucify You, you find you are deathless. And what appears as your death is no more a death of You than it was a death of Jesus Christ. The death of You is simply an appearance if you learn to crucify the you that isn’t and live in the You that is; the Self that is perfect now as the Father.

Now, this is where the difficult discipline is a daily thing. It isn’t something you hear in a class. You practice it with every bug you see, with every insect, with every flea, with every newspaper headline, with loved ones and hated ones. You practice it with the fellow who takes your money behind the teller’s cage at the bank. You practice it with the butcher and the baker. You practice it with that which stands on your plate for you to eat today. You look through it to the Invisible and then you stand in front of the mirror and you look through that image and declare yourself to be the Invisible Self.

– End of Side One —-

That Invisible Self in you starts to talk to you. “Yes, I am You. I am come. I am here. I am your Spiritual Self. I am real. I exist. I am the Self of you and I can walk through the fire.”

There must be that continuous, daily reconciliation to Self, that daily redeeming of the appearance, that wrestling with the material condition until you’re blessed by Self-identity realized, until you know that the One that is the Spirit of God, I really am. Then Christ in you is no longer crucified.

And all of the hardship of doing this is rewarded. The easy path is not to do it and think you’re getting all of the beautiful rewards the other way and to suddenly find they’re taken away. It is harder to do this than not to do it and only the belief in the ultimate Truth of it will make a person do it.

He, bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, [which is] called in the Hebrew Golgotha.”

There’s the skull. To bear your own cross is the sign of your guilt. That was the custom. You had to bear your cross. Actually, it was a cross beam but you didn’t bear the whole cross. They already had the stakes planted in Golgotha. This is the transverse, cross beam and you bear it because the Jews wanted the world to know that Jesus was guilty. That’s why they wanted him to bear the cross which was a Roman custom. Even crucifixion was a Roman custom. They could have had him stoned but that wouldn’t have been severe enough.

But you see this is a boomerang because now, what you see called Jesus suffering, this is the method whereby we are given insight into the consciousness of the world. The mind wanted Jesus to appear to be guilty. He had to bear his cross. The boomerang is that this is precisely the Christ method of revealing to us the nature of the world consciousness and this is the world consciousness which is guilty. This is telling us that what is guilty here, what is really bearing the cross is the world consciousness and then, to underline that, they go to a place which is known as a skull.

If you think Jesus was crucified on a tree, you’re mistaken. All that was crucified happened in that skull. The skull of man is where Jesus was crucified. That skull is the empty-world consciousness, empty of Spiritual awareness. That skull represents the nature of the consciousness that crucifies Christ in us every day. That skull is barren. That skull is hollow and even though we think we have five senses and we trust these five senses, one day we find it’s only a skull. It only seemed to have intelligence. It never had. The only intelligence in a skull is false intelligence. Golgotha is where we crucify ourselves. That is where the skull or the world consciousness which is hollow, barren, empty of Truth buries us every day.

That’s the meaning of the skull. That’s where the religions of the worlds are worshipping today, in the skull, in the outer ceremonies, in the words, in the concepts, in the beliefs but the church of God is Christ in you, identity, not a skull. The intellect buries Truth in its skull. It worships that Truth in its skull and ultimately, it is too late. All that’s left is that skull.

You see the vast hypnotism of the human mind that is intended by having the Christ appear to be crucified in a place called Golgotha, the skull? That’s why it is Golgotha, the skull.

And this crucifixion today is the same, the skull of science, the skull of religion, the skull of psychology, the skull of government, the skull of personal sense is where we crucify the Christ. We have our twentieth century Golgotha on the top of every person’s shoulders.

Come out of her,” says the Voice. “You are Infinite Being. You can’t live in a skull. You can’t be guided. You can’t have your administrator in a skull. You are the Light of the world; Shine!”

So, person – which is nothing more than the creation of that which happens in a skull – person is the effect or product of the activity in the skull. Just as the skull rules us and creates the illusion of person, so do we impersonalize and step out of the skull. We transcend the skull, the mind, the barren, hollow vehicle which is not a vehicle for the Spirit of God. And we stand outside of that body, outside of that form, outside of that sense of life which says, “That’s me walking down the street. That’s me going to the office. That’s me getting married. That’s me having children. That’s me having my fiftieth wedding anniversary.” That isn’t me at all. The skull wants me to think that. Golgotha wants me to think that and it’s going to crucify me with that belief. No, that’s not me.

Son of God is never going to have a fiftieth wedding anniversary. Son of God had his fiftieth wedding anniversary five trillion years ago. Son of God is forever. Son of God has ever been alive, ever will be. Don’t settle for fifty years when the Father says, “You are eternal.” Don’t settle for life that began yesterday when the Father says, “You are as old as I am. You have ever been. You are my Life without beginning or end.”

And so, we’re getting out of the skull. We came through a fish. We came through a lizard. We came through apes. We’re coming through a skull. We’re coming out of the belief that we are mortal. We’re accepting the Father’s statement that mortality is never the child of God and we are crucifying mortality with Spiritual awareness.

Let’s be still for a moment before our intermission.

I’d like you to take it as a personal task for yourself to wrestle with the Truth that where you are, there is no person. I don’t expect you to like me for it and I expect you to have many problems with that task. I expect you to stumble and hurt your knees many times but I hope you will remember that that is your problem that is your real task. And if from within you receive the assurance that this is so, and as you course through the Bible and your books, you find more assurance this is so, you will find that again and again, as you stray from that task, finding new problems or a repetition of old ones, new fears, new lacks, new doubts, it will always be because you have not come to that agreement with yourself that there is no person where you stand. You’re being fooled be the drama in time and space, the world broadcast called person, the image which is nothing but a replay in time of all that you already are.

And every time you forget this, or succeed momentarily and think now you can forget it, you will make another mistake. There has to come a time when Christ in you is no longer crucified. Then you’re perfect as your Father. Then you’re the One, realized. The Father won’t accept any less. You may as well face it.

That’s the cross we all must bear individually. The cross of personal sense must be crossed out. If you’re having trouble, let the Soul of you, the John consciousness receive of the Father for you. Rest in your Soul above your mind. Wait upon the Word. The Infinite Power of Love itself will always translate to the momentary need of one who says, “There is no person here but the Life of the Father” and rest in the Soul awaiting the expression of that Life where you stand.

Each daily task that you look through as a doorway to Christ enables you to reach the pinnacle.

It’s hard work but it’s Divine work.

Silence, (pause) …

And ultimately, it’s much easier than laboring for the meat that perishes.

We can take our little interlude now. See you in about five or six minutes.

(Class break)

I think someone gave me some good advice a moment ago. They said, “Just give us a little something now, not too much because what we’ve got is just fine,” and I thought about that and I agree.

And so, this is that little something.

We’re going to skip in order to do that, only momentarily because whatever I skip, I’ll come back to at another time.

In the 27th verse, Jesus says to John, “Behold thy mother!” In the 26th verse, he says to Mary, “Woman, behold thy son!”

Now, actually, it’s very probable that this Gospel was written about 65 years after it happened. John had written some things earlier. It was called a Jerusalem Gospel but the way this final Gospel ended up is written by the mature John who already had transcended all humanhood. There are some omissions here which are intentional.

Now, John knew who came with Mary. He knew that Mary had been summoned by him at the will of Christ Jesus to come to the crucifixion. He knew that Mary came with one of her daughters and one of her sons. She brought Ruth and I think she brought Jude. But he doesn’t say that they were here with her because that wouldn’t fit the text of spiritual identity. You notice who he does say are here with her in the 25th verse. “Now there stood by the cross of Jesus his mother, and his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene.” Three Mary’s and all following the Spiritual path. He was witnessing Spiritual identity only.

And when Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved.”

It doesn’t say he saw his younger brother and his younger sister there. “He saw his mother and the disciple standing by, whom he loved.” “He saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son!.” And the funny thing is that years before that, he had said to the same mother, “Woman, what have I to do with thee?” He then said, “I am not your son” and now he points to John and he says, “John is your son.” Isn’t this strange?

Mary had eight children but he says, “This one is your son. Even I, Jesus am not your son.” He had said that to her three years earlier when he had been at the wedding where water was changed to wine. “Woman, what have I to do with thee?” meaning there is no relationship between the I, Spirit of God and a material woman and now he is showing her the other side of this, who her real son is. Her real son in identity realized is always he who has received the Christ.

And John, this is your mother.”

But they were not mother and son in a human-flesh relationship. And so, this again is similar to his teaching us to leave mother, brother, father, sister for my sake. He is renouncing all human relationships and announcing the era of spiritual relationships and he is telling the world that John is the Son of God. John is the real Son of God. Oh yes, Jesus Christ was the Son of God but Jesus Christ now is leaving as an appearance in the minds of men. Who’s left on earth who is the Son of God? To whom shall we look? Shall we look to Jesus Christ? “No,” he says, “look to John.”

If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you.”

How will you receive the Comforter? You will receive the Comforter through John. Now, Let’s see what he meant by that.

Let’s retrace several steps and pin this one real tight so we understand it. Now, you remember in John 13:23, “Now there was leaning on Jesus’s bosom one of his disciples, whom Jesus loved…. Leaning on his bosom.” You may have remembered, you may remember that when we discussed that we pointed out this was not a physically, a physical fact that he was reporting. This is a spiritual Truth being revealed.

And now, we have its sequel. “Leaning on his bosom.” We go right back to John 1:8, way at the beginning of the Gospel. That’s 1:18. For a moment I thought I missed it but we have it. 1:18, “No man hath seen God at any time, the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.”

To understand God, you must be in Christ. Christ is said to be “in the bosom of the Father.” John is said to be on the bosom of Christ and so, there’s your sequence. God, the Father to Christ, which is God the Son, to John, which is God the Soul. From the Infinite Father to the Infinite Son through the Soul to you. John leaning on the bosom of Jesus who is in the bosom of the Father. This is the direct chain of command. Oneness is attained then through the realization of God, knowing God aright, through Christ in you which you receive through your Soul faculty. And this is why Jesus says, “Son, there is your mother and mother, there is your son.”

The world is to receive its Christ initiation through its Soul faculty. The new age of the Soul is the entrance to the fifth world.

Now, there’s one more detail and I’ve got to go to it. It just seems important right now. On the cross where they divide his garments in four, “Then the soldiers, when they had crucified Jesus, took his garments, and made four parts, to every soldier a part; and also his coat: now the coat was without seam, woven from the top throughout.”

Now, you won’t find that coat in two of the other Gospels. But John has it there for a purpose. Now, his garments are divided into four and this is the revelation that we are in the fourth world. This is the fourth day of Genesis. This is the fourth level of consciousness.

The total Truth, the garments of Christ are the fulness of the Word and when they are divided into four parts, you are being told that you are, as a human being, in the fourth level of consciousness. The fulness of the Word is broken down and we have had four worlds. This is the fourth.

John, just a moment later is designated as the Son because John is the entrance. The Soul is the entrance to the fifth world and that is why John included the coat.

Now, the garments that are divided are the outer garments. Presumably, the sandals, he wore a turban – although people don’t usually see a picture of Jesus wearing a turban – the girdle and the cloak. The four outer garments. The four outer garments are divided. There’s an inner garment. That’s the tunic and this, the soldiers say, “We will not divide this garment. We’ll draw lots to see who will have it, who will own it.” This is predicted in the Psalms, the 22nd Psalm.

But you see, no garments of Jesus can remain because no matter can remain. Just as the physical form must go, so must all that is material go to show us this is a Spiritual Being. This is Spiritual identity and as these four garments are divided, indicating we are in the fourth level of consciousness, so, it is that throughout the four corners of this earth, in the four elements that comprise this earth, the Truth is divided everywhere and there is no Truth in division. There is only Truth in wholeness.

And so, we must look to Soul to lead us into the next body which is the body of the Soul and that will only lead you to another body which is the body of the Spirit, in the sixth world. And that will lead you to still another, to the Divine Light which is the body of the seventh in which you are a complete, full Self.

But always, the body of Light, the body of Spirit, the body of Soul are always present in the Now, awaiting your entrance if you will walk through the doorway of matter.

So, John now becomes very significant in all our work. We’re told there is an Aquarian age to come. It is the age of John. It is the age of the Soul and of the Soul universe. It is the dawn of the Soul universe in our consciousness when the garments which were divided are no longer divided, and we are lifted high into the fifth realm. So maybe that’s just the little extra something that will not take away our conscious awareness of the work we ought to do.

Other things omitted by John, you’ll notice as you compare the other Gospels and they are because of that period when he was away fetching the mother of Jesus. And whatever he did not witness, he did not report. That doesn’t mean these other things didn’t happen. It means that he would not report on what he did not witness.

And your assignment for next time – I know I’m jumping you around a bit it seems – but I’d like you to look again at “Transcending Mind” and “Unconditioned Mind” in the “Thunder of Silence.” When you read “Transcending Mind” and “Unconditioned Mind,” you will see why it is necessary for you to live with the knowledge that only through Soul can you become Self-aware. Then you won’t divide his garments.

Now, the outer garments were divided. But Scripture said they would cast lots to own the inner garments and that’s how it happened and the reason is that you can only divide the literal meanings of Truth, the outer garments. The inner garment is the imperishable Truth which is not affected by the intellect of man. Man’s intellect can divide the outer garments but they cannot divide the inner. That’s why John alone could include the inner garment which was indivisible.

The inner garment which is indivisible is You. The indivisible One Self. It is never separated in spite of what man’s mind may do. In spite of what may appear, your invisible Self is indivisible because it is the infinite Self. When you have found the inner garment of your Self, which is indivisible, which is the One, Infinite Spirit, then Pilate has no power. Then Caesar, through Pilate has no power. Then the intellect through Pilate has no power. The administrator of the world of powers no longer rules. The indivisible garment is individual identity as the living Spirit of God. God, your individual Selfhood realized. That is the inner garment which is indivisible which is pre-shadowed in the 22nd Psalm.

The world around you may be awry. Everything may seem to be shattered. You can’t pull things together. Those are the outer garments of the mind. The inner Self is always One, Infinite, Invisible Being. That inner Self can never be divided. It is always You. It is imperishable and your realization of that One is your realization of Oneness. Then, you’re listening through the Soul.

Now, you’re having troubles in your human life like everybody else, no matter who you are. They’re big ones or small ones. Jesus Christ had a lot of troubles, too. But you stand in this Invisible Self because those troubles are there to make you stand in your Invisible Self. That’s what they’re for. They’re there so that your Invisible Self may erase the illusion of them and only when you’re standing in that Invisible Self are you erasing all of the appearances that beset you.

We’ve only got two or three more chapters now in the Gospel of John and just two chapters in “Realization of Oneness.” And so, we’re at the place now where you’ve got to reach a firm awareness that the Invisible Self which could not be divided by the soldiers, by the thoughts of the world, by the thoughts of material power; that Invisible Self is always inviolate. It is always your Infinite identity and you must learn to live in it, to be it, not to just come to it when you’re in trouble. Where you are there is no person. There is only your inviolate, infinite, indivisible, incredibly wonderful, glorious, Divine Self.

Live in it, consciously. Look at “Transcending Mind,” “Unconditioned Mind,” chapters 5 and 6 again in “Thunder.” And we’ll have a few surprises next Sunday. We’ll end with a meditation.

Silence, (pause) …

But if you are not there as a person, you cannot meditate as a person. And so, just do it that way.

You see, it’s effortless when there’s no person there to do the meditating. Then you’re closer to that realm called John the Soul. You’re letting Spirit do all the meditating for you.

Silence, (pause) …

Much love and thank you again.

As you are no doubt aware, the world has felt that there was a great suffering inflicted upon Jesus Christ and because of this, the teaching has been lost in that area.

Every time Jesus Christ was slapped or tortured or pierced with a sword, the world says, “Look what he’s doing for us.”

I hope we can now come past the point where we feel that the Christ is a physical being so that we can clear that away sufficiently to see what is being taught to us by the sufferings of Jesus Christ.

The message here, at this point, enables us to remove those levels of karma of which we are unconscious. You will see that every slap, every lashing, every humiliation is intended to show you that in the unconscious mind of you, in the world mind that functions through you, this is what is being done to the Christ. This is the universal lashing of the Christ and even though we are not conscious of it, we are all permitting this violation of Divine law within ourselves until and unless we consciously do something about it.

And so, the great method of bringing this to our attention is first: you remember, there’s John the Baptist and he says, “The one who follows me is preferred before me. His shoe latchet, I am not worthy to unloose.”

And we all thought he meant Jesus Christ and he does at one level of the teaching but what he actually means is that the one who follows him is his own Spiritual Self. First, his physical self and then the one who follows him is his Spiritual Self. He’s talking about the second Self of John the Baptist. We have all thought he meant Jesus Christ but he’s saying, “No, first comes physical man and then comes Spiritual man.” The first self and the second Self.

Now, I want you to look at this. This is a magnifying glass and I want you to see that all the light comes down through the top and this would be the Light of the world; the Light of the world streaming through the top, rays of Light and because this is a certain kind of a glass, turning a certain way, all of these rays of light then are pointed to each other when they come out of the other side of the glass. And so that above, they’re individual rays of light and down below, they’re all combined and all of the light coming through is pointed to one specific point.

And now, if you change that, you see that all the light comes down through the top and then the concavity of the glass points all the light in one direction and conceivably, if the light were in patterns, the magnifying glass would point all the light and form a figure.

And I want you to see then, that above the glass is the unformed light and below the glass is the formed light. Above the glass is the light which is invisible and below the glass is the visible light.

Spirit, coming through mind, is formed into the appearance called matter. Above is the pure Light. Below is the formed Light but the pure Light never ceases to be pure so that all the Light above the glass is always pure Light and the figures, the forms, the objects made by that Light as it passes through the mind, which here is the glass, becomes forms. But the forms are only in the mind as the Light comes through them.

So, these would be the two firmaments, the above and below. Now, bear that in mind. We have the glass, the magnifying glass or we have the world mind which is the magnifying glass and above it, is the Reality of Spirit. Below it, is the concepts of the world mind. The above firmament could be called the Christ Consciousness or the fourth dimension of consciousness and the below could be called this world consciousness or material consciousness.

Always, the pure Light is pure. What the mind does in its concepts about it does not change the Light and so, the mind receiving the Light throws forth projected images. Above is My Kingdom. Below is this world.

John the Baptist, appearing in this world, says “The one who follows me is preferred before me” meaning, “I appearing to you now in physical form in this world am not that Self which is complete. There is a real Self here which is an invisible Self which is in my Kingdom, of pure Light and I, John the Baptist, am going to make way for a second Self.” And that Second self will be John the Baptist reborn to his original Self of pure Light. The first self, below must make way for what appears to be the second Self but is really the Self that is above. The Self of you above is buried in this mortal consciousness as you come into form and now the form must make way for the Self of you above and so, you must return to your original Self. The returning to your original Self appears to be a rebirth to a second Self. It is a return to your original.

John the Baptist is making way for his second Self but this is a message for everyone that the first self in form must make way for the second Self in form and the second Self will be the Divine image made visible.

Now, along comes Jesus Christ and his birth is totally different than your birth and my birth. It’s different in the sense that he is born not to the first self. He’s already past that stage in previous reincarnations. In this one, he is born through the pure Consciousness so that he is not only a form but he is actually Life itself. Life comes into appearance and this Life is the second Self and it is also the first self at the same time because it is born of a pure Consciousness which is not a consciousness of form but a Consciousness of Life. It is born of a consciousness of Mary, which is pure at heart or virginal, knowing the Father aright.

And so, in this appearance comes a second Self which is also the first Self which is also the original Self and it is able to show the power of that original Self. It has complete mastery over all flesh, over all nature, over all matter. It has mastery over human life. It has mastery over all world powers and it demonstrates that it has this mastery and we watch it and we see the Christ within a cripple, relieving that cripple of a concept of being crippled. We see the Christ within a blind man, removing the concept of blindness. We see that the Christ within, represented by the outer Christ of Jesus, is always able to dominate matter – completely.

And now, after establishing this mastery over matter, we come to a phase of the Christ demonstration which is totally different. Now the Christ, having established that I have total dominion over matter will now show you about the reason for your suffering in the world. I will make visible to you the causes of your own suffering. I, who have mastery over matter, can submit to matter, letting it appear to master me knowing that it cannot and therefore, I will draw out of matter that which is hidden to human sense.

And so, Christ walks the earth drawing out of matter what we call lashings and beatings and torture and crucifixion only to reveal the invisible nature of our adversary. There is no physical Christ to undergo this torture.

And so, let’s not be squeamish about it now as we come into scourgings. Let us see that the human below is unaware of the nature of his problem and the Christ which has shown mastery over the world now wishes to reveal the nature of the human problem in another way. He’s going to reveal the activity of world mind in man of which man is unaware.

You are not aware, for example, that you are lashing the Christ. You are not aware that you are smiting the Christ. You are not aware that you are crucifying the Christ. You are not aware that you are committing suicide and the Christ is going to show us that we are all, as mortal beings, daily committing suicide and the ingenious method is almost incredible.

A form is placed in the world and there’s no person in that form. There’s no person there to suffer. There’s no person there in any way to shed one drop of blood and that non-person which appears as form, draws out of the world all of its hate, all of its animosity, all of its hypocrisy to show the world just what is happening inside every individual on the earth even though the individuals on the earth have no knowledge of this unconscious, involuntary, inner activity of the world mind which makes them individually do within themselves to the Christ of their own Being precisely what the Christ is making us do outside in the visible lashing and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The outer is being a mirror to the inner so that you will know how the inner workings of the mortal mind are.

And every time a hand reaches out and slaps the Christ, you’re being told that mortal mind in you is doing that now in ways you know not of. And every time you slap the Christ within you, even though you are unaware of it, you’re committing suicide. You’re inflicting wounds upon yourself.

And so, let us remember the mirror is the outer Jesus Christ to reveal the invisible activity going on in the world mind which functions in each of us as a human mind to alert us that we must step out of that area below and be reborn of the area above; that unless we stop slapping the Christ, crucifying the Christ, piercing the Christ knowingly, consciously, specifically, we will continue to fall into the trap and we will not benefit by what he is revealing.

Now, Pilate, undecided, is trying to shift responsibility. The mind and the body each take turns denying the Christ. The intellect and its body, which it uses, each turn away from the Christ because they’re both controlled by the world mind. The world mind in you controlling your mind unless you’re Christ conscious, therefore controls your body. And so, Pilate, the material power, is torn between many forces.

Pilate, therefore, took Jesus, and scourged him.”

That’s a lashing. But there is no physical Christ. Now, who is scourged?

Christ is Spirit. The whole teaching is that I am the Light. How do you scourge the Light? The deception then is that mortal mind in us makes us by our unawareness of Christ within, scourge that Christ. When you are unaware of Christ within, you are lashing the Christ.

You see, you don’t have to take a whip and strike somebody. It’s the unawareness of Christ within you which is the lashing. Just when Christ said, “Give me to drink,” unless you are aware of the living waters of Christ, you’re not giving Christ to drink. Unless you are aware of the Christ, you’re lashing the Christ.

Pilate is unaware of the Christ of his own Being and because of it, that appears outwardly as him lashing the outer visible Jesus Christ. He thinks there’s a Jesus Christ there and the world has thought so. And he lashes out. He has the Christ scourged. But that represents what he’s doing to Christ within himself. Because he doesn’t know he is doing it, he is doing it.

It represents what all physical might in the world is doing to Christ within. When we send a collective army somewhere, we are all lashing the Christ within ourselves and you must take yourself out of that because that is a collective karma and we suffer from it.

All of our sufferings have to deal with the denial of the Christ within every individual. For instance, if somebody hurts somebody else, you may think you’re not suffering but you are because the hurt that they have perpetrated on another isn’t from them to that person. It’s from the world mind in them and that same world mind that you do not see in them is also doing it in you to the Christ.

Every time another individual on earth denies the Christ, the world mind in you is doing the same and so, you must consciously be aware that Christ is your identity. That’s the only way world karma does not hit the individual. Otherwise, the individual is part of world karma and all of the suffering we go through is largely the world karma which we suffer from plus that individual karma which we have earned by our own individual ignorance of Christ.

Everything is geared on: are you in the Christ or not? Are you in Spirit or not? And if you’re not, even though you’re good, you’re sharing, you’re humanly a fine person, the same world mind functions in you denying the Christ anyway and you’re in violation of Divine law without even knowing about it.

Now, Jesus Christ, through being able to draw out upon this image called Christ, all of the hate and venom of the world, is revealing what is in the world mind and those who had no awareness of what he is doing think that he is suffering from the cruelty of mankind. He’s not suffering from their cruelty and they’re not being cruel. He is pointing out to you the real hidden adversary. It is not Pilate. It is not the Jews.

The Jews aren’t cruel to Jesus Christ. Pilate isn’t cruel to Jesus Christ. The world mind is the Jew and the world mind is Pilate. The Jew doesn’t say, “Crucify him.” Pilate doesn’t say, “Crucify him.” The rabble doesn’t say, “Crucify him.” World mind in Pilate says it. World mind in the Jew, world mind in the rabble says it. He’s telling you who your adversary is and if it wasn’t the Jew, it would be another. If it wasn’t Pilate it would be another. If it wasn’t the rabble it would be another. The world mind wears every face and every form.

To agree with your adversary, you must see that Christ is making your adversary commit visible acts so that you will understand that these people who allegedly are crucifying Christ, they’re as much a victim as the one they consider their victim. They are victims of the world mind.

And now, watch. Every time someone attacks the Christ in some way, it’s as if Christ were holding up a sign and saying, “Now, watch carefully. This is what’s happening in you. See ‘em hit me?” Now watch this sign. It says, “Just as he’s hitting me now, in you, you by the ignorance of my Presence, you are hitting me.” He’s alerting us. “You put this crown of thorns on my head and this purple robe on my shoulders and you mock me? No, that isn’t you mocking me. That’s the world mind which mocks the Christ.” How much longer will you let that world mind run your affairs? That’s what he’s saying.

And so now, this is the reverse. First, he showed his power over all mankind to raise people back to life, to tame storms, to remove diseases. Now he shows why we don’t do it. We don’t do it because we have not come to our Christhood. And when we’re not in our Christhood it’s because the world mind in us is separating us from our Christhood. And we can never come to our Christhood as long as we do not recognize the world mind in us. That’s what’s going on now in this chapter.

Universal world mind is where the problems of the world are. This magnifying glass with the light above it and then the forms beneath it formed out of the light, this magnifying glass is the world mind. It re-interprets the Light of God into the forms that we call matter so we see through that glass darkly. That which is below, that which is human, is not there. There is nothing below. There is nothing in the world mind that is. All that is, is the pure Light. There is no Pilate. There is no Jew. There is no Gentile. There is no material selfhood. There is only the pure Light of God.

And so, he wants us not to fight the wrong enemies. And so, you find Jesus Christ completely unmoved by all these forms. Pilate can’t understand why a man can be so calm in the face of a vicious attack. So strong, so unafraid and it’s because the Christ, is actually God. What else is Christ but God individualized? You think that God was being beaten up? It’s a teaching on the vast screen of time and space for you and I to understand what is happening within our consciousness. The only way you can purify your consciousness is to understand what is happening in the invisible nature of the world mind, to understand its methods of deception, to see that the world mind makes all that appears to you as form.

Above the glass is the pure Light but below the glass comes the experience we call birth. The Light is never born. Is God ever born? Can the Spirit of God be born if it already is? Are you the Spirit? The birth that takes place below never happens. It seems to happen. The pure Light is always there and that is why after the birth of the form, a John the Baptist must say, “He who follows me is greater that I, preferred above me. He who cometh after me is preferred before me.”

You must learn to say that. The form that I came into, is not the Light of my Being but the Light of my Being which was first is preferred. I am not the form. I am that Light, that Life and so, I must rise out of the belief in birth and form and I cannot do that while this world mind in me makes me continue to believe that I am form, that I was born into form, that I will die in form.

And the Christ is saying, “Now, watch carefully how world mind is going to act. It’s even going to crucify me who loves God supremely and it’s going to say to you, it’s going to do the same to you that it did to me. If it’s going to crucify the One who is the great teacher of the world, what do you think it’s going to do to you?”

World mind in you is going to bury you. That’s what it’s going to do unless you are aware of how it works. He’s teaching you that world mind in everyone births us and then commits suicide, killing us and we let it happen because we’re not aware that that is what is happening. We call it death. It isn’t. It’s world mind dropping its concept which it conceived as birth. World mind exerting powers that do not exist and the answer is always to find that capacity in you which is the Light of the world which is the second Self and that salvation is not by faith in God but by faith in Spiritual identity. Your Spiritual identity. Once you have faith in your Spiritual identity, then you have the secret of salvation which is to be reborn from the lower to the upper, to be born from above.

I,” says the Christ “am from above. You are from below. You are the formed light. I am the unformed Light, the undifferentiated Light. I am the infinite Light and to be born from above, you must accept your Infinite identity. You must overcome the falsifications of the invisible world mind in you.”

Now, everything the world mind here is going to do to Jesus Christ in the visible, the world mind is now doing to everyone in the invisible mind of their own Being. Daily, the Christ is being crucified by our actions and unless we stop it, the world mind will bury us. It buried our parents. It buried everybody who has ever walked this earth. Whoever has been born into this world has been buried by the world mind and whoever wants to step out like Enoch or John or Moses or Jesus Christ has to step out of the world mind which is that functioning body of thought in them and they step out of it, the lashings stop, the tortures stop, the suffering stops. They were all unnecessary. They existed only in the world below. Never in My Kingdom. Never in Christ.

All suffering on earth, he is pointing out, is illusory and unnecessary. Every minute of suffering you have ever undergone has been unnecessary. It has happened only because of the unawareness of the nature of error which is universal world mind and the nature of God which is Christ, the substance of your true Being.

Now, you don’t come from below and go up. You rise in Christ Consciousness and as your Christ Consciousness rises, you find the magnifying glass disappears. The world mind is obliterated. It has no power in you and you break all the seven veils.

Christ in you breaks the veil of time, the veil of space, the veil of form, the veil of matter, the veil of motion, the veil of human will and the veil of human ego. The complete human personality which is only world mind in the disguise is broken and death becomes an impossibility.

Now, we’re going to deepen with this understanding of Christ here once we have eliminated the personalized human belief that Jesus Christ is going through a great torture chamber. This is the inner activity of your consciousness that is being described.

The soldiers platted a crown of thorns, and put it on his head, and they put on him a purple robe.”

So, we have the thorns on his head and a purple robe. We know they’re mocking, of course, but world mind is always mocking the Christ. The crown of thorns; we know that in order to come to the crown, you must first come to the cross. We know the thorns are necessary. We know we must go through the thorns in order to receive the crown.

You see, here, these people are the actors even though they themselves are unaware of it. Many people come into your life and have very little apparent function Spiritually and yet they are used in some way by Spirit. Someone who dropped a book you need. Someone who’ll do something else. They have no intention of doing these things other than that Spirit has brought them to your doorstep in one way or another. And here, the rabble, the soldiers, Pilate and the Jews are the actors. What they do, they cannot help.

I have here a little passage. This is from the Gospel of Nicodemus. It’s the apocryphal Gospel. It’s also called, “The Acts of Pilate.” Pilate is speaking privately in this Gospel to Jesus and he says, “What shall I do with thee?” And Jesus says, “Do as it hath been given thee.” And Pilate says, “How hath it been given?” And Jesus says, “Well, the prophets foretold concerning my death and resurrection.”

The point is, the Jews had to crucify Jesus. Pilate had to crucify Jesus. Jesus had to be crucified to reveal the non-power of the world, the non-reality of the world, the illusory nature of the human form and of the material objects of the world. It was a teaching and the beautiful and magnificent part of the teaching is that we do not understand that for that teaching to come into our experience visibly, there had to be an intelligence bringing it to us, a great Infinite force, putting on the screen of time and space a teaching to tell us not to stop at the level of form. Man wants to stay at that level. Man loves that level. He wants to be successful. He wants to survive as fleshly creature. He wants to perpetuate his own incompleteness even though he doesn’t realize that’s what he’s trying to do.

And the Infinite Spirit is saying to us, “Don’t stop at that level. You must go beyond form. You must be born from above, from the Light. The second Self must replace the first self. That which came before you must now come after the form. You must return to the original Self.”

And the mind of man struggles against this and so it scourges the Christ. It says, “I want to remain a physical creature.” And the soldiers, the servants of material power, they mock the Christ. The soldiers within us mock the Christ, put a crown on its head, raising human intelligence above God. Human wisdom is rated higher than Divine wisdom and the purple robe, another sign of mockery, human wisdom is rated above Divine. Human righteousness is rated above Divine righteousness.

You see how Pilate represents all the physical force of the world and the Jews represent all of the pseudo-spiritual force of the world. Who is higher in Spiritual awareness than the Jews? Nobody. Who is higher in physical might than Rome? Nobody. You take the two great forces of the world, the so-called religious power, the so-called physical power and Christ is showing that neither of them know God. Neither of them know identity. Something greater has to come and only John the Baptist gives us the clue at the beginning, “[He who follows me is greater than I.] His shoe latchet I am not worthy to unloose.”

Only Christ can reconcile the conflicts of the world and then, the great physical power of Pilate, Rome, the great religious power of Judaism – both are totally rejected by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ rejects Judaism. Jesus Christ rejects Rome. As great as both are supposed to be, only the invisible child of God is present. The visible power of Rome and the religious power of Judaism are both non-existent. They are world mind disguised. They are both anti-Christ.

All of the powers in the world that ever will be in the human world, on a physical level are represented by Pilate and all of the religions in the world that ever will be are represented by Judaism. The highest represents them all and the highest represents them all. Both cases represent the allness of all the religions, of all of the physical might.

Now we’re being told that we are independent of these forces. They will always lash out at the Christ. They will think their righteousness is correct, their power is insurmountable and they are not what they appear to be. They are the world mind which in us is doing that very same thing.

The adversary has beautifully disguised himself as Judaism and as religion, as armies, as nations going off to war, defending democracy. That’s still world mind. You can’t go off to defend democracy. You can’t go off to kill anything. Only world mind does that.

Now then, we have our adversaries identified, whether it’s Jew or non-Jew, whether it’s religion or whether it’s science or whether it’s any form of government. Anything that believes in matter is world mind posing as that which believes in matter. We cannot have a material world formed of good anything or bad anything. There are no good religions. There are no bad religions. There is no material world. There’s no good power and there’s no bad power. There is no power. There is only the pure Spirit, the pure Light of God, present and that’s all that is in this world. The invisible Light of God is all that is present. All the rest is the screen on which the concepts of world mind appear and only a Jesus Christ who is actually God itself and who is God itself in you, shows you how to walk through these screen-of-concepts knowing that there’s no substance or power there, not being fooled by the material concepts that appear as form, not reaching out to get that which perishes. Showing here the non-power of Judaism over the Christ, the non-power of Rome over the Christ and therefore, the non-power of the world over the Christ in you. Christ in you becomes salvation.

Hail, King of the Jews!” say the rabble. “And they smote him with their hands.”

All human thoughts, whether they’re good thoughts or bad thoughts are turning away from the Christ. They are not the thoughts of God, are they? And so, all human thoughts are smiting the Christ. When they smite him with their hands, this is not them smiting the Christ; this is human thought automatically mocking the Christ. All human thought which is an automatic turning away from Divine thought is mocking the Christ.

Take no thought” because when you take thought you are mocking the Christ and when you take thought, when you do not do something consciously, to step out of human thought, you are building your karma.

And so, while we continue blissfully to ignore Christ Consciousness, thinking, “Well we can put it off for another hour or day or month or that life will go on, things will happen well anyway whether I do something or not.” While we’re doing that, the karma within is building. You see how our inertia permits karma to build up even while we think we’re worshipping God? That’s how important these few phrases here are.

They smite the Christ with their hands.”

When you do nothing about knowing God, you are harming yourself even though you’re not aware of it.

Pilate therefore went forth again, and saith unto them, Behold, I bring him forth to you, that ye may know that I find no fault in him.”

You can even say, “What am I doing that’s wrong? I’ve not done anything that is faulty. I haven’t stolen. I haven’t lied. I haven’t cheated. I’ve been friendly to people. What have I done that’s wrong?” And even while you’re doing these nice things, you’re building negative karma and don’t know it.

When you’re not one with Christ, you’re building negative karma. And so, you may have led a beautiful life for sixty years in which you did all the right things that people think are right and built negative karma while you were doing it and can’t figure out why at a certain time you go through certain sufferings. And so, we’re jolted again and again and again out of our complacency that just being good isn’t enough and that religion cannot just satisfy the Spirit of God by teaching people how to be good human beings. It isn’t enough.

They must be the Christ and when we’re not being the Christ, we’re crucifying the Christ by not being the Christ. These are the self-inflicted wounds that you have permitted yourself to undergo even though you were unaware, even though you thought you were such a good person. And this would go on again and again through more reincarnations unless the meaning of the Christ message is clearly pointed out that this is what the Christ is doing at this juncture, not suffering, not being self-tortured but bringing to Light that which is happening in the invisible world mind.

Now you take a psychologist who probes the mind. He’s not aware that Christ is the greatest psychologist of all time for Christ shows you that the mind which you’re probing is the cause of everything that is of a material nature. The cause of both birth and death and the false lifespan in between. Christ just takes that line and turns it upside down. He says, “Look at it. Don’t probe this corner or that corner. Look at it. This is the murderer in our midst smiling at you in one way while killing you in another.”

And so, this teaching has been lost to the masses. It’s too difficult a teaching. You can’t tell it to normal people. They won’t understand. They won’t know what to do when they do find out about it. It’ll only perplex them and frustrate them.

But mortal mind is the person you’re looking at. There’s not a person you see who isn’t mortal mind made visible. That’s what persons are and where person appears and mortal mind is making that person appear, when you step out of mortal mind in you, you become conscious of the Invisible Christ where the person had seemed to be. And you still see that person but you feel with the inner soul sense the Presence of something besides a person. You no longer hold them in the tomb of a body and while the rabble, the Jews, Pilate and the soldiers are hating this which they call Jesus Christ, Christ is loving them. Christ is not holding them in bondage to physical form. Christ is not seeing them as an enemy. Christ has no human enemies. Christ knows only the one adversary, the world mind and isn’t fooled by the physical disguises.

Similarly, if there were lack or limitation, Christ wouldn’t be fooled by those disguises. They, too are the world mind. Every evil on this earth, whatever its name or nature, is the same one world mind. And when you lick it, you’ve licked all the evil there is and you only lick it by accepting Spiritual identity. And until you do, world mind will completely devastate your life in one way or another because it is the nature of world mind to continue to lead us into committing all forms of violation of Divine law until we accept the Spirit of God as our own Being. It’s only when we do, that the world mind loses its power to manipulate us, to torment us, to deceive us and to present things to us that are not true and have us accept them as if they were true.

And so, the plan that Jesus Christ is revealing world mind as the only oppressor, the only place where problems exist and that world karma continues and that this karma continues whether you’re aware of it or not, whether you voluntarily contribute to it or not and it only stops when you consciously seek, ask, knock at the door of your own Christ within yourself. When you accept that here stands no mortal being – that is how you defeat the world mind.

Here stands what you have called a mortal being only because you’ve been looking out from the eyes of mortality but invisibly, the child of God stands where you are and that child of God is the Light which you know when you’re in the upper firmament of Consciousness. Then there are no lashings. There are no beatings. There are no tortures. There are no diseases. There are no misgivings. There are no oppressions, there are no lacks, no limitations. Once you have accepted the Light as your name, you may go through the period of thorns and thistles but the Light will take you through them safely, effortlessly.

Now, then, as he was able to look at the Jews and Pilate and soldiers without hate, later saying “Forgive them; they know not what they do,” he was acknowledging only the Presence of God. He was demonstrating that this that you see is not the true picture. He was demonstrating that only God is present. The Allness of God. He was demonstrating that one who knows that only God is present is the majority. One with God is a majority. He was demonstrating that I, the living Spirit of God, am the only Self that is present. There are no Jews, no Pilate, no Roman Empire. There’s no pain. There’s no suffering. This is the illusion of the world mind, the knowledge of good and of evil. It isn’t present.

And just as it wasn’t present at that moment, in that day, it isn’t present in this moment, in this day. There is no lack. There is no limitation. There is no famine. There is no overpopulation or underpopulation. There’s no war. There’s no Pilate today. There’s no dictator today. There’s no Jew today. There’s no non-Jew today. There are not twenty-five or eighty-five religions on the earth today. They’re all mortal mind wearing its many disguises.

All that is here today is what was demonstrated there in that day and that is the invisible God. That’s all that is present in this room and on this earth. Only God is present and all of this that happens therefore is finally shown to have had no effect whatsoever. It only seems to happen and the corpse is not a corpse. It never happened. That’s why.

The illusory nature of the mortal world, the illusory nature of the mortal body, the illusory nature of mortal conditions is the revelation that only God is present and where God is, is Holy Ground and the place whereon thou standest is therefore Holy Ground because God is present there and the invisible name of God, is Christ in you. Until this is accepted, invisible world mind continues, birthing us and then killing us.

Christ in you,” is the very same Christ that is making this demonstration of Christ on the cross.

Jesus Christ is healed of mortality. Jesus Christ is healed of the belief in the power of the world, healed of the belief in the existence of anything unlike the Spirit of God. But the world mind, acting as the various forms, that continue to beleaguer him show forth that which is in the world mind – the hate, the distortion and this continues in each of us even though we don’t share in the outward physical being of the Christ. To be forewarned enables you to do something about it.

Then came Jesus forth, wearing the crown of thorns, and the purple robe. And Pilate saith unto them, Behold the man!”

He was really playing to their sense of pity. He didn’t want to crucify Christ and yet he did. He didn’t know what to do. This was a hot potato. We learn in Matthew that the wife of Pilate was a sort of student of Jesus Christ – Claudia. We learned in Matthew that she said to Pilate, “Don’t have anything to do with this man’s death. I had a terrible dream and I suffered a great deal in my dream because of him.” In some way or another, she had become aware of him as a force and Pilate didn’t really know what to believe anymore. Maybe this man was a very special, privileged man. He didn’t know. He just wanted to get rid of the whole thing and now, he’s hoping that when they look at this sorry figure, they will have some compassion and say, “Well, let him go. He’s had enough punishment.”

But mortal mind, you must remember is writing the whole script here. It’s being forced to show forth its contents. They won’t have any of that.

When the chief priests therefore and officers saw him, they cried out, saying, Crucify him, crucify him.”

The chief priests were saying, “Crucify him.” This was then the greatest religion on the earth saying, “Crucify him.” This was the religion that had in the Ten Commandments, “Thou shall not kill,” saying, “Crucify him.”

You see how mortal mind poses as religion, makes its own laws, turns upon itself? And this is the ugly nature of mortal mind in us.

Pilate [says], Take [ye] him, and crucify him: I find no fault in him. The Jews answered [him], We have a law, by our law he ought to die, because he made himself the Son of God.”

Well, let’s look at their law. You’ll find in the Leviticus. You’ll find it in Deuteronomy.

In Leviticus 24:16, here is the Judaic law about attitudes toward God. “He that blasphemeth the name of the Lord, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him: as well [as] the stranger, as he that is born in the land, when he blasphemeth the name of the Lord, shall be put to death.”

Put to death and yet it said stoning, not crucifixion.

Now, in Deuteronomy, we have a little further discussion on that. The thirteenth chapter of Deuteronomy, the first verse says, “If there arise among you a prophet, or a dreamer of dreams, and giveth thee a sign or a wonder” then we’ll skip over to the fifth, “And that prophet, or that dreamer of dreams, shall be put to death; because he hath spoken to turn you away from the Lord your God, which brought you out of the land of Egypt, and redeemed you out of the house of bondage, to thrust thee out of the way which the Lord thy God commanded thee to walk in. So shalt thou put the evil away from the midst of thee.”

If this prophet then has all these signs and wonders that have something to do with blaspheming God, he shall be put to death. And so, its in their law and according to their law, Jesus blasphemed.

Now, specifically, here were the blasphemies he made. In John 5, the 18th verse, we have one of the blasphemies, “Jesus answered them, [and said] My Father worketh hitherto, and I work. Therefore the Jews sought the more to kill him, because he not only had broken the sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, [thus] making himself equal with God

Now, when he said that God was his Father, they interpreted that from their Leviticus and Deuteronomy laws as being a blasphemy against God.

– End of Side One —-

That was the crime they called blasphemy. And later, in 10:33 of John, “The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; because thou, being a man, makest thyself God.”

And so, we can see why they would be feeling self-righteous about what they were doing. Their law said so, this man said he was a Son of God, God was his Father. And then suddenly it hits you, didn’t they think God was their Father? And the answer is; they certainly did. That’s the name of God, the Father of all mankind. They didn’t really think he had blasphemed at all, did they? Because they too thought God was their Father. They were using blasphemy as a very convenient way of getting rid of he who had renounced Judaism. He who would not bring them a kingdom on earth. He who had said, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

And so, we find that religion is being exposed here as having no interest in the Truth, no interest in God when it suits religion’s purpose to have no interest in God.

But why? Because religion isn’t religion. Religion is the same world mind that crucifies. Religion is the same world mind that sends boys out to be shot in war, the same world mind that says to this group of boys, “You need heroin today.” You’re either in it or not in it. You’re either serving it consciously or not or serving the Christ mind. If you’re not in the Christ mind, you’re in the world mind and just by not being in the Christ mind, you commit every act of infamy that is in the Bible. It all goes on in your sub consciousness and eventually, it surfaces in one way or another, some greater and some lesser. We’re all feeding out of the reservoir of the world mind unless we’re in the Christ mind. That’s why we have these funny tendencies that we can’t understand.

Why does a man steal? Some people even steal when they don’t have to. They just, it’s a habit. It’s a way of life or it’s a weakness they can’t control. And they don’t want to but something puts the hand out there and takes what it shouldn’t take. Why? The world mind. The person never does it. The world mind is the hand. The world mind is the body. The world mind is the flesh. The world mind is even the object that it steals. The world mind is the world and we who are not in the Christ mind are in that world mind of good and evil. We who are not in the Christ mind are in the world mind which kills the human race. Each successive generation is killed by the world mind because it is a murderer from the start. It is the false creator of a false world and there’s no hope to make this a better world. The only hope is to come into the Christ mind and to walk in the Kingdom of God on earth. That is the meaning of salvation. Otherwise, it’s an empty word. Just making good boy scouts out of us isn’t salvation.

This was the nature then of the charge of the hypocrisy, to say that God had blasphemed against God. The religious mind does not know the nature of Christ. You find examples who do know and they are the rare exceptions. You find books for example, by a Catholic and you say, “Well this is the Truth.” Yeah, the book is and then you find examples of the Truth by a Protestant and you say, “Well this is Truth.” Yes, the book is. And you find some by a Muslim, by a Hindu, by a Jew. The book is but you’re talking about millions of people who know nothing about what is being said in that book. There are over twenty billion Bibles that have been sold in the world and most people still think that Jesus did all this to in some way make it unnecessary for us to come through the Christ experience ourselves, that all we have to do now is be good and die and we’ll go there and we’ll find him.

This empty teaching has existed in spite of all the Bibles. You can find a great, big Bible in the middle somebody’s living room. I have some friends who collect Bibles. They have Greek Bibles. They have early Bibles. They haven’t read one of them. Haven’t even read them, not even interested. It’s just something to collect and there it is. People see it. And they’re collectors of Bibles. They don’t know what’s inside the Bible, either good or bad.

And when the church reads the words of the Bible, everybody says, “Oh, that poor man. Look what he went through.” We’re going through it ourselves right now. Every day. This woman who had the brain tumor, she was a believer, a faithful believer. She couldn’t understand why she had that brain tumor. How could you explain to her this was the collective karma of the world appearing in her through the world mind; that she had nothing to do with it? She was just the recipient of something that was caused by a world mind and then the psychologist might probe her mind to find out if she was mean to her mother and that caused it or something like that and that wouldn’t help because the world mind is going to keep pushing itself through what she calls her mind anyway. She never can identify her adversary because religion doesn’t teach her that. It doesn’t teach her that there’s a world mind. And it doesn’t make any difference what religion you go to. The adversary is never identified. Some come very close to it and then for some reason or other, duality enters in and there is always God and me or there’s a power of evil.

Did you read what the Pope said the other day? I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I’ve written the Catholic monitor to give me the full statement. It was so incredible to see this statement in the papers. This isn’t the full statement. That’ll come later. The Pope said whole societies have fallen under the nomination of the devil. He said sex and narcotics provide openings for Satan’s infiltration of mankind. He said the devil exists and people should be on their guard against him. He said the defense against the evil which we call the devil is necessary, that our greatest need is the defense against the devil. He said the devil does exist and is a dark enemy agent. Evil is not just a deficiency but an efficiency. It is alive, spiritual, perverted and perverted being. It is a terrible, really mysterious, fearsome thing and then he said Satan was responsible for man’s falling from Grace. He is the enemy number one, the tempter par excellence, the hidden enemy who sows errors and misfortunes in human history. The headline is the Pope says the devil’s role is spreading, that the devil really exists.

Now, people read that and have been brainwashed on that for so long that we can say safely that at least, fifty million people in that over-all congregation believe there is a living devil somewhere. And you try to take that devil away from them, they’re going to get mad at you. They really do because this is what they fight. They fight the devil.

And you know something? I wouldn’t want to ask all the religions of the world if they believe that because I’m sure they’ll tell me they do. You’d find that that’s not just part of any one religion. The world believes there’s a living devil and that the devil causes these things and of course, that means that the devil must be operating under God’s permission, under God’s will because God is the power of the universe. It must be God’s will that the devil do this then and if it’s God will, then you can say that all of the evil on earth is God’s will.

Now, how in the world can you pray to God then? If it’s God’s will that there be evil, what are you going to pray about? And if it’s not God’s will, how can it happen in the first place? How does the devil get away with it if it’s not God’s will? And these are the questions that are unanswered.

And so, we live in this kind of hazy, in-between unawareness and this becomes, this is what world mind is. I could tell you world mind speaks and makes these statements. This is a statement by the world mind. And whatever is not Truth, is a statement by the world mind and that is fed back into the collective consciousness of every individual. You may not even see it in the paper but one way or another, it comes into you and you begin to feel that there’s some powerful sinister force working and you may not call it Satan or devil. You may have another name for it but you think it’s there, it’s existent and there is no such force. There is no such power. All that is present is the Spirit of God. There’s no devil and there’s no power of a devil. There is only that which is below and that which is above.

And these are the two levels of consciousness. One is pure Consciousness and the other is human consciousness and human consciousness itself does not exist and all that it knows is equally, non-existent. And when you step back out of it, you find you’re in the pure Consciousness. There’s no devil. There’s no deviltry. There’s no evil. You see through the illusion of the form, through the images. Time and space, is lifted out of your consciousness and you stand in the One, in the pure, in the real. And then you know, all that is here is the Light. It is all pure Light. The illusion only exists in the illusory mind, the mind that perceives the evils of the world itself is the illusion. That illusion mind perceives its own illusions and when it’s the world mind which is the illusion, then all within the world mind perceive the same illusions.

Christ doesn’t. Christ stands in the midst of the attackers, seeing no enemy. That’s why Pilate’s puzzled. “What kind of a man is this? Maybe my wife was right. She said I better watch out for him. I better not monkey with this man. He must be a very important man for all these Jews to want him killed.”

He thinks Christ is a half-God of some kind and while he’s thinking that, he’s got another problem. They’re going to threaten to send a report back to Rome if he lets this man go. He’s torn between what his wife told him and his fear of Caesar and his fear of the fury of the mob and he’s a very typical human being; torn between all of these different forces. Why? Because he has no anchor in Christ. He doesn’t know the Truth. He even said so.

You see how necessary it is to come to grips with this world mind? That Christ in you, just as Christ in Jesus could walk through the world mind which was threatening to kill him, unafraid, knowing it doesn’t exist, that Christ in you can do this with every problem you have? Do you see the great symbolism there? That just as Christ in him could walk though an intended crucifixion knowing its impossibility, knowing the non-existence of form and matter and material power, Christ in you this minute could walk through every lack and limitation you think you know as a fact in your life. It doesn’t matter what it is. Christ in you sees it as a non-reality which it is.

And then finally, why this Christ in you? Is there a you that contains Christ or you this invisible Christ your Self? Doesn’t Christ in you finally become Christ I am?

There’s a very interesting consciousness that does something unusual to you. It actually takes you out of your human self. It’s like that fifty-two seconds of the Wright Brothers off the ground. It gets you out of yourself and once you feel your Self out of yourself even for those fifty-two seconds, the great fiction of human selfhood is revealed to you: that there isn’t any.

Once you become aware for those fifty-two seconds of your true identity, you feel your Self as something totally different than the one you had lived with all of your human lifespan. It’s as if you really are a Spiritual form, a vast form; so vast that all of the physical events around you are walking through that form and not touching it. These little pygmies of human events seem to walk through the vast, physical Spiritual structure of you; you feel your everywhere Being, off the ground, out of matter.

In a flash, you might even know that everything that exists is right where you are. It doesn’t matter where it was in time or in space, it is right where you are because where you are is the Infinity of God and everything that’s happening in any part of the universe is just part of the mortal mind picture that isn’t there. What is there is the Infinity of God. The Infinity of God is right where you are at all times and nothing else.

It doesn’t matter where things seem to be happening. The Infinity of God there is the Infinity of God here. One, Infinite God. One, Infinite identity and when you feel it, you know that Christ is revealing the nothingness of the entire material world and the Allness of the Infinity of your own Spiritual Self.

There are times when this can be so strong in you that you don’t want to do anything but revel in it. Just resting in the Word that the Infinity of God, I am, and it doesn’t matter if something seems to have happened two thousand years ago. Whatever happened two thousand years ago could only be a Spiritual activity because there’s nothing else there and that Spiritual activity is happening now. Whatever will happen two thousand years from now can only be a Spiritual activity and all Spirit is now therefore, two thousand years from now is happening now. That is the Infinity of your Being so that the world of time is in the now of your Infinite Self as an experience, as a living knowledge. And the world of time did not exist because the Infinity of Christ is all that can ever happen. Nothing else can happen. You rest in it. You feel that there’s no space outside of you. There’s no time outside of you. There’s nothing outside of you.

Infinite Spirit is your name. Infinite Spiritual power must be functioning. Infinite, Spiritual action is all that can happen. Nothing can enter to defile or make a lie.

There can be no human punishments. There can be no human pain. There can be no human lack or limitation. You are Infinite Spirit and there’s a moment in your fifty-two seconds off the ground when you don’t have to be told that again. The experience replaces all the words you’ve heard. In fact, there are no words that can really awaken you to that experience, no words that you can truly believe in. You can only believe that experience and when you have it, then you know why the words were unnecessary. The only reason you hear the words is to enable you to know that the experience is waiting to be lived in and when the experience happens, you know that you truly are not this physical form.

Christ was not the physical form there. All of these events were happening in time, in visible form but they’re all happening inside the world mind, not in the Christ identity. You walk free of this world mind. Those fifty-two seconds off the ground are going to be a very important experience.

Infinite Christ, not finite Christ, not Christ in this room or this body, not Christ in any century, not Christ in any place but Infinite in time and space and in fifty-two seconds off the ground, you don’t get to feel that full Infinity but you get out of this limited self enough to know that that was a promise of things to come into your fullness of Consciousness.

We seem to have gone quite a bit over the half so I think we’ll continue.

The Jews answered him, We have a law…When Pilate therefore heard that saying, he was the more afraid; He went again into the judgment hall, and said unto Jesus, Whence art thou? But Jesus gave him no answer.”

He wanted to know where Jesus came from. The human mind cannot understand Christ. Christ cannot speak to the human mind so he gave him no answer.

Pilate [said], Speakest thou not unto me? knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, I have power to release thee?”

The human mind thinks it’s a power. The world mind, expressing as the human mind is a power over all those who do not know their own Christ mind and the Christ says that very strange statement, “Thou couldest have no power [over] me, except it were given thee from above.”

You see that above part? The Light and then the forms. Here’s the forms. These forms don’t exist. All that’s here is the Light. These do not exist. Where you appear in form, it does not exist. All that’s there is the above Light. As it comes through mind, it becomes form.

Thou couldest have no power [over] me, except it were given thee from above” and then this great revelation, “Therefore, he that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.”

Now, that line means, “He that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.” Who delivered Jesus Christ to Pilate? The world thinks Judas did. World mind delivered Jesus Christ to Pilate. He’s trying to show us again and again and again that world mind is the culprit. Who deprives you of the things you need? World mind. Who fools you into thinking that you suddenly got them? World mind. Who takes them away again? World mind. Who makes you sick tomorrow? World mind. And who makes you well? World mind. You go up and down like a yo-yo in world mind, never knowing what’s causing it and what’s causing it is he who delivered thee unto the sickness, the sin, the lack, the limitation is the world mind. And then the world mind recovers you and you say, “Thank you.”

And when the religions of the world go to pray, they are praying to this world mind. That’s who you pray to. Dear world mind, which I am calling God by mistake, make me well and God never made you sick so how could God make you well? God is your name. Your invisible identity is Christ, Son of God. You don’t have to pray to God to make you well. God is always well. You have to step out of the world mind and you’re well. You don’t have to pray to anyone. Your prayer is the acceptance that I am the living Spirit of God, the Life of God now, called Christ. That acceptance is your prayer. That’s the Lord’s prayer.

This then is revealing the universal nature of evil coming through the world mind. “He that delivered me unto thee hath the greater sin.” Not Pilate, not Judas – the world mind. If your business is bad, it’s the world mind. If your business is good, it’s the world mind. But if you have Spiritual business, you’ll find it doesn’t waver and it will appear outwardly as a permanently good business, a permanently good health, a permanently good income, a permanently good relationship, a permanently good life.

When John the Baptist said, “He that cometh after me is preferred before me,” he was giving us the clue that we are to find not this temporary sense of life. We are to find our permanent Life. “He that cometh after me…. preferred before me” is our permanent Life, our permanent identity.

When you find your permanent identity, world mind collapses. It hasn’t a leg to stand on after that. The illusion of the world mind is gone. It’ll catch you once in a while. It’ll tempt you. It’ll fool you but by and large, its teeth are gone.

And so that’s the whole purpose so far of the 19th chapter, to show us that the adversary, the cause of every evil in the world is not man’s inhumanity to man. It’s not man’s greed. It’s not his selfishness. It’s the world mind posing as these things and Jesus never met a claim in that person for that reason. That’s why Jesus didn’t defend against the so-called enemy. He wouldn’t go for the decoys.

We’re being taught to avoid the decoys of form, person, place, condition and thing and get to the root of all evil which is the mind that is not the Christ mind. For only the Christ mind can see, experience, live in the Reality of God on earth.

Well, there’s a lot of deception that follows. We’ll get into it some other time.

I’m interested in your having the experience of knowing yourself to be a Spiritual Being and the way you might go about it at this particular point in our study is to know that God is the Allness demonstrated here by Christ Jesus and the acceptance then of his demonstration that God is ever present and is all there is, is always the beginning point of your day. God is here and the Spirit of God must be my name.

There is no evil in the Spirit of God. It is not the will of the Father that there be evil. The will of the Father is goodness and because there’s no power to push aside the will of God, it is functioning and goodness is functioning. The will of God is that I have all that God has. The will of God is that I be perfect and that will must be functioning. Nothing can stop it.

And so, we accept the Word. We rest in the Word rather than in our own personal, human experience. My human experience tells me there’s many other things here beside God and beside the will of God. But because world mind in me wants me to do just that, I’ve finally come out of that deception and rest in the Word of God rather than in my own human experience which says there are other things here. In other words, your faith is in the Word which says, “Only God is here.” That’s what Jesus Christ was demonstrating. “There’s no power in you, Pilate, over me. I’m getting out from underneath the magnifying glass. I’m not living in the below, in the form. I am the Life. I am from above and there’s no evil in God’s universe and this is it. I’m not going to be in a universe that isn’t God’s universe because there isn’t any and there is no lack in God’s universe and there’s no limitation in God’s universe and there’s nothing finite in God’s universe. I’m not going to try to become what God tells me I already am. I am the child. I don’t have to become the child. That means I am the Spirit. What can Spirit become? The mere trying to become is the denial of Being the Spirit. The effort to get is a denial of having the Allness of Spirit.”

And so, there’s nothing more to desire or to seek or to find. Nothing to become. That Spirit of God is where I am. I am in the Kingdom of God now. There is no other. I am in the universe of God now and there’s nothing in it that’s finite so I’m not a finite anything in the universe of God.

And now, slow down a minute. I cannot be finite and be Spirit. There is no finite Spirit. I can’t begin at one place and end at another place. I can’t begin in time with a birth and end in time with a death. That’s finite. Where do I begin? I have no beginning. Where do I end? I have no ending. Does God have a beginning? No. Does God have an ending? No. I have no beginning. I have no ending. Was God born? No. Then I was not born because God is All. Does God die? No. Then I cannot die because God is All.

Where do these ideas come of a beginning and an ending? They’re false ideas of the world mind. I have no beginning and no ending. I am Spirit and if I have a beginning and an ending, I am denying myself to be the Spirit. The nature of Spirit is without beginning or end. It has no beginning in space or in time and no end in space or time. The moment I have a beginning or an end in space or time, I’m saying, “I’m not the Spirit,” and I’m divided again.

World mind has divided me from my Self. These characters in the Bible who were crucifying Christ are not doing that at all. They’re crucifying themselves. They are turning away from Christ in them which is all that this is made visible to show us and we don’t want to be like that. While they crucify the outer Christ, they were crucifying the inner Christ by turning away from him. And by we turning away from the inner Christ, we’re crucifying the Christ the same way.

But now, we’re not. We stop crucifying Christ when we know that’s my name, that’s my being and Christ said, “Before Abraham was, I am.” Therefore, before Abraham was, I am. Christ said, “I am the Light” and therefore, I am the Light. Christ said, “You have no power over me world power of Pilate” and therefore, I can say to the world mind, “You have no power over me.” The minute I know the world mind and recognize it, it ceases to be a power. Its power lies in the fact that no one recognizes it. When it’s recognized, it has no power. That’s the only power it has. It’s invisible to human sense. It works through the unconscious. But when you recognize it, it loses its power.

And so, every report that comes to your consciousness which says something is wrong is the world mind. It can put ten ambulances out there and clang ten fire engine bells, they’re all put there by the world mind. It can have a flood. It can have a storm. It can have an epidemic. It can have every kind of calamity. Don’t believe it. And that’s all the same world mind. It’s all part of the initiation, the testing for you who have been in the wilderness, unknowing that you are the Christ and when you know it, you can say to the world mind which is Pilate here, “Thou has no power over me. It wasn’t given thee from above. The only power is my ignorance and if I have ignorance, you have power. If I have awareness of the Spirit, the power is gone.” That’s your freedom.

Salvation is faith that you are the Christ, not faith in God. That faith has not been salvation. That’s been the prolonging of all the superstitions the world has known. The faith that Christ in you is God, is salvation.

And then world mind is powerless. It can never tell you again what you lack, what you need or what you should have because you can always know, I Spirit am Self-complete. Everything I need is right here. This is Holy Ground and the hereness that I speak of is my Self. All of me is here. All of me is here because the universe is here and the universe is All of me. Nothing can be added or taken away from the Spiritual reality and nothing else exists.

We have then the will of God being good, only goodness can be. The substance of God being Spirit, only Spirit can be. The action of God being perfect, only perfection can be. And if the human mind keeps trying to catch that and accept that, it fails. Again and again it fails because it’s the human mind which must be crucified, not Christ. When you crucify the human mind, Christ in you rises and the Christ mind reveals to you that mortal mind is dead. Instead of being dead to Christ, you’re dead to the deadness of a world that never was.

Instead of crucifying the Christ, we have learned to crucify the mind which is the outlet and the inlet for an illusory world mind and then the murderer of the world has no one to murder.

Now, if you keep using that mind, you’re saying to the murderer, “Work through me.” If you crucify that mind, you’ll find the mind which was in Christ Jesus is your mind and things will instantly clarify themselves. You’ll find you’re out of this form. You’re aware of a vast Spiritual form which is yours and you can feel that all of the winds that blow, all of the forms that walk, all of the powers that make noises are not making contact with you anymore. Just as they couldn’t make contact with Christ. The one was unreal and One was real.

Then you’re taken outside of this human selfhood. You’re lifted right out of it. You’re off the ground and you find that all of the laws of Spirit are working, maintaining a perfect Kingdom through your entire Being.

Now, this experience of not being in this limited capsule does for you what no words can do and it doesn’t come because you’re thinking about it. It comes because you’re true to the fact that God is truly All there is.

If you can be true to that Truth that God is All there is, every time you meditate, you’ll find this new power takes you your [52] seconds off the ground.

Well I think that’s our story today.

I wish you all a very pleasant Thanksgiving.