Our function in this class is to delve into the higher mysteries. You may find that less and less we’re not going to discuss any personal problems. We’re not going to be concerned about the world not created by God. And that may be very difficult for some but it has to come. There has to be a time when we’re no longer saying “God, heal me of this and heal me of that!” There has to come a time when we’re no longer saying “God, you’ve withheld this from me, and you’ve withheld that from me.” There has to come a time of acceptance, not of seeking but of acceptance. And this concerns the higher mysteries, the ‘above’ universe, the universe right where the visible universe seems to appear.

Today, it will be well if you can learn what makes an image. For you have one image called ‘the world’ and in it are many images, all part of the same image. And so we want to burst that bubble today so that some of you who have been living in the mind-universe, trying through the power of your mind to find some kind of peace, some kind of tranquility, some kind of solution, will discover that you’ve been living in the wrong universe and in the wrong body and in the wrong century; seeking in some way to improve God’s perfect universe because you’re unaware of it.

We see Jesus on his feet hands and knees and he’s washing the feet of Peter. Yes, the Master seems to be washing the feet of a student. And this is drawing the curtain to the inner mystery of Christ within Peter. This is drawing the mystery into visibility, by telling you and telling me that if you wish to walk in the universe of God instead of the kingdom that is this world, not of the Father but of the sense mind, you too will have to wash your feet. Not only yours, but the feet of the world.

You’ll have to see that the Master is revealing the secret of his great work is not his personal ability, but his capacity to say “The only me here is the inner Christ, there is no human me. I wash the feet. That which walks upon this earth I am dissolving in my consciousness. I am recognizing the inner Christ of Peter and in so doing, the inner Christ of every man, woman and child on this earth. And I, who seem to be the Master, am but the servant of this inner Christ. And therefore when thou seest me thou seest the activity of the inner Christ, not of a man. And the inner Christ that I glorify as I walk this earth, is the inner Christ of Peter, the inner Christ of Bill, the inner Christ of Mary, the inner Christ of everyone who walks this earth.”

And therefore it behooves Bill, it behooves Mary, it behooves Betty, it behooves Herb, it behooves every individual on the face of the earth to get on his hands and knees, which is the surrender of humanhood until in that yielding of self, the invisible Self is brought into activity in the visible experience world.

Of mine own self I can do nothing. And as long as I continue in the effort, I will fall into the image world. And while I am under the belief that I am loving God supremely, I am actually accusing God, condemning God, condemning God for the evil He leaves on the earth, accusing Him even of creating it.

Now, you know that condemnation has by now become very small in your consciousness. You can see the thief without accusing him. You can see the corruption in government without accusing. You can see many facets of the imperfect human life without condemnation, and probably you pride yourself upon it. What we don’t realize too often is that we are condemning God. We have risen to that level where we do not condemn our neighbor, but instead we condemn God.

How? Take the crusader. I don’t mean back in the medieval times. I mean today’s crusader – for good, for improvements. How do we improve anything except by recognizing that which needs improvement? And therefore what have we said? We have said there are two creations – God’s creation, which we will accept as perfect, but there is also a creation that needs improvement. And so we are going to crusade for the improvements. And we’re stuck with two creations. We’ve fallen into the trap of believing that God is aware of these things that need improvement in this earth and is doing nothing about it, so we’re going to do it. Of course, we are in a human consciousness. We’ve fallen into the trap of human images


Most of you have never heard what I’d like to tell you. It’s about this world of images and what makes it so.

There’s a process in photo engraving where you make a photograph of any object or person, and then in order to reproduce that, let’s say in a newspaper, you make a photograph of the photograph. And when you make a photograph of the photograph you put a filter or a screen between the object or photograph you’re going to photograph and your camera. And so now you get a new photograph of a photograph. This one is filtered or screened so that the photograph is broken down into all kinds of little dots. And then you photograph this onto metal and you put an emulsion on the metal and then you put acid on the emulsion and finally you get these dots so they’re raised up. And that’s all that’s raised up; the photograph of the original photograph broken into dots, raised up and then you put ink on the surface of these raised up dots and you turn the metal over and you print on a newspaper. You print those dots.

And every time you pick up a newspaper and look at a face, you’re not aware of it, you think that’s Richard Nixon, that’s Chou En Lai, that’s John Mitchell, that’s John Lindsay. And every time you look at these photographs in the paper you’re looking at nothing but little blobs of ink that are separated; they’re really little dots. And in about a one inch there are maybe about thirty-six hundred to four thousand little dots; that’s really what you’re looking at. Your eye doesn’t know it; your mind doesn’t know it. You’re looking at dots but you think its John Lindsay, Richard Nixon. And really there is just as many dots to make a Richard Nixon as there is to make a John Lindsay.

You can take the same dots and re-arrange them and make a hippopotamus. You can make an elephant. If you re-arrange the dots you can make anything that is on this earth. You can make a battleship, a spacecraft. In other words, your eye doesn’t see the dots. But if you take just a normal magnifying glass and look at any photograph in the newspaper, that’s what you’re going to see. Hold it there just until, raise it up or down until you see “Why it’s only made of dots and I thought it was a man’s face!” The face is the image formed by the dots but all that is on that paper are little black dots and they’re all identical. Put a few more on one side and you get a cluster of them. A few less on another side and you get what seems to be a lighter tone. But they’re all the same black dots.

When I do this privately and give a magnifying glass to somebody and they look and see the dots, they’re so much surprised that they hadn’t noticed them with their naked eye. And that’s how we all are able for fifty years to read a newspaper and never know that we have never really seen a photograph, we’ve have seen dots that appear to our human eye as faces and things.

And then you can take this and take it to your television screen and see the same process. On the television screen you’re looking at electric dots, dots of electricity. But you cannot see the dots. And as the electric moves you see the movement of the dots but you don’t know it’s the movements of electrical dots. So you say the horse is running. It isn’t running, there’s no horse there. You’re looking at electrical dots to simulate a horse running. No horse is going to run out of that screen, its an image on the screen. And the method is electrical dots, so fine that no human eye can see them. And so you get the forms.

Now you go to the motion picture house. There’s a giant screen and the same thing happens, dots. They are still electrical dots. And you can have Cleopatra and her barge draw up. You can have the complete spectacle of Rome. And it’s all made with electrical dots. Electrical dots that to the human eye appear as images called people doing things.

Now these processes are human inventions. The Father does it much more subtly. When you come to the human scene you find that the same process is going on around you. But now the dots are points of light, so fine that they have fooled the greatest religious and intellectual and scientific teachers of the world – points of light. And you watch these points of light move and you call them living forms. They are the very same process in a more sophisticated way for He hangeth the earth on nothing.

Now, what you are looking and calling forms then are points of light moving. You’re seeing the tree grow up but you’re not. You’re seeing the slow motion of points of light below the level of your perception. You see the horse run on the track but you’re not. You see boys go out to war on battlefields but you are looking at points of light and when that cannon roars and a boy falls down and the blood pours, you’re looking at points of light. You know you’re not looking at God’s creation and there are not two creations. What are you looking at? You’re looking at points of light in the cosmic mind.

Wherever you look on this earth that is all you will ever see – points of light. You cannot find one thing on this earth made by God, not one. Now that is important. And however revolutionary it may seem to the human mind it was a necessary step in the revelation of the allness of God, in the eternal life that comes into the experience of all who know God aright.

Now, what you’ve been looking at and calling forms, people, things, places, conditions are points of light in a cosmic telecast. And it has its purpose. And that purpose was explained to you in the Bible, but we walked by.

In these points of light you see the dying soldier, you see the accident on the freeway. You see the long inventory of disease and disaster not created by God. You’re looking at the image world of the mind, And often accusing the Father of putting it there. “Why did you do this to my daughter? Why did you do this to my son? Why don’t you change this and change that?” But the Father doesn’t change this and change that, for the simple reason that the Father does not see what you are seeing. The Father does not look at points of light in motion, seeming to us as real conditions of a real world. The Father is not dreaming; the Father is awake. The dream of mortality is where we see these points of light.

Fortunately we have them; they have a grand purpose. You have thought that everything wrong in your life couldn’t possibly be attributed to you. As a matter of fact we discover that most of us are pretty good human beings. And then we say, “Well, if I’ve been so good why have I been completely isolated from happiness, health, abundance, the things and joyful relationships that a child of God ought to have? Why am I besieged by this endless parade of things that I have to keep solving? When does the day of solving stop? When can I relax and say ‘At last, I’ve made it’?” And then suddenly there comes another problem out of nowhere. And it has a name.

And yet in spite of all – you’ve been reading your Bible, you’ve been listening to tapes. You’ve been as faithful as you know how and as dedicated. Some put in as many as twenty hours a day and still have things turn up that you would think after all this time and effort and dedication, would be impossible.

And that’s why we go back to the story of the wheat and the tares. Nobody plants weeds; you’ve never planted any weeds. You certainly wouldn’t do it intentionally. And neither did this man in the Bible, he planted wheat. But it wasn’t long in season where there was wheat and tares, wheat and weeds. Couldn’t figure it out, he hadn’t planted any tares. So he went to his friends and they told him “Well what really happened of course, is that your neighbor down the way who you had that argument with last month, he got even with you. While you were asleep he planted the tares.” and so asleep this man got weeds in his farm. And asleep we get problems in our consciousness.

The tares, planted while the farmer was asleep, are the beliefs planted in you below the level of your conscious awareness, meaning in your sleep. You do not know what the world mind is broadcasting into you. You haven’t the vaguest notion, how could you? You have a certain level of consciousness. If something comes in, in your unconscious how can you be conscious of it? And so seeds are planted, seeds of belief. And the only time you become aware of them is when they grow up into form. And you can then look out and say, “Why did I get arthritis? Why did my business fail? Why did my marriage prove such a disaster? Why this? Why that? Why the other?”

You’re only seeing these things on your screen of consciousness now, as images – broken homes, broken marriages, broken bodies. But they began in the unconscious level where the world-mind planted in you a seed. And each seed planted in you must become a visible experience. That visible experience you then give the label and say, “This is what I’ve got.” But you haven’t got that at all. What has happened is that from the invisible of your consciousness a seed you did not know was there has grown into a tree, and it is now dropping fruit. And that is in your visible world.

The image world is where you have seen the fruit of the tree of good and evil. And that fruit is very untasty at times. And it grows because the seeds of belief in your consciousness are there, unknown to you. You did not know they were coming in. You did not know that they were growing up. You did not know about them until you began to suffer.

The cause did not begin in you; the cause began in the world-mind. And so a very intelligent, infinite mind has provided you with a screen, a television screen called ‘the world.’ And from the invisible of your consciousness you automatically project the quality of your consciousness. You project into the world of images, the fabric of your own consciousness. And when you label it this or that, you’re really saying, “This is the nature of my invisible consciousness.” Because be sure of this, it isn’t someone else’s consciousness appearing on your screen. The problems you manifest are nothing more than your consciousness turned inside out like a reversible raincoat, from the invisible to the visible.

That’s what this world is all about – a place where you can project your consciousness. And then looking at the world of images you can go back to your consciousness, which is the land in which the wheat and the tares are growing side by side – in duality.

And finally you come to the realization that there is no thing in this world, which does not begin first in an invisible world. There’s no child in this world that doesn’t first begin in the invisible, no tree, no seed, no fruit, no flower, no animal. No animal, vegetable mineral or human begins in the visible, they begin in the invisible. And everything in this visible has a beginning in the invisible. That’s what we all have in common. And therefore if we were to live only in the visible we would continue in the world of effect, never going into the cause of things, which is the invisible.

And what is the cause of this imaged world that you live in? Your world is your consciousness. My world is my consciousness. And whoever is in this world is really in their own consciousness made visible. And so this is where the effects are – in the world. That’s the television screen where we can pick up what’s right or wrong in our life.

And now we go back, go back into the invisible, into our consciousness, because there we’re going to find what’s happening to make our visible world of good and evil. It is there where we are going to determine a way of dominion over the outer world of experience. Now, we look at our consciousness and we see that it’s subject to two forces. We’re no longer dealing in the world of problems, because if you meet a problem in the effect world of problems, you are never going to get to the cause of it, which is in your consciousness.

So you’re in the invisible of your consciousness. And you discover that your consciousness has been fed by the wrong life stream, by the world-mind. And that has brought forth the first print -you, the image you. Your consciousness has brought forth the image you have called ‘yourself’. And your consciousness, which brought forth this image, has not been able to see reality directly, because between your consciousness and reality, between your consciousness and the divine there is the world-mind, the glass darkly.

And you’re looking at the divine through the glass darkly of the world-mind. And just like that photo engraving process I told you about, you’re trying to make a photograph of the divine with your human consciousness. And there’s a filter or screen between your human consciousness and the divine. And so you break the divine down into little dots, little dots of light. And then your consciousness projects these dots of light into the world as the image called ‘you’.

These little dots of light, you know by now are the atoms identified by science, little dots of light. Little whorls of electrical energy so placed together that they look exactly like you. And you call those little whorls of atoms ‘you’, not knowing that is the image cast forth onto the screen of time and space by your consciousness. And that it is your consciousness where you must live and you must learn to tune out that world-mind, which is between you and the divine to let – not the dots, not the filtered light come through – but the direct divine light of the Father.

And there’s a way to do it. And the way is the only way that is prescribed by those who have done it. You’ll find that when your mind, your consciousness, has developed the capacity to be a vacuum; that it no longer receives the filtered light of the world-mind. It is closed to the filtered light of the world-mind and it becomes a clear plate of glass, crystal-clear glass. And just as Jesus walked through a wall that was only there to the human consciousness, the divine walks through the world-mind and through the clear crystal glass of your consciousness, bypassing the activity of that world-mind, which breaks things up into little atoms; coming through the crystal-clear glass of your consciousness, which has been purified of thought. And that divine light is no longer separated atoms, no longer separated dots of light – but is the fullness of the Father, the wholeness of the Father – not little points of separation. And all that was missing out here in the image form in the world of this human experience And there’s a way to do it. And the way is the only way that is prescribed.

You become a living embryo in the womb of the Father. That new spiritual womb of silence is really no different than the womb you inhabited as an embryo before you became an imaged human self. We really duplicate that condition. No mother has consciously fed the child in her womb. No embryo in the womb has consciously said to the mother “Feed me!” It’s an automatic process; it happens.

And when you have found the crystal-clear consciousness of silence, the vacuum of no-thought, when you have been able to put away the thousand and one human concepts that cram the brain, when you have been able to accept truth, divine truth, and have reached that place where the mind is at peace, then you are like the embryo. You are no longer saying to the Father “Give me! This is what I want! This is what I need! This is my will, that you fulfill my will here!” But rather you are resting in the womb of infinity with trust. Wanting nothing, needing nothing, seeking nothing, just like a child in the mother’s womb.

That spiritual embryo is the method in which you defeat the world-mind. As long as you have a thought, an idea, a plan, a scheme, a will, a belief or an acceptance of anything in this world that you consider real, you’re not ready for that womb. You still have house cleaning to do.

To be an embryo in the womb of the Father you must be the pure at heart, willing to seek nothing of good and nothing of evil in the dream of mortality for the Father is source, and the source is pure. And that pure being, which is the Father, is the essence of your being. And you must be fed by the essence of your being, not something else. You rest in the conscious awareness that the pure being called the Father, is here as my life.

And I, even past the point then of saying “Speak Father, Thy son heareth!” but rather there is no ‘you’ to say that. You go past that point and you see the real meaning of what Samuel said. He had so purified himself that there was no Samuel there. And then the Christ within Samuel said to the Father “Speak Father, Thy son heareth!” When you hear the words within you, it is Christ saying this to the Father who is greater than I. These words are the sign that you have stripped yourself of the dream. Not that you have said them humanly. But that they have been said within you by the Christ to the Father.

And now the revelation of oneness takes place. In your silence of humanhood there is no place for world-mind to go. You are not a receiver for the world-mind. It can plant no tares in your consciousness. It can plant no seeds in you that will become tomorrow’s problems. You are still. And now the essence of being, not broken into little dots of light, flows through your stillness. And the Father feeds the son, as the mother feeds the child in her womb. This is soul feeding.

I am the bread. And the real substance that feeds you as a spiritual embryo is the essence of God, the substance of God, the will of God, the power of God, the love of God – all become your hidden manna, your meat the world knows not of. You are fed by the divine. There’s nothing more to do. The feeding takes place. And now, this is what you image forth into the world – as a better body, a better mind, a better life, a better demonstration. You are glorifying the Father.

You are not saying to your mother “Feed me this way or that way, here’s what I prefer!” You’re saying to the Father “Let me have Your food. I’m silent to the food of the world.” And the food of the Father is His own being. “All that I have!” The very life of the Father flows through you. And so essence flows through your purified consciousness and becomes imaged form. The outer form then is manifesting the qualities of the new substance. And the new substance is pure wheat. It isn’t divided. It isn’t good and evil.

Now, the purification, which enables Christ in you to say to the Father “Speak Father, Thy son heareth” is the working in the invisible, in your consciousness to consciously turn it away from the duality of the world-mind. In other words you tune in by tuning out of the world-mind. You tune out of the world-mind to tune in for your divine feeding.

The you of you is forgotten in the image world. That’s going to be the result of how well you’re fed in the inner. And if you’ve learned your lessons properly, you don’t let that outer image self tempt you to fulfill its ambitions, its will, and its needs. You are out of the imaged world. You are working on the level of consciousness.

Now, this is the meaning of washing the feet. I who stand before you, washing your feet Peter; I am showing you that within you is a consciousness, which is pure. And it is the actual life of God. And I am serving that life of God in you and in myself and in everyone I meet, letting that life live itself through my conscious awareness of its presence; keeping my consciousness on that life – not on duality, not on a denial of the presence of that life, but rather on the presence of that life.

Now, some of you have been involved in worldwide movements to do good in this world and have thought that you are really doing good. But you haven’t known that you are working in the creation that is not the creation of God. What can you find in a divine creation that needs improvement? You’ve been working in a world of images. You’ve been working in the world that is not your Father’s kingdom. And even when you succeed in it, all you can do is change an image in the world that is not your Father’s kingdom to a better image. And it is still not your Father’s kingdom when it is a better image.

Whereas the way of the Father is “Is there a place now where I am not? Why not purify your consciousness of the belief that there is a place somewhere where I am not? Instead of trying to correct a world of images.”

The world of images isn’t to teach you that it needs correction. It’s to teach you how to purify your consciousness of the belief that you’re not in the kingdom of God. As long as in the world of images you see something wrong, you are not accepting in your inner consciousness that this is the kingdom of God.

That’s the purpose of the world of images. As long as you can see imperfection out there you must face it with the knowledge that it wasn’t created by God. And if you still think it’s real, you have invented a second creator. Who could put the imperfection there if there’s no other creator? Who could take God’s perfect creation and make it imperfect? And so as long as you’re still improving things you’ve missed the point.

The things that you want to improve don’t need improvement. The consciousness that put them out there needs improvement. And that doesn’t mean somebody else’s consciousness that means yours. Because the things you see out there are your consciousness made visible. Whoever else sees them that is their consciousness made visible. Our function is to purify our consciousness so that we become aware of God’s kingdom here on earth.

And to clarify the picture then: you have a perfect divine creation here and now and there is no other. You have a perfect divine being, an infinite being, not divided into little finite beings. And that infinite being is the life that we call God, and that is the only life there is. While you are dwelling in the inner consciousness to tune out the world-mind, you must tune out the belief that there’s another life here beside the life of God. Where would it be if God is infinite? If this house that we’re sitting in now were infinite, could you ever be in another one? If God is infinite can you ever be outside of infinity?

If you’re always in infinity and God is life you’re in infinite life. Where does it divide? Where does this infinite divine life become anything other than what it is? And so we come out into the imaged world and we see four billion forms instead of knowing the one life.

We are talking now in words and you are hearing these words. And it is your belief that you are hearing them from somebody sitting up on a podium in front of you. I’d like you to realize that isn’t what’s happening. You’re hearing them inside your own self right now, just as I am hearing them inside myself right now. That’s where you’re hearing them. We’re both hearing at the same fountain, although it appears that someone outside of yourself is talking to you.

Every experience in your life is an experience within yourself that appears to be an external one. You cannot have an external experience. There is no such experience. Every such experience is a false belief. Whatever you see, you see in yourself and think you’re seeing it out there. Whatever you taste, you taste within yourself and think you’re tasting it out there. Your complete experience is within. It appears without, because it’s simultaneous. You can’t catch it. But that’s how it’s happening. Usually mortal mind in you is talking to or hearing mortal mind in someone else. Or divine mind in you is hearing divine mind in someone else or a mixture, a shadow of divine mind. Always your experience is within, and you’re thinking it’s without.

And so I want you to do this: Take an individual in the outer world, and see if you can catch this idea that that individual that you think is out there, is within yourself; within yourself just like a little TV screen within yourself. And see that individual within you on a little TV screen. And now let that person talk. And what’s happening? They’re talking within you on a little TV screen. No matter what they say or do, that’s within you on a little TV screen. And if you saw this same person on TV and they complained to you about a problem, you would look at the TV and say “Why that’s just an image on a TV screen.” That’s precisely what this world of images is. Every image is on the inner TV screen of your brain, which you think is out there.

Now those of you who can dwell with this awhile will begin to get the idea that your dominion and your purification of consciousness, is to see that every evil in the world is nothing more than a little TV screen inside your consciousness that is broadcasting a lie, an untruth. And made you believe it was external when it couldn’t possibly be, in the creation of God.

When you reduce the images of the world into this little TV screen, you will find the whole world is on this little TV screen. And you will find if you don’t let it get off the TV screen, but can keep your consciousness knowing it’s only on an inner TV screen it can’t be real out there, because God didn’t make it.

If you can never let it get off that TV screen you’ll find you’re beginning to feel the message of dominion. And I don’t care what you have out there in the world, if you won’t let it get off this little TV screen inside, you’ll have caught part of what the Master was teaching all the time. To the man on the cross standing beside him, about to be crucified like himself “I will take thee today into Paradise.” To the bond servant of the centurion “Go thy way, he liveth.” Why? All that was in the inner little TV screen, the lie about the Father.

The allness of God is the rule, the law, the fact. Where is there a thief then on a cross? In this little TV screen of the mind. Catch it at that level. Don’t fight it out there it isn’t necessary. Don’t fight Pilate out there it isn’t necessary. Catch it inside. Because it’s coming through there, at the same time as you see it outside.

Everything has to come through your consciousness before it can appear out there to your consciousness. And you catch it at the level of it happening in consciousness, you’ll see the nothingness of it. All evil in the world is in the human consciousness, that’s the only place it is. It isn’t in the world; it’s in the human consciousness. There is no world. There is only the kingdom of God.

Now, what we’re at today at this moment is something that comes only from years of dwelling with it, until suddenly it announces itself to you. And you possibly may have sensed something along these lines at one time or another. But you’ll discover your dominion is to be able to look at this world and everything in it, and bring it right back to this little television screen inside your consciousness. Maybe one inch big if you want to visualize it, just a little one-inch screen. And whatever it’s complaining about, its nothing but a little TV broadcast coming from the world-mind. That’s the place to say “Sorry, the Father didn’t bring you into this world. Is this of God or is this the world-mind?” It’s not of God you know, if it’s evil. Where is it? Who created it? No One. It’s just a television broadcast and if you leave it on, it’s going to project itself. It’s going to demand attention.

Now, in the purification of your consciousness then, you’re saying to these broadcasts from within, which have appeared to you as images in the world without “Get thee behind me!” God is a pure being. God is the essence. Is there another essence? Is there another source? Can anything formed of that essence be less than the same essence? How can you dilute the essence of God? You can’t. How can you change it? You can’t. How can you pollute it? You can’t. How can you poison it? You can’t. How can you kill it? You can’t. How can you give it a disease? You can’t. Then what are you giving these things to? To nothing, to nothing whatsoever. The essence of God is omnipresent. You simply have been fooled by a world broadcast within yourself, which makes you think it’s out there.

And don’t think for a minute that I’m trying to build a picture as a sort of a comparison or an allegory or a symbolism. I mean it factually. What isn’t created by God cannot be out there. And by reducing it to a little broadcast within yourself, you’ll find you can throttle it at the level of conscious acceptance or conscious rejection. You can throttle it. And turn your mind, your consciousness to the presence of God. And watch how that little fellow inside begins broadcasting the truth.

Every world image regardless of its name is an inner telecast that you are receiving, which seems to be out there. We’re all wired to the same world-mind and we all receive it, almost simultaneously. It’s no different than six billion TV sets. In your home you get it. In someone else’s home they get the same thing. Here you’re getting it right inside yourself at the same time as they’re getting it inside themselves. And that’s what makes everyone see it, more or less the same.

Don’t meet it out there. Any more than you would go to a television set in your home and smash it because you didn’t like the face of somebody on it. You wouldn’t heal anything on a TV set screen. Get it right here at the level of TV and see the nothingness of it. That’s all it is.

The Bible calls it “the arm of flesh.” Christian Science calls it “mortal mind.” Others will call it “universal mind.” Others will call it “Maya.” Some will call it “hypnotism, mesmerism.” But the nature of it is that it mesmerizes you by appearing to be out there, when it isn’t. And why does it come through you? Because you have also accepted the image of you as a reality, instead of knowing that you are a living soul.

Now, in our rebirth out of this image, we’re not going to throw the image away, its very useful. But we are going to live in the consciousness of the presence of God, so that in our soul feeding we are one with the One; that the one essence can flow into form instead of the duality of the world-mind; so that we are not divided from the essence, so that the substance forms us.

The Father who is greater than I, is the essence. And I am the form of that essence. And the form of that essence that I am is the infinite Christ. The substance of the Father flows as the infinite Christ. And you find your spiritual form, which is not little pieces of light held together by magnetism; which is independent of the images of the world, independent of the flood and the fire, independent of world conditions. Why, because world conditions only occur in the image world, where the image form appears. And we must learn to walk through these images, right through these images, by that consciousness, which opens itself to the pure essence and lets the essence do the work. Now, how we’re going to do that, how we’re going to open our consciousness to the essence of being, to overcome the false dominion of the world and its two powers, is going to constitute all of our work.

The real freedom will only come as we learn to look at the world of images knowing what it is, so that we fear it not, so that its false powers mean nothing to us so that we can consciously walk in Oneness, in the acceptance that God is pure. And that purity, which is infinite, is the purity of my own being. That purity overflows and overflows and overflows throughout its kingdom as my self, my being. And I can live in my pure being independent of the image world, which has been necessary to lift me and my consciousness above the level of duality.

Those images, those wheats, those tares have been very important to me. They have helped me locate the unconscious beliefs I have entertained. I have seen those beliefs as images. Now I see them not as images, but as invisible beliefs. And now I can watch them and reject them. And turn my consciousness to the Father and rest in Oneness.

Now, after three, four or five of these sessions, including the second half of this, we are going to be developing our conscious awareness of the presence of God. We have been given all of the weapons we need to do this. Nothing has been withheld. Let’s have a little rest, quiet and then we’ll have a short intermission.

Today’s Audio by Bill:


“A Temple Made By Consciousness.



Herb: I’d like to begin with an experiment. If you will find your quiet spot and take into mind someone who is not here, someone close to you, no matter where he or she is, no matter what his or her age is, a child an adult, just one person if you will. Perhaps they’re in Florida, perhaps they’re in Connecticut, wherever they happen to be. That person in consciousness is where you are to go now in your consciousness. And when you arrive let us rest in the knowledge that I am the infinite Spirit of Christ and I will rest in this place knowing my identity. I am also knowing at the same time the identity of this individual who’s home I happen to be in, in consciousness. I am not trying to influence him or her, I’m just trying to be there silently. I am the living Christ. He or she is the living Christ and I will sit in this room in consciousness while we go on with our class together. Establish your presence there and when you return home you may discover that something has happened there that made this individual aware of you. At least we’ll find out.

Now as we stand in the quiet center of our being, resting in the knowledge that the universe is where I am, for I am in oneness with God, and God is the universe and that oneness covers all that I think and do and feel, for I am not in a physical body. I want to develop the consciousness that enables me to feel the slow steady progress of transformation. I wish to place my Soul in position so that each individual experience brings me closer to Soul awareness. Never losing sight of the fact that the I that I am, is fully attained. I am drawing my human consciousness closer to the Spiritual so that the human will be absorbed into oneness with the Spirit, and eventually the human will be deleted. It will be a natural process.


As we gather our new strength as the Spirit of the Lord comes upon us, we hear the Father speak. And we go to the Bible for the words he speaks.

These things that I have spoken unto you in Proverbs, but the time cometh when I shall no more speak unto you in Proverbs, but I shall show you plainly of the Father.”

That must have been a very welcomed moment when the Spirit advised the disciples that they would soon hear the unvarnished truth. And try to see if you can detect what is happening and who it’s happening to, because the identity of those concerned will give a major importance to us.

At that day ye shall ask in my name and I say not unto you that I will pray the Father for you. For the Father himself loveth you because ye have loved me and have believed that I came out from God.”

This is a closely knit group, allegedly speaking is the Christ Jesus, advising the group that he came from God. But I want you to see that something else is happening. I want you to see that this is the inner Christ not Jesus talking, “I came out from God.” They are listening to the Christ of Jesus and they are listening with the Christ of their own being. This is an inner communion between Christ Jesus and the Christ of the disciples. And the idea of it is to awaken in you a similar response so that you listen with the ears not of a human being but it is the Christ of you that hears the Christ of the Master. What the Christ of you hears from the Master will not be forgotten. What the mind of you hears can be forgotten. You are learning that the operation of the Divine plan is before you when Christ speaks to Christ. And you must be that Christ. Only the truth will come and every word will bare fruit richly. So listen closely.

I came forth from the Father.”

Now you may think again that is Jesus, but it is Christ who came from the Father. The difference will be very marked in the result.

And I came into the world again, I leave the world and go to the Father.”

This is setting up the manner in which the Father speaks, the Christ is the mouthpiece and you are the listener to develop the awareness that this is the method of Divine edification. Always I come from the Father, the Father speaks to me, I listen to what the Father has to say, there’s nothing between me and the Father, I am the Christ and I am the true representative of the Kingdom of heaven. And when I speak to you, you being the Christ is why I speak to you. You receive direct wisdom from the Father. You receive manna from the Father. You receive all that the Father hath through the Christ which comes from the Father and which is received by the Christ of you. That is how you’re going to develop the fullness of being. That is how everything in the world that could intervene, everything in the world that could deceive does not reach you when you are tune to the Christ of the Father by the Christ of your being. This is a network that has no possible intervention from any source, it’s airtight.

And so every word you receive from the Father is a Divine command. Every word you receive from the Father is a Divine blessing and you let these blessings communicate with you so that daily you are lifted up higher and higher, you’re given further insight into the Kingdom. Things keep happening to you. It’s a Divine diet there’s nothing to compare with it in the world. Once you get it started and adhere to it you realize I am living on Divine manna. And this manna is more than information. This manna is actually your life. You are slowly being born into Christhood, as you receive the Christ of the Father. This is one of the major events in our lives. It’s the way we begin to break out of the world into the Kingdom of heaven. Nothing else can take us there except this Divine manna coming direct from the Father. You can’t receive it with the mind and you don’t even receive it from the Father you receive it from the Christ who is a representative of the Father.

Many times Jesus Christ pointed out this process. When he sat on the well and the woman at the well said, “Do I know you I don’t think I do?” And he said, “Well what are you doing here?” and she said, “Well I’m fetching some water and…” he could read her mind he had told her she had had five husbands and that meant she was a normal mortal. He was referring to the five senses when he said it. The five husbands were the five senses which were glued in to the usual run of a menial things of the world but you have a sixth husband he said, a sixth man in your life, her ears went up. I wonder how he knew and he was telling us that she was not ordinary. She might have been a person studying science of mind or some other message that is on the way up, away from the mass of messages. And then he sat on the well. That meant everything had to come through the Christ. She was getting it from the source but there was nothing in the source that brought her Divine message, the minute he sat on the well it came through him and he was imitating what is going on in the passage we’re reading.

Whenever you receive from the Divine source, so whatever you read from a book, whatever you get from a big brain, whatever you get from a human authority is not the Divine source. You never get anything second hand no matter how brilliant it is. The source is in you. The source is yourself, your center and that’s where Christ lives. And as he rams home this point again and again and again hopefully we understand that I am a Divine being and the Christ of my being is the Son of God and that’s where I get my information. Nothing else will take me up past humanhood except Christ. And he says,

And at that day ye shall ask in my name and I say not unto you that I will pray the Father for you, for the Father himself loveth you because ye have loved me.”

You have to see how closed this is, this area that you receive the Word. You receive it from the Christ that’s loving the Christ. And unless you receive it with the Christ of your being there’s no capacity to receive it, you’ll err, you’ll think I know what he said, but you won’t. The Christ is the only way you can translate the words of Christ. It’s such a beautiful method of educating those who would be the living children of God. No man can do it.

I came forth from the Father and I come into the world again I leave the world and I go to the Father.”

His disciples were annoyed by this. They couldn’t quite make it out. “I leave I …” too many words for them. His disciples said unto him,

Lo now speakest thou plainly and speakest no proverbs,”

We want to know we don’t want to guess. Tell us what you want us to know, say it simply.

Now we are sure thou knowest things needest know that any man should ask thee. By this we believe that thou camest forth from God,” we know that, “but what have you got to say to us.”

Jesus answered them,

Do you now believe?” they hadn’t been certain at one time. “Do you now believe? Behold the hour cometh. Ye is now come that you shall be scattered. Everyman to his own and shall leave me alone and yet I am not alone because the Father is with me.”

Now you see the identity is plainly marked. You’re not hearing the Father. You’re not hearing Jesus, you’re hearing the Christ of Jesus.

These things have I spoken unto you that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation but be of good cheer. I have overcome the world.”

No matter where your disciples go now because you’re tune to me who has overcome the world you will find that you have overcome the world you will find that you have overcome the world, or at least you will learn how. The important phrase here is I have overcome the world but I am not just separate from you, you are listening, you are close, you are in me, I am in you. This is the point that the disciples in him and he in the disciples all benefit from his having overcome the world. I presume you remember what that means?

Number 1 he said to Pilate, “you have no power over me,” this man could crucify him so why couldn’t Pilate have power over him because “I have overcome the world.” Now that means two things. I know there is no world. I know that the world is a belief and that belief I have overcome. I have overcome the belief that there is a world. There can’t be a world if there is a Kingdom. There can’t be a world if God didn’t create it. There can’t be a world if the only creator didn’t create the world. The world is a duplicate, a counterfeit, an imitation. The world is not created by the Father but by the world mind and I have overcome the world and everyone in the world has not overcome it. Very few in the world have overcome it and are living under the guidance of the world. Not under the guidance of God. They’re living in a good and an evil world, living in the belief in duality, living in the belief in sickness, living in the belief in all kinds of negativity, that’s the world I have overcome. And when you go out from me you will find I will not deceive you with things that are in the world because I have overcome the world. No one who knew Jesus and learned to love the Christ of his being and the Christ of Jesus was ever given wrong information. Each was on a secret mission, a secret lifting process that his Soul would open up, and his Soul opened up to understand the nature of the Kingdom of God, the nature of individual identity as Christ.

I have overcome the world. These words spake Jesus”. “Father the hour is come, glorify thy Son that thy Son may also glorify thee.”

This is before crucifixion, quite a bit before. This is the sign that the glorification of the Christ as the sole teacher of mankind. As a source of all Divine information. There’s no second source. We acknowledging the inner Christ of our being, acknowledging the infinite Christ which brings us guidance, leads us slowly patiently, just like a mother to the invisible Kingdom. This is our breakdown of authority into the Kingdom. This is our narrow path. Nothing can intervene.

So now we take an assessment of who we are, where we are. I am the Christ of the Father. You look at me and you think, “Oh that’s a man.” You look at her and and you say, “Oh that’s a woman.” But that’s not a woman and this is not a man the name is Christ. And it must be Christ if you want to receive from the Christ, from the infinite Christ of the Father you must be thee Christ because the only balancing factor is Christ to Christ it cannot come any other way. If you’re a human being you’ve just thrown away a couple of thousand years.

Let’s go with the plan and say “That woman is Christ. That man is Christ.” Forget he outer garment. Everyone who is Christ is geared to the Son of the Father who treats us royally, brings us the information, the transformation, the total inventory of everything we need to make the translation out of the body into the body of the Soul. And you can say to any human being on earth, “help me”, there’s nothing he can do for you. You must go to the Christ of your own being and let’s go there now because we’re going to strengthen that which is the faculty which opens us up and raises us to a new realm. At this moment there should be an awareness of immortality in every one. The belief that we were mortal is gone. The knowledge that we are not mortal is here. If we linger with the belief in mortality you will find that you cannot start even because there’s no Christ in a mortal being. The habitation of Christ must be in immortality, you’re compelled to start there, you’re compelled to accept immortality, it’s the prerequisite that begins your journey.

All the disciples are learning this and you are a disciple. There’s nothing John or Peter or James was, that you are not. We are the disciples of the Christ and our tuned consciousness lifts us up to the level where the Christ can speak to us, and we can hear, but we are first filling all essentials that we must be the servant of God, we must have stricken all material thought from our consciousness and even if we haven’t succeeded we have at least made the effort, and everything you do is known to the Father. Everything you do spiritually is known. You’re always under the microscope you think perhaps, nobody sees me. If they don’t see you it’s because you are a mortal the minute you get a tincture of immortality you get under the microscope, and that visibility under the microscope grows as your immortality increases, your spirituality increases. The more you are moving toward the Father the more the Father is aware of the presence.


As thou has given him,” thy Son that is “Power over flesh that he should give eternal life to many as thou has given him.”

This is pointing up the authority of the infinite Christ to give eternal life to whoever can accept Christhood. When we seek eternal life we don’t know any other place to go but this Christ, this perfect Son of God. Which is called the way shower or the prototype, the achieved one, the one who made from the earth to the Kingdom of heaven in spite of every obstacle, in spite of crucifixion and proved that “I have overcome the world.” He said I have overcome the world before he overcame it, before we saw that he had, but he had overcome it already, he had overcome it long before his crucifixion. And now he’s teaching us how he did it, how we can do it.

We won’t do it in the visible way we think we will do it, but we will do it by a slow transformation of consciousness, from material belief, from the belief that I am a man or a woman, that I am the flesh, with a slow growing sureness that I’m not the flesh at all. That I don’t have a body that I thought I had that can die. That my Soul faculties will take the place of my sense faculties. The senses which deceive me into thinking that what I see is real. And my mind shall be the Christ mind. And all these things that I am developing the realization of, I was born with them. They were my heritage before the world. They are now coming to the fore. I am learning that I have the Christ mind. I have a Soul. I have a Divine body. I have a Divine life. I learn that all my fellow men have the same qualities. And that as we awaken into the truth and learn about ourselves one by one as I develop my Christhood, my Spiritual body and walk invisibly through this world in that body, someone will come up to me and will indicate he or she is ready. I will become their teacher and each one will start to expand the Christ truth. We start out with this little band of men, just twelve then eleven. And from that we will see that the world is slowly being Christed. They’re not being put into this religion or that religion, they’re being Christed. They’re not believing in a separate God who’s in a heaven, who’s upstairs, they’re believing in the power of the infinite force. This is not a personal thing, a personal God this is the only God.

∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ End of Side One ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞

And this is Life eternal. That they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent”

Now then to know the only true God in Jesus Christ whom thou has sent. Does that mean that no other religion can know God? After all no other religion has Jesus Christ. We have to see that what is said here does not mean that Jesus Christ is the only representative of God. Jesus was the man who surrendered his human life to the Christ. And therefore we’re speaking of Jesus Christ, but Christ and God are the so-called team, and Christ and God are the team in any religion. Christ isn’t confined to one religion. Christ is the identity to every single person on the earth. And so Jesus Christ was the force that developed out of a man, just a man on this earth. He discovered his Christhood, but Lord you’d have to go way back to find out when. Before the floods. Certainly before anything in the Bible, before the world. So the name Jesus is important only because the name Christ is not a name. Christ is reality. Christ is reality in every country of the universe. If an individual had brought himself into Christhood in any country of the world he’d been glorified of the Father. So let us not think that we’re talking about a Christian religion as the only, we’re talking about those who live in Christ whatever their name, whatever their religion.

I have glorified thee on the earth. I have finished the work which thou gavest me to do. Now oh Father glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.”

Now that glorification is going to come a certain way. Jesus Christ will be revealed as the immortal self and the glorification will be his putting himself into a position where death is imminent, death is the only possible end for the man and the glorification is that he proves that he has overcome the world and cannot die. The crucifixion fools even those who would crucify him. They do not see the body of Spirit in which he lives. He has the Christ body. Each of us is looking at a picture of our self. When he says that he has the Christ body he is saying to us, “You have the same body.” You are the same Christ, as the Father has glorified Jesus the Christ, he will glorify anyone who has attained the Christ. And when you have the Spiritual body you will never walk off the earth.

This heritage is the aim for all men and all women. There is not one who will attain or ten who will attain, every single Soul on earth will attain. The Father made total perfection. As time goes some will attain earlier, others will attain later. Each one who does attain will be a source of teaching and inspiration for those who are still to go. This is mankind’s future but it is also mankind’s present. You cannot attain Godship you have to born that way. You have to have been in the world before birth was invented. It’s a natural reality of the so-called human mortal who has lived under hypnosis for thousands of years and the belief that he is a human being, a mortal being, an undeveloped individual, whereas all of the Divine capacities are in each us awaiting the recognition of the individual. No matter what you may have, you don’t have it. Perfection never changes. You must realize that the human appearance of you is not you. The human appearance is your concept self, your imitation self, and you must slowly learn to overcome the world mind which deceives you daily and thinks you are a mortal struggling for existence and you actually are a Divine being perfect as your Father. Never let it be thought for a second that the Father can create a Divine being and then uncreate him. We’re all God’s you know. One infinite being.

Now let’s take that name “I” because that is the name of God. And I, no matter what I look like or what I seem to be, no matter what I think, even if I disown divinity I still am. I can’t stand any other possibility what I am, I am. And the Father says, “I am Divine”. So you may consider yourself a low caste or high caste. You may consider yourself fortunate. You may consider yourself born on the wrong side of the tracks or the right side of the tracks, it makes no difference. God knows you as a Divine self. Some day you will attain it and join others who are Divine selves and all of you will realize that we are only one self. We appear in separate forms but we’re not. I think you may remember the scene after the crucifixion, when the various people involved down there were trying to tear apart his garments, and they couldn’t tear one garment, they wouldn’t separate. That’s the clue to you and the clue to me. The inseparable divinity. All appearing separate but not separable because we are one being. And all there is on this earth is one being. That’s something we’re going to have to learn. No matter how high or low you may think another one is, he’s the same being as you. He’s wearing a different coat of skin but the skin is not the man nor what is inside the man. The man is the one being. The one infinite life. The one infinite Christ.

Now let’s take that into consideration please, because if you don’t have your identity you’re going to be in a world just like a leaf floating in a raging river. You’ve got to have your identity, and if you keep it to yourself fine, but you’ve got to know that I infinite is my name. You’ve got to know that. I may be any profession, I may be a housewife, I may be anything in the world but it’s not what I am. But there’s one garment that doesn’t separate and that’s the garment of the infinite Christ. Your it, whether you like it or not and I’m sure you’ll like it.

Now let’s identify then inwardly, always inwardly because the world is not ready to take I am the infinite being, but you must know it! And it takes this knowledge to turn away that which you might call is an alien creature. Whatever is not you is turned away by the knowledge that you are you. If there is not this wall up of who I am, you’re an easy prey for anything on the earth, but when you have the knowledge of who I am, you will find that the Light of your being expressed by your knowledge of it is the power, it’s the invisible power of the man, of the woman. The Light of your being expressed and believed. And then as you find out that it’s true, and you’ll live more of yourself, you find you have the capacity to do wonderful things. To share the knowledge. To bring the Light into relationships. Wherever you are there will be something there that cannot be moved into the world of the days events. Something that is of the Father, something that has a different appearance, a different weight to it, a different structure to it, something that invisibly is Divine. And that is what you will be bringing to everything that you do to everyone you know and to your family, to your business, to everything that you’re connected with. Divinity is part of everything you’re connected with and if you are it, then you’re letting your Light shine. And with it you can walk through any situation and it will change. You’ll find in lawsuits, in miraculous effect that the truth has on the people involved in living, in every endeavor. If you’re a lumber a laborer who earns his food by the sweat of his brow, there is that Divine quality that you bring out, you’ll find that there is something different in your life. Something that makes you special. Whatever you are, it is lifted up by what you know you are and that’s the most important part of it. The knowledge in you that I am Divine. And as I listen to the Christ of my being and it directs me I become more and more aware that I truly am the Christ, because the Christ doesn’t speak to people, the Christ only speaks to Christ. Start listening again. Make it a point. In a few days give it priority. It will help you identify yourself in such a way that you will be assured of one thing in this world that I am no longer a human being. That is an outmoded idea. The truth is – and I didn’t know it – but the truth is that I am the immortal self, known as Christ, right now!

On that I want to meditate. It’s important that we hammer that home so that when everyone leaves this seminar they have come with a different identity than the one they leave with.

This is a Christ realization meditation.


I accept and I am true to that acceptance by living in the belief that I am the Christ and my actions will show forth my belief. What can I shrink from? Nothing. Even David, there he was, took off his armor why? Because the Christ does not shrink from Goliath and the Christ always vanquishes. This was the lesson of David and Goliath. The appearance is the small one and the big one. Christ is not a size. Christ is the flame of God. Someday you will realize that the flame of God is infinite. A flame that was on the earth before the sun. And it is now on the earth invisibly. It is the flame that is composed of Christ infinite. When I start to think of myself as part of that flame I correct it, that’s not true. By the strangest reasoning you can ever find each of us is the total flame. We’re not divided into little individual Christ’s we’re all one Christ.


When you bring this knowledge into everything you do, into everything that you plan, you will find a new power in your life. If you’re in a state of change, where’re in one situation and must go into another one and you don’t what situation would be or should be, don’t go into it as a human being, first assert your Christhood to yourself. The situation will then change and you’ll be where you should be. Believe it, this is magic. That is the truth.

You have the healer within yourself for every situation. The Christ of you has overcome the world. Prove it.


The Christ of you isn’t living just today, the Christ of you is living and there’s a complete future that you will experience in the future, Christ is already there. That’s why you may hear things from the Christ within which may not happen for quite a while. The Christ of you is not dead, the Christ is living in what you consider the past. The past, the present and the future the Christ lives in all three now. But you are the Christ. You haven’t yet learned to live in the present, the future and the past at one time. But Christ does and you are the Christ, you’ve got a little catching up to do to learn where you are. By the same token the Christ can do things you wouldn’t dream of, but the Christ has done them and is doing them now. In time you will learn what the Christ of your being is doing. There maybe difficulties ahead only because you have blocked out the Christ in your life. The Christ is a perfect being and if you are still on the up, still learning about the Christ you may encounter these difficulties. But nothing in the Christ is not complete, the Christ is compete and full. We each have to learn the fullness of the perfect Christ. That’s what we should be about our business now. When we’re about he Fathers business we’re learning that we are the Christ of the Father, that the Christ is perfect and we must learn what that means in our lives. Start with the truth the lie is over. Start with the Christ.


The glory which you gave me I have given them, that they maybe one even as we are one.”

The infinite Christ is calling to itself everywhere in you, in him, in her that we may be one., but you may recognize that you are not talking to your brother or your friend, you are talking to yourself.

Take a peek on the ‘Sermon on the Mount’, chapters five six and seven Matthew. You may not particularly be able to find the meaning of every word and the meaning of every phrase but realize that it’s spoken to, spoken of, spoken by, ONE, who is trying to teach you that you are the Christ, and if you read it from that standpoint it’ll probably be the first time that you’ve read it from that standpoint. I the Christ, I’m going to read what this says about me. And everything it says about you will be seen from a different point of view and appreciated. You’ll understand what it means partially to be the living Christ when you read it from that standpoint. I the Christ am reading it. Teaching me how to be an infant before I become an adult. It’s teaching me things about myself that I don’t even know. Chapter five six and seven of Matthew, The Sermon.

I alone and thou in me, that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that thou has sent me, and hast loved them, as thou hast loved me.”

You see Jesus speaking out loud, the Christ is saying “The love of the Father is yours as it has been his.” This is directly to you to let you know that you have not been left out. That you’re an integral part, that you are the self, but there’s no way for the self to leave out the self. It’s always telling you what you are, not what you’re going to be, what you can depend on being.

Father I will that they also what thou hast given me be with me where I am that they may behold my glory which thou hast given me for thou lovest me before the foundations of the world.”

That’s telling you about your ancestry. He’s speaking about you. “That thou lovest me before the foundations of the world” – He’s telling you that you existed before the foundations of the world. So dig in and find out the fullness of your stature. You’re not a person to pass in time. That’s not who you are. You’re not here one day and gone the next. You’re not here for a few years and off you go. You existed before the foundations of the world. He’s showing your permanent stability, not the physical self, not the fleshly self, the Divine self, the Christ self. We’re being asked to accept our self without any finite self boundaries. Always he’s building up our knowledge that we never were once out of existence that we are the being that is the being, that has no Father to give it birth, because it is before birth. Try to capture that truth. The whole human concept is obliterated.

Now if we can grasp all of this, just dwell in it. We begin to lose the personal idea of self. I know I’m trying hard to cling to this shape that I’m in, this body I’m in, this brain I have but all of this is taking me out of it. I’ve got this little facsimile of a person and I’m trying to be that person. Jesus Christ is telling me, “You’re not that person, you were here before the foundations of the world. You’re infinite, you’re Divine”, all of these incredible things that I can’t begin to imagine, and yet that’s what I’m to be true to. That’s what he’s telling the Father openly that he wants for us to realize who we are. There will come a time when somehow you will have to realize it. Something will try to bring you down to a level of a person and it will suddenly be a source of rebellion on your part. “What you want to make me one of these little midget creatures.” That’s not me at all. I can’t accept that. The Bible tells me who I am. And now I’m going to be who I am.” I’m going to grow in my concepts of who I am until I can truthfully say, “I am ready to live as the Father wants me to live as the Divine image and likeness. That’s who I was made as, that’s who I will be.”

I know you can’t get it because it’s too big for any of us to get the fullness of what is said, but we have to live with it, and we have to prevent the forces of the world from taking it from us. It’s been too long that we’ve been without it. So the strides become longer, the thoughts become deeper, the consciousness grows, something happens to us, and we begin to show that we have changed. We are closer to what we are than what we have seemed to be.


Tomorrow we’re going to discuss time. It’s an interesting subject. It has the capacity from releasing us from the false boundaries we have set. So that our day is just passed it’s all gone, never to return. We’ll find time isn’t that way at all, timelessness is something different. When we look into it we’ll fit it into our concept that has changed a bit and we’ll begin to see how time rounds out when it’s attacked from a standpoint of not dying time, but living time. Time that never goes off the earth. Not time that passes. A time that always lives becomes not time, but eternally what it is. That eternal reality has been shortened and dwarfed into time on this earth.


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“Awareness Breaks Attachment”




Herb: Good evening everybody. We have a very interesting subject today. The way to the realm of heaven on earth, to opening the consciousness, to witnessing the Creation of God as It is, in all its harmony, only comes through meditation. There is no other door. Unfortunately, the world has not realized this. It is only now about ten years since the idea of meditation became known throughout the world. Until then, most of us walked in one of two ways: in Orthodoxy or Metaphysics, completely unaware that the teaching of the Master was to go within to a new dimension of ourselves. And although many of us now have established the regular habit of meditation, it is a very common occurrence to notice that in spite of our good intentions, our dedication, our understanding of principles, we are still pursued by problems.

So, we have a right to say to ourselves why, if I am doing all that I know how to do and applying myself with sincerity and loyalty, why do I not show forth the fruits of meditation? Why do I solve one problem to turn around and face another? Why does my situation in life remain so unstable? Why do we fluctuate in health? And why are we always drawn into the world’s problems so that somehow instead of having the dominion we are given in the Bible, we find ourselves subject to inflation and deflation and war, racism, inhumanity, and a long inventory of the ills that beset us? When will my meditations bear the fruit that I had every reason to expect they would?

Now, if this were a beginner’s class, we would go over the basics very carefully. We would outline the purpose of meditation, the techniques, the barriers and we might have some special tips that would help you meet them. And we shall try to do all of these things today, but it would be a disservice to you if that were all we did. If that is all we did today, five years from now many of us would still be saying, why don’t my meditations bear fruit? And so we have to do something more today. We have to roll away a stone that we do not know exists. We have to find and understand one missing link, which is possibly the greatest barrier between a successful meditation, and a mediation that never kindles the fire. And so we must come to, not a quasi or pseudo truth. We must come to an ultimate truth. A truth that never deviates. A truth that is Absolute. And when we understand that truth, we will know what stone must be rolled away in order for a meditation to take root.

Some years ago, there was a book and it was either called Bridie Murphy or the story of Bridie Murphy. And as you remember, this woman knew all about her past lives and wrote about them. Not only did she know about them, but she was able to speak about all that she did with such intimate detail, down to the actual dialects and languages, the costumes, the idioms of the day, so that everything was recreated with no effort simply by memory recall. Many people were astounded because here at last seemed to be proof that we all had these many previous lives, because this woman with unerring detail was able to present many years which she would have no way of knowing about except through a total recall. And so, men came from many parts of the world to interview her and when they did they discovered to their complete astonishment that everything rang with authority. She gaily told them this and that and there was no place they could find a flaw. Authorities walked away baffled, they had to admit this looked like the real thing.

It was one of the biggest frauds in all of literary, of the literary world. Such a perfect fraud that even the author was unaware of it. Under hypnosis, this woman had been fed information completely taking into her mind all the facts that later, when out of hypnosis seemingly normal, seemingly like everyone else, she recalled with no problem whatsoever. So that she herself believed the things she was writing. She had no way of knowing that the things she was writing were given to her in a period of trance and that she was now merely parroting that which had come, not through psychic recall of many yesterdays and many past lifetimes, but she was merely responding now in this post hypnotic state to the stimuli given to her during the trance. This still is not common knowledge, at least not publicly.

Now recently, there was an article parallel to this, which bears a great importance in today’s discussion. It is about a representative in New York who did the following, this is a United Press release. Representative Allard Lowenstein of New York plans to introduce a bill tomorrow, to curb the use of hypnotism in police investigations, which one psychiatrist says can make people honest liars. To support his opinion Lowenstein conducted a demonstration of the power of the hypnotic trance at a news conference yesterday. Charles Schneider, a forty year old, New York City businessman was hypnotized and fed information about some mythical Blue Berets. Later newsmen could not shake Schneider of his conviction that the recent Green Berets case was really a cover-up for the top secret Blue Berets who kept the Vietnam war going and were responsible for campus disorder and racial unrest. Schneider even feared for his life.

Now, Dr. Herbert Spiegel, of Columbia University, had this to say, What we are doing here today in court is often done unwittingly by police and prosecutors. The power of suggestion made under pressure can induce a hypnotic trance in some people and make them honest liars. Medical data suggest that one in five Americans is capable of going into a self-induced hypnotic trance. Lowenstein’s bill then would prohibit anyone from being hypnotized in a clinical proceeding unless he had given permission after being informed of the nature and the risk of hypnosis, and the qualifications of the hypnotist. The Congressman said, That the most flagrant abuse of hypnotism occurred in 1966 when a Connecticut hairdresser was convicted on a narcotics charge. And the prosecution failed to disclose that one of its witnesses had been hypnotized and the federal court has ordered a new trial.

Now take you and make believe that you were this man Charles Schneider. You consider yourself level headed, and you are hypnotized into the beliefs that he was hypnotized into. So now you are convinced that the Blue Berets are really the power behind the Green Berets. The Green Berets are a front, they are prolonging the war, they are provoking campus disorder, and not only do you know this, but because you know this you know that your life is in danger and you fear for your life. Now this happened in open court to demonstrate that the human mind, when under hypnosis and fed certain information, will cling to that information, fight for it, and defend it, with unshakable conviction. We were really seeing, unknown to those who made the demonstration in court, the nature of the hypnotism that affects everyone, not one in five.

For example, we are told in scripture that God is present everywhere, omnipresent and what is more, the only One. Now, if you look around this room for God, everywhere you look you will be thwarted. Instead of seeing God, who is ever-present and the only One, you are going to see your neighbor. You are going to see people in a classroom. Oh, where is God? Scripture also tells us that the spiritual universe is here at hand now. The harmonies of this Spiritual universe are here. Scripture also tells us that we were created in the Divine image and likeness. And you realize that it is not very likely that the Divine image and likeness ever goes to a hospital or has an accident on the freeway, or in some way has troubles of any kind. So wherever you look you are not seeing that Divine image. You are not seeing the Spiritual universe. You are not seeing God. But that is all there is. I am the Lord thy God and besides me there is none other. If you can look at what is, but not see it, and see what is not, you are hypnotized. And what is the difference if you say that the Green Berets are the front for the Blue Berets, or if you say I am sick, I am unhealthy, I am unwell. The Divine image is your name and your hypnosis is that you are not the Divine image. You are unwell, you have a problem, you are not Spiritual Being you are flesh and blood. This is your hypnosis.

Do you know anyone who is not under the hypnosis of the belief that he could be sick, that he could lack funds that he could be limited, that he must die? Is there anyone who is immune to this hypnosis? And therefore, when you try to meditate while under this hypnosis, you cannot receive the fruit of the meditation. Just as this man feared for his life and was unshakably convinced and probably would still remain convinced if he were not taken back into trance and given the truth, to be freed from his false conviction. We too must be taken into Truth to be shaken from the false conviction that there is an imperfect world in which we walk. Because, we do have that conviction that this is an imperfect world, we know it because we have seen it and we have experienced it. But so did this man experience Blue Berets.

Now, one of the Absolute Truths we must learn to face as students of Truth is that what we call human vision is but a concept. What we call a human hearing is but a concept. What we call human experience is but a concept. All that we know humanly represents our sensory evidence, but the senses themselves are physical: we have a physical eye, a physical ear, the organs of the body are physical, and we have a physical heart, a physical brain, and physical lungs. And if they are not perfect, could they have been made by God? Did God make anything physical?

We find that we must worship God in Truth and in Spirit. We find that God’s Creation is Spirit not matter. And therefore the hypnosis consists of the belief that matter is here, physicality is here, and we believe it because we trust what our senses report. But the very senses themselves are physical matter and they were not created by God. And so the faculty, which we trust to deliver us truth, is a faculty that was not God created and has no capacity for Truth. It makes us believe that which is not real, that which is not true. And we, like this man walk out with the unshakable conviction that this that I know is truth, when it is not truth but rather the lie based upon the non-existent false physical senses which were not created by the Father.

The entire teaching of Jesus is based upon the fact that the human race is under the hypnosis of the senses and the mind. That every man, every woman, and every child on the earth for all times, up to this moment, completely walks in the hypnosis of the senses, and that we are sleep- walkers actually walking in the kingdom of heaven on earth without realizing it.

Now then, when you sit down to meditate, who is sitting down to meditate? The individual, who is a physical being with five senses and a human mind, and he says to himself I have been doing this for five years but nothing happens. He can do it for another five hundred and nothing will happen. Because before you have the right to expect an audience with God, you must come to God’s terms. I am the Lord thy God and besides me there is no other. Now, what is the physical image sitting down to mediate going to achieve if he has himself here and God there, in duality, in twoness, when the very purpose of all mediation is the realization of Oneness?

Do you see the stone that must be rolled away before you are even ready to seek the Word of God within you? The stone is this, and perhaps the best way to find it is to meditate along with me right now. We are going to do what you should be doing every morning of your life until this is so completely your way, your understanding, your consciousness that you are doing it everywhere at every moment without even trying. Rolling away the stone of a human personality.

Now I would be one with God.

I would love to listen to the still small Voice.

To dwell, in the secret place of the most high.

To know God aright.

To live in the realm of truth, of reality.

And my journey within cannot really begin for three reasons:

– I cannot insult God by having a problem for the Father has stated that his universe is perfect.

– I cannot insult God by bringing in a human physical being for God created none. All was created in the Divine image and likeness of Spirit.

– I cannot insult God with a false identity or with a false error.

I must go into meditation on the terms set down by God that I be pure at heart, Blessed only are the pure at heart, theirs is the kingdom of heaven, they shall see God face to face. I must do something that my human mind has refused to do. And I begin with accepting the Master Jesus as my guide. You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free. And I am ready now, I want to know the truth that will make me free.

All right the truth we will begin with is God is All and God is Spirit. Is that the whole Truth? No it is not. I might just as well say that birds fly. That will not help me to fly. It is only an approach to the truth. God is all. What is the other side of the coin? The hypnosis that I must overcome is that God is not all, and that there is a me here, as well. That is the beginning of the entrance to the doorway of meditation. God is All. God is Spirit and therefore, there is no me here, there is only God here. Ye shall know the truth and only the truth shall make you free. Are you ready for the truth that you are not here and God is? If you are, you are ready to meditate. If you are not ready, you may continue in your method and wonder why the fruits do not come from your meditation.

You will find that as you roll away the stone, of I, me, the self, the person, the personality, the physical being, being a reality, you will be admitted to the secret place of the most high, to the living Word of a living God. And you will receive in your meekness that of the Father, which is necessary for your present experience.

It isn’t the question or realizing oneness, through the meditation, but accepting it before the meditation. God is the only. The only presence in this room, in this world, in this universe. The only presence where each of us stands is the invisible God. And when you do this in preparation for your meditation, you will find that you are the prodigal returned and the Father’s arms are stretched out, opened wide saying, Son I am so glad you returned. That is only the beginning. But it is the great stone that all of us have failed to roll away. And in our duality, in our house divided, we were unable to receive the grace, the harmony, the fruits, the joys, the one perfect Self expressing where we stand.

Now, once you accept this when you awaken in the morning and you try to enter the spiritual realm, always you will see the barrier, which somehow prevents you from making the contact that is so vital to making your day a day in the kingdom instead of in the world. So each day you roll that stone away you are dying daily to the self. The self that God did not created in order that the Divine image and likeness of your true Being may reveal Itself. And as we do that now, there will be an activity in your mind, which refuses to let go. In your first attempts to do this, the activity of that mind will be the strongest. But it cannot win. The Self of you, the Real Self, has been given dominion. And the struggle now is, will the mind dominate or will you dominate that mind. It insists on a life of its own apart from God.

Your Spiritual consciousness tells you that just at the wave and the ocean are one, I and the Father are one, not two. There is not an ocean and waves, but they are the waves of the ocean. And I and the Father are One. The Father is individualized as the I that I Am. There is no separation between God and I. There is no place where God ends and I begin. There is no place where you can say, Here is me, and over there is God. There is no place where the wave is separated from the ocean. There is no place where the Son of God is separated from the Father. Nor is there a place where a wave is separated from another wave. All are in Oneness. And we learn to accept this that there is no real separation between me and any individual in all of time and space. We are all One in infinite Spirit. And that infinite Spirit is the only reality—the only presence, the only law, the only substance, the only activity and that is the activity of my Being.

Now, I am ready to dine at the table of God. Now I can be still. I have erased the me that is not. There is no one here but the Spirit of God, the Presence of the Christ. In this you find stillness is automatic. You are in the silence because the stone of mentality and all that it brings to you, has been rolled away.

I know from experience that each day as this is practised, it deepens until there really is a realization that there is no me present. Me has never been on this earth. There never was a me. There has only been God appearing through human sense as this me and that me and the other me. Only the One Being ever harmonious, ever perfect and ever present everywhere. And now the peace begins to steal in as I learn there is no me to fear about. There is no me that is subject to external powers. There is only God being throughout the universe – everywhere. Wearing the image mask that the human mind gives to personality. Only the One Infinite Self exists.

I begin to feel this, to know this and as I feel it and know it, I begin to feel the substance of God where I stand. I begin to know the contact which is confirming the truth that there is no separation and never has been between the Son and the Father. It has all been a hypnotic separation. Not a real one. I can never be separated from my Father and my Father does not end at a certain place and then I begin, we are One. I and the Father are truly One, without separation.

In this acceptance, in this self-crucifixion, resurrection is almost instantaneous. And as the self-crucifixion continues, the resurrection is quickened. The health is restored. The supply appears. The harmony becomes manifest on all levels of our experience. The presence that we are acknowledging to be the only one, reveals Itself as the only One. And only the laws of the Divine become visible in our experience. The fruit falls off the vine as supply, health, harmony, peace, beauty, love, truth, assurance and confidence that where I stand is the Father. That is why this is holy ground. We have never been separated nor can we ever be.

Now my meditation, the meditation in my heart, is actually God expressing, revealing, inspiring, directing, feeding, sustaining, maintaining, glorifying Itself. The stone is completely gone. It doesn’t have to be rolled away. It was only there as a hypnotic suggestion. The false belief, that the Father could be separated from the Son. We have left the land of the senses and enter the eternal now, right in the present. And there is no one who cannot benefit this way. We are restored to the reality of being. We are made whole and complete. We lose the fear that there is such a thing as old age, or powers that can torment me. We learn that this very presence that we feel within us also goes before us. It remains behind us. It blesses and prospers every act. It is reality. And it is our own Being we are speaking about.

Now that is the first and major error to overcome. In all of the meditations, of the people of this world, wherever you have an individual going into mediate in order to find human betterment, or better health, or better conditions—you have duality. And you have a guaranteed failure in that meditation. There is nothing we can seek in a meditation successfully, because you must go into the meditation with the realization that there is no error in the universe of God. There is no error on this earth for this is the universe of God.

When you go into your meditation, pure at heart, leaving your problems outside in the realization that those are problems of a false me, a false personality, of a hypnotized individual. When I go into this meditation I must know, that I cannot expect God to come into my living room if it is untidy. I cannot expect God to enter a habitation that has not been prepared for the Holy Presence. And so I must offer the purity, the oneness, the awareness that where I stand there is no error, there is no problem. I must accept that I am under hypnosis if I believe there is a problem, and that this is not the kingdom of God and I must reverse that. So I accept here and now, that because the presence of God is everywhere, and there is no other. This is the kingdom of God and all error must be a hypnotic influence without substance or reality.

Now, I am acknowledging Him in all my ways with heart, mind, body and soul. And I will not pin error on my neighbor. I will love him supremely as myself. What have we done? We have recognized that all of the individual waves are really the ocean and we have misperceived the ocean, we have misperceived God. But that doesn’t change God. God Is. There is nothing you can think or say or do that will change God, Is-ing. And where is God now? What is God doing this very minute? Being God. Being the law of His universe. But where is it, tucked away in a corner somewhere? This is it. But the senses cannot report it and that is the nature of hypnotism. That is making a Blue Beret and creating errors that do not exist.

So, don’t go into meditation to improve yourself, to heal yourself, to remove errors. You are making a mistake. Go into meditation with the acceptance of the presence of God where you stand, which presence automatically makes impossible the presence of any error where you are. And as you do this, you will feel the fruit of it. You will feel the contact. You will feel the presence and you will dissolve the false sense of self, which is reporting a claim that can never be true.

We are watching many students come into this confidence and their health is showing it, and their claims are diminishing. And their lives are beginning to show a glory they had never suspected existed in their own being. They are glorifying the Father instead of the human personality. Their meditations are deepening and bearing fruit because they are knowing the truth that sets them free before they go into the meditation. They are doing the preparatory work. They are rolling away the false sense of self. They are removing the barrier, which causes the belief in duality. They are realizing the oneness that exists, not to be sought, to be found, but to be accepted now. There is none of us then who does not have the power of Spirit within him to be released, if we will but release our self from the belief that there is a human selfhood standing in our clothes. You may find it difficult but it is the only way.

If it were known, many of those around the world who are meditating would find that contact which they have been seeking but not finding. If it were known, we might find a greater measure of peace and freedom in the world today. But be sure that when it is known in you and practiced in you, the peace and the freedom must follow for that is Divine law. Ye shall know the truth and the truth must make you free. It is a hard truth but it is truth. It is accepting the highest dimension of your Being as the only dimension of your Being. Infinite Self, everywhere expressing and that Infinite Self must be the substance of your Being.

And then the greatest line perhaps in all of the Infinite Way, When you find the presence of God within yourself, you are one with all spiritual idea throughout infinity. You are one with the ideas of Divine consciousness everywhere. And then you see why there are absent healings. Why you can heal somebody in China. You see why the invisible mind, which knoweth your needs, can pour forth beyond your ability to receive it, that which you need, from the remote corners of the universe. Because when you have found the presence of God within yourself, you have found the kingdom of God within and it is never separated from Itself. It is always One with Itself everywhere. And so you, in the realization of the fact that the presence of God is where you stand, and only that presence, you have released yourself from false selfhood. And have learned that you are already one with the entire Spiritual universe. There is the infinite Power that can now show forth and multiply in your meditation.

Now let’s do it just once more to get the idea, and it sounds rather difficult at first, almost impossible, but after awhile it begins to be the only way. If God is all, then the major hypnosis that confronts me is the belief that I am here. I cannot be. God is not flesh and blood. God is All. Therefore that which appears as flesh and blood must be something else. And we know through our studies, through our meditation, that this something else is a mental image. A concept we entertain about our own spiritual being. The very spirit of God is your substance. And therefore, the law of your substance is spirit, divine. And that law being perfect, your substance must ever, eternally be perfect. It does not age. It does not deteriorate. It does not even change. It is eternally perfect because it is the substance of God.

This is the teaching of the Master, I and the Father are one. And as we accept this for ourselves, the great miracle of life is that there is only Divine life. All that is not Divine is not, has no existence. There is no need to fear for it. It isn’t there. There is no need to worry about it, it isn’t there. That which I Am is the Divine Self, fed by itself, sustained by itself, protected by itself, activated by itself. And so I wait upon the Lord and as Isaiah said, Those who wait upon the Lord shall fly like eagles. We shall soar out of the false into the real. Right here! Right now! In our realization that loving God supremely means there is only one Divine Self on this earth and that Divine Self is my Self, your Self, his Self and her Self. I am eliminating all false concepts. I rest in my Father. Knowing the Father alone stands where I am.

Now take another step. Something in the mind says well what about such and such. What about this and what about that. This is the recurring hypnosis that is trying to reclaim a foothold. And so right now to that recurring idea, what about this and that, you say, If I have just confessed that only God is here, then this and that other thing cannot be here. I must overcome that belief—that hypnosis, if I would be faithful to my acceptance of only God being here, I must equally know that nothing else can be here. And that is how I will overcome this world.

No, I don’t have a problem in my mouth, or toe, or foot, or heart, or brain because only God is here. Only God is here. But what about the hungry? What about those killed in war? What about those in the hospitals? Only God is here. Ever the mind will try to intrude on your new found conviction and ever must you take a whip and clean the temple of the money changer. The idea that insists, But look you can see with your own eyes there are people in hospitals. Yes, I know and I can see with my own belief that there are Blue Berets, like this man in a trance, this man hypnotized and now with his eyes wide opened fearful for his life because the front behind, the front of the Blue Berets is the Green Beret. A businessman like some of us. A normal intelligent person and that is what is represented by the idea that there are sick people in hospitals. There are people dying. There are people getting old. These are the Blue Berets, the hypnosis of the human mind, which does not accept that God, is All.

Now, that is where you will turn and live, will awaken from hypnosis, meeting this at the level of the One. Only the one! You are laying down your life by accepting your divinity and in that you have rolled away the major obstacle to a successful meditation. Again and again and again, your mind will rise up and confront you with new evidence and every time you must confront the mind with a statement – that if God is All, you have not existence. I have no human sense. I have no human mind. God is All and God does not have human senses. God does not have a human mind. God does not have a human body. I Am pure spiritual being and the hypnosis is that I am a physical human being. This we must meet again and again and again until the reality of it is clear to you. And then you will find meditation is not an effort, not a task, but an opportunity to witness miracles.

We are going to pause after a moment now and then we will return in a few minutes. Let’s make it a long intermission this time about seven or eight minutes so that we can prepare for the next level of our discussion.

If you can during the intermission, try to hold on to the idea that even though you are seeing people God is all there Is. Certainly, you can do that for five or seven or eight minutes. And no matter what you do, retain that idea in the back of your consciousness while your eyes are seeing people. While your hands are shaking with people. While your mouth is talking with people. Remember that the Allness of God never changes in spite of what images may come through the senses to the brain. And then we will be ready for the many barriers that face us. The many ways to overcome the barriers and methods of deepening and expanding consciousness through meditation. We will see you then very shortly.

———— End of Side One ————–

We used to believe that prophets were specially endowed. And on a bit of reflection, it becomes clearer that the difference between a prophet and one who wasn’t, is that the prophet knew about meditation. He went within, he lived inside, he listened, and he was meek unto the Father and the kingdom of God within himself. Strangely enough, this power of prophecy may well be prevalent in many more people than we know about at the moment, who simply have not tapped the inner resources of their own being. All through the Old and the New Testaments, the word about meditation was sprinkled very lightly. And, of course, we wondered why, why couldn’t they just come right out and say why don’t you meditate. Why don’t you get inside and listen and hear the voice. And the reason is that even if they were told to do that nothing would have come of it.

If you were to tell somebody to do it, you would watch them like a child swimming in deep water. It wouldn’t help them to know there is such a thing, because meditation is unfruitful until it is preceded by other things. The Truth is the key in the lock. And only when the key is in the lock can meditation release the spirit that turns the key. If you try without truth as the first requisite, you have nothing to build your meditation upon. And therefore, contemplation becomes the preparatory ground for meditation.

And now it may seem to you that we are going to fundamentals, even elementary fundamentals, but still that must be done. In our contemplation, unless we have established regular habits so that we are plumbing the depths of our own Being at regular intervals, when the time comes for silence, we find we have no capacity for it. And, therefore, it becomes a very important thing to know that unless you are on a regular basis with contemplation of truth, you will not obtain that degree of inner peace, which makes it possible for the stillness that makes meditation fruitful.

Now there are certain subjects then for the contemplation that you must develop. And you will find the higher the subject, the loftier the idea behind it, the more it will release you from human thought.

For example, if you are going to contemplate, I am going to suggest several ways to contemplate several ideas that you might consider. For example, you might begin with ten qualities of God and in this contemplation, you would with your eyes closed consider that: God is immortal. God is Eternal. God is changeless, same yesterday, the same today, and the same tomorrow. And God is ever being perfect, maintaining a perfect Divine Selfhood. A perfect Divine Universe, everywhere. And from this you can see that whatever the Father is, the Son must be. The ocean cannot impart anything less than its own qualities to the waves. God cannot give you less than God and therefore in your contemplation you are realizing that whatever the Father is, I Am.

But we just said God is immortal. Therefore I Am immortal. God is Eternal therefore I Am Eternal. God is Harmony therefore I Am Harmony. God is Love therefore I Am love. Does God see or is God Vision itself? God is all Vision, all Hearing, therefore, the quality of all Vision and all Hearing is my quality. I Am all Vision. In other words, I do not see, I Am Sight itself. I do not hear, I Am Hearing itself. All that the Father is I Am. And in this contemplation, you are accepting that because I and the Father are one, whatever the Father is I Am. What about this mortal self and the mortal experiences? I cannot be both. I am either what the Father is or I am this outer mortal self that ages and dies. And so my contemplation is revealing because I Am what the Father is, I cannot be something else as well.

I am making my transition in consciousness, in contemplation and I haven’t even begun yet to meditate. If you are not doing this, you are like a baker who wants to bake bread without dough. You must prepare the dough through contemplation and then you will bake that dough in your meditation. Unless you are contemplating high truth, when it comes time to be still, you will find your mind is a melting pot of world ideas where warfare and friction occurs and re-occurs.

So therefore, One on your list is contemplation and to put it into simple terminology, five, seven, eight, ten minutes of contemplation even if you don’t plan to meditate after it is urgent, a must. Try to contemplate, no trivia and certainly nothing of this world. Get into the eternal. What is the purpose of life? What is my eternal self? What is the meaning of eternal life? What is the meaning of I am that I am? Lift your contemplation to the vision of the higher truths. And you will find it lifts you up to a level so that in the realization through contemplation, you will be preparing the groundwork. So that when you let go of human thought, of human contemplation, you are on a level that can easily make a transition into no thought, into the silence of meditation.

Now, so much for the basic fundamental of contemplation. You should in one year have covered at least three hundred and sixty five different subjects or repeated many of them until you have distilled from them, a newer, higher meaning that you had before your contemplation. And the correct technique there is upon completing your contemplation to move directly into and, Now Father that is far as I can see and understand, now reveal to me that which is and you release your contemplation and listen to the Father. But if you walk in cold it is like taking a cold shower just out of the blue, on a cold day. You can’t do it until you are very highly trained.

Contemplation then becomes a regular habit and usually at more than one interval during the day. The ideal is three minimum. I suppose you could get by on two. But why get by? The idea here is to attain the realization of the kingdom of heaven where you stand. Why avoid an opportunity to converse with God? And so your early meditation is preceded by a contemplation. In the middle of the day somewhere, somehow you can find the time and at night, of course, preferably before retiring.

Now, these become standard habits of procedure. So that if you left the house in the morning there are certain things that you know you must do. You must get dressed. You must find your driver’s license or your car-fare. You must check yourself in the mirror to see if your collar is straight, if your face is smudged, how you look, whether or not everything is shipshape, and now you are off. But, what have we forgotten? The most important part. What good is sending that image out into the world until Oneness with God is established? What can an image do in this world but live in an imaginary universe? More important than even your driver’s license is to establish first Oneness with God. And then the spirit goes before you on the highway, and it is behind protecting your residence that you just left. And it is prospering the details of the day with many good surprises.

And so three hundred and sixty-five days out of the year, we roll away that stone early, establishing the realization that only the Father runs this perfect universe. And therefore, there is only the law of the Father. And I contemplate the nature of Divine law, the nature of Divine power until it is clear, until I have a feeling of it, until the Presence says, and now, Be still and know that I in the midst of you am God. Rest in me, abide. And oh, when you have that, you are going to live a Divine day. Now you are on your way.

And we are told in this chapter by Joel, that quite often during the day. He didn’t say sit down and cross your legs on the highway and meditate to the stars, he said, pause a second. Now, there is no place and no time when we can’t pause a second. And so he tells us, to jog our memory to do that. And in that momentary pause just know that the presence of God which I felt this morning at home, is here now, and still goes before me and still remains behind me and will be the law of all my activity this day. That is all there is to it that momentary reminder that you are on your way. And because you said it, you will be aware of the fact that God, the invisible presence of the universe is there, cannot go away, cannot stop functioning as God, cannot stop being the only power, cannot stop being omnipotent, cannot stop being all-knowing, and therefore you are walking through the Grace of God wherever you go, realizing it, accepting it.

And now maybe it is lunchtime. And you can find ten minutes during lunchtime somewhere, somehow to sit down without haste, to dwell on another aspect of God. To contemplate God’s universe, God’s presence, God’s activity, God’s spirit, to contemplate your relationship to that spirit. And then Father: I rest now in thee to hear what you have to say about this spiritual universe of yours, about our relationship and oneness. I am still, totally still and not in haste. There is nothing that I am going to do that is more important than this moment now. Nothing is more important than my silence with God. And all you are doing is insuring that the rest of the day is going to maintain a Divine harmony and it does.

So that if any untoward news should come in the afternoon, you could face it and say to yourself, Well that can’t be there is only spiritual law, there is only Divine law, this is just another form of hypnosis and I have the strength to know it, to see it, to face it and not be concerned. Because if I were concerned I would be insulting God’s presence once more. I would be disbelieving in the presence of God. I would be worshiping the devil, instead of God. And now that the stone has been rolled away it is easier to maintain this equanimity in the face of the disturbances that pop up in everybody’s day.

And lo and behold, you know they are not there. They are pebbles in the water of the mind. But, He leadeth me beside the still waters. He maketh me lie down in green pastures. The growing unfoldment of truth is the green pasture under Divine harmony and this begins to be a very visible tangible Divine universe, for your I has been singled. The duality is gone. You are beginning to feel your way in a different universe than the world suspects is here. At night you can hardly wait to be still. That is like signing a used insurance policy. The minute you go into stillness you are divinely insured. And then while you are sleeping, it isn’t really you that is sleeping at all, you put a body to sleep—a mental image. You are still the invisible child of God, you are still Divine consciousness. And the you that is one with the Father because it is the substance of the Father, is not sleeping, that is living consciousness. It may jog you at three a.m. or four or five. It may answer a call for help while the body is sleeping. It is certainly one with the infinite spiritual universe and it is preparing your next perfect day, which it gives you upon awakening. And this second day in your contemplation there is a new kind of competence in your work. You are beginning to know, why this is my way. Try that for one year.

That reminds me of this passage in 1 Kings about earthquakes, I think I outlined it. Those earthquakes the other night, someone told me about three of the students were sitting in the Cohn Theater during the earthquake. And while others were running for the exists, screaming out shrill noises of fear, three Infinite Way students just sat there calmly, quietly, eyes closed realizing the truth and it was but a few minutes before the show resumed. I believe they felt no fear, no panic, and were obviously an instrument in helping others feel a presence that they didn’t know they were feeling. In 1 Kings this is the 19th chapter, 11th and 12th verse.

But the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake:

Now in those days who knew what he was saying? And in these days who knows what he is saying, but a student of spiritual truth? If the Lord is not in the earthquake what is it? It is a mental image isn’t it? Is there anything that can be real if the Lord is not in it, when the Lord is everywhere? If God is omnipresent but not in an earthquake there can be none. Oh, you can feel the tremors and the building could fall down and the papers can report it, but so can a man feel that there are Blue Berets. The hypnosis of an earthquake was known to the writer of 1 Kings. The hypnosis of a whirlwind was known to the writer of 1 Kings. But God is not in the whirlwind and God is not in the earthquake, and therefore the earthquake is our sense-concept about something, which has no reality in God. And in your knowledge of this, in your stillness, because you have gone through the preparations that enable you to be still without fear, for you there is no earthquake. And that means if your home happened to be in the line of the fault of the earthquake, that fault of the earthquake would have to walk around your home. Because Divine law says that God is not in the earthquake and if you are resting in the contact of the presence of God for your home there is no earthquake. That is the meaning of God being the only power, omnipotent, the all-presence, the only. And if you include yourself in that through your spiritual work, the omnipotence of the Father must be the omnipotence of you and you do not have to lift a finger to make it so.

Son all that I have is thine. I Am Omnipotent and my Omnipotence is your Omnipotence, but don’t think that you are physical flesh and blood. You must be Spiritual being for Omnipotence to function, for it will only function in the spirit and make itself manifest in the world of flesh and blood. How? The author of 1 Kings gives us that.

And after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire, and after the fire, and now he tells us why, the Lord was not in the wind, the earthquake or the fire, after the fire a still small voice. That is the Presence of God announced in you. And with it comes Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence, effortlessly doing its job of maintaining its perfect spiritual universe in which you and all that is yours is included because you are the spirit of God.

Paul had the idea, he gives it to us in Romans and that is the 7th chapter of Romans and it is the 22nd verse. Something about the inner man and also about meditation. Paul lived within this was his big secret and he says it very briefly here in Romans, 7:22. For I delight in the law of God after the inward man. Now, that is what we are doing isn’t it? Delighting in the law of God after the inward man. Everywhere you turn in scripture you are given another nudge about the importance of the kingdom within. Surely there can be no doubt that this must be the way.

Now, look at many of the errors that we make and to be sure that you do not miss them I have jotted them down. I am going to say this, that although there are possibly five thousand errors, it comes to me that one of the greatest errors is this: It is not the word disrespect that isn’t strong enough. It is a lack of reverence for the Word of God. If that reverence for God’s Word is missing, then you will find that you move very flat-footedly in a very prosaic way as if to demand of God that he gives you this and that. When that reverence is missing humility is missing, meekness is missing. But when that reverence for the Word is present, there is an automatic quickening in you, even before you enter the contemplation and meditative stages of a contemplation meditation. If you do not have that reverence for spirit, for God, for the spoken Word of God, for the inner Voice, for the spoken Word of God as revealed in all scriptures of the world, you may find this too is a very basic reason for your inability to progress faster than you have.

There must be that looking up with exalted expectancy and when you have that quality it seems to have a built-in insight to lead you where you must go. It finds the right place to be. The right time to be there. It evokes from you the proper instinct at the right time. But if you are flat, if you do not excite when the Word of God is nearby, if you do not exalt at the presence of God that is present wherever you stand, then that phase of your inability must be worked on until you are restored to this great anticipation which comes when you know that at any moment the presence may reveal itself. The Voice may speak. The vision maybe clarified. Heaven may open up. Don’t let yourself become so blasé that you can’t feel that way always.

We might say fear is another error and because it is an emotion, you may feel well I can’t control it—if I could I would. But you can. Fear is based on ignorance and you can certainly control ignorance. When you have knowledge, when you have enlightenment, when you know there is no cliff that you can fall off from, would you fear falling off a cliff? When you know the street isn’t slippery would you fear sliding? The knowledge that it isn’t slippery removes the fear. The knowledge that on the other side is a road, not an abyss removes the fear. The knowledge that God is present removes the fear. And where do you get that knowledge? Contemplation of the words, of the Masters who speak to you through the Bible, the Bhagavad-Gita, the word of Tao, anywhere you want to go where truth is, and revere those words for they are the living God speaking even now. Accept them for what they are. For their truth is timeless and they are ever yielding that truth, if the word was written five thousand years ago or you read it this moment the power of it is the same.

Now, when you have built this reverence for truth, for the Living Word, you will find that fear can no longer be bred through ignorance, for the ignorance is gone. And once you have overcome a degree of fear, through knowledge, through truth, through reverence for the truth, you will find again the human mind is not as persistent in its attempts to hypnotize you into the belief that around you is error. Work on your reverence for truth, your knowledge that eliminates fear and you might find collateral with the reverence for truth, that you will never go to God in an unseemly way. You wouldn’t say, God I have only five minutes to spend now and let’s get on with it. You wouldn’t go to God with the knowledge that you’ve got something more important pressing that you are going to have to do in five minutes from now. You wouldn’t go to God in haste as if you were running down to the corner grocery store to buy something. Do you see the need then for this reverence that prevents all the little foolish things we might do?

Now, there are other barriers – the greatest one after we have eliminated fear and lack of reverence is desire. By desire we mean wanting God to give you something. Because you are sufficiently advanced in truth that God cannot give you something, if you are making the error of asking God to improve your health, you are just talking to the wind. Your health is perfect, you are pure spirit, and to say Father improve my health is again to insult the truth. But rather to accept the truth of spirit as your being would remove the desire to improve your health. But the desire to improve your health will be fulfilled by removing that desire and only that way. To go to God to get is desire, to go to God to acquire, to accomplish, to fulfill a human need is doomed to failure because God didn’t make the human being, and you are only establishing the duality when you do it, that is why it fails. If you are in oneness, you are accepting your invisible spiritual selfhood and not the flesh and blood being who stands here, who will age and die. You are not making the mistake of dividing your house. And so all desire is the evidence that you are still living in a human personality and that is the nature of the hypnotism revealed in the first part of this talk. Every time you ask for something you are saying, I am a human being because the Son of God is your name and the Son of God has All that God has already. If you cannot accept that, that is the degree of your hypnotism.

By the same token we have another barrier. And it is unfortunate because we really don’t mean it to be that way we simply hadn’t thought about it. But how many times do we find the urge to go into meditation with the idea that this meditation should bless the world? Have you consciously done that lately? Do you make it a practice? Do you go into meditation to get something or to bestow the Spirit of God on the world around you? Do you see there is an invisible law that spirit can only function through a servant of spirit? And while you are busy building your little net to drawn things to you, you are pushing spirit away without knowing it. It cannot flow into the individual who wants it for himself, that is not the nature of spirit. And if you still persist in living it a human identity, you will say why would I bother with spirit if it won’t give me what I want? And many people do that. But we who are spirit and know that our neighbors are spirit and there is no separation between any, we know that is what is good for one is good for all. If I pray for sunshine for my neighbor, using that hypothetically, when the sun shines will I not receive sunshine? If I pray for good for the world, when it comes to the world, when it is revealed as being present, will I not bask in that goodness? If I recognize the spiritual peace that is ever present, when it reveals itself as peace, do I not share?

We never receive illumination for ourselves. We never receive goodness for ourselves and when we bestow it upon another we are giving nothing of ourselves. But the spirit is making that guidance, that direction. And so one of the more advance kinds of contemplation, meditation, is what Joel called world work. It has nothing to do with the personal selfish I. It has to do with being a light so that, the light of the Father may shine on this earth, through your enlightened consciousness for the betterment of anyone who is ready to share in that light.

Now, you may say, well, I don’t feel that I am important enough for that. Well is there anyone in the universe more important than the Son of God? Can there really be anyone more important than you? If you are not important enough for that you are saying you are not the Son of God. You are not spiritual being and you know that is not true. You are that light which must shine. And if you can get away from this physical fellow and rest in the light of your own being for the world, as a service to all those who still walk in the darkness, you may find that through this, those things you might have desired humanly to seek will be hanging from the tree of your life anyway. Because if you seek first the kingdom of God, the added things inevitably are there! And so now we are removing fear, learning the needs for reverence and desirelessness and selflessness.

Now, let’s look at some other aspects of meditation. The question came last week, how can I be still? I think to some degree you can see how you can be still, but this must be noted. Even if you were able to be mentally still on a conscious level, you would not really be still. The vast unconscious belief of this world would be pulsing through you even though you thought you were still. So really just how to be still isn’t enough.

The question should be asked: How do you live? When you are not meditating what are you doing? Is your life the very opposite of what you are trying to do in meditation? Is your life consistent with your goals in meditation? Are you always moving in the rhythm and in the knowledge of the presence? And if you are then you see stillness is a by-product of that. It isn’t something you have to strive to be. It is something you simply are. The presence is always at rest. And we learn we can rest in the presence and its stillness in us.

Now, before you meditate, if you have not done your preparatory work of living spiritually in the conscious awareness of the presence, a meditation would be a very direct departure from your way, it would be inconsistent. And because the departure would be too severe, you would not have the capacity to maintain it or to enter into it in such a way that you could find peace. And therefore now you must see that meditation depends on the fabric of your life. If it is a fabric built around the knowledge of the presence, the reverence of the presence, the love of the presence, the daily acknowledgment of the presence, meditation is just a fruit growing ripe on the vine. Not something you paste on in a moment when you decide you need something. And so you learn too, to meditate with your eyes open.

Those of us who have spent some time meditating with our eyes open, know that it is a very interesting form of discipline. It is part of learning how to still the visual sense, not by closing it, but by not responding to it.

Now there is a way to take your five senses and to train your discipline a sense at a time. For example, we have these boys out here speaking. We have a car going by. Now suppose you train yourself as if there were a rivetor out there making a loud blasting noise—and you knowing that God is not in the sounds of the earth, just as God is not in the earthquake, or the wind, or the fire, you train yourself to concentrate only on sound, that is the nature of this particular meditation- sound. And you learn to listen to sound. So that no matter how the intensity of the volume may increase, to you it is a nothingness. You are unconditioning yourself from sound. So that no matter what sounds may occur, there is a little oasis in the middle of these sounds in which you are dwelling, independent of the sounds. Drawing your substance and your inspiration and your life from this oasis so that all sound represents the fabric of nothingness, for you are only in the stillness of your own being. That stillness is never touched by sound. That stillness is ever where you are. You have isolated one sense and you are becoming independent of it. It will not report a fire to you and make you run. It will not shout earthquake and make you fear. No sound will impress you to the extent that you will react. You train yourself this way until you are living in a soundless universe. And one of the senses now has lost its power to imprison you in its lies about the perfect spiritual universe.

And then you take another sense. You take the sense of visibility and you learn to look. And just as you treated sound, you treat the images that you see. You learn the meaning of agreeing with thine adversary. Whatever I see with human eyes, I see not. Why? Physical eyes are not vision. They do not see the spirit that is there. And therefore I look at the physical world, but I am in my little oasis of stillness. And all of these rippling wave-links that enter to impress the brain with their evidence of a visible world are accepted with a state of stillness. So that five thousand who need to be fed, all the blind, all the deaf, or all those who walk on this earth even in goodness or badness are accepted in the stillness of this oasis as only the invisible Spirit of God, ever perfect. And once more you slowly develop the ability to face that which the eye pretends to see and to know that no imperfection can possibly exist where God Is and God is there, everywhere. There is no place where God is not. And all the evidence of the eye that says there is imperfection here and there, is the hypnotic lie about that presence of God, which is not visible to that eye but which must be there. You are being faithful to the shepherd within. You are acknowledging the Father and not the error, the imperfection. You are acknowledging the spirit within instead of the visible lie about the presence of that Spirit.

Each sense in turn is worked with this way. The sense of touch and smell and taste until having isolated those senses one by one, over maybe a period of five days or five weeks if you wish. They can now gang up on you. But because you have met them in their lair individually, you can handle them collectively. So that sound and sight may combine now to show you the roaring flame and the hiss of the smoke and of the fire, but you have conquered them individually and you can be equally non-reactive collectively. You remain in your oasis of silence. Until you realize that God didn’t make sound or sight. God didn’t make these images. God didn’t make that cruelty that appears there or that disability that appears here or that destruction that appears there. And what the Father didn’t make is an image in mind without substance. Oh, so real to that mind, but you have divided and conquered by wrestling with one sense at a time. And if you have never done that you have a pleasant surprise ahead.

That is one way to eventually put together a perfect meditation in which nothing of the five senses can ever defile. Nothing can enter the stillness of your Being until you are independent of those five senses in a large measure. Until whatever appears to you that is unlike God is instantly reversed with the knowledge that there can be nothing unlike God. And it doesn’t take a thought process to make it so. There is nothing unlike God anywhere. And what appears to be unlike God must be mis-perception of the senses, and therefore, I can agree with those senses, and that means to come to an understanding about the nature of those senses. They are conditioned to hypnotize. You are being unconditioned and that way you will live in the unconditioned perfect universe on this earth.

We have the example of many who have been able to do this. Some in greater measures than others. For instance: if you had a problem today, it was your responsibility with spiritual integrity to instantly reverse that problem by the awareness that a problem is a denial of the Presence of God.

I was called on to do that several times today. And the knowledge that a problem is stating that God is absent, whereas the truth is that God is present and in God’s presence there is no problem. Therefore it was necessary to realize that God is present. But you think you are going to do that instantly if you hadn’t lived in that consciousness that God is present? Do you think if somebody takes a tot and throws it in the water it is going to suddenly start to swim without preliminary training? We must be living in the consciousness of the presence, and then the untoward incident which is obviously a statement that the presence isn’t there must be false, because the presence is there. And because the presence is there the condition, which is not harmonious, cannot be there but it would appear there to the senses.

If we had worked with each sense one at a time to know that the images of the eye, the sounds of the ear, the taste of the tongue, and all of these are but approximate guesses about the invisible reality of spirit, we will have known this is a composite of the senses. It is two, three, four or five senses ganging up collectively, overpowering me with their false evidence, and I am a victim because I have not dominated the senses sufficiently and so they dominated me. Now these are some of the errors. We are going to go on though. Do you associate with people on the path? Do you immerse yourself in truth daily?

Now, this is not a request that we give up our friends because they are not on the spiritual path. But if you have found that as you entered the work deeper and deeper, somehow your friends kept changing, then you have evidence that the spirit is definitely working within you. Because our friends do change: Those who are in the spirit, those who are on the level of our household, wherever they may be, they do appear. And when we drop this one or that one it isn’t in a discordant way. Always the dropping away is harmonious. You will know that it is a spiritual activity that way. Even those friends, who drop away, do not do so with anger or resentment. It just becomes a natural thing. Now we expect this turnover because ultimately you see you must rub elbows with those who are walking the same path. This too is a spiritual law. It isn’t something you try to do, it is something that happens.

Even in your home, if there is a duality, a division, there begins to be through your fidelity, a twin spark that enables you to find harmony even in the midst of two different personalities. Why? Because in you the spirit recognizes the spirit of the other! You see this condition must remain until you recognize the spirit of the other. Until the sounds and the sights and the activities of the other fall upon that little oasis within which refuses to recognize the reality of anything that is unlike God. And so this test which often is one of the higher tests continues a long time. There must be a denial of the personal self which rejects another self, which says this one isn’t spiritual but I am—that isn’t true. The reality is one invisible spirit in that home. This is difficult. But the condition remains until it is met. And it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, how low or high, that which you are not willing to do will remain. That which you are willing to be, you will be compelled to do. Always there must be an acknowledgement of the presence only of spirit and none other.

In the job, where there is a difficulty, there must be a recognition that only spirit is present. Everywhere that we are able to come to this realization, we will find a release. Not in the way we anticipated. The release will always surprise us. Those things that happen from Spirit are always beyond the capacity of the finite mind to predetermine.


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Again, I want to welcome all of you; it’s a pleasure to be here with you. Today we hope to reach a degree of clarification so that in all who have accepted the Spiritual way of life there is a firm foundation; so firm, so unshakable that it prepares you to enter higher worlds than the one we know. Unless this foundation is established, we continue needlessly to suffer in duality, to move in non-creation and to try to pursue a course that is destined to futility; and that is to try to live in two worlds — it cannot be done. You ultimately tear yourself apart. You cannot live in this world and at the same time in My Father’s kingdom. And it is necessary to live in My Father’s kingdom in order to find the peace, the freedom, the reality of being.

And so we must look at several of the barriers, the deterrents that keep us from finding that peace we all seek. We want to multiply our blessings and we must cease trying to do that. We want to improve the pleasures of our life span and it’s strange to learn that you must cease trying to do that. Until finally, you say, “What is there for me to do in this world if I am to do none of the things that are happy things?” And the answer is, you are to learn to step out of this world. There has never been another purpose to the Christ teaching or to The Infinite Way than to prepare you to step out of this world. It is not a teaching to teach you how to be happy in this world. It is concerned exclusively with making transition from man of earth to Son of God. And that transition does not come about by being pleasant to each other, by smiling and saying I love you as my neighbor; that transition does not come about except as you are able to look at the truth, to understand it, to accept it, to believe it enough to live it. In short unless you are learning to be God-centered you do not approach the possibility of transition.

Now we know that reincarnation is the established fact of everyone who passes out of the human scene. With only those exceptions who have reached the God-center of their being. And in as much as something within us has chosen us to live in such a way that transition is attained without reincarnation, we learn to prepare our self completely by a total submission to the facts as they are. We cannot turn away and hope that when we turn back the facts will disappear. We cannot depend upon a person to make a transition for us. We cannot depend upon any other human being on the earth to bring to us the peace and the real inner freedom that we seek.

And so we must get tough with the human self we have been. We must look at this mortal and say to him and to her, “The very existence of you is the denial of the allness of God.” There is no you; there is no me; there is no person; there is no mortal; there is no human selfhood. We cannot dally with these things and talk about Spiritual living or transition in the same breath. We must cease from man whose breath is in his nostrils. We must cease from the belief that in front of us and behind us and to the side of us, there is a mortal being anywhere on the face of the earth.

And as long as we are accept the mortal being in front of us as being there, we are sowing to the flesh. And in that acceptance of the flesh, we have denied the omnipresence of Spirit. Now every day we deny that omnipresence and every moment that we do we continue to build negative karma. We turn away further from the very goal we allegedly are seeking. Some even say and think they worship God. But there is no way to worship God if you deny omnipresence because God is omnipresence. And there’s no way to believe in omnipresence if you exclude your self. If you are not that omnipresence again you are denying the allness of God–the allness of omnipresence.

And so in our God-centering there are basics and none of them can be omitted. And there are taboos and all of them must be omitted and you must know them. You must know them just so clearly that instinctively you recognize when you are violating the truth and you know when you are living the truth. Beside God there is no self. Now where does that leave all of us parents, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers? If beside God there is no self? Are you willing to say your mother is God, your father is God, your sister and brother are God? Or do you still regard them as human beings and you have certain responsibilities to them and certain things you must be aware of about them as human beings. You see how you must sell all that thou hast; you must come clean? There is no way to transition except through the Pure at Heart. And that requires the Spiritual Consciousness that says, “The Infinite nature of God is all that exists and there is no other.”

Now let’s look at the method in which we learn to accept and live in omnipresence. You know of course that fear is an instantaneous rejection of the omnipresence of Spirit. All fear is based upon the absence of the Spirit. The moment that you find fear in some way dominating your makeup at any time, you are violating omnipresence. When you make human decisions you are violating omnipresence. When you have doubts; when you have concerns; when you have ambition; when you have desire, you are violating the allness of the Spirit of God.

It’s as if you were becoming extinct. And that is precisely the requirement of accepting omnipresence; ‘me’ must become extinct; me must be overcome. There is no me here to be rational. There is no me here to be healthy. There is no me here to be sick or poor. There is no me here to be successful or a failure. Me is the denial of the omnipresence of Spirit. That is the nucleus of the denial — me. You, him, her this is the denial of omnipresence. Therefore you must look to the invisible Self behind me, behind you, behind him, behind her and you must be conscious of the Invisible Self there. And you must maintain a continuity of awareness that the Invisible Self that is there is the only Self that is there. You must become one with that Invisible Self in your Consciousness. You must find your Father Self. And you must abide in your Father Self. And you must let your Father Self flow through your open acceptance, your open Consciousness from the invisible into the visible always expressing Itself as your being. You literally must cease from being man, from being woman, from being mother, from being father, from being brother and sister. You cannot be these things for Spirit is none of these things.

Now you cannot do this with people until you have lived it. And so the suggestion is that you go off a little ways, maybe five yards if necessary and take your self apart from people and be still until you can know that the Self of you is the Spirit of God; that the Spirit of God is the Self of every one you know and that before they come into view, the Self of them and the Self of you are the one Invisible Spirit. That doesn’t matter if it’s a motorcycle policeman giving you a ticket, or it’s a judge giving you a sentence, or if it’s a lawyer on the other side arguing against you; whoever it might be, whatever the news they bring to you or the attitude they bring to you, they are to be interpreted by you as your Invisible Self. The Invisible Spirit of God that stands there is always your Invisible Self.

And this God centering is vital before you can go any further in the Spiritual path. If you cannot find a way to live it for awhile, you cannot know the nature of how the Spirit imparts direction to you. This isn’t something you can share with husband or wife; this isn’t something you share with son or father; this is something you do so that to you, husband or wife, son or father, is accepted by you as your Invisible Spiritual Self. We must come to understand the Infinite nature of our being.

Now everywhere you look and feel a fear for the safety of another individual, or the health of another individual, or the condition of another individual, you have fallen into the violation which is the denial of the Invisible presence of God. There never is a second self. Do not accept one because you will step out of the kingdom of God. The only Self there is, is the Spirit of God. And if you are still determined or stubborn or unaware or unconscious of the truth that all that is present is the presence of God; you will continue to put labels on people and call them happy people or sad people, sane people or insane people, poor people or rich people. You will give them labels because this is how material sense operates.

In our trust that the Spirit is all there is present, we are accepting our own Identity everywhere. And you, if you wish to move into higher levels of Consciousness, higher worlds, you cannot do it until you have established that all of the higher worlds are your own being. You can only move into what you are. And if you have not established that you are Infinite Self, there’s no way you can move higher into worlds unknown to the human mind. And so we want to clear out all of the debris. We want to see that fear must be recognized as part of the mind universe. Human decisions and human judgments are part of the mind universe. Suspicion and hostility are part of the mind universe. We want to recognize them so that we are not magnetized into them so that we fall from Grace.

Now let’s see then there is one Presence and it is a universal Presence. And we have no right to divide that Presence into forms of flesh. We cannot separate the one Presence. We must look past the forms of flesh. We must believe in the one Presence as a fact, as a truth that never changes. And your knowledge of the one Presence means that there is no second presence everywhere and anywhere. It matters not what forms of flesh you see there is never a second presence. There is always one Presence. You let the clouds of form go by; you remain conscious of the one Presence that is present and you are God-centered. And now all responsibilities and fears for any individual on the earth, would be your refusal to accept that there is only one Presence. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, where the one Presence is understood to be present, liberty comes into visible manifestation. But if you are accepting the Presence as present and another presence, another self, another being, another anyone, you are not God centered. And you cannot open your self for Spirit to reveal its Presence through you.

Now that’s easy enough to understand. There is one Presence. And now you must know that the one Presence that is everywhere, is you; that the Presence is never divided! When we say that it individualizes, that doesn’t mean it divides itself; it means that the Presence expresses Itself everywhere in Its fullness. And when you learn that you are the one Presence that is everywhere, you are learning what the Master meant when he said, “I and my Father are one.” Father always means Source. I and my Father’s Self are one Self. Your Source, your Father Self is the one Presence. And the one Presence is always functioning through everyone on the face of the earth. Your conscious awareness of that lifts you to where you can experience your Source flowing through the outer appearance called form.

When the Consciousness you are in, accepts your Source and you are at one with your Source, then the Infinite being that you are, flows through expressing Its pure Divine Consciousness as the outer appearances of your being. And the Source of you, when you remain God-centered, continues to express a continuity of Grace so that your God-centering and the continuity of Grace become one and the same. Your Source is always the Father within, is always the Infinite Self is always your only Being. And it is just this tip or this external being, this image of man or woman, that you must teach to accept the presence of your Source as all that is present. Only your Source is present, there is no other presence.

Now unless you go apart from the world and dwell in the knowledge that you are the Source and it is you that is flowing through the Infinite, it is your Infinite Being that is expressing and there is no other anywhere; unless you give time to dwelling with this, you will unconsciously be reacting to forms and conditions and false powers that aren’t there. And yet, it’s so possible to know that when you are living in Source, one with Source, feeling the Infinite foundation of Source, that you can easily recognize the illusions of time and space as they are presented to you and watch them quickly; coming to a place of conviction within you that the presence of your own Source is right where the appearance of the evil appears.

And then you learn the great secret; this evil is not there it is merely being presented there and that’s the big difference. It’s being presented to you and you can know it is not there or you can accept it as being there. And your decision will be based upon where you are in your consciousness.

A good rule of thumb in your living Consciousness is that there is one Presence, one Life. It is always present everywhere no matter what appears. It is always living Itself. That one Life is always maintaining its perfection. It is always maintaining Its invisible form. It is always living. It is always the only power. That one Life is always present everywhere. It is the Presence and it is your presence. And it is your presence even though someone else will appear to be there. Because the presence of you is the Invisible Presence of everyone. I and my Father are one Presence. And the Presence that is there where another individual appears, whether in sickness or health, is always perfect and not in sickness, always maintaining Its perfection invisibly present awaiting only your recognition that one Life there is being perfect.

Now that is only the first step. You start everything with the knowledge of one invisible Life. You don’t count heads and you don’t judge appearances and you don’t back off from threats. All that is there and that fact will never change is the one invisible Life of God which is the life of you. And unless this is a permanent state of Consciousness practiced again, and again, and again, there’s no place to go. And so this today will be a reference point that we’ll have to come back to throughout the year in your work, come back again and again. Do you accept that there is one Presence, one Life, one Invisible Spirit and it is being Itself? It is maintaining Itself and beside It there is no other. If that is not a major acceptance you have no foundation to build on.

Now then I am suggesting that you practice it again, and again, and again, through every form of appearance that comes to you whether it’s close or far away. The Presence of you is the Invisible Presence of the Father. You are one and the same and that Presence is everywhere no matter what may appear to material sense.

Now that fact will never go away. You may go away, you may turn away, you may ignore it, you may think you can bypass it, you may try to live without accepting it, you may even say, “I understand it;” but are you living it? Are you being that Invisible Presence? Have you accepted your Self to be the Infinite Invisible Presence? Now that is only a preliminary fact to be accepted. It will never change, it will always be truth.

We’re going to assume that you have practiced that in the past and will continue in the future and there will come a time to you when this is a truth you will never violate because instinctively you will have been anchored in it sufficiently to know that whatever denies it is a lie — a mirage.

And then you can go to the second fact, because there is one Life and it is I, and because there is one Life and it is him and her; because that one Life is the Invisible Life of all and because there are no exceptions, that one Life is there now and this which comes to me as a form, as an appearance, as an image, as a condition, is not that one Life and, therefore, is a mirage. It can be a very healthy looking mirage. It can be a very sad looking mirage. But it is not that one Life and only the one Life is there, therefore I do not accept that there is a second life. That’s your second fact, you cannot accept a second life. Because you are accepting that there is one Life, one Presence and it is Divine.

All mortal life to you is not acceptable, to you there is no material life, there is no mortal life, there is no human life, there is no animal life, there is no life of nature. This was all right at one time but we’re talking now about that level which is preparing for transition. To you there is no world. As long as there is a world you are denying the presence of the kingdom of God. As there is one Life, that is the kingdom of God. As there is one Self, that is the kingdom of God. As there is one God there is no second self anywhere. You do not accept heaven and hell. You do not accept two worlds. You accept that My Life being the one Life and that Life being the Life of all, I am God-governed here and now and so is everyone, no matter in what form they appear they are invisibly God-governed. They may not know it, they may not show it, they may not accept it, but your job, you are the one moving toward transition; your job is to live in the truth that God-government rules Its universe and there is no other presence.

And so we have one Life and one government functioning and this is the acceptance then that the Life of you is omnipresent and it is also functioning everywhere regardless of appearances. It functions where your brother is, where your sister is, where your mother, father, daughter are. Even though it may not appear to be functioning to human sense, you look past the veil of material sense, you accept the invisible government of God is present there, it is functioning. You cannot have omnipresence without having omnipotence there at the same time. Wherever the presence of the Spirit is the power of the Spirit is. It may not be visible to material sense but it is there. So you accept the power is where the Presence is. You have got your second point. But if these are not established you cannot go on to a third point.

And so let’s see what might be missing before you can reach this permanent conviction. Right where you are, you will not permit someone to say you are unconscious. You would stand them off tooth and nail if they said you were, you would deny it adamantly. You are conscious. Now realize that God is conscious right where you are. And God is conscious right where you see an invalid. God is conscious right where you see a thief. God is conscious right where you see a battlefield. God is conscious right where you see disasters on the earth. Everywhere God is conscious. Trim that down inside your Consciousness. God is conscious, there is no place where God is unconscious.

If you are accepting the one present Life of God everywhere, it is a conscious Life; It knows what is happening. And that Consciousness which is alive and aware of what is happening, has the power to maintain the perfection of Its environment. Do not fall into the false belief that the Consciousness of God which knows what is happening and has the power to maintain the purity of what is happening, is permitting bad health, poverty, famine, ignorance, disease, mental aberrations or anything of that nature. Do not think these things exist or you are saying, God is unconscious, or God though conscious, does not have the power to maintain perfection. Come out of the false belief of believing what you see and what you feel and what you hear.

To become God-centered is to look at all of the malevolence in the world, at all of the sickness, at all of the cunning, at all of the superstition, at all of the limitation and the lack and to say that is material sense it has no part in me. God is conscious there and not permitting these things. There is no one who is sick on the face of the earth. God is conscious and not permitting sickness. There is no one who dying. God is conscious and not permitting dying. In the world of material sense these things will appear to everyone, but to make transition you must reach that Consciousness where you do not believe that Spirit has a second and that Spirit permits matter to either exist or to suffer. In short, to make transition you cannot think in terms of Spirit and matter. For matter is but the concept we entertain about Spirit.

Now don’t try to live in both worlds. You cannot live in Spirit and you cannot live in matter at the same time. You’ll only crucify your Self. Take everyone you know out of the material universe, they’re not in it, they never were. Put them back where they belong. Know them as they are.

To worship God aright is to accept that God is Spirit, Spirit is everywhere now without a second. That is the omnipresence that you learn to accept. That Spirit everywhere now, is the essence of your mother, your father, your child, your brother, your sister, your wife, your husband and It being an undivided essence, It is the same essence, the one essence, which is the essence of all who appear in the form that we see. Your Consciousness rests in that essence until the you, omnipresence, is your Consciousness. You know that the essence of your Spirit is the essence everywhere and nothing can convince you that a form exists in the essence of your Spirit. Nothing can convince you of materiality in the essence of your Spirit. Everywhere you look, the form to you has no meaning, for the essence of your Spirit is there. You are not a second self and when you are not a second self, you will be the One Self that is omnipresent essence.

Now that omnipresent essence is the invisible kingdom of God. When it is you, accepted, when a good part of your day is spent consciously aware of this, you will find you are not living in two worlds, you are only living in the truth of your being. I am that invisible essence. And you don’t have to explain away the appearance of form to anyone else. You do not have to fear their ridicule because of your belief, you must consciously remain God-centered which means, you are the invisible essence of God everywhere and there is no visible form that you accept to be your life, your being. And you don’t waste time trying to develop the visible form. Your interest is to live in the Invisible essence of your being as an everywhere Self, knowing that this is, I and the Father are one in Consciousness. Source and I are one. Essence and I are one. Living in this invisible Consciousness enables you to completely surrender the fears, desires, and ambitions for that visible form that you had called your own. Knowing, that you can trust your Invisible Self when you’re consciously in It, aware of It, living in It, to perform everything that the visible form will appear to be performing. You can trust your Invisible Self to be the Light that goes before the form. To prepare mansions in higher worlds! You can trust your Invisible Self because it is the omnipresent Spirit of God to contain everything it needs so that you don’t have to send the form out to get, you already accept it in your Invisible Self knowing that the Self will live Itself and that will appear as a projection of those needs into the visible.

You learn to trust your Self. And you learn joyously to stand in your Self so that for you the world has no more power to fool, to mesmerize, to project forms, images and conditions. You are learning that not only to accept omnipresence but that accepting omnipresence means that it is you, your Invisible Self, that is omnipresence. The center of gravity doesn’t rest where the form is. You won’t do that from one Sunday to the next and say, “I have it.” You’ll do that right up to the moment of transition. And every time you leave it, you will find you are tricked into denying it. The minute you leave the conscious awareness of omnipresence you are going to deny it. And there is nothing you can do about it, if you are not in it you are out of it. And once you are out of it you are in a completely different life stream. A life stream in which all of the opposites are constantly bombarding you through the mind universe instead of the Soul universe! All of your rationalizing as a sensible human being, all of your normal reactions, all of this is forfeited for a higher level of being.

Now we could suppose that you have accepted this and have lived with this for a sufficient time so that you could readily turn to anything that came to you knowing but there is only one presence and it is the presence of God, what is this? You could measure everything against that truth. And the speed with which you can make this measurement would be dependent upon how long and faithfully you have dwelt in the knowledge that you are the Invisible essence of the universe. That there is only one and there is no other. Then you could readily meet things and restore your Consciousness instantly to where it belongs so that you malpractice no one and yet, you do not insult the perfect power that is ever present of your own true being.

Now we know about being the Son of God; now we want to find the Father Self and know that is I too. I am not only the Son of God I am the Father Self. I the Son and I the Father are one. And that Father Self is your Infinite Self just as the Son is the expression of your Infinite Self. Always the outer and the inner are one and the same. Cease ye from the visible, physical self, that breeds human error there isn’t any. And learn that your Invisible Self is already complete. That all that your Self ever was, it is now and ever will be. You can never be more than your Self already is.


Now I know it’s fun to go on a vacation. I know it’s great to get out on the golf course. I know it’s great to get a ship and travel. It’s marvelous to be financially secure. It’s wonderful to swim in the ocean. There are many great joys in this world. And nobody said that you should not have them. You don’t have to sacrifice a single thing that is joyous. What we are talking about, is to develop the Consciousness of omnipresent Spirit as your Self. It’ll get you out on the golf course; it’ll get you on an ocean cruise. But it’ll do far more than that; it’ll bring you to that Peace which comes only from the knowledge of that Self which is always perfect. It’ll do more for you than the police department or Scotland Yard for protection. It’ll do more for you than a grove of orange trees. In other words, It knoweth your needs. And the It which knoweth your needs is your Self. And without your Self this human form can just go on enjoying itself a little while longer but that’s all; without your Self you have the mirage without the substance.

What we’re looking for then is our Self. And our Self is already everywhere. It doesn’t have to go there to get there. We are trying to become so superbly anchored in our Self that the continuity of Grace that flows into the outer is nothing more to us than a sign that we are living not in two world, but that we are consciously living totally in Consciousness in the fullness of our own total Being. We are not going to go into the kingdom of God to make transition into it; we are going to live in it and continue in it.

In the Revelation of St. John the 20th chapter, the :6th verse, we are given the very summit of the purpose of the Christ message. And that is what we have come to now in this class. Everything we have done has been honing itself toward that purpose.

Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power…”

When you met up with this phrase several times in the last few years, you may have been impressed by it. It may have spurred you on to certain Spiritual achievements and now comes to a point where it is a challenge and a demand. We are here to develop living principles of the first resurrection. The second death is that reincarnation which we call human death, when we pass out and then come back; always coming back in through birth which is the first death. Through that birth we come out of Spiritual Identity and then we come into the second death or the death of the physical form that came in through birth. The first death is birth. The second death is our human death. And where we should be is in the Spirit.

Blessed and holy is he who takes part in the first resurrection.”

If we are to give meaning to the teaching we are to take part in the first resurrection. And the principles of attaining and participating in the first resurrection are: that the will of the Father cannot function in a human being, in a second self, in a ‘me’. The will of the Spirit can only function in the Spirit. And those who have attained at least to the level of knowing that only transition is Spiritual success, they are the ones who are making every principle of the first resurrection their daily Bible. To them omnipresence is the only way they can live. And all that follows from omnipresence is the power of that omnipresence. The living Consciousness, which knows all that is within Itself and permits no evil. And from it, the total God-centering, which enables you not to live in a division or in two worlds, but consciously to know that my Self is the invisible kingdom here and now. And as I remain conscious of the invisible Consciousness of God as being present as my Consciousness, present as the only Consciousness on the earth, no matter what fragments of consciousness show forth, I am bearing witness to the One, abiding in the One, being the One. With that as your daily foundation you will find Invisible Worlds opening up.


Kind of like when you’re told you can’t eat candy because it is bad for your teeth or somebody takes away something you’d like to have. That’s how it seems sometimes when we have to talk about living in the Invisible Self. We think our candy is being taken away. But we’re being given the nectar of heaven in exchange. And if we have eyes to know that, then we’re very willing to make the trade. Almost impatient to get on with it and to do the work that is required so that everything that hits your Consciousness that is not motivated by the Invisible essence, is quickly seen to be a fraud, a nonexistence, requiring no attention of yours, for it simply is not there and then you are faithful to your Self, and you are finding the way to transition.

We’ll pause a moment…

Let’s take a few minutes for a rest and then come back.

————-End of Side One————

We want to now accept that we know at some time or other we’re going to reach that Consciousness which can know wherever I look my Invisible Self is there. And that Invisible Self is the only Self that is there. We are going to reach that someday. We’re going to look up to the sky and we’re going to know my Self is there. We’re going to look beyond the sky and know my Self is there. We’re going to look all over the earth and know my Self is there — all over the air, all over the sea. We’re going to know this is the truth of us. But we’re going to know more than it is the truth of us; we will have the experience of it. Again and again and again until it’s as normal to us as it has been to walk the earth on two legs. And it will become normal to us as we develop the capacity to be faithful to what we are.

Now let’s assume we had reached the point where through practice, we knew that the entire Invisible universe is my Self. And that there is no visible universe. That concept is strictly there because I was living in material sense unaware of Being. Now I want to explore. Why should my Consciousness be only right here in this little spot if I am everywhere?

And you will find that you have the capacity to do just that if you have carefully practiced that the presence of the Invisible Self everywhere, is you. When it is you, you can go into other exercises than you have up to now. We are going to do one. Its success will depend on whether you are the One Self everywhere or not.


All around you is Life and Life is moving. Life is vibrant. Life is radiant. There are Life currents moving up, up, up, all around you. They can lift you, if you are still. If you are not living in a second self. If you can lose the concept of a second self and find that Invisible Self that you are, the pure Consciousness, the pure at heart, and the pure Spirit, you can rest there. I, the pure Spirit, am not localized. And this temporary consciousness that formed itself as a form can be dissolved. And I can be lifted into other Realms present all the time right here and right now. If the mortal self is dropped away, these living radiant currents will lift me into a higher Realm than the visible world; where thought is not human, where no person may enter. Where the Soul provides its own light that goes before itself you find you are not in the universe of the mind but you are somewhere else. It is a Realm that the mind does not know. And you are there as a living Soul. And it is there that you discover that you are truly a free Self, not limited, that within your omnipresence, is everything needed always present. That health is omnipresent. That Divine qualities are everywhere in their fullness. There is no place where you travel through the Realm of Soul where you are not aware that the fullness of every need is already completely manifested in the Invisible.

This is the truth of the earth that we walk in, formed, but we only learn about it when we release our selves out of the mind universe. We can feel that all error on the earth is but a concept of the human mind. That all belief in bad health is in something that has no real existence whatsoever. That behind all the bad health on earth is the omnipresent Divine health and its perfection. We realize that we are eternal Being. That we are immortal Being. That we are unlimited Being. That we are totally Self-contained. We never lack and never have. We have never been limited except by the mental mountains that we had built around ourselves; that every problem we ever encountered was within the valleys created by the mental mountains we had built that never really existed. We learn the truth of Being is freedom now; peace now, not to be attained but present and always to be experienced by one who accepts the omnipresence of Being and confides himself to that infinity without thought, without fear.

And so we find previews as the currents of Light lift us and liberate us. Until one day we find this is normal, it isn’t something you do for an exercise, it’s the way it is, if you can just remove the veil of concept that separates you from the normal perfection of your eternal Being.

The Psalmist who wrote the 23rd Psalm was telling us this, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.” He was telling us that heaven and hell are both a myth, there is no such thing. All that is present is your Self. Nothing is present anywhere other than your Self. There is no heaven, there is no hell, there is no down and there is no up. There is only your Invisible Self everywhere and that’s all that is here. And when all the debris, all the unconscious beliefs, all of the material sense, everything that we had thought existed in material form is dropped from our Consciousness, when there is no second self, no second world, no second creation, only my total Invisible Self which is the essence of the Father, you will move through that Self. And you will experience the perfection of that Self everywhere. And the day is now.

The Psalmist was telling us that your Self is where you have thought there was space and there was time. But time isn’t there and the space isn’t there only your Self is. And looking at your Self from the human view you have seen time and space where only your Self is. You have seen bad health where only a perfect Self is. You have seen birth and death where only your timeless Self is. You have been looking at your own Infinite Being and seeing a finite progression in time and space, which never was there. Coming to understand this is coming into the First Resurrection.


There are times when you practice the exercise we just went through briefly, when you are really lifted beyond the mental realm. And things become clear to you that are not clear in the mental realm. The illusion of humanhood becomes very clear. The hollowness of the mortal shell becomes very clear. The false sense of a life span is no longer acceptable. You are eternal Being in the acceptance of omnipresence Self as Invisible everywhere you are accepting that you are eternal Being. You are rejecting that life began for you at the cradle; you are rejecting that life ends for you at the grave.

You are rejecting mortal conditions as being part of a cosmic hypnotism. And you accept this truth for everyone you know. And you don’t have to do something about it because the truth is the truth. You don’t have to establish the truth or invent the truth or create the truth; health is everywhere now, abundance is everywhere now in your Self. And if you’re not in your Self, you must have the good and the bad. But you can restore your Self instantly, by refusing to be a second self in a second world; refusing to be material self when you are Spiritual Being.

Now do your friends a real service, if you love them, love them as they are not as you see them. Do your parents a real service, do your children a real service love them as you love your Self. See them not as your eye sees them. If they’re wheezing, don’t hear them wheezing with your human ears; if they’re doing things you consider wrong, don’t see them with human eyes. Don’t fall into the false human sense of responsibility. If you fulfill your Spiritual responsibility, the Father who seeth in secret, will visibly fulfill what you had thought was your human responsibility. All your human responsibilities are fulfilled when you walk invisibly in the kingdom of God. That’s the great secret of learning who you are. Everything you are, visibly fulfills what we have called our human responsibilities. It fulfills the responsibility of home, family, business, health; it moves the heart, it moves the pulse, it moves the bloodstream. Invisibly, your universe is Divinely governed and that appears outwardly as harmony. If you pursue the human responsibilities humanly, you are subject to human error and human misjudgment and you’re bringing everyone back into a false life stream of a second world.

So the word, ‘trust’ is to trust your Father’s Self. He knoweth your needs. He knoweth what the outer normal human sense needs. He sees through the human needs. It is His good pleasure to give you the kingdom, to provide all that is necessary and therefore He is doing that. You see the kingdom is already providing all the health that is necessary on this earth. There’s no health lacking. There is simply no Consciousness to receive it. There is no food lacking. There is no security lacking. The Consciousness to receive it is all that is needed; it is present and it is present in your One Self. Whether you walk through the valley of the shadow of heaven, or the shadow of hell, that is a human concept and you can walk through it without fear because, all that is there is your Self, the Divine Being that you are. And then you;re in one world, the universe which is the kingdom, One Self, that Self which is birthless and deathless. And because it is the only, you can stretch out your arms to everyone you know invisibly; and welcome them into the One Self that you are, knowing there is nothing to be done for them in the outer; it is being done in the inner. And the recognition of it, the acceptance of it as the only Self present, will be for them, the Light that opens them to their Identity as the One Self in which they grasp and feel the invisible nature of their own true Being. And that will reveal itself as the restoration of harmony where they are. That is the best you can do for them. You can give them no higher degree of fidelity. Anything less is violating your Spiritual responsibility.

This is how you earn your way into being a permanent resident of Reality. This is how you prepare your foundation so that from this preparation comes your capacity to live by the Word instead of human bread. This is the preparation for the Voice, the preparation for the Impartation, the preparation for Divine Sustenance. The more you live in the Divine Self of Being as the One; the less you malpractice your neighbor, the more you fulfill all responsibilities and the more you are making possible that day when the door opens and you find, I, your Self, realized.

Now in another exercise place your eyes at a certain point within you. As you close your eyes you’ll notice your center of attention normally falls roughly about the bridge of the nose. That’s where it normally falls in some. Now raise that center to about your forehead within and hold it there for a moment. We’ll stay at that particular place within ourselves. It’s as if you were almost, not quite cross-eyed. It should be pleasant and comfortable. You are just holding your attention slightly above the bridge of the nose within your self inside the forehead. Now just to see how easy you can move that around, move that to the back of your head, that center of interest. Then move it up to the top of your head. So that you can have a point of interest or a focal point, just about wherever you choose. You can move it down to your foot if you want too. You might try that just to see how easy it is to move the point of focus of your Consciousness to any part of your body. Later you’ll learn you can move it out into any part of the universe.

Now bring it back just above the eyes, behind the eyes in the forehead and rest there a moment. And let’s take the phrase, “I stand at the door.” This is your Self and the door is, you might say, the entrance to the Soul or the exit from your mind. Just beyond your mind is a door. And center your interest now right there on that door on the Light that is white behind that door — the white Light behind the door. And just rest there until the Light itself opens the door for you. You find there’s a gentle exchange in which your mind permits the Light to open the door and again you’re out of mind — you’re in Soul; in one breath taking second Soul takes over.

Now in this position we’re open to impartation. We’re above the realm of human thought. And all that can enter is Divine Thought. There is no place where human thought can be. You are not even capable of thought if we have followed the exercise correctly. And as you rest in this position, all that exists is the Infinite universe. That’s all that is being, there is nothing else. You are sowing to Spirit, you are resting in the Word, you are waiting upon the Father, you’re really at this moment living in your Self. Your Self in which you are living is all intelligence. It is all Divine Consciousness. It is all power. It contains the fullness of God. And as you’re living in it, you are making your tomorrows which will appear in a human world. The white Light behind the door, is your universe and your Self. It is the Source; and it is the manifestation of that Source. It unfolds itself. When your mental consciousness is out of the way it unfolds itself and the Infinite Consciousness of your own Self lives its Self which is Christ living my life. Those of you who are doing this regularly know that out of the Infinite Invisible flows the miracles of all time; we are held within the realm of Spirit.

[Long Pause].

In John, “Pilate, thou couldst have no power over me.” When you have established the universal, the infinite nature of your being as Spirit; when you have lived there, above the realm of human thought; when you have seen It flow forth into visible expression as every need fulfilled; when you have discovered that you are not the physical form, you are not that second self, then you know, too, that where Pilate, where every aggressor, where every claim appears, it is merely being presented to you, it isn’t there, because your invisible Self is there. You are being tested again. Are you accepting your invisible Self or are you accepting the claim? When you accept your invisible Self there which is the pure essence of God, to the claim you say, without words necessarily, but just by your attitude, your rejection; you say to the claim, “Thou couldst have no power over me.”

In other words I know I am the invisible essence of God. And this claim, therefore, this Pilate has no power, it was a presentation of the world mind, the material sense mind to me saying, “Look what I can do to you.” And it was getting away with it because you were not in the Self of you. But when you are in the Self of you, you can face any claim with the knowledge that it is not there. It is a presentation to you by the carnal mind, but you have the power to not accept it. It doesn’t exist in you. The claim is never in you; it’s in your second self. It’s in the self you are not. And until you live in the Self you are, every claim that hits you, you think is in you. You think that you have this problem, you have this physical disease, and you have this physical malfunction. But it isn’t in you; it’s in the false sense of self you entertain about you. And as you prove that out you discover you’ve never been sick, you never even had a pain. The false sense of you suffered the pain. The false sense of you suffered the sickness because you weren’t living in you.

And suppose you have now proved it out enough that you could look at anyone and know this is true of them too. They’re suffering with a false Pilate. They are suffering with a claim because they do not know that there is no claim in their Self. They’re not living in their Self. What do I have to do for them? But only their Self is there. That self which they think they are, isn’t there. The Spirit made no dictators. The Spirit doesn’t permit killing. The Spirit doesn’t permit diseases. All that was made was made by the Spirit. Then what is this? This false self has a false claim. Don’t get rid of the false claim; get rid of the false self. How do you get rid of it? You know who is there. The Self of God which is your Self is there. And that’s what you do every time you are faced with a claim from another individual. Don’t get rid of their claim; see them as they are; they are not there the invisible Spirit of God which is their Self and your Self is there and you don’t have to get rid of the false self or the false claim; they are not there. The only Self that is there, is there, and it has no claim and rest in that Word. That resting is saying to Pilate, “Thou couldst have no power over me;” even though you think you are going to going to crucify me. And if Pilate had said to him that Pilate had a sore throat or Pilate had a bad heart, he could have known there was no Pilate there to have a sore throat or a bad heart but he could only know it because he knew who was there. His invisible Spirit, the Spirit of God was there. And this is the truth that you and I must learn to face. Day in and day out we’ll come again to the same problem in a different form, or shape, or name. Always because we are putting false persons, false selves, where only the Invisible Spirit of God can be.

Now that’s our foundation. And that foundation must be developed. And as you develop it, the power of the Spirit of God, the omnipotence of the Spirit can reveal Itself. It could never reveal Itself to a human being living in a human sense of form, only in fragments. The miracles of old, the greater works are just beyond the realm of the human consciousness awaiting recognition. And they will pour forth in abundance. Don’t get rid of the claim; get rid of the false self of the individual making the claim by knowing there is no false self present. The only Self present is the Invisible Spirit of God, which is your invisible Self. Practice this whether you get claims from people or not, until it’s very normal to live that way. From that, everything necessary flows into experience. You’ll get the hang of it; it takes a long time but when you get the hang of it, there is just no other way to go.

Now we’re going to apply all of this next week. We’re going to take some of these principles and add a few to this basic one of, I am the omnipresent Self. And we’re going to see how when applied, these principles are infallible.

Now then, during the week it becomes necessary for you to live in the conscious awareness that you are only One Self. That there is no physical you and a Spiritual you. That there is no permanent Eternal Spiritual Self and a changing physical you! And in your Consciousness you must get rid of the one who is not there. To whatever degree you find your capacity to do that, you will increase that capacity if you ask the Master within to help you. Turn to the higher Self that you accept and rest in It, knowing that It always does its function. And when you have established that to some degree, you can go into the exercise of looking behind the forehead into the white Light behind the door of human consciousness; feeling the radiant currents of the Invisible, lifting you up into Realms where the Dove actually descends to impart upon you the Glory of the Invisible universe as a Living Reality right where you are.

With that preparation we can look at the application of that principle to everything that comes to us in this world; so that we can dispose of it, put it behind us, clarify the air, move in the unconditioned Realm. So those are your two exercises — they’re big ones.

If there’s anyone on this earth that you are malpracticing, please make it a point this week to know that the invisible essence of God is where they are. Don’t worry that you don’t feel it; you’ve got to know it first before you feel it. And you’ve got to accept it before you feel it. And only when you have been willing to go that far can the invisible Dove lift you into the experience of that which you have been willing to accept. Your acceptance precedes the Experience in most cases. You’ll be all the better for it.

Thank you.  — Herb


Today’s Audio File:  Resurrection & Ascension




Based on The Thunder of Silence by Joel S. Goldsmith


We have a very wonderful subject today provided by Joel, “Ye are the Light.” The light means many things to many people, depending on many factors too. I suppose that at one time we all thought that the light was some form of higher inspiration. To a Physicist the light would be dancing electrons. Always lurking in the corner of the human mind is an opinion about the light and because it is a human mind, it has a finite opinion, about light which is Infinite.

Now I’d like you to look at this. This is a magnified glass and if we held it in the sunlight over a piece of paper, say about six inches from the paper, the light would be received by the magnifying glass and then it would be condensed and concentrated in a point, and within a few moments the paper would be on fire.

Now just in the same way, we receive the light of the world through our senses and you might say that this magnifying glass then represents our senses. And the light of the world enters our senses and it is compressed. And here is this brain receiving all the light at one point and at the point where the brain receives all of the light that comes through the senses, this becomes our concept chamber, it actually becomes our form. It becomes our body and our mind, and now you can see that we’re limited only to what falls through that magnifying glass. If it does not have the capacity to receive something that is outside of it, it never gets through to that brain.

Now this is the tomb that man has lived in for many thousands and thousands of years. With his five senses used as antennae, he receives it seems, the outer light of the world and then this light pressing into his brain, gives him his opinions, his thoughts, his beliefs. These sensory images he judges to be external to him, and if we were to continue to live, in that frame of mind, we would continue to suffer, the various problems that the world encounters. We find that in this frame of mind, man is controlled by his environment; he has absolutely no power to control the environment around himself.

He has the illusion that he controls it, until perhaps one night he comes home and there’s a fire, and his two children are burned. Then he realizes he doesn’t control his environment at all, or his son is drafted, or whatever. We find that this world around us controls us. Try as we will, when we penetrate in some way to control the forces that oppose us, we find that as we’re facing front, there’s a force creeping up behind us. And ultimately, even though our vanity is high, we must admit to ourselves that as a human being, we are subjected to every possible disaster and catastrophe on the face of the earth.

Now along comes the Master, but he says there’s another way of life, instead of being a five sense antennae, which extracts images from the air and entombs you within those images. Come into the broader view, that view of life, which is given to us by those who have transcended the human mind. Not those who are living within the limitations of that mind, but those who have actually stepped beyond this perimeter, who have discovered another universe, a universe where the environment around man, is not unfriendly, contains no disasters, contains no catastrophes, where death itself is unknown.

And so the Master gives us words, “Ye Are the Light,” “Ye are the light of the world.” And because the Master has said, “I am the light,” when we are told, “Ye are the light,” those of us who have wondered how we are to live in a world where madness prevails, where inhumanity prevails, where corruption prevails, where disease prevails and where there seems to be no antidote for these things, we listen carefully then to the Master’s words, “I am the light of the world.” I’m not a human being. What is the meaning of this light of the world, explain it, because if I am something else, than I think I am, it is high time I knew about it.

Now I’m not going to give you any personal opinions about the meaning of the light, I think we’ve had enough of personal opinions about things. But rather, we’re going in scripture to trace the word light. Not as you think about it, not as I think about it, but as those prophets who wrote about it knew it to be, for it was they who spent their life spans, demonstrating the power of that light. Proving to us, that they had something that we could depend upon, and if we ever call ourselves Christians or whatever we do call ourselves, if we are to believe in the Gospel, then the authority of those who say, “Ye are the light,” must be witnessed in our own consciousness if we are to be illuminated.

Now Paul said, “Put on the full armor of light,” in a way he may have made a mistake, because the moment you hear that, you respond with the idea, that I will use the armor of light to protect myself. The Master went further, he did not say put on the full armor of light, he said, “Ye are the light,” and that distinction is the distinction between the Master and Paul; “Ye are the light,” then we search the scriptures to know what it means.

Now perhaps some of you want to take down a list that I have prepared, maybe it’d be better if we do that later after the class. And now we proceed in our pilgrimage through the Bible, to find in the Bible itself the very meaning we seek. We’re going to start with the Master’s words in Matthew, in the 5th chapter in the Sermon on the Mount.

Ye are the light of the world, a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid, neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick and it giveth light unto all that is in the house, Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Now then, the salient fact seems to be, that every one of us, is the light of the world. These words are not spoken to any particular individual, they are impartial words, they are not singling out this one or that one. They are not singling out any nation, any race, any creed, or any color, they are speaking to the human race, and they say, “Ye are the light of the world,” and so we have here, a light that is not individual but universal:

A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid, neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel but on a candlestick and it giveth light unto all that is in the house.”

And then the command, “Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Now then, I am that light, each of us sitting here is that light, and the one whose words we respect, the Master says, “Let your light shine.” And my question is what is my light? Where is it? How do I let it shine? What’s the way? I really do not know what that light is. But scripture does. Now let us see in John, we find a very illuminating statement, right at the beginning in the first chapter, In him, speaking of God, was life and the life was the light of men. Now the light that I am, is told here as the life of God, In him was life and the life was the light of men, because we are the light and the light is the life of God, we are the life of God. Now that should be established clearly and definitively, as the fact given to us by the Master. You are the life of God, because the light that you are, is the life of God.

Now dwell on that a moment and try to recall in the entire past human span of your life, how often you have been aware or unaware that the life of God is you. But that’s what the Bible says. Think of the moments, the years, in which you have acted without the knowledge that the life of God is you. Is it a wonder then, that we have experienced problems that we have not been immune to the world’s disasters that we haven’t been under the government of the life of God, in as much as we have been unaware that the life of God is our life?

And then the mind says, ”How can I be the life of God? Look at my mother and father were they the life of God? Look at the hard life they had, look at all the tortures that have gone on in this world, were they the life of God? What about the children who suffer form malnutrition, are they the life of God? and the answer is, no, they’re not.

The moment that we hear that we are the life of God, the light of God, we are learning that we are not what we have thought we were.

We come into this world and grow into the belief that we are mortal beings. Is not God immortal; is the life of God mortal? Can the life of immortality be anything but immortality? Is not God all, and is not the life of God immortal as God itself? So we find that we, accepting mortality, have actually denied that we are the life, the light of God. We, accepting mortality, have lived under the assumption, that we are another life, not the light of God. For we know now that the life of God being immortal, when we accepted mortal life as our life, we accepted another life than the life of God, and that other life which we accepted, is the life which has been subject to the problems of this world.

The Master wasn’t here to merely give us words to rhyme or words to read, but rather, words to lift us, beyond the temporary limited concepts of the human mind. To lift us into the Kingdom of God on earth. And that meant a change, a change from the human belief, and one of those beliefs is that I am a mortal being, with a life that must end, with a life that is subject to all the good and evil of this world.

But if, ye are the light of the world, and the light is the life of God, how can the life of God be subject to the good and evil of this world? And so the Master is revealing, the nature of the hypnosis of the human mind. That which later would say, “Awake thou that sleepest,” is telling us that mortality is a concept of the human mind, which is not created by God, not sustained by God, not maintained by God, not under the law of God. And as long as we continue in the belief that we are mortal, we are outside the law of God and we are living in a second life, a second form that is separated from the very life of God which is all life.

Now as we learn that God is all, and that all life must be God life, we see that human life or mortal life is not God life, and therefore we find it to be, nothing but a concept, a concept which we live in until we cannot maintain the concept, and then because we are not aware that God life is the only life, and that we are that life, this concept brings about that appearance which we call death.

But there is a broader picture here, a far broader picture, and in your present level of consciousness you may have more than a glimmer of that. You may see for example, that what we have called human birth is not the beginning of God life. What we have called human death is not the ending of God life. And now you begin to see that there is something happening in this world which claims to be life, which the Master is alerting us to recognize as non-life. And soon you may even see that all life on this earth or what we have called life is really the preparation for life; it is not life itself. Just as we have called birth, the production of a baby into form, we discover that all that we have really called life is really nothing more than the labor pains preceding the real life.

So what we are going through now are these labor pains, the real birth was not in a physical form that took place years ago, the real birth does not take place with death either, the real birth is when you make your transition from being man of earth to being the light of the Father. That is the birth, the Master calls it the rebirth; you come out of the belief that I am physical form, subject to physical law, subject to physical death, subject to physical disease, into the realization that you are not physical at all, ye are the light of the world.

When this hits a responsive cord in your consciousness, when you accept the authority of the risen Christ, who says, Ye are the light of the world, then a change begins, and continues, as a living transformation, in which the light that you are, the life that you are, are revealed to you as Divine. You finally come to the conclusion that God is your Father. The only life you have is the Divine life. You have no life that can die, you have a conceptual life that can die, but the only life there is being God, your life is Divine. And you must come into possession of the awareness of that Divine life. Then these words have begun to open you up, then these words have a meaning, they are taken out of just a source of inspiration for an evangelical meeting. They come to have a purpose, and that purpose is to turn you from the belief that you are an individual, living in a mortal physical form, subject to the laws of this world. And the Master who himself was born into such a form, was able to rise out of that belief into the knowledge which could declare openly to the world, “I am the light of the world. Once I was a physical form, once I was a human being, born of woman, once I walked in the world subject to the laws of the world, but then came illumination, then came the realization, that I am the light and the light is the light of God.”

And in that realization, he stepped out of mortal belief, into the mind of Christ. Out of the mind under the magnifying glass, which condenses all life down to a body, down to a physical self. All of that was crossed out. And he rose in consciousness, to the other side of the magnifying glass, to the other side of the five senses, no longer entombed within those five senses and all that he saw was Light and that light he said I am. For that Light is the light of God.

It is never separated from itself, it is Infinite. It has no place where it begins, it has no place where it ends, and in that Light there is no darkness at all. That Light he said, “I am.” God is my Father, I and the Father are one light, I am the Son of that light, all that that light has is mine, every quality in that light he said, is my quality. And so I can still the storm, I can cleanse the leper, I can walk the ocean waves, I can say to the cripple, What did hinder thee.” Why? Because the light of the Father is my life and that light is the light of all men. For ye are the light of the world that I am. Call no man your Father, for one is your Father and because your Father is God and God is light, the light of God is the light of you.

With his demonstration of that truth he rent the veil. He was called the first born of the Father. We have walked right by, untaught, unknowing, unsuspecting, that the light which appeared on earth, under the name Jesus Christ is the selfsame light of our own being. And the authority for it is that very selfsame Jesus Christ, “Ye are the light of the world.”

Now this will fall on millions of deaf ears, it has already. But here and there, there is a child of God hidden behind a form, and the ears of that child of God, hears the Master’s voice within saying, “I am the light of your being, I can never leave thee or forsake thee, I in the midst of thee is greater than he that walks the earth.” And when this responsive cord is struck, there is a standing still.

I am the light, that is my name, that is my birthright, that is my identity, and as you stand still, accepting your identity as the light, your next problem is, what shall I do about it? Where do I go from here? You’re in the proper identity, but you don’t know where to go, I am the light of the world, I sense the meaning of it, but what is my next step?

Usually the very next step is to go right back into that human mind under the microscope, under the magnifying glass, the mind that never knew it was but a fragment without reality, the sense mind, which was subject to every form of evil on the face of the earth. And with that same mind we try to figure out what we’re to do as the light, but scripture says, “Oh no, no, trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on your own understanding,” don’t go back to that human mind, to discover what you’re to do about the light, it doesn’t know, if it knew it would’ve done it.

You are to transcend that mind instantly, rather, accept the words of the Master as your authority. And the Master who tells you , ye are the light, has a far better plan than the human understanding would outline for you. The Master says, “All power is in God. If you rely on the evidence of your human mind, you will continue to disbelieve that, and violate it, In fact, you will look out and there will be a son or a daughter, and a car heading her way, you will shout, “lookout! lookout!” that’s the human mind. But the divine mind has not placed a form in front of an automobile to be run down. The light of the Father is not going to be run down. Always in the human mind we will be tricked into appearances, very logical, reasonable, appearances, and we will feel that we must humanly save someone from a disaster.

But wait one second now, I am the light of the world and ye are the light and that light that ye are, is the light of that girl standing right where that automobile is coming, and it is the light of the driver. The light of the Father is immortal, if are you seeing another mortal being, then you’re back in your sense mind. And so all logic not withstanding, we listen again as the Master says, Lean not on your own understanding.” Let us establish clearly and forever, that all power is in God! That means there is one power, and that power is the power of God which is the power of love, the power of life, the power of fulfillment, the power of peace, the power of harmony, the power of security, the power of protection. Oh, you say, But where is that power? I don’t see it, of course not, God did not create human senses, how can human senses see God.

But let yourself transcend those senses, and when you’re told to Lean not on thine own understanding, that means you must come to a level, where you do not stand there in your mind and say, “Only what I can understand will I follow.” You cannot follow the Master with your own understanding. If you were to limit yourself to your understanding, you will be limiting God to your level of understanding, and that would be like saying to a higher mathematics instructor, “Teach this three year old mathematics, but teach them calculus on their level of three years old,” it cannot be done, for calculus wouldn’t get down to that three year old mind.

God cannot teach you down on your level, you must accept God’s level on faith. God’s level is one power, functioning right where you stand now. And as you dwell in this a moment, you will see that it is very reasonable, because who is there and what is there that can remove the presence of God? Have we not established clearly the God is everywhere, omnipresent, right where you stand is Holy ground? Neither lo here or lo there, but the kingdom of God is within you. If God is everywhere, isn’t the power of God everywhere? Isn’t the sense mind unaware that the power of God is everywhere? Isn’t the sense mind experiencing only that which it can touch and see and feel? It doesn’t see and touch and feel the power of God. Who’s hypnotized, God or the sense mind? God is everywhere and the power of God must be were God is, and therefore the sense mind which does not experience that power must be hypnotized. It simply does not have the capacity to experience the power of God, but the power of God is present, right now.

There is a simple analogy about the sun, if you were an infant or a young child and your parents said to you that the sun had been stolen from the sky and that is why the sun was not shining today, you might believe your parent, that the sun had actually been stolen from the sky. And as you grew up, you would learn that the sun couldn’t be stolen from the sky, it has to be there. It might be momentarily covered by a cloud, but you could say with assurance that the cloud will pass and the sun will shine again. So would the power of God. But we in our infancy, spiritually, we have been convinced that someone could come and steal away the power of God, tuck it away on a shelf somewhere, or in a closet.

What we haven’t understood is that the power of God is always present and functioning at its fullness. And as the sun is never taken out of the sky, but is only covered by a cloud, so the power of God is ever present although our sense mind functions as a cloud. Our clouds of thought block our experience of the present power of the Father, and that power never extends into our clouds of thought for a very simple reason, our human experience never extends beyond our thought.

The sensory images of our mind are not the life or the mind of God, the power of God will not extend to the illusory nature of our thinking. The power of God functions in Reality, in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. And we, skirting around in our thought, are pulling clouds down over that ever present power, and then seemingly knowing so much we have assumed that the power of God was absent. We have been so clever that we have been able to take God power and remove it. We who could not remove the sun from the sky, have been hypnotized into believing that God power could be absent from where God is.

As you rectify your error, and accept that there is no power present but the one power, of God, because it cannot go anywhere, I can never leave thee nor forsake thee, then we know that whatever demonstrates the power of evil, is as much a lie as the belief that the sun was taken out of the sky. If God power is present and functioning, then that which we see as evil cannot be there, even though we see it with our sense mind. How can the power of God be here and functioning and evil be here too? The acceptance of evil is the denial of the presence of God. And we inadvertently, in accepting the presence of evil in any form, have been duped by our sense mind into believing that God power is not present. But which is present, God or evil? They cannot both be present! The mind we have relied upon to lead us through life is revealed as undependable, it sees the evil, but it does not see God. God is here and the evil is not.

Once we have accepted one power, every so called power which contradicts the presence of God’s perfect power, is then revealed as non power. We have come into the understanding of the Omnipotence of the Father, only the Father’s power is present, and all that denies it is a liar. It has fooled our sense mind, but now that I have risen to the point where I am beginning to be the light of the world I cannot be fooled. God is present, God’s love is present, and every quality of the Father is equally present.

How could there be less of God over there than over here? How can God tomorrow be more than God today? How can there be love of God in one direction and not in another? And as I find the qualities of God are present where God is, then those qualities being harmony, peace, truth, love, intelligence, wisdom, justice, and equality, go on and on, and all that denies the presence of those qualities is again a hypnotism of the mind. The clouds of mesmerism are being dissolved, as we accept that I, being the light and life of God, am no longer subject to the material laws of this world.

I can stand me still and behold the salvation of truth. I can stand in the midst of mine enemies knowing there are none. I am the light of the world and they are the light of the world. The sense mind which sees us as different has been misled. I no longer have a sense mind as my God.

Now just as the acceptance of one power is possible, when you have accepted the allness of God, knowing there is nothing else present but God, we who wish to come to the realization of the light, let’s go many steps higher. When you understand that the allness of God, precludes the possibility of a second power, a power of evil, a power of destruction, a power of pain, because only the one power can be. You can then see something that has never been explained in this particular fashion before. Now this is a step for those of you who are ready.

Eternity is never less than Itself. There is no such thing as time in eternity, eternity is all this. Take a magnifying glass here and let eternity come through, and on the other side of it you’ll see time. The sense mind sees time where only eternity is. In time things become, things age, but just as false powers are accepted when you’re not in the knowledge of one power, when you’re in the knowledge of eternity as all there is, never becoming a fraction of itself, being eternally eternal, then you know that time, is a concept of the sense mind.

And just as it fractionalizes eternity, it then provides a concept as a basis for the process we call aging, becoming, growing into. But if there is not time in which to age, there can be no aging. If there is no time to become something, there can be no becoming. God isn’t aging, God isn’t becoming. The light of your being isn’t aging, it isn’t becoming, it isn’t growing, it is being.

And just as infinity, can either be fractionalized down into something finite; we discover that space too is a concept of the sense mind. For you to go somewhere requires space, for you to return requires space, but there is no space. And that reveals the going and the coming cannot take place, because there is no space in which it can take place, but it appears real to the sense mind.

God isn’t going and God isn’t coming, God is Omnipresence, and the light of God is Omnipresence. I am the light of God, ye are the light of God, the light is being, it is never becoming. You can never really become anything because you are Being Itself. Now remember, this is for those who are ready for it. And you’ll find that there is a reason we have to come to this.

Law, there’s only one law, and that law being Divine, there are no variations of that law and there are no inequalities in that law. And as you take the one, the one life, the one being, the one law, the one power, the one mind, these are all the qualities of the one Light that you are.

If you strive with a human mind to understand them, and level them to your degree of understanding, then you have lost the message of transcending the human mind. And so there’s a great surrender, in which you accept yourself to be the Light and then you accept yourself to be the qualities of the Light. And then all that denies the qualities that you are, is not you, is not part of you, and has as much power as the power of people to take the sun out of the sky; it can only have the power that you permit it to have by your belief.

And so you come to a place, where words can no longer suffice, where human thoughts are inadequate, completely in the way. You come to that level of no thought, above words, above thoughts, where you’re in the state of awareness, a state of Divine Consciousness.

You are the Light being Itself, and you find at that level, the Light dissolves the darkness, of human problems, human fears, human frustrations, human limitations. I, the Light am unlimited, and if there is a limitation anywhere, you have not accepted Identity. I, the Light am immortal, if you see a mortal on the face of the earth, even one, you have not accepted that God is the Father of all, and therefore all is immortal. If you see one mortal you are depriving that individual of the Fathership of God.

And as you dwell at this level, you really do experience a change in mind. A change that takes you out of the human mind, transcending the sense mind, opening your soul faculties, and gone is this magnifying glass, gone is the tomb of the senses, you are liberated into the wholeness of Being, into your complete Self, into the Infinite and it is there, that you will hear the ‘voice’.

Now we may feel, I can’t do this all by myself, or I can’t do this in a day, a month, or a year, but be assured that that’s just what you’ve been doing up to now. You have been developing within yourself a capacity to leave behind you the old man, and to put on the new man. You have been developing that capacity to suddenly burst forth into bud, and then into flower, and it doesn’t matter how barren it may have seemed to you or seems now, illumination comes quickly. Even though it may take years to come, when it comes, it comes quickly. You never know when. Your sole function is to continue in the Word of the Father, in integrity to that Word, in fidelity to the truth of your own being. Ever being lifted by the knowledge, that because you are the light of the world, because that light is the life of God, there must come a moment when the light breaks through, for it is the Will of the Father that you be perfect as your Father.

In your meditations this coming week, it will be expedient that you think of yourself as the light, and to go through your list as the qualities of God that are in the light, and to realize that right where you are being the light, those qualities are. What appears in the visible at the moment is the expression of the manifestation of your sense mind, plus whatever Spiritual development you may have had up until now. But what will appear will be the fruitage of your Spiritual progress, when you develop that fidelity and loyalty, not to personal self, but to the Word of the Father, to glorifying the Spirit of God, which is the Light of your being, rather than the personal sense of self.

How can you be the Light and be something else? And as long as you remain in the attitude of being something else, you are violating your own being, a house divided. But because you are the light, the Father says, All that I have is thine, My light is your light; My life is your life. Who is this Light that you are? Do we not see that the Father created man in his image and likeness, male and female created he them. We have been living as a mortal image, unaware that we are the Divine image, and that Divine image is the Light, and its name is the Son of God. Is there another Son of God that you know of? If you are not the Light can you be the child of God? If you are not the child of God can you be under the government of His love? Is there a second life? Is there a second Son? We know not any. We have made ourselves orphans by not accepting that we are the Divine image, seen through the glass darkly of the sense mind. And that Divine image that we are, is the Light of the world; not will be, not will become, but is. That has been the reality of our being eternally.

Do you see the word “Identity” then as a key, to your work in Spiritual unfoldment? If you are not in Identity you are out of focus. If you not meditating as a child of God, the Light, you are not making your contact. If you are not knowing yourself to be, the living Light of the Father, how can the powers of that Light express, when you are denying it to be your Identity? You are keeping yourself outside the Light.

—  End of Side One  —

Now banish the magnifying glass, banish the senses, banish every limited perspective you may ever have and accept that he who walked the earth, demonstrating the power of that light, knew what he was talking about, and that his whole purpose on the earth was to show you what the light of your being can do. So that if you believe on the Light, the works that the light does, ye shall do, and greater works shall ye do. For the Light doeth its own works, when there is a house, a consciousness, that is not divided from that Light. This is the Grace of the Light accepted, and whatever ye shall ask in my name, as the light, shall be given unto you.

There are many ways you can accept the light, there are many ways you can deny the light. Every time you deny it as your being, you lose it, every time you say how unworthy you are; you are denying yourself to be the light. Every time, you speak about the times that you fear, when you doubt, when you lack, when you’re limited, you are saying I am not the light of God, and you’re pronouncing your own sentence.

When you are living in a life or a mind, which can look out upon the world and condemn and see evil and accept evil, you are saying the light of God is not the only light. Whenever you deprive another individual of the Fathership of God, you are denying that the light of God is the only light. Whenever you can look on this world and see any form of evil, you are caught in the mesmerism of that sense mind, which knows not the things of God, and you are losing the Grace of your being. Now then, you say I seek freedom, I seek peace, I seek security, this sounds fine to the human mind, but again, again, you are cutting yourself off from the light.

In the first letter of John, we’re told what the Light is again: This then is the message which we have heard of him and declare unto you, that God is light and in him is no darkness at all. God is light, ye are the light. Now watch how it goes together, back in John, in the very first chapter, speaking of the Christ which appeared of Jesus, “That was the true light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” The light of Jesus which is called Christ was the light that lighteth every man that comes into the world, and the light then is identified as Christ, the light of the world. Ye are the light of the world, ye are Christ, the light of the world. And then in John, we find the Master saying, “I am the light,” establishing his name to be Christ, the light: I am the light of the world, he that followeth me, meaning, he who accepts himself to be the light of the world, shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life. Continuing in John: I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believe on me, and this light that you are to believe on is established as the light of your being, should not abide in darkness. Now the light of the world that you are to believe on is your identity.

And in John again, we find a further explanation of the identity of that light: He that believeth on him, meaning on the light, is not condemned, but he that believeth not, is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. Now here the light is identified as the only begotten Son of God, and it becomes clear then, to understand this, that he that believeth on the only begotten Son of God as his identity is not condemned.

If you do not except yourself to be the only begotten Son of God, the light, obviously you’re condemned, because you’re in a different life than that life which is the only life. And the condemnation is that you are in a state of nonexistence or asleep, or dead, which ever the word is that fits at the moment. Only the life of God is the Son of God, and if you are not accepting it to be your name, you’re in a state of non-life and that’s the condemnation.

But he that believeth not is condemned already because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. You see, the qualities of God can only function in the Son of God, and man on earth thinking of God, is dead is really dead himself, because in him the qualities of God are not functioning. He’s in a state of consciousness that is not accepting himself to be the Son of God, the light of God. And this is the condemnation, that light has come into the world and men loved darkness rather than light because their deeds were evil. For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light. We turn from the Christ, the light of our own being, because it would transform us from the qualities, from doing evil, which are part of the human mind, neither cometh to the light unless his deeds should be reproved. So the Antichrist in us says, “I’m not the light, continue as before, and you must suffer, suffer,” but the Christ in us says, “I am the light, I am the way.”

Now if you’ve got it clear then, that the light of your being is the only begotten Son of God, then you see why Jesus, having accepted this to be the case would say, Thou seest me, thou seest the Father who sent me.” He had accepted himself to be that Son of God, and whereas orthodoxy has concealed this by ignorance, we see that the Son of God he accepted himself to be was the light of God which all of us are. In that light is every quality of God expressing now. Now God is, here God is, here and now is the light of God, and as you accept this, you are now following Me. You are following the Master who says, I am the light of the world, whoever follows me will not dwell in darkness. When you accept yourself to be the light of the world, you will not dwell in darkness. For in that light are the qualities of the only begotten Son, which is your name throughout eternity.

Now you see how we’re coming to that oneness, I and the Father are one life, thou seest me thou seest the Father. When are you able to say this, that moment when you can say this with confidence is the moment when something touches you and says, “But you are the light, of God the Son,” and then you say within yourself, “But then. thou seest me. thou seest the Father, for I am the light of the Father, I and the Father are one light,” and in the knowledge of that, you’re in conscious union with God. Actually where you are, God expresses in fullness. And you see, because this is now the present state of your being, whether you are aware of it or not, whenever you believe you are incomplete in any way, in that belief that you are incomplete, you are saying, “I am not the light of God, I am not the child of God.” But, when you accept that I am now complete, you are saying, “I am the child of God, because the Son of God hath all that the Father hath.”

In your acceptance of completeness, you are accepting identity, and that acceptance of completeness is reflected in the way you move and have your being in this world, because you are complete as the child of God, as the light of God, you let the light do its own work, manifesting through your enlightened consciousness Itself.

Always, identity properly realized, makes you the transparency for the light. You cannot be a transparency for the light unless you’re in the identity realized as the light, and then through you the qualities must express.

The density of our human consciousness prevents us from being a transparency for the light, because really, when you think of being a transparency, you’re also saying at the same time, that humanly I am nothing, if you are something as a human then you are not the light. You cannot be the light and a human something, and so you find that the highest goal in your spiritual unfoldment is to be a nothing humanly, that is the goal, to be nothing. For only when I am nothing, am I the pure light, and then the pure light expresses as the allness of God where I stand. To die to mortality, is to be nothing, to die to mortality in consciousness, is to accept that God is all. And because God is all, there can be no mortality, and in the belief that there is a mortal me, I am denying the allness of God, and that allness cannot function in a mortal being. The light can only function as Itself and will only appear in the absence of the density of a mortal consciousness. Behind that veil of the mortal consciousness is the fullness of the light of your own being.

Again in John, we are told we are the children of the light, that’s for those of us who may still doubt that we are, While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of the light, these things spake Jesus and departed and did hide himself from them, it’s his authority that we are the children of the light.

Now Paul picked this up in Thessalonian and in Hebrews, I’m going to skip that, but I’d like you to look at 1 John again. For 1 John is either the John who wrote the original Gospel, or another. We’ll presume for the moment that it may be he, seasoned, illumined, free; it was he who wrote the Revelation of St John. And here he takes us into the realm of the light in a different way: Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father, we have learned that the light is the Son, Whosoever denieth that he is the light, hath not the Father, but he that acknowledges the Son hath the Father also.” As you acknowledge the light, you are acknowledging that you are that light, and you are the Son, and then you have the Father.

Now this is from the highest consciousness on the face of this physical earth at the time it was written. Only John had the whole truth, at least he is the only one we know about, and he had studied, he’d reached the level where he could receive and commune directly with Jesus Christ in another realm. Which was the way the Revelation of St. John was written, and he says, Unless you accept the Son, you do not have the Father,” and the Son he’s talking about, has been revealed as the light of your being. Unless you accept yourself to be that light, then you are separated from the Father. And right there you have the cause of every problem on the face of this earth. Man not knowing he is the light of God, does not accept himself or know that he is the light, and that light is the Son, and therefore man does not have the Father. And the grace, the glory, the power, the dominion, of the Father, which is the light of every man, is lying there, latent, waiting for man to acknowledge Me in the midst of him.

Again a new commandment I write unto you, which thing is true in him and in you, meaning, in Christ Jesus and in you, because the darkness is past and the true light now shineth, in other words, through Christ Jesus the veil of darkness was rent, and the light of each man was revealed, the light now shineth. He that saith he is in the light, if you accept yourself to be the light, say you’re in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now. This is telling us that you cannot accept a personal light, the light is universal, the light is in every man, you cannot say it is mine and not his. Again this is being made clear by John. The only one you hurt when you say, “That fellow does not have the light in him, but I do,” the one you hurt is yourself and not the other fellow. This is very important; we must accept the universal light of all men that is the only way the light can function in you. He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is no occasion of stumbling in him, to stumble means to walk out of Eden, walk out of Grace. But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes.

Now then, we are being lifted to that level of consciousness which says, “I cannot say less than the Master said, he said ye are the light of the world and I cannot say I am, but you are not.” He said, “Follow in my word,” I must say, ye are the light of the world, I must see this as the reality of every person on earth, no matter what appearance he is showing forth to me. This is the emphasis that John is bringing to us, that we do not break the continuity of the light, by excluding someone, for the one we exclude will be ourselves. I’m going to recommend that you read 1 John 3, 4, and 5. I’d like just to highlight just a few of them. “Behold what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the Sons of God therefore the world knoweth us not, because it kneweth him not,” you see then the love then of God, is that you are the living light of God, and that love is Omnipresent.

Do you see then there is nothing you must do to make it so? It is an acceptance, rather than a doing of it, rather than an attaining of it, it is a fact. The light of God is your being and to John it represents Divine Love expressing, by making you His Light. And all we have had to do is learn to accept. All through 3, 4, and 5 of the first epistle, I mean the chapters 3, 4, and 5; you’ll find emphasis again and again and again on Love. And the emphasis is on Love because, as he puts it, because if you’re not loving then you’re not the Light, because the Light is loving.

You will recognize that if you’re not loving, you’re not accepting yourself and your neighbor as that light, and when you’re not accepting yourself as that light, its quality cannot function in you. You can have all the invisible abundance in the world and appear as a pauper, because you have not accepted that you are the light, and because you insist that the other fellow across the street isn’t the light, you are being kept from its experience in you. You can see now, that God can only function in the light, because God is the light, and unless you are transformed in consciousness to be that light, the function of God in you never takes place in your outer visible experience.

Now let’s look back, at what Matthew said originally to see if we can get a clearer feeling about it:

Ye are the light of the world, a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid, neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

In the acceptance of light as your name, the good works will show forth and your light will be a blessing upon the world.

Now, you’ve undoubtedly heard of world work, and there are many people around the world who were taught to do world work. They will sit down and pray, they’ll pray for peace, they’ll pray for all kinds of things, under the assumption that they’re doing a great deal of good. The only way you’re going to do any good for this world, is to accept that you are the light, and that the light is everywhere. You will not then pray for peace, you will not then pray for harmony, you will not then pray for God to appear in various forms and conditions throughout the world, you will accept that God is already the light of the world in your consciousness, and that no one is excluded or can be, and you will accept that beside the light of God nothing exists.

There is no place where peace can come, no place where harmony can come; you will recognize that peace is there, in the light of God, harmony is there, in the light of God. There is no place where poverty can be stopped; abundance is there, in the light of God. It is important to see that God will never become abundance, become harmony, become anything, God is, the light is, we are the light of the world. No one can become what they are. It is the recognition of this Infinite Isness and the repudiation and rejection of every appearance to the contrary, so that I’m not trying end war, or end starvation, or end over population, or end the problems of the world, but rather, to know that God is all, and the light of God is all, and every appearance of a problem, is nonexistent in reality.

This must be your enlightened consciousness, if you would do world work. You have nothing to give the world if you come to it with a darkened human consciousness. Only the light of your consciousness can light the world, and ye are the light, and the world is the light, and every man who walks the earth is the light, and we are told, deny this to no man. Do not deny the presence of God anywhere. Do not accept the appearance of poverty as fact, or you deny the presence of God where the poverty is.

Wherever you accept any form of disease or error, you are denying the presence of God there, you are denying the universality of the light, and you are rising no higher than the human mind. We must be overshadowed by the Presence, always, to be lifted above human concepts. And as we are overshadowed by this Presence, we still have a distance to go, because there’s still a me being over shadowed. And if we don’t know there’s still a distance to go, because we have felt the Presence, we’re liable to be shocked into discovering that we’re not as high as we thought.

Always there are levels in which you feel the Presence, but you will never be permitted to be less than perfect. Do not be surprised at the catastrophes that seem to come before you from time to time. The only reason they happen is because you need them from time to time. You need them because you cannot leave the human experience with a flaw, if you do, you must come back. You are being perfected to the degree that you are flawless, pure, immaculate, in every possible way, because only the flawless can live in eternity.

And so, even though you may think you may have risen very high and then are startled when an accident has occurred, don’t be surprised, it was necessary, even though you’ve felt the Presence many times, there was still a ‘you’ feeling the Presence. There must come a time and a place and a moment when the ‘you’ that feels the Presence is no longer there. When you’re not even a Spiritual being, when you’re not a good being, when you do not have Spiritual quality, when only the Presence is there. We see thee, we see the Father who sent thee, and the total mortal consciousness, which says, “I felt the Presence last week,” is no longer there. All that is there, is what is ever been there, the pure undiluted Light of God. We are all being perfected to that level, and while we are being perfected to that level, accidents must occur. You must be lifted to a state of flawlessness, so that you make your transition into eternity, where you cannot survive with a flaw.

The message as always, let yourself be lived by the Christ. You will discover this light that you acknowledge to be your name is the power, is the light, is the truth, is the way, is the resurrection, is the will, is the allness of God expressing, and it needs no human help whatsoever. It lives itself perfectly, in order for you to be perfect, and when you do not permit it to do that, karmic law will bat you down, again and again, and again, because it is going to live itself, it is going to make you a perfect transparency until you realize you’re not even that, you are It, Itself. When there’s One where you are, and not the Presence and you, that is when the catastrophes, the accidents, the problems, and the lacks and limitations will cease. When you have died to mortality, when you are the living Light and only that Light, and then the voice, God, only speaks in the Light. God never spoke to a mortal being. God never heard of a mortal being. There isn’t a single mortal being on the face of the earth; God never made one. All is the light of God, and only in that light do we hear the Thunder of Silence that melts the illusions of the sense mind.

Then we’re no longer limited to the visible, tangible, manifestations of the world, but the visible universe, now is the Spiritual universe. We walk in the garden, as the light experiencing its own fullness, its own wholeness, its own completeness. All that that light is, is the completed demonstrated truth, already waiting only for your acceptance.

There’ll be twenty or so of us here next week and we will all be the one light, and that one light in the Silence will hear the voice of the Father. Then we will understand why John, who accepted himself to be the light of the Father could say, “The following revelation was given to me by Jesus Christ in communion.” We will understand that we, as the light, are moving into the Realm where all souls who have attained, now live. And we too may commune with those who have accepted and lived as the light, accepting no other God before that light.

You can prepare for next week by reading John, 1st epistle, chapters 3, 4, and 5, in addition to the page and a half in the Thunder of Silence, which is the last chapter, “The still small voice.” That’ll be next week and then the following week we’re going directly into the Revelation of St John.

If you’re reaching a place where you find your human mind does not function so well as its level that is exactly where we hope to arrive, a place where the human mind cannot function, for there is no human mind in eternity. We are letting the Light live Itself as us.

Well, I’ll look for you next week. Thanks for being here today……


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Much Love,




Reading about God is far from experiencing God. Hearing about God is just as far removed. Only the experience itself of God brings the kingdom of God, the power of God, the presence of God into our lives. Please let us be clear about that. Hearing about God and reading about God is not the secret of life. These are steps leading up to the experience.

Hearing about God, talking about God, reading about God – these are steps leading to the experience of God. But if our religion, if our religious life leaves us at a point of merely reading about God, studying about God and hearing about God, it then leaves us half-way to heaven; leaves us without the experience that is necessary for the harmonies to be made evident in our experience.

God is not something to be talked about merely, nor read about. God is an actuality. God is real being. God is life. God is love. God is spirit. But this is real; this is as real as your very presence here or mine. And until we become consciously aware of that presence, as consciously aware of it as we are now conscious of each other’s presence, we do not come into the realm of It’s government.

Now, at this point there comes to us – how shall I say it? – an almost frightening fact, and that is as human beings we are not under the government of God. The human race as such is not under the government of God. It is not God-governed, God-protected, God-maintained or God-sustained. The human race is as far from God as east is from west, or here is from there. The proof of that is the discords, the inharmonies of human existence, none of which would exist if the human race were under the jurisdiction of the Almighty.

It is an impossibility to be God-governed and to be subject to accidents, sin, disease, poverty, wars, death. The spiritually illumined never die. The spiritually illumined are never aware of the discords of earth. And who are the spiritually illumined? Those who have been touched by God, those who have felt the divine presence. Ah yes, they do, for the benefit of the world, go through some perilous experiences, but they are never touched by them. Paul that is who tells us that I myself would rather be out of the flesh and be with Christ, but it is better for your sake that I remain here in the flesh to teach you about God, about this Christ. And so he remained in the flesh and takes some of the discords and inharmonies of the flesh that we might learn through his experience, through his revelation, the consciousness of truth, of his spiritual wisdom.

And so we could trace through Moses and Elijah and Isaiah, all of the Hebrew prophets, of Jesus, John, Paul, of the discords, of the persecutions that they suffered, but for our sakes not for theirs. When an individual becomes illumined or receives the divine grace, the wisdom of God, they could if they would, retire from the world, and know only the peace and the joy and the companionship of this spiritual presence and power. For them the discords of life are over; for them death has been ended. They can say with the Master I have overcome the world. My kingdom is not of this world, I have overcome the world.

But no, their illumination often takes the form of compelling them to remain under the laws of the flesh in order that they may reveal to us, to those who come after them, the secret of the spiritual life. And because their teaching is a violation of theology and materia medica, they suffer the persecutions of the world. But of this you may be assured: regardless of what they may seem to go through in their outer sense, inwardly not only are they not suffering but actually they are in the deepest sense of peace and joy. Whatever of discords they experience are merely the outer sense and a sacrifice taken upon themselves for others. Of themselves, and this is true of all who have attained even a slight measure of spiritual grace, this life, this world is over, finished. The troubles and inharmonies of this world are no more.

We have lived through a great many wars in our present generation and the present generation of most of us who are in this room, and we have witnessed the prayers of the world for peace. We have witnessed the numberless days in which people have gathered in churches of all denominations, of all faiths, of all religions pleading for peace. We have witnessed the prayers of people for health, for harmony. And we have witnessed the failure of these prayers, the failure of these prayers to result in the expected harmonies and peace. And the reason is this; as a human being, as a man or a woman whose faith is in the external realm, there is no God. Nor is there a God-power, nor is there a God-presence. As long as an individual finds it necessary to seek his happiness or contentment or safety or security in the outer realm, that person has no God to protect them, heal them, save them or redeem them.

It is only in proportion as we come into the realization that the kingdom of God, the realm of power and presence is within us, that we begin to be free of the world’s troubles. A book called the Bible will no more save us than any book that has ever been printed. A church will no more save us than any edifice that has ever been erected.

The reason is this: all power is in the word, all power. All power is in the word and the word is within you, within individual consciousness, within your being and within my being. The word of truth saves, heals, redeems. The word of truth is power. Why? The word of God is quick and sharp and powerful. The word of God is that, and the word of God is within you. Not your right thinking or mine; that is not salvation. The word of God is not your word or my word. My thoughts are not your thoughts, saith the Lord. It is God’s thoughts; it is the word of God coming to our consciousness that is our protection.

When we take the word of truth from the Bible and place it within our consciousness, when we fill ourselves with the word of truth from the Bible, that word of truth within our being becomes a fortress, a tower, a refuge. If you destroy this temple, if you destroy this body, this word of truth in the midst of you, in the midst of your consciousness, will redeem it, resurrect it, rebuild it; not while it’s out here in a book. When it becomes the word of truth within you then it becomes safety, security and protection.

In the 15th chapter of John we are told Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. Abide in Me and I in you. Abide in Me and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself except it abides in the vine, no more can ye except ye abide in Me. If a man abide not in Me he is cast forth as a branch and is withered. And men gather them and cast them into the fire and they are burned. If ye abide in Me and My words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you.

You see that as a human being, separate and apart from the word of God we are that branch which is withered, which cannot survive because it is not drawing unto itself from the infinite source of being. But when you abide in this word, when you let this word of truth abide in you, when you draw the spirit of God through the word into you, then and then only do you draw unto yourself the infinite good of God in the form of protection, safety, security, supply, companionship, home, health, harmony.

In the 8th chapter of Romans there are some more very startling statements. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. But ye are not in the flesh but in the spirit if so be that the spirit of God dwell in you. You can go through that entire chapter, the 8th chapter of Romans and especially those of you who have some metaphysical background; you can get an awful shock and also discover the reason why many so-called demonstrations have eluded you and me and all of us.

We have been in the habit of believing that we are children of God and that we are the very Christ of God, that we are at one with God, and as you read the 15th chapter of John and the 8th chapter of Romans you will find that this is only true if so be the spirit of God dwell in you. And you will find that it is only true as you abide in this word, and let this word abide in you.

For a great many years the 91st Psalm was a great mystery to me. I had a difficult time with it because it seemed to be so full of promises that none of these evils would come nigh my dwelling place. It seemed to be so full of promises of my safety and security and peace, and all of this time it wasn’t happening so. There wasn’t the protection and there wasn’t the harmony, there wasn’t the health and there wasn’t the good. And yet all the time it seemed to be telling me, this 91st Psalm, that I was immune to all the discords. Until one day I discovered the secret of the 91st Psalm. And I found it in the very first verse He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High. He was the fellow to whom the discords of life didn’t come. He was the fellow that could find no error drawing nigh his dwelling place. Not me, not the human being out in the world, He that dwelleth in the secret place. Dwelleth means to live, to live, not abide for a day or two, not tarry for a day or two, but to abide, to live in the secret place of the Most High.

And there was the outcome again to our 15th John and our 8th Romans – if you abide, if you live in this word. We live and move and have our being in God if, if we live in the word of God and let the word of God abide in us.

There then you have the reason for our periods of meditation. In those periods of meditation we retire within. We turn within very much in the sense of our Master saying I can of my own self do nothing, the Father within Me doeth the works. Or our little boy Samuel Speak Father, Speak Lord, thy servant heareth. Always when we go into meditation, it is not in the nature of mental work, it is not in the nature of affirmations or denials or prayers, our meditation is a turning within with that listening ear; an attitude of expectancy. Not of some good out here, not of expecting supply or companionship or home or peace, but expecting the word of God to reveal Itself to us, expecting the word of God to come to our consciousness.

Never, never is it the word that goes out from our mouth that is the word of God. Never is it the thought we think that is the power. It is the word of God that comes to us, within us. Now that can only be accomplished through an attitude of listening, an attitude of expectancy, an attitude that the Master gave us in His words I can of my own self do nothing, now Father its Your turn. And letting that Father come through, letting the word of God come to our consciousness from within our own being…


Today’s Audio File: Living by the WORD – “A New Race of Beings.”


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Herb Fitch on Kindle & Nook

Dear Friends,

I realized yesterday some of you may not know that several of Herb Fitch’s Seminars and Series of talks have been prepared for Kindle and Nook books. So rather than having to read a blog on your computer, you could be resting in the shade of a tree outside somewhere while reading your Kindle Fire or Barnes & Noble’s Nook books.

Here is the link to the website showing many of Herb Fitch’s Seminars on Kindle & Nook. Hope it is of benefit to you.


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I think if we took our present seminar and made it an open class for all of the world, we would find a mixture of reactions among the listeners. Some would frown, some would be perplexed, some would shout blasphemy, some would be confused. All of the world teaching is against what we are saying together here. It’s as if the drowning man has no capacity to accept the lifesaver. He says, “let me drown. Let me drown. I don’t want to be saved. I want to die.”

And although there is little doubt in the minds of some of us that the world needs the truth that is in these Infinite Way teachings and in the Bible, from a Spiritual interpretation, there is a widespread rebellion against change from tradition. Tradition dictates that we must die and we must hope for a future better life on the strength of our present goodness, along certain channels of goodness.

And so you have people in all walks of life who attend various services on Sunday. We even have a chaplain in the United States Congress.

Occasionally someone mentions the word, “Spirit” in a different manner such as, “the Lord’s Spirit will pour upon us,” and then the mesopolitics goes right on its usual conspiracies and briberies.

So we must expect opposition if we bring our teachings to the market place. And individually, we must expect opposition if we try to sell it to our neighbor or even to members of our family who disapprove. Each must be allowed to select their own way. Each body of water must run its own course into the river. It’s nice to be asked to share. But when you’re not asked, you cannot share that which another individual refuses to receive. You can’t force it down somebody’s mouth or into their consciousness. And so don’t be surprised if you go forth all aglow and know that you have something to give to the world, but it doesn’t want it. And the best way you can give it, is to live it secretly and silently and in every way, secretly.

That doesn’t mean the we allow the lie to run rampant all around us while we put a finger to our lips. It means that we stand there as a bulwark of inner peace, inner light and when confronted, we know what to do and what to say. We don’t go forth but we can certainly know what to do when confronted.

Now Armageddon is an interior conflict in which even you have your doubts and the big fight put up, becomes an open warfare so that you’re split down the middle. Now all of this happens only because you are on the threshold of eternal truth. Armageddon doesn’t happen to just anybody. It happens only to one who is approaching illumination. So be grateful for the attack. It’s a sign of your Spiritual level. And the funny part about is it that the battlefield is anywhere.

It comes in such unexpected ways even while you expect the unexpected, something even more unexpected than that happens. It is very tricky but your Soul cannot lose and so you will win the battle of Armageddon and then you have another battle. Armageddon comes to you as the forces of evil, the forces of error, cosmic mind hypnosis throwing at you every negative in this world especially where you’re the most vulnerable. And after you win that battle, which is inevitable, the next battle is all the forces of good having failed to unseat your determination to live in the Kingdom with evil, world mind has the uncanny knack of turning right around and attacking you with good, all disguises of course to draw you back into materialism, into a physical form, into this world and out of your Spiritual reality.

Oh you’re too wise for that, of course. But Jesus didn’t think so. The Spirit of God in Jesus said, “I know they think they’re too wise to be decoyed by good but let’s see if we can teach them a few things anyway.” And so the Master, the Master who needed no more temptations, was tempted. And He was tempted no longer by evil but by good and there’s only one purpose for the three temptations in the wilderness, they are to teach us how to recognize the forces of the cosmic mind which attack our Divinity with every possible disguise.

Before you listen to the three temptations from your Spiritual vision, review carefully, precisely what Jesus was going to teach us so that you do not fail to recognize every detail for what was taking place. In your thirty-five days in the wilderness, certain truths have solidified in your consciousness. Forgetting all subtleties, let’s just take the broad scope of what we should have learned in thirty-five days in the wilderness which for you is still to come but which we have concentrated in these few days together.

First you have learned that you must stand in your Divinity. Your identity is the major foundation of your life. Your substance is the Spirit of God. Your mind is the Consciousness of God. You have the Divinity as identity. I am the Son of God, heir to all the heavenly riches that are now present in the Kingdom of God on earth. My substance is pure Spirit, not flesh. My consciousness which was once my mind, is now the Consciousness of God for I and the Father are one Consciousness. My body which was once flesh and blood is now Spirit, undivided from my Father and infinite as my Father. My life is Divine, eternal, perfect as my Father.

These are the cardinal points which should be your permanent awareness, your daily living and breathing in these five cardinal points as you walk this earth and as you walk through the wilderness without personal sense, without responding to the evidence of the senses and upholding the truth of your being.

You might add a few:

I live in the Kingdom of Spirit, not in the world of matter.

I live in the will of God, not in human will.

I live in the Divine Self, not a personal self.

This must be solidified. It had been in Christ Jesus to the point that He was chosen to portray for us visibly how you and I should walk through our wilderness meeting the one adversary, the carnal mind that hypnotizes man into a dream of mortality that must die.

Now let’s look at His temptations for they are our temptations in broad canvases. In Luke 4, “And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost, returned from Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness.” What happened? Having been baptized by John, Spirit had proclaimed, “This is My Son.” Divinity was an established fact. Jesus knew His Divinity. He knew Himself to be these points and more that we just enumerated; I am the Son, I live in the Spirit, I am the Spirit, All power is in my Spirit, I live in the Kingdom, I have no human will because I am not a human being, I have no personal self, I live in the will of my Father, I trust my Father, I know my Father is present because my Spirit is the Spirit of the Father, The Father is within me.

All of this is crystallized into one, Infinite Consciousness which knows the presence of God stands where I am. This is holy ground. It will not change. Nothing can change the reality of Being and further there are no persons here to change them. Spirit that I am is Infinite. I am the Spirit of all who appear before me.

This is the consciousness called Jesus as closely as we can, this is the consciousness of each of us, as we practice day in and day out. And Spirit, having declared Him to be the Son of God and led Him into the wilderness to be tempted so that, that which is the Son of God would face the test, “Am I? If so, what do I do about it when I meet that which denies my identity?” That’s what you’re going to face in forty days.

Your temptations will be fragments of these three temptations. And so you’ll recognize in these three the generic truth about all temptations. “In forty days, tempted of the devil and in those days, He did eat nothing and when they were ended, He acted with hunger.”

He’s being tempted now into the belief that He was hungry. That he was a hungry person. We may be tempted into the belief that we need food, just as He, and this could be a false appetite for many things. All of our false appetites would come under the heading of “He had no food and therefore He was hungry.” Because we convince ourselves, “I must have this. I must have that.” And I’m not just talking about food. All of our false appetites are things that we are determined to have, some impulse in us, some insatiable impulse says, “This I must have. Why not? It’s here. I want it. I need it. I must have it.” Of course, what is happening is that a human being is responding to a need that is not a need of their Divine being.

And so, they’re denying Sonship, right? They’re denying they are the Spirit of God. They’re stepping out of identity to abate a false appetite.

We are being given the weapons to stand within right identity and to recognize the disguise of the false appetite, is the world mind trying to induce you not to be the Son of God. And your choice of the false appetite is your way of saying and responding to the fact that you are not the Son of God but rather, you are the human with the false appetite.

And you may think well, for this twenty minutes or thirty minutes, what of it? But once you break that chain, once you separate yourself from your identity, in twenty minutes, you could spend twenty years to get back.

And the devil said unto him, “If thou be the Son of God, command this stone that It be made bread.”

Well, I am the Son of God. But why should I command the stone to be made bread? Because you’re hungry. Oh, but the Son of God isn’t hungry. The Son of God doesn’t have to go outside into the world for food. My identity is the bread. I am the bread of life.

You’re recognizing that which seems good. This is the attack of good. If you’re hungry, don’t be silly. Get that food but take that and spread it out into other things. If you need this money, don’t be silly, take this bribe. If you need that contract, don’t be silly. If you have to do a little under the table, do it.

Don’t you see, everything that says, this is good for you, do it. Find a way. Don’t worry how, but get there and do it. Change something, manipulate, anything but do it.

Now, the larger principle then, is that you cannot use the power of God for a human purpose. Once the power of God can be used for a human purpose, you’ve got bedlam and tyranny.

Power that can be used for human purpose can be abused and there’s no such thing as a God placing Divine power in the hands of a human being. And so, as long as you are willing to use Divine power for any purpose, it will be withheld from you. If you’ll make any exception, it will be withheld from you.

There’s enough trouble from people using power that is not Divine. But give them unlimited Divine power and we would have chaos on this earth because I have many people that I favor. over many people I don’t favor. We have enough intolerance and hate and greed as it is.

Divine power could not even be used to feed what appeared to be a hungry man and that’s to show the extent to which it must be impressed upon us that Divine power can only be used for Divine purpose and all human rationalization is a waste of time.

Well isn’t it Divine for me to be fed? Isn’t it Divine for all the hungry children in the world to be fed by God? Well if so, let God decide that. Go ahead and feed them but don’t try to use Divine power to do it. Rather, rest in the knowledge that your Father knoweth their needs. And what you’re calling a starving multitude is your human concept.

You see, we can’t even use Divine power to save a nation. But no, this individual could not use Divine power to change stones into bread. And did this individual starve? I see no sign that after this incident, in refusing to use Divine power, that Jesus went around still hungry. As a matter of fact, when it was to the purpose of Spirit to use Divine power, the same individual who would not change stones to bread for His own personal self, changed loaves and fishes in a small quantity, enough to feed a multitude.

Why later and not now? Because this was one principle and that was another. And the same individual changed water to wine. Why not now? Because that was another principle. That was to show the transformation from humanhood to immortality, from the water of humanhood to the wine of Spirit. And the loaves and fishes were to show that always present the Father is feeding His Son. Always. But it takes Soul perception to bring it forth. Here, for a personal purpose? No. And yet the capacity was there as shown later.

Now then, interpreted from your point of view, can you be tempted in any way to break a trust and to do what is not in the character of your Divinity for an expedient human purpose? And think deeper and say, “If I cannot do that there must be a better way.” There must be a better way.

The better way is that your Spirit, the bread of life is self-providing, self- maintaining. It will always have a table prepared for you in the wilderness and never deny it. You won’t have to use Divine power to put food in your table or money in your bank account or to manipulate anything in the so-called human world. You will never need Divine power for that purpose. If you are standing in your identity as the Divine Son all that you need is provided through the magic pipeline of Christ through Soul into mind and into time made visible, manifest, tangible, available by your Spirit. That’s the pipeline. And it is all simultaneous. You don’t wait ten years. You don’t wait three months. It all comes when needed, and where needed, in the right quantities needed.

The only question is, “Are you living in your identity? Are you living in the Spiritual Kingdom where the substance is?” Cause what you’re really looking for now is substance, which translates into what the world calls food. You can say, “Oh I could get all the food I need at the market. I don’t need any personal, Spiritual substance.”

But we’re talking about something deeper than food here. A material mind would interpret it as just a matter of food. We’re talking about building your strength and your dependence and your resources in your own Spiritual identity constantly, for all things. All things. “Seek ye first the Kingdom.” All things will be added.

So that you become what is called self-existent and depend on no man, no outward circumstances. You know, your needs are met through your Spiritual identity and the confidence of this based on the experience of it, is constantly confirmed so that never need there be one anxious thought that you can be deprived of anything that you truly need, whatever. I think it’s clear.

And Jesus answered him, saying, “It is written that man shall not live by bread alone but by every word of God.” And so through Soul comes, quote: “the Word of God.” Never think of the Word of God as just a spoken word. The will of God is the Word of God. The power of God is the Word of God. The love of God is the Word of God. God expressing in any way is the Word of God.

And it comes through your Soul constantly, unceasingly and that living expression of God through your Soul is the only bread you need. You need no outer world material substances for your sustenance, your life, if you have the expression of God in your Soul, received, understood and if you are true to it.

I think most of us have a feeling about that. And this is all by way of clarification. I think most of us know that if we are doing our best to live according to Spiritual principles, that the power of the Presence is with us. I don’t think we have to be considered beginners in that area.

The point of this is not to treat you as a beginner but rather to show you that even the slightest straying for what seems to be a good human purpose is a disguise of the world mind, to tempt you out of your oneness with the Presence into a sense of twoness. The you that needs something, you see, is duality.

And the devil taking Him up into a high mountain, showed unto Him all the Kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. This is another part to the Bible without that phrase, “in a moment of time.” Luke, bless Him, put it in.

The Kingdoms in time were offered to the Christ. It’s like saying to God, “Here, I’ll give you all the Kingdoms if you do, if you worship me.” So he’s talking to the Son of God, this cosmic mind and he’s saying, “I’ll give you all the Kingdoms in time” and the Son of God looks at him, “Who is this queer little animal, offering me all the Kingdoms?”

This is, it’s my own mortal mind, in me, trying to tell me that I’m a human being and these things are a great benefit to me. In other words, through my mortal mind comes this temptation. Why not take this great opportunity that’s offered to you? It’s a one in a lifetime shot. Never get it again. Better grab it. Well, in order to do that, I have to, uh, leave this area of Consciousness that I’m in, where I’m just beginning to find myself. “Well, don’t worry, you can go right back to that. This is once in a lifetime. You can always go back to the Bible.”

There are all these delusions about this “once-in-a lifetime things” that nag at us and try to persuade us, “maybe a little sacrifice of principle on this part, just this once, for some greater good.” Now, I start to figure, “How can I persuade myself that this thing is really good and what I’m doing isn’t really bad.” And you begin to fudge those edges real nicely as we are all so capable of doing.

And finally, “why it’s inevitably attractive that I take this. I’d be stupid not to.” And then comes the voice, “But what about this that you’re forsaking?” And the conflict is there. It’s always there. The choice between the Spiritual good and the material good.

And so, the entire world and all it contains is offered in this particular temptation. A little larger temptation than most of us are going to have. But go back to your basic principles.

“I already have the Kingdom of God. What would I want with a counterfeit, the imitations? Now, if I am the Son of God and I have the Kingdom of God, what in this world can tempt me to forsake that which is the Kingdom to accept that which is in the world?”

You see the acceptance of that which is in the world is the rejection of the belief that I have the Kingdom.

Now going deeper.

Cosmic hypnosis comes always in a material disguise. It is kind of like a saboteur, comes to work in the plant, pretends to be a great mechanic and when you turn your back, it throws a shoe in the machinery. That’s exactly how the word was derived from the French word, “sabot” s-a-b-o-t. These people would throw shoes into the machinery.


And that’s how the cosmic mind works. It makes a friend of you, it walks along the way with you, has a little cup of coffee with you, it befriends you. It gradually persuades you, it holds up some nice little trinket (bauble) and in the moment when you think not about your identity, you find yourself stepping into a material body, into a material world, into a material consciousness and out of the power of your own Divinity.

You make this great acquisition over here and you lose the Kingdom of God and for a while, you’re so happy. But that shoe was in the machinery and all of a sudden that machinery doesn’t work.

These temptations in their broadest aspects are to prevent the birth of Christ in you and so they are the anti-Christ.

I think of so many people who have made and lost fortunes. You see them after they’ve lost it and their just like another person. They’re riding high when it’s all rolling in. The world loves them and they can buy what they want. Then one day the bottom falls out. They have no protection. They’re just riding in the tide of matter. One day it’s up and one day, it’s down.

You are the king of a Kingdom. Your Source is the Infinite Father and any bribe of any kind from this world mind to get you not to be the Son of the Infinite Father who is the king of a Kingdom is almost unthinkable when you know identity and are living it.

It’s only when you fall asleep that these great temptations of the world slide in and so we are learning to stay awake and to recognize them. Jesus acting out the part for us, says.. And Jesus answered, said unto him, “Get thee behind me Satan.”

He’s talking to his own mind. That which was once a human mind of a human individual. He’s saying to his mind, “Get thee behind me.” That little persuader inside you, is the one He’s talking to. “Get thee behind me. For it is written thou shall worship the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve.” Lord thy God – worship – serve.

So then, in worshipping only God, we are recognizing only that Spirit exists. There are no kingdoms of the world. If you’re to worship only Spirit, He’s telling you that this world is a mortal dream. He’s telling you that the form is part of the mortal dream. He’s telling you there is only one creation and that it is Spirit.

You want to step out of Creation and walk in the illusion? There it is all around you but all that it can tempt you is an illusion. Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and serve only Him. Serve Spirit, be Spirit, know Spirit, accept Spirit. You’re in a Spiritual universe and you are the Spirit of God.

You know, it seems to me that if a person would live with that Consciousness, let’s say for one year, surviving one way or another through that year against all odds and all temptations, falling here and there but willingly remaining in the Consciousness of Spirit everywhere, it seems to me that one year would make that individual impervious to anything this world could throw at him – totally immune. And if a child of six did this and was taught the meaning of it, at the age of seven that child would be a Master.

It would be worth the year to train any individual including yourself. One year of living in absolute truth with all the suffering that goes with it. It would be the equivalent of twenty or thirty incarnations for most people because now we are in a position at least to have the truth. We know the truth. Our only problem is to apply it. We know it. We all know it. That’s the only thing left for us now is the application. To serve only Spirit. To know only Spirit. Look through all that is material to see its Spiritual identity. To look beyond the darkness of form into the invisibility of the light, to probe that with our Soul Consciousness at all times. To greet it, to respond to it, to talk to it, to love it.

Of course the tempter won’t give up. “Let’s see, what have I tried now on this fellow? I’ve offered Him the Kingdoms of the world. He’s pretty stubborn. He wouldn’t even feed himself with bread. All He had to do was convert those stones. He thinks He’s the Son of God but I’m going to ask Him now to prove it.”

And he brought Him to Jerusalem and set Him on a pinnacle of the temple. Of course that would be a strategic place to take Him. He would impress all these religious people. That’s what he’s been trying to do. Speak to religion and convert it to God. So why not go to Jerusalem right on top where He’s in full view. All of Judaism would see Him. Put Him on the top of the temple and I’ve got a great plan. This one is better than anything Barnum and Baily ever dreamed up.

And he said unto Him, “If thou be the Son of God?” “If I am, I am.” “well if thou be, cast thy self down from hence, for it is written.”

And this will give you a Biblical back-up to tell you why you should do it. It is written, “He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee.”

So you’ve got the Bible behind you, if you do this. You know how people quote the Bible to back up anything and I had, the son of a minister who told his congregation that his adultery was fine. He could tell you in the Bible where it spoke about that sort of thing and condoned it.

You probably know whom I’m talking about. He had the effrontery to say that. He could find the passage in the Bible for them which said that adultery was fine if conducted in a certain manner. His father was running a religion that sends out magazines all over the world and is rather highly received and the son of course was trying to unseat the father while the father was sick once and then this came up. Very embarrassing for only five minutes. To him it wasn’t embarrassing at all. All he had to do was find some appropriate scripture and that is strange but the human mind always tries to justify itself. It is very self- serving.

And so the tempter says to you, “Now you are the Son of God, right?” “Yes, I am”

And I want you to jump from this parapet down in front of all these people who will then say, ‘There’s not only the Son of God but the, our Messiah’”and just to make you realize that God approves this, God has already told you that if you do, His angels will take care of you.

Now you’d seem to be cornered with a character like that. You’d say, “How am I going to get rid of this fellow or is he speaking the truth? Should I do it? It does sound like a pretty good plan. I’ve been doing it the hard way. I can do this all in one fell swoop.” You think about it and then suddenly it comes to you, “Wait a minute, he’s tricking me. Who is he? If I’m the Son of God and that’s all there is in this universe, who is this little man? This must be some kind of a vision. He isn’t even there. He doesn’t exist.

He’s a person, something back from those days when. There never was a person in the Kingdom of God. I’m walking in the Kingdom of God. Oh, I must have been in mortality for that incredible moment but back to where I belong and now I know, too that I was tricked into thinking there were people that I had to impress. There aren’t any.

In the mortal dream, we have the person who tempts, the people you’re going to please and we have the person trying to prove I’m the Son of God to whom? Please don’t prove to anybody that you’re the Son of God. I think that would be the biggest point here. Don’t prove it to anybody because the minute you want to prove it, you’re saying I’m not it. Who are you going to prove it to? Think about that.

Is there someone else? And if you’re the Son of God, what are you doing in a world? And if you’re in the Kingdom, who else is there but the Son of God? In most of the points you’ve got so far, you’ll find you can back all this up with two, five, ten of the points.

“I am the Infinite Son of God and there is no other. I am the Self of all who walk the visible earth,” and so on.

And so the Spirit says to us, “That ego must go, that vanity.” You really want people to think that you’re a very Spiritual person? That’s an anomaly right there. A Spiritual person? There is no such thing. I know a lot of people who want to prove to you they’re Spiritual persons, not knowing that by being a person, they’re not Spiritual.

We have come over that. I hope because if we have, it’s easier to detect those insidious little suggestions that try to make us go into that little show off routine. And so I think now that I have all these people assembled, I’ll show them I can also change water to wine. Let’s have a little meeting next Sunday and I will show you folks how to change water to wine. Or I know another, If you will come to me with all the cavities in your mouth, I would show you that without gold or silver, they can be filled.

And you know that there are people who can do that? There’s nothing Spiritual about it and if you find that you are tempted to show some special capacity, only for the sake of proving to others that you are specially endowed, you might as well realize that you are not living in the Spiritual identity or in the Spiritual universe. You’re showing qualities of the cosmic mind and fine, nobody’s saying there’s anything wrong with that other than that if we would live in the Spiritual universe, let’s do it. Let’s not take a temporary good which will vanish and reject a permanent good which is available.

[End of Side One]

Why squander your heritage when you have eternal life in an eternal Spiritual body? Why make the mistake of flaunting some human capacities in a material body?

Now the Spirit is saying there’s nobody to impress if you’re living in your Spiritual Kingdom. Inhabiting that Spiritual Kingdom is the Son of God, one with the Father. There’s no one else there. Mortality is not. And the vanity or ego that would wish to show mortality how much I know or how blessed I am by the Father is nothing but carnal mind in disguise making a foolish mortal out of one who does not know that he is the Immortal Self.

Again, get the behind me Satan.

“And in their hands, they shall bear thee up, (his angels), lest at any time tho, dash thy foot against a stone.”

Ah now, a bigger point. It dawns.

How can a Christ body jump from the top of a roof, a parapet? Only a human body could do that, right? And so, in this great desire to show how endowed I am, I, this human body, leap. I leap to my own death. The moment I become a human body, there’s nobody to catch me. And if I leaped a million times in an invisible body, who would see it?

So you’re tricked into this human body. You’re tricked into all of a sudden accepting a human body when you are the Infinite Spiritual body. And now, in a human body, the reason you’re leaping to be caught is because you are separated from the God who is going to catch you. You are separated from that angel who’s going to catch you. Now you’re accepting separation. And you’re accepting external space to leap in.

It all becomes so clear that the moment you accept one lie, the lies multiply. There is no separation between God and man, who is Spirit. How can I leap? Whom shall I prove this to when all there is, is Divinity? You begin to get many, many points that are expressed here. All very tricky. All rather sneaky.

And that’s how the tempter comes. It’s crawling on its little serpent belly. It looks up to you and it says, “There’s good and there’s evil. Why don’t you have a little of both. Try it out and see what it’s like.” But there’s neither good nor evil. “Why callest thoume good?” Is there someone bad somewhere? Everything is perfect.

And so the imperfection again, the implication that someone is doing something wrong, oh we can say they’re taking bribes but we have to correct ourselves within while we’re saying it. Who’s taking the bribe? That’s what you’re seeing, yes I know. That’s what I read in the papers, yes. I’m living in the Kingdom of God, in the Spiritual universe and I am not going to indulge in this gossip that pulls me back into the world that I have renounced. I’m going to walk through this world. I’m going to walk through the unreality knowing the Reality.

Now that is the real wilderness experience. To walk in your Reality through the unreality, unresponding to the unreality, knowing the Reality is there.

That’s our forty days.

Jesus answered and said unto him, “It is said, thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God.” And when the devil had ended all the temptations, he departed from him for a season.

There’ll be more temptations. There will always be temptations. The only time there will be no temptations is when you have actually made your transition into the fifth world.

We have five more principles in our forty days in our wilderness. Some of them based upon the three temptations.

The first one: My Kingdom is Spirit.

I know there’s so many who do not realize My Kingdom is Spirit. The world is cluttered with millions and millions and millions of individuals unaware that they have a Spiritual Kingdom. We forget ourselves. This is a permanent fact. My Kingdom is Spirit.

Now when you get up and your run to catch that 8:10 commuter train, and you have this 9:10 appointment, and you’re thinking, “What did I forget to take with me? Is my necktie straight?” You’re not thinking, My Kingdom is Spirit.

But if you have been living that way, it won’t be just that particular morning. And somehow a different way of life comes upon you. The right things are in the briefcase the night before. There’s plenty of time to do everything just right. The frenzy, the frantic pace, all this becomes a peaceful, effortless continuity of divine rhythm.

So you start your day with My Kingdom is Spirit. You give it time to percolate in the back burner of your consciousness. When you leave that house, My Kingdom is Spirit is uppermost. Your chest is out. You’re strong. You’re fearless. You’re confident. My Kingdom is Spirit. And everywhere I go, my Spirit is and my Kingdom is. Whoever walks in my Consciousness today is walking in my Kingdom of Spirit, under the law of my Kingdom of Spirit, under the harmony of my Kingdom of Spirit. I’m not looking at their visible. I know the invisible of them. It is My Kingdom of Spirit.

Am I worried about my children taking the bus this morning? Well why not put them first in your Kingdom of Spirit and then let this bus go.

Whatever concerns you have are because you are not aware that you have a Kingdom of Spirit right where the world seems to be. The Invisible Kingdom of Spirit is not of this world but it is right where this world seems to be and it is My Kingdom. I use the word “my” to mean your Kingdom. Your Kingdom and My Kingdom are one Kingdom.

My Kingdom is not of this world. It is a Kingdom of Spirit invisible to human sense. It is the Kingdom of my Father. It is my only Kingdom and I am the King of it because I am the Son of God. And I am the Son of God everywhere there is a human flesh, a physical mountain, a physical sky. Wherever there’s a bird, an insect or a fish, my invisible Kingdom of Spirit is and I inhabit all of it.

That’s your first day, number thirty-six.

This day the tempter will certainly try to make you realize that there’s a world out there. And yet you better do something about it.

And so you might be offered some temptation to accept some promotion in this world, not in your Kingdom which does not quite fit in with the Divine Rhythm of the Father and you’ll recognize the difference. When they come to you from the Father, they have that ring. Ah, this is from the Father. That is from the tempter.

There is a Spiritual ring about that which comes from Spirit and it looks just the same as that which comes from the tempter. They almost look like twins. This position or that position? Which is the tempter and which is the Father? You Soul knows because your Soul sent the one who is from the Father.

A mental decision might be right, might be wrong. A Soul decision is never wrong and you cannot make a Soul decision if you’re living in a mind or if you live in the Soul every now and then.

Soul Consciousness recognizes the invisible hand of the Father in all things. Mine hour has come. Three years, mine hour has not come. All of a sudden mine hour has come. What told Him that? How did He know? Have you that mind that was in Christ Jesus? It functions through your Soul. It knows when your hour has come.

First day, My Kingdom is Spirit and there’s not one speck of matter in My Kingdom. My Kingdom is real. There’s no mortal dream in My Kingdom. My Kingdom is of the Father not of the world. The world will try to offer me this, that and the other.

And on the second day, my first principle will be: “I already have the Kingdom of God.”

I’m not hoping today for that big break or for that new development. What’s hoping for that big break, that new development? This little mortal mind out here. I already have the total Kingdom of God. Already have.

To him who has, all will be given. If you have the Kingdom of God, there’s nothing missing. It’s all there. Everything that will ever be needed unto eternity and if you don’t have it, you’re in trouble. You’ll forever be picking up little suggestions from the world mind about your lacks and your limitations. It will be saying, “you can change the stones to bread. Use your Spiritual power.” No. I already have the Kingdom of God and all it contains. It will manifest. I don’t have to tell it what to do. It will manifest.

If it wants a better position to appear in my life, it will. If it wants a change, it will make a change. I trust my Father. I’m not going out into mortal, manipulation or mortal decisions. I trust my Father. I have the Kingdom. It is the Kingdom of God who is my Father, my Source, my Being. I trust my Being. I trust my Source. I trust my Father. I rest in that trust with total confidence and therefore, I’m not peeking around the corners to see when and how much. I rest in the Father’s bosom.

Peace, be still. It is I, I who know all your needs. Can the Father forget the Son? Are you the Son?

The light begins to shine within. You feel a oneness with Divine Intelligence, a great inner intuition. Oh this must go far beyond just material good. I was willing to use Spirit just for temporary material good or to mistrust Spirit for a moment and try to get back there and influence it just a little. What about this Father? I’m going to turn this problem over to you. I say that all the time, Father, I’m going to turn the problem over to you. Why? What problem?

That was fine in our earlier days of learning truth. I’ll turn the problem over to God and now I can say to the world, “I’ve turned it over to God. I don’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s God’s problem, not mine.”

Now that sounded great at one time. It was a very great piece of good advice, good sense of freedom developed out of it, and in your new Consciousness, you say “What problem?”

You see how we’ve stepped up to the point where the problem is the denial of who you are? Only the mortal has the problem. And so your way of turning it over to God is not saying, “Here take care of this problem,” but I have the Kingdom of God in which there is no problem. Now that is a higher method, a higher technique for you and one that works slightly better because it is true to God. There is no problem in the Father.

The moment you have the habit of thinking, “I can turn problems over to God,” you’re going to find that some of those problems aren’t handled and that’s because God doesn’t handle problems.

And so you take this iron and you iron out all these wrinkles in your consciousness and one of them is that the mere existence of the problem is a statement that you have wandered back into mortality. And so when supply is dwindling, the answer isn’t how do I find supply, the answer is how do I find that supply is already part of my Divine Being. That’s the real solution.

Supply is part of my Divine Being. I have strayed into an area called mortality where supply occasionally becomes a problem. I have slipped. I have fallen. I’m human again. And that isn’t even who I am. There is no me. I am not a me, I am I. I am heir to all the heavenly riches and I have no supply problem unless God has a supply problem. I haven’t. And I understand that God has infinite supply and I’m in the pipeline.

So your way to all limitations is to realize that all limitations are mortal. I already have the Kingdom of God, all of it. Second day. And then let the tempter come. Welcome him with open arms. He really doesn’t exist, you know. He’s a mirage. He’s trying to convince you he exists and here comes his first disguise, the second, the third, all in the mortal dream. And if you’re not there in the mortal dream, no tempter can come to you.

Third day. And this goes right along with supply but in a larger sense than, food or money. It has to do with the total fulfillment of every need so that all needs are already fulfilled. In other words, with this principle, you can never say, I need this or I need that and I’ll find a way to fill that need.

Instead you come to the truth and that’s your third day: “I am the bread of life.”

This is a very specific quote but it is your third day because it will make you see that in your Spiritual Self, your only self, all needs are fulfilled in advance.

Spirit cannot withhold or shortchange itself. The fullness of the Godhead is the I of your being, your identity. I, is the bread and that is the substance. My identity is the substance of every need and you can never run out of I substance.

And so when you start your third day, if you have fallen into a belief that you have needs to be fulfilled, remember that all those needs are already fulfilled in the Spirit and the fulfillment which is already complete in the Spirit will manifest in the visible as you remain in the knowledge that I am the bread of life. I am I and that I that I am is the bread of life.

That’s your third day.

I’m just waiting a moment for it to sink in, when there comes that inner response saying, “I feel it. I am. I am the bread of life. I am.”

The I of my being has already met every emergency that will ever appear in this world concerning my life. All emergencies have been met. All needs have been fulfilled. I am self-complete in God. I am the bread. I have the substance which is my very being. I have the substance of all form, not just physical form, but all form. That mountain is made of the bread of my life and that river is made of the bread of my life. And that earth that produces food, that is made of the bread of my life. That earth is the Lord’s. That earth is the substance of my life. It’s not earth. Oh no, that’s just what it appears to be. It is I, the substance, the bread of life. It is the invisible Spirit that I am.

Everywhere I look, the substance of my being is the only substance there. I am the bread of all life everywhere. I am the substance of all form. Do I need form if I have the substance? No. I rest in the substance and omniscience automatically does the rest.

Form without substance is valueless. You’ll only have a shell. You’ll have mental form instead of Soul form. As I rest in the substance, the Soul will produce the visible images. That what the loaves and fishes were when multiplied. Soul images. Gold in a fish’s mouth. Soul images. Fish in the net. Soul images. But why no fish over there? Well they were using a mental net instead of a Soul.

I am the substance. I am the bread of life. I am the substance of these fishes that are heaped to overflowing in this net. That power flows through your substance without you doing anything about it other than living in the knowledge of it.

That’s your third day. I am the bread of life.

I’d love to see you have experiences with that more often because if you dwell there, and things flow into your life that are necessary, they are the result of that living. It’s not something you consciously take thought about. It’s something this new wonder comes into your life and you can take it right back to understand it. Oh my being, my I is the substance, is the bread and here’s the form, just come into my life, this new, whatever.

That’s how it came there. I was living in my I and then that substance was activated then Soul imaged it into form.

And all of the beautiful things that come as Soul form, powered by the Soul itself and substantiated by the Spirit flowing through your Soul, these are enduring. These are real. These carry with them the stamp of Divine Power and Divine Harmony. They are ordained. They have your name and address on them. They come and they do their work and they do it well.

I am the bread of life. There’s a great secret in there. I know that you understand it and I know many of you are practicing it. If you just give it more conscious knowledge, more frequently, and you’ll see some interesting results.

Fourth day: “I am never separated from all that God is.”

I am never separated from God. I’m never separated therefore from all that God is. I wake up in the morning and oh how different to know, I am never separated from all that God is.

That’s enough to make the sun shine even on a shady day. Especially because it’s true but do not think this human self is not separated from all that God is. Every time you hear that word “I”, put quotes around it. The I that I am is never separated from all that God is. If I’m not that I consciously, I am separated from all that God is. This me has no pipeline.

You see how you’re constantly being forced to drop personal sense, mortal sense of life? The I that I am is never separated from all that God is. The mortal that I am is very separated. The I that I am can never be separated from life. The mortal can because the mortal isn’t even in it to begin with. Let the dead bury the dead. I have a better way. Live in the I that you are, for the the I that you are can never be separated from all that God is.

That’s your fourth day.

I suppose many of you can practice that in all different ways. Some of you will just think of it the night before so you wake up to it. Some of you will print it on a little card, put it by your pillow or your night stand and wake up to it and reach out for the card and say, “oh how nice. The Father sent me this notice – ‘I can never be separated from all that God is.’”

You can even send yourself a letter everyday if you feel like opening it in the mail and I’m not joking. It’s a great idea. You open the mail in the morning, what could be nicer than learning that about yourself. Of course, the mail may come late.

Some of you may decide, I’ll not only put it in a card by my nightstand but I’m going to put it in my purse if I go anywhere and gee, if it’s that good, why don’t I just do it early in the morning. How about making that the subject of my daily meditation and how about just letting myself look at it on the card from time to time especially if something does go wrong. I pull that right out of my purse and look at it, weigh it against what’s happening and if it’s the truth, the other can’t be. If the truth is the truth, then the lie must be a lie.

Yes, I think it would be legitimate to put it on a card and take it with you and meditate on it from time to time until it’s inscribed in your heart.

Forty cards, forty days in the wilderness. You might find other ways, maybe a lot better. You might make a tape recording of each principle and hear yourself say them when you hear them back. You might play it for yourself in the morning. First thing, push that button and hear yourself saying, “I am already one with all the God is” and hearing myself say it might have some effect.

Whatever that can implant this and the rest of the day, you know, to live it out, to expand it, to find facets of it that are glorious and hidden; waiting to be discovered.

I believe we have thirty-nine truths. And if you’re in doubt of about any of them as being true, and you want to find where it is in the Bible, start checking it out in your Bible. Get into a little personal research program. I want to prove this is true in the Bible. So start doing this. Spend some time with it. And when you’re through trying to prove it’s true, I guarantee, you’ll know that statement better than you knew it before you started.

If I wanted to prove that last statement and I spend a morning or an afternoon or a day trying to prove it, by the end of that day, I would have been thinking about that statement quite a bit and I would also have all kinds of quotes from either the Christ Jesus or the prophets or someone, somewhere or I could pick up one of Joel’s books and try to find some backing in a book for some of these statements. You might be very surprised to find that he’s almost said some of them verbatim. Just the same way or just another way but I don’t think, I believe that you could find any of these thirty-nine statements and prove them from Joel’s books if you knew where to look. I don’t believe we have one that isn’t a branch right out of something he taught.

These are meant now to be proven not to be just blindly accepted and memorized but to be proven. The idea of the forty days in the wilderness is to walk through the wilderness to be tempted to disbelieve these truths and to prove that they are true because each one of them is part of your permanent Consciousness.

I guess you see by now, this is not a forty-day program. It starts out as a forty-day program but there’s nothing in here you won’t be doing till the very day you make your transition. It’s a lifetime program.

Number forty. You might need this more than any so it’s here.

The fortieth day, you begin with: “My body is Infinite Spirit.”

My body is infinite Spirit. Is it true? Then you must live it if it’s true. Your body is Spirit and Spirit is infinite.

All of those physical problems are in the wrong body, aren’t they? They’re not in your body. They’re in the false body you’ve accepted to be your body. I’m not saying you shouldn’t take care of that image. I’m just saying it’s not your body. It’s your mental image. And so you have to repair your mental image. And one fine way to repair it is to know your real body. My body is Infinite Spirit.

My soul is troubled. Shall I say Father save me from this hour? But for this course came I into the world to demonstrate that the body of the Son of God is Infinite Spirit, not flesh. That demonstration was made and so many others to speak to you directly and say, your body is not physical form.

Why not try living in your body instead of waiting for the grim reaper to take the old one away. Why don’t you make the crossover over to your body, now? And when this one is taken away, you’ll have one to live in. It’s really that simple and that difficult. Move into your body and then when you discard this one, there’s no place to go. Start living in it, get used to it. After this one is taken, it’s too late. You’ve got to start all over again. Get used to your body now, Infinite Spirit.

And so on your fortieth day, the world says to you, “this is a physical problem.” And you say to the world, “Who said so?” The medical profession, that’s who. They have charts. You can see it with your own eyes on the chart.

I wonder what God thinks about all this? What is my Father seeing? Why did my Father let that get on my chart? The answer is, my Father didn’t let it get on my chart. That’s not my chart you have there. Oh you thought this was my body. Yea, you naturally would because that’s what you work with.

And I can’t really tell you I live in a different body. I mean I’m not going to go on a cross and get crucified just to prove that to you. That’s been done. I live in a different body. That’s what you live with. That’s what you develop, that awareness and you practice living in a different body. That’s why we had a year of living outside the form. I am incorporeal being. I don’t live in a physical body. I won’t be living in one thirty years from now. I may as well get used to the idea right now.

So you step over into the Spiritual body that’s been provided since before the world was and you realize I really never left the Spiritual body. The only crossing over I have to do is to correct the untruth that I ever walked out into a physical form. What happened was, on this side of that cosmic filter, this cosmic mind interpreted my Spiritual body into a physical image called physical body and then it put a false consciousness into it called human ego and it said to it, “this is your body” and I was that false consciousness. And I said, “Oh this is my body. Thank you. Thank you.”

And all the time, I wasn’t that ego or that body at all. That was some mortal construction of the world mind on this side of the filter, projecting something into time which through inadvertence and for lack of Spiritual awareness, I was quite young when they did that to me, and I accepted that baby, that me and I grew up in that form they gave me.

But in rebirth, as we learn that the substance of real form is the Spirit, therefore I’m not that form. And now I look at all my friends and I see why some of them were friends once and some changed. Sure, how could they help themselves? They were just carnal mind forms who thought they were people. How strange they acted and how ridiculous I often acted. Why? I didn’t control this form. The carnal mind controlled it. We were robots in the flesh, in time, walking through the invisible Kingdom of God, even walking right through our invisible body not even knowing it was here.

Graduation day finally comes. We’re given a little diploma. The Father anoints us. “Thou art my Son. You’re not this born of woman. Wake up. Wake up. Step out of this dream.”

And bit by bit, day by day, truth by truth, the dream slowly dissolves. You stand revealed as yourself, the Son of God living in the Infinite Kingdom of God, the Infinite Consciousness of God your own, the Infinite Life of God your own, the Infinite Body of God your own, and as you put your consciousness constantly above the illusions in time and make the conscious effort to live in eternity now, in the eternal day, where time is not, where Soul has canceled out all the calendars and all the years, and all the little measuring sticks. You live just consciously in the Paradise that is, in your real Self. And there the Son of God is born in you.

It doesn’t come to everyone the same way. Some of the ways it comes are too astounding but there are signs and signs and signs that the birth is taking place.

I can’t divulge what people have told me. I can’t divulge the incredible experiences that come to so many. But they’re recognizable to those individuals and I’m identifying them as signs of a birth. Like the little kicking of the unborn infant’s foot. These are signs of a birth. And they become more frequent. The intervals between the signs become shortened. The signs become more pronounced, the more you live in yourself. You won’t need an attendant or a midwife, just living in yourself and the Divine labor pains bring great joy, incredible joy, breathless joy. You merge into all that surrounds you and it all becomes you. All that is, I am.

We’re going to remain silent if you don’t mind.

We will have another seminar next year in October. I cannot give you the precise dates but it will be the early part of the month probably the first or second week and it will be on the island of Kauai. So if any of you have been delaying a trip to the island this is a good time to devote. The announcements for it will go out in September right after Labor Day and the precise dates will be there.

Something is happening to each of us. To try to define it would be practically impossible. Perhaps even to understand it we would fall short of the mark. But there is a force that knows what is happening to us and it doesn’t like it. There is a force in the world which is now ready to prevent your growth and because you are reaching the pinnacle of Self-realization, this force is gathering in all its fury.

Up to now, you have been very docile captive by not recognizing the nature of the force so the full power of it, we have, you might say, cooperated with it. But now you appear to be ready to make certain commitments which would liberate you from this force.

Your willingness for example to drop the sense of mortality and accept and live in your Divinity provokes the world mind. It’s as if everything within your heart and Soul is known to it and your intention of becoming the living Son of God, not only as a phrase but as a fact, arouses the total enmity of this negative world force. And so a confrontation is inevitable. The severity of it is something that is almost unspeakable.

John dramatized it in the Revelation. It’s the ultimate confrontation between the individual aspiring to Sonship and world mind which would keep him mortal, temporary, captive in the material world.

John called it Armageddon and it has been taught as the great warfare between God and evil. It is nothing like that. Armageddon taught by John is not an external event to begin with. It’s an inner event. It’s a warfare within you, a conflict. It’s an all-out war which makes your consciousness a battleground. It is a war between your Soul and your humanhood. And the severity of it only becomes apparent when you begin to assert your Divinity.

Many of you in the past have found that when you learn something, the moment you have this feeling, “I have progressed” and get this glorious feeling of having made a major advance, all you do is go home and the roof falls in. Something happens, some crisis, some emergency, some attack and you’ve had many of those.

All of them are nothing compared to the confrontation when you are determined to live as a child of God. It’s as if the whole world rises up against you. Whereas before the attacks have been somewhat sneaky and disguised, now they come very blatant, powerful and direct. Your life is threatened. Your children’s lives are threatened, all things dear to you are threatened. Mortal mind has a way of making you appear as if you’re standing on the verge of annihilation and its purpose is now to exterminate Christ in your consciousness.

And you say, “Why? How can a nothing exterminate Christ in my consciousness?” Well the same reason that Christ has not been your prime lifestyle or objective throughout your entire lifespan. Something has maintained a constant vigil over you to prevent from living as the Christ and this same something which has been named Satan, carnal mind, is now just as determined as you to prevent a rising into Christ awareness.

I tell you this not to frighten you. But because it will help you to identify the forces at work that are trying always to prevent the ultimate triumph of Christ Consciousness on this earth.

To one who is steeped in truth and prepared, there is no alarm. To one who knows identity, there is no alarm. To one who knows that I, the Self, the Christ of God, the Son of God am one with the Father, to one who is anchored in absolute truth the uprising of world mind against you is nothing but kindling to fire in your Soul. But if there is a weakness, one vulnerability, world mind will seek it out.

And so the purpose of this statement to you is to prepare us to completely eliminate in our armor any Achilles’ heel toward which a negative force in the world might drive a nail and try to crucify that spark within you which is now trying to become a flame.

You must be moored in dependable truth. And this truth now becomes quite different than the memory of principles. It becomes quite different than a truth you can grab on to just because a crisis has arisen. It becomes a truth that is part of your very being.

And now that we have but ten days in the wilderness, the truths we need are strong. They are deep and they are demanding. For every truth that you take now, you must cross out a lie.

We are moving toward the Divine birth when you realize yourself to be something you have not dared to realize you are. “Who do men say that I am?” said the Christ. Now that’s the way we remember it, isn’t it? But I have been quite surprised to find that it is not quite that way.

If we look in Mathew 16, The Master says to His disciples, ‘Whom do men say that I, the son of man am?’ He tells them who He is and says, “Who do they say that I, the Son of man am?” Now why at this point does He so specifically identify as the Son of man? He could have said, “Whom do men say that I am?”

But He wanted us to know without any quibble who He is. “I am the Son of man but whom do men say that I, the Son of man, am? I know who I am and I want you to know who I am. I want to know also who men say that I am. Do they know that I am the Son of man.” And you know they didn’t, how could they?

But we were to learn who the Son of man is. And it’s so important that someday this very Son of man would come in all His glory. And that’s also an interesting phrase because He said the Son of man will come in all His glory but here He is the Son of man, right there, saying “The Son of man will come in all His glory.” How can He be there and still say, “will come in all His glory”?

And so the physical, visible Jesus is not the Son of man, is He? For that that will come in all His glory is not the physical Jesus but the Son of man and Jesus was the Son of man but the Son of man is not only Jesus. That’s the point. The Son of man was not only Jesus the Christ but that Son of man will come and to whom? And how does it come? And when it comes, what does that mean?

Let’s say it will come to you. And when it comes to you, it will come in all its glory? Has that entered your consciousness that the Son of man is coming to you in all it’s glory and who this Son of man is?

Oh we know the Son of man is not the son of woman. But the Son of man is coming to you. Is that your real identity? Are you going to come into the realization that the Son of man is you? Is that how the Son of man comes to you? You realize, “Oh I am the Son of man?” I think that’s how the Son of man will come to you; your realization that it is you and you and you.

For each of us is the Son of man appearing first on earth as the son of woman but never less than the Son of man who is before Abraham. I am Jesus but I am the Son of man and I am before Abraham and therefore the Son of man before Abraham is also you. Before Abraham is I am.

So you are the Son of man before Abraham. You are the Son of man now. You are the Son of man forever. But who is the Son of man? This is where the acceptance becomes so important that we must spend considerable time learning to find the precise nature of what is being asked of us.

Our first day in the wilderness.

“I am neither male nor female.”

This is where the conflict immediately begins. The world mind in you says, “Too far, too fast, I’m not ready.” Armageddon has commenced. The warfare between the flesh and the Spirit. The warfare between the mortal and the immortal, between the timeless Self and the self in time.

Son of woman is male or female. Son of man is neither male nor female. Can you begin a day that way? Will you?

That would be, what, thirty-first day. I am neither male nor female for I am the Spirit of God. And the Spirit is neither male nor female in a mortal sense. In fact, the Spirit of you is male and the Soul of you is female on the mystical level but when you renounce humanhood, you renounce femininity and masculinity as the identity of your being and the importance of that will never come to you until you have given it some serious contemplation.

Was Mary male or female? Was Joseph? Was Jesus? Let us be still.

Specifically, he denied that I am the son of woman, but taught that He was the Son of man and yet He had no father in the mortal world. Was He male or female or was He Infinite Spirit? Isn’t sex just a human term? Is God male or female? Is the Son of God male or female? Are you the Son of God? Who under heaven can make this decision for you but yourself?

But last week, I became a mother and three weeks and three months from now, I will produce a child. I must be a woman. Yes, that’s the mortal picture.

Can I be the life of God and you be the life of God, we be the same life of God but I’m male and you’re female? Is the life of God divided into sexes? No. We are transcending mortal concepts of man and woman. We are rising above Adam and Eve. We’re not stepping out of the Garden of immortality to be man or woman.

This acceptance in you will find its most difficult attack from something also within you. The remnants of world mind in you will debate this a long time and even your temporary acceptance may not be quite as deep seated as you’d like it. The subconscious will rise up and many things will occur to persuade you that you are borrowing something you don’t really believe in.

But I ask you to contemplate it very carefully. You need not accept it this second. You need never accept it. But if you wish to give birth to Christ in you, I tell you, you must accept it first.

What are the repercussions, what are the conditions after you accept it? That might and could be on your mind. Suppose, I mean I’m signing a blank check here, I’m neither male nor female? What next?

Well no one’s going to outline the conditions for you because it’s all your personal business. But think on it and think on it now and often until you can see that the acceptance of it is a step in the path of returning to your Father’s house for the Father and the Son are neither male nor female.

Rest on that a moment. If you were to accept it on your first day in the wilderness, there’s no telling what conditions you might have to face. But strangely, the world has already turned in that direction. The little woman behind the kitchen pot and the stove is not there anymore. She has liberated herself from that degree of humanhood and the liberation of the female and the equality sought with the male may be in disguise a step toward the realization that I am neither male nor female.

But anyway, on your day in the wilderness, it’s very difficult to anticipate how you will have to use this realization but I assure you on the very day that you make this your project in the wilderness, you will be tested in many unusual ways. And from it will come a realization that is possible no other way because you will transcend the idea of male flesh and female flesh into Divine flesh which is neither male nor female. I am already the impersonal Christ and there you go with the impersonalization that has been taught some forty years in The Infinite Way. How can you impersonalize and still be male or female?

Can you imagine walking the earth as a female Christ and someone walking the earth as male Christ when Christ is one? You see, the concept has to go. Overcoming it isn’t difficult. The problem comes when you try to live it. How do you live it? But the Father within knoweth your needs and so the how merely becomes a trust and a confidence in the Father within who goeth before you.

And because we have been developing this confidence, this I don’t have to know everything. I can walk blindfolded through this earth with the knowledge that the eyes of God are my eyes.

And therefore, if this be the Father’s will as it appears to be, as Paul told us it was, there is neither male nor female, it all points to this truth as being a truth that I must know, realize, accept and live, then it is not my function to get a road-map on how I’m going to do it as much as to accept it on faith, knowing that the Father will light a lamp under my feet.

But there are so many other things that we must accept the same way. And so I see you. I see your form. I see your configuration. From a mortal standpoint, you are one or the other but looking through the light of you, there stands the invisible child of God, the Christ.

And when you move into your next experience, when you move into the fifth world, you won’t be thinking about it but you won’t see men and women. It won’t occur to you to look for them either. They simply have no existence in the fifth world or the sixth or the seventh.

All the Marys are gone. The Johns are gone. There’s no Peter. There’s no Lydia selling purple.

Angels are not male nor female. Souls are really not male nor female. And so we are preparing for our entry into the fifth world by our acceptance of the situation as it is in the fifth world and therefore we will begin our day if this is the way we want to go, and that’s still your option.; with that as our daily principle.

And so every man uses that principle and every woman uses that principle because we are neither men nor women in Spirit. Your Spirit and my Spirit are one Spirit, not two. We move into the arc of Spirit and all the twos become one.

I’m not moving on yet because I wish this to dwell within you until you come to grips with it. Beneath it, behind it is a great secret for you. I’m waiting for that secret to come into your understanding.

You see, if you have a realization of this, from that moment on you would walk through this world with the knowledge that you are neither male nor female and every word you speak, every action you perform would flow from that focus. Can you see yourself doing this? Can you see yourself not doing this?

John tells us in one of his Epistles, that God is not with you until you realize that Jesus was the Son of man. And that includes the realization that Jesus, the Son of man, the Son of God, was neither male nor female. And when you know that the Son of man named Jesus was neither male nor female, and that you are the Son of man, then you are understanding John ‘s statement, “God is not with you until you know that Jesus was the Son of man.” This phrase is going to come back at you many times.

There was no male Jesus. There was the Son of man, neither male nor female for pure Spirit is that. And when Jesus says in the Bible, ”I am come that you may have life,” He’s saying the Son of man has come that you may have life. When He says, “Lay down your life that you may pick it up again,” He means lay down your sense of being a male life or a female life that you may pick up your impersonal life which is neither male nor female.

Every word uttered by Jesus the Christ was uttered by the impersonal Christ, neither male nor female, the Son of man. And when you read the Bible that way, there’s a completely new look. That which was neither male nor female made every statement attributed to Jesus the Christ. And said, “Follow me. Pick up your female cross or your male cross and follow me. Follow me into paradise. And when you arrive the entrance fee you pay is simply correct Identity. Who do men say that I am? Do they think I am the carpenter’s son? Do they think that I was born of woman? That’s not your identity. Your identity born of woman is male or female. That’s not your identity. Child of God, infinite, eternal, indestructible and beside you there is no other.

Two for that day:

I am the only Son of God. There is no other.

To awaken in the morning. I am the only Son of God. There is no other.

How can you be the only Son of God? You are not the physical form. The Son of God is an Infinite being. You are that Infinite being when you accept it and your neighbor accepts it and I accept it. We’re all accepting that we are that one Infinite being. The differences between us that appear are not true. The way we three look or four or ten or hundred and fifty, those differences are not true. All that is here is the one Son of God appearing to human sense as one hundred and fifty-four or fifty-five people. Each making an inner understanding, an inner acceptance, an inner commitment to the fact that I am not this visible one, this male or female, I am the Son of God who is infinite. I do not exist in this chair. There’s no place where I am not. Wherever God is I am now and forever. I am the Infinite child of God. Undivided Spirit, one with the Father eternally.

Now to accept the life of God, Spirit of God, the wisdom and omniscience of God, the allness of God, there’s only one way to accept it and that’s to be the one. Never a fragment, never a second. You must be the one and each who accepts himself or herself to be the one is on the path of attaining that Consciousness of Christ which catapults you into the life that is eternal.

These are giant steps but really quite small in comparison to the steps you are going to take. I am the Son of God, the only Son. There is no other. Wherever I go then, that day, wherever I go, because I am the Son of God, after my meditation on that subject, wherever I go, everyone I see, I am.

There isn’t anyone you can see anytime, anywhere who isn’t the same invisible Son of God that you are.

So on your third day:

I am the invisible self of everyone I see.

I am neither male nor female. I am the only Son of God. And on the third day, I am the invisible self of everyone I see.

I wake up in the morning. I go to my meditation to realize I am the invisible Self of everyone I will see today. And someone calls me on the telephone, that is my own invisible Self and I’m going to “consciously” know it.

Even when the tax collector tells me my taxes were underpaid and hands me a little invoice, I’m going to say, “That’s my own invisible Self.” And so I have no enemies. I only have the one Self everywhere. And whether it appears as male or female, I am the invisible Self there.

Now do you begin to see why you can be neither male or female? There cannot be a distinction in the one invisible Self. Now don’t get the idea that this is like you have a little appliance and you’re putting the plug in the wall and getting some electricity out of it. You’re all electricity not just where you’re putting the plug. You’re not plugging in to the Infinite, you are the Infinite. And so everywhere you go, you’re greeting your Self knowledgeably, knowingly.

There isn’t anyone in the universe who isn’t your invisible self and there never has been. And there never will be. If the population of the world rises to fifty billion, every one of them will be your invisible self. You are the self of every child still unborn. You are the self of every one who allegedly has passed on. You must come to the practice of this. You are the self of Cleopatra and Anthony and Caesar. You are the self of every one who has ever walked this earth.

That’s why I’m somewhat amused when someone tells me who they were in their last reincarnation. They are the self of everyone who has ever walked the earth. They are the self of every incarnation of every human being who ever walked this earth. I’m not this one and I’m not that one. I’m all. There’s only one Son and I am that only Son.

In this awareness, when it is your awareness, who on this earth do you fear? Who on this earth has the power to give or to take from you? Can you take from yourself? Can you steal from yourself? Can you compete with yourself? Can you hurt yourself? Unthinkable, not in your Father’s Kingdom. Only in this silly world.

In the illusion, all of these ridiculous things happen. In the one Self, only the perfection of the Father is experienced by your Self. Oh, the ramifications of this are enough to keep you busy for the rest of this lifespan.

I am the self of everyone who walks this earth. I am the only Son. Being true to that is loving your Father supremely.

“Father, I’m saying to you that I am your Son. I’m not denying that Sonship. I’m not accepting it here. I’m accepting it there and there and there. I’m not denying it anywhere. Within your Infinite Self, I am not denying my Sonship anywhere. For what I deny there, I lose here.” And that secret given by Jesus is very clear that what you deny anywhere, you lose here. So go ahead and persecute someone and the hangman’s noose will be around your neck.

Love someone and the love will return a hundredfold. That which you measure out is measured right back to you but many times more, over flowing with infinite returns to that which you impart when you send it out.

How beautiful to find someone who’s learned the secret of sharing. Maybe they don’t even know why. But when they have it, they have learned in some way that they are the self they are sharing with. They are sharing with themselves everywhere. Some of these little proverbs, “Better to give than receive” are based on such infinite truths.

Abraham stood and he was told, “All the land that you can see is yours.” The Father says to you, “All of infinity that you can accept is yours.” That’s the meaning of Abraham and the land he was given.

You are given infinity for you are the Infinite Son and as much as you can accept and are willing to work to accept is yours. And when you deny any part of it anywhere, you lose all that you have. “To him that hath will be given, to him that hath not, what little he hath will be taken away.” All about your Infinite Sonship.

To His disciples, “whom do men say that I the Son of man am?” And I say to you, “Who do you say that you the Son of man are?” Are you just a person? Are you just a finite Christ or are you the Infinite Son? Make the acceptance on your third day in as strong a way as you know how and live it out that day.

You just lost an employer and you just lost employees. And if you’re in a football team, they’re all your Self. You’re the one- man team. You’re even the one- man team that’s opposing the team you’re on. If you’re in an army, you’re the whole army and you’re the army opposing you. And if you know this, you’re in the Secret Place of the Most High. And though ten thousand fall at your right and a thousand at your left, it cannot come nigh thee. If you could just pass this on to everyone in that army, we’d stop having a war.

Is there a contagion in the city? Are you subject to the contagion? Not if you’re the only one. Then there’s no one to pass this contagion on to you and no one to receive it because the only one is not the visible self. Is there a flood? Is there a fire? Is there such a thing as a flood or fire that could harm the Infinite One? And if you’ve been living as the Infinite One in consciousness, can it come nigh thee?

You can just run the gamut of all the horrendous things that occur to human hood and realize that they occur where there is no recognition of the Infinite One.

Go back into your own previous incarnations. Were they there or were you then the Infinite One? Do you see why there’s no past in your reality? Go into every tomorrow, there is the Infinite One that you are right now. And all these things that are going to appear in time, in sequence, none of them are you for you are the Infinite One, already there, already everywhere.

I am the invisible Self of all who walk the earth. I am the Infinite Son, the only Son.

That doesn’t go just for people. The Son being infinite, the Son is where there are no people too. The Son is where a planet appears. The Son is where a mountain appears. The Son is where the river flows. The Son is where the earth seems to be. Can you go that far? Will you make the effort?

There is no place where I am not. I am more than just a spinning globe. I am the

invisible Self of all that is anywhere, anytime, in any place. The Son is infinite. The Son is undivided from itself everywhere. The little mortal is not the little mortal. The little mustard seed is growing into a tree beyond the scope of the human imagination.

That is your Self. Can you see that a minute in the awareness of your Infinite Self is more than a lifetime living in a mortal selfhood? And these accumulating minutes of understanding, of realization when you touch the truth of it, this is when the oil drops from your Soul. Every time you realize, “I am the Infinite Son,” another drop of oil forms another light essence for your infinite Spiritual body.

[End of Side One]

You literally, like the spider, weave your own body within and from it you weave this new substance which is made of your recognition of being the Infinite Son. It’s as if someone somewhere, we’re keeping score.

I think you can feel your infinite body to a degree and it will help you to know you are the Infinite Son.

See if you can rest for a moment in a body that is not the form. It can be a body of Consciousness.


Can you find this you that is out of the form and never was in it? Can you be that pure Consciousness?


The you you’re trying to realize is the you that you’re going to live with someday, totally. Because that you, seemingly at the moment just beyond reach but yet present in your consciousness, so that you can be aware this you. That you, is going to be the you that moves into the fifth world. When you join that you, you’ll discover your in the fifth world. For that you already does exist and what you are doing now is losing the mortal sense of you and picking up the immortal you which is ever present but not cognizable by the five senses.

If you feel a measure of this invisible you, that experience is coming through your Soul and that’s the purpose of this exercise. You will only feel this infinite you, this pure Consciousness you, this essence, that is not confined. You’ll only feel it with your Soul.


And there is a place when, not only do you feel it, but your mortal sense is lost. It just vanishes. And this that you have been trying to feel begins to be where you are and that’s all you are. And you feel nothing but this that you’ve been trying to feel. There’s no you trying to feel anything anymore. There’s just your real Self.


The Self that was before the world, you are and it is the Son of man. The Self that was before there was a man or a woman, is the Son of man. The Self that always was. The Self without beginning or end. That Self announces itself like the wind. It comes from where, one knows not and it pronounces its arrival and declares itself to be yourself because you have accepted it.


In this Consciousness, scripture is born. This is the Source of scripture. When the Self declares itself, it speaks the scripture that becomes part of the Bible. That’s why many times in this level of Consciousness you will hear scripture quoted. It comes from the infinite always and it always translates to the human mind the same way. “I am the Infinite Invisible”

Every prophet living in this Consciousness of I am the Infinite Son hears the voice and speaks what he hears and speaks not of himself. It is the Infinite Son who speaks the words of the Father.


“My peace I give unto you,” this infinite peace, not a mortal peace that men can understand, but a peace of the Infinite Soul. A peace that is more real than any peace signed by any treaties on the earth. For this peace is the peace of the Kingdom where the Son lives. I, the Infinite Son live in the Kingdom of my Father.

The living Christ, the Infinite Son, gathers His sheep into the flock one by one, the Comforter comes announcing, “I am come.” And when you know you have been chosen, you never forget it. This is the invisible badge you wear for the rest of your human days and you wear that with the full knowledge of what it means. When you are declared to be the Son, through this inner knowing, you walk the earth with the responsibility to be the Son and to bless, and to love, and to share, and to bestow, and to let your Divine light softly shine wherever you go.

To be the Son is to let your Divine light shine with good deeds, with loving deeds with gentleness, with firmness in the will of your Father.


Son, all that I have is thine. Thou art ever with me. I will be with thee always. Even unto to end of this lifespan. And when the illusion is lifted, my Son and I will be shown to be one.

The cosmic mind finds it very difficult to enter the conscious knowledge that I am the one Infinite Son and this breaks the mortal dream. You find yourself saying, “Speak Father, thy Son heareth. Fill my Soul, open the book of life to me for I am ready to walk as thy Son.”


Higher still we go now.

And let yourself go beyond all human thought. Just have the courage to drop all human thought and really open your Soul as wide as the infinite universe is.


Just beyond all thought is the Kingdom of God, the full glorious Kingdom is just beyond your human thought.


If at this moment, you were neither male nor female, nor physical, nor flesh nor person, nor part of any human concepts, you would be walking in that Kingdom and you can. For My Kingdom has come on earth as it is in heaven. It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. Just be My Son. Just be My Son and the Kingdom and its treasures belong to you.


And I have sent My Son to teach you how to be My Son. His words are printed in bold letters in the book of life. You can depend on them more than any word written in this world. Follow them carefully. They will take you through the gates of the Kingdom into Oneship, into Sonship, into eternity now, into the life that is eternal life. Be My Son.


And then, in this Consciousness, let us go with the Master.

And it came to past, about an eighth day after these sayings, He took Peter and John and James and went up into a mountain to pray. We have gone up into a mountain to pray. We are joining Peter and John and James. We are following the Master up the mountain to pray. The world has not known what He did that day but He explained who you are. He had said, “Whom do men say that I the Son of man, am?”

And now He took Peter and John and James and you and me up the mountain to show who the Son of man is. For the Son of man that He is about to show us is exactly who you are. That is the missing glorious secret of the transfiguration. That is who we are. Hear it from that point of view in your present mountain top.

And as He prayed, the fashion of His countenance was altered. There was the man Jesus but now the fashion of His countenance was altered. And as you’ve been praying though you saw it not, when you accepted, “I am the Son of God,” and extended your consciousness beyond thought, in that same sense, the fashion of your countenance was being altered.

And His raiment was white, glistening. You have the right in your pure Consciousness to know that you are wearing that raiment. For when you stepped out of the concept of form, you put on the raiment of the Son of God. You accepted your Divine essence, glistening. He is clothing us in our garment of Spirit. He is saying, “You are no longer flesh, you never were.” He is impersonalizing us by altering the face. He is saying, “you are not finite being. Get out of that coat of skin. I am showing you who the Son of man is.

“And behold, there talked to Him two men, which were Moses and Elias, who appeared in glory and spake of His decease which He should accomplish at Jerusalem.” Before it happened, before it happened. We are seeing the Son of man in his true state. The one who could not die and you are that Son of man in your true state.

“But Peter and they that were with him, were heavy with sleep. And when they were awake they saw His glory and the two men that stood with Him.” Do you know why they were heavy with sleep? Spirit had to change their consciousness so that they could witness this. They could not see it with normal, human eyes. That sleep was their New Consciousness which came upon them when they were de-hypnotized from mortality by sleep, so that they could witness the invisible.

And they are there to witness the invisible so that you and I can see through the eyes that they saw, through the single eye. They were looking through their Soul. “If thine eye be single, thy whole body will be filled with light.” And they were seeing the body of light of the Christ, who is the Son of man. And this is the Son of man we’re now looking at through the Soul of the three who were put to sleep that they might see through the single eye.

“And it came to past as they departed from Him, Peter said to unto Jesus, ‘Master, it is good for us to be here,’” and so on.

Here we have the man, the form evaporating into the distance, disappearing, diminishing, expanding, etherializing before their eyes into infinity saying by its very action, “I am not Jesus. I am this Infinite Son. I am not made of flesh and blood. I am made of a substance that man cannot see but only you because I have lifted you into Soul vision.”

He lifted them into Soul vision that they might see the invisible Christ flesh. But He had said, “I am the Son of man.” And he had said, “The Son of man would come unto us.” And so the invisible Christ flesh which was present there but invisible, has never departed. It is infinite. It is your invisible Christ flesh now.

Beyond your senses, beyond your brain, beyond your mind, beyond anything of your human selfhood, beyond your human thought, here now is your invisible Christ flesh waiting for you to live in it in your eternal life, as you accept that you are not the son of woman but the Son of the Infinite Father, the Spiritual child born of God.

How you are going to bring these elements together for you to dwell in this from time to time is very important because out of it will come that glowing fire that erupts into an unquenchable flame, like the burning bush which actually is a symbol of the unquenchable nature of the fire of your Soul. It never consumes and yet it burns forever.

There is a hidden ecstasy here of your Soul in your acceptance of being that Soul racing forward, arms outstretched as it were, to meet your Spirit and they come together in an infinite embrace. The Spirit, through the Soul becomes aware of itself and the Soul becomes aware of the Spirit. Spirit becomes aware through the Self-awareness of Soul and Soul becomes aware of the substance and they both learn that we are the same. I, the Soul am the Spirit and the Spirit learns, “I the Spirit am the Soul.” And this is the indissoluble union which has ever been true of your Soul and your Spirit. They are now one.

The marriage is your realization that your Soul is your Spirit, your Spirit is your Soul. And out of this inner realization that will come above the realm of thought, will come the ecstasy of that Soul fire as each feeds the other, kindling the other on an infinite level.

Out of this, a new you, is born. A you that you had been moving toward in your consciousness with your heart, with your Soul, with every ounce of energy you can command. Out of this spontaneous combustion of Soul and Spirit, comes another realization and this is the ecstasy of Christ born out of the wedlock, the marriage.

The fifth world of you and the sixth world of you are joined in conscious union and suddenly, Soul and Spirit being one are ascended into their natural home which is eternity, where they have always been but were not aware. It took the Soul to reach the Spirit for the Spirit to learn it had a Soul and then to rise into the knowledge that we are in eternity now. And in eternity, the eternal Christ declares itself unto you as your identity.

I am come and the life that I bring is the life you always were and it is eternal. When the Son of man is realized as your name, it is because your Soul has completed its flight, its circuit of the seven worlds and has returned to its original source in God and you stand there as the Christ, the Infinite Son realized.

This is a short story of your Reality. It is not the reality of tomorrow. Beyond thought is eternity, here now, tool vast for mind to grasp. But your identity does live in eternity now and you are that identity.

Your fourth day:

I am the eternal Christ living the eternal life now.

It’s difficult to try to live that in a mortal appearing world but by this day, this thirty-fourth day, you’ll find you have higher capacities and can do things that you didn’t know you would be able to do.

I am the eternal Christ living in eternal life now. That’s the fourth day.

Let’s be in the Consciousness now of the transfiguration. We are out of form. We are expanding our essence slowly but surely beyond visibility. Out of the visible world, into invisibility but still expanding. In the invisible, we are expanding. Now, change the “we” to “I” because the “I and the we” are the same. You are expanding. Now change “you” to “I” and use the “I” that you are.

In the invisible you are expanding into the fullness of I, expanding and expanding and expanding and yet, One and where you are expanding there is no other one. No other one. There never was. Until you expand to the uttermost capacity of your awareness at this moment and know that it is all yourself.

Everything within it is yourself. There is nothing else there, no world, no material powers, no powers of destruction, no birth and death, no person, no humanhood, no physicality. All this is in the dream world of a million yesterdays.

You are in the now not in the illusion of yesterday, today and tomorrow. You are in the now of being which is eternal. You are the eternal Self in the eternal now. You are accepting yourself to be worthy of your Father. No longer the son of woman. Every quality of God is part of your being now and if ever you descend back to that little earth down there, every quality of God that is part of your being now will still be part of your being no matter where you go or in what form you walk as long as you know who you are.

The qualities of God can never leave who you are. And those qualities are the only weapon you need against every disguise of the carnal mind. Let it multiply its forces against you. Let it attack. Let it threaten. Let it wear disguises. Let it seem to undermine your very existence. It has no power over you in your identity. It even has no power over the mortal appearance form of you when you stand in your identity. All the ravages of time are but paper mache against: “I am the eternal Son” realized.

So though we mount as high as our Consciousness will permit, if we should fall or return or drop or in any way come to a lower level, what we learn at the topmost is never lost. It is always with us. The word of God is eternal.

Every word you hear from the Father at any time is eternally true no matter where you are. Every truth you realize in Consciousness because it is truth is eternally true because that is the nature of truth.

There is one power in this universe of your Father and you can be true to that one power simply by knowing that because I am the Son, the one power of God is the only power in my life. And that power is eternal perfection.

Harmony is the nature of the Infinite Son of God. I am that Son. That power of harmony doesn’t depend on whether or not I appear in mortal form. It is a power unto itself. It is always happening. I either benefit by it by knowing I am the eternal Son or I do not benefit. Where my consciousness is, determines the degree of my infinitude that expresses in my works.

On your thirty-fourth day in the wilderness, Armageddon will confront you with everything to deny that you are the eternal Son of God. Almost everything you see will deny it. Some things will come up and strike you in the face with it to say, “You are not the eternal Son of God. You are just a mere mortal making a pretense. You were fired on this job. Look at this x-ray, what it says about you. You’ve got something wrong in there. Your child just had an auto accident. He’s in a hospital. We don’t know how critical it is at this moment.” All of these things happen when, the higher you go, the more critical, the more acute the attack of carnal mind upon you. And what do you do about it?

Get thee behind me Satan. I am the eternal Son of God. The laws of God are not changing because carnal mind in throwing these illusions at me. You see how strong you can be when you know who you are? And when you know who you are and when you know the truth of your being and the qualities of your being, you make a fabulous discovery- that all the evils in this world that exist in the human sense of life are there because there’s no identity to stand in. A human identity is impotent and helpless in the face of the carnal mind. But identity lived in daily, is the full armor of life. That’s a righteous man, one who lives in the identity of being the eternal Son, the only Son. And so let the armies attack with all their evils on this battleground of Armageddon. Your defense is not to match another army against them. Your only defense is to live daily as the eternal Son in the eternal life which includes the full spectrum of Divine perfection in all things knowing that nothing but that Divine perfection is happening and the illusion strikes against that which cannot be swayed, or influenced or deceived. Christ is never deceived. Christ is the eternal Son. Realization of oneness is a Consciousness, not a momentary idea. It is a way of life.

Make a note of the fifth day because it won’t be on the tape. The tape just ended.

The fifth day:

“I am always with God.”

I am always with God. Armageddon is not over in a day. It is a continuous battle. It intensifies. The moment you are willing to declare, “I am with God” and to walk forth that way, carnal mind will show you every reason in the world to make your mind believe God has nothing to do with you.

On the fifth day, I am with God.

These five comprise your five days in the wilderness. It gives us five more days in this wilderness. Could we have a quiet together?


We have tried to develop Soul consciousness and if you have not attained some degree of the texture of Soul consciousness then you may feel that the Kingdom of heaven is very remote because without Soul consciousness, the Kingdom of heaven is remote.

When Jesus said, “destroy this temple and in three days, I will raise it up again,” he later demonstrated precisely what He meant. After the destruction of his so-called body, which was the temple that had been mentioned when He said, “destroy it and in three days I will raise it up again,” He appeared in the Garden and that was the Soul world in which Mary saw Him although He was invisible to all others. But He said to her, “Touch me not. I have not yet ascended.” Soul was a level. It was not the final demonstration.

Now as He moved up into the Spirit world and then finally into the Christ world, those were the three days He meant. “In three days, I will raise it up again.” Soul was one day. Spirit another day, Christ a third day.

From the fourth world of humanhood, the mind universe, His three days were to the Soul universe, the Spiritual universe and the Christ universe. In those three days, rising to the full stature of Christhood, we raise this body from the mortal sense of body to the Christ awareness of body.

By stopping first in the garden to be seen by Mary, He emphasized the Soul level of consciousness that we must attain in order to rise further. Perhaps that is a brief answer to one of the questions just mentioned here. The individual said, “It’s getting rather crowded. We have all these names now.” We need them. We need the Soul, we need the Spirit and we need the Christ.

And when the Holy Ghost comes which is another name, it will arrive within your Soul and it will be the presence of Christ in your Soul. If you try to over simplify, you will discover you’re leaving out that which must happen within you. Each of these names is another function or area of consciousness within the one Consciousness that must happen in your experience.

The Holy Ghost does not enter a human mind. It enters your Soul. And now in Soul, you find a different pace. In Soul realm, a remarkable thing happens. Once you were quite tiny in this universe and the universe was vast, in Soul that is reversed. You become infinite and the world becomes nothing. This reversal is where we should have found some experience now.

In stillness of your mind which must be achieved for your Soul to rise into the only Consciousness you know, you will reach that level where you can rest in the peace of the Infinite. In my Soul, I find Christ peace. In my Soul, I find Divine law. In my Soul, the evils of the world have no entrance. The carnal mind has no place to express its concepts of good and evil.

Dwell quietly outside the mind. Let us transcend the mind which is either a relay station for the world mind or for your Soul. And if you do not get the distinction, that carnal mind will operate your mind and even twist the Bible around to make it seem as if the Soul realm has no existence. It is our mission to release our Soul, to identify as Soul, to receive the Father’s guidance through Soul.

There are one million people in this world suffering from all kinds of cancer. Only one reason, it was never impressed upon them that they had a Soul that had to be lived in. There’s absolutely no other reason. The world mind cannot impress the belief in cancer on your Soul. It needs a human mind to work through. Give it a Soul to work through and the carnal mind is out of business.

There are no breast tumors, no brain tumors, no internal tumors in your Soul, only in the mind. The mind is the avenue through which the body receives all the suffering in this world. That wanton mind that we’re so completely concerned about which we follow although it’s going to die. That mind is the avenue for every disease and every evil in this world. That’s the mind that lies and cheats and receives bribes. That’s the mind that commits arson and rape. That’s the mind that makes mistakes. That’s the mind that makes wrong decisions. Oh you say, “it’s the other fellow’s mind that does that, not mine” until you find that your mind is an avenue, a vast boulevard for every form of error that this world contains.

If you have not been impressed by the fact that you must transcend mind, not partially but totally, re-evaluate your particular situation and if Divine birth is your goal, the mind is a stumbling block.

I am Soul was the identification requested yesterday and it will be requested every day by the Spirit within. It is the Father’s will that you rise to the Christ mind. You cannot do it from human mind to Christ mind. You need a bridge. That bridge is your Soul. Your fulfillment of the Divine will that you live in the Christ mind is a demand that you rise above mind to Soul and from Soul you will move upward still higher.

But first, Soul. Soul is non-judgmental, non-critical, non-analytical and if you cling to these remnants of mortal belief, you are turning away from the Divine guidance to lift you into the purity of Soul.

What mind can say, “I am immaculate.” Your Soul not only says it, your Soul maintains it; and let’s do that now.

Our first order of the day is a meditation on, “I am immaculate, conceived in the image and likeness of the Father, immaculate I am forever. All of me that is not immaculate is not me.”

You say in your note you feel violence. No, you don’t. Your mind does. Your Soul feels no violence and so when violence comes into your mind, it’s a recognition that should spring up in you that I am in my mind universe. I don’t face the violence and overcome it. I rise to my identity through Soul. I am immaculate. Where is this violence? It isn’t even in the I that I am. It’s in the world mind.

Now that’s a cardinal principle. Evil is not in a person. There’s no such thing as an evil or violent person. There is the appearance of violence in the world mind relayed as the appearance of violence in the image called person.

There’s no such thing as a thief. There is the appearance of a thief. You can’t take a thief into heaven but today you will be with me in paradise because you’re not a thief. You are immaculate and I’m not looking at your physical form. That’s not you. I’m looking at your Spiritual body of pure, Divine light. It is immaculate nor is it violent.

Always incorrect self-identification leads to the belief in error. Right identification reveals that the error is in only the wrong identification not in the reality of your being. You are always immaculate.

Wrong identification must bring wrong experiences. Right identification is the way you become what is called a righteous man. You will never see those ten righteous men who can save a city.

Sometimes we scan the bible so casually that things stick in our mind as a fact when they’re not a fact at all. Ten righteous men will not save a city. Even though the Bible says it because the Bible means something quite different than what you read.

All through the Bible there are the numbers ten are given many times. Ten cities, ten years, ten cubits, ten knots to a cubit, ten lavas, ten baths, ten righteous men. The ten righteous men are your Soul. Your Soul is those ten righteous men. And whenever you find eleven, you’ll find your Spirit is being referred to and when you find twelve, you’ll know it’s the full Christhood of you that’s referred to.

So the word ten constantly is telling you, “Find the Soul, find the Soul, find the Soul.” The Soul saves a city and the city is what? Is it a geographical city? You are a city and your Soul will save you. That’s what it means. Each of us is a city and when you rise to the level of ten, you are a righteous man because in your Soul, you’ll receive the fullness of the Father and that saves your city. Salvation is in your Soul.

In three days, this temple will be raised again by rising to your Soul, your Spirit and your Christhood. And the same body temple that Jesus showed us was no deterrent to eternal life is the truth for all of us.

Now when you’re accustomed to living in your Soul, the miracle of life begins. Soul consciousness is the first major step in rebirth, in transition, in eternal life. The signs of Soul consciousness surround you. There are early signs. There are later signs. There are higher signs. Let’s find them again.

Above the mind, the soft suggestion of music, not music that the ears can hear and ever so subtly, the music changes to perfume and you smell the music and it smells just like perfume. And again ever so subtly, the musical notes become light notes and you see the music and the light as one. You begin to feel this new substance, a soft light appears and it remains. Your Soul is feeling the presence of Spirit. And this light is the evidence and your Soul is extracting from the Spirit an essence, a substance and that substance slowly replaces the substance of your mind.

Mind formed appears to us as matter. All forms are made of mental substance. Soul is going to change that as you live in Soul and Soul extracts essence from Spirit, Soul will transform mind substance into Soul substance. It will be a transformation right in your own sense of body, right in your own sense of universe. That light will inter-permeate all things. That essence will begin to flow into your own consciousness as your own being. You will feel the essence behind all things as your being. Your Soul will lift you into the Consciousness that I am the invisible, Infinite everywhere.

This extract of the Spirit by the Soul is going to be your eternal vehicle for life without end. It is going to infiltrate every breath and every step you take upon this earth even in a physical form. It is going to transform you. And when it becomes living experience, you will find there is a difference between a mind image which is all you can see in the world and a Soul image. Soul image is made of Soul essence. A Soul image is indestructible. A Soul image is impervious to every germ in this universe. You can put a bullet in a Soul image and it will not make any contact. The world of material powers is powerless, totally impotent against a Soul image. You will be the Soul image and when you are, you will not be a mind image which is mortal. You will be immortal.

Your immortality comes from the extract of Spirit in your Soul transformed into a Soul image made of Spiritual essence which is immune to all powers in this world. This is a slow, gradual transformation that has been planned by the Spirit of the Father. This is the meaning of Divine flesh and because this is inevitable for whoever lives in the Soul, every attempt of the world mind to make you be a human thinker is also an attempt to prevent your transformation into permanent being.

If you want the self-indulgence of the mind, you can have it. If you want the permanent Selfhood of your own being, you can have it also. But you must know that when you are willing to live only in your Soul, you are making that transformation possible.

As the Soul image is formed, you will look the same to everyone else except those who in some degree have a Soul awareness of their own. They will notice the difference. And in this Soul image, you will find that as you walk through this world, you have lost all fear. You have lost all uncertainty. You have lost the need for self-defense. You have lost the need for self-aggrandizement. You have lost the need for all mortal ambition, desire. Every need is met through the Soul expression without reaching outside your being. You appear as Soul image but you are infinite and the Soul image is but a symbol of your Infinite self.

All is produced from within your Infinite self and appears within your Soul and is brought forth from the outer world from your Soul which is infinite to that which appears as your Soul image. You are fed by your Infinite Soul which brings whatever is needed to the Soul image.

Now that Soul image is going to look exactly as this mortal image has looked with just enough minor differences that someone in Soul awareness will notice the difference. Does this sound impossible to you? It has sounded impossible to the world. In fact, it is unknown to the world but it is precisely what the Christ demonstrated. That which appeared to us as Jesus was an image of the Soul, not an image of the mind. And because the image of the Soul is identical in appearance to the image of the mind, both appear as mortal although one is immortal.

The world was completely unaware that within our midst was the life of all men because all the appeared to them was as a mortal being. What mortal could see an Immortal in its presence? But then the immortal did strange things so that those who knew the nature of the light could realize this was not a mortal. This is an Immortal among us, made of Spiritual substance translated into form by the Soul. And because of this Spiritual substance, because of this Immortal image, the miracles that appear to be done were accomplished in a very peculiar fashion.

The ear of Malchus lay on the ground. We have been under the assumption that Jesus then put it back on. He did not. And to understand this, you must realize that there stood no person in a form. That was a Soul image representative of the Infinite Soul living in a different state of perception than a human mind. What did the Soul see? Did it see an ear on the ground?

The Soul saw the whole light of that individual. The Soul sees only within the Infinite Spiritual Kingdom. It sees the whole light of an individual. That perception and the return of the ear to Malchus are simultaneous. We see the ear go back but that is not what is happening. What we are seeing is the Soul perception of the Christ called Jesus. That Soul perception and the return of the ear are simultaneous. It is the perception that we see which appears to us as an ear going back.

We are seeing the Soul perception of the Christ when Lazarus steps out of a tomb. Whatever appears in a healing by Jesus is the instantaneous Soul perception and the act in unison simultaneously. No movement of body is made, the perception and the act are one. And you will discover traces of this as you rise higher into your Soul perception. That which your Soul perceives and that which happens will be simultaneous.

This is an inner revelation that will come to you only by living in your Soul. You will discover that the transformation of this world will take place the same way. Your Soul perception will transform this world for you.

As you perceive the full light and not the mental pictures of the world mind, your perception will become the fact and it will be the recovery of that specific quality that was missing in whatever you saw.

I don’t know how many of you have had glimpses of this or the experience of it. I suspect we’ve all had something along these lines but didn’t quite know what to make of it. It’s like the woman falling down suddenly finding her Soul in that instant and in that very same instant she’s standing up because the Soul cannot see error. The Soul only sees the immaculate Self and the immaculate perception becomes visible as the recovery.

Now that’s one of the great miracles in store for all of us. It’s one of the great treasures of the Kingdom. It’s one of the reasons why eternal life is within your reach.

Because Soul is permanent and Soul perception being perfect, perfection remains.

I am immaculate and this immaculate nature of your own being can only be revealed to you by your own Soul awareness. And so while you’re accepting it on faith, dwell with it sufficiently so that whatever denies it, eventually reaches your Soul awareness rather than your mind. To your mind this is just a conjecture. To your Soul, this is the truth that is forever.

I’m speaking now to your immaculate Self. I’m not speaking to your mind. And your immaculate Self now must be expanded.

The second day.

I am the immaculate Self of all that I see. Of all that I see, I am the immaculate Self.

The perfection of all things is ever present, ever immaculate and never can be less. Only a mind idea can make it appear so but it never can be less. Find your immaculate Self through Soul. Extend your immaculate self to its infinite reality and you’ll see that you are the immaculate Self of this world.

What powers are released when you become conscious of this truth. That is what you will discover. No words of mine are necessary. When you are practicing, “I am the immaculate Self of this world,” you will discover the full power of your Soul. And you will be growing into that which ultimately will be called by the Father, “My Son”.

When you are the immaculate Self of this world, you are “My Son.” You are living in My Kingdom.

We’re far away from the personal self. Far away from the personal mind of the personal self. We’re living in our Father’s Kingdom as the immaculate Self of the world where I and the Father are one and this is how your Soul manufactures a Soul image.

If you do not live in the Spiritual Kingdom, you cannot find a Spiritual body. If you do not live in the Divine life, you cannot enjoy the qualities of that Divine life. And if you deny that Divine life by decimating it, by dividing it up into many persons, you lose it. There is one son of God. It’s your function to be that One because anything else is being what you are not.

One Son of God.

Now with the mind, no matter whose mind it is, there is, “I may be the Son of God, but not you or I’m not even the Son of God.” That’s what the mind says. “I’m not the Son of God. I’m just a carpenter’s son or if I am the Son of God, I look around me and there are many who are not.” That’s what the mind says.

The mind lives on this planet with many human beings. It doesn’t live with the Son of God. It lives under the material laws of this world, under the material powers of this world. It lives under the limitations of this world. That’s what the mind does.

Good mind or bad mind. Brilliant mind or un-brilliant mind. It does not recognize that there is only one Infinite Son of God and no other being. Your Soul recognizes that. Your Soul is meek unto the Father.

Now someone said in a little note here, “Explain more about the Soul.”

To release your Soul activity, you cannot live in humanhood. If you are a human, asking about your Soul, there’s no way to find out. You must renounce your humanhood to find out about your Soul. There has never been a human being on earth who knew what Soul is. The only one who knows what a Soul is, is a Soul.

When you renounce humanhood and know yourself to be Soul, the qualities of your own Soul will reveal themselves to you. The world has been too satisfied with human explanations about what a Soul might be but the world has not been Soul.

The Son of God is a living Soul, a living Spirit, a living Christ. You are a living Soul, a living Spirit, a living Christ and if you live in a human world, all knowledge you receive about Soul will be second hand.

If you accept other humans around you, you are not living in your Soul. If you accept a world made of humans, that is incompatible with Soul living.

Now I expect that many people here today are going to either live in their Soul or decide that it’s just too difficult to do. And I suspect that some of us may decide, “I’d rather be mortal. This is too complicated.”

But truthfully, I feel justified in pointing out these facts to any individual no matter how he may reject them or not want them or prefer perhaps not to have wasted his time hearing them because I am speaking to those who are ready to live in the Soul universe. And I’m not speaking to those who are not ready. Truthfully, I speak only to those who are ready to live in a Soul, in a Soul universe under Divine law, developing their capacity to extract the essence of Spirit through their Soul into that substance which transforms mortality into immortality.

To these individuals who’ve been prepared by the Spirit, for this, I am speaking and to no others.

[End of Side One]

And I feel blessed by the knowledge that so many of us are moving in this direction.

When Spirit arranged this class, it reached out. It took each individual who was ready to listen with a different capacity than the mind and bring them to one place where truth could be spoken without any form of compromise, without even trying to per-digest the truth to make it bite-sized and easy to assimilate.

Whoever is here, is here because the Spirit felt you are ready to make the supreme sacrifice of laying down your life and picking up your immaculate life as the Infinite Son of God.

Now when the transformation begins, when you realize that something is happening here. I’m becoming different. I’m losing certain mortal qualities. There’s something going on right under my nose.

When you know that and when you can define it and when you realize that you’re being transformed by your own Soul, you’ll know that every sacrifice you have made to reach that point was something you would do over and over and over a million times faster if you would’ve but known it at an earlier period of your awareness.

Our third day.

One mind produces this living substance. One mind.

Now let’s see what happens here. As a human, you have a mind. I suspect that you would grant that God has a mind and so you have one and God has one. That’s two minds. And you use your mind and so you’re in a state of living with two minds. Your mind and God’s mind. And obviously, you’re going to run into some problems because you’re going to think finitely. You’re going to think all within this lifespan. You’re going to try to make something big out of it or at least get comfortable, secure.

Now that second mind is one too many. But the Soul unites your mind with the Divine mind and so the magic pipeline from Divine Consciousness through to your mind makes one Mind or one Consciousness and it’s that one Consciousness which you should strive for in which your mind is the mind of the Father and therefore everything happening in the Consciousness of God that is necessary for your development automatically comes through the magic pipeline to your mind. Divine thoughts become your thoughts.

The world mind relay station has nothing to work through you because your mind is attuned to the Infinite.

Now when there’s one Mind, in that day, you are allowing the Infinite to weave its substance which will transform you.

Third day.

There is one Mind and if I live in that one Mind today, I will receive true substance. I will receive Divine thought.

Now how do you get to this one Mind when you wake up in the morning?

If you had two toys and you wanted to get to one toy, how will you do it? You simply get rid of one toy and if you want to get to one Mind, you’re not going to get rid of God’s.

Now how do you get rid of one mind too many? Take no thought? Isn’t that a nice method? Take no thought. You don’t have to go in with a scalpel, cut out the brain and throw it in some acid tank. You just take no thought. And so it will become a receiver rather than a creative thinker.

And now this mind, being what we would call alertly dormant, if you don’t mind that phrase is there waiting, listening but it is not making decisions. It’s becoming your servant, not your boss. It’s waiting. It’s listening and you’ve transferred your focus now from this mind.

What keeps the mind active so that it refuses to be still? I’ve never met a student who didn’t have trouble with a still mind. But what makes the mind refuse to be still?

We think it’s uncontrollable. It’s, “I don’t know what to do about it.” Not only is it controllable but you are going to control it very well.

First of all, the mind has desires and as long as it has these desires, it’s going to be active. In some way, it’s planning how to fulfill those desires. The mind is thinking because it wants something. That’s why it thinks. Or there’s something it doesn’t want.

The fact that your mind refuses to be still is its way of rejecting the demand that it be still. It’s being very actively telling you, “I don’t want to be still. I want to have control here.” And so, there’s a quality in you that has to convince your mind to release its control, its need to run things, its need to express itself.

You see, we associate our own self and our mind is one and the same. We think my mind is really me. My mind is where I enjoy life. My mind is where I make these great plans. Without my mind, where would I be? I’d be an animal. But the truth is, without our Soul, we are the very thing we fear.

Your mind, when it is devoid of desire will have nothing to plan about. And when it knows that what it desires in this world is without substance, it will stop desiring. It is not a stupid mind. It simply has to be educated that what it desires in this world is not permanent, not of the Father, not in the Kingdom and what it desires in this world, it can never take with it.

When the mind knows that what it desires is only a substitute and an imitation, and when it knows there is something of a higher and truer and more real nature, it will desire that. And when it desires that, it will be still because it will know that I cannot get that through my mind but only through the stillness of my mind.

So step number one in quieting your mind, is try to understand your conscious and subconscious desires. You’ve got a lot of them, so many and they’re all about this world.

When you release yourself from desire, maybe three quarters of the mind activity will abate.

I guess fear would have to be another active quality of the mind. A certain strange kind of fear like if I don’t keep my eyes open, somebody is going to get the best of me. And so this fear, this caution, this suspicion causes a state of constant unrest. Always looking to be sure that someone doesn’t do something you disapprove of or do it to you or even move an object t in the room to another place in the room. Always this mind is active patrolling its territory. When it knows that it has no territory, that’s it’s looking at an illusion everywhere, again, it will not have to think. It will not have to protect its territory.

And you’ll find many other tricks in that mind which refuses to be still and once you rob it of its territory which is the world of illusion and stand above it knowing that all of this world is illusion, including all the gold in Fort Knox, you will take the fangs out of this serpent, this thinking mind.

Place not your faith in the things of this earth that perish.”

That wisdom becomes clear. We have been working for the things that perish with our minds. When the wisdom of working for the things that are imperishable comes to you, you will find you change instruments from mind to Soul and the mind is still.

Work with yourself so that your goals are clearer. If you have human goals, your mind will stay active. If you have Divine goals, the mind will be still.

So that’s the basic idea in your meditation. If you are unable to control the mind, it is because the mind still has human goals. When you have Divine goals, the mind will be still.

Find out what those human goals are and find the Real thing behind those human goals and let that be your target. Then accept it as present because everything the foolish mind seeks is already present in your Soul on a higher level of eality than your mind is capable of.

There’s more gold in your Soul than all that Fort Knox has. It’s the Source of all gold and if gold were needed, it could manufacture all it needs. It’s the Source of all life, so it manufactures life. All that your mind seeks in this world is multiplied beyond belief in the Reality within your Soul. When your mind knows this you will not interfere with your meditations.

Take that into a meditation.

“If I have human goals, I’m going to have an active mind.”

When the mind is still, you’re in the Soul. Your Soul replaces it automatically when your mind is still. You don’t have to do anything. Soul comes into play in the stillness of the mind.

And then Soul performs that great miracle of conscious union with the Infinite Invisible and the Infinite Consciousness in your mind are wedded in oneness and there is one mind flowing with Divine thought and that thought translates into a transformed world.

That’s all that Grace ever was about; the Divine mind functioning without the interference of your mind because when your mind is still, the carnal mind being helpless, there is no dilution, there is no filtering of Divine thought down to human fragments. The fullness flows and transforms your world, the right home, the right marriage, the right body, the right health, the right everything plus five million treasures that the human mind in its fondest dreams could not conceive of.

Grace is a permanent dispensation of the one Consciousness, the one Mind. If you’re not in the state of Grace, you’ve got an active mind which is interfering with the natural state of Grace which is normal to the Son of God.

Another way to silence the mind is to accept the Sonship of God as your identity and follow through with the knowledge that the Son of God which you accept yourself to be does not have a human mind. Don’t try to saddle the Divine Son with a human mind.

And so because you are the Son of God, the human mind is an in-accurism. It’s outmoded. It doesn’t fit in your identity. Let it be still. Let the mind be silent before the Lord. Let that stillness become a state of pregnancy. And let Christ be born in the permanent stillness of your mind.

We often forget that Soul is a marvelous thinker, a far better thinking instrument than our mind. And then we learn that our mind never was a mind at all. It was an imitation mind. It was the cosmic hypnosis presenting us with a belief in a mind that was not a mind. It was a decoy. The only one capable of thinking Divine thought is your Soul. The mind is intended to be a receiver for your Soul, not an original thinker. It must be meek unto your Soul. Then it will execute in the mortal sense of life all those directions that are given to it from above and as above so below. Oneness will express directly from the highest to this world.

I don’t know too many people who are living under Divine guidance in the pure sense but probably among our students there’s a higher percentage of those who can live in the Soul than you would get in a cross section of people walking on the street.

And so our lives should be demonstrating this higher awareness, this higher acceptance of Divine thought. We should be showing forth many fruits but we have this long corridor in which to still make our journey to Soul, to Spirit, to Christ, Divine life and the success of it depends on accepting it all where you are because that’s what makes the journey possible. The journey is only possible when you know you already are it. The mind rejects that.

And so, One Mind is your third day.

You may have to work a little longer that morning so get up about ten minutes early.

One Mind. When you achieve a measure of it, you have found the Master Alchemist.

Let’s go into the fourth day now.

You can only do this when you have taught the mind to be still.

The fourth day you’ll awaken to the knowledge and to the determination that:

I accept no external world.

There are many subtleties to that. It doesn’t mean go back to sleep. It means with your inner eye, to walk through, …(laughter)… “I’m glad I didn’t say that.”

It means that we walk through the Kingdom of God rather than the world.

I accept no external world today.”

And on the other side of the coin, I accept only the presence of the invisible Kingdom. I am walking in the invisible Kingdom. I’ll do all my chores but I will know that what is happening out there is the carnal mind’s picture within myself and I will try to live in the one Mind which will perceive the Reality behind this that I am doing.

It’s almost similar to the way the bride seeks the bridegroom not in the visible but looks through the visible to find the Spirit, to find the bridegroom. And if you want the bridegroom strongly enough, you will look through the visible to the invisible.

Similarly here, if you know that by living in the conscious knowledge that there is no external world and not be willing to accept it, you automatically find yourself looking through the world into the Spirit and to a measure, no doubt, finding what you’re looking for because when you’re looking for it, the law is that it looks for you. It finds you when you’re looking for it. Like the Son returning home and the Father runs out to meet him.

Let’s see how we can live then momentarily in the knowledge that there is no external world.

Some of you have the capacity to test that this afternoon if you feel that that’s what you’d like to do. You can do most anything in this world and still test this principle, “I accept no external world.”

One young man said to me, “Why did you have a seminar in Orlando, of all places, when there is so many human things to do?” And I knew what the seminar was about and I was thinking, “Just a perfect place to practice there’s no external world.” It’s a lot harder here.

We’ll go on to the fifth.

I just want to coin a phrase if you don’t mind. “Today I will walk in Soul heaven.”

That’ll be the fifth day.

Soul Heaven.

Now it can be Orlando or Bethlehem. It can be this world or Soul heaven. It’s where you’re at that determines it. And it’s where you’re at that determines every tomorrow. So that’s your choice on the fifth day.

On the fourth, I accept no external world. I try to walk in the Kingdom and now to clarify that, just what the Kingdom really is in functional ways, we’ll call it: “that heaven which enters your Soul.” Through your Soul, you discover the heaven that mankind is waiting for, right here. You discover the Kingdom that the world has been told they will enter, if they’re good little boys and do everything that they’re told to do. Of course, there’s nobody later to tell them, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.” It’s too late.

But the heaven we’ve been waiting for is right here in your Soul. And I challenge anyone on this earth to dispute it. In your Soul is heaven and in your Soul is Christ and in your Soul is paradise. And if you’ve ever wanted the baubles of this world, it would be very discouraging to learn that you had turned your back on the heaven that is in your Soul. There’s no one in this class that’s going to walk out of this class without that knowledge.

Heaven is in my Soul. The paradise I seek is in my Soul. The supply I seek is in my Soul. The absence of limitations is in my Soul. Why are you told that everything you seek, you are? Because everything is in your Soul and you are your Soul.

Now the carnal mind can paint beautiful and lurid pictures of marvelous things on this earth but the same carnal mind that creates, destroys. The plain same things that appear through carnal mind disappear. The life you’re given through carnal mind is taken away. There’s only one Savior, God functioning through your Soul. And in your Soul, the birth of Christ puts heaven into total expression in all that you do. All of the negatives, all of the opposites, all of the good health and the bad health, all the rumors that turn into tumors, all of the hysteria, all of the fear, all the greed and the hate and the need and despair are vanished by the birth of Christ in your Soul. That’s where heaven is.

Who wants lesser? To be satisfied with less than God is suicide. Soul or perish. Soul or reincarnation. Soul or limitation. Soul or death. Is that clear? If you disagree with it, think about it again and again and again until you can say, “I see. My Soul is my Savior.” And you Soul is always you, your right identification.

Then Soul will take you to your Spirit. Soul will take you to Christ life and all will be realized to be yourself. Your future does not lie in a million tomorrows. It lies in your Soul right here. So try to live in it.

And on that fifth day, if you have the experience of your Soul heaven, you will know that Soul heaven and the Kingdom are one and the same. But Soul is the instrument through which you live in that Kingdom.

The seamless Robe on the cross comes to mind. It was the symbol of the invisible body of the Soul. It could not be divided just as your Spirit cannot be divided. When you are clothed in the body of Spirit, you’re wearing the seamless Robe and it’s all available through your Soul Consciousness.

Every minute that you’re in it, you’re not in carnal mind and every minute that you’re in it, you’re not dying in carnal mind. You’re in that which is imperishable.

Those are the five steps for that. I think that brings us into thirty principles. There might be a degree of redundancy but they’re all just slightly different so that even the repetitions are not identical. And they give you another way of coming at the ultimate truth of your perfect identity now.

I know that Monday morning will be a difficult time for some and tonight I’ll ask you what time you’d like to meet Monday. I think it’s down rather early but some may feel they’d even like it even earlier. We’ll go by the majority. So what I’ll do is just sort of call out a time a few times and whoever, whenever we see the most people want to meet on Monday, that’s the time we’ll meet. We’ll all be considerate of those who have planes to catch. The question is, how early do we meet. As far as I’m concerned, if you want to meet before breakfast, I’ll be here, but we’ll decide together and I’ll ask you tonight.

Whatever we may have to say still will be said tonight and tomorrow morning.

Have a beautiful day in your Soul Heaven.