From The Thunder of Silence, the chapter “As We Forgive”.

For nearly two thousand years the world has prayed, “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors,” unaware perhaps that this teaching represents the very core, the very heart and soul, of the good life. Over and over again Jesus extols the virtues of forgiveness.

Therefore, if thou bring thy gift to the altar, and there rememberest that thy brother hath ought against thee;

Leave there thy gift before the altar and go thy way; first be reconciled to thy brother, and then come and offer thy gift. …

But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Does this not plainly state that as long as any malice, envy, jealousy, revenge, or hatred is entertained in consciousness, just so long as there are blocks in our consciousness which prevents our prayers from being answered.

I think we can look at that now without even going into the rest of the chapter and know almost instantaneously the reason is because we are entertaining a sense of separation from God. We are entertaining a sense of a separate entity. We are entertaining God and someone else. And so if there is any envy, malice, jealousy, revenge or hatred, anger or fear for someone, then there is God and someone. And so, you are back in duality, we’re back in duality and in our meditation, we are attempting to commune with a sense of oneness. So naturally entertaining that other in consciousness would block our experience of communion. It has nothing to do with being good or bad.

Only in true prayer is it possible to lose all sense of separateness from one another and from one another’s interest. Intellectually, it is practically impossible to convince ourselves that another person’s interest is our interest, and that, our interest is his interest or to believe that we are all equally children of God, because material sense testifies to the opposite.

Now material sense is that which you see, hear, taste, touch or smell. That is always, always going to show you two when in fact the reality of this universe is a spiritual universe – One. Therefore, we must shut down, or shut off the senses in our meditation.

It is only in inner communion with God that we find ourselves in inner communion with man. Then we learn that man does not mean white or black, oriental or occidental, Jew or Gentile: Man means man, that which we are, one infinite equal son of God, but that can never be known through the mind: It can only be known when through communion with God it is revealed to us that we are all one.

Do you see, or do we see why the only way we can know God aright is by having an experience, an inner experience of God? We can’t know God aright in the mind. Anything that you can know with the mind is not God. Any image you can have in your mind is not God. Even if you have an image that God is Love, well you still have an image and that’s not God. And so, it is necessary to transcend the mind. Become so still that even if the mind is still thinking you’re not one with the mind you are up just a little higher where you can commune with this Presence, with the Spirit. And in the communion then God reveals to you that we are all ONE. And so, it’s an experience, it’s an inner experience, it’s not sitting and thinking about, well in reality we’re all One, and isn’t that an interesting concept. No, it’s an actual inner glimpse of that Oneness. And that is communion. And that is answered prayer.

Anything that enslaves one enslaves the world; anything that sets one man free tends to free the entire world; anything that impoverishes one man, one race, or one sect impoverishes the world; anything that brings one grain more of supply into the life of an individual, race, or nation tends to set the entire world free from lack. But that, no one can ever accept with his mind, nor could any materialist ever be convinced of its truth. It takes an inner communion with God to reveal why even in the midst of war we should pray for our enemies.

The first thought that comes forth from the materialist when he hears about this radical teaching of praying for our enemies is, “Do you mean that I should pray for my enemy to be successful over me—that he succeed in his deceit, trickery, and conniving?” No, those of spiritual vision would not pray for that at all, but that the enemy’s mind be opened and made receptive and responsive to the will of God.

How few people remember that praying for their enemies opens the very doors of heaven, showering its blessings upon them. It matters not whether a nation is an enemy or an ally, the same prayer must prevail, “Open their eyes that they may see with spiritual vision.” Whether the offender be personal, national, or international matters not one whit. There must be the desire that all men be awakened to their true identity and to the Source of all being. Even to those who would crucify him, the Master said, “Father,’ forgive them; for they know not what they do.” To his brethren after they had thrown him into the pit and sold him into slavery, Joseph said, “It was not you that sent me hither, but God.” He did not hold them in bondage to their act, but gave them food to carry home, returning good for evil. One of the most important lessons for all of us to learn is that there is no room in the spiritual life for the return of evil for evil—there is no room for anything but a life of forgiveness.

From the moment of waking in the morning until going to sleep at night, there must be periods in the day in which we consciously remember:

I forgive. If I have aught against any man, woman, or child, here and now I forgive— completely, perfectly, entirely. If anyone’s misdeeds persist in coming back to my memory, over and over again I will forgive. I seek no punishment for anyone; I seek no revenge; I seek no justice—I lose everyone and let him go.

Father forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me. Father open the eyes of the blind. Father open the eyes of the enemy, whether they are of my household or another’s.

An unfoldment on this very subject came to me the night before I was to give two lectures in a midwestern city. I did not have a single thought or idea in my head about what the subject for the next day’s lecture was to be, and although I am quite accustomed to that kind of an experience, it is one which I never particularly enjoy. That night, however, as I was meditating, all of a sudden, the word forgiveness flashed into my mind.

The first thought that came to me was, “Am I completely purged? Am I entertaining anything in my thought regarding anyone or any group or any nation that might indicate that I have not completely forgiven them?” As I searched within, I could find no one I was holding in bondage.

Then my thought turned the other way, “Am I really forgiven?” There is not any one of us who has not committed offenses. We may not have considered a particular offense of much significance in our human life, but in the spiritual life things that heretofore have seemed of minor importance take on major significance. And so, I wondered if I had been completely forgiven and purged of any offenses of which I might have been guilty.

There is a secret about forgiveness: There is not anything or anybody that can forgive us. Therefore, there is not any possibility of our ever being forgiven except under one condition, and that is when there is no possibility of the offense being repeated. In other words, no matter what the offense may have been, as long as there is the potentiality within us of its being repeated, we are not wholly forgiven.

Just let us suppose for a moment that we could carry on a conversation with God about our faults. We confess our fault and we seek forgiveness, and to all this God says, “What? Forgiveness to do it all over again?”

“Oh, no, God, it will never happen again. It couldn’t happen again. I’ve realized the wrongness of it.”

At the moment, we actually believe that, but let us not forget that God, being God, sees right through to the center of our heart and knows that the same thing that made us guilty of this act once could make us do it again if similar circumstances arose. And so in His omniscience, God says, “Ah, it’s still there. There is still a block within you, and you will continue to be under the penalty of it until you are completely purged of it.”

And so, we go our way and ponder this response from God. We meditate and look at the situation upside down and from every angle, until all of a sudden we do catch a clear picture not only of the wrongness of what has been done but of the truth that only the state of consciousness that made us commit this offense in the first place could make us do it a second time, and if we find that that state of consciousness does not exist anymore, we have then “died” and have been reborn of the Spirit. Then we can go back again and ask for forgiveness.

This time, God says, “I don’t even know who you are any more. I don’t see anything wrong in you to forgive.”

That is the true idea of forgiveness. There really is no God to forgive. When the state of consciousness that could be guilty of resentment, anger, jealousy, malice, or whatever it may have been “dies,” there not only is nothing to forgive, and nobody to forgive, there is not even a remembrance or a memory—not even a “smell of smoke.”

It is pure fiction to believe in some God in heaven who is going to look down and forgive us while we are out marauding. True, we can confess our sins and be forgiven instantly, but what about an hour from now when the sin begins all over again? The Master had a sharp answer for that —”lest a worse thing come unto thee.” He did not preach a God who permits us to go on our way sinning with impunity and then reassures us with a gentle “I forgive you.”

Every time we come to a place in our consciousness where we actually give up our errors of thought and deed, and confess—not necessarily outwardly, but inwardly—to our errors of omission or commission and feel that deep sense of contrition in which we know it cannot happen again, [then] we are washed white as snow. We are never held in bondage to anything once we have recognized it as error and have forsaken it. Every time that we come to a place of inner grief over our errors, we are forgiven. That ends the episode, but it carries with it the command, “Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.”

There is really no such thing as one person forgiving another, or God forgiving us : There is only a “dying daily” to the state of consciousness that accepted good and evil and acted from that premise, and when that old consciousness has been purged or is thoroughly “dead” we come to a place of Self-completeness in God, where we know, “I and the Father are one, and all that the Father has is mine. I am a child of God, an heir of God, and joint-heir with Christ in God.”

And remember, we know this as an experience. And so this is not oh well we were thinking about that on Tuesday, this is we come to an inner experience that lifts us up into our Soul-senses our Spiritual faculties and we glimpse, we sense, we have a vision of I and the Father are One and all that the Father has is mine.

Then we can look out on this whole world, and with our new vision behold a world in which there is not a thing anyone has that we want. There is not a sin anyone could commit for which we would hold him in condemnation, criticism, or judgment, knowing full well that the state of consciousness that did it was not really his, but an imposed one, and by imposed I mean a consciousness under the sway of world beliefs and subject to the universal ignorance which characterizes human beings.

When we are fully and completely aware that “I and my Father are one” and when we no longer have any desire for person, place, thing, circumstance, or condition, we are reborn of the Spirit;

We can actually reverse that in order to see when we are reborn, we could say, well am I reborn of the Spirit? Well, if I am reborn of the Spirit then I no longer have any desire for person, place, thing, circumstance, or condition.

We are purged because into that state of consciousness we carry with us none of the desires that could result in sin. It did not take a God to forgive us: It took a dying and a rebirthing, and in this new state of consciousness we need no forgiving, because there is no sin.

Can we see here, can we grasp that the human being has made God in his image, in his likeness, and so we see a parent that needs to forgive us when we are trying to stop being bad and trying to be good? Can we see how that dates way back to the early Hebrews and the law and how we have carried that belief? Well God is punishing me because I did thus and so, or God is rewarding me because I was a good person on Tuesday. No, all that are concepts that have to be dropped. God does not need to forgive you; God does not need to forgive anybody when we have died to the belief in good and evil the consciousness that could commit those acts is not there. And so, who is there? Well, the Son of God, the Spirit of God, Christ liveth within me, and that does not need any forgiveness. You see, it’s an inner shift in consciousness, takes care of everything. So, the work is within.

When we come to the state of consciousness that realizes our Self-completeness in God so that we truthfully can live in the full and complete realization of fulfillment, without a trace of desire or need, then there is no block between us and the inner Source of our being, and consequently no block of condemnation, criticism, or judgment, no unfulfilled desire, no greed, lust, or anger. There is only the realization that we are at peace with the Father and with all mankind.

And so, as I continued in meditation another question came to my mind, “Have I died to all that is human? If I have, forgiveness is complete; and if I have not, there must be a continual dying until I have realized my Self-completeness in God. I may not be able to praise myself and declare that I am pure, but this much I can do: I can turn and with an open heart forgive every offense that has ever been aimed at me or mine—at me personally, at my family, community, nation, and the world—and entertain a complete and full sense of forgiveness.”

With that realization, I settled down into peace and quiet, and a few moments later had to jump out of bed to make a note, and within the next couple of hours I was up four different times, making the notes that became two lectures, lectures that came out of a heart and mind at peace. There was no barrier—no unforgiveness, no sin, no judgment of anyone—nothing but a purity of vision, and in that purity of vision, there was peace.

And so, it is that I know now that the subject of forgiveness is an important one in our lives. Over and over again, we must forgive, forgive, forgive, and hold no man in judgment, criticism, or condemnation. A heart that is entertaining any judgment of his fellow man is not a heart at peace. It is futile to seek for peace of mind or soul or peace of anything else until we have fulfilled that Christly message of forgiving seventy times seven all those who offend us, of forgiving our debtors as we would have our debts forgiven.

We store up within ourselves the barriers that prevent the kingdom of God from being established in us by our judgments of people and conditions, and by the desires that still remain in us—not merely the sensual desires but even the desires that are considered good. All of those things operate in our minds to separate us from the realization that that which we are seeking we already are.

Yes, you can hear the desire for something good. I would like to be a little less criticizing; I would like to be a little more uplifting and positive. Ok, I’ve just declared that I am incomplete. I can’t have that desire and also be realizing that I and the Father are One. And so bad desires, good desires, any desires – they are all human-humanhood, which has to die if we are going to find our real life as spirit.

In other words, God’s grace is not something we are going to attain; God’s grace is not something we can earn or deserve; God’s grace was planted in us from the beginning, since before Abraham was; and it is only waiting to function in us, but it cannot function while we are entertaining a sense of separation from our good. There never is going to be a chance for us to know harmony until we have completely forgiven and been forgiven, and so purged ourselves that we go to the altar purified.

Some period every single day should be set aside for consciously remembering that we are holding no man in bondage to his sins, that we want no man to suffer or even be punished for them. To forgive means much more than to be content with such cant as, “Oh, yes, I don’t want any harm to come to anybody.” It is not that simple. It is the ability to sit down and face whatever the enemy may appear to be and realize, “Father, forgive him his offenses and open his eyes that he may see.”

And if you are in this class, you should have no qualms whatsoever about being able to sit down and realize this about all the insurgents, about all the dictators, about all the men that are involved in what have been termed “the axis of evil”. You should have no problem whatsoever praying this prayer, “Father, forgive him his offenses and open his eyes that he may see.”

No one need be reluctant to forgive the offender his transgressions in the fear that this will set him free to offend again. True, it will set him free, but that freedom will include freedom from the desire to offend. It is not possible for anyone to receive real forgiveness and then to continue in the offense.

And so we are really praying that they die to their humanhood, aren’t we? Now that’s a prayer that has power. And if nothing else, it sets you free. If you do not have harmony in your lives, if you are not experiencing this peace that passeth understanding, then you need to pray this prayer.

Father, I come to You with clean hands, holding no one in bondage to a duty, nor anyone in bondage as a penalty for his sins. As far as I am concerned, Father, I am willing for You to forgive him. Whatever the sin, it is past, and let it be done and forgotten; and if he does it seventy times over again, forgive him seventy times over.

I want no revenge and no vengeance. I seek only to keep myself a pure instrument for Your love and Your grace so as to be worthy in Your sight.

I forgive everyone who has ever trespassed against me, consciously or unconsciously, and that forgiveness extends to all those who have trespassed against my religious or political convictions, or my national allegiance. I pray that You, Father, forgive them.

Humanly, there are those who owe me debts of duty and of love. I forgive them also. Henceforth, no one owes me anything, not even the obligation of relationship. What they give out of love, I cheerfully receive, but as a matter of duty I expect nothing, and I expect it of no one. I release my friends and my relatives, and everyone: They owe me nothing. It is my privilege and joy to serve them in whatever way You direct.

I offer myself an empty instrument: Father, use me.

Now in one of the talks that Joel gave I remember that he said that he had a problem with corruption in high places and there were some institutions with which he was having a hard time forgiving them. And I understand that. I’ve been through something similar with some of the institutions that they call mental health. And he said that in his mediation he was forced to say, “I can’t forgive them, Father, you forgive them.” And that that set him free. And so, he found a way to pray for even these corrupt organizations and institutions. Forgiveness is not for the other person, it’s not really for the corrupt institution. Forgiveness is for us, in forgiving we release the situation, we’re not bound to it anymore. Forgiveness sets us free from any kind of karma. And in that freedom, when we are unbound, when we lose them and let them go, then we are receptive. It’s no longer a block to grace and grace can function in and through us. And so, forgiveness if for us. Forgiving others, we set ourselves free. You see, when you set someone free, you’re really setting yourself free. Because there is only One Self. And so, it is vital that we understand this principle of forgiveness.

And now I will tell you a little story. A true story about forgiveness, and how I have found these principles that we have just read to be true.

When I was a child, I lived in a very abusive home. Both of my parents were alcoholics and they fought all the time. And there was physical violence and just craziness. And while I lived under that umbrella, I suffered a lot of things myself. I had asthma, I was sickly all the time, tonsillitis, I had a speech defect, I had a lot of things while I was under their umbrella, their consciousness. And my Dad left home and ran away really – he ran away from home and I can’t say that I blame him. It was pretty crazy around there. He had a couple of other marriages and finally settled down with someone he is still with and he seems to be doing well.

My mother, on the other hand, got worse. And looking around for someone to blame, she found me. I look something like my Dad, and to the best of my ability, I am just assuming that for some reason she directed it at me. And so, I received the abuse. My brother didn’t and my sister didn’t, it was centered on me. I was smacked so often, I was beat so often, that I would go to school with purple strap marks across my face and have to explain them to my friends. And I would usually lie and say I bumped into something. I would have nervous attacks at school and have hives and asthma and be sent home. I would be so nervous about getting hit because it would happen so often that when I would be sitting at the dinner table and she would walk by, I would flinch, or duck, or blink, because they would just come out of no where and she would smack me upside the face.

And then there was the emotional abuse. My sister would be in bed, my brother would be in bed and I would have to stand in front of her while she was on the couch having a cup of coffee and a cigarette and she would lecture me about how I was no good, I guess. I don’t know, the words would just go on and on. And I used to have to stand there, and I would stand there and listen to her go on and on about how I was no good like my Father, like my Dad, and I remember looking at her until purple dots would come in front of my eyes and finally she would say, “Go to bed” and I would go in and go to bed.

And so that was my early years, going through that torture and there was some other sick things too, which I am not going to bring into this talk, but suffice it to say that by the time I was a teenager, I was hating my Mom. Well, I had one desire – to get the heck out of that house. And so eventually I ran away and never went back. I think I was fifteen.

And so, I have never understood, well, I’ve understood it – but I’ve never had the experience of having a close relationship with my Mother. I do not understood what that feels like, because I’ve never had one. And, I don’t understand what it feels like to have a close relationship with my Dad because I’ve never had one of those either. He wasn’t around. And so I do not understand anything that has to do with close relationships with your parents because I didn’t experience it.

Now of course it has been several years and through my meeting other people and seeing their relationships and having met my wife’s parents who have accepted me pretty well, I understand it somewhat. The point that I am making is that I hated her.

Try to imagine hating your own Mom. And that is where I was as a teenager. Eventually I started a spiritual walk because somebody gave me the Art of Meditation and I read it and what was in there resonated with me. And so I came upon this part on forgiveness and I realized that I was going to have to do something about it. And the way that I knew that is that I had had a couple of spiritual experiences and yet I wasn’t going any farther. And every time that the phone would ring, and I would pick it up and my Mother was on the other end I would get that twist down in my belly. Something was there and I knew it – I didn’t want to really deal with it, but I knew it. And it took nine years before I became willing to do what Joel is talking about here and forgive this person. And finally, what drove me to it was a marriage that wasn’t working, and how could it work? – I had a resentment against all, well, half of the human race. Anybody that was female I didn’t trust.

Oh, I’m so glad that is gone now, but let me tell you how that happened.

I went to a counselor. She was practicing spiritual principles too, but her job was as a therapist. And I talked it over with her. She said I should go home, and I should write my Mom a letter, but not to give it to her. And so I did that. I went home, I took a day off of work and I started writing. And eventually I got underneath all of the anger down to what I was really feeling was that I wrote down, “Mom, all I ever really wanted was for you to put your arms around me and tell me that you loved me.” And then I took this over to the therapist and read it to her and she said, “There you go, now you understand and you have to look at it though an adults eyes and see that perhaps she is a sick person.”

Well, I went home, and the phone rang, and my Mom was on the other end and it was still there. Something was missing, something was not solving this problem. That is when I discovered in Joel’s writings a part that talked about giving of our first fruits. And I thought, yes, okay, we give of our first fruits, we tithe, we give money to organizations that are helping humanity, but what about if we give of our first prayers? And so I thought about that and I made the decision that if I sit down and mediate I am going to give my first prayers to my Mother because that is the person I am having this resentment against.

And so I practiced that and every day if I mediated three times before I began my first prayers were for my Mother. And it was simple, “God please let her find peace, open her eyes to her true Identity, let your Presence be there.” Something simple like that. And of course, in the beginning it felt rather awkward because I was still resenting her while praying for her and I had both things going on at the same time. And so, I felt kind of hypocritical, but I persisted. I had to find a freedom from this. And so, as I persisted, the next day and the next day and the next, pretty soon a month passed and I don’t know when it happened but – I sat down to meditate and I gave my first prayers to her and I realized that I meant it. I really did with love want her to find peace within herself and every good thing be hers. I meant it, finally.

A friend of mine said, “Why don’t you go see her.” And I decided he’s right or she’s right. And so, I tracked down where she was and by this time she was still drinking quite heavily, and she was in an old hotel and I got her out of that hotel, and she was yellow. I’m pretty sure that she had jaundice by then from too much drinking.

And I put her in my truck and I took her to the park and we sat down on the grass and I just said simply, “Mom, I love you.” And do you know I felt it. For the first time in my life I did not have that anger and resentment inside. For the first time ever in my life that I could remember. I did not need to change her; I did not need to make her over. At one point she said, “Would you get my bottle out of my purse?” And I walked to my truck and I got her bottle of vodka and I handed it to her, and I felt perfectly at ease.

You have no idea what a freedom that was. Totally at ease – I was free, and I realized the reality of her was the Presence of God not this thing I was looking at, and that the reality of me was the Presence of God and that that love was one. And as I sat on the grass, I played a few songs for her on the guitar. I let her know I loved her – that was all, that was my whole mission. Just to let my Mother know I loved her, and it was okay no matter what she was. We finished up and I took her back to the hotel, I went back home, and I was free, and I had now established a relationship with the other half of humanity. From then on, I could love men and women and I could trust them both too.

Thirty days after this experience of taking her to the park, I received the news from my sister my Mother had passed away in that old hotel room. She had drunk herself to death. But I was free, for the first time in my life I was free. And I would have missed that day if I had not done the work that we’re talking about. And maybe it would still be bothering me but it isn’t. My mother was always big on education and when I got my four-year degree I walked across the stage and I kind of closed my eyes briefly and I said, “Mom, this is for you.” She always loved pink carnations and now when I have a mediation and she pops into my mind I think of pink carnations because I love her.

And so you see the point of this story is not what I did. The point of this story is that forgiveness is not for the other person. Forgiveness sets us free so that we might have that relationship of love with God and with his children. We cannot be the instrument for love when we are carrying that.

And so I highly recommend if there is anybody you have not forgiven, please for God’s sake, take this message of this chapter and practice it. Practice it and practice it and if necessary, say what Joel said, “Father, I can’t forgive him, or her, or them, please you forgive them.” And then be still and keep at it until you mean it. I tell you; you will be set free. And you will know a deeper loving relationship with your heavenly Father than you have ever known before. And if you have not had results in practicing these principles, you will begin to have results. If you have not been able to settle down within yourself, you will find that peace has come to you. My peace, the peace that passes understanding.

Now, as we forgive, we are forgiven. We now understand that that does not mean there is some God sitting around keeping score. How ridiculous huh, how childish that concept is. There is no God sitting around keeping score – thank God. No, the reason why we are forgiven when we forgive is because we set ourselves free. Probably one of the finest examples of an expose on this principle is, or on these principles is A Course in Miracles. They really go into the forgiveness part. But all that we need is the experience and to have the experience you must forgive. When you forgive, you are forgiven. It’s the same as saying, well okay I am bound to that person over there because I’m angry at them but I’m going to let that go. Well, when you let that go, you are no longer bound. You see? You see how you have the key to your own freedom? Of course, who else would have it? God has made you complete and so you have the key to your own freedom. You have the ability to set yourself free from any bondage, from any karma, from the entire law.

Practice these principles – set your brother free, set your Mother free, set your Dad free, set your sister free, set that employer free, set the employee free, set that nation free, set that man free, set that organization, that institution free, set that law free, set the disease free, set everything free and you free yourself to be the child of God. In this, when you complete this freedom, you will know it. You will have a sense of peace like you have never had before. Your meditations will deepen and broaden. You will have a love that you have never had before. And you will find that God really does give you the power to become the children of God. And that is what we are going to go into next, chapter sixteen, “That you may be the children of your Father.”

Bless you all for taking up this study. We are down to our last three chapters and I just feel a love for all of you.

Thank you.

Good morning.

Today’s principle is going to be the principle of supply. I know this season that we’re in and this time economically, let’s say, many people are feeling lack and limitation. So it seems to me that perhaps a review of the principle of supply is in order. In this little group there are seven of us [135 now]. I feel it’s not necessary to be formal. I feel I can give an informal talk, just be myself and relax and share.

I don’t know if you’ve read Joel’s account of when he was in Boston and having a hard time with supply, but he speaks about only having a dime in his pocket and, of course, having bills like the rest of us. And so he looked up the appointments that he had and the meditations and healings that he gave and he sent out bills to the patients and the students and waited, and, of course, he received hardly anything in return. Now Joel, if nothing else, was honest with himself, and so he took a look at that. What could be wrong? And I remember him talking about walking down the street. He didn’t have the money to take a bus or a cab, so he had to walk down the street to get home or where he was going and thinking to himself, “What is the nature of supply? What is the nature of supply?”

You remember suddenly the realization came to him: Wait a minute. “I” am supply. I, the I of my being, I am supply. You remember he realized then that supply was not that which came to him; supply was that which flowed out from that I within. And so he tore up the bills and stopped sending bills to anybody, and he said he had a difficult time because it didn’t start flowing right away. But he continued to pour out that which he had, which was prayer and meditation and healing, and eventually the flow started to appear.

Pouring out that which he had, it came back, and he realized – in demonstration as his supply began to take form – he realized in demonstration that the I of my being is supply. And the principle is in a wonderful little chapter in Practicing the Presence. I had to hunt for it because I remembered the chapter, but not where it was. And so I’m just going to read a little bit of the beginning because it says it much better than I can and in a lot less words. So this is the chapter in Practicing the Presence, chapter six called To Him That Hath. And that’s the principle: To him that hath, it shall be given. And so if you are not demonstrating supply or you’re not demonstrating a sufficiency of it, then you are not living the principle: to him that hath, it shall be given, because you have to demonstrate that principle that you have, that the I of you is supply, and the only way to demonstrate it is like Joel – to give it away.

So now listen:

When the Master was called upon to feed the multitudes and the disciples told him that there were only a few loaves and fishes, he did not recognize that there was an insufficiency. No, he began with what was available and multiplied that, for he knew that “he that hath, to him shall be given; and he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath.”

You see? If you know that the I of you is your supply, the I of you is all supply, the I of you is supply, I am supply – if you know that and you demonstrate it, then that which flows out is heaped up, pressed down, and running over in your experience. But if you think you’re giving from your bank account, Mr. or Mrs. So-and-So; if you’re giving from your bank account, from your time, your effort – a personal sense of supply – then, of course, you’re going to experience that second part, which is “from him shall be taken even that which he hath.” It will dry up and run out because you’re living through a personal sense of supply.

Now we talked in the last talk here a few days ago about a personal sense of existence, a material sense of life. Well, now we’re talking about a personal sense of supply – a personal sense, a material sense of supply. If you live from that material sense you will find that from you shall be taken even that which you have. It’ll run out. You’ll be on empty and lack and limitation will be exactly what you’ve sown and are reaping because you’re living from a personal sense. But to continue this chapter, it says:

Scripture tells the story of the widow who fed Elijah. Even though she had only a “handful of meal in a barrel, and a little oil in a cruse,” she did not say she had not enough to share, but she first made a little cake for Elijah before she baked one for her son and herself. “And the barrel of meal wasted not, neither did the cruse of oil fail.” She had little, but she used what she had and let it flow out from her.

Day after day we are faced with the same question: What have we? If we are well-grounded in the letter of truth, the answer is clear and certain:

I have; all that God has, I have because “I and my Father are one.” The Father is the source of all supply. In this relationship of oneness, I embody … supply. How, then, can I expect it to come to me … ? I must agree that I already have all that the Father has … .

Are we that which receives, or are we that center from which the infinity of God flows out?

I’ve been saying this for a couple years now in various ways: We either live as the Christ and demonstrate the Christ, or we live as a person and demonstrate all the limitations that go with a person; even that which we have shall be taken.

So he says here:

Are we the multitudes who sat at the feet of the Master waiting to be fed, or are we the Christ feeding the [multitudes] … ? In the answer to that lies our degree of spiritual [realization] … . “I and my Father are one” means exactly what it says [period]. We [do] … not ever look outside of our … being for our good, … we must ever look upon ourselves as that center from which God is flowing. It is [the function of you and me] the function of the Christ, or Son of God, to be the instrument as which the good of God pours out into the world:

So are we ready to make this transition? Are we ready to make the transition from “man, whose breath is in his nostrils” to the Christ? Are we ready to make the transition from a personal sense of supply which can be taken and can run out? Are we willing to stand a little to the side and let this Christ, this I of our being, flow out to whomsoever it will?

To him that hath, it shall be given. Now that’s a principle, and the only way you prove you have something is by giving it away. Now you have to use a certain amount of common sense. If you have – say right now you’re experiencing a sense of lack and you have fifty dollars in the bank and you know that the day after tomorrow you owe forty – it probably wouldn’t be prudent to give all fifty away, although I’ve done that just to prove the principle! It probably would be a little more prudent to take what you can give and give that, but even if you can’t give money – oh, there’s so much more you can give in so many directions.

I want to tell you a story now because it helped me with this principle. In – well, many, many years ago now I didn’t think I had anything to give. I came home one evening and my first wife said to me, “I’m leaving.” It was right around, a little before Thanksgiving. She said, “I’m leaving. I found someone else I relate to and I want to be with him.” And the next day when I came home from work, the house was empty of all her possessions. Her and our son were gone. I remember I went into the baby’s room and it was nothing but blue walls, and I went into our room and all her things were gone. There was not a note, not anything. Just a key. She was gone, and at the time she was my world. I didn’t yet have a good conscious awareness of the presence of God. I had just the beginning touch of God, but I didn’t have a conscious awareness on a daily basis, and so I pretty much fell apart. I just plopped down on the couch and cried. I couldn’t believe that that which I loved more than anything else in the world was gone. And I remember I had a really hard time with it. For a week or two I was just in the most severe, blackest, bleakest place. And, of course, I felt like a failure and so I felt like I had nothing to give.

I talked to a spiritual friend of mine and he said to me, well he said, “There’s something in the book The Art of Meditation for you, but he said that I’m going to see if you can find it. I’m not going to tell you what it is,” which was a strange thing to say. But I remember I came home and I got down the book off the shelf and I found this chapter called For Love Is of God, and reading along here I came to this place where it said:

To those who live in communion with God, serving God through their fellow man, the promise is literally kept: All that I have is thine.

No longer is there a need or a desire for any person or any thing. Every thing and every person become part of our being. What we surrender, we have; what we hold in the grasp of possession, we lose. Every thing we release, we draw to us; every thing we loose, we have; every thing we set free, we bind to us forever. “Loose him and let him go.” Let everyone be loosed in Christ.

And I saw that and I put the book down and I meditated on that and I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to find out how to serve God through my fellow man. And indeed this man had told me to find a chapter in The Art of Meditation. He also said that the only way I would get out of this problem was to transfer my feelings to God. And, of course, I said, “Well, how can I do that? I can’t see God. I can’t hold God.” And he said that was for me to discover.

So in the days that followed something miraculous happened. It was such a transforming experience that I’ve never been the same since. And here’s what happened. I made the decision that to the best of my ability I would love God and pour out that love by loving God in every living thing without talking about it. I would just do it. And so I started with a plant that I had in my living room. It was a wandering Jew and each day I would talk to that plant. Nobody was there living with me, so it didn’t matter that I talked out loud. And so I would talk to that plant and I would say, “hi, Father – how are you today?” or “hi, God – here, have a drink” and give it a little water. And I can tell you that that plant never got any sun in that living room and yet it flourished. It just flourished. And I had a cat, a black cat named Sufi and Sufi would come from the kitchen and look at me and be about ready to run and jump up on my lap, but I’d be reading The Art of Meditation or Practicing the Presence and I’d put my hand up and say, “Just a minute, Father,” and the cat would sit down like a dog and wait. I’d finish the chapter, put the book down and say, “Okay,” and then it would come bounding up into my lap, and I talked to God in that cat.

And I began to have some strange experiences, very strange. I can’t explain them very well. I’ll tell you a couple of them. I went to a diner and I had my – I realized that I could not say to people, “hi, Father – how are you today?” because they would think I was a little eccentric, if not crazy, so I didn’t do that. But inside myself whenever I saw a person I would say, “Father, how can I be of service? What do I have to give to you?” And these strange things were happening. I went over to this diner and I ordered my meal and I had a cup of coffee and took the ice out of the water with a spoon and I scooped a little bit of ice into my coffee and before I knew it, this waitress had seen me from way across the restaurant. She came walking up with a glass of ice and set it down there. It was really a strange thing because I was getting – all this love from the universe was coming back and yet I was pouring out all the love to the universe because I was loving God inside of everyone and everything.

Now I’m going to tell you this and this is the absolute truth, and I was there, and I’m not lying. One day I was in my living room and I was reading probably The Art of Meditation and there was a fly flying around living room. You know how they can do. They land on your forehead and you move your hand and they fly away and then they come back and land on your hand and you brush ‘em away and then they come back and land on your arm. It was really getting annoying! And finally I thought, “Well, now that’s enough. I can’t even read a paragraph without this thing landing on my nose or my eyebrow or something,” so I got up to get the fly swatter and I stopped dead in my tracks, and I thought, “Now wait a minute. Now wait a minute. God’s inside of everyone and everything. God has to be also within this fly.” And so I put the book down and I put my hand out, palm up, and I said, “Now, fly. You come over here and land on my hand and I’ll put you outside.” And it took a couple of laps around the living room and came over, landed right in the center of my palm. I got up and the fly stood there. I didn’t move. I walked across the living room to the front door. Still the fly stayed on my hand. I opened the front door. I opened the screen door. I put my hand out and I said, “There you go, Father,” and off it flew.

I say I was having some strange experiences like this. And then one night I was reading probably The Art of Meditation and I set it down and I closed my eyes to have a meditation, and it was a meditation like any other meditation. I got quiet. I repeated the letter to myself a couple times, the letter of truth, and then I listened, you know, with the attitude “Speak, Lord; … thy servant heareth.” Not necessarily words, but the attitude – I was being receptive. And suddenly there was a Presence there with me and I felt it. It touched me on the side of the face. It was a tingling Presence and with it came a sense of peace, and I knew that the Father and I are one because we were right in the same place as one. And from then until now, and that’s been forty-two – no, thirty-eight years ago, I guess, thirty-nine years ago [49 years now] – from then until now I’ve never been alone. That Presence has always been with me.

And so I say this, I bring this up because I learned from this experience that by pouring out into the universe secretly, sacredly, silently – simply recognizing God in the midst of you and everyone I came in contact with – this was pouring out from my cruse of oil. This was sharing. So you see, it didn’t have to be money, although I’ve given a lot of money away over the years too. But if you are right now experiencing a lack and a limitation because you’ve been trying to pour out your supply, your sense of supply, your sense of money, your personal account, and if it’s not working and you don’t see any way that you can pour anything out because you haven’t got anything physically, it doesn’t mean that you can’t pour out, because I learned from this experience by loving the One in the many instead of the many in the One, that Life gave it back heaped up, pressed down, and running over.

I have friends today the world over. The world over, good friends. I have a sufficiency of supply and enough to share, and by supply I mean not only just dollars, although I have those too. I mean I share my house with foster children. I share my bedrooms. I share my car by giving people rides when they need them. I share my love by recognizing the Christ in each and every one. I share my meditations when people ask for help and even when they don’t. I share my first prayers to the enemy. When we were first informed that at 9/11 that the towers had been attacked and all that, the very first prayers that we gave here in this house were for the enemy because we were told to pray for those that use us, those that hate us, first, and that’s what we did here in this house, and then we prayed for the victims.

So what I’m trying to say is the principle is: To him that hath, it shall be given, and I proved that I had supply, that I was supply, by pouring it out in recognition of God inside of everyone and everything and in little acts of kindness and later I poured it out in acts of kindness that nobody could catch me doing. In other words, they were anonymous. And so you see, you prove that you have by giving it away, whether it’s love, whether it’s prayers, whether it’s donations, whether it’s charity, whether it’s service. You prove that you have by giving it away and you demonstrate that I am supply by going into your closet, becoming quiet, being receptive, and asking that “I” how It wants to pour out. Then the opportunities present themselves. You’ll just know when it’s right to give and in what way to give. And then you’ll demonstrate that “I” am supply and that you never had supply and you never will have supply.

There is no personal supply. That’s the problem – living from a personal sense of supply, but the answer is in living by the impersonal I of your being. And so the principle is: To him that hath, it shall be given. And so if you have I as your supply, it will be heaped up, pressed down, and running over in your experience. But to him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath, and so if you live by a personal sense of supply, you can pretty much plan on running out.

Now, let’s take a look at something else here. Now in the Kailua study series Joel talks about the book The Infinite Way and the chapter Supply, and he talks about how he talked of the orange tree, and he gave the principle there of supply and how very few people connected that orange tree up with their existence, so let us see if we cannot enter into this and connect it up the way he was hoping we would. Now he says:

… we must understand that money is not supply … [money] is the result or effect of supply.

You see, if money becomes a part of your experience, it’s because the I of you is forming Itself that way. So he says:

Since money is not supply, what is? Let us digress for a moment and look at the orange tree which is laden with fruit.

When I lived in California I had an orange tree in my yard and they were navel oranges and they were quite delicious, and the first year I noticed them there were only two oranges on the whole tree, and I picked them and I ate them and they were wonderful. No seeds, sweet, big, a thin peeling. It was delicious. And so I went out to that tree, knowing that God is inside of everyone and everything, and I thanked that tree, and I said, “Oh, they were so good! They were so delicious. Thank you for sharing.” And I didn’t think any more about it, although I used to have my meditations on the back porch where I could see that tree quite often. I didn’t think any more about it until the next year. The next year when I went out and looked, there were thirty-six oranges on that tree! And so recognizing God and pouring that out to that tree, the tree gave back that love. God is love and by recognizing God in the midst of that tree, it poured back God in the form of love or in the form of oranges.

So anyway, back to this:

Let us digress for a moment and look at the orange tree which is laden with fruit. We know that the oranges do not constitute supply because when [they] … have been eaten, or sold, or given away, a new crop starts at once to grow. The oranges are gone, but the supply remains, because within [the] … tree, there is a law in operation. Call it a law of God or a law of nature – the name of the law is not too important, but the recognition of the presence of the law operating in, through, or as, the tree is [very] important.

Now in this case, in my case and hopefully in your case, what he is saying is if you look out here – your car, your house, your money, your service, your love – none of these are your supply because supply is invisible. I am supply, and if you have I, to him that has I it shall be given. To him that has a personal sense of life shall be taken away even that personal sense of life. You see the principle? If you recognize God in the midst of everyone and everything, especially yourself – if you have I and in your meditation you become still and you feel as we said the other day the living Omnipresence of God, of I, and you let It flow as It will to whomsoever It will – stranger, enemy, or friend, or family – let It flow to whom It will. That’s how you demonstrate you have I, and that’s the law of supply.

That law operates, [he says] to draw in – through the roots – [the] minerals, [the] substances, elements of [the] air, water, … sunshine [and]… it … transforms [that] into sap [draws it] … up … the trunk of the tree and [distributes it] … through the branches … sent into expression as blossoms … [and] in … time … [they turn into] … green marbles and this becomes [a] … full grown orange.

All right. Now do you see how he wants you to connect this up with your life? This Invisible I is flowing all the time if you don’t stop it by trying to live on a personal sense of supply. If you don’t stop it by you deciding where and how you’re gonna give of your treasures. If you get yourself out of the way and you allow this I, which is supply, to flow to whomsoever it will knowing consciously It – It – that I am supply and watching it, then the world will return it to you in forms of love. Those forms of love can be in acts of kindness coming to you or oranges on a tree or dollar bills showing up in your mailbox that you didn’t even expect. But you will recognize the whole time that you’re going through these lovely, wonderful experiences that this out here is the effect of that Invisible I demonstrating, forming Itself, and when you have that – and this is what came out of my experience of being alone that Christmas morning so many years ago and discovering that I wasn’t alone – that I had I, an Invisible Presence always and forever. That is where I discovered the I, that I is my supply forever. I carry it with me in this world, in the next and the next and the next. I will never leave thee. But this is a conscious experience. It’s not a theory. It’s not just the letter of truth that I read in this book. It’s a very real experience, and when it becomes a real experience and you connect it up as Joel suggests here, then you shall have supply heaped up, pressed down, and running over from all corners of the universe.

And so he says:

Within you and within me, there is also a law … – a law of life – and our awareness of the presence of this law is our supply.

You see, it takes – again, like we said the other day in the last talk – it takes your conscious awareness of this I, of this law in operation, of this Life, of this Presence, and it takes your conscious awareness watching It flow out and pour out of Its substance.

[So] … our awareness of the presence of this law is our supply. Money and the things necessary for … daily living are the effects of the consciousness of the activity of the law within.

You’re watching. You’re no longer living by a personal sense of supply, but you’re standing to the side and watching the impersonal I pour out Its supply to the universe in giving money, in giving love, in giving service, in giving recognition of that Presence in the midst of everyone and everything in acts of kindness, in prayer, in service. Your seeing that, understanding that, and being consciously aware of that allows you to take thought off of the things of the world and abide in the consciousness of abundance and it comes to your abiding place and it comes in forms you never dreamed of. The entire universe pours love at your feet simply by knowing that I am supply.

[So] The divine or universal Consciousness, [he says] your individual consciousness, is spiritual. [And] The activity [of your consciousness] … is spiritual and therefore your supply in all [its] forms is spiritual, infinite, and ever-present. What [you] … behold as money, food and clothing, automobiles and homes represents [your] … concepts of [this invisible supply] … .

All right? So finally he says:

Let us agree now to see that just as we need take no thought for oranges as long as we [know] … the source [of] … supply … so we need no longer take thought about dollars. Let us learn to think of dollars, as we do … leaves on … trees or oranges … the natural and inevitable result of the law active … .

Let us … look at the lilies and rejoice at the proof of the presence of God’s love for His creation. Let us watch the sparrows and note how confidently they trust [the Invisible] ….

[And] Let us rejoice when we see the flowers in spring and summer because they assure us of the divine Presence.

Do you see the principle of supply? Joel caught it in his, “Oh, I am supply!” and he began pouring without looking for a return. I caught it in my experience of, “Oh, God is inside of everyone and everything, and my job is to love, to recognize, to uphold, to serve, to bless, and to pour out the recognition of that presence in everyone and everything.” And I hope you see it in today’s talk and in understanding the principle: “To him that hath, it shall be given, and to him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath.” To you who have the conscious awareness of the living I in your meditation and stand aside and permit it to flow out to whomsoever it will, to you then, you demonstrate I am supply and to you that have not, that still feel you’re a person and you have nothing to give and even that which you have is drying up, you are demonstrating the perfect demonstration of a personal sense of life and a personal sense of supply and that which you have shall be taken.

And so I give to you the secret of life, really. This is the secret that Joel talked about when he said in ancient days master Masons were given a password that would allow them to go anywhere in the world and demand a master’s wages. This was the secret: I am supply, and now I give it to you, and when you have it, when you’ve demonstrated it, when you’ve made it your own, and when you’ve connected it up for yourself within and witnessed it and bore witness to it flowing, then you can go anywhere in the universe, turn within, and bear witness as it flows – an infinite, eternal abundant supply.

And so, which do you want to be this year coming up? You want to be the person sitting at the feet of Christ and waiting to be fed still after all these years? Come on now. Come up higher. It’s time to be the Christ pouring out and then watch the universe pour back to you God in forms of love beyond your wildest dreams heaped up, pressed down, running over. So many you don’t have enough storehouses to store them in.

Now let us be still and contact this inner supply, this inner Presence, this inner I.

(Brief silence)

And now we understand that Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things, that Thou art my sufficiency – that I within – I am supply, able to feed five thousand, able to pour out to this universe infinitely. I am supply, the I of you. Is this not perhaps where the original idea of Christmas presents appearing under the tree started? Is not this the experience that Elijah had when cakes were baked on a stone? Is not this the principle that St. Nicholas knew when he gave and gave and poured out and poured out never looking for return? Did he not receive the living Christ as his gift?

And so, my friends, if I do not get a chance to tell you again, Merry Christmas. May you find within yourself the living Spirit of God. May you discover that you have the I and may you discover this Christmas, I am supply.



[Editors Note: made this morning before I read over this talk 7/25/20]

"All that the Father has in mine." Invisible Supply flowing to and through me from one Source but flowing through instruments of Love everywhere. And the Invisible Comforter, flowing as companions all over the world and beyond from the Invisible Love that permeates the heavens and the earth. And Infinite Invisible Life that flows from Love as my life, as the health of my countenance. All that the Father, my very own Consciousness has is flowing as me, as the I that reads these words. And now I rest here and enjoy the gifts and behold the miracle that is my Christ Life. Thank you Father.


Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit. Blessings.

I speak today to the group we have gathered which consists of twenty-seven members; (134 now). I also speak to anyone else who may hear this talk. Ye are the temple of the living God and so please listen, Taulere, Bogya, Brian, Eileen, Liz, Heather, Barbara, Joe M., Cheryl, John. Please listen, Kelly, Kahn, Linda, Kim, Laurie, Sylvia, Marian, Pam. Listen, Pat, Rebecca, Kimberly, Bill, Joe S., Susan, Terry, Laura, and Wilhemina.

Ye are the temple of the living God and I, the I within you, the living God send you forth as saints in the spiritual kingdom. Your Consciousness is now a benediction, a blessing, a healer and you must consciously accept the role which I, God, have given you. As saints it means you are now the living God on earth. God through your Consciousness will uplift all. All who come in contact with your Consciousness must feel the lifting up of the I within you, and this is now your work. The days of seeking something, seeking to add something to your individual human life are past. You have been – well, you have been lifted into a new role on earth.

If you have seen the old pictures of saints in ages past or perhaps a picture of Christ Jesus or even of Buddha or Krishna, you will notice that the artists painted an aura around their head. Why did they do this? Because it was depicting the Presence that enveloped them, the Presence which poured through their Consciousness. They were the living light, that living Presence on earth. This is your work. This is the work now you are given to do. You are to forget your personal self and be an instrument for the grace of God. You are to be a channel for the living waters. Yes, I within you send you forth saints.

How are you to do this? I shall remind you again: If you abide in my Word and let my Word abide in you, you will bear fruit richly. This is how you do it. You must have many periods throughout the day and in the night if you awaken to sit down, remember the specific principles of The Infinite Way, and at the end of the treatment which you will give yourself you will be still and receive the Holy Spirit. The Spirit, then, the living waters, the living God will pour through your Consciousness and make your Consciousness a temple not made with hands, a temple of the living God, and those that come into your Consciousness throughout your day will feel this Spirit. They will feel uplifted. They will receive healings. You may not even know who receives a healing, and then again, you may if they tell you. That is not your concern. Your concern is to be the temple of the living God.

And what are the specific truths you must know when you give yourself a treatment?

All error is impersonal. Anything the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth, the touch – anything your senses tell you or show you – this is the error. And it is completely impersonal. It doesn’t come from a personal you or a personal him or a personal her.

It is a fabric. It is a series of concepts operating only on the level of the mind belonging to no one. Error is impersonal nothingness.

The Spirit which enters your temple does not uphold these concepts and so the concepts are the arm of flesh or nothingness, and when you give yourself a treatment, you will remember all error is a belief in two powers, a belief in God and something else. But it’s only a belief, only a series of concepts. God’s not in it or it couldn’t dissolve, and so it’s nothingness. And this is the treatment that you give yourself.

But this is only using the mind to rest out of the mind. Now Joel is very specific about this in The Art of Spiritual Healing when he says:

When you really begin to comprehend that in healing [or in giving yourself a treatment] you are not dealing with people …, when you learn to eliminate them and their specific claims from your thought, and in every instance deal with the root of the problem –[which is] … carnal mind, [or] nothingness; … “arm of flesh,” [or] nothingness – [then] you will find how quickly you will be able to become consciously aware of [the Spirit] … within you. This Presence [this Spirit] cannot be felt [in your temple] until you are free of the barrier: The barrier is the belief in two powers; the barrier is the belief in something apart from God.

And so again on the next page he says:

[You must] … carry this out in practice,…

And so this is your treatment.

[You must] … carry this out in practice, watching the stone being formed in and of your Consciousness while you stand to one side as a witness or a beholder, [and as you do this] eventually a state of peace will come. [And] … you will catch a glimpse of God as Is – … just God is. … All problems fade out in proportion as you develop this ability to be quiet, to behold, … to witness divine harmony unfold, …

And so that is your treatment – to cleanse the temple many times a day and during the night with the specific principles of impersonalization and nothingization and then gain that sense of peace in which you can wait. Just wait until the Spirit infuses your being, your Consciousness, your temple, and when the Spirit floods your temple, your Consciousness, then you are the temple of the living, living God on earth as it is in heaven. Then you are saints in the spiritual kingdom. These are not pretty words. This is the truth of your being and the I within you, the invisible living Presence, I send you forth. And all who enter your Consciousness are touched by the living Spirit. Your Consciousness becomes a law unto all who enter it.

Should you begin to see concepts – for a moment you forget – you see a mailman, perhaps you see a clerk, a waitress – it is time to STOP. Just stop. Remind yourself. No, these are concepts. I am stopping. Enter that rest, that peace, and wait. Wait for the movement of I in your Consciousness, Spirit, and rest and behold what I can do. Then when this so-called clerk, waitress, mailman are looked upon with this Consciousness, this Consciousness will behold Christ and all in range of this Consciousness will be blessed.

Ten righteous men can save an entire city. We have twenty-seven, (134 now), plus those that hear this worldwide. Again, this is not just pretty, poetic talk. You are being given a commission. Go out as saints in the kingdom. Go out as a temple, a spiritual temple filled with the Holy Spirit. Go out as a benediction, a blessing. Let the Spirit in your Consciousness, the invisible I, flow through and lift up all who touch that Spirit. This is letting the Word abide in you. Your treatment is abiding in the word, or scripture. Your Consciousness is letting the Word abide in you, in your temple.

Joel says this is not a lazy man’s work. This is not an easy way of life, and so I would have you know that you must, must work. This is work when you sit down and you give yourself a treatment. But this is beholding when you watch God work hitherto. All of you have reached the place where you are spiritual adults. You are spiritual saints. The living Spirit of God in your temple makes you a saint, and whether you see it or not as you behold the I, this aura is around you.

You must know the truth and the truth will set you free. Now you see that takes place on two levels. You know the truth with your mind so you can drop the mind and stand still and have a God experience, actually feel the Spirit fill the temple of your Consciousness. This is knowing the Truth by an experience, not in the mind. This is knowing I am the truth and feeling it and watching it and bearing witness to It. And so first you know the truth with the mind, but that is not enough. That will help you to rest back out of that mind and then you know the truth with your Soul as Spirit and Soul become one, and this produces the temple of the living God or Christ. Soul, Spirit – they are joined and the birth of Christ takes place. And you stand on earth now no longer just a human being. No, you stand on earth now as a saint.

The living Christ has come to earth again. You are the second coming. Each of you in your community, in your part of the world on this earth are transformed into the living Christ and Christ has come again. And those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will feel it. They may think it’s you, but you will know within yourself I of myself can do nothing unless there is this inner movement, this overshadowing by Spirit of my Soul. Nothing will change, but if there is this overshadowing by Spirit, then Soul will be activated. Christ will be on earth. Yes, of myself I am nothing, and yet, through Christ I do all things. And now I stand a little to the side and I behold: “I live; yet not I, … Christ [liveth my life].”

Abide in the Word and let my Word abide in you. So shall you be my disciples. You are the disciples of the living Christ. And as you move out into the world, saints, and as you behold I, Christ pouring out, filling your Consciousness and making it a true temple of peace, you may hear, “I [have] … come that they might have life, and … [life] more abundantly.” You may finally see that you – you are ordained to heal the sick, to tell of the good news, to lift up the dead, the dead in Consciousness.

The years that you have studied the truth, no truth was ever given for you and you alone. There is a price to pay for Christhood, for communion. Yes, you may have communion with the I within your Consciousness, but the price is you have to let it out. The price is service to all who have not yet found this inner Presence. And so I, the I of you, sends you forth out into the world to reveal the kingdom is at hand. The Presence is within. The I, the living God, am in the temple of Consciousness.

Let us be still and know that I am God. Let us wait upon the Lord. Let us stand still. “And, behold, I come quickly; … ” Now hear again, listen again to this experience as it was revealed through Joel.

“My mind is filled with the Word of God because I keep my mind stayed on God from rising in the morning to sleeping at night. Always there is some spiritual truth active in my Consciousness, some scriptural passage kept alive within me. My mind is permeated with truth. It is constituted of truth and all who enter the realm of my mind find truth, life, love, eternality, immortality, the grace of God, the benediction of God. My mind imbued with truth is a law of elimination to all discords.” But remember, mind imbued with truth does not mean mind imbued with thought. It is mind when it reaches an absolute silence and suddenly has an awareness of truth that is invisible spiritual being. That mind is imbued with truth and “that mind imbued with truth is a law of elimination to all discords, all inharmonies, all injustices, all sins, all diseases, all false appetites. I of my own self am nothing, but I and my Father are one, and He that is within me is greater than any error that exists in the world. Therefore, when I fill my Consciousness with truth, with love, with wisdom – I am a law of harmony, of healing, of peace unto all who enter my spiritual household, my Consciousness. I can of my own self do nothing, but since I and the Father are one and all that the Father hath is mine, through grace I am given all the dominion, all the healing influence, all of the forgiving influence. When my mind, my Consciousness is filled with truth and love – well, neither do I condemn thee. All who enter this temple are forgiven their sins. They come into His grace because my mind is filled with His grace, with His Word, with His truth, and all who enter here enter the divine presence and receive forgiveness and regeneration. They even find that the lost years of the locust are restored to them by the divine grace which God has given me as truth. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Every word of truth which constitutes my Consciousness is bread and wine, water, meat, life, and resurrection unto all who enter my Consciousness. Truth is the divine influence. Love is the divine influence. In my mind, in my Consciousness my Soul is filled with truth, spiritual truth and love. All who enter my Consciousness partake of that divine bread, meat, wine, and water, which is Life Eternal. Through the truth embodied in my Consciousness I am a law unto you, a law of healing, a law of forgiveness, a law of grace and benediction, even a law of supply.”

And that is Joel’s treatment to himself, and then there was the moment, the few minutes of stillness in which he received the Holy Spirit. And then when someone called and he picked up the phone, what did they touch? Did they touch Joel’s thoughts? Oh, no, no. No. The Spirit flooded his Consciousness and he became the temple of the living God, and when they called they touched that living God. God Itself on earth as it is in heaven, for the two became one, heaven here and now.

This was what Christ Jesus was trying to show us. The temple, the temple of the living God, the kingdom here, now, closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. Don’t you know the temple is right here and all those who believed and all those who reached out and touched that Consciousness were healed. Even the woman with the issue of blood followed him. I know if I just touch that Consciousness – and she touched it and was healed – just the edge of that Consciousness. And the I of you, the Holy Spirit, the Christ is sending you forth now as that Consciousness that those who touch you, that those who touch that temple where you are, that presence, will be healed, will be forgiven, will be restored, will be resurrected out of the graves of humanhood.

I recall the story of Lazarus.

“Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.

But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.

Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall rise again.

Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.

Jesus [turned and] said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”

And this is what the Christ of your being is saying unto you. I am the resurrection. There’s no resurrection down there in tomorrow. There’s no resurrection someday. The kingdom of heaven is at hand and I resurrect you into my Self. When you have given yourself a treatment and when you are still and you find that silent place, that secret place of the Most High, I within you, the living Spirit of God, lift you up and you are resurrected out of the grave of mortality and into your Christhood, and then you may say, “Why, I live not; Christ liveth.”

I send you forth two by two. Two by two I send you forth into the world, and those two are the mind when it is imbued with truth that you know with the mind, and the Soul, when the Soul becomes so still that it receives within it the Holy Spirit. The mind imbued with truth and the Soul imbued with I, for I am the truth. I send you forth, these two, two by two. And this I, this I is the resurrection. And as you go forth and you stand still and behold I living Itself, you see I resurrect those who are drawn to you. It’s never necessary to speak a single word. It’s never necessary to speak this to anyone, but in your temple, in the kingdom of I, the living God, the living water draws up those that come to you.

I, if I am lifted up in Consciousness, will draw unto me, unto my level, and so you become Christ on earth and Christ is the resurrection. And you will see, you will witness those who come to you, who touch this inner water, this inner Consciousness. You will see them lifted out of mortality into Christ. And it will appear as healing, as regeneration, as forgiveness, as blessing. It will appear as supply coming forth from the Invisible. They will point to you, but you will know. No, of myself – that is, of the mind – I am nothing but a vacuum. But when I am a vacuum, I am one with the Infinite I, and that I makes Consciousness the temple of the living God.

You are instructed now by the I within to go out as disciples of the one I, Christ. You are disciplined. You are a disciple. You are disciplined to know the truth first with the mind and then as an experience in the Soul. You are disciplined to align the two facets – the mind and the Soul – so that Christ may enter in. Yes, you are sent forth as a presence on earth. Henceforth you shall be called friends, for those that do the will of the Father are my friends. They are my brother, my sister. Do not fear to do this, for it is not you, a human. It’s not you, a mortal mind. No, it is you when you are imbued with the truth and I am the truth.

So do not fear. Just be still.

Do not speak. Just be silent.

Do not live. Just behold.

And I shall make all things new. And I shall reveal that the kingdom of heaven has come. “… the place whereon thou standest is holy ground” because it is a temple for the Holy Spirit. Thou art the temple and I am God, and be still and know that I am God.

Now listen one more time to Joel’s explanation or definition of those who walk this way:

Above this sense-life [that is, above the mind], there is a universe of Spirit [or a temple] governed by Love, peopled with children of God living in the … temple of Truth.

This world [this kingdom] is real and permanent [or eternal]: Its substance is [your] eternal Consciousness. In it there is no awareness of discords or even … temporary … material good.

[This is] … Reality – [it is] … the Soul-realm …

[And] .. in this … uplifted Consciousness, [you] … are able … to see [yourselves] … free. … [You are able to see] … unlimited boundaries of eternal Life and … infinite Consciousness.

He says:

The experience is … like watching the world disappear over a horizon … .

And this is the experience that you must have. This is the experience of resurrection. I, the Spirit of God in your holy temple called Consciousness do send you forth two by two to be a witness to the living God pouring forth, lifting up, uplifting all who touch this river of life within you. This is your mission. Please accept it now. “I have … come that they might have life, and … [life] more abundantly.” This is your Consciousness. “Come unto me, all ye that … are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” This, too, is your Consciousness. “[It is my] … good pleasure to give you the kingdom,” and this also is your Consciousness.

No, these are not pretty, poetic words. This is a living, Spiritual Experience. Your Consciousness is the temple of the living God. It is holy ground because it is filled with the Holy Spirit. It is the living Christ on earth, in heaven, one. Yes, long have men awaited the second coming of Christ. You now with your finger on your lips and the inner silence of the Soul, you now behold the secret second coming of Christ. It is your very Consciousness saying to you and to all who enter: “I am the resurrection, …”

Please take this seriously. Your job, your mission if you have accepted it, is to put away childish things. Many times during the day and at night sweep out your temple. Know the specific truths of impersonalization and nothingization. Know that there is no good; there is no evil. Only Christ is, and then be still about that. You’ve cleaned your temple. Now wait. Open the door unto Me, and I will come in and I will reveal Myself to you. And you shall see such miracles as you never dreamed possible. You shall see the son of God. You shall see the temple of the living God as your very own Consciousness. You are blessed beyond all men, beyond all women. You have been chosen.

And now in this new Jerusalem where you are standing, when Joel stood there his lips said what was in his heart:

As a beggar have I sought the [new Jerusalem and] the new heaven and the new earth, and Thou hast made me heir of all.

How shall I stand before Thee but in silence? How shall I honor Thee but in the meditation of mine heart?

Praise and thanksgiving Thou seekest not, but the understanding [the open] heart Thou receivest.

I [now] will keep silent before Thee. My Soul and my Spirit and my silence shall be Thy dwelling place. Thy Spirit [Thy Holy Spirit] shall fill my meditation, and it shall make me and preserve me whole. O Thou Tender One and True – I am home in Thee.”

Yes, I am home in the living temple, in the infinite temple of Consciousness which houses the living Spirit of God. How shall I stand before Thee but in silence and let my silence be the Consciousness and the dwelling place of the living God. If you hear my voice within you, if you are ready to be Spiritual adults, to be the child of Omnipresence, then you are blessed indeed.

Blessings, far, far beyond any you have ever dreamed. I now will never leave Thee. I am the resurrection.



Good morning.

This is Sunday October 20, 2013. I’ve been thinking a lot about how much the belief in good and evil influences our lives, influences our sense of identity, our sense of the world. Even in such things as our prayer life, our meditation periods, our conduct. This, of course, stems from way back in the early Hebrew days when Moses gave us the law. It was the right and proper thing at that time because the collective consciousness wasn’t ready to live by grace. You had, of course, people worshipping many different gods, doing such things as sacrificing – actually throwing living children into the fire or into the volcano or just however they disposed of them, sacrificing them, and then they moved to the sacrifice of animals, and in the early days of mankind this was acceptable.

After Moses left the law and all the rules that went with it, if you lived by that law – and the priests were quick to tell you when you didn’t – but if you lived by that law and you sacrificed animals and things to God, then you were a good religious person. And if you didn’t, well then, you were condemned. Sometimes people picked up stones and stoned you to death. That’s a pretty brutal civilization, if you can call it that. I mean they had houses and they had forms of transportation, chariots and horses, but I don’t know if you can call them civilized.

So into that came Jesus Christ, someone that had transcended the law. Where does the law take place for real? The law is part of the letter, or you might say the letter of the law. And all those who believe in the law and practice the law – well, they’ll live by the rules, the ten commandments, for instance. In other religions there are other precepts, but they bring an uncivilized, brutal, almost animalistic people into some sense of civilization, and thanks to Moses for doing that because we may not have survived as a species.

But anyway, into this civilization of high priests dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” and telling people what they can eat and how they must wash their hands and how they must wash the food and what they must do on Friday night and Saturday, into this where the sacrifice of a lamb was proper to appease God, into this came Christ Jesus with a different message, a message of love, a message of grace, a message of dying out of all that into being reborn of something called Spirit. And the amazing thing is that he lasted as long as he did, traveling the holy lands in that time period and speaking of these spiritual principles. I’m surprised really that they let him go on for three years. I mean the scribes and the Pharisees and the Hebrews of the time, they must have been completely shocked.

Remember Joel says to us truth is shocking, and it is. It still is because many of us are still being influenced by the law and living by the law, and we don’t realize it. We still have a very strong sense of what’s evil and what’s good.

Now you might agree if someone tells you that a serial killer killing Christians just because they’re Christians and maybe killing a hundred of them or more is pretty serious. That’s a pretty evil person. Oh, there’s probably all sorts of reasons. You could go to the psychiatrist and he would give you one reason, the psychologist another. You might go to the geneticist and he could tell you or she could tell you that the person is predisposed to violence. You might go to the sibling or relative who says, “Well, this person underwent a lot of abuse and now it’s showing up in this,” but in one way or another you believe this is not good and you see them finally captured and tried on national TV and okay. The murderer, the killer, the serial killer is now being put to death and that seems all right to you or to us.

But what do we have? We have a belief in good, which is not killing, and the belief in bad, which is a serial killer or evil, and the belief in the law and punishment, and if we don’t believe in the law as it is in our courts, then we believe in the law of karma: What you sow so shall you reap. And because this person killed a hundred and fifteen people, hundred and fifteen Christians, this is a bad person who sowed some bad things and surely that badness is going to come back around.

Well, these are all concepts that we entertain. Yet, I’m going to tell you something that is shocking when considered deeply. And that is: God doesn’t care if you’re a murderer. Now that would be even shocking to admit in a church today publicly. Imagine standing at the podium, “My friends, I have discovered God doesn’t care if you’re a murderer. If you feel like murdering, well fine. God doesn’t care.” Can you imagine the gasps out in the audience? But it must be true. It has to be true or the spiritual principles are a lie.

Now I was looking at the Realization of Oneness book and a sentence really jumped out at me. It says – if I can find it – it says:

Sin is really the acceptance of a material universe. Just going back to the belief that there are human beings is the sin that throws a person [well, outside the kingdom] … .

So the original sin is accepting a material universe. The original sin is accepting persons, good or evil. The original sin is accepting human beings.

Now do you believe that God sins? Of course not! God is too pure to behold human beings, so how could God care if one of them is murdering a hundred and fifteen others? If God cared about that picture, He would do something about it, and that’s what we ask and many people, all people perhaps, at one point in their lives say, “How can God let this happen!?”

God doesn’t care! That’s tough. That’s a hard one to swallow, isn’t it? But it has to be true, because if God cared, God would be hypnotized.

And the proof that God doesn’t care about a murderer or murdering, what about one of the greatest saints of all time who had such a profound love of God and such a profound conscious awareness of God that he was able to raise someone from the dead? Now you might think I’m referring to Jesus Christ, but I’m not. I’m referring to St. Paul, the murderer of Christians, the serial killer that systematically killed Christians and their only crime was promoting the Christ message in the middle of a world of law.

How many did he kill? How many did he stop from pouring out this message? We will never know maybe. Yet he’s revered. He’s a saint. He had one of the most profound spiritual experiences ever recorded in the Bible. So blazing was the light that it made him blind to a material sense of universe. Did God care that he killed a hundred and fifteen or more Christians? No, no. When Paul surrendered Paul, another being took over other than that human being, and that being called itself Paul. Before that it was Saul. So Saul was the serial killer, but God never created Saul, and once Saul surrendered it was immediate. That being called Paul took over, Paul being an emanation of Christ, of God, of Identity. And it was immediate. There’s no begging or beseeching. There wasn’t even paying back any karma. It was immediate. And so we can see by that one example that God is too pure to behold iniquity.

There was a mystic in the fifteenth or sixteenth century that said God abhors a vacuum. All you have to do is become empty of the false sense of self and automatically you’re full of God. There’s no earning. There’s no being good. There’s no paying a price first – first you have to pay this penalty. Those are all ideas that stem from the law, from those ancient Hebrews that said it was okay to sacrifice a lamb and before that, earlier than that even, was it Abraham that was willing to sacrifice his own son? But you see, that was the worship of law.

And now here’s a very strange proposition. God did not create the law. Now if you realize what that means, that means if you go out and kill a hundred and fifteen people there’s no penalty because God never made the law. You are just as able to inherit the entire infinite kingdom as the person that devoted their lives to being good. What about the persons that devoted their lives to being a monk or a priest or preacher or a nun or a sister of some order. What about these folks that have devoted their lives to doing good in the world? Does God look down and smile upon them? Is there a reward after this in heaven?

Well, I have news – not very good news (chuckles) – God doesn’t care what good you do! That can be disheartening, can’t it?

Well, I’ve lived my whole life trying to be good. I’ve never – I’ve – you know, I’ve – I made little mistakes, but I haven’t done anything heinous, nothing huge. I didn’t murder anybody. I didn’t commit adultery. I didn’t wipe out a nation or put people in the gas ovens. I lived a pretty good life. I didn’t hurt people on purpose and I go to church every Wednesday and every Sunday and especially I go to midnight Mass on Christmas and Easter and I’m up at the daybreak to see the rising of the sun, the dawn on Easter morning. I give part of my money to charity. I’ve tried to be good my entire life. Oh sure, I admit as a child I lied sometimes. I even stole once or twice. Perhaps I gossiped, but I’ve been good!”

And I repeat: God doesn’t care.

Well, can you see how this would be very, very threatening to the Hebrew state of mind which says you must live by the law and dot every “i” and cross every “t” and sacrifice this and do this on Tuesday and this on Saturday and this on Friday and wash your food just so. Can you see that? Now, I’m not saying anything against the Jewish race because my ex-wife was Jewish and I have known very beautiful people that are Jewish. But I am only speaking of the Hebrew state of mind in that time when Christ was walking for those three years and spreading a new message.

And think how that state of mind, that rigid, living only by the law and nothing but the law so help you God – think how that must have looked upon Christ Jesus saying, “Well, you know, God doesn’t care if you murder. And you know, God doesn’t care if you’re good. All that has to go.”

Why, that must have just scared ‘em to death! Why without that we’d go back to being barbarians and uncivilized and without that, without everything Moses gave us we would – we would cease to exist. And yet the timing of Christ is never wrong and so it was time to release gently at first this new message.

God did not create the law, has no interest in the law whatsoever.

God did not create human beings, has no interest in what they do good or bad.

There’s no punishment. There’s no reward. You’re living in a state of mind which sees something God did not create.

And so imagine a person being told that the only sin is the acceptance of a material world. Why this individual must be mad! They must be – they just must be crazy. Let’s lock him up. Let’s crucify him! You can see that perhaps we were there doing the yelling, because it’s two thousand years later and we’re still just beginning to see the message. So perhaps we were there doing the yelling and now we are here trying to see what was released in consciousness and has gathered momentum ever since then.

Okay, so I also discovered in this book a paper that someone had typed up for me called, Joel on Spiritual Healing. It’s just five paragraphs. I’m not gonna read the whole thing. He says:

We cannot take the mortal concept of creation into heaven or harmony. We do not bring God to the material sense of existence. We surrender the belief and dream of material living for the life divine. We exchange the sense world for the spiritual formations of divine creation. Does that not say that God doesn’t care about your material sense of being, your human being, but that there’s a divine creation?

[Says Joel]: To gain the spiritual awareness of life and its perfect formation is our purpose. Bit by bit we are giving up our concern for the structural universe and in proportion as we do that, we gain the awareness of the life which is incorporeal, harmonious, and permanent.

And I see looking here in the dictionary: Incorporeal (not corporeal, not material, non-material beings without material existence). So, when he says that: Bit by bit we are giving up our concern for the structural universe and in proportion we are [gaining the] awareness of the life which is [not material, non-material beings without material existence, or not made of matter].

It is impossible for God to care what a human being does.

Now I’m sorry. I know that shatters thousands of years of beliefs and I know it’s – it’s bitter in the belly. Nevertheless, it has to be true. Otherwise, God is just as hypnotized as human beings are.

God does not care if you murder. There is no punishment at any time from God. God does not care if you’re good or philanthropic. God doesn’t care, because in both cases there’s a you and there’s a God! There’s a material person, a material being, a material universe and God, a Spirit. So that means all of the times that you thought quietly when you sit down to pray or meditate, even just briefly thought, “God, I know I haven’t been meditating a lot lately, but if you just heal this situation, bring your presence to it and heal it, I will meditate ten times a day. I promise.”

Now what did he say? We just read it. He said we cannot bring God to a material sense of existence and we cannot bring a material sense of existence into heaven into to God.

We have to die to any belief that there has ever been a human being created!

Remember what Joel told us, “It’s not easy to stop [seeing] … human beings. … But I finally made it!” Now that includes your human being; you, the human being. You have to stop seeing you where God exists. And you have to let go and die to all the beliefs that are connected to that old Hebraic law and system of law that Moses gave us. We are invited to rise above the letter of the law.

Moses gave us a law, but grace and truth came by Christ Jesus.

How much are you still living by the law? This week perhaps you caught a cold and your thought immediately, immediately goes to, “What did I do or not do?” And you have a human being trying to be good, trying not to do evil. You have a human being examining their thought to see what did I – how did I go wrong?

God doesn’t care! And you have to get to the place where you don’t care, because you’re not looking at a material existence anywhere. You see the depth at which this has to go in your consciousness? Even the little things. You stub your toe. Uh-oh, what was I just thinking?

No. God never created the law. Look at that. Feel the depth of that. God did not create law, not the law that Moses taught us about. God created spiritual law in which Spirit is perfect, but not this law of good and evil. God did not create that law and so God did not create karma. Who is there to sow and reap? If you have a person that can sow – yes, that person will reap. But it’s all in the realm of mental activity and how much we are chained to that. How much we are not free yet. How much we are living by the law. Like I said, you stub your toe and, “Oh, what was I just thinking?” You examine your thought to see if you were thinking something wrong and the wrongness that you were doing was somehow creating this backlash.

It has to be a brand new awareness of a kingdom where no law exists except for God is’ing. There has to be a presence walking, talking where no human exists. There has to be a grace living, being, living Itself where no law exists. Look at Jesus Christ and his responses. Stretch forth your arm. Open your eyes. Nothing about – yes, your parents or your grandparents sinned and this is why – no, nothing. “Neither do I condemn thee.” Go. You’re free. Even in the very act she’s caught, in the very act. What does he see? I don’t condemn you. I don’t even see a human. Go, but stop living as a human.

The sin, the original sin, the only sin that there is anywhere, the only mistake is really the acceptance of a material universe. “Just going back to the belief that there are human beings is the sin that throws a person out of heaven.” Now that’s Joel. Just going back to the belief that there are human beings. You cannot influence God. We are taught in The Infinite Way God Is, Is, Is, and you cannot change God, but how many of your prayers are secretly, quietly an attempt to influence God? Even little things. Now I am sitting here and I am practicing being silent like the Kailua study tells me twelve times a day and I expect that pretty soon something wonderful will happen.

Oh really, and who is that something wonderful going to happen to, since God already is? Do you see? We carry our law right into – or we try to carry the law into the kingdom of heaven and it cannot come in. Again, the story about the man who knocked on the gate.

Who’s there?”

It’s me. I’m meditating twelve times a day now. Can I have my spiritual experience, please?”

Go away! There’s no room.”

Remember he does that three times over several years and finally at the end he knocks on the door.

Who’s there?”

Thou.” And immediately found himself in heaven.

God doesn’t care who you are! (chuckles) Get that through your mind. I know it’s really difficult. It’s hard! It’s a hard saying. What about this loving father? “Oh man, for so many years I’ve had this belief in a loving father and me.” Yes, and that’s why you’re still standing outside the kingdom of heaven. That must go too. “Oh, but I’ve had this concept of God as my this and my personal savior and – .” I know. So did Mary Magdalene and that’s why she stood in the garden and yet didn’t know where she was, and she said, “They have taken my Lord away” because she was standing in the kingdom and she didn’t know it. She had her Lord and her, and her love was deep. Yet it was the love of a concept.

Our concepts of God must go. Our concepts of self must go. We have to come to God empty, a vacuum. When Joel says we turn in meditation almost a vacuum. That’s what he means. And so Mary turned and let that concept go. “They have taken my Lord … .” Yes, they have taken the concept and now Mary turned, and look, in the very garden suddenly her eyes are open. “Master!” She sees the Christ.

The two gentlemen on the road to Emmaus talking all the time with the Christ. They think it’s a human being. They think there’s somebody instructing them and them. Suddenly the concepts disappear and a moment of taking bread their eyes are opened and they see Christ right here, the only presence.

And what about you? Are you willing to make this ultimate sacrifice, the only real sacrifice – the sacrifice that there’s you that needs to make a sacrifice? Are you willing to let that go? Are you willing to release man as he [Joel] puts it in this book, Realization of Oneness? Are you willing to release man? God doesn’t care what man, human man or woman does – evil or good – makes absolutely no difference, because if it made a difference God would be just as hypnotized as the person seeing duality. But God is too pure to behold iniquity and canst not look upon evil or good. I think they cut that out. I think it was there originally. Canst not look upon evil or good.

If I walk out the front door right now of the house I’m in and walk to the end of my little walkway and look at the mountain right across the street from me – it starts right across the street and goes up – I can look at the beauty of fall, of autumn. There are golds and reds, greens, purples, yellows, oranges, salmon color. Oh, there are so many beautiful colors. And above it the sky is blue with a few white puffy clouds and there’s a gentle breeze blowing and it’s beautiful and you can smell – what is that? Oh yes, that’s the smell of the first chimney this year.

It’s gorgeous. And guess what! God doesn’t care! (chuckles) If I see a material sense of universe, good or evil, I see something God did not make.

Why wait, wait! What – you’re taking away my Lord! Yes, I’m taking away your concept.

I’m taking away the entire belief in good and evil. It does not exist. God never made the law. And if He didn’t make the law, He didn’t make either side of it, not the evil nor the good.

You’ve taken everything away. There’s nothing now but a vacuum. This is where the belief of some of the ancient people went off line or went off course. Being taught by Buddha that the world is Maya or illusion, they just stopped doing anything. Well, if it’s all illusion they’re like my friend down there in Florida who says, and he’s uh – well, I won’t tell you his name, but he says that it’s all an illusion, so why bother. We might as well just party till we die. And so many of the people sat on the roadside begging alms. Why bother to get a job? It’s all so meaningless. Why bother do anything good? It’s all so meaningless. I’m just gonna sit here and just lie around, I guess, ‘cause it’s all karma. I can’t do anything about it. Or it’s all illusion. I can’t do anything about it.

No, both of those approaches are not going to help. So you can spend several lifetimes saying, “Well, this is just an illusion. I might as well have fun. Might as well make a million dollars or I might as well go out and kill some evildoers, have a career in the military. I might as well run for office and try to make some changes in this city, in this county, in this state, in this nation. Or perhaps I’ll just do good my entire life and make money, give it away and help poor people. And saying to yourself that this is an illusion and so why bother. I’m just gonna sit by the side of the road and beg alms and as long as I have enough to eat I’m fine. It’s destiny, nothing I can do about it. I’m gonna be whatever I’m supposed to be. All of that is the wrong approach. Why?

If you are not consciously aware of strawberry shortcake, you will never have strawberry shortcake. You don’t even know that it exists. I remember when I was looking around for a good automobile I finally settled on one with all-wheel drive, which was really nice up here in the mountains in the snow, but I didn’t know that particular car existed until it entered my consciousness and I became consciously aware of it. Once I became consciously aware of it – ah, then I saw those cars everywhere. They were part of my consciousness, and it was also true – it’s also true of strawberry shortcake. If you come visit – say from Tibet – and you’ve never tasted any strawberry shortcake, somebody shows it to you the first time – ah, it enters consciousness. Or maybe they give you a pizza for the first time. Ah-ha! It enters consciousness. Now you have it – your consciousness. You can order it; it’s a part of you. Right? On a little tiny aspect, a little tiny part.

If you are not consciously aware of Christhood, of your sonship, of God is’ing Itself where you thought you were – if you have not had the experience of God is’ing right here and now, then you still believe you’re a human, and the sin is not in trying to be a good human or in trying to be a bad human. The sin is in a belief in a human. The sin is in the belief in a structural universe. The sin is in the belief in a material world.

God doesn’t care about it because God never made it. God never made the world or the person or the law in which you’ve been living. And so trying to bring that to God or bring God to that is the wrong way. And throwing up your arms and saying, “Well, that’s it, it’s destiny. I can’t change it. None of it’s real, so why bother?” That’s the wrong way too.

We want the middle way. We want to awaken consciously. We want to have the conscious living awareness of God is’ing as the I that I am. When you have that, you have overcome the world even if only for a few seconds in your meditation. You have overcome all of those beliefs, all of the belief in the law, all of the belief in good and evil, all of the belief in something you do or don’t do can influence God. All of the law that God never made is overcome in the moment you are consciously aware of God is’ing Itself as you.

And then, of course, it’s impossible to do anything because God is doing the doing. God is being the being. God is knowing the knowing. And God can’t be good and God can’t be evil. God can only be whatever God Is, and this you only know by experiencing, by being consciously aware of the Is that is. Then you know what God is.

Several of our precious thoughts and beliefs have to go. We must take away your Lord because if I don’t go away, the comforter cannot come. If you don’t lose your precious beliefs in a personal God that cares about you or in a God that condemns you and punishes you, if you do not believe those – if you do not let go of and lose – well, “Loose him, and let him go” of those concepts – if you do not let go of them you cannot enter the kingdom.

You cannot enter the conscious awareness until you let them go and stand there as a vacuum even though it can be painful because they’ve been your precious beliefs for centuries. Yet you have said you do not want to remain a child. You want to put aside childish things. You have said that you want to enter the kingdom. You want the conscious awareness of oneness with the God that Is. You want to know God aright so that you can know your own eternal being. And if this is true, then you must let these beliefs and concepts die.

When you see yourself saying, “God, I know I haven’t been meditating fully and would you please forgive me?” You must stop right then and remind yourself, “Well, how silly! Who’s this me appealing to God? Is that one of those silly human beings that God doesn’t even care about? I’ve got to stop living in that consciousness. I’ve got to stop! Now into this silence pour Thyself.” Or whatever word comes to you to remind you to be the vacuum that beholds and bears witness to God in action.

This must be not just in your meditation. Yes, it starts there. It starts there for a few seconds, maybe a minute or two or ten or fifteen. It must become your conscious awareness daily walking, talking, sitting, sleeping.

We must die to the belief in a material universe.

We must die to the belief in a human being including our self. To gain the conscious awareness of eternal Life and its perfection forming itself, then we must bit by bit give up our concern for a structural universe or person or thing and gain the awareness of eternal Life which is incorporeal.

Incorporeal – is there a life under the law that’s incorporeal? Could you show it to me, please? All life under the law is material. Think about that. Think about it. All life that comes into judgment under the law is corporeal, material, human, structural. The invisible Is’ing incorporeality of God never touches the law, for the law cannot exist in that being. And so here are the lawyers, the judges, the priests, the high priests, the Pharisees, the scribes, and they come to this man calling himself Jesus and they ask him, “Are you the Christ?” And, of course, he denies it because he knows no human being is anything. There is only the Christ. What do you mean, “Are you the Christ?” That’s ridiculous. And he says, “I and my Father are one.” “He that seeth me,” [that really sees into the invisible and sees the incorporeal Me, sees the Father, for] “I, [the incorporeal] and [the] … Father are one.” And they take up stones, those scribes and Pharisees and high priests, because he made himself equal with God.

And now I say to you the time perhaps is finally here because I really feel that it was us that picked up the stones. We could not live without the law. We were not ready to renounce humanhood. We were not ready to die. Die and be born again? What are you talking about? Now perhaps we are ready. We are ready to die to humanhood so much so that we’ll even give up our concept of good and evil, our concept of the Lord, of God. Our concept of being good enough to enter heaven or being evil enough to stay out. Perhaps we are ready to give up the entire belief in a structural universe, which is the only universe that can be under the law. Perhaps more than just changing – well now, I don’t believe in just a structural universe – I believe there’s an invisible one too.

Well, that’s not enough! You’re still a human being with beliefs.

Perhaps now we’re willing to become that vacuum, that beholder, that witness. Perhaps we’re really ready to let our silence, our silence from any sense of self, be the abiding place of Infinite Spirit, the Incorporeal Self which has never come under the law. That Self, in that Self, in the conscious awareness of that Self, consciously aware of being that I, there is no law. There’s nobody to please. There’s nothing to prove. There’s nothing to earn. There’s nothing to be worthy of. There is only Grace.

Grace. Even the dictionary calls grace a free gift. You cannot merit it or earn it. Moses gave us the law, but grace came from Christ Jesus, and now after two thousand years, are you ready? Are you ready? Yes, it feels kind of scary, doesn’t it? {There are] no anchors. I’m just floating on a sea of Spirit. Yes, and this you must do. You must launch out into the deep and there you will find buried treasures the likes of which millions and millions have never dreamed.

When you are confronted with any form of humanhood – whether bad or good, whether evil or beautiful – meet it with this moment of incorporeality, this second of silence. Meet it by witnessing God in action and that evil will dissolve and so will that good. And yes, they both must go no matter how precious they are to you – so that you can see – because when you have the conscious awareness of God is’ing as you, then you have overcome the law.

Can it be done? “… be of good cheer; I have overcome [this law].” Yes, it can. Not by a human being trying to overcome, trying to be good enough, trying to be worthy, trying to stop being critical or stop overeating or stop doing this or that. That’s still a human under the law. Even if you overcome that negative character trait, you would still be a human under the law. Something will get you from left field because when you live under the law that’s what happens. All humans are born; all humans must die. Yeah, it’s true. What I was going to say: All humans are dead, ‘cause they are. They’re dead to the conscious awareness of Is’ing Spirit, Christhood.

Come, follow me.” I have overcome the law. I live by Grace and I tell you, you can too. This is your inheritance. You have one Father. Call no one on earth your father. You’re not under anything. You in your silence and the Father are one, one being, incorporeally, eternally Omnipresence. This is my beloved Son and I love him.

What is? What is the beloved Son? The silence that bears witness to the Father. Anything else, God is too pure to behold. Yes, says Joel, let my silence be Thy abiding place. What a wonderful – well, that’s like the Buddhist pointing at the moon.

And so now let us be silent for a moment.

[Brief Silence] Fulfill the one Self that I Is.

Now be still and come to the conscious awareness. Bear witness. Behold, God Is – Is – Is.

[Brief Silence]

Well, I see it’s been an hour and I could go on, but I think that’s quite enough. It may take several listenings to realize the depth of what must be – well, what we must die out of in order to awaken into spiritual identity, Christhood, oneness, Omnipresence.

Thank you and Godspeed.


Good morning.

I was reading something this morning from the book The Mystical I by Joel Goldsmith and the chapter Impersonalizing God, and it fascinated me. It just, it brought my thought to a standstill. It brought my mind to a silence, and it says this:

When we impersonalize God … then our prayers will not be a mental activity.

Think of that. Think of just how outstanding that is, just how deep that is.

When we impersonalize God … then our prayers will not be a mental activity.

And so I started looking at that. It just brought me to a standstill. All I could do was look at that sentence as it began to unfold from within. And wow! You know, we’ve talked now for a couple of years if not more of rising out of mind, out of the letter and into Spirit, into awareness. And here he says when you impersonalize God, your prayers will not be a mental activity, and so when you impersonalize God, you still step out of the mind. How does that work? What does that mean? Well, he says on the page before this:

God is being, … not a being. … In fact, the personalization of Spirit is the “veil.”

In other words, it came to me that personalizing God is the belief in good and evil. Well, then what does that mean to personalize God? What does it mean to impersonalize God? He says on the next page:

When God has been [completely] … impersonalized, … Omnipresence will be [a real realization] … .

It will be a deep inner realization.

When God has been thoroughly impersonalized, … Omnipresence will be [an experience]. … I have God as Omnipresence only if I am omnipresence.

Now that’s only less than three paragraphs out of this chapter from this book, and yet it just really – it brought my mind to a standstill. It really did because it came to me if you have a personal God, then you are stuck in the mind. If you have a personal God – in other words, there’s you and you pray to God, an infinite being. You pray to God, an immortal being.

All that sounds right, doesn’t it? God is an infinite being; what’s wrong with that? Well, if God is an infinite being, where are you? What are you?

You see, if you have a God and a you, you’re in the mind. If you have a personal God, a God of your understanding, and you, you’re standing in the mind and that mind contains the belief or is the belief in good and evil. Now we go around a lot, perhaps we say to ourselves in our meditations, “I and the Father are one,” but that’s not an inner experience. That’s a statement. It’s emanating from this mind which is personalizing God and personalizing a me, personalizing an I, and so we have an I and a Father, and we say that I and this Father are one. I and the infinite God are one. But while you’re saying that, your experience is of two, because that’s emanating out of the mind of two, out of the mind of duality, out of the belief in good and evil.

You see, if you have God as a being, then you have God and you. You have perfection and imperfection. You have God and man, God and woman. You have God and this world. You have God and the human mind. And so that’s called personalizing God. We have to impersonalize God and then our prayers will no longer be a mental activity. Well, how does that work? Why is that so? I don’t understand. Well, he says:

… we must make no mental effort to reach God, … we are already one with the Father.

Now what if we read this this way:

… we must make no mental effort to reach God, … we are already one … Father.

… we must make no mental effort to reach God, … we are already … Father.

That’s no different than what he said on the next page where he said:

I have God as Omnipresence only if I am omnipresence.

And so impersonalizing God and impersonalizing ourselves means coming out of the mind. Again, we started with:

… when we impersonalize God … then our prayers will not be a mental activity.

You see, if you have a personal God that you pray to, even a personal Father and you, then you have the belief that you have to reach out to this God. There’s perfection, which is good, and there’s you, which is lacking, which is bad. Do you see this is the belief in good and evil? This is the veil!

On this path called The Infinite Way we must let everything we thought we ever knew fall away in order to come to what Joel calls the Experience. To experience God is’ing we have to get rid of, let go of, drop the belief in a personal God, and that’s the same experience that prompted Mary at the tomb to say, “Where have you taken my Lord?”

Listen to this:

“Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing the spices which they had prepared, and certain others with them.

And they found the stone rolled away from the sepulchre.

And they entered in, and found not the body of the Lord Jesus.

And it came to pass, as they were much perplexed thereabout, behold, two men stood by them in shining garments: …”

Now what do you know so far? What is this saying? This is saying they went to the tomb. What is the tomb? What is the tomb in which Christ is buried? Think about it now. I will tell you that the mind is the tomb because he says when we impersonalize God our prayers will not be a mental activity. So we come within to have a meditation and we’re standing before the tomb, and we think that Christ is buried somewhere down in that personal mind, and there’s a personal mind and there’s a Christ somewhere. There’s a personal self and there’s a God somewhere. If only I could reach God everything would be better. So we’re standing in the tomb of two, and we’re looking for Christ.

“And … they were afraid, and [they] bowed down their faces to the earth, [and] they said unto them, [the angels said unto them] Why seek ye the living among the dead?

He is not here, … [he] is risen: … ”

This is what happens in your inner chamber. Eventually you reach the place where God says unto you, which is an angel, that voice, that movement of Spirit says to you, “It is I. Why are you seeking among the dead?” And if you have ears to hear, you realize that God cannot be reached through mental activity. That’s seeking the living among the dead. That mind and everything in it is dead. Even the God that you laid in it carefully. You built it piece upon piece, concept upon concept. Even your walk through truth, you built a God and you laid it in that tomb gently, and you go there and you look for it in a certain place in your journey and you’re met instead with the Word of God, and It says unto you, “Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, … [he is] risen.

And it befuddles you. Like I said, I read this this morning and my mind came to a standstill. Wait – when we impersonalize God our prayers are no longer a mental activity. When we impersonalize God, impersonalize ourselves, our prayers are not in the mind. And when we impersonalize God, impersonalize ourselves, our prayers are an inner experience. Now again, God is being, but not a being. If you have a Being, a God, a Spirit, a Christ – and you – you have not impersonalized God. You have not impersonalized Self. The entire Christ mission, the entire Christ activity, the entire Christ being is impersonal, and it must be not a thought but an experience. So having a personal sense of God or a personal sense of self is the belief in good and evil. That’s the vei1! He says here:

the personalization of Spirit is “the Veil.”

What’s the veil? The veil is that which covers the experience, covers – well, it’s the stone in front of the tomb, and yet these people in this story which came to the sepulchre, they found the stone rolled away and they entered in. Then they found the shining angel which said, “Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen: …” And I submit to you that in a certain place on this path you come face to face with the fact that your God is not alive; it’s dead. And you come face to face with the fact that that God upon which you relied, the God separate from you, the God that you prayed up to or even within to, must be crucified. Must be impersonalized. Then, then you can enter in and you can be instructed by the voice of God, by the angel of God. Then you will be told, everyone of us will be told, “Why [are you seeking] … the living among the dead? He is not here, … [he is] risen: …” Why are you still personalizing God? Step out of that mental activity.

make no mental effort to reach God, [you] … are already one with the Father.

You are the Father, God Omnipresence, I Omnipresence, one Omnipresence. So can you see how when I read this this morning how just incredibly wonderful it was. Just two pages out of The Mystical I and just two paragraphs and just two sentences.

God is being, … not a being. … the personalization of Spirit is the “veil.”

When we impersonalize God … then our prayers will [no longer] … be a mental activity.

It’s beautiful! It’s wonderful because it’s telling us how to commune with that risen Christ. The risen Christ is the experience of Christ, your Christ identity, your Father identity, your God identity. It is time in your journey to bury these concepts of God no matter how wonderful they’ve been through the years. They prevent you from the experience of the living. While you entertain them and pray up to them and have no answers you are the walking dead. Yet all the time I within you says, “He’s not here.” This should bring you to a place where your mind comes to a standstill and there is no more mind there, no more personal mind, no more personal self, no more personal God, no more mental activity. And in the silence from a personal self, I reveal Myself, the infinite Self, the only Self, and we hear within, “It is I; be not afraid.” I am the life, I.

You cannot understand I. You will never draw pictures of I. You will never make concepts of I, and yet when there is no more mental activity, I will live you. I am the life. Come unto me. Die to the personal sense. Impersonalize and “behold, I come quickly … .” To those who do this will I give to eat of the hidden manna, the hidden identity. Listen again to what you’ve probably heard so many times you think you already know it, but realize now that this is Identity speaking. This is the angel in the tomb speaking of the living.

In the beginning was the Word [I] and [I] … was with God, and [I] … was God.

The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by [I] …; and without [I] … was not any thing made that was made.

In [I] … was life; and the life was the light of men.

And the light shineth in [the tomb] in [the] darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.”

Why are you seeking I in the tomb, in the mental activity?

[The light, or I], … was in the world, and the world was made by [I], and the world knew [I] … not.

[And I come unto my] … own, and [my] own [receive I] … not.

But as many as [receive I], to them [give I] … power to become the [living, the living] sons of God, even to them that believe on [I] … :

Which [are] … born [now] not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of [mind] …, but of [I] … .

And [I am] … made flesh, and [dwell] … among [you] … , (and we [behold the glory of I], … the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”

Do you not see the marvelous treasure that is not buried in the tomb of mental activity, but is born as an activity of I living you? Impersonalize God. Impersonalize self. No more mental activity born from the belief in good and evil, in God and you. Only one thing now remains: That you die to all of that. Become silent, a new silence, a silence from personal God, from a personal self. An impersonal silence of being. “And, behold, I come quickly; … .” “[And ] Behold, I make all things new.” And behold, I am the new Jerusalem.

Let us be still now before this temple, for the tomb of mental activity has been transcended and he is risen and I stand before the temple of the living God and I listen and I behold I am the Father. And [Philip], representing the human mind says, “Lord, show us the Father.” And the Father speaking as Christ says, “Oh [Philip] Have I been so long [a] time with [thee] … and … thou hast not known me …?” And the angel says to you, “He is not here: for he is risen.” And the living says to you, “I am here, right here. Have I been here all this time and you never realized I?” Be still. Rest from a personal God. Rest from a personal self. “[And] Behold, I make all things new.”

Yes, I am the way. I am the Supply. I am the Companion. I am the Life. And when the mental activity, when the personal God and the personal self is buried, then I am resurrected. I come in a moment you think not. And you, you take no thought. I am the way.

I would like to share with you at this time a couple of – well, parts of a couple of the letters received in Herb Fitch’s exercise to write to the president. These are quite wonderful, and it shows that this group as a whole is making great progress. This one says:

Dear Mr. President: Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils.

Now is that not what we just said? – Cease ye from a personal sense of self.

We have been seeing with our eyes and hearing with our ears and then commenting and reacting to what we see and hear.

Stop It! This is exactly the same as stepping out of the tomb in which we think we will find the living. Stepping out of the mental activity, the human mind activity.

We should be seeing with our inner eyes and hearing with our inner ears with that Christ awareness that judges not by appearances. Then we will know that all of the sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, and chaos in the world today come for only one reason: Sowing to the flesh.

What does that mean? Now we understand that a little differently, don’t we? Sowing to the flesh does not mean going out and having a good time on Saturday night. Sowing to the flesh means having a personal sense of self anywhere and a personal God. You did not know personalizing God was sowing to the flesh, did you? And yet it is, because it’s a part of the mental activity that creates this fleshly sense of world, of self. Yes, we should be seeing with our inner eyes and hearing with our inner ears with Christ awareness. Yes, yes, yes! “[But] He is not here: he is risen.” And to come into that type of seeing and hearing is done only when the human mind is still, when there is no mental activity.

Strange, isn’t it? When there’s no mental activity God reveals Itself. I reveal I. And so yes, further this person says:

How do we sow to the Spirit? Pray without ceasing. Be still and wait. This is prayer, but know what we’re waiting for, and that’s to feel Me stirring, fizzing, tingling inside of you. Me is the activity of Christ.

Yes, the activity of the Living. When you rise out of that tomb and there is no mental activity and you are still and waiting upon I, then I take over and that’s expressed and felt as a stirring, a tingling, a fizzing, a movement, an activity of Christ, of I.

And so this person says:

Mr. President, this is the ultimate truth. There’s nothing left to teach. Come, follow Me. Do not follow Adam and Eve who ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and were expelled from the Garden. Come, follow Me, follow Me.

And this is what we are saying in this talk today. Do not follow this mental activity, this personal God. Do not pray to this personal God because it’s only praying to a belief. Praying to a belief doesn’t work! It’s a mental activity. Ah, but says Joel: When you impersonalize God, then the mental activity stops because you don’t have a God and a you. You have I, living. You have the living I as an experience.

And so that was one of the beautiful letters and now let’s look at a second one, and we won’t read all of it, but just touching a few parts. It says:

Dear Mr. President: The answer to every problem of sin, sickness, disease, or death is the same. All appearance is an image, an illusory fabric whose substance is a flimsy dream. Only one world seems evident to the human sense mind and it is fed and maintained by our belief in a selfhood apart from God.

Which is another way of saying it is fed by our belief in a God apart from Self. Just think of the depth of that. If you have a God apart from Self, a God apart from I, then you are standing in this duality.

We have but one true objective, and that is to rise above and see through the sense illusions and all false concepts of people, place, things, and conditions.

Isn’t that fantastic and how like the other letter this is? So this letter is saying that we must rise out of the tomb of sense illusions or false concepts of people. In other words, a person, a personal sense of self, a personal sense of God. And down here a little farther it says to the president:

Call for Me at any time or any place and then listen within intently. This is praying without ceasing. Rest, relax. I will answer.

Isn’t that just fantastic. Isn’t this beautiful? These two people are in entirely different parts of the country of the United States and yet the consciousness they are standing in, this new Jerusalem, is pretty much exactly the same, isn’t it? It’s wonderful. I find it fascinating.

And so both of these letters are suggesting that what the president and anyone else of us needs to do is to die to this personal sense of self, to go within, to step out of the tomb of mental activity or sense illusions, not pray to a personal God and not be a person praying, but stand so still that the living God, the living water will be poured through us, as us, and I will stand revealed. The I that has stood at the door of consciousness almost seemingly forever, that I will take over and live Itself as you, and then there will not be you and I, you and this I, you and a I. There will be I. “Be not afraid.” “It is I.” “And … I come quickly; …” and I come whose right it is to live and I am the son of God. And “I and [the] … Father are one” because I am Father. See how beautifully this all fits together.

Now let us have a moment of silence and see what else there is before completing this talk.

In order to impersonalize yourself, you are going to find you will have to impersonalize any such concepts as my supply, my companions, my health. Somehow the grace will be granted to you to rise out of that tomb. You really believe you have buried him, the Life that God Is. You believe you buried him into a tomb of humanhood and this human is sixty years old and this human is forty years old. This human is fifty, seventy years old. And this human is male and this human is female. And this human has an education and this human does not. And this human has skills and this human is an artist. And this human is a mother and this human is a father. And this human has children and this human has parents. All, all, all of this is where you think you have laid the Christ inside of this tomb.

Joel’s start to his journey was the fact that he realized God is not in the human tomb and will never be. That human tomb in which you think you have cleverly buried the son of God, behold, in the silence, an angel speaks unto you and says, “Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here: … [he] is risen.”

And as you impersonalize God there is not a God. There is I, God. And stand in the stillness, then the living God, the living I reveals grace and truth and lives itself and you have the power to become the son of God. If you will receive I, I will live you. I will be you, and I will make all things new.

Choose ye this day whom ye will follow. As the letter said: Will you follow the fleshly beliefs? Will you sow to the flesh? Will you know everyone as flesh or will you henceforth know no one after the flesh, not even self. Will you have no supply, no family, no companions? Will you have no health? Will you be animated as I living, the living God? Will this be your realization, your experience?

Come. Behold, I am the Way. Behold, I am the Truth. Behold, I am the Life.

Again and again I repeat: When we impersonalize God … our prayers will not be a mental activity.

I must be that Presence, but if I am going to have a God and a me, I am not impersonalizing. I am setting up a sense of duality. I must have God as Omnipresence only because I am Omnipresence.

Thank you for sending in your letters. Thank you for helping with donations to keep the site up and running with all the Herb Fitch talks and all these talks. And thank you for walking together as one into this new Consciousness, the new Jerusalem, the new Consciousness of I.


Good morning.

This is Sunday August 25th of 2013, about eleven o’clock, and I have here in my hands Joel’s book The Thunder of Silence. In the beginning of this book he states clearly that – I think it’s in the Introduction – that he doesn’t expect anyone to understand this book for years to come, and I suspect he was right yet once again. This book deals specifically with making the transition from one who is under the law, under the tyrannical dictatorship of the law, to that place where you’re at peace and you’re under the grace of God. So in short, he tells us how to come out from under the letter into the Spirit, and that’s the whole intent and purpose of this book. To ascend up over the mind, and you can hear it. You can hear it in such phrases as this in the chapter Henceforth Know We No Man After the Flesh:

To heal, it is necessary to transcend thought. Even though a meditation begins as a contemplation …, it must, before the healing is accomplished, rise into the higher realm of silent awareness.

And we can see that he’s trying to lead us students from the mind which knows truth to a state of silent awareness in which we bear witness that I am the truth. And I feel it’s necessary to review this other part too. Let me find it and I’ll be right back. This is from Galatians, and it says:

“For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman.

But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise.

Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from … mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar. …

But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.”

Can you not see in this clear statement that these things are an allegory, the two covenants? One from mount Sinai, which is the law, and one which is Jerusalem, which is above and is by promise.

“And I John saw … [a] new Jerusalem, coming down … out of heaven, …”

Well now, that’s a promise, and that new Jerusalem is this new state of consciousness. If you’ve been following along and listening to the Herb Fitch talks on the Catalina Island series, then you know he’s been speaking to us of Noah and the Ark being this new state of consciousness, which of course rides upon the sea. It’s safe, whereas material law and everything that is material is covered by the sea. Always and always and always the path as Christ Jesus set it forth for us is this very same path that he took, that being crucifying of material sense, rising above mortal mind and resting in a state of “It is finished,” a silent awareness.

So now today we are looking at the chapter, chapter IX, This is a Spiritual Universe, because last week we said we might look at it this week. And if you don’t have the book, The Thunder of Silence, I will read you a little bit about the story here so that you can follow along when we talk of the principles later on. Joel says:

Several years ago when I was on my way to South Africa, I stopped off for a day in the Belgian Congo, and after the man in charge of the bookings and his assistant had taken care of … my tickets, made whatever examinations were necessary, and weighed my luggage, I called a little native boy to carry my three bags out to the plane which I was boarding for Johannesburg. This was such a small air station that I could see the boy as he walked out of the gate onto the field with one large piece of baggage in each hand and a small piece under his arm. A few minutes later he returned without any baggage and I said to him questioningly, “O.K.?” to which he replied, “O.K.”

When I arrived in Johannesburg the next morning, there was only the one tiny little piece of baggage waiting for me, and the other two large pieces were missing. Immediately, the personnel of this tremendously big and active airport at Johannesburg began searching for my baggage, but they did not find it in the enclosure nor was it with the crew’s baggage; and furthermore when they sent someone to search the plane, there was no baggage there, either. The person in charge of the airline said that he would immediately contact the station in the Belgian Congo and would soon have an answer for me, so there was nothing for me to do but go to my hotel.

The Infinite Way students in Johannesburg had arranged for me to visit Krueger National Park, so after buying some necessary clothing, we started out on a three-day trek through this fabulous wild-animal preserve with the full expectation of picking up my baggage when we returned. But upon our return no baggage had … yet been found. The only explanation the airline had to offer was that somebody must have stolen it, and that that somebody must have been the little native boy and a confederate because the last time the bags were seen was when he had picked them up and carried them out onto the field. [Well] The absurdity of such an assumption should have been apparent at once because certainly nobody could have taken those two heavy pieces of luggage away from the airfield without being noticed. Nevertheless, all the native quarters in the town were searched, and the place turned upside down because the authorities were convinced that a theft had occurred. Despite all this hullabaloo, however, no baggage was found.

For three weeks, I was in South Africa without baggage and without money – without purse and without scrip – but this was no great hardship because I ate regularly, my hotel bills were paid, and clothing was purchased, although only the absolute necessities, because I was convinced that my bags would show up, which was a very wrong conviction.

Two nights before I was to leave for India, I sat down to give this whole incident some serious consideration. “This represents a failure on my part. What is that failure? What has gone wrong here?”

He’s gonna leave in two days. He has no baggage. He has no – all his personal belongings, probably his books with things that he uses to teach from, probably his underwear, his toiletries – all of that is missing, and he’s purchased the bare minimum of replacements because he’s sure the baggage is gonna show up. Now he leaves in 48 hours to go to a different country and he’s sitting down as you or I would and thinking what’s the principle here? What have I missed? So he gets quiet.

I sat in my room, pondering and meditating, finally the answer came:

You notice he didn’t say, “I thought it through and figured it out.” No, he sat still and he contemplated until that silence came and then into that silent awareness flowed something which he’s going to tell us.

… finally the answer came: “This is a spiritual universe,…”

Ahh! In other words, this is Spirit! What are you looking for?

[Yes] “This is a spiritual universe, and yet here I am waiting for baggage, when the truth of the matter is there isn’t any baggage. All that baggage is, is [a] part of the belief of time and space – space that is occupied by baggage, [and] time in which it could be lost, and space in which it could be lost. [And] Here [I am] … trying to find baggage, [when] … if it were found would only be an evidence that the human scene had been manipulated.”

How often does he tell us we’re not here to bring about a – to change this bad picture into a good one because that would just be evidence that we manipulated the human scene. That wouldn’t be an evidence of God’s Spirit. So he says:

“There is no truth to this whole picture because we are living in a spiritual universe where nobody has any need of baggage.”

Think about that. Could you sit down 48 hours before your rent is due with no money at all, no purse and no scrip, get silent enough to hear “This is a spiritual universe” and have that inner realization that there’s no need for money. Well, that’s what he’s telling you is required if you’re going to live by Spirit, if you’re going to transcend these human thoughts.

[No] “There’s no truth to this whole picture because we are living in a spiritual universe … . Whatever there is of reality is incorporeal, spiritual, and omnipresent; and whatever appears as finite baggage in time and space must be an image in thought, and it can have no reality to it; so I have been fooled into hoping and waiting for material baggage to turn up in a spiritual universe where every idea is [already] omnipresent.”

[And] With that I retired.

So he had the inner realization that God already is – harmony, perfection, God’s being, Spirit Is omnipresent, and there’s no need for anything else. Then he released it, and I’m sure he stood still there until there was a feeling of the presence or whatever came to him that let him know that God was on the field, as he puts it, which is another way of saying that Spirit is omnipresent, and then he went to bed.

[And] The story came to a quick conclusion after that realization. [Because the next morning] The assistant manager of the airline at the station in Johannesburg was seated at his desk at eight o’clock … apparently out of nothing, the thought came to him, “Baggage can’t dissolve into thin air. It … couldn’t disappear between here and there – it has to be somewhere. [So] … where is it?” [And] Suddenly another idea struck him, and he went to the hotel where the crew was lodged on overnight stops, and there were the two pieces of baggage on the floor where they had been waiting for three weeks. Nobody had thought of that possibility; in fact, nobody thought of any kind of a practical solution until I stopped thinking about baggage.

All right, again, that whole story right there proves this principle in the chapter before:

To heal, it is necessary to transcend thought. Even though a meditation begins as a contemplation of truth, it must, before the healing is accomplished, rise into the higher realm of silent awareness.

Now is that not what he did? He started as a contemplation: This is a spiritual universe and here I am waiting for baggage. Baggage is a part of time and space, time and space in which it could be lost, but this is a spiritual universe, so there’s no truth to that picture! Whatever there is of reality is incorporeal and spiritual and omnipresent, so I’ve been fooled into hoping and waiting for – what did he call it here? – an image in thought to appear, when in fact it’s a spiritual universe and every idea is omnipresent, and with that he sat in the silent awareness until he felt that inner movement and then he retired.

Now, the reason why we brought up the two covenants is because one is under the law, the bondwoman. Thought, images in thought come under the law. But the other is under grace. It’s a new consciousness, and that comes in silent awareness, and so our movement is all taking place within. There’s nothing to do out here. This is an inner movement, a shift, a transformation, a transition in consciousness from thinking thoughts, having images in thought, manipulating images in thought – trying to make this evil image into a good one and seeing this good image turn into an evil one. It’s coming out of images, seeing the spiritual universe, standing still in silent awareness beholding that spiritual universe here, now. Not sometime in the future, right here, right now. God Is. And seeing it, not thinking it, because if you’re thinking it it’s still image in thought. You’re still under the law. If you’re thinking – well, how does Joel say it? We should not say that; we should let God say it to us. See, there’s a difference. One is you’re still in the second chapter of Genesis.

Images in thought are in the second chapter of Genesis. They come under the law, but silent awareness is in the first chapter of Genesis and it beholds the I that makes all things new. This is the transformation we’re making within. And it must be practiced and must be practiced several times, and every time we fall down and stumble and get caught up in the mental images, we must dust ourselves off, pick ourselves up and practice again because it’s staying in the silent awareness which is going to reveal to us our Christ identity. Because Christ identity is God, the Word made flesh, and the Word made flesh is not something that happened 2000 years ago. The Word made flesh is something that happens and is happening now, but it requires your awareness of it for you to experience it, and so that silent awareness is where you behold the Word made flesh or your Christ identity. And he continues to say:

… in metaphysics we would think, “Oh, well, [the baggage] … has to turn up” or “It can’t be lost.” In other words, we would be dealing with an it – an it called baggage. The fallacy of this method of meeting a problem is immediately apparent because in the case of illness, in order to be consistent, we would have to give a treatment that dealt specifically with [your] heart, liver, lungs, stomach, digestion, elimination, head, or foot, [but then] … we would be completely outside the realm of spiritual being.

He says:

We become very sure of ourselves and believe that we are going along in the right direction, and then all of a sudden the hypnotism of human sense can make us think about baggage or the lack of it. Now please understand … I was not concerned about the loss of the baggage: My mistake was that I was sure it would turn up, which is exactly like being sure a person’s heart is going to get [better] …, or … his sick foot is going to [get well] …; [but] … the principle upon which all our work is based is that of the real creation [ah-ha!] … the first chapter of Genesis in which God made all that was made, and all that He made is good.

You see it’s not enough to repeat that statement, that scripture, is it? You can repeat that scripture over and over and still be living in the second chapter of Genesis under the law, under the Lord God. So when he says the principle upon which all our work is based is that of the real creation or living under grace, that’s exactly what he means. We need to come out from under that horrible taskmaster called the law, the Lord God. But do you see now that the Lord God is the world mind, and the world mind is the human mind when it’s not – well, when it’s entertaining images in thought? Your human mind is the Lord God when that mind is entertaining images in thought, and since the human scene has no contact with God – God is not in the human scene was where his spiritual journey started – these images in thought have no contact with God. So if you’re standing in those images in thought and you’re praying that God change them, “Please God, please send me the rent by Thursday.” “Please help my nephew. He’s done nothing wrong. He doesn’t deserve this.” “Please, please if you’ll just heal my leg, I’ll do this and that for you.”

Can we not see how ridiculous that is? Images in thought. We’re standing there just as insane really as the person that thinks they’re Napoleon entertaining images in thought. And we’re praying to some God somewhere that God will fix those images in thought, which if they were fixed, now we would have good images in thought instead of bad images in thought. Both of the pairs of opposites exist in the images in thought. That’s where you get the law, karma. Ah, but come out from under those images in thought. Transcend, ascend. Use whatever words you want. The experience means come out from under that. Come up over that. Rest in silent awareness. Now where are you? Now you’re in the promise, the new Jerusalem. And here in the new Jerusalem you live by grace. You don’t live at all; grace lives you.

Think of that. Grace lives you, and this is Christ identity. Now this Christ identity is your identity, has always been your identity and always will be your identity. So why are we bothering with this practicing the principles if this is the absolute truth? Well, it’s like my friend from India which I love dearly. He feels that in the absolute we’re all God, so why bother, and he goes down the road and he drinks a little too much sometimes and the wife’s upset and he chuckles, “It’s all illusion.” Maybe he’s right. I don’t particularly want that kind of life, so if I’m consciously aware of my Christ identity, if it becomes an experience, then I live by grace and I don’t have that kind of life. I have a life of peace, a life of purpose, a life of fulfillment and harmony.

So I don’t care what anybody else’s beliefs are in the universe. I know that I have to have the conscious awareness of this in order to experience it. It may be true in the absolute, but it does me no good until I have the conscious awareness of it, and that’s why I practice principles. And so getting back to his suggestion here:

… the principle upon which all our work is based is that of the real creation as recounted in the first chapter of Genesis in which God made all that was made, and all that He made is good.

Now listen to this line:

The spiritual creation is an incorporeal creation, and the proof of that is that there was light before there was a sun in the sky. If we live and move and have our being [or have our conscious awareness] in the spiritual creation as set forth in the first chapter of Genesis, we can have everything we need without having baggage.

However, now we’re gonna talk about images in thought.

The sense-world, that which we can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell, is the unreal creation described in the second chapter of Genesis – [it’s] a mental image in [the] mind. If we remember that, [we shall not try to manipulate it] we shall not try to manipulate the human scene or handle the mental image which exists only as a shadow within … thought, and then [then when we stand still in that silent awareness, he says] we shall be witness … to the quick dissolution of these mental images.

Yes, because the awareness – we said that last week or the week before – awareness melts images. Awareness of God, when you have the awareness of the Isness of God right here, right now, images drop away. And as we said before, it’s like turning on a light in the middle of the night. You don’t know where the darkness goes; you just know it disappears. It’s the same here. But he says:

Do not … misunderstand what I am saying: I know … when we are traveling baggage seems real and necessary. I … know [also] that most of the time our concept of body seems real because one thing or another brings it into our awareness, and because of that, there is the temptation to think of it as real.

He’s talking about thinking of your mental image of body as real. But then he says:

We do not deny … body. It is real, …

Yes, but what body is he referring to? Well, he tells you:

… what we see as body is not body: It is a mental image within our … thought – a universal mental concept, individualized within us.

There is no such thing as a material body: …

Now you might want to underline that, put quotes around it or brackets or something or highlight it. He’s going to say – he says something else. In the next two pages he’ll say something quite like it.

There is no such thing as a material body: …

What is this? I’m looking right at it! I’m sitting in it!

[Ah] There is only a material concept of body. There is no such thing as a material universe: There are only material concepts of the one spiritual universe.

Well, now there you go. What if you stepped out of the concept of a material body and had the silent awareness of your incorporeal body? Could you not standing in that silent awareness if the Voice said walk, could you not walk on the water? Could you not walk off that cliff and step in thin air? Could you not walk through a wall before the mob closed in on you the way Jesus Christ did? And what if you knew that there was no – if you had no material concept of the one spiritual universe, but you stood in silent awareness beholding the spiritual universe living you? What if you knew that? Could you not do like it says in Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East and transport yourself from here to Tibet? Is that not the body that Jesus Christ stood in when the five hundred saw him, but the rest of mankind did not? And the five hundred that saw him, were they not seeing him with that eye that sees and as it stands in silent awareness? I guarantee you, they could not see him if they were in images in thought. Why? The human scene has no contact with God. Says Joel:

I have told you the real secret of life: God is not with mortals. Take it from there.

As long as we accept a material concept of universe, we are under the laws of matter, …

Do you not see that standing in the mind and its images and thinking, contemplating, and entertaining those images – you’re under the law? Really it’s the law of the mind, isn’t it? That’s Lord God, and you’re under the law of the mind. But if you will, if you will come up higher, if you will rest back deeper, if you will ascend or transcend or make the transition out of that mind into silent awareness, which is the whole purpose of The Thunder of Silence, then you shall see. Your eyes shall be opened and you shall be satisfied that Christ is your identity, that the Word is made you.

… we are free as soon as we begin to understand … we live and move and have our being in the first chapter of Genesis where man is made in the image and likeness of God, or Spirit, …

And so you in your true identity, you are made in the image and likeness of Spirit. Now draw me a picture of that! You are made in the image and likeness of Spirit. You can’t – you can’t draw a picture of that. How can you have a concept of that? You’re made in the image and likeness of infinite Spirit. You’re made in the image and likeness of infinite, invisible Spirit. You are made in the image and likeness of eternal, infinite, invisible Spirit. You are made in the image and likeness of omnipresence. Draw me a picture of that! You can’t. You can’t have a concept of that. You might have a picture in the mind of it, but throw it out. That’s not it. You must have the experience of it. I AM the Life. I, infinite, omnipresent, eternal Spirit. Be still and know I am Spirit. Be still and know I am you. Be still and experience. Be still and behold. Be still and see. I am come. And so he says:

“Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost” – not the body as [you see it] … in the mirror, but as it actually is.

And there he’s telling you there’s another body, an incorporeal, invisible body of Spirit, and that is what it actually is. But you can’t see it while you’re standing in mental images praying to an image God to fix an image. No, then you’re under the law which has no contact with God. Yes, “You ask, and receive not, because you ask amiss, … .” That’s right. Who are you asking? An image in thought to fix an image in thought while you live an image in thought and you die an image in thought, and the whole parenthesis in eternity is a series of universal mental images in thought.

Now again, as he says, he understands it’s necessary to have baggage when you travel. I understand that it’s necessary to use the intellect and the mind when you’re programming a computer, when you’re balancing your checkbook, when you’re filing your taxes, when you’re making your budget. I understand that it’s necessary to use the intellect and the mind when you’re driving your car and taking your driver’s examination to get your license. I understand these things. Yes, I understand. But I also understand that mind is the natural mind, the natural man, and it does not receive the things of God.

And so when you’re not focused in those areas, you must be focused in your meditation on transcending that mind, or dropping that mind might be a better way of saying it, because you’re not really going up or down or sideways. Dropping that mind, being silent and standing in silent awareness, and then Spirit reveals Itself. But that Spirit revealing Itself is you. It’s you. It’s the I. The I of you, your true identity, is revealing itself to your outer awareness. And eventually, I can tell you, it happens more and more frequently that even while you’re taking your driving exam you have the conscious awareness of Spirit. Even while you’re planning your budget you have the feeling of the Presence. Even while you’re discussing with a roomful of your business associates the plan for the next year for expansion, you’re having inner moments of silent awareness.

Rumi says the two worlds have become one. He has learned how to do this.

And I saw … a new Jerusalem, …”

A new heaven and a new earth.” The two have become one. John has learned to do this.

I have overcome the world.” Jesus Christ has learned to do this.

And we must, and we will.

Just as my realization that we were not dealing with material baggage, but with Omnipresence, immediately awakened the one man necessary to the demonstration – … to understand what [real] body is and what [the] … [real] universe is, is to arrive at a realization that [brings] … the solution:

I live and move and have my being in God; I am in my Father, and my Father is in me. How can I be finite or limited if an infinite Father is within me? How can a finite, limited being have an infinite God within Him? Therefore, I must be as spiritual as the Father that created me.

All being must be spiritual, and into this spiritual creation, nothing finite can enter to limit or create any sense of separation.

Says Joel:

The suffering of this world is due to our looking around for a piece of material baggage – even expecting it to be in its [rightful] … place. That is the error. There is no place for you or me or … “he,” [or] “she,” or “it,” except in the only place where it is to be found and that is … Omnipresence, where even that which to human sense seems absent is present.

Again, go back and look at this page:

There is no such thing as a material body: There is only a material concept of body. There is no such thing as a material universe: There are only material concepts of the one spiritual universe.

Says Joel in the book we read last week – I think it was last week – Consciousness Transformed:

It is not easy to stop [seeing] … human beings. … But I finally made it!

Yes, the two became one. He stopped seeing a material universe. He stopped seeing human beings. He saw the real spiritual, incorporeal body, the real spiritual universe. He says:

On a cloudy day, the sun seems to be absent when it is merely hidden … . Just so, the clouds of human belief [and mental images] and the density of human thought may temporarily hide from us that which is [really] omnipresent, that which is present where I am. And what is it that is present where I am? All that the Father has …

Just think of that. All that the Father has is here flowing and flowing to as the Word made you, but you cannot see it, and you live in these images in thought, and that’s no different than the person that is living with the images that they’re really Adolph Hitler and thinking that they’re supposed to go out and conquer the world and thinking that they’re members of the master race, but really they’re locked up inside of an institution because they’re not safe. They will be a detriment to themselves or other people if let loose on society and so they lock these people up. They have mental delusions.

That’s the same thing that we do in the second chapter of Genesis, only we have the illusion I’m Bill and I’m such and so years old and here’s my education and I’m limited and I’m lacking because I never had this experience and my environment was this way as a youth and because of that environment now I react this way and it’s not my fault. Or my name is Susan and I’m limited because I’m only this age and I’m lacking because I have this physical problem and I can’t seem to get my relationships right because of this, that, and the other. Or my name is Mary and I’m just too old to get this thing. I should have done this when I was in my twenties and thirties and now I’m sixty or seventy and I can’t possibly make this transition now. It’s too hard and I don’t want to give up my grandchildren and all these ideas.

Well, these are people that are standing in the images in thought and life is tough because they’re coming under the law and there’s no contact with God. All the time Omnipresence, all that the Father has is the Word made flesh, but without the silent awareness of it, to all intents and purposes, standing under the law there is no grace. Yet grace is omnipresent, as free as air. It’s very strange, isn’t it? The second chapter of Genesis is a form of insanity.

“ … my thoughts are not your thoughts, … saith the Lord.”

Oh, that is for sure. But in the first chapter of Genesis everything is fine. Yes, and then we decided we wanted our own personal identities, but there was only one way to have a personal identity. No, we didn’t want to be one with the Father. No, I want my own, I want my own life! Okay, okay, but there’s really no such thing. You’re gonna have to imagine it. Okay, then that’s what I’ll do. I’ll imagine it! I’ll imagine it. I’ll live sort of insane, imagining I’m a human being. Well, okay, if that’s what you want to do. Here.

And then we find ourselves living with the pigs, living with the pigs, and even the servants are better off. I want to go home. I just want to go home. So we start the journey. We start taking the steps necessary. Oh, at first we are tricked. We think we’re practicing principles so we can double our income here in this imagined, imaginary human life. Or we want to have a better set of lungs or we want to have a better heart or we want to get over these panic attacks or we want to just have a little peace of mind or we want to have a better relationship. We want to find our perfect mate, our soul mate, and so we’re practicing principles.

That’s how it tricks us. Later in the work that no longer works. Or we can’t have the healing we seek, so we go deeper and deeper. What did I miss? What did I miss? Oh, and then it all unfolds before us. It never was about improving these mental images. It’s about dying out of these mental images. It’s about dying out of that identity. It’s about awakening to the Word made flesh. It’s about awakening to our Christhood. It’s about having the silent awareness of the spiritually real, the realm of Spirit in which Spirit is what I am. Now that’s a whole different thing. And here we are. Yes, and before we are halfway home we have this wonderful, beautiful inner experience of the presence of God enfolding us and we feel that kiss on the cheek and we know we’re on our way. And we know it won’t be long and we’ll be standing in silent awareness of Christ living us, as us.

People have sought for a way to transcend mind through a process which has been described as stilling the mind, and they have found that such attempts frequently result, not in achieving spiritual consciousness, but in quite the opposite effect, a dulling of consciousness. There is a way, however, in which we can rise above the mental level of life, although we may not be able to remain there permanently because to do that requires years and years of devotion to this and to nothing else; but we can rise above mind to such a degree that, at least when we are in the world, it will no longer disturb us to any great extent.

So he gives you a little technique here. He says:

A beginning can be made by not attempting to stop our thinking processes.

That’s why he’s never been keen on trying to just still your mind and stand there. No, he gives us right from Practicing the Presence and The Art of Meditation, he gives us this technique whereby we take a scripture and we contemplate it. Or we take, as he did – why am I failing with this baggage and he looked at it. Baggage, baggage, baggage – until he began to contemplate, but he didn’t contemplate the baggage. He contemplated omnipresence which revealed to him there is no baggage. Baggage is a concept of the spiritual universe. So he says here:

… [we] … sit and [we] watch as [the thoughts go by] … . No matter what thoughts come, they [cannot hurt us] … . They have no power, … . If we fear or hate them, we may try to stop them, [or hold onto them] … . So let us not hate or fear [them] … [or] love [them] … .

We let the thoughts come and go while we sit and watch as beholders.

You see? And then he says in his contemplation here:

There is neither good nor evil in what I am beholding: These things [or these thoughts] are merely pictures, without power. They cannot do anything; they cannot testify to anything; and even if they seem to be good, they are not good because they are only pictures [images in thought].

If we try this … experiment in our meditation …, we soon will see that we have suffered because these pictures and thoughts have … flooded us and we have become … frightened [and] … [we try] … to run away from them [and] … blot them out; and yet; when we are able to see them in [the] … correct perspective, they are … nothingness, just shadows.

So again, he takes us through the contemplation to that point of silent awareness. He says:

Let us stop being afraid of [these] names.

Or let’s go up here. He’s talking about the images and he says:

This one testifies to … false [appetite] … [and this] … next one is a prophecy of disaster, another one is a fear of lack …

Now these are all thoughts.

… but the truth is that these are only names – … terrible names certainly because of their tragic connotation, but nevertheless only names – names that Adam gave to something which he did not understand – only images in thought.

Now remember in your Bible it says that the Lord God came to Adam and said, “Well, what do you want to name these things?” And Adam gave everything a name. Since we know that the second chapter of Genesis is a dream, is a series of universal images, this is Moses’ way of pointing out, who gave us that story Noah and the Ark, in this story of Adam and his dream he’s showing us how Adam named everything. That mortal mind named everything. Called this one young, this one old, this one sick, this one well, this one lacking, this one abundant, this one male, this one female, this one alive, this one dead. But all of those names were given to images which God did not create.

Let us stop being afraid of [these] names. Even if it is a picture on an x-ray machine, why should we be afraid of it? It is … only a picture, a picture of mind’s image. When we no longer have it in mind, it is no longer possible to have a picture of it. We can only take in pictures of that which is being held in mind. If we can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it, it is an activity of [that human] mind, a mental image, the “arm of flesh” – [or] nothingness. … a false creation which God never made.

So he says:

All the time … we are thinking this, we are still in the mental realm, the realm of knowing the truth; but as we continue [in] this exercise, looking … at the picture, we begin to realize … it is a picture without substance or cause. Regardless of how material the condition appears to be, it is not any more material than was my lost baggage, and that was not material: It was a mental image, the realization of [that] … [brought or] revealed Omnipresence.

Eventually [eventually through this contemplation] …

Now you must understand here he says: All the time … we are thinking this, we are still in the mental realm.

Now I hate to break the news to you, but contemplation of spiritual truth is still images in thought, only they help you calm down, which is why Joel says we must use thought to overcome thought. This contemplation, rather than just trying to force the mind to be still, this inner contemplation – just relaxing and contemplating – it brings us to a place where there is no thought, and then we have the silent awareness, and so he’s telling you although contemplation is beautiful, contemplating all these truths, you’re still standing in the mental images. Not until you go beyond contemplation and that stops and a silent awareness begins – ah, then is when you observe the Word made flesh.

[So] Eventually, we come to a place where there is nothing more to be said or thought, …

When we achieve complete quietness and peace, the mind is no longer functioning, and we have transcended mind and risen into the atmosphere of Spirit, in which we are receptive and responsive to whatever God imparts. As soon as we become unattached, that is, as soon as we are detached from thought – from hate, fear, or love of objects or people so that they can float in front of our eyes with the utmost indifference to us – [then] we are no longer in the realm of mind [or under the law]: We are then reaching, touching, or being touched by our own Soul, [by Spirit] which is God, and we are in an atmosphere where, when God speaks, we can hear Him. When God utters His voice, the earth melts, and all problems dissolve.

Now just so you know that it’s not any easier for Joel than it is for you, I couldn’t help but notice this part in the chapter before, which is Henceforth Know We No Man After the Flesh. Just so you know that it’s just as difficult for Joel to step out of that mind and to rest back in silent awareness, he tells you. He says:

Spiritual healing cannot take place on the human plane.

In other words, it can’t take place in images in thought.

It can take place only when you have stopped thinking (brief pause) [when you’ve stopped thinking] of the person and the disease and the condition and the belief and the claim and have returned to Eden [or silent awareness] where there is only God, [or] Spirit … .

Now he tells you just how hard it was for him too.

At one time I was sitting in a room with a person who was to all sense very near death, and I felt the same discomfort that anyone would feel in similar circumstances because I realized there was nothing I could do to prevent his passing. I had no miraculous gifts [or] … any miracle-working words that would prevent the apparently inevitable. Something had to come to me from the depths of … within, or there was going to be a funeral. [And] All I could do was to turn within to that still small Voice and wait and wait and wait, and sometimes beg and plead.

Now that sounds like it was sometimes rather difficult, but he knew, he knew he had to transcend the image in thought, and he wasn’t doing very good at it. And he waited and he waited and he contemplated. Sometimes he even begged and pleaded in that situation. And finally, finally, for only a moment he transcended that thought, that image in thought or those images in thought of a person dying, and he saw, he caught a glimpse – remember, he’s very big in The Infinite Way book in The New Horizon of talking about glimpsing, glimpsing the heaven of here and now. He caught a glimpse, because he says:

Finally it came, and [I heard] … “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!” [Well] No one would have believed that if he had seen him! Here was disease in its final form; here was a person dying, and yet despite the appearance the Voice said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” [And] After those words came, it was not long before they became an actual fact in demonstration; and health, harmony, and completeness were restored.

Or you might say were revealed. You see that?

[Now] On another occasion, [he says] I was called to my own father’s side [where] … he lay in an oxygen tent and, according to the physicians in attendance, [he] was on his deathbed. I stood there with no words of wisdom that could change this appearance into health; …

Now you see, Joel knows – he knows nothing from the mental realm, no mental thoughts about spiritual truth, no inner intellectual agreement with spiritual truth can reveal Reality. It must come from a deeper source. So he’s not going to do that.

I stood there with no words of wisdom that could change this appearance into health; I stood there just as anyone would stand in front of his own father in such a situation – but with this difference: I knew that if God uttered His voice, the earth would melt. Standing there, watching my father breathing [really his last breath] through that apparatus, [suddenly] the words came, “Man does not live by breath alone.” In less than five minutes, he signaled for the nurse to take the instrument away, and two days later he was out of the hospital.

Now that I bring up only not to show you how miraculous Joel is or anything like that or to show you how to practice principles to heal a human being. No, I bring that up just to show you that it was difficult for Joel too. There were situations in which he found it hard to step out of this very active mind, this Lord God showing these images in thought. Yet through his practice, his many really years of meditation and learning to meditate with eyes open, he was able to reach, even though it was a struggle, he was able to step out of that struggle, rest back in silent awareness until he heard the Voice say, “Man does not live by breath alone.” “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”

Now for Joel it came often as words. For you it may not come as words. The words are not necessary. It’s the awareness. You see, when he heard that Word, “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,” everything about his being relaxed as that cube of ice in the water, and he rested on a sea of Spirit, and then became silently aware with no personal movement of the harmony of God is’ing and the person showed that harmony in front of him, in front of his eyes. But it wasn’t a healing of a person. He was becoming aware of the Isness of God. And standing in front of his own father – that’s really quite remarkable because so often we have personal attachments, all these memories, and Joel says:

It is not easy to stop [seeing] … human beings. … But I finally made it!

And it’s not easy for us to stop seeing a human being when it’s someone we’re emotionally attached to. Yet somehow he was emotionally attached to his father. He says I stood there the same as anyone would. Yet somehow through his practice he was able to detach momentarily and catch a glimpse of Is, which came to him first, “Man does not live by breath alone,” and he rested. He rested in that Word, in that inner – oh yes, okay, ah here’s God – and in resting he became silently aware of that Isness of God which appeared in front of his eyes as his father saying I don’t need this anymore. I’m breathing fine. You see? Do you see? He beheld Christ where the Father was appearing. He stepped out of for a moment the image in thought and caught a glimpse of the heaven of here and now, of identity, of Spirit, the Word made flesh.

And for me it doesn’t come like that, very seldom. Once in a while it comes as a voice, but for me it comes as a flooding of a presence; a spiritual, tingling, vibrant, alive, spiritual energy, but that word doesn’t do it justice. Being, but that word doesn’t do it justice. Is’ing. And when I feel that come upon me – ah, I relax and I rest and I, too, in silent awareness bear witness to God, to Spirit, to heaven here and now, and it appears as harmony before my eyes of harmony of condition, harmony of being, harmony of place. Just I bear witness to God’s harmony and it expresses as person, place, and thing harmoniously. But I know it’s really still that invisible, incorporeal spiritual Is’ing.

So you see, is that making sense? I see we’re out of time. We’re at an hour and five minutes. I think we covered the chapter fairly well, but the point was the principle of stepping out of the images in thought which are under the law, resting back until you feel that inner movement and then standing still in silent awareness as Grace reveals Its harmony, Its being, Its Word manifesting as flesh or appearing. And so we make the movement from law to grace, and in fact, that’s what I think the next – let me look.

I can’t remember; it’s been a while. Yep, part three. After that chapter, This is a Spiritual Universe, part three is called From Law to Grace. And so you see that really is what this principle of this book is about and hopefully this is the time which Joel referred to when he said this book probably won’t be understood for many years to come. Now it’s been – well, let’s see – this book was done in about 1963, this is 2013, so it makes fifty years. Half a century later are we now finally seeing what this book is really about? Well good! I’m glad!

Thank you for taking the time to listen today with me. Let us have a little silence now just for a minute before we finish.

Stand still and see the salvation of God. Stand still and behold the Isness of I. (Brief pause)

Be still and know. Be still and experience I, your own identity, Spirit appearing.

Godspeed. May you awaken suddenly, wonderfully, beautifully to the heaven of your own identity here and now.

Thank you.



Good morning or maybe good afternoon.

This is Sunday August 18th, about 12:30. I was delayed in getting started today because I was drawn to a chapter in this book called Consciousness Transformed, and it is from the 1963-1964 Hawaii Hotel talks by Joel S. Goldsmith. These were the last talks that he ever gave – some of the last talks that he ever gave. There [were] a few more, but not many, because the last talk in this book took place on May 10th of 1964, and I think it was less than a month later he made his transition.

This book is – if you’ve never seen it – it was out of print for a while, and I’m happy to see that there are some versions available again, but it was out of print for a while and you couldn’t get it. It’s really thick. It is probably – well, it’s like an old family Bible it’s so thick. Let’s see just out of curiosity. It is 611 pages, so that’s pretty thick and the writing’s not real big either – 611 pages! It starts on the week of – let me find it – January 20th of 1963 and it runs to May 10th of 1964, and so this was the year as you recall that Joel said he was going through another initiation. He was taking the message out of the letter into the Spirit, or out of metaphysics into mysticism. He was lifting the message and trying to lift the students. [These are] also the talks from which came the book Beyond Words and Thoughts which was published four years after his transition.

All right, so we have the book called Consciousness Transformed, the 1963-64 Hawaii Hotel talks. He canceled all his reservations to give classes because as he said he was going through an initiation. If you look in Beyond Words and Thoughts in that chapter Truth Unveiled he says in there that he was going through an initiation the entire year and that he went through the crucifixion and the resurrection, and that was taken from this book, because I found parts of that chapter in the chapter in here. The book Beyond Words and Thoughts was edited by Lorraine Sinkler and she changed it around to how she felt best. The reason why I like Consciousness Transformed, this thick book, is because it is the talks as he gave them and pretty much they are transcribed. So anyway, this was the last year that he was on earth in a form that you could see with your material eye, and these were the last talks he gave. He didn’t travel anywhere. He stayed at home in the Hawaii Hotel. He gave these talks once a week, sometimes twice a week, sometimes twice a month.

All right, now I don’t know if we’ve done this chapter or not. I have it marked, but it’s really quite beautiful. It’s called Hidden Manna and it was August 24th. And I don’t know the place right now, but later in this book or later in his talks or in some other book he says – yeah, I’m sure it’s in this book – he says that the talks from August on are some of the deepest that were ever given, and this is August 24th. It’s on page 327, so we’re more than halfway through, and this one’s called Hidden Manna – The Real Infinite Way. And so there’s a real Infinite Way and an unreal Infinite Way. There has to be to designate the real Infinite Way. Now of course the real Infinite Way and the Hidden Manna is the Spirit and he is attempting to lift us out of the letter into the Spirit, the real Infinite Way, the Hidden Manna. So let’s look at a little bit of it, August 24, 1963, Honolulu, Hawaii:

Good afternoon. It is very noticeable that far too many students do not know what makes The Infinite Way, or why there is an Infinite Way message. If our students knew the answer, their progress would be very rapid; but, because they do not catch this major point, they struggle for years not knowing where they are going or why. That which started me on the spiritual path and which ultimately led to The Infinite Way, was the realization that there is no God in the human world or in any religious teaching as such. There is no God answering the prayers of people. For this reason, and for this reason only, there can be a world filled with all the things you can think of which constitute horrible world conditions. [Now] None of this would be [there] if there were a God in the world. In the presence of light there is no darkness. You cannot have the presence of … Christ and have … sin … death … lack or man’s inhumanity to man.

So what did he say? He said the students in The Infinite Way suffer and struggle for years and years because they do not know where they are going. He said there’s a major principle or a major point, rather, and that point is: … there is no God in the human world … [and] no God answering … prayers of people. And furthermore he says:

Eventually it was revealed to me … you cannot reach God through [your] … mind, and that is why prayers … are worthless except as one’s blind faith might make of them a little power – just as it is possible to give a little sugar pill and stop pain.

All right, that’s on the very first – well, the first and second paragraph of the very first page of this chapter. The Hidden Manna – The Real Infinite Way is something that cannot be reached with the mind. And so if you think you know what The Infinite Way is you’re already misled, aren’t you? You cannot know The Infinite Way with your mind. So he says it is a major point and if you don’t catch it you’ll struggle for years and years, and the major point is there is no God in the human world. There is no God answering prayers of people and you cannot reach God through your mind. Well, that about sums it up, doesn’t it? That’s the long, drawn-out version of Paul’s statement: “… the natural man receiveth not the things of … God: … neither can he know them, [for] … they are spiritually discerned.” And that’s Paul saying you must come up higher than the mind.

Remember when I gave those classes out in California I asked the audience how would you heal if you could not use the mind, and I sent them home to look at that. And I submit it again to you. There’s no God in the human world. Okay, if you have your eyes closed, open your eyes, look around. You see this human world, this material world. You’re sitting in a material house. You’re sitting in a material body. There’s a material wall over there, a material window perhaps, material ceiling, material floor. There’s no God in this world, and – and if you, as Mary Jones or John Smith, pray to God to bring God into this world, well – your prayers aren’t answered.

And so now what can you do? Well, you can sit down and you can think about God and all these truths that you’ve memorized over the years, but you cannot reach God through your mind. Now what? You’re kind of in a big mess here. There must be something else, something different, something you’ve never had before, something called an experience, a God experience. And so he says:

In this realization you must remember that [it] … makes any religion or any religious teaching nothing more or less than a philosophy.

Yes, it’s very nice to sit around and philosophize about The Infinite Way and its principles. Maybe you’ve had that experience after going and listening to a tape and you perhaps go out for coffee or out for tea and you’re talking with your friends about it and you discuss the principles. It’s all very intellectual, isn’t it? But with that capacity and those traits you cannot reach God, and there’s no God in that gathering.

[We must have] … something that brings the actual presence and power of God into concrete manifestation, and it is for this reason that we say The Infinite Way is not so much a teaching as an experience.

There are spiritual principles, but these do not constitute The Infinite Way.

And so if you say – well, I’ve learned that God is omnipresent and the material world is an impersonal image and has no power – those are principles, and principles we found in The Infinite Way, are they not? Yet here he states clearly these spiritual principles … do not constitute The Infinite Way. Well, what then – what?

[Well], These are [only] … stepping stones … over which you walk. You have not reached the goal of The Infinite Way until you have the actual realized presence of God or [realized] activity of the Christ.

And again, in my words: If you are outside of that intellectual mind and you’re knowing, or you’re unknowing – you’re not knowing anything. You’re just at rest like a piece of ice floating in the water, you’re just resting on a sea of Spirit. If you’re resting there and you feel Spirit moving, you feel its movement over the face of the deep, that’s an experience. That’s an inner experience, an experience in your consciousness. Or as he puts it over here in the chapter The New Horizon, he puts it this way. He says:

The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now [or the first God experience] is the beginning of the ascension … . [And the] … ascension is understood … as a rising above … conditions and experiences of “this world,” …

And so when we sit and we rest and we behold this movement, in his words he says:

… we behold the “many mansions” prepared for us in spiritual Consciousness – [or in our] … awareness of Reality.

And so as you sit there and you become consciously aware of the movement of Spirit in your consciousness, as your consciousness, in that awareness are many mansions because in the awareness are many mansions in the awareness of Reality. That’s the way he put it. So there are mansions. There are levels. There are states of consciousness. There are degrees in this awareness of Reality, and there are different ways.

For you it might come as a still small voice that says, “I am here.” For me it may come as a conscious awareness of that movement of the Isness of God is’ing, moving, flowing, the rhythm of Spirit. For someone else it may come as an intuitive feeling [which says] – go pick up that book, look at page 37. It’s just a feeling and you go do it and you see exactly what you are experiencing in your consciousness at that moment. For someone else it may be just a tingling feeling on their skin. For someone else it may be an ocean of bliss, just an ocean of bliss and you’re floating in it and there’s nothing to do and nothing to know. There’s just that ocean of bliss and I Am That, but these are all mansions in the awareness of Reality. And that’s the way Joel puts it. It’s quite beautiful I think, I feel. So he says:

[The spiritual principles that you know with the mind] … do not constitute The Infinite Way. … You have not reached the goal of The Infinite Way until you have the actual realized presence of God or activity of … Christ [or activity of the Spirit]. It is for this reason … we cannot have outlined or formalized prayers or treatments. They are of no value [unless they] … quiet you. …

But quieting you is only so you can prepare for this real experience or the hidden manna, the real Infinite Way.

Therefore, the teaching of The Infinite Way is … valueless, [just as valueless] as any other teaching if it does not result in the actual experience of the presence of God, the feel of the presence … within you. You can study the Bible and quote it and fall right into [a] … ditch, if it does not elevate you in consciousness to where the actual meeting with God takes place.

Right? See how he’s telling the students that are here and they’re recording it and they’re going to turn it into the book Beyond Words and Thoughts and perhaps some other books?

He’s leading them to that state where they become a nothing, and in the nothing they behold the everything. It’s really quite fantastic. In your nothingness, you are everything. So he says:

No human being knows how to heal.

By human being he’s meaning that one that’s taking thought, the one that’s sitting in the chair in the room with the material walls. These are all concepts. Take a look again if you haven’t lately at the chapter, and maybe we’ll do that next week or soon, the chapter in The Thunder of Silence – what’s the name of it where he talks about baggage? [This is spiritual universe] Remember he lost his baggage in the airport and then he prayed and meditated and he couldn’t find it no matter what he did and then he finally realized – wait a minute! This is spiritual universe and here I am looking for material baggage. How silly is that! And he dropped the whole idea and then the baggage showed up! So this human being that would try to pray to God to produce baggage or some sort of healing, that’s the human being that must die because he just said it over here in the first couple lines: There is no God in the human world [and] no God answering … prayers … and God cannot be reached with that human mind.

So: No human being knows how to heal. No human being has the power to heal. No human being … knows or receives the “Things of God.” Therefore, there can be no healing or real spiritual teaching until you are spiritually endowed, until the presence announces itself.

Let’s put this another way. The human being that knows all these statements of truth and thinks he can grab a hold of one and throw it at the material problem and change it, this human being must die. In your inner temple this human being must die. And so as you go into, move into your inner temple, so that you may have, not an understanding of truth, but an experience of the movement of the Isness, the human being must die. And Joel calls that the Sabbath, when you reach that place where the human being ‘takes no thought.’ Then you’re resting as a piece of ice in the water. You’re resting and in your awareness of Reality you behold the movement of Spirit, the Isness of I. You feel it flowing. It just flows. You rest. You have nothing to tell it. You’re not there. Just its movement now. Only the movement of Spirit. That movement of Spirit is the resurrection. The human has died and the movement, the Isness of I, is revealed right here, right now. This is the resurrection. Remember?

Oh Jesus, if you would have been here my brother Lazarus would have lived!” “ Did I not tell you he would live again in the resurrection?” “Oh, I know he will in the last day.”

And so, see, this person is seeing the resurrection as happening somewhere down there in the future on the last day somewhere. The body will come out of the grave and float up into heaven in the sky or something. This is the concept, and what does he do? Does he have pity on this person because they’re grieving their dead brother? Oh, oh – that’s okay. Oh no! No, no. He takes the opportunity to awaken them. I am the resurrection!

Wow, that person must have stumbled as they were walking along. What? Yes, I, I. When you die within and you feel this movement of Spirit and you come into the conscious awareness of I and its movement, its flowing, its rhythm, the Isness of God, the Isness of Is, I am resurrected. This is the resurrection into consciousness of I, or I consciousness, or I awareness. And this resurrection takes place here and now in your inner temple as the human dies.

Therefore, there can be no healing [says Joel] or real spiritual teaching until you are spiritually endowed, until the Presence announces itself. Then you can sit back as a beholder and watch your life change. As you watch your life change you can say: “I did not do that.” When you reach this place, you are then functioning in The Infinite Way. [And] Now The Infinite Way becomes … alive … whereas before it was just a preparation.

People keep asking [me], “Why was this innocent child murdered … why was my dog run over when they did nothing wrong?” The world does not know the answer, but as students you should know … there is no God in the human world.

That was the very first principle that sent Joel onto his spiritual path when he recognized there is no God in the human world, and then the search began. Well, how do you find one? Is there a God? Where is it and how do you experience it? And as he discovered it after years of practicing and seeing its movement over and over again which appeared as need fulfilled, then he came and he taught it. He shared what he did. And even then the students couldn’t get it! They had this intellectually. “Oh, I understand the principles. I can take a test and pass 100%.” Yes, yes, you do understand the principles, but that was supposed to be a preparation and you stayed there for years and years and years.

Now says Joel, take the next step. Take the next step and die. Die to all of that. Die to everything you thought you knew. Die to your human beliefs. Die to that form of prayer. How would you reach God if you could not use the mind or any words or any thoughts? That’s all he’s asking you to do – just die to all of that. So he says:

Anything … can and will happen until the child or the dog or the business or the profession or anything else is brought into the presence of one who is spiritually endowed.

Why? Why? Why? Because I, if I be lifted up – if you experience that inner resurrection, look out with the eyes of I – you behold I everywhere and in the presence of that conscious awareness, I is lifted up. The I that beholds is lifted up where it beholds.

Then [he says, when that happens] you can trust your child or your dog or your business or your profession because now the grace of God is operating them. It is the spirit of God itself. Until this is understood, The Infinite Way can mean nothing to you except … another teaching or … something nice to read or listen to [the tapes, but] … that is not its intent. The intent of this message is that every student shall reach that place in consciousness where the Spirit of God is upon them and they can say, “[Ah] I live; yet not I, [Christ really is living me] …, ” … “Whereas I was blind, … I see.” [And] … they can sit back and say, “I can fulfill all obligations” – not [because they’re] … doing it but [because] … they [are] … being guided, strengthened, and wisdomed from within … .

The principles of The Infinite Way, as they have been given to me, will definitely change your consciousness so that spiritual endowment can take place [or so spiritual resurrection within can take place].

So he says:

Let me explain: The moment you learn that God or Spirit is the only power and the only law, and you accept this even intellectually, you [may be able to] … meet a claim of bad weather … . Or, [when] … you are faced with the threat of an atomic bomb you can say: “If it is true that Spirit is the only power, … I do not have to worry … .” Or, in the case of a disease … such as … flu epidemic: [you can say] “What is that to me, since the spirit of God is the only power.” … However, if you persist in working with the principle of one power, eventually it will leave the mind and go down into the heart. When that takes place, then you can say, “[Ah] Now I see.”

What he’s saying here is we all started and prepared for the inner resurrection by knowing these principles intellectually, but the time comes when you must step out of that – well, it’s just like Peter stepping out of the boat and onto the water when Jesus Christ says come and stretches out his hand. And what happens to Peter? He starts to think. “Wait! This can’t – wait – my body! And he starts to sink until the Christ catches him, and now he’s walking on the water.

This water is the consciousness, the consciousness in which you rest. This boat that brought you across so far, this was the intellectual knowing. This was the mind, but now you must step out of the mind and Christ says, “Come,” and can you and will you do it? Can you really abandon all that’s on that ship? Everything on that ship that you’ve clung to all these years, was safety. Why, it kept you from drowning, didn’t it?

And yet, and yet you know you feel something within you says there’s more. There’s something deeper. There’s another Self. There’s another level, another consciousness, another I, and it’s calling, “Come,” and you see it, you feel it calling. You hear it in these messages week after week. Come, come. Let go of the mind. Step out of it. Step onto the sea of consciousness, and I will catch you. But only you can step out. Nobody could push Peter out. Nobody could help him or convince him. He had to take the step. You have to take the step. You have to die and step out on the water of Spirit. So says Joel down here:

This is the function of The Infinite Way: to bring you to the place where you live by God, [or by Spirit or] by the presence of God, not by statements of truth. The one demonstration you can make [now] in The Infinite Way is the demonstration of the presence of God – that moment when you feel [God is here] … “God is on the field.” Then you are living by grace.

Then you will realize: “Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things.” Not [the] … quotation, but the actual realized grace … [the actual felt] Presence is my sufficiency, and there is [always a] sufficient [amount of presence or] grace … to meet the needs of this moment.

[See], everyone wants God ten years from now [he says] but, just as nature provides enough air in your lungs for this second, so God is sufficient grace for this second. There is no future heaven; there is no heavenly heaven; this moment is the only heaven there is, [says Joel]. The only heaven there is, is living in this moment, because only in this moment do you have [the] … grace to provide you with … spiritual bread, [spiritual] meat, [spiritual] wine, … – even [spiritual] resurrection.

Okay? All right? Says Joel:

[Now] If you witness Infinite Way students going on year in and year out and not receiving any fruitage or grace, [not showing forth any grace], you can know … they are just reading with the mind and remaining there. That [will never reach] … God. [Yes] We are to live with a passage of truth until it becomes our own, …

But once you have the inner experience, he says:

[You can] … put away all … the books and all … the tapes …. [Yes] Through the books and the tapes we present truth and, if you could take one statement of truth and demonstrate it, then the books and the tapes would have fulfilled their purpose.

So he says:

We started out today [with] … a reminder that there is no God in the human scene [and] … there is no way to reach God with the [human] mind, and that harmony [only] begins to come [in] … your experience … as you attain the actual realized presence of … Spirit [or] … God. [Yes, it’s true] In many … metaphysical approaches you hear it said that evil is not power [and] … there is no evil or error [error] is not real or evil is not of God; but in The Infinite Way you must get out of that habit, because it is a habit which leaves you in the very error which you [are] … denying. There is error, there is evil, and that is why [we are searching] … for God. Had there been no evils in the days of the Master, there would have been no Master on earth because there would have been no need [for] … one.

That is not a true statement, all those metaphysical statements.

The true statement should be [this]: “Temporal power is not power in the [realized] presence of … Spirit,” which means that evil or error of any nature is not power in the presence of the realized presence of God.

You see the difference? Now listen to me. Please listen to me! These experiences that you have, or let’s say that you decided to take this seriously and you practiced what we are talking about this morning – stepping out of the boat onto the water and just resting, just free resting back and let the water move you wherever it will. And you witness the movement of Spirit. You feel its inner energy pulsating, flowing through your being, as your being. And you see the Isness of I and there’s nothing to think and nothing to know. And then you open your eyes and you recognize it’s ten to ten and at eleven o’clock you have an appointment with someone, perhaps at the dentist’s office. Maybe you decided to go shopping at that time. Maybe you have to take your car in for repairs. Maybe you have an appointment at the library where you’re meeting a friend. The point is that you step out of that meditation and you’re operating as a human being and you’re moving about in a human world and you’re doing that with a human mind.

Now Joel says in this very chapter or the next one – I read both of them this morning, so I’m not sure. He says this experience that you had in meditation must be repeated – are you ready – twenty to thirty times a day. (chuckles saying wow) Wow! It doesn’t leave much time for anything else, does it? And he says that it must be repeated because we lose that consciousness and we drift back down into a state of humanhood, into the mind again. It’s like resting back in that water and then opening our eyes and climbing back into the boat. And now we’re back into a boat on rocky water. And so it must be renewed he says, renewed several times a day.

Now you don’t have to sit down in a formal meditation to do this. True, if this was the very first time you had this experience you’re going to have to do that, but once you’ve had this experience dozens of times – what does he tell us? You can do it with just a blink of the eyes, and it’s true. It may not be a fast blink. It may be a slow one, but you can get to that awareness simply by closing the eyes for a moment. Or if necessary, if you’re in a fast-paced job you can disappear into the bathroom for a moment. You know, there are dozens of ways to renew this. And he says… now listen, this is the part I wanted you to know:

If you renew this dozens of times a day every day, the day comes where this spiritual resurrection has happened within you on a permanent basis and you can’t lose it. You don’t go in and out and in and out anymore, It takes over your experience; this inner Spirit, this infinite Spirit, this infinite sea of bliss. The movement of the Spirit over the face of the deep, the spiritual resurrection. This awareness of reality becomes your permanent dwelling place. This mansion is now what you move into and live in, and it lives you. And you still function. You still go to work if you have a job. You still pay your taxes. You still drive your car. You still shop for groceries. You still wash in the bathtub or shower. But you are always in this higher consciousness because you have been lifted. No, not you the person. I speak now to the I of you because the I of you has been lifted into awareness of Itself.

And so that is the Hidden Manna of The Infinite Way.

[Now] Whatever temporal power is tempting you, you must bring the actual presence of God into the situation, whether you are so close to it that blinking your eyes does it, or whether you are so far away that you have to sit for days and nights until the Spirit breaks through [or until you feel that inner movement]. If you are expecting any help until this [inner experience] happens, you are going to be sadly mistaken. Nothing happens to the errors that come into your experience until you have attained the realization of the presence of God – [but] then [when you dwell in that consciousness] temporal power is dissolved [just] as darkness is dissolved in the presence of Light.

See, if you get up in the middle of the night, perhaps you go into the bathroom, you flick on the light. That was pitch black. Here it’s pitch black. I’m not in any city. I’m in the Appalachian Mountains. There’s no light here. If you go outside you can’t see your hand in front of your face, and I like it that way. I don’t like all the lights and noise and activities, sounds that I heard growing up in Los Angeles. So you go into the bathroom, it’s pitch black, you can’t even see your hand. You turn on the light and now you have a room. You have yourself. You have a million things right there that you couldn’t see before. What power did that light use over that darkness? Was there some sort of pushing or shoving or forcing? No. When the light came on, the darkness disappeared. It was as natural as the next breath you take.

And so the Light of your inner being, the movement within you dissolves the concept or the image just as the Light dissolves the darkness. There’s no force. Not by might nor by power, but by the resurrected Spirit within you. And so you don’t direct it, you don’t pray for it. After a while you don’t even think about it. It’s just as normal as that Light dissolving the darkness. Something comes before you. You see how silly it is. You don’t even work on it. You’re in that higher state of consciousness and it goes around you. I don’t know how that works, but it does. It goes around you. It’s dissolved. In some way or another it changes. You don’t even know how. You didn’t try to do anything. You’re just observing. You’re just sitting in a state of observation. More and more, says Joel, we must become the beholder. And so you’re sitting, you’re resting in that Sabbath consciousness. You’re in that spiritual resurrection and the I is functioning and you behold as it moves itself.

This should give you such an understanding of the nature of the … The Infinite Way that you will not rest or rely on any … statements. Instead, you will know that they are to remind you to go within and bring forth the [real] Presence. You must actually experience God – then that invisible goes before you to make the crooked places straight.

You see that? So he says:

The question is asked, “What is truth?” I will tell you … no one in the history of the world has ever known what truth is because [it] … is infinite. … [so] … it would be a horrible thing to say, “ The Infinite Way is … truth.” [Because] Truth must continue revealing itself one hundred years from now, [and] … not the same truth [of ] … the Bible or [the] … Christian Science or … Infinite Way.

When you are dealing with your daily experience, you are opening yourself to an inflow of truth, but be careful [do] not … depend on yesterday’s manna. Go within for … inspiration of the moment – for this moment’s manna – and then the Spirit of God does the work. A statement of truth is not God. A statement of truth is [a] … reminder [which] … sends you back inside … [so you can die! Only he says:] sends you back inside for further impartations. [Yes, so that you can die and receive the Spirit.]

Jesus was crucified and the disciples were afraid and they were up in the inner chamber, upstairs in the inner chamber, which means they were in this meditation in the silence, and in that silence Christ appeared in their midst. It just appeared. They felt that movement, and what was its first words? “Receive ye the Holy Spirit.” And this is what Joel has been saying and this is what The Infinite Way has been saying. This is what Christ, your inner Christ, the Spirit within you has been saying to your outer awareness all these years that you have studied the letter.

Oh please! Put down the letter and now “Receive ye the Holy Spirit.” And it is being said to all of you right now, this moment. “Receive ye the Holy Spirit.” If you will live constantly and consciously aware that there is sufficiency of grace for this moment and that I have hidden manna and then go within to feel that flow, you will be living by it.

Be sure you never [ever] forget … the function of [The Infinite Way] … is to reveal to you … you do have an inner grace, [an inner] … hidden manna, a “meat the world knows not of.” [And you must] Go within for the flow; then go about your business and, whatever your need is, the solution will appear in its own way. This [is what] has … carried me from the [very] beginning of my work. Once touched by the spirit, I knew there was something within me [and] that [it] did the work. [And] Everything necessary to my experience always appeared, even in time to correct my mistakes. You cannot avoid making a mistake [once in a while] but even if you do, this inner manna corrects it.

[Oh] It is really very sad if an Infinite Way student does not catch this point, that there is an inner grace, “a meat the world knows not of,” a hidden manna.

I imagine he was sad, or no, that’s not said correctly. I imagine he saw the – what word – ridiculousness, the pity of it – that so many people were coming to hear the message and he was repeating over and over and the Christ through him was saying: Here – “Receive ye the Holy Spirit.” And they were saying, “Hey Joel, I’ve memorized the entire first chapter of The Infinite Way or I’ve memorized New Horizon. Now I imagine that was a little bit like the Christ. “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem … how often …,” I would give you this whole thing and “ye would not.” He must have felt some of that, and surely some of us feel that sometimes. And yet, and yet every knee will bend, so sooner or later everyone, everyone, will come back home within to that Spirit.

Can you not see the sin of having anyone set up as a savior, whether it is Buddha or Jesus or [whether it is Joel or Herb or whether it is Bill or whether it is Alan or whether it is Tony or Bob] …? Can you not see the sin of believing that anyone of us is different from another, except in [our] … degree of realization? [Yes] There should be spiritual leaders, because in their presence temporal power does not operate. [And] They can help in the overcoming of discords but only to a certain point, because “If I go not away, the Comforter will not come … .”

You see, even Jesus had students that wanted Jesus to do it for them and he said, “Oh, I have to go away in order that you may go within and have this inner experience of the movement of Spirit,” and they did up in that upper temple. From Christ they received within the Holy Spirit. So he was right.

… no matter how advanced we become, there are times when problems can become so hypnotic that we ourselves may not be able to bring release and so we turn to each other … . The Master was not ashamed to say, “Stay awake and pray with me,” so there should be no hesitancy in turning to each other for help. I have no hesitancy whatsoever to do this when I need it, and I receive the help.

And so Joel is saying that we are turning to that inner Spirit and when we are so hypnotized with the problem that we cannot seem to make that contact, then we reach out for that Spirit in someone else, knowing all the while it’s the same Spirit, and then when we are released from that hypnotism and it’s broken – ah – we’re back in our right mind, the mind which was in Christ Jesus which feels this inner movement – then all is well again.

The students who have been with us here all year know that this has been a difficult year for me in which I have been going through a period of inner initiation waiting for a message. [He says] We … made no tapes this year except … four teaching tapes, [which] … were made in the actual teaching of those who were here for instruction. We made no other tapes because I recognized that the message which has been coming through each week was a “leading up” message, [and] not a fulfilled message.

During the last two [or] … three weeks it all came to a head, and then it became clear that we are entering the consciousness that does not need words or thoughts. We can sit down to meditate and realize: “The kingdom of God is closer than breathing. [All I have to do is] … tune in and listen. I need no words … I need no thoughts. I need only receptivity and, when the Word of God comes, the earth of error melts.”

In The Infinite Way our dependency is on a hidden manna, a “meat the world knows not of,” a Presence you cannot define. You do not have … blind faith – you go within and bring … forth … Spirit, … . Then forever after, you can say: “I live; yet not I, but [this] Christ liveth in me.” [But] Because of the mesmerism of the world, you must go within twenty to thirty times a day. In other words you must get back inside where you [can know] …, “I have hidden manna” – and then let it out.

You don’t push it out or know it out (chuckles). You rest and behold and It flows.

[And] It will not be long [now] until someone will say to you, “What is it you have?” … “Can you help me?” No, it will not be long [now]. … Only a few are ready, because of previous incarnations, to catch this in a year or [two] … . [And so] I can be very patient because I know that human wisdom cannot be replaced by [this] spiritual [resurrection] … until onion skin after onion skin has been peeled away and they become transparencies. I can be patient with them until they have reached that place where self-preservation is no longer the first law and [their] … first need. I know it takes patience on my part and I always hope [that] they will have the courage to persist.

And I have the hope that you here listening to this have the courage to persist. I know this is not comfortable. That’s why these are called The Uncomfortable Talks. I know they are not comfortable because I am asking you to die to everything you knew or have known and step out on the water not knowing at all what will happen. I’m asking you to go within yourself in that inner temple in the upper chamber, invite the Christ, and then stand stock still until It says or It indicates or the experience happens that you receive the Holy Spirit, the Infinite Being, the Isness of God, the movement of Spirit.

Miracles do happen, some far greater than you would believe if you heard [about] … them. [But] They are not due to a “miracle man” – they are due to consciousness and receptivity. Not even Jesus could perform miracles unless he was approached with receptivity. It really makes no difference what degree of spiritual height I attain – it can only affect you by the measure of your receptivity. That is why no practitioner can ever guarantee the measure of your healing or how long it will take, because it depends on your receptivity.

All right, so, receptive to what? Receptive to the message? No-o-o! Receptive to what? Receptive to receiving the Spirit within or the movement or the conscious awareness. Receptive to spiritual resurrection. And let’s see:

We have arrived at a place in our work now where, if any of you are satisfied with anything less than the [actual] experience of God [within, then] you are satisfied with too little. [From now on] Nothing should satisfy you but the experience itself, and you can accomplish that by turning within. It will come, and, when it comes, it must be renewed. Because of the hypnotism of the world [I am telling you] it must be renewed.

And that is the chapter Hidden Manna – The Real Infinite Way. And you can see, I hope, that you’re invited to the real resurrection, the resurrection within you of this Infinite Spirit, Infinite Being, Infinite Is, Infinite I Am. But these are terms now, so throw them away. They’re part of the boat. You’re stepping out of the boat of the human mind. The human mind has no contact with God and can never, ever, ever know God, and so it must be released. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to pick it up and use it to balance your checkbook. It means to know God you’re not gonna use it! To know God aright is life eternal. To know God with the mind is another set of concepts.

All right, so let us be still for a moment.

(Silent pause…)

And Christ invites you to the inner Spiritual Resurrection. I am the resurrection, that I within you, that Spirit within you, that movement. And again, I just love this in The Infinite Way in The New Horizon:

The first glimpse [of that Holy Spirit, the first glimpse of the movement of Spirit or] … the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension for us.

And what is the ascension? Ah! The ascension is above humanhood, above words, above thoughts, above the human mind. And here above that, here in the stillness, in the silent inner tomb where the human has died, right in this tomb where there’s nothing, nothingness, here in this tomb the I, the Spirit is resurrected. Right here flows the everything, the infinite everything. Out of the nothing flows the everything.

And so:

This ascension is understood now as a rising above the conditions and experiences of “this world,” [or those which are in the mind] and [now] we behold … “many mansions” prepared for us in spiritual Consciousness – in the awareness of Reality.

And so when Jesus Christ or Christ appearing as Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you,” here is the place he prepared, this mansion in which you live and move and have your being when this human has died and Spiritual Resurrection of I, of Christ, of Is, takes place. Here in your awareness of Reality is the mansion of the risen Christ. It’s the mansion of the risen Spirit, and this place is for you. It was prepared for you. It’s taken you 2,000 years to come to the place of readiness to step out of that boat and onto the water, grasping nothing, but you are ready.

I remember in 1972 Don said to me, “You will reach the place on your path where you come to the edge of a cliff and you stand there not knowing how you will continue, and the inner voice will say, ‘Walk!’ and you will step into nothingness. But (he said) be happy because the Everlasting arms will catch you.”

And now my dear friends whom I may never meet in person and yet whom I feel in consciousness, let us step off that cliff. Let us step out of the boat and onto the water. Let us enter that inner tomb and rise into the upper chamber and die completely. Stand stock still and witness something called Spirit as It moves Itself…and…

Behold, I make all things new.”


Good morning.

This is Sunday August 4, 2013. You know, it never ceases to amaze me, but every time I pick up this little black book called The Infinite Way, I find something new, and this morning was no different. In the very first chapter called Putting on Immortality is probably the answer to every problem we’ve ever had. And so I thought maybe a review is in order. And so let’s look at it together, shall we? It starts with a quote from the Bible:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God … And the Word was made flesh.”

The Word was made flesh” — but it still is the Word. By being made flesh it does not change its nature, character, or substance. Cause becomes visible as effect, but the essence or substance is still the Word, Spirit or Consciousness.

In this [way] … we understand that there is not a spiritual universe and a material world, but rather … what appears as our world is the Word made flesh, [or] Spirit made visible, or Consciousness expressed as idea.

And so there you have it. There is not a spiritual universe and a material world.

Now we reviewed and looked at the chapter The New Horizon several times; many, many times, and in it he says that:

Above this sense-life … is a universe of Spirit governed by Love …

And that can give you the feeling that there’s two universes – a spiritual universe above this one or behind this one or however you want to say it. But still we can come away with a misperception, a misconception that there’s two universes. Yet right here in the very beginning before we even start our study in this book he spells it out plainly.

We understand … there is not a spiritual universe and a material world.

Well then, what does that mean in relation to our trying to get a healing of our body? What does that mean when we try to go to God and get a healing of our finances, of our relationships? What does that mean when we try to pull God into this world or practice spiritual principles upon this world? Somehow pull that spiritual influence into my every day life.

Seems like that would be a total waste of time, doesn’t it? And yet that’s exactly what we do for years and years. Clearly he says:

All the error that has existed down [through] the ages is founded on the theory or belief of two worlds, one the heavenly kingdom, or spiritual life, and the other a material world or mortal existence, each separate from the other.

Now that is all the error is founded on that belief, and so if in any way we find ourselves in our prayer and meditation attempting to contact that inner realm to produce a change out here in this realm, in this world, then we are operating in error.

In spite of [the] … sense of two worlds, men have always attempted to bring harmony into the discords of human existence through an attempt, by prayer, to contact this other world, or spiritual realm, and to bring Spirit, or God, to act upon the so-called material existence.

And that’s completely wrong. So he says:

Let us …

And us is italicized. It means all of us in The Infinite Way.

Let us [then] begin with the understanding that our world is not an erroneous one, …

I can’t tell you the number of E-mails that start out by saying, “I understand that the world is an illusion.” Right here he says:

[We must] … begin with the understanding that our world is [not an illusion], not an erroneous one, …

Well, let’s read the whole paragraph.

Let us [then] begin with the understanding that our world is not an erroneous one, but rather that the universe in which we live is the realm of reality about which man entertains a false concept. The work of bringing health and harmony into our experience is not, then, getting rid of, or even changing, a … material [mortal] universe, but [in] correcting the finite concept of our existence.

All right. Clearly, very plainly he spells out you are standing in Reality, the realm of Reality. Now remember over in The New Horizon he says:

Above [the] … sense-life … is a universe of Spirit …

So you could have just as well said behind or below or next to or beyond – not necessarily above in the sense of you look up and see the sky up there. More in the sense of when you ascend up over the mind you see clearly. You don’t see through the concepts in the mind – that sort of above.

So plainly he says here we must begin with the understanding that we are standing in the spiritual realm. Right? Is this not what this means? We live in the realm of Reality, but we entertain a false concept? So the work, our work then is not to try to get spiritual principles to act upon these false concepts because it’s never going to happen. Joel in his Wisdom said plainly:

I have told you the real secret of life: God is not with mortals. Take it from there.

And so if you can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it – God’s not with it.

If you can see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it – those are concepts, sense perceptions, concepts. Your sense perceptions turned into concepts in the mind, and that’s what you’re dealing with – concepts in the mind. Standing in the spiritual realm, standing in the realm of Reality, but not seeing any of it. Praying for some outside force to come in and change these concepts, only we don’t even see them as concepts. We see them as my leg, my finances, my relationship, my friendship, my spouse, my partner, my job.

All right. Let’s continue.

[When we seek for truth we start out our search] … with a problem – perhaps with many problems. [And] The first years of [our] … search are devoted to overcoming discords and healing disease through prayer to some higher Power or to the application of spiritual laws or truth to these mortal conditions. The day arrives, however, when [we] … [discover] … that the application of truth to human problems … does not “work” or does not work as it once did …

All right. And if you find yourself there that’s a good place to be! It means you’re ready. Remember over here in The New Horizon where he says:

Be willing for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear from your experience in order that reality may be known and enjoyed and lived.

So we must be willing for all of these concepts to disappear out of our experience, and that means a healthy leg or a sick leg. That means abundant finances or lacking finances. That means harmonious human relationships or discordant human relationships. Be willing for the pairs of opposites to disappear in order that you may enjoy the realm of oneness in which you stand. We can see this is an internal work, which is why he says:

The work of bringing health and harmony into our experience is not … getting rid of, or … changing, a … material universe, but correcting [or dissolving] the finite concept of our existence.

So he says:

Eventually [we are] … led to the great revelation that mortals [only] put on immortality … as mortality disappears – they do not add immortal spiritual harmony to human conditions. God does not create, nor does He control material affairs. “… the natural … man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: … they are spiritually discerned.”

So he asks you a question. Remember this is the very first chapter! Seems pretty advanced now, doesn’t it? He asks us a question:

Are we seeking “the things of the Spirit of God” for some human purpose, or are we really endeavoring to “put off” the mortal in order that we may behold the harmony of the spiritual realm?

And there you have it right there. That’s the inner work that we should be doing. Are we seeking the Spirit of God and trying to get God to – and trying to apply God to our sore foot or to our bad finances or to our unhealthy relationships or to our miserable job? Are we seeking to apply spiritual principles to bring about a change in those things? Well if we are, then we’re not putting off, attempting to put off mortality. We’re not willing that the good and the bad images be removed, concepts be dissolved so that we may behold the spiritual Real. No, we’re still clinging to them and thinking somehow we can have our cake and eat it too! I can hang onto this mortal existence and I can apply God to it. But that’s what we did in the very early days, according to Joel, and now we should be at a point where that’s no longer working. We should be at a point where we’re ready for these difficult talks. So he says:

While we strive and struggle and contend with the so-called powers of this world, [and we fight and combat] … sickness and sin or lack …

While we’re doing that – we’re fighting these things or maybe just trying to apply spiritual principles to them, well – the whole time while we’re doing that

… spiritual sense reveals that “My kingdom is not of this world.”

Now again, that has been misunderstood. “My kingdom is not of this world” does not mean that there’s two worlds, a kingdom and a this world. This world was a name given to sense perceptions formed into mental concepts. There is no “this world!” It was never made. It was not made! In the beginning God breathed into existence the Word, which then appeared as flesh. It formed Itself, and so you’re standing in a divine kingdom, in a heavenly realm, completely and totally unaware of it. You have no awareness of it because you’re entertaining these concepts, walking around in the mind all the time.

And so our work as he says – well, what do you do about these concepts? Are you able to heal yourself? Are you able to break these concepts, what he calls elsewhere “breaking the hypnotism?” If you are, then you don’t need to ever read anything again. You don’t need to listen to any talks and you should probably be teaching because there are others that would really love to know how you break the hypnotism. Now if our job is to dissolve these concepts so that we may open our eyes and behold the Reality – the realm of Reality – you have to ask yourself, “How do I break these concepts? Why they seem to run me.” Well, we’re going to explain exactly how to do that.

Only as we transcend the desire to improve our humanhood do we understand this vital statement.

What vital statement? That “My kingdom is not of this world,” or you might say, the realm of Reality has nothing to do with these concepts of human life.

When … we leave the realm of human betterment, we catch the first glimpse of the meaning of “I have overcome the world.”

Now you see how exactly that ties into The New Horizon? Look! Listen!

When … we leave the realm of human betterment, we catch the first glimpse …

And over here he says in The New Horizon:

The first glimpse of Reality – of the Soul-realm – comes with the recognition and realization of the fact … all temporal conditions and experiences are products of self-hypnotism. With the realization that the entire human scene – its good as well as its evil – is illusion, [comes] … the first glimpse and taste of the world of God’s creation and of the sons of God who inhabit [that] … spiritual kingdom.

All right. Our work is what? Is it practicing spiritual principles to improve humanhood? No. Every time you catch yourself practicing spiritual principles so that you might have a little more supply or a little better health or more harmonious relationships – you need to stop right there because probably it isn’t working. That’s what we did in the past when we were in the metaphysical part. Now we’re moving into the mystical part where we should be willing to put off mortality, where we should be willing for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of humanhood to disappear. Both! All! So he says:

We have not overcome the world while we are seeking to have [less of the world’s troubles or] less of the world’s pains and more of the world’s pleasures and profits. And [if we are still doing that] if we are not overcoming the sense of struggle over worldly affairs, [well, then we cannot enter the realm of the Real or] the realm of [heaven or] heavenly affairs.

And then he quotes this – he says:

“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” [And he asks] Does this sound as if we were becoming ascetic?

I mean doesn’t that sound like we’re supposed to leave the world and go live in a cave somewhere? Yet now we know that this is an inside job, don’t we? Has nothing to do with any changes. Has nothing to do with whether you eat meat or you don’t eat meat, whether you pray in a church with your hat on or your shoes off, whether you wear a veil or nothing, whether you bow to the east or the west, whether you light incense. None of those things have anything to do with it! And that’s what he’s going to say:

Do we appear now to be desiring a life apart from … normal … successful walks of life? Do not be deceived. [No.] … Spiritual sense does not remove us from our normal surroundings, [and it does not] … deprive us of the love and companionship … necessary to a full life. It … places it on a higher level where it is no longer at the mercy of chance or change or loss, and where the spiritual value of the so-called human scene is made manifest.

So you see, you don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to move to India or Mecca. You don’t have to go anywhere – Jerusalem. No, not lo here or lo there. The kingdom and the realization of the kingdom takes place within you. That’s where the concepts are broken, are melted, are dissolved so that you may see the realm of the Real in which you’re standing. So that you may have glimpses of the Word made flesh.

So to continue:

When [you’re] confronted with any … problem, instead of laboring for an improved human [picture] …, turn from the picture and realize the presence of [a] … divine Spirit in you.

Now, this does not mean – now listen – that you turn from these concepts in the mind to other concepts in the mind and start repeating in your mind, “Oh, this is not true. This is an illusion. Only God is here, only God is here, only God is here – because then are you dissolving these concepts? No, you’re taking and forming new concepts, spiritual concepts, and putting them on top of these other concepts.

It’s still all taking place in the mind, and he told us truth cannot be known with the mind. That’s the starting place in the Kailua study. Truth cannot be known with the mind. So, it’s something else then, isn’t it? When he says – see, he’s very tricky here. It takes sometimes years to figure out what it means. And he says here:

The work of bringing health and harmony into our experience is not … getting rid of, or … changing [the] … mortal material universe, but correcting the finite concept of our existence.

Yes, but how do you break the finite concepts so that you may see Infinite Being? Let me know how you bring that about in the mind.

Well, you can’t.

So to continue:

… turn from the picture [he says] and realize the presence of … divine Spirit … .

Now this “realize” means be still until you come into the awareness, the actual feel of infinite Spirit because –

This Spirit dissolves the human seeming and reveals spiritual harmony …

So there you go. Your mind can’t do it. Your body can’t do it. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit.” Only Spirit can dissolve these human concepts and reveal spiritual harmony.

… though to sight this harmony will appear as improved human health or wealth.

Yes, when you have the awareness of Reality, the concepts dissolve and you see more of Reality. Of course, the mind translates that as prosperity or health or harmony.

When Jesus fed the multitude, it was his spiritual consciousness of abundance that appeared … .

See, it was the consciousness of abundance.

When he healed the sick, it was his feeling of the … Presence …

So up here we have the consciousness or the conscious awareness of infinite abundance and down here we have a feeling of the divine Presence which appears as health and strength and harmony.

So he says:

We are living in a spiritual universe, but the finite sense has set a picture before us of limitation. While thought is on the picture[s] before us – [that which is called] “this world” – we are engaged in the constant effort to improve or change … [well, what? – concepts.] As soon as we lift our vision [and] … take thought off what we shall eat [or] … drink [or] … wear – we begin to behold spiritual reality which appears to us as improved [belief] …, but which [is] really … more-appearing of reality. This more-appearing reality brings with it joys untold here and now, …

All right. So our work is an internal work. First the recognition that we are living in a series of universal concepts in the mind and recognizing at least intellectually at first that we’re standing in the realm of Reality. We’re standing in our true identity. We’re standing in infinite being. Standing in the kingdom of heaven, but entertaining these concepts. So now we know that the work is going within and finding a way to have these concepts broken or have them dissolved. And he spells it out so beautifully in The Art of Spiritual Healing that it just ties in here perfectly. If you want to awaken, this is the way. This is The Infinite Way.

In spiritual healing, whether the claim is named Jones, Brown, or Smith [no matter what the concept]; whether the claim is named cancer, [tuberculosis] …, or polio; whether the claim is called unemployment, depression, or unhappy relationships; do not be tricked into treating persons or conditions.

Because those are concepts and you’re trying to improve concepts. No. What do you do? How do you get these concepts dissolved? That’s the question!

Leave them alone … get back to [a] … substanceless substance to which you can give any name you like …

All right. So if you look at these and you go, “Wait a minute! Wait a minute! These are concepts, mental concepts, universal concepts,” or you can call them universal belief or carnal mind. You can call them hypnotism, mesmerism. He says:

It can be anything as long as you interpret it as meaning [nothing] nothingness – [having no] substance, no law, [and] no cause.

So if you come up with – okay, these are universal concepts about the kingdom. This concept says it’s female and it’s 35. This concept says it’s male and it’s 90, almost dead. This concept says it’s dying. This concept says it’s being born. This concept says it’s abundant. This concept says it’s lacking. This concept says it’s harmonious. This concept says it’s limited. You see? If you like concepts, then you can see that they’re universal concepts, universal beliefs, nothingness – then that’ll be what you do. You don’t try to practice spiritual principles to improve these concepts. You come within – well, here. He’ll explain it right here.

It can be anything as long as you interpret it as meaning nothingness …

When you really [really] begin to comprehend that in healing you are not dealing with people as people, when you learn to eliminate them and their … claims from your thought, and in every instance deal with the root of the problem [which is concepts] carnal mind, nothingness – then you will find how quickly you will be able to become consciously aware of a spiritual Presence within you. This Presence cannot be felt until you are free of the barrier: [And] The barrier is the belief in two powers; [or a concept of two powers] the barrier is the belief in something apart from God.

You can choose the word temptation if you like that too.

The minute you have made [it] … a nothingness, … you no longer have two powers and [then] you can do just what it says in Scripture, rest in His word. You can rest in this Word, waiting [waiting] for the Spirit of the Lord God to be upon you; and when it comes [it breaks the concepts], it breaks the hypnotism.

The Spirit does, not your mind and not your memory of truth. Not your reciting truth. Not your spiritual concepts. None of that. You have to get out of those concepts. The work that we have to do is turn within, recognize these are concepts, nothingness. Drop them. Stop playing with them or trying to improve them. Just stand stock still. Remember that from the Kailua study series? Stand stock still and wait. He told us that. Remember? Do that twelve times a day. Wait and sooner or later you will feel an inner movement.

He says here, and this is probably the most important paragraph I have ever read:

For years after I had learned to recognize … all forms of sin, disease, lack, limitation, [and] depression … are … hypnotism, the puzzle was to discover how to break [the] … hypnotism …

It was then that I discovered [the] … scriptural passage … “the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands.” [Our] … weapon against error [or against concepts – the weapon that will break them] – our offense and defense – is something that is neither physical … mental, no action, no words, no thoughts – only the awareness of God.

You see, your awareness – awareness dissolves mind or concepts. It doesn’t dissolve mind – it dissolves mental concepts in the mind. So standing in spiritual awareness dissolves mental concepts and then you become aware of, more aware of reality appearing of the spiritual realm in which you are standing. Again he says:

As you carry this out in practice, watching the stone being formed … of your consciousness while you stand to one side as a witness or a beholder, eventually a state of peace will come. Then you will catch a glimpse [there’s that word again – a glimpse] of God as Is – not a power over anything, just God is. You begin to understand … no power does anything to anyone, and you become a beholder as reality begins to appear. All problems [will] fade out in proportion as you develop this ability to be quiet, [and] to behold,… to witness divine harmony unfold …

Now, one last piece here from – well, that’s – by the way, that’s the chapter What Did Hinder You? from The Art of Spiritual Healing. One last piece from here. He says:

The principle behind this process …

If you need a principle, here’s the principle:

[The principle] … is … inasmuch as the activity of … human mind is the substance … of hypnotism …

Okay, did you catch that? That’s just as plain as you can make it anywhere. The activity of the human mind, the thoughts of the human mind are the activity of hypnotism. Yes, because they’re concepts!

We are going to learn to live outside of the activity of the human mind. We are going to live in spiritual awareness.

[So] The principle behind the process is … inasmuch as the activity of the human mind is the substance and the activity of hypnotism, when the human mind is not functioning, there is no more hypnotism. When you are not thinking thoughts or words, when you are in a stillness, the human mind is stopped – the hypnotism is gone. When you experience this, you will feel something which transcends the human dimension … .

So he warns you –

Do not battle … forms of error. Do not try to lop off rheumatism or [tuberculosis] … or cancer. Do not try to lop off old age. Do not try to change the appearance world.

Do not try to apply spiritual principles to bring about a change!

Get back, get back [inside yourself]!

If, with every claim that comes to you, you can set aside any thought of the person [or the condition] … and … go back to some word or term … to you [which means]… nothingness, … so that you have only one power – then you can sit in meditation and you will feel the descent of the Holy [Spirit] …; you will feel the peace [which] … passes understanding; you will feel a divine Presence … [and this will release you from the concepts].

Now is that not plain? Do we not see our work? Do we see what work we’re involved in? How we’re putting off mortality and putting on immortality and in the process we catch glimpses of the realm of Reality?

So to continue with Putting on Immortality, he says:

How often do we go on the rocks …! How frequently … we attempt to understand spiritual wisdom with … human intellect! This leads to mental indigestion … we are attempting to digest spiritual food with our educated mentality. It will not work.

Now what that means to me is – well, I have three degrees. I have one in computers, one in business management, and one in counseling/psychology. Now with all of that educated mentality, I cannot melt a single concept because what I really have is three degrees in material concepts! (chuckles) Right? And all of my great thinking, my best thinking is the problem. We just read that. Human thought is the activity of hypnotism. Ouch!! Wow, this is a little bit deeper than I thought, huh? I have to be willing for all of my human concepts, good and bad, to be dissolved so that my immortal Self may stand there in its purity.

Truth [he says] is not a reasoning process …

That’s why when you go within and you say these truths to yourself mentally and you repeat them, nothing happens because knowing this truth is not the same as having the spiritual awareness. Spiritual awareness is a coming up over knowing the truth to being the truth. Remember? The ascension is always the same he says in Truth Unveiled in Beyond Words and Thoughts, that of coming up over the mind from knowing the truth to being the truth. Awareness of I is quite different than talking about the presence of God.

So our educated mentality will not help us! So in his words:

Truth is not a reasoning process; therefore, it must be spiritually discerned. Truth does not … appeal to our reason, and when it appears to do so, we must search deeply to see if it really is truth. Be suspicious of a truth that seems reasonable.

And so if you were to tell a person or even if you think about it with your educated mentality – all right – I’m standing in a spiritual realm and I can’t see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it. I’m completely blind to it. All I am doing is living up here in the mind in a series of universal concepts, universal beliefs, and I never get outside of it for my entire lifespan.

But if I will go within, transcend that, come up over that or step out of that or be still about that, eventually if I practice like he tells me in the Kailua study series twelve times a day, waiting, eventually I will feel the movement. I will feel the descent of the Holy Spirit, the movement of Spirit across the face of the deep. I will feel the breath. I will hear the Word. Something will happen. There will be a movement, and when that happens the concepts will be dissolved and I will get glimpses of the realm of Reality of God Is’ing, of I.

Now does that sound very reasonable? And when I have those glimpses something out here will fall away – a pain, a limitation, a lack, a disharmony will be dissolved. And that’s all there is to it! Tada!! Now you tell that to someone at Yale or Harvard – not to – I’m not putting down higher education because I have it myself and I have benefited from it. I am saying put this in front of educated mentality of any university – Oxford, any university – and see if they can believe this or accept this. Why, they’ll laugh you to scorn!

That’s what they did to Jesus. She’s not dead, she’s sleeping, and they laughed him to scorn. Well eventually he had to put them out of the room and then what happened? His awareness of reality – it manifested and it dissolved the concepts of death, and there it was, eternal Life appeared. Eternal Life was there before, but he was the only one that could see it.

Now says Joel:

Jesus, walking on the water, feeding the multitudes with a few loaves and fishes, healing the sick and raising the dead – does [that sound] … reasonable to you? (chuckles, yeah, oh yeah!) If the principle underlying these experiences [was] … understood through reason, all the churches would be teaching [them] … . But this principle is apparent only to spiritual sense, …

You see? This principle is apparent only in your silence when you feel that movement and the awareness comes to you. That’s the only way to be aware, and that’s the only way concepts will be broken or that’s the only way to break the hypnotism. What was possible to Christ consciousness then is possible to that same consciousness now.

So he says:

Instead of trying to make Spirit operate upon our human bodies and material affairs, let us learn to disregard these … pictures [these concepts] and keep our vision on things above.

That does not mean mentally affirm or make affirmations. That means step out of that mind and be fed from within.

When we “come down to earth again,” we shall find the discords and limitations [have disappeared] … and more of reality [is] appearing.

All right.

To receive the word of God [or the awareness which breaks concepts] or spiritual sense, [he says] we need to feel rather than reason. This is referred to … as receiving the word “in the heart.” … We understand that neither seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, [or] … smelling will reveal spiritual truth or its harmonies …;

No, they won’t. That won’t dissolve the concepts. We’ve tried that.

; therefore it must come through a different faculty, the intuitive faculty which acts through feeling, [through spiritual feeling]. Heretofore, we have sat down to pray or to meditate and immediately a stream of words and thought[s] started to flow. Perhaps we began to affirm truth and deny error. You can see that this is … in the realm of the human mind.

Yes, this is adding – trying to add spiritual concepts to our human concepts. Trying to add God to our humanhood, and it does not work. And in the very first chapter in the very first book, the very first principle he ever revealed to us is exactly the same as what was in the Kailua study series. We must come up over that mind filled with universal concepts and in the silence, in the non-activity of that mind, Spirit reveals the realm of the Real, and that awareness, every glimpse of that realm, melts some concepts.

In cultivating our spiritual sense we become receptive to [that] … which [comes] … to us from within. We become hearers of the Word [not] … speakers. We become so attuned to Spirit that we feel the divine harmony of being; we feel the actual presence of God. Having transcended the five physical senses [and the concepts which are derived from them], our intuitive faculty is alert, receptive and responsive to the things of the Spirit, and we begin our new existence as a result of this spiritual rebirth.

Now see how he just slides things in there. I mean, listen to that half a sentence:

… we begin our ‘new existence’ as a result of this spiritual rebirth.

He’s telling you right there that the way to be born again of the Spirit is to be born again by stepping out of these universal concepts and allowing that Spirit to motivate, to move, to function through us, as us. That awareness to descend, to flow. Use whatever words you like. It means that Spirit is living us; no longer a mortal, but an immortal is living us. And he tells us right here – this is the rebirth. This is it! This is the thing itself. How, how Nicodemus says. How do I get born again, and Jesus pretty much tells him you can’t understand. I can’t explain it to you. You don’t have the spiritual discernment. And Joel says to us – look, this is going to take spiritual discernment. You can’t do this with your body. You can’t do this with your mind. In fact, you can’t do this! It has to happen to you when you stand stock still.

So, he says:

Heretofore, we have been concerned with the letter of truth, [but] now only with the Spirit ….

You see, right from the start he was trying to tell us the difference, and I thought that it took all the way until 1955 before he revealed the principle in the Kailua study series. It turns out in the very first chapter in 1947 he said, “Here it is, folks! Do this.” People read it and they didn’t get it. They read it and they thought they still needed to make affirmations and denials.

We are not so concerned now with what is truth as with feeling truth.

You see? You don’t want any new concepts. You don’t want spiritual concepts. You don’t want an understanding of what truth is so you can go write a book. That won’t break the concept or the hypnotism or bring about what appears as a healing. No.

This is accomplished in proportion as we give less thought to the letter and more receptivity to the feel. This word “feel” … refers … to … awareness, consciousness, or … sense of truth.

You see? You see – he said it right from the beginning. You need to have awareness of truth. Awareness dissolves thought. How do you break these concepts? Now this is the whole work again, remember, right from the very beginning of this chapter. It looks like it’s one, two, three, four, five – the fifth paragraph in the very first book:

The work of bringing health and harmony [in] … our experience is not … getting rid of, or … changing, a … material universe, but correcting the finite concept …

And replacing it, replacing the finite concept with awareness of being.

So says he:

Spiritual healing is the natural result of a divinely illumined consciousness. …

We misunderstand immortality [he says] when we think of it as the immortality of the human personality, or personal sense.

Yes, that’s not rebirth into an eternal life, and that’s again – see, we thought from the very beginning we did not understand what Joel had experienced. He experienced a transformation. He transitioned out of humanhood into Christhood, and he was trying to explain to us how he did it and how we could go and do likewise. But we came from a completely human point of view and thought – well, okay – I guess he’s – he’s teaching me spiritual principles so I can fix my human problems, or he’s telling me how I – meaning me, the person – can come into my eternal life.

Well, me the person has no eternal life! There is no me the person eternal life. These are part of these universal concepts. Me the person is a universal concept, a series of universal concepts.

You see? That’s why these are The Uncomfortable Talks. We’re coming face to face with the truth. Me the person is a series of universal concepts, and that is not eternal. That needs to die and die as soon as possible, and when that dies, even if just for a moment it dies in meditation and I find I am not in that – I am standing still and beholding – I’m witnessing – then this movement of Spirit reveals an infinite being right here, right now, and I am one with it, and it is one with me, and I am in it and it is in me, and it is the I that I am. That is the eternal Life. That is the immortal.

And so he says:

Immortality is attained in proportion as personal sense is overcome, whether here or hereafter. As we put off the [person or the] personal ego and attain the consciousness [or the awareness] of … real Self — the Reality of us, divine Consciousness — [then] we attain immortality. And that can be achieved here and now.

You see? From the very, very first chapter he told us what we’re going to have to do. We’re going to have to die to awaken. He says:

The desire to perpetuate our false sense of body and wealth ensnares us [unto] … death, or mortality.

Now remember in The New Horizon where he says that we have to be willing for both the good and the evil to fall away to come into our spiritual awareness of the spiritual realm, of the realm where the sons of God are governed by Love? And he tells us that doesn’t happen, that can’t happen until a large measure of our desire for things of the world has fallen away. Remember? Hold on. We’ll find it exactly instead of me trying to paraphrase. Okay. He’s talking about glimpsing the realm of the Real.

The experience at first is like watching the world disappear over a horizon and drop down from before us. There is no attachment to this world, no desire to hold onto it – probably because to a great extent the experience does not come until a great measure of our desire for the things of “this world” has been overcome.

All right? So back here in Putting on Immortality when he says:

The desire to perpetuate our false sense of body and wealth ensnares us into … death, or mortality.

He’s saying if you are standing in those universal series of beliefs or concepts called your human life and the human lives you see around you, if you’re standing in that – well, then you’re going to have to die and you’re going to have to experience death again and again and again. But if you’re standing in the awareness of the real, of the realm of Reality, if you’re standing in your spiritual identity and not entertaining these thoughts but receiving impartations from within – then you’re standing in your eternal Life and you never have to experience death again. Never! So – but that won’t come until you’re willing to let go of the concepts of good and evil both. That won’t come until you’re really willing to put off mortality and put on immortality, and now you know what that means to put off mortality and put on immortality, and now you know what it means when he says:

God is not with mortals. Take it from there.

I have told you the real secret of life: God is not with mortals. …

And he did! That’s the real secret of life! Every time he sat down to have a meditation and somebody called for a healing, he disregarded the person and the condition entirely. Saw them as concepts and dropped it and stopped taking thought. Stood stock still. Felt the descent of the Holy Spirit. Felt the movement of Christ and knew that it had been met. The concept in him was dissolved, and then when he opened his eyes again he saw more of Reality appearing. He did what he suggested we do. It’s not like it’s just a theory or a belief. He lived it, and he’s saying that we can too.

And he says:

The first step in the attainment of immortality is living out from the center of our being, as in the idea of unfoldment from within, rather than accretion: It is … giving … rather than getting; being rather than attaining.

And he says:

It is not a simple matter [to do this] to show forth … joy and peace of immortality, because to those intent on preserving their [humanhood] … immortality would appear to be extinction. [But that’s not the case] …: It is the eternal preservation of all that is real, fine, noble, harmonious, gracious, unselfish, and peaceful. It is reality brought to light in place of the illusion of sense [or concepts]. It’s being in the world but not of it.

So that is the principle – that chapter is the principle: My kingdom is not of this world. And now you know my kingdom is not a place, and this world is not a world. My kingdom is an infinite awareness, and this world is a series of mental concepts, and my kingdom is Consciousness, and this world is mind, human mind. And my true identity is this spiritual kingdom, this spiritual being, spiritual awareness, spiritual consciousness, and I am that. And me, the human – well – was not made.

Yes, “In the beginning was the Word … And the Word was made flesh,” and it’s still the Word today and you live in the Word and by the Word, and the Word is you, and the Word is I, and there is one Word, and I am That. And there are seven billion me’s, seven billion humans, and billions that lived before and billions that will live after this, and yet not one of them was made by God. God has one son, and that son is not of me. Not of the little me.

And so if you’ve reached a place where these uncomfortable talks are resonating with you or at least part of them are resonating with you, then perhaps you are ready to lay down your human life, your human sense of life, or your sense of human life, and pick up immortality; … henceforth know we no man after the flesh means now don’t see him as a human. Don’t see her as a human. Don’t see that as an animal. Don’t see that as a plant. But stop. Stop. Turn within, as Joel says. Let that go. No person, no condition. It’s a series of universal concepts, nothingness.

Now, now Father, reveal the Self, the one Self, the being, the kingdom and stand stock still. And says Joel, if you do this, if you will do this, then the reality of her, of him, of it will be revealed in you. You will have an experience called immaculate conception. The immortal of it, of him, of her – the immortal standing there will be revealed. You will come into the awareness of it.

This is the experience known as the Sabbath where we take no thought, no affirmations, no denials. Let go of the concepts and stand still and wait, and the Spirit moves across the water. It really does. It really does reveal – well, you really do have a glimpse of Reality. And the glimpses come closer and closer together and sometimes you begin to have them with eyes open.

You might be driving a car and suddenly a glimpse of the Real comes upon you. You have opened your consciousness. You have opened the door. You have invited with your inner movement – you have invited Christ to come in and sup with you. “… I stand at the door, and knock …” and now you have opened it and it comes. And you might be driving down the road and suddenly you have a glimpse of the real. It doesn’t affect your driving. You continue on while at the same time inside yourself seeing more of Reality. You might be sitting at work, working on something diligently and suddenly there’s that movement within. You feel the Spirit come upon you.

Says John: “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day …” You find yourself in the Spirit as an awareness flows into you. Concepts fall away. It happens. It’s automatic. The minute you feel it, the second – the nanosecond that you feel that Spirit flowing in, you stop. You stand still. You can’t do anything else and awareness comes. It all happens in a matter of seconds. Those standing around you on the job won’t even be aware of what happened, which is why we can say that you’re standing two feet apart, but in two entirely different universes.

You are standing in the awareness of the kingdom. They’re standing in the kingdom, too, but entertaining concepts. And as I say, they come closer together, closer and closer until they begin happening without your – well, without your trying to make them happen. They just come upon you. And according to Joel – it hasn’t happened to me entirely yet, but according to Joel eventually It takes over and lives your life completely all the time constantly, and I find that that happens to me maybe an hour at a time, maybe a couple hours, but I still come back to these concepts. And so I’m practicing like you, putting off mortality and putting on immortality, and I’m experiencing it closer and closer together and I’m experiencing it coming upon me while I’m going about my day-to-day affairs. And so I am thoroughly convinced that it will take over and be a constant conscious awareness of the living Reality and I am inviting you to join me.

Now let us be still for a moment.

[Silent pause..]

And to sum up one more time: My kingdom is not of these concepts called this world. My kingdom is some other substance, comes from another Source. Not from the mind but from Consciousness. My Kingdom is the Word made flesh and that happens in a moment you think not. You can be consciously beholding that Word becoming flesh. You can behold God itself appearing and “Behold, I make all things new.” You can be a witness to that newness, to a new heaven and a new earth.

All this Joel told us in the very first chapter in the very first book where he put down what he was experiencing and how we may go and do likewise.

Thank you. Godspeed on your rebirth and blessings, too many to encompass.


Well, welcome back.

This would be Part II of the Introduction from Man Was Not Born to Cry by Joel Goldsmith, which he entitled or titled Awake, as in “Awake thou that sleepest.”

We were talking about the ascension, always the ascension, ascending up over the mind into the Soul realm, which the Soul realm has many mansions in awareness of reality, and so the many mansions are not a kingdom up in the sky by and by. They’re not even another dimension here. The kingdom is the realm of Soul, and the many mansions take place, or the many levels, are the levels of awareness. And so your transformation from mind to awareness is the difference between this world and the kingdom of heaven here and now.

In the old days, in the days of King James when the King James Bible was written they used terms such as kingdom. But I looked in some – I think it was Strong’s concordance, and the word originally meant “realm,” and realm, of course is, now we know, awareness. So it all takes place in your inner awareness. There you come up over the mind and seeing things through the mind darkly into awareness – pure awareness – which of course is the first chapter of Genesis. Pure awareness of Soul or God.

Now what can you expect to see? Well, it’s different for everyone. No two people see the same thing, but we are given some hints in the chapter The New Horizon because The New Horizon now you know is the Soul realm. And so he says:

The sense which presents pictures of discord and inharmony, disease and death, [and also all the good that you behold] is the universal mesmerism which produces the entire dream of human existence.

See, there it is again, mental malpractice or universal mesmerism. The word’s are not important. He says, you can use whatever words you like. Hold on a minute. I wrote some down here the other day or actually quite a while ago. Let’s see where I keep notes in my little journal here. I was looking at this one day and in April of 1998 I wrote:

A belief in two powers, universal belief, world mind, carnal mind, a glass darkly, appearance, illusion, a false image, Maya, hypnotism, mesmerism, personal sense, material sense, this world, or concepts or universal dream world.

So there are many terms. There are many words used to describe it. Maya is of course from Buddha and his describing illusion. And remember, it’s not out here! Illusion – no illusion is ever externalized. And so the illusion you are looking at if you’re calling it illusion is mortal mind. It’s a series of beliefs or thoughts in the mind. Therefore says Christ: “Take no thought.” Stop that! STOP! And in the silence behold, I am God. I, your Soul, and you have a glimpse of the kingdom here and now, or the Soul realm or awareness of Soul.

So the sense which presents all these pictures is a universal mesmerism which produces the entire dream of human existence, and so look at that backwards, and human existence is a dream. All of it. And therefore he says:

It must be understood … there is no more reality to harmonious human existence than to discordant world conditions. It must be realized that the entire human scene is mesmeric suggestion, and we must rise above the desire for even good human conditions.

This is why he says over and over we must come to the place where we’re no longer trying to establish harmony in the human scene, because if we succeeded we would have a happy dream, a happy dream world, and we don’t want a happy dream because then we still die in humanhood and have to come back and try to find the Soul realm again. No. Therefore he says:

Understand fully that suggestion, [or] … [beliefs] or hypnotism is the substance, or fabric, [there’s that word, fabric] of the whole mortal universe and … human conditions … good and evil are dream pictures having no reality or permanence.

And when you get to that place it’s really uncomfortable, especially if you haven’t found the Soul realm, because on the one hand you’re standing there – it’s very uncomfortable. You’re looking, you’re saying: “Okay, okay. The good and evil of this experience here of this human, of me – this is a dream world. It has no reality. It’s hypnotism, the entire mortal universe, and it has no contact with God.”

Well, that’s pretty scary! God’s not in the human scene, Joel says, and we ignore it and go on thinking with our prayer and meditation we can bring him there. But no, he says here at the Hotel Wellington:

Has no contact with God. The human scene, good or evil, is a product of universe malpractice, carnal mind, mortal mind, and has no contact with God and is not under the law of God, and that is something you must know and know at depth. That’s half of the equation, the other half being the awareness of Soul.

So he says understand fully that the fabric of the whole mortal universe is suggestion, belief, or hypnotism.

And more than that, more than just understanding:

Be willing, [willing] for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear from your experience in order that reality may be known and enjoyed and lived.

Or in order that the Soul realm or the kingdom, the awareness in Reality may be known and enjoyed and lived. So to ascend you might as well take The New Horizon in The Infinite Way and take this entire first paragraph and understand that this is the first half, or rather, this is half of the equation. Doesn’t matter if it’s the first or the second half. It’s half of the equation, and all of this must be true in your experience. You must be living this and understanding this fully in order for you to launch out into the deep. Be willing for the good as well as the evil to disappear from your experience in order to launch out into the Soul realm.

So on the one hand you’re standing there and you recognize all of this is a dream taking place within, not without, and has no reality, no permanence, and no contact with God and no law to support it. It’s impersonal, being pumped into the mind by this universal mental malpractice and it has no power. It’s nothing, nothing behind it.

So on the one hand you’re knowing that, but you haven’t yet experienced the Soul realm.

You haven’t ascended out of it. You’re still standing in it. And then someone says launch out into the Soul realm, but don’t bring any of those concepts with you. Don’t bring any concepts – not of God, not of Spirit, not of Soul, not of Christ, not of love, not of the kingdom of heaven, not of the Soul realm. Bring no concepts with you. And oh, by the way, don’t bring that self either. Step out of that. Stand there. Stand there knowing that it is a nothingness, and be empty – listen. Listen for the still small voice. Wait upon the movement. Wait for Soul to reveal Itself, and know not what that experience is going to be. Have no idea whatsoever. Totally empty, a nothingness, waiting for the movement of the hand of God. And there you stand. It’s very uncomfortable at first, but it becomes – well, it becomes quite wonderful.

And now he’s going to give you some clues here. He’s going to describe his experience of the Soul realm, of the Soul, of God.

Above [the] … sense-life, there is a universe of Spirit [or realm of Soul] governed by Love, peopled [or populated] with children of God living in the household or temple of Truth. This world [this universe, this realm] is real and permanent: Its substance is eternal Consciousness. In it there is no awareness of discords or even of temporary … material good.

So in the Soul realm you will find a universe of Spirit governed by Love, and the fabric of it is eternal Consciousness. You will have no awareness of good or evil, just eternal Consciousness is’ing.

The first glimpse …

And there we go with glimpse again. Ah, now here he spells it out.

The first glimpse of Reality – of the Soul-realm – comes with the recognition and realization of the fact … all temporal conditions and experiences are products of self-hypnotism. With [that] … realization that the entire human scene – … good as well as … evil – is illusion, [comes] … the first glimpse and taste of the world of God’s creation and of the sons of God who inhabit [the Soul realm or] the spiritual kingdom.

Okay. So he says here the first glimpse of the Soul realm comes with the recognition and realization all temporal conditions are products of hypnotism. What did he say here at the Hotel Wellington? Now remember, this Infinite Way New Horizon was written in the 40’s or 50’s. Right? And now here we are 1960 at the Hotel Wellington and he’s saying the same thing. Here are the four or five secrets you must know to find the Soul realm. Here in The New Horizon he says:

The first glimpse of … the Soul-realm – comes with the recognition and realization … all temporal conditions and experiences are … self-hypnotism. [It comes] With the realization that the entire human scene – … good [and] … evil – is illusion …

And here at the Hotel Wellington he writes down: Harmony of a permanent nature can only be attained – in other words, the Soul realm can only be attained as you come into the awareness of it through impersonalization and nothingizing of this mental malpractice, or carnal mind, or this world, or the dream universe, or mortal existence, or humanhood.

See, he’s saying the same thing, and people do not want to hear about the nature of error, and yet it is through this realization that all temporal conditions are hypnotism and that the entire human scene, good and evil, is illusion – it’s through that realization that you get your first glimpse of the Soul realm, and so you must have both parts! You must have the inner deep realization that – well, there’s no more reality to harmonious human existence than to the discord or discordant human conditions. You must have that at depth. Then you can let it go. Stop trying to improve it, patch it up. Then you can recognize it for its nothingness, universal mental malpractice being pumped into the human mind, but nothing is standing behind it. No God is behind it, so it’s nothingness. But it acts as if it’s a power, he says, until it’s realized and understood and seen through, and the way you see through it is in ceasing from taking thought, as he said in The Art of Spiritual Healing. Take no thought. Rest in the Word, and it doesn’t matter what that word is – whatever word you came to in your contemplation.

God is. I am. It is. I rest here. I take no thought, not might nor by power, but by the Soul. And then rest in that capital W-o-r-d, Word. Not the words you just said to yourself, but the Word, the original Logos. “The Word was God,” and “the Word was made flesh.” So you rest in the Word, that Word, the original I within.

And then you catch a glimpse of the Soul realm and you find out that there’s a universe of Spirit, a realm of Soul governed by Love, and there’s beings in it. These beings are children of God, and this realm is real and permanent. Its substance is Consciousness, eternal Consciousness, and in that realm there’s no awareness of duality. There’s only awareness of the Soul.

[So] With the realization that the entire human scene – … good as well as… evil –is illusion, [comes]… the first glimpse and taste of the Soul realm [or of] … God’s creation and of the sons of God who inhabit [this] … spiritual [creation] … .

So in this first glimpse attained by impersonalizing and nothingizing the dream world and dream mind out of which it came or comes, in the standing still from that, recognizing both sides to it, good and evil, are illusion in the mind, hence ascending up over the mind in the realm of the Soul where you feel its movement even as I do right now, here you become aware of the Soul realm, the Soul of you, God of you, God as you, and you rest. And you rest. And the light is shining and it dissolves these mental projections.

Now, [he says] in this moment of uplifted consciousness, we are able, even though faintly, [at first] to see ourselves free of material, mortal, human, and legal laws. We behold ourselves separate and apart from the bondage of sense, and in a measure we glimpse [there’s that word again] [glimpse] the unlimited boundaries of eternal Life and of infinite Consciousness. The fetters of finite existence begin to fall away …

See, we’re having an awakening, aren’t we?

The experience at first is like watching the world disappear over a horizon and drop down from before us. There is no attachment to [it] …, no desire to hold onto it – probably because to a great extent [this] … experience does not come until a great measure of our desire for the things of “this world” has been overcome.

You see how you have to come to the place where he’s starting this chapter Awake in knowing that this is not about patching up the human scene. He says elsewhere that he had a hard time explaining to the students that it’s not a matter of bringing God down to the human scene, but in rising above the human scene to the realm of Soul.

At first we cannot speak of it. There is a sense of “‘Touch me not; for I [have] … not yet ascended’ … .”

I want you to understand when you first have this glimpse, if you haven’t had it, it is so –well, earth shattering, so startling, so wonderful that you will know intuitively you cannot speak of it. You just cannot. So there is a sense of “Touch me not, for I have not yet ascended.” No, I’m not up here permanently. I’m still traveling back and forth. I ascend up into the Soul realm and I come back down to human thinking, and I ascend back up and I come back down. But eventually, eventually the ascension will be a permanent transformation.

So he says one more time – he wants you to know this. Remember now:

This is the secret that the world does not know, which is that harmony of a permanent nature can only be attained as the spiritual Self or the Soul realm is realized through impersonalization and nothingizing of the carnal mind or mental malpractice and then a launching out into the deep in silence.

So he says:

A universal illusion binds [you] … to earth … . Realize this, understand this, because only through this understanding [that’s half of the equation] can we begin to lessen its hold upon us. The more fascinated we are with conditions of human good … the greater our desire for even the good things …, the more intense is the illusion.

And so if you’re still practicing principles to heal that cold of yours or to increase your harmony at work or to increase your supply, if you’re still trying to demonstrate anything other than death of the human and ascending into the Soul realm, then you are – well, more intense is the illusion.

[However] In proportion as our thought dwells on God, on the things of the Spirit, the greater … freedom from limitation we are gaining.

This should not be “thought” here; this should be “awareness” – in proportion as our awareness is on God. So he says:

[Don’t think.] Think neither on the discords nor on the harmonies …

That’s it. Don’t think on either one, because then you’re thinking – well, then you’re in the human mind!

Let us not fear the evil nor love the good of human existence. In proportion as we accomplish this, … the mesmeric influence [lessens] …

And we are lifted. We catch a glimpse – well, here it is:

The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension … . This ascension is understood … as … rising above the conditions and experiences of “this world,” [or the dream mind] and we behold … “many mansions” prepared for us in spiritual Consciousness – in the awareness of [the Soul realm] … .

So, the many mansions are in your awareness of the Soul realm. And finally:

No good thing is withheld from us as we look above the physical evidence [or the mind] to the great Invisible [to the Soul realm]. Look up, look up! The kingdom of heaven [the Soul realm] is at hand!

And finally:

… the I of you – am ever with you. [So] Look up.

All right. So that is The New Horizon where he explains the Soul realm and gives you some hints about what you might experience.

Now getting back to our original halfway point in this Introduction from the book Man Was Not Born to Cry called Awake, remember he says:

I wish I could use as a title for a book Santa Claus God because that is what the majority of the concepts of God are. Be assured that no one can enter the realm of the Soul with any such God in mind. You … have to leave behind all that you have heretofore expected …

All right? So, he says:

You long to tell your companions what you are thinking and what you are doing [on the spiritual path] and you want to share your joys and your successes. [But] That cannot be done on [this] … path because those who have not been there can have no way of being able to share them. Only rarely do you find a companion with whom you can share, and even then you discover that there are some things that must remain forever hidden.

Do you not understand that if you tried to explain to someone – well he – he was sneaky. He wrote it in the chapter The New Horizon very briefly, just in one or two or three paragraphs that above this sense-life is the Soul realm and here’s what you’ll find. But he couldn’t go out and explain that to people, talk to every day people as he’s riding in an airplane to South Africa and finds himself next to a person on the airplane. Could he start talking about that? No. He said he never talked about spiritual matters. Like everybody else he talked about the weather and whatever the current politics were probably. Whatever topic the person brought up. Always with his finger on his lips because no one would understand that.

I can’t go tell somebody what it felt like when I was dissolving right there – sitting in my meditation I was dissolving and becoming infinite. I felt my presence everywhere throughout the house in every room and every room inside of me, and we were one and I was about to go infinite. I can’t explain that. Who can explain that? How does that feel? They think maybe you are fooling yourself.

So he says:

Does this not account for the Master’s loneliness during his three-year ministry? When he wanted to reveal some of the secrets of the [Soul realm or the] fourth-dimensional life, he could take only three of his disciples with him. All twelve could never have been prepared to see that the men who lived five hundred years before the time of the Master were not only living then, but were standing right there with them … sharing with them their wisdom. He never told that to the twelve disciples – only to three – and I am sure there were some secrets he did not tell even the three. This is that “aloneness” that comes in this life when we find that we can share our accomplishments and attainments with only a very few.

And that again is something that makes people very uncomfortable. It makes some very uncomfortable because who wants to live in this inner ecstasy and not be able to tell a single person? It really is sometimes quite lonely, and yet it’s not alone because the presence of God is right there with you. Your own Soul, the Soul realm is right there at hand. You may go in and come out and find pasture. Yet we long to have another person to look at eye to eye and say this is the experience and it’s so wonderful and hear them say, “Yes, I know!” I was told by my very first teacher that, years ago, centuries ago, you might go your whole entire life and only see one other person at some point that had this awareness. And he said now we’re spoiled if we go a year or two and we meet somebody. We think that’s not enough, and perhaps he was right.

So I’m talking to about twenty of you [200 now in 2020] and I hope you are not afraid of aloneness.

The moment you enter the higher consciousness, [or the Soul realm] your vision expands and you can see events of the present, the past, and the future. It is like standing on an eleventh floor balcony where you can see for miles in all directions, whereas the man on the street is aware only of that which is taking place right before his eyes.

And again, that adds to the aloneness because if you can see – or let us put it this way. When you are in the Soul realm and you see all of this, all the good and the bad, are a part of this mental malpractice being projected into the mind, how can you then stand up and fight for a cause, any cause? I don’t care how beautiful it is. Are you not patching a human dream world? Now I’m not saying that you should go live on the side of a mountain in a cave somewhere and become an ascetic, but on the other hand – well, like Joel he says he believes that these principles need to be practiced right in the midst of wherever you find yourself and that he finds joy in meeting others on this path, and you can’t do that when you’re sitting in a cave.

But do you not see that it sort of drains from you all of these causes you were ready to pick up and battle for? You see the futility of it? You’re standing on the eleventh floor looking out. You can see all the way to the coast and maybe beyond partway to the ocean. But the man on the street, he just sees the stores across the street and the cars coming down the street and the people. Perhaps the clouds overhead and the trees. And you can’t talk about it. It becomes lonely at times, and so many people cannot endure that aloneness. It’s too uncomfortable and they go back. They choose perhaps unconsciously to remain a human being – not quite ready to launch out into the deep, the unknown, Infinite Eternal.

Man was not meant to cry, and all his tears are shed only because of a sense of limitation. Every tear you shed is proof of some form of limitation being experienced in your life. Man was not born to cry!

The more you search around in your body and in your mind, the more imprisoned you will become. Do not think for a moment that you are free of the body or the mind. Rather you must understand … through your study, you are breaking out of the body and the mind into the realm of the Soul. When you reach that [Soul] Realm, and even as you approach it, the mind and the body will be discovered to be more receptive to God-government and require less and less of human attention.

Eventually you will be released from this imprisonment by an act of grace. Something will happen to you …

Again, what is he saying? He’s saying that this will be a permanent transformation. Remember he told us one of his secrets at the Hotel Wellington that he realized that the human scene has no contact with God. Yet in the final secret he says harmony in the human scene does come when we reach the realm of the Soul through impersonalizing and nothingizing. It all fits together perfectly. So this is the same as seek the Soul realm and harmony will be revealed. Why? Because as the light touches the darkness, the darkness disappears and more of the Soul realm is revealed – only the mind interprets that as harmony.

So eventually something will happen in you, an act of grace in which the Soul realm becomes the governing factor to you. The Soul realm manifests itself. Now you’re no longer living, watching the human mind manifest its good and its evil – sometimes good, but mostly evil – as a human existence, a dream world. Now you’re not living in that sense of me. Now you’re standing aside and watching the Soul realm manifest itself as the son of God. Divine Love forming Itself. And eventually this becomes a permanent transformation. You become not a human, but you become Christ, which is the activity of God on earth, or the activity of God appearing. And it becomes a permanent dispensation.

All right. So he says:

Eventually [you’re] … released from this imprisonment by an act of grace. Something will happen to you …

In the Beyond Words and Thoughts chapter, The Unveiling, [Truth Unveiled] he says, eventually, the Soul takes over. It lives you. That’s what we’re doing. We’re making a transformation within and we’re standing – well, we’re making the ascension over the mind and the human dream experience into the Soul realm and the living Christ experience. We’ve had this opportunity presented to us many, many, many times. Now I believe that we’re ready. I believe we’re really ready to do this, to have this experience.

With [all] these efforts you prepare yourself for [that] … act of grace [which] … will eventually set you free. You can see … why angels are pictured with wings, and the reason [that] I speak of “soaring thoughts,” “mountaintop experiences,” or “… lofty heights of consciousness.” [Because] When the Soul is released, it flies upward, not in time [and] … space, but in consciousness.

Again, the realms of Soul, the many mansions are in awareness of Reality, and the Soul flies upward in consciousness. It’s all taking place in your consciousness – moving out of the mind into the Soul.

It is no longer anchored to the ground [or] … entombed in [a] body and [a] mind: it is a soaring awareness, a soaring faculty.

When a person experiences physical death, it is mistakenly thought that his Soul leaves [his] … body … [but that’s a] mistaken sense … [of an] actual truth. [And the truth is] As you “die daily” [which is what we’re talking about] to the mental and physical sense of life, [then] the Soul is released and flies upward. [All right?] … [It becomes]… alive because of [your]…“death” of [the] … false sense of self. [In that day]you are released from the tomb of body and mind, and then the Soul is free.

Thus the Soul realm becomes your permanent dwelling place whether walking, talking, eating, sleeping.

You are the Soul that lives. But first you must know the you that is that Soul, and then you must begin to explore, search, and seek until you find Me, until you find your Self [your Soul], the real you. [That] … is the you that God sent forth to live God’s life on earth, the you that was never born, the you that will never die, the you that for a moment is entombed in a “parenthesis,” [and] struggling to break out …

And here he repeats his exercise.

If you search your body from your toes to the top of your head trying to locate where you are, you will discover … you do not exist anywhere between the head and the toes. You cannot find your Self in any part of the body, and this should give you [your] … first [clue] … “If I am not in this body, where am I? …” [And so] … the search for the man of God’s creation begins. [And] The great adventure has begun!

So the search for the man of God’s creation begins. That which is made is not made of that which doth appear, and that includes you. You are not made of that which doth appear. That which doth appear is a mental malpractice, universal, pumping into everyone’s mind. But that is not you, and as you let it go and become willing to let it go – bad and good – be willing, he says – you must be willing to let ‘em both go and stop trying to patch it up. Then you can drop it and stand still, and in the stillness ascend into the Soul realm. All right.

you will be able to see … God has planted the fullness of himself in you … [and] nothing can be added to you and nothing can be taken from you, … you really [do] live in your Self-completeness in God [in your Soul, in the Soul realm]. You will then [never] … seek … outside [yourself], but you will be free to share twelve baskets full every hour of the day without any thought … . Then you will be living a life of joy, heaven on earth, but not until you see Me as I AM – see your Self as it is, not locked up in a body … [no] … incorporeal, spiritual, omnipresent, free.

[And] Then you will know why is it written [in the Song Celestial by Krishna]: “Weapons reach not the Life; Flame burns it not, [water] … cannot [overwhelm],’ … for you are I, made of the very nature of God – indestructible, indivisible, inseparable from God. Neither life nor death can separate you from life, God, love, fulfillment!

And that’s the Introduction by Joel written in June – well, written on June 30th, which is today, only 1963, and so he wrote that exactly 50 years ago today. Isn’t that interesting? I had no idea. He invites you in that Introduction to leave behind the limited human sense of self, that universal mental malpractice pumped into the human mind. He invites you to drop it, to see its nothingness. Make no attempt to patch it up, change it, or improve it. Just drop it. Do not bring it with you. He invites you to leave behind all your concepts. Leave them on the shore. Leave them. Loose them and let them go. He invites you to step into the boat, the boat of Is. Launch out into the deep, into the center of the Soul realm within you. Let your Soul reveal itself. Be still and know. Launch out into the deep and stand still. Invite the Soul to reveal itself to take over.

No concepts. No self. No ideas. Just an empty vessel floating, listening, waiting upon the Lord.

[Silent pause..]

And says Joel:

The day will come when this will be your permanent dwelling place and the Soul will take over. And then Grace lives your life. You are no longer under the law of mental malpractice. You are free. No more evil. No more good. Just God, Soul manifest, Is’ing the harmony of being. Your incorporeal, spiritual Self, your eternal infinite Life living itself as itself as Soul.

Thank you, Joel. We accept the invitation. We take your invitation and we launch out into the deep. We recognize our place in infinity. We recognize we are in the middle an ascension, a transformation from humanhood to Christhood. We do not know what that is as an experience, but we are ready. We launch out. We act on the invitation. Act as though I am, and I will be, saith the Lord. And this act is an inner act, letting go, launching out, and resting on an infinite sea of Spirit.

Thank you, Father. God Is. I am Soul.

Please, my friends, take a moment. Drop me a private E-mail or public – it doesn’t matter. Tell me if you are enjoying these uncomfortable talks. If it’s helping, I would like to know.

In 1959 Joel became aware that he wasn’t aware that the students weren’t getting the principles of impersonalization and nothingization. They were not understanding the nature of error and so he devoted the entire – or he was instructed to devote the entire year of 1959 to teaching those principles so the students would have a firm grasp on that half of the equation, because until then all they knew was contemplating God and how beautiful God was and they were missing the other part.

Now here we are fifty years after his writing that Introduction called Awake, fifty years to the day, and I’m wondering if you’re getting these principles I’m spending time pouring out. Now if you are or you aren’t, I would still spend time pouring out because that’s what’s happening to me. I can’t stop it. But I would still like to know if you’re getting, if you’re benefiting. If you’re finding these talks helpful, I’d like to know because sometimes I make a talk or two or three and time goes on and I hear from one or two people, and I know hundreds are hearing them when I put them on the website, and yet no one is saying anything. And so it would be helpful to me if I could get a feeling of whether or not you’re getting something from these talks. Okay?

So I look to hear from you and if you have questions – oh, by all means write! Please write! I have to give it away. I have to share, and so if you have questions, I can share and maybe lift your burden, make it easier. Or if you have things to share that are beautiful, I’d like to hear that too. Okay?

This then brings to a close Part II of the Introduction Awake from the book Man Was Not Born to Cry, and as always I wish to say thank you very, very much, and I love you.


Good morning.

This is June 30th about 11:30, 2013, and I had an idea for a talk today and was going to cover some of the principles of spiritual healing, because it seems that nobody likes to practice or study the nature of error and practice impersonalization and nothingization. It seems they’d rather just concentrate on the beauty of God. The problem is that according to Joel if you don’t have the other half, you won’t experience the full realization. But I was told “no” and directed to cover the Introduction in this book called Man Was Not Born to Cry by Joel Goldsmith, and the Introduction is called Awake. So that’s what we’re gonna do, because I do what I’m directed. And let us have a moment of silence, a few moments if possible. Enter into a state of receptivity to your Soul and to the Soul realm, because that’s what we’re going to be talking about. Let’s take that moment now.

[Brief pause]

How many of you I wonder are familiar with the Soul realm? I noticed the other day because I was reading, studying, taking one sentence at a time from The New Horizon, that chapter in The Infinite Way, and I noticed that – well, I’ll read it to you and tell you what I noticed. It says:

The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension for us. This ascension is understood now as a rising above the conditions and experiences of “this world,” and we behold the “many mansions” prepared for us in spiritual Consciousness – in the awareness of Reality.

Well, that all sounds logical. If you remember in Beyond Words and Thoughts, Joel told us the ascension is always the same, rising above the mind. Rising above the mind. And he hints in many of these books and in many of his talks, he hints at the fact that the world mind – well, in fact, I’ll give you one right now. Hang on. Let me get it. It’s in The Art of Spiritual Healing. Let me get that and I’ll have it. In this chapter What Did Hinder You he says:

For years after I … learned to recognize all forms of sin, disease, lack, limitation, [and] depression … are hypnotism, the puzzle was to discover how to break that hypnotism … .

It was then that I discovered [the] … scriptural passage … “the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands.” … The weapon against error – our offense and defense – is something that is neither physical nor mental [not by might nor by power] … no action, no words, no thoughts – only the awareness of God.

Now pay attention to that word “awareness.”

As you carry this out in practice, watching the stone being formed in and of your consciousness while you stand to one side as a witness or a beholder, eventually a state of peace will come. [And] … you will catch a glimpse of God as Is not a power … just God is. … All problems fade out in proportion as you develop this ability to be quiet, to be silent, to behold, and to witness divine harmony unfold …

And finally, the point that I was getting to:

… when the human mind is not functioning,

This is the principle behind the process.

… when the human mind is not functioning, there is no more hypnotism. When you are not thinking thoughts or words, when you are in a stillness, the human mind is stopped – the hypnotism is gone. [And] When you experience this, you will feel something which transcends the human dimension … .

Now listen.

… when the human mind is not functioning, there is no more hypnotism. … the human mind is stopped – the hypnotism is gone.

Well then the hypnotism is the human mind! Right? Right!

And so he says in Beyond Words and Thoughts, that:

The ascension into the kingdom of heaven here and now, or into the realm of Soul, is always the same: rising above the human mind.

Do you see? So now going back to The Infinite Way, reading what we just read, he says:

The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now

Or into the Soul realm, into your very Soul, into God, because God and your Soul are one.

The first glimpse into the heaven of here and now is the beginning of the ascension for [you] … we behold … “many mansions” prepared for us in … the awareness of … Reality.

So in The Art of Spiritual Healing he says that the whole principle is rising above the mind into an awareness of something not human. And in The Infinite Way, in The New Horizon he says that the awareness of the Soul-realm is the first glimpse into heaven, and that takes place in the awareness of Reality. So what are we saying? We’re saying that the entire spiritual path is nothing more than an inner transformation from mind to Soul. From the mind – the sense-mind, the three-dimensional world that is in the mind – to the realm of Soul where your incorporeal Self is, and so that’s where the spiritual path takes place. There’s no path out here. It’s a transformation. “… be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind …” And trading that human mind for the mind which was in Christ Jesus, you are transformed. All of this is pointing out that it’s an inner realization of oneness, so you’re rising in awareness.

Now getting back to what I was directed. This book, Man Was Not Born to Cry, before the first chapter is an Introduction, and he titled it Awake. So we’ll look at some points in this which should suggest to you that you’re making a transformation within. You’re not going anywhere. The kingdom of heaven is not a place. The kingdom of heaven is at hand right now, closer than breathing. But your unawareness of it keeps you in the human mind, which is a human sense of existence, or the universal dream. You step out of that sometimes in meditation into an awareness of the Soul-realm and you’re making a transition from that human mind. You are ascending up into Soul awareness, and that takes place when you step out of that human mind within yourself. All right. Awake:

When you first come to [the] … spiritual study, it is only because some circumstance or condition of your life is in need of adjustment.

Yes, most of us found this because we were unsatisfied. There was a lack or a limitation of some sort which pushed us and drove us to find an answer. In my case I couldn’t find it in organized religion. I tried, but I couldn’t make it. I sat there and I became angry at the preachers and I wanted to tell them to stop scaring people, and so I just could never be comfortable and find it there. But it pushes us on until we begin to look for a spiritual answer. If we are inclined towards metaphysics, perhaps you started the same way I did with Emmet Fox or Walter C. Lanyon or some of the other metaphysical people. Perhaps some Unity writings, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, if that’s their names – I can’t remember it’s been so long. But at any rate, you started with some metaphysics. Maybe you went right into Christian Science. Eventually, however, the mental approach seemed to not be quite enough, and we were driven, and eventually maybe we all found The Infinite Way and Joel’s writings or Herb’s talks, and so here we are. He says:

During your spiritual study, you [found] … some degree of improvement taking place in your life, but I can assure you … you never will find all that you are seeking humanly, because it does not lie within the nature of a spiritual teaching to give you all the human good things you think you would like. In some avenues of your life, you will experience improved health, increased supply, [and other forms] … of human happiness, but you will not find the completeness … you expected. [Because] About the time you actually realize that it never is going to happen [for you], you will likewise perceive the reason, which is that you have been praying amiss. You have been trying to patch up or improve this human existence, and that is not the function of any spiritual message.

It is very clear from the message of every mystic … the object of the spiritual path is that we may “die” to the human experience and be “reborn” of the Spirit [or of the Soul realm]. We learn that the spiritual kingdom … is not of “this world,” … even [a] healthy, wealthy, … [or] wise [world].

On the mystical path, you learn that the goal of life is not the metaphysical goal of better health, [or] a … beautiful home, [or an] … expensive automobile, [or] … a satisfying companion …: the goal is releasing the Soul from the tomb of human existence, [and] more especially [from] the tomb of the human mind.

So there you have it. We came to metaphysics. We practiced the principles. We saw improvement in our life and yet, we went on and something happened or the principles seemed to stop working. We searched deeper and we find out that it never was about improving the human scene. The spiritual path is not there so you can have better companionship, a larger home, an increased supply, or better health. The spiritual path is there so that you can die to wanting any of these, so that you can die out of the human mind and the dream universe of two and begin to launch out into the deep into the Soul realm and let down your nets there.

Of course, you’ll find that Omnipresence, omnipresent Soul includes in it everything you need. Not necessarily everything the mind wants, but everything you need is provided abundantly with 12 baskets full to share – but that only when you are no longer seeking that. So we find ourselves finally ready to practice what the Master told us: Seek ye first the kingdom or the Soul realm, and maybe we are all standing there in this class, ready at last to seek the Soul realm, to seek to ascend into that Soul realm, which is not a place or even a kingdom or a realm, but an awareness in Reality.

And so we are trading thoughts for awareness. We are trading mind for Soul. We are trading the letter for Spirit. And so he says:

Every human being is in prison, the prison of the mind and the body, and during the normal human lifetime of an individual, he never gets outside of that prison.

All right.

There are some, however – explorers, artists, … adventurers – who do try to widen their horizons physically, mentally, and artistically, but only occasionally have there been one or two or three who wanted to explore the realm of the Soul.

The realm of the Soul is God awareness, or awareness of God, for God and the Soul are one.

Think of [that] … word “Soul” for a moment [he says] and see how little you know about it, and … remember … the rest of the world knows [even] less than you do, because you have discovered a great deal about [it] … in the writings … [and in the recordings]. The knowledge of the Soul, the life of the Soul, the wider horizon [of the Soul] … is the greatest experience that can come to any individual.

The Soul is imprisoned in the tomb that we call … human experience, the tomb of the mind and [the] body, and if we are to experience the Soul, we have to break through the limitations of … body and … mind. [And] This, the Master called taking no thought for our life, but seeking the kingdom of God, the realm of God, the Soul.

And there he just slips it in there so quietly you – you almost don’t notice. He says:

This, the Master called taking no thought …, but seeking the kingdom … [or] the realm of God, the Soul. [God, the Soul].

So if you’re wondering where God is, you have no more need to wonder, because he spells it out right there – God, the Soul. God and the Soul are One. Your Soul is God. God is your Soul. And if the – as we know, the mind and the body are concepts, the dream images, the dream world, the dream mind – then when you take no thought you, your reality, your Soul, your God Self – begins to make itself aware, begins to express in your awareness. You become aware of the I of you, and that’s the whole point of this.

So, let us look at this because I’m sure that most of us pass this by also. This is from the Hotel Wellington, and Joel wrote it. It’s a copy of what he wrote by hand on June 13th of 1960 at 7:00 p.m. Well, that was just a little while ago, but the same month we’re in now, only it was what – 53 years ago, something like that? Was it 53? Sixty plus 53 – is that 2013? Yes, it is. Okay. So it’s 53 years ago he sat in a hotel in early evening in England, or no – where is this? New York! Hotel Wellington, New York. And he wrote this. This was just before he was giving a class. Very important, and so I’ll read it to you.

At first he put: There are two secrets the world does not know, but then he overwrote that. He wrote on top of that: There are four secrets the world does not know, and when you read this he actually has one, two, three, four, five secrets the world does not know. So we’ll read what he wrote here. There are four secrets the world does not know. The reason why I’m reading this to you is because it explains the need to ascend into that Soul realm and the method to do so, and most people don’t want to do this. As I said at the beginning, we don’t want to study the nature of error even if we’re told that that’s the way to ascend! But we are very plainly!

Remember in the Kailua study series, chapter eight, which explains the secret of healing or the nature of error. He says at the end of that chapter, the end of that talk – You can throw out every other talk, every other chapter, and just stick to this one, and when you learn the principles you will have the secret of how to ascend, [or in his case, how to heal – in the case of that chapter, how to heal]. The ascension out of humanhood and into the Soul realm is the same as the secret to healing. They are one. And this will explain that. So:

There are four secrets that the world does not know.

  1. All evil has its rise in the universal belief in two powers, this belief operating as a universal, mental malpractice. This we sum up as the activity of the carnal mind or mortal mind, originally called devil or Satan.

Now that’s the first secret. What is it, first secret? Everything you see that appears evil and everything you see that appears good in the human scene is a universal mental malpractice. What does that mean? What does that mean to you – universal mental malpractice? Because he says you must understand this in order to ascend into the Soul realm. Well, to me it means there’s a universal dream, and that wherever you find yourself in this universe, that dream is pumping mental malpractice out. In other words, images, beliefs, concepts – always the belief in two powers, the belief in two. In the Kailua study series he says two selves, two universes, two activities, two beings, two minds. Always two.

And so it’s a universal mental malpractice always going on like a television station being broadcast constantly, and if you are in the human mind – what did he say in The Art of Spiritual Healing just now – that is the hypnotism. And so if you are just in a human mind and a human body walking around and occasionally you have a moment of prayer, then you go back to being a human mind and a human body, then you are, well – you’re hypnotized, aren’t you? You’re in the control of mortal mind or carnal mind. So that’s the first thing to understand if you want to be free. If you want to enter the Soul realm, the first thing is: All evil has its rise in the universal belief in two powers, this belief operating as a universal mental malpractice. This we sum up as the activity of carnal or mortal mind, originally called devil or Satan. Because it’s a temptation for you to believe you’re human. That your name is Mary or Bill or Tim or Jack or Susan or Martha or Betty, and it’s not – or Laurie. That’s not your name. It’s the name given to this mental image, this mental malpractice, this universal belief in a separate self, or a personal sense of self. That’s the name given to the dream person. But you want to ascend and feel and know your own omnipresence, your own Soul. So he says that’s the first thing. That’s the first secret.

  1. The second secret is that this mental malpractice has no power in and of itself beyond that of tempter, but it operates as power where not known and understood.

Now that’s the second secret. This mental malpractice pumping itself into your mind has no power behind it other than being a temptation for you to accept, but it looks, it smells, it tastes, it touches like power when you are not aware, when you are asleep. Hence, the name of the chapter Awake. You see that? It operates as power. Elsewhere he said that he used to say that the belief in two powers – this carnal mind, this mortal mind – was without power. But he said that’s an incomplete statement. He said, “I should have said it’s without power in the conscious awareness or in the presence of Christ.” And so when you have the awareness of your Soul – you’re standing in that awareness – then, then, and then only is this mental malpractice – does it have no power. Only when you’re standing in that awareness. If you’re in the human mind, as we read in The Art of Spiritual Healing, then it operates as power, but it’s a little worse than that. Listen as he continues:

  1. The third secret: Furthermore, the human scene, good or evil, is the product of this universal malpractice or carnal mind.

And so whether you’re looking out there and seeing your beautiful sunset or your cute little grandchild or your beautiful spouse or whether you’re looking and seeing a burglar or diseased tree in your yard or the corpse of a dog that was run over in the street or whether you’re seeing cancer eat away at your body – both of those are made from the same fabric. Remember he says in the Kailua study series: It’s vital that you see that this is a fabric and don’t treat the disease, but treat the overall fabric. It’s because he’s trying to get you to awaken. So number three is the human scene, good or evil, is the product of this mental malpractice which is being pumped into your human mind. We’re like the walking dead, aren’t we, listening to this and responding like a puppet on a string? Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable? It makes me uncomfortable. When I hear that and I see that I want to awaken. So let’s read number three. Furthermore, the human scene, good or evil, is the product of this universal malpractice or carnal mind [and he has this underlined] and has no contact with God and is not under the law of God.

All right. Why do bad things happen to good people? That should answer it right there. I studied so hard. I know this stuff backwards and forwards. You can give me a written test. I will pass it – a 100, 99 at the worst – but I will pass it 100. Give me that written test. I know these answers! Yes, you know these answers, but do you have an awareness of Soul? Are you ascending out of the mind that knows these answers into an awareness of Soul? Because if you aren’t, then your existence and your life has no contact with God and is not under the law of God. Ouch! Wow, who wants to hear that! I call these talks uncomfortable for a reason.

  1. And number four: Harmony of a permanent nature … [now listen to this, because he says] can only be attained …[and that means there’s one way] Harmony of a permanent nature can only be attained as the spiritual Self is realized through impersonalization and nothingizing. Impersonalizing and nothingizing of the carnal mind. [I’m gonna read that again because I tripped over that].

Harmony of a permanent nature can only be attained as the spiritual Self is realized through impersonalization and nothingizing of the carnal mind.

That’s what he wrote. What does that mean? Why did I bring that up at all? Because he says harmony of being can only be attained as your spiritual Self or your Soul is realized or you become aware of your Soul or the Soul realm through impersonalization and nothingizing of the carnal mind. You see now why it’s so important? He says in the Kailua study series in that chapter: [The Healing Principle], If you only know the beauty and joy and the experience of mystics of oneness with God, communing with God, but you don’t know the second half, then you will have very limited experiences of harmony. You may have communion with God in your meditation and come out of it and then experience lack and limitation. Why? Because you’re in the dream of two because you believe that inside yourself you can commune with a presence and then when you open your eyes you’re back to this human life. You believe in two, the dream of two.

So that is why he says the way that you come into an awareness of the Soul realm is through impersonalizing and nothingizing. So there’s two parts. He always says he starts his meditations with God and he recognizes his oneness with God, and then he goes into that part of the meditation where he realizes the appearance, good or evil, is nothing – has no power and no life and no law. He said that dozens of times, hundreds of times, maybe thousands. And then he rests. He rests in the Word and he waits in silence until he feels that movement – or expressed another way – until he comes into the awareness of Soul. Because in the awareness of Soul, then the mental malpractice is nothing. It’s dissolved. The light shines and the darkness disappears. Nobody knows where the darkness goes because the darkness is not a thing. It’s a no-thing. But when the light shines in the awareness of the Soul, in that inner quickening movement, ascension above the mind, then the duality disappears. It dissolves.

  1. But wait! There’s still a fifth secret. Then there is another unknown that is responsible for world discord. The secret of harmony is not in using power, but in refraining from the use of power since Omnipotence recognizes no power to overcome or destroy. The recognition of nonpower establishes harmony in the human scene.

Which is the whole purpose of the meditation, because when you come to the awareness of Soul and you have that inner release, then – well, you’ve recognized the nonpower of your Soul. Again, he said here: The first glimpse into the heaven … here and now is the beginning of the ascension … and we behold … “many mansions” [or many levels] … in the awareness of Reality [or the Soul].

Now, I’m going to explain that release one time and then we’ll get back to the chapter called Awake. Now he says here: [Art of Spiritual Healing]

When you really begin to comprehend in healing you are not dealing with people, when you learn to eliminate them and their claims from your thought and in every instance deal with the root of the problem, which is the carnal mind, the arm of flesh, or any word you choose so long as it means nothingness, you will find how quickly you will be able to become consciously aware of your Soul, the Presence within you. This Presence cannot be felt until you are free of the barrier, and the barrier is the belief in two, in two powers or in something apart from God.

Now, the minute you have made the carnal mind a nothingness, no power, you no longer have two powers and you can do just what it says in Scripture: You can rest in his word. You can rest in this word waiting for the Spirit of the Lord God to be upon you, [which is a fancy way of saying waiting for the awareness of Soul], and when it comes, it breaks the hypnotism.

You see that? Once more:

If with every claim that comes to you you can set aside any thought of the person, his name or the claim and go back to some word or term which to you represents nothingness – not something to fight or even rise above – but something that’s just nothingness so that you have only one power, then you can sit in meditation and you will feel the descent of the Holy Ghost, which means the awareness – you’ll have the awareness of Soul. You will feel the peace that passes understanding. You will feel a divine Presence and a release from fear or discord. And again, the principle behind this process is that inasmuch as the activity of the human mind is the substance of hypnotism, when the human mind is not functioning, there’s no more hypnotism. When you experience this you will feel something which transcends the human dimension.

Do we see? It all is one big circle, isn’t it? He spent all these words to tell you you need to go from the mind and thinking thoughts, which is twoness, into an awareness of Soul and its many mansions, which is oneness. So getting back to this chapter Awake, and this may end up being two talks. We’ll see. He says – and this is important. I want to read this too.

Some become so frightened at the first glimpse of the Soul realm that they never go that way again.

And I can tell you that I had an experience that was frightening to the human mind, and in that experience I was almost completely dissolved. There was just a tiny little piece way back there saying, “I’m afraid,” and then the experience diminished. So he says:

Some become so frightened at the first glimpse of the Soul realm that [they never want to go that way again, or] they never go that way again. God is light, and to come face to face with that light is more blinding in its intensity than to look directly into the hot sun. So, if it has been frightening, it takes an adventurous spirit to make more than one attempt. It is not that God is frightening, but that the human senses are frightened by the unknown. [And actually] Actually there is nothing to fear.

And so I felt in that one intense meditation I had in Florida that I was going to be completely dissolved and dispersed somewhere in the Infinite, but the fear itself made the experience diminish and subside. Now he says here: It takes an adventurous spirit to make more than one attempt, and trust me, I have been launching out into the deep over and over and over for some almost – well, for 41 years [Now 48 years]. All right. So now do we see what we’re saying? All of this – it’s taken 40 minutes to simply prepare you for what we’re going to talk about, and that is that it’s absolutely necessary to die out of humanhood, out of the human sense of existence, out of the human mind, in order to begin to have these glimpses or this awareness of the Soul realm, of your Soul, of God, because God is your Soul. I am that I Am. I am your Soul. And in order to have glimpses, in order to begin the ascension into the Soul realm, it’s necessary to impersonalize this mental malpractice pumping into you as a human life and nothingize it by realizing in the presence of Soul it’s dissolved. Okay?

As a rule [he says], progress on the spiritual path is so gradual that the entire way is a joy. Here and there, there will be experiences that are momentarily frightening because you had perhaps expected something different. For example, you may have thought that every day would be a joyous experience, whereas [are you listening, my friends? – whereas] those periods are few, [and so there are few periods of joyous experience] and the periods of barrenness and emptiness and the feeling that you are separated from God are many.

Well, I’m sure glad to read that! (chuckles)

Actually, these [periods of barrenness] are more necessary to your spiritual unfoldment than sitting on “cloud nine,” because without that complete barrenness you are a vessel already full, and nothing new can enter. [You must] You have to lose your concepts of God and what you expect of God.

I wish I could use a title for a book Santa Claus God because that is what the majority of the concepts of God are. Be assured … no one can enter the realm of the Soul with … such [a] God in mind.

Yes, you have to leave all of the mental concepts to have a glimpse of the Soul realm. You cannot have a concept of God. You cannot have a synonym. Any concept in the mind on which you rely will keep you tethered to the mind, the very thing you have to ascend out of in order to rise into the Soul realm. Now just in case you forgot – well, I’ll think we’ll start the second talk there. So we’ll finish this here.

The reason why this is an uncomfortable talk is because we are saying that you have to lose every concept you have or have had of God. Even the concept of omnipresence. Even the concept of spirit. The concept of infinite invisible. Anything to which you can get a mental picture of or mental idea. All of that has to go. You have to face entering the Soul realm with no idea at all about what you’ll find. None. You must be completely dead in order to be born, and this takes place in a moment ye think not, because all these concepts are thoughts in that mind.

Hence, the reason for Joel’s insistence that meditation is the way. Meditation is the way. Meditation is the way. We hear that over and over, and we think that if we become quiet and we rehash and rehearse some truths in our mind that we’re meditating. Well, we’re not. We might be contemplating mentally. It might be a form of contemplation or contemplative meditation, but it’s not enough. It’s won’t produce any harmony, but it may calm us down. It may calm us down. It may slow the mind down, which is what he says in The Art of Meditation, and eventually thought will come to a stop. Now is when real meditation can take place, that of being a complete empty vessel. That means none of the human is there. There’s no one home.

There’s a vast empty nothingness and personal sense doesn’t want to go there. It does not want to die even for these few moments in meditation. You’ve noticed it yourself if you see how you’re as quiet as you can be and these thoughts go marching on. Remember, he says we do not fight these thoughts. That won’t help us. That’ll tether us to the mind, tie us to the mind, bind us. No, we have to learn to contemplate long enough to become quiet, to become still. To be that empty vessel waiting upon the Lord.

You cannot lift yourself into the Soul realm, but you can prepare yourself by your being with others on the spiritual path, by your reading inspirational literature which lifts you into periods of quiet and calmness, and by listening to a talk or a tape or a class. These are the ways that you become still, but they’re not enough. No. You must launch out into that deep, empty, infinite ocean of nothingness, not knowing what you’ll find, and allow It, your Soul, God Itself to reveal Itself.

This is meditation, and in the presence of Soul awareness, the good and the evil of appearances in the mind dissolve. Or put it this way – in your awareness of Soul, mind is dissolved. In the shining of the light, the darkness disappears. It’s all one, and it is all leading to that transformation from human to Soul.

Once you learn to – well, I believe we’ll leave that for talk number two. This is talk one, the first half of the Introduction, Awake, from the book Man Was Not Born to Cry. Perhaps we are centered inside ourselves now and calm enough and quiet enough to have a meditation before part two. So I suggest you have that period of silence now inside of yourself and invite the Soul to speak. Invite the Soul to reveal Itself. Invite the Soul to take over, he says in the Beyond Words and Thoughts. Invite the Soul to take over.

And let us be still now for a moment.

[Silent pause..]

Okay. We will wrap this up by reading this. I want you to understand this clearly, so we’ll wrap this up, this first part, by reading this one more time from the Hotel Wellington in New York by Joel, five secrets.

  1. All evil has its rise in the universal belief in two powers. This belief operating as a universal mental malpractice. This we sum up as the activity of the carnal or mortal mind originally called devil or Satan.
  2. This malpractice has no power in and of itself beyond that of tempter, but operates as power where not known or understood.
  3. Furthermore, the human scene, good or evil, is the product of this universal malpractice or carnal mind and has no contact with God and is not under the law of God.
  4. Harmony of a permanent nature can only be attained as the spiritual Self or Soul realm is realized through impersonalization and nothingizing of the carnal mind.
  5. There is another unknown that is responsible for world discord. The secret of harmony is not in using power, but in refraining from the use of power since omnipotence recognizes no power to overcome or destroy. The recognition of nonpower establishes harmony in the human scene.

All right. Take a walk. Have a stretch. Take a break. Have a silence, and we’ll meet you back here for part two. And as always, thank you.