Good afternoon.

This is the 16th of December 2012, according to the calendar on my computer. The Mystical Principles site has started up once again, and I thought we’d have a smaller group with just the more serious students. And how do you know the more serious students? Well, those are the students that may occasionally ask for some help but pretty much have sure footing in these principles and on this path. And so rather than making a human life better, they’re more interested in what are the principles? And that’s how I see a serious student. They’ve gotten past the place where they want a little better supply or a little better health or a little better companionship. Not that they don’t ask for help once in a while in those areas, but for the most part, they’re serious about the principles and more interested in what is the correct principle behind this? How do I practice it? Knowing that these other things are added things which come from the practice of the principles.

So, here we are and we’re a small group and I’m sure they’ll be some others joining us as the nudge comes. And this is a talk, this talk I’m making this afternoon that is going to be available to the small group. It’s not going to be available to the general public and I feel that in this smaller group, I can be a little bit more explicit, a little bit, well, we can talk about some things that perhaps the beginner might be shocked at. So let us just get right down to the nitty-gritty and see where we’re at, each of us individually and you can ask yourself too, while listening or reviewing, “where am I at with this?”

Now unless you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere, surely you are aware by now of the unfolding tragedy in Connecticut. What’s the name of that? Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Twenty children and six faculty, I guess it is, gunned down, killed by an individual that it appears has a mental illness or had a mental illness because then he shot himself and if you’re like me and something like this happens, you ask yourself why or how? How could this happen?

Now, I hate to be brutal but we all read or hear in the news all the time about elementaryaged students in Afghanistan walking down the street and the religious zealots drive by and throw a bottle of acid in her face, permanently disfiguring her because she has the audacity to want an education and that’s perhaps so far away from home that we don’t, well, we’re sort of a few steps away from that and we kind of impersonalize it and don’t think too much about it. I’m sure we don’t agree with it and I’m sure perhaps our hearts cry out, “There must be something better. Surely, we must do something about this.” But it doesn’t bother us the same way as when a tragedy hits us in our own backyard. And so, when it hits close to home, if you’re like me, your thought goes to, “How could it? Where was God? God is Omnipresent.” We repeat that to ourselves. We read it in the message of The Infinite Way and in other messages. We read it in the Bible.

So, if God is Omnipresent, where was God standing while this this deranged person was shooting innocent children? We have to face this. We can’t just hide our heads under a rock. Where was God? How could this happen? This is, I’m sure, the very thing that these parents are asking themselves. I would be. But those of us that have been in The Infinite Way for any length of time, surely know the principles that answer this.

Let’s go to, well if you’ve read the articles or listened to the news reports out of Sandy Hook, then you know what a frightening experience that must have been. Now in contrast to that, listen to David in Psalms 91 and tell me what the difference is.

David says:

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, he is my refuge and my fortress. In Him will I trust.

And down a little farther:

A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee. There shall be no evil befall thee neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

Now, in The Infinite Way or perhaps in your own experience, you have learned or I have learned, that the secret place of the most High is the conscious awareness of the living Presence of God, here and now. And so if you dwell in the conscious awareness of the living Presence, the living Omnipresence of God, here and now, none of these things shall come nigh thy dwelling place.

Well, what happens if you don’t dwell in that? Well as you know only too well, you’re a human being or as Paul puts it, you’re in the flesh and they that are in the flesh cannot please God. But you’re not in the flesh but in the spirit if the Spirit of God dwells in you. Turn that around and it says, if the Spirit of God, if the conscious awareness of the Presence of God does not dwell in you, then you are not in the Spirit. you’re not in the awareness of the Spirit, you are only in the awareness of the flesh and of course, if you dwell only in the flesh, he says, its death. So, if you dwell in the conscious awareness of the living Presence of God, then you are led by the Spirit of God and “As many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”

Alright, so what does this mean? This means you either have a conscious awareness of the living Presence of God and you dwell in the Spirit and abide under the shadow of the Almighty and none of these things come nigh your dwelling place or you do not have the conscious awareness of God, you only have the awareness of a fleshly existence, a material world, you only have a material sense of body, a material sense of life, a material sense of supply, a material sense of companionship, a material sense of power, a material sense of health. And so you’re dwelling in material sense or in matter or in flesh and of course the wages of that is death.

Now, ask yourself this: If Jesus Christ had manifested at that school or on the road in Afghanistan, walking beside that child, if Jesus Christ had sat down to tell a story to these children in that classroom and this boy had walked up, would he have shot all those children? Could he have shot all those children? And you know the answer; of course not.

Well, what makes Jesus Christ so different? How does he have the power to stop this? He doesn’t and he’ll tell you that himself “I, of my self can do nothing.” Then, what of him? What in him makes the difference so much so that when a man possessed with a demon walked up to him, he never made an attempt to do anything. The demon itself said, “Well, what are you going to do with us? If it’s okay with you, can we go into that sheep?” Now you know something similar would have happened. What do you want me to do? Lay that down and come over here.

Well, what is the difference? What is the difference between Jesus Christ and say, one of the teachers or the principle which was plenty brave? What is the difference? The difference is the conscious awareness of the living Presence of the Almighty God, here and now, wherever you stand. The difference is that Jesus, having the consciousness of Omnipresence, of the Omnipresence of God, anything and everything that entered that conscious awareness stepped into the Omnipresence of God.

But now take him out of that picture, no Jesus there, what happens? No one has anything except the material sense of existence and the drama unfolds as it always does, sometimes good, sometimes bad; sometimes wonderful, sometimes horrid. That’s the nature of life lived on only a material plane.

So let us go back here and see, If I want to abide under the shadow of the almighty, if I want to be covered by His feathers and let His Presence be my shield and buckler, if I want to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, even though a thousand fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, if I want it to not come nigh my dwelling place, I have to find a way to dwell consciously in the secret place of the most High, to dwell consciously in the conscious awareness of Omnipresence Itself. That is the secret. Or to be led by the Spirit which makes me Son of God, which makes me aware of Omnipresence.

Now, how do I do that? If so be the Spirit of God dwells in me, then I am in the Spirit. I walk in another dimension and I take it with me wherever I go, whether I travel to Afghanistan, Iraq, North Korea, Hawaii, California or Connecticut or South Africa or China or New Zealand or Australia or Japan, I take the conscious awareness with me. It is my Consciousness and those that enter my Consciousness come under the shadow of the Almighty. Just as they do when they step into the Consciousness of Jesus Christ. So, they do when they step into the Consciousness of Barbara Christ or Bill Christ or Laura Christ or Linda Christ or Miranda Christ.

Whoever has that Consciousness becomes the sons of God. “If so be the Spirit of God dwell in you, then are ye the Sons of God” right? So, that’s why I can say you’re Barbara Christ or Jesus Christ or Linda Christ or Bill Christ and whoever steps into that Consciousness comes into contact with the Omnipresence of God. It is true, in the absolute, God is Omnipresent, but unless someone is consciously aware of that Omnipresence, God isn’t there. This is what started Joel on his search when he realized God is not in the human scene.

One person is a majority if they have the conscious awareness of Omnipresent God. One person becomes the son of God or Christ. One person becomes the only power in that consciousness or that room or that family or that town. Do you see that?

And so you have to be the difference maker in your community. You have to be the one, if you have children enrolled in a school, you have to be the one that going to that school, takes the consciousness of the living Christ, the Omnipresence of God, into that school. You have to be the one, that coming home knows that that consciousness stays there and goes with you wherever you go. That consciousness includes you and what you are aware of because it’s entering your consciousness and so you have to be the one that makes a difference in your community, by carrying the living Christ. You see that?

Now, here’s another principle: “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit.” See? We’re saying again, not what you can do physically. Well, we’ll just set up a bunch of barriers and put guards around and we’ll issue a proclamation or a law that nobody can carry any weapons in this town and we’ll do this, that and the other and make all these physical preparations to safeguard ourselves. We get all those in place and we feel pretty good about ourselves, we’ve made all these physical, material preparations and along comes a disease and wipes out the same children. How could this have happened? Because we were trying to save things by might.

Well, okay, so now we try on the other shoe and we try it by power. Let’s take a lot of positive thought, let’s give everybody a free psychoanalysis and let’s put in a lot of positives, a lot of positive thoughts and positive sayings. Let’s treat this town for the disease and make sure that we know that no disease has power and we’ll throw these truths at it and we’ll set aside a time to work on this and we’ll give it a lot of thought and a lot of energy and we will try by power to protect this community.

And sure enough the community doesn’t get any disease. Wow, we’re successful. But wait! A law is passed which affects the economy in that area and it’s devastated and people are laid off by the thousands. Nobody can find work and now they’re losing their houses; now they’re going hungry. But wait! We thought we had it fixed by power. No. “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit.” It doesn’t say as many as are filled with physical abilities they shall be the sons of God. It doesn’t say as many as are filled with intellectual power and acuity and mental power, those are the Sons of God. No, it says you give both of those up and you’re filled with the Spirit and then you become the sons of God.

And so not by might, not by something you can do physically. That’s not an answer. Not by power, not by something you can think or reason out or come to a logical conclusion on or agreement with. No. That’s not the way either. The way is by Spirit, by My Spirit.

In other words, again, the answer, the only answer that God says is the right answer, is the conscious awareness of the living Spirit of God, the conscious awareness of Omnipresent God, here and now. So if you have this conscious awareness, you are protected. It’s promised. It’s promised. A thousand shall fall at thy side, ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee thee.

Now Joel says here in his first talk of the 1955 Kailua Study Series, the very last paragraph:

Eventually you are going to see it’s just as much of a sin to believe that there is power in good thought as to believe that there is power in bad thought. That was the original discovery that started The Infinite Way on its way when I realized in 1932, that a good thought isn’t any more powerful than a bad thought. Why? Because a good thought is just as human as a bad thought and a human thought isn’t power.

You see? “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit.” Not by anything human, but only by Spirit and spiritual awareness, do you become the son of God, the child of God, that Consciousness that anything that steps into is protected. So you and your community have got to find a way to not use thought, not use any thought – good or bad. Not use any physical answer, good or bad. But only stand so still that you’re lifted into the awareness of the living Christ. Then that governs your Consciousness and everyone that steps into it and it does not come nigh thy dwelling place. Because if you’re led by that spiritual experience, then you are the son of God and if the son of God, then you’re an heir of God, jointheirs with Christ to all the heavenly riches. You see?

So now let us start again, those of us who are serious students, and let us look again. What is the answer? How could such a thing happen? And the answer: No one had the conscious awareness of the living Presence of God. All were living by a material sense of existence. That’s not anybody’s fault, by the way. That’s the nature of “this world”. “This world” is made up of individuals living solely in a material sense of existence, of personal sense.

But you, you know now. In your community, you must be the one willing to sit down with this Kailua Study Series, one talk at a time, perhaps one paragraph at a time, like we saw today, until you have thrown off the letter which is a mental exercise and will not bring you the Spirit of God, thrown off the letter and moved and been lifted up by the Spirit. You, each of you, in your community, must be that one, lifted into the conscious awareness of the living Omnipresence of God and this you do first, in your meditations.

If you have not yet read and studied the Kailua Study Series, chapter ten, “How to Pray” and chapter twelve, “Experiencing the Christ” and chapter 23, “Experience of the Christ”, if you have not read those then, study them, live with them and practice them to the point of stepping out of the material sense of existence, stepping out of a mental concept and simply resting back until you feel the inner movement and are lifted into the conscious awareness of the living Christ, here and now. If you have not done that, then that’s what you need to do so that you can be the difference maker in your community, so that you can be the son of God on earth, so that you can have the Consciousness into which those that step into it experience a measure of the Spirit of God, a measure of the Christ, a measure of the shadow of the Almighty, of the cool resting place. You must be the Christ in your neighborhood, in your community, in your house, in your family, on your street.

You have said that you are serious about learning these principles. Well then, stop coasting. Stop coasting. If you have the conscious awareness, then do as Joel suggested and take little moments throughout the day and evening and perhaps one or two times at night, and just for three minutes, dwell in It. Because what you’re aiming for is the constant, conscious awareness of the living Presence, even while going about your daily activities. Sometimes in the foreground and sometimes in the background, but always an area of your consciousness is consciously aware. That is what you’re, what we are, walking towards.

And if you don’t and have not had the conscious awareness of the Presence of God, then perhaps you might want to pick up “The Art of Meditation” and read it again and put that into practice, because if you know the principles and are practicing meditation, the Christ must lift you up at some point, you must let go, stand still, and see and experience the living Omnipresence of God, if only for a moment.

This is the consciousness that makes the difference. Christ Consciousness, which is nothing really fancy, it simply means that you are consciously aware of the living Christ; you feel it, you know it, you see it through discernment.

And so my friends, there’s only eighty five of us right now. I’m sure there will be more as we move forward. Then again, we may go forward and have a little community of serious students, making a difference in their own communities. Let me know what you think, or what you feel rather, not what you think. I’m not interested in what you think. Let me know what you feel about this. Does it feel right to you? And if it does, then post a message, we’re all here together and let us know that this is something that feels right.

Again, you be the only one to which it is true that a thousand will fall at thy right hand and ten thousand at thy left, but it shall not come nigh thy dwelling place. The only one to which that is true is he or she that dwells in that secret conscious awareness, it’s the secret place of the most High because it’s the conscious awareness that nobody knows, saving he or she that received it. And it is the Consciousness of the most High, the living Omnipresence of God and so dwelling there, in that, it cannot come nigh thy dwelling place and you become a law unto your little community. Whithersoever thou goest, the conscious awareness goes and the Christ goes with you, as you.

I hope in the days and weeks and months to follow, that we can cover some more principles in a serious way and not be afraid to look at things that perhaps would be upsetting to a newer student. Let us see how we can die to an individual material sense, fleshly sense or intellectual sense of existence and come into the conscious awareness of the living Presence, right here and now, so that we may be born into this new awareness. We can’t wait for this to happen somewhere down the line for God to wave His magic wand and lift us up into Christhood. We can’t even depend on teachers to come to our neighborhood and give classes. This is an inner work that each of us must do. No one can do it for us and none of it can happen if we’re still working on “Well, how can I double my income or get the right partner, or improve my health?”

Again, I repeat, it’s not that we can’t occasionally say, “Hey, I need a little help here. I’m falling back into a material sense of supply and of course, it’s not working.” But as soon as possible, stop asking for that kind of thing and instead let us see what principles we’re missing. What principle am I missing here? How could this happen to me? What principle have I missed? And let us not be afraid to look at it. If you dwell in only the flesh, you are going to die. You can look for an experience that’s pretty bad because you have no conscious awareness and these things will come to your dwelling place.

On the other hand, if you’re fearless and you say, “Well, okay, okay, what principles must I practice?” And you take it in your hands and you say, “I’m going to use these tools. I’m going to find a way to be lifted up into the conscious awareness of the living Christ, here in my midst, as my midst.”

Then, for you, it won’t come nigh thy dwelling and you don’t know how or where that awareness of Christ is going to move you, into what community and into what action and into what work. But trust me, it’ll be something you’ve never dreamed of, you never thought of, because it won’t be of thought, it’ll be of the Spirit – If so be that the Spirit dwells in you, then you become a son of God.

Now, let us look at this first chapter of John because this is what we’re really talking about. It says:

As many as received him, (that is, the Spirit) to them gave he power to become the sons of God….Which were born now, not of blood, (that is, not of the flesh), nor of the will (that is, not of the mind) nor of the will of man, but of God.

And the Word was made flesh, and dwells among us, and we behold his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.”

And this is exactly what happens to you as you practice dying to material sense.

If you will let go of material sense of existence, if you will let go of a mind sense of existence, if you will stand still until you are lifted up into that quiet place where you receive the Spirit of God or the conscious awareness of the living God, then you become the son of God and now you are no longer born of the flesh. You’re no longer born of the mind. You are born of God and now the Word has become your flesh, the Spirit has become your experience and standing still, you behold His glory, that is the secret place of the most High, the only glory of the begotten becomes your grace and truth. This becomes your living experience and into this Consciousness, anyone that steps into this Consciousness that is not of God, cannot exist very long. It will run, they will flee from you, but they will not come nigh your dwelling place nor any that dwell there with you.

So can we answer the question now? Even if perhaps we don’t enjoy looking at it? Can we now answer the question? How could such a thing happen? Such a thing always happens where there is no conscious awareness of God. If there is only a conscious awareness of flesh, then you have good and you have evil which is what makes up flesh. But where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom from good and evil both. Now you have neither. You have conscious awareness of the Omnipresence, the living Omnipresence of God, neither good nor evil, only God.

Well, I don’t know if I’m going to talk to you again before Christmas, which is in nine days (December of 2012). (Actually I will make a talk tomorrow, God willing, Sunday Dec 17th 2017).

A week from tomorrow will be Christmas Eve and Christmas day will be Monday. I hope you understand now what Christmas really is. It’s the birth in you of this conscious awareness of the living Christ and so I wish for all of you, all of us, a wondrous Christmas experience, so that we may see and know and believe and trust and feel the Omnipresence of the living Christ.

Let’s have a meditation for a moment….

Right here in our midst, in my midst, is the living Presence of Christ. Christ, take over this meditation. I am still. I am listening. I behold, I listen for, and I receive the Christ Presence.

And I feel the living Christ and I hear, “Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine.”

My dear friends in Christ, Merry Christmas to you and God’s Peace to your Consciousness.

With Love,


To Infinite Way students everywhere, in the States and abroad, from Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, deepest greetings of Love, from the island of Kauai. Once more we meet, once more we share an opportunity to be one with the Father a a group and to learn from the Source, where we shall go, what we shall do, how we shall receive higher levels of our own true Being.

First I hope you can join with me in a statement of gratitude, to Lorraine Sinkler; I feel that all of us should turn to her and say, “Thank you Lorraine, for a job well done.” Through the years Lorraine has been and is a trusted editor of the Joel books, a trusted editor of his Monthly Letter, an outstanding teacher. She has been a source of inspiration to thousands of students all over the world, and I know that you join with me in saying to her, “Thank you for the job you are doing, and the job you have done, and the job you will do; you have our total genuine appreciation.”

Last April in Monterey the message of Divine flesh rang out loud and clear. Our transformation from human flesh that deteriorates and dies, to Divine flesh that lives under Divine eternal law, sprang forth like a bud in blossom. There were handshakes of joy, commitments, letters received from students all over the country saying, “I am with you all the way,” and since then we have all been living with the Monterey tapes and others, meeting individually with our Spirit and in groups and now we are ready—we are ready to witness the expansion of Consciousness that is necessary to nourish those blossoms into Divine fruit. We are ready for absolute Truth.

When Spirit speaks whether in a book or through your Soul, you have the pure gold tried in the fire. So when scripture tells you, your body is the temple of the living God, you are being given a priceless bit of information that should change your life. And we’re not going to be like the world, so self absorbed that it does not even read the Spiritual word of scripture. Your body is the “temple of the living God.” Now you know it is not speaking about your physical body is it? Then what body is it speaking about? It must be telling you about a Spiritual body, a non-physical body.

And when Paul tells you that “to be with God, you must be absent from your body,” is he not revealing the same thing, is he not saying there is another body, that you can be absent from this body in another body and in that other body you are present with God? Isn’t Paul revealing that every individual on this earth living in a human body is separated from the Source of eternal life? Must be if you have to be absent from the body to be with God. So we have four million, four billion people walking in bodies that Paul says are absent from God. Instead of being absent from the body they are absent from God.

And then look at Luke. When Luke tells you that Christ Jesus was born of a virgin, don’t we realize that he is speaking about another type of body; a body not under the limitations of time and space, age or human energy, disease, weather, material law? These three biblical statements are facets of one mystery that you and I have been brought together to face, to understand and to overcome.

If you are a dedicated Soul and thank heaven I know you are, who hungers and thirsts for the pure truth of God, we now have a sacred opportunity in our journey to Divine Sonship. We have been led by Spirit away from the world of effects. We have been led out of Babylon. Out of the confused creature existence that worships the human ego and lives in bondage to personal sense. We have elected to transcend human selfhood. To transcend human will. To transcend the human concept of body and life and to place our trust in the presence, the power, the will, the love, the substance of God within ourselves.

The gold we seek cannot be mined in the physical earth or in the physical body. It must be mined in the fire of Spirit. The fulfillment we seek, the salvation we seek, the survival we seek does not lie within our mortal body. So if we have come to this special series of classes seeking only the gold that is tried in the fire of Divine love, be sure Spirit will read your heart and the glories of heaven will be revealed unto you not 30, not 60 but 100 fold.

To the son of God nothing is lacking for, “it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Your function, my function, is to be that son of God; not a dying temporary creature of human flesh. And our function individually and collectively as a group, is to learn from the Source how to surrender every human concept to our own Divinity. To exchange dying human flesh for living Divine flesh. To walk boldly through the material darkness guided by our own Spiritual light. To set Sonship with Source as the only acceptable goal and then to draw every breath of life, every action, every thought through the focus of that single minded purpose, knowing that the perfect path already is established.

For your Spiritual rebirth on this earth is already a fact and in that realization of it, together we will discover that our earth is transformed literally into the Heaven of God. We are walking through the fire of the earth by living in the fire of the Spirit. And we have only one guide – the will of God is our leader whether it appears through Christ Jesus, Christ Joel, or through the Christ of your own being, the will of God is your leader. The will of God is that you be transformed. There is no way to avoid that—the will of God is that you be transformed into the realization of the perfection that you are. That you may be, “perfect as your Father.”

None of us in our visible corporeal sense is perfect and our transformation then will be from the imperfect human to the perfect Immortal. The perfect Divine Self, the perfect Spiritual Being. The will of the world is that you remain in a mortal body until you die. Never mistake that. The world mind wills that you die. And this is the conflict that lives within each human being—the will of God that you transform; and the will of the world mind that you die.

And many so-called high initiates have often come on the reefs of disaster because they have been unaware of this conflict within themselves and they have fallen prey to separation from their own Divinity. We see it in high initiates in the bible. I think that Peter is a very outstanding example of the unconscious separation from God, that is part of the human heritage.

Peter loved Jesus. We know that he would have gladly followed Jesus anywhere even to death. We also know that Jesus was identified by Peter as Christ, the Son of the living God. And when it happened very strangely the Master was not content to leave Peter in the divided consciousness that speaks truth with its lips but does not follow through with its heart.

So Jesus charged his disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus, the Christ. You say why? And the answer is, because they had not yet perceived the full scope and nature of what Christhood really means. And you can see the extent of their ignorance almost immediately after Peter declares that “Thou art the Christ,” in the 16th chapter of John starting in verse 21. Immediately after that incident Matthew tells us,

From that time forth began Jesus to show unto his disciples how he must go unto Jerusalem and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes and be killed and be raised again the third day.”

Then Peter took him and began to rebuke him saying,

Be it far from thee Lord, this shall not be unto thee.”

Out of love, Peter, would use his own body to shield his beloved Master from the authorities. He would be a personal body guard for the safety of Jesus and anyone, anyone who dared to lay a hand on Jesus would have to answer to the big fisherman. What did Jesus think about this? Did this devotion warm his heart? Did he feel a deep glow of gratitude for this touching display of loyalty? Uh, uh, he did not! Instead Jesus turned and directly to Peter he said,

Get thee behind me, Satan, thou art an offense unto me, for thou savorest not the things that be of God, but those that are of men.

I guess Peter must have been quite shocked. Here was this extraordinary outburst from the man he loved. The other disciples must have been equally shocked to see Peter rebuked for wanting to protect the master. And I think the most amazing of all, even more amazing than the surprise of the disciples, is that teachers of the bible for 2000 years have walked past this episode. They simply haven’t bothered to explain it. They are completely unaware of the earth shaking revelation hidden in the inspired words of Jesus the Christ. Love had spoken direct from God to man and what Peter missed then what mankind misses now was given to the world by Paul when he declared:

God does not dwell in temples made with hands.”

In that one staggering sentence he caught the truth that has evaded the human race from the beginning of time to the end of the 20th century. “God does not dwell in temples made with hands.” Be still with that a moment—please, “God does not dwell in temples made with hands.” In bodies made of human flesh. The Father within you is not within your human body but in that other body, the temple which is the temple of the living God.

And what is the big secret Paul is giving us? It is this: the incorporeality of Jesus Christ was not known by his own disciples. And it has not been realized by world religions or by science—the secret of incorporeality had been revealed to Hebrew prophets: to Moses, to Solomon, to Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel. It was revealed to Krishna and Gautama the Buddha. For truly every master knows his own incorporeality. But always the truth that we do not hear, the truth that is not spoken directly to our human mind is too explosive to reveal to corporeal sense. And always the idea of living in a body not created by the physical union of man and woman has been beyond the realm of human understanding.

And Peter in his innocence that Christ does not live in a body “a temple made with hands,” but lives in his timeless, ageless, deathless, incorporeal body of Divine flesh, in his ignorance of this, Peter wanted to protect Jesus from pain, from suffering, from death and for this act of devotion Jesus rebuked him. Oh, no, not because Jesus was unappreciative, but because the time had come to drop into human consciousness that there is another body, a temple made not with hands, a body that can never be destroyed and which never needs human protection.

Hold the silence! Feel the presence of that body revealed by the words of Paul.

Now why did we have to learn through Peter that Jesus is the Christ? And why did we have to learn through Christ that he lived in an incorporeal body that can never be destroyed? There’s only one answer. Because we also have such a remarkable indestructible, eternal body of Spirit. The same Spiritual body of Jesus is the body of you and the body of me; the body of the human race.

There we have the message taught by Jesus Christ. And it is the Divine function of The Infinite Way in this century, to teach every dedicated Soul how to find this incorporeal body and how to live in it free from world karma, free from lack, free from limitation, free from the threat of catastrophes, from sickness, from war, from nuclear missiles, from old age, free finally from the deception of death, the final enemy.

You might say that is a glorious purpose but are we fooling ourselves. Is this a pipe dream? Are we being trapped by another shinning promise, or, are we making a breakthrough that can liberate ourselves and those who follow us from bodies of clay that are enslaved by world ignorance?

By their deeds ye shall know them.

And within range of my voice there are hundreds of students who already have experienced a measure of the miracle of their own incorporeal body. Perhaps you are one of them.

When a young man falls four stories from the roof of a condominium and walks away from that accident alive and relatively un-bruised, you can be certain that the three Infinite Way students who immediately took him into Consciousness, discovered his deathless incorporeal body outside of world thought and they lived in that truth until Spirit released him whole, completely unharmed.

By their deeds ye shall know them.”

And when another student was faced with immediate surgery for an internal malignancy or certain death and said to herself, “How can this be if I am the child of God?” and then boldly she walked out of the surgeon’s office without an operation. Again, you may be sure that she, her friend who worked with her in Spirit, and her practitioner, in the deep Silence of Divine Peace found her incorporeality and within two months when she returned to the surgeon for a check up he discovered the malignancy had vanished. “I really have no idea how this could have happened,” he said, and his patient turned to him and replied, “but I do.”

You see she had realized her own incorporeal body and I know some of you right now are saying, “So have I,” because you have. The marvelous truth is that in all Spiritual healings, recovery comes from the conscious or unconscious discovery of the One incorporeal body of infinite Spirit which is perfect as the Father. And if you follow Jesus through the Holy Land you will see the application of this potent principle liberating the unillumined who are held captive in a corporeal sense of body.

As the Silence envelopes us, it says enter now into your Secret Place and behind and above your thinking mind, let your Soul find you.

Questions: Are you corporeal or are you incorporeal? Are you flesh or are you Spirit? Are you temporary, born of the flesh or are you the Eternal child of God; never born, never dying?

Question: is your Spiritual Self a reality? Where is it? God is all, God is not corporeal, God is present and God is not corporeal. Is corporeality present if God is all? If God is present then is your corporeality present?

Outside the capacity of your five senses God is now, present, right here. Inside your five senses corporeality appears. Inside your fives senses God cannot appear because God is incorporeal and imperceptible to your senses. Inside the five senses of man only Jesus could appear as corporeal man; but outside the five senses of man, the eternal, incorporeal Christ, is present here now and always. There was no corporeal Jesus. The incorporeal Christ said so; where Jesus appeared incorporeal Christ stood. Where you appear, is there really a corporeal form, or, does the incorporeal Christ stand where you seem to be?

Your demonstration of Sonship, your transition, your salvation, your fulfillment, your survival, depends on your realization of two factors. First, that the incorporeal Christ-self of you is your permanent and only Self; that where your corporeal sense of body and life appear to be, your incorporeal Christ is; and second, only by practicing the Presence of your incorporeal Self and learning to live in it daily, can the light of Christ lift you out of dying flesh into Divine flesh; that is eternal, that is perfect as God, your incorporeal Source.

The repetition must be made now if you are not practicing daily the Presence of your incorporeal Self, you are remaining in constant separation from the Grace of God and from your own Eternal life. The pendulum is always swinging between corporeality and incorporeality. Choose one, the wrong one, and you remain in the mortal illusion, choose the other, the right one, and the Kingdom of heaven on earth becomes your habitation. You cannot be both Spirit and flesh. You cannot be both Spirit and corporeality and because you are incorporeal Spirit, the material illusion must bring you suffering until you awaken, until you refuse to live in the imitation corporeal life and body and turn to your real incorporeal Self.

In his rebuke to Peter, Jesus was ripping away the corporeal veil which contains the effects of duality such as: war, poverty, pollution, hunger, disease, all that; to reveal incorporeal man as your only identity here and now, and the ever-present incorporeal universe as the finished kingdom of God in which the Son of God, your only Self, now lives forever under Grace; while the corporeal creature which you think you are or once thought you were, continues in the dream of a struggling life stream sandwiched between the illusions of birth and death.

We have now the secret of life to flow with the will of God and because God’s will is no longer a mystery we may confidently release ourselves to the will which has been expressed to us and that will is for you to transform—transformation through the renewing of your mind by your Soul; transformation from the corporeal illusion that suffers and dies, into the incorporeal Self that already has overcome this world.

Again the will of God says,

My kingdom is not of this world,” but, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God,”

And then it says to us,

flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of God.

But seek it; and therefore we are told; do not seek the kingdom as flesh and blood but rather, seek ye first the incorporeal kingdom of God and all things will be added unto you.

Do you doubt any of this? Can we turn from this expressed will of the Father; can we say, “But I want to cling to corporeality, I want to cling to the concepts which are so beautiful in this world, so dear to me, so cherished, so close?” Or, can we accept the expressed will of God to flow with that will, to step out of the cosmic mind which is presenting corporeality to mankind, can we do that? Is this not the way that we overcome the sense of a body that needs protection against advancing age, natural disasters, germs, violence, inhumanity and the entire inventory of corporeal illusions that surround us?

The inner voice whether you hear it or not is saying to you, “I am your Self and you are incorporeal Being. You are the Soul of God; you are the Spirit of God; you are the incorporeal Christ of God, right here and right now.” Your salvation lies in your own hands by knowing the truth and when the bible teaches you that Christ is the identity of Jesus, it is teaching that there is no corporeal Jesus only the incorporeal Christ. And only the incorporeal Christ is standing there but that is not all, the incorporeality of Christ seen by human eyes as the corporeal Jesus, is part of an even larger secret, and that secret is, that all corporeality to God is an illusion and that incorporeality is the hidden identity of every man, woman and child who has ever walked this earth.

Be ye transformed from corporeality to incorporeality because God is no respecter of corporeality. This is the Divine will ignored by man and by the teachers of man and Spirit is bringing this universal error to our attention right this moment. By worshipping Jesus instead of the incorporeal Christ, religion has driven a wedge between God and man encouraging corporeal man to worship his external God. It cannot be done, it is impossible. No human being has the capacity to worship God.

Have ye that mind which was [also] in Christ Jesus.”

You are the incorporeal Christ. How could you have the Christ mind if you are not the Christ? How can you be the imagine and likeness of God and be a dying form at the same time? How can you be standing on Holy Ground if you are not Holy your self? Your original Spiritual substance has never changed, for many life spans you have wandered through the corporeal dream seeking God and denying your own Reality; seeking wisdom and Divine guidance, unaware that your own incorporeal Christhood contains everything you seek and more. Now the instant you awaken from the dream of corporeal flesh the Christ who gives us light is seen as our own incorporeal Self which is made in the image and likeness of God and we are free of the illusion of dying flesh forever.

Fortunate we are that Christ did not rebuke Peter and let the matter drop right there. When Peter recognized Christ where Jesus stood, it was Christ who then replied,

Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

On the Rock of Christ, ah, but Christ is incorporeal not corporeal. And it is on the rock of incorporeality that we stand secure against the gates of hell, which are really the jaws of the world mind ever seeking to consume our false corporeality. The incorporeality of Christ who has overcome the world, still dwells among us. And is still saying to the Soul of every man,

If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

Once more the will of God is saying, “to follow Christ, you must reject the dream of corporeal flesh, accept incorporeal Spirit as your reality now, and this is the key to your Father’s perfect kingdom on earth as in heaven.”

Your move from corporeality to incorporeality turns earth into heaven, you cannot be both. And any individual living in a corporeal sense of life whether he be good or evil, moral or immoral is violating the will of God and separating himself or herself from the will, life, power, law, harmony, and Grace of the only creator. Relentlessly, to be sure that you hear the truth, Christ continues,

Whosoever will save his life will lose it, whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.”

In other words, whoever lays downs the sense of corporeality for his own incorporeal Christ Self, will find his own perfect Divine Self. And this is the will of God, unmistakably.

Your obedience to it opens the unlimited resources of your Soul.

For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own Soul, for what shall a man give in exchange for his Soul for the son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels and then he shall reward every man according to his works, verily I say unto you there be some standing here which shall not taste of death till they see the son of man coming in his kingdom.

Six days later Jesus revealed the greatest secret ever disclosed on this earth on the Mount of Transfiguration he showed three disciples that he did not live inside a finite human form. To their astonishment he revealed his incorporeal body which had no human boundaries he was saying to the world, “this is your body, live now in your infinite body of Spirit and for you the gates of heaven on earth will roll open to welcome you into the Kingdom of perfection here and now.”

Your own incorporeal Self is the way, The Infinite Way, the truth and the life and only in that Self can you fulfill the will of God your eternal Father and be as perfect as your Father wills you to be.

My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, give I unto you,”

for the peace that passeth the understanding of the human mind comes only to the one who lives as a living Soul.

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall inherit the earth.

And it is now time for every truly dedicated student of The Infinite Way to inherit the earth, to step apart from the world mind to incorporealize your environment; to incorporealize your child, your mother and father your brother and sister. To incorporealize your neighbor; to incorporealize your husband and wife; to incorporealize the human race. To accept the incorporeal Christ identity of mankind and daily to live in that acceptance and to demonstrate it by living works.

We are going to enter our own incorporeality very frequently during this series of tapes and in between all tapes you will be entering your incorporeality and releasing it into visible manifestation in this world. And through it you will be releasing the will and power of the Father wherever man walks.

On the other side of this tape we will go into a further discussion an expansion of our own incorporeality. And also, I have been instructed to set up a meditation group for all who walk this path in the United States and abroad, and the time will be 7:00 PM, California time and the subject will be given to you on the other side of the tape. But in order to prepare for the subject you must develop this capacity to do what we did at the beginning of this first side of the tape. We stepped out of the shadow into the Substance. Out of the form into Life. Out of the finite body into an acceptance and then an awareness of the infinite Essence of our own incorporeal Self; into our everywhereness.

And you will learn to establish this so well that you will not only apply it in the meditations that we will develop on the reverse side of this class but you will apply it to your life and you will see incredible results.

Let us hold the Consciousness. Let us thank the eternal Father for individualizing as our own incorporeal Self which is undivided from Source forever. Let us rest in this Indivisibility knowing I and my Source are one. I and the Father are the one incorporeal Self without division, and the power of one undivided Consciousness will lift you out of the mental realm up into the higher dimensions of Soul, Spirit and Christ; where Christ within becomes the expression of the Holly Ghost enforcing the perfect will of the perfect Father.

We thank the Father for this class; we thank the Father for bringing together those who dwell in the gold of the Father’s wisdom. We thank all who serve the Spirit; we thank all Infinite Way teachers, we thank all Infinite Way tape leaders, we thank all teachers in all movements throughout the universe; who dig deep into the mind of Spirit for the truth they bring forth. And we thank all those who walk the path of Spirit with one thought: to find the universal love of the Self which binds men with the understanding that prevents the follies and futilities that this world has witnessed through lack of its own Spiritual center.

We offer a universal thanks to the universal Father and together in oneness we walk onward and upward, to higher dimensions of our own Being, guided by the will, the love, the Grace, the wisdom, the omniscience of the omnipresent One which we acknowledge as our infinite Self. We stand still before the infinite One.


Let the Father speak to your Soul as it receives the Bread of Life.

One Self, One Eternal Being, without opposite – forever. I AM That I AM, and my fidelity to this Truth is the key to the Kingdom.

Blessings, blessings, blessings – eternally.

——- End of Side One ——-

The 1983 seminar in Orlando, Florida will take place on April seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven. The original dates given were April nine to thirteen, and that is incorrect. The correct dates for the Orlando seminar in 1983 are April 7th to April 11th – that’s the Thursday night, April 7th, immediately after Easter Sunday, which takes place next year on April 3rd. And so please make that correction on your calendar and be assured that when you receive your invitation in about two or three months, the dates will be correct – April 7th to April 11th, 1983 in Orlando, and of course we are looking forward to seeing you there and sharing a very special experience.

Now I know that there are floods and avalanches and storms all over the country, and that many of you are applying the knowledge that you developed and the capacity that you developed throughout the years that we have worked together. I’m thinking particularly of seventy-nine when we worked on weather – weather control, weather awareness – and I’m thinking of those of you who have done so nobly on volcanoes up in Oregon. You should know by now that we are not helpless against weather. You may recall Joel’s superb record on the Hawaiian Islands, that during the ten years of his habitation here, there was not one destructive tidal wave in the sense of taking human life. I’ve received only moderate feedback so far from the savage floods and storms that everybody seems to be experiencing across the country right now. One individual in northern California told me that the destruction of homes on his hill is immense and said thanks to his Infinite Way understanding, his home was relatively untouched. Check back to your 1979 “Mystical Tapes” when we really had some beautiful group meditations, and be prepared Spiritually for any natural disaster that the cosmic mind wants to throw at you. You are not helpless, and I know I need not tell that to many of you.

We have our goal rather clear and specific, defined by the Spirit. We are shaking off the dust of corporeal existence. We are awakening from a hypnosis that has enslaved mankind for centuries. We are following instructions given by Spirit, and we are entering our own incorporeal Self which dwells in the Kingdom, right here, right now, and which is as perfect as God. We’re walking out of the twoness of mortality into the oneness of Immortality now, for we trust our Father, who has said to us,

Flesh and blood cannot enter the Kingdom of God, but it is My good pleasure to give you the kingdom if you believe that the incorporeal Christ is in the midst of you and is My Son.”

Do you believe the incorporeal Christ in the midst of you is the Son of God, that It is you? Our faith in God and in the expressed instructions of God give us the courage and wisdom and the joy to respond to the love of God by entering a sacred Silence where the Spirit may sanctify our Soul with the power of the Holy Ghost moving invisibly on the waters of Divine Peace.

Beyond your thinking mind now, beyond the mind of the world, beyond the activity of a human brain, let Divine thought bring you the sweetness of inner peace until a Presence is felt, a silent understanding is born, a feeling takes form in words unspoken. On the threshold of your virgin Consciousness, your own inner Identity comes into your awakened Soul. You can feel, know, experience I, and that I is the I of you which says:

I AM, and God is everywhere. II am your everywhere Self, and I am the only savior you need. I am real. I am always here. I am always in the NOW. The moment you step out of time, out of corporeality, here I am. Through every prophet, I have spoken, and now to your Soul, I speak, for whoever knows ME as the incorporeal Self of mankind, also knows My Father, for I am the incorporeal Son of the ever loving, every present, ever perfect incorporeal God. Do you feel My Presence? Do you hear Me? . . . For I am you and whatever I am, you are. I am the incorporeal Christ, and I speak again and again to the Soul of man throughout the world. Some hear, and some do not. I always seek to enter your Soul Consciousness to teach you how to live now, here in the finished Kingdom of God; how to walk without making footprints in the sands of time; how to overcome the cosmic concepts of a human body that ages, of human heartbeats that fail. Ever I am lifting you from the corporeal illusion into the blessed realm of Selfhood as the eternal Son, which you always are, always have been, always will be.

Now, you need patience, you need trust. You need to know that in your Spiritual Identity you exist everywhere. That is not known by your senses, but everywhere with infinite Spirit, you are – without blemish, without a trace even of a human past, for that existed only in the dream of the cosmic shadow called world mind. Learn to trust I, your everywhere Self, always present, always free, always unblemished, always the only you. In this trust, I will come to you. I will be your power and your life. I will teach you how to see with incorporeal eyes, how to hear with incorporeal ears, and I will teach you how to transfigure. I will show you the Life that never dies. I will bring you into Oneness with perfect Reality – all around you, though it seems to be to man, to be the past, the present, and the future, I will show you the forever, perfect NOW.

But that is not all. Remember that even as I leave your consciousness, you never leave mine. Again and again I will return to you, blending with you until you have the confidence to know that I am always present, even when you do not feel my Presence, and then let your senses release their finite, temporary, mortal belief in form. Your confidence will increase, and you will find that the words of the Father always have power, until your own capacity to relax in those words, in your everywhere Spirit, which is incorporeal, will enable you to let the grave clothes of corporeality dissolve into the mist of a forgotten dream.

We are resting now, contemplating our true Identity. You are the Light. The Father says so. But you are not a fraction. You are the Light of the world. Your Light is everywhere behind what is seemingly the world. Open your consciousness now to this essential Truth, and within your Self gently speak the words that you must learn to trust every single day, every single hour, every single minute of every moment that you continue to walk in a corporeal appearance. These are the words:

I am the Light of God. I am the everywhere Light of the world. I am not finite form, nor do I exist inside finite form. The Light of my Spirit is the substance of the Kingdom of God here and now. I am that incorporeal Light, the Light that ever was, that ever will be. This everywhere Light, which I acknowledge to be my Divine Selfhood here and now is the transforming substance that takes corporeal me out of dying flesh into the permanent eternal perfect image and likeness of my Father, into Divine flesh that can never die.

This Divine substance, this Divine Light of my incorporeal Self is the nectar of the Gods. It is the living Word that expresses and manifests the perfect will of God always invisibly present waiting to be released into visible form; and in that perfect will is contained my harmony, my fulfillment, my peace, my joy, my love, my integrity, my cooperation, my service, my understanding, my health, my purity, my sharing – all this is now in my true Identity, and as I rest in It I am cleansed of karmic debts. I am prevented from building new karma. I am guided past the tempting illusions of corporeality.

I am now awake in Self witnessing invisible Reality, where every need already is met without asking. I rest in the finished Kingdom of my own incorporeal Self – the Light of the world – and though I see them not with human eyes, the treasures of my eternal Life are flowing forth in the rhythm of God, glorifying the perfection of the Father in all things. I rest. One infinite Consciousness knows Reality. In my incorporeal substance, I am now One with my eternal Source, which is All, which knows All, which maintains that Allness beyond the power of this world to interfere.

All this is permanent Truth, always available. This will become permanent Consciousness as we practice. This advanced level of our work is being given now for all Infinite Way students who have carefully applied Infinite Way principles to their daily life, and who have found it within their power to make a commitment to living in Spirit, through Spirit, as Spirit. To these dedicated Souls, obstacles are always opportunities – opportunities to know Identity and to watch the obstacles of non-identity dissolve in this Soul Consciousness.

We know now that the path must always get narrower before it gets wider, and we are prepared to face every situation from the focus of Identity and never to be drawn out into non-identify. In order to break corporeal hypnosis, we must put forth a faith that passes understanding if we are to attain the blessed peace that also passes understanding, and it is for these disciples of Divine wisdom that Spirit is now bestowing the gold – tried in the fire. Absolutely nothing is being withheld, and Spirit is saying to you:

You have paid the price. You have sought the Kingdom faithfully, and now your own incorporeality – your own incorporeality – is revealed to you as the key to paradise. Please use that key wisely. Treasure it forever. Do not put it in a drawer of your mind and then forget it, and never assume that the key can turn the lock by itself. It needs your active, conscious cooperation. Abide in Me, and I in thee, and you will bear fruit richly.”

Before you experience your incorporeal body walking on water, before you witness the perfect incorporeality of mankind, you will have to incorporealize your environment, your job, your family, your government, your daily activities through the discipline of your mind. You cannot be both corporeal and incorporeal. You cannot use your corporeal will and live incorporeally at the same time. Get that. You cannot use your corporeal will and live incorporeally at the same time. You must have a total discipline of your corporeal sense and its relationship with the world, and this is attained by living in your Identity, which enables you to find Truth and to maintain it in consciousness in the face of all the sense evidence to the contrary – prayerful silence in the midst of both the storm and the sunshine. You’ll find that you’ll be following the Master, who was always in a state of prayerful silence. Frequently – these periods of Identity cannot be overstressed. The secret of your own harmony and your healing power is your constant ability to remain in the perfect NOW, which is unconditioned, instead of being trapped into passing moments of forbidden fruit – or material images.

We think of Jesus often as praying before healing physical victims, but he was always praying before and after. He would pray right after a healing. One day after sunset, after rebuking unclean spirits and releasing the mother of Simon’s wife from a fever, and then healing an assortment of other diseases, we’re told in Mark that,

In the morning rising up, a great while before day, he went out and departed into a solitary place and there prayed.”

At another time, after multiplying loaves and fishes for about 500 – 5,000 actually – 5,000 people, Jesus sent his disciples away and

he himself departed into a mountain to pray.”

You see, constantly, before and after his might works, he was taking nourishment from his incorporeal Self, which is one with God, and he was prodding his disciples to follow his example. You would always hear him say,

Come ye yourselves apart into a desert. Rest a while.”

He would always counsel them, and then we know now that the desert place was not a geographical place. It was the symbol of the secret knowledge of Divine Selfhood, where material thought does not exist, and where material powers are nothingness.

So if you’ve been waiting for Spirit to guide you in your major life decisions, please now put into practice the principle of Incorporeality. It goes together with Grace. Instead of waiting for God to show you if you should change jobs or mates or cities or whatever you think you want to change, try to rise above the temptation to accept the problem as the world mind is presenting it to you. Come up higher. Come up to the finished Kingdom of your own Incorporeality, where there is eternal harmony, where there is no human thought to confuse or to distract you from the will of the Father, and rest in your Incorporeality, outside your sense of body, outside the belief in bodies anywhere in the world, in the incorporeality of the universe, in the incorporeality of mankind – rest there. And when the inner release comes, and you know there are no bodies anywhere – only one universal Divine Self, which is incorporeal – in that illuminated moment, your Divine Self will perform the miracle that no human thought can do.

I, your incorporeal Christ-Self, I give unto you the power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all power of the enemy; and nothing – nothing shall by any means hurt you. Did we remember that through the storms and the floods? Were we in the Identity which knew this to be the Truth? I, your incorporeal Christ-Self, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man cometh into the Father. Only through your incorporeal Christ-Self can you release Divine Grace into visible manifestation. I, your incorporeal Christ-Self, I am he that liveth and was dead. Behold, I am alive forever more, and I have the keys of hell and of death.

Today, the power of those inspired words is as great as ever – as great as when the disciples heard them 2,000 years ago, but these words must be Spiritually understood. The speaker is I Christ within you, but there’s only one Christ. That Christ is never in your human body. The Christ of Jesus must be the very same Christ of you and of everyone, for that Christ is universal, incorporeal, and it really says, “The universal, incorporeal Self of you is alive forever more, and it has the keys of hell and of heaven, for I, the Christ of you am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. I give unto you all power over the enemy.” And that enemy is the world mind, which creates the illusion of the flood, the fire, the storm, the avalanche, and of all the suffering endured by corporeal, mortal man.

Now let’s put it to work. In October of 1980, in the Self Surrender series, many of us meditated for the American hostages held captive in Iran. We meditated in a different way – not with the idea of getting the hostages back to the United States. Instead we went into the finished Kingdom of Reality, knowing that here in the finished Kingdom of God, of living Spirit, there are no hostages – that no hostages have ever been captured in the Kingdom of God, and that nothing is here but the Kingdom of God. There are no mortals in this Kingdom, no hostages – only the one, infinite Son of God, and in our quiet we saw the Truth of one God, one Life. Simultaneously we realized the illusion of the entire hostage picture. What we may not have realized is that we were then accepting our own Incorporeality, and the Incorporeality of the hostages, and the Incorporeality of their Iranian captors; and during these daily meditations together, we lived outside the concept of human body, outside corporeality. We lived in the Kingdom of Incorporeality, and, lo and behold, within two months – after a stalemate of over one year – the deadlock was broken. The boys were on their way home.

Something was learned during that series of meditations, and what we learned is that the return of the so-called 52 hostages was merely the Spiritual Truth of no hostages, no corporeality realized in consciousness now readjusting the visible world to conform to the invisible Truth. We had no hostages to bring back. We simply knew the Truth, and the Truth expressed as freedom. The Truth was the incorporeality of man and the universe and the power of that principle never varies.

Now we have the Polish crisis. To our visible eye, freedom is being stifled, blood is being shed, nations are taking sides in other troubled areas appearing in the world, revealing that corporeal man always seeks to dominate corporeal man, and that the strong always oppress the weak; and always the only solution sought is material power, but we have a function now.

During the next two months, we have an opportunity to apply our principle of Incorporeality to the Polish crisis. So I want to join with you every night in knowing the spiritual Truth about the Polish situation. Let’s set 7 pm as our time – California time 7 pm – and I’m selecting that because it seems best for everybody. That would be, I think, 8 pm in Texas and New Mexico, judging from 7 pm in California. That would be 9 pm in Chicago, 10 pm in Florida, and I think, also, that would be possibly 11 pm on the eastern coastline. And then we here in Hawaii would join with others around the world – in England, Thailand, or wherever there is a student listening to this message – we’d be at 5 pm, and countries outside the States would tune in to 7 pm California time to make their, to set their time, so that we are all on one uniform time. And you see that gives 7 pm as a, sort of a basic time that doesn’t keep New York and Florida up ‘till 4 am in the morning and gives everyone a good spread so that we can all be in unison and yet awake, alive, not so tired that we cannot enter the fullness of Being. So I’ll expect each of you to check your area time against 7 pm California time, and let that be our norm.

Now, the first part of our meditation at 7 pm California time will be your own Incorporeality because without it, you have nothing to offer. When you realize that your Life and your Divine Selfhood are not encased in corporeal form, then you’re prepared to expand your knowledge to the Polish picture; so that’s our beginning. You are Incorporeal, and we’ll have to enter a meditation now in order to run through what we are going to do for two months.

We are quiet. Your Consciousness should be telling you:

I, Divine Self, I do not live in human body of flesh. I am everywhere. You must feel this.

You must let yourself extend to your everywhereness, wherever God is.

I am one with God. I am the incorporeal essence of God. I am the Light that always shines, the eternal Substance that is undivided, the infinite Substance of Life, which is God Itself. This Substance, I am; and there is no other Life or Substance in the Kingdom of Reality.

You must establish the basic Truth that you are not in a finite, physical form. You are Spirit without opposite. You are the everywhereness of Spirit, which is undivided. This is your Divine Self now and forever. No other self exists, and when that realization comes to you, you are prepared to expand your realization to the Polish crisis. It may take 10 minutes, 15 minutes, but if you practice during the day, you will find that when you come to the 7 pm meditation – maybe 8 pm your time, or 9 or 10 or 11 – when you come to that meditation, you will have an easier accessibility to your own Divine Selfhood.

We’ll assume that you have spent this time to reach this inner realization, that you’ve put in during this meditation your 10 or 15 or even 20 minutes of realization of Self, and now It is flowing. You’re not in human thought. The senses are not magnetized to the world. You feel the Substance of Being. Now, the second part of the meditation: Banish everything you know and read or hear about Poland. Banish it!

God is not seeing the mortal dream. What is the spiritual Truth about Poland? What is the incorporeal Truth about Poland? In this second phase your meditation now extends the Truth of your own Self to the Polish people. There are no human bodies in Poland. Only the Spirit of God is there. That Spirit is indivisible, and, therefore, It is the very same Spirit that you are. It is your everywhere Spirit, and your everywhere Spirit is where man sees a physical Poland. Are you the everywhere Spirit? Can Spirit be divided? Does Spirit have an opposite? Live in this Truth, for the Truth you live by will manifest as freedom. Only your Spirit – the Spirit of God – is where Poland seems to be, and in the deepest silence, let this Truth liberate you from the world picture.

I am the living Light where the world sees Poland – there is no other. When Spirit registers this awareness within you, it’s like a light shines on. It’s like a voice says, “It is done. It is finished.” There is an inner realization, a glorious feeling of, “Yes, it is so.” Oh, and you can count on that inner realization when it comes. Wait for it. Be patient. If it comes, and when it comes, and only then, let it simmer on the burner of your Consciousness. Sit there and sip it, and then slowly extend your realization to Russia.

Is the illusion of a corporeal body any different there? Is there a corporeal substance in Russia if you are the everywhere Spirit without opposite? Is your Self absent, or are you still everywhere? Can your Spirit here be divided from your Spirit in Poland or in Russia? No, it cannot. You are living now in the finished Kingdom of Spirit everywhere, where only the image and likeness of God is. You are living in the incorporeal universe which exists without opposite, where man sees a corporeal Poland and a corporeal Russia. You have turned the government of the invisible universe over to God by removing all division, and,

the Father who seeth in secret will reward thee openly.”

What will happen in Poland? What will happen in Russia? Humanly we could speculate, but that would be trap. It would bring us right back into a human thought and out of Spiritual Truth and out of Spiritual power. Much wiser to let the Holy Ghost released by your realization make its own invisible adjustments from the inner-most sanctuary of Truth.

Seven pm California time every night. There will be from two to three hundred students entering this experience with you, all knowing the one Self. Possibly one-half hour can cover the entire meditation, the various steps of it, and if you feel the power and purity of Truth within you, stay a bit longer within ‘cause some of us will remain for at least 45 minutes, even an hour; and the double purpose of this series of meditations is that while your physical sense of body is sitting in a room, your incorporeal Self will roam the world mind dissolving its pictures from Warsaw to Moscow, and will reveal to you why God says,

The glory I had with you before the world was, is still mine.”

Don’t anticipate what will happen. Do it. Let the Father reveal the will of the Father in you.

Now this principle – this very same principle applying to Poland and Russia – can be and should be practiced on all levels of your life – business, family, art science, emotions, community, classroom, what have you. The ingredients are always identical – incorporeal Truth, the honesty to not try to turn the Truth to personal advantage, or to influence the Truth in any preconceived human direction.

We are breaking the barriers of sense, moving only in the will of God; and the adventure of sharing this Infinite Way with you is beyond words, beyond thoughts.

From Incorporeal Self to Incorporeal Self, Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, Love in the highest, Grace be with you during the Eternal New Year.

Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit — Good morning.

The name of this talk is Death or Life. But it could also be called, ‘Choose ye this day, life or death.’ And those two words kept coming and coming to me this week; death and life, death and life. I was drawn to investigate further. I was drawn to contemplate, ponder what these words mean. I know they don’t mean what we have been taught. I know they don’t mean the concepts that we have of them.

So I went to that temple within to receive guidance and I was led to this book and to that Scripture and this talk today is going to be what came out of that; dead or alive. Take a moment and become still and take no thought. Let the message resonate with you and just listen and we’ll see what we can see.

We are going to start with something I found in the book, ‘The Mystical I,’ and it really says in four paragraphs what has taken me seven or eight talks to try to get across. See if you don’t hear it, those of you who have listened to the previous talks, see if you don’t hear it in these four paragraphs from ‘The Temple Not Made With Hands.’

There is within every person the Christ-Self, the real Self, the I. On the spiritual path, the goal is the attaining of conscious union with that Self.

And those two words, ‘conscious union’ mean precisely what it is that we have to do. We must have the conscious awareness, the conscious living awareness of being at one with that Self, with that real Self. We must have the inner conscious feeling of oneness with that Self.

On the spiritual path, the goal is the attaining of conscious union with that Self, or the attaining of the realization of the Christ as our identity.

The feeling of conscious union with the Christ Self is the realization of the Christ as our identity. This must be a conscious perception, a conscious experience. That’s probably the word we need more than any other. It must be a living experience. Having thoughts about this is not what we are talking about. That is only a step toward the experience. So having thoughts about our Christ Identity, our real Self, is not enough. Reading the words in this book may cause you to ponder and have thoughts about it, but that’s not enough. That’s a start that is what would be called the letter of this particular truth. We must go farther, we must have the Spirit. And here we have the two words showing up. The letter killeth or leads to death, but the Spirit giveth life – dead or alive.

This requires a “dying daily” to the human part of us, the outer part, and being reborn as this true identity; “dying” to the limited sense of self and being reborn into or as our perfect Self, the Christ-Self.

These words that we use here, these words that he has spoken, which have been written down; ‘into’ and ‘as’; they are important words. We die to a limited sense of self and are reborn into or as our perfect Self, the Christ-Self. See, this is a living experience. But let’s read this through and then we will get into it.

On the other hand, if we can overcome the human self, if we can “die,” if we can put off that human self with its belief in good and evil and awaken to our true identity, then we are through with patchwork, through with demonstrating some good today and wondering what we will have to meet next year.

Within each of us is the perfect Self that has never fallen, has never left heaven, (That again is another line. I am trying to read this straight through but I can’t make it.)

Within each of us is the perfect Self that has never fallen, has never left heaven, and therefore can never gain heaven. It is already a state of heaven.

Those two lines, one and a half really, are just remarkable. They can be taken into meditation for a year or two. They are pregnant, they are full of life. So let’s say them again.

Within each of us is the perfect Self that has never fallen, has never left heaven, and therefore can never gain heaven. It is already a state of heaven.

Already we have established in just two paragraphs and one and a half lines, that there’s no tomorrow heaven and no human being is going to be resurrected into heaven. But rather the human being is going to be put off so that we may discover our Self that is heaven; a state of heaven.

It is already living the perfected life, the spiritual life, the Christ-life that can never be crucified, can never be resurrected, and cannot ever be ascended. It already is the perfect Self, the son of God, or the Christ within us. It has been called “the hidden manna,” the “pearl of great price,” the robe of immortality.

This son of God is you; it is I. Actually, it is our Self, and we do not patch It up; we do not demonstrate for It; we do not heal It; we cannot even make progress with It. We can, however, bring to light in our experience this perfect Self, our Christ-Self. But in order to accomplish this we do not go into meditation with the idea of meeting an outside problem, for our spiritual goal (this should be our goal) is not developing a self that has no problems, but “dying” to the self that has them.

Do we see the difference? We are not trying to demonstrate spiritual principles so that our human self can have no problems. We are not trying to make a perfect mental image called a human self. But rather, we are to die to the self that has them. And here we have that word again, “die” – dead or alive. Die to live. These words are repeated over and over and over, particularly in the book of John, which we are going to get into in a little bit.

But here, Joel has summed up what I have been wanting, hoping to get across in the last seven or eight talks, which is that we must put off mortality and put on immortality. That’s another line that has the entire kingdom of heaven in it; it has the entire path, the entire Way. It has I in it because I am the Way. We must put off mortality and put on immortality.

Let us take and go into the Scriptures and see what we can see, with this idea of dead or alive. We’ll start with John, Chapter 10. We’ll just read a little bit of it, starting with verse 7.

Then said Jesus unto them, verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.

All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.

I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Remember, Scriptures have nothing to do with ‘out here.’ Scriptures have to do with within. This is an inner experience. This is the I within your Consciousness speaking to this outer self, speaking to you really. And it says ‘I say unto you, I am the door,’ and so there is a door within you which leadeth unto life. ‘All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.’ We read a moment ago in the ‘Mystical I’ that we must die to the human self and awaken to our true identity. And here our true Self is calling to us, is speaking to us and saying, ‘I am the door.’ All the identities you have ever had, age after age, before now, were thieves and robbers. Why? Because they stole from you your true identity. As you lived in this outer human identity and identified with it, you came to believe that is what you were. And that leadeth to death. There’s the word again. That identity out there leads to death. In fact that identity out there is dead. It is the walking dead.

But there is an identity within, a real identity, the Christ Identity, that spiritual I of you. Of you, it belongs to you, it is you. That I, that identity leads to life. Which makes one wonder what life is? Particularly if you thought this out here is life. So the I of you says, ‘I am the door. All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers. I am the door. By me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved and shall go in and out and find pasture,’ or nourishment, or maintenance or sustenance or life.

If you find your true identity and if you enter into It in your meditation and drop this outer mental image or sense concept or human identity, if you enter into It, in the silence of your being and have communion with It, then you can go in and out and find life. The thief, that is the human identity, now this is your Self talking to you, so let’s put it that way, the human identity cometh not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy, in other words it leads to death. But I, your true Identity, am come that you might have life, and that you might have it more abundantly. So this inner Spiritual Identity leads to life. Whatever life really is or should be.

So that was the first thing that came to me in connection with this dead or alive, death or life. And then, as I read along, I came to Chapter 11 and I know we have all heard this story as far as the raising of Lazarus from the dead, but let us look at this a little differently now. Let’s look at this as if this is an internal experience, as if this is our true Self speaking to us.

Now a certain man was sick, named Lazarus, of Bethany, the town of Mary and her sister Martha.

Therefore his sisters sent unto him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick.

When Jesus heard that, he said, this sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.

So they are seeing a man who is sick and Christ is seeing the same thing he saw back here a few chapters ago, which we had a class on, the blind man, he is seeing another opportunity for the glory of God to manifest itself. All of life is that Infinite Divine Consciousness manifesting Itself, glorifying Itself. That is what Christ sees. That is what you are in your true identity. That’s all that can be seen. It is the walking dead that sees these other things; blind and dead. But then the Christ of our identity said that, said it outright. He said to one of us, “Follow me.” And we said, “Well, I can’t, I have to go home and bury my father.” And he turned on him and said, “Let the dead bury the dead. Come and follow me.” This was his true identity telling him, “turn ye and live.” There is that word again; life, dead, dead or alive, death or life.

Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus.

When he had heard therefore that he was sick, he abode two days still in the same place where he was.

Now that is a pretty interesting thing to put in there, don’t you think? He loved him and so as soon as he heard that, did he hasten to go there? No, he loved him and yet he stayed two more days still in the same place where he was because that inner Self is not looking out at these pictures as if they are real. There is no life in them, they are dead.

Then after that saith he to his disciples, Let us go into Judea again.

His disciples say unto him, Master, the Jews of late sought to stone thee; and goest thou thither again?

Jesus answered, Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world.

The editor in this Bible has down there, ‘sunlight,’ which shows really the unenlightenment of this editor because that is not what he meant at all. If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world. And “I” am the light of this world and I am the light. So walking in the day means walking in the light that I am. And if you walk in the light that I am you don’t stumble, no one can stone you.

But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him.

That should have given us a clue right there; “light in him,” not sunlight.

These things said he: and after that he saith unto them, our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep.

And now we are entering into this story and it is not an outer story. This is an inner experience. And this might be your true identity speaking to you and saying you are asleep.

Then said his disciples, Lord, if he sleep, he shall do well.

Howbeit Jesus spake of his death:

You see? If you are sleeping to your true identity, you’re dead. I’d like to be a little more kind and gentle than that but here it is. If you are sleeping, if you are unconscious of your Self, your real Self, if you are just a human being walking around, you are dead. So the resurrection is coming out of the grave and into your true identity, consciously, consciously.

Howbeit Jesus spake of his death: but they thought that he had spoken of taking of rest in sleep.

Then said Jesus unto them plainly, Lazarus is dead.

And this is the Christ of your being, this is your true identity and it might just as well be saying, “Bill is dead, Mary is dead, Dennis is dead, Laura is dead, Chris is dead. It might just as well be saying that outer human identity, no matter what its name is, is dead — Death and life, death and life.

We have it so backwards as world thought always does. This that we see and had thought was life is dead, is death. Then what is life? That is what we need to meditate on. What is life? Over and over and over, the Christ of our being, the Christ within us says, “I am the Life. I have come to give you life eternal. I have come that you might have life and life more abundantly.” If this outer thing, this outer picture, this mortality, must be put off, this dead life must be put off, what is life, what is life eternal? And if you have an inner realization of this, you’ll say to yourself, “My God, I don’t even know what life is. What is life? What is it?”

Then said Jesus unto them plainly, Lazarus is dead.

And I am glad for your sakes that I was not there, to the intent ye may believe; nevertheless let us go unto him.

Now we will skip forward a little bit here. I believe this next paragraph, or I feel, I have an inner feeling—I feel that Chapter 11, verses 23, 24, 25 and 26 are probably one of the greatest secrets given to us about life. We’ll start with Chapter 11, verse 21.

Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.

But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.

And here it starts:

Jesus saith unto her, Thy brother shall rise again.

Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.

Here is another mis-perception, misunderstanding of the world mind, of the dead mind because it always has things placed in duality. Everything it looks at it sees through the eyes of the glass darkly, or duality. And so it is saying here, well I know that he’ll rise again one of these days, sometime off in the future, well, the last day, during some resurrection and so Martha is seeing a human being, a dead person being resurrected. And yet no such thing has or ever will happen. No human identity will ever be resurrected. The human identity will only die.

Jesus said unto her, Thy brother shall rise again.

Martha saith unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, (He turned on her immediately.) I am the resurrection, and the life: (Now here’s that word—life) he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.

So the I of you, your spiritual identity, says to you, right now, “There is no future resurrection, the human being will never be resurrected. I am the resurrection, I am the life and if you experience Me, though you were dead, yet shall you live.”

So this is an inner experience that must happen to us. Furthermore, he says:

Whosoever liveth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?

This is your Identity talking to you, your real Identity speaking to you now. The Christ within you is saying, “Whosoever liveth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?” Well do you? Do you believe it enough to bend every effort to die to self so that this Christ Self may rise up? Because it is only Christ that is resurrected and it is not really resurrected, it is just that when the human self dies, the I is lifted up and comes into expression. It was there, as Joel said, it is never resurrected, but it appears to be resurrected. No human being is ever resurrected but our true identity, our Christ Self comes up out of the tomb and we have life and life eternal. So what is this life?

She said unto him, Yes, Lord: I believe that thou art the Christ, the son of God, which should come into the world.

And when she had so said, she went her way, and called Mary her sister secretly, saying, The Master is come and calleth for thee.

Some of the people said, Could not this man, which opened the eyes of the blind, have caused that even this man should not have died?

Jesus therefore again groaning in himself cometh to the grave. It was a cave, and a stone lay upon it.

I like this. This is sort of telling us that Jesus who was that Christ Identity, full blown, in conscious communion, walking this earth, groans in himself because he sees how the walking dead believe that they are humans. Now he sees the reality of them which is all he can see. But he also sees where they are stuck believing that they are humans. So he can look and he can see someone who has a withered arm and he can realize that that picture is not the reality, and seeing the reality he could say, “What did hinder you? Stretch forth thine arm.”

And here he is seeing a whole crowd and people that, well it says he loved Mary and Martha, he is seeing people suffer by believing that there is such a thing as death and so he groans within himself. I think this is sort of the same feeling when he looked at Jerusalem and said, “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered ye together under my wings, even as a mother hen, and ye would not.”

And so he cometh to the grave. It was a cave, and a stone lay upon it.

Now remember this is a story to tell us about the raising up of our Christ Identity; the dying of self. This is an internal experience. And so this human person is in a cave with a stone on it. That’s pretty much what it is when you are in the world mind. You’re in a dark cave and there is a glass darkly.

Jesus said, Take ye away the stone.

And so Christ says to us, “Remove that glass darkly.” Of course, Martha, who is the walking dead, says, “Oh, he has been dead for four days and by this time he stinketh.”

Jesus said unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God?

The world-mind always has excuses doesn’t it? “Well I can’t do this. Well, I can’t die right now, I have responsibilities. I can’t die right now, what will my family think? I can’t die right now, what will happen to me?” Well you just might find life and life eternal.

So they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.

And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me.

And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth.

Now here, the Christ of Lazarus is bringing Lazarus out of his human identity and into his real Identity, into life, whatever life is.

And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with grave clothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin.

Here he is coming out of the grave and yet he’s still bound hand and foot and his face bound about with a napkin. That is pretty much how we get here, isn’t it? We’re ready to find this thing called Eternal Life and we hear the call, we hear our Christ Identity within us and it says, “Come forth.” So we rise up but we are still bound. But that is okay, because our Christ Identity says “Loose him and let him go.” When God speaks the earth melts. In your meditation, the Christ of you, as you commune with It says unto this glass darkly, “Loose him and let him go. I have come to set at liberty the captives.”

You have been called to the feast. You, hearing this talk, have been called. If you understand this, if you can feel what is being said here, you are being called. And you are being called to lay down your life. “He that loses his life shall find his life eternal.”He who loves his life in this world shall lose it. But he who hateth his life in this world shall keep it” unto life eternal.

In order to discover what life is, over and over in this talk we have said, what is life, what is life? We know this out here, well, Mary Baker Eddy said, “Mortality is a myth,” so we know this out here is simply a myth. Your human identity, all of it, bad or good, is a myth. So we that hear this message are being told to lay down that life, put off mortality, die. As Paul said, “I die daily,” and so daily, some part of the human identity must die because that is the walking dead. That life is dead, it’s dead now. It is not going to die sometime in the future. It is dead now. There is no God in it. ‘The natural man receiveth not the things of God,’ because the natural man is dead.

Yet, in your inner meditation, your Christ identity, the I of you, is calling to you, inviting you to the feast, to lay down that dead identity and in its place receive life eternal; a life that is your true identity, your Christ identity, your perfect Self. There is another Self and that Self must rise up and live through you and walk through you and talk through you and live as you. And in your meditation you move into this Self and this Self moves into you. ‘Abide in Me and let Me abide in you.’ This is your true Self calling.

You, as a human being that is, the human being cannot resurrect the Christ. The human being has no idea what life is. So the answer to the question, “What is life?” is an individual experience of that life. As you die to this false self, this human identity; in your inner chamber, in that temple not made with hands, you will begin to have an experience, a living experience of eternal life. And that life will reveal Itself. That life will live Itself. ‘I live, yet not I, Christ liveth Itself.’

So your true identity, your true Self, your Christ Self, your real life will rise up and lift Itself up. ‘I am the resurrection,’ when you die. I will live you. I will reveal life eternal as a living conscious awareness. Not a word in a book, not a lecture, not a statement, not a belief, not a concept, not an idea; a living conscious awareness of something called eternal life; your eternality – your eternal Christ life.

And now listen to what I feel is one of the most beautiful statements I have ever read and it is from ‘Leave Your Nets.’ And this is your true identity speaking to you.

I, the Lord, have called thee. Why do you think you are here on earth? Because I, the Lord, the Divine Consciousness has called itself into expression as your individual being.

So your true identity, the Divine Infinite Consciousness has called Itself into expression as your individual being. This is what we are being called to do. Lose your life and find your life eternal as an experience, an internal experience. Stand ye still and behold the Christ resurrected, living where you are.

I am the resurrection. I am the life. He that liveth in me shall never die.’

And so we are instructed to choose death or life. And this is the reason for Christ coming to you. Now you must make the choice within your being, in the secret inner chamber of your temple not made with hands, choose ye.

Do you choose death or do you choose life and life eternal? Turn ye and live for I have come that you may have My life, life everlasting. I am the life. I am your life. Come, come. I give you My everlasting life.


Our function in this class is to delve into the higher mysteries. You may find that less and less we’re not going to discuss any personal problems. We’re not going to be concerned about the world not created by God. And that may be very difficult for some but it has to come. There has to be a time when we stop asking God heal of this and heal me of that. There has to be a time when we’re no longer saying “God you withheld this from me and you withheld that from me”. There has to come a time of acceptance, not of seeking, but of acceptance and this concerns the higher mysteries, the above universe, the universe right where the visible universe seems to appear.

Today, it will be well if you can learn what makes an image. Well you have one image called the world and in it are many images, all part of the same image. So we want to burst that bubble today. So that some of you who have been living in the mind universe, trying by the power of your mind to find some kind of peace, some kind of tranquility, some kind of solution will discover that you’ve been living in the wrong universe, and in the wrong body, and in the wrong century, seeking in some way to improve God’s perfect universe because you’re unaware of it.

We see Jesus on his feet, hands and knees, and he’s washing the feet of Peter. Yes, the Master seems to be washing the feet of a student. And this is drawing the curtain to the inner mystery of Christ within Peter. This is drawing the mystery into visibility by telling you and telling me that if you wish to walk in the universe of God, instead of the kingdom that is this world, not of the Father, but of the sense mind you too will have to wash your feet. Not only yours, but the feet of the world. You’ll have to see that the Master is revealing the secret of His great work is not His personal ability but His capacity to say the only me here is the inner Christ. There is no human me. I wash the feet that walks upon the earth. I am dissolving in my consciousness. I am recognizing the inner Christ of Peter. And in so doing the inner Christ of every man, woman and child on this earth and I who seem to be the Master, am but the servant of this inner Christ.

Therefore, when thou seest me, thou seest the activity of the inner Christ not of the man and the inner Christ that I glorify as I walk this earth is the inner Christ of Peter, the inner Christ of Bill, the inner Christ of Mary, the inner Christ of everyone who walks this earth. And therefore, it behooves Bill, it behooves Mary, it behooves Betty, it behooves Herb, it behooves every individual on the face of the earth to get on his hands and knees which is the surrender of human-hood until in that yielding of self, the invisible self, is brought into activity in the visible experience world.

My own self, I can do nothing. And as long as I continue in the effort, I will fall into the image world. While I’m under the belief that I am loving God supremely, I am actually accusing God, condemning God. Condemning God for the evil He leaves on this earth, accusing Him even of creating it.

Now you know that condemnation has by now become very small in your consciousness. You can see the thief without accusing him. You can see the corruption in government without accusing. You can see many facets of the imperfect human life without condemnation. And probably, you pride yourself upon it.

What we don’t realize too often is that we are condemning God. We have risen to that level where we do not condemn our neighbor but instead we condemn God. How? Take the crusader. I don’t mean back in the medieval times. I mean today’s crusader for good. For improvements. How do we improve anything except by recognizing that which needs improvement and therefore what have we said? We have said there are two creations. God’s creation which we will accept as perfect but there’s also a creation that needs improvement. And so we are going to crusade for the improvements. And we’re stuck with two creations. We’ve fallen into the trap of believing that God is aware of these things that need improvement in this earth. And He’s doing nothing about it so we’re going to do it. Of course we’re in the human consciousness. We’ve fallen into the trap of human images.

Most of you have never heard what I’m about to tell you. It’s about this world of images and what it makes it so. There’s a process in photo-engraving where you make a photograph of any object or person. And then in order to reproduce that, let’s say in the newspaper, you make a photograph of the photograph. And when you make a photograph of the photograph, you put a filter or a screen between the object or photograph and your camera. So now you get a new photograph of the photograph, this one is filtered or screened. So that the photograph is broken down into all kinds of little dots. And then you photograph this on to metal and you put an emulsion in the metal and then you put acid on the emulsion and finally you get these dots to be raised up and after it’s photographed, the dots that have been raised up of the original photograph broken into dots are raised up. Than you put ink on the surface of these raised up dots and you turn the metal over and you print on the newspaper. You print those dots. And every time you pick up a newspaper and look at a face, you’re not aware of it. You think that’s Richard Nixon, that’s Chou En Lai, that Jon Mitchell, that’s John Lindsay. And every time you look at these photographs in the paper, you’re looking at nothing but little blobs of ink that are separated. They’re really little dots. And in about one inch, there at least thirty -six hundred to four thousand little dots. That’s really what you’re looking at. Your eye doesn’t know it. Your mind doesn’t know it. You’re looking at dots but you think it’s John Lindsay, Richard Nixon and really there’s just as many dots to make a Richard Nixon as to make a John Lindsay.

You can take the same dots and rearrange them and make a hippopotamus. You can make an elephant. If you rearrange the dots you can make anything that is on this earth. You can make a battleship, spacecraft. In other words, your eye doesn’t see the dots. But if you take just a normal magnifying glass and look at any photograph in a newspaper, that’s what you’re going to see. Hold it there just until, raise it up and down until you see, “why it’s only made of dots. And I thought it was a man’s face.”

The face is the image formed by the dots. But all that is on that paper are little black dots. They’re all identical. Put a few more on one side and you’ll get a cluster out of them. A few less on the other side and you get what seems to be a lighter tone but they’re all the same black dots.

When I do this privately and give a magnifying glass to somebody may look and see the dots. There’s so much pride that they haven’t noticed it with the naked eye. And that’s how we all are able for fifty years to read the newspaper and never known that we have never seen a photograph. We have seen dots that appear to our human eye as faces and things.

And then you can take this right to your television screen and it’s the same process. On the television screen, you’re looking at electric dots. Dots of electricity. But you cannot see the dots. And as the electric moves, you see the movement of the dots but you don’t know it’s the movement of electrical dots. So you say the horse is running. It isn’t running, there’s no horse there. You’re looking at electrical dots to simulate a horse running. No horse is going to run out of that screen. It’s an image on the screen and the method is electrical dots, so fine that no human eye can see them. And so you get the forms. Now you go to the motion picture house. There’s a giant screen and the same thing happens, dots. They are still electrical dots. And you can have Cleopatra and her barge draw up, you can have the complete spectacle of Rome and it’s all made with electrical dots, electrical dots that to the human eye appear as images called people doing things.

Now these processes are human inventions. The Father does it much more subtly. When you come to the human scene, you find that the same process is going on around you. But now the dots are points of light, so fine that they have fooled the greatest religious and intellectual and scientific teachers of the world. Points of light and you watch these points of light move and you call them living forms. They are the very same process in a more sophisticated way for He hangeth the earth on nothing.

Now what you are looking and calling forms then are points of light moving. You’re seeing the tree grow up but you’re not. You’re seeing the slow motion of points of light below the level of your perception. You see the horse run on the track but you’re not. You see boys go out to war on battlefields but you’re looking at points of light. And when that cannon roars and the boy falls down and that blood pours, you’re looking at points of light. You know you’re not looking at God’s creation. And there are not two creations. What are you looking at? You’re looking at point of light in the cosmic mind. Wherever you look, on this earth, that is all you will ever see. Points of light.

You cannot find one thing on this earth made by God. Not one. And that is important. And however revolutionary it may seem, to the human mind, it was a necessary step to the revelation of the allness of God. In the eternal life, that comes into the experience of all who know God aright.

Now what you’ve been looking at and calling forms, people, things, places, conditions, are points of light in a cosmic telecast. And it has its purpose and that purpose was explained to you in the Bible but we walk by.

In these points of light you see the dying soldier. You see the accident on the freeway. You see the long inventory of disease and disaster not created by God. You’re looking at the image world of the mind. And often accusing the Father of putting it there. Why did you do this to my daughter? Why did you do this to my son? Why don’t you change this and change that? But the Father doesn’t change this and change that for the simple reason that the Father does not see what you are seeing. The Father does not look at points of light in motion seeming to us as real conditions of a real world. The Father is not dreaming. The Father is awake. The dream of mortality is where we see these points of light.

Fortunately, we have them. They have a grand purpose. You have thought that everything wrong in your life couldn’t possibly be attributed to you. As a matter of fact, we discovered that most of us are pretty good human beings. And then we say, well if I’ve been so good, why have I been completely isolated from happiness, health, abundance, the things and joyful relationships that a child of God ought to have. Why am I besieged by this endless parade of things that I have to keep solving? When does the day of solving stop? When can I relax and say at last I’ve made it? And then suddenly there comes another problem. Out of nowhere. And it has a name. And yet in spite of all, you’ve been reading your Bible. You’ve been listening to tapes. You’ve been as faithful as you know how and as dedicated. Some put in as many as twenty hours a day and still have things turn up that you would think after all this time and effort and dedication would be impossible.

And so we go back to the story of the wheat and the tares.

Nobody plants weeds. You never planted any weeds. You certainly wouldn’t do it intentionally. And neither do these men in the Bible. He planted wheat. But it wasn’t long in season when there was wheat and tares, wheat and weeds. Couldn’t figure it out. He hadn’t planted the tares. So he went to his friends and they told him well what really happened of course is that your neighbor down the way who you had an argument with last month, he got even with you. While you were asleep, he planted the tares. And so asleep, this man got weeds in his farm. And asleep, we get problems in our consciousness. The tares, planted while the farmer was asleep, are the beliefs planted in you below the level of your conscious awareness. Meaning in your sleep.

You do not know what the world mind is broadcasting into you. You haven’t the vaguest notion. How could you? You have a certain level of consciousness. If something comes in, in your unconscious, how can you be conscious of it?

And so seeds are planted, seeds of belief. And the only time you become aware of them is when they grow up into form. And you can then look up and say, why did I get arthritis? Why did my business fail? Why did my marriage prove such a disaster? Why this, why that, why the other? You’re only seeing these things on your screen of your consciousness now as images, broken homes, broken marriages, broken bodies, but they began in the unconscious level where the world mind planted in you a seed. And each seed planted in you must become a visible experience. That visible experience, you then give the label, this is what I’ve got but you haven’t got that at all.

What has happened is that from the invisible of your consciousness, a seed you did not know was there has grown into a tree and if now dropping fruit. And that is in your visible world. The image world is where you have seen the fruit of the tree of good and evil. And that fruit is very un-tasty at times. And it grows because the seeds of belief in your consciousness are there unknown to you. You did not know they were coming in, you did not know that they were growing up, you did not know about them until you began to suffer. The cause did not begin in you. The cause began in the world mind.

And so, a very intelligent, infinite mind has provided you with a screen, a television screen called world. And from the invisible of your consciousness, you automatically project the quality of your consciousness. You project into the world of images the fabric of your own consciousness. And when you label it this or that, you’re really saying this is the nature of my invisible consciousness. Because be sure of this. It isn’t someone else’s consciousness appearing on your screen. The problems you manifest are nothing more than your consciousness turned inside out like a reversible raincoat from the invisible to the visible. That’s what this world is all about. A place where you can project your consciousness.

And then looking at the world of images, you can go back to your consciousness which is the land in which the wheat and the tares are growing side by side in duality. And finally you come to the realization that there is no thing in this world which does not begin first in an invisible world. There’s no child in this world that doesn’t first begin in the invisible. No tree, no seed, no fruit, no flower, no anima. No animal, vegetable, mineral or human begins in the visible. They begin in the invisible. And everything in this visible has its beginning in the invisible. That’s what we all have in common.

And therefore, if we would live only in the visible, we would continue in the world of effect, never going into the cause of things, which is the invisible. And what is the cause of this image world that you live in? Your world is your consciousness. My world is my consciousness and whoever is in this world is really in their own consciousness made visible. And so this is where the effects are, in the world. That’s the television screen where we can pick up what’s right or wrong in our life. And now we go back, go back into the invisible, into our consciousness. Because there, we’re going to find what’s happening to make our visible world of good and evil. It is there where we’re going to determine a way of dominion over the outer world of experience.

Now we look at our consciousness and we see that it’s subject to two forces. We’re no longer dealing in the world of problems. Because if you meet a problem in the effect world of problems, you are never going to get to the cause of it which is in your consciousness. So in the invisible of your consciousness you discover that your consciousness has been fed by the wrong life stream, by the world mind. And that has brought forth the first birth, you, the image you. Your consciousness has brought forth the image you have called yourself. And your consciousness which has brought forth this image has not been able to see reality directly. Because between your consciousness and reality, between your consciousness and the Divine, there is the world mind, the glass darkly. And you’re looking at the Divine through the glass darkly of the world mind and just like that photo engraving process I told you about, you’re trying to make a photograph of the Divine with your human consciousness. And there’s a filter or screen between your human consciousness and the Divine and so you break the Divine down into little dots. Little dots of light and then your consciousness projects these dots of light into the world as the image called you.

These little dots of light, you know by now, are the atoms identified by science. Little dots of light. Little worlds of electrical energies so placed together that they look exactly like you. And you call those little worlds of atoms you, not knowing that is the image cast forth onto the screen of time and space by your consciousness. And that it is your consciousness where you must live and you must learn to tune out that world mind which is between you and the Divine to let not the dots, not the filtered light come through but the direct Divine light of the Father. And there’s a way to do it. And the way is, the only way that is prescribed by those who have done it.

You’ll find that when your mind, your consciousness has developed the capacity to be a vacuum that it no longer receives the filtered light of the world mind. It is closed to the filtered light of the world mind and it becomes a clear plate of glass, crystal clear glass. And just as Jesus walked through a wall that was only there to the human consciousness the Divine walks through the world mind and through the clear crystal glass of your consciousness by-passing the activity of that world mind which breaks things up into little atoms, coming through the crystal-clear glass of your consciousness which has been purified of thought. And that Divine light is no longer separated atoms, no longer separated dots of light but is the fullness of the Father. The wholeness of the Father, not little points of separation. And all that was missing out here in the image form in the world of this human experience was nothing more than gaps of light which the Divine now brings through. You become a living embryo in the womb of the Father.

That new Spiritual womb of silence is really no different than the womb you inhabited as an embryo before you became an imaged human self. We really duplicate that condition. No mother has consciously fed the child in her womb. No embryo has consciously said to the mother, “feed me.” It’s an automatic process. It happens.

And when you have found the crystal-clear consciousness of silence, the vacuum of no thought, when you have been able to put away the thousand and one human concepts that cram the brain, when you have been able to accept truth, Divine truth, and have reached that place where the mind is at peace, then you are like the embryo. You are no longer saying to the Father, give me, this is what I want, this is what I need, this is my will, that you fulfil my will here, but rather you are resting in the womb of infinity with trust. Wanting nothing, needing nothing, seeking nothing, just like a child in a mother’s womb.

That Spiritual embryo is the method in which you defeat the world mind. As long as you have a thought, an idea, a plan, a scheme, a will, a belief, or an acceptance of anything in this world that you consider real, you’re not ready for that womb. You still have housecleaning to do. To be a womb in the Father’s, be it an embryo in the womb of the Father, you must be the pure at heart, willing, to seek nothing of good and nothing of evil in the dream of mortality.

For the Father is Source and the Source is pure and that pure being which is the Father is the essence of your being. And you must be fed by the essence of your being. Not something else. You rest in the conscious awareness that the pure being called the Father is here as my life.

And I, even past the point then, of saying “Speak Father, Thy son heareth,” but rather, there is no you to say that. You go past that point and you see the real meaning of what Samuel said. He had so purified himself that there was no Samuel there. And then the Christ within Samuel said to the Father, “Speak Father, Thy son heareth.”

When you hear the words within you, it is Christ saying this to the Father who is greater than I. These words are the sign that you have stripped yourself of the dream. Not that you have said them humanly but that they have been said within you by the Christ to the Father. And now, the revelation of oneness takes place.

In your silence of humanhood, there’s no place for the world mind to go. You are not a receiver for the world mind. It can plant no tares in your consciousness. It can plant no seeds in you that will become tomorrow’s problems. You are still. And now the essence of being, not broken into little dots of light, flows through your stillness. And the Father feeds the son as the mother feeds the child in her womb. This is soul feeding.

I am the bread and the real substance that feeds you as a Spiritual embryo is the essence of God. The substance of God, the will of God, the power of God, the love of God, all become your hidden manna, your meat the world knows not of. You are fed by the Divine. There’s nothing more to do. The feeding takes place. And now this is what you image forth into the world as a better body, a better mind, a better life, a better demonstration. You are glorifying the Father. You are not saying to your mother, feed me this way or that way, here’s what I prefer. You’re saying to the Father, let me have your food. I’m silent to the food of the world.

And the food of the Father is His own being. All that I have. The very life of the Father flows through you. And so essence flows through your purified consciousness and becomes image formed. The outer form then is manifesting the qualities of the new substance. And the new substance is pure wheat. It isn’t divided. It isn’t good and evil.

Now the purification which enables Christ in you to say to the Father, “Speak Father, Thy son heareth” is the working in the invisible in your consciousness to consciously turn it away from the duality of the world mind.

In other words, you tune in by tuning out of the world mind. You tune out of the world mind to tune in for your Divine feeding. The you of you is forgotten in the image world. That’s going to be the result of how well you’re fed in the inner.

And if you’ve learned your lesson properly, you don’t let that outer image self tempt you to fulfil its ambitions, its will, its needs. You are out of the image world. You are working on the level of consciousness.

Now this is the meaning of washing the feet. I, stand before you, washing your feet Peter. I am showing you that within you is a consciousness which is pure. And it is the actual life of God. And I am serving that life of God in you and in myself and in everyone I meet. Letting that life live itself through my conscious awareness of its Presence. Keeping my consciousness on that life, not on duality, not on a denial of the presence of that life but rather on the presence of that life.

Now some of you, have been involved in worldwide movements to do good in this world. And have thought that you were really doing good. But you haven’t known that you were working in the creation that is not the creation of God.

What can you find in a Divine creation that needs improvement? You’ve been working in a world of images. You’ve been working in a world that is not your Father’s kingdom. And even when you succeed in it, all you can do is change an image in the world that’s not your father’s kingdom to a better image. And it is still not your Father’s kingdom when it is a better image.

Whereas, the way of the Father is, is there a place now where I am not? Why not purify your consciousness of the belief that there is a place somewhere where I am not? Instead of trying to correct the world of images, the world of images isn’t to teach you that you need correction, it’s to teach you how to purify your consciousness of the belief that you’re not in the kingdom of God. As long as in the world of images you see something wrong, you are not accepting in your inner consciousness that this is the kingdom of God. That’s the purpose of the world of images. As long as you can see imperfection out there, you must face it with the knowledge that that wasn’t created by God. And if you still think it’s real, you have invented a second creator. Who could put the imperfection there if there’s no other creator? Who could take God’s perfect creation and make it imperfect? So as long as you’re still improving things, you miss the point.

The things that you want to improve don’t need improvement. The consciousness that put them out there needs improvement. That doesn’t mean someone else’s consciousness. That means yours. Because the things you see out there are your consciousness made visible. Whoever else sees them, that is their consciousness made visible.

Our function is to purify our consciousness so that we become aware of God’s kingdom here on earth. And to clarify the picture then, you have a perfect Divine creation here and now and there is no other. You have a perfect Divine being, an infinite being, not divided into little, finite beings. And that infinite being is the life that we call God. And that is the only life there is. While you are dwelling in the inner consciousness, to tune out the world mind, you must tune out the belief that there’s another life here besides the life of God. Where would it be if God is infinite? If this house that we’re sitting in now were infinite, could you ever be in another one? If God is infinite, could you ever be outside of infinity? If you’re always in infinity and God is life, you’re in infinite life. Where does it divide? Where does this infinite Divine life become anything other than what it is? So we come out into the imaged world where we see four billion forms instead of knowing the one life.

We are talking now in words and you are hearing these words. And it is your belief that you’re hearing them from someone sitting up in the podium in front of you. I like you to realize that isn’t what’s happening. You’re hearing them inside your own self right now just as I am hearing them inside myself right now. That’s where you’re hearing them. We’re both hearing at the same fountain. Although it appears that someone outside of yourself is talking to you.

Every experience in your life is an experience within yourself that appears to be an external one. You cannot have an external experience. There is no such experience. Every such experience is a false belief. Whatever you see, you see in yourself and think you’re seeing it out there. Whatever you taste, you taste within yourself and think you’re tasting it out there. Your complete experience is within. It appears without. Because it’s simultaneous, you can’t catch it. But that’s how it’s happening.

Usually, mortal mind in you is talking to or hearing mortal mind in someone else. Or Divine mind in you is hearing Divine mind in someone else. Or a mixture. A shadow of Divine mind. Always your experiences within and you’re thinking its without.

And so I want you to do this. Take an individual in the outer world and see if you can catch this idea. That that individual that you think is out there is within yourself, within yourself just like a little tv screen within yourself. And see that individual within you on a little tv screen. And now let that person talk and what’s happening? They’re talking within you in the tv screen. No matter what they say or do, that’s within you on a little tv screen. And if you saw that same person on tv, and they complained to you about a problem, you would look at the tv and say, why that’s just an image on a tv screen. That’s precisely what this world of images is. Every image is on an inner tv screen of your brain which you think is out there.

And those of you who can dwell with this awhile will begin to get the idea that your dominion and your purification of consciousness is to see that every evil in the world is nothing more than a little tv screen inside your consciousness that is broadcasting a lie, an untruth and made you believe it was external when it couldn’t possibly be in the creation of God.

When you reduce the images of the world into this little tv screen, you will find the whole world is on this little tv screen. And you will find, if you don’t let it get off the tv screen, what can keep your consciousness knowing its only on an inner tv screen, it can’t be real out there because God didn’t make it. If you can never let it get off that tv screen, you’ll find you’re beginning to feel the message of dominion. And I don’t care what you have out there in the world, if you won’t let it get off this little tv screen inside, you’ll have caught part of what the Master was teaching all the time.

To the man on the cross, standing beside him, about to be crucified like Himself, I will take thee today into paradise. To the bond servant, of the centurion, go thy way, he liveth. Why? All that was in the inner little tv screen that lie about the Father. The allness of God is the rule, the law, the fact. Where is there a thief then on the cross? In this little tv screen then in the mind. Catch it at that level. Don’t fight it out there. It isn’t necessary. Don’t fight Pilate out there. It isn’t necessary. Catch it inside because it’s coming through there at the same time as you see it outside. Everything has to come through your consciousness before it can appear out there to your consciousness. You catch it at the level of its happening in consciousness, you’ll see the nothingness of it. All evil in the world is in the human consciousness. That’s the only place it is. It isn’t in the world, it’s in the human consciousness. There is no world. There is only the kingdom of God.

Now what we’re at today, today at this moment is something that comes only from years of dwelling with it. Until suddenly, it announces itself to you. And you possibly may have sensed something along these lines at one time or another but you’ll discover your dominion is to be able to look at this world and everything in it and bring it right back to this little television screen inside your consciousness maybe one inch big if you want to visualize it, just a little one-inch screen and whatever its complaining about its nothing but a little TV broadcast coming from the world mind. That’s the place to say sorry. The Father didn’t bring you into this world. Is this of God? Or is this the world mind? It’s not of God you know if it’s evil. Where is it? Who created it? No one. It’s just a television broadcast and if you leave it on it’s gonna project itself. It’s going to demand attention.

Now in the purification of your consciousness then you’re saying to these broadcast from within which have appeared to you as images in the world without, get thee behind me. God is a pure being. God is the essence. Is there another essence, is there another source? Can anything formed of that essence be less than that same essence? How can you dilute the essence of God? You can’t. How can you change it? You can’t. How can you pollute it? You can’t. How can you poison it? You can’t. How can you kill it? You can’t. How can you give it a disease? You can’t. Then what are you giving these things to? To nothing. To nothing, whatsoever.

The essence of God is omnipresent. You simply have been fooled by a world broadcast within yourself which makes you think it’s out there. And don’t think for a minute that I’m trying to build a picture as a sort of a comparison or an allegory or a symbolism. I mean it factually. What isn’t created by God cannot be out there. And by reducing it to a little broadcast within yourself you’ll find you can throttle it at the level of conscious acceptance or conscious rejection. You can throttle it. And turn your mind, your consciousness to the Presence of God. And watch out, that little fellow inside begins broadcasting the truth.

Every world image, regardless of its name, is an inner telecast that you are receiving which seems to be out there. We’re all wired to the same world mind and we all receive it almost simultaneously. It’s no different than six billion tv sets. In your home you get it. In someone else’s home, they get the same thing. Here, you’re getting it right inside yourself at the same time as they’re getting it inside themselves. And that’s what makes everyone see it, more or less, the same.

Don’t meet it out there anymore than you would go to a television set in your home and smash it because you didn’t like the face of somebody on it. You wouldn’t heal anything on a tv set screen. Get it right here at the level of the tv and see the nothingness of it. That’s all it is. The Bible calls it the arm of flesh. Christian Science calls it the mortal mind. Others will call it universal mind. Others will call it Maya. Some will call it hypnotism, mesmerism. But the nature of it is that it mesmerizes you by appearing to be out there when it isn’t. And why does it come through you? Because you have also accepted the image of you as a reality, instead of knowing that you are a living soul.

Now in our rebirth, out of this image, we’re not going to throw the image away. It’s very useful. But we are going to live in the consciousness of the Presence of God. So that in our soul feeding, we are one with the One; That the one essence can flow into form instead of the duality of the world mind, so that we’re not divided in the essence, so that the substance forms us.

The Father who is greater that I, It is the essence. And I am the form of that essence. And the form of that essence that I am is the infinite Christ. The substance of the Father flows as the infinite Christ. And you find your Spiritual form which is not little pieces of light held together by magnetism which is independent of the images of the world, independent of the flood and the fire, independent of world conditions. Why? Because world conditions only occur in the image world; where the image form appears. And we must learn to walk through these images, right through these images by that consciousness which opens itself to the pure essence and that’s the essence due the work.

Now how are we going to do that? How are we going to open our consciousness to the essence of Being to overcome the false dominion of the world and its two powers is going to constitute all of our work. The real freedom will only come as we learn to look at the world of images knowing what it is so that we fear it not, so that its false powers mean nothing to us, so that we can consciously walk in oneness.

In the acceptance that God is pure, and that purity which is infinite, is the purity of my own being. That purity overflows and overflows and overflows throughout its kingdom as myself, my being and I can live in my pure being. Independent of the image world which has been necessary to lift me and my consciousness above the level of duality. Those images, those weeds, those tares have been very important to me. They have helped me locate the unconscious belief I have entertained. I have seen those beliefs as images. Now I see them not as images but as invisible beliefs and now I can watch them and reject them and turn my consciousness to the Father. And rest in oneness.

Now for three or four, five of these sessions including the second half of this, we’re going to be developing our conscious awareness of the Presence of God. We have been given all of the weapons we need to do that. Nothing has been withheld. Let’s have a little rest, quiet and then we’ll have a short intermission.

                                          —-  End of Side One  —-

Generally, we take quotations right out of the book here you know and we discuss them but before we go into that this week, I’d like to do something else. I’d like to suggest something you may not be doing.

You’ll notice that at the bottom of every page, wherever there’s a Biblical quotation, the editor has taken the time to tell you where this quotation comes from. If its 2 Chronicles 3, they don’t just give you the quotation, they tell you where from. All the way through, you have these quotations. In the text, and on all the original letters, some of the quotations were not annotated at the bottom. In the book they are. And so let it not go unnoticed. In fact, to call it to your attention, what I’ve done then is I’ve taken little cheat notes, just jot it down, all the quotations from the Bible in this Chapter and where they’re from. And the reason we’re going to discuss them today instead of quotations other than Biblical ones is that I’d like you to develop this habit of reading.

Our basic purpose is to overcome the false mortal sense of matter. And as you try to do that with your thinking mind, you’re going to find failure is inevitable. These little words from the Bible are the way you do it. You get hold of them just as hard as you can and you study them and you find that the words of Christ are the only way that you can overcome the belief in matter.

In other words, your consciousness is at a crossroad. There’s world mind life stream entering and here’s the Divine life stream entering. You got the wheat and the tares. And to keep out the world mind, you must have truth in consciousness. So that every lie of the world mind that hits your consciousness hits a truth which nullifies that lie, rejects it, turns it away and sends it back. So that it absolutely has no power in your consciousness to stay there or to persuade you or tempt you that you’re in an imperfect universe.

Truth in consciousness.

Now what truth should you put in your consciousness? You know a better truth than the words of God expressed through the Christ? What good are my words? What good are the opinions of any human being? If I go not away, how can the Comforter come unto you? The Comforter is Christ in you. The words of Christ in you are the truth in consciousness. And until you can hear Christ in you, you must take Christ in the Bible because that was Christ in Jesus. That was Christ in prophets, that was Christ in Moses and Christ in Joel Goldsmith.

But basically Christ in you is your goal. And to lead you to Christ in you are the words of Christ out here in the Bible. You see those words were put there for that purpose to lead you to Christ in you. And how can you then ignore those words? Or even read them quickly and say, oh yes, that’s true. That’s not it at all. These aren’t words to remember, these are words to be fed into your soul. Not to remember with your mind. These words fed into your soul become a living Bible and the world mind approaching you is unable to penetrate to defile or maketh a lie.

The seeds of evil are falsity, of disease and disaster that are presented to you by the subconscious mind at the unconscious level of your mind are placed there by the world mind but there is no consciousness in you to receive them. And you do it all without effort. You do nothing. You do not concern yourself with world mind. You concern yourself with truth in consciousness.

A very interesting thing happened. An individual said to me, a very fine student, one who has caught the meaning of the Word; “Do you believe,” he said, “that its possible I’ve come to a realization that only the Presence of God is here. Is that possible?” Now that’s a mighty important revelation, Only the presence of God is here. But the question was, Is that right? And I had to answer, “this way it was right when Jesus discovered it. Didn’t you believe him? Did you have to prove it to yourself? Did you have to waste fifty years to prove it when it’s the Word of God given on this earth? What are we waiting for? Are we going to spend more lifetimes proving the words of the truth?” Of course it’s the truth but it was the truth two thousand years ago when He said it and it was the truth thirty- five hundred years ago when Moses said it, and when Isaiah said it:

Is there another God beside me, I know not any? I am that I am. There is no other. I and the Father are one because there is no other.”

Isn’t that the revelation of the allness of the presence? That the only presence here is the Presence. Only the Presence is present.

Why should that come as a great surprise to us when its been in scriptures all this time? And think of the time we could save on the effort and suffering and the tribulation if we could simply say Christ said it, I don’t want to prove it. I want to live by it. I’m not gonna run around with the mind trying to spend fifty years to find out if it’s true or not. I could spend that fifty years living it out.

That’s why these quotations from the Bible are so vital. You don’t have to prove them. Are you going to prove that God told the truth? They’re given to you so that you can trust them now. Before you can hear them within yourself, they were given to you out here in the Bible for you to hear them there and say Amen. So be it. Now that Word of the Father spoken through Christ in the Bible becomes your shepherd. You follow it. You believe it. You act with total faith in it. And it’s going to lead you to the Comforter within yourself. There’s no other way to find the Comforter within. First you accept the Comforter without. Listen and you’ll see what I mean.

Take this one from Deuteronomy. And this are all out of the first chapter called Pure Being. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy might.”

Now, we’ve heard that five million times. But we don’t understand the meaning of loving the Lord. You can tell by the things we do and say that we don’t love the Lord.

To love the Lord, our God means to accept a perfect God. A perfect God doesn’t make anything imperfect. When you accept imperfection, you’re not loving the Lord, thy God. You’re doing the very opposite. You’re saying, the Lord, my God did not create a perfect this or a perfect that. And that’s what the meaning of love was intended to counteract, this human tendency. With all thy heart, mind and soul. It’s the total acceptance that only God is. There’s nothing but divinity. There’s nothing but Divine substance. There’s nothing but Divine life. That’s how you love the Lord, thy God.

Humanly, you might love somebody and say I love him, but he’s kind of a dunce when you get down to it but you couldn’t do that about God. To love the Lord, thy God, is to accept the infinite perfection of God, to accept the total nature of God. You cannot love the Lord, thy God and deny the perfect nature of God in any way.

And so the minute you found an evil on the earth, you are denying the nature of God. The nature of God is to be all knowing. When you found an evil, you were saying God doesn’t know about this evil. Or even worse, you’re saying here’s the evil and God does know about it but God is not doing something about it so I will do it. We will form a movement to do this thing that God isn’t doing. Because that’s what God wants us to do. Now you know that’s wrong. If God wanted it done, why would God ask you to do it? Why wouldn’t it have been done? And it has been done. It has been done perfectly. And your acceptance of an evil that you are going to counteract is your un-knowledge or lack of knowledge, your ignorance of the nature of God. There is no evil for you to counteract. Your belief that it’s there is the way you are not loving the Lord, thy God with all your heart, mind and soul. You’re denying the presence of God where you have found the evil. You’re denying the omnipotence of God where you have found evil. You can’t say I believe in God’s nature being omnipotent but God isn’t doing something about this condition.

Now omnipotence would have done something about that condition before you discovered it so what have you discovered? You have been fooled by sense images. They’re very real to you. So real that they make you not love the Lord, thy God. They make you deny the omnipotence and omnipresence of God and the omniscience of God, the qualities of God. And so you have God permitting somebody to poison His people. You have God permitting somebody to pollute His atmosphere. But it isn’t His atmosphere. That’s why you think its polluted. Because you thought it was His atmosphere, it isn’t. If it were His atmosphere, how could anybody pollute His atmosphere if God is omnipotent. It would be impossible. How can anybody suffer disease of any kind if God were omnipotent?

So what you’re saying then is that I have this thing, God is not omnipotent. Or you’re going all the way with the church message that God is punishing you or him or her or that stillborn baby, God was punishing that stillborn baby, too. And God was punishing that mongoloid and that imbecile and that one and that one and that one. Ridiculous of course. There’s nobody to punish. There’s only God being.

To love the Lord, thy God, then with all thy heart, mind and soul means to accept that there’s only God being.

Then who are you? I and the Father are one. One being. Then who is sick? The image you have conceived of yourself because you were asleep and the world mind planted an image in your mind. And that mind being very versatile, a perfect mirror of the world mind, it showed it forth as a perfect reflection of the lie. A perfect xeroxed copy of the lie. And you parade around and you say, I’ve got this. Where’s God? Why isn’t God taking it away from you? Why isn’t God making you better? The simple reason is God has already done just that. God has already made you a perfect being. And so be perfect.

Love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart by rejecting every idea however it may seem total that you are sick or suffering or lacking or anything of that nature. It’s a lie. It isn’t loving God. It’s that understanding that to love God means to understand the nature of God. You cannot love what you do not understand. The nature of God is perfection in all things. The nature of God is one. One body. There’s only one body. And it isn’t sick. There’s only one substance. It isn’t sick. There’s only one life. It isn’t sick. What is sick? Nothing. N-o-t-h-i-n-g is sick. That all that can be sick is nothing. And if you persist in thinking that the image is something, it can be sick. Because when you have an image that you think is something, that is what idolatry is all about. Now you can take a dumb piece of stone or a dumb piece of wood and pray to that. Or you can take a dumb image and pray to that. Or you can go to the kingdom of God within you and you find you don’t have to pray.

The consciousness of the Father is your consciousness. The acceptance of that consciousness where you are as present, alive, alert, intelligent, all knowing, all powerful is your guarantee that right now, here, I am on holy ground. God is right here. The omnipotence of God is preventing any possibility to that perfection from being less than itself. The all- knowing mind is perfectly patrolling its kingdom right here.

You’re accepting yourself to be the essence of God. This essence being pure, perfect, forever. To love God is to accept that that which the Father is in essence, I am and therefore I am pure, perfect forever. You can’t love God and not accept His substance to be your substance. That’s the meaning of love fulfils the law. You’re accepting God to be your substance, your very being. And then all of you that is not God, get out of here. Get out of the mind that is not God’s mind. Get out of the body that is not God’s body. Get out of the life that is not God’s life. There isn’t God life and your life. There’s God life, the essence, the perfect essence being your perfect life. The one you’re living in that you think is imperfect is fiction. There is no such life.

And that’s the meaning then in Deuteronomy.

And that’s why when you come across a passage of the Christ, you must not remember it. You must take it into your consciousness. And dwell with it.

Now if we were to go to this chapter or this book in twelve easy lessons, we would have a fine memory course. You can’t take the word of Christ that quickly. You’ve got to abide with it.

I must love the Lord, my God. I must accept the Lord, my God with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my soul. There’s nothing left that I’ve got to accept with. Now how can I accept anything else. There’s no room except to accept the Lord. In other words, accept the allness of God.

You see that change in consciousness that begins to demand of you? What else am I accepting beside the presence of God? That’s got to go. The images out here are going to keep knocking at my door needing help unless I get into this change of consciousness which recognizes only God is present. The only presence on this earth is the presence of God. Only the Presence is present. Only God is present. Deny it and you’re not loving God with all your heart, mind and soul.

So instead of remembering the quotations, remember the Christ of your being spoke it through Moses. And so get back into your invisible consciousness. Take these phrases, dwell there with these phrases. Explore them. Let them communicate to you. Open them up like a fan and examine every word. Spend time with them. They will become your inner Bible. And then when you have fanned them out and let them speak to you, be still. And they will speak again in another tongue. In that stillness, they will be planted as seeds in your consciousness just as the seeds of the tares were planted by the world mind. And let the light come to you again. It will find that in you is the truth which nullifies the lie.

And out there in the image world, you’ll find the Divine beginning to express in those images in your world. The uninterrupted flow of the substance of truth in consciousness opens up the capacity of your consciousness to receive the living substance from the Father. The soul feeds you. The mind responding to soul no longer projects the duality of the world mind. You don’t have to think and think and think and plan and plan. These words will do it for you if you will live with them, not in your mind but deeper. They will take you to the above universe. They are the messengers. They are the way that the Way-shower uses to take you out of mind into soul. And so that’s why we’re discussing them this carefully this time.

Every time you see a footnote, say Luke 15:27, if you pass it by, don’t pretend to yourself that you read that chapter. You didn’t. You read it like people read but not like students of Spirit. And that’s why we don’t read five books and say I read five books of Goldsmith or I read them all. We don’t do it that way. We sip, we cogitate, we contemplate, we commune. We let these phrases become an intricate part of our being. We let them rejoin the Christ within who uttered them in the first place.

You see these words and the Christ of your being are inseparable. They have never been divided. And they return to the source which is Christ in you and if you follow them, you’ll be led right to the Comforter within you. Continue in my words and you shall know the truth. These are my words and they will lead you to the Comforter who is the fountain of all truth. And you’ll find, you take dominion over the world of images. Yes, even over the physical form.

Don’t think that we have just walked by and closed our eyes to the things that trouble us. We haven’t done that at all. We’ve simply learned a better way to eliminate from our lives those things which are not of God. We’re not blind to these things at all. We’re so aware of them that the complete dedication of the message is to lead you out of this Egypt of the world mind in which diseases are, in which problems are. We’re not unaware of their presence in the world of images, that’s all it’s filled with. But we don’t have to live in them. We have an invisible paradise and as we start to love that paradise, we see why the Father is greater than I.

Remember the tumbler in this chapter and the glass. The glass is the substance of the tumbler. One is the form and one is the substance. The tumbler is the form and the glass is the substance and Joel used that to point out the meaning of the Father is greater than I. I, the human self out here is the tumbler, the Father is the glass.

Translated Spiritually, the Father is the essence and the Christ if the form. The essence becomes the form. And they are one, they are not separated. So the Father and I are one and the Father is greater than I. I am the essence of God made into form. What form? Not this visible form, into the form which is made of essence. The essence of God is never visible. So I am Spiritual form, formed of the essence of God and that is my name.

And if you listen to a world broadcast, and you look at me, you would see a world broadcast and you would sense that I am physical form and you would believe it. And you would think that I am out here as physical form and you will be listening to the false broadcast. I’m not out here as physical form and if I look at you, you only seem to be there as physical form. You are the essence of God. That is your name. That is your substance. And the form of you is formed of that essence and it isn’t the form that my eyes can see because my eyes are also part of the false broadcast. My very senses, are part of the false broadcast. My very physical being is that false broadcast made into visibility.

But inside, in my Divine consciousness, loving the Father supremely, I can shake off the mortal myth. And you can shake off the mortal myth until you realize that you are standing in the presence of God every moment of your life. And that presence is the essence of your being. Honor it. Love it. And everywhere you look, accept only it. Not the pollution, not the poison, not the disease, not the lack, not the limitation. Do not honor them by believing that the image world is real. And come back to the mind that was accepting them as real and see that the mind which accepts them is also part of the image world. That little brain which is aware of that which God did not create is nothing more than an image. It too is part of the world broadcast.

All of this is to lift us out of the level of human mind into the acceptance of this words which are the words of truth and we steadfastly hold to their truth instead of the truth that the human mind tries to bring to us. Why, because the truth of the human mind is this inner flow from the world mind and we catch it at that level. But we’ll box around it and look at it right inside there and you could see why you could say to Pilate that there’s no power. Pilate was just a television broadcast to Him. Can you fear something on television? Put a box around it and look at it. That’s what the world mind is broadcasting to you all around you. It has no power. It can’t step out of the box. There is no other power than the power of the One. The essence of God is where the power is and nobody is pushing that power aside.

Now then you have the power of that essence which is Omnipotence. And so there’s nothing that can enter that can be powerful over Omnipotence. There’s no other power. There’s only the power of good, of perfection and the broadcast fools you because it comes out sometimes so close to home that you think it’s real.

Now these phrases become very meaningful and potent as you see that they’re not just sentences written by an author. They are the word of substance. You can trust these phrases.

And you can look at whatever you see and know that because God is present and God is the power, that power is maintaining its own essence right here. I am perfect now as my Father and nothing in the world can ever change that. Nothing. There can be a lot of broadcast, a lot of images saying that I’m not but nothing can change the fact that I am as perfect as my Father. Never less, because the tumbler is always made of the qualities of the glass. And the child of God is always made of the qualities of the essence of God. So I cannot be less than my Father. Or if I think I am less, then I am not loving God supremely. Because who is there to be less if God is one. What other one is there to be less? How can you be less than God if God is one? I and the Father are one. There’s the secret in so many ways.

When you and the Father are one in your consciousness, you are accepting His statement. Not you’re going to become one. His secret was learning that I and the Father are one. Now you could spend another fifty years to prove it or you could simply say I and the Father are one.

Now, what about me is unlike God? Whatever is, is not that one. This arm isn’t like God, it can’t be my real arm. This brain isn’t like God, it can’t be your real brain. Your body isn’t like God, it can’t be your real body. You’re out in the image world. Use that image to its advantage, for its purpose. Wherever it is imperfect, take yourself back to your invisible consciousness. Now out here, there’s arthritis. In your invisible consciousness, there must be a belief in arthritis. You see that. There must be a belief there or it couldn’t be out here. This out here body is the mirror through which you see your invisible consciousness. And the belief is in your invisible consciousness. Now why waste time out here with liniments or with electrical heating. There’s relief. Get rid of the belief down here. How do you do it? That’s what these words are. Do you believe in here that you can have arthritis or do you love the Lord, thy God with all you hear, mind and soul. Do you love the essence of God, do you accept it as your essence? Does it have arthritis? Can it have arthritis? No, but it is my essence. All right, take this too and sit there until you accept that essence and not the conscious belief that you can have arthritis because the you that can have it is saying I’m not that essence.

You see how you come down to the point where you’ve got to face it. I’m either that essence of God or I’m accepting myself as something else. And as long as you’re something else, you’re in the world. And the world is not God’s creation. And you’re asking for trouble, a greater and it could come upon you, and a greater one and a greater one and a greater one because the one and only sin is not knowing and believing and accepting and trusting that you are the essence of God and therefore the mind which denies it is a liar and you will not listen to that mind but you will listen within yourself. For I and the Father are one essence. Today, now, this minute, forever, before Abraham and after the world.

Continuous essence of God is your name. You can be no other. Every word then is to make you consciously drop every belief that denies who you are.

In Mathew 5:48, “Be perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven, is perfect.” And there’s the statement that God is perfect. God is perfect. 5:48 Mathew.

But God is the substance of your being as revealed also in “I and the Father are one”. Now how can you be imperfect, if you’re one with the perfect God? To go on believing you can be, is to deny the truth. You suffer from the lie. You cannot be imperfect and whatever appears to be imperfect where you are is a lie. The suffering isn’t happening. The pain isn’t happening. It’s happening in this distortion of image. Get out of the image, back into the consciousness. The consciousness as received as seed or a tare, a lie below the level of your knowledge and now it’s showing forth as an imperfection.

But use the truth in consciousness. God is perfect. I and the Father are one therefore I and perfection are one. How can imperfection and perfection, it wouldn’t be perfect if imperfection could enter it. I am perfect.

Now why am I not experiencing that perfection? Because I haven’t quite accepted that God is the only creation, the only power, the only substance, the only law and I must do it again and again and again in consciousness until something springs up inside me, a great knowing. This isn’t something I have to make happen. It’s the isness of being now.

Let’s conclude today’s class now with a meditation, letting the fullness of what we have learned permeate our being.


Bill – Spiritual Healing

Dear Friends,

Spiritual Healing is a difficult thing to achieve. Yes it is a difficult subject to grasp, and to come into a realization of. That is why Joel repeatedly said that the students did not want to study this, they preferred to hear about the beauties of God, Oneness and I-Amness and all of that. However, he also stated that without an intense study of error, there will be no healings and perhaps that is why we see so few good Infinite Way practitioners almost 67 years after the printing of The Infinite Way book. It was for this reason that Joel suggested, any serious student should make this study a top priority.

To me, the more simple I can keep it, the better. When I am faced with a problem, mine or someone else’s I do not want a lot of convoluted ideas that I have to wrestle with, I want it short and sweet and simple. However, I only achieved that through the years of wrestling with this topic of error. I had more difficulty than perhaps others because I did not come up through any metaphysical movement, and words like, “mortal mind,” “carnal mind,” and “world thought,” meant nothing to me; I just could not get a feel for them at all.

But I persisted in my study, reading everything I could on the Nature of Error according to the Infinite Way principles, and eventually, I sent to Arizona for all the tapes on The Nature of Error that I could find,, dozens and dozens of them. In short, I made it an intense study for several years.

From there, I discovered (after hearing it over and over again on the tapes), that study was not enough. The only way I could come to realization, was to take a few more years and practice and practice and practice on the many appearances that were brought to my doorstep, mine as well as others. I discovered that it is only in the understanding of the Healing Principles and then in the consistent applying of them to different problems, that the Healing Consciousness is developed. There just is no other way. But I had to know how it works, I just had to, it would not leave me alone.

Now, with all of that as a background, I will tell you how simple the principles are, but one will never know this just by reading them, or thinking about them.

Joel stated that we could take any term we liked, any term, so long as it meant “nothingness,” such as, hypnotism, mesmerism, mental image, appearance, world thought, universal belief, and so on, and that freed me to find terms which would work for me, terms which I could feel a sense of rightness about. And I finally settled on a “mental image” in thought.

Here are the steps I take in meditation:

First, when I am presented with a problem, a disturbance, whether mine, or someone else’s, I recognize it as a mental image. It is a mental image, a picture appearing to the human mind, it is not my mental image, it is just “a” mental image appearing in the human mind. That’s the way for me, it is Impersonalized. That is something I can feel, a mental image coming to the mind.

Second, this mental image has no God Substance, God, that which I feel within my Consciousness in my meditations as a Presence, God is not “in” this mental image. There is no God in it. Therefore it is without God Life, God Substance, God Presence, God Power. It must be only a wispy, mental image, with nothing behind it, nothing in it. In short it is a Nothingness. Therefore, there is no answer to it and I must turn away from it, right now.

Finally, I close the eyes and turn my attention to God. God is Omnipresence. I know this, because of my years of experiencing It over and over again. God is Omnipresence. God is the Invisible Life, Substance of the universe, yes, this is a Spiritual Universe, and God is it. So what am I doing here in meditation then? I am getting quiet so that I may “feel” God. I am resting back in the inner knowing that God’s Grace is my sufficiency in all things. I am relaxing, so that I might “feel” the movement of that Spirit through my Consciousness. A deep breath comes to me and I relax even more so and rest back and wait upon that Spirit of God. I simply am still and I wait.

Suddenly, there is an inner movement, “I feel the descent of the Spirit,” I feel the actual Presence of God move in and through my being. There is an inner release. I can “feel” it each time it happens. And I know, I just know, that God is.

It is not a belief, it is not even a thought, it is an actual awareness of Spirit, of Omnipresence, that sets me free from the fear of a mental image. And I feel the release from any mental image and I feel the Grace descend. It is a real experience.

Then I know, Bill didn’t know any truth with his mind, Bill was absent and God was present. It was Grace that set me free. When that Presence comes into my awareness, the mental image dissolves. He uttered his voice the earth melted.

I do not know how the Spirit melts the mental image, but I don’t have to. I just know that when the Light shines the darkness disappears, over and over again. Awareness trumps mental image. Awareness melts thought! Say it anyway you like, I know it works!

And so, I open my eyes, and in some way that seems natural, the problem disappears.
In the minutes, hours, or days that follow, the problem will fade away completely. I don’t do it, I don’t make anything happen, I just watch, wait, remain a witness as the problem disappears.

So that’s as simple as I can make it.

However, that simplicity has taken years to arrive at, because I had to find the words that felt right for me, the terms. I had to try and practice with the problems in my life. I had to experience, failures and successes. I had to put in the weeks, and months and years of practice. And no one in heaven or on earth would do that for me.

Now, the day is coming, because it is just beginning for me, that sometimes, when a problem is presented, there is an instantaneous feeling of the Spirit, the Presence at the same instant, and I know that Joel is right when he said, “through practice,” we will someday be able to meet problems with just a smile. It is true. And although that has only just started, and still most of the time requires effort on my part, this effort is the way to someday come to absolute effortlessness in spiritual healing.

But you can see, the amount of work this involves and as Joel said, we don’t want to do it, we want to look at picture magazines rather than put forth the effort.

Well there you have it, over 40 years experience in a few paragraphs.

Love to you,


I have been asked to speak a little bit about the Silence and this talk is going to be called The Non Power of Silence.

We are told again and again that no matter what problem we are facing, no matter what situation we are confronted with, the answer is to rest back in the Silence; the answer is to attain the Silence. But this does us no good if we do not know what the Silence is or how to attain it.

We are told that during our meditations, through the process of contemplation, we reach the place where thoughts are no more, and that right there is where we will find the Silence.

But what is the Silence and what is meant by the non power of Silence? Let us see if we can’t remember some of the clues that we have been given. We will just take a look at a few of them.

I come at a moment ye think not.” Now this “I” refers to the Silence; “I come as a thief in the night.” “Be still and in the stillness know that I AM God.” Be sill and in the stillness know that I Am; that I Am that Presence. Be still and in the stillness know the Silence. “Take no thought.” “Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit.” “Stand ye still and see the salvation of the Lord.”

What is Silence? What is this Silence and how is it obtained? Let me read to you something that came through on this subject a couple of years ago as I was driving along. Suddenly the Silence hit me and I had to pull over and write what came to me.


What is silence? Is silence an absence of sound? No, for I have felt the Silence while walking on a noisy, crowded avenue. Is silence an absence of thought? No, for Silence has come upon me in the middle of a movie theater even while focused on the action of the movie. What then is silence?

On a warm and lazy day, while lying in the grass and looking up at the sky; the clouds come and then move out of sight, yet the sky remains. An airplane appears and then is gone, a bird flies by and still behind all this the sky remains.

Turning the gaze inward, a thought comes and then disappears, a feeling floats by and then is gone, yet behind all this the Silence remains.

My child, you have learned to still your thoughts in order to become aware of the Silence within. Yet, I would not have you cling to the practice which led you to your inner Silence, but rather, rest in the inner Silence to which you were led. It is Silence from which you sprung forth and Silence to which you shall return, but in truth, you have always existed as the Silence. A lifetime appears and then passes away, and another, and another, yet, Silence is undisturbed.

Infinite, Eternal, the Silence of your Being, even now, beckons you home. It is the Silence of your Being that is the real “hidden manna” and now know this: I have given you a white stone, upon which is written a “new name”; Silence is that name. And no one knows saving him that receiveth it. Your real name is Silence. You are the Silence from which all Life flows. You are the Infinite Silence Itself.

At all times, in all places that appear to you, learn to rest back in the Silence of your Being; commune with that Silence, feel that Silence, know that only the Silence is Real.

Oh dear one, have I been so long a time with thee and thou hast not known Me? Know Me now, the Silence of your Being. Trust Me, I will never leave you nor forsake you, for in Truth, I AM you.

My Peace, I give unto you, My Peace. Rest now, in the Silence of Being.

We call this the non power of Silence. Not by might; not by physical might, nor by power; not by mental power, but by Silence.

The only demonstration you ever need to make is this Silence. And let us see if we cannot discover together this morning what Silence really is.

As we said, Silence is not an absence of sound. You may rest in the Silence in the middle of a crowded room. And so an absence of sound is not Silence. An absence of thought is not Silence. You may be working diligently on a financial problem, perhaps you are balancing your check book or calculating your taxes, and Silence may steal upon you. And so an absence of thoughts is not Silence. If an absence of sound is not Silence and an absence of thought is not Silence what is this Silence which is so very, very important?

It is in the Silence that God happens. God functions in the Silence. So what is it? “Not by might, nor by power, but by Silence are ye saved.”

In our contemplation, when we are looking at scripture or looking at truth, thinking about it; we are focusing our attention on the truth. Momentarily, perhaps we may have forgotten whatever problem we are confronted with and when we reach the end of our contemplation, we rest back and it is there, at that moment that Silence descends upon us. And again there may still be thoughts but they do not affect the Silence — the Silence affects them. There may still be sounds around us but they do not affect the Silence — the Silence affects them.

Hear this clearly; know this fully, because this is what the Silence is:

When you reach the Sabbath, that inner state of rest, you have ceased from all struggle; you have ceased from all power, whether the physical power or mental power, you are at rest. And when all power ceases, Silence announces Itself. Silence takes over. Silence reveals Itself.

The key is no power of any kind. That is why you can be driving your car on a busy boulevard and Silence can come upon you; because in that moment, within your inner being, you have ceased to struggle, you are exercising no power.

In his book “The Thunder of Silence”, Joel Goldsmith tried very, very hard, very diligently to reveal the secret of no power; which is the secret of Silence. And he said that for years to come, people would not quite understand that book. And it has been approximately 43 years and still people do not understand that book. But it is a comprehensive book about non power and the secret of non power.

It is our natural inclination to fight and struggle with whatever problems we have. Even when we discover that we cannot meet a problem on the level of the problem. Even when we begin to discern the answer won’t come in a human way and on a human plain. But we continue to turn within and try to use God power. We feel that if we can just say the right prayer, then our problems will be met. We feel that if we can know the right truth our problems will dissolve. So we look in the books and we search franticly for the truth that we are to know. And maybe we find one that worked for someone else and we repeat that truth over and over in our minds. It was not the truth that met that persons problem, it was the Silence to which that truth lead; for that person, on that day, in that place, that truth allowed them to relax and rest from all power and any attempts to do anything. And in that surrender, in that Silence, God revealed Itself and of course the problem disappeared.

We cannot expect to use a truth over a problem. And somehow we need to learn how to not bring the problem into our meditation with us, because if the mind is struggling with the problem, then this Rest cannot come over us; this Silence cannot happen.

It is just like the man who went to an enlightened master and asked him how he could know about God. And the master said it was simple really, just go home and get quiet and don’t think about monkeys. Well the man said, “I can do that, that’s easy.” And he went home and he got quiet and he thought to himself, “Now I am just not going to think about any monkeys.” In fact he was not going to think abut the hundreds of monkeys he had purposely… and here we go. Soon, there were monkeys in his bedroom and there were monkeys in his living room and there were monkeys in his mind; monkeys everywhere! There was no place where monkeys did not exist. And he found out how difficult it is once the mind gets hold of something. And that’s what we are talking about.

It is the monkeys — the problems that we are dealing with, the problems that we are confronted with, when we bring them into our meditation, we cannot reach the Silence. Now the non power of Silence is what we are talking about.

In every human approach we are taught to use power and it is deeply ingrained in us. We are taught from our earliest years how mankind with their ingenuity conquered the lands. How they conquered the wilderness. How they built great cathedrals and monuments. We applaud anyone who through sheer will and determination overcomes a personal set back. Almost everywhere we turn; we are taught that the way of this world is power. We have examples of one nation conquering another nation. We have examples of the stronger person dominating the weaker person. And if that weaker person turns around and becomes strong within themselves and overthrows the mighty, well we applaud that in this world. We use a medicine that is stronger than the bacteria that we are fighting and there is a cure and we celebrate that. Everywhere in this world is the use of power and it is our natural inclination to think of monkeys; that is, to think of power. And when we go into our meditation, we also want to use power, but this is the one area in all areas where power will not work. This is the one area where we need to discover the non power of Silence.

When we sit down to have our meditation and these problems come to mind, we are not to struggle with the problems, we are not to try to throw them out, we are not to try to grab hold of the mind and make it become quiet. Because remember, an absence of thought is not the Silence.

The Silence is an absence of power, of any kind. Silence is an absence of power. And that is what Joel tried so hard to get across in that book “The Thunder of Silence.” God, we say, is all-power, omnipotence, and there again comes a misinterpretation. When we conceive of all-power, we conceive of a power that overcomes all lesser powers. It is our conditioned mind in this world. But that is not what – God as all power – is. God is one, one Presence, one Being, one Life and God is the only Presence, the only Being, the only Life. So what would that power be a power over? In order for God power to be a power over something else, there would have to be two powers; there would have to be two beings and two presences, but there is only One. And so there must be another way to see Omnipotence; all-power.

In our meditation, we give up the struggle to change anything out here in the world of pictures that we see, or in here in the world of thoughts. When we give up any attempt at struggling to change things, then we are approaching the non power of Silence. So let us look at this in this manner:

You can pick whatever problem is confronting you right now. Here is a picture of a material problem and I am learning that I do not have to exercise physical power to change that. So I can stop struggling physically, and I am going to try to attain this Silence because I sense there is an answer here. I close my eyes, and I relax, and rest back, as much as I can, and here comes the thoughts about that problem. But I am not going to exercise any mental power over that thought. And so, for right now, this moment, I am not going to use physical might or mental power of any kind. “Let the heathen rage, what is that to thee?” I am going to rest back, as in a day of Sabbath; no work today, no physical effort, no mental power — just rest. And I am going to do what we did when we started this talk; I am going to look at those scriptures that remind me to rest:

There remain a rest to the people of God,” because no power is required. “Put up thy sword,” because no power is required. “Take no thought,” right now, your thought is not required. So do not rush in and try to manhandle this problem. Your effort is not required.

If no power is required, then what am I to do? “Be still and know,” with an inner experience, that “I” within you, am God. “I” am all power. But My power I use only to reveal Myself. In a moment that ye rest from all power, I reveal Myself.

When I reveal Myself, all pictures dissolve. In the light of My Presence all problems disappear. You rest in the Silence and receive my Grace. Silence is not an absence of sound, and Silence is not even an absence of thought. Silence is an absence of power.

Here, in this resting from all struggle, in quietness and confidence, God is alive and fulfilling Itself. Now, I will let God.

I never could use truth, because that would be trying to exercise a power. But I can rest and allow truth to use me; Spirit to use me, God to reveal Itself through me. This is the way of non power; “resist not.” My Grace I give unto you. My Peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, giveth I unto you.” Not through power, or struggle of any kind. My Peace I give unto you in this second of non power, in this Silence.

And now let us rest. There is nothing to do, nothing to become, nothing to struggle with. We rest in the non power of His Peace. And in this Silence, “The stone is cut out of the mountain without hands;” without physical hands; without mental hands. In the Silence, God forms Itself.

The whole secret is in the non power of Silence. This is how you receive your inheritance in the Silence of your Being.

This non power of the Silence can be practiced and lived anywhere, anytime, in any situation. Let’s practice this non power of Silence more and more as the days go by. Let’s remind ourselves that it is not necessary to know any specific truth. It is not necessary to hold any specific thoughts. It is not necessary to go away to a mountain or seaside village. It is not necessary to go into a temple, or a mosque, or a church, or a holy place. We can turn within, in our inner temple, and in resting from all power, resting in the non power of Silence, of Spirit, we can be beholders as that “I” makes all things new. And the place whereon we rest, is the Holy place of God.

When you sit down now with a problem at hand, remember that you are not going to think your way out of it. Remember, as quickly as you can, you are going to practice the non power of Silence. And anything that helps you remember to, “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.” The moment ye struggle not, “I” am come. Anything that reminds you to rest, remember that, and breath deeply, and rest.

Silence is a state of being. And in this state of being, in the non power of Silence, the allness of God flows through and we see miracles appear. We see an infinite amount of love. We see His abundance. The Silence has come that you might have life and life more abundantly, not a life of struggle. We come to see that we are not going to make continuous demonstration after demonstration after demonstration. We are going to attain the Silence as our very own being. So that if we are walking, talking, eating, or sleeping, Silence, and the non power of Silence, will be what we are; an open doorway for Spirit to function Itself. And this will become a continuous state of Consciousness. It has to, because it is what we are. And we are becoming acquainted again with who we really are.

Silence is your name; your hidden name, trust It. It moves in a way you know not of, and none of us will really ever know how this works. But we will see by the effect that it does in fact reveal Itself. And we shall be satisfied with that likeness.

In all places, at all times, in any situation that confronts you, or any situation that excites you, remember this secret of the Silence of the Most High. Remember the non power approach of Silence. Remember the answer is closer than your breathing, nearer than your hands and feet, and drop all struggle; cease ye from struggle.

The Silence is known when the human mind is at rest. Not when the human mind doesn’t have a thought, but when the human mind is at rest; when there is no attempt to use this Power. In that resting, in the Silence, this Power uses you.

Then shall ye be ordained to heal the sick, to raise the dead, to reveal Eternal Life. And then, shall ye be My disciples.

This is your inner secret; that you are a disciple of Silence and that you practice the non power of Silence. This is the way; “I” the Silence, am the way.

It is “I” be not afraid. I go before you, I go with you; I am you — Silence.

We are discussing the third dimension of humanhood and how to live in it while you are functioning out of the fourth dimension. If we look at the lesson, not as an isolated chapter here and an isolated chapter there, not even as an Old Testament or a New Testament, rather as a living lesson about a living God, and that you actually are the Adam, and that you actually are the Christ that came to Jesus. And the period from Adam the first man, to Christ Jesus that first man coming into the realization of Self, represents the same period that you must go through in order to fulfill yourself.

You come into a world and to all visible eyes, to all visible knowledge you bring nothing into this world. And yet that is one of the first truths that we learn, that we bring something into this world. We do not come in empty-handed at all. We find much evidence of that in such lights as Chopin, for example, who at the age of two, or Mozart was it, at the age of two, had this tremendous musical talent? And we learn that you do not come in starting as a beginner. You come in with your consciousness, the consciousness that you had before this particular experience you had and now you come back with a higher consciousness, or perhaps a lower one, if you walked in the wrong direction.

And then, when we look at Jesus we see that this man who walked the earth blessing the world around him had at an early age a capacity far beyond his elders. And we see there that neither did he come into this world then, for the first time. Actually, I had been wondering about this. What were the incarnations of Jesus before he appeared as that which was called the son of God.

I had a little light on it, if any, when a book came across my attention, and it was the Edgar Cayce
book on the incarnations of Jesus. And we find, according to Cayce, that Jesus actually was Joseph in Egypt. Jesus was Enoch. Jesus was Zend, the father of Zoroaster. Jesus was Joshua. And according to Cayce, Jesus was Melchizedek who came to Abraham and revealed the power of one who had never been born or died.

Now whether you give credence to these or not, the fact is that consciousness which walked the earth as Jesus, was not born one day and suddenly appeared, any more than a leaf on a tree on a tree suddenly appears without having been born within that tree first. And so it was, going back, “before Abraham I am,” he said, and this was Melchizedek, the Christ mad manifest as man. Coming through the famines of Egypt it was Joseph, the enlightened one who as able to bring them food.

Always, you are seeing symbolism that he who is in the Christ Consciousness is without lack or limitation. So, Adam the first man, unknowing of his True Self, goes through the various experiences in the Bible, passes out of the picture, but now he returns. And he returns again, and again, and again in a new face, a new body. Ultimately, his name is Jesus. But now there is something new. This Jesus has discovered the mysteries of life. He has walked through the divided consciousness which every man walks through. And now he emerges as the One Consciousness. And this Consciousness walks the earth free of the divisions which we all face.

But man doesn’t understand Jesus, and so man worships Jesus the man. Man worships the very man who says, “why do you call me good? Don’t call me Lord, Lord. Don’t love me, and worship me, but do what I say.” The multitudes followed him because they wanted healings. They said, “there’s been no greater on earth than he. Let me touch him.” But did they want his message? Repeatedly, they came back for another healing; but his words, his meanings, what he symbolized, what he was teaching, was lost.

We’re not losing that today. His teaching is crystal clear. There are two consciousnesses on this earth. One is the true of you, one is the false of you. And although you may feel that you would like a nice comfortable way to find God, Jesus left it very clear to us that there is no easy, comfortable way to find God, unless you want an abstract God to whom you can pray and say, “Dear God I need help,” and then wait for that help whether it comes or not. He said, if you want a God who is a living God, not an abstraction, there’s only one way. He said, “You must make my flesh your flesh, and my blood your blood.” And this meant a total reliance on the True Consciousness, not the false.

When you simmer the message down to a few words, Jesus was teaching us to get out of this body before it’s buried. He was teaching us that this body in which we walk, is a blend of the false and the true. And although it’s a very difficult teaching at this point, we must learn to look out at the world and see something quite different than what our eyes usually see. We see people, we see forms, we see friends, we see enemies.

He said, “I’m sorry, if you want the kingdom of heaven you must have a completely new way of looking out at this world. You must look out with a single eye. And the single eye does not see as you have been seeing. And many of the examples that he demonstrated were to show you the difference between the divided consciousness and the single eye. Take the withered arm. Now he’s in the temple, a man comes in, his arm is withered. The Pharaoh Caesar there, oh, this is great for them. They’re going to witness Jesus possibly breaking the law. They couldn’t like anything better, because it happens to be the Sabbath.

This man with the withered arm is supposed to have been a stone mason. And in an accident this occurred. He never could get rid of this withered arm. And now on a Sabbath he comes to the temple and says to Jesus, “Heal me.” One of the great institutions of Hebrew law was you don’t work on the Sabbath. So they’re waiting gleefully. What’s he going to do? And this is where you and I must see that what he did was a major teaching. He recognized no human Sabbath. This was a man-made law even though Moses had handed down this law. In fact, Moses stood idly by while one was stoned who broke this law. And now this institution, which was reverenced throughout the Hebrew kingdom, he, the great teacher, was about to break.

And the reason he did it is simple. They thought it was illegal against the Hebrew law, against the law of God, to heal on a Sabbath. And he taught a higher law. It is against the law of God to witness a withered arm. There is no such thing. The reason he could witness that there is no withered arm is because he had within himself eliminated the second consciousness. There was no two consciousnesses there. There was not a divided consciousness.

And I think it’s important that you see the meaning of a divided consciousness. It will also show you a different person than the one you usually see. Take yourself. We are all a divided consciousness, every one of us. There is in us only divinity. And yet, in spite of it, this divinity is obscured by the imitation of divinity, the imitation divine image, the human image. This human image is composed of two forces. Your divine spiritual Self, and the passage of the world mind with it’s impression of your divine Self, over this divine Self, makes the two consciousnesses. You are composed now of Divine Consciousness, which is your Self and of the universal consciousness which is the world imitation of your Self. The fusion of these two makes the form. And when you look out, although you see a form, you’re seeing the fusion of the Divine Consciousness and the universal belief about that Divine Consciousness and that’s the form you’re looking at.

It’s your form, your neighbor’s form your child’s form, your parents form, your husband and your wife’s form. You’re looking at a level of consciousness which appears as form. And just for mathematics sake we’ll say that one degree of Divine Consciousness is coming through and ninety-nine degrees of world belief is coming through. And that’s the form in front of you. And someone may be a little higher and have two per cent of Divine Consciousness coming through and ninety-eight per cent of world belief.

But everywhere you’re looking you’re not seeing what is there, you’re seeing this fusion. And it’s important to learn to look at every form with the realization that what is there is not what is appearing. What is appearing is mostly world belief in form. But we are to do exactly what the first Adam was here to do, and eventually did. And that is to come into the realization that the tree of life which is Divine Consciousness and the tree of good and evil which is world belief, have merged to create the appearance of man called Adam. And Adam doesn’t know it. And each of us is that one who doesn’t know it.

And so, we are here to lift the degree of divinity that comes through and to decrease the degree of universal belief that comes through. So that ultimately you’ll be ten per cent divine and eighty per cent universal belief. Then twenty and eighty, and seventy and thirty and so forth, until you reach that point where Christ is born, a place where you become aware that the Divine Self is my being and now I must erase through integrity to myself that degree of which shows forth as me. You’re recognizing that the universal forms we see are nothing but universal thought out-pictured. And yet, when divinity is understood and sown to within, as we build an inner consciousness, not in the sense mind, but an inner consciousness, this slowly releases the degree of world belief that is showing forth as our form puts substance into our experience.

Now, Jesus had accomplished all this. So by the time the man came forth with the withered arm he was looking at a form as the world sees it in divided consciousness, an imperfect form, a form composed of largely, world belief appearing as a man with a withered arm. And the degree of Divine Consciousness that was present in the man was minimized. And all around him those who would say you cannot work on the Sabbath were perfectly content to accept the reality of this evil.

But he was teaching that my Father worketh hitherto. Right here where these Pharisees sees the withered arm, where the world consciousness accepts the withered arm, there is also the Christ Consciousness, the single eye, which does not accept the possibility that there is darkness where God is. Now we have the Christ Consciousness looking at the withered arm. It says, “I’m not going to give you another arm, I’m not going to trade arms with you, I’m not going to discuss logic with you, I’m not going to teach you anything, I’m not going to have a discussion with you, I’m not going to go through all the Mosaic law and teach you about the Spirit, but rather I will sow directly to the spirit of you recognizing, as we all must come to recognize, that the withered arm is not there. It is world belief formed. Stretch forth thine arm.”

Now you will say why, if all he said was stretch forth thine arm, did the man stretch forth his arm then, and why couldn’t he have done it before? So let us take a telephone conversation as an example. Now you are speaking on the telephone here to your friend in Chicago. Now, there’s nothing that your friend in Chicago can hear except what you say from this side of the phone here. If you speak loudly, he will hear it loudly. If you say “hello,” he will hear “hello.” Everything you do here will come out there, but nothing can come out there unless you do it here.

And you have that same privilege in spiritual consciousness. Whatever was in the consciousness that looked at that withered arm had to come out in the individual who had the withered arm. Now see the invisible connection between Jesus as if he were on the telephone; but his thoughts are on the telephone, not his words. His consciousness is on the telephone, not his words and he is knowing the Truth. And the Truth that he knows goes over that telephone and appears in Chicago just as his voice would. The truth that you know goes through your consciousness into the consciousness of the one who has come to you. And that truth in your consciousness becomes the truth in the consciousness of the other individual. And because the truth is that there is no withered arm, the withered arm disappears. It’s just like a telephone connection. It’s one consciousness, not communicating with the other consciousness, it’s the consciousness appearing there as that same consciousness, because there is only one invisible consciousness, God Consciousness.

Now, this was mystifying. How could a withered arm disappear? This was some kind of chicanery. But the teaching was that God is not abstract. You don’t pray to God in heaven. You recognize God as present everywhere, perfect now. Finally, it would take us another five thousand years perhaps, individually, if we worked without the inner revelation of Spirit Itself, to learn that he was teaching right then and there that the fourth dimension of consciousness is always present wherever you are. If you are a Pharisee and cannot see it because you are in divided consciousness, you will call it a miracle, or witchcraft. But if you have the single eye which knows the fourth dimension of consciousness is here, now, you will also know something else. We have been trying from the fourth, to live in the fourth while in the third. And now you must come to the place where you see there is no third dimension of consciousness. It simply doesn’t exist. It is the false consciousness. It is the illusory consciousness. The third dimension of consciousness cannot exist.

All that you see in the third dimension of consciousness has no reality. The world that you see is the third dimension of consciousness. But the fourth dimension of consciousness, which is Christ invisible, is the only consciousness that is present here today. We may bring the illusion of a third dimension of consciousness, we may bring a withered arm, we may bring a defective ear, we may bring a defective eye, we may bring a defective back, but these are from the divided consciousness, the two that are in the field; and one must go. There cannot be two masters serving in your consciousness.

Now, to do this you cannot live the life you’re accustomed to. The change is significant, and quite revolutionary. The change requires the knowledge that you cannot ever honor the third dimension of consciousness without separating yourself from Reality. In you are the two levels of consciousness, the one true and the imitation of the truth. And now, your only responsibility on this earth is the second consciousness that is within you, the human, the mortal, the limited, the one that moves in time and space.

When you were taught to impersonalize, up to this moment our impersonalizations have been incomplete. We have not really learned how to impersonalize. But we’re reaching the point now where however difficult, many of us are prepared to accept a hard truth. Now you will find that if you can accept that you are comprised of only divinity, there is no other self than your Divine Self, you must know, therefore, that whatever appears as imperfect in your life must be a lie. And that lie comes about because your Divine Self is crossed by world belief and this out-pictures as the imperfection or the lie, which up to now we more or less have accepted, even though we had learned it wasn’t there.

Now you must impersonalize four ways. And I’d like you to remember these four ways, for the power in them is very great. The world around you isn’t happening. It seems to be. This may not mean much to you at the moment, but there will come a time when the non-happening of that around you will suddenly steal into your consciousness in a very unique way. And that moment of Truth will be hastened if you will follow these four steps. When you impersonalize, well let’s take a specific case, let’s take that withered arm. Let’s take a withered arm that’s confronting us right now as a case at hand. We will impersonalize first, time. There is no time in Spirit. There is no time when a withered arm could have happened, there is no time in which it can exist, therefore there is no time in which a person can be suffering from a withered arm. You’re beginning to see that time is part of the false consciousness. So you remove time from your belief. Now you remove place. You impersonalize place. There’s no place where a withered arm can be. There is no place in Spirit. Place is finite. Place has boundaries. There are no boundaries in Spirit. We remove the belief in time, we remove the belief in space.

We are impersonalizing time and now space, and now we are impersonalizing person. This that appears before me as withered arm is but the fusion of the Divine with its overshadowing of the world belief. The Divine is not matter. The Divine is not physical. The Divine is incorporeal, the Divine is all. The shadow of form is world belief formed. We impersonalize person. We impersonalize material being. We impersonalize material form. We are removing in our consciousness the belief in time, place, and material form. And finally, our fourth impersonalization is the removal of the belief in material condition.

There is no time, place, form, or condition in Christ Consciousness. To us, that’s a slow learning process. To the one called Jesus it was an instantaneous knowledge born of all of the incarnations in Truth, leading up to the final, total realization of the Divine Self, the single eye looking out only at the perfect universe. This cannot be. All that stands there is the perfect invisible Divine Self mis-perceived.

Now when you impersonalize time, place, person and condition, you’ll find that you’re left with a great hollow. That hollow is the removal of the universal world beliefs. And it’s the beginning of a very strange new kind of stillness, a stillness that may even ache a little bit. Because in this stillness it isn’t just the stillness that you bring about by saying I’m going to still now, this is a stillness that falls into a new groove. This is a stillness in which the world is still. All around you is a vast, almost infinite stillness and you’re somewhere in the center of it but not very clearly defined, you’re even part of the stillness.

You’re breaking the dream. You’re breaking the dream of the divided consciousness which has presented to us a self that is born and must die, a physical being. You’re crossing out the third dimension of consciousness which never existed as reality, and you’re coming into the recognition that only the God Consciousness exists. Only the fourth dimension of consciousness exists around you, nothing else. And if this becomes your experience you never forget it. You’ll remember it sufficiently so that as you walk through this world you will know I am not walking in the third dimension of consciousness at all. It isn’t here. It’s the myth. I am consciously in the fourth dimension for that is my name. I am the fourth dimension of consciousness. I am the Spirit. And the material world which was born of the divided consciousness loses its potency, its validity, its power to mold you, its power to cause you fear, concern and anxiety. You recognize the non-presence of the third dimension of consciousness called mortality.

This vast stillness becomes an insulating factor. Nothing can enter this stillness. It is a stillness you have never experienced except through the realization that all that exists is the Divine Self. And then, all evil on the earth, for you, has no meaning. It is just something you see but it is not morality, it is not ordained, it is not upheld, it is not part of the experience of the Christ Consciousness. “In him is no darkness at all.”

Now we’re all working towards this stillness. And one of the great mystifying things about it is that even at this moment the human mind cannot acclimate itself to the drastic change that is required of it. Even at this moment, no matter how strange it may be to hear that I am an incorporeal being, the mind does not really know what that means. The mind cannot make its adjustment. It cannot be sudden, it must be gradual. It must be a slow daily sowing to the spiritual Self. If you try to hurdle this in a night, or a year, or five, you find it is too awkward, because you’re going to come to a place that you’ve never been in, a place that I’d like you to recognize now. You’re going to have to see that when somebody gets on the phone to call you, that it isn’t happening. It isn’t happening.

You’re going to have to come to a place however startling where you learn that you are not breathing. It isn’t happening. Your heart is not beating. It isn’t happening. Nothing that you think is happening is happening in Spirit. And when you come to this zero it won’t be because you heard somebody say it or read it in a book. But at least you’ll be alerted to the fact that when it does happen in your experience that you’re not going crazy. When you know that you are not living as a human being with a breathing lung and a pumping heart and a thinking brain, you’ll be very sane. More than any man who walked the earth before Jesus. For when he came to that realization he was the first born. And, believe it or not, we are all going to come to that realization before we step out of the mortal mode.

When you practice the allness of God you do so without the realization that that means the nothingness of me. Now we must learn to practice the nothingness of me. That is the only way you honor God supremely. At first, it’s a dark, dark night. You realize then that in impersonalizing time, space, matter, condition, leaves you without a human selfhood. It leaves the world without a human selfhood. That is why there is a great transition of consciousness from Adam to Christ Jesus.

The giving up of a belief in a human selfhood is impossible to a person who has not been touched by the Spirit. And even those who have been touched by the Spirit find that they want to cling to that human selfhood. It’s all they know. They don’t mind clinging to it if they can just get Spirit to function in their lives. But more and more, and more, the Master impresses upon us, there’s no place you can stop if you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The narrow gate is total reliance upon the Spirit, the complete willingness to drop all belief in a mortal universe, a material universe, this world.

I can’t say how many among you at this moment want to live that way, but it’s necessary at this time for those of you who want to live that way to know that there must come the moment when you can see the nothingness of your human self. Down to the point where you know you’re not breathing. And after you’ve tried it you might even say, we’ll that wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Something new happened. A new dimension of me was born when that happened. That’s what you might say.

You might see then, what is the meaning of being re-born into the Spirit. This is how the false, second self is slowly dissolved to reveal the immaculate nature of your being. We are sowing to the immaculate which cannot be blended with anything else. There can be no degree of human-hood in the immaculate. And so incarnation after incarnation has to precede before there can be an immaculate conception, and in that immaculate conception one consciousness was the only one left on the field. There were two, and one was taken away. Jesus then walked the earth as the undivided consciousness. And the powers that he manifested are the powers of the undivided consciousness. The power to witness perfection where the world sees a withered arm, is the power of the undivided consciousness that is available to all of us who want to walk through that narrow gate.

Now, “eating of my flesh and my blood” means not of the universal world belief, but of the Divine, fidelity to the Divine of your being, standing still to the world that come through you as opinions, beliefs and appearances, concepts. This narrows us down. It narrows us down to such a point that we, too, find the meaning of the three temptations in a new way. We were told to forgive seventy times seven. And now we see it isn’t a demand of us to be kind and compassionate at all. To forgive seventy times seven meant to look out there to see that all that’s there is Divinity. There’s nothing big hearted about it, it’s the recognition of Reality. There’s no one there to forgive. And there’s no one here to do the forgiving. All that is present is the fourth dimension, Divine Consciousness. Fidelity to that, was the purpose behind the teaching ‘forgive seventy times seven.’

Now when we go to Jesus, we find that he lived in fidelity to the highest possible truth on this earth, that there is naught but God. He recognized no divided consciousness even in himself. And we must learn to do this. When the tempter says ‘withered arm,’ we must say to the tempter, “Who told you so?” When the tempter within us says, “You’re getting old,” we must say to the tempter, “Who told you so?” When the tempter within us says, “My daughter is growing up and I have to watch her very carefully, or else she’ll become part of the new ways that I don’t like very much.” Then you must say to the tempter, “The only daughter I have is the true Consciousness of God within myself.” And that is the consciousness of that which you call “my daughter.” I recognize only the Divine Consciousness. And that is my daughter. There is no person there. There is no beating heart. There is only the Spirit. And this is the immaculate conception of a daughter.

Always, we are doing what the world cannot do, what no mortal mind can do, what logic will not do, we are translating the human scene. We are rejecting the tempter which says there is Divinity, there is Spirit, there is God, but there is also mortal being. And you know, it’s very difficult to see, perhaps, but Jesus had already rejected the idea that there was Jesus. He had rejected the idea that there was God and Jesus. It was his overcoming of the belief that my name is Jesus, and that I am Jesus, which enabled him to witness that there is no withered arm.

If there was still a Jesus in his consciousness, the miracles that he was able to manifest, to witness, would have been impossible. He had to remove the belief in the divided consciousness which says, “There is Divinity and me.” And he couldn’t be pantheistic and say, “God is my being even though I am in the flesh.” He couldn’t say, “That tree out there is Spirit.” He had to know that the tree out there isn’t there. But Spirit is there. He had to know that the man with the withered arm wasn’t there, but the Spirit was there. He had to know that Jesus wasn’t there, but Spirit was there. And we have to know that we are not here, but Spirit is here. And then when we know that we are Spirit, we’re ready for that tempter. The tempter will then say to us, “Prove your Spirit.” And if you know your identity to be Spirit, you will say to the tempter, “to whom shall I prove it? There’s naught but Spirit. Or, “show your great powers.” Well to whom shall I show these powers?

You see, the tempter is the world mind in you. That which you have called your human mind is the tempter. And it’s always challenging you to show your spiritual power. And whom shall you show that spiritual power to, this non-existent world mind? All there is, is your Spirit, everywhere. My Spirit knows no boundaries for my Spirit is the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God, whom shall tempt the Spirit of God? Is there another to tempt?

And so the temptation comes from non-existence seeming to be existent. The rejection of the temptation is the rejection of that which is non-existent. There is no tempter. The tempter is as much an illusion as water on the desert. And when you accept the tempter and wish to show the tempter your spiritual power you might as well show that spiritual power to a mirage on the desert. And so the revelation of the rejecting of the tempter three times by Jesus, is the revelation that there is only one Self. There is no other to do the tempting. And no other to be tempted.

There is only one Being and that one Being is always I AM. Impersonalizing is a very nice word for crucifying. When you crucify time, place, person, conditions in person, you are meeting the tempter, the world mind which has presented time, place, person, and condition to you. And you are saying to the world mind, my integrity to the one Self of my being, to the undivided consciousness, has now reached the point where I can stand firm in the knowledge that I am not two, a divine and a mortal, spirit and matter, son of God and a human being. I eat only of the blood and the flesh of the invisible Christ. I walk in oneness in the realization that only the One is present. I’m not making withered arms disappear, I’m recognizing their non-reality. I’m not making cancers disappear, recognizing their non-reality. Not making the problems of this world disappear, recognizing their non-reality, we’re getting behind the scenes to recognize that God is all and in him there is no darkness at all.

And our work is to banish in us the thoughts, the beliefs, the seeds of concept that accept another life, another power, another activity than perfect Divine activity. There is no other. The acceptance of another is the acceptance of a divided consciousness. Now the mind begins to be very uncomfortable in that everything that it accepted could be understood by it, and if it did something it would do it because it understood. But now it reaches an area where it is very uncomfortable. It doesn’t want to hear that I’m not breathing. It doesn’t want to hear that I’m not a mortal being. It wants something understandable. And at this stage you will find that whatever is understandable to the mind is untrue. If it’s understandable to the mind, beware of it. It isn’t the truth of God, because there is a place where the truth of God is very upsetting to that mind. It’s telling that mind when you impersonalize, you impersonalize yourself too. Get rid of yourself. You don’t know Truth. You’re just the world mind appearing in an individual as an individual mind. You’ve been the cause of all the trouble these many thousands of years.

We begin to see that this mind is what folds up when we leave this plane and when we return we can’t even remember we were here because it wasn’t a mind at all. If it was a mind it would remember. All of our sense mind is lost. The only thing we gain during this lifetime is that degree in which consciousness frees itself from the world belief that is in us. So that right now, perhaps, if you’re two per cent Divine and ninety-eight per cent human, you might return three per cent Divine, having made one degree of progress during your seventy, or eighty or ninety years.

But the world consciousness is changing, and the degree of progress we have made in the past is not the degree of progress we can make in the present. It’s possible today, right here, in the kingdom at hand to dissolve the world consciousness in this incarnation, provided you’ve been touched deeply enough to make your dedication without compromise. For instance, had you been caught in the temple with this withered arm requesting help, in the presence of the higher priests, some lesser man might have compromised. He could have even said to this withered arm, “Well, I’ll meet you outside, we’ll talk about it later.” Or he could have said, “Come back tomorrow.”

But in our commitment to Truth alone, we don’t say, “come back tomorrow” or “I’ll meet you later.” We meet the lie now when it appears, and wherever it appears. We meet it because we must be true to Self. We must find Self. We must overcome the unself that is the false, the limited, the one who is not my eternal Being. And we find that is only a shell called the false consciousness. As soon as it is met by the Truth, its falseness is revealed. When there is no Truth in your consciousness to meet it, it continues and takes over your life. If you could shear away, at this moment, all of the falseness of your being, you would no that there is no place where you are not.

Now, if you think this is difficult, be sure it will become more difficult. It will become so difficult that there will be a place where those who faint will want to turn back. And that is the place where those who have been touched are anxious to go. The place where the dark night of the soul truly begins is where you let go of the world consciousness within you, and with all total reliance on the invisible Self, leaving all weapons behind, all reason, all logic, all fear, all doubt, you entrust yourself one hundred per cent to the Self you feel you are, which is not living in this time or in this space, or in this body, or in this condition, and you see the shell that had pretended it was you.

This total rejection of the false self is necessary before the real Self can shine through. There is a totally different Self waiting the reveal Itself to the one who rejects the false self completely. And that complete rejection will come about as you practice the impersonalization of the false self in all qualities. If you thought your intelligence was limited, impersonalize that, it isn’t. If you thought your lifespan was limited, impersonalize that, it isn’t. If you thought your capacities in any direction were limited, impersonalize that, it isn’t true. God is unlimited in life, in capacities and intelligence, and I and the Father are one Spirit.

Remove all boundaries on every limiting factor of your life in your integrity to Self. Remove the belief that a boundary is real. Remove the belief that you walk in a space. Remove the belief that you walk in an aging form. Remove the belief that you walk within a limited period of time. These are all conditioned beliefs. The moment you do this, it is astounding how clear it becomes that they are nothing more than concepts. The whole world of concept begins to peel away. The onion skins of belief are removed one by one or ten by ten. Your mind begins to race with the possibilities.

There is another Self. And that other Self is the undivided Divine Consciousness, the fourth dimension, which is all there is right here and right now. And there’s a way of accepting that and letting it reveal Itself as you accept It. The way is to reject all that comes to you in the third dimension. Stand still. Reject it. Reject the arm and you’ll find it easier to reject the withered arm. Reject the back and you’ll find it easier to reject the arthritic back. Reject the material self before it becomes a problem and you’ll find the problem will have no reality.

The limit for which you learn to reject this world is limitless. It is the total rejection of the reality of any event in this world. Until you’re walking in the knowledge that nothing is happening. Absolutely nothing is happening. And then you know that all that is happening is Spirit Itself, maintain Itself, being Its perfect invisible Self, everywhere. But that is I. I’m not apart from that Spirit. That Spirit is called our Father. The Father is of the Spirit and that Spirit, our Father, is my Self, your Self, his Self, her Self, Jesus’ Self, the withered arm man’s Self. That is all there is, one infinite, invisible Spirit. And you can feel it because you have dropped from the false consciousness, the divided consciousness, and the vacuum of this great stillness is filled as the wisdom of the Father flows forth. Then you know what no mind can know. It has been transcended. The knowledge you have then is not of a mind knowing Truth, but of Truth knowing Itself.

This is a strange Self that we’re discussing, and we’re discussing it with minds. And those minds are all really the non-mind. But the experience transcends all discussion. And in that experience is the germ of light, self revealing, which brings to you a conviction. This new experience outside of form, outside of mind, outside of time, outside of place, this is the first awareness of My Spiritual Being. This is the Divine Self I feel. It is like nothing I had imagined. It has nothing personal. It has no place to hang Its head. It is not a material being. It is a completely new kind of Being. No man is suspected. It is God’s Self, being Itself. And it is Itself right now whether we come into the realization of it, or not. It is the only Self. It is the universe. And It’s imitation has been that which we have accepted up until the time of the kicking of the Christ within brings to us the realization that there is a higher me, a Spirit.

******* End Side of One *******

We’re looking at Isaiah 43. Jacob had proved himself. He had reached the point of working to eliminate the false consciousness, the intruder. He had wrestled with it, and now the voice within is speaking through the prophet Isaiah, and this is really the tree of life in you. This is the Divine Self in all of us saying, “I will say to the north, give up. And to the south keep not back, bring my sons from far, and my daughters from the ends of the earth, even everyone that is called by my name, for I have created him for my glory. I have created him, yea I have made him.” This is revealing the identity of I as your identity. Not the form you think is you, but the Spirit of God that is you. “I have made him for my glory.” In other words, I am the substance of your being.

That which you call your being is the substance of God Itself. “Bring forth the blind people that have eyes, and the deaf that have ears. Let all the nations be gathered together and let the people be assembled, all among them can declare this.” This is the household of Spirit being assembled. All know the truth of Being, that I am the Spirit of God. “And show us former things. Let them bring forth their witnesses that they may be justified or let them hear and say it is true.” This is speaking directly to that of you which can say, Amen. Yes, I know, for that voice is my voice. But look, ye are my witnesses said the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am He. Before that there was no God formed. Neither shall there be after me. I even, I am the Lord, and beside me there is no Savior.

Now, this Spirit which is God, saying, beside me there is no Savior, is obviously the realization in Jesus which enable him to say, “Why callest thou me Lord. Lord? Why callest thou me good? I speak not my doctrine, but his that sent me. I of mine own self can do nothing.” He’s revealing the non-reality of Jesus, isn’t he? He is accepting that beside me there is no Savior. He is revealing that he is the Spirit of God. That there isn’t a Spirit of God and Jesus, there is the Spirit of God seen through human eyes as Jesus. And there is the Spirit of God seen through human eyes as you, and that is the point.

When you accept that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of you, you have come to that realization that the Spirit of God is the Spirit of Jesus which he accepted. And then you are not in the divided consciousness. Now because he had accepted this, because he had died to self, because he could say now all that stands here is the realized Light of the Father. Then he would appear, and he would say to the withered arms, stretch forth thin arm, and it would stretch forth because there was no Jesus there anymore say this. There was no divided consciousness here looking at a divided consciousness there. There was one Consciousness, one. “I am the Lord thy God and beside me there is no Savior.”

There was only one who accepted this. And so, they said to him, “How do you do all this? What’s your big secret?” Well, you can read it in Isaiah, and that’s my secret. But if you don’t want to read it there, or don’t understand it, I’ll repeat it for you. So there are many places here where he repeats it for us. My secret is that there is no me, there is only the Father. I have died. I’m not here. And if you know my name you’d know that I am Christ. Who is Christ? Christ is your Self. But you haven’t died to Joe Smith, and Frank and Harry. You’ve still got a second consciousness. “Ah, come on,” they say. “Tell us the real secret. You’re only spoofing.” In fact, they did worse than that. They chased him all over the hills and said, “heal me, heal me, heal me.” And he did. No sooner had he done it when he went away to pray. Here he was to teach them about God within themselves, and that was the last thing they wanted to know about. The wanted the healing.

Let’s look at some of the passages where he give us the secret so that we indelibly know that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ did not occur as it is seen in the Bible. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ occurred when he died to self before his mission began. That’s the real crucifixion. What you see in the Bible is the visible crucifixion which is the result of the real crucifixion three years earlier. The real crucifixion of Jesus is three years before the physical crucifixion. When Jesus knows I am not Jesus I am the invisible Spirit of God that is the crucifixion. And it makes possible the visible crucifixion.

When you and I know my name isn’t Herbert, my name isn’t William, my name isn’t Frank, my name isn’t Ruth. I am the Christ of God. And when this is an experience called crucifixion, you’ll walk in the same appearing form. But later, three years later, or ten or fifteen, you’ll find there’s no death possible, because that crucifixion is also the first resurrection. It isn’t earned lightly, it’s earned by fidelity to removing the false consciousness, because the only thing that’s going to die is the false consciousness. When that’s removed, what’s going to die? What’s going to get older? What’s going to be limited? All that is remaining is the Christ Consciousness.

And that’s why, that’s why this is a difficult teaching, because if it were a simple one, we’d be much too satisfied, and we would not reach that level which is resurrection. There’s probably very few places in this world where you can be presented Truth without tarnished half-truths. And if we were to watch this class dwindle down to two, this would still be the way this class would be conducted. There must be that uncompromising dedication to the complete Truth that He showed when He would not accept at any moment anything on this earth unlike God as real.

That must be our consciousness, you see. Anything on this earth that is unlike God cannot be real. Anything on this earth that is material is not Spirit. That must be crossed out in your consciousness. The best way to do that is to cross out the consciousness itself which entertains ideas that things unlike God can be real. And the death of that consciousness is the birth of the Christ Consciousness. And that birth, that birth which the world celebrates on the 25th of December, in your consciousness that is life eternal. It is the removal of all that is unlike God in you.

And remember, after Jesus had removed all that was unlike God in him he was still visible to the world, the world still saw the form. We still walk in a form when we have removed that which is unlike God from our consciousness. But the form we walk in is only and optical illusion. It’s the illusion of the world mind shared by all because all are part of the world mind.

When the illusion dies the reality doesn’t die with it. The reality doesn’t reincarnate. The reality doesn’t feel pain. And though we make experience many dark moments in our pursuit of this reality now, those dark moments are nothing compared to the dark moments we eliminate which would occur in a false human consciousness. You can even see pain now as an illusion if you carefully look at it. You know your arm has no intelligence. The arm doesn’t know anything. You know it doesn’t have any capacity to know it hurts or doesn’t hurt. The arm can’t make up its mind to do something. What is the pain in an arm? It is your mind planted in such a way in your body that it announces, “I pain,” and we say the arm hurts. Or the mind plants itself in the foot and says, “I hurt” and we say the foot hurts. But the pain isn’t in the foot, it isn’t in the arm. The pain is never in the body, it’s in the mind. And that mind, transcended, has no capacity for pain anymore.

We know that Jesus didn’t suffer on the cross. There wasn’t anybody there. Do you know how Isaiah died? Did you read the Apocrypha, the way Peter died with his head down so that he wouldn’t seem more important that Jesus with his head up? They took a wooden sword and they cut Isaiah in half with it. It says he was sawn in twain. And while he was sawn in twain he was looking up. What is the meaning of all this? Is it to show us that these men could absorb great punishment? Do you see it as to show us that they were not there? That false consciousness that I am living in a form had already been crucified. And when the visible, physical crucifixion took place of Isaiah, Peter, Jesus, there was nobody there. There was no consciousness there. There was only world belief appearing. The Self had already been found, and was lived in. And that’s the hard way, to find the Self, and to live in the Self and only in the Self.

And so, you see, there’s a Self that you are which is independent of the form, and that’s the reason we see these strange crucifixions, to teach us that there is a Self totally independent of the form, a true Consciousness. God being all, God being the only Consciousness, you can be sure that God Consciousness is not in a crucified form. To come out of the false into the true is to come into the realization that my consciousness and God Consciousness are the only one Consciousness there is. And then the mind that finds pain in its own foot or head or something has been overcome. It’s the false world mind appearing in us as the pains we feel. You see how sublime this teaching really is? It is showing us the false suffering of mankind, the false hates, the false laps, the false fears, and the part we don’t like to hear, the false lives.

But we have to take the bad and the good and remember we weighing these things with a mind that is not the Christ mind. And when this mind has been transcended, the great teaching that came down through the ages culminating in the birth of Jesus through Mary, and then the release from the false consciousness of the adult Jesus, and his walking in the Spirit on this earth as Spirit alone. All of this did not take place yesterday. For the Spirit that was released as the only consciousness is right here. It has never existed two thousand years ago. It knows nothing of those years. It has ever been Itself. That Spirit, which is your Spirit, has ever been a now Spirit. It walks the earth now and there’s on one else on this earth but that Spirit. It’s the false consciousness of us that does not know this and therefore, cannot let itself dissolve into nothingness so that the Self that I am alone stands where the world sees me.

There are moments when you can almost feel that Self. And then you realize why all power is in you. All health is in you. All life is in you. There is nothing else but that Self. Only your false consciousness of another Self brings about the ups and the downs of this world. You see, that false consciousness, then, is this world, and the Spirit realized is My Kingdom. Now there’s a place in John where Jesus gives us this quite clearly. I think it’s 14:10. I want you to look at it with me. It’s his answer to “how did you do it?”

Believest thou not that I am in the Father and the Father in me? The words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself, but the Father that dwelleth in me, He doeth the works.”

No self then other than the Father’s Self. And that no self other than the Father’s Self is the living consciousness that is there. It would be impossible for that Consciousness not to reveal healings. Jesus couldn’t withhold a healing. When you entered that Consciousness you entered the Light. And your darkness disappeared because you were in the Light. There wasn’t any person healing. There was merely Light realized, walking the earth. And when you touched it as the woman did with the blood problem, she just touched the Light and darkness disappeared. In him is no darkness at all. And when you realize that this Light that you touch and darkness removes, is the only light of your being, the only reality of you, you can see that the darkness of life is the second consciousness which has no existence.

We’re crossing out the second consciousness, the breathing consciousness, the heart-beating consciousness, the thinking consciousness, and letting that stillness reveal that the fourth dimension is here, at hand, the kingdom within. Jesus then, should represent to you, your finished Self. Your undivided consciousness walking this earth would accomplish exactly what he did. Your undivided consciousness is ready to anything that was demonstrated through the undivided consciousness called Jesus. Another way to call it is the inner consciousness, the within consciousness, the Spirit consciousness. But there’s no other consciousness. All consciousness must be Spirit or be an illusion. Can you feel that? There’s no other consciousness but the Spirit Consciousness? He did.

Now, the temptation then, is to believe there is another consciousness, there is another power, there is another mind, there is another substance, and all of these are from world belief, conditioned mind. Do you see how you cross the zero point in your own experience before you emerge as a spiritual child again? You must cross the zero point. That’s why it’s the narrow way. The zero point is where you are unborn in order to be born. You cross out of third dimension into nothing and begin in fourth dimension as a child again without any pre-concepts, with no knowledge and your Father within leads you just as a child is being led.

There was something interesting came about this Father within. You may feel it, as it came to me. It was when I requested some information on why I, being the Spirit, should be conscious of my body and not someone else’s body in the same way. I don’t feed your body, I feed this body. But if I’m Spirit why do I have a partiality toward this form instead of someone else’s form. I wanted to know more about that. And the answer was that we’re given a body for a reason, even though it may be illusory. And that is that we may begin to see that we have only one responsibility in this world. We must become apparent to this body. We must become the mother or the father of this body. It must become the child. And if you, for example, had a child to take care of now, who let’s say was seven or eight years old, and the child went to school, you’d have to arrange your day in such a way that you would be available when the child needed you. You would have to teach the child. And your whole life would revolve around what that child required, as well as your own personal needs.

Now you must realize that your body is your child. And out of it must grow a new you, a new you that trains this child. And this new you is your Self. The child is revealed as someone who needs training to learn who it is, what it is, and only as you take this child in hand to train it, does that new you come into realization. Now this child wants to do something, but the new you must tell this child, “No, this is the way.”

And so, this training of this new Self, arising out of this form, this new higher Self which trains this child. And you become that higher Self, that’s where your Self is realized. And you’re overcoming this child, disciplining this child until it no longer wags the dog, until it doesn’t run off doing what it wants, it’s responsive only to this higher Self. And slowly, the higher Self having trained the child, the higher Self becomes conscious of Itself. You find that higher Self can now drop the illusion of the child and realize that it functions completely in God, walks in God, thinks in God, lives in God.

If you haven’t reached this place where this form and this mind of you becomes the child of you, the higher Self doesn’t begin. Instead, this remains yourself when it actually isn’t. Out of this must grow the higher Self, just as out of the seed must grow the tree. And that’s the first way you become aware of your higher Self. Adam was your name on this earth before, but it was your false name. Christ always was your name but Adam didn’t know it. So Adam reincarnated again and again, and again until this moment when Adam appears as you. But Christ is still the name that you ever were, and now Christ must show Adam. And then in Adam is born the Christ realization and Adam is revealed as the Christ. And one stands on the field and the other is taken away. Christ stands revealed as your Self.

Adam lives revealed in time, space, body, mind, condition. Christ sees through all these and when you crucify time, space, body, condition, with that nice, friendly word called impersonalization, then those things which the mind finds difficult now will become easier and a new order of intelligence will creep in. The senses are like petals. Nobody sees the invisible power that opens the petals of a flower, or closes them, but they open and they close in spite of the absence of a visible power. Your senses can be that way. In this level of consciousness they have opened up. You can consciously fold them back. You can take the sense of vision and know that it can fold back just like the petal of a flower. Your take the sense of hearing and fold it back easily like the petal of a flower. You can go through the five senses until all of them are folded back like a flower.

And you will find those five senses were your intelligence in this level, and when they’re folded back quietly, you’re intelligence is no longer confined to this level. You’ll find there is a level outside of this intelligence, a level under this intelligence, and all levels begin to flow because the infinite becomes your consciousness now that the petals of the senses are folded back. In that moment you become no longer a finite intelligence or a finite experience, or a finite being. The illusion that the five senses have opened in a limited degree of consciousness is overcome and all of the infinite flows through you. That’s why we rest the senses so frequently. It takes us out of the limited consciousness. It opens the way for the fullness of your being.

Now the Light steals through with a new wisdom, a new teaching, a new idea, a new release. You become aware of the light that exists outside of your limited consciousness. You want more of it. You know, finally, you are poor. You’re poor in your life that exists outside your limited consciousness, and you seek it. And this opens you to more and more of that Spirit till I announces, “I am thee.”

Now, I find it necessary to impersonalize just about everything in this world and the more often you do it, the more often you will open yourself to the infinite consciousness instead of the limited, finite, five sense consciousness. It’s a luxury to sit back, to know that there’s only one Master. And that Master is the infinite Self. And It is present. It is all that is here. Only God, the infinite Self, Divine Spirit is here.

I reject all else and rest in that. And I don’t have to have something happen right then. That can be erasing karma and the lifetime seventeen centuries ago. And the next meditation can erase some karma of a lifetime twelve centuries ago. You won’t know about it right away, but the untruth that is erased will prevent the compounding of that untruth. And suddenly one day all of these meditations seem to take fruit and root and something in your present immediate experience that was undesirable is removed. Because you got way back to the seed of it in all the previous meditations and now the world mind in that particular sequence in you has been blocked, dissolved, some more of the onion skins peeled away, some more of the light can come through the absence of the density, the new consciousness.

The Spirit that walked as Jesus was very careful to point out that we’re not trying to change our concept of religion at all. That Spirit was showing that there is no such thing as religion in the Spirit. Spirit knows nothing about religion. Spirit is perfect. Spiritual realization is not improving religion. Spiritual realization is to know that only Spirit exists. There is no person to have a religion. Jesus created and formed no religions, and made it clear, we don’t want to take this religion and patch it up. We don’t want to take an old garment and put a new patch on it.

Good afternoon! I’d like to call your attention to a passage in Genesis, the 3rd chapter, 16th verse:

“Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”

Now you know that’s been accepted by the churches, and been taught to all of the peoples of the world who come to the churches. And to our sadness, it has never been understood by the churches that this is not God speaking. And so, we have accepted a God who could say to all motherhood, “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; ” and then of course, the woman’s “desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”

Now when you dwell with that awhile, and realize that fifty percent of the Christian speaking world lives with that belief, there’s really no opportunity for the Circle of Christ to spread through them. So every mother, being a good Christian says, “Well, my children must suffer because the Bible says so. We must expect suffering. And my husband must rule me, because the Bible says so.” But let’s see who said that. And we find it isn’t God at all. We find it’s this fellow, the Lord God. The Lord God, the fellow who creates the serpent in the Garden.

Now, we are being told there something very fundamental. We are being told that there is a world mind, which is the god of this world, a carnal mind; and that it creates a birth of the flesh, and that birth of the flesh is condemned to suffering. True. Whoever accepts birth of the flesh is under the law of the carnal mind. This was Moses’ way of awakening us to the fact that we are not ‘born of the flesh,’ to prepare us for the understanding to follow – that we are the Spirit, the very substance of God.

And so, accepting an imperfect God, a cruel God, a monster, and then worshiping such a monster who would condemn his own progeny, has been the basic miscarriage of Truth that has been presented as religion. That has become a conditioned thought woven into the very fabric of human thought. Even now, if people were to hear this, they would find it very difficult to dissolve the beliefs that God said this. It would seem sacrilegious to them to say that God could not condemn the human race to suffer. That would seem sacrilegious to them. Just as it seemed sacrilegious to the Pharisees for one named Jesus Christ to heal on the Sabbath Day. It was sacrilegious. How dare you do that?

And the intellect would rather have paralysis than healing. The intellect would rather maintain its own man made laws, its own man made conditioned concepts, than yield to Truth. And all through the Bible you see this friction between the established conceptual mind of the world, and the Truth being revealed through glimpses of Light of those who have received it. And all of this is a drama of that which takes place within a man, within you. All of these forces are continuously operating. The Truth is presented, and the lie is presented. And you either see it through the carnal mind of the world in you, or through the Christ Mind of the Father in you. Whichever mind in you is your vision, your touch, your smell, your taste, your understanding – that mind decides your tomorrow.

Now, Moses did not think that he was the end of the line of prophets. He realized that the Spirit of God was his name, that which is I Am, I am. But he didn’t ask anyone to worship Moses. In fact, he pointed out that although the Lord God which is the universal carnal mind, which the psychologists to some extent has isolated as the world subconscious, or the world unconscious, that that carnal mind is the father of all evil on the earth; that it actually creates an imaginary existence in which evil, which does not exist, appears to be; in which matter, which does not exist, appears to be; in which mortality, which does not exist, appears to be.

And those who live in these mental, mortal senses of life go through what they think is life, under the law of this condemnation which they are told is called karma; under the belief that from their last life span they brought certain debts that have to be paid off. And they live in this belief that by being good, I will reverse the bad and ultimately, I will come to a place where, perhaps after death, I can be released into another life, the Divine Life, the Life in which the Bible promises me I will enjoy the fruits of the Spirit.

Now if you were to be following any of the major religions of the world, you would be either under the belief in karma, or under the belief in an afterlife provided you do certain things in this life. And you would also be under the belief that external to you is God.

The other day I happened to be in a hospital in the emergency ward, watching these wreckages of civilization being wheeled in every ten minutes; people who aren’t going anywhere, all kinds of problems mentally, and physically, and emotionally, wheeled into a ward. Someone looks at them, someone sends them into a radiology room, someone sews them up, and finally they’re sent home to return again with more shivers, more shakes, more DDT’s. The same problems each month that they bring to this ward, they bring back to this ward four or five months later; and then again, and again with no one to tell them what their real problem is.

And in this little segment of total frustration you begin to say, “Well, what am I really looking at here?” And it’s very clear that you’re looking at an area of civilization in which the Spirit of God is unknown. You could go through the wards of the hospital itself, and you would find largely that the Spirit of God is unknown. And then you could step right out of that hospital and go to some of the places of religious worship, and you would see that the Spirit of God is unknown, just as in the emergency wards. All are living under the Lord God, the world mind, which builds physical bodies, physical events, physical experiences, and imprisons us completely within the physical senses, cut off from the kingdom of God, completely veiled, even unaware of Its presence.

But we skip over in Genesis to a later event. We see one who had an idea of the Spiritual nature of Life: Abraham. And whereas the seed of Eve is condemned, meaning the seed of the flesh, we find something interesting pointed up by Moses, and this is in Genesis 22, verse 18. And now the Father says to Abraham:

And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.”

You remember what Abraham did? He was willing to sacrifice his son. Now the symbolism there is really no different than the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On the one hand, the son would be sacrificed; on the other hand, Jesus Christ would be sacrificed. Why were they both perfectly willing to be sacrificed? Because there was nothing to sacrifice. There was a Spiritual Consciousness which did not recognize the reality of the physical form. Yes, you can take this son because there’s no one there; the Spirit of God is there. Yes, you can take this body called Jesus Christ because there’s no one there; the Spirit of God is there. And how did he know that there was no one there? The answer is given: because you had heard My voice. The voice of the Christ within knows the Spirit of God.

And therefore, the seed of Abraham means all those who walk in the knowledge of Spiritual Identity. The seed of Eve represents all those who walk in the belief of physical identity. The Lord God, the carnal mind, entombs man in physical identity. The Divine Father, the Infinite Mind, has given us the priceless gift of Spiritual Identity, Spiritual body, Spiritual mind, Spiritual life without end. And depending on whether you’re in the carnal mind or the Christ Mind, you are condemned or raised into that level of Consciousness called Christ Consciousness.

And so Moses has said very carefully that there are two ways: the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Non-Life, or good and evil. And there’s a choice. And now we come to a very important statement. It takes us all the way to Deuteronomy, and there in the 13th verse – make it the 18th chapter – the 15th verse of the 18th chapter:

The Lord thy God [not the Lord God – the Lord thy God – there’s a difference] will raise up one unto thee a Prophet from the midst of them, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken;”

Now Moses is telling us that there will be a prophet to follow him, like unto him.

I will raise up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.”

Now, the purpose of this prophet like unto Moses is to show us the way, not to live in the conditioned mind through which all physical form is subject unto death, but to live in the liberated mind unto which all Spiritual form is blessed unto life. That’s the reason for the prophet. And although the prophet is personalized as Jesus, the real prophet meant here is the Infinite Christ.

The Christ in you leads you from glory to glory. Christ in you is the prophet Moses was bringing to the attention of the world, as he dwelt with the Inner Voice and received guidance. He was revealing there would be a Christ Consciousness sweeping the world, liberating us from the conditioned beliefs of the world, the carnal mind, which he had previously announced in the early book of Genesis.

Now Paul caught this, and you can see that in the Acts. In the 26th chapter of Acts, we find Paul announcing his creed. Here’s the 22nd verse of that chapter:

“Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great, saying none other things than those which the prophets and Moses did say should come.”

Meaning he was cleaving to Christ in him. The understanding of Spiritual Identity was the path which was enabling him to break the conditioned mind of the world in his life. He had accepted what Moses was teaching, that Christ in him would be the prophet. Now, you remember Nathaniel, later in John, under the fig tree. When he was called to the work, he called his brother and he said, in the 45th chapter of John:

I have found the one that Moses spoke of in the law.”

And so now, we’re centering on the Christ appearing in form as Jesus Christ to men’s eyes. And it’s very essential to establish the identity of that Christ; and it’s done by the Christ, Himself, in such a way that a demand is being made upon you and me to do the same.

Now let’s go directly to our Book of John. The one spoken of by Moses appears as Christ Jesus to emancipate mankind. Not Jew or Gentile, not Jew or Greek, not one nation, not one race; to emancipate mankind, to reveal the inner Christ everywhere – Emmanuel.

And you will remember, well let’s say in Matthew, you’ll notice that in the 14th chapter they speak of loaves and fishes, way back in the 14th chapter. Now, why does John bring that up in the 5th chapter? Obviously, one writer is just recording events as they happen. The other is being an editor. He’s putting together a story. He’s taking the very same events, but he’s arranging them not so much chronologically, but from an essential point of view to point up differences, to highlight the meanings behind the events.

And so you’ll notice in the 2nd chapter of John, it’s Passover time and the Jews are giving their sacrificial animals to God. But in the 5th chapter of John, it’s Passover time again, and they’re not giving sacrificial animals to God. Instead, they’re realizing a ‘withinness’ and bringing forth invisible food. There’s a change that had occurred, and the clue to it is given between chapter 2 and 5.

Nicodemus is told, “You must be reborn – change consciousness – from the consciousness which believed in the ‘born of the flesh’ condemnation, to the one which is reborn of the Spirit.” The water is changed to wine – transformation of Consciousness. The paralytic, the woman at the well, is told that this new Consciousness comes by being released from the five senses. And then the paralytic in the five senses is released from them, and is no longer a paralytic. The withered arm is released, and is no longer withered. And then, to give us the great clue of how it’s done and why, we see the great demonstration of mass feeding. All of this has been the turning from the material consciousness in the without, to the Inner Spirit.

Now when the paralytic and the withered arm are healed, there is a great turmoil created among the Pharisees. And you’ll find that the discourse here between the miracles is the explanation of all the miracles. It’s a great deal of inspiration to look at a miracle and see some wonderful thing happening. It sort of gives you a feeling that there’s hope.

And so, mankind has jumped from miracle to miracle to miracle and repeated the fact that there were miracles, without getting to the basis behind the miracles. And that’s these discourses, that from time to time, pop up. In the early discourses, you will find the secret method. When you finally come to Resurrection at the end, and the man walks on the earth, although crucified and buried, that’s where the world likes to talk about. But it’s in the discourses where you find the method that you can take into your life and work with.

And this discourse in particular that I have reference to now, is in the 5th John, the 5th chapter of John, after the paralytic and the withered arm are released from their conditioned concept, which is still part of the child of Eve concept, born of the flesh. Between that and the loaves and fishes, we have this:

The man departed, and told the Jews that it was Jesus, which had made him whole…And therefore did the Jews persecute Jesus, and sought to slay him, because he had done these things on the Sabbath day.”

Now, we’re going to translate that word ‘Jews’ to mean the intellect in us. The intellect is unaware of the Spiritual body of man. The Jew was unaware of the Spiritual body of man. The highest intellect of that day and today is unaware that everyone who walks in a physical form is really living under the false condemnation of the flesh. Even though they try to improve that physical form, the condemnation isn’t removed.

In other words, they’re in an imaginary sense of life. That’s the condemnation. They are not walking in God-creation. The paralytic had been told, “Sin no more lest a greater evil come upon thee.” And now, we’re learning that our sins are quite different than we presumed. We have several major sins. The first one is not knowing that we are Spiritual Being. And then, the corollary sins which would be walking in a body not created by God, and thinking it’s real; walking in a material world that God didn’t create and thinking it’s real; walking in a mortal sense of life and thinking it’s real; walking and seeing evil and thinking it’s real. And these are the sins: Thinking evil is real, matter is real, mortality is real, the imaginary life-span is real.

In other words, living in the wrong self, in the wrong universe is the basic sin. Well, the paralytic, of course, couldn’t understand that. We’re only now beginning to understand that our sin is not being the living Child of God in our Consciousness; doing everything else to improve the mortal sense of self, instead of accepting ‘where I stand is the Child of God, under Divine protection, no matter what may appear.’

And so the Jew, the intellect in you, is ever at work striving to demolish the Christ, to slay the Christ. And even when you find yourself coming into a higher state of Consciousness, you’ll notice how there’s a great intensification of problems. Here you thought you had smooth sailing, and all of a sudden, out of the blue comes this real whopper of a problem, which you are unprepared for, because you thought, “Well, I’ve really made it now.”

Now, all of that is symbolized here by the Jews turning on him because he was healing. You see, the intellect of you doesn’t believe in your Spiritual Self. And that’s the conflict that you face within yourself; and the Jew in you is always warring against the Christ in you. The intellect is always saying to the Soul, “You’re not even here! You have no right to say anything! You have no right to expose me! Who do you think you are?”

And then the Soul, of course, brings in its Truth, and this creates a great problem in your life. The closer you get to Truth, sometimes the greater the problem. And if you’re aware of that, you will take the great problems as a sign that you are closer to the Truth. The great problems only come to you as you get close to the Truth, because that’s the nature of the intellect, of the carnal mind to fight for its man-made creation.

And so now, they’re going to slay him.

“But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.”

And of course, there was no understanding there at what he was saying. He was exposing to those who would follow that there is One Self, there is One Life. He was exposing to those who would some day be ready, that they must wear the seamless Robe, you and I; to walk in that Oneness which can say, “Right here is the Father working, and that which you see me do is nothing but the expression of God coming through a Consciousness that is pure at heart, capable of being transparent to the expression of God.” And that of course, could not be understood at that day.

And therefore the Jews thought the more to kill him, because he not only had broken the Sabbath, but said also that God was his Father, making himself equal with God.”

Now, you and I are called upon to make ourselves equal with God. There is no other pathway to Truth than the acceptance that I am equal with God. The intellect says, “No! It’s impossible! It’s heresy!” But God says, “If you’re not equal with God, you’re not even alive.” You cannot be unequal with God, because God is All. Where are you if you’re not equal with God? He was revealing that everyone who walks the earth is the invisible Substance of God, equal with God, meaning one with God. How else could the Father function and express except through His own Spirit in you?

In Philippians, our friend Paul reveals that that is precisely what we must do. The 2nd chapter, the 6th verse, speaking about Christ Jesus:

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:…Who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God:..”

Paul knew, but I emphasized here at this point, ‘who being in the form of God.’ Jesus Christ in the form of God. You know what that means? Right there, he who could say, “The Father worketh hitherto, and I work,” is saying that you can’t crucify me. The Father is working here. You’re looking at one who is in the form of God.

Now, they wanted to slay him because he had broken the Sabbath and said he was equal with God, but who are they saying it to? They were saying it to one who was in the form of God. In other words, they were saying it to God, Itself. Is there another?

The intellect says to God, “We’re going to slay you.” The intellect says, “It is unlawful for God to reveal that evil is not real.” That’s what Christ had revealed: evil is not real. There is no paralysis. There is no withered arm. There is no matter. There is no mortality. There is My Kingdom of Spirit, right here, unobserved by the false consciousness of man born of the flesh, but not unobserved by the Christ-Mind.

Evil is not here. And the intellect says to the Christ, “How dare you reveal that evil is not here? We’ll have none of that.” And so they want to slay the Christ. But what does that mean? It means, that in us, we have not yet been able to accept that evil is not here. The intellect in us still believes there is evil. It still believes there is a problem around every corner; that there is a potential of problems everywhere; that life is a succession of problems that you solve. Why? Because we are the progeny of Eve, born of the flesh, not having shaken off that belief that we are of the flesh. We still have two fathers. We have a Divine Parent and mortal parents. We do not know that we are only the invisible Spirit of God.

And so we try to get into heaven through the back door. We try to cleanse up our mortality. We try to improve it. But the Master is showing us that there’s nothing to be improved. You must start where you are, not where you want to become something, but where you are. You must drop that which you are not, and begin where you are. And where you are is perfect Spirit, now. Not born of Eve, not the progeny of woman.

And in this discourse, this will be clarified to the point where you will either accept it, or not accept it, but it will be clear that its intention is for you to know that whoever is born of the flesh in their belief has already committed themselves to the problems of the flesh. And whoever can discard that notion, which is a carnal mind planted within us, will find that they are perfectly free, right now; and that it is unnecessary for them to continue in the belief that they have brought from this previous incarnation, and previous ones, debts that must be repaid in this incarnation.

You will find that karma is as much a dream as materiality and mortality. You don’t break karma; you break the false sense of karma. You don’t break disease; you break the false sense of disease. You never break a problem. You break the false sense of a problem. And that is when you are pure at heart, willing to accept pure Spirit as the only substance, regardless of what the problem may seem to be.

Now, the human mind, characterized here by the Jew, is ready to slay the Christ for revealing that matter, mortality, problems exist only in the carnal mind. And that of course, is the tottering of the carnal mind if it ever is ever exposed and accepted. And so, Christ Jesus represents a threat, a danger to the intellect. Outwardly, in the visible world at that time, it represented a danger to Judaism. Judaism was built upon the belief of man worshiping God externally.

The Prophet who was to come, announced by Moses, the greatest prophet of Judaism up to that time, was the Inner Self realized, the Christ, which would actually liberate all on earth from every false power: the tyranny of a neighbor, the tyranny of lack, the tyranny of limitation, the tyranny of death, the tyranny of germs. The inner realization of Christ is the emancipator, where the Spirit of the Lord is. And there, where the Spirit of the Lord was, the paralytic was not paralyzed; the withered arm was not withered. Where the Spirit of the Lord was – Christ Jesus.

Now, we’re overcoming the intellect which turns away from this demonstration and says, “I’ve got a material world out here, and you have to live it my way.” That mind in you condemns you to tomorrows of materialism, when the Truth of your Being is the now of Spirit.

Let’s watch how Christ-Mind reveals to us the path we are to take. After they have wanted to slay him, because he’s said he was equal with God, not knowing that this was the very Spirit of God that stood before them, revealing to them that they themselves are the Children of God, he then further clarifies:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever He doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.”

Now, the Son is you. The Son is your Spiritual Identity. And the Father in you, ever perfect, ever present, expresses as you, the Son. And so, here the Life, the Spirit, the Christ is revealing that God, infinite, the Infinite Father, expresses that infinity as the Infinite Son. Just like the hand has five fingers, so the Infinite Father becomes the infinite expression of the Father, which is your Sonship.

And this is a fact of life. You never attain it. It is your Being now. You don’t go out to become It. This is where you should begin, if you understand what Christ is revealing; that you are NOW the infinite individualization of Infinity. You are that perfect expression of Spirit. Your neighbor is. I am. Your father is. Your mother is. Whoever exists is the infinite individualization of the infinite Father. This is the reality, not the child born of flesh.

The imaginary world and the true reality of Being are clarified only when you are living in the acceptance of your infinite, Spiritual Self does the Father express in you, through your experience. Otherwise, you live outside of your own Being, unaware of the Divine Law that is functioning right where you stand. You live as a Pharisee, condemned to your own man-made beliefs; passing sentence on yourself, that you must die; you must have your share of the problems of the world. And Christ in you, standing before the Pharisees, declares this is not so.

The Father expresses the fullness of the Father, through the Son. And whoever knows himself to be a joint heir in Christ, knows himself to be the Son, ‘equal with God’. The Son is equal with God, just as your human child. Would you say your human child is not equal with you? You wouldn’t hear of such a thing. Of course your child is equal with you, of your very flesh. And so, we who have accepted that we are of the Spirit of God, are equal with God. Although the senses could not testify to this, Christ can and does.

And so the Bible is telling us that we are equal with God. And that means you are the Spirit of God. And you cannot be the Spirit of God and the flesh, too. This is the jump. You cannot continue to be the flesh in your consciousness if you wish to experience the reality of your Being; if you wish to partake of the Divine qualities, you must be that Divine Spirit which is equal with God, born of the Father.

Now, the question of how comes up so often. How shall I do this? I’ll try to make it perfectly clear: you don’t do this; it has been done. You don’t do it. It has been done. This is the revelation of who you are, not who you will be. And the authority for it is the Christ of God speaking to you from the Bible.

Now tomorrow, when you run out into your human world, you’re not running in the Kingdom of God; you’re not walking in reality when you do that; you’re going through your imaginary life. There comes a place where you stop. You really stop your imaginary life. You don’t walk in an imaginary life continuously. You come to a direct stop and you accept, if you understand, that the Spirit of God which you are, is not the flesh that is running out into an imaginary life. And that’s where you rest. You refuse to be an imaginary person. And you wait upon the Lord. I think we’re going to do that a little later.

I can tell you this: when you make that stand, something begins in you that doesn’t seem to happen until you make that stand. A certain kind of New Life begins to make Itself known to you. And to your surprise, when you refuse to be the imaginary person of flesh, going about the imaginary chores of the material world, in that Silence, in that inspired moment, when you can shake away in your Consciousness all that you are not, and resolutely refuse to be it, into that vacuum falls the birth of the New Self.

You find yourself walking invisibly, not in the world, in another place. It might be called heaven. It might be called an intermediary place, which hasn’t yet become the expression of heaven. But it isn’t this world. And it isn’t the you that you had been. It’s another Self. It’s really the Divine Self, and the glimmer of that, as the I Am. It’s not up here in the lips anymore. It’s the experience of It. Then you know why you are equal with God, because that experience tells you that ‘I and the Father are One.’

That experience lifts you out of the world of concept, the world of duality, the world which is not under the Divine law, or Divine protection of Spiritual perfection. It lifts you out of chance into Grace. Now you see, if the infinity of Spirit is not functioning in you as your daily experience, that is a sign that you are still under the belief that you are mortal flesh, because we are told right here that the infinity of Spirit does function in the Son. Now the Son is Divine Spirit. And the human sense of life is mortal flesh. If you’re in the awareness of Sonship, you feel the Grace, the effortless expression of the Divine from the Land of Cause, from the Invisible. You feel how it graces all of the actions that you seem to be going through, and you see the fruitage in the physical world. You know the meaning of Sonship. But if you’re cut off from it because you haven’t walked that extra mile, which takes you to the place where you refuse to be an imaginary creature anymore, then the actual experience of the Divine flowing through you is just a promise in a book.

Now, this is Law, Truth, permanent fact, that never changes, which is being revealed to us. It is going on all around you, right now. It’s like electricity is here. To know that this is happening, and to “stand ye still,” out of mortal sense, releases this into experience because it’s here. It’s now. It’s always here now.

“For the Father loveth the Son, and sheweth him all things that himself doeth:and he will shew him greater works than these,that ye may marvel.”

It’s clear then, the only thing that prevents us from experiencing God in action in our lives is that we have not come to a place where we know how to be the Son. “For the Father loveth the Son, and sheweth him all things.” Now let’s suppose that you were consciously the Son of God. This would be happening; the Father would be showing you all things; meaning, your experience would be the expression of the Divine. And so, what we have considered problems would not be here. Only the Divine would be expressing.

Now, why do we have the problems? Because the Divine, which is invisibly present and expressing, cannot come through a human consciousness. It can only come through the Consciousness that ‘I Am the Spirit of God.’ As long as I consider myself the mortal child of a mortal parent, I am saying, “I’m not the Spirit of God. God isn’t my parent. My mother and father are my parents.” Now, that’s the intellect in us which tells us that that’s what we are. That keeps us imprisoned in the false mortal sense of self. Right there – under the condemnation of the Lord God pronouncing that whoever is born of woman is committed unto eternal sorrow – that’s the Truth, because flesh is not God’s creation. It’s the carnal mind’s creation.

Now, this is such a major step, and so contrary to all that we had learned in normal living that we’ve been slaying this Truth in us for centuries. The intellect in us has been slaying the Christ. Christ has been crucified in us every day of our lives. But in this discourse, the Christ in us opens our eyes to the fact that when we can accept that this is Holy Ground, here now; that I can never be less than what God says I am; we find this super-human strength perhaps, or perhaps the Spirit, Itself, lifts us; one way or another, at a certain place, you will have no other than your own true Sonship.

You’re ready to go through the needle’s eye. You don’t want anything else – the comforts of the world, the pleasures of the flesh, the happy times. And as you are willing to lay those aside, and the tragedies as well, you’re turning to no requirement in the external world. You’re not reaching out for the externals, either the good ones or the bad ones. That’s not your purpose anymore.

That would be like trying to live in the shadow of your Self, because the external, you find, is the shadow of your inner Consciousness. The external is nothing but a mirror of where you are in Consciousness. You stop reaching into the illusion of the material world for things – good things, bad things, happy things. None of them are where your attention is directed. Now you go into your Self for substance. You take this human sense of self, like Abraham took his son, and you’re willing to put it on the block; which means, you drop it.

You come to your Spiritual Self and you sit with It. It is the Son of God. “The Father loveth the Son.” You abide in your Self, and the Father showeth you all things. We don’t wait for problems to do that. We just do it. It becomes the way you live. You begin your day in God, not in you, in God. Today you begin in God; tomorrow you begin in God. You don’t begin a day in you, but in God, in your Spiritual Sonship as the invisible Spirit of God.

You can’t rush out with that by declaring it. You have to live in it; feel it, until in a moment, the bridegroom cometh. And you find all the things you had been using with the lips to declare are now declared within you, by the Spirit Itself. And the Father does love the Son. And the Spirit of you begins to express in the visible world.

And lo and behold, all the things you had thought you were sacrificing were not sacrificed at all; but rather, greater measure, greater depth, greater protection, greater safety, greater longevity, a greater capacity to receive the Divine, becomes your continuing endowment. You’re living in Sonship, which is the way you live in the Father. For the Son lives in the Father, and the Father lives in the Son. Spirit lives within Itself.

All of the beliefs in matter, evil, mortality are released. They’re not in your Consciousness, because they cannot be in your Consciousness if you have accepted Spiritual Selfhood. And that Spiritual Selfhood is where the Father expresses perfection. It’s just like being given all of this pure, crystal water to drink, and saying, “Here, just reach in and help yourself. It’s here. The fact that it’s invisible shouldn’t deter you. It’s here. It’s the Living fountain of God.”

“The Father loveth the Son.” And so we’re told whoever does not accept himself to be Spirit, the Son of God, is committing suicide, walking out of life, and saying, “I’d rather live in the dying sense of self and have a few good moments in it.” Christ reveals the way to glory. The way to Reality is to come to grips with who you are to such an extent that you stop being that imaginary self that you are not. Even your sense of touch, your sense of vision – now you can rap on this rostrum here – you haven’t rapped on anything. If there’s no matter, what have you rapped on? You’re perpetuating a dream. Whatever you touch, you’re not touching anything. You may be the world’s finest sculptor; you’re not sculpting anything. It isn’t there. It’s all part of the dream. And if these few words here can awaken you to that, you can bypass all of the so-called creative energy we think we have, and instead let the Invisible be your creative energy. And watch the difference.

Everything must be changed by this new, inner, inspiration of the Spirit, not of the carnal mind. It has meaning; it gives Substance to the forms. Instead of the mental forms that look like matter, and feel like matter, something happens just as Paul said: he was the Divine Form. “He was in the form of God.” Then the creations that come through you are in the form of God, in the Invisible before they come into the visible. And that’s when they are touched with genius.

When you tap the Infinite Father in your life, and then the forms that come through and manifest as your experience – as what the world might call your creations – then they are touched with the genius of your Divine Self. They’re not carnal mind thought-forms anymore. They are Divine forms, Divine ideas made visible, because “the Father loveth the Son and showeth him all things.”

Without this dimension in our lives, we are grass, nothing; not even alive. And that’s not my belief; it’s the Word of the Father, here in this book, right now – that without His Spirit as your only identity, you are not alive. Any belief that you have another identity but pure Spirit is to live in a grave. And the very word itself is used: graves.

The grave is that place where mortals live in a body that does not exist. That’s the grave. But there is a Prophet among us, a Christ Spirit in each one; an invisible Prophet coming forth to quicken those in their mortal bodies so that they step out of the graves, out of the dead, and become the quick, the living, the Immortal through the love of the Father, received and accepted.

—————End of First Section ————–

“For as the Father raiseth up the dead, and quickeneth them; even so the Son quickeneth whom he will.”

Now, there’s no quickening except in Sonship. In mortality, we’re the dead; we’re the mortals; the fools who think they can of themselves live a life, when all they’re doing is sleepwalking.

But the Father quickeneth, and whoever the Son touches, he quickeneth. In order to come into Life, out of death, you must be that Son. Now, if there are some of us who have said, “Well, how? How? How?” That’s how! Not by asking, “how,” but by hearing the words that are spoken and being still enough to learn how to accept the fact of your Being: that there’s no way to go there. It’s a matter of your willingness to lay aside what you are not, and to accept that which the Spirit of God tells you you are. There’s no ‘how’ to it. It’s just a matter of getting out of that inertia and doing it.

Now then, we have a real Life in Spirit, and an imaginary life in flesh. The intellect says, “how” because it wants to continue the imaginary life in the flesh. The Soul doesn’t say, “How?” It’s a matter of where we have been lifted in Consciousness to either wish the Will of the Father, or the will of the mortal self; to what degree we have shaken off the conditioned hypnosis of the carnal mind. I think, possibly, it would be wise to have a pause in a moment.

Take your mortal self and see if you can, for the moment, accept it as the Father sees it, that it isn’t there, not created by God; that there is no mortality. See if you can see it as the Father sees it, as expressed through Moses, that whoever is born of the flesh being condemned, is not of God; and therefore, in your Consciousness, set aside the belief that you were born of the flesh. That means that which was born of the flesh wasn’t, and therefore, isn’t. And we come to a place where we’re in a state of ‘nothingness.’

Now that which wasn’t and isn’t has nothing to do. There’s nothing it can do, because it isn’t. And therefore, we discard the belief that I, of mine own self, can do anything. I’m in a state of ‘nothingness.’ I have no mortal self. Now, the intellect will want to enter this Silence, and your function if you wish to come to the final annihilation of that which is not you, is to remain in the Silence in spite of the intellect that wishes to intrude with its conditioned thoughts.

I have no mortal, material selfhood. I am the Spirit of God. I am Divine, now. I was Divine five thousand years ago. I will be Divine tomorrow and every day thereafter. I am the timeless, Divine Spirit of God. I can stand in this timeless, Divine Self and let God do God’s work. Let the Father show the Son. I’m not impatient. I have all eternity to let the Father show the Son. It’s a beautiful way to spend a half hour. Your only interest is to be that invisible Spirit, which is one with God. There’s no me to think; no me to plan; no me to do. There’s just the pure, perfect Spirit of God.

As you are able to remain in that vacuum of thought, maybe not in this meditation, or the next, or the next – it doesn’t matter when – you’ll find some day that glorious exaltation of the Living Presence, which comes, not as God external to you, but as God in you; as Emmanuel; as the Living Truth of your own Being announcing Itself, “I Am the Spirit of your Being and My name is God.”

God and your Spirit are one and the same. This is no longer union of two, but rather One reality revealed. The bridegroom cometh, and the marriage becomes an eternal Oneness in which there are no longer two. There is only Christ, where the world sees man of flesh. There’s only Divine form, where the world sees physical form, because the world saw physical form where Jesus stood. There was only Divine form there, equal with God, because It was the expression of God.

Now, that wasn’t the Truth of Jesus there, any more than it is the Truth of you and I here, at this very moment. You are the Divine form, which is the Living Spirit of God, right here and now. And if there were no five sense intellect that you had to wade through to know it, this would be your understanding, your realization, and the seed of every tomorrow. And you would know that the Kingdom of God is your very Being. You are His living Spirit.

To the degree that problems become less of a problem; to the degree that you stand in the emergency ward of this life and look around, and are unmoved by the sights, and the sounds, and the apparent tragedies, you will discover that you are further ahead than you imagined; that you have the capacity to look at the lie, without being touched by it. And you will discover that the senses sort of retract; you’re lifted to a place above them where you are simply there as a Living Spirit beholding what is around you, without being involved.

The Spirit of Christ stands in the ward. The Spirit of Christ stands where you appear to be, but only the Spirit of Christ is there. And you are aware of It. And you are aware of those who around you are unaware of It; but the invisible Self of them, and the invisible Self of you is accepted by you as One Self; and that is the blessing you leave – One, Invisible Self.

He may be a Pharisee and I may be Paul or John, but we are One, Invisible Self. You’re not in a limited me or a limited him. You’re out of it. You’re in the One, Invisible Spirit of Being, the Son, and you have blessed those around you; taking them into your awareness of their Sonship, no matter what they appear to be doing, or saying, or feeling. You’re not limiting your Sonship to just that little acreage under your toes.

As your senses retract and you’re transcending them, there is an influx of a Substance you had not suspected. And that Substance is going to be the expression of the Ghost; that Substance is going to be your intelligence; that Substance is the Love of the Father becoming manifest in you; that Substance is carrying with it all Divine Intelligence to show you who you are, to give you the signs that you have come to your secret place; that Substance is going to translate into tomorrow.

It will be the fruitage of this moment of Truth, out of form, out of matter, out of mortality, out of the belief that there can be something other than Divine Being, out of the images, out of the carnal mind condemnation that goes way back, before even Moses wrote about it to enlighten us about the hypnosis of the human mind. You will know you have been quickened out of the dead and you will never go back.

Let’s take a minute or two, and we’ll be back.

“For the Father within judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son:..”

Now, that word ‘judgment’ is telling us how we’re going to spend our time. The judgment is whether or not you will live in the Kingdom of God, or in a reincarnating cycle. And because all judgment is in the Son, it means that, unless you are the Son, accepted, lived in, understood, recognized, expressing; unless you come to that Son-Consciousness, then you’re not the Son accepted, and you have rendered judgment unto yourself. Because when you are not the Son, the judgment is reincarnation into flesh. When you are the Son, the judgment is translation out of the sense of flesh.

Now, this very simple line here then, is telling us what happens at the moment of so-called human death. ‘All judgment is in the Son.’ Are you or are you not the Spirit of God? That’s the judgment. You make the judgment. And it isn’t a statement that I am or I’m not; it’s the way you have found to live that understanding. If you are submitting to the Father, you are the Son. If you’re living your own sense of life, you are not the Son, because the Son goes unto the Father.

And so, there’s nobody to fool except you. You either are living in the Will of the Father consciously, accepting Spirituality as your Being – flesh as not your being – learning that the qualities of the Spirit are wherever the Spirit is accepted; and therefore rejecting those qualities that are not Spiritual qualities, because they’re not real. In other words, proving your belief; living and demonstrating your belief. When you have to some measure shown who you are to yourself, and can trust yourself to be the Son, then you have accepted the judgment of the Son, which is that ‘If you believe on Me, you are lifted into Life Everlasting.’

Now here, the Spirit within us all is teaching us that we need not go through the disasters, and diseases, and destructive elements of this world. We have to give up their opposites as well, in order to go through that needle’s eye of Sonship; walking literally in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, now and here, consciously, in spite of the outer form, in spite of the outer forms all around us. All judgment is given unto the Son. Christ or not Christ, it’s that simple. Christ or anti-Christ; immortal Self or mortal self? It’s automatic.

It has nothing to do with God saying, “You’ve been a bad boy, or a good girl, or not.” You’re Christ, or you’re not; you’re Spirit, or you’re not! And this being the Word of God, it means what it says. “The Father judgeth no man, but hath committed all judgment unto the Son.” And that’s the judgment – that all men should honor the Son even as they honor the Father. You must honor the Son as your Identity in order to honor God. You cannot worship God unless you accept yourself to be the Spirit, the Child of God, the Son of God. To sit in a church all day and worship God, while you still think you’re a mortal being, is to deny the very scripture which here says it cannot be done. To worship your Father, you must be His Son, His Substance, His Spirit.

“He that honoureth not the Son honoureth not the Father which hath sent him.”

If to you, Christ does not mean your name, your Self, your substance, your very Being now, you cannot and are not honoring the Father. Again, there’s no ‘how’ to this. It’s a matter of understanding, and then being only what you are to the best of your ability. No one can ever fault you for trying to be what you are. The only fault is not trying, but hoping that in some way, It’s going to come to you, without your effort to be It.

“I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come unto condemnation; [the condemnation is the reincarnating cycle] but is passed from death unto life.”

And so, you move through death into life in your Identity, but not when you are not living in your Identity.

“I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God; and they that hear shall live.”

Now, in our mortal sense of self, we are the dead he’s speaking of, but “the hour is coming and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God.” As we’re awakening now to the fact that unless we’re in Identity, we’re unconscious – dead, nothing – that in us which has lived the false sense of life is discarded. We can summon new courage to face this great step, because we have the Word of the Father that this is the way.

I, in the midst of you, I am the way; I, in the midst of you am the Son of God; I, in the midst of you will be every tomorrow. I will be the bread of your life, but you have to trust I, in the midst of you. You can’t do it if you’re still thinking that your intellect is going to take you through. It doesn’t part the sea. It doesn’t release the paralytic or the withered arm. It doesn’t open the heavens to hidden manna. I, in the midst of you do the work.

If you want the greater glories which you’ve read about; if you want to abandon the miseries that you’ve experienced, there are no shortcuts; there are no substitutes; there is only Spiritual Identity – the release of the personal me to I, the Spirit of God stand here, and nothing else. Then you begin to live your new life, your real life, right here, right now.

“For the hour is coming and now is.” It’s always in the now of Spirit, rather than in changing time. “The Father loveth the Son,” it said. But it didn’t say, ‘The Father loveth other than the Son.’ If you want Divine Love, you’ve got to be in Sonship. That’s the only place you’ll find it.

“For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself;”

The One Life which is Divine is revealed as Life of the Son of God, where you stand. You know what that means to me; that every thought in me, every Pharisee that comes knocking at my door and says, “I don’t believe it;” well, he gets his walking papers as quick as he shows up. I’m not interested in the Pharisee in me anymore; he who has not known God; he who has denied my Sonship; he who has tried to perpetuate a mortal sense of life. The Father’s Word is all we need; and how much better to trust the Father’s Word, than to trust the carnal mind, the thinking human sense of things.

Who has trusted the Father’s Word who has not found it to be so? I’ve never met anyone. The only time it’s found not to be so is when you haven’t really trusted it. When you haven’t walked on the waters of Spirit, accepting the Word of God in you as the only Law, the only Truth; when you haven’t found that capacity to step out of that which you are not, you haven’t given it a chance. But when you have, no one who has really given it a chance has found it wanting. It always makes itself known to you, for “The Father loveth the Son.”

“And hath given him [the Son] authority to execute judgment also, because he is the Son of man.”

Now there’s the emphasis, “because he is the Son of man.” We heard the condemnation of the progeny of woman at the beginning. Now woman, you see, is flesh. The meaning of man is Spirit. These are symbols. Whoever is born of woman must be reborn until he is Son of man, reborn of the flesh, from the flesh, into the knowledge and acceptance of Spiritual Identity. And that is the Son of man: he who has gone through the human birth, and now the Spiritual birth. And when you go through this Spiritual rebirth, you’re the Son of man, even though you came into this appearance as the son or child of woman.

“Marvel not at this: for the hour is coming in the world, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice.”

Now, this grave should be emphasized. It means that the human body is a concept. That’s why it’s a grave. All that are in the concept called ‘human body’ are invited to hear the voice, the voice of Christ in themselves. Now remember, the Spirit which is saying this, is the Spirit which was present, making it possible for the multiplication of invisible loaves and fishes into visibility; of an invisible Kingdom of reality into visibility; revealing there never was a withered arm, or a paralyzed body. The Invisible Spirit had to be present to make that demonstration.

And that Invisible Spirit which performs these mighty acts says, “I am in the midst of you, and I am the Son of God, and the Father. I and the Father are One. And when you accept Me as your Identity, I will multiply loaves and fishes; I will reveal there is no withered arm, and no paralyzed body; I will take you into My Eternal Life, out of carnal mind, the Lord God, who has held us a prisoner in world thought, world beliefs, material beliefs, mortal beliefs, beliefs in the reality of evil that has to be overcome.”

“Not true,” says the Spirit, “I am the only Presence. You’re suffering from distortion through the senses. You’re suffering from a belief in the capacity of the intellect to know God, and it cannot. You’re suffering from that which is not there. And you’ll always suffer from that which is not there until you are willing to give up the sense of self, which is not the Spirit – Child of God.”

I think the Father’s words are clear, and it remains for those who hear or do not hear to act accordingly. There’s a little more here to do, but I have something else in mind at the moment. I’d like to close this meeting today with an understanding of ‘no judgment.’ Now, the minute you move into judgment, you are not accepting Sonship. It’s an escape valve from your Reality, and you don’t know you’re doing it half the time, and that’s why I’d like to conclude this lesson today, with it.

Now, you’re faced with the mortal sense of life and it weighs upon you; and you judge it to be evil or bad; or you even judge it to be unreal, but you still want to get rid of it. In other words, you’re still in a level of consciousness that is touched by an event or a condition, and there is in you something that is responding to that event or condition. It may be the very mildest reaction; it may be a happy, good reaction, or a bad reaction. But it’s there, and there’s something in you moving in response to something out there.

Now, that which in you is moving in response – even if it’s just a reflex action – we’re going to call it judgment. And when you are in a state of response to the external, in a state of judgment, you are not in that frame of Consciousness which can receive of the Father, because that judgment in you, however slight, is carnal mind, and it becomes your veil.

Now, when you reverse this, you will find that your reaction to the condition is not a good one, or a bad one. And that’s the meaning of ‘no judgment.’ The condition doesn’t move you. It doesn’t move you to do anything, nor to think anything about it. And take a condition now you face, and let’s see if we can thread the needle with no judgment; and you’ll see that’s the true meaning of the Middle Path.

You take a condition which to you has been a problem of some kind, and now face it without any qualms in you – no fear, no doubt; just it’s an abstract condition, and you’re merely looking at it. It isn’t moving you in any way. You can, for the moment, detach yourself from that condition and just observe it. Now, maybe yesterday or this morning, that condition to you was perilous; maybe it was something that was driving you frantic; but now, it, it’s just a thought.

We can look at that thought within ourselves. Let’s observe that and make it inanimate. After all, it’s nothing but your thought at the moment. It may be a condition somewhere else, but right here, right now in your thought, make it inanimate. Just see it as a thought, and look at it. And now, understand that that thought is all that you’re looking at.

Now, it may have had many overtones, many suggestions for you; it may have awakened in you a whole chain of beliefs, but still those now and just look at this thought very impersonally, inanimately, and just see it as an idea in your carnal mind. Remove your carnal mind, which has no real existence. What happens? The thought goes with it. Alright! The thought is gone with the carnal mind because there isn’t any.

Now, you’re going to say, “But the condition still exists.” It only exists in the carnal mind and you haven’t discarded it. That’s why it still exists. Now, you haven’t discarded the carnal mind, and in it is this condition. And the reason you haven’t discarded the carnal mind is because you haven’t accepted that you are the Spirit of God. If you will accept that you are the Spirit of God, you do not have a carnal mind. You cannot even live in one, or think with one, or believe that it exists for you.

And so, as long as the condition persists in your belief, you’re still in a carnal mind, and that carnal mind is your denial of your Spiritual Identity. Now, accept Spiritual Identity and see what happens. Accept that you are the Spirit of God. Now you don’t have a carnal mind. The Spirit of God is the Christ-Mind. This is the Truth. You don’t have to do it to become it. It’s the Truth. It’s your Truth. It’s your Being, now. That’s what this chapter has been all about: you are the Spirit of God.

Now, when the carnal mind brings something to you, you have to look at the carnal mind and say, “Who are you? You’re not my mind. You have no existence. There is no carnal mind in the Son of God.” In other words, there is no mind in the Son of God that is influenced by the material things of the world, or the material conditions of the world. You’re living in the Spirit of God, not in the material world. You’re not living in the external beliefs. You’re living in the Spirit. You dwell there. And whatever comes to you from the carnal mind, you say, “Sorry. The Son of God does not dwell in the carnal mind.” And you say, “Well, how will that get rid of the condition?” It won’t get rid of the condition, but the Spiritual Mind will reveal to you that the condition isn’t there. And then one day, you’ll say, “Well, it got rid of it.” But it didn’t! It didn’t get rid of the paralysis, or the withered arm. It revealed that when you’re in the Spiritual Self, those conditions which seem to be present because of the carnal mind, are revealed to be nonexistent.

You are the Spiritual Child. And every time you let the carnal mind foist a material idea or condition on you, you are prescribing your own judgment. You’re literally saying, “Father, don’t bother me. I’ve got this thing here.”

Now, there is a capacity in you to face that carnal mind knowing it isn’t there. And therefore, the thoughts in the carnal mind, the conditions coming to your attention through the carnal mind cannot be in a mind that isn’t there. The double illusion is seen clearly. And defenseless in Spirit, without might or power, without a need, you stand looking at what the carnal mind brings you, and you find the power of ‘no judgment.’

No judgment. It isn’t bad out there, and it isn’t good. You don’t have to do anything about it, or say anything about it. It isn’t bad, and it isn’t good. Don’t go any further, just stand there and watch. It isn’t bad. It isn’t good. No judgment. Just be still with no judgment, and watch how beautifully Divine Judgment reveals the harmony that is present, because you are in ‘no judgment.’

In ‘no judgment,’ whether you knew it or not, you are the realized Son of God. No judgment. It’s delicate. It’s beautiful. It enables you to find that there is a Middle Path between good judgment and bad judgment, where there is no judgment. And then, in that threading of the needle, in that Middle Path of no judgment, the Divine Self expresses because you have become the still water. You are standing still.

And I, in the midst of you, all judgment is committed to I, in the midst of you, the Son. You have not been influenced by the tempter, the carnal mind to make judgment about what is nonexistent in God. You rest in ‘no judgment’, neither good nor bad, and I, in the midst of you perfect all that concerneth thee.

Practice ‘no judgment’ this week. Practice it several times, and you’ll see a great, gentle Power. Because into this ‘no judgment’ slides the bridegroom; the Christ Experience comes into it very quickly, unexpectedly.

And one more thing: as you are able to dwell for a time in ‘no judgment,’ as you are able to dwell for a time in the knowledge that I am the Invisible Spirit of God, you’re accumulating a new kind of karma that’s good. And you may find you reach a place where you come into what has been revealed within me as what I call a ‘wheel of Consciousness.’ It isn’t the Buddha wheel. It’s the something in you that seems to be a wheel, and you are lifted out of one sense of vision. There’s a little more light in this next wheel, and then there’s something that seemingly wants to come into your next turn of the wheel as a promise that hasn’t yet quite come; and you’re beginning to see forms that are invisible to human eyes, doing things.

You’re beginning to see activity in another level of Consciousness, as this wheel slowly turns. It doesn’t keep turning. It comes to a new place, and it stops. That’s your New Consciousness at the moment. But you find more Light, more forms, more activity. It’s a sign to you that you have begun to really accept Spiritual Sonship. The Light is flowing in response to your acceptance.

It was always there. The veil of carnal mind, your acceptance of its conditions and untruths had simply veiled away this ever present Christ Light. And when that wheel turns, and you’re looking at something inside you that you never saw before, It’s saying to you, “You are moving into the inner plane now. You are finding the Inner Universe. You are finding the reality of Self, where death and destruction never were, and never can be.”

I assure you, the experiences you have had up to now, in which you have found some sign from the Father, some invisible action of Grace, some beautiful Presence leading, guiding, instructing, these are magnified and magnified; “for the hour has come, and now is” when the Son of God within you is revealed as your Identity. But, it takes this practice, even though the tree doesn’t rain down fruits tomorrow. It takes the continuous faith to practice, practice, practice the Within, the Inner Plane, the Divine Selfhood; the ‘no’ to the carnal mind and its conditions; the ‘no judgment’ of anything or anyone. Because the minute you’re in a state of judgment, one way or another, you’re kissing goodbye to the Spiritual Self that you are, and you are brought into the reaction of the mental plane, turning away from the Wheel of Light within.

Now, some of the things then that you practice are these we’ve spoken of. Remember that God being the only Presence, the only Life, always the knowledge of God’s presence where you are is the very fulcrum of all you do. And if you haven’t done that, you see, you’re in the reactive sense of mind. But if you have accepted the presence of God where you are now, knowing it will never leave you, and therefore will be there tomorrow; and if you accept it for your competitors, and friends, and your enemies, and your neighbors, because It’s the Truth of their Being, too; then you’re getting out of the separated forms of the world which the carnal mind is presenting.

You’re behind it all. You’re in the One Divine Life, which is the Son. You’ll find the capacity to accept Spiritual Sonship is increased as you keep practicing the Allness of the Father’s presence, everywhere.

Next week is the 11th chapter of Joel – His Rain Falls, I believe. The following week is Christ Walks the Earth, which is the final chapter and the intermission point of this series for a month. Now, in these two chapters, we are hoping to bring to a head the acceptance of Divine Sonship as living, Spiritual Identity. We want that to be the way you walk into this intermission.

If that is the Father’s will, it will be so. ‘No judgment’ is very difficult for people. We leap into action the moment there’s something happening in our lives. But if you’ve been practicing ‘no judgment’ silently with yourself, you’ll find that when things do happen, you’ll survey them with no judgment, and Christ will thread the needle for you.

I think that’s it for today, and thank you very much.

Welcome. Very happy to see you here. Thank you.

We probably are in the most unusual Christmas of all time up to this moment. And it occurs that there’s a possible relationship between that which we experience this moment today and that which has happened in the spiritual kingdom. For example, ten years ago there was no such thing as a heart transplant and ten years ago you may not know it but Joel Goldsmith had a heart problem. He had to prove that his life didn’t depend upon his heart, and in proving it spiritually, his heart, which was actually a dead one, appeared alive. And this spiritual healing of the heart may well be something in the invisible which triggered the visible transplanting of hearts in our world.

That particular connection occurred to me and it becomes very clear that the man who two thousand years ago discovered that there is no time and no space unquestionably triggered that which we see in outer space today as the conquering of space. And so these are most unusual times and just as miracles are happening visibly, in a way that would have been unthought of even so much as twenty or thirty years ago, so we also are reminded of the statement that Solomon made in Ecclesiastes. He said there’s nothing new under the sun. And I wonder if you could include even going to the moon as not being new under the sun. In other words, Solomon was telling us that behind the visible, changing in time, is an invisible, unchanging, ever-perfect and ever-present in which the eternal self always lives.

Now we when we awoke this morning, we awoke just as we were born, as an old, an ancient saying: every man is born between two angels, one on the right, one on the left, and the angel on the right is the angel of goodness; the angel on the left is the angel of evil. And these are supposed to be man’s dual inclinations. He can go either way; he can follow the angel of good or the angel of evil and each man allegedly is born into this dual purpose, this dual inclination. And that is why when Moses gave his people the commandment, “Thou shall love the Lord thy God,” he didn’t say with your heart, mind and soul. He said “with ALL your heart, ALL your mind, ALL your soul,” meaning those two inclinations had to be reconciled.

Now we awoke with two inclinations this morning, one of which we were unaware, and one which was predominant. And you can more or less judge where you are in consciousness by the degree to which the angel on the left was predominant or the angel on the right. The first thing that happens upon awakening is that there’s a feeling about me; me has to do this and me has to do that, and that’s the angel on the left. Me has an important appointment, me has to get dressed, me has to eat, and that’s the same me that’s been doing this all of our human lives. That’s the inclination mankind follows.

Now you being spiritually inclined, perhaps your inclination was the angel on the right. Perhaps you began your day not with me, but with God, and of course if that is what you did, you were one of the very few in this entire universe who didn’t awaken to me but to God. And your day must of necessity be very different than every other person on the face of this earth.

Now we have likened the mind of man to an inn. And if you awoke in that inn this morning, your mind was filled with many conflicting ideas. In your inn there were many guests, there were many impulses, there were many concepts, there were many memories of yesterday, there were many hopes and ambitions. And although these were not all voiced, in that inn which we call our mind, this battle of the world exists every moment and the impulse that comes ever so gentle which says, “Let me in,” that impulse is usually not heard by the angel on the left. And so our inn is very crowded with thoughts of this world. And it takes these two thousand years to find a vacancy. It takes every minute of these two thousand years to reach the point where we become aware, ever so slightly, that the world we live in is but our fractional idea of the world that is real. It takes all of that time and then some because the me, the angel on the left, the personal sense, the physical, structural me, this is ever crowding out my awareness of the spiritual me.

Now we live in a moment. You have lost all of yesterday; you do not possess tomorrow. You have this instant and all of life is crowded into this instant. And this still is the angel on the left. This still is the illusion that life is being lived in this instant and if you didn’t have this instant you wouldn’t have life. This is the great illusion, that time is moving past.

Now as you pause, as you open a little place in the mind, you are beginning to establish your manger for the entrance of an idea that takes the angel on the left, turns it away and gently turns you to your true shepherd on the right. And now you find a manger in the mind, a place where you entertain a completely, revolutionary idea that this instant is not my life at all. All of my yesterdays are still existent; all of my tomorrows are here at this moment too. We are beginning to sit back and see the fullness of life instead of the instant of life.

Now in our bible, we have had a misfortune to the extent that even the great scholars, the linguists, who know the meaning of every word in Greek and in Latin and in Aramaic and in Hebrew, unfortunately they too were born with an angel on the left and an angel on the right. And the angel which they used to translate the bible was the literal angel, the one who sees things in the flesh, the one who was born into time, the one who was unaware of the house behind this visible made without hands. And so the translation of the bible has been a very uninspired translation. It has been given to us not by men of spirit but by scholars. Men who could recite the bible perhaps, word for word without looking at it and still not know the meanings of those words, not know the great implications of those words, not knowing that in each word there are many mansions.

Now one of the greatest mistakes, one of the most monumental, was made when a certain word in the bible was translated in a very limited human way, and that word is A-E-O-N. It occurs throughout the bible the aeon and it has a great meaning. It means the fullness of your being, not in time but in a higher dimension than time. It means the fullness of your being, not in years but in the attributes of God. Aeon is the total self of you as created in the divine image and likeness; it has nothing to do with time. And do you know that word is translated as in the bibles we read? Eternity. And it has thrown us away from the meaning of to know God aright is life eternal. We have thought that if you scoop up all the time there is you have eternity. And that’s as much its meaning as “cat” is the meaning of “mouse.” It has very little to do with the meaning except in a very minor way. To know God aright is life eternal but not life that is unending. That is included but it isn’t the whole story at all. There is a difference not just in quantity, between eternity and time, there is a difference in quality. And that qualitative difference is vital; it’s one of the most significant differences there is in all of the bible teaching.

Now you may have seen this difference expressed in the world “fullness,” not realizing that fullness and eternity are one and the same; wholeness and eternity are one and the same; completeness and eternity are one and the same. And to know God aright is a whole life, a complete life, a full life, not only in time, that is the minor part of it. It is a life without end, yes, but it is a full, complete, whole life this moment, now.

Now aeon, aeon has been translated many other ways. Wherever you see the word “forever and ever” it doesn’t mean that at all. That’s another translation given to aeon, and sometimes where you see the word “world” that’s another translation given to aeon. Our scholars have been very elastic wherever a word fits their purpose it takes a new implication to them and then they fill out their lines but they have lost the Christ message.

Now we must catch the meaning of eternity because this moment is eternal. The fullness of your being is the meaning of your eternal life and you can never have less than the fullness of your being, any more than you can have reality changing and becoming less real, any more than you could have God diminishing and becoming less of God. That which is the fullness of your being is the eternal self of you and that fullness existed five hundred years ago as it does this moment, as it will five hundred years from now. That fullness is ever-present and when you learn to live the contemplative life, which is really letting God create through you, you find that that fullness, that eternal self, is brought forth into the present experience. And the purpose of the word “aeonic,” “aeonio,” translated into our English structure as “eternal,” was to bring to you the awareness that behind the three-dimensional world is a fourth-dimensional world. And to bring the fourth into the third is to bring your eternal self into the present expression.

Now it is true that “aeon” has other significance. It means for one thing that there is a limited time age to all things. You may find that human life may have a limited time age. Oh, it may be five or ten, twenty or thirty million years or billion years, but it will be embraced within an aeon, and that aeon will be the duration of the time existence of that particular object or category of life. And so we were not going always to be in a human form; we’re going to continue to change but we will always be our self.

Now those of us who have caught this element of change find that we have avoided the stagnancy of those who have insisted on clinging to their present way, their present ideas, their present consciousness. They live in a world in which they are trying to make permanent that which the Father has no desire to be permanent. They’re trying to cling to a form of life, which in itself has no reality being only a fraction of that which is.

Now the contemplative life is that form of life which had come to you the moment you open your eyes and realize that this inn, this mind, this busy hotel, must begin to open out a little place in which the fourth-dimensional consciousness begins to enter into the third. I may be very busy but what about God’s plan for me today? What about God’s plan for me in what I call time and space? And in that manger we now establish a new consciousness. This is the beginning of the new consciousness on earth, the rebirth, the you coming from the eternal self outside of the three-dimensional world and filtering into it to begin to establish in you the fullness of your being.

Now this manger, this new idea, is a place that does not look at the world at all the way your five senses have been looking at it, the way your mind has been looking at it. This manger stands up and looks at your world and says, “There is nothing here that I accept.” This is a complete and radical departure from every concept that you entertain. This manger, this infant idea, rejects the complete, visible world for it is not my Father’s kingdom. It rejects all physical form. It rejects all human creativity. It rejects everything that we as human beings hold dear. For it has seen reality. It has seen the perfect self. It has seen the perfect universe. It has seen that which is veiled to the mind, crowded with its own beliefs and aspirations. It has seen beyond the physical form. And at first it’s only an infant, we hardly hear it speak, but establishing that, that new development in us, that is the birth of the babe.

Now that must happen. That is the first Christmas when within you is established the beginning of an infant consciousness in the manger of your mind which rejects every idea that is unlike the perfection of God. It rejects all forms of disease on the earth. It rejects every evil known to the mind of man. It rejects the illusion of birth and death and human spans. It rejects the idea of a segment of life that lives in an instant, that dies and is reborn in another instant that is coming from the future. It sees through the illusion that we live in events that succeed in time. It sees that within this time-segmented instant there is a larger universe behind it all and that the three-dimensional world which we call mankind is living in a four-dimensional universe which is the kingdom of God and that one is present where the other appears to be. This is the infant consciousness of the Christ. It rejects every bit of logic of your brain. It rejects all reason. It is unreasonable; it is illogical. And yet you see the unreasonable and the illogical happening today. No man has ever gone two hundred thousand miles outside of this earth. It’s illogical, but there it is. What is ascension but going beyond even that? And where do you go? You ascend out of the consciousness which sees time, space, material form, birth, life, death, into the new consciousness which says, “Behold! I make all things new.”

Now this new consciousness is already established in most of us. It’s kicking, it’s squirming; it’s the angel on the right and it’s always at war it seems with the angel on the left but it is there. We know, we know that within us is a new way of looking at things, a Christ way, a way that is not bulldozed by the appearances of this world. Now it’s taken two thousand years for you and I to come to a glimpse of this and yet in the twinkling of an eye as we release ourselves from the belief that there is a me that is going to walk through this earth today who can do something; there is a me who needs looking after; there is a me who is separate and apart from that which created him, the moment we relinquish that idea, we are feeding this infant, this new consciousness. We’re giving it a chance to grow up. We are building our fourth-dimensional consciousness within this manger.

Now when we open our eyes and look out this same old world is there, the same men who climbed into the sky and into the moon, watch that crescent grow to its giant size. Those men back on earth, who’ll come back to a three-dimensional consciousness. They’ll come back to the same belief that they left on earth: that there is sickness on the earth, that we have limited time spans in which we live, and this moment is life. We’re not going to make that mistake. We are releasing ourselves to the new consciousness and this new consciousness rests four-square in the realization that I and the Father are coexistent but the Father is greater than I. And though I appear in a three-dimensional form in a three-dimensional world, the invisible Father is present in me as the living Christ. That must come with impact. That must grow into conviction so that if you were there one hundred thousand miles out in space, you would know that “I and the Father are one. There is no place I can go that the Father is not. The manger of my consciousness has now moved up and up and up and it is taken over the inn.” It is the consciousness, it is the house, it is the fullness and now we have no place in our consciousness where any form of destruction, where any form of changing time, where any form of evil can take root, that was the purpose for developing the infant idea that grew into Christ consciousness. So that now the mind is no longer an inn with many tourists, with people coming and going helter-skelter without rhyme or reason, now the mind is one with the Father. Now the mind of the Father is the inn. And now you’re in the contemplative life where you’re letting the consciousness of God be your consciousness. You are living the Christmas, the Christ birth, as a permanent dispensation. Now Christ liveth your life. The me that awoke quickly reassessed the truth of itself and discovered there was no me. There is only the living Christ; there is only the spirit of God and the angel on the left is dissolved as illusion.

Now this must be a chore every morning until it becomes a joy, until we awaken not as “me” but we awaken in the kingdom of God in the consciousness of God and we rest there in the contemplation of that until each morning anew the Christ is born. This isn’t a birth in time and place and space; this is a constant rebirth. Sometimes the rebirth takes place twenty times a day. Ever we are re-borning ourselves, we are self-generating, for that grand moment when the consciousness of the Christ brings us the experience of eternal life in the present. When you reach through the veil to the eternal experience now, then you have caught the meaning to know God aright is life eternal. Then you have touched the meaning of “aeon,” the fullness of the divine plan in you functioning now in all its glory and there’s no reason for it to diminish.

Now this is not something for the human mind; that’s the inn which rejects the manger. This is for that in you which says, “Above all things I hold hallowed the name of my Father and his will in me.” And this alone enables you, in your complete fidelity to the Divine, to relinquish today to God: “There is no today for me. There is no tomorrow for me. The dying daily comes to the point of the birth daily. Each dying is a borning. Each moment of losing me is a birthing of the Christ which is my eternal self.”

Now in every birth there is the struggle; there’s a labor, and this labor is the war between the angel on the left and the angel on the right. The moment of time begins to separate and you find in the middle of time is a silence, a duration, a duration without passing of time. You split time like you split an atom, and as you open time up, standing in the middle of it, there is time no more. You’re in the vast eternal stillness; you begin to feel the magnitude of your existence. The fullness, the peroma, the realization of eternality now realized and then every moment of your present life becomes an eternal something stretching out into the fullness of the kingdom now. You are an integrated whole. I am the one Self. You embrace all that was, and is, and will be in the eternal moment. You are You for the first time instead of a fraction, instead of a passing second. Now this is your rebirth. This is how it will come to you and you will feel yourself being drawn out of your body, out of your mind, but present with the Lord. For that rebirth occurs as you banish the angel on the left, the inn that was too crowded to receive the impulse of the angel on the right, and you make the effort consciously each morning, each day, to remember that within me is a living presence and my denial of it is a betrayal of the Christ. My denial of it is shutting the bible and its message; it’s turning back the pages two thousand years and standing right there and refusing to witness the great event. This that happened in a physical world must happen in our spiritual existence as a realization.

Let’s go back two thousand years, then let’s go back two thousand more, and then ten thousand more, and see that no matter how far back you go that exists at this moment as the now. You cannot go back in time to any place that does not exist now. There is no such place in time that is not now existent. In this now, there is no place in time where the spirit of Jesus is not now existent. For just as there is nothing new under the sun today, there was nothing new under the sun then. The spirit of God has always been existent and that Spirit of God is existent now. It has not changed. It has not aged. Nothing has brought it to a different degree of Itself that It was at that moment and is at this moment. And the spirit of God that is you existed in these six, ten, fifteen thousand years ago as It does now. And you must begin to feel this because this is the meaning of the eternal self now. The fullness of your being is stretched out invisibly throughout this invisible universe this moment. And in the flash that it all becomes part of your realization, like a complete landscape becoming visible in a lightning flash, so this too becomes suddenly an awareness of you. Maybe you could compare it to a man who is drowning and in the minute or two between being saved and drowning he sees his complete life, as it were, going before him, a great kaleidoscope. He didn’t realize the detail that was possible to review all of his years and yet in two minutes he remembers things he didn’t know he knew. He sees faces; he actually does more than just remember them, he becomes part of that past. That past becomes part of his present; they become one. He finds they never went anywhere; they existed. His past is his present in that kaleidoscopic two minutes he sees his life and his complete relationship.

Now the Christ of you will see all of your life, not just this human span in two minutes. The Christ of you will see your complete eternal selfhood beyond time and space and It will see it in a moment when you think not. In that eternal instant, you know the meaning of every word that every sage has ever uttered. In that eternal instant, you know why we were told throughout the bible to fear God, meaning to open a place in consciousness for the birth of the Christ, for that alone in you which could receive from God the fullness of your own being. That word “fullness” then an eternal, a synonymous, and when Jesus says to the cripple, “Wilst thou be made whole?” He is saying, “Would you realize your eternal life now?”

Now then we’re in our manger; we’re in contemplation; we’re in the stillness. Contemplation becomes a very creative, inspiring and uplifting experience. Now we’re not in a human mind trying to figure out how to make the day better. We are in something which can bring to us substance, eternal substance. The substance of life itself can flow to us in this contemplation: “As I abide in the Father, my inn is not too busy. I am in the manger of truth abiding. And I am feeding this Christ child truth that will nourish it, rear it, bring it up to a higher self. And this rising Christ within me is going to pierce the veil of illusion about my changing life in time and my changing life in space, my life which is needful of things. This rising Christ in me is going to replace the temporary transient in human form who thought that he could do a better job than the Father.”

And all this is the purpose of our presence on this earth to find that glorious moment when the mind can relax and know that there is in me the child of God. Not as an idea or an abstraction but behind this veil of flesh, of time, of space, of moving objects is my larger self, my unending self, the self that existed before the world was, before a form appeared in time, the self that is eternally immaculate, the self that was symbolized in the virgin birth. This self I begin to recognize as my own being. My own human mind becomes the earth getting smaller and smaller as I approach the moon getting larger and larger. And that earth whirling around nineteen miles per second looks just like a tiny top, almost as if it could never contain three billion people and huge cities. We see that aeon comprises all of these objects called planets, stars, oceans. That what we have thought is mighty and big are just small pieces in a great big whole. This wholeness, this freedom of knowing, that I am beyond the world of time and space, that I and Father are the one substance, the one life, the one being, this is the moment of joy in which you are renewed.

This is when substance flows through your consciousness, and that substance, that substance is the eternal substance, the eternal experience making itself manifest. This is the substance of all things, of all form, of all life, and this substance forms itself as every need throughout your eternal selfhood. Without this substance, we are not the children of God and we show forth the sufferings of this separation.

The sculptor, who fashions his various objects from the original substance that he works from, knows very well that his art will be no better than the quality of his materials. He would no longer think of working on a substance that tomorrow would melt, that tomorrow would no longer be, in which his cherished ideas would then be no more. He chooses a substance that will last and the substance of God is everlasting. When that is the substance from which your life is sprung, that substance is the power of your life. And when you separate yourself from it, it is because you have not established the Christ in the manger which alone is the living substance of the living Father. That is the substance of God in you. That is the nature of the Christ. And as you become aware of it, you have begun to live the words of the bible instead of reading them. They have begun to accomplish their purpose in you. They are making you put the Christ higher than your physical self. They are making you aware that as long as you hold the Christ away, you are standing in the way of the will of the Father.

Now I know from my own limited experience some of the difficulties of a lazy human being who thinks he can put it off because his inn is too crowded. And I also know some of the joys of not putting it off and emptying that inn sufficiently to dwell even if hours are necessary for the first glimmer of that invisible eternal presence. And yes, it does take hours sometimes, but every moment of those hours is spent in a way far more rewarding than the way those moments could have been spent. For finally the illumination of that presence does in two minutes what it had taken fifty years to try to do. Just as in two minutes the drowning man saw his entire fifty years of life, so in less than two minutes the Christ brings in to conscious awareness the realization of God’s presence which is the eternal presence. And all of infinity, all of eternality is present in that moment of realization. You remember that great revelation of Joel’s: “My conscious union with God is my oneness with all spiritual being and all spiritual form and all spiritual life.” And you see that moment of Christhood is your oneness in which the eternal self of your being is realized here and now. In that moment the angel on the left is dissolved. In that moment there is only one inclination and that is the perfect path to selfhood.

There is nothing new under the sun, but there is a complete newness in store for each of us as we see through the sun, through the physical, through the world of changing images in time. And where as you may have thought, contemplation was just a resting quietly and waiting and listening, contemplation is the inspired inner obedience to the eternal self of your own being. Suppose you were in a ship in the sky and could not see around you and your radio was your only communication, you would listen very carefully to that radio. Your complete attention would be to the words that come through that radio from the ground crew to tell you where you are. You would be listening intently. It would be a matter of human life or death. We learn to listen intently that way to the spirit of the Father. It really is a matter of life or death, because the listening is life. And as we listen intently, we draw into ourselves a substance which manifests as what we call life and that substance manifests itself in the forms of fullness to the degree that we have emptied ourselves of the concepts of limitation.

Now you’re going to have either another Christmas or a spiritual Christmas, a living Christmas or just a usual synthetic Christmas. And because we are prepared as never before for this Christmas, many of us are ready to make these last few days before the physical Christmas a continued preparation in which we become oned with the physical birth of the Christ in Bethlehem in our consciousness. And it becomes to us a very meaningful livingness of our own birth into reality. So those of us who are moving ever toward that birth, that oneness with the infinite, we are those who are receiving from within the impulse of the Father who is going to lift us into the realization that the true self that I am is an eternal self without beginning, without end. And I will let that self manifest whatever forms it chooses appearing on earth with whatever name I am given. But I am living in the consciousness of that eternal me, the I that never was born and never will die. And that I, that Christ, that Child, is a child that never grows up for it already infinite; it is already eternal; it is already the substance that the world calls God. Every moment that I accept myself as less than that is my prodigality. Every moment that I accept another as less than that is the sentence that I pass upon myself.

Now we have the stage for our birth. And perhaps as we rest for a moment in the quiet, letting the Father do the work.


Perhaps we’re finding that we have more room in our inn than we ever realized.

We’re going to rest a moment and then we’re going to see if we can’t go some deeper into the Christ message.

Now whenever you’ve done that. You have turned your back upon all of the wisdom of the world that has been given to us by all of the sages and prophets and spiritual leaders. And very often we catch ourselves in just that predicament. A situation arises in which we find ourselves straddled, as it were, unable to make a decision which way to turn. And yet this condition has arisen because we were unaware of the kingdom of God around us. We were unaware that we are living in a spiritual universe and we have tried to act materially in a spiritual universe, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Now suppose you reverse that and try to act spiritually. And suppose you’re at the moment concerned with being a spiritual being and you don’t know how to go about it. Now without an awareness of the presence of God, you’re going to continue working harder than you should because the human being can never go about it. It must be done by the Father within. The Father within must live spiritually as you. And so you’re in this quiet now; you’re determined to live a spiritual day, instead of a physical day, knowing that if you can live spiritually the inner will determine the outer and they will be one. Now all around you is this universe of God in which everything is finished; nothing can be added, nothing subtracted. But are you going to be a part of it?

Now above, above your human thought, and independent of your human thought, this universe is operating right now. It doesn’t need you. The universe will continue to succeed to function whether you’re here or not.

Now the consciousness of God formed each of us, individualized Itself as our consciousness. And if you remember the chapter “Our Real Existence” in The Infinite Way, we are told that the consciousness of Moses was leadership. Now this is God consciousness appearing in Moses as leadership consciousness. Now you can see that that same leadership consciousness didn’t appear in others the same way. In Paul, for example, that consciousness of the Father appears as the teacher consciousness. And in Jesus it appears as healing consciousness, in Washington as the consciousness of integrity of a nation, in Lincoln as the consciousness of integrity of an individual, but all this is a facet of the one consciousness.

Now where do you fit in? What consciousness is God expressing in you? And until you have your answer, you are moving blindly, unaware of the very nature of your own consciousness. Now you’ve had many hints about who you are. One of you may be the consciousness of love, another may be the consciousness of justice, another may be the consciousness of design or order, the consciousness of harmony or beauty, each of us expressing our own consciousness to the full forms that total mosaic of the one consciousness of God.

Now that one consciousness is the only consciousness, individualized as yours, mine, his and hers. And unless we’re drawing from the one, what do we draw from? If you’re not drawing your water from the reservoir, where do you get it? And if you’re not drawing from the one consciousness, aren’t you going to spin out the little you have and then have nothing?

Now to draw from that one consciousness is the function of the individual consciousness. For nothing can be added or subtracted from the one consciousness. And you know that silence is the way. And so in your silence the one consciousness feeds and becomes your individual consciousness and that is how you become aware that God consciousness is your consciousness. That is how you move, letting the Christ, which is God consciousness in you, live Itself. And then you’re not subtracting by your ignorance and you’re not trying by your ignorance to add something to God’s universe. You’re letting It spin Itself out, unfold Itself as your consciousness. Now that’s the nature of the oneness we must practice.

You can readily see that in that oneness the serpent has no sting, no weapon formed against thee can prosper. You’re in the secret place! The one consciousness is unfolding as your individual consciousness and what makes it possible is your fidelity to the Christ of your own being, your willingness to let the Christ of your being supersede all of the preconceived ideas that have dwelled within you up to this moment.

Now that is how we come into oneness. That is how the inner kingdom becomes the outer experience. It does take an inn, a mind, which is not so crowded and busy. And I think possibly Solomon had in mind, establishing in us the realization that as human beings when we try to build a better human life, we are really blaspheming the presence. We are really establishing ourselves as superior to God. We even go to the extent of saying, “God will heal me.” And you must know by now that to say that God will heal, to think that God can heal anything, is a blasphemy.

Now you may have got some literature this Christmas, some of these fine poems. I received one and there were forty points that we all ought to know and among them was God heals. Now that’s a blasphemy of God, because you know if God were to heal us it would be very embarrassing to say, “God healed me but not my father, or my mother, or my sister, or my brother. And I really don’t think I’m any better than they.” Or “Why should God heal Mrs. O’Leary or Johnny Jones and then turn right around and not heal Mary Kowaski or Freddy Smith?” What would be the reason for God being so frivolous as to heal one and not the other? Do you see how that expresses a falsehood that God heals?

It’s as if, in this paper today, there was a notice, an article by Sidney Harris and he chastised Billy Graham. He said Billy made this statement which isn’t true. He made the statement that any child who cannot respect its parent will never respect anybody. And he said that statement is only a half-truth. Everybody will agree with it but in agreeing they’re blind to the other side of the picture. And his point was that the parent must learn to respect the child too. For if the parent does not respect the child, how can the child respect the parent? If the child sees things happening in the life of the parent, isn’t that child going to remember these things and live in accordance? And so his point was well made.

It’s very easy to postulate half-truths and make them sound very important. And we would all like to hear that God heals but you see that’s a half-truth. Because any God who would heal you and not your neighbor wouldn’t be God. And if God healed one, God would have to heal five billion. And if God healed one, that would mean there would be no sickness left in the entire universe, because God would have to heal everyone.

Now to come higher than the belief that God heals, is to come into the realization that in God’s kingdom there’s nothing to heal. And that is what Solomon is telling us when he tells us that nothing can be subtracted from God’s kingdom. How can anyone in God’s kingdom have something to heal? Nothing can be added! How could God heal somebody? How could there be somebody created imperfectly in the kingdom of God? And so you see the belief that God heals perpetuates the belief that God is not almighty. God not being almighty, people can get sick, because the almighty doesn’t prevent it.

Now this is part of our universal hypnotism: the idea that God heals and the idea that the children of God can be sick and need healing. Whereas the truth is that when you come to the reality of your being, you see that healing was never necessary, for the child of the Father is perfect as the Father. And the error is not in believing that God heals, that’s only part of the error, the error is in believing that we are less than the child of God. For only less than the child of God could need healing.

Now as you dwell with this, you will release God from any responsibility to heal you. And you will accept that that which the Father is I am. That perfect substance which is the Father I am. And rather than seeking a healing now, I am seeking the realization of my self. But when I find my self, lo and behold, I am above the need for a healing. Whenever someone says to you that God heals, you’re hearing it from someone who does not know God aright.

God doesn’t heal anything and Jesus healed nothing. But God reveals the reality of the kingdom of God which is ever immaculate. And we, in our human limitation, we look at that little crescent of a moon up there and think maybe it’s that size, forgetting that as you get closer it gets bigger. And so it is as you get closer to your self, your human problems diminish.

We must get used to, then, the realization that perfection is established invisibly in every inch of space and time and beyond. Perfection is now. Reality is now, and how can reality be any less than reality? Reality is everywhere and this perfect reality must be established as your consciousness. Now reality can never be less than itself; reality can never go away; reality will always be right where it is, ever-present being itself and it has no opposite. The acceptance of this perfect, invisible reality is the acceptance of the omnipresence of God.

Now why should our consciousness be unable to do this? You might have an answer in this: we have generally felt that our consciousness was our eyes and our ears and our mind. And you should be able to see very readily that when your five senses are still, you are still conscious. Your consciousness is independent of your senses, and not realizing this, we have generally confused them to think that our senses represent our consciousness. But you can be deaf, dumb and blind and be conscious. And that consciousness can deepen and deepen until you find it’s totally independent of your vision, of your hearing. In fact, your five senses are but a very limited imitation of your infinite consciousness.

And so to develop your consciousness, is to draw you further away from the limitations of the very finite senses. You can only develop that consciousness by living in it, abiding in it. The more you dwell in consciousness, the more it will deepen and you will discover that your senses awaken you to this world, but your consciousness brings the kingdom into this world. Learn the distinction between your sense perception and your consciousness. And you will see that your consciousness is the angel on the right; your sense perception is the angel on the left.

Now your senses have a very important purpose when they’re used correctly. They’re not at fault. When you’re in consciousness, your senses will be obedient to your consciousness. They will move out and present to you the kingdom of God on earth. But to live in them, as human beings do, is to instantly separate ourselves from the fourth dimension of reality which is all around us. You literally walk in reality, unaware of it when you live in your senses. But reality lives in your consciousness and expresses when you live in your consciousness.

Now let’s go back to our friend Solomon: “God is in heaven and thou upon earth, therefore let thy words be few.” If that isn’t a direct revelation of the purpose of meditation, then nothing is. “God is in heaven, thou on earth, therefore let thy words be few.”


We’re listening to the Father within, Father in heaven within me. And therefore my words are few, that his word may be heard. Now that’s the way of life which leads to the expression of the infinite in your consciousness. God in heaven, thou on earth, listening within, letting the word of the Father express, and the infinite becomes our individual expression. Here it is even before Jesus appeared.


That means when you’ve lost something, in the stillness, the Father within appears as the substance of your need. That means when you have a problem of any nature, God in heaven, thou on earth, listening for the Father, discover that the problem only existed because thou on earth was not listening for the Father. And now in the listening the problem dissolves.

Now this way of life, this listening for the Father, as given here by Solomon, is exactly the same as given by Jesus, exactly the same as given by Paul, exactly the same as mystics throughout the world today. And the birth in you of that ability is symbolized in the birth in Bethlehem. For you see that’s the sign that you have broken through from this third-dimensional world to the fourth-dimensional kingdom. That Christ awareness is the sign that the Father within is a living word in your being. And you’re being nourished by the infinite spirit.

This very line here ultimates in the birth of the Christ in your consciousness: “Marvel not that I say ye must be born again.” Now that’s three thousand years ago and here we are reading about it and two thousand years ago it happened in the physical world, as another reminder of what it must happen in our spiritual consciousness. You’ll find as you read Ecclesiastes, that it’s one of the few books in the bible that isn’t too circumspect. He speaks closer to our current idiom than practically anyone else in the bible. He speaks straight: “God’s in his heaven, you’re on earth, listen.” There’s nothing difficult to understand. The world simply hasn’t listened to it.

Now it’s getting near the time for New Year’s resolutions. So this is a good time to be laying up your plans about what you’re going to do about this listening, this turning within. Because why go through another Christmas without the Christ? That would be an empty Christmas. This Christmas let’s experience the Christ, each within ourselves, then you’ll discover a great secret. If we took a fork and put it through a paper, the way we put a pencil through a paper last week, you’d find that those little living microbes in the paper would see four different spears coming through. They wouldn’t know that these four spears are connected. They would be looking at one prong of the fork, and another, another, they’d be apart. They wouldn’t see the wholeness of that fork.

Well, that’s how people are. There are no separate people in the kingdom of God; they’re one! That’s a difficult realization. That which appears here as individuals is one in the kingdom of God. Each comes into an individualized appearance, but as the Christ in us is born, we feel and know the oneness of substance. There’s only the one Christ substance and that which appears as individual forms is revealed as one substance. But in such a way that we’re far beyond mouthing it or intellectualizing about it, there is a realization of oneness with all spiritual being. And this is above the level of time and space and physicality, but it enters from that level above as invisible substance and then appears in this level as individualized forms. We are to see the wholeness instead of the individualized forms as being apart from each other, separated. Now how are you going to do that with the human mind? How are you going to come into the realization of oneness when your eyes train each day to show you divisibility? Each day your eye shows you that you and God are two separate beings.

Solomon wants us not to do that: God’s in heaven, you’re on earth, listen. Let the spirit of the Lord lift you up beyond the human mind. Let that be the rising Christ. Let your self ascend and then in the realization of one spiritual substance called the kingdom of God, there’s an ability to let It become the health of your countenance. Let It live your life. Let It show you It’s a better bookkeeper than you are. Let It show you It’s a better arranger than you are. Let It show you that It has the keys to the kingdom. Let the power within you be the power. All of this is the awakening of the mind to its own soul.

Now let’s see more of Solomon, because he’s just warming up. But he wants us to know that there is an invisible kingdom on earth and that it isn’t necessary to think that inventions are progress. These are merely our slow realizations of the invisible infinite, and as we become more aware of that invisible infinite, more of these inventions must appear.

Suppose that at this moment in you, there was a conscious awareness that you are not alone, separated individual. That something of the universe is present as the living force right where you are. Suppose you had that realization at this moment, and suppose you knew that this living force embodies all of God’s love, all of God’s righteousness, all of God’s peace, all of God’s wisdom, all of God’s harmony. Now you know this is the reality and what separates us from it? Our memory. Our memory of the fact that we haven’t experienced this reality and we can’t climb higher than our memory, can we? We remember the gruesome past, the moments when we were unable to rise above our problems and our memory refuses to let us enter the kingdom of God. It refuses to admit into our present consciousness the perfection that is invisibly present. In all ways, we are letting our memory separate us from our very self.

Now did you know there were two kinds of memories? That’s your outer memory. You have an inner memory. Your outer memory only knows what happens to your outer body, your outer life. Your inner memory knows the complete eternal self. Your inner memory has never forgotten one single moment of its eternal selfhood. When your inner memory becomes alive to you, something in you says, “Well, how can I be less than healthy, secure, harmonious? Why am I concerned about things?” Your inner memory recalls to you the fullness of your present being. And your outer memory no longer can persuade you that because yesterday your heart skipped a beat, it might happen tomorrow.

People who pass out of this scene prematurely and without the realization of their true reality are really victims of their own memories. The memory that told them they were sick and they’re getting sicker. That’s a little corner of your mind which conditions it and it’s only your outer mind, your outer conditioning, your outer memory, your physical memory. Your inner memory is your soul. It knows the fullness of itself. It knows the fullness of the Father because it and the Father are one. This thin veil between your outer and your inner memory is made even thinner, even in this instant, as you begin to feel the pulse of light within yourself. That pulse of light is the Father within boring a hole through this human selfhood which has wandered alone, separated, a law unto itself. That human self which should be as archaic to you as the 1920 magazines with their old-fashioned pictures. That’s how archaic this human selfhood already is.

We’re living in a completely new age now. We’re living in an age of miracles to the physical world because behind the physical world is the eternal miracle of God, slowly filtering into human consciousness, dissolving human consciousness. And as human consciousness drops away, that which is never impossible to God, that which is real, that which is there, becomes today’s miracle and today’s headlines. Becomes today’s miracle in your life so that you find just as the veil of space is rent, so is the veil of false health, so is the veil of human limitation, so is the veil of poverty, so is the veil of starvation. Biafra today becomes the kingdom of God when the consciousness is opened. The black hole of Calcutta is happening in time and space not in your Father’s kingdom.

Now each of us has a little black hole of Calcutta and a little Biafra, a little of this and a little of that, and our memories, but the pure light of the Father within transcends those memories, erases them just like chalk on a blackboard, unconditions the mind. You may have started out in The Infinite Way with a difficulty in meditating and then maybe you spent three minutes here and three minutes there. Your life should now be becoming a meditation; your life should be a living meditation.

When you have established that manger, where does it go? Is it temporary? Is it only there for a moment? For three minutes? Or again later at night? Or is that manger permanent? Do you see that must become a permanent dispensation in your consciousness? That manger must be forever. It’s only the beginning; it’s the opening wedge. God’s in his heaven, you’re on the earth, so be still, and that manger is the connecting link between heaven and earth. So you’ve got to put in the time, the effort, and you’ve got to establish the permanent manger that accompanies you throughout the day in every activity, wherever you go, whatever you do. That manger in your consciousness is Christ. It’s not Christmas just once a year, not for spiritual living; it’s Christmas constantly.

Now we have this Christ consciousness establishing Itself. Do you see that some days these words of wisdom that are in Solomon are just your normal consciousness? Why should there be a newness to them as if we had just discovered them? This is your normal consciousness: God’s in his heaven, I am on earth, I’ll be still. And now the kingdom of heaven within, the Father within, is whispering to the babe.

Is there a difference between the Father within and the Christ? Don’t you see they’re one and the same? Your awareness of the Father within is Christ. Christ is your shepherd. Christ is the secret place of the most high. When you dwell in Christ, no weapon formed against thee can prosper. The Christ within, he doeth the works. Father within and Christ are one and the same.

And you’re coming to the same conclusion from different entrances. When you have recognized as Christ as yourself, you have recognized the witness of the Father in you, the Father within. Whenever you discover the Father within, that’s your Christmas. Don’t put it on a special day. Don’t put it in a special year. The discovery of the Father within is Christmas, the birth of the Christ in you. And that birth brings heaven and earth into one so that now you, having discovered the Christ, also inherit the inheritance of the Christ and the earth which is the Lord’s, in all its fullness, becomes the property of the Christ, realized in consciousness appearing outwardly as peace on earth for you, goodwill on earth for you. Wherever the Father within becomes the living consciousness of an individual, there walks the Christ realized. “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father within. Thou seest me, thou seest the Christ, the light.”

Now this is our reality realized or not. Don’t seek it; realize it. Don’t ask for it; accept it. It is your reality. Don’t let the world take your reality in its memory, in its mortal mind, and make it appear shoddy to your human eyes. Simply hold on to that which you are. Be steadfast in the reality of the Father within who can never leave thee or forsake thee. And then you and Solomon are sharing the same wisdom.

How did Solomon get all this wisdom? He realized the Father within, and the Father within showed forth as his wisdom. That’s the same source for our wisdom. And it is the same force that shows forth as the healing grace of the Christ in your consciousness.

Now extend this; don’t personalize it to you. You don’t possess it; it is your being. It breaks through the illusion of separate individuals when you see that it is the being of everyone you know. Let’s never personalize the Christ as the Christ of me without realizing it is the Christ of you, of him, of her, and then you see you’ve broken the veil of him, her and me and it because all that stands there invisible to our human sense is the invisible Christ. What a world of Christmas we would have if the invisible Christ were realized as the essence of all that walks the face of the earth. Then in a flash the war would be over; the strikes would be over; the racisms would be over. There would be peace on earth and goodwill toward man because Christ would live as the consciousness of each man. But remember nothing can be subtracted from what the Father is; nothing can be added. This is the reality this moment, realized or not. And as you dwell in this realization, it becomes the reality where you are.

Our prayer is not limited to friend or foe, neighbor or nation. Our prayer is simply the recognition of the infinite, invisible spirit of God called Christ on earth, transcending all time, all space, all years, all days, all nations, all areas, all planets, and we dwell in the one consciousness undivided. From that, we find we are undivided from that one consciousness.

That one consciousness is ever-present, and its witness in you is the Christ. That one consciousness is present 365 days of our human years. That one invisible Christ is a 365-day Christ, on the moon or on the earth. Now that is reality and nothing can be subtracted. And as you dwell in the knowledge of it, you are dwelling in reality. The one consciousness then manifests in you, and you find that you are spiritual being. You don’t have a heart that can go wrong, or a pair of lungs that depend on anything in this world. You don’t have a segment for a life. You don’t have to be concerned about the laws of matter anymore than Jesus was. But you must pierce this veil of belief which has translated the infinite down to a segment in time and space. That which never was can never be, and there never was an opposite to the infinity of God.

Solomon makes it clear that before he wrote these words that he took the time to listen for the words of God so that he could bring us the truth. He exhorts us to do the same. I’d like to look at that for just a moment. It’s in here somewhere. “The words of the wise are as goads and nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd.”

And so let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. “Fear God. Keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man.” Now fear we have made clear; is simply the letting the Father within be higher than the human mind. That is the nature of fearing God. It is the recognition that the Father within you is the law of your being. That fear is the recognition of the presence. It has never been known to fail that one truly worshipping the Father within has failed to find the way to the kingdom of God. Because this way of life is prescribed by the Father as abiding in me and letting me abide in you. And therefore as you do this, you are living in the rhythm of the Father’s will. And there is no power to oppose you in any way. There will be activities of the senses, posing appearances which seem to oppose you, but you will discover that they are only temporary guests of the inn. But soon the complete inn becomes Christ consciousness, a permanent, eternal Christmas, life eternal, knowing the Father aright.

A word of patience: we’ve really come a longer way than we all can realize at this moment. You can’t take heaven by storm. But whenever you find you’re having a difficulty and can’t find the center of your being, to let the Father within become the Father without, remember that one key word: time. It’s the invisible barrier and as soon as you realize there is time no longer, you will receive that necessary impulse to take you over the problem.

Time has many aspects of hypnotism. Work with it longer as you did this week at 8:30. Do it again for another week, if you will, at 8:30. Stay with the idea that my life is not a passing instant, that the Christ of me possesses my life as an infinite substance, extending beyond the confines of time and space. And as you grow with this as the Christmas moment, a newness will develop within you. Now if you feel like it, you could join at Christmas Eve at midnight in that realization. Some of us will be doing that at Christmas Eve at midnight, realizing the birth of the Christ in me, the birth of the Christ in my neighbor, the birth of the Christ on earth as it is in heaven. That will be our Christmas Eve midnight meditation.

Thank you.


There is a place where the work has to prove itself, as if all that we do comes to that particular point which is seemingly called the last day, which isn’t any such thing at all, but that’s the terminology given to it, and there seems to be a prevailing part in the mind of man that he is possibly subject to extinction.

At every turn the thought of extinction seems to be broadcast into his mind by what he hears and what he sees. His Bible tells him that there will be an extinction of some kind, and he can’t quite make it out, but he surely can read English, and it says something about the end of the world. And he hears that repeated and repeated from many rostrums across the globe, he hears preachers drumming into the mind of man, that unless you stop sinning before the end of the world, you’re going to be consigned to the hottest place you’ve ever seen.

And then when he reads in the paper that the PLO is doing this, or that Russia has secretly got a combat brigade over there in Cuba, or that SALT is up in the air one day, and then down the other day, and they may never get together, or that troops are somewhere else now, fighting in another country where they don’t belong, and then when he reads about threats to a possible President of the United States and so on again and again. Everywhere we turn in our own Bible, in our daily lives, even in our Sunday churches, and then suddenly a nuclear leak, radioactive waste, pollution of some kind.

We are surrounded by the threat of extinction and very few people are helping us to eliminate that threat. They’re merely repeating the group hysteria and no matter how we try, it faces us everywhere we go. Especially if you happen to be one of those living near a nuclear plant, you’re certainly thinking about it, or you’re living near an airport where there was a big crash or some other disaster. But most of all, what’s on Papa Bear’s mind in Russia, what’s happening in Africa, what’s happening on the Israeli front, all of this, plus the inability of science apparently to contain nuclear reactivity to our complete satisfaction, plus the great armament deception of we’re going to cut down armaments on this and that type of armament, while we secretly build up heavily on other kinds of armaments. A person would really have to be a fool to think that you can live in this world with everybody stock piled up to the hilt and to think that it could never happen, you’d have to be foolish, you’d have to be an ostrich and say that they’ve got it all to kill everybody, but nobody’s going to use it, this would be a downright lack of common sense.

And so we do know that the power to destroy is all around us. We do know that the Master specifically said, “There will be an end of the world,” when his disciples asked him. And so we want to look at that, are we threatened with extinction? And who can we ask? Our common sense tells us, yes, religion tells us, yes, science has given us the weapons, industry has helped science do that. Everything answers yes, yes, yes, we are threatened with extinction, and everything, almost, says inevitable extinction, there’s nothing you can even do about it. And so we can’t complacently go on about our business. We can’t build a future in a world threatened with extinction and we can’t live in it peacefully and pretend it isn’t there. How much better it would be if we could look at it and get the facts?

The disciples came to Jesus Christ and said, “What about the end of the world, when is it going to happen? What signs should we look for to know that the end of the world is near?” And a lot of the signs that he gave them, are signs that we see today aren’t they? Nations at war, pestilence, famine, all kinds of corruption a complete degeneration of the fabric of human life.

But you know, when you look at the end of the world with the Spiritual truth in your understanding, it’s a completely different story than we have heard from possibly our own parents, possibly our own civilization, assuredly our own churches, and we have failed to perceive what has been said. So much so, that approximately 95% of the world today is completely in a state of panic about what’s going to happen, and especially in circles that you and I may not be familiar with, where governments, themselves, having placed their stock piles in certain areas, and are very aware of the stock piles of their so called enemy. And so, large segments of our governments are living in a state of silent panic. Will they do it, or won’t they? Should we do it first? And there’s much gossip about this behind closed doors, should we get there first.

It should be the job of religion to clarify this. Religion has at least the printed word, but religion has not prepared mankind for the end of the world, and this is a great tragedy, because, had religion prepared mankind with understanding, today there wouldn’t be the panic there is, or the fear, or the escalation of certain activities which are all in preparation for just such an emergency.

I think I have to look at this lack of awareness, as what we will call a separation from God. It is in the separation from God that we entertain the superstitions and the ignorance about the meaning of end of the world. There are three basic mistakes theologically:

1. The first basic mistake is, God created the world. Once you start with that it’s hard to understand the end of the world, because now you’ve got the second mistake:

2. That God, who created the world, is going to end the world. And finally, you’ve got to have a reason, and so the third mistake is that:

3. God is going to punish his children, and then the world that God created in order to punish his children who sin. That implies of course, that those children who didn’t sin, must suffer with those who did sin. But religion has a way out for that.

It really is a pyramid of errors and Shakespeare could do justice with a play about it. Maybe he did; it’s not a comedy though, it’s a tragedy of errors. To first have a God, creator of the world, and then a God who will uncreate the world he created, to punish the sinners whom he also created. It doesn’t add up, it’s part of superstition, it’s also part of a fear based on ignorance, and when you try to analyze this and say, “Why do people believe that God will end the world, because he wants to punish his children, and you analyze that punishment, and you begin to see a great guilt complex. I know that if I didn’t feel guilty I wouldn’t feel that I ought to be punished, and if I feel I’m going to be punished, I must have a sense of guilt about it.

Now I know religion throws the guilt out there on the congregation, the congregation is guilty, and then finally, so that it’s homogenized, we are all declared to be sinners. Now this is the end of the world according to religion and then the out is, that there is the sheep and the goats, because the Master said so. And he’s going to look at all the nations of the world and those who belong to the Father, will go to the one side, and those who don’t belong to the Father, will go to the other side. And I think Grimm’s fairy tales are much more entertaining.

If we look at what the Master has taught in the Bible, we find some startling facts to completely eliminate all that we have been taught about the end of the world, and right out of our own Bible. I think one of the first clues is when Christ through Jesus declares that My creation is not this world, and that’s the meaning of “My kingdom is not of this world.” Kingdom and creation are identical, synonymous. My creation is not of this world, and we have learned that this world is in time, and so my creation is not this world in time.

And then I think another important clue is that passage I asked you to look at the other day, before you went to sleep, Luke 4, verse 5. That was potentially the, probably the greatest real estate deal in the world. To be offered all the kingdoms of the world and there was no price put upon it, other than follow me, follow the world mind. And because all of the kingdoms of the world were in time and The Kingdom, the creation, is not in time, the rejection of these worlds in time, was a statement that My Kingdom is not in time. These world’s that the world mind offers me to rule and dominate, are in time.

What will I do with the counterfeit, if I already own the original? If the Kingdom of God is where I live, if I own all the diamonds of the world why do I want the imitation diamonds? If all that the Father has is mine, why do I want the illusion? And so we’ve been told all of the worlds all of the kingdoms in time, were illusion; not of the Father, not created by the Father. And so the rejection of all of the worlds in time, was a clue that this world is not the creation of God.

Now there was a very special clue, and that, we want to look at. Over here in the 24th chapter of Matthew, the disciples come, and they are on the Mount of Olives, and they come to him privately, and they say, “Tell us, tell us, when shall these things be, what should be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?” And he tells them something which would startle a normal man. In the 9th verse he tells them they will die. He says, “All these things that I have told you are only the beginning of sorrows, the end of the world is not yet, then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you, and ye shall be hated of all nations, for my names sake.” What a future! They shall be killed. They’re told this by their Master. But they’re going to be killed before the end of the world. They don’t even get a chance to wait for the end of the world.

And then in the 26th chapter he tells them something truly marvelous. It’s the Last Supper, and in the 29th verse he says to them, “I will not drink of this wine again, until I am with you, after the end of the world.” He tells them that the world will end, but after the world has ended, they will be with him, and he with them. He tells them that they will die, the world will end and then they will be together.

And I would like to know how men are going to survive death, and the end of the world, and still be alive? Does that cover those eleven or twelve? If they are to be together again, if they are to survive the end of the world, who else is to join them and survive? How do you decide? Are some excluded? What about the seventy whom Jesus sent out? Are they going to survive the end of the world? What about the thousands that Paul trained, are they going to survive the end of the world? What about the millions that study the gospel of Jesus the Christ, what was the gospel for, if they cannot survive the end of the world? Was it to tell them that there’d be an end of the world and it’s all over? Or is it to prepare them to survive the end of the world?

What about Buddhist’s don’t they survive? What about the various Christian sects, do we say that a Protestant will survive and a Catholic won’t? Is the Seventh Day Adventist included or excluded? What about unity students? All of them in, some out? What about Christian Science? What about new thought? What about every religion in the world? How do you select them? What about people who don’t believe in religion or in God, are they automatically unable to survive the end of the world?

Are we beginning to see how ludicrous the idea is, that these twelve disciples will survive while God punishes everyone else? Why would they survive, we want to know, how? We know that they will, we know that they did. Now, we’re concerned about us, and we won’t accept one hundred and forty four thousand as surviving, we will accept that as a symbol of infinity, twelve times twelve.

And so, there is a way to survive the end of the world, and that would indicate that it isn’t the end of the world that everybody thinks about, because when this world goes, there is going to be no physical survival, and if we are to survive, there must be a method for us to survive.

Now, we’re talking about a different end of the world than the Bible has meant to most people. We’re talking about an end of the world which is not the creation of God. We’re talking about the end of a second creation. Of a false creation. We’re talking about an internal change of consciousness. We’re talking about an end of the world that is absolutely necessary. The end of the world is required. The end of the world in time, is required, because it is the evidence of man’s separation from God. The end of the world is the end of that separation. It is the end of death, it is the end of an illusion. It is the end of the world consciousness, which says that God created this world.

And so we are now finding that end of the world in the Bible, is an individual experience, in which at a certain level of enlightenment, an individual perceives the illusion of the world, and is awakened from that illusion, is awakened from deadness to Spirit, deadness to Christ. And that end of the world happens in the consciousness of the individual who then is lifted into the real creation of God. There is no world to end. When the Kingdom is all there is, and it is not this world, what world is going to end? The imitation concept. But it is only going to end for those who are enlightened enough to awaken from it. Those who remain in the concept of the world, continue in their pleasures and their pains.

This end is what we are striving for, and because it came in words that men thought of as physical words, they simply did not see, that the end of the world is the first resurrection. it is the end of the world which is not the creation. It is the end of the belief in external matter. It is the end of our cosmic blindness. It is the end of destruction. It is the end of discord, and disease, and disaster.

When all that is not the creation of God for you, no longer holds you prisoner, for you, the world has ended. That is the basic meaning of the end of the world.

What about all these bullets, and guns, and armaments? That’s another kind of end of the world. But look at it now, first from the Spiritual standpoint of what Jesus was teaching. Eternal life is his subject, if you believe on Me the words that I speak, if you believe on Me the deeds that I do, though you were dead, yet shall you live. What’s the end of the world going to mean to such an individual? The dead will rise from their grave. Arise from the dead. When we recognize the deadness is our concept of a creation that is not the creation of God, we are really in a belief in two creators. And the world has been chained to that belief by the belief that God created this world and the Kingdom of God, or that God only created the Kingdom and the devil created this world, or somebody created this world, because God says he didn’t.

And so religion has stumbled into two creations. A world that God didn’t create, implies another creator and this is separation. The end of the world is the end of this separation. When you have reached your Soul consciousness, you are out of this world. Your death is only the death of your belief in a second creation. Now we’re all going to die right here to this world. We’re all going to die to the false sense of creation. And we’re going to look exactly as we look right now, not any different. Were going to eat in the same restaurants, sleep in the same bed, know the same people, but we are going to die to the false creation and that is precisely the teaching of the end of the world. That which is required by God, religion is telling us, is a punishment for sinners, but it isn’t. It’s our goal, to attain that consciousness in which this world is no more.

Now one of the greatest clues that was given, but overlooked, is the 6th verse in the Revelation of St John. When John hears the ancient of days, the voice of the Invisible Master speaking, he says to John, that which is really what happens, in the end of the world is, “There should be time no more.” That’s the secret of the end of the world. There should be time no more. When you have overcome the belief in time, you have overcome the belief in the world that exists in time, you’ve pulled out the stop, and that’s all the end of the world ever meant. When you come to the knowledge that time is not passing, when you have found that awareness within yourself, for you, the world has ended, because that’s what holds up the illusions of the world. That’s the simple truth behind the end of the world. The end of your belief in passing time. And all these years it has frightened millions, and millions, and millions, because of fear, superstitions, ignorance, all brought about by a total separation from God.

Now the interesting thing about the end of the world, is that you’ve got to go through it. It’s important, it’s your progress, but it’s not an end of the world out there, it’s an end of the inner concept of the world. You have to cross the mystical ocean of time within yourself, because that’s where the world is. And only when you cross this ocean, and attain the awareness of the end of the world within, are you reborn of the Spirit. There’s no other way for the New Heaven to appear. We want to enter the Kingdom, we want to live in it consciously, and so we have to find a way to come past the belief in the existence of a world which is not the Kingdom. We have to end our concept of the world. We can’t be in the world, and the Kingdom.

The end of the world is the beginning of our experience in the Kingdom, that is our regeneration. We are generated into the world, our regeneration is out of the world, and as we move in consciousness, out of the world, this is our regeneration, or we live in a Soul consciousness, not a mind consciousness of the world. When you take the end of the world and see it for what it is, you see that it is also the beginning of the New Heaven and the New Earth. You can’t have one without the other. Just as we cling to form, and do not experience our Mystical Body of Spirit, so if we cling to the world we do not experience the Kingdom.

Really, the end of the world is the end or the achievement of the fullness of your aeon. When you reach the fullness of your aeon, in consciousness, for you, you are now the enlightened one, who walks on the water, above the time world, while the form appears in it. It’s an expansion of Consciousness.

Let us look at what happens when the end of the world is attained in your consciousness, but even before that, think for a moment of the end of the world as your individual goal.

Now if you want to look at it a second time, from a physical viewpoint, let’s do that, it’s good to face it. Let us assume that there is a physical end of this world, for a second. Well what about it? If it is ordained to be that way, if that’s a specific prophecy of the Bible, and let’s say it is a physical end of the world that prophesied in the Bible, it won’t help to worry about it, if it’s prophesied to be that, it will be. But whether or not it is or not, whether there is a physical end or not, there’s going to be one for each of us. We know there’s going to be a physical end to the world for us. So whether it comes about through our enlightenment spiritually, or through a physical means, it’s going to be there, but the big difference is that there can be a physical end of the world in which you simply die, and return to this same consciousness in another type of experience, or there can be an end of the world in which you enter the New Heaven and the New Earth. You have a choice. There’s going to be an end of the world, it’s that simple. For some of us, it’s right close by, and for others we may wait for someone to pull the trigger, but it’s just a matter of a few years either way. And so we have a choice, are you going to let it end at someone else’s discretion, or you going to let it end so that when it ends for you, you walk into the New Heaven and the New Earth, because that is what John is trying to get across to us.

Now you can end it yourself. You can end it by entering the truth of being, the things we’ve been doing, the rebirth. And you will find then, something marvelous happens. And it happens while you’re here, it happens in the 21st chapter of Revelation, to show us what is meant by that which happens when you have attained the inner enlightenment to step out of the passing shadows called the world. That is what the New Heaven and the New Earth are. They are the new Soul consciousness which replaces the mind consciousness and just as the mind had put a heaven in tomorrow, Soul consciousness reveals Heaven, here, today.

The end of the world is the beginning of walking consciously in Heaven, here and now. John had passed through this, while walking this earth. He had attained the knowledge of the New Heaven, he had died to mortality, he had died to all the evils of mortality, to all the illusions of mortality, he had died to all the pain, and suffering, and destruction of mortality. He now walked in the Soul consciousness, in which Heaven is no longer in tomorrow, no longer somewhere in the higher geography of the sky, he actually walked in the Kingdom of God, and he called it the New Heaven. And his New Earth was not the physical earth, because he had penetrated the appearance of an earth, he had found the Earth which is the creation, the Spiritual Earth.

John 21, is what happens to you, the revelation, chapter 21, is what happens to you when to see through the illusion of a physical end of the world, which doesn’t exist, to even end, and you come to the knowledge of, I am the living Spirit of God, and now I live in my Soul, not my mind.

And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth for the first heaven (the mortal sense of heaven) and the first earth (the mortal sense of earth) were passed away, and there was no more sea.” And that sea, is the ocean of time. There was no more time, he had overcome the sense of time. That’s what gave him the New Heaven, that’s what gave him his real Self. He didn’t do it just when he wrote this, no, he received the Revelation after he had attained all this. He was left here on this earth for that specific purpose, to show us that we must face that non reality of the world, and come through it while here, apparently in the flesh.

As you dwell with this, the fear of the end of the world should just roll away, but not only the end of the world, all the things it conjures up in your imagination. And when you hear about wars, and rumors of wars, you must see through it, as these are all part of the one illusion. This is all part of the belief in a second creator. In spite of all the religions in our world, in spite of our eager hearts to know God, when we accept that there is a world that can end, and even God can be the cause of it, we are actually in a state of Global atheism, Global separation from the Father. And that’s what you’re reading in the headlines. You’re reading this global separation, and it comes forth as another war, another argument between nations, another five billion dollars for armaments over here, while we decrease armaments over there. Every time, you’re seeing double talk among nations, and corruption among men, you’re seeing separation from God. It must manifest as all the terrible things that we have in our non created world. That’s all we’re looking at is separation, that end of separation, is the first heaven, because there is no more sea.

The illusion of time has been broken, and when you break the illusion of time, the world mind must fold its tent and fade away. What can it do? It uses time as its greatest disguise. In time, the world mind causes all of these things we have accepted. It lures us, it decoys us, it makes us reach out and cherish the mirage. But when you see through time, the game is over for the world mind, you break the umbilical cord of the world mind, you’re in the New Heaven. And it might seem strange, but the world mind was there for just that purpose, to make you come above it. It was an illusion all the time, but unless you come above it, it swallows you.

In the end of the world you have crossed the mystic ocean of time, as John has, and behold, I see a New Heaven. And this is the realization of the presence of the Kingdom of God, here and now. Here! Now! is the Kingdom of God. It has always been here, this New Heaven has always been here, but it took someone swimming through the illusion of time to enter eternity, in order to live in that which was always present.

And by accepting the presence of the Kingdom, the presence of Heaven, as a fact, here, not in the hereafter, here, not above, but everywhere, this is how you are able to be sustained as you walk blindfolded up the ladder. You know what’s there, you’re walking up a dark stairway, but you know what’s on the other end, a door, and inside it, is your home, and if you’ve done it a lot, and if you’ve done it 20 days in a row, on the 21st, you feel more comfortable, even in the dark you can find your way up that staircase. You can call it faith, but it’s faith that at the other end, there’s something. And familiarity makes that faith deeper. Your Heaven is here, some of you have been walking in it, knowingly, others unknowing.

John is simply uncovering what has always been present and telling you, your Heaven is right where you are. It isn’t in tomorrow, you don’t have to be saved, there’s no world going to end that will enable you to get into Heaven, that’s not the way it’s going to be. You’re going to have to end the world within your mind, and then enter the Heaven within your Soul. The important thing is that we know these facts, the rest is relatively easy, because we are no longer distracted by all of the false decoys that would lure us away from our chosen path of walking consciously here and now in the first Heaven, instead of in the heaven prescribed after we so called go through death, as a physical human being.

Now these distinctions are all that this message is about. There are a number of movements that have approached the truth, there are many that prefer the old fashioned theology, and there are few in these movements who have attained the awareness that they are truly, now, pure Spiritual being, and they are working to eliminate all things in the world of time which would distract from their pure Spirituality.

John wants you to know that you’re going in the right direction, it leads to what he’s saying here. One day the sea is no more, you’re no longer rowing on that sea, wondering why the waves are high and the storm is rocking the boat. And the inner Christ of you is now walking on the water saying, “Be still,” to the waves, preparing the way for the rainbow of truth. All of this, now, is the inner experience that you go through when you are determined that for you, you are not going to live in a world which must end, one way or another.

I’m just sitting here trying to feel the Substance of your being, and pushing with you, over the fence, so that you feel the substance of your being too. So you can say to yourself, “I am not living in this world now,” not, I’m going to get out of it, I’m not even in it. I am not of this world, because it’s going to take all of that, for you to become fully conscious of your Real Heaven. And I, John, saw the Holy City, New Jerusalem.

Now you must understand this to be a New Consciousness. That’s why he’s seeing this New Heaven, he’s in a New Consciousness, but he’s really describing that inner event which takes place in all of us. When you see the New Heaven, the New City, the New Jerusalem, you are in Soul Consciousness, and if you’ve already got your foot in the door, you know what Soul Consciousness does to the old concepts of the world.

I wasn’t exactly besieged with letters the other night, but there were some and they were a joy to know that there are those who have experienced the death of the mortal sense of self. Then there were those who have experienced it, who didn’t bother to write, they probably just said to themselves, “Well he knows all about my release from incarnation I don’t have to tell him.” Well I don’t know about all, but I do know about some. I still want those letters, but only when they are true, no fabrication, no hope, no wish, no I will, I have done it, is what I want to hear.

I saw this New Jerusalem, this Holy City. Now this Holy City is your Consciousness of your own Identity. It’s what we were going to contemplate in the days when we sit down and try to regulate our centering to such a way that we’re Soul centered, that we turn the thermostat on to Soul, and we hold it there. When we’re Soul centered in contemplation, resting in the knowledge of Self, the everywhereness of Self, the perfection of the Self that is everywhere, the perfection of the Self that is here, because it is everywhere. When we are so Soul centered and then permanently Soul centered, we are the Holy City. We are the priests of God. Through whom the word is given, through whom the word is received. And it’s not the old Jerusalem because in the old Jerusalem there were men. Men with human minds, and the human beliefs in the flesh, beliefs in the identity of the form, beliefs in the identity of a material world, which is not the creation.

So the New Jerusalem is that inner City. The City within, where you perceive creation as it is, and where you identify creation as your very Being. Where you are the anointed. To be conscious of your Immortal Self, is your new Holy City. To be the Son of God, is to be your new Holy City. And so, your New Jerusalem, is your internal awareness of your infinite Identity as the Spirit of God. There’s no world there, there’s just your Father’s Kingdom, and then you’re about your Father’s business.

Somebody said, can you explain a little more about those multi-bodies. I’m just going through the experience, and I find it hard to even begin to touch the subject. They are strange, that’s all, and as I was trying to explain briefly to someone, it’s like, as if you wanted a fruit, and so you simply became a tree, and that was your body. But you do it in the Spiritual world, without taking thought, and you become the body of everything that is necessary unto you. There are many simultaneous bodies, all yours, all formed out of light, and then they sort of coalesce, they go together in strange ways, and form new bodies, and they do it instantly, with a speed that makes an electron seem slow. And you find that everything you need, becomes a different kind of a body, so you’re in a million different places it seems, and yet, it’s all within one body.

And I would like to say more, but it’s simply on the periphery of my consciousness, and I can’t quite formulate words to explain, it changes too fast. There are some words in the English language that probably cover it, but I haven’t had time to check them out. Maybe you’ll have the experience, or have already, of your multi-bodies and you see how strange and beautiful it is, to come out of this limited concept body. You can become a fence, you can become anything that exists in the invisible Spiritual universe, and it would even take form, and disappear just as quickly, when it has served its purpose. But that’s only the beginning of an infinity of treasures, beyond anticipation.

The New Jerusalem, the immortal sense of Self, is only the first Heaven. It’s the beginning of your awareness that your Soul is yourself, and all things that have been you in this world, and your relationships, now have a totally different perspective. This Soul is going to move further, and in the second Heaven, it’s going to conceive, and in the third Heaven, it will bear a child, actually toward the end of the second Heaven, it will be in labor, but it will project that child, delivered into the third Heaven, who will literally born into the second Heaven and live in the third Heaven. And that child will be your full Consciousness, your full realization. The marriage of your Soul in the second Heaven with your Spirit, will be where conception takes place, your Soul reunited with Spirit.

And all of this is beginning to come through John, in such a way that he can see this New City, he can feel his Immortality. It isn’t yet the seventh day, it’s only the fifth day, he’s talking about, but in this fifth day, your New Heaven is going to be realized, and you’ll know that it is leading you to your sixth day, your conception in Spirit. And leading you to your seventh day, your birth as the Christ of God realized, when you finally know who you have always been.

I think we can feel this Spiritual evolution within us, and possibly feel the rightness of it to the degree that we are Spiritually compelled to walk that path and in all this, time stands still, all this takes place outside time in Eternity.

And your Soul is becoming more conscious to your mind now. So that the mind can finally say yes, yes I can surrender to my Soul. The mind can even say, I’ve only been a shadow to my Soul, I’m going to now relax and let the real thing take over. The thinking mind begins to depart, it doesn’t have anymore grandiose ideas about what it’s going to do in this mortal world. It begins to see the light of the Soul, to surrender to the Soul, and finally, to say to the Soul, “You are my new Master”, while the Soul is saying to the Spirit above, “You are my Master,” and while the Spirit is saying to the Christ above, “You are my Master.” The chain of command from the seventh day, down to this the fourth, becomes integrated when you walk up this ladder.

You see why the end of the fourth day must come in consciousness? How else can you walk to the fifth, the sixth, and the seventh, and yet when you’re in the fifth, all that had gone before is included. When you’re in the sixth, all that had gone before is included, and when you’re in the seventh, all Genesis has been returned to itself, and you are the Self, and all of your Self is a simultaneous activity.

All of this is true now, and we are climbing the ladder of awareness about what already is. If you can accept all that is, you’ll get there faster. If you want to prove it like Thomas, it’ll take a little while longer, but if you can believe on the Christ of yourself as the ultimate reality of yourself, your own Selfhood will lead the way, and draw your consciousness higher and higher unto Itself, into oneness.

Of course all of this, John had been through, in order to report he is here. This is what you and I are moving into every minute that we work on Self identity. He saw the New Consciousness, the New City, the New Jerusalem, adorned as a bride for her husband. He is explaining that the Soul Consciousness is preparing to marry its own Spirit. Your Soul is the female, your Spirit is the male, I mean on a Spiritual level, the Spirit is considered the male and the Soul the female, and it is their marriage, in the sixth day, which leads to your conception as the Christ.

When we say he doesn’t have enough of the female side or male side, this is all human talk. What we’re talking about truly, is there’s not enough Spiritual awareness, there’s not enough Soul awareness, because when they’re equalized, and mated, there’s neither male nor female. There’s only one Self, finally emerging as the androgynous Christ. Neither male nor female, but pure Spirit. These are all terms we use in the mortal sense, but in Spirit, there are no such terms. God is one, God is all and being Christed is the realization of being the One that is all.

I heard a great voice out of Heaven saying, ‘behold the tabernacle of God is with men.’”

Now that’s different, than we have been taught by religion. The tabernacle of God is not with men in religion. The tabernacle of God is after you passed through the portals and God waits for you and then says, “Now what are you, a sheep or a goat?” But the tabernacle of God is the Identity within you, and in this realization of God Consciousness, you know it. You know that God with you is the secret of your life, Emmanuel. He’s taking away the falsity of a hereafter God, a far away God, an absent God. God dwells with men, but this is the truth now! And so in order to stabilize our awareness that this is the truth now, he gives us this insight, not that we have to take his word for it, and let it pass at that, but to give us the courage by accepting, and the acceptance is what leads us to the discovery of the truth, of what we have accepted.

I mean, without a theory, how would you go to try to prove the theory. And here you’re given the fact, and now you have to go to try to prove it, if the fact registers with you as what you want to know and do. God is with you, as your Self, if you accept it, God is not separated from your Self. How is the world going to end for God, it never began. The Self of you, which is one with God, is not in the world. There is a onening, what we have recently been calling our fusion with eternity, our fusion with infinity, until there’s no two to be fused, there’s only the One that I am.

And the importance of this, by John, and similar inner recordings, is to give you the faith that what you’re going through is real. That you’re not on a treadmill, and your stumblings within, are not in vain. That this is the end of the rainbow, and it is there and it is within you. So if there’s a responsive cord within you, that this is what you want, please know from John and the Christ speaking through John, that it’s there, the fullness of God dwells with man, not 1% of the fullness, you’re reversing all of your mortal sense and you’re finding your Immortality now.

And they shall be His people, and Himself shall be with them, and be their God.”

As you climb this ladder of realization, the God you come face to face with, is your being. Now in order to expedite this inner journey, we want to know the nature of that God which we discovered to be our being, because if it is our being now, then its nature must be our nature now, and therefore, even though we do not have the realization of it within ourselves, the fact of it is there, and we can reject the non fact that presents itself, while we are climbing the inner ladder to the fullness of our realization. We can reject all that is not true, if we know what the truth is.

And so “God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, there shall be no more death.”

But everything he’s saying is true now, and he’s saying, when you realize it you will know there is no more death. What’s to stop you from knowing it at least now, so that you can practice the knowledge of it? There shall be no more tears and there shall be no more death. There can’t be anymore death, because there is no death is the point, there won’t be any more tears, because there’s nothing to have tears about now. Rejoice, arise from the dead, live in the reality now. Life does not have an opposite called death. Joy does not have an opposite called sorrow, or tears. We’re talking about Divine joy, and Divine life, there are no opposites, and don’t you see that if you cannot accept that, you’re rejecting your Immortal Self, which embraces all this? And so, it’s important for John to add, these are the facts of your Immortal Self that I am telling you.

The Immortal Self has no tears, no death. Well then, who’s accepting tears and death now? Your mortal self, you’re divided, we don’t want the division, and so when I reject the tears, when I reject the death, I am to that degree, rejecting my mortal sense of self, and that is how I attain my conscious awareness of my Immortal Self. When I reject the world, I attain my conscious awareness of the Kingdom. You are going through a real birth, returning to your Identity, and if you are not, then you’re not aware of the New City as an existent reality.

And so we’re told, reject everything that appears to bring tears, and you could multiply these a thousand fold. Everything that brings fear, everything that brings doubt, everything that brings anything that is imperfect. The rejection of it is the rejection of your own false mortality.

No more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are passed away.”

He’s getting behind the unrealities for us.

And he that sat upon the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new’.”

As you come closer and closer to the realization of “I”, my Immortal Self, all things become new. Reality is revealed, even in failing to reach total awareness, you have a glorious journey, and to the degree that you make that journey, you will not have to make that part of it ever again. You will always be at the level that you attain, and never sink below it. You can never go below your attained consciousness, only if you turn around and abuse it, consciously, volitionally.

And He said unto me, ‘it is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega’.”

The beginning and the end have come together, there was no longer a beginning no longer an end, all was One. He had discovered the indivisibility of Life in its Infinite nature. All that exists, is realized to be the One Invisible Infinite Life that you are. The Alpha and the Omega, nothing exists outside, and all that is in between, is the One Self.

I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of Life freely.”

At this point you are an instrument for God. Now this birth of Consciousness is something that will appear to take time, but it will be done not in time, it will be done outside of time, and as you dwell there, as John speaks the Word of the Father, as we believe he does, this is your inner journey, previewed for you so you know that others have walked this glorious path. You can justifiably turn to every form of evil in the world, and know that it exists only in non creation. That it is only placed there by the world sense of another world than the creation of God, and you, in not being separate from God, in accepting oneness as your reality, can learn what few have learned in our present civilization: That everything in time, is an illusion, and reality is outside time, here, now, awaiting your awareness of your Identity, and this you honor, your so called creator, who is your Self.

Now let us take New Jerusalem into Consciousness, not the old Jerusalem, not the old you, not the old city in which you lived. Our old Jerusalem was in a visible world, our New Jerusalem is outside time, adorned as a bride for her husband. In our New City, we have no evil, we have no material beings, we have no floods and no fires, and we have nothing opposite to our New City. We have the Spiritual universe, we have Divine law, and we have no opposite to Divine law. We do not have human law and Divine law.

We are not in a mythical city of our imagination, we are leaving that one, we are leaving the mythical city of man’s imagination, called the world, we are in reality and we are learning to recognize the false city, by recognizing the real City, the City of perfection. If you live in that City, all you can experience is what is in that City, and here, because you are a priest of God, because you are seeking only the Father, only the Truth, only the Spirit, you are given only the Truth, and you learn what no mortal ears can hear, what no mortal eyes can see, you learn the Secret of man and the universe. You sit in the inner circle behind the mysteries.

You learn that all on earth never die. All that die on earth is time, and those who are thinking that they are part of time, die with time, that dies. There is only the death of time on earth, nothing else. And all that it contains seems to die with it. You feel this, you know the Secret of Eternity, that it never dies, because it is not changing, vanishing, coming and going. You feel that all that is in time, dies only because time itself dies, and then you see the illusion of time, the great illusion of the world mind. Somehow, when you know that, from within the illusion, the world mind itself loses its impact. Everything it puts out is now unmasked.

You can see through the world mind, and you can see that it is the greatest illusion of all. On that illusion, all subsidiary illusions are founded, there never was a world mind. It was simply the absence of your Consciousness, of your Divine Selfhood, and that gap created what is called the world mind, and then the next individual, and the next, and the sum of all these gaps, the sum of these separations, became a seeming living world mind, a living world consciousness, which multiplied error, upon error, upon error, all in time, that wasn’t there.

All masking life, masking you from your Self, masking you from the Divine image and likeness of God, which you are. Masking the three Heavens, so that we only saw our concept of heaven in our mind, as an abstraction, and only saw a physical earth made of little spinning electrons, held together by nothing. All of the infinite separations of the atomic world, all seem to be the myth of the world mind. There is no separation, there is no empty space. Your Self fills all that is space and time. Your New City is I Am That I Am.

No tears, no death, no sorrows, no unreality. Out of this is born Christ realized, as the Son of God. Your manger is your consciousness where you work until this birth comes.

Again, thank you for the Consciousness you bring, I’ll see you tomorrow…

Herb: Good morning: Let us look at Supply today but not in the way that the world sees it at all. Not as dollars, not as investments, not as a home or an automobile or an income but as something totally different. Let us feel the nature of Supply. Let us discover within our own Consciousness that there is a secret law at work. A law that is ever functioning, ever productive, ever aware of every need we shall ever have, and ever fulfilling that need before we ask, and ever awaiting our recognition of that law. Let us see with the inner-self that there is one Consciousness surrounding us now. That this one Consciousness is above us, below us, in front of us, behind us and within us, permeating our Being completely. That this One Consciousness is the Infinite Spirit of God everywhere, ever functioning, always being itself and ever unopposed, for It is the only Consciousness and the only Being.

Now, watch how beautifully it is transformed into the needs of the world. Feel how it becomes through its own inner power, that which we call air, earth, and fire. Watch how this earth draws unto itself the minerals. Watch how the fire touches the minerals. Watch how through the earth springs a seed opened by an invisible hand. Watch how forests grow, how lakes appear, how oceans and mountains are suddenly there. What did it? The invisible One Consciousness doing something that the human eye cannot see, becomes transformed into fertility. Doing something that the human eye cannot see, it places a sun in the sky. Doing something that the human eye cannot see it places a thousand cattle on a thousand hills. Even before there is the physical birth of a colt. Before there is the physical birth of a sheep. Before there is the physical birth of any animal. The invisible is producing that which will appear to human sense as man, as matter, as light, as productivity, as animal, vegetable, mineral, as planet, as sky, as ocean, as star and as sun.

Who put it there? The invisible law of Supply. Who maintains it there? The invisible law of Supply. This is the productivity of the Divine Consciousness and man still does not understand it, for it appears to man as material things. Now, this productivity surrounds us as it ever has, ever coming through from the invisible to the visible, in such a way that all nature is provided. The invisible hand turns the tide. The invisible hand moves the planets around the sun. The invisible hand turns the earth at night back into day.

We are surrounded by infinity. We are moving and living within infinity and when lack appears it is because of several factors; our inability to make contact with this infinite Consciousness that pulses throughout its own universe. As we sit here there is no power on this earth that can stop the productivity of this invisible power from continuing unto eternity. Now, when you hear the words of the One Infinite Consciousness and you are not aware that it is you; you have that non-recognition of Self, which constitutes our ignorance of Divine law and our ignorance of the One life that permeates this universe.

When we are not cognizant that we are that One life, this constitutes that sense of separation, which prevents the miracle of Supply. The Divine Consciousness is productive without ceasing. But unless your individual consciousness is mated with the Divine, you cannot continue that productivity from the Divine into your individual life and there is an interruption of the continuity which is the basis of Real supply. When you are wedded to the Divine Consciousness, then its productivity, which is functioning its invisible universe is continued through your individual consciousness and appears, transforming itself through its own intelligence and its own power into the needed forms for your life. The secret of Supply then, is oneness with the Divine Consciousness or what is called by Joel, conscious union with God.

And this conscious union is not with a personal god, but with the Infinite Divine Consciousness, which pulses through each of us as I. I, the Spirit of God, am the substance of your Being, and as you pronounce that you are lacking, then you are pronouncing that I, the substance of God am not the substance of your Being.

Now, you may remember that when Jesus returned after the crucifixion, Thomas was not present when the Master appeared to the other disciples. And so he later returned to Thomas alone and showed his wounds, and Thomas having felt of the wounds could now say, Yes, I see it and now I believe it. But the Master said, Blessed are those who, seeing not, do believe it anyway. This invisible universe, this invisible Consciousness, this invisible intelligence which your human senses cannot see, make of you a Thomas, in a human consciousness who says I cannot see it or touch it and therefore it is not Supply. But blessed are those, or Christed, illumined are those, who seeing not, can still see that there is no place where the infinite Consciousness can’t go. It is not only surrounding you, it is the substance of all that you are.

If you go back to the second book of Genesis, you find the first clue. The Tree of Life. This Tree of Life is the Infinite Consciousness of the Father, the One undivided Consciousness, the Source of all things. Nothing that does not come. Nothing that comes from another source than The Tree of Life is Real and so your investments, your properties, your income, your employer/employee relationship, the husband’s weekly or monthly paycheck, whatever the source of assets may be, these are not, that which comes from The Tree of Life. And only as we count on them and possess them and presume that we now have supply because we can write a check and the bank will cash it up to a certain amount, or we can go out and buy things or we have the food, the clothing, the shelter, the automobile and the house. These we discover many millionaires in wheel chairs also have. We discover that Supply is not dollars at all.

We discover the superficial nature of physical supply. No supply was needed to give Da Vinci the talent he had but rather his talent was his supply. No supply was needed to give Einstein the scientific mind he had. No supply of physical things can give you safety, protection, health, companionship, integrity, beauty, truth, harmony, happiness. Supply, you see, is Life itself. Unless you have Life you do not have Supply. You have the mirage of Supply. And if you do not have Life, then that supply which you do have, is being spent and will dwindle, because it will not be sustained, maintained and protected by the invisible law of Supply.

Divine Consciousness is spiritual; its substance is Spirit, its law is Spirit and if you want supply that is Real, you must have Spiritual supply. You must have your spiritual resources as your first supply. Your invisible Supply. And when this Reality is your established Consciousness then the added things, which means the outer appearances, will show forth as every need fulfilled in its Divine sequence. Just as every need of the tree is fulfilled in its Divine sequence.

And so, we come to that other tree; the tree that man follows, the tree of Adam and Eve, the tree of good and evil. And we see here in this early allegory the sum and substance of man’s following the mirage of supply, instead of claiming and accepting the reality of Supply. The Tree of Life is Divine Consciousness, the One life. Your One life. Your Infinite spiritual self. God individualized as you. And the tree of good and evil is our stepping out from the Truth of our own Being and seeking another source, accepting another cause, accepting the form of supply instead of becoming conscious of the fabric of Supply.

As we walked out into mortality, the divided consciousness of good and evil, the man of the earth who struggles to eke out a living so that before he dies he may spend it on something he wants. We, through our own ingenuity, try to fulfill our needs. We know the things we need and the things we want and we use our sense of supply to provide them. But all of our thinking, if you will stop and give it a moment’s thought, is really motivated by a fear; a fear that there is a possible limit, a fear that we will not have enough, a fear that we will not have the very needs we must have to sustain ourselves. And so our sense of supply is born of the limited finite concept of the human self living in a limited life-span, and around this we build what we call our needs. But, we do not really know our true needs, our real needs, because if we did, we would know that we have only one need. And that need is to let the Tree of Life live itself in its infinite forms and varieties, as our own Being.

There is an interesting passage in the Bible, in the Old Testament and explained to us in this Chapter on Supply by Joel; about the seven thousand, that have held out, who have not bowed their knees to Baal. The Father says this to Elijah, I have reserved seven thousand who have not bowed their knees to Baal. And through spiritual discernment Joel tells us that the seven thousand represent the infinite variety of Divine attributes that are present in your spiritual Consciousness; that there are seven thousand different qualities of God in your Consciousness of Spirit, and that seven thousand is a round number to indicate Infinity, Limitless. So that, whereas the human, the finite mortal mind sees supply as dollars and assets, tangible things, that we can see and touch and spend, your Real supply is the infinite storehouse of God that is accessible through your Consciousness of your own Divine substance.

Then you touch an infinite law called Grace, which says that, My Grace is thy sufficiency in all things, My Divine attributes pour through you, transforming themselves in the way you know not of. And then, because your Father knoweth ye have need of these things; there is not only the dollar, there is not only the security, there is not only the right investment, but there is an individual able to walk on his own two feet. Not an unhealthy one. Not one whose home life is bursting at the seams. Not one who is walking in fear and doubt and uncertainty about tomorrow. Not one who is unprotected or unsafe. But my Supply from within you is a total Supply. A supply which meets not only the needs of this moment, but of a million tomorrows. A Supply which sees you as a whole individual, knoweth all your needs from morning to night, from January through to the next January, in every possible way, anticipates your needs and provides for them.

And then we learn that this provision for our needs has already been made. That God’s work is completely finished and that the supply that we have sought we already have. Nothing is lacking in your Supply. Whosoever hath, to him shall be given. When you recognize the invisible nature of Supply as the Divine Consciousness in you, then you know that you have, All that the Father hath is thine. All that Divine Consciousness hath is thine. All that infinite Consciousness hath is thine. But him who hath not, he who is separated from Divine Consciousness, he who says, I am an individual apart from Divine Consciousness, I know nothing about Divine Consciousness, I depend on my own knuckles, I depend on my own brain, I depend on my muscles, I depend upon my ingenuity. He is the one who, unknowingly, is separated from the vastness of infinity and is limiting himself to a finite sense of life and he is the one who discovers the mirage of the tangible assets of this world.

Each of us probably could name one hundred cases and I can think of two or three quickly: the wheel chair which is the home of a millionaire, the hospital which is the habitation of so many who have endless bank accounts, money they could never spend, lying in banks, useless. Those who are limited to their three-dimensional knowledge of the world, and you can think of so many people in the limelight. Only recently, Art Linkletter’s daughter, for example. Surely supply wasn’t one of her problems, was it? And yet, without supply or with supply, there was something else that was needed, it was an awareness of Self, and without it the individual is lost. This is an extreme case but we see all around us those who wander through life aimlessly, because their supply is in that which they can take into themselves as the physical form. It may be a shot in the arm, or a pellet in the mouth or they may gorge themselves with food; they are addicted in some way to a false appetite. Or there are those who simply want the normal conveniences. But you see, Supply, the productivity of the Father within, must flow, and when you are not able to let it flow, then it becomes for you a stagnant stream, and we shrivel up. We lose our sense of sight and hearing, we lose the energy, we lose the continuity of existence, always because we are not one with our Source. We have not found our Identity, we are still in the belief, that we walk the earth as human beings.

Now this Divine Consciousness is the only Life there is. There is no other. And if it is not your life, then the life you are living is the imitation of life. And in that imitation you will have the imitation of supply. You will have the imitation of a heart, the imitation of a brain, the imitation of a life-span, the imitation of happiness, the imitation of health. Everything you have will be an imitation and you will never recognize it as an imitation. You will wonder where that better life is?

And so, let us come off of this false pedestal of supply. Let us see that there have been many who had it in dollars, who have not survived beyond their sixtieth birthday and have lived those years before that, in and out of divorce courts. Spending all of their money on alimony and lawyers on doctor bills, on trips to forget it all, on cures, on ways and means to find the happiness which was so elusive because they had built their life on a false god. Now, there are many wonderful things that dollars will buy. There are also many wonderful things it won’t buy, and what dollars will not buy, is Spiritual Consciousness and that is the Infinite bank through which every bill is paid.

Your Spiritual Consciousness is your only Real supply and when you are told that you must find the kingdom of God within you. You must know that this means finding your Identity, finding the I of your Being, accepting that I Am the One life that is Divine. Now, when you accept this, you begin to feel there is no necessity to take thought about your supply of anything. You begin to realize that as a human being you had felt that you relied only on your brain to tell you what you needed, but when you become aware that you are the One Divine life, that there is no other life than the one Divine, now you realize this One Divine life is self-fulfilling, self-expressing, self-maintaining. It is being its own Infinite Self at all times. You become aware of its presence within you as the very substance of your Being. You ask yourself, what thoughts did a fruit tree take to put fruit on the outside of its limbs? And certainly if a fruit tree can do that with no thought, why can’t this same power function through me?

Why can’t this seven thousand attributes of the Father move through me if I am that Divine substance? And the Father’s voice thunders back in the silence, I am doing it right now. All that I have is thine. Infinity is flowing through you, but you have turned away from it, you have walked out of The Garden of Eden. When you walked out of Divine Consciousness, you walked out of The Garden of Eden. Divine Consciousness is that garden, and The Tree of Life in that garden is the full, total operation of the Word of God in you. When you have His Word in you, you have the seven thousand, which have not bowed down to Baal. When you have His Word in you, you have a great secret of how Divine Consciousness through your awareness of it transforms itself into your every infinite eternal need. If you continue in my word, ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free, but you must continue in my Word. You must live in the awareness of Divine Consciousness as the only source for whatever is necessary in your life. There cannot be two sources. There cannot be an active brain running out to figure out plans. Your thought must be manufactured from within yourself.

This is sowing to the Spirit of your own Being, to the kingdom of God within you. Now, like a leaf you can lie back on the ocean. You can lie back and say the Divine Consciousness is the invisible ocean. The human is but the leaf. It’s up to the ocean, the leaf can do nothing. But Divine Consciousness permeates your Being. It is all around you, invisible. If you are not Thomas and have to touch It, you will realize that there is no place on this universe where Divine Consciousness is not at full strength. And because it is your Being, suddenly it becomes known to you that you can rest back in Divine Consciousness, which knoweth your needs.

You step from the finite, from the limited sense of life, from The tree of knowledge of good and evil, back into The Tree of Life and let the invisible Consciousness of the infinite be your Consciousness. It is not limited. It has no lack. It can never make a mistake. It can never fail. Your Father, Divine Consciousness, knoweth that ye have need of these things. You see, we find the confidence to just know, that the Word of the Father must express, must come forth as leaves and flowers, must come forth as fruit on the Divine tree of my Consciousness if I will not turn away with a human brain that goes out to ferret out things for itself.

What is it I need? Clients, income, investments? Your Father knoweth you have need of these things, but your Father knoweth needs you have, that you never dreamed of. Needs that you cannot foresee and so, that which appears in Divine sequence from Divine mind, when you think not, meets a need tailor-made. Whereas your idea of meeting needs would always be in a lesser capacity than Divine mind could foresee. Oh, you could think of so many ways in which the infinite mind foresees needs that you are not aware of, and irons out these needs long before they are ever presented to you as a need. From the foundations of the world all your needs have been considered, pre-ordained, pre-fulfilled and actually, when you know your identity, you can say – never again do I have a real need. For having the Spirit of God as my Consciousness, without trying to make it so, just knowing it has ever been so. I know that all needs are provided by this infinite, invisible intelligence, which has the power to fulfill its own awareness out of its own substance which is my substance and there is no separation.

For I and the Father are one substance. I and Divine Consciousness are one substance and this substance is complete, embodying all of the Father, as all of the Son. So I have. No longer can I say I have not, for when I say I lack, I deny Divine substance as my substance, Divine mind as the only mind, Divine being as the only Being. and I declare that I am separated from all this, that I am outside of Divine law, I am outside of Spiritual law. So every claim of lack is a claim that I am not the child of God. We must know this, and when lack occurs, we must accept it as a welcome signal. It is saying you are breaking Divine law. Don’t be alarmed. This will happen many times through many a lack, but know the purpose of a lack. It is showing where your awareness of Spirit is threadbare. It is showing where you must patch up a seam. It is showing where you must recognize that you are vulnerable and always the signal is saying, You are in a divided consciousness. Get back into realizing there is only one Divine life and you are that One Divine life and now trust it. Rest back and trust your Divine life to live Itself adequately, fulfilling Itself to the uppermost level of your mission on earth and before the brain begins to say, What about me? What am I here for?’ Tell it, what it’s here for. The tree brings forth fruit without thought. Your brain says, Well, I don’t want to be a tree, I don’t want to bring forth apricots. I have bigger ideas. Yes, and so did the Father.

That’s why you were given the capacity to receive bigger ideas, so that you can bring forth more than just an apricot. But your receptivity to the Divine ideas is the only way in which you can bring forth the greater ideas of Divinity than just the fruit on the tree. The fruit on the tree is showing you the method and when you learn that through your receptivity to the Infinite Consciousness that comes through the I of your Being, you can show forth seven thousand varieties of supply. Then you will appreciate the meaning of the word meek.

You were declaring lack and yet if you had been meek you would have inherited the earth. The earth can be inherited, and here we are, declaring lack. In our lack, we are really declaring that I do not accept God as individual being. I have not found that intelligence or that understanding or that ability to trust the Infinite Divine to know how to run Its universe where I am concerned. And who is at fault? We are in a false consciousness. We are not in The Tree of Life. We are not letting its infinite sap run through us out into form. Instead we are trying to get the forms without life, to substantiate those forms and to give them continuity and purpose and fulfillment.

In His presence, in the presence of the Father, in the presence of Spirit, in the realization of Divine Consciousness as your Consciousness is fulfillment. If you lack, you are declaring that I am not in the presence of the Father. So then, let these lacks be your signal. Let your ear perk up when somehow the wrong supply is there and something that you want desperately is missing. Remember it is only missing in your false consciousness. It is not missing in the Divine Consciousness. The Divine Consciousness is complete, infinite, unlimited, and that Divine Consciousness being omnipresent, is right where you are.

You have been fooled by the limitation of your five senses into the inability to cognize Divine supply right where you are. You weren’t asked to figure out how God does it. You weren’t asked to sit down and let us see now, how does God appear as my rent, as my new client, as my new employer, as my new employee. How does God appear as my trip to the Orient? How does he do it? I want to know. No. You were told instead, Your Father knoweth your needs, and it is His good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Blessed are the meek. And so you learn your meekness is simply the acceptance that your Father knoweth the Divine Consciousness which knoweth, is omnipresent, is the I of your own Being, it is the kingdom of God within you. And as you touch this kingdom within you by meekness unto it, if a trip to the Orient is coming to you, fine. If a change in jobs is coming to you, fine, if new contracts are coming to you, fine, if new relationships are coming to you, fine. Suppose you receive a certain contract and were elated but you got it out of your own human ingenuity. I’ve had a few of those and then later you discovered it wasn’t going to be a productive contract at all. So-and-so was going to fold long before you got paid. So-and-so was going to change their plans in mid-stream, certain properties would be sold. All unforeseen events, but at the time that you got the contract you hit the sky with joy. And over here was another contract waiting for you not quite as important and yet, if you had listened, this was the one. It would have had fruition, it would have built your reputation, your supply would have been built by certain other things than dollars.

And so we begin to see that we must not limit ourselves to our finite human intelligence ever. There is an Infinite intelligence, which is seeing beyond the momentary contract or client, beyond the momentary dollar. It is expressing Itself as you, and therefore in Its expression of Divinity as you, it is always doing the right thing at the right time and there is no such thing as adversity. You can smile while the world frowns and say, But the Divine Consciousness is my Being and knoweth my needs. I know the secret of the Bible. It isn’t promising anything—it’s stating a fact. The Lord is my shepherd. The Divine Consciousness within my own Being which is I is leading me. I shall not want. It is a fact. It isn’t a conjecture or tomorrow’s promise. It is now. Always now. It maketh me lie down in green pastures. And that can translate into seven thousand different needs you might have. It leadeth me beside the still waters where the mind is at peace. It restoreth my soul. It’s doing that now. It is always doing that. And so let us get back to center, to I.

I in the midst of you am the Divine Consciousness. I in the midst of you am The Tree of Life. I am not the tree of good and evil—that’s your finite human mind sense. I am always sending forth into expression as Spiritual form those things you need. Oh, if you could just see your automobile spiritually you would see, It is My idea in the midst of you. If you could see your home spiritually, you would see, It is My idea in the midst of you. If you could see the things you possess, you would know that they are My Spiritual ideas made manifest to your finite mind as things now. Don’t try to possess them. Don’t hold onto them. There are millions more and better ones, as your needs change.

You have no possessions. I in the midst of thee am all there is of you. I am the infinite Self of all Being. When you learn to trust me, then in quietness and confidence you will find a new strength, a new energy, a new life, a new supply. You will discover the secret of Supply, For I can never leave thee or forsake thee. Before you asked, I answered, billions of years ago and tomorrow I will still be here, being the Divine Consciousness. While you sleep, I will be the Divine Consciousness. If you depart for ten thousand years and return, I will still be here as the Divine Consciousness, and if you go, I will be there. Wherever you are, you are in the ocean of Divine Consciousness and you touch it, in your individual consciousness and then the Word of Infinity transforms Itself outwardly. Because it is the fabric, it can make its own form.

Now, we have, and we cannot say, I have not. We cannot divorce ourselves from our Self. This is the miracle of Supply then. And if you want the greater miracle of Supply you might have to find it in another way. If you go above your human consciousness now, you might try this with your eyes closed. If you go above your human consciousness and realize your Spiritual identity then you know that as Spirit, which is indivisible from Self, you are one with all Spirit. You are that Infinite Spirit itself which is active where you happen to appear physically, and all of it is you. And then you see that the Spirit which is your Being, which is I, Infinite I, enables you to reach that Consciousness where you discover and can really know that you are Supply.

You never seek supply in Reality, you claim it. You never reach out for it, for you are Supply. Your Spirit, your Being, is Supply. I am Supply, and because I am Supply, I can feed five thousand. I am the supply of love; I am the supply of liberty; I am the supply of safety; I am the supply of intelligence; I am the supply of protection, of health, of harmony, of purity, of integrity, of justice. All that supply is in its multiform, I, Spirit am. I need not seek supply; I am supply. And as this becomes your realization, you rest in your own I, you are now in the single I. You are out of the divided consciousness. You are The Tree of Life. You are in the one infinite Consciousness undivided from Itself and that is the tree of life. That is the Garden of Eden.

You find you have been walking in the Garden of Eden unknowingly and there is plenty of Supply in this Garden of Eden—unlimited. But, we are One now, not two. I and the Father, I and Divine Consciousness are not two, we are One. And in that Oneness, I am all Supply and all of its seasons are never barren, as in the human world. Now, I am harvesting Supply. I am a righteous worker. I am harvesting my own seeds. It is not four months to my supply, the harvest in now. Right now, in my Oneness with Self. And in due time I can be sure whatever is needed must appear. It is the law of Supply in operation. The Infinite intelligence will appear as the need fulfilled, and that is the law. God Self revealing as individual being.

We have the miracle of Supply in our very Being. We never need seek it in the world. And now we have another miracle. Because these are not our possessions but is Infinite Self expressing, I can share Infinity with anyone. As long as I do not try to channel it, but let it direct its own path through my enlightened Consciousness. Your sharing is spiritual. It may appear physically but it is the spiritual understanding moving through you, directing you, to those benedictions where only Spirit is expressing, to meet another need of another one, somewhere else. You become an instrument for sharing. Not a receiver, but a giver, and if you receive it will be in the same way. Spirit through another, or through many others, will be sharing with you.

Now, you know that supply is the greatest problem in this world. Because of it, we fight wars. Because of it, nation turns against nation, individual against individual. But as you learn the law of Supply is ever-present in the invisible, and bring this forth into fruition through your meekness, to the I of your Being, you will be taking a long step for this world, toward the teaching of the nature of Supply. And when man finds the nature of Supply there will be less fear, less distrust, more peace. And eventually a resting in the knowledge that Supply being Infinite, everywhere, no-one and no nation has anything that another one or another nation needs, except as the Spirit so directs.

Rest in the Omnipotence of your Spirit. In the Omniscience of your Spirit. In the Omnipresence of your Spirit, and you are in the law of Supply. In all things, My grace is thy sufficiency. Nothing is missing. Nothing is withheld. All has been completed; the full total kingdom of Supply is within you. Draw it out by your silence to that brain which insists that you are lacking. Be meek unto the Father within. Listen. Trust. And behold you will inherit the earth.

In the invisible, but here, right here, is the Father’s kingdom. Not in the visible world of matter, But My kingdom of Supply is not of this world. And yet, I am present, my fullness is present. In my presence you have fulfillment. Look for your Supply—never in the visible. Supply is not of this world. Supply in the visible is the illusion. Look for your Supply in my kingdom. In the invisible, and you will find your visible supply will take form. Just as the fruits on the tree were first invisible, so will my Supply in you become visible manifestation, if you turn,not to the world, but to the one invisible Source and rest in Me. For I, in the midst of you am all Supply.

There is more to be said about Supply, and so we’ll have another look at it in a few moments. If we can, let’s hold the silence for another minute or two. We are still in the One life, the One Divine Self. We are each including our Self to be that One Divine Self, expressing. And if we feel that conviction we can release all personal sense, all personal doubts, all personal cautions for I Am the One Divine Self, expressing. Infinite Mind is living my Life.

                                   ——————End of Side One————————-

We have here a key line in this chapter on Supply:

It is our conscious union with God, which enables us to live without taking thought and makes possible a life of complete abundance by Grace.”

I am sure when we read that, we were very pleased that it was there. But it is the rest of this particular thing we call a life-span that has to be lived that way in order for those words to have meaning. Our conscious union with God, but God is not up there, God is the Infinite I and therefore everywhere and we are no longer having to seek a God five million miles away. We are accepting the kingdom of God within me as the place where I am going to have conscious union with God.

And then, we go a step further and realize that when Jesus walked this earth we were looking at ourselves. We were looking at the One life accepted and the glories of that One life were made manifest in infinite ways to show us that One life, which is us, will manifest in infinite ways when we accept ourselves to Be that One life. To talk of conscious union with God and not accept yourself to be the One life, is the very opposite of what you are trying to realize. If you are not that One life what are you if God is the only life? And so you see then, we have a mind within ourselves, which is ever denying our Identity. It is ever leaping up into the world of senses to do battle. It is ever making a claim that God’s universe is imperfect. It is ever expressing the anti-Christ. And unless we can see this adversary as the mind of our own self, the false mind, the non-mind which is trying to act very grown up and be a mind when it has no reality, we are going to let it continue to run us, continue to divide His garment. Continue to take thought about a self that does not exist, for the only self that you can be is the One Self. The only life you can be is the One life.

Now Luke 12 is the story of your One life and the method whereby you become consciously One with God meaning; you come to the realization of individual identity as God expressing. Luke 12 or Matthew 6, in the Sermon on the Mount.

Now, when you have only the one life of God as your Life, you can understand why his advice was, Take no thought for your life. He was revealing to you the secret of your own life as Divine. Needing no human thought to protect it, preserve it, sustain it, feed it, nourish it, maintain it, direct it or channel it. But rather he was recommending there the crucifixion of that personal sense of self, which thinks it has a special life all its own which God is not watching over which is run by chance, which is not under Divine law and so in our mistrust of the intelligence of the Father, we prefer to walk in our own limited intelligence and that just shows how unintelligent we can be.

Now along comes the Master. The Master who had already accomplished that which we are learning to do. He who had learned to Take no thought for his life, He who had died to the flesh, He who had been reborn of the Spirit, He who had accepted That I and the Father are One, Thou seest me Thou seest Him that sent me, Thou seest only Divine life here. And then never questioning that, accepting Omnipotence as the very substance of his own Being. Why, of course, make them sit down to eat, let them drink; if you drink of the water that I have you shall never thirst again, because this is Divine water. This is Divine Truth. This is the Divinity of your own Being Realized. There is no need unexpressed or unfulfilled.

Take no thought for your life. And when we understand it, think of the great release that I can now, understanding this, walk forth and take no thought for how I shall eat or what I shall wear because my Father knoweth, my own substance manufactures every need it has. I am not separated from I anymore. This great revelation of the One Divine Life is contained here in Take no thought for your life.

How do you accept it? What method do you use to accept it? Do you repeat it? Do you make a little chart up and memorize it? Or do you listen for the still small voice, which brings infinity to your doorstep? Do you realize the power of infinity in the still small voice? What is hidden manna? Why is there a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night? Why do ravens bring food to Elijah? Why are multitudes fed without visible food? Until One Consciousness appears that accepts Itself to be the Divine Self and says, and so are you. You are the Divine Self as I am. I see you and I see the Father. Ye are the Light. And as we rest in this realization we go beyond this personal self, this limiting mind, which struggles, which strives, which wants so desperately to sit on the throne and guide things. Where is there poverty in the world today? Can you find one place where it is real, if Divine Consciousness is Omnipresent? Is there really starvation? Is there really war? Is there really suffering or is there a false consciousness of nations unaware of the One Divine Life which is the only.

Wherever you go there is abundance, wherever you go there is peace, wherever you go there is harmony, there is no place in the universe where this is not the Truth. For, I, the invisible Self am the only present Self. I am the Christ of each individual. I am the Life, the Way, the Truth, the Resurrection. And if there is one enlightened Consciousness anywhere, there is food, there is spiritual power, there is life expressing brought into manifestation by that illumined Consciousness. And that is our responsibility. We must show the way by taking no thought for our life, for our life is God, and the Father is greater than I. Unto the Father I am meek. The Father’s mind is my mind, the Father’s body is my body, the Father’s laws are my laws, the Father’s energy is my energy, the Father’s love and truth and peace are mine. What makes gold appear in a fish’s mouth? It is the Consciousness of the presence of God made manifest as substance. What is a healing? The Consciousness of the presence of God made manifest as fullness, fulfillment, wholeness, completeness.

We should look at this Take no thought for your life and see that it and Joel’s brief statement about conscious union with God being the miracle worker, are one and the same. The fowls of the air, they do not store in barns, human beings do because they are not quite sure that God will be here tomorrow to supply them with their needs. The lilies of the field Take no thought but they are always clothed in perfect rainment. Men take thought because they are not aware of the law, that is functioning through their very Being. And so all through we are seeing the fowls and the flowers aware of a law that men do not know. That in their silence they are infinity expressing perfectly. In our silence, in our acceptance, we will show forth that perfect rainment. We will not need to store in barns, to hoard, we will not need to take thought for tomorrow, because your Self is tomorrow. Your Self is every tomorrow that will ever be. Your Self is the only Self in this universe and you are not separated from your neighbor, you are not separated from the Father, you are not separated from anything in the spiritual universe. This constitutes your oneness and the miracle of only oneness, flows instantly to where you are, to appear as the necessary form. Only in this conscious oneness.

And so if I were you and I had the need of supply; I would recognize that by taking thought about it, I am holding it away. By taking thought about it I am disobeying Divine law. It says, Take no thought for your Home. Now why do I want to set my intelligence up above the Father’s intelligence and take thought for my life and for my supply? And why do I want to store in barns. Do you know how many billions of dollars have been unspent by those who have died and were not able to use what they have stored in barns? We get this feeling of the instant flow of Reality where we are and we depend on it. I live yet not I. This Spirit that is my life lives Itself. How can Spirit do anything that is not right? How could I be righteous if I am not the Spirit which alone can be righteous?

Now then, if you take this literally, instead of getting the spiritual meaning you would make the mistake of running out getting rid of your bank account. Selling all that you have and giving it away, because it says don’t store in barns. That would be the letter of the Truth. But the Spirit of the Truth is to update you to the realization that Allness is always where you are. It is to bring you to the mountaintop of understanding that says, All that the Father hath is always mine. There are human practical things you will continue to do until you reach the point where you know that my fidelity, my integrity, my confidence rests completely, not on forms, but on the invisible fabric, I rest on the substance and that will give me all the forms I will ever need, whenever I need them.

I am taking no thought for my human life because my Life is Divine. I am not storing in barns because I have passed the place where materiality is Reality. I cannot store Reality, I cannot store Spirit, and there is nothing but Spirit. That which I would store in barns is not Reality. I have come then to the place where matter and supply are not synonymous. There is no supply that is called matter. Matter is the illusion of supply. We cannot store Supply because it is spiritual and when you are told not to store in barns it is pointing you in the direction of the Spirit as the only Real Supply. So you will not awaken one morning and look at the paper and see that inflation has wiped you out. Inflation won’t wipe out Spirit. And if you go back to depressions if you were in Spirit you weren’t wiped out. There are no barns for Spirit because It is everywhere and it is you. Don’t let this gap come between Spirit and yourself and recognize yourself to be that Spirit. And God isn’t storing in barns.

Now, you have caught the point then that conscious union is a very subtle thing. You may think you are one with Spirit but you are only mouthing it, you may think you are one with Spirit, but you are only believing it. You are never one with Spirit until that is your name and your substance and your life. And as long as you are fearing for your life, as long as you are putting faith in men, in princes, in things, in man whose breath is in his nostrils, in employer or employee, in dollars or investments, in things and conditions you are Taking thought for your life and you are not accepting your Self to be that which is indestructible Spirit of God.

Now, the miracle never begins until you are that One, that I Am, only then is there a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. Your identity is your hidden manna. Your identity is the food the raven brings. Your identity if the food for five thousand. Your Identity is Life Eternal and you cannot live outside of identity and think that you are in the Tree of Life because you are in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil – one step out of Eden.

Now, we all have the same privilege of living in the Garden of Eden, the awareness of Self as Spirit. And there is no one on this earth who cannot come to that realization and find that because of that realization through him the expression of Spirit appears as food on the table, as life without opposite, as health without opposite, as goodness without opposite, as justice without opposite. There are no opposites in Spiritual realization. There are no places where Spirit is defective or lacking or limited. In your Absolute Self, realization becomes the law of God functioning where you stand. You are that place where God is shinning through. There are whole nations who are unaware of this and they live in darkness. And there are large segments of humanity everywhere, completely unaware that only God is present. There is no other Being, there is no other Self and that One Divine Life, is the Life of all.

This is your two great commandments then; the one-life of God is my life and my neighbors life. And as long as I accept by deed as well as by word this realization, as long as I am in Spiritual Consciousness of the universe, I am my own law of supply: I am my own law of love, I am my own Self fulfillment and I can feed all those who come to the limit of their needs by this realization. For it is not I, the human but I, the Infinite Self shinning through as the form, the supply, the love, the beauty, the peace, the truth, making God’s work visible through the illumined Consciousness.

Now if you read Luke 12 then with the knowledge that it is the Revelation to you of your Identity, you will capture that which the world is missing and which Joel has revealed, among others. We are in the infinite universe now, there is no place you can ever be where God is not, there is no place you can ever be where Spirit is not the only life. There is never another life, no matter what you may see.

If you still persist in the belief in lack you are judging after the appearances and you are being hypnotized by your own senses into seeing lack where only Spirit is. If the adjustments are made you will accept Spirit as omnipresent and therefore Spirit must be employer, employee, client, customer, opportunity, condition, only Spirit can be. And when you have the broad vision then of Spirit alone, as the only Life, you can sit back and wait for the doorbell to ring, for the letter to come, for the telephone call, all to tell you that Spirit knoweth your needs.

Oneness is the key. And whereas we started out to understand supply, we find another miracle, when we know this law of Supply, we know the law of health. We know the law of fulfillment; we know the law of infinite perfection in all things. We know the law of Grace. Supply was what brought us to an understanding of Infinite Divinity. For our Real supply is Life. And when you have Life, then all that is needed is supply, with twelve baskets full at all times.

Now, let us take into Consciousness the Truth that makes us free. The only one who can ever lack is someone who is not even me. If there is someone lacking it cannot be me, because I am Spirit, self-contained, God Being expressing, individualizing, ever productive. And so every time I lack I must look at this fellow who is lacking and say, Who are you? Where did you come from? Whatever made you think you’re even living? You are just a figment of the imagination. There is no lacking in Reality and if you are unreality who wants you? No, I can never be that fellow who lacks. I can never be the fellow who is needing something. Because there is no such person. Such a person is a false consciousness masquerading, but is only an imitation of life, a shell without substance, an image in the mind. That is not me, my name is the Spirit—my Father is the Spirit. I am Divine Consciousness individualized, expressing all of Infinity right where I am forever. I don’t have to make it so. I simply have to know the truth and that is the truth and it will make me free. I am being fed by the Spirit, by infinity, by the inner Word, by the still small Voice, by the Father within and I trust the Father.

The Father is my shepherd and I see now no valley of death. The false claims vanish. For where the Father is the Son is and they are One Self. The Father is not going through a valley of death and neither is the Son. We are ever in the kingdom of God on earth where all needs are fulfilled, where all is expressing the Divine Will and that Divine Will in me is ever speaking to me and through me, telling me to be perfect as my Father which is in heaven. To be perfect as the Divine substance that I AM and so I rest.

I am perfect as my Father. His Will in me is the only Will I know. And it is His Will that I be perfect, therefore, because there is no power to oppose His will, His will is fulfilled already and I am perfect. I am His perfect substance in all ways, in all things I must prosper. There is no place where a veil is suddenly descended upon me. There is no veil in Spirit. There is no place where I am limited or lacking. There is no place where I must go out and find something. All comes from within through radiant transformation it appears and I behold his universe made manifest. Because I am living in His Spirit. Never separated in thought, in belief, in concepts, never taking thought as a mortal being.

We rest now beyond all divisions of person, place, thing, race, nation – no divisions. One Infinite Spirit I Am, and I am fulfilling both commandments there, and infinity must express through this Consciousness, for it is the full infinite Tree of Life and I am back in the Garden.

One of the admonitions to Take no thought is to take us out of the belief, that we must make something, become something. When you take thought you are trying to create a situation, but when all situations are already perfect what is there to create?

Your taking thought is the denial of present perfection because you are unable to see that perfection, but when you know that perfection is there, you will take no thought and that is knowing the Truth. That perfection is already present, regardless of what the eye may see. For God is present and only God is present and the mirage of matter can no longer mesmerize you into saying, I do not have.

You are feeling your own Being rising to a higher dimension of Self-realization where is revealed to you that which exists invisible to all human sense. Yes, you have been walking in the Garden of Eden, unknown to your human self-hood. All that exists here is the Infinite spiritual kingdom that is all that is around us. And looking through the mirage of form, of condition, of person, place and thing in this higher dimension we behold: His universe, His spiritual reality, His abundance ever-present, His harmony, His life. And lo, and behold, it is your life. You are out of false identity, you are not a person, you are not a human, you are not a mortal, you are the One Self individualized appearing through the mirage of senses as these things that the world thinks you are. Your reality is the everlasting Life of God and when you get that, when it’s yours, you won’t have to hold this world on your shoulders anymore.

There are fifty pages roughly of words of Wisdoms, in the Infinite Way. And so, next week we are going to discuss these Wisdoms. In your review of them before class, you will discover that many of the things you have studied and some of the glimpses you have had are in these Wisdoms. Now, you should know that the Wisdoms which are written here are just like the Revelations that are in the Bible. They are not the words of a man. They are the illuminated inner revelations that have come from the still small Voice through Joel and so when you read them, your hearing that Voice, within yourself, which has put these words before you. They are trust worthy, they are Divine Law and the degree to which they will mean something to you will be according to the level you have accepted yourself to be. If you are at that state of Consciousness that has One with yourself, these words you will recognize as your own. For your own inner-Self has spoken, these words, through Joel. The One infinite Self has spoken these words they are meant as, a lamp-lighter, a Way-shower. If you were to work with them this week, before next week’s class we will start that class at a higher level, so you might consider that, and when next week, all of us having been exposed to The Wisdoms, we would have had that experience behind us and we could now proceed to the actual Spiritual realization, for which these are the foundation.

Always, we are moving higher and upward to that moment called the new Jerusalem. The real realization of the New Man the New Self. And so we only have a few more weeks to go, let’s see, we have three more classes for this particular series and all has been a preparation for the New Horizon, and the New Jerusalem which is your new Consciousness.

Before the series is up you may find that there are certain points that you haven’t been able to clarify within yourself. I hope you will take the time to write those questions down and either put them on this desk or mail them to me. Either way, it would be well if you could leave this series with a fairly good understanding of your Identity. So do not think that any question is too unimportant because every question that opens another door is important. Don’t let any question go unanswered no matter how basic it may be. It is important to you and therefore it is important.

And let’s come out of this series in the conscious realization that the Spirit of God is not something apart from me that I must attain, but is my Substance and is All that I am. For that will be the New Jerusalem, that will be conscious union with God in which, I Am That One, becomes your New Consciousness and from that all things are possible, for nothing is impossible to that One Consciousness. Thank you very much.


Mystical Prayer Seminar April 2018



Invites you to our Spring Seminar with


April 20-22, 2018

Class Theme:

Mystical Prayer – Living The Impersonal Life

We will meet at:

The classroom on the beautiful grounds of

The Heart Center, 504 Mt. View School Road,

Robbinsville, NC 28771/ 828-498-2999

Accommodations: Please call Liz Velázquez at The Heart Center for reservations and other accommodations. Mention the Bill Skiles April Spiritual Seminar.

Or reserve at the Microtel Inn: 888-828-3563 or nearby Bed & Breakfasts located on-line. Or stay at The Fontana Village Resort: 800-849-2258.

Tuition $85.00. Send your tuition check payable to Bill Skiles along with your name, address and phone number to:

Bill Skiles

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Tuition is the only charge for class. There is no classroom charge.

Suggested Study:

By Joel Goldsmith

“Beyond Words & Thoughts,” – Chapter – “Truth Unveiled.”
The Infinite Way,” – Chapter – “The New Horizon.”

By Herb Fitch

“Revelation of St. John the Divine.”

Schedule of Classes

Friday, April 20

3:00 PM—7:15  Registration

7:15—7:30 Meditation

7:30—9:00 Class

Saturday, April 21

9:30—9:45 Meditation

9:45—11:15 Class


1:45—2:00 Meditation

2:00—3:30 Class


7:15—7:30 Meditation

7:30—9:00 Tape/Class

Sunday, April 22

9:30—9:45 Meditation

9:45—11:30 Class

2:30—Individual Sessions

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The Heart Center offers a wonderful spiritual energy, beautiful setting and an opportunity
for one to slow down and connect to one’s inner self. Words really cannot do the place
justice; one must experience the positive energy to understand why I tell you, The Heart
Center will forever hold a special place in your heart. –  Randy Conklin


Bill Skiles is the author of “Steps to Mystical Experience” and “Secrets of the Spiritual Kingdom,” both works filled with the gift of spiritual, mystical principles and their application to our twenty-first century lives; both with the intent to guide and call the truth student from the letter to the Spirit.

Bill graduated from Warner Southern College in Lake Wales, Florida, and has completed graduate work in child development and counseling. Bill lives with his wife, Madalyn in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina where together they have worked with over 110 special needs children and continue to give their services and love to these children.

At ten, Bill declared his desire to be a monk “to learn about God.” It was not a childish phase, but it was a circuitous route. Rather than becoming a monk, Bill experienced the relentless hammering and forging of life’s fires and turned inward for answers. With determination and surrender, Bill accomplished his childhood declaration; Bill learned about God.

Profound Spiritual experiences and Divine guidance gave Bill deep insight. His life has been transformed from the inside out. With his uncanny and personable ability to share the process of that transformation, he brings it alive and makes it accessible to others through the written and spoken word.

Bill shares his discovery of a Divine Presence alive to and in every one of us. This Presence is the God-experience that has been available since time began. Like Bill, in the inner temple of our being, we can learn how to be still and know that I in the midst of thee AM GOD.