Good morning. Its nice to commune with you again.

Last week we spoke of coming into the conscious realization of your true identity. We spoke of “This is life eternal to know thee the only true God and Christ whom thou has sent” and we discussed and touched on what is life eternal? And it is to be standing in your true Self. Your eternal Self. And so when our good friend suggests the topic of “Stepping outside of time,” these two are one. Standing in your eternal Self and stepping outside of time are one. In the first place you cannot step outside of time because there isn’t any. You are not standing inside of time. Time is an illusion.

And so like Joel described in his book The Art of Spiritual Healing you cannot get rid of a white poodle, there isn’t any. You cannot step out of – outside of time, there isn’t any, you’re not standing inside of time. And because all illusions or rather no illusion is ever externalized then all illusions are in the mind. And so you do not have time. You have the mental image of time. You have the mental concept of time or we who are living in a sense of time – time is not out here, no illusion is out here – you remember you’re standing in the Kingdom but unaware of it because of the mental concept of passing time. And so its impossible to step outside of time. But, however you may learn to step outside of the mind and then for you “time shall be no more.”

We know from experience hopefully that when we step outside of the mind in our meditation and we rest back in the silence we experience eternal life. We experience the infinite invisible and its movement – we feel it, or we feel I or we feel the infinite Self, the One. And in that experience the mind is still. Its not functioning. Its silent. And in the silence, in the Spirit you dwell in the now. You have stepped outside of the mind. Which is the only – well its the location of the concept of passing time. If you’ve experienced that then you know when you’re in that state, time is no more, it does not exist for you.

I remember Don telling me in 1973, he said jokingly, “eventually you’ll discover there is no time. And then you will find that you have all the time in the world to complete this journey because there is not time.” And we, he and I discussed what Joel was talking about when he said often in meditation, in his meditations, he would be still for 30 seconds and it felt like an hour passed, or he would be in the silence for an hour and it felt like five minutes passed. That’s the experience of stepping out of time sense and into eternity. And I will tell you of some experiences I have had and do have but first I want to look at the principle as its been hinted at.

Probably the one that is quoted most often is from Revelation and its an angel speaking to John and to shorten it somewhat it goes like this;

And the angel which I saw stand upon the sea…” of course the sea is Consciousness “…and upon the earth…” and of course the earth would be the time sense or material sense or personal sense. “…and the angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven and swore by him that liveth forever and ever who created heaven and earth that there should be time no longer. But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel when he shall begin to sound the mystery of God should be finished as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.” And so the angel standing upon the sea and the earth swears by him that liveth forever and ever that there should be time no longer and that the mystery of God should be finished.

Now what is that mystery of God? That leads us over here where we read from the Kailua Study Series. “And without controversy great is the mystery of Godliness. God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. The mystery of Godliness is God was manifest in the flesh,” or as Joel says here, “I appear as body.”

So the mystery of Godliness is what John told us, “And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of Grace and Truth.” And so in Revelation the Angel is saying, “And the Angel which I saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up his hand to heaven and swore by him that liveth forever and ever…” which is the one eternal self, “…that there should be time no longer and that the mystery of God should be finished.” In other words the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.

Do you see how this all ties together, this is one transition in Consciousness. The transition whereby that time sense is no longer creating its image and likeness. But the eternal Word, the eternal Godliness, the eternal mystery, the eternal I, the eternal Self, the eternal invisible – infinite invisible manifests. Thats the transition to live in the Consciousness where you bear witness to that experience.

Now Herb says in his Avila Beach seminar “Beyond Time” eventually you’re going to have to face this because its going to be scripturally authorized and authenticated, you’re going to have to see that our world does not contain time but time contains our world. You see the difference? If you think there’s a world out here and passing time out here you still haven’t located the illusion where it is – “no illusion is ever externalized.” And so he says here in these talks, our world is in time and my Kingdom is not of this world in time and therefore the Kingdom is placed outside of time and that’s why we haven’t discovered it.

Now says Jesus in John 18, “Now is my Kingdom is not from hence,” I always assumed that hence meant here in this place, in this time but when you assume that then it has the wrong meaning because then you would say, “Well my Kingdom is not form here its from later on down the road in the future, right? Some other time, some other time.” But that’s not what it means – I looked up hence in some of the older dictionaries and it means: From away. In other words when Christ Jesus says, “Get thee hence Satan,” he means get thee from here away, away. And so when he says, “Now is my Kingdom not from here and away,” he is saying, “Now is my Kingdom right here and right now.” And in the chapter The New Horizon, Joel so eloquently read on those letters suspended from the ceiling, “Look up, look up the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.” He says, “we’re not tied by visible concepts of time or space.” No in this new Consciousness when this transition takes place whether its momentarily in a meditation or whether its a permanent change of Consciousness, in this new Consciousness the Angel is right “Time shall be no more.” In this new Consciousness right here, right now is my Kingdom. Not from away. Oh how we missed what was right here in the midst of us because we stood in the consciousness of time. And so no you cannot step outside of time, you must step outside of the sense of time – the mind, the mind. The letter kills, the Spirit gives eternal life.

Do you see that it is a transition within? There’s nothing to overcome out here. There’s nothing to step out of out here. There’s an inner transition from sense to Soul and in the book The Thunder of Silence in the very first chapter Joel says to born of the Spirit means to be reborn through a transition of Consciousness and this can occur right here on earth. There will always be the opportunity to make this transition because in the Kingdom of God there is no time. Well that’s pretty plain and he doesn’t say it because he read it somewhere, he says it from the experience of standing in the timeless eternity.

If you can be fooled into believing that something’s taking place in time then you’re not standing in your eternal life. You’re standing in a mind which has a sense of time and a world inside of that sense of time turning.”

But Joel tells us in the Wisdoms of the Infinite Way in the very last Wisdom.

If it takes place in time and space do not accept it at its appearance value search deeper in the realm of the Soul.”

Again he’s telling us to move from sense to Soul and that we must make this transition. And now I’m going to tell you – well let us be silent for a moment before we continue, I’ll just let this run for a moment.

Father thy Grace is now.

[Brief Silence]

I guess everyone hearing this talk has heard the description of the experience that I had while I was in this class that Herb gave called “Healing Outside of Time” on a Saturday night. If you can’t remember you can go and read it in several places – I think its even on the website under Herb’s talks, but anyway it was quite powerful it lifted me right out of the conscious awareness of time and I stood in eternity and beheld – I couldn’t say it any better than John when he says, “We beheld His Glory the Glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of Grace and Truth,” and that’s exactly what it felt like, exactly what it looked like. Only it wasn’t his it was ‘I’ the ‘I’ of me and the ‘I’ of everyone.

And shortly after coming home, returning to the mainland from my visit to Herb over in Hawaii after having attended the seminar a few months before, I was in normal everyday Consciousness. I was on the job I was working as a substance abuse counselor and my shift was over and I climber into my car and started it and headed up the road to my house. Now my town was one town over and I had to drive surface streets to get there. There was no highway I just had to drive the streets. And this particular street that I was on was a four lane divided by a center island, if you have any towns like that you know what that looks like. There’s two lanes on your side then there’s an island with bushes or trees or sometimes lights and on the other side there’s traffic coming the other way on two lanes and then there’s, because its city more than town there is office buildings and businesses along each side. And there’s a light, a signal, yellow green and red every so often, maybe every mile.

So I’m driving up this road, this street and I come to an intersection and the light’s green I have the right of way and I start through the intersection and there’s a lady standing on the curb and she’s calling to her dog. Interestingly enough a white poodle (chuckles) and that dog is trotting across the street and right in front of me there’s no way I’m going to miss this dog. I can see the horror on her face. I can see the dog under my – the front of my car, I’m slamming on the brakes and at the same time I’m slamming on the brakes I stood totally still inside myself, it wasn’t something I planned or accomplished it was a reaction. I stood still. I may have blinked for a moment I don’t know.

But I’m heading straight up and I’m going to run over this dog. And there’s no way to prevent it. And as I’m standing still with my foot on the brakes and everything is slowing down, suddenly I was on the other side of the island! I was on the other side of the island and my car was still going forward and I was facing oncoming cars and there was a driveway to my left and I just eased on into that driveway and the cars coming toward me passed until there was no more cars and I backed out, backed out of the driveway and drove the direction of the traffic, made a U-turn and headed up the same street I was going originally and I looked over to my right and there was the lady and her dog and everybody was okay.

And that experience – well you have to live through it to know what it feels like but one moment I was there and one moment I was here. The dog was not hit. I don’t know to this day how it happened. I did not turn the wheel. I did not drive over the center island. The lady must have seen from her point of view it must have looked totally normal because nobody gathered ‘round or nobody had expressions of – nobody made exclamations or had excited expressions on their faces, everything looked normal. And so I headed on the road, on the street until I got to my house and put the car away and didn’t give it another thought, well I did give it another thought later in meditation but you know what I mean I went on with my day.

So, I am convinced having lived through it that for that moment not only was I outside of time but in some way I was outside of space. And standing in the stillness there was no accident. There was only now, and in the now everything was in its rightful place. And so that was an inner experience but it also governed the experience out here. The Word was made flesh. That experience of standing still in the now and I beheld His Glory full of Grace and Truth as it manifested. As it took form right where passing time appeared to be. Appeared to be happening – the dog was trotting, the lady was experiencing fear, the traffic was moving and I was moving. Right where all that passing time appeared to be, which was in the mind, when one second of stillness occurred time was no more and space was no more.

Now I have a wife whom I love very very much and she is somewhat more traditional than I am when it comes to Spiritual matters. And often when we go on a trip and we’re running behind, we’re late, for instance we have to be at a meeting in Waynesville which is an hour and fifteen minutes from here, and we’ve left and we only have an hour, something happened to make us late. We get into the car and she often grasps my hand and says something like, “Father put us on your time. We know that in you everything is perfect,” or something like that, and then she smiles and I smile and I start the car and we go down the road.

Now I have had this experience dozens and dozens of times, where I’ll start out on the journey, I don’t drive fast. I don’t drive any faster than the speed limit. I know it takes an hour and fifteen minutes. There’s no way that that little prayer can make any difference and when I get to the town I’m going to and to the store I’m going to, I turn off the car I look at my watch, I’m at the meeting where I’m supposed to be and I’m fifteen minutes early. Now I have seen this happen so many times that I don’t even give it another thought anymore. I almost come to expect it.

What am I saying to you? Am I saying her little prayer is changing time somehow? No I am not, if you’re hearing that then you still have time located out here. I am saying that her little prayer releases us from the time sense and we dwell in the now, we dwell in the now. And in the now time is not passing. And in the now she’s right. In the now is God’s perfect timing and in the now you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

And so I am submitting you to this – submitting this to you. We must make a transition in Consciousness, we cannot step out of time because there isn’t any. Its like saying how do we step out of this world? We can’t there isn’t any. The culprit, the fabric, the author, the father of time is the universal belief. This is located, this is speaking, appearing in the mind. And you can step outside of the time sense. Out of the mind. Out of the mind that has a sense of time. Out of the mind that has a sense of person. Out of the mind that has a material sense. You can step outside of that.

And our work becomes living, standing outside of that time sense, that mind. First in meditation. Then with eyes open and finally forever.

Well at first we must have the very first experience, and I told you mine and there has been many others which I won’t go into now. And I told you my first experience and that was the experience I had at this seminar “Healing Outside of Time” the Saturday night class. That was my very first experience. That was kind of a – well I was rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence right here right now. In the midst. Not from hence but the Kingdom at hand and I was shown the Consciousness that I was to have. The Consciousness that I would have after the transition is made within. And its wonderful, its beautiful and I have that Consciousness now in meditation often. And sometimes like when I’m driving up the road without even trying – what is it Joel says? It begins to take over, yes that’s becoming my experience.

Alright so, we cannot step outside of time but we can step outside of the mind which sees time and which sees space. And we start with our very first experience probably while in meditation. In that timeless eternity the silence, what Joel called the womb of creation the Spirit moves over the face of the deep and we behold his glory made manifest, the Word made flesh. Eternity, infinite eternity formed. And if we aren’t resting in that Silence, then we’re beholding mind and the concept of passing time and the world in that concept. The are the two states of Consciousness and we are moving from one to the other – from sense to Soul.

Okay let us be still and see if we can at least touch that eternal Self, and pull back within yourself not from away but here now at the center of your being and just be still, be still.

[Brief Silence]

Here within, the other evening I had a meditation, and in it it seemed I pulled up above the earth and so come with me now. Pull yourself up above the earth – you’ve seen the picture from satellites, you know what it looks like from space and you’re looking down upon the earth from the moon and it is surrounded by the milky way. And there are millions and millions of stars but you’re concerned with the earth and the earth’s out there and in the distance, the sun, and the sun is shining and the earth, the earth is turning but for right now you’re not on the earth – you’re not on the earth you’re just watching and it occurs to me that time is not passing. Here now, looking just looking, the earth turns but here from this vantage point in space up above the earth time is not passing. The sun is shining forever the earth is turning but there are no days here, there are no nights here. There’s simply a galaxy and the planets are turning, do you see that? There are no days and no nights there’s only now.

And if you pull out farther then you’re not even in the milky way galaxy you are simply in space and there are an infinite number of galaxies and it is now and it is here in your Consciousness because Consciousness is what I am. Consciousness is what you are. And Consciousness beholds infinite galaxies, infinite planets, no days, no nights, no passing time just infinity. One infinite universe. But there are other universes. There are theories of parallel universes. And so if this is an infinite universe and there are other universes how many universes are there? There must be an infinite number of universes. And all within Consciousness because Consciousness contains it all. There is one infinite Consciousness without beginning without end. No time, no passing time just infinite Consciousness ising. Way way back before Abraham was I Am, Consciousness Is. Way back before the world was, the glory I had with thee before the world was I have now for time is not passing. All the way past the end I shall be with thee always even past the end of the world and so past the end of this world concept, I Am. Before the beginning I Am, Consciousness Is. After the end I Am, Consciousness Is. There is no passing time I embrace all of that. Before the beginning after the end Consciousness Is Now – Now. And so I Consciousness reveal time is not passing. Now I Am.

And there are other dimensions. “For I knew a man,” says Paul, “In the seventh heaven,” there must be at least seven heavens. This heaven of now. This heaven which is at hand. This heaven which is not from away, but right here right now, Consciousness, infinite eternal. This Consciousness has seven levels and you move from level to level, until the final level of Christ Consciousness in which you know that you are the Word, now. But God is beyond any levels and beyond the beyond and so Consciousness, the I, “I Am beyond all Galaxies, beyond all universes, before the beginning after the end. I Am in all dimensions and beyond all dimensions. I AM Consciousness. I Am that I Am. Now. Here. This is your eternal infinite Consciousness. This is what I Am. Stand still and behold the glory of Consciousness expressing, Consciousness being, Consciousness ising. Consciousness, I Am the way. Consciousness, I Am the Truth. Consciousness, I Am your Being. You Self infinite invisible eternal. Beyond the beyond. Rest in this sea. And behold I make all things new. Just rest in the eternal isness of now, Consciousness.

[Brief Silence]

Here in this Consciousness you hear what Christ has always said, “I have overcome the world. Be not afraid it is I, Consciousness. Consciousness is what I Am.”

Rest here often and let Consciousness live itself, express itself. You cannot step out of time. You can step out of the mind and rest in Consciousness and be consciously aware of Consciousness. The infinite eternal now. Then it lives itself and you go along as a beholder, Consciousness lives you. And passing time – well what is that to thee?

The Word is made flesh, and dwells among us, we behold his glory. The glory as of the only begotten of the Father full of Grace and Truth. Now is my Kingdom. Now. And here in this Consciousness time shall be no more. Let this timeless eternal Consciousness lead into your everyday experience. Let it bring about the transformation from the sense of passing time to the eternal now, to the eternal Is. Let it transform you. You cannot transform yourself. You cannot decide, “I’m going to be Christ.” But you can come within, stand still and receive ye the Holy Spirit.

I can tell you this, the more you come here within to this eternal Womb and rest in it and lose yourself in the eternal Self the more you will begin to have these rather strange experiences that you cannot repeat to other people because no one will believe you and if they did believe you no one would understand. Some of these things you cannot speak to anyone. There are experiences that I have had that I cannot tell you about – not yet anyway. And even Jesus Christ said the same, “I have many things to tell you but you’re not ready. You cannot bear them.” There are some things I know from the past when I have brought them up even with people supposedly on the Spiritual path and argument starts and then of course I have to agree with my adversary quickly and realize uh oh I was supposed to keep my finger on the lips and I’m sorry I will do better.

There are some things cannot be repeated yet. Oh I’m sure when we’re standing in that Consciousness and one of us faces another we can share all these things. But when you’re standing in that Consciousness – well I’ve said it before – you’re standing in that Consciousness in your meditation and you walk down to sit on the bus bench and some of it still lingers and you’re still in it – you’re in the Spirit, the isness of eternal now, eternal now Consciousness and someone sitting next to you says, “What time is it?” you look at your watch and you say, “It’s three minutes to one,” and they say, “Thank you.” and you realize, “I’m standing in a completely different universe. I really am standing in the Kingdom of here and now.” And you wonder to yourself sometimes, “What would he think if he only knew, what would she think?” but you know better than to say anything. Then of course you catch yourself right there and say, “Wait a minute now I’m judging again.” and I’m slowly seeping back into time sense and personal sense – uh oh (chuckles) and you get back to work. You pull yourself back in. Eventually, we won’t seep back into everyday mortal consciousness.

That’s the point. Eventually we will complete the transition right here, right now. And stand in this Consciousness of timeless eternity of a timeless eternal self with no break and that’s the point of “To know thee aright is life eternal.” And Christ which is the manifestation of thee or the movement of thee. Standing in the stillness of the eternal Womb is where it starts. But seeing the movement the Word made flesh – that completes the demonstration.

Joel told us over and over and over “One demonstration, demonstrate God,” and that’s what he meant. Demonstrate the eternal infinite invisible Consciousness right here, right now. And you will experience creation of a new heaven and a new earth. You will experience creation in your Consciousness just as if you were standing in the first chapter of Genesis. Time will be no more but the Word will breathe out and creation unfold before your eye. And how do you describe that? You can’t.

Well I don’t know if I helped in any way with the original question of expanding upon the idea of stepping outside of time, I don’t know if I have done that or not today but I can tell you this, there’s no time out there to step out of. Time is another concept of the mind and in that time the world is passing. In that time concept the world is passing. And so again, the answer is turning within. Stepping outside of that mind. And finding that you’re no longer passing in time. You are standing in the eternal Self, the infinite Self, the I Am Consciousness.

Blessings, blessings in the now.

Good morning.

This is Sunday June 9th about 11:48 a.m. And today’s talk is on the principle of immortality revealed. Do you know immortality? Do you know the immortality of God? Do you know your immortality? Do you know that there is a part of you, the greater part which is invisible, immortal, and eternal? Do you know your own immortality?

The reason why I ask is because I’ve been looking at this book by Joel called The Altitude of Prayer, and this book I first received maybe 40 years ago or more, and at the time I believe I wasn’t quite ready for it. I needed really to be sticking with Practicing the Presence and The Art of Meditation and perhaps Living the Infinite Way. But this book has some very deep moments in it or it’s changed over the years since I last opened it. Well one thing for sure, my consciousness has changed and I see things in it that I never saw before. Deep, deep things. Deep principles. And there is a chapter here, chapter 4, which is called This is Immortality, and in it is revealed the necessity, the absolute necessity for you to find your own immortality right here and right now. And this chapter begins like this. It says:

Life, real life, is lived in consciousness; it is lived in the secret place within ourselves.

Now this is assuming many things in this first sentence. It’s assuming that you have found your inner Self. It assumes that you’ve found this thing called consciousness, the secret place of the Most High, and that you have found a way to dwell there and live there and live and move and have your being there even while right here on earth. This is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only true God, and … Christ, whom thou hast sent.

Why is it life eternal if you know the true God and Christ, the emanation of that God? Why is that life eternal? How does knowing God and the Christ of God translate into eternal Life for you? Do you know? Do you have the answer? Oh – no, not an intellectual reply. No. I mean are you living that life eternal? Have you gone within and discovered the God referred to? Have you discovered the Christ referred to? And have you discovered your own eternal life? If you have, then I guess you’re just listening to this because it’s nice to hear someone that also knows. If you haven’t, well – Joel has a word for you. And he starts by saying:

… we have circumscribed life by giving our attention to the baubles of life: to our work, our profession, our home, our family.

So right here he calls home and family and work baubles, trinkets, toys really. He gets to the point two paragraphs later when he says:

The human life we [are living] … is nothing but a dream.

And so the answer to the question is – – why should we know God aright and why is that life eternal? – – the answer to that question is because when we know God aright we find our own immortality. We find our own immortal life, and this human life, this dream, this series of mental images passing in time appearing as a human life, this we begin to see as a dream and we begin to see through it to the underlying immortality, the underlying immortal life that we are.

On the next page he says:

The purpose of life on earth is to bring forth … [God’s life, His image and likeness], … His nature, His character, His qualities and His quantities …

Yes, the purpose of life is to go within, find that immortality. Recognize, realize God, Christ, immortal Self, and then bear witness as it expresses Itself. This then is not a human life, is it? This then is the son of God appearing. This then is Christ made manifest. And just to bring the idea home, on the next page Joel says:

Some of the first fruits of prayer are health, a greater sense of abundance, … happier human relationships. [But] These are not the end and aim of prayer.

What is the end and aim of prayer? Now remember, remember now – we have learned together prayer is not what you say, not what the human thinks, not any truth known in the mind. Prayer is that which is uttered within our consciousness. That which the Spirit speaks. That’s prayer – what God speaks, manifests. And so in that light, he is saying some of the first fruits of hearing that voice are health, abundance, and happier human relationships, but these are not the end and aim of listening to that voice.

The end and aim of prayer is that we discover our eternal life, the life that was lived before birth, the life that will be lived after the grave, … we can encompass right here on earth the totality of spiritual existence, a divine and [immortal] … existence.

And so you see we come to The Infinite Way and we have a problem of some sort and we learn that we can pray aright and that when God speaks the problem dissolves, the earth melts, the stone is cut out of the mountain without hands, and wow – we have a decent income maybe for the first time ever. Hey, these human relationships are harmonious and I’m not working on them. Wow, my health improved. We think we’ve found land of milk and honey, but we’re still living as human beings and something happens, and it pushes us and pushes us and we come to see finally that those are the added things. The real aim and end of prayer is that we discover our immortal life, that we discover God, the only true God, and Christ, the manifestation of God, which is our immortality. And so you must have an experience of a life before birth, and you must have an experience of a life after the grave – right here on earth, he says. Right here, right now, in your meditation and sometimes with eyes open, you must experience an immortal Self that lives now before Abraham, now. That lives now after the end of the world, right now. Before birth and after the grave there is a life, an immortal life, and you must find this life within you. That’s the real aim of prayer and meditation. So he says:

There is a you that I have met within myself; there is a you that I love to be with; … . This is the you that God made in His own image and likeness, … a you that existed before you were born.

So says Joel, he knows how to go within and live with this immortal Self, which he has discovered is the Self of him and also the Self of you and the Self of you and the Self of you. The one immortal Self. How many Gods are there? One. How many Christs? There is one. One God, one manifestation. So how many sons? One Son. So how many lives? One life. How many immortality’s? One immortality. One immortal Self. If you discover within you that one immortal Self, your Self, you must know it’s also my Self and Joel’s Self and Herb’s Self and Jesus’ Self. It is the one Self of all.

This is life eternal, to know the one Self. But it must be an experience. It must be an inner experience, not a mental ideal, not a mental idea, not a mental concept, not a mental thought, not of the mind. It must be an experience, an inner experience of the Soul.

When your Soul is receptive, Spirit Itself manifests, and we call that Christ, the expression of God. And this is life eternal, that you may know God and that Christ as your eternal, immortal Self, as the immortal Self of all. And Joel tells you what it’s like to experience it. He shares his experience, because on the next page he says:

… having been lifted up to [the] … point where my heavenly Father could impart truth [to me], I then [beheld] … you as you are, because I first beheld myself. I saw myself in the image and likeness of God; I saw myself as spiritual being existing before my birth and [still alive after my death], still living after my death. Because I saw that, I saw your identity. It was only then that I began to love people …

Before that, what was he loving? Let’s go back and look. It’s important that you swallow this.

The human life that we live is nothing but a dream.

Our home, our family are baubles.

[It was only after being lifted up and beholding immortality] that I began to love people, [or the Immortal appearing as people].

There are many people in my life that tell me, that speak those words “I love you,” and sometimes it occurs to me they don’t. They don’t even know me. Here I am, immortal Self in the secret place of the Most High. I am me and I am thee. Ah, but when someone in this consciousness speaks those words “I love you” with the recognition of that immortal Self at the center of all being, then I am lifted up. I am lifted up because I, if I am lifted up through recognition and I look at you that way, I draw you unto me, unto the same place where I am, and that is why when someone is looking at me that way, and they may not even speak a word, but in their presence I feel lifted up. I’m sure you have met people that way.

I never had the joy of being in Joel’s presence on earth. Well, it’s possible we passed, because he lived in San Gabriel when I was a small child, so it’s possible we passed on the street or he nodded to me in a grocery store or smiled at me. That’s entirely possible, but I have no recollection of it. So for all intents and purposes I’ve never been in his presence on earth. I’ve been in his presence on the inner planes, but not here on earth.

But there are those. I was in Herb’s presence in that Avila Beach seminar, and wow – was I lifted up in the experience I’ve shared over and over. I definitely felt the one immortal Self in me, in thee, in all. And there are others – you just love to be in their presence, don’t you? There’s a man named Alan Marsh. Last I checked he was in New Mexico, and we did a class together, and being in his presence is wonderful. You just feel lifted up, and I observed everybody and their relationship to him, and I even had a couple of people tell me that he was their special friend, and so the feeling around him was one of being accepted and loved because he recognizes the Christ of them. I know he does, because I’ve talked with him.

And so in some people’s presence you just feel lifted up, and that’s because they are recognizing the Christ. They are recognizing God. They are recognizing the one immortal Self. They’re not being fooled by the dream. They’re not seeing you as a human being.

Why do you think we’re told over and over and over throughout the books that one of the most important principles is impersonalization? Because when you impersonalize, when you look at a person and you say – well, this evil is no part of them. These are mental images projected by world thought, and when you look at that same person and say, “This love, this wisdom pouring out of them – this is not of them. This is that one Divine Self.” When you do that, when you impersonalize them, you lift them out of personal sense. You lift them up into immortality, even if it’s only them feeling, “I don’t know why I feel so good in your presence.” You’re still lifting them up, and one day they will catch it too. And so says Joel:

That part of me which is visible … was born into the belief of two powers, will pass out of it, and will reincarnate, unless [and this is a big unless, so I circled it in my book –unless] during this lifetime [here on earth] I come into the realization of my true identity. Then I will not have to reincarnate.

I’ll read it again because it’s very important, and that’s why we started off this talk – Why is it important to know your immortality, to experience it – not believe in it. You may believe in immortality and have no experience of it at all. You must experience it. That’s why Joel is always talking about the Experience – capital E, Experience. If you will contemplate, if you will add that to being with others on the spiritual path and add in meditation, then you will have the experience, and that’s what he always says. Leading to the experience, coming to the experience, the Christ experience, the God experience, experiencing immortality here and now. It’s important because then you will not have to reincarnate. And so again, listen:

That part of me which is visible … was born into the belief of two [two] powers, [two selves, two lives]. [That self] will pass out of it, and will reincarnate, unless during this lifetime I come into the realization of my true identity [of my immortality]. Then I will not have to reincarnate.

That make-believe life … [the dream] will keep on making believe over and over again, until there is a “dying daily” leading to the final death of personal sense.

You see? And this is life eternal, that we might die to this personal sense and come into a feeling of our own immortal Self. And then he spells it out here. He says:

Someday each one of you will have to realize what I am saying to you: I am I. I am that I AM, I always have been, and I always will be.

You see that? We’re here on earth not for all these baubles. We’re not here to improve our work lives. We’re not here to improve our home lives or even our family lives. We’re not here to improve our health, our wealth. Those are things that just come as we give up seeking for them. We are here to delve deep down within us and have the inner realization of immortal Self. We are here to know through experience resting in the secret place of God. Resting in the secret place where Christ is manifesting. We are here to rest in the secret place of immortal Self, to feel it, to observe it, to behold it, to bear witness to it as it manifests itself. This is life eternal.

When you know that Self as an experience, you no longer have to reincarnate. There is no break in consciousness. You no longer have the experience of dying to a personal life and having a sort of amnesia, being born again to a brand new personal life and not remembering anything that ever came before, and going through another personal life and coming to the bitter end and crying as you leave behind your loved ones and passing out of this picture and being cleaned up and being born again into another life and not remembering those lives and thinking it’s brand new and fresh and having the motivation to amass a large amount of money and succeeding in that and coming to see that it amounts to nothing. You see how fruitless that is? That thing called reincarnation? Buddha called it the wheel ‘cause you’re going round and round and round – you’re not getting anywhere. That’s the cycle, the “Wheel of Life” he called it.

We want to get off that wheel. When we get off that wheel, well, this is life eternal to know Thee, the one immortal Self, your Self. To have that inner experience of that Self and to see that it is the Self of all. Then you step off the wheel, come right off that wheel. Now there’s no break in consciousness. You may take a form after that. You may still appear here on earth, but it is because you have a mission like Joel had – to awaken, to help serve mankind, to help serve all those who still think that they’re persons and people. To help lift all into the one Self that they are, that I AM. But there won’t be any break in consciousness. You’ll remember what you were before. You’ll know what you are now and you’ll remember what you are yet to be, the one immortal Self. You will know your eternal Self from before Abraham. You will know it even after the end of this world. This is life eternal. So says Joel:

Dying does not ensure [your] immortality.

No, he says elsewhere immortality is not this human sense of life going on and on and returning again and again. Immortality is something else, something different, he says, in the Kailua study series. Here he says:

Immortality is an activity of truth in your consciousness and can … be experienced while you are on earth… .

So the goal of prayer – remember, the name of this book is The Altitude of Prayer – the goal of prayer is to experience your own immortality, and that’s why we started with the question: Have you experienced your own immortality, your own immortal Self? If you haven’t, I suggest you – well, he has a suggestion here, doesn’t he? Yes, right here. He says:

Do not wait for immortality to come at some later time. If you are not experiencing it [now, then] retire into a meditation in which you realize the omnipresence of the life of God as your life.

He means really look at the omnipresence of God. See it, feel it as behind you, as the life that is you.

[And] If you do not succeed today or tonight [keep practicing] … . [He says:] Continue doing this whether it takes a day, a week, a month, or a year. Continue until the “still small voice”[within you] says …, “I will never leave you nor forsake you, for I am come that you might have life eternal.” Then you will be living your immortality [or immortality will be living you].”

And so if you haven’t experienced this yet, the suggestion is to continue to meditate. Ask, ask: “Father, lift me up. Let me feel my own immortal Self, the Self that you gave me before the world was.” See? That’s what Christ Jesus was saying. “… glorify me … with the glory … [that] … I had with you … before the world was.” So, if he can ask, why can’t you? You can. “Lift me up, Father. Reveal immortal Self, the one immortal Self.”

Joel’s always telling us over and over: You must close your eyes and you must say, “I don’t know what God is. God, reveal Yourself.” That’s the same thing as saying, “God, reveal My Self or God, reveal the Self, the one Self, immortal Self.” And he says you must persist in this even if it takes a day, a week, a month, or a year, or in some cases several years.

I know some of you have been studying for several years and until you came to the Kailua study series it had become a mental exercise, and hopefully now you’ve all learned to stand still and listen. Stand still and be receptivity. Stand still and bear witness. Stand still and behold: I reveal your immortal Self, for I am that Self. Hopefully we’ve been through that in the Kailua study series, and now we’re ready if it takes a day, a week, a month, or a year, or several to wait upon the Lord.

You must have this inner spiritual experience and through the inner Christ of you, through knowing God as the Christ of you, be lifted up into spiritually discerning the one immortal Self. This then is life eternal, when you know the Self, and it puts an end to a break in consciousness. It puts an end to reincarnation. It puts an end to a personal sense of self as the only self and reveals that there is behind you your own infinite eternal immortality. Joel says:

We do not deny the fact that eventually there is a transition from the human plane.

No, we don’t deny that.

[But] Why not begin to understand it [he says] … as merely a change of locale, a change from one state [of] … form of life to another …?

Yes, why not? Why not understand that? And says he:

… always under the government of God. Neither life nor death can separate us from the government of God, from the love, the care, and the life of God. Once we have that awareness [as an experience], death [then] has no sting, and when the sting is gone out of death, death itself becomes impossible.

Do you not see that this is life eternal, to know Thee, the true God, and Christ, the manifestation, the one immortal Self? This is life eternal because it takes the sting out of death. When you’re not standing in a personal sense of self, when you’re standing in an immortal sense of self or a sense of immortal Self, then you see – there’s no break in consciousness, there’s no death ever again.

I lay down this body that I may pick it up again. I lay down this personal sense of self that I may pick it up again. I now am I, and I walk out and I walk in freely. If I have a mission, I walk in. When I am done, I walk out.

You see, you’re free from the law, from the wheel of life, from karma. If there’s no human to sow, if there’s only Spirit, then you can only reap life everlasting. It’s right there in scriptures. Search the scriptures, for in them you think you have life eternal, and you do if you put those scriptures to work. So says Joel:

Some day you will have an experience [an inner experience] and learn that you are I, that your Self cannot be confined in time or in space, but that you exist beyond time and beyond space.

This is the experience that I had in Avila Beach.

Then [he says] you will know the secret of preexistence. You will know that “before Abraham was, I am,” …

And that is immortality.

That’s his chapter called This is Immortality, or those are excerpts from this chapter. And you know now why he is always saying that you must practice that exercise, his famous exercise where you look down at your feet and you ask yourself, “Am I in these feet, or are these feet mine?” And that you take your time with it and move slowly. “No, I’m not in these feet. These feet are mine. I can use them to stand. I can kick. I can jump. I can walk. I can run. I can skip. I can do leg bends. I can swim. What about these ankles? Are they mine, or am I in them? What about these legs? Am I in them?”

You see? You move on up until you’ve completed your search throughout the body and eventually he says you come to the realization that I am not in this body. This body is mine. This body is an instrument for my use here on earth. Okay? What he’s trying to do is give you the inner experience of your immortal Self, and some people can practice that exercise until they come to the conclusion I am not in this body, and then they can stand still, and there will be an inner movement, an inner shift, an inner feeling, a still small voice, an inner realization that I am I, and that’s why he suggests that exercise, because it worked for him.

Now, it doesn’t matter what exercise you use. It doesn’t matter if you don’t even use any words, although sometimes words in the beginning of our meditation can help us escape those words and come to a place of stillness, come to the secret place of the Most High, and so if that works, do that. But some day, he says, you must have the experience of your own immortal I, your immortal Self, the one Self.

Now, you may have experienced this Self in the past. I know many people who have had one experience. Sometimes they weren’t even trying for it; it just happened, and they call that a spiritual experience, and they can’t really say why it happened. But they never had that experience again. Does that mean that that person who lives out their entire life as a human being, because they’ve had that one experience will not reincarnate? No. No, it doesn’t, because they have not experienced a change of consciousness. The transformation must start with that experience, but that experience must come again and again.

Remember from Joel’s writings where he says I myself have witnessed immortality, the incorporeal Self, thousands and thousands of times. Now that means he’s had thousands of meditations in which he’s experienced that Self. And I submit to you, if you really delve into his writings he never healed a person – ever. Anybody that turned to him, he dismissed it knowing it to be a universal belief in two. He dropped it, and then he went within and he dropped a human sense of self until there was only the one immortal Self, and in that Self he rested. He rested as if on a sea of Spirit. He felt it, he said, as clouds behind his shoulders. I feel it as a movement, but the point is, he rested. Thousands of times he did that, recognizing the only true God and Christ, the one immortal Self, and in resting there the person called back and said, “Thank you. I’ve been healed.” And he had no idea how they were healed. He admits it freely. He did not know how to heal. He did and does, however, know how to rest back in that Presence. And our training all through these years has been to lead us to the same secret place of the Most High.

And I hope that each of you sees the necessity to attain that consciousness, or that mind which was also in Christ Jesus, so that you become Christ Barbara or you become Christ Peter or you become Christ Paul or you become Christ Mary or you become Christ Robin, and you do that when your consciousness becomes the living awareness of the one immortal Self almost continuously with eyes closed or with eyes open. Then as a continuing consciousness, as a continuing awareness, you will not reincarnate, and if you ever come back, it will be to help lift the rest of us, and for that I say “thank you.”

All right. I’m going to be still for a moment and rest back in that immortal Self without words, without thoughts – just I.

(Silent pause)

And this is life eternal, that they might know Me, the only true God within, and Christ, my manifestation. Behold, I make all things new. I reveal the one immortal Self. Rest. There remaineth a rest to you who know Me. This is life eternal. This is immortality. This is the I.

My friends, please join me in the fellowship of the Spirit. John said, “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day.” He means he was in the conscious awareness, feeling the one immortal Self. I invite you to join us, us that know how to rest back in that consciousness. We are the vanguard. We are those individuals who have come here to earth to do this at this time right here and right now. We are creating the consciousness which will save all mankind.

We who attain this, we who have conscious awareness of the one immortal Self, we are lifting up the consciousness of all of the entire world so that future generations will not have to struggle as we did, but they will be born into this consciousness. It means the moment they become aware of themselves at five or six or seven, they will also be aware of the one immortal Self expressing individually as them, and then we shall see heaven and earth have become one. We shall see truly there’s no death there. There’s no darkness. There’s no crying. There’s one immortal Self individualized infinitely, and this will be heaven. Heaven and earth shall be one. The new heaven, the new earth, the new Jerusalem, the new consciousness. I stand revealed, one immortal Self.

And the last thing I want to bring up is when you’re in this consciousness, in this secret place of the Most High, in the awareness of the one immortal Self – here are all those who are of like mind. Here you find your friends such as Joel, Herb, Jesus, Shankara, Buddha. Here you find Krishna and all those who have gone before you and have attained this consciousness are still in this consciousness, and when you dwell in it, when you rest in it, you commune with them. And should you need a message from one of them, they will contact you. You will hear them. My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me.

Remember, Joel said to those that know this one eternal Life, I will never be dead. I will always be walking among them in their consciousness. Yes, you can have direct teaching from Joel. It has happened to me, but only when I dwelt in this one immortal Self.

Blessings to you who sell all that you have, your entire personal sense of self. All of the baubles of work and home and family. Sell them all. Come within and you will find the hidden treasure, the hidden manna, the life source flowing freely. Yes, there is a river and it flows constantly and it flows up into life everlasting, into eternal Life.

This is life eternal, to know Thee, the only true God, and Christ, whom Thou hast sent. The one incorporeal, invisible, immortal Self. I am come.



Good morning.

This is Sunday June 2, 2013. In today’s meditation the subject came up and the experience came up: Conscious union with God. There’s even a book out, one of The Infinite Way books, called Conscious Union with God. Do you know what that experience is? Because it’s the whole purpose of all of the thousands of miles, all the lectures and classes and meditations that Joel put forth for you, so that you might have the experience known as conscious union with God.

Have you had that experience after these many years of study? Do you know what it is to feel consciously one with God? Are you consciously aware of God and you being one?

I think it’s abundantly clear now that the purpose of prayer is to have an inner experience of the living Presence of your own true identity of God within, and feeling the movement of that Presence as your inner being is conscious union with God. You’re consciously aware of oneness.

The infinite invisible, inner spiritual kingdom, inner spiritual omnipresence flowing into manifestation appearing as form as your outer life and having the conscious awareness of that experience, really the conscious awareness of Genesis in you. This is conscious union with God, and this is what we’ve been discussing.

For many years we practiced knowing these truths mentally, perhaps repeating them to ourselves with our eyes closed, maybe remembering them and reciting them to ourselves many times throughout the day. And all of that was good and necessary because it took us out of the mind that plots and plans and schemes into a state of receptivity, and if we persisted in that state of receptivity, then we began to experience – and here I’m going to say realization instead of real-i-zation because someone pointed that out to me, and I looked it up, and they were right, so I will try to remember realization even though I like real-i-zation.

Okay, so all of these experiences, this receptivity, gets us to a point of realization of oneness, conscious union with God. Now if we never practiced the presence, which is what we were told to do in the book with the same name – if we never practiced remembering God when we took a bite to eat or remembering God when we woke up in the morning or remembering God when we walked out the front door, remembering God throughout the day and night – if we never practice that, then we’ve left out a critical part disciplining ourselves to remember God, to almost pray without ceasing. And that’s a mental exercise. Yes, indeed it is. But that’s a critical part of our first steps toward conscious union with God and living a life consciously at one with God.

And if we never practiced meditation in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, and at night – if we never practiced listening, being receptive, not asking for anything, but just simply knowing the truth mentally and then resting for a few – well, for 30 seconds or a minute or two – if we haven’t practiced that which we were taught in the Kailua study series: How to go from the letter to Spirit or how to go from the mind to listening, to receptivity – then we’ve left out that critical part.

Can you see how the steps were designed to lead us from a person with a human mind to an inner experience of consciously being one or conscious union with that Divine Presence living itself as us? So if you’ve left out a critical part, then you have no choice. You need to go back and do it. Go back and begin to practice the presence throughout your day and night, or go back and begin to practice meditation, real meditation. Not a lot of speaking, but only reminding yourself of truth enough so that you calm yourself and can get out of that mind which thinks truth, because it’s only in the practice of those two – practicing the presence and adding meditation – that you come to a place of being still enough and receptive enough and taking no thoughts enough to hear the still, small voice or to feel the movement of Spirit or to experience God’s grace pouring through you as you. And this, of course, is what we all want.

The Infinite Way is designed to take you by the hand and lead you into a new consciousness, and attaining that new consciousness or experiencing that new consciousness – a consciousness not made by hands, a consciousness eternal in the heavens – you no longer need The Infinite Way because The Infinite Way becomes your consciousness. It always was your consciousness, but you become aware of it. You have the conscious awareness of Consciousness living itself.

So, that’s the whole purpose of The Infinite Way – to lead you to a point where Consciousness lives as you. God lives itself as you.

Now this does not mean that you become an automaton or a robot. It means that – well, in the beginning you start to have the inner experience of consciously being one, feeling the movement. And every time that you feel its movement and every time that the voice utters itself and every time that an impartation comes to you from the Great Invisible and not from the mind, there is a change out here. Consciousness forms itself, and it always forms itself as fulfillment, peace, and joy.

And so you know if you are really experiencing conscious union with God by the fruits. It’s not a big mystery. You just have to look and see. Are you finding yourself in the right place at the right time without consciously thinking about it? Is harmony governing your affairs? Are you beginning to experience a straightening out of your concept of supply where things come into your life that you haven’t prayed for or thought about? Are you experiencing peaceful relations with the people you come in contact with in your consciousness? What is happening? Is there harmony in your affairs? Is your daily living experience becoming smoother, which means less and less physical difficulties to try and overcome?

The fruits are that invisible Presence, conscious union with it, and resting in it and feeling its movement and hearing its voice. The fruits are it forms itself, and you don’t know what form it’s going to take.

I remember one time I called Herb Fitch and I said, “Herb, I don’t understand. I keep meditating on love, and I think that God’s going to show me how to love or appear as love, and instead I’m getting more and more dollar bills. Now what is this? (chuckles) I remember he said, “I think you’re looking at this a little wrong.” He said, “You have no right to draw an outline on how this is supposed to manifest. You can’t sit down and try to funnel God into this or that or the other. You simply rest back and let God live itself.” And he said, “Besides, the dollars bills are given to you so you don’t have to worry about that. You don’t have to work on that, and that frees you up to pour out and love other people, so you see that love was manifesting.”

So we have no right to have a personal sense in the driver’s seat, and that includes in our meditations. We have no right to be living a personal life, and we have no right to be meditating for some personal reason even though we think we know what we need or what the person coming to us needs. Because we don’t. We don’t have any right idea.

Now I know this gets difficult when family member calls you and says, “Will you pray for me? I just lost my job.” And of course you become – if you’re practiced and you’ve been practicing this for a while you are able to say “yes, I will help you” and hang up the phone and become still without seeking anything and rest back and feel the Presence. But if you open your eyes after that meditation and look around to see what new job opportunity or how supply is going to come to this person, then you are praying amiss.

This is called praying amiss. You have a funnel. You have a mold and you want God to fill it. God doesn’t work that way. There’s this thing called Omniscience, and it functions in a million different points at the same time, and so it knows how to form itself and what is needed. You don’t have to direct it.

And we’ve all had examples of that in our own lives, praying and praying for something that we are positive that we need and it never manifests and instead this other thing opens up and in the end we find out that was what we needed, not what we thought. So this is part of emptying out of the human mind.

You know, for centuries we have had a physical body which works for so long and if it’s sick it doesn’t work so good and later on it slows down and can’t do things it used to do, and we’ve had a mind, a human mind, and that too is only good for so long. Sometimes in our youth we have obsessions of the mind driving us to do this or that or the other and later we might have senility. We might have Alzheimer’s. We might have dementia and the mind begins to deteriorate. We can’t remember things the way we used to. Sometimes it’s so bad we don’t even recognize our loved ones we’ve been with for 50 years, 60 years, 70 years. And then we die and we come back and we try it again. Now that’s living in a human mind, and we all know how to do that, and we all know where that takes us. Eventually it kills us. It’s a strange thing, but the mind that wants to be in charge all those years eventually kills itself.

Now if we’re fortunate we come across a spiritual path which reveals that there’s another mind. Could be called the Buddha mind, could be called the Tao. It could be called the mind which was in Christ Jesus. It could be called simply Omniscience. Could be called Is, which is the same as Tao, the Tao. So we are fortunate when we learn there’s another mind and this mind when we rest back and listen to it, it flows freely and it forms itself and begins to appear as a life out here, and it’s your life, it’s you. This invisible – this Great Invisible, Spiritual substance, Omniscience – forms itself in a moment ye think not. And if you are still and not thinking, not choosing words, not choosing the thoughts to think, simply looking, resting, being consciously aware, you experience It. You have conscious union with It. It moves through you. You and It are one, and then you simply watch in awe as it manifests itself, forms itself as your outer experience day after day after day. And then you are consciously aware to the point where you can say with Paul, “I live; yet not I, … Christ liveth [my life].” Christ liveth its life.

And it’s not a thing where you’re bragging and it’s not a thing you have really attained. It is a conscious union you have become aware of. It is a new mind. It is the mind which was in Christ Jesus which is now beginning to function where before you only had a human mind. And now this mind which was in Christ Jesus is your mind. It’s functioning as your life. It is you. And now you have a temple “not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.” Once this mind begins functioning you “I will never leave thee or nor forsake thee.” Lo, I am with thee always forever and ever and ever. For infinity you now have the Comforter, your very own inner spiritual consciousness in which you can rest and be a beholder as it lives itself. It’s wonderful and it’s full of wonder.

More and more says Joel in The Contemplative Life, we must live life as a beholder. See, we didn’t really know what that means the way we know now. More and more. Over and over he says to us we will begin our meditation by recognizing there’s no patient out there. It’s a mental concept in this human mind, and so we step out of that mind. We have nothing to do with it. We do not meet anything on that level. We drop it.

Ah, but now we’re stuck with us, the personal practitioner, personal Infinite Way student, and God. And now he says we have to get rid of the person. We do that by realizing the mind, the human mind, is a series of universal beliefs, and so we’re not going to hang onto it. We’re not going to function through it. For just right now we’re going to be still. We’re going to rest back in the Great Invisible, and we don’t know what that is. We have no definition. We can’t draw pictures of it. We just know that it is. “It is I; be not afraid.” And we rest.

And the words aren’t important. We may say, “Oh Father, fulfill Thyself” and rest. We may say, “Christ liveth” and rest. We may say “Grace” and rest. But the point is we rest back, listen, are receptive to I, the Infinite. (silent pause). “Be not afraid; it is I, and “I am the Way.”Behold, I make all things new.” I, (silent pause) and we rest in the silence, for now we know the silence is not not thinking. The silence is not no thought. We have learned the secret of secrets.

The silence is no self. “I am the Way.” (Silence pause)

Many are called; few are chosen. If you feel this inner Self, this inner I, you feel it – I feel its movement. If you feel its movement, if you hear its voice, if you receive an impartation, a feeling of I, the Invisible, then you are chosen. This is the chosen people of God. This is the chosen who will receive and be led into the New Jerusalem, the new city, the new consciousness. Conscious union with God, the Source. Says Joel in the book, The Infinite Way, you must come to the realization that you are Source. You are Cause and not effect. Conscious union with Cause, with Source, with God. This I is what I am. I am Cause. Behold, I make all things the new city, the new consciousness.

And this awareness of Self, of I, of God – this is your new consciousness for eternity. A hundred years from now I will be your consciousness, and you will have conscious union with I. Five hundred years, five thousand years – I, I. And I was with thee before Abraham, and I am with thee now in this moment. Feel me, and I will always be with thee. For I am the conscious union with I.

And so in our inner meditation we have conscious union with God, the center of our being, and rest there with no plans, ideas, thoughts – but most importantly – no self. And behold, I form Myself as your self, the only Self, one.

Yes, it was a long journey for many of us coming to The Infinite Way expecting trinkets; little healings. But this was just a trick of your Self to lead you back to your Self in which you would receive the ultimate gift – God Itself as your very being – and conscious awareness of this, of I.

Now listen. This, my friends, is from the book The Altitude of Prayer by Joel. And in the very first chapter he points out this:

Those of us on the spiritual path are building a temple, the temple of our consciousness. As human beings, we were born into a three-dimensional consciousness [a three-dimensional consciousness] with our only faculties and capacities the five physical senses and the power of [thought or] reason. All of this applies to the human world. [Ah, but now this sentence:] None of it applies in any way to [My kingdom] … .

Something else is needed, isn’t it? Another faculty, another mind, another Self – a Christ Self.

So he says:

[This is] … why a person can pray and pray, rarely receiving an answer … . [And it is because] No prayer that is uttered through the mind ever reaches the kingdom of God.

Now you must know this. You must really if necessary put it on a 3×5 card and put it on the wall next to where you meditate or use it as a bookmarker so you see it first thing.

No prayer … uttered through the mind ever reaches … God.

And so all these mental exercises – this is why you haven’t received answered prayer. It’s backwards, which is what the mind always is. It interprets everything backwards, and the mind thinks that if it prays, thinks these spiritual thoughts up to God, they’ll reach God and God will respond. But what is it he said here?

rarely receiving an answer to [that] … prayer. [Because] No prayer … uttered through the mind ever reaches … God.

Well, if we’re going to experience answered prayer we’re going to have to use another faculty, and we’re going to have to understand that prayer is not what the mind utters. Prayer is what the Spirit within you utters. Prayer is what comes to you out of the mind which was in Christ Jesus. Prayer is the experience that comes to you, the movement that comes to you, the impartation that comes to you, the feeling that comes to you, the awareness that comes to you, the consciousness, the conscious union with – this is prayer. And it’s a movement in your Soul, not in your mind. And this prayer uttered within you is answered because it forms itself as your experience, and anything else is not prayer.

So he says:

Spiritual impartations [and that’s the real prayer] begin to come to an individual when his Soul-faculties have been opened …

All right. What does that mean? That means when you have discovered silence, then prayer can happen to you. Your Soul can pray and then manifest itself. The center, the Source, God will utter itself. In other words, only God within you can pray. The human mind cannot pray. Only the mind which was in Christ Jesus uttering itself is prayer, and this is experienced when you know that silence is no self but God.

And on the very next page, page 7, he says:

The … moment that we receive an impartation from within, whether it is only a feeling or whether it thunders in the silence or comes as a very gentle whisper, we can be assured that some part of this … earth is beginning to dissolve, some problem is going to yield, … some discord or inharmony is going to be removed from our experience. [And] In its place will come some grace from My kingdom. [But always remember] …, “My kingdom is not of this world.” [And so] The blessing that we receive is always the blessing of “My kingdom,” a spiritual blessing.

The blessing that you receive is the conscious union with God, conscious feeling, conscious awareness of the kingdom within. That’s the spiritual blessing. And he says:

we have no way at all of knowing what form it will take [on earth] … . One thing is certain, however: it will [always] come as [the] … gift of God.

Now that’s part of the fun. I mean when I was a child part of the fun was not knowing what presents I would open on Christmas morning, and part of the fun of resting back and allowing God to manifest itself, part of the joy is seeing the beauties that it manifests as, that it forms itself as. Things we had no idea that we needed, yet things that we love. And above all, we love the Source out of which they came. That’s the first thing. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy might, heart, and soul, and so we love the Source more than anything at all. But there’s nothing wrong with loving also that which the Source appears as, knowing that if it’s appearing out here, it’s temporary.

So part of the fun is not having a plan and seeing It manifest Itself. Father, glorify Thyself, and then watch what wonders it performs. Now we read in our scripture:

“My peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you.”

And so we know that the peace that the world gives is either from matter and from having enough matter that we think we’re okay, or from mind, from thinking we know what things we need and know what we’re going to do. That’s the human way. But My peace has nothing to do with any of those, and so says Joel:

“My peace” is something … the human mind cannot grasp.

Again, the human mind is pretty much worthless when it comes to prayer and understanding things of the spiritual realm or the spiritual kingdom or the spiritual Self. And so it will not help you and it can’t even understand My peace. So the human mind is not going to help us, and that self must be surrendered to find the real silence, and in the real silence the movement of Christ reveals itself first as an inner movement, voice, experience, awareness, union, and then as that consciousness formed.

[And] Every individual [he says] will find [it] taking the form necessary to his experience at the moment.

And that’s the beauty of it. So what are we doing? What is this all about? We are building a temple, a consciousness not made by body, not made by human mind, not made by thoughts. We are building a temple not made with hands. A temple invisible, a consciousness of the Infinite Invisible. A conscious awareness of the living Spirit, conscious union with Christ which will never leave us nor forsake us. Eternal in the heavens.

If you understood the gift of God, says Jesus Christ at the well, and who it is that’s talking to you, you would have asked me and I would have given you living waters that spring up into life everlasting. This source is your Self, and it will form itself more and more and more as your experience until the two become one and the inner and the outer are one, and you are the living conscious union with God, and this will be your everlasting life. For eternity this will be your awareness.

Thus you understand to know God aright is conscious union for eternity.

Now let us be still for a moment. Let us drop any urgency or sense of needing something out here for ourselves or any other self. These are mental images. Let us drop them. Here in the inner temple I would know thee, God, and so I will be still. I will be silent. I will be no self, just beholding. Christ liveth. God is, and I am the Way. Be still. Be still. I am God. (long silent pause).

Have I been so long a time with you and you have not experienced conscious union? Now it’s time. You have been chosen. Be still and know I am God. And I will never leave thee now, for I am thee, and in the next plane and the next plane and the next plane, I am God, your center. And in this life and in any other life, in this form and in any other form – male, female, or some form on some other planet – you will always have me as your center, I the living Christ. And I have come that you might have life, real life manifested abundantly.

Feel me now. I am here. The consciousness is formed. The outer experience is formed, cut out of the consciousness without hands. The stone is cut out of the mountain without hands. The outer experience is formed by Infinite Consciousness with no help. Simply be still and experience the grace of conscious union with I. (Silent pause)

Thank you very much for being with me in this consciousness today. Let us all stand still and behold the glory of God. Let us watch. Let us be beholders as the Father glorifies Itself, as Consciousness forms Itself.

Infinite Invisible, pure spiritual Consciousness forms Itself eternally, infinitely one.


Good afternoon.

This is Sunday May 19, 2013. In this morning’s meditation there was one thing that came to me: Thy kingdom come. Just three words, but the more I turned it around and rested and looked, the more I wondered how many people know what that means. Oh, we hear the Lord’s Prayer said all the time; maybe we say it all the time. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as is it is in heaven. Right? Or in earth as it is in heaven. We say the words all the time, but what does – what are we asking for? What are we saying when we say “thy kingdom come”?

In the first place, does God have a kingdom some place where he’s a king and there’s all these servants wandering about? Or does kingdom mean consciousness? Does kingdom mean spirit? Spirit and consciousness are the same thing, you know. When John says “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day” in Revelation he means he was in that high consciousness. So – God is a spirit says our dear friend, Yeshua. God is a spirit. Don’t you know – God is a spirit and you must worship him in spirit. God and consciousness are one, and you must be one with that consciousness.

And so thy kingdom come means that higher consciousness, spiritual consciousness, Christ consciousness come. Manifest. Be. Is. And so we’re asking for that higher consciousness, but we’re living in a physical realm. Oh, Joel tells us over and over you can’t add God to your humanhood. And here I am, a little human being, praying up there to God somewhere, “Please give me your kingdom. Let it come.”

Oh, in metaphysics we thought that meant let us have harmony of purse, pocketbook, wallet. Let us have harmony of health, body, mind. Let us have harmony of relationships, of friendships, of companionship. Right? Thy kingdom come. Now, however, we are more advanced on this path and we have a little bit different meaning to that. If you haven’t done that, if you haven’t done so, take that into meditation.

Thy kingdom come. What does that mean?

I noticed, or I was led to this chapter, these one, two, three, four, five pages called The New Horizon, because the new horizon is – well – thy kingdom. Joel has experienced that kingdom. And he says:

Above this sense-life, there is a universe of Spirit governed by Love, peopled with children of God living in the household or temple of Truth. [And] This world is real and permanent: Its substance is eternal Consciousness. In it there is no awareness of discords or even … temporary … material good.

So we know from that, from his little hint there, that when we say ‘thy kingdom come’ we are talking about an invisible spiritual universe. We’re asking for an invisible spiritual consciousness to come. And what happens when we experience that? Well, he tells us that too.

[When thy kingdom comes] The experience at first is like watching the world [this whole world] disappear over a horizon and drop down from before us. There is no attachment to [the] … world [anymore], no desire to hold onto it …

Are you experiencing that? Have you experienced that? Have you experienced thy kingdom come, thy kingdom coming? Have you experienced thy kingdom, this invisible spiritual realm, invisible spiritual consciousness? Do you think you can pull that invisible spiritual consciousness into this world? He tells you right here:

the experience does not come until a great measure of our desire for the things of “this world” has been overcome.

So you cannot experience this spiritual realm, which is permanent. Cannot experience ‘the water that I shall give him’, which is life everlasting. You cannot experience spiritual being, invisible spiritual being – your invisible spiritual being – until you have no more desire for this world. And so you can’t enter this higher realm, this realm of Spirit governed by Love, peopled with children of God. You cannot meet these people and experience the spiritual realm until the desire for this world has been overcome.

So those who are living the metaphysics of the message and trying to demonstrate a heart, a liver, lungs, a companion, or financial harmony – they’re not ready for this higher consciousness, are they? And Joel tells us that. They’re not ready for The New Jerusalem, which is the following chapter in this book. That state of consciousness we talked about where you enter the Sabbath. They’re not ready for that, are they? No, they’re still demonstrating things. They’re still having rounds of demonstrating things in this world. Yet, he says you can’t have it until you overcome that.

And is that not what Christ means when Christ says specifically to us, “He that overcomes will I give to eat of the hidden manna”? The hidden manna is again in an invisible realm. There’s an invisible realm closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet. It’s in your very midst, right here, just less than a breath away. Yet you have no contact with it if you’re trying to pull it into this realm.

And when you do have contact with it, Joel says:

At first [you] … cannot speak of it. There is a [feeling] … of “‘Touch me not; … I [have] … not yet ascended’ – I am still between the two worlds; …

And the two worlds are this world, this heaven, this earth, these concepts of heaven and earth – and the invisible spiritual realm, which is right here and now in your midst. Again, he says:

The more fascinated we are with conditions of human good and the greater our desire for even the good things … the more intense is the illusion. … Think neither on the discords nor … the harmonies of this world.

Because both of them keep you chained to the old earth and the old heaven. They keep you chained to the mind, which is trying to demonstrate things. The ascension, we understand, is always, always rising above mind. Remember that from Beyond Words and Thoughts? Here he says:

[The] … ascension is understood now as … rising above the conditions and experiences of “this world,” [and we look into the invisible] and we behold … “many mansions” prepared for us in spiritual Consciousness – in the awareness of [the invisible] … .

And finally he says:

Let us not judge … our good by [the senses] … . No good thing is withheld from us as we look [above the senses], above the physical evidence to the great Invisible [realm]. Look up, look up! The kingdom … is at hand!

And the kingdom at hand is this Great Invisible realm. So he recommends that you look up into that Great Invisible realm.

So when you pray “thy kingdom come” it’s enough to stop there and rest and let thy kingdom, that new consciousness, that new heaven, new earth come.

Let that new consciousness manifest and form itself. You have no idea what that new earth is going to look like.

It’s your necessity to continually form pictures and concepts in the mind into which you want to pour that invisible, that Great Invisible realm, that’s keeping you from attaining it.

Thy kingdom come – and stop! Thy kingdom come – and behold.

Since Joel was at that place where he had attained that consciousness and could go in and out at will, he was at the same state of consciousness as our friend, John. Now listen to John as he explains thy kingdom. This is Revelation 21, and he says:

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”

Now the sea is that level of consciousness known as material consciousness. And here he says he stood in silence and saw a new heaven and a new earth. He saw that invisible spiritual realm form itself as something new, something new, even a new self. And the old had passed away, and there was no more material consciousness. You see? This is exactly the same as Joel saying this world drops down from before us and we rest in that spiritual consciousness. This is the same.

And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

New Jerusalem, we learned, is that state of consciousness in which you rest back and are carried, carried by Christ consciousness. I’ve experienced it in thousands of meditations and sometimes with eyes wide open driving or talking or walking or shopping.

And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, …”

Now he looked into the invisible and he beheld spiritual consciousness forming itself, and he heard a voice saying:

Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men …”

Yes, in your very midst, I am.

And he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.”

Now that’s the experience: Touch me not, for I have not yet ascended. I am still between the old heaven and the old earth and the new heaven and the new earth. I’m still between them. I cannot yet discuss it, but I am watching. I am waiting upon the Lord.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, …”

No, because when the Infinite Invisible forms itself as your being, who is there to die? When the Great Invisible, when you look up and rest back and behold the Spirit move over the face of the deep and form itself as a new heaven, a new earth, a new self as you, your being – there is then no one to die.

and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things [humanhood has] … passed away.”

“And he that sat upon the throne said,” …

This is Christ consciousness – he’s still listening. First he watched, now he’s listening.

“And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.”

And that includes you. You want to be born again, then let the human die. Yes, pray. Thy kingdom come. Realize you’re asking for the Great Invisible to form itself where you stand and to stand there as your being.

Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write; for these words are true and faithful.”

“And he said unto me, It is done.”

What is done? The Great Invisible has formed itself. God is on earth. Immanuel is appearing. Christ is born.

“It is done. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto [you] … that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.”

“He that [overcomes] … shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be my son.”

And what did we hear? To them gives he power to become the sons of God. You, my friends, my brothers, my sisters – we are one in Christ, and we have received the Word from the Great Invisible, and we have the power to lay down our human sense of life, and we have no more desire for the things of this world. If they come, they come. If they don’t, they don’t. What is that to thee?

Now we have one desire – to watch this world, this physical sense of self, fall down over the horizon and rest back on an infinite sea of Spirit and stand so still without thought here in the silence: “Behold, I make all things new.” Including you, for I become you. For I now am the only presence. Here above the mind, here in the silence, in the resting Sabbath, I overcome the world and I reveal the kingdom formed from a new heaven as a new earth, as a new self, as a new life, as a new beginning, as a new kingdom, as a spiritual realm formed.

You heard long ago that you must live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, and now you know what that means. Yes, thy kingdom come. Look up! Look up! Let the Great Invisible form itself. And here’s how Joel said it:

[Look up!]… look above the physical evidence to the Great Invisible. … The kingdom of heaven is at hand!

[I, the Great Invisible spiritual consciousness, Christ in your midst] I am breaking the sense of limitation for you as an evidence of My presence and … My influence [right here in your midst] … . I – the I of you — am in the midst of you revealing the harmony and infinity of [the] spiritual [realm] … . I – the I of you – never a personal sense of “ I” – never a person – but the I of you – am ever with you. Look up [to the Great Invisible].

Those were the words that came to Joel on a red scroll with gold lettering in Old English lettering. You remember? And though it appeared in a dream, when he opened his eyes it was still hanging above his bed. And so this comes from the Great Invisible right out there hanging above his bed. The Great Invisible formed itself as the chapter The New Horizon, which means the new consciousness, the new heaven, the new earth, the new kingdom.

Dying to all of this is overcoming. Being born again is coming into the conscious awareness, seeing the new heaven and the new earth and hearing the voice that says, “Behold, I make all things new.” And I am your God and you are my son because you have died out of the world. You have ascended. You are no longer standing between the two worlds. You are resting, a witness to the kingdom really coming, really manifesting, really appearing.

So let us be this stillness. Joel says, “let my silence be Thy abiding place,” in the chapter The New Jerusalem. This is inviting the Great Invisible. This is saying thy kingdom come. Have no idea whatsoever, no outline, no plan. “I stand at the door, and knock.” Look up! Look up above the sense mind. Have no images. Just look. Just listen.

Behold, [I make all things, including you] I make all things new.” In this silence, in this stillness, be a beholder. How many times has Joel told us that? Be a beholder. It was the whole purpose of The Contemplative Life book. Be a beholder. Watch as the Great Invisible forms itself, lives itself right here, right now, and Christ appears on earth.

When Christ Jesus made his ascension he was still on earth, for he said, “I have overcome the world.” And there was no crucifixion. He had already made his ascension. He walked out and he walked back in. He walked into the invisible and he walked back out. This is how he was able to disappear in the midst of a crowd and reappear outside the temple.

You can do the same thing. If it is I, then be not afraid. I will never leave you because I am you, and this must be a conscious awareness. This must be your consciousness, Christ appearing, and you must have the power to lay down this sense of life and pick it up again. You must have the ability to walk in the invisible realm and back out, for all that I have is thine, and I demonstrated this as Christ Jesus, and I will demonstrate this as Christ You, as Christ I.

You are on earth to overcome that old earth. You are here to no longer be here. You are in passing time to stand still in the now. Behold, I, the Great Invisible, manifest my kingdom. Now when you hear that prayer, now when you say that prayer, you know what you’re asking for. You have the spiritual maturity to know: Thy kingdom come. Let the Word manifest. Let the Christ liveth itself. Let God be in his son and his son in God, and let there be one, and let there be light, and let there be a new heaven and a new earth.

It is said that there shall be no night there and the light will shine forever, meaning there shall be no personal sense of self, no personal sense of life. No concepts. No mental images, but only the light of I. Every day you must have, we must have a period, and I must have a period of meditation, a period of silence, a period of stillness, a moment of nothingness in which I rest, I behold thy kingdom come, and I witness God Itself made manifest. And I behold the Spirit moving over the face of the deep.

Yes, the experience that Moses had he expressed in these words. This is him beholding, as you will, the Great Invisible manifesting itself, and this is how he saw it:

“The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.”

He’s just resting in the silence, and there’s nothingness.

“And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

He felt it. And then he heard the voice, just like John.

“And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.”

These are two states of consciousness. This is the old heaven, the old earth – an earth formed out of images in the mind – and the new heaven and the new earth – the Spirit of God forming itself.

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, [and] after our likeness: and let them have dominion … .

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

I think that was changed. I think it said originally “male and female created he him.”

“And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, …

And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.”

And then on the seventh day he rested from all his work. Remember? So Moses sees the Great Invisible Spirit, spiritual consciousness forming itself, and he explains it as God creating, manifesting its own image. And so this is the new heaven. This is God creating its own image, that image you.

This is the experience, this first chapter of Genesis. This is the realm where spiritual consciousness forms itself. This is why you are here, that you might behold, that you might bear witness to the Great Invisible spiritual Christ Consciousness forming itself. That you might bear witness to God’s Word going forth and taking form. That you might be one of those that stand so still that you behold a new heaven and a new earth coming down from God. That you might drink of these everlasting waters, that you might experience your Eternal Self.

God expressing itself is your Eternal Self.

That you might experience the infinite, eternal, invisible I and watch as it lives itself. For this cause came ye into the world that you might have life and life everlasting.

And again, as Joel stood there in silence, these words came forth from within, and we hear him say:

How shall I stand before Thee but in silence? How shall I honor Thee but in the meditation of mine heart?

Praise and thanksgiving Thou seekest not, [ah] but the understanding heart, [the beholder] Thou receivest.

I will keep silent before Thee. My Soul and my Spirit and my silence shall be Thy dwelling place. [Which is exactly the same as, “Oh Father, thy kingdom come.”]

Thy Spirit shall fill my meditation, and it shall make me and preserve me whole. O Thou Tender One and True – I am home in Thee.

And so Joel has discovered a home above this sense-life, a realm of Spirit, the kingdom of heaven. A new heaven and a new earth, Christ consciousness, the fountain of everlasting waters, the image and likeness of God. I in your midst am come. Be still and know, and let us rest in that I…

This I comes as a thief in the night. Into your silence the Spirit flows. It comes as a thief in the night. You – you are just still. You are staring into the Great Invisible, and I come as a thief in the night. And I come that you might have this new life everlasting. I am the life. I stand in the midst of you now, closer than your very breathing. Look up to the Great Invisible. Look up! The kingdom you have asked for is at hand right here in your midst.

And have I been so long a time with you, and you have not known me? You may know me now as you utter the words: Thy kingdom come. Rest back and receive that eternal kingdom. Be a beholder as Christ manifests, as the new kingdom comes, as the New Jerusalem, the new city, the new consciousness forms itself. And behold, all things are new.

Have one meditation, at least one, more if you feel led, in which you have nothing to heal, nothing to prove, nothing to demonstrate. Only standing still looking into the Great Invisible that you might catch a glimpse of the Spirit moving over the face of the deep, that you may hear the voice say unto you: Stand ye still. I have come whose right it is, and I am the life. I am that truth. I am the Way. Look unto me. Look! Look up! The kingdom comes in silence.

As this Invisible, this Great Invisible, forms itself and makes all things new, just be a beholder. Just stand still in receptivity. Just know I can do all things and behold, I am your inheritance. Your everlasting life is I.

And after these periods of silence just open your eyes, do whatever is at hand to do, and in a way ye know not of this Great Invisible will appear as harmony of being, harmony of life, harmony of purpose.

I tell you, you are so blessed to be at this banquet, at this supper of Spirit. Many, many kings would give up their entire kingdom for this real spiritual kingdom, and it is yours because you laid down your personal sense.

Now, listen to this one last time, because this is Joel explaining the experience of receiving divine Sonship, this new spiritual kingdom. He’s explaining it in Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture in the chapter True Sense of the Universe, and he says it’s a secret. He says it’s a secret.

[And] The secret — … which has been so rarely understood — [That secret is how you make your ascension] is … spiritual meat and drink; and the secret is this:

Remember over here – we just read it in The Infinite Way – you must overcome the desire for things of this world and then you may have the spiritual realm. You must overcome this world, and so he says it here again. This was his experience.

The life which you behold in man, tree … animal is not the Life [of] … God; …

And so stop trying to pull God into this realm, this material realm.

The life of material man or flower is mortal sense … . It is a false sense of the Life which is real.

Yes, this world is false images about the Invisible, the Great Invisible. This is mind manifested, but now we are ready for the Great Invisible to manifest, the new kingdom, the new earth. So he says:

The understanding of this truth will enable you to look away from [sense objects] …; it will enable you to refrain from attempting to heal, correct or reform the mortal sense of existence; and as soon as you have conquered the desire to heal or improve the material sense of existence, … [as soon as you have conquered that, you have let it go, you are standing now in silence, then] the spiritual or real begins to unfold and reveal itself to you.

You see that? Do you see that? Ascension’s always the same. Coming up over the mind and its images and its desires to change, improve, or heal, and resting in the spiritual Invisible, the great spiritual realm and beholding the Word made flesh.

He says:

You cannot behold or experience eternal Life and its harmonies … while accepting the evidence of the senses … .

Do not take lightly what I am saying [he says]. This is the Great Revelation; this knowledge will clarify for you the Master’s statement, “My kingdom is not of this world”; [Yes, it will clarify that. Now you know my kingdom, and when you pray ‘thy kingdom come’ you’re asking for the Great Invisible to manifest itself as life, and you are willing to drop all personal sense of life and all of its attachments. He says] it will reveal to you the secret of John the Revelator, who beheld the universe which is not made with hands, but which is eternal, as Consciousness appearing; Spirit unfolding; Soul revealing itself.

You see that? Do you see that?

Believe me [he says] — this is the secret of secrets.

This is Life eternal to know this truth. [And] Truly Kings and Emperors would give their thrones could they but learn this one truth …

The life of material man, [this is the one truth: The life of material man] the life of … tree, … flower, … animal — this is not … Life eternal; … Do not attempt to patch [it up] … . rather turn [away] from it and with … enlightened consciousness [in the silence] discern the Life which is God; “feel” through your cultivated spiritual sense [the] … divine energy of Spirit;

Which is the same as watching the Spirit move over the face of the deep. It’s the same as watching the new heaven and the new earth come down, the New Jerusalem come down out of heaven. It’s the same as watching the fountain spring up into life everlasting. It is the same!

feel through your cultivated spiritual sense [the] … divine energy of Spirit; become [consciously aware] … in the Silence of your Soul … . Let the divine harmonies appear [let the divine harmonies appear] as you disregard the evidence of sight and hearing, [and] tasting, [and] touching and smelling.

That which is real and eternal is not seen or touched, … [it is] spiritually discerned. It is [realized] … only by the intuitive or inner consciousness. Reality [this Great Invisible] is perceived by the Soul [sense] …, [by your] inner vision.

Only to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear [which is you, my dear friends] can this vision become a living, vital Presence. Only those who have heard what is said by “the still, small voice” and seen what is visible to the “windows of the Soul” can discern [that] … “temple not made with hands” — [or] the universe of God’s creating [or the Great Invisible manifesting itself].

[The] … false sense of life must be put off, disregarded, un-valued, in order that the real Life [the Great Invisible] and its formations may become evident and experienced.

So there it is yet again another way, and now you know, don’t you? Yes, you do! You know as well as you know your own sense of existence: When you pray, thy kingdom come, what you are asking for is that I manifest My Kingdom, My Presence, My Self. That the I of you outpicture itself.

Again, there are five or six billion people on earth and only a handful ever learns in any given age that there is an ascension out of the sense realm into the Great Invisible realm of Spirit, and that here Christ Jesus flows and here stands Joel, for he said to those that know the secret, I will never leave the earth, but I will be available in the Great Invisible. And here stands Moses and Elijah and here, if you step into this Great Invisible and rest back and behold, you may meet up with Elijah, Jesus, Paul, Joel, John, with Krishna, with Moses, with Abraham, with Shankara, with Buddha. But more importantly than all of that, you may just witness I in the midst of you manifesting.

Look up! Look up! For the kingdom is at hand, and I in the midst of thee am the Way. And I shall surely meet you there in the invisible.

Thank you. Many blessings and Thy kingdom come.


Soul to soul, Spirit to spirit. Blessings.

Well, good morning everyone. This is Sunday May 12th, Mother’s Day 2013, and this talk today is about living our Christhood. You remember Jesus said, “Who is my mother? Who is my brother? Those that do the will of my Father in heaven.” And so those that do the will of my Father in heaven are Christ, are demonstrating their Christhood. Only Christ can do the will of the Father in heaven. There comes a point in our spiritual growth where we have to ask ourselves are we practicing these principles – are we still practicing these principles for the good that I might receive? Am I still looking for some personal good such as health or such as companionship or supply? Do I not believe that all the things, all these things are added unto me when I seek first how to demonstrate Christhood? Are these just pretty, poetic words, or is there a principle here?

There is a principle here, and the principle is: To him that hath it shall be given, and to him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he has.

That principle puzzled me for a long time until I began to live and demonstrate the principles of Christhood, even in a little measure. Then I began to understand that principle.

Now my observation over the years is that people have – some people have a difficulty with supply. They always seem to be limited. There’s not much supply coming in and not much going out, and they’re having a problem in that area. Other people demonstrate supply quite beautifully, but there’s a problem with health, with life, with living, and they’re limited in that area and they have problems. They don’t know how to solve them. And some people demonstrate health and life and living perfectly fine, but they’re alone and they have a problem finding the right companion. They have a problem with companionship. They may say to the person experiencing lack and limitation, “I don’t understand this – supply is so easy to demonstrate.” And the one experiencing lack and limitation may feel, “Why are you alone? I mean God is everywhere. How can you not be a companion to God?”

And so each of us has the area where we need to practice these principles perhaps a little more diligently than our neighbor. Yet all of us will come to the place where we can practice that principle and demonstrate that we have, that we really are the Christ.

I’m gonna talk about myself today, but only so that I can point out the principle and how it is that I practice it, not so that you can think there’s anything great about me, because there isn’t. I can tell you without hesitation that of myself I can do nothing. This I know. However, I also know that with Christ all things are possible. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. I know that too. And if I did not admit that to you I would be a liar. So please take this talk today in your good graces and not think that I’m trying to brag or anything, ‘cause I’m not. But it is important to understand the principle.

Now we say that we want to live as Christ and we’re ready to give up our humanhood. And yet we turn around and we look at my bank account, my companions, and my health. Now there can be no such thing in the kingdom of heaven. Incidentally, the kingdom of heaven is not some place you’re gonna go to, not even some place you’re going to attain. The kingdom of heaven is here and now. You’re standing in the middle of it. The only thing that’s preventing you from seeing it, from feeling it, from the conscious awareness of it, is this personal sense of life, a life in which you have my finances, my companions, and my health. That’s the very thing that must be seen through in order to demonstrate your Christhood, in order to demonstrate that you have. And we don’t want to give it up. I know I certainly didn’t. It had to be practically ripped from my hands.

Once upon a time, maybe 40 (47 now) years ago, I was married, happily married I thought, although that was a lie because we were having problems and I was just denying them, and one day I came home and she said, “I’m leaving. I’ve met this other fellow, John, and I’m moving in with him.” And she took our 1-year-old son and she moved in with him. The next day I came home from work and I was just dashed to pieces. I looked through the house and the baby’s room was empty. There was nothing but blue walls, not even a crib, and I looked in our room and all her things were missing. There was a big, gigantic, king-sized bed and nothing there but my pillows and bedspread. And even in the kitchen things that she liked were missing, and there was no note or anything. Just like that (fingers snap) she was gone.

And so my world fell to pieces, and I didn’t know what to do. And I felt like, well, it must be my fault. I had a spiritual adviser at the time and his name was Don and he had given me a copy of The Art of Meditation and I had been reading it for about a year or year and a half. I was trying to practice the principles, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. I was praying to God to show me how to love, and he was about to do just that, and boy I didn’t – once that prayer was answered I was sorry I ever prayed it for quite a while.

And so I went over to Don’s house and I said, “What do I do? I can’t take it, these thoughts. I see her with other guys and these thoughts, they just drive me crazy.” And he said to me something that you don’t hear very often. He said, “You know, most people would get out of this problem by transferring their love to another woman. But (he said) if you did that, in a very short time you’d be just as dependent on the next one, because you see, you’re not hurting from love. You’re hurting from dependency. You need her.”

Well, what do I do about that? How do I get over that”?

Well, (he said) I don’t know. You’re going to have to find a way to transfer your feelings to God.” He said, “You’re going to have to transfer that love you feel or felt for her over to God.”

Well, I can’t – how do I do that – I can’t see God. How do I do that? I can’t hold God at night.”

Well, (he said) I have a feeling there’s something for you in that book, The Art of Meditation, but I can’t tell you what it is. You have to find it for yourself.”

And so I went home and I had two principles. One was that I going to have to find a way to let go of her, and two, I was going to have to find a way to transfer my feelings to God. And I had asked him, I said, “What do I do when these thoughts come of her with these other guys?” He said, “You live by yourself, so just talk out loud and say ‘hey, I’ve given that problem to God. It’s not mine. I’m not working on the problem. The problems – the answer’s not in the problem’.” And so I took that too. Took that home and I fell apart. I was not able to do it. Here’s what happened.

I became so depressed. I don’t know if you’ve ever been that depressed, depressed where it’s hard to move your body. I would get up in the morning and the first thing of course I would see is that she was not there. The bed was empty. Go in and have my coffee. Couldn’t eat. Dragged myself down. Get on the bus. Go to work. I worked in a factory. Pushed – you ever been that depressed that you have to push your body around? I pushed my body around all day. I went through the motions, and then at night I’d walk down the driveway to the back house where we had lived, opened the door, searched the house. Nobody was there, just me. I plopped down on the couch and cried my eyes out. And then I got mad at God. I’d yell at God. “I asked you to teach me how to love and you take away the only person I love. What are you doing?” And then I’d get down on the floor and beg him for help. “Please take this pain away.”

Oh, I was crazy. Probably certifiably so. I’m sure they would have said, “oh, nervous breakdown” and given me some medication if there had been a doctor present. Finally, I turned to The Art of Meditation. I remembered that Don said there was something for me in there. And so I opened the book just anywhere and I came upon “For Love is of God” and I thought, well, that may have something to do with this. Maybe there’s a principle in here I can use. And I got down to this part here where it says:

The essential ingredient of all satisfactory relationships is love. Our love for God is made manifest in our love for man.

And remember – he told me to transfer my feelings, my love, to God. And so I’m looking and I’m reading as if my life depends on it, because it did. And I’m reading where, how do I love God? And here it says:

Our love for God is made manifest in our love for man. We are not only one with God, but we are one with the children of God: with our families and relatives; with our church members; with our business associates; with our friends. When we recognize God as our neighbor, we become members of the household of God, saints in the spiritual kingdom: there is a complete surrender of self into the infinite Sea of Spirit. The good of God flows to us through all who become … part of our universe. [And] To those who live in communion with God, serving God through their fellow man, the promise is literally kept: All that I have is thine.

No longer is there a need or a desire for any person or any thing.

Hmm. I wasn’t feeling that way. Boy, I needed her. Maybe there’s something to this.

Every thing and every person become part of our being. What we surrender, we have; what we hold in the grasp of possession, we lose. Every thing we release, we draw to us; every thing we loose, we have; every thing we set free, we bind to us forever. “Loose him and let him go.” Let everyone be loosed in Christ. We trust everyone to the God of his own being. We do not hold anyone in bondage to a debt of love, hate, fear, or doubt. We do not demand even love from anyone. [Aah] We agree that no man owes us anything. Only when we do not feel a debt of obligation and only when we hold no one in a debt of obligation to us, are we free, and do we set our world free.

And those two paragraphs my dear friends completely changed my existence because I put down the book and I made the decision I was going to follow those principles. I was going to love God by loving God’s creation, for God and his creation are one. And I was going to surrender, let go of having to have her or anyone. And I did that. The next morning I woke up and my head started out, “Oh, she’s with these” and I spoke out loud and I said, “Hey, take that out of here. That’s not my problem.” And then I turned to God and I said, “God, I love you. What do you want to do today?”

And I realized that if I had a new sweetheart I would call her up and say, “What do you want to do?” And if she said, “Let’s go to the beach,” we’d go. That’s the way it is when you’re in love. What does she want? You give it to her. And I thought now I’m gonna do that same thing with God. And I said, “God, what do you want to do today?” And I waited. I got quiet and no answer came. So I said, “Okay God. Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna do the dishes there and vacuum the floor, and if you need something, let me know and we’ll do it.”

And so I went over and I started doing the dishes and I remembered Brother Lawrence. He said he practiced the presence while doing the dishes. And so I did the dish and I said, “Here God. This one’s for you,” and I did the very best I could on that dish, and I said, “Look God. It’s so shiny I can see myself in it.” I put it in the drainer on the – what is that called? I put it on the drainer there on the counter next to the sink and then I did the next dish and the next dish, and I did ‘em all for God, talking to God the whole time. And then I went and I got the vacuum cleaner and I vacuumed the floor for God. I did the very best I could just for God, talking to God the whole time. “Oh, look at that. I can get in the corner there.”

And then I put that away and I sat down in my chair. I read a little from The Art of Meditation. The phone rang and on the other end of the phone was Ray and he said, “Can I come over and talk?” And I said, “Yeah, come on over.” Said he had a problem. And so I couldn’t really talk out loud to God while Ray was there, so I had to go within myself, and within myself I said, “Father, how may I best be of service? Please use me.” And outside I said, “Hi Ray. Come on in. Would you like cup of coffee?” He said, “Yeah,” so I made him a coffee and inside myself I said, “Father, you say whatever he needs to hear.” And outside I said, “So tell me, Ray. What’s going on?”

You see? I was praying without ceasing, and I was concentrating on God, not Ray. And I looked through Ray to God, and an amazing thing happened. Ray was expecting me to have all these problems and instead he brought his problems. His problems came to the surface and he spoke them and they dissolved. The answer was revealed right there between us and he went away and he said, “Wow, thank you!” And I said, “Don’t thank me, thank God.” And off he went.

I had a plant in the living room there. It was a wandering jew and it never got any sun and I talked to the plant and I looked through the plant to God and I would get up in the morning, say “Hi Father. How are you?” And I’d water the plant. “Are you thirsty”? And then I had a cat, a black cat named Sufi, and Sufi would come in and I would say, “Hi Father. Are you hungry?” I’d give Sufi some food. And I looked through the cat to God. And I started to look through everything.

Remember? Joel said in the book serving God through his fellow man, the promise is literally kept. All that I, God have, is thine, and I started serving God through my fellow man. I went to spiritual meetings at a church and I stayed on ready in case anybody needed to talk or wanted to talk so that I could share. And strange things started to happen, very strange things. Things I’ve never forgotten to this day. What kind of strange things? Well, one, I went to a restaurant I used to like. I ordered a hamburger and fries and a cup of coffee and the coffee came and it was hot and there was some ice in my water, so I took the spoon and got the ice out, a little bit of ice and put it in my coffee and cooled it down and I was able to drink it. And the waitress from way across the hall there, the restaurant, way across the restaurant suddenly appeared beside my table with a cup full of ice. She said, “I saw you putting ice in your coffee. I thought you might like a –”

Oh yes, I do.” And I thanked her and inside myself I thanked God. “Thank you, Father.” The plant in my living room that never got any sunshine, the wandering jew, it grew like crazy, the recognition of God where the plant appeared. The cat would come walking out of the kitchen. I’d be reading The Art of Meditation or Practicing the Presence and I could see it out of the corner of my eye. I’d say, “Just a minute, Father” and it would sit there like a dog and I’d reach the end of the chapter and I’d say, “okay” and it would run over and jump up in my lap. Now if you have cats or have had them you know they don’t respond that way. They ignore you.

This is one of the strangest things that ever happened. I was sitting there trying to read one of these spiritual books one day and a fly was flying around the room and it landed on my forehead and I swatted it away and it landed on my arm. It landed on the book, it landed on my nose. It was bothering me and so I started to get up and get the fly swatter and I stopped in my tracks and I said, “Now wait a minute, now wait a minute. God’s inside of everyone and everything. Right?” So I stuck out my hand and I said, “I’m only here to serve, so come on over here and land in my hand here and I’ll put you outside.” And I looked and the fly made a couple more circles around the room and it came over, landed dead in the center of the palm of my hand which I had open and I got up from the couch and it never moved!

This busy fly that was buzzing and buzzing and flying around and lighting on my forehead and arms and nose and book – it did not move! It stayed in the center of my palm, and I got up and I walked over to the door, and there was a door and a screen door. So with my right hand I opened the door and I still had my palm there and the fly was still there. He didn’t move. That’s not possible! You know that’s not possible. I opened the door and I opened the screen. I stuck my hand out and I said, “There you go, Father.” And off he flew.

I was beginning to practice the principle: To him that hath, it shall be given. I was spending my days and nights serving God through – well, loving God through loving God’s creation or God as his creation, and these strange and wonderful things were happening.

Another week or two passed. I was sitting there in a meditation and I realized, “Oh my goodness. I don’t have to have her in order to love her. I don’t have to have anybody. And yet I love the whole creation.” I realized that what I had started out practicing and pretending halfway had come true and I fell in love with God inside God’s entire creation.

Strange things were happening, and I went to this man Don who told me to look for a chapter in The Art of Meditation. I said, “Don, this is – why its fabulous. I’m free. I no longer have to have her. I have discovered God is inside of everyone and everything and I love God more than life itself. And he said, “That’s fabulous.” He said, “I’m giving a talk down here at this church Wednesday night. Will you come down and give one with me?” I said, “Why certainly.” Because why? Because it was put in front of me to do and I was serving God through serving the creation. I was practicing the principle: I have love and I can give it.

And so Wednesday night came and I talked for about 15 minutes and then we had a coffee break and some doughnuts and whatnot and then we went back to the main speaker, which was Don. He was to speak for 45 minutes to an hour, and he got up and he talked for about 5 minutes on certain spiritual principles he’d discovered in his life and then he looked down at the podium and he dropped over dead. At least he dropped his body right there and entered the invisible and never came back.

Now, I don’t know if you know the significance of this, but while the room was breaking into pandemonium and calling “call 911” and all that, I went around the corner where nobody could see me. I sat down, closed my eyes, and had a meditation because I knew God was inside of everyone and everything, and the voice said to me as clear as anything, “Behold, I shall make all things new.” And indeed, that voice has taken me from that little corner of that room to around the world and in many dimensions. But the point is of this whole story is I learned by being a companion to a plant, to a cat, even to a fly. By being a companion to God I demonstrated companionship with the Infinite, with Omnipresence from then until now.

One evening before this experience of going to the meeting and talking with Don I was sitting by myself reading The Art of Meditation and I put it down and I got quiet and I meditated. And suddenly there were no more thoughts. There was just a little period, a few seconds of silence, and at the same time I felt this Presence, this Presence right there in my room, and it touched me on the side of the face, a very tender, loving touch. And with that – well, it was a tingling feeling in my face – in it, on it, around it, through it, a Presence which I saw as my Father, as Christ, as the Isness of God. And with it came a sense of peace and from that moment until now I have never, ever, ever been alone.

And you see, I demonstrated the principle of Christhood. To him that hath, it shall be given. I am a companion and the Comforter is my companion, and all that the Father has is mine. And the Comforter has never left me. Omnipresence is mine from that time until now and forever throughout infinite and eternity. I will never be alone again. I demonstrated my Christhood, that I have perfect omnipresent companionship.

You see that? I demonstrated it by giving it away. And so you don’t demonstrate companionship by practicing principles until you get a companion. Yes, I have a wife. It’s been 23 years, 24 years, (30 years now) and we are completely in love with each other. I love her. She knows she’s second to God in my life, and I know I’m second to God in her life. We put God first, and the funny thing is that it includes her, it includes me because God is inside of everyone and everything.

So, that’s not to say how great I am because I almost died having to learn that principle. And you see, when Don introduced me to God, his mission was done. He left. He left, and he passed the torch to me, and now I have it and hopefully I’m introducing you to God, the God of your being.

So that’s companionship. That’s how Christ lives companionship – by being a companion. By pouring out love, by serving God through God’s creation. Now that’s how Christhood practices companionship, and it’s never alone because all that the Father has is mine.

And what about supply? As long as you’re thinking in terms of I need to demonstrate money; I don’t have enough of it. Well, you’re lost. It’s not gonna work or it’s not gonna work very long. Again, companionship is not something you get. You know now from the story that I just gave it’s something you give, you pour it out from within you. And so if you’re going to demonstrate your Christhood the principle must be the same with supply. It must be something you pour out from within your Christhood from the center of your being.

So now how do you pour out supply, especially when you don’t have any?

Well, that’s a mistake. There’s never a time when Christ does not have supply. “Son … all that I have is thine.” All that God has. What does God have? Does God have money? Now, really seriously. Does God have money? No, because God is an invisible spiritual Presence. God doesn’t have money. What is supply? If supply is not money, what is supply?

Joel always tells us the story about the oranges, and he talks about the oranges on the tree and when the oranges are used up and given away or thrown away, in one way or another an invisible substance begins to form itself as the oranges. You remember that from the book The Infinite Way in the chapter called Supply? And he says in the Kailua study series that evidently very few people have hooked that up, that principle up with themselves. And you know it because they’re not demonstrating supply! They’re still calling him. “Oh, please help me. I have a problem with supply.” It’s because they’re thinking of supply as money, finances, stocks, bonds, income, and that’s not supply at all. Then what is supply?

I discovered it like this. I discovered it in this, pretty near the same experience I just shared with you, that by pouring out love, life gave me love back. That waitress seeing across that restaurant came and gave me love in the form of service to me. That was the love that I had poured out. It comes back heaped up, pressed down, and running over. Christ Jesus did not lie. That principle is correct. To him that hath, it shall be given.

And Joel points out that there are many ways to prove that you have. How do you prove that you have supply? Well, how did I prove that I had love? By giving it away. Right? Right! How do I prove I have money? Let’s take money. How do I prove that I have money, that I own it, that it’s mine. I prove it by giving it away. Now remember, I’m telling you this principle not so that you will think how great I am. Please! Don’t go there. But so that you can see how to live it, how to live your Christhood.

Now last month we gave away over a thousand dollars. We don’t give that much every month, but we give something every month, and last month it just happened to be over a thousand dollars. It was the right thing to do. It seemed indicated, and I can tell you that the more that you pour out, the more comes back. But if you do it for that reason, if you start taking inventory like an accountant and keeping track – well, let’s see now. I gave away two hundred dollars, so some thirty, some hundred – I should get back at least, you know, six hundred dollars. Just don’t go there! Just don’t do that. Okay? It’s all and – it’s all and nothing. It’s a thousand to nothing.

Our job is to live our Christhood and not worry about how life will give – reflect that back to us. We can know that it’ll be heaped up, pressed down, and running over and that will be filled with joy, and that’s all we need to know. And so last month we gave away over a thousand dollars to different places, and we can sit back and rest and know that the universe is going to pour that back somehow. I don’t know how. I know it’s already started because several people have also given to us online as well as in other ways. Finding gifts in the post office box.

Now that’s one way. You can pour out money, and Joel says you can even do that even if you do not seem to have enough. You can pour that out in little ways and see what happens. Do you remember he discussed so beautifully how in the early days he would charge for his practice. Somebody would call or write or cable and say please help me, and he would help them, and then he would send out a bill for twenty dollars or twenty-five or whatever he was charging. And the people were having problems and they couldn’t seem to pay him. You remember what happened? I remember it.

He said he was taking a walk one evening and he didn’t have the money for a bus or a cab, so he was walking. And on the walk suddenly he had a realization: I Am That I Am. Only it was no longer just words; it was a realization, and he realized I am supply. Oh, I. Yes. That substance at the center of my being that in a tree forms oranges in me can form money. It can form housing. It can form cars. It can form clothes. It can form a body. It can form a companion. Yes, I am supply.

Now, if I am supply, then why do I have to look for it out here?

And immediately he made the decision he was no longer gonna send out any bills ever again. And people continued to call and ask for help and he continued to meditate for them, but he no longer sent out bills. And within a day or two somebody, he saw somebody in an elevator and they said, “Oh, hey Joel. I owe you two hundred bucks. Here.” You see, by pouring out, by demonstrating his Christhood by pouring out service and money, he stopped looking for a return and just rested in his Christhood, and the universe started pouring back, heaped up, pressed down, and running over.

And I know whether – I don’t know if you realize this – but I paid attention really close, anybody that’s living these principles I look at them almost under a microscope to see what they’re doing. And Joel Goldsmith gave away eighty percent of his income. Eighty – 8-0 percent he gave away to spiritual foundations, to universities and to higher education, different programs. He gave it away, eighty percent, and the twenty percent that he kept was more than enough to take care of him and let him live in the beautiful islands of Hawaii and travel the world.

So he demonstrated Christhood. And you have to start somewhere, so you give what you have to give. To him that hath, it shall be given, and that’s where I started. How do you prove that you have something, that you own it? The only way you can prove that you have it, that you own it, is to give it away. If I say I have this – we’re still talking of money here – if I say I own these five dollar bills right here, this five dollar bill, but I’m clutching it to myself – well, I don’t really own it. It kind of owns me. But if I have the ability to give it away here – yeah, sure, take it – without any thought of return, just pouring out the same way I would pour out love or service – then I prove that I own it. If I own it I can do what I want to with it including give it away. You see that?

So in relationship to supply – and now supply is that spiritual substance. Do you understand that? That spiritual substance at the center of your being which you have to find a way to let that imprisoned splendor escape. You have to find a way to share that substance in acts of kindness, especially acts of kindness where you don’t get found out; they’re anonymous. In flowing out your funds, your gifts of money, your gifts of clothes. In service. In time. In prayers when you pray for others. In love when you love God inside of his creation. This is the way you live your Christhood and prove that you have. You have companionship, and you are a companion. You have supply, and you can pour out things and service and money and love, and you prove that you have.

To him that hath, it shall be given. Now prove that you have it by giving it away.

Does that clear that up some? It may not change the picture out here in a day or two, but consistently practicing Christhood, the universe will reflect back to you Christhood and will reflect back to you all that I have is thine. Because the principle is: To those who serve God through their fellow man, the promise is literally kept. Son … all that I have is thine.

Now what about health? What about life? That confused me for a long time. I could see how I could pour out love and the universe would give me love. I could see how I could pour out supply in things and money and service, and the universe would give back supply. But I could not see how do you pour out health so that the universe would give you back health or life? How do you do that? And it puzzled me, and I looked at it and looked at it, and I finally came to see.

Well, this morning I went on a walk. Now I’m – in a few months – well, I’m headed towards sixty, and I took a walk this morning and I walked for about a mile. And here in the mountains it’s not a flat walk. You go up some really steep hills and down and up and down and around. It’s the mountains. And when I take my walk in the morning there’s a dog – you know this thing about companionship? Even the animals start to come to you because they recognize Christ. And there’s this dog that lives down the street and he sees me come out my front door and here he comes barreling up the street, just dying to be with me. (chuckles) His name is Rocket I found out, and so Rocket is rocketing up the street, and he’s about ten years old, and he comes rocketing up the street and wagging his tail and next to me. He’s like part wolf, so he’s really furry, and I pet him and I say, “Oh hi. Are you gonna join me on my walk?” And off we go and we walk for about a mile and we come back and then he slowly walks back home and I come in my house.

Okay, well when I share that walk with him and I pet him I am pouring out energy. Am I not? I’m pouring out life. I’m pouring out health. Now what about when you guys call or send me an E-mail and say, “Would you pray for me? I’m having this problem.” And I sit down and recognize that there’s no such problem and no such life. That right where you are, God is, and God is the life. God is the substance. God is the health. God is the only being, and all that God has is you. Am I not pouring out life and health? Yes, I am. I’m pouring out a realization of health, realization of life.

Now, again please don’t think I’m trying to brag. I’m not. I’m showing you how the principle works. I am involved in many places. I’m involved in a twelve-step organization and I work with people that are abusing drugs and alcohol and want to stop. And I work with those people because I myself had a problem forty-one years ago, forty-two years ago, and what freed me from it was spiritual principles. And so I work with these people to teach them to help them to learn these spiritual principles that they themselves might find the same freedom in God or freedom in Christ or freedom in whatever higher power they choose.

Now in addition to that you know that I work with the principles of The Infinite Way and teaching some of those principles and sharing some of those principles with whomever will desire to download these talks. And you know that I have practiced taking the old Herb Fitch talks from reel to reel, putting them on the computer, cleaning them up some, converting them into MP3’s and sometimes typing them out and editing them and making sure they match the talks into an e-book, and I even took the twenty-five tapes of The Revelation of St. John and turned them into a hard copy which was put into print as a two-volume set of books. And so in that way I’m pouring out the message of The Infinite Way to the universe.

You know also that my wife and I have special needs foster children, and these foster children have been severely abused and they don’t always come to us in the greatest shape. Often they’re very, very angry, and we have had little children that are violent, and we had one little boy that every night at six o’clock he would say, “I’m gonna get a hickory stick and beat your ass.” Little six-year-old. He was about three feet tall, and he was just spouting out what he had heard. And we had another child that would mark her room or some room the way a cat will mark it instead of using the bathroom like the rest of us. And we had one girl whose arm was severely burned because her father was teaching her a lesson and held it in the fire. And we had another girl who watched her father murder her mother while she hid under the bed. And we had another boy who had to wear eight sets of clothing, one on top of the other, to bed at night, and so I guess you can imagine what happened to him at night.

And so the point is that we get these children and they’re very angry, very hurt, and we work with them for a few years. And with these principles, these spiritual principles, looking through all that muck to the Christ at the center of their being, it doesn’t mean that we permit them to do these things. We tell them that these behaviors are unacceptable, and we teach them, we help them learn other and more appropriate behaviors, and they turn into sometimes very fine human beings, and even better than that, sometimes they begin to grasp these spiritual principles. The point is, they heal, and we’ve proved it over and over again. Often we get them with as many as nine medications, and usually when they leave here they’re on nothing.

So the point is, we work with these troubled children and we have for twenty-odd years. In fact, two more children and we’ll be on our one-hundredth child (121 now). And so, you can see – can you not see that the principle to him that hath, it shall be given, that I’m living that principle, and that that is living Christhood. Pouring out in the twelve-step program, pouring out in The Infinite Way, pouring out with these children, pouring out in the neighborhood. This is pouring out life and health and love and service. This is standing a little to one side instead of being selfish and self-centered, and allowing Christ to be demonstrated.

In the silence, when I become silent, I have a period every day most days if I can remember, I have a period where I just get quiet and let the Christ pour through. I just feel that presence and I let it flow to whomsoever it will in a service to mankind. And so my life is filled with companionship, it’s filled with supply, and it’s filled with life, with health. But why? Have I sought these? Have I prayed for these? No. Oh no. No.

This presence, this presence within, this substance at the center of being, this wonderful, beautiful Christ flows out, forms itself in acts of kindness, in acts of service, in acts of love. Sometimes in acts of responsibility, but it flows out.

It pours itself out, and because it does I am standing in the center of Christ consciously aware of It forming itself, and I know that I will never be alone, and I know that all that the Father hath is mine, and I know that my life, God life, Christ life, is eternal and will never die. And so I am consciously aware of Christhood living itself, practicing itself. I am standing, living, being the principle: to him that hath, it shall be given. Heaped up, pressed down, and running over.

Now do you see that it’s time for us to stop thinking in terms of my supply, my companionship, my health, my life? Do you see it’s – it’s time to surrender all that? Just throw it away. Just let it go, I mean. Let it go. Bring your attention into the answer. Remember? Joel told us how many times that the answer’s not in the problem. Do not meet a problem on the level of the problem, and the problem is a personal sense of existence, and the answer’s not there! That has to die! So let it go. The answer has to be in the answer: To him that hath, it shall be given.

But it can’t be a principle you know with the mind. It has to be a principle you live or you allow to live you. You must be the Christ now pouring out from the center of your being all that the Father hath. We say that we are ready to die and be reborn. Well, this is the way it works. You die to a personal sense of self and you are reborn as Christ living Itself, pouring forth that which the Father has, which is infinity. Yes, to him that hath, it shall be given, but you must prove that you have by giving it away.

Now, there’s not one of you hearing this that cannot begin to pour. It does not mean that you have to pour with things. You can pour with service and love too, which will eventually spread over into things and into funds. But eventually you must be the Christ that pours out in all of your affairs. You can’t be the Christ in part of your affairs and human in the other part. I remember when I was working in a factory I used to stay over and work just a little bit longer, and I had already clocked out. I did it just as a service to the company. See, there’s a lot of ways to pour, a lot of ways. And I guarantee you, it returns heaped up, pressed down, and running over.

You stand in an infinite kingdom. You stand in an infinity of supply. You stand in the ever-present, omnipresent companion. This is Christhood. This is why you are here. If enough of us will do this we shall demonstrate Christhood around the earth, around the world. And anyone, anywhere reaching out will touch Christ, and the torch will be passed, and our light will light their light until the universe is transformed from earth to Christ.

How about you join me? How about you decide now to step out of humanhood and begin demonstrating Christhood? How about you go within and discover that substance at the center and let it pour out itself. You will be amazed. You will be astounded. You will find amazing, wonderful things happening. You’ll find yourself – well, you will discover the temple not made with hands, the temple that will stand eternal in the heavens, and it will be your resting place. It will be your being.

Now let us be still for a moment while we see if there’s anything else left to pour out.

Yes, there’s one other area I forgot to tell you about. It may be important, and that is about four or five years ago I discovered that I could do something else besides go down and buy another copy of Windows. I have nothing against Windows except that I discovered that there were several organizations working on something called Linux, which is open source software.

Now what’s open source software? Well, that’s – you can take the software that they wrote, which is an operating system like Windows, and you can change it. You can package it, put your own name on it, sell it. You can do anything you want to. You can share it with anybody. It’s absolutely free, completely free a hundred percent. And I like that. And the people that were writing this software were people like me who had some knowledge of computer science and were able to program in the language of C or C++ or machine language or assembly language. They were able to program and so they wrote these programs and they gave ‘em away to humanity, and I like that. I like that principle. Something about that sounded really good to me.

So I investigated and I put Linux on my computer and I love it. I absolutely love it. I’m using Linux (L-i-n-u-x) Linux Mint, Linux Mint 13 (19 now) interestingly enough called Maya, which we know is illusion. (chuckles) So I’m using an illusion on my computer and I love it. I just absolutely love it. And I investigated it and got into it and discovered some useful things and I went on the web and I found different Linux websites and I shared things and wrote some tutorials and in that way was able to give back to the Linux community worldwide, and I donated some money to different Linux operating systems like Mint and Ubuntu and Solus operating system and Descent operating system and Debian and things like that.

So in that way I was able to pour into the computer communities which had already given me so much. And sometimes those gifts are anonymous. I just go online there and I find their website and I donate using Paypal and they don’t know my name because it comes to them under Mystical Principles and so I’m able to do that anonymous. Now I’m telling you there’s only nineteen of you, eighteen of you and hopefully you’ll keep it a secret and the only purpose of it is to show you that this principle can be practiced anywhere in the world. To him that hath, it shall be given. And so I gave away to these different operating system websites because they’re doing really good work and they’re giving it away to the world. You see?

So there’s lots of ways to give. Lots of ways to practice this principle, and I live by this principle. To him that hath, it shall be given. And interestingly enough, I didn’t really know until making this talk today that I am practicing Christhood, and I’m sure glad because it really has come back heaped up, pressed down, and running over. Anyway, that’s the principle today. To him that hath, it shall be given. You must die to a personal sense of companionship, to a personal sense of supply, and to a personal sense of life and health. You must demonstrate Christhood, and the sooner the better. You can’t live as a human. Remember? You can’t pull God into a human sense of existence says Joel. And he’s right. God will only express as Christhood.

And so you either stand on the principle to him that hath, and you begin proving you hath by practicing and demonstrating Christhood, or you stay in humanhood and prove that you have not, because to him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath because he thinks that’s all he has. All right? All right.

So now all of you need to demonstrate Christhood by pouring out from that substance at the center of your being, pouring out love, pouring out service, pouring out substance, pouring out supply, pouring out life, pouring out health, pouring out prayer. I expect that of all of you. I expect that you really do want to live as Christ. And so who is my mother? Who is my brother? Those that pour out their Christhood, and so in that sense I would say to you Happy Mother’s Day.



Good afternoon.

This is Sunday, May 5th,  2013. Or Cinco de Mayo as it is called where I grew up in Southern California. We have just completed, most of us, perhaps all of us, listening to Herb Fitch’s series of talks from the 1990 Chicago Healing seminar and before that the Preparation talks and before that the talks I made called The Uncomfortable Talks, and this talk today might be another one of those Uncomfortable Talks. Because today we’re going to take the veil off. We’re going to remove the veil today, now – and as you know, Jesus was crucified for removing that veil because he made himself “equal with God.” So be still, be receptive. Listen to your own indwelling Presence and let the veil be lifted from before your eyes.

I am going to guess that everyone listening to this talk knows what the veil is. It’s had many names. Some have called it the glass darkly. That would be a dark veil, wouldn’t it? Some have called it illusion, Satan, Maya, hypnotism, duality, universal belief in good and evil, the belief in two powers, or sense perception, or personal sense. We’ve all read where Joel talks about the need to surrender, come up over personal sense, and that the personal sense of existence will bar one from the kingdom of heaven. And we see that, we read it. Perhaps we understand it intellectually, and then we put down the book, eject the tape, turn off the CD, click off the MP3 player, and we get up and we go about our business as a person. And maybe we remember once a day to think about God or read about God or hear about God. Maybe we even become still as a person and attempt to meditate on God. And yet the veil is not lifted. Still we continue in a sense of me and God.

You can see that this thing called personal sense is – well, it doesn’t want to move, does it? Yet that’s the very veil that covers a realization of God. Surely you know now, because I know I’ve pointed it out, what realization is. Or maybe you only know what realization is not, which is also helpful. A realization of God is not when you sit down and think and ponder God’s magnificence. When you sit down and envision in your mind, infinite, an infinite being, an infinite Presence. When you sit down and ponder the glory of infinite love, an endless sea of love. You contemplate these things in your mind, and yet there’s still a you contemplating a being. There’s still two, and if there’s two, the veil has not lifted.

It’s very stubborn, this sense perception. It does not go back just 40 or 50 years. It goes back 40 or 50 centuries at least. Do you remember when you were a child and perhaps you had a pet and that pet died? If you were unfortunate, it ran out under a car and was killed. Or perhaps it just lived out its years and at 17 or 18 it passed away. I remember as a child a neighbor poisoning one of our animals and so it died. Do you remember praying to God up in the sky somewhere it would take care of your little pet? I do. I always had a belief in God and I prayed, “Take care of Fluffy.” And you know – there is no such God. I was praying to a belief. Not only that, I wasn’t even praying to my own belief. I was praying to a universal belief. There’s no such God up in the sky. None whatsoever. Yet many of us prayed to just that belief, didn’t we?

And you remember going to church if you did? I remember being sent to Vacation Bible School because my mother was working and there was no one to watch us, so she thought that that would be a good place to keep us busy while she worked until she got off and could come pick us up. So off we went to Vacation Bible School even though my mother was an atheist she said, and there was no dad around, so she sent us to Vacation Bible School and there we learned to color and work with crafts and sing songs and go on field trips and be taught about a man named Jesus. And I remember saying to the – well, it was the middle of the day, late morning, and we were working on crafts of some sort. Think we were gluing tongue depressors together making little cabins out of ‘em or something, or maybe making crosses and decorating the crosses – something like that. And there was a man up front and I raised my hand and he called on me and I said, “Where is God?” or “Who is God?” – something like that. I remember he looked kind of frustrated with me like he didn’t want that kind of a question coming from a six-year-old, seven-year-old, and so he said, “That’s God,” and he pointed to a picture of Jesus up on the wall, and that’s the one with him looking sideways and the long, curly hair and the light glow around his head. I think that really that’s a picture of King James, but anyway he pointed to that picture and he said, “There’s Jesus and uh, I mean there’s God, that’s God.” He seemed kind of short.

Anyway, soon after that he announced a recess and everybody got up and ran outside to play and his aides and himself went outside to watch the children, but I remained behind and no one was looking and I walked up over to that picture of Jesus and I looked for God and I looked and I looked. I could not find him and suddenly this inner voice said, “That’s not God, that’s a man.” I heard it as plain as that. “That’s not God, that’s a man.” And I stopped looking and I went outside to play and I forgot the whole experience. I never thought about it again until 30 years later.

So some people have the concept of God as Jesus, the man that walked around 2000 some-odd years ago and taught. They have the concept that he is half man and half God, the only son of God, the only begotten son of God. God in human flesh. And so they pray to Jesus. And I had a particularly desperate time in my life when I was – oh, 18, 19 – I think it was 19. Everything in my life was falling apart. My wife wanted nothing to do with me. We’d only been married two years. I lost my job and was fired. They said I had an attitude that the world owed me a living, and I hated my guts and I was contemplating suicide, how I might exit this world, which I hated. Hated the world and everyone in it, but more than anything else, I hated myself and I wished that I was dead. And I remember praying, but feeling nothing. No return, nothing.

I wasn’t even sure if there was a God. I started to think people are fooling themselves. Maybe Mother’s right. Maybe there is no God. People are just calling it God and it’s really them. And yet, I wanted – I wanted there to be a God. I really wanted there to be a God, something that I could turn to other than myself. Oh, how I hated myself! And one particularly lonely night I walked in front of a stained glass window on the side of a church and I looked up there, and there was a picture of Jesus and he had a lamb or – yeah, he had a lamb in his arm. He was holding a lamb, and I looked at that picture and I prayed to the picture, “Oh, please help me. Show me how to live. I’ll do anything.”

And I waited, and I felt nothing, absolutely nothing. Because you see, that’s not God. That’s a concept. It’s a picture of a concept of a man that supposedly lived 2000 years ago that was the only son of God. And that concept, the Christian concept, didn’t work. I prayed to it and nothing happened. And I suppose if something had happened and a cloud had opened and I would have heard a voice at that point, you might be finding me on a John Hagee program or – uh, ah yes, Pat Robertson. (chuckles) I looked it up. Pat Robertson. I’d probably teamed up with him or with John Hagee down in Texas or something because I would have been a Christian if I prayed to Jesus and the sky opened and I heard a voice say, “Follow me.” But that didn’t happen.

But you know, at the same time that I was going through that I was going to a little room in the back of I think it was the Green Hotel in south Pasadena and I was listening one night a week to tapes of Joel Goldsmith. And I was really out of place because I was 19 years old and there’s all these old fogies in there, people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s – and me, 19. I never did fit in real well with people my age. I think I got here as a senior citizen. But anyway, I was listening to Joel Goldsmith and I couldn’t make it work. I understood – I had a really good intellectual understanding of the principles, but I couldn’t feel any of it.

And so I prayed to that stained glass picture of Jesus and nothing happened, because there is no such God. I’m not saying there’s no such entity, being, as Jesus. Please don’t hear that, because I’m not. I love Jesus Christ. I really do, and I have felt his presence many times during my life, but that night I didn’t. And that night the prayer did not work because that’s not God. That’s a man. That’s a man with a consciousness of God. And so it didn’t work for me. That did not remove the veil. And even if it had, if I had had an experience I would still have me and Jesus. I would still have two.

And so onward I went until finally in a few months after that I found myself on my front porch steps at two in the morning or three in the morning and I cried out and I said, “God, Jesus, Buddha, Christ, Cosmic Consciousness – anything, anywhere – I’ll do anything if you show me how to live.” And inside myself a stone had been pushed away because inside myself I had become teachable. I had most of the prayers in the Bible memorized and yet I became teachable in that early morning. I was willing to do anything if I could just know God aright. And it didn’t come right away. No, it didn’t come right away. And yet there was a strange freedom because I was no longer trying to pretend. Now I could do like Joel recommended and I could ask inside, “Father, God reveal yourself.” And my total being became that prayer: “Father, reveal yourself.”

And one night a few weeks or a month or two later I was sitting in my living room. I had just finished reading something in The Art of Meditation. I closed the book and I put it down, I closed my eyes, and suddenly there was a Presence there with me, and that’s the only way I can describe it. There was a Presence. And there was a touch on the side of my face, a tingling feeling as if – as if entering my being, within and yet without, all around and yet touching my face. Very strange.

And with it came a sense of peace and I knew it was – it was Father revealing Itself. And I rested and relaxed in that Presence. And I can tell you from that moment, which was 1973, until this moment, and it’s 2013 – so what does that make that? How many years is that? That’s exactly 40 years, isn’t it? Forty years, and I’ve never, ever, ever been without that Presence. Oh, I don’t mean it’s there all the time during the day and night every single day and night. That’s not what I mean. I mean it’s there at some time during the day and night. And sometimes it takes over and is running everything. At other times it lingers in the background, but that Presence, that Omnipresence, the conscious awareness of Omnipresence has never left my being.

Yet as I sat in that chair there was me and there was the Presence, still a state of duality. Still the veil was not lifted entirely. And perhaps all of you have had your own experience. Have you? Have you had the experience of feeling in your meditation the Presence? Have you felt what I have called the Spirit moving over the face of the deep within your being? Have you been consciously aware of invisible Self? Have you heard a still, small voice? Have you felt lifted up by a divine light? Have you felt – well, here’s what Joel says. Joel says:

My sense of God is that of an indescribable Presence and feeling. I do not know God except through feeling. I feel the Presence all through me, through my chest, through my fingertips. No matter what the external circumstances are, even when at times they might seem discordant, I am always conscious of this Presence, a sensing, a feeling, an awareness.

And he comes closest to describing what I experience, because I also call it a Presence, or the Presence, or just It or I. At any rate, it is something that I feel. I feel its movement through my being, and I can’t describe that any better than he could. What did he mean when he said he feels that Presence moving through his chest? I do not know. I do not know. I’ve asked him, but he’s never shown me. What do I mean when I say to you I feel the movement of Spirit over the face of the deep? I feel it move across the waters of my inner consciousness. You – you don’t know, and I can’t describe it. But I know that’s what it is when I feel its movement.

So perhaps you’ve had your own experience as light. Maybe you felt flooded with divine love or perhaps resting back on a sea of Spirit or floating on a cloud of unknowing. However you have experienced the Presence, you surely must have by now, if you are one of the 19 or 20 people listening to these Uncomfortable Talks, surely you must have felt the Presence somewhere, sometime.

And you’ve prayed to this Presence, haven’t you? I know you have because I have. And perhaps it did not respond. Maybe there was no response because you located that Presence that you felt somewhere out there. Maybe you located that Presence in the deity of Jesus the Christ. Maybe you located that Presence in Siddhartha, in Buddha. Maybe you’ve located that Presence in Krishna or maybe even Moses, Elijah, Joel Goldsmith, Herb Fitch. Maybe you’ve located that Presence in Bill Skiles. And if you have and you’ve prayed to it, I am sure you’ve had no response because you still have me and that Presence.

And that my dear friends is the veil. That’s the veil. Now how do you have the veil removed? Well, over here there’s a chapter in Beyond Words and Thoughts called Truth Unveiled, and in it we are given a few hints. Listen.

On the Mount, in a high state of consciousness, Moses realized I AM, and thereby became I AM. Yet, there remained … a sense of Moses as is evidenced by the fact that he spoke of himself as being slow of speech. [And so he still had the I AM Presence and Moses, did he not?]

Jesus, however, not only knew the truth but realized and became the Truth: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” [Or I am the Presence.] Nevertheless, a sense of Jesus, the man, remained, because he said, “I can of mine own self do nothing …. If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.” This personal sense of self had to be crucified, as … it must be in all of us, or we will not … [have the veil lifted].

Jesus’ realization of the need to crucify, or rise above, the … mortal sense of self, enabled him to make the ascension. [Now here’s the biggest clue I have ever found]. The ascension is always the same: a rising above mind, above knowing the truth, to Truth Itself.

And so the veil is the mind that knows the truth. The veil is the mind that knows God in the sky. The veil is the mind that knows God in a man, in Jesus. The veil is the mind that knows God as a Presence somewhere, here today, not here tomorrow, back again the next day. The veil is the mind that knows. Yet, how many times have we been told the natural mind receiveth not God, for God is known only through spiritual discernment. And so the veil is the mind that knows. This is the veil. This is the glass darkly.

Anything you can know with the mind, any truth you know with the mind, any truth you have ever known with the mind is the veil.

Now says Joel:

In many classes and even in some of the Writings, I have said … I did not understand the reason for the crucifixion of Jesus: why it took place or why it … [took] place if it had to. It puzzled me, and [I,] I … frankly admitted this [says Joel]. It was not until the year 1963, when I myself went through the experience [of crucifixion], that the reason and [the] need for the crucifixion of Christ Jesus was revealed to me.

Now here’s a man, Joel, who flatly declares right here in black and white plainly for all time that inside of his being the mind that knows, was crucified. He went through the experience, and he says:

… after [the] … experience, the memory of it passed from me, and I could not bring it to conscious recollection, until later the entire scene was revealed to me … when I went through the experience of ascension: that [of] rising above [the] mind [that knows] to [the experience of] Truth Itself.

Now what was the ascension again? The ascension is always the same: rising above mind, above knowing the truth to Truth Itself. And so if you would have the veil lifted today, then today must be your crucifixion. Today must be the day in which you go beyond a mind knowing God to God. Are you ready? Are you willing? Are you able? Be still. Close your eyes.

A couple of years ago I introduced to you once it was shown to me the 1955 Kailua study series. In that – I said close your eyes. Now close ‘em. In that study, the Kailua study series, we were given the talk Experience the Christ and Experiencing the Christ, and in those talks we were taught how to pray and how to go beyond knowing the truth to Truth Itself. We were given a method. We were told that when a problem was presented to us that we were to know no truth with the mind. We were simply to close our eyes, refuse to respond with any truth whatsoever and simply to stand stock still. You remember?

In this which Spirit gave us through Joel it was hoped that we would discover each of us what that inner feeling is when Christ, when the Spirit of the living God moves over the face of the deep and announces Itself. And if you have had that inner experience, then you already know what that inner feeling of the Presence is, and so the veil is becoming thinner and thinner. And yet, it has not lifted because there’s still a you sitting there feeling the Presence. And yet, you cannot go beyond the veil until you’ve had the experience promised in the 1955 Kailua study series. You must have that experience first, which is why it was presented to you first so that you would have ample time to practice until the experience of the Presence of the living Spirit filled your being.

Now there is another step, the next step, the uncomfortable step. Joel hinted at it in that same Kailua study series when he said: Eventually, and he did it very quick at the end of the talk, just a paragraph or two at the most. He said, “eventually you’ll have to learn to do this also with the good things, not just with the problems.” In other words, when you’re looking at a sunset, when you’re looking at your spouse, your granddaughter, your grandson, your grandma, when you’re looking at a promotion, when you’re looking at a seminar, a spiritual seminar, when you’re looking at a beautiful lake – you’re to do the same thing. Close your mind. Close it to those concepts, the same as you would for a problem and simply turn within and open your spiritual discernment and wait. Stand stock still.

You are now to experience the crucifixion so that the veil will be lifted so that you may also experience the ascension on a permanent basis. But first the crucifixion. First you must become the living demonstration of someone who no longer knows any truth. You must become the living embodiment of one who rises over knowing anything with the mind. You must become a complete and total nothing, a state of receptivity, an utter and complete silence, a window to the Soul. And in the crucifixion of the mind I reveals Itself.

I cannot tell you ahead of time what the crucifixion will be to you, but I can tell you what it felt – what the experience was when I had it. Suddenly the Presence was there. I felt it, and I was realizing, resting in “I am in the Father and the Father in me, and I am One.” And the Presence spread throughout my body. I felt it. I felt that tingling Presence as my Presence. I and the Presence were one. And suddenly it filled the room I was in, and I and the Presence, that tingling light being was the only being, and I Am That. And suddenly it filled the house, and I knew I Am That, and I am infinite, and I knew conscious awareness was about to go infinite. And I, that infinite being, I Am. And there was no more me. There was infinite I, One. One being, one presence, one light, one life, one Self. Infinite eternal God. And there was a sense of be still and know I am God.

And this is an experience, and how your experience, what your experience is when the veil is lifted and there’s no more me and God, but only God, I can’t tell you what it will be. I can only tell you that it must be, and for this cause came ye into the world, that you might know God, whom to know aright is eternal life. And when the veil is lifted you will know “I am God, and beside Me there is no other, and I am Infinite, and I am Eternal, and I am beyond the beyond, and I am Omnipresence Itself.” And there you will find in that ‘now’ the mind, the little tiny mind that thought it knew something, is crucified. It’s gone, and the infinite Mind which was in Christ Jesus, the Omniscience Itself, is flowing. And you will discover that you live and move and have your being in this infinite consciousness.

And as we learned in the Healing Talks, any problem presented to consciousness – there’s no one to heal. How can there be someone to heal when I am Omnipresence? No. When someone calls or writes or asks for help, this is a concept presented to consciousness. You are to know no truth. You are to be still and behold truth knowing you. And as the crucifixion becomes complete, any good that is presented, as soon as you recognize it’s good being presented, you do the same thing. You stand still. You know nothing. You listen, and the Spirit makes intercession. Consciousness reveals Itself.

You have no more healing work. You have only to listen and behold consciousness revealing Itself. And as you crucify in each meditation the mind, then consciousness reveals its infinite nature, its infinite being always expressed as I AM. And it takes you and it dissolves you and it reveals I in the midst of thee am the only and the one Presence.

Joel describes this in this chapter Truth Unveiled as the Sabbath. See if you – well, see if you can feel this.

There must come a rest from the activity of the mind: taking thought for our life, fearing for our life, constantly knowing … truth … . There must come a Sabbath, and in this Sabbath [here] we live by Grace, because then we do not know [anymore] truth … [now] Truth reveals Itself … and we become the Truth [living Itself]. It is not an activity of the mind: it is Soul revealing Itself.

And finally over here he says:

As you have learned to work hard and long with the principles of The Infinite Way, [now, in this crucifixion] … you must learn to stop doing this … [you must] say to yourself, “Let me not trust in [the] … mind. Let me relax in God.”

And again he says:

You students who are ready for the Sabbath [that is, ready for the crucifixion and the ascension,] [you] must … [learn] … to rest back in [the] … realization: “Let my Soul take over [not the] … mind.”

For six days [he says] you have labored to study and train yourself, and those “six days,” … are for most of you many, many years. But there comes a rest …; [there comes the seventh day] there comes the Sabbath; and that is when you stop … metaphysical struggling … [you stop,] relax, and let Grace [let Consciousness] live [Itself] … .

And so The Infinite Way is designed, was designed to take us through the letter to the Spirit, to take us through the six days of labor to the seventh day, the Sabbath. To take us from the law of the mind to the Grace of God. To take us from knowing the truth to being the truth. To take us from the outside God and the concepts of God and the various myriad beliefs of Gods through the crucifixion, rising above knowing the truth, rising above the mind to an awareness of infinite spiritual being to the I that I am.

And consequently he tried to show us by putting that ascension and the experience of this ascension as the last chapter in his book The Infinite Way. After the chapter The New Horizon comes the chapter The New Jerusalem, and do you remember where we are told in Revelation that I saw a new Jerusalem coming down from heaven. Now the new Jerusalem is the new dispensation that comes out of the Consciousness which is in heaven. When the crucifixion is really complete and you have risen above a mind that knows anything, then Consciousness lives itself, reveals itself, expresses itself as the new Jerusalem, a new heaven, a new earth, a new Self, an infinite Self, I.

And so having experienced it, he gives us this:

“The FORMER THINGS have passed away,” and “all things are become new …. Whereas I was blind, now I see,” and not “through a glass, darkly,” but “face to face.” [Yes, the veil has been lifted.] Yes, even in my flesh, I have seen God. The hills have rolled away, and there is no more horizon, but the light of heaven makes all things plain.

Long have I sought thee, O Jerusalem, but only now have my pilgrim feet touched the soil of heaven. The waste places are no more. Fertile lands are before me, the like of which I have never dreamed. Oh, truly “There shall be no night there.” The glory of it shines as the noonday sun, and there is no need of light for God is the light thereof.

I sit down to rest. In the shade of the trees, I rest and [I] find my peace in Thee. Within Thy grace is peace, O Lord. In the world I was weary – in Thee I have found rest.

In the dense forest of words I was lost; in the letter of truth was tiredness and fear, but in Thy Spirit only [is] … shade and water and rest.

How far have I wandered [from Thee] from Thy Spirit, O Tender One and True, how far, how far! How deeply lost in the maze of words, words, words! But now am I returned, and in Thy Spirit shall I ever find my life, my peace, my strength. Thy Spirit is the bread of life, finding which I shall never hunger. Thy Spirit is a wellspring of water, and drinking it I shall never thirst.”

And see, Spirit is Thy Consciousness, Thy being, Thy Spirit which is the I of me, the I of you, the infinite I.

As a weary wanderer I have sought Thee, and now my weariness is gone. Thy Spirit has formed a tent for me, and in its cool shade I linger and peace fills my Soul. Thy presence has filled me with peace. Thy love has placed before me a feast of Spirit. Yea, Thy Spirit is my resting place, an oasis in the desert of the letter of truth.

In Thee will I hide from the noise of the world of argument; in Thy consciousness [see – Thy consciousness above the mind – in Thy consciousness] find surcease from the noisomeness of men’s tongues. They divide Thy garment, O Lord of Peace, they quarrel over Thy word – yea, until it becomes words and no longer … Word.

As a beggar have I sought the new heaven and the new earth, and Thou hast made me heir of all.

How shall I stand before Thee but in silence? How shall I honor Thee but in the meditation of mine heart?

Praise and thanksgiving Thou seekest not, but the understanding heart Thou receivest.

I will keep silent before Thee. My Soul and my Spirit and my silence shall be Thy dwelling place. [Again, my silence from that mind shall be Thy dwelling place.] Thy Spirit shall fill my meditation, and it shall make me and preserve me whole. O Thou Tender One and True – I am home in Thee.”

And so do you see how he waxed poetic when he experienced the ascension and the stillness and the peace and the oneness of I? And finally we have John describing the same experience as he witnessed it. This is John, chapter 1 of course.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

And now you see the Word to John is: Above the mind that knows anything is the Word which reveals Itself in a moment of silence. And so he says:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The same was in the beginning with God.

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

In him was life; and the life was the light of men. …

He came unto his own, and his own received him not.

But for you, my dear friends, you will receive him.

[And] … as many as received him, to them [gives] … he [the] power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on [him] …”

And so if you will step into this crucifixion willingly, knowing that it will hurt. Mind does not want to be crucified, but if you will step into the crucifixion, go through it, stand ye still, then you will have the power. You will become an expression of God, God Itself expressing.

[You will be] “born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

And the Word [will be] … made flesh, and [dwell] … among us, (and we [will behold] … [the] … glory, … as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”

And do you see John is describing the same experience, the experience of crucifixion, which he also went through, he and Joel, and the experience of the ascension. Now do you see why these talks are so uncomfortable? Because inevitably this is the path which Christ Jesus laid before us so that we may follow. Pick up our cross and follow and be crucified and rise again and experience a new Self, an infinite Self, an eternal Self. One divine, infinite, spiritual omnipresent Self as an experience, as a reality. Not something you can describe. Not something the mind can discuss. Something spiritually discerned.

So I invite you all, and we’re going to close with one more time realizing this:

Jesus’ [the Christ’s] realization of the need to crucify, or rise above, the … mortal sense of self, [the mortal mind which knows truth] enabled him to make the ascension. The ascension is always the same: a rising above mind, above knowing the truth, to Truth Itself.”

This journey is really an Infinite Way. This journey leads you out of mortality, out of a mind that can know mortality, into an eternal everywhere Self. And there is but one Self, and I, the I of you, am That.

You can do this. I know. I will help you. I will give you life eternal. I am the resurrection. Be still and know I am God.



Good morning.

This is March 17, 2013. I know my voice sounds a little strange, and that’s because in the last week or so I’ve been bombarded with reminders of allergy season, and I was so busy I didn’t sit down and do anything about it, so here I am with a perfect demonstration of allergies. But I’m not taking it too serious and hopefully you won’t either.

Well, it’s been a couple weeks. Nothing really hit me last week, so I took it as a feeling that I should just take the day off. I don’t mean the day off from meditating, but the day off from talking. And this morning I picked up a book I haven’t looked at in a long time called The Joel S. Goldsmith Reader. It says a selection from the writings of America’s most renowned teacher and spiritual healer. And I happened to have a bookmark in there, and I wondered what I had bookmarked. And I picked it up and opened it up to the place, and it’s a subsection called Spiritual Consciousness Reveals Reality, and the interesting thing is it sort of picks up right where we left off two weeks ago. It says:

You may wonder then, why there are such things as rotting trees or erupting volcanoes. Are they, also, of the essence of God? No, they represent our concept of that which actually is there.

And so there you see it and there you hear it. We are looking at our concept of God and calling it a rotting tree or an erupting volcano or an earthquake or allergy season.

In the kingdom of God, there is never a rotting tree, nor are there any destructive or disruptive forces operative. The German mystic, Jacob Boehme, saw through the trees and through the grass to reality. To all mystics, it is as though the world opens up and they see the world as God made it.

What does that mean “the world opens up”? It means that when you have the spiritual sense of existence, the world opens up. He explained it in his chapter The New Horizon. There he says what Jacob Boehme experienced. Here he tells us what he experienced and what he experiences. He says:

… in this moment of uplifted consciousness, we are able, even though faintly, to see ourselves free of material, mortal, human, and legal laws. … [He says]: The fetters of finite existence … fall away …

The “wider, grander view” is coming into focus. The freedom of divine being is becoming apparent.

The experience at first is like watching the world disappear over a horizon and drop down from before us. There is no attachment to this world, no desire to hold onto it – probably because to a great extent the experience does not come until a great measure of our desire for the things of “this world” has been overcome. At first we cannot speak of it. There is a sense of “‘Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended’ – I am still between the two worlds; do not touch me or make me speak of it because it may drag me back. Let me be free to rise; [and] then, when I am completely free of the mesmerism and its pictures, I will tell you of many things which eyes have not seen nor ears heard.”

And so he speaks of watching the world disappear over horizon and drop down from before us. In other words, like Jacob Boehme he says: To all mystics, it is as though the world opens up and they see the world as God made it.

God is the underlying substance and reality of all form, but what we see, hear, taste, touch, [and] … smell is the product of the human mind, or mortal … [mind or] material, finite sense. The sum total of human beings in the world, under what is termed material law – medical, theological, or economic [law] – has set up this finite sense of the universe which they see, hear, taste, touch, or smell.

Nothing is what it appears to be.

All right. If you have been wanting a healing, if you have been wrestling with a physical problem or a financial problem or a problem with relationships or any other kind of problem and you have been wanting a healing, today we are going to explain exactly why the healing has not come. And so if you will pay attention and take it serious, you will find your answer. And so he says:

All of us [can] … look at the same object, and every one of us might see it differently. Why? Because each one of us interprets it in the light of the education, environment, and background of his individual experience. To understand that what we see represents only our concept of that which is actually there is [very] important, because on this point we make or [we] lose our healing consciousness.

Now hold on there, hold on. What did he just say? To understand that what we see [hear, taste, touch, or smell] represents only [a] … concept [in the human mind about] … that which is actually there is important, because on [that] … point we make or [we] lose our healing consciousness.

So there’s your first hint. We’re gonna be specific later.

God created all that was created, and all that He created is good. Therefore, this whole world, whether seen as human beings, animals, or plants, is [really] God manifest. But when we see it, we do not see [God manifest] … . We see only our finite concept of it.

So where are we seeing that concept? Out here? No. We’re seeing a concept in the mind, aren’t we? And we’re turning to God and we’re saying, “Now how can I know these principles so that this concept will be healed?” – though we’re not saying it that way, because then it would probably alert us to what we’re doing. No. What we say is, “Well, what principle can I practice so that my body is healed? What principle can I practice so my supply will improve?” Is that not true? And your body and your supply and your relationships – these are concepts in the mind. And so you’re entertaining God, but you’re unaware of it because you see through a glass darkly. You’re looking at God, which needs no healing, and you’re seeing concepts, which need healing. Pretty strange, huh?

This is vitally important [he says], because it is on this premise that all spiritual healing is based …

On what premise? On the premise that was in the line before that:

This whole world … is God manifest, but when we see it, we do not see it as it is: We see only our finite concept of it. [So understanding that we see only our concept of the reality] – This is vitally important because it is on this premise that all spiritual healing is based, and a lack of recognition of this point accounts for ninety-five percent of the failure in spiritual healing.

So if you are experiencing failure in spiritual healing – it’s just not happening for you – it is because – well, there’s a ninety-five percent chance that you do not really understand:

(A) You live and move and have your being in God. You don’t have the conscious awareness of that, only the intellectual understanding of it,


(B) You don’t see that you’re living, seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling a concept, which is a blinder, which is a veil before your eyes, blocking out the awareness of God. And so you’re living in concepts in the mind. But you don’t see that clearly. You understand it perhaps intellectually, but you haven’t gone down to the depths enough to see through the concept to the underlying reality. Something more is needed than just a human understanding of this.

So he says:

Many metaphysicians are trying to heal the physical body, and it cannot be healed,…

I want you to know I’m feeling and sensing this underlying Presence right here, right now, my friends. Let us continue.

Many metaphysicians are trying to heal the physical body, and it cannot be healed, because there is nothing a metaphysician can do to a physical body, but when he changes his concept of the body, the body responds to [the] … higher concept. Then the patient says, “I have been healed!” He has not been healed: He was perfect in the beginning. What was wrong was not in the body, but in his false concept of himself and of his body.

If you can grasp this idea, it may save you from making the fatal mistake of trying to heal somebody or somebody’s body.

All right. I’m gonna read back over here the beginning of this chapter where he says:

The German mystic, Jacob Boehme, saw through the trees and through the grass to reality. To all mystics, it is as though the world opens up and they see the world as God made it.

And you know how I have shared with you the fact that in many meditations as well in the class that I attended with Herb Fitch, Healing Outside of Time, I saw God inside of everyone and everything, and everyone and everything inside of God. The two were one. My Kingdom and this world were one. I was aware of the concepts, the facade, the cover – but also felt I – well, I saw through to the underlying reality just as he says. Just as Jacob Boehme said. The world opens up and they see the world as God made it, and that’s what I saw. I beheld the temple not made with hands. And this is what we must see, “feel” (quotes around feel – f-e-e-l) – that means sense with spiritual discernment – we must “feel” this underlying reality. And so for Joel he says:

When I see your body through spiritual sense, [that’s in his meditations] I behold you as God made you, and [then] you … declare that you have been healed. God’s creation is intact; it is perfect and harmonious, and that perfect and harmonious creation is right here and now. But this cannot be seen with the physical eyes. It can be discerned only through spiritual vision, spiritual sense – through spiritual consciousness, or what is called Christ-consciousness.

All right. So what have we learned here so far with just a page and a quarter? We have learned that ninety-five percent of the problems in spiritual healing come from not being able to stand on the premise that God is all and what I am looking at with the mind is concepts in the mind. Not being able to go into that deeply to where I drop those concepts, spiritual sense rises and reveals – It reveals Itself, the temple not made with hands. And so there’s the answer to why spiritual healing hasn’t occurred. And so he cautions.

Do not try to reform the outer picture. When you meet with thievery, drunkenness, or any form of degradation, do not look at it, [look] … through it. Do not look with the eyes. Close the eyes or at least turn away. Look through [that] … individual, [behold]… through your spiritual sense the reality of his being, and you will bring about what the world calls healing.

It’s always the same, isn’t it? We could make probably a hundred million talks looking at this from all the facets of a diamond, and we would see the same thing every time. “Not by might, not by power,” but by spiritual sense. So let us continue, because we’re going to go into that a little deeper. All right.

Look through the individual, [behold with] … your spiritual sense the reality of his being, and you will bring about what the world calls healing. With your inner, God-given, spiritual sense …

Ah – a God-given, spiritual sense – not an intellect, not a mind understanding, because now that’s a spiritual concept. Right? It’s a spiritual concept. Now we have a concept of spiritual being, but we still have no awareness of it. We have no consciousness of it. We have no feel of it. Without the feel of it, the understanding is what? Yes, you all get an “A” today. It’s the letter, the letter, and the letter does what? The letter kills. That is why up here he says don’t make the fatal mistake. If you can grasp this idea, it may save you from making the fatal mistake … Why is it fatal? Because the letter kills.

He is so tricky with his sentences, the Spirit working through him. But when you study these things, it comes to you. So …

With your inner, God-given, spiritual sense, look into the heart of every man and see … Christ, and there you will find the most wonderful healing force there is in the world. Then let your feeling [of the Christ] guide you. Get a sense, or a feeling, of the Christ sitting right there in the center of individual being, and when you reach that Christ you will have an instantaneous healing.

Now he did not say get a sense of the Christ in his individual being or your individual being. No. He said get a sense … of the Christ sitting right there [at] … the center of individual being, one individual being, and so in your meditation you and I must get a sense of Christ as individual being. Not 200 million individual beings – one individual being. There’s one Son. So all the work is within you. You don’t deal with somebody out there. Joel says take nobody in your meditation. Do not take the person into your meditation. Do not take the problem into your meditation, because if you do that you’re still trying to fix, trying to heal, trying to improve humanhood, and that means that you’re experiencing that ninety-five percent of the problem is you haven’t grasped the premise that these are concepts going on inside of you, being presented inside of you by the mind. You must see through these concepts to one Christ individual being, and then sense it. Feel it. Get a feel of it, of its movement, of its Beingness, of its Isness. So he said all takes place within One, and that One is the I of you. So he says:

To bring about a healing of sin or disease, do not be concerned about a human being or [a human] body. [But] Become silent within your being: Feel [feel] the presence of God, the presence of Good, the divine or [the] inner Sense, [capital S, inner Sense] and then you will not be tempted to think of any one person.

No. Don’t think of a person. Think of an individual infinite being called Christ. In fact, don’t think at all. Get a sense of that infinite individual being called Christ. So he says:

It is not necessary to think of the name of the person … [or] his form, or … his disease. The all-knowing Intelligence knows [all about that, so] therefore when you feel a sense of Soul, [a sense of Christ here and now] … you will have witnessed a healing.

And down at the bottom of this page in real tiny writing it says: For a more complete explanation of this point, see the chapter on “The True Sense of the Universe” in [the book] … Spiritual Interpretation of Scripturewhich was published in 1947 for the first time, so the same year as the book The Infinite Way. Very strange that in 1947 Joel presented the fact that you have to go beyond the letter to an actual awareness, and nobody caught it, and so nine or ten years later – almost ten years later, because he first started talking about it in 1945 – so that in 1955 he had the Kailua study series where he came right out and said we’re going to do this now together, and then he went around and told the other students the same thing.

But we’re here in 2013, and I have to ask you: How many people do you know even in The Infinite Way that have the conscious awareness rather than the intellectual understanding?

In other words, how many people have the spiritual sense that’s operating them rather than an intellectual understanding of the principles?

Not very many. Can you count ‘em on one hand? So, the path is narrow and few there be that enter.

All right. So I went over here to The True Sense of the Universe because I already love this chapter in order to see a greater explanation of what he’s talking about. And remember, the basic premise of that two pages we just read are – what? You’re standing in the middle of God, but you’re appearing mind looking at concepts. If you find the way through silence, through standing still, through meditation, then the world will drop away. Spiritual sense will take over and reveal Itself, and you will say, “Wow, I’m living and having my being in God,” and you agree with the New Testament and the author of that statement. Or like John you might say, “Wow, now I see the temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens,” and that temple is one infinite individual being. And as you rest in that awareness, whatever it was that was plaguing you is dissolved.

The concept is dissolved and more of reality out here appears, or whoever reached out to that consciousness and is standing in the consciousness with you, Oneness reveals that where they are also this Presence is, and we call that healing.

All right, so The True Sense of the Universe. This is a powerful, powerful chapter. If you don’t have it, get the book Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture. This chapter more than any other in this book is the secret, and he says it. He says he’s gonna tell you the secret. Okay –

The beliefs we entertain about the body constitute our sense of body. [Right? Beliefs we entertain about the body constitute our concept of the body.] The truth about body is something entirely different from [your] … concept … of it. The body itself is perfect.

It is as immortal and eternal as God, Soul, which is the substance and Principle of the body.

Now you can look in the mirror and you and I would have to agree – uh – I’m sorry, this body is not perfect! (chuckles) It is beginning to show age at 60 years. Umm – what is he talking about? Well, he tells you.

Your body — seen through the universal material beliefs … [which is what’s going on as concepts in the mind] – was born, matures, ages and dies. [However] This very body when correctly known, [or] … spiritually discerned, is the very appearing of Soul substance, Spirit-substance, eternal being. It is neither functional nor organic. What appears to us as functions and organs are our false finite concepts of the activity of [consciousness] … appearing as spiritual body or spiritual formation.

So my friends you’re walking around – I’m walking around – we’re looking at Consciousness appearing, Spirit appearing, spiritual form, an eternal body not made with hands, one individual being, Christ. But we don’t even see it. We see the concepts, the universal material concepts handed down from one generation to the next to the next. And if we don’t see that clearly, Joel says we’re going to be attempting to heal something. We’re going to be attempting to heal one of these concepts, to improve it. In other words, we’re going to be attempting to add God to our humanhood, and it can’t be done.

I want to take you through this chapter if you’ve never heard it because it’s fabulous.

As long as we entertain a material concept of body, we will have concern for it — we will cater to it — … find in it both pain and pleasure. As we continue to lift our concept of body until we gain the realization of what our body really is, [then] we will find less and less of … pain or pleasure in it until we arrive at [that] … state of consciousness where we realize the body as an impersonal vehicle or mode of expression.

Think about that. We said in our last talk that, or we read that the Hindu mystics look and say, “Well, this is all illusion out here, so why bother. I mean it’s just karmic law that I’m paying and paying the price and when I pay it long enough it’ll stop. It’s an illusion, so I just accept it.” But Joel told us that Christ Jesus lifted that concept to a spiritual awareness of body, and then it was healed. Right? And that’s the difference.

So here he says: … we arrive at the state of consciousness where we realize the body as an impersonal vehicle … An impersonal vehicle. What does that mean? This is one of those uncomfortable things we don’t want to see or hear. Yet we say, “Oh, I want healing, and I want the healing Christ consciousness. Oh, but don’t tell me that!” And what is that that I’m referring to right here? The body as it really is is an impersonal vehicle. In other words, it doesn’t belong to you, the person. It can’t belong to you. It’s your belief that you have a personal body that’s killing you. (laughs) Literally. (laughs) You have no personal body.

And you know, he talks in the books and he talks on tapes and we listen and we read. Okay, yeah, it’s not my supply – it’s God’s supply. Well okay, yeah – it’s not my health, it’s God’s health. But here he speaks plainly. You have no personal body. The belief in a personal body is what’s killing you, because if you have a belief in a personal body, the person can die.

But here he’s trying to say: Lift it up higher. Lift it up. Contemplate, meditate. What is this impersonal body that belongs to infinite individual being? What is this one Christ body? Oh God, give me a conscious awareness of impersonal body, and when you have the conscious awareness or the feel of impersonal body, then you will know in an instant where we started, which is: It is as immortal and eternal as God, and it is perfect. You see?

It all comes down to that conscious awareness of, and so he says:

Every suggestion of discomfort or inharmony coming from the body must be met instantly with the understanding of the true nature of body as spiritual.

But you can’t do this in the mind! You see? You can’t overthrow a concept with a newer concept. I’m gonna overthrow a material concept by repeating all day long “the body is spiritual, the body is spiritual, the body is spiritual. It’s immortal. It’s eternal.” Okay? That’s not what he means when he says you must meet it instantly. Probably he should have used a different word than understanding. He should have said it must be met instantly with the awareness of the true body. See? That’s spiritual. Now that would have put us in a different direction. Ah! Okay, so I can’t do this on a mental level. No. Not by might, not by physical might can you wrestle and make God appear. Nor by power, not by mental power. Not by mental argument. Not by mental affirmations. Not by understanding. Not by a new spiritual concept – that won’t work. No – but by my Spirit. We have to go beyond the letter. Something has to happen inside of our consciousness, and that something has to be the awareness. And so he says:

Only as we understand that errors of sense exist merely as suggestion and false sense, can we find freedom from the pains and pleasures of the body. We are never correcting the body, its so-called organs or functions. We are correcting the false concept or sense of body.

You see? It’s not about getting God to improve this concept. It’s not about trying to make this concept into a spiritual concept. It’s about dropping all concepts, standing there still until the inner awareness comes. It comes – you don’t make it happen, and when it comes it lifts you out of the concept, and you have a glimpse of reality. Well, there’s a feeling, he says, that the world drops away, but this can’t happen, he says, in The Infinite Way – it can’t happen while you’re trying to improve it. But he says it probably won’t happen because it does not come until a great measure of our desire for the things of this world has been overcome.

You see, he’s not talking about whether you have to stop wanting money and you have to stop wanting fame and you have to stop wanting power and you have to stop wanting companionship. That’s not what he means. He means you have to stop believing that you can improve the concept. You have to step out of the concept. You can’t do that if you haven’t grasped the premise that you’re already standing in God. You can’t do that if you haven’t grasped the premise that what you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is only a concept. So you have to go inside of your being. You have to read, you have to listen, but mostly importantly you have to meditate until you have the experience of stepping outside of concept and having a glimpse of reality or spiritual discernment. Then, then you open your eyes – wow! Hey, my throat is getting better. Hey, it’s disappearing. Wow! Then you come to see “My kingdom is not of this world.”

Now we can change that. My Kingdom – let’s change that into: My Christ Self or infinite individual being is not of these concepts. All right? God is not of these concepts. That’s what it means: “My kingdom is not of this world.” We already said no illusion is ever externalized, so this world must be this series of universal concepts. So My Kingdom, My Presence is not of these concepts. My Being is not of these concepts. My realm is not of these concepts.

No. because above these concepts is a spiritual realm, governed by Love, peopled with children of God, and so my kingdom is not of these concepts. There is nothing of God or reality in the world we see, hear, taste, touch, or smell. And he says in the other book, The Joel Goldsmith Reader, ninety-five percent of the problems is not being to grasp the premise.

He doesn’t mean not being able to understand it – that’s easy. But can you sit down and see through the concepts and stand still until spiritual awareness comes? Until it dawns, like the rising of the sun at dawn. Can you have that inner experience? Well, he says:

The failure of religion in this age is due to [not being able to have that experience] … . Theology is attempting to spiritualize a mortal concept … — called man. [And] This man and his universe is no part of God …

Why? Because my Being is not of this concept.

You have no personal self! Uh oh! And that’s the big one, isn’t it? There’s no person here either. Now if that doesn’t bring thinking to a standstill, I don’t know what will. There is no personal self. Joel told me, “You haven’t got one!” I asked him in a dream – what about this and that? And he looked at me and he said, “You haven’t got one,” meaning you haven’t got a personal self. (chuckles) Why am I working so hard then? Then he says that’s ninety-five percent of the problem. Not that you’re chasing after riches out here, but that you still believe there’s a personal self. You still believe in these concepts, and it’s killing you, and it will kill you. Ah, but not if you rise out of this concept, stand in the awareness of My Kingdom, My Self, infinite individual Christ being. Then you have stepped into your eternal Self, and the more time spent in it, the more it will become your permanent dwelling place. So he says:

This man and his universe is no part of God, because God or His kingdom is not of this world. [Or this concept or this man or this person.] Be assured that if God were in this scene there would be no wars, accidents, diseases or deaths.

That’s right, but you can’t pull God into this scene either, not by might nor by power.

God, the infinite Power of good, is able to maintain harmoniously and eternally Its own creation.

In “My kingdom,” the realm of Spirit and Truth, there are no errors, no … defeats, [no deaths].

[So] Prayers uttered for the purpose of healing, improving or aiding the people or conditions of [this] … universe, reach no farther than one’s own belief … .

God is the divine Reality of individual being.

Now again, he doesn’t say of individual beings. He said the divine Reality of individual being. And so in his awareness, in his moment of silence when he looked through the concepts, he became aware of infinite individual being – Joel did, or he wouldn’t say it.

To avail [yourself] … of the harmonious government of this Principle, it is necessary to drop all thought of human persons and [human] conditions; [you must] lose all desire to improve humanhood …

And then when you’ve lost all desire – there’s two parts to this. He’s told us over and over and over and over and over and over and over, over the years: You’re not going to do good spiritual work if you don’t have the awareness of the nature of error. You can’t just go around with the nature of God and affirm it all the time. Well, you can, but you’ll die in poverty.

You must have both of them to have a complete demonstration, and here he is saying it again back in 1947.

it is necessary to drop all thought of human persons and conditions; lose all desire to improve humanhood …

And then you don’t have that ninety-five percent of the problem. If you really grasp that these are concepts in here and there’s nothing to do out there and there’s nothing to do with these concepts except to drop them and stand there very still and wait upon the Lord – if you understand that and you do that, then he says:

… let the Inner Self reveal in Silence the harmony, wholeness and joy of real Being.

Not of real beings – real Being. One.

So, is he lying? Is he making it up? Am I making it up? Is Jacob making it up? Or is there a way to see – okay, this is a concept. There’s no personal self that needs healing, and this concept’s in the mind, and now whose mind is it in? Is it in my mind? Wait minute! There’s no personal self here either. Well now I can dispense with both of them. Drop ‘em both. Drop all personal sense of self. Now God, reveal Your Kingdom. Thy Kingdom come in consciousness, in awareness, Thy Presence. Let me feel Thou, or let me feel the One Self. And stand still. And there’s a way to have the inner experience, the Inner Self reveal in silence the harmony, wholeness and joy of real Being.

There’s a way to see the world drop down from before you. There’s a way to see through the world to My Kingdom. There’s a way to see through the appearance to God inside of everyone and everything, the one Infinite Presence. Because if it were not so, I would have told you. Yes, it is a narrow path, but it is the Way, the Infinite Way. So, I want to get to the real secret here. We’re coming up on the real secret, and Joel is very, very serious about it, and this was in ’47.

Spiritual good is not composed of more or better material conditions. No amount of increased physical health or wealth can testify to the reign of Spirit … . We rise above sense evidence to find the realm of the real.

See? We’re getting down to the nitty gritty, huh? It’s about two sentences. Actually, it’s one sentence. “My kingdom is not of this world.” And there you go. So he says:

Soul power –[or] that which we contact within ourselves — results in what appears to be health [and] harmony and wealth, but these are not the same as that which is attained through attempts [by might or by power]. The harmony in our affairs which results from our contact with our Inner Self, or Soul, is the manifestation or expression of Spirit … [It’s consciousness appearing] and [it] is the “added things” which come naturally from the realm of real substance.

You see? It’s consciousness appearing.

[And] Finite sense beholds [consciousness appearing] … or spiritual reality, as [the] objectified material [universe] … or “things” and “persons”. Spiritual harmony is not attained by seeking persons, things or conditions…

No, because then you really don’t have the understanding of the nature of concepts or error, do you? But if you drop that, if you stop that, if you have risen above the need to fix any of these concepts and you see it clearly for what it is – a nothingness, an impersonal nothingness – ah, then you’re able to stand still and stop fighting, stop resisting. You realize – ah – I don’t have to work on that and Spirit, Christ announces and reveals Itself.

by taking no thought for these and seeking only contact with the divine Reality of you [Spiritual harmony appears].

Humans cannot put on or wear the robe of Christ … The human mind cannot be spiritualized — it must be “put off.” [And a personal sense of self must be “put off.”] … Developing a sense of receptivity; learning to silence the senses … gain … the ability to listen for “the still, small voice” — this is the Way. Human thoughts — even good ones – [cannot] … help.

So in treatment to close the eyes and declare truths, [or] make affirmations and denials, this is not the way of … Spirit … . [No, this is the way of letter.] Be silent – hold a listening attitude, be receptive, be still — and let …

Now this is the second time he said let, or third, and it’s always in italics.

… be still — and let the presence and power of God be made manifest through Silence — this is the Way. [The Infinite Way.]

… It is a silent state of Receptivity in which … Christ or Spirit [or] … God is manifest as … individual consciousness. It appears principally as a [quote] “feeling” [unquote, he says] of the Presence, and [this feeling] dispels the illusion of sense … [or it melts concepts].

Okay? Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. And here it is:

I want you all to understand the great secret of the universe.

And remember, if you have this great secret of the universe you won’t suffer from ninety-five percent of the reason for failure in healing. So you might want to really, really listen. Listen within your being. Not listen with the mind. Listen with spiritual discernment.

I want you all to understand [this] … great secret of the universe. Had the ancients known it, our modern living would be … in a paradise.

If we learn it now … we can help to usher in [a] … new Millennium. [Or a new heaven and a new earth, new Jerusalem]. The few who have known this secret in [the] past … could not teach it;

This has got to be an experience, doesn’t it? You must have some sort of experience.

it would appear that only a very few had the spiritual capacity to grasp [it] … . Some few understood it intellectually, but rarely was it understood in its spiritual significance.

So here is the secret which will do away ninety-five percent of failure in healing. Here’s the secret which will allow you to see through concepts and have that spiritual awareness reveal itself.

I am not a dreamer of idle dreams [he says] — but I have a vision of eternal Life. I would not have you … sitting on a cloud or anchored with your feet on the ground. My idea and my ideal is that you be rooted and grounded in Truth; [in the letter] [but] that you be fed with spiritual meat and … you drink waters from the wellsprings of eternal Spirit and Soul.

[And so] The secret — that which has been so rarely understood — is that spiritual meat and [spiritual water]…; and the secret is this: The life which you behold in man, tree … animal [mountain, sun, moon, personal sense of self, personal sense of lover, personal sense of friend, personal sense of student, personal sense of teacher], [that] life … is not a manifestation of God, and therefore is not immortal, eternal or spiritual. The life of material man or flower is mortal sense … [It’s a concept, a universal series of concepts which dance through our minds most of the time]; it is a false sense of Life [capital L Life] which is real. It’s a false concept about infinite Christ being.

The understanding of this truth …

Deeply when you see through it, when you have the experience of seeing through it – not the intellectual understanding. Oh yeah, I can see how that is. Uh-huh. No. (chuckles) That won’t do. The depth of awareness that sees through the concept to the underlying reality of the Isness of God – that experience will enable you to look away from the objects of sense; it will enable you to refrain from attempting to heal, correct or reform the mortal sense of existence …

And what does he say elsewhere? We read it. When that has been overcome, then ninety-five percent of the problem is gone. Now you only have to stand there until spiritual discernment reveals God in your midst, I in the midst of you.

as soon as you have conquered the desire to heal or improve the material sense of existence, the spiritual or real begins to unfold and reveal itself to you.

Bang! There is the secret of living, of life.

As soon as you conquer the desire to heal or improve the material sense of existence, it means you’ve seen through the concept. You’ve allowed ‘em to drop away inside your being. Then the spiritual Self, the spiritual or real begins to unfold and reveal itself to you. You don’t do anything to make it happen. You can’t make it reveal itself, but once you’ve fulfilled the condition, the great secret, then it reveals itself. And he says:

Do not take lightly what I am saying. This is the Great Revelation; this knowledge will clarify for you the Master’s statement, “My kingdom is not of this world”; it will reveal to you the secret of John … who beheld the universe … not made with hands, but which is eternal, as Consciousness appearing; Spirit unfolding; Soul revealing itself.

And then down here in another paragraph he repeats it in case you missed it.

The life of material man, the life of … tree, the flower, the animal — this is not … Life eternal; it is not the manifestation of … life which is God; it is a false, finite, mortal sense of [existence] … . Do not attempt to patch [it] up … [but] … turn from it and … [now with spiritual discernment] discern the Life which is God; “feel” [with quotes, “feel”] through your cultivated spiritual sense this divine energy of Spirit; become conscious in the Silence of your Soul …

And here it is again – one more time – in italics:

Let the divine harmonies appear as you disregard the evidence of sight and hearing, tasting, touching and smelling.

Believe me [please, he says, believe me] — this is the secret of secrets.

This is Life eternal to know this …

Yes, why? Because in order to know this, the personal sense of self has to be dropped and you have to be standing in your Christ Self or your eternal Life, the temple not made with hands, eternal. And finally, he’s gonna repeat one more time.

Only to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear can this vision become a living, vital Presence. Only those who have heard what is said by “the still, small voice” and seen what is visible to the “windows of the Soul” can discern “the temple not made with hands” — [or] the universe of God’s creating [right here and now].

This inner vision, this spiritual consciousness, this Soul-sense, comes only in proportion as we accept and realize the great secret: the life of material man, plant or animal is not the eternal Life of God; it is … finite sense — the manifestation of mortal, material sense. This false sense of life must be put off, disregarded, un-valued, … [dropped –and then standing in that stillness, in the silence] the real Life and its formations … become evident and experienced [as your infinite, immortal being].

Now, is that not a powerful, powerful chapter? If you see it as I do – if you feel it as I do – then you know that this is – this is just awesome! Just, just – it is the secret! And so there’s two parts, isn’t there? The conscious awareness that these concepts, these universal concepts of a personal self are nothing and let them drop. No more desire, no more attempts to heal or improve. We just let them drop. We cast our nets on the other side. We launch out into the deep. We let spiritual consciousness appear. We let God reveal Itself. We let the Father reveal My Kingdom here in our midst. We let spiritual discernment reveal infinite individual being. And we rest in it. And we say, “Thank you, Father. Thank you. Thank you for revealing yourself. Thank you.” This concept that I started an hour ago, this concept of a person with allergies is gone. It’s gone, and now there’s only your Presence. Now there is only your Self, and Father, fulfill Thyself. And we rest. We rest back. God is.

Thank you my friends for listening, for always bringing your consciousness to this work and blessings, blessings, blessings.


Good morning.

This is March 3rd of 2013. I have much to say to you today, and so if you will, please take a moment and practice the silence and invite the Christ to speak, and you will have a definite effect on this talk. And you say, “Well how can that be? You’ve already given it.” But that’s not true, because as you attain that silence and invite the Christ to speak, it will have a definite effect on what you hear, and so you will affect this talk. And because there’s no time, you haven’t yet heard this talk. It’s happening right now. So, if you haven’t done it turn off the talk. Find a place to be still, enter the silence, and just stop and listen for the Christ.

In the garden there were two trees. The one tree was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But there was another tree there, and that tree was the Tree of Life, the Tree of Eternal Life. For us – for everyone – we have been eating the knowledge of the tree of good and evil for centuries; many, many centuries. But those of us in this group have been invited to a new feast, a spiritual feast in which we might eat of the Tree of Life, eternal life. A life not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

And so the invitations have been sent, and we in this group have each received our invitation to come up higher. To come out from under the law of the tree of good and evil and come into the grace of the Tree of Life. You have your invitation; I have mine, and it is my feeling that all of us are ready. And of course that means we must find a way to go from the tree of knowledge to the Tree of Life. We must go from the letter to the Spirit, or the experience of God. We must go from the mind to the conscious awareness. We must go from a temple made with hands that is destroyed, a body of flesh, to the temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.

We must make this transition this time. We have received an invitation to the feast. We must come now. And so to this end these classes continue. And today we want to – well, I happened to glance down and see this book called Consciousness Unfolding by Joel, and in it one of my all-time favorite chapters, a chapter called Peace, and this chapter has to do with coming out of the human mind and into Christ consciousness, stepping out of humanhood and into Christhood, coming out from under the law and into Grace, coming out from the letter and into the Spirit. All the same thing. And so I thought we might touch some of the high points here. And this first sentence is so beautiful I can hardly stand it. I want to just put it on my forehead or put it on the wall, put it on the mirror. Put it everywhere. Write it on my hand. And it says:

My peace, the peace of Christ! More healings have been brought about through absolute silence than through all the arguments metaphysicians have thought up in the whole history of the world. When you are called upon for help, sit down and get at peace. Think no thoughts; just sit and wait. Wait. Be patient and wait for the peace of … Christ to descend upon you. In that moment of peace, without a word, you will witness healing.

Is that not beautiful? It’s like the other statement that I love, which is: Stand still, and in the silence you will feel the movement of Spirit over the face of the deep. That’s the same as wait for the peace of the Christ to descend upon you. It’s the same experience. It’s just colored in different words. The words that I feel are the movement of Spirit. The words that he felt were the peace to descend. It’s the same thing. The point is that there’s an inner experience lifting you into that Christ awareness, or lifting you into a moment in which you witness, you bear witness to the movement of Christ. Now says Joel:

The only value a treatment has is to lift us to [the] … point … in consciousness where we are ready for [the Spirit]… to unfold.

You know, in other spiritual paths it is true that they all lead to God, but they’re not all the same path. And in many paths Joel quotes in here, and I’m going to read it to you, the Hindu path, they feel that this whole world is an illusion. He makes reference to that in the book A Parenthesis in Eternity in the chapter Reality and Illusion. He makes reference to how they feel that the whole world is an illusion. It’s all an illusion. So why bother! And he says:

[This leads]… to a do-nothing attitude.

It’s an illusion. Why are you bothering? Only God is. Well [he says], that may be true in the absolute, but here you have people suffering in poverty and sickness and at the same time saying it’s all an illusion.

Recently there was a talk by Herb and it was put up on the website and somebody heard it that follows one of these paths, and he wrote me an E-mail saying, “Why that’s absurd! This whole thing is ridiculous! Why are you bothering with any of this when it’s all just an illusion? If you knew that only God was, you wouldn’t even bother with healings.” Now I don’t think he took that tone. He was probably a lot more loving, but behind it was this belief that it’s all an illusion, so why bother? Yes. In the absolute it’s all an illusion. In the absolute only God is here. But what these people don’t see is that no illusion is ever externalized. The illusion is not this world. Illusion is the way you see this world. All right?

There is no illusory world. You are standing in the middle of heaven. You never left the garden, but in your mind, in the human mind, you have accepted and eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and so you have – well, Lao Tzu of the Tao calls it, “You have 10,000 things – the 10,000 things, 10,000 concepts. Concepts of good and evil.

Those concepts are the illusion, not the world.

If you find a way to drop all concepts, even if only for a moment, into that vacuum rushes the very presence of God, and it reveals itself as an experience, not as a theory. As an actual awareness, a descent of My Peace. A movement of the Spirit on the waters of your consciousness. And that experience is the Christ mind, and when you see through the Christ mind you behold the temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, or the Tree of Life in the midst of the garden. You don’t see the concepts, and so the concepts in your mind melt, and when they melt the picture out here changes. You haven’t really healed anything, but on the other hand, as the concept melts it appears as healing.

And so for you, you don’t have to sit by the side of the road begging for alms, full of disease, chanting over and over that only God is. For you, you are actually making a transition coming out of the human mind and the concepts of good and evil and seeing that this is a spiritual universe. And you bring your body with you! It is also lived in. But listen to this in Joel’s words. I think he was on a roll this day when he gave this. I usually underline the important things, and this whole two pages is underlined from the same book, Consciousness Unfolding. He says:

The Hindu mystic may let his body die and may call that a spiritual demonstration insofar as “his kingdom is not of this world.”

You see? The Hindu will say, “Well, so what? It’s a disease. Yeah, okay. But all disease is illusion and this entire world is illusion, and in fact that body is an illusion.” And so he dies.

But Jesus said, in effect: My kingdom is not of this world, and therefore, I lift my body up to that consciousness where my kingdom is, [ I lift my body up to that consciousness where my kingdom is] and [now] I show forth my body as a spiritual body. This great truth is illumination.

You see that? If you have the book Consciousness Unfolding, look at the chapter towards the back called Questions and Answers. And on page 231 you’ll find the most amazing, amazing thing, and that’s what we’re reading. So – The Hindu mystic may let his body die, but Jesus lifts his body up. Right? This is a world of reality. Now listen. I have all this underlined because every word is important and can be meditated on. This is a world of reality. Here (he has in italics). Here is the world of reality. Right here and now is God’s kingdom. This is not an illusion: This is God’s kingdom.

All right, now again I repeat.

This is the world of reality. Here is the world of reality. Right here and now is God’s kingdom. This is not an illusion: This is God’s kingdom. [But] The way we look at it, what we see through our eyes – that is the illusion. But the world, itself, is reality. That is why we do not heal or improve it. We merely change our concept of it, because it, itself is perfect right here and now. You are the very Christ of God, the very life of God, made manifest. [But] We see you through the eyes of human concept, imperfect, but you are perfect:

You see what he’s saying there? He’s saying that we are standing in the middle of My Kingdom, but we are seeing it as this world. We are standing in the middle of a temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, but we are seeing it as the concepts of good and evil. And so the illusion is not in My Kingdom. The illusion is in the concepts, the knowledge of good and evil through which we look and behold My Kingdom. “For now we see through a glass, darkly; … [and] later face to face.” But that later for us is now. We have come to that later. It is time to see face to face.

We have been looking through the knowledge of good and evil, through concepts. Concepts, concepts, concepts. We’re given them everywhere. We’re given them at school. We’re given them by our parents. We’re given them by our race. We’re given them by the medical field. We’re given them by financial wizards. We’re given them by politics, politicians. We’re given these concepts and all of these concepts, so many leaves on the tree of knowledge of good and evil. This is what we look through, and this knowledge of good and evil planted in the garden – what is it? Come on, let’s be honest.

It’s the human mind.

That is the human mind. The human mind is the knowledge, or the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the human mind. And so every time you use the human mind and see through it and live through it, you are standing in the garden eating of the knowledge of good and evil. But every time you find that moment of peace, that silence within, you are eating of the Tree of Eternal Life, which is also within. You stand in the garden either way, but on the one hand you see through all these concepts, the 10,000 things, and you don’t see the garden you’re standing in or you’re resting in. But on the other hand, you see through the Tree of Life, that temple not made with hands. My Kingdom, eternal in the heavens.

And so Joel is right. No correction needs to happen out here. What needs to happen is a transition in here. What needs to happen is for us to melt these concepts. And he refers to this in his very first book. I read it to you before, The Infinite Way. He says in the very first chapter, chapter 1, Putting on Immortality, he says – well, let’s read it from the beginning because it’s so beautiful, and I’m sorry if you’ve heard it before. Get out of that mind and hear it for the first time anew.

“In the Beginning was the Word, and Word was with God, and the Word was God …. And the Word was made flesh.”

Which is, of course, the temple not made with hands in which you’re standing. You’re standing in the Word made flesh.

The Word was made flesh” – but it still is the Word. By being made flesh it does not change it nature, character, or substance. Cause becomes visible as effect, but the essence or substance is still the Word, [or] Spirit or Consciousness.

In this wise, do we understand that there is not a spiritual universe and a material world, but rather … what appears as our world is the Word made flesh, [or] Spirit made visible, or Consciousness expressed as idea.

All the error that has existed down [through] the ages is founded on the theory or belief of two worlds, one the heavenly kingdom, or spiritual life, and the other a material world or mortal existence, each separate from the other.

You see? There’s no such thing as two worlds. There’s no illusory world – ever! That which is made is not made of that which does appear. There’s no illusory world. There is the real world, My Kingdom, a temple not made with hands, viewed through concepts. And so he goes on to say:

In spite of this sense of two worlds, men have always attempted to bring harmony into the discords of human existence through an attempt, by prayer, to contact this other world, or spiritual realm, and … [bring It, bring God], bring Spirit … to act upon the so-called material [world] … .

You see, that can’t happen, can it? God is functioning now in that temple not made with hands, and you’re standing there, one with God, God in expression, or the Word made flesh. But you’re up here in this mind, in this tree of knowledge of good and evil and the 10,000 concepts, praying that God would please fix his perfect creation. It’s a form of insanity, isn’t it? It’s spiritual insanity. So Joel says:

Let us [then] begin with the understanding that our world is not an erroneous one, but rather that the universe in which we live is the realm of reality about which [we] … entertain a false concept. [So] The work of bringing health and harmony into our experience is not … getting rid of, or … changing, a mortal material universe, [he says] … [the work is in] correcting the finite concept of our existence.

And there it is, the very first three paragraphs in the first chapter of the first book ever written of The Infinite Way. And so you see, it had been there all this time, but we had to come to the place where we were ready to come up higher, and we are ready. And so let us finish this part we were reading about the Hindu mystic in Consciousness Unfolding. And let’s repeat it again.

This is a world of reality. Here is the world of reality. Right here and now is God’s kingdom. [And you are in it!] The way we look at it, what we see through our eyes – that is the illusion. But the world, itself, is reality. That is why we do not heal or improve it. We merely change our concept of it, because it, itself, is perfect right here and now. You are the very Christ of God, the very life of God, made manifest. [But] We see you through the eyes of human concept[s], [through the 10,000 things], imperfect, but you are perfect.

A Hindu mystic looks at this “illusion,” and closes his eyes and says, “This is not reality.” [But] That is not correct. [No, not in the Christ path, not in The Infinite Way]. This that you see is not illusion: The illusion is the way you see it. [what you’re looking through]. When you see [the] railroad tracks that’s not an illusion. [The] Illusion lies in seeing them coming together. … You are not illusion. You are the presence of God, but what we are seeing with our eyes is illusion. We are seeing an illusory concept of you. So what do we have to change – you, or our concept of you? [He asks.] … Hindu mystic says, “This world is illusion, so I will not bother to heal the body at all.” But the body is not illusion. It is the temple of God, according to the teaching of Christ Jesus.

Let us never forget this: This is a spiritual universe. This is the kingdom of God, and the illusion is not this world, but the universal concept of this world. The only place this concept must and can be changed is in the practitioner’s thought. When the concept is healed in the practitioner’s thought, the patient responds. Why? Because the practitioner’s thought is the only place where he can behold an illusion.

You see that? The illusion is not externalized ever. The illusion is in the practitioner’s thought, but the practitioner knows this. He doesn’t try to change it out here. The practitioner knows it, so he turns within. Well, we’re going to get into – the second half of this talk is going to be what we do about these concepts. He goes within. He becomes still. He takes no thought. He feels that movement. The peace of Christ descends, and the picture changes out here. But it’s not really picture out here changing, is it? It’s a concept melting and more of the temple not made with hands appearing.

So this Christ path is very unique, isn’t it? It’s unlike any other spiritual path that has ever been. All right. So he says:

We go within and ask for the spiritual kingdom, and then it appears outwardly right here and now. [But] When it does not appear, it is because your inner vision has not yet been changed…

You see, your concept has not been changed. Now listen, LISTEN! If you want to know about healing, he’s giving it to you right here.

When it does not appear, it is because your inner vision has not yet been changed: the light of the Christ has not yet touched it.

You see? The peace has not yet descended. The movement has not happened. The awareness is not there. You haven’t gotten the spiritual awareness of the temple not made with hands. You haven’t felt its movement through your consciousness, through your being. And so therefore the concept cannot melt because you’ve been knowing these truths with your mind only, and the mind is where the 10,000 concepts are. And do you know your concepts of truth are a part of the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Yes, they are – which is why you have to come up higher than that mind, and that’s what the second part of this is going to be. So says Joel:

See the world as Spirit. [Because] Seeing it as matter is the illusion. The world is not matter. This is a spiritual universe. Sin and disease are not actualities: they are illusion or mortal concept. Once you see that, you will never again try to heal the outside, as if it were actually something you could heal.

Now do you see how the Christ consciousness is developed to the point where when you look at an appearance you know it’s only a concept, and then you go within, drop all concepts, and let the Christ move? See, that’s what he was trying to do for all of us in the Kailua study. He was trying to lift us up above the mind, and he waited 10 years. He said that. He waited 10 years for the students to be ready, and some of you have waited a lot longer.

All right. Now I’m going to take a moment to be still, and then we’re going to go into the second half of this.

Okay. Now that we’re convinced that the only illusion is the 10,000 concepts, what can we do about them? Okay, so getting back to Consciousness Unfolding, chapter 2 called Peace, we’ll review it again.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

My peace, the peace of Christ! More healings have been brought about through absolute silence than through all the arguments metaphysicians have thought up in the whole history of the world.

Because the arguments of metaphysicians, the affirmations and denials, these all take place in the realm of the mind, and the mind we have determined is the 10,000 concepts. It’s the 10,000 things. The mind we have determined, the human mind, is the tree of knowledge of good and evil. But absolute silence where that mind is not functioning creates a vacuum into which rushes the very presence of God, and when we feel its movement, it gives us and brings with it the awareness, the spiritual awareness of My Kingdom. And so he says:

When you are called upon for help, sit down … get at peace [or find the silence]. Think no thoughts; just sit and wait. Wait. Be patient and wait for the peace of the Christ to descend upon you. [or for the movement of the Spirit on the waters of your consciousness] In that moment of peace, without a word, you will witness healing.

Now just for memory, let us look again at what he says in chapter 12 of the Kailua study series, which is called Experiencing the Christ.

Let me show you the principle [he says] … . Every time you engage in denial or affirmation you are in the world of … good or evil.

Well now, see there it is, and I didn’t even know it. I didn’t even know it, but he’s in total agreement that every time you engage in denial or affirmation, you are in the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So every time you go into your mind and you see a problem and you quickly think of a truth and you say something like, “There is no power in this; only God is present” –you have just entered into the knowledge of good and evil.

Let me show you the principle behind [this] … [he says]. Every time you engage in denial or affirmation you are in the world of either good or evil. You are in the world of appearances or the world of the pairs of opposites, which is the human world [or the human mind]. And so even if you change a discord into a harmony, you … merely changed one human appearance for another human appearance.

Do you see that? Now he says:

the basis of the new approach is this: No activity of thought is a healing influence.

No. No activity of thought is the Christ, is it? It’s not the Tree of Life. It’s not the Christ in the midst of us. No, it’s the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the midst of us, which we have to melt. So the new basis is this:

No activity of thought is a healing influence. Therefore, no matter what I know with my mind, [it] is not going to heal anybody or help anybody or save anybody or bless anybody.

So the mind won’t help. You have reached the place in your journey, my dear friends – my dear, dear friends – where the mind cannot follow. Says Christ to the mind, “Where I go, you cannot follow.” So says Joel:

as I observe discords and inharmonies in the world, I am not going to take thought. I am going to stop … have no opinion, no judgment. I am [not] going to make … [a]statement of … denial or … affirmation. I am not going to let the human mind into this … . I’m [not] … going to say it is no part of God,… [I’m not] going to say the only activity here is God. [I’m going to STOP]. I am going to put the finger on my lips.

Also the finger on your mind. Also the finger on the knowledge of good and evil. Also the finger on the 10,000 things. I’m going to put my finger on my lips. Yes, we can fill our thought with a statement like “Thy Grace is my sufficiency,” but it must be something … not pertinent to what we are seeing, [or] observing. If it is pertinent to that, we have entered the argument. We have come into combat … We’re back in the 10,000 things, the concepts. We are going to stand aside and not enter the human [mind] … . We are going to stand aside [with no judgment] … as to whether this is the devil or God, … As if it made any difference … what [concept I have] … .

Now, you see? Are you beginning to see what he says we must do? We must take no thought. So says Joel:

that’s why I say, don’t search around in your thought for some [truth] … that will be applicable, because you’ll miss the mark. [Miss the mark means sin, right?] The further you can get away from any statement that applies to the situation, the better … you will be and your patient and your own experience.

So Joel is trying to teach us how to see the temple not made with hands, or My Kingdom, or the garden in which we stand. He’s trying to teach us to see with Christ consciousness. He’s trying to teach us to come above that human mind, which is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which is the concepts. And so says Joel:

the point I’m making is this: In being aware of the discords of human existence, instead of drawing on … your head, on your thinking, on your memorizing of truth, now [I want you] to stand stock still, and let the Father give you the … truth … . Because [this] … is the way I have to do when I’m called [on] … for help. I can’t turn to [anybody]. [I can’t turn to] any memorized statements from my writings [because they don’t have power]. …

When I’m called upon for help, I sit down in an atmosphere of expectancy, [of receptivity] …

And so it is, when I am asked … for help, you [have] all notice[d] my attitude. It’s … one of listening. …

All right?

… Do not engage in controversy with any form of error. Stand still.

Now you can entertain a truth if you want to. You can entertain some truth that has nothing to do with the situation. Somebody comes to you and says, “I need help. I just lost my job.” You can say, “Man shall not live by bread alone” or “I am the Way” or “I have hidden manna” or something that has nothing to do with that situation, but that’s not the best. That’s not the highest. The highest is to take no thought. That’s the highest. And so we will aim for the highest. We will attempt when discord appears or just whenever we’re sitting down because we want to have a meditation – maybe there’s nothing appearing. Maybe everything’s perfectly fine. We will reach for the highest. We will reach for no thought. We will try to obey the Master. Take no thought.

We will try to do what our good friend and guide Joel has said, and we will try and STOP and inside of ourselves consciously realize that human mind is filled with the concepts of good and evil, and seeing through it, or using it to try to remember some truth or to try to grab onto a truth like a life preserver – using the mind at all, we are still standing with the blindfold of the 10,000 concepts, the tree of knowledge of good and evil in front of our eyes. And so it will not work. It won’t work.

We now have been called to a higher realm that is the realm of Spirit. So now when we are confronted with a problem or when there’s no problem, but we’re sitting down to meditate, we will come within, we will recognize and realize the human mind is the tree of good and evil, and we will drop it. We will stop. We will take no thought, and we will sit still. And as he says here:

More healings have been brought about through absolute silence than through all the arguments metaphysicians have thought up in the whole history of the world. … [And so sit down and] Think no thoughts; just sit and wait. Wait. Be patient, and wait for [the Christ], the peace of … Christ to descend upon you. …

That’s what we will do. We will wait for that movement, and if it doesn’t come, like he says in the Kailua study series, we will get up, we will go about our business, and an hour later we will do the same thing.

Learn to sit down and relax, [he says]. Whether the case is sin, disease, death, or unemployment; whether or not it is serious, sit down and relax. Do not try to “handle” it! Do not try to “work” on it. Do not try to “treat” it. Sit back and, in silence, create a … vacuum for God, for the Christ, to rush in. Sit down and relinquish the thought that the human mind is a healer: [Only] Christ is the healer.

We talked about that last week, how in that dream I was shown that only Christ can love unconditionally. Well, now we know here in this week that only Christ can heal.

But let’s get rid of some of those concepts, shall we? The Christ doesn’t really heal, since My Kingdom is perfect. But when Christ rushes in, the concepts melt and you see a little more clearly My Kingdom. And so as he told us in the very first chapter of the very first book in The Infinite Way, our job now is the melting of concepts, something that the human mind cannot do because the human mind is made of those 10,000 concepts. Only the Christ can melt the concepts. You and I must come up higher now where we can rest without taking thought and bear witness to the Christ melting those concepts, which then appears as more harmony out here. The harmony was here already. The harmony was here, but the illusion was in the concepts. So our job becomes that of melting or witnessing the Christ melting concepts. “My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth.”

That’s our job, to sit in meditation until the Christ gives that peace which melts concepts.

The human mind is not the Christ, he says. “My thoughts are not your thoughts.” So what good then is all this thinking we have been doing? The truth of the matter, says Joel, is … the human mind plays no part in any healing. Now this is the thing I want to get across to you in the second half of this talk is that when the human mind is still, when the human mind is not functioning, when the 10,000 things have become silent, when the concepts of good and evil are stopped, then into that vacuum that you create, that’s your invitation to Christ within you. That’s your invitation to the Tree of Life, and it does flow into your being, into your consciousness. And when it does some concept that you may not even be aware of is melted, and more of My Kingdom is revealed in which you’re standing.

And so the effort is to be effortless. The effort is to be but a witness, and you may not ever be aware what concept was melted. You may not be aware of it. And you definitely won’t be aware of how it works. You won’t be aware of how Christ melts the concepts. You won’t. Which is why Joel says in all of his writings I have no idea how this works! I only know after the fact – hey, look, harmony’s appearing, so some of the 10,000 concepts were melted. You see that? The mind plays no part in healing including understanding how it happened! The best that we can say is “I witnessed,” like he says in the Kailua study series. It’s like the person on the stand in a trial. They didn’t play a part in it. They witnessed this happening, and the best we can do is say, “I witnessed the presence of God, and when I opened my eyes harmony, more of the Kingdom appeared.”

So when we know this, then our path is not like the Hindus. We don’t sit around and say, “Ah! It’s all illusion. We can’t do anything about it. No. We recognize – no, the only illusion is in the concepts, and this I can do something about. This I can be still, knowing I can do nothing about except be still and witness. Create such a state of peace, such a state of receptivity, such a state of listening, such a vacuum, that into that nothing the Spirit of God flows and the concepts are melted. This I can do. It’s called the practice of meditation, and it’s called The Infinite Way.

If your consciousness is imbued with this silence, with this peace, then it is imbued with Christ power. Healing takes place through the consciousness of the practitioner. The state of your consciousness determines the healing of those that come to you. Not that the healing is yours. No – the healing is the presence of God, the Spirit of God appearing as your consciousness.”

So do you see what we’re doing, what we’re about? You have been called to a new feast, feast of the Tree of Life in your midst.

We must know the nature of God and we must experience (in italics, he says) experience God. We should not go on … the next ten years as we have been doing up [until] … now, just talking about God. The time has now come when we must experience God. … [Do not]… pass lightly over this part of the teaching, because it is the most important part of all. We [you and I, my friends] must see God while we are yet in the flesh, … here and now … . We must experience God through our periods of silence, our periods of peace.

Now, in talking of the 10,000 things, he says:

[Do] You see the danger of believing that your affirmation or denial is necessary, or that you have to think some kind of a thought … [or think some truth? What] if you were in a position where you could not think?…

How would you heal without a mind? [he asks elsewhere].

That statement, that question haunted me. How would you heal without a mind? And the answer: Without a mind is the only way that healing can happen. You see, the Christ mind is your awareness of the movement of Christ. Only Christ can be aware of Christ. So if you are so still that you become aware of the movement of Christ, you are the Christ mind at that moment, and that mind melts concepts and reveals Itself, Its harmony, Its temple not made with hands, the Tree of Life in your midst. And so the answer is: How would you heal without a mind? By bearing witness.

It may be true that you could never get away from the presence of God, as the Hindus also believe, but you do not benefit by it simply by knowing that. You benefit only in the degree that peace descends upon you with no thought.”

See where we differ in this path? That is why on this path we practice healing, though now we know it’s not really practicing healing, is it? What we practice is meditation. What we practice is stepping out of – well – stopping the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Stopping it long enough for the descent of the Spirit or the peace or the movement of Spirit. And then bearing witness to its movement, to its peace, to the Tree of Life in our midst. And then watching, waiting, beholding as I make all things new. So says Joel:

If we could have [total] silence for the space of half an hour, true silence, we would find ourselves in heaven.

We would find ourselves where we already are, but we would be conscious of it, because the 10,000 things – that veil would be lowered, and we would see not through a glass darkly, but face to face.

Silence is God in action.

You know, there was an old – in centuries past there was a mystic that said God abhors a vacuum, can’t abide a vacuum anywhere. All you have to do is become empty of self – that’s the 10,000 things, the human mind – and automatically you’re full of God. And so says Joel in his words:

Silence is God in action.

But silence – understand silence now is just not this (pause for a few seconds). That’s not silence. That’s quiet. Silence is when you actually inside your being step out of the human mind, and it’s a state of no thought, a state of no effort, a state of no fighting, a state of no resistance. A state of peace, a state of stillness, a state of silent awareness, a state of witnessing, a state of just is’ing, being. No effort.

Christ told me in my dream I was flapping my arms rising up above humanity, the sea of humanity, and I looked down and I started to sink, and I knew that I had to flap my arms to get back up there a little higher, and suddenly this quiet, little gentle voice in my being said, “You don’t have to work that hard.” And as soon as I heard the words my complete being relaxed on that sea of Christ, and suddenly – whoosh! I was lifted up, up, up, way up. See? You can’t with the human mind flap your arms and rise out of the human mind. No. You simply rest back on this sea of Spirit. Feeling its movement, It lifts you out of the tree of knowledge. It melts the concepts.

You don’t know how! I don’t know how it lifted me. I just know that when I gave myself to it completely, totally, complete abandon, rested back with the allness of my being – instantly – whoosh! Christ lifted, and I was lifted way, way up. So he says:

… when a problem confronts [you], … whether [it’s your] … own or another’s, [please] … sit down … find that silence and … let, [let] the solution appear.

You see? Our path is a path of peace really. Let that peace permeate your whole being, and when you have accomplished that, sit with a listening attitude and watch the light dispel the darkness. Christ will lift you up, my friends. You are a witness, watching that state of peace do the healing. Be a beholder. How many times has he told us that? Only now, only to this day have you and I finally come to understand. Be a beholder of the activity of Christ. Watch it work in you, through you, and ultimately as your consciousness. And he says:

No mortal, [no] … human being, can see God or know God. Only the Son of God, the Christ consciousness of you … can … witness and behold the presence of God.

So that is why when you are not in the 10,000 things – that is, in the human mind, in the concepts of good and evil – when you are still, when you are silent, when you’re resting on that sea of Spirit and you suddenly become aware of the presence of God, you feel it, feel its movement. You feel that peace descend upon you. You feel the movement of the Spirit over the water of your consciousness. You witness the movement of Christ. When you do that – when you have that Christ awareness – you are standing in your Christ Self. You are the Christ, because only the Christ can witness that. And so you have left humanhood for that moment and you are standing.

Now that was John’s vision of the Christ, his vision of heaven while he was on this earth. He was right here. He was walking, talking, moving among people. He saw what no human brain or human eye can see. He saw the temple not made with hands, the spiritual universe, the spiritual body. That is what you – you, my friends – will behold when instead of using any thoughts you become a state of silence, a state of peace. When you have felt that divine reality, then you have seen the temple not made with hands, the body which is life eternal. And Joel told us in the Hawaii Hotel talks at the end of one of the chapters, he says:

It’s not easy to stop seeing human beings or the concepts or the belief in good and evil [or the 10,000 things]. It’s not easy to stop seeing human beings, [says Joel], but I finally made it.

Which is his way of saying he, too, saw the temple not made with hands in which he was standing and saw it with eyes open. He says on the next page:

The human mind is always offended at truth because [it’s] … a reversal of everything … the human mind knows. [Yes, it’s a melting of all the concepts]. Imagine saying to the human mind … when it is still and doing nothing, great and wondrous works [and] … healings can be accomplished!

And yet, that is what we are saying.

You, my friends, there are 18 of you – you have reached the place where you will be a witness of silence, peace, Spirit doing its work. There is a Spirit in man which can lift him up and guide him, and it will. It will, but the secret is – the peace that passes understanding. You see? You can’t understand that peace. You can never understand how it works.

How? How does this peace flood my being and melt concepts and suddenly I become aware of harmony in which I was standing, but I didn’t know it. We call that a healing. How does that happen? Just what does it do? We do not know. The mind cannot know. It will never know, but when you’re standing in your Christ awareness you can behold it. So he says:

Beginning today, at this very moment, remember: … your consciousness … does the work for your family, … your business, … your home, … your body. It is not some far-off God.

We said that last year – I mean, last week – seems like a year sometimes, doesn’t it? We said that last week. The only God, the only Christ there is is this movement within you when mind stops. And so It is what does the work.

It is your own individual consciousness when [it] … is imbued with silence and … peace.

All you have to do, and all you will ever be called upon to do, is to achieve that sense of [My] peace [or that sense of silence].

there is one thing … you must practice and achieve, and that is a state of peace within your … consciousness, coupled with the realization that it is your own consciousness which is the healing Christ.

In other words – well, he says on the next page:

All that the Christ consciousness is, is your individual consciousness when you no longer fear … hate … or love error … [or the 10,000 things or the 10,000 concepts].

You see what we’re doing? You see what the transformation is? See what the transition is? We are transitioning out of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, or the human mind and its concepts. We are transitioning out of illusion, as the illusion is only in the concepts. We are knowing that I never was this concept. You’re not this concept. Everything that I knew about you in these concepts is just concepts, and it’s a lie and it’s the father of lies.

Now we are transitioning out of the human mind. We are transitioning into a state of receptivity, silent awareness, witnessing the movement of Christ, the movement of Spirit on the face of the deep, the descent of the Holy Ghost, the descent of Spirit, the descent of My peace. When we witness that, we are standing in the Christ mind.

We are the living Christ, and that my dear friends is the only Christ there is, the only God, and that melts the false – the seemingly false – and reveals Its presence within and without as the only presence, and you open your eyes and “Behold, I make all things new,” and we see a new heaven and a new earth and a new Jerusalem descending. We see it. We actually see it. It’s a real experience, and we behold the revelation that My Kingdom is here and now. And what a joy it is.

And my love flows to you hearing these words, and thank you so much for your help today uplifting my consciousness. I have been blessed immensely, and I’m sure that you have too.

My Peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, giveth I unto you.”



Well, good morning.

This is February 24th of 2013, and the only reason I give the date is so we can listen to these talks in order. All right. The name of this talk I believe is The Inner Christ or That Inner Christ. And I’m going to share some things this morning that are my own individual spiritual experiences and not because – well, it’s not something I discuss very often because somehow it cheapens it if you discuss it. But in order to bring out the principle of the Christ within I want to start by sharing an experience or two of that Christ.

So I assume as in any other talk you have had a period of silence, a period of meditation, a period of listening first before you turned on the talk. If not, you need to pause it, find your comfortable chair or sofa, sit down and have a meditation. Try to be receptive to that inner Christ. You can even invite it. “Father, Christ, you reveal yourself. I am listening. I am attentive. I am still. Let your voice instruct me. Let me feel your Presence within.” Then be still until you feel that inner movement of Spirit that we’ve discussed in the past. And then yes, turn on the talk and listen.

And so in the year 19 – let’s see if I can get this right – 1975 I had been practicing meditation for roughly two years and one evening as I sat down to meditate suddenly there was a feeling of a Presence within me and without. Within and without – those terms become kind of meaningless, but as I sat there with eyes closed after reading The Art of Meditation for a little bit I felt a Presence and a tingling on the side of the face. It’s very distinct. If you’ve ever felt it you know what it is, and you know it’s not of this world. And that touch was within and without. And with it came a sense of peace, and I knew: This is Christ. And I knew it was from another dimension.

And in the weeks and months that followed for the next couple of years I meditated quite frequently, although I wasn’t sure why I was meditating at that time. I just knew that I needed – I wanted to be close to this Christ. And as time went by I had more and deeper experiences of the Christ. At one point I had the experience as I’ve shared in the past of closing my eyes and meditating on – well, I just said what came spontaneously, which on that morning was, “Father, lift me up into Thy Presence and let Thy Presence descend in me. Let there be no me, but only Thy Presence, and as I sat there in total receptivity, standing still, not moving – not moving my mind or my body. Just waiting. Not even waiting even – not really even waiting. Just, just resting on the sea of Spirit. Suddenly I felt that same Presence down my right arm, and I had felt it there many times, but it went then down my left leg, and pretty soon that whole half of my body was that tingling Presence, and then down my right arm and down my right leg. And instead of half of my body, my entire body was that Presence, and I knew it, and I knew I was It and It was I.

There was no me there. There was only that living, vibrating Christ, I. And then it filled the room I was in, the living room. I can still remember. All four corners from floor to ceiling, all four corners was that Presence filling the room, vibrating, vibrant, alive, and I was that Presence. But it wasn’t an overpowering, dominating feeling. It was a light full of pure white energy, Presence, Being. And then I knew it was going to go infinite. The next step was infinite from filling the body, filling the room, to filling the universe. And I knew I was going with it because oneness. And then the me came back and experienced a little fear: “What will happen to me if it goes infinite? Will I be totally extinguished?” That was the fear in a split second, and it subsided and I came back to normal. Except you can never come back to normal after an experience of that nature because now you know that the reality of you is Infinite Christ being.

And in 1978 I heard a tape called Follow Me by some man named Herb Fitch. I had never heard of him. I had heard tapes at tape sessions of Joel Goldsmith for quite a while. I used to go to South Pasadena and listen to those tapes. But never had I heard somebody named Herb Fitch. Who was this guy? I didn’t know, but I was invited, so I sat down at this lady’s home and I listened to Herb Fitch, and the tape was called Follow Me, and although I did not know it at the time, I know now Follow Me was a talk given at the 1977 Maui Sense to Soul series or seminar by Herb Fitch.

So I sat down, I closed my eyes and I listened to Follow Me, and I really could not believe what I was hearing. Here was another man who knew of the inner Christ, and the reason why I was so surprised is because – well, although I had read Joel’s books I had never met him, and there was no man on earth that I had met up unto this point – this was six years after the spiritual experiences I had that taught me that the inner Christ is the only Christ there is. The inner Father is the only God there is. And I found no one else that knew this. Yes, I found their writings, but no human being or no man that I had ever laid eyes on knew this.

So when I heard this talk, I knew that he knew, and I determined I would go to meet him. And so I tracked down where his next seminar was. This was in ’78, and the next seminar he was giving was the 1979, Avila Beach seminar, and I made it my business to find the money to get there and to go. And I even found out who was making appointments for individual appointments with Herb afterwards, and so I made an appointment for that Monday after the seminar to have an individual hour of his time. But you know now I really wanted to just look into his eyes and see if he really knew of this inner Christ.

So I hopped in my 1978 Toyota Corolla and I drove up Pacific Coast Highway 101 and I went to Avila Beach and I got my hotel room at the Motel 6. Is that what it is – the inexpensive one? – because I didn’t have a lot of money, and I attended the seminar.

Well, on Saturday night I had never met him before. Friday night was introductions and a good talk. It may have even started Thursday. I don’t recall. I’d have to go look at the talks, but Saturday night was the talk called Healing Outside of Time. And it was all about stepping outside of time, and as he talked, and you can hear that talk. Just a minute – I’ll see which one it is exactly. That was class 7 of the Avila Beach Beyond Time seminar, class 7, Healing Outside of Time. And so that’s available on the website as well as Follow Me.

Now, I attended his seminar. I never saw him before this moment or these couple of days, and I walked in there Saturday. There was probably 200 people, maybe 150, and I found a seat and I sat down and I closed my eyes and I listened. We had the meditation before the talk, I remember, and as we were meditating, from the back of the room Herb entered through the door and walked up front and sat down, and his books were there and the microphone was there and there was a Bible there and some flowers and a glass and a pitcher of water. And he sat down and closed his eyes and I continued to meditate. Well, he started to talk, and as he talked I forgot about myself and I forgot about the room and I forgot about him, and I listened to what Christ was saying through him. Not the Christ of him. I wasn’t listening to that. I was listening to the Christ within me revealing through him. I was listening to that one Christ which I had come to see is my center. And I had come to see this not by reading it in a book or somebody telling me, but by the experience that I already shared with you.

So I sat there listening and suddenly I was not there. There was none of me there. There was no room, no people. Somehow my consciousness was lifted up, way up high above this world. Joel says in The New Horizon that above this world is a universe of Spirit, and that’s where I was lifted, and I know it. And in that universe of Spirit I felt myself one with Christ, and Christ gave me something, and I didn’t know what it was. I just felt something passing from Christ to me. And yet there was no real me defined, but something was happening, and so I just sat there and watched, waited, observed.

And somewhere I heard a voice, and it was Herb’s, and he said, “Now we’ll take a 15-minute break –‘ or a 10-minute break – and then we’ll meet back here.” And so at the time I was smoking still and I got up and I went outside to have a cigarette. But when I opened my eyes before I got out of my chair I looked around and I was so light, I was floating so much that I started to giggle, and then I repressed the giggle because I didn’t want people to be looking at me like I was drunk or something, but I was. I was drunk on the Spirit.

And I walked outside and I looked at the ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and oh my God! I could feel myself as that entire ocean. I could feel the entire ocean in my being. I looked around the sky. I was the sky. The sky was inside of me. I turned around and looked at the buildings and the telephone wires and the asphalt, sidewalk, and the cars parked. And how strange! I felt every one of them inside of my being and my being inside of them. Nothing was dead matter. Nothing. All was alive, and I was all.

Then I turned and I looked at the other people standing. I looked at their faces. I could feel my face on theirs and their face on mine. The hard and fast lines weren’t there. It was hard to tell where I left off and they began. Or where they left off and I began. There was just a feeling of oneness with every direction that I looked. I was one with all and all was within my being, and my being constituted all. And I knew again – again, there is one Christ, and that Christ is I. And so Sunday passed, Monday came, and it became time to have my individual meeting with Herb session. So I went to his hotel room and I knocked. He opened the door. I was a little bit intimidated. I didn’t know what to expect.

I walked in and we sat down, and I felt an overpowering urge to say something, and so I said, “I need to tell you something, Herb.” He said, “Yes?” I said, “I need to tell you, you are not my teacher. I have a teacher, and the teacher is within, and the teacher is Christ.” And I remember very distinctly I didn’t really know what he would say. I thought maybe he would say, “Well, if I’m not your teacher, what are you doing here?” or – I didn’t know what to expect. But I had to tell him that; I couldn’t keep from telling him that. “I have a teacher, and it’s Christ within.”

And he surprised me. He said, “Can I have your phone number?” I said yes. I didn’t know what to say. I said yes, because remember, I was still feeling this oneness, not quite as intense as Saturday by Monday, but I was still feeling it. He said, “Can I have your phone number?” and I said yes. He said, “Because I’d like to give it to some students, and perhaps if they need help you’d be willing to help them.” I said, “Of course.” And so we shared a little more, meditated together, and that was the session.

And I drove back down south to southern California to Pasadena, my home, and after three or four more days the consciousness, that higher consciousness left and I was back to being a person, and I ran into some difficulties and some of my own character shortcomings popped up, and I felt very disappointed in myself, and I felt the urge to call Herb. So I called him up and I said, “Herb, I – I’m just not ready to help anybody. I haven’t even removed the beam from my own eye.” He didn’t make any comment on that, but he accepted that I wasn’t ready, that I felt I wasn’t ready, and that was pretty much it. And I didn’t think anything more about sharing or helping anybody or any of that for 30 years. And the reason is it took 30 years to discover why I never could help anybody. Only that inner Christ can.

Now I want to read you a scripture. It’s from John. I love John. John 20, and it has to do with Mary standing outside the tomb after the three days. And it says:

Mary stood without at the [tomb] … weeping: and as she wept, she stooped down, and looked into the [tomb] … ,

And seeth two angels in white sitting, the one at the head, and the other at the feet, where the body of Jesus had lain.

And they [said] unto her, Woman, why weepest thou? She saith unto them, Because they have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid him.

And when she had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing, and knew not that it was Jesus.

Jesus saith unto her, “Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou?” [And] She, supposing him to be the gardener, saith unto him, Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away.

Now you see, she’s going to the tomb expecting to see Christ, isn’t she? But Christ isn’t there. Christ is not in that tomb. And even when she looks on Christ she doesn’t see him. She thinks he’s a gardener! What happens next?

[Christ says to her] … “Mary.” [And] She turns herself, and saith unto him, … Master.

Now you see? She’s looking at the tomb and expecting to find Christ buried in the tomb. Now that’s what I did my entire life, particularly from the time I first picked up The Art of Meditation, which was in ’72, until I had a spiritual experience in ’75. I expected to find the Christ in Joel, but Christ isn’t in Joel. Joel’s not here. I expected the Christ to be in Jesus some 2000 years ago, but Christ isn’t in Jesus. Jesus isn’t here. I expected to find Christ as a presence. Well, when I was a child I expected to find God as a presence in the sky by and by.

I remember when I was six years old and I asked during Vacation Bible School – we were all working with our arts and crafts things – and I raised my hand and I said to the man, “Who is God? Where is God?” And he looked very uncomfortable. He didn’t know how to answer the question, so he pointed to a picture of Jesus, and he said, “That’s God.” And he dropped it. Now let’s go have recess. Everybody got up from the tables and ran outside hooping and hollering and taking their balls and hula hoops and whatever else they had, and the teacher went out with them. I looked at that picture of Jesus on the wall. I’m only six or seven. I walked over to that picture, and I stared and I studied and I looked, and finally I heard a voice inside said, “That’s not God. That’s a man.” I felt a little guilty with that voice because I didn’t have anybody else telling me that, but I walked outside and went and played with my friends and forgot about it.

Don’t you see? Even at seven something was trying to tell me He’s not in this tomb. Why are you looking in a tomb? He is not here. He has risen.” And then as I got older and I read the books by Joel Goldsmith, I thought – well, Joel definitely had the Christ, but Joel’s gone. I can’t get – who can I find that has the Christ? And then as I began to have some experiences in 1975 I wondered – I wonder if these are real? I’m the only one that seems to be having them. Nobody else is talking about anything like this, and so when I heard that talk Follow Me by Herb Fitch in which he recommended finding the inner Christ, and in fact, suggested that that was the only way to freedom, salvation – ah, then I knew here is another who has the Christ. And so I went up to meet him, and yet the only thing that I could say was, “No, you’re not my teacher. (chuckles) The Christ is, within.”

And so all of my life Christ has been trying to tell me, “I’m not in a tomb. Stop looking there.” All my life Christ has been telling me, “I am within you, and when you are still enough, when you are quiet enough, I take over.”

You know, several years after that experience I had a dream. Let me see if I can find it because I think I wrote this one down. Hold on. Okay, now remember I’m sharing a dream. It’s pointing out a principle. That’s all. All right, this was in 2004, so this was after Herb had left and there [were] no other people around that I was listening to.

So in the dream there was a large audience and a spiritual teacher was up in front and I went up and gave him a ferocious hug, and while hugging him I leaned back and looked up into his eyes and I thought, “I love you so much.” And he looked down at me and then looked again, a double-take, and he said, “You really have healed completely, haven’t you?” Then he withdrew from my embrace, and he and several other people around the hall fell on their knees and bowed down to me, bowed down before me. But I started to object and raise up my hand, and they stopped. Then I realized – it’s not me they’re bowing down to. They’re bowing down to the God within me, and so I relaxed and I allowed them to recognize and pay tribute and even bow down to the God Self within me. There was no feeling of ego, just observing and allowing it to happen.

You see? This dream showed me I have to reach the place where the only Christ there is anywhere is within me, and I have to allow it to live Itself and even be recognized by others. I can’t allow – well, ego can work two ways. This false sense of self can puff itself up and say I’m so great, and of course we know if that’s going on, Christ isn’t. I haven’t had a big problem with that. Sometimes yes, sometimes. My bigger problem has been with the belief that I’m no good, but that’s just as much of a hindrance. Because while I’m walking around thinking I’m no good or I’m not good enough or how dare you bow down to me; don’t you know I’m just a human being – there’s still a self there! And that self is not Christ. And so both of those extremes have to go.

He is not here. Why are you looking at and in a tomb? And so when Mary turns around and sees the Christ she still doesn’t recognize him and thinks he’s a gardener until the Christ awakens her. “Mary.” And we go through our lives thinking that Christ is up in the sky or in that temple. If I could just get to that temple in India where the meditations are so powerful. Or in that teacher. If I could just – oh, if only I had been able to have some private meditation time with Joel. Or if only I could get some meditation time with Herb or with Bill or with Virginia.

Why are you looking in these tombs? You will never find Christ there. Yet, the Christ in your own being is calling your name. Awaken! Awaken! Turn within. There you will find the living Christ, not a dead Christ from 2000 years ago or even a dead Christ from 50 years ago in Joel’s Kailua classes. Stop looking in the tomb! He is not there! The living Christ is within. It’s within. And the only way to experience that inner Christ is by taking the path laid down for us in those Kailua talks in those chapters called Experience of the Christ and Experiencing the Christ and How to Pray. Those tell us how to open the door to the inner experience.

The whole purpose for The Infinite Way and every book ever written was to lead you to your own inner Christ, but I can tell you that for a while it’s kind of scary. It feels like – like Mary’s experience. “Where have you taken him? You’ve taken away my Lord.” That has to happen to you first.

First every vestige of a belief that Christ is somewhere out here has to be completely eradicated from your consciousness. And when that happens and you haven’t yet experienced the inner Christ, it’s – it’s just like Mary. There’s weeping that goes on. Oh, you’ve taken away the Christ, this Christ that I worshipped all these years. The Christ that walked the holy lands 2000 years ago. The Christ that came through Joel. You’ve taken away that Christ.

Let me tell you something. There is no external Christ. None. Zero. Nada. The living Christ sits on the well of your consciousness saying to you, “I am knocking. I am knocking. If you open, if you listen I will give you the Christ that springs up into everlasting life, that springs up into a wellspring of water. If you know who I am and you ask, if you know where I am and you ask, I will give it unto you.”

And now I tell you of another dream. The only reason I’m sharing these personal experiences is that you can see in my path how I was guided to this discovery in consciousness. In this dream I was in a misty, cloudy place. A realm where there was mist rising. And in the background, in the back behind me was a big gate and someone was standing here to my left, and they said, “I’m going back,” – meaning I’m going back to earth. They said, “I’m going back. I still haven’t learned how to love unconditionally.” And poof! – they disappeared. And I thought to myself, “I’m not going back. I don’t want to go back.” And then came the realization, “Well no, I haven’t learned how to – no, I guess I haven’t learned how to love unconditionally either.” And I knew that I would be sent back. And that was the extent of the dream.

And so the dream was telling me that we need to learn how to love unconditionally, wasn’t it? And that bothered me for many, many years. How do you love unconditionally? Every time I try the ego pops up with a different disguise, and there it is dirtying up the water, muddying up the waters. Just can’t love unconditionally.

Ah, but you see the experiences over the years have taught me no one, no human being can love unconditionally. No one! Only the Christ can love unconditionally. And so the answer to that question is: I know now. I know how to love unconditionally, and the answer is I can’t. Christ and only Christ within can love unconditionally, and so as I move aside and become a beholder of Christ living Itself, then love can flow unconditionally.

And so now I know the answer. The answer is to die so that you don’t have to come back and live! You can live on that eternal plane and not have to come back and prove this. And so again another experience points out that he is not in the tomb of humanhood. He is within. He is, It is, I am within. Now Joel says in The Infinite Way book in the chapter The Christ:

Spiritual consciousness is the release from personal effort in the realization that harmony is.

See that? It’s a release from trying to be anything in the realization, the inner realization that Christ is, harmony is.

This consciousness, with its release from personal effort, is attained as we find the Christ within us [as] a present reality.

You see that? You don’t experience a release from personal effort or personal sense and then have the realization. No. You can’t love unconditionally. You have the inner realization of Christ as a present reality and then you’re released from personal sense. See that? She could not see the Christ until the Christ Itself said, “Mary,” and she awakened and no longer found it necessary to look in the tomb because the Christ was right there in her consciousness. So he says:

The Christ is the activity of Truth in individual consciousness. It’s not … [a] declaration … of truth … [it’s] the [reception of] … Truth.

And so again and again and again we keep repeating: You have to receive truth in consciousness. You have to receive Christ. Christ has to be a living within experience, and there’s no Christ out there. Out there is this world and everything in it and everyone in it and everyone that’s ever been in it is this world, and this world is not externalized because no illusion is ever external. And so these are mental concepts. You’re looking at the Christ and assuming it’s the gardener! You’re looking at the Christ and assuming it’s your father, your friend, your spouse. You’re looking at the Christ and assuming it’s you, the person. And these are the tombs, and he is not here. He is risen.

However, in the real experience of the Christ in your inner meditation, when the Christ announces Itself, as Joel puts it, then – then you’re released from the illusion of the tombs. So he says:

… we attain an inner stillness, we become more and more receptive to Truth [or Christ] declaring Itself … within us. [And] the activity of this Truth in our consciousness is the Christ, the very presence of [Christ] … . Truth [or Christ] received and continuously entertained in our consciousness is the law … [unto] all of our affairs. It governs, guides, leads, directs, and supports our every activity of daily existence.

See – “I live; yet not I, … Christ liveth …” But it must be an inner Christ. No other Christ. Not the Christ of Jesus. Not the Christ of Joel. Not the Christ of Bill. Not the Christ of Herb. Not the Christ of Virginia. Not the Christ of Tony. Not the Christ of Bob. It has to be I Christ within. This one that grabbed a hold of me so strong that I was able to go up to the only person I knew with Christ and say, “You’re not my teacher. Christ is my teacher within.”

To many, [he says] the word Christ persists as a more or less mysterious term, an unknown entity, something rarely if ever experienced… . This, we must change if we are to benefit by the revelation of … Christ Jesus … [and] many others. We must experience the Christ as a permanent … continuous dispensation. We must live in the constant conscious awareness of [Christ] … active within … [You must] maintain … always a receptive attitude [within] – a listening ear – and soon [you will] … experience an inner awareness. [And] This is the activity of Truth in consciousness, or … Christ attained.

And so this inner awareness of this Presence within – this is Christ attained. And the inner awareness comes from a receptive attitude, and the receptive attitude comes from being still, and you become still – that comes from knowing that you are ready to go beyond the letter and have the experience.

Now, in this book Leave Your Nets it’s all about leaving these mental images so that you may have the inner Christ experience or the experience of the inner Christ. So he says:

The greatest force, the greatest power on earth, is grace.

This is Joel’s book, Leave Your Nets, the chapter The New Discipleship. See, if you have this inner experience you are part of the fellowship of the Spirit. You’re not now dancing around out here quoting Scripture and talking about Christ that Joel said and Herb said and Jesus said. No. You’re quietly, silently having the inner experience of the living Christ, the powerful Christ. And so Joel says:

Grace, which is the love of God for God’s children, is the only real power there is, and our demonstration of it will be in proportion to the withdrawal of our dependence on and faith in man, and the establishment within ourselves of [Christ] … .

You see, this book is all about leaving dependence on people, places, and things and beliefs and ideas and thoughts so that you may have this inner experience of the Christ. And when you first are confronted with the – let’s have it again in his words. Hang on. Okay, this is the chapter 12, Experiencing the Christ from the 1955 Kailua study series. In Joel’s words he says:

Now, the point … I’m making is this:

Now remember, the name of this chapter is Experiencing the Christ, and that’s what we’re talking about – how to experience the only living Christ. There’s only one living Christ, and it is within you. No other place can you find it. Not in holy mountains, not in holy temples, but you’ll have to find it within you. And he says:

… the point … I’m making is this: In being aware of the discords of human existence, instead of drawing on … your head [for denials and affirmations, instead of drawing] on your thinking, on your [memorized] … truth, now [from now on] stand stock still, … let the Father [the Christ] give you the necessary truth for the situation. Because [that’s what] … I have to do when I’m called … on for help. I can’t turn to a single soul or any memorized statements from my writings. … if I thought they had power I’d just let them do the work. No. I never go back to draw [on] … anything … [from Infinite Way] writings or anybody else’s writings … [not] even from Scripture.

There’s no Christ there. Why do you keep looking there? That’s a tomb. He’s not here. Mary, wake up!

No. From now on when you are called upon for help, sit down in an atmosphere of expectancy. He says:

… when I am asked personally for help, you all notice my attitude. It’s always one of listening, [listening] and then if I have anything to say, [I say] … it. Now that is to bring you to the point of experiencing the Christ. You experience the Christ every time a discord or inharmony appears to you, and instead of you making a statement of truth or thinking a thought … , you … turn within and wait until [something] … comes to you. … doesn’t have to come in words. It doesn’t have to come in thoughts. Eventually you’ll find that it comes in … a feeling of release, [ah, release] and you know all is well.

Now that’s what we said before. You don’t experience the release from a personal sense and then Christ experience. No! You go within, sit down, stand still from personal sense, and then the Christ releases you from personal sense. You’re free from it. And that’s what happened to me. I went into meditation in Herb’s class there. I went into meditation. I stood still. There was still a sense of me being lifted up, but in the experience of Christ, the living Christ, I was released from personal sense, and when I walked outside there was only Christ in every direction.

Now what had changed? What we just said. Only the inner awareness, the inner awareness that saw people and places and things in all these tombs and drove all the way up to northern California to find the Christ in another man. Why, it said, “I’m right here within you, you silly, silly being. Why did you drive all the way up here? I already showed you, there’s only one Christ, and it’s the Christ of my consciousness.

Every Christ has to die. You remember Joel said to us over and over again: All of these synonyms for God have to die. God is love. Well, where am I in that? God is Spirit. Well, so what! All of these synonyms have to die. Every one of them. Where have you taken my Lord? There is the feeling for a while: I’ve got nothing now! I was relying on this belief of God. I was relying on a concept of Christ. Now you’ve taken that! You’ve taken all the people with Christ. What’s left? I have nothing!

Now, yes – empty-handed you can come within. Empty-handed you can stand stock still. Empty-handed you can experience the Christ and be released from personal sense. And you can do this in every meditation. So he says:

That is the experience of the Christ. That’s the point … I’m trying now to see if all of us [can do]… . The method? [Don’t be engaged] in [any] controversy with any form of error. [Just] Stand still. If you must think … think something that has no bearing on it.

Let’s say that someone comes to you and says, “I have this cold. Will you help me?” And you close your eyes. If you’ve got to think – we really want to reach for the high place where we don’t have to think – but if we have to think in the beginning, then we must think something like: Well, he is not here. He has risen. See? That has no connection at all. Or – I am the Truth. But only one thought please, not a book or a paragraph. So I reach for no thought, but if you have to have a thought in the beginning to get to that place of no thought, that’s fine. But get there as quick as you can. And he says:

That gives the Christ an opportunity to come to you [as an] … experience. Later on you will follow [the] … same method with all of the harmonies.

Why? Why would you do that do you suppose? Because the experiences of, or the pictures of inharmony, disease, death, lack, limitation – those are tombs. He is not here! Awaken! Mary awaken! I am here within. But the pictures of harmonies and beauty and color and form – all of those are also this same image, the same tombs. These are tombs also! Only the concepts of them are good tombs. Oh, now there’s a good tomb! Look at that child, so full of life. Why isn’t he cute! For four years old he sure is intelligent, isn’t he? Why he’s more intelligent than the other – wait a minute. That’s a tomb!

You’re looking at Christ, but saying those words and thinking those thoughts about that are – well, next to – next to useless. You won’t be released from that by saying that to yourself. You cannot be released by repeating that to yourself. Well, I’m looking at an image. So? Who’s saying it? Another image! Oh my God! How am I going to be released?

You know the way. Stand stock still. Take no thought, and I will reveal myself as a living Christ, a now Christ, an ever present right here Christ. So he says:

[And] That gives the Christ an opportunity to come to you in experience. Later on you will follow the same method with all of the harmonies. Because once you have achieved the slightest degree of success in … meeting discords, the next thing that will present itself to you is … [the harmonies].

And so you will learn to follow this same practice when you see youth, [or] health, [or] vitality, [or] wealth. You learn to look right through it, and not rejoice in it …

Now why would you rejoice in a tomb? He is not here. He is risen.

… clear your thought in this same spiritual way, so … the Christ can show you the truth …

What’s it gonna show you? Well, he says:

… the Christ can show you the truth about what even appears as human good.

In other words, the Christ can show you Itself, Itself as an experience. A living experience. And he gives you a statement here:

Just as you want Christ to reveal the truth about … discord and … inharmony, you had better want Christ to reveal the truth about a good human appearance, or it’s only a question of time … it’s going to change to a bad human [experience] … .

And finally at the end here he says on the last page if I can get there, he says:

… the achieving of [the] … state of consciousness [which is the inner awareness of the living Christ] begins in this particular way, first, because the discords and inharmonies of existence are … irritating … and therefore [they] announce themselves more forcefully … [and you’re forced to find an answer.] And … in those moments we will now train ourselves to resist … temptation to deny or affirm or [even] to think thoughts, even good [thoughts] … [We will stand stock still and] give an opportunity for the Christ to announce Itself …

And then you’re released! The Christ announces Itself in you, in your being. Okay? Is it clear?

Our stating truth and thinking truth does not bring it. [It doesn’t bring the Christ.] Our refraining from [stating]… truth and thinking truth brings [Christ] … . As long as behind it we have [the] … inner consciousness of the correct letter of truth.

In other words, you couldn’t give this to a new student. That’s why I have – well, that’s why it’s being given to those of us who are a little more serious. We’re not looking for healing after healing after healing. We’re looking for the inner experience of Christ.

Now, let’s be still for a moment and see if that’s it for today or if there’s more.

[Pause] ..

Woman … whom seekest thou? Oh Lord – where have you taken my Lord? Where have you laid him? Please tell me. He is not here: … he is risen.

I share with you those experiences that came to me over the years – several, not all by any means, but several that pointed out to me that in every way and in every area I have to experience the living Christ, and that it’s no longer correct for me to look at myself and say, “Well, of myself I’m nothing. I can’t do anything. I’ve never been any good at anything and I’m no teacher and this, that, and the other. No. That’s a lie of personal sense.

When there’s no personal sense, when that is standing still then the Christ announces Itself in my experience, and it says, “I am the Teacher, the only Teacher, and I am the Way. Be still. I will teach.” Then if others come and say, “Oh, I got so much out of what you have to say,” I can only say “thank you” because I did too. (chuckles) I was listening to Christ as you were. And with the discords that are presented to me I’m allowed now to take no thoughts. I’m allowed now to not deny or affirm anything. I’m not allowed to do that. Those were the nets. I’m leaving those nets. I’m not allowed to go running to a teacher of 2000 years ago or a man that taught in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. I’m not allowed now to go running to a holy temple, a holy place, a holy book. Even Scriptures! I’m leaving all those nets.

All must be abandoned for My sake, says Christ. I’m not allowed to cling to anything. I’m floating here with no raft! It’s very uncomfortable. You have taken my Lord! What do I do? Even the Christ that I believed in is now nothing. I realize it was only a concept. My God! I’m weeping. Where, where, oh where is my Lord?

And yet, if I will turn within, if I will be still, if I will come here often, if I will practice what I have learned and stand stock still, in the stillness Christ will announce Itself. It will set me free from personal sense, from the negative personal sense and the good personal sense. It will allow me to see through the discords to Christ as an inner experience right here, right now. It will allow me to look through the good appearances to see Christ, to experience Christ right here within, right here and now.

Christ will announce Itself and set me free, and It will do so with maybe only a word. Maybe just “Bill.” Or maybe just “Mary.” Or maybe just “Brian.” Or maybe just “Nancy.” Maybe no words at all. Maybe that inner feeling of being lifted up and the tingling sensation of being flooded with Spirit. Maybe just the inner awareness of the movement of Spirit over the face of the deep. Who knows?

Christ is infinite. Let Christ reveal Itself to you in an individual way.

You must know now that the only Christ there is is the living Christ within you, and that there’s no other Christ to find. You must know now that the God of the ancients – well, it’s dead. There’s no life in it. It’s only a story book. You must know that the God of – well, even the Father of Jesus is only a name. You must know now that the only God there is is the God within you, and that It must reveal Itself to you or you will be Godless. You must know now it is time to launch out into the deep, and now you really know what that feels like, don’t you?

Launch out into the deep and cast your nets on the other side of the veil. Cast your nets within and wait and see what reveals itself. Wait! Wait! The Christ will announce Itself. “I am here.” In some way you will know. Not because you read it or you heard it or so-and-so said it from the podium. No. You will know by a living experience the living Christ, the Infinite Christ, the Christ Omnipresence. And then let It live Itself where you are. And if people bow down to you because you’ve healed them, so what. Stand aside. It is Christ. It is Christ revealing Itself. You had no part in it and you know it other than a beholding consciousness, a listening consciousness, a receptive consciousness to the movement of Christ.

It’s time to grow up spiritually. Stop sitting at the feet of – well, a statue, a person, or a concept. It’s time to experience the living Christ and to follow It as It lives day by day your experience.

I hope it’s clear. I know I talked a little long today and probably shared more stories than I should have, but I hope that it’s clear to all of you that the only Christ there is is Christ within. I must be realized.

Thank you. Thank you.

[Silence] ..

Good morning.

This is February 10th, Sunday, 2013, and we are continuing our series of Uncomfortable Talks, uncomfortable to the human being, that is, because the human being must die. Yesterday we discussed the first chapter of Genesis and the beautiful experience that comes to us when we are able to stand still and behold that creation flowing out from the invisible pool of silence and forming itself, appearing as forms. We say we live in our consciousness, and we do. No illusion is ever externalized, so we either live in a human state of consciousness, which is divided in good and evil, in the belief in both of those, or we stand and behold as the Christ that expression of Christ consciousness, God consciousness flowing. And I just happened to notice in this Thunder of Silence by Joel Goldsmith, he says:

Every time that the thought comes to us, “I need this”; “I need that”; “I would like this”; “I would like that”; “I should have this”; “I should have that”; our answer must be,

“ ‘Man shall not live by bread alone,’ – by effect, by creation [that false creation] – but by [my] Spirit, the [real] creator.” That must be a continuous realization

Not continuous thought. He didn’t say that, did he? Continuous realization or continuous awareness: I live by this inner Spirit, which is why we suggested that we take one or two minutes out of every hour to remember.

That must be a continuous realization [he says] until we have overcome our desire for anybody or anything … in the external realm. We have to lose all desire for the visible in the realization that we live not by that which is visible but by that which is invisible

You see, we are surrendering humanhood. We do not live by anyone or anything. We live by that invisible consciousness flowing.

and then we shall find [he says] that the Infinite Invisible will produce in our experience the persons, things, circumstances, and conditions necessary to our daily life.

In the same way, every time we are tempted to think of some power – some negative, evil, erroneous power that apparently is dominating our life, rendering it futile and fruitless and which we want destroyed – let us smile at it [smile at it] as we realize, [again as we come into the conscious awareness] “No, I have no need of any power with which to overcome this discord. There is a God, even though I do not know what God is. [And] I cannot know what God is because It is beyond the uttermost comprehension of the human mind.

But elsewhere he says: You can know God as an experience, not as a comprehension of the human mind. And so you see, he suggests in this chapter called Beyond Power that we stop that archaic, age-old, centuries-old belief that we need a power to overcome our problems. Surely in yesterday’s talk you saw that or you felt that there is no power that we need to throw at our problem. We need to realize that the problem is world mind presenting a mental image. Now, the term is not important. Again, terms are not important. What is important is that you see that there is a fabric and that all appearances of good or evil are made from this fabric and that the fabric is world thought or mental images. Now you can use the term mental images, world thought, mortal mind, hypnotism, mesmerism, illusion, this world, Maya. It does not matter what term you use. Use the term you are comfortable with because you’re only using that term long enough to drop it.

You see, understanding has no meaning. It’s not a matter of understanding truth. It’s not a matter of understanding the world’s illusion or the illusion of a world. It’s not a matter of understanding that. It’s a matter of seeing through that. And this you don’t do with the mind. The mind, the human mind, is a tool of that very hypnotism, mental images, world mind. It’s a tool of that. Just as your sense of hearing is a tool of this physical body, so is the human mind a tool of world mind, world thought, universal belief – whatever term you like.

And so it’s not necessary to understand it at depth. It doesn’t take a great deal of understanding. Understanding is also a part of that world mind. You see, we have to tread in a place where the mind has no existence, which is why Joel stresses again and again, or the Spirit stresses, the Christ within you stresses that this pool of silence where the mind does not function – this is where you must rest. Beside this pool, beside this deep well.

So, we who are rising in consciousness must see that there is no need for power to overcome anything at any time ever. In this realm of no power, in your ability to relax to such an extent that you – well, it’s like looking at a lake, surface of a lake in the water, and there’s no breeze. It’s very still, and the surface is like glass and nothing is disturbing it. It’s just still, just silent. No effort. It’s effortless. Being, resting, is’ing. In that state of using no power, in that state where no power fills your being, in that realm of no power – God is living, being, is’ing.

And so he tells us what we learned yesterday is that in the second chapter of Genesis where we use power to overcome evil and replace it with good, that’s that state of humanhood that we must rise above, rise out of, we must drop. Now I’m not saying that you need to rise out of that today and never go back, because it’s not possible. You’ve been in there too many centuries. I’m saying and suggesting you drop it in these moments, these few moments of every hour and rest back in that pool of nothing, that pool of nothing the mind can get a hold of. That pool of silence and no power and nothingness. Out of that infinite nothingness the divine first chapter of Genesis, the perfect creation flows. And it’s nothing the mind can understand, so stop trying. Your understanding is not necessary now. Understanding was something that the mind, the world mind thought it needed. But you are in a place where you are rising above that mind into a realm of no power, into a realm of peace without end, into a realm of silence.

In Joel’s book Beyond Words and Thoughts, which is specifically how to rise into that pool of silence, he explains something in the chapter Truth Unveiled. It’s a very beautiful chapter. It’s one of my favorite chapters all time. It’s right next to The True Sense of the Universe which we read a little from yesterday and The New Horizon. I believe these 3 chapters have the entire message of moving from mind to Spirit. So let’s see if something in here presents itself.

First of all, yesterday we spoke of moving out of humanhood and into Christ Consciousness, and we said that Joel had made it, because he said “I finally made it. I no longer see humans anywhere, but I behold Christ everywhere.” He says, “I myself have beheld the incorporeal form of man dozens and dozens of times.” Now, so in moving from humanhood to Godhood or Christhood or being a beholder of Christ Consciousness forming that new creation, there’s an exact time we said when the transformation takes place. Now before we read this I wanted to read this from the Kailua study series on the chapter called No Power, which is where the editor pulled a lot from to write that chapter in The Thunder of Silence. But I wanted to read this to you. It says:

Whenever truth is offered to the human mind [and we know what the human mind is], the human mind wants to crucify that truth, because the truth demands that the human mind die.

What does that do to you when you hear that? Your human mind must die. Doesn’t it make you pause and wonder “how can I … how do I function without a human mind? Why, I’ve had one my entire life and maybe many centuries, most definitely many centuries. How do I function? How can I function? How do I go to work? How do I do the housework without a human mind? And I’m here to tell you that the struggle that the human mind has holding everything together in this balancing act and trying to balance plates on sticks by turning evil into good and a whole lifetime of this – that human mind really has no idea how to live without itself, does it? It can’t conceive of such a thing, so it hears this truth and it says, “Oh, poppycock! How ridiculous! You’re just hiding your head in the sand. What kind of philosophy is this?”

But I can tell you, and many of you know – maybe all of you know – when you step out of that mind even if only for brief moments and you find yourself in that place where God is happening, you find yourself being carried along by the rhythm of God and you find yourself in the right place at the right time, saying the right things, doing the right things, and all works perfectly and you find – well, I really can live without that mind running things. I’m not saying you’ll sit in the corner and stare at a wall. On the contrary, Joel says, and I found myself, the more you live outside of that mind and live as a beholder of Christ Consciousness moving things around the busier you are. So, again, let’s read it:

Whenever truth is offered to the human mind, the human mind wants to crucify that truth, because the truth demands that the human mind die. Truth demands that we die daily to our humanhood and that we be reborn of the Spirit.

And now you saw yesterday, you see reborn of the Spirit really means a whole new creation, doesn’t it? Taking place now in your consciousness, in that quiet temple. That’s being reborn of the Spirit. Beholding a beholder as Spirit forms Itself. So he says here:

Truth doesn’t promise anybody that you can go on being a good, comfortable human being. Truth doesn’t promise anybody that you can have a lot of money and a lot of fame and a lot of health and a lot of self-indulgence. Truth doesn’t promise anybody a life of ease in matter.

…[Truth] promises a terrific struggle, a struggle between the Spirit and the flesh, until the crucifixion. That is the final tearing down of humanhood, the final destruction of ‘man whose breath is in his nostrils’, after which comes a very barren period, a wilderness period in the tomb, a period of desolation. That’s why it is called the tomb. But after that three days, there comes the resurrection. And even in the resurrection you … carry around a torn body … and maybe … [a] torn reputation[s] too.

But forty days of that, and there comes the ascension above every claim of the human mind. You see – right at that point you rise out of the human mind and permanently dwell in your Christhood. And he says: Then comes the pure spiritual life, in which the promises are fulfilled: ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you. I will lead you beside the still waters, in green pastures. My presence will go before you to make the crooked places straight. I have never seen the righteous begging bread.’ You see, [he says] it is in that demonstration of our Christhood that there are no problems, none whatsoever.

All right, so he defines for us there that there’s going to be a terrific struggle culminating in a crucifixion and a place of barrenness, desolation, and forty days in the wilderness and then finally an ascension. Now that sounds like one heck of a battle. That sounds like the story of Armageddon in the Revelation, doesn’t it? Which is exactly how Herb interpreted it, if you remember from the Revelation series. It’s an inner struggle. All right, so – but yesterday we said that there are those who have made it. Yes, the path is narrow and few there be that enter, but I truly feel all of us hearing this talk can complete this transition.

Now in this chapter Truth Unveiled in Beyond Words and Thoughts Joel talks about his completing the transition, just a little. He says:

Always, since my first spiritual experience, living in two worlds has been difficult for me – living in that higher Consciousness and then coming down to earth, going back into that Consciousness and coming back down to earth – but never was it as difficult as in 1963.

Now remember in 1964 he passed on. So, what he’s saying here is what we talked about yesterday. There are two creations, two states of consciousness. One is humanhood, one is Christhood, and what he’s saying here is he found that it was really difficult to go into that higher Consciousness, to stand still in that inner temple and behold the incorporeal creation, which then appeared as forms in his experience as well as to those that reached out to his consciousness – standing there in that and then perhaps the next morning or that afternoon coming down into humanhood again. Going back and forth between the two was very difficult, but never as difficult as it was in 1963. He says:

That year marked another period of initiation for me, but, even though in 1962 I knew it was to be, I had no knowledge of its intensity, its length, or the nature of the message that would be revealed.

So he’s telling you that this is an initiation. And so all of us in this class, in this group, are being initiated. We are passing through an initiation. Moving out of mind and into Spirit. Moving out of humanhood and into Christhood. The terms don’t matter. It’s the awareness, the inner awareness. And why you’ve been chosen, I do not know. I do not know why I’ve been chosen. I only know there’s an inner burning, an inner longing, and I can’t stop. I can’t stop. So Joel says:

It is not unnatural, therefore, that that year should have revealed the higher unfoldment, the higher Consciousness. This you will understand as you study the work that came through during this period. [that is, in 1963] With each successive unfoldment, something was breaking through, leading to the teaching of going beyond words … [beyond] thoughts, … going beyond the mind. [Here we go with that human mind has to die.] This idea you will find in all the 1963 work, revealing the nature of life as it is lived when you go beyond the mind … beyond thoughts: beyond taking thought, beyond reasoning. [Beyond power!] This is the revelation of the nature of Sabbath and of Grace.

Now, I want to skip a little bit here over to the next page where he talks about what needs to happen.

On the spiritual path, we begin our journey by studying the truth, learning and practicing the truth. We never attain the goal [that is, Christhood] of realization, however, until we reach beyond the mind and its knowing of the truth to our becoming Truth: “That which I am seeking, I am!”

You cannot know truth or God with the mind. Give up. You’re reaching the place in your journey, in your initiation, my dear friends, where the mind cannot come. And Christ Jesus says, “Where I am going, you cannot follow Me now, but … later.” That was spoken to you centuries ago – and now this is later – and now you may follow, but you cannot bring the mind.

On the Mount, in a high state of consciousness, Moses realized I AM, and thereby became I AM. Yet, there remained still a sense of Moses as is evidenced by the fact that he spoke of himself as being slow of speech.

This is Joel pointing out that Moses has this higher state of consciousness, the first chapter of Genesis, Christ awareness, and yet he drops down into a human sense of Moses and says that he is slow of speech. So there are both going on, just as there are in us. We are in an initiation as was Moses.

The realization of I AM [in Moses] prevailed, however, and with that great illumination came such a height of consciousness that he was able to lead the Hebrews out of slavery to the Promised Land. Had Moses been able to crucify … completely the mortal sense of … self which still remained, he would have been able to enter the Promised Land, or heaven. [or Christhood] But he was bound [for a while] by a finite sense of himself.

Which later he overcame. Later it was crucified because in the Mount of Transfiguration there he and Elijah met with Jesus in the invisible, and all three had overcome that. Now, says Joel in this chapter Truth Unveiled:

Jesus, however, not only knew the truth but realized and became the Truth: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Nevertheless, a sense of Jesus, the man, remained, because he said, “I can of mine own self do nothing. … If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true.” This personal sense of self had to be crucified, as eventually it must be in all of us, or we will not ascend to the Promised Land, [or] the realization of our spiritual identity [of our Christhood].

Jesus’ realization of the need to crucify, or rise above, the seeming mortal sense of self, enabled him to make the ascension.

Now listen to this line – it’s very important.

The ascension is always the same: a rising above mind, above knowing the truth, to Truth Itself.

This is why I say in every meditation for it to be successful you must step out of the human mind. Bring no thoughts with you. Bring only awareness. Rest back in it. Relax. Rest. Be at peace. No power. Silence. Nothingness. Emptiness. Then into that vessel the Spirit moves over the face of the deep. You don’t move it. You don’t move. You are very still, like that lake, that crystal clear lake. No movement. And the wind of Spirit moves over the water, and there’s a ripple. That ripple is the birth of the new creation, the new consciousness, and I am come that you might have life and life more abundantly. And I, the Eternal, everlasting life, am come. So says Joel:

In many classes and even in some of the Writings, I have said that I did not understand the reason for the crucifixion …: why it took place or why it had to take place if it had to. It puzzled me, … [and] It was not until … 1963, when I myself went through the experience, [of crucifixion] that the reason and need for the crucifixion of Christ Jesus was revealed to me. [But] Somehow [because he didn’t bring a mind with him] Somehow, after that experience, the memory of it passed …, and I could not bring it to conscious recollection, [but] … later the entire scene was revealed to me again when I went through the experience of ascension: … rising above [the] mind [in] to Truth [or God] Itself.

Now there it is in plain English, my friends. Joel made it! He rose above the mind. Remember – the ascension is always the same – rising above mind into truth or God or Christ Consciousness or Genesis. And I went through the experience of ascension [he says], rising above mind [in] to Truth.

[And] This is what I saw: [says Joel] In Jesus’ statement, “He that seeth me seeth him that sent me,” he revealed … he had attained the goal of I AM. “ ‘I am the way’ – [I am the consciousness. I AM God.] … I and God are one.” And there is an experience in which he proved this: he took three disciples to what is called the Mount of Transfiguration, which again is [this] high consciousness, [above mind] and he revealed to them the Hebrew prophets who were supposed to be dead.

But, to his enlightened sense, [or in that higher consciousness] they were not dead, and he proved to his disciples that they were alive, and … they were with them there in form. [And] Whether he translated them into visible form or whether he translated himself and the disciples into invisible form makes no difference because it is the same experience. He translated: he demonstrated to his disciples the truth he later proved: “‘I lay down my life, that I might take it again’; I can walk into … [this] invisible realm and I can walk out again,… I am Spirit, I am the way.”

[And] Because of Jesus’ experience on the Mount of Transfiguration, I understand now that crucifixion was not necessary … . Enoch was translated without knowing death; Elijah was translated without knowing death; [and] Isaiah, also, may have been translated. Therefore, it was shown to me through Jesus’ experience on the Mount of Transfiguration … he could have been translated without knowing death, but … he chose to accept corporeal death in order to reveal to … [the] disciples that [even] death is not an experience, but [again] is an illusory sense [or a mental image] [which] … must be understood and seen through.

And finally he says at the bottom of this page:

This revelation is … proof of the message that there must come a rest to My people. There must come a rest from the activity of … mind: taking thought … fearing for our life, constantly knowing … truth in order to avoid some experience.

See – that’s not the way – you know truth over and over in your mind. No.

There must come a Sabbath, and in this Sabbath [now] we live by Grace.

See – not by thought taking, not by thinking of truth, but by that Grace which flows as that Spirit, that wind across the still lake.

we live by Grace, [and]… then we do not know the truth, … [now] truth reveals Itself [in] us, and we become the Truth. It is not an activity of the mind: it is Soul revealing Itself.

You see? Everything all these years has been pointing to the ascension, to rising out of humanhood and into Christhood. Everything has been telling us – Joel has been saying all this many years that we must come out of the mind permanently and live in Christ Consciousness. And he says:

[This]… is the final tearing down of humanhood, the final destruction of ‘man whose breath is in his nostrils’. [And then comes a resurrection of this spiritual creation, the Son of God, the manifestation of God, Christ. And then the] promises are fulfilled. “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”it is in [this]…. demonstration of our Christhood that there are no more problems, none whatsoever.

Let us be still for a moment. Let us rest back in that invisible pool; deep, deep pool of Spirit.

[Silence] ..

Here at this point in your initiation you must leave the mind. Just drop it. It cannot help you anymore. You no longer need an understanding of truth, an understanding of God, an understanding of illusion. No understanding of principles is Spirit. The realm of the mind has been good to you perhaps. It brought you so far, but you cannot go farther with it. And so now drop the mind. Take no thought.

In this temple not made with hands, not made with mind, in this temple is your perfect Self. Spirit is its substance. Consciousness is its home. Stand still, very still. And I and the Father are One and the same. Behold, I make all things new. Behold, I come quickly. Behold spiritual creation.

In the mind you had tribulation. In the Spirit you find the Sabbath, this moment of rest. And I have been with you from the beginning; from before Abraham was, I AM. If you will stand still. If you will cease from thought, I will reveal truth here, now, flowing. And this is life eternal that you might know Me, your true Self.

On this path in this part of your initiation you will learn to rise above the human mind, which is the tool for world mind. You will learn to function by being a beholder of Grace forming Itself, and you will know truly Christ liveth my life. And to every image of the mortal mind you will know: “Be not afraid; it is I.” It is I. And you will not fight, you will not use power, you will not overcome. You will see through. You will see through by standing still in no power, in silence. You will see through as My creation unfolds before you. And you will live in, through, and by Christ consciousness.

And your willingness to die, to step out of the mind is the invitation to Me, Christ, and I will take over.

My friends, this is something you cannot explain to humans even if you would like to. They have no capacity to receive it. You who have labored long and hard – let us return to this chapter Truth Unveiled and hear it in Joel’s words, because I think they’re beautiful.

When you reach that place where, instead of searching for a truth, feverishly reading or studying to latch on to some truth, [when instead of that] you can relax and rest in the Truth – without taking thought, without [any] speaking … [without any] thinking – you can be a state of awareness, and then you understand the meaning of “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word [or every movement] that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” You will then discover that every word, every feeling, [every movement], every emotion, … every thought that comes to you from … [that] deep withinness … is what you now live by. [This is] The Spirit within [which] guides, … directs … sustains … [and] protects. It goes before you to “make the crooked places straight.”

Our ultimate goal must be to live in, through, and as God. If we are not to do this, why did the Master teach, “Take no thought for your life” ? Life is meant to be lived by Grace, without … power [of any kind]. And again he says:

See what happens on the seventh day: [on the Sabbath] “In the meanwhile his disciples prayed him, saying, Master, eat. But he said unto them, I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” He was telling them not to go out [and] … get meat; but to rest in the Sabbath of I have: no words, no thoughts, no might, no power.

[You students who are going through this initiation] You students who are ready for the Sabbath must prepare for it by learning to rest back in this realization: “[I] Let my Soul take over instead of my mind.” Then every time you go within, something new and fresh will come forth. Of course – it’s a new creation. Behold – I make all things new.

In the consciousness of [this] Sabbath, [in this Christ Consciousness] you [do not have to] … go out and get meat, [because] … you have it. … [How do you have it?] By your recognition that you and the Father are one. [Says Joel]

For six days you have labored to study and to train yourself, and those “six days,” remember, are for most of you many, many years. But there [does come] … a rest to My people; there comes a Sabbath; and that is when you stop all your metaphysical struggling, [and] relax, … let Grace live your life.

Those … students [in this initiation] who have been listening and studying with the inner ear [for many years] … are now … entering that period of Sabbath when they can feel [feel] within themselves: “I [don’t] know any truth. I cannot live on … quotations … . The only truth I know is what is coming [forth from that deep well within]. … I am [now] living in [a] … period of unknowing, in which every day I go within to receive the manna for that day, [I] … listen for Thy voice.” …

Thy Grace is my sufficiency …”

You see how beautiful this is, how beautiful. He says:

The Infinite Way takes you through the “six days” of labor – … thinking and knowing … truth, … searching for truth, pondering truth, meditating … truth – until [finally] you go beyond the activity of the mind … Finally, you come to … [the Sabbath] … [And] Every word that flows from God into your awareness becomes the bread, the wine, … the water. … [the] health, [the] strength, [the] vitality, and all … that … [is] necessary for your experience.

And so my dear, dear friends – as we walk through this initiation alone, yet not alone – I say to you that these moments of stepping out of the human mind – the world mind, the mental images of this world – and standing still in that pool; in that deep, deep universe within and beholding Spirit, the movement of Spirit across the waters – this is how you are made new. This is how you are transformed. This is how you are made a new creature. This is how you are lifted up to the place where Christ liveth your life. And this you can tell no man.

To him that overcomes this human mind, this taking thought, this thinking, Christ says, “I will give the hidden manna, and now we know what that manna is, don’t we? We live by it, the invisible movement of Spirit.

To him that overcomes the mind I will give the invisible movement of Spirit, and I will give him a stone, and on the white stone a new name is written, and that name is Christhood. And no one knoweth saving he that receiveth it. No one around you will be able to tell that you have received your initiation, that you have received Christhood, that you have ascended out of the mind into Christ Consciousness, into this deep universe, into My Kingdom. But you will know that you have received it. You will know.

Isn’t this wonderful? Passing … we are passing from humanhood to Christhood, from mind to Spirit, from images to the kingdom of heaven here and now. We are passing from intellect to Consciousness. We are passing from death to life. This humanhood that we thought was a life is death. Now we come into Life – Eternal life, everlasting life, Christ life, and this life will never leave you nor forsake you. And so we pass from humanhood to Christhood, right here, right now. We rest in the Sabbath. We rest on the seventh day and we behold the perfect creation unfolding before our inner eye.

[Silence] ..