Bill: Good morning, and perhaps I should say, Happy New Year! Because the new year is just three days away.

Now, in this book we are studying called, Leave Your Nets, we are learning how to leave behind our nets. And our nets are those things which trap us into living in a personal sense of self. Or in looking out and seeing a personal sense of self. Whether friend or enemy, whether lover or antagonist, it’s the same. It’s a personal sense of self which God did not make.

John tells us that plainly. All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made. So some of these things that were made were made by a temple made by hands. A temple made by mind, a temple made by world mind. You see that?

So this book is steering us away from that, helping us to die to a personal sense of self whether here, there or anywhere. Now, today’s “Wisdom,” posted to our Mystical Principles email list, email group is, “Withdraw from personal consciousness as rapidly as possible. Let I die.”

So we can see that Joel was receiving this message. In this chapter, Chapter 10, it’s called “Inasmuch as Ye Have Done it Unto One of the Least.” What does that have to do with dying daily? I think you’ll see by the end of this talk and hopefully you will practice by the end of this hour.

And so it begins and we’re going to enter into the consciousness that uttered these words. The consciousness of one who was dying daily, who was leaving their nets. This is what we must do. It’s all fine and dandy to enjoy listening to a talk, I do too. But if we go away from that talk and we feel good for an hour or so and then we drop right back into humanhood and acting based on knowledge that we received from world mind, from a mind that sees a world, a material world, then we’re not really dying daily. We’re just having a little wonderful experience with the talk. We don’t want a conscious awareness, a conscious contact with a talk or a book or a tape.

We want conscious contact with the I of our being, with God Itself at the center of our Being. So we must practice the principles that we hear and if necessary, write them down if something jolts you, something says, “Yes! This is it do this, I need to do this.” Then write it down. Sometimes we remember a little better writing it down.

Ok, so. Chapter 10. To those engaged in spiritual workthis is, by the way, I’m going to tell you right up front, this chapter and what I’m going to share with you today you may have heard it, you may have read it, but I need to hear it. In some areas I have slipped back a little and so I need to be reminded of these principles. So don’t think this is just for you, it’s not.

Alright. So, To those engaged in spiritual work, there’s a certain reward that comes in the feeling of having served their fellow man and of having served God in such service. That is as it should be. When we come to giving service within our family, business or community life, however, we are likely to forget that the service we perform for another is not really for another at all. It is not done because we happen to have a husband or a wife, or because we are parents or neighbors or because we are citizens of one nation under one flag. Outwardly, it would seem that we are performing our duties and obligations merely because of those human obligations and relationships but this is not true.

Now listen, my dear friends because he is saying how you should be living.

It would seem as if we are doing that for human obligations and relationships but this is not true. In serving another, we are in reality serving the Christ. We are serving God.Now, when you vacuum the floor in the living room, are you doing that so the house will look better? Are you doing that so your neighbors will see you have a clean house? Are you doing that for your children so they don’t have dust on the floor? You should not be doing any of that. You should be doing it to serve God. And I have lived that way and I know it’s the most beautiful way to live that I’ve ever lived.

Now, We are serving God. It makes no difference whether it’s supporting our family or contributing to some philanthropic enterprise, we are not now doing it as a human being. We’re not doing it as human beings doing it unto human beings. We are doing it onto the Christ of their being. It is the Christ of them calling out to the Christ of us and we answer that call.” This means, I found out, you have to take a principle with you and you have to work it. You have to practice it.

When I learned to drive a car, it probably only took a couple of hours but I was pretty shaky about it and I didn’t feel comfortable in the midst of a lot of traffic. The only thing that could make me comfortable in a lot of traffic, was to drive in a lot of traffic. Then I developed the skills that became almost second nature.

Do you ever think about driving? Sometimes I drive from let’s say, a big town like Atlanta, home here to a really tiny town called Robbinsville. And I leave the city I drive into the foothills I drive into the mountains and then sometimes I become aware, “Hey! I missed the last hour of driving. Who was driving? I was thinking about these principles or thinking about a talk or something. I wonder, who drove my car?”

Well, it became second nature. The principles were living me. That’s what Joel says happens in the spiritual walk, we practice and he said, It’s hard for a year or two.” And I suspect he eased that a little bit. I think it’s longer than a year or two. But anyway, he says it’s hard work. We don’t want to do it. It’s much easier to listen to a talk and say, “Oh, isn’t that beautiful?”

So we must take a principle just like the principle of driving. We must take it and we must practice it. And what is the principle? He gave it to you here. There’s two of them which resolves into one. We are serving God. It makes no difference what we are doing. Whether for the family, the neighbor, we’re serving God. It’s the Christ of them calling out to the Christ of us and we answer that call.

So we’re not serving mental images, we’re not serving material sense’s of self. We’re not serving personal sense’s of self. We’re serving Christ, we’re serving God but there’s a second part to that. As long as we think we’re merely serving man, feeding, educating and sustaining our families or cooperating with our business associates, we are so far missing the mark that we lay ourselves open to betrayal, ingratitude in all the evils of human nature.”

Why? Is that a punishment because you’re not practicing the principal? No, that’s not a punishment. God doesn’t punish, come on. That’s yesterday’s superstitious, religious viewpoint. You’re not punished because you’re not practicing the principle of serving God.

When you don’t practice the principle of oneness, you practice the principle of twoness and that opens the door to both good and evil. Now you’re back to the temple made by mind. Mind is good or evil, that’s all that’s there. Until you learn to practice these principles and sit in meditation without a material sense of self, then, then you experience a temple not made with hands. A temple made by God which is eternal in the heavens.

All right now, listen up. Only when we give to our fellow man, realizing our devotion is to God made manifest, only then are we serving in the manner of the Christ. And only then will we reap the spiritual reward or fruitage of our service and our devotion.All right, we’re going to skip a little of this because I think you know. This is an important paragraph to hear, The mistake that we have made is that we have served man separate and apart from our service to God.” Sometimes man doesn’t appreciate it.

I was talking with my daughter-in-law and she was telling me that her employees, she gave them a bonus, a very nice bonus for Christmas and they didn’t appreciate it. They wanted more, they felt it wasn’t enough. And I heard what the bonus was, and it was more than enough to me. So why don’t we try something different?

If we’re serving man, doing the best we can yet we’re getting back these lousy attitudes, we’ve opened the door by serving man. We must come up higher. That’s what this book is about. Come up higher. Come up over that world mind that sees two.

Man and God, man and woman, healthy and sick, rich and poor, lonely and companioned. We’ve got to come up over that, we’ve got to overcome the world mind.

So, The mistake we have made is that we have served man separate and apart from our service to God, instead of realizing that our service to man represents our devotion to God. Since ‘if a man say I love God and hateth his brother he’s a liar.’ Why? Because there is no God separate and apart from man. And the only devotion we can ever pay to God is in our devotion to man.” O K, now I learned this from a very, very painful experience. Which I’ll share with you in a minute.

He says, It’s not necessary to voice this to anyone. On the contrary, it’s another one of those secret wisdoms to be held close within ourselves. Whatever service we perform regardless of for whom we perform it, we realize, ‘I’m not doing this for you. I’m not too much interested in you.’ This act represents my devotion to God appearing as you. This represents my devotion to the Divine Self. There is no kingdom of heaven on earth.”

This is an important paragraph put brackets around it or highlight it or whatever you do. There is no kingdom of heaven except on earth. So there is no way to achieve heaven except through achieving it on earth. And the only way to achieve heaven on earth is to serve God on earth. And the only way to serve God on earth is to serve man in the realization of God as a man’s real being.”

All right now, let me tell you my story and you’ve heard it before. I wanna hear it again. I think it was 1975. I was married, we had a child that was one year old. Everything was rolling along pretty good, I felt. I told you the story last week or the week before of having a bad attitude at that age, the attitude that the world owes me a living. And I told you I was fired and I had to beg a loaf of bread from my neighbor. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if it was just for myself but I had a wife and a child too. And that was bad. That was not good at all.

But out of the surrender, I became teachable and suddenly God became a real experience, moving things around in my life. Giving me, appearing as fulfillment, peace and joy. And so I figured, “At last, I have it!” And I asked God, “God, please show me how to love. I want to know how to love. Show me how, show me the real love.” And God answered that prayer. And here’s how it was answered.

I came home from work and my wife said, “I’m leaving you. I’m leaving you. I met somebody at the church and I’m moving in with him.” Well, I tried to talk her out of it. “What do you mean you’re leaving? I’ve finally got a spiritual way of life. I’m doing better, you can see it.” “Yes, I can see it but I’m tired. I’m leaving.” I didn’t just have a bad attitude at work, I had a bad attitude at home too. I had a bad attitude everywhere. So I understand her being tired.

However, at the time, I just couldn’t understand why this was happening. Here I finally surrendered to God. I gave him everything from the longest hair on my head to my longest toenail. I gave Him my all. And now he’s taking the only thing I love. I went to work the next day, I came home and the house was empty. She was gone. I went to the baby’s room. Nothing in there but blue walls and dust bunnies on the floor. The crib was gone, everything was gone. Went to our bedroom. Gone. No clothes, none of her things were there. Just a big king size bed.

So I called my spiritual advisor of that time, Don. And I kind of expected him to say, “Well, no wonder she left you. You’ve been a miserable human being” or something like that, you know. He said “Come over, we’ll talk.” I went over, I didn’t talk. There was nothing I could say, I had a big lump in my throat. I couldn’t even begin. It never occurred to me, never ever ever even occurred to me that she would leave. We had been married for four years, I guess. And our child was one year old. She was gone.

Well” he said, my spiritual advisor, he said, “most people would get out of this problem by transferring their feelings to another woman. However,” he said, “if you did that you would be just as dependent on the next one because this pain is not love. It’s not from love. This pain is from dependency.” “Wow, what do I do?” I said, “What do I do? I see her walking down the street with different guys and they’re smiling and I know that she’s going home with them.”

There were probably eleven guys from my church group that took her home. Eleven. So I couldn’t go there anymore, you know? I tried to listen to the talks there and in she would come with a different guy. And they’d be sitting in the back and I could hear her giggling. Now you know I was not getting any spiritual answers there.

So I asked Don, “What do I do? I get pictures in my mind of her and him. I can’t get rid of them.” Because here’s how my day would go. I would go to work and I would push my body around. Have you ever been that depressed? You push your body around, get through the day, clock out. Took the bus home, walked down my driveway, and looked around the house. Was there any evidence that she’s been there again? No, none. Lock the door, pull the shades on the windows, lay down and couch and cry. That was how my day went.

And because I was mad at God, I figured it was God’s fault, I would yell at God. Nobody was there watching, who cares? Then I would realize how bad I felt and I would beg God, “Please. Show me the way out.” Oh, I was bouncing off the walls. I called Don one night and I said, “I don’t have any questions, I just need to hear your voice.” I don’t know if you’ve ever been that desperate.

Finally he said, “Look, I think you’re ready to let go of this.” I said, “But what do I do when these pictures come?“ He said, “You’re living by yourself, just talk out loud and say, ‘Look, I’ve given that to God. Take that out of here, go away.’” And he said, “I want you to practice the principle of transferring your feelings to God. That’s the only way. Don’t transfer them to another woman. Transfer them to God.” I said “How do I do that? I can’t see God. I can’t hold God at night.” He said, “There’s a chapter for you in The Art of Meditation. But I’m not gonna tell you which chapter.” He said, “I want to see you find it for yourself.”

OK. So I made the decision after I hung up the phone that I would transfer my feelings to an invisible God that I couldn’t hear, I couldn’t see, taste, touch, or smell. I made the decision that I would transfer my feelings to the Invisible God. And if my mind started showing me these pictures, I would say, “Take that out of here I’ve given that to God.“

And then, I looked for the chapter in The Art of Meditation. There was a chapter called “For Love is of God.” I’m looking at it now. It’s in Chapter 11, “For Love is of God.” I thought maybe my answer’s in there. And this is what hit me right between the eyes. I had so deep a revelation, so deep a realization that I could never forget it again.

I read these words, To those who live in communion with God, serving God through their fellow man, the promise is literally kept. All that I have is thine. No longer is there a need or a desire for any person or any thing. Every thing and every person become part of our being. What we surrender, we have. What we hold in grasp of possession we lose. Everything we release, we draw to us. Everything we loose, we have. Everything we set free, we bind to us forever. Loose him and let him go. Let everyone be loosed in Christ. We trust everyone to the God of his own being. We do not hold anyone in bondage to a debt of love, hate, fear or doubt. We do not demand even love from anyone. We agree that no man owes us anything. Only when we do not feel a debt of obligation and only when we hold no one in debt of obligation to us, are we free and do we set our world free.”

So you see, the principle that we just read in Leave Your Nets which says, A miracle takes place when we stop being human do-gooders and stop merely serving man on the level of man and begin to realize, ‘Why, I would serve you if you were not you, since you are God manifest. I would serve you if I had never met you.’ Why? Because this sharing represents my devotion to God manifest as the Son.”

See, that’s the principle I was working with. I can put it in my own words but again, remember the words are never important. It’s the conscious awareness. If you have the awareness, you don’t even need any words. So the words I had were not the ones I read in Leave Your Nets. They were the words I had in what I read in The Art of Meditation. We serve God by serving man. Only by serving God can we serve man. And so I decided if I’m going to transfer my love to God, I’m going to have to transfer it to the entire creation. Because God is inside everyone and everything. I knew that from my meditations. So I began to practice.

I remember a Saturday morning, I woke up and bam! As soon as I opened my eyes, big king size bed. Only my pillows are here. And the loneliness descended and the pictures started. And I got up. “Go away! I’ve given that to God.” I got myself dressed, I went in and had some coffee and I saw that there were some dishes to do. So I got up to do the dishes and then it hit me. “Wait, I can do this.”

So I said, “God, I’m doing these dishes for you.” And I did every single dish with the most care and love I could express. I said, “Look, God, I can see myself in this dish.” I made a game out of it. I began to practice serving God in everyone and everything. My cat came to the back door, a cat named Sufi. In came the cat. I started with “Good morning, Sufi.” Wait a minute. I walked over, “Good morning, Father, how are you? Would you like some food?” and I pet the cat. There was a plant. We had a Wandering Jew in the living room. It didn’t get much sun. I went in to water the plant and then I remembered, “Here Father, have a drink.”

I started practicing serving God, serving the Father, serving Christ in everyone and everything. There was a few people that were interested in how I was doing. One of them was Ray. Ray came by the house, knocked on the door. And I realized I couldn’t say, “Hi Father, how are you doing?” You know, we have to keep this principle secret and sacred. And so I said, “Hi Ray, how are you doing? Would you like a cup of coffee?” and in my silence as he responded, I said, “Father, how may I best be of service?”

And we went in and I poured Ray a cup of coffee, gave it to him and we sat down and he started talking. Well he thought he was going to be talking about my problems, instead, maybe because I said “Father, how can I best be of service,” his problem, his recent problem came out and he laid it on the floor. And I talked for a while and we talked about practicing spiritual principles. And when he got up to leave, he looked at me very strange. And I said within myself, I said “Father, thank you.” Out here I said, “See you next time, Ray. Thanks for stopping by.”

Well, I got hungry. I went down to the local Bob’s Big Boy in Pasadena. I had at the time, let’s see I was probably 21 and at the time, I walked in and I had a Bob’s Big Boy double decker cheeseburger and some fries and a chocolate Coke. And before the waitress could serve me the food, she brought over a cup of coffee. I had coffee too, and a glass of water. And there was some ice in the water and I took the ice in the spoon put a little in my coffee so it wouldn’t take so long before I could drink it. And she was watching from across the dining room. I didn’t know she was watching. I had just said, “Father how many best be of service?” I was doing that with everyone I came in contact with. Suddenly she showed up with a glass of ice. “Here.” “Thank you.”

Weird things, strange things were happening like that. The cat that I had, I could put up my hand and say, “Wait a minute Father.” I could see it getting ready to jump on my lap. I get to the end of the chapter I’m reading and I set the book down, “OK,” up the cat would jump. The plant in the living room, it grew like crazy and never got any sun.

The most bizarre one was, and you know this already. I was reading something, I think it was Practicing the Presence, sitting on my couch and this fly had gotten in. And it was buzzing around, landing on my forehead and then my arm, and then my hand and then my nose. You know, I kept waving it away. I couldn’t concentrate with what I was reading. So I thought, I’m going in the kitchen there and get the flyswatter that’s hanging on the wall. I’ll take care of that.

Something happened to me. I said, “Wait, now wait. If God’s inside of everyone and everything, then I might be able to be of service to this fly.” Isn’t that crazy? It sounds crazy, but that’s the way I was thinking. So I stuck out my hand, palm up. This thing was circling around the room, landing on the lampshade, landing on the wall. I said, “Look, Father, land on my hand here and I’ll put you outside.”

Now listen, this thing, every time it landed on me and I went to swat it away, it didn’t even stay on the arm or the hand. It was gone before I could get my hand anywhere near it. So I was pretty sure this would not work. But I tried because it’s a principle and either it works or it doesn’t.

And I was in the middle of this consciousness of serving God through God’s creation. So I stuck my hand out. “Father, land on my hand and I’ll put you outside.” The fly made two more circles around the living room, and then landed in pretty much the center of my palm. So I got up, put my book aside, got up, stood up. The fly was still there. I walked across the living room to the door. The fly was still there. I opened the inner door, the wooden door and then I opened the screen door. The fly was still there. I stuck my hand outside, and it flew away.

Now I’m telling you, I lived this. This is not something I read or made up. This is not some cute story. This is the truth. God is inside of everyone and everything. Do you remember Joel saying in one of his books that even the bugs in your garden could become friendly bugs? He’s not kidding.

So I had entered this consciousness that he’s describing. But for me, I couldn’t just decide, “Well this is a nice Saturday, I think I’ll practice this.” No, that didn’t work that way. For me, I had to be in enough pain that I could begin to practice love. Real love.

And one night I was sitting there reading Practicing the Presence, I think. And I set the book down and closed my eyes for a meditation. And in the meditation I became still. For a moment I lost any sense, any personal sense of self. It was only a moment. But in that moment I felt this Presence. An invisible Presence touched me on the side of the face. Very gentle, very lovingly. And I felt this sense of peace and I realized, “Oh my God. It’s really real. I really can love – transfer my feelings to God. God really is ever with me, closer than hands and feet. ‘Closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.’”

So I went to Don and I said, “Don, this is fabulous!” And he said, “Will you split a talk with me at the church?” And as you all know I said yes. I went to the church, I talked for a few minutes, we had a coffee break. He got up to talk and he dropped over dead. He left this plane. He stayed alive long enough to introduce me to God and then he left. His work was done.

Oh I know he had much more work than that, I’m just saying from my point of view, he stayed alive just enough to introduce me to God. See, if he had died six months earlier, I may have never found this answer. I may have transferred my feelings to another woman. As so many of us do.

All right so, there’s a second part to this principle. Not only do we serve God by serving his creation, by serving our fellow man, but we come to the place where we recognize, ‘I am not serving anybody. This is the Christ serving God through me, as me.’” So he says, “Only if we thought or think that we are giving out of our personal selfhood and giving it to some other personal selfhood who might or might not be worthy, only then would we find that in giving, we are depleting ourselves.”

That’s how you can know if you are living in a personal sense of self. If you give a few dollars or you give of your time or you give in some other way and you feel depleted, your portion is getting smaller, whether a portion of your strength, your time, your money, then you’re giving out of a personal sense of self and the principle doesn’t work. “Well,” you say, “this doesn’t work. I’ve tried it.”

No, you haven’t. You can’t be a personal sense of self giving to another personal sense of self and then telling yourself, “I’m serving God.” Maybe in the very very first day or two, that’s how you get this thing started but you can’t stay there.

All that the Father has is mine. But it always remains the Father’s. And so whatever I share is of the Father. We can give away the whole kingdom of the Father and we will still have more than enough to care for our needs.” Isn’t that fabulous? So he gives you the example of a mother who loves her children. More and more she loves them. When does she run out of love? Never.

So, In the fourth dimension,” see the fourth dimension is this new consciousness. The fourth dimension is your consciousness when you see the kingdom of heaven on earth. When you see the Father manifest as your friends and enemies and relatives. When you see the Father flowing through you to the Son. Then you’re living in another dimension than other people, aren’t you? Another awareness.

In the fourth dimension we are drawing our good not from out of this world, but from out of the depths of our being. Above all, let me remind you again that this is our basic premise insofar as it concerns our individual demonstration of our Christhood. To his sense of things, a human being derives his good from the world. And so, when seeking any good, thought naturally turns to some person, place or thing. A business activity. An outer form of expression. That seems to be natural and the only right thing for a human being to do.

However, entering this new dimension of life, that is the Christ life, we never think of drawing our good from the outer realm or from another person or thing. We never think of deriving our good from some outer experience or expression. Through it, yes. But not from it. So first, the first and vital work of those living in this new fourth dimension is meditation. Whether we undertake to heal someone, teach a class, engage in selling, housework, farm work, a business activity, whatever the nature of our work, if we expect success in it on the outer plane, well we are the man of earth. But if we know that the outer expression is merely going to be the reflection of the inner, then before undertaking any work, we will turn within.”

That’s why he has this in front of every single book: Except the Lord built the house, they labor in vain that build it.” Unless your temple is a house made without hands, you labor in vain building it with hands. You see that?

Now, recently, an actor, maybe some of you know him. Robin Williams committed suicide. This is a man with over a third of a billion dollars. A billion with a “B” in the bank. Yet he took his life. Why? Because that’s a temple made by hands. And perhaps he’d never been shown that there could be a temple not made by hands.

See, the temple made by hands is, well, they labor in vain that build it. You’re free to build a temple made by hands and you’re free to sing Frank Sinatra’s song, “I Did It My Way.” But you might find that you are very lonely sitting in that castle. You might find that you haven’t found the answer. There’s no feeling of oneness. You’re just living in a material sense of self that’s miserable.

But what happens when you build a house, you stand still, stand aside and bear witness to that which builds the house not made by hands? Well, we read that. To one who serves God through his fellow man, the promise is literally kept. All that I have is thine.” And I lived that and I found out it’s true.

The real values in life are spiritual, not material. And the deep things of God make for a greater peace than any peace that the world can give. There is no good thing that can come into your experience as a permanent dispensation except that it is given to you of the Father. There is no good thing to be achieved permanently on the outer realm and only as you learn to make that contact with God and maintain it,” maintain it daily “does your life become the spontaneous outflowing and outpouring of the Spirit.

This even eliminates from your experience any sense of giving service and devotion to your fellow man. It even takes from you your sense of service and devotion to your family as a family. It gives you the complete realization that whether you are doing it for friend, family or neighbor, you are doing it for the Christ. You are serving only Spiritual Being.

In turn, when you are served, there must come the realization that it is not your vanity that’s being glorified but the Christ of your being that is recognized, served, rewarded, cooperated and shared with. In this realization then, ‘I’ gradually removes

itself.” And what was the Wisdom today? “I die daily. Let I die.” In this realization then, the word ‘I’ gradually removes itself. The word ‘I’ becomes of less and less importance until it becomes impossible for that ‘I’ to be hurt or injured or wronged or defrauded since all such beliefs would be no part of your being.”

Now, what happened to me was, I was able to walk into those rooms where the fellow had his arm around her and she was giggling in the back. And I was able to sit there and recognize the Father. “Father, how may I best be of service?” And I was able to be of service and look through that, look past that.

At one point I discovered another principle. Joel said in one of his books that you, either you or he, begin to see that “I” above people’s heads. And the way I practiced that was when I saw someone, I said to myself, within myself, “Where you appear to be, ‘I’ am.” And I practiced that resolutely, “Where you appear to be, I am” until I began to see that God, He really is inside of everyone and everything. I had been looking at the images but now I began to see the invisible “I”. OK?

So he says, Reach into this deep pool within you and feel the abundance, the gentleness and the power of that Spirit and let it flow. And when it flows, it will come out as in a mold. That mold may be money, home, companions, forgiveness, justice, mercy, kindness or benevolence. But do not attempt to pour Spirit into a mold. Do not attempt to provide a mold in which to hold it.”

And that’s difficult to do in practice when you are laid off from work because of a downturn in the economy, and that’s happened to me. We have a tendency to forget. “Oh no, I have to get a job, I have to pay the rent at the end of the month, I have to provide for my family.” See, that’s all personal sense. It sounds very nice, doesn’t it? But it is not a spiritual principle. The spiritual principle is higher than that. You come up higher.

And so when I called my second spiritual teacher and I said, “I’m having this problem. I’ve applied for different jobs and they all say the same thing. They say, ‘Well you seem very qualified but the last job, you were making such and so and we certainly can’t afford to pay you that much.’ And I sat there and said a couple of times, ‘That’s OK, I’ll work for less.’ ‘OK, thank you, we’ll definitely consider you’ and then they never called.”

You see? They had their mind made up, I couldn’t work for less. They couldn’t afford to pay me what I had been making. What happened? I called my spiritual advisor and I told him what was going on. And he said, “Look. You have this wrong.” And I said, “What do you mean?” His name was Chuck. “What do you mean, Chuck?” He said, “Look, you don’t go out there to get a job. You don’t go out to get anything. You don’t even go out there to get the money to pay your rent and provide for your family.” “Well what then?” “Your job is to be of service. How can I best be of service, Father?” I’d heard that before. “Your job is to be of service and let God take care of the rest.” “OK, I’ll try.” I hung up the phone, right?

I saw something in the paper the next day or two. I thought I’d go apply. And I started to get up and shave my face and put on some Dockers and a nice shirt in order to go to this interview. And you know what I did? I said, “Wait a minute. Now if this principle works, it works. I don’t have to change anything.” So I had a five o’clock shadow, I had on pants with paint stains from painting a wall, I had an old shirt on, and I showed up for the interview just like that.

And when the man interviewed me, I said, “I’m here to help you do whatever you need to have done, that’s all.” Which means, I’m here to be of service. And that fellow looked at me, looked up and down and he said, “Can you start on Monday?” “Of course, yes. Thank you.” And I made a little less than I did on the other job but it wasn’t too long that I got promotions and raises and I was making the same thing I did before, even a little more.

So, the point of that story is that I had to learn, I’m not working to pay my bills. I’m not working to help my family. I’m working to help that business. To be of service to God through that business. And it works, it really does. People are amazed.

I used to stay and work overtime. Some of the time on my own dime. I wasn’t getting paid for it but I was helping the company. Now you do that a few times and the plant manager says, “Hey, we have a winner here. Let’s promote him.” But you don’t do it for that reason. You do it to be of service and then these good things happen. OK?

So, Reach into this deep pool and feel the abundance, the gentleness, the power of the Spirit and let it flow. And when it flows, it will come out as in a mold.” Yes, but you can’t hold up the mold. That’s the tricky part. That’s the hard part. When you sit down to meditation and somebody’s called you for a healing or something in your own life has come up that you have to get the money for and you don’t have it, it’s hard to sit down and not think, “OK Father, Thy will be done” but hold up a mold in your mind for money or for healing. But it doesn’t work. Do not attempt to provide a mold in which to hold it.

Go to this pool, this infinite pool of joyous substance and commune, that’s all. Feel it as it fills your consciousness, as it circulates within your being.”

Now, I had this experience this morning as I sat down for our 11:00 meditation. I barely got my eyes closed and I felt this Presence, I felt the Father. And so there was only one thing to pray. “Father, flow to whoever you will, to all. Just flow.”

He says, By this I do not mean a physical or an emotional feeling.” This communing he’s talking about “but an inner awareness of the Divine. That’s all. This is seeking the kingdom of God and then the things are added because it pours itself forth. Not as ephemeral nothingness or substance, but in molded form and the mold is always fulfillment.” That’s the thing about it. It’s always fulfillment.

How can you know if you’re living in this fourth dimension? When your entire vision is on your devotion and service to God. When your expectancy is of God. Not of man, but of God. And when you understand only in His Presence is fulfillment.” OK? “Always remember you block it’s flow with every thought of I, me or mine. You block it with every thought of getting, receiving or accomplishing. You fulfill it only in the realization that it is flowing forth out of God.” OK?

Do you knowhe says, that each one of us could have all there is on earth and still everyone else could also have all there is on earth? Do you know why? Because this is a spiritual universe.” Ah, and you thought it was material. Every potato in the soil is spiritual and it multiplies itself and without end unless you stop it by trying to divide it or get it or bring it to yourself.” Instead of opening a way and letting it flow into expression as I did in this morning’s meditation.

How do you do that? Close your eyes. Turn within and realize, ‘Father, within me is the infinite, the limitless spiritual universe. Let it flow. Let me be the avenue of healing the multitudes or feeding the multitudes. Of understanding, helping, companioning, and aiding them. But let all this flow as a service unto Thee.’” So you see? You’re going within like I did in the early days and you’re saying, “Father, how may I best be of service?” and you’re letting it flow out to God as man. To God as manifestation.

You cannot live in the fourth dimension and draw forth from the outer realm because the fourth dimension is the source of that which is in the outer realm. And you bring it forth for the use of those who do not yet know how to draw on the infinity of their own being. Turn within.

Be assured of this. The Master made no mistake when he revealed that the kingdom of God is within you. The kingdom of allness is within you and if you wish allness and an abundance of allness, then turn to the kingdom of God within and stop this looking to man whose breath is in his nostrils.”

OK? So hopefully you come away from this chapter with principles that you can practice. How may I best be of service to God? Not these people I see, but to God through these people. I’m serving God, I’m loving God through these people. And how can you realize and come to the recognition, it’s not “I” the person, it’s the Christ serving God through me so it’s the Christ serving Christ. It’s God serving God. It’s the Father serving the Father, and I bear witness.

Now, when I woke up this morning, I knew I was going to make a talk. But I knew that I didn’t want to make the talk. So I went within, I had the meditation at 11:00. I felt the Father flow through and it went out to serve, to flow into the Father everywhere. And so it has happened.

Now in, well let’s see, fifteen years ago, fifteen years ago, I had been wondering in my meditation, what can I give God? God being this invisible spiritual Presence, what do you give the Presence that has everything? What do you give the guy that has everything? I couldn’t think of anything. Yes, I could serve God through my fellow beings, but what could I give God out of love? I just felt I wanted to give something to God.

And then it happened. Ah! I can give God something He doesn’t have right at this moment. What is that? I can give God myself. I can give God myself to use me as he will. I can give God myself to flow through.

And so, out of that came the Mystical Principles website. And then out of that came the Mystical Principles email list. And out of that came some Mystical Principles classes in person. And out of that came tapes and reel to reel tapes and cassette tapes coming to me out of the universe of Herb Fitch talks and so when his wife finally said to me, “I don’t care what you do with them. I’m done for now,” his widow. I said, “OK.” I put those also on the website and we began to turn some of them into pdf files or ebooks and even get some of them published. So this then, is my gift to God. All of this for the last 15 years.

But now, reading this chapter, we realize the truth, don’t we? This is God’s love flowing forth to God. And so even in this I can take no credit. The Father loveth the Son and showeth him all things and giveth him all things and we behold the glory of the only begotten of the Father full of Grace and Truth.

Thank you.

Bill: Merry Christmas!

This is Sunday, December 22. In two days, it will be Christmas Eve and we get to put all our presents under the tree for the children to find the next morning. Some are from us; some are from Santa and I thank you who gave us a really nice donation, so we were able to provide this Christmas. Which really means, Thank you Father for your supply, for your abundance.

Now I am still. I am quiet. I find my inner peace. I am not struggling; I am not seeking. There is a word, and the word is rest. I am resting. Resting back inside of myself. I am listening. I am receptive. Here without seeking, without striving, without wanting, without desiring, here I find my peace. And in my listening, in my standing still, in all these thoughts stopping, I receive Him and Him is the Holy Spirit. Now Spirit, flow through. Reveal Thyself, reveal Grace on Earth as it is in Heaven. He restoreth my Soul which appears as harmony, blessing, love, Christmas!

We are looking at the book of Joel’s called ‘LEAVE YOUR NETS’. It was first published; it says here in 1964. That is the year that Joel passed from this scene into the invisible and I don’t know if he ever saw it or if he didn’t. But the book is a book on putting off mortality and putting on immortality. It’s a book on leaving your nets. Nets are those things that you use to create and control and live in a world out here. And this chapter, chapter 9, is ‘The New Dimension’. You will find this new dimension as you follow the path, the path called The Infinite Way. As you learn its principles and practice them, and more importantly as you learn to find your inner peace and are receptive, you will find this inner new dimension.

And so, he begins, “The human scene continues to unfold day by day, as it has throughout all the days of the past. There is always the temptation to hope that things will be different tomorrow.” Now that’s what we do in about a week from now. We are going to be starting our new year and we are going to be hoping – many of us – will be hoping that the new year will be better. I will start my exercise program. I will lose some weight. I will go back to school. I will find another job. I will find the woman or the man that’s right for me. I will move to a new city. Do you see? This is the material life being lived.

So, he says, “left to itself, one day will follow another as days always have. The human scene is a state of inertia; it continues being whatever it is now, usually along the same lines. Nothing will be different tomorrow from what it is today, or from what it has been in the past until a new note is brought into the picture.” And I feel he could have used until a new self is brought into the picture. And that self, of course, is Christ. And he specifies that later in this chapter. Now he says, “Straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” We talked about loosing your life to find it. Very few find it. And the other scripture, “’I come not to send peace, but a sword.’ Up to now, what has been said is gentle and sweet, and good tasting. Now comes the part that makes the ‘belly bitter’: The living of this truth. This demands sacrifice and great effort.” Don’t ever believe that because you can close your eyes and quote a scripture and feel a little bit peaceful and not fall asleep that you have exerted great effort. You haven’t. When you read or you hear Joel say, “sometimes, I beg.” And you know from his writings and his autobiography that in spite of all the healings that flowed through his consciousness; in spite of all the teaching that flowed through his consciousness, he reached a point in his experience where he felt like a total and complete failure. Even with all of that, he reached a dark night of the soul. It’s in that book, ‘THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JOEL S. GOLDSMITH.’ There’s a letter there, a beautiful letter that he writhes to God, and in the letter, he says, eventually he says, “I take this failure and I give it to you. A perfect failure.” And he lays it in God’s hands.

Now if he should go through that kind of dark night of the soul, who am I to think that I can read a few books, get quiet a little bit, do a little contemplation and feel that I should be in heaven. Why, I’ve done all this hard work. Oh no, if you have ever read ‘A PARENTHESIS IN ETERNITY,’ you remember in the chapter on Initiation he says he smiles a little sadly when he gets these letters from students that say, “I want initiation.” Because he knows, or he wonders, what they would do with real initiation and the real dark night of the soul. There are some of you that have been through it, and I know you by name. But some of you haven’t. Now, so this demands sacrifice and great effort to live these principles.

Well, you say to yourself, “What am I sacrificing. Um, I guess I have to sacrifice a little time, maybe three times a day. Maybe I have to sacrifice five minutes, so I can rehearse the truth in my mind and get quiet for a minute. Maybe I have to sacrifice going to the ball game, maybe I had season tickets and I went to a lot of ballgames. Now I am going to have to sacrifice some of that because I have to read these books and listen to these talks and I have to put aside some time – my precious time – and I’m sacrificing.” Oh God, the human ego is something, really something, when you think it doesn’t even exist.

So, what then, what does he mean by great sacrifice and bitter in the belly? Well he says, “It will not be too difficult for you to remember the truth that you and the Father are one and all that the Father has is yours; the difficulty comes in living it, and it is only in the living of it that it can be demonstrated.” Ok – you should do like I did and underline that or make some notes that that’s important – only in the living of the truth, can it be demonstrated. The living – that implies an action. Not the knowing of the truth. It’s not the knowing in your mind that demonstrates truth. Knowing in your mind, well it’s comfortable, I guess, reminds you of some truth, but then you open yours eyes and go about our business and you still have all your problems. Why? You may ask. Because you’re not living the truth, you’re simply knowing it up here intellectually. So, it is only in the living of it that it can be demonstrated.

Declaring I and my Father are one or declaring your sonship will be of little help to you. You must assume your obligation as a son.” Oh, did you know you had obligations? Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you thought this was just all just going to be dropped on you. Here – you can have my mantle. No, consciousness is not just dropped on you; you have an obligation to live it. “Part of the responsibility” he says, “entailed in that relationship lies in your readiness and willingness to leave your ‘nets’ in the sense of stopping your search for health and supply and to rest in the conscious awareness of these as divine gifts already established within your being, even though momentarily not visible outwardly. This means no longer voicing truth, but living the truth of your identity, being willing to be called upon to heal or feed the multitudes. Can you do it? Yes, you can, if you realize, ‘I of my own self cannot do it, but by virtue of my divine sonship, I can.’”

Now, he says, you must have one of your obligations as a son, you must have the conscious awareness – he didn’t say the conscious thought – the conscious awareness of health and supply as divine gifts already established within you, within your being, within your consciousness. Ah yes – that, well ok, so how does that equate to sacrifice. How does that equate to great effort? How does being consciously aware of health and supply as divine gifts established in your consciousness – how does that relate to great effort and sacrifice? Well, let’s take a look. I noticed since this book is on leave your nets and it has to do with putting off a material sense of existence, putting off mortality, and putting on immortality it occurred to me that there was a chapter by the same name in this little black book called ‘THE INFINITE WAY’ by Joel S. Goldsmith. It’s the very first chapter, that was written in the very first book of the Infinite Way. And in the very first seven paragraphs – seven, yep seven paragraphs – you have the entire secret of putting off mortality and putting on immortality. You have the entire secret, every principle of the Infinite Way – it’s right here in the first seven paragraphs. So, let’s look at them. But remember, this is the part that’s ‘bitter in the belly.’ This is the part that requires sacrifice and great effort.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…And the Word was made flesh.” We’ve discussed this before, the Word of course is that inner movement, and the flesh that it becomes or appears as is the invisible flesh, spiritual flesh, which then appears out here as some form of harmony. Now, “the Word was made flesh, but it still is the Word. By being made flesh it does not change its nature, character, or substance.” See that? The Word is the substance, the Word is your immortality. And you are supposed to put off your conscious awareness of a material sense of the universe and self, and you are supposed to put on this immortal Word, this immortality. “Cause becomes visible as effect, but the essence or substance is still the Word, Spirit or Mind.” And Joel said if he was going to change something in this book, he would change that capital M Mind to Consciousness. So, it would read this way, and I am going to change it for him, “Cause becomes visible as effect, but the essence or substance is still the Word, Spirit or Consciousness. In this way do we understand there is not a spiritual universe and a material world.” That you should underline. There have never been two worlds. “In this way do we understand that there is not a spiritual universe and a material world. See there is no God and, but rather, what appears as our world, is the Word made flesh or Spirit made visible or Consciousness expressed as idea.”

Is that what you see as you look around? Do you see Consciousness expressed, or the Word made flesh or Spirit made visible? No, you see a material sense of universe. Well what does it say about that? “All the error that has existed down [through] the ages is founded on the theory or belief of two worlds, one the heavenly kingdom, or spiritual life, and the other a material world or mortal existence, each separate from the other. In spite of this sense of two worlds, men have always attempted to bring harmony into the discords of human existence through an attempt, by prayer, to contact this other world, or spiritual realm, and to bring Spirit, or God, to act upon the so-called material existence.” Now I still get emails, even from our group, asking me to pray because there is a problem with health, to pray because there is a problem with supply. Please pray for my supply, I have lost my job. Please pray for my health, I’m feeling very sick. Please pray for the health of my uncle. Now I know that these people in the midst of their struggle, in the midst of their pain, they’re wanting help, they’re wanting supply, they’re wanting a new companion. I get it. In the material sense of self that’s what you want – a better material sense.

What does he say about that? Well let’s look. This is the part that makes it bitter in the belly because that’s praying amiss. What does he say? “Let us” and us is in italics, so that’s everyone here in our group of about a hundred. “Let us then begin with the understanding that our world is not an erroneous one, but rather that the universe in which we live is the realm of reality or the kingdom of heaven about which man entertains a false concept.” Alright now, I’ve said it over and over, maybe you can hear it this day, maybe I can hear it a little deeper this day. You’ve all seen the pictures, or movie, or maybe in real life you’ve done what I did and gone to a state mental facility where some of the people are completely insane. And the criminally insane there are locked up, but the people who are not so bad are walking around. And if you have been there, perhaps you have seen the fellow that believes he’s Napoleon. Maybe he has his hand in his shirt and you try to talk to him, and he tells you about the next battle coming up. Or someone comes along and believes he’s Jesus Christ and you try to talk to him, and you get a blessing. Or maybe you get Florence Nightingale, or you get the lady who tried to fly around the world and ended up missing. What was her name? Oh yes, Amelia Earhart.

Now, these people in the mental institution really believe this. They’re living – he’s living in his concepts of Napoleon. That’s his universe, but is he living in that universe? Is he really in France, is he really walking around Europe? No. He’s in say Camarillo, in California. What about her? Is she flying a plane? No. But in their mind they are. All the time standing in a mental institute, all the time standing in the kingdom of heaven. This is our two people on the bench, and one is in hell and one is in heaven. And it’s not the bench, and it’s not the world, and it’s not heaven. So how then are we ever to bring harmony into our experience if we are living in such a material sense of self that we really believe we’re a mortal human being, living in something called this world, this material sense of world. Well he tells you. “The work of bringing health and harmony into our experience is not, then, getting rid of, or even changing, a mortal material universe, but correcting the finite concept of our existence.” See, every one of us is standing in the finished Kingdom. Every one of us is the complete Christ. Perhaps this Christmas can be a little different than you have ever had before. Perhaps you can receive in your peaceful manger, perhaps you can receive a glimpse of your Christ Self – the one you really are – standing in the Kingdom.

So, he continues, “The seeker of Truth starts his search with a problem – perhaps with many problems. The first years of his search are devoted to overcoming discords and healing disease through prayer to some higher Power.” Can you see how he is trying to pull that Power into the material sense of the universe, trying to pull that Presence into a material sense of self. And, you might say as I’ve thought in the past, oh you know this is just double talk. Yes, ok, I get it, there’s no material universe but I need a healing. So, I’m going to pretend there is no material universe, and I’m going to go along with the crowd here and I’m going to pray, but in the back of my mind I know, I’m looking for a healing. I want to get better, so we’ll just play this little game. But it’s not a game and we’re not playing. You’re standing in the Kingdom. What needs to change is not your material self and not your material universe. What needs to change is your inner concepts of these things.

Now he goes on to say, “The day arrives, however, when he perhaps discovers that the application of truth to human problems either does not ‘work’ or does not work as it once did, or else he finds there is now less of satisfaction and inspiration in his study. Eventually” And this day I hope this happens to you, “Eventually, he is led to the great revelation” this is important to Joel, “that mortals only put on immortality as mortality disappears – they do not add immortal spiritual harmony to human conditions. God does not create, nor does He control material affairs”. So, he says we have to put off the mortal in order that we may behold the harmony of the spiritual realm. Now, what does that mean? What does that mean – we have to have great sacrifice and great effort? It means we have to give up and surrender a material sense of ourselves. And maybe that is all I have ever had. Maybe that’s scary. I don’t want to be the hole in the donut. I don’t want to be a nothingness. What about this material sense of universe? Wait how do I give this up? That’s all I ever see. Fortunately, it does not have to happen in one cataclysmic event. It can happen as we’re doing it – one piece, one brick at a time.

We’re not promised anything in the Infinite Way except if we persist, we will have an inner experience that reveals our true Self and the true Kingdom in which we are standing. And once that has happened, it will happen again. It may take eight months between the experiences as it did for Joel. It may happen sooner than that – next week or next month. Maybe longer, maybe next year. But if we persist, we will be living in that Kingdom part of the time and in this world part of the time. And we will go back and forth, and back and forth, until the day comes – and it is the promise of the Infinite Way – that Christhood becomes our identity and the words, “I live, yet not I, Christ liveth my life” become a reality. And the finished Kingdom becomes our permanent dwelling place. Now it’s our permanent dwelling place now. And that is our real Self now – the Christ. But we are not living in it. We are living in a temporary material concept of self and many material concepts of universe. We’ve got to come out of that and that’s not an experience out here. Ok? That’s an experience in here, in your inner being, in your inner consciousness. The concepts fall away. The veils fall away, and you see. And sometimes it’s startling, oh my God, could it be? Am I really infinite? Yes, you are. I can’t tell this to anybody, they’d never believe. You are right – silence, secret.

And so, the principles of the Infinite Way change us within. What about these good things? What about health and harmony and companionship and substance, wealth, aren’t I supposed to have these things? I don’t know. These are all the added things. As you seek within, for this inner change and drop all of that out there, the Christ Itself will appear as whatever your need is, fulfilled. So, your business is not out there, not even looking to change out there. Your business is this inner change. And here is how he says it. Now we’re just at the first part of this chapter, where Joel says its bitter in the belly and demands sacrifice and great effort.

Let’s look at The New Horizon. When he says must, I think you can pretty much count on the fact that this an internal principle, you must practice. “It must be understood that there is no more reality to harmonious human existence than to discordant world conditions.” You see, there is no more reality to ill health than there is to health, a material sense of health. When you feel bad, you have a cough in the back of your throat and the sniffles, maybe you have allergies. That’s not reality and you are willing to say that, aren’t you? But what about when you feel perfectly fine, and you’re out riding your bicycle a mile or two, and you come home. Or you go out jogging for awhile and you come home, and you lift some weights or do some sit-ups and do some stretching exercises and you feel pretty good. Well, what does he say about that? You must understand there is no reality to that. Not the good or the bad material sense of self. Oh my God, I can’t, how do I… You see, it sets up a battle doesn’t it? A battle between the Spirit and the flesh. It’s bitter in the belly.

Here it is again, “It must be realized that the entire human scene is mesmeric suggestion.” The entire human scene is hypnotism. If you are seeing a material universe, you are hypnotized. If you are seeing a material self, you are hypnotized. If that is all you see. Now, it is possible, as has happened to myself, that you see a material sense of self, but also you’re feeling the infinite substance, the infinite Presence behind those pictures. So, it’s easy then when you feel that eternal substance to say, oh those are just pictures. “We must rise above the desire for even good human conditions.” Do you get that? Do you get that? Yes, great sacrifice. I’ve wanted that for, I’ve been working for that for..its not saying you have to leave your job, or leave your family, or stop loving your family. Because again, this is not something you do out there. Its within, its in here, within, that you say to yourself, oh I’ve got to make this change. I’ve got to set aside these material concepts, even the good ones that I like. I’ve got to find a way to become consciously aware of the essence of life, of the Word made invisible flesh.

So, he says, you should “understand fully that suggestion, belief, or hypnotism is the substance, or fabric, of the whole mortal universe and all human conditions of both good and evil are dreams having no reality or permanence. Be willing for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear.” Are you willing to let go of the good as well as the bad? You can’t come into the conscious awareness of Christ unless you are. “Be willing for the harmonious as well as the inharmonious conditions of mortal existence to disappear from your experience in order that reality may be known and enjoyed and lived.”

Now, that’s pretty big. Don’t you think? That means all of a material sense of universe must go. Well how do you do that? That’s what is called living these principles. That’s what he is talking about in this chapter ‘The New Dimension’.

Now, “Do you not know,” he says, “that as a human being you cannot help resenting injuries and that you cannot hold these human emotions of envy, jealousy, and malice in check? Each person is touched by some hurt: resentment, pique, anger, or frustration. You cannot help that in your humanhood, but the Christhood of your being can accept and dissolve it, if only you omit the word ‘I’. Omit the word ‘I’: ‘I cannot be hurt. That was not aimed at me; that is no part of my being, so let the Christhood of me absorb it.’” Now, he is not saying: But we know don’t we, sometimes we enjoy these resentments, sometimes we enjoy a little gossip, a little character assassination with other people. We get something out of it, nothing real, just a little enjoyment for the material sense of self that thinks it’s a little better than another material sense of self. How ridiculous that is, one illusion saying I am better than that illusion. Oh God, it’s amazing.

So, even in our enjoyment of that perverse kind of gratitude, even there we must be willing to let it go. We have to, well, it demands sacrifice and great effort. All of that little me has to go. And all of the little mes out there have to go. I have to get out of those concepts in order to have a conscious awareness of the divine creation in which I am really living. “All of the human wisdom you can gain will not heal anyone or feed anyone, nor will it give you the priceless hidden manna to give out to the world. But through your recognition of your sonship, you can say, ‘Ask me for water, and I will give you water, the water of everlasting life. Come to me with your burdens, and I will give you rest. I will give you peace. I will give you comfort.’ Comfort out of what? [Out of] what you have learned out of a book? No! No! No! Out of your divinity, out of your Christhood, out of the hidden manna that is given to you as a child of God, out of the meat that the world knows not of, that meat that you carry around within you.”

Now, “This is so easy to put into words, but it is not easy to put into practice.” He says. “It is not easy to acknowledge, every moment of every day, your divine sonship, the new dimension, so that when called upon, you do not respond with ‘I haven’t any money to give you, ‘ but rather with ‘Yes, I have hidden manna to share with you. I have meat that the world knows not of. I have living waters to give you.’” Alright, down here he says don’t ever give anyone any advice. No, they don’t want advice from a material sense of self. No, he says, when someone asks you for help, you say, let us meditate, let us bring the Christ to bear on any and every situation.

Alright, so how do we put of mortality and put on immortality? Do you know? We’ve been talking about it for weeks. To step out of a material sense of self and a material sense of universe, it is necessary to shut off the senses, to what they are reporting. So, you close your eyes, and you, if needed, remember a scripture that reminds you of the Truth. You are not yet experiencing the Truth. No, you are just rehearsing statements about the truth within. And so, you might take, first I find my peace, and then I receive Him. “My Peace I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid, I am here. Be not afraid, it is I.” And so you find your inner rest, your inner peace. You’re not striving, you’re not struggling. I am still, I am letting go of a material sense of self, I don’t know what I really am. I am letting go of a material sense of universe. I don’t know what the kingdom is like. I have one thing now to do. That is to make the effort to turn within that I might have a conscious awareness of the living Christ. And so, I sit still. I breathe deep. Father reveal the Christ, reveal the I, at the center of my being, reveal the Word as the invisible flesh, as the Christ, as the I.

Sometimes I hear a voice that says, “I am with you.” And I know I have heard the voice of Christ. Sometimes I catch a vision of an infinite invisible spiritual substance that permeates everything, all that is, and I know it is the Christ Self. Sometimes I feel that inner movement which is expressed as the movement of the Spirit over the face of the deep. Which to me is the Christ moving through my consciousness. Sometimes I feel an actual Presence touches me on the arm or the leg or both at once, I feel that inner tingling, I know it is I, the Christ. And I remember “I have come that they might have life and life more abundantly.” Yes, that’s what I am here for, that’s the work of the Son of God. I am here to pour forth out of this Christ, out of this hidden manna. Oh, thank you God, thank you. Your work for me is to be the Son to be the Christ. Christmas, yes that is what I just had in the manger of my withinness. A visit of the Christ, the real Christ, the living Christ. It moved in and through me, and now, now I am prepared. Now I can give, I can feed, I can heal, I can bless. “Miracles will happen through the Christ of your being, but only trouble will come through giving human advice. Never, never give advice! Remember you have a new dimension, it’s not a mental dimension, its not a material sense of self dimension, its not a material sense of universe dimension. Its an inner Christ dimension. “Remember, your dimension now is the Christ; your dimension is a ‘stone…cut out of the mountain without hands.” Yes, and that stone is what you just felt within yourself as you took your hands off. You had hands off, no material self, no material universe, no material desires, no material bad, but no material good. Hands off, what is the universe of your making? Show me, show me, open my eyes and you see, as you stand a little to one side, a stone cut out of the mountain without hands, “the white stone whose name is Christ, the invisible. As you turn to it, you have no tangible evidence of the help at hand, but you have an inner assurance and realization of a presence that goes before you.” You have an inner conscious awareness of the hidden manna, even though you cannot see it today; you are still living by this inner invisible Christ. You see that? That’s the sacrifice. You sacrifice using your hands. You sacrifice the universe built by hands. The great effort is to be effortless, to stop seeking, searching.

Your good is yours as a gift of God. Accept it as that. But while you are in the Spirit, you are free – silently of course – to invite the whole world in to sup with you: ‘Come, come, all ye that labor and are heavy laden. Come to this spiritual feast.” Yes, Merry Christmas! “Let me share with you this divine grace that has come to me as a gift of God. Let me give you of the waters of life from the hidden spring. Let me give you of this hidden manna, this spiritual food and rest. Let me share with you this inner meat, and let me give you what measure of My peace I have found: My gentle, gentle peace, the peace that passes all understanding, the peace that goes before you to ‘make the crooked places straight’.”

“’Let the reign of God be with you, for his kingdom endureth forever. Withdraw your gaze from the outer realm, and in the silence of your being, realize that you are home in God, no more do you look outside into the prodigal experience for your good.’”

Do the work the Father gives you to do every moment, whatever its name or nature, knowing that as you do it to the utmost of your present ability, it fits you for more, and always higher, work in his service. You are no longer ‘man, whose breath is in his nostrils.’ You have no needs; you have no desires: now you have the realization of fulfillment, since now you know and have discovered I” within your being.

Do you see that? This is the Christmas experience. All that I have is thine. Merry Christmas my child, come within, come within to this deep well of contentment, Joel says, and rest here beside the well of your consciousness until you feel the waters move without hands. He says, “If you can accept your true identity and live in that awareness, you can welcome the whole world to come to you for comfort, substance, supply, guidance, healing, reformation, Christhood – welcome the entire world, without limitation, knowing that even though you of yourself can do nothing, because of your Christhood, all the gifts of the Father are yours to [pour out], bestow, without judgment, without price.”

Show forth by your demonstration that you have received a new name, Divine Son, joint-heir with Christ in God; no longer ‘man, whose breath is in his nostrils,’ no longer ‘worm of the dust’ no longer a beggar seeking health and wealth.”

Always listen for the voice that is within you, and you will hear it say, ‘Son … all that I have is thine. … Fear not: for I am with thee.’”

“’The kingdom of God is within you.’ But do not go around mouthing these words. How many times,” says Joel, “have I told you in the writings that God cannot be known, that God must be experienced?” You see that, in this inner experience that we just shared is the Christ experience, is the real Christmas. Then, then you have gifts to pour out.

Go within. There is a presence in you; there is a spirit in you. Learn to abide in it: ‘Acquaint now thyself with him and be at peace.’ I will give you rest, and peace and strength. But where will you meet Me? Within your own being! And how will you become acquainted with Me? Commune within yourself. You must make for yourself minutes and hours of time for communion. You must have union; you must have realization.”

Now he just slipped that one by, so let’s look at it. “You must have union; you must have realization.” Up until now perhaps you may have thought realization of oneness was thinking these scriptures, mulling over these scriptures, contemplating these scriptures. No. There is another step my dear friend and that is the step of union. “You must have union. There is a must there again. When you experience union with that inner Christ, with that inner movement with the Father, with the invisible flesh of the Son of God. When you experience union with that, then you have had a realization of oneness, and not before.

Withdraw from the outer world. You do not have to let your wisdom be known until you have proved it to the fullest, so do not be in a hurry to tell this to anyone. Be quiet! Be quiet! No one is asking you to advertise it. Make it your own; make it your own!”

Live as though you really were the son of God, which you really are. Refute all appearances to the contrary; stand fast in the faith that you have gained. Stand fast in the assurance you have received within your own being that divine sonship is the truth of your identity. Rest from the mental and physical struggle,” yea, rest from your hands, “and let the kingdom of God flow froth from you.” Let the stone be cut out of the mountain without hands.

“’I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. … Whither thou goest, I will go.’ … ‘In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength.’ No longer rest in your material sense of health or in your material sense of wealth, but rest in the assurance of your divine presence and of your sonship.

So now,” Joel says, “I say to you: You have assumed your new identity, your new-old identity; you have accepted your relationship now as the son of God, and you are acknowledging this identity. At least once each day – if possible, more often – remember to retire into your inner being for the touch of the Christ, for the realization of the presence.” You see, the realization is union with Christ or feeling the touch of the Christ. “Whether you achieve it at first is not important: the important thing is that you continue in the effort of retiring into your inner being and there making contact with this inner Self, this hidden manna, until you do feel the impulse. Then you will know that whatever the circumstances of your human experience – whether of business, home, health, or wealth – a change will take place, and a change for the better.” But you are not looking for that change, you are looking for the touch of the Christ – that’s your work.

Finally, he says, “The Christ is a living presence or power, the greatest power ever known or realized. The Christ in all times, and for all those who have achieved it, has overcome the world, not for the world, but for you and for me who have discovered and felt it. Everyone who has ever achieved Christ has been set free from the trials and tribulations and strife of the world.”

Alright, so that is the chapter, ‘The New Dimension’, and what is the new dimension? We know now it’s really the new Self, it’s really the new awareness, it’s really the new universe. And that is perhaps what we will talk about next week as we approach the new year. Knowing now what we know of the Christ within and how it flows through and how it comes to you. I wish for all of you within hearing distance of my voice a very truly Merry Christmas!


Bill: Good morning.

This is Sunday December 15th 2019, 11:17 AM here in North Carolina, and we just had our fifteen minute meditation. If you haven’t had yours, you should probably have one now. Close your eyes, get at peace. If you can’t, you can do what this chapter is going to tell us today, you can practice contemplative meditation, which is where you contemplate, you look lightly at a scripture, a statement of truth , and you kind of mull them over, quietly, in your mind, gently. “Peace, My peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, giveth I unto you.

I, in this case, is the Christ, the Presence of the living God, the Presence of the living God inside of you, within you. Deep within your consciousness, the Presence of the living God gives you peace. Not as the world gives you something and then takes it away. No, “My peace,” the peace that this Presence has is forever. Once you have this inner peace, you always have this inner peace. Yes, you may be distracted by the world. But once you find it, once you attain it, once you are given this inner peace, you can come back here, within, settle down, and I will be waiting. I am your inner peace. And so rest, rest back. “Have I been so long a time with you, and you have not known me?” Rest back, I am here. I am your peace. There is nothing to know, nothing to do, only this moment of rest in me, the peace of God.

I come at a moment you think not.” And so, take no thought, remain at peace. “He leadeth me beside the still waters.” Waters is consciousness. Still is peace. Here within, I lead you to the still peaceful waters of consciousness. “He restoreth my soul.” Yes, when you find this peace and you rest in it, you receive Me, you receive I from the center of your being and I reveal, I give unto you the conscious awareness of my Presence.

And this is life eternal, to know this peaceful Presence. Ten thousand years from now, you can turn within and know my peace, my Presence. Even after the end of this world, you can rest in my peace and my Presence. “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.” You may forsake me, you may forget about me. You may become so attached, so hypnotized by the problems or the pleasures appearing out here, that you forget me for a season; yet, I do not go anywhere. I remain here within you, at you very center. And when you grow tired and you return again, and settle back, and you remember “My peace,” I will give it to you. And, in your rest, you will feel my Presence, because I will never leave you. “In the valley of the shadow of death,” when you pass from this plane to another, I will be there – your peace, your presence.

And this is grace, and coming here within to rest in my grace, this is how you practice the principle of “Living the Life of Grace.” And this is chapter 8 of “Leave Your Nets.”

God is infinite, and God manifests itself in infinite forms and in infinite ways. God is consciousness, and we therefore become aware of all those things necessary to our unfoldment through an activity of consciousness. We see, hear, taste, touch, and smell, but these are all activities of consciousness manifested at different levels. Often in meditation it is possible to see visions or to hear the still small voice…” Now, I haven’t… Well, yes, I have had a vision once or twice, but we’re talking over almost fifty years. “Or to hear the still small voice.” Yes, I’ve heard that a few times. “And then there are times when the Presence makes itself known through the activity of smell and even of touch.” Touch is how it appears to me. “We may feel a touch on the shoulder, the head or on the cheek.” Yes, and even on the arm or the leg. “At other times, the fragrance of flowers may be noticed.” And that has happened a couple of times.

There is no way to limit God and feel that he can appear in only one way. God can appear in any form, and probably we can understand that best by recalling when Joan of Arc was asked, “Does God speak to you in French?” Her reply was, “I do not know in what language God speaks, but I hear him in French.” Does God speak as perfume or odors, voices, or touch? No! But we can comprehend God in these ways. That is our interpretation of God’s presence.”

And, I have found by observation, people get what they need, what’s right for them. One person will hear the still small voice many times, and that’s right for them. That puts them right in that peaceful center where they receive God. Another person, such as myself, will feel that Presence move in them and through them, and touch them. But it’s not a touch like anything in the world, it’s not like a person touching you. It feels to me, if I was to visualize it, it would be like that tingling, that light tingling that happens on the movie Star Trek before they beam you up; as if that was going on in your body, or on your body, or around it, or in it, or through it. And with it a sense of peace.

Now, here is the important question; well he says: “Let us learn to accept God in whatever way and in whatever form God may appear to us. [But] how do we know that it is God? How do we know that it is not imagination? By the fruitage, by the results.” That’s what we talked about last week. “By the fruits you shall know them.”

When we are indulging in vain imaginings about our spiritual activities and spiritual work, it leaves us up in the air, dangling in space, with no tangible results.” In other words, it doesn’t take form. When you really feel that inner essence, it will appear in one form of harmony or another. And, you can’t direct it, you can’t sit down, so that it will appear in the form of a new lung, or appear in the form of a new car, or appear in the form of a new companion. We can only sit down, attain our peace, receive the Presence and watch. Wait. Watch. Listen. And then it appears in some way we know not of, as whatever it is we need in our experience. Which is kind of strange, because some times I have unconsciously or subconsciously gone into a meditation because something was bothering me physically. And, it was successful in that I felt that inner movement, that Presence. And then, I got up, came over to my computer and somebody had given me a really nice donation, that I was able to take and pay some things off. But what does that have to do with my physical problem? Well, nothing! (Laugh) But, that wasn’t the need. So, it’s a little bit more than trying to funnel God into your outline, you mold, your cookie cutter.

But when our experience is actually an experience of God, we can know it by its fruits, and the fruits of the Spirit are joy, peace, prosperity, fulfillment, health, harmony and love. When the Presence announces Itself, there comes with It a sense of serenity, tranquility, a peace which may translate itself into form.”

Now, we have to take all of his talks and writings, and speeches, and books, and tapes, and – we have to realize who he’s talking to, what the audience is and what subject he’s addressing at the moment, because it’s not all black and white, there is very many… dare I say it: shades of gray! (Laugh) And in this case, yes it’s true that if you really attain that peace and feel that Presence, it translates into form.

However, elsewhere he says even practitioners still have problems. That’s in “The Wisdoms” of “The Infinite Way” book. Even practitioners and teachers still have problems. Why? Well he says “in order to have a sense of humility,” so they know that they are not the ones doing these healings, they are not the ones giving these messages. You see? So, it’s not all black and white. You can’t say: “Well, now, if you really knew God, you wouldn’t have this problem!” Yes, that’s true in some cases. If you’re a beginner and you’re just learning how to contemplate, obviously you haven’t yet had a deeper meditation. But Joel says in the “Art of meditation,” if you persist in your contemplation, knowing all the scriptures you know, it will bring you to a moment of rest in which you have no thought. And into that vacuum of no thought, you will feel something or hear the “still small voice.”

So, contemplation leads to meditation, he’s gonna say that in this book. And, when you have the experience, then some form of harmony will appear. But it’s not all black and white. That’s not a forever in stone, because, as he says in “The Wisdom’s,” practitioners and teachers may sometimes have problems. And that’s correct… problems that don’t disappear right away. And if you think: “Well, gosh, they have a problem, I’m not gonna listen to them anymore!” Then you’re missing out, you’re judging, instead of praying for them, you’re judging.

Alright. So, “everything has form,” he says “even thought. All substance must have a form although not a form always visible to our human sense.” Yes, and in the “Kailua study series,” in the chapter about body… I think it’s chapter 8, but it might be 7, he says that God has an idea, and that idea is of His Son, the Christ. And that idea is that Son is invisible, he says the Christ is not this visible body you see, it’s invisible. And God sees, and has an idea, and holds that idea sacred within Himself: Christ. And that’s the real Son.

Now, in your meditation you feel the movement of that Son. And as the Son flows, slowly – through practicing all these principles over this time – that Son slowly becomes more and more one with you, until you finally become convinced: I am the Son. I and the Christ are one, and God holds me in His bosom. And God loveth the Son and showeth Him all things. You see! You always were the Son, but you were walking around in a separate sense of humanhood. This path will lead you back to your Self, to the Christ.

So, he says, “the higher we go in spiritual realization and unfoldment, the more we see the spiritual sense of form rather than the material sense, and the more aware we are of spiritual reality.”

Now, as a teenager, I used to go to the beach a lot, and I stumbled upon a beach that was a nude beach, and I guarantee you as a teenager I was not thinking of spiritual forms on that beach (laugh). Later – and not too long later, probably only seven years, seven years after that – I was in Herb Fitch’s class “Healing Outside of Time” in Avila Beach, California, and I had a spiritual experience that lifted me out of that sense that saw bodies, and faces, and things. I was lifted right out of that, only seven years later. And, I saw the Essence, I saw the Presence, I saw the Christ where everybody and every thing appeared, including myself. Only One… and I as that One. And I stepped right into the sense of life, as the Presence, as the Christ, as the Essence formed. What a strange path, huh, only seven years later!

So, he says, in the beginning you may see “faces and figures, and hats, and dresses, and suits,” but as you rise higher, you become less aware of these things. You might see “a look in the eye or a flick of the finger,” and I see a… in the corner of the mouth. “But, you go even higher. You continue to rise above even that,” he says, “and you’re almost unaware of people as human beings. At that stage, he senses or realizes the spiritual nature of their being.” And that’s what happened to me in Avila Beach, within my consciousness.

Alright, so this chapter is called “Living the life of Grace” and so he’s telling you how you begin to practice the principles, how you get better at it and how you end up. So in the beginning, he says: “Perhaps we have all kinds of human anxieties and thoughts and fears about ourselves and our families and our future; and here an idea is presented to us that God’s grace is sufficient for us. We stop short and we wonder, “Is that true? Does that really mean what it says? Does it really mean God’s grace is enough without my doing all [these things and ] worrying, [and] planning, [and] thinking… scheming? Is that really true? After you have done some thinking about this” – and this is the contemplation – you finally come to the conclusion that you will have to prove it, for yourself.” That’s the conclusion I came to. The man that was telling me about these principles, that I met as a teenager, he passed away after I’d only known him for two and a half years. He changed my life by the way – introduced me to God, as an experience – and then he left. His work was done. But he wasn’t there, now what? Now I had to prove the principles for myself. And I can only say that… that was a blessing, that was a huge blessing, because you see, I didn’t have to rely on his consciousness. I could prove the principles and develop my own.

Alright, that’s what we’re talking about here: how do you develop your consciousness to the place where like Joel, you can smile and the problem disappears, or you can smile and the Presence is felt. I don’t care which side you’re talking about.

After you have done some thinking about this, you finally come to the conclusion that you will have to prove it for yourself. Your problems are still with you, probably more than yesterday, but with each one, you bring to conscious remembrance this truth: “Thy grace is sufficient for me. I had better stop worrying and being anxious for a while. I will put off taking thought for today. Right now, I rest in the truth that God’s grace is sufficient for me.” So you relax, you rest, you feel at peace.” You see that? These things flow in a circle, don’t they? You find your peace, you rest in it, you feel the Presence, and you let It live your life. “But, that does not mean that tonight, tomorrow, or the day after, you are not going to have more problems. Then again, you remind yourself that God’s grace is sufficient, that you must rest in that Grace with no anxiety, fear, doubt or thought.”

You see that? You see the process? This is how we practice the principle of living by Grace. We’re not very good at it, at first. When I picked up the guitar for the first time, and I tried to strum it, and I tried to do some finger picking, it sounded really bad (laugh). Nobody wanted to be in the room! It twanged, because I didn’t press hard enough and I couldn’t press hard enough, ‘cause I didn’t have any calluses on my fingers yet. But I persisted, I persisted, because I love music. One day, I was finger picking a song, and my wife came into the room: “Hey, that’s pretty nice!” Yes, I had progressed. Don’t let anybody ever tell you this: that pain is the touchstone of growth, and you have to go through a painful experience, before you’re willing to grow. This is a lie! It’s a lie, I’m telling you, it’s a lie. It may be true in the beginning; as you go along, you discover something: you can grow just as much out of love as you can out of pain… and maybe more. My love of music made me persist, until I learned how to make a lovely tune. My love of God and the Presence made me persist, until I learned how to rest and feel that Presence. You see? In the beginning, I did it out of pain, because – as I told you last week – I had run out of money, I had run out of ideas and… I had nothing left, but to practice the principle. But as I went along and I saw how wonderful it worked, I fell in love with it! And I practiced it out of love.

Alright. So he says: “A few days, weeks, or months later, and lo and behold, you may begin to feel God’s grace coming into expression in your experience. You find good coming to you that you had not humanly planned for; you find harmony and health coming to you that at the moment you may not be able to explain; but with the passage of time, it dawns in your consciousness, “Why, it is true! God’s grace is sufficient for me.” By that time, you have come to a place where you rest more in that sense of peace and no longer need to use many statements of truth.”

Alright, so just by what he said right there, you can see: it may take months! You practice these principles, nothing happens! But you practice again and you practice again and you practice again, and then: it happens. You feel that peace, and you’re just resting, not thinking… and you feel something. Wait! Like Joel said: Was that it? It may have happened only for a nano-second. Was that it? Was that the Presence? What was that? And you find, something, some form of harmony appears in your experience. And like it says here: “Why it is true!” You come to see, “God’s grace is sufficient for me.” And now you learn, you are learning to rest more in the peace instead of repeating statements of truth. The statements of truth were only to get you to that state of peace, in which you could receive the Spirit of God, or the descent of Grace. The words don’t matter! In different ages there were different words. Who cares? It’s not the words, it’s the experience. You may have no other word, but ‘It.’ You found your peace and It was upon you. I don’t care. Use It! But practice the principles.

So he says, at another time something comes to you that you have to do, and you don’t feel that you can perform it, and then you remember: Ah, “He performeth the thing that is appointed for me.” That startles you … “What? What? He performeth?” You think you have been given this job. See, there’s a personal sense there, still. Isn’t there? That personal sense needs to step aside, come to the place where it can say: “I live; but not I, Christ liveth my life.” This is part of the principle that gets you there. He performeth. “Very well, I can do it because actually he is performing it through me.” And “the responsibility drops away, the rest comes,” the peace comes. And “you find it’s true: there is a “He” at the center of your being.”

So…at first you may have been diligent in the use of statements of truth and may have brought them to your awareness over and over and over again, now you find only occasionally do you have to remind yourself of them because now the words have given way to the actual awareness itself.” Now, underline this next part: “When you have the awareness, you do not need the words.” I found, as I walked this path, and exactly the way he just described it: a problem would be presented, and I’d practice this contemplation until I’ve found my peace; I’d feel the descent of the Holy Ghost and I’d let it go, I’d feel that release. See? You must feel that release. And then I would see harmony appear. And then as I went along, I got to the place, sometimes, where I could close my eyes and immediately I’d feel that Presence. And yet, because I was so use to contemplation, I would, I would try to say the words really fast… (laugh) before I rested back in that Presence – You see? It’s a transition. We evolve. And I learned: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! When you have the awareness, you do not need the words! And so, although I may have closed my eyes and thought that I was going to start by remembering a scripture, and before the thought could start, the Presence was upon me. And so, then I just rest. When you have the awareness, you don’t need the words or the thoughts. It’s a wonderful thing, because then you can have a meditation with eyes open.

Alright. He’s gonna repeat himself here, so let’s skip that. “You do not discard; you just evolve. You grow gradually from one form of meditation to another, and from one state of consciousness to another, and in time, you come to the place where it is only occasionally that it seems necessary consciously to remember some truth. For the most part, truth is imparting itself to you from the infinity of your being, sometimes in the form of quotations that you already know, and very often in a form that you never heard of before.” Such as: “First find your peace, and than receive Him” or “Stop!” or “You don’t have to work that hard… I, am here.” See, those are ones that I never heard before until I heard them within.

Now. Joel said elsewhere that, for the most part, all he had to do was close his eyes, or blink, or smile, and he would feel that Presence. He had done it so often, that it only took… a smile. He could be swimming and It would be upon him. He could be eating, eating dinner, and It would be upon him. Someone wrote to him with a problem, and he had a meditation, but he didn’t feel something right then. So he went to dinner and as he was eating, the Presence was upon him. So, he learned: when he had the awareness, he didn’t need the words. But he said, still once in a while, something wouldn’t… he would meet something that he couldn’t quite… eh… get that feeling of the Presence. And no reason why. It could have been anything. It could have been that the person he is praying for wasn’t receptive. It could be that he had a lot of things on his mind already. It could be, he was just too tired. It doesn’t matter. The point is that, he still found once in a while he had to contemplate.

And in some of his talks, Herb makes it very plain: he still practiced contemplation… at times. And, at times, he could just… in a nano-second, that Presence was upon him, ‘cause he could just not take thought. He didn’t need the process that got him to the peace, he just turned to the peace and there it was.

And, in my case, it’s exactly the same. More and more, I find that I can just pause, and before I can even get to my meditation chair, that Presence is upon me. And I know, whatever it is, it’s been met. But other times, like times when I’ve been… Oh, like when I’m handling problems here around the house, or financial problems, or… eh… you know, figuring out my taxes, like I’m going to be doing next month… um… my mind is not on this stuff, it’s on the world! So then yes, it takes a little while, I have to go sit down, begin with contemplation, to find my peace, and then rest back and feel the Presence. You see?

Eventually you learn what it means to pray without ceasing. When that time comes, whenever you hear a news broadcast, see a headline, or somebody brings you bad news, automatically you just turn it off with the reminder that in God’s kingdom harmony alone reigns. Wherever you may be-on the street, in a bus, in your office, or in your home-when you witness sin, disease, lack, limitation, or death, you automatically realize, “No, that can exist only as a picture [a mental image] in the human mind, not as any part of God’s kingdom. God’s kingdom could never hold any such pictures [or images] as that.” And so you are praying without ceasing, and yet you are doing it without consciously going around declaring truth, except as the pictures of sense touch you, and you automatically learn to re-interpret them into their spiritual values.

You see how this is a practice. I have people that come to me that say: “I have been in the Infinite Way for five years, I’ve been meditating, I’ve been reading these books and nothing is any better.” So, I ask them, I say: “Well, did you follow the path as it’s laid out? You know, you have to first, maybe get that book “Living The Infinite Way,” and begin practicing some of those principles. And then, the other book “Practicing the Presence,” and put those principles to work. And then, “The Art of Meditation,” and begin meditation as it is described in that book, first with contemplation. Have you done all that?” “Well, no, but I’ve read a lot of books!” (laugh) “Yeah! Well, um… there’s a path here, and if you follow the path, as Joel said, if you’re practicing the Presence and you add to it the meditation, you will have the experience! But you have to follow the path as it’s been laid out.”

Jesus was living in such a high state of spiritual consciousness that he was not even aware of a sick woman near him.” Yes, and “she pressed through the throng and touched the hem of his robe,” which means the edge of his consciousness, and was healed. “Because of his years of training, he was able to lift himself into that exalted state so that without any conscious thought, he did not see any error to deny.” And if you stay on this path, you too will get there. “When you arrive at the state of consciousness where you never see, hear, taste, touch, or smell any form of error, you are then in a state of consciousness where your meditations and your prayers are wordless, but you can be assured that then you will be meditating and praying all the time.”

Now, we are not going to get there the day after tomorrow. Of course, maybe some of you are, maybe you’ve been on this path quite a long time. But, most of us, we still see error, or hear it. And we are not walking around in a constant state of prayer without words or thoughts. But that does not mean we can’t attain that state, in moments, or for moments, at different times. I have touched that state thousands of times, but I do not remain in it. One day, I will remain in it, and the Christ within will be the Christ without. Only then, I feel I will walk right out of this experience. Alright.

Alright, so he talks about… most of us feel that we, as a person and as a personal sense of self, we feel that we had a certain environment, a certain education, a certain upbringing, certain beliefs and we “move within the groove of that consciousness. That is the way of the human world.” And, when “spiritual wisdom is brought to them in some fashion, and the revelation given that that is all foolishness,” then you’re able to break out of that personal sense of self. “The truth is that God is the measure of your consciousness. God is the circle and the circumference of your consciousness, and nothing less than the allness of God belongs to you. [And] With that point of view, your life begins to change.”

See? You say to yourself: “Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I am the offspring of God, and God is my parent, God is my inheritance, God is my environment. I am not limited to the personal sense of consciousness, or subconsciousness. I am limited only to whatever limitations there are upon God, and since God is infinite there are none.” See again, this is contemplation and you may do it while walking around, or driving. You may have these conversations with yourself. I have had many.

He says if you do that, you recognize that since God is infinite, you have no limitations. “What becomes of the inhibitions you believed arose out of your childhood, or your [lack of] educationor your [lack of] wealth …? All that would be broken down instantly, and your prayer becomes, “Flow, God; flow! Flow into me and through me, and out into this vast world.” And that’s what we meditate on, on Sunday mornings, at eleven.

Okay, so, this is a good one over here, and I had this experience too. “How can you be loving? You cannot: only God is love. But the measure of your love is the measure of God since God is love. To think that you have it in your power to be loving, in and of yourself, or that you have it within your power to be generous, or kind, or just would be to believe that you had gone beyond the demonstration of Jesus Christ. It may happen some day, but it has not happened yet. Remember, Jesus himself said, “Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.” [And] “So with us. When you learn that love is not personal…, you are able not only to love infinitely but to be loved infinitely.”

Now, when you recognize that love is not what this personal sense of love is, but love is of God and God is love; then you open your consciousness to receive Him. You find your peace: “Oh yes, that’s right! Ahhh… (sigh of relief) God is love. So, let thy love flow through me.” And it does, it does! You find yourself doing something that you hadn’t planned on doing: maybe you see an elderly person and you helped them with their groceries, or maybe you see somebody else, a child, struggling with mathematics, and you teach him a couple of secrets. But you pour out love, and you recognize: “Wow! This is God’s love!” And then you get emails, and letters, and love offerings coming just out of the universe from places you never even heard of. That’s God’s love coming back to you. It flows out, it comes back, and before you know it, you are on a sea of love. It’s wonderful! Yes, absolutely wonderful.

Now, “You cannot be loving, neither can you withhold love because God is love, and God is forever expressing itself as love to every open avenue. And that you are. That is where the practice must come. “My grace is sufficient for thee,” but it will not come into active expression until that statement of truth passes from being a statement to being an inner conviction.”

Okay? Now, that’s pretty important. You might want to circle that paragraph, because, – or you can use your highlight, or just a little star or something – because he is saying there: “Yes! God’s grace, God’s presence – remember, God’s grace is not an apple, it’s not an automobile, it’s not a car, it’s not a person, it’s not money – God’s grace is that movement within, that Presence. You find your peace, you receive God’s grace and you feel the Presence: that’s the Grace that’s sufficient for thee. But it won’t express, it won’t take form, until that statement changes from just being a statement, to being a conviction, to being something you feel: “Ahhh… (sigh of relief) Yes! I feel that Grace.” You see? Then it will be in active expression.

Thy grace is sufficient for me. Thy law is sufficient for me, and I will have no dealings with any other sense of law-only the spiritual. Thy strength is sufficient for me. It is not a question of the strength of my muscles; it is not a question of my strength: Thy strength is sufficient for me. Thy love is sufficient for me.”

Now, you see where you’re laying down your life? “He who finds his live will lose it: He who loses his life will find it.” Lay down your life, “pick up your cross and follow me.” You’re laying down a personal sense of self through all these principles. Oh, you think you’re trying to practice the principle of Grace, so that this problem, and that personal problem, and this personal problem can be healed, so harmony can appear. But what you’re really doing is you’re laying down your personal thoughts, your personal worry, your personal self, your personal outline, your personal mold and standing stalk still! You are creating a vacuum. You are creating an emptiness of self. You are creating a consciousness of peace, where self is not functioning. If only for a moment, into that peace, you receive “My Presence”… Ahhh! Grace (sign of relief) And there is nothing more to do. Just sit and rest, and bask in It. Sometimes It stays for you, with you, for quite a long time. Then, you get up and you watch. You see, you’re surrendering my thoughts, my worry. You’re surrendering my love, a personal sense of love.

All of this, this entire book is really a… a path that you can follow and walk right out of yourself… and into the arms of your Self. “As you come into the awareness that God’s love is sufficient for you, God’s love is made evident to you through men and women.” Yes, it manifests out here. “God’s wisdom, too, is sufficient for you. Is there any need, then, for being concerned about your wisdom?” You see, now here we’re laying down a personal sense of wisdom. “You are opening yourself now to God’s wisdom that is sufficient for you. And God’s wisdom fills you. God’s love fills you. God’s presence is sufficient for you. God’s presence! And you may have been thinking in terms of husband, wife, sister, brother, friend or relatives.” And, in my case, I was thinking of my first spiritual teacher. I didn’t have him. Ho, my goodness! And now, what was I gonna do? God’s presence was what I was gonna do! (laugh) And I did. Yes, first I went to some classes with Herb. But, by then I had already learned how to contact that Presence within.

Most persons do not believe that. As a rule, they do not accept it. They talk in terms of God’s presence, and then turn around and cry their hearts out for some other presence – or sometimes, for the absence of some other presence. But the real truth is that God’s presence is sufficient for them, and as they rest back in that conviction, [they rest back in that peace] God’s presence appears to them, [or they receive God’s presence, and it appears] as the presence of friends, relatives, husband, wife, child, whoever it may be.”

So, finally he tells this person he’s writing a letter to, Joel does, he says: “Carry this with you; practice it today, and practice it tonight; practice it tomorrow morning, so that you will be able to have the experience of God’s grace unfolding, unfolding, and unfolding.”

That’s a wonderful chapter! You pick it up, you think that you’re going to discover how you live the principle “thy Grace is my sufficiency,” so that your income can be doubled (laugh). And we do! We do that. Or, your illness can be healed, or your relationship can be repaired. And you enter into the consciousness of it, and you begin to put it into practice, and some of these things do happen, some of these added things come. But through the process, if you’re sincere and you follow it, “follow Me,” you come to find your inner peace. You’re surrendering layers of personal sense and you never knew it! You are receiving a white stone with a new name, and that name is Christ. You’re receiving a new Self. Isn’t that wonderful?

And we walk this way, and what a joy it is when we finally discover: “Wow!”… you know I was… Well, like the first time that it ever happened to me, I can tell you about it now. I was watching the movie “Star Wars” – the original “Star Wars” – with my son, he was about eight, and I was enjoying the movie with R2D2, and C-3PO, and Chewbacca, and Han Solo, and the Princess, and Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader, and the Empire and all that. And, in the middle of the movie, I suddenly felt the Presence and I pulled within myself: “What was I just doing?” And I saw…Wow, I was watching the movie out here – enjoying myself, enjoying the movie, enjoying my son’s reactions – and I was in here within, praying. I had opened my consciousness, I was resting in the silence, and I felt the Presence. I was doing both things at the same time! Yes, you learn to walk in two worlds… or ‘between two worlds’… which is also a wonderful book, perhaps we should review after this one.

Now… Thank you so much for allowing me into your consciousness. If you practiced that prayer this morning, thank you so much! Where two or more are gathered, there am I, the Presence in their midst.


Be still and know, I within you, am God. But I’m not a term, nor am I a word, I am not a thought, I am nothing you can describe. And, yet, in this moment of peace, in this stillness, I… am you.


Thank you.

Now whenever you’ve done that, [accepted yourself as less than Christ], you have turned your back upon all of the wisdom of the world that has been given to us by all of the sages and prophets and spiritual leaders. And very often we catch ourselves in just that predicament. A situation arises in which we find ourselves straddled, as it were, unable to make a decision which way to turn. And yet this condition has arisen because we were unaware of the kingdom of God around us. We were unaware that we are living in a spiritual universe and we have tried to act materially in a spiritual universe, trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

Now suppose you reverse that and try to act spiritually. And suppose you’re at the moment concerned with being a spiritual being and you don’t know how to go about it. Now without an awareness of the presence of God, you’re going to continue working harder than you should because the human being can never go about it. It must be done by the Father within. The Father within must live spiritually as you. And so you’re in this quiet now; you’re determined to live a spiritual day, instead of a physical day, knowing that if you can live spiritually the inner will determine the outer and they will be one. Now all around you is this universe of God in which everything is finished; nothing can be added, nothing subtracted. But are you going to be a part of it?

Now above, above your human thought, and independent of your human thought, this universe is operating right now. It doesn’t need you. The universe will continue to succeed to function whether you’re here or not.

Now the consciousness of God formed each of us, individualized Itself as our consciousness. And if you remember the chapter “Our Real Existence” in The Infinite Way, we are told that the consciousness of Moses was leadership. Now this is God consciousness appearing in Moses as leadership consciousness. Now you can see that that same leadership consciousness didn’t appear in others the same way. In Paul, for example, that consciousness of the Father appears as the teacher consciousness. And in Jesus it appears as healing consciousness, in Washington as the consciousness of integrity of a nation, in Lincoln as the consciousness of integrity of an individual, but all this is a facet of the one consciousness.

Now where do you fit in? What consciousness is God expressing in you? And until you have your answer, you are moving blindly, unaware of the very nature of your own consciousness. Now you’ve had many hints about who you are. One of you may be the consciousness of love, another may be the consciousness of justice, another may be the consciousness of design or order, the consciousness of harmony or beauty, each of us expressing our own consciousness to the full forms that total mosaic of the one consciousness of God.

Now that one consciousness is the only consciousness, individualized as yours, mine, his and hers. And unless we’re drawing from the one, what do we draw from? If you’re not drawing your water from the reservoir, where do you get it? And if you’re not drawing from the one consciousness, aren’t you going to spin out the little you have and then have nothing?

Now to draw from that one consciousness is the function of the individual consciousness. For nothing can be added or subtracted from the one consciousness. And you know that silence is the way. And so in your silence the one consciousness feeds and becomes your individual consciousness and that is how you become aware that God consciousness is your consciousness. That is how you move, letting the Christ, which is God consciousness in you, live Itself. And then you’re not subtracting by your ignorance and you’re not trying by your ignorance to add something to God’s universe. You’re letting It spin Itself out, unfold Itself as your consciousness. Now that’s the nature of the oneness we must practice.

You can readily see that in that oneness the serpent has no sting, no weapon formed against thee can prosper. You’re in the secret place! The one consciousness is unfolding as your individual consciousness and what makes it possible is your fidelity to the Christ of your own being, your willingness to let the Christ of your being supersede all of the preconceived ideas that have dwelled within you up to this moment.

Now that is how we come into oneness. That is how the inner kingdom becomes the outer experience. It does take an ‘inn’, a mind, which is not so crowded and busy. And I think possibly Solomon had in mind, establishing in us the realization that as human beings when we try to build a better human life, we are really blaspheming the presence. We are really establishing ourselves as superior to God. We even go to the extent of saying, “God will heal me.” And you must know by now that to say that God will heal, to think that God can heal anything, is a blasphemy.

Now you may have got some literature this Christmas, some of these fine poems. I received one and there were forty points that we all ought to know and among them was God heals. Now that’s a blasphemy of God, because you know if God were to heal us it would be very embarrassing to say, “God healed me but not my father, or my mother, or my sister, or my brother. And I really don’t think I’m any better than they.” Or “Why should God heal Mrs. O’Leary or Johnny Jones and then turn right around and not heal Mary Kowalski or Freddy Smith?” What would be the reason for God being so frivolous as to heal one and not the other? Do you see how that expresses a falsehood that God heals?

It’s as if, in this paper today, there was a notice, an article by Sidney Harris and he chastised Billy Graham. He said Billy made this statement which isn’t true. He made the statement that any child who cannot respect its parent will never respect anybody. And he said that statement is only a half-truth. Everybody will agree with it but in agreeing they’re blind to the other side of the picture. And his point was that the parent must learn to respect the child too. For if the parent does not respect the child, how can the child respect the parent? If the child sees things happening in the life of the parent, isn’t that child going to remember these things and live in accordance? And so his point was well made.

It’s very easy to postulate half-truths and make them sound very important. And we would all like to hear that God heals but you see that’s a half-truth. Because any God who would heal you and not your neighbor wouldn’t be God. And if God healed one, God would have to heal five billion. And if God healed one, that would mean there would be no sickness left in the entire universe, because God would have to heal everyone.

Now to come higher than the belief that God heals, is to come into the realization that in God’s kingdom there’s nothing to heal. And that is what Solomon is telling us when he tells us that nothing can be subtracted from God’s kingdom. How can anyone in God’s kingdom have something to heal? Nothing can be added! How could God heal somebody? How could there be somebody created imperfectly in the kingdom of God? And so you see the belief that God heals perpetuates the belief that God is not almighty. God not being almighty, people can get sick, because the almighty doesn’t prevent it.

Now this is part of our universal hypnotism: the idea that God heals and the idea that the children of God can be sick and need healing. Whereas the truth is that when you come to the reality of your being, you see that healing was never necessary, for the child of the Father is perfect as the Father. And the error is not in believing that God heals, that’s only part of the error, the error is in believing that we are less than the child of God. For only less than the child of God could need healing.

Now as you dwell with this, you will release God from any responsibility to heal you. And you will accept that that which the Father is I am. That perfect substance which is the Father I am. And rather than seeking a healing now, I am seeking the realization of my Self. But when I find my Self, lo and behold, I am above the need for a healing. Whenever someone says to you that God heals, you’re hearing it from someone who does not know God aright.

God doesn’t heal anything and Jesus healed nothing. But God reveals the reality of the kingdom of God which is ever immaculate. And we, in our human limitation, we look at that little crescent of a moon up there and think maybe it’s that size, forgetting that as you get closer it gets bigger. And so it is as you get closer to your Self, your human problems diminish.

We must get used to, then, the realization that perfection is established invisibly in every inch of space and time and beyond. Perfection is now. Reality is now, and how can reality be any less than reality? Reality is everywhere and this perfect reality must be established as your consciousness. Now reality can never be less than itself; reality can never go away; reality will always be right where it is, ever-present being itself and it has no opposite. The acceptance of this perfect, invisible reality is the acceptance of the omnipresence of God.

Now why should our consciousness be unable to do this? You might have an answer in this: we have generally felt that our consciousness was our eyes and our ears and our mind. And you should be able to see very readily that when your five senses are still, you are still conscious. Your consciousness is independent of your senses, and not realizing this, we have generally confused them to think that our senses represent our consciousness. But you can be deaf, dumb and blind and be conscious. And that consciousness can deepen and deepen until you find it’s totally independent of your vision, of your hearing. In fact, your five senses are but a very limited imitation of your infinite consciousness.

And so to develop your consciousness, is to draw you further away from the limitations of the very finite senses. You can only develop that consciousness by living in it, abiding in it. The more you dwell in consciousness, the more it will deepen and you will discover that your senses awaken you to this world, but your consciousness brings the kingdom into this world. Learn the distinction between your sense perception and your consciousness. And you will see that your consciousness is the angel on the right; your sense perception is the angel on the left.

Now your senses have a very important purpose when they’re used correctly. They’re not at fault. When you’re in consciousness, your senses will be obedient to your consciousness. They will move out and present to you the kingdom of God on earth. But to live in them, as human beings do, is to instantly separate ourselves from the fourth dimension of reality which is all around us. You literally walk in reality, unaware of it when you live in your senses. But reality lives in your consciousness and expresses when you live in your consciousness.

Now let’s go back to our friend Solomon: “God is in heaven and thou upon earth, therefore let thy words be few.” If that isn’t a direct revelation of the purpose of meditation, then nothing is. “God is in heaven, thou on earth, therefore let thy words be few.”


We’re listening to the Father within, Father in heaven within me. And therefore my words are few, that His word may be heard. Now that’s the way of life which leads to the expression of the infinite in your consciousness. God in heaven, thou on earth, listening within, letting the word of the Father express, and the infinite becomes our individual expression. Here it is even before Jesus appeared.


That means when you’ve lost something, in the stillness, the Father within appears as the substance of your need. That means when you have a problem of any nature, God in heaven, thou on earth, listening for the Father, discover that the problem only existed because thou on earth was not listening for the Father. And now in the listening the problem dissolves.

Now this way of life, this listening for the Father, as given here by Solomon, is exactly the same as given by Jesus, exactly the same as given by Paul, exactly the same as mystics throughout the world today. And the birth in you of that ability is symbolized in the birth in Bethlehem. For you see that’s the sign that you have broken through from this third-dimensional world to the fourth-dimensional kingdom. That Christ awareness is the sign that the Father within is a living word in your being. And you’re being nourished by the infinite Spirit.

This very line here ultimates in the birth of the Christ in your consciousness: “Marvel not that I say ye must be born again.” Now that’s three thousand years ago and here we are reading about it and two thousand years ago it happened in the physical world, as another reminder of what must happen in our spiritual consciousness. You’ll find as you read Ecclesiastes, that it’s one of the few books in the bible that isn’t too circumspect. He speaks closer to our current idiom than practically anyone else in the bible. He speaks straight: “God’s in his heaven, you’re on earth, listen.” There’s nothing difficult to understand. The world simply hasn’t listened to it.

Now it’s getting near the time for New Year’s resolutions. So this is a good time to be laying up your plans about what you’re going to do about this listening, this turning within. Because why go through another Christmas without the Christ? That would be an empty Christmas. This Christmas let’s experience the Christ, each within ourselves, then you’ll discover a great secret. If we took a fork and put it through a paper, the way we put a pencil through a paper last week, you’d find that those little living microbes in the paper would see four different spears coming through. They wouldn’t know that these four spears are connected. They would be looking at one prong of the fork, and another, and another, they’d be apart. They wouldn’t see the wholeness of that fork.

Well, that’s how people are. There are no separate people in the kingdom of God; they’re one! That’s a difficult realization. That which appears here as individuals is one in the kingdom of God. Each comes into an individualized appearance, but as the Christ in us is born, we feel and know the oneness of substance. There’s only the one Christ substance and that which appears as individual forms is revealed as one substance. But in such a way that we’re far beyond mouthing it or intellectualizing about it, there is a realization of oneness with all spiritual being. And this is above the level of time and space and physicality, but it enters from that level above as invisible substance and then appears in this level as individualized forms. We are to see the wholeness instead of the individualized forms as being apart from each other, separated. Now how are you going to do that with the human mind? How are you going to come into the realization of oneness when your eyes train each day to show you divisibility? Each day your eye shows you that you and God are two separate beings.

Solomon wants us not to do that: God’s in heaven, you’re on earth, listen. Let the spirit of the Lord lift you up beyond the human mind. Let that be the rising Christ. Let your self ascend and then in the realization of one spiritual substance called the kingdom of God, there’s an ability to let It become the health of your countenance. Let It live your life. Let It show you It’s a better bookkeeper than you are. Let It show you It’s a better arranger than you are. Let It show you that It has the keys to the kingdom. Let the power within you be the power. All of this is the awakening of the mind to its own soul.

Now let’s see more of Solomon, because he’s just warming up. But he wants us to know that there is an invisible kingdom on earth and that it isn’t necessary to think that inventions are progress. These are merely our slow realizations of the invisible infinite, and as we become more aware of that invisible infinite, more of these inventions must appear.

Suppose that at this moment in you, there was a conscious awareness that you are not a lone, separated individual. That something of the universe is present as the living force right where you are. Suppose you had that realization at this moment, and suppose you knew that this living force embodies all of God’s love, all of God’s righteousness, all of God’s peace, all of God’s wisdom, all of God’s harmony. Now you know this is the reality and what separates us from it? Our memory. Our memory of the fact that we haven’t experienced this reality and we can’t climb higher than our memory, can we? We remember the gruesome past, the moments when we were unable to rise above our problems and our memory refuses to let us enter the kingdom of God. It refuses to admit into our present consciousness the perfection that is invisibly present. In all ways, we are letting our memory separate us from our very Self.

Now did you know there were two kinds of memories? That’s your outer memory. You have an inner memory. Your outer memory only knows what happens to your outer body, your outer life. Your inner memory knows the complete eternal Self. Your inner memory has never forgotten one single moment of its eternal selfhood. When your inner memory becomes alive to you, something in you says, “Well, how can I be less than healthy, secure, harmonious? Why am I concerned about things?” Your inner memory recalls to you the fullness of your present being. And your outer memory no longer can persuade you that because yesterday your heart skipped a beat, it might happen tomorrow.

People who pass out of this scene prematurely and without the realization of their true reality are really victims of their own memories. The memory that told them they were sick and they’re getting sicker. That’s a little corner of your mind which conditions it and it’s only your outer mind, your outer conditioning, your outer memory, your physical memory. Your inner memory is your Soul. It knows the fullness of itself. It knows the fullness of the Father because it and the Father are one. This thin veil between your outer and your inner memory is made even thinner, even in this instant, as you begin to feel the pulse of light within yourself. That pulse of light is the Father within boring a hole through this human selfhood which has wandered alone, separated, a law unto itself. That human self which should be as archaic to you as the 1920 magazines with their old-fashioned pictures. That’s how archaic this human selfhood already is.

We’re living in a completely new age now. We’re living in an age of miracles to the physical world because behind the physical world is the eternal miracle of God, slowly filtering into human consciousness, dissolving human consciousness. And as human consciousness drops away, that which is never impossible to God, that which is real, that which is there, becomes today’s miracle and today’s headlines becomes today’s miracle in your life so that you find just as the veil of space is rent, so is the veil of false health, so is the veil of human limitation, so is the veil of poverty, so is the veil of starvation. Biafra today becomes the kingdom of God when the consciousness is opened. The black hole of Calcutta is happening in time and space not in your Father’s kingdom.

Now each of us has a little black hole of Calcutta and a little Biafra, a little of this and a little of that, and our memories, but the pure light of the Father within transcends those memories, erases them just like chalk on a blackboard, unconditions the mind. You may have started out in The Infinite Way with a difficulty in meditating and then maybe you spent three minutes here and three minutes there. Your life should now be becoming a meditation; your life should be a living meditation.

When you have established that manger, where does it go? Is it temporary? Is it only there for a moment? For three minutes? Or again later at night? Or is that manger permanent? Do you see that must become a permanent dispensation in your consciousness? That manger must be forever. It’s only the beginning; it’s the opening wedge. God’s in his heaven, you’re on the earth, so be still, and that manger is the connecting link between heaven and earth. So you’ve got to put in the time, the effort, and you’ve got to establish the permanent manger that accompanies you throughout the day in every activity, wherever you go, whatever you do. That manger in your consciousness is Christ. It’s not Christmas just once a year, not for spiritual living; it’s Christmas constantly.

Now we have this Christ consciousness establishing Itself. Do you see that some days these words of wisdom that are in Solomon are just your normal consciousness? Why should there be a newness to them as if we had just discovered them? This is your normal consciousness: God’s in his heaven, I am on earth, I’ll be still. And now the kingdom of heaven within, the Father within, is whispering to the babe.

Is there a difference between the Father within and the Christ? Don’t you see they’re one and the same? Your awareness of the Father within is Christ. Christ is your shepherd. Christ is the secret place of the most high. When you dwell in Christ, no weapon formed against thee can prosper. The Christ within, he doeth the works. Father within and Christ are one and the same.

And you’re coming to the same conclusion from different entrances. When you have recognized Christ as yourself, you have recognized the witness of the Father in you, the Father within. Whenever you discover the Father within, that’s your Christmas. Don’t put it on a special day. Don’t put it in a special year. The discovery of the Father within is Christmas, the birth of the Christ in you. And that birth brings heaven and earth into one so that now you, having discovered the Christ, also inherit the inheritance of the Christ and the earth which is the Lord’s, in all its fullness, becomes the property of the Christ, realized in consciousness appearing outwardly as peace on earth for you, goodwill on earth for you. Wherever the Father within becomes the living consciousness of an individual, there walks the Christ realized. “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father within. Thou seest me, thou seest the Christ, the light.”

Now this is our reality realized or not. Don’t seek it; realize it. Don’t ask for it; accept it. It is your reality. Don’t let the world take your reality in its memory, in its mortal mind, and make it appear shoddy to your human eyes. Simply hold on to that which you are. Be steadfast in the reality of the Father within who can never leave thee nor forsake thee. And then you and Solomon are sharing the same wisdom.

How did Solomon get all this wisdom? He realized the Father within, and the Father within showed forth as his wisdom. That’s the same source for our wisdom. And it is the same force that shows forth as the healing grace of the Christ in your consciousness.

Now extend this; don’t personalize it to you. You don’t possess it; it is your being. It breaks through the illusion of separate individuals when you see that it is the being of everyone you know. Let’s never personalize the Christ as the Christ of me without realizing it is the Christ of you, of him, of her, and then you see you’ve broken the veil of him, her and me and it because all that stands there invisible to our human sense is the invisible Christ. What a world of Christmas we would have if the invisible Christ were realized as the essence of all that walks the face of the earth! Then in a flash the war would be over; the strikes would be over; the racisms would be over. There would be peace on earth and goodwill toward man because Christ would live as the consciousness of each man. But remember nothing can be subtracted from what the Father is; nothing can be added. This is the reality this moment, realized or not. And as you dwell in this realization, it becomes the reality where you are.

Our prayer is not limited to friend or foe, neighbor or nation. Our prayer is simply the recognition of the infinite, invisible spirit of God called Christ on earth, transcending all time, all space, all years, all days, all nations, all areas, all planets, and we dwell in the one consciousness undivided. From that, we find we are undivided from that one consciousness.

That one consciousness is ever-present, and its witness in you is the Christ. That one consciousness is present 365 days of our human years. That one invisible Christ is a 365-day Christ, on the moon or on the earth. Now that is reality and nothing can be subtracted. And as you dwell in the knowledge of it, you are dwelling in reality. The one consciousness then manifests in you, and you find that you are spiritual being. You don’t have a heart that can go wrong, or a pair of lungs that depend on anything in this world. You don’t have a segment for a life. You don’t have to be concerned about the laws of matter anymore than Jesus was. But you must pierce this veil of belief which has translated the infinite down to a segment in time and space. That which never was can never be, and there never was an opposite to the infinity of God.

Solomon makes it clear that before he wrote these words that he took the time to listen for the words of God so that he could bring us the truth. He exhorts us to do the same. I’d like to look at that for just a moment. It’s in here somewhere. “The words of the wise are as goads and nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd.”

And so let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. “Fear God. Keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man.” Now fear we have made clear; is simply the letting the Father within be higher than the human mind. That is the nature of fearing God. It is the recognition that the Father within you is the law of your being. That fear is the recognition of the presence. It has never been known to fail that one truly worshipping the Father within has failed to find the way to the kingdom of God. Because this way of life is prescribed by the Father as abiding in Me and letting Me abide in you. And therefore as you do this, you are living in the rhythm of the Father’s will. And there is no power to oppose you in any way. There will be activities of the senses, posing appearances which seem to oppose you, but you will discover that they are only temporary guests of the inn. But soon the complete inn becomes Christ consciousness, a permanent, eternal Christmas, life eternal, knowing the Father aright.

A word of patience: we’ve really come a longer way than we all can realize at this moment. You can’t take heaven by storm. But whenever you find you’re having a difficulty and can’t find the center of your being, to let the Father within become the Father without, remember that one key word: time. It’s the invisible barrier and as soon as you realize there is time no longer, you will receive that necessary impulse to take you over the problem.

Time has many aspects of hypnotism. Work with it longer as you did this week at 8:30. Do it again for another week, if you will, at 8:30. Stay with the idea that my life is not a passing instant, that the Christ of me possesses my life as an infinite substance, extending beyond the confines of time and space. And as you grow with this as the Christmas moment, a newness will develop within you. Now if you feel like it, you could join at Christmas Eve at midnight in that realization. Some of us will be doing that at Christmas Eve at midnight, realizing the birth of the Christ in me, the birth of the Christ in my neighbor, the birth of the Christ on earth as it is in heaven. That will be our Christmas Eve midnight meditation [midnight in your location].

Thank you.

Welcome. Very happy to see you here. Thank you.

We probably are in the most unusual Christmas of all time up to this moment. And it occurs that there’s a possible relationship between that which we experience this moment today and that which has happened in the spiritual kingdom. For example, ten years ago there was no such thing as a heart transplant and ten years ago you may not know it but Joel Goldsmith had a heart problem. He had to prove that his life didn’t depend upon his heart, and in proving it spiritually, his heart, which was actually a dead one, appeared alive. And this spiritual healing of the heart may well be something in the invisible which triggered the visible transplanting of hearts in our world.

That particular connection occurred to me and it becomes very clear that the man who two thousand years ago discovered that there is no time and no space unquestionably triggered that which we see in outer space today as the conquering of space. And so these are most unusual times and just as miracles are happening visibly, in a way that would have been unthought of even so much as twenty or thirty years ago, so we also are reminded of the statement that Solomon made in Ecclesiastes. He said there’s nothing new under the sun. And I wonder if you could include even going to the moon as not being new under the sun. In other words, Solomon was telling us that behind the visible, changing in time, is an invisible, unchanging, ever-perfect and ever-present in which the eternal self always lives.

Now we when we awoke this morning, we awoke just as we were born, as an old, an ancient saying: every man is born between two angels, one on the right, one on the left, and the angel on the right is the angel of goodness; the angel on the left is the angel of evil. And these are supposed to be man’s dual inclinations. He can go either way; he can follow the angel of good or the angel of evil and each man allegedly is born into this dual purpose, this dual inclination. And that is why when Moses gave his people the commandment, “Thou shall love the Lord thy God,” he didn’t say with your heart, mind and soul. He said “with ALL your heart, ALL your mind, ALL your soul,” meaning those two inclinations had to be reconciled.

Now we awoke with two inclinations this morning, one of which we were unaware, and one which was predominant. And you can more or less judge where you are in consciousness by the degree to which the angel on the left was predominant or the angel on the right. The first thing that happens upon awakening is that there’s a feeling about me; me has to do this and me has to do that, and that’s the angel on the left. Me has an important appointment, me has to get dressed, me has to eat, and that’s the same me that’s been doing this all of our human lives. That’s the inclination mankind follows.

Now you being spiritually inclined, perhaps your inclination was the angel on the right. Perhaps you began your day not with me, but with God, and of course if that is what you did, you were one of the very few in this entire universe who didn’t awaken to me but to God. And your day must of necessity be very different than every other person on the face of this earth.

Now we have likened the mind of man to an inn. And if you awoke in that inn this morning, your mind was filled with many conflicting ideas. In your inn there were many guests, there were many impulses, there were many concepts, there were many memories of yesterday, there were many hopes and ambitions. And although these were not all voiced, in that inn which we call our mind, this battle of the world exists every moment and the impulse that comes ever so gentle which says, “Let me in,” that impulse is usually not heard by the angel on the left. And so our inn is very crowded with thoughts of this world. And it takes these two thousand years to find a vacancy. It takes every minute of these two thousand years to reach the point where we become aware, ever so slightly, that the world we live in is but our fractional idea of the world that is real. It takes all of that time and then some because the me, the angel on the left, the personal sense, the physical, structural me, this is ever crowding out my awareness of the spiritual me.

Now we live in a moment. You have lost all of yesterday; you do not possess tomorrow. You have this instant and all of life is crowded into this instant. And this still is the angel on the left. This still is the illusion that life is being lived in this instant and if you didn’t have this instant you wouldn’t have life. This is the great illusion, that time is moving past.

Now as you pause, as you open a little place in the mind, you are beginning to establish your manger for the entrance of an idea that takes the angel on the left, turns it away and gently turns you to your true shepherd on the right. And now you find a manger in the mind, a place where you entertain a completely, revolutionary idea that this instant is not my life at all. All of my yesterdays are still existent; all of my tomorrows are here at this moment too. We are beginning to sit back and see the fullness of life instead of the instant of life.

Now in our bible, we have had a misfortune to the extent that even the great scholars, the linguists, who know the meaning of every word in Greek and in Latin and in Aramaic and in Hebrew, unfortunately they too were born with an angel on the left and an angel on the right. And the angel which they used to translate the bible was the literal angel, the one who sees things in the flesh, the one who was born into time, the one who was unaware of the house behind this visible made without hands. And so the translation of the bible has been a very uninspired translation. It has been given to us not by men of spirit but by scholars. Men who could recite the bible perhaps, word for word without looking at it and still not know the meanings of those words, not know the great implications of those words, not knowing that in each word there are many mansions.

Now one of the greatest mistakes, one of the most monumental, was made when a certain word in the bible was translated in a very limited human way, and that word is A-E-O-N. It occurs throughout the bible the aeon and it has a great meaning. It means the fullness of your being, not in time but in a higher dimension than time. It means the fullness of your being, not in years but in the attributes of God. Aeon is the total self of you as created in the divine image and likeness; it has nothing to do with time. And do you know that word is translated as in the bibles we read? Eternity. And it has thrown us away from the meaning of to know God aright is life eternal. We have thought that if you scoop up all the time there is you have eternity. And that’s as much its meaning as “cat” is the meaning of “mouse.” It has very little to do with the meaning except in a very minor way. To know God aright is life eternal but not life that is unending. That is included but it isn’t the whole story at all. There is a difference not just in quantity, between eternity and time, there is a difference in quality. And that qualitative difference is vital; it’s one of the most significant differences there is in all of the bible teaching.

Now you may have seen this difference expressed in the world “fullness,” not realizing that fullness and eternity are one and the same; wholeness and eternity are one and the same; completeness and eternity are one and the same. And to know God aright is a whole life, a complete life, a full life, not only in time, that is the minor part of it. It is a life without end, yes, but it is a full, complete, whole life this moment, now.

Now aeon, aeon has been translated many other ways. Wherever you see the word “forever and ever” it doesn’t mean that at all. That’s another translation given to aeon, and sometimes where you see the word “world” that’s another translation given to aeon. Our scholars have been very elastic wherever a word fits their purpose it takes a new implication to them and then they fill out their lines but they have lost the Christ message.

Now we must catch the meaning of eternity because this moment is eternal. The fullness of your being is the meaning of your eternal life and you can never have less than the fullness of your being, any more than you can have reality changing and becoming less real, any more than you could have God diminishing and becoming less of God. That which is the fullness of your being is the eternal self of you and that fullness existed five hundred years ago as it does this moment, as it will five hundred years from now. That fullness is ever-present and when you learn to live the contemplative life, which is really letting God create through you, you find that that fullness, that eternal self, is brought forth into the present experience. And the purpose of the word “aeonic,” “aeonio,” translated into our English structure as “eternal,” was to bring to you the awareness that behind the three-dimensional world is a fourth-dimensional world. And to bring the fourth into the third is to bring your eternal self into the present expression.

Now it is true that “aeon” has other significance. It means for one thing that there is a limited time age to all things. You may find that human life may have a limited time age. Oh, it may be five or ten, twenty or thirty million years or billion years, but it will be embraced within an aeon, and that aeon will be the duration of the time existence of that particular object or category of life. And so we were not going always to be in a human form; we’re going to continue to change but we will always be our self.

Now those of us who have caught this element of change find that we have avoided the stagnancy of those who have insisted on clinging to their present way, their present ideas, their present consciousness. They live in a world in which they are trying to make permanent that which the Father has no desire to be permanent. They’re trying to cling to a form of life, which in itself has no reality being only a fraction of that which is.

Now the contemplative life is that form of life which had come to you the moment you open your eyes and realize that this inn, this mind, this busy hotel, must begin to open out a little place in which the fourth-dimensional consciousness begins to enter into the third. I may be very busy but what about God’s plan for me today? What about God’s plan for me in what I call time and space? And in that manger we now establish a new consciousness. This is the beginning of the new consciousness on earth, the rebirth, the you coming from the eternal self outside of the three-dimensional world and filtering into it to begin to establish in you the fullness of your being.

Now this manger, this new idea, is a place that does not look at the world at all the way your five senses have been looking at it, the way your mind has been looking at it. This manger stands up and looks at your world and says, “There is nothing here that I accept.” This is a complete and radical departure from every concept that you entertain. This manger, this infant idea, rejects the complete, visible world for it is not my Father’s kingdom. It rejects all physical form. It rejects all human creativity. It rejects everything that we as human beings hold dear. For it has seen reality. It has seen the perfect self. It has seen the perfect universe. It has seen that which is veiled to the mind, crowded with its own beliefs and aspirations. It has seen beyond the physical form. And at first it’s only an infant, we hardly hear it speak, but establishing that, that new development in us, that is the birth of the babe.

Now that must happen. That is the first Christmas when within you is established the beginning of an infant consciousness in the manger of your mind which rejects every idea that is unlike the perfection of God. It rejects all forms of disease on the earth. It rejects every evil known to the mind of man. It rejects the illusion of birth and death and human spans. It rejects the idea of a segment of life that lives in an instant, that dies and is reborn in another instant that is coming from the future. It sees through the illusion that we live in events that succeed in time. It sees that within this time-segmented instant there is a larger universe behind it all and that the three-dimensional world which we call mankind is living in a four-dimensional universe which is the kingdom of God and that one is present where the other appears to be. This is the infant consciousness of the Christ. It rejects every bit of logic of your brain. It rejects all reason. It is unreasonable; it is illogical. And yet you see the unreasonable and the illogical happening today. No man has ever gone two hundred thousand miles outside of this earth. It’s illogical, but there it is. What is ascension but going beyond even that? And where do you go? You ascend out of the consciousness which sees time, space, material form, birth, life, death, into the new consciousness which says, “Behold! I make all things new.”

Now this new consciousness is already established in most of us. It’s kicking, it’s squirming; it’s the angel on the right and it’s always at war it seems with the angel on the left but it is there. We know, we know that within us is a new way of looking at things, a Christ way, a way that is not bulldozed by the appearances of this world. Now it’s taken two thousand years for you and I to come to a glimpse of this and yet in the twinkling of an eye as we release ourselves from the belief that there is a me that is going to walk through this earth today who can do something; there is a me who needs looking after; there is a me who is separate and apart from that which created him, the moment we relinquish that idea, we are feeding this infant, this new consciousness. We’re giving it a chance to grow up. We are building our fourth-dimensional consciousness within this manger.

Now when we open our eyes and look out this same old world is there, the same men who climbed into the sky and into the moon, watch that crescent grow to its giant size. Those men back on earth, who’ll come back to a three-dimensional consciousness. They’ll come back to the same belief that they left on earth: that there is sickness on the earth, that we have limited time spans in which we live, and this moment is life. We’re not going to make that mistake. We are releasing ourselves to the new consciousness and this new consciousness rests four-square in the realization that I and the Father are coexistent but the Father is greater than I. And though I appear in a three-dimensional form in a three-dimensional world, the invisible Father is present in me as the living Christ. That must come with impact. That must grow into conviction so that if you were there one hundred thousand miles out in space, you would know that “I and the Father are one. There is no place I can go that the Father is not. The manger of my consciousness has now moved up and up and up and it is taken over the inn.” It is the consciousness, it is the house, it is the fullness and now we have no place in our consciousness where any form of destruction, where any form of changing time, where any form of evil can take root, that was the purpose for developing the infant idea that grew into Christ consciousness. So that now the mind is no longer an inn with many tourists, with people coming and going helter-skelter without rhyme or reason, now the mind is one with the Father. Now the mind of the Father is the inn. And now you’re in the contemplative life where you’re letting the consciousness of God be your consciousness. You are living the Christmas, the Christ birth, as a permanent dispensation. Now Christ liveth your life. The me that awoke quickly reassessed the truth of itself and discovered there was no me. There is only the living Christ; there is only the spirit of God and the angel on the left is dissolved as illusion.

Now this must be a chore every morning until it becomes a joy, until we awaken not as “me” but we awaken in the kingdom of God in the consciousness of God and we rest there in the contemplation of that until each morning anew the Christ is born. This isn’t a birth in time and place and space; this is a constant rebirth. Sometimes the rebirth takes place twenty times a day. Ever we are re-borning ourselves, we are self-generating, for that grand moment when the consciousness of the Christ brings us the experience of eternal life in the present. When you reach through the veil to the eternal experience now, then you have caught the meaning to know God aright is life eternal. Then you have touched the meaning of “aeon,” the fullness of the divine plan in you functioning now in all its glory and there’s no reason for it to diminish.

Now this is not something for the human mind; that’s the inn which rejects the manger. This is for that in you which says, “Above all things I hold hallowed the name of my Father and his will in me.” And this alone enables you, in your complete fidelity to the Divine, to relinquish today to God: “There is no today for me. There is no tomorrow for me. The dying daily comes to the point of the birth daily. Each dying is a borning. Each moment of losing me is a birthing of the Christ which is my eternal self.”

Now in every birth there is the struggle; there’s a labor, and this labor is the war between the angel on the left and the angel on the right. The moment of time begins to separate and you find in the middle of time is a silence, a duration, a duration without passing of time. You split time like you split an atom, and as you open time up, standing in the middle of it, there is time no more. You’re in the vast eternal stillness; you begin to feel the magnitude of your existence. The fullness, the peroma, the realization of eternality now realized and then every moment of your present life becomes an eternal something stretching out into the fullness of the kingdom now. You are an integrated whole. I am the one Self. You embrace all that was, and is, and will be in the eternal moment. You are You for the first time instead of a fraction, instead of a passing second. Now this is your rebirth. This is how it will come to you and you will feel yourself being drawn out of your body, out of your mind, but present with the Lord. For that rebirth occurs as you banish the angel on the left, the inn that was too crowded to receive the impulse of the angel on the right, and you make the effort consciously each morning, each day, to remember that within me is a living presence and my denial of it is a betrayal of the Christ. My denial of it is shutting the bible and its message; it’s turning back the pages two thousand years and standing right there and refusing to witness the great event. This that happened in a physical world must happen in our spiritual existence as a realization.

Let’s go back two thousand years, then let’s go back two thousand more, and then ten thousand more, and see that no matter how far back you go that exists at this moment as the now. You cannot go back in time to any place that does not exist now. There is no such place in time that is not now existent. In this now, there is no place in time where the spirit of Jesus is not now existent. For just as there is nothing new under the sun today, there was nothing new under the sun then. The spirit of God has always been existent and that Spirit of God is existent now. It has not changed. It has not aged. Nothing has brought it to a different degree of Itself that It was at that moment and is at this moment. And the spirit of God that is you existed in these six, ten, fifteen thousand years ago as It does now. And you must begin to feel this because this is the meaning of the eternal self now. The fullness of your being is stretched out invisibly throughout this invisible universe this moment. And in the flash that it all becomes part of your realization, like a complete landscape becoming visible in a lightning flash, so this too becomes suddenly an awareness of you. Maybe you could compare it to a man who is drowning and in the minute or two between being saved and drowning he sees his complete life, as it were, going before him, a great kaleidoscope. He didn’t realize the detail that was possible to review all of his years and yet in two minutes he remembers things he didn’t know he knew. He sees faces; he actually does more than just remember them, he becomes part of that past. That past becomes part of his present; they become one. He finds they never went anywhere; they existed. His past is his present in that kaleidoscopic two minutes he sees his life and his complete relationship.

Now the Christ of you will see all of your life, not just this human span in two minutes. The Christ of you will see your complete eternal selfhood beyond time and space and It will see it in a moment when you think not. In that eternal instant, you know the meaning of every word that every sage has ever uttered. In that eternal instant, you know why we were told throughout the bible to fear God, meaning to open a place in consciousness for the birth of the Christ, for that alone in you which could receive from God the fullness of your own being. That word “fullness” then an eternal, a synonymous, and when Jesus says to the cripple, “Wilt thou be made whole?” He is saying, “Would you realize your eternal life now?”

Now then we’re in our manger; we’re in contemplation; we’re in the stillness. Contemplation becomes a very creative, inspiring and uplifting experience. Now we’re not in a human mind trying to figure out how to make the day better. We are in something which can bring to us substance, eternal substance. The substance of life itself can flow to us in this contemplation: “As I abide in the Father, my inn is not too busy. I am in the manger of truth abiding. And I am feeding this Christ child truth that will nourish it, rear it, bring it up to a higher self. And this rising Christ within me is going to pierce the veil of illusion about my changing life in time and my changing life in space, my life which is needful of things. This rising Christ in me is going to replace the temporary transient in human form who thought that he could do a better job than the Father.”

And all this is the purpose of our presence on this earth to find that glorious moment when the mind can relax and know that there is in me the child of God. Not as an idea or an abstraction but behind this veil of flesh, of time, of space, of moving objects is my larger self, my unending self, the self that existed before the world was, before a form appeared in time, the self that is eternally immaculate, the self that was symbolized in the virgin birth. This self I begin to recognize as my own being. My own human mind becomes the earth getting smaller and smaller as I approach the moon getting larger and larger. And that earth whirling around nineteen miles per second looks just like a tiny top, almost as if it could never contain three billion people and huge cities. We see that aeon comprises all of these objects called planets, stars, oceans. That what we have thought is mighty and big are just small pieces in a great big whole. This wholeness, this freedom of knowing, that I am beyond the world of time and space, that I and Father are the one substance, the one life, the one being, this is the moment of joy in which you are renewed.

This is when substance flows through your consciousness, and that substance, that substance is the eternal substance, the eternal experience making itself manifest. This is the substance of all things, of all form, of all life, and this substance forms itself as every need throughout your eternal selfhood. Without this substance, we are not the children of God and we show forth the sufferings of this separation.

The sculptor, who fashions his various objects from the original substance that he works from, knows very well that his art will be no better than the quality of his materials. He would no longer think of working on a substance that tomorrow would melt, that tomorrow would no longer be, in which his cherished ideas would then be no more. He chooses a substance that will last and the substance of God is everlasting. When that is the substance from which your life is sprung, that substance is the power of your life. And when you separate yourself from it, it is because you have not established the Christ in the manger which alone is the living substance of the living Father. That is the substance of God in you. That is the nature of the Christ. And as you become aware of it, you have begun to live the words of the bible instead of reading them. They have begun to accomplish their purpose in you. They are making you put the Christ higher than your physical self. They are making you aware that as long as you hold the Christ away, you are standing in the way of the will of the Father.

Now I know from my own limited experience some of the difficulties of a lazy human being who thinks he can put it off because his inn is too crowded. And I also know some of the joys of not putting it off and emptying that inn sufficiently to dwell even if hours are necessary for the first glimmer of that invisible eternal presence. And yes, it does take hours sometimes, but every moment of those hours is spent in a way far more rewarding than the way those moments could have been spent. For finally the illumination of that presence does in two minutes what it had taken fifty years to try to do. Just as in two minutes the drowning man saw his entire fifty years of life, so in less than two minutes the Christ brings in to conscious awareness the realization of God’s presence which is the eternal presence. And all of infinity, all of eternality is present in that moment of realization. You remember that great revelation of Joel’s: “My conscious union with God is my oneness with all spiritual being and all spiritual form and all spiritual life.” And you see that moment of Christhood is your oneness in which the eternal self of your being is realized here and now. In that moment the angel on the left is dissolved. In that moment there is only one inclination and that is the perfect path to selfhood.

There is nothing new under the sun, but there is a complete newness in store for each of us as we see through the sun, through the physical, through the world of changing images in time. And where as you may have thought, contemplation was just a resting quietly and waiting and listening, contemplation is the inspired inner obedience to the eternal self of your own being. Suppose you were in a ship in the sky and could not see around you and your radio was your only communication, you would listen very carefully to that radio. Your complete attention would be to the words that come through that radio from the ground crew to tell you where you are. You would be listening intently. It would be a matter of human life or death. We learn to listen intently that way to the spirit of the Father. It really is a matter of life or death, because the listening is life. And as we listen intently, we draw into ourselves a substance which manifests as what we call life and that substance manifests itself in the forms of fullness to the degree that we have emptied ourselves of the concepts of limitation.

Now you’re going to have either another Christmas or a spiritual Christmas, a living Christmas or just a usual synthetic Christmas. And because we are prepared as never before for this Christmas, many of us are ready to make these last few days before the physical Christmas a continued preparation in which we become oned with the physical birth of the Christ in Bethlehem in our consciousness. And it becomes to us a very meaningful livingness of our own birth into reality. So those of us who are moving ever toward that birth, that oneness with the infinite, we are those who are receiving from within the impulse of the Father who is going to lift us into the realization that the true self that I am is an eternal self without beginning, without end. And I will let that self manifest whatever forms it chooses appearing on earth with whatever name I am given. But I am living in the consciousness of that eternal me, the I that never was born and never will die. And that I, that Christ, that Child, is a child that never grows up for it already infinite; it is already eternal; it is already the substance that the world calls God. Every moment that I accept myself as less than that is my prodigality. Every moment that I accept another as less than that is the sentence that I pass upon myself.

Now we have the stage for our birth. And perhaps as we rest for a moment in the quiet, letting the Father do the work.


Perhaps we’re finding that we have more room in our inn than we ever realized.

We’re going to rest a moment and then we’re going to see if we can’t go some deeper into the Christ message.

Chapter 7 – Grace

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This is December 8, 2019 Sunday, about 11:23 AM. Now we of the “Mystical
Principles” email list had our 11:00 to 11:15 meditation. And I was having a difficult
time remaining with eyes closed because I received the Presence. I felt the presence and
I received a message that I wasn’t aware of before I heard it. So we’ll see if it comes out
or comes through this message today.

We have been studying Leave Your Nets. And “Leave Your Nets” means, leave
your humanhood. It means really living an Impersonal life. Now all of us know how to
live a personal life. We have “my” money, “my” house, “my” spouse, we have “my”
education, “my” job, “my” supply, “my” companionship, “my” health, all of those. All
of that is a personal sense of life.

Well, you might say, “What’s wrong with that?” And I would answer, “Nothing. Nothing, we’ve been doing that for Age after age after age.” I suspect, I can’t prove it yet, I suspect that many of us were standing there yelling, “Crucify him!” Living a perfectly decent law-abiding religious, personal sense of life. Now here we are 2,000 years later. Are we now ready to lay down that life?

We’re told, we’re promised, “he who loses his life shall find it.” And so that’s
what we’re in the practice of doing, surrendering a personal sense of self. And this book
Leave Your Nets is all about that. And the principles will force you, if you follow it, to
surrender that personal, well, that person, that you’ve thought all this time was you.
Now these talks are for advanced students. They’re not for students who have
recently found The Infinite Way and are trying to find out how to practice principles that
will increase their income, or find the right significant other, or heal their body. There’s
nothing wrong with that, that’s how we all came in in the beginning and if that’s where
you are, then you should be studying Practicing the Presence, Living The Infinite Way,
and perhaps The Art of Meditation. And then later, as you progress, you will be ready
for Leave Your Nets .

So it starts, chapter 7, “Grace” with the quote, the scripture, “My grace is
sufficient for thee.” I know I thought I knew everything about grace, but after reading
about grace in three different books, three different Infinite Way books, I discovered like
every other time, I’m just beginning to learn.

So he starts, Joel starts by saying, “Included in the word ‘grace’ is all that is
meant by the word ‘gift’. The gift of God is a sufficiency.” And in case you haven’t
done it, in case you weren’t with our 15 minute meditation, go ahead and pause this
talk, turn it off, whatever you need to do. And be still and have an inner meditation. So
that you can be receptive.

First in your meditation you need to attain or feel the peace. If that means
remembering a scripture such as “It is I, be not afraid,” there’s nothing wrong with that.
That’s perfectly fine. Contemplation, if done correctly, will lead to meditation.
Contemplation of course, would be contemplating a truth, a scripture, and then when
you find your peace, you stop. You listen. You open your consciousness and are

And if done correctly, you will feel something. You will feel a presence,
calming, peaceful, loving, complete. And there you rest. If you want to, you can say,
“Speak, thy servant heareth.” But then you listen. Listen within. Not for thinking, not
for thoughts because “My thoughts are not your thoughts,” that’s what God says. And
so you just listen. You wait. “Those that wait upon the Lord will mount up with wings as

Now, when you feel that inner movement or you receive an impression or you
feel a presence, then you can come back and listen. And it should build on whatever you
received. So, “Included in the word ‘grace’ is all that is meant by the word ‘gift.’’ So the
grace of God is a gift. And I had a little battle with this because years ago, well, here’s
what happened.

I had been running my own life to the best of my ability. I was 19 years old and
I thought I could do it my way like that Frank Sinatra song. And so I did it my way and
I was fired from my job. I was fired because as the owner and employer said, I had an
attitude that the world owed me a living. We see a lot of that now with the teenagers we
work with. And that’s what I was, a 19-year-old teenager, so I was fired. And I couldn’t
find another job because there was no good reference.

And I was starting out in life. I had to go to my neighbor and beg for a couple
of slices of bread. That is humiliating. And that’s what I needed, was a little humility. So
eventually, I found myself on my front porch steps at three in the morning, in Pasadena
California. Everything was quiet. And I realized I had read all these good books,
Practicing the Presence, Living the Infinite Way, Art of Meditation, Realization of
Oneness, A Parentheses in Eternity, Beyond Words and Thoughts, and yet with all the
knowing, I did not have grace. I knew with my mind, but I didn’t know with my heart or
with my Soul. It didn’t sink down.

And when I tried to meditate, I would close my eyes and a million thoughts
would come. Some of them scripture, some of them from the books, some of them just
human desires. But I couldn’t get quiet. And I wasn’t really sure there was a God.
Sometimes I thought, “Oh, these people are just fooling themselves and calling it God.”
Yes, I had a problem with pride, no humility.

But life will beat you down and it beat me down to where I had to beg. So on
my front porch steps at three in the morning I realize that. And I reached out and I said,
“God, Jesus, Buddha, Christ, Mohammad, Great Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness, anyone,
anywhere! I will do anything if you just show me how to live.” That was a wonderful
thing because pride and intellect stepped aside. And guess what happened? I became
receptive. After that surrender there was peace. And I became receptive. I didn’t know it
at first.

The next day it became very apparent to me that I needed a job. But I was afraid of doing my will. Remember this was 19 years old. That’s rather young to be thinking these deep things but there I was. I was afraid to do anything as it might be my will again and I, things would get even worse. So what I did was I got up and I walked down a couple blocks to Colorado Boulevard. Colorado Boulevard is what you see if you watch the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. It goes down Colorado Boulevard.

There’s a lot of businesses there, so I decided, it seemed to me if I just go to place to
place and I don’t pick one, if somebody hires me maybe that would be God’s will.
And so I, in order to drown out my head, I walked around and went to fill out
applications. And I said to my mind, well I said to God in order to drown my mind out, I
said, “God, thy will be done. It’s your ball game, it’s your show. Show me what you
want me to do.” And I walk down there to Colorado Boulevard saying this over and
over quietly in my mind.

And the first place I came to was a bank and there was some sort of grand
opening. All kinds of balloons outside by the doorway and I started to pass it by because
my mind said, “You don’t have any experience in banking. Go to the next place.“ But
remember I was vigilant, I was watching inside myself. “No,” I said, “not my will be
done Father, thy will be done.” And I walked into the bank. The lady there was very nice. She gave me an application. I filled it out. The only experience I had was working as a veterinarian’s assistant, [and] washing dishes.

So I put it all down and she said to me, “Would you like a cup of coffee?“ “Oh yes,
thank you.” Those of you that listen much to me, you know that I like coffee. “Yes,
thank you.” She gave me a cup of coffee and a drink it as I was filling out the
application. When I finished, I thanked her and I walked out the front door. And I
headed down to the next place.

But before I could get to the next place, I had a tremendous inner awakening.
Because I realized that that cup of coffee was the first gift from God. This was Grace in
action. I didn’t ask, it was just given through that lady, yes, but from God. Because I
said, “No, I’m not listening to my mind. I’m going to go into the bank. Father thy will
be done. ” I was given a free cup of coffee.

That probably means nothing to you, but it changed my whole life. My entire
life because I knew; I didn’t have two cents in my pocket. I couldn’t buy a cup of coffee
and I knew I had not thought of that. It just came out of the Universe, came from God
through the Universe. And just so I wouldn’t miss it, when I could stop crying, I dried
my eyes and went on filling out applications and I got to a Denny’s restaurant. And I
walked inside and I filled out an application and the manager said, “Would you like a
cup of coffee?” I said, “Well I can’t afford one.” He said, “It’s on the house.” Yes God, I see. And that was the beginning for me of experiencing Grace.

Grace that wasn’t sought. Grace that was a free gift. It’s still chokes me up remembering
because I was not a very nice person before that. And yes, I did have that attitude that
the world owed me a living. And yes, I would steal from you, and yes, I thought nothing
of you. I had one attitude: what can I get from this world?

And so amazing Grace, indeed. So when it says here, “The gift of God is a sufficiency,” I’m here to tell you, that from that first cup of coffee which would’ve been 1973, some 47 years ago, the gift of God, also known as Grace, has never run dry. Not only that, but from the gift of one cup of coffee, out of that flowed and is flowing every good and perfect gift.

I’ve told you before, my wife is not perfect, but she’s perfect for me. That flowed out from within. This home in the beautiful Appalachian mountains, that flowed out from within. The trips we’ve taken to Hawaii and the Bahamas, up near Canada, down into Mexico, everywhere in the United States, all of those have come flowing out from the center. All of these classes, these messages have flowed out from the center.

My life until I was 10 years old was very sickly. Very sickly all the time. I never knew a healthy week. But at the age of 10, I said, “God, I’m so tired of this” and I don’t know what happened except that I was never sick again except for once in a every few years, a cold. So that flowed out from within. Everything that I have, everything that I am, has flowed out from within.

So I’m here to tell you, the gift of God never runs out. It’s not a one time thing if you will continue to practice the principle. And I have never forgot the principle that “of myself I am nothing.” But the gift of God is my sufficiency, “the grace of God is my sufficiency.” Alright? So that’s my first, my very first inkling that there was a principle here I could live by. And I did not know it at the time, but that was the first experience of laying down a personal sense of self. You see? I was no longer trying to provide for me. I was just trying to follow God’s will. And then it was automatic, the gift of God was my sufficiency. I was beginning to live this Impersonal life and experience this impersonal gift.

Alright, so “The nations of the world seek after what they shall eat, what they
shall drink, wherewithal they shall be clothed. They are continuously taking thought or
being concerned about their affairs of tomorrow. This is not true in my kingdom which
is not of this world. In the kingdom of grace, God is the creative principle. The creative
principle, the infinite power. This word ‘grace’ implies that which maintains and
sustains infinite good and above all, love. Therefore love must be the measure of the
capacity of our good.”

And I can tell you something about that. By receiving that first cup of coffee, I
knew, ‘God loves me.’ God loves me when I get out of the way and stop trying to do it,
His love for his forth. And as I continued in this walk, I began to see later, God is love.
It’s not that God loves me, that’s another personal sense of self that has to be come up
over. And so I learned, no. God does not love that material me. Well what then? God is
love and when you draw near to God, that love envelops you, flows through you, even
flows as you. God is love and all that infinite love is yours when you get at peace inside
yourself and become receptive.

And that’s what I did on my front porch steps. I got at peace, I quit fighting.
And I was receptive. And I remained receptive by reminding myself 300 times a day,
thy grace is my sufficiency, thy will be done. And as I progressed, I found something
else. “I and my father are one.” And you know that infinite Love that I first experienced
as a cup of coffee? I am that Love.

So you see, a personal sense of God loving a material me, that evolved into
God is Love. And when I, a person, get near that presence, I experience that Love. And
finally, that Impersonal sense of self in that, “I and my Father are one.” I and that
infinite Love are one. I am that Love. You see? This is a wonderful thing!

Christmas is a perfect time to be reviewing Grace. Now, “Grace is fulfillment and grace does not bring partial success.” You know, I wondered for a long time, how do you know the difference? How do you know if you’re really receiving grace within or if it’s just more human thoughts? And the answer seems so simple – now. But it didn’t seem simple when I was struggling with it. I so wanted to be in the flow, in the rhythm of His will. Not doing my will, a human will, a personal sense of self will, so this became very, very, very important to me. And I found the answer. You seek, and you find.

It was revealed that when you have touched that inner Presence, you have
found your peace, you have received that Presence, that movement, that voice, It forms
Itself. And without any effort almost, doors just open. Doors open and you walk in and
experience Grace. Like I did with that cup of coffee, and later with a job.

I had been to a meeting at a church and my mind said, “Go ask Ray for a ride
home.” But remember I was trying not to do my will. So I said, “Nope, I’m not
following you.” And I left and I went over to the bus bench on Colorado Boulevard.
Sitting there, I saw a man I had seen up at the meeting. I didn’t know his name, he
introduced himself, “I’m John.” And I said “Oh yeah, I’m Bill” and we shook hands.
And one of us said, “Didn’t I see you up there at the meeting upstairs?” The other one
said, “Yes” and we got to talking and he asked me, “Are you working anywhere?” I
don’t know why he asked me. I have no idea. No, that’s not true. I do. Because I refused
to follow my will. And I went over there and followed God‘s will and I created that
opening and God happened. And I said, “No, I’m not working anywhere. I’ve messed
up everything and I’m trying to do better.” He said, “why don’t you come up and fill out
an application where I work?” I said, “Where’s that?” And he said, “Kennedy
Company.“ He said, “We build digital magnetic tape drives.” Well I thought to myself,
“I don’t have any experience” but remembering the bank I said, “Ok.”

The next morning I was there. I went in and I talked to the plant manager and
he said, “Tell me about yourself.” And I just, I almost started to tell him some good
things, but honesty prevailed. I said, “You know, I’ve messed up everything, I’ve tried. I
got fired because I had a bad attitude” I said, “but I’m trying to do better.” This man
looked at me, he said, “You know, I think you are. Can you start on Monday?” And I
did. I started on Monday and I did a good job, a great job. I beat all the records in time
in assembling these tape drives.

They usually put out about 10 to 15 for you to make in a week. Just for fun one
time I decided to see how fast I could do it. I made all 15 in two days, maybe 2 1/2
days. The plant manager came out and said, “Wow.” Because see, the inspector passed
all of them., they were right, they were done right. The plant manager came out and
said, “Wow, great job.” But then I saw that they became a little uncomfortable. They
weren’t sure what to do with me. And so I didn’t do that again it kind of, it upset people.
What was he going to do for the next three days, you know?

So, I did a good job for them, I worked there for three years until a friend of
mine offered me a job in supervision in another factory. And I moved over there. The
point of the story is, by saying to myself a hundred times a day, “thy grace is my
sufficiency” and taking a breath and letting it out, I was remaining receptive. And, by
following the inner nudges, I found myself meeting John who became my foreman on a
great job. And by the way, the job had free coffee, something I liked.

So, I have not changed that attitude in 47 years because I know when I am
silent, when I am not pushing, fighting, struggling, when I am at peace, then comes
receptivity. And in my mind I say, “thy grace is my sufficiency” and I rest and thy Grace
appears. So, how do I know if I’m really touching that Presence? It’s because it forms
Itself or, “by their fruits ye shall know them.” And the fruits of course are every good
and perfect gift. You see? You stay surrendered.

Sometimes you forget, oh yes. But you don’t have to go very far with it before
you notice, “Uh oh, I’m feeling uncomfortable. What am I doing?” And you realize,
“Uh oh, I’m chasing the dollar bill, or I’m trying to impress somebody, or I told a little
white lie. And then you have to back up, make amends if it’s due and set your world
right again by practicing the principle.

Ok so, we haven’t gotten very far have we? Now, “Grace brings a task to us
but with it, grace brings the understanding, strength and wisdom to perform it.” That’s
right. He says, “Under grace tomorrow is not our concern.“ And that’s right. “Everything that comes by grace comes as fulfillment. So there is never an occasion to say, ‘Oh Father, you have provided a good job for me in New York, but what about the fare to reach there?’ Or, “Father, you have provided an inspirational and uplifting class for me to attend, but nobody to leave at home with the family. No, that never happens. Whatever comes by grace, comes as fulfillment.”

Now, here’s the most recent. Well that’s not true, the most recent is the message
I was given for today but, one of the most recent examples of this grace. I have
discovered that He knows your needs before you do. And he goes before you to prepare
the way and that’s the part of Grace. So recently, I was given a large donation and I
bought Christmas presents for everyone I needed to. And that’s an extensive list now
because we have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and maybe in
another six or seven years, we’ll have great great grandchildren.

But anyway, I got done, I looked at what was left and there was some left. And
so I started to do something with it, and then I felt the inner nurge, inner urge, inner
nudge. Nudge and urge becomes “nurge,” I like that. I felt the inner urge, “Don’t do
anything.” So I put it in the bank. I left it there and guess what happened the day before
yesterday? Our heat pump that we bought a year ago for $8,000 stopped working.
Now I have not become a saint, that is I’m not perfect. I still experience
moments of humanhood and I experience moments of Grace. And the first reaction was
human. And I thought, “What the heck? $8,000 and it doesn’t work?” Anyway, I called
the man who owns the company that put it in and he said, “It’s really busy this time of
year. I’ll try to get to you before Monday.” Well we, we said, “OK.”

I went into my meditation chair, got quiet, found my peace and remained
receptive. That’s all. And I didn’t feel much I don’t think, I might have felt the Presence.
It’s so common these days that sometimes I forget. But what happened, “by their fruits
ye shall know them.”

The man came yesterday. He looked at it, he said, “Oh. When we installed this,
there’s two wires that we didn’t wrap tight enough and they came loose.” So he
tightened those up and he found another problem. “Oh,” he said, “you don’t have any
coolant in your system for this summer coming up.” So he checked around and he found
a washer that had cracked and wasn’t very good. So he thought that was probably done
by the company that built it. So he replaced the washer and he filled the coolant, and he
put the two wires together and we turned it on and it’s nice and toasty now. It is 45, 49,
50 outside and it’s 70, 71 inside. And He went before me to make the crooked places
straight because this summer I’ll have a cooler too. I’ll have coolant in the air
conditioner, you see?

So I’m telling you this works. It doesn’t make any sense. The human mind, the
natural mind, the natural man will laugh or get mad and pound his fist. When I told
somebody about that experience of getting a job one time, a man pounded his fist on the
table and said, “God’s never gotten me a job!” I wanted to say, “That’s ‘cause you never
let him.” But I didn’t. Anyway, Grace will never stop working. The principal is forever.
It’s forever, the cruse of oil that never runs dry.

And it always comes as fulfillment even before you know you need it. I didn’t know I was going to need some money to fix the air conditioner. I didn’t know that, but it was provided. Now, the human mind will have a problem with this. How, what are you talking about? You go within, you get a little peaceful and then you listen and you’re receptive and something moves and then it appears out here as perfect form.

What is that? What are you talking about, fulfillment? The human mind, it doesn’t like
this principle. “Neither will they be convinced though one rose from the dead,” that’s
the human mind. Ah, that’s a coincidence. Yeah? Well I’ve experienced this coincidence
about 75,000 times since 1973.

So, here’s a good example of the human mind right here. He meets this man
who says, “How is it that I haven’t heard of you being in town?” “Probably because we do not advertise,” says Joel. “But I’ve been seeking a way of life. I’m not satisfied with the way things are. I’m seeking something else but I don’t know where to look, or how. Here you are in town with what may be the answer. How do I know you are here?“ “Well,” I replied, Joel says, “when the need is there, they find us.” “But how could I have found you?” And Joel said, “You have.”

You see? You see that? That’s “in a way ye knew not of.” When the man
opened his consciousness to truth, he found the truth. It showed up out here.
Alright, let’s see. Joel says, “To me, Divine grace is the realization that God
meets the needs of his children. And therefore, it’s not necessary to go out and proselyte
in an attempt to force them to a realization of grace.” Yeah you don’t want to do that,
you’ll get people pounding on the table.

I had to learn that, by the way. I wanted to go tell everybody about this after it
started working in my life and I saw, “Wow! There is a God and It’s working, It’s
moving things around, It’s bringing fulfillment.” Well then, I wanted to tell everybody.
Guess what? Everybody don’t want to hear. Everybody does not want to hear. So I had
to learn to keep my finger on my lips. That’s another principle, silence, secrecy.
“It is divine grace if you can feel that whatever the task is given to you, the
presence of God is there to fulfill it with you or for you or through you.” That’s what I
experience every Sunday when often the night before, Saturday, I’m turning within and
saying, “I hope you have something to say.” And then all of a sudden, a truth comes like
first peace and then receptivity.

Alright now, I want to get to this other part here. “Grace includes forgiveness.
Sometimes we hold ourselves in bondage to the belief of deserved punishment for sins of
omission or commission and often we hold others in bondage to these same beliefs.”
And I did that. I did that. That’s why I couldn’t find God, it was because I thought I
didn’t deserve God. I thought I didn’t deserve anything, I was a measly worm. Not true.
I found out that all you have to do, here’s the beauty of this thing. It’s not
dependent on you. Nothing you ever did comes into play. Nothing. Good or bad.

There’s not enough good you can do to deserve this, there’s not enough bad you can do
to not deserve this. It’s a very strange thing. None of your humanhood comes into play.
You silence your humanhood. You go within. Use whatever statement of truth or
scripture you need and find your peace. Then, keep the inner ear open. Not the two on
the outside of your head. The inner ear, the intuition, the Soul faculty. And listen and
you will experience Grace felt as the Presence or heard as a voice or felt as a movement
and then you go about your business. You don’t look for anything and it just appears.
And it appears as things you didn’t even know you needed, but always as fulfillment.
And so it’s great it has nothing to do with your humanhood. I don’t care what you did. It
doesn’t matter.

“Grace is love and love worketh no injury to any man.” Yes. When you’ve
experienced Grace and you begin to see, “Hey, hey all those errors I made, all those
stupid things I did, all those people I hurt, has nothing to do with it. If this moment I’m
willing to set all that humanhood aside, if I’m willing to turn within, become peace,
peaceful, listen and feel that movement, Grace will work through me, through my
consciousness.” And it’s wonderful, it’s wonderful.

But then there’s another part, and that is you can’t hold anybody else in
condemnation either. I don’t care what they did. You have to apply the same principle to
them. Otherwise you have a sense of separation and it won’t work for you. Isn’t that
something? You have to include your brothers and your sisters even if you don’t like
them. You have to realize, none of that has anything to do with Grace. And if they too
will become silent and listen, Grace will begin to work and change their natures. OK?
You can’t apply it just to yourself.

Now, in looking at Grace and looking at this chapter, it led me to looking in a
couple of other books. First I saw this in Beyond Words and Thoughts: “God’s grace is
omnipresent. And not only is it omnipresent, it is infinite. But it is not available except
as we specifically open our consciousness to receive it.” Very important. It’s the two
men on the bus bench. And one of them is living in hell and the other is living in
heaven. And it’s not the bus bench and it’s not the world. It’s the consciousness. One
has opened up to Grace, one is living in a human mind. And that’s the difference.
So, when he says, “It’s not available except as you specifically open your
consciousness,” there’s that word again “to receive it.” That’s what that means. It may
be omnipresent Grace is all around you, even flowing through you, none of it enters
your life until you find your peace and receive it within. Why? Here’s the answer: “All
that is necessary therefore to enjoy the infinity of God’s supply without limitation, is to
recognize that supply is not material. And then to open consciousness to receive it.
Grace always interprets itself at the level of the experience of the moment in which we
are living.“ You see that?

Now, when I was in Dallas and my car died and it was the Fourth of July and
nothing was open, I had no recourse. Humanly, I don’t know what I would’ve done
humanly. I guess I could’ve gone out and panhandled and got some money together and,
or I could’ve went to sleep in the Salvation Army and then maybe got a job washing
dishes until I saved enough to get the car repaired. But I was halfway to California and I
didn’t have any money. Well, I had $80 and that may pay for the tow to the station but
that’s about it.

So what did I do? Well, at first I panicked, I told you I’m not there yet. I have
humanhood. And it loves to exert itself. But I recognize now that that is not me. Or,
pardon me. Let me put it this way. I recognize that’s not “I”. That’s the little me. So,
after that “me” calmed down, or I calmed it down, I went within and took a few deep
breaths and I found my inner peace. And I just stayed there in that peace. I knew I had
no other recourse. It was Grace or some really bad experiences. So I got still, I listened
and I felt the movement of that Presence right through me and I knew, “I don’t know
how you’re going to appear as form but I know you’re here and I know it’s OK.”

You have no idea how wonderful it is to be in a state of panic one moment, and
then in the next to be living the principle; “It is I, be not afraid.” So as you know, I
started that car up, and started up, started it up at third time and it worked! Just like
nothing was wrong. I drove the rest of the way to California. Took it to a mechanic who
said, “You couldn’t have driven it that far. The brain the central thing in this engine is
dead.” Yes, but God raises cars from the dead. I mean it’s true I lived it. Even if you
slam your fist on the table, it’s true.

Alright, so looking again at this book that has, well it’s called The Joel S.
Goldsmith Reader: A Selection of Writings from Joel S. Goldsmith. Kind of like around
the world, you can look at different chapters. So this one is from Beyond Words and
Thoughts and it says, “We are given grace to cease mental activity.“

Now see, we have to find our peace and it’s grace that gives us the ability to
“Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils.” It’s grace that gives you the ability
to, “take no thought.” “And we are thereby enabled to relax in power, or in presence.
These principles of truth that we learn through study and practice, they develop our
consciousness to the place where we resist not evil.”

See, we find our peace. “Where we can put up our sword where we can retire
within ourselves in an inner peace and in that descent of peace, we become aware of grace. That grace is not a power, it’s a Presence and in the presence of grace, there’s no
need for power.” And finally, he says, “Our consciousness becomes a place where we
can relax.“ That’s the peace. “Rest in a state of receptivity.” That’s where we receive.
“And then eventually we hear or feel something that indicates fear not, it is I. It is I be
not afraid. This must inevitably bring us to a place of resting from taking thought.” OK?
That is so wonderful to me.

Now. I was glad to see that because he’s agreeing with what was revealed to
me. He says, “We can retire within in an inner peace and in that descent of peace
become aware of grace. The grace is not material.“ That’s wonderful. That’s so
wonderful. That’s it right there. And what I came to, which is almost the exact same
words, is that, “As many as receive him,” which is grace, to him gives he the conscious
awareness of expressing God, or the son of God.

Alright so, it’s amazing to me as I study the different chapters in the different
books, how many ways Joel said the same thing, or Christ through Joel uttered the same
words before I eventually got it. And now of course once you’ve got it, you have to
practice. You have to stay with it and develop it. If you don’t develop your
consciousness by more meditation, you can lose the ability. And so we don’t want that
to happen. Therefore, we practice several little meditations a day for 2 to 3 minutes in
which we find our peace, open our inner ear and are receptive to feel something. Not to
think, no God’s thought is different than our human thought.

And the only way I can explain it for me, my thought has no fruits behind it. It
may be lovely, it may be pretty to say or write or think about, but it doesn’t change
anything. Human thought continues to manifest and it’s sometimes good and sometimes
evil and I don’t like either one of those. But when it’s divine thought, when you hear the
inner voice and it comes from a deeper place, from consciousness, then you know. Ah,
there’s a feeling of release. You release that struggle, you found that peace and you
receive grace. And it’s not material yet it appears as form. You must know now this
principle. Grace is not money. Grace is not automobiles. Grace is not a lover. Grace is
not a companion. Grace is not a loan. Grace is not a healed automobile.

What is Grace? I thought grace expresses form. Oh yes, it does. But the only
grace from now on that you are allowed to think about or to seek or to experience, is
that inner movement. That inner Presence, that inner voice that comes with that release.
Resting in that, you have found grace. And I, grace, shall be with you forever. And you
will be able to say like I can, “I live yet not I. Grace liveth my life. ”

OK. Grace is a wonderful thing. It’s Christmas every day. It’s more than you
ever could’ve dreamed of. And it’s yours. It’s yours because God is Love. Thank you so
very much and I guess it’s not too early to say, “Merry Christmas! And let the Christ
move through you.”



Bill: Good morning.

This is December 1st 2019, and pretty soon it will be the year 2020. If you haven’t already done so, we have our meditation at 11:00 am North Carolina time. But if you are hearing this talk and haven’t had a meditation, I would like you to turn it off, go have a meditation in which you get at peace and then, when you get that peace and you feel that peace descend upon you, you may say : “Father, reveal Thyself” or “Father, fulfill Thyself” and let go.

There are two words that have been coming to me over and over. They come in the books that I read, they come in the scriptures I see, and they come in my inner temple, when I’m at peace and silent. And the first word is peace, “Peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, giveth I unto you.” And the second word is receive, “Receive ye the Holy Spirit.

We are told, in the book of John, we are told that the Light “was in the world and the world was made by Him and the world knew Him not.” This Spirit, “He came unto his own and his own received him not.” But “as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God,” “which were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” And “the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

So, we see there that first comes the quietness and the receptivity and, into that, we receive that Spirit, that Light, and It then reveals to us the Word, made flesh, instead of living out a human life that of world thought made manifest. When we receive the Spirit, we are given the conscious awareness, or the consciousness of God or the Word expressing. We are lifted out of humanhood and we behold Christ consciousness; which is why when I read this I see “as many as received him,” to them gave he the conscious awareness of the son of God, or the Word made flesh; which is born not of the will of the flesh, but of God. This is the same thing, is it not?

Now, that was John. And if we go all the way back to the last book of the Bible, Revelation, if this is the same John, he is saying the same thing, using different words. And this is how we start our chapter. “To him that overcometh … He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.” I would like this to be your experience this day. As much as you can, I want you to forget the natural man, the human – where you have to be at 4 o’clock, what you need to do, the Christmas shopping you still have left – all of that, forget that for a moment. See if you can get at peace and be receptive, receptive to the Spirit, the living Spirit of God.

And so, we start this chapter 6 “The New Name,” and I have written it thusly: “As many as receive him” is “him that overcometh”… You see that?

Be still. Listen. Be receptive. Don’t reach, don’t try, don’t struggle, just rest. “As many as receive him,” is “he that overcometh,” these two are exactly the same thing. Now, watch : “to him that overcometh,” what do you overcome? You overcome the necessity to live out, to express a human sense of life, a personal sense of life. “To him that overcometh” that, and finds that inner peace and rests in it; well, “to him will I give to eat of the hidden manna.” This is the same thing as: “as many as received him, to them gave he power,” power sustains you, hidden manna sustains you. In one series of words he says: “will I give power to become the sons of God.” In this scripture he says: “will I give hidden manna… and a white stone,” which is the conscious awareness or the consciousness – “a white stone” – stone is consciousness, white is pure. “I will give him hidden manna and a white stone, and in the stone a new name is written which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

And Joel says: “What is that name? Christ” or, the son of God. What is the difference? There is no difference. “As many as receive him… to him that overcometh” and find that inner peace, and rest in it. “As many as receive him, to them gives he power” or, invisible sustenance, to become or to bear witness to the son of God, to Christhood. And, “to him who overcometh, I will give the hidden manna,” the same as power; the sustenance, the consciousness. “I will give him a white stone” – a pure consciousness – and “in the stone a new name,” you’re given a new name. Now you are Christ and “no man knoweth” that “saving he that receiveth it.” You see, “as many as receive him…saving he that receiveth it.” You see how this is the same?

Now, just in case you didn’t get that, John tells us in John 20:19 : “Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews.” Now this is the disciples, they are in the upper room, which is a higher consciousness; but still they have fear. And then the Spirit appears, they receive the Spirit and Christ says, “Jesus says unto them: Peace be unto you.” First, the peace, then what’s next? You know! Next, they have to receive. First, the peace, then they receive. “And Jesus stood in their midst and saith unto them : Peace be unto you. And when he had said this, he breathed on them and saith unto them : Receive ye the [Holy Spirit],the Holy Ghost,” he Christ. And so the process is the same is it not?

Paul in Acts 1:8 says : “Ye shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost is upon you.” All of these scriptures say the first thing is peace, first you have to become quiet inside, you have to become still, you have to stop fighting or you have to stop; and in that stopping, you feel a sense of peace. When you are not fighting, when you have honestly stopped, you, your consciousness is ready and, you will receive power to become the son of God. In other words, you will receive the conscious awareness of God expressing as Christ, as you. You the Christ! In that peace, you will have overcome, or come up over the mind. And when you have done that, you will receive the hidden manna. And the hidden manna is a stone – a white stone – or the conscious awareness of a new name called Christ.

Look at the scriptures we all know and love, because they help us to settle down and find this peace. “Be still and know I am God,” find your peace and you will know, I within you am God expressing as you, as Christ.

There remaineth a rest to the people of God.” A rest. If you are a people of God, you go within and find that rest. And in that rest – the rest from humanhood – you create an opening, you are receptive, as Joel says thousands of times, and in that receptivity you receive the conscious awareness of God expressing as you, the Christ. And so, we see that this chapter “The New Name” is all about overcoming, finding that peace and bearing witness to God in action as your Christhood. So, Joel says, “Now your name is Christ.

“‘Choose you this day whom you will serve.’ And if you choose, you can remain ‘man whose breath is in his nostrils’” or you can give up your search, you can find that peace, you can rest back in your true name, in your divine Sonship or your Christhood, as a conscious awareness. “The Prodigal came home, and because of his sonship he received – there it is again! – the purple robe, the ring and the jewels.” And you know, all these are symbols for Christhood, for receiving the conscious awareness of Christ.

A new stone, a new gem with a new name: Divine Son. If you accept this truth, no longer will you waste your time or energy in searching for things or persons, but you will rest – first, comes the peace, then you receive – you will rest in the realization of your divine sonship and let your good unfold, let it come to you. You must realize that it never will come to you from outside your own being: it will unfold to you from within. Now, your expectancy is from that hidden mannaNow, you abide in your sonship and say, ‘Come unto me,’ silently, secretly. ‘Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,I will give you peace, I will give you living waters, I will give you this hidden manna.”

First, comes Peace, then comes Spirit, and you receive. First, you get at peace, you open your inner ear, then you receive.

So, let’s look again at what we looked at last week, from Joel’s book “Consciousness unfolding” from the chapter called “Peace”: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” And this is John again, John found that when he attained the inner peace and stopped from the natural man, he was receptive and he received the Spirit, the Holy Ghost – the stone which is a pure consciousness, the white stone – the conscious awareness of the living God, expressing as the son, the Christ. So, Joel says, “My peace, the peace of the Christ! More healings…” And what is a healing? It’s really a revealing. No one has ever healed, an illusion cannot be healed. So, what is happening? The Spirit, when you attain the peace, and you rest, and you receive the Spirit – you receive the conscious awareness of God, revealing itself – It reveals Itself expressing or, the Christ. You! The Christ. “More healings have been brought about through absolute silence”-which is the peace – “than through all the arguments metaphysicians have thought up in the whole history of the world.

Now, here he’s going to give you the steps, just as John did. John gave them two thousands years ago. Here’s a man that gave them 50 years ago: “When you are called upon for help. sit down and get at peace, – or stop – think no thoughts; sit and wait. Wait. Be patient, and wait for the peace of the Christ to descend upon you. And when that peace comes, without a word, you will witness healing.” What does that means? That means when that peace comes, without a word, without a thought, you’ll bear witness to the living God expressing as your Christhood or the Christhood of whoever is appearing. You see? You see? “To him that overcometh… is he that receiveth,” but you don’t do the overcoming, you can’t. The minute you think you’re gonna be overcoming, you’re trapped, you’re fighting. You don’t do the overcoming! You find the peace. You remember the scriptures that tell you, “Be at peace”. You remember the scriptures that say, “Fear not.” – I am here – “It is I, be not afraid.” You remember the scriptures that remind you or the statements of truth that remind you to be at peace. When you attain the peace, you’re part is done. You have listened, you have been receptive, and now your consciousness will change, right where you are, without your help. You will have the consciousness of Christ, you will have Christ consciousness.

“We are now in a different position from the one in which we found ourselves when we were functioning with treatments. We have come to that place in consciousness where we are ready for the next higher step: learn to sit down and relax. Whether the case is serious or not, we sit down and relax. We don’t handle it, we don’t work on it, we don’t treat it! We sit back, find our peace, and create a vacuum for God to reveal the Christ.” So who overcomes? God does! “The battle is not yours,” but mine, “saith the Lord”… “I am the Way.

In “that peace that passeth understanding,” in that quiet, in that stillness, the peace of God, the power of God is made manifest and it does the work, it reveals itself! So, “to him that overcometh” means : to him who has found his peace – he’s not trying to know any truth, he’s not trying to change an appearance, he’s not trying to do anything, but remain at peace – into that peace – that peace is receptivity – he will receive the conscious awareness of God expressing as his Self, as his Christ-Self.

Now, way back in 1959, Joel decided that we weren’t understanding this, we were not understanding this process of : first, the peace, and then the receiving. So, he went out in 1959 and traveled around the world and taught, to the best of his ability, how we do this. And he gave us “impersonalizing” and “nothingizing,” which is another way of releasing all that and finding your peace. And here’s how he said it then, – see if you can see the same principles: first the peace, then, receiving – “In spiritual healing, whether the claim is Jones, Brown or Smith; whether it’s cancer, tuberculosis or polio; whether it’s unemployment, depression or unhappy relationships, do not be tricked into treating a person or a condition. No, because then you’re wrestling.” You have to find your peace! This is the principle: find your peace! He says, “Leave them alone and get back to the substanceless substance to which you can give any name you like – you can say, oh – that’s the carnal mind, that’s hypnotism, suggestion. It can be anything as long as you interpret it as meaning nothingness – no substance, no law, no cause.” Why? Because these words will make you remember, “Oh yeah, whew !..Oh, that’s right, I don’t have to fight! I don’t have to fight.” And then, he says, “When you really begin to comprehend that in healing you are not dealing with people, when you learn to eliminate them and their specific claims from your thought…you will find how quickly you will be able to become consciously aware of a spiritual Presence within you. This Presence cannot be felt until you are free of the barrier: The barrier is the belief in two powers; the belief in something apart from God.” Okay?

Now listen closely and you’ll see the two principles: peace and receiving. “The minute you have made the carnal mind a nothingness, you no longer have two powers and you can do what it says in scriptures, rest in His word. You can rest in His word” – all right, that’s finding your peace – “waiting for the Spirit of the Lord to be upon you” – that’s receiving – “and when it comes, it breaks the hypnotism” – or it reveals, “There is no humanhood”, it reveals, “I, the living God, am expressing as Christ.”

He struggled finding these two principles: “For years, after I had learned to recognize that all forms of sin, disease, lack and limitation are hypnotism… the puzzle was to discover how to break the hypnotism… It was then that I discovered that scriptural passage which you will find throughout all my writings, ‘the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands’.” You can see very plainly now, can’t you? Here is the stone again, the consciousness is cut out of the mountain, the conscious awareness comes out of God, without hands. “By the time I had spent some months puzzling on its obscure meaning, the answer began to be apparent: The weapon against error, against any appearance – our offense and our defense – is something that is not physical or mental, no action, no words, no thoughts – only the awareness of God.”

First, you find the peace; if you have to use some words like “hypnotism” and “nothingness” use them, but only as a tool to find your peace. If you’ve gone beyond that, where you no longer have to use words or thoughts, you can just settle down into that peace. When you find that peace, you are receptive and you will feel something, something not of this world; and you will bear witness to God in action expressing as you: the living Christ. And he says it this way, in this book he says, “As you carry this out in practice, watching the stone being formed in and of your consciousness while you stand to the side as a witness or a beholder, eventually a state of peace will come.” Yes, and then what happens when you have the peace? Well, he tells you, “Then you will catch a glimpse of God as Is, not a power over anything, just God is.”

One more time, “All problems fade out in proportion as you develop this ability to be quiet, to behold, to witness divine harmony revealed. The principle behind this is that inasmuch as the activity of the human mind is the substance of hypnotism, when the human mind is not functioning – when you have stopped, when you have attained your peace – when you are not thinking thoughts or words, when you are in a stillness – or in peace – the human mind is stopped and the hypnotism is gone. When you do this, you will feel something which transcends the human dimension of life.” You see that?

So, first the peace, then, the receiving and that is the two principles of this week’s chapter. We’ve done 35 minutes and haven’t gone very far in the chapter, but I think we have, because we’re entering the consciousness of the chapter, not the words.

Now, in march of 2004, I had a dream. And so, these are my words being put into symbols.

[I was floating up in the air, and suddenly I felt the presence of God embrace each arm and lift me higher and higher. I recognized it was God, and I relaxed back as the “everlasting arms” beneath me lifted me up higher and higher.]

That’s the same experience, isn’t it? First the peace, I recognize it, I rest back and I am lifted up into a higher consciousness. I am given a white stone – a higher consciousness – upon which is written, “Divine Son, the living Christ.”

Now, when you are in that peace and you’re resting like an ice cube floating on a pool of water, just floating, just resting, just being, something will move, you will receive the Holy Spirit. You will receive the divine I, you will bear witness to God expressing as you, the Christ. I, that I is your real being. That I is the divinity of your being. I is the one infinite eternal. I is that which the Master revealed in his statement, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” I is the bread, the wine and the water. I. Moses revealed “I am that I am” and the Master revealed the same great truth. And you, in your silence, in your stillness, in your sea of peace, standing totally still, you will bear witness. The living Christ is your name.

“I already am. I already am living in divine consciousness. I already am in my Father’s house; the Father’s house is my home, the Father’s Kingdom…” Well, what is the Father’s kingdom? It’s not a place, the Father’s kingdom is your conscious awareness, when you have found your peace and you have received him. “Thank You Father. Thank You Father. All that You have is mine. All that You are I am. Yes, I am home in You.” All that you are, I am. When? All that you are, I am now, but I may be living that natural life. Find some way to be still enough inside to get at peace, and then, then you will be conscious of “All that the Father is, I am,” because you will be conscious of God expressing, giving you that pure consciousness and that new name: “Divine Son,” the living Christ.

If you have ears that ear and eyes that see, you will find the revelation of your divine sonship in the Infinite Way. You will read there how God reveals Itself and how the Christ reveals Itself as I am. But only in the secret place of your being can you realize your divine sonship.” So, “the secret place of the most High,” that would be your inner temple when it is imbued with peace. It’s a very secret place, nobody can see it – your consciousness – but they can feel it and so can you, as the Spirit moves over the depths of your consciousness, you become consciously aware of God expressing. And so, you’re no longer a man, you’re no longer a woman, you are now God’s chosen, you are the divine Son of God, you are the divine expression, “My peace I give you: My freedom I give you: My health I give you: My wealth I give you, My meat, My wine, My water.” How? By acceptance.

‘What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe ye receive them’.” How do you receive them? That should be your question, that should be your kõan: “How do you receive the Holy Spirit?” He says, “It may well be that tomorrow there may be an appearance contrary to the truth that you are one with the Father. Then is the time to bring back to conscious remembrance ‘I cannot accept appearances, I cannot judge by appearances, I and the Father are one. That is what I have learned about my true identity, and I stand on, and in, that truth. ‘I and my Father are one’ – and all that the Father has is mine.’ I hold to that and maintain it until the outer picture conforms to the inner awareness.”

Now, I will remind you again of Joel’s statement, in this chapter “Peace”: “Begin now to change your old basis of treatment. If necessary, do it drastically; do it by forcing yourself to take no thought. I am asking you to come into a higher consciousness of the presence of God, a consciousness higher than that which you can attain through the action of the human mind. Let us move a step higher into that state of consciousness in which we would be if we were students of Jesus, who said: ‘Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, . . . or what ye shall drink, . . . your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. . . . Consider the lilies, how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.’

So, “do not try to improve a person,” or an appearance. “Sit in a state of receptivity, relaxed, a state of silence, a state of peace. Let that peace permeate your whole being, and when you have accomplished that peace.” Then the second part, “Sit with a listening attitude – or be receptive so you can receive – and watch the light dispel the darkness, instead of you being the healer, now you are a witness watching this state of peace do the healing. From now on, “Be a beholder of the activity of the Christ, or God. Watch It work for you, in you, and through you, and ultimately, as you.”

Okay. Let’s have a meditation. Remember, first, the peace, then receive Him. Close your eyes. Take a deep breathe. Maybe another one. Let us find this peace, the “Peace that passeth understanding.” Yes, understanding is not needed. You do not have to understand how God happens in order to experience God happening. Well, what then? First, the peace, “My Peace I give unto you.” Ah!.. So why am I struggling with this mental image; perhaps a mental image of a lack, or a limitation? Yes, why am I struggling? I feel the Presence right now, I know that God is with me. So, let me be still. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give me the conscious awareness of the Presence. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give me the awareness of the inner movement of Spirit. All that I ever had to do, is to drop the mental images. And so, whether I tell myself “Look, just stop!” or whether I say “Be still now, and know” or whether I say “Be at peace, I am here” or whether I say “Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid” or whether I say “Hypnotism: nothingness,” I am becoming still. “Be still and know. Be still and feel. Be still and receive.” First, this inner peace, “I am the Way, there is nothing for you to do, but rest, there remain at rest, that’s all you have left now: a rest. You rest, I am the Way. And receive ye my Spirit, receive ye the Holy Spirit, receive ye the conscious awareness of the living Christ as It moves through your consciousness.” In this peace, I am receptive, “Father, reveal Thyself, Father express Thyself, Father fulfill Thyself, I am listening, I am receptive. I am still.”


Have I been so long time with you, and you have not known me. Be at peace and watch, and wait. Wait upon the Lord and I, that you have not known, I will reveal myself: Christ in expression. Be at peace. Be receptive. I am come.”


When you attain the peace, then you receive the conscious awareness of the living God flowing as you. This is the real Christmas, this is the birth of the living God as Christ appearing. And, “I have come that you may have life and life more abundantly. All that the Father hath is mine.” All. But you don’t receive it by seeking it.

In the book “The Art of Meditation,” I remember reading, Joel said: “Seek ye not,” and I thought : “What does that mean?” It means simply this: there is no need to seek, I am the Way, I. Don’t you know I am the Way? That’s not a pretty saying, an ancient scripture, that’s a living experience, and in your peace you receive Him, that I, and you see it express, you see it appear. You might say you’ve had a healing, but that’s not it, you just forgot the natural man for a moment and you received Him, and He revealed the Son of God, you, the Christ.

And, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth, as it is in heaven.”

And the Word, which is this movement, this Spirit that enters your peace, this becomes Flesh and dwells among you, and you behold the Christ, the only begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth. And you’re satisfied with that likeness. “So, know me now: the Son of the living God. That’s your identity.” We’re told this is our true identity, but that’s not enough. We read, this is our true identity, that’s not enough. We hear, someone speaking, “Your true identity is Christ,” but that’s not enough. Eventually, through persistence, perhaps like the monks who meditate on the kõan, we become so frustrated that we give up, “I quit” and accidentally, I stop. Now, I have found this quiet center of peace and I am listening, I am receptive. And, “Oh my God, was that it?” Yes! Yes, you have received Him, who to know aright is life eternal. Why? The natural man passes away. Over the centuries there have been billions, if not trillions of persons. Are they remembered? What are they? Where are they? But when you have this conscious awareness, you have awakened to Him whom you have received, the living God. And you are consciously aware of it expressing as your Christ identity. Then, then you have and are living your true identity. You are Christ. You are that I am. This is eternal. It will never leave you: the conscious awareness, the consciousness, the white stone, the new name, “Divine Son.” You have it forever. You have overcome and you have the hidden manna, the hidden name, the living Christ.

As we enter the Christmas season, let us remember: in order to experience the real Christmas, the real Spirit of Christmas into the manger of our consciousness must first come peace. You remember, a divine silence. And in that peace, you will receive the living Father, which says unto you: “Thou art my divine Son, in whom I am well pleased. Thou art my expression.” And you will know: “I, am Christ.” You will have received into you inner peace the real Christ-mass: I, Christ.

We’re suppose to have some snow tonight; and tomorrow, not a lot, but enough to make it pretty. I love to stand outside and feel the silence of those snowflakes falling. Such a wonderful silence! And, I find my peace, and often I feel the Presence flowing through me. And I know that I am one with the Father, I am the living Christ. Oh! it’s so wonderful, so beautiful! Breathtaking.

Please, if you have a problem, stop fighting. The battle is not yours. You must overcome the urge to battle, to fight, even to try to treat. You must overcome the urge to transform this problem and you must let go, no matter how serious, let go. And in the silence, you will find “My Peace,” and in “My Peace” you will receive Christ consciousness.

Blessings to you who receive this inner stone, this new name: Divine Christ.

Thank you.


Bill: Good morning!

Sunday, November 24th, 12:00 PM. We had a wonderful meditation this morning and if you haven’t done so, stop! That means of course, stop. Stop taking thought. Stop reasoning. Stop trying to understand. Stop trying to do something. Stop trying to know something.

Today’s talk is about the “Hidden Manna”, chapter 5 in Leave Your Nets. Hidden manna. And in the margin I wrote pretty much the thesis for the whole talk. The real hidden manna is that Impersonal Mind, Impersonal Consciousness which functions when you stop.

You see, when you stop, I begin. Now this chapter is, in fact this entire book is, contains talks from Joel where the Christ is trying, is offering, a way for the students to come up higher, from metaphysics into mysticism. Any time you read something that says we need to stop these affirmations and denials that we used in the beginning, and come up higher, you know that you are being lifted into the mystical.

And we have a place where we hang out. We have a website and it’s called “Mystical Principles”. And the principles of that website ever since, several years ago that Sharon sent me a copy of the “Kailua Study Series” and I understood what was, what Joel was trying to do with those students, ever since then, the talks and the, well everything, has been geared toward our coming up higher into the mystical realm.

So again, the real hidden manna is that Impersonal Mind which functions when you stop. It begins, “Ours is a new dimension. We do not seek the world. We abide at the center of our being. Behold the glory of God and let the world come to us.” Which means, as you will see in this chapter, we seek the invisible and let the visible appear as it will. “He who hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith onto the churches: To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna.

Down here a little farther, Joel says, “The whole import of the message of The Infinite Way could well be summed up in that term, ‘hidden manna.’ Hidden manna. How like that expression is to the other statement of the master’s, ‘My peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth, give I unto you’. Not physical health or material wealth, not a new home or an automobile, not anything that the world gives but My peace. My peace is something that the world will not recognize if it came face-to-face with it .

And on the next page he says, “Here you have a hidden mystery. Peace such as the world gives comes to you because of external circumstances or conditions.” I guess we all know by now that money has wings. And you can get a big chunk of it and maybe you have a big chunk of it and have it deposited in several bank accounts, or in property, or stocks and it can just take off and melt away within a week or two.

So the peace that you get from having a little nest egg behind you, well I can guarantee you that if you’re on this path and you haven’t yet switched your reliance from the visible to the invisible, well the visible is going to melt away. You’re going to get a little nudge to shift.

You see the mystical realm is the invisible reality and it comes in a moment ye think not. It comes in a moment you stop. You stop being you. And you stand stock still. That’s another way of saying it. You wait. You listen. You’re receptive. You create a vacuum. These are all the same thing. You stop. And into that vacuum, into that absence of the little self, the visible self, into the absence of that visible self comes the invisible Self. And you have the conscious awareness that the living Christ. Now who can be aware of Christ? Can the human being? Can the human mind? No. The human mind can only be aware of a material self. The human mind can only be aware of matter.

So if you are consciously aware of the movement of Christ, if you feel the Spirit move over the face of the deep in your consciousness, if you hear the still small voice whispering, I am here. Fear not. I will never leave you nor forsake you. If you see something, you catch a glimpse of something you never saw before, something wonderful, something called I … in all of those realizations, you are standing in Christ and Christ is in you. And for all intents and purposes, you are the Christ.

Now this is not something you can go tell your family members. “Oh guess what I realized today?” You can’t tell your neighbors, you can’t tell your coworkers, you can’t tell anybody, really. But you won’t have to tell them. The more you dwell in this Christ, and if you don’t like “Christ,” I’ve known some Jewish people that did not like to use the term Christ, and they didn’t like to speak the word God or write it. That’s OK. It can be called “It,” it can be called “I,” it can be called “I am,” it can be called “I am that I am,” it can be called “Is,” it can be called “a Presence,” it can be called “Spirit.”

You see, nobody’s locked out. It doesn’t matter what your religion was, as you approach this mystical life, no one is locked out except for he that continues to try to get the Spirit to manifest corporeally. See, the human mind is all about the material world. And Joel, Christ in Joel, is trying to lift us into the mystical realm which is all about the invisible kingdom.

So again, I say to you the real hidden manna is that impersonal mind which functions when you stop. “ Peace such as the world gives comes to you because of external circumstances. If you have more health or wealth or a bigger home or a longer vacation, that may induce a temporary state of peace. But this good that comes to you from the external world today, may be taken from you tomorrow,” and that’s what we were saying. So, “My peace is different from that. My peace is an inflow and an outflow from within your own being. So it’s never depends on anything. It’s self-created, self-maintained and self-sustained.”

My peace comes from a hidden spring within and when it comes, the good that it brings will never leave you. In other words, the peace that is realized within will forever establish harmony in your outer world. This is the hidden manna. This is the meat to which the master referred when he said, ‘I have meat to eat that ye know not of’ and ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word which proceedeth out of the mouth of God.’” You see that?

More and more and more we are to live in this invisible realm, watching, beholding as the incorporeal Presence functions your life, appears out here. If your need is transportation, it can very well appear as a new car. I’ve had that happen when I wasn’t even looking for one. And I watched it get paid off within a year, a little over a year. Now, if it’s health, if it’s life you need, it will appear as life, as health. If it’s a companion that you are to have to walk through this life with, it will appear as that companion without seeking, I’m telling you. Without looking anywhere.

I told the story before, but I’ll tell it again. My wife and I are coming up on 30 years of marriage. Now as I say to everyone, she’s not perfect but she’s perfect for me. And I mean that whole-heartedly. Alright, so how did it happen that we got together? Well, we lived in a town that was about 8,000 people. Now that’s not many if you’ve lived in Los Angeles like I have where there’s several million. Eight thousand is almost empty.

And we went to a certain class, in a certain church we both attended. And we lived in this town for 10 years and never met. Now how is that possible? It gets even better than that because her spiritual advisor was married to my spiritual advisor. That’s someone you go to when you have a problem and you’re not sure how to sort through it and they help you point out the principles and you live by those principles and your problem is met. So, you would think that we would’ve met on accident maybe pulling into their driveway at the same time. You would think we would’ve met at this meeting at the church but what happened was this…

I got a job that was, it just ate up all my days and evenings and I couldn’t attend anymore. This job required me to work two back to back days, 14 hours a day. Twenty eight hours in two days, that’s a lot of standing. And I didn’t feel like going anywhere when I got home or I got home after this meeting at the church let out. So I wasn’t able to attend that class anymore. And she was busy attending that class. Whereas, the year before that, she got a job managing a Holiday Inn and she was busy with all kinds of hours and I was busy in the class so we didn’t meet we were like, out of sync.

And she had certain relationships, and I had a marriage that was falling apart, and neither one of us was seeking. And I’ve talked to her and listened to her and she says she was on her side of town and she was praying, “God I don’t know how to pick anybody so I’m going to quit. I’m just going to stop. You pick someone if I am to have someone.” And she quit looking. And I was on my side of town after the divorce was final and I was saying the same thing “I guess I’m just gonna walk with You, teach some classes and that’s it. There’s nobody that can put up with me.”

Well what happened? I needed to find a place to live. The place [where] I was living was closing its doors let’s say, so I went back to work and I called a friend of mine and he said, “Why don’t you rent an apartment from this lady?” and I said, “OK” and I called her. And she said, “Sure, OK, I’ll show you the apartment.” She was fixing up an old house and turning it into apartments. So I went down there and I talked to her and she showed me the apartment and she said, “How long would you like it for?” and I said, “Well, here’s the first months rent” and I gave it to her, and I found myself an apartment.

And I also found myself a lady, that we were to grow close together and you know, don’t tell anybody I said this but, we tell all of our friends that they need to take a year and get to know each other and that’s not what we did. We didn’t take a year. Thirty days after we met, we were married and now it’s coming on 30 years.

But the point of this whole story is, neither one of us was seeking. We both gave up the search. That’s it, I’m going to be alone now God you take over. And when we did that, when we stopped, God took over and then we met. Here we’ve been in the same town for 10 years and never laid eyes on each other. But when it was time, when we were ready, when we were following rather than trying to lead, we met. And it was perfect and she’s perfect for me.

Alright so, I tell you that because I’ve lived this principle in more ways than one. So, when he says here, “My peace comes from a hidden spring within and when it comes, the good that it brings you will never leave you,” if you are thinking the good that it brings is an automobile, or a wife or a husband, or a new lung, you’re mistaken. That wasn’t what God brought us. God brought us the inner, hidden manna. God brought us “My peace,” “My presence” and resting in that, after giving up taking thought, after giving up trying to manage, we rested. Both of us. And then she appeared and I appeared and the two became one. And we’ve walked in this oneness this for 30 years.

So, God doesn’t give you a material good. You’ve got to get out of that mindset. I know we all started out with affirmations and denials, myself included. I put a picture of a Dodge Caravan up on my refrigerator where I could see you every day. And I affirmed every day something like, “My good is mine and comes to me daily” or something, ya know, I don’t remember now. But it was an affirmation about that Dodge Caravan. And sure enough, in six months or so, I was driving a Dodge Caravan. A nice one, with captain chairs and a place for my coffee. And, wonderful. I loved it.

But, we are not in metaphysics. Well, we are in metaphysics. We’re trying to move out of metaphysics into the mysticism that The Infinite Way provided, showed us. So this whole book is about moving into that mysticism. So, the good that God has, is invisible.Life becomes entirely different once you catch hold of the great truth that the word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God is the substance of life.”

So we can use that word. The “substance” of life. You don’t like the word “God?” You don’t like the word “Christ?” You don’t like the word “Spirit?” You can use “substance.” “The word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God is the substance,” the invisible substance of life.

Now, John lived in this mystical consciousness and his entire book is flowing out from that mystical consciousness. What is the mystical consciousness? Something mysterious and weird? No. The mystical consciousness is your consciousness as you behold the invisible in whatever way it appears to you. Like we said a little while ago, it can be a be a still small voice, it can be a presence, it can be an awareness, a conscious awareness, it can be an impression, it can be a movement, it can be a fizzing, as Joe likes to say. It can be anything that is the invisible appearing to you. Alright?

So John lived in this invisible and we are going to live in this invisible some now, some later. So John is speaking out from there. Or the Christ through John, or the essence through John is, or the substance through John is saying, “I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” Just think if you can find a way to stop. If you can find that absence of self, you will have a meat that the world knows not of. You will have a hidden manna. You will experience an invisible essence, an invisible substance, an invisible presence.

And so, John again, If thou knewest the gift of God and who it is that saith to thee, give me to drink, thou wouldest have asked of him and he would have given the living water. I love that, living. Again, I am the bread of life. Again, To him that overcometh, will I give to eat of the hidden manna.

And what is the hidden manna? We said it at the very beginning. The real hidden is that Impersonal Mind which functions when you stop. So he says, “You will not judge your supply by how many dollars you have, but by how much God contact you have.” That’s the hidden manna. “Whatever good is to appear in your life must appear as a result of the activity of truth in your consciousness.”

And hopefully, we all know now that the activity of truth in your consciousness is not sitting around and affirming. It’s not saying, and we did this in the beginning and it was right that we did. It was how we learned the letter. You don’t discard the letter. The letter of truth and the Spirit of truth walk hand in hand.

So, many of us walked around saying, “Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things.” Said it 300, 500 times a day. And experienced some of that grace. Maybe our income was doubled, the right person came along, we found a new house, ya know? Slowly, that begins to stop working. That’s what Joel says in The Infinite Way book, the original first book. He says it stops working or it doesn’t work like it once did and then we find out, we have a problem. We’re trying to pull the invisible into the visible.

And not only that, we’re trying to funnel it into these outlines, these molds we’re holding up. Fill this mold, I want a new car. Fill this mold, I want a new foot. Fill this mold, I want a new house, I want a new spouse. We are coming up higher where this invisible substance, this essence, this presence knows our need before we do and we’re learning to trust it and dwell in it.

So, the activity of truth in your consciousness is not repeating the letter of truth 300 times a day. What is it? I wrote down here what it is. It’s not thinking statements of truth, that’s not an activity of truth in consciousness. “I am the truth,” I, the Christ, the movement of Spirit in consciousness. This is the activity of truth, the movement of truth. When you hear that still small voice, when you catch an inspired vision of truth, and suddenly, “Ahh,” you know it. When you feel that movement across the waters of your consciousness, when you feel the Spirit descend upon you, the presence envelops you or flows through you… this is the activity. This movement, this inner movement is the activity of truth because I, that Presence, am the Truth and that’s the activity of truth and when you feel it, you and the Father are one. You are that movement. For all intents and purposes, I and that movement are one. You are living out from the Invisible, from the hidden manna. You see?

Now, I’m not covering very much, we’re almost half-way through, we’ve got a lot to go. Maybe I can talk faster. “You will not come into the presence of God carrying with you any desire for God to do something, be something, or get something for you. You must consciously make the sacrifice of everything external.” You see? You remember probably quite plainly Joel saying, “We do not fear, hate or love anything in the external realm.” I know that’s hard. I know it. I know it’s hard.

How do you love someone when you can’t love the external person? How do you love someone when you can’t love the personal sense of self? Well, I’ve experienced the answer. I wrote it in the first book, Steps to Mystical Experience and I’m not sure the chapter, probably has to do is love. But anyway, I wrote it in there. You have to… oh yeah, that’s it. Loving the one in the many. Not the many in the one.

We have to pull our attention. I don’t care if it hurts, you’ve got to do it if you want to go forward. You move your attention and your affection off of the visible and onto the invisible. This essence that appears as your significant other, you love It through them. And it can be done. I have done it. I’m not saying I do it all the time, I forget. I fall back into the personal. I’m still here. When I leave, you’ll know I got it.

Okay, so, “We are learning to live in the invisible, to function from the invisible, to dwell on the invisible, to love the invisible, to commune with the invisible.” So to emphasize it, he says, “Everyone who has sought God and missed the way has missed it because he is sought God for a reason. For healing, or for supply or happiness and so on. ”

So he says on the next page, “Consciously do this within your own consciousness.” Now, don’t just repeat these words. This has to be an inner experience where you make the shift from wanting God, the Spirit, to demonstrate corporeally. You’re trying to get an incorporeal Spirit to demonstrate corporeally and that is the battle of the flesh and the Spirit. You’re going to make a change where you only want the Incorporeal Experience, capital “E.” So do this within: “I want my life to be lived by every word, every movement that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Then the miracle will follow.” Okay, but that’s an attitude, it’s not words.

True, the Christ will appear as some human avenue. Your good can come to you through me and my good can come to me through you, but mine will not come from you and yours will not come from me.” No, we’ll be looking to the invisible.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the forms out here in which the invisible appears. I enjoy my wife, but I also know the invisible is where my love is. And I enjoy my car, my new car. I have a Toyota Corolla Hybrid. It’s wonderful, I really like it. They did a great job. Fifty-three miles to the gallon so I feel little better about not buying gas all the time.

Anyway, I can enjoy it thoroughly but that’s not where my love and hate and fear lie. I no longer hate and fear anything. My love lies in the invisible and I’ve told you that over and over. That happened way back in 1973 when I fell in love with God.

But how did that happen? Well, my wife ran away with another guy and I was forced to either find another woman or find God. And my spiritual advisor, before he passed, he said, “Look, most people would transfer their feelings to another woman but you’d be just as dependent on the next one. The reason you’re feeling all this pain is because of dependency, it’s not because of love. Dependency is heavy. Love is light.”

I took that into my closet and I transferred my feelings to God. And I fell in love with God and nothing will ever come before that. Nothing! I’m not saying that I haven’t made the mistake of focusing on the material, because I have but underneath, that underlying love is there forever. And that’s what he says, “That which comes, stays forever.” But what does God have? Life and love. So, “As less and less you personalize your good and the avenues through which your good is to come, and let the Christ appear, thus will it flow.” You see that?

Alright. On the next page he says, “Nothing can stay God’s hand, not even your sins of omission or commission. Nothing you can do or ever have done will prevent the flow of God.” Now listen to this, “It is not dependent on how much reading, church going, studying and how much meditating you do.” That inner movement is not dependent on any of that. How could the invisible be dependent on the visible? That’s a joke.

All of these things are merely aids to opening your consciousness.” That is the only function they play. “Any spiritual activity in which you may engage is not for the purpose of gaining the good of God,” he says. “It is for the purpose of enabling you to learn how to open your consciousness to the inflow.”

You see why he says in the Kailua Study Series that we are to have 30 meditations a day in which we meditate for a minute or two or three at the most? It is to developed this habit of listening. It’s to develop the ability to hear that still small voice. It is to be receptive so that we may receive Him. And, as many as receive him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God. Or, when you receive him, you will have the awareness, the conscious awareness of the Invisible flowing out as your outer experience. You will be the expression of the Invisible, or the son of God.

So, he says, “Once you’ve experienced this invisible, do not go back to seeking your good from outside. Because after you have learned that the Kingdom of God is within you, and that you must let it flow up from within to the without, if you then again go seeking it without, you create a deeper sense of separation than you had before. So, “Don’t do it,” he says “Do not go back.”

Alright. “There are times when you’re faced with the appearance of discord, inharmony, pain, lack, limitation, and the temptation is to go back to the metaphysical,” isn’t it? That’s what he says, “The temptation is to make a mental effort, to indulge in vigorous thought taking and affirmations and denials in order to achieve peace and harmony.

Now he’s trying to lift us up higher. “This invisible presence in him, which is the invisible presence in you, is trying to lift you up.” So it says, “Reverse that. Now, Reverse that and whenever there is an appearance of discord, relax. Make no mental effort.” Or in my words, “Stop!” “Your good doesn’t come to you by your striving and your efforts and your thought taking. Now it comes to you from the depths of your being. This is the hidden manna.”

You are not to try to achieve a healing. You are to be still and let the still small voice take over.” You see, you are to be still and let this invisible Impersonal Mind take over. When you’re trying to achieve a healing through affirmations and denials, that’s the personal mind. It cannot heal, it never has. But what about this Impersonal Mind that functions when you stop? What about that I?

He says, “You are to let the Spirit descend upon you. You are to rest,” or stop. Now there’s one of his spontaneous meditations here but I’ve read it before. This italics section and a couple paragraphs after that is all included in the chapter, “Fear Not” in the book, The Art of Meditation. I don’t know why Lorraine put it back in here, but she did and it’s a nice meditation.

My grace is sufficient for thee. I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Why struggle as if you had to hold onto me? Why struggle as if you had to seek for me and search for me? I am in the very midst of thee, closer than breathing and nearer than hands and feet.”

So, I’m not going to read the whole thing. I will read the end of it here. “Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit. You can do all things through me, the Christ of your being. Let the Christ be the avenue through which you are fed, clothed, housed, and comforted, healed, protected, maintained and sustained.

Now here is one of those instructions: “Whenever an appearance of discord comes upon your horizon, relax, rest, be at peace [and stop] in the assurance of the Divine presence within you. Trust the I. Trust the Christ at the center of your being. Believe that there is a presence whose only function is to bless you, to be a benediction to you, and to be an instrument of God’s grace. Trust it.”

Now, “To him that overcometh will I give it to eat of the hidden manna.” What are you overcoming? You’re overcoming a personal sense of self. You’re overcoming a personal sense of mind, that which wants to affirm and deny. You’re overcoming a personal sense of universe. To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, which is the same exact thing as, To as many as receive him, to them will he give power to become the sons of God. That’s the same experience.

That manna is hidden within you. It invisible to the world. Unknowable to common sense. Incomprehensible to human beings, to the human mind. It is hidden from the world. Where is it hidden? In the depths of your own experience. Deep down within you there is a meat the world does not know. There are untapped springs of water and hidden manna. All of this is embedded within your own being.”

Now you remember in the Kailua Study Series he says we approach the mystical and we recognize and realize that we have to come up higher than the metaphysical. We have to stop making affirmations and denials. We have to step out of that personal sense of self and its approach to truth in order to experience Truth itself. You can remember that from Beyond Words and Thoughts in the chapter “Truth Unveiled.” He says you have to come up over the mind. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have thoughts. It does mean that, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, saith the Lord.”

Now another way of saying “hidden manna,” which he hinted at in this chapter, is “My peace” and so I’m going to go over to a different book for a moment. This is a chapter called “Peace” from the book Consciousness Unfolding. I love this here. Listen to this: First the quote from John again, he’s the mystical disciple, Peace I leave with you. My peace I give unto you not as the world giveth give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.

And the chapter begins and listen to this. This is the whole secret in a paragraph! “My peace, the peace of Christ. More healings have been brought about through absolute silence, than through all the arguments metaphysicians have thought up in the whole history of the world. When you are called upon for help, sit down and get at peace. Think no thoughts. Just sit and wait .”

Wait,” he says, and I say, “Stop.” “Be patient and wait for the peace of Christ to descend upon you. In that moment of peace, without a word you will witness healing.” That’s the whole secret. Attain the silence, and I will follow.

He says to the students, “We are now in a different position from the one in which we found ourselves when we were functioning with treatments. We have come to the place in consciousness when we are ready for the next higher step,” and that’s all of you my friends. “Even if mental argument, affirmations and denial were necessary to us in the early days of our work, we can now leave such forms alone. Learn to sit down” and stop. “Whether the case is sin, disease, death, unemployment, whether or not it seems serious, sit down” and stop. Or he says, “Sit down and relax. Do not try to handle it. Do not try to work on it. Do not try to treat it. Sit back and in silence, create a vacuum for God, for the Christ to rush in.” That’s wonderful. That’s just absolutely wonderful!

This is the secret to experiencing, to having that capital “E” Experience of the presence of I. We must stop all such futile efforts. The human mind is not the Christ.” And there you go. Metaphysics is for the human mind. Mysticism is for the Christ. Which do you want governing your affairs? Choose this day whom you will follow, mind or Impersonal Mind, Christ.

For many years, mental efforts have been tried. The words of the Bible are, My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. What good then is all this thinking that we have been doing? The truth of the matter is that the human mind plays no part in healing. The only factor in spiritual healing work is the Christ. My peace I give unto you. In that peace that passes understanding, [passes your mind,] in that quiet, in that stillness, the peace of God, the power of God is made manifest and it does the work.” This is still this chapter: “Peace” from Consciousness Unfolding.

I just wanted to read a few of these because it emphasizes rising up into mysticism. It emphasizes prayer and meditation through or into the Christ, into the Spirit. “Healing is not brought about by the human mind. It is done by the state of consciousness imbued with the Christ. And I wanted to look up that word called “imbued” and so I looked in the Webster dictionary and it says, “to tinge deeply, to die, to cause to absorb as clothes thoroughly imbued with black. Or, to tincture deeply. To cause to become impressed or penetrated, as to imbue the minds of youth with good principles.”

And that goes back to what I was told very early in my journey. My first spiritual adviser said, “Look, the kingdom of heaven is within you. But not “within” like you open the front door and walk within the house. No, not that kind of within. It’s not within your body. No, this kind of within is such that when you take blue and red and you mix them together, they become purple.” And so “within” means imbued. The kingdom of heaven is imbued in your consciousness and when you rest and relax you say to that material sense of self, “stop.” And you stand stock still and you feel that movement, you are imbued with the Christ or the presence. Okay?

Now, “We should not go on for the next 10 years as we have been doing up to now just talking about God. The time has come now when we must experience God. Let us not pass lightly over this part of the teaching because it is the most important part of it all. We must seek God while we are yet in the flesh and that means you and me individually. Here and now without waiting to die. We must experience God through our periods of silence, our periods of peace.”

So, on the next page he says, “Begin now to change your old basis of treatment. If necessary, do it drastically.” You see? Do you remember he said in the Kailua Study Series, this may cause you to have a battle? He says, “You may have a battle with me, you may have a battle with The Infinite Way. You’ve got to get through this battle and get to the other side where you find out how to rest mystically in that spiritual consciousness within.” So he says, “If necessary, do it drastically. Do it by forcing yourself to take no thought. I am asking you to come into a higher consciousness of the presence of God. A Consciousness higher than that which you can attain through the action of the human mind.”

Let us move the step higher into the state of consciousness in which we would be if we were students of Jesus who said, ‘Take no thought,’ or stop. “You are a witness, watching the state of peace do the healing. Be a beholder of the activity of the Christ or God. Watch it work in you and through you and ultimately as you. Just sit in a state of receptivity, relaxed in a state of silence, in a state of peace. Let that peace permeate your whole being and when you have felt that, sit with the listening attitude. Watch the light dispel the darkness. Watch, watch watch.”

And I think there’s something else here at the end, “It is your own individual consciousness when your consciousness is imbued with silence and with peace. All you have to do, and all you will ever be called upon to do from now on, is to achieve that sense of peace. Okay but that’s not just being quiet. Some people feel that all they have to do is just become quiet and restful, relaxed and they’ve done it. That is incorrect.

When he says all you have to do is obtain that peace, he means, all you have to do is, sure, attain that peace first. Come to the place where you can close your eyes and stop. Or even with your eyes open, you found a way to pull back within your being and stop. Have no thought. Just listening. It really does get to the place where you can stop wherever you are. Even when you’re moving around physically.

It’s wonderful, this state of receptivity, this vacuum within, this listening, it’s wonderful. And when you do that, that’s not it. You’re not done. And if you go over carefully the Kailua Study Series, Chapter 10, 12 and 23, and 7 and 8, you will see that he said there very plainly. It’s not finished until you feel that inner movement. It’s not finished when the human mind has settled itself down. No no, that’s just the first part.

Okay so, “When the human mind has settled down and you found a sense of peace, then you’re perfectly free to say, ‘Father, reveal Thyself’ or ‘Spirit flow forth.’” ‘Wither soever thou will’ or ‘Speak Father, your servant heareth’ or ‘God is. You’re perfectly free to say one sentence, one scripture, one thought which reminds you to stand still. And your meditation is never done until you feel that inner movement. Until you feel that peace descends, as he says. The Spirit descend upon you.

Am I making this plain? Do you see where we’ve come from and where we have to go to? You remember in Beyond Words and Thoughts in that wonderful chapter, “Incorporeality of God, Man and Universe” at the end, Joel says, “We have to bring forth invisible supply, invisible companionship, invisible health, invisible life, right out of the invisible.” And the human mind can’t do that. Just sit down and start thinking and let me see if you can pull that out. You can’t. You can pull up thoughts, you can pull out ideas, more concepts. Yippee!

Only the Christ can reveal the invisible. And so your meditation is not complete until the Christ has moved, the Spirit has moved, the Presence has moved, within you. And it moves as a feeling, not as a thought. You sense it or you hear it but it’s totally different from anything you’ve ever thought. There’s a vibration that goes with it. And that’s all I’ll say on that.

Now. We had question a week or two ago. How do you pour forth health? And the answer came on November 12 and I wrote in my journal and I’ll share it with you now. “Every time you are presented with the person asking for help,” and we get that dozens of times don’t we? Many many times on our email list, someone will ask for help. “Please lift me up,” “Please lift up the Christ,” “Please help me.” So we have the opportunity to practice this principle that I’m going to reveal now.

Every time you are presented with a person asking for help, you know that God never made a person. This is hypnosis and it was not made. Therefore, you stop. You listen. You are receptive to God. You may say, “Father, reveal Thyself” and when you feel the movement of Omnipresence, you have poured out health. Spiritual health. You’ve poured out the Temple not made with hands. You’ve poured out the Temple made by God or the Life made by God.”

Every time that you go into meditation, in response to someone asking for help, and you find that peace within and you stop any mental activity, and you rest and you feel the movement, you have poured out health. Spiritual health. Not physical health, you’ve poured out spiritual health and that’s the answer to the question, “How do I pour out health?” You don’t. I within you, the Invisible, move through you. And this is the pouring out of Spiritual health, also known as the ‘hidden manna.’ This is the hidden manna and It has come that you might have life and life more abundantly. And it has come that they might have life and life more abundantly.

Thank you for bringing this forth because it’s where I live and where I want to live more and more and more. In the Invisible, dwelling in the Invisible. And I’m gonna read this one more time. If you’ll be patient with me. The thesis at the beginning of our chapter said this: “The real hidden manna is that Impersonal Mind or Self which functions when you stop.”

Many blessings to you who find this hidden manna.

Thank you.

Leave Your Nets, chapter 6, “The New Name.”

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Bill: Good morning.

We are reviewing the book, Leave Your Nets, by Joel. We are looking this week at chapter 4 called “Open Out A Way.” Before we move into it, if you haven’t had your morning meditation or perhaps your evening meditation, stop this talk and have a meditation. Make contact, and then you can feel certain that what you need to hear you will hear.

Let’s start at the beginning. “And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. And he saith unto them,” Leave your nets and “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Now in the King James Version, they don’t have that “leave your nets,” but it’s implied because the next line says, “And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.” So this is Christ walking by the sea of your consciousness and saying to you, “Leave your mortality and follow Me,” and if you are as obedient as these two, you will leave your mortality and follow him, the Christ of your inner being.

This chapter, chapter 4, is another chapter on overcoming the world because when you put off mortality, you overcome the world, and when you overcome the world, you put off mortality and put on immortality. You live from then on not in the third dimension. You live in a spiritual fourth dimension within your consciousness. So this chapter is another chapter not on how to demonstrate supply, even though it says “open out a way,” and we know from the poem, it means open out a way that the imprisoned splendor may escape. No, open out a way in this case means put off mortality and put on immortality.

This chapter for us has many instructions. Every time I read a place where it says “we must” or “you should,” or “you better,” Joel is giving us or Christ is giving us through Joel instruction, what we are to do, just as Christ through Jesus said, “Leave your nets,” put off your mortality and follow me, I, the Christ within you. So Christ is speaking through these words and telling us today what we need to do, and the first instruction I see here is he says, “we must establish firmly our oneness with the Father before we leave our home in the morning to embark upon any enterprise, commercial, social, or ministerial, realizing that the consciousness of the Father, which is our consciousness, is the consciousness of every individual.

Now, that’s not—You might want to think about this. That’s we must establish firmly our oneness with the Father. This we do, of course, by an inner communion which we have in our meditation. Now, as a quick review, if you are not at that place where you can close your eyes and just stop, listen, and become aware of an inner movement and commune with that spiritual Christ within you; if you are not at that place, then you need to read that book called The Art of Meditation by Joel Goldsmith.

If you are not having any success at all at meditating, then perhaps you need to back up and read the book, Practicing the Presence, so that you can practice the presence on a daily basis and even at night, if you awaken in the middle of the night. If that’s too hard, then you need to back up to the book, Living the Infinite Way, and see if you can practice some of those principles. All of us have to start somewhere, and as you know,—Maybe you don’t know.—on the path called the Infinite Way, Joel described three degrees, and there are talks on the three degrees on the website

It’s up to you, if you don’t have a teacher, it’s up to you to be honest with yourself. Read or listen to those talks or read the texts and decide where you are. If you’re honest, it’s not hard, and I can suspect sometimes we’re in the first degree and then we move into the second and then we’re back and forth for a while. But the point is that if you are able to close your eyes and commune inside, then that’s what he is saying here: “We must establish firmly our oneness with the Father before we leave home in the morning .”

On the next page he says, “When we understand our connection with the Vine . . .” I changed that. I don’t like “understand.” “Understand” to me means when I intellectually get it. “Oh yeah, I understand what you’re talking about,” but that doesn’t mean I’ve realized it. So I’ve changed this to “When we [realize] our connection with the vine, we do not compete with any man. We do not fight, we do not war with him or sue him because we have access to the infinite source of our being, and it is this source that feeds and supplies us even while it is feeding and supplying all the other branches on the tree.”

We are going to learn in this chapter that there comes a time when you stop being a branch. You stop, and you become the vine or you feel the movement of the vine. Anyway, he says here, Joel says, “Let us assume, for a moment, that you are the branch, and that I stand in relationship to you as the vine,”—the vine, of course, is Christ or Spirit—“the teacher who has in some measure realized this relationship of oneness. You come to me for inspiration, guidance, teaching, or healing. You know that of my own self I can do nothing. You know that as a human being I have no power … But you are not concerned with me as a person: you are concerned only with the degree of enlightened consciousness which I represent, and that enlightened consciousness is the vine.” So there’s another hidden instruction here. He is saying that when you go to a teacher or a practitioner, you are not concerned with them as a person. You are concerned only with that level of consciousness, that enlightened consciousness that is within them.

So you come to me, the vine, and because of my recognition of oneness with the source and my years of experience in contacting it, understanding and awareness flow through this vine to you.” Now, I don’t know if you knew that, but if we look at that, Joel is saying that when you go to a practitioner or a teacher, you’re not going for a healing, you’re not going for better supply or a more perfect companion or better health or a longer life. No, no. You are going so that understanding and awareness flow through the vine to you. “. . . Whatever measure of good you receive from the person who at the moment represents the vine is only because he has attained a state of consciousness a step ahead of you who are seeking help.”

Alright, so there really is no difference in you and a practitioner or you and a teacher. You are both the vine, but perhaps you’ve been seeing yourself as a branch and the teacher as the vine. So the only difference is in the awareness that you have. “Any person, rooted and grounded in God and living consciously”—That’s the magic word.—“consciously in oneness with his Source, serves as the vine for the branches.”

I don’t know if you thought that maybe you would become a master. I guess in the early days, I thought, I mean the first year I probably thought, “Yes, some day I’m going to be a Master like Jesus Christ and do this and that and have this power and that power.” It was very, well, kind of a kindergarten attitude and belief. Now, after these many years, I see this: “Any person, rooted and grounded in God . . . serves as the vine.” We serve. It’s not a nice word when you want to be a master. “I want to serve.” “No,” but then you come to see. You have to give up mortality, and it’s the mortal that wants to be a master and be served. It’s the branch. It’s the vine that knows it is of service, that is the instrument for the divine.

So our views change. We get to the place where we want to be a servant, but it’s not a human desire to go out and do good. That’s not the same. That’s mortality taking a different route. No, it’s an inner stillness waiting upon that movement and knowing that it will serve through you. “At this point,” says Joel, “you may think of yourself as a branch, but through meditation, study, and devotion, . . . you learn to leave your ‘nets.’” You see, the nets are believing you’re a branch, believing you’re human, believing you’re mortal, believing you’re separate from every other mortal. What is there, five billion mortals now on planet earth believing they’re separate from every one of them and expressing that separate life?

However, he says, “through meditation, study, and devotion, as you learn to leave your ‘nets,’ you come to the place where your relationship to the world is as a vine,” not as a” mortal. “You will recognize yourself as rooted and grounded in the infinite source of good, and therefore, willing and ready to let that good of God flow through you that those who turn to you may be fed and may, in their turn, be enabled to bring forth fruitage.” So, giving up mortality means overcoming the world, and giving up mortality means becoming the vine.

He says next, “Whatever of good comes into your experience is not for your good or mine: it is that the Father may be glorified through us. The egotistical sense of life that has resulted in men and women thinking how great or how supreme in wisdom they are is a destructive force to themselves and to our very civilization.” That’s pretty strong language, and I recognized the other day as I was watching some highlights from baseball games, and I saw a fellow go back to the wall and leap as high as he could and catch the ball, therefore robbing the batter of a home run and making a dazzling catch, and when he came back down and landed on his feet, he beat his chest.

He beat his chest like a gorilla, and it was obvious what he was thinking is “How great I am,” the person that made the catch. There was no humility there, and I have noticed, because I like watching baseball, that some teams—I can think of the Dodgers, for instance.—are weeding out these types of players that beat their chest and think they are all that! Now, Joel here says, “ . . . they are a destructive force to themselves and to our very civilization.” That’s pretty strong language.

So some of these teams have begun to see that some of these individuals that really believe they’re all that of themselves are a destructive force in the clubhouse, in the morality, in the, not morality, [morale], but in their attitude of the clubhouse, of the other players of the whole team. And I can’t say that I blame them. How would you like somebody in your living room, a member of your family, beating on his or her chest and saying, “I am great!” That couldn’t go much for the feeling of your family, could it? It wouldn’t do much for you.

Alright, so he says, “The realization that we are instruments for that divinity that is manifesting itself and its glory as our individual being brings the fruitage of health, harmony, wholeness, peace, and joy into our experience, God expressing itself as these qualities.” In other words, you have the power to become the Son of God. How? By the realization that you are an instrument for the Divine. Yes, you are able to express, or rather, the Divine is able to express through you. You see that? That’s the same thing as having the power to become the Son of God, the expression of God.

Alright, “our outer experience is an expression of our inner state of consciousness,” and we can have and will have periods where we’re standing in our mortality. We’ve forgotten our divinity, and what happens? Well, we live in a divided consciousness. There’s little me against five billion other people, and I have to get my section, and I ‘m going to fight and I’m going to struggle and I’m going to strive and I’m going to, If I really get into it, I’m going to cheat and maybe lie and steal a little. I don’t think most of us do that anymore because we’ve outgrown all that.

However, there are things that throw us into our mortality, and living in that mortality, in that sense of separation, feeling no communion whatsoever and acting accordingly, we, well we reap what we sow. If we sow to the flesh, to a separate sense of existence, you reap corruption. Right? And then the answer is this corruptible must put on incorruption. This mortal must put on immortality, and that’s what this chapter is about.

So, on the next page Joel says, “We will find that this universal consciousness is really our true being.” How will we find that? We’ll find that by going, by perhaps reviewing our day at the end of the day, looking over the day and how we did and realizing, “Oh, wow! I lived as a mortal again. No wonder it’s been a messed up day. I’m reaping corruption. I’m sowing mortality; I’m reaping corruption.

Now you know that pendulum can flow either way. You can also say, “Wow! Look what I did. I accomplished that! Aren’t I great? What a good day I’ve had.” That’s the same mortality, but instead of looking as bad. Now it’s looking as something good. It’s still mortality, and it’s still corruption. It’s going to swing back to the other side. It always does if you stay in that mortality.

But what if we come up higher? Well, he says, ”Strange, is it not, how we have looked everywhere for love, appreciation, gratitude, cooperation, and reward— everywhere except where they actually exist, within our own being?”

Now here’s another instruction: “We must now cease looking to any person for good—even for integrity, loyalty, or fidelity; we must let those qualities flow out from us.” You see, this putting off mortality, which takes and takes and tries to get, get, get —It has to reverse. We have to be the vine. We have to give, give, give. We have to pour out, open out a way for this to express. We have to be the vine.

On the next page, Joel says, “The love, reward, gratitude, justice, mercy, or kindness that we let flow out from us is the only love, justice, mercy, kindness, or gratitude that can ever flow back to us.” And then he cautions us, “Some of you are still seeking health, and I can tell you that you will never find it. Health is already established within you, or else there is no God.”

Now that would be a perfect koan for you to take into meditation this week. Now, here’s the definition of a koan, “k” “o” “a” “n,” by Merriam Webster: “A koan is a paradox to be meditated upon that is used to train Zen Buddhist monks to abandon ultimate dependence on reason and force them into gaining sudden intuitive enlightenment.” Well now that sounds very familiar. Isn’t that what Joel describes as the mystical way, having direct communion with God and intuitive understanding? So a koan is something that you take into meditation.

A Zen master, the most famous one, the Zen master would say, “Please go back to your rooms until you can tell me the sound of one hand clapping.” And in our modern world, western world, we show our ignorance by having commercials and making that seem like something really stupid, but the stupidity is the reason that they can’t understand what a koan is for. So the student goes back to the room, and they meditate: “the sound of one hand clapping.” What is that? And they go back to the master, “Is it this?” And they do something with one hand, and the master says, “No. Oh, no. Go back to your room.” Seems almost disappointed. They come back. “How about this?” “No. No, no. Try again.”

Eventually you’re sitting in meditation. You’re trying to meditate. You’re frustrated. “I can’t get it. I don’t know what the sound of one hand clapping is.” And suddenly in your meditation, you stop! Whoa! There’s this inner movement. You feel something, something not of this world, something from another dimension, a fourth dimension. A smile comes to your face. You realize this is why the master sent me to meditate, not to discover the sound of one hand clapping, but to abandon all reason and experience this mystical experience, and a love radiates from you. You’re smiling from ear to ear.

Now the Zen master calls the thirty students back. He looks over the audience. There you are, the only student smiling from ear to ear. Nothing to say, and he dismisses everyone. “Go back to your rooms, but not you. You stay here. We need to talk.” You see? So your koan this week is “Health is already established within you, or else there is no God.”

God has established within his son “health, harmony, wholeness, and peace,” and you must find some way to open up an avenue for these to flow out from you. Now, something else: We know that if we want love, we need to let love flow out from us. And you can begin with a plant, a tree, an animal, and slowly, gradually express love to strangers until love is flowing out through you. And trust me, love will come and envelop you. And we know that we can pour out supply. We can help people. We can be of service. We can donate. We can pray. There are a lot of ways to pour out, and when we do this, our supply never runs dry.

But then we come to the third thing. People ask for help with their companions, their companionship, their supply, which to them usually means money, or their health, their life. Now my question to you, and I would be interested to see what you say, is: How do you pour out health? Yes, we can pour out life by spending our life in service, spending our hours in service, but how exactly would you pour out health? We can pour out supply. We can pour out love. So there must be a way to pour out health. I would be very interested to see what you have to say. Post a message in the Mystical Principles email list which you can find on the website or write me privately, but let me know what you see, what comes to you within. How do you pour out health? I’d be fascinated to see.

Okay, over here on the next page, “The Son of God is he who understands that he is that avenue, instrument, or vehicle through which the infinite nature of God’s being is pouring itself. It is he who knows that the Father is glorified in his bringing forth much fruit: not getting it, . . . but bringing it forth from within his own being.” Okay, we must be the vine.

Come on, children, it’s time to get up. Stop living as a branch. You are the vine, but to come into the awareness of it, you have to live as the vine. You have to open out a way. “Only in the sense of your Self-completeness as the revealed Son of God do you find yourself coming into possession and realization of all good on the outer plane.” So you can’t do it as a material self. It must be, you must be a spiritual Self. You must have a spiritual sense of Self realized.

Alright, here’s another instruction, and it is putting off mortality. “Therefore, you meditate,” says Joel, “you go within so as to realize that within your consciousness . . . is the completeness of being, and you are opening out a way for it to flow forth . . . This is a complete reversal of the human picture.” Whenever he says this is a “reversal,” it means you’re dying to self and awakening to capital “S” Self.

On the next [page], he had another instruction. Now, these instructions are for you to do, not for you to know. Knowing this will not lift the Christ of you. Doing this will lift the Christ. If you want to lift up the I of your being, do this! Leave your nets and follow me. He says, “Begin your day by recognizing the presence of God, the I that is come to fulfill. Withdraw your gaze from the outer world, and then after that go about your business.”

So there’s your instruction. “Begin your day by recognizing the presence of God” as “the I that is to come to fulfill. Withdraw your gaze from the outer world, and then go about your business.” When you withdraw your gaze from the outer world, you’re withdrawing your gaze from mortality. When you recognize, realize, have a meditation on the presence of God as the I that has come to fulfill, you’re placing your vision, your consciousness in the infinite, in the Christ. You’re lifting the Christ. “As long as you do not look to another for your good, your good will flow to you.” Alright.

You have now come to a place in consciousness where you must realize, as did Jesus, that you’re the vine. I have meat to eat that ye know not of. I have an inner source of good; I can give you waters, living waters that spring up into life everlasting.” And “you begin now to live in a new dimension,” the fourth dimension. Alright.

Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, “How is it that thou being a Jew asketh drink of me, a woman of Samaria? The Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.” Jesus answered and said unto her, “If thou knoweth the gift of God and who it is that saith to you, “Give me to drink,” thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water. Whosoever drinks of this water shall thirst again, but whosoever shall drink of the water that I shall give him, shall never thirst. But the water that I give shall be a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”

This is the vision that John had of Christ sitting on the well of your consciousness and saying “Hello there. May I drink?” and if you’re like the woman of Samaria, you’re going to get all bogged down into seeing mortality. But then if you listen, if you go within and stop, just stop your mortality. No more taking thought. Stop—and listen. Be aware. Watch—Wait—Listen, and you feel something is upon you. It’s a Presence. It’s a peace, a peace that passes your understanding mind. And as many as have that experience, as many as receive him, well you are given living water. You’re given the Spirit, and you will never thirst again because the water you receive, the Spirit you receive becomes a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

It becomes a deep consciousness that is with you forever and ever and ever. Never shall you be alone again. Never shall you be without supply again. Never shall you be lonely and sick and dispirited and despairing again. This is a wellspring of water that springs up into eternity. It’s with you forever, and so putting off mortality, you’re putting on an eternal life, an Immortal. You’re becoming an Immortal. And as an Immortal, as the vine, you’re grounded in God consciousness, in the awareness of God, of this Presence. You’re living in the fourth dimension. You’re moving within in the invisible and out into the visible, and eventually you’ll come to see I have the power to lay it down and pick it up again. I can move in and out, and in and out.

Now he says you can live in a fourth dimension that realizes “‘Your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things . . . for it is [his] good pleasure to give you the kingdom’ “—to let it flow through you . . . Do not ever forget that!” That’s another instruction. Joel is, well, the Christ through Joel, is giving us many instructions today. “‘. . . It is [his] good pleasure to give you the kingdom,’—to let it flow through you, not only to feed you, but to feed five thousand. Do not ever forget that!”

We drop down a little farther, and he’s got another instruction, “Never hesitate in the days to come to let to the world draw upon you. Do not withhold good in any form from those who seek it, whether it is a word of wisdom or a dollar bill, whether it is food, clothing, health, safety, or security. Do not withhold! . . . because it is not out of your storehouses or barns that you are giving: it is out of the Infinity of the universal source.” Alright, so “this is the new dimension,” this fourth dimension, “where you permit the world” to draw upon you, “to call on you.” This is living as the vine. Let’s be honest. This is living by your Source, the Father, and being the Christ, the movement of that Source from the invisible to the visible.

Today . . .” he says, and here’s another instruction because it says, “you must. . .” “Today you begin the rebirth. You ‘die’ today. You ‘die’ today to the human being,” a mortal “seeking good. You must be reborn of the spirit of God into the realization of good flowing forth through you.” You see that? Now, another sentence and he has another must, another instruction: “Prayer must now be an inner communion with the source of all good.” That’s your prayer. Okay no longer can you pray for things. No longer can you pray for persons. “Your prayer now must be an inner communion with the source of all good, an inner communion with God.” Why not? “Then,” says Joel, “your good will appear in the outer realm in whatever form is necessary.”

So, we are coming to live a different sort of life, aren’t we? In the early years I listened to the teachers at school. I got a higher education. I applied myself at work. I was promoted. I became a supervisor of others, and it really didn’t matter what field I went into, I ended up in supervision, and I carved for myself a place out of this unfriendly universe. And then I found I could be laid off with a downturn in the economy, and it didn’t matter what I had carved out. But what about applying these principles? Ah, this is a different kind of life, very different, the kind of life you can’t talk with people on the street, and you can’t tell them about it. They wouldn’t understand, and you know they wouldn’t understand. They might you were a little loopy.

But what is this life? This is a life of spending, oh, twelve meditations a day for two to three minutes communing, just communing. What is communing? Okay, we’ve put it into words. We’ll do it one more time. Communing is turning within, dropping your mortality and your mortal thoughts, and stopping or standing stock still or taking no thought or being still. Now, when you stop, really stop, you have created an opening. You have discovered an absence of self, the little self, and into that opening, well a mystic said,—I think it was the fifteenth century.—“God abhors a vacuum.”

When you create that vacuum,—and you know Joel has used that word a lot of times,—into that vacuum God flows. You don’t even have to ask, and when you feel that inner movement, that Spirit, that lovely Presence, well it’s like coming home. It’s so comforting, and when you feel it, you’re communing with it. You’re not saying anything to it, except maybe sometimes the words escape from my lips, “I love you.” I can’t help it. I know it’s my own inner Self, and yet that comes out of my lips sometimes as I rest in the awareness of the Father. So I commune with that Presence and then I recognize I’m the vine, and I might say something like, “Show me how I may best be of service, and give me the power to carry that out, or the Presence.”

Sometimes I say, “I know I’m going to be giving a talk in front of an audience,” so I might say, “Say something that will touch someone,” and I get out of the way. All of this is dying daily, putting off mortality and putting on Immortality. When you create that vacuum, you are putting on Immortality.—Alright?—Then you find you’ve totally forgotten about your needs, your wants, your desires, and everything that you really need is here. Your supply is increasing. Your companionship are people that can bless you, and people that you can bless. And your health is humming along.

Uh-oh! Here’s another instruction! “In moments of trial, tribulation, stress, doubt or fear bring to your conscious realization the truth that good cannot come to you.” He says, “Learn to stand still in quietness and in confidence.” He might have said. “Learn to stop! Stop being a mortal. “In the midst of any sinful or sick experience, you can end it and end it quickly.”

How? Well, we know now don’t we? We must stop being a mortal. That doesn’t mean that you will completely die and be the Christ forever and forever. Amen. But it does mean that you have found a way in your two minute meditations to stand aside, to die to self, to stop mortality, to create a vacuum into which you can have the awareness of the living water, the living Christ moving, and That forms itself as your fulfillment, and it really truly does! It’s a marvelous fantastic thing to watch!

And here’s another instruction on the next page: “Begin today, today to make the transition from the human being to the state of divine being that knows itself to be the outlet and avenue for all of God’s grace to the world.” In other words, put off mortality, and put on this immortality and watch what it does through you. “I have set my seal upon you. I have made you in my own image and likeness. I have bestowed upon you divine grace and freedom that you might be the child of God.”

I have made you a leader of men, a fisher of men. I have glorified you with the glory that I had with the Father,” well before the world was, before mortality was, “before the beginning. I have called you by My name. Call upon Me and be saved. Look unto Me. Abide in Me and let My word abide in you.”

As you listen to that still small voice within your being, you are fed from an inner spring.” Yes, a wellspring of water springing up into life everlasting. “You are housed, clothed, maintained, sustained, protected, and divinely influenced, ‘not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit.’ “

In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. There is no struggle. Be still and know, and you will hear a voice within you say, ‘I am God.’” Now it may not come as a voice. It can come as a voice. I’ve heard it as a voice, but more often it comes as this feeling, this inner impression. You feel the movement, and you know, “Ah, It’s God, and you rest in your Father. You see? And that’s the same as hearing a voice , getting the impression. No, not the thought. That’s not the same at all. A thought is ‘clouds without rain.’ When you have the inner movement, the communion, the awareness, then you have clouds with rain, and you’ll have harmony and abundance and every good and perfect gift.

Another instruction: “Acknowledge God as the source, the power, the presence, and as the revelator of all our all good; and above all, here and now, in this place, at this time, give up seeking . . .Acknowledge that these qualities, love, peace, joy, power, and dominion flow forth through you, and that the source of them is the kingdom of God within you.” Okay, that’s another instruction: Acknowledge God as the source and that these things will flow through you.

Because of that, this entire world may draw upon you at any moment for health and wealth, and you will answer, ‘Here it is’—not counting first how much you have in your pocket, storehouse, farm, or bank, but realizing that whatever it is that is to go out is to go out through you from the kingdom of God.

So that is living as the vine, and now you know that this chapter, “Open Out A Way” has nothing to do with opening out a way for your automobile to appear or your perfect companion or your perfect body. None of that. That’s all a mortal’s thoughts. Let’s forget that.

No, this chapter has to do with opening out a way for God to flow through. This chapter has to do with dying to mortality, standing stock still, receiving Him, and when you receive Him, the Father, you are now the vine. And sometimes it even comes to you: “Draw upon Me, and I will give you rest, and you know that you’re the vine and that people can draw upon you, and through you will flow from the Father the gift of His Spirit, His awareness, His consciousness, His love.

Let us be still for a moment and take your mortality, your material sense of self sitting in a chair or driving in a car or laying on the bed and just drop it. Just stop!

I within you have come that they might have life and life more abundantly. I am come that you might be the vine for them. And as the vine for them, everything that flows through you is heaped up, pressed down, and running over in your own experience. This is why I have come.

So follow Me. Follow Me within. Follow these instructions I give, I pour out throughout Joel. Stand still. Acknowledge the I within you. Rest, lean back, really lean back and trust in It. Trust the I of you. Feel this inner movement of Spirit, of the Father whispering in your ear, “All that I have is to pour through you, the Vine, to those who still believe they’re branches, and in this pouring, well, a wellspring of water will rise up into life everlasting.

Do you see? Have your eyes been awakened? Have your eyes been opened? Have your ears been unstopped? Can you her My voice? Can you see My presence? Are you those, one of those like the two on the road to Emmaus who suddenly, the Christ opens their eyes, and they can see? Are you one of those? Can you see? Can you hear My voice? Can you feel My impression?

Can you feel the movement of Spirit over the face of your deep Consciousness? If you can, you are blessed beyond all men and women in this age. And now you know, when you read in your scripture, I am the vine, it is talking about your Self. I am the true vine—That’s you, the I of you, and My Father is the husbandman, and you must abide in the Vine, and you must be the Vine.

And then the Father flows through the vine and appears as fulfillment in every avenue of life, and not just for you, but for all those who turn to you until they are gently lifted up to where they can see and they can hear, “Oh, I am the vine. I am the vine, and my Father is the Source. And now I can glorify God with the glory I had before the world of mortality was—right here in this place, right now in this time.” “And we beheld the glory of the Father full of grace and truth and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

Blessings to all who come into this awareness of the Divinity of their own Being. Thank you, Father.