Bill: Good morning.

This is December 1st 2019, and pretty soon it will be the year 2020. If you haven’t already done so, we have our meditation at 11:00 am North Carolina time. But if you are hearing this talk and haven’t had a meditation, I would like you to turn it off, go have a meditation in which you get at peace and then, when you get that peace and you feel that peace descend upon you, you may say : “Father, reveal Thyself” or “Father, fulfill Thyself” and let go.

There are two words that have been coming to me over and over. They come in the books that I read, they come in the scriptures I see, and they come in my inner temple, when I’m at peace and silent. And the first word is peace, “Peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, giveth I unto you.” And the second word is receive, “Receive ye the Holy Spirit.

We are told, in the book of John, we are told that the Light “was in the world and the world was made by Him and the world knew Him not.” This Spirit, “He came unto his own and his own received him not.” But “as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God,” “which were born not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” And “the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

So, we see there that first comes the quietness and the receptivity and, into that, we receive that Spirit, that Light, and It then reveals to us the Word, made flesh, instead of living out a human life that of world thought made manifest. When we receive the Spirit, we are given the conscious awareness, or the consciousness of God or the Word expressing. We are lifted out of humanhood and we behold Christ consciousness; which is why when I read this I see “as many as received him,” to them gave he the conscious awareness of the son of God, or the Word made flesh; which is born not of the will of the flesh, but of God. This is the same thing, is it not?

Now, that was John. And if we go all the way back to the last book of the Bible, Revelation, if this is the same John, he is saying the same thing, using different words. And this is how we start our chapter. “To him that overcometh … He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.” I would like this to be your experience this day. As much as you can, I want you to forget the natural man, the human – where you have to be at 4 o’clock, what you need to do, the Christmas shopping you still have left – all of that, forget that for a moment. See if you can get at peace and be receptive, receptive to the Spirit, the living Spirit of God.

And so, we start this chapter 6 “The New Name,” and I have written it thusly: “As many as receive him” is “him that overcometh”… You see that?

Be still. Listen. Be receptive. Don’t reach, don’t try, don’t struggle, just rest. “As many as receive him,” is “he that overcometh,” these two are exactly the same thing. Now, watch : “to him that overcometh,” what do you overcome? You overcome the necessity to live out, to express a human sense of life, a personal sense of life. “To him that overcometh” that, and finds that inner peace and rests in it; well, “to him will I give to eat of the hidden manna.” This is the same thing as: “as many as received him, to them gave he power,” power sustains you, hidden manna sustains you. In one series of words he says: “will I give power to become the sons of God.” In this scripture he says: “will I give hidden manna… and a white stone,” which is the conscious awareness or the consciousness – “a white stone” – stone is consciousness, white is pure. “I will give him hidden manna and a white stone, and in the stone a new name is written which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

And Joel says: “What is that name? Christ” or, the son of God. What is the difference? There is no difference. “As many as receive him… to him that overcometh” and find that inner peace, and rest in it. “As many as receive him, to them gives he power” or, invisible sustenance, to become or to bear witness to the son of God, to Christhood. And, “to him who overcometh, I will give the hidden manna,” the same as power; the sustenance, the consciousness. “I will give him a white stone” – a pure consciousness – and “in the stone a new name,” you’re given a new name. Now you are Christ and “no man knoweth” that “saving he that receiveth it.” You see, “as many as receive him…saving he that receiveth it.” You see how this is the same?

Now, just in case you didn’t get that, John tells us in John 20:19 : “Then the same day at evening, being the first day of the week, when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews.” Now this is the disciples, they are in the upper room, which is a higher consciousness; but still they have fear. And then the Spirit appears, they receive the Spirit and Christ says, “Jesus says unto them: Peace be unto you.” First, the peace, then what’s next? You know! Next, they have to receive. First, the peace, then they receive. “And Jesus stood in their midst and saith unto them : Peace be unto you. And when he had said this, he breathed on them and saith unto them : Receive ye the [Holy Spirit],the Holy Ghost,” he Christ. And so the process is the same is it not?

Paul in Acts 1:8 says : “Ye shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost is upon you.” All of these scriptures say the first thing is peace, first you have to become quiet inside, you have to become still, you have to stop fighting or you have to stop; and in that stopping, you feel a sense of peace. When you are not fighting, when you have honestly stopped, you, your consciousness is ready and, you will receive power to become the son of God. In other words, you will receive the conscious awareness of God expressing as Christ, as you. You the Christ! In that peace, you will have overcome, or come up over the mind. And when you have done that, you will receive the hidden manna. And the hidden manna is a stone – a white stone – or the conscious awareness of a new name called Christ.

Look at the scriptures we all know and love, because they help us to settle down and find this peace. “Be still and know I am God,” find your peace and you will know, I within you am God expressing as you, as Christ.

There remaineth a rest to the people of God.” A rest. If you are a people of God, you go within and find that rest. And in that rest – the rest from humanhood – you create an opening, you are receptive, as Joel says thousands of times, and in that receptivity you receive the conscious awareness of God expressing as you, the Christ. And so, we see that this chapter “The New Name” is all about overcoming, finding that peace and bearing witness to God in action as your Christhood. So, Joel says, “Now your name is Christ.

“‘Choose you this day whom you will serve.’ And if you choose, you can remain ‘man whose breath is in his nostrils’” or you can give up your search, you can find that peace, you can rest back in your true name, in your divine Sonship or your Christhood, as a conscious awareness. “The Prodigal came home, and because of his sonship he received – there it is again! – the purple robe, the ring and the jewels.” And you know, all these are symbols for Christhood, for receiving the conscious awareness of Christ.

A new stone, a new gem with a new name: Divine Son. If you accept this truth, no longer will you waste your time or energy in searching for things or persons, but you will rest – first, comes the peace, then you receive – you will rest in the realization of your divine sonship and let your good unfold, let it come to you. You must realize that it never will come to you from outside your own being: it will unfold to you from within. Now, your expectancy is from that hidden mannaNow, you abide in your sonship and say, ‘Come unto me,’ silently, secretly. ‘Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest,I will give you peace, I will give you living waters, I will give you this hidden manna.”

First, comes Peace, then comes Spirit, and you receive. First, you get at peace, you open your inner ear, then you receive.

So, let’s look again at what we looked at last week, from Joel’s book “Consciousness unfolding” from the chapter called “Peace”: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” And this is John again, John found that when he attained the inner peace and stopped from the natural man, he was receptive and he received the Spirit, the Holy Ghost – the stone which is a pure consciousness, the white stone – the conscious awareness of the living God, expressing as the son, the Christ. So, Joel says, “My peace, the peace of the Christ! More healings…” And what is a healing? It’s really a revealing. No one has ever healed, an illusion cannot be healed. So, what is happening? The Spirit, when you attain the peace, and you rest, and you receive the Spirit – you receive the conscious awareness of God, revealing itself – It reveals Itself expressing or, the Christ. You! The Christ. “More healings have been brought about through absolute silence”-which is the peace – “than through all the arguments metaphysicians have thought up in the whole history of the world.

Now, here he’s going to give you the steps, just as John did. John gave them two thousands years ago. Here’s a man that gave them 50 years ago: “When you are called upon for help. sit down and get at peace, – or stop – think no thoughts; sit and wait. Wait. Be patient, and wait for the peace of the Christ to descend upon you. And when that peace comes, without a word, you will witness healing.” What does that means? That means when that peace comes, without a word, without a thought, you’ll bear witness to the living God expressing as your Christhood or the Christhood of whoever is appearing. You see? You see? “To him that overcometh… is he that receiveth,” but you don’t do the overcoming, you can’t. The minute you think you’re gonna be overcoming, you’re trapped, you’re fighting. You don’t do the overcoming! You find the peace. You remember the scriptures that tell you, “Be at peace”. You remember the scriptures that say, “Fear not.” – I am here – “It is I, be not afraid.” You remember the scriptures that remind you or the statements of truth that remind you to be at peace. When you attain the peace, you’re part is done. You have listened, you have been receptive, and now your consciousness will change, right where you are, without your help. You will have the consciousness of Christ, you will have Christ consciousness.

“We are now in a different position from the one in which we found ourselves when we were functioning with treatments. We have come to that place in consciousness where we are ready for the next higher step: learn to sit down and relax. Whether the case is serious or not, we sit down and relax. We don’t handle it, we don’t work on it, we don’t treat it! We sit back, find our peace, and create a vacuum for God to reveal the Christ.” So who overcomes? God does! “The battle is not yours,” but mine, “saith the Lord”… “I am the Way.

In “that peace that passeth understanding,” in that quiet, in that stillness, the peace of God, the power of God is made manifest and it does the work, it reveals itself! So, “to him that overcometh” means : to him who has found his peace – he’s not trying to know any truth, he’s not trying to change an appearance, he’s not trying to do anything, but remain at peace – into that peace – that peace is receptivity – he will receive the conscious awareness of God expressing as his Self, as his Christ-Self.

Now, way back in 1959, Joel decided that we weren’t understanding this, we were not understanding this process of : first, the peace, and then the receiving. So, he went out in 1959 and traveled around the world and taught, to the best of his ability, how we do this. And he gave us “impersonalizing” and “nothingizing,” which is another way of releasing all that and finding your peace. And here’s how he said it then, – see if you can see the same principles: first the peace, then, receiving – “In spiritual healing, whether the claim is Jones, Brown or Smith; whether it’s cancer, tuberculosis or polio; whether it’s unemployment, depression or unhappy relationships, do not be tricked into treating a person or a condition. No, because then you’re wrestling.” You have to find your peace! This is the principle: find your peace! He says, “Leave them alone and get back to the substanceless substance to which you can give any name you like – you can say, oh – that’s the carnal mind, that’s hypnotism, suggestion. It can be anything as long as you interpret it as meaning nothingness – no substance, no law, no cause.” Why? Because these words will make you remember, “Oh yeah, whew !..Oh, that’s right, I don’t have to fight! I don’t have to fight.” And then, he says, “When you really begin to comprehend that in healing you are not dealing with people, when you learn to eliminate them and their specific claims from your thought…you will find how quickly you will be able to become consciously aware of a spiritual Presence within you. This Presence cannot be felt until you are free of the barrier: The barrier is the belief in two powers; the belief in something apart from God.” Okay?

Now listen closely and you’ll see the two principles: peace and receiving. “The minute you have made the carnal mind a nothingness, you no longer have two powers and you can do what it says in scriptures, rest in His word. You can rest in His word” – all right, that’s finding your peace – “waiting for the Spirit of the Lord to be upon you” – that’s receiving – “and when it comes, it breaks the hypnotism” – or it reveals, “There is no humanhood”, it reveals, “I, the living God, am expressing as Christ.”

He struggled finding these two principles: “For years, after I had learned to recognize that all forms of sin, disease, lack and limitation are hypnotism… the puzzle was to discover how to break the hypnotism… It was then that I discovered that scriptural passage which you will find throughout all my writings, ‘the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands’.” You can see very plainly now, can’t you? Here is the stone again, the consciousness is cut out of the mountain, the conscious awareness comes out of God, without hands. “By the time I had spent some months puzzling on its obscure meaning, the answer began to be apparent: The weapon against error, against any appearance – our offense and our defense – is something that is not physical or mental, no action, no words, no thoughts – only the awareness of God.”

First, you find the peace; if you have to use some words like “hypnotism” and “nothingness” use them, but only as a tool to find your peace. If you’ve gone beyond that, where you no longer have to use words or thoughts, you can just settle down into that peace. When you find that peace, you are receptive and you will feel something, something not of this world; and you will bear witness to God in action expressing as you: the living Christ. And he says it this way, in this book he says, “As you carry this out in practice, watching the stone being formed in and of your consciousness while you stand to the side as a witness or a beholder, eventually a state of peace will come.” Yes, and then what happens when you have the peace? Well, he tells you, “Then you will catch a glimpse of God as Is, not a power over anything, just God is.”

One more time, “All problems fade out in proportion as you develop this ability to be quiet, to behold, to witness divine harmony revealed. The principle behind this is that inasmuch as the activity of the human mind is the substance of hypnotism, when the human mind is not functioning – when you have stopped, when you have attained your peace – when you are not thinking thoughts or words, when you are in a stillness – or in peace – the human mind is stopped and the hypnotism is gone. When you do this, you will feel something which transcends the human dimension of life.” You see that?

So, first the peace, then, the receiving and that is the two principles of this week’s chapter. We’ve done 35 minutes and haven’t gone very far in the chapter, but I think we have, because we’re entering the consciousness of the chapter, not the words.

Now, in march of 2004, I had a dream. And so, these are my words being put into symbols.

[I was floating up in the air, and suddenly I felt the presence of God embrace each arm and lift me higher and higher. I recognized it was God, and I relaxed back as the “everlasting arms” beneath me lifted me up higher and higher.]

That’s the same experience, isn’t it? First the peace, I recognize it, I rest back and I am lifted up into a higher consciousness. I am given a white stone – a higher consciousness – upon which is written, “Divine Son, the living Christ.”

Now, when you are in that peace and you’re resting like an ice cube floating on a pool of water, just floating, just resting, just being, something will move, you will receive the Holy Spirit. You will receive the divine I, you will bear witness to God expressing as you, the Christ. I, that I is your real being. That I is the divinity of your being. I is the one infinite eternal. I is that which the Master revealed in his statement, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” I is the bread, the wine and the water. I. Moses revealed “I am that I am” and the Master revealed the same great truth. And you, in your silence, in your stillness, in your sea of peace, standing totally still, you will bear witness. The living Christ is your name.

“I already am. I already am living in divine consciousness. I already am in my Father’s house; the Father’s house is my home, the Father’s Kingdom…” Well, what is the Father’s kingdom? It’s not a place, the Father’s kingdom is your conscious awareness, when you have found your peace and you have received him. “Thank You Father. Thank You Father. All that You have is mine. All that You are I am. Yes, I am home in You.” All that you are, I am. When? All that you are, I am now, but I may be living that natural life. Find some way to be still enough inside to get at peace, and then, then you will be conscious of “All that the Father is, I am,” because you will be conscious of God expressing, giving you that pure consciousness and that new name: “Divine Son,” the living Christ.

If you have ears that ear and eyes that see, you will find the revelation of your divine sonship in the Infinite Way. You will read there how God reveals Itself and how the Christ reveals Itself as I am. But only in the secret place of your being can you realize your divine sonship.” So, “the secret place of the most High,” that would be your inner temple when it is imbued with peace. It’s a very secret place, nobody can see it – your consciousness – but they can feel it and so can you, as the Spirit moves over the depths of your consciousness, you become consciously aware of God expressing. And so, you’re no longer a man, you’re no longer a woman, you are now God’s chosen, you are the divine Son of God, you are the divine expression, “My peace I give you: My freedom I give you: My health I give you: My wealth I give you, My meat, My wine, My water.” How? By acceptance.

‘What things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe ye receive them’.” How do you receive them? That should be your question, that should be your kõan: “How do you receive the Holy Spirit?” He says, “It may well be that tomorrow there may be an appearance contrary to the truth that you are one with the Father. Then is the time to bring back to conscious remembrance ‘I cannot accept appearances, I cannot judge by appearances, I and the Father are one. That is what I have learned about my true identity, and I stand on, and in, that truth. ‘I and my Father are one’ – and all that the Father has is mine.’ I hold to that and maintain it until the outer picture conforms to the inner awareness.”

Now, I will remind you again of Joel’s statement, in this chapter “Peace”: “Begin now to change your old basis of treatment. If necessary, do it drastically; do it by forcing yourself to take no thought. I am asking you to come into a higher consciousness of the presence of God, a consciousness higher than that which you can attain through the action of the human mind. Let us move a step higher into that state of consciousness in which we would be if we were students of Jesus, who said: ‘Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, . . . or what ye shall drink, . . . your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things. . . . Consider the lilies, how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these.’

So, “do not try to improve a person,” or an appearance. “Sit in a state of receptivity, relaxed, a state of silence, a state of peace. Let that peace permeate your whole being, and when you have accomplished that peace.” Then the second part, “Sit with a listening attitude – or be receptive so you can receive – and watch the light dispel the darkness, instead of you being the healer, now you are a witness watching this state of peace do the healing. From now on, “Be a beholder of the activity of the Christ, or God. Watch It work for you, in you, and through you, and ultimately, as you.”

Okay. Let’s have a meditation. Remember, first, the peace, then receive Him. Close your eyes. Take a deep breathe. Maybe another one. Let us find this peace, the “Peace that passeth understanding.” Yes, understanding is not needed. You do not have to understand how God happens in order to experience God happening. Well, what then? First, the peace, “My Peace I give unto you.” Ah!.. So why am I struggling with this mental image; perhaps a mental image of a lack, or a limitation? Yes, why am I struggling? I feel the Presence right now, I know that God is with me. So, let me be still. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give me the conscious awareness of the Presence. It is the Father’s good pleasure to give me the awareness of the inner movement of Spirit. All that I ever had to do, is to drop the mental images. And so, whether I tell myself “Look, just stop!” or whether I say “Be still now, and know” or whether I say “Be at peace, I am here” or whether I say “Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid” or whether I say “Hypnotism: nothingness,” I am becoming still. “Be still and know. Be still and feel. Be still and receive.” First, this inner peace, “I am the Way, there is nothing for you to do, but rest, there remain at rest, that’s all you have left now: a rest. You rest, I am the Way. And receive ye my Spirit, receive ye the Holy Spirit, receive ye the conscious awareness of the living Christ as It moves through your consciousness.” In this peace, I am receptive, “Father, reveal Thyself, Father express Thyself, Father fulfill Thyself, I am listening, I am receptive. I am still.”


Have I been so long time with you, and you have not known me. Be at peace and watch, and wait. Wait upon the Lord and I, that you have not known, I will reveal myself: Christ in expression. Be at peace. Be receptive. I am come.”


When you attain the peace, then you receive the conscious awareness of the living God flowing as you. This is the real Christmas, this is the birth of the living God as Christ appearing. And, “I have come that you may have life and life more abundantly. All that the Father hath is mine.” All. But you don’t receive it by seeking it.

In the book “The Art of Meditation,” I remember reading, Joel said: “Seek ye not,” and I thought : “What does that mean?” It means simply this: there is no need to seek, I am the Way, I. Don’t you know I am the Way? That’s not a pretty saying, an ancient scripture, that’s a living experience, and in your peace you receive Him, that I, and you see it express, you see it appear. You might say you’ve had a healing, but that’s not it, you just forgot the natural man for a moment and you received Him, and He revealed the Son of God, you, the Christ.

And, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth, as it is in heaven.”

And the Word, which is this movement, this Spirit that enters your peace, this becomes Flesh and dwells among you, and you behold the Christ, the only begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth. And you’re satisfied with that likeness. “So, know me now: the Son of the living God. That’s your identity.” We’re told this is our true identity, but that’s not enough. We read, this is our true identity, that’s not enough. We hear, someone speaking, “Your true identity is Christ,” but that’s not enough. Eventually, through persistence, perhaps like the monks who meditate on the kõan, we become so frustrated that we give up, “I quit” and accidentally, I stop. Now, I have found this quiet center of peace and I am listening, I am receptive. And, “Oh my God, was that it?” Yes! Yes, you have received Him, who to know aright is life eternal. Why? The natural man passes away. Over the centuries there have been billions, if not trillions of persons. Are they remembered? What are they? Where are they? But when you have this conscious awareness, you have awakened to Him whom you have received, the living God. And you are consciously aware of it expressing as your Christ identity. Then, then you have and are living your true identity. You are Christ. You are that I am. This is eternal. It will never leave you: the conscious awareness, the consciousness, the white stone, the new name, “Divine Son.” You have it forever. You have overcome and you have the hidden manna, the hidden name, the living Christ.

As we enter the Christmas season, let us remember: in order to experience the real Christmas, the real Spirit of Christmas into the manger of our consciousness must first come peace. You remember, a divine silence. And in that peace, you will receive the living Father, which says unto you: “Thou art my divine Son, in whom I am well pleased. Thou art my expression.” And you will know: “I, am Christ.” You will have received into you inner peace the real Christ-mass: I, Christ.

We’re suppose to have some snow tonight; and tomorrow, not a lot, but enough to make it pretty. I love to stand outside and feel the silence of those snowflakes falling. Such a wonderful silence! And, I find my peace, and often I feel the Presence flowing through me. And I know that I am one with the Father, I am the living Christ. Oh! it’s so wonderful, so beautiful! Breathtaking.

Please, if you have a problem, stop fighting. The battle is not yours. You must overcome the urge to battle, to fight, even to try to treat. You must overcome the urge to transform this problem and you must let go, no matter how serious, let go. And in the silence, you will find “My Peace,” and in “My Peace” you will receive Christ consciousness.

Blessings to you who receive this inner stone, this new name: Divine Christ.

Thank you.


Bill: Good morning!

Sunday, November 24th, 12:00 PM. We had a wonderful meditation this morning and if you haven’t done so, stop! That means of course, stop. Stop taking thought. Stop reasoning. Stop trying to understand. Stop trying to do something. Stop trying to know something.

Today’s talk is about the “Hidden Manna”, chapter 5 in Leave Your Nets. Hidden manna. And in the margin I wrote pretty much the thesis for the whole talk. The real hidden manna is that Impersonal Mind, Impersonal Consciousness which functions when you stop.

You see, when you stop, I begin. Now this chapter is, in fact this entire book is, contains talks from Joel where the Christ is trying, is offering, a way for the students to come up higher, from metaphysics into mysticism. Any time you read something that says we need to stop these affirmations and denials that we used in the beginning, and come up higher, you know that you are being lifted into the mystical.

And we have a place where we hang out. We have a website and it’s called “Mystical Principles”. And the principles of that website ever since, several years ago that Sharon sent me a copy of the “Kailua Study Series” and I understood what was, what Joel was trying to do with those students, ever since then, the talks and the, well everything, has been geared toward our coming up higher into the mystical realm.

So again, the real hidden manna is that Impersonal Mind which functions when you stop. It begins, “Ours is a new dimension. We do not seek the world. We abide at the center of our being. Behold the glory of God and let the world come to us.” Which means, as you will see in this chapter, we seek the invisible and let the visible appear as it will. “He who hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith onto the churches: To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna.

Down here a little farther, Joel says, “The whole import of the message of The Infinite Way could well be summed up in that term, ‘hidden manna.’ Hidden manna. How like that expression is to the other statement of the master’s, ‘My peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth, give I unto you’. Not physical health or material wealth, not a new home or an automobile, not anything that the world gives but My peace. My peace is something that the world will not recognize if it came face-to-face with it .

And on the next page he says, “Here you have a hidden mystery. Peace such as the world gives comes to you because of external circumstances or conditions.” I guess we all know by now that money has wings. And you can get a big chunk of it and maybe you have a big chunk of it and have it deposited in several bank accounts, or in property, or stocks and it can just take off and melt away within a week or two.

So the peace that you get from having a little nest egg behind you, well I can guarantee you that if you’re on this path and you haven’t yet switched your reliance from the visible to the invisible, well the visible is going to melt away. You’re going to get a little nudge to shift.

You see the mystical realm is the invisible reality and it comes in a moment ye think not. It comes in a moment you stop. You stop being you. And you stand stock still. That’s another way of saying it. You wait. You listen. You’re receptive. You create a vacuum. These are all the same thing. You stop. And into that vacuum, into that absence of the little self, the visible self, into the absence of that visible self comes the invisible Self. And you have the conscious awareness that the living Christ. Now who can be aware of Christ? Can the human being? Can the human mind? No. The human mind can only be aware of a material self. The human mind can only be aware of matter.

So if you are consciously aware of the movement of Christ, if you feel the Spirit move over the face of the deep in your consciousness, if you hear the still small voice whispering, I am here. Fear not. I will never leave you nor forsake you. If you see something, you catch a glimpse of something you never saw before, something wonderful, something called I … in all of those realizations, you are standing in Christ and Christ is in you. And for all intents and purposes, you are the Christ.

Now this is not something you can go tell your family members. “Oh guess what I realized today?” You can’t tell your neighbors, you can’t tell your coworkers, you can’t tell anybody, really. But you won’t have to tell them. The more you dwell in this Christ, and if you don’t like “Christ,” I’ve known some Jewish people that did not like to use the term Christ, and they didn’t like to speak the word God or write it. That’s OK. It can be called “It,” it can be called “I,” it can be called “I am,” it can be called “I am that I am,” it can be called “Is,” it can be called “a Presence,” it can be called “Spirit.”

You see, nobody’s locked out. It doesn’t matter what your religion was, as you approach this mystical life, no one is locked out except for he that continues to try to get the Spirit to manifest corporeally. See, the human mind is all about the material world. And Joel, Christ in Joel, is trying to lift us into the mystical realm which is all about the invisible kingdom.

So again, I say to you the real hidden manna is that impersonal mind which functions when you stop. “ Peace such as the world gives comes to you because of external circumstances. If you have more health or wealth or a bigger home or a longer vacation, that may induce a temporary state of peace. But this good that comes to you from the external world today, may be taken from you tomorrow,” and that’s what we were saying. So, “My peace is different from that. My peace is an inflow and an outflow from within your own being. So it’s never depends on anything. It’s self-created, self-maintained and self-sustained.”

My peace comes from a hidden spring within and when it comes, the good that it brings will never leave you. In other words, the peace that is realized within will forever establish harmony in your outer world. This is the hidden manna. This is the meat to which the master referred when he said, ‘I have meat to eat that ye know not of’ and ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word which proceedeth out of the mouth of God.’” You see that?

More and more and more we are to live in this invisible realm, watching, beholding as the incorporeal Presence functions your life, appears out here. If your need is transportation, it can very well appear as a new car. I’ve had that happen when I wasn’t even looking for one. And I watched it get paid off within a year, a little over a year. Now, if it’s health, if it’s life you need, it will appear as life, as health. If it’s a companion that you are to have to walk through this life with, it will appear as that companion without seeking, I’m telling you. Without looking anywhere.

I told the story before, but I’ll tell it again. My wife and I are coming up on 30 years of marriage. Now as I say to everyone, she’s not perfect but she’s perfect for me. And I mean that whole-heartedly. Alright, so how did it happen that we got together? Well, we lived in a town that was about 8,000 people. Now that’s not many if you’ve lived in Los Angeles like I have where there’s several million. Eight thousand is almost empty.

And we went to a certain class, in a certain church we both attended. And we lived in this town for 10 years and never met. Now how is that possible? It gets even better than that because her spiritual advisor was married to my spiritual advisor. That’s someone you go to when you have a problem and you’re not sure how to sort through it and they help you point out the principles and you live by those principles and your problem is met. So, you would think that we would’ve met on accident maybe pulling into their driveway at the same time. You would think we would’ve met at this meeting at the church but what happened was this…

I got a job that was, it just ate up all my days and evenings and I couldn’t attend anymore. This job required me to work two back to back days, 14 hours a day. Twenty eight hours in two days, that’s a lot of standing. And I didn’t feel like going anywhere when I got home or I got home after this meeting at the church let out. So I wasn’t able to attend that class anymore. And she was busy attending that class. Whereas, the year before that, she got a job managing a Holiday Inn and she was busy with all kinds of hours and I was busy in the class so we didn’t meet we were like, out of sync.

And she had certain relationships, and I had a marriage that was falling apart, and neither one of us was seeking. And I’ve talked to her and listened to her and she says she was on her side of town and she was praying, “God I don’t know how to pick anybody so I’m going to quit. I’m just going to stop. You pick someone if I am to have someone.” And she quit looking. And I was on my side of town after the divorce was final and I was saying the same thing “I guess I’m just gonna walk with You, teach some classes and that’s it. There’s nobody that can put up with me.”

Well what happened? I needed to find a place to live. The place [where] I was living was closing its doors let’s say, so I went back to work and I called a friend of mine and he said, “Why don’t you rent an apartment from this lady?” and I said, “OK” and I called her. And she said, “Sure, OK, I’ll show you the apartment.” She was fixing up an old house and turning it into apartments. So I went down there and I talked to her and she showed me the apartment and she said, “How long would you like it for?” and I said, “Well, here’s the first months rent” and I gave it to her, and I found myself an apartment.

And I also found myself a lady, that we were to grow close together and you know, don’t tell anybody I said this but, we tell all of our friends that they need to take a year and get to know each other and that’s not what we did. We didn’t take a year. Thirty days after we met, we were married and now it’s coming on 30 years.

But the point of this whole story is, neither one of us was seeking. We both gave up the search. That’s it, I’m going to be alone now God you take over. And when we did that, when we stopped, God took over and then we met. Here we’ve been in the same town for 10 years and never laid eyes on each other. But when it was time, when we were ready, when we were following rather than trying to lead, we met. And it was perfect and she’s perfect for me.

Alright so, I tell you that because I’ve lived this principle in more ways than one. So, when he says here, “My peace comes from a hidden spring within and when it comes, the good that it brings you will never leave you,” if you are thinking the good that it brings is an automobile, or a wife or a husband, or a new lung, you’re mistaken. That wasn’t what God brought us. God brought us the inner, hidden manna. God brought us “My peace,” “My presence” and resting in that, after giving up taking thought, after giving up trying to manage, we rested. Both of us. And then she appeared and I appeared and the two became one. And we’ve walked in this oneness this for 30 years.

So, God doesn’t give you a material good. You’ve got to get out of that mindset. I know we all started out with affirmations and denials, myself included. I put a picture of a Dodge Caravan up on my refrigerator where I could see you every day. And I affirmed every day something like, “My good is mine and comes to me daily” or something, ya know, I don’t remember now. But it was an affirmation about that Dodge Caravan. And sure enough, in six months or so, I was driving a Dodge Caravan. A nice one, with captain chairs and a place for my coffee. And, wonderful. I loved it.

But, we are not in metaphysics. Well, we are in metaphysics. We’re trying to move out of metaphysics into the mysticism that The Infinite Way provided, showed us. So this whole book is about moving into that mysticism. So, the good that God has, is invisible.Life becomes entirely different once you catch hold of the great truth that the word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God is the substance of life.”

So we can use that word. The “substance” of life. You don’t like the word “God?” You don’t like the word “Christ?” You don’t like the word “Spirit?” You can use “substance.” “The word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God is the substance,” the invisible substance of life.

Now, John lived in this mystical consciousness and his entire book is flowing out from that mystical consciousness. What is the mystical consciousness? Something mysterious and weird? No. The mystical consciousness is your consciousness as you behold the invisible in whatever way it appears to you. Like we said a little while ago, it can be a be a still small voice, it can be a presence, it can be an awareness, a conscious awareness, it can be an impression, it can be a movement, it can be a fizzing, as Joe likes to say. It can be anything that is the invisible appearing to you. Alright?

So John lived in this invisible and we are going to live in this invisible some now, some later. So John is speaking out from there. Or the Christ through John, or the essence through John is, or the substance through John is saying, “I have meat to eat that ye know not of.” Just think if you can find a way to stop. If you can find that absence of self, you will have a meat that the world knows not of. You will have a hidden manna. You will experience an invisible essence, an invisible substance, an invisible presence.

And so, John again, If thou knewest the gift of God and who it is that saith to thee, give me to drink, thou wouldest have asked of him and he would have given the living water. I love that, living. Again, I am the bread of life. Again, To him that overcometh, will I give to eat of the hidden manna.

And what is the hidden manna? We said it at the very beginning. The real hidden is that Impersonal Mind which functions when you stop. So he says, “You will not judge your supply by how many dollars you have, but by how much God contact you have.” That’s the hidden manna. “Whatever good is to appear in your life must appear as a result of the activity of truth in your consciousness.”

And hopefully, we all know now that the activity of truth in your consciousness is not sitting around and affirming. It’s not saying, and we did this in the beginning and it was right that we did. It was how we learned the letter. You don’t discard the letter. The letter of truth and the Spirit of truth walk hand in hand.

So, many of us walked around saying, “Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things.” Said it 300, 500 times a day. And experienced some of that grace. Maybe our income was doubled, the right person came along, we found a new house, ya know? Slowly, that begins to stop working. That’s what Joel says in The Infinite Way book, the original first book. He says it stops working or it doesn’t work like it once did and then we find out, we have a problem. We’re trying to pull the invisible into the visible.

And not only that, we’re trying to funnel it into these outlines, these molds we’re holding up. Fill this mold, I want a new car. Fill this mold, I want a new foot. Fill this mold, I want a new house, I want a new spouse. We are coming up higher where this invisible substance, this essence, this presence knows our need before we do and we’re learning to trust it and dwell in it.

So, the activity of truth in your consciousness is not repeating the letter of truth 300 times a day. What is it? I wrote down here what it is. It’s not thinking statements of truth, that’s not an activity of truth in consciousness. “I am the truth,” I, the Christ, the movement of Spirit in consciousness. This is the activity of truth, the movement of truth. When you hear that still small voice, when you catch an inspired vision of truth, and suddenly, “Ahh,” you know it. When you feel that movement across the waters of your consciousness, when you feel the Spirit descend upon you, the presence envelops you or flows through you… this is the activity. This movement, this inner movement is the activity of truth because I, that Presence, am the Truth and that’s the activity of truth and when you feel it, you and the Father are one. You are that movement. For all intents and purposes, I and that movement are one. You are living out from the Invisible, from the hidden manna. You see?

Now, I’m not covering very much, we’re almost half-way through, we’ve got a lot to go. Maybe I can talk faster. “You will not come into the presence of God carrying with you any desire for God to do something, be something, or get something for you. You must consciously make the sacrifice of everything external.” You see? You remember probably quite plainly Joel saying, “We do not fear, hate or love anything in the external realm.” I know that’s hard. I know it. I know it’s hard.

How do you love someone when you can’t love the external person? How do you love someone when you can’t love the personal sense of self? Well, I’ve experienced the answer. I wrote it in the first book, Steps to Mystical Experience and I’m not sure the chapter, probably has to do is love. But anyway, I wrote it in there. You have to… oh yeah, that’s it. Loving the one in the many. Not the many in the one.

We have to pull our attention. I don’t care if it hurts, you’ve got to do it if you want to go forward. You move your attention and your affection off of the visible and onto the invisible. This essence that appears as your significant other, you love It through them. And it can be done. I have done it. I’m not saying I do it all the time, I forget. I fall back into the personal. I’m still here. When I leave, you’ll know I got it.

Okay, so, “We are learning to live in the invisible, to function from the invisible, to dwell on the invisible, to love the invisible, to commune with the invisible.” So to emphasize it, he says, “Everyone who has sought God and missed the way has missed it because he is sought God for a reason. For healing, or for supply or happiness and so on. ”

So he says on the next page, “Consciously do this within your own consciousness.” Now, don’t just repeat these words. This has to be an inner experience where you make the shift from wanting God, the Spirit, to demonstrate corporeally. You’re trying to get an incorporeal Spirit to demonstrate corporeally and that is the battle of the flesh and the Spirit. You’re going to make a change where you only want the Incorporeal Experience, capital “E.” So do this within: “I want my life to be lived by every word, every movement that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Then the miracle will follow.” Okay, but that’s an attitude, it’s not words.

True, the Christ will appear as some human avenue. Your good can come to you through me and my good can come to me through you, but mine will not come from you and yours will not come from me.” No, we’ll be looking to the invisible.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the forms out here in which the invisible appears. I enjoy my wife, but I also know the invisible is where my love is. And I enjoy my car, my new car. I have a Toyota Corolla Hybrid. It’s wonderful, I really like it. They did a great job. Fifty-three miles to the gallon so I feel little better about not buying gas all the time.

Anyway, I can enjoy it thoroughly but that’s not where my love and hate and fear lie. I no longer hate and fear anything. My love lies in the invisible and I’ve told you that over and over. That happened way back in 1973 when I fell in love with God.

But how did that happen? Well, my wife ran away with another guy and I was forced to either find another woman or find God. And my spiritual advisor, before he passed, he said, “Look, most people would transfer their feelings to another woman but you’d be just as dependent on the next one. The reason you’re feeling all this pain is because of dependency, it’s not because of love. Dependency is heavy. Love is light.”

I took that into my closet and I transferred my feelings to God. And I fell in love with God and nothing will ever come before that. Nothing! I’m not saying that I haven’t made the mistake of focusing on the material, because I have but underneath, that underlying love is there forever. And that’s what he says, “That which comes, stays forever.” But what does God have? Life and love. So, “As less and less you personalize your good and the avenues through which your good is to come, and let the Christ appear, thus will it flow.” You see that?

Alright. On the next page he says, “Nothing can stay God’s hand, not even your sins of omission or commission. Nothing you can do or ever have done will prevent the flow of God.” Now listen to this, “It is not dependent on how much reading, church going, studying and how much meditating you do.” That inner movement is not dependent on any of that. How could the invisible be dependent on the visible? That’s a joke.

All of these things are merely aids to opening your consciousness.” That is the only function they play. “Any spiritual activity in which you may engage is not for the purpose of gaining the good of God,” he says. “It is for the purpose of enabling you to learn how to open your consciousness to the inflow.”

You see why he says in the Kailua Study Series that we are to have 30 meditations a day in which we meditate for a minute or two or three at the most? It is to developed this habit of listening. It’s to develop the ability to hear that still small voice. It is to be receptive so that we may receive Him. And, as many as receive him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God. Or, when you receive him, you will have the awareness, the conscious awareness of the Invisible flowing out as your outer experience. You will be the expression of the Invisible, or the son of God.

So, he says, “Once you’ve experienced this invisible, do not go back to seeking your good from outside. Because after you have learned that the Kingdom of God is within you, and that you must let it flow up from within to the without, if you then again go seeking it without, you create a deeper sense of separation than you had before. So, “Don’t do it,” he says “Do not go back.”

Alright. “There are times when you’re faced with the appearance of discord, inharmony, pain, lack, limitation, and the temptation is to go back to the metaphysical,” isn’t it? That’s what he says, “The temptation is to make a mental effort, to indulge in vigorous thought taking and affirmations and denials in order to achieve peace and harmony.

Now he’s trying to lift us up higher. “This invisible presence in him, which is the invisible presence in you, is trying to lift you up.” So it says, “Reverse that. Now, Reverse that and whenever there is an appearance of discord, relax. Make no mental effort.” Or in my words, “Stop!” “Your good doesn’t come to you by your striving and your efforts and your thought taking. Now it comes to you from the depths of your being. This is the hidden manna.”

You are not to try to achieve a healing. You are to be still and let the still small voice take over.” You see, you are to be still and let this invisible Impersonal Mind take over. When you’re trying to achieve a healing through affirmations and denials, that’s the personal mind. It cannot heal, it never has. But what about this Impersonal Mind that functions when you stop? What about that I?

He says, “You are to let the Spirit descend upon you. You are to rest,” or stop. Now there’s one of his spontaneous meditations here but I’ve read it before. This italics section and a couple paragraphs after that is all included in the chapter, “Fear Not” in the book, The Art of Meditation. I don’t know why Lorraine put it back in here, but she did and it’s a nice meditation.

My grace is sufficient for thee. I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. Why struggle as if you had to hold onto me? Why struggle as if you had to seek for me and search for me? I am in the very midst of thee, closer than breathing and nearer than hands and feet.”

So, I’m not going to read the whole thing. I will read the end of it here. “Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit. You can do all things through me, the Christ of your being. Let the Christ be the avenue through which you are fed, clothed, housed, and comforted, healed, protected, maintained and sustained.

Now here is one of those instructions: “Whenever an appearance of discord comes upon your horizon, relax, rest, be at peace [and stop] in the assurance of the Divine presence within you. Trust the I. Trust the Christ at the center of your being. Believe that there is a presence whose only function is to bless you, to be a benediction to you, and to be an instrument of God’s grace. Trust it.”

Now, “To him that overcometh will I give it to eat of the hidden manna.” What are you overcoming? You’re overcoming a personal sense of self. You’re overcoming a personal sense of mind, that which wants to affirm and deny. You’re overcoming a personal sense of universe. To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, which is the same exact thing as, To as many as receive him, to them will he give power to become the sons of God. That’s the same experience.

That manna is hidden within you. It invisible to the world. Unknowable to common sense. Incomprehensible to human beings, to the human mind. It is hidden from the world. Where is it hidden? In the depths of your own experience. Deep down within you there is a meat the world does not know. There are untapped springs of water and hidden manna. All of this is embedded within your own being.”

Now you remember in the Kailua Study Series he says we approach the mystical and we recognize and realize that we have to come up higher than the metaphysical. We have to stop making affirmations and denials. We have to step out of that personal sense of self and its approach to truth in order to experience Truth itself. You can remember that from Beyond Words and Thoughts in the chapter “Truth Unveiled.” He says you have to come up over the mind. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have thoughts. It does mean that, “My thoughts are not your thoughts, saith the Lord.”

Now another way of saying “hidden manna,” which he hinted at in this chapter, is “My peace” and so I’m going to go over to a different book for a moment. This is a chapter called “Peace” from the book Consciousness Unfolding. I love this here. Listen to this: First the quote from John again, he’s the mystical disciple, Peace I leave with you. My peace I give unto you not as the world giveth give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.

And the chapter begins and listen to this. This is the whole secret in a paragraph! “My peace, the peace of Christ. More healings have been brought about through absolute silence, than through all the arguments metaphysicians have thought up in the whole history of the world. When you are called upon for help, sit down and get at peace. Think no thoughts. Just sit and wait .”

Wait,” he says, and I say, “Stop.” “Be patient and wait for the peace of Christ to descend upon you. In that moment of peace, without a word you will witness healing.” That’s the whole secret. Attain the silence, and I will follow.

He says to the students, “We are now in a different position from the one in which we found ourselves when we were functioning with treatments. We have come to the place in consciousness when we are ready for the next higher step,” and that’s all of you my friends. “Even if mental argument, affirmations and denial were necessary to us in the early days of our work, we can now leave such forms alone. Learn to sit down” and stop. “Whether the case is sin, disease, death, unemployment, whether or not it seems serious, sit down” and stop. Or he says, “Sit down and relax. Do not try to handle it. Do not try to work on it. Do not try to treat it. Sit back and in silence, create a vacuum for God, for the Christ to rush in.” That’s wonderful. That’s just absolutely wonderful!

This is the secret to experiencing, to having that capital “E” Experience of the presence of I. We must stop all such futile efforts. The human mind is not the Christ.” And there you go. Metaphysics is for the human mind. Mysticism is for the Christ. Which do you want governing your affairs? Choose this day whom you will follow, mind or Impersonal Mind, Christ.

For many years, mental efforts have been tried. The words of the Bible are, My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways. What good then is all this thinking that we have been doing? The truth of the matter is that the human mind plays no part in healing. The only factor in spiritual healing work is the Christ. My peace I give unto you. In that peace that passes understanding, [passes your mind,] in that quiet, in that stillness, the peace of God, the power of God is made manifest and it does the work.” This is still this chapter: “Peace” from Consciousness Unfolding.

I just wanted to read a few of these because it emphasizes rising up into mysticism. It emphasizes prayer and meditation through or into the Christ, into the Spirit. “Healing is not brought about by the human mind. It is done by the state of consciousness imbued with the Christ. And I wanted to look up that word called “imbued” and so I looked in the Webster dictionary and it says, “to tinge deeply, to die, to cause to absorb as clothes thoroughly imbued with black. Or, to tincture deeply. To cause to become impressed or penetrated, as to imbue the minds of youth with good principles.”

And that goes back to what I was told very early in my journey. My first spiritual adviser said, “Look, the kingdom of heaven is within you. But not “within” like you open the front door and walk within the house. No, not that kind of within. It’s not within your body. No, this kind of within is such that when you take blue and red and you mix them together, they become purple.” And so “within” means imbued. The kingdom of heaven is imbued in your consciousness and when you rest and relax you say to that material sense of self, “stop.” And you stand stock still and you feel that movement, you are imbued with the Christ or the presence. Okay?

Now, “We should not go on for the next 10 years as we have been doing up to now just talking about God. The time has come now when we must experience God. Let us not pass lightly over this part of the teaching because it is the most important part of it all. We must seek God while we are yet in the flesh and that means you and me individually. Here and now without waiting to die. We must experience God through our periods of silence, our periods of peace.”

So, on the next page he says, “Begin now to change your old basis of treatment. If necessary, do it drastically.” You see? Do you remember he said in the Kailua Study Series, this may cause you to have a battle? He says, “You may have a battle with me, you may have a battle with The Infinite Way. You’ve got to get through this battle and get to the other side where you find out how to rest mystically in that spiritual consciousness within.” So he says, “If necessary, do it drastically. Do it by forcing yourself to take no thought. I am asking you to come into a higher consciousness of the presence of God. A Consciousness higher than that which you can attain through the action of the human mind.”

Let us move the step higher into the state of consciousness in which we would be if we were students of Jesus who said, ‘Take no thought,’ or stop. “You are a witness, watching the state of peace do the healing. Be a beholder of the activity of the Christ or God. Watch it work in you and through you and ultimately as you. Just sit in a state of receptivity, relaxed in a state of silence, in a state of peace. Let that peace permeate your whole being and when you have felt that, sit with the listening attitude. Watch the light dispel the darkness. Watch, watch watch.”

And I think there’s something else here at the end, “It is your own individual consciousness when your consciousness is imbued with silence and with peace. All you have to do, and all you will ever be called upon to do from now on, is to achieve that sense of peace. Okay but that’s not just being quiet. Some people feel that all they have to do is just become quiet and restful, relaxed and they’ve done it. That is incorrect.

When he says all you have to do is obtain that peace, he means, all you have to do is, sure, attain that peace first. Come to the place where you can close your eyes and stop. Or even with your eyes open, you found a way to pull back within your being and stop. Have no thought. Just listening. It really does get to the place where you can stop wherever you are. Even when you’re moving around physically.

It’s wonderful, this state of receptivity, this vacuum within, this listening, it’s wonderful. And when you do that, that’s not it. You’re not done. And if you go over carefully the Kailua Study Series, Chapter 10, 12 and 23, and 7 and 8, you will see that he said there very plainly. It’s not finished until you feel that inner movement. It’s not finished when the human mind has settled itself down. No no, that’s just the first part.

Okay so, “When the human mind has settled down and you found a sense of peace, then you’re perfectly free to say, ‘Father, reveal Thyself’ or ‘Spirit flow forth.’” ‘Wither soever thou will’ or ‘Speak Father, your servant heareth’ or ‘God is. You’re perfectly free to say one sentence, one scripture, one thought which reminds you to stand still. And your meditation is never done until you feel that inner movement. Until you feel that peace descends, as he says. The Spirit descend upon you.

Am I making this plain? Do you see where we’ve come from and where we have to go to? You remember in Beyond Words and Thoughts in that wonderful chapter, “Incorporeality of God, Man and Universe” at the end, Joel says, “We have to bring forth invisible supply, invisible companionship, invisible health, invisible life, right out of the invisible.” And the human mind can’t do that. Just sit down and start thinking and let me see if you can pull that out. You can’t. You can pull up thoughts, you can pull out ideas, more concepts. Yippee!

Only the Christ can reveal the invisible. And so your meditation is not complete until the Christ has moved, the Spirit has moved, the Presence has moved, within you. And it moves as a feeling, not as a thought. You sense it or you hear it but it’s totally different from anything you’ve ever thought. There’s a vibration that goes with it. And that’s all I’ll say on that.

Now. We had question a week or two ago. How do you pour forth health? And the answer came on November 12 and I wrote in my journal and I’ll share it with you now. “Every time you are presented with the person asking for help,” and we get that dozens of times don’t we? Many many times on our email list, someone will ask for help. “Please lift me up,” “Please lift up the Christ,” “Please help me.” So we have the opportunity to practice this principle that I’m going to reveal now.

Every time you are presented with a person asking for help, you know that God never made a person. This is hypnosis and it was not made. Therefore, you stop. You listen. You are receptive to God. You may say, “Father, reveal Thyself” and when you feel the movement of Omnipresence, you have poured out health. Spiritual health. You’ve poured out the Temple not made with hands. You’ve poured out the Temple made by God or the Life made by God.”

Every time that you go into meditation, in response to someone asking for help, and you find that peace within and you stop any mental activity, and you rest and you feel the movement, you have poured out health. Spiritual health. Not physical health, you’ve poured out spiritual health and that’s the answer to the question, “How do I pour out health?” You don’t. I within you, the Invisible, move through you. And this is the pouring out of Spiritual health, also known as the ‘hidden manna.’ This is the hidden manna and It has come that you might have life and life more abundantly. And it has come that they might have life and life more abundantly.

Thank you for bringing this forth because it’s where I live and where I want to live more and more and more. In the Invisible, dwelling in the Invisible. And I’m gonna read this one more time. If you’ll be patient with me. The thesis at the beginning of our chapter said this: “The real hidden manna is that Impersonal Mind or Self which functions when you stop.”

Many blessings to you who find this hidden manna.

Thank you.

Leave Your Nets, chapter 6, “The New Name.”

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Much Love, Many Blessings,


Bill: Good morning.

We are reviewing the book, Leave Your Nets, by Joel. We are looking this week at chapter 4 called “Open Out A Way.” Before we move into it, if you haven’t had your morning meditation or perhaps your evening meditation, stop this talk and have a meditation. Make contact, and then you can feel certain that what you need to hear you will hear.

Let’s start at the beginning. “And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. And he saith unto them,” Leave your nets and “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Now in the King James Version, they don’t have that “leave your nets,” but it’s implied because the next line says, “And they straightway left their nets, and followed him.” So this is Christ walking by the sea of your consciousness and saying to you, “Leave your mortality and follow Me,” and if you are as obedient as these two, you will leave your mortality and follow him, the Christ of your inner being.

This chapter, chapter 4, is another chapter on overcoming the world because when you put off mortality, you overcome the world, and when you overcome the world, you put off mortality and put on immortality. You live from then on not in the third dimension. You live in a spiritual fourth dimension within your consciousness. So this chapter is another chapter not on how to demonstrate supply, even though it says “open out a way,” and we know from the poem, it means open out a way that the imprisoned splendor may escape. No, open out a way in this case means put off mortality and put on immortality.

This chapter for us has many instructions. Every time I read a place where it says “we must” or “you should,” or “you better,” Joel is giving us or Christ is giving us through Joel instruction, what we are to do, just as Christ through Jesus said, “Leave your nets,” put off your mortality and follow me, I, the Christ within you. So Christ is speaking through these words and telling us today what we need to do, and the first instruction I see here is he says, “we must establish firmly our oneness with the Father before we leave our home in the morning to embark upon any enterprise, commercial, social, or ministerial, realizing that the consciousness of the Father, which is our consciousness, is the consciousness of every individual.

Now, that’s not—You might want to think about this. That’s we must establish firmly our oneness with the Father. This we do, of course, by an inner communion which we have in our meditation. Now, as a quick review, if you are not at that place where you can close your eyes and just stop, listen, and become aware of an inner movement and commune with that spiritual Christ within you; if you are not at that place, then you need to read that book called The Art of Meditation by Joel Goldsmith.

If you are not having any success at all at meditating, then perhaps you need to back up and read the book, Practicing the Presence, so that you can practice the presence on a daily basis and even at night, if you awaken in the middle of the night. If that’s too hard, then you need to back up to the book, Living the Infinite Way, and see if you can practice some of those principles. All of us have to start somewhere, and as you know,—Maybe you don’t know.—on the path called the Infinite Way, Joel described three degrees, and there are talks on the three degrees on the website

It’s up to you, if you don’t have a teacher, it’s up to you to be honest with yourself. Read or listen to those talks or read the texts and decide where you are. If you’re honest, it’s not hard, and I can suspect sometimes we’re in the first degree and then we move into the second and then we’re back and forth for a while. But the point is that if you are able to close your eyes and commune inside, then that’s what he is saying here: “We must establish firmly our oneness with the Father before we leave home in the morning .”

On the next page he says, “When we understand our connection with the Vine . . .” I changed that. I don’t like “understand.” “Understand” to me means when I intellectually get it. “Oh yeah, I understand what you’re talking about,” but that doesn’t mean I’ve realized it. So I’ve changed this to “When we [realize] our connection with the vine, we do not compete with any man. We do not fight, we do not war with him or sue him because we have access to the infinite source of our being, and it is this source that feeds and supplies us even while it is feeding and supplying all the other branches on the tree.”

We are going to learn in this chapter that there comes a time when you stop being a branch. You stop, and you become the vine or you feel the movement of the vine. Anyway, he says here, Joel says, “Let us assume, for a moment, that you are the branch, and that I stand in relationship to you as the vine,”—the vine, of course, is Christ or Spirit—“the teacher who has in some measure realized this relationship of oneness. You come to me for inspiration, guidance, teaching, or healing. You know that of my own self I can do nothing. You know that as a human being I have no power … But you are not concerned with me as a person: you are concerned only with the degree of enlightened consciousness which I represent, and that enlightened consciousness is the vine.” So there’s another hidden instruction here. He is saying that when you go to a teacher or a practitioner, you are not concerned with them as a person. You are concerned only with that level of consciousness, that enlightened consciousness that is within them.

So you come to me, the vine, and because of my recognition of oneness with the source and my years of experience in contacting it, understanding and awareness flow through this vine to you.” Now, I don’t know if you knew that, but if we look at that, Joel is saying that when you go to a practitioner or a teacher, you’re not going for a healing, you’re not going for better supply or a more perfect companion or better health or a longer life. No, no. You are going so that understanding and awareness flow through the vine to you. “. . . Whatever measure of good you receive from the person who at the moment represents the vine is only because he has attained a state of consciousness a step ahead of you who are seeking help.”

Alright, so there really is no difference in you and a practitioner or you and a teacher. You are both the vine, but perhaps you’ve been seeing yourself as a branch and the teacher as the vine. So the only difference is in the awareness that you have. “Any person, rooted and grounded in God and living consciously”—That’s the magic word.—“consciously in oneness with his Source, serves as the vine for the branches.”

I don’t know if you thought that maybe you would become a master. I guess in the early days, I thought, I mean the first year I probably thought, “Yes, some day I’m going to be a Master like Jesus Christ and do this and that and have this power and that power.” It was very, well, kind of a kindergarten attitude and belief. Now, after these many years, I see this: “Any person, rooted and grounded in God . . . serves as the vine.” We serve. It’s not a nice word when you want to be a master. “I want to serve.” “No,” but then you come to see. You have to give up mortality, and it’s the mortal that wants to be a master and be served. It’s the branch. It’s the vine that knows it is of service, that is the instrument for the divine.

So our views change. We get to the place where we want to be a servant, but it’s not a human desire to go out and do good. That’s not the same. That’s mortality taking a different route. No, it’s an inner stillness waiting upon that movement and knowing that it will serve through you. “At this point,” says Joel, “you may think of yourself as a branch, but through meditation, study, and devotion, . . . you learn to leave your ‘nets.’” You see, the nets are believing you’re a branch, believing you’re human, believing you’re mortal, believing you’re separate from every other mortal. What is there, five billion mortals now on planet earth believing they’re separate from every one of them and expressing that separate life?

However, he says, “through meditation, study, and devotion, as you learn to leave your ‘nets,’ you come to the place where your relationship to the world is as a vine,” not as a” mortal. “You will recognize yourself as rooted and grounded in the infinite source of good, and therefore, willing and ready to let that good of God flow through you that those who turn to you may be fed and may, in their turn, be enabled to bring forth fruitage.” So, giving up mortality means overcoming the world, and giving up mortality means becoming the vine.

He says next, “Whatever of good comes into your experience is not for your good or mine: it is that the Father may be glorified through us. The egotistical sense of life that has resulted in men and women thinking how great or how supreme in wisdom they are is a destructive force to themselves and to our very civilization.” That’s pretty strong language, and I recognized the other day as I was watching some highlights from baseball games, and I saw a fellow go back to the wall and leap as high as he could and catch the ball, therefore robbing the batter of a home run and making a dazzling catch, and when he came back down and landed on his feet, he beat his chest.

He beat his chest like a gorilla, and it was obvious what he was thinking is “How great I am,” the person that made the catch. There was no humility there, and I have noticed, because I like watching baseball, that some teams—I can think of the Dodgers, for instance.—are weeding out these types of players that beat their chest and think they are all that! Now, Joel here says, “ . . . they are a destructive force to themselves and to our very civilization.” That’s pretty strong language.

So some of these teams have begun to see that some of these individuals that really believe they’re all that of themselves are a destructive force in the clubhouse, in the morality, in the, not morality, [morale], but in their attitude of the clubhouse, of the other players of the whole team. And I can’t say that I blame them. How would you like somebody in your living room, a member of your family, beating on his or her chest and saying, “I am great!” That couldn’t go much for the feeling of your family, could it? It wouldn’t do much for you.

Alright, so he says, “The realization that we are instruments for that divinity that is manifesting itself and its glory as our individual being brings the fruitage of health, harmony, wholeness, peace, and joy into our experience, God expressing itself as these qualities.” In other words, you have the power to become the Son of God. How? By the realization that you are an instrument for the Divine. Yes, you are able to express, or rather, the Divine is able to express through you. You see that? That’s the same thing as having the power to become the Son of God, the expression of God.

Alright, “our outer experience is an expression of our inner state of consciousness,” and we can have and will have periods where we’re standing in our mortality. We’ve forgotten our divinity, and what happens? Well, we live in a divided consciousness. There’s little me against five billion other people, and I have to get my section, and I ‘m going to fight and I’m going to struggle and I’m going to strive and I’m going to, If I really get into it, I’m going to cheat and maybe lie and steal a little. I don’t think most of us do that anymore because we’ve outgrown all that.

However, there are things that throw us into our mortality, and living in that mortality, in that sense of separation, feeling no communion whatsoever and acting accordingly, we, well we reap what we sow. If we sow to the flesh, to a separate sense of existence, you reap corruption. Right? And then the answer is this corruptible must put on incorruption. This mortal must put on immortality, and that’s what this chapter is about.

So, on the next page Joel says, “We will find that this universal consciousness is really our true being.” How will we find that? We’ll find that by going, by perhaps reviewing our day at the end of the day, looking over the day and how we did and realizing, “Oh, wow! I lived as a mortal again. No wonder it’s been a messed up day. I’m reaping corruption. I’m sowing mortality; I’m reaping corruption.

Now you know that pendulum can flow either way. You can also say, “Wow! Look what I did. I accomplished that! Aren’t I great? What a good day I’ve had.” That’s the same mortality, but instead of looking as bad. Now it’s looking as something good. It’s still mortality, and it’s still corruption. It’s going to swing back to the other side. It always does if you stay in that mortality.

But what if we come up higher? Well, he says, ”Strange, is it not, how we have looked everywhere for love, appreciation, gratitude, cooperation, and reward— everywhere except where they actually exist, within our own being?”

Now here’s another instruction: “We must now cease looking to any person for good—even for integrity, loyalty, or fidelity; we must let those qualities flow out from us.” You see, this putting off mortality, which takes and takes and tries to get, get, get —It has to reverse. We have to be the vine. We have to give, give, give. We have to pour out, open out a way for this to express. We have to be the vine.

On the next page, Joel says, “The love, reward, gratitude, justice, mercy, or kindness that we let flow out from us is the only love, justice, mercy, kindness, or gratitude that can ever flow back to us.” And then he cautions us, “Some of you are still seeking health, and I can tell you that you will never find it. Health is already established within you, or else there is no God.”

Now that would be a perfect koan for you to take into meditation this week. Now, here’s the definition of a koan, “k” “o” “a” “n,” by Merriam Webster: “A koan is a paradox to be meditated upon that is used to train Zen Buddhist monks to abandon ultimate dependence on reason and force them into gaining sudden intuitive enlightenment.” Well now that sounds very familiar. Isn’t that what Joel describes as the mystical way, having direct communion with God and intuitive understanding? So a koan is something that you take into meditation.

A Zen master, the most famous one, the Zen master would say, “Please go back to your rooms until you can tell me the sound of one hand clapping.” And in our modern world, western world, we show our ignorance by having commercials and making that seem like something really stupid, but the stupidity is the reason that they can’t understand what a koan is for. So the student goes back to the room, and they meditate: “the sound of one hand clapping.” What is that? And they go back to the master, “Is it this?” And they do something with one hand, and the master says, “No. Oh, no. Go back to your room.” Seems almost disappointed. They come back. “How about this?” “No. No, no. Try again.”

Eventually you’re sitting in meditation. You’re trying to meditate. You’re frustrated. “I can’t get it. I don’t know what the sound of one hand clapping is.” And suddenly in your meditation, you stop! Whoa! There’s this inner movement. You feel something, something not of this world, something from another dimension, a fourth dimension. A smile comes to your face. You realize this is why the master sent me to meditate, not to discover the sound of one hand clapping, but to abandon all reason and experience this mystical experience, and a love radiates from you. You’re smiling from ear to ear.

Now the Zen master calls the thirty students back. He looks over the audience. There you are, the only student smiling from ear to ear. Nothing to say, and he dismisses everyone. “Go back to your rooms, but not you. You stay here. We need to talk.” You see? So your koan this week is “Health is already established within you, or else there is no God.”

God has established within his son “health, harmony, wholeness, and peace,” and you must find some way to open up an avenue for these to flow out from you. Now, something else: We know that if we want love, we need to let love flow out from us. And you can begin with a plant, a tree, an animal, and slowly, gradually express love to strangers until love is flowing out through you. And trust me, love will come and envelop you. And we know that we can pour out supply. We can help people. We can be of service. We can donate. We can pray. There are a lot of ways to pour out, and when we do this, our supply never runs dry.

But then we come to the third thing. People ask for help with their companions, their companionship, their supply, which to them usually means money, or their health, their life. Now my question to you, and I would be interested to see what you say, is: How do you pour out health? Yes, we can pour out life by spending our life in service, spending our hours in service, but how exactly would you pour out health? We can pour out supply. We can pour out love. So there must be a way to pour out health. I would be very interested to see what you have to say. Post a message in the Mystical Principles email list which you can find on the website or write me privately, but let me know what you see, what comes to you within. How do you pour out health? I’d be fascinated to see.

Okay, over here on the next page, “The Son of God is he who understands that he is that avenue, instrument, or vehicle through which the infinite nature of God’s being is pouring itself. It is he who knows that the Father is glorified in his bringing forth much fruit: not getting it, . . . but bringing it forth from within his own being.” Okay, we must be the vine.

Come on, children, it’s time to get up. Stop living as a branch. You are the vine, but to come into the awareness of it, you have to live as the vine. You have to open out a way. “Only in the sense of your Self-completeness as the revealed Son of God do you find yourself coming into possession and realization of all good on the outer plane.” So you can’t do it as a material self. It must be, you must be a spiritual Self. You must have a spiritual sense of Self realized.

Alright, here’s another instruction, and it is putting off mortality. “Therefore, you meditate,” says Joel, “you go within so as to realize that within your consciousness . . . is the completeness of being, and you are opening out a way for it to flow forth . . . This is a complete reversal of the human picture.” Whenever he says this is a “reversal,” it means you’re dying to self and awakening to capital “S” Self.

On the next [page], he had another instruction. Now, these instructions are for you to do, not for you to know. Knowing this will not lift the Christ of you. Doing this will lift the Christ. If you want to lift up the I of your being, do this! Leave your nets and follow me. He says, “Begin your day by recognizing the presence of God, the I that is come to fulfill. Withdraw your gaze from the outer world, and then after that go about your business.”

So there’s your instruction. “Begin your day by recognizing the presence of God” as “the I that is to come to fulfill. Withdraw your gaze from the outer world, and then go about your business.” When you withdraw your gaze from the outer world, you’re withdrawing your gaze from mortality. When you recognize, realize, have a meditation on the presence of God as the I that has come to fulfill, you’re placing your vision, your consciousness in the infinite, in the Christ. You’re lifting the Christ. “As long as you do not look to another for your good, your good will flow to you.” Alright.

You have now come to a place in consciousness where you must realize, as did Jesus, that you’re the vine. I have meat to eat that ye know not of. I have an inner source of good; I can give you waters, living waters that spring up into life everlasting.” And “you begin now to live in a new dimension,” the fourth dimension. Alright.

Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, “How is it that thou being a Jew asketh drink of me, a woman of Samaria? The Jews have no dealings with the Samaritans.” Jesus answered and said unto her, “If thou knoweth the gift of God and who it is that saith to you, “Give me to drink,” thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water. Whosoever drinks of this water shall thirst again, but whosoever shall drink of the water that I shall give him, shall never thirst. But the water that I give shall be a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”

This is the vision that John had of Christ sitting on the well of your consciousness and saying “Hello there. May I drink?” and if you’re like the woman of Samaria, you’re going to get all bogged down into seeing mortality. But then if you listen, if you go within and stop, just stop your mortality. No more taking thought. Stop—and listen. Be aware. Watch—Wait—Listen, and you feel something is upon you. It’s a Presence. It’s a peace, a peace that passes your understanding mind. And as many as have that experience, as many as receive him, well you are given living water. You’re given the Spirit, and you will never thirst again because the water you receive, the Spirit you receive becomes a well of water springing up into everlasting life.

It becomes a deep consciousness that is with you forever and ever and ever. Never shall you be alone again. Never shall you be without supply again. Never shall you be lonely and sick and dispirited and despairing again. This is a wellspring of water that springs up into eternity. It’s with you forever, and so putting off mortality, you’re putting on an eternal life, an Immortal. You’re becoming an Immortal. And as an Immortal, as the vine, you’re grounded in God consciousness, in the awareness of God, of this Presence. You’re living in the fourth dimension. You’re moving within in the invisible and out into the visible, and eventually you’ll come to see I have the power to lay it down and pick it up again. I can move in and out, and in and out.

Now he says you can live in a fourth dimension that realizes “‘Your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things . . . for it is [his] good pleasure to give you the kingdom’ “—to let it flow through you . . . Do not ever forget that!” That’s another instruction. Joel is, well, the Christ through Joel, is giving us many instructions today. “‘. . . It is [his] good pleasure to give you the kingdom,’—to let it flow through you, not only to feed you, but to feed five thousand. Do not ever forget that!”

We drop down a little farther, and he’s got another instruction, “Never hesitate in the days to come to let to the world draw upon you. Do not withhold good in any form from those who seek it, whether it is a word of wisdom or a dollar bill, whether it is food, clothing, health, safety, or security. Do not withhold! . . . because it is not out of your storehouses or barns that you are giving: it is out of the Infinity of the universal source.” Alright, so “this is the new dimension,” this fourth dimension, “where you permit the world” to draw upon you, “to call on you.” This is living as the vine. Let’s be honest. This is living by your Source, the Father, and being the Christ, the movement of that Source from the invisible to the visible.

Today . . .” he says, and here’s another instruction because it says, “you must. . .” “Today you begin the rebirth. You ‘die’ today. You ‘die’ today to the human being,” a mortal “seeking good. You must be reborn of the spirit of God into the realization of good flowing forth through you.” You see that? Now, another sentence and he has another must, another instruction: “Prayer must now be an inner communion with the source of all good.” That’s your prayer. Okay no longer can you pray for things. No longer can you pray for persons. “Your prayer now must be an inner communion with the source of all good, an inner communion with God.” Why not? “Then,” says Joel, “your good will appear in the outer realm in whatever form is necessary.”

So, we are coming to live a different sort of life, aren’t we? In the early years I listened to the teachers at school. I got a higher education. I applied myself at work. I was promoted. I became a supervisor of others, and it really didn’t matter what field I went into, I ended up in supervision, and I carved for myself a place out of this unfriendly universe. And then I found I could be laid off with a downturn in the economy, and it didn’t matter what I had carved out. But what about applying these principles? Ah, this is a different kind of life, very different, the kind of life you can’t talk with people on the street, and you can’t tell them about it. They wouldn’t understand, and you know they wouldn’t understand. They might you were a little loopy.

But what is this life? This is a life of spending, oh, twelve meditations a day for two to three minutes communing, just communing. What is communing? Okay, we’ve put it into words. We’ll do it one more time. Communing is turning within, dropping your mortality and your mortal thoughts, and stopping or standing stock still or taking no thought or being still. Now, when you stop, really stop, you have created an opening. You have discovered an absence of self, the little self, and into that opening, well a mystic said,—I think it was the fifteenth century.—“God abhors a vacuum.”

When you create that vacuum,—and you know Joel has used that word a lot of times,—into that vacuum God flows. You don’t even have to ask, and when you feel that inner movement, that Spirit, that lovely Presence, well it’s like coming home. It’s so comforting, and when you feel it, you’re communing with it. You’re not saying anything to it, except maybe sometimes the words escape from my lips, “I love you.” I can’t help it. I know it’s my own inner Self, and yet that comes out of my lips sometimes as I rest in the awareness of the Father. So I commune with that Presence and then I recognize I’m the vine, and I might say something like, “Show me how I may best be of service, and give me the power to carry that out, or the Presence.”

Sometimes I say, “I know I’m going to be giving a talk in front of an audience,” so I might say, “Say something that will touch someone,” and I get out of the way. All of this is dying daily, putting off mortality and putting on Immortality. When you create that vacuum, you are putting on Immortality.—Alright?—Then you find you’ve totally forgotten about your needs, your wants, your desires, and everything that you really need is here. Your supply is increasing. Your companionship are people that can bless you, and people that you can bless. And your health is humming along.

Uh-oh! Here’s another instruction! “In moments of trial, tribulation, stress, doubt or fear bring to your conscious realization the truth that good cannot come to you.” He says, “Learn to stand still in quietness and in confidence.” He might have said. “Learn to stop! Stop being a mortal. “In the midst of any sinful or sick experience, you can end it and end it quickly.”

How? Well, we know now don’t we? We must stop being a mortal. That doesn’t mean that you will completely die and be the Christ forever and forever. Amen. But it does mean that you have found a way in your two minute meditations to stand aside, to die to self, to stop mortality, to create a vacuum into which you can have the awareness of the living water, the living Christ moving, and That forms itself as your fulfillment, and it really truly does! It’s a marvelous fantastic thing to watch!

And here’s another instruction on the next page: “Begin today, today to make the transition from the human being to the state of divine being that knows itself to be the outlet and avenue for all of God’s grace to the world.” In other words, put off mortality, and put on this immortality and watch what it does through you. “I have set my seal upon you. I have made you in my own image and likeness. I have bestowed upon you divine grace and freedom that you might be the child of God.”

I have made you a leader of men, a fisher of men. I have glorified you with the glory that I had with the Father,” well before the world was, before mortality was, “before the beginning. I have called you by My name. Call upon Me and be saved. Look unto Me. Abide in Me and let My word abide in you.”

As you listen to that still small voice within your being, you are fed from an inner spring.” Yes, a wellspring of water springing up into life everlasting. “You are housed, clothed, maintained, sustained, protected, and divinely influenced, ‘not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit.’ “

In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength. There is no struggle. Be still and know, and you will hear a voice within you say, ‘I am God.’” Now it may not come as a voice. It can come as a voice. I’ve heard it as a voice, but more often it comes as this feeling, this inner impression. You feel the movement, and you know, “Ah, It’s God, and you rest in your Father. You see? And that’s the same as hearing a voice , getting the impression. No, not the thought. That’s not the same at all. A thought is ‘clouds without rain.’ When you have the inner movement, the communion, the awareness, then you have clouds with rain, and you’ll have harmony and abundance and every good and perfect gift.

Another instruction: “Acknowledge God as the source, the power, the presence, and as the revelator of all our all good; and above all, here and now, in this place, at this time, give up seeking . . .Acknowledge that these qualities, love, peace, joy, power, and dominion flow forth through you, and that the source of them is the kingdom of God within you.” Okay, that’s another instruction: Acknowledge God as the source and that these things will flow through you.

Because of that, this entire world may draw upon you at any moment for health and wealth, and you will answer, ‘Here it is’—not counting first how much you have in your pocket, storehouse, farm, or bank, but realizing that whatever it is that is to go out is to go out through you from the kingdom of God.

So that is living as the vine, and now you know that this chapter, “Open Out A Way” has nothing to do with opening out a way for your automobile to appear or your perfect companion or your perfect body. None of that. That’s all a mortal’s thoughts. Let’s forget that.

No, this chapter has to do with opening out a way for God to flow through. This chapter has to do with dying to mortality, standing stock still, receiving Him, and when you receive Him, the Father, you are now the vine. And sometimes it even comes to you: “Draw upon Me, and I will give you rest, and you know that you’re the vine and that people can draw upon you, and through you will flow from the Father the gift of His Spirit, His awareness, His consciousness, His love.

Let us be still for a moment and take your mortality, your material sense of self sitting in a chair or driving in a car or laying on the bed and just drop it. Just stop!

I within you have come that they might have life and life more abundantly. I am come that you might be the vine for them. And as the vine for them, everything that flows through you is heaped up, pressed down, and running over in your own experience. This is why I have come.

So follow Me. Follow Me within. Follow these instructions I give, I pour out throughout Joel. Stand still. Acknowledge the I within you. Rest, lean back, really lean back and trust in It. Trust the I of you. Feel this inner movement of Spirit, of the Father whispering in your ear, “All that I have is to pour through you, the Vine, to those who still believe they’re branches, and in this pouring, well, a wellspring of water will rise up into life everlasting.

Do you see? Have your eyes been awakened? Have your eyes been opened? Have your ears been unstopped? Can you her My voice? Can you see My presence? Are you those, one of those like the two on the road to Emmaus who suddenly, the Christ opens their eyes, and they can see? Are you one of those? Can you see? Can you hear My voice? Can you feel My impression?

Can you feel the movement of Spirit over the face of your deep Consciousness? If you can, you are blessed beyond all men and women in this age. And now you know, when you read in your scripture, I am the vine, it is talking about your Self. I am the true vine—That’s you, the I of you, and My Father is the husbandman, and you must abide in the Vine, and you must be the Vine.

And then the Father flows through the vine and appears as fulfillment in every avenue of life, and not just for you, but for all those who turn to you until they are gently lifted up to where they can see and they can hear, “Oh, I am the vine. I am the vine, and my Father is the Source. And now I can glorify God with the glory I had before the world of mortality was—right here in this place, right now in this time.” “And we beheld the glory of the Father full of grace and truth and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”

Blessings to all who come into this awareness of the Divinity of their own Being. Thank you, Father.

Bill Skiles:  Good morning.

We are into November already, November third, 2019. And the only reason I give the date is because people ask me what’s the most recent talk and all that, so I give the date for them. It doesn’t really matter. You’ll hear what you need to hear when you need to hear it.

We are looking at this wonderful book called Leave Your Nets by Joel Goldsmith, and of course it has to do with, we say, dying to a material sense of self, but that somehow doesn’t feel like the right word because you don’t really die, but you step out of or you put off mortality. You put off a material sense of self, and you put on Immortality. Paul taught us that that is the way to go. That’s the path, and Joel is reiterating that here. I can’t talk this morning, I’m tongue tied.

I’m enjoying a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. I think it’s the best coffee in the world, and I give myself that treat every once in a while. I woke up this morning, and when I went downstairs, there was a note at my place at the dining room table, and it said, “I hope you enjoy your breakfast. Love, your daughter.” And there was an egg and a couple of strips of bacon and a biscuit, and I did enjoy it. And I don’t know if I’ll see her in passing because she’s working now, but I drew a funny face and put a beard on it and drew a little arrow and said, “ Yum!” In other words, I did enjoy my breakfast. And I put it on the refrigerator next to where she has to walk into her bedroom. So, it’s a wonderful way to start your day, don’t you think, with love externalized?

Now, we’re getting to this chapter, which is chapter 3, “Self Completeness.” And why is it important that we understand that we are self-complete in God? It’s important because, well, if you know that you are self-complete in God, you won’t go looking all over the planet for supply. You won’t go looking for that right perfect companion. You won’t go seeking a hundred different ways to get healthy. You will know that your completeness in every area is in God, and so you’ll take this chapter seriously and contemplate it and meditate on it.

What I do is I read, oh, a paragraph or two. This first page here ends with a—or almost ends with a—quote from John about the vine, and after I read that quote, I put the book down and I meditated. And I can’t read any more until I get whatever it is that’s calling to me in those two paragraphs and that quote. And that’s the way I approach these books. I don’t just read it right through like I’m reading a good Jack Reacher novel. No, I take my time. I try and sometimes succeed at entering into the Consciousness that spoke these words, and we know that It’s Christ Consciousness. Alright, I seem to be all over the place. Let’s focus here.

It’s important that you understand your Self-completeness because, remember, in the book Beyond Words and Thoughts in the chapter “Incorporeality: God, Man and the Universe,” we are told at the end of that chapter that we have to bring forth invisible supply, invisible companionship, invisible health, invisible life. We have to bring it forth from the invisible, and this is what this is saying in this chapter called “Self-completeness.”

Once you understand you are complete, Self-complete in God, another thing will happen. You’ll find that you’re praying less, far, far less. Things are just happening. They happen to you. There’s something coming up. You know you’ll owe twelve hundred dollars. You don’t pray. You just sit back in your Self-completeness, and you commune with that, with feeling that, really feeling that. Not thinking it. Thinking won’t do it. And as you commune with that Self- completeness in God, as you feel that inner oneness in your meditation, that’s all you do.

You don’t ask. You don’t beg. You don’t plead, and then you find out that whatever it was you needed shows up right at the right exact moment. It’s fabulous! And I was talking to someone just last night, and I said, “When these things stop happening, you know you’re doing something wrong.” And it’s true. And when you stop living in this fourth dimension, which appears outwardly as your fulfillment, then you’re living as a human being, and these things don’t happen.

So let’s, if we can, get quiet. If you haven’t had the eleven o’clock meditation we had this morning, have one now, and then come back to this. We’re going to enter into the Consciousness that spoke these words. He says, “You are Self-complete through God. You are not, and never will be, complete because of any effort you have ever made toward being good or being spiritual.” That’s kind of a let down sometimes, isn’t it? I mean I’ve struggled with some of these principles, I mean struggled hard, and here he is saying you are not complete because of any effort you’ve ever made at being spiritual.

And yet we know, I know that the struggle is what has sometimes allowed me to catch a glimpse or to be able to practice the principle I’ve been struggling with. So, it’s a paradox. We need the struggle to come to an inner realization of the principle and to live it, and yet no effort of ours, we’re not Self-complete through any effort of our own. Isn’t that strange? You have to have the effort to reach the effortless.

I can tell you. Well, let’s read a little more, and then maybe we’ll go into that story. “Your completeness is in God. This is in accordance with the teaching of the Master Christ Jesus: ‘I can of mine own self do nothing.1. . .The Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.2. . .Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God.3. . . My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.’4

In other words, all the power of Jesus was really the power of the Christ made evident through Jesus. Remember that, in and of yourself, you are nothing except that God be the reality of your being. Christ is your true identity, and in Christ you are fulfilled in all your completeness. So you can draw on your Christhood for anything to the extent of your realization of this truth.”

As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.’ John 15:4

Now, I’ve already seen three or four things that I can take out of here to meditate on. All the power of Jesus was really the power of the Christ made evident through Jesus. You know, we’re never going to be something of ourselves, but we’re not nothing. I had that feeling in the first years of my life, I’m nothing. I didn’t like myself very much either, but what I was feeling, I know now and didn’t know then, was a lack of power. I had to find God in order to feel complete. I could not feel complete by myself, and I looked around at other people, and they didn’t seem to need this power.

They just went on being all they could be, and they seemed quite satisfied, whereas I always felt, ‘there’s something missing.’ What’s missing? Even when the good things of life came to me, there’s something missing. And it wasn’t until I had my first spiritual experience that I knew what had been missing, and it was this Presence of God. So I would probably take that, the power of the Christ made evident through Jesus, and take that within myself and meditate on that, “the power of Christ.”

Well, what’s the power of Christ? It doesn’t feel like a power to me. I don’t know if it does to you. It doesn’t feel like a power, this Christ that I feel in my meditation. And sometimes when I’m talking, like a little while ago, it feels like the Comforter, and in the Presence of that Comforter is harmony, harmony of every nature, harmony of every area. And so in the Presence of that Comforter is harmony of being, harmony of life, harmony of body, harmony of health, harmony of supply, harmony of companionship, of companions.

And that feels like a gentle Presence that is just expressing, quietly, silently. So it doesn’t feel like a power to me, except that it changes the outer picture, or rather our dwelling in it. We’re abiding in the vine, and we bring forth fruit. Or in our modern language, we are communing with the Christ. We enter Christ Consciousness, the awareness of Christ, and it appears as harmony, rather than our human mind of good and evil appearing as, well, good and evil. So, we want to know how to abide in the vine.

And the second thing I would have taken into meditation would have been “Christ is your true identity, and in Christ, you’re fulfilled in all your completeness. So you can draw on your Christhood . . .” Now, what is Christ? How do I draw on it? These are questions I would ask myself. I would ask my capital “S” Self: “What are you and how do I draw on you?” We know we can’t do it by begging and beseeching. In fact, we don’t even know what we’re supposed to draw forth, which is why Paul said that the Spirit has to make intercession, and so it’s enough. You don’t have to know. Did you know that? You don’t have to know what you are supposed to draw forth.

You only have to surrender. Again, silence, the true silence is not an absence of sound. You can be in the middle of Chicago and someone with a jackhammer and police directing traffic with a whistle and cars screeching away from the curb, and all kinds of things, and you can attain the silence. Silence is not an absence of sound. Silence is an absence of self, the little “s” self. And if you look, you really look, all of these scriptures are telling us that that self has to stop! Just for once, would you just stop?

And in that stopping, in that moment of silence, there’s an absence of self, no thoughts, no words, no desires. Just waiting upon the Lord. And you might say, “Father, reveal Thyself. What is Christ, and how do I draw on it?” And then you stand still. And it will either come to you— Sometimes it comes in words, or the Word is uttered within you. It’s a different feeling than thought, and it brings with it, yes, power.

But most times for me it comes—I ask, “What is Christ, and how do I draw on It?” And then sometime that day or the next or the next, I have an experience that makes me go, “Aha,” because the experience is the answer to the question I asked. It brings about events that are impossible. There’s no way, no way that that could be just a coincidence, and you know it. You ask a question like this in your meditation and you’re silent, which opens the door for a response; and the Christ of you shows you through events in your life, answers you that way.

And something comes into your life that had to have started on its way fifteen years ago, and yet it gets here right at this moment or the next, right after you ask that question that morning, and it answers it. Now, how does that work like that? It’s fabulous! It’s really a miracle. It’s miraculous, but it doesn’t feel like power. It feels to me like Omniscience and Omnipresence, and omni-harmony.

Okay, so the third thing in this paragraph would have been ‘As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.’ And that’s the same question. How do I abide in Him, whom to know aright is life eternal? How do I do that? How do I do I abide in It? And I would ask, and it would come forth, either as a quote, a scripture, a new set of words I’ve never heard before, like the ones that come to me like, “We have to live in a temple not made by mind. We have to live in a temple made by Spirit, by this invisible essence. We are Self-complete by living in this invisible essence and then beholding as it manifests.”

It forms Itself by something that was sent to you fifteen years ago and finally arrived right exactly at the right moment. So there’s three things that I would have taken into meditation, and I wouldn’t even be past the first page of this chapter, and it may have taken three days, and I’m not past the first page.

You see? You understand? This is how we enter into the Consciousness that uttered these words, not by reading them like a Jack Higgins novel, like The Eagle Has Landed, where we’re really caught up in the thriller and the suspense and can’t wait to get to the end. Oh, yes, you can read it that way, and then you can say, “Well, I know these things because I can quote some of them.”

But you haven’t entered into the Consciousness, and the whole purpose of uttering these things is so that you can go and do likewise in the same Consciousness. And so I have learned to take my time, to take whatever comes into my meditation and to put the book down, and then to go into my meditation, ponder it for a moment, and then just stop and listen and be receptive because if I learn how to abide in Him, if I learn how to receive Him, then I will be given the ability to express Him. In other words, I will be the expression of God or the Son of God: “As many as received Him, to them gave He power . . . ” or the ability, the realization to express Him. All that from only three parts of this first page of this chapter.

Now Joel had an experience by contemplating a tree outside his house there in Hawaii, and it must have moved him a great deal. In fact, I think it happened more than once because he uses this example over and over of the tree. In many of his books this example is there. “Think of the tree and its trunk and its root system deep down in the earth, and then think of the branches on the tree. The tree has a root system which draws into it the food from the earth” or the essence. “It has a distributing system that sends that food up through the trunk out into the branches. There is a catalytic agent that turns the sun and the air and the water into some kind of an essence that feeds the branches and later becomes the fruit.”

Now for a moment think of yourself as a branch and realize how you are being fed through the trunk or the vine from the earth. As a human being, you are not partaking of that divine substance. You are a branch cut off from the trunk of the tree. Let’s go find that quote, and I’ll be right back. It is John 15, and it starts by saying, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit, he taketh away, and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. Now, ye are clean through the Word which I have spoken unto you.”

Alright so, “Every branch in me that beareth not fruit, he taketh away.” What does that mean? There again, it’s something else to contemplate. We approach this from two, well, from many different angles. In the beginning we see ourself as the branch, and we recognize we have to abide in Christ within our being, and we search around for how, and we ask questions, and we read books, and we listen to talks, and we find out how. We must begin in our meditation to learn how to stop, and then we must learn how to take no thought, and then we must learn how to rest back: “There remaineth a rest to my people.” Alright?

Now, if we rest back, we are abiding in the Christ of our Being. Let’s put it this way: I see the Christ as the movement of God. I feel the Christ as the movement of God, which would be the expression or the Son of God. And when I feel that movement within, I recognize I am abiding in Christ. I am obeying the command to abide in Me, but when I don’t spend any time at all abiding in Christ, it doesn’t take too long to be overwhelmed by the world thought, and then I’m thinking, very much so. I’m thinking, “Why have I run out of money?” Because I’ve been abiding in my bank account, instead of in Me, the Christ, the Invisible.

Why is this relationship turning sour or, at least, we are arguing all the time. Because I haven’t been abiding in Me. I’ve been abiding in my best attempt at a relationship. I’ve been abiding in my emotions, and then all of a sudden, my health is turning south. What’s wrong?

What am I doing? I’m abiding in my help. I’m not resting in the essence and allowing it to manifest. I have my idea about what kind of exercises I should do. I have my idea of what kind of relationship that should be. I have my money, my bank account. All of this is my, my, my! It’s a personal sense of existence.

This is the one that has to move over, and if you can’t do it all the time, at least find a way to do it in your meditation because something happens. Something happens in that meditation, and before you know it, you’re carrying that abiding out into the world with your eyes open, and you’re feeling that movement. It’s quite wonderful. Just absolutely wonderful when you feel that movement. And let’s say you’re standing in the middle of an elevator with twelve people around you. You feel that movement. You don’t even know if it’s for someone there or for yourself, but you let it flow. It’s wonderful. You have the secret of secrets. You know how to abide in Me.

So he says if you don’t do that, if you don’t abide in Him and you’re living in this personal life, it withers and dies. And what happens if you abide in Me at the last moment before you’re passing? What do you move into? Well, if you’re abiding in the vine and you’re learning to do this, even with eyes open, then you know your Self-completeness is in Christ. Actually you know that Christ is expressing you, Christ is living you. And so when you lay down this vehicle and step into the invisible, you’re Christ. But when you are here in the invisible, Christ is expressing, so you’re Christ, and then you can walk into the invisible and out again at will. Okay, we’re getting kind of deep there. Let’s get back to this.

He says, “If we use this illustration of the vine, however, we begin to perceive that although there seems to be a sense of separation, actually there is none.” The only sense of separation comes when you’re living in a separate self without this contact. How many times has Joel said you can’t have one time in the morning that does you for all day. The world thought will overtake you, so you have to renew it over and over during the day. It only takes a moment, a second. I mean we’re only talking about a one minute, two minute meditation.

You can do it at your desk at work. I know. I’ve done it, and if you can’t because people are talking and talking and talking, and maybe that’s a part of your job, you can excuse yourself. And I used to go into the restroom and get quiet there for a minute or two. They didn’t know I wasn’t using the restroom. I was using it to get quiet. Who cares? I did, and some amazing things happened.

And let me tell you about an experience I had in a factory. I was making digital magnetic tape drives in the seventies, and I tried to solder something onto the motherboard, and I just couldn’t get it. I could not get it. I tried and I tried. And now, I’m fairly intelligent. I tried and tried to get the soldering right, and the inspector would look at it and shake her head: “No. Got to do it again. We can’t release these out into the business world unless they’re built right.” And I wasn’t building them right.

Oh yes, I had all the mechanical assembly parts right, but I had to solder these wires, and my solder was like a big glob on there, and you’re not supposed to do that. And, on the other hand, you can’t just paint it. That’s not enough either. There’s a middle ground where there’s enough to cover it, and it’s solid, and it’s not going to wiggle off or shake off, but there’s not too much. And I couldn’t get it, and I tried and tried.

And finally I said to myself, I know what I need to do, and I went into the restroom there, and I sat down, and I got quiet, and I felt this inner movement, this Christ of my being, which is the Christ of your being. It’s the Christ of all being, and it knows how to solder, but I didn’t know that. So I felt that movement. I came back out, had a cup of coffee. They offered coffee for free, and I went back to my bench, picked up my soldering iron and a piece of solder, and I touched them together on this motherboard, this wire, and it flowed like it had a mind of its own. It just flowed perfectly, and I pulled back the sauntering iron, and it was perfect.

And I did fifteen of them. They were all the same, all perfect. And I showed the inspector, and she smiled and shook her head: “Yes, they’re ready to move.” And all the units went out the door. You see? That’s amazing! It’s outstanding to live watching this movement move through you. That’s the experience of abiding in the vine and bringing forth fruit. You wouldn’t think the infinite Christ is going to help me solder this wire, would you, or something like that, whatever your job is? And, actually, I wasn’t thinking that either. I didn’t ask for Christ to show me how to solder that wire. I just knew that I needed to get still and feel that movement, and then we’ll see what happens.

So, I don’t ask for specific things, except unless it’s show me how to abide in You, something of a spiritual nature. But when I need twelve hundred dollars, I don’t say please show me this twelve hundred dollars. I know enough now to know that that’s not the way to pray. That again is a personal sense of self going to Christ. Now we have separation. No, I have to be the outer expression of that Christ, and the only way I can do that or be that is to abide in Me, the Christ, and then I feel Its movement, and these beautiful things happen out here, and the twelve hundred dollars, probably fourteen hundred shows up so that there’s a little extra, and it’s wonderful. I know I’m Self-complete in God.

So he says,—He’s going on about the example of the tree.—“. . . the life that flows through the roots into the trunk or vine and then out into the branches is the same life that later appears as blossoms and fruit.” Yes, that’s absolutely right. The life that is that inner movement is the life that flows up and appears as the ability to solder. Who knew?

Well, I do now, and you do, and I’ve seen that happen with a car, too, when I’ve tried to take something apart so I could take it to the auto store and get another piece, and the particular thing I’m working on won’t move. Even though I sprayed WD40 on it, I can’t get it to move, and then I sit still. It’s always the same answer. I sit still, and I stop. I listen. I wait upon the Lord. I wait upon this movement because I know the movement and fulfillment are one, and I feel it. And I go back to the car with my eyes open, and I take my wrench, and it turns. I don’t know why, but it turns. I take it out. I take it to the auto store. I swap it for a new one, and I bring it back. I put it in, and it starts right up. Everything’s good. So that’s the difference.

Do you see the little difference? It looks like the same guy. I mean I could be living in a personal sense of self and trying to turn this bolt, and I can also be bearing witness to Christ as it turns the bolt. You see, it looks the same from the outside. Nobody can tell what you’re doing.

That’s one of the beautiful things about this. You can be totally anonymous. Nobody knows what you’re doing inside. They may wonder, looking at you. They may say, “Why are all these good things happening?” But then they’ll come and ask you, like Joel says. What are you doing lately? How come all this stuff is happening? And then you can do what you’re instructed to do, and lend them a copy or give them a copy of Living the Infinite Way or Practicing the Presence, which is where you’re supposed to start.

Now, on the next page, he says that “At this moment, you are the branch that is visible; but you are one with the vine, connected to this invisible Christ of your being, the connecting link with the Father, which in the tree-experience would be the life through which the tree draws its sustenance.” Alright, now, that’s what I was going to say. You start out being the branch, but eventually in your meditation, you made the discovery, “Oh, My God, I am the Christ, and if you have a teacher you quietly tell them. I called Herb one night, and I said, Herb, I am that I Am, and he said, “Well, yeah.”

He didn’t say that, but he said something like that, which meant, you know, he had known it all along, but it was wonderful to find somebody that could say, “Yes, you’re on the right track. This is right.” Now that doesn’t mean you can walk right out of there and you can walk on water, because you’re still living most of the time as a personal, material sense of life, separate as a branch, and you’re learning to abide in the vine. But eventually you’ll discover,—and how it will come to you, I don’t know. You can’t just say the words or repeat them to yourself. That doesn’t work,—but somewhere it’ll come to you: “I am the vine,” and then you’ll be, well, abiding in your Self.

Now, “surgery from head to foot will never reveal the Christ of your being because it is not physical. It would be as difficult to see as it would be to take a seed and dissect it in an attempt to find life in it.” A long time ago, years and years ago, I read The Autobiography of a Yogi. I think that was the name of it, and I can remember a story in there about a doctor who was in the middle of surgery, had a person cut open, was looking inside of them, and suddenly the thought came to him, “Where is the person?” And he couldn’t answer it. It was suspended inside of himself. “Where is the person?” And, of course, this started him on his spiritual journey, and that stuck with me. And that’s what Joel’s saying here. You cannot find Christ in you from your head to your foot, and you cannot find the invisible life inside the seed.

Now, we’ve all had gardens, I suppose, or seen them anyway. It’s quite wonderful. It’s a miracle. You take a seed. Perhaps you dried it out two years ago. Maybe you were eating a cantaloupe, and you dried out some seeds thinking you would plant them, but you forgot about it. You put them in a cupboard somewhere. And suddenly you discover them, and maybe it’s getting near planting time in your part of the world.

So you take the seeds and you put them in the ground, and you water them and you put up some string or something around the garden, and you wait. What are you waiting for? You’re waiting for that inner movement inside the ground that acts upon that seed, and you know and you’re right because fourteen days later here comes a little shoot, a little green shoot coming up. And you watch and you take care of it, and you make sure it has water. If it doesn’t rain a lot in your area, you water it.

Maybe you give it some—What do we have now?—Miracle Plant [Miracle Grow] or something, and you sprinkle some of that on it, and the thing gets huge. It gets really big. It’s a vine, and it is filling up the whole left side of your garden from a little one inch shoot to a twenty-one foot vine, and then here comes these little green balls, little tiny things, not much bigger than a pea. Each day they get bigger and bigger and bigger, and before you know it, you have six or seven watermelons. Now, where did that come from? Well, you’re probably more than willing to say, “That came from the invisible.” Life or nature acted upon that seed and drew the sustenance from the ground, from the earth, the sun and the rain, and out came this plant.

But if you look at it, you know and I know something invisible acted upon that seed, flowed out through the seed into the earth and then above the ground, and then everywhere down one side of your garden. And you cut the watermelon, and if you took care of it properly, it’s so sweet and so juicy, and you thank—I guess the native Americans were better at this than some of us are today. They would usually thank the earth and the Great Spirit for the sustenance they received. Perhaps we need to do a little more of that. I don’t know, but I did. I thanked the earth, the ground, the invisible essence that operated on it, the sunshine and the plant for sharing.

Now, we’re more than willing to accept that invisible essence operating on the seed. But then, when we think of ourselves and we think of the money we need by next month, oh, now we check our bank account, and we don’t look to the invisible. We don’t abide in the vine. We’re living a personal sense of self which has to fail. Every prophet that’s ever walked has said that if you live in this state of consciousness, it will come to nothing. And I did blow up on it. But what happens when you learned like the plant? The plant isn’t taking any thought. It’s abiding in Me. What happens when you do that? You take no thought for a person. You abide in Me, and you see what comes forth. It is truly wonderful. I have found in my case I’m not rich, but that which I need continually flows, and even when unexpected things happen, it flows. It’s amazing!

Last year we had the—I guess it was maybe January. It was pretty cold, and—our heat pump went out. We’d had it for fifteen years, and it was dead. It was finished. It would not heat even a tin cup any more. It was done. So we called. We had to get a new one, especially since we work with foster children, and you have to have a healthy environment in or they’ll come and they’ll take those foster children and move them out for their welfare. So we investigated, and I called a guy that I trust, and he said, “Yes, I can put one in for you.” “Well, how much?” “Eight thousand dollars.” “Oh no, I don’t have eight thousand dollars,” but something started to happen.

We went into meditation. My wife went into prayer. I went into meditation, and this inner vine, this inner essence started to quiver. You can feel it. I don’t know what words to put on it. It’s a movement. Spirit moves over the face of the deep. You can feel a movement over your Consciousness or through or from your Consciousness. And then you know something’s going to appear. You don’t know what. That’s part of the fun. And sure enough, something did appear, and we’ve almost paid it off. And I think we have about four more payments, and it’ll be paid off. And so it’s nice. It’s keeping us nice and toasty downstairs. Alright, I’m not sure why I got off into that.

He says, yes, he says the same thing, how “we simply take on faith the truth that there is life working in the seed, and that that life will appear outwardly as a plant. How readily we accept . . . How simple it is to understand!” But “why are we not willing to accept the truth that as branches of the tree of Life we are not self-sustaining? Why do we continue to think of ourselves as separate human beings, each one dependent upon himself for his wisdom, supply, understanding, and intelligence, even for the health and strength of his body?”

Why do we never once think of this universal life flowing as an invisible bond into and through each one of us, and realize that it is this life force,” this essence “that appears as the fulfillment of our life?” Why? Because we don’t let it. Oh, it’s easy to let nature take its course in our garden, but it’s not very easy to let Spirit take its course in our lives, our personal lives, is it? We have ideas. We have plans. We have goals. We have a material sense of self, and we don’t want to get out of the driver’s seat. And what will happen if I really let go? Will I be a hole in the doughnut? Oh no, my friend. You will be infinite, and an infinite number of doughnuts, if that’s what you need.

Okay, so in this chapter, “Self-Completeness,” he’s suggesting that you abide in the vine, Self-completeness through God. Do you see how Self-complete a tree is? Yes, that tree really did something for him. He meditated on that tree several times. “That’s why all mystical literature has used the terms ‘within’ and ‘within-ness.’ It’s not that the apples are inside of the tree. They are not apples until they appear outside. But the essence,”—That essence is what you have to feel.—“or substance of the apples is flowing through the branches and becoming the form which appears as apples.” Yes! Yes, yes. There are no companions inside of you. There are no bodies, healthy or otherwise, inside of you. *There are no dollar bills or automobiles or houses or clothes stored up inside of you, or vacations.

What there is is this essence, this invisible life, this Christ, and it is God’s idea of a Son. You see? One of the things that impressed me or impressed itself upon me while studying the Kailua Study Series, the 1955 talks by Joel was this idea that God expresses as invisible form, as invisible essence. That’s God’s Son, and it is infinite, and it is Omniscient, and it is Omnipresence and Omnipotence, the all and the only, God in expression, invisible. So there’s no material forms within you.

There is this invisible essence, and if and when you learn to abide in it, and let it move in you, in your consciousness, then it appears out here as form, but it is not the form. It’s the essence that’s flowing, and it always flows as your need fulfilled, whatever that need is. If it’s a true inner experience, a true feeling, a true inner feeling of the movement of this essence flowing, it will appear as your need fulfilled, as harmony in some shape or form. But if it’s not that true inner capital “E” Experience, if it’s just a thought, it won’t happen. But we start there. It’s not to say that we can’t start there. That’s exactly where we start with first contemplating these thoughts until we slip into the experience.

Alright so, “And so it is in every area of life. You do not have automobiles stored up inside of you, or dollar bills or houses or companions.” Hey, I just said that! You do not have those within you, but you have the essence and the substance of them. You have the love and the life and the truth, the spirit, the Soul, the law. “All these are within you; . . . One with your Father, you are a complete unit.” Your Father is the God that flows as that inner essence, Spirit or the Christ.

. . . You are Self-fulfilled through your conscious union with God.” It has to be conscious. It can’t be an unconscious: “Yeah, well, I think it is, but I never really felt it.” No, it has to be a conscious.

That’s why we meditate so that we can be receptive, so that we can receive Him, this inner movement and become conscious of it, and then our need is fulfilled out here. It’s really quite a wonderful way to live. I love this. There’s only one Joel.

Suppose you have a few loaves and fishes, but you have a multitude to feed, and you have no storehouse or barns. Now what can you do? Out of your humanhood, nothing. Starve! . . . But out of your Christhood, out of the depths of the infinity of your own being,” which you must feel consciously, “you can look up and bless the loaves and fishes, realizing that these are not material loaves and fishes . . .” No, the essence, the invisible, is the reality. “ . . . This is God’s supply, and if it is God’s supply, it is infinite” and invisible. “Then the multitudes are supplied, out of what? Your storehouse, your bank account? No, out of the Father, . . . the Christhood of you . . .”

See? “Out of it can flow millions of words, millions of ideas of truth,” so “why not millions of dollars, too? What is the difference?” There is none, except in your belief, which you have to let go of. “The source is the same; the substance is the same.” It’s this invisible movement of Spirit, of Christ. So, it can flow as fishes and loaves, dollars, words of truth, everything. Only, and check this. “Do not put one in the category of spirit and” one “in the category of matter.” That’s what we do. We say, “Well, yes, I can speak these words of truth and they’ll keep flowing and flowing out of the invisible. Ah, but wait a minute. I have to make that car payment next week, and I’ve just been laid off for of a lack of business. What am I going to do?”

You see, you’re making one spiritual and you’re making one material. That essence will appear as your need fulfilled when you get these ideas of a personal mind out of the way. “If once you see that this truth pouring forth is the substance of your loaves and fishes, of your protection, your safety, and your security, the fruitfulness of your entire experience will be established for all eternity: not only for three score years and ten, but for eternity. You will, then, be the branch that bears fruit richly,” because you’ll be “Self-complete in God.” See, it seemed like a little chapter that we wouldn’t be able to talk for an hour, but I see it’s almost fifty-eight minutes already. Okay, I’m going to be still for a moment. Ready? We – just – stop.

I want to take a moment to thank Betsy for typing up the transcripts of these talks so that we may have them and look at them, perhaps while we listen or perhaps while we sit out on our deck. Thank you. I also want to thank everyone that has taken the time to listen to this, and I can’t forget Paul down there in Australia. “Hi Paul!” He takes the PDF file and converts it into a document file. Otherwise I couldn’t put it up on the blog very easily, and so I’m grateful.

Alright, we have moved Mystical Principles. The Yahoo group is no longer in existence. You can write to me if you want to be a part of the new group, or you can go to the Mystical Principles website and click on the email group, and you’ll find it. My email is iamwithin, all one word, iamwithin,—That’s where God hides!—

Well, I feel a sense of peace. Thank you and God bless.

1 Psalm 16:11

2 John 10:10

3 John 4:32

4 Luke 12:30-32

Bill Skiles: Good morning. We are looking at the second half of the chapter in this book, the book called Leave Your Nets, the second chapter called “Knowing the Unknowable,” and I think we know enough by now, just on the chapter and a half that we’ve looked at, that this book could very well have been entitled “Leave Your Material Sense of Self,” which is what leave your nets means. It means leave your mental images. It means leave your personal sense of self, and so we can see why praying for things or praying for certain outcomes or praying for effects is a sin, not in the religious sense of your being bad if you do it, but in the spiritual sense that you’re missing the mark.

Now I know it’s true. We all start on this path, well most of us, because we want something. We want to straighten out our supply which is not there. It’s drying up perhaps. We want to have a decent companion and not these people we’ve been reuniting with. We want to have good health rather than being sickly, so we turn to the path because, as Joel has said, our first step onto the path is when we stop looking out here for these things and begin looking within for them. It’s a step in the right direction [for] everyone, well, or almost everyone I should say, because some people carry over their progress.

But most people when they first turn to this path, it’s because they have experienced some form of lack or limitation, and now they hope that by going to God they can get it. And there’s nothing wrong with that because it leads one to metaphysics. We practice certain principles in order to change our life out here. It’s a step. It’s a step in the right direction, but there are further steps, and thank goodness that Joel discovered what they were and took the time to share it with us. So there’s nothing wrong in the beginning with turning within so that, as I used to do, turning within so that I could have, well, the money to fly to Hawaii to spend some time with Herb. I did that, and it appeared, and I went.

And slowly I learned through his help, as well as reading some of the deeper books of Joel, as well as talking to people that have been practicing the principles, I learned that it’s not about demonstrating people, places, and things. No, when Christ Jesus said that ye seek first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added unto you, he was uttering a truth for all time and for all mankind. If we seek first the kingdom of heaven, we’re seeking to die to a material sense of self and begin living from a different standpoint, from a different altitude, from a spiritual sense of self, and as we seek that, seek the illumination, the wisdom, the spiritual sense of self, by leaving our nets, our material sense of living, all of these things fall into place.

I can tell you that I was not seeking supply when I started the Mystical Principles list, and I’ve told you the story before. Loving God, I thought, “What can I give the guy that has everything, because God has everything?” and I thought, “What can I give God?” I was just wanting to give God something, and then I thought, “Ah, I know, I can give God myself, not this material sense of self, not a body our here, not a body image, but my spiritual sense of self. I can give it to Him, and so every Sunday for quite a while I began to make talks, and it began to evolve and became the Mystical Principles website and then the Mystical Principles list where there’s, at one point, was 250 people.

And so I gave God that, but then I began to see supply. It started to flow in from all over the world, which is just another way of seeing that supply is infinite, and it flowed first within and it poured out. Then the things were added, and I can tell you absolutely positively the truth, I was not seeking a companion when I met my wife. I was not seeking a companion. I figured, well, I’ve had some failed attempts at putting it together myself. As long as it lasted was eight years with someone. So I’m quitting that now. I’m not doing that any more, and I continued to pour out, to try to be of service.

That’s a word we don’t like. We don’t like feeling like “Wow, I’m a servant! What am I, a maid or a butler?” You know, the human mind does to like that term “servant.” No, no, it loves the term “master”—I am a master! Unfortunately, the human mind and whatever it likes has to go for the real Master to appear, and the real Master is a servant to all mankind. And so, the more I became a servant and adjusted to that, the more I began to see or the more I began to love God within everyone, and then I met my wife.

And, you know, we always tell people that it’s probably prudent, probably wise to wait a year or so before you get married so you know if you really are compatible, but that’s not how this worked at all. We knew almost instantly. Thirty days after we met, we were married, and here it is coming up this July, it’ll be thirty years. So we listened to that inner Voice, and it was right again as it always is. But my point here is I did not seek supply. I did not seek a companion, and they came. Now, everyone has a difficult area, and Joel’s, I think was, he shares that it was supply. He got down to where he had one or two dimes in his pocket before he realized, on the way home, walking home a few miles, that I am supply, and ever after that, he was never broke again.

My difficult area has been in the personal sense of health. When I was a child I had asthma really bad til the age of ten when I said, “God, please take this, and it was taken. I never thought about it again, and in fact, I was never sick again for in the neighborhood of forty-five years, and so why do I think . . . Well, it’s not really health. It’s age, let’s say. I’m beginning to show and feel my age, and I know that’s wrong. That’s a personal sense of self. Who feels age? Yeah, that physical guy with that image. So that’s my struggle. That’s what I’m working on now, to not seek health, but to stand in and to rest in the impersonal life, the life that is eternal.

God says—Well, it’s quoted in several places. It’s called the living God, and that’s stressed because whatever we are as personal sense is not living. Do you remember? Jesus said, “Let the dead bury the dead.” And he was talking about the real walking dead, those who are not living. And who are those? They are those who are walking in a material sense of self and dealing with other material senses of selves. There’s no spiritual sense of self for them, and so they’re dead to it. But what is this living God? What is living? That’s what I’ve been contemplating lately, and when more is revealed, I’ll be glad to share it, but I’m not going to talk about it yet, because it’s too new.

Alright, getting back to knowing the unknowable, and that’s what we’re talking about. The unknowable is that which you cannot see, hear, taste, touch, or smell, and yet it’s living. And you’re not, if you’re not aware of it. Okay, so continuing in the book, he gives us an example of “Fit me to be a better vehicle for thy grace, a better servant of thy will. That comes nearer to the higher form of prayer that is called communion with God.

What is communion with God? If you’ve experienced communion, well I don’t have to tell you. But the examples he gives you are one: “It is like the relationship that exists between two persons who understand each other thoroughly, and who sit on a mountain or by a stream, looking at the scenery, enjoying the great delights of the mountains, the valleys, or the sea without any words passing between them, but looking at each other once in a while in mutual joy at this great privilege of beholding the work of God.”

So, what does that mean? That means communion with God is one in which there are no words. There’s a feeling. That’s the clue. There are no words that pass between you and the I of you. There’s just a feeling of oneness. It’s a feeling as if you’re floating on the sea of spirit. It’s truly the most wonderful thing I have ever felt, and when you rest in that Presence, the Presence flows in you. Sometimes for a moment, you disappear. There’s only the Presence.

He says, “True prayer is like that. It is when one communes with God and feels the divine presence in him, and through him, and in and through all people, and everything round about, and just smiles occasionally and exclaims, “Father, isn’t this a heavenly earth we have here! Isn’t this a beautiful world! Aren’t people wonderful!” Now, when you have that communion, you have fulfilled what Christ Jesus said, ‘Seek ye first. ‘Let’s put it that way. Seek ye first this communion, a communion without words, without thoughts, just a resting in that beautiful, wonderful Presence.

And when you fulfill that condition, all these things shall be added unto you, and what’s marvelous about it is, that we said last week, that a person may enjoy a cabin in the woods while another person feels fulfillment listening to the sea at night and the waves. And someone else may enjoy the vastness of the desert and the aloneness that can be attained there with no sounds. So, this communion is the ultimate in prayer for us for now. I know there’s other stages after this, but for us, for now, for here, this is what we’re aiming for, seeking first communion with God, and all these things shall be added unto us.

I don’t know how that works. It’s an invisible process, but it works. It’s fabulous. We needed somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand dollars recently, and it was supposed to be coming to us from a certain source. A check was supposed to be mailed to us, and it just didn’t seem to come. So, we had to meet another obligation, something we had promised and, well, it was time to seek communion and let all this go. So we did. We got quiet, felt that Presence, which if it had words with it would have been, “All that I have is thine. You be still. You rest. I am here. I have come that you may have life.” It’s that living, again, and life more abundantly, which I feel is not row upon row of goods, automobiles and houses and properties.

No, I feel like it’s that communion. That’s when you’re alive, when that tingling is happening. You can feel it. You are vibrating like a tuning fork. I am here, and you know it. Though that was the experience, and we opened our eyes and without uttering a word to anyone, three people donated to Mystical Principles, and it was in the neighborhood of $1200. It covered that thousand perfectly with two hundred to spare.

So I tell you that, not to say that how great I am or something, because I’m not. I was worried about how to meet it at first, and then, I thought, “Wait, what am I doing? I know better.” And so I got quiet. I had a meditation. I let it all go, and I just sat and felt this movement within, and then without uttering a word, without thinking it, without even thinking about it, there it was, fulfillment. And so I’ve done this so often, I know it’s the answer. And what he’s saying here is this is what we’re doing. We’re attempting, through meditation and practicing the principles, to know, to feel the unknowable. “That is the prayer of communion, and it comes about after we have attained a measure of life by grace, a life in which God is fulfilling itself as our experience.”

So when you begin to see this invisible something,—It’s really your true self.—but when you begin to see it appearing as fulfillment, you’re living by grace. You’re not living by struggling and striving and cheating and lying. You’re standing still and grace is living you. He says, “It is not that God knows our material needs and supplies them. God knows nothing of our need for automobiles . . .—” He says typewriters, but today it would be computers. “God knows nothing of” your [need for] automobiles,” computers, “or washing machines” But here’s the marvelous thing. This is the demonstration that Christ Jesus wanted you to have. “God speaks to us, and the mind interprets it in terms of dollar bills, books, employment, or companionship. God speaks as spirit.”

In your inner meditation you feel the movement of that invisible spirit. God speaks as spirit. We hear as spirit, but we interpret it according to our needs, to that which makes for our fulfillment, and I think that this whole thing is so marvelous! Don’t you? I mean, think about it. We can live by the mind and allow it to flow forth, which is a temple made by hands, and all of those can become corruptible. All those temples made with hands can dissolve, can deteriorate, or we learn this higher way. We learn to live by the spirit, by the soul, by the I within that whispers to us, “I am here.” We learn to live by that and then it builds a temple not made by mind, not made by hands, and that temple is invisible. It’s invisible. We sense it. We feel it, and then the interpretation by the mind appears out here as fulfillment.

Only this is different than that which is made only by the mind. When it is spirit appearing, it appears as fulfillment, and it doesn’t last a day or two and then dissolve. The best example I can feel right now is that when I tried to put together a relationship, I picked the best person, I thought, and after a while it was revealed that we were incompatible. It didn’t work, but when I forgot about that and I just communed within, then that was interpreted as my wife. We’ve been together for thirty years. It did work. It’s hard to explain, he says. You can’t utter these things to normal people. They will not get it, but you listening to this, you’ve been practicing principle. You get it. “John tells us that God is love. If God is love, why ask God for love? God is love.” That’s what I just explained.

God has no power to withhold . . . It is the function of life to fulfill itself, and that in infinite and abundant measure.” But you have to let it. This is not about what you know or learn. This is about what you let. We either let the mind run things, and it’s scared, and it’s insecure, and it’s dominating, controlling, whatever, however it manifests in you, and it doesn’t work. It’s very, very temporary, or we find the way to let, let my spirit flow. And then it forms itself, first invisible as the Christ of God, and then, through the movement of spirit, it is interpreted and appears out here as fulfillment. So I think that this is fascinating.

Alright, so he goes into the great depression in the thirties. “. . . Churches all over the world were open day and night for those who wanted to pray to God for supply,” and there were people doing it. They were praying for supply right and left, and at the same time, the government had trains ands scows that were loaded with food, and they were dumping them in the ocean, in the ocean! Nobody got it there, and it was there. They paid people to stop growing things. This guy grows corn in Iowa: “You stop! I’ll pay you not to do that.” This one has pineapples in Hawaii. “Stop it!” I’ll say to you to “Stop it! We need to stop it!”

So there was no lack of supply. Nowhere was there a lack of supply. There was an infinite amount of supply like there is now. However, people were praying for more supply, and so Bill says, “Suppose God answered then and gave you more supply. Then we’d have even more to dump in the ocean, wouldn’t we? That’s not the way.”

The way to restore normalcy, harmony, and abundance is not to pray to God to increase supply, which is already greater than we can use, but rather to become consciously at one with that source so that it can flow. You see that? The way to increase your supply is not to pray for more supply. It’s not even to ask someone else to pray for your supply. The way to increase your supply is to drop the prayers and the wishing and the wanting more supply. I know it seems weird. It seems backwards, but it isn’t. The way to increase your supply is to recognize this is not what I need.

I need the essence that appears as supply. So I’m turning within now. I’m going to rest within. I may say a few words that remind me that all that I have is thine, that God’s grace is my sufficiency, but then I’m going to rest until I feel that Presence, commune with it, and then I’m not done! When I open my eyes or even before I open my eyes, I’m going to say, “Father, what have I to pour out?” Now, we know that I may not have any money to share, but what about the service thing?

How may I be of service to those in my world, not how may I increase my supply? How may I be of service? So, there’s two parts to this. I may see an elderly person carrying groceries home and walking along the sidewalk, and I am perfectly fine to say, “Let me take those for you, and I’ll carry them for a while. When you get close to your house, I’ll give them back, and I’ll disappear. I may do something anonymously.

That was one of the fun things that happened this last week or two. I received an anonymous letter with some cash inside of it. Somebody is following this way. They are being of service. They are pouring out. I guarantee you their supply is not a problem because they’re living these principles. So what is the principle of supply? You turn within. You drop the desire. You turn within. You aim for communion, for feeling that Presence, and then, if you feel it, you rest in his or her consciousness. And before you open your eyes, you say, “Reveal to me ways that I can pour out.”

You can always pour, even if you haven’t got a penny. You can pray. You can pray for others. You can lift up the I within them. If you can walk and talk, you can be of service. You can do things anonymously and not get found out. That’s even better. So communion and pouring out from your house, from within, this is the way, and I guarantee you can’t do that and not have supply.

It’s not about finding the right guru, who can pray for you rather. It’s not about finding the right practitioner who can pray you into supply. That’s only a temporary fix. Yes, you find a practitioner that can commune with God, then you’re reaching out to his consciousness or her consciousness. Your consciousness is going to touch that communion, and it’s going to appear, but you can’t carry your practitioner around on your back or in your car or in your pocketbook. You have to live the principles for yourself. And the principle is first communion and then pouring. And you cannot not have supply if you live the principle. My job is to set you free from a personal sense of self. Okay? Alright. So that’s knowing the unknowable.

Now, let’s get back to this. “God is the very life of our being, the love and source of our being, but we must tune in. We must recognize and realize our at-one-ment.” Now, “realize” does not mean, “Oh, yeah, I get it now. I understand.” That’s intellectual.

Realize or oneness means going within and feeling that communion.

It will never be seeking any form of demonstration except the demonstration of God’s Presence. You get that? You hear that? If it’s supply, if it’s health, if it’s companionship, you seek nothing but that inner communion, and then open out a way for that imprisoned splendor to escape. Open out a way to pour that out. Okay?

The only legitimate prayer that will be left to us is a ‘Thank you, Father,’ and a sitting in the silence in sweet communion with the gentle presence that is already within our own being.

This presence will not be added to us. No, no, no!

It will be revealed as within our own being.” Yes, you will be knowing the unknowable.

You thought maybe you had to go out here and struggle and strive and connive and cheat in order to increase your supply, but that wasn’t it at all. It’s turn within, which is why “Jesus said, ‘Ask and it shall be given you. Seek and ye shall find. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.’ And Joel says, “Beg, plead, knock, ask” for spirit, for spiritual illumination. Ask for God-realization, and pray for it. Ask for the gifts of the spirit. Ask the spirit for spiritual things. Paul said, ‘We know not what we should pray for as we ought, but the spirit itself maketh intercession for us,’ which means that you don’t ask for things. You seek the spirit, and the spirit itself, when you commune with that spirit, the spirit itself will appear as your need fulfilled. Boy, we’ve heard Joel say that a long time, haven’t we?

Suppose that God could be so personalized as to be available here and now, what would you pray for?” Something called a home, money, companionship, or a s parking space? Or for the Presence of God?” And then he says, “God really is just as available and tangible as though he were standing here visibly holding your hand. Why? Because God is omnipresent. God is omnipresence itself. . . . In the presence of God, there is nothing left for which to pray.” Isn’t that wonderful? That’s so wonderful! You turn within. You feel that presence, and all of your praying comes to an end. You simply rest. Now God prays. How does God pray? I don’t know, and you don’t know, except that I can feel it going on. I can feel that Presence stirring. I can feel that spirit moving over the face of the deep, which is Consciousness. I can feel it, and so can you.

Alright, so when we stand still in that Presence, when we feel that Presence move through us and it utters its Voice,—It may be simply, “I am here,” and you may hear those words or you may feel that. You may know that with no words.—that’s God’s prayer. And it, then, is interpreted by the mind and appears as your need fulfilled. Alright, hopefully we have that forever. “In the presence of God, there is nothing left for which to pray. “I just love that.

Alright, “from this moment on,” ladies and gentlemen, “you lose the privilege of praying for any person, any thing, or any condition.” What does that mean? That means that part of a material sense of self must, must be dissolved, must be wiped out, must be forsaken.

Your whole prayer now becomes a continuous song of gratitude that God is love, that God is here, and that God is now.”

It’s the feeling when I turn within and I rest. I drop all these images. That’s it. It just comes out. I just feel that Presence moving. There’s nothing left except, “Thank you.” or “I love you.” that comes out, and then the rest. There remaineth a rest to those following this path, to the people of God. So he says, “Do you begin to see the reason for constant and frequent meditation? Do you see now why you require stillness of mind instead of taking thought?” Yes, you do. So do I. “Do you see why in your meditation you must develop a listening attitude, a state of receptivity in which you do not think thoughts,” but you “wait for thoughts to come from the depths of your own being?”

Yes, I think you are able to tell the difference. In the beginning you might not be able to, but as you progress, it becomes, well, rest becomes speaking in tongues, the real speaking in tongues. You hear a thought that comes from your mind and you recognize it’s just the mind. It’s no depth to it, and you say, “Oh, be still now. I’m meditating. You be quiet.” Later, as you hear that thought that comes from within, “I am here; I’m here.” There’s a stirring that goes with it, so it’s not just the thought. There’s the thought and the Presence. And I can’t explain it to you any better, but that’s the difference.

Alright, now, “Truth does not have to come from up in the sky. You do not have to strain for it. You do not have to make a mental effort for it. You merely have to let,”—There it is.—“let it gently flow forth. “Realize that all your good is to flow out from you. None of it can come to you.” See, it’s the mind, it’s material sense of self that thinks it has to come to us, whatever it is we’re seeking. It’s the spiritual sense of self that rests, that knows, “I am here, and I am come that you might have life and life more abundant,” whatever life really is, and rest in that and still and receptive.

And then that state of resting, into that flows the Father, the Christ, the I am, and there’s an inner stirring, and there’s an inner silence, which is an absence of a material sense of self. And when that absence is there, you have received Him, and Him flows into you, Him, the I of you, the Father within, the Christ within. It flows in. You are in the center of Him, and Him flows into you. And “as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the Sons of God.” If you receive Him and you commune with Him, you have the ability to out picture Him, to express Him, to become the Son of God. You see?

So you have to “divorce yourself from any outer dependence, whether person, place, or thing.” This is hard. This takes a lifetime. This is not something we can do in a week or a month and probably not a year either, because when you divorce yourself from any outer dependence, whether person, place or thing, you are Christ realized. Christ could divorce himself from the law of gravity and walk on water. Christ could—can, let’s say can—Christ can walk through walls. He divorced himself from the material belief in atoms because he could walk right through a wall, can move right through a wall.

Christ could divorce himself from all medical belief. He can take a corpse and bring it back to life. So you can see in his demonstration that, well some of the depth of which you must divorce yourself from, from a material sense of universe. What he’s saying here is you have to divorce yourself from any outer dependence, and that takes quite a while for most of us. We don’t necessarily want to cling, but we don’t seem to be able to let go in a certain area. So it takes practice.

The truth which is your being becomes the light for all those who do not yet know that the kingdom of God is within them, and as they search for it, they will find it through you, not from you, —no!” no!—but through you. My job is not to make you into—what’s the word?—students, not to make you into a place where you are dependent on me. My job is to make you totally independent from me or anyone else and only bring you to a place of relying completely on this inner communion, this inner realization, this inner knowing of the unknowable. “To a person of mortal, material consciousness,” or a material sense of self, “it would seem impossible that a change could take place in his” or her “life by means of something he had never seen, heard, tasted, touched, or smelled. But with that first experience would come more and more experiences, and as one change followed another, the day would come when somebody would say, ‘You know, you are not the same person I formerly knew.’ The transition from mortal,material sense to some measure of spiritual consciousness would have begun.” And that’s what it’s all about. It never was about things.

As these first experiences come, you realize that it is possible to bring about harmony, joy, and peace in the outer realm through spiritual means” or spiritual communion. But remember, this is just the first experience, and so he says, “However, you are still thinking in terms of dollar bills . . . You are still thinking” in terms “of a heart, lungs, liver . . .” You’re still thinking of a human companion. So, he says, “That was but the beginning of your transition from mortal, material sense to spiritual consciousness.” This is the beginning perhaps for many of us from turning away from a material sense of self and coming into the conscious inner realization of a spiritual self. “But it” is “a transition, and the old man” is “beginning to ‘die,’ and the new one” is “being born,” dependent on spiritual means for attaining” its “material good.”

Now here is where he drops this next line. He’s dropping in a spiritual bomb if you see it, if you hear it. If you don’t have eyes to see it or ears to hear it, it’s something you just read right over. “The day eventually comes, however, when another transition has to be made”—Okay, we’re making a transition from a material sense of self to knowing that this inner spiritual being, which flows through us and in which we rest, this is our spiritual self, and we are beginning to sense a spiritual sense of self. However, the day comes “when another transition has to be made, and the realization dawns” on you “that neither supply nor the body is material. Even the universe is not a structural universe.”

Now if you heard that, that should be enough to rock your world. We have said how many times in these talks that we’re standing in the kingdom of heaven, but we’re seeing a material sense of universe. He says that there will come a day when another transition happens to you. You will have the inner realization that supply and body and companionship are not material. Yes, there was a material sense of these, but now you’re beginning to experience the spiritual sense of these. You may have lived your whole entire life of seeing this universe as structural, as material. Now comes an inner realization that there is not a structural universe.

It’s a spiritual universe. ‘My kingdom is not of this world,’—“no, not in any sense of the word. There are joys of which the people of this world have never even dreamed; there is a” spiritual “sense of health of which nobody in mortal or material sense, or even in the . . . half- way spiritual sense has ever conceived. There is another world, a new world. ‘My kingdom is not of this world:’ My kingdom is the kingdom of heaven [or spirit]. “There really is a heaven, and when the old earth and the old heaven are washed away, you come into the new earth and the new heaven and find that they are purely spiritual.”

You see, this was John’s experience: “And I saw a new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven.” He was experiencing a new earth, which is another way of saying he was experiencing his old earth of a material sense producing its image and likeness as the earth made by hands. He was now coming into the experience of receiving Him. He was seeing spiritual consciousness appearing, receiving him. Communing with Him on an almost continuous basis, John began to see a new heaven and a new earth. Spiritual consciousness was appearing as form.

So he says, “Now you enter a consciousness in which spirit is your only health, your only supply,” and your only companion. “Now you do not think of using spirit to get a human companion. You do not use spirit to make the heart beat faster or slower” . . . Here again is another transition; and in this second stage this man who has been ‘dying’ for a long time is completely ‘dead.’ Now is he resurrected, probably more than resurrected: ascended into a divine state of consciousness in which the values are no longer earthly.” He describes that in Beyond Words and Thoughts when he says, “I myself went through the experience of crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension.”

So, here is a man, not John thousands of years ago, but Joel just forty years ago, fifty years ago, saying I have experienced this, and you can too. “That transitional experience will go on and on and on until the ascension above all sense of this world. Then, there will be no . . . reincarnation because there will be no place into which to be reborn.” Yes, that’s the beauty of life eternal, which Christ Jesus said was the ultimate goal he came to give you, and he did. He came to show you that when you dissolve material sense of self and awaken to this inner communion, when you receive him, which is your real self, your spiritual self, your infinite self, then there’s no longer any incarnation.

There’s no one to reincarnate. There is only this invisible self appearing as form, and you have overcome this world. You have overcome reincarnation, and now you can rest and behold I, the immortal One. “The complete and perfect virginal, spiritual birth, or sense of being, will have been achieved. This is the ‘dying daily’ and the rebirth that goes on continuously until the complete ascension.”

Hopefully we see now—We’ve only looked at two chapters, very few pages in this book Leave Your Nets, but perhaps we see this in another light, a little deeper than we ever had. Maybe we thought it was a book on how to demonstrate supply or demonstrate health or demonstrate companionship. Now perhaps we’re seeing it’s a book on stepping out of mortality. It really is a book of how to step out of mortality and into immortality. Leave your nets. Leave that entire material sense of self. Leave the material sense of universe. Let it go, and now turn within and let.

Be receptive, says Joel, receptive to Him, to It, to I, the I of you. And, as you receive that I, you have the ability to become a beholder. You have the ability or the power, but I like ability. You have the ability to stand still and watch. You are finally able to bear witness to God in action flowing out from your inner self, as your inner self, appearing first as the invisible self that you feel, that you commune with, and perhaps that you love. And you feel its love flowing through you. And you behold I within you appearing as form. You see—you live, you move through a temple not made by hands. You discover there is no material universe.

Joel said over and over this is a spiritual universe, and when you come into the realization of that, you are the Christ. Only the Christ can behold the Father. That is said in scripture, and when you behold and you stand still and you rest in this inner Presence, then you’re Christ. You commune with the Father. It flows through you. You are the living Christ, and then you, too, can say, “The Father works, and I work hitherto” We are One. And you can say, “He that seeth me seeth Him that sent me. And you can say, “I am come that all may have life and life more abundantly. I am come that ye might have eternal life.” What a path! What a journey! What a realization!

Blessings to you all. Please put this into practice. It would give me great joy to see all of you receive Him. It would give me great love, great feeling of God, for God is love, to see you become the Son of God.

Thank you and God bless.

We’re continuing our look at this book, Leave Your Nets, by Joel, and we established last week that your nets mean your material sense of self. This path is not about getting better companions or more money or better health, although all these things happen. These are the added things, but not if you go after them. If you go after them directly, you won’t have them, and you wonder why the principles don’t work.

If you go after renouncing a material sense of self, a material sense of universe, and you begin awakening to reality in which you live and move and have your being, you will have all these things. They just come with no effort. Why? Because the principle says, “All that I have is thine.” So we’re looking at stepping out of a material sense of self and into that spiritual universe we’ve been promised.

And now we’re looking at chapter 2, “Knowing the Unknowable.” He starts out by saying, “Truth is infinite,” so “then, how great is your capacity? How big are you?” You’re “infinite, because infinity cannot be confined in anything less than infinity.” And I had an experience once which showed me this in no uncertain terms so that I could never forget it. I won’t go into the experience here other than to say for a moment I grasped, I saw, I felt my own infinity, which, by the way, is your infinity.

How many children does God have? One, one child, and it is the Christ, and we, you and I, when we renounce this material sense of self, the you and I, we come into the awareness of Christ as our identity, the one Son manifest here and there and everywhere. But we come into that in a way that ye know not of. We come into that with another faculty. We’ve been told that the natural man receiveth not the things of God. We’ve been told that the wisdom of God is foolishness unto men. We’ve been told lean not unto thine own understanding.

So this tells you that first, here, perhaps on a Sunday morning as you close your eyes, if you’re joining us in our meditation at eleven o’clock to eleven fifteen, here in your meditation, you may feel, come into an awareness of something. It’s been called the Presence, which I like because that’s what it feels like. It feels like an Omnipresence to me. It’s been called Christ. It’s been called I, the I of you, the Reality of you. It’s been called Father. It’s been called God. It’s been called Is.

It doesn’t matter what label we put on it with the mind. What’s important is not even that we understand it. I thought I had to understand it before I could experience it. That’s not true. You can approach God with no understanding whatsoever, and as we said last week, if in your meditation there’s an absence of self, then you can come into the awareness of capital “S” Self or Christ or the Presence, but your awareness is not the intellect. You’re not thinking.

You’re feeling. That’s the only word I can put on it is feeling, but you’re not feeling with your fingers. You’re feeling with an inner faculty called the Soul-faculty. When we read these books, we may intellectually agree with the principles, but we’re not yet feeling them. We’re not yet aware of them, and each principle that’s mentioned that you become aware of—well, each principle that you see with your mind, you have to become aware of. It doesn’t become reality within and without until you have that inner awareness, hence the need for meditation.

So the beginning of this chapter starts right out saying that you are infinite, but this must become an experience. All the times that Joel has said capital “E” Experience, the Experience, he’s referring to experiencing your own inner infinity. He says, “Because of that, . . . nothing can be added to you: not even truth. Therefore, the only truth, of which you can ever become aware, is the truth that is already within your own being.”

That is why I make one of these talks, and I have people send me emails, and one person will say, “Oh, I had such an inner realization of the immortality of life. I could just, I could feel it going on forever.” And another person, the same talk, will write and say, “Ah, I had such an inner realization about my own infinity.” And a third person will write me and say, “You know, while I listened to that talk, I could just feel that all that the Father has is mine. I could feel an infinite eternal supply.” And I, while I’m giving a talk, I may have my own realization, which is something different yet again from these three people. Why? Because the truth that we realize, the only truth we can realize, is within ourselves, and it’s, I think it’s fabulous! Alright, so that’s the first paragraph.

The second one says, “There are many ways of bringing truth to awareness and to conscious realization . . .” You see, awareness and conscious realization are the same thing, and when that happens you bring it into expression and activity. Okay, now, an intellectual understanding of a principle will not demonstrate it out here because you’ve got only a human being and the mind understanding, thinking it’s understanding the principle, but when you take it within and you live with it and you practice it for a week or a month or even a year, something happens. You come into an inner soul faculty. It’s called awareness or conscious realization. When that happens then it appears. It demonstrates itself out here.

You don’t demonstrate it. It demonstrates itself. You see? And then you know, “Ah, okay,” and you go on for your next principle, which will be revealed within you. Alright, so he says one way to bring forth your awareness, your conscious realization of truth, is to take a little cabin in the mountains somewhere next to a stream, perhaps, for a month or six months or a year or even two years and meditate and pray “day and night, and day and night, and day and night,” and maybe only taking a book of scripture, but you abide in the quietness and peace.

Eventually the truth that is within your own consciousness will begin to flow, to unfold.” Yes, and if you do that, I suggest you take some notebook paper because when it flows, you’re going to want to write it down. I have a journal, which I’ve shared with you, and that’s what I do. I write it down, not every one, but most. So he says that’s one way to do it.

Another way is through following some system of spiritual teaching in which there is a teacher with a measure of spiritual consciousness who, through his written or spoken word, is able to open the consciousness of those who come to him.” Yes, ‘“I, if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me . . . “can draw all those who are searching and seeking to my level of consciousness,” and that’s what we’re doing.

We’ve found perhaps a book by Joel Goldsmith or maybe we heard a talk by Herb Fitch. Something happened to draw our attention to this teaching called the Infinite Way, and we begin to read and take part in Joel’s consciousness or Herb’s consciousness. So, when we do that, well he says, “The spiritual teacher can be a teacher only in proportion as he has received some measure of spiritual light—not because he’s read books,” and I think we can, again I think this brings into play our Soul-faculty.

We can tell. I can tell if I go to see someone that’s speaking or even if I listen to a talk, I can tell, I get a feeling if the person is genuine, that is, someone who has a measure of spiritual consciousness, or if the person is spouting off quotes that they memorized or things from a book that they have read and read until it’s memorized. You can feel the difference. One is just kind of on the surface, and the other you can feel the depth. It’s really amazing. This comes as your soul faculty opens up and awakens from all of these meditations.

Do you remember Joel has told us everywhere, everywhere he’s talked or written, he has told us that we have to practice meditation, not for any things. Why then? We have to practice meditation so that we can become receptive. There’s that word again. Receptive to what? There’s that word again. Receptive to the truth that flows within, receptive to the awareness that flows within, receptive to the guidance that flows within.

We have been living for centuries on our best intellectual knowledge, and it has amounted to nothing. In the book, Realization of Oneness, Joel talks about we have to bring forth that invisible, incorporeal self. We have to bring forth incorporeal supply, incorporeal companionship, incorporeal invisible life, and that’s the same thing as saying we have to put off mortality and put on immortality. We have to step out of a material sense of self and into the spiritual sense of self, a spiritual sense of universe. Okay?

So, the spiritual teacher when you find one that’s genuine, you feel the depth of that teacher because of your meditations, because you’ve started feeling this incorporeal self or incorporeal universe. You’ll feel the same thing. There’s a stirring. That’s the word. As you listen, there’s a stirring within you. You can feel it, and you know that this person is genuine. Nobody has to tell you. Alright, so that’s how I gauge it. So when you find the spiritual teacher, he says, they can lift you to their level.

So if the spiritual teacher is already living in the invisible spiritual universe at times, maybe some of the time, maybe most of the time, they can lift you to that level. It doesn’t mean they lift you, and you don’t have to do any work. Ha! Ha! I wish it was that easy! No, you’re still going to have to do the work. You’re going to have to take the principle, work with it, make it your own, have a conscious realization of it rather than a thought about it, and you’ll come into, you’ll be lifted up. He’ll help you. He’ll guide you. He’ll say things that you go, “Oh, yeah,” but you still have to do the work.

Alright, this is a pretty interesting line here. He says, “When truth is recognized to be an integral part of your being, not even the search for truth will be left to you. How can you seek and search for that which is already embodied within your own consciousness?” What that means to me is we reach a place where we’re no longer running from this teacher to that teacher to the next teacher to the next.

Yes, we may pick up a book and look at it for inspiration. I do that. I read along until something hits me, and then I go into meditation, but I’m not at the library looking for books and books and books. I have a few favorites, and I keep them near me, and that’s that. But I know that the truth I need is within, and the only way I’m going to demonstrate it is by going within, stepping aside, stepping out of a material sense of me so that a spiritual sense of I can act.

Alright, so now here on page 7 he says there is no use to seek or search for family, companionship, home, or health. (I’m paraphrasing, and I’m adding the word “health.”) “There is no use to seek or search for them because you will never find them. As a matter of fact, it should very quickly become evident to you that all seeking for things—all desire—is sin.” And we know from our reading that sin is missing the mark. This is not a moral issue. This is: Are you seeking things or are you seeking that conscious realization?

Ah, I just made a pot of Kona coffee. It’s wonderful. It’s the real deal. Okay, so it’s a sin to seek things. It’s not a sin to enjoy them when they come to you, like this Kona coffee. That’s not a sin. I’m enjoying it. Thank you, Father. Wonderful, but I didn’t seek it. You see, there’s a difference. When you practice the conscious awareness, not the conscious thinking, the conscious awareness, these things come, and strange enough, what comes to me is Kona coffee or Peruvian coffee or Guatemalan coffee or Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. What comes to you might be English tea. It might be camomile tea. That might be fulfillment to you.

It comes as this conscious awareness that you dwell in in your meditation and sometimes, with your eyes open, comes as a Presence, an awareness, a feeling, and then it appears as fulfillment, peace, and joy. You will have fulfillment, peace, and joy, but it will be fulfillment to you, not fulfillment to me. I like the mountains. You might like the sea. I have other friends that thoroughly enjoy the desert, and this Presence will manifest, will demonstrate, will appear as fulfillment, peace, and joy. So why seek these things and frustrate yourself and never find them, when you can come into your inner being and let it appear? You see?

Alright, so in the next paragraph he describes what it’s like to live as a human being. He sums it up by saying you’re “like a cork, floating on the ocean, you are a victim of every wave and every force that comes from every direction: from the water, from the wind above, and probably from beneath the water. As a human being, man is always a victim and a target. He is forever being played upon by one kind of force or another: economic, political, the weather, climate, or food.”

I think we can all agree that we know that’s what it’s like when we live in a material sense of self. I can’t tell you how long I was a victim of everything. As a child I was very sick. I had asthma. I had tonsillitis. I had this, that, and the other, measles, mumps, whatever else you can get, chicken pox. It seemed like I was always out of school with something, and you know, I didn’t have any background, any religious or spiritual training, and yet, at ten years old, I can remember being home sick again, and saying, “God, I’m so tired of this. Help me.” as a ten year old. And from then until my fifties, I was never sick again, some forty-five years, I think it was.

Alright, let’s see what he says in the next paragraph. That’s living a material sense of self, and you know it, and I know it. But what is this other thing, this invisible, incorporeal Self? “It is not necessary for man to be a victim of the times, the tides, or conditions. By bringing himself” or herself “into harmony with divine law, he becomes, not the victim of circumstances but, in the measure of his” awareness, “the master of them.” (I changed that “understanding” to “awareness” because this morning I’m using “understanding” as a reference to intellect, and I’m using “awareness” as a reference to your Soul-faculty.)

So what he’s saying is if you can or if you will practice this meditation and this meditating. You remember, he says he doesn’t want you to sit down for an hour. That may develop in time, but right now he wants to help you come into that receptivity, so you can receive within yourself a feeling, a conscious awareness, a soul faculty awareness, so that you can receive the Presence, the spirit, the Holy Spirit or the Father, Christ Itself, the I.

That is what will transform you from a material sense of self to your true spiritual being. They shall all be taught of God, and so when you develop this awareness, this ability to come into an awareness, to be absent from self and come into awareness of your real self, as you develop that ability, you will start living by the invisible. You’ll start hearing truth that maybe you’ve never read. You’ll hear truth that’s brand new for you, and it’ll come out of this infinite invisible self, and you will know that you are being taught from God.

I knew it the first time I met Herb Fitch, which is why I knocked on his hotel room, and when he opened the door, the first thing I said is, “I need to tell you, you’re not my teacher. I have a teacher within,” and he just lit up like a Christmas tree and said, “Come on in.” So, you will be taught of God. All of us shall be taught of God as we come into this awareness.

Then he goes kind of into a history here where he says in the early days the only way a teacher could impart truth was by speaking it to you, and so if you weren’t in his presence, you were out of luck. However, because of the invention of the printing press, these words could be put down. We could have a Bible with scripture. You might have the Gita. You might have a Upanishads, but you can read truth, and you can feel somewhat the consciousness of the one who spoke that truth.

So he says, “Today it is possible for anyone to bring divine grace or the power of the infinite into his individual experience,” and that’s what we’ve been talking about all morning here so far. “Today we know that every man, woman, and child on the face of the globe can leave their ‘nets’ and bring themselves into that union, thereby becoming a center or force through which God’s grace flows out into their community, speeding the day when the kingdom of heaven will be manifest on earth.”

Now, you should know by now it’s all about consciousness and what you are consciously aware of. You may be sitting next to someone in the class, and that person is in hell. They feel a conscious separation from everyone, definitely from God and maybe even consciously separate from themselves. There was a time in my life when I hated myself so much that there was two of me, and one was hating the other, and that is hell on earth. I knew it very well.

Now the other sitting there may be in heaven. Perhaps they had a great meditation that morning, and they’re consciously aware of the invisible throughout the room and emanating from people in the room and from the teacher. These people are in the same room. What is the difference? It’s not the room. It’s not the teacher. It’s not the course work. It’s not the shape of the chair you’re sitting in or the temperature in the room.

It is the consciousness of the one sitting there, and so it’s all about changing your consciousness so that you don’t live out from the intellect and from your past experiences as a human being. You live out from the infinite invisible, from the Christ within, from that Presence that comes to you, that flows through you—that wonderful Presence. You know that wonderful presence is you. It’s your Presence. All that I have is thine, including My Presence.

So, it’s all about consciousness, and these words that we speak and these books that we read and these meditations that we have should be leading us to a place where we are knowing the unknowable, which is the name of this chapter. “There comes a time in the experience of every person when human circumstances are such that he realizes he cannot go any further in the unfoldment of a happy, successful, or prosperous life without the aid of something beyond humanhood; and it is in in such moments that he may turn to a search for . . . God.”

I know exactly when it happened to me, exactly when it happened. I can give you the date. It was, well, I can’t give you the month, but the year was 1973. I had sort of looked for God before then, but I had a life experience that was so painful that I was either going to sink into a depression so deep and dark that I would have to find a psychiatrist to prescribe me something or I could take the other choice, which was to reach within for God, beg and sometimes plead for God. And then what happened was I was told that I needed to love God, transfer my love from her to God, and I did it.

In the beginning I pretended. In the end I fell head over heals in love with this Presence and being in its Presence and feeling it within me and watching it manifest out here. That became my life’s work, and it was a change of consciousness from having an intellectual understanding of some of these books to a conscious awareness of the living God, not a God from 2,000 years ago, a living God, a here present now God, a within God. So, yes, I know mine, and you probably know yours, exactly when you turned in earnest within yourself. It’s described in the Bible as “living with the swine,” sinking so far down after deciding to do it your way and live a material sense of life, a material sense of self. You wake up one day, and you’re in with the swine in the pen. How did I get here?

So you decide: I’m coming home. You may not even know where home is, but through a set of circumstances, something happens or you hear somebody or you read something, and you know it’s within. And so the search begins, but it begins in earnest, and when it begins in earnest, you begin to have conscious awareness. Your soul faculty opens up just like a lotus flower, which is why that represents consciousness. It opens up, slowly at first. Nobody could take it if it was all at once. Trust me. When I had that experience of about to go infinite, it was quite startling, and so you couldn’t handle it all at once, which is why Jesus said, “ I have many things to tell you, but you can’t bear them now.”

We’ve reached a place in evolution and involution where we’re ready. We can handle them. If you listen and take seriously some of the things that Herb says, you know you have to be a little bit, what, eccentric, off-center. “My people are peculiar people.” Yes, that definitely applies to us. He says, “Probably the very word God keeps many persons from finding him . . .” Yes, and my earliest concept of God, I didn’t have one. I was in—I’ve said this before.—I was in vacation bible school. I think I was six or seven.

My mother put me there. She didn’t believe in God, but she put me there so I would have something to do while she kept the house or went to work, whatever it was that she was doing at the time, and we were—you know how you build things and glue things and use scissors and rulers and stuff and you make things—and so we were making things in vacation Bible school. And there was a man up front, and he was talking about God, and I don’t remember what he said, as far as his talk was going, but afterwards I asked him, “Where is God? Who is God?” And he pointed to a picture of Jesus Christ, and he said, “That’s God.”

This is how I know I was a little different, even at that age, because when the break came, everybody went outside to play, and the man went outside to supervise them. I didn’t go. I stayed in the room by myself, and I walked up to that picture, and I looked and I looked, and finally I heard it in my head, “That’s not God. That’s a man.” I had nobody telling me that. How did I know? Well, the man was right in one sense because that is God. That was God teaching us as Christ, as Christ Jesus, but he was also wrong because he was saying that the person was God, and the person wasn’t God.

The person is a man, but I had to live quite a few experiences and quite a few years before I came into the conscious awareness of that. Yes, that is the most advanced Son that God has ever had, the most advanced expression of that invisible life called Christ. However, that was also a man, and the man came forth a couple of times. He got angry, and he whipped people out of the temple. If he said the words, “Why have you forsaken Me?” then he was definitely a man at that point, but you can’t blame him for that amount of suffering.

In the garden when he said, “Could you not stay awake with me one hour?” Even in his “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often I would have taken you under my wings, even as a mother hen takes her chicks under her wings, and ye would not,” you can feel, in a sense, loneliness because he would give them everything if they would take it, but they won’t. They wouldn’t. So you can sense his humanhood, but you can also sense his divinity, his Christ, his Presence, his Father within doing the works.

And, after all these years, I have come to see “as many as received him, to them gives he power to become the sons of God,” which means the expression of God, and so we all have this opportunity if we learn to be receptive. That’s how we come to know the unknowable, by transferring from a material sense of self, which thinks it knows truth, to a spiritual sense of self, which comes into the awareness of consciousness opening up, of truth flowing out from within.

So this chapter to me means everything. We must go beyond the mythical God of rewards and punishments. That is such a heavy burden that religion has placed upon us, this belief in a God that rewards and punishes. We’ve been taught that. I was taught that very early. “You better be on your best behavior. God’s gonna come back, and he’ll catch you.” That’s what I thought it meant when I heard that scripture which says, “I come at a moment ye think not.” Oh, you better be on your best behavior. “He’s gonna catch you doing that. You know that’s not right.”

It was built in. It was built in my conscience, even as a child. If I took a candy bar from the store, I knew I was in trouble. “Something was gonna get me,” and I guess, maybe, that’s why a lot of us try to be good because we’re scared of God, that concept of God. But that’s not God. There’s no God that’s going to get you, but that’s not even the hard one. The hard one is believing that there’s a God that’s going to reward you.

How often have we been good? How often have we bargained with God and had a conversation something like or maybe even a brief lightening fast thought that says, “If I do this, God, can you give me that? If I don’t eat all the pudding, can you not have me gain any weight? If I don’t get mad at that guy for cutting me off on the highway, maybe I’ll have a good day,” all these ways that we bargain and we think that God will reward us if we behave as good little children! Ah, that’s all material sense of self, every bit of that. This whole concept of a rewarding and punishing God. That’s part of the material universe and a material sense of self.

Years ago I realized, within, God is Omnipresence. There’s no place where God is not, and God is Omniscience, all-knowing, and It knows everything, every little nook and cranny, it says in the Bible, “even down to the marrow in your bones.” So God knows everything. God knows before the world was, and God will know us as we step out of this material sense of self. So, it’s impossible for me to believe that God would try to test me. Test me for what? God already knows my capacities and abilities. God already knows how fast I can do this, make this transition. There’s nothing to test. He doesn’t have to test. That’s ridiculous. That’s religion.

No, if there’s a test, I give it to myself. God doesn’t do it, and if I test myself, it never comes out right, so I have to stop doing that too. This thing will unfold, guys and gals. This thing will unfold naturally, beautifully like the flower opens up. It unfolds like the dawn. If you’ve ever been up and outside before dawn, and then dawn comes and you can see things lightening all around you, slowly it comes alive, and the birds start tweeting, and there’s life all around you. You can feel it. It’s awakening.

And this is how this comes inside of my being. There’s an awakening, and one of the things that goes is the belief in a God of reward and punishment. And thank God! What a heavy burden, that belief is, and so he seems to be debunking certain beliefs. Here he says, “ …the world concept of supply is that we go out and get it, we work for it, plan, scheme for it, or steal; but in some way or other, we do get it.” Yes, and the reward: We’re applauded, I mean, by the other material sense of selves when we have successfully got it.

However, “this teaching reverses that and says that the flow of the spirit of God in us is the secret of supply. But this is something we could hardly go out and tell to the man on the street.” And I told you that experience I had in the middle of Houston, I think, or Dallas. It was a fourth of July, Friday. It was raining. It was six or seven o’clock. It was still light out, but everything was closed. It’s a holiday, and it’s after hours anyway, and I’m driving down from Florida to California across the United States in an old Gremlin that had, I don’t know, a hundred or two hundred thousand miles on it.

A friend gave it to me, and I’m driving along, and it dies. It dies. It just dies. Everything goes off. I have to steer it to the right. There are some barrels there for some construction, and I steer it close to them, and I stop. And I wait a minute and turn the key, nothing, absolutely nothing. It’s totally dead. Now what?

Well, I did what any spiritual being would do. I panicked. I panicked in my mind. “Oh my God, what am I gonna do? It’s Friday night, and it’s raining. I’ve got eighty dollars in my pocket. How am I gonna get to California from Dallas or Houston with a car that’s dead? Am I gonna just leave it here and step out of the car and start hitchhiking? I can’t take it to a garage. I can’t call a tow company. I have no money. I might get it towed there, and then what? I can’t pay for repairs. I’ll have to get a job here in Houston here and work til I can pay for repairs and then get going.”

And then, I stopped myself right about then, and I said, “Wait a minute, stop.” That’s the thing I like so much: “Stop!” And I stopped, and I remembered, “Hey, if I can touch this within, the Presence, if I can feel it and be consciously aware of it, in some way I know not of, it will appear as my fulfillment, as what I need, whether it’s a tow truck, whether it’s a good samaritan that knows how to stop and help me get going.

I don’t know what it is going to be, but I know it’s going to be right. So I calm myself down right there in the middle of the highway with eighteen wheeler’s rolling by and splashing rain on the back window. I got quiet. I turned within, and I calmed myself down. The fear diminished, and I had a meditation, and I became receptive. That’s all, just receptive. I didn’t know a lot of deep truths. I didn’t repeat a lot of truths. I’m sure I said one like “Thy grace is my sufficiency,” and rested.

What happened? I rested until I felt that inner movement, that stirring. That Presence announced Itself, and I thought, “Okay then.” I tried the car one time. Nothing. Two times. Nothing. Wow! “I know I felt that presence.” I turned it the third time. Broom, boom, boom, boom, boom. It started up. I drove the rest of the way to California. I used the money to eat on the way.

I got there, and I pulled it into a mechanic. He looked at it in California, and he said, “The brain box for this car is dead. It’s fried. You should not have been able to drive it.” “I know,” I said. “What do you mean you know?” “Well, it died. It died in Houston.” Anyway, I didn’t go into it much because he wouldn’t understand, and that’s what he [Joel] says here. “This is something we could hardly go out and tell to the man on the street.” And so I didn’t. I just said, “I know,” and left him with it.

Well, I took that car down to, I drove it down to a Hyundai dealer, and I traded it in on a new, a brand new Hyundai. The sales manager talked to me, the financial guy, and he noticed something I had around my neck, and he asked me, “Are you involved with this spiritual thing?” And I said, “Yeah.” He said, “So am I.” And he let me walk out with a brand new car.

I had no job, no money. I had nothing, except he knew that if I was involved in this thing, I must be practicing honesty. And I’ll never forget it because I’ve made ever last payment, and I made sure they were early, and I paid the thing off. And the man was right. He was using his spiritual discernment on that day, and I thanked him.

So, what am I saying? I’m saying all this came out of feeling that Presence, of having the conscious awareness of it, not the thought. The thought, “Thy grace is my sufficiency,” did nothing except maybe help me slow down and get quiet and become receptive, but the receptivity did everything because “as many as receive him, to them gives he power” to transform this outer experience into heaven. That’s exactly what happened, and that’s exactly what happens with every meditation in which this presence flows. Okay, we’re not going to finish this chapter today, but that’s okay. I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got plenty of time.

Now, again he says, and he harps on this a lot. “How can we ask God for something that God must know we already need?” Yeah, going to God and saying,—and I’ve done it. I’ve been guilty of it—in saying, “God, I need $250.” I remember back several, well, thirty years ago, I guess, I need $250 for my rent, and I need it by, you know, Friday. Thursday would be nice too! And we’re informing God. That’s ridiculous. That’s absolutely ridiculous! But see, we have these concepts, and the concepts are that I can tell God something, and I can influence Him, and he’ll reward me with it if I’m good. All nonsense. All of it is nonsense, not true. Later as we progress, we realize, “Oh, that’s ridiculous, informing God like He doesn’t know.”

So, we learn, and I did at the time, to just turn within, become receptive, have the conscious awareness of the moment, and sure enough, when it came time for the rent, I was working again. I got a check, and it was paid right on time. It’s fabulous, I tell you, but we don’t do this so we can pay the rent. We don’t do it so we can have a companion. We don’t do it so we can have a check. We don’t do it so we can have health. We don’t do it so we can have a new house, a new automobile, a new wardrobe of clothes, a new iPod or iPad or Notepad or Galaxy or computer.

We do it so we can have slowly, we can be transformed from living a material sense of self to living in a spiritual universe, to watching, being a beholder, Joel says, of this invisible self appearing. And it always appears as fulfillment, peace, and joy to you, whatever is fulfillment to you, and you don’t have to tell it, and you don’t have to bargain with it. You don’t have to try to be good. He says, “It would be as ridiculous as saying that it is not necessary to pray to God for our good.” He says, “I know because, when I have made that kind of a statement, I have seen the shock on the faces of persons who were well trained in religious beliefs.”

Now, I have a relative who is trained in religious beliefs and happened to ask me one day what my talk was about that Sunday. And I said, “Oh, it’s called “Do Not Pray to God.” I forgot who I was talking to, and yes, the shock on her face! So I quickly said to her, “Well, what I mean is do not pray to God for things. You know, pray to God for understanding and wisdom and grace and bla-bla-bla. So I cleaned it up so she didn’t think I was crazy.

Alright, so—alright the prayer that turns to the Father and says, “‘Open my eyes; illumine me; give me light. Be a light within me; shine through me; express. Fit me to be a better vehicle for thy grace, a better servant of thy will,’ comes nearer to the higher form of prayer which is communion with God.”

Alright, so we’re going to stop there, page 12. If you, well, we come into this way of living, and somebody tells us that we are not to meditate or pray for things, and so we learn to say, “Father, open my eyes to the spiritual reality. Let me come into the conscious awareness of thy Presence. Let me feel the invisible, the infinite invisible self that I am.” And we start praying that way.

Later, we learn to close our eyes, and sometimes it happens in the twinkling of an eye. We close our eyes before we can think any truth. Immediately the Presence, the Spirit descends upon us. Now, those are kind of awkward words. Really, what it is is immediately we’re into our Soul- faculty. It opens up within, and we come into the conscious awareness of our infinite invisible reality, but that’s kind of not as poetic. I like the other better.

I like “The spirit moves over the space of the deep,” and that’s what it feels like within. Something is moving within you, stirring within you, and you know there is a God, and I am that, and you rest. You rest in that Presence, that beautiful sweet nonjudgmental all accepting Presence, and you rest in it, and you know you’re never alone again, and you know you never have to struggle for any thing, and you know that I and the Father are one, and you rest and you experience the communion of that Presence and you being One right where you are, and “It’s wonderful,” as Lanyon says, “It’s wonderful,” and “There’s no place like home.”

And then you go about your business, and all of these miracles unfold before your eyes, and you know, “Ah, yes! Joel was right. Herb was right. Bill was right. All that the Father has is mine, and you’re left with one thing: “Thank you, Father. I love you.” And for a moment, there’s a love that flows out and a love that returns, and in the next moment, there’s only the I standing where you are. And these experiences come. They really do, and they will come. The whole key is learning to be receptive, practicing the principles, we’ve come to see, and practicing meditation.

And we’re over an hour again. It comes so fast. I can only say “thank you” for listening, and “I love you.”

This is October of 2019, and I haven’t made any of these talks in quite a while, so we’ll see how this turns out. It is 11:16. I just finished the fifteen minute meditation that we have every Sunday morning. The purpose for this fifteen minute meditation every Sunday morning is to release Christ onto the scene.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that this world, the world that we see with our physical eyes, is in dire need of something, and so if we have the ability to meditate until we touch this inner Christ and then release it to go wherever it will go, some part of this world will be dissolved, some error will be, well, it’ll disappear, and Truth will appear in its place.

You may not ever know where that is. It could be that your inner realization of Christ as the grace that feeds us all and your resting in knowing that, could release that Christ somewhere in Bangladesh, so that in some way unbeknownst to us now, they never again have a food shortage. You don’t know how it’s going to appear.

Maybe somebody’s crying out, “Oh God, how could you take him from me? I loved him so, and now he’s passed.” And in its place the person crying out has a spiritual awakening to find out that they’re never alone. You just don’t know. But I know if we continue to do this, not only is the Christ released, but some part of ourselves, some part of our false self, is erased at the same time. You see, as you awaken to the kingdom, you erase the false self. The two things go hand in hand.

I was looking this morning for the scripture that says, “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth,” and I discovered that not only in Revelation was that said, but way back in Isaiah 65:17 it says, “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.” And all the way down here to Revelation, John says, “I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” Now the sea is that false state of consciousness called world mind.

But anyway, we’re going to take a look this morning at this book called ‘LEAVE YOUR NETS’ by Mr. Goldsmith whom we all know as Joel. The first chapter is pretty tiny. It’s one, two and a half pages, but that’s what we’re going to cover today. And the reason why I brought up the new heaven and the new earth is because this, these two little pages and a half, if followed, will bring about a change in your inner consciousness. The false sense of self will dissolve, will begin to dissolve, and the new heaven and the new earth will begin to appear, and the two things are simultaneous.

So let’s enter into this chapter now. A lot of people read these books as if they’re reading a thriller, and they can’t wait to get to the end to see who done it, but we’re not going to do that. We’re going to read this book, I call it entering into the chapter. It is entering into the Consciousness that wrote or spoke the chapter. So we’re going to do that together, and if you’ve had your meditation for fifteen minutes, you should be pretty well centered. Alright—and if you haven’t, then you need to pause reading this and have your meditation first.

Now in order to enter into this chapter, we don’t read it fast to the end. When I’m reading a chapter like this, I read a paragraph, perhaps only a couple of sentences, and then something draws me into it. There’s an important principle. I can feel it. So I set the book down and I’m done, maybe for that day as I try to practice that principle which I saw, and then I’ll come back to it the next day, and I’ll read again. I may go for the whole rest of the page, and then something at the bottom calls to me, and I put the book down.

Okay, so if you have the book, you can do that same thing. If not, I suggest you get the book. None of these books are expensive anymore. I don’t know what this was when I bought it originally. It says $11.95. I don’t know if Acropolis Books has raised their price or not, but everybody should be able to get that.

Alright now, chapter one is called, “The Call,” “C” “a” “l” “l,” “The Call.” And this is something that happens to every one of us that are on this path, and so he starts with: “God-consciousness is a plane of consciousness different from that experienced by ‘the natural man.’” Alright, God-consciousness is what? It’s the conscious awareness of God, the conscious awareness of the presence, a conscious awareness of Christ. I don’t care what term you give it, but when you experience it, it’s a whole new plane than that of experience by the natural man, which is the physical man or physical woman.

That which you can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell around you right now and always through those five senses—you see a world that isn’t out here. It’s a world of concepts, universal concepts, which you entertain in the mind. It never gets outside the mind.

Oh, I know we could swear, “Hey, right here’s a table,” but the table is in your mind, and when you begin to have God realization or as what he calls God- consciousness and you become consciously aware of God’s presence, you’re not going to see that table as you’ve been seeing it. Trust me. You’ll see a whole new heaven and a whole new earth and everything in the earth. So, all he is saying here is that when you’re conscious of God, the earth is different for you than the natural man, than for those who are not conscious of God.

Let’s take something that we can all probably relate to. Let’s say we’re kind of busy. We have some things to pick up, and we have to go to that dreaded place called Walmart. I don’t know if you have any of those overseas, but here they’re everywhere. So you have to go to Walmart to pick up some things. Now your experience in the past has been that when you get there, it’s hard to find a parking place anywhere near the front door. You know you’re going to walk quite a ways, and when you finally get in there and you get your things, some of them aren’t there, especially the last year or two. You go for something that you’ve always got, and it’s not on the shelf. They’re out.

Now you get what you can. You go up to the front register and there’s a line. There’s ten people in front of you. Well, that’s probably an exaggeration. Let’s say there’s five people in front of you, and you get up there, and you’re wanting to get through there. You have things to do, but the register operator and the customer are in a chat. They’re chatting together, “Oh, so well, how’s Uncle Ernie?” “Oh, he’s good.” And you’re looking at your watch. Okay, that’s one experience. That’s an experience of the five physical senses as it approaches Walmart.

Now those of you that have been on this path for a while, you know that you can sit down and have a meditation as most of us did this morning, and then you’re reminded that you need to go to Walmart. What happens? You’ve made that contact. You’ve touched, you’ve had that God-consciousness if only for a moment, if only for a minute or two, and so you get up. You’re moving in God- consciousness. You don’t know it. All you know is when you get to Walmart, hey, there’s a parking place right up front. You pull in there and you go inside the store, and everything you need is there. You put it in your basket, you walk up front, and the lady says, “I’m just opening up. I’ll take you.” And you head right out.

And somewhere down the line, maybe not even until the nighttime as you’re reviewing your day, it dawns on you. Wow! What a difference! What a difference between the natural man and someone that has God-consciousness. So I know you’ve all had experiences like that. It may not be Walmart. It may be driving somewhere and all the lights turn green, and traffic just seems to move out of your way, but you know when you have that experience of synchronicity, everything’s going just right.

And the point of this is when you follow this way of life and you practice these spiritual principles and you practice this meditation and you carry it out into the street to the public, not speaking, but just knowing within yourself, Well, “I go before you to prepare a place for you,” everything just falls together with no effort. Now that’s the difference between that earth and the old earth, where you have to force everything, and you can’t get what you want, and it’s a struggle, and people are in the way. That’s just a little example.

Now imagine that you have traded in the entire natural man, the soul that lives through the senses only. You’ve traded that in. It’s dissolved completely, and you’re walking continuously in God-consciousness. I think you can see how that would make a new heaven and a new earth. Isaiah experienced it. John experienced it. Of course, Christ Jesus experienced it and many others, and so Joel has experienced it, too, and he’s telling us God-consciousness is a plane of consciousness different from that experienced by the natural man.

Now that different plane of consciousness gives you a different earth and a different heaven. He says, “The natural man is acquisitive, fearful, doubtful, and hesitant in thought and deed, all based on fears concerning the self.” If you’ve ever analyzed how you have been living as a human being, you probably come to see that everything is a struggle. You’re constantly trying to turn evil into good, whether it’s trying to overcome a cold or trying to save enough money without something breaking so you can do something else or trying to have a carefree, harmonious relationship with your spouse or your friend or your partner or your fellow employees at work. And that’s what we do.

We spend an entire lifetime, and I’ve said this many times. It reminds me of spinning plates. If you’ve ever seen those fellows who can juggle and they’re spinning plates on sticks, and they get about fifteen of them going at once, and they run over here because this one’s wobbling, and then they run over there, and if it’s a comedy, they’ll start falling and breaking and everybody laughs. But that’s what we live. We live that life. We’re spinning plates constantly as the natural man, and so that’s what this means to me. “He lives in a sense of separation from God,” and that’s true.

In my own case, I lived in that sense of separation for many years, but then something happened, and he says here, “. . . at some time in his experience, because of the depth and degree of his need, the natural man is turned inward to seek within himself for that which he outwardly requires.” Now that’s a first step. That’s a baby step, but it’s an important step because we’ve turned to God, toward God which is within. And I know in my own life when that happened, and you perhaps know in your life when that happened. Something happened that was so painful, I had no other recourse. I had no other choice. I turned within: “God help me.” And that prayer was answered. I had a spiritual experience.

Now, he says, “This inward turning becomes a search for God, a seeking for truth and, when earnestly and persistently followed, results in the dawning in consciousness of the verities: the activities, laws, substance, and being of the infinite invisible.” See, something happens in consciousness, and we become aware of the activities, laws, substance, and being of the invisible. “The natural man begins to ‘die,’ and the Son of God is being raised up.” Now, we don’t like to look at that too much, but it is a fact. If you long for this new heaven and this new earth, the only way for that to come about in your consciousness, in your conscious awareness, is the natural man must die.

He says, “Now the seeker begins to realize some measure of his oneness with God, and he eventually discerns that spirit really is the essence and very fiber of his being. The realization of divine sonship is unfolding, a conscious awareness of spirit and its law and being.” Alright, so you see what’s happening? What’s happening inside? The sense mind, the material sense of living is beginning to dissolve, maybe only in little ways at first, but at the same time that the material self is dissolving, you are becoming consciously aware of a new heaven and a new earth, and that’s called here a “divine sonship is unfolding, a conscious awareness of spirit . . . The Christ, or Son of God, is being born again in the manger of human consciousness, and evolves by stages to the degree of manhood in Christ, to the full stature of sonship or God- Consciousness.”

Alright, so the name of this chapter, chapter 1, is called “The Call,” and the call is when you feel that calling within you and you turn within. And it’s probably, in the beginning, just out of some severe pain. Maybe somebody you’re real close to passed away, and you can’t understand it, and it forces you to look for answers, but as you go on and you turn within, it becomes a search for God. Something is calling you. Something is standing at the door of your consciousness and knocking.

You may not hear any voice, although some people do. You may not hear anything, but there’s this inner intuitive feeling I must go on, I must search deeper. And so he says, “On this higher plane, the ‘old man’ appears less and less. Now one becomes aware that this old man is not and never was” a real identity, “a real entity, but rather that a false concept of the creative principle and its universe had been entertained and accepted as truth.”

Now, he just slides these things in here when he’s talking or writing. These were letters to his students. He just slides things in that you don’t even see, you don’t even notice. Right here he just said, the old man is not and never was real but a false concept. So he just told all of us that the natural man, the material sense of self, is not real and never was. This is the very veil that covers the conscious awareness of God, this material sense of self, that guy that’s getting frustrated or that gal that’s getting frustrated in the middle of Walmart. That guy, that gal was never a real entity but rather a false concept.

That concept is covering consciousness. We entertain these concepts: “Oh, I know her. I’ve been married to her for thirty years. She does this. She does that.” Those are concepts, and entertaining those concepts, I can’t see the God that’s there, and so I have to die to these concepts. At first it only happens in meditation. For a moment I forget, and then I have an experience, a conscious awareness, and I say, “Oh my goodness! That was wonderful!” I know now who she really is. I know now who I really am.

Okay, so he says, “More and more the awareness of [our] true identity becomes manifest, and slowly truth dawns in consciousness, until God is beheld as one’s own being.” Now, if you read that, the last few words in that sentence, it says, “God is beheld as one’s own being.” He just told you that the reality of you is God. This is an inner realization, not an intellectual understanding.

If you have an intellectual understanding that the truth of you is God, you may go off into the deep end somewhere and believe that you can do this or do that or, like my friend from India, you may feel that since you’re really God and all this is a play, you don’t have to do anything, so you’ll just sit and drink and be merry.

But if you have this inner real realization, a real realization of God consciousness, of where you’re consciously aware of God sitting where you are, then you may hear the words, “Be still and know I am God.” And it comes from within you, and you’re startled. What? Wait.

Is that true? And you go back to the scriptures and back to the books because you read it for years, but you never saw it. Now you’re seeing it. You’re having that inner real realization. That’s what he’s saying: “God is beheld as one’s own being.”

Now comes the understanding that ‘man shall not live by bread alone.’” See, he didn’t have that understanding up until then. “‘Man shall not live by bread alone,’ but more by the consciousness of truth, that the acquisitive consciousness has given way to the I-have-meat-you-know-not-of- consciousness. In this [new] consciousness, there is no selfhood for which to fear, since God has been revealed as the only Selfhood, Self-sufficient and eternal.” So there it is again. He hit it with you twice. He hit you with it twice. God is beheld as one’s own being, and then, God has been revealed as the only Self.

We all want that new heaven, and we all want that new earth. We can’t have it until the natural man begins to die, and that’s the part we don’t like. I think it’s kind of funny sometimes when I read that Joel says people would call him and say, “I need some help in this area, but don’t treat me for smoking because I want to continue” or they may not say it, but they may think, “Don’t treat me for gambling. I want to continue with that or don’t treat me for drinking. I’m enjoying that at night.”

That’s the natural man, wants to hang on. You can’t have both. You can’t have the natural man running things. You can’t have, you can’t live in the material sense of existence, which is the natural man and have a real sense of existence. You can’t live in a material sense of existence and have the conscious awareness of God. The two can’t live together. Choose you this day whom you will follow. Will you follow the natural man a little longer? Will you continue to live in a material sense of self or will you begin to die to that, step out of that, and step into the conscious awareness of the living God, of your living God Self?

Now you start that in your meditations when you’re able to forsake yourself and be receptive to God. You see, I’m reminded again and again: “To as many as received Him, to them gave He power to become the sons of God” really means to as many as were able to die to a material sense of self, stand still in their meditation and just stop, into that silence flows the conscious awareness of the living God, and you discover a new earth and a new heaven. Okay, we can see how all these things tie together.

Silence is not an absence of sound. If you’re sitting down to meditation and you think you have to have an absence of sound and be totally quiet, you don’t. Sound is not referring to no other sounds. Silence is referring to an absence of self, an absence of world thought. That’s the Silence, and you can do that while you’re walking or driving or eating or whatever, and this is what we must learn, an absence of self, an absence of a material sense of self, an absence of that world thought, the thoughts about the world.

When you have that absence of self, you will have attained the Silence, and into that Silence, into that inner receptivity that you have created by an absence of self, into that Silence will flow a conscious awareness of God, and it will show you a new heaven and a new earth. You don’t even have to ask for it.

Alright, so it now becomes apparent that life is lived by grace as the gift of God, and the sense of personal effort, human will, and struggle falls away. Life is lived by the law of God.” The supply of our daily needs unfolds. “The supply of our daily needs unfolds, with no anxious thought, from the infinite Source of being,” and that’s what the children watching us learned this week. That really does happen that way.

The divine harmonies of human relationships are maintained by the beauty and activity of the Soul unless one forgets himself and temporarily becomes a reformer of others and, by so doing, brings on the enmity of the ‘natural man’ who desires not at all to be extinguished.” Now see, he just snuck another one in there. He just snuck it right in, and we read right over it. Yeah, and we kind of probably chuckled at that. Yeah, trying to change others. I get it. No, you didn’t get it because the last sentence says the natural man desires not at all to be extinguished.

In other words, the natural man has to be ‘extinguished’, you, you sitting there, Mr. Paul, Mr. Peter, Mr. Jerry, Miss Sue, Miss Mary, Miss Amy or Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Jones. You have to be extinguished. It doesn’t mean that you’re going to disappear. No, no, that’s not what happens. You don’t disappear. You stop living in a false consciousness, and the son of God appears. You discover your real identity. You discover your real source, your real supply, your real companion, your real health, your real life. You discover It, and It begins to live you, but, but, but yeah, the natural man has to be extinguished.

I want a new heaven! I want a new earth! I want these good things everybody’s telling me about that has walked this path for a while. Okay, well then the I that’s saying I want this and I want that, that’s the one that needs to be extinguished so that you can be receptive and receive the gift of God. “If we are rich, we are poor indeed unless our wealth is in him. If we are well, the body aches unless our health is in him. There is no peace, no security, no joy except these be found in him, whom to know aright is life eternal—yes, life, joyous, peaceful, and serene.”

Yes, you can have a new heaven. You can have a new earth. You can have a new self, but it won’t come into your awareness until you begin to extinguish that material sense of life, material sense of self, material sense of others. “When the call comes to you to leave your ‘nets,’”—Now what is he saying, really?—When the call comes to you to extinguish the false sense of self, “you will understand that you are called upon to leave behind the limited and limiting sense of existence because you are ready to drop your dependence on persons, things, and conditions of the world to live wholly in God.”

So, are you ready? Are you ready? If you are ready to drop that material sense of living that has to have these people, places, and things in order to function; if you’re ready to leave that fellow or that lady behind and reach for this higher consciousness—That’s not really true. That’s not how it really feels. It’s not a reaching.—It’s a letting. If you’re really ready, then you’ll find a way, a place to turn within and be receptive because you receive Him.

You don’t make Him. You don’t create Him. You don’t think Him. You receive Him. You receive the Father. You receive the Christ, which makes you consciously aware or gives you God-consciousness. And the only place you can receive that is within, and so finally he says, “No longer will you so keenly love, hate, or fear the conditions of ‘this world,’ the realm of effect . . .” I think he softened that blow a little bit because I’ve heard him say, in other places, that you have to lose your love, hate, and fear of this world, but he softened the blow a little bit.

I think if it was just him talking, perhaps to himself, he would say, “No longer will you love, hate, or fear the conditions of this world,” but I think he stuck in “so keenly,” either he did or the editor did, so the blow would not be so harsh, but it’s true. When this consciousness comes upon you, you will no longer love, hate, or fear the conditions of this world. Why, you ask? Because you’ll be seeing through the veil of this world. You will be seeing a new earth, a new world, and a new heaven, and he says you will not “so keenly love, hate, or fear” it “because now you will perceive the true nature of God as the cause, law, and source of your good.” So that’s the same thing.

You will understand now that the infinite invisible is your rock, your fortress, your high tower, and your sanctuary from every storm and strife of human belief. Further than this, you will see that only the Invisible is power, and therefore, no power for good or for evil exists in the realm of effect.” Now that was our realization last week, wasn’t it? If you recall, it came this way: There is no world thought in the world. None. Now that was uttered from a place of consciousness that could see a new earth. No good or evil exists in the realm of effect. “Your entire obedience and dependence will rest upon the within and not upon the without.”

That’s something you can use as a tool to measure your spiritual progress. Are you relying on something out here, rather than within? And we all have to say, “Yes. I do,” but the day will come when you will only rely on the within, and the more the natural man is extinguished, the more the son of God is raised up. That is, the one who is consciously aware of the presence, in him we live and move and have our being. So, everyone of us is walking in that direction, and I do not believe any of us have reached the place where there is nothing we rely on out here. For some it may be medicine. For some it may be an income. For some it may be stocks and bonds or property, and for some it may be a significant other, so there’s work ahead of us. And that’s okay. I’m working too.

When the voice says I will make you fishers of men, you will understand so clearly that God is your being, that those who come to you will seek and find spirit as their life too.” You see? They will come to you, and by listening or following the principles you set down before them, they will also come to see that Spirit is their life, and you will too. You will come to see it first in your meditations and then while walking around with eyes open—Spirit lives itself— and you’ll feel it move through you, even as I do (right this moment). And finally, he ends with, “Leave your ‘nets’ and follow Me.” And that’s a capital “Me.” And so he’s saying leave your material sense of self and follow your Consciousness, your conscious awareness of God. Follow It down within, deep down within.

Okay, so it’s only two and a half pages, but the whole gist of the message is to leave your nets. Well, I can’t. I’m too busy. I’ve got some fishing I have to do in order to eat or I’ve got this or I’ve got to go to Walmart or whatever. I don’t have time right now to meditate.

Just stop it, would you? Okay, fine. I’m not trying to push. Don’t [do it]. Put it off for a while. Put it off for another season. Put it off a few years.

I’m going in—Let’s see. It’s twelve o’clock. So in about four hours, I’m going to my granddaughter’s funeral, and she was one that my wife and I worked with for a while, and she put it off. She put it off, put it off, and I’m happy to say that she was attempting to follow spiritual principles the last year and a half of her life, twenty-two months, and then she went in for a surgery and never came out.

So, I say that because, not that there’s only one chance. She probably was moved way ahead on the path if she was open and receptive because, “as many as received Him, to them gave he power to become that sons of God.” So probably in her crossing over she realized quite a bit. Who knows? Maybe she’s ahead of me now, and that’s good. She can give me some hints in my meditations, but the point is don’t put it off. Why are you putting this off? Yes, you’ll have another chance, another life, another life, another life. Aren’t you tired?

Don’t seek a better companion. Don’t seek the right companion. Don’t seek better health. Don’t seek longer life. Don’t seek a better job. Don’t seek more income. Leave that. Leave that. That is your nets. All of those are the things that a material sense of self is concerned with, and you have to drop it. Well, you don’t have to, but if you want to come into this new Consciousness of a new heaven and a new earth, then you do. You really do have to step out of that way of living and seek God. Seek within for the Christ presence, and seek to be a beholder of that presence moving through you and living itself. Every time it comes through, it dissolves a little more of the false sense of self.

So Isaiah was walking this same path that we are, the same exact path, and you can tell. Listen again. “For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.” Now that’s Isaiah 65:17. He heard that within. He couldn’t have heard that out here. He heard it within and he spoke it. Somebody wrote it down somewhere and saved it, and all the way through the Bible, all the way down to, well, actually Second Peter says, “Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.”

So Peter is practicing the principles and looking for a new heaven and a new earth, and then we get to John here in Revelation, and he’s attained it. He’s attained it! “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem”—That’s God Consciousness.—I saw a new Jerusalem, “coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.” I just can’t hardly read that and get through that it’s so overwhelming. God has prepared God-consciousness as a bride adorned for her husband; for all of us, but not all of us will experience it right away.

Some of us want to play around a little longer in a material sense of self. But those that won’t, they’ll follow John’s direction. I’m going to read it because I like it so much. I know you’ve heard it before. Sorry. Well, you lucked out because I ended up over here in First John, so you won’t have to hear the same thing again. But this is just as beautiful: “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life,” the Word, “For the Life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and show unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us.”

Now there’s a fellow who has seen and is seeing the new heaven and the new earth. He’s been given this new consciousness. Why? Because he went within. “And as many as received Him, to them gave he the ability to see the new heaven and the new earth. That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you so that you may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ. And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full. This then is the message which we have heard of Him, and declare unto you.”

He’s going to tell you about this new earth and new heaven right here, “that God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all.” Isn’t that wonderful? There’s a fellow that you know he’s experiencing the new heaven and the new earth, and you know how he got it because he tells you. And he tells you in this new earth, there is no darkness at all. In this new heaven, there’s no darkness at all. So you know the natural man who receiveth not the things of God, the natural man can’t see this new heaven and this new earth. And we’ve discussed this before, two people sitting on a bench, one’s in heaven and one’s not in a very nice place, perhaps contemplating suicide they hate this world so much. They’re sitting on the same bench, but the difference is consciousness.

The one who’s in all that pain is wrapped up in a material sense of self. The one who’s sitting there at peace and feeling the kingdom everywhere has this New Consciousness. And how to you get it? Well, you get it from reading these books, contemplating them a paragraph at a time. You get them from perhaps listening to a talk from someone that is experiencing the new heaven, the new earth, even in part, and you mostly get it by turning within and being receptive. Joel has said that over and over and over again because he knows what John says here is true.

As many as received Him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, which were born not of blood nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” You see, it’s a new heaven and new earth right there. You’re not that natural man who’s born of blood, born of the flesh. You have followed what Christ Jesus said to do. You must be born again, born of the Spirit, and this takes place within you, and then you have the experience of being lifted up or out of a material sense of self and into a New Consciousness, a new heaven, a new earth, “and the Word is made flesh and dwells among us, and we behold His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth.”

So, I snuck it in on you, but I just think it’s so beautiful. Gosh, it’s just so wonderful. John experienced it and spoke it, and then somebody wrote it, and then somebody else copied it, and then somebody else interpreted it in a new language, and finally we have it in English, and it’s still right there. All of those times that it was changed and spoken and written, and it’s still right here: “the glory as of the only begotten of the Father.” You see, the son of God is what the Father made.

The Father didn’t make the material sense of self because if you look up in the beginning [of John] here, it says, “All things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made.” So that which was made into a material sense of self was not made by Him. The material sense of self, the natural man, has to be extinguished, and it happens best in your meditation, whether alone or whether in a class or whether with a group that’s meditating on Sunday morning, and as that, a piece here and a piece there and a piece here and a piece there of that natural man begins to dissolve, at the same time you begin to come into an awareness of a new heaven and a new earth.

You will find that everything changes without going anywhere. Everything changes. You will find that if you receive him, well, it’s like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.” And home is in Him, in the conscious awareness of God or God-consciousness. So you see, if we read this book chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph, we can come to see a great deal perhaps that we can’t see just by reading over it real fast and putting it back on the shelf.

The first sentence and the last sentence say it all really. “God-consciousness is a plane of consciousness” or an awareness “different from that experienced by the ‘natural man.’” You can say God-consciousness reveals an earth and a heaven different from that experienced by the natural man. So, how do you get it? The last sentence: “Leave your ‘nets’ man and follow Me,” God- consciousness.

Well, I had a great meditation before this talk in which I felt the Presence, and I wasn’t going to give a talk until I did, and I did. And it flowed through and hopefully it flowed through into this talk on the first chapter called, “The Call” of Leave Your Nets. Thank you everyone who wrote letters of kindness and sent in donations. It’s quite wonderful to see the hand of God working through everyone in the Mystical Principles Group. It’s wonderful. You know, I think I’m turning into Walter C. Lanyon, who always says, “It’s wonderful.” I have to admit he’s right!

So that’s about an hour, and I guess we’ll just close with saying, “I love you, and thank you for listening, and be receptive to Him.”

Welcome again.

It would be a perfect meeting today if we were all at a certain place in the Bible which is signified here by the 12th verse in the 21st chapter of John:

Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine….and [then he] taketh bread, and giveth them, and fish likewise.”

Now there are other translations of “Come and dine,” which are more accurate. The world today, as then, has been in a form of fasting from Truth. Just as we are to fast from untruth, we have been fasting from Reality. And when the Master says, “Come and dine,” he is really saying to his disciples, “Break your fast.” He isn’t saying, “Come and dine,” he is saying, “Let us have break-fast. Let us break our fast now from the unreality. Let us sup now on that which is Real.” And so he takes fish and bread to them. This breaking of the fast is where we should be. In our consciousness we should be breaking the fast from mortality, from materiality, from that which is not of the Father. We should be ready to dine. And this is now exemplified further in the 18th and 19th verses.

Verily, verily, I say unto you, When thou wast young, thou girdest thyself, and walkedst whither thou wouldest: but when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands, and another shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou wouldest not. This spake he, signifying by what death he should glorify God.”

You’ll find that later in Peter, the 2nd epistle, the 1st chapter in the 14th verse.

Knowing that shortly I must put off this my tabernacle, even as our Lord Jesus Christ hath shewed me.”

Peter acknowledges that he must put off this tabernacle as Christ showed him. Now old and young here refer to Spirit. When you are Spiritually young and Spiritually mature. When we were young we girded ourselves and walked where we wished; we were in human will. But as we become Spiritually mature we are girded by another. In short, the Christ takes over and we walk in Divine Will. And this is where the disciples are as the gospel ends, walking in Divine Will, the New Man released, the old self Impersonalized. And today when we take up World Work we’ll find a few secrets about it.

We have been in the process of learning Truth. And as Joel points out as he begins the chapter 12 in “Realization of Oneness,” there is now a point where many are able to avoid the disasters of the world. And he says, “That’s not enough.” There’s no problem avoiding the disasters of the world if you’re in Truth. “It shall not come nigh thee.” But now he says, “You haven’t been learning just so you can avoid the disasters of this world, now you must become a center of Light unto the world. A place where Truth is demonstrated not as an individual alone but as a Universal Truth.”

And so when he bids us to take up World Work the first thought we have is, “Oh, we’re going to now help the world.” And we must learn that we’re not going to help the world at all. World Work is quite different than helping the world. The secret behind World Work is two fold.

One is that you are learning that the world is the veil where your Self is. Your World Work is to unveil your own Self. We have been thinking in terms of our human selfhood and even when we accept Spirituality we still think in terms of a limited personal Spiritual selfhood and there is none.

World Work is the expression of your Infinity as Being.

When you rest in the Word and know the Truth of the world, you are merely finding your Self as an Infinite Being. And therefore in every book when Joel speaks of World Work the real secret is, is revelation there to those of us who have eyes that we are not to live within the boundaries of a mortal concept. When you are able to, through the knowledge of the One Self, reveal the non-existence of material powers on the earth you are really finding the One God, you are believing in God.

To believe in God takes a new turn now. You cannot believe in God only where you are or around the corner, you must believe in Only God. There can be no second belief. Our World Work is the expression of our belief in God as the universal Self. And there is a further development as we deepen and make a greater penetration into Reality.

Now then, we have been ordained, we have been chosen. We have been chosen through Scripture although we have not realized that we were chosen. We have been chosen to walk a separate path than the world. We have been chosen to bear witness to the activity of God in human consciousness. And if you do not accept the fact that God has chosen you to function as a Light upon the earth, then this is not believing in God, because the words of Scripture are very clear that you may not hide your Light under a bushel. That you are here to be a faithful witness. That you are here to be a transparency. That you are here to Christ the world. Not to love it or hate it or fear it but to Christ it. You are here to bless the world.

And as you survey the activity of Christ on earth appearing as Jesus, you will see that by words and by deeds everything that was done was to make you aware that this is the Christ of your own Being appearing in what we call mortal flesh. The words of the Christ were the words of your Self, the deeds of the Christ were the deeds of your Self, and they were words and deeds to show you the nature of your own Being. We must now look at Jesus Christ in another way, as the outer expression of your own Self. And the ordainment comes from that Christ of your own Self saying, “Now believe on Me. Follow Me. Deny your own mortality. Pick up your cross of mortality. Do not hide your Light. But walk in the footsteps of the Invisible Christ.” This is the ordainment and it must take us out of the desire to improve our personal conditions. That is the very purpose of World Work. It is not to improve the world. It is to lift you out of the belief that you are a finite being and that where the world seems to be, You are.

Now when you practice World Work it may seem to you that you’re doing a favor to someone somewhere, that you’re helping them behind the Iron Curtain or you’re helping them in the White House or you’re helping someone somewhere – but you’re not. Until you are willing to step outside of the mortal boundaries of the mind and without desire for personal reward, do World Work you are not accepting the Infinity of your own Being. It is a subtle way in which Joel has lifted us up to look face to face at our own Infinity and either reject it or accept it.

Now while you are doing World Work you may not seem to be meeting your own personal problems and yet that is the way to meet them. The World Work you do will take you out of the false sense of self which has the sense of personal problems. And so Joel is stressing again and again in more ways that meets the eye, that you must be taken out of your own sense of self. You must learn to give of your Self to something bigger than a person. To something bigger than helping persons anywhere. Giving the universe back to God.

Now in our World Work then, we’re going to find that we’re not thinking of ourselves. We’re not thinking of my lot in life. We’re not thinking of my physical condition. We’re not thinking of our finances. We’re not thinking of anything that will make us enjoy life more. And if you’ve been touched by the vision of Truth you know that is the way in which all of the doors of the inner mansions open. As long as there’s a remnant of personal self left in us which is still saying, “What about me?” we have lost the way and we are separated. Among the last words of the Master within were, “Feed my sheep.” But who are my sheep when all is One Christ? Do you see how that has been hidden from the world? We could open kitchens for the poor, that wouldn’t feed the sheep, you would still leave them in dying bodies. Always the desire to help and to over-help and to be a crusader has hidden the fact that feeding my sheep means: to recognize the Universal Christ.

Now as you sit back and think of the many teeming ideas that come to you all day about how you should improve yourself, remember you are living in a limited sense of self when you do that. The great vision of un-selfing is brought to mankind by the Crucifixion. When Joel says “Impersonalize” and Christ Jesus walks forth and shows Crucifixion you are hearing the same word. To Impersonalize and to Crucify are identical. Every time you Impersonalize you are crucifying a false concept. One word is more harsh but it is also more total. It is the word we have to face. In order to be free you must live in Truth. And you cannot live in Truth as long as you believe that God created human flesh.

Now then, if we’re going to do World Work we’re not going to improve human flesh. As Joel puts it, “We’re not going to go behind the Iron Curtain surreptitiously because Christ is already there.”

Now are you ready to make a turn that will be very significant? If you are accepting Truth, if you are willing to agree that because God did not create human flesh that flesh is not here, that whatever God did not create is not here, but something else must be here; and it is a Universal Spirit.

Your World Work is to rest in the conscious knowledge that Universal Spirit everywhere is the only Presence and is unopposed.

There is nothing for you to do beyond the recognition, the acknowledgement of the Universal Christ. That will encompass loving God supremely. It will encompass loving your neighbor. It will include everything that is taught as a principle. The recognition that only Universal Spirit is Present.

And now in Universal Spirit there can be no sickness or war, no death or disease, no lack, no limitation and therefore we’re not trying to remove these things; we’re recognizing their non-existence. We are maintaining a transparent Divine Consciousness which is unconditioned, which knows no mortal powers, no material powers, no human powers. It does not acknowledge evil. And therefore it does seek to remove evil. It does not resist evil. It does not try to dissolve evil. We recognize only Invisible Spirit in which evil has no existence. And knowing this Truth you rest in this Truth. And that Spirit which you recognize to be Universal is the Spirit of your Being.

Now if these facts are clear then we must find: where is this human flesh? Where are these world conditions? Where are the evils? Where are the problems? Where are the limitations? Where are the errors?

The martyrdom of Peter was that he was going to die to the flesh to be born of the Spirit. The Father has no pleasure in our dying. Our death is the glorification of our Spirit. Our death is the death of all material concept. In the death of material concept we are obeying the Scripture which says, “The Father takes no pleasure in your dying, wherefore turn ye and live.”

Now the turn is – and this comes fittingly at the end of our long journey opening a new door – the turn for us must be that the world out there is not there. And there is a practice for you which must be begun in earnest. If you have glimpsed it from time to time or practiced it from time to time now is the time to accelerate. “Turn ye.” There is no event in this world that is out there. And there are no exceptions. Whatever you see out there is within your mortal mind.

Now we want to learn how to place it correctly within our mortal mind and then dismiss it.

It may be an army but it isn’t out there. It may be an epidemic but it isn’t out there. It may be an ocean but it isn’t out there. There is nothing out there but God. And all that you believe to be out there with the mortal mind exists only within the mortal mind. And you can tuck it safely into that mortal mind and forget it.

Now at our pinnacle of this work, we must take the events of the world and locate them within ourselves; never outside. And so I mean that wherever you look, whoever you see, is within you. There is no outside. There was no outside to Christ. There is no outside to you for the Spirit of God has no outside. Now the in-Self of you is the everywhere. The Self of you then which is here is also there and everywhere and there is no outside to everywhere. The moment you have something happening outside your Self you are not believing in God. You are not believing in your Self. You are not believing your Self to be Spirit. Spirit has no outside.

Now perhaps you own some property; it is within your mortal mind. Perhaps you own an automobile, or a home or some land, or a business: they are all within your mortal mind. Perhaps you have children or parents: they are within your mortal mind. Perhaps you have a physical body: it is within your mortal mind. Everything in the world is within your mortal mind. And there must be a conscious knowing of this from time to time to time. Daily, there must be periods of knowing, that which I see out there, whatever its name or nature, is within my mortal mind.

The entire world is within my mortal mind. And to consciously take events, incidents, things, people, forms, conditions, objects and to quietly know, that which I see out there is within me. It has no power other than the power I have given it.

When I know it is within me and rest with that knowledge within me, until a realization of that Truth comes that there is no outside, everything is within me, then that which is outside visibly loses its power.

That was the secret of Hezekiah: “They have only the arm of flesh,” meaning they are nothing but my own mortal thought: all form, all person, all event, all condition. And as you dwell with this, contemplating it, swiftly acknowledging it to be not an external something but an inner idea or thought and resting with it for a moment to wash it with silence, you will discover that there is really no world outside. And you are turning, you are opening the way for a new Life, you are learning what Peter learned that day from the Master. “Here is bread and here is fish – come and dine, break your mortal fast, dine on the Truth of Being.”

To live Mystically is to recognize the world has no existence except in human thought. The acknowledgement of this must be followed with the abiding in it; consciously, daily. There must periods of abiding in this Truth before you have the true Inner experience that the world in the outer has always been a concept maintained only by world mind in every individual Being.

That is why there are no powers. That is why there is no disease. That is why there is no death. But this means nothing unless you learn to live with this awareness. And when you do you’ll find that you don’t have employees or employers. You don’t have students or teachers. This is all external and there is no external. Bring it back into the within of your mind, recognize it to be your conscious awareness of an outer which only exists in your conscious awareness and then you have located the trap of mortal mind. And rest in the Word.

God is not flesh and God is All; where is the flesh? God is not a blade of grass and God is All; where is the blade of grass? God is not an ocean; where is the ocean? God is none of this world; where is this world? It simply never was there. Your Self is there. And until you are willing and ready and able to tuck the world within your mortal mind and rest there until you know that’s where it always has been; it could never could get out of there. When you have done this many times it will dawn upon you that Christ Jesus lived in heaven where men saw earth, and that all of the miracles were the revelation that what we thought was outside never was there. Our concept was changed by the Christ and we saw a different outside and called it an improvement. We were still looking at the good instead of the bad. And Joel has taken us to see that neither the good is there nor the bad. And so now living Mystically, you have this way of Life.

First you must know the unreality of all evil: it isn’t out there. If it were then God wouldn’t be there. Step number one; the unreality of evil which must be followed by the unreality of good. When you have neither evil out there nor good out there, you are believing in the omnipresence of God’s Spirit. And then you rest in the Word. And the Truth you know that neither good is out there nor evil is out there, quickly or eventually sets you free. Or if you know the Truth that there is no world of good matter or of evil matter, no good conditions and no bad conditions, no good people and no bad people, you are living in the Inner Spirit which is the Allness. You are accepting that only God is.

Now we’re closing the gap between God and man. We believe in God but do we believe in God’s Self as our Self? Are we willing to close the gap into One? Are we willing finally to take the book and accept what it tells us that God is One and beside God there is no other and therefore to exist at all I must be that One. “You believe in God now believe in me,” says the Christ, “You believe in God now believe in your Self.” And finally the last form that you Impersonalize may be your own. It never was there either. It too is a mortal concept. All that you could ever be is the Mystical body of Christ.

We have tucked the world in where it belongs, in the world mind. We have tucked the world mind into our own little mind knowing that our mind and the world mind are one and the same. And the world now is safely tucked within us. It really has no power when you know that. “Pilate, you do not exist out there, you seem to be, but I know you’re not out there you’re simply an idea in the world mind, you’re an idea in my mind and that’s why thou couldest have no power. If I thought you were a person out there you’d have lots of power.” All disease is seen the same way; it only has power because we think it’s out there. Tuck it into your mind, that’s the only place it is, and you can say, “What did hinder thee?” There was nothing out there to hinder you except the Spirit of God. Tuck your business into your mind, tuck your students into your mind, tuck your employees into your mind; they’re not out there. The only place they exist is within your mind and rest in the knowledge that all that is out there is your Self. And this is the way you release Grace into your life.

Once the world is no longer there, there’s no more duality, there’s no more separation. You don’t believe in separate lives. You don’t believe in people who are growing up and dying some day. You’re not mal-practicing the world, watching it and believing in mortal bodies, you’re accepting the dispensation of the true Life.

Now whoever reaches the level then where they can accept and realize the non-existence of an external world is one who can answer the call that says, “I have chosen thee.” That one is prepared by those who have attained and have become Invisible already, and is lifted up to the point where they enter the realm of Soul and can behold the activity of Christ in the consciousness of the world. They become a witness of Christ and they find that in their new dispensation their sole function is to leaven the consciousness of the world by living and abiding and dwelling in the Truth of Spirit as an omnipresent Reality without opposite. Nothing comes nigh their dwelling. Nothing attacks them. They’re not limited because they have discovered that all that exists is the One Self. They have reached the realization that the One Self that exists is their name. And they see this as a Universal Truth. Wherever you look you are looking at your Self. And wherever you are not aware that you are looking at your Self you are in duality because there is no other Self than your own. In this One undivided Consciousness you find that Christ is truly living Itself as the only Power.

First, the unreality of evil – tuck it within you in your mortal mind and see that that’s the only place it is. Oh, you can give it a hundred reasons why it can’t be there because you know God is there. And now tuck the good and see the unreality of that in your mortal mind and then rest in the knowledge that only Spirit is present – there is no outside world. This practice, as many times a day as you find you can, will deepen you unto the knowledge that you have found the river of Truth. You’ll finally remove the shadow of mortality. And then you will be prepared to fulfill your function on this earth. Our function is manifold: we are here to bear witness of the One Light, we are here to be faithful witness to the Truth that only God exists, we are here to demonstrate the Universal nature of Christ. All of this takes us out of the personal self, the personal ambition, the personal desire, the personal need, the personal want. That was yesterday’s mortal mind consciousness for those who have graduated, who have turned and are living Mystically. They’re moving toward the next world which is the True universe behind this world in which we all live not for personal selfhood but simply to express Divinity.

If a person were deeply ambitious it would now be wise to take a good second look at the complete gospel of John – privately, by yourself. You will notice how every deed is a revelation of the Invisible nature of Christ where the world had seen form in the outer. How every word is a statement by the Invisible Christ which the world interpreted to be the words of Jesus. And you will find that every word spoken by Christ is the Truth of your Being. There is not a single Word spoken by Christ that is not true of you because that Christ speaking those words is You. “I am the life.” Where is the other life? What other life is there if I, Christ am the Life? We lose all belief in separated human lives. We find there is no life on this earth that can die. We find death is the belief in separated lives. There is no life to die, “I am the life.” All human death was a mortal mind concept; a sense illusion – but so is human life. We must see that there is no reality to the evil and no reality to the good. Always present is the Invisible Spirit of your own Being.

Now we share then One Invisible Spiritual Being: this is who we are. What’s bad for you is bad for me. What’s good for you is good for me. Whatever you know is going to have some effect on everyone else. We never seek personal good anymore. There’s nothing to seek. I already am that Self. You’re not concerned about time two thousand years ago. It never existed. The Self that I am now is the Self that always was and always will be. You see this is the Consciousness you need to do the World Work and this is the consciousness that is developed as you do the World Work.

The Christ controls what we have thought of as weather, what we have thought of as conditions, as epidemics, as plagues, as floods and fires and in the knowledge that these are in the external only in the mortal mind and nowhere else, we are now in a position to join those who have walked before us and who Spiritually, Invisibly now are doing World Work. We can actually be One with our own Invisible Self which are termed the Invisible Spirits of the world. Many of the higher dimension Consciousness have come down behind us to help us and fortunately some in this dimension can rise up to a higher. And we are all joining that one household now, to live not in the world of effects.

Now Grace is not going to come by prayer to God in the sky. That outmoded method of life is over for us. And as we develop now accepting my Spirit is omnipresent, my Spirit is omnipresent and omniscient, my Spirit is the only Power; we countenance no opposite. We know that every opposite to my perfect Power, my perfect Presence, my perfect Knowing is a false concept in a human mind. Never getting outside that mind even though it appears out there.

You might see it this way. On a screen of a movie you’re looking at How The West Was Won and a half hour later there’s another movie there, all about The Godfather. But they’re both appearing on the same screen. Where are they actually happening? In that little millimeter film, which contains everything that goes on the screen and no matter how the scene shifts on the screen – you may see fifty different scenes on a screen – it’s all in that little millimeter of the film. So it is that no matter what you see out there in this world, it’s all within the mortal mind. That’s the only place it is. The rest is consciousness objectified.

Always bring it back into the little film; that’s the only place it is. It has no power there when you recognize that’s where it’s located. And as Joel said “If it’s an atom bomb what difference if you get it back into the film.” If you get it back into the world mind, into the individual human mind and see that’s the only place it is. It never is out there; there is no out there. Only God is out there. And now close the gap and see God out there and God where I am are One and the same. All that’s out there is my Spirit. Don’t make God a separate self. There is no second to God. There’s only God Life.

Now you’re qualified as you develop this capacity to do World Work. You’re ready to be a Light. You can be a transparency for the Truth. And it makes no difference what world conditions come into view. One with Spirit is a majority.

And so we have been trained to bless the world by knowing its non-existence, by releasing man from the belief that he is a creature who walks under two powers; under material law, under world karma. We’re saying, “Get thee behind me, Satan” You only exist; the only devil there is, is material sense. And because material sense paints a picture of an objectified world out there, when I lose material sense that world is dissolved. It may continue to appear but it will slowly undergo a transformation as my consciousness rises. Yes, you can escape the disasters of the world individually but now you’re putting that knowledge into practice to lift the world above the disasters.

Now the way we can practice World Work is to consider that the world is our patient. Up to now individually we have been treating one person here and one person there to learn that your real patient is the world. And just as you may have witnessed some success with one here and one there, now we must witness success by accepting the world as not the creation of God and therefore only an inner idea. We can rest. That is all inclusive, we don’t have to pinpoint.

We might take an outer situation which seems to have occurred right out there, right outside right now and see the nothingness of all that appears externally. The presence of God is all we acknowledge. Here, there, is the One Spirit.

Silence, (long pause) …

Now try to know that there is no out there and then be still.

Silence, (long pause) …

Now over the next few months we’re going to set up a program so that instantly we can recognize conditions that appear in the world and come into a realization of their non-reality as external events. Oh, you can think of many kinds of such conditions and wherever you are it will be your function to live in the Truth of your own Being knowing that your Self is where the forest fire seems to be, your Self is where the hurricane seems to be, your Self is where poverty seems to be. There won’t be starving children in India to you; they’ll be your Invisible Self; One Invisible Self where many starving children seem to be. And don’t look for the children to stop starving because you did that.

This is your way of acknowledging One Self. This is your way of acknowledging God supremely. We won’t turn back and say, “Now, is it better?” We won’t get out a yardstick and measure the wound. But you’ll discover as you proceed in this method that Grace begins to envelope your own life in a new way because the bread you cast out through your recognition of One Invisible Self without an eternal world comes back and expresses as the One Self and its Divine qualities in that which appears as the world, in the world, as your Self.

You’ll find many people are healed that you don’t know about, but someone somewhere through your work reaching out for Truth is touched and lifted. And that is why this is a self-less work. You’re not trying to help a specific person ever; you’re trying to live in Truth. It’s a broader vision which Joel brought us, that as we live in Truth, it makes us free.

Let’s take a brief intermission and then let’s explore the chapter very carefully.

– End of Side One —-

Today everyone embarked on a Spiritual way of life should have a concern far greater than the demonstration of his own daily harmony and that concern should be for the survival of the entire world. The question now is, is there a principle of Life, a Spiritual Principle that will govern the world? Is there a Principle which can now be realized and relied upon to prevent the destruction of civilization and the extermination of mankind?

That raises many important questions.

At this particular level of the message, in that particular year, we were using words like, “the extermination of civilization” and “the extermination of mankind.” Even the Christ in the Bible speaks of “the end of the world.” But when you have located the world in your mind it is the end of the world. When you have located civilization in your mind that is the extermination of civilization for you.

We want to see that Joel is speaking not at the Absolute level at this point in this book; that came later. But through the preparation at this level it was possible to then come to the mind of man at the Absolute level with the teaching of Incorporeality which followed the year later. We who have had the advantage of seeing the later book can accept that this would not be the language for you at this particular moment. You should be past the point of believing that civilization can be exterminated or that the world can be obliterated. Just as God has no pleasure in your dying and only the death of mortality in your consciousness is the acceptable death of the God, so only the death of the world in your consciousness is acceptable.

If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you.”

Now the Comforter is finally revealed to us as the realization of your Christ Self. When you have accepted your Christ Self as the only Self in the universe the Comforter has come unto you. What else made you accept the Christ Self but the Comforter? But “If I go not away,” you cannot reach that realization. And now I is revealed not to be Jesus but the world mind. The world sense of self must go away. You must rise above the world sense of self, just as I is Christ, and then the little I is Jesus, this little I that must go away is the mortal selfhood of the world.

When Jesus appeared saying, “If I go not away,” this is the statement that mortal selfhood universally must be obliterated in consciousness; that is I going away. When you obliterate mortal selfhood as a universal fact in your consciousness, I have gone away. And then the Comforter which is Universal Christhood can come unto you.

There’s no extermination of civilization is there? There’s no civilization to exterminate. But these were words that were necessary in 1963. They’re words that are also necessary in 1973 for most of the world. They’re not necessary for you anymore. You don’t need words anymore that give a sense of reality to this world because you have travelled a higher path than the path of those in the first and the second degree. You’re at the point where, to you, the world never did exist because “I have overcome the world.” But this is not the I that must go away for the Comforter to come unto you: those are the two natures of I.

There is I – the world I, the mortal I – which must go away for the Comforter which is the I Christ which has overcome the world.

Now if you have not overcome the world think for a moment – where are you? Can you truthfully say that “I have overcome the world?” If you cannot, then you’re not in the I are you? Because “I have overcome the world.” And if you cannot say, “I have overcome the world,” then you’re not in the I – then where are you? You’re divided, you’re separated from I. You’re separated from the Christ. You’re not accepting yourself to be the Christ and that is why you cannot say, “I have overcome the world.” But you must come to the place where I in you says, “I have overcome the world” and that is why you must do this World Work to come to the place where the world has no fear for you. Where there’s no life in the world to die.

When you have realized I which has overcome the world, then you will realize that you have no life that could ever die in the world, or be sick in the world, or be limited in the world. You recognize that when Jesus walks through walls or walks on water, this is the revelation of the nature of your Being. That the I of you, the Spirit of you, the Self of you is ever walking through the walls and windows of the world; even now. But how can you know this if you are still believing in the presence of a world? And so the World Work which ostensibly begins to help the world is actually a deeper thing. It’s to make us be lifted into the realization of the I of our Being which has overcome the world.

For us now, we must live in the absolute realization that the world has already been overcome, it has no existence in I, Christ. And because I, Christ is your name, the world can have no existence in you. You are sowing completely to One Infinite Spirit without opposite.

And so for others it’s called World Work and they may think they’re improving the world but at your level you should know the difference. We’re living differently than anyone on this earth, except those Invisible Selves who know the Truth of One Self and those visible ones who from time to time retreat into the silence, sometimes for long periods when they’re never seen anywhere. They too are knowing the One Invisible Self which is the All, the I which has overcome the false concept called world. That’s why we’re not looking at our own daily harmonies.

Joel says, “Is there a principle of life, a spiritual principle, that will govern the world?” And then he says, “There can be no question but that an individual can rise so high above the immediate circumstances on earth as to make himself immune to the disasters of this world.”

And so there are those on earth who today can walk immune. We in some measure find that we’re not subject to many of the things that other people are. Now he says, “[That’s not enough. Is that all that is concerning him? If it is we] may find that the world is a lonesome place to be in. This is the age in which everyone who is seriously on this Path should forget his own problems.” And mind you, he’s saying that to his students, “Forget your problems.” And something in us says, “Well, who’s going to take care of me, doesn’t charity begin at home? Who’s going to take care of me while I’m taking care of the world?” And I want to make that very clear: you’re not taking care of the world. You’re accepting your Infinite Self. And that’s who is taking care of me, You are. You’re taking care of your Infinite Self not your visible body, and all things are added unto you. You see the difference in the focus?

[Not only,]” says Joel, “[should we be ready to] forget our own problems but even be willing to lose our life, if need be, in the search for, and the demonstration of, that principle which will mean life for this globe. All of a sudden we are face to face with this.

Again when he says, “Lose our life,” he’s talking about a life which has no existence isn’t he? That’s why we can lose it. You cannot lose your Divine Life. You can lose your mortal sense of life and that’s what he means.

Somewhere in here it becomes clear that most of us in the world have rejected the Supreme Gift that we have been given. God has given us the Supreme Gift, which is Himself and unless you accept Divinity you reject the Supreme Gift of All and want to protect mortality, which only exists in the mind and so you protect the illusion and reject the Reality.

Perhaps fifty lessons ago this might have been a difficult thing to accept. But we’ve been through sixty six weeks of the Gospel of John and that followed on many other things. We are learning to Impersonalize the world.

There is no such thing as personalized evil,” says Joel. “If you have worked with the principles of The Infinite Way, you have already proved that the impersonalization of evil is three quarters of all that is necessary for healing.” Three quarters. In other words, when there’s no outer world in your consciousness, you’re very close to that inner Peace which is beyond human understanding but which is the dissolution of the illusion.

Now so far we’ve added something to this chapter that you haven’t seen in the chapter: that is that there is no outer world. I do suspect that toward the end we have a quotation here that brings that into focus, but it’s much too important to just come to us at the end of a two hour meeting. It’s something that we’ve got to learn to live with and so I’ve been stressing it for that reason.

Instead of Impersonalizing evil and saying, “There’s no person there,” we’re going that extra step and we’re taking that person there and bringing them inside and saying, “They exist only in my mind.” That is how you Impersonalize them.

You can’t say, “They’re not there,” with words: you’ve got to take them inside and see where they do exist. They exist only in your mind. You Impersonalize them by knowing that they exist only within your mind. And I mean literally: that no matter who you look at they exist only within your mind. That is your Self and you are not seeing your Self; you’re seeing a person. That is God Self and you’re not seeing God; you’re seeing a person. You cannot have a person and God too because God is One and there is no other, there is no God ‘and.’

Every chapter in this book has brought us to the place where we can say, “There is no person there. There is no form there. There is no tree there. There is no valley there. That is all within my mind and it’s within the mind of everyone else who sees it.”

There is no evil on the earth because there’s no person in whom evil can be and that’s the Impersonalization of evil: there’s no person there in whom the evil can be. And so we see there is no evil in a person because there’s no person and therefore there is no evil person there and there is no cause for evil because the only cause is God. You’re taking the whole world and not bothering with the left side and the right side and the high and the low and the in between, the whole world and putting it in your mind were it belongs and seeing that’s the only place it is and automatically you are Impersonalizing and Nothingizing when you do that without having to go through steps.

Joel had a meditation in this chapter which I think we can do now. His meditation says…and we’ll do it with our eyes closed but I’ll have to read it to you because I like his words, the words of the Christ.

Thou alone art power. Thou alone art presence. In Thy presence is [fullness of joy] fullness of life – here, there, everywhere. In Thy presence there is only the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Life, and besides this there is no other, so I am not going into meditation now to use God or direct God, but to realize God.

Here where I am, God is: there where thou art, God is; and God is Spirit, and [God is] Love, and besides Him there is none other.”

Now as you dwell with the idea that here where you are is God and there where someone else is, is God, you have Impersonalized and you’re down to that which is present here and there which is God: which is I, the Invisible Christ, appearing to human sense as person here and person there where only the Invisible Self is. And as you rest in that you’re in Oneness; you’ve realized the Invisible One. And in the presence of the Invisible One realized, you are free. You are free of every human need. The Law is that Spirit flows where Spirit is recognized. You’re in Divine Will. You are recognizing the Invisible Presence of Divine Will functioning Itself. And it makes no difference what had appeared in the visible; it is known to be unreal, totally imaginary.

The world has moved aside and then Divinity expressing through your transparent Consciousness becomes a new visible world in which the added things are present. The Goodness, the Harmony, the Love of the Invisible makes Itself manifest. You are One with the One. And yet you’ve asked for nothing, you have simply witnessed the inner Truth and that is how you bless the world. That is how your Light is not hid. That is how you accept the supreme gift of God Life as the only Life of you and your neighbor.

How different than all of this running around we do as human beings trying to fill all the gaps. It’s really believing in God.

Mortal sense goes away and we are Christed. We learn to accept Christ identity, obey Christ identity, serve Christ identity, live in Christ identity. We walk in Christ and then every disturbance that arises is met the same way, “Who are you? Who convinceth me of a disturbance? Where is it? It’s in the mind. Be still in the mind. Know the Truth. All that exists in the mind is not of the Father. The only Truth is God presence here and now.” And rest.

Now these are the weapons we have been given to accept Divinity.

We do not have to penetrate the Iron Curtain.” says Joel, “God has already penetrated it. But without our conscious realization of this truth, the presence of God will not function there [now] any more than the presence of God has functioned there in the past. The presence of God functions only where and when there is conscious recognition and realization.

That leaves it squarely up to us. We must furnish that consciousness recognition. We must abide daily in the Invisible Self. We must tuck the world in where it no longer exists as an external fact.

Now if we could accept the following statement all of the world’s troubles, as far as we are concerned, would be over. Page 202. “There is no power…. in armies.” You wonder what kind of an intelligence could make that statement. “There is no power…. in armies.” Could you tell that to Hungary or Czechoslovakia or Poland? “There is no power…. in armies.” And yet here it is, a statement of the Christ. Only the Christ could make the statement because only the Christ is power, and only the realization of the Christ reveals the non-power of the army. He might just as well have said, “No power in disease or sin or famine or poverty or death,” because they’re all the same Truth. The power of them exists only in the mind. That is not the Christ mind. The Christ mind in you realized, reveals the non-power. “Pilate, that hast no power over me. There’s no power in death you can’t entomb me. There’s no power in arthritis, pick up thy bed and walk. What did hinder thee?” What hindered you was the belief that there’s power in the mind. That there’s power in things and conditions and persons and material objects – but there aren’t. There’s only power in the Christ mind. In the absence of the Christ mind all these false powers are rampant.

There is no power in… armies…. I say unto you that this is a law and a principle. It operates in your personal life, if and as you make a daily practice of realizing: Where I am, God is. God in the midst of me is mighty, and all those who are opposed to the purpose of God have but the “arm of flesh,” and nothingness. The Lord God in the midst of me is mighty, and there is no might external to me…. no might external to me – not in the mind of man or [in] the matter of man.”

Which is another way of saying, “There’s no world out there.”

That army which has power out there isn’t out there. What human being can say that? None. There has to be a Christ standing there. And Christ isn’t just going to stand there if you’re not practicing Christhood. Why else would a statement like this, so contrary to all human understanding, appear if it were not possible to attain that Consciousness which could know that there is no power in armies? No power in anything of the material world. No power in matter. No power in mind.

World Work will open you to that realization – and only World Work. When you work on individuals, persons, yourself you don’t open to this because you’re always limiting and finitizing. That’s how valuable World Work is. It opens you to the place where you finally can see when they invaded that country, someone stands in World Work and someone in that country reaching out for God finds help unexpected.

Our function is to be that Consciousness which is available for someone to reach out and touch.

Where I am, God is.” That is the Truth of all of us now. But “Keep this truth as a “pearl of great price,” …. within you, then, abiding in this truth, praying the prayer of realization of God’s grace, God’s omnipotence, God’s omniscience, God’s omnipresence, and understanding the nonpower of what is not ordained of God, you will be fulfilling your function in this world, and you will watch the breaking up of error all over the globe and the gradual restoration of harmony.”

I cannot accept that these words are spoken in vain. I can only accept that these words are spoken and that they will eventuate into exactly what they say. The break up and the restoration of Harmony, meaning the Kingdom of Heaven revealed. Not patching up the world; revealing the Invisible Kingdom of Heaven, the change of consciousness. The change from mortal sense of life to the revelation of a Spiritual universe as a living fact. But only by those who can sit and say, “Where I am appearing God is,” and being willing to live with that conscious awareness as a universal fact. Where my neighbor is appearing God is, wherever anyone is appearing God is, and that God everywhere is my Self, for I and the Father are that One Self. That’s what we’ve been trained for. That’s what we’ve been chosen for; to let our Light shine. For we must have some Light to let shine – Divine Light.

Statements of Truth will not save you. “You must abide in [this] truth, dwell in it, live in it, hour by hour, day by day, night by night.” That means even while sleeping we must know, before we enter the sleep, that Consciousness is God and ever alive. That’s the only way we can comply with the statement, even “night by night.” We must know that Divine Self, Divine Life is never asleep, all that goes to sleep is the sense form and we must consciously know this.

Until it is a very part of your being, and then all of a sudden a spiritual light dawns within you …. ‘Whereas I was blind, now I see.’ Now I know that Spirit is really the substance of all form, the law of all form, the cause of all form. My error had been that I have been believing in a power outside, a power in form, a power in thought, whereas all power is spiritual power.”

Once you get rid of that outside, then the inner and the outer are one and the same. “No power in…. armies.”

Finally he goes a step further. “As you abide in this Word, remember always there is still one more step, that is, that after contemplating the truth about God,” and also about your Self for they’re One and the same, ”Be still, listen:” as if to say, “Speak, Lord; for thy servant heareth. Thou uttereth Thy voice, and the earth melteth.”

In other words always your contemplation of Truth must be followed by the Silence. Quite a number of people have failed to follow their contemplation with Silence. And an equal number have failed to contemplate before entering the Silence. So that they try to go directly to the Silence sometime and they find it’s a very shallow silence. They haven’t plumbed the depths through recognizing Truth consciously first. And if you will recognize Truth consciously, accepting One Self without a world and then dwell in the Silence the so called powers of the world will subside.

You see we’ve been doing World Work without really recognizing it. Whenever you enter Truth you’re doing World Work, you’re leavening the consciousness of the world: but now we’re doing it consciously. There’s no reason to wait any longer. If there’s a mudslide around anywhere in the world and you have allotted one meditation a day for the quiet realization of the non-world and therefore the non-power of the world, take it into consciousness, rest in it. You don’t have to wait for the world to join you. There’s always ten righteous Invisible Selves working. Join the Ten. Make it your practice once a day. And this is Joel speaking, not me, although I’m not reading it. “Make it your practice once a day to meditate on the nothingness of the world. Whenever you are faced with any form of condition in the world that you recognize as being not of God. And then you’re blessing your fellow man, you’re recognizing his Divinity and you’re blessing your Self.”

Joel suggests that we have one meditation daily on World Work: every day. And when you know that this is not just to protect the world or save the world but rather to recognize your Infinite Self, I feel you’re more apt to respond to that suggestion.

I personally would feel that if a day went by that you were not doing this that would be a day in which for some reason or other, you were rejecting your Self. Too busy to find your Self.

Now it comes. “Error is not in the external; power is not in the external; all power is in the “still small voice.” There is no power in sin, there is no power in disease, no power in tyrants, no power in external conditions: power is in the still small voice.”

He has told us there is no outside world. If it were there, it would have plenty of power.

Inasmuch as this is going to be the end of this book, here’s Joel’s final statement to us.

In the midst of threatening world conditions, I say to you: Think in higher terms than your own health, your own supply, or your own happiness. For some part of every day give yourself to the realization and the practice of these principles through which you have witnessed healings of minor or major problems, principles that have helped you or your neighbor, begin now to think in terms of a principle revealing itself on earth as the presence of God, universally.”

That would be of course the Realization of One, Divine Self as the only Self in the universe.

Now you have a month in which nothing new will be coming from this pulpit and so you can either take it upon yourself to review the past, put into practice daily some of the things that have been suggested and if you want to keep very current, to take today’s lesson as your monthly work, every day for thirty days: one period of the day to do World Work as follows:

Face the situation that you have heard is impending or coming or present, somewhere in the world. Face it with the knowledge that there is no world there, that there are no conditions, for there’s no world to contain conditions. There are no evils, there are no fires, no floods, no epidemics: there is no problem out there. It’s a world mirage. It’s not ordained by God. It’s not sustained by God, it has no law of God for its continuity. It wasn’t caused by God.

Take any phrases that you like until you can come to an instant agreement within yourself: “That’s true. What is out there? The Spirit of God. What is here? The Spirit of God. Is there space between? No, it’s all one indivisible Spirit. My Self is all that is out there.”

They’re trying to tell me My Self, my Spiritual Self is not out there – and it is. And I’m not going to have to remove that condition, or improve it, or change it, or correct it. All that is there is my Divine Self, God’s Divine Self, the Divine Self of the Universe is all that is there. And when you can find some inner Peace from this you’ll know that your own consciousness of mortality has melted away. And even though the human mind doesn’t understand a word of it, it makes no difference.

When you find your inner Peace this way, just be still. That is when the Still Small Voice comes upon you, that is when Realization comes upon you, that is when Inner visions come upon you, that is when my Peace comes upon you and what happens in that Inner Realization becomes the Law. And then something gives you the release and says. “It is done,” or the sigh, or the rainbow, or something within that says, “My Presence is now the only Presence here.” And then you rest in that Presence.

And your World Work is being done. You’ve overcome the world by finding the Invisible Presence.

Russia won’t declare peace and release the satellite nations but you are helping Invisible Beings everywhere. You are leavening your own consciousness, you are letting your Light shine. If the whole world could’ve been lifted up into paradise instantly Christ would have done it in the form of Jesus. It’s a slow leavening process but it’s our job and it’s a silent job and it’s the way to Self-realization. Every day that you do this, you are accepting the Infinity of your own Being as the only Reality. And as Joel says, “Until there is a dawning.” Something happens to awaken you to the actual experience Itself. Oneness realized manifests as the Grace of God on earth.

Now as you do this during the month, when we meet again you’ll find that we’re all at different levels than we are at this particular moment. That month of leavening will take us to a new precipice. We are opening ourselves to what may be called The Special Seven. They only function at the level of our own consciousness and as we are sowing to our One Infinite Self we are preparing the way for us to receive higher guidance than hitherto.

So this month I think is a perfect time for this World Work to be upon us. We should know each other better when we return. There is no other assignment for you during this month.

You must learn to recognize that the Invisible Will of the Father is ever working no matter what appearances seem to be there. And when you accept that Invisible Will as working now in the One Self which is here without opposite and there without opposite, it will manifest and you will have the God experience.

This culminates 66 weeks of the Gospel of John and our next series begins on the 2nd Sunday in February, I think it’s February 11th, it’s called the Special Seven, and that culminates the work of Immortality House in San Francisco. In those Seven we will have much that is new and this month will make it possible.

Thanks very much.

I hope to see you in February.

We’re going to take a look today at a passage which began the Bible of Mark and which culminates the Bible of John. So that we see one being descriptive of the faith of man at the beginning of starting on the path and the other being descriptive of the faith of man after he has awakened to the inner Light. Now the first passage is in Mark in the first chapter, the 10th and the 16th verse.

Now as he walked by the sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, I will make you to become fishers of men.”

At the first awareness of something higher than your own human selfhood, Christ says to you, “Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” You may not be conscious of Christ saying this within your Self but there is some subtle inner Guidance and now you find yourself on a path in which you are leaving your old nets behind you. You are grafted away from your old ways, your old beliefs, finally to a higher level where you’re even grafted away from the very mind itself upon which you depended. And you are made into a fisher of men.

Now that was a prophecy and as that prophecy was made to the disciples, it was also made to each of us. The Christ has spoken this to mankind, “Follow me…. and I will make you fishers of men.”

Now we look at it in Luke because in Luke we have it a little more detailed and then we can have a good comparison to the way it comes in the last chapter of John. In the 5th chapter of Luke it begins as follows:

It came to pass, that, as the people passed [pressed] upon him to hear the word of God, he stood by the lake of Gennesaret, And saw two ships standing by the lake: but the fishermen were gone out of them, and [they] were washing their nets. And he entered into one of the ships, which was Simon’s, and prayed him that he would thrust out a little from the land. And he sat down, and taught the people out of the ship. Now when he had left speaking, he said unto Simon, Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy word I will let down the net. And when they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake.”

Launching out into the deep, we have learned through our progress in the Scripture, was departing beyond the five senses and all the sense mind was the shallows. And there they caught no fish. We in the shallows of the sense mind catch no fish; and at this point fish is a symbol of Divine Truth. Through the sense mind we are not receptive to Divine Truth. And now we go out beyond the sense mind, into the deep. But being novices even though our catch is great our net breaks; we find that the mind of man is unable to receive Spiritual Truth. And this is our introduction to the transformation that must take place in a man. And as this procedure continues we find that;

When they had this done, they enclosed a great multitude of fishes: and their net brake. And they beckoned unto their partners, which were in the other ship, that they should come and help them. And they came, and filled both the ships, so that they began to sink. And when Simon [Peter] saw it, he fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord. For he was astonished, and all that were with him, at the draught of the fishes [with] which they had taken: And so was also James, and John, the sons of Zebedee, which were partners with Simon. And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men. And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all, and followed him.”

Now these men then were motivated by some inner Impulse now to follow Christ although to their minds they were following a man named Jesus. And this is our faith at the beginning of the path. If you just cast your mind back a little, you find that there was a time when suddenly you knew there was another way and then you went out and for some reason or other, even though the quick results of the new way were magnificent, somehow you couldn’t hold all that you received; your net broke, you needed help, you had to call another ship to you and even then the great weight of a new Truth coming upon was so heavy it seemed that the mind was sinking like a ship.

At the beginning of the path we have what is called the faith that is not anchored in that which it needs. We have a new kind of faith. A faith in a God, a faith in a way, a faith in something but we don’t know how to define it and we don’t have the net to catch the fullness of the Truth.

But now after three years with Jesus Christ something has happened. They have learned much Truth. They seemingly have caught much fish. Even to the point that twice after the crucifixion they have been visited by the Master. Once the Master has appeared to them in a closed room and again later when Thomas was present the Master appeared. You would think now their nets would hold and yet a funny thing happens and only John puts it here of all the Gospels. And so he begins his 21st verse with what appears to be a repetition of these incidents that began in the beginning of his ministry with the disciples. So that you might say they have fallen back. And you might compare this to your own experience as you go forward, as you’re lifted, sometimes even into Spiritual ecstasy. And then there are moments of shattered faith, there are the ups and downs, the upheavals and the uplifting. The earthquakes within, the volcanoes and then the great doubts. And here is a very strange thing full of surprises. Twice visited by the Master, the disciples who had left their nets, who no longer relied on even a profession for their livelihood were going back to fishing. They had returned to their old consciousness. They had gone home as you remember, the old consciousness, they were starting again. And the strange thing is they’d already twice seen the Master.

And so Peter says, “I go a fishing.” So with us you can see that we may rise to sublime heights but somewhere, somehow that faith with which we start is insufficient. Peter had it, if you remember when he tried to walk upon the water and he fell through. And the teaching there was, as the Master said, “O ye of little faith,” that Peter had little faith. And yet the heart was willing and eager. There was zeal, there was desire to follow but the faith could not support him. So with us, we may have a great human faith but it cannot support us and we fall through and we wonder why is my faith insufficient? And this 21st chapter is going to tell us why. And so it is that now for the 3rd time the Master comes upon the disciples.

After these things Jesus shewed himself again to the disciples at the sea of Tiberius; and on this wise shewed he himself. There were together Simon Peter, and Thomas called Didymus, and Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee, and two other of his disciples.”

In other words seven disciples were present. These seven were the advanced disciples. They were ready for this third visit. They were ready now to become fishers of men. And they were together, it says. They were joined in one purpose.

And now the symbolism begins. It’s not just an ordinary fishing trip. “I go a fishing,” said Peter. Let us remember that even though it would appear on the outer, that they’re simply going fishing as they did when they were fishermen, there had been two appearances of the Christ after crucifixion. And now you may know that this fishing trip was on the inner plane. A new kind of faith has come upon them. And to teach us about it we have to see it on the outer and the inner. We’ll see it on the outer as a fishing trip. We’ll see it on the inner as a Spiritual experience in which the disciples have come aware of the Invisible. Their new senses have developed. They can now see the invisible Christ and even make out Invisible objects. And they themselves may not even be aware that they are doing this. As you pass from sense vision to Soul vision you are not always aware that you have stepped over the veil. It all looks the same to you except a little brighter, a little clearer, a little more beautiful, maybe a little breathtakingly beautiful at times but you can’t be sure what you’re seeing. Is it with your inner senses or your outer? And that is a state of awe which is described in here.

I go a fishing,” said Peter. And that Peter saith. Peter says, “I go a fishing” is a very important phrase. Now when the seven are listed Peter and Thomas are listed first. Peter the will, the human sense will, Thomas the understanding. And when Peter says, “I go a fishing” that means the will of you is going fishing. Now everything of you then must follow that will. When that will of Peter says, “I go a fishing” the other six must go along and in turn you see that they do. They say, “We’ll go with you.” Everything follows the will of yourself. And if your will is human then everything follows your human will. If your will is Divine everything follows Divine Will. And the distinction is now being brought here that Peter is the spokesman of yourself. The will of you is the spokesman of the rest of you. Peter says, “I go a fishing.” You say, “I take a drive,” you say, “I go to the mountains,” the rest of you must follow. The will of you is decided. And let’s see what happens to this will of Peter.

And “They say unto him, We also go with you. And so they went forth, they entered a ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing.”

Wherever your will goes the rest of you immediately goes and in this case they catch nothing, they’re right back to the 1st chapter of Mark, the 5th chapter of Luke – what have they learned? It would seem they have learned nothing. And there will be times like that in your life and have been, when you think, “Oh my gosh, I’ve studied this for so many years and right now I feel bankrupt. It’s as if I’ve never studied the Word or never had an experience or never knew a Truth, I just feel barren.” So it was with them; they caught nothing.

But when the morning was now come, Jesus stood on the shore: but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.”

Now the symbolism begins in earnest. This morning that was come could not have come without those three years. Even though at the moment they had caught nothing and seemed barren that was only the outer picture. That maybe your outer picture. But there will come a morning, and this is a strange and beautiful morning because it is really a mystic dawn. A mystic sunrise. This is the morning within. The morning when without their being aware of what is moving them, they are in some way conscious of the Radiance of Christ. They don’t recognize Jesus, you see. He’s standing on the shore and that shore if you can draw back and see this vastness of the shore and the sea and the land, you see the symbolism then that they are on the sea. The sea of world thought. But out here where the sea meets the land which is the shore, on the brink of their consciousness rising just like the early sun may just hit the mountain tops and yet itself may not be visible; so rising within them was an awareness of an Impulse. Really outskirts of their consciousness, on the shore was this Impulse called Jesus or the invisible Christ. They could see maybe a form but not recognize the Essence at the moment. And so we are moved by this invisible Power. All our years are coming into fruition in the mystic dawn within ourselves. The beginning of a real golden harvest, when without being able to define that which is happening, we know it is happening. We can feel the rising Christ, and it matters not what we have caught, what we have understood, what we have comprehended, what we have been able to grasp, we are now being lifted in a strange way. We are the fish and the fish must be caught in the ocean and lifted out of the ocean. And just as the fish are caught and lifted out of the ocean by the fishermen, we are caught by the Christ and lifted out of the sea of world thought.

To be caught up by the Christ is to be saved from mortality.

And this is the experience now which the disciples are going through. They are the fish. They were the fishermen, but now they are the fish and they are being raised up by the Christ. They are being caught. They are being saved. They are being redeemed. Each is becoming aware of the inner Light and though they’re still in the sea, that Light which is within them is seen to them to be on the shore and they are approaching it. So it may seem to you that the Goodness that you have been seeking is out there to be touched and felt, but if it is a Spiritual experience it is happening within you and projecting what you call Goodness into the external but it’s really an inner event made visible. We are approaching the shore but we still cannot discern the nature of the Christ.

Then Jesus saith unto them, Children, have ye any meat? And they answered him, No.”

That which is on the shore which is deep within their consciousness not quite clearly defined yet is saying within, “Have you any meat?” And first addressing them as “Children,” meaning Spiritually immature, meat meaning substance and of course the substance is Spirit. The question then comes to you, “Have you accepted Spiritual identity? Have you any meat? Or are you still a child?” And it’s a great moment when you can say, “No, I have no meat.” When you can confess that you have been Spiritually poor, you open the gateway to the Christ. Only when we are aware of our Spiritual poverty are we replenished. If we think we are rich, if we think we are worldly wealthy, if we are not aware that without Spirit we are nothing then we are that which the Old Testament calls vanity, “All is vanity.” We are intellectually alive and yet dead.

The disciples know, and that’s a great stride, that they are Spiritually barren, “No, we have no meat. We have no food of the Soul. We have no Divine substance. That’s why we’re out here with no catch. That’s why our lives have been fruitless. That’s why there have been discords and upheavals. That’s why we lack. That’s why we’re limited. We have no Spiritual substance. No Spiritual vision. No Spiritual awareness.”

They were men in physical bodies of flesh. They were living in this world. On the sea of human thought but they were headed to the land. We are headed to a land, another realm which coexists right where the sea is, adjacent to it. And we have to cross out of the sea into the land.

Out of world thought, out of the sense mind, which says, “You caught nothing. Your life has been meaningless.” or “Your life has been a fragment.” or “Your life has not been fulfilled. You have not fulfilled your purpose on this earth.” This is the sense mind talking, and the answer comes, “Because I have no meat, because I am Spiritually barren, because I am poor in Spirit.” And always the Christ within is forcing you to reach these inner conclusions if you are being moved by the Christ.

Now this should be the path then, the confession of duality. “Oh yes I’ve had some Spiritual moments but I’ve also been of this world. I’ve also been motivated by improving my human welfare. I’ve thought about how I could get along better as a human being.” That’s not meat, that’s division. That’s why the disciples were out there with no fish. They had not gone all the way.

He said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find.”

In the original, at the beginning of their journey into Spirit, he had told them to “Launch out into the deep.” Now he tells them to “Cast the net at the right side of the ship.”

Now the ship is the mind. We sail along in our mind and we sail in the sea of this world. There’s another sea there that we don’t see. There are two seas – the sea of the world and the sea of Spirit. And in our mind we travel in the sea of the world. When he’s told to cast his net on the “Right side of the ship,” Peter is being told that the “Right side of the ship,” is not his mind but his Soul. When you dwell in your Soul instead of your mind you are casting the net on the “Right side.” And that “Right side” enables you to move in the sea of Spirit instead of the sea of world mind. That’s the only way you make it to the shore. In other words, unless we step out of the five sense mind consciously, transcending it, disbelieving all evidence of the senses – you’re not going to take a pair of scissors and cut off your sense of touch, or put something over your eyes so that you don’t see – you’re going to look through those eyes and hear through those ears but you’re not going to accept what those senses bring to you, for one good reason: God is All and the senses have no capacity to see God. The senses have never heard God or seen God or touched God.

And if the senses cannot find God for us what do they find but the lie? To find God then we cannot rely on senses, we must step out and above the senses. And that means we stand in the senses rejecting the evidence of the senses until that inner stirring opens us to the Christ Radiance which leads us to the shore of the new senses. The senses that can, not only see the form, but see the Essence. The senses that begin to look and find objects that exist.

Now when the Soul senses take over two things will happen; mostly they will replace the senses of the mind. so that you’ll be seeing what eyes do not see. There is also a time and only for instruction when you have what is called double vision – you can see both the one that appears to the naked human eye and you can see the inner that appears only to the Soul eye. It doesn’t happen very often. Now when it happens, having heard about it or having had this double vision perhaps, you may find that you now understand it and I’d like to explain to you what it means.

To a geologist we’re in a world now where the rocks have formed through the ages. And if you’ve gone into the caves, some places out in the West here where you can see various strata of rock that have over the years become hardened and atrophied. You would agree with the geologist that this has taken place over thousands and thousands of years. That’s untrue; that’s true only to the human sense mind. Actually this instant everything that is in this world is being manufactured. Every rock that allegedly was there even millions of years ago is being manufactured this instant by the world mind. And if you ever have a glimpse of that you will understand that this is a Now world in a counterfeit sense. There isn’t a single thing in it that happened yesterday. The complete counterfeit is happening at this present moment. And also at this present moment that which it is counterfeiting is present. Both the original genuine in Spirit and the counterfeit of the world mind are both this instant. And you live in one or the other,. And there is a moment in your double vision when you see both, and you can see how it’s possible to stand in the midst of all of the ravages of the world untouched, because they’re only happening in the one sense mind and they’re not happening in the Soul sense. Whatever you happen to be experiencing is the one you’re in and for you the highest is the majority with God.

Now I’d like to explain that more fully but the best thing for it is to wait until the experience touches you and you’ll see that there are times when you’re actually looking out through a Soul sense and don’t know you are. That’s how subtly and effortlessly you move from one to the other even though you may not be aware of it. And then ultimately of course you become more aware of it.

Now the disciples are not aware of it. They are looking out through Soul senses. That’s why they’re beginning to discern the presence of a man called Jesus. He’s not in a physical body you know. He’s already demonstrated there is no physical body and yet they’re seeing Him for the third time. They’re looking through their Soul senses and now they’re seeing things they never saw before. In one moment no fish. Why do fish suddenly appear? Because they’re stepping out of the physical universe into the Spiritual universe through their Soul senses. They’re being lifted by the inner Christ.

It’s like the loaves and fishes for the multitude. One moment just a few fish, a few loaves; in another moment five thousand people are lifted into a vision of something they couldn’t see a moment ago which was always there even though they couldn’t see it. In a moment they all were in their Soul senses but didn’t have the vaguest idea that they were, and they saw supply interpreted to them as loaves and fishes. So it is, you’ll find the miracles that occur in your life are not because God suddenly decided you were a good person, but because through some instinctive awareness of the inner Christ you were open to your Soul senses and that which was ever present is now presented to you, through your Soul senses in a way you can comprehend and utilize.

Now there is a transition or a transformation in the nature of faith that is taking place in Peter and the disciples. Your repeated experiences change the nature of your faith. At the beginning it was blind faith and that’s why the net broke. It was faith that could only see and be amazed and say, “Isn’t that marvellous,” and yet go out and do likewise? No, it couldn’t do that because the mind couldn’t hold the meaning behind what had happened.

Now we’re going to learn how to hold the meaning of what is happening. Your faith is going to be joined together with some other quality, to make it a Faith that will no longer be called by the Master, “A little faith.” And this Faith will be such that the nets will not break regardless of the load. This is the Faith that is being built in us now.

Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. And they cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.”

They were not looking through the mind anymore they were looking through the Soul and the Soul experiences that which is necessary at every moment. The Soul is ever in complete rapport with the infinite Spiritual universe. If you need fish there are fish. If you need clothing there is clothing. Grace flows through the Soul. Suddenly there are fish. Now these fish are not to be interpreted only as physical, tangible fish. Fish also means new Truth. The inner Truth, the Fish, represent the new levels of wisdom that are welling up within. Great Fish, great Truths. Truths that the human mind would never even know about. You know how people ask questions in this work, question after question and yet not one of the questions of the human mind even begins to anticipate the new Truths that come up when the Soul is open. There are no questions from the human mind about these Truths because the human mind knows nothing about them. Now the Truth that passes all mental understanding is brought into play.

Now what’s happening here? There’s more than just Peter there, there’s more than disciples there: there is Christ. Christ on the shore is the Invisible activity in the consciousness of the disciples. Christ on the shore of your consciousness changes you. Your vision changes, your hearing changes, your understanding changes. You are lifted into the awareness of a realm not known to mankind. You are lifted behind the veil, behind the veil of all religions on the earth, behind the veil of science, behind the veil of the human mind, behind the veil of the atom, behind the veil of Darwin’s theory, behind the veil of human evolution, behind the veil of human death, behind the veil of everything that the human mind knows, as Christ rising in you, awakens you to a new Self of your own Being.

We begin to vaguely know that we are finding another level of our Self, a higher level where Heaven is a realm within our own Consciousness and that transformation from the self who lives in the human senses and in the human body is taking place. Even though in a small measure sometimes, this awareness is destined to grow. It depends on your capacity to listen to the inner Christ and then to obey the Divine Impulse that comes to you.

I’d like to underline two words: Divine Impulse.

Sometimes you find it difficult to realize that God is everywhere or that the Allness of God is everywhere. Perhaps it’s too big, too much of a project to know that I here am the Spirit of God and my Spirit is everywhere and nothing else is there. This should become normal consciousness, but you certainly can remember and even test out that the Divine Impulse is everywhere. So that if you’re confronted with a situation that would seem to be frightening or despairing or in some way causing you grave concern, this would call for an immediate readjustment to the fact that wherever this situation is emanating from, there is the Divine Impulse invisible. Right there my net is catching no fish. I’m just catching world mind as a problem and yet right there is the Divine Impulse and if I can rest in the conscious awareness that the Divine Impulse is there, and accept that it is there without any great affirmations about “God is everywhere” and “God is wonderful” and “God is perfect” and “God is all power,” without any words in me the acceptance that the Divine Impulse is there lights the spark of that Divine Impulse in me here.

And there’s an inner Radiance begins. You can almost feel the beginning of the rainbow. The omnipresent Divine Impulse never fails. You’re casting your net on the “Right side of the ship.” That’s how you begin to enter the Soul realm: to accept the omnipresent Divine Impulse. Knowing it’s invisible to human senses but it is present awaiting acceptance; recognition, and the recognition cannot be with your eyes or your ears; it must be with a quality in you. And you find that quality in you which recognizes the Divine Impulse becomes your Soul. As you accept it this is your recognition and then your Soul is kindled. Christ rises and sometimes quickly, startlingly quick, you find a healing takes place because the Divine Impulse you’ve accepted was right where someone else was accepting a problem. That Divine Impulse out there is really a Divine Impulse within you.

It’s always present. You simply do not see it or notice it or acknowledge it and so you cast your net, your mind on the wrong side of the ship. But the moment you are aware that even though you’re not in conjunction with the Divine Impulse, it is there; then you re-adjust and you accept that which you cannot see. The fish you cannot see you accept and you cast your mind into the acknowledgement that the Divine Impulse must be here because God is. Everywhere is God, everywhere is the Divine Impulse and that Impulse listened to, accepted, acknowledged, begins to beat its own drum and you are listening to the unlistenable and you find that it’s there all the time. You have now another level of faith, Faith in the unseen, not just faith in what you could see with your eyes like Peter but Faith in what you cannot see with your eyes.

Everywhere the Divine Impulse: you’re walking through it, and then as you listen – which means you step out of the mind that does not see the Divine Impulse – you give your Being over to this Divine Impulse you cannot see. You’re coming into the early dawn of Love. Love is when you give your Being to God, sight unseen. And this Love united with Faith becomes the new dispensation. This is the missing ingredient, faith without Love is empty. Faith with Love walks on the water. When Faith and Love are united in you, you have the key to all scripture, the key to the meaning of Christ. When we love God enough to accept Gods presence, where our senses do not know Gods presence, we’re going beyond human faith. We are opening Love.

The disciples are learning that now. Their human senses tell them that they have caught no fish. The inner Christ is saying, “Get out of that mind…. Cast your net on the right side of the ship.” Don’t believe what your sense mind is reporting – ever. No matter what your sense mind says it’s the wrong side of the ship. You must go beyond it to the “Right side,” you must launch into the deep beyond the sense mind. You do this on the knowledge that God is present as the living Divine Impulse and the moment that Impulse touches you and you touch it, it fans out and becomes the complete spectrum of everything God is; the Power, the Presence, the Love, the Truth, the Beauty. That Impulse is an Infinite One. And all you do is rest in it. You don’t have to catch the fish. It catches all the fish for you because the fish were already there and caught. The fullness of your Being is already present but you must get beyond the sense mind. Then your net is filled with all that God is. Something in you tells you when it’s time to go beyond the senses and that something is now happening in Peter.

Therefore that disciple whom Jesus loved saith unto Peter, It is the Lord.”

The human understanding didn’t know this was the Christ telling them to cast their net on the “Right side.” Peter didn’t know this was the Christ; John did. The awareness of the Christ comes not from the human mind it comes from Love. Love spontaneously responds to the Christ and alerts the human mind. And if you try to skip that step and try with the human mind to climb the gates of Heaven it doesn’t work. Peter knows nothing about what is happening but John does. In other words, Love in you is aware of the Christ and your mind must be aware of this Love. That’s the connecting link, the bridge between the understanding, the human will and the Christ.

If you got a Love centre that is low then the mind continues in its material intellectual ways. But you cannot manufacture this Love. You find then that the reason Love is mentioned here, as John alerting Peter, is that when you find that the Love is in you, this is a sign that you are in that progression of consciousness which is Illumination. When the Love in you awakens the mind, you are in the illuminated state. Illumination and Love are one and the same. You will recognize that state then of Illumination by the Love you feel. The Love not only of yourself but of all that exists throughout the universe.

You will look at all created things and say, “Well this is much different than it appears to be.” It would appear to be that there are no fish here, no fish there but just as there are fish everywhere so there is perfect Essence everywhere. And when this overwhelming awareness of the invisible Essence everywhere is yours then the human understanding which was faith without knowledge is now reinforced by Faith confirmed by Love. This is the Faith that never wavers. This is the Faith that takes you into Heaven on earth.

This Love now alerts Peter, “This is the Lord.” Up to this point Peter could only believe what he saw with his own senses. He saw more fish and he was excited. Now he sees Jesus. He sees Jesus because something in him has awakened him to the fact that there is someone there called the Christ. He’s very excited. It is said though that “He was naked” and now he girds himself with the garment he had discarded. We have to see that very carefully.

When Simon Peter heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher’s coat unto him, (for he was naked,) and did cast himself into the sea.”

Now we are naked just as Peter was, and that nakedness is human faith. When you’re naked you’re without Spiritual Faith, you have all the human faith and then the water does not support you. Now Peter is adding Love to the faith that couldn’t support him and something beautiful happens. And that Love means that Peter is getting out of Peter. You see he’s not loving Peter anymore. The arrogant, over zealous, over bearing qualities within him have been refined. John is alerting us to the fact that Peter becoming aware of his Christ Self is now able to generate that Faith which he didn’t have at the early part of his ministry.

There’s a deeper meaning though. Simon Peter was naked and now “He girt his fisher’s coat unto him.” The true meaning of naked is more than just lacking in Faith, it’s part of the meaning but when you’re in a mortal body you are naked. All who walk in material bodies are naked biblically. His fisher’s coat means that he suddenly became aware through Christ of his other body, his Soul body. And you see now he can cast himself into the sea.

You remember last week that Mary Magdalene paused before she entered the tomb and that pause was to teach us this great pause never to enter a room until we are consciously aware that not a physical body is going to enter; we’re not in such a physical body.

And here it comes in another way; Peter girding himself with his fisher’s coat. Your fisher’s coat is your body of the Soul. Now if you’re conscious of yourself as a physical body you’re in the state called naked. If you’re conscious of yourself in a Spiritual body you are wearing your fisher’s coat. One drowns in the sea, one can walk in the sea.

Now this has to be a conscious activity; you cannot decide that it will take care of itself, because it doesn’t. Through Love your faith must rise beyond what your senses know to the acceptance consciously that you are in a Soul body that is Invisible and can never be destroyed. And you must consciously live in the awareness of it, so that you’re never caught in the belief that you inhabit a physical form. Now that can only be taken on a different level of Faith than the blind faith of a human mind. It must be taken through the experience which confirms that Faith. You can’t have the experience unless you are making the effort to understand it, to witness it, first in the words of the Bible and then as a living experience in your Self. It isn’t enough to read that Peter is doing that. It wasn’t enough for Peter to read it somewhere; it had to become experience, living experience over a period of time.

And so we should be bending ourselves toward the experience of the Invisible body by casting our net on the “Right side of the ship,” taking our mind out of its creation called this physical form, rising above that mind into Soul which is conscious of the Soul body. And in the interim while there is a gap in the passage from mind to Soul, being willing to accept that the dispensation of the Christ was to lift you into the Christ body which was ever present where the world saw Jesus just as it is ever present where the world sees you. This changeover in consciousness from the belief that I am mortal man to the knowledge that I am Immortal Self is casting your net on the other side.

If you are not ready to make that decision then you must go back and study a little harder. Read the Sermon on the Mount several more times. Practice what it says. Read more of the books. Hear more of the tapes. There are many things you must do until you can consciously say, “I’ve reached the place where I’m willing to consider that I am not in a physical form, that I am not in a physical world but I am Spiritual Being in a Spiritual Body right here and right now. And then hold the Consciousness frequently on that level until that inner Christ which is on the shore of your consciousness develops into a more living experience and the Essence becomes part of what you know to be present. Then you’ll find your ship comes out of the sea onto the shore. You’ll find the Inner quality of John in you alerts you that Christ is leading you into the invisible Kingdom on earth.

This new Faith is to replace the faith of the seven disciples in you. You have the faith of the will in Peter, the faith of reason in Thomas but you have the twins in there, the Zebedee twins and they are the symbol of Faith and Love united as One. This is to take place in us. There was a faith of Nathaniel in Wisdom. There was the faith of the other two disciples in external life. And now your faith is changing. All types of faith in you are becoming the Faith that God is present as individual Christ Selfhood. There are no seven disciples. The knowledge of Oneness is coming into focus. Christ on the shore of your Consciousness is leading you into the realization of the One Divine Self everywhere.

Silence, (pause) …

The other disciples came in a little ship; (for they were not far from the land, but as it were two hundred cubits,) dragging the net with fishes.”

It was Peter, the will, jumps into the sea and then the other disciples follow in a little ship. The will is always the leader. You can see that if your will is God centered everything will follow in a little ship, if your will is not God centered that little ship will follow humanly. Always Peter represents the fullness of your Being, the little ship with other disciples represents all other qualities in you following the will of your Being.

When Peter is not just human will, but is human will lifted by Love, then the ship comes to the shore because the shore is always close by; only two hundred cubits away. In other words the veil of the senses is all that separates us from the shore, from Reality. And now this new quality in Peter the illumination of Love should be functioning within us. A Love that is selfless. A Love that is not seeking personal welfare. A Love that has learned that all seeking on the material level that is not preceded by an awareness of the inner Christ, is a detour. An act that will never yield fish. What at first seemed to be turning away from the things we wanted is revealed to us as the only way to live. To turn away from the world, to harken to the Inner Christ, to let the Inner Christ guide our consciousness. Listening not with the sense mind but another quality called Soul, deeper within, higher within. And then we come to the land.

Now the land here means out of the sense mind, out of world thought, out of all material beliefs which was shown to be transitory. The land is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The land is Reality. When Love and Faith are combined we are lifted by the Christ from the sea to the land. And there stands a fire with coals.

– End of Side One —-

Now then the surprise comes at this point when you would expect that he would say, “Now come and have these, have this Heavenly feast.”

But when they land on the shore, “Jesus saith unto them, Bring of the fish which ye have now caught.”

And this is the crux of the message at this point. Before you can sup of the Heavenly bread and fish on the fires of Divine Love you must bring something of your Self. Now this is the wedding of instruction in the letter with inspiration in the living Divine Word. So Peter and the disciples are asked to bring the fish that they have caught. “What Truth do you know? What are your beliefs? What is your understanding? Bring that; yes. But don’t stop there. We’ve all had instruction in Truth and now with that instruction must be wedded inspiration; without it you’ll always be off shore.

Inspiration now is when having through Love of God supremely, being willing to yield your complete effort, not to better your humanhood but to seek only the Kingdom of God within yourself. In trust that the Kingdom of God within you will yield its fruit and that it being All-Power will completely cover every so-called human need.

As you’re willing to do that – launching out into the deep beyond the senses of human faith – then Love and Faith lead you to the shore and there you find the Christ has drawn you to the Heavenly feast which is the new Self. The fish on the coals of the fire is Divine Love revealing your new Self and the bread is the substance of that Self and there are many meanings in the fish and the bread because you see he doesn’t have fishes and loaves he has one fish, one cake. One is sufficient to mankind. One Self. And like a fish that One Self increases into many appearing. That bread is the new bread, the new substance you live by. You live by Grace. In the new Self you are the fish who has been plucked out of the sea of world thought and you are now the incorporeal Self. And you live by the bread which is cooked on the fire of Divine Love by the Master within you. And that substance increases and increases and increases your living experience, and now as you draw the Truth you know to this fire, living inner inspiration opens you to Truth you couldn’t know any other way. It isn’t enough to continue as a memory student or as an intellect. You must have living revelation and you can only get it from Divine Love – Christ, in you. This is a total inner turning to Christ in you. With total confidence, total trust that there is a Self of you. This is the land where the Self of you is where you live. This is the transformed Self. The transformed Consciousness.

They’re not seeing physical bread anymore or physical fish; they’re seeing the One Divine Self within themselves as themselves. They are the fish and they are the bread. “I in the midst of you am the Fish. I in the midst of you am the Bread, and I am the sacred Fire of your own Divinity.” This invisible journey through the sea to the shore to the land is the transformed Consciousness accepting Divinity as Self. Divinity which multiplies as fishes do. One Self fulfils all needs.

The acceptance of that One Self now is the level of Consciousness which Peter is being led to and the other six disciples with him. They are being awakened to who they are. They are going through a temporary experience of the real Self. But it is being presented to you and to me because it is our Way-shower. All that is happening out there visibly in the written word is a living experience within you when you are willing to cast out beyond the five sense world.

That means if you continue believing certain things about yourself that are not so, you’re not launching out into the deep, you’re not ready for the Peter experience, for that renewal of Faith with Love, so that Faith and Love are united in one. And this is a necessary experience. “Sell all thou hast… Cast thy net on the right side of the ship,” and now bring the fish you have caught to the Christ. Lay everything you think you know at the feet of the Christ and say, “Now you show me. I know nothing. All the fish I have caught are of no account. I come to you completely open.”

This is the Divinity acceptance within yourself. You cannot accept Divinity and still have human concepts. You cannot trust Divinity and still have human concepts. And even at this late date, at this point in the transitional consciousness of Peter he has not reached the pinnacle. It’s only a glimpse that mankind will have of itself before it further solidifies by learning the true nature of Love, and so the Master must now say to Peter, “Do you love me?” And again “Peter, do you love me?” And again, “Peter, do you Love me?” And there’s a meaning there – just as Peter three times had denied the Christ so now three times does the Christ lift Peter above those previous denials.

Now one thing you won’t notice in our text is that the three questions of “Do you love me?” are not identical. They seem to be but they are not in the original. And only by knowing this can you find a fuller meaning in these questions. Now in the Greek, “Do you love me?” the first time is said by a word that means, do you love me not as a mechanical robot, or as a human emotion but “Do you love me, the Christ?” Not Jesus. In other words the question is, do you love Jesus the man or do you love Christ the Spirit of God? And Peter always says, “Oh yes, I love you,” but Peter isn’t aware of the meaning and so again the Christ says, “Do you love me,” meaning do you love Jesus the man or do you love Christ the Spirit of God? And again Peter asserts his love, and the third time the Christ now says the word which is not “Do you love the Christ,” but do you love as a mechanical man another human being. And Peter doesn’t even know the difference and the change that is taking place. He still says, “Of course I love you.”

And the Christ is revealing that all Peter really loves at this moment is not the Christ; he was lifted to it but he can’t grasp it still. He still has a sense of loving Peter. But we are being taught beyond that. “Do you love me?” means do you love Christ within yourself more than you love your human self. “Peter, do you love Christ within you more than you love Peter the man?” And Peter not understanding says, “But I do love you.” The question is phrased to you then and to me and to every individual in this world, “Do you love Christ in you more than you love your human selfhood?” On that you make or break your demonstration and the fulfilment of your very purpose in this world. If we still love our human selfhood more than we love Christ within ourselves, it’s quite clear that we’re in a state of duality.

And still the message is incomplete for now Peter must turn and say, “What about him over there?” pointing to John. Even having been blessed by the new experience of finding Self, which he couldn’t hold onto, having found some degree of Christhood, Peter turns and says to the man called Jesus, “What about him over there? What about John? What’s he going to do? If I am to follow you what about him, what’s he going to do?” And this is a teaching to us.

The Master says, “What is it to thee if I wish him to tarry until I come?” Just as the Master on the cross could point to John and say to his mother, “There is your son,” and point to John and say, “There is your mother.” He reminds us now that Love must remain a living factor in your heart. Peter, the will, must now follow the Master but Love must tarry on the earth. And then translated again you see that Peter the mind must go, Love must remain: the Soul is all that can redeem you. Peter is ready to now go deeper and deeper but the Soul remains on earth as the way through which the Word will enter every human heart. John must tarry on earth meaning Love within you will open your Soul. Mind won’t do it.

You can’t get to Heaven through Peter you must get to Heaven through John.

The mind stays in the sea the Soul comes up and lands on the shore. The great teaching of the Bible finally culminates with the knowledge that only through your willingness to resist the world mind expressing as a sense mind in you, living beyond it in your Soul, accepting yourself as Invisible Being, the invisible living Christ – the Spirit not in a body – will your Soul be open to receive the inner confirmation of that which you accept through Faith and through Love. This union of Love and Faith will not waver and will enable you to walk upon the water of Truth. The fire of Love which contains the bread and the fish has been prepared for all of us. It is in the land of Reality behind the veil of the senses now. We are being asked to partake of that Heavenly feast.

If you hear my voice and you open the door when I knock, I will come and sup with thee.” And this is what I bring; the bread and the fish.

The new Self, the new Body, the new Life which is Christ eternal and your receptivity to all this is made possible only through the awareness that within you is John; the Soul. The Soul receives the Christ. You cannot do it through instruction. You do it through inspiration. Instruction leads you to inspiration. Inspiration takes you across the sea of world thought. Inspiration brings you Truth that can be received in no other way. The whole Gospel now takes you to the point where you must know who you are and live in that knowledge.

If we had tried to do world work before we came to a knowledge of identity, before we came to a place where we were able to receive living inspirational revelation from the very Christ of our own Being, we would be going through some kind of form without substance. You may have noticed in the last three or four weeks that we have been doing a little world work. Enough to maybe give you some evidence of the fact that when you know yourself to be who you truly are then you are given only Truth that works. Not Truth that is opinion. And then you are in world work. What is the answer that the Master says every time Peter professes his deep love?

If you love me feed my lambs. If you love me feed my sheep. Do you love Christ? But Christ is You. Do you accept Christ as loving Christ? But if you accept Christ feed my sheep, feed my lambs.”

And so we must know what we’re to do. We must give the evidence that we accept Christ identity by feeding the lambs. Who are they? There are two meanings. The lambs are just….well first of all lambs are innocent, they’re distinguished from the sheep who are a little more mature and they’re more advanced you might say. Innocent, in a sense that they do not yet know but they are on the way with blind faith. And so those who are coming through blind faith are the innocent lambs and in our world work we must feed them, we must help them. And then there are those who are more advanced; their faith is not blind they are now sheep. They’re not innocent lambs their faith has been confirmed and they’re more advanced along the path and we must help them. But that isn’t all that was told in “Feed my lambs, and feed my sheep.”

The real lambs and the real sheep are the Divine thoughts in your Self. Those thoughts within you which are just budding – still undiscerned but there are the lambs – those which have taken firmer root in you are the sheep and by feeding them means you must let them grow. You must accept them, you must listen to them and be obedient for they are the methods through which the Divine feeds us. The Divine does the feeding. Our accepting of the Divine thought within us is feeding the lambs and the sheep. And if you’re not listening to living revelation within your Self you’re not feeding the lambs and the sheep. You’re doing it by rote. You’re only bringing your fish but you’re not finding the coals with the living Fire of the living bread and the living fish of Spirit.

Eat of my flesh and drink of my blood” again is the same as the fish and the bread. Another symbolism for the same thing.

Now then, if you have caught more than words in a book, if the spark is ignited in you, if that fire is a Fire within you, a Fire of living coal; the bread and fish are now within you on that Fire and you are receiving Invisible lambs, Invisible sheep, Invisible guidance, Invisible impulses. You are receiving the constant Divine Impulse and you are turned within to It, listening to It and obeying It. Then you’re tending those sheep. Then you’re about your Father’s business. And then you can find the capacity to do effective world work, not just an outer charade.

Now your next chapter is world work. We have to, in that chapter which is the last of “Realization of Oneness,” tie it all up together. Today is a New Year, the first meeting of a New Year. It’s a new Consciousness. It’s the new Consciousness that has come onto the shore. And in this new Consciousness we find that within us is the Divine fire which we must listen to and it will show us its way. But we must be there listening out of self in the human sense. If you’re listening it’s because your Faith is deeper than human faith. And if you’re not listening it’s because you’re still in that blind human faith which cannot hold still; it has no Love. Now if you’re listening you’ll find that there’s nothing goes on in this world that can persuade you that you are not now in the living Kingdom of God. And that you yourself are the living Kingdom of God. And that the perfection of this Kingdom is all around you, invisible as the Invisible fishes but ever present. That which we cannot see is here. That which we cannot touch is here. That which is called God is here. That which is the Power of God is here. That which is the Wisdom of God is here. All of it is here and all of it is available in Christ Self.

Now then, whatever is happening in the world is a sense activity whether it’s good or bad. Whatever’s happening in you is Divine activity and it is always Good. It can only be released to replace the outer world experience if you are living in that center of Soul called John – listening. Peter had to follow commands. Not John. John lay on the bosom, on the breast of the Master meaning they were connected; they were One. And so he instinctively and automatically followed the Christ; there was no thought taking. And then Peter would follow after John would automatically follow the Christ. We must be in the John Consciousness that automatically follows the Master instead of the Peter which has to wait for a visible command. We must live in that Self which automatically is lying on the breast of the Master.

Now when you do world work whether you’re living in Self or not, we show up in what the results are. That’s why this message is so important. It doesn’t leave you hanging. If there are no results you are not in the Consciousness. It has a way of showing you where you are. And so that’s why we want results because they show us that we’re in Christ or not. This is a message with Power.

Now let’s meditate then on the Bible meaning because we should all be now at a point where we’re even higher than the Bible. It is the in-struction but its instruction should lift you to a place beyond itself, to the point of inspiration. Within you is the sacred Fire of Christ. You have passed the dawn, you’re into the sunrise which actually becomes a visible event within you rising out of material sunset, out of materialism, out of the belief in all that is unlike God. In our Consciousness only God exists. This is the rising Christ. This is the mystical Easter. This is the Resurrection of Christ in you. All that is not God does not exist. We’re true to that sacred Fire of identity and unless you can stand there when all around you attests to something other than God, you’re still in naked human faith. Get out of the form, get out of the belief in form, get out of the worldliness, out of the material sense of life. Seek ye first, last and always, nothing at all in the world, for your Father is not in the world. And have the confidence to rest in your Father, the invisible Christ, as your own identity. Trusting It. Being willing to let anything happen that might while you maintain your trust. This is loving God supremely. Lo and behold, all these great catastrophes that seem to be striking lose their sting. “Death is swallowed up in victory.” Either the message is true or it’s untrue and we owe it to ourselves to come to the place where we can say, “I follow it,” or “I do not.”

I’ve seen so many catastrophes that turned out to be false alarms when someone catches the rising Christ within themselves.

Finally when the word “Amen” is spoken it means “I accept that Eternal Life is my name.” In my Eternal Life is Christ here and Christ there. The moment you touch the sacred Fire of Christ within your Self, you have found the multiplication of every loaf and every fish in this world. The fish increase; they multiply. Grace becomes the law instead of material law.

Do you love me?” or “Do you love you?” That is the question Christ is always asking within you. Three times the question is asked and this is the indication that the message is finished. The book is closed. Those who can see beneath the surface of the words are ready to walk out in the deep. Ready to bless their fellow man.

So we’re going to do our world work next week together and that will be the last class of this series. That’ll give you a whole month to move back and forth over what you have come into in Consciousness, refining that Consciousness unto a workable state so that when we hit the Special Seven in the second Sunday of February we should be able to work on the level of the Inner senses instead of the outer. We should be able to experience the walking on water. We should be able to understand how the Invisible universe works around us.

Next time we’ll prescribe some things that should be done during the intervening month. Your work now is to “Cast your net on the right side of the ship.” Stop trying to figure it out with that mind. Rest in Faith. Reject the sense testimony until the sacred Fire bursts and the living Radiance of Christ is your living experience with its living wisdom. Believe it, it happened; only two hundred cubic feet away.

They caught a hundred and fifty three fishes when they did this – add them up – one, five, three – nine. In other words they had progressed beyond mortality which is six six six. We had to come beyond six six six, the symbol of mortality to nine which is the symbol of the transformed man. And because John is remaining on the earth as the Soul, as the symbol of Love, there must be a reason for John remaining to tarry until the Master comes. What is the reason? There must be a remnant on the earth who can receive through that Self.

John’s tarrying on the earth is a statement that there are still seven thousand who have not bowed to Baal. Those who consider themselves to be among the disciples of Christ are the remnant who will find through the experience of Soul that Christ comes to earth in them if we will tarry in John until Christ realization comes.

Let us be grateful that such a teaching exists. Let us not make the mistake of the world in seeing it only from the human eyes.

And so with that, you can join me, we can say, “Amen.”

(Audience says, “Amen”)

This is our teaching.

And to all of you, the best of our Spiritual mansions in this coming New Year.

Thanks again.