We are still in chapter 6, the “Living the Impersonalization of Error …. Living the Principle of Impersonalization of God.” We’re at a place in the book of John where there is a preparation for the last supper. And in this preparation there is much Truth teaching, great discoursing about the nature of the purpose of Christ on earth. And I think that it would be wise for us to see what Christ says is Christ’s purpose rather than for you or me to decide what his purpose is.

And so the purpose of Christ is stated as thusly. We find it in several places in the book of John. Here I’m looking at John 9:39, “And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see…. that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.”

And so we see a plan there which is a total reversal of all human concept for we who think we see are to be made blind and those who see not are to be made to see. And this reversal of concept, this awakening, is from the dream of mortality. And the closer we get to the Truth the more uncomfortable it becomes, the more we are in a state of rebellion against it. Unless of course we have so been touched by the Spirit that even the degree of newness and strangeness of the new Life that comes upon you is welcomed with a great inner joy. And if the Truth frightens you to the point that you want to back away then that is a sign that you are not yet among that remnant which is called the seed of Christ, who are ready to move into that which is unknown to the mind of man. And if you’re not ready to release your concept and to be made blind, so that you can see and to give up what you see, knowing that in Truth what you see is not what is there, you’re not in that frame of consciousness which says to the Christ, “I am ready. I’m ready to yield. I am open. I have no concepts about the outer world.”

Now again, in other places in John, to clarify this purpose of making the blind see and that those who see, not see, we come to such passages as John 3:14, 15 and 36.

As Moses,” always Jesus is speaking, “As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up…. the Son of man [must]be lifted up.” And I guess by now we can probably say unanimously that we know the Son of man to be our spiritual Selfhood. Born of woman into the flesh, and therefore son of woman in the first mortal birth. And then re-born of the Spirit we are called Son of man, no longer of woman. The Son of man, the awareness of spiritual Selfhood, must be lifted up.

That whosoever believe in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” That whosoever believeth in his own spiritual Selfhood should not perish but have eternal life.

And so, if we were to fear leaving our loved ones, it would be because we have not yet reached a place where we have accepted their spiritual Reality. And if we have reached the place where we accept their spiritual Reality then we know that our function is to lift them up to the awareness of that spiritual Reality. For the Son of man is not only our own individual identity but is the individual identity of all those we know.

And so our function now is to lift the Son of man, here, where I stand, there where you stand, there where the child is born, there where the old man appears to be dying. Always there is the invisible spiritual Selfhood called the Son of man. And so lifting up the Son of man is coming out of the blindness, it’s coming out of the false sense of sight which doesn’t see the spiritual Son, but only sees the first or natural birth, the physical man.

We’re trying to see what the purpose of Christ on earth is and it would appear at this point that the purpose of Christ on earth is to awaken us to the Spiritual nature of all Being, to the Spiritual nature of the universe, to the invisible Reality that underlies all physical form. But if that be the purpose, and we are told that when you awaken to spiritual Selfhood, when you have lifted up the Son of man, ye shall not perish. And what are we really being told about the concept of life that we entertained before we awaken to spiritual Selfhood? We’re told that we shall perish and we’re also told that if we’re to leave it, to rise above it, it cannot be Reality. Why should Christ come to take us out of Reality? And so we have to face that Truth which that, which is, that where we are, what we are doing as human beings, in mortality, is the dream and unless we have accepted that, we continue to live in that dream.

Now we’ve had our various talks about the dream. The question now is: are we accepting that it is our function to awaken from the dream of mortality? Let’s presume that the message so far has made an impression sufficiently to arouse us to the need to awaken from the dream of mortality. And that would constitute the coming out of the blindness. And now we have to look out at a world and say, “Well, what is it?” If it’s a dream; how do you live in a dream? And how do you step out of a dream? And the minute you move in this direction you find an answer. “Well what did Jesus do? How did Jesus live in the dream and how did Jesus step out of the dream?” And then suddenly it’s clear that his purpose, his mission, was to teach us how to step out of the dream.

To step out of the dream of mortality into the presence of spiritual Selfhood, clearly is the mission. And with every mission there must come a method.

Let’s go further. John 3:36. “He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life.” Now then, the Son is no longer Jesus Christ, the Son is your spiritual Selfhood. He that believeth on his spiritual Selfhood hath everlasting life. “He that believeth not the Son,” – he that believeth not in a spiritual Selfhood – “Shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth in him.”

Always the wrath of God and the vengeance of God has been misconstrued. The wrath of God is the doctrine of karma. Karma remains the fate of the individual who is not living in spiritual Selfhood. There’s no karma, no Divine wrath. It’s all it means – karma. There is no Divine wrath or karma in spiritual Selfhood and there is no death in spiritual Selfhood. And there is no reincarnation in spiritual Selfhood.

Now it gets uncomfortable then because we’re past the stage of being able to use a quotation or to remember a Truth and expect the veil or fog or mist to lift. It’s the way you’re living in or out of spiritual Selfhood that determines whether you are in the state of karma or not. And so again the mission is further clarified: to dissolve the mist of the dream that man may walk in the kingdom of God in his eternal spiritual Selfhood.

And further, to be underlined I think, is the fact that this would not be given to us if it were a remote possibility. If it were not ordained that there would be those walking in the spiritual Selfhood there would be no purpose for such a mission. And then further, in as much as the mission of Christ is actually infinite Spirit functioning infallibly, those of us who cannot walk with this mission are merely walking against that which is inevitable. Spirit doesn’t fail. And so all you can do by turning away is to turn away from that which is invincible. And the continued karma is the turning away from that which is the ordained will of the Father on earth. In other words, walk in your spiritual Selfhood, or continue to perish and re-incarnate is quite clearly the message at this point.

Live in the dream and suffer the double sidedness of this world or find your way out of the dream through the principles prescribed by the Christ, by The Infinite Way, by whatever measure or teaching in the world enables you to awaken from the dream of mortal selfhood.

Again in John 8, to further clarify the Christ mission, 8:28. “When ye have lifted up the Son of man,” meaning, when you have attained your spiritual Selfhood by walking in it, know your Self to be Spirit indivisible with the Father, immortal, eternal, omnipotent. When you can recognize your spiritual Selfhood everywhere, without division, then ye will know, “Then shall ye know that I am he.” The Christ speaking these words, walking the earth in the appearance called form is your spiritual Selfhood. And you are given an opportunity to first, out of human vision, out of human understanding, to come face-to-face with your own spiritual Selfhood functioning on the very earth you walk. When you have raised the Son of man in you, “Then shall ye know that I am he.” The very Son of man raised in you is the Christ speaking to you saying this now. And this is revealing the infinity of Christ. That Christ in you is Christ in your neighbor. And this is the Truth then that must be accepted or it is violated by ignorance. Christ in you, is Christ in me. Christ in everyone you know is your spiritual Self. The Son of man is the invisible Christ which is the one indivisible Self on this earth.

The knowledge of this, the practice of this, the living of this until it is realized, understood, demonstrated and experienced is the meaning of lifting up the Son of man. And then in 8:24 “I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins.” And so your own Self, the infinite Christ says, “Until you accept your Self, you shall die in your sins.” And your sins are primarily living in a second self which is not the invisible, infinite Christ Self. And we all have died in our sins many times and have reincarnated many times because we did not know that we are that one infinite Self called Christ, the Son of man . We all thought we were sons of women. We all thought we were that which came forth in form. But Christ tells us, ‘No, you’re not that. You’re the pure Spirit of God, one with the Father.” That which dies can never give birth to Life. There’s no woman on the earth who can give birth to Life. Life is the Spirit of God. It is the constant behind the changing, visible, material world of flesh. And always both the child and the mother are the one and the same invisible Son of man

Now this then is the purpose and we can elaborate it of course. It is to awaken us from the dream of mortality into the realization of the Divine Selfhood which is indivisible. So that instead of four billion forms we are living in one invisible Christ and then we can accept the powers of Christ as the only present powers. And so from that, from the knowledge of Self we can come to the impersonalization of both God and error. God ceases to be person. And because Christ is all, because the invisible, infinite Christ is God. And this is the Allness we learn to, by accepting Christ, look upon that which is called the world as imagination. It shows not the full perfection of Christ. We are looking at limited individual states of consciousness everywhere – none fully aware of Christ, some in high states, some in lesser states – always we are looking at an up and down awareness across the universe. This shows forth then as our world.

Now it is difficult but very important for us to make a turn again in the practice of stepping out of the dream. You know the world that is there being both an appearance of good and evil is not the Divine creation. You know the world that is there is but an overshadowing of human consciousness where the infinite, invisible Christ is. And so you can accept that the world is not there but only appears to be there. Christ isn’t sharing the world. Christ is there. The world is not there. There’s no God ‘and’.

And so we come to this conclusion – and the conclusion in mind and intellect is not enough but it’s a start – the world is not there, it is in the world mind. In the world mind there is a world and whoever lives in the world mind sees the world. And so if you’re in the world mind, you see everything that’s in the world mind. If there’s a flood in the world mind, as a person you too are in the world mind and therefore you must see the flood. If there’s a hurricane in the world mind you as a person being created as the very fabric of the world mind; you must see the hurricane. Everything in the fabric of the world mind must appear in your experience because you are the fabric of the world mind. Until you have lifted up the Son of man.

And so as creatures, persons, human beings of flesh, we are made of the fabric of the world mind. Not Divine, but of the dust. And as we continue to walk in the fabric of world mind, the evil, the good, the opposites, the pairs of opposites of the world mind must continue to function in our experience because everything within the dream functions in the experience of those who live in the dream.

If there’s a sky jacking, you have to witness it because as a creature, the very sky jacking in the sky and the people on the ground are made of the same fabric; the world dream. There’s no escaping the activities within the world dream as long as you are made of the fabric of it. And we are all made of the carnal mind. We are all in our second selves. The false sense of self which is the fabric of the dream. The mission of the Christ is to awaken us from that fabric of the dream into Divine Selfhood and lo and behold the process is to walk through the dream, awake.

You’re not going to demolish the dream with Truth, you’re going to have to walk through it with your eyes wide open; awake, not sleepwalking. Mortality is sleepwalking. Awake to the dream we accept the power of Christ behind the dream. And Christ being all Power, all Presence, all Mind – Christ functioning, Christ being here, Christ being there, Christ being Self – we are in the Reality, the Cause, accepting the Cause and therefore not resisting the dream; not fighting the dream. Aware that the power of Christ is functioning even though the dream may show forth another power than Christ.

The power that is showing forth in the dream is a dream power. The power of the hurricane, the power of the flood, the power of the sky jacking – all this is the dream power existing only to the persons in the dream. But when you have raised up the Son of man when you recognize that only spiritual Selfhood exists; for you the dream is but an appearance without substance. And you stand in the knowledge of Truth, in the living of Truth and you reject all apparent power in the dream knowing there is no power anywhere in the universe that can oppose the power of Christ; which is the power of Love. And so right where the flood, the hurricane, the sky jacking, the disease are; there is the power of Christ. Your function is to walk in that power rejecting the pretense of power which would appear to be true to every creature. And with the mind you’re not going to be able to do it, until you have come past certain levels of that mind.

Now this is difficult. We’ll have to go slowly please. There is nothing in the world outside your mind. Absolutely nothing. The entire world – everything in it, including the skyjacking, including the flood, including the hurricane, including every person you know, including every ocean, every star and every planet – it is all in mind. It doesn’t exist outside of mind. Whatever you know about this world you know in your mind. Every sound you hear is not out there in the world, it is in your mind. Every sight you see, is not out there in the world – it is in your mind.

Your complete human experience is not out there, although it seems to be – the mechanism of it is probably beyond us to describe but let’s do it briefly. It’s like throwing a ball against the wall, it bounces back. World mind sends an impulse. It hits your mind and it bounces back. It becomes the sound out in the world but it’s only a sound that entered into your consciousness and bounced back into what appears to be the world. Similarly with everything you see and feel and touch.

Now, put a television set where your chest is and just put your head above it and your feet below it as if you were a walking television chest, television set. And now watch. Here right where your chest was is this television set and now there’s an activity on the set, on the screen. It’s outside where people can see it on the screen where you are. But the only way it can come to that screen is to come through the mechanism of the set. If there’s a scene of a complete football game on the screen of your television set, right where you’re wearing it, it has to come through to that screen through the mechanism of the set. It cannot come into the appearance on the screen until it has come through the set.

Now everything that happens in this world is the same way. It seems to be out there but before it gets out there quotes, “It comes through you.” And then you see it as a distance thing – twenty yards away, thirty yards away, fifty yards away; but that distance is supposition. It’s happening in you. It’s happening in your mind and it’s planted there by the world mind and so it seems outside you. It’s as if you were two minds in one – you’re the world mind and the individual human mind and in between them, through this mechanism, you see an external world where all you’re seeing is your own mental activity which is controlled by the world mind.

Now then, as you practice some exercises we’ll now take, you’ll find that you can control your reaction to what happens in the world. Every sound can be realized to be within me instead of outside me. So that as you take this into a specific exercise and just sit in your living room or on your veranda or wherever you care to sit and for twenty minutes during the day, just listen for sounds. Any sound. And the minute you hear it, place the location of that sound within you, not outside. And please realize that that’s where the sound is. It’s within you.

You can hear an airplane zooming and to the eye it’s in the sky but that sound is within you. It doesn’t matter what the sound is out there, there’s no sound in this world that is out there. Any sound you hear is within you. And when you are sitting there doing this, you won’t feel much at first and you’ll say, “Well, what about it?” There’ll come a time when suddenly there’s a quickening within you as if a new lever has been pushed or moved. And suddenly you feel, “Oh, that sound really is in me. It seems out there but it’s in me. Somebody’s talking on the platform but there’s nobody up there really talking. That sound is within me.”

And when you know the sound is within you, you know that all sound is part of the dream. It’s all in the mind. And after you reach a certain point in your meditation on this, you will place every sound within yourself knowing it’s not out there.

I would recommend that you only work with sound on one day, nothing else. And then on another day I’d like to suggest that you work with sight. And recognize that everything you’re seeing, is not out there. It’s within you. It works the same way – the world mind is planting an image within you and you are seeing that image external to you. But it isn’t there because God is there. Nothing is external to you but God. The first image which causes the problem of more images is your own image. Having accepted this as you, you’re seeing things external to this which you call you. But when you raise the Son of man, the spiritual Self, you’ll not accept this image of you and you will know that there can be nothing external to an allusion.

Now practice seeing with the eyes but knowing that what I see out there, is not out there. If it were out there God would’ve had to put it out there and God didn’t put the flood there, God didn’t put the hurricane there, God didn’t put the diseases there or the sky jackings there. God didn’t put the avalanches and earthquakes there. God didn’t put the cruelty and violence there. What am I seeing? I’m seeing a dream. What do you see a dream with? Your mind – with a dream mind. That which I am seeing out there is within me.

Now important to those who are moving out of this dream world, is that you must be patient in your meditation on this subject. You will seem to be getting nowhere. It isn’t enough to repeat and repeat and repeat and say, “There’s nothing out there, it’s all within me.” I’m talking about the experience of it within you. The positive, inner experience that that which I am seeing out there is within my mind. You’ll find that you’re lifted above a state of belief which accepts the Reality of that which seems out there. You’re not only are transcending the mind but you’ll have the experience and the surefooted knowledge that the visible world is in my mind. And you cannot get it by reading a book; you must practice the constant re-identification of all that you see as not being external but being in your mind. And it doesn’t matter if what you’re seeing is it is big as the sun, as big is the earth, as big as a star – it’s still in your mind. And again the process is that the world mind sends to you, to your mind, that which you think you’re seeing external to yourself.

Now you must come to the place where you can feel this. You must come to the place where you can close your eyes someday and know that everything in the world is in my mind. It doesn’t matter what it is: if it’s a collision on the corner, if it’s a bomb falling out of the sky, if it’s the worst kind of holocaust ever described in Dantes’ inferno – it’s in my mind. It’s all part of the dream world in the dream mind. And therefore it is not a power. It is only a power in the dream. There’s no person out there, there’s no place out there, there’s no action out there, there are no conditions out there; there is a dream out there. And right where that dream out there appears to be, the invisible Spirit of God is. Perfect, harmonious; the presence of the kingdom of God on earth is right where my mind under hypnosis is conceiving a dream world. The Son of man in you rises in proportion as you are willing, able and disciplined enough to redeem the world. The sights, the sounds, the tastes, the smells and the touches. And I would suggest that each day you take another sense; the sense of touch, the sense of sight, the sense of smell. Why even the food on your plate is not out there. It cannot be. God didn’t place it there. It is the world mind idea instantly telegraphed to this spot where you are; appearing as the food you’re eating. External to the dream form, it is dream food.

Now, this won’t change your eating habits – at first. But it will make you cognizant of the fact that you are manufacturing this physical world every moment with your dream mind. And that all those around you are doing the same and it is only by redeeming the physical world sitting in the constant knowledge that is in my mind that you will transcend the mind, that you will come into a state of control whereby your instant reaction to an outside stimulus will not be based upon that which is there but rather upon your knowledge that the stimulus which seems external is in the mind. An earthquake in the mind has no power, the hurricane in the mind has no power, a disease in the mind has no power because your next step is; but I have no dream mind.

There’s only one mind – the mind of God. And the mind of God is doing absolutely nothing about these dream activities. The mind of God is doing nothing about a million people on the earth who die of heart disease. Another million who die of cancer, another million who die of something else. The mind of God is doing nothing about it. Why? Because it happens only in the dream of the human mind.

Now you’ve talked about the unconditioned mind, transcending mind, living in the Christ mind. And the Christ says, “Fine. Well, let’s stop our talking. Do it! Redeem the dream world, break the bubble.” And you must practice in order to do it because it takes a consistent conscious awareness of the dream for you to break the dream. The dream has five senses bringing into you a world that is non-existent except in those five senses. And unless you retrain your reaction to those senses, to a state of non-reaction, to a state of knowing, of being still, non-resistant to the sense images, you continue to move in the dream, captured by the dream and dying in the dream.

Every sound, every sight is part of the dream unless the sound and the sight are in your inner senses. Unless you hear the Voice that no one else can hear; unless you see the Sight that no one else can see.

The dream fabric makes cats and dogs and people, oceans, stars and planets. The dream fabric makes all of the substances of our world. And they are not substances in the kingdom of God. They are only substances to the dream mind and we must be still in that dream mind. The laboring in the vineyard is the conscious practice that I will not live in a dream world of images but rather I will redeem the images, be still, living in my spiritual Selfhood, free of the images making a transition from image to Reality. And this nurtures, gives birth to, the living Christ released as your conscious mind. You find your Self unmoved by the evils of the world and finally unmoved by the good of the world. And so that you overcome the sense of good and evil. You overcome the belief in powers of the world. You understand why Joel emphasizes that because God is all power, all else is non-power.

Now this is a turning because whenever you are able to practice this, you will discover that the world which had given you so much to fear and doubt and worry about simply loses the power to do so. You’ll find you do not fear a world or an event or a circumstance when you have instantly found that it is only within your mind. And the day of release is when you stand on that knowledge and discover the Truth of it; that there is no Reality in the flesh. There is no Reality in matter, there is no Reality in material condition. There is only the invisible Son of man. Spiritual Selfhood everywhere and lo and behold that invisible spiritual Selfhood everywhere can now be experienced as your Selfhood because you have purified the world of that which is not there.

Until then your world was cluttered with images. With thoughts about things which weren’t there. And the moment you have denuded that world of that which isn’t there, only that which is there becomes your consciousness. You can feel at first, a thin layer of Spirit, as it were. And then a thicker layer. And finally the very texture of Spirit everywhere, as all that is there. And it is your Being. You come to one Being. My Spirit is there. How can an earthquake be there? My Spirit is there, how can a flood be there? The omnipresence of your Spirit automatically flows into recognition when you have removed the forms, the conditions, the sense evidence of a world that never was. And then the Power, the Omniscience, the all Presence of your Spirit is a living Reality and no longer words that you memorize. You find what is called, “The arm of the Lord,” the presence of spiritual Power is automatic because all that is present, acknowledged, experienced; is that Spirit.

Now when you reverse your raincoat or reverse a piece of cloth, you’re doing what the Bible was telling us to do when it said, “Repent,” – to reverse the activities of the mind. At the moment the activities of the mind are saying, “This is there, that is there and this is there and let’s do something about this and that. Let’s have a crusade, let’s take up a collection, let’s elect this fellow and not that one. Let’s do these things in this life.” And the reversal of that is: let’s not do these things. Let’s turn back. Let’s turn away from the old way. Let’s not just do it a better way. Let’s just get rid of the old way completely. Let’s do it this way. Let’s let the Spirit do it. Let’s bring the world into our mind consciously. And rest there. Knowing all that remains is the invisible Spirit everywhere. And let the Spirit do its work The return to the Father’s House is the removal of the world, the return to the knowledge that only the Father is present.

Again this too is part of the mission of the Christ. To enable you to pull the world into your mind and then rise above your mind, turning back to the Father. Spirit returns to Spirit by dropping the conscious awareness of all that is not Spirit.

Now let’s try it again so you’ll see what we mean. In front of you is a dinner. It’s out there and you’re going to put it in your stomach. But the form that you’re thinking of putting it into, is not your spiritual Self. Your spiritual Self isn’t sitting on a chair. Your spiritual Self doesn’t sit behind the wheel of an automobile. Your spiritual Self is never finite. Your spiritual Self is what the world calls God. God is your spiritual Self. Your spiritual Self is where the world seems to be. Everywhere. Without division.

Now who’s going to eat this food that’s set before this form? Another self is; a person. That person is not the Christ. That person is not the Son of man and yet that person has been claiming to be you all these years. Now you can go right ahead and eat that food as you’ve always done or you can raise up the Son of man. And to do it you must see that the spiritual Son of God is not going to eat that food at all. Your sense of self is going to eat it; the person you have called yourself. And while you do this you’re not raising up the Son of man . You’re just living as another human being. And therefore in your spiritual exercise you know that, that which stands before you is part of the dream world. That’s why apples can rot. That’s why food can deteriorate. That’s why without refrigeration certain kinds of food cannot stand more than a day or two, not because it’s made by God but because it isn’t Spiritual substance. It’s the dream substance of the dream mind.

So with the corruption of human flesh. It’s the dream substance of the dream mind. And that which perishes is going to eat that food which is perishable. That’s part of the dream. That’s for those who have continued to walk in the world. Professing to acknowledge God and to love God with all their hearts but it’s not for the Divine seed, the remnant who are stepping out of the dream. And so our exercise is simply to know that this form and that food are not external. They are simply dream fabric. The food and the form are made of the same dream fabric. One dream fabric makes the food and makes the form. And then it gives the form a capacity to think that the food is external. And now the form wants to take the food within.

None of this is of the Father. That’s why you can be poisoned by food sometimes. It’s not of the Father. There is nothing in the world that is of the Father. Nothing. And yet where everything in the world seems to be, only the Father is. And so with your inner senses where the food is as you take it in to mind and know that’s where it appears – although it seems to be outside it’s in mind – what is there? Spirit is there. Your own Self is right where the food is, appearing to you as food. And your own Self is right where the form is, appearing to you as person. And that’s the relative level of your consciousness at that moment. Person and food are what we in this state of consciousness see, feel and experience. But we’re going beyond that.

We’re going into a state of consciousness where there is neither person nor food but only Divine Self; Self complete. And this isn’t done mentally, it’s done by the conscious awareness of the falsity of that which we have experienced with the senses and the feeling, the experience, of a Self that is independent of both the food that is on the table and of the person who is eating that food. Your Self is independent of the form that is eating the food and the food that it is taking within.

Now that is an experience that comes to you when you practice the Truth of Being and it is a very important experience. When you can find your Self – not where the food is and not where the person is – you’ll know that you’re living the mystical life. And you’ll know that the dream for you doesn’t hold as many threats as it once did. This is quite different then, our reading of Truth as you see.

In fact, everything we’re doing in this class is for the purpose of a living experience of a Spiritual universe: a spiritual Selfhood. We are all learning how to lift the Son of man and the experiences are quite different than any we may have experienced in our readings or in our human sense of life. They’re new and there’s no way to prepare for them by anticipation. They come upon you. And they come when you’re ready. Just as a teacher appears when the student is ready so does the experience appear when you’re at that level of consciousness that is ready for the next experience. And it’s you who determine this. As you move through and up, you are paving the way for new experience. Each experience becomes a preparation for the next. You’re in the progression of Spirit. And as I said it becomes uncomfortable but that’s the badge of honor you wear; the capacity to move through the somewhat uncomfortable experiences until you find that they are very normal and they are the signs of your level of awareness to your Self.

When you share them, you share them with those who like yourself are dedicated to the Spirit. But always you find that you are going through experiences that no one else is. And they are going through experiences that no one else is too. None of us go through identical experiences. We are all released in different ways. But the time for release is now. The mission of the Christ is to release us. To lift us beyond the normal concepts of the world. Some of us are frightened by these experiences. I remember my fears and I probably still have them, but when you’re lifted out of yourself, even for a moment, there’s always the wonderment about where will I go, what will I do, I don’t know what’s ahead. You’re not going anywhere and when the fear is there it’s very normal and it’s nothing to be guilty about. But remember it’s a sort of a brake and the moment you have the fear you put a brake on the activity of Spirit and you come back in the mind and that’s the end of that particular experience. The moment you’re back in mind, you’re back in the dream.

Leaving the dream can be a harrowing experience. But staying in the dream is much more harrowing. It’s just that we’re conditioned to the tortures of the dream. We’re not used to that which is unexperienced up to this point.

Now then, you’re going to find more of the new experiences as you start practicing according to this suggestion made today.

—- End of Side One —-

Daily, for twenty minutes take a sense and then everything that you experience in that sense, do not accept it as being external to your body. The body, you see, is never really there. You can’t be experiencing something external to a non-real body. It’s in the mind, just as the body itself is in the mind; both of the same fabric. Just sit there in the quiet with that as you hear those sounds or see those sights or taste those things or feel certain objects and know this is all in mind. Take one sense a day and if you can go to the next sense the next day till you’ve covered five days and then see if you have attained some degree of mastership – just the knowledge that I have found the world to be within me. And from that point on, if you do, the Master within will take you out into the universe that is really there, in its own inimitable way with no for-ordained outlining by any human mind. That’s the exercise recommended for this week.

If you will, let’s meditate a moment now with the knowledge that there is no external world – of any kind. Within my mind is the entire world that man has lived in. I’m not going to hold it up until it staggers me, like Samson holding the world on his shoulders. Or was it Hercules? I’m going to just release this knowledge gently, within myself, even now dissolving that very mind which holds the world within it, into the one Mind – the Mind of the Spiritual universe where all is in a state of harmony and peace. That is what is truly here; Divine Reality. There are no persons in this Divine universe. There’s only pure Consciousness, only Children of Light. All who walk here now in this Invisible universe are the Son of man. They have been raised up beyond the level of the dream; they are present this very moment. They live, move and have their Being in the Spiritual universe that the dream mind cannot see or experience. That is the universe in which my Self now is.

Silence, (pause) ….

Whatever God did not make does not exist in our real, Spiritual universe on earth. There are no exceptions: what God did not make does not exist. Whatever dies God did not make. Whatever is temporary or transient God did not make. Reality is permanent. Reality is present. The spiritual Son of man is that Reality. And only by learning to take the world into mind, in a sense to crucify the images, to redeem the world, are we repenting, returning to the Spiritual universe which is our home. There is nothing in it not made by God, of Spiritual substance. And whatever appears to us of another substance has no Reality.

The five exercises, one daily, will help you come to the place where you can say, “I accept this.” You will find that you will not be frustrated to the point that you’re always outside looking in and wondering where it is. You will find you have a method that clears the way for you.

I think we could rest awhile now and come back to the Christ message.

(Class break….)

We have always thought that the Pharisees represented some form of opposition to Jesus Christ. But we were looking through human eyes. The Pharisees were just too small, too unimportant; a segment. What was happening was the Christ was meeting mortal mind at that area and whenever mortal mind came through the Pharisees it came through as an intellectual experience. The Pharisees represented that level of mortal mind which was both the intellect and the human sense of high righteousness. These were phases of world mind expressing.

And these phases of the world mind called the Pharisee were unable to perceive the nature of the man called Jesus Christ. And so what he would say, “The Son of man must be lifted up,” this to them would be a rather peculiar statement because all the prophets had said that God would, the Lord would, rule forever. You could go through every prophet, principally Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Micah, Jeremiah and they all said that, “The Lord would rule for ever.”

Now here comes this man, Jesus Christ, saying, “The Son of man must be lifted up.” And it was perplexing to the human intellect. The world mind was in opposition to the fact that Christ is the only identity on the earth. And the world mind being the counterfeit identity, it counterfeits the Christ in every possible way.

Now the counterfeit says to the original – we’re in John 12 – “The people answered then,”- 12:34 – “We have heard out of the law that Christ abideth for ever: [and] how sayest thou, The Son of man must be lifted up? Who is this Son of man?”

Mortal mind, in the form of the Pharisees, is saying, “Who is the Son and who is Spiritual man? Never heard of him.” And as long as we live in the human mind we continue to live in the dream which says, “Who is Spiritual man? I never heard of him. I’m a human man. Who is this Son of man that must be lifted up?” And this is the abiding conflict in man’s mind as it clings to its own creation, its own personal self, it is crucifying its own true Self by saying, “Who is this Son of man that must be lifted up? We never heard of him; the prophets told us that the Lord would live forever. Where did you get this other individual called Son of man?” In other words the mind of man is incapable of recognizing its own identity as the Son of man. That’s the nature of its dream.

Then Jesus said unto them, Yet a little while is the light with you. Walk while ye have the light, lest darkness come upon you: for he that walketh in darkness knoweth not where he goeth.”

And so we find that those who have become aware of, and have tried to raise the Son of man, the spiritual Selfhood, are endeavoring to walk in the Light and those who have not, those who still walk in the constant knowledge that, this that you see is me, they are walking in the darkness thinking they know where they’re going but the Christ says, “They don’t know where they’re going.”

And so we are in a state of darkness or Light, knowledge or lack of it, depending upon whether we have re-identified this world and the people who walk upon this world, by whether or not we say they are the Light or they are the darkness. If we identify them in darkness then we have divided the Christ and we have identified ourselves in darkness ‘cause there’s no such thing as: they are the darkness but I am the Light.

The authority on that again – we will turn to John. In 1 John, the second chapter, 9 to 11. “He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother,” meaning seeth his brother in darkness, “is in darkness even until now. [And] he that loveth his brother abideth in the light, [and] there is none occasion of stumbling in him. But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes.” It would be like saying, “There’s only sun on my side of the street; the sun doesn’t shine anywhere else or it doesn’t shine in that ghetto or in that country.” There’s no such thing as a place where there is darkness. Spirit is Light. And so we come to the place where we have to accept Light everywhere though invisible to human sense and this is our way of walking out of the dream.

That Light everywhere is what is there although your senses are telling you about sights and sounds and tastes and touches and smells. The Light everywhere, is what is there.

And so identifying the Light is the opposite side of the coin of bringing the world back into you, in mind. This is part of raising up the Son of man.

Now you see the two sides of the coin then? On one side you’re impersonalizing the error, the evil, the darkness, the material self and on the other side you’re impersonalizing God and seeing that all that is present is your Self. The Light of Being is everywhere and the images we see in the Light are not there.

The training of the consciousness to rest in this knowledge is laboring in the vineyard.

In Joel’s chapter, “Realization of Oneness, Living Principles of Impersonalization,” chapter 6, quote “God is the true identity of every human being, animal and plant. Of animals, vegetables, minerals, even rocks and stones; the Self of you and of me and all living things in the universe.”

Now let’s clarify this. There’s a statement that God is the Self of everything in the universe. And this is the same as telling you to raise the Son of man in you. It’s telling you that God is the spiritual Self behind every thing in the universe. Now Joel says, “God is the identity of every human being,” – you know what he means.

And just for your sake to be sure that you know what he means let me tell you about an inner experience I had in which a woman was allegedly dying and I tried to reassure myself that God was the Self of this woman. I was told in no uncertain terms that I am not this woman. I am God and I am no other. And the meaning was; there’s no woman there, there’s only God there.

When Joel says, “God is the Self of every human being,” he doesn’t mean that there’s a human being there which is God. He means that God is there and no human being. He means the way you are; there is God and no human being. The human being is the dream and God is the Reality.

It’s taken ten years before we could talk this way. God is where you are and the you is not sharing that space with God. And it’s only when you’re willing to take this person into mind just as you take the world into mind and see that’s the only place this person is – come finally to the place where only God here is accepted as the Presence, you’ve lifted the Son of man. When God, where you are, is accepted as the Presence; that’s the meaning of Christ realized.

When you come into the knowledge that God where you stand is all that is there you have just declared that Christ is your name. Jesus had reached the place where he could say, “I am not here. All that is here is God.” That’s why his name was Christ Jesus. That’s his meaning when he says, “Thou seest me, thou seest the Father.”

Only until you can know and practice that where you are is God invisible and the visible you is but a concept entertained in mind; only then have you accepted the Son of man, the Christ, as your identity. Where God is recognized as Self, that is Christhood realized.

And where you are seeing sickness and disease you’re not accepting that God is there. You’re accepting that you are there, or Mary Smith is there. Where you’re accepting God is there, you know Mary Smith isn’t there. And that’s the meaning of “God is the true identity of every human being, animal and plant. Of every animal, every vegetable, every mineral, even rocks and stones.” You know God isn’t a rock or a stone. He’s telling us that where the rock and stone appear they’re not there; God is there. Qualities of God are being re-interpreted by world mind and then your mind and my mind into what we call rock and stone.

Now this is difficult because it’s self annihilation of that self which is the dream self. It’s practiced quietly and secretly until that Self begins to bubble up which is there to replace the sense of self we had entertained.

Again Joel says “All there is to humanhood is a belief in two powers.” Well that’s disposing of the whole human race pretty quickly. “All there is to humanhood is a belief in two powers.” Without that belief there is no human race any more. There’s only Immortal Being.

You see we go through the pangs of self annihilation but all we’re destroying is that which never was, in order to come to the Immortal Self which is. We’ve been trying to have a physical person here as well as a spiritual Self. And the physical, the mortal we’d like to say is my temporary self and then my Spiritual is my permanent. But that’s the division. That’s living in the Kingdom and the world. Half in the dream and a half out of the dream. And that’s still the dream.

All let’s here is your spiritual Self, Immortal, Spirit without boundaries. And every day should be spent becoming more aware of that Reality and more aware of the unreality of the forms around us so that we trace the forms back to the invisible states of consciousness which produced the forms and then go beyond those states to the spiritual Self that is present and always knowing that spiritual Self is my Self.

When you have removed the sense of mortality, you have removed all evil from the earth. Because evil exists only in the world of man. There’s no evil in the kingdom of heaven on earth. And because evil exists in the world of man, you can know that it wasn’t created by God; the complete world of man – neither the good nor the evil because that which we call good today becomes sometimes, evil tomorrow, sick tomorrow, ailing tomorrow, fractured tomorrow. It never was good, it was never there.

Now you walk in your spiritual Selfhood only by breaking the dream of a mind which imprisons you in a physical selfhood. And so this mind cannot be continually used, it must be rested. You must dwell in your spiritual Mind. You must be quiet to this mind and alive in that Mind. The complete Christ experience shows that Christ never died. And the Christ of you is exactly that way – it never dies. The flesh dies. The Christ is always alive. The illusion of the flesh must be captured by the silence of the mind which is the creator of the sense of flesh.

This is walking in the Light, not in the flesh, not in the darkness, for darkness and flesh are one and the same. The Bible has always used words to camouflage what the unprepared thought could not accept. When it speaks of darkness it means human flesh, material flesh. It means the physical world and that is the darkness. When it speaks of Light it means Spirit, the spiritual Universe – walk in the Light; walk in the spiritual Universe. If you’re going to do that you can’t walk in the spiritual Universe and the darkness at the same time. And so this constant awareness that the darkness is the dream, the Light is the Reality, the Spirit is the Reality and it is here.

Omnipresence must become a realized, living fact; a way of life. Everywhere is your Spirit. Everywhere is my Father’s spirit. Everywhere my Father’s spirit and my Spirit are one and the same Spirit. You walk through the appearances of sin and disease, lack and limitation but to you if they are accepted, you’re in the dream mind. If they are rejected there’s nothing to do about them other than to reject them. Because when you have rejected them by accepting the Presence of the perfect invisible Spirit, it is only a matter of human time before the perfect invisible Spirit manifests as that which is not limited, lacking, sinful, or evil.

All there is to humanhood is a belief in two powers.” Those powers were the power of good and the power of evil. And when you are walking in the Light, you do not believe in the power of good and the power of evil. You believe only in the perfect power of the Light, as a constant fact without variation. Here now is the Light and therefore there is no other power present. I know they appear to be. But they appear to be only to the dream mind. And when the dream mind is still, then the Power that is here can manifest through the Divine mind which functions in the absence of the false sense of mind.

You might say that we’re coming down to this: is God present or absent in your consciousness? Is the Spirit, the Light, present or absent? If you have an absent god you have the presence of duality. And if the Spirit is present, is the power of Spirit present? Is the activity of Spirit present? If you have the presence of Spirit, the power of Spirit, the activity of Spirit, then you know that the opposites are not here. Two powers disappear. They only function through the dream mind which did not have the presence of Spirit, the activity of Spirit and the power of Spirit uppermost in consciousness. Not in memory, in consciousness – practiced, lived in, believed in. Something you can stand on.

Remember,” says Joel, “The promise is that you are to bear fruit richly because of your identification with God, your Father within you.” He’s just told us that there’s no humanhood, so your Father within you must mean who you are. Your Father is Spirit, Spirit within you. Your Father within you is your Spiritual identity. And the within you is all there is of you. There is no within and without. Spirit has no within and without. When you’re told about your Father within you’re told about spiritual Selfhood. Your Father within is the Son of man .

The Son of man, Spirit, your Father within you, is your identity. “You will bear fruit richly because of your identification with God, the Father within you.” What is that identification? I am That-Father within me. We’re talking about my Self. And that’s how we bear fruit richly. “There is no God outside your being to see that you get mercy, justice or kindness…. No God outside your being.”

Well, when you come down to a statement like that; “There’s no God outside your being,” it’s told that you’re being is God. Alright?

Now we can look for God or who can say God is absent except to deny who they them themselves are. Who can say, “I’m sick?” Except by denying who they are. If you’re being is God the Father within, the Spirit, who is sick? The false self; the second self. The dream self.

The more we dwell on this, the more we’ll discover that we shuffle off this dream self. God is never lacking or limited, my Being is God – who’s lacking or limited? Every error, every evil, every fault, every problem comes right back to a denial of, I am that Self.

And conversely the rejection of the problem as an impossibility because of your Self, is the way you break the dream mind.

Again says Joel, “Since God does not function in the human scene, no belief or faith in God will make it function there.” So you can believe in God humanly all you want, or you can have faith in God all you want; you still can’t make God function in the human scene. Why? Because God will not enter a dream. And so we don’t waste our time trying to make God come into the human scene. There is an invisible Presence within you, which goes before you, as you withdraw thought and emotion and let the inner Invisible live and work through you. Again we’re right back to Self.

And so when the Master says, “While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light,” he’s telling us to identify as the living Spirit called the Son of man, the Father within, the Spirit, the Light and to reject that identity which is called the mortal physical self.

Everywhere, as John told us, we cannot leave our brother in darkness and say, “I am the Light.” And so we must look at each other, seeing the Light that is not visible to the human eye and that is how we circumvent this dream mind which wants to see the physical person. And we learn that the person standing before me, is only in my mind. He’s in the mind of everyone else who looks at him. That’s where he is. And the me he sees and the me that everyone sees, is in their mind. They’re looking at me with the dream mind and they’re seeing the dream me. But the they looking and seeing the dream me and the me looking and seeing the dream them, is the mortal man living in his dream world of Adam and Eve.

Right there is Self. And right there even if an avalanche comes down at that moment, Self remains indestructible, untouched because Self is the Christ, the living Spirit of God. And that Self I am, here and there and everywhere. And if they want to skyjack me in a plane they’re going to have to do what they did to Jesus – they’re going to have to crucify a form in their own mind because there is no form in that plane. And the very plane itself and the form that does the sky jacking and the crew and the pilot and the passengers are all in the dream mind that perceiveth not the Invisible substance called the Spirit of God.

And that’s where you live. That’s where you identify. And you take all of the planes out of the sky. That’s your function. Wherever you are is the Spirit of God. Everything in that outer world for you exists only in the dream mind which has no real existence. And right there, you replace it with the omnipotence of God. That’s your Bible; the presence of God, the all knowing mind of God. And you refuse to accept that the all knowing mind of God can witness the terrors, the cruelties, the inhumanities and stand there and permit them to continue to happen because that would be the way you continue to crucify God in your consciousness as the world does.

Your stand is the other way – because God is there it can’t happen. Because the power of God is there, it can’t happen. Because the presence of God is there, because the mind of God knows all and is there, that which we see is a world barrage individually accepted and you are out of the dream.

And now you must be prepared to demonstrate it, to live it, to prove it to yourself again and again and again until you know that you’re walking in the kingdom of God and not in the world. The world is the dream, the kingdom of God is the present Reality and it is perfect as the Father.

Walk in the light….while ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. These things spake Jesus, and departed, and did hide himself from them.”

When Jesus hides himself from them that means that the intellect cannot understand. It really departs from the Christ. Christ never departs from us, we depart from the Christ. But it’s phrased that he departs from them. They’re departing from the Christ appears outwardly as Jesus moving away. You see there are two comings of Christ. There really are. One is in the appearance of flesh and the second coming is not in the flesh. The second coming is in the Spirit. And although the Pharisees were under the belief that there would be a second coming of a Messiah – and the world is under the opinion that there’ll be a second coming of Christ Jesus – they’re wrong. The second coming is Christ in the Spirit. There’ll be no Lord ruling over this world: that’s the whole meaning here. God doesn’t function in the human scene. The function of God is to function as the living Self of the spiritual Universe. The second coming of Christ is when the Son of man in you is lift it up. And there stands who? Christ, your Self realized. And that’s the second coming: your own Self realized by walking in the Light.

Finally, says Joel, “We include the entire world in our realization of God as individual being….. [We do not recognize any] selfhood apart from God.”

Well, we just lost a few sky jackers. We lost evildoers, we lost all of the villains, all of the murderers, all of those who we have thought were committing evil. What was happening? We were caught up in the world mind of the dream. We were seeing things that cannot exist in God’s universe. And when we were seeing them we were saying in ourselves, by the acceptance of them, that we were not in God’s universe, And that God was not present where these things were occurring. That’s the dream.

Turn ye.” God is present and therefore this did not occur. God is present and evil cannot be. God is present and there’s no flesh to deteriorate, there’s no heart to fail, there’s no bodily organ to go out of whack. There’s no human being to go through the throes and trials and tribulations and the sufferings and the atrocities of the world. Why? Because the Spirit of God is present and it is all Knowing and all Powerful. And it is all Love. Awake from the dream and you’ll find that you’re right in the kingdom of God now. You’re walking in the Light. All evil must be impersonalized. It cannot exist because if it exists you’ve lost God. If it exists you have lost your spiritual Selfhood.

But though he had done so many miracles before them, yet they believed not on him.” And so always we find that when the Christ appears whatever the miracles might be, whatever the human eye may see, whatever happens, the intellect says, “I need more proof.” And so there must be more proof.

The funny thing is that whereas in that day they relied on Jesus for proof, you’re going to have to rely on your Self. The proof is going to come from you. Your inner Self is the Christ and it will furnish the proof that you may believe on that Christ.

Everyone,” says Joel, “Is the temple of the living God.” There’s no such thing as evil then, in any man or in the mind of any man. Evil is always, absolutely impersonal. Evil never becomes a man or part of a man, evil is an impersonal claim of a power apart from God. But the only mind is the mind which is the instrument of God. And therefore the carnal mind is never enmity against God. The carnal mind is nothing. Now let’s re-identify the carnal mind. As a matter of fact that word carnal mind is very fine, it’s served its purpose very nicely but it doesn’t indicate that the carnal mind creates a dream. And so if you you’ll see the carnal mind as a dream mind you’ll understand. The carnal mind incarnates and that’s what we see. The dream mind is that mind and it is a nothing once you know the carnal mind is a dream mind you don’t have to call it a nothing. It’s self evident

This world mind then which has been called the carnal mind, the universal mind and various phases of conscious and subconscious mind; this world mind is the dream mind, the image maker which imagines what is not. And then broadcasts its imagination to itself everywhere so that our individual minds take up the dream and see what the dream mind sees and wants us to see. This dream mind is a nothing and we’re dying to it.

All there is to this dream mind is the belief that there is good and evil. When you overcome the belief that there is good and there is evil, you have overcome the dream mind. And you don’t have two of anything. You just have the perfection of Spirit, the one undivided, invisible Self called Spirit.

See how these exercises come during the week and watch how it carries you along to the place where you’re ready for the last supper and its meanings will be very clear. Get rid of this world, bring it into mind. You practically crucify it without trying to and then you’ll see what it is to eat of my flesh and drink of my blood.

Spirit salutes Spirit and I thank you for being here today.

We’re in the sixth chapter of the Realization of Oneness. The title is somewhat deceptive in the sense that it says one thing that we’ve all been seeing it now for some ten years and many of us still don’t see what it is saying to us. It is called “Living the Principle of Impersonalization.” And that word Living is emphasized in the title as well as Principle as well as in Impersonalization. And even though it’s there in black and white, even though it was in the Bible, in black and white, even though it was heard upon the earth by many leaders, the word impersonalization still is a great enigma to most people.

Now in the June chapter – there was also a letter that you see came out in June – there is a little section at the end called “Is the Infinite Way Truth?” And it would appear to be part of the chapter. However there was a special point to this little series of paragraphs at the end and it becomes more apparent when we go to the letter of Joel issued in June of that year. The year was 1964.

He apparently wrote it in May of ‘64 and he did something in this letter that he very rarely does. You recall that first there would be a letter from Joel to the students all over the world and that usually was taken from a tape so that it wasn’t really a current letter. And to make it perfectly current he would add a little series of paragraphs called “Across the Desk.”

And that would be the total letter plus a few things at the back but on this particular occasion he did something quite different. After completing both the letter and the “Across the Desk” message, Joel then included an important notice for practitioners and teachers stating that if they were selling books please be sure to know that they were only to sell Infinite Way books. And you expect that this definitely would be the end of the complete mailing but instead he now found it necessary for some reason known, to him to include an additional letter. A letter to all the students about Truth; Infinite Way Truth. This appears as the ending of your chapter 6, “Living the Principle of Impersonalization” in the book Realization of Oneness. But it really is this added letter to the letter of June 1964. And so let’s read it in full because it applies to what we discussed last week about Christ Truth, namely that many people follow what they think is Truth and then discover that they really made a detour because Truth is very deceptive to the human mind. Only when you find Christ Truth have you really found Truth itself. There is no such thing as human truth and so let’s read this letter very carefully of Joel’s which begins:

Dear Students,

It is inevitable that occasions will arise which cause you to question whether The Infinite Way is really truth. Many have questioned the truth of Christianity even while the Master walked among them. Did not the disciples fall away at times? Lao-tze became so discouraged by the lack of recognition and acceptance that he just walked away from it all and disappeared.

This is to assure you that The Infinite Way is truth, but students – even practitioners or teachers – may at times fail. It is not the teaching that is power, but the measure of the student’s attainment of consciousness of Infinite Way truth. Only in proportion to our attuned consciousness of truth are we the light that dispels the appearance of darkness. The principles of The Infinite Way will develop that consciousness in proportion to our study and meditation.

The Infinite Way is truth, and it [capital I, It, meaning Infinite Way truth,] cannot fail. Our devotion to the truth and practice of its principles will enable us to attain the consciousness of truth, which reveals Divine harmony, where material evil or good had appeared.” I’ll repeat that, “where material evil or material good had appeared.”

The object of The Infinite Way is not overcoming or destroying or rising above evil, but rather attaining that mind that was in Christ Jesus, or the Buddha-mind, which reveals the Spiritual man and universe where evil or good humanhood had claimed existence.

Let us for a while forget about ”doing good” or ”saving the world” or ”helping our fellow man” and give our entire attention to our own spiritual enlightenment until we are sought out. Be assured as we attain a measure of realized Christhood the world will beat a pathway to us. Actually, we can only benefit others in proportion as we are attaining some measure of Spiritual realization ourselves.

The multitudes came to the Master – he did not have to seek them. The multitudes still seek the Master. So be That, even in a degree, and the multitudes will seek you for the Light.

He concludes with a quotation

The vine consumeth not its own grapes.”



Now that was after the whole letter had been written that we’re discussing here today. It was after “Across the Desk” had been written. You can make of it whatever you will. He had rarely made an addition to a letter after writing something called “Across the Desk” after the letter. Now that was in May of ‘64.

Now the Truth then is independent of the practitioner and the teacher. The Truth may be misused or misunderstood or misapplied but it remains always itself. We must learn the Truth. And now we find, standing before the world an individual saying, “I have taught you the Truth and now I’m prepared to demonstrate that what I’ve taught you is the Truth because I’m willing to die for that Truth just as I was willing to live for that Truth.” And so we have the statement of the Master. In John 12:

Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour.” If you’re not following the Truth which will enable you to reach that point and make that declaration then you’re not following Truth. Each of us will be called to stand at that point of consciousness saying, “Now is mine hour come,” and I cannot say to the Father, “Let this cup pass, for it was for this hour that I came unto the world.”

Now we want to understand why his Soul was troubled. We want to understand that message there. And I think the best way we can do it is to look at our chapter Impersonalization with the assumption that everything we’re to learn in Impersonalization is part of the consciousness of Christ Jesus. To put it simply, to impersonalize means to see no person. We have all avoided that, we have said the evil isn’t there, sickness isn’t there, the error isn’t there, there’s no error in that person, there’s no evil in that person. You’re not going to reach the hour of conviction without qualms if you still think that the evil isn’t in that person because that’s not going far enough. That’s right, the evil isn’t in that person because there is no person.

Now then, “Living the Principles of Impersonalization.” To live them we must know them and we must have reached the conviction that only these principles are the Truth that we can live. That we can’t quibble, we can’t work both sides of the fence and so we must finalize those principles in our consciousness. And you must begin with the basic principle that God is All. It doesn’t matter where you study or what you study. It could be anyone of the 85 religions of the world or anyone of the metaphysical groups that meet throughout the world; it would still have to begin with the acceptance that God is All. That’s not a doctrine. That’s a fact. That’s the Christ message – God is All.

Now when you begin with God is All, you can only live that principle if you refuse to adulterate that Truth with pseudo truth, with half-truth, with make believe truth, with dilutions based upon opinions, fears, doubts and complete ignorance of the fact that because God is All, whatever is not God does not exist. And therefore when you look out on persons, if you accept them as you see them you are denying the Allness of God. One person is sick, one person is dying, one person is suffering, one person is poor, one person is facing surgery, another person is an amputee, another person is something else – and the principle of Christ is that God is All. And God being All there must be a re-adjustment of our belief. And a re-adjustment of our reactions because of our beliefs. A total, intensive re-training process.

How can I practice living impersonalization and the Truth that God is All if I accept that there is sickness appearing before me as a fact or lack or limitation? I would have to first accept that God is sick or lacking or limited. And because God is All I cannot accept anything that God is not as being there. And so your impersonalization is: that which I see as person must be something else. That can’t be a sick person, it can’t be an ailing person, a suffering person, a dying person. And God isn’t a person so it can’t be a person. And the mind while it rebels is refusing to impersonalize. It is satisfied to make some declarations but now, faced with the fact that there is no person there, the mind doesn’t know what to do. And so we have to feed that mind something to do. We have to say, “Look little mind, that’s not a person. You’re unable to see what’s there, that’s all; you’re looking at the Spirit of God. We want you to start identifying what is there correctly. Every time you look out and see a little dimpled darling you’re not seeing what’s there. And every time you look out and see an amputee or a lame person or a blind person or a sick person – you’re not seeing what is there. The principle is; God is there. And that is it. And so you must identify what is there correctly. You must acknowledge the Presence of God is there.”

And every time the mind skips a note in the scale and refuses to see that God is there you take the mind and bring it right back to the point where it has made the wrong interpretation. Just like a child playing the piano you say. “No, I said middle C,” until the child hits middle C. And you say to your mind, “That is the invisible Presence of God and I won’t let you go until you affirm that Truth.”

And then you practice and as Joel says, “You practice and you practice again.” You work hard. You have to retrain the initial impulse to identify person rather than to identify the invisible Presence of God. And as you retrain, as you very scrupulously refuse to let the human mind malpractice you or malpractice anyone, you consciously remain spiritually alert identifying every form you see as the invisible presence of God. And you don’t stop with persons. The animal, the bird, the fish and the fowl, the flower and the tree, the stone in the road; everything you see invisibly must be the Presence of God. And everything therefore that you do see is not what is there. We must impersonalize only because that which we see is not what is there.

And so we find we’re looking at image projections of the carnal mind. And we’re giving them labels. We’re calling them person, place, thing, condition and these very labels that we give them turn right around and they half beat us to death sometimes. We say, “That’s a nice little atom bomb. And that over there is a germ and this over here is a freeway and this over there is a weapon.” And while we name these things in our mind they return to the sender. Because they are concepts of our own mind. The very fears that beset us we ourselves have set in motion by our unwillingness to see that invisibly only the Presence of God is.

And so if you’re not contemplating that, meditating upon it and consciously with your eyes open, re-identifying everything, everyone that you see as the invisible Presence of God you’re in direct malpractice, you are violating the first commandment, “Acknowledge Me in all thy ways.”

And you’re going to suffer from it until you “Acknowledge Me in all thy ways.”

And now it is important then to see that from that point on, your doing of this is going to determine the fruitage or lack of it that you experience. It’s also going to determine the degree to which you are able to walk in the kingdom of God or in the world. Because while you are identifying the objects and the forms and the persons and things around you as your eye tells you they are, you are walking in the world. And only as you go through what you see, to the invisible Spirit that is present are you beginning to walk in the kingdom.

And so that is principal number one in our impersonalization. God is the only presence. And beside the presence of God there is no other presence whether it’s called tin or gold or platinum, rubies or sapphires or emeralds, wood, or any substance known to man. Or whether it is called flesh and blood. Or whether it is called fur. Or whether it is called a blade of grass. The only presence is the invisible Spirit of God. You have reduced the visible world to it’s true invisible denomination – the Allness, the Indivisibility, the One, the only Life that exists. And when this becomes magnified in your consciousness the fruitage of it must appear because we are told that if you “Acknowledge me in all thy ways,” you will bear fruit richly.

Now because we have God as the only presence it follows that there is no other presence and therefore there is no person present. And when you have been willing to see that the one you called person is your concept about something else you will look for that something else and there you will see the invisible Spirit of God not with your human eye but first with the eye of faith before you see it with the eye of Soul. And as you are willing to go past the visible form to identify the invisible Spirit that is present, you will become conscious of other qualities that are there. The inner door is opened. The activity of Grace begins to express in this consciousness that is willing to expand beyond the visible scene.

And now we know then that where you are is an invisible substance called Spirit, an invisible being called Spirit, an invisible light which is the very light of God, the Spirit of God and the being of God; right where you stand. You’re making every place on this earth Holy ground. By recognizing that it is Holy ground And you’re willing to stand without wavering in the face of everything that appears to deny it. Whether it’s a loved one or an enemy. You’re seeing neither saint nor sinner, neither rich nor poor, neither Greek nor Jew. You are seeing only that which the human eye cannot see and you’re seeing it with the eye of faith, there, invisibly and everywhere invisibly is the living Spirit of the living God. And you are accepting that whoever appears before you is truly the temple of the living God.

You are impersonalizing the appearance and accepting the invisible Christ everywhere.

Now I know that there are certain people in our experience that make it difficult for us to do this and they are the very ones who will help you the most because when it’s easy to do, you will not develop the capacity to do this under every and all circumstances. And the very ones in your human experience who seem to you to be the most objectionable are those who are planted there to make you overcome your human instinct of labeling, of judging, of criticizing, of resenting, of condemning. All of this is world mind in you and world mind in them reacting. And we must come above this carnal mind which makes us look out upon those we feel we have to judge.

And so Joel tells us, “Never say – that man is a thief.” You could have said many other things that you could never say about that man or that woman. Why? Because you’re mistaken. We are not here to improve upon God or to correct God or to call God a liar. We are here to learn the nature of God. And God says, “I am the only, beside me there is no other. Seek ye first the kingdom of God.” And that’s what we’re seeking.

First, we identify only the kingdom of God, not the person. Sow to the Spirit not the flesh and that’s what we identify; the Spirit. Cease ye from man – and so we do not identify man. Choose you this day – God or mammon. And we choose every instant to see the invisible Spirit that our eyes cannot see. And now as we dwell with this we know that nothing can come into our experience except the Spirit of God because nothing else is present.

Only the Spirit of God being present, we can drop all consciousness about that which is not the Spirit of God. We can drop the consciousness of fear because it’s built upon the belief that something beside God is present. We can drop the consciousness of anxiety, of doubt, of impatience, of frustration, of self guilt. All of these emotions are based upon the belief that something besides God is present. And so, as long as we maintain these emotions and give them reign to act freely we are permitting ourselves to deny that only the presence of God is present.

We continue to purify, we continue to impersonalize, until a conviction is reached. It matters not where I look today or tomorrow. It matters not if my eyes are closed. It matters not where I am, what time of day or year or what kind of weather or what kind of world situation. It matters not what happens to my physical form. It matters not what happens to my human mind. All that is present, without exception, is the presence of God.

We will have to some day, to stand upon this. Nothing is here but God, nothing is there but God. No hate, no violence, no animosities, no greed no corruption. In every level of the world experience we purify our belief that another presence beside God is here. And now we have at least in intellect come to a place where we can say there is no material universe. Matter is not God created and therefore matter is not present ever. Only Spirit which is God is present. That is my substance, that is the substance of those that I have loved, that is the substance of those that I have hated and despised, that is the substance of those that I have feared. But if they are Spirit and I am Spirit, who have I feared? Who have I hated? Who have a despised and who have I loved?

We come down to the one Infinite denominator – Spirit. God. None other. Always with the object of living in Truth, for only Truth will take us into the experience of Reality. Spirit contains no evil, no error, no sickness, no aging process, no death. And therefore in the impersonalization, which brings me to the conviction of the Allness of Spirit, I come to the conviction that all that appears to me as death, aging, lack, limitation, disease, hate, fear: all this must be untrue. It cannot exist in Spirit and Spirit is All. As long as I have the first principle that the Spirit of God is the only presence, the only substance, knowing it contains nothing unlike Itself, I can know within myself that all evil on the earth has no existence.

And I can discover that it exists only in what we have called the carnal mind.

It does not exist in a person for a very simple reason. That which I have called person is not there. The Spirit of God is there appearing to my mortal limited sense as a person. And so of the evil that I have pinned on that person, it only appears to my limited mortal sense. It isn’t there either. There is no person in whom evil can exist because there is no person. There is no person through whom evil can act – there is no person. There is no person who can accuse me. There simply is no person there. There is no person who can defeat me. There is no person there. There is no person who can overrule me. There is no person there to judge me. There is no person there to hate me or to love me. There is no person there. The Spirit of God is there and it is pure perfect Spirit without blemish. That which has appeared in the human scene is world mind, carnal mind, the dream mind projecting it’s dream, impersonalize, that which the world mind places before you by standing in the knowledge of one Presence, Spirit alone.

The qualities of Spirit cannot be absent where the Spirit is. Therefore the qualities of evil, the qualities of hate, the qualities of error, are not present but seem to be. Only Goodness can be present. Only Intelligence can be present. Only Wisdom can be present. And though you do not see the harmony; only harmony can be present. And you must impersonalize the absence of harmony, impersonalize the presence of discord. Because even though the harmony is not visible it must be present. Just as Spirit must be present. The presence of Spirit guarantees the presence of harmony no matter what the picture seems to be. And again we live on the principle of Truth that, “If ye know the truth, the truth will make you free.” The Truth is that Spirit alone is present and therefore the qualities of Spirit which include harmony, is our present and no other activity opposite to the qualities of Spirit can be present. It isn’t a question of does it appear or doesn’t it? It’s a question of Truth. And Truth is always present. The appearance or nonappearance does not change the Truth. And only when you know the Truth will that Truth come forth to show you that in the knowledge of Truth all unlike Itself must dissolve.

And so the re-training continues. Not a statement, not an affirmation, not a remembrance or a memory but living; practicing, practicing, practicing that only Spirit is present and only the perfect qualities of Spirit are present. We’re not walking in the world then, we’re walking in our Father’s kingdom. We’re not sowing to the flesh, we’re sowing to the Spirit. We’re not living in the imperishables, we’re living in those indestructible qualities of Spirit which are ever present. And we are becoming no longer a blotter for the world mind. We’re becoming free in Self, in Truth.

Now this is a firming up process. And as you strengthen yourself through the practice of the Allness of God, the only presence of God, you’ve accepted Omnipresence which automatically eliminates the presence of persons. And the presence of evil and error in persons. Only Goodness is happening. The only activity is the Presence of Spiritual activity. That’s all that can be happening now and all that ever will happen.

And now unless this is practiced, physical form intrudes upon us. The first thing you know why, we’re back in the physical form consciousness accepting the images. We’ve lost our whole impersonal life. And we’re personalizing again. We are back into people and grading people and sorting them out and preferring this one to that one. And you start the whole pyramid of untruths all over again. The Allness of God, the non-person, the presence of that Spirit where person appears, the presence of the qualities of Spirit where human personal qualities seem to be. And so somebody may lie to you, somebody may resent you. You can say that this person is lying about me or this person is casting doubts about my honesty. Or you can know the Truth that here is the Spirit of God while carnal mind is impersonating that Spirit into the appearance called person, into the activity called evil. But they cannot be there because only the Spirit of God is there. There’s no one there through whom a lie can be told. There’s no one there to hate me. There’s no one there to challenge me. All that is there is the Spirit of God.

Pilate isn’t there. The cripple isn’t there. The blind man isn’t there. All of the miracles tell you that what the human eye thought was there, wasn’t there. Something else was there – the Spirit of God. And you through impersonalization become a witness of that Spirit. And as you do this you feel the lifting within you of the Christ mind.

Now let’s see some higher Truth as we continue our impersonalization.

All activities of persons are merely symbols of Invisible spiritual activity. Carnal mind is interpreting spiritual activity into persons and personal activities. But carnal mind is changing nothing. All that is present is Invisible Spiritual activity. It is always perfect. It is always self fulfilling. It is always present. For it is the activity of the Spirit which is always present.

Now it might help you if you could do this. Wherever you’re looking, you’re looking out of the carnal mind and consequently you’re going to see that which is called incarnation. It’s actually the so-called incarnation of your carnal mind.

Now part of the higher Truth to come to is that there is nothing out there in the world except the images in your mind. And take all of these images in the world and bring them right back to your mind and see that the world, the world complete, is in your mind. There’s nothing in the world except what is in your mind. Nothing else is out there. Everything in your world is in your mind. And if you hear the dog barking twenty feet away, just as you are consciously impersonalizing person to know that the only the Spirit of God is there, just as you are consciously impersonalizing dog to know that only the Spirit of God is there – see if you can add this step. Not only is only the Spirit of God there but the dog bark which I hear is not out there. it’s in my mind. I know it seems to be out there twenty feet away but the dog out there is in my mind and the bark of the dog is in my mind. If Spirit alone is there, then the dog isn’t there. There’s an image called dog and what makes images? The mind projects images. And therefore the dog so called out there, is right here in my mind, not out there. Everything out there is right here in my mind. Now when you are dwelling with this a while you’re not only impersonalizing but you’re locating the identity of the image within your mind. And obviously if you’re in the dominion over your mind you’re in dominion over the image. The moment you recognize the image in your mind and not out there, you’re taking control of that image.

Now what in your mind has power? If it isn’t out there and it’s in your mind what power has it? The only power it has is that you thought it was out there; but it isn’t out there. That barking dog out there isn’t out there; it’s a dog barking in your mind. The fur, the shape, the size, the sound – all in your mind. And when you have impersonalized that dog to this extent, how’s it going to bite you? Can your mind bite you? You come to the understanding that external to your mind is nothing but the Spirit of God. You had thought a world was there because you had not reached the conclusion that only God is. And when you have reached the conclusion that only God is, you know God isn’t a dog. You know that God isn’t a dog with hydrophobia. You know God doesn’t bite people. What’s there? You’ve located in image in mind. In your mind. And you can locate five million more of those images until you know that every image in the world is an image in your mind.

And that meditated with, dwelt with, lived with, begins to show you the sense of power without yet even attaining a spiritual realization. The moment you know this is all in my mind you take it and be still with it. It really isn’t out there at all, any of it. The Spirit of God is out there. The Spirit of God is out there and everywhere out there and all that is in the Spirit of God is the activity of the Spirit. It includes no material activity, it includes no destructive activity, no diseased activity, no unhappy activity, no problematic activity. Where is all this? It’s in our universal mind repeated in our individual carnal mind.

And so we are learning to readjust, to reappraise and to stand fast without reaction, not without reaction to a dog but without reaction to the images in our minds. Once we place them in our minds where they are, we will find it’s easier not to react.

Nobody in the world has ever insulted you. Nobody. Nobody in the world has ever hated you. It would appear that way but the appearance was deceptive. Only the Spirit of God was there.

Now as we continue this impersonalization, bringing all images back into the mind where they are and then dropping them, we find they lose their power. And we are willing to accept after a few trials of this that because only Spirit is present, only the power of the Spirit is present. There is no power besides that power of the Spirit. There is no self besides that Self of the Spirit. There is no second self. No second self other than the one Divine Self. No second power other than the one Divine power. And to some extent we can begin to live with this because we know that the tricks of the human mind have made images which seemed external called powers, things, places and persons. As we’re able to hold to the Truth of the one Spirit, the one Divine self, the all present Life of the Father, the all present qualities of the Father, the never ceasing Truth of his presence – all else begins to diminish. The false powers, the false appearances, the false conditions, the situations which had us up nights wondering what to do. There simply was no such situation. Except in the world mind repeated in the individual mind.

Everything that has threatened us, everything we have ever suffered from, everything we fear, every condition that appears to be pointed at us using us as a target and a football, is a denial of the All Presence of God and we’re suffering only from our conscious or unconscious denial. You have a Father within you and your unawareness of the Father within proportionately brings about your awareness of the lie without. To the degree that you deny the Father within, to that degree you admit, accept and fear the lie without. But when the Father within you, the living Spirit of God as your being, is accepted, when your days are spent accepting the Father within and not denying the Father, the external world is seen to be a sham. It’s deception has no power and it has no person in you through whom to work because you have impersonalized you. The Father within is your very being, your own substance, your Spirit.

Where is the Father within? It is your identity. We have been denying the Father within as if there were no such thing. But “Seek ye first the kingdom of God…. Of mine own self I can do nothing…. The Father within doeth the works.” Always the revelation that the Father within you is your own spiritual Selfhood.

Now we’ve impersonalized the world, the persons in the world, the living creatures in the world, the objects in the world; we’re down to me. And that’s what Jesus is down to right here. He’s down to him. Shall he pray to God and say, “Save me?” When for this very purpose, to reveal there is no him, he is come to the world. To reveal there is no physical self, to reveal the spiritual nature of mankind. To reveal the lack and absence and total inability of any power in the world to change your spiritual Self, or to destroy it.

But he says, “My soul is troubled.” And so the world has put a connotation on that, that he was somewhat afraid, he was afraid of what lay ahead. How silly considering that this was only a rerun; he had already passed the point of no return. Your Soul would be troubled if you were leaving your children. Your Soul would be troubled if you knew they needed you but they needed something else more than your presence as a physical person. His Soul was troubled just as yours would be but not for himself.

Troubled because those he had to leave had not yet reached the point of understanding. Troubled because the world had not yet come to the point of Christhood. Troubled because of the seeming tribulations that lay ahead for all of the world because of its inability to know that only God is present. Could Christ be troubled for Christ? Yes, it would seem there was a duality there, even to be concerned about those he was leaving. But you’ll discover that the appearance of duality dissolves as we move in closely to this. You’ll discover that in you, in you will come the same appearance of duality as you learn that you are to make your transition. You will say, “I hate to leave those around me. Not only those I love but all those in this world because if they only knew, if they only knew what I could tell them which they are unable to hear.” And so your Soul would be troubled and yet what could delay your transition when you had reached that level of understanding.

Strangely, when Joel wrote this little note about how Infinite Way is Truth and that it was independent of both teacher and practitioner, it was always Truth no matter what you did with it or didn’t do with it, he was about to make transition to. He also was saying in a way my Soul is troubled. And that’s why he wrote his little note. He had to leave. And he had to leave the Truth that had come through him in this world and he wanted us to know that Truth is dependable Truth. And when you take and live with it – not just the sixth chapter – with the Truth itself, it dissolves all that is unlike God. And then that which is called form is seen in it’s nothingness and that which is Life just continues living – ageless, free, independent of form. Impersonal – not personal, not person but something else. Christ, Spirit. And we are learning to impersonalize so that we can come into the experience of being that which is the impersonal Spirit, which is now independent of form, which is now independent of disease, which is now independent of death, which is now independent of all human conditions.

We’re not learning about it to enjoy it in the future. We’re learning to live in it now, to make it our daily way of life. All of our previous studies in Truth based upon learning things, were a prelude to living as the Spirit of God.

All of these early pioneers like Paul, Peter, working closely under the direction of Jesus Christ, they did things that paved the way for us. They learned to look out at a Spiritual universe the hard way. They had nothing to go by. They were right there in the jungle.

They didn’t have the perspective of time. And when they were told that you have to suffer like me – they just when out and suffered like him. In Matthew somewhere before going into Jerusalem he says to his disciples, John and James, “Your mother wants me to make you important in the kingdom.

—- End of Side One —-

[They didn’t have the perspective of time. And they were told that you have to suffer like me – they just when out and suffered like him. In Matthew somewhere before going into Jerusalem he says to his disciples, John and James, “Your mother wants me to make you important in the kingdom..]

..she wants one of you to sit on my left and one on my right. And I think you’ve got the wrong idea about the kingdom. I can’t do it. There is no such Kingdom and there are no such persons. But I can tell you this” he says to them, “You’re going to have the very same baptism that I am going to have. You’re going to be baptized just like I am you’re going to drink of the same cup.”

And it’s very surprising to find out what he meant because the baptism which he drank of, the cup which was his baptism later became the cup that James drank out of and that baptism was when he was killed by Herod’s sword. That was his baptism like Jesus. And Paul says “We have to suffer.” John says, “I am your partner in tribulation.” And the more we read about our baptism, the more we read about suffering and tribulation, the more we say, “Well what do they want us to do? Must we suffer in order to come into Christhood?” And the answer is yes, we must.

Whoever said it was a path of roses? It is the suffering and the suffering is that you have to die to person, die to mortality, die to concept, die to physicality, die to form, die to conditions, die do everything that isn’t God. And we call that suffering. Being born into the awareness of God presence to us is suffering. But to Paul it was something he would rather do than live any other way. Living in Christ is suffering in humanhood. And the suffering continues until you know the Truth. When you know the Truth you know that all suffering is an image in the mind. It’s as unreal as every other belief about God which is unreal. Only God is present. God isn’t suffering. Only Spirit is present, Spirit isn’t suffering. The suffering is the anguish and the conflict of trying to cling to unreality. Once the conflict is over in the consciousness, the suffering is over. And it may continue for a long time unless we are willing to totally impersonalize. We must know the depth of that impersonalization that is expected. Only God exists and as long as there is an existence that you accept besides God in you or anyone, then you have set into motion that which comes back to you as karma.

It isn’t there for the pure at heart. But it continues for a long time because being the pure at heart is not attained overnight. So if you want the promise that there won’t be any suffering you can’t get it from me. I know there will be. And yet it’s a joyous suffering because it’s only suffering that this be so until I reach that level of consciousness in which that which is not can no longer make itself manifest. This is the willingness to accept suffering. As contrasted to the involuntary suffering we do suffer through our total ignorance. This is suffering toward a goal, instead of suffering without purpose.

And so mine hour has come and I cannot ask the Father to postpone it because for this cause came I am unto the world. And what is this cause, for which the Christ came unto the world in a form called Christ Jesus? What is the cause? To reveal that Life is always Life; it is never less than its perfect Self. That there isn’t an appearance on the earth whether it’s the destruction of a continent or of a person that can change Life from being itself. And that you and I, here now, in our invisible Reality are living Self. We are that Christ.

Now we could all wait for transition and then wonder why we didn’t attain some measure of the Truth of our being, why we had to repeat. Or we could accept that the only reason we look out now and are unable to experience that Life is because we haven’t come to the seventh day. Remember that, “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up again?” Destroy this body and in three days another one will appear. Now see it for what it means. That we’re in the fourth day. That’s where we are and we’re looking out from the fourth day consciousness. We’re not in the fifth day or the sixth day or the seventh day in consciousness. But in Reality you are all seven days. You are the fullness now but in human consciousness you’re only in the fourth day. And so as you look out from the eyes of the fourth day you see the universe of the mind which is the fourth day.

And unless you can accept that the fullness of your being is here and live in the consciousness that although I cannot experience the fullness of the seventh day at this moment it is the Truth of my present being. Only the Spirit of God is present and the Spirit of God isn’t in the fourth day. The Spirit of God is in the seventh day, the day of rest where his work is done. All is finished, complete and perfect and all is that Spirit and though I’ve only reached the consciousness of the fourth day of Genesis, I can accept the Allness of Spirit as the guarantee that I am that Spirit and I am in the fullness of it now and I can live in the conviction that this is the seventh day. “Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up,” because I am the living seventh day. And you dwell and you supply those missing three days to everything you see. Sure, I see your cripple. But that’s the fourth day. In the seventh day which is there, invisible there, is the perfect image and likeness of the Father. And over there I don’t care what you call that person, if I could see in the seventh day, the seventh degree the fullness that is there, I would see the perfection that is there invisible to my fourth day consciousness.

Everywhere we’re fragmenting the whole invisible seventh heaven down to our fourth day consciousness and wondering why it doesn’t appear better. And then trying to correct the images in our fourth day consciousness as if they were real. Supply the missing three days. Accept on faith that if you could see the seventh day that is there, you would see Reality. But it’s always there. Those three days are the glass darkly; the three days we’re missing. The three levels of Genesis, the three levels of consciousness to which we have not yet arisen. We will pass through them from this mind – the fourth day – to the Soul, the fifth, to the Spirit, the sixth and finally to the infinite Self, the seventh.

But now, now are we the Sons of God. And now we must live in our nowness even though the human consciousness is only up to the fourth level. You see that? So you impersonalize all that is untrue or unreal, all that is seeming, all that is imaginary but so real to the fourth day consciousness. And you break the bubble of cosmic mind. You step out of the Adam and Eve consciousness. You open yourself to the fullness of the garden ever present. You impersonalize this world. And as you work at it you find the glory and the adventure of learning that here the Truth that you know really breaks the bubble and does make you free of the world consciousness.

Let’s just be quiet with it a moment.

Silence, (pause) …

I hope we can face the depth of what is happening here in this 12th chapter of John.

Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I into this hour.” The cause then is to reveal the Allness of God. The non-power, the non-reality of death. The spiritual nature of Life. The spiritual identity of mankind. The unreality of all evil on the earth. And so he then says, “Father, glorify thy name. And then there came a voice from heaven, saying, I have both glorified it, and will glorify it again.” Do you think that meant that the name of the Father had been glorified once? Or countless times?

Let’s look at that. Jesus Christ was glorified when he stepped on the banks of the Jordan and John the Baptist pointed and said, “On him whom I see the descent of the dove, I have been told this is the Son of God.” And a voice spoke and said, “This is my beloved Son. My only begotten Son.” That was glorification. And every time the power of the only begotten Son shined through and a miracle occurred on this earth that was glorification. And every time a prophet spoke and uttered the words of God; this was glorification. And every time Buddha spoke and Krishna spoke and the great leaders of old walked this earth and demonstrated the presence of God – that was glorification. And when the Master here was transfigured before the eyes of Peter, James and John that was glorification. When the Word was passed on to those of our time who could comprehend, who could be transparencies; that was glorification. When you have heard the Word, when you have witnessed the activity of Christ in you – that is glorification. And the Father says, “I have glorified my name and I will do it again. And again and again and again, until the earth is Christed. Until every knee bends. Until Christ walks the earth as the living Self of every individual on the earth.”

But if Christ walks the earth as the Self of every individual, are there individuals or only Christ? When Christ is glorified in you and when Christ is glorified in me, when Christ was glorified in Joel, Jesus, Peter, John, James – who was there but Christ? Do you see that we are all this one Self, this one Being in the glorification is the revelation that, “I in the midst of thee, who am mighty, I am the Christ of God. I am the Self. I am the One. Now.”

And so the revelation here will be, “Father glorify thy name, reveal that I am not Jesus. Reveal that I am not mortal. Reveal that I have not been produced on this earth by the union of a male and a female. Glorify thy name. Reveal my identity as the Son of God, as the Spirit never born, never dying, never living in a dying body. Reveal that I am standing here now in a Spiritual body. So that all who seek will know that the Truth of me is the Truth of them. That there is no one on the earth who was born of the union of a male and a female, that no one walks on the earth in a dying body. That all who walk the earth are the invisible Spirit of you, the Father. Glorify thy Name in me, glorify thy Name in them.

And because we haven’t been sufficiently high in consciousness to make such a demonstration we have watched this demonstration unheeding, unaware, that what is happening there is the Truth about us. And that’s the whole point of it. What good is glorifying a person? Or even one called the Son of God, if it is not a Truth for you and I to live by? The glorification of Christ in Jesus is the revelation of Christ in you.

And so, when Christ is revealed to be Spirit undying, there is God itself impersonalizing Jesus. God is looking at Jesus and saying, “This isn’t a man, this isn’t flesh and blood, this is my Spirit, my Son, my substance. He is perfect as the Father. He is the Spirit of the Father.” Is it any different when the Father says, “Be ye perfect as your Father?” Isn’t that telling you that you are the Spirit of the Father, perfect as your Father? That if you too were crucified today in the flesh, you would not be less than you are, that the Spirit of the Father is indestructible and it is your Being.

The message is loud and clear. The glorification of Jesus Christ is the revelation of the identity of man as the living Spirit of God. We who take it upon ourselves then to accept this and to live with it, are doing precisely what he said when he said, “If you believe on me, the works I do you shall do.” What shall you believe on him? You shall believe that he is the Christ revealing to us that there is no flesh there to die. That the flesh is the illusion of the world mind and the glorification is the revelation that where the flesh appears to be, only the Spirit is.

And then we come to our own human sense mind which says, “I can’t accept that right this instant. There’s other things that must be done.” And you see that mind has been saying it every time it has been revealed to that mind. It will go on saying it. Until a quality above that mind says to it, “I’m taking you right now by the scruff of the neck, you can’t wriggle out of this one. Now be still. Because I who speak unto you, I am the Spirit of God.” And from that time on the mind becomes no power. Oh it will get up and fool us quite a number of times. But we’re onto its tricks. We know it’s pretense of power. And we know it’s not even a mind. God is All. Who is this little human mind? That doesn’t see the Father, that lies about the Father, that distorts, that paints a fragment to us, that finitizes the Infinite. Who made such a mind? Nobody. The only mind there is, is the Infinite mind. And so in the final analysis we overcome the belief in a human mind and we know that everything it’s has told us, every lie that it has painted is because it itself has no real existence.

We finally accept that God being all, only Divine mind can exist. And in Divine mind there is no darkness, no error, no evil, no limitation, no lack. What is this mind that has been painting these things to us? The belief that God wasn’t all. Boomeranged. And caught us believing that there was a mind and that it was telling us the truth when it pointed out to us evils in this world. It told us that our heart had to be watched very carefully because if we took too much of a load it wouldn’t be able to function. It told us to look carefully at our bloodstream, it told us to get charts, to get diagnoses about our various bodily organs. That was the mind that made us fearful and cautious. But it was also the mind that didn’t know God. And so all it could do was build it’s false sense of a Divine image and it called a person. A person that God through Christ, has stated, does not exist. And the mind which conceived that person is the world mind.

Now I want you with me to look closely at the Bible to see how it confirms what the Infinite Way is teaching us. And when the Infinite Way says impersonalize it is echoing the Christ message that came through Jesus and came through Paul. Always, the words are different but the meaning is identical.

The god of this world,” says Paul, “is the cause of every problem.” We haven’t really believed there was a god of this world and the God of the kingdom. We thought God was God. But Paul differentiates. He points out that this world is run by the god of this world. And who does he mean? That false mind that we have accepted which paints for us a world out here. We have to impersonalize because the god of this world, the false universal mind has painted a world. And mankind is worshipping the false world mind and calling it God. Not knowing that the world mind is the only god they are worshipping. They are worshipping the god of this world and they’re saying to the God of this world, “Help us, take away these problems.” And the Spirit is saying, “Don’t look out at the world mind with your sense of mind you’ll be worshipping a false God and pretending to yourself that these things are there. Step out of the bubble, out of the false mind, out of the world mind; out of the god of this world. And accept that God being all there is, only the Spirit of God is present.” Now what do you want to correct? The Spirit of God? What’s wrong with your life? The Spirit of God? What’s wrong with anyone you know? The Spirit of God? That’s all they are and that’s all you are. Get rid of your false god, the mind of this world.

That was a god to us because we believed it, we never questioned it. We got on our knees before the mind of the world thinking we were worshipping God. And finally we discovered it wasn’t God at all And it had no power to help us; none whatsoever. And half the world thought this god was dead because it couldn’t help. And they were right – this god is dead. It isn’t God that’s why it’s dead; it’s the world mind. Practically all of science has rejected the religious concepts of the world because the religious concepts of the world worship the mind of the world and call it God. But it’s only the god of this world. When you find the God of the kingdom you’ve found God. You’ve found Reality, you’ve found perfection; you have found your own spiritual Being. And you’ve found the spiritual Being even of those who are rejecting the Spirit.

Isaiah received the Voice too. And it was the very same Voice that spoke through Jesus. Here they say, “Jesus answered and said,” after the Father had been asked to glorify his name, “The people therefore, that stood by, and heard it, said that it thundered. Another said an angel spake to them. [And] Jesus answered and said, This voice came not because of me, but for your sakes.” That doesn’t sound like somebody who was worried. You see, Christ is saying, “This voice that you heard is the voice of Christ. Isn’t this the same Voice that spoke through the prophets? Is there a prophet who spoke anything but that which this same Voice spoke through him? Had not the prophets told us that the sky would open up, the waters would clap their hands, the trees would clap their hands, the rivers of the earth would flow freely because there would be Christ consciousness on the earth?” Illumination is the awareness that Christ is on the earth as in heaven. That Christ is present wherever a heart is open to know the Truth.

And so this Voice comes not for the sake of Christ Jesus because it is the voice of Christ. This Voice comes for the sake of us who have not yet stepped out of the god of this world into the God of Reality. And again you won’t find the Voice in the other gospels because those who have heard the voice were not the disciples. They were John. He who had the inner ear. And the Voice that said, “I will glorify thee, I have done it before and I will do it again,” was Christ itself within. And the moment, you turn to Christ within though you cannot hear, it says, “And I will glorify thee I have done it before and will do it again.” This is an eternal promise. Christ within is always glorifying Itself in you.

Now something important is about to happen in our study here. As the Master says, “Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.” The prince of this world is the false god of this world, the universal mind, the universal carnal mind which looking at the Spirit converts all that it cannot embrace into visible, tangible, carnate appearance. That’s the prince of this world. “Now is the prince of this world being cast out.” How? Because the prince of this world, the god of this world has decreed death for everyone who lives in this world. But now the bubble of death is being broken. The power of the prince, mass hypnosis, is being removed to show that there’s no power in the prince of this world. When faced with the Truth of I, Christ, the living Spirit of God am the only Presence on this earth.

But more than that, you’ll find in a flash of insight something very beautiful to know. Not only is the carnal mind of the world been annihilated and revealed as a nothingness by those events that will follow but if you listen closely with your own inner ear you will discover that Christ Jesus was never speaking to the Pharisees, never speaking to the Jews, never speaking to the Greeks. Christ Jesus was never speaking to persons. It only seemed that way to you and to me. Christ Jesus was always speaking to the prince of this world. When Christ Jesus spoke, he spoke to the world mind. Every address, every remark, every insult, every talk that we thought he was addressing to people was addressed to the world mind. Because only Christ could defeat, break the hypnosis of that mind. Always, examine your gospel carefully and you’ll see that Christ Jesus is not speaking to a person – not even to one. When he speaks to Nicodemus he is not speaking to Nicodemus.

He is always speaking to the world mind, he’s always opposing the nothingness, the darkness, the non-reality. The fullness of Christ is standing as a bulwark against the non-reality of the carnal mind. And it may appear in persons but it’s always the carnal mind which is the only adversary that we’ve ever had to agree with. He says to the chief priests, whereas he’d always said, “Mine hour is not yet come,” at one point he says to them, “This is your hour,” meaning the world is still in carnal mind. He’s talking to the carnal mind when he says that although the chief priests appear in front of him, he’s saying “This is your hour,” he saying it to the world mind.

You see the action is not where you and I see it. We’re just seeing the results of that action as best we can. The action is on a universal basis but this action takes place as our consciousness when we see that our function is not to face the individual scribes and Pharisees, not to face the chief priests – we’re always facing one world mind which is painting an illusion called the world; a dream. You don’t have to pick it apart with the little things in it. When you get to know that that’s your only adversary and your agreement with that adversary is the understanding that this world mind is the god of this world. It has created that which is not creation and it is my function to suffer through this seeming creation in the knowledge that as I stand in the Truth of identity everywhere, excluding none, embracing all with the Christ recognition, the one indivisible Spirit seeing God in all, that I too break the bubble of the world mind. And the prince of this world for you is cast out. But you can’t do it fractionally, you must do it as the Master showed us; you must accept the invisible Christ of everyone. You must accept the indivisible one Spirit as the only Self.

And as you are able to do this, the world mind, the prince of this world the god of this world, is no longer a god. But a non-existence seeming to be a power over man. The identity that you have accepted is the invisible God. And that’s how you break the back of the world mind. You don’t defend against it, you don’t fall into the trap of correcting it’s errors. You know that nothing exists besides the infinite Spirit of God. And that’s how you’re going to come out of the fourth day into the fifth day.

When this happened, world mind was broken. When it happens in you, you are following the Master. You are accepting the baptism of the Spirit and as you face this climactic event if you are prepared you won’t say to the Father, “Remove this cup,” but rather, “for this hour have I come to be revealed as the living child of God, independent of the material creation.” And having earned your way to that point by living aware of the nothingness of the material creation until the power of Spirit in you manifests that you are in the Truth.

Again and again you discover Joel saying, “There is no God in the human scene.” That’s just another way of saying what Paul said, “That the god of this world is a deceiver, a liar and a thief, a murderer from the start.” From the start meaning from birth. The god of this world borns and then kills its births. Everything it gives birth to it kills. Why? Because it isn’t god. And the human mind like a lamb at slaughter, unaware of this, continues to worship the world mind although it doesn’t know it’s doing it. And so the method had to be given us. And it was. And Jesus the Christ explains the method right here. “Now is the judgment of the world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out. And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”

We can’t even say, “Well he didn’t mean me too.” He will “Draw all men unto me.”

And so the Christ speaks and says, “If you lift up I, you will be drawn into the kingdom of God.” And the one standing there saying this to you is one who is demonstrated that because I am in the midst of me Christ has been lifted up and accepted as a spiritual Reality of the universe, I am imperishable. And I, when I am lifted up in you, when you have accepted I Christ as the spiritual Reality of the universe, you will discover you are imperishable.

Now it’s just a matter of, I guess, human time before we realize that the words mean what they say. Christ accepted in you is lifting up I in the midst of you. “I am in the midst of thee am God…. Be still and know that I am God.” And as you impersonalize the world around you, you are removing the sense of power from the god of this world, from the mind of this world and releasing yourself from the prison of human thought: from the prison of images, from the prison of flesh, from the prison of time and space, from the prison of the world – that exists only in the world mind.

There’s a beautiful statement in this chapter by Joel, “There is no person on earth to malpractice you, no person through whom evil can function, there is no person through whom non-Divine qualities can function.” In the flash that this makes an impression on you and it’s precise meaning is clear and accepted, you discover there is no person to in any way act against you. There simply isn’t any. They do not exist. They exist only in your belief that they exist. “Release man, cease ye from man.” Wherein is man to be accounted if God is All and God is Spirit. Spiritual man, yes, that’s something else again. Spiritual man is One, not many. Spiritual man is All and you are that One and invisibly the one you had feared is that One. All are that One.

Now one more thing in the teaching about Sapphira and Ananias, Ananias and Sapphira, in the communal project when the hard put disciples had put all their funds together and Sapphira and Ananias left out a few of their possessions hoping to salvage a little for themselves; Joel explains why they both dropped dead. They had directed evil but there was no one there to receive it because the disciples had reached a place where they knew themselves to be pure Spirit. And so where did the evil go? It found no one to receive it and it returned to the sender. While you are not impersonalizing, you are not malpractising the one you’re not impersonalizing but you’re sending out false thought. It’s going to return to the sender.

Every time you are not seeing the Truth of another individual you are seeing the lie about yourself. The personalization that you send out returns to personalize you, right out of Spiritual identity into false identity. And so malpractice of our own self is the karma that we suffer. We actually inflict upon us what we have at some time attributed in a way to God. God‘s punishment, Gods wrath; it wasn’t anything like that at all. It was our own malpractice of our own identity returning to the sender.

And so we go past the doctrine of karma and punishment, past the doctrine of karma and incarnation and reincarnation. We come to the doctrine of Christ which says, “Be thy Self,” and once you have established identity of your Self you must go all the way with Christ which says, “Unto the least of these my brethren you must give Christ recognition. For not only must you “Acknowledge me in all thy ways….. [you must] love thy neighbor as a thyself.”

And Christ then becomes your neighbor. Not the appearance, not what you thought was your neighbor but the impersonalized Christ becomes your neighbor; who always was your neighbor. And there’s nobody in this world then that you can call an enemy, a foe, an adversary. There’s no one you can be hostile to. There’s no one you can accuse. Why? The only neighbor you have is Christ, your Self. And when you have established this degree of impersonalization you have discovered your own true Self. And then your hour will be a shining hour. You’ll discover that all the so-called suffering led up to that moment of triumph when there’s nobody there to suffer. All there is, is Christ.

And you find that the God, the Son of God, the Child of God never suffers. The only thing that will ever suffer is the false sense of self.

Alright, our impersonalization today is God is All. And therefore God not being a person, there are no persons. God not being an animal, there are no animals. God is Spirit and where we see the forms the Spirit is. Sow to the Spirit. Know the Spirit. Accept the Spirit. Impersonalize the form, accept the Spirit in your consciousness. And then when there are conditions in form you cannot accept them because only the Spirit is there and in Spirit there is only Divine qualities.

We’re coming up, we’re lifting up the Son of God within ourselves, within our neighbor and this is all underground. It is all secret. It is all simply knowing the Truth silently. It has nothing to do with tapping them on the shoulder and telling them who they are. Because there’s no one to tap on the shoulder to tell who they are. That’s why it’s secret. The minute, you’ve got someone you want to tell – who are you telling? We are recognizing here and now the one invisible Spirit of God. We are lifting ourselves behind and above the level of a conscious thinking mind which recognizes individuality, separated bodies, separated forms. We are accepting the invisibility of the one Christ. That’s what breaks the bubble of the world mind. That’s what stands before death untroubled. That’s the Master we’re following. We’re impersonalizing the world of individuals.

Now when you read this chapter again, and I hope you will, just jot down a few notes of the basic principles in it. You’ll find there’s some repetition but that’s good. And then see if you have not accepted them and if you haven’t the ones that seem difficult to you – those are the ones to work on. Until this is a habit because unless you readjust your reflexes you’re going to go out and identify forms instantly. It takes a reflex readjustment because we’re all in these conditioned responses. These ruled responses are just automatic. Dog, cat, bird. No, no, no. That’s the Spirit of God invisible which my mind calls dog, cat, bird. You think you haven’t done something when you’ve done that you’ll find you have. The minute you do that you invite a whole new sequence of understanding. You release spiritual activity into experience.

And you can put together all kinds of combinations of this. The moment you start doing this, I can guarantee to you that things will start to happen and bring you circumstances for proper identification. You’ll have more to do than you can handle. The moment you show a willingness to identify spiritual activity everywhere instead of person, place, thing you’ll find that you’re busier than a one armed paper hanger. And you’ll enjoy the work. You’ll find that it’s a challenge and you can just about get up to it and finally you’ll say, “Well I think I can do this better if I let the Father do it.” And you’ll find Christ in you being lifted.

Please re-read the chapter. Next week we’re going to re-read it again together with a fine comb. And we going to continue in 12 of John because in a very interesting way the very qualities we are developing are the backbone of this final Christ release into the kingdom of God on earth which the Christ Jesus is bringing about in this chapter.

There’s a dovetailing here and it’ll become more apparent as we move in deeper.

In the last part of the chapter Joel says, “There is no God in the human scene.” And there will be no God in the human scene. The experience of God only comes through the constant impersonalization of the human scene. Impersonalization means no person, no material form and therefore no conditions of material form.

And you’ll have to dwell with that quite a while in meditation until you can come up to a level of, a sort of a peace level, where you’re not fighting it and where you’re not trying to analyze it but you’re getting the feeling that something in you is lifting you up behind and above the individual conditions of form and bringing you to that peace level where you can say, “Well, I feel a Oneness, I feel a whole invisible universe knitting together as one. It isn’t my job as a human being to do it at all. It’s done. It’s simply my job to come to that level of consciousness which feels the peace of the presence of that Spirit and then I too am a channel through which it functions instead of the world mind.”

Now impersonalization is a major tool towards that Peace Consciousness.

It’s a pleasure to say, “Hello” again.

We have the chapter 12 before us of John, the entry into Jerusalem. And I think it opens up for us many of the hidden doorways that we’ve all been trying to enter. The importance of Truth cannot be over stressed. If you follow what appears to be a Truth but isn’t, naturally you’re going to run into difficulty. And to find what is Truth and what is not, what to follow and what not to follow, has been one of the major problems, if not the major problem, of our world.

What shall we follow? What is the Truth. “I,” says the Christ, “Am the Truth.“

Now what does that leave you to follow beside I, the Christ. Unless of course you’re of the opinion that there is another Truth than the Christ. As you know the world is of another opinion. I don’t wish to necessarily imply that we have a third of a million people out of their homes today because there are floods in eight different states because they don’t know Christ. Or that we have a war in Vietnam because we don’t know Christ. And so on down the list.

But if we do not follow Truth we are in violation of it. And you may have discovered that if you do not have a relationship with Truth that your life suffers. Whereas when you have a relationship with the Truth your life turns right around and yields back to you the Truth of that relationship. In other words, you act in conformity with your relationship to Truth.

And this is how you sow to the Truth or not to the Truth. But to know the Truth is necessary before you can act in relationship to it. And we have all been unaware of the depth of the Truth that we must know. We have relied on human methods and at times we have relied on psychic methods. And other times we’ve relied on authorities. Other times we have relied on the literal meanings of the Bible. And again we have relied on authors. We have relied on everything except Christ. And our reason was that we could not find Christ. We could talk about Christ. We could say, “I am the Christ.” We could read about Christ. We could see what Christ does in the form of Jesus. But we could not find the Christ of our own being. And that’s the only place where you can find the Truth. What I say unto you is the Truth. And unless you hear my voice, unless you are one with Christ of your own Self, for you there is no Divine guidance and that which you follow is not the Truth, the Lord does not build your house and ultimately the termites come in, the flood comes in, the rain comes in; the foundation of it proves to be untruth.

This chapter, along with all the others, emphasizes that there is only one Truth. There aren’t many truths. There’s not the truth of Buddhism and the truth of Sufism and the truth of Christianity and the truth of Muslims and the truth of Hindus and the truth of Judaism. There isn’t a truth in everything that is different from another truth somewhere else. There is only Truth and it isn’t divided and Truth is always the same; it never changes. If today you are in a different truth than you were in yesterday then yesterdays truth was not truth at all. And if what you call truth today is going to be a new truth for you tomorrow then the truth you have today is not truth. And finally, you must see, that the only Truth there is, is the Truth that is always the same Truth.

And so the world goes on not really looking for Truth but looking for security, looking for a better life. Now we in this class are not making that mistake, we’re looking for Truth. And if you haven’t realized that’s what you’re looking for please nail it down. That’s what you should be looking for; Truth.

Now fortunately the Truth comes from Christ. And when the Christ utters a word, whether it’s through Zachariah or Joel Goldsmith; it’s still Truth. When Christ speaks that’s Truth. And you can count on it; it won’t change tomorrow. It’ll be Truth five million human years from now, five million immortal years from now. The Truth two thousand years ago is the Truth this instant. If it isn’t, it’s not Truth.

Now let’s look at prophecy and see the difference between psychic prophecy – the prophecy of a human mind reaching into cosmic levels of thought – and spiritual prophecy. And you’ll see the difference between Truth and the deception of truth.

We’re going to look here at Zachariah. Here he is in 9:9 saying something that we’re going to read about in our chapter 12. “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.”

This is Zachariah in the old Testament. This is a prophecy. Who makes this prophecy? Zachariah? No. I, Christ, speak through Zachariah. This is I, Christ saying “Your king comes. He is just, and having salvation.” Salvation. “Lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.” This is I, Christ speaking through Zachariah about salvation.

Here’s John 12. “And Jesus, when he had found a young ass, sat thereon; as it is written.”

Now then, the question is, why does this prophecy come true? Think of the years between the making of the prophecy and the appearance thereof into the visible world. Who spoke the prophecy? I, Christ, spoke the prophecy. Who enacts the prophecy? Who comes forth doing precisely what was prophesied? The very one who had spoken the prophecy. I, Christ, speaking through Zachariah. I, Christ, acting through Jesus. Do you see why the prophecy must come true when it’s a spiritual prophecy? The prophesier and the doer are one and the same.

Do you see that when the voice speaks through you that he who speaks through you will perform that which he speaks? “I go before you to make the crooked places straight.” I who speak unto you, through you, in you; I am the Truth. And that is why I am the way.” When the Lord builds the house you labor not in vain but unless I speak through you to give you the truth, the guidance, the wisdom, the daily bread, the knowledge, the understanding, the love, the direction, what are you going to do? You’re going to have to do it yourself. But when I the Lord speak unto you, “I perfect and I perform all that concerneth you. I perform that which you are ordained by me to do.”

And so, in this riding on the foal, on the colt. is the message that we have to now look at carefully for it is the token of the new Consciousness on the earth breaking through the mortal mind.

And so here after the prophecy Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a colt.

Now Matthew gives it one way, Mark gives it another way, John gives it a third way. They’re all the same. I think maybe we should look at the two we’re not going to study that carefully. Let’s look at Mark and Matthew and you’ll see something interesting. In Mark it’s at 11:2. There’s one phrase here that’s very important.

Jesus saith unto them …..he sendeth forth two of his disciples and saith unto them, Go your way into the village over against you: and as soon as ye be entered into it, ye shall find a colt tied,” And listen to this phrase, “whereon never man sat…..a colt tied, whereon never man sat; loose him, and bring him.”

Now this is the colt on which no man has ever sat. Then over here in Matthew this will be the 21st chapter and the second verse, they do it a little differently.

Saying unto them, Go into the village over against you, and straightway ye shall find an ass tied; and the colt with her: loose them and bring them into me.”

Here it’s not just the colt but it’s the mother of the colt. The two. The ass and the colt. And over here it’s a colt on which no man has sat.

And now John does it this way. “Jesus when he had found a young ass.” And therefore he’s got the colt on which no man has sat. And so that’s what he’s riding into Jerusalem on. “The colt on which no man has sat.” And this is the prophecy of Zachariah appearing visibly in the world.

Now let us go back to the beginning of this particular episode to catch the meaning.

On the next day much people that were come to the feast, when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem, Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.”

Now to come in the name of the Lord means to be the Truth of God. And we know that this is the Christ of God, Jesus, appearing as Jesus, to man, and this Christ is the Truth of God, comes in the name of the Lord. Later this same Christ will say, “Follow me.” Follow the Truth of the Lord. We find palm branches there.

Now why is he riding the young colt? It’s the new birth, isn’t it? The new Consciousness. And why was it an ass, and not a giraffe, why was it not a gorilla? Because it’s a dumb beast isn’t it? Because it represents the lower nature of man. It represents that capacity in man which cannot see further than his nose. The emotional side. The lower mental side. The passions that are uncontrollable. The desire realm of man.

But he’s riding on it, he has tamed it. Why has he tamed it? Because in the new birth Christ rides on the new Consciousness. So riding into Jerusalem we find is a new Consciousness. With Christ in the saddle. And wisely John has taken this and placed it after the resurrection of Lazarus again.

Why? Because this is the new Consciousness on the earth that was evinced by the changing consciousness of Lazarus. The lower nature of man, the world mind, which functions as the lower nature of man, has been tamed. The Christ has entered human consciousness dissolving the illusion of mortal sense. And you’ll find that there’s another place in either Matthew or Mark where he’s instructed… the two disciples are instructed to find this colt where two places meet. You’ll find that’s the symbol of the cross. And the place where the two places meet is where the human sense of body is erased. Right on the cross is where the human sense of body is shown to be erroneous. The place where two places meet is where they find the colt. That’s where you find your new Consciousness; at the place where two places meet. When you can overcome the body sense you find that you are subduing the lower nature of man, you are providing no channel for the world mind, you are overcoming all levels of human resentment and jealousy and envy; the baser passions. And Christ mounts the colt, just as Christ stood before the woman of Samaria and then sat on the well of her consciousness.

Now we’re ready to ride into Jerusalem because we’re in the new Consciousness. Man of earth, mortality, has been overcome. The new Consciousness is conscious of Immortality. Matter, man of matter has been overcome. The new Consciousness is conscious of Spiritual identity. Riding into Jerusalem on a young colt the Master is teaching us this is a pathway to salvation. Up till now in the human consciousness salvation meant being good, being honest, being virtuous, tithing, getting on your knees before the Lord, reciting doctrinal prayers and formulae, looking out and doing good to your neighbor; all of this was called the road to salvation. And everybody who followed it found it wasn’t the road to salvation at all. They didn’t find salvation they found death and they found problems on the way to death. And when they had died they didn’t receive salvation. They came back into more bodies and started all over again, looking again for salvation. Because they hadn’t ridden into Jerusalem on a young colt. The young colt with Christ in the saddle is Divine wisdom, Truth. Truth that is ever Truth. Truth you can depend on to take you into Jerusalem which is the higher Consciousness. The glory of heaven on earth; new Jerusalem.

And they put palm branches in the way because those who saw were aware of a Presence and the palm branches signified inner peace. And from it we have our Palm Sunday which should signify the awareness of the presence of Christ in us as the Prince of Peace, making eternal peace within us. And these would strew the way to salvation but now salvation is something totally different than being good and then going to heaven. Salvation is spiritual evolution in consciousness leading to transition. Not dying, but making Ascension out of corporeality and it can only be done after the second baptism. We who have been baptized but once by human birth cannot make the journey into Jerusalem. The second baptism signified by Lazarus made possible this journey. The second baptism is signified again by Christ riding on the new birth, not the old.

Ishmael, the son of the handmaid, must go that Isaac may rise in consciousness. The natural birth must be followed by the baptism of the Spirit, the rebirth. And this rebirth done here now on earth is a phase in the second baptism which leads to riding on the colt into Jerusalem.

And now this has been accomplished on the earth and to some extent part of the world is aware of something going on which calls for palm branches in the road and hosannas implying an awareness of the Presence and the possibility of salvation.

But between this beginning of the journey and the end there will be sorrow because the journey carries with it many trials and many tribulations as you approach the Ascension. And we are not being led to expect all to be choir music and angels but rather to know that there are many thorns at this level. All very necessary ones. To lift us beyond a certain remnant of mentality into the immaculate Self lived in.

Now I, through Zachariah, predicted the new Consciousness. The young colt which was stepping out of the old man into the new. And then I, through Jesus, appeared riding the colt. And I then, am the Truth that is leading man into Jerusalem; freedom from mortality. The salvation turns out to be freedom from mortality, freedom from everything leading to death. I am the only way man can make transition. And I am the Christ of your being.

Whoever is not following the Christ within is not going to know Truth and is going to have to perform those acts which only the Christ can perform. So if your question is, “How do I know Truth?” The answer is you only know it when it is spoken by Christ in you, by Christ in the Bible, by Christ in a seer, by Christ in a prophet, by Christ and only by Christ is Truth given.

And it can be the Christ of Buddha, the Christ of Mohamed. But it must be the Christ, not a man. No opinions of a person. And when you hear it in yourself you can tell whether it is the Christ or the world mind. You develop the capacity to distinguish between the wheat and the tares, to recognize your Master’s voice and even when the voice is silent, you hear it with the inner ear and you feel it with the Christ mind.

Now this path to Truth is the narrow way. It erases all opinions, all guesses, all speculation and all authorities, all experts. It tells every theologian that unless Christ is speaking through you, you have nothing to tell me. And it sets every religious authority in proper focus because unless a man speaks out of Christ he is not speaking the Word. And if you follow that word that is not spoken out of Christ you’re not on the new colt. You’re riding the old jackass and it won’t get you where you’re going.

Says Jesus, “Fear not, daughter of Sion: behold, thy King cometh, sitting on an ass’s colt.” Now Zion, or Sion, are one and the same. You’ll remember this is the elect of Israel, those who have been chosen to know the Word; to attain the fullness of the Christ. And here, you might say, Christ is assuring us that inevitably, inevitably, mankind will ride up on the colt that the Christ Consciousness must appear on this earth. There is no power to stop it.

This is the assurance. “Fear not, [oh] daughter of Sion: behold, thy King cometh, sitting on an ass’s colt.” This is the assurance that Christ Consciousness will form your consciousness. It is the assurance that it was on the earth at that moment that he spoke it. And who would know better than the Christ, if it was on the earth or not.

It was leading those who had ears to hear. And so it is at this moment that when you behold floods and various other forms of human destruction, you are also beholding the invisible Christ Consciousness. You may not see it at the moment but it is the very Christ Consciousness on the earth which makes that appear which we call the flood. Perhaps we’ll see that in a little while.

These things understood not his disciples at first: but when Jesus was glorified, then remembered they that these things were written of him.” – such as Zachariah’s prophecy – “and that they had done these things unto him.”

And so we find here that the disciples who are partners in the march into Jerusalem were completely unaware of the meaning of it. They were there in body and they witnessed the physical events. But John wants us to know at that time they didn’t know what was happening. It was only after the glorification of Christ Jesus when the miracle of no death had been presented to them, they could understand and connect it up to the entry into Jerusalem of the new Consciousness which never knows death. They were like children. Long before they really understand what you’re doing you train them and then as they grow up that training becomes very effective and finally they understand what they couldn’t understand when you trained them and here the disciples were part of that early training.

What it meant they didn’t know but they had to do what they were told to do. You’ll discover, or have wondered, who went to get the colt. And I think you’ll find that Peter and John were the two who were sent – although it doesn’t say so. Because that colt was the new Consciousness and these two were the most advanced of the disciples.

Now you may remember that we discovered last week that, or several weeks back, that the resurrection of Lazarus was an invisible event. So I was very pleased to discover here a confirmation of it, in the next verse of John. “The people therefore that was with him when he called Lazarus out of his grave, and raised him from the dead, bare record.” Now the people who bear record of the death of Lazarus and the raising out of the grave was probably John himself. That editorial ‘we’. Just like Joel says, “We know you can stop an earthquake, we know you can stop a tidal wave.“ And who’s the we who knows it? Joel. The people who were with him when he raised Lazarus from the dead are John. Mary and Martha were there too. But it was an invisible event. And so John bear record of it. He could witness the invisible. And he confirms that even further here. “For this cause the people also met him, for that they heard that he had done this miracle.” You see, some see within, and then others hear without.

And so thanks to John we have the record of these invisible happenings and again the record of the meaning of the ride into Jerusalem on the colt, emphasizing the young colt. And Mark emphasizes a colt that no one had sat upon. This was the new Consciousness on the earth that no one had sat upon. The realization of Spiritual identity now, immortal Self now, child of God now; not a dying creature.

And yet the significance of that is still not fully understood and we’re going to have to deepen our significance, our understanding of the significance of what it means to be a child of God, an immortal Self now, a Spiritual identity now, an Infinite being now, and we are going to have to do that today.

The Pharisees therefore said among themselves, Perceive ye how ye prevail nothing? behold, the world is gone after him.” And so the Pharisees in spite of thinking they were merely making a comment, they were prophesying a truth. “Behold the world has gone after him.” They too, without really realizing what they had said had predicted that the world would turn to Christ. And it is.

The situation was getting out of hand there. Those who had seen the miracles of Jesus were not aware of what he was teaching but they were following him. He wasn’t fooled by this outer demonstration of palm trees, palm branches and hosannas. They knew nothing of what he was teaching. They were going by outer signs. He was teaching the Truth comes only through the inner Christ and that Truth is power, that Truth is ordained, that Truth is the pathway to transition which is the only salvation there is. Salvation is transition. Transition is salvation. Salvation is the big promise of religions. But it does not promise transition – it never heard of it. And transition alone is salvation. Transition from man of earth to child of God living in your spiritual Self. This is salvation. This isn’t a future heaven, this is a heaven now. This isn’t a future peace, this is a peace now. The pathway to Jerusalem here, is the pathway to Life eternal.

And you must be in the Truth of the new birth. For only the new birth is one with God. Only the new birth is in the one Divine Consciousness. Only the new birth takes us out of duality. The baptism of the Spirit, the second baptism, takes us out of the duality of being a creature separated from God into the one undivided Divine Consciousness which alone manifests its own Selfhood as our being.

Christ on the colt is the union of identity and Truth in you as one Self. Moving, guided totally riding on the Truth of Christ identity. I’d like to plant the seed then at this point, of the depth that we must go to realize Christ identity. You’ve all been willing to say, “Yes, we can see that mortal mind influences us to see things that aren’t there, that weren’t God created.” We’ve been willing to say that, “We’re under a state of hypnosis.” Something else is missing isn’t it?

Suppose you close your eyes with me and think of a dream you may have had. Any dream. And remember how real it was. And how when you awakened everything that happened in the dream vanished. It was all in the dream. Suppose we invent a dream right now. Suppose in your dream you have a man who is building a house. And suppose he’s going to move into that house with his new bride. And suppose he painstakingly builds it, using his hard earned savings to get just the right appearance, the right materials, the right location. And now along comes a flood in one of these eight states and wipes it away.

Suppose the man now is looking for the girl who is to marry him and move into this house – and he can’t find her. Suppose she is one of the one third of a million who are homeless. And maybe among those who are lost. Suppose, as you go through this dream you see how deeply the man is hurt, how he’s grieving, how he’s worried, how his whole life has been put into jeopardy, how every plan has been shattered. And then you wake up. No house, no flood, no man, no bride, no tragedy. Where was it? It was in the dream. Everything that happened was in the dream. But what is a dream?. You didn’t sit down and plan that dream in your sleep. It happened in the dream. Something made that happen and there was nothing you could do about it. It happened without your wish, without your desire, without your plan, without your premeditated thought. It thought itself right through you. And it was real. It was so real that you were very relieved when you awakened and found that it was unreal.

And in that dream the man was so real, the young man, the house was real, you could describe it. The colors, the materials, the view, the number of rooms, you could see the builders putting it up. It was all so real. But what was it? It was thought. It was your thought. But it wasn’t your awake thought, your conscious thought, your planned thought, it was your involuntary thought. It was thought that was placed there by a force. A force that was dreaming its thought into you. Thinking its thought into your dream. And everything and every person in the dream would have thought he had free will, a life of his own, a heart of his own, lungs of his own, a body of his own. But he hadn’t.

The fabric of the dream was the thought of the dreamer. And the dreamer being asleep, not in conscious thought, there was someone else dreaming, thinking through you. As you lay in bed asleep something was putting this into your mind. And we’re going to call that the world mind, the dreamer, forcing its thought into you while you slept. And you can accept that that dream was not your personal voluntary thought, you can accept that it was put there and you had no control over it whatsoever. It was uncontrolled thought. At least it wasn’t controlled by you.

But now comes the Christ saying to us, “Awake thou that sleepest.” And we must ask ourselves, “Is that what is actually happening to us?” Instead of our dreaming about a house going up, about a flood, about people whose lives are shattered, are we that boy in the dream? Will we awake and discover that what we are doing while we think we’re awake is only a dream? The boy in the dream thought he was awake, it never occurred to him that he wasn’t. It never occurs to us that we’re anything but awake. Then why are we told it to awake? Is it possible that we are the characters in the dream? That the houses we’re building are made of the very same substance that we’re made of, that the rivers around us are made of the very same substance that we’re made of? That our world is made of the same substance that we’re made of? That all of this is thought, of another dreamer than ourselves? That we are the characters in someone else’s dream? Can you conceive of that?

Maybe you had better because you’re going to be asked to go that far in order to know Truth. You’re going to have to discover for yourself that your world is a dream. Not you’re just hypnotized, not that it’s a suggestion, not that it’s an appearance; but that we are made of thought. And the world mind is thinking, dreaming, what we seem to experience. Now when you can go that far you will know that everything you’re looking at is in the dream and it is the same substance as you are. It doesn’t matter what you see. It’s the dream. It doesn’t matter what you think – it’s the dream. Or touch or feel or hear; it’s the dream.

And when you can go that far to accept or to even give thought to the possibility and then to meditate upon it until you can understand that you’re not God’s creation as a physical human being. Therefore what are you? If you’re not God’s creation as a physical human being, what are you? And finally we come to that conclusion; I must be a dream. The very self that I’m so proud of is not a mortal at all and it’s not going to become an immortal. It’s a dream. Everyone I know has to be a dream because that which is not God created is not creation. Does God create floods and kill God’s creation? Does God turn one third of a million people homeless in floods? Does God build tombstones? Does God build battlefields? What’s happening? You’re seeing the world dream and you say, “It’s impossible, it can’t be a dream.” And God says, “But that’s all it is. My kingdom is Reality. What is the world? My kingdom is not of this world. What is the world?”

It’s time to stop calling it hypnosis. It’s time to stop calling it an appearance, it’s time to stop calling it matter. It’s time to stop calling it anything except what it is; a dream. And you’re not dreaming it. You’re as much the dream as the characters in your dream and they have no will but they think they have. They have no independence but they think they have. And the moment you stop and dwell upon it you’ll find that you’ve never been able to control this dream. You can’t control your life and the reason you haven’t is because you can’t control a dream. No character in your dream has ever controlled his life. It was controlled for him and the minute you awakened, his dream, his life, his dream life vanished.

Lazarus awakened. We cannot know it from this side of the veil but his dream life vanished. Jesus awakened. His dream life vanished. Whenever you awake, and there are moments when you do, your dream life vanishes but you’re not aware of it. You say, “I feel so beautiful, so strange, it’s all one. I don’t see individuals. I feel a peace.” Yes, because you’re not in the dream. You’re not in that controlled dream of the world mind.

The second baptism doesn’t come while we’re trying to make the dream a happy dream, a better dream, a comfortable dream. It only comes when we willing to face the fact that flesh is the dream. Corporeality is the dream, and the good of it and the bad of it are the dream.

We read about Adam. And in his sleep it says that Eve came out of his rib, formed out of his rib. It’s more than just a symbol, it’s telling you that he was dreaming. And he dreamed of woman. And then he dreamed of a world. And then he dreamed of evil. And then he dreamed of serpents. Everything after Adam is a dream. Right from Eve. We’re the dream of Adam. We are still the dream of Adam. And it’s only when you step of the dream of the world mind that you discover you never were the person, the mortal, the creature, the flesh, the form. In order to be re-born of the Spirit we must first accept the Truth that if God is All and God is not that which dies, then the flesh which dies I cannot be. It must be the dream

The channel for the dream is obviously the human mind. But the human mind isn’t dreaming. The human mind is still the substance of the dream. The dreamer is the world mind.

Somebody asked me about Lucifer today. There he is. The world mind dreaming is Lucifer. That’s the fallen. That’s the conflict in heaven, the war in heaven. But it’s all part of a purpose. It’s only when we come to the realization that the world mind dreaming is dreaming the world that we are in. Then we can see that the world mind dreams its dream through your mind. Your mind becomes a channel for the dream of the world. It dreams bodies. It dreams rivers. It dreams planets. It dreams a whole universe of matter. And the subject and the object and the actions and the motions and the lifespans, even the reincarnations, are all part of the dream.

Everyone of the re-incarnated lives you may have lived are part of the dream. That is the substance of them.

I the Christ never is incarnate. The word incarnation is misunderstood. There is flesh, and there is flesh. There is mortal flesh which is dream flesh and there is spiritual flesh which is Reality. Christ is spiritual flesh. Lazarus reborn is spiritual flesh. Jesus Christ reborn is spiritual flesh. Now when you say Christ incarnate, that means in spiritual flesh. The word in incarnate is incorrect because it’s connotation is material flesh. Christ manifest is more accurate. Incarnate is often used and then abused because it has two meanings. Its first meaning is: in the flesh, human flesh. When it’s used by a mystic it means: in the spiritual flesh.

Now you have never been incarnate in material flesh: that’s the dream. And so when you reincarnate that’s just a repetition of the dream. And the reason the dream is repeated and repeated and repeated is because we’re still in the dream. The pathway to salvation is out of the dream and so first, incarnation is the illusion of being in the flesh. That is the meaning of in-carnation. The illusion of flesh. Reincarnation is the return to the illusion of flesh. No actual incarnation exists because there is no flesh. And no reincarnation exists because there is no flesh to reincarnate into.

But until we learn we’re in the dream and what to do about it, we never come out of it and as a result we don’t make our transition, we don’t attain salvation. We come back into the illusion of another incarnation. And so we’re on the wheel of reincarnation or the wheel of illusion. Repeated and repeated and repeated until that day when Lazarus walks out of the tomb. When you ride on the colt of wisdom, Divine Truth, and it leads you on the pathway to transition out of the dream which is all that Ascension ever meant. To ascend out of the dream of this world.

Now most of us have accepted, in one way or another that Adam had a dream, or that we’re in a dream or the world is a dream. But we have never really, really taken it as a must, to sit down and face this Truth and do something about it. We figure, “Oh well, something will happen.” But you’re wrong. Something won’t happen. You have to lift the veil of the dream.

And so we’ve come to grips with that dream very quickly. And let’s see that the dream is thought, that the fabric of the world is thought. And it isn’t God’s thought at all. God’s not thinking forest fires, God’s not thinking murders and suicides and accidents. God’s not thinking diseases. In him is no darkness at all. Who’s thinking these things? We are, and the world mind in us is, just as the characters in your dream were really your thought. They had no thought of their own.

We have no thought of our own but we think we have. The only thought we have is the thought which comes from the world mind through us and becomes what we think is my thought. “I’m going to do this today.” What about the characters in your dream when they decided to do something? They decided to build a house. Did they really? Were they building a house? Where’s the house? You awakened and the house was gone. You think you built houses. Did you? Or did world mind build them through you out of thought which you accepted as your thought and called it a building. You think you’re building a life. Are you? Or is the world mind through you building it’s thought as the fabric of your life.

Now look, we’re in the highest mysticism we can get at this moment and I want you to see very carefully that whatever you’re looking at, everywhere in this world, you’re not looking at anything at all except your own thought. That’s all you can ever see. You’re not seeing a mountain, you’re seeing your thought about what you call a mountain. You’re not seeing a river. You’re not seeing anything except your thought. This is important. And when you know that you’re seeing your thought you will understand why Isaiah speaking from the inner Christ said, “My thoughts are not your thoughts.”

Your thoughts are from the world mind, the Lucifer mind. You’re looking out and you’re seeing the thoughts of the deceiver which you’re calling this world of things and it is not your Father’s kingdom, it is not Reality. It is dream thought and you’re looking at thought forms in the dream. Thought forms in the dream constitute the dream world which is not the Father’s Kingdom. Oh, they’re beautiful forms and some are ugly forms and some threaten you and some look like paradise. They’re places to go on vacations that are just the most wonderful forms. And there are other places that are hell holes. And they’re all made of the same fabric – thought. The good of it, the evil of it. the floods we are experiencing in eight states are human thought. You are looking at human thought and calling it a flood. You’re looking at three hundred and seventy five thousand homeless people but you’re not.

—- End of Side One —-

God isn’t seeing what you’re seeing because you’re seeing human thought. Now whoever can’t get this is going to have a difficulty riding into Jerusalem. And whoever hears it and doesn’t dwell with it is going to have difficulty too. As a matter of fact it’s awfully difficult to accept and yet it’s the ultimate Truth that we have to face. We have to pull away the veil, the lie which comes disguised as separate forms, separate objects, separate conditions, separate things if we are ever to see and understand and live in the one undivided Self.

Your world, my world, his world, her world is the dream of a world mind. And we have been accomplices to our own suicide, to our own pains, to our own grievances. And oh, it’s easy after you begin to accept it to find that you were told this in practically every word of the Bible. Everywhere you turn, it’s telling you: you’re living in a dream world. Look there’s Adam sleeping dreaming about Eve coming out of his rib. Do you believe that? It’s a dream isn’t it?

There’s all the children of Eve cursed by the Father? Why, it must be a dream. Look at all the killing, it must be a dream. One son kills another son. Do you think it’s happening or is it a dream. And there’s a flood and everything on the earth is buried except two of a kind. You believe it? It’s all a dream you’re being told again and again and again. Get out of the dream. And the secret of the dream is world thought, individually interpreted as human thought.

You’re in a room right now, but you’re not in a room. Who says you’re in a room? Your mind says you’re in a room. And your mind doesn’t know where you are because your mind is a dream mind and all it can know is a dream world, a dream room. And so you look at the walls and you say, “There it is, there’s the wall.” We can burn those walls with a match, we can crush those walls with a hammer. We can’t do that to Gods creation. In the dream we can do every kind of deviltry imaginable. In the dream we can kill people, that’s because it’s in the dream. And that’s why in the dream we die. When the thought runs out the death occurs. The end of thought is the end of the dream for that individual.

Now science helps us. Science is, invisibly, one of the great arms that is giving us an answer for that which we couldn’t understand even though science doesn’t know they are giving us the answer. And so you look at the wall and you say, “There’s the wall.” But it isn’t there. Science says that atoms. That’s great. That’s true. That’s atoms. What science can’t tell us is that atoms are part of the dream too. There isn’t an atom in this universe that isn’t part of the dream fabric of thought. The only difference is that the atoms are the thought of the world mind before your human mind gets to those atoms. The human mind only is looking at atoms. And what are you looking with? You’re looking with atoms of your own eyes.

Now let’s get the whole picture here. There is an invisible Spiritual universe right now, right here. And it’s perfect. And it doesn’t need correction and that’s all that’s here and in it you’re living in your Reality. In it Christ lives. In it, the Christ you is living now and enjoying the fruits of the Spirit. Being Self. Being Eternal. Being the Child of God. That is the Allness. And that Christ did not incarnate as you. That Christ is all you are and you are that Christ now behind the veil of world thought

Christ never incarnates. There is no incarnation. Christ is Spirit. You are that Being. I am that Being. Everyone we know is that invisible being called Christ. And we all have infinite individuality in Christ. Christ John, Christ Jesus, Christ Peter. Christ you. You are there now. And then the world mind looks at this invisible Spiritual creation and forms it’s concept called atoms. That’s the first world thought – atoms. Separating the indivisible into little particles of electricity; separate little particles. That’s what you’re looking at when you see a wall. And you’re looking at it with the atoms of your eyes and what makes the wall is the reaction of your eyes with its atoms to the atoms of the wall. You’re looking at something you cannot see and the atoms of your eyes reacting to the atoms that are there form and clothe those atoms with a concept called wall. The difference in speed between the atoms where the wall is and the atoms of eyes creates the wall. You clothe everything you see with the reaction of the atoms of your eyes to the atoms that you are looking at. You’re looking at the dream thought of the world mind and that dream thought is atoms and you’re looking out of human eyes which are made of atoms and the reaction is wall, person, thing, place, tree.

Then you say, “Well why do I see a bird, why does everybody see a bird?” And the answer is simple. You look at the atoms over there and you see a bird and I look over there and I see a bird, is because the atoms over there are in a pattern and if we look somewhere else we’ll both see a giraffe. Why? Because the atoms over there are in a pattern. We’re reacting to the patterns of atoms. Over there the pattern is such that we all see wall. But the atoms aren’t there. God didn’t put them there. The world mind did. God didn’t put the atoms where your eyes are. The world mind did.

The eyes that you look with are part of the dream, the atoms you’re looking at are part of the dream, the reaction is part of the dream. “He hangeth the earth upon nothing.”

And so you look. Atoms react to atoms. The patterns are set by the world mind and your reaction is modified only slightly by your heredity and environment. Past experience. But basically we’re all looking at the same patterns and we’re fooled into clothing those patterns with bodies of flesh which are nothing more than our own thought reactions. Now this is the inner formation of the dream. I’m sure in time, there will be some great minds who will reveal much deeper understanding of it and fill it out with all kinds of scientific explanations but I’m sure you can see that if the atoms of your eyes are going at such a speed and the atoms over there are going of a greater speed, your reaction to them can form an impression which you call steel, wood, tree, bird. The forms of the world are made that way. We clothe atoms with our minds.

Now then if you can’t overcome your thought you’re going to go on continuing to build a dream world which the world mind builds through you. You’ll continue in Adams dream. And so it becomes so utterly clear why we’re told, “Take no thought for your life….Take no thought….Judge not after the appearances….Resist not evil….Be still and know.” All of this is to break the continuity of the dream and to awaken us out of being a dream character, a creature who receiveth not.

(Pause due to sound of ‘just married’ horns in the background.)

I gather this one is going to build that house we were just talking about. (Audience chuckles)

(Pause till horns pass)

Now the reason we are facing this today is because we’re on our way to Jerusalem. And there’s no way there as long as we live in the dream. Now there are ways to start seeing through the dream. First of all we know that others have come out of the dream, have been enlightened. We know that others have made transition. We know that others have been able to come into a way of life in which they are no longer controlled by world thought. And can look through appearances unaffected by them, unaffected by the appearance of two powers and have been reunited in Oneness with that which the world mind is trying to counterfeit.

Now there is no sickness or sadness or sorrow or limitation or lack except in the dream. And when you try to correct these things and seemingly succeed and find out a week later or a month later that which you succeeded in doing seems to fall apart again, it’s because you were not aware that the total circumstance and the characters in it are world mind dream creations. Yourself included.

Now we haven’t faced this have we? We haven’t been willing to. Nobody wants to tell us to face it either. It’s much more pleasant to go on ignoring it, pretending that if we just do certain nice things, things will work out fine. And that’s what the world’s been doing. I don’t know anyone you’re going to tell this to because if you do you’ll discover you really have no one to listen to you. The only time you can tell this is when you have proved to yourself that it’s true. And if you haven’t, you have no right to say it, to another. You’ve got to prove it to yourself and if it’s not true, fine, that’s great. Even in proving that it’s not true you’ve done something. But you might discover that it not only is true but it’s the only Truth. And that until you meet this Truth and come past this Truth all that you try to do in the way of learning Truth is barricaded. That you’ll continue living a dream lifespan. With dream people, with dream conditions, with dream financing. And it won’t work.

The fabric of the dream is your thought. It isn’t your thought, it’s what thought is forced upon you to become your thought. And you’ve got to break it.

And that’s where we’ll take our break and rest for about a few minutes in a meditation before we try to find ways to come out of world thought.

Pause, (class break) …

The question before me here is “Where does world thought come from?” And, I know that the answer will not be accepted because world thought doesn’t exist. It’s the dream too. And then the question is, “Well, how does a dream begin, how does it get here, why is it here?” And, the only answer you can get is going to be directed to a dream mind. Because only the dream mind wants to know why, how and when. It’s part of the dream.

And the best way to answer the question is to go back into a character in your dream who wants to know. And you’ll see that anything he wants to know he doesn’t really want to know because he isn’t there. He seems to be there and he seems to want to know and the point that you’re not getting is that you’re the dream. And therefore anything you want to know is part of the dream. And it’s only when you awaken from the dream that you’ll see that the mind that asks the question is part of the dream. And I don’t expect you to accept it but at least the important thing to see is that we remain characters in the dream and everything we do in the dream is part of the dream. Even the desire to know.

The only mind there is, is God. The only thought there is, is God. Out of that Divine mind. Now, while we want to know where does world thought come from, suppose you were in the flood and your home was floating down the tide? Would you be more interested in knowing where it came from or would you be more interested in knowing how to be safe? How to survive? Would you at that moment want to know the why and wherefore or would you be more interested in self preservation?

Are you more interested in the Truth or are you more interested in knowing the why and the wherefore? The human mind is the natural mind, “It receiveth not the things of God.” The Truth can only come to you from Christ. In fact, Isaiah’s statement of the Christ, “My thoughts are not your thoughts,” is the revelation that only Christ in you can dissolve the dream and the dream mind and only the Christ mind in you knoweth the Father.

Now, we would have to be the very infinite Spirit totally in order to be able to explain why these things happen as appearances in the world mind. But we do know that the Father says, “Be ye perfect.” Now who is saying to the Father, “Explain it to me why these things are happening?” Who is saying that? The one who is not saying that because the Father says it, it is so. There is no reason that the human mind will accept but there is a spiritual something which says, “It is so.”

And if you’re going to live within the realm of reason and want to know how it got there you’re going to miss the point of the dream. Because the realm of reason is part of the dream. The illusion on the desert is there. That’s a fact. The world is not your Father’s Kingdom. That’s a fact.

Now, if you want to know how the world got there, even though it’s not your Father’s kingdom you’ll have to come into Christ because nobody in this world is going to tell you how the world got there and how there could be a world mind when the world mind itself has no existence. There is no world mind. That’s why the complete illusion of the dream person, the mortal being, the mortal life, the mortal lifespan, becomes a dream. It comes out of a dream mind.

And you come to the vanishing point where you’re left with a world mind that isn’t there but which is dreaming a dream world. And the only way you can solve that riddle is to live in the Truth of that which is present. You can’t solve it in a conversation or a discussion or a mind speaking to a mind. Two dream minds talking to each other will not get anywhere. You must join that Christ spirit in your Self which dissolves the world mind. And when you have the experience you won’t need the conversation or the human explanation of it. The experience is the only answer to your question. Until then, you’ll have to simply know that there is no world mind to have the dream of this world. And that the complete dream of this world is in a world mind which is a dream itself. And that is precisely why it’s been so difficult for mankind it to step out of the dream because it isn’t aware of the condition or what’s causing the condition. It only knows that somewhere in the Bible the Father said, “Be ye perfect.” And it’s trying so hard to be and doesn’t know how to be.

The homes are floating down the river and here’s the Voice saying, “Be ye perfect.” How? How can any one of those who have been made desolate be perfect while their homes are floating down the river? But, look at it another way. When the Voice says, “Be ye perfect,” does it mean just on Tuesday or Wednesday or does it mean every instant? “Be ye perfect.”

Now then, if the homes are floating down the river, how can I be perfect? The answer is that I’ve got to see the Truth that there’s no home floating down the river. That’s the only way I can be perfect. As long as there’s a home floating down the river you can’t say you’re perfect. The dream of a world that is in torment must be seen as non-existent. There is no world in torment. There is no world at war there is no world in grief. There is no world in disease. I don’t need a reason for that. It’s the Father’s Word. “My kingdom is not of this world.”

There’s no reason, it’s simply the Truth. And that’s why I say you must find absolute Truth. If you find Truth that’s reason, it isn’t Truth. The only Truth that’s Truth is the Truth spoken by the Father. That’s the point. And the Father says, “This world is not my kingdom.” That is all you need to know – it’s a dream world. And until you’re willing to accept the Father’s Word without further question you’ll always say, “I don’t understand this.” We don’t have to understand the Father, you see? Those who want to understand are going to be on the outside looking in wondering why they couldn’t attain the level of Christ Consciousness.

The disciples couldn’t understand either. It said so. But they were obedient to the Christ which says, “Do this, do that.”

Now if you don’t believe the Truth of these words in the Bible that’s another thing but if you do don’t let your lack of understanding of them stop you. You’ll see that in a minute. Here some Greeks appear. It doesn’t seem to be of major importance that suddenly a few Greeks appear at a meeting here. But they go to Philip, Philip takes them to Andrew, together Philip and Andrew go to Jesus. And as soon as he learned the Greeks have come, He says the most amazing thing. All through the Bible he saying, “Mine hour is not yet come….Mine hour has not yet come,” he repeats it and repeats it but now a few Greeks show up at a meeting and he says, “Mine hour is come.”

Why don’t they go direct to Jesus? Why do they go to Philip and then to Andrew? That’s the answer to your question right there. First Philip. And then Philip goes to Andrew. And then Philip and Andrew go to Jesus. Do you see the chain of command? That Philip represents something in us, Andrew something in us? And both Philip and Andrew have to go to the Christ? And that the only way the Greeks can come to the Christ is through Philip in us and Andrew in us.

Philip is the mind that says, “I don’t understand.” Philip is the human mind. But it understands enough to know to go to Andrew. And Andrew does understand and Andrew has the strength, the will to be obedient to what he understands. The outer intellect says, “Alright I heard it.“ But Andrew says, “I not only heard it – I will do it.”

This is Philip and Andrew and together they go to I am the Christ. It’s the faith to live and to abide not in your understanding. You must transcend human understanding. As long as you want to understand – which is commendable – you’re going to limit yourself to what you understand. There is a place where you do not understand and yet you go forth. And that’s the point of, “Lean not on thine own understanding.” There’s a place where Philip and Andrew together move to Christ still not knowing what they’re doing but they are obedient and the word faith to accept the word of the Christ beyond your own understanding. Do you see that if you’re going to say, “I don’t understand how the world mind gets there” and stand there and wait for that understanding you’re not going to do what Philip and Andrew do right here? Now the importance of the Greeks will also clarify something. It’s really a long, long story. The Greeks are in contrast to the Jews. Later Paul will say, “There is neither Greek nor Jew.” The Jews have been set up as those who in us are the qualities of mind that reject Divine Selfhood.

The Jew in us says, “I’m a human being and I worship God. There’s only one God and I worship him.” And this is the rejection of the Truth that God is the substance of every individual on the earth. That God is the substance of the Jew, God is the substance of the Gentile, God is the substance of the Muslim, the Hindu etc.

But the Jew in us refuses to accept that the Spirit of God is our being. And so the Jew is in the dream. The Jew lives in the dream of the world mind thinking it’s worshipping God. Now comes the Greek and the Greek wants Christ. The Jew has rejected Christ; the Greek wants Christ. There is another phase in us, while the Jew in us is rejecting, the Greek in us is willing to be converted; wants Christ. And is coming and seeks Christ and says to Philip “We would have an audience with Jesus.”

And Philip the outer mind turns to Andrew, the strength, the obedience to faith and says, “They want to see Jesus.” And then the outer mind and the obedience that acts in faith to the outer mind goes in together to the Christ and says, “The Greeks are here.” And the Christ says, “Mine hour is come.”

Why? It goes right back to Lazarus the resurrected consciousness opened that day on earth, is also manifesting as the unconverted, the un-Christed, the Greeks, coming to find the Christ showing the universality of Christ. And it goes way, way back. I think it might be well to take a minute to see it way, way back. It goes back to Egypt. It was from Egypt that the Greeks, you see, found the mysteries. And there was Orpheus. And out of Orpheus came what is called the Greek Orphic mysteries. It seems that long before Jesus Christ walked the earth, the Truth that he presented was known. In fact, Orpheus was called the Greek Christ. And that was twelve centuries before Jesus Christ. They actually were teaching in Greece at that time that there is one Spirit, one God, one Soul, and that God is infinite and one in number and is the Unseen Spirit behind all that we call nature. Orpheus taught that.

In fact Orpheus did many miracles. Orpheus, it was said, played a harp given to him by the gods and you can see the meaning when you learn that that harp that he played was so celestial in its tone that great monsters came out of the sea just to listen to it. And that it could tame the storm, tame the tides. He could tame all manner of natural phenomenon. That even savage beasts would listen to its tone and they would lose all ferocity. This is the story of Orpheus. And this became part of the mystical teachings in the mystery schools of Greece. Actually 1200 years before Jesus they taught that God did not create corporeal beings. That atoms were the substance of all matter. The substance of all that was good and evil and was not Divinely created. They taught that if you did not attain your eternal Soul you would come back into this atomic illusion of corporeality. And then he had a seven string lyre that he played beside. And always it was called music of the gods. Celestial music.

There were many composers who discovered the power of Orpheus. Richard Wagner was one and later Igor Stravinsky. But there was in Greece a man named Pythagoras. And around 550 he made the teaching of Orpheus a part of his movement. And this is what fathered the understanding of Orphic mysteries right down to Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

But by now, you see, the pure mysticism of Asia was tempered by science and philosophy. And so they took ecstasy as seen in the Asian and they gave it a sense of order. They took faith and they backed it up with knowledge. Things were given a form and a substance that up to then had simply been in the mystical world. But then it was lost. It became too much form, too much science too much philosophy. And so the Orphic mysteries became a forgotten mystery. It was picked up however by the Essenes. By Enoch among the Essenes. Not the real Enoch but the teacher among the Essenes who called himself Enoch.

And so the Greeks had lost it. In other words, that part of the world which had had the mystical Truth of the one Divine Spirit of the substance of all being, lost it.

I, the Spirit of God in Christ Jesus was the very Spirit of Truth of Orpheus, of Pythagoras, of Socrates, of Plato, of Aristotle. Is there another spirit than I, Christ?

And even though this is lost through the centuries and now pops up in the Divine form called Christ Jesus, the moment the Greek appears, you see, this is a tying together of all the threads of spiritual unfoldment on the earth. Because now that which was out of the mystical Truth, that seed which had been planted years before, centuries before, now is fertile and the Greek is turning to the Christ and east and west are meeting again. And so I the Christ, in Jesus, recognizes I the Christ in the Greek and this is a sign that the world has been tied into one. “Now mine hour has come.”

Much more that could be said but there are words to be used that we’re not ready for. One of them is androgynous and you can look it up. Find out what it means and you’ll have a clue to the meaning of the Greek appearing. Further you’ll find that androgynous means neither male nor female. And Paul caught that. The union in ones Self in which one becomes pure Spirit is neither male nor female. And this was the mystical marriage signified to Jesus Christ by the Greek. The Greek chain of the Orphic mysteries coming into visibility for the story of Orpheus was the mystical marriage. Now there’s so much you could say about this sort of thing but you’d really have to go back and back and study all of the things that were taught in the Greek mystery schools. And the reason it’s always remind a mystery is because the basic teaching of the mystery schools, always shrouded in words, is that all corporeal existence is a universal dream.

There are passages here which I think you should see about the Greek stranger. Let’s first see this. “There were certain Greeks among them that came up to worship at the feast: the same therefore came to Philip, which was of Bethsaida of Galilee, and desired him, saying, Sir, we would see Jesus. Philip cometh and telleth Andrew: and again Andrew and Philip tell Jesus.” They came together. Understanding came with faith and the will to obey that. That’s why they came together.

Jesus answered them, saying, The hour is come that the Son of man should be glorified.”

There is precedence for this in various passages in the Bible. You remember first of all in Paul, in the Acts, that he worked among the Greeks. And there the Jews burned Jason’s house. A symbol of rejecting the Greeks as being important enough for the Truth. And yet Paul stayed with the Greeks and did a great work among the Greeks, wrote to the Corinthians and so on.

Now earlier in the Bible, in Isaiah we have a little hint about the Greeks. And that’s 42:4. Some of this doesn’t add up to reason but it shows you the thread of prophecy, how the Infinite mind which is working there works over here two thousand years later and it’s really working in both areas at the same time.

In Isaiah 42:4 “He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for his law.” The isles you see, means the Grecian Isles; it doesn’t say so. It was on the Isle of Patmos that John was given the great Revelation about new Jerusalem. “The isles shall wait for his word.” The Grecian Isles had lost the real deep Truth but they would return to Christ. Isaiah, the Christ speaking through says, “The isles shall wait for his law.” Here the Christ in Jesus hears the Greeks have come. You see how it ties up? The One Self announcing what it will do and then doing it. But more so, we see in Genesis a very strange combination. And this is really delightful if you’re a Bible lover, because in Genesis we tie up Greeks and jackasses and the whole thing is right there.

Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies; thy father’s children…. Judah’s a lion, a whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up…. The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come.” Now Shiloh is the Christ. “And unto him shall the gathering of the people be. Binding his foal unto the vine, and his ass’s colt unto the choice vine; he washed his garments in wine, and his clothes in the blood of grapes: His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk.”

Now here you see that the Christ, will come on an asses colt way back in Genesis. And it talks about the red wine and you remember the Christ changing water to wine. You see how it begins to pull in the thread of prophecy way back in Genesis up to Zechariah and then in the actual appearance; but it’s always the invisible Christ. That’s why it appears that way. It’s inevitable. And whatever the invisible Christ ordains in you is inevitable. There’s no power on earth to stop it.

Now again a stranger thing perhaps in Kings. And this is why again Jesus Christ was so sure his hour had come because the Christ had so predicted. 1 Kings 8:41. “Moreover concerning a stranger, that is not of thy people Israel, but cometh out of a far country for my name’s sake.”

You see the vast movement of mysticism out of Greece, being lost and then coming into fruition in this visible little group of Greeks coming as predicted way back in Kings. And an asses colt way back in Genesis and again in Zachariah. All this being woven together in one appearance. Do you feel the deep thread of Truth of the Word how it’s inevitably the only thing you can follow? What else can know? What else can be Reality? Do you see why that vein in you must touch this I Christ Truth?

Mine hour is come.”

And now the Greek represents the conversion of the world to Christ. This then will be the beginning of the universal nature of Christ accepted on the earth as an actual fact to be realized and it appears within our generation.

Do you know why there was to be an end of the world? And what it meant now? Why would the heavens roll up like a scroll? When you awake from the dream – isn’t that the effect? Isn’t that exactly what happens when you awake from a dream? What is the end of the world? The end of a dream. “Be ye perfect,” because God didn’t create these evils; they’re in the dream. Where else can they be if God didn’t create them? They must be in the dream. Cancer is part of a dream, pain is part of a dream. Every limitation, every imperfection is part of a dream. It rolls up like a scroll when you awaken from the dream. And now there’s a Greek here awakening from a dream. He’s reaching for Christ.

The something in us that reaches for Christ is ready to awaken from the dream.

Let’s go a step further. Where the dream is, God is. The dream isn’t there. God is, That’s why it’s called a dream because it isn’t there. But if God is there, isn’t perfection there? What are you going to correct. Can you correct perfection?

Now then when you know it’s a dream, when you know perfection is present where the dream seems to be and you change your consciousness to the realization of that perfection in spite of what the dream appears to present: isn’t that the healing Consciousness? Do you see that you can’t really have what God didn’t create? It has to be a dream? And if God didn’t create a bad vision or a bad back or a bad heart; how can you have one? And if your heart is capable of being imperfect, how could God create it? Anything that can be imperfect cannot be God’s creation. What is it? It’s a dream.

And so you’re being told that you don’t have a heart, you’re dreaming about a heart. You don’t have lungs, you’re dreaming about lungs. You don’t have a physical form, you’re dreaming about a physical form. And when you awaken from the dream you come into that consciousness gradually which enables you to feel that which is not the human heart but which is your spiritual Self. And gradually you’re awakened out of the false sense called incarnation. Until there is a new born consciousness, a colt, you’re out of the false sense of self. “Man,” said Job, “is born an ass.” And that’s a specific quote. “Man is born an ass.” But the Christ says, “That’s fine but he can be re-born a colt with a new Consciousness.” Christ sitting in the saddle riding into the higher Consciousness, the mortal dream is broken.

And now this turning as you are walking, riding, on the new Truth that you’re not the dream. The dream is imperfection: it’s good and evil. That’s the tree of knowledge of good and evil; the dream. But right where the dream seems to be, ye be perfect; which is the same thing as, “Be ye perfect.”

And so your riding on the Truth right where the dream seems to be and you’re going with the faith of Andrew and the strength of Andrew coupled with the knowledge that Philip has brought to Andrew. And the Greek, that deep desire to be converted to return to the Father’s house is reaching for the Christ. It’s all been welded into the one universal Self, out of the dream.

And to make sure you know it; listen. “Verily, verily I say unto you, Except a germ of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it brings forth much fruit.” Now the Orphic mysteries taught about a germ of wheat and it taught about man being that germ of wheat. The mysteries of Greece

Now you know the husk has to fall off for the fruit to grow. This human body, this dream image is the husk. The human lifespan is the husk, the world is the husk. The world dream is the husk. And when you conquer it you overcome the world dream, you’re awakening from the dream. But what’s awakening? That which is awakening is not in the dream. And right where you seem to be there’s something in you awakening. That’s the slumbering Christ to which the dream is asleep. It’s only when you’re willing to shuck off the husk, the world dream, that something in you comes alive to your consciousness. And that’s the meaning of “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone. But if it die,” If you let the dream be accepted. You see you can only die to the dream. You can’t die to Reality. “If it die,” If the dream dies, “It bringeth forth much fruit.” Then out of the dream rises the Reality of your being.

That’s why it’s important to recognize the dream. And the best way to recognize it, is to go inside and just rest there and imagine, or recall a dream, anything you dreamed and you see how quickly that condition within the dream, whatever it was, is a perfect parallel of a human condition which we do not recognize as the dream, although it is.

He that loveth his life shall lose it.” Why would they want you to lose it? You see, because it’s a dream. “He that loveth his life shall lose it, and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.” And why would the Christ be saying, “He that hateth his life in this world shall keep it.” Are you to hate your life if it’s the life of God? And if it isn’t the life of God is it not a dream? He that recognizes that his human life is a dream is he who “Hateth his life in this world and he shall keep it unto life eternal.” The moment you recognize the dream life you’re really recognizing the hereditary life is the dream, the physical life is the dream, the human sense of life is the dream. It’s the atomic dream. All based on invisible atoms that we don’t see. And as soon as you break the bubble of the atomic dream you find your Life.

In a meditation the other day we were given an interesting start on breaking the dream which I would like to share with you.

We visioned within ourselves, first that all being human thought, if I can step out of human thought, the dreamer, the world mind has no channel through me to dream. And so, in the stillness, the Sabbath, the fast, taking no thought I am out of the dream.

But you see you have to establish the habit of looking at everything knowing it’s thought. It doesn’t matter what you look at you have to recognize it as thought. It isn’t just in your meditation. So the habit to start is to identify the world around you and everything in it as thought. And here’s the one way to do it.

In the quiet now we envision this man running. He’s racing. He’s trying to do a four-minute mile and he’s in his athletic suit and he’s running up the hill on the track – fast, fast, fast.

You see him in your mind. Now if you were to see him visibly in the outer world that would be the same as seeing him now in your mind. In your mind as you see him run now bring him into slow motion. So that you have a man who isn’t running as fast as he was but he’s moving slowly. Just like a movie would be brought into slow motion. Every step real s-l-o-w even as he runs, you are controlling his pace to slow motion.

What you’ve done is to slow down world thought in you. So now the man running fast is running in slow motion. It’s still your thought but it’s slower thought. Now from slow motion, slow him down to no motion, so that he’s not running at all. It’s your thought controlling his movement – he’s not running. All of this you’re voluntarily controlling within your mind. And in running slower and then not at all, is all your thought. And finally dismiss the man and you have no man. No thought of a man. All in your thought.

Now as you develop this, you should be able to look out as if the man actually were in your view and if you were to see such a man you should be able to do the same thing in your mind while looking at him. Until you realize that what you’re looking at, whether it’s inside your mind with your eyes closed or with your eyes wide open, you’re not seeing a man, you’re seeing your thought. And your thought says, “He’s running fast.” And consciously bring him into slow motion and then into no motion and then into disappearance.

Now as you do this, you will develop the capacity to come into no thought. This graduation or diminuation from the running down to the no running and finally no man, this becomes a habit. So we look at anything that moves and we go through the same slow motion, no motion and then finally no object. What is out there actually? If you were dreaming about an airplane would it be there? If you were dreaming about freeways would they be there? They’d vanish when you awaken. When you awaken from the mortal dream there are no freeways and there are no airplanes. You see the Christ teaches this is a dream civilization and everything you’re looking at is world thought and only when you are willing to form the habit of identifying it as world thought and then knowing that you’re looking at thought, don’t give it the power that you thought it had. It isn’t the man running. It isn’t a tiger. It isn’t a serpent. It isn’t a bomb. It isn’t a flood.

I know the mind says, “Oh, you just send that flood right through here and it’s going to drown us. What do you mean it’s not a flood?” Don’t forget the Christ walking on the water “Peace be still, it is I.”

The mind that says these things, “It’s not a flood,” or it is rather, isn’t accepting the Truth of Christ. You’re putting your mind over the Truth of Christ. We’re not doing that. We’re accepting the Truth of Christ which says “Peace be still, it is I.” Meaning it isn’t you, it’s I. And that storm is still because I, the Christ, am the Reality there and the storm at sea is world thought. Don’t overlook the miracles; they are revealing that world thought appears as the problem and Divine thought appears as the solution. When you’re not in this world thought and you slow down the world to slow motion and then no motion and then no world. As you begin to look out that way, you’ll begin to feel the non-power of what had appeared to be matter which was nothing more than your mind clothing the world with a material garment. As your thought is refined out of thought, Divine thought will take over lifting the Son of man.

The ear of corn must die. We must overcome our mortal sense of life which is human thought. That’s the fabric of the world; the fabric of mortal life.

Now I’ve given you quite a number of things to do and it’s in the doing that you find the capacity to stand before the so-called powers of the world knowing that they exist only in your thought. There are no external powers because there is no external world. There is only your thought appearing to you as a world.

Now that’s pretty big stuff to sit and digest in one meeting but if you are able to listen to it on your tape – or you’ll be hearing more of it again I’m sure here – you will begin to see that thought, thought, thought is the nature of the world. And Divine thought is the nature of the Kingdom. You ride to Jerusalem on Divine thought, not on human thought. And heaven replaces earth.

This is the mystical message of the Infinite Way. Not the letter of Truth. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it. The disciples weren’t picked for their great understanding. They were picked for their obedience and their faith to the Word of the Christ. Understanding then came later.

Next week is July 4th and we’ll be open.

You might try to be somewhat inventive although we had a runner running the four-minute mile, slow down and slow motion. You could take the tides of the ocean and see that they are nothing but thought; slow them down in your mind. Don’t expect the tides out there to slow down and don’t expect the runner to slow down out there. But you get the habit of recognizing this is thought. And instead of thought controlling you ultimately you’ll decide that it’s very possible for Divine thought to come in and dissolve human thought as you diminish your thought that way. That’s how we’re going to break the veil of thought.

Welcome once more.

We find today that we’re again facing a passage in John which the other disciples did not report. And always it seems to be because John alone was able to take us on the inner journey. And here we find a supper for Lazarus. Now you hear much about the last supper and the reason largely that the last supper is still nothing more than a religious ceremony for many, is because they have not been able to follow the resurrection of Lazarus and the previous miracles right up into the supper of Lazarus. And so we want to look at it today, in fact, we want to sit at that table. We want to learn what was happening at that little supper of Lazarus because it occurs at a very crucial time in world history. It is said here that it occurs six days before the Passover.

This occurrence made possible that which was to follow. Lazarus is now given a little supper. But we know better than to think they merely set around and had a little repast. This was a spiritual feast and it was also a commemoration of an event. It was actually the commemoration of a new Consciousness that had come upon the earth. And the supper commemorating this event, was now a feasting at the table of Christ. Each of us in turn, is to sit at this very same table. The table where the new Consciousness is no longer fed by the mind of the world.

The supper commemorates the breaking of the feeding of the mind of the world into the human sense mind and partaking now of Divine food. At this supper Lazarus eats Divine food. At this supper Mary and Martha are inaugurated into the great mysteries which presaged the resurrection of every individual on the earth.

It is six days before Passover. And the six here is a symbol of the new life. The Life eternal. A symbol of departing from the old life, a symbol that five stages of development have been completed in this sixth about to take place.

You remember that when Elizabeth was with child, with John the Baptist, six months later Mary was advised that she would be with child, or was with child. Six again. You remember that when water was changed to wine there were six stone water-pots. The sixth is going to lead to the seventh day. They’re going to be six steps, six days and they’re going to include new developments in illumination, rising in the highest state of the initiation. They’re going to include new trials, new tribulations, new temptations. And they’re going to make possible the Sabbath or seventh day which is the Passover or the Ascension. That’s what Passover should mean; Ascension. To pass over into the one undivided Consciousness, without return.

And so the six days prior to Passover now represent the new state of Consciousness inaugurated on earth, symbolized by the risen Lazarus supping at the table of the Father. And there’s Martha and there’s Mary and there’s Jesus; and they’re all at one table. They are all in the celestial diet of the Divine bread from one Source. We’re being told that we too must come to this place where one Source feeds us, and we’re not fed by the material concepts of the world.

Every time a new book comes out about diets, people look at it and they’re taken into this new diet plan and they’re completely overwhelmed by what they’re going to put into their digestive system. Sitting at the table of the Lord however, tells us that there is another kind of diet which has nothing to do with what you put in through the mouth. That which you feed your consciousness is the important diet and when we learn to be more conscious about that than what we put into our stomachs, we find we’re also feeding another body. With the food of the world we feed the body of the world, with the food of the Soul we feed the body of the Soul. And you cannot come into realization of the body of the Soul unless you are being fed Divinely.

The super of Lazarus is the signal that when we are fed Divinely, the new body of the Soul in us can be realized. There is no way to go into the seventh step, the seventh heaven, the eternal rest of Life itself unless you are being Soul fed to develop your concept, your awareness, your realization of Soul body.

And so those who have lingered in the illusion that as long as I know a lot of Truth, as long as I understand things, I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, they’re going to be left standing in a limited state of consciousness. We all are going to come to a place where no longer is this world and the mind of this world, my feeding ground. But rather, “Give us this day our daily Divine bread.”

That Consciousness which is fed from above, which is free of world thought, which is out of human thought, is making a transition in body from creature to the immortal Self. Now this is the transition that is highlighted here in the six days before Passover.

And so we look at ourselves and we say “Why am I not supping at that table? Where else is there Divine food? Will I continue in the illusion of material food as my only sustenance? Or just chewing on Truth with my mind, or, am I prepared to receive Life itself by inner revelation?”

Now then, revelation is brought here to our awareness as not just the voice of God within us speaking, but as a Divine feeding.

It will come to our attention with greater power in the last supper. But this is the last supper in the invisible, which later becomes the last supper in the visible. Those disciples not ready to know, to understand, to accept the meaning of at-one-ment may not have been present at this particular supper of Lazarus. And that is why they could not report about it. But Mary was there and Martha was there and there’s a new Martha there now. Before, if you remember in Luke, She complained, she said to the Master, “I wish you’d speak to Mary, she never helps me with the house work around here.” But now this Martha is serving and not complaining, not saying a word about it. And Mary the mystic is going to do something very important to all of us.

We’re going to see again that Mary, the mystic and Martha the externalized action of the inner mystic, have become one. And the outer and the inner are being balanced as one action. Mary serves within, Martha serves without. So Lazarus, he serves within and without.

Now let’s sit down at this supper and let’s see that the world has missed it. Isaiah didn’t, he gave to us back in, we’re going to look at Isaiah in 55. Chapter 57. Isaiah is telling us about this supper of Lazarus long before it happens. This is the 15th verse of the 57th chapter of Isaiah. “For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones.” This is the statement that revelation comes to those who have passed the point of personal self. Humility is not a human virtue. Humility is having passed the point of personal self. Contriteness here has the same significance. Those who have passed the point of personal self sit at the Lord’s table. Lazarus having died to personal self sits at the Lord’s table. And apparently Martha can serve there and Mary can be there too. They have learned to go past the point of personal self.

Now in Revelation we were told that all of us must come to this point and I’d like you to look back again for a second at Revelation chapters 2 and 3 for a moment, to see what Lazarus is actually doing here. And to recognize that there is a point where you will be sitting at that very table which is the inner Consciousness receiving revelation.

Now in chapter 2 of Revelation, 17th verse we find, “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh” – here is Lazarus who has overcome the sense of mortality – “will I give to eat of the hidden manna.”

And so at this supper they are eating hidden manna, “and will give him a white stone“ Lazarus has been given a white stone. “And in the stone a new name.” Lazarus has been given a new name. “ which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.”

Here’s Lazarus at his supper eating hidden manna. He has received a white stone and a new name. He is in a body of the Spirit, the white stone. His new name; he is now the Christ. His name is Christ Lazarus. He is hid in Christ. He is hid in the Christ body, he is hid in the Christ mind. He has access to the infinite Consciousness which feeds him. He is out of material law. And one thing that is now certain is – he can never die. He can never be sick. He can never lack. He can never hunger and he can never thirst. Because all of scripture has said so.

What has he done? He has laid down all personal self. Some say, “Well, that was easy for Lazarus, he had Jesus for a teacher.” So have you. Everyone has Christ for a teacher. And if you don’t let your teacher teach you, then you don’t go to the table to sup at the table of the Christ. Unless you are living through inner revelation you are rejecting the Christ, you are turning away from that table. It is ever available. “I prepare a table for you in the midst of thine enemies.” When? Whenever you are in “I.“

Again, in the same Revelation not only are you and me invited to partake of the hidden manna, to receive the white stone and the new name but it’s repeated for us in the 20th verse. “Not to eat things sacrificed unto idols.“ Now that has somewhat of a religious turn of phrase because of the interpretation it’s been given. “Not to eat things sacrificed unto idols.“ But you know eating means thinking.

Lazarus now is no longer in human thought. Mortal mind has been transcended. And so Divine thought is the revelator at whose table he is supping. He is no longer eating things reserved for idols. In humanhood that is all we do. In humanhood our thought is not Divine. As long as you are in human thought you are in idolatry. As long as you are in human thought you cannot eat of the hidden manna, you cannot receive the white stone with a new name on it.

Lazarus is now out of world thought, out of the complete fabric of the mortal dream. And only then is a transition possible. There’s no transition while you’re in human thought.

Now of what value is it then to continue in human thought? What can it gain for you? Is there a decision within you to turn from human thought to open yourself to Divine thought? Is there a conviction that as long as you maintain a sense of human thought you are shutting out the wisdom of the Father?

So it says, “He that hath ears let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.” There’s no resurrection for one in human thought, there’s no salvation for one in human thought, there are no spiritual solutions for one in human thought. Human thought is the denial of Christ. Human thought is not in the Christ mind. A whole book called “The Thunder of Silence“ tells you to get out of human thought. The whole message of the Bible is “Come out of human thought and sup at the table of Lazarus.”

And again in Revelation in the third chapter, the 20th verse. “Behold I stand at the door,“ this brings you right back to the book “The Mystical I” as well, “and knock: and if any man hear my voice, and open the door,” once you open your consciousness to I Self, “then I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.“

Lazarus heard the knocking. Lazarus opened the door of his Consciousness and now sitting at the table, I, who have promised to come in and sup with him; I am supping with him. The experience of supping with the Christ is not to be an isolated one or two or three time experience but a way of life.

To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am sat down with my Father in his throne.“ The students in this class who are living within, opening themselves daily – I mean not a day to go by – to the Christ, are going to learn something and if you haven’t learned it up to this moment it’s time to learn it, that Lazarus wasn’t waiting for the second coming of Christ any more. He had passed that human error. He was the Christ.

Is something forming in your mind now? Are you becoming aware of a great Truth? Are you waiting for the second coming of Christ. Do you not see that you are the second coming of Christ? Do you not see that that is the meaning of the second coming? It is you. When you come to the realization of Self, that is the second coming of Christ. We’ve lost God by looking for God somewhere else. We’ve lost Christ by looking for Christ somewhere else. The second coming of Christ is your realization of your identity.

Now where should you look, if it is you? And if you look are you not losing that which you are? Lazarus had everything this world could offer before his resurrection. He had everything there was. He was a very wealthy man. The wealthiest man in all Bethany.

What did he have now after resurrection? The one thing he didn’t have when he had everything this world could offer him. He had Reality now. And you can have everything in this world except one thing. It can’t give you Reality. It isn’t in the world. And only when you step out of the world do you find it. A wealthy man stepped out and found it. It wasn’t somebody who was poor who had nothing to lose. It was somebody who had everything but knew it wasn’t enough.

The counterfeit was exchanged for Reality. And no longer could Lazarus experience the problems of mankind. Now the new form was the white stone. That new form was not the old form that went into the tomb and walked out. There is no resurrection of the old body. The new form that came forward is the invisible body of Christ seen through the eyes of man. That invisible body of Christ is the white stone. Where was it when Lazarus walked the earth as a person? It was always his body but he didn’t know it. He wasn’t given a new body. The death of Lazarus was the destruction of the illusion of the old body. The new body was the body that ever was present unrecognized by human sense perception. The new body was the Christ body that was his by Divine inheritance before the world. The new body of you is not something you will attain or be given. When you receive your white stone it will not be because God has looked down upon your efforts in this world and has judged you as worthy. The new body, the white stone, the Christ body, which never dies is only lived in when you sup at the table of Christ and then you discover what was ever present and is present now.

The nothingness of the human concept of body dies and the white stone becomes a new appearing body but a body that was ever present and even in the new appearance it still is not your real body because it too will disappear. But it is the image and likeness seen through the eyes of man and it is not the image and likeness presented by the world mind but by the Soul.

It is one step nearer to your permanent body. It can never be touched in this world. There is no way for the world to make a contact with the body of the Soul. There is no way for a germ to invade it. It is totally free of this world. And even when Lazarus later is persecuted it won’t make any difference. They’re only persecuting that which is the invisible Christ, there’s no contact made.

When you are able to drop human thought and aware of your Christ body you’ll also discover that you are now being fed the hidden manna which is given to us so often in the Bible under many disguises, not by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. And then we are living, appearing in the world but our substance is not of the world. In it but not of it. You appear in the world but your substance is Divine consciousness, the source feeding you, magnifying the Lord, building your awareness of your body of the Soul so that while you appear in the world, even though Lazarus appeared in the world he was truly walking in the kingdom and mankind was looking at the kingdom and seeing a body in this world.

Mankind was looking at the kingdom and seeing the body of Jesus Christ in this world. We learn too that you are always in the kingdom, unaware of it. But as hidden manna falls, new vision opens up, you realize you’re walking in the kingdom of God in a new body which ever was your body and you can see what Paul later taught, that the human body is the seed of another life. Just as you drop a seed in the ground and it dies and something else springs up the human body dies and something else springs up. And that which springs up is the real body.

Unconsciously we try to stop spiritual evolution because we’re not aware of it. But this landmark of the new Consciousness signaled by the supper of Lazarus is part of the inner teaching which is preparation for the Passover.

Now remember those passages in Revelation 2 and 3 because they are the silent command to everyone who is a disciple of Christ.

Eat now of the hidden manna. Not tomorrow. Become conscious now of the white stone or invisible body – not tomorrow. And accept the new name written in that white stone, today, not tomorrow. Like Lazarus we step out of tomorrow’s. He had found now. He was living in it. He had stepped out of the illusions of time and space. Now he was in his Reality.

Now, everything true of Lazarus is true of us. Everything true of the resurrected Lazarus is true of us now. He had stepped out of what wasn’t true into what is true. Only so that you and I could see what is true. And so we make the effort to step out of what is not true, to live in what is true. And there’s Mary doing her share and Martha doing her share.

And Mary does a beautiful thing now. She gets this ointment of an alabaster vase or box and she anoints the Master. That in you which is Mary, must do this. The alabaster box or vase is your Soul. And the ointment it pours is its love. The love of your Soul recognizes Christ. And then with your hair you wash the feet of the Christ. Why with your hair?

Let’s look at that slowly now with a spiritual eye and see what is being told to us in our own pilgrimage to Christ.

Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment.“

Now why was that very costly ointment? It’s because it really had no price; you couldn’t buy it. It was the ointment that only comes through total, total self denial. That’s why it was very costly. Mary had reached the point of no personal self, no personal will. As long as there’s a will there’s a self. As long as there’s a self there’s a will. Mary had risen above the will of the person and the self called person. Yes, she had a very costly ointment called love. And she poured it on the feet of the Master.

Now when you pour love on the feet of the Master there is much significance there. It not only represents her recognition of the Christ in Jesus, as Jesus, but it’s also a revelation of her own acceptance of Christ within herself. The feet, the symbology of feet, has to do with much deeper things than we have even dared to think. Up to now we’ve known that you walk on the earth with your feet. And she was seeing that Christ doesn’t walk on earth. She was seeing the spiritual foot which walks in the kingdom, both in him and in her Self. She was seeing that there was no foot of a man there. There was no foot to make contact with this dust of the earth. She was seeing that the foot is a symbol of man’s physical incarnation on earth. And in Christ there is no more physical foot, there is no more physical incarnation on earth.

The washing of the feet at this particular point is fully revealed as the revelation that at the supper of Lazarus there will be no further incarnation. Once the white stone is realized, once the Soul body is realized, that is the end of the wheel of incarnation. The cycle of incarnation is over, there will be no more foot touching the earth. She’s teaching us about transition, isn’t she? And then to wrap it all up, to give us a clue what we must do to make transition and to stop the wheel of incarnation she washes the feet with her hair.

Now, when you wash the feet with the hair, remember it was preceded by pouring appointment on the feet, and so the feet were no longer there. There was new feet; invisible spiritual feet. And those are the feet on which she washes her hair. In other words emanating from her head, the hair, thoughts from the head, her thoughts are no longer human thoughts, they are washing the feet of Christ. When you turn your thoughts away from human thoughts and worship at the feet of Christ the thoughts have changed now to Divine thought. Divine thought for her has replaced human thought. This is the significance of washing the feet with hair. The hair representing the new thought which is receiving its new thought from that which is the invisible Christ. Not the one who walked in human feet upon the earth but the one who walks in a spiritual body called the white stone. And that means that Mary is telling us that she is now in the Christ mind.

But the world is still waiting for the second coming of Christ. And Mary too has passed that. She knows that Christ is her name. And the alabaster vase, the Soul, the whiteness of the Soul, pouring its love, overflowing with thanksgiving, in gratitude, knowing what has happened in the transition from man of earth, to man of God, in her own brother sees there her own development, her own manifestation and she is pouring out the fullness of her being in total dedicated, consecrated love. Meaning that from this point on, Mary is a total servant of the Christ of her own being.

And that’s Mary in you. Total and utter consecration to Christ, washing the feet of Christ with your hair, pouring the ointment of love from your Soul, letting Divine guidance flow completely as the motivating force of your life. You are free from all human motivation.

To some this is the state of Consciousness that seems too high, too unattainable. To others it is the only state of Consciousness acceptable. To Judas, completely blind to what was happening, all that came was a complaint. Judas is sense consciousness. Thomas was also sense consciousness but of a different nature. You’ll notice that Thomas in his sense of consciousness could only believe what he could see and touch, but once having seen and touched he believed. Judas can see and touch but he is a perversion of sense consciousness. Everything that happens in Judas’ world he converts to his own self interest. He’s the very opposite of what Mary is here. And he looks at this act of pure love and humility and gratitude, not knowing the depth from which it poured forth as just an outer experience of human love and all he can think of is the extravagance, wasting all that oil. And like so many of us he has a concept; you might call it the poverty concept. He thinks that there is a law of material supply. He has no awareness of the infinity of spiritual supply. Why you could’ve taken that ointment and sold it for a certain price and turned it over to the poor. And in order to justify his own avarice he says, “You could have turned it over to the poor.“ He has no interest whatsoever in the poor. But rather a true hypocrite.

And then suddenly it dawns on us, “Why, that really isn’t a Judas, that’s my own sense consciousness which is the hypocrite.” That’s exactly what the sense consciousness does. It even says here that, Judas which should betray him. “Then saith one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son which should be betray him.” But if Judas is sense consciousness we are being told that every day our own sense consciousness betrays us.

You see, we’re not talking about a man and thirty pieces of silver, we’re talking about the lower sense consciousness of mankind. Your sense consciousness and mine. It betrays us, it always turns away from pure humility, from pure love. Whereas Mary represents selflessness in us, Judas represents the very lowest degree of personal self in us. And there’s this conflict of Mary and Judas which would betray him.

Now the extent of that betrayal when understood makes you gasp for breath. The Mary life has forsaken the belief in materiality. It knows there is no materiality. That matter is a myth. The Mary life knows that human life is a total myth. The Judas consciousness sees human life as something in which you aggrandize yourself and acquire and accumulate and save and horde and build your own personal sense of things. Lazarus has stepped out of the myth of a human life. Mary is stepping out of the myth of a human life.

Judas says “Oh no you don’t, there’s a human life out here.” Do you see the poor within ourselves? As we turn to Mary, as we turn to Lazarus and then Judas refuses to let us go. Why? Because as you intensify your awareness of Christ there is an intensification of the problem, of the conflict, as you intensify drawing away from mortal mind the inner gap, as you draw away, externalizes as the self interest of Judas clinging to mortality, clinging to things, believing in the reality of things that have no reality.

You could go much further than this if you’ve been willing to face the message of Christ to this point. You will have come to that conclusion that you cannot live in this world. It is impossible. You cannot live in that which was not created by God. You can go right on thinking you can, and you can go right on through the motions of living in a world but those who have come past that point know that the world which man sees here is only their own thought. There never was a world, there never was a form, there never was a person, there never was a thing, there never was a condition, there never was a human life. They were never God created.

And as you look at the forms around you it shouldn’t be too chilling a realization for you after a while, that you’re only looking at your own thought. It’s only when you know you’re looking at your own thought that you’re going to make a change in consciousness. You’re only hearing your own thought, you’re only touching your own thought. The five sense consciousness is the tomb.

When you step out of the tomb you’re not seeing your thought, you’re not hearing your thought, your witnessing the thought of the Father. That’s why it’s the kingdom. In your thought it’s the world, in your Father’s thought it’s the kingdom. And until you’re willing to step out of your thought by recognizing the truth of it. that your thought is the creator of the world. There isn’t one thing on this earth that you have ever seen with your eyes that isn’t your own thought. And there isn’t a thing you have done on this earth that you haven’t done only with your own thought. That’s all that ever was. That’s the fabric of the things you have seen and done on this earth, in this world. It is completely thought created and it never has gone outside of your thought and when you dwell with this and become aware of this, you’ll see the importance of no thought, of thinking not, of being still, of resting in the word so that your thought which outpictures the good and the evil is refined and the new fabric of thought will now outpicture the non-creation but will slowly translate from the kingdom into the visible that which is invisible to human thought. This is the transition which even Judas some day learns to make.

You might say, “Well if sense consciousness is that much of a traitor and a betrayer, is there something to learn when we notice that the Christ didn’t stop Judas?” And the answer is, “Why, of course, sense consciousness has a purpose, that’s why he wasn’t stopped until the transition – then it was stopped. It has its purpose. It simply must be recognized for what it is and then you’ll find you have very useful tools for a purpose. But the perversion of these tools is the belief that what the senses present to you is real; that’s the perversion. When we do not know the truth that sense consciousness is merely presenting the external seed which dies that the new may step forth into the immortal Reality of being.

Now in your meditations this week, when you dwell on the fact that the room around me is my thought, the people in the room are my thought, the people outside the room are my thought. God isn’t seeing them as I do. And therefore in my thought I walk in the world. My thought imprisons me in this world.

And as I lay down my thought, as I rest from my thought, Divine thought reveals to me the kingdom of God on earth and then I am in the mind of the Christ. In the Christ mind all things become new. The Christ mind walks through the wall that isn’t there. The human mind does not. The Christ mind does not have to accumulate and store in barns, the human mind does. Lazarus has become heir to the kingdom of God in Christ. That is not a future state. That is your now state in the truth of your being to be realized. I, the Christ of God, am heir to the fullness of God here and now. I, the Christ of God live in a body that is ageless, diseaseless, invisible to human sense. “But thou seest me, thou seest the Father.”

And then the shattering truth that just as you look in a mirror and know why that image in the mirror isn’t you, the you outside is you, not the image in the mirror, you’ll find that this world is an image in the mirror of your mind. All of it.

Everyone you know is an image in the mirror of your mind and right where the image in the mirror of your mind seems to be, the real white stone is, the Reality is and the stepping out of the image mind, the acceptance, the total dedication, not to human thought, leads to a final conviction that as long as there’s a personal me, I’m going to be in human thought. As long as there’s a personal me I’m not going to make this change in consciousness. I’ve got to find this personal me and I’ve got to find that self which pushes forth it’s own invisible will and makes me function as a mortal being disconnected from the Self which is the Father.

There has to be that conscientious dedication to finding the personal me which has no existence coming right down to the grass root of humanhood and finding that little germ of something which is called self and refusing to let it live. That’s the crossing over to refuse to let false human self live. Mary had done that just like her brother. Martha was learning. And the way you learn to do it is not by trying to do it humanly but when you find this self that isn’t, this will that moves forth expressing from the invisible into the visible, calling itself you – you deny it. And you turn instead to I, which is the second coming of Christ which has never left you which is the substance of your being and you turn your consciousness to I, this Christ. And every time the human self says, “Do this, do that,” I, this Christ is standing right there. I, this Christ is forming in consciousness. I, this Christ is bringing in the will of the Father. And every human action, every human thought, every human deed, every human motivation is screened first through I, Christ. “So that of mine own self I can do nothing“

For some, this is their first duty on earth, their first opportunity on earth. And for those to whom it is not that, they’re not pouring the spikenard from the alabaster vase. They’re not living in the high Soul consecration.

—- End of Side One —-

And they haven’t learned that the truth of the Bible only comes as a living experience to those who live out of human thought, out of human person, out of human will. You’ve got to come out of one to come into the realization of the other. Love is the way. “Don’t stop her,“ says Jesus to Judas. “She saved this up for my burying day.” Judas had said what he said “Why was not the ointment sold for three hundred pence, and given to the poor? This he said, not that he cared for the poor; but because he was a thief, and had the bag, and bare what was put therein.” Now the bag apparently was their collection which they gave to the poor. And who was the carrier of the bag which they gave to the poor, which contents they gave to the poor? Judas himself. And so says John, “He was a thief, and he had the bag, and he bare what was put therein.” He was going to convert it for his own self interest. You see that’s what sense consciousness is doing, that’s what human will is doing, that’s what personal sense is doing. And it all seems so right and proper to human sense. “Then said Jesus, Let her alone: against the day of my burying hath she kept this.”

The visible Jesus would disappear but the love of Mary would make possible the realization of the permanent Christ of her own being. So that the disappearance of Jesus for her wouldn’t be a casualty at all. She had reached the place of true love and love opens the door to Christ. “She hath saved this toward the day of my burying.”

Selfless love in Mary, human possessive acquisitive self-love in Judas. We measure ourselves against them.

For the poor always ye have with you, but me ye have not always.” Now of course this is a play on the word poor; he didn’t mean those who were poor in the things of the world. Christ of course, is not poor. Christ is the living kingdom of God. Those who are poor are those who are poor because they don’t have Christ. Spiritually poor. The poor refers to every human being. Lazarus though wealthy had been poor. He was poor spiritually therefore he had to be resurrected, in order to be rich, to come into the real wealth. And we may be rich or poor physically, humanly, materially; but it makes no difference, we are at the poor. As long as you’ve got two human feet you’re the poor. Until you’ve washed away those feet and you know there are no feet there that you’re not walking on the earth, that you’re walking in the kingdom of God and you don’t use feet for that, you’re poor.

You’re rich when you’re walking in the kingdom of God, in the white stone, in the Christ mind, in the Christ body – knowingly. Even though to men on earth you appear as physical person, depending on physical things. You’re rich when you have overcome the personal me and every demand it makes, every desire it expresses. When you’re independent of the personal self you are rich – until then you are poor. This is the Christ way of seeing mankind. The poor you have with you always. Those who live in the poverty of personal sense under the limitation of humanhood. Even thinking they are living when life can only be Divine. And that Divine life is ever present where the imitation called human life thinks it is. That’s the poverty.

And yet for these who are poor, the mortal, mortality and poverty are one and the same you see. And yet those who are mortal, those who are poor, are blessed. In fact they shall inherit heaven the moment they trade in their poverty for their wealth, the moment they step out of mortality into the realization of the invisible Self. And then the poor receive the awareness of their own spiritual Self and they’re no longer poor. They learn that I am that immortal Self which has access to the complete fullness of God.

Now we’re passing then to this Lazarus consciousness of the reborn Self, the knowledge that I am Spirit, pure as my Father, one with my Father, never divided from my Father, never dying; we’re learning that we are truly, and always have been, immaculate. And if we are consecrated to the Truth of being we reject all that declares us to be not immaculate as an untruth. I cannot be not immaculate if that is the nature of my being. And all that declares that I am not immaculate must be a sort of a Judas; a liar, a perversion of the sense consciousness. So we step out of that sense consciousness.

Let us meditate now. Let us set aside the forms that we have studied here called Mary and Lazarus, Judas and Jesus. Let us recognize the spiritual presence as our only Presence. When we’re in a state of no human thought, the perfection of God which is happening around us is not being interpreted by us into finite forms. We’re not trying to receive God through human mind. We’re simply resting in a state of awareness without preconceived thought. And in that state of awareness seeking nothing, asking nothing, wanting nothing, we are merely letting infinity be without a second. In a sense, you might say, we’re accepting that God is doing Gods work and there’s nothing more to be done. Just be. And now the mind that would interpret God and then form thought and outpicture that thought as thing, condition, person and place, is still. The mind of the world cannot function through our mental channels. And so we’re closer to the state of purity. And here you rest in a sort of peace, perfectly content to know that all that God is, is happening. And all that is not God cannot happen even if it seems to be happening. All that is happening is Divine.

You can form a stable consciousness at that place in the knowledge that all that is happening is Divine. And it needs no human help, in fact it can receive no human help. Even all that is happening is Divine as far as you personally are concerned; you must be Divine. And human thought slowly dissolves. We have no need of it. We know that one day there’ll be a total turn of consciousness in which I will have passed the point of human thought. It’s only human thought that knows about human lacks and limitations. It’s only human thought that makes me get so old and then start the descent down the hill on the other side of humanhood. Only human thought knows that, not Divine. It’s only human thought that tells me my income is limited to so much. Divine thought knows nothing about human income. Divine thought functions itself. And that is the meaning of the supper for Lazarus . When you’re out of human thought Divine thought is all that’s present and you’re at the supper that is the spiritual feast. The more of human thought you eliminate, the more of Divine thought you are inviting. Until Divine thought is your food. It thinks, it expresses, it reveals, it performs, it perfects, it prepares a table for you, it builds the body of Soul realization. It even makes the transition for you. It does all the work. And there’s no table in this world big enough to hold what it pours into your life expression when you, through human thought are out of the way.

Then you’re in your infinite Father’s Day, the seventh day, the seventh heaven and you find that it wasn’t a matter of time or space to get there at all, it’s always been present as Divine thought. This Divine thought, this hair which washes the feet of the Master, includes within it Divine power, Divine wisdom, Divine truth, Divine love, Divine being. And it is all true now in the absence of human thought.

Never permit yourself to go seeking Christ or waiting for the second coming. It is you. The first and the second. The only. The only thing that stops the realization of that is the continuation of human thought. In the absence of human thought you are Self realized without effort. The truth of you simply flows into your conscious realization.

Silence, (pause) …

We’ll have a short intermission now for about 5 or 10 minutes.

I hope you’ll forgive me if we stay a little over time today, not much, just a little. Some of you may know the poems of Edward Arlington Robinson. I remember them myself from somewhat about thirty five years ago or in there. And we remember him as a sensitive poet of course. He was so well rated that he became standard among most of the high school and college curricula in English courses. Now I’m sure that sensitive people respond to his poetry and that teachers undoubtedly respond to his poetry and yet I’ve kinda got a feeling that this little paper I have here when it came through one teachers hands, might have educated him or her about the poetry.

Now while we’ve been reading about the consecration of Soul to the Christ message, and thinking of it as something so distant to reach that state of consciousness, we must remember that there has been a leavening through these centuries. That even if a Martha for example, doesn’t achieve the fullness she undoubtedly comes back in a higher consciousness. For instance, Martha and Mary at one time after the passing of the Master, it is said that they went into Britain with Joseph of Arimathea. And we know that Louis the 11th named a church after Martha and she was established as a patroness of people who work in the home.

These women and men who come into a high degree of themselves in one incarnation but do not make the fullness of it always come back and then attain again the level that they were at and go beyond it. And to your surprise you wake up one-day and discover that you’re learning from your own children. In other words just as Christ Jesus could step out and then become the teacher of his own parent, we find that ever the child shall lead them is not an idle word. And so this was presented to me and the importance of it is that it’s evidence that the consciousness which knows truth is not a studied consciousness. It’s not something that goes into a book and reads and then memorizes things but rather it’s that leavened consciousness which comes through the ages ever rising so that sometimes even teachings in the Bible which seem so remote suddenly hit you as having happened right under your very eyes.

Now the point of this is that in a classroom, a normal classroom, comes a class paper about Edward Arlington Robinson. But it’s not an ordinary discussion about the poet. It exhibits instead a kind of awareness that doesn’t come from study. It only comes from having lived through it. And this kind of awareness doesn’t come in a lifetime. I know it wasn’t my awareness at the age of seventeen and it’s not my poem, it’s not my story.

If we could all at the age of seventeen have this kind of consciousness that you’re about to hear, we would undoubtedly not be sitting in this classroom today. We would’ve passed this point, we would’ve continued from this consciousness into something else. And so what we have here is important to us because it shows us that we who say we are the elders are not the elders at all.

This is a paper in a class and it’s called the words of Edward A Robinson. It’s written in long hand in a nice Spencerian and the young lady says, “The outstanding new English poet, Edward Arlington Robinson is able to express his feelings well through poetry.”

Several of his works reveal a strong search to find God. He denies that life is merely a material phenomenon. Through an entire set of memorable characters Robinson shows the hidden faults of humans. Robinson drives past reason to find there must be a God. Or if not God, a purpose and a law.”

In the poem L’Envoy, it shows that Robinson feels there is God. And then the quote from the poem is this.

Now in thought, now in a shadow,

Now in a voice that thrills eternity,

Ever there comes an onward phrase to me

of some transcendent music.’

That after time and place are overthrown,

God’s touch will keep its own chord quivering.’

And then the commentator – the young lady who wrote it – “But still he looks for God. The beginning of his sonnet “Credo” could apply to his search for the light beyond illusion. It could apply to his search for the light beyond illusion. This is said just matter-of-factly without any major emphasis, just as a natural fact. That he is searching for the light beyond illusion. And then the quote:

I cannot find my way: there is no star

In all the shrouded heaven anywhere;

And there’s not a whisper in the air

Of any voice of one but so far.’

And then the commentating continues, “The deep desire to find God continues within Robinson in his poem “The Garden” he seeks and finds God for himself. In the plants.

My life! Ah yes, there is my life, indeed!

And there are all the lives of humankind.’

In every leaf…….who’s

Outrolled itself from Thoughts eternal seed.

In every leaf …….who’s

Outrolled itself from Thoughts eternal seed.

Love-rooted in God’s garden of the mind.’

Now mind you, these quotes were picked to continue the thread of thought that the writer is trying to convey. And you can see the spiritual impulse behind it all even picking those quotes out of the poem.

Robinson refuses to believe that life is just an event that can be observed with the senses.” You know how many years it took us to learn that simple statement? Forty five. “Robinson refuses to believe that life is just an event that can be observed with the senses. He goes beyond the senses. Leaving the flesh and the complacent mind together in their sufficiency behind.”

The conclusion of his sonnet “Credo” implies, to his faith, he said, that;

There is not a glimmer, nor a call,

For one that welcomes it, when he fears,

The black and awful chaos of the night;

For through it all – above, beyond it all –

I know the far sent message of the years,

I feel the coming glory of the light.”

Robinson believes that the world is not a prison house but a kind of spiritual kindergarten where millions of infants are trying to spell God. In other words, the world is a place to rise higher in consciousness gaining more of an awareness of true Life. Deep within every individual there is God, the higher Self. But man shrinks from the larger Self. To a degree, man is aware of his true Identity but does not, or cannot, understand it fully with a human mind.”

Robinson realizes in “Octaves” that what we see with eyes or hear with the ears is not enough. The Soul itself must insulate the Real. In several of Robinson‘s poem‘s he speaks of an unseen companion. This invisible companion is God. God is only invisible to the material eyes. A man standing alone is only an appearance of a body by itself.

Here quoting Robinson again,

By the windy docks I stand alone,
But yet companied.”

Man,” she says, “is never alone.”

There’s no loneliness: – no matter where
We go, nor whence we come, nor what good friends
Forsake and in the seeming, we are all
One with a complete companionship.”

Loneliness is a sense of separation from the real. Man is one with God, one with a companion, man is the companion. Man is one with everything making him infinity. Infinity could never be alone when it’s all there truly is.”

There’s more. I think you have the idea that the consciousness that wrote this is receiving instruction from a higher level than the human brain. That’s the point of it. It’s supping at the table of Lazarus. Now why does one at the age of seventeen do this, and why do we at other ages have to study so hard? Is it possible that the one at seventeen has studied so hard in a previous span and that you and I, if we do not make our transition, will surprise our elders in our next incarnation the same way?

Paul in his Corinthians letter may not have said it much better. He was speaking then to a group of men who allegedly were dedicated to Spirit but he had to tell them many things that you and I would feel that we have passed. And maybe some of the things he told them were not in the original letters that he wrote. But there are some parts of the letters still preserved which bear completely on the message of the resurrection of Lazarus, and the resurrection of Lazarus in you.

You’ll find it in the first Corinthians. Chapter 15. The whole chapter is beautiful. But if you start at the 35th verse “Some man will say, How are the dead raised up? With what body do they come?”

Now we may be that some man. There might be a level of consciousness in us saying, “Well, it sounds great but how can I be sure that I can develop the awareness of this invisible body of the Soul? Paul has an answer for us and it isn’t very complimentary. In other translations this next phrase reads “Thou dunce“ but here it says, “Thou fool. That which thou sowest is not quickened except it die.” You put the seed in, it has to die for the tree to grow. The death of the seed is the growth of the tree.

That which thou sowest, thou sowest not that that body shall be, but bare grain, it may chance of wheat, or of some other grain” He’s telling us that this body is just bare grain, this is just a seed. That’s not the full truth either but it’s good enough. He’s trying to explain to us the illusion of the human form. So he’s calling it a bare seed, a bare grain.

There was no body of Lazarus to be resurrected. You come out of the illusion of the first sense of body, that’s only a sense of body. And so how do you come forth in another body? It isn’t that this body changes to another body at all. There’s no transmutation of this body. Joel has often said, “When you look at me you’re not seeing me, when I look at you I’m not seeing you.” You’re in your spiritual body. I can’t see it and you can’t see it. You’re not going to transmute this body into another one. But that which isn’t is replaced by that which is. You don’t bring Spirit into mortality. You don’t spiritualize the human body. You don’t spiritualize the human mind. Another mind takes over. The Christ mind, the Divine mind isn’t a human mind which has graduated. The Christ mind is the mind that is present now. The human mind isn’t there. It’s as much an illusion as the human body. But the illusion of the human body is in the human mind and that’s why the human body seems real. The illusion of it is in the human mind and the human mind isn’t there. The Christ mind is. In the Christ mind you have an awareness of that body which is the Christ body.

And Paul puts in somewhat complicated language it seems, but the truth is in it. “But God giveth it a body as it hath pleased him, and to every seed his own body. All flesh is not the same flesh: there’s one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts, another of fishes, another of birds.” Don’t think that he selected those examples without a deeper reason. You’ll find that the fishes in the sea, birds in the air, the animal and the man are on the earth and the continued inner evolution of realization takes you out of the man of earth in which all four types of form are amalgamated into one spiritual form which already is in the sea, in the air, on the land. In fact the land the sea and the air are in the one spiritual body that already is.

And the Christ mind alone can realize this. We can talk about it. But the Christ mind can realize it, can experience it as a living fact. “There are also celestial bodies, and bodies terrestrial: but the glory of the celestial is one, the glory of the terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, another glory of the stars: for one star differeth from another star in glory. So also is the resurrection of the dead.” Now mind you, we’re not talking about dead bodies. That’s a phrase used in the Bible when referring to the body that has no life but only seems to have. The imaged body of man is a dead body. The only reason for resurrection is to step out of the imaged body which is not alive, but which seems to be, into the body which is but is not visible to human sense.

That’s what resurrection means. “It is sown,” – this is speaking of the resurrection of the dead – “It is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption.” The seed must die and that which comes forth after the seed of this body dies, when you lose personal sense. You come forth in the incorruptible Self which is the true body of Self. “It is sown in dishonour; it is raised in glory: it is sown in weakness; is raised in power: It is sown a natural body.” Again there will be a different translation on this if we can go back to the original. The natural body can also be translated, “the animate body, the animated body.” But not living but animated. “It is sown a natural body,” or an animate body, “and it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body and there is a spiritual body.” Now then it’s the end of the belief in the natural and the awareness of the spiritual which is the resurrection.

Don’t think your human body is going to become another body. Don’t look for signs that its becoming one. The body that you become aware of will have absolutely nothing to do with this form. You become aware of it as invisible essence. And you’ll find it isn’t going to function the way the mind might anticipate. But it’s present – now.

Now it is said in the account of Mary washing the feet of the Master that a strange fragrance filled the whole house. And this is again, the way we are told about that body of Mary which is now forming in her consciousness as a spiritual body. You see? “Then wiped his feet with her hair and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment.” The odor of the ointment, that fragrance, that aroma, is the sign of the invisible, radiant body of the Soul. Some of you know that there is an experience of this fragrance in high communion, in high meditation. When suddenly there’s a fragrance that you never were aware of before and all of a sudden it’s there and you wonder “What is that?” Its either your own awareness of your own spiritual body or it is your awareness of the spiritual body of a Master who is teaching you. And when you have the consciousness of that fragrance, suddenly it’s there, no flowers in the room but you smell what appears to be lilacs or something else. That’s what’s happening to Mary here. In the Soul dedication, out of mind, Soul has taken dominion over body. Soul has taken dominion over the feet that walk upon the earth. And the sign that comes of that invisible body is here called the “odour that fills the whole house.” You may have had that experience in your Self.

And so now we really are ready to go into Jerusalem. There’ll be a division and that’s exemplified here by some of the Jews that are going with him and some that are believing and some that are not. Ready to take palm branches and go into Jerusalem. Now at this level then, conscious of another body, we’re six days away from Ascension, Passover. Ascension out of the complete mortal sense.

Now if you’re still in the world and interested in it, you’re not pouring the ointment of love, loving God supremely. You’re not accepting that the second coming of Christ is your own true being, realized in the now And you’re going to make the same mistake that is pointed out all through the old and new testament. You work and you work and you work and you work and then you have nothing to show. You even work on the level of understanding God and still have nothing to show. Because this human life dwindles away. And we who have let it dwindle away thinking the hour glass is run out, have discovered that it never dwindles away at all. We simply haven’t come into the experience of the Life. The human sense of life goes down but the Life that is, continues in its progression of newness. And the moment you come into the rhythm of it, the One life, and are reunited with Source you’re no longer in that dwindling sense of life which other people call the end of their life. It simply has no place in your consciousness.

And this is why total dedication is necessary. If there is one iota of worldliness left in us, we’re still not purified to experience the rhythm of Life. As long as you still have a personal you, you’re going to be hunting in vain for the rhythm of Divine Life. The great mistake is, the belief that there’s something in this world that we really want. I mean anything. And the great insight, the door that opens all enlightenment is the knowledge that there is no world in which you can receive anything. The kingdom of God on earth is the only place where Reality can be. And so we do not sow to the kingdom of the world but to the kingdom of God. And we let the things of the world which come to us, come to us like shadows that fall behind us. You don’t turn around looking at your shadow. The material things that come simply fall into place. That isn’t what you’re seeking. The human sense of you, must go because that is what it is seeking. It doesn’t know any better. It wants the things of the world. It loves to hear things like harmony, peace, beauty, truth, supply. And those are fine things for it but it doesn’t have them. It only gets its hand on the shadow of them. And as long as you live in the world exclusively that is what you get your hands on, the shadow of these things not the Reality of them. And life seems to dwindle away.

But if you put your concentrated effort on the kingdom here, of Divine thought, opening totally to it and nothing else then you know why Paul said he dies daily. He wasn’t dying daily, he was coming nearer to Life daily. And we who know some of the mysteries and have felt some touch of the Spirit and who have lived many enough incarnations, suffering, and then discovering the cause of our suffering – and then coming to know that we never really suffered but it only seemed to be so – can see the great teaching that we’re all being indoctrinated into; the full realization of the Passover. The Ascension.

The new Jerusalem where you live exclusively in the appearance world only in other peoples eyes but not in your own consciousness. In your own consciousness you live in God. And God is your mind and God is your body. And whatever thoughts you express are not human, they are Divine thought expressing through you.

I’d like to suggest that in your meditations this week you let your Self sit at the table supping with Mary and Lazarus and Martha and Christ Jesus knowing that always the invisible Christ has prepared a table for you right where you are. Your only function is to sit at it. And you’ll find the menu is quite different than human food.

When this becomes your daily habit you’ll find that you’re always being fed. It isn’t three meals a day any more, It’s twenty four hours a day of Divine expression. And slowly into your consciousness will creep, not necessarily the fragrance of the new form realized, but a radiance from within. The knowledge that, I, in the midst of you have entered because you have opened the door of your consciousness and the table that I have prepared for you is forever. Forever I will sup with you.

And one day you will put on your robe. You will say as the Master did, “I was naked and ye clothed me.” You will put on your garment of righteousness. You will be clothed with the robe of the immortal Self. It’ll be invisible to human eyes, but you will know you have reached the place where the table of the Christ is where you sup. Divine food will ever feed your Soul, you will not think of dwindling days or of life passing by. You will know that the shadows of the false sense of life are dissipating as the radiance of the true Life becomes your permanent Consciousness.

When you read the sixth chapter of Joel and he talks about harmony and beauty and truth, remember he’s not saying harmony in your home the way you like to think about it. He’s talking about Spiritual harmony. He’s not talking about bringing things into your human life – it may appear that way to you – he’s talking about the spiritual expression which you permit to enter your consciousness which expresses outwardly as what we call harmony but it doesn’t come until you are supping at the Christ table.

Second coming of Christ is come. “I am come.” And all concepts of life are changed with this coming. “For I am come to give you life more abundantly.” All human concepts of life are shown to be, not only limited, but illusory. The Reality of Life expresses through I, who am come as your own infinite individuality. And I go unto the Father. One undivided infinite Consciousness living Itself where you are. You can even lose the sense of “this where I am,” being me. And find your Infinite essence. Whoever can lose that personal me, will lose the will of the personal me, which makes the false sense of self walk in a world that does not exist. And that will be the realization of “I am come.” And that will be the realization of a life more abundantly.

We’ll stay with chapter 12 of John. We’ll probably look at chapter 6 of Joel.

And thanks for being with us on Father’s Day.

You who haven’t been here before, we’re in a very special area in this work at the moment. Those of you who have read Parenthesis in Eternity know that Joel has accepted that terminology from a mystic loge that this is a parenthesis and we here in following his work are learning to make our transition out of the parenthesis.

We know that the world passes out of the parenthesis through death. We find that there are two ways to move out of this parenthesis and one is death and the second is transition.

And when we have reached the point of agreement that transition is taught in the Bible and transition is possible, even that transition is inevitable, then we turn our efforts towards fulfilling the conditions necessary to step out of the appearance of death into the experience of transition.

So, you might say that the stage we’re at in this class is called, “Preparation for Transition.”

We’ve spent much of our classwork to reach an understanding that the Christ message on earth was about the Divine child, the Self that is immortal. It was a revelation that where form stands, the life of God is, that where you appear to be, the life of God is, that wherever you move in your form, the life of God is and that no earthly power can in any way be a power because the power of God is always present.

And if we have not experienced that power of God but have instead experienced the powers of this world, we have really been under the hypnotism of the senses. We have accepted that God is not the only power and so we fall out of Eden into a belief that there is a good power, a bad power, intermediate powers, all kinds of powers that can threaten us and then of course, we run from the powers or we either patch up the illusion of that self which was hurt by these false powers.

Now, in our purification, as we remove that which is not true from our consciousness, we are preparing to receive the descent of the Holy Ghost, preparing to be inspired from above but actually the words, “descent” and “from above” are but expressions to say that we are preparing to know God aright, right here where we are.

And to do this it becomes necessary to stop ignoring the words of the Christ and the Word of the Father. It becomes necessary to face truth with a different kind of courage than we may have been felt to express at a previous time in our work.

We all have mothers. We all have fathers. Many of us have children and we are told to look at all this in a new way. Why? Because in your preparation for transition, if you are still under the lingering illusion that you walk this earth, that you ive in a human body, you are asking for re-incarnation and you will get it. You cannot go through a study of the resurrection of Lazarus and continue to live in the concept of the human body and say that you are following the Christ message on earth.

Lazarus that walks into the tomb is that form which allegedly was born of a woman and the form that walks out of the tomb is not the form born of a woman. The Jesus born of Mary form, is not the form that says to Mary, “Woman, what have I to do with thee?” The revelation of spiritual flesh has gone unheeded in our world. That which is called material flesh walks into the tomb, spiritual flesh walks out. They are twins. You can’t tell them apart.

That which is considered to be material flesh is born of Mary, that which learns its identity and opens to the Spirit and dies to the sense of human selfhood is invisible, spiritual flesh. And we’re called upon to know that where we walk in the appearance called mortal flesh, spiritual flesh is. Where we walk in a sense of mortality, immortal Life is. When form lays down and dies, immortal Life continues to function the spiritual flesh that is there. We are not creating soul bodies. We are learning that they already exist. And you may have learned by now that there is much invisible life all around you. The higher your consciousness, the more of it you feel, see and even commune with.

Now again, we look at form. Let’s go ahead thirty years and see form as it passes out of existence. You must ask yourself now, “Why does God permit that form to pass out of existence? Why does God not govern that form?”

When a form dies, you must see that it is not God governed. That’s why it dies. Take your form thirty years from now and ask yourself, “What is going to happen to it?” When it passes out of this world, is it because it’s God governed or is that an evidence to you that it does not contain Divine life, that it is not governed by Divine life? And you will see that we, living in the parenthesis of matter, focusing on the parenthesis of matter have not been able to get the broad view of our own being. We see the horizon in which the form passes out of existence but let’s go beyond that and let’s see the immortal Life that continues in transition, never changing course, never stopping its stride, ever being itself.

And now, let’s look at that form which God does not govern. We’ve looked at it thirty years from now, we’re willing to admit that thirty years from now, when that form goes, if I were there able to be conscious of it, I would have to admit the form goes because God is not the life of that form. The life of God cannot be the life of a form that dies.

Bring that form back to this minute. If the life of God is not the form of a life of that form thirty years from now when it passes, can it be the life of the form now? And you discover a truth we have been unwilling to face that the life of God is not governing your form now if you are living in a human sense of form. That form which is not governed by God is not governed by God for a reason. It wasn’t created by God. The human form, not governed by God, as evidenced by the fact that the human form dies, is not a Divine creation and nothing in the human form is Divinely created. Neither the brain nor the heart nor the vital organs that we use for digestion or procreation, none of these organs are Divinely created. Neither are the senses. The very eye you use to discern objects is not a God creation. Why? Because it dies. The ears you hear with are not Divine creations, they die. Whatever dies obviously is not created by eternal Life.

And these senses that die, the human forms that die are Lazarus before he enters the tomb. We must ask ourselves which Lazarus am I? The one who goes into the tomb, the one in the tomb or the one who comes out of the tomb? Am I mortal flesh that must die or am I spiritual flesh?

The form not created by God is mortal flesh. The form not governed by God is mortal flesh. But there is a form created by God and governed by God and it comes out of the tomb when the mortal sense of form perishes, provided, there is a Consciousness there in which Christ has been awakened. And then a new form emerges, a twin form, made not of mortal flesh but of spiritual flesh appearing visibly to human sense and yet a totally different form. That form is the form that is prepared for transition. That form does not reincarnate. That form is ever present or it could not have come out of the tomb.

Now if God does not sustain the human form, you can say that it was not God created but you must go further still. If it was not God created – and this is the Truth against which the human mind rebels – if it was not God created, is it alive? Can that which is not God created be alive? As you follow this, you will understand why we are told to awaken. You are told why the dead must bury the dead. That which is not created by God which is life, cannot be life, cannot be living. It is something else.

You take a piece of string and wiggle it. It moves. But it’s not living. You roll a tire down a street. It moves but it’s not living. It’s not alive but it’s in movement. We have let movement fool us in several ways. We think what moves is living because it has a face and a figure but it isn’t.

We are fooled by the word “sensation.” We have called sensation “life.” But senses die. That which dies is not God created. When the senses die, there is no more sensation and that which we have sensed merely is a recording in time and space.

That’s why Lazarus must die. Animation, sensation, movement are not life and they are not sustained by God for that reason.

So, we dwell now in the knowledge that my spiritual Self is what stands where the world has always seen its mortal sense of me. Where you stand in your so-called mortal self, there is a spiritual you that you must come to know.

Now, we must look at motherhood another way. The form is not Divinely created or sustained. That which is not Divinely created or sustained is not life but is imitation of life. It is an image, a mental concept, a world mind picture, appearing locally in time space.

Now as you look at it, knowing, learning and finally reaching the conviction that the Christ teaching is that the only substance here is the substance of God, the Spirit of God, the Christ of God, the Essence of God, and that human form is not that essence, ask yourself, if that which is not God created can really be here? If it is not God created, it is not God sustained, it is not God substance, if it is not living, if it is not real, is it here? And then you come to the final conclusion that form is not here.

But Lazarus didn’t die. Form which is not here couldn’t die. That rebirth isn’t dying to form. Rebirth is dying to the illusion of form. Ask yourself if a form that is not here can give birth to a child? How does a form not created by God, which is therefore an unreal form, give birth to a real form? You were born, you think; but how? How could a form be born of a form that does not exist? Do you see then the acceptance of form and form giving birth to form leads to form dying? And all this is a denial of the allness of the Spirit of God.

And so as we are willing to face that against that to which the human mind must consistently rebel, we’re coming to a high Christ truth that you can only be the child of God if you are the substance of God, the Spirit of God which was not born of the flesh. And the parenthesis which binds you into materiality is partially broken when you are able to stand in the knowledge that your spiritual flesh existed before your physical form.

Your first death was when you died to your knowledge of Spirit and that was your first birth into form. Your second death is when you die to that form. And in between, you can make your transition out of that which is called the second death by being aware and practicing the presence of your Spiritual flesh.

When you’re told to practice the presence of God, how can you practice the Presence while you’re practicing the presence of a physical self. if God is not a physical self? When you’re told God is the substance of all form, surely you know that God is the substance of all spiritual form and that therefore there can be no other. Surely then you can look at your neighbor and know that you’re looking at spiritual flesh through the eyes of sensation, that sensation is veiling for you the spiritual flesh that is there. But it’s there and sense of touch is veiling for you the spiritual flesh that is there. That when you look at your mother, you’re looking at mortal mind’s closest approximation of what it knows as Divine love. That’s what motherhood represents, the world mind’s closest conscious awareness of Divine love. That’s why not all mothers express that love. Many do. The variation is because motherhood is not a Divine creation. Fatherhood, childhood, none of these are Divine.

Whatever dies, whatever is mortal, whatever has an ending and every form does, is not of God and yet where the form ends, the spiritual flesh that is there does not end, the life which governs it and animates it is still there and Life continues to live when form dies. And yet, when you’re in spiritual flesh and form dies, the life continues to live the spiritual flesh that you are through its transitional preparation into the continuity of Life eternal.

Now I know this is a word lesson at this point and it must become an experience lesson. When Joel stresses that there is only one power, it is not enough to say, “Oh there’s only one power there and no second powers” and go off feeling good. We must see then that if there’s only one power which is God, there’s no power of death. There’s no power of sickness. There’s no power of unemployment. There’s no power other than Life power, Love power, Truth power and yet, even though there’s only One power, we’re all still battling error as if it were a power. We’re all trying to remedy things as if there were powers to cause evil and the reason is because we have not yet come to that place where we can graduate from the belief of a false, mortal sense of self.

You may know there is One power. You may know there are not two powers or ten powers and yet you will always find yourself caught up in the appearances anyway for a very simple reason. The you that battles powers, the you that is caught in sensation, the you that is caught up in appearances, the you that says, “I am unemployed, I’m sick, I’m unhealthy, I’m dying, I’m this and I’m that,” that isn’t you. In the false sense of self, it makes no difference what truth your mind says it knows. You will always be fooled by powers that do not exist and they only exist to the false sense of you.

Only when you are aware of your spiritual identity, aware of the spiritual universe, aware of your permanent Self, willing to forego the illusions of a mortal self, only then is the false self of you removed and you face the truth of One power with no problem whatsoever. There’s no false sense of you to be fooled into false powers.

Suppose a little child has a strep throat and some kind of measles or whatever little children get and you are called upon quickly to know the Truth. If the false self of you takes this into consideration, you’re going to go around the barn to make the demonstration of Reality. If it comes to the human you, the one living in a physical form, you’re just another physical form working on a little baby physical form and you’ll find that you’re frustrated.

But if you’re in the true sense of Self, the knowledge that I am the spiritual flesh, the immortal Self, the Life that is the Father, quickly you’re in the One power and then you without much thought know why there’s no power to make a sick baby, there’s not even a power to make a physical baby. All that’s there is the perfect child of God. But you’ll never know this spontaneously unless you’re in your Self. And you’ll never make a transition unless you’re in your Self.

And so, at this point, we’re in a very unusual position. We’re either preparing for transition or we’re accepting inevitable reincarnation and I can assure you that the purpose of this class continues to be and will be the ultimate acceptance of the total Christ message which means that there is no disciple who walked with Jesus who had the ability to attain any further than you. It means that Andrew or Peter or John, however close they were to the Master, were no closer to God than you are because there was no distance between them and God and there’s no distance between you and God.

There’s not an inch between you and God right now. One Father, God. One substance, God. One being, God. One life, God. One power, God. There is no separation. We have heard words and we have accepted them as words without peeking underneath those words. When you learn that the human mind is separated from God, you’re also learning that all which the human mind sees is separated from God.

How can anything be separated from God and exist? If a mind separates us from God, are we existing? God is Life. Can you be separated from Life and exist? Can a form be separated from God and exist?

Now those of you then who can understand the incorporeality of your Being and are practicing daily that you are incorporeal Being, the living spirit of God, know that there is in you a power which is the only power in this universe. It is the power of God omnipotent. You are unwilling to accept another power than that power and you know that the power of God omnipotent is always present, always being that power. You know that sickness must be a suggestion. You know that evil must be a suggestion. You know that error must be a suggestion. Lack, limitation must be a suggestion. Why? Because the power of God ever present is ever perfect. False appetites, unemployment, sickness, sorrow, grief, these are all suggestions of the world mind.

Out of your senses you will look at the world and it will never tell you that you are Divine or your neighbor. It will always create differences between you. It will never tell you that there is one Divine Spirit present everywhere.

Now let’s try to see if we can accept that the Divine Self does not live in a human world. That as long as you live in a human world in your consciousness, you are still a human being separated from God. And the word “separated from God” means not here. You cannot be separated from Life and be here. You may appear here.

Now then, how strong are we in our Christ faith? Are we still going to try to pour Christ into a human body? Are we still going to limit God? Are we still going to second guess God and be smarter than God and heal God? Or shall we accept the Father’s word that Christ is not in a human body, that Christ is in the Christ body, that Christ is the present Self of every individual who walks the earth.

Christ power is the only power present where you are. If you accept a second power, you are stepping out of the Garden. There is One power. That is the message of the Christ. There are not two powers. There is no tree of good and of evil. We rise above good. We rise above evil into the acceptance of One power, Spiritual power, no good or bad material power.

And we’re told by Joel that Spiritual power accepted, lived in, dissolves all material power without exception. All sickness, all unemployment, all lack, all limitation, all death is impossible. It’s not something to be remedied or corrected. It only exists in the absence of the awareness of spiritual Presence, Spiritual power, One power. It’s in the divided consciousness which does not know itself.

Now, I’m quite sure that Jesus Christ knew that he could not define to the world the nature of his mission in more specific terms and didn’t. I’m quite sure that Joel was able to explain this in more specific terms because of the lapse in years and the changing of times and the advance of education and the slow development of human consciousness to accept things which it was unable to accept thousands of years ago.

But we are still called to go further to the ultimate, to put on the garment of Immortality now and there is no immortal self now that was ever born into a world. That form born into the world is pure illusion. Let’s leave it in the tomb of Lazarus and let’s find that if we’re not that form, we’ve got to be something else. And that’s where you come into a place called consciousness.

Consciousness. And let the Father define what consciousness is to you. Consciousness of the Kingdom of God. Consciousness of Spirit. Consciousness that the Invisible present here is the Kingdom of God and the only way to walk in it is to walk out of the world. You can’t walk in the Kingdom while you’re walking in the world. You walk out of the world. You walk out of the human form.

All that dies, is not of God and everything in the world dies. Now, when you step out of it, all you’re doing is breaking the chains of human belief. You are pure Consciousness, not formed of the flesh. Not subject to powers of the flesh, not subject to powers of the world. Right where you are, always, pure Divine law is functioning, maintaining its integrity. And there’s a moment when this to you is not only glimpsed but repeatedly confirmed until conviction and experience becomes the great joyous adventure, that you consciously can walk in the Kingdom, here, out of the world, here, while you appear to be in the world.

You may meditate upon that and discover you have more capacity to do this than you realized. Out of the world, not by going anywhere but by knowing that the world which is not created by God is not here. It’s only here to the imaged form, to the imaged of sensations which themselves are not here. All that is here is the Spirit of God, the invisible Child of God, the Self of God, the Life of God. The world exists only to the mind that sees form. And the mind that sees what is not here, itself not here. The mind that sees form is not God’s creation because it sees what God did not create. And so we lay that mind aside and we literally become free of the mind and its sensations, of the body and its sensations, of the world and its appearances. We move into what appears to be a void of nothingness but it is the sea of Spirit. We have no faculties to take us there except the faith that God says this is the Kingdom of God, the Garden of Eden and we are not going to eat of the tree of good and evil matter. We’re not listening to the serpent mind and in a moment, you can really feel out of this world, out of this form. You’re in everywhere. You’re in the Infinite as pure Spirit and as you rest there, you will find the everlasting arms, the hidden manna, the intelligence of the Father begins to seep into your awareness as your awareness and you find you haven’t gone anywhere at all. You’re simply in an incorporeal state of awareness where there are no divided selves and if you attain there a moment of Infinite Silence, you will be fed very richly.

We’ve all gone just now to the one physician, the Father’s house. Some of you made a deeper journey into consciousness than others. And as you practice stepping out of the world and out of the form, right where you are, you’ll find that unconsciously without effort at times, you will have the realization that you’re not in the world and you’re not in the form. This will be your manger. You’ll discover there why John did not report the birth of Jesus Christ, but instead he reported the birth of Christ in Lazarus. You walk out of the world that isn’t here and soon you find yourself alive in the Kingdom of God that is here. Every problem that comes to you is telling you that you’re still in a world that doesn’t exist and the false self of you is experiencing those problems. The only Self there is of you is here now in the Kingdom that does exist and has no problems. Instead of changing the problems, step out of the false self and “All that I have is thine.”

One power is functioning in this Kingdom. One Life eternal is functioning in this Kingdom. In that moment when we step out of the good and evil, we step back into the Garden.

I want to recommend that even if you fumble and stumble, that you take the meditation ‘out of this world’ into consideration several days. Being out of world, out of form in your consciousness until you can feel what Joel calls ‘the click’. Don’t try to memorize anything. Just do it spontaneously until you get the click. The click will be that inner peace which says, “I’ve come to a different place in consciousness. I’m out of the flow of the world mind. I can relax here knowing the Presence is all that is here. I’m under Divine law. I’m Divinely governed right here. All that’s here is Divine. All that is un-divine is no longer acceptable and then we rest finding we have reached a new plateau of consciousness. I have found the Father. I move in the Father. I live and have my being in the Father. His Spirit and my Spirit, I have discovered to be one Spirit. The mortal sense of self is left back there in time and space with all the other concepts.”

And so, maybe your resurrection won’t be quick but it will be sure footed and as you practice this out of this world meditation, you will have invisible help, the inner eyes will open. And ss you walk back into the appearance called world, the appearance called form, something that you have touched will remain with you as an invisible guide, as a silent pathway and even the world you seem to walk in will respond to your inner knowing.

To those of you who can go further, you can cut the umbilical cord which connects you to this world, just as a child is cut from the mother’s womb until to you there’s a certainty that you’re not in the world, something that will never leave you again, that you’ve never been in a world. You’ve always been in the Kingdom. You’ve always been the Spirit of God and there’s a place where this false consciousness is cut and even though you permit yourself to walk back into senses, into body, into the world, that experience never leaves you. It is your constant reminder that the One power of your own Being is all you need know.

The words “One power” are a beginning. The experience of One power becomes your permanent dispensation. It enables you to stand in One power, one Divine power, One omnipotent power as a fact of life, not something to be attained, a fact already established before the foundations of the illusions of world. And this fact, you can move with, looking at all evidence of power, all claim of power and know that the only cause being God, I, having experienced the Kingdom of God, the presence of God, the body of God, the mind of God, the power of God need not remedy false powers, need not remove them. They are as non-existent as a corporeal world. They are only powers in a world that is not and if my consciousness is in the Kingdom of God, the powers of the world that are not, are of no concern to me. You hardly pay them a fleeting glance. If you’re accepting them, you’re being tempted back into the flesh.

Now, we’re heading for the experience of spiritual flesh. And it will depend on your willingness to devote the time to meditations along the nature of out of this world and as Joel suggests in this chapter, to meditate upon omnipresence, on omnipotence, on omniscience. We know there’s One power. We call that power omnipotent. Well then if we call omniscience, omniscience, what does it mean? It must mean One mind and if we call omnipresence, omnipresence it must mean One presence. If we have One power, One mind, One presence what power creates the evil that we experience? What power creates the sickness if there is no such power? What power creates disease? If there’s no power to create it, where is it? Nothing but world suggestion. And what do you accept it with? You can’t accept it with a mind that really exists if there is only One mind. Omniscience means One mind, one Divine mind and no other. That Divine mind doesn’t accept error. What do you accept error with? A mind that isn’t.

So, you see why you must step out of the form, the mind, the world, into your Self that is and how this is only done through practicing the presence of your real Self as consciousness. Consciousness unformed in matter, rejecting all that is not your real Self, refusing to be baited by sensation. And every time you find you’re falling back into a sense of I am a physical being, it’s only because you’ve not practiced and practiced and practiced. You never can be a physical being. There’s no physical being who is the child of God. That’s ignoring God, ignoring the Word, ignoring the Christ, ignoring your Self. That’s putting your second self first and it won’t work. You’ve got to put your first and only Self first, the Divine Self.

And out of this practice, you find the capacity to fulfill the Christ message. You might say we’re at a crossroad. You’ve either built the foundation to do this or you haven’t. The reason we’ve gone so slow or maybe some of you think it wasn’t slow; I think it’s been slow. The reason we’ve gone at this pace is to build the foundation to enable us to walk out into what appears to be nothing with the knowledge that it is the Kingdom of God invisible. To walk out of the conscious knowledge of flesh into what appears to be nothing and yet, with the assurance that I am walking in the Spirit of the Father as the Spirit of the Father. To drop all the dead weights of physicality, not to heal them, to know they never were. Otherwise, we have said that we agree with Joel that there’s One power but we also think that there are other powers like creating babies, creating flesh, creating disease, creating accidents, creating problems and creating death. These could not exist in one Divine power and therefore, they do not exist. We’re dissolving non-existence. Isn’t that rebirth?

Now, if it’s difficult, that’s good. If it even distresses you, that’s fine. You’ve got to face it sometime and you can’t face it forty years from now. That’s reincarnation. The time to face it is in the day not in the night. It’s time not to ignore who we are, who God says we are, where we are and what we are. And if we have to be little babes in the woods to do it, that is the meaning of being a child again, a spiritual child born in a manger, a new Consciousness.

The world is seeking God. The title of this book means do not seek God. Rest in God. Rest in Oneness. To rest in Oneness isn’t seeking God. It’s accepting the Allness of God here now. You can’t seek God. You’ve got to rest in God. God is One. Rest in Oneness. Seeking is doomed to failure because it is a denial of the Oneness. There’s a false self that seeks. Who is the seeker? The false self. I am the one I was seeking. Rest in Oneness and don’t put Christ in that physical form.

Now, for those of you who thought this was difficult, you’ll welcome the second half of this class. For those of you who thought the fifth chapter was simple, I’m glad we had the first half of this class. But I just couldn’t go through the chapter which you’ve heard so many times in so many words and not come to the acceptance of One power; that as we trace it out in human words again. Those of you will feel more at home who’ve felt that too much is being asked of you today and from it, I think you’ll see that really too much wasn’t being asked at all. Two thousand years is not too long to wait.

We’ll have short intermission and then see what we have from Spirit in the second half.

– End of Side One —-

Now, for those of you who may not be aware of it, this is the book we’re working on in conjunction with the Gospel of John, this is Joel’s book, Realization of Oneness and the selections that you’re about to hear are all from the fifth chapter which is Resting in Oneness. I think we’ll finish it today, so next week we’ll be doing chapter 6 and we’ll be beginning John chapter 12.

Also, some of you have written and requested a response on your letters about the meaning of Lazarus’ resurrection to you. Those who have requested a response may have noticed that they’ve already received one spiritually. There will be a letter in the mail to them probably this week though, as well.

Now Joel tells us that, “There are no material laws,” and I guess he could have fooled everybody in this country and everybody in the world with that statement, “There are no material laws.”

We thought there were material laws. Hardly anybody we know thinks there are no material laws but here for twenty-five years roughly, this mystic has been saying, “There are no material laws.” Twenty-five years he’s been saying, “There’s only the power of God.” “There’s no other power.” And while he’s been saying that, mankind – and many who have read his words – are suffering from every power on this earth.

Now, Christ Jesus was saying there’s only One power. His way was to demonstrate it – visibly. And because he worked in a very small area, and he had witnesses there, the world discovered but didn’t understand that there are no material laws. You bring up somebody suffering from material law to the Christ and the Christ says, “Open your eyes. Lazarus come forth. Stretch out your arm.” Breaking the false concept of material law.

Joel working in a larger area than the little Holy Land demonstrated there are no material laws to those who were able to follow his demonstrations. And you have demonstrated many times in your life that there are no material laws although you may not have realized it. When a material law caused a problem and you either through your own efforts or the help of a friend or a practitioner were able to set aside that material law, you were demonstrating that there is no material law.

But after the demonstration that a material law can be set aside, if we stop there without accepting that this is a permanent truth, the power of that material law which was set aside was not a power, it was a world supposition. It was a condition in the carnal mind, in the world mind. That’s all it was and we accepted it and we suffered from the acceptance and then someone, somewhere broke that world mind mesmerism and showed it wasn’t a power in their case. That was the resounding statement that it is no power at all. If you are able to stand in the consciousness of the Presence of God, you discover that these material powers which are powers to man, are not present as real powers, they’re present as suggestions. And you have the absolute right to stand in the Presence of God realized to discover the non-reality of these powers.

There cannot be another power than the power of God and God is not a power of evil, so who creates the evil? That which is non-created appears to be a power and who accepts it? The mind of the creature accepts it and so the non-mind accepts the non-power and suffers for it.

Now, then when Joel says the following, “You have only one enemy and it is not the carnal mind!” You’re ready for a big surprise. “It is not the carnal mind,” that is not your enemy “but your enemy is the belief that carnal mind is power.”

Now that’s a very difficult statement to untangle. Your error is not the carnal mind but the belief that carnal mind is power. Now, what is he saying really? If the carnal mind isn’t power, why? It’s because it isn’t there. That which presents a picture to you of evil is the carnal mind and that which presents a picture which is the carnal mind which presents a picture of evil is a non-mind, a non-existence and that which it presents is equally non-existent. There is no carnal mind to present such a picture and the picture is being presented by – nothing. It cannot exist, neither the picture nor that which projects the picture nor that which receives and accepts the picture. All are non-existent. Why? Because only God is, and if you start picking out this little picture here isn’t true and that one isn’t true, you’ll be doing that forever. You’ve got to see that the whole world picture is the carnal mind picture, not the good of it, not the bad of it, the all of it. The carnal mind picture called the world is not your Father’s kingdom and your belief that what is being presented to you is real is your only enemy.

Now, how are you going to agree with that adversary if you can’t first accept that the carnal mind picture of this world is unreal, if you can’t accept that or work with it to the point of accepting, you’re going to be presented with all kinds of pictures, all kinds of sensations. And you’re going to think that Mrs. Flannigan’s little child has the measles or scarlet fever or the strep throat and you’re going to want to do something about it.

What was just presented to you in this world is not God’s creation. It is being presented to you by a world mind which is not God’s creation and as long as you are trying to meet it with Truth, with words, with mind, you know you’re going to be tricked. You’ll catch even five of them and lose the five of them. You’ll be drawn in and so, what can you do about it? You step out of you. You step out of your sense mind. You step out of the sense mind and its projection which is you. That’s your rebirth, isn’t it?

The stepping out of you is the way you step out of the carnal mind and its presentation of this world and so, even if we were to read and understand Joel’s statement, we would not be able to be activated in the direction that the statement should lead us.

You have only one enemy. It is not the carnal mind! It is the belief that carnal mind is power. When you have overcome the belief that carnal mind is power, then for you it is finished as far as you are concerned.”

When you have overcome the belief that carnal mind is power, for you it is finished. Then you do not have to demonstrate health, happiness, supply or companionship. You demonstrate only the realized Presence of God. All that you need is God’s grace realized and it fulfills Itself in all things.”

All right, you demonstrate only the realized Presence of God. What does that mean? It means that you must be the realized Presence of God. Someone else isn’t going to do it for you. There are plenty mornings when you don’t feel like the realized Presence of God but that’s the only thing that’s going to break the carnal mind. The realized Presence of God is your Self. It isn’t your talking about God. It’s your Self. It isn’t your human self, is it? It isn’t your human form. It isn’t your human mind. How then will you demonstrate the realized Presence of God if you remain a human form and a human mind? These words will just go in one ear and out the other.

You, in your Christ Self are the realized Presence of God. In your Christ Self, the carnal mind does not hypnotize and whatever it presents does not influence you to accept, to react, to fight, to object. In your Christ Self you stand king of the Kingdom, prince of Peace, liberated from the need to retaliate, to wage battle, to take arms. You can neither insult nor be insulted. You can neither hate nor be hated. Why? You’re out of the concept self. You’re you and there’s no other self that you can be which is free except the you that is the Divine image and likeness of God.

Back to Lazarus, into the tomb walks that form which was born in a mother’s womb. Out of the tomb walks that form which was not born in a mother’s womb. Jesus on earth is that form which was born in a mother’s womb until the descent of the dove and you see that form which is not born in a mother’s womb. You appear on earth in a form born in a mother’s womb. You must come into the realization of that form which is not born in a mother’s womb.

What is this saying? A new species of man. It’s talking about the Divine image in Genesis – realized. The Divine image and likeness realized, as my present Self. That’s the new species of man, the only man there ever was. The Divine Self and it alone is free of the carnal mind projections. Unless you’re it, you’ll be battling error as long as you walk this earth. No matter how much Truth you learn, you’ll be battling error until you are that Divine Self realized. That is the meaning of you must demonstrate the realized Presence of God where you are as your Self.

When Joel says then, “There are no material laws,” you cannot demonstrate the Truth of that. He could, but you can when you will accept yourself as he did to be the living child of God. Then you will see there are no material laws. There are no laws that are binding on the Son of God. But if you’re not the Son of God, these material laws to you have a reality that compels you to bend to them.

And so, always Joel’s statements are forcing upon us the realization that the Truth of them can only be realized when we come into Self awareness as the living Son of God.

Now you know the mortal creature born in the mother’s womb is not the Son of God. You know the mortal creature that lays down his form is not the Son of God. And yet, you’re told here by Joel “There is no law binding on the Son of God.” What value is that to you if you’re not the Son of God?

There’s only one law,” says Joel, “and it is spiritual. Even legal laws cannot bind anyone in the presence of spiritual Grace. The only law is the law of Spirit. The very moment Spirit touches, even a person in prison, the penalty of violating the legal law drops away, and the prisoner is free.”

If thy sins be scarlet,.” The moment you touch the Spirit of God in you, you’re free. Free of material law, regardless of its nature. A spiritual being cannot be held in any kind of prison. When a man has been touched by the Spirit, he has died to his humanhood, has been reborn of the Spirit and how can such a one be held in prison? And you know now that prison means many things. The prison of lack, the prison of limitation, the prison of fear, the prison of the past. How can anyone be held in those prisons when the Spirit of God is the living now, without past, without evil, without blemish? The moment the Spirit of God accepted as your very Self is realized, you have no past. You are the eternal Self, without beginning or end and there are no material laws. Yesterday’s law has no effect in the eternal now of Spirit.

We saw Peter come out of prison. We saw the chains just parted on his wrists. We saw the miracles of Paul, going right into Rome to teach the truth of Christ under their very noses.

These men were not Jesus Christ and yet, look what they did. They had risen to the point where for them, there was no material law. They had found the spiritual Kingdom on earth within themselves as the very Spirit of God itself. They were Sons of God but before they learned that they were Sons of God, before they demonstrated that they were Sons of God, even while they were stumbling, trying to find the way, even while they were in error, they were Sons of God but didn’t know it. It was only when they learned that they were that the power flowed but always they were the Sons of God. You never become it. You learn that you are it and as the conviction takes root, you refuse to be something else. So that the moment you say, “Well if I’m the Son of God, why shall I be a dying creature? I can’t be. How can the Son of God be a dying creature? Who is this creature who will lay down the form?”

Something enables you to step out of that concept into the land of Truth where there is no material law, where all is governed under Divine love on the place whereon thou stand. That sounds mundane but it continues Joel’s thought.

Always remember this. You are not suffering from rheumatism. You’re not suffering from the cold, a headache or unemployment. You are not. You are suffering from the universal acceptance that the carnal mind is a power.”

The carnal mind, presenting to you a condition, is universally accepted to be a truth and you are accepting that carnal minds projection to you. It says you are this, you are that, you are the other. It says everything except you are the Son of God. And you say, “That’s right. I’m unemployed. I’m lacking. I’m limited.” And because it didn’t tell you you’re the Son of God, you just let it go by and you’re not the Son of God as far as you’re concerned. The idea never enters your mind because it’s not in the carnal mind to begin with. And then the false power, the belief that the carnal mind’s projection to you is the truth, this is what you suffer from and the suffering is in the carnal mind in you.

It seems to be a state of your selfhood but you’ve got the wrong self there. Christ is not unemployed. Christ is not limited or lacking. The Son of God is none of these things. You’re simply not being the right Self. And so, you’ll go out to get rid of the problem of the lack or limitation or unemployment and keep the false self whereas the solution being given to us here is get rid of the false self and with it go all of its problems because there are no material laws to the Son of God. And God is abundance. God is Self-fulfillment. Always, the higher level then of this teaching is, still on the human sense of things, get out of the human you which suffers from the human problem or the human problems. Get out of the self that is not you. Don’t bother to correct the errors of that self but get out of the self which contains the errors.

Spiritual identity, Son of God, understood, practiced, realized, accepted is not ignoring God but accepting God’s Presence where you are. And then, don’t be surprised if the condition disappears but it won’t disappear as a permanent dispensation while you are still Johnny Smith, the physical man born of Mary Smith, my mother. You’ve got to be Spirit, never born, never dying, realized. And until you know what that is and experience that, expect the form to be sick, unemployed, limited, lacking, all of the ups and downs of the carnal mind. For those powers of carnal mind will always function on a human being.

The Christ teaching is not about human beings. It’s about the Christ.

Speaking of accepting the carnal mind as a power, Joel says, “Consciously or unconsciously, you have accepted two powers, the power of God and the power of error which is called carnal mind and to nullify error in your experience, see through the belief that the carnal mind is power.”

And if we’re doing anything, it’s this, to emphasize that you cannot see through that belief as a human being. Everyone who’s tried it has failed. The only way you’ll see through that belief is to know your Self. Only your Self, Christ will see through that belief.

Again Joel, “You have only one devil to overcome. Not rheumatism, cancer, consumption, immorality, poverty, alcoholism, drugs or unemployment. Do not pray for these things.” If business is not good, do not pray for good business. Realize instead that the carnal mind, that’s the world mind and its suggestions are not power. There’s no power to keep you from having good business, good health, good this or good that. You may accept the false power and think it’s happening but there’s no power to cause it because God is the only cause.

There’s only one demonstration for you to make and that is; the consciousness of the Presence of God for in its Presence, the carnal mind dissolves.”

Now then, how do you demonstrate the consciousness of the Presence of God? By reading a book, by making statements? Or by day in and day out practicing that the Presence of God is where you stand? The pure invisible spiritual Self is the Presence of God.

Everything we’re directed to do comes down to demonstrating the Presence of God and the only Presence of God there is the invisible Self of every man who walks the earth. All your memorized prayers can be thrown out the window. They haven’t done it and they won’t. It must be the living Presence of God in your consciousness that dissolves all illusion.

Oh, Joel’s getting very interesting here. He says, “Suppose you became convinced this instant that God is the only power.” I mean he says convinced, not that you believe but convinced this instant that God is the only power. Suppose you really reach that conviction, an unshakable conviction. There’s no power but God, right here. Then he adds, “What would trouble you? Nothing! A circus of wild lions could be turned loose in this room. You wouldn’t get up to move out of the way. What difference would it make if there’s only one power? And that power is God. If bombs were falling right and left, what difference would it make to you if there’s only one power? And if there’s only one power, what can bombs do? Or wild lions, or germs or weather or climate or anything?” If the power is God, it’s the power of ever present perfection.

And so, to know that the power of God is ever present and is the only power in your mind is a start. But now, the Presence of God, being the Spirit of your Being, that acceptance, dwelt on, lived in, achieved, becomes an automatic knowledge that the only power here can be the power of the Spirit of God which I am. Resting in Oneness.

Suppose it took you another year to do this? Suppose you could even be assured that it would only take a year? Is there anything worth more than the attainment of that knowledge that the power of God is the very power of my spiritual Self and that when I’m in my spiritual Self, that power functions under Grace. I don’t have to turn it on or off. I don’t have to ask it for anything. I don’t have to direct it. I don’t have to tell it what’s wrong. I have to be Me and it by Grace must function.

Silence, (pause) …

Me and Joel have arrived at the same Lazarus idea. And here it is. It said something about he was Spring and he was feeling renewal, rebirth and resurrection in the air and so he wanted to say something, how they may be experienced. And here’s what he said, “There is one necessary step without which we cannot “die” out of the old man,” meaning out of the sense of self which entertains all these problems, “and be reborn into the new man, the risen man.”

Write this on your forehead,” he says, “where you will see it every time you go to the mirror: God does not care how much of a sinner you are or how pure you may be. God has no interest in your humanhood whether you’re a saint or sinner, well or sick, rich or poor…turn away from your present state of human consciousness…focus your attention on the recognition of the spiritual nature of individual being.”

The spiritual nature of individual being. That means not the material nature of individual being. The senses say material, material, material but,

..focus your attention on the spiritual nature of individual being. Forget my humanhood,” he says, “Behold the Christ of me and then the Christ of you will rise. When you forgive, release others from the penalty of their sins and your penalty will dissolve. Do not wait to become good before seeking God because you will not find Him. It’s not easy to acknowledge your own Christhood, of course, because you know your own human failings so well. And therefore, recognize the Christ of those you meet. Cease seeing me or any person on earth and meet yourself as the Christ man.

Now, that’s a beautiful thought. He is saying, “Don’t see me as Joel and when you see me as Christ, realize that you are seeing the Christ of you when you look at me.” Isn’t that a beautiful thought? See the Christ of yourself in every man.

If you’re like me, you’ll say, “Oh I decided to do that five years ago. Whatever got me off the track?” I know that’s what I wanted to do. I know what got me off the track. A human mind. The human mind wants to do it on Tuesday. The human mind forgets. The human mind is distracted. The human mind knows that there’s going to be a football game on Sunday. The human mind has a lot of things it wants to do and it has no capacity to see the Christ in another individual. You don’t see the Christ with your human mind. In fact, by seeing the Christ, you get out of the human mind because the human mind has not the faculty to discern the Christ. Something else in you does this and as you discern the Christ in everyone you see, who’s doing it? It’s the Christ in you doing it. The Christ mind in you discerns the Christ and so you’re working it from both ways. You’re accepting I Christ am and thou Christ art. You’re looking out at the form but accepting the invisible Christ and the Christ in you is beginning to rise. That’s why Joel makes that suggestion.

Cease seeing me or any person as a man of earth. Meet yourself as the Christ man in everyone you see. Release everyone from his past. Come face to face with your now.” Again, a very advanced statement. You’re looking at someone and saying, “I know about his past but he has no past.” That’s the Christ and the Christ is now. Come face to face with your now instead of the past of an individual which was nothing but a human judgment. Erase yesterday. Christ is now. Everywhere around you, in the midst of you, in the midst of everyone you’re looking at. Not under this, penalties of material law, not subject to the powers of sickness and death that have no existence in Christ realization. Not going to war, not hating, not being persecuted. Christ is none of these. Is Christ persecuted? Is Christ persecuting? No. Where is it happening? In the carnal mind. Where is the carnal mind? It isn’t. There is only the mind of God. We have no need to suffer from non-existence as we re-enter the manger of consciousness to be reborn as Christ Self.

Be assured, you attain freedom only as you free others; you attain justice only as you are just; you attain abundance only as you give…as you recognize the Christ in every man, you open the door of your consciousness and admit the Spirit of God, and then, the Christ lives your life;” free of material laws.

Resting in the Christ everywhere is resting in Oneness for the Christ is one with the Father. Now isn’t that past just knowing Truth? You see it’s the habits that you set up, the instant reflex of the senses throws all this out the window. And so, you have to re-adjust those reflexes. You have to consciously not make contact with your environment through senses but consciously make contact with the invisible environment through the Christ. You don’t do that accidentally. You do that through concentrated desire to love God supremely, to be your Self, to take all of this great world message that has been set into the consciousness of man by the Christ and to fall prostrate before it, to throw yourself at its feet and say, “Thank you for giving me the key to the Kingdom, to unlock the prison of the mind.” And be turned from that mind and you live.

Evil can only persecute your false sense of self. Every error that attacks you is attacking only your false sense of self. Error never attacks the Reality of you. It never attacks who you are. It attacks who you are not. Give it some thought. Every time you feel harassed, try to remember that evil is attacking that which you are not. Nothing attacks Christ. It can’t even find Christ. Shuffle off the false sense and watch the evil go with it.

I don’t know if we can continue. I’d like to but let’s see what we have here.

Well, we’ll sum it up this way from Joel. “From morning to night, your stand must be, there is one power and I,” says Joel, “do not say this lightly. I’m aware of all the appearances there are in the world and the claims of power that exist. But if you’re going to live the spiritual life, you must come to the point where Adam and Eve were before they had eaten of the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.

You must come to the point where you don’t believe there’s good matter and bad matter. As long as you’ve got good matter but no bad matter, you’re not very far along.

When you know that there are not two powers, a spiritual power and a material power, that’s the point. There is no material power in the consciousness of Spirit that is demonstrated, then you’re back in the Garden of Eden.”

Now let’s not talk anymore about omnipotence and then say, “Oh I have a headache. Omnipotence but I’ve got a back ache. Omnipotence but my business went down last month.” Now, you know. Twist it around. My business went down last month because I wasn’t aware of omnipotence. I have a headache because I wasn’t aware of omnipotence. In fact, the only reason I’m going to ever die is because I’m not aware of omnipotence and there is no power other than the power of Life.

And so, if I can live in the conscious awareness of omnipotence, I will experience its Power. And if I try to do that as a human being, I will fail. I must do it as that Spirit which is the child of God because omnipotence is your assurance that only the child of God could ever have been brought into existence. Omnipotence would not permit that which is unlike God to exist. Omnipotence is that total. It could never permit that which is not the perfection of God. And so, when you have omnipotence, you know that you must be that perfection which is the Son of God.

Again, not that you’re going to become an omnipotent Self, the omnipotence of God is such that it never stopped being omnipotent. It always has been, it always will be, it is always maintaining its perfection in all things and that of you, therefore, which experiences limitations of any kind is not a real self. Don’t patch it up. The omnipotence of the Father is your assurance that where you are, is the perfect child of God now. That omnipotence never stopped maintaining the perfection of its Being where you are. You don’t have to remove any patches or place any patches on the child of God. You have to simply know the child of God that I am is always in the bosom of the Father.

Joel suggested in this chapter that we work with meditations on omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence and we’ll close today with some kind of a contemplative meditation on any one of these three just so you can get the swing again of never letting a day go by without putting one or the other or both together in your consciousness.

Omnipresence, so easy. They call that a baby, they call that a mother. She’s having a child. It’s stillborn. Now, where’s omnipresence? That’s the denial of omnipresence. Can a mother have a stillborn child in the Presence of omnipresence? No. But omnipresence is there. What is happening? Is there a stillborn child? Is there a mother? No. There is only the Spirit of God there. That’s the meaning of omnipresence and you cannot push it aside and pretend it means something else. It means that the Presence of God is there and it is not a stillborn baby. It is not a mother losing a child. But it is there. Omnipresence means no other presence. Omnipresence where you are means no other presence than the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is not having babies. The Spirit of God is not going to war. The Spirit of God is in the Kingdom of God. It is not in this world. Omnipresence means the omnipresence of the Kingdom of God. Flesh and blood does not live in it.

You do not live in the world. You live in the Kingdom of God and you come in with your shoes off. You come in in the knowledge that the flesh and blood that I am in this world is the sense denial of the omnipresence of God. I cannot have both. His omnipresence and my physical self. To practice omnipresence, you must practice the nothingness of all human selfhood. Don’t try to squeeze omnipresence into a human mind and a human body.

You see, it’s just another way of telling you the humanhood is not here. So, when you contemplate omnipresence, don’t be afraid to follow the Truth to its absolute true conclusion. That’s the purpose of the contemplation. If God is the only Presence on this earth, then there are no powers of war, there’s no power of dying, there’s no power of hate. If these things exist, then omnipresence to you has no meaning.

Now, work with that. You’ll find that every time you’re trying to help somebody, if you fall into the trap of thinking there’s a person there, you’re denying Joel’s statement which says, “I have never seen a patient. I don’t even know there’s such a thing as a patient. I know that only God is there.” Omnipresence.

Silence, (pause) …

Do it where you are and you’ll find you have the key. Where you are, is the Presence of God. Then you’ll be able to accept that the Presence of God is where everyone is and you won’t be worrying about the appearances. The power of that Presence will manifest.

I just have to tell you this before we disband. The presence of God has never left you, it has never left any individual who has walked the earth. When the form dies, the presence of God remains exactly where it was. When the form dies, the life that is there which is the Divine life doesn’t go anywhere. It simply doesn’t go away and if you, in a great moment of insight, discover that you can commune with the life of any individual on this earth, right where you are, any individual who has ever walked the earth and any individual who ever will walk the earth, you’ll be in the Truth. It won’t be an untruth. Where you are, right now, is the invisible Presence of everyone who ever was. That Life is the infinite expression of God and it has always been present. If you’re advanced enough to commune with it or to try, you will find something unknown to the human mind.

I’ll repeat that. When the form leaves, the Life remains. The Spiritual life is always present right where it always was. It never goes anywhere. You can prove it to yourself and it will be one of your joyous secrets.

If you succeed, you will know that you have found your own invisible, spiritual Life because this communion does not take place between person and life. It’s only Life and Life, realizing Itself.

Next week, chapter 6 Realization of Oneness, chapter 12, our friend John. And to all of you, much love, many blessings.

Thank you.

I want to thank some of you who have sent in your letters about the resurrection of Lazarus, what it has meant to you as far as understanding goes. Even though not many were turned in, the caliber of those that did come in indicates that we are going through the resurrection experience.

As you know, the world has seen this experience in the Bible as the raising of a dead man from a grave. That’s a good way to veil the truth. Once you get a dead man raised from the grave, you’re waiting for the Messiah to come and raise some others from the grave, waiting for the graves to open. And there aren’t any graves to open and there isn’t any life in them. Life was never put in a grave.

When we look again at the raising of the Spirit of God within you, we see that we are witnessing the initiation, the illumination, the initiation known to the ancients. There was nothing new at all in this world about the resurrection of Lazarus. It had all been said many times before. And it always meant the same thing. It was breaking the ground of false mortal sense, false mortal form and showing that when the false mortal form is allegedly dead, there is present an active Life. That active Life is ever present though the form be dead and so we see then the difference between mortal form and immortal Life.

Immortal Life is where mortal form appears to be. And the reason the form dies is because there is no life to sustain that form. The life that cannot sustain the form is a life you live in. You live in a life that ultimately cannot sustain the form and therefore when the form dies, it should be the announcement that the life which could not sustain that form is not Divine life and therefore not real Life but counterfeit life. The life that cannot sustain a form cannot be real Life. It is mortal life just as this is mortal form.

And so, when the body dies, you are witnessing the revelation that the life of that body was never the Life created by God. The Life created by God is immortal and maintains another form, a form which is not mortal. The immortal Life maintains the immortal form. A Divine power comes over you when you have released the sense of mortal form and mortal life and it raises up another form. You will notice that the body of Lazarus had a putrified odor. But that odor disappeared. It wasn’t mentioned again. It didn’t seem to bother anybody when he walked forth.

The body that comes forth is not the same body that dies. A mortal form is not resurrected and is now another mortal form or a resurrected mortal form. All this is the evidence of the changing of the sense of mortal form to the revelation of the new form. The form that is the result of resurrection which looks precisely as the human form.

If we think that Jesus Christ raised a dead man from the grave and he came back in his same body, the meaning of the Christ message is buried again. It is revealing that your form changes as you die to the false consciousness. Daily, you are reborn. This resurrection is a continuous event until initiation is completed.

Now let’s look at the difference then between the mortal form and the immortal form. It was the mortal form of Lazarus that was dying, it was the immortal form of Lazarus that appears. We don’t hear very much about it but as soon as the immortal form comes forth, it is going to be subject to many persecutions.

The moment you approach the Christing, you’ll discover that world mind is going to attack. And it’s going to seem to the world that you are on the retreat or defending yourself but you will find too that you’re not there to be attacked. It’s all a “seeming” attack. There’s no mortal form there. It merely appears to human sense.

Now Lazarus is yourself. Lazarus is the world of the creature. The creature dies to the creature, is Christed and is reborn of the form of the Soul. All this takes place while you appear in the very same form you’re now inhabiting. This imaged form slowly is transmuted into that which is no longer a mortal form. The immortal form is realized in your consciousness. And that immortal form is governed by the Life which is the life of God.

The life of God cannot govern the mortal form. The life of God can only govern that form which is the form of the Soul. And the Divine power that raises you into the realization of that form cannot come to you. Jesus Christ could not come to Lazarus until Lazarus had been put into the tomb. Until you put the false consciousness into the tomb, Christ cannot come to you. Lazarus could not come forth out of the tomb until Christ came and Christ could not come until Lazarus had gone into the tomb. The willingness to die to the false consciousness is the invitation to Christ and then the rising Christ in consciousness releases you from the false consciousness into the new.

The world has missed it, of course. And we could easily miss it still if we’re not willing to take the lessons it gives us and follow them to their total conclusion.

So let’s look closely at Lazarus and let us see if we cannot come to certain agreements with the text, certain agreements with the message of the Infinite Way that we can say, “Amen” to. “Yes, that I believe, that I see, that I understand and that I will pursue.”

The body that is not governed by Life so that it is an eternal body is not a real body. Your body is not governed by eternal Life. Your body is not an eternal body. That which is not eternal is not God creation. The body that is not God creation cannot be lived in. It is impossible to live in that which is not God created.

We find from the revelation of Christ Jesus about the resurrection of Lazarus that nobody on earth lives in a mortal body. God never created one and therefore there is no mortal body to live in. There is a belief that we live in a mortal body and the mass hypnotism of humanhood is the Lazarus body which was putrified, which was dead, which was buried. There was no such body. It could not be raised up again because it never existed.

Rather, where this body seemed to be, there was a second body and it was made visible. The second body that was made visible is the body of Spirit and that body stands where your visible body seems to be. As you die to the false sense of body, the body of Spirit becomes visible. It is Divinely governed.

The body of Lazarus was governed by the mind of the world. It had a heart. It had lungs. It had organs. These organs could no longer function. They were not God governed. And yet, a new body appeared seemingly like the first.

Your heart, your lungs, your bodily organs are not God governed and yet there is a body there which is God governed. A body which even though the human sense of body stands before you, there is a body present which does not depend on the activity of the heart or of the lungs. It does not depend on breathing or blood pumping through you. That body must be lived in. It cannot be lived in while you live in this body.

You cannot live in two bodies but you can live in your real body. It is a matter of purification, a purification of the Lazarus consciousness, the creature consciousness, the willingness to put the old consciousness in the tomb, to step out of it. And this means a denial in consciousness of all that is not God created. If God didn’t create it, for you it cannot have true existence. If you continue to believe in the existence of that which God did not create, you’re not putting Lazarus, the false consciousness in the tomb. You can’t hold out anything. It’s a complete and total relinquishing of the false mortal consciousness. Mortality does not exist.

Now, if Lazarus had no real human body because God created none, what perceived that body? The mind of Lazarus and the mind of those who witnessed Lazarus. If a mind perceives what God did not create, that mind is not only in a state of falseness but there is no such mind. God could not create a mind to perceive what does not exist. The mind perceiving Lazarus, the mind perceiving mortal form is non-existent.

The activities of the mortal form perceived by the mind need not concern you. If you can lift yourself to the place where you know that that which I see, that which I experience from the mortal viewpoint is in a mind and that mind is no more present than the body of Lazarus was. That mind is no more present than the body it perceives. The mind is no more present than the conditions of matter that it experiences.

If I can take this world and see it as an activity in my mind, I can look out at all that happens in this world knowing it happens only in the mind that has no existence.

And so, you develop habits of living in which you look at matter, form, the activity of matter and form, the sensations of matter and form, the motion of matter and form, the size, weight and seeming substance of matter and form and you know it to be an activity of mind and you know that mind to be non-existent.

And when you can rest there, free of the activity of that mind, you are taking the world and putting it in the tomb. You’re taking the Lazarus consciousness of the world, the false state of body, the false state of mind, the false perceptions of that mind, the total material form and its material life span and you’re saying God is life and Life never becomes life spans. God is life and Life never becomes sick. God is life and Life never deteriorates. God is life and Life never becomes blind or deaf. God is life and Life is never lacking or limited.

That which I perceive as lack or limitation or death or sickness or disease or any form of mortality, any form of bad mortality, any form of sinning mortality, any form of limited mortality, and any form of good mortality, that is perceived in a mind which has no existence. I can rest there for the mind of the Father can only come to express where I stand when I have died to the false mind. Then Christ draws near. Then Christ says, “Come forth.” Then the immortal Self is revealed. Then the conditions unlike God’s creation which never existed except in the mind that perceived them are shown to be false and non-existent.

We learn as Shakespeare said, “Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

We’re removed from the hypnotism of the mind. And you find it necessary that you put this world into your mind consciously because that’s how you’re going to find the Soul realm.

As the mind and its false creation, the world, are buried in the Silence of your realization of the ever present invisible Divine Life as the one and only, the only Creator, the only Power, the only Source, the only Cause. The unwillingness to accept that there can be a second creation other than Spirit itself, a second power other than Spirit, a power to create lack and limitation, a power to create sickness and you find you are taking your world and putting it through your resurrection consciousness.

The world moves through your resurrection consciousness, what comes out? Lazarus reborn. The spiritual universe appears where the world had seemed to be because your resurrection consciousness liberates you from the false sense of a world that never was.

The complete myth of mind, matter, body, world and all that it contains never moves into your resurrection consciousness. It stops there and all that appears to you is Life governing and projecting its own Divine image. Darkness goes into your resurrection consciousness and only Light becomes visible.

We’re to stand there. We’re to look at the claims of the world not from the consciousness of Lazarus who went into the tomb but from the consciousness of Lazarus who re-appeared.

Now, let’s look at Lazarus another way. What made him re-appear? What Divine power released the false? It was the life of Christ revealing that It was the Life of Lazarus, unseparated by distance which was a time concept of man, unseparated by mortal mind, undivided, that one life of Christ which was in one city also came forth in another city so that the life of Christ in one city came forth as the life of Christ in Bethany and it was proven there that the life of Christ Jesus was the life of Lazarus.

It was proven there that the life of Christ Jesus is the Life of you, that the life of Christ Jesus is the Life of everyone who walks the earth, that there is one Life, that the appearance of a mortal form, whether alive or dead, does not change the living Life that is ever present invisibly everywhere.

The carnal mind has no power to change Reality. Neither life nor death can separate you from Reality. Neither mortal life nor mortal death can separate you from the love of God because the love of God is the ever-present activity that carnal mind can never change.

And so no matter what carnal mind does, it was revealed that the life of Christ ever-present is independent of the activity of the mind. It cannot be governed or changed or influenced in any way or manipulated by the activity of the carnal mind of this world.

No matter what may appear to be the outer, the Christ life is ever-present, ever perfect, ever functioning and ever you. In your resurrected Consciousness, that is where you’re standing. But further still, if the message is loud and clear for you, you’re not standing there to improve your mortal existence, you’re not standing there to increase your supply. You’re not standing there to improve your health. You’re not standing there to improve your job. You’re not standing there to improve any mortal activity. You’re standing there because that’s who you are. You’re standing in your Self, the Divine Christ Self and It is not concerned about improving mortality.

And the reason you stand there in your Divine Self is because the mortal self that you might improve is nothing more than a Lazarus anyway. That’s what you lay down in the tomb and you never take it out again. You never go back into mortality. The moment you do, you’re going back into that which must die.

When we think that a man is raised from the grave, we lose the glorious truth that our own real Life is ever-present, now, waiting to be lived in and that this Life is not the Lazarus life that appeared in a womb. The Life that is present and walks out of the false tomb is the Life that never was in the mortal womb. The Life that knows only one Father, the Life that was existent before your form appeared. Your Life pre-existing your form is part of the resurrection Consciousness. The Life that never had a beginning in human birth is revealed as that force which steps forth out of a tomb.

Now that Life accepted, understood, lived in, is the Life that is unaffected by the form. In fact, it’s that very Life which the mind of man is counterfeiting by a form and all of the activities of the form are counterfeits of the mind about your eternal Life. The Life that was before Abraham, the Life that can never leave you, the Life that is eternal. And until you have accepted that Life as your present life, you’re still lingering in the form which dies and you bury this great revelation about the immortal Self revealed when Lazarus steps forth out of a tomb. Your immortal Life is revealed where you have only known your mortal form. The gateway to eternality is the present acceptance of your immortal Life.

That Life was the life of Christ Jesus and that Life appeared as Moses after his so-called death. That Life appeared as Elijah after his so-called death. Take Joel. Did he not go through the Lazarus resurrection? Did he not realize the Christ? Did he not come into the understanding and the experience of his eternal Life while on this earth? Did he not discover his eternal Form while on this earth? Did he not walk in another plane of Consciousness while on this earth? Was he not dead to mortality before the world saw a physical death?

We have seen Lazarus in Joel. We have seen Lazarus in Moses. We have seen Lazarus in Jesus. Lazarus was a phase in the development of the Christ Consciousness which Jesus was demonstrating to the world. How many incarnations before he had passed through the Lazarus experience, we do not know but he had passed through it and now could demonstrate that you can walk in your immortal Life, in your immortal Form and that you can walk through what the world called sickness, disease, lack and limitation and disaster and destruction as if they had no existence for you because your immortal Form here, your immortal Life here is Divinely governed and every form of mental persecution bounces off because it has nothing to persecute.

And so, the purpose of our class becomes very clear to us. We are to walk in an immortal Form, in an immortal Life and we are to recognize the immortal Form and immortal Life of our neighbor. You cannot lay the Lazarus consciousness in the tomb while you are still seeing any form of mortality. There isn’t any such thing. Never has been.

In your new Consciousness, the consciousness which lives in Reality, the consciousness which knows nothing of mortality, you can know nothing that was not created by God. All that you look at, everything you see is resurrected within your consciousness into your instant knowledge that here, invisibly is the life of God.

For you, mortality becomes a series of human images, not God created. Qualities that are not of God are instantly known to you as myth, unreal, mortal mind creations and they’re dissolved by your Light of knowledge so that you can face conditions that other people are beset by but living in your immortal Self, in the knowledge that you have an immortal Body. All mortal conditions of body are rejected as unreal. They are unreal to you because you refuse to live except as the Son of God. Any life that is not the life of the Son of God is revealed as non-life. You cannot be other than the Son of God. There is no other Life.

The false life, the life which is not the Son of God is not life. It’s the counterfeit of life. It’s that imitation which mankind lives in which the resurrected consciousness dissolves.

Your purification is a continuity of self-discipline in which matter is seen to be non-God creation. Mind, non-God creation. Body, non-God creation. Human conditions, non-God creation. And while you are aware of this, you are accepting Divine self, Divine body, knowing that Divine body, although invisible, is present and ever functioning under Divine love until the blessed moment when the experience of it to you is so real that you know your Lazarus experience is nearing its end.

Now when we miss this in our many readings of the Bible, or when after reading it and discovering it, we still turned away from it in many ways, it became necessary for John, even after explaining this to us, to repeat his teaching in his Revelation. And those of you who’ve studied the Revelation carefully know that in the 20th chapter, the sixth verse, we have this phrase which is the summary of the great inner initiation which Lazarus went through which was a preview of the inner initiation that many of us are going through. 20:6 Revelation:

Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.”

Now this first resurrection then is the change of consciousness from mortality to Immortality, from mortal form to immortal Form, from mortal conditions to only divine Reality. And as you come to this, the second death on you has no power.

So, we go now to Colossians where I believe Paul clarifies for us this second death.

Your first birth is not a birth at all. It is Spirit. And your second birth is form. Your second birth, being form, the death of that form is the second death but he who has entered into the first resurrection will not be touched by the second death.

When you have sufficiently lived in your immortal Self by rejecting mortality and its components, then for you, death is no more what it appears to be to others. It is rather the transition of Joel, Moses, Elijah, Jesus and of Lazarus. That would mean to me that these individuals are with us now, that the Joel who had lived in his immortal Self could not know death and must be ever-present, that Lazarus must be ever-present, that the cycle coming back into mortal form again for them being over, it is going to be over for anyone who will live now in their immortal Body. To do that, you cannot live in a mortal mind.

Your first birth is Spirit. It is not a birth of form. It is the individualization of the Divine Spirit as your being. The second birth is the glass darkly which depicts form as the birth of you.

Paul’s statement was in Colossians 1:13-15

Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son in whom we have redemption through the blood, even the forgiveness of sins: who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn, of every creature.”

The creature was Lazarus. The creature is you and me in mortal form but the firstborn of us is Christ. The firstborn of us is our Spiritual Self. Our bodies physically are the second born. But he who can step out of the belief of a second born and accept himself to be the firstborn, the Spirit, the Christ, the Divine Self is not touched by the second death.

Now it should be clear then that the resurrection of Lazarus was one of the major, perhaps the second greatest revelation in the Bible for it is the revelation that you are the firstborn of God, living Spirit of God, that Lazarus is your second sense of self, the physical self, the mortal self and that as you lay it aside and all that recreates it into a sense of being, you’re resurrected to that which is your firstborn Self, your spiritual Self, your immortal Self and for you, the second death or the death of the physical form has no meaning because in your resurrection you have abolished death.

This complete total experience on earth here now is what we are going through. We are realizing the first birth of Spirit and we are stepping out of the illusion of the second birth of form.

Now while you were doing this, this is the truth of your being before you reached the realization of it. It is also the truth of everyone you know even though they reach no realization of it. So, wherever you’re looking at the second born, the form, the firstborn, the Spirit is there. Wherever you’re looking at conditions of the form, the firstborn, the perfect condition of the Spirit is there. Wherever you’re looking at a dead Lazarus, the firstborn, the living Life of the Spirit is there.

And so, you develop the habit, and these little habits that you develop become ultimately the continuity of consciousness which needs to take no thought. Oh yes, you take a lot of thought at first but as you continue knowing the Truth and it crystallizes into consciousness, no thought is necessary and you can recognize the firstborn everywhere where the mortal second born seems to be.

You can recognize the purity everywhere where the impure human condition seems to be and you’re not thrown for a loss by things such as pollution. You can recognize that where pollution seems to be, it only exists in the mind that perceives it. It isn’t God created. Where someone is killed, it only exists in the mind that perceives it. Killing isn’t God created. Where someone is ill, it only exists in the mind that perceives it. Sickness is not God created. You’re looking at the second born of the world but the firstborn is there, the Spiritual universe inhabited by the Christ, the infinite individualization of God ever-present, ever-living, completely, unmoved, unchanged by the second born, the world, which we perceive with our thinking mind.

When Joel writes the chapter called “Resting in Oneness,” he’s explaining that we rest in the One that is, even when we look at the one that is not. The Spirit of you being the Spirit of God, you and the Father are one. The Spirit of me being the Spirit of God, I and the Father are one and the Spirit of you and of me being the same Spirit, you and I are one. There is no individual on the earth who is not the Spirit of God and therefore we are one with whoever walks this earth although in the second born, in the form world, you seem to be separate. That divided consciousness you bury with Lazarus.

You have no separation, no division. You accept the firstborn universe which can never change, which is ever-present, which is your only home. And then the Kingdom of God to you is a living fact. First one that you consciously remind yourself about and finally as you die to this world, the Christ can come to the tomb of the old consciousness and bring forth the new which reveals the Kingdom where the world had seemed to be. And so we walk through the fire.

Now then, it all depends on the habits that you develop. If this is a memory course, and you try to remember this on Tuesday or Wednesday, it won’t work because you have to build, build, build. Instead of dying daily, why not think of it as being reborn daily? To be reborn to Self every moment. Can you think of a greater privilege? Each day, to be reborn to the Reality of your being. Each day to be lifted higher into yourself into the Kingdom of God on earth.

We have been given this glorious opportunity and it has been veiled by false beliefs. We all have the Divine power working where we are and we have turned away. We’ve turned it on to some degree. We’ve turned it on when it pleased us. We’ve turned to it when we wanted something. But now we live in it. We never go back into the tomb. Lazarus is dead but Christ is risen and this which the world now calls Lazarus resurrected is not Lazarus resurrected at all. This is Christ, seen without a glass darkly.

Resting in Oneness. In the only One there is. Did you notice in Matthew, where we’re told that God is our Father, that it says “And One is your Father which is in heaven.” “One is your Father.” The word “One” is your Father. One is your Source. One is your Substance. One is your Body. One is your Life. And that One being Infinite, we no longer accept a second one. We live in our first Self. The Self that is never differentiated into form. The Self that is always self-governed, whole, compete and we know it is present, not to be attained, but to be lived in, functioning, that no power on earth can stop it from functioning, that it is here, that it is our being now.

And when Lazarus tries to creep into us again and try to build us a body of clay in this world we reject it. No, I buried that consciousness. I’m never going back. You take off the graveclothes. You take the napkin off your face. You loose the Reality of your Being and you never turn back.

Resting in Oneness forever.

Now, what can you judge that can be true with the human mind? What can you ever say is bad? What can you ever say is evil? What can you ever say is less or greater? If there is One? You must look past the many where they appear and recognize One. You can never step out of your Self when you lose yourself.

Therefore, we continue to develop habits of recognizing the One Self. We don’t have to concern our self with the human conditions. They will flow automatically in harmony when we are recognizing the One Self. You won’t have to say, “When shall I change jobs?” You won’t have to say, “How shall I remove this particular illness? How shall I fill the coffers a little more? How shall I change this, improve that and correct the other thing?” You won’t have to say these things because the moment you accept them as present, you are denying yourself to be the One Self and, in that denial, you are losing the government of God in which these conditions have no existence.

Always, the recognition of the problem is the denial of the One Self for in the One Self ever-present, ever living, right where Lazarus seems to be, there is no condition. The total condition of death is a summation of all human conditions which seem to be. They are as non-existent as the death which seem to be existent where Lazarus was buried.

That’s why it’s an ultimate experience. It’s the death of all that contributes to death. It’s the abolition of every human condition that contributes to death. They are no more real than death itself and only in your life Self, in your fidelity to that life Self, even before it is fully realized, are you inviting Christ to say, “Now, come forth into your Father’s kingdom.”

When you violate Divine law by recognizing mortal conditions, you pay the price of your violation and your suffering matches your violation. It’s just the other side of the coin of the violation. The moment you are not the One, Divine Self, that which you experience would be the division from that Divine Self which you will call lack of this or lack of that, bad health. Your deathless, ageless Self is the only Self you are. There is no dying self. There is no aging self. There is no sick self. There is no self that can be sick tomorrow. There is no self that can be poor tomorrow. There is no self that can be rich tomorrow. There is only your deathless Self, your ageless Self, your immaculate Self. You have no other self. There is none.

And in the standing on the high ground of that One Self, Grace flows with hidden manna. Oh, it spoils all of us as it flows. We begin to relax and say, “Look how fortunate I am. Look what Spirit’s doing for me.” That’s one of the perils of Spiritual success. We lose our way sometimes because of it, because we cannot learn to accept it from the Spiritual side of our own Being. We think there’s a mortal side which is so lucky because it has demonstrated this or that. Even the success that flows your way must be accepted with the same equanimity as the failure. It is not my success. It is not my failure. I am perpetually the Divine Self.

And then rejoice because you can never be improved. You can never be better than you are. You can never be more immortal than you are. You have found your deathless Self in which the Grace of Divine life is ever manifesting, ever borning Itself in you. Your Oneness means; that Self is the Self of all and it is my Self. It is alive and it is not influenced by the changing images of a mind that has no existence in God.

Just quickly, take a kaleidoscopic view of all the things that have ailed you in the last week and recognize that only one thing has ailed you, your belief that you are not the Son of God. You cannot be the Son of God and also have things that are wrong. Your acceptance of the things that are wrong is the denial that you are the Son of God and that’s the only thing you’ve suffered from. Twoness – false self. And it’s always the same. No matter how big or small the area of grievance may be, it’s always the denial of your Self. It’s the one continuous error that we all make.

And the solution is to accept your Self. Forget the problem. Don’t worry. The invisible mind of the Father knoweth your need. The invisible Spirit of the Father is your Being. The invisible life of the Father is omnipotent. Be in that life and that omnipotence, those Divine qualities manifest as the harmony of Divinity in which there is no darkness. It isn’t removing a problem, it’s accepting that I am Divine Life and not moving out of that Consciousness.

As we learn to do this, the Christing takes place and it is said in Paul that we reign with the Father for a thousand years. That means you’re going to live in the consciousness of Life until you’re past denying it. When no power on this earth to you is a power, when neither time nor space nor what they contain can influence you out of the knowledge that you are Divine life and that Divine life omnipotently maintains perfection, no matter what appears. Then you’ll find your thousand years will be up. Your trial period, your ascension into the realm of Soul become a permanent ascension.

When you deny yourself, it’s these little, human, emotional grievances that we learn to deny, the times we’re irritated into being human. We have to deny these irritations. We have to deny the ego which wants us to be a human being. We have to rise above every human sense of discord because it’s all a mental attitude. It’s all a mental hypnosis. It’s all the world deceiver convincing us in some way or another, that we’re not the Son of God, that we’re not the Divine life. And maybe with Lazarus as a point of reference, you can remember that Lazarus, too, was once a human being. Lazarus had everything he needed as a human being but it wasn’t enough and he knew it. He knew that without Divine life, he was nothing and he discovered Divine life.

Your discovery of Divine life as your life is not enough. It must be lived in. It can be lived in and only when you live in it, does the Lazarus experience really have a meaning for you.

Now you may find that as you live in it, you’re unconsciously educating quite a number of people around you. That’s fine because you’re raising Lazarus in them. Your function always is to expand your circle of influence by being the Life, being the Light, recognizing the Life everywhere. That’s as far as you go.

As long as you can know me as I am. As long as you can know your friends and neighbors and enemies as they are, you can go no further. To hold them in that Light is holding yourself in the Light. To let them out of the Light is dropping yourself out of the Light.

You don’t have to give them a lot of advice. Just hold them in the Light of your consciousness. Let Christ do the work. You simply rest in Oneness and let Oneness do the work.

If you take offense, even then you are stepping out of the One Self. We must be true to the One Self more than we are true to human beings and if we are true to the One Self, that is the highest Truth we can follow. That will be the Truth of those who appear to us as mortal beings.

My suggestion is that friends make an agreement with each other. Husband and wife make an agreement with each other. Can it be that whenever I step out of the One Self, don’t spare my feelings. Tell me right then. And don’t care if I get angry. Tell me right then. That’s Love. That’s a different kind of love than the love that says, “How sweet we are.” It’s the Love that wants us to be what we are. Make that agreement with each other. You’ll be grateful.

Let’s have a little recess now and see what Joel has in his chapter.

– End of Side One —-

There are two lengthy lists of things said in these letters from the students but I’d like to read this one because it’s the first one I got and it shows you that the Spirit of the resurrection was captured here very well.

Lazarus, Oh Lazarus, thou slept and thou died and buried thy separateness and placed a stone on the birth that is death. Then rolled it away from the death that is birth. Thy heart and thy mind like the prodigal and his brother in ultimate Oneness rest. Lazarus come forth. Loose thyself from bondage. The Christ weeps still and the same showering mankind with precious jewels. So near and yet so far but to touch the hem is of yesteryear. Now is the time and the holy ground on which I stand. Mankind come forth. I command thee. Take off thy bondage. Take off thy bindings and see. Thou art in the Light. Thou art the Light itself eternally.

Now, if I had told you this was a fourteenth century poet you would have said, “Very lovely.” It indicates that the student level is walking right with the Christ and if this is the consciousness that can walk in our class, and this is the type of consciousness that is here, you can be sure that everything we are doing is under ordination.

When we did the chapter “No And!” there were certain selections not discussed and they’re going to be our prelude to the selections taken from “Resting in Oneness.”

Now these are from “No And!.” They’re important because Christ standing at the tomb of Lazarus is saying, “Only God is. There’s no God and a dying Lazarus. There’s no God and a lack. There’s no God and a disease. There’s no God and anything but God. There’s no God and a mind that perceives iniquity.”

In our awareness of the Christ life, there’s no God and. All that can exist is that which is Divine. All that can exist are the qualities of Divinity. We don’t have to make them become here, we don’t have to make them function. That is all that exists now. And in your acceptance of identity, that is all that exists to you.

So, what are you still seeking? If you’re still seeking, Lazarus isn’t liberated in your consciousness. If there’s a you that’s still seeks, that should be a sign to you that you’re stepping out of identity. The Son of God has nothing to seek. The Son of God accepts there is no God and.

But don’t you see it’s not just a matter of hiding from the things that you want and saying I don’t want them or I don’t need them. It far transcends that. In the acceptance that I am the Son of God, you are given the priceless Truth that all that the Father hath is yours. The life of Lazarus who is dead was not visible but it was there. All that the Father hath is not visible but it is here and it comes forth when you are that Life, when you are not separating yourself from that Life and insisting that there is a life that you are which needs something. The life of God needs nothing.

You see the opportunity when you can know that you are the life of God? When you need something, you’re denying yourself to be that life. You’re dividing yourself from it. You’re in the mind that does not know the life of God and therefore it seeks something.

Stop your seeking. Stand ye still. Know. But I am the life of God and all that the Father hath is mine. It must be invisibly present just as the life of Lazarus was present where the world thought him dead. All that I have sought is present right here where my human mind cannot perceive it or experience it.

I was with a student when another student phoned and said she felt miserable. She just couldn’t quite get with the day. She wanted to climb the wall, as she put it. And it was so perfectly timed because the student I was with was in a different frame of mind and although the problems seemed to be very different, they were both problems of being in the human mind. And although it might be difficult to explain to you or to a specific individual, “Well, your problem is strictly that you’re in the human mind,” it’s much easier when you can see someone else in that condition.

So, it was easy to say now this call is from a woman who is in the human mind and she’s suffering from it and in that human mind she has a false sense of self. And that’s what she’s suffering from. She doesn’t know she’s the child of God right now. The mind of her has created a false sense of self. That mind has lived in that false sense of self for these many years and that’s where she’s suffering, in the false sense of self. If she knew who she is, if she were not in that false self but were in the knowledge of her true Self, the suffering would disappear.

And suppose you and I then,” I said to this student, “Just rest, knowing her true Self and our true Self until our true Self and her true Self in our consciousness takes over by Itself and becomes one wavelength, one Self and when we feel that, let us just be still.” And soon, we felt the one wavelength that her Self and my Self and the Self of the one who phoned were one Self. We were out of the false self and by phoning us she had come to that one Self thinking she had come to a person. And that one Self that we were, was the one Self where she is and so the one Self was animated in her, released into her consciousness, taking her out of false self and with it went the problem, quickly.

Now you can see that about somebody else. See it about yourself. The only one who seeks or wants or needs or lacks is the false sense of self. If you make the mistake of trying to fulfill the need or the want or the lack, even when you do, you’re still in the false sense of self and so it’s going to come at you in another way and still another way. But when you face the Reality of your Being and refuse to be that false sense of self which is not the Son of God then you will say, “I know it seems that I need, I lack, I want, I desire, I’m chasing for this and I’m reaching for that, but why should I?”

The son of God is self-complete. Right now, the invisible fullness of the Father is present here now. I know I can’t see it or touch it or find it or pick it up but what of it? My job is just to know who I am and then who I am, accepted, becomes the living truth of Being. Its omnipotence shines forth. Then in the acceptance, I am come.

You lacked? All you lacked was your Self. Every quality you needed was in your Self. Rest in your Self and the false sense of self, relinquished, reveals that all error was only in that false sense of self. No reasoning is necessary, no truth quotation, no remembrance. Just the acceptance of Self. And if you can continue to live in Self, not accepting the subtle way in which false sense of self comes back into consciousness, watching, knowing, being, are the conditions of the false self will not manifest as powerfully or as frequently until all division, all false sense of self being obliterated, the Divine qualities of the real Self, will manifest as a change of consciousness. Soul body, that body which is eternal and under Divine government forever; sustained by the Infinite. Self-fulfilling, Self-revealing, Self-maintaining by Grace. Get it all together in that one false self and get rid of it.

And then, you have no and. Joel says, “Meditate on the idea of hypnotism as the substance of every form of the mortal or material universe appearing to you.”

Hypnotism is the substance of every form in the mortal universe. However, startling or staggering or vast the idea, it shouldn’t be to us. If you saw it ten years ago, you might be bewildered. Today, you should say, “Of course.”

Naturally, God made nothing mortal. God made no forms that can pass away. The very fact that a form passes away is an indication that I have seen it incorrectly in the first place. Something else was there. Life. It hasn’t passed away. The Life is ever present. It never goes anywhere. It not only doesn’t die, it doesn’t depart. Life cannot go anywhere. Life is everywhere.

The strengthening of this consciousness of the Life, not the form, not only removes your false sense of self but your sense of the false self of others. Hypnotism appears as the things of the world. Know it as hypnotism, a false sense of self and the things of the world are slowly replaced by the Life behind them. The Life which the things of the world are counterfeiting.

We’re getting out of the counterfeit, out of the re-created universe into the living in creation, out of that mental re-creation of the world mind, out of the mental re-creation which calls itself my human self, your human self, your human form. We’re saying come forth to the invisible Reality ever present, which was not re-created by the world mind and when it shows itself forth, you find that it is not capable of being destroyed. It is infinitely governed. It shows forth Divinity. It shows forth Harmony. It shows forth Love. You can recognize that the firstborn, ever present, behind the second born which is re-creation is always ready to come forth for the one who is the living Son of God instead of the false mortal self.

When you see sin, disease, lack, limitation, remember, it is hypnotism presenting itself as evil forms and when you see beauty” – and this is the part that hurts – “When you see beauty all around you, remember that these too are forms of hypnotism, only this time appearing to you as good forms.”

All form is hypnotism whether it is good form or evil form, happy form or unhappy form, healthy form or unhealthy form, pure form or adulterated form. If you accept the adulterated form as bad, then you’re accepting the other form as good and you’re just as much in error as if you had never thought of the word pollution. There is no physical form created by God.

You didn’t have to face this at one time but the Lazarus experience says you must face it. Otherwise, you think Lazarus died. Harry died. Mary died. Life doesn’t die. We live in Life and thank heaven for ever and ever and ever there is no death in Life.

The illusion of death is gone. It has no meaning. The very death itself is the revelation that what we thought had died was never there. We simply hadn’t seen the Life there that had not died. We saw the recreation of a false consciousness. This is the continuous purification, the un-conditioning, the walking in life, not in concept.

Again says Joel, “I say unto you, if you could be made to treat a person in an attempt to change him or give him more of this world’s good, or if you could be made to fear war, depression, atomic bombs, you are hypnotized. Then, it’s only a question of what date will be placed on your tombstone. However, if you catch this vision, when the time comes for you to leave this world, you will step out into a transitional experience which will be a higher and better one than this one.”

Lazarus had stepped out into a transitional experience. Out of mortal sense into Immortality realized. But it was always there to be realized. He didn’t attain Immortality. It was always his Self. Finally, he knew it. Your immortal Self is always present. Finally, you accept it, then you realize it, and then you are it. And then hypnotism is over. The immortal Self is never hypnotized.

Now, measure your present state of dominion and it will tell you the degree to which you have attained the level of immortal Self now. Everything wrong is in your mortal sense of self. In your immortal Reality now, nothing is wrong. Therefore, the degree of things that are wrong tell you the degree of mortal sense that you still entertain.

What is this mortal sense? Why does it possess you when you want to be rid of it? Because it comes like a thief in the night. While you’re saying to yourself “But I can’t be sick, I’m the Son of God,” you’re still sick. But at least you’re on the right track while you’re doing that. And that mind which recognizes the sickness is the last barrier, the last stone to be rolled away.

When you can say the mind that sees the sickness does not exist and stand there, it is my experience that a change takes place. This mind that still perceives the sickness is not a true mind; does not exist. And if you will stay out of that mind for a brief period, in that true Silence, the concept of that mind cannot function in the mind that isn’t there. And that’s all the sickness ever was.

As you transcend that belief in a mind, you find the Divine mind will re-adjust and you will have overcome this world which is nothing but the outer manifestation of the mind that isn’t there.

Divine mind has no sickness within it. There is not Divine mind and another mind. Divine power does not bow down and permit the power of sickness to function. There is Divine power and no other power. There is God. There is Divine power, Divine life, Divine self, Divine being, Divine action, Divine law and none of these are with ‘and’. They are self-complete without opposite. The more you can stand in the reality of them, finally needing no mind to stand in them but to rest in the Silence that all that can be present is Divine in every way, you will be completely blockaded from mortal thought.

You’re not a healer this way. You’re above that and you don’t have to be healed this way. You’re above that. You’re the divine Son of God. You neither heal anyone and neither are you healed. You rest in this divine Son of God which is the identity of you and the person you thought needed healing.

One Divine Son of God, not four million. One is always your answer, never two. There’s never a student and a teacher. There’s never a patient and a victim. There’s never a patient and a healer. There’s never a practitioner and a sick person. There’s only one Divine Self. There’s never one smart mind and one dumb mind. There’s only one Divine Mind. There’s never one who is wealthy and one who is poor. There’s only one Divine Self. Do not be fooled by twos, threes, tens and hundreds. Do not be fooled by the many. There’s only One. And the more you rout out this many and rest in the One, the more you’ll discover dominion takes its own precedence in your consciousness over the appearances of the many in the world.

Joel says, “You cannot treat a person. You cannot treat a condition. To do that would be like trying to treat the snakes appearing in a flower pot and saying I’ve got to get rid of my three snakes. As soon as I got rid of them, I’ll be able to study better. Now do you see how foolish that it? There aren’t any snakes. You’re never going to get rid of them. All you have to do is get rid of the hypnosis and when you believe that, you no longer have to study truth because the only purpose in studying truth is to learn that hypnotism is the only error.

You’ll find that in your chapter “No And!” hypnotism is the only error. “When you’ve learned that, there’s nothing more to study. All the rest is to be lived within your own being.”

Now some of us could have used that five days ago, and some could have used that five months ago. Some can use it this minute. But if we all had it twenty years ago, hypnotism is the only error if we had been able to work with it, the Light that we would send around the world right now would blind the world.

The hypnotism that you are not the Son of God, the life of God is your only error. The hypnotism that your neighbor is not the life of God is part of the same error. One error, hypnotism; that there is something here besides the life of God, the mind of God and all that the life of God embraces, the mind, the body, the Spirit, the Soul, the qualities, there’s nothing else. The belief that something else exists is the hypnotism.

And because the hypnotism takes place in the human mind, we know that the mind itself is part of the hypnotism. The human mind is a state of hypnotism. It is non-existence posing as a thinking mind.

You can see nothing on this earth except that which is in your human mind and your human mind does not exist. Only through the crucifixion of that mind do you crucify the world, do you step into the resurrection of Lazarus experience. You must crucify that which is not, to be resurrected into that which is.

Form, body, matter, mind, the motion of matter, the conditions of matter, the activities in time, the activities in space, all this is part of cosmic hypnotism, the one error.

I am the Son of God perfect as my Father, born of the One, sustained by the One, fed by the One, guided by the One, lived by the One, maintained forever in perfection by the One and let all the hypnotism of the world challenge that as you stand fast and the power of the One will manifest through every veil.

One last statement of Joel’s, “When you see a so-called evil appearance, sinful, sick, dying or dead appearance, you’re probably tempted immediately to know some truth that you hope can change that picture or to think some thought that can heal, correct, improve or reform that picture. Whereas, when you see normal good, normal human health, harmony, wholeness, prosperity, you’re most likely willing to accept that picture at its face value, but hypnotism is just as much hypnotism when it appears as good as when it appears as evil.”

When you become accustomed to observing all harmonious human appearances and all inharmonious human appearances with the same degree of unconcern, you will have arrived at a state of spiritual consciousness in which you see that which is invisible, hear that which is inaudible and know that which is unknowable and this is Christ Consciousness.”

Now you see what he’s done for us. He’s repeated the Lazarus experience in another way. He has removed the world. You can be sure the world is removed when you lay down the false consciousness, put it in a tomb, rest until I come whose right it is to sit upon the throne and then when I come forth, all hypnotism of good and bad is gone. All hypnotism of form is gone for I am the Light. I walk in the Light. I see the Light. I reveal the Light and this Light is the Life of all men, the life of God on earth now as it is in heaven.

Silence, (pause) …

We reach the place where we can begin to walk consciously in the Kingdom of Heaven knowing that is all that is here and all that cannot happen in the Kingdom of Heaven cannot happen here in the Kingdom of Heaven. Nothing can happen here in the Kingdom of Heaven except that which is the activity of God. That’s how you can recognize what is and what is not. Only the activity of God can happen.

There is nothing in the chapter 11 that you will find in any other gospel. I believe it’s the same in chapter 12. What happens now in our John Gospel is to bring us the deeper mystical teaching that has escaped the world. Having gone through an exposure to the Lazarus experience, Christ is ready to show us further inner developments which can enable us to walk in Oneness in the Kingdom of God on earth.

We come not as mortals to this class any longer. We speak not to mortals and we hear not as mortals. We learn to accept that the life of God being immortal, that Life being my life, I am the immortal life of God now. And I live as that immortal Life, accepting no other, no substitute in myself or in my neighbor. Secretly, sacredly living the immortal Life while appearing in the mortal form knowing that mortal form can be laid down at will for the immortal Life will continue to live itself without the experience of sickness, disease or death of any kind.

Silence, (long pause) …

Thanks again.

We’re coming now to a very important chapter, “The Resurrection of Lazarus.” Its importance cannot be over-stressed for one simple reason. It is a description of the inner experience that every person on earth is destined to go through. It makes no difference where you are in consciousness now. It makes no difference if you have accepted the Divine will within yourself or not. It makes no difference how high you go or how low you go. The resurrection of Lazarus must take place in your consciousness.

A very strange thing happens when you look at this particular experience. It almost explains by itself the reason that mankind has lost sight of the meanings of the Bible and if we number ourselves among those who have caught some measure of Truth in the Bible, we are definitely among the minority.

You will look through the Gospel of Mathew, the Gospel of Mark and the Gospel of Luke and you will not find the resurrection of Lazarus and when you begin to question that, to wonder why, you may come to the conclusion that they simply did not know it had happened. When it occurred, they were not at the level of awareness that could discern this inner experience. John could. That’s why John was designated the heir apparent on earth to the Master. The one who was the witness of this supreme demonstration was John. And Peter in dictating his experiences to Mark simply did not tell him about the resurrection of Lazarus. Luke was unaware of it. Matthew dictating to Levi seems to have no awareness of it.

And so, there it appears alone in the Gospel of John and that leads to a second question, “Was it a visible event?” If everybody was there and Lazarus came out of a tomb, how could they possibly leave it out of their Gospels? By what earthly purpose could they omit the resurrection of Lazarus and yet talk about the raising of a girl from a coma or the healing of a cripple or a blind man? Was this not the supreme demonstration? And does it not indicate that the supreme demonstration is not a visible one? But rather an inner transformation not visible to human eyes, not even to the eyes of the disciples of Jesus Christ for they had not yet reached the level of resurrection. The witness was John.

When this first came to me that this had to be an inner event, I couldn’t accept it. I could believe it might be but I couldn’t accept it as a full blown positive truth. I had to have evidence, too. And the evidence came degree by degree and when you started looking for evidence that this was an inner event, that’s when you began to perceive the evidence.

So, I went through many of the manuals, many of the encyclopedia, many of the great writers on the Bible and do you know I couldn’t find one who would mention that the resurrection of Lazarus was not in the three Gospels, let alone discuss it. They wouldn’t mention it.

And as a result, the commentators on the Bible, bypassing this, have never really peeked under the inner meaning of it because they have accepted it as the resurrection of a man called Lazarus who stepped out of the tomb because Jesus Christ stood there and said, “Lazarus come forth.” That isn’t what happened at all. In the outer world, it’s very likely that Lazarus was sick and he recovered and that was it and it didn’t mean very much for that reason.

On the inner planes of consciousness where John lived, the resurrection of Lazarus took place and so he alone could put it in his Bible because he alone could discern the activity. He alone could bring us the meaning of Christ being born in the consciousness of an individual.

And so, when he wrote the Gospel of John including the resurrection of Lazarus, as you begin to see these names come by, Mark and Mary, Bethany, Lazarus, Jews, you begin to see them more as symbols than as people. In the outer, yes, they appear as people to us but in the inner, they are qualities. And the closer you look at these qualities, the more you realize that John has been able to give us a mystical code which connects the various phases of inner development that are necessary for each of us to go through the inner resurrection. He connects them up in such a super human way that we see the skill of a surgeon at work.

Now then let us try to remember that if let’s say President Nixon were assassinated today and let’s say there are four papers in town. If twenty years from now, we look back at these four papers it would be amazing to find that one of them did not print that President Nixon had been assassinated. How in the world could they not print it? That’s the purpose of being a newspaper.

If you look back at the time of the Kennedy’s assassination or the Luther King assassination, you’ll find every paper had a record of it. And then if Lazarus came forth out of a tomb witnessed by so many people, how could the Gospels not have a record of it? You see it had to be an invisible event and that’s why there’s no record of it except in John’s Gospel? You’ll recall the Master keeps saying, “I am going to leave you but my hour has not yet come. My hour has not yet come.”

What was He waiting for? You’ll find he was waiting for the resurrection of Lazarus. That’s the signal of his hour. The supreme demonstration of the non-reality of death is the beginning of the hour. Because immediately following this – and this is why John’s Gospel is so important to us – immediately following the resurrection, is the triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the higher Consciousness. He had to wait for resurrection before proceeding into the higher Consciousness which leads to ascension.

This is a key landmark in the spiritual journey missed by most of the Christian world. It is really the beginning of the Christian mysteries. It is not only the revelation of the non-reality of death, it is exposing death as a counterfeit of a different kind of death; that there are two kinds of death. The one death in which you die but are not extinct and come back in another form and the second death in which you die to death, in which you die to the false sense of self and are resurrected unto Life while in the flesh and this complete resurrection experience is not an after-death experience going to another place. It’s the other side of the coin of dying to the false sense of self. On the other side of the coin, as we die to the false sense of mortality, we are reborn to the true sense of Self and so simultaneously, dying to self and being born to Self are taking place. He’s teaching us the necessity of dying to self and showing us the depth of dying that is necessary to be born to Self and further, assuring us that this is the way.

Now we have to follow this with the I of Spirit. We have to understand it and if we don’t, we have to do it again. We have to understand it so well that the impression is made upon us that our function on this earth is to die to death, and to die to the conditions that cause death and to die to them while we are in the flesh through an understanding of their nothingness until we can feel the birth, the resurrection of living Spirit as our own Selfhood, until we can step out of the grave of false mortality.

Now if you think this was a visible event, even though it wasn’t in the other three other Gospels, you miss the point and you think Jesus raised Lazarus. When you know it’s an invisible event, you realize that Lazarus is mankind. This is the resurrection of mankind seen through the I of the enlightened John.

You already are going through this resurrection. As personal self dies away, as Spiritual Selfhood expresses itself where you stand in your activities, you are experiencing this resurrection. The culmination of this experience is the Lazarus experience and it’s all in the flesh. It’s on this side of the veil. Resurrection never takes place after death. It takes place before death and it is an invisible Spiritual process in which the old man dies.

Now remember it’s chapter 11. After the Divine power on earth of the Spirit has been revealed in many ways and directly preceding the triumphal entry into Jerusalem where the greater works will be done. Without this step, there will be no triumphal entry into ascension, the new Jerusalem or higher Consciousness.

Now a certain man was sick, named Lazarus, of Bethany, the town of Mary and her sister Martha. (It was that Mary which anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick.)”

This activity of wiping the feet of the Master with her hair and anointing himself with ointment, this was an activity later in the Bible, not at this point but John wants us to know this is the Mary who later will do these things.

And therefore, his sisters sent unto him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick.”

Now let’s catch the mystical code here. A certain man was sick named Lazarus. We’re going to find a very ingenious device worked here by Spirit. Lazarus is sick and Lazarus is going to be buried before the Master comes and so we have no way of knowing what’s going on in the consciousness of the one called Lazarus and that’s why Mary and Martha remained above board visible in this delineation. They are the consciousness of Lazarus. They are what’s taking place in Lazarus for Lazarus to come forth. We trace his consciousness through Mary and Martha. That’s the device used here by the Spirit and so while Lazarus is interred you’re going to find a code about what Mary and Martha do, explaining what took place in Lazarus to enable him to reach this high development and what is going to have to take place in him to bring him forth again. And of course, they’re talking all the time about the Lazarus in you for Lazarus in you is that state of development which is ready through purification to be Christed. When you reach the moment in which you’re ready to be Christed, that is Lazarus and that comes through the various mystical codes that John is going to carefully trace for us.

He says that they were in Bethany. Bethany, you’ll discover, is a state of consciousness through which your soul must travel. It is the city where two, the division of yourself is united into one and that Bethany at the moment is pointed out to be the town of Mary and Martha. They are two and they must be united into one, in Bethany. That’s where the union takes place. That’s where Christ is born in Lazarus. That’s where you present yourself in your uplifted consciousness of one to be Christed by the Spirit and as you pass through Bethany, you’re on your way to the higher Consciousness called New Jerusalem. These are not places, they are symbols. This isn’t just Bethany, it’s the town of Mary and Martha, meaning this is the consciousness that Mary and Martha will come into.

Now we’re going to see why Mary and Martha are so different. It was that Mary which we should say later and that’s what it means. Oh there it is, it’s in parenthesis and that means it’s just a footnote to explain who this Mary is. “(It was that Mary which anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick).”

Therefore his sisters sent unto him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick.”

Now they had to write to him. And this is the situation that occurs in our normal mortal experience. We may be disciples of the Christ as Mary and Martha were but in a moment of stress, we are separated from Christ. And this is why he was not there at the time.

In this moment of tribulation, they were separated from Christ in their own consciousness and so they had to fill this gap of space, this gap of time with a letter. They had to write and this is significant of the separation between them. If Mary and if Martha were in the awareness of the presence of Christ, there would be no writing and we would not understand the nature of the absence of Christ causing the sense of grief, the sense of doubt, the sense of worry.

Always in the absence of Christ in your consciousness, through some particular kind of tribulation, we overlook that which is the answer to our problem. Not a letter sent to Christ, the awareness of the presence of Christ where I stand. This would have been their solution and we are being forewarned not to make the same error. It’s all by way of symbolically showing us that the absence of Christ is the problem. The presence of Christ will be the solution and all of this is what’s taking place, not only in Mary and Martha, but Lazarus has gone through these stages in order to be where he is, at that point of receiving the birth of Christ within himself. He has united Mary and Martha within his own consciousness as we all must do.

Therefore, after they had sent the letter, “When Jesus heard that,” that Lazarus whom he loveth was sick – and that word love means, “He knows him.” In Spiritual terminology, when you love, you know that individual, you know his identity. And so, they carefully phrased it to show that Jesus knew the identity of Lazarus.

He whom you loveth”

When you say, “I love you” the spiritual knowledge that should accompany that is “I know who you are. I know your name. I know your identity. I know your Spiritual Selfhood and that I love.” This was the relationship between Christ Jesus and Christ Lazarus, knowing the identity of the other.

Now you’ll see then, that Lazarus is higher than the disciples. The twelve disciples represent qualities, human qualities. Lazarus has passed the human qualities. Lazarus is coming into spiritual rebirth. The disciples have not yet done that and so in order to teach the disciples, there must be one who can advance beyond them and there must be one who can witness that advance. And that’s the value of Lazarus and John the witness. All this is being done by Spirit for the purpose of enlightening all who are disciples of the Christ, all who in their humanhood are turning to the highest Spiritual Self.

Jesus says, “This sickness is not unto death, but that the glory of God, the Son of God might be glorified thereby.’”

Now these beautiful words, “This sickness is not unto death,” has many meanings for us. This is the revelation then, we know he’s going to die as humans die, but it is not unto death. It is not going to be that kind of death which is extinction. It’s not a permanent death.

Then what kind of death is it? It’s a death within a man, a death of a false sense of self which outwardly appears in this case to be death but its dying to that which never was death. This is called righteous death. It’s a new death. A second kind of death and it’s revealing that human death is a counterfeit. It’s a counterfeit of the right kind of death.

The right kind of death is one in which you die without dying. Death without dying is the true death because it’s rather a transformation of consciousness within. The old consciousness dies, that’s all. The new consciousness lives and will come forth out of the tomb of the old consciousness and this is a phase of preparation at a high level for the phase of ascension.

Now this point, if you could visualize yourself as Lazarus, you would be going through a death that is not dying but the qualities of mind and body that you have known, the concepts you have experienced, the life you had lived would be dying out of your consciousness to make way for a new kind of life, a new kind of consciousness and this is what is called “This is not unto death.”

It only appears to be death but it isn’t. It’s a change over, a change of consciousness but a complete change, not a patch, not just a temporary emptying out. It’s a complete and total change-over. And you’re going to find it’s even a change-over in body, in mind. It’s the way to the Soul and the Soul universe.

This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby.”

In the death of the old consciousness the Son of God is glorified. He had said so to the blind man when the disciples said, “Who has sinned, this man or his father or his parents? Neither. This is so that the glory of God may be made manifest.”

And so here. The apparent dying is to make known the nature of the true Life for the glory of God. And so, as Lazarus in you, the old man, the consciousness through which you have lived a mortal life up to a certain point is finally put to rest, the Son of God in you is made manifest but not before. You can’t hold onto Lazarus and be a witness to the Son of God in you. There must be an inner dying of the old man for a birth of the new. You can’t straddle the fence. And that’s why it’s such a total here, that’s why he’s put in a tomb. That’s why he’s buried.

You see up to now, all resurrections in the Bible have been, at least in the New Testament, he would raise a girl from a sleep, who was in a coma but she wasn’t buried. She was in a bed. And then he’d get around to the boy in the coffin in the city of Nain but he wasn’t buried yet. He was on the way to be buried. He was in a coffin. They were resurrections but not of one who had been buried. You see the degrees, the progressions of dying to the old self.

This is the total death of the old self. That’s why he’s buried in the tomb. He’s not just dead, he’s dead and buried and the old self must be dead and buried. You have no choice. If you make the choice, it’s because you’re not letting yourself move in the Divine will which says, “There is no choice. This is the way.” The old self must be dead and buried for the new Self to rise. Matter is dying that Spirit may reveal itself as the only Life.

Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister, and Lazarus. And when he had heard therefore that he was sick, he abode two days still in the same place where he was.”

There’s a key word there and if you have a Bible, or five Bibles, look at them. Look at them in the 6th verse of the 11th chapter of John. John 11 verse 6 and you may find that if it isn’t a King James, it won’t read exactly as this does. And the reason is because many of our translators in order to simplify the Bible, to change its grammar to make it conform to modern usage, have done inadvertently a very sad thing.

Now for example here, “He abode two days still in the same place,” that’s very bad grammar. I will admit that. And so, if you look in your Bible, you may find that he remained in that city for two days or some other changing of the words but you will very rarely find one Bible translator who uses the word “still” because he’s got to clean up the grammar of the Bible. And that’s the key word that they cut out.

He abode two days still in that city.”

It doesn’t mean he remained in another city for two days. It means that for two solid days, he was still in communion with the Father. It’s describing the state of his consciousness in which he remained in total communion with the Spirit of God within himself, with the Spirit of God within Lazarus. He was raising the dead. He was raising that which was not dead but which seemed to be.

On the inner plane of Consciousness, Lazarus and Christ Jesus were one. “He abode two days still.” You look it up, 11:6 and you’ll find the word “still” in most Bibles has been removed because the translator was totally unaware of its meaning. He would have called this or what the grammarian calls redundant. If he remained there, why say he remained there still. He remained there but the word “still” didn’t refer to his physical immobility, it referred to his inner stillness.

And you know most of us having read this probably never saw the word “still.” It’s quite a shock suddenly to see it there. I didn’t know it was there. Still, still, still. Why, that’s the message of the Bible. “Be ye still and know that I am God.” And here’s Jesus Christ being still for two days after receiving this letter. It’s going to become very significant as we move along here.

Then after that saith he to his disciples, Let us go unto Judea again.’”

After that. After that two-day stillness. Judea? Why he just came out of there and they tried to stone him. “Let us go unto Judea again.” Yes. Because going unto Judea again was now a symbol that when he was there before, the consciousness was in a state of twoness but now after this long stillness, the consciousness in Judea was ready to yield to Oneness. And so, we can return to Judea now.

While he is in this state of stillness, not only is Lazarus receiving the Christ impulse, but even Martha and Mary are receiving the Christ impulse and those two are becoming one on the outer. Divine power is released in this two-day stillness. This turning away from world thought, breaking the link of world thought with the consciousness of Martha, Mary and Lazarus, liberating them into Christ.

Now as you dwell with this, you’ll discover this a very important key to the healing Consciousness. There’s no visible connection between Lazarus and Jesus Christ and Martha and Mary but in the stillness, they are all One. There’s no space between them, or time between them, and there’s no corporeality. They’re a spiritual Oneself. The seeds of the so-called resurrection have been sown in the stillness.

His disciples said unto him, Master, the Jews of late sought to stone thee; and goest thou thither again?”

This is the consciousness of the disciples. They have a man called Jesus in their midst whom they love, whom they respect, whom they try to emulate but they do not know him. No matter what they have seen and accomplished up to now, they still have fear for his personal safety. How can he go back where they tried to stone him? Won’t they still be hostile?

And “Jesus answered, Are there not twelve hours in a day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world.”

Now the day has twelve hours. Later, you’ll discover that twelve is the symbol of total Christhood attained. In other words, twelve signifies, I Spirit of God, Self-completion in Christ. Twelve hours. He had twelve disciples. These twelve would all be Christed. The human qualities would be divined so that normal human love would become Divine love. All human qualities would be absorbed into the higher Divine or they would die to be reborn in the Divine and I, Jesus Christ am that Divine. The twelve qualities of Jesus Christ are already I Divine and does the I walk in fear? Does Christ in you need protection? Only those who have not accepted Christ within. For I walk in the day. The day is the Spirit. The night is the darkness of materiality. The day is the immortal Self. The night is the mortal sense of self.

And so, we find Lazarus buried in a cave, out of the day, in the night, in the darkness because darkness is dying that day may dawn. Twelve symbolizes I, the complete Self and the complete Self realized walks in fear of no man and no condition. Therefore, whoever has not accepted I Christ as identity, stumbles in the night.

If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world. But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him.”

He has not accepted that the Spirit of God is his name, identity and substance. And so the light from within his own being cannot go before him to light the way, to maintain spiritual integrity, to sustain, feed, guide, direct, lead and inspire.

These things said he: and after that he saith unto them, Our friend Lazarus sleepeth; but I go, that I may awake him out of sleep.”

Now to the world, Lazarus was dead. But we’re learning it’s a sleep. It’s a sleep because it’s a suspension, a transitional experience.

Then said His disciples,” taking him very literally, “Lord, if he sleep, he shall do well.”

They think he’s in a sense of physical rest. Now it’s not a physical sleep at all. It’s a sleep to mortality. He had been asleep to Divinity. Now he’s sleeping to mortality that he may awaken to Divinity. It’s not a physical rest. It’s a sleeping of the complete mortal sense which will now awake in an immortal Reality.

And to clarify this, to point out that there’s a difference in death as there is in sleep, “Howbeit, Jesus spoke of his death: but they thought He had spoken of taking a rest in sleep.”

And then said Jesus unto them plainly, Lazarus is dead.”

Now he could have said to them, “Lazarus was dead” first, but he first said, “Lazarus was asleep” to show us there’s a different kind of sleep he’s talking about. And so when he says, “Lazarus is dead,” he means “Yes, he’s dead” if you want to look at it from a human point of view but I’m telling you the I within is saying, “This isn’t death at all. It never has been and never will be. This is sleep. This is the death without dying that every man will learn.”

And I’m glad that for your sakes that I was not there, to the intent ye may believe; nevertheless, let us go unto him.”

Now when Jesus says, “I’m glad that I was not there,” the I that he means is “I’m glad that the Spirit of God, Christ was not realized there.” That is what makes this physical death the absence of the awareness of I Christ present.

Had I Christ been present, there would not have been the appearance of the physical death. It would have simply occurred as a visible thing. A man would simply be Christed within. He wouldn’t have gone into a death, a languor, a sleep and you and I, as we realize the Christ, we won’t go into this death, this apparent sleep. But it had to be done that way to call attention to it.

I’m glad it happened this way,” said Jesus. because If I had been there, it wouldn’t have. It was my absence that made him go into the sleep and now as we return there, I will be present and you will see the difference and all of this is the journey within yourself because I present in you, there’s going to be no Jesus Christ coming to you visibly but rather the realization of I Christ in you awakens us from the sleep of mortality into the awareness of Divinity.” In the outer symbols of forms, there’s distance and space and time. Within yourself is where it all takes place.

Nevertheless let us go unto them.”

Then said Thomas, which is called Didymus, unto his fellow disciples, Let us also go that we may die with him.”

Now Thomas means that we may die with Jesus, not with Lazarus. He thinks that, just as the stoning of Jesus was attempted before in Judea, it will be attempted again and this time they will get Jesus and he’ll die. And being loyal, he says, “Let’s go die with him.”

Now there’s a significance there because Thomas stands for sense consciousness. What he sees, he believes. You see, sense consciousness must go and die too. You see the subtlety of what John is telling us? That the Thomas in you must go into Bethany and die there. Sense consciousness must die. The belief in the evidence of the senses must die. Every little detail with surgical skill is included here.

Then when Jesus came, he found that he had lain in the grave four days already.”

And so, we have the sisters who immediately sent a letter saying, “He’s sick.” Quickly thereafter he passed on. Jesus stayed in the stillness for two days, received the letter after two days of Lazarus’ death and now it was four days.

Now let’s see the two and two as a meaning there. The first two days was the sleeping or the dying to mortality of Lazarus and then the waiting of two days just as Lazarus in us must die to mortal self, Christ in us must be born. And so, two days for dying and two days for borning. And this is the four days. And the crucifixion within took two days. The crucifixion having reached its peak, now the resurrection within takes the other two days. There’s a passing out of mortality and a releasing of Immortality.

And of course, there was the old legend in the Hebrew religion that the angel of death carried a sword and there was gall on the end of it. And that by the end of the third night, and the beginning of the fourth day, the soul had passed out of the body. And so Spirit was taking every detail into consideration and here although the legend had it that the soul had already passed out of the body, this was going to be shown to be untrue, that there never was a soul in the body to pass out of it. In fact, there never was a physical body there. There was only the Spirit of God present.

The Christ is never fooled by the image of body. It is the image of body in Lazarus that is dying in the old consciousness. The new Lazarus will not be living in the body and he will be conscious of that. He will appear as a body but he will not be living in a body.

Before he passed into the state of sleep, he was not living in a body either but he didn’t know it. He thought he was. And so, you and I going through this experience will discover that first we think we’re in a body and as we go through the inner crucifixion of the old consciousness, we discover that there is no personal me, never was. There’s no personal body and when we reach the state of total death to the personal me and Christ is born, we come forth with the knowledge that I’m not in a body and never was but now I have a Spiritual body. The transition in consciousness reveals the Spiritual body of the Soul where before the human mind had known only the material body which never was there.

Christ is now here, four days have elapsed, the arrival of Christ signifies that Mary and Martha are becoming aware within themselves of the Presence. That the Presence is drawing nigh unto the consciousness of Lazarus, the moment of Christing is close. This is still the inner experience that we are all going through in greater and lesser degrees.

Now we have no soul leaving a body. We have the knowledge that no body is there. All that is there is the invisible Christ plus the sense consciousness which is dying in which there was the illusion of body, the illusion of human life. And life cannot sustain that old body for one reason. It isn’t in the body.

The reason the body goes through the death is because there is no life in it. The body being counterfeit, the life that cannot sustain it is equally counterfeit. But there is present a real Life. And only when the false is understood and died to does the real Life come through.

There is no life in form. There is no human life in Lazarus even before the sleep and he’s learning that, as Christ comes closer to his consciousness. He’s learning as he’s in the tomb that I am not in a body of clay. I am not a physical form. I am not a human being. I am not a mortal self. I’m going through the first resurrection on this earth since the teaching of Christ Jesus. I am learning that I am immortal Self. I am the first fruits of the Christ teaching. I am entering my immortal Self which has ever been present awaiting recognition and it is done in a cave, in a tomb because all Christ birth takes place in a cave or manger or stable or tomb. The lower self is represented by the tomb and the lower self must give way to the higher Self so the rebirth is in the cave, in the dark as the old man dies and the new Self is born. The light comes over the horizon of night and it is day. Day within ourselves, Christ drawing near.

And then the mind of us, to describe this inner experience, the mind of us in the outer rushes forth in the form of Martha. The mind rushes forth to greet the Christ, seeing it as a man. The mind cannot perceive the light so it goes out into the external to greet Jesus. Martha represents the head, the human mind.

Mary represents the heart. The head and the heart must be united as one. The faith of the mind is not sufficient. The faith of the heart is necessary. The understanding of the mind is not sufficient. The love of the heart must be kindled. And so Mary and Martha are playing these roles in the initiation of Lazarus or in the initiation of you, in the initiation of mankind, showing that heart and head, understanding and heart, faith and love must become one. Out of this comes the expression of the Divine will.

When Lazarus steps out of the tomb, he will be in the Divine will. There is nothing he will do after that that is not Divine will expressing and sustaining itself. His human will is being released. The Divine will is taking its place and as Divine will takes the place of your human will, you will discover yourself reborn of the Christ. It will not happen while human will remains. It must be completely dead. The total extinction of human will. It isn’t enough for it to die. It must be buried.

– End of Side One —-

Now Bethany was nigh unto Jerusalem, about fifteen furlongs off.”

So, we’re being told that a couple of miles away is Jerusalem, that this is the path to Jerusalem. You could walk it in about an hour and a half but spiritually, until you have reached Bethany, where human will is sacrificed to accept Divine will totally, you can’t move to the higher realm. Unless Divine will activates your day, your experience, that is the level at which you will remain in duality, alternating between the good and the evil of the world.

But when you have passed to the point where Divine will itself is all that you respond to, when you have built the inner ear of response to the will of the Father, when you have accepted yourself as the immortal Self, the Spirit, the living child of God, then Divine will activates you and moves you up into Jerusalem two furlongs or fifteen furlongs away, and these fifteen would represent successive states of development that will come after Bethany. New progressions in consciousness made possible only when Divine will is the motivating force of your being.

Many of the Jews came in to Martha and Mary, to comfort them concerning their brother.”

Now if this were the outer experience, you can be sure that all of the activity that had followed and many people from the countryside who had gathered, would have made it impossible to leave this out of the earlier Gospels.

And so, we’re going to have to see that the Jews who come to comfort are the human thoughts. These human thoughts are not the real comforter. The real Comforter is Christ. The human thoughts, the sympathy, the affection expressed and in this case, the false sense of sympathy, the false sense of affection because many of these who came are the same ones who wanted to stone the Master, stoning him by turning away, even bitter towards Christ.

And so, you can’t express love to this one and bitterness to the Christ. You can see the hypocrisy expressed here. And so, we’re seeing this as the Jews, the thoughts of a person, the thoughts of the human intellect try to comfort us, our brother is dying. What good does it do? That doesn’t change anything. It just perpetuates the illusion of the death so that others may go through the same illusion.

It obliterates the whole meaning of resurrection. All the flowers and sympathy would represent the Jew, the intellect in us saying to us, “Don’t be feeling so bad about this.” All on the mental level, the human level, not seeing the reality that is happening, not knowing that Mary and Martha are going through a learning period.

And so, while Mary and Martha seen by John on the inner plane are entertaining thoughts of comfort about their condition, “Martha, as soon as she heard Jesus was coming, went out and met him.”

It doesn’t say “out.” I put that in. “was coming, went and met him

But Mary sat still in the house.”

And the reason that I said “out” is because it’s on my mind. Mary did remain in the house. And again, the word “sat still in the house.” Martha ran out. The mind goes out to meet the Christ as a person but the heart remains within to meet the Christ within the heart.

And you’re going to see now the beautiful way in which John has traced this for us, how the outer and the inner become one.

“Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.”

The mind sees a man. It says, “If you, man, if you Jesus had been here, my brother wouldn’t have died.” She’s remonstrating. She’s saying in a sense, “What took you so long?” The mind is personalizing the Christ but doesn’t know it. And of course, Christ must show the error of the mind.

So, she says now, “But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God, God will give it thee.”

She’s still seeing the personal power of the man, that he can do something, intercede for Lazarus in some way. But you know personally, he cannot. No human being has any power.

“Jesus says to her, Thy brother shall rise again.”

He doesn’t tell her, “You’re personalizing. You think I’m a man and that I’m going to do something to help your brother.” He doesn’t explain to her that his physical presence is not going to do anything or else he’d had been there long ago.

He remained physically un-present, absent because it’s the Spirit which quickens. And the Spirit is ever present whether Jesus is physically present or not and she knows this not. That his physical presence has nothing to do with the ever presence of the Spirit; that the Christ of Jesus was ever present though they knew it not. The Christ never left Lazarus, never left Martha, never left Mary, was ever present during the complete activity but Martha is unaware of this.

And rather than explain it, he says, “Your brother will rise again.” How could he be sure? Well, that’s what those two days were about. Resting in the One Spirit, the one Self, until the quickening. The awareness of the Presence says, “I am the One. Besides me there is no other.” And in that assurance, in that inner awareness of the Self, there is no death, there is only Life expressing.

When he says, “Thy brother will rise again”, he’s telling her about a fact that already has been established. A fact that could never be otherwise. He’s telling her that the life of an individual is always present and does not depend upon the appearance of the form.

Your life does not depend upon the condition of your form. You will rise again. Why? Nothing can happen to your life. That’s why. The real life is always present. The false life cannot maintain the form. The false form and the false life go hand in hand and the counterfeit nature of the false life is here revealed because there is a Life that is not counterfeit and it is present. And it does rise. That rising is not actually a rising. It’s the permanent status of that Life. It only seems to rise when the false sense disappears, the rising of that Life which was ever there is simply the recognition of its presence.

The real Life ever present activates the real body which is ever present. And now we are losing the sense of a counterfeit form and a counterfeit life as the Spirit draws near in the form of Christ Jesus.

Thy brother will rise again.”

You’re going to see that Life is the name of your brother, that he’s always a living Soul, that mankind is always invisible Life. It doesn’t die. It simply tries to live in a form that isn’t and a counterfeit mind cannot maintain a counterfeit form and it goes through the ins and outs of a counterfeit life completely oblivious to the real Life that is present which is to be revealed here in a moment.

Thy brother will rise again.” And of course, you can’t understand him.

Martha saith unto him, Well I know that he will rise again in the resurrection of the last day.”

Now she has said something very important, “In the resurrection of the last day.” If anyone had thought for example that the last day meant when you die, you can see that it doesn’t mean that at all because if it meant the last day when you die, then she wouldn’t have said “He will rise in the resurrection of the last day” because to her sense, he’s already dead. The last day has already happened so how can she say he will rise in the last day. The last day has happened.

So last day here doesn’t mean when Lazarus dies because he’s already dead. It means the end of the world. There’ll be resurrection in the last day. There’ll be resurrection at the end of the world. That happens to be a prevailing belief in the world today and Martha’s belief then was wrong and is wrong today. She thought there would be a resurrection in the end of the world, that the world would end and we would all rise into something else – which is so wrong.

There wasn’t going to be a resurrection at the end of the world. There’s going to be a resurrection before the end of the world. There’s going to be a resurrection in each individual who comes to Christ and if we await the resurrection after the end of the world, we simply follow in the path of ignorance which the world has followed up to now, turning away from the message of resurrection while in the flesh. Not in the last day but in the day before it is night. Now. The very thing we’re going through.

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”

Well it wouldn’t really matter what she answered. She could try to believe it because he said it. Martha, the human mind, at this point had no capacity to understand this.

I am the resurrection.” Think of I in the midst of you and know that I in the midst of you am the resurrection.

I in the midst of you am the life. If you believe on I in the midst of you, though you were dead, yet shall you live”

That’s precisely what Lazarus was going through. He was realizing I in the midst of him as shown by Jesus drawing near now to the tomb. He was becoming conscious of I in the midst of him as the resurrection and if he could speak, he would say “As Jesus drew near to the city of Bethany, as my sister walked out to greet him, I was feeling the presence of I in the midst of me already beginning to lift me out of the tomb of false belief, out of the tomb of the belief that I had been mortal, into the knowledge that I in the midst of me is the Spirit of God, the resurrection from all false belief into the reality of walking here now in my Father’s Kingdom. I in the midst of me, mighty, active, living, opening my eyes to my Self.”

As the Christ reveals I am the resurrection, you are hearing the inner Self say to you, “I in the midst of you. I take you through the tomb of mortality. I release the stone that bars the entrance into Immortality. I reveal to you my Father’s Kingdom on earth. I am your only Life. The life you had lived in mortal selfhood is not your life. It was the counterfeit and don’t wait for the last day to discover it. Don’t wait till the end of the world. Resurrection is now. I am the resurrection, not I will be. Resurrection is this very day.”

We learn the nowness of resurrection is turning to I in the midst of me, the very Self which is the Child of God, abiding there two more days until the Self is established in consciousness as my reality till I turn from the mortal sense of self until Lazarus within me is Christed, until I am the resurrection itself, until I am the Life itself, until my secret is that I am no longer under the belief that I am a mortal being. I leave the tomb of mortality. I walk out of the grave, right here on the earth, clothed in a new consciousness and this is the overcoming of death. Whoever goes through this experience, though he were dead, he shall live. In this overcoming of death, there is no death to go through again. The illusion is shattered. The death is within.

We cannot overlook this resurrection of Lazarus for this reason. It is the passport to Immortality. It is the very crux, the very crucial moment in the complete teaching of Christ. Without it, there’d be no going into Jerusalem. There’d be no Holy Easter week, there’d be no Palm Sunday, there’d be no rising, there’d be no ascension, there’d be no heaven on earth. With it, there is life without end. And if that is not true, the Bible has no meaning. With it, there is Life without end. He has spoken, “If you believe on me, though you were dead, yet shall you live.”

Death has no meaning, once I, Christ within, is accepted as the resurrection, a living experience, not a dead man being raised out of the grave but one who is asleep to Christ, awakening to Christ. One who is dead to Christ becoming alive in Christ. This is the crucifixion of mortality and its component, the resurrection into Spiritual Self

I in the midst of you is the only place you’re going to discover Life and then, “Be still and know that I am God.” God in you is the resurrection. God in you is the Life. God is not mortal. God is not flesh and blood. God is not living a limited lifespan. “Be still and know that I am God.” I am the resurrection. I am the Life. I can never leave you. I can never forsake you. I am the way. I stand at the door. Open your consciousness to this, I in the midst, for I am the resurrection which you see here as Lazarus. And then Lazarus in you will come forth, reborn of the Spirit. Then Lazarus in the Bible will have a meaning, a living meaning in every consciousness that accepts the words that are expressed by the Spirit in this particular rendition of John.

Some of you may even think right now that you’re further into the resurrection experience than you ever dreamed. I think some of you are. You may find that at times, you’re floating and not walking. You’re almost aware of the fact that there’s a different you here. You may feel a sense of a strangeness in power, an awareness that in some way or other every need is met, quickly, without writing a letter to someone far away, that Christ is present. I am present. I can never leave you. What are you writing a letter to me for? I am present where you are.

And so Martha in you is learning to turn within to Mary, that head must come into heart, faith must be so activated that it turns within to the heart and moves the heart into an activity that not only faith but faith must activate the will. It isn’t enough to say, “I believe.” The faith must turn into an active commitment, a living faith. This activates the love and the love will then rush forth and embrace the Christ and release the Divine will.

We’re going to pause a bit and we’ll watch how beautifully John has given us the inner codes that we may move through this experience with knowledge, sure footed, not groping. Let’s just pause in silence a moment.

Silence, (pause) …

When Christ says to Martha, “Believest thou this?” that is Christ saying to our mind, “Do you believe this?” Martha represents the human mind. And when we can answer as Martha did, it won’t be any different than her. She didn’t answer with a total conviction. You just don’t suddenly change and say “Oh yes of course, of course.” But she opened herself up to accept. And this was the activization of her faith. She didn‘t fully comprehend. She didn’t have the conviction yet, but there was enough understanding to go and do something about it.

And so “She saith unto him, Yea Lord, I believe thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world. And when she had so said, she went her way, and called Mary her sister secretly, saying, The Master is come, and calleth for thee.”

And then mind turns over to heart. The faith now precedes to the will. Yeah, out here I’ve said, “I believe, I believe, I believe,” but now I move into that will and say “Now, because I believe, let us do so and so.” So, Mary comes out. You release your will through your faith. And if your faith isn’t strong enough to release your will then your faith isn’t a living faith.

And by releasing the will we mean, this that I believe has reached the depth of consciousness in which I will now do something about what I believe. I may have to change a few things in the outer, in my plans, in my schedule but I’m going to do something because now, the will of me is going to back up the faith of me.

So, Martha goes into Mary. You see that code that follows? And now, Mary comes out. The will becomes active through faith. And you’ve met many people who haven’t reached that stage. They know all the words but the will is not following their faith. Mary hasn’t come out because Martha is still running around outside.

She called Mary, her sister, secretly,” meaning within, “Saying, The Master is come and calleth for thee.” Now Christ calls those by name whom Christ knows love Christ. You feel the call when there’s a love of Truth within you. You feel the call of the Christ. Until there is a love of Truth within you, you don’t feel the call of the Christ and the Christ cannot call you by name. Only those who love Christ are called by name. Only those who love the child of God within themselves sufficiently to accept are called by name.

Soon as she heard that, that Christ called her, meaning loving Christ supremely, she had opened to the Christ which could say within, “I am come.” Outside it was Martha saying to her but inside it was Christ saying, “I am come.” Called by name, she heard the Voice.

As soon as she heard that, she arose quickly, and came unto him.”

Arose means spiritually and quickly obviously is quickened. As soon as I, the Voice spoke within her, she was quickened, risen in consciousness. The outer faith, turning to the inner Love, quickens that love into an acceptance of the Divine will and the moment the Divine will is quickened in us, we are in the House of the Father. And now everything human is dying and everything Divine is being born.

Mary rushes out now to greet him. And so physically, there’s a Mary and there’s a Jesus meeting out there.

Now Jesus was not yet come into the town, but was in that place where Martha met him.”

The Jews then which were with her in that house.”

Incidentally, the place that he was in where Martha met him was outside of the commotion in the house, outside of the world thought. The Christ never enters into the world thought. We have to leave our consciousness where we are to go to the Christ. We have to leave world thought and go out of world thought. And Mary now leaves world thought. The Jews then which were with her in the house,” again “house” sometimes it means the consciousness of Truth, sometimes it means world thought, continued “comforting her and when they saw Mary, that she rose up hastily and went out, followed her, saying, She goeth unto the grave to weep there.”

Now up to a point, Mary is led by the mind, too. But now that she has found the Christ within, the mind follows her. She isn’t led by the mind as she goes out to the grave, the Jews said, “Let us follow her because she is weeping and going to the grave.”

Mind now follows he who is led by the Spirit whereas before mind leads us. Now mind follows us. Soul is taking precedence over mind.

“Then when Mary was come where Jesus was, she saw him, she fell down at his feet, saying unto him, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.’”

Martha said that, too. You notice the progression. Martha said it as if to say, “Why hadn’t you come sooner?” Mary said the very same words but she threw herself at his feet. Now she was at a higher level. She was accepting the physical Jesus as a power but she was accepting him so completely that she was surrendering and still not in the high Consciousness for she still said, “If you had been here, he would not have died.”

And this is to show us that the absence of I, in consciousness, is still that which is missing at this point. Until I, the Christ enter the consciousness of Mary and Martha completely until they are wedded as one, there is still the separation, of believing that “If I had been there, he would not have died.” Until the realization is it is not a question of if I had been there, the realization must come that I am present. I have never left. I can never leave you. Don’t wait for me to come. I am present.

She hadn’t reached that knowledge even though she knew the Christ, she didn’t know the fullness of the Christ yet. The fullness of the Christ is the acceptance that I, the Christ is my own Self. All of these separate parts are coming now into a Oneself so that I, Christ Jesus, I Martha, I Mary, I Lazarus will become one I Christ in us. No waiting, no separation, no space, no time, Now, I Christ am here as your Self. Your Self is the resurrection. Your Self accepted.

When Jesus therefore saw her weeping, and the Jews also weeping which came with her, he groaned in the spirit, and was troubled.”

The awareness of the distance they still had to travel in consciousness is the groaning. They hadn’t learned that his name was Christ. They didn’t know he was the activity of God on earth. They still saw him personalized as a man with personal powers. If he had been there, their brother, they didn’t understand yet and that’s the groaning. And they were higher that the Jews which followed her.

The great gap between the human consciousness and the realization of its own true Immortal selfhood is the groaning of Spirit.

And said, where have you laid him?”

Now you would think he’s talking about where did they lay Lazarus, the physical form. But it’s like “Pick up thy bed and walk.” How are you beholding him in your consciousness? Where have you laid him? What is your belief? Did you bury him in your consciousness as a mortal being? Are you seeing him as he is? Where have you laid him? What is the level of your consciousness?

Where have you laid your Self? What do you believe about you? Wherever your belief is about you, that’s where you have laid your Self. Where have you laid him? You may have laid yourself in the tomb of mortality without realizing it. That’s the implication.

And they said to him, Lord, come and see.”

That’s the invitation to Christ that all of us must come to. “Lord, come and see” is the invitation. We will look through your eyes. You show us what we should do.

She who had surrendered at his feet is now opening to letting that Christ direct her, show her, be her inner I. “Lord, come and see,” where we have laid him. You show us the proper place. The invitation to Christ in your own being.

Now “Jesus wept.”

And we should clarify this within ourselves that wherever a person weeps, we know what that is. When Spirit weeps, that is because Divine Love has not been accepted by mortality. These are infinite tears, purifying with Love. These are precious tears. They are telling us that whenever Divine Love is unaccepted, Spirit is weeping. Spirit is saying the same as it did at the well, “Give me to drink.” Christ says, “Give me to drink” meaning Christ in you is thirsty for your recognition. Spirit weeps because Spirit is thirsty for your recognition. It’s the very same expression. The weeping of Spirit, the weeping of Jesus is the weeping of Christ in you saying, “You turned away from me. My love is yours and you won’t accept it. Why?” These are the tears that are wept within each of us by our own identity which we are not recognizing.

And of course, the human seeing him weep, the human thoughts will say, “Oh how He loved you,” but Jesus is not weeping for Lazarus. Christ is weeping for mankind’s recognition.

Some of them even said, Could not this man, which opened the eyes of the blind, have caused that even this man should not have died? And therefore, again Jesus groaning in himself cometh to the grave.” They wanted to know why if he could save the blind, he hadn’t saved this man from dying.

And we must understand that he didn’t want to prevent the physical death of Lazarus. What Spirit was going to do was not prevent the death but restore the Life. Preventing the death would be nothing. To reveal the presence of Immortal life was the purpose here and looking out of a material consciousness, we would not know that. Spirit in you is to restore you to Immortal life not to prevent your physical death but to show you the way to Life. Not to prolong your physical years a year or two or ten but to remove the illusion of death completely by bringing us into Life before the experience of death. The glorious passport to Immortality is awaiting all who hear the weeping of the Christ. We dry those tears by coming to the Christ, accepting the Divine Love.

Now he comes to the grave. It’s a cave. It has a stone over it.

A grave, cave, a stone. The grave is the mind. The cave is our obscurity to the truth of the Word. The stone is the appearances that we now put over the cave with our limited knowledge of the letter so that we’ve got ourselves totally barricaded out of Truth. We bury ourselves in the mind and it buries us in a body, in a cave and there we do not know the Truth of our own being and we cover that cave with a stone, the false appearances of the mind, the concepts, the false knowledge that we accept as reality, the false appearances even quoting the letter of truth and barring ourself completely from the Truth by the false letter of the Truth.

He says remove the stone. “Take ye away the stone, Martha.”

You notice he says it to Martha, the mind. To your mind, he says “Remove the stone. Remove your beliefs that you know so much in your mind. Remove your efforts through your mind. Remove your concepts. Become as Lazarus did, purified, free of concept, free of belief, free of any mental activity other than opening through faith, going in to the heart, to the Love, to activate that Love through faith, to believe, to commit yourself on trust that the love of the Father in you is all you need know.”

And lo and behold, that will remove the stone. Active love, trusting love, Divine love to be present in your Self as a living Reality. Believing it, knowing it, living it. Roll away the stone.

Martha, of course had a material consciousness, could not understand. The mind says, “But Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days.”

She still is thinking of a corrupt body but Christ knows no body to decay. Christ brushes right pass that statement. There is no body in there. There is no body out there. There is no mortal decay. That’s material consciousness which is not in the acceptance of Self.

Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldst believe, thou should see the glory of God?”

To believe what? To believe Christ within you is present now. Until we believe Christ within me is present now as my Self, we’re not in the Lazarus consciousness which is ready to be Christed.

And when we believe, “Then they took away the stone from that place where the dead was laid.” That’s the belief. Active belief is taking away that stone. Christ is my identity.

Then Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me.”

The moment you accept Christ identity, the stone is rolled away and Christ in you, accepted, which goes to the Father, lifts up its eyes and says to the Father, “Thank you. I thank thee that thou hast heard me.”

These aren’t words spoken by Jesus. This is the inner consciousness of Christ establishing communion with the Father automatically. And now there’s the reciprocal flow. The stone is rolled away. You know your identity.

The Christ says, “And I know that thou hearest me always.” God always hears the Christ of you. “But because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou has sent me.”

And so outwardly, Jesus is speaking but inwardly Christ is merely relaying the words of the Father. You’re in Grace at this point because Christ in you is always in Grace.

And when he had thus spoken, he said with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth.”

And that loud voice, the word “loud” signifies not human but infinite. This is the voice of Spirit. “Lazarus come forth.” The moment you have turned to the acceptance of Self, the Spirit within you says, “Lazarus come forth,” there is a transformation. Lazarus is Christed.

This is the second birth. And so, it is said that we must have two mothers. First, the human and then the Spirit. The second birth.

Lazarus come forth.” Come forth into life. The Christing is the coming forth into Life, into Freedom, into Immortality here and now. Remember, this man is going to walk out of the tomb back into the world because it is a now experience on this earth. This isn’t ascension into the distant, into the ether. He walks back into form for that reason to show you it must be done now and can be done now on the earth.

And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with graveclothes: and his face bound with a napkin.”

The newborn still carries within some of the conditioning of the past, the graveclothes represent the thoughts of yesterday. The mind still has its remnants. The face is covered with a napkin. He still can’t see. The face represents the perceptive ability. The faculties still aren’t completely Christed to the point where he can see the Infinite, hear the Infinite, live in the Kingdom. This is still Bethany; not Jerusalem.

But “Loose him, let him go.” The newborn, the life comes and with it comes a new freedom and with that come the new Divine gifts. This is the beginning of the life in Spirit. For Lazarus, mortality is over. Spiritual life is lived in now. This is the experience of the rebirth that Jesus had taught from the very moment of his mission, beginning of water to wine, transformation.

Here it is, Lazarus, reborn to the Spirit. Mary and Martha Oned in consciousness. As Mary and Martha in you are Oned in Consciousness, heart and head become the living, active, Divine will moving as the expression of Divine love.

Loose the Christ within and let him go.” So this is the place we come to. And when we come to this place, when Christ Jesus came to this place was Lazarus, it was the beginning of the triumphant entry. Now they would go with their palm leaves entering Jerusalem for his hour had now come. The world had been taught that there is a Christ within each of us, a slumbering God. Divinity is revealed where mortality seemed to be.

This is the demonstration of it witnessed by John. Somewhere in the world, the people saw that Lazarus was not dead and nobody knew what had happened. It may not have been as dramatic as John saw it inside. It probably was nothing much. The man might have been sick and recovered. But if not for John, the world would never have this living Gospel about the rebirth that takes place in everyone who comes to the Christ, gives it drink within, wipes away the tears by reciprocating the Love, accepting the Love and then living that Love, making Divine will the only active ingredient of our complete motivation.

Loose him, let him go.” Loose the Spirit of God in you. Let it go. Let it do its Will in you.

It is said here that some of the Jews believed and some did not. Many of them came to Mary and those who had seen the things which Jesus did, some believed but some went their ways and to the Pharisees and told them what things Jesus had done.

That means that even after we come to a place where this is somewhat understood, part of the intellect turns one way, part of it turns another way. Part of it goes back to the old consciousness, part of it is uplifted. Sometimes, part of it is even offended.

It’s probably a little too late today to draw conclusions from this because basically, the importance of the resurrection of Lazarus is not that it’s reported in the Bible, or that the world has walked by it. The only importance of it is, what can we learn from it? What have you learned from it all these years? And what are you learning from it today and what will you learn from it within yourself? Some of you may be ambitious enough to even want to jot down what you think you’ve learned from the resurrection of Lazarus. I think it’s important enough to make it a written assignment to yourself. I think you’d be very wise to write down to yourself what you have learned from the resurrection of Lazarus up to this moment.

If you are further interested in having me look at it, I will be delighted. I would like to know what you have learned from the resurrection of Lazarus and then I would like to discuss with you what you have learned in the hope that together, we could reinforce that.

So, if you care to – and this is not mandatory – if you want to send to me what you believe you have learned from the resurrection of Lazarus, the fundamental points of it, please do. I’ll be very pleased to receive that writing from you. No hurry. This week, next week, anytime. But I can assure you that next week, we will crystallize in this class what we can learn from the resurrection of Lazarus as a living procedure. Because even though we’ve heard it, putting it all together into a living principle of life is still not easy for we still must come to the place where we see that Lazarus had learned not to live in a body image, that Christ standing there before the tomb was not in a body image, that Mary and Martha to Christ were not a body image. Are we at that level?

Now as you do this, you will discover something beautiful happening to you. You will discover the power of inner vision being formed. You will find that inner vision is open as you begin to live with the inner vision of John about the resurrection of Lazarus. Our inner vision is forming now. Our inner receptivity to the saints and the sages. Our capacity to become aware of the forms of light. Our ability to walk to some degree in the invisible without strangeness. All of this comes as you begin to dwell in the inner vision of John. Your consciousness is changing out of materiality into Spiritual Consciousness. And that is the Consciousness in which Divine love operates, in which Divine will animates, in which the real Life activates the real form.

Those of you who send me your letters, if you care to make a copy do so. If you want to write the original and want it back, please put on it “Send back to me.” If it doesn’t say “Send back to me,” I’ll just presume that I can make some marks on it because I’m really going to look into it.

And then, we’re also going to work on “Resting in Oneness” which is the chapter that we’re up to in the Realization of Oneness. I and the Father are one and that One is called the Living Christ where you stand.

It’s coming together. It’s opening us. Let’s see if we can go from Bethany now to Jerusalem.

Thanks very much.

The question is asked of me and the question is asked of you, when you hear the Voice within you say “Thou art my begotten Son,” what do you think? Where does that take you?

And as you dwell with that, you may discover that it is not a statement about you alone, that whatever you hear within, is the statement about everyone else as well.

And when the Master heard within himself the words of the Father, these words were accepted as the Truth of everyone who appeared before him.

As the momentity of this dawns upon us, we learn to accept that every Word spoken within him and through him, is the Truth of us and every word spoken within and through us is the Truth of everyone else. When you hear that you are the begotten Son, the next person who appears before you, is also that begotten Son. Simply not hearing the Word that you have heard does not change the fact that he or she, is.

And so, as he spoke to Pharisees, it made no difference. They were the begotten Son just as he was. He was speaking to a divided mind that could not perceive the Truth. But nonetheless the Truth could not change. I in the midst of thee could never leave even a Pharisee. “I and the Father are one” is the Truth of those who are at the moment are in prisons, asylums, cemeteries. It makes no difference who and where an individual is or what he is demonstrating, I, in the midst of that individual, and the Father are one.

The unsuspecting human mind hearing fourth dimensional Truth is baffled by it. It’s a strange new order of Truth and so the unsuspecting mind must reject it. It has no way of connecting with it, understanding it or putting it to use. It never even recognizes the relationship of the new Truth with itself. And so, it remains a Pharisee.

The Master does miracles and the Pharisee says, “Are you really the Christ?” The Spirit within you reveals the perfection of being and the mind of you says, “Can I really trust this to be so? I know it happened yesterday but what assurance do I have that it will happen again tomorrow?”

The Pharisee and the Christ, the mind and its material creation and the Soul. You see before you the drama, the conflict, the ignorance that leads to fear, the fear that leads to violence. Always “I and the Father are one” regardless of where the mind strays.

Now beside you, is there another self? Where can you find God, if not in yourself? If we cannot find God within ourselves, we can never find God for I in the midst of thee am God. You cannot find God outside.

And so, the Master came to reveal to us that only through conscious contact with our Source within are we one with God. And the magic and the miracle was not the healing accomplished here or there by him but the fact that Christ within performed the miracles. The fact that Christ in you performs the miracles; this is the miracle. Conscious contact with Source is the key to Divine living. One with the Father. One with the I in the midst of you is the secret of attunement with the Infinite. “I in the midst of you am mighty.”

When you have found I in the midst of you, I go to the Father for “I and the Father are one.” And so, when you have found I in the midst of you, you are one with the Infinite. I in you is Consciousness Divine. The Father is Infinite Consciousness. Divine Consciousness in you is one with Infinite Consciousness and you are tuned to your Source.

But more than that, I in the midst of everyone you know is Divine Consciousness and that doesn’t change because an individual is ignorant of it. So when you are tuned to I in the midst of you which is one with the Infinite Father, the Infinite Father being one with I in the midst of everyone else, whether they know it or not, you are instantly one with everyone else. You are tuned to the I of your being and the Father is tuned to the I of everyone and therefore, you are tuned the I of everyone when you have found I in the midst of you.

Conscious contact with your Source is conscious contact with everyone and everything in the Spiritual universe. And when you live there, you have found your inner sanctuary. You are sipping the wine of Spirit, supping at the table of Divine bread.

And this is the network of Oneness through which the Infinite flows, gracing your household. This is how we’re all learning to be a channel for the great outflow of Light. It is our function to keep opening up this channel, removing every blockade, every division, every inner concept which does not conform to the Truth of being until we are transparent, until I in the midst of me, I in the midst of you are consciously one, until the ten righteous men are expanded into ten million.

Now that’s the key to the Master’s statement that “I and the Father are one.” I, Divine Consciousness, am the outer expression of the Infinite Consciousness without interruption. Of mine own self, I do nothing, the Father within me, Infinite does all the work, for the Infinite is greater than the individual although they are one, continuous expression.

And that which I, the Master, appearing on earth as Christ Jesus say to the Pharisees, I the Master within you am saying too. “I in the midst of you and the Father are one. And beside I in the midst of you and the Father who are one, there is no other. There is no God and you. There is no I and you. There is only I which is your name.”

In this momentous statement, the Master tore apart the veil of mortality. The Pharisees could not understand his activity on earth for in their level of mind, the human level, there is no capacity to comprehend the Infinite Invisible. There is no capacity to walk in God’s creation. There is no capacity to live under Grace, to experience the qualities of God. And so the complete Spiritual universe remained unknown.

Men thought they would die and go to heaven. Today, we’re just as blind living in the myth of a mortal selfhood ignorant of I in the midst of me as identity. We walk locked out of the Spiritual universe, adrift, separated, seeking, wondering, asking, striving and here it is where you are, I. The Divine I is your only Self.

Now if we still live in a human mind, we’re going to be like the Pharisees and we’re going to say, “Well, I need more proof.” No matter how much proof we get, we’re going to continue in the belief that unless we get more proof, there’s nothing much we can do about this ridiculous statement that there is a Divine I which is my name and identity. And so a corner of our mind will keep functioning on the mortal level, even saying, “I’m on the human plane. I’ve got to do certain things on the human plane.”

Now let’s cut that away. The Divine I knows no second. That you on the human plane is not the Divine I. There is the Divine I and there is no other. There is “No and.” There’s no Divine I and a human plane. That’s living back in the days of the Pharisees. The only I there is, is the I of God in you. I in you is God. I in your neighbor is God and God is all. There’s not “God and.” I in the midst of each is God.

Now we are humbled to I in the midst of ourselves, in the midst of our neighbors and this puts us in the infinite network of Spirit where we learn to live by trust with no images in thought. We’ve all been fouled up by these images in thought. I in the midst of you is there functioning. If you do not have the experience of I in the midst of you functioning, it is because images in your thought have blocked out that experience. By images in thought, we mean every thought. Not just what you would like to see but what you think you have seen, by what you think is here.

Remember there have been many strange statements in the chapter “No And!” We have been told by Joel that if you see a good, healthy, young person walking down the street, you’re being hypnotized just as much as if you see a sick person in a hospital.

Now that’s a strange statement and if we don’t face the consequences of it, we’re still thinking there’s an Infinite I somewhere and maybe a Divine I in that individual there, but there’s also a person there and we’re not getting the benefit of the great revelation of Truth that I in the midst of you is God. I in the midst of the prisoner is God. I in the midst of everyone is God. And that self of you which cannot cleave to the inner Truth of an individual that there invisible to my human sense is I, God, that self of you is a false self for the self that does not recognize and accept I as God in the midst of everyone, that self is not a real self at all. That self is the dreaming self.

Now as you hold to I in the midst of you, in the midst of your neighbor as God, if you were to go and seek something from your neighbor now or want something or need something, what you would be saying is that I in the midst of you is not omnipotent, is not omniscient, is not omnipresent and that because I in the midst of you cannot do what you would like it to do, you are seeking and striving to attain things and you are denying that I in the midst of you and the Father are one. You’re going to hear much about that statement for the next twenty years for the simple reason that it is the key to the Kingdom.

When you know that I in the midst of you is Selfhood, that “I and the Father are one,” when you understand it, when you accept it, when you live by it, you will see why an image in thought is a denial of that statement.

Is not the Father all Power, all Presence, all Intelligence? Is not the Father the only substance? And if the Father is I in the midst of you, what is there for you to do but be still and let the light of the Father form Itself as your living experience.

You rest as the sun, quietly, shining and you let the Father shine through you. That’s all you do. Of your own human self you do nothing because you learn there is no human self there. You shine like the sun. You simply shine, not with images and thought, not with plans, not with purposes but to let the light of the Father in you shine and the word “trust” is how you multiply the Lord.

Shine Father, there is no density of thought here, no opacity. There is no thought here to bar the way of the true, pure experience of Light.”

So great is your trust that you take absolutely no thought for the Father knoweth not only your needs but the needs of the universe. The Father is performing. How dare we think the Father is not performing and if the Father is performing, what more is there to do but find this great center of rest where you can say, “The Father, the Infinite Father through the I of my being is functioning as the living Christ. The Father is expressing. The Father is outpouring love everywhere right now. Nothing can stop it.”

We can only keep ourselves out of the experience of it by images and thought. When you are pure in thought, pure in heart, completely open, accepting, knowing, believing, the Infinite sun is shining through you as the experience of God living its life as you.

I and the Father. One life. One action. One being. One substance. One harmonious expression of Divine love. Do you make it so? Never. It is always being so. But when you dart in and out of thought, you turn away from that Divine Infinite flow of love and you wonder where it is. It’s right there, in the midst of you.

Every deed on earth by Christ Jesus was Divine love manifesting as that which we called the outer healing or the outer miracle. But it wasn’t just then. It is now. It is now for everyone who accepts “I and the Father are one.” So, unchanging is this Truth that it’s only a matter of human sense of time before it becomes the Living Way of every individual on this earth. It can never change and as you dwell with it, as you face it courageously and accept the consequences of the fact that “I and the Father are one,” you learn to turn away from all that declares that I and the Father are two.

Can you be two if you are one? Can there be God and you if you and the Father are one? And if you are that I which is one with the Father, can you be different than the Father? Is the Father mortal? Is the Father made of bones? Is the Father living a limited life span? I and the Father are Immortal. I and the Father are living an eternal life, a permanent life. I and the Father can never die. I and the Father can never reincarnate. I and the Father can never know pain or hurt. I and the Father can never know darkness or poverty or famine. “I and the Father are one,” and all that is not that one has no existence except in the limited sense mind of man.

There is no mortal. There is no finitude. There is no dying, material self. There is I and I am come and I do stand at the door of your consciousness and I do knock and when you courageously open the door of your consciousness to this I which is your Self, heaven ceases to be the invisible universe. Spirit ceases to be the invisible universe and the great Truth hidden from all the ages of human minds is revealed that I in the midst of you am God and I am your only identity.

Now open out a way and let me shine through as your daily life. Practice the knowledge that I in the midst of you am come. I am the power of God in you. I am the harmony of God. I am the Truth of God. I am the love of God. I am all that God is and I am come in the midst of you. I am the Infinite individualization called Christ.

And wherever you look, whoever you see, it is I. And I am love and therefore no matter what you see, only I, love am there. Be not fooled by the appearances. The I love that is the center of your being is the I love that is the center of all being for there is no second. There is no second self anywhere. “It is I. Be not afraid.” And when you accept that it is I and that “I and the Father are one,” you have found the Spiritual universe and you can rest confidently anchored in the Truth that I is come everywhere without second and I am the harmony of weather. I am the harmony of the tides. I am the harmony of the universe. But you must walk in I, consciously. You must be consciously one with I.

Twenty-four hours a day, I am your identity. Twenty-four hours a day, I am one with the Father. Before the form, I am one with the Father. After the form, I am one with the Father. I am eternally one with the Father and I am eternally the identity that you are.

Now if you were called upon then to serve some person across the street in another home, in another city, where would you go? You would go to the I of your own being because I in the midst of you is one with the Father and that’s how you find the Father. You wouldn’t project your thought to that other person’s home because if you did you would discover it’s of no value. You go to the Father but the Father is I in the midst of you and the Father is I in the midst of that other individual. When you go to the Father within you, through I, you touch the Father who is I in the midst of that other individual and that is how you find that other individual. It is I.

Always the work begins in you, in your Being, in your recognition that your Being is I. And then you have touched anyone in the universe who has opened up to you. You have touched the Spiritual reality of even those who have not opened up to you. But when they open to you, then the Spiritual reality which you have touched flows through them and they receive the Light which they have sought.

Now that should become very clear to us that our harmony, our expression of Divinity on earth depends completely on living in the I of our own being knowing that I is the same I that is in all and is one with the Father so that we are not only connected to the Infinite but to every individual whether or not that individual is knowingly aware of the Truth. The Truth remains steadfast, eternal and this is how you are prepared for the transitional experience.

The human mind has no capacity to build toward the transitional experience. All it can do is stand in the way of I and so when you are preparing for your day of transition, for that moment when form is no longer needed as we know it, you are preparing by letting I do the work, letting I go before you, letting I guide you, lead you, feed you, sustain you, open you, letting I prepare tables in the wilderness of the human mind. Only I can do it. Only I am the way and I will decide all stones, all barriers. I dissolve all error. I de-hypnotize the human mind. I reveal the present hidden treasure of Reality. Do not try to do it with your human mind. Go to I and surrender. Rest in I and I will do the work.

I am the way. I who walked among the Pharisees was not recognized but we are no longer Pharisees. We are disciples. We follow the Master of I within and we rest with trust that I is the way. I is the Self and beside I there is no other, not even Pilate, not even Herod. There is no enemy to I for where the enemy appears to be, it is not an enemy. It is the invisible I. Everywhere is I. Everywhere is Self. Everywhere is one Divine life and only the I of your being can take you through this one Divine life to the transitional experience.

No and. The human mind cannot follow that instruction because it is the and. And the complete creation of the human mind is the and. It is the stone that must be removed, rolled away. Only I know there is no and. And therefore, the complete so-called mortal experience is handled by living in I.

I is Immortal. I is without error. I is without second powers to oppose it and in I you walk through the mortal mist, through the flame, untouched for no error can kindle upon the Consciousness of “I and the Father are one.”

I felt that today our ten righteous men would show themselves gathered in one I. Some of you are leaving the country. One student has gone to England. Two of you are going to the Netherlands. Others will go here and others will go there and in five years, there’s no telling where many of us will be. All over the world.

But one thing we can do is let I go before us. No matter where we go, we can be the living Truth that “I in the midst of me is mighty” because it is God. And you need not speak of it. The emanation of I speaks for Itself. The emanation of I attracts its household wherever you go and does the works, illuminates, educates, raises up, heals the sick, removes the myth of mortality which is raising the dead.

Now I in the midst of you is the resurrection out of all of the limitations of mortality. I in the midst of you know no impossible things. Every human error is dissolved by the light of I, effortlessly. There’s no might or muscle, there’s no mental striving. That which does not exist is revealed as non-existence by that which does exist.

And so, what I’m urging upon you is to spend more of your concentrated time and effort in the realization that until you have developed the capacity to know I in the midst of you by coming into a cosmic rest, a deep silence, a total personal humility to I where you are, till you have done that, you’ll be chasing in the wrong direction after words of Truth that have no power. Beyond these words, beyond all your thoughts, the experience of I reveals that I alone can do all the things that the world has been seeking to do. That must be your direction and the fruits of it are quick, sharp and powerful.

This past week, I’ve just about had every case in the book. There had been at least twenty of them, all types and everyone was in a sense saying, “I have not found the I of my own being.” And yet that was the answer to everyone, the knowledge that I, right here, in the midst of my being is God, is the answer. It doesn’t matter what you think is wrong, that’s the answer. I right here, where you are, in the midst of your being is God.

Can there be a greater miracle than that? Is it a wonder that Joel tells us when we know this Truth, we need no other. There is no other Truth. That is the Truth you must know that makes you free. I in the midst of your being is God. When? Now, this very second and forever.

And you do not have to deserve it. You can be the worst sinner in the world. Nothing can change that relationship. I in the midst of your being is God. If I is God, and there’s no “God and,” who are you?

Every error, every claim, every problem is nothing more that the denial that I in the midst of you is God. In our ignorance of this, we get lost in the mazes of the mind. We fall from the Truth. We go right back into the myth of a mortal me in a material body that dies, completely unaware that where I stand is my Immortal Self, the only Self I can ever be.

You see why hypnotism, suggestion, mortal mind, appearances have fooled us all into thinking there is something besides God. Do you see why Joel says when you see a healthy, young person walking down the street you are just as hypnotized as when you see a sick one? All that’s there is I and because the human mind cannot see that or know that or hold that Truth, you must enter the cosmic rest. Be centered in that Infinite silence which enables I to appear in your experience and to de-hypnotize the human mind.

Now this takes practice, practice, practice and there’s nothing you could practice that would be more beneficial to you than to sit in the quiet of your meditation and invite I to present Itself, to take you out of the mental universe which is not one with the Father.

Right here, now, where your five senses seem to be, is another Self. Instead of trying to improve the qualities or relationships or status of this self, the Christ message is “Come into the Self that already is the perfection of the Father.” Instead of improving the old self, we are told to be transformed and to live in the real Self. How different. “Come out of her.” Come out of this old self that never was.

And where you stand, know that God is. Right where you stand, God is and the name of God where God is where you stand is I. And that I is you. That’s your Self. That’s your Self before form and after form. That’s your Self that is forever. That’s your permanent Self. That’s not your reincarnating self. That’s not yourself of flesh and blood. That’s not yourself who goes through the trials and tribulations of being a human being. That’s not yourself who returns to dust and that’s not yourself that’s going to go to heaven either. That Self is in heaven here and now. That Self has no boundaries, no limitations. That Self has no age. That Self is free, unbounded and present, waiting to be lived in as your own Being.

You have no other self. You can continue to walk in the belief of another self but that other self will always discover that it is not sustained by the Father for the Father is only one with I. The Father directs I. The Father expresses through I. The Father lives as I. The Father lives as the I of your parent and your child. The Father lives as the I of everyone you know and if you would know them as they are, you must know I in you and then you will know I in them is that very selfsame I.

When you meditate upon this, you’re inviting the Father to reveal the nature of I, the presence of I, the glory of I and then to multiply the qualities of I into experience. You’re saying, “Christ, live my life. For me of mine own self can do nothing.” You’re saying, “I believe in the Christ of God where I stand as I.”

And because this I is my Being, there is nothing that I need defend against, attack, react to, seek or strive to attain. I in the midst of me is the fullness, the wholeness, the entirety of God expressing here and now. Whatever it needs, it has within Itself. It is Supply. It is Truth. It is Power. It is Substance and it manifests Itself as Divine form.

The fountain of living waters is I and when you’re living in the conscious awareness of I, you are living your eternal Life. You are living your fourth dimensional Self and you are free of every false power in this world.

There is only I and beside I, where you stand, the invisible Spirit of God, there is no mortal self. “Be ye transformed.” The adjustment is in consciousness. You shift out of one false sense of consciousness into the acceptance of the True until I within you declares itself and you know your name, your identity, your oneness with the Infinite Father, your omnipotence. You know that wherever you are does not depend on where your form happens to be for I am omnipresence. I do not depend on where your form happens to be.

This shift in consciousness is facing the consequences of the revelation that “I and the Father are one.” You might call it becoming Soul adjusted. It’s the preparation for resting in Oneness for every day that we will move through until the transitional moment. Resting in Oneness. This inner rest in Oneness does not preclude outer activity but it becomes the channel through which outer activity is Divined, is sustained, is part of the one purpose and it removes all sense of separation in the various conscious and unconscious levels of the human mind.

This is your conscious attunement to the Infinite Self. It is the way of the Christ. It does the mighty works as of old. It will answer every need before you ask if you will rest there instead of leaning on the human sense, the human understanding, the human solution. These are all revealed as solutions made of straw.

You see, we have no capacity to de-hypnotize ourselves. We’ve tried it. It doesn’t work. Only I can do it. Only I in the midst of you can break the barriers of hypnosis. The human mind cannot de-hypnotize itself.

And you and I have learned that you can walk in this path with total dedication and yet be walking in the wrong direction. It’s a fantastic thing, you can put all you’ve got into it and yet walk in the wrong direction because the human mind will constantly lay before you a path of roses that turn out to be thorns. Unless you’re in I, you’re always in a state of self-deception because only I is Reality.

I think that’s a fairly good beginning for what we have to do today. We’re moving into a level now where Oneness realized is going to be our normal consciousness and each week we will strengthen the work we have done individually during the week rising in the conscious realization of that Oneness to the point where I is the level of consciousness of this class.

And then wherever you go, if this is your Consciousness, I will go before you. I will prepare mansions for you. I will remove all of the thorns in every pathway. I will provide. I will teach you while the form is asleep. I will take you into the Invisible. I will introduce you to the saints and the sages of all ages.

I will lead you through your Father’s universe not the make-believe one of the human mind but you must stay in I for I alone am tuned to the Infinity of Source. One with Source, one with the Infinite. It is the way of our path and this must be a conscious activity.

Ten, twenty, thirty times a day, if only for ten seconds you are consciously knowing the Presence of I where you stand is the Presence of I where everyone else is. Whether it’s a rattlesnake or an elephant or a person, the Presence of I is all that is there, all that is here. And it is all the I that I am. You translated everything back to the essence of Being, out of the forms, into the essence called I. One indivisible I Essence.

Later we hope to re-stress no images and thought because that is a second self.

So if we take a short recess now and then go back to the Master in chapter 10 or 11 wherever we happen to be.

– End of Side One —-

Please try now to understand that the I of your Being is the same I that is going through the experience here in the Bible of walking among what are called Pharisees that when I speaks here to the Pharisees, it is the I of your Being. There’s no time lapse. There’s just I speaking. “I have said many strange things to the mind of man and the mind of man called here the Pharisee, is unable to comprehend my meaning because it has no capacity in the Pharisee mind to receive the word of Spirit. And so, its actions must be strange. It must re-act.”

There was a division therefore again among the Jews for these sayings. Many of them said, He hath the devil and is mad; why hear ye him?”

Now then I is speaking to the Pharisee mind and the mind says, “I which is one with the Father is mad and has a devil.” That is the revelation that the human mind has no capacity to hear the voice of God for I am the voice of God. I in the midst of you am the life of God, the voice of God, the power of God. And I speak to the mind of you which says, “I do not believe what I hear. That must be the devil.” And this is what has been taking place in the human consciousness all these years. The human mind turning away has said, “That must be the devil.” It has been saying that to all the inner stirrings of the soul while pretending to itself how righteous it is, how noble, how benevolent, how charitable. It is turning away from I.

Others said, These are not the words of him that hath the devil. Can the devil open the eyes of the blind?”

And so, the human mind is capable of two observations. It can see the evil or the good on the material plane. Could a devil open the eyes of the blind? That sees the good and the other side of the same mind sees the evil. The revelation then is that the human mind itself is a state of division into good and evil. Good matter, bad matter. Good conditions, bad conditions. But it can never see One. It always sees the opposites, the two.

And so the Master, the I of you is revealing that your human mind is divided. It sees the good and the evil of the material world but not further than that. It does not see the Spiritual universe of the I. And so it is always struggling to change the bad to the good because it believes the good is real and the bad is not but I reveal unto you that there is no evil matter and no good matter. There is only I, Invisible Spirit where you see good and evil matter.

And so, the opening of the consciousness to this Spiritual perfection where the human mind sees good and bad is part of the purpose at this moment.

And it was at Jerusalem the feast of the dedication and it was winter. And Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon’s porch.”

Now when Jesus walks in the temple, this is the same temple that he spoke of when He said, “Destroy this temple and in three days, I will raise it up again.” They were all walking in a physical temple. He’s walking in an invisible temple because he has some there who are following him. He has disciples there, those who can discern. He’s revealing the temple not made with hands, that temple which is the body of the Soul. He is teaching those who can follow, who can accept these first fruits of his work, that “I in the midst of thee am mighty.” I in the midst of thee am life, not death. I am the body without beginning or end. I am the body of you. When you know me, you will live in this body. And he walks in this body of the Soul, in Solomon’s porch.

You remember, in the little fishing town of Bethesda, there was a healing of a cripple and by that sheep market there were five porches. They weren’t Solomon’s porches. They were the five porches of the senses in which all of the woes of the world are. But this is a different porch, this is Solomon’s porch. As contrasted with the five senses or five porches of the human consciousness. Solomon’s porch then is the great light of Reality. He walked in his Soul body in Reality.

And there were those there who could know this, for this walking in his Soul body in Reality, Solomon’s porch, is also a state, a statement about the spiritual capacity of those who were following Him. There were men on earth of that day, and women, who could understand, who could follow him into the invisible Self. How? They did precisely what we’re learning to do, to live as I, the Spirit of God which is one with the Father and let I open up the inner vision. Let I illuminate. Let I reveal the body of the Soul. Let I reveal the incorporeal nature of being.

And so, let’s pretend for a moment that we can walk with him in I, in the temple in Solomon’s porch. Now we can see why the Pharisees who cannot, are so bewildered for they’re walking in dying bodies of clay which we are learning to renounce as not created by the Father.

Then came the Jews round, said unto him, How long dost thou make us doubt? If thou be the Christ, say it plainly.”

No man can say “I am the Christ.” No outer person can say “I am the Christ.” The only place you will ever hear “I am the Christ” is within yourself. Only within you will the Christ proclaim itself. The mind looks out for the Christ, not in. And of course, misses the God experience while thinking it’s worshipping God because the Father only speaks to Christ within.

Jesus answered them,” and this is when we must learn to listen inside ourselves, not like the Pharisee talking to Jesus out there because it’s the Pharisee mind of us which is asking these questions and we must learn to hear the answer not out there but inside ourselves as the inner I of you says that which Christ responds to the Pharisees. In you must come the Words, “I, I told you and ye believe not: the works I do in my Father’s name, they bear witness of me.”

Have you seen any I miracles performed in your life? They came from I in the midst of you, not from a person, not from a practitioner. All any other individual did was die to self, let the I of his own Being touch the I of you and the I of you released you and the I of you is telling you that right now in these words. “I told you and you believe not the works that I do in my Father’s name.” You see that? That’s the I of you which is always the liberator from your so-called Pharisaic or mortal mind. You have never been healed by a person of anything. Only I in the midst of you touched in some way does the releasing from the illusion of something that had to be healed. And if you had been in the I, you would have not needed that so-called healing. Are we getting somewhere now?

Always, I in the midst of you am your practitioner. I in the midst of you am one with the Father. Is there any more? You see how beautiful this is.

Suppose a whole herd of cattle had a disease? I in the midst of every one of that herd, I am God. I in the midst of you, I am God. Rest in I and I will reveal the non-reality of disease.

Suppose you come into complications with the younger ones? These sweet eighteen-year olds, falling in love and out of love every third week and oh horror of horror, she’s going out now with a married man. What are you going to do about it? Are you going to throw her out? Are you going to argue? Are you going to make demands? Try it and see how far it gets you. You’ll have to get a padlock. It won’t work. But, go to I. Isn’t I the I of the married man? Isn’t I the I of the eighteen-year old? Isn’t I the I of you? Do we have the right to make human judgments when I alone knows the will of the Father? When I am the only Presence and the only Power and the only Life.

You see we have our Aladdin’s lamp. We have the key. It doesn’t matter what forms the problems take. Maybe tomorrow they’re going to elope and you don’t think they’re ready. How many parents have taken the human steps and found that it only leads to disaster. Out of this frying pan into that one.

But suppose you found I. Am I not love? Can love bring disaster? Am I not peace? Am I not harmony? Am I not the Infinite mind? Can you not trust me? Am I not the mind of all? When you touch I in you, you touch the Infinite mind and the Infinite mind is the Mind of every individual in I and though they know it not, what difference does it make? Is not God the center of everyone whether they know it or not?

You have the key but you must rest there. And so again and again and again the words strike back and say, “I have told you so before but you did not hear me. You were in that three-dimensional consciousness that could hear the words without seeing their relationship to your Being because you didn’t know that I who speak these words am the Self of everyone who walks the earth. I’m not a man speaking to Pharisees in the Bible two thousand years ago. I’m the I of the universe, the soul of everyone who walks, the Truth of all being, present everywhere. Whether they know me or not, I am there and there is no other.”

And when you have this precious Truth within yourself realized, consciously practicing it, you have the keys to the kingdom of Reality, of harmony, of grace, of beauty, of life expressing the perfection of the Divine.

And then you don’t make decisions because that’s an image in thought. You let I in the midst of you, her, him be the deciding mind as you rest in trust that I know thy needs. I am the expression of the Divine will. I am the Truth and I am the Life. Rest in me and I will reveal the Father’s work on earth. Not just for broken bones but for all so-called human activity that concerneth thee.

And this I has been saying this to us before Abraham. Longer than the Bible has been written, I have been speaking to you.

And now we’re turning to that I, listening, believing. We’re finally coming to the place where Christ walking through Jerusalem is the I of my own being, finally opening me up to an understanding of what Christ on earth was doing, infiltrating consciousness everywhere to show the power of the Father on earth was available, present, ready. We didn’t have to wait and do not have to wait for a death experience to lift us up to a mythical heaven.

I am come. But ye believe not, because ye are not of my sheep, as I said unto you. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

All those who listen within to their own Being which is I are the sheep and they hear the voice and they are able to follow I. They’re not living in the external world of the senses. They have found the secret of life is the inner experience of I. “And I give unto them eternal life.”

This is God speaking on earth. “I give unto them eternal life.” The Father is I in the midst of you saying, “I give everyone who listens, who lives as and in I within, eternal life.”

There’s no room for doubt. There’s no room for mistaking it. That’s the statement.

And they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”

When you have found I in you, you cannot be plucked out of the Infinite. You cannot perish. There’s no you left to perish because you know yourself to be I. And that means no power on earth can pluck you out. No power on earth can change this relationship.

My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all.”

Your identity says that the Infinite Father is the only power, greater than all. There’s no second to vie against the Infinite Self when you are standing in the I of your being.

No man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.”

This is the statement of the omnipotence of I in you which ultimately enables you to hear I am the only power on the earth over all things, flood, fire, mountain, avalanche, famine, poverty, over and under population, you name it. I am the only power.

No man can pluck you out of my hand” for the Infinite Father sustains I.

In all things, my grace is thy sufficiency.”

This is how de-hypnosis comes about. Not by us sitting down to figure out what to do but by letting I take over. Then we’re de-hypnotized from the five porches of the mind, the senses. We sit in Solomon’s porch. And soon we become conscious of the inner temple or Soul body as a Reality. We see how the mortal body is a mental counterfeit of this Soul body, as a reality, as an experience, as a practical way of life. No longer conjecture or a promise but a fact realized and lived in.

That is why he could say earlier, “I lay down my life, that I may take it again. No man taketh it from me, but I lay it down of myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received from the Father.”

That’s Soul body. You can walk out into it and walk back into the appearance of a physical body. To the mind of man, incomprehensible, “But I say unto you,” these words are said by I. That’s our authority. That’s the way we move in spiritual progression. Not limited by what the human mind can understand but by the authority of I, the Father within. Then we are no longer stagnating, trying to improve a mortal self but accepting the commandment, “Be ye transformed.”

And the way is provided by I. “For I and my Father are one.

Your assignment for the week, if you will accept it as one, is to take “I and my Father are one” and learn how to accept it as the permanent fact of your existence. Meditate with it, commune with it. Whatever you read, weigh it from the standpoint of “I and my Father are one.” But above all, practice it. Live it out. Don’t let it be five or six words in your mind. Live it out. I, here and my Father are one. But this isn’t said to me alone. This is said to Johnny and Harry and Billy and Mary and Genevieve. “I and my Father are one.” I is in the midst of each one. Accept it for the world, not just your human self and live in that acceptance for that’s where the power is. I in the midst of Genevieve, I in the midst of Harry, I in the midst of Richard, I in the midst of everyone is the Divine Self that I am.

Don’t block me out of this one because you’ll block me out of yourself. Try to find an acceptance within you that only I is where that person appears. Where everything and everyone appears, substitute I is there and “I and the Father are one.” And you’ll begin to know your spiritual universe as a living, vibrating, present Reality. The forms will not fool I but they will fool the mind.

If you don’t do this, you’ll be doing the next line in the Bible.

Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.

That’s the equivalent of saying, “I don’t believe a word of it. This isn’t for me.” We stone the Truth. We really stone I.

You either practice I or you stone I. You know this many, many times through the Bible, they’re always throwing stones at Christ. Why? The same reason you and I have done it every day. When we make a human decision, we stone the Christ.

When we accept Christ, Christ makes the decisions. I in the midst of us makes the decisions. But I is you. You’re not turning to a second self. You’re leaving the false sense of self. I is you.

And it’s come to that place and time where the only way we can honor the Father is to be I. For only the Son can honor the Father. It’s come to that place where we can no longer even pretend to ourselves. We either honor the Father by accepting I as my name and identity and listening to I and following I and believing in the power of I to be the Infinite Self on earth with total trust, confidence and finally discover this is our great opportunity to watch the Infinite express itself as the I that I am. We begin to feel the joy of this great promise. It ceases to be a task or an obligation or a responsibility. It’s the way of life. It’s life expressing and I can accept this Infinite Life expression or stone it by forgetting it, turning away from it, denying it, rejecting it or even accepting it only partially and so limit myself to the divided three-dimensional mind.

So, I repeat, this week, “I and the Father are one,” is our assignment. Once you make it your real assignment, you discover it’s your permanent assignment every day of your life. It’s the way you have to learn to live.

Jesus answered them, Many good works have I shewed you from my Father; for which of these works do you stone me?”

Now isn’t this a fascinating thing? Can you think of one evil work that Jesus Christ did on earth? One evil work? Not one. They were all good works. Why? Because they were all ordained and expressed out of Love and out of Wisdom by the I which is one with the Father which is the expression of God. All perfect works and therefore, why should the mind turn away?

For which of my good works do you stone me?”

And so, he’s saying that when you look out of a human mind, you cannot recognize good works. You think they’re evil because a human mind is predisposed to see evil. Evil will see evil. He’s saying to them, and to us, “Examine your motives again please. These are perfect works. How can you stone them?” The fact that you do is not a reflection on the works but upon your inadequate level of consciousness which cannot perceive that these are perfect works of God.

Translated into our modern idiom, how can we possibly turn away from I within when we know the meaning of I that can only do perfect works. What form of insanity would prevent us not from living in I, would prevent us from living in the conscious awareness that when I live in I, I’m in conscious union with the Infinite Father? We’d have to be totally unwilling, totally misunderstanding, totally ignorant of Truth in order to continue in a way that would say to I, “Depart from hence. This mortal mind of mine is going to continue living my life.”

Well thank heaven those days are over. We have lived in those dark days of the mind but the light of I is upon us, within each one. We’ve even outlived the question asked by I because now, we’re learning not to stone my own identity.

I’ve really stoned the solution to all the problems I thought I had. You see how twisted and deformed the human mind has been. It has been casting stones at its own solutions for problems that it couldn’t solve. Of course, we’ve been hypnotized. Who else would do that but a hypnotized one.

The Jews answered him, saying, For a good work, we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because thou, being a man, makest thyself God.”

That’s what they saw there, a man. They saw a man because they were looking out of the eyes of a man. A man sees a man. They saw a man like themselves because they had not found I in the midst of them. But Christ wouldn’t let them stop at that level.

Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?”

You’ll find that in the Psalms. “I said ye are gods”

Well that’s in your law. “If he called them gods unto whom the word of God came, and the scriptures cannot be broken; Say ye of him. whom the Father had sanctified, and sent unto the world, Thou blasphemest; because I said, I am the Son of God?”

You see here these Pharisees, the human mind, has been talking quite a lot about God but when it’s faced with God, it can’t believe it. It simply can’t believe such a thing can happen. God is up there. Everybody knows that. There’s no God on earth. How could this man be God? How ridiculous and how egotistical. This is blasphemy.

But who’s saying this is blasphemy? That mind which is not the Christ mind. That mind which loves to talk about God. That mind which inflates itself with its own importance but then when I, God appear, that mind is totally blind.

I, God appeared on earth and the greatest religion of the day looked at I, God and said, “We don’t see you at all. You’re not there. You’re just a man.”

But it wasn’t a man, it was I. And it’s the same I that is knocking at the door of every person, even this moment, “I’m not a man. I am I. I am the Infinite Spirit of God in you and what I am doing now is what I was doing there in that day. Don’t stone me. Give me to drink. Accept me. Open your consciousness. Crucify the Pharisaic mind, not the Christ. And you will bear fruit richly.”

Silence, (pause) …

Your name is I. Your identity is I. Your substance is I and “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Let the stillness be a permanent way, an inner Silence facing outer appearances with the knowledge that I in the midst of me is God. Nothing can change this eternal relationship. Neither life nor death can separate me from the I, the love of God.

And so, I can face all outer experiences, all outer conditions with the knowledge that I in the midst of me is not bound by the outer conditions. I in me is not under karma. I in me is not controlled by weather, sin, disease, limitation. Rest in I. And all of the mountains outside will dissolve. Nothing can stand that isn’t real in the presence of I realized. Because I realized is Infinity right here and now functioning as the perfect Self of God.

If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not.”

There’s the test. Don’t believe the man, believe the works because the works attest to the presence of I. What man makes the waves go down? What man heals the cripple? What man brings manna from heaven? Only I.

If you don’t believe in me, believe in the works because the works show you that I am the Son of God. And that I which is the Son of God which does the works is your identity. Give your identity an opportunity to demonstrate the works and the man will get out of the way. And then as the works are done, you will know. I am your identity for no man can do these works. Only I can.

Therefore, they sought again to take him: but he escaped out of their hand. And went away beyond the Jordan into that place where John had first baptized; and there he abode. Many resorted unto him, and said, John did no miracle; but all things that John spake of the man were true. And many believed on Him there.”

You do accept I here in you now or I returns to the Jordan, meaning you lose the awareness of I for a while, begins all over again, running a cycle of training through to the point where it comes to the pinnacle of acceptance or rejection and then begins all over again. It’s really previewing the cycle of reincarnation. When you reject I, you’re setting the stage for your own return to a mortal body. Starting back at the beginning.

Now there are many lessons here. Without these lessons that “I in the midst of thee am mighty” and “I am the only. Beside I there is no other,” we never have a real understanding of what is to follow. And what is to follow is going to reinforce our understanding of what has preceded.

Now the I of your Being is going to stand at Lazarus’ tomb and the I of your Being is going to be in Lazarus’ tomb and the I of your Being is going to demonstrate the meaning of “Believe on the works” for no man can do these things and I who do these things am your Being.

You can look ahead now to the next chapter “Resting in Oneness.” You can look ahead to the eleventh chapter of John which is the resurrection of Lazarus. But when you look ahead to these things, ask the I of you what this has to do with you. How does the resurrection of Lazarus have anything to do with you? Or is it possible that Lazarus is the symbol of your mortal self, being raised from the tomb?

Think on these things, dwelling with “I and the Father are one” and remember when we stand before the tomb that “I and the Father are one” is the principle that will be revealed as the liberation of he who dwells in a body of clay.

The chapter we have been studying for four or five weeks is entitled, “No And!.” If you are I and there is “no and,” there’s not a second you. There’s only I, the Spirit. The mortal, material self is Lazarus in the tomb. But there is no mortal, material self and so I step out of the tomb because there’s one standing before the tomb who knows that “I and the Father are one.”

The message for us is what is important. You’ll find the answer in the chapter “No And!” which you have been reading and in the chapter “Resting in Oneness” which is our fifth chapter I think and the next chapter.

But all these chapters are about your Being, your Self. They’re not chapters in a book. They’re the Word of I expressing, leading, teaching, inspiring, confidence that you actually can walk in a world living in identity, knowing that every need is provided for by the Infinite Invisible through the I of your Being. It hasn’t provided for you before because you weren’t living in the I of your Being. And when you did you found the sustenance of Grace appearing on the doorstep, unannounced.

Oneness, Infinite I.

Is the I of Jesus and the I of Joel one? It must be. Is the I of Jesus and the I of you one? It must be. Is the I of Joel and the I of you one? It must be, whether you know it or not. The difference then is in knowing it. “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

In the knowing, which means the conscious awareness of it, the miracle of I becomes the daily activity of your consciousness. Your consciousness imbued with the knowledge of I, which is Truth, becomes the law of permanent freedom.

In our meditation now, consciously know the I of Joel is the I of me. The I of Jesus is the I of me. The I of every individual whether he has attained or has not attained is the I of me and this I which is the I of everyone and the I of me, is one I, one Self and that I and that Self is God expressing. And that is who I am, God expressing. God expressing through the I of Jesus, through the I of Joel, through the I of you, through the I of everyone and whoever consciously attunes himself to this I finds God expressing perfectly without partiality as Infinite Grace appearing as.

The method won’t be improved. It’s flawless. We who are willing to work in that method are the laborers in the vineyard and we reap that Grace only when we are in I.

Silence, (pause) …

The word “consciously” has been stressed again and again by Joel so remember “consciously” in I.

Silence, (pause) …

Thanks again.

Good afternoon everybody.

We’re going to look right at chapter 10 in John.

The Master says, “Verily, verily, I say unto you,” – “I say unto you” – “He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. But he that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. To him the porter openeth; and the sheep hear his voice: and he calleth his own sheep by name, and leadeth them out. And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice. And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers.”

And so, we have a very simple parable. The parable of the Good Shepherd. A parable that most people in the world are too busy to follow. No wonder that even the disciples were unable to comprehend the meaning at that time.

The parable spoke Jesus unto them. They understood not what things they were which he spake unto them.”

Now every word in there is simple English. Most of them are mono syllables. There’s not a word in there that you’d have to look up in the dictionary and yet the Parable of the Good Shepherd remains a complete enigma to many advanced students as well as to those who have merely read it in their normal theological activities.

Now I feel that in order to understand this parable, we should go back – way, way back to John the Baptist. Here says the Master, “I am the good shepherd.” And if you recall, it was John the Baptist who pointed to the One who said, “I am the good shepherd” and said, “Follow him, not me. He must increase, I must decrease. He is the Lamb of God, the Son of God. He will baptize with the Holy Spirit.” He even said, “He will save mankind from sin.”

And so, John the Baptist pointed the way. And very importantly, John the Beloved disciple placed this at the very beginning so you would see that following the Lamb of God, the Son of God is the way.

And then as we learned that we must follow the Lamb of God, we still were unaware of the nature of the Lamb of God and of the identity of the Lamb of God. And so, that had to be clarified step by step through all the veils of the conditioned mind.

Who is this Lamb of God that we are to follow, who now announces himself to be the Good Shepherd?

John the Baptist clued us in there again. “On him I have seen the dove descend and on the One on whom the dove remains, I have been told, that is he. That is the One to follow.”

You see Spirit descend like a dove. So, we’re to follow this man who appears on the banks of the Jordan, upon whom Spirit has descended like a dove. We find him accepting Andrew as a disciple and Peter, who were leaving John the Baptist, moving out of intellect into the higher realm of Spiritual Consciousness. And we see him talking to Nicodemus saying something that would be very puzzling to the millions who have thought that because they were virtuous on earth, they were sure to go to heaven.

To Nicodemus, he said, “Marvel not that I say, unless a man be born, reborn of the truth and the Spirit, he shall not enter into the kingdom of God.” Even virtuous old Nicodemus, a student of God, could not enter into the Kingdom of God unless he were reborn of the Truth and the Spirit.

So, the millions who think they’ve gone to heaven have not read their Bible and those who think their loved ones have gone to heaven are fooling themselves. Were they reborn of the Truth in the Spirit before they made this parting? If not, they have been misled and now they are probably among us again, still finding their way. Even ourselves, how many times have we been misled into thinking perhaps in some past life that we were going to heaven because we were so good. But here we are, we haven’t made it yet.

Who is this saying to Nicodemus, “You must be reborn of the Spirit and the truth.” It is the one who later says, “I am the good shepherd.”

And now we find him at the wedding in Cana and he reveals that he is not a mortal being.

Woman, what have I to do with thee?” I am not the son of a woman. I am the Son of God.

And this revelation that he is immortal, not mortal reveals why John the Baptist had to point and say, “Follow him. he baptizes with the Holy Ghost.” He was pointing to the living Spirit of God on earth, made manifest in the flesh.

The living Spirit of God then reveals that each must be reborn of that Spirit. And to emphasize that a transformation is necessary, water is transformed into wine. This is a way of saying that we must be reborn from the water into the wine of Spirit. But still the clarity does not emerge. We’re seeing parables. We’re seeing demonstrations. We’re still not learning the principles involved.

At the well of Samaria, we are given one of the principles very strongly. Christ sitting on the well. The water must come through Christ to be living water. Christ must sit on the well of our consciousness. We must give Christ to drink.

Now there we begin to understand that unless Christ sits on the well of your consciousness, you will labor again and again and again for the same thing. Always being unable to attain the level of grace that only through Christ sitting on the well of your consciousness do you begin to redeem the thought of the world which has been out-picturing itself as your living experience in this world.

We begin to sense the nature of the human mind as inadequate for entering the kingdom of heaven. We begin to understand that humanhood can never know God. We begin to see that there is a picture emerging that this Christ who walks the earth, who will baptize with the Holy Ghost, who transforms water into wine, who speaks to the woman of Samaria and tells her about living waters, is the identity of every individual who walks the earth.

We are looking at our own Self manifest to us in the form called Jesus. The Christ that baptizes with the Holy Ghost is Identity, the living Self of you, me, him, her and when John the Baptist points and says, “Follow him” he is telling us to follow Christ within ourselves.

Finally, the idea is clear that unless we have accepted Christ as identity, we do not have Christ sitting on the well of consciousness and we are separated thereby for we learn that only Christ goes to the Father. That only through Christ does the Father express in the human sphere. That only when Christ is accepted as your own Spiritual identity do you express the qualities of God.

And once we begin to feel the implanting of that idea, it is necessary to show the nature of I the Christ that is your Self. And now the demonstrations are expanded so that we find a boy is healed. A boy who is not even present where the Master is. And we learn that I Christ which heals a boy who is not present is not revealing its absent healing but rather that I Christ is omnipresent. I Christ standing as Jesus is I Christ the invisible Self of the boy miles away. And now we learn that I Christ which is your identity is present miles away and this is a totally new understanding that comes into the horizon of human knowledge.

I Christ in you is now miles away and I Christ in you, miles away can heal miles away just as I Christ can heal right where you are.

Go thy way. Thy son liveth.” Why? Because I Christ am the life of your son there. That is why. And we discover that I Christ is not a form, is not a material body, is not a mortal being but is Essence, Life. Now the message comes loud and strong that what has been revealed to us from the beginning of John is, you must follow the Essence and not the form. You must follow the Life and not the form. You must follow the Essence of your own being and not the form.

And this Essence that you are is the underlying reality here and there. There is no separation between I Christ Jesus and I Christ the son of the nobleman who is saved. There is no separation in the Essence although there is separation in the forms. Now we begin to know that living in the sense of form, I live in a sense of separation from other individuals and from God because the mind which presents the images of form is ever separated from the Essence. The Son of man is being lifted up in us with the knowledge that I am Essence appearing to mortal mind as form.

And this re-identification as Essence comes upon you as you see the Master now multiplying loaves and fishes. Where do they come from? They come from the Essence, the omnipresent Essence, the Essence that is in the sky and in the sea, in the atmosphere around you, the Essence that is everywhere. But why does it come only for him? Because he stands there in the knowledge that his Essence is everywhere. He has accepted the Infinite Self, the One indivisible eternal Self to be his Self. That is why he baptizes with the Holy Ghost.

I am the Christ, appearing as Jesus, becomes visible as loaves and fishes feeding multitudes, becomes visible as the life of a nobleman’s son, becomes visible as the healed cripple, becomes visible as the healed blind man. Just as loaves and fishes fall out of the sky, now we must know where these loaves and fishes actually are. And we find them in the five porches where the cripple is healed, in the sense mind, the five senses, the five porches, the five shades; that which keeps out the sunlight of Christ. We find the cripple is not a cripple when the five porches are removed, when the consciousness is lifted above the sense mind. We find the hungry people are not hungry anymore when the consciousness is lifted above the sense mind.

We discover that the Essence of the Christ is not confined to that spot where Jesus stands. It can move out of the sky and now from the mountain it moves on to the water. Why? Again, the demonstration that my Essence is everywhere. In form, I am limited. In Essence, I have no boundaries.

Follow him,” says John the Baptist. “Follow the Essence which has no boundaries and form, which is independent of form.” In fact, which has dominion over form. And so, we discover that our lack of dominion is because we live in the concept of form instead of in the identity of Essence.

Ever growing is the knowledge that like Nicodemus, each of us must come to the understanding that I am not a form. I am not a material body. I am not a mortal being. My name is Essence, Spirit of God, Christ, Son of God.

And when we re-identify as the Essence of God, it is not enough. The Essence that I am, the Essence that you are must be the same Essence that comes forth as loaves and fishes from the sky or money from the fishes’ mouth or the unhindered life of a cripple or the eyes of a blind person that can see. The Essence is never confined to where you stand. The Essence of you is the Essence of God, never fractionalized.

And now we know that the only self you can be is the Infinite Self. The Infinite Essence without beginning or end, never born and never dying, never mortal, never material. Only in that Essence do we begin to open our eyes to feel the freedom of Spirit and to make sure that we are aware of it, the Master finally tells us we are blind. Blind because we live in a physical sense of life when we are the Essence of God.

And so, when we come now to the Good Shepherd. “I am the good shepherd.” I am the Essence of God and I am your identity. The Essence of God that you are is the Good Shepherd. Nine chapters of John have given you a clue that the Essence of God which you are is capable of doing all of the miracles that appear in the Bible – and greater, if you believe on yourself to be that Essence.

And so, he now explains to his own disciples what he has been training them to do, to feel, to know. He has been giving them a life called “Living the Presence of God as your own very being.” He has taken out of the sky the concept of God and brought it down to earth. He has told those who would destroy his body that he’s not in that body at all. He has told us that he is living Essence, not a physical form and if you destroy what you call a physical form, I will raise it up in three days and the only reason I can do that is because there is no one in that form you’re going to destroy. I am Essence. But I am is your name and if anyone were to destroy your form, you must find that Consciousness which knows that I am not in that form. I am the Essence of God and I will raise this body up in three days. The same I that walks on water is Essence. The same I that is going to be crucified is Essence and therefore un-crucifiable. This Essence is revealed as the Essence of all being and there is no other.

Now we have form which is under the dominion of Essence. Essence takes dominion over form and when you live in Essence as Essence knowing yourself to be Essence, the qualities of that Essence being present are awakened and manifest, demonstrating the omnipotence of Essence over form.

The secret is coming very clearly now that there are many forms but one indivisible Essence. And that one indivisible Essence is the name of every individual who walks the earth. There is one indivisible Essence, one Being and when you are aware of it as the substance of your being, you are one with the Essence of everyone who walks the earth. When you are accepting people in their forms, unaware of that Essence which is theirs and yours, you’re under the law of humanhood. But when you are accepting that there is no second Essence, no second self, you’ll find yourself under the law of Divinity. This will become the way we follow the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd is this one indivisible Infinite Essence which is our life. “I am the good shepherd.”

Now let’s listen to his explanation to His disciples:

Then said Jesus unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the door of the sheep.”

Explaining his own parable. “I am the door of the sheep.” Now sheep has two meanings here, not one. You’ll find that sheep refers to the Divine qualities of the Essence of God. Sheep will refer to the Divine thoughts. Sheep are not just human beings following Christ. You’ll see why in a moment.

I am the door.”

Now then, a door opens from one place into another. This Door opens from the world we live in into Heaven but because the world we live in is not the creation of God, it opens from unreality into Reality. Actually, this Door takes us out of mortality into Immortality now. The Door out of mortality, out of a dying body is the Essence of God, I am. That Essence is my Doorway out of mortality into Immortality, into life without end.

But I don’t open that Door and walk through it. The Door is our way of life, the way we live every day, living as the Essence of God, the living Christ of God, the Spirit of God, not living as a form, not living under the law of form or the belief in the conditions of form but living in the knowledge that the Essence of God contains the qualities of God. And therefore, I being that Essence find all those qualities to be present where I am. And you being that Essence, I find all those qualities present where you are. And everyone being that Essence, I find all those qualities present everywhere so that we are de-centralized. We’re not thinking in terms of me over here but of the Essence that I am everywhere and this is the acceptance of the Door.

The Door is your Essence everywhere and only when you are willing to live in the everywhere-ness of your Spirit, denying it to no one, are you living in the Door. I am the Door. I am the Door of the sheep.

Now when you’re living in that Essence, which is your conscious realization of its Presence, you will feel the quickening of it and the quickening of the Essence in your consciousness releases the activity of that Essence expressing the Divine qualities. Those qualities that express within the Essence moving through you, these are called the sheep. The Shepherd is the Spirit of God, the sheep are the qualities of that Spirit. They will only follow the Shepherd. They can only be activated when you’re in that consciousness that the Spirit of God is your name and then the Divine qualities follow the Shepherd which is your Spirit.

All the qualities of the Father, that omnipresence which can show forth as the loaves and fishes can only show forth where there is one accepting that Spirit to be not only here but over there. If I think the Spirit of God is confined to my body, how can loaves and fishes come out of the sky? I have to know that the Spirit of God being everywhere, my Spirit is everywhere and I have to be living in that consciousness and no second consciousness.

And so, “I am the Door to the sheep. All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers. But the sheep did not hear them.” And this is the statement that there is no Divine activity on this earth. All that came before Me were thieves and robbers. Who came before the Spirit of God? Illusions, people, men, women, teachers, men of flesh, thieves and robbers. What could they offer? Nothing, because I am the Door. The Spirit of God in you is all that can enter the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

The last ten or fifteen years of drugs were a complete ignorance of this simple rule. I am the Door. You can’t get in with mescaline, LSD, speed. There’s no entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. You can change from one state of mentality to another but it’s not the Door to Reality. It’s the Door from one form of unreality to another. However pleasurable or edifying the experience may be, it is not the Door and the statement that I am the Door is made by the Spirit of God which gives us the truth. I am the Door, not drugs. All who enter by any other Door are thieves and robbers.

And so, you take all of the ollogies. If the Spirit of God is the only Door, then what good is theology if it’s not dealing with the Spirit of God? Or how do you read the stars and come to the Kingdom of God? Or how do you study biology or physiology or psychology or any ology, if the only way to the Heaven on earth is through the Spirit of God?

And so, we’re being told that the human mind is the thief and the robber. The human mind does not enter the Kingdom of God because it’s not the Door and all mental effort, all physical effort, all armies, all missiles, all technology, all science is not the Door. The only Door is you, the living Spirit of God. And that is the only Door which releases the Divine qualities of God into your experience. That’s why “I am the good shepherd.” The Spirit of God that you are is the Shepherd that releases the Divine qualities which are the sheep into your living daily experience converting the appearance called earth into heaven.

All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.”

The sheep, the Divine qualities could not respond to men. No matter how exalted their motives, no human words or hopes or ambitions can release the Divine qualities. They cannot express in human beings. They can only express in the Essence, the Door, the Shepherd, the Spiritual Self.

I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and shall find pasture.” “He shall go in and out and find pasture.”

Now again, there are many esoteric codes in here, going in and out. This Door goes in to something and out of something but when you’re in the Door, you can go in. When you’re in the Essence, you go in to a new body and you go out of the old body. And that new body goes out of the old universe into a new universe and it finds pasture. It finds Grace. It is fed and sustained by the Infinite.

When we have accepted Spiritual identity, we go in to the body of the soul and we move out of mortality. We move out of corporeality and we can move out and even return into corporeality. We can go in and out of this world. Some have done just that. Some have attained and returned on a mission. They have gone in and out. They can move silently through the universe because they are not in a physical confined form.

Spirit is not limited to time or space. Did he not step on a ship and it was on the shore instantly? The next day, without a ship, did he not disappear? Did they not try to lay hands on him but could not touch him? Why? Because he could go in and out. But he was the Spirit of God. You are the Spirit of God. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” You can go in and out. Liberty from physical confinement, from material law. Did he not walk on a sea? Why? Because he was able to go in and out. Did he not stop the storm? Why? Because Essence has dominion over form. But you are Essence and therefore in the Essence of you is the capacity to stop the storm. In the Essence of you is the capacity to remove poverty, to abolish famine, to overcome the illusion of death, to reveal the non-reality of sickness. The Essence has total dominion over form. I am the Door. I am the Way.

When you walk in your Essence, the divine qualities of omnipotence and omniscience and omnipresence are released and Grace functions without a barrier. When you discover that this is true even in a measure, you’re on your way to demonstrating a higher degree of it.

That is why any other door is unsatisfactory. Any other door has no power to take dominion over form, to take dominion over weather, to take dominion over sickness and disease, to take dominion over death, to take dominion over war and hatred and violence. There is only one Door to dominion and that is the Door of Essence which is the only power there is.

Before Essence, every so-called material power is dissolved. And Essence is the only name that is true of all of us.

I’ve tried to release the Divine qualities of my being by resting in Essence and whenever the quickening comes, you realize why that is the Door. This shifting of the belief in form to Essence, which is actually Christ, removes certain pictures in the mind. In the mind, you can think of yourself with shoulders and arms, a certain kind of build, a certain weight, a certain feeling of movement but when you start to think of Essence there are no pictures in the mind, there are no images. The conditioning dissolves. The sense of weight dissolves. And you’ll find that in the knowledge of Essence, there is a feeling of not being in a specific spot but rather there is a sort of everywhere feeling.

And then the mind has instinctively removed itself as a barrier. And the images in the mind are no longer there as a stone. And something else flows. So imperceptibly and yet so quickly that one minute you can feel tired, uninspired, fumbling around, the next minute, there’s a clarity, there’s a sense of purpose. There’s a feeling of being guided. And of course, all of that is the flesh being quickened. Right out of flesh into Spiritual cognition. And then you find you’re tuned. You’re receiving and now although you can’t put it into words, you’re really no longer separated. You’re part of the Infinite activity of the universe and it shows right where you are. The Infinite functioning, expressing through the Good Shepherd which is your Spirit and those sheep are now obedient to your Spirit expressing all of that which is necessary at the moment.

The picture of Grace is being presented here to us, the missing link which removes all sense of evil, error and imperfection from your consciousness. You can look at disease one day with human eyes and the next day from the Essence of your own being and you can see why disease never really existed except in the false state of consciousness.

For the moment, hold the knowledge that you are the Essence of God. And hold that active mind which would deny it in a state of suspension. You are opening yourself to the Door, the Door which goeth to the Father. The Door which transforms. It does the work. It needs no help.

By me if any man enter in, he should be saved.” That saving means specifically, that he shall find life instead of death. For the Spirit quickeneth unto life.

He’s pushing us into that level which will not stay in the stagnancy of mortality. He’s making us progress into new mansions of Consciousness. He’s forcing us to move out of this earth into Heaven. He’s making us see that being better humans is not the way. He’s making us, as parents, realize that to say to our children, “We want you to be better children” is not the way. That we’re not to make them into better human beings and be satisfied. We must behold them as the Spirit of God for that is the Door. That is the Door to the realization of their immortal Self. We cannot behold them as mortal children for we are not accepting the Door. I can’t say I am the Spirit but that child is not. That’s a mortal child, that’s my child, that’s my son, that’s my daughter. I’m being told here, that’s not my son and my daughter. That’s the Essence of God. I’m being told, “To open my consciousness to the knowledge that my child is the Essence of God and I am the child of that God too.” That my parent is the Essence of God. That my parent’s parent is the Essence of God. This Door must be Infinite. I cannot close it to one and open it to another. My consciousness must expand to accept that the Essence of God is the only Self there is.

I must be taken out of the sense of separated forms called children and mothers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters. We must leave them for My sake which is the invisible Essence. We must take our Self out of the law of form which is the law of good and evil into the law of perfection which is the law of one indivisible perfect Spirit. That is the Door.

I have no right to bind anyone into mortality by my ignorance when I am being specifically told that Spirit, Christ, is the name of that individual. All else is a thief and a robber. I am robbing that individual of their Immortality by not recognizing it and losing my own.

So, we begin to look at our children a different way. We look at our parents a different way. We realize that the Spirit of God which is the Spirit of my parent and the Spirit of God which is the Spirit of me are one and the same. Physically, we are all manifestations of the world mind. Spiritually we are all the One Invisible Self.

Choose ye; the Door or continue as a thief and a robber in the false consciousness that knows not its own true Being.

– End of Side One —-

Up to now, the world has been a thief and a robber. And the thief has been the mind of every man, unwilling to know, to accept that the Spirit of God is not confined to some who are good and withheld from some who are bad. Not confined to those who wear robes in a church but withheld from those who lay bricks on a pavement. Not withheld from the criminal, from the adulterer, from the corrupt. Withheld from no one.

And so wherever you look, no judgement. The only righteous judgement is there is my Spirit invisible. And in this acceptance, this yielding to the Truth, you’ve opened the Door. You have followed him, the Christ, the Dove of Spirit, the Lamb of God by accepting that Dove of Spirit to be your name, your Infinite name, your name without reservation, without limitation. You are accepting that Spirit is whole and you are accepting the fullness of your Spiritual identity. The fullness of your Spiritual identity accepted is the Door. Anything less is a thief and a robber.

All that ever came before me are thieves and robbers: but the sheep did not hear them.”

And so, if in our lives, we find that we have not been able to experience Divine qualities, it is clear that the reason is because we have not accepted Infinite Spiritual identity. Now that must be remembered and the oversight must be corrected.

I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.”

Now this means then that transition can only occur for one who is in Infinite Spiritual identity. The opposite of transition is death. Death is the normal. We’re all familiar with that. But here, we suddenly discover we’re not helpless victims. We don’t have to move through the normal death. We can go in and out and find pasture and be sustained by the Infinite, by the acceptance of Infinite Spiritual Selfhood. Living Essence never disconnected from the living Essence that is my neighbor or the living Essence that is a tree or the living Essence that is the sky or the water. Living Essence everywhere. Never disconnected, never separated, always one Infinite Essence. To this we must be true.

And then the forms which show the Grace of that Essence. You’re going backstage behind the forms to the Essence which mortal mind is counterfeiting into forms. You’re putting your consciousness at the root of being, resting there, abiding in the Essence that is Infinitely everywhere expressing the perfection of the Father.

The thief cometh not but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.”

Who is that thief? We know by now it’s the human mind. The human mind comes to steal, to kill, to destroy. Not consciously; unconsciously. How does it do it? It makes us believe in that which is not real. It counterfeits the Essence of our own being and presents this counterfeit as our form, as the reality of things around us when they’re only counterfeits. And as we believe on these things which the mind presents, we are deceived for we find they are perishable. Nothing created by the human mind is imperishable. Nothing created by the human mind is of the Essence of God.

And so we build a complete world, a mental world which to us is very real. But it crumbles. Every form created by the mind follows the same path of deterioration and death, whether it’s person or thing.

The thief can only steal, kill, destroy because it is creating false images. We are seeing that what is presented to us by the human mind is never the truth.

But I, I am come that they might have life, that they might have it more abundantly.”

And so, the Essence says, “Now I’m taking you out of mortal mind. I’m revealing to you the illusions that the world has accepted by living in the mind, the thief that destroys. The same mind that you have cherished as your own is the mind that brings you to the belief in war, to the belief in sickness and disease and suffering and pain, to the belief in famine and poverty. Who created them? God? No, that very mind itself.

And now we’re going to learn the nature of that mind from the very Spirit of our own being. The mind does not come to give us life, it comes to give us the counterfeit of life which ends in death because it is not life. That mind here is called a hireling.

Now says the Voice, “I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.”

Now again, the sheep begins to take another meaning. The Good Shepherd gives his life. The Spirit of God in you is Life and that Life is your life and that life is eternal Life. That Life maintains its eternality by the perfection of its qualities because that is the Good Shepherd.

But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep or not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.”

Now the hireling is revealed here to be the mind of man. But it’s a hireling because it’s a captive mind, it’s a controlled mind. Man, thinks his mind is free but here the Spirit of God is saying the mind is not free. It’s an hireling. Who hired it? And you know that the world mind individualizes as the human mind. And so, the human mind which is a thief is employed by the world mind. It cannot act of its own self. It must say to its employer, “What do you want me to do?”

World mind governs the mind of man. That’s the meaning of this mind is a hireling. It’s a controlled, captive mind and it doesn’t know it. It thinks it’s free to make decisions and the only decisions it can make are those decisions which are not true because it is not the Door. It is living in a world which is not the Spirit.

And everything we do with the human mind then is controlled by another mind called the world mind and this is the revelation then here, that the human mind is under a state of hypnosis. It can do nothing of its own. It must obey the world mind. That’s the reason it flees when the going gets rough. That’s the reason it cannot maintain that which it creates. That’s the reason the wolf scatters it.

This is revealing the nature of the human mind as inadequate, a state of hypnosis which knows not the Father. It is a hireling. It is “Not the shepherd whose own the sheep are not.” The reason it doesn’t own the sheep is that whatever the human mind sees and thinks and feels is a counterfeit forced upon it by the world mind. It doesn’t create the qualities that it expresses. The world mind qualities come through the individual mind. If there’s hate in the world, it rubs off through the human mind. If there’s violence in the world, it rubs off through the human mind. If there’s sickness in the world, it rubs off through the human mind. Its sheep are not its own. It is a completely controlled state of hypnosis. Every human mind is revealed here as that state of hypnosis which has absolutely no control over its own creations although it thinks is has which is exactly why the word hypnosis is so perfect. The Adam dream state of the human mind, of the hireling is what Spirit is pointing out to us here.

It fleeth and the wolf catcheth them.”

When the wolf comes, it leaves. The wolf are the false concepts of the intellect. And so, the mind is frightened by its own creations. The human mind is frightened by itself. It doesn’t even know it is creating the sense of evil and the sense of evil which is created through it, frightens even it so that we’re all frightened of the same things because we’re all in that hireling mind which runs when the wolf comes. And then we are caught in our own thinking and that’s the only place we’re ever caught. In our own thought are all the problems that we face and we are the creators of that thought and yet that thought is forced upon us.

And then you’ve heard before now that this is a world mind functioning you and your human mind is responding, you’re in a state of cosmic television, this is what the Spirit is telling us here. Of course, the answer is to be in the knowledge of Spiritual identity, the Door, out of the hypnosis of the human mind.

The hireling fleeth because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.”

Everything functioning through the human mind is mechanical. It’s not true creation. You find that it has no real power because it has no real love. It’s counterfeit love and its counterfeit power. This human mind cannot sustain its own creation. It has to flee. It is a counterfeit itself and it cannot sustain the counterfeit that flows out of it and so the body is left to disease. The body is left to pain. The body is left to lack and limitation because the father of that body is the counterfeit hireling mind and the real body of Spirit is unknown to that counterfeit mind.

I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.”

Back we come to Spiritual identity accepted but always Infinite Spiritual Identity, never the mistake of a little spiritual me. I can’t accept me without accepting you in the same place as that one Infinite Spirit.

The Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my life for the sheep.”

Now this is the life then, the Spiritual life and it is sustained by the Father. When you’re living in the acceptance of the Spiritual life, it is sustained. It doesn’t run. There’s no wolf to scatter it. It isn’t tempted into the belief in material or mortality. It is your Immortal life accepted here and now. And this is sustained by the Good Shepherd because the Good Shepherd and the Father are one.

Now do you see how this is underlying that there is only the Infinite Invisible Spirit and that is your name? And because there is only the Infinite Invisible Spirit that is all there is. There’s not the Infinite Invisible Spirit and. Not Infinite Invisible Spirit and a physical form and a human life and a boy and a girl and a man. No. There’s only Infinite Invisible Spirit. And when you begin to give it names, mother, father, sister, brother, you’re making an and where there isn’t any. Falling into the trap of the mind.

Other sheep I have which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my name; and there shall be one fold and one shepherd.”

You know we have a heaven and an earth and earth is our concept of heaven. We look at heaven through a glass darkly and we call it earth. Actually, the invisible Spiritual kingdom is heaven. It’s present. And then you might say that this earth then is our outer concept of the inner Spiritual kingdom.

Now he has other sheep in the fold, says the Christ. You find that when you’re in your Spiritual kingdom realized, that becomes the new earth. But there’s still a heaven. That’s where the other sheep in the fold are.

The Spiritual kingdom is only the fifth world. And it is the outer concept that you will entertain of the sixth world which is the celestial kingdom. And there are saints there and angels there. They’re all part of the fold. In fact, the entire seven levels of consciousness or the seven heavens contain the fullness of the fold.

And we’ll have a new heaven when we step out of the Spiritual kingdom into the celestial, all on our way to the One Infinite Consciousness realized. Again, the Spirit is pointing out that there is one Fold, one Self, one Kingdom, one Being and until we are that One Being, we’re rejecting the very Spirit Itself which says, “I am the One,” and you must be the One because that is the Doorway to Reality.

Therefore doth my Father love me, because I lay down my life, that I may take it up again. No man taketh it from me but I lay it down myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This commandment have I received from my Father.”

Now this Voice speaking which says I can lay it down and take it up again is your own Spiritual Self advising you that when you have accepted Spiritual identity, you move through every sphere. You can lay down a concept in one level and pick it up in another. You can even come back to this world if you feel like it. But you’re taken out of confinement in time and space and matter and form. This is the nature of true Being and all before this was a thief and a robber.

Now many of these concepts are unknown to the human mind because it has never been felt by us that we could really overcome death. It has never been felt by us that we really could not be sick or in pain. We were trying to overcome these things but we were using a hypnotized human mind which thinks these things exist and the very Spirit of God here called the Good Shepherd is saying. “You’ve been following a thief which has been robbing you of your identity and that thief is your human mind.”

In your identity, you too will see that I have been showing you one thing on this earth. One thing and here it is. You’ll find it in 7:21 of John, a beautiful statement which we did not discuss, which very rarely has been discussed:

Jesus answered,” when they were all clamoring about his works, “He said unto them, I have done one work and ye all marvel.” Now we thought he was doing many things. But he says “I have done one work and ye all marvel.”

What is the one work? He is revealing constantly that God is running a perfect universe no matter where you look, no matter what you see, that is not the Truth.

I have not only one work, I am revealing that there is a perfect universe right where you are looking and seeing an imperfect one. The one work is to reveal that I, Spirit, am the only inhabitant of this earth and I am your Self. I am the Spirit of God where you stand. I am the Spirit of God where your child stands. I am the Spirit of God where everyone stands on this earth. That is the only work that Jesus Christ was doing, revealing the Spirit of God is everywhere now. Everywhere now. And that indivisible Spirit is the name of everyone now. Such an incredible work that the human mind to this very day is staggered by even the concept of it.

And then just to make sure that we don’t turn away, Joel comes along and says the very same thing. I think we’ll find it during the intermission in this chapter “No And!.” And now we’ll be prepared to look at “No And!” because it is telling us the very story of the Good Shepherd in a different way.

Who is the Good Shepherd? Your answer must be, “My Spirit.” Where is the Good Shepherd? Here, there and everywhere now. Who experiences the activity of the Good Shepherd? The one who accepts that identity for until you are the Good Shepherd, you have none. The Spirit of God where you dwell is the Good Shepherd. Whoever tries to enter the sheepfold, meaning the Kingdom of God in any other way, is doomed to fail.

Now perhaps on that day, the disciples heard something from the Christ, along the lines we have discussed. They were being prepared to witness the crucifixion and ultimately to go through a crucifixion themselves. We are being prepared to go through the painless crucifixion of the false self by the renewal of that mind which knows that I am the living Spirit by the willingness to follow the dove of Spirit as identity and to let that Spirit baptize us with the Holy Ghost which expresses the will of the Father. In your acceptance of pure identity, the purity of the Father’s activity in you, as the Holy Ghost, is made manifest.

Silence, (pause) …

The deeper your Spiritual awareness becomes, the more you will know God is running a perfect universe and no other exists.

I’m going to read a few quotes from “No And!” They’re scattered but they make a picture.

First of all, we must know this. We cannot cure disease – there is none. We cannot overcome poverty – there is none. We cannot overcome death – there is none. The only thing we can do is to recognize that we’re not dealing with those appearances or suggestions as such. We are dealing with hypnotism.”

What is the hypnotism? The human mind itself is a state of hypnotism. What is the Truth? Spirit is all that is here and the human mind will not present to me the Truth about Spirit. It will always present to me the truth about its own false creation and call it disease, poverty, famine but it isn’t. There is no such thing. All there is, is hypnotism. Now, the Truth is that all there is, is Infinite God and its creation. And here’s the mind with disease, lack, death, pain, what not and all there is, is Infinite God and its creation.

Now where do you fit into the picture if all there is, is Infinite God and its creation? If God is Spirit and its creation is Spirit, where are you? You must be that Spirit and the hypnotism is the belief that you’re not and the belief that you’re not then pyramids into the belief that the you that isn’t Spirit is sick or this, that or the other thing and there is no such you. Spirit is the Door. I, Spirit, Christ, am the Good Shepherd. I am the Door. I am the Identity. I am the Self. Your Self is the Door. The acceptance of your Spiritual Self is the Door.

To understand Reality we must understand that Spirit alone is real, since Spirit is Infinite. All that exists, then, must exist at the standpoint of Spirit and be under Spiritual law.”

So, we’re never dealing with the physical effects of mental causes. We’re dealing only with God manifesting itself, expressing its Infinite harmonies and with the appearance, suggestion or claim of the universal belief in a selfhood apart from God, of a universe apart from God, of a selfhood and a universe subject to material mental laws.” There simply isn’t any.

You know Joel wrote this expressing the Spiritual Voice within just a few months before his own transition. Fortunately, we were able to have this from him before that transition. There is nothing but a Spiritual universe and what isn’t Spirit simply does not exist except as a state of hypnotism of the human mind which itself is a state of hypnotism and has no real existence.

Now then, can you believe that there’s a God and sickness, too? Where would God be while someone is suffering?” See how simple it is when you’re alerted to be in the right awareness. Where is God while our children are dying or suffering? Where? Absent, in hiding, indifferent? Obviously not. Then where is God? Right there. Why isn’t God doing something about these sufferings of our children? Because we’re hypnotized and God isn’t. All that is there is His Spirit perfect as the Father and we, not being in our Spiritual identity, do not recognize the Spiritual identity of the child and we bind them to their suffering.

If we can be made to believe that there is a mortal, material universe, we, too, are a part of the hypnotism.”

Can’t be anymore absolute than that.

Another statement:

Sin is really the acceptance of a material universe.”

Now, we are perplexed no doubt because we have tried to overcome the material universe and it hasn’t worked. It overcomes us. And the reason we’ve been unable to overcome it is not only because we’re unaware of the state of hypnotism which makes it appear real, but we try to overcome it on our own power, on our own intelligence, on our own strength and you don’t have to do that because that’s the part of the first six verses of the Good Shepherd that need another explanation right now.

He that entereth in by the door is the shepherd of the sheep.”

He that entereth in by the Door is the one who accepts himself to be Spiritual identity. Now Spiritual identity is the Shepherd of the Divine qualities. Spiritual identity leads and releases those Divine qualities so it’s the Shepherd of the sheep. You don’t do it. Your Spiritual identity automatically leads the sheep.

The moment you have accepted Spiritual identity, you’re in the Divine will. The Divine will expresses those qualities. You do not do it as a human being with a human mind. It doesn’t depend on your creative capacity. You don’t mentally figure out how to be omnipotent or how to be two hundred miles away. The Spirit of you is omnipotent and is two hundred miles away and when you rest in your Spiritual awareness of Self, the omnipotence of your Spirit is released into expression two hundred miles away. You don’t do it. You build the invisible oneness of Spirit by recognition of it and then the Father within doeth the works.

If we depended on our own selves to do anything, we’d be limited to what we could do with our hands, and our minds and our technological instruments. But the Infinite Spirit doeth the works the moment you have accepted it to be your name. Then the Shepherd is the Master of the sheep. You see we’re being told that Grace functions in your identity. It isn’t limited to what you can even understand. It’s automatically perfect as the Father.

To him the porter openeth.”

The porter is your consciousness, it begins to open.

And the sheep hear his voice.”

The moment you’re conscious of Spiritual identity, the qualities of Spirit hear the Voice of Spiritual identity.

And he calleth his own sheep by name and leadeth them.”

Leadeth them out.” I Christ in the midst of you send forth those qualities necessary to your demonstration on this plane. I Christ am the Good Shepherd. And I Christ, when I puteth them forth, when he puteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them and the sheep follow him for they know his voice.

When I Christ in you releases Divine qualities, I Christ in you goes before those qualities. I Christ in you sustains those qualities. They do not run when the wolf comes. Your identity is all you can trust in this whole universe. Nothing else.

There’s no difference between the hell called poverty and that called war, disease or sin. One of them is no worse than another. They’re all forms of one thing and that one thing is hypnotism. Take away the hypnotism and none of these things would be there. There is only one error and that is hypnotism.”

Now that’s Joel making it so clear.

Now if we’ve got that out of today, that Spirit is all, there’s only Spirit, not Spirit and mother, daughter, father sister. Not Spirit and sickness. Not Spirit and person. Not Spirit and mortality. Not Spirit and human life. Not Spirit and things. These are the appearances to the human mind.

There is Spirit and Spiritual awareness that there is Spirit, is the Door. There is Spirit only and you can therefore look at that which comes to your attention with the knowledge that only Spirit is there and right there is the Spirit of God running its perfect universe no matter what I see. All else on this earth is hypnotism.

Then I have found my Door. Then I know why he said to Nicodemus, “Unless you’re reborn of the Spirit, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of God.”

Unless Christ sits on the well of your consciousness, you will not have living waters. And because Christ sits on the well of my consciousness, he said “I can walk upon the water and I can say to the waves, Be still,” because God is running a perfect universe right there, only Spirit is there and the rising of the waves is a form of hypnotism.

As you dwell consistently in this knowledge you’ll find you’re losing the human sense mind. You’re becoming a living Christ mind which knows only the Father and no and.

And this is how we come in to the Spiritual Kingdom on earth. Where we’re not victims of material laws, where we don’t live out past karma, where we don’t defend and protect against any force on the earth, where we don’t fear and doubt and worry about tomorrow but rather, we know that as Spirit, we are moving through mansion after mansion under total guidance that the Good Shepherd is our own true Spiritual Being ever leading us further and further and further to the seventh heaven of eternal Reality which is ever present awaiting those who wish to make the inner journey, to go in and out, and find pasture.

And maybe we were blind once but we’re certainly having our eyes opened. We are being awakened. It’s taken all of seven or eight years of this class to come just to this point.

You’ll notice that in the “Across the Desk” section of this chapter that Joel says, “We spent March in California, San Francisco.” That was the March he was here at the Masonic temple. It was the first March that I know or first year that he was here in maybe ten years and that was his last. Just two months after this letter was written, “No And!” And that’s part of the great inheritance we have received from him, through him. No and. Just God, Spirit and include yourself. Include everyone you know.

Give birth to everyone Spiritually in your consciousness and the great message of “No And!” will be completed in your own awareness. That is the Door. “No And!” That means there’s only One and if you can find a second self anywhere in the universe, you’ve stepped out of Essence into form. There is no second self. There is only the Spiritual Self and there is no second self and we have no right to turn away from the Christ Self and to see a second self where none exists.

Follow the One Self was the message of John the Baptist and “I am that Self, I am that Christ,” said the Christ to the woman of Samaria. “I’ve only done one work on earth,” said that Christ, “and it is to teach that there is no other self.” And whoever knows there is no other self and accepts that Self has found the Door to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth that Christ Jesus revealed was ever present. No and. No other self.

In your contemplation’s this week, simply take out of “No And!” the chapter in this book, a phrase of Joel’s, knowing that he’s telling you there’s no other self, that the Good Shepherd is your Spiritual Self and there’s no other Door and you rest in it. In your contemplation, you know this to be the Truth. The more you rest in it, you’ll see why later the Spirit says, “I am the Door. I am the way. I am the wine. I am the life. I am the resurrection.”

The Spirit of you resurrects you out of the belief in a self that can ever die so that you can release all of your loved ones, all of your friends, all of your neighbors and know that none of them exist in a self that can ever die. Your Door is an Infinite Door and that Door leads out of the false sense of selves into the one perfect ever present Infinite Self.

Once you go through that Door, you don’t turn back. And you don’t depend on your human resources because that Door is the Doorway to Grace, to the Infinite automation of the Spirit doing its own work. The one Infinite Invisible Selfhood does its own work and you simply abide in the knowledge that it is present doing its work and therefore the problems you see are not there. You have stepped out of the false sense of mortality. The Door that led out of mortality leads to the realization of Immortality now in Spirit.

Pick some of the passages toward the end of this chapter. Dwell with them until they speak to you in your inner Self. And remember, whatever they reveal to you that is spiritual Truth is a forever Truth, a trustworthy Truth that you can depend upon. You’ll find yourself resting in Oneness which is ever the work of the Christ to reveal, “I and the Father are one.”

That will be your preparation for a day in which the Spirit of God lives itself as you and this cumulative preparation leads to that day when for you all that is of this earth that is perishable has nothing to do with your being. It falls away.

Labor not for the meat that perisheth.” Spirit does not perish.

And so, next time we’re going to continue these last pages of “No And!” and go again into the next chapter now which is “Resting in Oneness” which you’ll be doing in preparation for the very chapter. We’ll also take a peek at number 11 of John. And maybe some sections of the latter part of number 10.

Your function is not to pass by John 10 without making an adjustment in consciousness, a daily adjustment, until you can come to that chapter and look at it and say, “I understand it and I’m doing it. This is the living way. I, the Spirit of my being is the Good Shepherd and it releases the Divine thoughts, the Divine qualities, the sheep into expression, by Grace, so that what I had called personal problems can only exist if I have not entered the Door of Spirit because when I do, all personal problems are dissolved in the Grace, the activity of the sheep which are following the Good Shepherd. You have no limitation in your Spiritual Self.

I haven’t mentioned Mother’s Day because you can see that the answer is the entire class itself. If God is all, you have your answer. If Spirit is all, there can be no division, no separation. You must know by now that the identity of your own mother has to be Christ. Anything less is untrue.

If you have not realized this before, it is time to sit down with the Truth and know it so well that never again will you ever think of mother as less than Christ itself. For there is no and, there is only the Spirit of God. And then you see, you know who you are.

Silence, (pause) …

These are steps to consciously take without turning back.

Thanks very much.

Good afternoon.

There’s a very interesting statement here in Joel’s chapter, “No And!” It’s about de-hypnotizing.

If we can be made to believe that there is a mortal, material universe, we, too, are part of this hypnotism.”

If we can be made to believe there is a mortal, material universe, we are part of the hypnotism.”

So, he’s saying that only in a state of hypnotism do we believe there is a mortal, material universe and that when we are de-hypnotized, we will know that there is no mortal, material universe.

Now there are four different healings of blindness in the Bible and therefore we can look at them with the idea that they are presenting to us different degrees of hypnotism in which individuals symbolic of the entire human race believe there is a mortal material universe and these different healings of blindness then would be stages or degrees of lifting the hypnotism. And under the visible pretense of merely healing blindness, there must be keys to lift us from our blindness to Spirit. These must be keys to illumination.

And so, let’s look at all four healings at one time to see the similarities and the differences in degrees of the blindness of the human mind.

We look first at the one in Matthew. I think we’ll read them all together so that we can see how they compare. The first one is in Matthew. Matthew 9. There’s just a few verses, 27-30. Remember where they take place because the place is often indicative of a degree of consciousness. This one takes place in Capernaum, I believe:

When Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, Thou son of David, have mercy on us.”

Two blind men.” “Thou son of David have mercy on us.” Remember, they followed him. You remember that means that they were coming to an inner understanding of the presence of Christ identity. They followed him.

The Master had said, “Deny thyself. Pick up thy cross and follow me.”

They weren’t sitting and begging. They were actively following Christ within. Where were they seeking their healing of Christ within? They were asking Christ. They were turning to Source. Now as long as we have human fathers and human mothers, we go to them. When we have a Divine Father, we go to the Divine Father.

When you have accepted spiritual Fatherhood, you seek the spiritual Source for your good. You go to the Father within. That’s the importance of having a spiritual Father, that you will turn to that Father within. And this is what they’re doing.

And when he had come to the house, the blind men came to him.”

The blind men came to him. And Jesus said unto them, Believe ye.”

Believe ye” has to precede a healing.

Believe ye that I am able to do this?”

In other words, is there within the individual the acceptance of a spiritual Source. Do you believe that you are the offspring, the expression of Spirit? Do you believe that Spirit is your identity?

Believe ye that I can do this?”

Now these men are blind. How many blind people in this world would go to an individual and say to that individual, “Open our eyes.” Only those who believe in the power of Spirit. Only those who have some inborn understanding of their own spiritual identity. Only those perhaps who know that Spirit has never made a mistake. There are no errors in Spirit. Being lifted out of material consciousness would be the alleviation of blindness.

The belief then in the presence of Spirit and the perfection of Spirit is implicit in the statement, “Do you believe that I can do this?” And I of course is not Jesus. Do you believe that Spirit in you is perfect now? That’s a rather simple distillation of all the Truth we’ve learned, that Spirit in you is perfect now. And beside Spirit in you there is no other.

Once we have come that far we can see blindness as a state of mind rather than as a state of body, the body merely being a reflection of the state of mind. In fact, every healing reveals states of mind. What we call adultery turns out to be the adulterous state of the mind which beholds what is called adultery. Those beholding adultery, are beholding the adulterous state of their own mind. Those beholding disease, are beholding the diseased state of their own mind. Those beholding limitation, are beholding the limited state of their own mind. Always, the outer picture is the fabric of the mind that beholds it. Those who are in blindness are beholding the blindness of their mind to their soul.

Are those who can see, blind to their soul? Just as much. There are different degrees of blindness to the soul. All of mortality is now revealed as blindness to the soul. Mortality is blindness. Mortality is a state of blindness and this is the purpose of the blind healings, to reveal that mortality is a state of blindness.

And you’ll find as you slowly review all the healings in the Bible, that Jesus Christ was not healing an individual of a thing or a condition but was healing the human race of its belief in mortality. He was healing one thing, mortality. That’s the only disease there is. It’s the only problem there is. It’s the summary of all His work; to heal mankind of the false belief in mortality. Little signposts along the road, different diseases, different problems, always raising the dead, raising the mortal from the false sense of mortality.

Christ in you then says to the blind mind of you, “Do you believe that I can reveal to you the Kingdom of God? Do you believe that I can reveal to you that there are no conditions unlike the perfection of God?” Always Christ in you is speaking and the outer appearance of a blind man is always the mind of you which is blind to that Christ until something in you says, “Yes, I believe, you can show me these things.”

And now Christ in you takes you out of the human mind. Christ in you transfers you from the human mind to the Christ mind. The lack, the limitation, the conditions are in the fabric of the human mind seemingly objectified but there is only one mind, the perfect mind of God. Christ in you lifts you out of your thought, your conditions, your beliefs, your sense of mind which out-pictures a world of matter, your sense of mind which is the blind man, totally hypnotized and then opens you to the mind of God in you which now reveals to you there was no lack, there was a lack in your limited state of consciousness. There was no death. There was a death in your limited state of consciousness. There was no heart attack. It was an attack in your limited state of consciousness and every flaw in our human sense of life we discover to be only a flaw in the mind that still believes in itself and has not dissolved itself to rest in the one perfect Mind.

In your contemplation, when you rest in the one perfect Mind there is an acceptance that God being here, the mind of God is here, it is perfect. You know that every human image is a projection of the world mind and you know that the Divine image must therefore be a projection of the Divine Mind.

The hue-man, the shadow man, the hue of a man, is not the Divine man. It is the shadow image from the world mind and in our human mind, we come into that circuit in which the human image is accepted as a person, an individual but it’s never a Divine image. And because it’s only an image perceived by the mind of man, it contains all of the flaws in that mind, all of the conditions, all of the beliefs; that fabric is transferred to the objectified image called man.

And so, you rest, knowing that there is another image present, an image in the Divine Mind which has no flaws because there are no flaws in the Divine Mind. And your contemplation is merely that: here is the one perfect mind of God. There is no other mind. I rest that mind, the mind that has been blind to the one perfect Mind.

And that releases all of the conditions in that mind which is showing forth in the outer image called the hue-man, the shadow man, the hue-man image. Your contemplation lifts you into the one perfect Mind. It’s a slow process, a quiet process. But it’s a renewing process and this constant renewal, this constant reminder that the one perfect Mind is here means that it must be projecting its own perfect Divine image which is the Self of everyone. This fact can never be pushed aside even by the blind human mind. The Kingdom can never be removed by man’s unawareness of its presence. Our blindness to the invisible Kingdom here doesn’t remove that Kingdom. It merely shuts us off from the enjoyment of it. One perfect Mind now and slowly that permeates your consciousness until you find you are not thinking with your mind. You’re letting that perfect Mind be your mind so that your mind will express that perfect Mind as a one continuous expression and whatever is thought in the Divine Mind will become thought in the mind you call your mind. It will be one thought continuing to express, projecting its own perfection into consciousness. It removes the illusion that is in the fabric of the limited human mind. It removes the sense of a heart attack. It brings Light. It enlightens and that Light brings with it the end of the material sense of consciousness, the dream consciousness. The Light removes the darkness of the dream consciousness. And as you rest in one with the perfect Mind, it reveals very quietly the present perfection of the Invisible.

There are no counter thoughts, no opposing thoughts, no troubled thoughts, no human thoughts. Just the one Divine Mind being itself governing all within Itself without a second. Without realizing it, the second self of you disappears. The Oneself of you expresses without a second. It comes forth as an improvement in the human scene because layers of false mentality are wiped away.

The dream consciousness is broken. You awaken from the dream of a human self, a human mind, a mortal being and though you are not aware that you have done all this, it has been done for you and you say, “Oh I feel so much more at peace.”

Every time you become conscious that the one perfect Mind is where you are and you rest in it, yield to it, accept it, trust it, believe that it can do this for you, it will. Always your faith in the one perfect Mind being present will be confirmed by your experience. You’ll find renewed vigor, renewed understanding, renewed health, renewed courage and a deeper awareness that there is an Infinite power ever present no matter what the outer objectified condition presents to the mind that is blind. For that condition and the blind mind are one and the same. You are looking at the thoughts in your blind mind, accepting them as outer reality, reacting to them and then being forced into a series of reactions culminating in a final action which is completely based upon the acceptance of that which is not there.

But in the one Mind, lived in, the whole pyramid of reaction to error that is not there, is removed. We are not committed. We do not let the hand and the eye fool us. We do not let the jailer take us and cast us into prison. We do not remain in the prison of the mind. We do not serve a sentence there. We remain free of the idols of the mind, even of blindness.

This is a complete condition. A condition such as few people on earth suffer from, comparatively, and therefore it includes just about every condition we can undergo as human beings. Blindness here then is the total state of the mortal mind. It is blind to Christ. It is anti-Self. It is hypnotized. But Divine Mind is present. You need not rest in human mind.

Do you believe that I, Christ mind, Divine mind, can open your eyes?”

Yes, we believe” say the two blind men.

You may remember last week it was noted that the two blind men stand for the faith and the will. The faith that Spirit is present and the will to live in that Spirit as spiritual identity. These two or more gathered in my name and there am I, the Christ mind, in the midst of them, doing the work of the Father.

When your faith and your will in Spirit are united, I in the midst of you can show the glories of old even to the miracle of opening the eyes to the vision of the soul.

Every human ailment is included in this simple statement here by the Master.

Do you believe I can do these things? Do you believe you are Spirit? Do you believe God is your Father? Do you believe your Father is here now? Do you believe your Father has all power to maintain the perfection of His child, of His offspring, of His creation?”

Yes, I believe all this. Then you’re not sick. You’re well. The sickness was the illusion of the mind that did not believe this, that had another father, another creation, another source, another identity. If you believe these things, you’re not sick. But if you’re still sick then you do not believe these things.

And so, we adjust the consciousness deep in the understanding, reach that acceptance level which can say, “I have faith in the allness of Spirit, the presence of Spirit, the omnipotence of Spirit to maintain a perfect spiritual creation and there is no other.” And there you stand letting the false objectivization of the false mind dissolve itself. The new light removes the old darkness. You’re standing still in identity in the one perfect Mind which is ever present awaiting acknowledgement. And you are healed of the false belief in material mortal selfhood.

Their response to him when he said do you believe? Yes, “Yea, Lord.”

Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.”

And this was their release to the one perfect Mind. The human mind was out of the way by faith in the Presence of the Spirit of God and the will to live in and as that Spirit. And this is the meaning of “he touched their eyes.”

The Christ mind sent Light to the mind which had yielded its authority to the one perfect Mind. The Light of the one Mind expresses as the vision, the knowing of that one Mind. The inner spiritual awakening which now becomes vision is also the inner spiritual awakening which becomes the realization of Christ identity, the realization of Divine sonship, illumination, the consciousness of the Christ universe around us as our own one Selfhood.

Now this happened in Capernaum. “Their eyes were opened. Jesus straightly charged them, saying, See that no man know it.”

Capernaum then is a state of transformation. Whenever Jesus goes down to Capernaum or up to Capernaum, usually up or into, Capernaum will indicate then a level of transformation taking place, transformation of consciousness from my human mind to the acceptance of the one perfect Mind present which out-pictures perfection only and therefore all that can be here is perfection because the one perfect Mind is here.

The false idols of the human mind will see the imperfections that are within that human mind but when I am transferred from that human mind and its beliefs, to the purity of the one perfect Mind accepted, then all of the beliefs of the false, limited, human mind are recognized as just externalizations of the fabric of mortal mind. Never true, never created by the Father. No blindness created by the Father, no lack, no limitation, no lifespans either. What we have called birth and death and the interim between are merely periods of soul development, terms of development of the soul which the mind sees and cannot embrace in the fullness of them.

Now that’s one healing, the union of faith and will to live in and accept the presence of the one perfect Mind. Another healing takes place in Bethsaida, another healing takes place in Jericho and then the healing in John which we’re still to do today is in Jerusalem. And so, Capernaum, Bethsaida, Jericho, Jerusalem.

Now Bethsaida is a fishing village. And so, it’s a beginning of the teaching to the initiate, the little fish. It’s not a healing of a blind man. That’s just the outer appearance. It’s an introduction to the inner initiation of the Spirit and then in Jericho, after the man in Bethsaida is prepared, we come to Jericho, the moon city, the city of the senses. And there that which is prepared in Bethsaida for the initiate comes to a higher degree of attainment as the sense consciousness is dispelled. In short, these healings are initiation keys. Finally, in Jerusalem, the New Jerusalem, is another healing showing Christ consciousness attained or the release from blindness or mortality.

Let’s look at the one in Mark. This one is at 8:22. Again it’s a short one, 8:22. This would be the one in Bethsaida, the fishing village.

And he cometh to Bethsaida; they bring a blind man unto him, and besought him to touch him.”

They bring to him a blind man. The blind man is being lifted into an inner awareness of Christ. They want him to touch him. They think the physical touch will do it. We know he will touch him by Christ awareness within. The Christ mind will come through. That will be the touch.

He took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of town.” Out of the old consciousness. Out of the belief that I am a human being in a material world. Out of the belief that this body made of flesh is me. Out of town, out of world thought, out of the prevailing atmosphere of thought which saw this as a blind man. This is the preparation of the initiate into a higher level which will culminate as Christ consciousness, Spirit I am.

When he had spit on his eyes, and put his hands upon him, he asked if he saw aright. He looked up, and said, I see men as trees walking.”

That’s a very strange statement for us because when you are in the acceptance of Spirit then a man and a tree are much the same. Both are material. You’re not accepting life. You’re accepting only the material appearances without giving them a sense of life. You’re not saying the man is alive, the man is a Divine creation and the tree is a Divine creation. You’re seeing them as images and one image is the same as another. This one is a tree image. That is a man image. Trees like men walking. Men like trees. It passed the state in this semi-state of accepting them as Reality, the beginning of the understanding that there is one fabric making both a man and a tree – and that’s world mind. Not God mind, world mind. The limited human mind becomes part of that acceptance of tree and man which is hue of a man, hue of a tree. They’re not seeing the spiritual man or the spiritual tree which is a human condition.

And finally, as “He put his hands again upon his eyes, made him look up: he was restored and saw every man clearly.” Now he could see the one invisible Self as the Self of all. He had been de-hypnotized.

Again, the healings in the Bible are all de-hypnosis. Instead of healing a man’s ear or eye or teeth or body of a condition, the mind of the man was released from its false concept and the Truth of the one perfect Mind was revealed as the only present Truth there. De-hypnosis was followed by the revelation of a perfected image, an image that had always been perfect but was blocked by the false sense of the material conscious mind.

De-hypnosis from the sense of mortality shows forth as what the world calls healings. Always the perfect is present in the perfect Mind that is present and blocked from our experience by the sense of my mind, your mind, his mind where no such minds really exist.

And then he said, “Neither go into town, nor tell it to any in the town.” Stay out of mortal mind. Don’t fall back into a human mind.

Now in Mark again, this is 10:46, (looks like we have a Chinese convention outside. I thought by now they’d pass but they’re staying.)

Now we come to Jericho, 10:46. Each time so far, we have seen a false state of mind removed and a healing took place. I Christ became the Mind of the first two blind men. I Christ became the Mind of the second blind man. I Christ will always become the Mind of the one who says, “I am healed.” I Christ becomes the Mind of you, me, him, her and we say, “Where did my problems go?” because I Christ can only objectify the Divine image. I Christ is never blind to God.

And they came to Jericho and as he went out of Jericho with his disciples and a great number of people, blind Bartimaeus, son of Timaeus, sat by the highway side begging.”

Sat begging” and it says, “They sat,” and that means spiritually they’re stagnant. When he says “They’re begging,” it means they’re not sufficient in Christ, not self-sufficient. Begging always is a state of insufficiency in mortality.

When the beggar receives Christ, he no longer sits, usually leaps up and he no longer begs because he’s now Self-sufficient in Christ. And so, “sat begging” is a state of mortal mind in which we feel we’re missing something, we lack something and it’s because we’re sitting, we’re stagnant, we’re not open to the flow of the one perfect Mind.

And so, we sit, begging, aware of our limitations and our wounds whereas right there present in the one perfect Mind is the perfect Self waiting to be lived in if we will step out of the belief that this mind of mine, is a true state of mind.

Forget the condition. It is only an objectivisation of a mind that is not a true state of mind. Rest in the one perfect Mind, and lo and behold, from the mountain top of Truth, Truth reveals itself and sets you free.

Always the one perfect Mind is present. I can never leave you. I the Divine Mind am wherever you are. Rest in me. Acknowledge me with faith that I am present, with the will not to fall back into a second mind, a second self, a second life and I will open your eyes. No longer will you be on the highway begging, needing, wanting, seeking, striving for I reveal the finished Kingdom where you are.

When he heard it was Jesus of Nazareth,” he begged, “He began to cry, saying, Jesus thou son of David, have mercy on me. Many charged him that he should hold his peace: but he cried the more a great deal, Thou son of David, have mercy on me.”

This is the acceptance of Christ within, turning to Source, resting in the one perfect Mind.

Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called. They call the blind man, saying unto him, Be of good comfort, rise; he calleth thee.”

And now, the mind that was pleading, “Have mercy on me. Have mercy on me.” begins to accept it. It doesn’t have to plead anymore. It simply has to rise, to accept. “Why, what am I pleading for? The Christ mind is my own mind. The one perfect Mind here is the only Mind there is. All I have to do is get out of my mind which wanted to plead and accept this one perfect Mind here is the perfect expression of God. You rise to that level and rest.

And he, casting away his garment, rose, and came to Jesus.” Your garment then that you cast away is the mind which had separated you from the one perfect Mind, the hypnotized or dream mind of man with its complete world conditions. That garment you cast aside in another place is called rolling away the stone. Here, it’s called casting aside the garment.

And when you realize that the entire field of psychology is probing that one mind which is unaware of the one perfect Mind, then it must be seen that all psychology is still working within the dream consciousness. That’s why there’s no hope in it. It cannot release the dream. It changes from one dream to another. It changes from a mind that is doing something bad to a mind that is doing something better but its still a mortal mind.

Again, psychology has introduced to us the idea of the unconscious. Somebody gave me a book on it the other day. And I was very surprised to see that the author of this particular talk, usually in order to include God in the conversation would say, “Whether you call it God or the unconscious.” And therefore, it was the author’s belief that what we call God was really not God but was the unconscious.

Now that is true about religions. What religions call God is the unconscious but they don’t know it’s the unconscious. But the Christ teaching doesn’t call God what psychology calls the unconscious. Religions do but not Christ. What psychology has discovered to be the unconscious, which is what religions call God, both are the identical mortal mind. The unconscious is the unconscious mortal mind or the universal world mind which is the unconscious of man and it’s also what religions worship and call God.

But whenever you hear that unconscious, you’re hearing about the universal world mind and Christ took us beyond the universal world mind. Christ took us beyond the unconscious because God is not unconscious. Christ took us to God. The minute you say God or the unconscious, you’re saying that God is unconscious which means only one thing, that you are unconscious because the mind that is asleep in the dream is unconscious of God, unconscious of the one perfect infinite Mind ever present. And that one perfect infinite Mind ever present is the only God there is. It is not the unconscious of man. That’s the counterfeit world mind which is the unconscious of man which is being probed by psychology. You probe the counterfeit world mind and think you’ve got something and you’re stuck for life. You’re imprisoned in a fable.

And so, man draws from this vast reservoir of nothing and gets nothing. He draws from the world dream and makes it an individual dream. Christ took us right through that, out of that blindness, out of the blindness of psychology and religion, out of the blindness of materia medica, out of all of the blindness of the world mind which becomes the individual human sense of mind, out of mortality.

Now in this third healing here, you have a man being taken out of the sense mind, sense consciousness. He is removed from the unconscious which had been making him blind. Nobody probed the unconscious. They removed him from it.

And so, we come finally to the fourth healing. Now these were states in initiation, preparation, purification, attainment of higher levels.

Jerusalem, where the temple was, was a very specifically chosen place for one reason. Naturally, you’d expect religion to heal and it would heal in its temples but here’s a healing outside the temple. A terrible thing, of course, because once you heal outside the temple, who’s going to have to go inside the temple? And that was the reason for the outrage. How can you heal outside our temple? It’s impossible. You must be a faker. But the message for us is the Kingdom of God is within you. You don’t get your healing in a church. You get your healing in the one perfect Mind of the Father which reveals perfection on the holy ground where you stand.

And so, you don’t have to petition the church to say heal me. You don’t have to tithe. You don’t have to grovel. You don’t have to say, “Have mercy on me.” You don’t have to plead. You simply have to be aware that the one perfect Mind of God is present and you’re in church. That’s your temple. And then you don’t need materia medica. You don’t need psychology. You don’t need metaphysics. You don’t need anyone on this earth. Why? Because the one perfect Mind where you are, is forever perfect, forever maintaining its perfect creation.

Now because the mind of man will not accept this, we don’t argue with the mind of man. The condition of that mind is that it’s enslaved to its own beliefs, to its own limited experiences. It will do such strange things as turn upon the perfect Mind of the Father and accuse it of being a faker. And here it will call the beggar a sinner. It will tell him that he’s outright a liar. Where does he get off trying to pull the wool over their eyes and saying that he was blind from birth? Where does he get off saying that he was in the street somewhere, outside the temple and a man healed him of blindness and where do his parents get off saying that this happened? Whoever heard of such a thing?

And so finally it’s revealed that the real blind in this is not the blind man whose eyes are opened but the mind of man which refuses to acknowledge that it happened or that it’s possible. That mind being committed to the fact that you must come into a place called a temple. You must come and worship in that temple. You must do many things.

And always behind this was the idea that the blind man of course was that way because of Divine punishment. How could the punishment be removed so quickly and for what? He had shown no atonements. He hadn’t repented. He hadn’t done anything to say that he was sorry for whatever he had done. The Divine punishment hadn’t been removed, how could he have been healed of it? And so obviously, the man who healed him was a faker and he was probably a faker himself for pretending all these years that he was blind.

Now we say, “How can the Pharisees be so stupid?” But he’s not talking about Pharisees. He’s talking about your mind and my mind. The human mind which thwarted at one turn will shift to another. He’s telling us that the human mind is conditioned to self-deception. You would have thought that the Hebrews in that day were seeking the salvation of man. But here it’s being shown that even though that’s what we thought the human mind was seeking, it is not capable of seeking that. All the human mind is capable of seeking is its own self-justification, its own self-righteousness. Whatever your human mind feels is right, that’s what you’re willing to fight to protect.

And you may be under the illusion that you’re willing to let go of your conditioned beliefs if some better beliefs come along but if they directly contradict your way of life, your committed opinions, you have no capacity to go outside of those and in some way or other your mind tries to justify itself for doing it this way. He’s revealing an innate quality of the human mind. That even in the face of the evidence of blindness healed, it would not accept it because as far as it knew, blindness can only be healed by God, lifting the punishment that had caused the blindness in the first place. And certainly no one who wasn’t in the temple could be chosen by God.

So conditioned is the mind that it can only see what it knows. Always of course behind this is to break down our faith in the mind of man and build up our faith in the mind of God. Once we know that the human mind, even in us, in ourselves, is so built that it has no capacity to see outside of its own knowledge and that its knowledge is inevitably separated from God, mind being matter cannot perceive Spirit. This is a permanent condition of the human mind and when we recognize this permanent fallacy of the mind, we won’t try to circumvent this knowledge by saying, “Well my mind is different.” We will accept it as a condition of the human mind which we can never overcome except by releasing that mind.

The pool of Siloam was mentioned before in the Bible in a different way. You remember the story of Naaman the leper. You’ll find it in 2 Kings chapter 5. He was captain in the Syrian army. He was a victorious warrior, very important to his king but he also had leprosy.

And so, his king said, “Well, I hear from someone who works for your own wife, a maid there, a maidservant, she tells us that in Samaria, in the kingdom of Israel – that’s when Samaria was still part of that kingdom – that they have a prophet there and he can heal you of leprosy. And so, because you’re important to me, I’m going to send you to that king and tell him to have you healed.”

So, the king of Syria wrote the king of Israel. And he said, “I have this great warrior here. I’m going to send him down there and I want you to see that he gets healed of his leprosy.” Of course, there will be a lot of transferring of gold and silver and all the accouterments that go with that kind of a royal contract.

So, the king of Israel said, “Well now whatever got into this man’s mind? I don’t know anything about healing anybody. Who does he think I am, God?” And he was about to rip up this letter from the king of Syria when Elisha said, ”Why don’t you have that warrior come down so they can see there’s a prophet in Israel.”

So Naaman came down. He had a chariot drawn by horses. He had his servants with him. He was an important man and he expected to be greeted by an important man who would look up the heavens and make some great declaration, maybe slap Naaman on the forehead and say, “You’re well.”

What happened? A messenger came out. The messenger said, “I have a message from Elisha. He says for you to go and dip yourself in the Jordan seven times and when you do, you’ll be all free of your leprosy.”

This wasn’t at all what the human mind expected. So Naaman was very angry. He hadn’t had a royal welcome. It hadn’t happened at all as he had expected. Besides back in Damascus they had their own water, couple of rivers there he felt were at least as good as the Jordan. And so, he started home very angry but his servants prevailed upon him and said, “Now what have you got to lose? You made this trip. Surely the man who gave this message to you had something in mind. Why don’t you obey?”

– End of Side One —-

And so, you see symbolically, you’re seeing the man who’s trying to turn to Christ. The mind wants to turn but it’s reluctant. It wants the thing to happen within its own preconceived pattern of thought. You can’t just say, “I surrender. You tell me.” But when he does surrender and bathes in the Jordan seven times, that’s the surrender to Christ out of the human sense of mind. And of course, that’s the end of his leprosy.

Now that bathing in Jordan seven times is a symbol which is later used by Jesus when he says to the blind man here, “Now that I have joined spittle with clay and rubbed it and anointed on your eyes, wash it off in the pool of Siloam.” Same as saying, “Bathe seven times in the Jordan.”

The pool of Siloam then is where you and I are learning to bathe. Seven times. Until we are totally free of the sense of mortality, until the body of clay becomes another body. Not the old body of clay, of mortal clay but the new Spiritual body is formed as you bathe in the pool of Siloam.

The pool of Siloam is the word of God expressing in you. I think in Nehemiah, the prophet, it’s mentioned. Only it’s spelled with an “h” at the end, instead of an “m,” it’s called the pool of Siloah. And this is after Jerusalem has been sacked. This is in the rebuilding of Jerusalem. That pool is in the king’s court that descends from the steps that come down from the city of David. All of the symbolism to tell you that the seventh heaven and the pool of Siloam are one and the same. The highest Consciousness.

When you’re one with the Infinite, you’re in the pool of Siloam. And the pool of Siloam has become the title of the book “Realization of Oneness.” The pool of Siloam is that which is sent from the one infinite Mind. When you bathe in the pool of Siloam, you’re not in human thought, you’re in the thought of the one infinite Mind and that objectifies as your healing or the harmony of your experience. The pool of Siloam is Divine thought which now becomes visible as Divine action where you stand. It is sent from the Father. When you come out of human thought, you’re in the pool of Siloam. You’re in that which is sent from the Father, Divine thought. And when you’re in Divine thought, you are one with the infinite Mind. In that Oneness, the one power of the Infinite functions as your being.

Bathe in the pool of Siloam. Rest in the knowledge that the perfect Divine Mind here is thinking the perfect Divine thought here now. Be still and let it be your thought without taking thought and it will wash away from your eye the false sense of blindness to the Truth that the kingdom of God is here in all its perfection right at this moment. We’re coming into the clear crystal water of one Mind. And that will bring us into the realization of one Self.

Jesus always said, “The Father sent me.” That which is sent of the Father is Divine thought “expressing as.” Divine thought was expressing as Christ Jesus. He was sent. He was Divine thought appearing. He was the perfect Divine image, sent. He was one with the Infinite.

Now these four different blind healings then, are not about blind people although they’re the instrument for the secret teaching. They’re about the blindness of the human mind which must be released in order for the Light of the infinite Mind to function you as the child of God, the offspring of the Divine Life.

Every little tremor of fear and doubt and worry, false belief, is a second mind. A mind that can only behold the Divine light through a glass darkly. And that’s why we are not resisting any more these illusions of evil; not reacting. One perfect Mind, here now, accepted. Be still. I’m bathing in the pool of Siloam, actually following the instructions of the Master. Bathe in the pool of Siloam, Divine thought where you are. And it descends like a staircase from the city of David which is Christ consciousness. The city of David, the seventh heaven, the staircase, each day and each night coming down, down, down to this level of human selfhood. One flow of spiritual Truth, now while it is day.

The period between birth and death is the preparation for the soul universe. That is the moment of purification. And then there will be no night. There will be no period between death and birth preparing for re-entry to a mind universe because it will not be necessary. The Light of the world coming through the Divine Mind expressing as you, releases you from the need to enter night as a second preparation for a return to this world. The preparations by day are in the corporeal body. The preparations by night are without a corporeal body. Those are the cycles. In the pool of Siloam, we’re preparing by day and when you are released from mortal mind, there will be no night.

Silence, (long pause) …

I think we’ll take a short intermission now.

The one thing the human mind is not prepared for is life without end. It’s just something it can’t contemplate. And so it continues to act in the belief that that which is life with an ending can be life. The human mind thinks that the life span is life. And it lives within that sphere trying to make a better lifespan but the lifespan isn’t life. The blindness revealed here is the nature of mortality, that mortality itself is a state of blindness in which we picture second selves made of flesh where only the Self of Spirit is. And this is to alert us to the separation of that mind from Reality.

So, that the good minds and the bad minds, the brilliant ones and the stupid ones are all recognized as separated from Reality no matter what picture they show forth. They are going to see second selves of flesh and Spirit can never create flesh. That mind is going to see conditions that have no existence, conditions of matter and Spirit can never create matter.

And so, the mind has got to reject that which says to the mind, “Everything you have ever believed is a lie.” And the mind that rejects the Truth continues to imprison man in a body of flesh because it will not accept that life eternal is the only life and it is not lived in a body of flesh.

The blindness that is called mortality ended for Paul at one day. He was in a state of blindness with eyes that could see, eyes that could see bodies of flesh. He was blind but he didn’t know it. Why they there are. And those very people that he was attacking for breaking the law as he saw it of his god. But he was blind. They weren’t there. And then in a moment, he became physically blind but that physical blindness was the awakening. He was becoming blind to the real blindness of mortality and when the blindness was over and the light came through, he no longer saw bodies of flesh. He was no longer blind. The mortal blindness was removed and the Christ reality was accepted.

In other words, the light of Christ had broken the world mind which functioned as Saul. Just as the light of Christ had broken the world mind which functioned as the blind people in these healings and removes the blindness of mortality with all the conditions of mortality included in that blindness and restores us to the eyes, the ears, the sense of touch, the smell and the taste, the senses of the soul.

Now look at this statement by Joel and you’ll see how far we’re coming now because Joel tells us here in “No And!” that “De-hypnotism is a state of consciousness that sees that which actually is: it’s the ability to see, to taste, to touch, to hear and to smell Reality; the ability to see sin not as sin, disease not as disease but rather to be able to separate these from the person to realize we’re dealing with a false appearance produced by the belief of a selfhood apart from God.” And the seat of that false appearance is the mind that perceives it.

Now once the blindness is removed, even if it has to make us physically blind to remove it, it’s still good. It is awakening us from the false ego and bringing us an inner Light which will reveal the non-mortal Reality, and eyes that will see not what the world sees but through what the world sees.

Now you can see Christ seeing through what the world sees. You can hear Joel speaking of seeing through what the world sees. And therefore, we will see through what the world sees. But first we have to bypass this mind. This mind takes of the Pharisees, is the human mind and it takes the blind man now who is healed. And even though you have had healings – that’s the point of this – even though you’ve seen healings, there still come times when you’re faced with a new condition and everything you’ve learned about all of the old conditions that disappeared in the face of the inner Christ of you is forgotten. And you panic all over again. Why? Because even though the blind man was healed, the mind says, “What about everything I know? What about my total experience up to now? I’ve had a few isolated healings, so what? I’ve also lived these many years and I’ve seen a lot of other things that weren’t healed. And frankly, I never saw a blind man healed like that.” And so, the mind says, “Impossible.” The mind says, “I never saw bread falling out of the sky. Impossible. And I’ve read a lot about healings and I’ve seen some but they’re not the general rule. They’re the exceptions. I can’t live with those exceptions.”

And so, the mind in you turns from Christ and it even accuses the one who is blind of doing something to falsify this evidence. In other words, the mind in you is still Thomas, even though it is seen, it is still bewildered.

And here’s a funny twist. It has believed the man was blind up to the point that he was healed. But when he’s healed, it doesn’t believe he was blind. The man is blind because my eyes see he’s blind but now that he’s healed and my eyes see he can see, I can’t believe my eyes. Something is wrong. The senses will always pervert and distort the evidence.

Now you’re told to do what this blind man did in a certain way.

They brought to the Pharisees him that aforetime was blind. It was a sabbath day when Jesus had made the clay, and opened this man’s eyes.”

Now the “Pharisees asked him how he had received his sight” Their motive wasn’t so that they could go out and do the same but to prove that something had been faked. The mind cannot accept the Divine activity outside of its own limited mental scope.

Well he said, “He put clay on my eyes and I washed and I saw.”

Some of the Pharisees said “Now, this man is not of God because he keepeth not the sabbath.” The healing did not indicate he was of God because a man of God certainly wouldn’t break the law of the sabbath.

And so, Jesus was not of God. This is the Christ of God which the mind says is not of God. And so, the mind refuses to accept the Christ because it had found some little flaw in the work which did not obey man made laws or concepts. Now he’s alerting us to the tricks of our mind for getting out of the responsibility of accepting our own spiritual Self.

Another said, “Now, how can a man who is a sinner do such miracles?” In other words, he’s a sinner because he healed on the sabbath. And this may sound silly to us now but when you sit down with your own mind, you’ll find that it behaves in just that fashion. It’s all deep within us that we find all of the reasons and excuses for not accepting our spiritual Self.

And that’s what this is all about. You cannot accept the perfection of yourself as a spiritual being. Your mind says, “It’s impossible.” Or even if it’s possible, maybe not in this incarnation. But here’s a blind man from birth healed in one incarnation. In the same incarnation that he’s born blind, he’s healed. In one incarnation.

There’s a point there. We don’t have to do it the third time around from now or the fourth or the fifth but in one incarnation. Once we’re not a divided consciousness with a mind that says, “Well you know, I’m really am not very far advanced in this or I don’t expect to have the Christ consciousness within the next ten years. I couldn’t do it that quickly.”

You see it’s present now. The mind of God is present right this instant. It’s not a matter of ten years from now. It’s right now and the mind says, “No, no, no. I just couldn’t possibly begin to do that within ten years” and yet here it is now. The mind is turning away from the now Christ. That’s the point of this. And even as we talk about it, you find your mind is turning away from the now Christ in some subtle fashion that you don’t seem to be able to control.

And this is explaining the automatic method whereby mind turns away from Christ even while you think you’re trying to find Christ. Some people love the pursuit. They’re afraid of getting there, because getting there is a new responsibility. But you must accept the now-ness of Christ not the tomorrow-ness and that means the now-ness of the perfection of Christ. And therefore, the imperfection is the way you reject the now-ness of the perfection of Christ. Now. While that person is falling off of the hill, now is Christ perfect and present there. The capacity to accept the now-ness of the perfection of Christ in spite of whatever might appear and to be living in that Consciousness, in the now-ness of the perfection of Christ.

And then that mind can’t squirm and wriggle and find excuses and take the blind man and treat him as a criminal, cross examine him and put him through the third degree to confirm and verify that which is obvious; the man can see and couldn’t before. Why not just accept Christ is present? Something has done this great healing work. Something that did it then is present to do it now.

But they debate because the mind is divided. If it accepts this miracle, it has to admit whatever it knew was false. It’s protecting its own limitations. It cannot go beyond the boundaries which it has already accepted. So, it lives in its own prison of past experience.

So now they come again to the blind man. They’re determined to break down his story. The mind wants to live in its own comfortable niche without straining into another level.

What sayest thou of him, that opened thine eyes?” Poor blind man won’t cooperate. He just says, “He’s a prophet.”

But the Jews did not believe concerning him that he had been blind and received his sight until they call the parents of him that had received his sight. Then they said to the parents, “Is this your son, who you say was blind? How does he see now?”

And the parents, of course are kind of fearful. Public opinion has let it be known that if anyone declares himself to be the Christ, he’ll be stoned to death. They’re not about to say this man must be the Christ of God for having done this and so it is shown that within you, still clinging to the past, to your bondage to heredity, the mind of you still lingers with the thought, “Why it really couldn’t have happened, I guess. I see it happen but it’s hard to believe it.” The mind still vacillates. You’ve still got the false sense of heredity lingering in that mind which has not broken away from human birth and accepted Spirit which can never be born into humanhood.

All these little facets of the mind are reminding us of the limitations that we have fallen into and which we do not have the energy or conviction or integrity to break out of while they happen around us automatically even unknown to our conscious mind that we’re held into these things. So, he’s awakening all of the levels of the conscious and unconscious mind to the tricks of the mind that hold it in bondage.

The parents answer, “We know that this is our son: and that he was born blind. We know not by what means he now seeth or who has opened his eyes, but he is of age, why don’t you ask him: he’ll speak for himself.”

And so, the parents cannot testify. Your heredity cannot testify the Truth of you. Your heredity humanly is not the Truth of you and it cannot testify completely in the Truth of you. It’s another way the Bible is saying here; we’re not born of woman and if we are, we’re not the Son of God. The Son of God is not the son of woman. The son of human parents is not the Son of God. It cannot be both. Even the parents cannot testify truly about the son. Only the Christ in you can testify truly about you.

And so, “These words spake his parents because they feared the Jews. But the Jews had agreed already that if any man had confessed he was Christ, he should be put out of the synagogue.”

Therefore said his parents, He is of age; ask him. Again, they call the man that was blind.” Now this is a vendetta, you can see, by now, by the mind. It’s determined to prove that whatever was done outside that human mind couldn’t be true. Whatever was done outside the church couldn’t be true. The human mind says, “I am the authority here and there is no other. I will not accept an authority outside of my human mind.” That’s the nature of the mind that is blind.

Now they ask him to praise God. “Give God the praise: we know this man is a sinner.” And the blind man says, “Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: but I do know one thing, whereas I was blind, now I see.”

Now they are blinded by unbelief. That’s the human mind. But he who was blind, had his eyes opened by faith. A blind beggar can see through Christ and those who think they’re seeing through mind cannot see the Truth. You see how topsy-turvy our world is in mind? This is the condition, the perversion of mind, its false belief that it sees, whereas it doesn’t and yet a blind man learns to see by receiving Christ.

Here the mind of men, typified by the Jews is shown to be blind and the mind of the blind man is shown to be opened and awake to Truth, released into another mind.

How did he open thine eyes?” Determined, the mind wants to know. It’s going to get to the bottom of this quackery.

The answer, “Well I told you. Ye did not hear: wherefore would you hear it again, would ye be his disciples?”

He’s questioning the motive of these men who want to know how the healing took place. They want to know so they can disprove it.

Then they reviled him, and said, Thou art his disciple but we are Moses’ disciples.” They do not know that Christ spoke through Jesus and through Moses. And they do not understand Moses. They think of him as a man. They do not understand Jesus. They think of him as a man. And therefore, they are not Christ conscious and the mind of man is incapable of being Christ conscious. This is a permanent condition of the human mind. It cannot be Christ conscious.

This teaching will not let you fall back into the mistaken belief that your mind can become Christ conscious because it is only the crucifixion of that mind that is acceptable if you are to attain the level of Christ consciousness. Your mind is so blind, it cannot even see a blind man here.

Now, we know God spake unto Moses: as for this fellow, we know not whence he is. The man answered and said unto them, Why herein is a marvelous thing, ye know not from whence he is, and yet he hath opened mine eyes.”

The human mind does not know where Christ is and yet Christ has opened the eyes of a blind beggar.

Now ye know that God heareth not sinners: but if any man be a worshipper of God and doeth His will, he heareth. And since the world began, was it not heard that any man opened the eyes of one that was born blind. And if the man were not of God, he could do nothing.

Now who opened the eyes then of the blind man? Not the Pharisees, not the mind of men, not religion, not belief in God, only the Christ received within the blind man’s mind. The mind which had been crucified was out of the way and Christ came through as a realization from the Divine Mind where the blind man stood. The human mind rolled away. The Light comes through the blind man as the Christ idea. It could not be done through all of Judaism. It can not be done through the religions of this world. It can be done only by Christ in you. That’s laying it right where the Truth is. Only Christ in you can perform the miracle of opening your inner eye.

And so, the cross-examining mind must be put aside. All of the questions by that inner trial lawyer must be put aside. We come right down to the simple faith of a blind man saying, “Open mine eyes.” To whom? To Christ within. Right to Source. To Christ within you say, “Open mine eyes.” With the confidence that Christ being present, being one with the Father, all that can happen is that your eyes are opened and then what do you see? You see God’s Kingdom. You see with the eyes and ears, and the touch, and the knowledge of the soul. You’re de-hypnotized.

Now if you feel on the verge of this great revelation that you can look out and see the kingdom whereas before you can only see the world, that you can reach and touch the kingdom whereas before you could only touch the world; that is what this should be leading you to, the awareness of that possibility. We’re just a minute away it would seem, to something ready to open all that had been invisible and there you see what human eyes do not see. That is where we should be at this point. On the threshold.

And the way to cross the threshold is to turn away from the human mind. Otherwise, this is what happens, the beggar says, “If this man were not of God, he could do nothing. But they answered and saith, Thou was altogether born in sins, and thou doth teach us? And they cast him out.”

The Truth comes to you and you cast it out. Why? Because it isn’t easy. It isn’t easy at all. It’s much easier to sit back in the sense of a false authority called the mind with no strain and no strife and go out there and slug it out with your competitors than it is to take that mind, put in on the shelf and to rest in the Divine, knowing I have no competition. The Father is the only Self. Don’t cast that beggar out; he was telling the truth. Christ opened his eyes. The same Christ that opens the eyes of those who will turn from the Pharisaic mind in each of us which keeps us in bodies of clay.

The blind are still blind in this world. The blind healings have not opened their eyes. But they have not really studied the blind healings or the healings at all. They have looked at them like a Pharisee and they have with word of mouth said, “That’s very nice. Now come to our church and we’ll pray together.”

But Christ in you is that church. Christ in you show that blindness whether it’s of the eyes or of the human sense of life cannot continue. You cannot continue sitting by the highway begging when Infinity is ever present to come through the door of your consciousness.

De-hypnosis leads to the realization of no and. No and! No spiritual you and sickness. No spiritual you and disease. No spiritual you and any of the distresses of the world. Only a human you and. When there’s a human you, there’s and everything. When there’s a spiritual you, there’s and nothing. Only Infinity.

In the and of the world are the opposites. You break the law of the opposites. You de-hypnotize, not by the resolutions of your human mind but by the willingness to let the Divine Mind live your life.

If you’ve had your glimmerings of that Divine vision, Divine hearing, Divine touch, those previews are telling you that all of the infinite Self is present here, now. You couldn’t have had those glimmerings without it being here now in the fullness. Mortality is blindness. The healing of the belief in mortality is the Christ mission. There is no God and mortality.

We’re going into chapter 10 of John. I don’t think we can leave “No And!” yet. We’ll have to stay with that. There is you, Spirit of God and no and. If you’re accepting anything that is in the condition called mortality, these conditions must continue to besiege you until you are awakened to the fact that mortality is not a Divine creation and therefore has no existence. It only exists because there’s a human mind there. It is a condition that exists within the human mind and where the human mind seems to be, it isn’t there.

I think that is probably the meaning here in Joel, “If we continue to look through our eyes at the people of the world, all we shall ever see are human beings, sometimes good, sometimes bad. That’s the human picture, sometimes good, sometimes evil. And that’s what we shall always see, hear, taste, touch, and smell with our five physical senses.”

The only way to be de-hypnotized is to quiet the physical senses.” You see how the physical senses and the human mind are one. “To be still inside, then spiritual awareness will [reveal] the truth of being that enables us to see that which is not visible, to hear that which is not audible and to know that which is not knowable with the human senses.” Namely Christ, here, I am.”

Well I think our blindness stories here have served their purpose for the moment.

God is not blind. Christ is not blind. Spirit is not blind. God does not create blindness. God does not create sickness. God does not create problems. God does not make mistakes. The allness of God, the allness of the infinite Mind, the ever presence of the infinite Mind everywhere is a permanent guarantee that only the creation of the infinite Mind exists. And in that creation, there is only perfection.

The moment you have accepted an imperfection, no matter how small, you’re not in the infinite Mind. You have fallen into another mind. You’ve fallen into the human sense mind. And the imperfection you are accepting is not where you are seeing it. It is in your mind, your false sense of mind. All around you is perfection. To live in that perfection is to fast from this human sense of mind which does not see the perfection and is blind to it.

You might this week go through your concordance and find some indication of where to look for knowledge about the one perfect Mind. And build your week around finding biblical passages to support the knowledge in you that there is one perfect Mind and no other and its creation is all that is here.

This perfect creation of the one perfect Mind can never be tarnished, can never fall. It is the indestructible present Kingdom of Reality. And all heart attacks, all ulcers, all of the things we call the problems of the world are not happening for there is one perfect Mind maintaining its perfect creation and the moment you accept anything as happening which is imperfect you have gone back into a dream consciousness and you have, like the Pharisee, refused to accept that there is one perfect Mind and one perfect creation present and no other.

We’ve only done about four or five pages of “No And!” and so let’s continue with it.

One perfect Mind should be studied not through something you look in a book to find but something you work out creatively within your Self. Finding your passages, looking them up, studying them, working with them, finding places in various books of Joel about one perfect Mind, really moving into everything you can find that will tell you more about one perfect Mind until it’s made such an impression on you that you’re not blind to it but awake to it. And then you know wherever you are, the one perfect Mind is. Its creation is present where it is perfect now.

Let’s end with a meditation on this one perfect Mind.

It doesn’t know Uncle Harry or Aunt Susie. It is no respecter of persons. It doesn’t know human conditions and when a human condition or person flows through you now, you’re not in the one perfect Mind. You’re still in a state of diluting the pure Truth of being.

There must be a vacuum, a peace, the texture of love itself, for there is only one perfect Creation everywhere. You can hold no one in bondage to the thought that there is an imperfect anything.

The one perfect Mind must find its perfect counterpart in your perfect thought so that you’re clearing out all that is imperfect. You notice how you stumble over that because the mind wants to hang on to something it thinks is imperfect that it has to solve. You’ve got to clear that out of there. There is nothing imperfect that your mind has to solve. That’s a false world concept. There is only one perfect Mind. When you wholeheartedly accept that, all the Pharisees within you will have been sent home.

Silence, (pause) …

It’s a good exercise. I think Socrates practiced it under tutorship from Plato and he called it a catharsis or a loosening of unbelief. All that was untrue was released in this mental catharsis, just resting. He didn’t call it meditation but that’s what it was. One perfect Mind.

Well next week is Mother’s Day finally. I knew it would come.

See you soon.