I myself haven’t yet accepted that Damascus may mean the Essene community fully, but the probability of it comes to me because, after all,—there’s Paul and he certainly knows that they’re there, living there,—he must have been very curious about what they’re doing. And if the letter to the Hebrews is written by Paul listen to this. Here’s the Chapter 7 from this Melchizedek, son of Salem, Prince of the Most High, “Without father, without mother, without descent and having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but may, like under the Son of God, abideth the priest continually.” Alright, these are the qualities of Melchizedek.

Then in Chapter 8, “Now of the things of which we have spoken this is the sum; We have such a high priest too, who is sat on the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens.” Now he’s speaking about Christ. Well, Christ in you is without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days nor end of life, but made like under the Son of God abiding a priest continually. That’s not what you’re taught in normal religions. Your Soul is where every promise in the Bible is already true. So called promises are not made to the human mind or the human body, and they are not even promises. They are statements made by your Soul: “All that I have is thine.”

Now the greatest stumbling block I know to the inability to experience the Reality of Being, the expression of the Bible promises as a present fact, is caused by the belief that Christ and me are two separate entities. So there’s me wanting Christ, or me wanting Light, or me wanting Spirit; and therefore, me is the second or false image, not the Divine. And that me is perpetuated and fed and maintained by my human mind, that human mind which automatically, by existing, separates me from my Soul. And so as long as I have started today with the thought, any kind of thought, that means my mind is working. And as long as I have a thought, my mind being alive in me, there’s no place for my Soul to enter.

We learned to start a day in a different way than everyone in this whole world. You cannot start a day with a concept. You cannot bring yesterday into today, unless you do it with your mind, and that’s your separation from your Soul. Your mind perpetuates the illusion of yesterday and today.

Now, when you don’t come into today with a thought, with a concept, that is really the meaning of dying. When you begin a day with nothing from yesterday, you have died to mortality, you have died to every belief, you have died to every idea, you have died to the belief that you have walked this earth as a separate entity from God. And everything associated with the you of yesterday is as much a lie as that you. Unless you’re willing to wake up, completely cleansed of the belief in a yesterday and a you in that yesterday, you’re still carrying concepts, and you’re keeping the mind alive. That mind which is still alive with yesterday’s concepts is not a servant of your Soul, because your Soul is only the perfect infinite Now. Your Soul has no memories of your human yesterdays, and your Soul is the government of God where you stand.

But nobody seems to be totally willing to live in their Soul. It seems like too grotesque an effort to totally die to yesterday, and yet in spite of it, there are forces at work which are making you do that, even against your human will. The word, “inertia,” is probably not strong enough. Now if you’re not forced to abandon your human mind, you probably will not do it. From personal experience, I can tell you that I find it very hard to abandon my human mind and usually do not do it until I have no choice. The ones who really attain are those who do it, even though there is a choice. They give up their free will. They don’t wait until their back is to the wall and there’s nothing else to do.

They learn from the experience of the Masters who have gone before, that it’s only the total abandonment of the will, and the mind, and the concept of self which is the cleansing of the temple. To bring it into clear viewing for you, let’s presume your sister is dying. No doctor knows what to do. Only you do, and so your sister turns to you. And what is called her human life depends totally upon you and your ability to stand in the Truth. But suppose you discover that you’re not in the Truth. You have strayed into the sense of a mortal being, and to your dismay and alarm, you cannot extend Christ Consciousness to your sister. You’re not in the place where you can know her aright because you do not know yourself aright.

Well, if you had a few sisters, and it happened to each of them, one in turn, and finally you’re coming to the fifth sister, you’d find you have four dead ones; and you reach the conclusion that you’ve got to do something about it. And ultimately you would realize the only thing you can do about it, if you want to prevent her so-called death, you must learn to die first, that unless you die to yourself you cannot help her live in her Self. Only the living Christ can help her, and if you are not that, you are useless to her. Then you are forced to abandon your mind.

And then you discover what all will discover, that you must abandon your mind, dying to human selfhood completely, which means dying to that mind and everything it knows, and coming in totally unknowing, bereft of all knowing, so that you are now not knowing anything in your mind, but rather you are obedient only to infinite knowledge. And then you see that, just as you did that and your sister now begins to talk and then to walk, because you have died to yourself, she has become alive to herself in Christ.

Then you realize well, you can’t just do that when somebody is about to die. You’ve got to do it all the time, and then you see why inertia holds us back. It takes a great deal of understanding and effort to die to self, and you may not think it’s necessary. The only time you’ll do it is if the farther most extremity, when there’s no other way to turn; and then you’re willing to die to self, and then you see the miracle of it, and only then. And even after that, somehow the mind finds excuses about “We’ll do it tomorrow.”

Now, Enoch is important because Enoch did it. Enoch lived in God power because there was no Enoch. And if you want God power in your life, you’ve got to die. You really die in Christ, and you don’t wait until there’s an extremity or a tragedy or some kind of great demand upon you because usually when you wait that long, at that moment you’re not going to summon the great capacity to relinquish your human mind.

We’re coming to Easter. We’re going talk about the risen Christ, which we talk about every year. But there was no Easter for Enoch,. There was no Easter for Jesus. You know what Passover meant to him? It meant passing over, transition from human selfhood to spiritual Identity. We must passover from human identity to spiritual Identity. You can’t have both while you have humanhood. You’re not dying to it, and so you cannot accept spiritual Identity.

Now, you won’t know where you’re failing until you have built the vacuum in which, at the moment of awakening, you go to work on releasing every concept in your mind, and you spend the time and the effort to do it. You might feel like there’s a lot of air in the balloon, and you wish you can get it out because you feel like you’re going to burst. But it must be done. You must release the human idea, and the human memory and the human plan, the human ambition, the human desire, the human hope to improve anything. And strangely, you must release the desire—and this must be underscored—you must release the desire to improve appearances.

You won’t remember that at the time of a problem unless you have practiced it. But look at it this way. If you want to improve the appearance, for you it exists, and if it exists for you, then you’re not in the Christ Mind. And so by trying to improve the appearance, you are denying the Christ Mind as the only Mind. You’re in the mind that wants to improve something, whereas the Christ Mind accepts perfection and does not try to improve an appearance. Every time you are trying to improve an appearance, you are denying the universality of Christ, you are pushing away your Soul, you are living in your mind. The proper attitude is, instead, to regard the appearance as a warning to turn you on your hands and knees in your mind up to your Soul.

I see it out there in this mind because this mind is not receiving from my Soul. And now I’m in the Kingdom of God, the within of my Soul, looking up to my Soul, alone, rejecting the possibility of every appearance—not changing it, not wanting to, not accepting the validity or reality of it. Otherwise I’m in the human mind. And that is the separation from the infinite Self. Every day that you’re not trying to die to “me,” you are rejecting Christ.

And although it’s easier to reject Christ than to die to “me,” it becomes more difficult to get yourself out of the problems that are caused by the rejection of Christ and the perpetuation of “me.” It’s like an adhesive band on a wound. You’ve got to take it off; and if you take it off slow, it hurts. If you take it off quick, it might hurt, but it doesn’t hurt as long. You’ve got to get to the rejection of “me” and the acceptance of Christ someday and to be still, meaning “me” be still, mind be still. Soul is God. I am God.

You’ve got to transpose everything in this whole universe to see that the only Reality is the Universe of the Soul. That is spiritual Creation and its imitation is the universe of the mind, and you cannot bring forth the invisible Universe of the Soul if you’re not in it consciously. That’s why Enoch becomes so important to us. We see that Truth didn’t begin with a magical birth of a boy in Bethlehem. Truth is ever-present. If Jesus hadn’t been born, Truth would be here. The importance of Jesus Christ is that he was physical, just as Enoch was physical.

He showed you who you are. But to know who you are in words is not enough. When you have learned who you are with the conviction that it’s time to be who you are, then your goal is simply to die to that which I am not, and that human mind is the key.

Now most of you know that you’re still asking questions, and whenever you say, “But don’t I have to learn.? How will I learn if I don’t ask questions?” That is true, but your Soul has every question already answered. Your Soul is the infinite storehouse of God. And the only Mind there is is the Mind of God. And the Mind of God knows everything there is to know. When you say, “How will I learn if I don’t learn by asking questions?” You are not learning the greater Truth, that intelligence, which is infinite, is omnipresent. And while you are asking with a mind that says, “I do not know and want to know,” you are turning away from your real Mind which does know. And if you will be still in the mind that wants to know, you’ll discover that is not your mind. The only Mind is the Mind of God, and It knows and It expresses in your Soul.

Really, what we’re doing when we ask questions is we haven’t reached the level of knowing that right here is God, and God knows. And the me that doesn’t know has no existence. There is no such a me. It’s the refusal of the mind to die, and it disguises its unwillingness to die by asking questions that are very logical to itself. But the peace that passeth understanding takes us out of the mind that understands. So, ultimately, you find you sacrifice your human understanding, and that’s the hard thing that we don’t want to do.

You sacrifice your human understanding for the peace that passeth understanding. You die to “my” sense of knowing something. You decide that no deception of the mind is going to fool you in letting it stay alive. When you seriously go about the business of dying to that mind, you’re quite shocked by the void that follows. But then the Soul takes over, and the Soul can look out upon the perfect universe of God; and you find all of the so-called appearances make no impression on the Soul. It is too pure. It doesn’t respond to the lie. It doesn’t need any questions answered.

I am God. You see your very Soul is the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Father within, the Kingdom of God within you. A teacher wants to answer questions, but there comes a point where the teacher must say, “Now, go to the Master within.” because to be your real teacher, a teacher must say, “ you must find your Identity within your Self.” The longer you put it off, the more you are saying to this world, “I believe in you as a reality,” and you are putting off the glory of Grace.

Now make no mistake about it, when we talk about translation like Enoch, we mean that this is what we must do. We cannot do it as long as there is even a tremor of thought in the human mind which originates from the outer world, because this human mind reaction must stop. The Soul must take over, and that builds the body Temple, the white stone, the foundation of your translation experience.

If I thought we could not accomplish this or I could not, I think I would go back into the business world, or I would try to find some way to just make life a gay glorious spree. But there is an inner Teacher that says, “As others have found It by finding Me where they stand, so will you.”And whenever that happens in an individual, whenever they feel this inner Voice, this inner Self, this inner Intelligence, saying, “I am the way,” then they know that all that has ever happened to the great Masters of the world is happening to them.

They know that they can do what Enoch taught, view death without sorrow, for I come quickly. And they will see that there has never been any physical creation in the Universe of Reality. Life you are, free of physical creation. You are not a physical being learning to be something else. You are Life, recognizing nothing but your Life as your Being. You’re not changing from physicality, but recognizing the appearance of physicality has no validity. You do not translate. You are awakened from the hypnosis of that which never was, and only by your Soul, only by your Soul.

For next week I hope you can read the second chapter in Contemplative Life. It will reinforce some of our understandings. And I would like to suggest, now, that for those of you who have not seriously taken my suggestion made in the first class, that for thirty days you study the chapter “Losing ‘I’-ness in I” in Joel’s Parenthesis in Eternity, that you do it, at least up to Easter. And take one or two paragraphs a day and make it yours until every morning it is a ritual with you to die to “I” until you can actually feel I have lost concept, and I have lost human beliefs. I am something else now: I am I.

That is the rising Christ. If you will do that, you’ll discover that you will go to your office, you’ll go about your day at home, and you’ll find the guidance of your Soul ever at hand, always perfectly bringing forth the Divine expression where before your mind had been in the way. The death to mind and the birth to Soul does not rob you of a mind. It simply opens you to the Infinite expression that is ever invisibly present where you are. If you do this seriously, you’ll discover another Universe all around you, and you will see that translation is the discovery of the new Universe, all around you perfect, with nothing to change, only to live in; and your Soul alone lives in that Universe.

Let us put away our crutches. Let us put away our quotations. Let us put away all of the things we’re trying to remember and memorize. Let us die to the mind which perpetuates the illusion of a self that never was, of a physical image that never was, and let the Soul show you the spiritual Self that ever Is. Then you will see that you are now perfect as your Father, for your Soul and your Father are One and the same. I think it might help us later to look into the Essenes a little more because that was the cradle of Christianity for this hemisphere.

Chapter two, Contemplative Life, that’s the new one, the new chapter to study. If you have not seriously given the thirty days to “Losing ‘I’-ness in I” out of Parenthesis in Eternity, then, you see, you haven’t gone into the wilderness, and the only time you can come out is when “me” has died. That’s when the forty days are over, when “me” has died. And if you’re not working at it, you’re not going into the wilderness, which means leaving the mind, leaving the mind so that you may be living as a Soul expression. If you die properly, you’ll like it so well that you’ll want to die three or four times a day. You’ll find that it’s a reborn-ing, which is quite miraculous.

You didn’t know how smart you really were. Everything becomes possible because nothing is impossible to your Soul. And you can look quickly at any appearance that comes your way and turn away into your Soul; and behold, the shadow can quickly disappear in the sunlight of your Soul as if it never were there. You’ll find these are not suppositions, but actual living fact, for all power is in your Soul.

I think we have two classes until Easter. By Easter, those of us who’ve been practicing the death of the mind, coming into each day without a concept of any kind, will definitely find ourselves in a new state of Consciousness than the one with which we started this year.

Any of these books up here that you want to look at or make references out of, you’re welcome to look at them. Jot down anything you want. Thank you very much.

We find something very strange in that the Old Testament ends with the prophecies of Malachi who wrote in 450 BC, and the New Testament begins with the Book of Matthew, which was written in the middle of the first century. We have approximately five hundred years unaccounted for, and in these five hundred years, certain things transpired which can well change the course of Christianity. If you remember the old family Bibles when your grandfather carted it out from the attic, in between the Old and New Testament they used to print the Apocrypha.

This was originally the way it was done, and then throughout the years, throughout the centuries, the Apocrypha began to disappear in the Bibles. And so you came directly from Malachi to Matthew, and those five hundred years were meaningless to the average person who was studying Christianity. Now the books in the Apocrypha were the following: there was the Maccabee Brothers, Susanna, Esther, Judith, Esdras, Baruch, Tobit, Manasseh, the Wise Sayings of Solomon, Jesus the son of Sirach, and a book called, not Ecclesiastes, but Ecclesiasticus. Now, of course they’re available. Some of you have read them. Some have taken the trouble to find them and see what they say.

But there was another group of books, and these were grouped under a different name, and these never were printed between Malachi and Matthew, although they had the same scriptural authority. These groups, for some strange reason, sort of disappeared. Many of them would seem to be lost, and even rather serious students of Christianity really never heard of them or knew of their existence. And these books were called the following: There was the Book of Jubilees. There was the Epistles of Aristeas. There was the Books of Adam and Eve, the Martyrdom of Isaiah, the First and Second Enoch, the Fourth Ezra, the Sibylline Oracles, the Assumption of Moses, the Second and Third Baruch, the Psalms of Solomon, the Fourth Maccabees, the Sayings of the Father, the Shepherd of Hermas, the Book of Barnabas, the Story of Ahikar, the fragments of a Zadokite work, and later, 40 years later by another authority, were added the following: the Third Maccabees, the Testament of Job, the Lives of the Prophets and the Apocalypse of Abraham.

Now all of these writings existed under the name of Pseudegrapha [today referred to as Pseudepigrapha] to distinguish them from Apocrypha, but they were all the Word of God expressing through prophets. Now these Pseudegrapha contained the First and Second Books of Enoch; and inasmuch as here in Genesis it says, “Enoch walked with God and he was not, for God took him,” we learned that Enoch was translated: “He walked with God and then he was not, for God took him,” and our friend Paul thought enough of that to make a remark of his own.

And so in Hebrews 11:5, Paul picks it up from Genesis, and he says, “By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.” Paul is telling us that Enoch had found the way to walk in oneness with God and because of this, he was able to walk from the earth not experiencing death, losing body consciousness, and translating into the spiritual world without the apprehension of what we call the experience of death. Genesis made the point. Paul made the point. You would think a man that important, why we’d have chapters and chapters on him in the Bible. But no, the First Book of Enoch and the Second Book of Enoch was buried in the Pseudegrapha, and the Pseudegrapha containing all these other books disappeared.

The first time the English speaking world ever heard of the books of Enoch was in about 1832. There was a man named James Bruce who went from Scotland, into Ethiopia in the 18th century, and he brought back an Ethiopian copy of the Book of Enoch. It took many years to translate it, and finally, it came out in English through a professor at Oxford who could translate it. And it was the Book of Enoch presented in English for the first time ever. It didn’t make much of a stir because, after all, who was Enoch? Just a little name in the Bible. Nobody really cared about Enoch. They were all interested in Christianity as they knew it. And then in about 1853, the book was translated into German, and still it caused no stir. Even the scholars didn’t make much of a fuss about it.

There was a fellow named R. N. Charles [His name is actually R. H. Charles.] and R. H. Charles was the Canon of Westminster; and in the early 1900’s he got hold of the original Greek manuscripts of Enoch, not the Ethiopian, which would be sort of difficult for anyone except the most erudite scholar to understand. He got hold of the Greek, and he found four original Greek manuscripts which were copies of the Enoch document. And so he translated them into English, and these became quite sensational in the religious world; and that’s how the Apocrypha and the Pseudegrapha incidentally came into the Bible. Charles followed all the way through and accumulated all of the translations of these various works into the Apocrypha and Pseudegrapha.

Now the reason he did this is because he was aware that there had been a systematic method inaugurated way back in the earliest days to eliminate Enoch from the Bible. And the reason Enoch had to be eliminated from the Bible is because, in spite of the fact that he lived many, many centuries before Jesus Christ, it seems that everything we read in the Bible about what Jesus Christ said was said by Enoch. And it raises many, not only embarrassing questions, but it threatens to remove the basic foundation of many of our beliefs as propagated by formalized Christian religion.

Now we find, that although Enoch is not mentioned in the New Testament, in spite of the fact that Enoch prophesied the coming of Christ to earth, that Enoch was highly regarded by his contemporaries and those who later followed him; and so we find many references to him. We find in this book of Ecclesiasticus in the Apocrypha that Enoch is referred to as “unlike any other man.” We find a historian named to Tertillius, two hundred years after Jesus, saying that the Book of Enoch was divinely inspired. We find great church luminaries of the earliest days like Clement of Alexandria and Origen and the historian, Josephus, all saying that the book of Enoch was a work that was given to Enoch by God.

And then we begin to see that Enoch, not appearing in our Bible, represents some invisible activity, unknown to human beings who are taking the Bible for granted. And as we investigate it, we discover that this period between Malachi and 450 BC, and more directly about 100 to 200 BC to 100 AD, in those 200 or 300 years, there was a great transition in Judaism, a transition so sensational that there were created two camps: Jews and Christians. And this is before Jesus.

The Judaism was being changed into another kind of thinking, a thinking which knew about a Messiah as Christ, the messenger who would come and bring to the earth Christ Consciousness, a message that spoke about a spiritual Resurrection, a message that said many things that are in the Sermon on the Mount. It also spoke about the Ten Commandments and told us that God is the invisible Reality of every man. This message of Enoch was accepted by the early Christian church. They even referred to it. Here is the statement of Barnabas, and he quotes from the Second Book of Enoch and he says, this quote says, “And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the LORD shall deliver the sheep of his pasture and the sheepfold, and their tower to destruction.”

So you see in the Book of Enoch, just as Jesus taught in the fourth chapter of Matthew, the Book of Enoch teaches about the end of the world. And in other places Barnabas, who, as you know, was a companion of Paul, Barnabas says: “As Enoch said . . . ” and so, you see, you can’t find a book of Barnabas in the Bible because he referred to Enoch.

Now, why would it be so important to eliminate Enoch? The story of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ is based upon the fact that suddenly God placed upon the earth His Son and that through new revelation of His Son, the following things were said, and this is the basis of how we must live. And then the doctrine of the Holy Ghost, namely the Trinity and various forms of purgatory, and all of the doctrines that we know as contemporary orthodox Christianity depended on the appearance of the Son of God immaculately conceived, born of a virgin, appearing on earth as Jesus Christ; but Enoch had said most of the things that Jesus later said. He said, “The elect shall inherit the earth.” How did Jesus come to say that centuries later, if it was new revelation? How did Jesus come to refer to the “Son of Man appearing as a cloud from heaven,” if Enoch had said it centuries before?

This is not new revelation. So we find that systematically everything that had anything to do with Enoch had to be removed from the Bible, because you had to have a new dispensation exemplified by Jesus Christ. And there were many other embarrassing statements by Enoch, all of which tended to show that the teaching of Jesus Christ and the teaching of Enoch were very parallel, so that Christianity actually did not begin with Jesus Christ, but began with Enoch; and the true Father of Christianity would have to be Enoch.

Now in order to do this, there had to be changes in the actual words of the Bible, and they’re rather alarming when you see them because other scholars of high repute, of integrity, which can never be reproached, have discovered these changes and brought them to our attention. And I’d like you to see some of them today because it will enlarge your scope about the real message of Christ. The most infamous is in Peter, in the first Epistle of Peter in the third chapter, in the verses 18 to 20, we find a most unusual kind of statement. It is the basis of the purgatory which was established in Catholicism, and it has no validity.

In Peter 3:18 we find this: “For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit: By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; Which sometime were disobedient, when once the long-suffering of God waited in the days of Noah.”—Now you see that “Christ” and “in the days of Noah”: You’re beginning to see that something is funny there.— “while the ark was a-preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.”

Now this hasn’t made sense to scholars for a long time. It says, “Christ once suffered for sins, which sometimes were disobedient, in the long-suffering of God in the days of Noah.” And fortunately we have a couple of Bibles here, not opinions anymore of historians, but Bibles, and this is Goodspeed. And watch how he changes that to something else. Where here it says, “For Christ also hath once suffered,” in Goodspeed we say, “For Enoch also had once suffered.” Now “Enoch” was changed in the King James Testament to “Christ” to eliminate the fact that Enoch is the one who went into the prisons and Enoch was on the earth. The same is true in the book in the Bible by Moffatt, and the same is true in the Bible by Schonfield. Each uses in place of “Christ also hath once suffered,” “For Enoch hath also once suffered.” And you see Christ Enoch and Christ Jesus is the point. Enoch had been Christ-ed as Jesus later was Christ-ed.

Now in the Acts, in the eighth chapter, thirty-seventh verse, we find another strange thing. We find this statement. There was a eunuch who had wanted baptism, and Philip says to him in the thirty-seventh verse,” And Philip said, “If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest,” in other words, be baptized. “And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.” Now when I looked this up in Moffatt and Goodspeed, I find something most irregular, and it is this in Moffatt.—I mean in Goodspeed.— you go from 36 to 38. 37 is omitted. The line: “And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God” is omitted. Similarly in Moffatt.

Now, of course, the reason it’s omitted is because it never was in there, and there’s a note about it in one of these Bibles. There’s a note about it in the Schonfield book, I think, and it says that this line never was actually in the original Greek translations. In other words, somebody was trying to sell the idea that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is where you worship. Now, you may find that this omission is in other Bibles. I have only found it in these three: Moffatt, Goodspeed, and the Authentic New Testament of Schonfield. But I have read much about it in commentaries. Now then, the elimination of Enoch and the substitution of the word “Christ” was to give the impression that [before]Jesus Christ—and here again, I believe that “Jesus Christ is the Son of God” —is to give the impression that before Jesus Christ there was no Christ on earth.

However, we find that Jude 14, fourteenth verse of Jude, recognizes Enoch as divinely inspired, and so we find in the fourteenth verse of Jude the following statement, which is just a brief recognition: “Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these sayings, Behold, the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints.” Now Jude is one of the disciples of Jesus. He’s the brother of James, and he is using Enoch as an authority. “Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these sayings.” Now that statement, “Seventh from Adam” means that Enoch had reached the Seventh Heaven.

Now you’re going to say, “Well, what about all this?” And this is what it’s all about. The Books of Enoch 1 and 2 have some fantastic things that are almost identical to the teaching of Jesus Christ, and they are written before Jesus Christ appeared on the earth. The one that I have is called the First Book of Enoch, and there’s no question about it, but the things in it are in our New Testament. And this is from R. H. Charles, the Canon of Westminster, in the early 1900’s. When Charles brought out his revelations about the Books of Enoch and how they predated our Bible, and yet they had the facts in it that our New Testament has.

Again, it was a book this big, the Pseudegrapha, and no normal church man could even afford to buy one, when it finally did come out in English, and so it ran unnoticed. But Charles had preceded the findings in the caves, and in 1952, lo and behold, eight more books of Enoch turn up in the library of guess who? The Essenes. And they discovered that all of the Pseudegrapha that Charles had listed and had translated, this was the Bible of the Essenes; and prominent among them were the Books of Enoch.

They discovered, too, that the Essenes in the period between Malachi and Matthew were a different religion than normal Judaism. Do you know what they were practicing? The Infinite Way. That’s what the Essenes were practicing in those centuries. They were practicing spiritual Resurrection through conscious union with God, and the knowledge that God is the Substance of the invisible form of man. And they were practicing because their teacher was Enoch, who had translated, and later among them was the mother of Jesus, studying as her mother had and as her husband Joseph did, all studying the books of Enoch; and it was discovered that Jesus, too, lived among them, studying the books of Enoch. Paul said, “I never go anywhere without a book of Enoch.” The disciples and Jesus used the books of Enoch as their Bible.

Now you see the hate between the Jews and the Christians in these early days, when Christianity formalized, was such that the Jews would not admit that there was an Essenic movement, which is really Christianity which taught not a Messiah come to deliver a nation from bondage, but a universal Christ. The Jews could not stomach this because it differed from their teaching. And so every reference to Enoch was taboo with them, and they cut it out of their Bibles. And the Christian couldn’t stand Enoch because Enoch had said the same things that the Christians were trying to sell the world as original with Jesus Christ. And so you had both sides determined to keep the Books of Enoch out of the Bible. And that’s why Pseudegrapha,— which would naturally mention Enoch in many places because they, too, worshipped the teachings of Enoch,—all of this became unknown until the great work of R. H. Charles.

And we, today, largely ignorant, even when we get the book of Pseudegrapha and see it, we’re not aware that this is Christianity predating the teaching of Jesus Christ on the earth. And then we find that the teaching of Jesus Christ, which was pure Essenic doctrine, as taught by Enoch, was corrupted in the fourth century, totally corrupted so that no longer was the teaching of Jesus Christ taught at all. Instead it was all corrupted into the virgin birth, the fall of man, baptism by the laying on of hands. You see it has no place to take mankind. The most incredible thing is that our Bible teaches us as you sow, so shall ye reap, and religion has sown to the lie. Religion, itself, must reap corruption for that reason. The teaching of Jesus Christ is a true one, but it isn’t being taught. The teaching of Enoch was a true one, but it is not being taught.

Now Enoch and the Book of Revelation are very similar. You’ll find that the apocalypse, attributed to John, speaks of the seven heavens, and so does Enoch. Now here’s what you learn in Enoch, and you begin to see why we are coming into a broader base about Truth. Enoch teaches six different things in his book. Actually the books of Enoch, the eight discovered in cave four at Qumran, which is the Essene library, have not been translated, and there are all kinds of reasons given. The fact is they have been translated.

They simply are not released because they completely repudiate everything that we have been taught about the false virgin birth. They repudiate the idea of God being the Father of one individual, and they teach, instead, that everyone who receives the Holy Ghost is born of the Spirit, which is God, and that immaculate conception is possible to every person on the earth and is, in fact, the plan of God, that each be immaculately conceived by the reception of the Spirit. Baptism, the Essenic baptism, was the baptism which Jesus Christ taught. Water alone will not do it, so they taught the Truth and the Spirit, which Jesus adopted because that’s what he studied.

Now in the Book of Enoch, we learn about fallen angels and giants, travels through Heaven, earth, and hell. The second vision is a vision of angels and the Christ coming to earth. Then there is the vision of the sun, the moon, the stars, and the four winds, two more visions about the Kingdom of Messiah. There are admonitions. And then there are wonders connected with the birth of Noah and the future of the just and the unjust.

Now something has fallen into my hand, which is very interesting. There are seven heavens in one of the Books of Enoch, and it’s rather long, so I’m only going to read to you “The Seventh Heaven” from his book, and it reveals what orthodox Christianity has not wished to reveal. And it reads as follows:

Then he raised me into the Seventh Heaven,

Where I saw Spirits in a paradise of splendor.

They were all the Holy Ones of God,

Spirit unclothed in flesh.

I viewed them in their celestial garments,

Assembled in splendor and divineness.

And while gazing upon them,

One of the beautiful Spirits who was a-nigh

Came unto me and shewed me Books,

But they were not as the books of men.

And he opened the books before me

And they contained writings,

But unlike the writings of earth.

And he read the Institutes of Heavenly Truth,

And the records of holy things.

Then I beheld One standing,

Whose glory exceeded the glory of all others;

And all the saints and spirits of the place

Advanced toward this One with reverent awe.

—You can see the similarity to John’s book of Revelations, written centuries later.—

Then this One became changed and appeared like a Divine Being.

And the angel said, Venerate!

And I venerated, and beheld the type

Of many wonderful things revealed.

And while I venerated the Spirit,

Behold, I saw another Glorious Being,

More beautiful and divine than the first,

Whose glory suffered no transfiguration.

—That means he had reached the ultimate. He was the Light, he couldn’t be transfigured into Light.—

And all the Angels approached and worshipped,

And venerated not the first Spirit, when the Lord was nigh.

A Cloud of Radiance was interposed,

Through which my dazzled eyes beheld:

Had I seen the Lord of Brightness.

My spirit itself had been consumed.

—That’s like the blindness of Paul.—

—Incidentally, one of the books in the Pseudegrapha is a fragment of a Zadokite work,

and this Zadokite work is those sons of Zadok. And there is reason to believe that when

Paul was blinded in Damascus, that Damascus is a symbolized name for the community

of the Essenes, that Paul was blinded in the community of the Essenes. This is not

definite, but there’s reason to believe that Damascus implies that.—

Then on my face, I fell, and worshipped,

For this was the Supreme.

Seventy-thousand Veils He wore,

To hide the brightness of seventy-thousand suns.

And lo, an Ocean of Light:

And the Angel said to me, Who is this

That sitteth on the right of God?

And I answered, Sir, thou knowest.

—You’ll find the very same words in John, “Sir thou knowest.”—

[Then he spake,] This is the Beloved,

This is the Holy Spirit,

Who speaks in the Prophets,

Queen of the Ocean of Light.

But on the left stood a Spirit,

Clothed as the Son of Thunders:

And I said, unto the Angel, and who was he?

And he said, it is the MESSENGER.

Then mine eyes were opened,

And I beheld a Mysterious Glory.

Darkness from excessive Light

Seized me and drowned my understanding.

And I heard the tongue, the tongues of thousand thousands


—And this will be later in the Acts, you see when they speak with tongues.—

I heard the tongues of thousand thousands.

Glorifying, venerating, and chanting Him,

Whose presence was too bright for me to behold,

Whose effulgence had stricken me blind.

And the hymns ascend from six Heavens

Into the Seventh Heaven, of the Most High;

And I knew then why they sang around the Thrones,

Whose splendor was an invisible Mystery.

—And then here comes his prophecy about Christ on earth: —

And the Angel said, This Messenger of God

Hath received great exaltation;

He is clothed by the Holy Spirit,

And proclaimed through the mouths of the Divine Ones.

And I heard a Voice of music

Say unto this Messenger;

Go, descend through the Heavens,

Through the firmament of the spheres descend.

Assimilate thyself in appearance unto all

Who abide in the Heavens and the Circles,

And go down upon the earth,

And free it from the fetters of darkness.

And thus the Voice spake.

Immediately we descended into the sixth Heaven,

And to the fifth heaven, and the fourth, and to all the others,

And so downward through a multitude of Circles.

But whithersoever we came, the dwellers in the place

Recognized not the Messenger of God;

They believed him to be as one with themselves,

For he assumed the forms that belong to the various spheres;

And he passed into the Elemental Circles,

And into the firmament, and so upon the earth;

And he took the appearance of a Man upon him,

And was believed by man to be one with themselves.

And he lived upon the earth, and announced the Message;

And he passed away from earth and ascended;

Then the Spirits of the Firmaments and the Elemental Circles

Saw him pass, but with unchanged aspect.

And they venerated him saying: –

How hath he descended, and we saw him not?

And how hath he passed, and we discovered not the splendour

With which the Lord clothed him?

And he ascended through the innumerable Spheres,

And through the various Heavens of Paradise;

And they wondered, saying, How hath he descended?

And how we knew not the Messenger of Heaven?

And when he ascended into the Seventh Heaven,

He came unto the Great Glory,

And of the Holy Spirit was received with great gladness,

For he hath done the message of the Most High.

And to me the Angel said, Great are these things

Which now have been manifest in thee.

Thou have seen and known secrets

Which have been kept from the children of men.

In Paul we find the following: Paul is explaining who Jesus Christ is; and to explain it, he first explains about Melchizedek, and that’s Hebrews 1:5. He explains that Jesus Christ is the authority because “For who unto” who, “which of the angels” has God said “at any time, “Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee?” And then in 5:5, to be sure we understand that he is going contrary to what men will believe, he repeats, “So also Christ,” meaning Jesus Christ, “glorified not himself to be made an high priest;” saying, in other words, don’t glorify me, Jesus Christ. So also Christ not himself glorified, not himself to be made a high priest;” but he that said unto him,” in other words, glorify not me, but the Father who said unto me, “Thou art my Son, to-day have I begotten thee.” “Today have I begotten thee”: Paul is telling us that Jesus was not virgin born, as told in the gospels, but rather that when the dove descended, it didn’t say, “This day Thou pleasest me.” It said, “This day have I begotten thee.”

He’s making it a point, just as Enoch had, that Christ coming to a man would be the birth of man in God. Now unfortunately, this little passage of Paul, official-dom forgot to take out, and so it contradicts Luke 3:23, you know. Luke 3:23 tells us this isn’t what God said at all when the dove came down, and then a strange thing happened. I brought this up in class some time ago, and at that time certain documents were not in my possession. They are now. Luke 3:23 says, 3:22, “And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased.”

Paul says, “That isn’t what it said.” It said, “Thou art my son; today have I begotten thee.” Quite a difference that when the dove descended, Jesus was born as the Son of God then. Now how important is that? Here’s Luke 3:22 saying, “Thou art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased.” And we go again to Goodspeed. It says something else. I’m going to have to find it: “You are my Son, my beloved; you are my chosen.” Well how can you have such an important phrase over here saying, “In thee I am well pleased,” and here it says, “You are chosen, My chosen?” This is far too important to be satisfied with a change at that point. But it is conspicuously noticeable that Goodspeed has changed it.

Moffatt goes a little further. Moffatt in 3:22 says as follows, “Thou art my son, the Beloved,” and listen to this! “to-day have I become thy Father.” We’re talking about millions and millions and millions of people who have not heard that “Today I am well pleased” is not the Truth, but that “Today have I begotten thee; today have I become thy Father because you have received the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God in you. I am now thy Father.” Oh what a difference this makes in the complete direction of our work when we have the authority of scripture itself behind us.

Now you see all of these things systematically had been removed from the Bible for one reason, that in the fourth century, the Pope named Damasus the First had authorized the scholar Jerome, and Jerome had prepared the new addition of the Bible, eliminating everything that our friend, Mr. Pope Damasus, didn’t want. And he had others working with him. And so out goes the Pseudegrapha, out goes the Apocrypha, out goes the references to Enoch, and out goes the references to the Essenes.

Where do you find it in the New Testament, and why don’t you find it? Because Christianity taught by the Essenes was the Christianity taught by he who called himself Jesus, and was Christ-ed when the Holy Ghost became his realized Self. So the Books of Enoch become vital, and they will not be put on the market. I can assure you that there are powerful forces that will not permit them to be put on the market. You see your Generals in the PX’s, how they can be bribed. I can assure you no stone will be left unturned to keep these books from being in your hands where you can see the message of Jesus Christ as he taught it to his disciples, saying that you must receive the Spirit of God as your Self.

You know there’s a story told by Enoch, and it’s how he was brought up to a high mountain, and in this high mountain he saw a radiant triangle, and in it was the Word, the great Word of the Father. And then he went down below the sea. He was taken by an angel into subterranean areas, and he had to go through nine arches. And down there after he passed through the ninth arch, he saw the same radiant triangle and in it the same Word. And the teaching has been given to mean, “As above so below.”

And then his son was commissioned to help him build another temple, and so Enoch had his son build this temple, which was called the Temple of Enoch, and there were nine pillars and under the ninth pillar under a piece of marble on a gold plate, he put, engraved, the Word, the magic Word. Even his son, Methuselah, knew not the Word. Solomon discovered the Word. And do you know the Word is not “I Am” at all. Moses, when he pronounced “I am that I Am,” was only hinting at the Word that he knew was there. It is said that you cannot even pronounce this Word and can never know it until you are fully Christ-ed.

Now, your identity was being taught by Enoch as the Christ of God. Enoch taught that every man is the Christ, every man is the Word, every man is God invisible. And it was because of his ability to sacrifice his humanhood, his physicality, his mentality, and to sacrifice himself totally to the will of God that he was able to move into transition, out of the world. Jesus did the same and returned. Mary was prepared to receive this Consciousness and to help make it manifest as Jesus. There are very few people on this earth who would venture this, but it has been suggested that Enoch and Jesus Christ were one and the same, appearing at different intervals.

You will find that even Enoch learned from other sources, and you can go back into Zoroaster, into the Persians. You will find that the teaching of Christ is infinite, universal, that only Christ is on the earth. And it is necessary for each individual to reach that place in Consciousness where he turns from worshipping Jesus Christ as taught by Christianity, or from worshipping Allah as taught by the Muslims, or from worshipping any external God to worshipping the only God there is, and that is your Soul.

When you make your mind a servant of your Soul and let your mind get on its hands and knees and worship your own Soul, you are worshipping God as Enoch taught it and as Jesus Christ taught it. And you’re not worshipping the corrupted form of religion which says worship Jesus Christ, worship this church, this dogma, this creed. The realization that your Soul is God tells you why Christ Jesus said, “I can never leave you.” The entire Bible is the expression of your Soul, and when It says turn the other cheek: “I say unto you, turn the other cheek,” that is the Christ Soul of you saying, “Now here, turn the other cheek.”

Always when you learn to turn your mind within to your Soul, you’ve found God, for the Soul of you is God. God is the Soul of the Universe, and that is the Kingdom of God within. This is what Enoch taught. This is what Jesus taught. This is what we are learning, and it is the only religion there can ever be in this world which can find God. It is not a religion at all. It is the recognition that my Soul is ever present, and my Soul is always God expressing.

If you are unable to release your mind from captivity to the outer world, you can never find God with that mind. It is only when you can turn from the outer world, obedient only to your own Soul, totally, fully, without equivocation. Then you are in prayer without ceasing, and you are in the universal Christ. Then you are prepared for the mystic marriage. All this Paul knew, and all this Paul taught.

Now the secret of the Temple of Solomon, the secret of Enoch’s teaching, the secret of Jesus’ teaching, the secret of Enoch’s translation and Jesus’ translation is a new body temple, which only comes through the mind being a servant of the Soul. The new body Temple is the foundation stone of immortality realized. Enoch, who translated, is the expression of God’s plan for each individual: translation through the mind in the will of the Soul forming the new body Temple, which is this foundation, the cornerstone of Christianity, which the builders of Christianity rejected. This new body temple walks invisibly where you are.

Another thing Enoch taught, which the world has not been ready for, is that the only way you can accept God as the all-ness is to see everyone you know and realize all that is there is the invisible perfect body Temple of Christ. That new Consciousness is the basic teaching behind Christ teaching that here now, present is the infinite expression of God; and you are looking at God every day of your life but seeing man, looking at God and seeing tree. You can see nothing but God because that’s all that is here. You don’t worship God. You come out of the mind, which cannot see God, into the Soul which knows him face-to-face. I am Soul. God is my Soul. I and God are my Soul. I and the Father are One, and that One is my Soul. God is on earth as your Soul. This is the new Consciousness, which Joel calls infinite Consciousness, because your Soul is infinitely conscious. Soul and infinite Consciousness are One and the same.

Now we’re going to take a breather in a minute, but we want to see that just as we come out of the limited human consciousness, so must religion come out of the limited belief that only at a certain time and place Christ came to earth. This is pure denial of the Reality of the all-ness of God, present everywhere, always, and realized by many before Christ Jesus. Christ has not only been on this earth forever, but only Christ is on the earth. Someday we’re going to go in all the religions of the world, and you’ll see that very clearly.

Now we want to come to a realization of this body temple, which is going to be a change from the present physical body Temple, because the time of translation draws near. It isn’t a teaching in a Bible; it’s a living Force working. Enoch was sent to prepare this world to receive the Christ of their own Being. Jesus showed how you do it. The disciples and apostles proved that his method worked, for they did it. The opening of Christianity has to be into its universal nature that God created neither race nor nation nor color, but only Christ IS appearing in infinite variety to human sense. And you see, until we release these finite boundaries of concept, we are not in the infinite and are not recognizing our infinite Identity.

You will try it with your mind, and you will fail. You cannot, you cannot squeeze infinite Truth into a finite mind, no matter how you try. You must expand beyond the understanding of the mind. You must make your mind a servant of your Soul, and this is the way into the universality of Christ. Your Soul knows all that is. The mind must become a receptacle, a clear transparency for your own Soul. Enoch accomplished this. The Essenes, a thriving community of some five thousand lived this every day of their lives. It was this that made possible the activity of Jesus on earth.

We are finally coming to the base where we realize that what the Essenes were living, every person on earth must learn to live. Jesus was their foremost exponent within the last two thousand years. And later, you will discover that much of what you have thought was written by certain names in the Bible was written by scholars under Essene instruction. It was their function to release the Truth of Spirit, for Spirit can never be buried or crucified.

Each of us has a background in the Essenes. We are that missing link between the formalized orthodoxy of Christianity in the fourth century and the mistaken belief that God is one God separate from people, as expressed by Judaism. You’ll find Infinite Way and the teachings of Enoch and Christ Jesus are identical. Your Identity becomes the focal point of your experience. If you’re a human being trying to learn Truth, you’re not in your Identity, and you never will be until you are no longer that human being seeking the Truth. Identity is the Truth. When you seek the Truth, you deny your Identity; I am God Self, invisible to human sense.

Paul had attained the awareness that there was a new way to live. The way we live today, normally, is the light of the sun sustains this earth, it would appear. Our heat, our light, the way nature grows through that heat and light, everything depends on the activity of the sun. We all draw sustenance from it. Now, the new way to step out of the world into the invisible Reality, into that which is never dying, is to draw your sustenance from the Holy Ghost where you are, just as the world draws its sustenance from the sun. Everything this earth needs comes from that sun, every little insect, every fowl, every fish. Without the sun, it’s gone.

Now, that is all a symbol of the way we will draw from the inner Sun of our own Being which is the Holy Ghost. When you learn to put your trust in It, you are turning. You are awakening, and you are quickened, and you find that the Holy Ghost does exactly that which the world depends on the sun for. Joel, in the Old Testament, has this to say in the third chapter, the eighteenth verse: “And it shall come to pass in that day, that the mountains shall drop down new wine . . . ” You see how they veiled the Holy Ghost: “shall drop down new wine, and the hills shall flow with milk, and all the rivers of Judah shall flow with waters, and a fountain shall come forth of the House of the Lord, and shall water the valley . . .”

All of this is taking place in your Consciousness the moment you accept that you are not flesh, you are not mortality. You are not even man or woman, for the secret of the Bible is that you are the living Holy Ghost now. Seen through a glass darkly, you appear as man or woman in the flesh. Remove the veil and there stands the activity of God, the Holy Ghost. But it is here now, seen through the veil, appearing as what you call my form, my life, my being; and all the while, the vast invisible present where you are is saying, “We are one.” Now that’s the new wine, the living fountain.

When we go to Paul, we find something in Hebrews, which traces fairly well some of the things we’ve talked about, the barriers, the gifts of the Spirit, the inner purification necessary to accept and receive it. These will be the passages we’ll go to. They’ll be all in Hebrews, chapter 2 verse 4, chapter 3 verse 7, chapter 4 verse 7, chapter 3 verse 11 again, and then chapter 6 verses 4 thru 8, chapter 9: 8.

We’re going to just touch these to show the continuity that Paul was establishing about the Holy Spirit starting with 2:4: “God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with diverse miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will.”

Now, “the gifts of the Holy Ghost,” we have other words for those. We call them the fruits of the Spirit. And so, the gifts of the Holy Ghost are those outer added things that appear in your life when you are not looking for the Holy Ghost, not trying to attain it, not trying to receive it—Don’t make those mistakes.—but accepting I am the Holy Ghost. Then, there is no duality. There is no separation. And the acceptance cannot up here in the head or down here in the mouth or in the region of the stomach or the heart. The acceptance is the way you live, believing on, abiding in, rejecting all else that denies you to be I am the Holy Ghost. That is the acceptance, and then the gifts of the Spirit will flow.

Now, in 3:7, we have this: “Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith), To-day if ye will hear his voice, . . .” You see the “hear his voice” means to accept. The Holy Ghost doesn’t have to come there and ring a bell. It’s present. The acceptance is the hearing of Its Voice. So, if you will hear Its Voice means you will accept that it is where you are. And then, in 4:7, “Again, he” limited “a certain day, saying in David, “To-day, after so long a time; as it is said, To-day if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” Again, pressing for the acceptance of the Holy Ghost.

And then, a very interesting phrase by Paul. He says, “ . . . I was grieved with that generation,” and said, “They do always err in their heart;” meaning they’re living in duality not accepting themselves to be the invisible Spirit of God. “and they have not known my ways.” and so I swear in my wrath,” that “They shall not enter into my rest.”

Now, that’s the very thing we’re talking about. You, in accepting the Spirit, must copy this firmness of Paul who swears, even though he’s mad, even though he’s angry, he will not let them enter his rest. He is resting in the knowledge that here, I, Paul, am the living Holy Ghost and I will not let them enter into that and deprive me of that Truth. They will not enter my rest, my acceptance.

And so, you see, when the Bible tells you not to be resentful, but to turn the other cheek; not to resist and so forth, not to condemn, it’s telling you don’t let the world enter your rest. Don’t let the world pierce the armor of Truth in which you stand, that you are the invisible Holy Ghost. But why can’t you go a step further? You must recognize that where your enemy is appearing to be, where the bill collector is, where the ingratitude is, where the harshness is, where everything else appears to be, there too stands the invisible Holy Ghost, and not the person—not the person. Only the invisible Holy Ghost stands before you everywhere. Do not let the world enter your rest.

Now don’t you see then, you’ve got the seamless garment, the one invisible Holy Ghost everywhere? You’re in the power. There’s nothing more to do then, but rest in the knowledge that there is not a bill collector, there is not an irate friend, or an irate employer, or an irate husband or wife. There is the invisible Holy Ghost, and here is the invisible Holy Ghost. They are One Being, and then the power of that Ghost becomes manifest in the flesh as harmony, as peace, as fulfillment, as helpfulness, as cooperation, as beauty, as the activity of the Ghost made visible, the Word made flesh. And all of you who have done this know it is true, but to do it continuously is praying without ceasing. Even Paul, in his wrath, was determined they will not enter my rest. He was resting in the Word.

Some of you have had the experience of becoming very high in the Truth and then hitting the bottom. Maybe Paul had you in mind with this in 6:4[-6]. “It is impossible for those who are once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Ghost, and have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come.”, the world to come,” right here. “If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing that they crucify to themselves the son of God afresh . . .”

Now, then, you who have received the Word, have experienced the Word and have been lifted by the Word, more is expected of you and when you turn from that Word, you feel the crash more than one who hadn’t received the Word. You have further to fall. And so, we have a greater responsibility once we come into the awareness of Truth. We have to be faithful to It, or else it’s very difficult to be restored to that grace once you have abridged your faith, once you have broken faith with the Spirit of your own being. Once you’ve received the Word and have become disobedient to it, you’re asking for trouble.

Now, having accepted yourself to be the living Spirit, when you do that, when you know that this living Spirit that I am is everywhere as the invisible Holy Ghost, then you have an obligation to abide by its Will: to love where hate appears, to pray for the one who appears to be guilty, to forgive because your forgiveness is the recognition that right where there is one who appears in need of forgiveness, that one isn’t there. I, the invisible Holy Ghost, the One Self am there. And if you cannot do that after you’ve received the Word, then for you there is much gnashing of teeth because this is a sacred responsibility.

In 9:8, Paul says, “The Holy Ghost this signifying, that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as the first tabernacle was yet standing:” and that’s the reference to the time when, in the Hebrews, the holy priest alone was able to go into the arc of the covenant. All others had to go in the second tabernacle. It was not time for the intelligence or wisdom or spiritual preparation of man to receive this great eternal secret that, even those slaves who were being led out of Egypt by Moses, they were the living Holy Ghost, but there was no way for them to know it at that time. We, who are slaves to a different level of consciousness, there is a way for us to know it.

Now, there you have a great secret, then, that everything must be drawn from within your own Being, and your own Being is the infinite Invisible. That infinite Invisible is what you must learn to wake up to; and if I have said this a dozen times or more, or a hundred or a thousand, I still know that it’s a difficult thing to wake up to, the infinite Invisible. And even though we determine to do it and go to sleep with the infinite Invisible in our consciousness, somehow we just hear the words and pass it by, and that passing it by keeps us outside of all of the things we are striving to attain.

Don’t pass it by. Accept that the Holy Ghost of your Being does not begin where your body is. It does not begin in the room. It does not end in the room. The Holy Ghost of your Being is out touring the Infinite and will send right to where the form appears all that is necessary instantly. Accept the infinity of the Holy Ghost. Please don’t limit It to you or to me or to him or to her. God is infinite Being. The Holy Ghost is the infinite Activity of God. It is your infinite Activity.

You remember last week, we talked about the consciousness, feeling a draft at the window. Now watch how you can magnify that idea. There’s the draft at the window, and you feel it; and now realize that you feel it at the window before your body feels it here. There’s something of you at the window feeling that draft, and we’ll call that your mind or your human consciousness, which instantly relays that expression or that experience to your brain here.

You see the moon, but where do you see it? Do you see it from down here, or are you there? Is your consciousness there experiencing the moon and relaying that expression, that experience to your brain here? You’ll find it so. You’ll find that everything on this earth is within your consciousness, and your consciousness must be bigger than this earth in order for these things to be in your consciousness. You are experiencing these things first in your consciousness and, then, almost instantaneously in your brain.

Your Consciousness is everywhere, and everything that you experience can be controlled by the knowledge that my Consciousness is the activity of God, so that gradually you will stand in that place, which is called the secret place, where whatever comes into your Consciousness that is not of God, you will instantly recognize as not being of God. You will call it a tare or chaff, not wheat; and you will recognize it as a denial of your being, and you will not accept it. You will not accept the evils of the world, the lacks and limitations, for they are not the Consciousness of God expressing; and you will separate them until your consciousness is purified of all other belief than that which God is. You’ll find you’re living in the infinite Consciousness.

And then, while there is a moon to this world and a sun to this world and stars to this world and earth and water to this world, you’ll be living behind them because certainly God is not in this world. You’ll be living behind them in the invisible Kingdom of God, and all these things will only appear in your consciousness. What you experience in the form will depend on that.

You take a vacuum cleaner. You put the nose of the vacuum cleaner on the ground and you start vacuuming, and it picks up dirt, and then what do you have in the vacuum cleaner bag? You have dirt. Whatever you pick up with the vacuum cleaner goes into the bag. Now, your mind works the same way. It picks up experience, and if it picks up the untruth that goes into your bag of memories, and they become conditioned reflexes. They become part of what you experience and what you show forth. Your mind is like the vacuum cleaner. But suppose you have the capacity to reject what the mind picks up and to only accept what God is sending through? Then the law of externalization works in your favor. What God is sending through is the purity of his Consciousness, and that shows forth in your world instead.

So we are controlling world thought. We are standing still in Truth, and because the Truth is that you are the infinite Consciousness of God made visible here through the glass darkly, you eliminate the glass darkly in your Consciousness standing in the Truth of being the Holy Ghost. And this becomes the way in which the world’s evils, errors, the dirt that goes into the vacuum cleaner, comes to your attention, but your Truth becomes a filter for it and separates the wheat from the tares automatically, so that into your bag of Consciousness comes only that which is the Truth; and that is all that can go forth, and that Truth, being infinite and invisible, you exhibit in your daily experience the infinite invisible qualities of God. The Truth must be the place where you stand.

Now there are many ways to heal that we’ve learned, and here’s another one. Last week we discussed some, and we’re going to have many of these suggestions as we go along, and this one is probably best to start with healing someone else so you can see it clearly. This someone else has a problem without a name, we’ll say at the moment, or let’s give it a name, if you will. Let’s go back to some physical ailment. And now, you’re the healer. Ask yourself: Are you the healer or are you the Holy Ghost? When you’re the healer, you might as well be a dead stone for that person who’s called you, but are you the Holy Ghost? Can you accept that you are? Can you live that way? Can you try?

Well, let’s say you reach the place where you can accept you are the Holy Ghost, but you are One. There’s not a Holy Ghost everywhere broken up into little pieces. The Holy Ghost is the One, invisible Activity of God, without any separation from Itself anywhere. Therefore, you can say to yourself, “I, the Holy Ghost, I do not have a physical pain.” And that’s the Truth. But I am the One Holy Ghost. There is no other, and therefore, the Holy Ghost that I am here, I am there, right where that victim of a pain is. But I don’t have a pain there anymore than I have it here. Can you do that? You know what you have to do after that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You simply rest in that knowledge: I, the Holy Ghost here, have no pain, and I, the Holy Ghost there, have no pain, and rest in the Word.

Now, isn’t that cutting it down to a simple way? You’ll find it works, but only when you have attained the maturity of knowing that you are the Holy Ghost. And you will discover anyone in the world can call you. But they aren’t there. The Holy Ghost is. And the Holy Ghost that is where they are is the same Holy Ghost where you are; and if you, where you are, realize the Truth, you will be realized by the Holy Ghost of you where the individual appears and show forth, and where there is an opening, a receptivity to Truth, it will be almost instantaneous. But, you’re going to find many levels of consciousness coming to you, and they won’t all be receptive to Truth. And so you’ll have to be pretty patient, and even when the patient says to you, “I don’t feel any better,” you’ll have to go right back and do it all over again, just as you did the first time, because it’s still the Truth; and if it happens a hundred times, it’s still the Truth, and you must stand in the Truth.

Now, suppose, the problem is you and not the patient. Suppose you’re the patient. Well, that’s simplified, isn’t it? The only reason you have the problem is because you do not know you’re the Holy Ghost. The activity of God has no problem. If you cannot accept that you are, why should the problem go away? It’s only world thought, and it will stay as long as you’re in the world thought. If you can’t transfer to divine Thought, the problem can’t disappear. But when you’re in divine Thought, it automatically erases world thought, just as if you could walk right over this tape with another message. It erases what’s below it. World thought is always erased by Divine Thought. And so, when you are in no thought about this world, divine Thought erases the tape of this world that has been playing in your mind.

Now, you might say, “Well, how many years does it take to reach the place where I can be that way?” You’d be wrong in asking that question because it doesn’t take years. It takes lifetimes, and that’s what you’ve been doing all your lifetimes. You’ve been coming to the place where you can accept yourself to be perfect as your Father, and maybe you’re so close to it now that all it takes is a reminder, a little nudge, a few jolts and jars thrown in. And then, one day, we’re going to say, “I’m through with those jolts and jars. I’m going to stand in my Self, for I know there’s no jolting and jarring the Ghost, only a mortal sense of things.”

And then, you’ll see that no one has ever walked this earth who is not now the invisible Holy Ghost, no matter where they may be, for there is no other life in the entire universe of God. We only delay and prolong our despairs and distresses because we won’t take ourselves in hand and face the flat Truth that me is a lie. The Holy Ghost of God, alone, stands everywhere. There is no place that I can flee from the Spirit of God. To a child, we would take them by the neck or by the seat of the pants, and we would drill it unto them. We have to sometimes do that to ourselves until we know, until we can stand, until they can come and crucify us, and we can say, “What of it? How do you crucify the Holy Ghost?”

If they destroy this temple in three days, I will raise it up again. And while those three days are going on, I will be right here being what I am, even though the world does not see me. That’s what you must be saying in yourself until you know your invisible Self so well that nobody can make you a finite, visible person again.

Now that’s the beginning of our study of the Holy Ghost. It is said that Mary was the bride of the Holy Ghost and, therefore, could bring forth that child which the world called Jesus, the Christ, but we must all be a bride of the Holy Ghost. And then, when ye think not, when you’re out of world thought, the Holy Ghost cometh because that is Who comes. That is the Bridegroom. We are married and we are one, and every activity of the Ghost then becomes a living, divine Experience under divine Law in that Life which knows no end.

I know we’re studying The Contemplative Life, and yet I’m going to recommend that for next week you read another chapter in another book, in fact, two different books. One of them is The Thunder of Silence. I’d like you to read again, seriously, until you could put it into practice, the ninth chapter, “This is a Spiritual Universe,” and if you will, in God the Substance of All Form, also, I think, chapter nine, yes, chapter nine. I don’t remember the title, but chapter nine in both books. God the Substance of All Form and The Thunder of Silence. You’ll find that when you put them together, you may be persuaded that if you’re not the Holy Ghost, you’re a walking corpse because God made no material man. God made no material universe.

Another suggestion is this, that when you read your New Testament, wherever the word, “I say unto you” or the word “I” is used, please try to know that in most cases that I is standing right where you are, and it is saying to you, “I say unto you.” That is not a dream, and that is not a symbolism. That is a pure and simple fact: “I am the Truth” stands by you and says it all the time, and this is the Holy Ghost of your true Being saying, “I am the Truth. You out there: you’re a shadow of Me. You’re but the world concept about what I am. Come unto Me. Turn ye. Erase that outer sense of self, for I am come. I am knocking at the door of your Consciousness, and if you will open up, I will lift you into eternal, infinite Being here and now.”

Try to recognize that every “I say,” “I am,” is not in the book. It is in the invisible, present now as your Being, trying to persuade your human sense of consciousness that it is a prodigal unless it turns and gives up its false sense of Self, until you get so aware of the infinite, invisible Activity of your own Being all around you, that you know that my whole universe is my Being, and my Being is my whole Universe; and there is no other. I don’t have to fear the shadows anymore. I don’t have to reach out to cling to the shadows. I am all there is. Let’s get this living Experience and rest with It. And you’ll get It to a large degree out of those two chapters, if you’re faithful to them. Then, next week, we can go into other levels of the Holy Ghost. We might have our work done before Easter.

We acknowledge now, one invisible Self. Your name is Life, not physical form, and the activity of that Life that you are is the Holy Ghost. Your Life is the only Life there is in this universe. There is no other. Your Life is forever. Your Life is perfect now and functioning now everywhere. It is the Life of every person who walks the earth. When you’re in It knowingly, you’re in the oneness, you’re in the power. That is where the glory is made manifest. Whoever is in the One Life, to him I come, and I bring with me the gifts of the Magi: Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Omniscience, the myrrh and the frankincense and the gold.

Whenever you are in the One, knowingly, and there is no other on the earth or in the sky or in the sea, there I Am, the living God, and we are One. It was John, who, in one of his epistles said to his disciples, dear ones, accept no idols. And on that we shall end today’s little talk. You know what you are. Accept no idols.

Thanks very much.

Today we want to begin our study of the Holy Ghost to understand that there is no possible demonstration on this earth for anyone unless that individual has learned to receive the Ghost. Now, you’ll find very strangely that, if you go through the Old Testament, you won’t find the word at all. The Holy Ghost was not given to the world in the Old Testament. It was veiled. Such words like “Samuel did not [yet] know the Lord” meant he had not received the Holy Ghost.

There was the word “Holy breath” and people had visions of God off somewhere breathing into them a new life. Just how it was accomplished, nobody seemed to know. There’s a statement that Moses married Shekinah and that is as veiled as a statement can get because Shekinah was this Spirit, this Presence, this Light in the holy arc between the cherubim over the arc, and the marriage of Moses to Shekinah really meant that he had received the Holy Ghost.

Always, man not being ready to receive the Ghost, a foundation had to be laid instead. And so people had no idea why they could never really come to God. They gave away pigeons and bullocks and doves and all kinds of sacrifices, but this was all a preparation to make them know that they had to begin giving something of themselves. This was to lay a foundation in the consciousness of man which later would be called “Deny thyself. Pick up thy cross. Follow me.” And these words have often meant to the world to chase after the prophets or to follow the spiritual personalities, but always the veil was deny your human ego, deny your human selfhood, accept the Christ or Light of your Being, which was picking up your cross and then follow me, the Holy Ghost, all of which is done within your consciousness. To become aware of the Holy Ghost is the way.

When you become aware of Christ in you, then the activity of Christ which is the Holy Ghost becomes your way of life and all human demonstration is impossible without the Holy Ghost. And so in the New Testament, we find reference to it many times, but what we do not find is the appreciation of the world that the man called Jesus walking the earth was the Holy Ghost. And so, when we try to follow the man, we lose sight of the fact that the Holy Ghost is doing the miracle work; and when we hear that If you believe on me, the works that I do you shall do, if we’re thinking of the man, we do not realize the Holy Ghost is saying If you believe on Me, the works that I do, you shall do.

And, where am I? You can’t find me in somebody else. You’ve got to find Me in yourself, and then you become conscious that where you are is that Holy Ghost. You can’t walk away from it. I will never leave you. You can ignore it. You can pretend it doesn’t exist. You can pretend it’s just a word in the Bible, or you can do as those have done who are called illumined. You can say this Holy Ghost is the activity of God on earth, it’s the activity of the Infinite. It’s the miracle worker who doeth the works. The Holy Ghost is the Father within, and “I can of mine own self do nothing:” without the Father within. The “Father worketh hitherto.” The Holy Ghost is always where you are and your failure to recognize it separates you in consciousness from your own Being.

And then of course, your demonstration is a limited human selfhood walking in the ways of the world, in the thought consciousness of the world, limited by the world’s thought, unaware that in your true Self, in the acceptance of the Holy Ghost, every frontier of limitation is pushed aside. It matters not if you were lacking supply yesterday. The moment you have attained the recognition of the Holy Ghost, then “Behold, I,” the Holy Ghost “make all things new.”

And so we find that our real limitation has been that we’re like those people back of old when Paul walked the earth, and they believed in God. We stopped them and said to them, “I hear that you believe, but have you received the Holy Ghost?” And they said, “Received it? We never even heard of it.” And this, of course, is the purpose of the entire Christ demonstration, to show you that without your awareness of the Holy Ghost where you stand, you don’t stand a ghost of a chance to demonstrate anything beyond mortality, because I go unto the Father, I am the way, I am the Truth. I am the invisible activity of the Father on earth, and unless you accept me, you’re nothing but a mortal condemned to die.

So, we find references to sheep and goats. The sheep, of course, hear My Voice. The sheep are aware of the Holy Ghost, and they are guided by it. The goats are stubborn. They’re off in their own wills and their own egos. They may, for a time, seem to prosper, but without the Ghost to guide them, they are really nothing. Their branch is cut off. That must be purged.

And we find many references to the quick and the dead. Now, quickening has always seemed to most people to be a case in which the vibrations of the body are quickened. Now that isn’t really accurate. That’s the way it appears to a human mind. Quickening means something a little different. You know that the Infinite is unfolding as You and as the Infinite unfolds, it comes through the glass darkly of human senses, and so this rate of unfoldment is rather slow. That’s why we all get so impatient. The Infinite through us unfolds so slowly because of the density of our own thought.

Now, quickening speeds up the unfoldment of the Infinite through you so that the Infinite becomes the accelerated activity of your Being made tangible and visible. This is the quickening and so, to the enlightened, more of Infinity is unfolding at a quicker pace than to the unenlightened, and this is the difference between the quick and the dead. The quick have attained recognition of the Holy Ghost. The dead, unaware that the Holy Ghost is the Life of God, are separated from the very Life they seek. They are the mortal beings, but the quick are those who have attained a measure of their own immortality while walking on the earth.

And so when Paul sees these people and they have not heard of the Holy Ghost, he’s quite amazed. How can they believe in God when we know that there are three who bear witness of God: God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Ghost?

Now, let’s get it straight, then, that we seeking to find the Truth, seeking to live the Life that is free, unhindered by human thought and human powers, unhindered by the diseases and problems of the world, unhindered by the limitation called death, we seeking the life eternal, the true life, the life that is lived in God showing forth the fulness of God’s presence, we cannot come into this until we are willing to step out of the lower states of consciousness which enslaved the world around us. And there are two. There is the material consciousness, a primitive state of consciousness, and there is the state of consciousness that many have found ourselves in, the mental. And it is most unfortunate, but that is where we have the most trouble.

We all like to understand, and we get a sort of mental indigestion while we’re doing it, not realizing that until you come above the mental consciousness, you cannot be in the mystical consciousness. You cannot be in both, and although we try to straddle the fence and be in the mystical, we remain in the mental as long as we are trying to understand. You cannot use the human mind as a creative force, as a thinking force. This is the trap and this is the trap that prevents us from receiving the mystical Consciousness of the Holy Ghost.

Now then, what is this barrier that we must overcome? What does the Ghost do when you have It? How do you prepare to receive It? How do you receive It and when you receive It, what happens? How do you prevent It from coming to you and what are the consequences if you do not receive It?

You see, all of your spiritual life depends on that Holy Ghost. John gave us the clue when he said, “The Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, . . .” But we had to find out how that Word was made flesh through the activity of the Holy Ghost.

Now, when you try mentally to understand how you can increase your supply simply by knowing about God, you’ll find that you’re chasing your tail. You’re going around and around in a circle, and even when you find something and think you know it, you don’t know it because there is no Truth in the human mind.

You see, the entire teaching of Truth is not about people at all. If you stop and think, you’ll see that Jesus was not teaching anything about people. Jesus was teaching about God, Spirit, Light, not about people. Jesus wasn’t teaching people how to improve their lot in life or how to heal their wounds or how to be better, more comfortable, more successful people. He was teaching them how to break the veil, how to walk out of the world of matter into my Father’s Kingdom, which is not from hence. That’s a backward way of saying “which is right here.”

When he said, “My Kingdom is not of this world:” he added, and my Father’s Kingdom is “not from hence.” You don’t have to go anywhere. Open to the Holy Ghost.

Now, every miracle done on this earth was done by the Holy Ghost. Everything that you’re trying to do must be done by the Holy Ghost. And if you keep on trying to do it, you’re going to have alternate success and failure, and ultimate failure. You cannot do it. Only the invisible Spirit can do it. God must run God’s Universe, not a mortal being. There must be a surrender, an understanding that until I attain a recognition of the Holy Ghost, I am a limited being; and if I have failure after failure or success and failure alternating, it is because I am trying, with my own mentality, to encompass the Infinite, and it cannot be done.

You see, this brain is kind of like a nozzle of a long hose, and when you try to use the nozzle, you’re not going to water the garden. You have to have the whole hose, all of it. And if you try to think your way into Reality through this little nozzle of a brain, you’ll find you don’t have any connection to the Infinite. You’re wasting time. It’s kind of like a painter who might drive miles and miles and miles to find the perfect scene and finally arrives there and sets up his canvas; and there it is, breathtakingly beautiful, ready to paint. He reaches for his palette, and he finds he only has his two colors, black and white. What can he do? The essential is missing. You cannot paint the Infinite with the human mind. Your palette is too limited. The palette of the Infinite can only be painted by the Holy Ghost, comprehended and made flesh.

And so, let us erase the thought that I with my brilliant brain and my capacity to think and to understand and to reason can walk in the spiritual universe. This is the perennial trap of all those who are eager and dedicated but refuse to see that “deny thyself” means precisely what it says; that “pick up thy cross” means you must let the Christ mind do the work. You must erase the human mind, and then the Holy Ghost will say, “Follow me. My Father worketh hitherto. I will go before you. I will do the work. I will take you into the fulfillment of everything that is called a promise in the Bible. I know where the land of milk and honey is. I am omnipresent.”

And now, we’re ready to do what the Bible says. We’re ready to live the one Life. There’s your second trap. You want to draw from the world to yourself, and it won’t work. You’ve got to give to the world from yourself and that will work, and the reason is that you must turn from the outer. Instead of pulling it in from the outer, you must let the Holy Ghost give it out from the inner. That’s a completely different sense of supply and health and everything else. If your supply has been dollars, dollars, dollars, you don’t have it. You’re going to run out someday.

No matter who you are, your supply must be different than dollars. Your supply must be the Holy Ghost. When you have the Holy Ghost, I have twelve baskets full, I can feed the multitudes, I am greater than he who walks the earth. You must have a spiritual sense of supply, a spiritual sense of health, a spiritual sense of living. For instance, if your spiritual sense of supply is present, you’re not looking for dollars. It’s not on your mind. What you’re looking for is to accept and receive the feeling of the Holy Ghost within you, and then the miracle of the Holy Ghost is the Word made flesh. I, the invisible knoweth your needs. I, the invisible will appear as that which you seek.

Now, you have a new dimension. Before, you were asking, seeking and knocking for dollars. You asked God for dollars. You asked the Spirit for dollars. You knocked for dollars. It doesn’t come that way. You accept the Holy Ghost and then I, the Holy Ghost, intercede for you with the Father. I, the Holy Ghost, ask and seek and knock. I, the Holy Ghost, appear as. I am the miracle worker. Everything you do must come to that Holy Ghost.

So, let’s locate it. When you find it, you’ll discover that it has no partiality. It isn’t going to favor Jim over Jack or Mary over Peter. The Holy Ghost is on this earth this minute, not only in an individual, but in every individual and between every individual and above every individual and below every individual. The Holy Ghost on earth today is ready to move aside every mountain of problem that the world knows, but it must be accepted individually in consciousness.

The great power to redeem and regenerate the earth is here and always has been, but we have tried to draw some of it to our-self, to make it my personal property, and that’s another trap. You cannot do it. You must leave the government of the invisible Kingdom in the hands of the Ghost. You must give yourself to It in total confidence that It knoweth all needs and that it is the living will of the Father on earth present here, even though the human senses are unaware of it.

We turn and we surrender to the invisible Ghost, which is that creative force on earth which is dynamic but invisible. We accept It in my consciousness, in my heart, and then we confide in It. Then we trust It. Then we are guided by It, and It is the seamless garment. It is the one, infinite, invisible Self. Its magic is beyond description. It is everywhere, and from the depths of Itself, It produces Itself wherever it Is needed in its quantities and qualities, in just the way you would have wanted It if you were writing out your own prescription.

But you cannot direct it or manipulate it. You cannot even seek or desire a thing or an object or a condition. You must accept that It is all knowing, or else you are entering in with a human mind and you will fractionalize the Infinite again. And you will, again, be in the glass darkly which sees only what is in your own thought.

Now, try and accept the Holy Ghost. Perhaps this will help you. God is not unconscious, and God is not absent. God is present and conscious and running God’s universe. The Son of God, the Christ, is each individual Identity when realized; and when realized, that Christ becomes the activity of that Ghost on earth. For you to receive the Ghost, you must know yourself to be the Light of God, the Christ. You must accept this before the Ghost will function where you are in your consciousness. If you have not made this acceptance, you cannot expect the miracle of the Holy Ghost to guide you.

Now, watch closely and see that Jesus was demonstrating that the Holy Ghost is everywhere on this earth. There is not a single place in time or space where the Holy Ghost is not now in full strength. The complete and total activity of God is in that Holy Ghost, and it is there where the Father says, “All that I have is thine:” your supply, your health, your body, your relationships, wherever they may be. Everything you seek, everything you have sought, everything you will ever need unto eternity is now present and active as the Holy Ghost on earth.

This is the living God. It’s like a tremendous power plant. You hook into It with your conscious recognition of Its invisible Presence, and then you don’t try to run It. You let your human selfhood be the nozzle through which this Infinite pours. And let It pour at Its own pace, at Its own quickened way to whatever level It feels necessary. And be grateful. Count your blessings for this is how the miracle of Life begins.

We learn little about the early Jesus because his life began with the receiving of the Holy Ghost, and then every miracle poured forth. And after resurrection, we have the Acts. The Acts mean something very important to all of us. The Acts mean the deeds that were accomplished by those who received the Holy Ghost after Jesus walked from the earth. And so, we have the Gospels and the Epistles of Paul, but before and between those Epistles and the Gospels, we have the Acts.

We have the Holy Ghost received by the disciples. We have the tongues of flames. We have them speaking in tongues, and we have everywhere a disciple now converted from a normal human being into one who has power, into one who can do the works because he has received the Ghost. And everywhere they go, they bestow the Ghost, meaning they lift those around them into the realization of it. They raise the I within, and those who receive the Ghost go forth and do the mighty works.

All through the Acts, we see the result of what happens when individuals turn from the mental consciousness, the material consciousness, above even extra-sensory perception and psychism, and open themselves, carte blanche, to the Invisible God: “Take over Father. Thy servant heareth. I accept that the presence of the Spirit is right here, functioning, bubbling over. I don’t have to make it so. I merely have to step out of the thought of this world.”

First, there’s a man, Jesus and he promises: If you take this body away, “in three days” you’re going to see it again. “I will raise it up.” Who’s saying that? The Holy Ghost: “I will raise it up.” And then, there’s no Jesus. He’s gone, but I is still there to raise it up, the Holy Ghost. Now that invisible Holy Ghost, which is still there to raise it up, is there when Jesus appears there at the beginning. Where Jesus stands, the invisible Holy Ghost is saying, “If you destroy this body, I will raise it up.” And then the body is gone, and that invisible Holy Ghost then raises it up. But that Ghost is always present, before the resurrection, before the crucifixion, wherever Jesus stands, you’re looking at the Holy Ghost: I am the Light. I am the way.

Then he looks at you and he says, “Ye are the Light.” Who’s saying it to you? The Holy Ghost. But how can the Holy Ghost, which is invisible, say to you that you are the Light when It just said It is the Light? It’s telling you that I, the Holy Ghost, which is here standing behind Jesus as the Light of his Being, as the invisible Self of him, I am standing where you are right now, and I am the Light of you, and I am the Holy Ghost of you; and unless you know me, you cannot know the Father. If you know that I am the Holy Ghost of you now, you know the Truth that will make you free. And if you do not know it and cannot accept it, you are separated from the Truth that makes you free.

I, who walk the earth as Jesus Christ, who did the miracles as Jesus Christ, I am the Holy Ghost of you now and have been since before your birth, and I will always be the Holy Ghost of you. I will never leave you, and one of these fine days, you will know me as I am. And that is when you will sit back and let go of this mortal self you’ve been carrying around in your mind, for there never was such a one. I, the Holy Ghost, am your Being. There is I and not you. There is one infinite Holy Ghost, and It is I and not you. And if you want to live in the fraction, you must be purged. If you want to live in the Infinite Self, then you must follow Me.

And you follow this Ghost as a sheep, not a goat, as one who is ready and willing to be anointed, to receive the inner divinity, to trust, to know. And then you’re taken out of all duality. You’re taken into the mystical Consciousness, and the mystical Consciousness is not limited to a room or a place or a time. The mystical Consciousness is everywhere the Holy Ghost is, and that is how the miracle begins.

Now, in your mystical Consciousness, you are living in the Kingdom of God on earth. You’re not under the law of this world. You’re not harassed by circumstances. You’re not fooled by appearances; and you’re not separated from any being who walks this earth, no matter what form they take, no matter how pleasant or how ugly. You know your Self to be One Being, with no limitation in space or time. You see, if you want the Infinite to function where this form appears, you must first accept that you are the Infinite.

Now, we all put up these barricades that prevent the Holy Ghost from entering our experience. It cannot enter a human experience. The Holy Ghost can only enter the body of Spirit. The Holy Ghost can only walk in the invisible Kingdom of God, and if you’re not living there in your Consciousness, you are not permitting the Holy Ghost to function your Being. In your mystical Consciousness, you can say with Jesus, “Who seeth me seeth the Father. I speak not my own words but the doctrine of the inner Self. I’m not living my life. The Holy Ghost is living it here.”

All around you, you become alive, and that is the flames of fire that the disciples received when they received the Ghost. You become alive. You speak with tongues because you are raised up above human differences. It should read: You speak all tongues because you are raised up above the belief that there are separate people and separate races and separate nations. You are lifted up to that realm where there is only One, and so, you speak all tongues. In that One, you have found the Reality that you could not find as a separate individual. Only in the Reality of One can you live the divine Life, and you can’t do that mentally. It’s impossible. The only way you can do that is to surrender and let the Ghost do it for you. Now, that’s where Grace must be, in the surrender to the Ghost, the feeling of its Presence.

And so let’s try now to recognize that all of the New Testament, every word of it, is to teach you that where your body appears, the Holy Ghost is standing, doing a perfect job. That means no matter what you are doing now in the flesh, that is only your mental interpretation; and invisibly there stands the perfection of God’s activity. That Holy Ghost is the divine Image. Your concept of It is your human image, and as you receive more of It, It will change the human image to the Divine.

Now we are but children learning to begin the process of regeneration. Regeneration refines the body, refines the mind, refines the experience of this life, bringing it closer and closer to the divine Image. Regeneration feeds you from the Infinite. It feeds you the fullness of God. That’s how the Word, which is Christ, is made flesh and appears among us. The first born who received the Word receives the activity of the Word, which was the Ghost, and then was reborn of the Spirit and the Truth and was able to walk among us in a body, not subject to this world. We are to follow, and we follow by letting ourselves be regenerated by the activity of the Infinite pouring Itself through the unmolested, the untouched Holy Ghost; and this is your Immaculate Conception. This is how you must be re-conceived of the Spirit.

This is not a teaching for people. It’s a teaching about God and God’s Word, and God’s Will, and God’s Substance. This is a teaching for those who are ready to accept their immortality on the earth and to live in the image of God under divine law, in the body of the Soul under spiritual law. And as long as we cling to our yesterdays, to our cherished human ideas,—Even the highest of these human ideas is a limitation—[but] we’re breaking the shell, breaking through the veil of time and space, of matter and form, of ego and will, and letting that which is called the Way be the Way in our lives. We’ re no longer going to be goats, but sheep, and the inner shepherd is that Ghost which goes directly to the Father.

All around us, It is now functioning. You will not attain It. It is here. You will not become It. It is here. You will not rise up to It. It is here. You don’t go to It. You withdraw from the belief of a human selfhood. You withdraw from the belief in a human mind. You withdraw from the belief that there are powers in this world, that there is power in human thought and human muscles and human weapons. You withdraw from the belief that there is power in things. You withdraw from the belief that there is power in money, drugs, medicine, surgery. You withdraw from the belief that there is power in anything except the Holy Ghost.

All power is in the Ghost. It is the One power. It is omnipotent, and if you cannot accept that you have to work until you can. It will not share its omnipotence with you while you still have an idol, a second self, or belief in other powers, because any belief you have in a second power means that you’re in a second selfhood; and I repeat, the Ghost will only function in Itself. It will not function in a mortal consciousness. The consciousness must change.

Those of you who find that this appeals to you and hits a responsive chord in you are ready to do that or have done it; and whoever says, “Well, this is not for me,” it would be better that you realize that, because if it’s not for you you shouldn’t be doing it. You should seek an easier teaching because this is not an easy teaching. This is the most difficult teaching on this earth. It is the narrow path, and it is for those who have exhausted every other possibility for themselves and are looking for that which will take them into the Infinite on earth. It is meant for those who are ready to throw away all of the fetters of the human mind, for those who are not seeking human betterment but have reached the place where they know that if you are in the Spirit, you are self-contained in every possible way.

Now, what we’ve done so far today, and maybe in the second half, is really just a meager beginning for our study of the Ghost, but unless all consciousness is centered on the knowledge that the Ghost is all that is present here and is all that is present in this universe, we are not in the One Life; and how can you receive from the One Life, if you’re not in It?

The all-ness of the Spirit cannot flow except within Itself. The withdrawal from everything that is not your spiritual Self must be done, and so now I feel the Ghost is a necessity for every day. It is the invisible Infinite. It is present. If you cannot acknowledge It in all thy ways, It cannot direct thy path, and so you’ve got this job to do right where you are. Can you let go? Can you release this human self? Can you fall back and relax upon the infinite invisible Ghost of God, the activity of God, the knowledge of the presence of God, saying, “It is here, I accept, I release all of my own activity?” If you can’t, don’t expect any miracles. If you can, expect the greatest because the greater works will you do if you believe on me, on My Presence, on My Reality, on my nearness. So Paul says we live in God, “in Him we live, and move, and have our being.”

The activity right now of the Holy Ghost can be realized as your Being. You’ll know when you realize it because you’ll say, “Well, what am I fighting for? What am I striving for? Everything that I have done in the way of striving was a denial of this Ghost. Instead of resting in the Word, I have been striving.” But it says rest, rest. That means believe on Me. I am infinite Mind, right here, infinite body, infinite law, infinite principle, infinite purpose fulfilled. Believe on Me, and then the only work you have is to continue believing on Me. That’s how you rest. You rest in the knowledge that all this is true.

Here and now, the Spirit of God, Christ of God, the Ghost of God are all My One Being. That’s Who I am, and because of It my work is already done. I trust the Word to be flesh. I trust the Power to be the power. I trust the Mind to be the mind. I rest my second self, the one who didn’t think that the Power was here. To you, the Holy Ghost becomes a living Truth, not an abstraction; and you are really moving out of the visible into the invisible, out of the world into the Kingdom, out of the speculation and doubt and confusion into the peace, My Presence, My Love. My power, My Truth, My perfect Universe all around You.

The disciples could do that, and they stayed in that consciousness for a long time faithfully; and then one day, the sky broke open, Heavens descended to the son of man. One day, everything was magnified upon the earth to them, and they could walk forth now as Sons of God realized. Each could say, “I live; yet not I. Christ liveth my Life, and that activity of the Christ is the Father working hitherto as the Holy Ghost.” Dollars will appear. Supply will appear. Food will appear. Health will appear, but mostly the invisible body is being built. It walks through the fire that needs no human help of any kind, that never stops at the grave but continues right on walking in the invisible Kingdom. That is the body of the Holy Ghost, the body of pure Consciousness.

Please let your efforts be concentrated on the acceptance of this invisible, living Activity of God all around you. If you could see It fizz, move, think, be, you’d know how real It is. It is the only reality around you, and the moment you have withdrawn the belief that the living forms you see are Reality, you will feel this invisible Power. You will break the veil of the glass darkly. You won’t be worrying about physical forms or human lives. You will behold Him face to face, and then instead of saying, “I do not know the Lord,” you like Moses will be married to Shekinah; and like Jesus you could say, “The Father and I are One.”

There’s a new meaning to: “If I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you;” before, it meant if Jesus went not away, the disciples would not find the Comforter, the Holy Ghost, but that I is the human I, the personal I; and he was telling each of us, “If the personal I of you does not go away, the Comforter will not come to you.” If the personal I go not away, the Comforter cannot come because the Comforter must come to that house which is the Consciousness of God, not to a personal ego seeking betterment. If ego goes not away, if self-will goes not away, if personal sense of me goes not away, if my humanhood is still held here as a fact, then for you there is no Holy Ghost to live your infinite, perfect Life. Choose ye this day.

Maybe this is something of what Paul said to those men when they had not heard of the Ghost. He had to prepare them to know that God didn’t create a Universe and then walk out of it and leave it to someone else to run. God is present in every inch of God’s Universe as the only Being, and that activity of God being the only Being is the Holy Ghost. When you know It is the real activity of You, You will say, “Father, how could I have doubted that You were somewhere else? You are the activity of Me now.” And all God being invisible, all that activity is invisible, and that’s where You”re accepted, in the invisible. Otherwise, you’ll never see it in the visible.

Now, we’ll just rest a moment.


All around us is activity. Be aware of it, even though your senses do not know this. All around us is activity. It is Life being Itself. It is all-knowing Life, all powerful Life, all Being. It is all around us constantly, twenty-four hours a day. There’s no more of It over here and no less of It over there. Everywhere is invisible, perfect Life being Itself. The only way you lose it is to try to be a second life; and so you start doing with your mind, with your body, with your hopes, with your emotions, and now you have broken the continuity of the Infinite. You’re in the finite of your own conscious thought. You’re walking with the world, and in this separation, all that the Father is, is knocking at your door, but you have no way to open that door. You keep it outside of your experience.

Conversely, if you are willing to be still, to rest, to abide, to accept and to let, you simply stand knowing, and in your knowing you are accepting with the two-edge sword. You are accepting on this side that all around me is action, perfect action of perfect God in every possible way. Not one single thing is missing. You must know this. And on the other side, whatever comes to you to deny this, that’s where you use the other side of your sword. Whatever comes at you to deny this, you cut away. You refuse to accept any visible denial of the Truth that perfection is all around you bubbling over. You don’t try to make anything happen. You don’t seek anything. You accept the infinite perfection all around you as a living fact, and anything that denies this cannot be true if this is true.

Somebody says, “You’ve got a cancer.” Well that’s a denial of the fact that the infinite invisible Activity of God is present doing Its job. And so, if it is, the cancer must be a lie. If you accept the cancer, you are denying the Holy Ghost as being present, and as you deny It, obviously you lose It. As you accept It, you must reject the belief that there is a cancer. You say, “Will that remove it?” It will appear to you as if it removes it because it cannot be there in the first place. It can only seem to be. All that is there is the perfect Activity of the Holy Ghost and no other.

That is the Truth everywhere you are. All that is there is the perfect Activity of the Holy Ghost, and It isn’t the Holy Ghost of somebody else or some other being. It’s the Holy Ghost of You. It is your Being that you’re accepting as the perfect Activity of God. You see, that’s not two anymore. That’s One I am. That Activity of the Holy Ghost, I am; and what’s this thing saying “cancer?” What’s this thing saying “rheumatism?” What’s this thing saying “lack of dollars?” Perfect activity of the Holy Ghost, I am.

If I am and because I am, these denials that appear in the world cannot be true. If they are true in my consciousness, then I am saying that I am not, and this is how we all lose Identity. We’re all declaring every day, “I am not. I have this wrong and that wrong.” And therefore, the activity of God standing here as the Ghost is not here. We deny the Ghost. We deny the Presence. We deny our Identity. We deny our spiritual Reality, and then we bemoan the fact that we don’t see the activity of God in our lives.

Deny thyself. And so your double-edged sword is one side, to accept what is, and the other side, to reject or cut-away what is not. You don’t have to resist it. Recognize it as a nothingness. You don’t have to kill the snake that isn’t there. Recognize it as not there. The recognition of what is not there, even though it seems to be, is the end of the hypnosis. Whenever you recognize the non-reality of what seems to be there, you will find that it disappears, because only the Holy Ghost is there and the more you work with that until you know it to be true, until every fiber of your being shouts, “Here stands the Son of God, the living Activity of God, and only that;” When that happens, you’re ready to begin walking, not in a limited place but everywhere. You’re ready to explore the invisible Kingdom.

We should all feel this out-of-the-body experience, because when you feel it you will have enough food to continue in that direction. You won’t be concentrating on a little me standing in a little form, but the very atmosphere all around you will be charged with a different kind of excitement. That’s how you’ll recognize the quickening which makes the invisible Word flesh.

Nothing should surprise you, then, because the miracles that pour forth are not miracles at all. They’re merely Reality becoming visible because you have accepted It. There are no miracles in God. Perfection is the law, the rule, the permanent dispensation. As this perfection appears, we call it miracles, but it’s always present and that’s all that is, present. I and the Holy Ghost are One and the same.

“I and the Father are one” is a very uplifting and inspirational phrase that many of us have used. The Master said it, but the Master didn’t just say it. The Master lived it. The Master practiced it, and the Master demonstrated the meaning of it by showing that oneness always externalizes as harmony, perfection.

Now when you say I and the Father are one, you might as well go the rest of the way if you want that phrase to be meaningful for you: The Father is invisible. The Father is non-physical. And so I and the non-physical Father are One. I and the invisible Father are One. What does that make me, this I that I’m supposed to be? Am I physical and visible while the Father is invisible and non-physical, and yet we are One? No, I’m saying we are One while I am accepting that I am not One with the Father at all, if I still believe that I am a visible being in a physical form.

When Jesus said, “I and the Father are One,” he was revealing that he was living in the Soul Body, which is invisible, and he was not a visible Being, and he was not a physical Being. That was the revelation of “I and the Father are One.”

Now we know Life begins in God. If It doesn’t, we don’t have Life. But God is the beginning and the end. The Life that begins in God never gets outside of God. Your Life begins in God, but it never gets outside of God. It’s always invisible, non-physical. And therefore, in order to experience the healing Grace, you must be that Life of God which never gets outside of God, which is invisible and non-physical. And that acceptance of your Self is Christ Consciousness.

I am invisible Being. The Father is invisible Being, and I and the Father are that One invisible Being. God never becomes less than God. The Life of God never becomes less or other than Itself, and for the law of Spirit to function in your Being, you must be spiritual Being. We’ve all looked for the Power, the Presence and the Mind of God, but you won’t find it in the world. You will only find it in Spirit. You will only find it in that Universe which is made of the Spirit of God, for there is no other.

We have all, in some measure, made up our own teaching. We haven’t quite approved of the Christ teaching; and we haven’t, if you get down to facts, we haven’t really had faith in God. We have been able to make statements, but to have faith in God means to accept that God is what the Bible tells us God is, and to have faith in God, then, must mean that I have faith that wherever God is, the Power of God is functioning. Wherever God is, the Mind of God is functioning; and therefore, if God is where I stand, the Power of God must be here functioning. And the moment I accept the power of evil, the power of error, the power of anything other than the Power of God, I am not having faith in God at all.

I am not even believing in God’s presence, and I am falling into the error of believing that God is almighty only upstairs, but not downstairs. I have faith in a God far away, but I have no faith in the God on earth. I have no faith that the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; and yet, if I did have such faith, I would have to say, God being everywhere present, right here, God’s presence means God’s living power, and there is nothing to push that power aside. This error must be the same mental illusion that shows forth a leper or a storm at sea or a lack or limitation. They cannot exist here because the power of God alone is here. And then, you see, you’re accepting the invisible power of God as being present. You’re accepting the Infinite Force.

Now suppose somebody says to you, “Your child is drowning in Herbert Fitch’s swimming pool.” If you know I don’t have a swimming pool, you know your child is safe. You don’t have to worry about that child drowning in Herbert Fitch’s swimming pool. He doesn’t have one. Now, when someone tells you there’s an error, they’re telling you the same kind of thing. They’re telling you that someone is making a mistake in God’s kingdom. There can’t be a mistake in God’s kingdom, and therefore no mistake is possible. There can’t be a mistake where God is present, and God is present everywhere, and therefore, there can be no mistake.

There can’t be an error or an evil where God is, and God is everywhere, and therefore, the error or the evil cannot be there. You don’t have to worry about the nature of it. It is the denial of the presence of God, and if you have accepted the Infinite Force of God everywhere, what’s the difference how many denials appear in the world? They’re nothing to you. The Infinite Force of God is everywhere; and its opposite cannot be there because that Infinite Force is the only Power, and nothing can stop it from maintaining its perfection everywhere.

So you can finally rest back in the Infinite Force. It is your Self. It is everywhere. It is invisible, but It is the only Presence, and It is being Itself everywhere now. Something in you turns, changes; and this is the change of consciousness that you saw in the leper. He first worshipped. He then said, . . . if “thou wilt, thou canst . . .” And this change of consciousness brought forth “I will; be thou clean.” So it is in us, as we accept the presence of the invisible Father, we accept the qualities of the invisible Father, and now we have omnipotence as one of the qualities of the invisible Force. Our function is to hold in consciousness to this, no matter what we see.

Now, all of you who have called me from time to time and have said I hurt or I this or I that, if you could have called me with the knowledge that, in spite of the fact that you hurt, God is where you are, this would be the opening that the leper gave to Christ Jesus. When the leper said, when it is said that he worshipped Him, that is the same as you recognizing that where you are is God. Even though you’re suffering, you’re willing to accept that God is where you are. Then I can assure you, even before you pick up the telephone sometimes, you’ll find you are feeling better because it’s the acceptance of God where you are which is opening your consciousness to the Presence and its power where you are.

When we call a man or a woman to help us, without the knowledge that we are really seeking the presence of God and that It is right where we are, we may get our healing. Some of you have. But you’ll find that your karma still remains, and sometimes the accumulated karma of centuries just doesn’t give way until there is a total turning of consciousness to the acceptance that it matters not what I suffer from, here where I stand God has to Be, and all I’m really suffering from is my inability to reach the knowledge that God IS where I stand. That’s all we can suffer from, the separation from that presence of God which never goes away.

You see how we can help each other in the healing work when we are open to the knowledge that even this pain will not convince me that God has gone somewhere. It is my consciousness that still has a sense of mortality, still has belief that I am visible, physical being, I am still living in the external effects. I have not yet accepted God. I have not yet accepted that God’s Universe is all Spirit. You see, that’s lack of faith in God. We all have it. There is something in us that still does not accept God on God’s terms, that I am Spirit and beside Me there is no other.

All of Judaism was completely unaware that God is Spirit and beside God there is no other. While they were boasting that there is one God, they didn’t know that only God is. And all of the New Testament is to repair that error. There’s not only one God, only God is, and therefore, who’s hurting? In the acceptance of a hurt, you’re saying that there’s another besides God, you, and you’re not accepting spiritual Identity.

Now, the halfway place is where you accept spiritual Identity, even though you hurt, and that is how you turn and fall on your knees before Spirit, before Christ in you. You’re like Jacob. The intruder, the idea of hurting, the mortal mind which says to you, “God isn’t here. You have a problem,” you must wrestle with it. You must face it and not let it go until it blesses you, until you can, by knowing I, Spirit, am and the Infinite Force of Spirit is always present where I am. There is no one in the universe who can push it away. It is omnipresent.

That Infinite Force, which is omnipresent, is here; and this is where I will find It, right here now. Where is it? It is I. It is my Being. That’s where I will find It. Now, you’re out of duality. There’s not a human finding It. There’s a human discovering there’s no human there. There’s only I, the Infinite Force, and now the Father is glorifying the Father where you stand. Christ liveth your Life. That’s the purpose of this class, to come to the realization that the Infinite Force I am, and there is no other, for It is that realization that builds the invisible body of the Soul. It is that realization that single-handedly removes the thorns in the side. Those thorns remain for quite a while. They remain until the shadow of turning called “mortal self” is dropped from your belief.

I and the Father are invisible, non-physical Being; and finally, the Father being the Infinite Force, the Infinite Force and I are One and the same. Where is love? It’s in the Infinite Force right where you are. Where is security? In the Infinite Force. Where is Life eternal? In the Infinite Force right where you are. There is nothing external to the Infinite Force right where you are. It is Self-contained, Self-fulfilling, Self-expressing unto Eternity, and all Law is in the Law of the Infinite Force that You are. You don’t seek It. You don’t knock for It. You don’t ask for It. You are It.

The other day, I felt a draft at the window. I’d often wondered, “Where do you really feel that draft, where you are, or is there something in you, external to yourself, that feels that draft right at the window?” And after a bit of work on this, especially after having thought about it for a number of years, you realize that you are picking up the draft at the window. You have a mind right there which picks it up and then transmits to this brain, here, what the mind is experiencing at the window. It’s as if the body were inside a larger mind, and you’ll find your mind is larger than your body and not encased within it. That same mind is picking up things all around the Universe that you think are happening to you here, but that mind is picking them up there and relaying them to the brain here.

When you start building this way out into that Mind, you will feel a different level of Consciousness which is not contained within the form. It won’t be a little brain looking out. It will be a You that is that Mind out there picking up your data, your impressions in the world, sending them back to this; and as you rest out there, the meaning of “Be still and know that I am God” takes a different significance. Be still out there, and as you’re still in the Mind out there, there’s no place for world thought to go.

And so as I practice this, not being still here alone, but out there, you find that this inner Self here is insulated against world thought. It’s like you took a glass dome and put it over you, and nothing could touch you. This outer Mind becomes the place where you’re still, not here in the brain alone, and that takes you out of the senses for a while. It’s a step toward being even released from the outer brain, outer mind into the Infinite, but it does take you out of the body. You’ll find that just as you rest in that outer Mind, knowing that whatever it receives it sends to this body; if you could turn it around and reverse it, just as it brings you the moon, it can take you to the moon. Just as it takes distant places into you, it can take you to those distant places when you turn ye.

Now, this isn’t words anymore. It’s something, though, that must be practiced, and the way I found to practice it is this. You’re sitting in a room and you’re realizing that whatever happens in that room is happening in your Mind, and your Mind is as large as that room, and all of the room is in your Mind. When you hear a person speak, you’re not hearing them in your ears first. You’re right there where their mouth seems to be. That’s where your mind is, and that’s where you hear it and relay it to the ear. And I had an immediate opportunity to practice this in a strange way. I want to tell you how it fell into place so you can see the advantage of knowing that what you experience where the form is, is experienced first by your mind outside of your form and almost instantaneously right in the body where the brain is.

Playing with this a while, you feel a strange freedom, an un-attachment because you’re lifted out of the physical self into the mental self and you rest in that mental self, knowing whatever I see I don’t see from where I stand. I see it where it happens and then transmit that, which I see where it happens, to where I’m standing. My mind is out there experiencing it right where it happens and sending it back home to this form. And therefore, if I see error out there, the place to deny it is not here where the body is, but out there where the mind is receiving it. A very strange way to heal isn’t it?

And so your call comes, and it’s someone far away. Now, up to that moment, you may have been practicing that somebody was phoning you. But you see, nobody is really phoning you at all. Your mind is picking that up right where the individual is, and your mind is contacting you here. Then, if you will shut your mind there on the scene of the error, not where your body is, but where the error is taking place,—It is only an error in your mind there—and if you will not let your mind there believe it, you can release the error instantly. Try it. If you get the feel of it, you’ll be quite amazed.

So this particular night, that’s what happened. It just fell into place that, “Why, that isn’t somebody phoning at all. That’s my mind there calling me here.” “Be still” meant the mind there be still, and It was. That was it. There wasn’t anything else to do. Now try it. You’ll find that the deeper you go into the healing work, the more amazed you are by the things that come to you.

Build this outer insulation knowing that if my outer mind—which is everywhere, which is picking up things like an antenna—can be still, then world mind has no place in me, no place because the only error that’s visible to you is through the mind that God didn’t create; and if that mind is still out there, you’ll discover that world mind has no place in you. Your vacuum isn’t just the vacuum in the skull. It’s a vacuum much, much larger than you would have ever estimate. It becomes a cosmic vacuum, and that awakens you from the cosmic sleep which Jesus revealed.

Now we may have one foot out of the visible pretty well now. Those of you who can practice these things will find that Infinite Force is Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent; and that is the name we have been giving to God. God is that Infinite Force. That Infinite Force is God, and because it is that from which all things are imagined, if you rest in It in your Consciousness, firmly turning away all external belief, you will find that Infinite Force will express Itself as the full harmony of Being.

There is not an Infinite Force and your friend. There is not an Infinite Force and you. There is Infinite Force, and there is nothing else; and the one who accepts him Self to be that Infinite Force rejects everything else that is finite, limited, temporary, transient, subject to change. That Infinite Force never changes, and it is the only Reality of this Universe. When you identify with It, you have found Christ.

I’d like to feel that people can come to you, and you will identify them as the Infinite Force in your Consciousness, having lived in that awareness long before they come to you; and that you can go anywhere in the world as that living Infinite Force, knowing that no matter where you go, that is all that exists, and is all that ever has existed, and all that ever will exist. Its name is God. Its name is any name you care to give it. But if it’s your Consciousness, then you have nothing more to ask because that is asking in my Name.

If it’s in your Consciousness, then you are fulfilling the very meaning of this first chapter of Joel’s in Contemplative Life. What good is God, what good is the Infinite Force, what good is Omnipotence, Omnipresence and Omniscience if you have no conscious awareness of them? They are all around us, but they can only function in the Consciousness that is aware of them day in, day out, without ceasing. To be conscious that the Infinite Force is all there is will bring to you its activity.

Now, when you read this first chapter, and some of you probably did, you saw that the purpose of all this work is to build the consciousness of Spirit. Spirit is that Infinite Force, and you were told to acknowledge It, to praise It, to consciously be aware of It at all times, to do everything within your power to keep the Word of Consciousness alive within you. You may have seen in the Orientals how they seem to be just praising God without rhyme or reason all the time. Well, the reason is you’ve got to keep conscious of the presence of God for the presence of God to be functioning in your experience.

You may start inventing all kinds of little ways to remain conscious of the presence of God because that’s the lifeline to the Infinite: Praise and thanksgiving unto the Father. Break out in song. Rejoice. Always, every moment in which you are conscious of God’s presence as the Infinite Force of your very Being is a dedication to your own eternal Life, and the moment you can be persuaded to drop that, then you are not praying without ceasing. You are breaking the lifeline of Reality. You are stepping into another personality at that moment, and you are inviting the karma of the world to make you a target once more.

Now, there have been a number of things said in this meeting, then, that should take us a little deeper, free us a little more. They all depend on things falling into your own individual groove of understanding. When you do, change the words if you wish. It doesn’t matter what the words are, but build that place which is so holy, that no matter what the world tempts you to believe, you cannot be drawn out of that holy place where the only Reality for you is the perfect Infinite Force that the world calls God.

Then ten thousand can fall at your right and a thousand at your left. It cannot come nigh your Consciousness, and what cannot enter your Consciousness cannot express as your experience. You’ll build your own Spiritual Universe by knowing the Truth that makes you free. Now this Infinite Force I am opens like a flower. You’ll find there’s nothing that you’re not. Please work with it. It’ll be very rewarding.

Next week we’ll have two Infinite Way classes. There will be one in Santa Cruz. You can ask Muriel West about it next Sunday, and there will be one here. Those of you who are near there will be happy to know there’s a tape group going to be up there, too, and again, you can ask Muriel West about that. If any of you hear of other tape groups that you want me to mention, please tell me. Thanks very much for being here.

Today we’re going to try to do something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and that is to touch a place in each of us where the healing Consciousness becomes a very potent, practical daily way of Life, not just something we hope to discover in the future. The healing Consciousness is not just to heal a backache. It’s to glorify the Father in you in every possible way. And really, if you cannot develop a healing Consciousness, then Jesus was not teaching the Truth because he said that if you learned his Identity, which is the meaning of “If you believe on me,” if you learn his Identity, the very miracles that were attributed to him on earth, you would do.

Each of us should have this, not as our only goal, but we should never be satisfied until the healing grace is part of our being. And the reason for that is because, although we suspect that we know Truth, until you find yourself able to demonstrate the Truth you know, you might as well face it: You don’t really know it. And healing, therefore, becomes the way in which you prove to yourself that you know what you think you know. That’s the only reason for healing on the spiritual path. And you’ll find that within you is this capacity. It isn’t reserved for what is called a practitioner. It is your natural dispensation by virtue of being a joint heir in Christ.

Now, we’ve spent seven years discussing the Infinite Way, and that’s been seven years discussing the various precepts in the Bible; and always, we have discussed this in one place so that we could develop, grow the Consciousness. Today, perhaps these seven years will in some way yield to you that quality which Jesus called “Christ in you” realized.

Now, it has been thought that the healing Consciousness is something special, something you receive by bent of some special privileges or because you learned the magic formula. And it isn’t that way at all. The healing Consciousness is your Truth realized, your Identity realized, the Identity of your neighbor realized. The healing Consciousness is the enactment in you of the two commandments, acknowledging His Presence always in yourself and in your neighbor.

And when you do this in the way prescribed, you discover, to your pleasure and amazement, that right where you stand is holy ground, right where your friend stands is holy ground, right where the world appears is the invisible Kingdom of your Father. It has ever been there awaiting your spiritual recognition; and in your capacity to see it, not through human eyes but through the Christ vision, lo and behold, there stands the perfection which the world has been seeking all these immeasurable centuries.

For that reason, today we’re studying the leper. It’s only two or three verses, but you’ll find it is a perfect summary of what constitutes the healing Consciousness. We’re going to go over it two or three, or maybe four times, and each time a shade deeper until we can stand back and say, “That I understand, and that I can make my Consciousness.”

Now, what we have here in Mathew 2, Mathew 8 is a little scene. Now, if you have read that, you may have been creative enough in your initiative to say, “Now let’s see. Where does that fit into the Bible? When did it happen?” And you would have discovered that it happened immediately following the Sermon on the Mount, immediately following the Sermon on the Mount in which the Spirit of God, speaking through Jesus Christ says, “You must purify your consciousness.” All of these things you learned of old, but today this moment, I, the Spirit say unto you, “Do this. Do that. Do the other,” meaning cleanse your house until all that is there is the divine Self.

And after he is finished giving the world these three chapters, five, six, and seven of Mathew, which we should all know like the palm of our own hand. It is said that the multitudes followed him, and the very first instance of healing that followed the delivery of the Sermon on the Mount was this leper case. Suddenly, out of nowhere, as if to test the very teaching itself, there was this creature. If we had lived in those times, we would have said, as they did then, “This is the curse of God upon this man,” for leprosy was considered, not only incurable, but it was considered to be the punishment of God. A little more research shows us that leprosy has nothing to do with the punishment of God at all. It is not the curse of God, but it is the accumulated karma of an individual.

And now, standing before the Master, with his disciples around him, is this loathsome creature all bandaged up, disfigured, corroded, the first test of the Sermon on the Mount. It takes three verses, and this loathsome creature is no longer a leper; and then, one after another, the multitudes appeared for healing of all kinds. Unfortunately, this has been used as a prototype of the way to heal, for in there it is said, he laid his hands upon the leper.

So all over this globe we find those who lay their hands upon the victim of disease, the victim of pain, the victim of suffering. Why not? Jesus did it. Why not? Paul baptized with laying on of the hands. Deuteronomy tells us that Moses laid his hands upon Joshua. The Acts tell us that the apostles went through the land laying hands, and all manners of diverse ailments were healed. And when we try it, nothing happens.

Well, we thought it was that easy. You lay your hands on somebody, and you say, “Be thou well. Be thou clean.” But it doesn’t work. Then we start to try to dissect the meaning of laying on the hands, and we find, as usual, that we have taken a literal viewpoint; and the laying on of the hands was something completely different than the religions of the world had suspected. But in, in dissecting what really did happen, we discover principles, principles that we can utilize, principles that we can put into practice in our daily life and actually do that degree of healing, which even one who is not completely versed in the healing art can do.

Now let’s look at our leper and see just what happened that day and what can happen in every day of our lives. “Behold, there came a leper and worshipped him, saying, Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean. And immediately his leprosy was cleansed. And Jesus saith unto him, See thou tell no man; but go thy way, shew thyself to the priest, and offer the gift that Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them.” There it is, three verses.

Now let’s look at it closely: “Behold, there came a leper and worshipped him.” Now, in Luke and in Mark that word, “worshipped” is amplified, and not only is he worshipping him, but it says in one place, “he kneeled down before him, beseeching;” and another, it says, “he fell on his face.” And so, we can equate worshipping, kneeling down before him, and beseeching, and falling on his face as pretty much meaning the same thing. But notice here the first requisite of healing: worshipping him.

Now, what is a leper? To a doctor, it’s one thing. But what is the leper to the Christ? We have learned through our studies that every physical image is nothing more than mental energy, world thought appearing as; and so we say here now that the leper represents world thought, the time-space-illusion of matter. Rather than the belief that God is punishing this individual, we learn spiritually that God did not create the leper or leprosy. We learn further that God did not create matter, and therefore, what have we? Punishment? Or do we have an image not created by God? We have the darkness of a mortal consciousness out-picturing itself.

And so Christ is not looking at that which is Divine, but at that which is the externalization of human thought, and man has labeled it “leprosy.” Man could have labeled it cancer. Man could have labeled it a heart attack. Whatever the label, it would have nothing to do with the creation of God which is ever perfect, and so we’re looking at that which, being imperfect, is not of the Father, therefore unreal. And what are we looking at it with if we see it? Do we see it with the divine Mind which is too pure to behold iniquity? Is there another mind than the One? And so, only darkness perceives the darkness, and Light perceives the Light. Christ sees no leper. Then how could he touch him, and why would he touch him? And that is the paradox, and also the secret of healing the leper.

Now this leper represents, then, not just this particular leper, but all world error. It is a symbol of human thought as opposed to divine Thought. So you can make any substitution, at this point, of any ailment or any problem or any evil or any error and know that, whatever it is that you are placing in place of the leper, it is made of the same non-substance which was not created by God. We’re looking at the symbol of human error.

Now you can say a leper is one who is the result of carnal thought, some deeper sense of sense perversion or carnal desire. You can use all of these labels, but the simple fact is that we’re looking at material substance which is mental energy, and the right things are in the wrong places. Mental energy cannot bring forth the divine Image, and yet right where the leper appears is the perfect spiritual Reality of Being. And this, of course, is what the Christ sees.

Now the leper worships Him, falls on his feet before Him, kneels before Him, and this is the turning from world thought, from human thought to divine Thought. This is the beginning, the prerequisite to the change of consciousness, so that if we were in the leper’s place, we, in our worshipping Him, would actually be turning to Christ within ourselves, accepting that there is such a Presence within ourselves called the Christ. Here it’s outwardly turning to Jesus Christ. But this is the recognition of the lower consciousness that there is a higher Consciousness, and unless there is that recognition, we are not worshipping, falling on our face or kneeling or turning to the higher. So, step number one is to turn to the higher away from the low. This is the opening of consciousness to the possibility of perfection.

So it is said, the leper worshipped him saying, “Lord, if thou wilt, thou canst make me clean.” “If thou wilt”: Now, this is the recognition that there is a power which can remove error; and when you study it deeply, you’ll recognize it is the statement that this is the recognition of one power without opposite. This is a deep faith now, turning to that one power and saying you can make me clean. And you remember the prodigal son, the moment he returned home? Before he arrived, the father rushed out to meet him. This will be the same expression now, the turning of the lower consciousness to the higher. Recognizing one power as the only power brings the Father rushing out to greet you. So Jesus replies, and Jesus put forth his hand and touched him saying, “I will; be thou clean.” The moment you recognize the one power, it recognizes you.

Now, we have Jesus putting forth his hand and touching the leper. In that touch, we have set a chain reaction throughout the world of healings that never come off, all trying to emulate that laying on of the hands. Now, let’s see what it really means, and let’s bring it together with “ . . . love is the fulfilling of the law.” Let’s see that behind the visible, there is the Christ Jesus recognizing the Christ of the leper, and this Self-recognition brings forth divine Love.

The Oneness, the divine Love expressing is an un-separated Self, an indivisible Self, a One Self, and in this inner recognition of One, in the outer must appear a One so that the hand of One reaches to the other, and there is no longer a separation. The outer laying on of the hands is nothing more than the reflex action of the inner realization of One. And without it, of course, the laying on of the hands is futile, meaningless, nothing more than material flesh touching material flesh with no power.

But behind this laying on of the hands is divine Love, and you see here the practice of the two commandments. First, Jesus the Christ knowing Self, being Self, knowing spiritual Identity and that spiritual Identity within recognizing Itself in the leper, so that we are loving our neighbor while we are acknowledging the One spiritual Identity of both; and that One manifests as the laying on of the hands. It was ever so when Moses laid hands upon Joshua, when Paul baptized by the laying on of the hands, when the apostles went forth and healed.

There was always the recognition of the one Self in the within appearing as the One unseparated in the without. In other words, you must touch God in the Inner, and when you touch God in the Inner, the hand reaches out to touch the other individual in the outer. The inner Consciousness externalizes as the laying on of hands. There is no power in the hands. The power is in the inner realization of One.

I’ve checked off a few passages you may never have heard before, which show you how easily man has been fooled by this and has lost the healing art because of it. We’ll go to Exodus 9:3. It’s so simple you’ll wonder why we walk by it. In Exodus 9:3: “Behold, the hand of the Lord is upon thy cattle which is in the field, upon the horses.” Now, you know the hand of God isn’t reaching down and patting those cattle, but it’s the laying on of hands divinely, you see. “ . . . the hand of the Lord is upon on thy cattle . . .” And this is the same kind of laying on of hands. It’s a symbolism. The laying on of hands of the Lord upon the cattle means they’re under divine protection, and the laying on of hands by Jesus the Christ or anyone who is in the Spirit means spiritual recognition of the spiritual Identity of the individual upon whom you are laying hands.

You remember that phrase we can say: “Abba, Father”? That’s pronounced Ah-vah, but it’s spelled Abba. Again, that was to mean that we are beholding Christ in you. When you say, “Abba Father” about an individual, you are recognizing the spiritual Identity of that individual, and you are also recognizing something else, the “Abba” means God is here. You are recognizing the nearness, the closeness of God. And again, the laying on of hands is recognizing the divine Identity, the closeness of God. You’re not healing with those hands. They are expressing your inner recognition.

Now again, in Exodus 15:6: I’ll show you how easily these phrases are used. “Thy right hand, O Lord, is become glorious in power: thy right hand, O Lord, hath dashed in pieces the enemy.” You see how “hand” is used symbolically, not meaning the Lord’s hand came down to dash the enemy.

Again, in Exodus 31:18: “And he gave unto Moses, when he had made an end of communing with him upon mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of God.” Again, God didn’t take God’s finger and put them on those tablets. It was rather the mind of God through Moses expressing what was on the tablets. That means the finger of God.

Now in the Psalms, we find it, perhaps, a little more dramatic. The hundred and thirty-ninth Psalm, first starting at verse five: “Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid thine hand upon me.” When God lays God’s hand upon you, that’s the same as Christ Jesus laying his hands upon the leper, divine recognition of your Identity. “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high, I cannot attain unto it.” And then follows, “Whither shall I go from thy spirit? or whither shall I flee from thy presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; Even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.” God lays God’s hands upon the leper through Christ Jesus. Do you see that?

Finally in Isaiah 53:1: “Who hath believed our report? and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?” Now then, it should be clear that hand, arm, finger, even mouth are all symbolisms. First of all, God doesn’t have a hand or a mouth or an arm. They are symbols of being touched by the Holy Spirit. And so, whenever you find that you have tried to heal by laying on the hands and it has not worked, it is because you have put your faith in the material method instead of in the divine recognition which needs no hands. Just how many healings were done in the Bible by Jesus by laying on of hands? Five at the outermost. And how in the world would you heal absently by laying on hands? How would he heal the Centurion’s son? How would he bring Lazarus out of the tomb? And did the woman rush up to him and lay her hands upon his robe?

You know there was someone in the Bible who thought he would do this laying on of hands. His name was Simon. He was a sorcerer at one time in a previous life, and Simon saw the disciples doing this; and he rushed up and he said, “Teach me how to do that.” And Peter said to him, “The laying on of the hands is not for you, Simon. You’ll first have to purify your heart.” No one has ever healed another person by laying on of hands. It is a fraud. It has some use, but not to heal. It is a normal action. When you love someone, you touch them. You can’t restrain yourself. You reach out to touch them. Jesus reached out to the daughter of Jairus when she lay in a coma. He reached out to those he loved.

And if you were to place your faith in this physical method, all would be lost. There would have been no healings whatsoever. All absent healing would be out the window. But just as God has his hand on the cattle, so does the Spirit of you have Its hand on the Spirit of every individual on this earth, no matter where they may be. When you are conscious of spiritual Identity, then you are laying hands on the world around you in your conscious Awareness of spiritual Selfhood. Now that is the meaning, then, of laying on of hands. But there’s even more, and we’ll come to it.

“Jesus put forth his hand and touched him.” And so, now we know he was recognizing spiritual Identity, not a leper, for God made no leper. He was recognizing the spiritual Selfhood that stood before him. Separated from God was this human consciousness out-picturing itself as a leper, and there was no sin there. There was no crime. There was no punishment. This was impersonal error manifest through the world mind functioning through what appeared to be a leper. There was no one to blame, to censure, or condemn. Had there been such censure, you may be sure there would not have been a pure Consciousness in Jesus to heal this man.

There was nothing but the pure acceptance that only God is present, not a leper and not even Jesus. Only God is present. And so the touching represents the recognition of the all-ness of Spirit. No words were really necessary, but Spirit says, “I wilt; be thou clean.” The recognition of the all-ness of Spirit is the healing agent. What does it heal? Nothing whatsoever. It merely reveals Itself as the only Presence, and this is called a healing.

The illusion of leprosy dissolves in the recognition of spiritual Selfhood by a pure Consciousness. Even those little atoms that God didn’t create begin to act differently, for in the touching of an individual’s spiritual Selfhood, you are rearranging the atoms of that individual. You are quickening them. You are causing them to rotate differently. You are giving them different qualities in a different direction. You are improving the material image by touching the divine Image in your Consciousness.

The leper, turning, by saying, “Thou cans’t make me clean, if thou wilt,” is answered by the Spirit which says, “I will.” Hasn’t Jesus said many times thy faith has made thee whole? What is this faith but the acceptance of the Spirit of God ever present? Now, so far, we’re merely seeing it more or less externally. We’re going to get it within ourselves shortly.

“And Jesus saith unto him,” immediately after his leprosy was cleansed, “See thou tell no man.” Immediately his leprosy was cleansed. Now if you look at Mark or Luke, one of the two, you’ll find another word put in there: “Immediately” after he had spoken, his leprosy was cleansed,” in other words, not immediately after he touched him, but immediately after Spirit spoke, because when Spirit speaks the material world melts. After the Word is spoken, after spiritual recognition, the leper is cleansed.

And now, “ . . . tell no man.” You’d think he’d say, “Go out and tell the world. Show them what has happened to you. Let them all know.” And this is for those of us who want to do just that. What was his reason? We can find many reasons in “tell no man.” We know he had said that we should not speak of the innermost, sacred secrets to those of unprepared thought.

Well, in those days, leprosy was incurable. Suppose you ran out and told somebody or told multitudes, “Look what’s happened to me. I’m cured of leprosy.” Could you tell them the method whereby you were healed? And so, you’d create all this excitement and then they’d all run to be healed, and nothing would happen because what made this leper healed was very special, something that all of us must know. He had tuned to the Christ, not to a man out there. This was an inner something.

That’s the meaning of this esoteric series of verses. He was worshipping the Christ. He had reached the place in karma where it was ready to be obliterated. When you come to Jesus with ages of karma and think that this miracle man can touch you, and it will disappear—and it won’t work—you remember later there were ten, and nine couldn’t be healed for that very reason.

And so, why create all this confusion in the city when they weren’t prepared to be healed. They hadn’t fulfilled the inner requirements. They hadn’t brought themselves to Christ. They couldn’t say, “I wilt.” They couldn’t say, “If thou wilt, thou coulds’t make me clean.” They hadn’t reached the level of Consciousness that could have faith in the invisible Self. And so you’d create a riot for no good reason, and everybody would run home disappointed and muttering under their breath, “This is a faker.” Their time would come, but they weren’t ready.

And so, “tell no man” these things that ye have seen today, but instead, go to the Priest, he said, and make the sacrifice to him “that Moses commanded.” There were many motives in that statement. Who is this priest? It’s the Priest in you. The Priest in you is the one who receives the Word of God. That’s what a Priest should be, One who receives direct Word from God. Go to the Priest within yourself, and there make the sacrifice “that Moses commanded.”

Well, you can read all about that in Leviticus. There are fifty-nine verses, and after you finish reading it, you’ll say, “What in the world does he want me to do? I can’t understand it because the priest is supposed to take the garments of the leper and do this with him. Oh, it’s just one little piece of ceremonial after another. And that’s the second meaning here: In the Old Testament, that’s how you treated the incurable disease called leprosy. And here’s Jesus, the Master, and in his time, fifteen hundred years after Moses, they’re still doing it the same way. They’re still in the law of karma. They’re still burning the garments of the leper. They’re still making all kinds of physical, material sacrifices.

Go to the priest and show him that I didn’t do a single thing in all of those fifty-nine verses of Leviticus, but you’re cured. Show him it has nothing to do with ceremonial and ritual. Show him that healing is completely different than the world suspects. Show that to the priest. And for us, he was saying the Old Testament had its place, but I am taking you from the law of karma. I am breaking the law of karma for you and taking you into the meaning of inner Grace, into the recognition that whatever God did not make can never be real and present, except in a false consciousness out-picturing itself.

There’s something that we have never quite seen before which may help you at this point. It’s more fact than fiction, if you can see it. If you look at a television image and remove the cabinet, so that it’s invisible, and then remove the screen, so that it’s invisible, and just see the figures dancing, walking, talking, they would look as if they’re just placed out in space, wouldn’t they? Now, these forms that we call our human forms are like those television images, except for one thing. We don’t have a visible cabinet or a visible screen. But if you could see the invisible cabinet, it might appear to you pretty much like a human eye enlarged, bigger than the human form. You may discover someday that you see it that way. You may see this human form in an invisible cabinet, larger than the human form, and you may think you’re actually looking at this form on television.

Now, you might compare it to your eye. There’s a transparency over the eye, and under it is a uvea, and it has a hole in it. The light goes in and out of the hole of the uvea. The transparency protects it; and that’s where the image is, and so you see an image in that eye. You call that image something out there. But you’re looking at it in your own eye, and everything you’re seeing in this world is your thought. You’re seeing your thought and calling it the forms of this world, and everyone else is doing the same. But those forms that appear there are nothing more than what this leper was, an externalized image of an invisible consciousness, and that invisible consciousness is kind of like the eye of a human form.

Take an eye bigger than your form, and you’ll see that this image is in that eye; and that invisible larger eye is looking out at an image in itself, and that image is its own manufacture. Your consciousness, like an invisible eye, is making a visible form; and that visible form has no knowledge that it is within this invisible consciousness. So everywhere you look, that’s what you’re looking at.

You’re looking at invisible consciousness putting forth visible form, and these forms are the images that we all see and accept. Some of them are good, and some are bad; and all of their variations have nothing to do with God’s creation, for behind this image of form, this body image, is the invisible consciousness that puts it forth. And that consciousness has nothing to do with God. That is our human sense of consciousness, and behind that is the world or cosmic consciousness pouring its imitation into your consciousness, coming through as the image that you show forth.

All of these are denial of the perfect Self that you are in the divine Image, which is totally invisible to the naked senses. So the five-sense image, the form, may show a defect, but where is the defect? In the consciousness that externalizes as that image. And because that consciousness is a captive audience to the world consciousness, it has no personal error. It’s not at fault for anything it does. It’s a captive, a prisoner in a tomb. To come out of the tomb, to come out of the prison, was part of the meaning of touching the leper. As he touched the leper, he was saying, “This image is the tomb. Rise from the tomb of form.”

Do you think Jesus could change that leper if that were Divine? In that touch, Jesus repudiated completely every religion on the face of the earth, every prayer that has ever been uttered, every drug that has ever been manufactured, every medical device that has ever been invented to improve a human form. He was saying, “This form that I am touching can be changed because it is not God’s creation.”

So you’re going to find as you sit back and look at spiritual living and religious living that there’s a vast gap between the two. You see, in religious living we’re identified as mortal beings, of the flesh, and we try to improve the flesh. We prayed even while we were withering away. In spiritual living you do not identify as mortal being of the flesh. You put on the garment of immortality. You accept yourself to be the essence of God. So religious living and spiritual living are completely different. You’re no longer praying to improve. You’re accepting the perfection of the Essence of God where you stand as your Being. Spiritual living is a repudiation of religious living, just as touching the leper was a repudiation of the validity or reality of every mortal error and every mortal condition.

He could touch that which he was demonstrating was not of God and, therefore, in reality there was no touching of the leper at all. This is how it appears to human eyes. There was only Love expressing, Truth revealing Itself, and all of the material forms that appeared in this act are part of the human illusion. The invisible Self, being the only Presence, there was no leper to touch and no person to touch it. But that is what we see.

Now as we climb in consciousness, we take this whole incident and we now convert it into practical use for ourselves. We can look at it two ways. There was a man named Jesus healing a leper; or all of this took place within the Consciousness of the individual so that the leper is the false consciousness, and Jesus visible, represents the inner true Consciousness. And this is the true Consciousness dissolving the false, bringing forth that which is called the healing.

For ourselves, it would go this way. If you were trying to heal someone else, you would have to see, number one, there’s no leper, there’s no material you, there’s no material condition. That’s your three way impersonalization right here. There can be no leper because God created none. There can be no material condition called leprosy, and there can be no material you. That puts you into the pure or virgin Consciousness; and this is the removal of dualism, of two minds, of two wills, of two levels of thought. All that remains is now to rest in the knowledge that One is here, One, one Self, one pure, perfect divine Being, only One; and in that resting in the One, you find the inner peace which releases the illusion of the error.

Now, if you were to heal yourself, it would be somewhat similar. You simply wouldn’t have to impersonalize yourself twice. You would know there is no human condition. There is no human. There is no physical self. There is only divine Essence, divine Being; and therefore, there can be no condition in divine Being, no separate will. And the will of the Father being perfection, all that is present is perfection, in spite of the appearance. You’re almost, you might say, laying hands upon yourself through inner recognition.

Now, all of this is still a procedure, and it must go beyond procedure. But let’s dwell on the procedure a moment. We are accepting the primary method of reaching what may be called the end of discord or the appearance of perfection with the knowledge that only Spirit is here. You cannot heal a flea without that knowledge. Only Spirit is here, and therefore, the victim isn’t here and the healer isn’t here. Only Spirit is here, and you must dwell with that quite a while until it means something to you. I don’t mean just a minute or two during your work, I mean day in and day out until this is a normal knowledge to you. Only Spirit is here.

Certainly the leper was healed instantaneously, but think of the years of dedication to the Truth that Jesus had to put in before that instantaneous healing could occur. And so, we’re not just going to pronounce the words. If you’re not living in the knowledge that only Spirit is here, all of your saying so won’t mean anything. So this is what you’re doing within yourself. You’re developing the Consciousness that only Spirit is here. Then it won’t make any difference if it’s an earthquake or an avalanche or a leper. Only Spirit is here. And you may have to do that a hundred or two times before you can quiet this mind which insists: but there’s a problem out here, too.

If only Spirit is here, there’s not a problem out here, too. There’s an appearance which is denying that only Spirit is here. And try as you will, your mind will go out to that problem. You’ll find it hard to cast it off. Practice and practice and practice. And still if it’s a dear one, oh how you’ll rush out to help because maybe only Spirit is here, but this dear one is sick or dying, and you’ve got to do something, you think—until one day only Spirit is here is your undivided Consciousness. It must come to that place where who “convinceth me of sin?” Is something that is meaningful to you when whatever error is presented, you recognize it instantly as a denial of the all-ness of perfect Spirit. You will have none of it. You will stand firm. Only Spirit is here.

I am looking at an image projected by a false state of Consciousness. Only Spirit is here. You’ll find a peace, and until that peace comes, until something inside says, “That’s right.” Until something inside you confirms your belief, you don’t break the barrier of karma. You don’t break the continuity of world mind. It goes right on independent of all your affirmations. But when something in you says, “That’s right. That’s right,” something quickens. Something gives you that awareness that only Spirit is here. Now you can call that the click, if you want to, or the inner turning or the quickening or whatever you wish to give it as a name. You will come into the assurance at that moment that you have touched the Father. You have touched the Father within; and now the Father within will show you the Truth of His all Presence where you are and where your dear one is.

We have all searched for labels and formulas. If we could only find a simple way to remember this. Well, no matter what I tell you, no matter what you read, no matter what anyone tells you, it must ultimately come to you in your own special way. It must feel right for you. Your shoe won’t fit another foot the way it fits you. For instance, we’ve all used the words omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience; and yet to most of us it’s really a mouthful without any real meaning, without teeth in it. And then, of course, the world uses the word “God” or “Light” or “Spirit.” Still, no power.

Somewhere, something falls into the right groove for you and says it all. I’ll tell you what fell into the groove for me, and it may be valuable to you. “God” somehow leaves something missing, even though you say, “God is all,” even though you say, “God is the only power.” You can’t figure it out, but something seems to be missing. Perhaps it’s the experience behind those words that’s missing, and then you try to say, “There’s no ‘me’ here. There’s only God here.” And yet again, it just doesn’t quite add up to that perfect inner peace. We use the word “infinite” or “infinity,” and even though we seem on the threshold of something, always there seems to be that little something that just doesn’t fall into place.

Now here’s what falls into place, and it may be your place, it may not be; but take these words, “Infinite Force.” The Spirit is Infinite, yes, and the Spirit is Power, yes, and, therefore, Infinite Power or Infinite Force. And see that what you’re really looking for when you look for God is Infinite Force. That’s what you’re looking for. You see, that’s what Jesus revealed is present everywhere, Infinite Force. Not just the name, “God” or the word “God,” but the Infinite Force of God is all around you Being Itself. There’s no place where the Infinite Force of God is not.

Whither can I flee from your Infinite Force? But we, in our mortal sense are separated from that Infinite Force because we have not come into the realization that that Infinite Force is our name. That Infinite Force is You, and as long as there is a mortal being where you are, you are not realizing that the Infinite Force is You; and so you are told, “Awake thou that sleepest.” “Choose ye this day.” Are you the Infinite Force or are you the mortal creature? Are you God or mammon? Are you Christ or creature?”

And when this infinite Force becomes real to you, when you can in a sense feel it and know it, be sure of it, you will be willing to let go of this body image, this personality, this human self, this mythical mortal. And you will say, “But the Infinite Force, being all, it is I. The I Am that I am is the infinite Force right here, right now; and whatever denies it is a lie.” The I Am that you are there is the Infinite Force because that’s all there is, and right where the leper stands is the invisible but Infinite Force being Itself. Infinite Force is the living God, but better still this Infinite Force that is You contains every quality of God right where It is, right where You are. And so You’re never looking for health anymore. You’re never looking for supply. You’re never looking for anything because the Infinite Force is all things.

The moment you have accepted your Self to be the Infinite Force, You have accepted your Identity, and then I don’t have to look for health. The Infinite Force that I am is health. It has ever been present, invisible, right where the leper appeared. The Infinite Force that I am is Truth. Why defend against a lie? The Infinite Force that I am is Beauty, Harmony, Truth. All that God is, is the Infinite Force where I am.

Now your healing takes another turn. Is the leper there or the Infinite Force? The Infinite Force, because only God can be present, but the Infinite Force where the leper is and the Infinite Force where I am are One and the same. Only the Infinite Force is present, and if you are present, too, you are creating a second life, a second person, a second substance, a second will, a second something where only One is; and that second something has got to be separated from the One. Crucifixion is the acceptance that I am the Infinite Force and nothing else.

All that the Father hath is the Infinite Force that I am, and therefore, where You appear the Infinite Force that I am must be functioning perfectly now. Whoever walks this earth is invisibly that Infinite Force. The moment you’ve touched it in your Self, you’ve touched it in the Universe. You can never be separated because it is One Infinite Force, and it is the Power all around us every minute. Jesus was the living embodiment of that Power, recognizing it everywhere; and it is that Power recognized, that Power which someone else reaches out to You for, even though they know it not. And all you’re doing is recognizing that Power as present where they are. It is their natural true Being as the Spirit of God. Then you have a healing Consciousness.

Actually, we’re, none of us are trying to be smarter than the other in this. We rest in One, and we let the one Mind feed us. The one Mind knoweth Its own needs, and having accepted Identity, we are the One of which It knows Its own needs. It’s only when we have taken ourselves out of that Identity that we think of ourselves as having to fend for ourselves. But because I and the Father are the One, I can depend on the one Mind to function Its Life; and Its Life being the only Life I have and am, I prove my willingness to accept Identity by letting that one Mind live Itself, and I am watching. I am letting. I don’t tell It what to do. I don’t guide It. I don’t make any suggestions. I let.

Now, as we let, we are the Infinite making Itself visibly, tangibly active right where the world sees our so-called form. Only the Infinite functions where you are when you are the One, for the One is the Infinite; and as you remove all traces of a second mind, a second self, a second body, a second being, a second law, a second power, and are the One in all things, then all that I, the Infinite One, have, manifests as thine. There’s no need to ask; I know. There’s no need to seek; I have. There’s no need to knock; Before you knock, I shall answer. Before you ask, I shall answer. Before you seek, I shall answer because the seven days are completed. The Kingdom is finished. It is all present. It is all functioning as your Kingdom of God within your Being.

That’s a fairly good starting point for us. The world has missed it because the words of the Bible to the world have not been accepted. The world has selected the ones it wants and the ones it doesn’t want, “but My words will never pass away.” You must accept My words, for My words come from the Father. And when he said this, he gave us the key to all that we had been seeking, not a comfortable little seventy to eighty years span in the flesh, the key to all that Life is forever in the now. Unfortunately, we have divided his garment in many ways. We have indulged in all forms of atheism while thinking we were worshipping the Father.

One of the classic examples is the way in which we have misinterpreted the meaning of the remnant. There are no chosen people on this earth. If there were chosen people, then Christ would not be the universal fact of the teaching that is contained in the Bible. In fact, some of the disciples were unaware of that, and by teaching Jesus instead of the Christ, we had this messiah complex instead of the universal nature of God. And so, we had a chosen people.

Now, everyone on earth is chosen, and that is the point. The moment you make a selection and say this group is chosen or that group is chosen, you are denying the universal nature of Christ, and you are losing that Christ. And that which you cast upon the water by your division of the garment of Christ is what comes back to you. The moment any group says, “I am chosen, and you are not,” that group has missed the boat. That group has missed the very purpose and mission of Christ Jesus on earth.

Now, let’s trace this through so that to all those who come to us, believing this group is chosen or that group—anyone who says the Catholics are chosen, the Hebrews are chosen, the Protestants are chosen or the Hindus are chosen—they’re wrong. Any group who says this nation is chosen over that or this race over that is wrong. I, Christ am the Substance of all Being, and that is not a fact subject to change. Now, that is the meaning of the remnant.

As you practice that only God stands where the world sees you and your neighbor, you will be guided by an inner intelligence and an inner law; and you will be living in a path that cannot be lived by those who are believing in a chosen group, nationality, race, section, for they are those who did not understand if you do this unto the least of my brethren, you do it unto me. If you do not know your neighbor as the invisible Self, you do not know your Self. If you think you are chosen and your neighbor is not, you have made the mistake of thinking you’re something you are not. Many fall by the wayside accordingly.

Now, let’s look at Isaiah. We find in 11:11 the original remark about the chosen. “It shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, which shall be left, from Assyria,” Egypt, and Pathros, Cush, Elam, Shinar and from Hamath, and from islands of the sea. And he shall set up an ensign for the nations, and shall assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.” Now, to the unlettered, literal mind this is meant a chosen people called Israelites. Unfortunately, that has been seen to be unrealistic. You can never select a chosen few.

Now, we’ll see this remnant repeated again in Joel, in the first or second chapter of Joel. I don’t mean Joel Goldsmith. I mean the prophet Joel in the Bible, 2:32. And you’ll find the same repetition in Micah, Jeremiah, and other prophets, namely there is a remnant. But Joel here now will carry it just a touch further, “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call.” Now, that’s in Mt. Zion shall be deliverance, and that’s going to be a key, and also in Jerusalem shall be a key, for later you’ll find in the Revelation of St. John the New Jerusalem which descends from above, and you’ll discover the nature of Mt. Zion to be high Consciousness.

Now, Paul makes it clearer because in the ninth chapter of Romans, he gives us a furtherance of this understanding about the remnant, 9:24: “Even us, whom he hath called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles?” Now, this is important because Paul, a Pharisee, is now going out to speak to the Gentile, and not the Jew, and so you see that Israel, where deliverance will be, is not going to be limited to any one group; and this beginning—of speaking not only to the Jew, but to the Gentile—is very important because it continues to encompass the four corners of the earth. This is the beginning of the Christ message beginning to reach through the consciousness of all nations and all religions, and this is why we must trace the meaning of the remnant.

Now, this is first beginning to show us there is a universal nature to Christ, and that is why Paul says, “Even us, whom” you “called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles.” And then, 11:13: “For I speak to you Gentiles, inasmuch as I am the apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify mine office:” He is making a point that he is now bringing the Christ message wherever he goes, right in the heart of Rome, if necessary.

And then again, in 12:1, [2, 5]: “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, . . . acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. Be not conformed to the world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.” “So we, being many, are one body in Christ . . .:” “We, being many are one body in Christ, and every one, members . . . of another.” Is that clear, that there is no chosen few? “We, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members . . . of another.”

And so, if you think you have accepted the presence of God where you are, and you still think there is any chosen few, you have not accepted the presence of God where you are. You have been deceived by a mind. It is only when you can look out upon the world, seeing neighbor where enemy appears, seeing friend where foe appears, seeing the invisible Christ of all as the only one Presence—no chosen few, no place where the sun shines and another place where it doesn’t, no place where love of God is and another place where it isn’t. You cannot accept the presence of God where you are and also divide his garment. This is important to know.

Now, let’s further clarify in the Acts, in the thirteenth chapter, the forty-seventh verse, we see here again the universal nature of the Christ: “For so hath the Lord commanded us, saying, I have set thee to be a light of the Gentiles, that thou shouldest be for salvation unto the ends of the earth.” Bringing it right up unto the New Testament gospels, not just the Acts and Romans, we find something in Mark about the remnant, and this is the thirteenth chapter of Mark verse twenty-six and twenty-seven: “And then shall they see the Son of man coming in the clouds with great glory and great power. And then shall he send his angels, and shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from the uttermost part of the earth to the uttermost part of heaven.”

Now, we can go right back to Joel again to get the full meaning of this because it was clouded, obscured by the very nature in which it was written. This is the meaning, then, of the elect or the remnant in Joel chapter two, starting verse fifteen. “Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, [call] a solemn assembly. Gather the people, sanctify the congregation, assemble the elders, gather the children, and those that suck the breasts: let the bridegroom go forth of his chamber, and the bride out of her closet.”

Let’s look at that esoterically. “Blow the trumpet in Zion,” a place or a realm in Consciousness. So we find that Zion is where you watch, the high mountain of spiritual Consciousness. “Sanctify a fast.” You’re resting from the word of this world. You’re fasting from thought. You’re calling a solemn assembly because in your receptivity to the Word of God, you’re only attended by the angels of the Father, his divine Thought. We said salvation would be in Zion. Well, here it is, in the Kingdom of God within you. That is Zion. Is there not a Kingdom of God within every person on the earth? Then who is the chosen? The chosen is the one who enters into that Kingdom, and that is the remnant. Those are the elect. Unfortunately, the world read it this way. You found it again in Isaiah, toward the end. It said, “Out of Judah I would raise my seed” and the world has not accepted that in the nature it was written.

Isaiah says in 65:9, “I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob, and out of Judah an inheritor of my mountains: and mine elect shall inherit it, and my servants should dwell there.” And so we have interpreted “out of Judah” to mean Jesus, and “out of Judah” means shall come one who, being Jesus, shall learn him-Self to be the Begotten, the Christ of God, and that One will do his miracles on both sides of the sea. He will multiply loaves and fishes for the Jew. He will multiply loaves and fishes for the Gentile, for it is the message of Christ to the four winds of the earth to prepare man, that when the heaven and the earth passes away, he stands in Christ, free, the Son, living,—never dying, never passing away—but permanent, a permanent dispensation, a living Soul.

Now, then, we have a choice to be the remnant or not to be the remnant, to be the elect or not to be the elect. And if we are the One, we are prepared so that when the heaven and earth passes away, we stand on holy ground. If we are not the One, we are that which passes away.

There was a leper. He fell on his face before Jesus and said you have the power to cleanse me. And the hand of Jesus reached forth and touched him. Everything that we must learn was expressed in that gesture, everything. In fact, I’d like to make it a class assignment to look up that incident. You’ll find it just two or three verses. It’s in Mathew. It’s in Mark. It’s in Luke. It’s in all three, the cleansing of the leper. I don’t mean the ten lepers, when only one was cleansed, and nine couldn’t be cleansed. This one, you’ll find in Mathew 8, right at the beginning. Read it in 2 to 4, verses 2, 3 and 4, and you’ll see it’s just that. The leper falls in his face and asks for cleansing. Jesus cleanses him and tells him, “. . . tell no man;” but go and tell the priest these things that thou hast seen.

I’d like to make that a class effort that we each take that into consciousness at home and see what comes into your consciousness about the various shades of meaning there. Is it just a man touching another man? What levels of consciousness can you reach that you can depend on from that incident to make part of your daily life? Can you, within your consciousness reach out your hand to anyone on this earth? You don’t have to touch them physically. Can you, from that incident, distill the real meaning of oneness?

And another lesson for next week would be the beginning now of the book called “Contemplative Life.” The first chapter should be nailed down in your consciousness. And so, if you will, Mathew, chapter eight verses two to four, or do it in Luke or Mark. You’ll find the cross references and the first chapter of Contemplative Life, much of which we’ll touch on, things we already know, and yet things that have not crystallized themselves as permanent Consciousness.

Now, also, to make this an interesting week if you will do this, you will discover a new and interesting way of opening yourself to Grace. We’re not overlooking that now you’re in the second week, beginning the third of crucifying the will so that the will of the Father in you is done. But as I pursued this with you, I was told, “Now wait. You’ve asked for My Will. Here it is: I want you to look out and accept nothing present, but the One. That is My Will, that you go forth knowing, wherever you go, only the One is there, and that One being the Father, you must go forth seeing, not form as the naked eye sees, but essence, Substance, invisible Light as the Soul sees. And you must accept that in preference to what the naked senses depict before your very eyes.”

You must crucify everything that appears to the human brain and accept only what you know is in the Soul, and you cannot do this if you wait until you come into a place where there are people. You must prepare in advance. You must, in the sanctity of your own solitude, know that wherever you go, only I, the One, will be there. You must prepare for that, and you must, in your meditation, crucify all mortal form, resurrecting right there where the mortal form seems to be that invisible Christ form.

And you say, “How can I do it?” Well, you cannot do it. You can simply rest in the Word and let the Word do it. I think I once mentioned to you a case in Reno, where a woman was in bed suffering for four days, and there were three of us standing around the bedside, and nobody knew what was wrong with the woman. For four days the hospital couldn’t diagnose it, and she was in terrible pain. Well, we just watched and watched in the meditation, and nothing seemed to happen.

And then the nurse came in to treat the woman, and we had to leave. We were allowed to come back within the hour, and we did. And now a second meditation began, and now we were all looking at this woman who was suffering, and as we looked, there was a need to not see her as she appeared, but as she is. And so you sort of reach the place where you’re looking, but not really looking. You’re looking through, instead of at; and it was like a slide had been changed in my mind. In other words, you drop a slide in the projector, and it shows something. You take it out and put another one.

This slide just moved one out and another one in, and in an instant, almost imperceptible so quick it was, the woman’s form changed; and I saw a luminous, white form, and it wasn’t a female form at all. In a second you could have missed it, and then it was gone, but in that second she had been seen, and I can assure you, I didn’t see her as a human being or seeing anyone. I wasn’t even looking through a mind. Something else in me did it. Not I. Something did it. But there had to be the willingness not to look through human eyes, but to not look through human eyes, to look without looking. To wait upon the Lord. And then the slide is changed.

Well, what happened after that? I can’t tell you what happened, but I found myself saying you’ll go home tonight, and I didn’t really know it myself. I didn’t even say it, but something was saying it. And the woman went home that night because someone had seen her as the Christ, and it wasn’t me. But something through me saw her as the Christ, and she went home that night recovered.

The strangeness of it is that the Truth of her can never be seen by a human mind, and it’s only through practicing oneness that you enable the bridegroom to come, who sees for you. That is the renewing of the mind, when you provide the vacuum for the bridegroom, for the Christ to marry your Soul. And in that mystical marriage of the Christ with your Soul, you see through different eyes that are not your human eyes at all; and because, because what you are conscious of must by spiritual law externalize, the conscious Awareness of the invisible Christ there must externalize as harmony and did, but no human being does it. It’s the absence of a human being, that second when you think not, and the bridegroom cometh to magnify the Lord.

Now these instances only happen as sign posts along the way. We’re not always going to come in and go out. We’re going to remain in the Consciousness, and someday we’ll find that the various forms of error that appear to us will be no more than a leper appearing to the Master because, having done our inner work, we will un-look at the leper. We will know only the One is there. We will un-look at the conditions of the world, knowing only the One is there; and if only the One is there, how can another one be there? And so that Consciousness, which knows there is no other one there but thee Father, is the Consciousness that is practicing the presence of God where I stand and where my neighbor stands daily.

Please read the verse, then, on the leper and jot down your thoughts, if that helps, so that when we have discussed the leper fully, all of us will not only have an understanding of it, but we will have an understanding of principles that apply practically to every kind of healing that occurs in the Bible.

What’s the difference if, on the other side, we have a woman who has a flow of blood, if over here we have a leper, and there a rush of blood, and somewhere else we have a cripple? Isn’t the One the only Presence? Isn’t knowing the Truth that which establishes the Reality as an external fact, because that which is within must show forth without? And so let’s do that; and to refresh yourself, gaze again at the first chapter of Contemplative Life. It will give you many clues.

Oneness accepted here and there is our work for this week. God’s identity where I seem to be is part of that work. God’s identity where my neighbor seems to be is part of that work. It is the fulfillment of the two commandments. No one will do it with a human mind. You will only do it by coming up to the level of knowing, Consciousness, and that Consciousness of knowing will unfold in the divine Image and Likeness on this earth, the Word made flesh as you, perfect as your Father which is in Heaven. This is how you cast bread upon the water, which will come back to you.

Again I repeat, if there are questions, they should be placed on the lectern here, at the beginning of the class, and they will be answered probably during that class. So far, in the last three classes, we’ve had no written questions, but they’re perfectly welcome, and you may have some questions on this chapter one in Contemplative. You may have some questions on the healing of the leper or on the establishing of oneness, where you are and where your neighbor is. Feel free to ask them. It is important now because this class is for the remnant. This class is for mine elect, those who will not go and pass with the heaven and the earth that passes away; and the only way you can do that is to be unblemished, a Child of the Lamb.

We’ll finish with a meditation. We are not evolving creatures. Christ does not evolve. We are not becoming. Christ is. We are not changing. Christ is ever the same. If I believe I am evolving or becoming or changing, I have not found my permanent Self, and I am not accepting God where I stand. God, where you stand, accepted is called, “Christ.” You cannot accept God and not be Christ.

And if you are becoming, you are not Christ now in your Consciousness, and that is division. That is separation. That is a gap, and it becomes a “shadow of turning,” as James called it. There must come a time when there is no “shadow of turning.” When you face it four-square, Christ I am. Here now, God is, and that God which is here I am, and that is Christ. God, the infinite Father, individualized as my infinite Being, is Christ accepted, lived in, experienced. With this we work and rest.

I have no daughter. I have no mother. I have no father. I have no wife. I have no husband. I have no friend. The Christ, that stands where the world sees me, is the Christ that stands where the world sees my mother.

We are sowing to the invisible Spirit and not to the flesh. We are banishing the mental discrimination’s, the mental judgments, the mental divisions. We are accepting His Words which will never die. I and the Father are One, and that I, I accept for every form on the earth. We are consciously walking in the invisible Kingdom of God. That is where the law of God is, in the Kingdom where I walk.

I walk in that Kingdom in Consciousness, and I am no longer fed only by the bread of this world. Speak Father. Let your infinite Self express where the world sees me. I will not stand in the way with the human mind, with human beliefs. I am the place where the Father is glorified. His name, His essence, His glory is My Being. I am the Light. But I cannot be the darkness, too. I cannot be the flesh, the mortal, the finite, and be the Light. I will no longer make my bed in hell, in the shadow of the dead, but in the quickened universe of Spirit, in the Truth.

I, being the Light am the supply. I, being the Light am the health. I am the power. I am all that the Father is, and It is all now. This must be knowing, not saying.

We find the greatest, most priceless privilege on earth is to defend the presence of God where you are: “No, you will not convince me of sin; There is no sin here. There is only God here. You cannot convince me of sickness or suffering or pain here. Only God is here. You cannot show me x-ray charts and viruses. Only God is here, and no other.

And as the within, so will be the without. It is no longer what do you believe, what do you think? No, it is what do you know? What do you accept of the finished Kingdom on earth where you stand? That is what you will experience, for knowing is experiencing. Watching is experiencing.

To experience God, you must accept God. Now your Consciousness is in God and remains in God, un-tempted by that which the world demands. In God we stand and let the power of the invisible be the only power you recognize. This breaks the hypnosis. It shows you that karma was never real. It was only in the mortal mind. It shows you there is no need for power, for all power is in your own Being, when accepted.


This day have I begotten thee is the reward that we’re moving toward. That will be Self-realization. Thanks for being here today. See you again.

There is a passage in the Psalms which says, This is “my Son; this day have I begotten thee.” And we find in the Acts that Paul repeats this, not only repeats it, but says that there is a time in all those who seek the Christ when they shall hear within themselves, This is “my Son. This day have I begotten thee.” You might say, that in those words, Paul has summed up the very purpose of this parenthesis, Christ realization. And yet, try as we will and willing as we may be, we find that Christ realization is the most evasive quality that a man can seek. It’s even more evasive than the Holy Grail which man never found, and yet, the Kingdom of God is within you.

Now let’s look at a few things here in the Bible. First off a very strange statement by the Master, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words will never die.” “Heaven and earth will pass away” and yet, in the first book of Genesis, it says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” And here, the Master says, “Heaven and earth will pass away.” How can that be? How can God’s creation pass away? Why haven’t we questioned it? And let’s look at that passage and see if it gives us a clue.

It’s in Mark 13:31. “Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words will not pass away. “My words” the words of Jesus? Isaiah tells us they are the words of God that are meant here, for in another passage in Isaiah, he says grass dies; matter dissolves, but the word of God does not pass away. [Isaiah 40:8] And here we find Jesus, the Christ saying but my words will not pass away. Why? Because My words are the words of God coming to you through Jesus the Christ. My words will not pass away. The words of God are permanent, eternal, infinite, ever-present.

And then, we might at this moment go a step further and see that just as Jesus in the body said to his disciples, “ . . . if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; . . . ” we can now see that the words of Jesus in the flesh, appearing visibly to man, being the Word of God, when he went away how would you receive those words? The same way that you would receive the Comforter when he went away. If the Comforter is to come unto you, the Comforter is to bring the words, and so there is the key to inner revelation. You will receive those words within yourself, within your very Being. The Kingdom of God brings you the Word, and because you receive the Word, It becomes the experience or the flesh.

Heaven will pass away. The earth will pass away, but the Word of God within you will never pass away. How do we receive that Word? What is the meaning of it? How can we describe it? Of that day, and of that hour, knoweth no man. No man knows when heaven and earth will pass away. No, not even the angels in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father. The Father knoweth. So, take ye heed. Watch. Pray, for ye know not when the time is. What time? The time when heaven and earth will pass away, the time when the Word within will announce Itself and say, “This day have I begotten thee.”

And perhaps for you, on the day that this happens, the heaven and the earth will pass away, and behold, there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth for the Christ-ing is the moment when heaven and earth passes away. And when that heaven and earth passes away, you are in the Heaven and Earth that is announced in the first book of Genesis. That Heaven and Earth is Reality. This heaven and earth that passes away must be the imitation of Reality, and only the Word within can cognize the Reality.

“ . . . Son of man is as a man making a far journey, who left his house, and gave authority to his servants, and to every man his work, and commanded the porter to watch. Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cock crowing, or in the morning: Lest coming suddenly he find you sleeping.” When I say unto you “ . . . what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.” So, we have a very specific command: Watch. And we say: How shall I watch? Where shall I watch? What faculty shall I use to watch? What does it mean to me? [Mark 13: 34-37]

Suppose we look at the Heaven and Earth that will not pass away. Suppose we learn the secrets of the six days. Even a measure of Truth gleaned from them will show us what we must watch. Now, you know that the world is confused about those six days, or those six thousand days. What do they mean to us? Are they really days? It even says, “In the beginning.” What beginning? And right there we have the great clue, “In the beginning.” Before the world was, it means. That’s the meaning of “in the beginning”: before there was a world. And so it isn’t speaking about our world at all. This is not the six days of the creation of this world.

It has nothing to do with this world at all. Before this world was, in the original, in the genuine, in the Kingdom, in Reality: That’s the meaning of “in the beginning.” In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, the high and the low. Do you think that Heaven and Earth is going to pass away? No, only the heaven and earth that has been created by the human mind will pass away.

Now, what is wrong with this statement? Ye shall think the Truth and the Truth will make you free. Another statement: Ye shall think God aright, for to think God aright is life eternal. What is wrong with those statements? The word “think” is not there in scripture. We cannot think God aright. We must know God aright. There is a difference then. We cannot think the Truth and the Truth will make us free, although we try.

You must know the Truth and the Truth will make you free, and the difference, then, between knowing and thinking becomes the difference between living and not living, for you think with a human mind. You know with the Christ Mind. You think, and you are not watching. You cannot watch with the human mind. You can only watch with the Christ Mind; and if we are told to watch, we must learn the difference between knowing and thinking. If the only way we can find Life eternal is to know God aright, then what’s the point of thinking only about God and never reaching the stage of knowing?

Now, let’s look at those two and see the difference. We look all through the six days of creation, and everywhere we go we find the same phrase repeated: God saw what he had created, and it was good. And on the sixth day, there is a repetition. God saw what he created, and “it was good.” In fact, not only was it good, “God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.” And then “on the seventh day, God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day . . .” and “thus, the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them.” There’s nothing been left out: “All of the host of them.” So complete is the creation that God now rests. There’s nothing more to create, and it is all pronounced “good.”

Now, with your thinking mind, you don’t agree with God. With the thinking mind, we don’t agree that all is good, because we have our concept of what good ought to be. We are looking not out of the Mind that knows this creation, but out of the mind that forms a concept about this creation. And it is in that concept that we have lived our human lives. But while we are forming concept, this creation in the first chapter of Genesis is present; and the best way that I know of, at the moment, for us to understand it so well that we can never be fooled, is to take these seven days and look at them as you would seven mixing bowls, placing them one within the other, the smaller one, then the larger one, all the way up to the seventh bowl, or the seventh day. And you’ll find that the seventh day embraces all of the other six.

Now, instead of days, let us change those to worlds, seven worlds. And the one seventh world comprises the other six so that we have one complete world, and within it six other worlds; and yet, these six other worlds within are not really worlds. They are levels of consciousness, each one being a higher level, a higher consciousness about the one world, about the seventh. But always, the one, the seventh is present in each of the other six so that you might call the six worlds the six veils, the six wombs of creation through which we will pass to become aware of the fullness of the one, the seventh.

But always, good is present. Always good is all that is present. And for the reason that God rested on the seventh day, it is because that goodness pronounced by God was not about a material, changing world. But God was saying, Spirit was saying, “This is good because it fulfills the Divine intention. It meets all the Divine specifications. It is enduring Truth, enduring Existence, enduring Reality.” “Good” to the Father means eternal, infinite, finished, complete, ever self-fulfilling, without fault, eternally immaculate and unblemished. And we, who do not see or live or experience that eternally immaculate Universe, are not knowing. We are thinking. But when we are knowing, that is all we can know, for that is all there is.

The perfect universe is the seventh day, and if you were in the one, the first day, you would still be in the perfect Universe, but only in that veil; and as you come up and up and up, lifting the veils of consciousness, you are always in the perfect Universe, even though to the thinking mind it is not apparent. And so the prophet was showing us that we walk now in the perfect Universe, regardless of the womb of creation in which we stand. When we were nothing but a mineral, we were in the fullness of God but didn’t know it. And now, as we stand in the human state, the creature, if we are renewed by the renewing of the Mind, lifting the veil of the senses, we will behold that we are in the perfect seventh day Universe where all is good. And this is the nature of watching.

To watch is to know that here, where I stand, is the full, perfect Universe of the Father, and the six days or the six levels of consciousness through which we all pass to arrive at the seventh day, the realization of the fullness of being; but always, the fulness of Being is present. There was a mystic, about eleventh century, a Spanish mystic, Maimonides. He made a great remark, and he made it long before man discovered evolution. He said God never created an ape so that it could evolve into a man. What God has created Is. It doesn’t become something else. God’s creation Is, finished, complete, Being what It Is. God’s creation is being, not becoming.

And so we find that this first chapter of Genesis is telling us that the Garden of Eden is where you stand in the knowledge of Truth, not in thought about it, but in the knowledge of It. And Joel has told us what knowing means. Your mind can never know. Your Consciousness knows, and therefore, the mind must become a servant of the Consciousness. Your Consciousness is your Soul and your mind, becoming a servant of the Soul, knows, for the Soul does the knowing. The mind does the thinking, and the Soul feeds Its knowing to the mind which receives, and that is watching. And when your mind is a servant of your Soul, you know that what is called the seventh day of creation is your Self, the one and only Self that is being Itself. But not tomorrow, not remotely, but here and now, the One is.

You will be shocked to find that many people on this earth who think they have accepted the presence of God have not. It might shock you to discover that you, too, have not accepted the presence of God. There is a subtle way in which we are fooled. The mind accepts the presence of God, and you think, “I believe God is present.” But you’re believing with the mind which doesn’t know, but which thinks; and that mind will pass away with the heaven and the earth. That mind does not know. You cannot know with that mind that God is present. You can only think you know, and you discover that you didn’t really know when the power of the presence of God does not make itself manifest in your experience.

A good friend of mine the other day said, “I haven’t been able to accept that I do not have a physical form. I’m trying to. I want to. Sometimes I think I do, but I haven’t been able to accept it.” The more I thought about that, the more I realized that wasn’t the truth. It wasn’t that the individual wasn’t able to accept it. It’s that the mind of that individual, which is trying to accept it, even when it does accept it, is only the world thought deceiving us into believing that we have accepted the presence of God.

And a little more meditation on the subject brought this knowledge, that until you are certain that where you stand God is—and you are not—you have not accepted the presence of God, and you’re not in Christ-hood because Christ is where God is accepted as the only Presence. When you, where you are, accept the presence of God fully, without reservation, you cannot also accept a mortal form. You can’t have both. You can’t have God and mammon. You can’t have knowing and thinking. You can’t serve the two masters. You might try going into meditation about that, and you’ll find that you have reservations about God’s presence where you are.

And this being the fundamental fact of life, if we turn away from it, what are we watching? We’re not watching. We’re thinking. We’re affirming. We’re declaring. We’re hoping. We’re praying humanly, but we’re not watching, for to watch is to know that I and the Father are one Self. Only one. Where I stand is the Father. How many of us dare to accept that? The moment we do, we must reject everything that denies it, and we haven’t come to that level of Consciousness which can turn to the world and say, “I have overcome you because the Father stands here, not me.”

Now, as we go through these six days of creation, the six wombs of consciousness, veil after veil is ripped away. We come to a very strange place, the sixth day. We find the divine Image, but God has no hands, no face. God has no physical form. The divine Image, therefore, is not a physical form, is it? It isn’t a hand and a face. It isn’t a physical body because God has none. How can you image something that isn’t there? And so we have to see that the divine Image is not this mortal creation.

The creature has erroneously assumed that he is the divine Image. Look again. See if you can find any place in the six days of creation that speaks of a hospital, of a mortuary, of a disease, of a death, of an evil, of an error, of an earthquake, of a volcano. Where are they in the creation? If this is the creation in the six days of creation, where are all the errors and the evils and the discords and the wars? We don’t find them there. That is because these six days are not about our world.

The first chapter, then, is not about this world. It is about My Kingdom, My Kingdom which is not of this world; and the difference between My Kingdom and this world, the difference between the first and second chapter, must be seen as this: One is the spiritual Universe in Eternity. The other is the material universe in time, Adam and Eve living in the material universe in time, unaware of the presence of the spiritual Universe that is eternal surrounding them, which is there called the Garden of Eden.

Now, we are watching, which means we are walking consciously in our Consciousness in the eternal, invisible, spiritual Universe around us; and we do that by accepting here where I stand, God is, for the Kingdom of God within me is the Consciousness of God and unfolding as my Consciousness. Only as the unfolding Consciousness of God in me is accepted as the only Consciousness I have am I watching; and only then am I receiving, for that unfolding is what the Bible calls revelation.

That unfolding is what the Bible calls the Word made flesh. That unfolding of the divine Consciousness in me is what the Bible calls Grace; and that unfolding unfolds the six days of creation into manifestation as the seventh, expressing the fullness, the all-ness of God where I stand, but only because I have accepted that where I stand is divine Holy Ground because God is this Ground. God is this Substance. This is the knowing which brings the Substance, instead of the thinking, which brings only the form without the Substance.

Now, please try now with me to accept the presence of God where you are, not with your mind but with something higher, with the absence of your mind to reach an awareness that God is here, for the miracle is that the complete, full seven days of Creation in the first chapter of Genesis are the Kingdom of God within you now. There is nothing in those seven days of Creation that is missing from your divine Consciousness now. It is all in there. “All that I have is Thine,” in the Kingdom of God within you now, and to watch means to draw out from that Kingdom into tangible, visible expression the fullness of God being where you are so that, wherever you are, Omniscience is governing your Life. Omnipotence is governing everything you do. Omnipresence is the accepted fact of his Grace in you.

Why? Because where thou art, I Am. Before the world was, I Am. Before Abraham was, I Am. Now, where you are, I Am, and I Am the seven days of Genesis. I Am the Father within you, the beauty, the perfection, the all-ness that I Am. The perfect, spiritual Creation is within you now to be drawn upon. It is the living waters of Life Itself. To know God within you now is Life eternal. And this is how we step out of the passing parade. This is how we are anointed. This is how we hear the Father say, “ . . . this day have I begotten thee.” for you are knowing Me aright. Accept Me. Not two, not Me and you. One. One, for I, the Father, Am your Self. I am not blind. I am not deaf. I am not sick. I am not diseased. I will never die. Are we one or are we two? You make your decision and you live or die by it.

The moment you accept God, your acceptance is not complete until you have unaccepted what is not God. That which is not God cannot be where God is. Only God is where God is. And if you’re not accepting God, what are you accepting? Separation. That’s why the devil appears in the Bible, the symbol of separation from God. The creature receiveth not the things of God. The creature thinks but does not know.

When you have accepted God, you can never experience fear of any nature. Fear is the belief that God is not where you are. God is the expulsion of fear unto eternity. What shall I fear if God is my Substance? What shall I lack if God is my Substance? The Host of creation is very good, complete, eternal, infinite, present where I am. I’m no longer in the six-mixing bowls. I am the fullness. The veils are lifted. I’m out of the womb. I am born of the Father. I am begotten. I am the spiritual Creation.

When you work with this consistently, not being soft on yourself, the presence of God will be realized, and the absence of anything unlike God will be realized, and the error of world thought presenting itself to you at any time will be recognized as a nothingness without conscious effort, without a lot of words, without any thought because I the Father accepted as your Being become the Christ walking the earth where you stand. Divine, infinite Consciousness becomes infinite individual Consciousness, and you are One.

When you have made the first feeble efforts to accept that only God is where you stand, even though you may think you have attained some measure of awareness of it, you have another test that follows immediately. Your neighbor is doing the same, and if God stands where your neighbor appears and God stands where you appear, there’s only one. You are never separated from your neighbor. In fact, there are not two. There are not two of anything. There are not four billion. There is only One and that One I am.

When you have taken the trouble to consciously look out upon the world and know that isn’t Jane over there, and that isn’t Mary over there. Those are the forms. Those are the outer picturizations of the inner Consciousness, but all that is there is God. There is only One there, and that One that is there is the same One where I stand. No matter how many people are in the room, but One is there. You cannot do it with the thinking mind. And unless you do it, you cannot know, for God will never be divided into little pieces for the thinking mind. God will always be the One, and the One will only function where there is a conscious Awareness of the One, for that is where the miracles occur.

I am here. You are there, but God is in both places. The One is our identity here and there, and now you have the pieces put together. You can never see a person in this Universe separate from yourself if you would be the One. If you would experience the Grace of the One, there is nobody in this Universe separated from you. It is that simple and that complex. There is One, and you must be true to that One; and when you are, you are under the law of Spirit. You are out of karma. You are out of all material cause and effect for I, the One, am the only power.

You cannot accept Me there unless you accept Me where you are; and you cannot accept Me where you are until you are willing to crucify the sense of me, the sense of him, the sense of her. You cannot have human judgments praising one and not the other. You must love your enemy because the only One there is I. You cannot make distinctions of any kind, for I am the only One, and every distinction is a denial that I am the One. And so we think, “Yes, I’ve accepted God,” but when we put ourselves to the test, we discover we have only thought we accepted God.

Now suppose we accept God as a universal Being, the invisible Self that is the Universe spoken of in the first chapter of Genesis. That’s why God rested on the seventh day, meaning when you come to the realization of Self, you too will rest, that there is only I, the one Self. In form, I have many colors, many shapes, many sizes, many nationalities, but I am only the One. There is none but I. You go up to Heaven or down to hell: There is only I, and all else is your concept.

Wherever an individual makes the effort to discard the illusions of sense, the illusions of thought, the illusions of mental judgment and relax, resting in the One, that is coming unto Me and that is watching. And to such a One, although heaven and earth will pass away, to that One, The Heaven and Earth which is enduring, which is pronounced “very good” by the Father, will never pass away. You step out of time into the eternal and where is that eternal? When we are told, “Before Abraham Was, I Am.” When is that time before Abraham was? It is now. Now is before Abraham was. Abraham was world thought. Before world thought was, I am. And now, I am. I am in the Now of Being, and that’s where God is.

Think back a moment. Think of a pencil. You take it, and you write something on a paper: “I hate John.” or you write “I love John.” Now, whatever you’ve written on the paper had nothing to say about it. It was an effect. It couldn’t say, “Don’t write me.” It had no will of its own. It had to be done that way, and there it is. It’s on the paper. It says, “I love John” or “I hate John.” Now, who wrote that? The pencil? The hand? Neither. The mind that moved the hand, that moved the pencil wrote it. The mind had to conceive the idea.

This Bible is telling us that, as human creatures, we are not the mind, we are not the pencil, we are not the hand. We are the scribbling on the paper. We are the final effect. We only have the illusion of thinking we have something to say. Something writes us on a sheet of paper, and whatever it writes, we are; and that something, that pencil, is the thought of the cosmic mind. And as long as you let yourself be a thought of the cosmic mind, you go on being an effect, something which has nothing to say about itself. But, thought is what writes a human form. Human consciousness is human thought, and it makes a human form.

We are told to go beyond words and thoughts. And Joel tells us to go above thought. Now, I’d like you to change one word. When you say “beyond thought” or “above thought,” I’d like you to change it, for the moment, to “before thought”: “Before thought,” before Abraham was, not beyond Abraham, before Abraham because you must come to that place which is before thought. And knowing comes before thought. After thought is finished, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s written down on the paper. But if knowing precedes thinking, then divine Thought enters the picture.

And so we must take our consciousness, not in thought, but bring it to the moment before thought. Before the mind thinks, we must come to that place where the Soul knows. We go above mind, and that is before thought, before Abraham, and that’s now. Right now, before thought is the knowing realm, and when you live in the knowing, you’re living in that which is before thought, and then the thought becomes the servant of the knowing. And lo and behold, the Word of the Father, which is the knowing, becomes the Holy Ghost activity which is the final, visible effect or the divine Image made visible. Then, you’re in that sixth world where the divine Image is.

Until then, we’re still in the fifth day. We’re not in the sixth day until we realize the divine Image by knowing. In the fifth day we’re only thinking. We must come out of the shell of thought into the freedom of knowing, and that is why between the fifth and the sixth day, there is an evening and a morning, as there is between every other day. In the evening, we come into the darkness that precedes the dawn. We step out of one level of consciousness walking on Spirit like a child would walk, and we are blind. We are in the evening, but we then emerge into the dawn of understanding, which is called the day; and that brings us into the next world until, finally, we pass through each evening and each day, through each level of consciousness, through each veil, through each womb, up, up, up, realizing Christ in the sixth world.

And now, we are taught of the Father so that we can soon rest in the seventh, which is the beginning of Life eternal. Free of all the concepts, the six worlds behind us, everything functioning in its place in the Father’s will, above thought, before thought, beyond thought, in knowing, for then you know the Truth, and It does make you free. Then you know God aright as the very Spirit of your own Being, and that is Life eternal. And then, we’re out of the Adam dream of the fifth world, of the fifth veil, of the fifth womb and we’re not frightened anymore.

Now, these seven days of Genesis, then, are a secret code telling us that we must be willing not to cling to the form, but to pass through many forms, of which this is one, into the formless, to pass out of time into the timeless, out of space into the spaceless, into infinity, for God is infinity; and Jesus discovered Infinity, God, the infinite One, as the only, the Only Being, not the supreme, but the Only. Therefore we are, said Paul, all joint heirs in the Only, joint heirs in Christ, One. Please practice that; the acceptance of God where you stand, until something in you rings with the knowledge. Yes, of course, all that can be here is God, and that which is not God is not here. It is the appearance made visible by a consciousness, but it is not God, and, therefore, it cannot be here, for only God is here.

“Now,” says John, “are we the sons of God.” “The place whereon thou standest is holy . . . because God is there.” Accept, then, the power of God with that Presence, the all-knowing of God with that Presence, the all-love of God with that Presence, and draw upon it. Go to the well. Watch. Listen. Wait. Be patient. Be confident, for God is there. God is ever where you are, being God. God is never absent where you are, and all that denies it is the tempter of a mind that is not, of a mind that lives outside, not in the seven days of creation, but in the false sense of self. Slowly, you find your roots, and with those roots each new level of Consciousness becomes another seed sprouting, opening new Life, new Awareness, a new acceptance of your own Being on all its levels, for every level of You is present now. You can accept it. Your Self is now present and is omnipotent and omniscient. Whatever denies it is a lie.

When we were told to multiply, the mistake was made in thinking it meant multiply by having more children. It didn’t. Jesus multiplied loaves and fishes. We multiply the Lord. We multiply by the acceptance of the fullness of God where we are, and this multiplies the Lord. We accept that the complete creation outlined in the seven days is nothing more than Reality ever present where I stand, perfect as my Father, without blemish. That makes you the living Child of God. Now we watch as One. And whatever denies our divine Identity is not accepted as a present Reality. Wherever we shall gaze with human eyes, we accept the same invisible Reality there that we have accepted where we stand. We walk consciously in the invisible Kingdom of God on earth. This is how we accept divine Presence.

The miracle of oneness functions in the Consciousness that accepts it, faithfully. The law of karma functions in the one who does not accept it or is ignorant of it. And so, it is said that the Light appeared, but the darkness comprehendeth it not, for the darkness is the creature in the human mind who knows not that the very Light of His Being is God.

From those who make this their way, a remnant is formed which Isaiah called “mine elect,” which the Bible refers to as the children of Israel. This remnant are those who have discovered God in their midst, who have rejected all else, who live under the law of God by the acceptance of divine Identity; and they pass from the fifth world into the sixth, and this remnant becomes the seed of the sixth world. This remnant becomes the new Consciousness.

This remnant becomes the divine Image and Likeness manifest, and that will be when we have entered through the fifth veil into the sixth world, living as one with the Father, faithfully, completely in the will of the Father with absolutely no will of our own. We will not even enter that Realm until the will we have now has been crucified, that we may be resurrected in Self, ascended then above world thought into my Father’s House, living as the Christ, for I can assure you nobody lives in the sixth world but the Christ of God.

That is the return to the Father’s House. It is the purpose of this experience, this incarnation, for many who walk the earth today. They will walk as the Christ in the sixth world, and when the heaven and the earth passes away, the Word that will not pass away is your Being, for you are the Word of God.

We’ll take a little intermission now, and then we’ll see what the second half has in store for us.

I’d like you to see the birth of Jesus in another way, perhaps, than you have seen it. We have this invisible universe which is perfect. We have the fullness of our own being which is perfect. We have perfect law governed by the perfect will of the Father. We have perfect Life which has no beginning or end, and yet all of the perfection of Being is not experienced or seen or touched or known by the visible form that we call our human self.

So we have Isaiah making this very important prophecy to show us that out of the invisible will come something, something to make us aware of the presence of the Invisible, and the way he phrases it is this, “Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign;” And that means you will become aware that there is an Invisible that is present, and there will be a sign of that living Invisible, not an invisible hidden somewhere behind a cloud, but an Invisible which is present here, now, always.

“Behold, a virgin shall conceive,” a virgin, one who is in a pure state of Consciousness shall conceive, shall bring forth from the Invisible that which was Invisible to those not in the virgin or pure state of Consciousness. But if you were in that pure state of Consciousness, you would conceive as the virgin does: “ . . . a virgin will conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name . . .”, call his name what? Why is the name to be called Immanuel? Derivatively it means here is God. God is here, Immanuel. The evidence, the sign that God is here invisibly is the name that will be given to the child, Immanuel, God with us, not God with that child alone, God with us.

And so the child is born, and we go over to Matthew from Isaiah. “ . . . she shall bring forth a son, and [thou] shalt call his name JESUS: . . .” But over here it said his name would be
Immanuel, God with us. Then Immanuel and Jesus are one and the same name. Isaiah told us the child would be called Immanuel, and here we are told the child will be called Jesus. Immanuel means God with us. Jesus, then, is the sign of God with us, for Jesus is going to become aware of God with us, and because Jesus becomes aware of God with us, Jesus goes forth to do the works of God. As you become aware of God with you, you go forth to do the works of God.

“Now, all this was done that it might be fulfilled, which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet saying, Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” And so we are being given this great knowledge of our true heritage that God is with us: I can never leave thee or forsake thee. Now let’s see what some of the great prophets have done with this.

Let’s go to Galatians. Let’s see what Paul has to say about Immanuel. What we’re trying to find is the thread of meaning in Immanuel to show that it relates not to the birth of Jesus, but to the evidence given through the birth of Jesus and through his ultimate acceptance of God with him, that we are being given the knowledge that God with us is the Christ of our own Being. Now in Galatians, chapter 4: 4-7, “ . . .when the fullness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, made of a woman, made under the law, To redeem them that were under the law, that we might receive the adoption of sons.”

And so there quickly, Paul is pointing out that we are under karmic law, but the Christ is born in Jesus to show us there is a Christ waiting to be born in us, “that we might receive the adoption of sons. And because ye are Sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of his Son into your hearts, crying Abba, Father. Wherefore thou art no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.” Of course, it’s very clear that we’re being told to recognize Christ in us as Jesus recognized Christ in Jesus.

Again, we go to John in one of his epistles, and this is the First John, third chapter and the second verse, “Behold, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear,”—And who is he?—“we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.” We shall be like Him. We shall be like the one whom Isaiah predicted would be called Immanuel and was called Jesus. How could we be like him unless we are Christ-ed? And then you’ll know that Christ-ing does not take place in time or in space or in a mortal body, in a physical being.

You get behind the veil, and what do you find? The Christ-ing is simply your acceptance that Christ I am. Always you are being brought right into the here, now Immanuel, God is with us as my invisible Self, Christ. Is there any doubt of it? We come to Romans, the eighth chapter, the 28th verse. Always there is a re-affirmation of the identity of every man on earth, not just you, not just me, but all who walk in a mortal form are being clarified to our Consciousness as the invisible Christ here and now, and they don’t have to attain it.

Romans 8:28-29: “[And] we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.” Not according to their purpose, but called according to his purpose, “For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren,” the first born among many brethren. We are the brethren, are we not? And to be brothers in Christ, we must be Christ. Now then Immanuel is taking form in Consciousness as a fact that is already established. God with you is the nature of your Being, not tomorrow only. It has ever been so.

In the first book of John, the 11th verse, we find this: “He came unto his own, and his own received him not.” Now then, Christ has come unto you, and you have either received Christ or not, for Christ is this he, and Christ has come to every individual on the earth; and the sheep receive the Christ, and the goat says, “no.” “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God.” The acceptance of Christ in me as the fact of my Being, the acceptance of Immanuel, to them gave he power to become the sons of God.

And so the moment you have accepted spiritual identity, then, though you appear in the flesh, you have accepted the invisible body of God as your body, the mind of God as your mind, and the government of God as your only government. You are no longer in the government of the flesh, in the government of men, in the government of the physical senses called Pharaoh, the lord of Egypt. “As many as accept, to them gave he power to be the Sons of God, even to them that believe on His name.”

Do you see that unless your name and his name are the same name, you are in duality, unless you accept his name, you are in duality? And his name must be your name now. Scripture, which is the Word of the Father, says continue in my words. Jesus says if you believe on Me, greater works will you do. But you can’t believe on me unless you believe in my words, and so you are being christened the Christ. You are being christened the Christ Body. You are being christened an eternal Being. And until you accept your eternal Being now, you are not in my Name, for my Name is the Eternal One. Do you see how the fullness of your Being is brought to your attention scripturally, and that fullness is merely functioning through this visible self, and as the visible self steps back and accepts the fullness of Itself, you’re in Grace?

Now Isaiah brought us the birth of Immanuel, but he also brought us the knowledge that it would be a universal fact, and this is how he said it, to show that Christhood was not limited to Jesus the Christ but had to embrace everyone who walks the earth, or else the will of the Father in them would not be done. Now we’re in Isaiah 8, and this follows directly after the virgin was giving birth to Immanuel: “Now therefore, behold, the Lord bringeth upon them the waters of the river, strong and many, even the King of Assyria, and all his glory: and he shall come up over all his channels, and go over all his banks:”—Begin to get the symbology “over all his channels and over all his banks.”—“And he shall pass through Judah; he shall overflow and go over, he shall reach even to the neck; and the stretching out of his wings . . .” “He shall fill the breadth of thy land. Oh, Immanuel.” How clearly God with us is a universal fact, and that brings you right up to John: “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” Now that Word that is made flesh and dwells among us is Christ Immanuel, God with you, God with everyone you know.

Now when you’re in mortal thought, not in Christ thought, it could be likened to being on a party line. Somebody rings you. There’s somebody on the line, so they can’t get you. There’s a busy signal. Or you might even be talking, yourself, to someone else on your line, and still there’s a busy signal. The party who wants to reach you cannot get you. Now what happens when God dials you but finds a busy line? The Voice is trying to come through, but your line is busy. Now when you’re in mortal thought, your line is busy; and there’s just no way for a busy line to receive the Father, and so you have to keep your line open.

There’s a passage in Isaiah that explains this. I think I have it set aside, and we’ll look at it in a moment. Keeping the line open is going behind the veil of the senses so that the activity of God functioning as Christ in you can live Itself as you, not having to blast its way through the physical senses, but rather, directing you in such a way that every action of your day is an ordained event, that every thought passing through your mind is an ordained thought, that you literally are walking the earth while living in the Kingdom of God through the knowledge of Immanuel, never setting up a barricade so that God cannot dial you and speak directly through you to the world around you or act through you in such a way that you are functioning in the rhythm of the universe, literally making you a servant of the Father.

After you have analyzed the writings of Paul, I think you can break them down this simply, as I have tried to do here. This is called Paul’s creed and I think it briefly expresses what happens to you when you become aware of Immanuel. Paul’s creed can thusly be summed up in five simple points. First, sacrifice your will to God and your heart, for your heart is your Consciousness. Without this, nothing else can happen. God being real to you, the sacrifice of your will and of your heart is done right where you are. You literally step out of your shoes into the invisible and let the Father step into your shoes, so that all that is walking this earth is your invisible Father in your shoes. That’s the sacrifice of the will.

The second point of Paul’s creed is to always obey the direction of the Father’s will. And, of course, this means that you’re in a state of receiving inner revelation. The first part of the creed, the acceptance of Christ in you, was your reconciliation, and the second is the revelation that comes through because you are reconciled with Christ as your identity. The Father and the Son are one. The prodigal is no more. Revelation becomes the blood of your Life. “Drink of my blood.” How do you drink of my blood if you’re not in My Will? And when you’re in My Will, then My Revelation is your blood. The blood of the lamb is the inner Revelation of the Spirit functioning through your Being.

How powerful is it? In the days of Exodus, when they were teaching Spirit in a material way, the Hebrews who had gone with Moses were told to sacrifice a lamb; and the blood of the Lamb, they daubed it on the door posts, the two side door posts and the door posts overhead. And then it said the Eternal One would come through the streets, even at night, and wherever the lintel and the door posts were not daubed in the lamb’s blood, there the first born of every family would die. That grotesque picture has been accepted by many orthodox people as the Truth about what God did.

Can you imagine such a grotesque thing for God to do, the Eternal One going through the streets bringing death to the first-born of every Egyptian, when what was being taught, of course, was that the blood of the lamb is Christ in you accepted and that the door posts were nothing more than the front, the forefront of your Consciousness? You go through the door post into the house, and not only the two side door posts, but the overhead door post, the lentil. In other words, the three-dimensional consciousness had to be Christ-ed with the blood of the lamb. And then the Father would go by, and the first born of the Egyptians would die. What would that be in spiritual terminology? The Egyptians, being the senses, and then all sense thought could not enter their house, and so you were being led out of the senses. And in front of that house was the Christ Consciousness, which was its protection against the false evidence of the senses.

There was no God killing anyone. There were no Israelites protected by the blood of a physical lamb over their door posts. There was an allegory that whenever you are living in Immanuel, the world of good and evil, the non-world, does not enter your Consciousness. It is protected by the wisdom, the power of the Christ. You have made your exodus from the false universe, and so this was a pre-requisite to receiving inner revelation. How could you receive revelation from the inner Christ unless you had accepted the presence of that Christ, which is drinking the blood of the Lamb? And now you’re out of the three-dimensional consciousness into the higher, and this is only the second part of Paul’s creed, being willing to obey what comes now from within, knowing I am being guided, I am living in the government of God.

The desire to receive only this in a Word continually, to be obedient only unto it, was his third creed, the third portion, to live only by that inner Self; and so he took us out of human authorities. There was no person Paul saluted, not even Peter. He lived by the Christ within, desiring only to serve the Christ in whatever way It wished to live . . . . Immanuel.

Now, there comes a temptation, which was the fourth part of his creed, to lead that Christ, to say, “Let’s go that way, or let’s do this. It’s a good thing to do. Let’s do this.” And know never to be leading the Christ, but only to be led by It; never to designate to the Christ what you would like done, being willing to subjugate all sense of personal glory in the glory of whatever the Christ is doing where you stand, a true servant of Christ. And from this comes a trust. Who is this Christ that I’m serving? It’s God expressing in me as me, and therefore I trust the presence of Christ with what I have called my life, for the only Life I have is the Life of Christ, and from this comes the total absence of fear.

Whom shall I fear if Christ is my only Life? And that is the acceptance of Immanuel, God with us. I fear no person, no condition, no thing, nothing in time or space, in matter or form. Why? Because Christ is my Life, and to fear would be a denial that Christ is my Life, a denial of Immanuel, a return to the primitive days before Christ was born in your Consciousness. Now, of course, that’s cutting it rather fine to say that this was Paul’s creed, but it more or less sums up all of his epistles, all of his work, the final, total, complete acceptance of Christ in himself to the best of his ability.

And then when God dials you on the line on the infinite telephone, you’re home. It rings. You hear it. You receive, and revelation continues to pour forth, not just His Word, but His thought as idea, as expression, as love, as harmony, as Truth, as intuition; and it manifests in the outer in ways that the human mind could never even conceive, they’re so diversified. Who knows what God has in store, other than the Christ? What human mind can anticipate God? So you’re wide open for Immanuel to show forth any glory It feels at the moment is necessary. You’re open for Immanuel to part any river, to ford any stream, to show you that there are loaves and fishes everywhere, that there are no hungry in the world.

There are those who have not found Christ within. There are no starving. There are no sick. There are no diseased. There are those who have not found Christ within, and to the measure that you have, you will not hold them in bondage to the picture they present to you because Christ within you is Christ within them. Immanuel is the universal fact of Life, and only when, in your consciousness, Immanuel is universal and not confined to him or her or any one or ten or twenty, or any group, when you are free of the belief that Christ is missing somewhere, then Christ in you will function in the Divine plan. Always, it is there awaiting your universal acceptance of it.

And that’s the reason we are told never to guide or manipulate or tell the Christ what to do, for the minute we do that we have stepped out of the knowledge that Christ is all there is. We have been caught in the images of the mind. We have been caught in the appearances called starvation, pollution, disease. Where are they if Christ is with us? So these drop from your belief. You cannot accept Immanuel and accept its opposite, too. You cannot walk in the invisible Kingdom and also walk in the visible.

So Isaiah’s story about fasting is the way you continue to accept Immanuel. Now, this story of fasting is found in chapter 58 of Isaiah. And, of course, it doesn’t mean fasting in food. It never did. It means fasting from the belief that God is not with us, accepting that God with us is all that is here. We’re in 58. I think that we’ll look at all of it for the moment: “Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, [and] shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins.” And let us interpret “their people” and “the house of Jacob their sins” to be everybody. “Yet they seek me daily, and delight to know my ways, as a nation that did righteousness, and forsook not the ordinance of their God: they ask of me the ordinances of justice; they take delight in approaching to God.” That’s very contemporary, isn’t it? They even say, “Wherefore have we fasted, and thou seest not? They have kept food from their lips, and God has done nothing for them.”

“Wherefore have we afflicted our soul, and thou takest no knowledge?” But he replies, “ . . . Behold, ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness: . . .” In other words, why are they fasting? They’re giving up food out of fear, hopeful to manipulate, to encourage God to do them some good because they are fasting. Now then, the word “fasting”: stretch it out a little bit, and you see there are so many things that people have done to encourage God to send them some good. But don’t you see that if they had accepted God with us, there’s no need to influence God to do good? It’s the accepting of God there, where you are, which is all that is necessary. And as long as you’re striving in any way to influence God, you’re denying God’s presence, and that’s what is being pointed out here by Isaiah.

You fast for strife and debate. “Is it such a fast that I have chosen? . . . is it to bow down his head . . . to spread sackcloth and ashes being under him? wilt thou call this a fast, and an acceptable day to the Lord?” How old fashioned that seems to us now. It doesn’t seem like yesterday. It seems like another world. “Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, [and] to let the oppressed go free, [and] that ye may break every yoke?” Now what are these heavy burdens and the oppressed? That’s our false concepts. That’s the fast, fasting from our false concepts; and every false concept is born of the belief that this isn’t the place where Christ is.

I’m sick. I’m not fasting. I’m believing in I’m sick, but if I fast when I am sick, it will be because I know I can’t be sick; Christ is my name. And so, here’s Isaiah, seven hundred and fifty years before Jesus, breaking ground for us, showing us there will be a day there will be Immanuel on earth realized, and people will fast from the false concepts of the human mind. “Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the Lord shall be thy reward. Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; . . . and he shall say, Here I am.” You see, we have thrown out the concepts. We have accepted Christ here, and then the Spirit of your own Being, having been accepted, says, “Yes, here I am.”

You must have that experience of the Spirit within you saying, “Yes, here I am.” It is the beginning of the real anointing, the baptism of the Spirit. When “Here I am.” is spoken within you, it is because you have accepted it first. “Here I am.” Then like Hezekiah, you can say, “They have only the arm of flesh. We have the Lord God Almighty.” And you can rest in the Word, “Here I am.” You can really rest in it because all of the power of God is in “Here I am.” when It speaks within you, not when you say it with your lips. And it does speak when you have fasted from the belief in mortality, corporeality, all of the humanisms, which are the denial of Christ here, I am.

Alright, “And if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise . . . and thy darkness be as the noon day: And the Lord shall guide thee continually . . .” Now then he’s inviting us to receive continuous revelation from the Spirit within: “the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul . . . make fat thy bones: and Thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.” This is what happened, before Jesus, in a man called Isaiah, who had learned the acceptance of Christ I am. It happened, after Jesus, to a man called Paul.

It is spoken of throughout the Bible as a universal fact. The fasting from the belief in mortality is a must if you would experience here I am in you. If you will not acknowledge my Presence, how can I acknowledge yours? And from this comes the miracle, of resurrection, regeneration, rebirth, walking in the Kingdom here and now. Father, who art in Heaven: The Christ of God is always in heaven, and the Christ of God is in me. Therefore, when I walk in the knowledge of Christ, I walk in heaven, and this is keeping Thy Name hallowed, walking in heaven through Christ. And I assure you walking in heaven is the destiny of each of us, not tomorrow: Now are we the Sons of God.

Everything that denies your Presence in heaven now is a lie about identity. You must bring Heaven into daily experience and see that Heaven is the absence of two wills, the absence of two bodies, the absence of two of anything, the absence of two lives, the absence of Christ and me, for when I accept Christ, me is no more. You must fast from me to accept Immanuel. We come, then, to the conscious awareness that I can approach my remaining experience on this earth with the All-ness of my Being; and as I do this, letting my awareness of Christ in me rise, whatever I do will be the Word made flesh instead of the human mind made flesh. Whatever I do will be an ordainment instead of a personal will expressing. Whatever I do will be under infinite Grace. This is the way to transition.

More and more you’ll feel a great freedom, a willingness to relax. The Father’s work is being done always. Ten thousand invisible hands are always doing your work when you can keep your hands away. Fear not. I am here. Love thy neighbor, for I am there. And, always, using the fulcrum of I am here and I am there as the way you begin everything, you find that great miracle which Solomon was trying to give to his workers. The minute you touch I am here, you have touched Infinity everywhere, for that which I am here, I am everywhere, and every door is unlocked for the one who lives in I am here. There is no place throughout infinity and eternity that you are not touching when you touch I am here right where you are.

That is the secret of harmony, accepting I am here right where you are, and that same I am that is here where you are is everywhere, and so you are touching everywhere when you touch here I am. Tarry here. Abide here. The place whereon thou standest, right here I am, and when you touch here you are touching all there is in the universe. There’s nothing more to do but behold the salvation of the Lord. Don’t go outside of here. Don’t heal someone over there. Heal them here in your Consciousness, and over there will conform to what you know here where you are. All of the love you want to pour forth to others, pour it fourth here, not there. You can never get God there until you have touched God here.

You don’t dial a radio program there. You dial it here. Everything is here, and this here is the infinite here, the eternal here. And the secret of your perfect Self is here, now, here. So many times we have found the error of trying to heal someone there. You can’t do it, because there is no there. The God that is here is the God that is here everywhere, and to God everything is here. If you try to heal someone there, you’re finding you’re walking into that which is no existence. There is no there to heal. There is only here. All of this is here to God, and God within you is here. The minute you change and abide in the here, you’ll find that all of the theres call up and say, “Thank you very much.” The daughter you want to help there, find her here, in God in you; and watch what happens there. Make that change. I think that’s going to be our message today.

Something interesting happened I’d like to tell you about. I was led to it after the class. In fact, only yesterday, I think. Maybe today. I think it was yesterday. We started last week this knowing only the will of the Father in you. The date was the fourteenth of the month, and I was led to a passage in Exodus, and the feast of the unleavened bread starts on the 14th of the month and unleavened bread, you know, is the Word of God. The leavened bread is the word of this world. And so we actually, without realizing it, started the feast of the unleavened bread on the 14th when they were told to do it in Exodus. But one thing troubled me. It said to start it on the 14th of the first month, and I thought, “Oh, here we did it in February and not in January.” And I turned back to something in Exodus, and I ought to find this. It was just a funny coincidence. It’s chapter 12, somewhere at the beginning of chapter 12 in Exodus. I was concerned about that first month. And here’s what it said to answer that question. How strangely this worked. “And the Lord spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, ‘This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.’ [Everyone laughs.] So I said, “Thank you.”

And incidentally, in that chapter 12 is all of the symbology about the door posts, which are the three-dimensional consciousness of mankind, and the feast of the unleavened bread begins on the 14th of the first month and ends on the 21st, which would be yesterday. So all of you who have worked for a week have been in the feast of the unleavened bread. We’re going to do it 30 days anyway, and if you have gone seven or eight today, we still have 22 more days in which we are standing, watching our will and saying, “No, the only will in me is the will of the Father,” and that is our feast of the unleavened bread.

Well, have a pleasant journey. Thank you.

Now the assignment last week was to crucify the human will. We were given an assignment to surrender the human will so that the I of Being could come forth into living experience, and this surrender of the human will was to be done in the following manner: Each of us was to stand watching the will, just as Jesus said to his disciples in those last moments, “Could you not watch with me one hour more?” We were to watch the human will, our will, and not to permit it to function. This was to be done daily, first in one complete day, to reach that level of Consciousness which would say to the human will, “Thou hast no power over me. There’s nothing you have to do or say that can influence me in any way, for the only will in me is the will of the Father, and that will, and that will alone will I respond to.”

Now, if you have not done that exercise, then you must start afresh today or tomorrow and go through the crucifixion of the human will; for until there is no human will, the will of the Father in you cannot manifest Its glory. Then we were told that when we have mastered the technique of being no longer enslaved by the human will for that day, and only then, we were ready to proceed to do this for another thirty days.

I’m quite sure those of you who have tried have seen how difficult it is to master the art of liberation from your own human will. Some may have even encountered the problem of not being willing to do it, not wanting to yield their human will, let alone being able to overcome it.

And so it matters not how long you delay this and whether or not you do it this year or not. This is going to be a requirement for your spiritual progress, and it isn’t because anyone tells you it is a requirement. It is because your own nature will finally force you to see that this is what happened to the Pharaoh in Egypt. He wouldn’t let them go. Every kind of inducement was given to him, but he wouldn’t let them go.

And so it is that Pharaoh in you, that ego will say, “No, I cannot yield this human will.” But ultimately something will make Pharaoh in you let go, that the Israelite may be born, and that something will be when the Spirit Itself shows you that there is only one way to the Father through Christ. And as long as you are in self-will, you cannot be in the will of the Christ in you. One must go.

In Moses’ time in Exodus, the final way in which Pharaoh consented to permit the Israelites to go was when the Spirit made it clear that the first born of every Egyptian household had to be sacrificed until the Israelites go, and when the first born of every Egyptian household was actually killed, only then did Pharaoh say, “Now you may go from Egypt.” And the symbology is this. The first born of the Egyptian household is the false sense of you, the ego. That is the first born of Egypt, the world of the five senses. And only when this first born, this false sense of self, is overcome do you find that the human will in you no longer is in conflict with your divine Self-hood and the divine will in you. And so delay, if you will. Yield not, if you will not, but ultimately you must find the way to persuade Pharaoh that he must let Christ be born in you.

Now this invisible sense of Self, this invisible body of Self that you see not but is there, this has been veiled from us all these years, and we walk in a concept of self. We call it “me,” the mortal self. We know it isn’t God’s divine Creation, and we have been taught by the Master that he walked this earth in this divine Self, in the invisible Self, the invisible Self that became visible and was called the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the invisible Self that was revealed as the invisible Self of every man and woman and child who walks the earth. Now, we want to experience that invisible Self. We want to come out of Egypt, out of the sense of mortality, out of the false ego, out of the false body, out of the false life, out of the darkness of the five senses, out of all twoness, all duality. We want to walk in the fullness of our Being.

Now, here’s the thought I’d like you to dwell with for a moment. You are, if you are not in the Spirit, always functioning as a fraction of your Being, and it is only when you have attained an awareness of your spiritual Self that the All-ness of your Being will be functioning in every minute of your life. It is important now to bring into play the All-ness of your Being. And so we must go behind the veils. You are, at this moment, all that you can ever be. Never in another million years can you be more than you are at this moment. All that you are this moment, you are forever, for the Self of you will never be greater than Itself.

Now we must go behind the seven veils, the seven veils, that veil you from your own Being. And to do this, we’re going to meditate in a different way than we usually do. And for those of you who plan to take notes, I would advise you in this meditation it would be unwise. Whatever is said in the meditation you may come and hear on the tape privately if you wish, or you may ask questions about it, but for your own sake enter the meditation, not with a pencil in hand, not with the thought in mind, or you will lose what you have come for. I don’t often request that, but this is the time.

We are going behind the seven veils, and those seven veils are going to be these: time, space, form, matter, the motion of matter, the will, and the ego. When you go behind these seven veils, you will discover there is another You waiting there to be claimed, to be lived in, to be experienced, and that is your eternal Self. That eternal Self, which at this moment is all that you are and all that you ever will be; and it is our purpose to bring into this moment that eternal Self so that you may live in that internal Self for every moment, instead of in the passing self. And so, as we discovered the invisible form of Jesus, the incorporeal Self, which we called Resurrection but now we call the realization, that his eternal Self is ever present and was present then—and but a handful became aware of that eternal Self—we can then proceed to the understanding that he was not resurrected, but rather they became aware of his eternal Self.

What does that mean to us? It means that we, too, can become aware of our eternal Self, for It is all that is here now. Your eternal Self is now where I ask you to live in your invisible form as pure Consciousness, not in a physical form, and dwell there for a moment, abiding in the knowledge that there is here an I, an invisible I, not touchable, not seen by human eyes. But it is I. It is my Body of the Soul. It is ever-present awaiting my recognition, and now I recognize it.

For the moment I live in it. I accept the presence of the Christ Body. And there I dwell, and I am not in the veil of time. There is no time for my Christ Self. The Christ Self that I am is already in every tomorrow, right now. Right this minute, I am in every tomorrow. Right this second, I am in every yesterday. I, the Christ Self, am now in all eternity. There is no time in which I am not. Is God in passing time? Is the child of God in passing time if I and the Father are one? And so I dwell in the knowledge that I am in the Eternal. You cannot find my invisible body in time. And yet, here it is now, here.

I must come to an awareness of it. Tomorrow the form will appear, but I will still be then what I am this moment. I am detaching myself from the form. I am living in the Life of my Self, in the Life of my Self that is forever. I am letting that Life be known to my consciousness. I am Life eternal, and that is where I dwell now, independent of time. Five hundred years from now, as time goes, will make no change whatsoever in my eternal Life.

I will be exactly then what I am this moment. I am acknowledging my spiritual identity. I am now acknowledging the presence of the Father as the Substance of my spiritual identity. I and the Father are one Life, one Substance, one Being, and that Being is pure timeless Spirit. I know no other Being. I am momentarily out of the veil of time. I am also out of the veil of space, for space is finite, and I am Spirit, not finite. You will never find my Spirit in space. You will never find my invisible Body in space.

I am neither there nor there nor there, for I am incorporeal Spirit. Wherever the world sees space, I am there, but I am not visible. There is no place where my invisible Body is not. Everywhere is the invisible Body of the Father, which is the invisible Body of my Being, and so I am everywhere, out of space, out of time. I am pure Consciousness. Anything in space and time that claims itself to be Me is a liar, for if it is Me, then I am saying that I am not that Life, that Spirit which is called the child of God. And I am not in form, for form is finite. I am behind the veil of form. I see no one in form. All are the invisible spiritual Life of the Father without form, without time, without space. And I see no material self in Me. I am not a material being. I am not in the veil of matter.

Now you’re resting in a place which can never be touched by any material form. You’re resting where there is no lack or limitation, where there is nothing to touch, where there is nothing to be limited. You’re simply timeless, spaceless, formless, and non-material Spirit. This is the invisible present Self, and because I am not material, and material is not of the Father, the motion of anything material is another veil. Nothing created by the Father is material and, therefore, the motion of matter is as illusory as the matter itself. All motion is illusion and behind the veil of motion.

Now I come to that human will. The will of this material form which moves is as illusory as the form itself. That will is not My will at all. It is not the will of the Father in me, and therefore, it is another veil. And when I have taken these six veils of time, space, form, matter, motion, and will, and have collected them into one place, I see that this is what constitutes the seventh veil or the human ego. And behind all this I am.

When you practice this you discover there is an eternal You which could never be experienced while you were under the seven veils. But when you afford yourself the luxury of rending these veils and stand in your eternal You, You bring into play that eternal Self into the activities of what appear to be the form in the outer world. You are loosing in heaven that which you will now loose on earth. Under the veils, you were binding in heaven that which you had bound upon the earth.

You are in the infinite nature of Being where Grace can function in Itself, in its eternal Being. And only one who has learned how to live there, even for a moment, can know the joy of the eternal All-ness of Being coming into expression throughout the day so that the Father who knoweth in secret can appear, manifest to the visible world in you, as you let the All-ness of your Being step forth into your daily life: no human decision, no personal me, no desiring to improve the time space picture, not being tempted to step out of the All-ness of Being into the changing images of the world, not being tempted into the dualities. And lo and behold, as you stand in this All-ness of your Being, “Here I am,” says the Father, “Abide here, tarry here, rest here.”

And now omnipotence has a living meaning, for the all-ness of your Being is omnipotent. Decisions are made by your omniscient all-ness without effort. Omniscience begins to have a meaning. The infinite Presence expresses where you are because where you are is holy ground, released from the seven veils of the human mind. Whenever you do this, whenever you are willing to stand in the All-ness of your being behind the seven veils, you will discover the glories of the invisible universe. You will see why we are told to love God.

How can you love God as a human being? You can only try. But if you wish to love God, you must love the Spirit of your Being, for that is where you will discover God is. I in the midst of Thee, the Spirit of your Being, love Me, and you’re loving God. Do not love an abstraction. Do not love God outside of your Being, but come into the Kingdom of God, the All-ness of God within your Self and abide awhile; and behold, here I Am will do all that must be done, for as you love the Father, the love of the Father comes back to you multiplied. As you love the Father in you, you are multiplying the Lord. “I magnify the Lord,” said Mary. I recognize my spiritual Being.

Now, what else is there to do when you have come into the of All-ness of your realization, but to rest and let the Spirit do its own work? Let the Holy Ghost come forth expressing Itself as You, for now the Word will be made Flesh. Here where you stand, I Am. I have been released from your concepts. I can show you why you need no sword, why you need make no decisions, why you need desire nothing, for I am come and, behold, the world is new. Rest in Me. Trust me. I am the All-ness of your Being, the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. I invest every moment with your true Substance so that you’re not a form without a fabric. You are the Substance of God, Itself. You are letting your Substance live Itself where you stand. Everyone who practices this will discover a new power, a new vision, a new strength, something beyond courage itself, but a peace and a sureness, an awareness that this is My Being.

I have nothing to seek, nothing to strive to attain. I am this Being. I have ever been this being. I will always be this Being, and whatever denies it is untrue. Whatever denies it is form without fabric, has no actual Being. Whatever denies my pure, perfect, present Self is not a pure, perfect, present Self, Itself, and is, therefore, not here. Whatever denies my harmony is a lie. Whatever denies my perfection is a lie. Whatever tells me I am lacking is a lie, for here I am. It was in the desert that the miracle of the loaves and fishes came upon the world, and it was in the desert for a specific reason, to show you there is no such thing as a desert. There is no place where God is absent. The desert is a concept, and there in the desert was here to the one who knew that here God is. There is no desert in your Life. Wherever you are is here, and here God is.

And so you take the words now: Here God is. It was Ruth who was told by Boaz, “Don’t go out there. Stay here and glean the fields here. When Elijah left Elisha. He said all you’ve got to do is “Tarry here.” No greater words have ever been spoken: “Tarry here. Abide here.” All through the Old Testament, wherever you see that miracle word “here,” you’re seeing a great secret revealed. Here is God, right here, and when you accept God is here, can its opposite be here? Can you accept discord and be accepting God is here at the same time? Ah, but you cannot change the fact that God is here because that is the fact. Therefore the discord is not here. Always now, you can stand in the realization that God is here. Wherever you go, God is here. Right now where you are, God is here. This becomes your religion: God is here. And where God is, perfection is, I am.

This is bringing the All-ness of Being right here, now, not in time or space, not in form or motion, not in ego or will, but in the spiritual Truth of Being. Here God is, and you can depend on this. And whenever you learn to depend on this, it will be your permanent dispensation. “Here in the midst of the desert,” said the Master, “God is. Sit down and eat,” and the Isness of God became the loaves and the fishes. Now that Holy Ghost, which becomes loaves and fishes to five thousand, is the Holy Ghost that sets your table when you know here is God.

But here is God and here I am are one and the same. Here where I am is my own Being which is God. Here is the Spirit of God which I am, and this that threatens me, this that paints a discordant picture, this that tells me something is wrong cannot be true. It has nothing to do with me. It is impersonating me. It is presenting to me a concept in time and in space, of matter and form, and investing it with a false ego and a will.

Every second of this mortal world is another image of yourself in time and space. If you made a collage of yourself in time and space of all of the minutes you have known, all of it put together would not be here, for you are always the all-ness of your Being, invisible to human sense, but ever-present where the form appears to be. Step back from the form. Accept the life. Rest in the All-ness frequently, and watch the miracle of how the All-ness of your Being, which is ever here, is actually the first Resurrection. I, the All-ness of your Being, I am the first Resurrection. If you know Me, there is no second death. I am here always, and merely to know my Presence and rest in Me is to release my infinite power, my infinite Self-hood. That is how you love God.

Now in this meditation, we have been using Truth to open the way, and if your meditations have often been difficult, have not opened the way for you into the Spirit. It is because meditation of itself, when not preceded by Truth, does not open the door. You must be reborn of the Truth and the Spirit, and when you know Truth, when you are behind the seven veils or even two of them, you’ll discover you’re always out of the illusion of a sense of self that can be hurt, distressed, despairing, lacking, or limited. You feel the symphony of the timeless Self.

And what we have been doing at this moment is building the freeway of the Soul. We’re getting out of the freeways of the mind. We’re getting out of the mental universe, and we are letting ourselves be whisked away on these freeways of the Soul, for there we have a new firmament. We have a new basis from which we function. In this upper firmament, everything that comes to our attention is referred to a different level of our selves. We’re not so easily tricked into a reaction of the senses. We’re not fooled into believing that we are in this time, space, changing image.

Now, this is how you will become aware of your invisible Self in a very dramatic way. This is why we have been told to surrender the will because when you do, then the hand of Spirit can guide you, building your awareness of these invisible mansions so that, traveling on the freeways of the Soul, you can be led, not by a finite human intelligence, but by the Spirit of Being which alone knows the way. You remember in John when Jesus says we must: If you believe on Me, believe in my words, and the reason is that the words spoken through Jesus are your guide through these invisible mansions.

With the finite mind you cannot know what is in the invisible, but these words are spoken by one who lived in the invisible, and therefore they become your guide. You can trust them better than you can trust your own human mind. When the words are accepted in preference to what your physical senses tell you, then you will turn to all that denies those words, whether it be in the form of a person or an event, and you will say, “This cannot be true,” because the words say otherwise. I know, for one thing, if the words say to me, “Why callest thou me good? There is none good but God,” I cannot turn around and now regard an individual on this earth in a higher Light than the Christ which has said, “Why callest thou me good?” When Jesus, himself, says, “Why callest thou me good?” I have no one on this earth that I can call holy, no-one, for the simple reason that only the Spirit is Holy.

We must learn now that when we call an individual “holy,” it must be a recognition of the Spirit of that individual. But if you are holy, then so is your neighbor. If one is holy, then three billion are holy because the recognition of Spirit cannot be withheld from a single one. And so, yes, I will call this one holy, but I must call that one holy. I must see that all is holy because all is the invisible Being, the invisible Spirit, and no man is to be revered, neither mother nor father, brother nor sister. There is no individual human personal holiness in any man, if you would love God. But if you would not love God, then you can have holy people, you can divide his garment if you wish, and you can walk out of the All-ness of your Being into duality, denying the Christ teaching of one.

Now you see how far astray three billion people can go, looking up to authorities in various fields, when there is only one Being on this earth, and so we are to come out, out of the hero worship, out of the superstitious worship, out of the human worship, out of the graven images of the mind. We are to release our own form from a graven image in the mind, and we are to love only Reality, that invisible Spirit which is the Being to which we are all heir as Christ. When you do this, when you take yourself behind the seven veils, when you accept the All-ness of your Being, then Christ in you will accept Christ everywhere else.

Christ in you will call no man holy. Christ in you will call no man a sinner. Christ in you will see neither Greek nor Jew, white nor black. Christ in you will see one impersonal infinite Being, and that infinite Being will be your Soul Body, which is the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven, and that Soul Body is the only Body you will ever have. That infinite Soul Body is the Soul Body of your neighbor. It is the Soul Body of the one you would call a sinner and the one you would call a saint. And if you will not divide that Soul Body, you will be living in the All-ness of your Being, and It will love you.

These are the days when it is revealed that we are to walk through a period of transition while appearing in the flesh, and that transition will never be a fact of your Being while there is a you in a mind seeking, striving, desiring, wanting, hating, condemning or loving just those you choose to love. There is a universality being revealed to us, that we love the fullness of Being, that we love the wholeness of Being. We do not cut up Being into pieces, and love this piece and not that piece. We are learning to look at the fullness of Reality behind the visible world.

Now when you step out of the fullness of the wholeness, it will be because you come back into the veils, the seven veils. Practice them individually. Practice them collectively and discover for yourself the great freedom of being present in the All-ness of your Being instead of in a fraction of it, instead of in a divided garment. Learn what it is to live in the seamless Self woven from above in one piece, one full, complete, spiritual Being with no beginning in time, no end; no beginning in space, no end; no corporeal you. That’s how you’ll be healed of mortality. That’s how you’ll be healed of those discords that appear in mortality. The All-ness of your Being will be your own physician.

We come back to the word “here.” Is it an experience or a word? Do you accept God here? Will you deny God here? Every denial of God here is the beginning again of a karmic series of events ultimating in a debt. Every denial of God here becomes another karmic debt. Every acceptance of God here is the forgiveness of debt, the release of debt, the breaking of karmic law. All of the living in Truth is reduced to accepting God here, in fullness, and when you do that without ceasing, you are in the Lord’s Prayer.

Our Father, the All-ness of God, which art in heaven, and heaven is here. The All-ness of God is here. Our Father which art in Heaven, the all-ness of God is here. Keep that hallowed. Keep that sacred. The All-ness of God is here. And that is the whole substance of the Lord’s prayer. Here is God. Now is God. Every power of God is here and now. Rest in this, for it is the Word. Integrity to that simple Truth will overcome anything. There are no exceptions. You will overcome anything, for you’re overcoming the belief that there is a place, here, where God is not. When you overcome that belief, you cannot externalize that belief anymore. The knowledge of God’s Presence where you are will always externalize as the fruits of the Spirit.

Take everything that you think is wrong with you, here; and see for yourself if that is not a denial that God is here. And there you have your conflict, the belief that God is not here. Reverse it, which is repenting. Turn ye. Awaken. God is here. Isn’t that simple? Now by your deeds ye shall you prove God is here, for only by your deeds can you accept that God is here. And, therefore, your next step in the acceptance is because God is here, this that says I have a discord has no Truth, and therefore, I can stand omnipotent in the All-ness of my Being here, now, and come over the belief of the discord. People who have never done that before are finding it quite easy to know that every discord is nothing more than a figment of the world imagination coming into time and space where I stand. It has nothing to do with Me. I am released from it. Here God is, and I surrender to that Self which is God.


In this kind of a meditation, there is a place where, to some, the Word reveals Itself, and to others the Word is not revealed during the meditation, but if you have attained the vacuum, it makes no difference if the Word is revealed to you during or not during the meditation. The vacuum, in itself, of no thought is sowing to the Spirit; and in that moment of no thought, you may be sure you are preparing the way for many tomorrows, which will be supported by the All-ness of being.

You are sowing tomorrow in that moment of no thought, and all the work that is taking place invisibly behind the veils will manifest in due time in divine sequence in the visible world, for the All-ness of your Being throughout eternity is being called into play when you do this. There are no limitations in this kind of meditation. You need not pinpoint anything to any need whatsoever. You need not enter into any mental formations of your own mind. You need not manipulate. You need not direct. Merely to rest in that vacuum will fulfill every need in its due time, and if something is a now need, it will be fulfilled now.

You are putting yourself in the hands of your own Spirit as a preparation for the day when you will walk consciously only in the Kingdom of God. You can play a little game with yourself from time to time and drop out of this mental universe and walk consciously in the Kingdom of God on earth now, for that is all that is here. The more often you do it, the more often you will be saying, “Father, Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Right now I walk consciously in Thy Kingdom behind the veils of form.” And this is the re-generation. This is the re-birth.

This is the doing rather than the speaking, and if by chance the Word does come in the meditation, at that moment you will know I and the Infinite have become one. We are one, and no matter what was wrong before in appearance, it is done. The Infinite has spoken, and the Infinite speaks with power. When the Infinite says, “I am here now,” there’s nothing more to be done. The time-space world will show forth that hereness which you have heard. Your work is finished. You can rest in the Word. Don’t deny yourself this priceless privilege of living often behind the veils.

Let’s have a little recess now and see what Spirit brings us after the recess.