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As you are no doubt aware, the world has felt that there was a great suffering inflicted upon Jesus Christ and because of this, the teaching has been lost in that area. Every time Jesus Christ was slapped or tortured or pierced with a sword, the world says, “Look what he’s doing for us.” I hope we can now come past the point where we feel that the Christ is a physical… Read More

We’re going to explore the meaning of Truth and the meaning of “My kingdom is not of this world” and this is not for the faint-hearted. It is for those who have accepted the Christ message wherever it leads them. By way of introduction, I want to take you back to Isaiah, 44th chapter in which he makes the following statements, full of very unusual, oriental imagery. He’s speaking about those who… Read More

Good afternoon everybody. We are in a very beautiful and a very strange place. The lesson of Gethsemane was to stand fast in the realization that there is no flesh created by God. Having been introduced to this experience, although vicariously, we at least are aware that we must come to that understanding which can look at the world of matter which is not the Kingdom of God and not be content… Read More

We’re going to begin right in your consciousness, not outside yourself and we’re walking out of Jerusalem which is the traditional state of orthodoxy, a belief in a God external to ourselves and we’re walking away from Jerusalem. Now, we’re walking over a brook, that’s called a brook of Cedron. And as we walk over the brook, we notice that the waters are rather murky. The waters of this brook represent the… Read More