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Monthly Archives: September 2016

If the Silence is difficult for any individual, we beg their indulgence, but the nature of this class is the other side of Silence, and we ask you to lay aside your human fears and doubts and concerns and explore with us, because we are moving now into an area of Silence that may be called the New Within. Not the Silence of a meditator, not someone sitting in a chair, or… Read More

Sometimes we move so quickly but we never really arrive. And sometimes we can realize that we need not enter this haste, this desperation, this pace that is breathtaking. The Spirit of God is not going anywhere. You cannot lose It. It will always be here. It will always be you, and if we relax and slow down and accept the Truth that the Spirit of God is always opening its arms… Read More

Thank you very much for the suggestions for world work either during the class or after the class or when we return home. I’ll look at all of them later today and by tonight we’ll probably put some of them to work. We received another letter yesterday from Germany and it’s from a class of 21 Infinite Way students in Munich and one of them wrote and wanted this class sent to… Read More

There is a new consciousness developing among us now, and you can measure it very easily by asking yourself one question. Before you attended this seminar, brief as it has been, (I think somebody is going to lower that mike out there. It’s got feedback, and it’s a new mike. It’s not right. Can the back row hear me? Did you say, Yes? (Yes!) Thank you!) Before this seminar began, to a… Read More