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Monthly Archives: August 2014

In that chapter called, “The Act of Commitment,” by Joel, and followed by, “The Workers and the Fruitage” I think, he has a place called, The Womb of Creation, which is obviously trying to make you think of a different kind of Womb than a physical womb. And in today’s, or rather this series of talks that we have had, we have talked about an Eternal Womb and we have said, “this… Read More

Everything starts with one thing you cannot avoid. If you avoid it you don’t have a beginning and this is the hardest part of it. You’ve got to start with a Spiritual body and that means not the body you’re in. Unless you are fortunate and have attained a measure of the Spiritual body but the entire demonstration of eternal life depends upon your reaching an understanding of your Spiritual body. And… Read More

Something that’s been reoccurring, coming back again and again, is the recognition that we need to die.  Paul said, “I die daily.”  And we are told that we must die and be born again.  This is an actual experience, a spiritual experience that takes place with in us as we walk this path. Now, all of us are familiar with this thing called a personal sense of self; a personal sense of… Read More