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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Welcome. Very happy to see you here. Thank you. We probably are in the most unusual Christmas of all time up to this moment. And it occurs that there’s a possible relationship between that which we experience this moment today and that which has happened in the spiritual kingdom. For example, ten years ago there was no such thing as a heart transplant and ten years ago you may not know it… Read More

There is a place where the work has to prove itself, as if all that we do comes to that particular point which is seemingly called the last day, which isn’t any such thing at all, but that’s the terminology given to it, and there seems to be a prevailing part in the mind of man that he is possibly subject to extinction. At every turn the thought of extinction seems to… Read More

Herb: Good morning: Let us look at Supply today but not in the way that the world sees it at all. Not as dollars, not as investments, not as a home or an automobile or an income but as something totally different. Let us feel the nature of Supply. Let us discover within our own Consciousness that there is a secret law at work. A law that is ever functioning, ever productive,… Read More