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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Again, I want to welcome all of you; it’s a pleasure to be here with you. Today we hope to reach a degree of clarification so that in all who have accepted the Spiritual way of life there is a firm foundation; so firm, so unshakable that it prepares you to enter higher worlds than the one we know. Unless this foundation is established, we continue needlessly to suffer in duality, to… Read More

Based on The Thunder of Silence by Joel S. Goldsmith   We have a very wonderful subject today provided by Joel, “Ye are the Light.” The light means many things to many people, depending on many factors too. I suppose that at one time we all thought that the light was some form of higher inspiration. To a Physicist the light would be dancing electrons. Always lurking in the corner of the… Read More

Reading about God is far from experiencing God. Hearing about God is just as far removed. Only the experience itself of God brings the kingdom of God, the power of God, the presence of God into our lives. Please let us be clear about that. Hearing about God and reading about God is not the secret of life. These are steps leading up to the experience. Hearing about God, talking about God,… Read More